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Sometime when I'm boring, I will put job on hand aside, and start posting messages to Internet. At that particular period, I may post quite a lot of messages.
Due to the job nature and interest of me keep on changing, a lot of things I used to know, can't remember when that piece of information are needed.
A lot of time, I found it's easier to refer my old posting than searching on the whole Internet. But it do take time to search my own posting from Internet.
Today(2005-10-31), I decided to collect my old posting.
An information don't have any value if that information can't access when it's needed.
A lot of time when I need that information I collected, I'm not in front of my PC.
Doing Google search on my personal website are a good idea, so I will try to upload all my collection to here.
I'm still not good at C# yet, it's look like I never can master C# if my job do not call for it. ;-)

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