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{animal_name_t.htm, 2018-03-20, Animal name T, 動物名 T}

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_t.htm, 2018-03-20, Animal name T, 動物名 T}, (nswong, animal_name_t.htm)

Taaningichthys paurolychnus: Taaningichthys paurolychnus(2)
Tabanus conicus: Tabanus conicus
Tabanus sexcinctus: Tabanus sexcinctus
Tabanus yao: Tabanus yao
Tachinus alishanensis: Tachinus alishanensis
Tachinus brevicuspis: Tachinus brevicuspis
Tachinus grandicollis: Tachinus grandicollis
Tachinus insularis: Tachinus insularis
Tachinus japonicus: Tachinus japonicus
Tachinus masaohayashii: Tachinus masaohayashii
Tachinus miltoni: Tachinus miltoni
Tachinus sugayai: Tachinus sugayai
Tachinus taichungensis: Tachinus taichungensis
Tachinus taiwanensis: Tachinus taiwanensis
Tachinus watanabei: Tachinus watanabei
Tachinus yasutoshii: Tachinus yasutoshii
Tachinus yushanensis: Tachinus yushanensis
Tachybaptus ruficollis: Tachybaptus ruficollis(5)
Tachypleus gigas: Tachypleus gigas(Authority)(18500)
Tachypompilus analis: Tachypompilus analis
Tachyporus flavopictus: Tachyporus flavopictus
Tachys fasciatus: Tachys fasciatus
Tachys uenoianus: Tachys uenoianus
Tachysphex changi: Tachysphex changi
Tachysphex formosanus: Tachysphex formosanus
Tachysphex morosus: Tachysphex morosus
Tachysphex nigricolor: Tachysphex nigricolor(2)
Tachysphex puncticeps: Tachysphex puncticeps
Tachysurus caelatus: Tachysurus caelatus
Tachyta umbrosa: Tachyta umbrosa
Tachytes astutus: Tachytes astutus
Tachytes fruticis: Tachytes fruticis
Tachytes modestus: Tachytes modestus
Tachytes saundersii: Tachytes saundersii
Tachytes sinensis: Tachytes sinensis(2)
Tachytes toyensis: Tachytes toyensis
Tachytes vicinus: Tachytes vicinus
Tachyura borealis: Tachyura borealis
Tachyura lutea: Tachyura lutea
Tachyura ovata: Tachyura ovata
Tadarida teniotis: Tadarida teniotis
Tadorna ferruginea: Tadorna ferruginea(2)
Tadorna tadorna: Tadorna tadorna(2)
Taenaris horsfieldii: Taenaris horsfieldii(2)
Taeneremina scripta: Taeneremina scripta
Taeniacara candidi: Taeniacara candidi
Taenianotus triacanthus: Taenianothus triacanthus
Taenianotus triacanthus: Taenianotus citrinellus
Taenianotus triacanthus: Taenianotus triacanthus(2)
Taenianotus triacanthus: Taeniatus triacanthus
Taenianotus triacanthus: Taenionotus triacanthus
Taeniogonalos fasciata: Taeniogonalos fasciata
Taenioides anguillaris: Cepola hermanniana
Taenioides anguillaris: Gobioides anguillaris
Taenioides anguillaris: Gobioides coeculus
Taenioides anguillaris: Gobius anguillaris
Taenioides anguillaris: Taenioides anguillaris(2)
Taenioides anguillaris: Taenioides caeculus
Taenioides cirratus: Amblyopus brachygaster
Taenioides cirratus: Amblyopus cirratus
Taenioides cirratus: Gobioides cirratus
Taenioides cirratus: Taenioides brachygaster
Taenioides cirratus: Taenioides caeculus
Taenioides cirratus: Taenioides cirratus(2)
Taenioides cirratus: Taenioides snyderi
Taenioides limicola: Taenioides limicola(2)
Taeniopsetta ocellata: Pseudorhombus ocellatus
Taeniopsetta ocellata: Taeniopsetta ocellata(2)
Taeniopygia guttata: Taeniopygia guttata
Taeniura lymma: Taeniura lymma
Taeniura meyeni: Taeniura melanospila
Taeniura meyeni: Taeniura melanospilos
Taeniura meyeni: Taeniura meyeni(2)
Taeniura meyeni: Taeniura mortoni
Tagiades calligana: Tagiades calligana(2)
Tagiades cohaerens: Tagiades cohaerens
Tagiades gana: Tagiades gana
Tagiades japetus: Tagiades japetus
Tagiades lavata: Tagiades lavata(2)
Tagiades litigiosa: Tagiades litigiosa
Tagiades menaka: Tagiades menaka
Tagiades parra: Tagiades parra
Tagiades toba: Tagiades toba
Tagiades ultra: Tagiades ultra
Tagiades waterstradti: Tagiades waterstradti
Taia polyzonata: Taia polyzonata
Tailorilygus apicalis: Tailorilygus apicalis
Taivaleria rubrifasciata: Taivaleria rubrifasciata
Taiwanaenidea strigosa: Taiwanaenidea strigosa
Taiwanaleyrodes indica: Taiwanaleyrodes indica
Taiwanaleyrodes montanus: Taiwanaleyrodes montanus
Taiwanhormius affinis: Taiwanhormius affinis
Taiwanobaris femorata: Taiwanobaris femorata
Taiwanocryphaeus rhinoceros: Taiwanocryphaeus rhinoceros
Taiwanorestia nigra: Taiwanorestia nigra
Taiwanoserica elongata: Taiwanoserica elongata
Taiwanoserica gracilipes: Taiwanoserica gracilipes
Taiwanoserica monticola: Taiwanoserica monticola
Taiwanoserica ovata: Taiwanoserica ovata
Taiwanoserica sinuosa: Taiwanoserica sinuosa
Taiwanoserica variegata: Taiwanoserica variegata
Taiwanotrichia longicornis: Taiwanotrichia longicornis
Taiwanotrichia similis: Taiwanotrichia similis
Taizonia bella: Taizonia bella
Tajuria caeruela: Tajuria caeruela
Tajuria cippus: Tajuria cippus
Tajuria deudorix: Tajuria deudorix
Tajuria diaeus: Tajuria diaeus
Tajuria illurgioides: Tajuria illurgioides
Tajuria illurgis: Tajuria illurgis
Tajuria luculenta: Tajuria luculenta
Tajuria maculata: Tajuria maculata
Tajuria mantra: Tajuria mantra
Takanea excisa: Takanea excisa
Takifugu alboplumbeus: Takifugu alboplumbeus
Takifugu bimaculatus: Takifugu bimaculatus(2)
Takifugu bimaculatus: Tetrodon bimaculatus
Takifugu chinensis: Sphoeroides rubripes
Takifugu chinensis: Takifugu chinensis(2)
Takifugu niphobles: Fugu niphobles
Takifugu niphobles: Spheroides niphobles
Takifugu niphobles: Takifugu niphobles(2)
Takifugu oblongus: Fugu oblongus
Takifugu oblongus: Sphoeroides oblongus
Takifugu oblongus: Takifugu oblongus(2)
Takifugu oblongus: Tetraodon oblongus
Takifugu oblongus: Tetrodon oblongus
Takifugu oblongus: Torquigener oblongus
Takifugu ocellatus: Fugu ocellatus
Takifugu ocellatus: Takifugu ocellatus(2)
Takifugu ocellatus: Tetraodon ocellatus
Takifugu ocellatus: Tetrodon ocellatus
Takifugu poecilonotus: Fugu poecilonotus
Takifugu poecilonotus: Takifugu poecilonotus(2)
Takifugu poecilonotus: Tetraodon poecilonotus
Takifugu porphyreus: Fugu vermiculare
Takifugu porphyreus: Fugu vermicularis
Takifugu porphyreus: Spheroides borealis
Takifugu porphyreus: Takifugu porphyreus(2)
Takifugu porphyreus: Tetraodon porphyreus
Takifugu rubripes: Fugu rubripes
Takifugu rubripes: Sphaeroides rubripes
Takifugu rubripes: Takifugu rubripes(2)
Takifugu rubripes: Tetraodon rubripes
Takifugu vermicularis: Fugu vermicularis
Takifugu vermicularis: Spheroides abbotti
Takifugu vermicularis: Takifugu vermicularis(2)
Takifugu vermicularis: Tetraodon vermicularis
Takifugu xanthopterus: Fugu xanthopterus
Takifugu xanthopterus: Takifugu xanthopterus(2)
Takifugu xanthopterus: Tetraodon xanthopterus
Takydromus formosanus: Takydromus formosanus
Talismania antillarum: Bathytroctes antillarum
Talismania antillarum: Binghamia microphos
Talismania antillarum: Binghamichthys antillarum
Talismania antillarum: Binghamichthys microphos
Talismania antillarum: Talismania antillarum(2)
Talismania antillarum: Talismania antillurum
Talismania longifilis: Bathytroctes longifilis
Talismania longifilis: Nemabathytroctes longifilis
Talismania longifilis: Talismania longifilis(2)
Tamarixia radiata: Tamarixia radiata(2)
Tamba parallela: Tamba parallela
Tamba venusta: Tamba venusta
Tambja affinis: Tambja affinis
Tamiops macclellandii: Tamiops macclellandii
Tamiops maritimus: Tamiops maritimus
Tanaecia aruna: Tanaecia aruna
Tanaecia clathrata: Tanaecia clathrata
Tanaecia cocytus: Tanaecia cocytus
Tanaecia coelebs: Tanaecia coelebs
Tanaecia flora: Tanaecia flora
Tanaecia godartii: Tanaecia godartii
Tanaecia iapis: Tanaecia iapis
Tanaecia julii: Tanaecia julii
Tanaecia lepidea: Tanaecia lepidea
Tanaecia munda: Tanaecia munda
Tanaecia palguna: Tanaecia palguna
Tanaecia pelea: Tanaecia pelea
Tanakia chii: Tanakia chii
Tanakia himantegus: Acheilognathus chii
Tanakia himantegus: Achilognathus himantegus
Tanakia himantegus: Paracheilognathus himantegus
Tanakia himantegus: Tanakia himantegus
Tanaocheles bidentata: Tanaocheles bidentata
Tanichthys albonubes: Tanichthys albonubes(4)
Tanna viridis: Tanna viridis
Tanyarsus formosae: Tanyarsus formosae
Tanygnathus lucionensis: Tanygnathus lucionensis(2)
Tanygnathus megalorynchos: Tanygnathus megalorynchos
Tapena thwaitesi: Tapena thwaitesi
Tapes belcheri: Tapes belcheri
Tapes blecheri: Tapes blecheri
Tapes dorsatus: Tapes dorsatus
Tapes literata: Tapes literata
Tapes literatus: Tapes literatus(2)
Tapes phenax: Tapes phenax
Tapes philippinarum: Tapes philippinarum
Tapes platyptycha: Tapes platyptycha
Tapes sericeus: Tapes sericeus
Tapes sinuosus: Tapes sinuosus
Tapes turgida: Tapes turgida
Tapes undulata: Tapes undulata
Tapes variegata: Tapes variegata
Taphozous melanopogon: Taphozous melanopogon
Tapinoma indicum: Tapinoma indicum
Tapinoma melanocephalum: Tapinoma melanocephalum(2)
Tapirus indicus: Tapirus indicus
Taractes rubescens: Steinegeria rubescens
Taractes rubescens: Taractes rubescens(2)
Taractichthys steindachneri: Argo steindachneri
Taractichthys steindachneri: Taractes longipinnis
Taractichthys steindachneri: Taractes miltonis
Taractichthys steindachneri: Taractes steindachneri
Taractichthys steindachneri: Taractichthys steindachneri(2)
Taractichthys steindachneri: Taratichthys steindachneri
Taractrocera aliena: Taractrocera aliena
Taractrocera archias: Taractrocera archias
Taractrocera ardonia: Taractrocera ardonia
Taractrocera ziclea: Taractrocera ziclea
Taraka hamada: Taraka hamada
Taraka mahenetra: Taraka mahenetra
Tarebia granifera: Tarebia granifera(2)
Tarentola mauritanica: Tarentola mauritanica
Tarphops oligolepis: Pseudorhombus oligolepis
Tarphops oligolepis: Tarphops oligolepis(2)
Tarsiger cyanurus: Tarsiger cyanurus(3)
Tarsiger indicus: Tarsiger indicus
Tarsiger johnstoni: Tarsiger johnstoni
Tarsius bancanus: Tarsius bancanus
Tarsolepis japonica: Tarsolepis japonica
Tarucus waterstradti: Tarucus waterstradti
Tauraco corythaix: Tauraco corythaix
Taxila haquinus: Taxila haquinus(2)
Taxila thuisto: Taxila thuisto
Taxonus arisanus: Taxonus arisanus
Taxonus formosacolus: Taxonus formosacolus
Taxonus octopunctatus: Taxonus octopunctatus
Taxonus punun: Taxonus punun
Taylorana hascheana: Taylorana hascheana
Technomyrmex albipes: Formica albipes(2)
Technomyrmex albipes: Tapinoma albipes
Technomyrmex albipes: Tapinoma albitarse
Technomyrmex albipes: Tapinoma nigrum
Technomyrmex albipes: Technomrmex albipes
Technomyrmex albipes: Technomyrmex albipes
Technomyrmex albipes: Technomyrmex detorquens
Techomyrmex modiglianii: Techomyrmex modiglianii
Tectarius coronatus: Tectarius coronatus
Tectarius pagodus: Tectarius pagodus
Tectus conus: Tectus conus
Tectus fenestratus: Tectus fenestratus
Tectus niloticus: Maximus, Tectus niloticus maximus
Tectus niloticus: Tectus niloticus(3)
Tectus pyramis: Tectus pyramis(2)
Tectus triserialis: Tectus triserialis
Tegenaria domestica: Tegenaria domestica
Teinostoma hidalgoana: Teinostoma hidalgoana
Teinostoma lucidum: Teinostoma lucidum
Teixeirichthys jordani: Pomacentrus formosanus
Teixeirichthys jordani: Pomacentrus jordani
Teixeirichthys jordani: Pomacentrus polylepis
Teixeirichthys jordani: Teixeirichthys formosana
Teixeirichthys jordani: Teixeirichthys formosanus
Teixeirichthys jordani: Teixeirichthys jordani(2)
Teixeirichthys jordani: Teixeirichthys mossambicus
Teixeirichthys jordani: Teixeirichthys obtusirostris
Telenomus abnormis: Telenomus abnormis
Telenomus beneficiens: Telenomus beneficiens(2)
Teleogryllus mitratus: Teleogryllus mitratus
Telescopium telescopium: Telescopium telescopium(4)
Telespiza cantans: Telespiza cantans
Telethera formosa: Telethera formosa
Teleutaea gracilis: Teleutaea gracilis
Telicota ancilla: Telicota ancilla
Telicota augias: Telicota augias
Telicota colon: Telicota colon
Telicota linna: Telicota linna
Telicota ohara: Telicota ohara(2)
Tellina capsoides: Tellina capsoides
Tellina emarginata: Tellina emarginata
Tellina fallax: Tellina fallax(2)
Tellina hungerfordi: Tellina hungerfordi
Tellina linguafelis: Tellina linguafelis
Tellina pinguis: Tellina pinguis
Tellina pristis: Tellina pristis
Tellina remies: Tellina remies
Tellina rhodon: Tellina rhodon
Tellina robusta: Tellina robusta
Tellina rodon: Tellina rodon(2)
Tellina rostrata: Tellina rostrata(2)
Tellina scalpellum: Tellina scalpellum
Tellina spengleri: Tellina spengleri
Tellina staurella: Tellina staurella
Tellina virgata: Tellina virgata
Tellinella asperrima: Tellinella asperrima
Tellinella crucigera: Tellinella crucigera
Tellinella cumingii: Tellinella cumingii
Tellinella incerta: Tellinella incerta
Tellinella pulcherrima: Tellinella pulcherrima(2)
Tellinella radians: Tellinella radians
Tellinella spengleri: Tellinella spengleri(2)
Tellinella staurella: Tellinella staurella
Tellinella verrucosa: Tellinella verrucosa
Tellinella virgata: Tellinella virgata(2)
Tellinides ovalis: Tellinides ovalis
Telmatherina ladigesi: Telmatherina ladigesi
Telmatheruna ladigesi: Telmatheruna ladigesi
Telmatochromis bifrenatus: Telmatochromis bifrenatus
Telmatoscopus albipuntatus: Telmatoscopus albipuntatus
Telmatoscopus kulas: Telmatoscopus kulas
Telmatoscopus mcclurei: Telmatoscopus mcclurei
Telorta obscura: Telorta obscura
Telorta yazakii: Telorta yazakii
Telostholus orientalis: Telostholus orientalis
Telsimia nigra: Telsimia nigra
Temelucha minima: Temelucha minima
Temora turbinata: Temora turbinata
Temorites brevis: Temorites brevis
Temorites longicornis: Temorites longicornis
Temorites minor: Temorites minor
Temorites similis: Temorites similis
Tendipus gracilipes: Tendipus gracilipes
Tenguella granulata: Tenguella granulata
Tenodema elegans: Tenodema elegans
Tensha striatella: Tensha striatella
Tenthredo arcuata: Tenthredo arcuata
Tenthredo concinna: Tenthredo concinna
Tenthredo esakii: Tenthredo esakii
Tenthredo formosana: Tenthredo formosana
Tenthredo gressitti: Tenthredo gressitti
Tenthredo horishana: Tenthredo horishana
Tenthredo insulicola: Tenthredo insulicola
Tenthredo issikii: Tenthredo issikii
Tenthredo katoi: Tenthredo katoi
Tenthredo khasiana: Tenthredo khasiana
Tenthredo margaretella: Tenthredo margaretella
Tenthredo mesomelas: Tenthredo mesomelas
Tenthredo poeciloptera: Tenthredo poeciloptera
Tenthredo sauteri: Tenthredo sauteri
Tenthredo taiheizana: Tenthredo taiheizana
Tenthredo uenoi: Tenthredo uenoi
Tenthredo xueshanensis: Tenthredo xueshanensis
Tenthredopsis insularis: Tenthredopsis insularis
Tentoriceps cristatus: Pseudoxymetopon sinensis
Tentoriceps cristatus: Tentoriceps cristatus(2)
Tentoriceps cristatus: Trichiurus cristatus
Tenualosa reevesii: Alosa reevesii
Tenualosa reevesii: Clupea sinensis
Tenualosa reevesii: Hilsa reevesii
Tenualosa reevesii: Macrura reevesii
Tenualosa reevesii: Tenualosa reevesi
Tenualosa reevesii: Tenualosa reevesii(2)
Tenuibaetis inornatus: Tenuibaetis inornatus
Tephrinectes sinensis: Paralichthys sinensis
Tephrinectes sinensis: Pleuronectes sinensis
Tephrinectes sinensis: Tephrinectes sinensis(2)
Tephritis formosa: Tephritis formosa
Tephrodornis gularis: Tephrodornis gularis(2)
Tephrodornis pondicerianus: Tephrodornis pondicerianus(2)
Teradaia bella: Teradaia bella
Teramachia dalli: Teramachia dalli
Teramachia tibiaeformis: Teramachia tibiaeformis
Terapon jarbua: Coius trivittatus
Terapon jarbua: Grammistes servus
Terapon jarbua: Holocentrus jarbua
Terapon jarbua: Holocentrus servus
Terapon jarbua: Pterapon trivittatus
Terapon jarbua: Sciaena jarbua
Terapon jarbua: Stereolepis inoko
Terapon jarbua: Terapon jarbua(4)
Terapon jarbua: Terapon servus
Terapon jarbua: Terapon timorensis
Terapon jarbua: Therapon farna
Terapon jarbua: Therapon jarboa
Terapon jarbua: Therapon jarbua
Terapon jarbua: Therapon servus
Terapon theraps: Eutherapon theraps
Terapon theraps: Terapon theraps(3)
Terapon theraps: Therapon nigripinnis
Terapon theraps: Therapon rubricatus
Terapon theraps: Therapon theraps
Teratoglaea pacifica: Teratoglaea pacifica
Teratolepis fasciata: Teratolepis fasciata
Teratoscincus microlepis: Teratoscincus microlepis
Teratoscincus roborowski: Teratoscincus roborowski
Teratoscincus scincus: Teratoscincus scincus
Teratozephyrus elatus: Teratozephyrus elatus
Terebella ehrenbergi: Terebella ehrenbergi
Terebellum terebellum: Terebellum terebellum(3)
Terebra affinis: Terebra affinis
Terebra alveolata: Terebra alveolata
Terebra amanda: Terebra amanda
Terebra anilis: Terebra anilis(2)
Terebra arabella: Terebra arabella
Terebra areolata: Terebra areolata
Terebra argus: Terebra argus
Terebra babylonia: Terebra babylonia
Terebra bathyraphe: Terebra bathyraphe
Terebra boucheti: Terebra boucheti
Terebra caliginosa: Terebra caliginosa
Terebra cerithina: Terebra cerithina
Terebra cingulifera: Terebra cingulifera
Terebra commaculata: Terebra commaculata
Terebra crenulata: Terebra crenulata
Terebra dimidiata: Terebra dimidiata
Terebra duplicata: Terebra duplicata(2)
Terebra felina: Terebra felina
Terebra fenestrata: Terebra fenestrata
Terebra guttata: Terebra guttata
Terebra jeffreysi: Terebra jeffreysi
Terebra jungi: Terebra jungi
Terebra laevigata: Terebra laevigata
Terebra lima: Terebra lima
Terebra livida: Terebra livida
Terebra maculata: Terebra maculata
Terebra milelinae: Terebra milelinae
Terebra nebulosa: Terebra nebulosa
Terebra nitida: Terebra nitida
Terebra pertusa: Terebra pertusa
Terebra pretiosa: Terebra pretiosa
Terebra pseudopertusa: Terebra pseudopertusa
Terebra pygmaea: Terebra pygmaea
Terebra stearnsii: Terebra stearnsii
Terebra subulata: Terebra subulata
Terebra succincta: Terebra succincta
Terebra swainsoni: Terebra swainsoni
Terebra taiwanensis: Terebra taiwanensis
Terebra tricincta: Terebra tricincta
Terebra tricolor: Terebra tricolor
Terebra triseriata: Terebra triseriata
Terebra turrita: Terebra turrita
Terebralia palustris: Terebralia palustris(2)
Terebralia sulcata: Terebralia sulcata(3)
Teredo clappi: Teredo clappi
Teredo edax: Teredo edax
Teredo fulleri: Teredo fulleri(2)
Teredo furcifera: Teredo furcifera
Teredo johnsoni: Teredo johnsoni
Teredo manii: Teredo manii(2)
Teredo manni: Teredo manni(2)
Teredo massa: Teredo massa
Teredo navalis: Teredo navalis
Teredo obtusa: Teredo obtusa
Teredo pedicellatus: Teredo pedicellatus
Teredo thoracites: Teredo thoracites
Terellia virens: Terellia virens
Teretrius formosus: Teretrius formosus
Terinos atlita: Terinos atlita
Terinos clarissa: Terinos clarissa
Terinos terpander: Terinos terpander
Termatophylum orientale: Termatophylum orientale
Termioptycha margarita: Termioptycha margarita
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: Terpsiphone atrocaudata(5)
Terpsiphone paradise: Terpsiphone paradise
Terpsiphone paradisi: Terpsiphone paradisi(5)
Terrapene carolina: Terrapene carolina
Terrapene coahuila: Terrapene coahuila
Tessaratoma papillosa: Tessaratoma papillosa
Tesseracme dispar: Tesseracme dispar
Testudinella patina: Testudinella patina
Testudo graeca: Testudo graeca
Testudo hermanni: Testudo hermanni
Testudo horsfieldi: Testudo horsfieldi
Testudo kleinmanni: Testudo kleinmanni
Testudo marginata: Testudo marginata
Tetanocera elata: Tetanocera elata
Tethea ampliata: Tethea ampliata
Tethina ochracea: Tethina ochracea
Tethina orientalis: Tethina orientalis
Tetragnatha ceylonica: Tetragnatha ceylonica
Tetragnatha chauliodus: Tetragnatha chauliodus
Tetragnatha esakii: Tetragnatha esakii
Tetragnatha gracilis: Tetragnatha gracilis
Tetragnatha hiroshii: Tetragnatha hiroshii
Tetragnatha javana: Tetragnatha javana
Tetragnatha josephii: Tetragnatha josephii
Tetragnatha lauta: Tetragnatha lauta
Tetragnatha mandibulata: Tetragnatha mandibulata
Tetragnatha maxillosa: Tetragnatha maxillosa
Tetragnatha nepiformis: Tetragnatha nepiformis
Tetragnatha nitens: Tetragnatha nitens
Tetragnatha praedonia: Tetragnatha praedonia
Tetragnatha squamata: Tetragnatha squamata
Tetrahymena pyriformis: Tetrahymena pyriformis
Tetralia glaberrima: Tetralia glaberrima
Tetralonia basistrigatula: Tetralonia basistrigatula
Tetralonia chinensis: Tetralonia chinensis
Tetralonia taihokuensis: Tetralonia taihokuensis
Tetralonia taihorensis: Tetralonia taihorensis
Tetralonia taihoresis: Tetralonia taihoresis
Tetralonioidella formosana: Tetralonioidella formosana
Tetralonioidella hoozana: Tetralonioidella hoozana
Tetramorium amium: Tetramorium amium
Tetramorium bicarinatum: Tetramorium bicarinatum
Tetramorium kraepelini: Tetramorium kraepelini
Tetramorium lanugnosum: Tetramorium lanugnosum
Tetramorium nipponense: Tetramorium nipponense
Tetramorium pacificum: Tetramorium pacificum
Tetramorium parvispina: Tetramorium parvispina
Tetramorium simillimum: Tetramorium simillimum
Tetraneura ulmi: Tetraneura ulmi
Tetranychus urticae: Tetranychus urticae(2)
Tetraodon nigroviridis: Tetraodon nigroviridis
Tetraogallus caspius: Tetraogallus caspius
Tetraogallus tibetanus: Tetraogallus tibetanus
Tetraphala elongata: Tetraphala elongata
Tetraphala simplex: Tetraphala simplex
Tetrapleurus formosae: Tetrapleurus formosae
Tetraponera allaborans: Tetraponera allaborans
Tetraponera attenuata: Tetraponera attenuata
Tetraponera modesta: Tetraponera modesta
Tetrapturus angustirostris: Pseudohistiophorus angustirostris
Tetrapturus angustirostris: Pseudohistiophorus illingworthi
Tetrapturus angustirostris: Tetrapterus angustirostris
Tetrapturus angustirostris: Tetrapturus angustirostris(2)
Tetrapturus angustirostris: Tetrapturus illingworthi
Tetrapturus angustirostris: Tetrapturus kraussi
Tetrastichus brontispae: Tetrastichus brontispae
Tetrasticta laeta: Tetrasticta laeta
Tetrosomus concatenatus: Tetrosomus concatenatus
Tetrosomus gibbosus: Ostracion gibbosus
Tetrosomus gibbosus: Ostracion turritus
Tetrosomus gibbosus: Rhinesomus gibbosus
Tetrosomus gibbosus: Tetrasoma gibbosus
Tetrosomus gibbosus: Tetrasomus gibbosus
Tetrosomus gibbosus: Tetrosomus gibbosus(2)
Tetrosomus reipublicae: Lactophrys tritropis
Tetrosomus reipublicae: Ostracion concatenatus
Tetrosomus reipublicae: Ostracion triqueter
Tetrosomus reipublicae: Rhinesomus concatenatus
Tetrosomus reipublicae: Tetrasomus concatenatus
Tetrosomus reipublicae: Tetrosomus concatenatus
Tetrosomus reipublicae: Tetrosomus reipublicae
Tetsudo emys: Tetsudo emys
Teucholabis aberrans: Teucholabis aberrans
Teucholabis unicolor: Teucholabis unicolor
Thais armigera: Thais armigera
Thais bitubercularis: Thais bitubercularis
Thais bronni: Thais bronni
Thais carinifera: Thais carinifera(3)
Thais clavigera: Thais clavigera(2)
Thais echinulata: Thais echinulata(2)
Thais gradata: Thais gradata(2)
Thais javanica: Thais javanica(2)
Thais jubilaea: Thais jubilaea
Thais kieneri: Thais kieneri
Thais lacera: Thais lacera
Thais luteostoma: Thais luteostoma
Thais malayensis: Thais malayensis
Thais marginata: Thais marginata
Thais muricoides: Thais muricoides
Thais mutabilis: Thais mutabilis
Thais pseudodiadema: Thais pseudodiadema
Thais rufotincta: Thais rufotincta
Thais rugosa: Thais rugosa(3)
Thais sacellum: Thais sacellum
Thais savignyi: Thais savignyi
Thais squamosa: Thais squamosa
Thais tissoti: Thais tissoti(4)
Thais undata: Thais undata
Thala exilis: Thala exilis
Thala jaculanda: Thala jaculanda
Thala milium: Thala milium
Thala secalina: Thala secalina
Thalamita admete: Thalamita admete
Thalamita chaptali: Thalamita chaptali
Thalamita crenata: Thalamita crenata
Thalamita danae: Thalamita danae
Thalamita demani: Thalamita demani
Thalamita edwardsi: Thalamita edwardsi
Thalamita gloriensis: Thalamita gloriensis
Thalamita holthuisi: Thalamita holthuisi
Thalamita integra: Thalamita integra
Thalamita kagosimensis: Thalamita kagosimensis
Thalamita pelsarti: Thalamita pelsarti
Thalamita picta: Thalamita picta
Thalamita poissonii: Thalamita poissonii
Thalamita prymna: Thalamita prymna
Thalamita sima: Thalamita sima
Thalamita spinimana: Thalamita spinimana
Thalamita stephensoni: Thalamita stephensoni
Thalamita wakensis: Thalamita wakensis
Thalamitoides quaridens: Thalamitoides quaridens
Thalassina anomala: Thalassina anomala(3)
Thalassodes opalina: Thalassodes opalina
Thalassoma amblycephalum: Thalassoma amblycephalum(2)
Thalassoma amblycephalum: Thalassoma amblycephalus
Thalassoma amblycephalum: Thalassoma melanochir
Thalassoma cupido: Julis cupido
Thalassoma cupido: Thalassoma cupido(2)
Thalassoma hardwicke: Julis schwanenfeldii
Thalassoma hardwicke: Sparus hardwicke
Thalassoma hardwicke: Thalassoma hardwicke(2)
Thalassoma hardwicke: Thalassoma hardwickei
Thalassoma hardwicke: Thalassoma hardwicki
Thalassoma hardwicke: Thalassoma hardwickii
Thalassoma hardwicke: Thalassoma schwanefeldi
Thalassoma hardwicke: Thalassoma schwanenfeldii
Thalassoma jansenii: Julis jansenii
Thalassoma jansenii: Thalassoma janseni
Thalassoma jansenii: Thalassoma jansenii(2)
Thalassoma lunare: Labrus lunaris
Thalassoma lunare: Thalassoma lunare(2)
Thalassoma lunare: Thallasoma lunare
Thalassoma lutescens: Julis lutescens
Thalassoma lutescens: Thalassoma lutescens(2)
Thalassoma purpureum: Julis semicoeruleus
Thalassoma purpureum: Julis umbrostygma
Thalassoma purpureum: Scarus purpureus
Thalassoma purpureum: Thalassoma purpurea
Thalassoma purpureum: Thalassoma purpureum(2)
Thalassoma purpureum: Thalassoma semicaeruleus
Thalassoma purpureum: Thalassoma semicoeruleus
Thalassoma purpureum: Thalassoma umbrostigma
Thalassoma purpureum: Thalassoma umbrostygma
Thalassoma quinquevittatum: Scarus quinquevittatus
Thalassoma quinquevittatum: Thalassoma quinquevittata
Thalassoma quinquevittatum: Thalassoma quinquevittatum(2)
Thalassoma quinquevittatum: Thalassoma quinquevittatus
Thalassoma quinquevittatum: Thalassoma qunquevittatum
Thalassoma trilobatum: Labrus fuscus
Thalassoma trilobatum: Labrus trilobatus
Thalassoma trilobatum: Thalassoma fuscum
Thalassoma trilobatum: Thalassoma fuscus
Thalassoma trilobatum: Thalassoma trilobatum(2)
Thalassoma trilobatum: Thalassoma umbrostygma
Thalassophina viperina: Thalassophina viperina
Thalassophis anomalus: Thalassophis anomalus(3)
Thalatta fasciosa: Thalatta fasciosa
Thalia cicar: Thalia cicar
Thalia democratica: Thalia democratica
Thalia orientalis: Thalia orientalis
Thalia rhomboides: Thalia rhomboides
Thaliota zebuensis: Thaliota zebuensis
Thallisellodes limbooliati: Thallisellodes limbooliati
Thamala marciana: Thamala marciana(2)
Thamnaconus hypargyreus: Monacanthus hypargyreus
Thamnaconus hypargyreus: Navodon xanthopterus
Thamnaconus hypargyreus: Thamnaconus hypargyreus(2)
Thamnaconus hypargyreus: Thamnaconus xanthopterus
Thamnaconus modestoides: Cantherhines modestoides
Thamnaconus modestoides: Navodon modestoides
Thamnaconus modestoides: Navodon modestus
Thamnaconus modestoides: Thamnaconus modestoides(3)
Thamnaconus modestus: Cantherines modestus
Thamnaconus modestus: Monacanthus modestus
Thamnaconus modestus: Navodon modestus
Thamnaconus modestus: Thamnaconus modestus(2)
Thamnaconus septentrionalis: Monacanthus septentrionalis
Thamnaconus septentrionalis: Navodon septentrionalis
Thamnaconus septentrionalis: Thamnaconus septentrionalis(2)
Thamnaconus tessellatus: Cantherines tessellatus
Thamnaconus tessellatus: Monacanthus tessellatus
Thamnaconus tessellatus: Thamnaconus nigromaculosus
Thamnaconus tessellatus: Thamnaconus tesselatus
Thamnaconus tessellatus: Thamnaconus tessellatus(2)
Thatcheria mirabilis: Thatcheria mirabilis
Thaumaglossa laeta: Thaumaglossa laeta
Thaumantis klugius: Thaumantis klugius(2)
Thaumantis noureddin: Thaumantis noureddin(2)
Thaumantis odana: Thaumantis odana(2)
Thaumatichthys pagidostomus: Thaumatichthys pagidostomus(2)
Thaumatoleon splendidus: Thaumatoleon splendidus
Thaumatomyia notata: Thaumatomyia notata
Thaumatorhynchus brooksi: Harpesaurus brooksi
Thaumatosmylus ornatus: Thaumatosmylus ornatus
Thauria aliris: Thauria aliris(2)
Thayeria boehlkei: Thayeria boehlkei(4)
Thayeria sanctaemariae: Thayeria sanctaemariae(3)
Thecla absolon: Thecla absolon
Thecurus crassispinis: Thecurus crassispinis
Thelepus binakayanensis: Thelepus binakayanensis
Theloderma asperum: Theloderma asperum
Theloderma horridum: Theloderma horridum
Theloderma leprosum: Theloderma leprosum
Theloderma licin: Theloderma licin
Thelycytharella vitrea: Thelycytharella vitrea
Themistella fusca: Themistella fusca
Themisto gracilipes: Themisto gracilipes
Thenus orientalis: Thenus orientalis
Theodoxus oualaniensis: Theodoxus oualaniensis
Theora fragilis: Theora fragilis
Thera brittanica: Thera brittanica
Thera obeliscata: Thera obeliscata
Therates alboobliquatus: Therates alboobliquatus(2)
Therates fruhstorferi: Therates fruhstorferi
Therates obliquefasciatus: Therates obliquefasciatus
Theretra japonica: Theretra japonica
Theridion elegantissium: Theridion elegantissium
Theridion rufipes: Theridion rufipes
Theridion subpallens: Theridion subpallens
Theriheridion rufipes: Theriheridion rufipes
Theronia brachyura: Theronia brachyura
Theronia clathrata: Theronia clathrata
Theronia zebra: Theronia zebra
Thiara scabra: Thiara scabra(2)
Thiara tuberculata: Thiara tuberculata
Thinopteryx crocoptera: Thinopteryx crocoptera
Thoracochirus formosae: Thoracochirus formosae
Thoracophorus certatus: Thoracophorus certatus
Thordisa villosa: Thordisa villosa
Thosea bicolor: Thosea bicolor
Thosea cana: Thosea cana
Thosea castanea: Thosea castanea
Thosea conspersa: Thosea conspersa
Thosea postornata: Thosea postornata
Thosea rufa: Thosea rufa
Thosea sinensis: Thosea sinensis
Threskiornis aethiopicus: Threskiornis aethiopicus
Threskiornis melanocephalus: Threskiornis melanocephalus(5)
Thressa beckeri: Thressa beckeri
Thrips alliorum: Thrips alliorum
Thrips coloratus: Thrips coloratus
Thrips extensicornis: Thrips extensicornis
Thrips flavus: Thrips flavus
Thrips florum: Thrips florum
Thrips formosanus: Thrips formosanus
Thrips hawaiiensis: Thrips hawaiiensis
Thrips inferus: Thrips inferus
Thrips kotoshoi: Thrips kotoshoi
Thrips malloti: Thrips malloti
Thrips orientalis: Thrips orientalis
Thrips palmi: Thrips palmi
Thrips simplex: Thrips simplex
Thrips tabaci: Thrips tabaci
Thrips taiwanus: Thrips taiwanus
Thrips vitticornis: Thrips vitticornis
Thrips wedeliae: Thrips wedeliae
Thrix scopula: Thrix scopula
Thryssa chefuensis: Engraulis chefuensis
Thryssa chefuensis: Engraulis koreanus
Thryssa chefuensis: Thrissa kammalensis
Thryssa chefuensis: Thryssa chefuensis(2)
Thryssa dussumieri: Engraulis auratus
Thryssa dussumieri: Engraulis dussumieri
Thryssa dussumieri: Scutengraulis dussumieri
Thryssa dussumieri: Thrissa dussumieri
Thryssa dussumieri: Thrissocles dussumieri
Thryssa dussumieri: Thryssa dussumieri(3)
Thryssa hamiltonii: Engraulis grayi
Thryssa hamiltonii: Engraulis nasuta
Thryssa hamiltonii: Scutengraulis hamiltoni
Thryssa hamiltonii: Scutengraulis hamiltonii
Thryssa hamiltonii: Stolephorus hamiltonii
Thryssa hamiltonii: Thrissa hamiltonii
Thryssa hamiltonii: Thrissocles hamiltonii
Thryssa hamiltonii: Thryssa hamiltoni
Thryssa hamiltonii: Thryssa hamiltonii(2)
Thryssa hamiltonii: Thryssa mystax
Thryssa kammalensis: Engraulis kammalensis
Thryssa kammalensis: Engraulis rhinorhyncos
Thryssa kammalensis: Scutengraulis kammalensis
Thryssa kammalensis: Thrissocles kammalensis
Thryssa kammalensis: Thryssa kammalensis(2)
Thryssa setirostris: Clupea mystacina
Thryssa setirostris: Clupea seticornis
Thryssa setirostris: Clupea setirostris
Thryssa setirostris: Engraulis setirostris
Thryssa setirostris: Scutengraulis setirostris
Thryssa setirostris: Thrissa setirostris
Thryssa setirostris: Thrissocles setirostris
Thryssa setirostris: Thryssa macrognathos
Thryssa setirostris: Thryssa setirostris(2)
Thunnus alalunga: Albacora alalonga
Thunnus alalunga: Germo alalonga
Thunnus alalunga: Germo alalunga
Thunnus alalunga: Germo germo
Thunnus alalunga: Germo germon(2)
Thunnus alalunga: Orcynus alalonga
Thunnus alalunga: Orcynus alatunga
Thunnus alalunga: Orcynus germo
Thunnus alalunga: Orcynus germon
Thunnus alalunga: Orcynus pacificus
Thunnus alalunga: Scomber alalunga
Thunnus alalunga: Scomber alatunga
Thunnus alalunga: Scomber albicans
Thunnus alalunga: Scomber germo
Thunnus alalunga: Scomber germon
Thunnus alalunga: Thunnus alalonga
Thunnus alalunga: Thunnus alalunga(2)
Thunnus alalunga: Thunnus germo
Thunnus alalunga: Thunnus pacificus
Thunnus alalunga: Thynnus alalonga
Thunnus alalunga: Thynnus alalunga
Thunnus alalunga: Thynnus pacificus
Thunnus albacares: Germo albacares
Thunnus albacares: Germo albacora
Thunnus albacares: Germo allisoni
Thunnus albacares: Germo argentivittatus
Thunnus albacares: Germo itosibi
Thunnus albacares: Germo macropterus
Thunnus albacares: Kishincella zacalles
Thunnus albacares: Kishinoella zacalles
Thunnus albacares: Neothunnus albacares
Thunnus albacares: Neothunnus albacora(4)
Thunnus albacares: Neothunnus albacores
Thunnus albacares: Neothunnus allisoni
Thunnus albacares: Neothunnus argentivittatus
Thunnus albacares: Neothunnus brevipinna
Thunnus albacares: Neothunnus catalinae
Thunnus albacares: Neothunnus itosibi
Thunnus albacares: Neothunnus macropterus(3)
Thunnus albacares: Orcynus albacora
Thunnus albacares: Orcynus macropterus
Thunnus albacares: Orcynus subulatus
Thunnus albacares: Scomber albacares
Thunnus albacares: Scomber albacorus
Thunnus albacares: Scomber sloanei
Thunnus albacares: Semathunnus guildi
Thunnus albacares: Semathunnus itosibi
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus albacares(3)
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus albacarres
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus albacora
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus albacores
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus allisoni
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus argentivittatus
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus catalinae
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus itosibi
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus macropterus
Thunnus albacares: Thunnus zacalles
Thunnus albacares: Thunus albacares
Thunnus albacares: Thynnus albacora
Thunnus albacares: Thynnus argentivittatus
Thunnus albacares: Thynnus macropterus
Thunnus obesus: Germo obesus
Thunnus obesus: Germo sibi
Thunnus obesus: Neothunnus obesus
Thunnus obesus: Orcynus sibi
Thunnus obesus: Parathunnus mebachi
Thunnus obesus: Parathunnus obesus(2)
Thunnus obesus: Parathunnus sibi
Thunnus obesus: Thunnus abesus
Thunnus obesus: Thunnus atlanticus
Thunnus obesus: Thunnus mebachi
Thunnus obesus: Thunnus obesus(4)
Thunnus obesus: Thunnus sibi
Thunnus obesus: Thunus obesus
Thunnus obesus: Thynnus obesus
Thunnus obesus: Thynnus sibi
Thunnus orientalis: Orcynus schlegelii
Thunnus orientalis: Thunnus orientalis(2)
Thunnus orientalis: Thunnus saliens
Thunnus orientalis: Thunnus schlegelii
Thunnus orientalis: Thunnus thynnus(2)
Thunnus orientalis: Thynnus orientalis
Thunnus tonggol: Kishinoella rara
Thunnus tonggol: Kishinoella tonggol
Thunnus tonggol: Neothunnus rarus
Thunnus tonggol: Neothunnus tonggol
Thunnus tonggol: Thunnus nicolsoni
Thunnus tonggol: Thunnus rarus
Thunnus tonggol: Thunnus tonggol(3)
Thunnus tonggol: Thynnus tonggol
Thuridilla bayeri: Thuridilla bayeri
Thuridilla gracilis: Thuridilla gracilis
Thuridilla ratna: Thuridilla ratna
Thyas juno: Thyas juno
Thyca ectoconcha: Thyca ectoconcha
Thylacinus cynocephalus: Thylacinus cynocephalus
Thyreus amata: Thyreus amata
Thyreus emarginata: Thyreus emarginata
Thyreus japonicus: Thyreus japonicus
Thyreus kanshireana: Thyreus kanshireana
Thyreus subramosa: Thyreus subramosa
Thyreus takaonis: Thyreus takaonis
Thyropus edwardsi: Thyropus edwardsi
Thyrsitoides marleyi: Mimasea taeniosoma
Thyrsitoides marleyi: Thrysitoides marleyi
Thyrsitoides marleyi: Thyrsitoides jordanus
Thyrsitoides marleyi: Thyrsitoides marleyi(2)
Thysanactis dentex: Thysanactis dentex(2)
Thysanichthys crossotus: Thysanichthys crossotus(2)
Thysanophrys celebica: Platycephalus pristis
Thysanophrys celebica: Thysanophrys celebica(2)
Thysanophrys celebica: Thysanophrys celebicus
Thysanophrys chiltonae: Inegocia chiltonae
Thysanophrys chiltonae: Platycephalus chiltonae
Thysanophrys chiltonae: Thysanophrys chiltonae(2)
Thysanophrys chiltonae: Thysanophrys chiltoni
Thysanophrys chiltonae: Thysanophrys cluitouse
Thysanophrys longirostris: Suggrundus longirostris
Thysanophrys longirostris: Thysanophrys longirostris(2)
Thysanopoda orientalis: Thysanopoda orientalis
Thysanostoma thysanura: Thysanostoma thysanura(2)
Tiarella papalis: Tiarella papalis
Tiarella stictica: Tiarella stictica
Tiarinia cornigera: Tiarinia cornigera
Tiarinia depressa: Tiarinia depressa
Tiaris olivacea: Tiaris olivacea
Tibetan macaque: Tibetan macaque
Tibia crispata: Tibia crispata
Tibia fusus: Tibia fusus(2)
Tibia martini: Tibia martini
Tibia powisi: Tibia powisi
Tibicen flavomarginatus: Tibicen flavomarginatus
Ticherra acte: Ticherra acte
Tilapia mossambica: Tilapia mossambica
Tilapia nilotica: Tilapia nilotica
Tilapia sp: Tilapia sp
Tilapia zillii: Acerina zillei
Tilapia zillii: Acerina zillii
Tilapia zillii: Chromis andreae
Tilapia zillii: Chromis caeruleomaculatus
Tilapia zillii: Chromis faidherbii
Tilapia zillii: Chromis melanopleura
Tilapia zillii: Chromis menzalensis
Tilapia zillii: Chromis mossambicus
Tilapia zillii: Chromis niloticus
Tilapia zillii: Chromis tristrami
Tilapia zillii: Chromis zillii
Tilapia zillii: Coptodon zillei
Tilapia zillii: Coptodon zillii
Tilapia zillii: Coptodus zillei
Tilapia zillii: Coptodus zillii
Tilapia zillii: Glyphisidon zillei
Tilapia zillii: Glyphisidon zillii
Tilapia zillii: Haligenes tristrami
Tilapia zillii: Sarotherodon zillei
Tilapia zillii: Sarotherodon zillii
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia caeruleomaculatus
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia christyi
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia faidherbi
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia melanopleura
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia menzalensis
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia multiradiata
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia shariensis
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia sparrmani
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia sparrmanii
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia tristrami
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia zillei
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia zilli
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia zillii(4)
Tiliqua gerrardi: Tiliqua gerrardi
Tiliqua gerrardii: Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii
Tiliqua nigrolutea: Tiliqua nigrolutea
Tiliqua rugosa: Tiliqua rugosa
Tiliqua rugosus: Trachydosaurus rugosus
Tiliqua scincoides: Tiliqua scincoides
Tillus concolor: Tillus concolor
Timalia pileata: Timalia pileata(2)
Timandromorpha discolor: Timandromorpha discolor
Timasius distanti: Timasius distanti
Timelaea albescens: Timelaea albescens
Timoclea arakana: Timoclea arakana
Timoclea chuangi: Timoclea chuangi
Timoclea decorata: Timoclea decorata
Timoclea lionota: Timoclea lionota(2)
Timomenus inermis: Timomenus inermis
Tinea palaechrysis: Tinea palaechrysis
Tinea pellionella: Tinea pellionella
Tineola bisselliella: Tineola bisselliella
Tinginotopsis dromedarius: Tinginotopsis dromedarius
Tinginotopsis formosanum: Tinginotopsis formosanum
Tinginotopsis oryzae: Tinginotopsis oryzae
Tingis cardui: Tingis cardui
Tinissa indica: Tinissa indica
Tinocallis insularis: Tinocallis insularis
Tinocallis viridis: Tinocallis viridis
Tinodes waeneri: Tinodes waeneri
Tiphia alishana: Tiphia alishana
Tiphia ami: Tiphia ami
Tiphia brevilineata: Tiphia brevilineata
Tiphia bunun: Tiphia bunun
Tiphia changi: Tiphia changi
Tiphia chihpenchia: Tiphia chihpenchia
Tiphia chungshani: Tiphia chungshani
Tiphia fenchihuensis: Tiphia fenchihuensis
Tiphia flavipes: Tiphia flavipes
Tiphia formosensis: Tiphia formosensis
Tiphia fortidentata: Tiphia fortidentata
Tiphia fukuii: Tiphia fukuii
Tiphia hohrai: Tiphia hohrai
Tiphia hokkien: Tiphia hokkien
Tiphia horiana: Tiphia horiana
Tiphia ilanensis: Tiphia ilanensis
Tiphia komaii: Tiphia komaii
Tiphia kotoshensis: Tiphia kotoshensis
Tiphia lihyuehtana: Tiphia lihyuehtana
Tiphia ordinaria: Tiphia ordinaria
Tiphia pempuchiensis: Tiphia pempuchiensis
Tiphia piqua: Tiphia piqua
Tiphia puliensis: Tiphia puliensis
Tiphia rufomandibulata: Tiphia rufomandibulata
Tiphia taiwana: Tiphia taiwana
Tiphia takasago: Tiphia takasago
Tiphia triangulata: Tiphia triangulata
Tiphia tsukengensis: Tiphia tsukengensis
Tiphia vallicola: Tiphia vallicola
Tiphia wushensis: Tiphia wushensis
Tiphia yanoi: Tiphia yanoi
Tiphia yushana: Tiphia yushana
Tipula coquilletti: Tipula coquilletti
Tipula edwardsella: Tipula edwardsella
Tipula niitakensis: Tipula niitakensis
Tipula obnata: Tipula obnata
Tipula obtusiloba: Tipula obtusiloba
Tirathaba aperta: Tirathaba aperta
Tirathaba mundella: Tirathaba mundella
Tirumala gautama: Tirumala gautama
Tirumala hamata: Tirumala hamata
Tirumala limniace: Tirumala limniace
Tirumala septentrionis: Tirumala septentrionis
Titulcia confictella: Titulcia confictella
Tmarus taiwanus: Tmarus taiwanus
Todarodes pacificus: Todarodes pacificus
Todiramphus chloris: Halcyon chloris(13200)
Todiramphus chloris: Todiramphus chloris(62700)
Todiramphus chloris: Todirhamphus chloris(13800)
Todirhamphus sanctus: Todirhamphus sanctus
Tohlezkus orientalis: Tohlezkus orientalis
Tolidostena montana: Tolidostena montana
Tolumnia basalis: Tolumnia basalis
Tolumnia latipes: Tolumnia latipes
Tolypothrix distorta: Penicillata, Tolypothrix distorta penicillata
Tomapoderus flaviceps: Tomapoderus flaviceps
Tomistoma schlegeli: Tomistoma schlegeli(2)
Tomistoma schlegelii: Tomistoma schlegelii
Tomiyamichthys oni: Cryptocentrus oni
Tomiyamichthys oni: Tomiyamichthys oni(2)
Tomocerus longicornis: Tomocerus longicornis
Tomopleura nivea: Tomopleura nivea
Tomopleura pouloensis: Tomopleura pouloensis
Tomostethus lividus: Tomostethus lividus
Tomosvaryella coquilletti: Tomosvaryella coquilletti
Tomosvaryella sylvatica: Tomosvaryella sylvatica
Tonna allium: Tonna allium
Tonna canaliculata: Tonna canaliculata
Tonna chinensis: Tonna chinensis
Tonna dolium: Tonna dolium(2)
Tonna luteostoma: Tonna luteostoma
Tonna marginata: Tonna marginata
Tonna melanostoma: Tonna melanostoma
Tonna olearium: Tonna olearium
Tonna perdix: Tonna perdix
Tonna sulcosa: Tonna sulcosa(2)
Tonna tessellata: Tonna tessellata
Toramus formosianus: Toramus formosianus
Torbda striata: Torbda striata
Torigea formosana: Torigea formosana
Tornatina capitata: Tornatina capitata
Tornatina singaporensis: Tornatina singaporensis
Torodora capillaris: Torodora capillaris
Torpedo formosa: Narcacion nobilianus
Torpedo formosa: Narcobatus nobilianus
Torpedo formosa: Tetronarce nobiliana
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo emarginata
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo formosa(2)
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo hebetans
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo hebitans
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo nigra
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo nobiliana
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo nobilianus
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo nobililana
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo nobilina
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo occidentalis
Torpedo formosa: Torpedo walshii
Torpedo tokionis: Tetronarcine tokionis
Torpedo tokionis: Torpedo tokionis(2)
Torquigener brevipinnis: Tetrodon brevipinnis
Torquigener brevipinnis: Torguigener brevipinnis
Torquigener brevipinnis: Torquigener brevipinnis(2)
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Amblyrhinchotes hypselogeneion
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Amblyrhynchotes hypselogeneion
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Amblyrhynchotes hypselogenion
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Spheroides hypselogeneion
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Sphoeroides hypseiogeneion
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Sphoeroides hypselogenecon
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Sphoeroides hypselogeneion
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Tetraodon hypselogeneion
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Tetrodon hypselogeneion
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Torquigener hypselogeneion(2)
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Torquigener hypselogenion
Torquigener hypselogeneion: Uranostoma guttata
Torymoides affinis: Torymoides affinis
Torymus orientalis: Torymus orientalis
Tosana niwae: Tosana niwae(2)
Tosatrochus attenuatus: Tosatrochus attenuatus
Totanus barbatus: Totanus barbatus
Totanus denticulata: Totanus denticulata
Totanus gracilis: Totanus gracilis
Toxolasma cylindrella: Toxolasma cylindrella
Toxometra paupera: Toxometra paupera
Toxopneustes pileolus: Toxopneustes pileolus
Toxotes jaculatrix: Labrus jaculatrix(879)
Toxotes jaculatrix: Sciaena jaculatrix(2330)
Toxotes jaculatrix: Toxotes jaculator(14103)
Toxotes jaculatrix: Toxotes jaculatrix(44000)
Trabala vishnou: Trabala vishnou
Trachea auriplena: Trachea auriplena
Trachea punkikonis: Trachea punkikonis
Trachelas taiwanicus: Trachelas taiwanicus
Trachelomonas aculata: Trachelomonas aculata
Trachelomonas acuminata: Amphora, Trachelomonas acuminata amphora
Trachelomonas cylindrica: Decollata, Trachelomonas cylindrica decollata
Trachelomonas granulata: Trachelomonas granulata
Trachelomonas guttata: Trachelomonas guttata
Trachelomonas hispida: Crenulatocollis, Trachelomonas hispida crenulatocollis
Trachelomonas hispida: Hispida, Trachelomonas hispida hispida
Trachelomonas hispida: Trachelomonas hispida
Trachelomonas intermedia: Intermedia, Trachelomonas intermedia intermedia
Trachelomonas intermedia: Minor, Trachelomonas intermedia minor
Trachelomonas intermedia: Papillifera, Trachelomonas intermedia papillifera
Trachelomonas intermedia: Spinifera, Trachelomonas intermedia spinifera
Trachelomonas mirabilis: Affinis, Trachelomonas mirabilis affinis
Trachelomonas oblonga: Australica, Trachelomonas oblonga australica
Trachelomonas oblonga: Oblonga, Trachelomonas oblonga oblonga
Trachelomonas oblonga: Truncata, Trachelomonas oblonga truncata
Trachelomonas ovalis: Tminor, Trachelomonas ovalis tminor
Trachelomonas pusilla: Punctata, Trachelomonas pusilla punctata
Trachelomonas robusta: Trachelomonas robusta
Trachelomonas scabra: Coberensis, Trachelomonas scabra coberensis
Trachelomonas scabra: Elliptica, Trachelomonas scabra elliptica
Trachelomonas scabra: Scabra, Trachelomonas scabra scabra
Trachelomonas similis: Similis, Trachelomonas similis similis
Trachelomonas superba: Superba, Trachelomonas superba superba
Trachelomonas tuberculata: Trachelomonas tuberculata
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, Trachemys scripta elegans(226000)
Trachemys scripta: Trachemys scripta(392000)
Trachia gabata: Pudica, Trachia gabata pudica
Trachia hardouini: Trachia hardouini
Trachia wrayi: Trachia wrayi
Trachicephalus uranoscopus: Synanceia uranoscopa
Trachicephalus uranoscopus: Trachicephalus uranoscopus(2)
Trachinocephalus myops: Goodella hypozona
Trachinocephalus myops: Osmerus lemniscatus
Trachinocephalus myops: Salmo foetens
Trachinocephalus myops: Salmo myops
Trachinocephalus myops: Saurus brevirostris
Trachinocephalus myops: Saurus foetens
Trachinocephalus myops: Saurus lemniscatus
Trachinocephalus myops: Saurus limbatus
Trachinocephalus myops: Saurus myops
Trachinocephalus myops: Saurus trachinus
Trachinocephalus myops: Saurus truncatus
Trachinocephalus myops: Synodus brevirostris
Trachinocephalus myops: Synodus myops
Trachinocephalus myops: Trachicephalus myops
Trachinocephalus myops: Trachinocephalus brevirostris
Trachinocephalus myops: Trachinocephalus hypozona
Trachinocephalus myops: Trachinocephalus limbatus
Trachinocephalus myops: Trachinocephalus myops(2)
Trachinocephalus myops: Trachinocephalus trachinus
Trachinocephalus myops: Trichinocephalus myops
Trachinotus anak: Trachinotus anak(2)
Trachinotus baillonii: Caesiomorus baillonii
Trachinotus baillonii: Caesiomorus quadripunctatus
Trachinotus baillonii: Trachinotus bailloni
Trachinotus baillonii: Trachinotus baillonii(2)
Trachinotus baillonii: Trachinotus cuvieri
Trachinotus baillonii: Trachinotus jordani
Trachinotus baillonii: Trachinotus oblongus
Trachinotus baillonii: Trachinotus quadripunctatus
Trachinotus baillonii: Trachynotus bailloni
Trachinotus baillonii: Trachynotus baillonii
Trachinotus baillonii: Trachynotus oblongus
Trachinotus blochii: Caesiomorus blochii
Trachinotus blochii: Scomber falcatus
Trachinotus blochii: Trachinotus blochi
Trachinotus blochii: Trachinotus blochii(4)
Trachinotus blochii: Trachinotus falcatus
Trachinotus blochii: Trachinotus fuscus
Trachinotus blochii: Trachynotus blochi
Trachinotus blochii: Trachynotus falcatus
Trachinotus blochii: Trachynotus ovatus
Trachipterus ishikawae: Trachipterus ishikawae(2)
Trachipterus ishikawae: Trachypterus ishikawae
Trachipterus trachypterus: Argyctius quadrimaculatus
Trachipterus trachypterus: Bogmarus aristotelis
Trachipterus trachypterus: Bogmarus mediterraneus
Trachipterus trachypterus: Cephalepis swainsonii
Trachipterus trachypterus: Cepola iris
Trachipterus trachypterus: Cepola trachyptera
Trachipterus trachypterus: Epidesmus maculatus
Trachipterus trachypterus: Gymnetrus cepedianus
Trachipterus trachypterus: Regalecus maculatus
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachipterus arcticus
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachipterus iris
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachipterus taenia
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachipterus trachipterus
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachipterus trachypterus(2)
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachypterus costae
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachypterus falx
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachypterus leiopterus
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachypterus pentastigma
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachypterus rondeletii
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachypterus rueppellii
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachypterus spinolae
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trachypterus trachypterus
Trachipterus trachypterus: Trichiurus trimaculatus
Trachonurus sentipellis: Trachonurus sentipellis
Trachonurus villosus: Coryphaenoides asperrimus
Trachonurus villosus: Coryphaenoides sulcatus
Trachonurus villosus: Coryphaenoides villosus
Trachonurus villosus: Macrourus asperrimus
Trachonurus villosus: Macrurus villosus
Trachonurus villosus: Trachonorus sentipellis
Trachonurus villosus: Trachonurus villosus(2)
Trachurus japonicus: Caranx trachurus
Trachurus japonicus: Trachurus japonicus(2)
Trachusa formosanum: Trachusa formosanum
Trachyaphthona punctata: Trachyaphthona punctata
Trachycarcinus elegans: Trachycarcinus elegans
Trachycardium alternatum: Trachycardium alternatum
Trachycardium flavum: Trachycardium flavum
Trachycardium impolitam: Trachycardium impolitam
Trachycardium impolitum: Trachycardium impolitum
Trachycardium mindanense: Trachycardium mindanense
Trachylophus sinensis: Trachylophus sinensis
Trachyopella formosa: Trachyopella formosa
Trachypholis ornatus: Trachypholis ornatus
Trachyphonus erythrocephalus: Trachyphonus erythrocephalus
Trachypithecus barbe: Trachypithecus barbe
Trachypithecus barbei: Trachypithecus barbei(2)
Trachypithecus delacour: Trachypithecus delacour
Trachypithecus delacouri: Trachypithecus delacouri(2)
Trachypithecus ebenu: Trachypithecus ebenu
Trachypithecus ebenus: Trachypithecus ebenus(2)
Trachypithecus geei: Trachypithecus geei
Trachypithecus germain: Trachypithecus germain
Trachypithecus germaini: Trachypithecus germaini(2)
Trachypithecus hatinhensi: Trachypithecus hatinhensi
Trachypithecus hatinhensis: Trachypithecus hatinhensis(2)
Trachypithecus laotu: Trachypithecus laotu
Trachypithecus laotum: Trachypithecus laotum(2)
Trachypithecus pileatus: Trachypithecus pileatus
Trachypithecus shortridge: Trachypithecus shortridge
Trachypithecus shortridgei: Trachypithecus shortridgei(2)
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Ichthyocampus annulatus
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Ichthyocampus maculatus
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Syngnathus bicoarctatus
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Syngnathus brevicaudus
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Syngnathus zanzibarensis
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Trachyramphus bicoarctata
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Trachyramphus bicoarctatus
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus(2)
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Trachyrhamphus bioarctatus
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Yozia bicoarctata(3)
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Yozia compitalis(2)
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Yozia wakanourae
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: Ypzia bicoarctata
Trachyrhamphus longirostris: Trachyrhamphus longirostris(2)
Trachyrhamphus serratus: Syngnathus serratus
Trachyrhamphus serratus: Trachyrhamphus serratus(2)
Trachys inconspicua: Trachys inconspicua
Trachys kurosawai: Trachys kurosawai
Trachysalambria aspera: Trachysalambria aspera
Trachyscelis chinensis: Trachyscelis chinensis
Trachyslambria longipes: Trachyslambria longipes
Tragopan blythii: Tragopan blythii
Tragopan caboti: Tragopan caboti
Tragopan melanocephalus: Tragopan melanocephalus
Tragulus javanicus: Tragulus javatticus
Tragulus javatticus: Tragulus javatticus
Tragulus kancil: Tragulus kancil
Tragulus napu: Tragulus napu(2)
Tramea transmarina: Tramea transmarina
Tramea virginia: Tramea virginia
Trapelus agilis: Agama agilis
Trapelus flavimaculata: Agama flavimaculata
Trapelus mutabilis: Agama mutabilis
Trapelus rubrigularis: Agama rubrigularis
Trapelus ruderatus: Agama ruderatus
Trapelus savignii: Agama savignii
Trapezia areolata: Trapezia areolata
Trapezia cheni: Trapezia cheni
Trapezia cymodoce: Trapezia cymodoce
Trapezia digitalis: Trapezia digitalis
Trapezia formosa: Trapezia formosa
Trapezia garthi: Trapezia garthi
Trapezia guttata: Trapezia guttata
Trapezia lutea: Trapezia lutea
Trapezia rufopunctata: Trapezia rufopunctata
Trapezia septata: Trapezia septata
Trapezia serenei: Trapezia serenei
Trapezia speciosa: Trapezia speciosa
Trapezia tigrina: Trapezia tigrina
Trapezium bicarinatum: Trapezium bicarinatum
Trapezium liratum: Trapezium liratum
Trapezium oblongum: Trapezium oblongum
Trapezium sowerbyi: Trapezium sowerbyi
Trapezium sublaevigatum: Trapezium sublaevigatum(2)
Trapezium vellicatum: Trapezium vellicatum(2)
Trathala flavo-orbitalis: Trathala flavo-orbitalis
Trathala matsumuraeana: Trathala matsumuraeana
Trchoisea diffusa: Trchoisea diffusa
Trcihastoma bicolor: Trcihastoma bicolor
Trechiama alatus: Trechiama alatus
Tremarctos ornatus: Tremarctos ornatus
Tremex chujoi: Tremex chujoi
Tremex kojimai: Tremex kojimai
Tremex longicollis: Tremex longicollis
Tremex niger: Tremex niger
Tremoctopus violaceus: Tremoctopus violaceus
Treron bicincta: Treron bicincta(3)
Treron capellei: Treron capellei(3)
Treron curvirostra: Treron curvirostra(5)
Treron formos: Treron formos
Treron fulvicollis: Treron fulvicollis(4)
Treron olax: Treron olax(4)
Treron seimundi: Treron seimundi(2)
Treron sieboldii: Treron sieboldii(2)
Treron sphenura: Treron sphenura(2)
Treron vernans: Treron vernans(38400)
Triacanthodes anomalus: Triacanthodes anomalus(2)
Triacanthodes anomalus: Triacanthus anomalus
Triacanthodes ethiops: Paratriacanthodes myersi
Triacanthodes ethiops: Triacanthodes anomalus
Triacanthodes ethiops: Triacanthodes ethiops(2)
Triacanthodes ethiops: Triacanthoides athiops
Triacanthus biaculeatus: Balistes biaculeatus
Triacanthus biaculeatus: Triacanthus biaculeatus(2)
Triacanthus biaculeatus: Triacanthus brevirostris
Triacanthus nieuhofi: Triacanthus nieuhofi
Triaenodes rufescens: Triaenodes rufescens
Triaenodon obesus: Carcharias obesus
Triaenodon obesus: Triaenodon apicalis
Triaenodon obesus: Triaenodon obesus(2)
Triaenodon obesus: Trianodon obesus
Triakis scyllium: Hemigaleus pingi
Triakis scyllium: Triakis scyllia
Triakis scyllium: Triakis scyllium(2)
Trialeurodes vaporariorum: Trialeurodes vaporariorum
Triancyra minuta: Triancyra minuta
Triaspis beitun: Triaspis beitun
Triaspis bicolor: Triaspis bicolor
Triaspis borpian: Triaspis borpian
Triaspis calvus: Triaspis calvus
Triaspis chiu: Triaspis chiu
Triaspis chouwen: Triaspis chouwen
Triaspis chunji: Triaspis chunji
Triaspis curvatus: Triaspis curvatus
Triaspis distinctus: Triaspis distinctus
Triaspis fessus: Triaspis fessus
Triaspis hui: Triaspis hui
Triaspis imitatus: Triaspis imitatus
Triaspis ketiao: Triaspis ketiao
Triaspis kueichia: Triaspis kueichia
Triaspis lienhuachihensis: Triaspis lienhuachihensis
Triaspis loi: Triaspis loi
Triaspis ovatus: Triaspis ovatus
Triaspis plenus: Triaspis plenus
Triaspis robustus: Triaspis robustus
Triaspis shan: Triaspis shan
Triaspis shangchia: Triaspis shangchia
Triaspis tungpuensis: Triaspis tungpuensis
Triatoma rubrofasciata: Triatoma rubrofasciata
Tribolium castaneum: Tribolium castaneum
Tribolium confusum: Tribolium confusum
Tribolonotus gracilis: Tribolonotus gracilis
Trichastoma bicolor: Trichastoma bicolor(2)
Trichastoma rostratum: Trichastoma rostratum(5)
Trichechus inunguis: Trichechus inunguis
Trichechus manatus: Trichechus manatus
Trichechus senegalensis: Trichechus senegalensis
Trichia botrytis: Botrytis, Trichia botrytis botrytis
Trichia botrytis: Cerifera, Trichia botrytis cerifera
Trichia contorta: Iowensis, Trichia contorta iowensis
Trichia contorta: Karstenii, Trichia contorta karstenii
Trichia decipiens: Trichia decipiens
Trichia erecta: Trichia erecta
Trichia scabra: Trichia scabra
Trichia verrucosa: Trichia verrucosa
Trichiurus brevis: Trichiurus brevis
Trichiurus brevis: Trichiurus minor
Trichiurus haumela: Trichiurus haumela
Trichiurus japonicus: Trichiurus japonicus(2)
Trichiurus lepturus: Clupea haumela
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichiuris haumela
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichiurus argenteus
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichiurus coxii
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichiurus haumela
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichiurus japonicus
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichiurus lajor
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichiurus lepturus(5)
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichiurus malabaricus
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichiurus nitens
Trichiurus lepturus: Trichurus lepturus
Trichiurus nanhaiensis: Trichiurus nanhaiensis(2)
Trichius elegans: Trichius elegans
Trichixos pyrropyga: Trichixos pyrropyga(3)
Trichoblatta nigra: Trichoblatta nigra
Trichoblatta pygmaea: Trichoblatta pygmaea
Trichocerca cylindrica: Trichocerca cylindrica
Trichodesma kurosawai: Trichodesma kurosawai
Trichodesmium erythraeum: Trichodesmium erythraeum
Trichodesmium hildebrandtii: Trichodesmium hildebrandtii
Trichodesmium thiebautii: Trichodesmium thiebautii
Trichogaster labiosa: Trichogaster labiosa
Trichogaster leeri: Trichogaster leeri(5)
Trichogaster microlepis: Trichogaster microlepis(4)
Trichogaster pectoralis: Trichogaster pectoralis(29000)
Trichogaster pectoralis: Trichopodus pectoralis(Preferred)(4190)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Trichogaster trichopterus(122000)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Trichopodus trichopterus(12600)
Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus: Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus
Trichoglossus euteles: Trichoglossus euteles
Trichoglossus flavoviridis: Trichoglossus flavoviridis
Trichoglossus haematodus: Trichoglossus haematodus(5)
Trichoglossus ornatus: Trichoglossus ornatus(2)
Trichogramma embryophagum: Trichogramma embryophagum
Trichogramma evanescens: Trichogramma evanescens
Trichogramma fasciatum: Trichogramma fasciatum
Trichogramma nubilale: Trichogramma nubilale
Trichogrammatoidea nana: Trichogrammatoidea nana(2)
Tricholestes criniger: Tricholestes criniger(3)
Trichomaladera elongata: Trichomaladera elongata
Trichomma nigricans: Trichomma nigricans
Trichomya hirsuta: Trichomya hirsuta(2)
Trichomyia batu: Trichomyia batu
Trichomyia malaya: Trichomyia malaya
Trichonotus elegans: Trichonotus elegans(2)
Trichonotus setiger: Trachinotus setigerus
Trichonotus setiger: Trichonotops setiger
Trichonotus setiger: Trichonotus setiger(2)
Trichonotus setiger: Trichonotus setigerus
Trichophya kursowai: Trichophya kursowai
Trichoplites albimaculosa: Trichoplites albimaculosa
Trichoplusia ni: Trichoplusia ni
Trichoplusia reticulata: Trichoplusia reticulata
Trichopsis pumilus: Trichopsis pumilus
Trichopsis vittata: Trichopsis vittata(19000)
Trichopsis vittata: Trichopsis vittatus(7390)
Trichopteryx carpinata: Trichopteryx carpinata
Trichopteryx fastuosa: Trichopteryx fastuosa
Trichopteryx fui: Trichopteryx fui
Trichopteryx fusconotata: Trichopteryx fusconotata
Trichopteryx terranea: Trichopteryx terranea
Trichortheus elongatus: Trichortheus elongatus
Trichosanthes kirilowii: Trichosanthes kirilowii
Trichospilus diatraeae: Trichospilus diatraeae
Trichotanypus iris: Trichotanypus iris
Trichotichnus orientalis: Trichotichnus orientalis
Trichotichnus taiwanus: Trichotichnus taiwanus
Trichys fasciculata: Trichys fasciculata
Trichys lipura: Trichys fasciculata
Trichys lipura: Trichys lipura
Tricimba batucola: Tricimba batucola
Tricimba marina: Tricimba marina
Triclistus aitkini: Triclistus aitkini
Triclistus dimidiatus: Triclistus dimidiatus
Triclistus globulipes: Triclistus globulipes
Triclistus lewi: Triclistus lewi
Triclistus pallipes: Triclistus pallipes
Triclistus parallelus: Triclistus parallelus
Triclistus planus: Triclistus planus
Triclistus sonani: Triclistus sonani
Tricolia fordiana: Tricolia fordiana
Tridacna crocea: Tridacna crocea(3)
Tridacna derasa: Tridacna derasa
Tridacna gigas: Tridacna gigas
Tridacna maxima: Tridacna maxima(2)
Tridacna squamosa: Tridacna squamosa(2)
Tridentiger barbatus: Triaenophorichthys barbatus
Tridentiger barbatus: Triaenopogon barbatus
Tridentiger barbatus: Tridentiger barbatus(2)
Tridentiger bifasciatus: Tridentiger bifasciatus(2)
Tridentiger nudicervicus: Tridentiger nudicervicus(2)
Tridentiger obscurus: Sicydium obscurum
Tridentiger obscurus: Tridentiger obscurum
Tridentiger obscurus: Tridentiger obscurus(3)
Tridentiger trigonocephalus: Triaenophorus trigonocephalus
Tridentiger trigonocephalus: Tridentiger trigonocephalus(2)
Tridrepana flava: Tridrepana flava
Triforis elegans: Triforis elegans
Trigona apicalis: Trigona apicalis
Trigona carbonaria: Trigona carbonaria(8420)
Trigona collina: Trigona collina
Trigona iridipennis: Trigona iridipennis(2220)
Trigona itama: Heterotrigona itama(Preferred)(2020)
Trigona itama: Trigona itama(6232)
Trigona laeviceps: Tetragonula laeviceps
Trigona laeviceps: Trigona laeviceps
Trigona scintillans: Lisotrigona scintillans
Trigona terminata: Lepidotrigona terminata
Trigona terminata: Trigona terminata
Trigona ventralis: Trigona ventralis
Trigonaphera bicolor: Trigonaphera bicolor
Trigonaphera bocageana: Trigonaphera bocageana
Trigonidium cicindeloides: Trigonidium cicindeloides
Trigonidium humbertianus: Trigonidium humbertianus
Trigoniulus corallinus: Trigoniulus corallinus
Trigonocolus elegans: Trigonocolus elegans
Trigonodemus audax: Trigonodemus audax
Trigonodes hyppasia: Trigonodes hyppasia
Trigonophorus rothschildi: Trigonophorus rothschildi
Trigonopoda crassipes: Trigonopoda crassipes
Trigonostoma antiquata: Trigonostoma antiquata(2)
Trigonostoma bicolor: Trigonostoma bicolor
Trigonostoma lamellosa: Trigonostoma lamellosa
Trigonostoma paucicostata: Trigonostoma paucicostata
Trigonostoma scalariformis: Trigonostoma scalariformis
Trigonostoma scalarina: Trigonostoma scalarina
Trigonotoma lewisii: Trigonotoma lewisii
Trigonotylus tenuis: Trigonotylus tenuis
Trilocha varians: Trilocha varians
Trilophus alternans: Trilophus alternans
Trimeresurus gracilis: Trimeresurus gracilis
Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus: Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus
Trimeresurus wiroti: Trimeresurus wiroti
Trimerusurus albolabris: Trimerusurus albolabris
Trimerusurus chaseni: Trimerusurus chaseni
Trimerusurus hageni: Trimerusurus hageni
Trimerusurus kanburiensis: Trimerusurus kanburiensis
Trimerusurus macrops: Trimerusurus macrops
Trimerusurus popeiorum: Trimerusurus popeiorum
Trimerusurus puniceus: Trimerusurus puniceus
Trimerusurus purpureomaculatus: Trimerusurus purpureomaculatus
Trimerusurus stejnegeri: Trimerusurus stejnegeri
Trimerusurus sumatranus: Trimerusurus sumatranus
Trimerusurus wagleri: Trimerusurus wagleri
Trimma anaima: Trimma anaima(2)
Trimma annosum: Trimma annosum
Trimma caesiura: Trimma caesiura(2)
Trimma caesiura: Trimma caesuira
Trimma emeryi: Trimma emeryi(2)
Trimma emeryi: Trimma mendelssohni
Trimma fangi: Trimma fangi
Trimma grammistes: Eviota grammistes
Trimma grammistes: Trimma grammistes(2)
Trimma halonevum: Trimma halonevum(2)
Trimma macrophthalma: Eviota macrophthalma
Trimma macrophthalma: Eviota macrophthalmus
Trimma macrophthalma: Trimma flammeus
Trimma macrophthalma: Trimma macrophthalma(2)
Trimma macrophthalma: Zonogobius flammeus
Trimma naudei: Trimma naudei(2)
Trimma okinawae: Eviota caesiura
Trimma okinawae: Trimma okinawae(2)
Trimma tevegae: Trimma caudomaculata
Trimma tevegae: Trimma tevegae(2)
Trimmatom macropodus: Trimmatom macropodus(2)
Trinchesia alpha: Trinchesia alpha
Trinchesia anulata: Trinchesia anulata
Trinchesia beta: Trinchesia beta
Trinchesia catachroma: Trinchesia catachroma
Trinchesia divanica: Trinchesia divanica
Trinchesia lenkae: Trinchesia lenkae
Trinchesia ornata: Trinchesia ornata
Trinchesia pupillae: Trinchesia pupillae
Trinchesia pustulata: Cuthona pustulata
Trinchesia reflexa: Trinchesia reflexa
Trinchesia scintillans: Trinchesia scintillans
Trinchesia sibogae: Cuthona sibogae(2660)
Trinchesia sibogae: Trinchesia sibogae(87000)
Trinchesia sororum: Trinchesia sororum
Trinchesia thelmae: Trinchesia thelmae
Trinchesia viridiana: Trinchesia viridiana
Trinchesia viridis: Cuthona viridis
Trinchesia zelandica: Trinchesia zelandica
Tringa brevipes: Tringa brevipes
Tringa cinerea: Tringa cinerea
Tringa erythropus: Tringa erythropus(5)
Tringa flavipes: Tringa flavipes(3)
Tringa glareola: Tringa glareola(6)
Tringa guttifer: Tringa guttifer(7)
Tringa hypoleucos: Tringa hypoleucos(3)
Tringa hypoleucos: Tringa hypoleucus
Tringa incana: Tringa incana
Tringa melanoleuca: Tringa melanoleuca
Tringa nebularia: Tringa nebularia(5)
Tringa ochropus: Tringa ochropus(5)
Tringa solitaria: Tringa solitaria
Tringa stagnatilis: Tringa stagnatilis(6)
Tringa totanus: Tringa totanus(6)
Trinodes niger: Trinodes niger
Trioceros jacksonii: Chamaeleo jacksonii
Triodon macropterus: Triodon bursaris
Triodon macropterus: Triodon bursarius
Triodon macropterus: Triodon macropterus(2)
Triodon macropterus: Triodon macroptrus
Trionyx ater: Trionyx ater
Trionyx gangeticus: Trionyx gangeticus
Trionyx hurum: Trionyx hurum
Trionyx nigricans: Trionyx nigricans
Trionyx subplanus: Trionyx subplanus
Trioxys communis: Trioxys communis
Trioxys indicus: Trioxys indicus
Triphaenopsis jezoensis: Triphaenopsis jezoensis
Triphora episcopalis: Triphora episcopalis
Triphora granulata: Triphora granulata
Triphora hervieri: Triphora hervieri
Triphora otsuensis: Triphora otsuensis
Triphora tessellata: Triphora tessellata
Triphosa rotundata: Triphosa rotundata
Triphoturus nigrescens: Lampanyctus microchir
Triphoturus nigrescens: Myctophum nigrescens
Triphoturus nigrescens: Triphotorus nigrescens
Triphoturus nigrescens: Triphoturus microchir
Triphoturus nigrescens: Triphoturus nigrescens(2)
Triplax atroguttata: Triplax atroguttata
Triplax bicolorata: Triplax bicolorata
Triplax horni: Triplax horni
Triplax hurusyoi: Triplax hurusyoi
Triplax quadrinotata: Triplax quadrinotata
Triplax takabayashii: Triplax takabayashii
Triplax trimaculata: Triplax trimaculata
Triplophos hemingi: Photichthys hemingi
Triplophos hemingi: Triplophos hemingi(2)
Tripodichthys blochii: Triacanthus biaculeatus
Tripodichthys blochii: Triacanthus blochi
Tripodichthys blochii: Triacanthus blochii
Tripodichthys blochii: Tripodichthys blochi
Tripodichthys blochii: Tripodichthys blochii(2)
Triportheus elongatus: Triportheus elongatus(2)
Trirachys orientalis: Trirachys orientalis
Trirogma caerulea: Trirogma caerulea
Trisidos semitoria: Trisidos semitoria
Trisidos semitorta: Trisidos semitorta(2)
Trisidos tortuosa: Trisidos tortuosa(2)
Triso dermopterus: Altiserranus woorei
Triso dermopterus: Serranus dermopterus
Triso dermopterus: Triso dermopterus(2)
Triso dermopterus: Trisotropis dermopterus
Trispinaria maculata: Trispinaria maculata
Trissolcus basalis: Trissolcus basalis
Tristeirometa decussata: Tristeirometa decussata
Trisuloides caerulea: Trisuloides caerulea
Trisuloides sericea: Trisuloides sericea
Trisuloides subflava: Trisuloides subflava
Trisuloides taiwana: Trisuloides taiwana
Trithemis aurora: Trithemis aurora(101000)
Trithemis festiva: Trithemis festiva
Tritoma fasciata: Tritoma fasciata
Tritonia bollandi: Tritonia bollandi
Tritonoturris amabilis: Tritonoturris amabilis
Tritonoturris cumingi: Tritonoturris cumingi
Tritonoturris cumingii: Tritonoturris cumingii
Tritonoturris macandrewi: Tritonoturris macandrewi
Tritonoturris menecharmes: Tritonoturris menecharmes
Tritonoturris subrissoides: Tritonoturris subrissoides
Triturus vulgaris: Triturus vulgaris
Triuncina brunnea: Triuncina brunnea
Trivia edgari: Trivia edgari
Trivia globosa: Trivia globosa
Trivia oryza: Trivia oryza
Trivia pellucidula: Trivia pellucidula
Trivia rubinicolor: Trivia rubinicolor
Trivirostra edgari: Trivirostra edgari
Trivirostra exigua: Trivirostra exigua
Trivirostra hordacea: Trivirostra hordacea
Trivirostra oryza: Oryza, Trivirostra oryza oryza(2)
Trivirostra oryza: Trivirostra oryza(2)
Trivirostra pellucidula: Trivirostra pellucidula
Trizopagurus strigimanus: Trizopagurus strigimanus
Trochochlamys longa: Trochochlamys longa
Trochomorpha bicolor: Trochomorpha bicolor
Trochonanina lychnia: Trochonanina lychnia
Trochus calcaratus: Trochus calcaratus
Trochus chloromphalus: Trochus chloromphalus
Trochus hanleyanus: Trochus hanleyanus
Trochus maculatus: Trochus maculatus(2)
Trochus niloticus: Trochus niloticus
Trochus radiatus: Trochus radiatus
Trochus sacellum: Trochus sacellum(2)
Trochus stellatus: Trochus stellatus
Trochus tentorium: Trochus tentorium
Trochus tricatenatus: Trochus tricatenatus
Trogaspidia lanceolata: Trogaspidia lanceolata
Trogaspidia pacifica: Trogaspidia pacifica
Trogaspidia rhea: Trogaspidia rhea
Trogium pulsatorium: Trogium pulsatorium
Troglodytes troglodytes: Troglodytes troglodytes
Trogoderma granarium: Trogoderma afrum
Trogoderma granarium: Trogoderma khapra
Trogoderma granarium: Trogoderma quinquefasciata
Trogonoptera brookiana: Trogonoptera brookiana(2)
Troides aeacus: Troides aeacus
Troides amphrysus: Troides amphrysus
Troides cuneifera: Troides cuneifera
Troides helena: Troides helena(2)
Troilus luridus: Troilus luridus
Tromatobia taiwana: Tromatobia taiwana
Trombicula batui: Trombicula batui
Trombicula insolli: Trombicula insolli
Tropaeas subulata: Tropaeas subulata
Tropeas subulata: Tropeas subulata
Tropheus duboisi: Tropheus duboisi(4)
Tropicomya pilosa: Tropicomya pilosa
Tropideres nanus: Tropideres nanus
Tropidolaemus wagleri: Tropidolaemus wagleri
Tropidothorax elegans: Tropidothorax elegans
Tropiocolotes tripolitanus: Tropiocolotes tripolitanus
Tropocyclops nigroviridis: Tropocyclops nigroviridis
Trotocraspeda divaricata: Trotocraspeda divaricata
Trox costatus: Trox costatus
Trox scaber: Trox scaber
Truncatella guerinii: Truncatella guerinii(2)
Truncatella pfeifferi: Truncatella pfeifferi
Truncatella takaoensis: Truncatella takaoensis
Trupanea ambigua: Trupanea ambigua
Trupanea amoena: Trupanea amoena
Trupanea formosae: Trupanea formosae
Tryngites subruficollis: Tryngites subruficollis(2)
Trypanosyllis taeniaformis: Trypanosyllis taeniaformis
Trypanosyllis zebra: Trypanosyllis zebra
Trypauchen vagina: Gobioides ruber
Trypauchen vagina: Gobius vagina
Trypauchen vagina: Trypauchen vagina(2)
Trypauchen vagina: Trypauchen wakae
Tryphana malmi: Tryphana malmi
Trypherus similis: Trypherus similis
Trypoxylon chingi: Trypoxylon chingi
Trypoxylon elongatum: Trypoxylon elongatum
Trypoxylon errans: Trypoxylon errans
Trypoxylon fenchihuense: Trypoxylon fenchihuense
Trypoxylon fletcheri: Trypoxylon fletcheri
Trypoxylon formosicola: Trypoxylon formosicola
Trypoxylon fronticorne: Trypoxylon fronticorne(3)
Trypoxylon hyperorientale: Trypoxylon hyperorientale
Trypoxylon kansitakum: Trypoxylon kansitakum
Trypoxylon koshunicon: Trypoxylon koshunicon
Trypoxylon lobatifrons: Trypoxylon lobatifrons
Trypoxylon nipponicum: Trypoxylon nipponicum(2)
Trypoxylon petiolatum: Trypoxylon petiolatum
Trypoxylon petioloides: Trypoxylon petioloides
Trypoxylon planifrons: Trypoxylon planifrons
Trypoxylon quadriceps: Trypoxylon quadriceps
Trypoxylon regium: Trypoxylon regium
Trypoxylon sauteri: Trypoxylon sauteri
Trypoxylon schmiedeknechti: Trypoxylon schmiedeknechti
Trypoxylon schmiedeknechtii: Trypoxylon schmiedeknechtii
Trypoxylon tainanense: Trypoxylon tainanense
Trypoxylon taiwanum: Trypoxylon taiwanum
Trypoxylon takasago: Trypoxylon takasago
Trypoxylon tengmen: Trypoxylon tengmen
Trypoxylon yoshimotoi: Trypoxylon yoshimotoi
Tryssogobius porosus: Tryssogobius porosus
Tubastraea aurea: Tubastraea aurea
Tubastraea coccinea: Astropsammia pedersenii
Tubastraea coccinea: Caryophyllia aurantiaca
Tubastraea coccinea: Coenopsammia affinis
Tubastraea coccinea: Coenopsammia aurea
Tubastraea coccinea: Coenopsammia coccinea
Tubastraea coccinea: Coenopsammia ehrenbergiana
Tubastraea coccinea: Coenopsammia manni
Tubastraea coccinea: Coenopsammia radiata
Tubastraea coccinea: Coenopsammia tenuilamellosa
Tubastraea coccinea: Coenopsammia urvillii
Tubastraea coccinea: Coenopsammia willeyi
Tubastraea coccinea: Dendrophyllia affinis
Tubastraea coccinea: Dendrophyllia aurantiaca
Tubastraea coccinea: Dendrophyllia danae
Tubastraea coccinea: Dendrophyllia ehrenbergiana
Tubastraea coccinea: Dendrophyllia manni
Tubastraea coccinea: Dendrophyllia surcularis
Tubastraea coccinea: Dendrophyllia turbinata
Tubastraea coccinea: Dendrophyllia willeyi
Tubastraea coccinea: Lobophyllia aurea
Tubastraea coccinea: Placopsammia darwini
Tubastraea coccinea: Tubastraea aurea
Tubastraea coccinea: Tubastraea coccinea
Tubastraea coccinea: Tubastraea pedersenii
Tubastraea coccinea: Tubastraea tenuilamellosa
Tubastraea coccinea: Tubastraea willeyi
Tubastraea micrantha: Tubastraea micrantha
Tubifera microsperma: Tubifera microsperma
Tubipora musica: Tubipora musica
Tucetona nodosa: Tucetona nodosa
Tugurium indicum: Tugurium indicum
Tullbergella cuspidata: Tullbergella cuspidata
Tupaia glis: Tupaia glis(33200)
Tupaia minor: Tupaia minor
Tupinambis merianae: Tupinambis merianae
Tupinambis rufescens: Tupinambis rufescens
Tupinambis teguixin: Tupinambis teguixin
Turbinaria frondens: Turbinaria frondens
Turbinaria irregularis: Turbinaria irregularis
Turbinaria mesenterina: Turbinaria mesenterina(2)
Turbinaria peltata: Turbinaria peltata(2)
Turbinaria reniformis: Turbinaria reniformis
Turbinaria stellulata: Turbinaria stellulata
Turbo argyrostomus: Turbo argyrostomus
Turbo bruneus: Turbo bruneus
Turbo brunneus: Turbo brunneus(3)
Turbo chinensis: Turbo chinensis
Turbo chryostomus: Turbo chryostomus
Turbo cornutus: Turbo cornutus
Turbo heterocheilus: Turbo heterocheilus
Turbo intercostalis: Turbo intercostalis
Turbo marmoratus: Turbo marmoratus(2)
Turbo petholatus: Turbo petholatus(2)
Turbo reevei: Turbo reevei
Turbo setosus: Turbo setosus
Turbo sparverium: Turbo sparverium
Turbo stenogyrus: Turbo stenogyrus
Turbo ticaonicus: Turbo ticaonicus
Turbonilla archeri: Turbonilla archeri
Turbonilla laminedentata: Turbonilla laminedentata
Turbonilla martensi: Turbonilla martensi(2)
Turbonilla monocycla: Turbonilla monocycla
Turbonilla scrobiculata: Turbonilla scrobiculata
Turcica maculata: Turcica maculata
Turdus cardis: Turdus cardis(2)
Turdus chrysolaus: Turdus chrysolaus(2)
Turdus hortulorum: Turdus hortulorum(2)
Turdus merula: Turdus merula(4)
Turdus naumanni: Turdus naumanni(2)
Turdus obscurus: Turdus obscurus(6)
Turdus pallidus: Turdus pallidus(3)
Turdus poliocephalus: Turdus poliocephalus(2)
Turnebiella pallipes: Turnebiella pallipes
Turnix melanogaster: Turnix melanogaster
Turnix suscitator: Turnix suscitator(5)
Turnix sylvatica: Turnix sylvatica(2)
Turnix tanki: Turnix tanki
Turricula interrupta: Turricula interrupta
Turricula javana: Turricula javana(2)
Turricula nelliae: Spurius, Turricula nelliae spurius
Turridrupa albofasciata: Turridrupa albofasciata
Turridrupa astricta: Consobrina, Turridrupa astricta consobrina
Turridrupa bijubata: Turridrupa bijubata
Turridrupa cincta: Turridrupa cincta
Turridrupa jubata: Turridrupa jubata
Turris acuta: Turris acuta
Turris babylonia: Turris babylonia
Turris carispa: Turris carispa
Turris leucotropis: Turris leucotropis
Turris polytropa: Turris polytropa
Turritella terebra: Turritella terebra(3)
Tursiops aduncus: Tursiops aduncus(2)
Tursiops truncatus: Tursiops truncatus(3)
Tutufa bubo: Tutufa bubo
Tutufa bufo: Tutufa bufo
Tutufa oyamai: Tutufa oyamai
Tutufa ranelloides: Tutufa ranelloides
Tutufa rubeta: Tutufa rubeta
Tyana falcata: Tyana falcata
Tycracona obliqua: Tycracona obliqua
Tydemania navigatoris: Tydemania navigatoris(2)
Tylerius spinosissimus: Amblyrhynchotes spinosissimus
Tylerius spinosissimus: Spheroides spinosissimus
Tylerius spinosissimus: Spheroides unifasciatus
Tylerius spinosissimus: Tylerius spinosissimus(2)
Tylorida striata: Tylorida striata
Tylosurus acus: Tylosurus acus
Tylosurus crocodilus: Tylosurus crocodilus(2)
Tylosurus leiurus: Tylosurus leiurus
Tylotiella humilis: Tylotiella humilis
Tylotiella pulchella: Tylotiella pulchella
Tylotiella pusilla: Tylotiella pusilla
Tympanistes fusimargo: Tympanistes fusimargo
Tympanophorus sauteri: Tympanophorus sauteri(2)
Tympanotonus micropterus: Tympanotonus micropterus
Tympanotus micropterus: Tympanotus micropterus
Tympanuchus cupido: Tympanuchus cupido
Typhaea haagi: Typhaea haagi
Typhis ramosus: Typhis ramosus
Typhis tosaensis: Typhis tosaensis
Typhlocarcinus villosus: Typhlocarcinus villosus
Typhlodromus occidentalis: Typhlodromus occidentalis
Typhlops muelleri: Typhlops muelleri(2)
Typosyllis alternata: Typosyllis alternata
Typosyllis silkeae: Typosyllis silkeae
Typosyllis taiwanensis: Typosyllis taiwanensis
Tyrannophryne pugnax: Tyrannophryne pugnax(2)
Tyraquellus brunneus: Tyraquellus brunneus
Tyria jacobaea: Tyria jacobaea
Tyrophagus putrescentiae: Tyrophagus putrescentiae
Tyto alba: Tyto alba(3)
Tyto capensis: Tyto capensis
Tyto longimembris: Tyto longimembris
Tyto soumagnei: Tyto soumagnei
Tytthus chinensis: Tytthus chinensis

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_t.htm, 2018-03-20, Animal name T, 動物名 T}

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_t.htm, 2018-03-20, Animal name T, 動物名 T}, (nswong, animal_name_t.htm)

Taccocua leschenaultii: Sirkeer malkoha
Tachornis furcata: Pygmy swift
Tachornis phoenicobia: Antillean palm swift
Tachornis squamata: Fork-tailed palm swift
Tachybaptus novaehollandiae: Australasian grebe
Tachybaptus ruficollis: Little grebe(29)
Tachybapus ruficollis: Little grebe
Tachycineta bicolor: Tree swallow
Tachymarptis aequatorialis: Mottled swift
Tachymarptis melba: Alpine swift(4)
Tachypleus gigas: Chinese horseshoe crab
Tachypleus gigas: Coastal Horseshoe Crab(2)
Tachypleus gigas: Horseshoe crab(3)
Tachypleus gigas: Horseshoe crab, King crab
Tachypleus gigas: King crab(2)
Tachypleus gigas: Southeast Asian horseshoe crab
Tachypleus tridentatus: Chinese horseshoe crab
Tachysurus caelatus: Catfish
Tadarida aegyptiaca: Egyptian free-tailed bat
Tadarida australis: White-striped free-tailed bat
Tadarida brasiliensis: Brazilian free-tailed bat
Tadarida espiritosantensis: Espirito santo free-tailed bat
Tadarida fulminans: Madagascan large free-tailed bat
Tadarida lobata: Kenyan big-eared free-tailed bat
Tadarida teniotis: European free-tailed bat
Tadarida ventralis: African giant free-tailed bat
Tadorna cana: South african shelduck
Tadorna cristata: Crested shelduck(2)
Tadorna ferruginea: Ruddy shelduck(13)
Tadorna radjah: Radjah shelduck(2)
Tadorna tadorna: Common shelduck(11)
Tadorna tadorna: Shelduck(2)
Tadorna tadornoides: Australian shelduck(2)
Tadorna variegata: Paradise shelduck
Taenianotus triacanthus: Green leaf scorpionfish
Taenianotus triacanthus: Leaf fish
Taenianotus triacanthus: Leaf scorpionfish(3)
Taenianotus triacantus: Leaf scorpionfish
Taenioconger hassi: Hass's garden eel(2)
Taeniopygia guttata: Zebra finch(2)
Taeniura lymma: Blue-spotted fantail ray(5)
Taeniura lymma: Blue spotted ray
Taeniura lymma: Bluespotted ray
Taeniura lymma: Bluespotted ribbontail ray(2)
Taeniura lymma: Bluespotted ribbontail stingray
Taeniura meyeni: Black blotched stingray
Taeniura meyeni: Giant reef ray
Tagiades calligana: Malayan snow flat(2)
Tagiades gana: Gana, Large snow flat(6)
Tagiades japetus: Atticus, Common snow flat(6)
Tagiades litigiosus: Water snow flat
Tagiades menaka: Dark edged snow flat
Tagiades menaka: Manis, Dark edged snow flat
Tagiades ultra: Ultra snow flat(2)
Tagiades ultra: Ultra, Ultra snow flat
Taia polyzonata: Snail
Tajuria cippus: Maxentius, Peacock royal(5)
Tajuria cippus: Peacock royal
Tajuria dominus: Dominus, Influent royal(2)
Tajuria maculata: Spotted royal(2)
Tajuria mantra: Mantra, Felder's royal(5)
Takifugu oblongus: Shy puffer
Takydromus formosanus: Formosa grass lizard
Takydromus septentrionalis: Northern grass lizard
Takydromus sexlineatus: Asian grass lizard
Takydromus sexlineatus: Long tailed grass lizard
Talbotia naganum: Naga white
Talegalla cuvieri: Red-billed brush turkey
Talegalla fuscirostris: Black-billed brush turkey
Talegalla jobiensis: Brown-collared brush turkey
Tamais striatus: Chipmunk
Tamias minimus: Least Chipmunk
Tamias sibiricus: Siberian Chipmunk
Tamias striatus: Eastern chipmunk
Tamias umbrinus: Uinta Chipmunk
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus: American Red Squirrel
Tamiops macclellandi: Himalayan striped squirrel(2)
Tamiops macclellandii: Himalayan striped squirrel
Tamiops maritimus: Maritime striped squirrel
Tamiops mcclellandii: Himalayan striped squirrel
Tamiops rodolphii: Cambodian striped squirrel
Tamiops swinhoei: Swinhoe's striped squirrel
Tanaecia godartii: Asoka, Malay count
Tanaecia iapis: Puseda, Horsfield's baron(5)
Tanaecia julii: Bougainvillei, Common earl
Tanaecia pelea: Pelea, Malay viscount(5)
Tanichthys albonubes: White-cloud mountain fish
Tanichthys albonubes: White Cloud Mountain
Tanichthys albonubes: White cloud mountain minnow(2)
Tanygnathus gramineus: Black-lored parrot
Tanygnathus lucionensis: Blue-naped parrot(8)
Tanygnathus megalorynchos: Great-billed parrot(2)
Tanygnathus sumatranus: Blue-backed parrot
Tanysiptera carolinae: Numfor paradise-kingfisher
Tanysiptera carolinae: Numfor paradise kingfisher(2)
Tanysiptera danae: Brown-headed paradise-kingfisher
Tanysiptera danae: Brown-headed paradise kingfisher(2)
Tanysiptera ellioti: Kafiau paradise kingfisher
Tanysiptera ellioti: Kofiau paradise-kingfisher
Tanysiptera ellioti: Kofiau paradise kingfisher
Tanysiptera galatea: Common paradise-kingfisher
Tanysiptera galatea: Common paradise kingfisher(2)
Tanysiptera hydrocharis: Little paradise-kingfisher
Tanysiptera hydrocharis: Little paradise kingfisher(2)
Tanysiptera nigriceps: Black-capped paradise kingfisher
Tanysiptera nympha: Red-breasted paradise-kingfisher
Tanysiptera nympha: Red-breasted paradise kingfisher(2)
Tanysiptera riedelii: Biak paradise-kingfisher
Tanysiptera riedelii: Biak paradise kingfisher(2)
Tanysiptera sylvia: Buff-breasted paradise-kingfisher
Tanysiptera sylvia: Buff-breasted paradise kingfisher(2)
Tapena thwaitesi: Bornea, Black angle
Tapes belcheri: Belcher's venus clam
Tapes belcheri: Pennant clam
Tapes literatus: Lettered venus clam
Taphozous australis: Coastal tomb bat
Taphozous georgianus: Sharp-nosed tomb bat
Taphozous hamiltoni: Hamilton's tomb bat
Taphozous hildegardeae: Hildegarde's tomb bat
Taphozous hilli: Hill's tomb bat
Taphozous kapalgensis: Arnhem tomb bat
Taphozous longimanus: Long-winged tomb bat(3)
Taphozous mauritianus: Mauritian tomb bat
Taphozous melanopogon: Black-bearded tomb bat(8)
Taphozous nudiventris: Naked-rumped tomb bat
Taphozous perforatus: Egyptian tomb bat
Taphozous philippinensis: Philippine tomb bat
Taphozous saccolaimus: Pouch-bearing bat(2)
Taphozous saccolaimus: Pouched tomb bat(2)
Taphozous theobaldi: Theobald's tomb bat(2)
Tapirus bairdii: Baird's tapir
Tapirus indicus: Malayan tapir(2)
Tapirus indicus: Tapir
Tapirus pinchaque: Mountain tapir
Tapirus terrestris: Brazilian tapir
Tapirus terrestris: South American Tapir
Taractrocera archias: Quinta, Yellow grass dart(2)
Taractrocera ceramas: Tamil grass dart
Taraka hamada: Lesser forest blue
Taraka hamada: Mendesia, Lesser forest blue
Taraka hamada: Thalaba, Lesser forest blue
Tarentola chazaliae: Helmeted gecko
Tarentola mauritanica: Mauritanian gecko
Tarentola mauritanica: Moorish gecko
Tarentola mauritanica: Wall gecko(2)
Tarsiger chrysaeus: Golden bush-robin
Tarsiger chrysaeus: Golden bush robin(2)
Tarsiger cyanurus: Orange-flanked bluetail
Tarsiger cyanurus: Orange-flanked bush-robin
Tarsiger cyanurus: Red-flanked bluetail(9)
Tarsiger cyanurus: Red-flanked bush robin(2)
Tarsiger cyanurus: Red-flanker bluetail
Tarsiger hyperythrus: Rufous-breasted bush-robin
Tarsiger hyperythrus: Rufous-breasted bush robin(2)
Tarsiger indicus: Formosanus, White-browed bush robin
Tarsiger indicus: White-browed bush-robin(4)
Tarsiger indicus: White-browed bush robin(3)
Tarsiger johnstoniae: Collared bush-robin(4)
Tarsiger johnstoniae: Collared bush robin(4)
Tarsiger rufilatus: Himalayan bluetail(2)
Tarsius bancanus: Tarsier(3)
Tarsius bancanus: Tarsier(common)
Tarsius bancanus: Western tarsier(2)
Tarsius dianae: Dian's tarsier
Tarsius pumilus: Lesser tarsier(2)
Tarsius spectrum: Celebes tarsier(2)
Tarsius spectrum: Spectral tarsier
Tarsius syrichta: Philippine tarsier(2)
Tateurndina ocellicauda: Peacock gudgeon
Tauraco corythaix: Knysna turaco(2)
Tauraco fischeri: Fischer's turaco
Tauraco hartlaubi: Hartlaub's turaco
Tauraco leucolophus: White-crested turaco
Tauraco macrorhynchus: Crested turaco
Tauraco porphyreolophus: Purple-cressted turaco
Tauraco porphyreolophus: Violet crested turaco
Tauraco schalowi: Schalow's turaco
Tauraco schuetti: Black-billed turaco
Taurotragus derbianus: Derby eland
Taurotragus derbianus: Giant Eland
Taurotragus oryx: Common eland
Taxidea taxus: American badger
Taxila haquinus: Haquinus, Harlequin(2)
Taxila haquinus: Haquinus, The harlequin(2)
Tayassu pecari: White-lipped peccary
Tchagra australis: Brown-crowned tchagra
Tchagra jamesi: Three-streaked tchagra
Tchagra minuta: Marsh tchagra
Tchagra senegala: Black-crowned tchagra
Tchagra senegalus: Black-crowned tchagra
Tchitrea bourbonnensis: Mascarene paradise flycatcher
Technomyrmex albipes: White-footed ant
Technomyrmex albipes: White-footed house ant
Teinobasis ruficollis: Red-tailed sprite(6)
Telacanthura melanopygia: Black spinetail
Telacanthura ussheri: Mottled spinetail(2)
Teleogramma brichardi: Brichard's slender cichlid
Telescopium telescopium: Berongan
Telescopium telescopium: Rodong
Telescopium telescopium: Telescope creeper
Telescopus fallax: Mediterranean cat snake
Telespiza cantans: Laysan finch
Telicota ancilla: Greenish palm dart
Telicota augias: Augias, Palm dart(7)
Telicota besta: Bina, Besta palm dart(4)
Telicota besta: Hainan palm dart
Telicota colon: Pale palm dart
Telicota colon: Stinga, Common palm dart(4)
Telicota colon: Stinga, Pale palm dart
Telicota ohara: Dark palm dart
Tellina staurella: Cross tellin clam
Tellina virgata: Virgate tellin clam
Telmatherina ladigesi: Celebes Rainbow
Telmatherina ladigesi: Celebes rainbowfish
Telmatherina ladigesi: Celebese rainbow
Telmatheruna ladigesi: Celebes rainbowfish
Telmatochromis bifrenatus: Two banded cichlid
Teloderma leprosum: Malaya bug-eyed frog
Temera hardwickii: Electric ray
Temera hardwickii: Hardwicke's electric ray(5)
Temnurus temnurus: Ratchet-tailed treepie(3)
Tenebrio molitor: Mealworm
Tenebrio molitor: Yellow mealworm
Tenodera aridfollia: Chinese praying mantid
Tenualosa macrura: Longtail shad(2)
Tenualosa reevesii: Reeve's shad(2)
Tenualosa toli: Toli Shad(2)
Tephrodornis gularis: Brown-tailed wood shrike
Tephrodornis gularis: Large wood shrike
Tephrodornis gularis: Large woodshrike(6)
Tephrodornis pondicerianus: Common wood shrike(2)
Tephrodornis pondicerianus: Common woodshrike(3)
Tephrodornis virgatus: Large wood-shrike
Tephrodornis virgatus: Large woodshrike(4)
Tephrodornis virgatus: Wood shrike large
Tephrolesbia griseiventris: Grey-bellied comet
Tephrozosterops stalkeri: Bicoloured white-eye
Terapon jarbua: Crescent-banded grunter
Terapon jarbua: Crescent-banded tiger-fish
Terapon jarbua: Crescent grunter
Terapon jarbua: Crescent jarbua(2)
Terapon jarbua: Crescent perch(8)
Terapon jarbua: Crescent perchlet
Terapon jarbua: Jarbua terapon(4)
Terapon jarbua: Targetfish
Terapon theraps: Banded perch(5)
Terapon theraps: Largescaled Terapon(2)
Terapon theraps: Straight-lined thornfish
Terathopius ecaudatus: Bateleur(3)
Teratolepis fasciata: Viper gecko(2)
Teratoscincus microlepis: Kleiner wundergecko
Teratoscincus roborowski: Tibetan frog eyed gecko
Teratoscincus scincus: Keyserlingii, Giant wonder gecko
Teratoscincus scincus: Scincus, Frog-eyed gecko
Teratoscincus scincus: Wonder gecko
Teratoscincus scincus: Wonder gecko care
Terebralia palustris: Mud creeper
Terebralia sulcata: Belitong(3)
Terinos atlita: Teuthras, Great assyrian
Terinos clarissa: Malayanus, Malayan assyrian
Terinos terpander: Robertsia, Royal assyrian(5)
Terinos terpander: Royal asssyrian
Terpsiphone atrocauda: Japanese paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: Japanese paradise-flycatcher(13)
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: Japanese paradise flycatcher(7)
Terpsiphone cinnamomea: Rufous paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone cyanescens: Blue paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone paradise: Asian paradise flycather(2)
Terpsiphone paradisi: Asian paradise-flycatcher(20)
Terpsiphone paradisi: Asian paradise flycatcher(7)
Terpsiphone paradisi: Flycatcher asian paradise
Terpsiphone paradisl: Asian Paradise Flycatcher
Terpsiphone rufiventer: Red-bellied paradise flycatcher
Terpsiphone viridis: African paradise-flycatcher
Terpsiphone viridis: African paradise flycatcher
Terrapene carolina: Common box turtle
Terrapene carolina: Eastern box turtle
Terrapene carolina: Triunguis, Three-toed box turtle
Terrapene coahuila: Box turtle
Terrapotamon abbotti: Terrestrial crab
Tesia castaneocoronata: Chestnut-headed tesia(2)
Tesia cyaniventer: Grey-bellied tesia(3)
Tesia everetti: Russet-capped stubtail
Tesia olivea: Slaty-bellied tesia(3)
Tesia superciliaris: Javan tesia
Testudo graeca: Greek tortoise(3)
Testudo graeca: Mediterranean spur-thighed tortoise
Testudo graeca: Spur-thighed tortoise
Testudo hermanni: Boettgeri, Eastern hermann's tortoise
Testudo hermanni: Hermann's tortoise
Testudo horsfieldi: Central asian tortoise
Testudo horsfieldi: Horsfield's tortoise
Testudo horsfieldii: Russian tortoise
Testudo kleinmanni: Egyptian tortoise
Testudo marginata: Marginated tortoise(2)
Tetaodon fluviatilis: Spotted puffer
Tetracanthagyna plagiata: Giant hawker(3)
Tetracerus quadricornis: Four-horned antelope
Tetragnatha josephi: Mangrove big-jawed spider
Tetragnatha josephii: Mangrove big-jawed spider
Tetramorium caespitum: Pavement ant
Tetranychus urticae: Two-spotted mite
Tetranychus urticae: Two-spotted spider mite
Tetranychus urticae: Twospotted spider mite(3)
Tetrao mlokosiewiczi: Caucasian grouse
Tetrao parvirostris: Black-billed capercaillie(4)
Tetrao parvirostris: Spotted capercaillie
Tetrao tetrix: Black grouse(2)
Tetrao urogallus: Western capercaillie(5)
Tetraodon biocellatus: Eye Spot Puffer
Tetraodon biocellatus: Figure eight puffer(2)
Tetraodon biocellatus: Figure Puffer
Tetraodon biocellatus: Pufferfish
Tetraodon fluviatilis: Ceylon puffer
Tetraodon fluviatilis: Spotted Puffer
Tetraodon lineatus: Fahaka Puffer
Tetraodon lineatus: Nile Puffer
Tetraodon mbu: Giant Puffer
Tetraodon nigroviridis: Burmese pufferfish
Tetraodon nigroviridis: Green puffer fish
Tetraodon nigroviridis: Green spotted puffer
Tetraodon nigroviridis: Spotted green puffer(2)
Tetraodon nigroviridis: Spotted green pufferfish(3)
Tetraodon nigroviridis: Spotted puffer(9)
Tetraodon nigroviridis: Spotted pufferfish
Tetraogallus altaicus: Altai snowcock(7)
Tetraogallus caspius: Caspian snowcock(5)
Tetraogallus caucasicus: Caucasian snowcock(4)
Tetraogallus himalayensis: Himalayan snowcock(8)
Tetraogallus tibetanus: Tibetan snowcock(8)
Tetraophasis obscurus: Chestnut-throated monal partridge
Tetraophasis obscurus: Chestnut-throated partridge
Tetraophasis obscurus: Pheasant grouse
Tetraophasis obscurus: Verreaux's monal-partridge(3)
Tetraophasis obscurus: Verreaux's monal partridge
Tetraophasis szechenyii: Buff-throated monal partridge
Tetraophasis szechenyii: Buff-throated partridge
Tetraophasis szechenyii: Sichuan pheasant partridge
Tetraophasis szechenyii: Szechenyi's monal-partridge(3)
Tetraophasis szechenyii: Szechenyi's monal partridge
Tetrastes bonasia: Hazel grouse(5)
Tetrastes sewerzowi: Chinese grouse(2)
Tetrastes sewerzowi: Chinese hazel grouse
Tetrastes sewerzowi: Severtsov's hazel grouse
Tetrathemis irregularis: Elf(3)
Tetrax terrax: Little bustard
Tetrax tetrax: Little bustard(4)
Tetrodontophora bielanensis: Giant springtail
Tetrodontophora bielansensis: Springtail
Tetsudo emys: Forest tortoise(2)
Thaiphusa sirikit: Spectacular terrestrial queen crab
Thais gradata: Drill(3)
Thalassarche cauta: Shy albatross
Thalassarche chlororhynchos: Yellow-nosed albatross
Thalasseus bengalensis: Lesser crested tern(4)
Thalasseus bergii: Great crested tern(3)
Thalasseus bergii: Greater crested tern(3)
Thalasseus bergii: Swift tern
Thalasseus bernsteini: Chinese crested tern(6)
Thalasseus sandvicensis: Sandwich tern(3)
Thalassina anomala: Large mangrove ghost crab
Thalassina anomala: Mangrove lobster
Thalassina anomala: Mud lobster(3)
Thalassoma amblycephalum: Rainbow wrasse
Thalassoma amblycephalum: Two-tone wrasse
Thalassoma ballieui: Blacktail wrasse
Thalassoma duperrey: Saddle wrasse(2)
Thalassoma hardwicke: Sixbar wrasse
Thalassoma jansenii: Jansen's wrasse
Thalassoma lucasanum: Cortez rainbow wrasse
Thalassoma lunare: Crescent wrasse
Thalassoma lunare: Lyretail wrasse
Thalassoma lutescens: Sunset wrasse
Thalassoma lutescens: Yellow wrasse
Thalassoma purpureum: Surge wrasse(2)
Thalassoma trilobatum: Christmas wrasse
Thalassophis anomalus: Anamalous sea snake
Thalassophis anomalus: Anomalous sea snake
Thalassornis leuconotus: White-backed duck
Thalurania furcata: Common woodnymph
Thalurania glaucopsis: Violet-capped woodnymph
Thalurania lerchi: Lerch's woodnymph
Thalurania watertonii: Long-tailed woodnymph
Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris: Cliff chat
Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris: Mocking cliff-chat
Thamnolaea semirufa: White-winged cliff-chat
Thamnophis ordinoides: Northwestern garter snake
Thapsinillas affinis: Golden bulbul
Thaumantis klugius: Lucipor, Dark blue jungle glory(5)
Thaumantis noureddin: Noureddin, Dark jungle glory(2)
Thaumanura carolii: Springtail
Thaumastura cora: Peruvian sheartail
Thauria aliris: Pseudaliris, Tufted jungle king
Thayeri oblique: Penguin Tetra
Thayeria boehlkei: Blackline penguinfish
Thayeria boehlkei: Thayeria boehlkei
Thecurus crassispinis: Thick-spined porcupine(2)
Thelcticopis modesta: Malaysian orange huntsman(3)
Thelenota ananas: Red spine sea cucumber
Theloderma asperum: Pied wart frog(2)
Theloderma horridum: Spiny wart frog
Theloderma horridum: Thorny tree frog(4)
Theloderma leprosum: Malaya bug-eyed frog
Theloderma licin: Smooth-skinned wart frog
Theloderma licin: Smooth skined wart frog
Thennus orientalis: Slipper lobster(4)
Thenus orientalis: Bay lobster
Thenus orientalis: Baylobster
Theragra chalcogramma: Alaska pollock
Theretra latreilla: Pale brown hawk moth
Theretra oldenlandiae: Impatiens hawk moth(2)
Thereuopoda longicornis: Cave centipede
Theropithecus gelada: Gelada baboon(3)
Thinornis novaeseelandiae: Shore dotterel
Tholymis tillarga: White-barred duskhawk(8)
Thomomys talpoides: Northern Pocket Gopher
Thoopterus nigrescens: Swift fruit bat
Thoressa monastyrskyi: Monastyrsky's ace
Thorichthys helleri: Heller's cichlid
Thorichthys meeki: Firemouth Cichlid(2)
Thorichthys meeki: Firemouth meeki
Threnetes cristinae: Christine's barbthroat
Threnetes grzimeki: Grzimek's barbthroat
Threnetes leucurus: Pale-tail barbthroat
Threnetes loehkeni: Bronze-tailed barbthroat
Threnetes lueckeri: Band-tailed barbthroat
Threnetes niger: Sooty barbthroat
Threskiornis aethiopica: Sacred ibis(2)
Threskiornis aethiopicus: African sacred ibis
Threskiornis aethiopicus: Sacred ibis(2)
Threskiornis melanocephalus: Black-headed ibis(17)
Threskiornis melanocephalus: White ibis
Threskiornis molucca: Australian ibis(2)
Threskiornis spinicollis: Straw-necked ibis
Thrips tabaci: Onion thrip
Thryssa dussumieri: Anchovy
Thryssa dussumieri: Dussumier's thryssa(7)
Thryssa hamiltonii: Hamilton's thryssa(5)
Thryssa mystax: Moustached thryssa(2)
Thunnus alalunga: Tuna
Thunnus albacares: Yellowfin tuna(4)
Thunnus orientalis: Tuna
Thunnus thynnus: Bluefin tuna(2)
Thunnus tonggol: Longtail tuna(3)
Thylacinus cynocephalus: Thylacine
Thymallus thymallus: Grayling
Thynnichthys thynnoides: White lady carp
Thyroptera discifera: Peter's disk-winged bat
Thyroptera tricolor: Spix's disk-winged bat
Thysania agrippina: Owlet moth
Tiaris olivacea: Yellow-faced grassquit
Tichodroma muraria: Wallcreeper(4)
Tickellia hodgsoni: Broad-billed warbler(3)
Tilapia aurea: Orange Firemouth
Tilapia buttikoferi: Tilapia buttikoferi(2)
Tilapia buttikoferi: Zebra tilapia
Tilapia hybrid: Red tilapia(2)
Tilapia mossambica: Mossambique tilapia
Tilapia nilotica: Nile Tilapia(2)
Tilapia rendalli: Redbreast Tilapia
Tilapia sp: Red tilapia
Tilapia sparrmanii: Vleikurper
Tilapia zillii: Redbelly tilapia(4)
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia
Tiliqua gerrardi: Australian pink-tongued skink
Tiliqua gigas: Gigas, Indonesia blue-tongued skink
Tiliqua nigrolutea: Blotched blue-tongue
Tiliqua occipitalis: Western blue-tongue lizard
Tiliqua rugosa: Bobtail lizard
Tiliqua rugosa: Shingleback
Tiliqua rugosus: Rugosus, Shingleback skink
Tiliqua scincoides: Common blue-tongue
Tiliqua scincoides: Eastern blue-tongue
Tiliqua scincoides: Eastern blue-tongued skink
Tiliqua scincoides: Intermedia, Northern blue-tongued skink
Tiliqua scincoides: Northern blue-tongu
Tiliqua scincoides: Scincoides, Eastern blue-tongued skink
Timalia pileata: Chestnut-capped babbler
Timalia pileata: Chestnut-capped babbler(2)(2)
Timalia pileata: Chestnut-capped babbler(5)
Timeliopsis fallax: Green-backed honeyeater
Timeliopsis fulvigula: Olive straight-bill
Timeliopsis griseigula: Tawny straight-bill
Timon lepidus: Nevadensis, Spanish lizard
Tirumala limniace: Blue tiger
Tirumala septentrionis: Dark blue tiger
Tirumala septentrionis: Septentrionis, Dark blue tiger
Tmetothylacus tenellus: Golden pipit(2)
Tockus alboterminatus: Crowned hornbill
Tockus deckeni: Von der decken's hornbill
Tockus erythrorhynchus: Red-billed hornbill
Tockus flavirostris: Eastern yellow-billed hornbill
Tockus hemprichii: Hemprich's hornbill
Tockus jacksoni: Jackson's hornbill
Tockus nasutus: African grey hornbill(2)
Todiramphus albonotatus: New britain kingfisher
Todiramphus albonotatus: White-mantled kingfisher
Todiramphus australasia: Cinnamon-banded kingfisher(3)
Todiramphus chloris: Collared kingfisher(49303)
Todiramphus chloris: White-collared kingfisher(290000)
Todiramphus chloris: White collared kingfisher(290000)
Todiramphus cinnamominus: Micronesian kingfisher(2)
Todiramphus cinnamominus: Miyakoensis, Ryukyu kingfisher
Todiramphus diops: Blue-and-white kingfisher(3)
Todiramphus enigma: Talaud kingfisher(3)
Todiramphus farquhari: Chestnut-bellied kingfisher
Todiramphus farquhari: Vanuatu kingfisher
Todiramphus funebris: Sombre kingfisher(3)
Todiramphus gambieri: Tuamotu kingfisher(2)
Todiramphus godeffroyi: Marquesan kingfisher(2)
Todiramphus lazuli: Lazuli kingfisher(3)
Todiramphus leucopygius: Ultramarine kingfisher(2)
Todiramphus macleayii: Forest kingfisher(3)
Todiramphus miyakoensis: Miyako island kingfisher
Todiramphus nigrocyaneus: Blue-black kingfisher(3)
Todiramphus pyrrhopygius: Red-backed kingfisher(2)
Todiramphus recurvirostris: Flat-billed kingfisher(2)
Todiramphus ruficollaris: Mangaia kingfisher
Todiramphus ruficollaris: Mewing kingfisher
Todiramphus sanctus: Sacred kingfisher(5)
Todiramphus saurophaga: Beach kingfisher
Todiramphus saurophagus: Beach kingfisher(2)
Todiramphus tutus: Chattering kingfisher(2)
Todiramphus veneratus: Society kingfisher
Todiramphus veneratus: Tahiti kingfisher
Todiramphus winchelli: Rufous-lored kingfisher(2)
Todiramphus winchelli: Winchell's kingfisher
Todirhamphus chloris: Half-collared kingfisher
Todirhamphus macleayii: Forest kingfisher
Todirhamphus sanctus: Sacred kingfisher(3)
Tomistoma schlegeli: False gharial(2)
Tomistoma schlegeli: Gharial(2)
Tomistoma schlegelii: False gavial
Tomistoma schlegelii: False gharial(2)
Tomistoma schlegelii: Malayan gharial
Tomopeas ravus: Blunt-eared bat
Tomopterna krugerensis: Knocking sand frog
Tomopterna marmorata: Marbled sand frog
Tomopterna natalensis: Natal sand frog
Tomopterna tandyi: Tandy's sand frog
Tomopterna tuberculosa: Rough sand frog
Tonatia bidens: Greater round-eared bat
Tonatia brasiliensis: Pygmy round-eared bat
Tonatia carrikeri: Carriker's round-eared bat
Tonatia evotis: Davis's round-eared bat
Tonatia schulzi: Schultz's round-eared bat
Tonatia silvicola: White-throated round-eared bat
Tongeia potanini: Glycon, Dark cupid
Tor duoronensis: Semah mahseer
Tor khudree: Deccan mahseer
Tor mosal: Copper mahseer
Tor mussullah: High-backed mahseer
Tor mussullah: Hump-backed mahseer
Tor mussullah: Southern mahseer
Tor putitora: Common himalayan mahseer
Tor putitora: Golden mahseer
Tor putitora: Yellow-finned mahseer
Tor tambroides: Greater brook carp(4)
Tor tambroides: Kelah
Tor tambroides: Mahseer
Tor tambroides: Malaysia Mahseer
Tor tambroides: Malaysian mahseer(2)
Tor tambroides: Red mahseer
Tor tambroides: Red malaysian mahseer(2)
Tor tambroides: Red Masheer
Tor tambroides: River carp(2)
Tor tambroides: Thai mahseer(2)
Tor tor: Deep-bodied mahseer
Tor tor: Red-finned mahseer
Tor tor: Short-gilled mahseer
Torgos tracheliotus: Lappet-faced vulture(4)
Touit batavica: Seven-coloured parrotlet
Touit dilectissima: Red-winged parrotlet
Touit huetii: Scarlet-shouldered parrot
Touit melanonota: Brown-backed parrotlet
Touit purpurata: Sapphire-rumped parrotlet
Touit stictoptera: Spot-winged parrotlet
Touit surda: Golden-tailed parrotlet
Toxolasma cylindrella: Pale lilliput pearly mussel
Toxorhamphus novaeguineae: Yellow-bellied longbill
Toxorhamphus poliopterus: Slaty-chinned longbill
Toxotes blythii: Clouded archerfish
Toxotes blythii: Zebra archerfish
Toxotes chatareus: Archer fish
Toxotes chatareus: Largescale archerfish
Toxotes chatareus: Riflefish
Toxotes chatareus: Seven-spot archer fish
Toxotes chatareus: Spotted archerfish(10)
Toxotes jaculatrix: Archer fish(5201)
Toxotes jaculatrix: Archerfish(11800)
Toxotes jaculatrix: Banded archerfish(91007)
Toxotes kimberleyensis: Kimberley archerfish
Toxotes lorentzi: Primitive archerfish
Toxotes microlepis: Smallscale archerfish
Toxotes oligolepis: Big scale archerfish
Toxotes oligolepis: Western archerfish
Toxotex jaculator: Archer Fish
Tozeuma armatum: Sawblade shrimp
Trachelipus ratzeburgii: Woodlice
Trachelochismus melobesia: Striped clingfish
Trachemys decussate: North antillean slider(2)
Trachemys scripta: Red-eared Slider
Trachemys scripta: Common slider
Trachemys scripta: Cumberland slider turtle
Trachemys scripta: Dime-store turtle
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, Red-eared slider(6)
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, Red-eared terrapin(2)
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, Red-eared turtle
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, Slider turtle
Trachemys scripta: Pond Slider(2)
Trachemys scripta: Red-eared slider terrapin(2)
Trachemys scripta: Red-eared slider turtle
Trachemys scripta: Red-eared slider(6)
Trachemys scripta: Red-eared terrapin(3)
Trachemys scripta: Red eared slider
Trachemys scripta: Scripta, Common slider
Trachemys scripta: Slider
Trachemys scripta: Slider turtle(2)
Trachemys scripta: Yellow-bellied slider turtle
Trachemys scripta: Yellow-bellied turtle
Trachinotus baillonii: Spot pompano
Trachinotus blochii: Asian pompano
Trachinotus blochii: Golden permit
Trachinotus blochii: Golden pompano
Trachinotus blochii: Pompano
Trachinotus blochii: Snubnose dart(7)
Trachinotus blochii: Snubnose Pompano(2)
Trachinotus blochii: Taiwan pomfret
Trachinotus blochiii: Round pompano
Trachinotus carolinus: Pompano
Trachopos cirrhosus: Fringe-lipped bat
Trachylaemus purpuratus: Yellow-billed barbet
Trachyphonus darnaudii: D'arnaud's barbet(2)
Trachyphonus erythrocephalus: Red-and-yellow barbet(3)
Trachyphonus margaritatus: Yellow-breasted barbet
Trachyphonus purpuratus: Yellow-billed barbet
Trachyphonus vaillantii: Crested barbet(2)
Trachypithecus auratus: Ebony leaf monkey(2)
Trachypithecus cristata: Silvered langur
Trachypithecus cristata: Silvered leaf monkey
Trachypithecus cristatus: Silvered leaf monkey
Trachypithecus francois: Black leaf monkey
Trachypithecus francoisi: Francois's leaf monkey(2)
Trachypithecus geei: Golden langur
Trachypithecus geei: Golden leaf monkey(2)
Trachypithecus johnii: Black leaf monkey(2)
Trachypithecus obscurus: Dusky Langur
Trachypithecus obscurus: Dusky leaf monkey(3)
Trachypithecus obscurus: Spectacled leaf monkey(3)
Trachypithecus phayrei: Phayre's langur
Trachypithecus phayrei: Phayre's monkey(2)
Trachypithecus pileatus: Capped langur(4)
Trachypithecus vetulus: Purple-faced Langur
Trachypithecus vetulus: Purple-faced leaf monkey(2)
Trachypithecus villosus: Silvery lutung
Tragelaphus angasii: Nyala
Tragelaphus buxtoni: Mountain nyala
Tragelaphus eurycerus: Bongo
Tragelaphus eurycerus: Isaaci, Mountain bongo
Tragelaphus imberbis: Lesser kudu
Tragelaphus scriptus: Bushbuck
Tragelaphus spekei: Gratus, Sitatunga
Tragelaphus spekei: Sitatunga
Tragelaphus spekii: Sitatunga
Tragelaphus strepsiceros: Greater kudu
Tragelaphus strepsiceros: Kudu
Tragopan blythii: Blyth's tragopan(7)
Tragopan blythii: Grey-bellied tragopan
Tragopan caboti: Cabot's tragopan(7)
Tragopan caboti: Yellow-bellied tragopan
Tragopan melanocephalus: Western tragopan(8)
Tragopan satyra: Satyr tragopan(7)
Tragopan temminckii: Temminck's tragopan(7)
Tragulus javanicus: Fulviventer, Lesser mousedeer
Tragulus javanicus: Fulviventer, Mousedeer
Tragulus javanicus: Lesser malay mouse deer
Tragulus javanicus: Lesser malay mousedeer
Tragulus javanicus: Lesser mouse deer(2)
Tragulus javanicus: Lesser mousedeer
Tragulus javanicus: Lesser mousedeer(common)(2)
Tragulus javanicus: Mousedeer
Tragulus javanicus: Mousedeer(common)
Tragulus kanchil: Lesser mousedeer
Tragulus kancil: Lesser mouse-deer
Tragulus kancil: Lesser mousedeer(3)
Tragulus napu: Greater mousedeer(5)
Tragulus napu: Greater mousedeer(common)
Tragulus napu: Large mouse-deer
Tragulus napu: Larger malay mouse deer
Tragulus napu: Mousedeer
Tragulus napu: Mousedeer(common)
Tragulus napu: Napu
Tramea transmarina: Euryale, Saddlebag glider
Tramea transmarina: Saddlebag glider(4)
Tramitichromis intermedius: Chisawasawa
Trcihastoma bicolor: Ferruginous babbler(2)
Tregellasia leucops: White-faced robin
Tremarctos ornatus: Spectacled bear(2)
Treron apicauda: Pin-tailed green-pigeon
Treron apicauda: Pin-tailed green pigeon(3)
Treron bicincta: Orange-breasted green-pigeon(4)
Treron bicincta: Orange-breasted green pigeon(4)
Treron bicincta: Orange-breasted pigeon(2)
Treron bicincta: Oranged-breasted green-pigeon
Treron bicinctus: Orange-breasted green-pigeon
Treron bicinctus: Orange-breasted green pigeon(4)
Treron bicinctus: Orange-breasted pigeon(2)
Treron calva: African green pigeon
Treron calva: Reichenow's pigeon
Treron capellei: Large-green pigeon(2)
Treron capellei: Large green-pigeon(4)
Treron capellei: Large green pigeon(6)
Treron capellei: Larger thick-billed green pigeon
Treron curvirestra: Lesser thick-billed green pigeon
Treron curvirostra: Thick-billed green-pigeon(7)
Treron curvirostra: Thick-billed green pigeon(12)
Treron curvirostra: Thick-billed pigeon(5)
Treron floris: Flores green pigeon
Treron formosae: Formosae, Whistling green pigeon
Treron formosae: Whistling green-pigeon(4)
Treron formosae: Whistling green pigeon(4)
Treron fulvicollis: Cinnamon-headed green-pigeon
Treron fulvicollis: Cinnamon-headed green-pigeon *
Treron fulvicollis: Cinnamon-headed green-pigeon(4)
Treron fulvicollis: Cinnamon-headed green pigeon(9)
Treron fulvicollis: Cinnamon-headed pigeon(3)
Treron griseicauda: Grey-cheeked green pigeon(2)
Treron olax: Little green-pigeon(9)
Treron olax: Little green pigeon(10)
Treron oxyura: Sumatran green-pigeon
Treron oxyurus: Sumatran green pigeon
Treron pembaensis: Pemba green pigeon
Treron phayrei: Ashy-headed green pigeon
Treron phoenicoptera: Yellow-footed green-pigeon
Treron phoenicoptera: Yellow-footed green pigeon
Treron phoenicopterus: Yellow-footed green pigeon(2)
Treron phoenicopterus: Yellow-legged green pigeon
Treron pompadora: Pompadour green-pigeon
Treron pompadora: Pompadour green pigeon(3)
Treron psittaceus: Timor green pigeon
Treron seimundi: Yellow-vented green-pigeon(2)
Treron seimundi: Yellow-vented green pigeon(4)
Treron seimundi: Yellow-vented pigeon(2)
Treron sieboldii: White-bellied green-pigeon(3)
Treron sieboldii: White-bellied green pigeon(6)
Treron sieboldii: White-bellied pigeon(3)
Treron sphenura: Etorques, Wedge-tailed green-pigeon
Treron sphenura: Wedge-tailed green-pigeon or pigeon
Treron sphenura: Wedge-tailed green-pigeon(2)
Treron sphenura: Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon(3)
Treron sphenura: Wedge-tailed pigeon(2)
Treron sphenurus: Wedge-tailed green pigeon(3)
Treron teysmannii: Sumba green pigeon
Treron vernans: Pigeon pink necked
Treron vernans: Pink-neck green pigeon
Treron vernans: Pink-necked green-pigeon(10)
Treron vernans: Pink-necked green pigeon(13)
Treron vernans: Pink-necked Gren Pigeon
Treron vernans: Pink-necked pigeon(7)
Treron vernans: Pink necked Green Pigeon
Treron waalia: Bruce's green pigeon(3)
Trevally alectis: Horse mackerel
Trevally carangoides: Horse mackerel
Triacanthus nieuhofi: Silver Tripodfish(2)
Triaenodon obesus: White tip reef shark
Triaenodon obesus: Whitetip reef shark(3)
Triaenodon obesus: Whitetip shark
Triaenops furculus: Trouessart's trident bat
Triaenops persicus: Persian trident bat
Triakis semifasciatus: Leopard shark
Tribolonotus gracilis: Crocodile skink(2)
Tribolonotus gracilis: Red-eyed skink
Tribolonotus gracilis: Redeye crocodile skink
Tribolonotus novaeguineae: Muddy eyed crocodile skink
Tribolonotus novaeguineae: New guinea helmet skink
Trichastoma abbotti: Babbler abbott's
Trichastoma bicolor: Ferruginous babbler(10)
Trichastoma celebense: Sulawesi babbler
Trichastoma perspicillata: Black-browed babbler
Trichastoma rostratum: White-chested babbler
Trichastoma rostratum: White-chested babbler *
Trichastoma rostratum: White-chested babbler(14)
Trichechus inunguis: Amazonian manatee(2)
Trichechus manatus: American manatee
Trichechus manatus: West indian manatee
Trichechus senegalensis: African manatee
Trichechus senegalensis: West african manatee
Trichiurus haumela: Ribbonfish
Trichiurus lepturus: Belt fish
Trichiurus lepturus: Grey ribbon fish
Trichiurus lepturus: Large-head hairtail(4)
Trichiurus lepturus: Largehead hairtail(5)
Trichiurus lepturus: Pacific cutlassfish
Trichixos pyrropyga: Rufous-tailed shama(8)
Trichixos pyrropygus: Orange-tailed shama
Trichixos pyrropygus: Rufous-tailed shama(2)
Trichogaster chuna: Honey gourami
Trichogaster labiosa: Thich-lipped gourami
Trichogaster labiosa: Thick-lipped Gourami
Trichogaster leeri: Leeri gourami
Trichogaster leeri: Pearl gourami(4)
Trichogaster microlepis: Moonlight gourami(4)
Trichogaster microlepis: Moonlight gouramy(9)
Trichogaster pectoralis: Snake-skin gourami(2030)
Trichogaster pectoralis: Snake skin gourami(2030)
Trichogaster pectoralis: Snakeskin gourami(4800)
Trichogaster seeri: Lace gourami(2)
Trichogaster seeri: Pearl gourami(2)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Blue gourami(11701)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Cosby gourami(5420)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Gold gourami(3390)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Golden gourami(2710)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Moonlight gourami(2480)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Opaline gourami(3350)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Three-spot gourami(7480)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Three spot gourami(7481)
Trichoglossus capistratus: Marigold lorikeet
Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus: Scaly-breasted lorikeet(2)
Trichoglossus euteles: Olive-headed lorikeet(2)
Trichoglossus euteles: Perfect lorikeet
Trichoglossus flavoviridis: Yellow-and-green lorikeet(2)
Trichoglossus flavoviridis: Yellow and green lorikeet
Trichoglossus forsteni: Scarlet-breasted lorikeet
Trichoglossus goldiei: Goldie's lorikeet
Trichoglossus haematodus: Edward's lorikeet
Trichoglossus haematodus: Green-naped lorikeet
Trichoglossus haematodus: Haematodus, Rainbow lory
Trichoglossus haematodus: Mitchell's lorikeet
Trichoglossus haematodus: Rainbow lorikeet(3)
Trichoglossus haematodus: Rainbow lory(2)
Trichoglossus haematodus: Red-collared lorikeet
Trichoglossus iris: Iris lorikeet
Trichoglossus johnstoniae: Johnstone's lory
Trichoglossus johnstoniae: Mindanao lorikeet
Trichoglossus moluccanus: Rainbow lorikeet
Trichoglossus ornatus: Ornate lorikeet(2)
Trichoglossus ornatus: Ornate lory(2)
Trichoglossus rubiginosus: Ponape lory
Trichoglossus rubritorquis: Red-collared lorikeet
Trichoglossus versicolor: Varied lorikeet
Trichoglossus weberi: Flores lorikeet
Trichogramma minutum: Parasitic wasp
Trichogramma nubilale: Parasitic wasp
Trichogramma presotiosum: Parasitic wasp
Tricholaema diademata: Red-fronted barbet(2)
Tricholaema frontata: Miombo barbet
Tricholaema hirsuta: Hairy-breasted barbet(2)
Tricholaema lachrymosa: Spot-flanked barbet(2)
Tricholaema leucomelas: Pied barbet
Tricholaema melanocephala: Black-throated barbet(2)
Tricholestes criniger: Hairy-backed bulbul(10)
Trichopodus leerii: Pearl gourami
Trichopodus trichopterus: Three spot gourami(2)
Trichopsis pumilus: Pygmy gourami
Trichopsis pumilus: Sparkling gourami
Trichopsis vittata: Croaking gourami(2620)
Trichopsis vittatus: Croaking Gourami
Trichosanthes kirilowii: Mongolian snakegourd
Trichosurus vulpecula: Brush-tailed Phalanger
Trichosurus vulpecula: Brushtail possum(2)
Trichys fasciculata: Long-tailed porcupine(3)
Trichys lipura: Long-tailed porcupine(2)
Trichys lipura: Long-tailed porcupine(common)
Triclaria malachitacea: Purple-bellied parrot
Tridacna crocea: Boring giant clam
Tridacna crocea: Crocus giant clam
Tridacna gigas: Tridacna clam
Tridacna squamosa: Fluted giant clam(2)
Tridentiger trigonocephalus: Chameleon goby(2)
Trignostigma heteromorpha: Harlequin rasbora(3)
Trigona itama: Stingless bee(1400)
Trigoniulus corallinus: Red millipede
Trigonoceps occipitalis: White-headed vulture(3)
Trigonostigma espei: Lambchop rasbora
Trigonostigma heteromorpha: Harlequin rasbora(4)
Trimeresurus albolabris: White-lipped pit viper
Trimeresurus borneensis: Bornean leaf-nosed pit viper
Trimeresurus hageni: Hagen's pit viper
Trimeresurus hageni: Indonesian pit viper
Trimeresurus monticola: Mountain pit viper
Trimeresurus nebularis: Cameron highlands pit viper
Trimeresurus popeiorum: Pope's pit viper(2)
Trimeresurus popeiorum: Popes' pit viper
Trimeresurus puniceus: Bornean pit-viper
Trimeresurus puniceus: Flat-nosed pit viper
Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus: Mangrove viper
Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus: Shore pit-viper(2)
Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus: Shore pit viper(3)
Trimeresurus sumatranus: Sumatran pit viper(2)
Trimeresurus trigonocephalus: Green pit viper
Trimeresurus venustus: Beautiful pit viper
Trimeresurus wagleri: Temple viper
Trimeresurus wagleri: Wagler's pit viper
Trimeresurus wiroti: Leaf-nose pit viper
Trimma benjamini: Benjamin's goby
Trinectes maculatus: Hogchoker
Tringa brevipes: Gray-tailed tattler(2)
Tringa brevipes: Grey-tailed tattler(8)
Tringa cinerea: Terek sandpiper(5)
Tringa cinereus: Terek sandpiper(2)
Tringa erythropus: Spotted redshank(24)
Tringa flavipes: Lesser yellowleg
Tringa flavipes: Lesser yellowlegs(10)
Tringa glareola: Wood sandpiper(29)
Tringa guttifer: Armstrong's sandpiper
Tringa guttifer: Nordmann's greenshank(21)
Tringa guttifer: Spotted greenshank
Tringa hypoleucos: Common sandpiper(13)
Tringa incana: Wandering tattler(6)
Tringa incanus: Wandering tattler
Tringa melanoleuca: Greater yellowlegs(2)
Tringa nebularia: Common greenshank(28)
Tringa nebularia: Greenshank(3)
Tringa ochropus: Green sandpiper(26)
Tringa solitaria: Solitary sandpiper(2)
Tringa stagnatilis: Marsh sandpiper(32)
Tringa totanus: Common redshank(33)
Tringa totanus: Redshank
Trionyx ater: Mexico soft-shelled turtle
Trionyx gangeticus: Ganges soft-shelled turtle
Trionyx hurum: Lower ganges soft-shelled turtle
Trionyx nigricans: Eastern soft-shelled turtle
Triops cancriformis: Tadpole shrimp
Tripodichthys blochii: Long-tail tripodfish(2)
Tripodichthys blochii: Longtail tripodfish(5)
Trisotropis dermopterus: Plain grouper
Trithemis aurora: Crimson dropwing(2892)
Trithemis aurora: Crimson marsh glider(145000)
Trithemis festiva: Indigo dropwing(7)
Trithemis pallidinervis: Dancing dropwing(7)
Triturus alpestris: Alpine newt
Triturus cristatus: Great crested newt
Triturus vulgaris: Smooth newt
Trochalopteron affine: Black-faced laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron austeni: Brown-capped laughingthrush(2)
Trochalopteron cachinnans: Black-chinned laughingthrush
Trochalopteron chrysopterum: Assam laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron elliotii: Elliot's laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron erythrocephalum: Chestnut-crowned laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron fairbanki: Kerala laughingthrush
Trochalopteron formosum: Red-winged laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron henrici: Brown-cheeked laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron imbricatum: Bhutan laughingthrush
Trochalopteron lineatum: Streaked laughingthrush
Trochalopteron melanostigma: Silver-eared laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron milnei: Red-tailed laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron morrisonianum: White-whiskered laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron ngoclinhense: Golden-winged laughingthrush(2)
Trochalopteron peninsulae: Malayan laughingthrush(2)
Trochalopteron squamatum: Blue-winged laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron subunicolor: Scaly laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron variegatum: Variegated laughingthrush(3)
Trochalopteron virgatum: Striped laughingthrush
Trochalopteron yersini: Collared laughingthrush(2)
Trochilus polytmus: Streamertail
Trochocercus albonotatus: White-tailed crested flycatcher
Trochocercus cyanomelas: Blue-mantled crested flycatcher
Trochocercus nigromitratus: Dusky crested flycatcher
Trochogaster pectoralis: Snakeskin Gouramy
Trochosa robusta: Wolf spider
Trochulus hispidus: Hairy snail
Troglodytes aedon: House wren
Troglodytes troglodytes: Taivanus, Winter wren
Troglodytes troglodytes: Winter wren(6)
Troglodytes troglodytes: Wren
Trogoderma granarium: Khapra beetle(2)
Trogonoptera brookiana: Rajah brooke's birdwing(2)
Troides aeacus: Golden birdwing(3)
Troides amphrysus: Malayan birdwing
Troides amphrysus: Ruficollis, Malayan birdwing(3)
Troides brookiana: Albescens, Rajah brooke's birdwing
Troides helena: Birdwing butterfly
Troides helena: Cerberus, Common birdwing(7)
Troides helena: Common birdwing
Troides magellanus: Birdwing butterfly
Trombidium holosericeum: Velvet mite
Tropheus duboisi: Blue-faced duboisi
Tropheus duboisi: Duboisi
Tropidolaemus wagleri: Wagler's pit-viper
Tropidolaemus wagleri: Wagler's pit viper(4)
Tropidophis melanurus: Cuban wood snake
Tropidophis semicinctus: Wood snake
Tropidophorus grayi: Philippine crocodile skink
Tropidophorus sinicus: Chinese water skink
Tropidurus hispidus: Lizard
Tropiocolotes tripolitanus: Tripoli dwarf gecko
Trudus merula: Eurasian blackvird
Trugon terrestris: Thick-billed ground pigeon
Tryngites subruficollis: Buff-breasted sandpiper(9)
Trypauchen vagina: Pink mud goby(4)
Tubastraea coccinea: Colonial cup coral
Tubastraea coccinea: Orange cup coral
Tubastraea coccinea: Orange tube coral
Tubastrea faulkneri: Tubastrea
Tubularia larynx: Hydroids
Tumix melanogaster: Black-breasted buttonquail
Tupaia belangeri: Northern treeshrew
Tupaia chrysogaster: Golden-bellied treeshrew
Tupaia dorsalis: Striped tree shrew
Tupaia dorsalis: Striped treeshrew
Tupaia glis: Common malayan treeshrew
Tupaia glis: Common tree shrew(55600)
Tupaia glis: Common treeshrew(17202)
Tupaia gracilis: Slender tree shrew
Tupaia gracilis: Slender treeshrew
Tupaia javanica: Horsfield's treeshrew
Tupaia longipes: Long-footed tree shrew
Tupaia longipes: Long-footed treeshrew
Tupaia minor: Gunther lesser treeshrew
Tupaia minor: Pygmy tree shrew
Tupaia minor: Pygmy treeshrew
Tupaia moellendorffi: Calamian treeshrew
Tupaia montana: Mountain tree shrew
Tupaia montana: Mountain treeshrew
Tupaia nicobarica: Nicobar treeshrew
Tupaia palawanensis: Palawan treeshrew
Tupaia picta: Painted tree shrew
Tupaia picta: Painted treeshrew
Tupaia splendidula: Ruddy treeshrew
Tupaia tana: Large tree shrew
Tupaia tana: Large treeshrew
Tupinambis merianae: Argentine black and white tegu
Tupinambis merianae: Black and white tegu(2)
Tupinambis rufescens: Blue tegu
Tupinambis rufescens: Red tegu(2)
Tupinambis teguixin: Black tegu
Tupinambis teguixin: Common tegu
Tupinambis teguixin: Golden tegu
Turacoena manadensis: White-faced cuckoo-dove
Turacoena modesta: Black cuckoo-dove
Turdinus atrigularis: Black-throated wren-babbler
Turdinus macrodactylus: Large wren-babbler
Turdinus marmoratus: Marbled wren-babbler
Turdinus rufipectus: Rusty-breasted wren-babbler
Turdoides affinis: White-headed babbler
Turdoides affinis: Yellow-billed babbler(3)
Turdoides altirostris: Iraq babbler(3)
Turdoides atripennis: Capuchin babbler
Turdoides aylmeri: Scaly chatterer(3)
Turdoides bicolor: Southern pied-babbler(2)
Turdoides caudata: Common babbler(3)
Turdoides caudatus: Common babbler
Turdoides chapini: Chapin's babbler
Turdoides earlei: Striated babbler(3)
Turdoides fulva: Fulvous babbler(2)
Turdoides gilberti: White-throated mountain babbler
Turdoides gularis: White-throated babbler(3)
Turdoides gymnogenys: Bare-cheeked babbler(2)
Turdoides hartlaubii: Angola babbler
Turdoides hartlaubii: Hartlaub's babbler
Turdoides hindei: Hinde's babbler
Turdoides hindei: Hinde's pied-babbler
Turdoides hindei: Hinde's pied babbler
Turdoides huttoni: Afghan babbler
Turdoides hypoleuca: Northern pied-babbler(2)
Turdoides hypoleucus: Northern pied babbler
Turdoides jardineii: Arrow-marked babbler(3)
Turdoides leucocephala: Cretschmar's babbler
Turdoides leucocephala: White-headed babbler
Turdoides leucopygia: White-rumped babbler(2)
Turdoides longirostris: Slender-billed babbler(4)
Turdoides malcolmi: Large gray babbler
Turdoides malcolmi: Large grey babbler(3)
Turdoides melanops: Black-faced babbler
Turdoides melanops: Black-lored babbler
Turdoides nipalensis: Spiny babbler(3)
Turdoides plebejus: Brown babbler(3)
Turdoides reinwardtii: Blackcap babbler(2)
Turdoides rubiginosa: Rufous chatterer(2)
Turdoides rubiginosus: Rufous chatterer
Turdoides rufescens: Orange-billed babbler(4)
Turdoides rufocincta: Red-collared babbler
Turdoides sharpei: Black-lored babbler(2)
Turdoides sharpei: Sharpe's pied-babbler
Turdoides squamiceps: Arabian babbler(3)
Turdoides squamulata: Scaly babbler(2)
Turdoides squamulatus: Scaly babbler
Turdoides striata: Jungle babbler(3)
Turdoides striatus: Jungle babbler
Turdoides subrufa: Rufous babbler(3)
Turdoides tenebrosa: Dusky babbler(2)
Turdus albocinctus: White-collared blackbird(3)
Turdus atrogularis: Black-throated thrush(3)
Turdus boulboul: Grey-winged blackbird(3)
Turdus cardis: Grey thrush(2)
Turdus cardis: Japanese thrush(9)
Turdus celaenops: Izu islands thrush
Turdus celaenops: Izu thrush
Turdus chrysolaus: Brown-headed thrush(11)
Turdus chrysolaus: Brown thrush
Turdus chrysolaus: Red-bellied thrush
Turdus dissimilis: Black-breasted thrush(3)
Turdus eunomus: Dusky thrush(7)
Turdus feae: Gray-sided thrush
Turdus feae: Grey-sided thrush(3)
Turdus helleri: Taita thrush
Turdus hortulorum: Gray-backed thrush(3)
Turdus hortulorum: Grey-backed thrush(8)
Turdus iliacus: Redwing(4)
Turdus kessleri: Kessler's thrush(3)
Turdus libonyanus: Kurrichane thrush
Turdus maximus: Tibetan blackbird
Turdus menachensis: Yemen thrush
Turdus merula: Blackbird(3)
Turdus merula: Common blackbird(3)
Turdus merula: Eurasian blackbird(11)
Turdus mupinensis: Chinese thrush(6)
Turdus naumanni: Dusky thrush(5)
Turdus naumanni: Naumann's thrush(7)
Turdus obscurus: Eye-browed thrush(3)
Turdus obscurus: Eyebrowed thrush(19)
Turdus olivaceus: Olive thrush
Turdus pallidus: Pale thrush(14)
Turdus pelios: African thrush
Turdus philomelos: Song thrush(5)
Turdus pilaris: Fieldfare(4)
Turdus poliocephalus: Island blackbird
Turdus poliocephalus: Island thrush(10)
Turdus poliocephalus: Niveiceps, Island thrush
Turdus rubrocanus: Chestnut thrush(3)
Turdus ruficollis: Dark-throated thrush
Turdus ruficollis: Red-throated thrush(5)
Turdus sibiricus: Siberian thrush
Turdus tephronotus: Bare-eyed thrush
Turdus torquatus: Ring ouzel(2)
Turdus unicolor: Tickell's thrush(4)
Turdus viscivorus: Mistle thrush(4)
Turnaca acuta: Leaf caterpillars
Turnagra capensis: Piopio
Turnix everetti: Sumba buttonquail
Turnix hottentotta: Black-rumped button-quail
Turnix maculosus: Red-backed buttonquail
Turnix melanogaster: Black-breasted button quail
Turnix ocellatus: Spotted buttonquail
Turnix suscilator: Barred buttonquail
Turnix suscitator: Barred bustard quail
Turnix suscitator: Barred buttonquail(25)
Turnix suscitator: Rostrata, Barred buttonquail
Turnix sylvatica: Common button-quail
Turnix sylvatica: Small button-quail
Turnix sylvatica: Small buttonquail(5)
Turnix sylvaticus: Common buttonquail
Turnix sylvaticus: Kurrichane buttonquail
Turnix sylvaticus: Small buttonquail(3)
Turnix tanki: Yellow-legged buttonquail(10)
Turnix worcesteri: Worcester's buttonquail
Tursiops aduncus: Bottlenose dolphin
Tursiops aduncus: Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphin(4)
Tursiops truncates: Bottlenose dolphin
Tursiops truncates: Common bottlenose dolphin
Tursiops truncatus: Bottlenose dolphin(3)
Tursiops truncatus: Common bottlenose dolphin(4)
Turtur abyssinicus: Black-billed wood dove
Turtur afer: Blue-spotted wood dove(2)
Turtur brehmeri: Blue-headed wood dove
Turtur chalcospilos: Emerald-spotted wood dove
Turtur tympanistria: Tambourine dove(2)
Tylonycteris pachypus: Lesser bamboo bat(6)
Tylonycteris pachypus: Lesser flat-headed bat(2)
Tylonycteris robustula: Greater bamboo bat(6)
Tylonycteris robustula: Greater flat-headed bat(2)
Tylosurus crocodilus: Hound needlefish(2)
Tylosurus crocodilus: Houndfish
Tylosurus leiurus: Square-tail aligator gar
Tylosurus punctulatus: Spongyjawed Needlefish
Tylosurus punctulatus: Spotted Long-tom
Tympanuchus cupido: Greater prairie-chicken(2)
Tympanuchus cupido: Prairie chicken
Tympanuchus pallidicinctus: Lesser prairie-chicken(2)
Tympanuchus phasianellus: Sharp-tailed grouse(2)
Typhlops diardi: Muelleri, Diard's blind snake
Typhlops lineatus: Striped blind snake(2)
Typhlops muelleri: Mueller's blind snake
Typhlops muelleri: White-bellied blind snake(5)
Tyriobapta torrida: Treehugger(7)
Tyto alba: Barn owl(19)
Tyto capensis: African grass owl
Tyto capensis: Eastern grass-owl
Tyto capensis: Eastern grass owl
Tyto capensis: Grass owl(2)
Tyto inexspectata: Minahassa masked owl
Tyto javanica: Eastern barn owl
Tyto longimembris: Australasian grass-owl(3)
Tyto longimembris: Eastern grass owl(4)
Tyto longimembris: Pithecops, Grass owl
Tyto nigrobrunnea: Taliabu masked owl
Tyto novaehollandiae: Australian masked owl
Tyto rosenbergii: Sulawesi barn owl
Tyto rosenbergii: Sulawesi masked owl
Tyto sororcula: Lesser masked owl
Tyto soumagnei: Madagascar owl
Tyto tenebricosa: Greater sooty owl

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_t.htm, 2018-03-20, Animal name T, 動物名 T}

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_t.htm, 2018-03-20, Animal name T, 動物名 T}, (nswong, animal_name_t.htm)

Taaningichthys paurolychnus: 少燈太寧燈魚
Taban aurotestaceus: 金殼虻
Tabanus abbreviatus: 爪哇虻
Tabanus administrans: 淡水虻
Tabanus amaenus: 土灰虻
Tabanus arisanus: 阿里山虻
Tabanus aurotestacrus: 金麟虻
Tabanus biannularis: 雙環虻
Tabanus birmanicus: 緬甸虻
Tabanus candidus: 雪白虻
Tabanus chrysurus: 黃巨虻
Tabanus conicus: 錐形虻
Tabanus exoticus: 舶來虻
Tabanus formosensis: 蓬萊虻
Tabanus formosiensis: 寶島虻
Tabanus fulvicinctus: 黃腰虻
Tabanus fulvimedioides: 黃條虻
Tabanus fuscicornis: 黑角虻
Tabanus gertrudae: 黃紋虻
Tabanus indianus: 印度虻
Tabanus karenkoensis: 花蓮虻
Tabanus kiangsuensis: 江蘇虻
Tabanus kotoshoensis: 蘭嶼虻
Tabanus mandarinus: 白紋虻
Tabanus miyakei: 三宅虻
Tabanus orientis: 東方虻
Tabanus pallidepectoratus: 西貢虻
Tabanus perakiensis: 馬來虻
Tabanus quinquecinctus: 五帶虻
Tabanus rufiventris: 紅腹虻
Tabanus sauteri: 邵達虻
Tabanus sexcictus: 六帶虻
Tabanus sexcinctus: 六帶虻
Tabanus signatipennis: 星翅虻
Tabanus signifer: 中角虻
Tabanus striatus: 斷紋虻
Tabanus taiwanus: 台灣虻
Tabanus takasagoensis: 高砂虻
Tabanus yao: 姚虻
Taccocua leschenaultii: 短嘴地鹃
Tachardiaephagus tachardiae: 黃胸膠蚧跳小蜂
Tachornis furcata: 侏棕雨燕(6)
Tachornis phoenicobia: 西印棕雨燕(6)
Tachornis squamata: 叉尾棕雨燕(6)
Tachybaptus novaehollandiae: 黑喉小䴙䴘
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小䴙䴘(3)
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小辟虎
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小鷿惕
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小鷿虒鳥
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小鷿鷈(3)
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小鷿鷉(3)
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小鸊鷉(14)
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小
Tachybaptus ruficollis: 小(5)
Tachybapus ruficollis: 小
Tachycineta bicolor: 双色树燕
Tachydroma bitstigma: 雙斑舞虻
Tachyglossus aculeatus: 澳洲针鼹
Tachygolssus aculeatus: 针鼹(2)
Tachymarptis aequatorialis: 杂斑雨燕(5)
Tachymarptis aequatorialis: 雜斑雨燕
Tachymarptis melba: 高山雨燕(9)
Tachyoryctes macrocephalus: 大头速掘鼠(2)
Tachyoryctes macrocephalus: 大東非鼴鼠
Tachypleus gigas: 鲎
Tachypleus gigas: 鲎, Hou(2)
Tachypleus gigas: 鲎, Hou2
Tachypleus tridentatus: 三棘鱟
Tachypleus tridentatus: 中国鲎
Tachypleus tridentatus: 中華鱟
Tachytes modestus: 條胸捷小唇泥蜂
Tachytrechus genualis: 黑腳長足虻
Tachytrechus picticornis: 青角長足虻
Tadaia nivalis: 雪白內齒蝸牛
Tadarida aegyptiaca: 北非犬吻蝠
Tadarida aegyptiaca: 埃及皺唇蝠
Tadarida australis: 南澳皺唇蝠
Tadarida australis: 南犬吻蝠
Tadarida brasiliensis: 巴西犬吻蝠
Tadarida brasiliensis: 美洲皺唇蝠
Tadarida espiritosantensis: 圣特雷莎犬吻蝠
Tadarida fulminans: 岛犬吻蝠
Tadarida fulminans: 馬島皺唇蝠
Tadarida insignis: 游離尾蝠
Tadarida lobata: 大耳犬吻蝠
Tadarida lobata: 葉耳皺唇蝠
Tadarida plicata: 犬吻蝠
Tadarida plicata: 皱唇犬吻蝠
Tadarida pumila: 侏儒皱唇蝠
Tadarida teniotis: 宽耳犬吻蝠
Tadarida teniotis: 歐亞皺唇蝠
Tadarida teniotis: 游離尾蝠
Tadarida ventralis: 非洲巨皺唇蝠
Tadarida ventralis: 非洲犬吻蝠
Tadorna cristata: 冠麻鸭(4)
Tadorna cristata: 凤头麻鸭
Tadorna ferruginea: 渎凫(2)
Tadorna ferruginea: 瀆鳧(6)
Tadorna ferruginea: 赤麻鴨(4)
Tadorna ferruginea: 赤麻鸭(15)
Tadorna ferruginea: 黃麻鴨
Tadorna radjah: 白腹麻鸭
Tadorna tadorna: 翘鼻麻鸭(15)
Tadorna tadorna: 翹鼻麻鴨(3)
Tadorna tadorna: 花凫(2)
Tadorna tadorna: 花鳧(6)
Tadorna tadornoides: 棕胸麻鴨
Tadorna variegata: 黑胸麻鴨
Tadovna ferraginea: 赤麻鴨
Tadrybaptus ruficollis: 小鷉鸊
Taeniacara candidi: 坎氏紋首麗魚
Taeniacara candidi: 藍袖短鯛(2)
Taenianotus triacanthus: 三棘帶鮋
Taenianotus triacanthus: 三棘高身鮋
Taenianotus triacanthus: 玫瑰絨鮋
Taenianotus triacanthus: 石狗公
Taenianotus triacanthus: 葉蠍子魚
Taenianotus triacanthus: 葉魚
Taenianotus triacanthus: 青石狗公
Taenicara candidi: 肯氏紋首麗魚
Taeniochromis holotaenia: 全帶紋麗魚
Taenioconger hassi: 花園鰻
Taeniodera coomani: 群斑带花金龟(4)
Taeniodera coomani: 群斑帶花金龜
Taeniodera flavofasciata: 絨毛陷紋金龜
Taeniodera nigricollis: 黑斑陷紋金龜
Taenioides anguillaris: 鰻形灰盲條魚
Taenioides anguillaris: 鰻鰕虎魚
Taenioides anguillaris: 鱺形灰盲條魚
Taenioides cirratus: 灰盲條魚(2)
Taenioides cirratus: 盲鰕虎魚
Taenioides cirratus: 盲鰕虎鱼
Taenioides cirratus: 须鳗鰕虎鱼(2)
Taenioides cirratus: 鬚鰻鰕虎魚(2)
Taenioides cirratus: 鬚鰻鰕虎(2)
Taenioides limicola: 等頜灰盲條魚
Taeniolethrinops cyrtonotus: 駝背帶龍占麗魚
Taeniolethrinops furcicauda: 叉尾帶龍占麗魚
Taeniolethrinops laticeps: 側頭帶龍占麗魚
Taeniolethrinops praeorbitalis: 前眶帶龍占麗魚
Taeniopsetta ocellata: 眼斑線鰭鮃
Taeniopygia castanotis: 栗耳草雀
Taeniopygia castanotis: 锦华雀
Taeniopygia castanotis: 锦华鸟
Taeniopygia guttata: 斑胸草雀(4)
Taeniostigma ingens: 痣帶嚙蟲
Taeniostola connecta: 五帶實蠅
Taeniothrips eucharii: 尤加律薊馬
Taeniothrips oreophilus: 薔薇薊馬
Taeniura altavela: 馬德拉群島條尾魟
Taeniura constellata: 亞馬遜河條尾魟
Taeniura dumerilii: 杜氏條尾魟
Taeniura grabata: 圓條尾魟
Taeniura henlei: 巴西條尾魟
Taeniura lymma: 古氏土魟
Taeniura lymma: 点魔鬼鱼
Taeniura lymma: 蓝斑条尾魟
Taeniura lymma: 藍斑條尾魟
Taeniura lymma: 藍點魟(2051)
Taeniura lymma: 魟鱼
Taeniura lymma: 魟鱼, Hong yu(238)
Taeniura melanospilos: 黑斑条尾魟
Taeniura meyeni: 迈氏条尾魟
Taeniura meyeni: 邁氏條尾魟(2)
Taeniura meyeni: 魴仔
Tagiades cohaerens: 白裙弄蝶
Tagiades litigiosus: 沾邊裙弄蝶
Tagiades menaka: 黑邊裙弄蝶(2)
Tahuantinsuyoa chipi: 奇氏塔豪麗魚
Taicallimorpha albipuncta: 烏麗燈蛾
Taichius fukudai: 福田匏胸擬迴木蟲
Taijutarus triangulus: 三角台灣蔣氏節蜱
Tailorilygus apicalis: 汎泰盲椿
Tainanina pilisquama: 錫蘭南蠅
Taiocera kibunensis: 中華香大蚊
Taiocera nokoensis: 台灣香大蚊
Taius tumifrons: 黄鲷
Taiwanajinga albofasciata: 蓮華白條銹天牛
Taiwanaleyrodes carpini: 千金榆粉蝨
Taiwanaleyrodes indica: 印度粉蝨
Taiwanaleyrodes meliosmae: 山豬肉粉蝨
Taiwanaleyrodes montanus: 山粉蝨
Taiwanaphis decapspermi: 掃帚樹斑蚜
Taiwanassiminea hayashii: 林氏山椒蝸牛
Taiwanassiminea hayasii: 林氏山椒蝸牛
Taiwanemobius formosanus: 台灣砂灘蟋蟀
Taiwanina pandoxa: 東京尾大蚊
Taiwanocarilia atra: 紅胸台灣花天牛
Taiwanomyia fragilicornis: 能高尾大蚊
Taiwanomyia ritozanensis: 展翅台大紋
Taiwanosemia hoppoensis: 北埔蟬
Taiwanoserica bihluhensis: 碧綠台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica elongata: 細台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica gracilipes: 大禹嶺台灣絨毛
Taiwanoserica gracilipes: 大禹嶺台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica gracilipes: 大禹嶺絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica kubotai: 久保田台灣絨毛
Taiwanoserica kubotai: 久保田絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica lishana: 梨山台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica lishana: 梨山絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica monticola: 深山台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica nitidipes: 彩虹台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica ovata: 圓台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica pubisterna: 胸毛台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica pubisterna: 胸毛絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica simillima: 紅台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica sinuosa: 曲腿台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica suturalis: 條紋台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica suzukii: 鈴木台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica suzukii: 鈴木絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica taiyal: 泰雅台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica variegata: 阿里山台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica variegata: 阿里山絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica yui: 木生台灣絨毛金龜
Taiwanoserica yui: 木生絨毛金龜
Taiwanotagalus klapperichi: 克氏扁擬步行蟲
Taiwanotrichia dorsopilosa: 細毛金背金龜
Taiwanotrichia longicornis: 金背金龜
Taiwanotrichia similis: 鞍馬山金背金龜
Tajuria caeruela: 天藍雙尾灰蝶
Tajuria caeruela: 褐底青小灰蝶
Tajuria caeruela: 褐翅青灰蝶
Tajuria cippus: 雙尾灰蝶
Tajuria diaeus: 白日雙尾灰蝶
Tajuria diaeus: 白腹青灰蝶
Tajuria diaeus: 花蓮青小灰蝶
Tajuria illurgioides: 假漣紋青灰蝶
Tajuria illurgis: 淡藍雙尾灰蝶
Tajuria illurgis: 漣紋小灰蝶
Tajuria illurgis: 漣紋青灰蝶
Tajuria maculata: 豹斑雙尾灰蝶
Takachihoa truciformis: 小樹皮蟹蛛
Takachihoa trunciformis: 似野高蟹蛛
Takahashia japonica: 日本纽绵蜡蚧
Takaomyia formosana: 高雄蚜蠅
Takaomyia johannis: 約翰蚜蠅
Takasagohadra multifasciata: 高砂蝸牛(2)
Takecallis arundinariae: 桂竹白斑蚜
Takecallis taiwanus: 桂竹綠斑蚜
Takecallis takahashii: 玉山矢竹斑蚜
Takedromia cristatipes: 脊足武
Takedromia cristatipes: 脊足武田綿蟹
Takifugu alboplumbeus: 鉛點多紀魨
Takifugu bimaculatus: 雙斑多紀魨
Takifugu bimaculatus: 雙斑東方純
Takifugu chinensis: 中華多紀魨
Takifugu flavidus: 菊黃多紀魨
Takifugu niphobles: 星点多纪鲀
Takifugu niphobles: 星點多紀魨(2)
Takifugu niphobles: 黑點多紀魨
Takifugu oblongus: 怕醜河魨
Takifugu oblongus: 橫紋多紀魨
Takifugu obscurus: 暗紋多紀魨
Takifugu ocellatus: 弓斑多紀魨(3)
Takifugu ocellatus: 弓斑多纪鲀
Takifugu pardalis: 豹紋多紀魨
Takifugu poecilonotus: 斑點多紀魨
Takifugu poecilonotus: 網斑多紀魨
Takifugu poecilonotus: 網紋多紀魨
Takifugu porphyreus: 紫色多紀魨
Takifugu pseudommus: 假睛多紀魨
Takifugu rubripes: 眼斑多紀魨
Takifugu rubripes: 紅鰭多紀魨
Takifugu stictonotus: 密斑多紀魨
Takifugu vermicularis: 蟲紋多紀魨
Takifugu xanthopterus: 黃鰭多紀魨
Takydromus amurensis: 黑龍江草蜥
Takydromus amurensis: 黑龙江草蜥(5)
Takydromus formosanus: 台湾草蜥(5)
Takydromus formosanus: 台灣草蜥(3)
Takydromus formosanus: 臺灣草蜥(4)
Takydromus formosensis: 台灣草蜥
Takydromus hsuehshanensis: 雪山草蜥(7)
Takydromus hsuehshanesis: 雪山草蜥(2)
Takydromus kuehnei: 古納氏草蜥
Takydromus ocellatus: 南草蜥
Takydromus sauteri: 南台草蜥(3)
Takydromus sauteri: 南臺草蜥(2)
Takydromus sauteri: 恒春草蜥(6)
Takydromus sauteri: 梭德氏草蜥(5)
Takydromus sauteri: 高雄草蜥(2)
Takydromus septentrionalis: 北草蜥(11)
Takydromus septentrionalis: 蛇舅母
Takydromus sexlineatus: 南草蜥(8)
Takydromus stejnegeri: 蓬來草蜥
Takydromus stejnegeri: 蓬莱草蜥(5)
Takydromus stejnegeri: 蓬萊草蜥(5)
Takydromus viridipunctatus: 翠斑草蜥
Takydromus wolteri: 白条草蜥(5)
Takydromus wolteri: 白條草蜥
Talbotia naganum: 飛龍粉蝶
Talegalla cuvieri: 红嘴塚雉
Talegalla fuscirostris: 黑嘴塚雉
Talegalla jobiensis: 褐领塚雉
Talismania antillarum: 安的列斯塔氏魚
Talismania longifilis: 絲尾塔氏魚
Talonostrea talonata: 猫爪牡蛎
Talpa caeca: 地中海鼴
Talpa europaea: 欧鼹
Talpa micrura: 台湾鼹鼠
Talpa micrura: 海南鼹鼠
Talpa micrura: Hainanus, 海南鼴鼠
Talpa micrura: Insularis, 台灣鼴鼠
Tamandua tetradactyla: 小食蚁兽(2)
Tamarixia radiata: 亮腹釉小蜂(2)
Tambja affinis: 聯盟鏽邊海蛞蝓
Tambja amakusana: 天草多角海蛞蝓
Tambja gabrielae: 加百利多角海蛞蝓
Tambja morosa: 藍紋多角海蛞蝓
Tambja morosa: 藍紋鏽邊海蛞蝓
Tambja olivaria: 橄欖多角海蛞蝓
Tambja sagamiana: 相模多角海蛞蝓
Tamias minimus: 花栗鼠
Tamias sibiricus: 花鼠(2)
Tamias sibiticus: 花鼠
Tamias striatus: 美東金花鼠(2)
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus: 紅松鼠
Tamiops macclellandi: 明紋花松鼠(2)
Tamiops macclellandi: 明纹花松鼠(4)
Tamiops maritimus: 台灣條紋松鼠
Tamiops maritimus: 條紋松鼠(2)
Tamiops maritimus: 臺灣帶紋松鼠
Tamiops maritimus: Hainanus, 倭花鼠
Tamiops swinhoei: 台湾隐纹花鼠
Tamiops swinhoei: 海南隐纹花鼠
Tamiops swinhoei: 豹鼠
Tamiops swinhoei: 隐纹花松鼠(6)
Tamiops swinhoei: 隱紋花松鼠
Tamiops swinhoei: Formosanus, 台灣隱紋花鼠
Tamiops swinhoei: Hainanus, 海南隱紋花鼠
Tampichthys catostomops: 下口圓吻鱥
Tampichthys dichromus: 雙色圓吻鱥
Tampichthys erimyzonops: 墨西哥圓吻鱥
Tampichthys ipni: 伊氏圓吻鱥
Tampichthys mandibularis: 上頜圓吻鱥
Tampichthys rasconis: 拉什康圓吻鱥
Tanakia chii: 齊氏田中鰟鲏
Tanakia himantegus: 革條田中鰟鲏(2)
Tanakia himanteugs: 台灣石鮒
Tanakia lanceolata: 矛形田中鰟鲏
Tanakia limbata: 黃褐田中鰟鲏
Tanakia tanago: 關東田中鰟鲏
Tanaoctenia haliaria: 綠翅茶斑尺蛾
Tanaoctenia haliaria: 綠翅茶斑尺蠖蛾
Tanaorhinus formosanus: 台灣鎌翅綠尺蛾
Tanaorhinus viridiluteatus: 偽鉤鐮翅綠尺蛾
Tanchuanoleberis chienchin: 前秦貪泉介
Tanchuanoleberis cordata: 小葉貪泉介
Tanchuanoleberis menishihia: 捫蝨貪泉介
Tanchuanoleberis pseudodemokrace: 偽善貪泉介
Tanchuanoleberis suetsumuhana: 涼爽貪泉介
Tanella chankuoi: 戰國陳氏介
Tanella chijeni: 杞人陳氏介
Tanella machoui: 馬周陳氏介
Tanella vermicularia: 蟲形陳氏介
Tanella zebra: 斑馬陳氏介
Tangachromis dhanisi: 漢氏坦加麗魚
Tanganicodus irsacae: 艾氏坦加尼可麗魚
Tanganicodus irsacae: 艾氏坦干伊喀麗魚
Tanganikallabes alboperca: 白蓋坦噶尼喀鯰
Tanganikallabes mortiauxi: 坦噶尼喀鯰(3)
Tanganikallabes mortiauxi: 坦噶尼喀鲶(4)
Tanganikallabes stewarti: 斯圖氏坦噶尼喀鯰
Tangara fastuosa: 七彩唐加拉雀(4)
Tangicoccus elongatus: 长粉蚧
Tanichthys albonubes: 唐魚(5)
Tanichthys albonubes: 唐鱼(4)
Tanichthys albonubes: 白云山
Tanichthys albonubes: 白云山鱼
Tanichthys albonubes: 白雲山魚
Tanichthys albonubes: 白雲山(4)
Tanichthys albonubes: 紅尾魚
Tanichthys albonubes: 红尾鱼
Tanichthys micagemmae: 賢良江唐魚
Tanna auripennis: 黃羽暮蟬
Tanna infuscata: 阿里山紋翅暮蟬
Tanna karenkonis: 花蓮暮蟬
Tanna ornatipennis: 紋翅暮蟬
Tanna sayurie: 鼈甲暮蟬
Tanna sozanensis: 陽明山暮蟬(2)
Tanna taipinensis: 大坪暮蟬
Tanna viridis: 小暮蟬
Tanyarsus formosae: 福摩搖蚊
Tanygnathus gramineus: 黑眼先鹦鹉
Tanygnathus lucionensis: 蓝颈鹦鹉(3)
Tanygnathus megalorhynchos: 巨嘴鹦鹉
Tanygnathus megalorynchos: 巨嘴鸚鵡(2)
Tanygnathus megalorynchos: 巨嘴鹦鹉
Tanygnathus sumatranus: 蓝背鹦鹉
Tanypus formosanus: 蓬萊搖蚊
Tanypus fusciclava: 棕棍搖蚊
Tanysiptera carolinae: 蓝仙翡翠
Tanysiptera danae: 褐背仙翡翠
Tanysiptera ellioti: 黑翅仙翡翠
Tanysiptera galatea: 普通仙翡翠
Tanysiptera hydrocharis: 阿鲁仙翡翠
Tanysiptera nympha: 粉胸仙翡翠
Tanysiptera riedelii: 比岛仙翡翠
Tanysiptera sylvia: 白尾仙翡翠
Taonius pavo: 孔雀魷
Tapeinus fuscipennis: 紅平腹獵蝽
Tapes belcheri: 四射缀锦蛤
Tapes blecheri: 硬殼淺蜊
Tapes deshayesii: 短圆缀锦蛤
Tapes dorsatus: 寬幅淺蜊
Tapes dorsatus: 钝缀镜蛤
Tapes literatus: 淺蜊(2)
Tapes literatus: 缀锦蛤
Tapes platyptycha: 花斑淺蜊
Tapes platyptycha: 蛛网缀镜蛤
Tapes turgida: 鈍綴錦蛤
Taphozous australis: 南墓蝠(2)
Taphozous australis: 昆士蘭墓蝠
Taphozous georgianus: 尖吻墓蝠
Taphozous georgianus: 尖鼻墓蝠
Taphozous hamiltoni: 哈氏墓蝠
Taphozous hamiltoni: 苏丹墓蝠
Taphozous hildegardeae: 希氏墓蝠
Taphozous hildegardeae: 肯尼亚墓蝠
Taphozous hilli: 希氏墓蝠
Taphozous kapalgensis: 澳洲墓蝠
Taphozous kapalgensis: 白紋墓蝠
Taphozous longimanus: 長臂墓蝠
Taphozous mauritianus: 南非墓蝠(2)
Taphozous melanopogon: 黑髯墓蝠
Taphozous melanopogon: 黑鬍鞘尾蝠
Taphozous melanopogon: 黑鬚墓蝠
Taphozous nudiventris: 裸腹墓蝠
Taphozous perforatus: 埃及墓蝠
Taphozous philippinensis: 菲律賓墓蝠
Taphozous theobaldi: 席氏墓蝠
Taphozous theobaldi: 西氏墓蝠
Taphrolesbia griseiventris: 灰嘴慧星蜂鸟(2)
Tapinella formosana: 臺灣卑嚙蟲
Tapinoma indicum: 印度慌琉璃蟻
Tapinoma melanocephalum: 黑頭慌琉璃蟻
Tapinoma melanocephalum: 黑頭荒蟻
Tapirus bairdii: 中美貘(2)
Tapirus indicus: 馬來貘(2)
Tapirus indicus: 马来貘
Tapirus pinchaqua: 高山貘
Tapirus pinchaque: 山貘(2)
Tapirus terrestris: 南美貘(2)
Tapirus terrestris: 巴西貘(2)
Taractes rubescens: 深海三角仔
Taractes rubescens: 紅棱魴
Taractes rubescens: 紅褐烏魴
Taractichthys steindachneri: 凹尾長鰭烏魴
Taractichthys steindachneri: 大鱗烏魴
Taractichthys steindachneri: 深海三角仔
Taractrocera ceramas: 草黃弄蝶
Taraka hamada: 林灰蝶
Taraka hamada: 棋石小灰蝶
Taraka hamada: 竹蚜小灰蝶
Taraka hamada: 蚜灰蝶(3)
Tarebia granifera: 瘤蜷
Tarentola chazaliae: 头盔守宫
Tarentola mauritanica: 守宫
Tarentola mauritanica: 鱷魚守宮(2)
Tarentola mauritanica: 鳄鱼守宫
Taricha torosa: 肥渍螈
Tarpela formosana: 台灣縮頸擬步行蟲
Tarpela zoltani: 蘇氏縮頸擬步行蟲
Tarphops oligolepis: 大鱗斑鮃
Tarphops oligolepis: 大鱗鮃
Tarphops oligolepis: 扁魚
Tarphops oligolepis: 皇帝魚
Tarphops oligolepis: 高体大鳞鲆
Tarsiger chrysaeus: 金色林鴝
Tarsiger chrysaeus: 金色林鸲
Tarsiger cyanurus: 紅 藍尾鴝
Tarsiger cyanurus: 紅脅藍尾鴝
Tarsiger cyanurus: 紅腋藍尾鴝
Tarsiger cyanurus: 红肋蓝尾鸲
Tarsiger cyanurus: 红胁蓝尾鸲(12)
Tarsiger cyanurus: 蓝尾鸲
Tarsiger cyanurus: 藍尾鴝(6)
Tarsiger cyanurus: 藍尾鴝(2)
Tarsiger cyanurus: Cyanurus, 红胁蓝尾鸲
Tarsiger fuliginosus: 红尾歌鸲
Tarsiger hohnstoniae: 台湾林鸲
Tarsiger hyperythrus: 棕腹林鴝(2)
Tarsiger hyperythrus: 棕腹林鸲(6)
Tarsiger indicus: 白眉林鴝(7)
Tarsiger indicus: 白眉林鸲(2)
Tarsiger indicus: 白眉林鴝(3)
Tarsiger johnstoni: 栗背林鴝
Tarsiger johnstoniae: 台湾林鸲(6)
Tarsiger johnstoniae: 台灣林鴝
Tarsiger johnstoniae: 栗背林鴝(5)
Tarsiger johnstoniae: 臺灣林鴝
Tarsiger johnstoniae: 阿里山鴝(2)
Tarsiger johnstoniae: 栗背林鴝(3)
Tarsiger rufilatus: 喜山藍尾鴝
Tarsiger rufilatus: 蓝眉林鸲
Tarsipes spenserae: 蜜貂(2)
Tarsipes spenserae: 长吻袋貂
Tarsius bancanus: 邦加眼镜猴
Tarsius bancanus: 邦加跗猴
Tarsius bancanus: 马来跗猴(2)
Tarsius dianae: 苏拉威西眼镜猴
Tarsius dianae: 苏拉威西跗猴
Tarsius pumilus: 小眼鏡猴
Tarsius pumilus: 小眼镜猴
Tarsius pumilus: 小跗猴
Tarsius pumilus: 眼镜猴属
Tarsius spectrum: 西里伯斯眼镜猴
Tarsius spectrum: 西里伯斯跗猴
Tarsius syrichta: 菲律宾眼镜猴
Tarsius syrichta: 菲律宾跗猴
Tarsomys echinatus: 刺扁顱鼠
Tartessus ferrugineus: 褐翅葉蟬(2)
Tasmacetus shepherdi: 希氏劍吻鯨
Tasta argozana: 銀斑小尺蛾
Tateomys rhinogradoides: 塔特鼠
Tatera afra: 南非裸蹠沙鼠(2)
Tatera afra: 非洲大沙鼠
Taterillus petteri: 彼得沙鼠
Tateurndina ocellicauda: 尾眼斑新幾內亞塘鱧
Tatia intermedia: 中間特鯰
Tatia musaica: 鼠特鯰
Tatia perugia: 豹紋特鯰
Tatia strigata: 條紋特鯰
Tauala elongata: 長牛蛛
Tauraco bannermani: 班氏蕉鹃
Tauraco bannermani: 蕉鹃
Tauraco corythaix: 綠冠鷦鵑(2)
Tauraco fischeri: 費氏蕉鵑
Tauraco hartlaubi: 藍冠蕉鵑
Tauraco leucolophus: 白冠蕉鵑
Tauraco porphyreololphus: 亦可表示為
Tauraco porphyreolophus: 紫冠蕉鵑
Tauraco schalowi: 沙氏蕉鵑
Tauraco schuetti: 黑嘴蕉鵑
Taurotragus derbianus: 德氏大羚羊
Taurotragus oryx: 伊蘭羚羊
Taurotragus oryx: 大羚羊
Taurotragus oryx: 旋角大羚羊
Taurotragus oryx: 普通大羚羊
Taxidea taxus: 美洲獾(4)
Taxidea taxus: 美洲貛
Taxonus arisanus: 阿里山墨葉蜂
Taxonus formosacolus: 蓬萊墨葉蜂
Taxonus octopunctatus: 八點墨葉蜂
Taxonus punun: 布農墨葉蜂
Tayassu pecari: 白嘴西猯
Tchagra australis: 褐冠紅翅鵙
Tchagra jamesi: 紋斑紅翅鵙
Tchagra minuta: 小紅翅鵙
Tchagra senegala: 黑冠紅翅鵙
Tchagra senegalus: 黑冠红翅鵙
Technomyrmex modigliuni: 黑螞蟻
Techomyrmex albipes: 白足扁琉璃蟻
Techomyrmex albipes: 褐足扁琉璃蟻
Techomyrmex horni: 荷氏扁琉璃蟻
Techomyrmex modiglianii: 狹長扁琉璃蟻
Tectarius coronatus: 金塔玉黍螺
Tectarius pagodus: 巨塔玉黍螺
Tectocepheus cuspidentatus: 刺蓋頭甲蟎
Tectus conus: 紅斑鐘螺
Tectus fenestratus: 高帽鐘螺
Tectus niloticus: 牛蹄鐘螺
Tectus niloticus: 馬蹄鐘螺
Tectus pyramis: 銀塔鐘螺
Tectus triserialis: 尖山鐘螺
Tegenaria domestica: 棚蛛
Tegillarca granosa: 血蚶
Tegillarca nodifera: 結毛蚶
Tegolophus celtus: 朴樹頂冠節蜱
Tegolophus dirotuadus: 雙圈頂冠節蜱
Tegolophus eminentopus: 巨突頂冠節蜱
Tegolophus euryaes: 凹葉柃木頂冠節蜱
Tegolophus magnutuberclus: 大葉木犀頂冠節蜱
Tegolophus melicopi: 山刈葉頂冠節蜱
Tegolophus polygonus: 火炭母草頂冠節蜱
Tegolophus rubrae: 九節木頂冠節蜱
Tegonotus aegopodii: 柃木頂背節蜱
Tegonotus eupators: 漫澤蘭頂背節蜱
Tegonotus exiguus: 微小頂背節蜱
Tegonotus hostiguus: 微小頂背節蜱
Tegonotus mangiferae: 芒果頂背節蜱
Tegonotus paramangiferae: 似芒果頂背節蜱
Teinopalpus aureus: 金斑喙凤蝶属
Teinopalpus aureus: 金斑喙凤蝶(2)
Teinopalpus imperialis: 喙凤蝶
Teinopalpus imperialis: 金带喙凤蝶
Teinopalpus specie: 金带喙凤蝶
Teinostoma lucidum: 白冰玉輪螺
Teius teyou: 美洲蜥蜴
Teixeirichthys formosana: 台湾蜥雀鲷
Teixeirichthys jordani: 乔丹氏细鳞雀鲷
Teixeirichthys jordani: 乔氏蜥雀鲷
Teixeirichthys jordani: 喬丹氏細鱗雀
Teixeirichthys jordani: 喬氏蜥雀鯛
Telacanthura melanopygia: 黑針尾雨燕
Telacanthura melanopygia: 黑针尾雨燕(5)
Telacanthura ussheri: 斑喉針尾雨燕(2)
Telacanthura ussheri: 斑喉针尾雨燕(5)
Telamonia festiva: 多彩紐蛛(2)
Telasco gaudiosa: 網紋織紋螺
Telasco reeveana: 浮標織紋螺
Telasco shacklefordi: 乳白織紋螺
Telasco sufflatus: 素面織紋螺
Telasco velatus: 彈頭織紋螺
Telaso gaudiosa: 網紋織紋螺
Telaso reeveana: 浮標織紋螺
Telaso sufflatus: 素面織紋螺
Telaso velatus: 彈頭織紋螺
Telema wunderlichi: 冯氏泰莱蛛
Telenomus abnormis: 桑毒蛾黑卵蜂
Telenomus ampullaceus: 瓶狀黑卵蜂
Telenomus bambusae: 白螟黑卵蜂
Telenomus beneficiens: 爪哇黃足黑卵蜂(2)
Telenomus beneficiens: 白螟黑卵蜂(2)
Telenomus beneficiens: 螟黑卵蜂
Telenomus bipunctata: 茶蠶黑卵蜂
Telenomus chrysopae: 草蛉黑卵蜂
Telenomus dendrolimusi: 松毛虫黑卵蜂
Telenomus dignus: 等腹黑卵蜂
Telenomus kolbei: 舟形毛虫黑卵蜂
Telenomus remus: 槳黑卵蜂
Telenomus rowani: 長腹黑卵蜂
Teleocichla prionogenys: 鋸全麗魚
Teleogramma brichardi: 布氏全線麗魚
Teleogramma brichardi: 布氏遠紋麗魚
Teleogramma depressum: 扁全線麗魚
Teleogramma gracile: 細身全線麗魚
Teleogramma monogramma: 單全線麗魚
Teleogryllus emma: 黄脸油葫芦
Teleogryllus mitratus: 白緣眉紋蟋蟀
Teleogryllus occipitalis: 烏頭眉紋蟋蟀
Teleopsis quadriguttata: 四斑炳眼蠅
Telescopium telescopium: 望遠鏡海蜷
Telespiza cantans: 莱桑拟管舌鸟
Telestes pleurobipunctatus: 雙胸斑雅羅魚
Telestes polylepis: 多鱗雅羅魚
Telestes souffia: 紫帶雅羅魚
Telestes ukliva: 半帶雅羅魚
Teleutaea gracilis: 細特姬蜂
Telicota ancilla: 紅翅長標弄蝶
Telicota besta: 黑脈長標弄蝶
Telicota colon: 長標弄蝶
Telicota ohara: 竹紅弄蝶
Telicota ohara: 黃紋長標弄蝶
Tellina tenuilamellata: 微紋櫻蛤
Tellinella cumingii: 黑斑櫻蛤
Tellinella pulcherrima: 鯊皮櫻蛤
Tellinella spengleri: 鋸齒櫻蛤
Tellinella staurella: 月光櫻蛤
Tellinella virgata: 日光櫻蛤
Tellinides ovalis: 卵形櫻蛤
Telmatherina ladigesi: 七彩霓虹(2)
Telmatheruna ladigesi: 七彩霓虹(2)
Telmatochromis bifrenatus: 二線鳳凰短鯛(2)
Telmatochromis bifrenatus: 雙沼麗魚
Telmatochromis brichardi: 布氏沼麗魚
Telmatochromis burgeoni: 伯氏沼麗魚
Telmatochromis dhonti: 德氏沼麗魚
Telmatochromis temporalis: 溫和沼麗魚
Telmatochromis vittatus: 飾圈沼麗魚
Telmatoscopus albipunctata: 白斑蛾蚋
Telmatoscopus albipunctatus: 大蛾蚋
Teloscalpellum album: 白遠鎧藤壺
Telostylus decemnotatus: 十斑長腳蠅
Telotrematocara macrostoma: 大口遠孔麗魚
Telsimia emarginata: 整胸寡节瓢虫
Telsimia huiliensis: 会理寡节瓢虫
Telsimia jinyangiensis: 金阳寡节瓢虫
Telsimia nagasakiensis: 長崎寡節瓢蟲(2)
Telsimia nagasakiensis: 长崎寡节瓢虫
Telsimia nigra: 中原寡节瓢虫
Telsimia scymnoides: 小毛寡节瓢虫
Telsimia sichuanensis: 四川寡节瓢虫
Temelucha biguttula: 螟黃抱緣姬蜂
Temelucha philippinensis: 菲島抱緣姬蜂
Temnopleurus hardwickii: 哈氏刻肋海膽
Temnopleurus reveesi: 芮氏刻肋海膽
Temnopleurus toreumaticus: 細雕刻肋海膽
Temnostethus reduvinus: 长头截胸花蝽
Temnostoma taiwanum: 朝日蚜蠅
Temnotrema sculptum: 刻孔海膽
Temnurus temnurus: 塔尾树鹊(3)
Temnurus temnurus: 塔尾樹鵲
Temora discaudata: 異尾寬水蚤
Temora stylifera: 柱型寬水蚤
Temora turbinata: 錐形寬水蚤
Temorites brevis: 短小寬角水蚤
Temorites elongata: 瘦長小寬角水蚤
Temorites longicornis: 長角小寬角水蚤
Temorites minor: 微小寬角水蚤
Temorites similis: 擬小寬角水蚤
Temorites spinifera: 刺小寬角水蚤
Temoropia mayumbaensis: 腹突擬寬水蚤
Tendipus astenus: 奧田搖蚊
Tendipus chlorophorus: 嗜綠搖蚊
Tendipus chlorostolus: 綠袍搖蚊
Tendipus formosicola: 台棲搖蚊
Tendipus glauciventris: 綠腹搖蚊
Tendipus gracilipes: 細足搖蚊
Tendipus grandilobus: 粗棍搖蚊
Tendipus pelochloris: 淺黃搖蚊
Tendipus tainanus: 台南搖蚊
Tenebrio molitor: 擬步行蟲
Tenebrio molitor: 面包虫(2)
Tenebrio molitor: 麦皮虫
Tenebrio molitor: 黃粉蟲
Tenebrio molitor: 黄粉甲
Tenebrio molitor: 黄粉虫
Tenebroides mauritanicus: 大谷盗
Tenguella granulata: 結螺
Tenodema elegans: 深色狹盲椿
Tenodera angustipennis: 狭翅大刀螳
Tenodera angustipennis: 狹翅大刀螳
Tenodera aridifolia: 大螳螂
Tenodera aridifolia: 枯葉大刀螳
Tenodera sinensis: 中华螳螂
Tenodera sinensis: 中華大刀螳
Tenomerga anguliscutis: 長扁甲
Tenomerga trabecula: 斑鞘長扁蟲
Tenrec ecaudatus: 无尾猬
Tenrec ecaudatus: 马岛猬
Tenthredo concinna: 雅緻葉蜂
Tenthredo esakii: 江崎葉蜂
Tenthredo formosana: 蓬萊葉蜂
Tenthredo gressitti: 嘉氏葉蜂
Tenthredo horishana: 埔里葉蜂
Tenthredo insulicola: 島嶼葉蜂
Tenthredo issikii: 一色葉蜂
Tenthredo katoi: 加藤葉蜂
Tenthredo khasiana: 卡西亞葉蜂
Tenthredo margaretella: 珍珠葉蜂
Tenthredo poeciloptera: 彩翅葉蜂
Tenthredo sauteri: 邵氏葉蜂
Tenthredo taiheizana: 太平山葉蜂
Tenthredo xueshanensis: 雪山葉蜂
Tenthredopsis insularis: 島嶼擬葉蜂
Tenthredopsis insularis: 褐角擬葉蜂
Tentidonax kiusiuensis: 九州斧蛤
Tentoriceps cristatus: 帶魚
Tentoriceps cristatus: 狹顱帶魚
Tentoriceps cristatus: 隆頭帶魚
Tenualosa macrura: 長尾鰣(2)
Tenualosa reevesii: 三來
Tenualosa reevesii: 生鰳
Tenualosa reevesii: 錫箔魚
Tenualosa reevesii: 鰣(2)
Tenuipalpus pacificus: 太平洋偽葉蟎
Tenuolosa reevesi: 鲥
Tephrinectes sinensis: 华鲆
Tephrinectes sinensis: 扁魚
Tephrinectes sinensis: 皇帝魚
Tephrinectes sinensis: 皇帝鱼
Tephrinectes sinensis: 花鮃
Tephrinectes sinensis: 花鲆
Tephritis impunctata: 黑痣斑翅實蠅
Tephrodornis gularis: 林贝鸟(2)
Tephrodornis gularis: 鉤嘴林鵙
Tephrodornis gularis: 钩嘴林鵙(5)
Tephrodornis pondicerianus: 林鵙(2)
Tephrodornis virgatus: 鈎嘴林鵙
Tephrodornis virgatus: 鉤嘴林鵙
Tephrodornis virgatus: 钩嘴林鵙(2)
Tephrozosterops stalkeri: 双色绣眼鸟
Teramachia dalli: 東港渦螺
Teramachia johnsoni: 寺町渦螺
Teramachia tibiaeformis: 寺町渦螺
Teramachia tibiaeformis: 長笛渦螺
Teramorium bicarinatum: 红蚂蚁
Terapon jarbua: 家隆蛆
Terapon jarbua: 弯纹丁公
Terapon jarbua: 彎紋丁公
Terapon jarbua: 斑吾(2)
Terapon jarbua: 細鱗鯻(2)
Terapon jarbua: 细鳞鯻
Terapon jarbua: 花身
Terapon jarbua: 花身仔(3)
Terapon jarbua: 花身雞魚(54604)
Terapon jarbua: 花身鯻(85602)
Terapon jarbua: 花身鸡鱼
Terapon jarbua: 釘公
Terapon jarbua: 雞仔魚
Terapon jarbua: 鸡仔鱼
Terapon jarbus: 花身雞魚
Terapon teraps: 條紋雞魚
Terapon theraps: 家隆蛆
Terapon theraps: 斑吾
Terapon theraps: 條紋雞魚(1313)
Terapon theraps: 條紋鯻(2832)
Terapon theraps: 直紋釘公
Terapon theraps: 花身
Terapon theraps: 花身仔
Terapon theraps: 雞仔魚
Terapon theraps: 雞魚仔
Terapon theraps: 鯻
Terathopius ecaudatus: 短尾雕(2)
Terathopius ecaudatus: 短尾鵰
Teratoclytus changi: 張氏虎天牛
Teratolepis fasciata: 松尾守宫(2)
Teratolepis fasciata: 松尾守宮(2)
Teratolepis fasciata: 畸鳞虎
Teratoscincus microlepis: 火焰守宮(2)
Teratoscincus przewaiskii: 新疆沙虎(3)
Teratoscincus przewalskii: 墨脱裸趾虎
Teratoscincus przewalskii: 新疆沙虎(2)
Teratoscincus roborowski: 中國蛙眼守宮(2)
Teratoscincus roborowskii: 吐魯番沙虎
Teratoscincus roborowskii: 吐鲁番沙虎(5)
Teratoscincus roborowskii: 敦煌沙虎
Teratoscincus roborowskii: 蝎虎
Teratoscincus scincus: 伊犁沙虎(7)
Teratoscincus scincus: 大蛙眼守宫
Teratoscincus scincus: 新疆沙虎
Teratoscincus scincus: 蛙眼守宫(2)
Teratoscincus scincus: 蛙眼守宮(2)
Teratoscincus toksunicus: 托克逊沙虎(5)
Teratoscincus toksunicus: 托克遜沙虎
Teratoscinus przewalskii: 新疆沙虎
Teratozephyrus elatus: 高山鐵灰蝶
Terebella ehrenbergi: 埃氏蟄龍介蟲
Terebellum terebellum: 散花飛彈螺
Terebellum terebellum: 閃電飛彈螺
Terebellum terebellum: 點花飛彈螺
Terebra affinis: 問題筍螺
Terebra affinis: 錦絲筍螺
Terebra alveolata: 蒼白筍螺
Terebra amanda: 玉帶筍螺
Terebra amanda: 白環筍螺
Terebra anilis: 徐娘筍螺
Terebra arabella: 響尾蛇筍螺
Terebra areolata: 褐斑筍螺
Terebra argus: 百眼筍螺
Terebra babylonia: 巴比倫筍螺
Terebra bathyraphe: 深溝筍螺
Terebra boucheti: 包氏筍螺
Terebra caliginosa: 暗塔筍螺
Terebra cerithina: 蟹守筍螺
Terebra cingulifera: 細溝筍螺
Terebra crenulata: 花牙筍螺
Terebra dimidiata: 紅筍螺
Terebra felina: 花貓筍螺
Terebra fenestrata: 窗格筍螺
Terebra fenestrata: 雙珠筍螺
Terebra guttata: 白斑筍螺
Terebra jungi: 鍾氏筍螺
Terebra laevigata: 光滑筍螺
Terebra lanceata: 長矛筍螺
Terebra lima: 銼紋筍螺
Terebra livida: 灰青筍螺
Terebra maculata: 大筍螺
Terebra milelinae: 珠廉筍螺
Terebra milelinae: 珠簾筍螺
Terebra nebulosa: 紅雲筍螺
Terebra nitida: 摺扇筍螺
Terebra pertusa: 優美筍螺
Terebra pretiosa: 旗桿筍螺
Terebra pseudopertusa: 豔麗筍螺
Terebra pygmaea: 侏儒筍螺
Terebra stearnsii: 大旗桿筍螺
Terebra stearnsii: 大錐筍螺
Terebra stearnsii: 大錐螺
Terebra subulata: 黑斑筍螺
Terebra succincta: 燈籠筍螺
Terebra swainsoni: 史文生筍螺
Terebra taiwanensis: 台灣筍螺
Terebra tricincta: 三帶筍螺
Terebra tricolor: 三色筍螺
Terebra triseriata: 鑽筍螺
Terebra turrita: 雲斑筍螺
Terebralia palustris: 泥海蜷
Terebralia sulcata: 刻紋海蜷
Teredo fulleri: 紅樹林蛀船蛤
Teredo navalis: 船蛆蛤
Teredorus bashanensis: 巴山尖顶蚱
Teredorus camurimarginus: 曲缘尖顶蚱
Teredorus carmichaeli: 卡尖顶蚱
Teredorus guizhouensis: 贵州尖顶蚱
Teredorus hainanensis: 海南尖顶蚱
Teredorus longipulvillus: 长垫尖顶蚱
Teredorus prominemarginis: 突缘尖顶蚱
Teredorus wuyishanensis: 武夷山尖顶蚱
Terinos terpander: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Termes marjoriae: 钳白蚁
Terna crypta: 似石蜊
Terpsimya semicinctus: 半帶長足虻
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: 紫壽帶鳥(3)
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: 紫壽帶(7)
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: 紫寿带
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: 紫寿带鸟(6)
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: 紫寿带(4)
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: 紫綬帶鳥
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: 紫绶带
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: 綬帶鳥(10)
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: 绶带鸟
Terpsiphone cinnamomea: 棕寿带(2)
Terpsiphone cyanescens: 蓝寿带(2)
Terpsiphone paradisi: 亞洲壽帶(3)
Terpsiphone paradisi: 亞洲綬帶
Terpsiphone paradisi: 壽帶
Terpsiphone paradisi: 壽帶鳥(3)
Terpsiphone paradisi: 寿带鸟(7)
Terpsiphone paradisi: 寿带(7)
Terpsiphone paradisi: 綬帶鳥
Terpsiphone paradisl: 壽帶
Terpsiphone rufiventer: 紅腹壽帶
Terpsiphone viridis: 非洲壽帶
Terpsiphone viridis: 非洲寿带
Terrapene carolina: 卡羅萊納箱龜(3)
Terrapene carolina: Triunguis, 三趾箱龜
Terrapene coahuila: 沼泽箱龟
Terrapene coahuila: 沼澤箱龜(2)
Terrapene coahuila: 箱龜
Terschellingia longicaudata: 長尾微口線蟲
Tesia castaneocoronata: 栗头地莺
Tesia castaneocoronata: 栗頭地鶯
Tesia cyaniventer: 灰腹地莺(2)
Tesia cyaniventer: 灰腹地鶯
Tesia everetti: 褐冠地莺
Tesia olivea: 金冠地莺(2)
Tesia olivea: 金冠地鶯
Tesia superciliaris: 眉纹地莺
Tessaratoma papillosa: 荔椿
Tessaratoma papillosa: 荔蝽
Tessarospyris clathrobursa: 笼四脚篮虫
Testudinella patina: 盤鏡輪蟲
Testudo graeca: 歐洲陸龜(5)
Testudo hermanni: 赫曼陸龜(2)
Testudo hermanni: Boettgeri, 赫曼陸龜
Testudo horsfieldi: 四爪陆龟(2)
Testudo horsfieldi: 四趾陸龜(4)
Testudo horsfieldii: 四爪陆龟
Testudo kleinmanni: 克來門氏陸龜
Testudo kleinmanni: 克來馬尼龜
Testudo kleinmanni: 克莱马尼龟
Testudo kleinmanni: 克萊馬尼龜
Testudo kleinmanni: 埃及陸龜(2)
Testudo marginata: 緣翹陸龜(2)
Testudo werneri: 纳吉夫陆龟
Testudovolva intricata: 問題海兔螺
Testudovolva nipponensis: 日本海兔螺
Testudovolva orientis: 日出海兔螺
Tethina ochracea: 淡黃濕蠅
Tethina orientalis: 東洋濕蠅
Tethina sexseriata: 安平濕蠅
Tethyaster aulophorus: 海神海星
Tetra intermedia: 馬桑四節蜱
Tetra similisforca: 叉四節蜱
Tetra superbae: 木荷四節蜱
Tetra toona: 香椿四節蜱
Tetra yushania: 玉山四節蜱
Tetracanthagyna waterhousei: 华氏四斑蜓
Tetracerus quadricornis: 四角羚
Tetracerus quadricornis: 四角羚羊
Tetraclita japonica: 日本笠藤壶
Tetraclita japonica: 日本笠藤壺
Tetraclita japonica: 美麗笠藤壺
Tetraclita kuroshioensis: 黑潮笠藤壺
Tetraclita paci: 太平洋笠藤壺
Tetraclita squamosa: 鱗笠藤壺
Tetraclita squamosa: 鳞笠藤壶
Tetraclitella chinensis: 中华小笠藤壶
Tetraclitella chinensis: 中華小笠藤壺
Tetraclitella darwini: 突角小笠藤壺
Tetraclitella divisa: 間隔小笠藤壺
Tetraclitella multicostata: 多肋小笠藤壺
Tetradactylus tetradactylus: 长尾蛇蜥属
Tetragnatha caudicula: 尖尾肖蛸
Tetragnatha caudicula: 尖尾長腳蛛
Tetragnatha ceylonica: 錫蘭長腳蛛
Tetragnatha chauliodus: 細長腳蛛
Tetragnatha esakii: 江崎長腳蛛
Tetragnatha gracilis: 銀長腳蛛
Tetragnatha hiroshii: 長沼氏長腳蛛
Tetragnatha javana: 爪哇長腳蛛
Tetragnatha lauta: 方網長腳蛛
Tetragnatha mandibulata: 大長腳蛛
Tetragnatha maxillosa: 日本長腳蛛
Tetragnatha maxillosa: 锥腹肖蛸蛛
Tetragnatha nepiformis: 台灣長腳蛛
Tetragnatha nitens: 華麗長腳蛛
Tetragnatha praedonia: 前齒長腳蛛
Tetragnatha squamata: 綠鱗長腳蛛
Tetragonomenes hirasawai: 平澤四角擬迴木蟲
Tetragonomenes palpalis: 四角擬迴木蟲
Tetragonomenes pseudorufiventris: 紅腹四腳擬迴木蟲
Tetralanguria collaris: 大擬叩頭蟲
Tetraleurodes graminis: 禾草粉蝨
Tetraleurodes oplismeni: 求米草粉蝨
Tetralia glaberrima: 光潔擬梯形蟹
Tetralonia chinensis: 中國四條蜂
Tetralonia taihorensis: 台灣長鬚蜂
Tetralonioidella hoozana: 台灣小四條蜂
Tetrameracarus taiwanensis: 臺灣四背脊節蜱
Tetramorium amium: 阿美皺家蟻
Tetramorium bicarinatum: 紅螞蟻
Tetramorium bicarinatum: 红蚂蚁
Tetramorium bicarinatum: 雙脊皺家蟻
Tetramorium kraepelini: 拱背皺家蟻
Tetramorium lanugnosum: 絨毛皺家蟻
Tetramorium nipponense: 日本皺家蟻
Tetramorium pacificum: 太平洋皺家蟻
Tetramorium parvispina: 小刺皺家蟻
Tetramorium simillimum: 相似皺家蟻
Tetraneura aequiunguis: 等爪四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura akinire: 秋四脈綿蚜
Tetraneura akinire: 秋四脉绵蚜(2)
Tetraneura asymmachia: 异爪四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura brachytricha: 短毛四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura caerulescens: 暗色四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura capitata: 钉毛四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura chinensis: 中国四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura chui: 朱氏四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura nigriabdominalis: 黑腹四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura persicina: 桃形四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura polychaeta: 多毛四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura polychorema: 多室四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura radicicola: 根四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura sorini: 宗林四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura triangula: 角四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura ulmi: 榆四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura ulmicema: 食榆四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura yezoensis: 瑕夷四脉绵蚜
Tetraneura yezoensis: 瑕夷脈綿蚜
Tetranychus cinnabarinus: 赤葉蟎
Tetranychus evansi: 伊凡氏葉蟎
Tetranychus kanzawai: 神澤氏葉蟎
Tetranychus piercei: 皮氏葉蟎
Tetranychus taiwanicus: 臺灣葉蟎
Tetranychus truncatus: 偽二點葉蟎
Tetranychus urticae: 二點葉蟎(2)
Tetranychus urticae: 二點葉蟎, Er dian ye man
Tetranychus urticae: 棉红蜘蛛
Tetranychus urticae: 红蜘蛛, Hong zhi zhu
Tetranychus viennensis: 山楂葉蟎
Tetrao parvirostris: 细嘴松鸡(3)
Tetrao parvirostris: 黑嘴松雞
Tetrao parvirostris: 黑嘴松鸡(4)
Tetrao tetrix: 黑琴鸡(2)
Tetrao urogallus: 松雞
Tetrao urogallus: 松鸡(7)
Tetrao urogallus: 西方松雞
Tetrao urogallus: 西方松鸡(3)
Tetraodon baileyi: 毛毛狗头(2)
Tetraodon biocellatus: 八字娃娃(2)
Tetraodon biocellatus: 雙斑魨
Tetraodon fahaka: 木紋狗頭
Tetraodon fluviatilis: 八字娃娃
Tetraodon fluviatilis: 金娃娃
Tetraodon leiurus: 斑腰单孔鲀
Tetraodon mbu: 巨人狗头
Tetraodon miurus: 小尾魨
Tetraodon nigroviridis: 墨绿凹鼻鲀
Tetraodon nigroviridis: 暗綠魨
Tetraodon nigroviridis: 金娃娃
Tetraodon nigroviridis: 黑斑魨
Tetraodon palembangensis: 麒麟狗头(2)
Tetraogallus abscurus: 雉鹑
Tetraogallus altaicus: 阿尔泰雪鸡(4)
Tetraogallus altaicus: 阿爾泰雪雞
Tetraogallus caspius: 裏海角雞
Tetraogallus caspius: 裡海雪雉(3)
Tetraogallus caspius: 裡海雪雞
Tetraogallus caspius: 里海雪鸡
Tetraogallus caucasicus: 高加索雪鸡
Tetraogallus himalayensis: 暗腹雪雞
Tetraogallus himalayensis: 暗腹雪鸡(4)
Tetraogallus ti-betanus: 西藏雪鸡
Tetraogallus tibetanus: 淡腹雪鸡(2)
Tetraogallus tibetanus: 藏雪雞(3)
Tetraogallus tibetanus: 藏雪鸡(4)
Tetraogallus tibetanus: 西藏雪雉(3)
Tetraommatus kwantaoshanensis: 關刀山細領天牛
Tetraommatus taiwanus: 台灣細姬天牛
Tetraommatus taiwanus: 淡黃細領天牛
Tetraophasis obscurus: 雉鶉
Tetraophasis obscurus: 雉鹑(6)
Tetraophasis szechenyii: 四川雉鶉
Tetraophasis szechenyii: 四川雉鹑(4)
Tetraphleps aterrimus: 黑色肩花蝽
Tetraphleps galchanoides: 斑翅肩花蝽
Tetraphleps parallelus: 直长肩花蝽
Tetraphleps pilosulus: 毛肩花蝽
Tetraphleps yulongensis: 玉龙肩花蝽
Tetraphyllus brunneipes: 褐角彩虹擬步行蟲
Tetraphyllus nakanei: 中根紅艷擬步行蟲
Tetraponera allaborans: 長腹擬家蟻
Tetraponera attenuata: 細長擬家蟻
Tetraponera modesta: 謙遜擬家蟻
Tetrapturus albidus: 白枪鱼
Tetrapturus albidus: 白槍魚
Tetrapturus albidus: 白色四鰭旗魚
Tetrapturus angustirostris: 小吻四鰭旗魚
Tetrapturus angustirostris: 小旗魚
Tetrapturus angustirostris: 紅肉屎仔
Tetrapturus audax: 尖吻四鰭旗魚
Tetrapturus audax: 紅肉仔
Tetrapturus audax: 紅肉旗魚
Tetrapturus belone: 地中海四鰭旗魚
Tetrapturus georgii: 圓鱗四鰭旗魚
Tetrapturus pfluegeri: 鋸鱗四鰭旗魚
Tetrastes bonasia: 花尾榛雞
Tetrastes bonasia: 花尾榛鸡(6)
Tetrastes sewerzowi: 斑尾榛雞
Tetrastes sewerzowi: 斑尾榛鸡(5)
Tetrastichus brontispae: 紅胸葉蟲釉小蜂(3)
Tetrastichus nigricoxae: 白蛾黑基啮小蜂
Tetrastichus septentrionalis: 白蛾黑棒啮小蜂
Tetrathemis irregularis: Hyalina, 老虎斑蜻蜓
Tetrathemis platyptera: 宽翅小蜻
Tetrathyrus arafurae: 四值戎
Tetrathyrus forcipatus: 鉗四盾戎
Tetrax tetrax: 小鴇
Tetrax tetrax: 小鸨(4)
Tetrix beibuwanensis: 北部湾蚱
Tetrix bipunctata: 二斑蚱
Tetrix bolivari: 波氏蚱
Tetrix carvifrontalis: 凹额蚱
Tetrix cepetoi: 中华喀蚱
Tetrix fuchuanensis: 富川蚱
Tetrix fuliginosa: 佛蚱
Tetrix grossovalva: 粗瓣蚱
Tetrix japonica: 日本蚱
Tetrix jingheensis: 精河蚱
Tetrix kunmingensis: 昆明蚱
Tetrix ochronotata: 褐背蚱
Tetrix ruyuanensis: 乳源蚱
Tetrix serrifemoralis: 齿股蚱
Tetrix simulans: 仿蚱
Tetrix sinufemoralis: 波纹股蚱
Tetrix subulata: 钻形蚱
Tetrix tartara: 亚锐隆背蚱
Tetrix tatara: 隆背蚱
Tetrix tenuicornis: 细角蚱
Tetrix tinkhami: 丁氏蚱
Tetrix transimacula: 横斑蚱
Tetrix tubercarina: 瘤脊蚱
Tetrix xinjiangensis: 新疆蚱
Tetrix yaoshanensis: 瑶山蚱
Tetrix yunnanensis: 云南蚱
Tetropium castaneum: 光胸幽天牛
Tetrosomus concatenatus: 双峰三棱箱鲀
Tetrosomus concatenatus: 雙峰三稜箱魨
Tetrosomus concatenatus: 雙峰真三棱箱魨
Tetrosomus gibbosus: 駝背三稜箱魨
Tetrosomus gibbosus: 駝背真三棱箱魨
Tetrosomus gibbosus: 驼背三棱箱鲀
Tetrosomus reipublicae: 賴普三稜箱魨
Tetrx japonicum: 日本菱蝗
Tettigoniella viridis: 大青叶蝉
Teucholabis aberrans: 脆角土大蚊
Teucholabis fenestrata: 巒山土大蚊
Teucholabis inornata: 遊蕩甲大蚊
Teucholabis nigerrima: 錫蘭甲大蚊
Teucholabis unicolor: 樸素甲大蚊
Texara dioctrioides: 糾纏細蠅
Thacra piperasia: 風藤泰節蜱
Thaginis cruentus: 血雉
Thais armigera: 大岩螺
Thais bronni: 瘤岩螺
Thais clavigera: 疣荔枝螺
Thais clavigera: 蚵岩螺
Thais javanica: 爪哇岩螺
Thais luteostoma: 黃口岩螺
Thais luteostoma: 黄口荔枝螺
Thais luteostoma: 黑痣岩螺
Thais marginata: 屋瓦結螺
Thais mutabilis: 細腰岩螺
Thais pseudodiadema: 假冠岩螺
Thais pseudodiadema: 黑口岩螺
Thais rugosa: 塔岩螺
Thais squamosa: 拳岩螺
Thala exilis: 紫色蛹筆螺
Thala jaculanda: 槍頭蛹筆螺
Thala jaculanda: 蚤蛹筆螺
Thala milium: 嬌小蛹筆螺
Thala secalina: 迷你蛹筆螺
Thalamita admete: 野生短槳蟹
Thalamita chaptali: 鉤肢短槳蟹
Thalamita crenata: 無刺短槳蟳(2)
Thalamita crenata: 石蟳仔(2)
Thalamita crenata: 蚵蟳仔(2)
Thalamita crenata: 鈍齒短槳蟹(2)
Thalamita danae: 石蟳
Thalamita danae: 达氏短桨蟹
Thalamita danae: 達氏短槳蟹(2)
Thalamita demani: 曼氏短槳蟹
Thalamita edwardsi: 艾氏短槳蟹
Thalamita gloriensis: 盛名短槳蟹
Thalamita holthuisi: 霍氏短槳蟹
Thalamita integra: 整潔短槳蟹
Thalamita kagosimensis: 鹿兒島短槳蟹
Thalamita picta: 斑點短槳蟹
Thalamita poissonii: 包氏短槳蟹
Thalamita prymna: 底栖短桨蟹
Thalamita prymna: 底棲短槳蟹(2)
Thalamita prymna: 石蟳
Thalamita sima: 雙額短槳蟹
Thalamita spinimana: 刺手短槳蟹
Thalamita spinimana: 石蟳仔
Thalamita stephensoni: 史氏短槳蟹
Thalamita wakensis: 連額短槳蟹
Thalassarche cauta: 白顶信天翁
Thalassarche chlororhynchos: 黄鼻信天翁
Thalasseus bengalensis: 小凤头燕鸥(7)
Thalasseus bengalensis: 小鳳頭燕鷗(2)
Thalasseus bergii: 大凤头燕鸥(9)
Thalasseus bergii: 大鳳頭燕鷗(2)
Thalasseus bergii: 鳳頭燕鷗(3)
Thalasseus bernsteini: 黑嘴端凤头燕鸥(4)
Thalasseus bernsteini: 黑嘴端鳳頭燕鷗(3)
Thalasseus sandvicensis: 白嘴端凤头燕鸥
Thalasseus sandvicensis: 白嘴端燕鷗(2)
Thalasseus zimmermanni: 黑嘴端凤头燕鸥(2)
Thalassina anomala: 特異海姑蝦
Thalassius phipsoni: 白條跑蛛
Thalassodes quadraria: 樟翠尺蛾
Thalassograpsus harpax: 掠食海方蟹
Thalassoma amblycephalum: 鈍頭錦魚
Thalassoma cupido: 環帶錦魚
Thalassoma cupido: 綠錦魚
Thalassoma hardwicke: 六間龍
Thalassoma hardwicke: 哈氏錦魚
Thalassoma hardwicke: 施氏錦魚
Thalassoma hardwicke: 鞍斑錦魚
Thalassoma hardwicke: 鞍斑锦鱼
Thalassoma jansenii: 大斑錦魚
Thalassoma jansenii: 詹氏錦魚
Thalassoma lucasanum: 彩虹龍
Thalassoma lunare: 新月錦魚
Thalassoma lunare: 龍船
Thalassoma lutescens: 胸斑錦魚
Thalassoma lutescens: 黃衣錦魚
Thalassoma purpureum: 紫錦魚
Thalassoma quinquevittatum: 五帶錦魚
Thalassoma quinquevittatum: 縱紋錦魚
Thalassoma trilobatum: 三葉錦魚
Thalassoma trilobatum: 綠波錦魚
Thalassornis leuconotus: 白背鴨
Thallomys paedulcus: 青毛鼠
Thalpomys cerradensis: 暖鼠
Thamala marciana: 塔玛灰蝶
Thamala moultoni: 穆塔玛灰蝶
Thamnaconus hypargyreus: 圓腹短角單棘魨
Thamnaconus hypargyreus: 黃鰭馬面魨
Thamnaconus modestoides: 擬短角單棘魨
Thamnaconus modestoides: 擬綠鰭馬面魨
Thamnaconus modestus: 剝皮魚
Thamnaconus modestus: 單棘魨
Thamnaconus modestus: 短角單棘魨
Thamnaconus modestus: 馬面魨
Thamnaconus modestus: 黑達仔
Thamnaconus septentrionalis: 七帶短角單棘魨
Thamnaconus septentrionalis: 綠鰭馬面魨
Thamnaconus tessellatus: 密斑短角單棘魨
Thamnaconus tessellatus: 密斑馬面魨
Thamnacus separabilis: 分離枝節蜱
Thamnacus vacuus: 空白枝節蜱
Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris: 桂紅蟻(即鳥)
Thamnomys kempi: 肯氏灌鼠
Thanasimus formicarius: 红胸拟蚁郭公虫
Thanatus albomaculatus: 白斑狼逍遥蛛
Thanatus coreanus: 朝鲜狼逍遥蛛
Thanatus miniaceus: 小狼逍遥蛛
Thanatus neimongol: 内蒙狼逍遥蛛
Thanatus nipponicus: 日本狼逍遥蛛
Thanatus vulgaris: 普通狼逍遥蛛
Thanatus xinjiangensis: 新疆狼逍遥蛛
Thaneroclerus buqueti: 暗褐郭公虫
Thapsinillas affinis: 金冠鹎
Thatcheria mirabilis: 旋梯捲管螺
Thatcheria mirabilis: 旋梯螺
Thaumastopeus shangaicus: 暗藍扁騷金龜
Thaumastoptera issikiana: 埔里甲大蚊
Thaumatibis gigantea: 大鹮
Thaumatibis gigantea: 巨鹮
Thaumatichthys pagidostomus: 奇鮟鱇
Thaumatichthys pagidostomus: 突吻角鮟鱇
Thaumatoleon splendidus: 台灣大彎爪蟻蛉
Thaumatomyia longicollis: 長頸稈蠅
Thaumatomyia notata: 標誌稈蠅
Thaumatoptyx alloptyx: 異襞細煙管蝸牛(2)
Thaumatoptyx aptyx: 少襞細煙管蝸牛(2)
Thaumatoptyx bivincta: 環線細煙管蝸
Thaumatoptyx changi: 張氏細煙管蝸牛(2)
Thaumatoptyx costellata: 縱肋細煙管蝸牛
Thaumatoptyx crassilamellata: 鬼牙細煙管蝸
Thaumatoptyx diacoptyx: 紡錘細煙管蝸
Thaumatoptyx diacoptyx: 紡錘細煙管蝸牛
Thaumatoptyx euptyx: 顯襞細煙管蝸牛(2)
Thaumatoptyx gonyptyx: 角襞細煙管蝸牛
Thaumatoptyx gonyptyx: Gonyptyx, 角襞細煙管蝸牛
Thaumatoptyx gonyptyx: Lacuphila, 細煙管蝸牛
Thaumatoptyx hassenensis: 八仙山細煙管蝸
Thaumatoptyx oligoptyx: 寡襞細煙管蝸牛(2)
Thaumatoptyx orthoptyx: 直襞細煙管蝸牛(2)
Thaumatoptyx paraptyx: 似顯襞細煙管蝸牛(2)
Thaumatoptyx santiaoensis: 三貂嶺細煙管蝸
Thaumatoptyx santiaoensis: 三貂嶺細煙管蝸牛
Thaumatoptyx takahashii: 高橋氏細煙管蝸牛
Thaumatoptyx uranicoptyx: 天女細煙管蝸
Thaumatoptyx uraniscoptyx: 雙襞奇管蝸
Thaumatoptyx uraniscoptyx: Diploptyx, 雙襞細煙管蝸牛
Thaumatoptyx uraniscoptyx: Uraniscoptyx, 天女細煙管蝸牛
Thaumatoptyx ypsilonptyx: 叉襞細煙管蝸牛(2)
Thaumatorhynchus brooksi: 勒朋坦代镰蜥(2)
Thaumatosmylus ornatus: 大斑翼蛉
Thaumoctopus mimicus: 惡魔章魚
Thayeria boehlkei: 企鵝燈(2)
Thayeria boehlkei: 搏氏企鵝脂鯉
Thayeria boehlkei: 搏氏企鵝魚
Thayeria boehlkei: 黑白企鵝
Thayeria obliqua: 企鵝脂鯉
Thayeria obliqua: 企鵝魚
Thayeria obliqua: 火口魚
Thayeria obliqua: 金企鵝燈
Thecabius beijingensis: 北京伪卷叶绵蚜
Thecabius brachychaetus: 短伪卷叶绵蚜
Thecabius emeishanus: 峨眉山伪卷叶绵蚜
Thecabius kelloggi: 凯氏伪卷叶绵蚜
Thecabius minensis: 东方伪卷叶绵蚜岷亚种
Thecabius nanjingensis: 南京伪卷叶绵蚜
Thecabius populi: 杨伪卷叶绵蚜
Thecabius populisuctus: 吸杨伪卷叶绵蚜
Thecabius sequelus: 次毛伪卷叶绵蚜
Thecabius zhongi: 钟伪卷叶绵蚜
Thecacera pacifica: 太平洋多角海蛞蝓
Thecacera pacifica: 海蛞蝓
Thecacera pennigera: 豐羽多角海蛞蝓
Thecacera picta: 彩繪多角海蛞蝓
Thecla w-album: 小灰蝶
Thecobathra basilobata: 毛瓣小白巢蛾
Thecobathra partinuda: 裸瓣小白巢蛾
Thecocarcelia oculata: 明顯寄蠅
Thecocarcelia thrix: 單毛寄蠅
Thecophora caevovalva: 達邦眼蠅
Thecophora sauteri: 國姓眼蠅
Thelacantha brevispina: 乳突棘腹蛛
Thelacantha brevispina: 乳頭棘蛛(2)
Thelacantha brevispina: 短棘蛛
Thelcticopis severa: 乳突蛛
Thelcticopis severa: 草袋蛛
Thelenota ananas: 梅花參
Thelenota ananas: 紅刺海參
Thelepus binakayanensis: 比那卡洋乳蟄蟲
Theloderma asperum: 馬來疣斑樹蛙
Theloderma asperum: 马来棱皮树蛙
Theloderma asperum: 马来疣斑树蛙(4)
Theloderma corticale: 越南苔蘚蛙
Theloderma kwangsiensis: 广西棱皮树蛙
Theloderma kwangsiensis: 广西疣斑树蛙(4)
Theloderma kwangsiensis: 廣西疣斑樹蛙
Theloderma moloch: 棘棱皮树蛙
Theloderma moloch: 西藏疣斑树蛙(4)
Theloderma moloch: 西藏疣斑樹蛙
Themiste minor: 微小枝觸星蟲
Themistella fusca: 棕星腳戎
Themisto gracilipes: 細腿長腳戎
Themus formosanus: 蓬萊麗菊虎
Themus hiickeri: 希氏麗菊虎
Themus nobuoi: 大林氏麗菊虎
Themus purpuratus: 紫翅麗菊虎
Themus satoi: 佐藤麗菊虎
Themus sauteri: 曹氏麗菊虎
Themus taiwanus: 台灣麗菊虎
Thennus orientalis: 虾婆
Thennus orientalis: 虾婆, Xia po
Thennus orientalis: 虾婆, Xia1 po2
Thenus orientalis: 东方扁虾
Thenus orientalis: 扁蝦
Thenus orientalis: 擬兜蝦
Thenus orientalis: 東方扁蝦(2)
Thenus orientalis: 東方扇蝦
Thenus orientalis: 琵琶蝦
Thenus orientalis: 蝦蛄拍仔
Theocalyptra bicornis: 双角神罩虫
Theocalyptra davisiana: 戴维斯神罩虫
Theocapsa democriti: 棘冠虫
Theocapsa neati: 低冠虫
Theoconus junonis: 均神锥虫
Theocorythium trachelium: 长颈神盔虫
Theocorythium veneris: 维纳瑞斯神盔虫
Theonoe weyersi: 韦氏西奥蛛
Theopilium cranoides: 鸟帽虫
Theopilium cucullatum: 僧帽虫
Theopilium galeatum: 盔帽虫
Theopilium germinis: 芽帽虫
Theopilium pyramidale: 金字塔帽虫
Theopilium tricostatum: 帽虫
Theopompa ophthalmica: 樹皮螳
Theopompa ophthalmica: 短胸螳
Theragra chalcogramma: 阿拉斯加狭鳕
Theragra chalcogramma: 鱈魚
Theragra chalcogramma: 黃線狹鱈
Theragra chalcogramma: 黄线狭鳕
Therapon jarbua: 花身雞魚
Therapon jarbua: 花身鯻
Therapon jarbus: 花身雞魚(2)
Therapon theraps: 條紋雞魚(2)
Theraps irregularis: 瓜地馬拉馴麗魚
Theraps wesseli: 韋氏馴麗魚
Therates biserratus: 双锯球胸虎甲(4)
Therates biserratus: 雙鋸球胸虎甲
Theretra alecto: 後紅斜紋天蛾
Theretra alecto: 斜紋後紅天蛾
Theretra boisduvalii: 間斷斜紋天蛾
Theretra boisduvalii: 黑星斜紋天蛾
Theretra clotho: 斜紋天蛾
Theretra japonica: 日本斜紋天蛾
Theretra japonica: 雀紋天蛾
Theretra japonica: 雀纹天蛾
Theretra nessus: 綠背斜紋天蛾
Theretra nessus: 青背斜紋天蛾
Theretra oldenlandiae: 芋雙線天蛾
Theretra oldenlandiae: 雙線條紋天蛾
Theretra rhesus: 背帶斜紋天蛾
Theretra sihetensis: 條紋天蛾
Theretra sihetensis: 芋單線天蛾
Theretra suffusa: 白眉斜紋天蛾
Theretra suffusa: 背帶後紅斜紋天蛾
Thereuopoda clunifera: 大蚰蜒
Thereuopoda longicornis: 蚰蜒
Theridion adamsoni: 阿氏球蛛
Theridion albioculum: 白眼球蛛
Theridion biforaminum: 双孔球蛛
Theridion bimaculatum: 双斑球蛛
Theridion cheni: 陈氏球蛛
Theridion chikunii: 千国球蛛
Theridion chnetum: 漏斗球蛛
Theridion clivalum: 山坡球蛛
Theridion dayongensis: 大庸球蛛
Theridion dukouensis: 渡口球蛛
Theridion elegantissium: 粉點姬蛛
Theridion gramineusum: 草栖球蛛
Theridion hainanensis: 海南球蛛
Theridion hotanensis: 和田球蛛
Theridion huanrenensis: 桓仁球蛛
Theridion hui: 胡氏球蛛
Theridion impressum: 印痕球蛛
Theridion karamayensis: 克拉球蛛
Theridion kunmingicum: 昆明球蛛
Theridion latifolium: 叶斑球蛛
Theridion liaoyuanensis: 辽源球蛛
Theridion linimaculatum: 带斑球蛛
Theridion longipalpum: 长肢球蛛
Theridion lunulatum: 新月球蛛
Theridion lushanensis: 庐山球蛛
Theridion margaritum: 云母球蛛
Theridion melanostictum: 背石球蛛
Theridion mirabile: 奇异球蛛
Theridion mystaceum: 唇窝球蛛
Theridion naevium: 痣斑球蛛
Theridion obscuratum: 昏暗球蛛
Theridion octomaculatum: 八斑球腹蛛
Theridion odoratusum: 芬芳球蛛
Theridion pinastri: 双钩球蛛
Theridion poecilum: 杂色球蛛
Theridion pustuliferus: 腹突球蛛
Theridion qionghaiensis: 琼海球蛛
Theridion quadrimaculatum: 四斑球蛛
Theridion rufipes: 紅腳姬蛛
Theridion sangzhiensis: 桑值球蛛
Theridion serpatusum: 蛇突球蛛
Theridion setum: 针毛球蛛
Theridion seximaculatum: 六斑球蛛
Theridion sisyphium: 狡球蛛
Theridion sterninotatum: 胸斑球蛛
Theridion subimpressum: 拟印痕球蛛
Theridion sublatifolium: 拟叶斑球蛛
Theridion submirabile: 拟奇异球蛛
Theridion subpallens: 灰姬蛛
Theridion takayense: 高汤球蛛
Theridion undatum: 波纹球蛛
Theridion varians: 多色球蛛
Theridion wangi: 王氏球蛛
Theridion xianfengensis: 咸丰球蛛
Theridion xinjiangensis: 新疆球蛛
Theridion xui: 徐氏球蛛
Theridion yani: 颜氏球蛛
Theridion zebrinusum: 条斑球蛛
Theridion zhaoi: 赵氏球蛛
Theridion zhoui: 周氏球蛛
Theridula gonygaster: 星斑宽腹蛛
Therion circumflexum: 黏蟲棘領姬蜂
Therion gigantem: 松毛虫棘领姬蜂
Therion rufomaculatum: 紅斑棘領姬蜂
Thermistis taiwanensis: 臺灣黃帶天牛
Thermocyclops brevifurcatus: 短尾溫劍水蚤
Thermocyclops hyalinus: 透明溫劍水蚤
Thermophis baileyi: 温泉蛇(5)
Thermophis baileyi: 溫泉蛇
Theronia zebra: 黑紋囊爪姬蜂黃亞種
Theropithecus gelad: 狮尾狒
Theropithecus gelada: 狮尾狒(2)
Theropithecus gelada: 獅尾狒(3)
Theropithecus gelada: 红心狒狒
Thiaa granifera: 瘤蜷(2)
Thiania subopress: 細齒方胸蛛
Thiania subopressa: 細齒方胸蛛
Thiania subopressa: 豹虎
Thiania subopressa: 金絲貓
Thiara riqueti: 流紋蜷(3)
Thiara scabra: 塔蜷(3)
Thiara torulosa: 結節蜷(3)
Thinophilus diminuatus: 趨小長足虻
Thinophilus foromosinus: 台生長足虻
Thinophilus hilaris: 和悅長足虻
Thinophilus indigenus: 土產長足虻
Thinophilus insertus: 串珠長足虻
Thinophilus integer: 原始長足虻
Thinophilus seticolis: 恆春長足虻
Thinophilus tesselatus: 鏤雕長足虻
Thinopteryx delectans: 灰斑黃蝶尺蛾
Thinornis novaeseelandiae: 紐西蘭岸鴴
Thitarodes arizana: 阿里山蝠蛾
Thlaspida biramosa: 二星龜金花蟲(2)
Tholospyris baconiana: 巴孔盔篮虫巴孔亚种
Tholospyris cupola: 盆盔篮虫
Tholospyris fenestrata: 窗盔篮虫
Tholospyris fornicata: 拱顶盔篮虫
Tholospyris procera: 长盔篮虫
Tholospyris scaphipes: 舟盔篮虫
Tholospyris tripodiscus: 三足盔篮虫
Tholymis tillarga: 夜遊蜻蜓(2)
Tholymis tillarga: 雲斑蜻
Tholymis trillarga: 夜遊蜻蜓
Tholymis ttillarga: 云斑蜻
Thomasomys aureus: 金嶺鼠
Thomasomys kalinowskii: 秘鲁岭鼠
Thomasomys monochromos: 哥伦比亚岭鼠
Thomasomys notatus: 望岭鼠
Thomasomys oenax: 醉岭鼠
Thomisops sanmen: 三门卷蟹蛛
Thomisus guangxicus: 广西蟹蛛
Thomisus hui: 胡氏蟹蛛
Thomisus labefactus: 三角蜘蛛
Thomisus labefactus: 三角蟹蛛(2)
Thomisus labefactus: 角紅蟹蛛
Thomisus labefactus: 角红蟹蛛
Thomisus okinawensis: 冲绳蟹蛛
Thomisus okinawensis: 琉球三角蟹蛛
Thomisus onustus: 满蟹蛛
Thomisus transversus: 横蟹蛛
Thomisus zhui: 朱氏蟹蛛
Thomomys mazama: 西岸囊鼠
Thoopterus nigrescens: 捷果蝠(2)
Thoopterus nigrescens: 短鼻快翼果蝠
Thor amboinensis: 安波托蝦
Thor amboinensis: 性感蝦
Thoracocharax securis: 大胸斧魚
Thoracocharax stellatus: 史氏飛脂鯉
Thoracocharax stellatus: 銀胸斧魚
Thoracochromis albolabris: 白唇胸麗魚
Thoracochromis brauschi: 布魯氏胸麗魚
Thoracochromis buysi: 拜氏胸麗魚
Thoracochromis callichromus: 美色胸麗魚
Thoradonta apiculata: 尖瘤蚱
Thoradonta lancangensis: 澜沧瘤蚱
Thoradonta lativertex: 宽顶瘤蚱
Thoradonta longipenna: 长翅瘤蚱
Thoradonta nigridorsalis: 黑背瘤蚱
Thoradonta nodulosa: 瘤蚱
Thoradonta obtusilobata: 钝叶瘤蚱
Thoradonta spiculoba: 侧刺瘤蚱
Thoradonta transpicula: 横刺瘤蚱
Thoradonta yunnana: 云南瘤蚱
Thoressa horishana: 台灣脈弄蝶
Thoressa horishana: 黃條陀弄蝶
Thoressa monastyrskyi: 黑斑陀弄蝶
Thorichthys meeki: 火口魚
Thorichthys meeki: 紅肚火口(2)
Thorunna australis: 南方多彩海蛞蝓
Thorunna daniellae: 丹妮多彩海蛞蝓
Thorunna florens: 花紋多彩海蛞蝓
Thorunna furtiva: 神秘多彩海蛞蝓
Thorunna halourga: 紫袍多彩海蛞蝓
Thosea sinensis: 扁刺蛾
Thosea sinensis: 黑點刺蛾
Thranius formosanus: 蓬萊黑細翅天牛
Thranius formosanus: 高砂細翅天牛
Thranius infernalis: 條紋細翅天牛
Thranius multinotatus: 黃紋細翅天牛
Threskiornis aethiopica: 埃及聖鷺
Threskiornis aethiopica: 埃及聖鹮
Threskiornis aethiopica: 聖鹮
Threskiornis aethiopicus: 圣鹮(2)
Threskiornis aethiopicus: 埃及聖
Threskiornis aethiopicus: 埃及聖環
Threskiornis aethiopicus: 白鹮(2)
Threskiornis aethiopicus: 聖繯
Threskiornis aethiopicus: 聖
Threskiornis aethiopicus: 非洲白鹮
Threskiornis aethiopicus: 非洲聖鹮
Threskiornis aethiopicus: 黑头白鹮
Threskiornis melanocepha: 黑頭白環鳥
Threskiornis melanocepha: 黑頭白鹮(4)
Threskiornis melanocephalus: 白
Threskiornis melanocephalus: 白鹮
Threskiornis melanocephalus: 黑头白鹮(6)
Threskiornis melanocephalus: 黑頭白
Threskiornis melanocephalus: 黑頭白環(2)
Threskiornis melanocephalus: 黑頭白睘鳥
Threskiornis melanocephalus: 黑頭白鹮(3)
Threskiornis melanocephalus: 黑頭白
Threskiornis molucca: 澳洲白鹮(2)
Threskiornis spinicollis: 蓑颈白鹮
Thressa beckeri: 培氏稈蠅
Thressa cyanescens: 蔚藍稈蠅
Thrichomys apereoides: 隱棘鼠
Thrips alliorum: 青蔥薊馬
Thrips coloratus: 花色薊馬
Thrips extensicornis: 腹毛缺薊馬
Thrips flavus: 淡色薊馬
Thrips florum: 褐花薊馬
Thrips formosanus: 蓬萊薊馬
Thrips hawaiiensis: 花薊馬
Thrips inferus: 類花色薊馬
Thrips kotoshoi: 蘭嶼薊馬
Thrips malloti: 網紋薊馬
Thrips orientalis: 東方花薊馬
Thrips palmi: 南黃薊馬
Thrips simplex: 唐菖蒲薊馬
Thrips tabaci: 烟草蓟马
Thrips tabaci: 烟蓟马
Thrips tabaci: 蔥薊馬
Thrips taiwanus: 台灣薊馬
Thrips vitticornis: 刀豆薊馬
Thrips wedeliae: 疏端薊馬
Thryonomys gregorianus: 草原蔗鼠
Thryonomys swinderianus: 大藤鼠(3)
Thryssa chefuensis: 煙台棱鯷
Thryssa chefuensis: 突鼻仔
Thryssa chefuensis: 芝芜棱鳀
Thryssa chefuensis: 芝蕪綾鯷
Thryssa dussumieri: 杜氏棱鯷
Thryssa dussumieri: 杜氏棱鳀
Thryssa dussumieri: 杜氏綾鯷
Thryssa dussumieri: 突鼻仔
Thryssa dussumieri: 鱼, Yu
Thryssa hamiltonii: 汉氏梭鳀
Thryssa hamiltonii: 汉氏棱鳀
Thryssa hamiltonii: 漢氏梭鯷
Thryssa hamiltonii: 漢氏棱鯷
Thryssa hamiltonii: 漢氏稜鯷
Thryssa hamiltonii: 漢氏綾鯷(2)
Thryssa hamiltonii: 突鼻仔
Thryssa kammalensis: 突鼻仔
Thryssa kammalensis: 赤鼻棱鯷
Thryssa kammalensis: 赤鼻棱鳀
Thryssa kammalensis: 赤鼻綾鯷
Thryssa mystax: 中颌棱鳀
Thryssa setirostris: 突鼻仔
Thryssa setirostris: 長頜棱鯷
Thryssa setirostris: 長頜稜鯷
Thryssa setirostris: 長頜綾鯷(2)
Thryssa setirostris: 长颌棱鳀
Thryssa vitrirostris: 黄吻棱鳀
Thryssocypris ornithostoma: 蘆鯉屬
Thryssocypris ornithostoma: 鳥喙蘆鯉(2)
Thryssocypris smaragdinus: 寶石蘆鯉(2)
Thryssocypris tonlesapensis: 托雷蘆鯉
Thunnus alalunga: 金槍魚
Thunnus alalunga: 長鰭金槍魚
Thunnus alalunga: 長鰭鮪
Thunnus alalunga: 鮪魚
Thunnus albacares: 串仔
Thunnus albacares: 海底鸡
Thunnus albacares: 黃奇串
Thunnus albacares: 黃鰭吞拿魚
Thunnus albacares: 黃鰭金槍魚
Thunnus albacares: 黃鰭鮪(2)
Thunnus albacares: 黄鳍金枪鱼
Thunnus obesus: 大目仔
Thunnus obesus: 大眼金槍魚
Thunnus obesus: 大眼鮪
Thunnus obesus: 短鮪
Thunnus orientalis: 太平洋黑鮪
Thunnus orientalis: 東方藍鰭鮪
Thunnus orientalis: 金槍魚
Thunnus orientalis: 黑暗串一
Thunnus orientalis: 黑甕串
Thunnus thynnus: 藍鰭吞拿魚
Thunnus thynnus: 黑暗串
Thunnus thynnus: 黑鮪
Thunnus thynnus: 黑鲔鱼
Thunnus tonggol: 串仔
Thunnus tonggol: 小黃鰭鮪
Thunnus tonggol: 金枪鱼(2)
Thunnus tonggol: 长尾金枪鱼
Thunnus tonggol: 青干金槍魚
Thunnus tonggol: 鲔鱼(2)
Thuridilla albopustulosa: 白疣平鰓海蛞蝓
Thuridilla carlsoni: 卡爾森平鰓海蛞蝓
Thuridilla flavomaculata: 黃點平鰓海蛞蝓
Thuridilla gracilis: 細長平鰓海蛞蝓
Thuridilla hoffae: 赫芙平鰓海蛞蝓
Thuridilla kathae: 凱芮平鰓海蛞蝓
Thuridilla livida: 藍黑平鰓海蛞蝓
Thuridilla splendens: 輝煌平鰓海蛞蝓
Thuridilla undula: 波紋平鰓海蛞蝓
Thuridilla vatae: 瓦塔平鰓海蛞蝓
Thwaitesia glabicauda: 圆尾银板蛛
Thwaitesia margaritifera: 珠斑银板蛛
Thyasira borshengi: 柏生無齒蛤
Thyasira cumingii: 卡明氏無齒蛤
Thyca ectoconcha: 笠瓷螺
Thyestilla gebleri: 大麻天牛
Thyestilla gebleri: 麻竖毛天牛
Thylacinus cynocephalus: 袋狼(5)
Thylacinus cynocephalus: 袋狼, Dai lang
Thylogale billardierii: 红腹袋鼠
Thymallus arcticus: 北极茴鱼
Thymericus leoninus: 豹弄蝶
Thymoites wangi: 王氏灵蛛
Thynnichthys ploylepis: 多鱗似鮪雅羅魚
Thynnichthys sandkhol: 沙特似鮪雅羅魚
Thynnichthys thynnoides: 似鮪雅羅魚
Thynnichthys thynnoides: 似鮪雅魚
Thynnichthys thynnoides: 似鮪雅魚屬
Thynnichthys vaillanti: 瓦氏似鮪雅羅魚
Thyone anomala: 異常賽瓜參
Thyreus decorus: 波琉璃紋花蜂
Thyreus himalayensis: 喜馬拉雅琉璃紋花蜂
Thyreus takaonis: 高雄琉璃紋花蜂
Thyris alex: 白點小窗蛾
Thyroptera discifera: 盘翼蝠(2)
Thyroptera discifera: 盤翼蝠(2)
Thyroptera tricolor: 三色盘翼蝠
Thyroptera tricolor: 拇翼蝠
Thyropus edwardsi: 突擬臂戎
Thyropus sphaeroma: 球盾戎
Thyropus typhoides: 擬臂戎
Thyrsitoides marleyi: 尖梭
Thyrsitoides marleyi: 尖身魣
Thyrsitoides marleyi: 黑鰭蛇鯖
Thyrsitops lepidopoides: 白拟蛇鲭(白杖鱼)
Thyrsitops lepidopoides: 白擬蛇鯖(白杖魚)
Thysanactis dentex: 纓光魚
Thysanichthys crossotus: 皮鬚鮋
Thysanichthys crossotus: 石狗公
Thysanichthys crossotus: 繸鮋
Thysanocardia nigra: 黑色纓心星蟲
Thysanofiorinia nephelii: 纓圍盾介殼蟲
Thysanophrys celebica: 西里伯多棘牛尾魚
Thysanophrys celebica: 西里伯繸鯒
Thysanophrys chiltonae: 牛尾
Thysanophrys chiltonae: 窄眶多棘牛尾魚
Thysanophrys chiltonae: 窄眶牛尾魚
Thysanophrys chiltonae: 窄眼繸鯒
Thysanophrys longirostris: 牛尾
Thysanophrys longirostris: 長吻多棘牛尾魚
Thysanophrys longirostris: 長吻大眼鯒
Thysanoptyx incurvata: 長斑土苔蛾
Thysanostoma thysanura: 水母
Thysanostoma thysanura: 絲冑水母(2)
Thysanoteuthis rhombus: 菱鰭烏賊
Thysanoteuthis rhombus: 菱鰭魷
Thysanoteuthis rhombus: 飛魷
Thysochromis annectens: 連纓麗魚
Thysochromis ansorgii: 安索氏纓麗魚
Tiarella papalis: 大紅牙筆螺
Tiarella stictica: 紅牙筆螺
Tiarinia depressa: 扁平併額蟹
Tiarinia spinigera: 帶刺併額蟹
Tiaris olivacea: 黄脸离草雀
Tibellus maritimus: 滨海长逍遥蛛
Tibellus oblongus: 短胸长逍遥蛛
Tibellus tenellus: 娇长逍遥蛛
Tibellus zhui: 朱氏长逍遥蛛
Tibetacris changtunensis: 昌都藏蝗
Tibetan macaque: 藏酋猴
Tibetan macaque: 西藏獼猴
Tibia crispata: 鋸齒長鼻螺
Tibia fusus: 長鼻螺
Tibia fusus: 長鼻鳳凰螺
Tibia martini: 馬丁長鼻螺
Tibia powisi: 包氏長鼻螺
Tibicen chujoi: 台灣蝦夷蟬
Tibicen flavomarginatus: 黃緣蝦夷蟬
Tichodroma muraria: 紅翅旋壁雀
Tichodroma muraria: 红翅旋壁雀(3)
Tickellia hodgsoni: 宽嘴鹟莺(7)
Tickellia hodgsoni: 寬嘴鶲鶯
Tickellia hodgsoni: 寬嘴鹟鶯
Tigrioides immaculatus: 黃苔蛾
Tilapia aurrea: 奥利亚罗非鱼
Tilapia bakossiorum: 巴可非鯽
Tilapia baloni: 巴勞氏非鯽
Tilapia bemini: 比氏非鯽
Tilapia bilineata: 雙線非鯽
Tilapia brevimanus: 短手非鯽
Tilapia busumana: 巴蘇非鯽
Tilapia buttikoferi: 布氏羅非魚(3)
Tilapia buttikoferi: 布氏非鯽(2)
Tilapia buttikoferi: 布氏非鲫
Tilapia buttikoferi: 非洲十間
Tilapia bythobates: 深非鯽
Tilapia cabrae: 卡布拉非鯽
Tilapia cameronensis: 金馬倫非鯽
Tilapia camerunensis: 喀麥隆非鯽
Tilapia cessiana: 塞西非鯽
Tilapia coffea: 科菲非鯽
Tilapia congica: 康傑非鯽
Tilapia dageti: 达氏非鲫
Tilapia dageti: 達氏非鯽
Tilapia deckerti: 德氏非鯽
Tilapia desfontainesi: 戴氏非鯽
Tilapia discolor: 雜色非鯽
Tilapia eisentrauti: 艾氏非鯽
Tilapia flava: 黃非鯽
Tilapia guinasana: 吉納非鯽
Tilapia guineensis: 幾內亞非鯽
Tilapia gutturosa: 大咽非鯽
Tilapia imbriferna: 瓦鱗非鯽
Tilapia jallae: 賈氏非鯽
Tilapia joka: 乔克非鲫
Tilapia joka: 喬克非鯽(2)
Tilapia kottae: 科特非鯽
Tilapia louka: 盧卡非鯽
Tilapia margaritacea: 珍珠非鯽
Tilapia melanotheron: 黑頰非鯽
Tilapia mossambica: 罗非鱼(2)
Tilapia mossambica: 非洲魚(2)
Tilapia mossambica: 非洲魚, Fei zhou yu
Tilapia mossanbica: 莫桑比克罗非鱼
Tilapia nilotica: 尼罗罗非鱼
Tilapia nilotica: 福壽魚
Tilapia nilotica: 金山
Tilapia nyongana: 尼翁非鯽
Tilapia rendalli: 倫氏非鯽
Tilapia rheophila: 溪非鯽
Tilapia ruweti: 魯氏非鯽
Tilapia smithii: 史密斯氏非鯽
Tilapia snyderae: 施氏非鯽
Tilapia sparrmanii: 斯氏非鯽
Tilapia spongotroktis: 綿非鯽
Tilapia tholloni: 索氏非鯽
Tilapia thysi: 賽氏非鯽
Tilapia walteri: 沃氏非鯽
Tilapia zillii: 吉利吳郭魚(2)
Tilapia zillii: 吉利慈鯛(7)
Tilapia zillii: 红腹罗非鱼
Tilapia zillii: 非洲十間(2)
Tilapia zillii: 齊氏非鯽(2)
Tilapia zillii: 齐氏罗非鱼
Tilapia zillii: 齐氏非鲫
Tiliqua gerrardi: 桃舌蜥(2)
Tiliqua gerrardii: 桃舌蜥
Tiliqua gerrardii: 环纹柔蜥
Tiliqua gigas: 印尼蓝舌石龙子(2)
Tiliqua gigas: 巨柔蜥
Tiliqua nigrolutea: 斑點藍舌蜥(2)
Tiliqua occipitalis: 西部蓝舌石龙子
Tiliqua rugosa: 松果蜥(2)
Tiliqua rugosus: 松果石龙子(2)
Tiliqua rugosus: 粗疣石龙子
Tiliqua scincoides: 东部蓝舌石龙子(2)
Tiliqua scincoides: 刀背麝香龜
Tiliqua scincoides: 北部蓝舌石龙子(2)
Tiliqua scincoides: 斜紋藍舌蜥(5)
Tiliqua scincoides: 石龍子
Tiliqua scincoides: 蓝色柔蜥
Tilletia indica: 小麦印度腥黑穗病菌
Timalia pileata: 紅頂鶥
Timalia pileata: 红顶鹛(3)
Timasius lundbladi: 麗膜蝽
Timavia winthemioides: 紋眉寄蠅
Timelaea albescens: 白裳貓蛺蝶
Timelaea albescens: 豹紋蝶
Timeliopsis fallax: 白眼吸蜜鸟
Timeliopsis fulvigula: 黄喉直嘴吸蜜鸟
Timeliopsis griseigula: 灰喉直嘴吸蜜鸟
Timoclea imbricata: 鳞片帝汶蛤
Timoclea lionota: 婴帝汶蛤
Timoclea marica: 女神帝汶蛤
Timoclea scabra: 粗帝汶蛤
Timoclea subnodulosa: 细结帝汶蛤
Timomenus aeris: 姬螋
Timomenus inermis: 淨蠶螋
Timomenus inermis: 無刺蠼螋
Timomenus iteratus: 復刺蠼螋
Timomenus komarovi: 克蠶球螋
Timomenus komarovi: 科氏蠼螋
Timomenus komarowi: 科氏喬螋
Timomenus morsus: 錨蠼螋
Timomenus shelfordi: 順鋏蠼螋
Timon lepidus: 西班牙蜥
Tinamus solitarius: 孤共鳥
Tinamus solitarius: 獨孤鷸鴕(3)
Tinca tinca: 丁鱥(3)
Tinca tinca: 丁鱼岁
Tindaria soyoae: 蒼鷹碎蛤
Tinea pellionella: 负袋衣蛾
Tineria alternata: 星斑蛾蚋
Tingis veteris: 碩裸菊網蝽
Tinocallis insularis: 無患子斑蚜
Tinocallis viridis: 櫸榆斑蚜
Tinocallis zelkawae: 櫸樹斑蚜
Tinodes cordatus: 心形齒叉石蛾
Tinodes incisuss: 銳裂齒叉石蛾
Tinodes taiwanensis: 台灣齒叉石蛾
Tiphia yanoi: 楊氏鈎土蜂
Tipula alboplagiata: 單色甲大蚊
Tipula arisanensis: 高橋大蚊
Tipula bicornirera: 樂許大蚊
Tipula bicorunta: 單毛大蚊
Tipula biserra: 雙角大蚊
Tipula coquilletti: 錫蘭大蚊
Tipula coxitalis: 香港大蚊
Tipula demoarcata: 黑宏大紋
Tipula edwardsella: 阿里山大蚊
Tipula foliacea: 奮起湖大蚊
Tipula formosicola: 鈴瘤大蚊
Tipula gressitti: 艾氏大蚊
Tipula haplotricha: 縮短大蚊
Tipula holoserica: 烏魯大蚊
Tipula imperfecta: 霧社大蚊
Tipula lackschewitziana: 罕見大蚊
Tipula microcellula: 恆春大蚊
Tipula nestor: 雙鋸大紋
Tipula nigrorubra: 印度大蚊
Tipula niitakensis: 山田大蚊
Tipula nokonis: 葉狀大紋
Tipula nova: 南投大蚊
Tipula obnata: 克氏大蚊
Tipula obtusiloba: 一色廟大蚊
Tipula paravapiculata: 帝王大蚊
Tipula pluriguttata: 葛氏大蚊
Tipula quadrifulva: 妙手大蚊
Tipula quadrinotata: 台平大蚊
Tipula rantaicola: 八仙大蚊
Tipula ruformedia: 螺祖大蚊
Tipula sparsissima: 三齒大蚊
Tipula sternotuberculata: 小室大蚊
Tipula subapterogyne: 能高大紋
Tipula taiwanica: 瘤胸大蚊
Tipula takahashiana: 微刺大蚊
Tipula terebrata: 多斑大蚊
Tipula tridentata: 玉山大蚊
Tipula yamata: 紅中大蚊
Tirachoidea westwoodi: 魏氏巨虫脩(2)
Tirachoidea westwoodi: 魏氏巨蝓(2)
Tirachoidea westwoodi: 魏氏巨?
Tiracola aureata: 金掌夜蛾
Tiracola plagiata: 掌夜蛾
Tirumala hamata: 東方淡紋青斑蝶
Tirumala limniace: 淡小紋青斑蝶
Tirumala limniace: 青斑蝶
Tirumala septentrionis: 嗇青斑蝶
Tirumala septentrionis: 小紋青斑蝶
Tirumala septentronis: 小紋青斑蝶
Tisamenus draconina: 龍脊角胸竹節蟲
Titanosiphon neoartemisiae: 艾長管蚜
Tlayadera hyaline: 玻尾溪蟌
Tmarus circinalis: 旋卷峭腹蛛
Tmarus hanrasanensis: 斜额峭腹蛛
Tmarus koreanus: 朝鲜峭腹蛛
Tmarus longqicus: 龙栖峭腹蛛
Tmarus menglae: 勐腊峭腹蛛
Tmarus orientalis: 东方峭腹蛛
Tmarus piger: 角突峭腹蛛
Tmarus qinlingensis: 秦岭峭腹蛛
Tmarus rimosus: 裂突峭腹蛛
Tmarus taibaiensis: 太白峭腹蛛
Tmarus taishanensis: 泰山峭腹蛛
Tmarus taiwanus: 台湾峭腹蛛
Tmarus taiwanus: 台灣虎斑蟹蛛
Tmarus yiminhensis: 伊敏峭腹蛛
Tmethypocoelis ceratophora: 切腹蟹
Tmethypocoelis ceratophora: 拜佛蟹
Tmethypocoelis ceratophora: 角眼拜佛蟹
Tmetothylacus tenellus: 金鷚
Tmetothylacus tenellus: 金鹨
Tnigomphus succumbens: 斜纹棘尾春蜓
Tocantinsia depressa: 托坎廷盔鯰
Tockus alboterminatus: 冕彎嘴犀鳥
Tockus deckeni: 德氏彎嘴犀鳥
Tockus erythrorhynchus: 紅嘴彎嘴犀鳥
Tockus erythrorhynchus: 红嘴弯嘴犀鸟
Tockus flavirostris: 黃彎嘴犀鳥
Tockus hemprichii: 亨氏彎嘴犀烏
Tockus jacksoni: 傑氏彎嘴犀鳥
Tockus nasutus: 黑嘴弯嘴犀鸟
Tockus nasutus: 黑嘴彎嘴犀鳥
Tocudaia osimensis: 裔鼠
Todarodes pacificus: 太平洋褶柔魚
Todarodes pacificus: 太平洋魷
Todarodes pacificus: 太平洋魷魚
Todaropsis eblanae: 短柔魚
Todiramphus australasia: 冠翡翠
Todiramphus chloris: 白領翡翠
Todiramphus chloris: 白領翡翠, Bai2 ling3 fei3 cui4(1100)
Todiramphus chloris: 白领翡翠
Todiramphus chloris: 白领翡翠, Bai2 ling3 fei3 cui4(1100)
Todiramphus diops: 摩鹿加翡翠
Todiramphus enigma: 暗色翡翠
Todiramphus funebris: 淡黑翡翠
Todiramphus lazuli: 南摩鹿加翡翠
Todiramphus macleayii: 林翡翠
Todiramphus nigrocyaneus: 蓝黑翡翠
Todiramphus sanctus: 白眉翡翠
Todiramphus saurophagus: 白头翡翠
Todiramphus winchelli: 菲律宾翡翠
Todirhamphus chloris: 半领翡翠
Todirhamphus sanctus: 白眉翡翠
Todirhamphus winchelli: 菲律宾翡翠
Tolypeutes tricinctus: 三帶犰狳
Tomicodon myersi: 迈氏割齿喉盘鱼
Tomicus pilifer: 红松切梢小蠧
Tomicus piniperda: 松纵坑切梢小蠧
Tomistoma schlegelii: 馬來長嘴鱷(2)
Tomistoma schlegelii: 馬來鱷
Tomistoma schlegelii: 马来切喙鳄
Tomistoma schlegelii: 马来长嘴鳄
Tomiyamichthys oni: 富山鰕虎
Tomiyamichthys oni: 富山鰕虎魚
Tomopaguroides valdividae: 小眼似片寄居蟹
Tomopeas ravus: 裂豆蝠
Tomopeas ravus: 錐蝠(2)
Tomopleura nivea: 淡彩捲管螺
Tomopleura pouloensis: 箭筍捲管螺
Tomopterna cryptotis: 隐平跟蛙
Tomopterna delalandii: 德拉平跟蛙
Tomopterna krugerensis: 克鲁平跟蛙
Tomopterna marmorata: 理纹平跟蛙
Tomopterna natalensis: 纳塔平跟蛙
Tomostethus formosanus: 長脈葉蜂
Tomostethus katonis: 加藤長脈葉蜂
Tomostethus lividus: 藍長脈葉蜂
Tomostethus sauteri: 邵氏長脈葉蜂
Tomosvaryella aeneiventris: 銅腹頭蠅
Tomosvaryella coquilletti: 柯氏頭蠅
Tomosvaryella epichalca: 美麗頭蠅
Tomosvaryella oryzaetora: 葉蟬頭蠅
Tomosvaryella pernitida: 圓山頭蠅
Tomosvaryella subvirescens: 美洲頭蠅
Tomosvaryella sylvatica: 歐洲頭蠅
Tonatia bidens: 圆耳蝠
Tonatia bidens: 圓耳蝠
Tonatia bidens: 斯氏圓耳蝠
Tonatia brasiliensis: 巴西圓耳蝠
Tonatia carrikeri: 卡氏圓耳蝠
Tonatia evotis: 中美圓耳蝠
Tonatia schulzi: 舒氏圓耳蝠
Tonatia schulzi: 许氏圆耳蝠
Tonatia silvicola: 林棲圓耳蝠
Tongeia filicaudis: 密點玄灰蝶
Tongeia filicaudis: 点玄灰蝶
Tongeia filicaudis: 點玄灰蝶
Tongeia ion: 淡纹玄灰蝶
Tonicia floccata: 眼鏡石鱉
Tonna allium: 寬溝鶉螺
Tonna canaliculata: 平凹鶉螺
Tonna chinensis: 中華鶉螺
Tonna dolium: 南方花點鶉螺
Tonna fasciata: 宮代鶉螺
Tonna luteostoma: 黃口鶉螺
Tonna marginata: 花鶉螺
Tonna marginata: 花點鶉螺
Tonna melanostoma: 黑口鶉螺
Tonna olearium: 栗色鶉螺
Tonna perdix: 鶉螺
Tonna sulcosa: 褐帶鶉螺
Tonna tessellata: 厚殼鶉螺
Tonsilla variegata: 杂色扁桃蛛
Topomyia yanbarensis: 細竹土蚊
Tor brevifilis: 瓣结鱼(3)
Tor brevifilis: Brevifilis, 瓣结鱼
Tor douronensis: 大鱗結魚
Tor douronensis: 大鳞结鱼(3)
Tor hemispinus: 半刺結魚
Tor hemispinus: 半刺结鱼
Tor hemispinus: 半次结鱼
Tor khudree: 庫德里結魚
Tor kulkarnii: 庫氏結魚
Tor kulkarnii: 長刺結魚
Tor laterivittatus: 側帶結魚
Tor polylepis: 多鱗結魚
Tor progeneius: 珠結魚
Tor putitora: 黃鰭結魚(2)
Tor putitora: 黄鳍结鱼(2)
Tor qiaojiensis: 桥街结鱼(2)
Tor qiaojiensis: 橋街結魚
Tor sinensis: 中國結魚
Tor soro: 丘結魚
Tor soro: 結魚屬
Tor tambra: 野結魚(2)
Tor tambroides: 似野結魚(2)
Tor tambroides: 大鱗結魚(2)
Tor tambroides: 忘不了(2)
Tor tambroides: 恩不老
Tor tambroides: 红吉罗(3)
Tor tor: 中国结鱼(2)
Tor tor: 結魚
Tor tor: 结鱼
Tor tor: Sinensis, 中国结鱼
Tor yingjiangensis: 盈江結魚
Tor yunnanensis: 云南瓣结鱼(2)
Tor yunnanensis: 雲南結魚
Tor zonatus: 叶结鱼(4)
Torgos tracheliotus: 皱脸秃鹫
Torgos tracheliotus: 皺臉禿鷲
Torgos tracheliotus: 肉垂秃鹫
Tornatellides boeningi: 蚤蝸牛(3)
Torpedo formosa: 台灣電鱝
Torpedo formosa: 地中海電鱝
Torpedo formosa: 珍電鰩
Torpedo macnilli: 麦氏电鳐
Torpedo nobiliana: 地中海電鱝
Torpedo nobiliana: 珍電鰩
Torpedo nobilina: 地中海电鳐
Torpedo tokionis: 东京电鳐
Torpedo tokionis: 圓電鰩
Torpedo tokionis: 東京電鰩
Torpedo tokionis: 東京電鱝
Torquigener brevipinnis: 黃帶窄額魨
Torquigener hypselogeneion: 寬吻魨
Torquigener hypselogeneion: 頭紋寬吻魨
Torquigener hypselogeneion: 頭紋窄額魨
Torrentophryne aspinia: 无刺溪蟾
Torrentophryne aspinia: 无棘溪蟾(3)
Torrentophryne aspinia: 無刺溪蟾
Torrentophryne tuberospinia: 疣棘溪蟾(5)
Tortaxis erectus: 竖卷轴螺
Tortaxis mirus: 歪軸蝸牛(2)
Torymus aiolomorphi: 竹歹長尾小蜂
Torynorrhina pilifera: 旭闊花金龜
Torynorrhina pilifera: 毛翅騷金龜
Tosana niwae: 姬花鱸
Tosana niwae: 姬鮨
Tosana niwae: 石斑
Tosana niwae: 过鱼
Tosana niwae: 過魚
Tosana niwae: 鱠
Tosatrochus attenuatus: 鬼牙鐘螺
Totanus barbatus: 鬚歪水蚤
Totanus denticulata: 鋸齒歪水蚤
Totanus derjugini: 捷氏歪水蚤
Totanus dextrilobatus: 右突歪水蚤
Totanus forcipatus: 鉗形歪水蚤
Totanus gracilis: 瘦歪水蚤
Totanus murrayi: 小突歪水蚤
Totanus scaphus: 杓狀歪水蚤
Totanus sinicus: 中華歪水蚤
Totanus spinicaudatus: 刺尾歪水蚤
Totanus taiwanicus: 台灣歪水蚤
Totanus vermiculus: 蟲肢歪水蚤
Totoaba macdonaldi: 加州犬形黃花魚
Totoaba macdonaldi: 加州犬形黄花鱼
Tottonia contorta: 彎皺袋囊水母
Toxabramis hoffmanni: 小似鱎(2)
Toxabramis hotayensis: 西湖似鱎
Toxabramis houdemeri: 海南似鱎(5)
Toxabramis houdermeri: 海南似鱎
Toxabramis swinhonis: 似鱎(2)
Toxabramis swinhoniss: 似鱎
Toxabramis wwinhonis: 似鲛
Toxicum formosanum: 三剌擬步行蟲
Toxicum funginum: 巨剌擬步行蟲
Toxolasma cylindrella: 侏儒真珠蚌
Toxolasma cylindrella: 柱狀扁弓蚌
Toxometra paupera: 袋形結羽枝
Toxopneustes pileolus: 喇叭毒棘海膽
Toxopodinae viduata: 香港艷細蠅
Toxoptera aurantii: 小桔蚜
Toxoptera citricida: 大桔蚜
Toxoptera hsui: 灰木蚜
Toxoptera odinae: 烏柏蚜
Toxoptera schlingeri: 許氏蚜
Toxorhamphus novaeguineae: 黄腹弯嘴吸蜜鸟
Toxorhamphus poliopterus: 灰颏弯嘴吸蜜鸟
Toxorhina formosensis: 穿孔大蚊
Toxorhina taiwanicola: 台灣大蚊
Toxorhina tinctipennis: 蓬萊桅大蚊
Toxorhynchites aurifluus: 金腹巨蚊
Toxorhynchites manicates: 紫色巨蚊
Toxoscelus yokoyamai: 台灣栗吉丁蟲
Toxostoma guttatum: 斑弯嘴嘲鸫
Toxostoma guttatum: 科兹美鸫鸟
Toxotes blythi: 布氏射水鱼
Toxotes blythii: 布氏射水魚
Toxotes blythii: 布氏射水鱼(3)
Toxotes chatareus: 七星射水鱼
Toxotes chatareus: 射水魚(2)
Toxotes chatareus: 查达射水鱼(3)
Toxotes chatareus: 查達射水魚
Toxotes jaculator: 橫帶射水魚
Toxotes jaculatrix: 喷水鱼(145)
Toxotes jaculatrix: 射水魚, She shui yu(830)
Toxotes jaculatrix: 射水鱼(4)
Toxotes jaculatrix: 射水鱼, She shui yu(831)
Toxotes kimberleyensis: 金伯利射水魚
Toxotes kimberleyensis: 金伯利射水鱼
Toxotes lorentzi: 洛氏射水魚
Toxotes lorentzi: 洛氏射水鱼(3)
Toxotes microlepis: 小鱗射水魚
Toxotes microlepis: 小鳞射水鱼(4)
Toxotes oligolepis: 寡鱗射水魚
Toxotes oligolepis: 寡鳞射水鱼(2)
Tozeuma armatum: 針蝦
Tozeuma armatum: 鋸片蝦
Trabala vishnou: 栗黄枯叶蛾
Trachea auriplena: 白斑陌夜蛾
Trachea punkikonis: 暗斑陌夜蛾
Trachelas taiwanicus: 台灣管蛛
Trachelomonas aculata: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas acuminata: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas cylindrica: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas granulata: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas guttata: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas hispida: 囊裸藻(2)
Trachelomonas hispida: 棘刺囊裸藻
Trachelomonas intermedia: 囊裸藻(3)
Trachelomonas mirabilis: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas oblonga: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas oblonga: 矩圓囊裸藻的變種
Trachelomonas ovalis: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas pusilla: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas robusta: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas scabra: 囊裸藻(3)
Trachelomonas similis: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas superba: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas tuberculata: 囊裸藻
Trachelomonas varians: 囊裸藻
Trachelyopterus coriaceus: 革喉鰭鯰
Trachelyopterus coriaceus: 革喉鳍鲶
Trachelyopterus galeatus: 盔喉鰭鯰
Trachelyopterus galeatus: 盔喉鳍鲶
Trachemy scripta: 巴西龜
Trachemys scripta: 巴西小龜
Trachemys scripta: 巴西龜(3)
Trachemys scripta: 巴西龟(2)
Trachemys scripta: 淡水甲龟(2)
Trachemys scripta: 紅耳泥龜, Hong er ni gui(3)
Trachemys scripta: 紅耳龜
Trachemys scripta: 红耳泥龟, Hong er ni gui
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 七彩龜
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 巴西彩龜
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 巴西烏龜
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 巴西龜學名為
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 巴西龜(2)
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 彩龜
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 秀麗錦龜
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 紅耳泥龜(3)
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 紅耳龜(2)
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 红耳龟(2)
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 翠龜
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 豹紋守宮
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 豹紋瞼虎
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, 麻將龜
Trachemys scripta: Scripta, 黃耳龜
Trachicephalus uranoscopus: 鰧頭鮋
Trachidermus fasciatus: 松江鲈鱼(3)
Trachidermus fasciatus: 松江鲈(2)
Trachinocephalus myops: 大头狗母鱼
Trachinocephalus myops: 大頭狗母魚
Trachinocephalus myops: 大頭花桿狗母
Trachinocephalus myops: 狗母
Trachinocephalus myops: 花狗母
Trachinotus anak: 紅杉
Trachinotus anak: 阿納鯧鰺
Trachinotus anak: 鯧鰺
Trachinotus baillonii: 卵鰺
Trachinotus baillonii: 小斑鯧鰺
Trachinotus baillonii: 斐氏鯧鰺
Trachinotus baillonii: 斐氏黃臘鰺
Trachinotus baillonii: 油面仔
Trachinotus baillonii: 紅鰺
Trachinotus blochii: 布氏鯧鰺
Trachinotus blochii: 狮鼻鲳鲹
Trachinotus blochii: 獅鼻鯧鰺
Trachinotus blochii: 紅杉
Trachinotus blochii: 紅沙瓜仔
Trachinotus blochii: 金槍
Trachinotus blochii: 金鯧
Trachinotus blochii: 金鲳(3)
Trachinotus blochii: 金鲳, Jin chang(1080)
Trachinotus blochii: 黃臘鰺(2)
Trachinotus blochii: 黃臘鰺
Trachinotus paitensis: 美洲鯧鰺
Trachinotus paitensis: 美洲鲳鲹
Trachipterus cristatus: 横带粗鳍鱼
Trachipterus ishikawae: 石川氏粗鰭魚
Trachipterus ishikawae: 石川粗鰭魚
Trachipterus trachypterus: 粗鰭魚
Trachischium monticola: 山坭蛇(6)
Trachischium tenuiceps: 小头坭蛇(5)
Trachischium tenuiceps: 小頭坭蛇
Trachomurus villosus: 绒皮粗尾鳕
Trachonurus sentipellis: 棘皮粗尾鱈
Trachonurus villosus: 多毛粗尾鱈
Trachonurus villosus: 粗尾鱈
Trachopos cirrhosus: 粗面蝠
Trachops cirrhosus: 纓唇蝠
Trachurus japonicus: 巴攏
Trachurus japonicus: 日本竹筴魚
Trachurus japonicus: 瓜仔魚
Trachurus japonicus: 真鰺
Trachurus japonicus: 真鲹
Trachurus japonicus: 竹夹鱼
Trachurus japonicus: 竹莢魚
Trachusa formosanum: 台灣直黃斑蜂
Trachycarcinus elegans: 秀麗粗背蟹
Trachycardium mindanense: 華美鳥尾蛤
Trachycardium quadragenarium: 赤貝(2)
Trachycorystes trachycorystes: 粗盔鯰
Trachylaemus purpuratus: 黃嘴擬鴷
Trachylophus sinensis: 金毛山天牛
Trachylophus sinensis: 金毛深山天牛
Trachyopella formosa: 台灣大附蠅
Trachypenaeus asper: 粗糙鹰爪虾
Trachypenaeus curvirostris: 鹰爪虾
Trachyphonus darnaudii: 東非擬鴷
Trachyphonus erythrocephalus: 紅黃擬啄木鳥(2)
Trachyphonus erythrocephalus: 紅黃擬鴷
Trachyphonus vaillantii: 南非擬鴷
Trachyphyllia geoffroyi: 蜿蜒曲紋珊瑚
Trachypithecus auratu: 乌叶猴
Trachypithecus auratus: 乌叶猴
Trachypithecus auratus: 烏葉猴(2)
Trachypithecus cristata: 银色乌叶猴
Trachypithecus cristatu: 银色乌叶猴
Trachypithecus cristatus: 銀色烏葉猴
Trachypithecus cristatus: 银色乌叶猴
Trachypithecus francois: 黑叶猴
Trachypithecus francoisi: 黑叶猴
Trachypithecus francoisi: 黑葉猴
Trachypithecus gee: 金色乌叶猴
Trachypithecus geei: 金色乌叶猴
Trachypithecus geei: 金色烏葉猴
Trachypithecus geei: 金葉猴
Trachypithecus geei: 黃冠葉猴(2)
Trachypithecus geei: 黄冠叶猴
Trachypithecus johni: 黑乌叶猴
Trachypithecus johnii: 黑乌叶猴
Trachypithecus johnii: 黑烏葉猴
Trachypithecus leucocephalus: 白头叶猴
Trachypithecus obscuru: 郁乌叶猴
Trachypithecus obscurus: 郁乌叶猴
Trachypithecus obscurus: 郁乌叶猴, Yu wu ye hou
Trachypithecus obscurus: 郁烏葉猴, Yu wu ye hou
Trachypithecus obscurus: 鬱烏葉猴
Trachypithecus phayre: 菲氏叶猴
Trachypithecus phayrei: 法氏叶猴
Trachypithecus phayrei: 灰叶猴
Trachypithecus phayrei: 菲氏叶猴
Trachypithecus phayrei: 菲氏葉猴
Trachypithecus pileata: 戴帽叶猴
Trachypithecus pileatu: 戴帽叶猴
Trachypithecus pileatus: 冠叶猴
Trachypithecus pileatus: 冠葉猴(2)
Trachypithecus pileatus: 戴帽叶猴
Trachypithecus pileatus: 戴帽葉猴
Trachypithecus pileatus: 灰叶猴
Trachypithecus pileatus: 灰葉猴
Trachypithecus poliocephalu: 黑头乌叶猴
Trachypithecus poliocephalus: 黑头乌叶猴
Trachypithecus poliocephalus: 黑頭烏葉猴
Trachypithecus shortridgei: 戴帽叶猴
Trachypithecus shortridgei: 邵力殊葉猴
Trachypithecus vetulu: 紫脸叶猴
Trachypithecus vetulus: 紫脸叶猴
Trachypithecus vetulus: 紫臉葉猴
Trachyrhamphus bicoarctatus: 短吻粗吻海龍
Trachyrhamphus longirostris: 長粗吻海龍
Trachyrhamphus serratus: 鋸吻海龍
Trachyrhamphus serratus: 鋸粗吻海龍
Trachys auricollis: 樟矮吉丁蟲
Trachys cupricolor: 銅色矮吉丁蟲
Trachys dilaticeps: 大斑矮吉丁蟲
Trachys inconspicua: 梅矮吉丁蟲
Trachys kurosawai: 黑澤矮吉丁蟲
Trachys saundersi: 桑德氏矮吉丁蟲
Trachythorax fuscocarinatus: 褐脊瘤胸虫脩(2)
Trachythorax fuscocarinatus: 褐脊瘤胸?
Trachythorax sexpunctata: 六點瘤胸竹節蟲
Traehyleberis cuneatelles: 楔葉粗面介
Traehyleberis fujyh: 斧鑕粗面介
Traehyleberis kingshui: 金鎚粗面介
Traehyleberis koreanica: 高麗粗面介
Traehyleberis niitsumai: 新津粗面介
Traehyleberis scabrocuneata: 楔形粗面介
Traehyleberis sejongi: 西江粗面介
Traehyleberis yangtii: 煬帝粗面介
Tragelaphus angasi: 東非條紋羚
Tragelaphus angasii: 安氏薮羚
Tragelaphus buxtoni: 山地羚
Tragelaphus buxtoni: 山薮羚
Tragelaphus euryceros: 斑哥羚羊(2)
Tragelaphus eurycerus: 紫羚
Tragelaphus eurycerus: 肯尼亚林羚
Tragelaphus imberbis: 小旋角羚羊
Tragelaphus scriptus: 薮羚
Tragelaphus spekii: 林羚
Tragelaphus spekii: 泽羚
Tragelaphus strepsiceros: 大旋角羚羊
Tragopan blythii: 布氏角雉(3)
Tragopan blythii: 灰腹角雉(8)
Tragopan blythii: 綬雞(3)
Tragopan caboti: 黃腹角雉(5)
Tragopan caboti: 黄腹角雉(10)
Tragopan melanocephalus: 黑头角雉(7)
Tragopan melanocephalus: 黑頭角雉(5)
Tragopan satyra: 紅胸角雉
Tragopan satyra: 红胸角雉(5)
Tragopan temmickii: 红腹角雉
Tragopan temminchii: 红腹角雉
Tragopan temminckii: 紅腹角雉
Tragopan temminckii: 红腹角雉(10)
Tragulur williamsoni: 威氏小鼷鹿
Tragulus javanicus: 小鼷鹿(2)
Tragulus javanicus: 小鼷鹿, Xiao xi lu(3)
Tragulus javanicus: 鼠鹿, Shu lu
Tragulus javanicus: 鼷鹿(2)
Tragulus javanicus: 鼷鹿, Xi lu
Tragulus meminna: 斑鼷鹿
Tragulus napu: 大鼷鹿(2)
Tragulus napu: 大鼷鹿, Da xi lu
Tramea chinensis: 中华斜痣蜻
Tramea transmarina: 海霸蜻蜓微斑亞種
Tramea transmarina: 海霸蜻蜓粗斑亞種
Tramea transmarine: Euryals, 阔翅斜痣蜻
Tramea trartsmarina: Proprinqua, 海霸斜痣蜻
Tramea virginia: 大华斜痣蜻
Tramea virginia: 大華蜻蜓(2)
Traminda aventiaria: 缺口姬尺蛾
Tramitichromis brevis: 短薄麗鯛
Tramitichromis intermedius: 中間薄麗鯛
Tramitichromis lituris: 薄麗鯛
Tramitichromis trilineata: 三線薄麗鯛
Tramitichromis variabilis: 雜色薄麗鯛
Transtympanacris neipopennis: 幼翅横鼓蝗
Transtympanacris xueshanensis: 雪山横鼓蝗
Transtympanacris yajiangensis: 雅江横鼓蝗
Trapania darvelli: 達維爾隅海蛞蝓
Trapania euryeia: 廣泛隅海蛞蝓
Trapania gibbera: 隆背隅海蛞蝓
Trapania palmula: 小手隅海蛞蝓
Trapania scurra: 小丑隅海蛞蝓
Trapania vitta: 絲帶隅海蛞蝓
Trapelus agilis: 捷鬣蜥(2)
Trapelus flavimaculata: 黄斑鬣蜥(2)
Trapelus mutabilis: 埃及鬣蜥(2)
Trapelus rubrigularis: 红喉鬣蜥(2)
Trapelus ruderatus: 荒地鬣蜥(2)
Trapelus sanguinolenta: 草原蜥
Trapelus sanguinolenta: 草原鬣蜥
Trapelus sanguinolentus: 草原蜥(6)
Trapelus savignii: 埃以鬣蜥(2)
Trapelus savignyi: 草原蜥
Trapezia areolata: 網紋梯形蟹
Trapezia cheni: 陳氏梯形蟹
Trapezia cymodoce: 毛掌梯形蟹
Trapezia digitalis: 指梯形蟹
Trapezia formosa: 美麗梯形蟹
Trapezia garthi: 葛氏梯形蟹
Trapezia guttata: 紅點梯形蟹
Trapezia lutea: 黃梯形蟹
Trapezia rufopunctata: 紅斑梯形蟹
Trapezia septata: 細紋梯形蟹
Trapezia serenei: 攝氏梯形蟹
Trapezia speciosa: 燦爛梯形蟹
Trapezia tigrina: 虎斑梯形蟹
Trapezium bicarinatum: 稜船蛤
Trapezium liratum: 紫斑船蛤
Trapezium oblongum: 方形船蛤
Trapezium sublaevigatum: 無光船蛤
Trathala flavo-orbitalis: 黃眶離緣姬蜂
Trathala matsumuraeana: 松村離緣姬蜂
Traulia ornata: 林蝗
Tregellasia leucops: 白脸歌鸲鹟
Tremarctos omatus: 眼镜熊
Tremarctos ornatus: 南美熊
Tremarctos ornatus: 眼鏡熊(3)
Tremarctos ornatus: 眼镜熊(3)
Trematocara caparti: 卡氏孔麗鯛
Trematocara kufferathi: 庫氏孔麗鯛
Trematocara marginatum: 緣邊孔麗鯛
Trematocara nigrifrons: 黑額孔麗鯛
Trematocara stigmaticum: 點斑孔麗鯛
Trematocara unimaculatum: 單斑孔麗鯛
Trematocara variabile: 雜色孔麗鯛
Trematocara zebra: 斑紋孔麗鯛
Trematochromis schreyeni: 施氏洞麗鯛
Trematocranus labifer: 大唇孔首麗體魚
Trematocranus microstoma: 小口孔首麗體魚
Trematocranus placodon: 楯齒孔首麗體魚
Tremex apicalis: 黑顶扁角树蜂
Tremex chujoi: 中條扁足樹蜂
Tremex kojimai: 小島扁足樹蜂
Tremex longicollis: 扁足樹蜂
Tremex niger: 黑尾扁足樹蜂
Tremoctopus violaceus: 印太水孔蛸
Trentepholia albogeniculata: 平白全大蚊
Trentepholia atayal: 台灣桅大蚊
Trentepholia esakii: 彩羽桅大蚊
Trentepholia fuscobasalis: 宜蘭全大蚊
Trentepholia montina: 員山全大蚊
Trentepholia pennipes: 江崎全大蚊
Trentepholia platyleuca: 高山全大蚊
Trentepholia proba: 白膝全大蚊
Trentepholia pulchripennis: 淡水全大蚊
Trentepholia tarsalba: 羽腳全大蚊
Treon sieboldi: 綠鳩(2)
Treptoplaytypus severini: 災徨長小蠹
Treptoplaytypus solidus: 斜紋徨小蠹
Treptoplaytypus xylographus: 松徨長小蠹
Treron apicauda: 針尾綠鳩
Treron apicauda: 针尾绿鸠(5)
Treron australis: 马岛绿鸠
Treron bicincta: 橙胸綠鳩(2)
Treron bicincta: 橙胸绿鸠(5)
Treron bicinctus: 橙胸綠鳩(3)
Treron bicinctus: 橙胸绿鸠(3)
Treron bicinctus: 橙胸綠鳩
Treron calva: 厚嘴绿鸠
Treron calva: 非洲綠鳩
Treron calva: 非洲绿鸠(2)
Treron capellei: 大绿鸠(3)
Treron curvirostra: 厚咀綠鳩
Treron curvirostra: 厚嘴綠鳩(3)
Treron curvirostra: 厚嘴绿鸠(8)
Treron floris: 华彩绿鸠
Treron floris: 绿鸠
Treron formos: 紅頭綠鳩
Treron formosae: 紅頂綠鳩
Treron formosae: 紅頭綠鳩(10)
Treron formosae: 紅頭綠鳩
Treron formosae: 红头绿鸠(2)
Treron formosae: 红顶绿鸠(6)
Treron formosea: 红顶绿鸠
Treron fulvicollis: 棕头绿鸠(3)
Treron griseicauda: 灰颊绿鸠(2)
Treron olax: 小绿鸠(3)
Treron olax: 小绿鸽
Treron oxyura: 尖尾绿鸠
Treron oxyurus: 黄腹针尾绿鸠
Treron pembaensis: 奔巴綠鳩
Treron pembaensis: 奔巴绿鸠
Treron phayrei: 灰頭綠鳩
Treron phoenicoptera: 黃腳綠鳩
Treron phoenicoptera: 黄脚绿鸠(3)
Treron phoenicopterus: 黃腳綠鳩
Treron phoenicopterus: 黄脚绿鸠(2)
Treron pompadora: 灰头绿鸠(6)
Treron pompadora: 青头绿鸠
Treron psittacea: 帝汶绿鸠
Treron psittaceus: 帝汶绿鸠
Treron sanctithomae: 圣多美绿鸠
Treron seimundi: 白腹绿鸠
Treron seimundi: 白腹针尾绿鸠
Treron sieboldii: 紅翅綠鳩(2)
Treron sieboldii: 綠鳩(7)
Treron sieboldii: 红翅绿鸠(7)
Treron sieboldii: 绿鸠
Treron sieboldii: 綠鳩(3)
Treron sphenura: 楔尾绿鸠(5)
Treron sphenurus: 楔尾綠鳩
Treron sphenurus: 楔尾绿鸠(2)
Treron teysmannii: 松巴绿鸠(2)
Treron vernans: 粉颈鸽
Treron vernans: 紅頸綠鳩, Hong jing lv jiu
Treron vernans: 红颈绿鸠
Treron vernans: 红颈绿鸠, Hong jing lv jiu(5)
Treron waalia: 黃腹綠鳩
Treron waalia: 黄腹绿鸠(3)
Tretioscincus bifasciatus: 双线中美蜥
Trgina thoracica: 棕胸无刺蜂
Triacanthodes anomalus: 拟三刺鲀
Triacanthodes anomalus: 擬三刺魨
Triacanthodes anomalus: 擬三棘魨
Triacanthodes ethiops: 六帶擬三刺魨
Triacanthodes ethiops: 六帶擬三棘魨
Triacanthus biaculeatus: 三棘魨
Triacanthus biaculeatus: 双棘三刺鲀
Triacanthus biaculeatus: 雙棘三刺魨
Triacanthus brevirostris: 短吻三刺鲀
Triacanthus nieuhofi: 牛氏三刺鲀
Triacanthus nieuhofii: 牛氏三刺魨(1350)
Triacanthus nieuhofii: 牛氏三刺鲀(1350)
Triaenodes rufescens: 銹色叉長角石蛾
Triaenodon obesus: 三齿鲨
Triaenodon obesus: 沙魚
Triaenodon obesus: 灰三齒鯊
Triaenodon obesus: 鱟鮫
Triaenops furculus: 馬島三叉鼻蝠
Triaenops furculus: 马达加斯加叶鼻蝠
Triaenops persicus: 波斯三叉鼻蝠
Triaenops persicus: 波斯叶鼻蝠
Triaenops persicus: 波斯葉鼻蝠
Triakis scyllium: 九道三峰齒鮫(2)
Triakis scyllium: 沙條
Triakis scyllium: 皱唇鲨(2)
Triakis scyllium: 皺唇鮫
Triakis scyllium: 皺唇鯊
Triakis venustum: 斑点皱唇鲨
Trialeurodes vaporariorum: 温室白粉虱
Trialeurodes vaporariorum: 溫室粉蝨
Trianguloscalpellum uniarticulatum: 單節三角鎧茗荷
Triatoma rubrofasciata: 廣椎獵椿
Triatoma rubrofasciata: 廣椎獵蝽
Tribolium castaneum: 擬榖盜
Tribolium castaneum: 赤拟谷盗(2)
Tribolium confusum: 扁擬榖盜
Tribolium confusum: 杂拟谷盗
Tribolodon brandti: 三块鱼
Tribolodon brandti: 平三齒雅羅魚
Tribolodon brandti: 雜食三齒雅羅魚
Tribolodon hakonensis: 珠星三块鱼
Tribolodon hakonensis: 箱根三齒雅羅魚
Tribolodon nakamurai: 中村三齒雅羅魚
Tribolodon sachalinensis: 玫瑰三齒雅羅魚
Tribolonotus gracilis: 紅眼鷹蜥(3)
Tribolonotus gracilis: 红眼鹰蜥(2)
Tribolonotus gracilis: 细三棱蜥
Tribolonotus novaeguineae: 新幾內亞鷹蜥
Tribolonotus novaeguineae: 黑眼鹰蜥
Tricellaria occidentalis: 西方三胞苔虫
Triceraspyris damaecornis: 鹿角三角篮虫
Trichadenotecnum sexpunctatum: 六點特嚙蟲
Trichaitophorus aceris: 毛頭圓尾蚜
Trichaster acanthifer: 棘枝蛇尾
Trichaster flagellifer: 鞭枝蛇尾
Trichaster palmiferua: 掌枝蛇尾
Trichastoma bicolor: 锈色雅鹛(2)
Trichastoma celebense: 苏拉雅鹛
Trichastoma perspicillata: 黑眉雅鹛
Trichastoma rostratum: 白胸雅鹛(2)
Trichechus inunguis: 亚马孙海牛
Trichechus inunguis: 亞馬遜海牛(3)
Trichechus inunguis: 南美海牛(2)
Trichechus inunguis: 巴西海牛
Trichechus manatus: 加勒比海牛
Trichechus manatus: 北美海牛(3)
Trichechus manatus: 美洲海牛(2)
Trichechus senegalensis: 非洲海牛(3)
Trichiarus haumela: 带鱼
Trichiurus brevis: 短带鱼
Trichiurus brevis: 短帶魚
Trichiurus japonicus: 日本帶魚
Trichiurus lepturus: 太平洋带鱼
Trichiurus lepturus: 带鱼(2)
Trichiurus lepturus: 油帶
Trichiurus lepturus: 白带鱼(2)
Trichiurus lepturus: 白带鱼, Bai dai yu(6810)
Trichiurus lepturus: 白帶魚
Trichiurus lepturus: 白魚
Trichiurus lepturus: 肥帶
Trichiurus lepturus: 裙带
Trichiurus lepturus: 裙帶
Trichiurus lepturus: 高鰭帶魚
Trichiurus nanhaiensis: 南海带鱼
Trichiurus nanhaiensis: 南海帶魚
Trichius cupreipes: 黃肩長腳花金龜
Trichius elegans: 綠艷長腳花金龜
Trichius elegans: 金綠斑金龜
Trichius succinctus: 姬虎斑花金龜
Trichiutus lepturus: 带鱼
Trichixos pyrropygus: 橙尾鹊鸲(2)
Trichoblatta nigra: 黑褐圓蠊
Trichoblatta pygmaea: 矮小圓蠊
Trichocera arisanensis: 阿里冬大蚊
Trichocera pictipennis: 華麗冬大蚊
Trichocerca capucina: 刺蓋異尾輪蟲
Trichocerca cylindrica: 圓筒異尾輪蟲
Trichochloritis hungerfordianus: 台灣絨蝸牛
Trichochloritis submissa: 扁平毛蜗牛
Trichodes sinae: 中华食蜂郭公虫
Trichodesma kurosawai: 黑澤毛尨蕈甲
Trichoferus inguisitor: 家茸天牛
Trichogaster chuna: 恆河毛足鱸
Trichogaster chuna: 恒河毛足鱸
Trichogaster chuna: 草莓丽丽
Trichogaster chuna: 草莓麗麗(2)
Trichogaster labiosa: 厚唇麗麗(2)
Trichogaster labiosa: 大紅麗麗(3)
Trichogaster labiosa: 橘裳麗麗(2)
Trichogaster labiosa: 毛足鱸
Trichogaster labiosus: 毛足鱸
Trichogaster labiosus: 毛足鲈
Trichogaster lalia: 一片藍麗麗(2)
Trichogaster lalia: 拉利毛足鱸(2)
Trichogaster lalia: 電光麗麗(2)
Trichogaster lalia: 麗麗
Trichogaster lalius: 拉利毛足鱸
Trichogaster lalius: 拉利毛足鲈
Trichogaster leeri: 珍珠丝足鲈(4)
Trichogaster leeri: 珍珠毛足鱸(3)
Trichogaster leeri: 珍珠馬甲(4)
Trichogaster leeri: 珍珠马甲
Trichogaster leerii: 珍珠馬甲(2)
Trichogaster leerii: 珍珠马甲
Trichogaster microlepis: 小鱗毛足鱸(4)
Trichogaster microlepis: 小鳞毛足鲈银马甲
Trichogaster microlepis: 月光丝足鲈(4)
Trichogaster microlepis: 銀馬甲(6)
Trichogaster microlepis: 銀馬甲, Yin ma jia
Trichogaster microlepis: 银曼龙
Trichogaster pectoralis: 毛腹鱼
Trichogaster pectoralis: 粗鳞毛足鲈(13)
Trichogaster pectoralis: 糙鱗毛足鱸(12)
Trichogaster pectoralis: 糙鳞毛足鲈(11)
Trichogaster pectoralis: 蛇皮馬甲, She2 pi2 ma3 jia3(15)
Trichogaster pectoralis: 蛇皮马甲, She2 pi2 ma3 jia3(13)
Trichogaster seeri: 珍珠马甲(2)
Trichogaster sota: 恒河毛足鱸
Trichogaster sota: 恒河毛足鲈
Trichogaster trichopterus: 三星攀鱸(45)
Trichogaster trichopterus: 三星鬥魚(51)
Trichogaster trichopterus: 丝足鱼(55)
Trichogaster trichopterus: 丝足鲈(3)
Trichogaster trichopterus: 丝足鲈, Si1 zu2 lu2(1150)
Trichogaster trichopterus: 毛足鱸(66)
Trichogaster trichopterus: 毛足鲈(66)
Trichogaster trichopterus: 清萬隆 
Trichogaster trichopterus: 清萬隆
Trichogaster trichopterus: 絲鰭毛足鱸
Trichogaster trichopterus: 线足鲈
Trichogaster trichopterus: 线足鲈, Xian zu lu(44)
Trichogaster trichopterus: 萬隆
Trichogaster trichopterus: 蓝曼龙
Trichogaster trichopterus: 蓝鳗龙
Trichogaster trichopterus: 金万龙
Trichogaster trichopterus: 金曼龙
Trichogaster trichopterus: 金萬隆
Trichogaster trichopterus: Sumatranus, 蓝毛足鲈
Trichogaster trichopterus: Sumatranus, 藍毛足鱸
Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus: 鱗胸吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus: 鳞胸吸蜜鹦鹉
Trichoglossus euteles: 完美吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Trichoglossus euteles: 褐头绿吸蜜鹦鹉
Trichoglossus euteles: 褐头绿鹦鹉
Trichoglossus flavoviridis: 黃綠吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Trichoglossus flavoviridis: 黄绿吸蜜鹦鹉
Trichoglossus flavoviridis: 黄绿鹦鹉
Trichoglossus haematodus: 史望森氏吸蜜鸚鵡(4)
Trichoglossus haematodus: 彩虹吸蜜鹦鹉
Trichoglossus haematodus: 彩虹鹦鹉(2)
Trichoglossus haematodus: 愛德華吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Trichoglossus haematodus: 澳彩(2)
Trichoglossus haematodus: 红胸五彩鹦鹉
Trichoglossus haematodus: 虹彩吸蜜鹦鹉(2)
Trichoglossus haematodus: 蜜雪兒吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Trichoglossus haematodus: 路頂克吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Trichoglossus haematodus: 青海(2)
Trichoglossus haematodus: Haematodus, 五彩绯胸鹦鹉
Trichoglossus haematodus: Haematodus, 小五彩鹦鹉
Trichoglossus haematodus: Haematodus, 彩虹吸蜜鹦鹉
Trichoglossus haematodus: Haematodus, 彩虹鹦鹉
Trichoglossus haematodus: Haematodus, 红胸五彩鹦鹉
Trichoglossus haematodus: Haematodus, 胸赤五色
Trichoglossus haematodus: Haematodus, 青海鹦哥
Trichoglossus haematotus: 虹彩吸蜜鹦鹉
Trichoglossus johnstoniae: 红喉绿吸蜜鹦鹉
Trichoglossus johnstoniae: 红喉绿鹦鹉
Trichoglossus moluccanus: 彩虹吸蜜鸚鵡
Trichoglossus ornatus: 华丽吸蜜鹦鹉
Trichoglossus ornatus: 华丽鹦鹉
Trichoglossus ornatus: 奧蘭多吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Trichoglossus rubiginosus: 紫红吸蜜鹦鹉
Trichogramma chilonis: 螟黃赤眼蜂
Trichogramma closterae: 舟蛾赤眼蜂
Trichogramma confusum: 拟澳洲赤眼蜂
Trichogramma dendrolimi: 松毛虫赤眼蜂(2)
Trichogramma dentrolimi: 松毛蟲赤眼蜂
Trichogramma embryophagum: 赤眼卵蜂(2)
Trichogramma euproctidis: 暗黑赤眼蜂
Trichogramma evanescene: 广赤眼蜂
Trichogramma evanescens: 廣赤眼卵蜂(2)
Trichogramma fasciatum: 法西斯赤眼卵蜂(2)
Trichogramma japonicum: 稻螟赤眼蜂
Trichogramma leucaniae: 粘虫赤眼蜂
Trichogramma neuropterae: 草蛉赤眼蜂
Trichogramma nubilale: 歐洲玉米螟赤眼卵蜂(2)
Trichogramma ostrinae: 玉米螟赤眼蜂
Trichogramma ostriniae: 玉米螟赤眼蜂
Trichogramma psocopterae: 嚙蟲赤眼蜂
Trichogrammatoidea bactrae: 捲蛾分索赤眼蜂
Trichogrammatoidea nana: 爪哇分索赤眼卵蜂(2)
Trichogrammatoidea nana: 爪哇分索赤眼蜂
Tricholaema diademata: 紅額擬鴷
Tricholaema hirsuta: 絲胸擬鴷
Tricholaema lachrymosa: 斑肋擬鴷
Tricholaema melanocephala: 黑喉擬鴷
Tricholestes criniger: 丝背鹎(2)
Trichomaladera elongata: 長腳纖絨毛金龜
Trichomaladera rufofusca: 赤褐纖絨毛金龜
Trichomaladera yasutoshii: 黑頭纖絨毛金龜
Trichomaladera yui: 余氏纖絨毛金龜
Trichomalopsis shirakii: 負泥蟲燦金小蜂
Trichomma cnaphalocrocis: 縱卷葉螟小毛眼姬蜂
Trichomma nigricans: 黑小毛眼姬蜂
Trichomonas gallinae: 毛滴蟲
Trichomusculus barbatus: 毛肌蛤
Trichomusculus semigranata: 半粒毛肌蛤
Trichomya hirsuta: 毛殼菜蛤
Trichomya hirsutus: 毛贻贝
Trichonotus elegans: 美麗毛背魚
Trichonotus elegans: 美麗絲鰭鱚
Trichonotus setiger: 毛背魚
Trichonotus setiger: 絲鰭鱚
Trichopodus chuna: 恆河毛足鬥魚
Trichopodus chuna: 恒河毛足斗鱼
Trichopsis pumila: 小扣扣(2)
Trichopsis pumila: 短攀鱸
Trichopsis pumilus: 叩叩魚(2)
Trichopsis schalleri: 三線扣扣
Trichopsis schalleri: 三线扣扣
Trichopsis vittata: 大扣扣(17)
Trichopsis vittata: 条纹短攀鲈(2)
Trichopsis vittata: 条纹短攀鲈, Tiao2 wen2 duan3 pan1 lu2(42)
Trichopsis vittata: 條紋短攀鱸, Tiao2 wen2 duan3 pan1 lu2(38)
Trichopsis vittata: 迷你丽丽
Trichopterigia adorabilis: 花蓮洱尺蛾
Trichopterigia kishidai: 緣點洱尺蛾
Trichopterigia rubripuncta: 紅點洱尺蛾
Trichopterigia rufinotata: 緋洱尺蛾
Trichopterigia sanguinipunctata: 美洱尺蛾
Trichopterigia yoshimotoi: 妖洱尺蛾
Trichopteryx fastuosa: 傲毛翅尺蛾
Trichopteryx fui: 傅氏毛翅尺蛾
Trichopteryx fusconotata: 明毛翅尺蛾
Trichopteryx terranea: 陸毛翅尺蛾
Trichoqaster trichopterus: 丝足鲈
Trichoropis cednulli: 高塔毛法螺
Trichosanthes kirilowii: 括摟
Trichosiphonaphis polygoniformosanis: 毛平口管蚜
Trichosirocalus horridus: 欧洲象甲
Trichospilus diatraeae: 印度紫螟蛹寄生蜂(2)
Trichosurus vulpecula: 刷尾负鼠
Trichosurus vulpecula: 帚尾袋貂
Trichosurus vulpeculo: 毛尾负鼠(2)
Trichotanypus iris: 虹毛搖蚊
Trichotropis bicarinata: 发脊螺(2)
Trichotropis unicarinata: 单肋发脊螺
Trichuris suis: 豬鞭蟲
Trichys fasciculata: 長尾豪豬
Tricimba fascipes: 帶足稈蠅
Tricimba marina: 海洋稈蠅
Triclistus aitkini: 黃足弓脊姬蜂
Tricoquimba dihtzoui: 地租三殼灰介
Tricoquimba lupinulia: 羽扇豆三殼灰介
Tricoquimba sesamia: 芝麻三殼灰介
Tricoquimba shyaohaoi: 學好三殼灰介
Tricoquimba simplex: 簡單三殼灰介
Trictenotoma formosana: 台灣擬鍬形蟲
Trictenotoma formosana: 蓬萊擬鍬形蟲
Tricyclepsis pardoxa: 恆春三蠅
Tridacna cookiana: 库氏砗磲
Tridacna crocea: 圓硨磲蛤
Tridacna crocea: 紅番硨磲貝(2)
Tridacna derasa: 圓硨磲蛤
Tridacna derasa: 扇硨磲蛤
Tridacna derasa: 番紅硨磲蛤
Tridacna gigas: 巨硨磲蛤(2)
Tridacna gigas: 車渠貝
Tridacna maxima: 長硨磲蛤
Tridacna maxima: 長硨磲貝(2)
Tridacna squamosa: 鱗硨磲蛤(2)
Tridactyloxenos coniferus: 拟蚤蝼扇
Tridactyloxenos coniferus: 拟蚤蝼虫扇(2)
Tridactyloxenos coniferus: 拟蚤蝼(虫扇)
Tridactyloxenos coniferus: 擬蚤螻扇
Tridacuna cookiana: 库氏砗磲
Tridentiger barbatus: 须缟鰕虎
Tridentiger barbatus: 髭縞鰕虎魚(2)
Tridentiger barbatus: 髭缟鰕虎鱼
Tridentiger barbatus: 鬚縞鰕虎
Tridentiger bifasciatus: 雙帶縞鰕虎
Tridentiger bifasciatus: 雙帶縞鰕虎魚
Tridentiger bifasciatus: 雙帶縞鰕虎(2)
Tridentiger nudicervicus: 裸項縞鰕虎魚
Tridentiger nudicervicus: 裸頸縞鰕虎(3)
Tridentiger obscurus: 暗縞鰕虎
Tridentiger obscurus: 暗縞鰕虎魚
Tridentiger trigonocephalus: 条纹三叉鰕虎鱼
Tridentiger trigonocephalus: 條紋三叉鰕虎魚
Tridentiger trigonocephalus: 紋縞鰕虎
Tridentiger trigonocephalus: 紋縞鰕虎魚(3)
Tridentiger trigonocephalus: 纹缟鰕虎鱼
Tridrepana flava: 黃鉤蛾
Triebelina amygdalia: 杏仁蔡伯介
Triebelina chuchihia: 橘枳蔡伯介
Triebelina lata: 有緣蔡伯介
Triebelina rectangulata: 梯形蔡伯介
Triebelina schyroconcha: 裂殼蔡伯介
Triebelina sertata: 花環蔡伯介
Triebelina shoufinnae: 秀芬蔡伯介
Triforis elegans: 飛白錐折螺
Triglachromis otostigma: 耳斑緋麗魚
Triglops murrayi: 眼点鮄杜父鱼
Triglyphus formosanus: 霧社蚜蠅
Trigomphus agricola: 野居棘尾春蜓
Trigomphus beatus: 黄唇棘尾春蜓
Trigomphus carus: 亲棘尾春蜓
Trigomphus citimus: 吉林棘尾春蜓
Trigomphus lautus: 净棘尾春蜓
Trigomphus nigripes: 黑足棘尾春蜓
Trigomphus svenhedini: 斯氏棘尾春蜓
Trigona canifrons: 黑腹无刺蜂(5)
Trigona carbonaria: 银蜂(650)
Trigona iridipennis: 虹无刺蜂(8)
Trigona iridipennis: 黄跗无刺蜂(16)
Trigona itama: 银蜂, Yin2 feng1(94)
Trigona lutea: 蜜色无刺蜂(2)
Trigona pagdeni: 黑胸无刺蜂(2)
Trigona smithii: 棕足无刺蜂(5)
Trigona terminata: 顶无刺蜂
Trigona terminate: 顶无刺蜂
Trigona ventrali: 野生无刺蜂
Trigona ventralis: 黄纹无刺蜂(7)
Trigona vidua: 暗翅无刺蜂(2)
Trigona vidua: 黑腿无刺蜂(4)
Trigonidium cicindeloides: 黑脛草蟋蟀(2)
Trigoniocardia fornicata: 美花鳥尾蛤
Trigoniulus corallinus: 磚紅厚甲馬陸
Trigonmetopus brunneicosta: 棕稜縞蠅
Trigonmetopus deceptor: 白賊縞蠅
Trigonmetopus submaculipennis: 斑翅縞蠅
Trigonoceps occipitalis: 白头鹫
Trigonoceps occipitalis: 白頭禿鷲
Trigonocera lucudiventris: 晶瑩長足虻
Trigonocera rivosa: 小溪長足虻
Trigonodera tokejii: 鋸角大花蚤
Trigonomima pennipes: 毛足食蟲虻
Trigonophorus dilutus: 小台灣扇角金龜
Trigonophorus rothschildi: 台灣扇角金龜
Trigonophorus rothschildi: 苹绿唇花金龟
Trigonopoda crassipes: 稜腳擬步行蟲
Trigonopoda ovalipennis: 卵翅擬步行蟲
Trigonopoma gracile: 三菱波魚屬
Trigonopoma gracile: 細身三菱波魚
Trigonopoma gracile: 縱帶波魚
Trigonopoma pauciperforata: 捷波魚
Trigonopoma pauciperforata: 紅線波魚
Trigonosoma tropida: 大林廣口蠅
Trigonospila transvittata: 頭飾寄蠅
Trigonostigma espei: 伊氏三角波魚
Trigonostigma espei: 埃氏三角波魚
Trigonostigma espei: 红蓝三角鱼
Trigonostigma espei: 金三角灯
Trigonostigma hengeli: 亨氏三角波魚(2)
Trigonostigma heteromorpha: 異形三角波魚
Trigonostigma somphongsi: 宋氏三角波魚
Trigonostoma antiquata: 古董核螺
Trigonostoma antiquata: 骨董核螺
Trigonostoma bicolor: 雙色核螺
Trigonostoma obliquata: 歪斜核螺
Trigonostoma paucicostata: 紗布核螺
Trigonostoma paucicostata: Ⅲ 1894)
Trigonostoma teramachii: 寺町核螺
Trigonotylus ruficornis: 红角盲蝽
Trigonotylus tenuis: 小赤鬚盲椿
Trigonotylus tenuis: 小赤鬚盲蝽
Trilocha varians: 三角斑白蠶蛾
Trilophidia annulata: 疣蝗
Trilophysa bleekeri: 贝氏高原鳅
Trilophysa brevviuda: 短尾高原鳅
Trimeresums stejnegeri: 竹叶青蛇
Trimeresurus albolabris: 白唇竹叶青
Trimeresurus albolabris: 白唇竹叶青蛇(5)
Trimeresurus albolabris: 白唇竹葉青蛇
Trimeresurus borneensis: 婆罗洲竹叶青
Trimeresurus gracilis: 台湾烙铁头
Trimeresurus gracilis: 台湾竹叶青蛇(5)
Trimeresurus gracilis: 台灣烙鐵頭
Trimeresurus gracilis: 臺灣竹葉青蛇
Trimeresurus gracilis: 菊池氏龜殼花(6)
Trimeresurus jerdonii: 菜花烙铁头
Trimeresurus mangshanensis: 莽山烙铁头
Trimeresurus medoensis: 墨托竹叶青蛇
Trimeresurus medoensis: 墨脫竹葉青蛇
Trimeresurus medoensis: 墨脱竹叶青
Trimeresurus medoensis: 墨脱竹叶青蛇(4)
Trimeresurus monticola: 山烙铁头
Trimeresurus monticola: 阿里山龜殼花
Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus: 烙铁头
Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus: 龜殼花(3)
Trimeresurus steinegeri: 竹叶青蛇(2)
Trimeresurus steinegeri: 竹葉青蛇
Trimeresurus stejnegeri: 竹叶青蛇(3)
Trimeresurus stejnegeri: 竹叶青(3)
Trimeresurus stejnegeri: 赤尾青竹絲(3)
Trimeresurus stejnegeri: Stejnegeri, 赤尾青竹絲
Trimeresurus tibetanus: 西藏竹叶青
Trimeresurus tibetanus: 西藏竹叶青蛇(5)
Trimeresurus tibetanus: 西藏竹葉青蛇
Trimeresurus xiangchengensis: 乡城烙铁头
Trimeresurus xiangchengensis: 乡城竹叶青
Trimeresurus yunnanensis: 云南竹叶青
Trimeresurus yunnanensis: 云南竹叶青蛇(5)
Trimeresurus yunnanensis: 云南竹葉青蛇
Trimerogaster cincta: 束帶渚蠅
Trimerogaster fumipennis: 灰翅渚蠅
Trimma anaima: 透明磨塘鱧
Trimma annosum: 灰頜磨塘鱧
Trimma caesiura: 紅磨塘鱧
Trimma caesiura: 點背磨塘鱧
Trimma caesiura: 點背磨鰕虎
Trimma emeryi: 埃氏磨塘鱧
Trimma fangi: 方氏磨塘鱧
Trimma grammistes: 縱帶磨塘鱧
Trimma grammistes: 縱帶磯塘鱧
Trimma halonevum: 紅小斑磨塘鱧
Trimma macrophthalma: 圓斑磨塘鱧
Trimma macrophthalma: 圓斑磨鰕虎
Trimma macrophthalma: 大眼磨塘鱧
Trimma naudei: 絲背磨塘鱧
Trimma okinawae: 沖繩磨塘鱧
Trimma okinawae: 沖繩磨鰕虎
Trimma tevegae: 底斑磨塘鱧
Trimma tevegae: 底斑磨鰕虎
Trimmatom macropodus: 大足微鰕虎
Trimmatom macropodus: 大足微鰕虎魚
Trimmatom macropodus: 底斑磨塘鱧
Trinchesia acinosa: 苺果背鰓海蛞蝓
Trinchesia beta: 第二字母背鰓海蛞蝓
Trinchesia diversicolor: 變色背鰓海蛞蝓
Trinchesia diversicolor: 雜色背鰓海蛞蝓(2)
Trinchesia ornata: 裝飾背鰓海蛞蝓
Trinchesia pupillae: 幼女背鰓海蛞蝓
Trinchesia purpureoanulata: 紫環背鰓海蛞蝓
Trinchesia sibogae: 西寶背鰓海蛞蝓(2)
Trinchesia yamasui: 彌益背鰓海蛞蝓
Trinectes opercularis: 盖三鳍鳎
Tringa brevipes: 灰尾漂鷸
Tringa brevipes: 灰尾漂鹬(2)
Tringa brevipes: 黃足鷸(7)
Tringa cinerea: 反嘴鷸(3)
Tringa cinereus: 反嘴鷸
Tringa erythropus: 鶴鷸(10)
Tringa erythropus: 鹤鹬(12)
Tringa erythropus: 鶴鷸(2)
Tringa flavipes: 小黃腳鷸(8)
Tringa flavipes: 小黄脚鹬(8)
Tringa glareola: 林鷸(6)
Tringa glareola: 林鹬(12)
Tringa glareola: 鷹斑鷸(7)
Tringa glareola: 鹰斑鹬(2)
Tringa guttifer: 小青脚鹬(11)
Tringa guttifer: 小青腳鷸(2)
Tringa guttifer: 杓鹬
Tringa guttifer: 諾曼氏青足鷸(2)
Tringa guttifer: 諾氏鷸(6)
Tringa guttifer: 诺曼氏青足鹬
Tringa guttifer: 诺氏鹬(2)
Tringa guttifer: 諾氏鷸
Tringa hypoleucos: 矶鹬(11)
Tringa hypoleucos: 磯鷸(7)
Tringa incana: 漂鷸
Tringa incana: 漂鹬(2)
Tringa incana: 灰鹬
Tringa incana: 美洲黃足鷸(6)
Tringa incanus: 美洲黃足鷸
Tringa melanoleuca: 大黃腳鷸
Tringa melanoleuca: 大黄脚鹬
Tringa nebularia: 青脚鹬(13)
Tringa nebularia: 青腳鷸(5)
Tringa nebularia: 青足鷸(8)
Tringa nebularia: 青足鹬(2)
Tringa ochropus: 白腰草鷸(13)
Tringa ochropus: 白腰草鹬(15)
Tringa solitaria: 孤鹬
Tringa solitaria: 褐腰草鹬
Tringa stagnatilis: 小青足鷸(8)
Tringa stagnatilis: 小青足鹬(2)
Tringa stagnatilis: 泽鹬(12)
Tringa stagnatilis: 澤鷸(5)
Tringa totanus: 紅腳鷸(6)
Tringa totanus: 红脚鹬(12)
Tringa totanus: 赤足鷸(6)
Tringa totanus: 赤足鹬(2)
Trioceros jacksonii: 尖嘴避役
Trioceros jacksonii: 杰克逊变色龙
Triodon macropterus: 三齒魨
Triodon macropterus: 三齿鲀
Triodon macropterus: 長鰭三齒魨
Trionymus aberrans: 黑麦葵粉蚧
Trionymus agrestis: 耕葵粉蚧
Trionymus cantonensis: 粤葵粉蚧
Trionymus circulus: 白草葵粉蚧
Trionymus diminutus: 密葵粉蚧
Trionymus formosanus: 筍長粉介殼蟲
Trionymus latus: 芒葵粉蚧
Trionymus mongolicus: 蒙古葵粉蚧
Trionymus multisetiger: 多毛葵粉蚧
Trionymus orientalis: 东葵粉蚧
Trionymus thulensis: 北葵粉蚧
Trionymus tomliui: 短柄葵粉蚧
Trionyx ater: 猛鱉
Trionyx ater: 黑鱉
Trionyx axenaria: 砂鳖
Trionyx gangeticus: 印度鱉
Trionyx gangeticus: 恒河鱉
Trionyx hurum: 孔雀鱉
Trionyx hurum: 宏鱉
Trionyx nigricans: 深色鱉
Trionyx nigricans: 黑鱉
Trionyx sinensis: 中华鳖
Trionyx sinensis: 中國鱉(2)
Trionyx sinensis: 水鱼
Trionyx sinensis: 甲魚
Trionyx steindachneri: 山瑞鳖(2)
Trionyx triunguis: 非洲鳖(2)
Trioxys communis: 廣三叉蚜繭蜂
Trioxys indicus: 印三叉蚜繭蜂
Trip1ophysa minuta: 小体高原鳅
Tripetalocera tonkinensis: 越南三棱角蚱
Triphora alveolatus: 參珠螺
Triphora episcopalis: 纖腰參珠螺
Triphora fucata: 參肋左錐螺
Triphora granulata: 紅玉米左錐螺
Triphora hervieri: 二色錐折螺
Triphora hervieri: 赫氏參珠螺
Triphora otsuensis: 小霰錐折螺
Triphora tessellata: 花磚錐折螺
Triphosa atrifascia: 細黑帶光尺蛾
Triphosa lugens: 廬光尺蛾
Triphosa praesumtiosa: 暗光尺蛾
Triphosa rantaizanensis: 歸光尺蛾
Triphosa rotundata: 圓滿光尺蛾
Triphosa umbraria: 長鬚光尺蛾
Triphoturus nigrescens: 黑尾燈魚
Triplectides magnus: 巨大畸肢石蛾
Triplectides rhinoceratitis: 犀角畸肢石蛾
Triplophos hemingi: 叁光魚
Triplophos hemingi: 參鉆光魚
Triplophos hemingi: 尾燈魚
Triplophysa aliensis: 阿里高原鳅
Triplophysa alticeps: 隆头高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa angeli: 安氏高原鳅
Triplophysa anterodorsalis: 前鳍高原鳅
Triplophysa bleekeri: 勃氏高原鳅
Triplophysa bombifrons: 隆额高原鳅
Triplophysa brevibarba: 短须高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa cakaensis: 茶卡高原鳅
Triplophysa chondrostoma: 软口高原鳅
Triplophysa crassilabris: 粗唇高原鳅
Triplophysa cuneicephala: 尖头高原鳅
Triplophysa dalaica: 达里湖高原鳅
Triplophysa daqiaoensis: 大桥高原鳅
Triplophysa dorsalis: 黑背高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa furva: 暗色高原鳅
Triplophysa fuxianensi: 抚仙高原鳅
Triplophysa fuxianensis: 抚仙高原鳅
Triplophysa grahami: 昆明高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa heyangensis: 郃阳高原鳅
Triplophysa hutjertjuensis: 忽吉图高原鳅
Triplophysa lacustris: 湖高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa leptosoma: 修长高原鳅
Triplophysa leptosoma: 梭形高原鳅
Triplophysa longianguis: 蛇形高原鳅
Triplophysa macromaculata: 大斑高原鳅
Triplophysa macromaculatus: 大斑高原鳅
Triplophysa macrophthalma: 大眼高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa markehenensis: 麻尔柯高原鳅
Triplophysa microphysa: 小鳔高原鳅
Triplophysa microps: 小眼高原鳅
Triplophysa minuta: 小体高原鳅
Triplophysa minxianensis: 岷县高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa moquensis: 墨曲高原鳅
Triplophysa nanpanjiangensis: 南盘江高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa ninglangensis: 宁蒗高原鳅
Triplophysa obscura: 黑体高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa orientalis: 东方高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa pappenheimi: 黄河高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa polymaculata: 多斑高原鳅
Triplophysa pseudoscleroptera: 拟硬刺高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa robusta: 甘肃高原鳅
Triplophysa robusta: 粗壮高原鳅
Triplophysa rotundiventris: 圆腹高原鳅
Triplophysa scleroptera: 硬刺高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa sellaefer: 赛丽高原鳅
Triplophysa shilinensis: 石林盲高原鳅
Triplophysa siluroides: 似鲶高原鳅
Triplophysa siluroides: 拟鲶高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa stenura: 细尾高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa stewarti: 刺突高原鳅
Triplophysa stoliczkae: 斯氏高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa stolioczkae: 斯氏高原鳅
Triplophysa strauchii: 新疆高原鳅
Triplophysa strauchii: 黑斑高原鳅
Triplophysa tenuicauda: 窄尾高原鳅
Triplophysa tenuis: 长身高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa tibetana: 西藏高原鳅
Triplophysa turpanensis: 吐鲁番高原鳅
Triplophysa venusta: 秀丽高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa wuweiensis: 武威高原鳅
Triplophysa xichangensis: 西昌高原鳅
Triplophysa yarkandensis: 叶尔羌高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa yarkandensis: 河西叶尔羌高原鳅
Triplophysa yunnanensis: 云南高原鳅(2)
Triplophysa zamegacephala: 巨头高原鳅
Tripneustes gratilla: 白棘三列海膽(2)
Tripocyrtis pteides: 布德三足篓虫
Tripodichthys blochii: 三足三刺魨
Tripodichthys blochii: 三足三刺鲀(2)
Tripodichthys blochii: 布氏三足刺魨
Tripodichthys blochii: 布氏三足刺鲀
Triportheus elongates: 斧頭魚
Triportheus elongates: 長體石斧脂鯉
Triportheus elongatus: 長體石斧脂鯉
Tripospyris diomma: 迪奥玛三脚篮虫
Tripteroides aranoides: 蛛形翠蚊
Tripteroides bambusa: 竹生翠蚊
Tripteroides cheni: 陳氏翠蚊
Trirachys orientalis: 刺胸山天牛
Trirachys orientalis: 刺胸深山天牛
Trirachys orientalis: 刺角天牛
Trirogma caerulea: 藍三節長背泥蜂
Trischidocera sauteri: 趨黑寄蠅
Trisetacus chamaecypari: 紅檜三毛節蜱
Trisetacus distinctus: 分離三毛節蜱
Trisetacus taiwanensis: 臺灣三毛節蜱
Trisidos semitorta: 半扭魁蛤(2)
Trisidos torta: 枕頭扭魁蛤
Trisidos tortuosa: 扭魁蛤(2)
Triso dermopterus: 石斑
Triso dermopterus: 过鱼
Triso dermopterus: 過魚
Triso dermopterus: 鱠
Triso dermopterus: 鳶鮨
Triso dermopterus: 鳶鱠
Trisotropis dermopterus: 瓜子班
Trissolcus basalis: 卵寄生蜂(2)
Trissolcus basalis: 綠椿象卵寄生蜂
Tristramella sacra: 三列麗鯛
Tristramella simonis: 中間三列麗鯛
Tristramella simonis: 南美三列麗鯛
Tristramella simonis: 錫莫三列麗鯛
Tristylospyris palmipes: 三柱篮虫
Trisulcus triacanthus: 三刺三畦虫
Trisuloides caerulea: 藍后夜蛾
Trisuloides sericea: 后夜蛾
Trisuloides taiwana: 台灣后夜蛾
Tritaeniopteron excellens: 淡色三線實蠅
Tritetrabdella taiwana: 台灣三顎四環蛭
Trithemis aurora: 晓褐蜻, Xiao3 he4 qing1(34000)
Trithemis aurora: 曉褐蜻, Xiao3 he4 qing1(34000)
Trithemis aurora: 紫紅蜻蜓(15202)
Trithemis festiva: 庆褐蜻(2)
Trithemis festiva: 樂仙蜻蜓(3)
Trithemis pallidinerevis: 灰脉褐蜻
Trithemis pallidinervis: 灰脈蜻蜓(3)
Tritonalia emarginatus: 三棱骨螺
Tritoniopsis alba: 白崔坦海蛞蝓
Tritonoharpa antiquata: 長形核螺
Tritonoturris amabilis: 疏肋捲管螺
Tritonoturris cumingii: 卡明氏捲管螺
Tritonoturris macandrewi: 馬氏捲管螺
Tritonoturris macandrewi: 骨感捲管螺
Triturus marmoratus: 理紋歐螈
Triumala limniace: 青斑蝶
Triuncina brunnea: 褐斑白蠶蛾
Trivirostra akroterion: 精雕蛹螺
Trivirostra edgari: 艾氏蛹螺
Trivirostra exigua: 桃紅蛹螺
Trivirostra hordacea: 迷你蛹螺
Trivirostra oryza: 白米蛹螺
Trivirostra oryza: 蛹螺
Trivirostra pellucidula: 密肋蛹螺
Trizocheles sakaii: 酒井刺寄居蟹
Trizopagurus strigimanus: 棘腕銼指寄居蟹
Trldacna cookiana: 库氏砗磲
Trochalopteron affine: 黑顶噪鹛
Trochalopteron chrysopterum: 金翅噪鹛
Trochalopteron elliotii: 橙翅噪鹛
Trochalopteron erythrocephalum: 红头噪鹛
Trochalopteron formosum: 丽色噪鹛
Trochalopteron henrici: 灰腹噪鹛
Trochalopteron melanostigma: 银耳噪鹛
Trochalopteron milnei: 赤尾噪鹛
Trochalopteron morrisonianum: 台灣噪眉
Trochalopteron morrisonianum: 玉山噪鹛
Trochalopteron morrisonianum: 金翼白眉
Trochalopteron squamatum: 蓝翅噪鹛
Trochalopteron subunicolor: 纯色噪鹛
Trochalopteron variegatum: 杂色噪鹛
Trochilocharax ornatus: 飾妝圓唇脂鯉
Trochocercus albonotatus: 白尾鳳頭鶲
Trochocercus cyanomelas: 非洲鳳頭鶲
Trochocercus nigromitratus: 暗色鳳頭鶲
Trochochlamys crenulata: 笠黍蝸牛(2)
Trochochlamys crenulata: 臺灣笠黍蝸
Trochochlamys izushichitoensis: 伊豆高黍蝸牛
Trochochlamys longa: 長黍蝸牛
Trochochlamys nahaensis: 那霸黍蝸
Trochochlamys praealta: 伊豆高黍蝸牛
Trochogaster pectoralis: 暹罗马甲
Trochogaster pectoralis: 暹罗鲽鱼
Trochoideus desjardinsi: 棒角偽瓢甲
Trochus calcaratus: 山形鐘螺
Trochus chloromphalus: 綠臍鐘螺
Trochus hanleyanus: 細紋鐘螺
Trochus maculatus: 花斑鐘螺
Trochus sacellum: 小一字斑螺
Trochus sacellum: 齒輪鐘螺
Trochus stellatus: 血斑鐘螺
Trogium pulsatorium: 尘虱
Trogium pulsatorium: 粉茶蛀蟲
Troglidytes troglidytes: 鹪鹩
Troglodytes aedon: 家鷦鷯
Troglodytes troglodytes: 鷦鷯(10)
Troglodytes troglodytes: 鹪鹩(4)
Trogoderma granarium: 谷斑皮蠹(2)
Trogonophis wiegmanni: 花蚓蜥
Trogonoptera brookiana: 紅頸鳥翼鳳蝶
Trogonoptera brookiana: 翠叶红颈凤蝶
Trogonoptera trojana: 特洛伊红颈凤蝶
Trogopterus xanthipes: 复齿鼯鼠(4)
Trogopterus xanthipes: 復齒鼯鼠
Trogopterus xanthipes: 複齒鼯鼠
Trogopterus xanthips: 复齿鼯鼠
Trohyx steindachneri: 山瑞
Troides aeacus: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Troides aeacus: 金翼凤蝶
Troides aeacus: 金裳凤蝶(2)
Troides aeacus: 金裳鳳蝶
Troides aeacus: 黃裳鳳蝶
Troides aeacus: 黄扇蝶
Troides aeacus: Formosana, 黃裳鳳蝶(2)
Troides amphrysus: 鸟翼裳凤蝶
Troides andromache: 加里曼丹裳凤蝶
Troides criton: 珂裳凤蝶
Troides cuneifera: 楔纹裳凤蝶
Troides darsius: 斯里兰卡裳凤蝶
Troides haliphron: 小斑裳凤蝶
Troides helena: 裳凤蝶(2)
Troides helena: 裳鳳蝶
Troides helena: 黃扇蝶
Troides helena: 黄翼凤蝶
Troides hypolitus: 海滨裳凤蝶
Troides magellanus: 珠光翼凤蝶
Troides magellanus: 珠光鳳蝶(5)
Troides magellanus: 珠光黃裳鳳蝶
Troides magellanus: 荧光裳凤蝶(2)
Troides magellanus: 蘭嶼翼鳳蝶
Troides magellanus: 螢光裳
Troides minos: 印度裳凤蝶
Troides miranda: 马来荧光裳凤蝶
Troides oblongomaculatus: 长斑裳凤蝶
Troides plateni: 菲律宾裳凤蝶
Troides plato: 帝汶岛裳凤蝶
Troides prattorum: 布鲁岛裳凤蝶
Troides rhadamantus: 菲律宾裳凤蝶
Troides riedeli: 瑞氏裳凤蝶
Troides staudingeri: 斯氏裳凤蝶
Troides vandepolli: 范氏裳凤蝶
Tropheus annectens: 連藍首魚
Tropheus brichardi: 布氏藍首魚
Tropheus brichardi: 虎皮蝴蝶
Tropheus duboisi: 灰體藍首魚(2)
Tropheus duboisi: 珍珠蝴蝶(2)
Tropheus duboisi: 藍面蝴蝶
Tropheus kasabae: 卡薩藍首魚
Tropheus moorii: 紅身藍首魚(2)
Tropheus polli: 波氏藍首魚
Tropicomya pilosa: 寡觸毛熱潛蠅
Tropicomyia alocasiae: 婆芋熱潛蠅
Tropicomyia atomella: 微小熱潛蠅
Tropicomyia passiflorella: 百香果熱潛蠅
Tropicomyia theae: 茶熱潛蠅
Tropidohorus hainanus: 海南棱蜥
Tropidophorus berdmorei: 緬甸棱蜥
Tropidophorus berdmorei: 缅甸棱蜥(5)
Tropidophorus grayi: 尖鳞棱蜥
Tropidophorus grayi: 菲律宾鳄蜥(2)
Tropidophorus guangxiensis: 广西棱蜥(3)
Tropidophorus hainanus: 海南棱蜥(6)
Tropidophorus sinicus: 中国棱蜥(5)
Tropidophorus sinicus: 中國棱蜥
Tropidophorus sinicus: 棱蜥
Tropidophoxinellus alburnoides: 似鯿擬鯉
Tropidophoxinellus spartiaticus: 希臘擬鯉
Tropidophoxinellus spartiaticus: 希臘龍骨鱥
Tropidosaura montana: 绿纹山蜥
Tropidothorax elegans: 紅脊長椿
Tropidothorax elegans: 紅脊長蝽
Tropidurus hispidus: 多刺嵴尾蜥
Tropilaelaps clareae: 小蜂蟎
Tropiocolotes tripolitanus: 瓦鱗守宮(2)
Tropocyclops candidiusi: 清亮近劍水蚤
Tropocyclops prasinus: 綠色近劍水蚤
Tropodiaptomus oryzanus: 米粒近鏢水蚤
Trox formosanus: 蓬萊皮金龜
Trox scaber: 矮皮金龜
Trudus horiulorum: 乌鸫
Trudus horiulorum: 灰背鸫
Trudus merula: 白腹鸫
Trudus merula: 黑鶇
Trudus numanni: 斑鸫
Trugon terrestris: 厚嘴地鸠(2)
Truncatella amaniensis: 阿美截尾螺
Truncatella guerinii: 斷殼蝸牛(3)
Truncatella marginata: 邊緣截尾螺
Truncatella pfeifferi: 圓頂蝸牛(3)
Truncatella takaoensis: 高雄斷殼蝸牛(2)
Truncatella valida: 瓦立達截尾螺
Trupanea ambigua: 迷端星斑實蠅
Trupanea amoena: 斜端星斑實蠅
Trupanea covergens: 合端星斑實蠅
Trupanea distincta: 異端星斑實蠅
Trupanea formosae: 寶島端星斑實蠅
Tryngites subruficollis: 飾胸鷸
Tryngites subruficollis: 饰胸鹬(2)
Tryngites subruficollis: 黃胸鷸(7)
Tryngites subruficollis: 黄胸鹬
Trypanosyllis taeniaformis: 帶形鑽穿裂蟲
Trypanosyllis zebra: 斑紋鑽穿裂蟲
Trypauchen vagina: 孔鰕虎魚
Trypauchen vagina: 赤鯊(3)
Trypeta artemisiae: 艾提米實蠅
Trypeta luteonota: 黃背實蠅
Trypetomima formosina: 台灣渚蠅
Tryphana malmi: 顯孔戎
Trypherus chujoi: 中條氏短翅菊虎
Trypherus fenchihuensis: 奮起湖短翅菊虎
Trypherus kanoi: 鹿野氏短翅菊虎
Trypherus nantouensis: 南投短翅菊虎
Trypherus ohbayashii: 大林短翅菊虎
Trypherus sauteri: 曹氏短翅菊虎
Trypherus taihorinensis: 大林短翅菊虎
Trypherus taiwanensis: 台灣短翅菊虎
Tryphomys adustus: 嬌鼠
Trypoxylon errans: 黃跗短翅泥蜂
Trypoxylon fronticorne: 突額短翅泥蜂
Trypoxylon takasago: 黑腹短翅泥蜂
Tryssogobius porosus: 多孔美麗鰕虎
Tsaitermes ampliceps: 扩头蔡白蚁
Tsaitermes hunanensis: 湖南蔡白蚁
Tsaitermes mangshanensis: 莽山蔡白蚁
Tsaitermes oocephalus: 蛋头蔡白蚁
Tsaitermes oreophilus: 喜山蔡白蚁
Tsaitermes yingdeensis: 英德蔡白蚁
Tsunogaipagurus chuni: 長腹角貝寄居蟹
Tubastraea aurea: 圓管星珊瑚
Tubastraea coccinea: 短管星珊瑚
Tubastraea faulkneri: 福克納管星珊瑚
Tubastraea micrantha: 黑管星珊瑚
Tubastraea micranthus: 黑管星珊瑚
Tubastrea faulkneri: 炮仗花珊瑚
Tubastrea faulkneri: 管珊瑚
Tuberaleyrodes bobuae: 灰木瘤粉蝨
Tuberaleyrodes machili: 楠瘤粉蝨
Tuberculatus capitatus: 釘頭斑蚜
Tuberculatus pilosua: 釘毛斑蚜
Tuberculatus queriformosa: 臺灣釘頭斑蚜
Tuberculatus stigmatus: 臺灣釘頭斑蚜
Tuberfemurus laminatus: 叶瘤股蚱
Tuberocephalus momonis: 桃錐尾蚜
Tuberocephalus sakurae: 櫻錐尾蚜
Tuberocephalus salignus: 艾錐尾蚜
Tuberolachnus salignus: 柳瘤大蚜(2)
Tubipora musica: 笙珊瑚(2)
Tubularia larynx: 水螅
Tubularia marina: 海筒螅
Tucanoichthys tucano: 南美齧齒魚
Tucetona auriflua: 鎏金蚶蜊
Tuckerella pavoniformis: 孔雀杜克葉蟎
Tullbergella cuspidata: 尖頭巾戎
Tumeochrysa issikii: 組脈草蛉
Tumoris sanasaii: 綠島寬節蜱
Tupaia belangeri: 树鼠句
Tupaia belangeri: 树鼩(3)
Tupaia belangeri: 樹鼠句
Tupaia belangeri: 滇西树鼩
Tupaia belangeri: 瑶山树鼩
Tupaia belangeri: 缅甸树鼩(4)
Tupaia belangeri: 越北树鼩
Tupaia chrysogaster: 金腹树鼩(4)
Tupaia dorsalis: 背纹树鼩(4)
Tupaia glis: 普通树鼩
Tupaia glis: 普通树鼩, Pu tong shu qu2(488)
Tupaia glis: 普通樹鼩, Pu tong shu qu2(538)
Tupaia glis: 树鼩(871)
Tupaia glis: 樹鼩(2970)
Tupaia gracilis: 细树鼩(4)
Tupaia javanica: 霍氏树鼩(4)
Tupaia longipes: 长脚树鼩(4)
Tupaia minor: 倭树鼩(4)
Tupaia minor: 小樹鼩
Tupaia moellendorffi: 卡拉绵树鼩(4)
Tupaia montana: 山树鼩(4)
Tupaia nicobarica: 尼科巴树鼩(4)
Tupaia palawanensis: 巴拉望树鼩(4)
Tupaia picta: 彩树鼩(4)
Tupaia splendidula: 红尾树鼩(4)
Tupaia tana: 大树鼩(4)
Tupinambis merianae: 阿根廷南美蜥(3)
Tupinambis merianae: 阿根廷黑白泰加
Tupinambis merianae: 阿根廷黑白泰加蜥
Tupinambis merianae: 鞭尾蜥
Tupinambis merianae: 黑斑双领蜥
Tupinambis merianae: 黑白南美蜥(2)
Tupinambis merianae: 黑白泰加蜥
Tupinambis rufescens: 紅南美蜥(2)
Tupinambis rufescens: 红泰加蜥(2)
Tupinambis rufescens: 红色双领蜥
Tupinambis rufescens: 蓝泰加蜥
Tupinambis teguixin: 南美蜥(2)
Tupinambis teguixin: 双领蜥
Tupinambis teguixin: 金泰加蜥(2)
Turacoena manadensis: 白脸蕉鸠(2)
Turacoena modesta: 黑蕉鸠(2)
Turanogonia chinensis: 夜蛾土蓝寄蝇
Turbinaria frondens: 葉形盤珊瑚
Turbinaria irregularis: 變形盤珊瑚
Turbinaria mesenterina: 膜形盤珊瑚
Turbinaria mesenterina: 膜形笠珊瑚
Turbinaria peltata: 盾形盤珊瑚
Turbinaria reniformis: 腎形盤珊瑚
Turbinaria stellulata: 星形盤珊瑚
Turbo argyrostomus: 銀口蠑螺
Turbo brunneus: 虎斑蠑螺
Turbo chinensis: 中華蠑螺
Turbo chryostomus: 金口蠑螺
Turbo cornutus: 蠑螺(2)
Turbo cornutus: 角蠑螺
Turbo jungi: 鍾氏珠螺
Turbo marmoratus: 夜光蠑螺
Turbo petholatus: 貓眼蠑螺
Turbo reevei: 芮氏蠑螺
Turbo setosus: 圓蠑螺
Turbo sparverium: 台灣蠑螺
Turbo stenogyrus: 高腰蠑螺
Turbonilla monocycla: 淺溝錐海螄
Turbonilla scrobiculata: 隴錐海螄
Turdoides affinis: 白头鸫鹛
Turdoides altirostris: 伊拉克鸫鹛
Turdoides aylmeri: 鱗斑鶇鶥
Turdoides caudata: 普通鸫鹛
Turdoides caudatus: 普通鶇鶥
Turdoides earlei: 纹背鸫鹛
Turdoides gularis: 白喉鸫鹛
Turdoides hindei: 海氏斑鶇鶥
Turdoides hypoleucus: 北斑鶇鶥
Turdoides jardineii: 箭紋鶇鶥
Turdoides longirostris: 細嘴鶇鶥
Turdoides longirostris: 细嘴鸫鹛
Turdoides malcolmi: 灰鶇鶥
Turdoides malcolmi: 灰鸫鹛
Turdoides nipalensis: 刺鸫鹛
Turdoides plebejus: 非洲褐鶇鶥
Turdoides rubiginosus: 棕紅鶇鶥
Turdoides rufescens: 橙嘴鸫鹛
Turdoides sharpei: 黑眼先鶇鶥
Turdoides squamiceps: 阿拉伯鸫鹛
Turdoides squamulatus: 鱗羽鶇鶥
Turdoides striata: 丛林鸫鹛
Turdoides striatus: 叢林鶇鶥
Turdoides subrufa: 棕鸫鹛
Turdus albocinctus: 白頸鶇
Turdus albocinctus: 白颈鸫(2)
Turdus atrogularis: 黑喉鶇
Turdus atrogularis: 黑颈鸫(2)
Turdus boulboul: 灰翅鶇
Turdus boulboul: 灰翅鸫(2)
Turdus cardis: 乌灰鸫(10)
Turdus cardis: 灰鶇(2)
Turdus cardis: 烏灰鶇(7)
Turdus celaenops: 伊岛鸫(2)
Turdus chrysolaus: 紅腹鶇
Turdus chrysolaus: 赤胸鶇(5)
Turdus chrysolaus: 赤胸鸫(5)
Turdus chrysolaus: 赤腹鶇(9)
Turdus chrysolaus: 赤腹鸫(2)
Turdus citrina: 橙頭地鶇
Turdus dauma: 虎鶇(2)
Turdus dissimilis: 黑胸鶇(2)
Turdus dissimilis: 黑胸鸫(6)
Turdus dissmilis: 黑胸鸫
Turdus eunomus: 斑鶇
Turdus eunomus: 斑鸫(3)
Turdus eunomus: 斑點鶇(4)
Turdus feae: 褐头鸫(7)
Turdus feae: 褐頭鶇(2)
Turdus helleri: 泰塔鶇
Turdus hortulorum: 灰背赤腹鶇(2)
Turdus hortulorum: 灰背鶇(6)
Turdus hortulorum: 灰背鸫(11)
Turdus iliacus: 白眉歌鶇(2)
Turdus iliacus: 白眉歌鸫(8)
Turdus kessleri: 棕背鸫(2)
Turdus kessleri: 棕背黑头鸫(7)
Turdus kessleri: 棕背黑頭鶇(2)
Turdus libonyanus: 利邦鶇
Turdus maximus: 藏烏鶇
Turdus menachensis: 也门鸫
Turdus merula: 乌鸫(11)
Turdus merula: 烏鶇(3)
Turdus merula: 黑鶇(7)
Turdus merula: 黑鸫
Turdus merula: Mandarinus, 乌鸫
Turdus mupinensis: 宝兴歌鸫(8)
Turdus mupinensis: 寶興歌鶇(4)
Turdus naumanni: 斑点鸫
Turdus naumanni: 斑鶇(2)
Turdus naumanni: 斑鸫(11)
Turdus naumanni: 斑點鶇(5)
Turdus naumanni: 紅尾鶇(5)
Turdus naumanni: 红尾鸫
Turdus naumanni: Naumanni, 斑鸫
Turdus niveiceps: 白頭鶇
Turdus obscurus: 白眉鶇(12)
Turdus obscurus: 白眉鸫(7)
Turdus obscurus: 眉鶇
Turdus olivaceus: 橄欖鶇
Turdus pallidus: 白腹鶇(12)
Turdus pallidus: 白腹鸫(11)
Turdus pelios: 非洲鶇
Turdus philomelos: 欧歌鸫(3)
Turdus philomelos: 歐歌鶇(2)
Turdus pilaris: 田鶇
Turdus pilaris: 田鸫(3)
Turdus poliocephalus: 岛鸫(5)
Turdus poliocephalus: 島鶇
Turdus poliocephalus: 白头鸫(2)
Turdus poliocephalus: 白頭鶇(14)
Turdus poliocephalus: Niveiceps, 島鶇(2)
Turdus poliocephalus: Niveiceps, 白頭鶇(2)
Turdus rubrocanus: 灰头鸫(3)
Turdus rubrocanus: 灰頭鶇
Turdus ruficollis: 赤頸鶇(4)
Turdus ruficollis: 赤颈鸫(5)
Turdus sibiricus: 白眉地鶇
Turdus sibiricus: 白眉地鸫
Turdus tephronotus: 非洲裸眼鶇
Turdus torquatus: 环颈鸫(2)
Turdus unicolor: 梯氏鸫
Turdus unicolor: 蒂氏鶇(2)
Turdus unicolor: 蒂氏鸫
Turdus viscivorus: 槲鶇
Turdus viscivorus: 槲鸫(3)
Turnagra capensis: 新西蘭鶇鶲,
Turnix everetti: 松巴三趾鹑
Turnix hottentotta: 非洲三趾鶉
Turnix maculosus: 红背三趾鹑
Turnix melanogaster: 黑胸三趾鶉
Turnix ocellatus: 眼斑三趾鹑
Turnix ocellatus: 菲律宾三趾鹑
Turnix olivii: 黄胸三趾鹑
Turnix suscitator: 棕㆔趾鶉
Turnix suscitator: 棕三趾鶉(12)
Turnix suscitator: 棕三趾鹑(9)
Turnix sylvatica: 林三趾鶉(5)
Turnix sylvatica: 林三趾鹑(2)
Turnix sylvaticus: 林三趾鶉(3)
Turnix sylvaticus: 林三趾鹑(4)
Turnix sylvaticus: 林三趾鶉
Turnix tanki: 黃腳㆔趾鶉
Turnix tanki: 黃腳三趾鶉(4)
Turnix tanki: 黄脚三趾鹑(6)
Turnix worcesteri: 沃氏三趾鹑(2)
Turnus vulgaris: 紫翅椋鸟
Turricula interrupta: 皺頸玉米捲管螺
Turricula javana: 台灣捲管螺
Turricula nelliae: 環珠捲管螺(2)
Turridrupa albofasciata: 白環捲管螺
Turridrupa astricta: 彩環捲管螺(2)
Turridrupa bijubata: 彈簧捲管螺
Turridrupa cincta: 螺旋捲管螺
Turridrupa jubata: 高冠捲管螺
Turris babylonia: 巴比倫捲管螺
Turris carispa: 長捲管螺
Turris crispa: 長捲管螺
Turris nadaensis: 紫端麻斑捲管螺
Turris spectabilis: 斷線捲管螺
Turritella fortilirata: 强肋锥螺
Turritella terebra: 錐螺
Tursiops adu: 东方宽吻海豚
Tursiops aduncus: 南宽吻海豚
Tursiops aduncus: 南方瓶鼻海豚
Tursiops aduncus: 印太瓶鼻海豚(2)
Tursiops gillii: 太平洋瓶鼻海豚
Tursiops gillii: 瓶鼻海豚
Tursiops truncates: 宽吻海豚
Tursiops truncatus: 宽吻海豚(2)
Tursiops truncatus: 寬吻海豚
Tursiops truncatus: 瓶鼻海豚
Turtur abyssinicus: 黑嘴森鸠(2)
Turtur afer: 蓝斑森鸠(2)
Turtur afer: 藍斑森鳩
Turtur brehmeri: 蓝头森鸠(2)
Turtur chalcospilos: 綠點森鳩
Turtur chalcospilos: 绿点森鸠
Turtur tympanistria: 白胸森鳩
Turtur tympanistria: 白胸森鸠(2)
Tutufa bubo: 大白蛙螺
Tutufa bufo: 紅口蛙螺
Tutufa oyamai: 大山蛙螺
Tutufa ranelloides: 小山蛙螺
Tutufa rubeta: 金口蛙螺
Tuxenentulus wuluensis: 霧鹿屠蚖
Tyana falcata: 綠角翅夜蛾
Tydemania japonica: 截形倒刺鲀
Tydemania navigatoris: 倒刺魨
Tydemania navigatoris: 尖尾倒刺魨
Tydemania navigatoris: 尖尾倒刺鲀
Tylerius spinosissimus: 長刺泰氏魨
Tylerius spinosissimus: 長刺泰氏魨 ;氣規
Tylochromis aristoma: 美口球麗魚
Tylochromis bangwelensis: 班韋球麗魚
Tylochromis elongatus: 長身球麗魚
Tylochromis intermedius: 中間球麗魚
Tylochromis jentinki: 球麗魚
Tylochromis labrodon: 唇齒球麗魚
Tylochromis lateralis: 側身球麗魚
Tylochromis leonensis: 萊昂球麗魚
Tylochromis microdon: 小齒球麗魚
Tylochromis mylodon: 臼齒球麗魚
Tylochromis polylepis: 多鱗球麗魚
Tylochromis praecox: 似稚球麗魚
Tylochromis pulcher: 美球麗魚
Tylochromis regani: 雷氏球麗魚
Tylochromis robertsi: 羅氏球麗魚
Tylochromis sudanensis: 蘇丹球麗魚
Tylochromis trewavasae: 特氏球麗魚
Tylochromis variabilis: 雜色球麗魚
Tylococcus fici: 榕疣粉蚧
Tylomys mirae: 稽攀鼠
Tylonycteris pachypus: 扁颅蝠
Tylonycteris pachypus: 棒足蝠
Tylonycteris robustula: 粗壯棒足蝠
Tylonycteris robustula: 褐扁颅蝠
Tyloperla formosana: 蓬萊瘤石蠅
Tyloperla sauteri: 邵氏瘤石蠅
Tylorida striata: 條紋高腹蛛
Tylorida ventralis: 橫帶高腹蛛
Tylosurus acus: 叉尾鶴鱵
Tylosurus acus: 黑圓頜針魚
Tylosurus crocodilus: 尖嘴鱼
Tylosurus crocodilus: 尖嘴鱼, Jian zui yu(35)
Tylosurus crocodilus: 鱷形叉尾鶴鱵
Tylosurus crocodilus: 鱷形圓頜針魚
Tylosurus crocodilus: 鳄形圆颌针鱼
Tylosurus crocodiluscrocodilus: 青旗
Tylosurus giganteus: 大圆颌针鱼
Tylosurus melanotus: 黑背圆颌针鱼
Tylosurus punctulatus: 尖嘴鱼
Tylosurus strongylurus: 圆颌针鱼(2)
Tylosurus strongylurus: 圓頜針魚
Tylotiella humilis: 姬捲管螺
Tylotiella pica: 喜鵲捲管螺
Tylotiella pusilla: 螞蟻捲管螺
Tylototriton asperrimus: 细痣棘螈
Tylototriton asperrimus: 细痣疣螈(2)
Tylototriton asperrimus: 贵州疣螈
Tylototriton chinhaiensis: 镇海疣螈(2)
Tylototriton hainanensis: 海南疣螈(2)
Tylototriton hainanensis: 爪鲵
Tylototriton kweichowensis: 海南疣螈
Tylototriton kweichowensis: 貴州疣螈
Tylototriton kweichowensis: 贵州疣螈(2)
Tylototriton shanjing: 红瘰疣螈
Tylototriton shanjing: 红螺疣螈
Tylototriton taliangensis: 大凉疣螈(2)
Tylototriton taliangensis: 大涼疣螈
Tylototriton verrucosus: 棕黑疣螈(3)
Tylototriton verrucosus: 紅瘰疣螈
Tylototriton verrucosus: 红瘰疣螈
Tylototriton verrucosus: 细瘰疣螈(2)
Tylototriton wenxianensis: 文县疣螈
Tymolus brucei: 布氏鬼蟹
Tymolus hirtipes: 毛足鬼蟹
Tymolus japonicus: 日本鬼蟹
Tymolus uncifer: 鉤突鬼蟹
Tympanocryptis cephalus: 横斑隐鼓蜥(2)
Tympanocryptis intima: 澳洲隐鼓蜥(2)
Tympanocryptis lineata: 隐鼓蜥(3)
Tympanocryptis parviceps: 细鳞隐鼓蜥(2)
Tympanocryptis tetraporiphora: 隐鼓蜥
Tympanocryptis tetraporophora: 澳南隐鼓蜥(2)
Tympanocryptis uniformis: 同鳞隐鼓蜥(2)
Tympanoctomys barrerae: 阿根廷平原鼠
Tympanuchus cupido: 草原榛雞阿特沃特亞種
Tympanuchus cupido: Attwateri, 奧氏角雉(3)
Tympanuchus cupido: Attwateri, 草原榛雞
Typhaea stercorea: 毛蕈甲
Typhis ramosus: 叢枝骨螺
Typhis tosaensis: 刺管骨螺
Typhlacontias ngamiensis: 盲箭蜥
Typhlobarbus nudiventris: 裸腹盲魮(2)
Typhlobarbus nudiventris: 裸腹盲鲃
Typhlobarbus nudiventris: 裸腹肓鲃
Typhlocarcinus villosus: 毛盲蟹
Typhlodromus occidentalis: 西方盲走螨(2)
Typhlogarra widdowsoni: 盲墨頭魚
Typhlomys cinereus: 豬尾鼠
Typhlops diardi: 大盲蛇
Typhlops diardii: 大盲蛇(6)
Typhlops koshunensis: 台湾盲蛇
Typhlops koshunensis: 台灣盲蛇
Typhlops koshunensis: 大盲蛇
Typhlops koshunensis: 恆春盲蛇(2)
Typhlops koshunensis: 恒春盲蛇(6)
Typhlops koshunensis: 高雄盲蛇
Typhlosaurus braini: 布氏盲蜥
Typhosyrinx supracostata: 腰帶捲管螺
Typhrodromus occidentalis: 西方捕植蟎
Typosyllis alternata: 輪替模裂蟲
Typosyllis silkeae: 絲毛模裂蟲
Typosyllis taiwanensis: 台灣模裂蟲
Tyrannochromis macrostoma: 大口暴麗魚
Tyrannochromis maculiceps: 斑頭暴麗魚
Tyrannochromis nigriventer: 黑腹暴麗魚
Tyrannochromis polyodon: 多齒暴麗魚
Tyrannophryne pugnax: 暴龍蟾鮟鱇
Tyto alba: 仓鸮(4)
Tyto alba: 倉鴞(3)
Tyto alba: 倉鴞, Cang xiao
Tyto alba: 倉鸮, Cang xiao
Tyto capensis: 草鴞(5)
Tyto capensis: 草鸮(7)
Tyto capensis: 非洲草鴞
Tyto capensis: 非洲草鸮
Tyto capensis: Chinensis, 草鸮
Tyto inexspectata: 米纳仓鸮
Tyto javanica: 倉鴞
Tyto longimembris: 草鴞(7)
Tyto longimembris: 草鸮(3)
Tyto nigrobrunnea: 塔里仓鸮
Tyto novaehollandiae: 大草鸮
Tyto rosenbergii: 苏拉仓鸮
Tyto sororcula: 小草鸮
Tyto soumagne: 马岛草鸮
Tyto soumagnei: 馬島草鴞(4)
Tyto soumagnei: 马岛草鸮(2)
Tyto tenebricosa: 乌草鸮
Tytthaspis gebleri: 戈壁小盾瓢虫
Tytthaspis lateralis: 串斑小瓢虫

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_t.htm, 2018-03-20, Animal name T, 動物名 T}

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_t.htm, 2018-03-20, Animal name T, 動物名 T}, (nswong, animal_name_t.htm)

Tabermaemontana coronaria: Bunga susun kepala
Tabermaemontana corymbosa: Bunga susun kipas
Tachipleus gigas: Ketam tapak kuda
Tachybaptus ruficollis: Burung
Tachybaptus ruficollis: Grebe kecil(4)
Tachybaptus ruficollis: Titihan jelaga
Tachyglossus aculeatus: Echidna
Tachypleus gigas: Belangkas(3)
Tachysurus caelatus: Ikan duri
Taenia saginata: Cacing hati sapi
Taenia solium: Cacing hati babi
Taeniura lymma: Ikan nonya
Taeniura lymma: Ikan pari
Taeniura lymma: Ikan pari karang(2)
Taeniura lymma: Pari karang
Taeniura lymma: Pari kembang
Taeniura lymma: Pari reben
Tamarindus indica: Asam jawa
Tamiops macclellandii: Tupai bunga
Tanygnathus lucionensis: Bayan tengkuk biru(4)
Tanygnathus lucionensis: Betetkelapa filipina
Tanygnathus sumatranus: Betet kelapa
Tanygnathus sumatranus: Nuri sulawesi
Tanysiptera danae: Raja udang
Taphirus indiscus: Tapir
Taphozous longimanus: Kelawar kepak panjang
Taphozous melanopogon: Kelawar dagu hitam
Taphozous saccolaimus: Kelawar dada putih
Taphozous saccolaimus: Mamalia
Tapirus indicus: Badak tampong atau cipan
Tapirus indicus: Tapir
Tapirus senuk: Tapir
Tarsius bancanus: Kera hantu(2)
Tarsius bancanus: Mentilin
Tarsius bancanus: Singapuar
Tarsius spectrum: Binatang hantu
Tarsius tarsier: Tangkasi
Tecomaria capensis: Tekomaria jingga
Telescopium telescopium: Berongan
Telescopium telescopium: Rodong
Tenualosa macrura: Terubuk(2)
Tenualosa toli: Ikan Terubok
Tenualosa toli: Ikan Terubuk
Tenualosa toli: Terubok Sungai
Tenualosa toli: Terubuk Jantan
Tenualosa toli: Terubuk Mulut Besar
Tephrodornis gularis: Jingjig petulak
Tephrodornis gularis: Jingjing petulak
Tephrodornis gularis: Rembah kayu besar
Tephrodornis pondicerianus: Rembah kayu
Tephrodornis virgatus: Jingjing petulak
Terapon jarbua: Gelama
Terapon jarbua: Ikan kerong(2)
Terapon jarbua: Ikan kerung-kerung
Terapon jarbua: Kekerong(2)
Terapon jarbua: Kelong-kelong
Terapon jarbua: Kerong-kerong
Terapon jarbua: Kerong-kerong tambi
Terapon jarbua: Kerong Jalur(2)
Terapon jarbua: Kirong-kirong
Terapon jarbua: Mengkerong(2)
Terapon jarbua: San gaa
Terapon theraps: Ikan Kerong(2)
Terapon theraps: Kekerong(2)
Terapon theraps: Kerong Batu(2)
Terapon theraps: Mengkerong(2)
Terpsiphone atrocauda: Murai ekor gading jepun
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: Murai ekor gading jepun(3)
Terpsiphone atrocaudata: Sambar jepun
Terpsiphone paradise: Sambar ekor panjang(2)
Terpsiphone paradisi: Burung
Terpsiphone paradisi: Murai ekor gading(5)
Terpsiphone paradisi: Sambar ekor panjang
Terpsiphone paradisi: Seriwang asia
Tesia superciliaris: Tesia jawa(2)
Tetranodon palembangensis: Ikan buntal
Tetraodon fluviatilis: Buntal
Tetraodon nigroviridis: Ikan buntal
Tetraodon palembangensis: Buntal
Tetsudo emys: Kura-kura bukit(2)
Thalamita crenata: Kepiting batu
Thalamita crenata: Rajungan hijau
Thalassophis anomalus: Ular
Thalassophis viperina: Ular
Thecurus crassispinis: Landak borneo(2)
Theenota ananas: Teripang pandan
Thelenota ananas: Teripang nanas
Theloderma horridum: Katak ketuit berduri
Thelyponus condutus: Kalajengking
Thennus orientalis: Udang ketak(3)
Thennus orientalis: Udang kipas(3)
Thennus orientalis: Udang lobok(4)
Thenus orientalis: Udang ketak
Thenus orientalis: Udang lubuk
Thor paschalis: Udang
Threskiornis aethiopica: Ibis putih kepala hitam
Threskiornis aethiopicus: Ibis putih
Threskiornis melanocephalus: Sekendi kepala hitam(5)
Thryssa dussumieri: Bokok daun(2)
Thryssa dussumieri: Ikan Bilis
Thryssa dussumieri: Ikan kasai daun(2)
Thryssa dussumieri: Kasai minyak(2)
Thryssa mystax: Bulu ayam
Thryssa mystax: Ikan Bulu Ayam
Thumbergia grandiflora: Bunga langit putih
Thumbergia laurifolia: Bunga langit biru
Thunnus albacares: Tuna Sirip Kuning(2)
Thunnus tonggol: Aya
Thunnus tonggol: Aya hitam(2)
Thunnus tonggol: Bulan-bulan(2)
Thvnnichthus thynnoides: Lomah
Thynichthys hnynnoides: Ikan lambik(2)
Thynichthys hnynnoides: Ikan lomah(2)
Thynichthys thynnoides: Loma
Thynichthys thynnoides: Lomah(2)
Thynnchthys polylepis: Ikan motan
Thynnichthys thynnoides: Ikan Motan
Thynnichthys thynnoides: Lambak
Thynnichthys thynnoides: Matan
Thynnichtys polylepis: Motan(3)
Thyone briarcus: Teripang
Tilapia hybrid: Tilapia(2)
Tilapia massambica: Ikan mujair
Tilapia mossambica: Ikan tilapia mossambi
Tilapia mossambica: Tilapia(4)
Tilapia nilotica: Ikan tilapia nile
Tilapia nilotica: Talapia
Tilapia sp: Tilapia merah
Tilapia zillii: Tilapia(2)
Tiliqua gigas: Kadal panan
Tillapia mossambica: Mujair
Tlinga glareola: Burung tilil
Todiramphus chloris: Cekakak sungai(452)
Todiramphus chloris: Pekaka bakau
Todiramphus chloris: Pekaka sungai(694)
Todiramphus sanctus: Cekakak australia
Todirhamphus chloris: Cekakak sungai
Tomistoma schlegeii: Buaya senyulang
Tomistoma schlegeli: Buaya julung-julung(4)
Tomistoma schlegelii: Buaya sapit
Tomistoma schlegelli: Buaya sinyulong(2)
Tonicella lineata: Chiton
Tor douronensis: Semah
Tor duoronensis: Semah
Tor khudree: Mahseer decca
Tor mosal: Mahseer tembaga
Tor mussullah: Mahseer belakang tinggi
Tor mussullah: Mahseer ponok
Tor mussullah: Mahseer selatan
Tor putitora: Mahseer emas
Tor putitora: Mahseer himalaya biasa
Tor putitora: Mahseer sirip kuning
Tor soro: Soro
Tor tambra: Kelah
Tor tambroides: Belian(2)
Tor tambroides: Empurau(3)
Tor tambroides: Ikan Kelah Merah
Tor tambroides: Ikan kelah(4)
Tor tambroides: Kap anak air besar
Tor tambroides: Kelah
Tor tambroides: Kelah merah(4)
Tor tambroides: Kelah(15)
Tor tambroides: Mahseer malaysia
Tor tor: Mahseer badan menghunjam
Tor tor: Mahseer insang pendek
Tor tor: Mahseer sirip merah
Toxotes chatareus: Sumpit
Toxotes jaculatrix: Ikan sesumpit
Toxotes jaculatrix: Ikan sumpit(1710)
Toxotes jaculatrix: Sumpit-sumpit(2)
Toxotes jaculatrix: Sumpit Belang(2)
Trachemys scripta: Elegans, Kura-kura telinga merah
Trachinotus blochii: Bawal merah
Trachinotus blochii: Bawalmas(2)
Trachinotus blochii: Betong(3)
Trachinotus blochii: Kapak(3)
Trachinotus blochii: Lowang
Trachinotus blochii: Nyior-nyior(3)
Trachinotus blochii: Putih
Trachinotus carolinus: Bawal Pinang
Trachypithecus auratus: Lutung jawa
Tragulus javanicus: Kancil
Tragulus javanicus: Pelandok(2)
Tragulus javatticus: Pelandok(common)
Tragulus kancil: Kancil
Tragulus kancil: Pelanduk
Tragulus napu: Napoh
Tragulus napu: Napoh(common)
Tragulus napu: Napuh(2)
Trcihastoma bicolor: Rimba sampah(2)
Treron bicincta: Punai siam(3)
Treron capellei: Bakok
Treron capellei: Lengguak(3)
Treron capellei: Punai bakok
Treron capellei: Punai besar(2)
Treron capellei: Punai(2)
Treron curvirestra: Punai daun
Treron curvirostra: Punai daun(5)
Treron curvirostra: Punai lengguak(3)
Treron curvirostra: Punai paruh tebal
Treron fulvicollis: Punai bakau(11)
Treron griseicauda: Punai penganten(2)
Treron grissicauda: Punai penganten
Treron olax: Punai daun
Treron olax: Punai kecil
Treron olax: Punai siul(7)
Treron oxyura: Punai salung
Treron seimundi: Punai Ekor Runcing
Treron seimundi: Punai gunung
Treron sphenura: Etorques, Punai gagak
Treron sphenura: Punai bukit
Treron sphenura: Punai Gunung
Treron vemans: Punai gading
Treron vernans: Katik walik
Treron vernans: Punai gading(11)
Treron vernans: Punai kericau
Treron vernans: Punai kerichau(2)
Treron vernans: Punai leher merah
Trevally alectis: Cermin
Trevally carangoides: Demudak
Triacanthus nieuhofi: Cagak Langit
Triacanthus nieuhofi: Ikan Helicopter
Triacanthus nieuhofi: Ikan lembu perak(2)
Triacanthus nieuhofi: Tunjak Langit
Triakis semifasciata: Hiu macan tutul
Trichastoma bicolor: Pelanduk merah
Trichastoma bicolor: Rimba sampah(4)
Trichastoma rostratum: Burung telanjuk(2)
Trichastoma rostratum: Pelanduk dada-putih
Trichastoma rostratum: Rimba dada putih(4)
Trichastoma rostratum: Rimba telunjuk
Trichiurus haumela: Ikan timah
Trichiurus lepturus: Ikan layur
Trichiurus lepturus: Ikan timah(2)
Trichiurus lepturus: Layor
Trichiurus lepturus: Layur(4)
Trichiurus lepturus: Ribbon
Trichiurus lepturus: Selayar
Trichiurus lepturus: Selayur(2)
Trichiurus lepturus: Tenggiri(2)
Trichiurus lepturus: Tima
Trichiurus lepturus: Timah(3)
Trichiurus savala: Ikan layur(4)
Trichixos pyrropyga: Murai rimba ekor kuning(2)
Trichixos pyrropygus: Ceumpala kuneng
Trichixos pyrropygus: Kucica ekor-kuning
Trichixos pyrropygus: Kucica ekor kuning
Trichogaster leeri: Ikan sepat mutiara
Trichogaster leeri: Sepat mutiara
Trichogaster pectoralis: Ikan sepat(1720)
Trichogaster pectoralis: Sepat siam(3480)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Ikan Sepat
Trichogaster trichopterus: Ikan Sepat Rawa
Trichogaster trichopterus: Sepat jawa(491)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Sepat rawa(2151)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Sepat ronggeng(596)
Trichogaster trichopterus: Sepat(11100)
Trichoglossus ornatus: Kasturi sulawesi
Tricholestes criniger: Brinji rambut-tunggir
Tricholestes criniger: Merbah bulu panjang tengkuk
Trichopodus trichopterus: Ikan sepat padi(2)
Trichopodus trichopterus: Sepat minyak(2)
Trichopodus trichopterus: Sepat ronggeng(2)
Trichopsis vittata: Cupang(53)
Trichopsis vittata: Ikan sempilai(36)
Trichopsis vittata: Jeplang(18)
Trichopsis vittata: Karim(46)
Trichopsis vittata: Sepilai(11)
Trichys fasciculata: Landak padi(2)
Trichys lipura: Landak padi
Tridacna crocea: Kima kunia
Tridacna derasa: Kima selatan
Tridacna gigas: Kima raksasa
Tridacna maxima: Kima kecil
Tridacna maxima: Kima raksa
Tridacna squamosa: Kima sisik
Trigona apicalis: Lebah kelulut
Trigona atripes: Lebah kelulut
Trigona collina: Lebah kelulut
Trigona itama: Kelulut itama(797)
Trigona laeviceps: Lebah kelulut
Trigona mellina: Lebah kelulut
Trigona terminata: Lebah kelulut
Trigonostigma heteromorpha: Seluang(3)
Trimeresurus albbolabris: Ular hijau
Trimeresurus albolabris: Ular bangkai laut(2)
Trimeresurus albolabris: Ular kapak bibir putih
Trimeresurus hageni: Ular
Trimeresurus hageni: Ular kapak hijau
Trimeresurus monticola: Ular
Trimeresurus popeiorum: Ular
Trimeresurus puniceus: Ular
Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus: Ular
Trimeresurus sumatranus: Ular
Trimeresurus wagleri: Ular
Tringa brevipes: Kedidi ekor kelabu
Tringa cinerea: Kedidi sereng
Tringa cinereus: Burung
Tringa erythropus: Kedidi berbintik(4)
Tringa glareola: Burung
Tringa glareola: Kedidi kayu(4)
Tringa glareola: Trinil semak(2)
Tringa guttifer: Kedidi kaki hijau berbintik(6)
Tringa guttifer: Trinil tutul
Tringa hypoleucos: Kedidi pasir
Tringa hypoleucos: Trinil pantai(2)
Tringa hypoleucus: Burung
Tringa nebularia: Burung
Tringa nebularia: Kedidi kaki hijau(5)
Tringa nebularia: Trinil kaki-hijau
Tringa ochropus: Kedidi pasir hijau(4)
Tringa ochropus: Trinil hijau
Tringa stagnatilis: Burung
Tringa stagnatilis: Kedidi paya(5)
Tringa stagnatilis: Trinil rawa(2)
Tringa totanus: Burung
Tringa totanus: Kedidi kaki dian
Tringa totanus: Kedidi kaki merah(7)
Tringa totanus: Trinil kaki-merah
Tripodichthys blochii: Barat-barat
Tripodichthys blochii: Cagak langit(2)
Tripodichthys blochii: Ikan Helicopter
Tripodichthys blochii: Ikan Lembu Ramping
Tripodichthys blochii: Sokang
Tripodichthys blochii: Sonang-sonang
Tripodichthys blochii: Tunjak Langit(2)
Trochogaster pectoralis: Sepat Siam
Trochus niloticus: Troka
Trogonoptera brookiana: Kupu-kupu rajah(2)
Trogonotera brookiana: Kupu trogon
Troides amphrysus: Kupu raja
Troides andromanche: Kupu raja
Troides criton: Kupu raja
Troides haliphron: Kupu raja
Troides helena: Kupu raja
Troides hypolitus: Kupu raja
Troides meoris: Kupu raja
Troides miranda: Kupu raja
Troides plato: Kupu raja
Troides rhadamantus: Kupu raja
Troides riedeli: Kupu raja
Troides vandepolli: Kupu raja
Tupaia glis: Tupai muncung besar(67)
Tupaia glis: Tupai(4200)
Tupaia javanica: Tupai
Tupaia minor: Tupai muncung akar
Tupaia minor: Tupai muncung kecil
Turbo marmoratus: Siput hijau
Turdus obscurus: Burung
Turdus obscurus: Murai batu kubur
Turdus obscurus: Murai belanda(3)
Turdus poliocephalus: Anis gunung
Turix suscitator: Burung puyuh
Turnix suscifator: Puyuh
Turnix suscilator: Gemak loreng
Turnix suscitator: Burung
Turnix suscitator: Gemak loreng(2)
Turnix suscitator: Puyuh tanah
Turnix suscitator: Puyuh(5)
Turnix sylvatica: Gemak tegalan(3)
Turnix sylvatica: Gemak(3)
Tursiops truncatus: Dolfin hidung botol(2)
Tursiops truncatus: Ikan lumba botol
Tylognathus caudimaculatus: Rong batu
Tylonycteris pachypus: Kelawar buluh kecil(2)
Tylonycteris robustula: Kelawar buluh besar(2)
Tylosurus crocodilus: Ikan todak(2)
Tylosurus crocodilus: Todak buaya(2)
Tylosurus leiurus: Todak
Tylosurus punctulatus: Ikan Todak
Typhlops diardi: Muelleri, Ular
Typhlops klemmeri: Ular
Typhlops lineatus: Ular
Typhlops muelleri: Reptilia
Tyto alba: Jampok kubur
Tyto alba: Jampuk putih(4)
Tyto alba: Serak jawa(3)
Tyto rosenbergii: Serak sulawesi

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_t.htm, 2018-03-20, Animal name T, 動物名 T}

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