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[2014-03-02, How to search plant name, 如何搜索 植物名]
How to search plant name database with Google in nswong personal website.
如何用 谷歌 來搜索 nswong 個人網站 裏的 植物名資料庫.

Scientific name, 學名: Bambusa multiplex

English name, 英文名: Hedge bamboo

Chinese name, 中文名: 小琴絲竹

Malay name, 馬來文名: Bambu pagar

{plant_name.htm, 2014-03-02, Plant name, 植物名}

{Webpage, 網頁, plant_name.htm, 2015-02-16, Plant name, 植物名}, (nswong, plant_name.htm)

plant_order_name.htm, Plant order name, 植物目名, (16.8KB)
plant_family_name.htm, Plant family name, 植物科名, (157KB)
plant_genus_name.htm, Plant genus name, 植物屬名, (1.15MB)

plant_name_a.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (A, 1.39MB)
plant_name_b.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (B, 630KB)
plant_name_c.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (C, 1.79MB)
plant_name_d.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (D, 693KB)
plant_name_e.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (E, 637KB)
plant_name_f.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (F, 255KB)
plant_name_g.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (G, 391KB)
plant_name_h.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (H, 572KB)
plant_name_i.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (I, 236KB)
plant_name_j.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (J, 86.7KB)
plant_name_k.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (K, 79.1KB)
plant_name_l.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (L, 643KB)
plant_name_m.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (M, 677KB)
plant_name_n.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (N, 232KB)
plant_name_o.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (O, 282KB)
plant_name_p.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (P, 1.52MB)
plant_name_q.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (Q, 29.9KB)
plant_name_r.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (R, 471KB)
plant_name_s.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (S, 1.11MB)
plant_name_t.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (T, 520KB)
plant_name_u.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (U, 64.9KB)
plant_name_v.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (V, 204KB)
plant_name_w.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (W, 59.4KB)
plant_name_x.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (X, 32.3KB)
plant_name_y.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (Y, 25.2KB)
plant_name_z.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (Z, 87.8KB)

{Webpage, 網頁, plant_name.htm, 2015-02-16, Plant name, 植物名}

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[2014-03-02, forbidden word, 禁用字]
atwebpages and eu both check for forbidden word, so Plant name database just can upload to 50webs.
atwebpages 和 eu 都有 禁用字, 所以 植物名資料庫 只能上載到 50webs.

Please refer to webpage below:
請參考以下的網頁:, 2013-05-19, Forbidden words for awardspace free web hosting account

{Article, 文章, plant_name.htm, 2014-03-02, Plant name, 植物名}

{Article, 文章, plant_name.htm, 2013-08-29, Plant name, 植物名}, (nswong, plant_name.htm)

[2013-08-29, Copy webpage content, 複製網頁内容]
No, my webpage don't have any anti-copy feature.
不, 我的網頁沒有任何防複製的措施.
It's just because of the webpage you try to copy are too big for you computer only.
這純粹是因爲對你的電腦來説, 那網頁太大而已.
You try copy those smaller size webpage, will work.
你試試複製那些比較小的網頁, 不會有問題的.

Let say, you can't copy this webpage(A, 1.39MB) to text(.txt) file:
比如説, 你不能複製這網頁(A, 1.39MB) 的内容到純文字(.txt) 檔案:
plant_name_a.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (A, 1.39MB)

You try copy this webpage(J, 87.2KB) to text(.txt) file, should work:
你試試複製這網頁(J, 87.2KB) 的内容到純文字(.txt) 檔案, 應該沒有問題:
plant_name_j.htm, Plant name, 植物名, (J, 87.2KB)

{Article, 文章, plant_name.htm, 2013-08-29, Plant name, 植物名}

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