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{dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-03-24, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}, (nswong, dendrobium_spp.htm), (nswong, dendrobium_spp.htm), Malaysia plant photo, 馬來西亞植物照片, (Hot Spot Image, 熱點影像), Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属

{dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-03-24, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}

{Photo, 照片, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}, (nswong, dendrobium_spp.htm)

dendrobium_anosmum.htm, Dendrobium anosmum, Honohono, 檀香石斛, Dendrobium anosmum, Honohono, 檀香石斛, Dendrobium anosmum, Honohono, 檀香石斛

dendrobium_aphyllum.htm, Dendrobium aphyllum, Leafless dendrobium, 天弓石斛, Dendrobium aphyllum, Leafless dendrobium, 天弓石斛, Dendrobium aphyllum, Leafless dendrobium, 天弓石斛

dendrobium_bullenianum.htm, Dendrobium bullenianum, Bullen's orange dendrobium, 黃玉石斛, Dendrobium bullenianum, Bullen's orange dendrobium, 黃玉石斛, Dendrobium bullenianum, Bullen's orange dendrobium, 黃玉石斛

dendrobium_crumenatum.htm, Dendrobium crumenatum, Pigeon orchid, 鴿石斛, Dendrobium crumenatum, Pigeon orchid, 鴿石斛, Dendrobium crumenatum, Pigeon orchid, 鴿石斛

dendrobium_lamellatum.htm, Dendrobium lamellatum, Laminae dendrobium, 扁石斛, Dendrobium lamellatum, Laminae dendrobium, 扁石斛, Dendrobium lamellatum, Laminae dendrobium, 扁石斛

dendrobium_macrophyllum.htm, Dendrobium macrophyllum, Large leafed dendrobium, 人面石斛, Dendrobium macrophyllum, Large leafed dendrobium, 人面石斛, Dendrobium macrophyllum, Large leafed dendrobium, 人面石斛

dendrobium_phalaenopsis.htm, Dendrobium phalaenopsis, Cooktown orchid, 蝴蝶石斛, Dendrobium phalaenopsis, Cooktown orchid, 蝴蝶石斛, Dendrobium phalaenopsis, Cooktown orchid, 蝴蝶石斛

dendrobium_primulinum.htm, Dendrobium primulinum, Primrose-yellow dendrobium, 報春石斛, Dendrobium primulinum, Primrose-yellow dendrobium, 報春石斛, Dendrobium primulinum, Primrose-yellow dendrobium, 報春石斛

dendrobium_senile.htm, Dendrobium senile, Old man orchid, 绒毛石斛, Dendrobium senile, Old man orchid, 绒毛石斛, Dendrobium senile, Old man orchid, 绒毛石斛

dendrobium_smillieae.htm, Dendrobium smillieae, Bottlebrush orchid, 绿宝石, Dendrobium smillieae, Bottlebrush orchid, 绿宝石, Dendrobium smillieae, Bottlebrush orchid, 绿宝石

{Photo, 照片, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}

{Photo link, 照片链接, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-03-24, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}, (nswong, dendrobium_spp.htm)

{Photo link, 照片链接, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-03-24, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}

{Scientific name, 學名, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}, (nswong, dendrobium_spp.htm)

Dendrobium aberrans: Dendrobium aberrans(3)
Dendrobium acaciifolium: Dendrobium acaciifolium
Dendrobium acanthophippiiflorum: Dendrobium acanthophippiiflorum
Dendrobium acerosum: Dendrobium acerosum(6)
Dendrobium acianthum: Dendrobium acianthum
Dendrobium acianthum: Oxystophyllum acianthum
Dendrobium aciculare: Dendrobium aciculare(2)
Dendrobium acinaciforme: Dendrobium acinaciforme(6)
Dendrobium aclinia: Dendrobium aclinia
Dendrobium acuminatissimum: Dendrobium acuminatissimum(2)
Dendrobium acuminatum: Anathallis acuminata
Dendrobium acutifolium: Dendrobium acutifolium
Dendrobium acutilobum: Dendrobium acutilobum
Dendrobium acutimentum: Dendrobium acutimentum
Dendrobium acutisepalum: Dendrobium acutisepalum(2)
Dendrobium acutum: Dendrobium acutum(2)
Dendrobium adae: Dendrobium adae(2)
Dendrobium adamsii: Dendrobium adamsii
Dendrobium aduncum: Dendrobium aduncum(9)
Dendrobium aegle: Dendrobium aegle
Dendrobium aemulum: Dendrobium aemulum aemulum
Dendrobium aemulum: Dendrobium aemulum(2)
Dendrobium affine: Dendrobium affine
Dendrobium aggregatum: Dendrobium aggregatum(5)
Dendrobium aggregatum: Dendrobium lindleyi
Dendrobium aggregatum: Maxillaria aggregata
Dendrobium agrostophylloides: Dendrobium agrostophylloides
Dendrobium agrostophyllum: Dendrobium agrostophyllum(2)
Dendrobium agusanense: Dendrobium agusanense
Dendrobium alabense: Dendrobium alabense
Dendrobium alaticaulinum: Dendrobium alaticaulinum
Dendrobium alaticaulium: Dendrobium alaticaulium
Dendrobium albayense: Dendrobium albayense
Dendrobium albosanguineum: Dendrobium albosanguineum(6)
Dendrobium albosanguinium: Dendrobium albosanguinium
Dendrobium alboviride: Dendrobium alboviride(2)
Dendrobium album: Maxillaria alba
Dendrobium alderwereltianum: Dendrobium alderwereltianum
Dendrobium alexandrae: Dendrobium alexandrae(4)
Dendrobium aliciae: Dendrobium aliciae
Dendrobium aloefolium: Dendrobium aloefolium(2)
Dendrobium aloifolium: Dendrobium aloifolium(4)
Dendrobium alterum: Dendrobium alterum(2)
Dendrobium alticola: Dendrobium alticola
Dendrobium amabile: Dendrobium amabile(5)
Dendrobium amboinense: Dendrobium amboinense
Dendrobium amboinensis: Dendrobium amboinensis(3)
Dendrobium ambotiense: Dendrobium ambotiense
Dendrobium amesianum: Dendrobium amesianum
Dendrobium amethystoglossa: Dendrobium amethystoglossa
Dendrobium amethystoglossum: Dendrobium amethystoglossum(4)
Dendrobium amoenum: Dendrobium amoenum(2)
Dendrobium amphigenyum: Dendrobium amphigenyum(2)
Dendrobium amplum: Epigeneium amplum
Dendrobium anamalayanum: Dendrobium anamalayanum
Dendrobium anceps: Dendrobium anceps(5)
Dendrobium andreemillarae: Dendrobium andreemillarae
Dendrobium angiense: Dendrobium angiense
Dendrobium angulatum: Dendrobium angulatum(2)
Dendrobium angustiflorum: Dendrobium angustiflorum
Dendrobium angustifolium: Dendrobium angustifolium
Dendrobium angustifolium: Flickingeria angustifolia
Dendrobium angustipetalum: Dendrobium angustipetalum
Dendrobium angustispathum: Dendrobium angustispathum
Dendrobium annae: Dendrobium annae
Dendrobium annamense: Dendrobium annamense
Dendrobium annuligerum: Dendrobium annuligerum
Dendrobium anosmum: Callista anosma
Dendrobium anosmum: Callista scortechinii
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium anosmum alba
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium anosmum dearei
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium anosmum huttonii
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium anosmum(Accepted)(52,300)
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium anosum
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium dayanum
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium leucorhodum
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium macranthum
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium macrophyllum
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium retusum
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium scortechinii
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium superbum dearei
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium superbum giganteum
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium superbum huttonii
Dendrobium anosmum: Dendrobium superbum(8,800)
Dendrobium anosum: Dendrobium anosum
Dendrobium antennatum: Dendrobium antennatum(5)
Dendrobium anthrene: Dendrobium anthrene
Dendrobium apertum: Dendrobium apertum
Dendrobium aphanochilum: Dendrobium aphanochilum(2)
Dendrobium aphrodite: Dendrobium aphrodite
Dendrobium aphyllum: Callista aphylla(83)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Callista macrostachya(38)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Callista stuartii(88)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Callista tetrodon(63)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Cymbidium aphyllum(193)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium aphyllum cucullatum
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium aphyllum katakianum
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium aphyllum(Accepted)(5,690)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium cucullatum
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium gamblei(93)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium macrostachyum(783)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium madrasense(97)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium pierardii cucullatum
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium pierardii(2,350)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium stuartii(897)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium tetrodon vanvuurenii(2)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium tetrodon(1,400)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium viridicatum(71)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Dendrobium whiteanum(107)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Epidendrum aphyllum(107)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Limodorum aphyllum(320)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Pierardia bicolor(47)
Dendrobium appendicula: Dendrobium appendicula
Dendrobium aqueum: Dendrobium aqueum(2)
Dendrobium arachnites: Aeranthes arachnitis
Dendrobium arachnites: Dendrobium arachnites
Dendrobium araneum: Dendrobium araneum
Dendrobium arcuatum: Dendrobium arcuatum(3)
Dendrobium argiense: Dendrobium argiense
Dendrobium aridum: Dendrobium aridum
Dendrobium aristiferum: Dendrobium aristiferum
Dendrobium armeniacum: Dendrobium armeniacum(2)
Dendrobium armitiae: Dendrobium armitiae
Dendrobium aromaticum: Dendrobium aromaticum
Dendrobium arthrobulbum: Dendrobium arthrobulbum
Dendrobium asperatum: Dendrobium asperatum
Dendrobium asperifolium: Dendrobium cuthbertsonii
Dendrobium asphale: Dendrobium asphale
Dendrobium assamicum: Dendrobium assamicum
Dendrobium atavus: Dendrobium atavus(2)
Dendrobium atjehense: Dendrobium atjehense
Dendrobium atropurpureum: Dendrobium atropurpureum
Dendrobium atrorubens: Dendrobium atrorubens(2)
Dendrobium atroviolaceum: Dendrobium atroviolaceum(5)
Dendrobium attenuatum: Dendrobium attenuatum
Dendrobium aurantiacum: Bulbophyllum schillerianum
Dendrobium aurantiacum: Dendrobium aurantiacum(5)
Dendrobium aurantiflammeum: Dendrobium aurantiflammeum
Dendrobium aurantiroseum: Dendrobium aurantiroseum
Dendrobium aureilobum: Dendrobium aureilobum
Dendrobium aureum: Dendrobium aureum(2)
Dendrobium aureum: Dendrobium heterocarpum
Dendrobium auriculatum: Dendrobium auriculatum(2)
Dendrobium austrocaledonicum: Dendrobium austrocaledonicum(249)
Dendrobium austrocaledonicum: Dendrobium cerinum
Dendrobium austrocaledonicum: Dendrobium critae-rubrae
Dendrobium austrocaledonicum: Dendrobium garayanum
Dendrobium austrocaledonicum: Dendrobium inaequale
Dendrobium austrocaledonicum: Dendrobium mendoncanum
Dendrobium austrocaledonicum: Dendrobium xanthophaeum
Dendrobium austrocaledonicum: Distichorchis cerina
Dendrobium austrocaledonicum: Distichorchis xanthophaea
Dendrobium auyongii: Dendrobium auyongii
Dendrobium axillare: Dendrobium axillare
Dendrobium ayubii: Dendrobium ayubii(2)
Dendrobium babiense: Dendrobium babiense(2)
Dendrobium baeuerlenii: Dendrobium baeuerlenii
Dendrobium baileyi: Dendrobium baileyi(2)
Dendrobium bairdianum: Dendrobium bairdianum
Dendrobium balzerianum: Dendrobium balzerianum(2)
Dendrobium bambusifolium: Dendrobium bambusifolium
Dendrobium bambusiforme: Dendrobium bambusiforme
Dendrobium bambusinum: Dendrobium bambusinum
Dendrobium bandaense: Dendrobium bandaense
Dendrobium barbatulum: Dendrobium barbatulum(2)
Dendrobium barbatum: Dendrobium barbatum
Dendrobium barisanum: Dendrobium barisanum
Dendrobium basilanense: Dendrobium basilanense
Dendrobium batanense: Dendrobium batanense(2)
Dendrobium beamanianum: Dendrobium beamanianum
Dendrobium beckleri: Dendrobium beckleri
Dendrobium beckleri: Dendrobium schoeninum
Dendrobium bellatulum: Dendrobium bellatulum(6)
Dendrobium bensoniae: Dendrobium bensoniae(2)
Dendrobium bicallosum: Dendrobium bicallosum
Dendrobium bicameratum: Dendrobium bicameratum(2)
Dendrobium bicaudatum: Dendrobium bicaudatum(3)
Dendrobium bicaunatum: Dendrobium bicaunatum
Dendrobium bicornutum: Dendrobium bicornutum
Dendrobium bicostatum: Flickingeria bicostata
Dendrobium bifalce: Dendrobium bifalce(4)
Dendrobium bifarium: Dendrobium bifarium(3)
Dendrobium bifidum: Dendrobium bifidum
Dendrobium biflorum: Dendrobium biflorum(2)
Dendrobium bigibbum: Dendrobium bigibbum album
Dendrobium bigibbum: Dendrobium bigibbum candicum
Dendrobium bigibbum: Dendrobium bigibbum(Accepted)(22,300)
Dendrobium bigibbum: Dendrobium phalaenopsis
Dendrobium bihamulatum: Dendrobium bihamulatum
Dendrobium bilobulatum: Dendrobium bilobulatum(3)
Dendrobium bilobum: Dendrobium bilobum
Dendrobium biloculare: Dendrobium biloculare(2)
Dendrobium binoculare: Dendrobium binoculare
Dendrobium bipulvinatum: Dendrobium bipulvinatum
Dendrobium bismarckiense: Dendrobium bismarckiense
Dendrobium blanche-amesiae: Dendrobium blanche-amesiae
Dendrobium blumei: Dendrobium blumei(4)
Dendrobium bon-paulsenianum: Dendrobium bon-paulsenianum
Dendrobium boothii: Dendrobium boothii
Dendrobium bostrychodes: Dendrobium bostrychodes
Dendrobium boumaniae: Dendrobium boumaniae
Dendrobium bowmanii: Dockrillia bowmanii
Dendrobium bowmannii: Dendrobium bowmannii
Dendrobium boxalli: Dendrobium gratiosissimum
Dendrobium boxallii: Dendrobium gratiosissimum
Dendrobium brachyanthum: Dendrobium brachyanthum
Dendrobium brachycalyptra: Dendrobium brachycalyptra
Dendrobium brachycentrum: Dendrobium brachycentrum
Dendrobium brachypus: Dendrobium brachypus
Dendrobium brachypus: Dendrobium gracilicaule brachypus
Dendrobium bracteosum: Dendrobium bracteosum alba
Dendrobium bracteosum: Dendrobium bracteosum tanii
Dendrobium bracteosum: Dendrobium bracteosum(7)
Dendrobium branderhorstii: Dendrobium branderhorstii
Dendrobium brassii: Dendrobium brassii
Dendrobium brevicaudum: Dendrobium brevicaudum
Dendrobium brevicaule: Dendrobium brevicaule
Dendrobium brevicaule: Dendrobium brevicaule brevicaule
Dendrobium brevicaule: Dendrobium brevicaule calcarium
Dendrobium brevicaule: Dendrobium brevicaule pentagonum
Dendrobium brevilabium: Dendrobium brevilabium
Dendrobium brevimentum: Dendrobium brevimentum(2)
Dendrobium brinchangense: Dendrobium hasseltii
Dendrobium brinchangensis: Dendrobium brinchangensis
Dendrobium bronchartii: Dendrobium bronchartii
Dendrobium brunnescens: Dendrobium brunnescens
Dendrobium brymerianum: Dendrobium brymerianum(2)
Dendrobium buffumii: Dendrobium buffumii
Dendrobium bukidnonense: Dendrobium bukidnonense
Dendrobium bulbophylloides: Dendrobium bulbophylloides
Dendrobium bullenianum: Dendrobium bullenianum(1,420)
Dendrobium bullenianum: Dendrobium bullerinanum
Dendrobium bullenianum: Dendrobium chrysocephalum
Dendrobium bullenianum: Dendrobium erythroxanthum
Dendrobium bullenianum: Dendrobium topaziacum(966)
Dendrobium bunuanense: Dendrobium bunuanense
Dendrobium busuangense: Dendrobium busuangense
Dendrobium cabadharense: Dendrobium cabadharense
Dendrobium cacatua: Dendrobium tetragonum
Dendrobium cadetiiflorum: Dendrobium cadetiiflorum
Dendrobium cadetioides: Dendrobium cadetioides
Dendrobium calcaratum: Dendrobium calcaratum
Dendrobium calcariferum: Dendrobium calcariferum
Dendrobium calceolaria: Dendrobium moschatum
Dendrobium calceolum: Dendrobium calceolum
Dendrobium calicopis: Dendrobium calicopis(2)
Dendrobium caliculimentum: Dendrobium caliculimentum
Dendrobium callitrophilum: Dendrobium callitrophilum
Dendrobium calophyllum: Dendrobium calophyllum(2)
Dendrobium calopogon: Flickingeria calopogon
Dendrobium calothyrsos: Dendrobium calothyrsos
Dendrobium calyculimentum: Dendrobium calyculimentum
Dendrobium calyptratum: Dendrobium calyptratum
Dendrobium camaridiorum: Dendrobium camaridiorum(2)
Dendrobium campbellii: Dendrobium campbellii(2)
Dendrobium camptocentrum: Dendrobium platygastrium
Dendrobium canaliculatum: Dendrobium canaliculatum canaliculatum
Dendrobium canaliculatum: Dendrobium canaliculatum nigrescens
Dendrobium canaliculatum: Dendrobium canaliculatum(3)
Dendrobium cancroides: Dendrobium cancroides(2)
Dendrobium candidum: Dendrobium candidum(2)
Dendrobium capilipes: Dendrobium capilipes elegance
Dendrobium capillipes: Dendrobium capillipes(2)
Dendrobium capillipes: Dendrobium capillipes(4)
Dendrobium capitellatoides: Dendrobium capitellatoides
Dendrobium capitisyork: Dendrobium tetragonum
Dendrobium capitisyork: Dendrobium tetragonum giganteum
Dendrobium capituliflorum: Dendrobium capituliflorum(2)
Dendrobium capituliflorum: Dendrobium capituliforum
Dendrobium capra: Dendrobium capra(3)
Dendrobium cariniferum: Dendrobium cariniferum(4)
Dendrobium carnicarinum: Dendrobium carnicarinum
Dendrobium carnosum: Dendrobium carnosum
Dendrobium carnosum: Xylobium variegatum
Dendrobium carolinense: Dendrobium carolinense
Dendrobium carrii: Dendrobium carrii(2)
Dendrobium carronii: Dendrobium carronii(3)
Dendrobium caryicola: Dendrobium caryicola
Dendrobium casuarinae: Dendrobium casuarinae
Dendrobium catenatum: Dendrobium catenatum(3)
Dendrobium cathcartii: Dendrobium cathcartii(2)
Dendrobium catillare: Dendrobium catillare
Dendrobium caudiculatum: Dendrobium caudiculatum
Dendrobium cavipes: Dendrobium cavipes
Dendrobium cemensiae: Dendrobium cemensiae
Dendrobium ceraceum: Dendrobium ceraceum
Dendrobium ceraula: Dendrobium ceraula
Dendrobium cerinum: Dendrobium cerinum(4)
Dendrobium cerinum: Dendrobium sanguinolentum
Dendrobium chalandei: Dendrobium chalandei
Dendrobium chalmersii: Dendrobium chalmersii
Dendrobium chameleon: Dendrobium chameleon(7)
Dendrobium chameleon: Dendrobium longicalcaratum
Dendrobium chameleon: Dendrobium randaiense
Dendrobium changjiangense: Dendrobium changjiangense
Dendrobium chittimae: Dendrobium chittimae
Dendrobium chlorostylum: Dendrobium chlorostylum
Dendrobium christyanum: Dendrobium christyanum(5)
Dendrobium chrysanthum: Dendrobium chrysanthum(4)
Dendrobium chryseum: Dendrobium chryseum(5)
Dendrobium chrysobulbon: Dendrobium chrysobulbon
Dendrobium chrysocrepis: Dendrobium chrysocrepis(3)
Dendrobium chrysoglossum: Dendrobium chrysoglossum
Dendrobium chrysoglossum: Dendrobium obtusum
Dendrobium chrysopterum: Dendrobium chrysopterum(2)
Dendrobium chrysosema: Dendrobium chrysosema
Dendrobium chrysotainium: Dendrobium chrysotainium
Dendrobium chrysotis: Dendrobium hookerianum
Dendrobium chrysotoxum: Dendrobium chrysotoxum suavissimum
Dendrobium chrysotoxum: Dendrobium chrysotoxum(11)
Dendrobium ciliatilabellum: Dendrobium ciliatilabellum(2)
Dendrobium ciliatum: Dendrobium ciliatum
Dendrobium ciliatum: Sudamerlycaste ciliata
Dendrobium cinereum: Dendrobium cinereum(3)
Dendrobium cinnabarinum: Dendrobium cinnabarinum angustitepalum
Dendrobium cinnabarinum: Dendrobium cinnabarinum cinnabarinum
Dendrobium cinnabarinum: Dendrobium cinnabarinum(4)
Dendrobium clausum: Dendrobium clausum
Dendrobium clavator: Dendrobium clavator(2)
Dendrobium clavatum: Dendrobium aurantiacum
Dendrobium clavatum: Dendrobium clavatum(9)
Dendrobium clavatum: Dendrobium densiflorum
Dendrobium clavatum: Dendrobium flaviflorum
Dendrobium clavipes: Dendrobium truncatum
Dendrobium clavuligerum: Dendrobium clavuligerum
Dendrobium cleistogamum: Dendrobium cleistogamum(2)
Dendrobium closterium: Dendrobium closterium closterium
Dendrobium closterium: Dendrobium closterium jocosum
Dendrobium closterium: Dendrobium closterium(2)
Dendrobium cochleatum: Dendrobium cochleatum
Dendrobium cochliodes: Dendrobium cochliodes(2)
Dendrobium cochlioides: Dendrobium cochlioides
Dendrobium cockatoo: Dendrobium tetragonum hayesianum
Dendrobium codonosepalum: Dendrobium codonosepalum
Dendrobium coelandria: Dendrobium coelandria
Dendrobium coeloglossum: Dendrobium coeloglossum
Dendrobium coelogyne: Epigeneium amplum
Dendrobium coerulescens: Dendrobium nobile
Dendrobium collinum: Dendrobium collinum
Dendrobium coloratum: Dendrobium coloratum
Dendrobium comatum: Flickingeria comata
Dendrobium compactum: Dendrobium compactum(3)
Dendrobium compressicaule: Dendrobium compressicaule
Dendrobium compressimentum: Dendrobium compressimentum
Dendrobium compressistylum: Dendrobium compressistylum
Dendrobium compressum: Dendrobium compressum
Dendrobium comptonii: Dendrobium gracilicaule howeanum
Dendrobium conanthum: Dendrobium conanthum(3)
Dendrobium concavissimum: Dendrobium concavissimum(2)
Dendrobium concavissimum: Dendrobium obtusum
Dendrobium concavum: Dendrobium concavum
Dendrobium concinnum: Dendrobium concinnum(5)
Dendrobium concinnum: Oxystophyllum carnosum
Dendrobium confinale: Dendrobium confinale
Dendrobium confundens: Dendrobium confundens
Dendrobium conicum: Dendrobium conicum
Dendrobium connatum: Dendrobium connatum(3)
Dendrobium consanguineum: Dendrobium consanguineum
Dendrobium consanguineum: Dendrobium insigne
Dendrobium constrictum: Dendrobium constrictum
Dendrobium convexipes: Dendrobium convexipes
Dendrobium convexum: Flickingeria convexa
Dendrobium convolutum: Dendrobium convolutum(5)
Dendrobium copelandianum: Dendrobium copelandianum
Dendrobium corallorhizon: Dendrobium corallorhizon
Dendrobium cornutum: Dendrobium hasseltii
Dendrobium correllianum: Dendrobium correllianum
Dendrobium corrugatilobum: Dendrobium corrugatilobum(2)
Dendrobium corticicola: Dendrobium corticicola
Dendrobium courtauldii: Dendrobium courtauldii
Dendrobium crabro: Dendrobium crabro
Dendrobium crassicaule: Dendrobium crassicaule(2)
Dendrobium crassiflorum: Dendrobium crassiflorum
Dendrobium crassifolium: Dendrobium crassifolium(2)
Dendrobium crassimarginatum: Dendrobium crassimarginatum
Dendrobium crassinervium: Dendrobium crassinervium
Dendrobium crassinode: Dendrobium pendulum
Dendrobium crenatifolium: Dendrobium crenatifolium
Dendrobium crenatilabre: Dendrobium crenatilabre
Dendrobium crepidatum: Dendrobium crepidatum(5)
Dendrobium crispatum: Dendrobium crispatum
Dendrobium crispilinguum: Dendrobium crispilinguum
Dendrobium crispulum: Dendrobium crispulum
Dendrobium crocatum: Dendrobium crocatum(5)
Dendrobium croceocentrum: Dendrobium croceocentrum
Dendrobium crucilabre: Dendrobium crucilabre
Dendrobium cruentum: Dendrobium cruentum(5)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Aporum crumenatum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Aporum ephemerum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Aporum kwashotense
Dendrobium crumenatum: Aporum papilioniferum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Callista crumenata
Dendrobium crumenatum: Ceraia ephemera
Dendrobium crumenatum: Ceraia papilionifera
Dendrobium crumenatum: Ceraia parviflora
Dendrobium crumenatum: Ceraia saaronica
Dendrobium crumenatum: Ceraia simplicissima
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium caninum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium ceraia
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium crumenatum parviflora
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium crumenatum(Accepted)(29,800)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium crumentum(54)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium ephemerum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium kwashotense
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium papilioniferum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium papilioniferum ephemerum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium schmidtianum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dendrobium simplicissimum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Epidendrum caninum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Epidendrum ceraia
Dendrobium crumenatum: Epidendrum saaronicum
Dendrobium crumenatum: Onychium crumenatum
Dendrobium crumentatus: Dendrobium crumentatus
Dendrobium cruttwellii: Dendrobium cruttwellii(2)
Dendrobium crystallinum: Dendrobium crystallinum(3)
Dendrobium cuculliferum: Dendrobium cuculliferum(2)
Dendrobium cucullitepalum: Dendrobium cucullitepalum
Dendrobium cucumerinum: Dendrobium cucumerinum(3)
Dendrobium cultratum: Dendrobium cultratum
Dendrobium cultrifolium: Dendrobium cultrifolium
Dendrobium cultriforme: Polystachya cultriformis
Dendrobium cumelinum: Dendrobium cumelinum
Dendrobium cumulatum: Dendrobium cumulatum(6)
Dendrobium cuneatipetalum: Dendrobium cuneatipetalum
Dendrobium cuneatipetalum: Oxystophyllum cuneatipetalum
Dendrobium cuneatum: Dendrobium cuneatum
Dendrobium cuneilabrum: Dendrobium cuneilabrum
Dendrobium curtisii: Dendrobium hasseltii
Dendrobium curvicaule: Dendrobium speciosum curvicaule
Dendrobium curviflorum: Dendrobium curviflorum(2)
Dendrobium curvimentum: Dendrobium curvimentum(2)
Dendrobium curvisepalum: Dendrobium curvisepalum
Dendrobium curvum: Dendrobium curvum
Dendrobium cuspidatum: Dendrobium cuspidatum(3)
Dendrobium cuthbersoni: Dendrobium cuthbersoni
Dendrobium cuthbersonii: Dendrobium sophronitis
Dendrobium cuthbertsonii: Dendrobium cuthbertsonii(5)
Dendrobium cyanocentrum: Dendrobium cyanocentrum(2)
Dendrobium cyanopterum: Dendrobium cyanopterum
Dendrobium cyatopoides: Dendrobium cyatopoides
Dendrobium cyclolobum: Dendrobium cyclolobum
Dendrobium cylindricum: Dendrobium cylindricum
Dendrobium cymatoleguum: Dendrobium cymatoleguum(2)
Dendrobium cymbidioides: Epigeneium cymbidioides
Dendrobium cymbiforme: Dendrobium cymbiforme
Dendrobium cymboglossum: Dendrobium cymboglossum(4)
Dendrobium cymbulipes: Dendrobium cymbulipes
Dendrobium cyrtolobum: Dendrobium cyrtolobum
Dendrobium cyrtosepalum: Dendrobium cyrtosepalum
Dendrobium dactyliferum: Dendrobium dactyliferum
Dendrobium dactylodes: Dendrobium dactylodes
Dendrobium daenikerianum: Dendrobium daenikerianum
Dendrobium dalatense: Dendrobium dalatense(2)
Dendrobium dalhousieanum: Dendrobium pulchellum
Dendrobium dalleizettii: Dendrobium dalleizettii
Dendrobium dantaniense: Dendrobium dantaniense
Dendrobium daoense: Dendrobium daoense(2)
Dendrobium darjeelingensis: Dendrobium darjeelingensis
Dendrobium dearei: Dendrobium dearei(8)
Dendrobium debile: Dendrobium debile
Dendrobium decumbens: Dendrobium decumbens
Dendrobium decumbens: Dendrobium decumbens decumbens
Dendrobium decumbens: Dendrobium decumbens stenophyllum
Dendrobium dekockii: Dendrobium dekockii(2)
Dendrobium delacourii: Dendrobium delacourii(7)
Dendrobium delicatulum: Dendrobium delicatulum
Dendrobium delicatulum: Dendrobium delicatulum delicatulum
Dendrobium delicatulum: Dendrobium delicatulum parvulum
Dendrobium delicatulum: Dendrobium subacaule
Dendrobium delicatum: Dendrobium delicatum
Dendrobium deliense: Dendrobium deliense
Dendrobium deltatum: Dendrobium deltatum(2)
Dendrobium dendrocolloides: Dendrobium dendrocolloides(2)
Dendrobium denneanum: Dendrobium chryseum
Dendrobium denneanum: Dendrobium denneanum(2)
Dendrobium densiflorum: Dendrobium densiflorum(9)
Dendrobium densifolium: Dendrobium densifolium
Dendrobium dentatum: Dendrobium dentatum
Dendrobium denudans: Dendrobium denudans(2)
Dendrobium deplanchei: Dendrobium deplanchei(2)
Dendrobium derryi: Dendrobium derryi(3)
Dendrobium detiolatum: Dendrobium detiolatum
Dendrobium devonianum: Dendrobium devonianum(6)
Dendrobium devosianum: Ceratobium devosianum
Dendrobium devosianum: Dendrobium devosianum(Accepted)(2)
Dendrobium diaphanum: Dendrobium diaphanum
Dendrobium diceras: Dendrobium diceras(2)
Dendrobium dichaeoides: Dendrobium dichaeoides(2)
Dendrobium dichroma: Dendrobium dichroma
Dendrobium dickasonii: Dendrobium dickasonii
Dendrobium dicuphum: Dendrobium affine
Dendrobium dicuphum: Dendrobium dicuphum
Dendrobium dielsianum: Dendrobium dielsianum
Dendrobium diffusum: Dendrobium diffusum
Dendrobium dillonianum: Dendrobium dillonianum
Dendrobium diodon: Dendrobium diodon diodon
Dendrobium diodon: Dendrobium diodon kodayarensis
Dendrobium diodon: Dendrobium diodon(2)
Dendrobium dionaeoides: Dendrobium dionaeoides
Dendrobium discerptum: Dendrobium discerptum
Dendrobium discocaulon: Dendrobium discocaulon
Dendrobium discolor: Dendrobium discolor discolor
Dendrobium discolor: Dendrobium discolor incurvata
Dendrobium discolor: Dendrobium discolor(4)
Dendrobium disoides: Dendrobium disoides
Dendrobium dissitifolium: Dendrobium dissitifolium
Dendrobium distachyon: Dendrobium distachyon
Dendrobium distichobulbum: Dendrobium distichobulbum
Dendrobium distichophyllum: Dendrobium distichophyllum
Dendrobium distichum: Dendrobium distichum(4)
Dendrobium dixanthum: Dendrobium dixanthum(4)
Dendrobium dixonianum: Dendrobium dixonianum
Dendrobium djamuense: Dendrobium djamuense
Dendrobium dolichocaulon: Dendrobium dolichocaulon
Dendrobium draconis: Dendrobium draconis(7)
Dendrobium durum: Flickingeria dura
Dendrobium eboracense: Dendrobium eboracense
Dendrobium eburneum: Dendrobium draconis
Dendrobium ejirii: Dendrobium ejirii
Dendrobium elatum: Dendrobium elatum
Dendrobium elephantinum: Dendrobium elephantinum
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum: Dendrobium ellipsophyllum green
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum: Dendrobium ellipsophyllum(1,270)
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum: Distichorchis ellipsophylla(2)
Dendrobium elmeri: Dendrobium elmeri
Dendrobium emarginatum: Dendrobium emarginatum
Dendrobium endertii: Dendrobium endertii
Dendrobium engae: Dendrobium engae(2)
Dendrobium epidendropsis: Dendrobium epidendropsis(2)
Dendrobium equitans: Dendrobium equitans(12)
Dendrobium erectifolium: Dendrobium erectifolium(2)
Dendrobium erectopatens: Dendrobium erectopatens
Dendrobium erectum: Dendrobium erectum
Dendrobium eriae: Bryobium eriaeoides
Dendrobium eriaeflorum: Dendrobium eriaeflorum(2)
Dendrobium eriaeflorum: Spiranthes sinensis
Dendrobium eriiflorum: Dendrobium eriiflorum
Dendrobium eriopexis: Dendrobium eriopexis
Dendrobium erostelle: Dendrobium erostelle(2)
Dendrobium erosum: Dendrobium erosum(2)
Dendrobium erubescens: Dendrobium erubescens
Dendrobium erythroglossum: Dendrobium falconeri
Dendrobium erythropogon: Dendrobium erythropogon
Dendrobium escritorii: Dendrobium escritorii
Dendrobium eserre: Dendrobium eserre(2)
Dendrobium esuriens: Dendrobium esuriens
Dendrobium euphlebium: Dendrobium spurium
Dendrobium euryanthum: Dendrobium euryanthum(2)
Dendrobium evaginatum: Dendrobium evaginatum(2)
Dendrobium exaltatum: Dendrobium exaltatum
Dendrobium exasperatum: Dendrobium exasperatum
Dendrobium excavatum: Dendrobium excavatum buruense
Dendrobium excavatum: Dendrobium excavatum excavatum
Dendrobium excavatum: Dendrobium excavatum(2)
Dendrobium excavatum: Oxystophyllum excavatum
Dendrobium exile: Dendrobium exile
Dendrobium exiles: Dendrobium exiles
Dendrobium exilicaule: Dendrobium exilicaule(2)
Dendrobium eximium: Dendrobium eximium(3)
Dendrobium eximum: Dendrobium eximum
Dendrobium exsculptum: Dendrobium stuposum
Dendrobium extra-axillare: Dendrobium extra-axillare
Dendrobium faciferum: Dendrobium faciferum(4)
Dendrobium fairchidae: Dendrobium fairchidae
Dendrobium fairchildae: Dendrobium fairchildae
Dendrobium fairchildiae: Dendrobium fairchildiae(2)
Dendrobium falcatum: Dendrobium falcatum
Dendrobium falcipetalum: Dendrobium falcipetalum
Dendrobium falconeri: Dendrobium falconeri(9)
Dendrobium falcorostrum: Dendrobium falcorostrum(2)
Dendrobium fanjingshanense: Dendrobium fanjingshanense
Dendrobium fantasticum: Dendrobium amphigenyum
Dendrobium farmeri: Dendrobium farmeri(6)
Dendrobium farmeri: Dendrobium palpebrae
Dendrobium faulhaberianum: Dendrobium faulhaberianum
Dendrobium fellowsii: Dendrobium fellowsii(2)
Dendrobium ferdinandii: Dendrobium ferdinandii
Dendrobium fesselianum: Dendrobium peguanum
Dendrobium filicaule: Dendrobium filicaule
Dendrobium fimbriatum: Dendrobium fimbriatum(5)
Dendrobium fimbrilabium: Dendrobium fimbrilabium
Dendrobium findlayanum: Dendrobium findlayanum(7)
Dendrobium findleyanum: Dendrobium findleyanum
Dendrobium finetianum: Dendrobium finetianum(2)
Dendrobium finisterrae: Cadetia finisterrae
Dendrobium finisterrae: Dendrobium finisterrae(3)
Dendrobium finniganense: Dendrobium finniganense
Dendrobium fissum: Dendrobium fissum
Dendrobium flabellum: Flickingeria fimbriata
Dendrobium flagellum: Dendrobium flagellum
Dendrobium flammula: Dendrobium flammula
Dendrobium flavicolle: Dendrobium flavicolle
Dendrobium flavidulum: Dendrobium flavidulum
Dendrobium fleckeri: Dendrobium fleckeri(2)
Dendrobium flexicaule: Dendrobium flexicaule(2)
Dendrobium flexile: Dendrobium flexile(2)
Dendrobium floridanum: Dendrobium floridanum
Dendrobium foelschei: Dendrobium canaliculatum foelschei
Dendrobium foetens: Dendrobium foetens
Dendrobium forbesii: Dendrobium forbesii forbesii
Dendrobium forbesii: Dendrobium forbesii praestans
Dendrobium forbesii: Dendrobium forbesii(3)
Dendrobium formosanum: Dendrobium nobile
Dendrobium formosum: Dendrobium formosum(10)
Dendrobium foxii: Dendrobium foxii(2)
Dendrobium fractiflexum: Dendrobium fractiflexum(2)
Dendrobium fractum: Dendrobium fractum
Dendrobium fragilis: Dendrobium fragilis
Dendrobium friedericksianum: Dendrobium friedericksianum alba
Dendrobium friedericksianum: Dendrobium friedericksianum(2)
Dendrobium friedricksianum: Dendrobium friedricksianum
Dendrobium frigidum: Dendrobium masarangense theionanthum
Dendrobium fruticicola: Dendrobium fruticicola
Dendrobium fuerstenbergianum: Dendrobium fuerstenbergianum
Dendrobium fulgescens: Dendrobium fulgescens
Dendrobium fulgidum: Dendrobium fulgidum(2)
Dendrobium fuligineum: Dendrobium fuligineum
Dendrobium fuliginosum: Dendrobium fuliginosum
Dendrobium fulminicaule: Dendrobium fulminicaule
Dendrobium funiforme: Cadetia funiformis
Dendrobium furcatopedicellatum: Dendrobium furcatopedicellatum(6)
Dendrobium furcatum: Dendrobium furcatum
Dendrobium furfuriferum: Dendrobium furfuriferum
Dendrobium fuscescens: Epigeneium fuscescens
Dendrobium fusciflorum: Dendrobium fusciflorum
Dendrobium fusiforme: Polystachya fusiformis
Dendrobium fytchianum: Dendrobium fytchianum(6)
Dendrobium gagnepainii: Dendrobium gagnepainii
Dendrobium galliceanum: Dendrobium thyrsiflorum
Dendrobium gamblei: Dendrobium gamblei
Dendrobium garrettii: Dendrobium garrettii(5)
Dendrobium gatiense: Dendrobium gatiense
Dendrobium gemellum: Dendrobium gemellum(2)
Dendrobium geminatum: Epigeneium geminatum
Dendrobium gemmiferum: Dendrobium gemmiferum
Dendrobium geotropum: Dendrobium geotropum
Dendrobium gerlandianum: Dendrobium gerlandianum(3)
Dendrobium gibbosum: Dendrobium gibbosum
Dendrobium gibsonii: Dendrobium gibsonii(3)
Dendrobium giriwoense: Dendrobium giriwoense
Dendrobium gjellerupii: Dendrobium gjellerupii
Dendrobium glabrum: Diplocaulobium glabrum
Dendrobium glaucoviride: Dendrobium glaucoviride
Dendrobium glebulosum: Dendrobium glebulosum
Dendrobium globiflorum: Dendrobium globiflorum
Dendrobium glomeratum: Dendrobium glomeratum
Dendrobium glomeriflorum: Dendrobium glomeriflorum
Dendrobium glossorrhynchoides: Dendrobium glossorrhynchoides
Dendrobium gnomus: Dendrobium gnomus(2)
Dendrobium gobiense: Dendrobium gobiense
Dendrobium goldfinchii: Dendrobium goldfinchii(2)
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum: Dendrobium goldschmidtianum(2)
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum: Dendrobium goldschmidtianum(6)
Dendrobium gonzalesii: Dendrobium ceraula
Dendrobium gonzalesii: Dendrobium gonzalesii
Dendrobium gouldii: Dendrobium gouldii(3)
Dendrobium govidjoae: Dendrobium govidjoae
Dendrobium gracile: Dendrobium gracile(2)
Dendrobium gracilicaule: Dendrobium gracilicaule gracilicaule
Dendrobium gracilicaule: Dendrobium gracilicaule(2)
Dendrobium gramineum: Dendrobium gramineum
Dendrobium graminifolium: Dendrobium graminifolium
Dendrobium grande: Dendrobium grande
Dendrobium grandiflorum: Maxillaria grandiflora
Dendrobium grastidioides: Dendrobium grastidioides
Dendrobium gratiosissimum: Dendrobium gratiosissimum(6)
Dendrobium greenianum: Dendrobium greenianum(2)
Dendrobium gregalus: Dendrobium gregalus
Dendrobium gregulus: Dendrobium gregulus(2)
Dendrobium griffithianum: Dendrobium griffithianum(2)
Dendrobium groeneveldtii: Dendrobium groeneveldtii
Dendrobium grootingsii: Dendrobium grootingsii
Dendrobium grossum: Dendrobium grossum
Dendrobium guamense: Dendrobium guamense(2)
Dendrobium guangxiense: Dendrobium guangxiense(2)
Dendrobium guerreroi: Dendrobium guerreroi(2)
Dendrobium gunnarii: Dendrobium gunnarii
Dendrobium gynoglottis: Dendrobium gynoglottis
Dendrobium habbemense: Dendrobium habbemense
Dendrobium hagerupii: Dendrobium hagerupii
Dendrobium hagerupii: Oxystophyllum hagerupii
Dendrobium hainanense: Dendrobium hainanense(4)
Dendrobium hainanensis: Dendrobium hainanensis
Dendrobium hallieri: Dendrobium hallieri(2)
Dendrobium halmaheirense: Dendrobium halmaheirense
Dendrobium hamadryas: Dendrobium hamadryas
Dendrobium hamaticalcar: Dendrobium hamaticalcar(3)
Dendrobium hamatum: Dendrobium hamatum
Dendrobium hamiferum: Dendrobium hamiferum
Dendrobium hancockii: Dendrobium hancockii(3)
Dendrobium harveyanum: Dendrobium harveyanum(4)
Dendrobium hasseltii: Dendrobium hasseltii(3)
Dendrobium hasseltii: Flickingeria angulata
Dendrobium hastilabium: Dendrobium hastilabium
Dendrobium hawkesii: Dendrobium hawkesii
Dendrobium hedyosmum: Dendrobium scabrilingue
Dendrobium helix: Dendrobium helix
Dendrobium hellerianum: Dendrobium hellerianum
Dendrobium hellwigianum: Dendrobium hellwigianum(2)
Dendrobium helvolum: Dendrobium helvolum
Dendrobium helvolum: Oxystophyllum helvolum
Dendrobium hemimelanoglossum: Dendrobium hemimelanoglossum
Dendrobium henanense: Dendrobium henanense
Dendrobium hendersonii: Dendrobium hendersonii(2)
Dendrobium henryi: Dendrobium henryi(4)
Dendrobium heokhuii: Dendrobium heokhuii
Dendrobium hepaticum: Dendrobium hepaticum
Dendrobium herbaceum: Dendrobium herbaceum(2)
Dendrobium hercoglossum: Dendrobium hercoglossum(8)
Dendrobium hercoglossum: Dendrobium linguella
Dendrobium herpetophytum: Dendrobium herpetophytum
Dendrobium heterocarpum: Dendrobium aureum
Dendrobium heterocarpum: Dendrobium heterocarpum(6)
Dendrobium heterocarpum: Dendrobium pulchellum
Dendrobium heteroglossum: Dendrobium heteroglossum
Dendrobium heteroideum: Cadetia heteroidea
Dendrobium hexadesmia: Dendrobium hexadesmia
Dendrobium heyneanum: Dendrobium heyneanum
Dendrobium hillii: Sarcochilus hillii
Dendrobium hippocrepiferum: Dendrobium hippocrepiferum
Dendrobium hirtulum: Dendrobium hirtulum
Dendrobium histrionicum: Dendrobium histrionicum
Dendrobium hodgkinsonii: Dendrobium hodgkinsonii(4)
Dendrobium hollandianum: Dendrobium hollandianum
Dendrobium holochilum: Dendrobium holochilum
Dendrobium hookerianum: Dendrobium hookerianum(2)
Dendrobium hornei: Dendrobium hornei(2)
Dendrobium horseltii: Dendrobium horseltii
Dendrobium horstii: Dendrobium horstii
Dendrobium hosei: Dendrobium hosei(2)
Dendrobium hughii: Dendrobium hughii(3)
Dendrobium humboldtense: Dendrobium humboldtense
Dendrobium huoshanense: Dendrobium huoshanense
Dendrobium huoshanensis: Dendrobium huoshanensis
Dendrobium husmadi: Dendrobium husmadi
Dendrobium huttonii: Dendrobium huttonii
Dendrobium hybrid: Dendrobium Gatton Sunray
Dendrobium hybrid: Dendrobium Lily Doo
Dendrobium hybrid: Dendrobium Nora Tokunaga
Dendrobium hybrid: Dendrobium ThaiJasmine
Dendrobium hybriden: Dendrobium hybriden
Dendrobium hybridum: Dendrobium hybridum(2)
Dendrobium hymenanthum: Dendrobium hymenanthum(5)
Dendrobium hymenocentrum: Dendrobium hymenocentrum(2)
Dendrobium hymenopetalum: Dendrobium hymenopetalum
Dendrobium hymenophyllum: Dendrobium hymenophyllum(3)
Dendrobium hymenopterum: Dendrobium hymenopterum(2)
Dendrobium hyperanthiflorum: Dendrobium hyperanthiflorum
Dendrobium hypodon: Dendrobium hypodon
Dendrobium hypopogon: Dendrobium hypopogon
Dendrobium ianthinum: Dendrobium ianthinum
Dendrobium igneoniveum: Dendrobium igneoniveum
Dendrobium igneum: Dendrobium igneum
Dendrobium imbricatum: Dendrobium imbricatum
Dendrobium imitans: Dendrobium imitans
Dendrobium imperatrix: Dendrobium lineale
Dendrobium implicatum: Dendrobium implicatum
Dendrobium inamoenum: Dendrobium inamoenum
Dendrobium inauditum: Diplocaulobium inauditum
Dendrobium inconspicuum: Dendrobium inconspicuum
Dendrobium incrassatum: Dendrobium indivisum
Dendrobium incumbens: Dendrobium incumbens
Dendrobium incurvatum: Dendrobium incurvatum
Dendrobium incurvociliatum: Dendrobium incurvociliatum
Dendrobium incurvum: Dendrobium incurvum
Dendrobium indivisum: Dendrobium indivisum indivisum
Dendrobium indivisum: Dendrobium indivisum lampangense
Dendrobium indivisum: Dendrobium indivisum pallidum(2)
Dendrobium indivisum: Dendrobium indivisum(5)
Dendrobium indochinense: Dendrobium indochinense
Dendrobium indragiriense: Dendrobium indragiriense(2)
Dendrobium inflatum: Dendrobium inflatum(2)
Dendrobium informe: Dendrobium informe
Dendrobium informs: Dendrobium informs
Dendrobium infractum: Dendrobium infractum
Dendrobium infundibulum: Dendrobium infundibulum(6)
Dendrobium ingratum: Dendrobium ingratum
Dendrobium insigne: Dendrobium insigne insigne
Dendrobium insigne: Dendrobium insigne subsimplex
Dendrobium insigne: Dendrobium insigne(4)
Dendrobium integrilabium: Flickingeria integrilabia
Dendrobium intricatum: Dendrobium intricatum(2)
Dendrobium involutum: Dendrobium involutum
Dendrobium ionopus: Dendrobium ionopus(2)
Dendrobium isochiloides: Dendrobium isochiloides
Dendrobium isochiloides: Dendrobium isochiloides isochiloides
Dendrobium isochiloides: Dendrobium isochiloides pumilum
Dendrobium iteratum: Dendrobium iteratum
Dendrobium jabiense: Dendrobium jabiense
Dendrobium jacobsonii: Dendrobium jacobsonii(3)
Dendrobium jamesianum: Dendrobium infundibulum
Dendrobium jenkensii: Dendrobium jenkensii(2)
Dendrobium jenkinsii: Dendrobium jenkinsii(4)
Dendrobium jennae: Dendrobium jennae
Dendrobium jennyanum: Dendrobium jennyanum
Dendrobium jerdonianum: Dendrobium jerdonianum
Dendrobium jerdonianum: Dendrobium nutans
Dendrobium johanis: Dendrobium johanis
Dendrobium johannis: Dendrobium johannis(3)
Dendrobium johnsoniae: Dendrobium johnsoniae(3)
Dendrobium jonesii: Dendrobium jonesii
Dendrobium jonesii: Dendrobium jonesii jonesii
Dendrobium jonesii: Dendrobium jonesii magnificum
Dendrobium jubatum: Dendrobium jubatum
Dendrobium judithiae: Dendrobium judithiae
Dendrobium junceum: Dendrobium junceum(2)
Dendrobium juncifolium: Dendrobium juncifolium
Dendrobium juncoideum: Dendrobium juncoideum
Dendrobium juniperinum: Dendrobium juniperinum
Dendrobium kanakorum: Dendrobium kanakorum
Dendrobium kanburiense: Dendrobium kanburiense(3)
Dendrobium kaniense: Dendrobium kaniense
Dendrobium katherinae: Dendrobium katherinae
Dendrobium kaudernii: Dendrobium kaudernii
Dendrobium kauldorumii: Dendrobium kauldorumii(2)
Dendrobium keithii: Dendrobium keithii(4)
Dendrobium kelsalii: Dendrobium kelsalii
Dendrobium kelsallii: Flickingeria angustifolia
Dendrobium kempterianum: Dendrobium kempterianum
Dendrobium kenejianum: Dendrobium ingratum
Dendrobium kenepaiense: Dendrobium kenepaiense
Dendrobium kentrochilum: Dendrobium kentrochilum
Dendrobium kentrophyllum: Dendrobium kentrophyllum(2)
Dendrobium kerstingianum: Dendrobium kerstingianum
Dendrobium keytsianum: Dendrobium keytsianum
Dendrobium khanhoaense: Dendrobium khanhoaense
Dendrobium khasianum: Dendrobium khasianum
Dendrobium kiauense: Dendrobium kiauense
Dendrobium kietaense: Dendrobium kietaense
Dendrobium kingianum: Dendrobium kingianum carnarvonense
Dendrobium kingianum: Dendrobium kingianum kingianum
Dendrobium kingianum: Dendrobium kingianum pulcherrimum
Dendrobium kingianum: Dendrobium kingianum(5)
Dendrobium kjellbergii: Dendrobium kjellbergii
Dendrobium klabatense: Dendrobium klabatense
Dendrobium klossii: Dendrobium klossii
Dendrobium koordersii: Dendrobium koordersii
Dendrobium korinchense: Dendrobium korinchense
Dendrobium korthalsii: Dendrobium korthalsii
Dendrobium kosepangii: Dendrobium kosepangii
Dendrobium kraemeri: Dendrobium kraemeri
Dendrobium kraenzlinii: Dendrobium kraenzlinii
Dendrobium kratense: Dendrobium kratense(3)
Dendrobium kruiense: Dendrobium kruiense
Dendrobium kryptocheilum: Dendrobium kryptocheilum
Dendrobium kuhlii: Dendrobium hasseltii
Dendrobium kuhlii: Dendrobium kuhlii(2)
Dendrobium kurashigei: Dendrobium kurashigei
Dendrobium kuyperi: Dendrobium kuyperi
Dendrobium kwangtungense: Dendrobium kwangtungense
Dendrobium laceratum: Dendrobium laceratum
Dendrobium laciniosum: Dendrobium laciniosum
Dendrobium laciniosum: Flickingeria laciniosa
Dendrobium lacteum: Dendrobium lacteum
Dendrobium laevifolium: Dendrobium laevifolium(3)
Dendrobium lagarum: Dendrobium lagarum(2)
Dendrobium lambii: Dendrobium lambii(2)
Dendrobium lamellatum: Callista lamellata(41)
Dendrobium lamellatum: Dendrobium lamellata(5)
Dendrobium lamellatum: Dendrobium lamellatum pink
Dendrobium lamellatum: Dendrobium lamellatum(Accepted)(1,830)
Dendrobium lamellatum: Eurycaulis lamellatus(33)
Dendrobium lamellatum: Onychium lamellatum(2)
Dendrobium lamellatum: Pedilonum lamellatum(47)
Dendrobium lamelluliferum: Dendrobium lamelluliferum
Dendrobium lamii: Dendrobium lamii
Dendrobium lampongense: Dendrobium lampongense(3)
Dendrobium lamprocaulon: Dendrobium lamprocaulon
Dendrobium lamproglossum: Dendrobium lamproglossum
Dendrobium lamrianum: Dendrobium lamrianum
Dendrobium lamyaiae: Dendrobium lamyaiae
Dendrobium lanceolatum: Dendrobium lanceolatum
Dendrobium lancifolium: Dendrobium lancifolium(2)
Dendrobium lancilabium: Dendrobium lancilabium
Dendrobium lancilobum: Dendrobium lancilobum
Dendrobium langbianense: Dendrobium langbianense(2)
Dendrobium langkawiense: Dendrobium langkawiense
Dendrobium lankaviense: Dendrobium lankaviense
Dendrobium lanuginosum: Dendrobium lanuginosum
Dendrobium lanyiae: Dendrobium lanyiae
Dendrobium lasianthera: Dendrobium lasianthera(4)
Dendrobium lasioglossum: Dendrobium lasioglossum
Dendrobium latelabellatum: Dendrobium latelabellatum
Dendrobium laterale: Dendrobium laterale
Dendrobium latifrons: Dendrobium latifrons
Dendrobium laurensii: Dendrobium laurensii(2)
Dendrobium lawesii: Dendrobium lawesii alba
Dendrobium lawesii: Dendrobium lawesii(5)
Dendrobium lawiense: Dendrobium lawiense
Dendrobium laxiflorum: Dendrobium laxiflorum
Dendrobium leeanum: Dendrobium leeanum
Dendrobium leonis: Dendrobium leonis(7)
Dendrobium leontoglossum: Dendrobium leontoglossum
Dendrobium lepidochilum: Dendrobium lepidochilum
Dendrobium lepoense: Dendrobium lepoense
Dendrobium leporinum: Dendrobium leporinum
Dendrobium leptocladum: Dendrobium leptocladum(4)
Dendrobium leptoclandum: Dendrobium leptoclandum(4)
Dendrobium leucochlorum: Dendrobium leucochlorum
Dendrobium leucocyanum: Dendrobium leucocyanum
Dendrobium leucohybos: Dendrobium leucohybos(2)
Dendrobium leucolophotum: Dendrobium affine
Dendrobium levatii: Dendrobium levatii
Dendrobium leytense: Dendrobium leytense
Dendrobium lichenastrum: Dendrobium lichenastrum lichenastrum
Dendrobium lichenastrum: Dendrobium lichenastrum prenticeii
Dendrobium lichenastrum: Dendrobium lichenastrum(2)
Dendrobium lilacinum: Dendrobium lancifolium
Dendrobium limii: Dendrobium limii
Dendrobium linawianum: Dendrobium linawianum(10)
Dendrobium lindleyi: Dendrobium aggregatum
Dendrobium lindleyi: Dendrobium lindleyi(7)
Dendrobium lineale: Dendrobium lineale(3)
Dendrobium linearifolium: Dendrobium linearifolium(3)
Dendrobium linguella: Dendrobium linguella(4)
Dendrobium linguiforme: Dendrobium linguiforme(3)
Dendrobium linguiforme: Dockrillia linguiformis
Dendrobium listeroglossum: Dendrobium parcum
Dendrobium lithcola: Dendrobium bigibum compactum
Dendrobium lithocola: Dendrobium bigibbum
Dendrobium lithocola: Dendrobium lithocola
Dendrobium litorale: Dendrobium litorale
Dendrobium litoreum: Dendrobium sphenochilum
Dendrobium lituiflorum: Dendrobium lituiflorum(6)
Dendrobium lobatum: Dendrobium lobatum(3)
Dendrobium lobbii: Dendrobium aloifolium
Dendrobium lobbii: Dendrobium lobbii(3)
Dendrobium lobulatum: Dendrobium lobulatum(2)
Dendrobium lockhartioides: Dendrobium lockhartioides
Dendrobium loddigersii: Dendrobium loddigersii(3)
Dendrobium loddigesii: Dendrobium loddigesii albescens
Dendrobium loddigesii: Dendrobium loddigesii(8)
Dendrobium loesenerianum: Dendrobium loesenerianum
Dendrobium loherianum: Dendrobium loherianum
Dendrobium lohohense: Dendrobium lohohense(2)
Dendrobium lomatochilum: Dendrobium lomatochilum
Dendrobium lonchigerum: Dendrobium lonchigerum
Dendrobium lonchophyllum: Dendrobium lonchophyllum
Dendrobium longicaule: Dendrobium longicaule
Dendrobium longicole: Dendrobium longicole
Dendrobium longicornu: Dendrobium longicornu(4)
Dendrobium longipecten: Dendrobium longipecten
Dendrobium longipes: Dendrobium longipes
Dendrobium longissimum: Dendrobium longissimum
Dendrobium lowii: Dendrobium lowii(7)
Dendrobium lubbersianum: Dendrobium lubbersianum
Dendrobium lueckelianum: Dendrobium lueckelianum
Dendrobium lumatum: Dendrobium lumatum
Dendrobium lunatum: Dendrobium lunatum
Dendrobium luteocilium: Dendrobium luteocilium
Dendrobium luteocilium: Dendrobium pruinosum
Dendrobium luteolum: Dendrobium luteolum
Dendrobium luteolumVarChlorocentrum: Dendrobium luteolum
Dendrobium luzonense: Dendrobium luzonense
Dendrobium lyonii: Dendrobium lyonii
Dendrobium mabelae: Dendrobium mabelae
Dendrobium maccarthiae: Dendrobium maccarthiae(2)
Dendrobium macfarlanei: Dendrobium macfarlanei
Dendrobium macraei: Flickingeria macraei
Dendrobium macranthum: Dendrobium macranthum(2)
Dendrobium macraporum: Dendrobium macraporum
Dendrobium macrifolium: Dendrobium macrifolium
Dendrobium macrogenion: Dendrobium macrogenion
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Callista macrophylla
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Dendrobium ferox
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Dendrobium macrophyllum(Accepted)(17,100)
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Dendrobium macrophylum
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Dendrobium sarcostoma
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Dendrobium setigerum
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Dendrobium veitchianum
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Latourorchis macrophylla
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Callista gordonii
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Callista veitchiana
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium brachythecum
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium ferox
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium gordonii
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium lucae
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium macrophyllum macrophyllum(accepted)
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium musciferum
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium polysema
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium psyche
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium pulchrum
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium sarcostemma
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium ternatense
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium tomohonense
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Dendrobium veitchianum
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Latourea muscifera
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Latourorchis muscifera
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Sayeria muscifera
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Sayeria polysema
Dendrobium macrophyllum: macrophyllum, Sayeria psyche
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Sayeria macrophylla
Dendrobium macropus: Dendrobium gracilicaule macropus
Dendrobium macrostigma: Dendrobium macrostigma
Dendrobium macrphyllum: Dendrobium macrphyllum
Dendrobium maculosum: Dendrobium maculosum
Dendrobium magistratus: Dendrobium magistratus(2)
Dendrobium magnificum: Dendrobium terrestre
Dendrobium maierae: Dendrobium maierae
Dendrobium malacanthum: Dendrobium malacanthum
Dendrobium malbrownii: Dendrobium malbrownii(2)
Dendrobium maleolens: Dendrobium maleolens
Dendrobium malvicolor: Dendrobium malvicolor
Dendrobium mannii: Dendrobium mannii(3)
Dendrobium maraiparense: Dendrobium maraiparense
Dendrobium margaretiae: Dendrobium margaretiae
Dendrobium margaritaceum: Dendrobium christyanum
Dendrobium margaritaceum: Dendrobium margaritaceum(2)
Dendrobium marivelense: Dendrobium marivelense
Dendrobium marmoratum: Dendrobium marmoratum
Dendrobium masarangense: Dendrobium masarangense masarangense
Dendrobium masarangense: Dendrobium masarangense(2)
Dendrobium mastersianum: Dendrobium mastersianum
Dendrobium mayandyi: Dendrobium mayandyi(2)
Dendrobium megaceras: Dendrobium megaceras(2)
Dendrobium melanochlamys: Dendrobium melanochlamys
Dendrobium melanochlamys: Dendrobium villosulum
Dendrobium melanostictum: Dendrobium melanostictum(2)
Dendrobium melanotrichum: Dendrobium melanotrichum
Dendrobium melinanthum: Dendrobium melinanthum
Dendrobium meliodorum: Dendrobium meliodorum
Dendrobium mellicolor: Dendrobium mellicolor
Dendrobium merrillii: Dendrobium merrillii
Dendrobium metachilinum: Dendrobium metachilinum(3)
Dendrobium metachilium: Dendrobium metachilium
Dendrobium metrium: Dendrobium metrium(2)
Dendrobium micholitzii: Dendrobium micholitzii
Dendrobium microbulbon: Dendrobium microbulbon(2)
Dendrobium microglaphys: Dendrobium microglaphys(3)
Dendrobium milaniae: Dendrobium milaniae
Dendrobium millarae: Dendrobium millarae
Dendrobium minax: Dendrobium bicaudatum
Dendrobium mindanaense: Dendrobium mindanaense
Dendrobium minimiflorum: Dendrobium minimiflorum
Dendrobium minimum: Dendrobium minimum
Dendrobium minjemense: Diplocaulobium minjemense
Dendrobium minutiflorum: Dendrobium minutiflorum(2)
Dendrobium minutigibbum: Dendrobium minutigibbum
Dendrobium minutigibbum: Oxystophyllum minutigibbum
Dendrobium minutum: Dendrobium parvulum
Dendrobium mirandum: Dendrobium mirandum
Dendrobium mirbelianum: Dendrobium mirbelianum(5)
Dendrobium mischobulbum: Dendrobium mischobulbum
Dendrobium miserum: Dendrobium miserum(2)
Dendrobium miyakei: Dendrobium goldschmidtianum
Dendrobium miyakei: Dendrobium miyakei(8)
Dendrobium miyasakii: Dendrobium miyasakii
Dendrobium modestissimum: Dendrobium modestissimum
Dendrobium modestum: Dendrobium modestum(2)
Dendrobium mohlianum: Dendrobium mohlianum(4)
Dendrobium molle: Dendrobium molle
Dendrobium moluccense: Dendrobium moluccense
Dendrobium monile: Dendrobium moniliforme
Dendrobium moniliforme: Dendrobium moniliforme(14)
Dendrobium moniliforme: Dendrobium nobile
Dendrobium monophyllum: Dendrobium monophyllum(2)
Dendrobium montanum: Dendrobium montanum(2)
Dendrobium montedeakinense: Dendrobium montedeakinense
Dendrobium monticola: Dendrobium monticola(2)
Dendrobium montis-sellae: Dendrobium montis-sellae
Dendrobium montis-yulei: Dendrobium montis-yulei
Dendrobium mooreanum: Dendrobium mooreanum(2)
Dendrobium moorei: Dendrobium moorei(2)
Dendrobium moquetteanum: Dendrobium moquetteanum
Dendrobium morotaiense: Dendrobium morotaiense
Dendrobium mortii: Dendrobium mortii(2)
Dendrobium moschatum: Dendrobium moschatum(9)
Dendrobium mucronatum: Dendrobium mucronatum(2)
Dendrobium multifolium: Dendrobium multifolium
Dendrobium multilineatum: Dendrobium multilineatum
Dendrobium multiramosum: Dendrobium multiramosum
Dendrobium multistriatum: Dendrobium multistriatum
Dendrobium munificum: Dendrobium munificum(3)
Dendrobium muricatum: Dendrobium muricatum(2)
Dendrobium mussauense: Dendrobium mussauense
Dendrobium mutabile: Dendrobium mutabile(4)
Dendrobium myandii: Dendrobium mayandyi
Dendrobium mystroglossum: Dendrobium mystroglossum
Dendrobium nabawanense: Dendrobium nabawanense
Dendrobium nakaharai: Dendrobium nakaharai(3)
Dendrobium nanarauticolum: Dendrobium nanarauticolum
Dendrobium nanocompactum: Dendrobium nanocompactum
Dendrobium nanum: Dendrobium nanum
Dendrobium nardoides: Dendrobium nardoides
Dendrobium nareshbahadurii: Dendrobium nareshbahadurii
Dendrobium nathanielis: Dendrobium nathanielis(2)
Dendrobium navicula: Dendrobium navicula
Dendrobium nebularum: Dendrobium nebularum
Dendrobium neglectum: Dendrobium neglectum
Dendrobium nemorale: Dendrobium nemorale(7)
Dendrobium neoguineense: Dendrobium neoguineense
Dendrobium nephrolepidis: Dendrobium nephrolepidis
Dendrobium neuroglossun: Dendrobium neuroglossun
Dendrobium ngoyense: Dendrobium ngoyense(2)
Dendrobium nhatrangense: Dendrobium nhatrangense
Dendrobium nienkui: Dendrobium nienkui
Dendrobium nieuwenhuisii: Dendrobium nieuwenhuisii
Dendrobium nigricans: Dendrobium nigricans
Dendrobium nimium: Dendrobium nimium
Dendrobium nindii: Dendrobium nindii(3)
Dendrobium nitidiflorum: Dendrobium nitidiflorum
Dendrobium niveopurpureum: Dendrobium niveopurpureum
Dendrobium njongense: Dendrobium njongense
Dendrobium nobil: Dendrobium nobil
Dendrobium nobile: Dendrobium nobil
Dendrobium nobile: Dendrobium nobile alba
Dendrobium nobile: Dendrobium nobile formosanum(3)
Dendrobium nobile: Dendrobium nobile nobilius
Dendrobium nobile: Dendrobium nobile virginale
Dendrobium nobile: Dendrobium nobile(14)
Dendrobium normale: Dendrobium normale
Dendrobium nothofageti: Dendrobium nothofageti
Dendrobium nothofagicola: Dendrobium nothofagicola
Dendrobium nubigenum: Dendrobium nubigenum
Dendrobium nudum: Dendrobium nudum(4)
Dendrobium numaldeorii: Dendrobium numaldeorii
Dendrobium nummularia: Dendrobium nummularia
Dendrobium nutans: Dendrobium nutans(2)
Dendrobium nutans: Geodorum densiflorum
Dendrobium nycteridoglossum: Dendrobium nycteridoglossum
Dendrobium obcordatum: Dendrobium obcordatum
Dendrobium obliquum: Dendrobium obliquum
Dendrobium oblongimentum: Dendrobium oblongimentum
Dendrobium oblongum: Dendrobium oblongum
Dendrobium obovatum: Dendrobium obovatum
Dendrobium obrienianum: Dendrobium obrienianum
Dendrobium obscureauriculatum: Dendrobium obscureauriculatum
Dendrobium obtusipetalum: Dendrobium wentianum
Dendrobium obtusisepalum: Dendrobium obtusisepalum(2)
Dendrobium obtusum: Dendrobium obtusum
Dendrobium ochraceaum: Dendrobium ochraceaum
Dendrobium ochraceum: Dendrobium ochraceum(2)
Dendrobium ochranthum: Dendrobium ochranthum
Dendrobium ochreatum: Dendrobium ochreatum(3)
Dendrobium ochroleucum: Dendrobium ochroleucum
Dendrobium odoardii: Dendrobium odoardii
Dendrobium odontochilum: Dendrobium aemulum
Dendrobium odontochilum: Dendrobium odontochilum
Dendrobium odontopus: Dendrobium odontopus
Dendrobium odoratum: Dendrobium odoratum
Dendrobium officinale: Dendrobium officinale(2)
Dendrobium okabeanum: Dendrobium okabeanum
Dendrobium okinawense: Dendrobium okinawense
Dendrobium oligadenium: Dendrobium oligadenium
Dendrobium oliganthum: Dendrobium oliganthum
Dendrobium oligophyllum: Dendrobium oligophyllum(7)
Dendrobium olivaceum: Dendrobium olivaceum(2)
Dendrobium oppositifolium: Dendrobium oppositifolium(2)
Dendrobium orbiculare: Dendrobium orbiculare
Dendrobium orbilobulatum: Dendrobium orbilobulatum
Dendrobium oreodoxa: Dendrobium oreodoxa(2)
Dendrobium orientale: Dendrobium orientale
Dendrobium ornithoflorum: Dendrobium ornithoflorum
Dendrobium osmophytopsis: Dendrobium osmophytopsis
Dendrobium ostrinum: Dendrobium ostrinum
Dendrobium ostrinum: Dendrobium ostrinum ochroleucum
Dendrobium ostrinum: Dendrobium ostrinum ostrinum
Dendrobium otaguroanum: Dendrobium otaguroanum(2)
Dendrobium ovatifolium: Dendrobium ovatifolium
Dendrobium ovatipetalum: Dendrobium ovatipetalum
Dendrobium ovatum: Dendrobium ovatum(2)
Dendrobium ovipostoriferum: Dendrobium ovipostoriferum(3)
Dendrobium oxychilum: Dendrobium oxychilum
Dendrobium oxyphyllum: Dendrobium oxyphyllum
Dendrobium paathii: Dendrobium paathii
Dendrobium pachyanthum: Dendrobium pachyanthum
Dendrobium pachyglossum: Dendrobium pachyglossum(3)
Dendrobium pachyphyllum: Dendrobium pachyphyllum(5)
Dendrobium pachystele: Dendrobium pachystele(2)
Dendrobium pachythrix: Dendrobium pachythrix
Dendrobium pahangense: Dendrobium pahangense(2)
Dendrobium Palaenopsis: Dendrobium Palaenopsis
Dendrobium palawense: Dendrobium palawense
Dendrobium palpebrae: Dendrobium palpebrae(6)
Dendrobium pandaneti: Dendrobium pandaneti(2)
Dendrobium panduratum: Dendrobium panduratum panduratum
Dendrobium panduratum: Dendrobium panduratum villosum
Dendrobium panduratum: Dendrobium panduratum(2)
Dendrobium panduriferum: Dendrobium panduriferum(3)
Dendrobium paniferum: Dendrobium paniferum(3)
Dendrobium paniferum: Oxystophyllum paniferum
Dendrobium pantherinum: Dendrobium pantherinum
Dendrobium papilio: Dendrobium papilio(3)
Dendrobium papuanum: Dendrobium papuanum
Dendrobium papyraceum: Dendrobium papyraceum
Dendrobium paradoxum: Dendrobium paradoxum
Dendrobium parciflorum: Dendrobium parciflorum(2)
Dendrobium parcoides: Dendrobium parcoides
Dendrobium parcum: Dendrobium parcum(3)
Dendrobium parishii: Dendrobium parishii alba
Dendrobium parishii: Dendrobium parishii(13)
Dendrobium parnatanum: Dendrobium parnatanum
Dendrobium parthenium: Dendrobium parthenium(5)
Dendrobium parviflorum: Dendrobium parviflorum
Dendrobium parvifolium: Dendrobium parvifolium
Dendrobium parvilobum: Dendrobium parvilobum
Dendrobium parvum: Dendrobium parvum
Dendrobium paspalifolium: Dendrobium paspalifolium
Dendrobium patentifiliforme: Dendrobium patentifiliforme
Dendrobium patentilobum: Dendrobium patentilobum
Dendrobium patentissimum: Dendrobium patentissimum
Dendrobium patulum: Dendrobium patulum
Dendrobium pauciflorum: Dendrobium pauciflorum
Dendrobium pauciflorum: Dendrobium praecinctum
Dendrobium paxtonii: Dendrobium chrysanthum
Dendrobium pectinatum: Dendrobium pectinatum(2)
Dendrobium peculiare: Dendrobium peculiare
Dendrobium pedicellatum: Dendrobium pedicellatum
Dendrobium pedilochilum: Dendrobium pedilochilum
Dendrobium pedunculatum: Dendrobium speciosum pedunculatum
Dendrobium peekelii: Dendrobium schwartzkopfianum
Dendrobium peguanum: Dendrobium peguanum(7)
Dendrobium pendulum: Dendrobium pendulum(3)
Dendrobium pensile: Dendrobium pensile(2)
Dendrobium pentapterum: Dendrobium pentapterum
Dendrobium percnanthum: Dendrobium percnanthum
Dendrobium pergracile: Dendrobium pergracile
Dendrobium perlongum: Dendrobium perlongum
Dendrobium perpaulum: Dendrobium perpaulum
Dendrobium perula: Dendrobium perula(2)
Dendrobium perulatum: Dendrobium perulatum
Dendrobium petiolatum: Dendrobium detiolatum(66)
Dendrobium petiolatum: Dendrobium petiolatum(Accepted)(1,020)
Dendrobium petiolatum: Dendrobium unifoliatum
Dendrobium petiolatum: Pedilonum petiolatum
Dendrobium petrophilum: Dendrobium petrophilum
Dendrobium phaeanthum: Dendrobium phaeanthum
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Callista phalaenopsis
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Dendrobium bigibbum phalaenopsis
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Dendrobium phalaenopsis(Accepted)(179,000)
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Vappodes phalaenopsis
Dendrobium philippinense: Dendrobium philippinense
Dendrobium phillipsii: Dendrobium phillipsii(3)
Dendrobium phlox: Dendrobium subclausum phlox
Dendrobium phragmitoides: Dendrobium phragmitoides
Dendrobium pictum: Dendrobium pictum
Dendrobium piestocaulon: Dendrobium piestocaulon
Dendrobium piestocaulon: Dendrobium piestocaulon kauloense
Dendrobium piestocaulon: Dendrobium piestocaulon piestocaulon
Dendrobium pinifolium: Dendrobium pinifolium(2)
Dendrobium piranha: Dendrobium piranha
Dendrobium planibulbe: Dendrobium planibulbe(2)
Dendrobium planicaule: Dendrobium planicaule
Dendrobium planum: Dendrobium planum(2)
Dendrobium platybasis: Dendrobium platybasis
Dendrobium platycaulon: Dendrobium compressum
Dendrobium platycaulon: Dendrobium platycaulon(4)
Dendrobium platygastrium: Dendrobium platygastrium(5)
Dendrobium plebejum: Dendrobium plebejum
Dendrobium pleianthum: Dendrobium pleianthum(2)
Dendrobium pleiostachyum: Dendrobium pleiostachyum
Dendrobium pleurodes: Dendrobium pleurodes(2)
Dendrobium plumilobum: Dendrobium plumilobum
Dendrobium podagraria: Dendrobium angulatum
Dendrobium podagraria: Dendrobium podagraria(2)
Dendrobium podocarpifolium: Dendrobium podocarpifolium
Dendrobium podochiloides: Dendrobium podochiloides
Dendrobium pogonatherum: Dendrobium pogonatherum
Dendrobium pogoniates: Dendrobium pogoniates
Dendrobium poissonianum: Dendrobium poissonianum(2)
Dendrobium polycladium: Dendrobium polycladium atractoglossum
Dendrobium polycladium: Dendrobium polycladium polycladium
Dendrobium polycladium: Dendrobium polycladium(2)
Dendrobium polyphlebium: Dendrobium parishii
Dendrobium polyphyllum: Dendrobium polyphyllum
Dendrobium polyschistum: Dendrobium polyschistum
Dendrobium polyschistum: Dendrobium polyschistum graminiforme
Dendrobium polyschistum: Dendrobium polyschistum marginatum
Dendrobium polyschistum: Dendrobium polyschistum polyschistum
Dendrobium polysema: Dendrobium polysema
Dendrobium polystachys: Polystachya mauritiana
Dendrobium polystachyum: Polystachya concreta
Dendrobium polytrichum: Dendrobium polytrichum(3)
Dendrobium ponapense: Dendrobium ponapense(2)
Dendrobium poneroides: Dendrobium poneroides
Dendrobium poneroides: Dendrobium poneroides angustum
Dendrobium poneroides: Dendrobium poneroides poneroides
Dendrobium porphyrochilum: Dendrobium porphyrochilum(3)
Dendrobium porphyrophyllum: Dendrobium indivisum
Dendrobium potamophila: Dendrobium potamophila
Dendrobium praecinctum: Dendrobium praecinctum
Dendrobium praetermissum: Dendrobium praetermissum
Dendrobium prasinum: Dendrobium prasinum(2)
Dendrobium prentice: Dendrobium prentice
Dendrobium prenticei: Dendrobium lichenastrum
Dendrobium prenticei: Dendrobium prenticei(2)
Dendrobium prenticeii: Dendrobium ichenastrum prenticeii
Dendrobium prianganense: Dendrobium prianganense
Dendrobium primulinum: Callista cretacea
Dendrobium primulinum: Callista primulina
Dendrobium primulinum: Dendrobium cretaceum(901)
Dendrobium primulinum: Dendrobium nobile pallidiflorum
Dendrobium primulinum: Dendrobium polyanthum(Accepted)(3,350)
Dendrobium primulinum: Dendrobium primulinum(3,580)
Dendrobium pristinum: Dendrobium pristinum(3)
Dendrobium procerum: Dendrobium procerum
Dendrobium procumbens: Dendrobium procumbens(2)
Dendrobium profusum: Dendrobium profusum(3)
Dendrobium prostheciglossum: Dendrobium prostheciglossum
Dendrobium prosthecioglossum: Dendrobium prosthecioglossum
Dendrobium prostratum: Dendrobium prostratum(2)
Dendrobium proteranthum: Dendrobium proteranthum
Dendrobium pruinosum: Dendrobium pruinosum
Dendrobium pseudoaloifolium: Dendrobium pseudoaloifolium(2)
Dendrobium pseudocalceolum: Dendrobium pseudocalceolum
Dendrobium pseudoconanthum: Dendrobium pseudoconanthum
Dendrobium pseudodichaea: Dendrobium pseudodichaea
Dendrobium pseudofrigidum: Dendrobium masarangense
Dendrobium pseudoglomeratum: Dendrobium pseudoglomeratum
Dendrobium pseudointricatum: Dendrobium pseudointricatum
Dendrobium pseudopeloricum: Dendrobium pseudopeloricum
Dendrobium pseudotenellum: Dendrobium pseudotenellum
Dendrobium pseudotokai: Dendrobium pseudotokai
Dendrobium pterocarpum: Dendrobium pterocarpum
Dendrobium puberulilingue: Dendrobium puberulilingue
Dendrobium pugioniforme: Dendrobium pugioniforme
Dendrobium pugioniforme: Dockrillia pugioniformis
Dendrobium pulchellum: Dendrobium pulchellum(4)
Dendrobium pullchellum: Dendrobium pullchellum
Dendrobium pulleanum: Dendrobium pulleanum
Dendrobium pulvinatum: Dendrobium pulvinatum
Dendrobium pumilum: Dendrobium pumilum
Dendrobium pumilum: Genyorchis pumila
Dendrobium punamense: Dendrobium punamense(2)
Dendrobium puniceum: Dendrobium puniceum
Dendrobium purpureiflorum: Dendrobium purpureiflorum
Dendrobium purpureum: Dendrobium purpureum alba
Dendrobium purpureum: Dendrobium purpureum candidulum
Dendrobium purpureum: Dendrobium purpureum purpureum
Dendrobium purpureum: Dendrobium purpureum(5)
Dendrobium pusillum: Trichosalpinx pusilla
Dendrobium putnamii: Dendrobium putnamii
Dendrobium pycnostachyum: Dendrobium pycnostachyum
Dendrobium pygmaeum: Bulbophyllum pygmaeum
Dendrobium quadrangulare: Dendrobium quadrangulare
Dendrobium quadriferum: Dendrobium quadriferum
Dendrobium quadrilobatum: Dendrobium quadrilobatum(2)
Dendrobium quadriquetrum: Dendrobium quadriquetrum
Dendrobium quadrisulcatum: Distichorchis quadrisulcata
Dendrobium quangxiense: Dendrobium quangxiense
Dendrobium quinquecaudatum: Dendrobium quinquecaudatum
Dendrobium quinquedentatum: Dendrobium quinquedentatum
Dendrobium quinquelobatum: Dendrobium quinquelobatum
Dendrobium quisumbingii: Dendrobium quisumbingii
Dendrobium racemosum: Dendrobium racemosum(2)
Dendrobium rachmatii: Dendrobium rachmatii
Dendrobium radians: Dendrobium radians
Dendrobium ramificans: Dendrobium ramificans
Dendrobium ramosii: Dendrobium ramosii(2)
Dendrobium ramosum: Maxillaria ramosa
Dendrobium randaiense: Dendrobium randaiense
Dendrobium rantii: Dendrobium rantii
Dendrobium rappardii: Dendrobium rappardii
Dendrobium rariflorum: Dendrobium rariflorum(2)
Dendrobium rarum: Dendrobium rarum
Dendrobium rechingerorum: Dendrobium rechingerorum(2)
Dendrobium recurvilabre: Dendrobium recurvilabre
Dendrobium reflexibarbatulum: Dendrobium reflexibarbatulum
Dendrobium reflexitepalum: Dendrobium reflexitepalum(2)
Dendrobium refractum: Dendrobium refractum
Dendrobium regium: Dendrobium regium(2)
Dendrobium reineckei: Dendrobium reineckei(2)
Dendrobium reniforme: Dendrobium reniforme
Dendrobium rennellii: Dendrobium rennellii(2)
Dendrobium revolutum: Callista revoluta
Dendrobium revolutum: Dendrobium revolutum(225)
Dendrobium revolutum: Distichorchis revoluta
Dendrobium rex: Dendrobium speciosum grandiflorum
Dendrobium rhabdoglossum: Dendrobium rhabdoglossum
Dendrobium rhodobalion: Dendrobium rhodobalion
Dendrobium rhodocentrum: Dendrobium rhodocentrum(2)
Dendrobium rhodopterygium: Dendrobium parishii
Dendrobium rhodostele: Dendrobium rhodostele(2)
Dendrobium rhodostictum: Dendrobium rhodostictum(4)
Dendrobium rhomboglossum: Dendrobium rhomboglossum
Dendrobium rhombopetalum: Dendrobium rhombopetalum
Dendrobium rhytidothece: Dendrobium rhytidothece
Dendrobium rididum: Dendrobium rididum
Dendrobium rigens: Oxystophyllum carnosum
Dendrobium rigidifolium: Dendrobium rigidifolium(2)
Dendrobium rigidum: Dendrobium rigidum(3)
Dendrobium rigidum: Dockrillia rigida
Dendrobium rindjaniense: Dendrobium rindjaniense
Dendrobium riparium: Dendrobium riparium
Dendrobium roseatum: Dendrobium roseatum
Dendrobium roseicolor: Dendrobium roseicolor
Dendrobium roseipes: Dendrobium roseipes
Dendrobium rosellum: Dendrobium rosellum
Dendrobium roseoflavidum: Dendrobium roseoflavidum
Dendrobium roseonervatum: Dendrobium roseonervatum
Dendrobium roseostriatum: Dendrobium roseostriatum
Dendrobium roseum: Polystachya elastica
Dendrobium rotundatum: Epigeneium rotundatum
Dendrobium rubropictum: Dendrobium rubropictum
Dendrobium ruckeri: Dendrobium ruckeri(2)
Dendrobium ruginosum: Dendrobium ruginosum(2)
Dendrobium rugosum: Dendrobium rugosum(2)
Dendrobium rugulosum: Dendrobium rugulosum
Dendrobium rumphiae: Cadetia angustifolia
Dendrobium rupicolum: Dendrobium rupicolum
Dendrobium ruppianum: Dendrobium jonesii
Dendrobium ruppianum: Dendrobium ruppianum(2)
Dendrobium rutriferum: Dendrobium rutriferum
Dendrobium ruttenii: Dendrobium ruttenii(2)
Dendrobium sacculiferum: Dendrobium sacculiferum
Dendrobium sagittatum: Dendrobium sagittatum(2)
Dendrobium salaccens: Dendrobium salaccens
Dendrobium salaccense: Dendrobium salaccense(2)
Dendrobium salebrosum: Dendrobium salebrosum
Dendrobium salicifolium: Dendrobium salicifolium
Dendrobium salomonense: Dendrobium salomonense(2)
Dendrobium sambasanum: Dendrobium sambasanum
Dendrobium samoense: Dendrobium samoense(2)
Dendrobium sancristobalense: Dendrobium sancristobalense(2)
Dendrobium sandeare: Dendrobium sandeare
Dendrobium sanderae: Dendrobium sanderae luzonica
Dendrobium sanderae: Dendrobium sanderae luzonicum
Dendrobium sanderae: Dendrobium sanderae major(3)
Dendrobium sanderae: Dendrobium sanderae(3)
Dendrobium sanderianum: Dendrobium sanderianum
Dendrobium sandsii: Dendrobium sandsii
Dendrobium sanguinolentum: Dendrobium sanguinolentum(4)
Dendrobium sanseiense: Dendrobium sanseiense
Dendrobium sarawakense: Dendrobium sarawakense
Dendrobium sarcochilus: Dendrobium sarcochilus megalorhizum
Dendrobium sarcochilus: Dendrobium sarcochilus sarcochilus
Dendrobium sarcochilus: Dendrobium sarcochilus(2)
Dendrobium sarcodes: Dendrobium sarcodes
Dendrobium sarcodes: Dendrobium sarcodes majus
Dendrobium sarcodes: Dendrobium sarcodes sarcodes
Dendrobium sarcophyllum: Dendrobium sarcophyllum
Dendrobium sarcopodioides: Epigeneium simplex
Dendrobium sarmentosum: Dendrobium sarmentosum
Dendrobium scabrifolium: Dendrobium scabrifolium
Dendrobium scabrilingue: Dendrobium scabrilingue(7)
Dendrobium schildhaueri: Dendrobium kontumense
Dendrobium schneiderae: Dendrobium schneiderae schneiderae
Dendrobium schneiderae: Dendrobium schneiderae(2)
Dendrobium schneiderianum: Dendrobium schneiderianum
Dendrobium schoeninum: Dendrobium schoeninum
Dendrobium schuetzei: Dendrobium schuetzei(5)
Dendrobium schulleri: Dendrobium schulleri
Dendrobium schwartzkopfianum: Dendrobium schwartzkopfianum
Dendrobium schweinfurthianum: Dendrobium schweinfurthianum
Dendrobium scirpoides: Dendrobium scirpoides
Dendrobium scopa: Dendrobium scopa
Dendrobium scopula: Dendrobium scopula
Dendrobium scoriarum: Dendrobium scoriarum
Dendrobium sculptum: Dendrobium sculptum(2)
Dendrobium secundum: Dendrobium secundum aibun
Dendrobium secundum: Dendrobium secundum alba(2)
Dendrobium secundum: Dendrobium secundum red
Dendrobium secundum: Dendrobium secundum(7)
Dendrobium seemannii: Dendrobium vagans
Dendrobium semifuscum: Dendrobium semifuscum
Dendrobium senile: Callista senilis(350)
Dendrobium senile: Dendrobium senile(Accepted)(9,300)
Dendrobium septemcostulatum: Dendrobium septemcostulatum
Dendrobium seranicum: Dendrobium seranicum(2)
Dendrobium serra: Dendrobium aloifolium
Dendrobium serratilabium: Dendrobium serratilabium(4)
Dendrobium serratipetalum: Dendrobium serratipetalum
Dendrobium setifolium: Dendrobium setifolium(2)
Dendrobium setigerum: Dendrobium setigerum(2)
Dendrobium setosum: Dendrobium setosum
Dendrobium shiraishii: Dendrobium shiraishii(4)
Dendrobium shompenii: Dendrobium shompenii
Dendrobium siberutense: Dendrobium siberutense
Dendrobium sidikalangense: Dendrobium sidikalangense
Dendrobium signatum: Dendrobium signatum(4)
Dendrobium simondii: Dendrobium simondii
Dendrobium simplex: Dendrobium simplex
Dendrobium simplex: Epigeneium simplex
Dendrobium sinense: Dendrobium sinense(2)
Dendrobium singaporense: Dendrobium singaporense(3)
Dendrobium singkawangense: Dendrobium singkawangense(2)
Dendrobium singulare: Dendrobium singulare
Dendrobium sinuatum: Dendrobium sinuatum(3)
Dendrobium sinuosum: Dendrobium sinuosum
Dendrobium sladei: Dendrobium sladei
Dendrobium smillieae: Callista ophioglossa
Dendrobium smillieae: Callista smillieae
Dendrobium smillieae: Chromatotriccum pachyceras
Dendrobium smillieae: Coelandria smillieae(1,790)
Dendrobium smillieae: Dendrobium hollrungii
Dendrobium smillieae: Dendrobium hollrungii australiense
Dendrobium smillieae: Dendrobium kaernbachii
Dendrobium smillieae: Dendrobium ophioglossum(2,410)
Dendrobium smillieae: Dendrobium pachyceras
Dendrobium smillieae: Dendrobium secundum urvillei
Dendrobium smillieae: Dendrobium smilliae(5,280)
Dendrobium smillieae: Dendrobium smillieae ophioglossum
Dendrobium smillieae: Dendrobium smillieae(accepted)(3,920)
Dendrobium smillieae: Pedilonum hollrungii
Dendrobium smillieae: Pedilonum ophioglossum
Dendrobium smillieae: Pedilonum pachyceras
Dendrobium smillieae: Pedilonum smillieae
Dendrobium smithianum: Dendrobium smithianum
Dendrobium sociale: Dendrobium sociale
Dendrobium somae: Dendrobium somae(2)
Dendrobium somai: Dendrobium somai(5)
Dendrobium sophronites: Dendrobium cuthbertsonii
Dendrobium soriense: Dendrobium soriense
Dendrobium sororium: Dendrobium sororium
Dendrobium spatella: Dendrobium spatella(2)
Dendrobium spathaceum: Dendrobium candidum
Dendrobium spathilabium: Dendrobium spathilabium
Dendrobium spathilingue: Dendrobium spathilingue(3)
Dendrobium spathipetalum: Dendrobium spathipetalum
Dendrobium spathulatum: Dendrobium spathulatum(2)
Dendrobium speciosissimum: Dendrobium spectatissimum
Dendrobium speciosum: Dendrobium speciosum speciosum
Dendrobium speciosum: Dendrobium speciosum(4)
Dendrobium speckmaieri: Dendrobium speckmaieri
Dendrobium spectabile: Dendrobium spectabile(2)
Dendrobium spectabile: Dendrobium spectabile(4)
Dendrobium spectabile: Dendrobium tigrinum
Dendrobium spectabile: Latourea spectabilis
Dendrobium spectatissimum: Dendrobium spectatissimum(2)
Dendrobium speculigerum: Dendrobium speculigerum
Dendrobium speculigerum: Oxystophyllum speculigerum
Dendrobium spegidoglossum: Dendrobium spegidoglossum
Dendrobium sphegidoglossum: Dendrobium sphegidoglossum
Dendrobium sphegidoglossum: Dendrobium stuposum
Dendrobium sphenochilum: Dendrobium sphenochilum
Dendrobium spp: Den spp(11)
Dendrobium spp: Dendrobieae trb
Dendrobium spp: Dendrobiinae subtrb
Dendrobium spp: Dendrobium spp(2)
Dendrobium spp: Orchidaceae fml(3)
Dendrobium spurium: Dendrobium spurium(3)
Dendrobium squamiferum: Dendrobium melanostictum
Dendrobium steatoglossum: Dendrobium steatoglossum(2)
Dendrobium steinii: Dendrobium steinii
Dendrobium stelidiiferum: Dendrobium stelidiiferum
Dendrobium stenophyllum: Dendrobium stenophyllum
Dendrobium stictanthum: Dendrobium stictanthum
Dendrobium stockeri: Dendrobium stockeri
Dendrobium stolleanum: Dendrobium stolleanum
Dendrobium stratiotes: Dendrobium stratiotes(5)
Dendrobium straussianum: Dendrobium straussianum
Dendrobium strebloceras: Dendrobium strebloceras(3)
Dendrobium strepsiceros: Dendrobium strepsiceros
Dendrobium striaenopsis: Dendrobium bigibum schroederianum
Dendrobium striatellum: Dendrobium striatellum(2)
Dendrobium striatiflorum: Dendrobium striatiflorum
Dendrobium stricklandianum: Dendrobium catenatum
Dendrobium stricklandianum: Dendrobium stricklandianum(3)
Dendrobium strictum: Dendrobium subclausum
Dendrobium striolatum: Dendrobium striolatum(3)
Dendrobium strongylanthum: Dendrobium strongylanthum(5)
Dendrobium stuposum: Dendrobium stuposum(2)
Dendrobium suaveolens: Dendrobium suaveolens
Dendrobium suavissimum: Dendrobium chrysotoxum
Dendrobium subacaule: Dendrobium subacaule(3)
Dendrobium subbilobatum: Dendrobium subbilobatum
Dendrobium subclausum: Dendrobium phlox
Dendrobium subclausum: Dendrobium subclausum
Dendrobium subclausum: Dendrobium subclausum pandanicola
Dendrobium subclausum: Dendrobium subclausum phlox
Dendrobium subclausum: Dendrobium subclausum speciosum
Dendrobium subclausum: Dendrobium subclausum subclausum
Dendrobium subelobatum: Dendrobium subelobatum
Dendrobium subflavidum: Dendrobium subflavidum(2)
Dendrobium subpandifolium: Dendrobium subpandifolium
Dendrobium subpetiolatum: Dendrobium subpetiolatum
Dendrobium subquadratum: Dendrobium subquadratum(2)
Dendrobium subserratum: Dendrobium subserratum
Dendrobium subsessile: Dendrobium subsessile
Dendrobium subtricostatum: Dendrobium subtricostatum
Dendrobium subulatoides: Dendrobium subulatoides
Dendrobium subulatum: Dendrobium subulatum(5)
Dendrobium subuliferum: Dendrobium subuliferum
Dendrobium sukhakulii: Dendrobium sukhakulii(2)
Dendrobium sulawesiense: Dendrobium glomeratum
Dendrobium sulawesiense: Dendrobium sulawesiense(4)
Dendrobium sulawesii: Dendrobium sulawesii
Dendrobium sulcatum: Dendrobium sulcatum(6)
Dendrobium sulphureum: Dendrobium sulphureum
Dendrobium sulphureum: Dendrobium sulphureum cellulosum
Dendrobium sulphureum: Dendrobium sulphureum rigidifolium
Dendrobium sulphureum: Dendrobium sulphureum sulphureum
Dendrobium sumatranum: Dendrobium sumatranum
Dendrobium summerhayesianum: Dendrobium summerhayesianum
Dendrobium superans: Dendrobium superans
Dendrobium superbiens: Dendrobium superbiens
Dendrobium sutepense: Dendrobium sutepense(4)
Dendrobium sutiknoi: Dendrobium sutiknoi(2)
Dendrobium suzukii: Dendrobium suzukii(3)
Dendrobium swartzii: Dendrobium swartzii
Dendrobium sylvanum: Dendrobium sylvanum(4)
Dendrobium taiwanianum: Dendrobium taiwanianum
Dendrobium takahashii: Dendrobium ovipostoriferum
Dendrobium takahashii: Dendrobium takahashii
Dendrobium tampangii: Dendrobium tampangii
Dendrobium tangerinum: Dendrobium tangerinum(3)
Dendrobium tanii: Dendrobium bracteosum tanii
Dendrobium tanii: Dendrobium tanii(3,850)
Dendrobium tapingense: Dendrobium tapingense
Dendrobium tapiniense: Dendrobium tapiniense(2)
Dendrobium tarberi: Dendrobium speciosum hillii
Dendrobium tattonianum: Dendrobium canaliculatum tattonianum
Dendrobium taurinum: Dendrobium taurinum amboinense
Dendrobium taurinum: Dendrobium taurinum taurinum
Dendrobium taurinum: Dendrobium taurinum(3)
Dendrobium taurulinum: Dendrobium taurulinum
Dendrobium taveuniense: Dendrobium taveuniense
Dendrobium taylorii: Cadetia taylorii
Dendrobium teloense: Dendrobium teloense
Dendrobium tenellum: Dendrobium tenellum(2)
Dendrobium tenuicaule: Dendrobium tenuicaule(2)
Dendrobium tenuissimum: Dendrobium mortii
Dendrobium tenuissimum: Dendrobium tenuissimum
Dendrobium tenuissimum: Dockrillia mortii
Dendrobium teres: Papilionanthe teres
Dendrobium teretifolium: Dendrobium teretifolium aureum
Dendrobium teretifolium: Dendrobium teretifolium fairfaxii
Dendrobium teretifolium: Dendrobium teretifolium fasciculatum
Dendrobium teretifolium: Dendrobium teretifolium teretifolium
Dendrobium teretifolium: Dendrobium teretifolium(2)
Dendrobium teretifolium: Dockrillia teretifolia
Dendrobium terminale: Dendrobium terminale(2)
Dendrobium terrestre: Dendrobium terrestre
Dendrobium tetrachromum: Dendrobium tetrachromum
Dendrobium tetraedre: Dendrobium tetraedre(2)
Dendrobium tetragonum: Dendrobium tetragonum alba
Dendrobium tetragonum: Dendrobium tetragonum gigantum
Dendrobium tetragonum: Dendrobium tetragonum tetragonum
Dendrobium tetragonum: Dendrobium tetragonum(4)
Dendrobium tetralobum: Dendrobium tetralobum
Dendrobium tetrodon: Dendrobium tetrodon vanvuurenii
Dendrobium tetrodon: Dendrobium tetrodonVarTetrodon
Dendrobium theionanthum: Dendrobium masarangense
Dendrobium thrysiflorum: Dendrobium thrysiflorum
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum: Dendrobium thyrsiflorum(5)
Dendrobium thysanophorum: Dendrobium thysanophorum
Dendrobium tobaense: Dendrobium tobaense(3)
Dendrobium tokai: Dendrobium tokai(2)
Dendrobium torajaense: Dendrobium torajaense
Dendrobium toressae: Dendrobium toressae(2)
Dendrobium torquisepalum: Dendrobium torquisepalum
Dendrobium torricellense: Dendrobium torricellense(2)
Dendrobium torricellianum: Dendrobium torricellianum
Dendrobium tortile: Dendrobium monophyllum
Dendrobium tortile: Dendrobium tortile(3)
Dendrobium tosaense: Dendrobium catenatum
Dendrobium tosaense: Dendrobium tosaense(8)
Dendrobium toxopei: Dendrobium toxopei
Dendrobium tozerensis: Dendrobium tozerensis(2)
Dendrobium trachyrhizum: Dendrobium angustipetalum
Dendrobium trachythece: Dendrobium trachythece
Dendrobium transparens: Dendrobium transparens(3)
Dendrobium transtilliferum: Dendrobium transtilliferum
Dendrobium trantuanii: Dendrobium trantuanii(4)
Dendrobium treacherianum: Dendrobium treacherianum
Dendrobium treacherianum: Epigeneium treacherianum
Dendrobium treubii: Dendrobium treubii
Dendrobium triangulum: Dendrobium triangulum
Dendrobium trichosepalum: Dendrobium trichosepalum
Dendrobium trichostomum: Dendrobium trichostomum
Dendrobium tricuspe: Dendrobium tricuspe(2)
Dendrobium tridentatum: Dendrobium tridentatum
Dendrobium tridentiferum: Dendrobium tridentiferum
Dendrobium trigonellodorum: Dendrobium trigonellodorum
Dendrobium trigonopus: Dendrobium trigonopus(3)
Dendrobium trigonopus: Dendrobium trigopnopus
Dendrobium trilamellatum: Cepobaculum semifuscum
Dendrobium trilamellatum: Dendrobium johannis semifuscum
Dendrobium trilamellatum: Dendrobium semifuscum
Dendrobium trilamellatum: Dendrobium trilamellatum(2)
Dendrobium trilobulatum: Dendrobium trilobulatum
Dendrobium trinervium: Dendrobium trinervium(4)
Dendrobium triviale: Dendrobium triviale
Dendrobium tropaeolifolium: Dendrobium tropaeolifolium
Dendrobium tropidoneuron: Dendrobium tropidoneuron
Dendrobium trullatum: Dendrobium trullatum
Dendrobium truncatum: Dendrobium truncatum(2)
Dendrobium truncicola: Dendrobium truncicola
Dendrobium tuanahail: Dendrobium tuanahail
Dendrobium tubiflorum: Dendrobium tubiflorum
Dendrobium tumoriferum: Dendrobium tumoriferum
Dendrobium uliginosum: Dendrobium uliginosum
Dendrobium umbonatum: Dendrobium umbonatum(2)
Dendrobium uncatum: Dendrobium uncatum(3)
Dendrobium uncipes: Dendrobium uncipes
Dendrobium undatialatum: Dendrobium undatialatum
Dendrobium undulatum: Xylobium undulatum
Dendrobium unicarinatum: Dendrobium unicarinatum
Dendrobium unicum: Dendrobium unicum(7)
Dendrobium uniflorum: Dendrobium quadrisulcatum(2)
Dendrobium uniflorum: Dendrobium revolutum(220)
Dendrobium uniflorum: Dendrobium tonkinense(2)
Dendrobium uniflorum: Dendrobium uniflorum angustum(2)
Dendrobium uniflorum: Dendrobium uniflorum(1,450)
Dendrobium uniflorum: Distichorchis angusta(2)
Dendrobium uniflorum: Distichorchis quadrisulcata(2)
Dendrobium uniflorum: Distichorchis uniflora(2)
Dendrobium usitae: Dendrobium usitae(2)
Dendrobium usterioides: Dendrobium usterioides
Dendrobium ustulatum: Dendrobium ustulatum(2)
Dendrobium vagabundum: Dendrobium vagabundum
Dendrobium vagans: Dendrobium vagans(2)
Dendrobium validipecten: Dendrobium validipecten
Dendrobium vanderwateri: Dendrobium vanderwateri
Dendrobium vandifolium: Dendrobium vandifolium(2)
Dendrobium vandoides: Dendrobium vandoides
Dendrobium vanhulstijnii: Dendrobium vanhulstijnii
Dendrobium vanikorense: Dendrobium vanikorense
Dendrobium vannouhuysii: Dendrobium vannouhuysii
Dendrobium vannouhuysii: Dendrobium vannouhuysii rhombipetalum
Dendrobium vannouhuysii: Dendrobium vannouhuysii vannouhuysii
Dendrobium vanoverberghii: Dendrobium papilio
Dendrobium vaupelianum: Dendrobium vaupelianum
Dendrobium ventricosum: Dendrobium ventricosum(5)
Dendrobium ventrilabium: Dendrobium ventrilabium
Dendrobium ventripes: Dendrobium ventripes
Dendrobium venustum: Dendrobium venustum(5)
Dendrobium veratrifolium: Phaius tankervilleae
Dendrobium vernicosum: Dendrobium vernicosum
Dendrobium verruciferum: Dendrobium verruciferum(2)
Dendrobium verruciflorum: Dendrobium verruciflorum
Dendrobium verruculosum: Dendrobium verruculosum
Dendrobium versicolor: Dendrobium versicolor
Dendrobium vesiculosum: Dendrobium vesiculosum
Dendrobium vestigiiferum: Dendrobium vestigiiferum
Dendrobium vexillarius: Dendrobium vexillarius albiviride
Dendrobium vexillarius: Dendrobium vexillarius elworthyi
Dendrobium vexillarius: Dendrobium vexillarius microblepharum
Dendrobium vexillarius: Dendrobium vexillarius retroflexum
Dendrobium vexillarius: Dendrobium vexillarius uncinatum
Dendrobium vexillarius: Dendrobium vexillarius vexillarius
Dendrobium vexillarius: Dendrobium vexillarius(3)
Dendrobium victoria-reginae: Dendrobium victoria-reginae(2)
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: Dendrobium victoriae-reginae(8)
Dendrobium villosulum: Dendrobium villosulum(2)
Dendrobium vinosum: Dendrobium vinosum
Dendrobium violaceo-miniatum: Dendrobium violaceo-miniatum
Dendrobium violaceoflavens: Dendrobium violaceoflavens(2)
Dendrobium violaceominiatum: Dendrobium violaceominiatum
Dendrobium violaceopictum: Dendrobium violaceopictum
Dendrobium violaceum: Dendrobium violaceum cyperifolium
Dendrobium violaceum: Dendrobium violaceum violaceum
Dendrobium violaceum: Dendrobium violaceum(3)
Dendrobium violascens: Dendrobium violascens(2)
Dendrobium virgineum: Dendrobium virgineum(4)
Dendrobium viridiflorum: Dendrobium viridiflorum
Dendrobium viriditepalum: Dendrobium viriditepalum
Dendrobium viridulum: Dendrobium viridulum
Dendrobium virotii: Dendrobium virotii(2)
Dendrobium vitiense: Dendrobium vitiense
Dendrobium vogelsangii: Dendrobium vogelsangii
Dendrobium vonroemeri: Dendrobium vonroemeri
Dendrobium wardianum: Dendrobium wardianum(3)
Dendrobium warianum: Cadetia funiformis
Dendrobium wassellii: Dendrobium wassellii(4)
Dendrobium wasseltii: Dendrobium wasseltii
Dendrobium wattii: Dendrobium wattii(2)
Dendrobium wentianum: Dendrobium obtusipetalum
Dendrobium wentianum: Dendrobium wentianum(2)
Dendrobium wenzelii: Dendrobium wenzelii(2)
Dendrobium whistleri: Dendrobium whistleri
Dendrobium wightii: Dendrobium wightii
Dendrobium wilkianum: Dendrobium mirbelianum
Dendrobium wilkianum: Dendrobium wilkianum
Dendrobium williamsianum: Dendrobium williamsianum chanii
Dendrobium williamsianum: Dendrobium williamsianum williamsianum
Dendrobium williamsianum: Dendrobium williamsianum(3)
Dendrobium williamsoni: Dendrobium williamsoni
Dendrobium williamsonii: Dendrobium williamsonii(6)
Dendrobium wilmsianum: Dendrobium compactum
Dendrobium wilmsianum: Dendrobium wilmsianum
Dendrobium wilsonii: Dendrobium wilsonii
Dendrobium wisselense: Dendrobium wisselense(2)
Dendrobium wolterianum: Dendrobium wolterianum
Dendrobium woluense: Dendrobium woluense
Dendrobium womersleyi: Dendrobium womersleyi
Dendrobium woodsii: Dendrobium woodsii(2)
Dendrobium wulaiense: Dendrobium wulaiense
Dendrobium xanthoacron: Dendrobium xanthoacron
Dendrobium xanthogenium: Dendrobium xanthogenium
Dendrobium xantholeucum: Flickingeria xantholeuca
Dendrobium xanthomeson: Dendrobium xanthomeson
Dendrobium xanthophlebium: Dendrobium xanthophlebium
Dendrobium xanthothece: Dendrobium xanthothece
Dendrobium xichouensis: Dendrobium xichouensis
Dendrobium xiphophyllum: Dendrobium xiphophyllum
Dendrobium xylophyllum: Dendrobium xylophyllum
Dendrobium yeageri: Dendrobium yeageri
Dendrobium yengiliense: Dendrobium yengiliense
Dendrobium ypsilon: Dendrobium ypsilon(6)
Dendrobium yunnanense: Dendrobium yunnanense
Dendrobium zamboangense: Dendrobium zamboangense
Dendrobium zonatum: Dendrobium zonatum
Dendrobium zries: Dendrobium aries

{Scientific name, 學名, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}

{English name, 英文名, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}, (nswong, dendrobium_spp.htm)

Dendrobium aberrans: Deviating Dendrobium
Dendrobium acinaciforme: Know Dendrobium
Dendrobium adae: Ada's Dendrobium
Dendrobium aduncum: Angelfish orchid(4)
Dendrobium aduncum: Inward-bent Dendrobium
Dendrobium aemulum: Brush Box Orchid
Dendrobium aemulum: Ironbark orchid(4)
Dendrobium aemulum: White-feather Orchid
Dendrobium agrostophyllum: Grassy-leafed Dendrobium
Dendrobium alaticaulinum: Winged-stem Dendrobium
Dendrobium albosanguineum: White and Blood-red Dendrobium
Dendrobium albosanguineum: White and Dendrobium Blood-network
Dendrobium alexandrae: Alexandra's Dendrobium
Dendrobium amethystoglossum: Amethyst-colored Dendrobium
Dendrobium amethystoglossum: Amethyst Tongued Dendrobium
Dendrobium amoenum: Lovely Dendrobium
Dendrobium anceps: Double-edged Dendrobium
Dendrobium anosmum: Honohono(332)
Dendrobium anosmum: Unscented dendrobium(256)
Dendrobium antennatum: Antelope Orchid
Dendrobium antennatum: Green Antelope Orchid
Dendrobium aphrodite: Aphrodite's Dendrobium
Dendrobium aphyllum: Leafless dendrobium(131)
Dendrobium atroviolaceum: Black Blood-red Dendrobium
Dendrobium atroviolaceum: Black Derndrobium Blood-network
Dendrobium aurantiroseum: Aunty Rosie(3)
Dendrobium auriculatum: Eared Dendrobium(2)
Dendrobium barbatulum: Small-bearded Dendrobium
Dendrobium beckleri: Pencil orchid(2)
Dendrobium beckleri: Rat tail orchid(4)
Dendrobium bellatulum: Enchanting Dendrobium
Dendrobium bensoniae: Benson's Dendrobium
Dendrobium bicaudatum: Two-tailed Dendrobium(2)
Dendrobium bigibbum: Cooktown orchid(3)
Dendrobium bigibbum: Two-humped Dendrobium
Dendrobium boosii: Ronny Boos' Dendrobium
Dendrobium bracteosum: Bracted Dendrobium
Dendrobium brymerianum: Brymer's Dendrobium
Dendrobium bukidnonensis: Bukidnon Dendrobium
Dendrobium bulbophylloides: Bulbophyllum-like Dendrobium
Dendrobium bullenianum: Bullen's dendrobium(221)
Dendrobium bullenianum: Bullen's orange dendrobium(1,070)
Dendrobium canaliculatum: Antelope orchid(3)
Dendrobium canaliculatum: Grooved-leaf Dendrobium
Dendrobium canaliculatum: Onion Orchid
Dendrobium canaliculatum: Teatree orchid(3)
Dendrobium canaliculatum: Titree orchid
Dendrobium capillipes: Hairy-column Foot Dendrobium
Dendrobium capituliflorum: Small-headed Flower Dendrobium
Dendrobium cariniferum: Keel-carrying Dendrobium
Dendrobium carrii: Carr's Dendrobium
Dendrobium carronii: Carron's Dendrobium
Dendrobium ceraula: Horned Dendrobium
Dendrobium chameleon: Chameleon-like Dendrobium
Dendrobium chameleon: Chameleon Dendrobium
Dendrobium christyanum: Christy's Dendrobium
Dendrobium chrysanthum: Golden Delicious Yellow-flowered Dendrobium
Dendrobium chrysanthum: Golden Yellow-flowered Dendrobium
Dendrobium chryseum: Yellow-flowered Dendrobium
Dendrobium chrysotoxum: Fried egg orchid(3)
Dendrobium chrysotoxum: Golden-bow Dendrobium
Dendrobium chrysotoxum: Golden Delicious Dendrobium
Dendrobium cinereum: Light-gray Dendrobium
Dendrobium clavator: Club Dendrobium
Dendrobium clavatum: aurantiacum, Yellow-flower dendrobium
Dendrobium cochliodes: Shell Dendrobium
Dendrobium coeloglossum: Coelogyne-like Lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium concinnum: Elegant Dendrobium
Dendrobium convolutum: Convoluted Dendrobium
Dendrobium crassifolium: Thick-leafed Dendrobium
Dendrobium crepidatum: Shoe-lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium crepidatum: Shoe-lipped Dendrobium
Dendrobium crocatum: Saffron-yellow Dendrobium
Dendrobium cruentum: Dendrobium Blood-network
Dendrobium crumenatum: Bag-shaped dendrobium(1,070)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Dove orchid(550)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Pigeon orchid(3,350)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Sparrow orchid(290)
Dendrobium cruttwellii: Cruttwell's Dendrobium
Dendrobium crystallinum: Shiny Crystal Dendrobium
Dendrobium cucumerinum: Cucumber orchid(3)
Dendrobium cumulatum: Crowded-bulb Dendrobium
Dendrobium cuthbertsonii: Cuthbertson's Dendrobium
Dendrobium cyanocentrum: Black-blue Spur Dendrobium
Dendrobium cymboglossum: Boat-shaped Lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium dearei: Deare's Dendrobium
Dendrobium delacourii: Delacour's Dendrobium
Dendrobium dendrocolloides: Dendrocola-like Dendrobium
Dendrobium densiflorum: Densely-flowered Dendrobium
Dendrobium densiflorum: Pineapple orchid(4)
Dendrobium denudans: It beaches Dendrobium
Dendrobium devonianum: Devon's Dendrobium
Dendrobium dichaeoides: Dichaea-like Dendrobium
Dendrobium discolor: Golden Delicious Orchid
Dendrobium discolor: Golden orchid(3)
Dendrobium distichum: Distichous-leafed Dendrobium
Dendrobium dixanthum: Double-blooming Dendrobium
Dendrobium dixonianum: Dixon's Dendrobium
Dendrobium draconis: Dragoon Dendrobium
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum: Oval Dendrobium
Dendrobium engae: Enga Dendrobium
Dendrobium ephemerum: Small white orchid(4)
Dendrobium epidendropsis: Epidendrum-like Dendrobium
Dendrobium equitans: Riding-leaf Dendrobium
Dendrobium eriiflorum: Eria-like Flowered Dendrobium
Dendrobium eximium: Extraordinary Dendrobium
Dendrobium fairchildae: Fairchild's Dendrobium
Dendrobium fairchildiae: Fairchild's Dendrobium
Dendrobium falcarostrum: Beech orchid(3)
Dendrobium falconeri: Falconer's Dendrobium
Dendrobium falconeri: Red oriole dendrobium
Dendrobium falcorostrum: Beech Orchid
Dendrobium falcorostrum: Falcon's Beak Dendrobium
Dendrobium farmeri: Farmer's Dendrobium
Dendrobium fimbriatum: Fringe-lipped Dendrobium
Dendrobium fimbriatum: Fringed-lipped Dendrobium
Dendrobium findleyanum: Findlay's Dendrobium
Dendrobium finisterrae: End of the World Dendrobium
Dendrobium fleckeri: Flecker's Dendrobium
Dendrobium forbesii: Forbes' Dendrobium
Dendrobium formosum: Beautiful Giant-flowered Dendrobium
Dendrobium friedricksianum: Friederick's Dendrobium
Dendrobium fulgidum: Shiny Dendrobium
Dendrobium fytchianum: Fytch's Dendrobium
Dendrobium geotropum: Pendent Dendrobium
Dendrobium gerlandianum: Erlangen Dendrobium
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum: Goldschmidt's Dendrobium
Dendrobium gouldii: Florida Blue(3)
Dendrobium gouldii: Gould's Dendrobium
Dendrobium gouldii: Guadalcanal gold(3)
Dendrobium gracilicaule: Delicate Dendrobium
Dendrobium gracilicaule: Leopard orchid(4)
Dendrobium gratiosissimum: Very Graceful Dendrobium
Dendrobium griffithianum: Griffith's Dendrobium
Dendrobium guerreroi: Guerrero's Dendrobium
Dendrobium hainanense: Hainan Dendrobium
Dendrobium hancockii: Hancock's Dendrobium
Dendrobium harveyanum: Hancock's Dendrobium
Dendrobium hasseltii: Hasselt's Dendrobium
Dendrobium hasseltii: Spinach orchid(4)
Dendrobium helix: Corkscrew Orchid
Dendrobium helix: Twisted-petal Dendrobium
Dendrobium hellwigianum: Hellwig's Dendrobium
Dendrobium hemimelanoglossum: Half-black Lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium hercoglossum: Rampart-lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium heterocarpum: Different-fruit Dendrobium
Dendrobium heterocarpum: Different-fruited Dendrobium
Dendrobium heterocarpum: Different fruits Dendrobium
Dendrobium hymenanthum: Membranous Dendrobium
Dendrobium hymenophyllum: Delicately-leafed Dendrobium
Dendrobium igneum: Dendrobium Fire-network
Dendrobium indivisum: Undivided Dendrobium
Dendrobium infundibulum: Small-funnel-lipped Dendrobium
Dendrobium infundibulum: Small-funneled Lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium insigne: Splendid Dendrobium
Dendrobium ionopus: Violet scented Dendrobium
Dendrobium jacobsonii: Jacobson's Dendrobium
Dendrobium jenkinsii: Jenkins's Dendrobium
Dendrobium johannis: Johan's Dendrobium
Dendrobium johnsoniae: Johnson's Dendrobium
Dendrobium junceum: Reed-like Leafed Dendrobium
Dendrobium kingianum: Captain King's Dendrobium
Dendrobium kingianum: King's Dendrobium
Dendrobium kingianum: Pink rock lily(4)
Dendrobium kingianum: Pink rock orchid(4)
Dendrobium kingianum: Rock orchid(2)
Dendrobium kuhlii: Kuhl's Dendrobium
Dendrobium lacteum: Milk-white Dendrobium
Dendrobium laevifolium: Shiny-leafed Dendrobium
Dendrobium lamellatum: Laminae dendrobium(59)
Dendrobium lancifolium: Sword-like Leafed Dendrobium
Dendrobium lasianthera: Wooly Pollina Dendrobium
Dendrobium lawesii: Christmas bell orchid(3)
Dendrobium lawesii: Lawes' Dendrobium
Dendrobium leonis: Lemon Dendrobium
Dendrobium leucocyanum: White-Stell Blue Dendrobium
Dendrobium lindleyi: Lindley's Dendrobium
Dendrobium lineale: Morobe Shower
Dendrobium linguaeforme: Thumbnail orchid(3)
Dendrobium linguaeforme: Tongue orchid(3)
Dendrobium lituiflorum: Bent-raceme Dendrobium
Dendrobium lituiflorum: Bent-racemed Dendrobium
Dendrobium lobulatum: Small-lobed Dendrobium
Dendrobium loddigesii: Loddiges' Dendrobium
Dendrobium longicornu: Long-horned Dendrobium
Dendrobium lowii: Low's Dendrobium
Dendrobium lueckelianum: Lueckel's Dendrobium
Dendrobium macarthiae: Vesak Mala(3)
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Large-leafed dendrobium(2,220)
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Large leafed dendrobium(2,220)
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Pastor's orchid(364)
Dendrobium malvicolor: Mallow-colored Dendrobium
Dendrobium melinanthum: Millet-kike Pollinia Dendrobium
Dendrobium mindanaense: Mindanao Dendrobium
Dendrobium mindanaense: Mindanao island Dendrobium
Dendrobium mirbelianum: Mangrove orchid(3)
Dendrobium mirbelianum: Mirbel's Dendrobium
Dendrobium miyasakii: Miyaki's Dendrobium
Dendrobium miyasakii: Miyasaki's Dendrobium
Dendrobium mohlianum: Mohl's Dendrobium
Dendrobium moniliforme: Mohl's Dendrobium
Dendrobium moniliforme: Sekikoku
Dendrobium moniliforme: White dendrobium
Dendrobium monophyllum: Lily of the Valley orchid(4)
Dendrobium montanum: Mountain Dendrobium
Dendrobium moorei: Moore's Dendrobium
Dendrobium mortii: Pencil orchid(4)
Dendrobium mortii: Rat tail orchid(4)
Dendrobium moschatum: Musky-smelling Dendrobium
Dendrobium mutabile: Dendrobium variable
Dendrobium mutabile: Variable Dendrobium
Dendrobium nindii: Blue Orchid, Nind's Dendrobium
Dendrobium nindii: Cowslip orchid(3)
Dendrobium nobile: Common epiphytic dendrobium
Dendrobium nobile: Dendrobium nobleman
Dendrobium nobile: Noble dendrobium(2)
Dendrobium nothofagicola: Nothofagus Dendrobium
Dendrobium nudum: Naked Dendrobium
Dendrobium ochreatum: Stem-clasping Tube Dendrobium
Dendrobium oligophyllum: Few-leafed Dendrobium
Dendrobium ostrinoglossum: May River orchid(4)
Dendrobium ostrinoglossum: Sepik Blue orchid(4)
Dendrobium pachyglossum: Few-leafed Dendrobium
Dendrobium pachyphyllum: Broad-stemmed Dendrobium
Dendrobium Palaenopsis: Dendrobium Party Queen
Dendrobium palpebrae: Brow-like Dendrobium
Dendrobium papilio: Butterfly Dendrobium
Dendrobium papyraceum: Paper-like Dendrobium
Dendrobium parishii: Parish's Dendrobium
Dendrobium peguanum: Pegu Dendrobium
Dendrobium pendulum: Pendant-growing Dendrobium
Dendrobium petiolatum: Stemmed Dendrobium
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Cooktown orchid(6,520)
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Denphal(1,810)
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Denphale(1,850)
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Two-Humped Dendrobium(700)
Dendrobium philippinensis: Philippine Dendrobium
Dendrobium phillippsii: Phillips' Dendrobium
Dendrobium platycaulon: Flat Cane Dendrobium
Dendrobium platygastrium: Broad-bellied Dendrobium
Dendrobium pleianthum: Rich-blooming Dendrobium
Dendrobium prasinum: Leek-green Dendrobium
Dendrobium primulinum: Primrose-yellow dendrobium(125)
Dendrobium profusum: Profused' Dendrobium
Dendrobium pseudoglomeratum: Pseudo-glomeratum Dendrobium
Dendrobium pugioniforme: Dagger orchid(2)
Dendrobium pulchellum: Charming Dendrobium
Dendrobium purpureum: Purple Dendrobium
Dendrobium quadrisulcatum: Four Grooved Dendrobium
Dendrobium racemosum: Rat tail orchid(4)
Dendrobium ramosii: Ramos' Dendrobium
Dendrobium rhodostictum: Network Dendrobium
Dendrobium ruppianum: Small demon(3)
Dendrobium ruppianum: Small lemon orchid(4)
Dendrobium sanderae: Sander's Dendrobium
Dendrobium sanguinolentum: Blood-stained Dendrobium
Dendrobium scabrilingue: Rough-lipped Dendrobium
Dendrobium schuetzei: Schuetz's Dendrobium
Dendrobium schuetzei: Schuetze's Dendrobium
Dendrobium secundum: Toothbrush orchid(3)
Dendrobium senile: Old man orchid(1,820)
Dendrobium senile: White-haired dendrobium(1,400)
Dendrobium seratilabium: Serrated Lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium serratilabium: Toothed-lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium singkawangense: Singkawang Dendrobium
Dendrobium smillieae: Bottle-brush orchid(146)
Dendrobium smillieae: Bottlebrush orchid(276)
Dendrobium smillieae: Smillie's Dendrobium(135)
Dendrobium speciosum: Captain King's Dendrobium(3)
Dendrobium speciosum: King orchid(3)
Dendrobium speciosum: Outstanding Dendrobium(2)
Dendrobium speciosum: Pink Rock orchid(4)
Dendrobium speciosum: Rock lily(4)
Dendrobium spectabile: Grand Dendrobium
Dendrobium sphegidoglossum: Wasp-like Lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium spp: Dendrobium genus(10,500)
Dendrobium spp: Dendrobium orchid genus(18,200)
Dendrobium spp: Orchid family
Dendrobium stratiotes: Stalwart Dendrobium
Dendrobium strebloceras: Twisted-horn Dendrobium
Dendrobium striolatum: Rat tail orchid(4)
Dendrobium striolatum: Rock orchid(2)
Dendrobium striolatum: Streaked Rock orchid(2)
Dendrobium stuposum: Flax-like Dendrobium
Dendrobium sulcatum: Furrowed-lip Dendrobium
Dendrobium suzukii: Suzuki's Dendrobium
Dendrobium sylvanum: Forest-dwelling Dendrobium
Dendrobium tangerinum: Tangerine-colored Dendrobium
Dendrobium tapiniense: Tapini Dendrobium
Dendrobium taurinum: Bull orchid(3)
Dendrobium taurinum: Bulls Head Dendrobium
Dendrobium tenellum: Very Delicate Dendrobium
Dendrobium tenuissimum: Rat tail orchid(4)
Dendrobium teretifolium: Bridal veil orchid(3)
Dendrobium teretifolium: Pencil orchid(4)
Dendrobium teretifolium: Rat's-tail
Dendrobium teretifolium: Rat tail orchid(4)
Dendrobium tetragonum: Common Spider Orchid
Dendrobium tetragonum: Rectangular-bulbed Dendrobium
Dendrobium tetragonum: Rectangular Dendrobium
Dendrobium tetragonum: Spider orchid(4)
Dendrobium tetragonum: Tree spider orchid(3)
Dendrobium thrysiflorum: Pine Cone-like Raceme Dendrobium
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum: Pinecone-like Raceme Dendrobium
Dendrobium tobaense: Dendrobium tufa
Dendrobium torajaense: Toraja Dendrobium
Dendrobium toressae: Towers Strait Dendrobium
Dendrobium tortile: Twisted Dendrobium
Dendrobium transparens: Translucent Dendrobium
Dendrobium trigonopus: Golden Delicious Chicken's Beak Orchid
Dendrobium unicum: Unique Dendrobium
Dendrobium uniflorum: Single-flowered Dendrobium
Dendrobium uniflorum: Single flowered Dendrobium(2)
Dendrobium venustum: Lovely Dendrobium
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: Blue orchid(2)
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: botel tobage dendrobium
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: Queen Victoria's Dendrobium
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: Blue orchid
Dendrobium violaceoflavens: Violet-yellow Dendrobium
Dendrobium violaceum: Purple Dendrobium
Dendrobium virgineum: Virginal White Dendrobium
Dendrobium wardianum: Ward's Dendrobium
Dendrobium wenzelii: Wenzel's Dendrobium
Dendrobium wenzellii: Wenzell's Dendrobium
Dendrobium williamsianum: Williams' Dendrobium
Dendrobium williamsonii: Williamson's Dendrobium
Dendrobium wulaiense: Wulai Island White Orchid
Dendrobium yeagerei: Yeager's Dendrobium

{English name, 英文名, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}

{Chinese name, 中文名, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}, (nswong, dendrobium_spp.htm)

Dendrobium spp: 兰科, Lan ke(16)
Dendrobium spp: 属复茎附生兰
Dendrobium spp: 石斛兰属, Shi hu lan shu(106,000)
Dendrobium spp: 石斛属, Shi hu shu(67,900)
Dendrobium spp: 石斛屬, Shi hu shu(24,300)
Dendrobium spp: 石斛蘭屬, Shi hu lan shu(55,600)
Dendrobium spp: 石槲属, Shi hu shu(146)
Dendrobium spp: 蘭科, Lan ke(19)
Dendrobium spp: 金钗兰属, Jin chai lan shu(74)
Dendrobium acinaciforme: 剑叶石斛
Dendrobium acinaciforme: 劍葉石斛
Dendrobium aduncum: 鉤唇石斛
Dendrobium aduncum: 鉤狀石斛
Dendrobium aduncum: 鉤石斛
Dendrobium aduncum: 钩状石斛(6,960)
Dendrobium aggregatum: 密莖石斛(My)
Dendrobium aggregatum: 聚石斛
Dendrobium aggregatum: 錢幣石斛
Dendrobium albosanguineum: 白血紅色石斛
Dendrobium alboviride: 白花石斛
Dendrobium aloifolium: Dendrobium aloifolium(My)
Dendrobium amabile: 粉紅燈籠石斛
Dendrobium amabile: 紅燈籠
Dendrobium amboinensis: 安文石斛
Dendrobium amethystoglossum: 紫晶舌石斛
Dendrobium ametrystoglossum: 紫晶舌石斛
Dendrobium anosmum: 十八棒(16,700)
Dendrobium anosmum: 卓花石斛, Zhuo hua shi hu(5,150)
Dendrobium anosmum: 檀香石斛, Tan xiang shi hu(My)(63,700)
Dendrobium anosmum: 豔香石斛(10)
Dendrobium anosmum: alba, 卓花石斛白變種
Dendrobium antennatum: 小玉兔
Dendrobium antennatum: 小玉兔石斛
Dendrobium antennatum: 羚羊石斛
Dendrobium aphyllum: 倒垂春石斛, Dao chui chun shi hu(2,350)
Dendrobium aphyllum: 兜唇石斛, Dou chun shi hu(My)(14,900)
Dendrobium aphyllum: 天宫石斛, Tian gong shi hu(1,680)
Dendrobium aphyllum: 天弓石斛, Tian gong shi hu(11,600)
Dendrobium aphyllum: 無葉石斛(1,170)
Dendrobium atrorubens: Dendrobium atrorubens(My)
Dendrobium aurantiacum: 叠鞘石斛
Dendrobium aurantiacum: 线叶石斛
Dendrobium aurantiacum: 金草
Dendrobium aurantiacum: 金草石斛
Dendrobium aurantiacum: aurantiacum, 线叶石斛
Dendrobium aurantiacum: denneanum, 叠鞘石斛
Dendrobium aurantiacum: zhaojuense, 双斑叠鞘石斛
Dendrobium auriculatum: 耳叶石斛
Dendrobium auriculatum: 耳葉石斛
Dendrobium auriculatum: 耳葉石斛蘭
Dendrobium beilatulum: 矮石斛
Dendrobium bellatulum: 矮石斛
Dendrobium bifidum: Dendrobium bifidum(My)
Dendrobium bigibbum: 澳洲石斛
Dendrobium bigibbum: 蝴蝶石斛
Dendrobium bracteosum: 長苞石斛
Dendrobium bracteosum: 长苞石斛, Chang bao shi hu(My)
Dendrobium brecteosum: 紅袍
Dendrobium brymerianum: 長蘇石斛
Dendrobium brymerianum: 长苏石斛
Dendrobium bullenianum: 翅萼石斛(100)
Dendrobium bullenianum: 黃玉石斛, Huang yu shi hu(My)(1,620)
Dendrobium bullenianum: 黄玉石斛, Huang yu shi hu(8)
Dendrobium calicopis: Dendrobium calicopis(My)
Dendrobium candidum: 铁皮石斛
Dendrobium capiilipes: 短棒石斛
Dendrobium capilipes: 短棒石斛
Dendrobium capillipes: 短棒石斛
Dendrobium capituliflorum: 头状石斛(My)
Dendrobium capituliflorum: 头狀石斛
Dendrobium capituliflorum: 绿宝石石斛
Dendrobium capituliflorum: 頭狀石斛
Dendrobium capituliforum: 頭狀石斛
Dendrobium cariniferum: 喉红石斛
Dendrobium cariniferum: 翅萼石斛
Dendrobium carnosum: 肉质花石斛
Dendrobium catenatum: 黃花石斛
Dendrobium cerinum: 綠玉石斛蘭
Dendrobium cerinum: 翠玉石斛
Dendrobium cerinum: 臘黃色的綠玉
Dendrobium chameleon: 巒大石斛
Dendrobium chameleon: 長爪石斛
Dendrobium chameleon: 長距石斛
Dendrobium chameleon: 長距石斛蘭
Dendrobium chameleon: 长爪石斛
Dendrobium chameleon: 鷹爪石斛
Dendrobium changjiangense: 昌江石斛
Dendrobium china: 石斛兰
Dendrobium choa: 石斛兰
Dendrobium christyanum: 喉红石斛
Dendrobium christyanum: 束花石斛
Dendrobium christyanum: 珍珠石斛
Dendrobium chryanthum: 珍珠石斛
Dendrobium chrysanthum: 束花石斛
Dendrobium chrysanthum: 黃草石斛
Dendrobium chrysanthum: 鼓棰石斛
Dendrobium chryseum: 金草
Dendrobium chryseum: 金草蘭
Dendrobium chrysopterum: 雙色石斛
Dendrobium chrysotoxum: 斑唇石斛
Dendrobium chrysotoxum: 棒节石斛
Dendrobium chrysotoxum: 鼓槌石斛, Gu chui shi hu(My)
Dendrobium chrysotoxum: suavissimum, 栗斑鼓槌石斛
Dendrobium cinereum: Dendrobium cinereum(My)
Dendrobium cinnabarinum: Dendrobium cinnabarinum(My)
Dendrobium clavator: Dendrobium clavator(My)
Dendrobium clavatum: 金草
Dendrobium clavatum: 金草石斛
Dendrobium clavatum: 金草蘭
Dendrobium clavatum: 金草蘭
Dendrobium clavatum: aurantiacum, 木斛
Dendrobium clavatum: aurantiacum, 橙黃棒石斛
Dendrobium clavatum: aurantiacum, 細幹石斛
Dendrobium clavatum: aurantiacum, 金石斛
Dendrobium clavatum: aurantiacum, 金草
Dendrobium clavatum: aurantiacum, 金草蘭
Dendrobium clavatum: aurantiacum, 金草蘭
Dendrobium clavatum: aurantiacum, 黃花石斛蘭
Dendrobium compactum: 草石斛
Dendrobium concinnum: Dendrobium concinnum(My)
Dendrobium crepidatum: 玫瑰石斛
Dendrobium cretaceum: 白貝殼石斛
Dendrobium crocatum: Dendrobium crocatum(My)
Dendrobium cruentum: 血红石斛
Dendrobium cruentum: 血色石斛
Dendrobium cruentum: 血色石斛蘭
Dendrobium cruentum: 鳥嘴石斛
Dendrobium crumenatum: 木斛, Mu hu(1,510)
Dendrobium crumenatum: 木石斛, Mu shi hu(349)
Dendrobium crumenatum: 鴿子蘭, Ge zi lan(36)
Dendrobium crumenatum: 鴿石斛, Ge shi hu(My)(3,100)
Dendrobium crumenatum: 鸽石斛, Ge shi hu(3,100)
Dendrobium crystallinum: 晶帽石斛
Dendrobium cucumerinum: 苦瓜石斛
Dendrobium cuthbertsonii: 雪山石斛
Dendrobium cymboglosum: 船舌石斛
Dendrobium dearei: 白花石斛
Dendrobium dearei: 迪爾里石斛
Dendrobium dearei: 迪爾里石斛
Dendrobium delacourii: 豆苗石斛
Dendrobium denneanum: 迭鞘石斛
Dendrobium densiflorum: 密花石斛
Dendrobium densiflorum: 黄花石斛
Dendrobium densytorum: 密花石斛
Dendrobium derryi: Dendrobium derryi(My)
Dendrobium detiolatum: 矮長苞石斛
Dendrobium devonianum: 齒瓣石斛
Dendrobium devonianum: 齿瓣石斛
Dendrobium devoniunum: 齒瓣石斛
Dendrobium discolor: 異色石斛
Dendrobium distichophyllum: Dendrobium distichophyllum(My)
Dendrobium dixanthum: 黄花石斛
Dendrobium draconis: 龍石斛
Dendrobium draconis: 龙石斛
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum: 反瓣石斛
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum: 椭圆叶石斛
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum: 椭圆叶石槲兰
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum: 橢圓葉石斛
Dendrobium ellipsophyllum: 黄毛石斛
Dendrobium equitana: 燕子石斛
Dendrobium equitans: 燕子石斛
Dendrobium equitans: 燕石斛
Dendrobium equitans: 燕石斛蘭
Dendrobium eriiflorum: Dendrobium eriiflorum(My)
Dendrobium excavatum: Dendrobium excavatum(My)
Dendrobium exile: 景洪石斛
Dendrobium exilicaule: Dendrobium exilicaule(My)
Dendrobium faberi: 石斛兰
Dendrobium faiconeri: 串珠石斛
Dendrobium fairchildianum: 緬甸石斛
Dendrobium falconeri: 串珠石斛
Dendrobium falconeri: 新竹石斛
Dendrobium falconeri: 紅唇石斛
Dendrobium falconeri: 紅鸝石斛
Dendrobium falconeri: 紅鸝石斛蘭
Dendrobium falconeri: 華共石斛
Dendrobium falconeri: 鸝石斛
Dendrobium fanjingshanense: 梵净山石斛
Dendrobium farmeri: 四角石斛
Dendrobium farmeri: Dendrobium farmeri(My)
Dendrobium faulhaberianum: 钩石斛
Dendrobium fimbriata: 流蘇石斛
Dendrobium fimbriatum: 流苏石斛(My)
Dendrobium fimbriatum: 流蘇石斛
Dendrobium fimbriatum: 马鞭石斛
Dendrobium fimbriatum: 流蘇石斛
Dendrobium findlayanum: 曲茎石斛
Dendrobium findlayanum: 棒节石斛
Dendrobium findlayanum: 蜂腰石斛
Dendrobium flanulosa: 石斛兰
Dendrobium flexicaule: 曲茎石斛
Dendrobium flexicaule: 杯鞘石斛
Dendrobium flexile: Dendrobium flexile(My)
Dendrobium formosum: 美花石斛
Dendrobium foxii: Dendrobium foxii(My)
Dendrobium furcatopedicellatum: 双花石斛
Dendrobium furcatopedicellatum: 大雙花石斛
Dendrobium furcatopedicellatum: 雙花石斛
Dendrobium furcatopedicellatum: 雙花石斛蘭
Dendrobium fytohianum: 緬甸石斛
Dendrobium GattonSunray: 大东山
Dendrobium GattonSunray: 猫眼石斛
Dendrobium Genting: 石斛兰
Dendrobium germinifolia: 禾葉石斛
Dendrobium gibsonii: 曲軸石斛
Dendrobium gibsonii: 曲轴石斛
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum: 哥氏石斛
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum: 紅石斛
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum: 紅石斛蘭
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum: 紅花石斛, Hong hua shi hu
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum: 菲律宾石斛
Dendrobium goldschmidtianum: 金匠石斛
Dendrobium goldschmidtianumi: 紅花石斛
Dendrobium goldschmidtianumi: 蘭嶼石斛
Dendrobium grande: Dendrobium grande(My)
Dendrobium gratiosissimum: 尖刀唇石斛
Dendrobium gratiosissimum: 杯鞘石斛
Dendrobium gratiosissimum: 美極石斛
Dendrobium guangdongense: 广东石斛
Dendrobium guangxiense: 滇桂石斛
Dendrobium hainanense: 海南石斛
Dendrobium hainanensis: 姬竹叶石斛
Dendrobium hainanese: 竹葉石斛
Dendrobium hancockii: 竹叶石斛
Dendrobium hancockii: 細葉石斛
Dendrobium hancockii: 细叶石斛
Dendrobium harveyanum: 苏瓣石斛
Dendrobium harveyanum: 蘇瓣石斛
Dendrobium harveyanum: 蘇瓣石槲
Dendrobium hasseltii: Dendrobium hasseltii(My)
Dendrobium henanense: 河南石斛
Dendrobium henryi: 亨利石斛
Dendrobium henryi: 疏花石斛
Dendrobium hercoglossum: 重唇石斛(11)
Dendrobium hercoglossum: 重唇石槲
Dendrobium heterocarpum: 刀唇石斛
Dendrobium heterocarpum: 喇叭唇石斛(My)
Dendrobium heterocarpum: 尖刀唇石斛
Dendrobium hookerianum: 金耳石斛
Dendrobium hosei: Dendrobium hosei(My)
Dendrobium hughii: Dendrobium hughii(My)
Dendrobium huoshanense: 霍山石斛
Dendrobium huoshanensis: 霍山石斛
Dendrobium hybrid: 石斛兰
Dendrobium hybrid: 石斛蘭
Dendrobium hybrid: Dawn Maree, 丹瑪莉石斛
Dendrobium hybrid: Gatton Sunray, 大東山石斛
Dendrobium hybrids: 石斛兰
Dendrobium hybridum: 秋石斛, Qiu shi hu
Dendrobium hybridum: 雜交石斛
Dendrobium hymenopterum: Dendrobium hymenopterum(My)
Dendrobium indivisum: Dendrobium indivisum(My)
Dendrobium infundibulum: 高山石斛
Dendrobium jaequellne: 粉红石斛
Dendrobium jenkinsii: 土杵虾公
Dendrobium jenkinsii: 小黄花石斛
Dendrobium jenkinsii: 迷你聚石斛
Dendrobium jenkinsii: 鸡背石斛
Dendrobium jenkinsii: 鸭钗石斛
Dendrobium jenkinsii: Dendrobium jenkinsii(My)
Dendrobium kelsalii: Dendrobium kelsalii(My)
Dendrobium kentrophyllum: Dendrobium kentrophyllum(My)
Dendrobium kingianum 粉紅澳洲石斛
Dendrobium kingianum: 澳洲石斛
Dendrobium kingianum: 金恩石斛
Dendrobium lamellatum: 扁石斛, Bian shi hu(My)(261)
Dendrobium langkawiense: Dendrobium langkawiense(My)
Dendrobium lasianthera: 羚羊王
Dendrobium leptocladum: 禾石斛
Dendrobium leptocladum: 細莖石斛
Dendrobium leptocladum: 細莖石斛蘭
Dendrobium leptocladum: 细茎石斛
Dendrobium leptocladum: 菱唇石斛
Dendrobium leptoclandum: 禾石斛
Dendrobium leptoclandum: 禾草石斛
Dendrobium leptoclandum: 細莖石斛
Dendrobium linauianum: 櫻石斛
Dendrobium linawianum: 台灣櫻花石斛
Dendrobium linawianum: 樱石斛
Dendrobium linawianum: 櫻石斛
Dendrobium linawianum: 櫻石斛蘭
Dendrobium linawianum: 白花石斛
Dendrobium linawianum: 矩唇石斛
Dendrobium linawianum: 金石斛
Dendrobium lindleyi: 密莖石斛
Dendrobium lindleyi: 聚石斛(11)
Dendrobium lindleyi: 聚花石斛
Dendrobium linguella: 尖唇石斛
Dendrobium lituiflorum: 喇叭唇石斛(11)
Dendrobium lituiflorum: 细茎石斛
Dendrobium lobatum: Dendrobium lobatum(My)
Dendrobium lobbii: Dendrobium lobbii(My)
Dendrobium loddigersii: 粉花石斛
Dendrobium loddigesii: 勞氏豆斛
Dendrobium loddigesii: 攀龍石斛
Dendrobium Loddigesii: 环草石斛
Dendrobium loddigesii: 粉花石斛
Dendrobium Loddigesii: 美花石斛
Dendrobium loddigesii: 蟠龍石斛
Dendrobium Loddigesii: 蟠龙石斛
Dendrobium loddigesii: 蟠龍石斛
Dendrobium loddigesii: Corolla, 花冠, Orchidaceous, 蘭形
Dendrobium loddigesii: Dendrobium loddigesii(My)
Dendrobium lohohense: 洛河石斛
Dendrobium lohohense: 罗河石斛
Dendrobium longicornu: 長距石斛, Chang ju shi hu
Dendrobium longicornu: 长距石斛
Dendrobium longipes: Dendrobium longipes(My)
Dendrobium lowii: 洛氏石斛(My)
Dendrobium lowii: 洛氏石斛
Dendrobium luzonense: 吕宋石斛
Dendrobium luzonense: 呂宋石斛
Dendrobium macrophyllum: 人面石斛, Ren mian shi hu(My)(58)
Dendrobium mannii: Dendrobium mannii(My)
Dendrobium margaritaceum: 珍珠石斛
Dendrobium megaceras: Dendrobium megaceras(My)
Dendrobium melanochlamys: Dendrobium melanochlamys(My)
Dendrobium menglaensis: 勐腊石斛
Dendrobium metachilium: Dendrobium metachilium(My)
Dendrobium metrium: Dendrobium metrium(My)
Dendrobium microglaphys: Dendrobium microglaphys(My)
Dendrobium minutifiorum: 勐海石斛
Dendrobium minutiflorum: 勐海石斛
Dendrobium miyakei: 台灣紅花石斛
Dendrobium miyakei: 紅石斛
Dendrobium miyakei: 紅石斛蘭
Dendrobium miyakei: 紅花石斛(12)
Dendrobium miyakei: 红花石斛
Dendrobium moniforme: 白石斛
Dendrobium moniforme: 石斛
Dendrobium moniliforme: 台灣白花石斛
Dendrobium moniliforme: 接骨草
Dendrobium moniliforme: 杓唇石斛
Dendrobium moniliforme: 杜蘭
Dendrobium moniliforme: 白石斛
Dendrobium moniliforme: 石蘭
Dendrobium moniliforme: 竹節蘭
Dendrobium moniliforme: 節骨草
Dendrobium moniliforme: 細莖石斛
Dendrobium moniliforme: 细茎石斛
Dendrobium moniliforme: 金釵石斛
Dendrobium moniliforme: 鐵皮石斛
Dendrobium moniliforme: 霍山石斛
Dendrobium monticola: 藏南石斛
Dendrobium moschatum: 勺唇石斛
Dendrobium moschatum: 杓唇石斛
Dendrobium moschatum: 麝香石斛
Dendrobium moschatum: 麝香石斛蘭
Dendrobium nakaharai: 臘石斛
Dendrobium nakaharai: 連珠石斛
Dendrobium Nestor: 卓花石斛
Dendrobium Nestor: 檀香石斛
Dendrobium nobile: 原種春石斛
Dendrobium nobile: 台灣石斛
Dendrobium nobile: 台灣金釵石斛
Dendrobium nobile: 吊兰花
Dendrobium nobile: 吊蘭花
Dendrobium nobile: 春石斛
Dendrobium nobile: 春石斛蘭
Dendrobium nobile: 独角石斛
Dendrobium nobile: 金釵石斛
Dendrobium nobile: 金钗石斛
Dendrobium nobile: 金釵石斛
Dendrobium nobile: formosanum, 台灣石斛
Dendrobium nobile: formosanum, 臺灣石斛
Dendrobium officinale: 鐵皮石斛, Tie pi shi hu
Dendrobium officinale: 铁皮石斛, Tie pi shi hu
Dendrobium okinawense: 沖繩石斛
Dendrobium okinawense: 琉球石斛
Dendrobium okinawense: 琉球石斛
Dendrobium pachyphyllum: Dendrobium pachyphyllum(My)
Dendrobium pahangense: Dendrobium pahangense(My)
Dendrobium palpebrae: 燈籠石斛
Dendrobium pandaneti: Dendrobium pandaneti(My)
Dendrobium panduriferum: Dendrobium panduriferum(My)
Dendrobium parcifiorum: 少花石斛
Dendrobium parciflorum: 少花石斛
Dendrobium parishii: 紫瓣石斛
Dendrobium parishii: 西施石斛
Dendrobium parishii: 麝香石斛
Dendrobium parishii: alba, 麝香石斛白變種
Dendrobium parthenium: Dendrobium parthenium(My)
Dendrobium pendulum: 肿节石斛, Zhong jie shi hu
Dendrobium pendulum: 腫節石斛, Zhong jie shi hu(My)
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: 假蝴蝶蘭(18)
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: 蝴蝶石斛, Hu die shi hu(My)(575)
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: 蝴蝶蘭型石斛(391)
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: redlip, 红唇蝴蝶石斛
Dendrobium platycaulon: 扁石斛
Dendrobium platygastrium: 扁石斛
Dendrobium porphyrochilum: 单葶草石斛
Dendrobium porphyrochilum: 紫唇石斛
Dendrobium prentice: 豆石斛
Dendrobium primulinum: 報春石斛, Bao chun shi hu(2,750)
Dendrobium primulinum: 报春石斛, Bao chun shi hu(2,530)
Dendrobium primulinum: 櫻草石斛
Dendrobium primulinum: 白貝殼石斛(94)
Dendrobium primulinum: 石斛(1,150)
Dendrobium primulinum: 細瓣石斛(40)
Dendrobium primulinum: 貝殼石斛(265)
Dendrobium procumbens: Dendrobium procumbens(My)
Dendrobium pseudoaloifolium: Dendrobium pseudoaloifolium(My)
Dendrobium pseudotenellum: 针叶石斛
Dendrobium pulchellum: Dendrobium pulchellum(My)
Dendrobium pullchellum: 蜻蜓石斛
Dendrobium purpuratum: 紫球石斛
Dendrobium purpureum: 红玉石斛
Dendrobium quadrangulare: 茉香石斛
Dendrobium quadrilobatum: Dendrobium quadrilobatum(My)
Dendrobium quangxiense: 滇西石斛
Dendrobium randaiense: 長爪石斛
Dendrobium revolutum: Dendrobium revolutum(My)
Dendrobium rhodostele: Dendrobium rhodostele(My)
Dendrobium rhodostictum: 玫瑰魔鬼石斛
Dendrobium roseatum: Dendrobium roseatum(My)
Dendrobium salaccens: 竹枝石斛
Dendrobium salaccense: 竹枝石斛(My)
Dendrobium sanderae: major, 大花桑德石斛
Dendrobium sanderiana: 桑德石斛
Dendrobium sanguinolentum: 血紅石斛(My)
Dendrobium sanseiense: 三星石斛
Dendrobium sarawakense: Dendrobium sarawakense(My)
Dendrobium scabrilingue: 粗舌石斛
Dendrobium scabrilingue: 香石斛
Dendrobium schuetzei: 舒芘石斛
Dendrobium schuetzei: 舒茲石斛
Dendrobium scoriarum: 滇桂石斛
Dendrobium sculptum: Dendrobium sculptum(My)
Dendrobium secundum: 毛刷石斛
Dendrobium secundum: 牙刷石斛
Dendrobium secundum: 紅牙刷
Dendrobium secundum: 紅牙刷石斛
Dendrobium secundum: alba, 白牙刷
Dendrobium secundum: alba, 白牙刷石斛
Dendrobium secundum: red, 红牙刷石斛
Dendrobium senile: 毛石斛, Mao shi hu(My)(203)
Dendrobium senile: 絨毛石斛, Rong mao shi hu(332)
Dendrobium senile: 绒毛石斛, Rong mao shi hu(334)
Dendrobium serratilianum: 變色龍
Dendrobium shiraishi: 白石石斛
Dendrobium shiraishii: 白石石斛
Dendrobium signatum: 黃喉石斛
Dendrobium sinense: 华石斛
Dendrobium singaporense: Dendrobium singaporense(My)
Dendrobium sinuatum: Dendrobium sinuatum(My)
Dendrobium sinutum: 吳公
Dendrobium smillieae: 綠寶石, Lv bao shi(80)
Dendrobium smillieae: 绿宝石, Lv bao shi(80)
Dendrobium somae: 小雙花石斛
Dendrobium somai: 小双花石斛
Dendrobium somai: 小雙花石斛
Dendrobium somai: 小雙花石斛蘭
Dendrobium species: 石斛蘭
Dendrobium speciosum: 大明石斛
Dendrobium spectabile: 大鬼石斛
Dendrobium spectabile: 大魔鬼石斛
Dendrobium spectabilis: 華麗石斛
Dendrobium spectatissimum: Dendrobium spectatissimum(My)
Dendrobium spurium: Dendrobium spurium(My)
Dendrobium stratiotes: 玉兔石斛
Dendrobium striatellum: Dendrobium striatellum(My)
Dendrobium stricklandianum: 黃石斛
Dendrobium stricklandianum: 黃石斛蘭
Dendrobium stricklandianum: 黃花石斛
Dendrobium Strongylanthum: 梳唇石斛
Dendrobium strongylanthum: 梳唇石斛
Dendrobium stuposum: 叉唇石斛
Dendrobium subflavidum: Dendrobium subflavidum(My)
Dendrobium subulatum: Dendrobium subulatum(My)
Dendrobium sukhakulii: 短棒石斛
Dendrobium sulawesiense: 苏拉维西石斛
Dendrobium sulawesiense: 蘇拉威西石斛
Dendrobium sulcatum: 具槽石斛
Dendrobium sulcatum: 黃球石斛
Dendrobium superbiens: 捲萼石斛
Dendrobium sutiknoi: 長耳石斛
Dendrobium suzukii: 鈴木石斛
Dendrobium suzukii: 铃木石斛
Dendrobium taiwanianum: 台灣石斛
Dendrobium taurinum: 牛角石斛
Dendrobium terminale: 刀叶石斛
Dendrobium tetragonum: 四角石斛
Dendrobium tetragonum: 澳洲蜘蛛四角石斛
Dendrobium tetragonum: 蜘蛛石斛
Dendrobium tetragonum: alba, 白化澳洲蜘蛛四角石斛
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum: 燈籠石斛
Dendrobium thyrsiflorum: 球花石斛
Dendrobium tobaense: 長舌石斛
Dendrobium tortile: 扭瓣石斛(My)
Dendrobium tosaense: 台灣黃花石斛
Dendrobium tosaense: 黃花石斛(13)
Dendrobium tosaense: 黄石斛
Dendrobium trigonopus: 翅梗石斛, Chi geng shi hu
Dendrobium tropaeolifolium: Dendrobium tropaeolifolium(My)
Dendrobium truncatum: Dendrobium truncatum(My)
Dendrobium unicum: 大苞鞘石斛
Dendrobium unicum: 獨角石斛
Dendrobium uniflorum: 单花石斛兰
Dendrobium uniflorum: 反瓣石斛
Dendrobium uniflorum: 單花石斛
Dendrobium uniflorum: 單花石斛蘭
Dendrobium uniflorum: 天線寶寶石斛
Dendrobium uniflorum: 小天使
Dendrobium ustulatum: Dendrobium ustulatum(My)
Dendrobium ventricosum: 燕子石斛
Dendrobium venustum: 大豆苗石斛
Dendrobium vexillariu: retroflexum, 旗瓣石斛
Dendrobium victoria-reginae: 維多利亞石斛
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: 三宅女石斛
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: 紅石斛
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: 紅花石斛
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: 維多利亞石斛
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: 蘭嶼石斛
Dendrobium victoriae-reginae: miyakei, 紅花石斛
Dendrobium virginenm: 處女石斛
Dendrobium virgineum: 維珍石斛
Dendrobium wardianum: 大苞鞘石斛(11)
Dendrobium wasselii: 澳洲棒葉石斛
Dendrobium wassellii: 棒叶石斛
Dendrobium wassellii: 棒葉石斛
Dendrobium williamsoni: 黑毛石斛
Dendrobium williamsonii: 黑毛石斛
Dendrobium wilsonii: 广东石斛
Dendrobium xichouense: 西畴石斛

{Chinese name, 中文名, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}

{Malay name, 馬來文名, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}, (nswong, dendrobium_spp.htm)

Dendrobium acerosum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium albertisii: Anggrek albert(4)
Dendrobium aloifolium: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium anosmum: Anggrek dupa(50)
Dendrobium anosmum: Anggrek mata sapi(128)
Dendrobium aphyllum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium bifarium: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium bullenianum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium capra: Anggrek bintang hijau
Dendrobium catinecloesum: Anggrek karawai(4)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Anggerik merpati(313)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Anggrek dendro merpati(172)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Anggrek merpati(724)
Dendrobium crumenatum: Orkid merpati(584)
Dendrobium farmeri: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium flabellum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium geminatum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium indivisum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium kelsallii: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium lamellatum: Anggrek larat pipih(7)
Dendrobium lasianthera: Anggrek stuberi(4)
Dendrobium linguella: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium macrophyllum: Anggrek jamrud(477)
Dendrobium moquetteanum: anggrek bambu
Dendrobium ostrinoglossum: Anggrek karawai(4)
Dendrobium pandaneti: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Anggrek dendro larat
Dendrobium phalaenopsis: Anggrek larat(4)
Dendrobium primulinum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium pumilum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium purpureum: Anggrek Dendro Sumba(2)
Dendrobium salaccense: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium sanguinolentum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium secundum: anggrek kesumba
Dendrobium secundum: anggrek sikat(3)
Dendrobium secundum: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium smillieae: Keluarga anggrek
Dendrobium spp: Keluarga anggerik(3,590)
Dendrobium spp: Keluarga anggrek(57,000)
Dendrobium spp: Keluarga orkid(20,300)
Dendrobium takahashii: Anggrek merpati
Dendrobium veratroides: Anggrek Dendro Rusa(2)

{Malay name, 馬來文名, dendrobium_spp.htm, 2013-05-18, Dendrobium spp, Dendrobium orchid genus, 石斛兰属}

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