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{intro.htm, 2000-09-13, Introduction}

{Article, 文章, intro.htm, 2000-09-13, Introduction}, (nswong, intro.htm)

This personal web site are dedicated for Software Development related subjects, and will be constantly update.

When printing current web page, you should can get exactly what you see on the screen, to print:


To search in any web page using Internet Explorer 3, let say a word "18-Mar-00" in this web page:

Edit->Find(on this page)...
Find: 18-Mar-00

Quite often, when I want to go to the website of a webpage I had download long time ago, and realize I had forgotted where I got it from. So I decided to put my webpage URL on all my webpages.

Sometime I want to know the particular webpage have any update, and find no clue. This is why I put the last update date inside all the files.

I started by 18-Mar-00, and are the first time doing my personal web site, give me some time to experiment, I will try to do my best.

I'm not good at copyright issue, netetiquette, English... So if I have done something wrong, please let me know. I will be appreciated.
Correction of using inproper word/phase/grammer/spelling are welcome.

At first, I put my E-mail address here, but after receive some mails which tell me how to make money, I decided to remove my E-mail address. :-)
I think this should be not a problem, since peoples will come to this personal web site should either be my friend, colleague, or member of news group.

Sometime, when I send something through email to the member of NG, other members from NG also ask for it, so this web site also serve as a place to temporary keeping a file for download by members of NG.

At malaysia, we have difficulty to connect to Internet, after manage to connect to Internet, we still have speed problem, so instead of searching at or, I prefer search at my local harddisk using standard Windows Find feature. I think somebody may have the same need, so I put my collection downloaded from news group at this website.

Due to I have remove anything that is not needed by me, so this collection are no mean to be completeness or intact.

Any suggestion are welcome. :-)

{Article, 文章, intro.htm, 2000-09-13, Introduction}

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