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{animal_name_p.htm, 2013-08-29, Animal name, 動物名, (P, 974KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_p.htm), Malaysia animal photo, 馬來西亞動物照片

{animal_name_p.htm, 2013-08-29, Animal name, 動物名, (P, 974KB)}

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_p.htm, 2015-02-08, Animal name, 動物名, (P, 974KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_p.htm)

Pachliopta aristolochiae: Pachliopta aristolochiae
Pachliopta coon: Pachliopta coon
Pachliopta neptunus: Pachliopta neptunus
Pachnephorus lewisii: Pachnephorus lewisii
Pachycephala cinerea: Pachycephala cinerea
Pachycephala grisola: Pachycephala grisola(3)
Pachycephala hypoxantha: Pachycephala hypoxantha(2)
Pachycerina plumosa: Pachycerina plumosa
Pachycondyla chinensis: Pachycondyla chinensis
Pachycondyla darwinii: Pachycondyla darwinii
Pachycondyla javanus: Pachycondyla javanus
Pachycondyla luteipes: Pachycondyla luteipes
Pachycondyla sauteri: Pachycondyla sauteri
Pachycondyla sharpi: Pachycondyla sharpi
Pachycondyla stigma: Pachycondyla stigma
Pachygrapsus crassipes: Pachygrapsus crassipes
Pachygrapsus minutus: Pachygrapsus minutus
Pachygrontha bipunctata: Pachygrontha bipunctata
Pachygrontha similis: Pachygrontha similis
Pachylister atratus: Pachylister atratus
Pachylister chinensis: Pachylister chinensis
Pachylister cribropygum: Pachylister cribropygum
Pachylister horni: Pachylister horni
Pachylister orientalis: Pachylister orientalis
Pachylister pini: Pachylister pini
Pachylomalus musculus: Pachylomalus musculus
Pachylophus rufescens: Pachylophus rufescens
Pachyneura fasciata: Pachyneura fasciata
Pachyneuron muscarum: Pachyneuron muscarum
Pachyparnus indicus: Pachyparnus indicus
Pachypeltis corallinus: Pachypeltis corallinus
Pachyprotasis erratica: Pachyprotasis erratica
Pachyprotasis formosana: Pachyprotasis formosana
Pachyprotasis insularis: Pachyprotasis insularis
Pachyptilus pacificus: Pachyptilus pacificus
Pachyptilus tenuis: Pachyptilus tenuis
Pachyrrhynchus insularis: Pachyrrhynchus insularis
Pachyrrhynchus nobilis: Pachyrrhynchus nobilis
Pachyseris rugosa: Pachyseris rugosa
Pachyseris speciosa: Pachyseris speciosa
Pachystomias microdon: Aristostomias brattstroemii
Pachystomias microdon: Echiostoma microdon
Pachystomias microdon: Pachistomias microdon
Pachystomias microdon: Pachystomias atlanticus
Pachystomias microdon: Pachystomias microdon(2)
Padda oryzivora: Lonchura oryzivora
Padda oryzivora: Padda oryzivora(9)
Paduca fasciata: Paduca fasciata(2)
Paectes cristatrix: Paectes cristatrix
Paederolanguria montana: Paederolanguria montana
Paederus coxalis: Paederus coxalis
Paederus fuscipes: Paederus fuscipes
Paederus pilifer: Paederus pilifer
Paederus sondaicus: Paederus sondaicus
Paederus tamulus: Paederus tamulus
Pagellus bogaraveo: Pagellus bogaraveo
Pagodatrochus variabilis: Pagodatrochus variabilis
Pagrus major: Chrysophrys major
Pagrus major: Pagrosomus major
Pagrus major: Pagrus major(2)
Pagrus major: Pagus major
Pagrus major: Sparus major
Paguma larvata: Paguma larvata(4)
Pagurus similis: Pagurus similis
Palaemon concinnus: Palaemon concinnus
Palaemon macrodactylus: Palaemon macrodactylus
Palaemon ortmanni: Palaemon ortmanni
Palaemon pacificius: Palaemon pacificius
Palaemon serrifer: Palaemon serrifer
Palaeonympha opalina: Palaeonympha opalina
Palaeopsylla remota: Palaeopsylla remota
Palaina pusilla: Palaina pusilla
Palaminus formosae: Palaminus formosae
Palaminus iaponicus: Palaminus iaponicus
Palaminus lumiventris: Palaminus lumiventris
Palapedia integra: Palapedia integra
Palmeria dolei: Palmeria dolei
Palorus subdepressus: Palorus subdepressus
Palpixiphia formosana: Palpixiphia formosana
Palpomyia indivisa: Palpomyia indivisa
Palpomyia murina: Palpomyia murina
Palpozenillia palpalis: Palpozenillia palpalis
Paltycrepis violacea: Paltycrepis violacea
Paludomus buccula: minuta, Paludomus buccula minuta
Palythoa ignota: Palythoa ignota(2)
Pambolus caudalis: Pambolus caudalis
Pambolus ruficeps: Pambolus ruficeps
Pamerarma rustica: Pamerarma rustica
Pammene gallicana: Pammene gallicana
Pampsilota sinensis: Pampsilota sinensis
Pampus argenteus: Pampus argenteus(4)
Pampus argenteus: Pampus argentus(2)
Pampus argenteus: Stromateoides argenteus
Pampus argenteus: Stromateus argenteus
Pampus chinensis: Pampus chinensis(4)
Pampus chinensis: Stromateus chinensis
Pampus chinensis: Stromateus sinensis
Pampus cinereus: Pampus cinereus(2)
Pampus cinereus: Stromateus cinereus
Pampus echinogaster: Pampus echinogaster(2)
Pampus echinogaster: Stromateus echinogaster
Panaeus monodon: Panaeus monodon
Panaque nigrolineatus: Panaque nigrolineatus(3)
Pandinus imperator: Pandinus imperator(2)
Pandion haliacetus: Pandion haliacetus
Pandion haliaetus: Pandion haliaetus(7)
Pandita sinope: Pandita sinope
Pandora flexuosa: Pandora flexuosa
Pandorella carinata: Pandorella carinata
Panelus crenatus: Panelus crenatus
Panelus maedai: Panelus maedai
Pangasius pangasius: Pangasius pangasius
Pangasius sutchi: Pangasianodon hypophthalmus(56100)
Pangasius sutchi: Pangasius hypophthalmus(116000)
Pangasius sutchi: Pangasius sutchi(110000)
Pangio semicincta: Pangio semicincta
Pangrapta adusta: Pangrapta adusta
Pangrapta albistigma: Pangrapta albistigma
Pangrapta plumbilineata: Pangrapta plumbilineata
Pangrapta trilineata: Pangrapta trilineata
Pania insularis: Pania insularis
Panilla mila: Panilla mila
Panilla minor: Panilla minor
Panilurus polyphagus: Panilurus polyphagus
Panolis variegatoides: Panolis variegatoides
Panonychus ulmi: Panonychus ulmi
Panorpa concolor: Panorpa concolor
Panorpa hamata: Panorpa hamata
Panorpa pectinata: Panorpa pectinata
Pantala flavescens: Pantala flavescens
Pantana visum: Pantana visum
Panthea grisea: Panthea grisea
Panthera leo: Panthera leo
Panthera onca: Panthera onca
Panthera pardus: Panthera pardus(2)
Panthera tigris: Panthera tigris(2)
Pantholops hodgsoni: Pantholops hodgsoni
Pantodon buchholzi: Pantodon buchholzi(3)
Pantoporia aurelia: Pantoporia aurelia
Pantoporia dindinga: Pantoporia dindinga
Pantoporia hordonia: Pantoporia hordonia
Pantoporia paraka: Pantoporia paraka
Pantoporia paraka: paraka, Pantoporia paraka paraka
Pantoporia sandaka: Pantoporia sandaka
Panulirus argus: Panulirus argus
Panulirus cygnus: Panulirus cygnus
Panulirus femoristriga: Panulirus femoristriga(2)
Panulirus homarus: Panulirus homarus(2)
Panulirus interruptus: Panulirus interruptus
Panulirus japonicus: Panulirus japonicus
Panulirus longipes: Panulirus longipes(4)
Panulirus ornatus: Panulirus ornatus(2)
Panulirus peniciliatus: Panulirus peniciliatus
Panulirus penicillatus: Panulirus penicillatus
Panulirus polyhagus: Panulirus polyhagus
Panulirus polyphagus: Panulirus polyphagus(2)
Panulirus stimpsoni: Panulirus stimpsoni
Panulirus versicolor: Panulirus versicolor
Papasula abbotti: Papasula abbotti
Paphia ala-papilionis: Paphia ala-papilionis
Paphia alapapilionis: Paphia alapapilionis
Paphia amabilis: Paphia amabilis
Paphia euglypta: Paphia euglypta
Paphia exarata: Paphia exarata
Paphia gallus: Paphia gallus
Paphia lirata: Paphia lirata
Paphia malabarica: Paphia malabarica
Paphia phenax: Paphia phenax
Paphia philippinarum: Paphia philippinarum(2)
Paphia rotundata: Paphia rotundata
Paphia sinuosa: Paphia sinuosa
Paphia sinuosus: Paphia sinuosus
Paphia textile: Paphia textile(2)
Paphia undulata: Paphia undulata(2)
Paphies striata: Paphies striata
Papilio bianor: Papilio bianor(2)
Papilio castor: Papilio castor
Papilio chikae: Papilio chikae
Papilio demilion: Papilio demilion
Papilio demoleus: Papilio demoleus(2)
Papilio dialis: Papilio dialis
Papilio fuscus: Papilio fuscus
Papilio helenus: Papilio helenus(2)
Papilio hermosanus: Papilio hermosanus
Papilio homerus: Papilio homerus
Papilio hopponis: Papilio hopponis
Papilio hospiton: Papilio hospiton
Papilio iswara: Papilio iswara
Papilio iswaroides: Papilio iswaroides
Papilio machaon: Papilio machaon
Papilio mahadeva: Papilio mahadeva
Papilio memnon: Papilio memnon(2)
Papilio nepheles: Papilio nepheles
Papilio nephelus: Papilio nephelus(2)
Papilio palinurus: Papilio palinurus
Papilio paris: Papilio paris(2)
Papilio polytes: Papilio polytes(4)
Papilio prexaspes: Papilio prexaspes
Papilio protenor: Papilio protenor
Papilio rumanzovia: Papilio rumanzovia
Papilio thaiwanus: Papilio thaiwanus
Papilio xuthus: Papilio xuthus
Papiliochromis ramirezi: Papiliochromis ramirezi
Papuacoris virtatus: Papuacoris virtatus
Papuliscala japonica: Papuliscala japonica
Papustyla pulcherrima: Papustyla pulcherrima
Papyridea papyraceum: Papyridea papyraceum
Papyridea rugatum: Papyridea rugatum
Papyriscala castanea: Papyriscala castanea
Parabapta obliqua: Parabapta obliqua
Parabathymyrus macrophthalmus: Myrophis macrophthalmus
Parabathymyrus macrophthalmus: Parabathymyrus macrophthalmus(2)
Parabathynella malaya: Parabathynella malaya
Parabembras curtus: Bembras curtus
Parabembras curtus: Parabembras curtus(2)
Parablennius yatabei: Blennius yatabei
Parablennius yatabei: Parablennius yatabei(2)
Parablennius yatabei: Pictiblennius yatabei
Parabothus coarctatus: Arnoglossus violaceus
Parabothus coarctatus: Parabothus coarctatus(2)
Parabothus coarctatus: Parabothus violaceus
Parabothus coarctatus: Platophrys coarctatus
Parabothus coarctatus: Rhomboidichthys coarctatus
Parabothus kiensis: Parabothus kiensis(2)
Parabothus kiensis: Platophrys kiensis
Parabothus taiwanensis: Parabothus taiwanensis(2)
Paraboysidia kelantanensis: Paraboysidia kelantanensis
Paraboysidia laidlawi: Paraboysidia laidlawi
Paracaesio caerulea: Paracaesio caerulea(2)
Paracaesio caerulea: Paracaesio caeruleus
Paracaesio caerulea: Vegetichthys caeruleus
Paracaesio kusakarii: Paracaesio kusakarii(2)
Paracaesio sordida: Paracaesio soldidus
Paracaesio sordida: Paracaesio sordida(2)
Paracaesio sordida: Paracaesio sordidus
Paracaesio stonei: Paracaesio stonei(2)
Paracaesio xanthura: Aetiasis cantharoides
Paracaesio xanthura: Apsilus xanthurus
Paracaesio xanthura: Caesio xanthurus
Paracaesio xanthura: Paracaesio pedleyi
Paracaesio xanthura: Paracaesio xanthura(2)
Paracaesio xanthura: Paracaesio xanthurus
Paracaesio xanthura: Vegetichthys tumidus
Paracalanidae contractus: Paracalanidae contractus
Paracalanidae gracilis: Paracalanidae gracilis
Paracalanidae pavo: Paracalanidae pavo
Paracalanidae tenuis: Paracalanidae tenuis
Paracalanus aculeatus: Paracalanus aculeatus
Paracalanus attenuatus: Paracalanus attenuatus
Paracalanus gracilis: Paracalanus gracilis
Paracalanus indicus: Paracalanus indicus
Paracalanus nanus: Paracalanus nanus
Paracandacia simplex: Paracandacia simplex
Paracandacia truncata: Paracandacia truncata
Paracanthurus hepatus: Acanthurus hepatus
Paracanthurus hepatus: Acanthurus theuthis
Paracanthurus hepatus: Paracanthurus hepatus(4)
Paracanthurus hepatus: Paracanthurus theuthis
Paracanthurus hepatus: Teuthis hepatus
Paracechorismeus intermedius: Paracechorismeus intermedius
Paracentropogon longispinis: Apistus longispinis
Paracentropogon longispinis: Paracentropogon longispinis(2)
Paracentropogon longispinis: Paracentropogon longispinnis
Paracentropogon longispinis: Paracentropogon longispinus
Parachaeturichthys polynema: Chaeturichthys polynema
Parachaeturichthys polynema: Gobius polynema
Parachaeturichthys polynema: Parachaeturichthys polynema(2)
Paracheilinus carpenteri: Paracheilinus carpenteri(2)
Paracheilognathus himantegus: Paracheilognathus himantegus
Paracheirodon axelrodi: Paracheirodon axelrodi
Paracheirodon innesi: Paracheirodon innesi
Paracheirodon simulans: Paracheirodon simulans
Paracheirondon innesi: Paracheirondon axelrodi
Parachironomus lacteipennis: Parachironomus lacteipennis
Parachirus xenicus: Parachirus xenicus(2)
Parachirus xenicus: Pardachirus xenicus
Parachromis managuensis: Parachromis managuensis(2)
Paracirrhites arcatus: Amblycirrhitus arcatus
Paracirrhites arcatus: Cirrhites arcatus
Paracirrhites arcatus: Gymnocirrhites arcatus
Paracirrhites arcatus: Paracirrhites amblycephalus
Paracirrhites arcatus: Paracirrhites arcatus(2)
Paracirrhites arcatus: Paracirrhites arcuatus
Paracirrhites forsteri: Grammistes forsteri
Paracirrhites forsteri: Paracirrhites forsteri(2)
Paracirrhites forsteri: Paracirrhites typee
Paracladura cuneata: Paracladura cuneata
Paracleistostoma depressum: Paracleistostoma depressum
Paraclitostethus ovatus: Paraclitostethus ovatus
Paracolax angulata: Paracolax angulata
Paracolax sugii: Paracolax sugii
Paracolax unicolor: Paracolax unicolor
Paracrama angulata: Paracrama angulata
Paracycnotrachelus longiceps: Paracycnotrachelus longiceps
Paracylopina nana: Paracylopina nana
Paracyphononyx alienus: Paracyphononyx alienus
Paradentalium hexagonum: Paradentalium hexagonum
Paradicheopsis fimbriata: Paradicheopsis fimbriata
Paradiplogrammus corallinus: Callionymus corallinus
Paradiplogrammus corallinus: Paradiplogrammus corallinus(2)
Paradiplogrammus corallinus: Synchiropus kiyoae
Paradorippe granulata: Paradorippe granulata
Paradoxecia similis: Paradoxecia similis
Paradoxornis verreauxi: Paradoxornis verreauxi
Paradoxornis webbianus: Paradoxornis webbianus(3)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Paradoxurus hermaphroditus(59600)
Paradrillia consimilis: Paradrillia consimilis
Paradrillia inconstans: Paradrillia inconstans(2)
Paradrillia patruelis: Paradrillia patruelis
Paradrino laevicula: Paradrino laevicula
Paraeuchaeta aequatorialis: Paraeuchaeta aequatorialis
Paraeuchaeta barbata: Paraeuchaeta barbata
Paraeuchaeta californica: Paraeuchaeta californica
Paraeuchaeta calva: Paraeuchaeta calva
Paraeuchaeta comosa: Paraeuchaeta comosa
Paraeuchaeta confusa: Paraeuchaeta confusa
Paraeuchaeta flava: Paraeuchaeta flava
Paraeuchaeta rubra: Paraeuchaeta rubra
Paraeuchaeta simplex: Paraeuchaeta simplex
Paraeuchaeta tuberculata: Paraeuchaeta tuberculata
Paragaleus tengi: Negogaleus longicaudatus
Paragaleus tengi: Negogaleus tengi
Paragaleus tengi: Paragaleus tengi(2)
Paragastrozona japonica: Paragastrozona japonica
Paragetocera involuta: Paragetocera involuta
Paragiopagurus acutus: Paragiopagurus acutus
Paragiopagurus hirsutus: Paragiopagurus hirsutus
Paraglenurus littoralis: Paraglenurus littoralis
Paraglenurus riparius: Paraglenurus riparius
Paraglyphidodon melas: Paraglyphidodon melas(3)
Paraglyphidodon oxyodon: Paraglyphidodon oxyodon(3)
Paragobiodon lacunicolus: Paragobiodon lacunicola
Paragobiodon lacunicolus: Paragobiodon lacunicolus(2)
Paragobiodon lacunicolus: Ruppellia lacunicola
Paragobiodon modestus: Gobiopterus modestus
Paragobiodon modestus: Paragobiodon echinocephalus
Paragobiodon modestus: Paragobiodon modestus(2)
Paragobiodon xanthosoma: Gobius xanthosoma
Paragobiodon xanthosoma: Paragobiodon echinocephalus
Paragobiodon xanthosoma: Paragobiodon xanthosoma(2)
Paragobiodon xanthosoma: Paragobiodon xanthosomus
Paragona dubia: Paragona dubia
Paragymnopleurus ambiguus: Paragymnopleurus ambiguus
Paragymnopleurus melanarius: Paragymnopleurus melanarius
Paragymnopleurus sinuatus: Paragymnopleurus sinuatus
Paraheminodus murrayi: Gargariscus prionocephalus
Paraheminodus murrayi: Heminodus japonicus
Paraheminodus murrayi: Paraheminodus laticephalus
Paraheminodus murrayi: Paraheminodus murrayi(2)
Paraheminodus murrayi: Peristethus murrayi
Paraheminodus murrayi: Satyrichthys murrayi
Parahiracia sinensis: Parahiracia sinensis
Parahormius nitidus: Parahormius nitidus
Parahyaena brunnea: Parahyaena brunnea
Parahybos melas: Parahybos melas
Parahyotissa imbricata: Parahyotissa imbricata
Parainsulaspis glaucae: Parainsulaspis glaucae
Parajulis poecilepterus: Halichoeres poecilopterus
Parajulis poecilepterus: Julis poecilepterus
Parajulis poecilepterus: Julis poecilopterus
Parajulis poecilepterus: Julis pyrrhogramma
Parajulis poecilepterus: Julis thirsites
Parajulis poecilepterus: Parajulis poecilepterus(2)
Parakaliella depressa: Parakaliella depressa
Parakaliella venusta: Parakaliella venusta
Paralaxita damajanti: Paralaxita damajanti
Paralaxita orphna: Paralaxita orphna
Paralaxita telesia: Paralaxita telesia
Paralebeda plagifera: Paralebeda plagifera
Paraleptophlebia erratica: Paraleptophlebia erratica
Paraleptophlebia spina: Paraleptophlebia spina
Paraleucophenga invicta: Paraleucophenga invicta
Paralichthys olivaceus: Hippoglossus olivaceus
Paralichthys olivaceus: Paralichthys olivaceus(2)
Paralimna lineata: Paralimna lineata
Paralimna major: Paralimna major
Paralimna sinensis: Paralimna sinensis
Paralina indica: Paralina indica
Paralithodes camtschaticus: Paralithodes camtschaticus
Paraluteres prionurus: Alutarius prionurus
Paraluteres prionurus: Paraluteres prionurus(2)
Paraluteres prionurus: Psilocephalus prionurus
Paralycaea gracilis: Paralycaea gracilis
Paramaladera major: Paramaladera major
Parambassis gulliveri: Parambassis gulliveri(3)
Parambassis siamensis: Ambassis siamensis
Parambassis siamensis: Chanda punctulata
Parambassis siamensis: Chanda siamensis
Parambassis siamensis: Parambassis punctulata
Parambassis siamensis: Parambassis punctulatus
Parambassis siamensis: Parambassis siamensis(2)
Paramecium caudatum: Paramecium caudatum
Parameira pendula: Parameira pendula
Paramesotriton hongkongensis: Paramesotriton hongkongensis
Parametaria epamella: Parametaria epamella
Parametaria philippinarum: Parametaria philippinarum
Parametopia rotundata: Parametopia rotundata
Parametopia x-rubrum: Parametopia x-rubrum
Paramiridius tigrinus: Paramiridius tigrinus
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: Misgurnus dabryanus
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: Paramisgurnus dabryanus(2)
Paramonacanthus japonicus: Balistes japonicus
Paramonacanthus japonicus: Monacanthus broekii
Paramonacanthus japonicus: Monacanthus cryptodon
Paramonacanthus japonicus: Monacanthus curtorhynchos
Paramonacanthus japonicus: Monacanthus trachyderma
Paramonacanthus japonicus: Paramonacanthus japonicus(2)
Paramonacanthus japonicus: Stephanolepis japonicus
Paramonacanthus pusillus: Laputa cingalensis
Paramonacanthus pusillus: Laputa umgazi
Paramonacanthus pusillus: Monacanthus nipponensis
Paramonacanthus pusillus: Monacanthus pusillus
Paramonacanthus pusillus: Paramonacanthus cingalensis
Paramonacanthus pusillus: Paramonacanthus falcatus
Paramonacanthus pusillus: Paramonacanthus pusillus(2)
Paramonacanthus pusillus: Pseudomonacanthus pusillus
Paramonacanthus pusillus: Rudarius virgulatus
Paramonacanthus sulcatus: Monacanthus isogramma
Paramonacanthus sulcatus: Monacanthus sulcatus
Paramonacanthus sulcatus: Paramonacanthus sulcatus(2)
Paramunida proxima: Paramunida proxima
Paramunida scabra: Paramunida scabra
Paramyxine cheni: Eptatretus cheni
Paramyxine cheni: Paramyxine cheni(2)
Paramyxine fernholmi: Eptatretus fernholmi
Paramyxine fernholmi: Paramyxine fernholmi(2)
Paramyxine nelsoni: Eptatretus nelsoni
Paramyxine nelsoni: Paramyxine nelsoni(2)
Paramyxine nelsoni: Quadratus nelsoni
Paramyxine sheni: Eptatretus sheni
Paramyxine sheni: Paramyxine sheni(2)
Paramyxine taiwanae: Eptatretus taiwanae
Paramyxine taiwanae: Paramyxine taiwanae(2)
Paramyxine taiwanae: Quadratus taiwanae
Paramyxine wisneri: Eptatretus wisneri
Paramyxine wisneri: Paramyxine wisneri(2)
Paramyxine yangi: Eptatretus yangi
Paramyxine yangi: Paramyxine yangi(2)
Paramyxine yangi: Quadratus yangi
Paranaspia coccinea: Paranaspia coccinea
Parancistrocerus samariensis: Parancistrocerus samariensis
Paranibea semiluctuosa: Paranibea semiluctuosa
Parantica aglea: Parantica aglea
Parantica agleoides: Parantica agleoides
Parantica luzonensis: Parantica luzonensis
Parantica melanus: Parantica melanus
Parantica sita: Parantica sita
Parantisa aspasia: Parantisa aspasia
Parapagurus andreu: Parapagurus andreu
Parapagurus furici: Parapagurus furici
Parapagurus latimanus: Parapagurus latimanus
Parapagurus microps: Parapagurus microps
Parapagurus richeri: Parapagurus richeri
Parapenaeopsis cornuta: Parapenaeopsis cornuta
Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: Parapenaeopsis coromandelica(902)
Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: Parapenaeopsis gracilima(884)
Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: Parapenaeopsis hardwickii(4871)
Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: Parapenaeopsis hungerfordi(3750)
Parapenaeopsis sculptilis: Parapenaeopsis sculptilis
Parapenaeopsis tenella: Parapenaeopsis tenella
Parapenaeopsis venusta: Parapenaeopsis venusta
Parapenaeus lanceolatus: Parapenaeus lanceolatus
Parapenaeus longipes: Parapenaeus longipes
Parapenaeus sextuberculatus: Parapenaeus sextuberculatus
Parapercis aurantiaca: Parapercis aurantiaca(2)
Parapercis aurantiaca: Parapercis aurantica
Parapercis clathrata: Parapercis clathrata(2)
Parapercis cylindrica: Parapercis cylindrica(2)
Parapercis cylindrica: Sciaena cylindrica
Parapercis decemfasciata: Neopercis decemfasciata
Parapercis decemfasciata: Parapercis decemfasciata(2)
Parapercis hexophtalma: Parapercis hexophtalma
Parapercis kamoharai: Parapercis kamoharai(2)
Parapercis macrophthalma: Neopercis macrophthalma
Parapercis macrophthalma: Parapercis macrophthalma
Parapercis maculata: Parapercis maculata(2)
Parapercis maculata: Percis maculata
Parapercis millepunctata: Parapercis cephalopunctata
Parapercis millepunctata: Parapercis millepunctata(2)
Parapercis millepunctata: Parapercis millipunctata
Parapercis millepunctata: Percis millepunctata
Parapercis mimaseana: Parapercis mimaseana
Parapercis multifasciata: Parapercis multifasciata(2)
Parapercis multifasciata: Parapercis multifasciatus
Parapercis multiplicata: Parapercis multiplicata(2)
Parapercis muronis: Neopercis muronis
Parapercis muronis: Parapercis muronis(2)
Parapercis ommatura: Parapercis ommatura(2)
Parapercis pacifica: Parapercis hexophtalma(2)
Parapercis pacifica: Parapercis hexophthalma
Parapercis pacifica: Parapercis pacifica
Parapercis pacifica: Parapercis polyophtalma
Parapercis pacifica: Parapercis polyophthalma
Parapercis pacifica: Parapercis polyopthalma
Parapercis pacifica: Percis hexophtalma
Parapercis pacifica: Percis hexophthalma
Parapercis pacifica: Percis polyophthalma
Parapercis pulchella: Parapercis pulchella(2)
Parapercis pulchella: Percis pulchella
Parapercis schauinslandii: Parapercis pulchella
Parapercis schauinslandii: Parapercis schauinslandi
Parapercis schauinslandii: Parapercis schauinslandii(2)
Parapercis schauinslandii: Percis schauinslandii
Parapercis sexfasciata: Parapercis sexfasciata(2)
Parapercis sexfasciata: Percis sexfasciata
Parapercis shaoi: Parapercis shaoi
Parapercis snyderi: Parapercis snyderi(2)
Parapercis snyderi: Parapercis synderi
Parapercis somaliensis: Parapercis somaliensis(2)
Parapercis striolata: Neopercis mimaseana
Parapercis striolata: Parapercis mimaseana
Parapercis striolata: Parapercis striolata
Parapercis tetracantha: Bodianus tetracanthus
Parapercis tetracantha: Parapercis cancellata
Parapercis tetracantha: Parapercis tetracantha(2)
Parapercis tetracantha: Parapercis tetracanthus
Parapercis tetracantha: Percis cancellata
Parapercis xanthozona: Parapercis xanthosoma
Parapercis xanthozona: Parapercis xanthozona(2)
Parapercis xanthozona: Percis xanthozona
Parapetalus hirsutus: Parapetalus hirsutus
Parapetalus occidentalis: Parapetalus occidentalis
Paraphronima crassipes: Paraphronima crassipes
Paraphronima gracilis: Paraphronima gracilis
Paraphytus dentifrons: Paraphytus dentifrons
Paraplagusia bilineata: Paraplagusia bilineata(2)
Paraplagusia bilineata: Paraplagusia bilineatus
Paraplagusia bilineata: Paraplagusia formosana
Paraplagusia bilineata: Paraplagusia macrocephalus
Paraplagusia bilineata: Plagusia acumineata
Paraplagusia bilineata: Plagusia bilineata
Paraplagusia bilineata: Plagusia brevirostris
Paraplagusia bilineata: Plagusia dypterygia
Paraplagusia bilineata: Plagusia marmorata
Paraplagusia bilineata: Plagusia notata
Paraplagusia bilineata: Plagusia robinsoni
Paraplagusia bilineata: Pleuronectes bilineata
Paraplagusia bilineata: Pleuronectes bilineatus
Paraplagusia bilineata: Rhinoplagusia australis
Paraplagusia blochii: Paraplagusia blochi
Paraplagusia blochii: Paraplagusia blochii(2)
Paraplagusia guttata: Paraplagusia guttata(2)
Paraplagusia guttata: Plagusia guttata
Paraplagusia guttata: Symphurus vittatus
Paraplagusia japonica: Paraplagusia japonica(2)
Paraplagusia japonica: Plagusia japonica
Paraplagusia japonica: Rhinoplagusia japonica
Paraplea frontalis: Paraplea frontalis
Paraplea indistinguenda: Paraplea indistinguenda
Paraplea japonica: Paraplea japonica
Paraploactis kagoshimensis: Paraploactis kagoshimensis(2)
Paraploactis kagoshimensis: Tetraroge kagoshimensis
Parapolybia indica: Parapolybia indica
Parapolybia nodosa: Parapolybia nodosa
Parapolytretus rugosus: Parapolytretus rugosus
Paraponotocaris aspera: Paraponotocaris aspera
Parapoynx fluctuosalis: Parapoynx fluctuosalis
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: Parapempheris argenteus
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: Parapriacanthus guentheri
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: Parapriacanthus gunetheri
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: Parapriacanthus ransonnari
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: Parapriacanthus ransonneti(3)
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: Parapriacanthus unwini
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: Pempherichthys guentheri
Parapristipoma trilineatum: Parapristipoma trilineatum(2)
Parapristipoma trilineatum: Perca trilineata
Parapronoe campbelli: Parapronoe campbelli
Parapronoe elongata: Parapronoe elongata
Parapronoe parva: Parapronoe parva
Parapterois heterura: Parapterois heterura(2)
Parapterois heterura: Parapterois heterurus
Parapterois heterura: Pterois heterurus
Parapterois heterura: Pterois nigripinnis
Pararasbora moltrechti: Pararasbora moltrechti(2)
Pararge aegeria: Pararge aegeria
Pararrhynchium smithii: Pararrhynchium smithii
Parasa bicolor: Parasa bicolor
Parascolopsis eriomma: Parascolopsis arioma
Parascolopsis eriomma: Parascolopsis eriomma(2)
Parascolopsis eriomma: Scolopsis eriomma
Parascolopsis inermis: Heterognathodon doederleini
Parascolopsis inermis: Parascolopsis inermis(2)
Parascolopsis inermis: Scolopsides inermis
Parascolopsis inermis: Scolopsis inermis
Parascolopsis tosensis: Parascolopsis tosensis(2)
Parascolopsis tosensis: Scolopsis tosensis
Parascorpaena maculipinnis: Parascorpaena maculipinnis(2)
Parascorpaena maculipinnis: Scorpaena maculipinnis
Parascorpaena mcadamsi: Parascorpaena maculipinnis
Parascorpaena mcadamsi: Parascorpaena mcadamsi(2)
Parascorpaena mcadamsi: Scorpaena mcadamsi
Parascorpaena mcadamsi: Scorpaena mossambica
Parascorpaena mossambica: Parascorpaena mossambica(2)
Parascorpaena mossambica: Scorpaena aurita
Parascorpaena mossambica: Scorpaena durbanensis
Parascorpaena mossambica: Scorpaena mossambica
Parascorpaena mossambica: Sebastapistes mcadamsi
Parascorpaena picta: Parascorpaena aurita
Parascorpaena picta: Parascorpaena picta(2)
Parascorpaena picta: Prascorpaena picta
Parascorpaena picta: Scorpaena picta
Paraseissetia nigra: Paraseissetia nigra
Parasesarma pictum: Parasesarma pictum
Parasesarma plicatum: Parasesarma plicatum
Parasiccia dentata: Parasiccia dentata
Parasiccia maculata: Parasiccia maculata
Parasoa haploneura: Parasoa haploneura
Paraspilarctia magna: Paraspilarctia magna
Parastomateus niger: Parastomateus niger
Parastromateus niger: Apolectus niger
Parastromateus niger: Citula halli
Parastromateus niger: Formio niger
Parastromateus niger: Parastromaeus niger
Parastromateus niger: Parastromateus niger(4)
Parastromateus niger: Stromateus niger
Parastromateus niger: Temnodon inornatus
Parasyrphus punctulatus: Parasyrphus punctulatus
Paratendipes inarmatus: Paratendipes inarmatus
Paratheresia claripalpis: Paratheresia claripalpis
Parathoracaphis setigera: Parathoracaphis setigera
Parathranites orientalis: Parathranites orientalis
Parathyma abiasa: Parathyma abiasa
Parathyma asura: Parathyma asura
Parathyma cama: Parathyma cama
Parathyma kanwa: Parathyma kanwa
Parathyma larymna: Parathyma larymna
Parathyma nefle: Parathyma nefle
Parathyma perius: Parathyma perius
Parathyma pravara: Parathyma pravara
Parathyma ranga: Parathyma ranga
Parathyma reta: Parathyma reta
Parathyma selenophora: Parathyma selenophora
Paratopula ceylonica: Paratopula ceylonica
Paratrachichthys prosthemius: Paratrachichthys prosthemius
Paratrachichthys sajademalensis: Paratrachichthys sajademalensis(2)
Paratrechina amia: Paratrechina amia
Paratrechina flavipes: Paratrechina flavipes
Paratrechina formosae: Paratrechina formosae
Paratrechina kraepelini: Paratrechina kraepelini
Paratrechina longicornis: Formica gracilescens
Paratrechina longicornis: Formica longicornis
Paratrechina longicornis: Formica vagans
Paratrechina longicornis: Paratrechina currens
Paratrechina longicornis: Paratrechina longicornis(3)
Paratrechina longicornis: Prenolepis longicornis
Paratrechina longicornis: Tapinoma gracilescens
Paratrechina otome: Paratrechina otome
Paratrechina sauteri: Paratrechina sauteri
Paratriacanthodes retrospinis: Paratriacanthodes retrospinis(2)
Paratriacanthodes retrospinis: Paratriacanthodes retrospinus
Paratyphis maculatus: Paratyphis maculatus
Paraulaca costata: Paraulaca costata
Paraxanthias notatus: Paraxanthias notatus
Paraxiphia insularis: Paraxiphia insularis
Parazen pacificus: Parazen pacificus(2)
Pardachirus pavoninus: Achirus pavoninus
Pardachirus pavoninus: Paradachirus pavonimus
Pardachirus pavoninus: Pardachirus parvonimus
Pardachirus pavoninus: Pardachirus pavoninus(2)
Pardachirus pavoninus: Pardachirus povaninus
Pardachirus pavoninus: Pordachirus pavorinus
Pardalina testudinaria: Pardalina testudinaria
Pardofelis marmorata: Pardofelis marmorata(2)
Pardofelis nebolusa: Pardofelis nebolusa
Pardosa astrigera: Pardosa astrigera
Pardosa laura: Pardosa laura
Pardosa pseudoannulata: Pardosa pseudoannulata
Pardosa takahashii: Pardosa takahashii
Pareas carinatus: Pareas carinatus(2)
Pareas laevis: Pareas laevis
Pareas macularius: Pareas macularius
Pareas malaccanus: Pareas malaccanus
Pareas margaritophorus: Pareas margaritophorus(2)
Pareas nuchalis: Pareas nuchalis
Pareas vertebralis: Pareas vertebralis
Pareclipsis serrulata: Pareclipsis serrulata
Parena albomaculata: Parena albomaculata
Parena monticola: Parena monticola
Parenchelyurus hepburni: Enchelyurus hepburni
Parenchelyurus hepburni: Parenchelyurus hepburni(2)
Pareronia anaais: Pareronia anaais
Pareronia valeria: Pareronia valeria
Pareucalanus attenuatus: Pareucalanus attenuatus
Pareutetrapha magnifica: Pareutetrapha magnifica
Parexocoetus brachypterus: Exocaetus brachypterus
Parexocoetus brachypterus: Exocoetus atrodorsalis
Parexocoetus brachypterus: Exocoetus brachypterus
Parexocoetus brachypterus: Paraexocoetus brachypterus
Parexocoetus brachypterus: Paraxocoetus brachypterus
Parexocoetus brachypterus: Parexocoetus brachypterus(4)
Parexocoetus brachypterus: Ptenonotus melanogeneion
Parexocoetus mento: Exocoetus gryllus
Parexocoetus mento: Exocoetus mento
Parexocoetus mento: Paraxocoetus mento
Parexocoetus mento: Parexocoetus brachypterus
Parexocoetus mento: Parexocoetus mento(4)
Parias hageni: Parias hageni
Parias sumatranus: Parias sumatranus
Paridea costata: Paridea costata
Paridea sinensis: Paridea sinensis
Parides nox: Parides nox
Parides sycorax: Parides sycorax
Parides varuna: Parides varuna
Parilia major: Parilia major
Parioglossus dotui: Parioglossus dotui(2)
Parioglossus formosus: Herrea formosa
Parioglossus formosus: Herreolus formosus
Parioglossus formosus: Parioglossus formosus(2)
Parioglossus taeniatus: Parioglossus taeniatus(2)
Parlatoria chinensis: Parlatoria chinensis
Parlatoria pergandei: Parlatoria pergandei
Parlatoria proteus: Parlatoria proteus
Parmarion doveri: Parmarion doveri
Parmarion martensi: Parmarion martensi(6)
Parmarion peilei: Parmarion peilei
Parmarion pupillaris: Parmarion pupillaris(5)
Parmarion reticularis: Parmarion reticularis
Parmaturus melanobranchus: Dichichthys melanobranchus
Parmaturus melanobranchus: Figaro melanobranchus
Parmaturus melanobranchus: Figaro piceus
Parmaturus melanobranchus: Galeus piceus
Parmaturus melanobranchus: Parmaturus melanobranchius
Parmaturus melanobranchus: Parmaturus melanobranchus(2)
Parnara ganga: Parnara ganga(2)
Parnara gutatus: Parnara gutatus
Parnara guttata: Parnara guttata
Parnara naso: Parnara naso
Parnassius apollo: Parnassius apollo
Paroaria capitata: Paroaria capitata(2)
Paroaria coronata: Paroaria coronata(5)
Paroedura pictus: Paroedura pictus
Paromalus vernalis: Paromalus vernalis
Paromius gracilis: Paromius gracilis
Paromola japonica: Paromola japonica
Paromola macrochira: Paromola macrochira
Paropeas achatinaceum: Paropeas achatinaceum
Paropeas tchehelense: Paropeas tchehelense
Paroplapoderus shirakii: Paroplapoderus shirakii
Paroreomyza maculata: Paroreomyza maculata
Parornix betulae: Parornix betulae
Parornix fagivora: Parornix fagivora
Parotis margarita: Parotis margarita
Parribacus antarcticus: Parribacus antarcticus(2)
Parthenos sylvia: Parthenos sylvia
Parupeneus barberinoides: Parupeneus barberinoides(2)
Parupeneus barberinoides: Pseudopeneus barberinoides
Parupeneus barberinoides: Upeneus barberinoides
Parupeneus barberinus: Mullus barberinus
Parupeneus barberinus: Parupeneus barberinus(2)
Parupeneus barberinus: Pseudopeneus barberinus
Parupeneus barberinus: Pseudupeneus barberinus
Parupeneus biaculeatus: Parupeneus aurantius
Parupeneus biaculeatus: Parupeneus biaculeatus
Parupeneus biaculeatus: Parupeneus kneri
Parupeneus biaculeatus: Parupeneus taniatus
Parupeneus biaculeatus: Pseudupeneus taniatus
Parupeneus biaculeatus: Upeneus biaculeatus
Parupeneus biaculeatus: Upeneus taeniatus
Parupeneus bifasciatus: Parupeneus bifasciatus
Parupeneus chrysopleuron: Mullus chrysopleuron
Parupeneus chrysopleuron: Parupeneus chrysopleuron(2)
Parupeneus ciliatus: Mullus pleurotaenia
Parupeneus ciliatus: Parupeneus ciliatus(2)
Parupeneus ciliatus: Parupeneus dispilurus
Parupeneus ciliatus: Parupeneus fraterculus
Parupeneus ciliatus: Parupeneus pleurotaenia
Parupeneus ciliatus: Parupeneus porphyreus
Parupeneus ciliatus: Parupeneus rubescens
Parupeneus ciliatus: Pseudupeneus fraterculus
Parupeneus ciliatus: Pseudupeneus pleurotaenia
Parupeneus ciliatus: Sciaena ciliata
Parupeneus ciliatus: Upeneus fraterculus
Parupeneus crassilabris: Parupeneus bifasciatus
Parupeneus crassilabris: Parupeneus crassilabris
Parupeneus crassilabris: Parupeneus trifasciatus
Parupeneus crassilabris: Upeneus bifasciatus
Parupeneus crassilabris: Upeneus crassilabris
Parupeneus crassilabris: Upeneus semifasciatus
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Mullus chryserydros
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Mullus cyclostomus
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Parapeneus luteus
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Parupeneus chryserydros
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Parupeneus cyclostomus(2)
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Parupeneus luteus
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Parupeneus lutues
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Psedupeneus cyclostomus
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Pseudupeneus chryseredros
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Pseudupeneus cyclostomus
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Upeneus luteus
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Parupeneus cinnabarinus
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Parupeneus heptacanthus(2)
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Parupeneus ninnabarinus
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Parupeneus pleurospilos
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Parupeneus pleurospilus
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Pseudupeneus heptacanthus
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Pseudupeneus pleurospilos
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Pseudupeneus pleurospilus
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Pseudupeneus seychellensis
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Sciaena heptacantha
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Upeneus cinnabarinus
Parupeneus heptacanthus: Upeneus heptacanthus
Parupeneus indicus: Mullus indicus
Parupeneus indicus: Parupeneus indicus(2)
Parupeneus indicus: Pseudupeneus indicus
Parupeneus indicus: Upeneus indicus
Parupeneus jansenii: Parupeneus jansenii
Parupeneus multifasciatus: Mullus multifasciatus
Parupeneus multifasciatus: Parupeneus multifaciatus
Parupeneus multifasciatus: Parupeneus multifasciatus(2)
Parupeneus multifasciatus: Parupeneus trifasciatus
Parupeneus pleurostigma: Parupeneus brandesii
Parupeneus pleurostigma: Parupeneus pelurostigma
Parupeneus pleurostigma: Parupeneus pleurostigma(2)
Parupeneus pleurostigma: Pseudupeneus brandesii
Parupeneus pleurostigma: Pseudupeneus pleurostigma
Parupeneus pleurostigma: Upeneus brandesii
Parupeneus pleurostigma: Upeneus pleurostigma
Parupeneus spilurus: Papupeneus spilurus
Parupeneus spilurus: Parupeneus fraterculus
Parupeneus spilurus: Parupeneus signatus
Parupeneus spilurus: Parupeneus spilurus(2)
Parupeneus spilurus: Upeneus spilurus
Parupeneus trifasciatus: Mullus bifasciatus
Parupeneus trifasciatus: Mullus trifasciatus
Parupeneus trifasciatus: Parupeneus bifasciatus
Parupeneus trifasciatus: Parupeneus crassilabrus
Parupeneus trifasciatus: Parupeneus trifasciatus
Parupeneus trifasciatus: Pseudupeneus bifasciatus
Parupeneus trifasciatus: Upeneus bifasciatus
Parupeneus trifasciatus: Upeneus trifasciatus
Parus ater: Parus ater(2)
Parus holsti: Parus holsti
Parus major: Parus major(5)
Parus monticolus: Parus monticolus
Parus palustris: Parus palustris
Parus spilonotus: Parus spilonotus(2)
Parus varius: Parus varius(2)
Parus venustulus: Parus venustulus
Parvisquilla dominguez: Parvisquilla dominguez
Parvisquilla multituberculata: Parvisquilla multituberculata
Parvisquilla sinuosa: Parvisquilla sinuosa
Pasiphaea japonica: Pasiphaea japonica
Pasiphaea orientalis: Pasiphaea orientalis
Passaloecus insignis: Passaloecus insignis
Passer domesticus: Passer domesticus(3)
Passer flaveolus: Passer flaveolus(2)
Passer montanus: Passer montanus(741000)
Passer rutilans: Passer rutilans(2)
Passerculus sandwichensis: Passerculus sandwichensis
Patella flexuosa: Patella flexuosa
Patelloida lentiginosa: Patelloida lentiginosa
Patelloida pygmaea: Patelloida pygmaea(3)
Patelloida saccharina: Patelloida saccharina
Patelloida saccharinoides: Patelloida saccharinoides
Patelloida straita: Patelloida straita
Pathysa agetes: Pathysa agetes
Pathysa antiphate: Pathysa antiphate
Pathysa aristeus: Pathysa aristeus
Pathysa delesertii: Pathysa delesertii
Pathysa macareus: Pathysa macareus
Pathysa ramaceus: Pathysa ramaceus
Patiscus cephalotes: Patiscus cephalotes
Patissa virginea: Patissa virginea
Pauesia laticeps: Pauesia laticeps
Paurophylla bidentata: Paurophylla bidentata
Paussus elongatus: Paussus elongatus
Paussus formosus: Paussus formosus
Paussus minor: Paussus minor
Pavo muticus: Pavo muticus(3)
Pavona cactus: Pavona cactus
Pavona decussata: Pavona decussata(2)
Pavona varians: Pavona varians
Pavona venosa: Pavona venosa
Pavonia pavonia: Pavonia pavonia
Pealius azaleae: Pealius azaleae
Peasiella gaidei: Peasiella gaidei
Peasiella lutulenta: Peasiella lutulenta
Peasiella patula: Peasiella patula
Peasiella roepstorffiana: Peasiella roepstorffiana
Pecten albicans: Pecten albicans
Pecten asper: Pecten asper
Pecten excavatus: Pecten excavatus
Pecten gardineri: Pecten gardineri
Pecten pyxidatus: Pecten pyxidatus
Pecten sinensis: Pecten sinensis
Pectenodoris trilineata: Pectenodoris trilineata
Pectinia lactuca: Pectinia lactuca
Pectiniseta pectinata: Pectiniseta pectinata
Pectinodonta orientalis: Pectinodonta orientalis
Pectinophora gossypiella: Pectinophora gossypiella
Pectunculus cancellata: Pectunculus cancellata
Pediobius fraternus: Pediobius fraternus
Pedionomus torquatus: Pedionomus torquatus
Pedostibes everetti: Pedostibes everetti
Pedostibes hosei: Pedostibes hosei
Pedostibes hosii: Pedostibes hosii
Pedostibes maculatus: Pedostibes maculatus
Pedostibes rugosus: Pedostibes rugosus
Pedum spondyioidum: Pedum spondyioidum
Pedum spondyloideum: Pedum spondyloideum
Pegadomyia pruinosa: Pegadomyia pruinosa
Pegasus laternarius: Parapegasus volans
Pegasus laternarius: Parapegasus volitans
Pegasus laternarius: Pegasus laternarius(2)
Pegasus laternarius: Pegasus volans
Pegasus laternarius: Pegasus volitans
Pegasus volitans: Cataphractus anceps
Pegasus volitans: La spatule
Pegasus volitans: Le p23986;ase
Pegasus volitans: Leptopegasus natans
Pegasus volitans: Parapegasus natans
Pegasus volitans: Parapegasus volitans
Pegasus volitans: Pegasus natans
Pegasus volitans: Pegasus pristis
Pegasus volitans: Pegasus spatula
Pegasus volitans: Pegasus volans
Pegasus volitans: Pegasus volitans(2)
Pegomya solennis: Pegomya solennis
Peitawopsis monticola: Peitawopsis monticola
Pelagia noctiluca: Pelagia noctiluca(2)
Pelamis platura: Pelamis platura(2)
Pelamis platurus: Pelamis platurus(2)
Pelargopsis amauropterus: Pelargopsis amauropterus
Pelargopsis capensis: Halcyon capensis
Pelargopsis capensis: Pelargopsis capensis(3)
Pelates quadrilineatus: Holocentrus quadrilineatus
Pelates quadrilineatus: Pelates quadrilineatus(2)
Pelates quadrilineatus: Pelatus quadrilineatus
Pelates quadrilineatus: Therapon quadrilineatus
Pelates sexlineatus: Helotes sexlineatus
Pelates sexlineatus: Pelates quinquelineatus
Pelates sexlineatus: Pelates sexlineatus(2)
Pelates sexlineatus: Pristipoma sexlineatum
Pelatoneurus crassinervis: Pelatoneurus crassinervis
Pelecanus crispus: Pelecanus crispus(2)
Pelecanus onocrotalus: Pelecanus onocrotalus(2)
Pelecanus philippensis: Pelecanus philippensis(3)
Pelecyora trigona: Pelecyora trigona
Pelena sericea: Pelena sericea
Pelioptera formosae: Pelioptera formosae
Pellona ditchela: Ilisha hoeveni
Pellona ditchela: Ilisha hoevenii
Pellona ditchela: Pellona ditchela(2)
Pellona ditchela: Pellona ditcheli
Pellona ditchela: Pellona ditchella
Pellona ditchela: Pellona dithchela
Pellona ditchela: Pellona hoevenii
Pellona ditchela: Pellona natalensis
Pellorneum capistratum: Pellorneum capistratum(3)
Pellorneum pyrrogenys: Pellorneum pyrrogenys(2)
Pellorneum reficeps: Pellorneum reficeps
Pellorneum ruficeps: Pellorneum reficeps
Pellorneum ruficeps: Pellorneum ruficeps
Pellorneum tickelli: Pellorneum tickelli(2)
Pelochelys cantorii: Pelochelys cantori
Pelochelys cantorii: Pelochelys cantorii
Pelochelys cantorii: Pelochelys cantoris
Pelochelys cantorii: Pelochelys cumingii
Pelochelys cantorii: Pelochelys cummingii
Pelochelys cantorii: Pelochelys poljakowii
Pelodiscus sinensis: Pelodiscus sinensis
Pelomedusa subrufa: Pelomedusa subrufa
Pelophryne brevipes: Pelophryne brevipes(2)
Pelophryne misera: Pelophryne misera
Pelopia gracillima: Pelopia gracillima
Pelopidas agna: Pelopidas agna
Pelopidas assamensis: Pelopidas assamensis(2)
Pelopidas conjuncta: Pelopidas conjuncta
Pelopidas mathias: Pelopidas mathias
Pelopidas sinensis: Pelopidas sinensis
Pelopidas thrax: Pelopidas thrax
Pelthydrus minutus: Pelthydrus minutus
Peltocephalus dumeriliana: Peltocephalus dumeriliana
Peltodytes sinensis: Peltodytes sinensis
Pelusios sinuatus: Pelusios sinuatus
Pelusios subniger: Pelusios subniger
Pelvicachromis pulcher: Pelvicachromis pulcher
Pempelia maculata: Pempelia maculata
Pempheris japonica: Pempheris japonica(2)
Pempheris japonica: Pempheris japonicus
Pempheris nyctereutes: Liopempheris sasakii
Pempheris nyctereutes: Pempheris nyctereutes(2)
Pempheris nyctereutes: Pempheris sasakii
Pempheris oualensis: Pempheris oualensis(2)
Pempheris oualensis: Pempheris ovalensis
Pempheris schwenkii: Pempheris schwenkii(2)
Pempheris schwenkii: Pempheris swenkii
Pempheris vanicolensis: Pempheris vanicolensis(2)
Penaeus chinensis: Penaeus chinensis
Penaeus esculentus: Penaeus esculentus
Penaeus indicus: Fenneropenaeus indicus
Penaeus indicus: Penaeus indicus(54101)
Penaeus indicus: Penaeus merguiensis(42500)
Penaeus marginatus: Penaeus marginatus
Penaeus merguiensis: Penaeus merguiensis
Penaeus monodon: Penaeus monodon(3)
Penaeus penicillatus: Penaeus penicillatus
Penaeus vannamei: Penaeus vannamei
Penelope albipennis: Penelope albipennis
Penestica brevis: Penestica brevis
Penicillaria jocosatrix: Penicillaria jocosatrix
Penicillaria maculata: Penicillaria maculata
Penicillaria simplex: Penicillaria simplex
Penicillus penis: Penicillus penis
Pennahia anea: Argyrosomus aneus
Pennahia anea: Corvina macrophthalmus
Pennahia anea: Johnieops aneus
Pennahia anea: Johnius aneus
Pennahia anea: Johnius resplendens
Pennahia anea: Otolithes aureus
Pennahia anea: Otolithes ruber
Pennahia anea: Otolithes versicolor
Pennahia anea: Otolithus leuciscus
Pennahia anea: Otolithus macrophthalmus
Pennahia anea: Pennahia anea(3)
Pennahia anea: Pennahia macrophthalmus
Pennahia anea: Pennahia macropthalmus
Pennahia anea: Pseudosciaena anea
Pennahia anea: Pseudosciaena aneus
Pennahia anea: Pseudosciaena macrophthalmus
Pennahia anea: Sciaena aneus
Pennahia anea: Sciaena macrophthalmus
Pennahia argentata: Argyrosomus argentatus
Pennahia argentata: Corvina argentata
Pennahia argentata: Pennahia argentata(2)
Pennahia argentata: Pseudosciaena schlegeli
Pennahia argentata: Sciaena iharae
Pennahia argentata: Sparus argentatus
Pennahia macrocephalus: Argyrosomus macrocephalus
Pennahia macrocephalus: Pennahia macrocephalus(3)
Pennahia macrocephalus: Pseudosciaena macrocephalus
Pennahia pawak: Argyrosomus pawak
Pennahia pawak: Pennahia pawak(2)
Pentaceraster chinensis: Pentaceraster chinensis
Pentaceros japonicus: Pentaceros japonicus(2)
Pentacheles laevis: Pentacheles laevis
Pentaneura batuensis: Pentaneura batuensis
Pentapodus aureofasciatus: Pentapodus aureofasciatus(2)
Pentapodus caninus: Heterognathodon hellmuthii
Pentapodus caninus: Heterognathodon macrurus
Pentapodus caninus: Heterognathodon microdon
Pentapodus caninus: Pentapodus caninus(2)
Pentapodus caninus: Pentapodus macrurus
Pentapodus caninus: Pentapodus microdon
Pentapodus caninus: Pentapus formulosus
Pentapodus caninus: Scolopsides caninus
Pentapodus emeryii: Heterognathodon nemurus
Pentapodus emeryii: Mesoprion emeryii
Pentapodus emeryii: Pentapodus emeryii(2)
Pentapodus nagasakiensis: Leptoscolopsis nagasakiensis
Pentapodus nagasakiensis: Pentapodus nagasakiensis(2)
Pentaprion longimanus: Equula longimana
Pentaprion longimanus: Equula longimanus
Pentaprion longimanus: Pentaprion longimana
Pentaprion longimanus: Pentaprion longimanus(2)
Pentatoma rufipes: Pentatoma rufipes
Penthe reitteri: Penthe reitteri
Penthetria japonica: Penthetria japonica
Penthides flavus: Penthides flavus
Peponocephala electra: Peponocephala electra(2)
Peraclis reticulata: Peraclis reticulata
Perameles bougainville: Perameles bougainville
Perciana marmorea: Perciana marmorea
Perciana taiwana: Perciana taiwana
Percis matsuii: Percis matsuii(2)
Percnon abbreviatum: Percnon abbreviatum
Periaeschna magdalena: Periaeschna magdalena
Pericaecilius singularis: Pericaecilius singularis
Perichaena depressa: Perichaena depressa
Perichaena minor: Perichaena minor
Perichaena vermicularis: microsperma, Perichaena vermicularis microsperma
Perichaena vermicularis: vermicularis, Perichaena vermicularis vermicularis
Perichaeta communissma: Perichaeta communissma
Pericilimenes inornatus: Pericilimenes inornatus
Pericilimenes ornatus: Pericilimenes ornatus
Periclimenes amboinensis: Periclimenes amboinensis
Periclimenes brevicarpalis: Periclimenes brevicarpalis
Periclimenes holthuisi: Periclimenes holthuisi
Periclimenes soror: Periclimenes soror
Periclimenes tenuipes: Periclimenes tenuipes
Periclimenes venustus: Periclimenes venustus
Pericrocotus cantonensis: Pericrocotus cantonensis
Pericrocotus divaricatus: Pericrocotus divaricatus(5)
Pericrocotus flammeus: Pericrocotus flammeus(4)
Pericrocotus igneus: Pericrocotus igneus(3)
Pericrocotus roseus: Pericrocotus roseus
Pericrocotus solaris: Pericrocotus solaris(5)
Pericyma cruegeri: Pericyma cruegeri
Peridea graeseri: Peridea graeseri
Peridea oberthueri: Peridea oberthueri
Peridea sikkima: Peridea sikkima
Peridinium apiculatum: Peridinium apiculatum
Peridinium divergens: Peridinium divergens
Peridinium elegans: Peridinium elegans
Peridinium grande: Peridinium grande
Peridinium longipes: Peridinium longipes
Peridinium pedunculatum: Peridinium pedunculatum
Peridinium pusillum: Peridinium pusillum
Peridroma saucia: Peridroma saucia
Periergos magna: Periergos magna
Periglypta ata: Periglypta ata
Periglypta chemnitzi: Periglypta chemnitzi
Periglypta clathrata: Periglypta clathrata
Periglypta crispata: Periglypta crispata
Periglypta lacerata: Periglypta lacerata
Periglypta puerpera: Periglypta puerpera(2)
Periglypta reticulata: Periglypta reticulata
Perigrapha nigrocincta: Perigrapha nigrocincta
Perina nuda: Perina nuda
Perinereis floridana: Perinereis floridana
Perinereis wilsoni: Perinereis wilsoni
Periophthalmodon schlosseri: Periophthalmodon schlosseri
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: Euchoristopus kalolo
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: Periophthalmus argentilineatus(3)
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: Periophthalmus barbarus
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: Periophthalmus cantonensis
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: Periophthalmus dipus(3)
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: Periophthalmus koelreuteri(2)
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: Periophthalmus sobrinus
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: Periophthalmus vulgaris(5)
Periophthalmus modestus: Cyprinus cantonensis
Periophthalmus modestus: Pariophthalmus cantonensis
Periophthalmus modestus: Periophthalmus cantonensis
Periophthalmus modestus: Periophthalmus modestus(2)
Periophthalmus novemradiatus: Periophthalmus novemradiatus
Periplaneta americana: Periplaneta americana
Periplaneta australasiae: Periplaneta australasiae
Periplaneta brunnea: Periplaneta brunnea
Periplaneta fuliginosa: Periplaneta fuliginosa
Peripristus ater: Peripristus ater
Perisesarma bidens: Perisesarma bidens
Perissus griseus: Perissus griseus
Perissus wenroncheni: Perissus wenroncheni
Peristedion liorhynchus: Gargariscus prionocephalus
Peristedion liorhynchus: Heminodus japonicus
Peristedion liorhynchus: Paraheminodus murrayi
Peristedion liorhynchus: Peristedion liorhynchus(2)
Peristedion liorhynchus: Peristedion picturatum
Peristedion liorhynchus: Peristethus liorhynchus
Peristedion nierstraszi: Peristedion nierstraszi(2)
Peristedion orientale: Peristedion orientale(2)
Peristernia australiensis: Peristernia australiensis
Peristernia incarnata: Peristernia incarnata
Peristernia nassatula: Peristernia nassatula
Peristernia ustulata: Peristernia ustulata
Peritropis pusilla: Peritropis pusilla
Perixera pallida: Perixera pallida
Perizoma costatum: Perizoma costatum
Perna canaliculus: Perna canaliculus
Perna viridis: Perna viridis(106000)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Pernis ptilorhynchus(4)
Pernis ptilorhyncus: Pernis ptilorhyncus(2)
Perochaeta orientalis: Perochaeta orientalis
Peromyscopsylla himalaica: Peromyscopsylla himalaica
Peronella orbicularis: Peronella orbicularis
Peronia verruculata: Peronia verruculata
Peronina alta: Peronina alta
Pervagor aspricaudus: Monacanthus aspricaudus
Pervagor aspricaudus: Monacanthus rubricauda
Pervagor aspricaudus: Pervagor aspricaudus(2)
Pervagor aspricaudus: Pervagor melanocephalus
Pervagor aspricaudus: Pervagor tomentosus
Pervagor janthinosoma: Monacanthus janthinosoma
Pervagor janthinosoma: Monacanthus nitens
Pervagor janthinosoma: Pervagor janthinosoma(2)
Pervagor janthinosoma: Pervagor scanleni
Pervagor melanocephalus: Acreichthys melanocephalus
Pervagor melanocephalus: Monacanthus melanocephalus
Pervagor melanocephalus: Pervagor melanocephalus(5)
Pervagor melanocephalus: Pervagor scanleni
Pervagor melanocephalus: Stephanolepis melanocephalus
Petalochlamys nitidus: Petalochlamys nitidus
Petalomera granulata: Petalomera granulata
Petalomonas angusta: Petalomonas angusta
Petaurillus hosei: Petaurillus hosei
Petaurillus kinlochii: Petaurillus kinlochii
Petaurista elegans: Petaurista elegans(2)
Petaurista lena: Petaurista lena
Petaurista petaurista: Petaurista petaurista(2)
Petaurista philippensis: Petaurista philippensis
Petinomys genibarbis: Petinomys genibarbis(2)
Petinomys setosus: Petinomys setosus(2)
Petinomys vordermanni: Petinomys vordermanni
Petrelaea dana: Petrelaea dana
Petricola divergens: Petricola divergens
Petricola lapicida: Petricola lapicida
Petrolisthes carinipes: Petrolisthes carinipes
Petrolisthes coccineus: Petrolisthes coccineus
Petrolisthes indicus: Petrolisthes indicus
Petrolisthes kranjiensis: Petrolisthes kranjiensis
Petrolisthes lamarckii: Petrolisthes lamarckii
Petrolisthes pubescens: Petrolisthes pubescens
Petrolisthes tomentosus: Petrolisthes tomentosus
Petrophora chlorosata: Petrophora chlorosata
Petroscirtes breviceps: Blennechis breviceps
Petroscirtes breviceps: Dasson ancylodon
Petroscirtes breviceps: Dasson brevicepes
Petroscirtes breviceps: Dasson variabilis
Petroscirtes breviceps: Petroscirtes breviceps(2)
Petroscirtes mitratus: Petrocirtes mitratus
Petroscirtes mitratus: Petroscirtes barbatus
Petroscirtes mitratus: Petroscirtes marmoratus
Petroscirtes mitratus: Petroscirtes mitratus(2)
Petroscirtes mitratus: Petroskirtes barbatus
Petroscirtes mitratus: Petroskirtes marmoratus
Petroscirtes springeri: Dasson springeri
Petroscirtes springeri: Petroscirtes springeri(2)
Petroscirtes variabilis: Dasson variabilis
Petroscirtes variabilis: Petroscirtes variabilis(2)
Petroscirtes variabilis: Petroscrites variabilis
Peuaeus indicus: Peuaeus indicus
Pezoporus wallicus: Pezoporus wallicus
Phacus acuminatus: acuminatus, Phacus acuminatus acuminatus
Phacus acuminatus: megaparamylica, Phacus acuminatus megaparamylica
Phacus agilis: agilis, Phacus agilis agilis
Phacus caudatus: Phacus caudatus
Phacus hispidula: Phacus hispidula
Phacus inflexus: inflexus, Phacus inflexus inflexus
Phacus orbicularis: orbicularis, Phacus orbicularis orbicularis
Phacus ovalis: Phacus ovalis
Phacus pusillus: Phacus pusillus
Phacus undulatus: undulatus, Phacus undulatus undulatus
Phaecadophora fimbriata: Phaecadophora fimbriata
Phaecasiophora amoena: Phaecasiophora amoena
Phaecasiophora cornigera: Phaecasiophora cornigera
Phaedon tumidulus: Phaedon tumidulus
Phaedusa eumegetha: Phaedusa eumegetha
Phaedusa filicostata: Phaedusa filicostata(2)
Phaedusa hayashii: Phaedusa hayashii
Phaedusa hayasii: Phaedusa hayasii
Phaedusa kelantanensis: Phaedusa kelantanensis
Phaedusa pahangensis: Phaedusa pahangensis
Phaedyma columella: Phaedyma columella
Phaenicia sericata: Phaenicia sericata
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus: Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus(3)
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris: Phaenicophaeus curvirostris(3)
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris: Zanclostomus curvirostris
Phaenicophaeus diardi: Phaenicophaeus diardi(2)
Phaenicophaeus javanicus: Phaenicophaeus javanicus(2)
Phaenicophaeus javanicus: Zanclostomus javanicus
Phaenicophaeus sumatranus: Phaenicophaeus sumatranus(3)
Phaenicophaeus tristis: Phaenicophaeus tristis(4)
Phaeomitra ambigua: Phaeomitra ambigua
Phaeomitra incompta: Phaeomitra incompta
Phaethon aethereus: Phaethon aethereus(2)
Phaethon lepturus: Phaethon lepturus(2)
Phaethon rubricauda: Phaethon rubricauda(2)
Phalacra strigata: Phalacra strigata
Phalacrocera formosae: Phalacrocera formosae
Phalacrocorax capillatus: Phalacrocorax capillatus
Phalacrocorax carbo: Phalacrocorax carbo(7)
Phalacrocorax cargo: Phalacrocorax cargo
Phalacrocorax niger: Phalacrocorax niger(3)
Phalacrocorax pelagicus: Phalacrocorax pelagicus(2)
Phalacrocorax sulcirostris: Phalacrocorax sulcirostris
Phalacrosoma amoenum: Phalacrosoma amoenum
Phalacrotophora flaviclava: Phalacrotophora flaviclava
Phalacrotophora puncifrons: Phalacrotophora puncifrons
Phalacrotophora quardrimaculata: Phalacrotophora quardrimaculata
Phalacrus punctatus: Phalacrus punctatus
Phalanger orientalis: Phalanger orientalis
Phalangipus filiformis: Phalangipus filiformis
Phalangipus longipes: Phalangipus longipes
Phalanta alcippe: Phalanta alcippe
Phalanta phalantha: Phalanta phalantha
Phalaropus fulicaria: Phalaropus fulicaria(3)
Phalaropus fulicarius: Phalaropus fulicarius(3)
Phalaropus lobatus: Phalaropus lobatus(6)
Phalaropus tricolor: Phalaropus tricolor
Phalera flavescens: Phalera flavescens
Phalera obscura: Phalera obscura
Phaleria atriceps: Phaleria atriceps
Phalium areola: Phalium areola
Phalium bandatum: Phalium bandatum
Phalium bisulcatum: Phalium bisulcatum(3)
Phalium coronadoi: Phalium coronadoi
Phalium decussatum: Phalium decussatum(2)
Phalium flammiferum: Phalium flammiferum
Phalium glabratum: Phalium glabratum
Phalium glaucum: Phalium glaucum(2)
Phalium inornatum: Phalium inornatum
Phalium kurodai: Phalium kurodai
Phalium muangmani: Phalium muangmani
Phanerotoma flava: Phanerotoma flava
Phania fuscata: Phania fuscata
Phaonia rufiventris: Phaonia rufiventris
Pharaonella aurea: Pharaonella aurea
Pharaonella perna: Pharaonella perna
Pharaonella rostrata: Pharaonella rostrata
Pharaonella tongana: Pharaonella tongana
Pharella acuminata: Pharella acuminata
Pharella javanica: Pharella javanica
Pharella olivacea: Pharella olivacea
Pharomachrus mocinno: Pharomachrus mocinno
Phasia hemiptera: Phasia hemiptera
Phasianella fordiana: Phasianella fordiana(2)
Phasianella modesta: Phasianella modesta
Phasianella solida: Phasianella solida
Phasianella variegata: Phasianella variegata
Phasianus colchicus: Phasianus colchicus(3)
Phauda rubra: Phauda rubra
Phauda similis: Phauda similis
Phaulimia angulata: Phaulimia angulata
Phaulimia incerta: Phaulimia incerta
Phaulimia vicina: Phaulimia vicina
Phaxas attenuatus: Phaxas attenuatus
Phaxas scalpra: Phaxas scalpra
Pheidole ernesti: Pheidole ernesti
Pheidole fervens: Pheidole fervens
Pheidole formosensis: Pheidole formosensis
Pheidole funkikoensis: Pheidole funkikoensis
Pheidole javana: Pheidole javana
Pheidole megacephala: Pheidole megacephala
Pheidole nodus: Pheidole nodus
Pheidole pieli: Pheidole pieli
Pheidole rinae: Pheidole rinae
Pheidole sauteri: Pheidole sauteri
Pheidole taivensis: Pheidole taivensis
Pheidologeton affinis: Pheidologeton affinis
Pheidologeton diversus: Pheidologeton diversus
Pheidologeton yanoi: Pheidologeton yanoi
Phelsuma laticauda: Phelsuma laticauda
Phelsuma lineata: Phelsuma lineata
Phelsuma madagascariensis: Phelsuma madagascariensis
Phelsuma quadriocellata: Phelsuma quadriocellata
Phenacoccus asteri: Phenacoccus asteri
Phenacoccus fici: Phenacoccus fici
Phenacoccus parvus: Phenacoccus parvus
Phenacogrammus caudomaculatus: Phenacogrammus caudomaculatus
Phenacogrammus interruptus: Phenacogrammus interruptus(4)
Phenacolepas cinnamomea: Phenacolepas cinnamomea
Phenacolepas crenulata: Phenacolepas crenulata
Phenacolepas galathea: Phenacolepas galathea
Phenacoscorpius megalops: Phenacoscorpius megalops(2)
Phenacovolva angasi: Phenacovolva angasi
Phenacovolva brevirostris: Phenacovolva brevirostris(2)
Phenacovolva dancei: Phenacovolva dancei
Phenacovolva gigantea: Phenacovolva gigantea
Phenacovolva hirasei: Phenacovolva hirasei
Phenacovolva improcera: Phenacovolva improcera
Phenacovolva longirostrata: Phenacovolva longirostrata
Phenacovolva nectarea: Phenacovolva nectarea
Phenacovolva philippinarum: Phenacovolva philippinarum
Phenacovolva rehderi: Phenacovolva rehderi
Phenacovolva rosea: Phenacovolva rosea
Phenacovolva tokioi: Phenacovolva tokioi
Phenacovolva wakayamaensis: Phenacovolva wakayamaensis
Phenolia inaequalis: Phenolia inaequalis
Phenolia picta: Phenolia picta
Pherallodus indicus: Crepidogaster indicus
Pherallodus indicus: Pherallodus indicus(2)
Pheretima indica: Pheretima indica
Phestilla melanobrachia: Phestilla melanobrachia
Phidiana indica: Phidiana indica
Phidiana militaris: Phidiana militaris
Philaenus spumarius: Philaenus spumarius
Philalanka carinifera: Philalanka carinifera
Philanthus notatulus: Philanthus notatulus
Philautus amoenus: Philautus amoenus
Philautus aurantium: Philautus aurantium
Philautus disgregus: Philautus disgregus
Philautus ingeri: Philautus ingeri
Philautus longicrus: Philautus longicrus
Philautus mjobergi: Philautus mjobergi
Philautus petersi: Philautus petersi(2)
Philautus romeri: Philautus romeri
Philautus tectus: Philautus tectus
Philautus vermiculatus: Philautus vermiculatus
Philbertia bernardi: Philbertia bernardi
Philbertia bifasciata: Philbertia bifasciata
Philbertia caletria: Philbertia caletria
Philbertia daedalea: Philbertia daedalea
Philbertia episema: Philbertia episema
Philbertia euryacme: Philbertia euryacme
Philbertia euzonata: Philbertia euzonata
Philbertia excellens: Philbertia excellens
Philbertia felina: Philbertia felina
Philbertia granicosta: Philbertia granicosta
Philbertia granicostata: Philbertia granicostata
Philbertia granosa: Philbertia granosa
Philbertia leuckardi: Philbertia leuckardi
Philbertia leuckarti: Philbertia leuckarti
Philbertia lutea: Philbertia lutea
Philbertia luteopicta: Philbertia luteopicta
Philbertia maculosa: Philbertia maculosa
Philbertia melanoxytum: Philbertia melanoxytum
Philbertia modesta: Philbertia modesta
Philbertia nebulosa: Philbertia nebulosa
Philbertia nexa: Philbertia nexa
Philbertia oligona: Philbertia oligona
Philbertia phaedra: Philbertia phaedra
Philbertia philippinensis: Philbertia philippinensis
Philbertia psalterium: Philbertia psalterium
Philbertia pumila: Philbertia pumila
Philbertia pustulata: Philbertia pustulata
Philbertia pustulosa: Philbertia pustulosa
Philbertia pyrgoidea: Philbertia pyrgoidea
Philbertia ramsayi: Philbertia ramsayi
Philbertia retallaria: Philbertia retallaria
Philbertia retellaria: Philbertia retellaria
Philbertia rufozonata: Philbertia rufozonata
Philbertia spelaeodea: Philbertia spelaeodea
Philbertia stipata: Philbertia stipata
Philbertia subspurca: Philbertia subspurca
Philbertia tessellata: Philbertia tessellata
Philbertia thespecia: Philbertia thespecia
Philbertia thorssoni: Philbertia thorssoni
Philbertia tincta: Philbertia tincta
Philbertia tippetti: Philbertia tippetti
Philbertia tokyoensis: Philbertia tokyoensis
Philentoma pyrhopterum: Philentoma pyrhopterum(2)
Philentoma velatum: Philentoma velatum(2)
Philine argentata: Philine argentata
Philine orientalis: Philine orientalis
Philine otukai: Philine otukai
Philine vitrea: Philine vitrea
Philinopsis reticulata: Philinopsis reticulata
Philodromus spinitarsis: Philodromus spinitarsis
Philomachus pugnax: Philomachus pugnax(6)
Philonthus aeneipennis: Philonthus aeneipennis
Philonthus crassicornis: Philonthus crassicornis
Philonthus delicatulus: Philonthus delicatulus
Philonthus eustilbus: Philonthus eustilbus
Philonthus explorator: Philonthus explorator
Philonthus fauvelianus: Philonthus fauvelianus
Philonthus flavipes: Philonthus flavipes
Philonthus flavocinctus: Philonthus flavocinctus
Philonthus foetidus: Philonthus foetidus
Philonthus formosae: Philonthus formosae
Philonthus japonicus: Philonthus japonicus
Philonthus kiyoyamai: Philonthus kiyoyamai
Philonthus lewisius: Philonthus lewisius
Philonthus longicornis: Philonthus longicornis
Philonthus madurensis: Philonthus madurensis
Philonthus maindroni: Philonthus maindroni
Philonthus merops: Philonthus merops
Philonthus minutus: Philonthus minutus
Philonthus notabilis: Philonthus notabilis
Philonthus paederoides: Philonthus paederoides
Philonthus parvicornis: Philonthus parvicornis
Philonthus productus: Philonthus productus
Philonthus quisquiliarius: Philonthus quisquiliarius
Philonthus rectangulus: Philonthus rectangulus
Philonthus simpliciventris: Philonthus simpliciventris
Philonthus smetanai: Philonthus smetanai
Philonthus spinipes: Philonthus spinipes
Philonthus taiwanensis: Philonthus taiwanensis
Philonthus tardus: Philonthus tardus
Philonthus variipennis: Philonthus variipennis
Philophylla aethiops: Philophylla aethiops
Philophylla angulata: Philophylla angulata
Philophylla rufescens: Philophylla rufescens
Philoponella nigromaculata: Philoponella nigromaculata
Philoponella prominens: Philoponella prominens
Philoscia dobakholi: Philoscia dobakholi
Philus pallescens: Philus pallescens
Philyra heterograna: Philyra heterograna
Philyra pisum: Philyra pisum
Philyra platycheir: Philyra platycheir
Philyra platychira: Philyra platychira
Philyra tuberculosa: Philyra tuberculosa
Phintella abnormis: Phintella abnormis
Phintella versicolor: Phintella versicolor
Phlebotomus anodontis: Phlebotomus anodontis
Phlebotomus anondontis: Phlebotomus anondontis
Phlebotomus argentipes: Phlebotomus argentipes
Phlebotomus asperules: Phlebotomus asperules
Phlebotomus lutea: Phlebotomus lutea
Phlebotomus makati: Phlebotomus makati
Phlebotomus malayica: Phlebotomus malayica
Phlebotomus savaiiensis: Phlebotomus savaiiensis
Phlebotomus stantion: Phlebotomus stantion
Phloeobius albescens: Phloeobius albescens
Phloeobius gigas: Phloeobius gigas
Phlogophera meticulosa: Phlogophera meticulosa
Phlogophora albovittata: Phlogophora albovittata
Phlogophora clava: Phlogophora clava
Phlogophora conservuloides: Phlogophora conservuloides
Phobocampe posticae: Phobocampe posticae
Phocoena sinus: Phocoena sinus
Phodilus badius: Phodilus badius(4)
Phoebastria albatrus: Phoebastria albatrus
Phoebastria immutabilis: Phoebastria immutabilis
Phoebastria nigripes: Phoebastria nigripes
Phoenicurus auroreus: Phoenicurus auroreus(2)
Phoenicurus ochruros: Phoenicurus ochruros(2)
Pholas australasiae: Pholas australasiae
Pholas orientalis: Pholas orientalis
Pholcomma nigromaculatum: Pholcomma nigromaculatum
Pholcus crypticolens: Pholcus crypticolens
Pholcus inermis: Pholcus inermis
Pholcus phalangioides: Pholcus phalangioides
Pholidichthys leucotaenia: Pholidichthys leucotaenia(3)
Phoriniophylax femorata: Phoriniophylax femorata
Phormidium angustissimum: Phormidium angustissimum
Phormidium antarcticum: Phormidium antarcticum
Phormidium autumnale: Phormidium autumnale
Phormidium biforme: Phormidium biforme
Phormidium corium: Phormidium corium
Phormidium foveolarum: Phormidium foveolarum
Phormidium fragile: Phormidium fragile
Phormidium interruptum: Phormidium interruptum
Phormidium inundatum: Phormidium inundatum
Phormidium laminosum: Phormidium laminosum
Phormidium molle: Phormidium molle
Phormidium mucicola: Phormidium mucicola
Phormidium orientale: Phormidium orientale
Phormidium tenue: Phormidium tenue
Phorodon humuli: Phorodon humuli
Phorodonta malayana: Phorodonta malayana
Phoroncidia alishanense: Phoroncidia alishanense
Phorticus affinis: Phorticus affinis
Phos nodicostatum: Phos nodicostatum
Phos roseatus: Phos roseatus
Phos senticosus: Phos senticosus(2)
Phos varicosus: Phos varicosus
Photonectes albipennis: Lucifer albipennis
Photonectes albipennis: Photonectes albipennis(2)
Photonectes albipennis: Photonectes albipinnis
Photopectoralis bindus: Equula bindus
Photopectoralis bindus: Leiognathus bindus
Photopectoralis bindus: Leiognathus virgatus
Photopectoralis bindus: Photopectoralis bindus
Photoplagios elongatus: Equula elongata
Photoplagios elongatus: Leiognathus elongatus
Photoplagios elongatus: Leiognathus popei
Photoplagios elongatus: Macilentichthys elongatus
Photoplagios elongatus: Macilentichthys popei
Photoplagios elongatus: Photoplagios elongatus
Photoplagios leuciscus: Equula leuciscus
Photoplagios leuciscus: Equula longispina
Photoplagios leuciscus: Equulites novaehollandiae
Photoplagios leuciscus: Leiognathus edwardsi
Photoplagios leuciscus: Leiognathus leuciscus
Photoplagios leuciscus: Leiognathus vermiculatus
Photoplagios leuciscus: Liognathus hastatus
Photoplagios leuciscus: Photoplagios leuciscus
Photoplagios lineolatus: Equula lineolata
Photoplagios lineolatus: Leiognathus lineolatus
Photoplagios lineolatus: Photoplagios lineolatus
Photoplagios rivulatus: Equula rivulata
Photoplagios rivulatus: Leiognathus rivulatus
Photoplagios rivulatus: Photoplagios rivulatus
Photoscotosia insularis: Photoscotosia insularis
Photostomias guernei: Phostostomias guernei
Photostomias guernei: Photostomias guernei(2)
Phoxocampus belcheri: Ichthyocampus belcheri
Phoxocampus belcheri: Ichthyocampus nox
Phoxocampus belcheri: Phoxocampus belcheri(2)
Phoxocampus diacanthus: Ichthyocampus diacanthus
Phoxocampus diacanthus: Phoxocampus diacanthus(2)
Phragamataecia castaneae: Phragamataecia castaneae
Phragamataecia cinnamomea: Phragamataecia cinnamomea
Phragamataecia fusca: Phragamataecia fusca
Phraortes bicolor: Phraortes bicolor
Phratora laticollis: Phratora laticollis
Phratora vitellinae: Phratora vitellinae
Phrissura aegis: Phrissura aegis
Phronima atlantica: Phronima atlantica
Phronima bucephala: Phronima bucephala
Phronima curvipes: Phronima curvipes
Phronima pacifica: Phronima pacifica
Phronima solitaria: Phronima solitaria
Phronimella elongata: Phronimella elongata
Phrosina semilunata: Phrosina semilunata
Phrudus montanus: Phrudus montanus
Phrurolithus claripes: Phrurolithus claripes
Phrurolithus taiwanicus: Phrurolithus taiwanicus
Phrynella pulchra: Phrynella pulchra
Phrynocaria shirozui: Phrynocaria shirozui
Phrynocaria vidua: Phrynocaria vidua
Phrynocephalus maculatus: Phrynocephalus maculatus
Phrynohyas resinifictrix: Phrynohyas resinifictrix
Phrynoidis aspera: Phrynoidis aspera
Phrynomantis microps: Phrynomantis microps
Phrynops geoffroanus: Phrynops geoffroanus
Phrynops hilarii: Phrynops hilarii
Phrynops rufipes: Phrynops rufipes
Phrynops williamsi: Phrynops williamsi
Phrynosoma coronatum: Phrynosoma coronatum
Phrynosoma modestum: Phrynosoma modestum
Phrynosoma platyrhinos: Phrynosoma platyrhinos
Phucobius tricolor: Phucobius tricolor
Phumosia indica: Phumosia indica
Phycodurus eques: Phycodurus eques
Phycopeltis arundinacea: Phycopeltis arundinacea
Phycus kerteszi: Phycus kerteszi
Phygasia ornata: Phygasia ornata
Phyllaphis fagi: Phyllaphis fagi
Phyllidia aponica: Phyllidia aponica
Phyllidia elegans: Phyllidia elegans(2)
Phyllidia loricata: Phyllidia loricata
Phyllidia nobilis: Phyllidia nobilis
Phyllidia ocellata: Phyllidia ocellata(2)
Phyllidia pustulosa: Phyllidia pustulosa
Phyllidia sereni: Phyllidia sereni
Phyllidia varicosa: Phyllidia varicosa(2)
Phyllidiella nigra: Phyllidiella nigra
Phyllidiella pustulosa: Phyllidiella pustulosa
Phyllidiella rotunda: Phyllidiella rotunda
Phyllidiopsis loricata: Phyllidiopsis loricata
Phyllobates lugubris: Phyllobates lugubris
Phyllocnistis citrella: Phyllocnistis citrella
Phyllocoptruta oleivora: Phyllocoptruta oleivora
Phyllocoptruta paniculata: Phyllocoptruta paniculata
Phyllocoptruta semialatae: Phyllocoptruta semialatae
Phylloda foliacea: Phylloda foliacea
Phyllodecta similis: Phyllodecta similis
Phyllodes eyndhovii: Phyllodes eyndhovii
Phyllodesmium briareum: Phyllodesmium briareum
Phyllodesmium magnum: Phyllodesmium magnum
Phyllodromia fusca: Phyllodromia fusca
Phyllodromia lineata: Phyllodromia lineata
Phyllomyza cavernae: Phyllomyza cavernae
Phyllonorcter sorbi: Phyllonorcter sorbi
Phyllonorycter kleemanella: Phyllonorycter kleemanella
Phyllonorycter messaniella: Phyllonorycter messaniella
Phyllonorycter orientalis: Phyllonorycter orientalis
Phyllonorycter pulchra: Phyllonorycter pulchra
Phyllonorycter quercifoliella: Phyllonorycter quercifoliella
Phyllonorycter rajella: Phyllonorycter rajella
Phyllonotus lacinatus: Phyllonotus lacinatus
Phyllopteryx taeniolatus: Phyllopteryx taeniolatus
Phylloscopus armandii: Phylloscopus armandii
Phylloscopus borealis: Phylloscopus borealis(7)
Phylloscopus collybita: Phylloscopus collybita
Phylloscopus coronatus: Phylloscopus coronatus(5)
Phylloscopus fuscatus: Phylloscopus fuscatus(6)
Phylloscopus humei: Phylloscopus humei
Phylloscopus inornatus: Phylloscopus inornatus(5)
Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus: Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus
Phylloscopus proregulus: Phylloscopus proregulus(2)
Phylloscopus reguloides: Phylloscopus reguloides
Phylloscopus ricketti: Phylloscopus ricketti
Phylloscopus schwarzi: Phylloscopus schwarzi(2)
Phylloscopus sichuanensis: Phylloscopus sichuanensis
Phylloscopus subaffinis: Phylloscopus subaffinis
Phylloscopus tenellipes: Phylloscopus tenellipes(4)
Phylloscopus trivirgatus: Phylloscopus trivirgatus(3)
Phylloscopus trochiloides: Phylloscopus trochiloides(2)
Phyllotreta striolata: Phyllotreta striolata
Phymatapoderus monticola: Phymatapoderus monticola
Phymatosternus lewisii: Phymatosternus lewisii
Phymodius granulosus: Phymodius granulosus
Phymodius nitidus: Phymodius nitidus
Phyrella fragilis: Phyrella fragilis
Physa acuta: Physa acuta(2)
Physarella oblonga: oblonga, Physarella oblonga oblonga
Physarella oblonga: Physarella oblonga
Physarum bivalve: Physarum bivalve
Physarum decipiens: Physarum decipiens
Physarum leucopus: Physarum leucopus
Physarum mutabile: Physarum mutabile
Physarum nicaraguense: Physarum nicaraguense
Physarum nutans: nutans, Physarum nutans nutans
Physarum nutans: rubrum, Physarum nutans rubrum
Physarum plicatum: Physarum plicatum
Physarum polycephalum: obrusseum, Physarum polycephalum obrusseum
Physarum polycephalum: polycephalum, Physarum polycephalum polycephalum
Physarum pusillum: Physarum pusillum
Physarum rigidum: Physarum rigidum
Physarum sessile: Physarum sessile
Physarum stellatum: Physarum stellatum
Physarum superbum: Physarum superbum
Physastra sumatrana: Physastra sumatrana
Physeter catodon: Physeter catodon
Physeter macrocephalus: Physeter macrocephalus(2)
Physiculus chigodarana: Physiculus chigodarana
Physiculus japonicus: Physiculus japonica
Physiculus japonicus: Physiculus japonicus(2)
Physiculus japonicus: Physiculus maximowiczi
Physiculus maximowiczi: Lotella maximowiczi
Physiculus maximowiczi: Physiculus maximowiczi(2)
Physiculus nigripinnis: Physiculus nigripinnis(2)
Physiculus roseus: Physiculus roseus(2)
Physiculus yoshidae: Physiculus yoshidae
Physignathus cocincinus: Physignathus cocincinus
Physignathus lesueuri: Physignathus lesueuri
Physogyra lichtensteini: Physogyra lichtensteini(2)
Physopelta gutta: Physopelta gutta
Phytobia magna: Phytobia magna
Phytocoris sinicus: Phytocoris sinicus
Phytomia errans: Phytomia errans
Phytomyptera minuta: Phytomyptera minuta
Phytomyza angelicae: Phytomyza angelicae
Phytomyza angelicastri: Phytomyza angelicastri
Phytomyza chaerophylli: Phytomyza chaerophylli
Phytomyza cirsii: Phytomyza cirsii
Phytomyza crassiseta: Phytomyza crassiseta
Phytomyza formosae: Phytomyza formosae
Phytomyza heracleana: Phytomyza heracleana
Phytomyza illicis: Phytomyza illicis
Phytomyza lappae: Phytomyza lappae
Phytomyza lonicerae: Phytomyza lonicerae
Phytomyza ranunculi: Phytomyza ranunculi
Phytomyza spondylii: Phytomyza spondylii
Phytomyza tomentella: Phytomyza tomentella
Phytomyza valida: Phytomyza valida
Phytomyza vitalbae: Phytomyza vitalbae(2)
Phytosciara flavipes: Phytosciara flavipes
Phytoseius persimilis: Phytoseius persimilis
Piaractus brachypomus: Colossoma bidens
Piaractus brachypomus: Colossoma brachypomum(1020)
Piaractus brachypomus: Colossoma brachypomus(443)
Piaractus brachypomus: Piaractus brachypomus(21800)
Pica pica: Pica pica(2)
Picardiella rufa: Picardiella rufa
Picathartes gymnocephalus: Picathartes gymnocephalus
Picathartes oreas: Picathartes oreas
Picromerus bidens: Picromerus bidens
Pictichromis porphyreus: Pictichromis porphyreus
Pictichromis porphyreus: Pseudochromis porphyreus
Pictocolumbella ocellata: Pictocolumbella ocellata
Picumnus innominatus: Picumnus innominatus(4)
Picus canus: Picus canus(4)
Picus chlorolophus: Picus chlorolophus(3)
Picus flavinucha: Picus flavinucha(2)
Picus mentalis: Picus mentalis(2)
Picus mineaceus: Picus mineaceus(2)
Picus miniaceus: Picus mineaceus(2)
Picus miniaceus: Picus miniaceus
Picus puniceus: Picus puniceus(3)
Picus viridanus: Picus viridanus(2)
Picus vittatus: Picus vittatus(3)
Pida decolorata: Pida decolorata
Pidonia albomaculata: Pidonia albomaculata
Pidonia amabilis: Pidonia amabilis
Pidonia angustata: Pidonia angustata
Pidonia confusa: Pidonia confusa
Pidonia gloriosa: Pidonia gloriosa
Pidonia major: Pidonia major
Pidonia meridionalis: Pidonia meridionalis
Pidonia pudica: Pidonia pudica
Pidorus gemina: Pidorus gemina
Pieris brassicae: Pieris brassicae
Pieris canidia: Pieris canidia(2)
Pieris napi: Pieris napi(2)
Pieris rapae: Pieris rapae(2)
Pila ampullacea: Pila ampullacea
Pila conica: Pila conica
Pila scutata: Pila scutata
Pilagiostenopterina olivacea: Pilagiostenopterina olivacea
Pilagiostenopterina soror: Pilagiostenopterina soror
Piliocolobus gordonoru: Piliocolobus gordonoru
Piliocolobus gordonorum: Piliocolobus gordonorum(2)
Piliocolobus kirki: Piliocolobus kirki
Piliocolobus kirkii: Piliocolobus kirkii(2)
Piliocolobus thollon: Piliocolobus thollon
Piliocolobus tholloni: Piliocolobus tholloni(2)
Pilodius areolatus: Pilodius areolatus
Pilodius granulatus: Pilodius granulatus
Pilophorus formosanus: Pilophorus formosanus
Pilophorus pullulus: Pilophorus pullulus
Pilophorus typicus: Pilophorus typicus
Pilosabia trigona: Pilosabia trigona
Pilsbryconcha exilis: Pilsbryconcha exilis
Pilumnus acanthosoma: Pilumnus acanthosoma
Pilumnus chani: Pilumnus chani
Pilumnus longicornis: Pilumnus longicornis
Pilumnus minutus: Pilumnus minutus
Pilumnus murphyi: Pilumnus murphyi
Pilumnus orbitospinis: Pilumnus orbitospinis
Pilumnus purpureus: Pilumnus purpureus
Pilumnus scabrisculus: Pilumnus scabrisculus
Pilumnus spinicarpus: Pilumnus spinicarpus
Pilumnus spinulus: Pilumnus spinulus
Pilumnus vespertilio: Pilumnus vespertilio
Pimelodus clarias: Pimelodus clarias(3)
Pimpla arisana: Pimpla arisana
Pimpla tenchozana: Pimpla tenchozana
Pinctada albina: Pinctada albina
Pinctada albina: sugillata, Pinctada albina sugillata
Pinctada chemnitzii: Pinctada chemnitzii
Pinctada fucata: Pinctada fucata(3)
Pinctada maculata: Pinctada maculata
Pinctada margaritifera: Pinctada margaritifera(2)
Pinctada maxima: Pinctada maxima
Pinctada nigra: Pinctada nigra
Pinctada radiata: Pinctada radiata
Pinctada sugillata: Pinctada sugillata
Pinctada vulgaria: Pinctada vulgaria
Pinctada vulgaris: Pinctada vulgaris
Pingasa alba: Pingasa alba
Pingasa ruginaria: Pingasa ruginaria
Pinguigemmula thielei: philippinensis, Pinguigemmula thielei philippinensis
Pinguigemmula thielei: Pinguigemmula thielei
Pinguitellina robusta: Pinguitellina robusta
Pinjalo lewisi: Pinjalo lewisi(2)
Pinjalo lewisi: Pinjalo microphthalmus
Pinjalo lewisi: Pinjalo pinjalo
Pinjalo lewisi: Pinjalo typus
Pinjalo pinjalo: Caesio pinjalo
Pinjalo pinjalo: Mesoprion mitchelli
Pinjalo pinjalo: Odontonectes erythrogaster
Pinjalo pinjalo: Odontonectes pinjalo
Pinjalo pinjalo: Pinjalo microphthalmus
Pinjalo pinjalo: Pinjalo pinjalo(3)
Pinjalo pinjalo: Pinjalo typus
Pinna atropurpurea: Pinna atropurpurea(4)
Pinna bicolor: Pinna bicolor(3)
Pinna curva: Pinna curva
Pinna hanleyi: Pinna hanleyi
Pinna incurva: Pinna incurva
Pinna lurida: Pinna lurida(2)
Pinna muricata: Pinna muricata
Pinna stropurpurea: Pinna stropurpurea
Pinnaspis aspidistrae: Pinnaspis aspidistrae
Pinnaspis frontalis: Pinnaspis frontalis
Pinnaspis strachani: Pinnaspis strachani
Pinnotheres ostreum: Pinnotheres ostreum(3700)
Pinnotheres ostreum: Zaops ostreum(2570)
Pinnotheres ostreum: Zaops ostreus(1530)
Pinnotheres parvulus: Pinnotheres parvulus
Pinobius indicus: Pinobius indicus
Pinophilus formosae: Pinophilus formosae
Pinophilus lewisius: Pinophilus lewisius
Pinophilus sachtlebeni: Pinophilus sachtlebeni
Pinophilus sauteri: Pinophilus sauteri
Pintara pinwili: Pintara pinwili
Pionites melanocephala: Pionites melanocephala
Pionopsitta pileata: Pionopsitta pileata
Pionus chalcopterus: Pionus chalcopterus
Pionus fuscus: Pionus fuscus
Pionus maximiliani: Pionus maximiliani
Pionus menstruus: Pionus menstruus
Pionus senilis: Pionus senilis
Pipile jacutinga: Pipile jacutinga
Pipile pipile: Pipile pipile
Pipistrellus abramus: Pipistrellus abramus
Pipistrellus cuprosus: Pipistrellus cuprosus
Pipunculus bicolor: Pipunculus bicolor
Pipunculus fraternus: Pipunculus fraternus
Pipunculus gigas: Pipunculus gigas
Pipunculus orientalis: Pipunculus orientalis
Pirata clercki: Pirata clercki
Pirates arcuatus: Pirates arcuatus
Pirdana distanti: Pirdana distanti
Pirdana hyela: Pirdana hyela
Pisania ignea: Pisania ignea
Pisidia dispar: Pisidia dispar
Pisidium cinereum: Pisidium cinereum
Pisidium javanum: Pisidium javanum
Pisidium taiwanense: Pisidium taiwanense(2)
Pisodonophis boro: Conger microstoma
Pisodonophis boro: Ophichthys boro
Pisodonophis boro: Ophisurus baccidens
Pisodonophis boro: Ophisurus boro
Pisodonophis boro: Ophisurus brachysoma
Pisodonophis boro: Ophisurus caudatus
Pisodonophis boro: Ophisurus harancha
Pisodonophis boro: Ophisurus potamophilus
Pisodonophis boro: Ophisurus schaapi
Pisodonophis boro: Ophisurus schaapii
Pisodonophis boro: Ophisurus sinensis
Pisodonophis boro: Ophiurus baccidens
Pisodonophis boro: Pisodonophis assamensis
Pisodonophis boro: Pisodonophis boro(2)
Pisodonophis boro: Pisodontophis bora
Pisodonophis boro: Pisoodonophis boro
Pisodonophis boro: Pisoodonophis zophistius
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Myrophis chrysogaster
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Ophichthus chilkensis
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Ophichthys cancrivorus
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Ophisurus cancrivomer
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Ophisurus cancrivorus
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Ophisurus nigrepinnis
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Pisodonophis cancricorus
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Pisodonophis cancrivorus(2)
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Pisodonophis chilkensis
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Pisodonphis cancrivorus
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Pisoodonophis cancrivorus
Pisodonophis zophistius: Pisodonophis zophistius(2)
Pison ignavum: Pison ignavum
Pison koreense: Pison koreense
Pison punctifrons: Pison punctifrons
Pistosia dactyliferae: Pistosia dactyliferae
Pitar affine: Pitar affine
Pitar affinis: Pitar affinis
Pitar belcheri: Pitar belcheri
Pitar citrina: Pitar citrina
Pitar citrinus: Pitar citrinus(2)
Pitar deshayesi: Pitar deshayesi
Pitar japonicum: Pitar japonicum
Pitar lineolatum: Pitar lineolatum
Pitar marrowae: Pitar marrowae
Pitar obliquatum: Pitar obliquatum
Pitar pellucidum: Pitar pellucidum
Pitar striata: Pitar striata
Pitar striatum: Pitar striatum
Pitar subpellucidum: Pitar subpellucidum
Pitarina pellucidum: Pitarina pellucidum
Pithauria marsena: Pithauria marsena(2)
Pithauria murdava: Pithauria murdava(2)
Pithauria stramineipennis: Pithauria stramineipennis
Pithecheir parvus: Pithecheir parvus
Pithecophaga jefferyi: Pithecophaga jefferyi
Pithecops corvus: Pithecops corvus
Pithecops fulgens: Pithecops fulgens
Pitta arquata: Pitta arquata(2)
Pitta baudi: Pitta baudi
Pitta baudii: Pitta baudii
Pitta caerulea: Pitta caerulea(3)
Pitta granatina: Pitta granatina(2)
Pitta guajana: Pitta guajana(5)
Pitta gurneyi: Pitta gurneyi
Pitta kochi: Pitta kochi
Pitta megarhyncha: Pitta megarhyncha(3)
Pitta moluccensis: Pitta moluccensis(5)
Pitta nympha: Pitta nympha(5)
Pitta oatesi: Pitta oatesi(2)
Pitta sordida: Pitta sordida(4)
Pitta ussheri: Pitta ussheri
Pitta venusta: Pitta venusta
Pityriasis gymnocephala: Pityriasis gymnocephala(2)
Piyuma prosopoides: Piyuma prosopoides
Pizixos semitorques: Pizixos semitorques
Placamen callophylla: Placamen callophylla
Placamen calophylla: Placamen calophylla
Placamen calophyllum: Placamen calophyllum
Placamen chlorotica: Placamen chlorotica(2)
Placamen isabellina: Placamen isabellina(2)
Placamen isabellinum: Placamen isabellinum
Placamen tiara: Placamen tiara
Placida daguilarensis: Placida daguilarensis
Placida dendritica: Placida dendritica
Placidochromis milomo: Placidochromis milomo
Placobranchus ocellatus: Placobranchus ocellatus
Placobranchus virgatus: Placobranchus virgatus
Placopsidella cynocephala: Placopsidella cynocephala
Placopsidella grandis: Placopsidella grandis
Placuna ephippium: Placuna ephippium
Placuna placenta: Placuna placenta(2)
Placuna sella: Placuna sella(3)
Plaesius javanus: Plaesius javanus
Plagiodera versicolora: Plagiodera versicolora
Plagiolepis alluaudi: Plagiolepis alluaudi
Plagiolepis exigua: Plagiolepis exigua
Plagiopholis nuchalis: Plagiopholis nuchalis
Plagiopsetta glossa: Plagiopsetta fasciatus
Plagiopsetta glossa: Plagiopsetta glossa(2)
Plagiopsetta glossa: Samariscus fasciatus
Plagiopsetta glossa: Samariscus glossa
Plagiotremus laudandus: Plagiotremus laudandus
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Aspidontus rhinorhynchos
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Petroscirtes rhinorhynchos
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Petroscirtes rhinorhynchus
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Petroskirtes rhinorhynchos
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos(2)
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Plagiotremus rhinorhynchus
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Plagiotremus rhynorhynchus
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Plagiotremus rhynorhyncus
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Runula amblyrhynchus
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Runula rhinorhynchos
Plagiotremus tapeinosoma: Aspidontus tapeinosoma
Plagiotremus tapeinosoma: Petroscirtes tapeinosoma
Plagiotremus tapeinosoma: Petroskirtes tapeinosoma
Plagiotremus tapeinosoma: Plagiotremus tapeinosoma(2)
Plagiotremus tapeinosoma: Runula tapeinosoma
Plagodis reticulata: Plagodis reticulata
Plagusia speciosa: Plagusia speciosa
Planaxia decollata: Planaxia decollata
Planaxis sulcatus: Planaxis sulcatus(2)
Planaxis suleatus: Planaxis suleatus
Planococcus kranuliae: Planococcus kranuliae
Planococcus pacificus: Planococcus pacificus
Planostrea pestigris: Planostrea pestigris
Plasmodiophora brassicae: Plasmodiophora brassicae
Plasmodium falciparum: Plasmodium falciparum
Plasmodium malariae: Plasmodium malariae
Plasmodium ovale: Plasmodium ovale
Plasmodium vivax: Plasmodium vivax
Plastingia aurantiaca: Plastingia aurantiaca
Plastingia callineura: Plastingia callineura
Plastingia corissa: Plastingia corissa
Plastingia derna: Plastingia derna(2)
Plastingia flavia: Plastingia flavia
Plastingia fuscicornis: Plastingia fuscicornis(2)
Plastingia helena: Plastingia helena
Plastingia klanga: Plastingia klanga(2)
Plastingia latoia: Plastingia latoia
Plastingia naga: Plastingia naga(2)
Plastingia pellonia: Plastingia pellonia(2)
Plastingia pugnans: Plastingia pugnans
Plastingia sala: Plastingia sala(2)
Plastingia tavoyana: Plastingia tavoyana(2)
Platalea leucorodia: Platalea leucorodia(4)
Platalea minor: Platalea minor(2)
Platax orbicularis: Chaetodon orbicularis
Platax orbicularis: Chaetodon vespertilio
Platax orbicularis: Platax blochii
Platax orbicularis: Platax ehrenbergii
Platax orbicularis: Platax guttulatuas
Platax orbicularis: Platax obricularis
Platax orbicularis: Platax orbicularia
Platax orbicularis: Platax orbicularis(2)
Platax orbicularis: Platax pinnatus
Platax orbicularis: Platax vespertilio
Platax pinnatus: Chaetodon pinnatus
Platax pinnatus: Platax pinnatus(5)
Platax teira: Chaetodon teira
Platax teira: Platax teira(7)
Platax teira: Platax teria
Platax teira: Platax terra
Platax teira: Platax tiera
Platemys platycephala: Platemys platycephala
Platensina apicalis: Platensina apicalis
Plateros chinensis: Plateros chinensis
Platevindex coriaceus: Platevindex coriaceus
Platevindex luteus: Platevindex luteus
Platybelone argalus: Platybelone argalus
Platycampus luridiventris: Platycampus luridiventris
Platycephalus arenarius: Platycephalus arenarius(2)
Platycephalus bassensis: Platycephalus bassensis(2)
Platycephalus caeruleopunclatus: Platycephalus caeruleopunclatus(2)
Platycephalus fuscus: Platycephalus fuscus(2)
Platycephalus indicus: Callionymus indicus
Platycephalus indicus: Cottus insidiator
Platycephalus indicus: Cottus madagascariensis
Platycephalus indicus: Platycephalus indicus(5)
Platycephalus indicus: Platycephalus insidiator
Platycephalus laevigatus: Platycephalus laevigatus(2)
Platycephalus speculator: Platycephalus speculator(2)
Platycercus adelaidae: Platycercus adelaidae
Platycercus adscitus: Platycercus adscitus(2)
Platycercus caledonicus: Platycercus caledonicus
Platycercus elegans: Platycercus elegans
Platycercus eximius: Platycercus eximius
Platycercus flaveolus: Platycercus flaveolus
Platycercus icterotis: Platycercus icterotis
Platycheirus albimanus: Platycheirus albimanus
Platycheirus granditarsus: Platycheirus granditarsus
Platycheirus scutatus: Platycheirus scutatus
Platycrepis violaceus: Platycrepis violaceus
Platydema coeruleum: Platydema coeruleum
Platydoris flammulata: Platydoris flammulata
Platydoris scabra: Platydoris scabra
Platydoris sibogae: Platydoris sibogae
Platydracus circumcinctus: Platydracus circumcinctus
Platydracus formosae: Platydracus formosae
Platydracus plagiicollis: Platydracus plagiicollis
Platyeriocheir formosa: Platyeriocheir formosa
Platygyra carnosus: Platygyra carnosus
Platygyra sinensis: Platygyra sinensis
Platyja umminia: Platyja umminia
Platylabus brilliantus: Platylabus brilliantus
Platylabus taiwanus: Platylabus taiwanus
Platylabus takeuchii: Platylabus takeuchii
Platylambrus echinatus: Platylambrus echinatus
Platylambrus validus: Platylambrus validus
Platylister cambojensis: Platylister cambojensis
Platylister unicus: Platylister unicus
Platylophus galericulatus: Platylophus galericulatus(2)
Platymeris laevicollis: Platymeris laevicollis
Platynaspidius maculosus: Platynaspidius maculosus
Platynus laetus: Platynus laetus
Platynus punctatus: Platynus punctatus
Platynus viridis: Platynus viridis
Platypalpus coarctiformis: Platypalpus coarctiformis
Platypleura takasagona: Platypleura takasagona
Platypodia granulosa: Platypodia granulosa
Platypodia semigranosa: Platypodia semigranosa
Platypodia tomentosa: Platypodia tomentosa(2)
Platypoecilus mentalis: Poecilla velifera
Platyprosops aequalis: Platyprosops aequalis
Platyprosopus aequalis: Platyprosopus aequalis
Platyptilia citropleura: Platyptilia citropleura
Platypus arisannensis: Platypus arisannensis
Platypus beaveri: Platypus beaveri
Platypus contaminatus: Platypus contaminatus
Platypus curtus: Platypus curtus
Platypus dasycauda: Platypus dasycauda
Platypus formosanus: Platypus formosanus
Platypus horishensis: Platypus horishensis
Platypus indicus: Platypus indicus
Platypus kiushuensis: Platypus kiushuensis
Platypus koryoensis: Platypus koryoensis
Platypus lewisi: Platypus lewisi
Platypus lunatulus: Platypus lunatulus
Platypus modestus: Platypus modestus
Platypus niijimai: Platypus niijimai
Platypus obtusipennis: Platypus obtusipennis
Platypus octodentatus: Platypus octodentatus
Platypus querci: Platypus querci
Platypus quercivorus: Platypus quercivorus
Platypus taiheizanensis: Platypus taiheizanensis
Platyrhaphe minutus: Platyrhaphe minutus
Platyrhina limboonkengi: Platyrhina limboonkengi(2)
Platyrhina sinensis: Platyrhina sinensis(2)
Platyrhina sinensis: Rhina sinensis
Platysmurus leucopterus: Platysmurus leucopterus(3)
Platysoma celatum: Platysoma celatum
Platysoma chinense: Platysoma chinense
Platysoma takehikoi: Platysoma takehikoi
Platysquilla eusebia: Platysquilla eusebia
Platysternon megacephalum: Platysternon megacephalum
Platyxiphydria antennata: Platyxiphydria antennata
Platyzosteria nitida: Platyzosteria nitida
Plecoglossus altivelis: Plecoglossus altivelis(2)
Plecoptera reflexa: Plecoptera reflexa
Plecoptera uniformis: Plecoptera uniformis
Plecotrema lirata: Plecotrema lirata(2)
Plecotrema punctostriata: Plecotrema punctostriata
Plecotus taivanus: Plecotus taivanus
Plectonema nostocorum: Plectonema nostocorum
Plectonema schmidlei: Plectonema schmidlei
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: Diagramma albovittatum
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: Diagramma giganteum
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: Gaterin albovittatus
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: Plectorhinchus albovittatus(2)
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: Plectorhinchus harrawayi
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: Plectorhinchus obscurus
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: Plectorinchus albovittatus
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Gaterin chaetodonoides
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides(5)
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Plectorhinchus chaetodontoides
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Plectorhinchus chaetodontonoides
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Plectorhynchus chaetodonoides
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Plectorhynchus chaetodontoides
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Plectorynchus chaetodonoides
Plectorhinchus chrysotaenia: Diagramma chrysotaenia
Plectorhinchus chrysotaenia: Plectorhinchus celebicus
Plectorhinchus chrysotaenia: Plectorhinchus chrysotaenia(2)
Plectorhinchus cinctus: Diagramma cinctum
Plectorhinchus cinctus: Plectorhinchus cinctus(2)
Plectorhinchus cinctus: Plectorhynchus cinctus
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Diagramma flavomaculatum
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Gaterin citronellus
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Gaterin flavomaculatus
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Gaterin reticulatus
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus(2)
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Plectorhinchus reticulatus
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Plectorhynchus flavomaculatus
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Plectorinchus flavomaculatus
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Diagramma gibbosus
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Gaterin niger
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Plectorhinchus gibbosus(4)
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Plectorhynchus gibbus
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Plectorhynchus nigrus
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Plectorinchus gibbosus
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Pseudopristipoma nigra
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Pseudopristipoma nigrus
Plectorhinchus lessonii: Diagramma lessonii
Plectorhinchus lessonii: Plectorhinchus diagrammus
Plectorhinchus lessonii: Plectorhinchus lessonii(2)
Plectorhinchus lineatus: Perca lineata
Plectorhinchus lineatus: Plectorhinchus goldmanni
Plectorhinchus lineatus: Plectorhinchus lessonii
Plectorhinchus lineatus: Plectorhinchus lineatum
Plectorhinchus lineatus: Plectorhinchus lineatus(2)
Plectorhinchus lineatus: Plectorhynchus lineatus
Plectorhinchus pictus: Gaterin pictus
Plectorhinchus pictus: Hapalogenys pictus
Plectorhinchus pictus: Plectorhinchus pictus(2)
Plectorhinchus pictus: Plectorhynchus pictus
Plectorhinchus pictus: Plectorhyncus pictus
Plectorhinchus pictus: Plectorynchus pictus
Plectorhinchus picus: Diagramma pica
Plectorhinchus picus: Gaterin picus
Plectorhinchus picus: Plectorhinchus orientalis
Plectorhinchus picus: Plectorhinchus picus(2)
Plectorhinchus picus: Plectorhynchus picus
Plectorhinchus picus: Plectrorhynchus picus
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Diagramma durbanense
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Diagramma griseum
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Gaterin griseum
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Gaterin schotaf
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Gaterin sordidum
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Plectorhinchus griseus
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Plectorhinchus schotaf(2)
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Plectorhynchus schhotaf
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Plectorhynchus schotaf
Plectorhinchus schotaf: Sciaena schotaf
Plectorhinchus vittatus: Bodian cuvier
Plectorhinchus vittatus: Perca vittata
Plectorhinchus vittatus: Plectorhinchus orientalis
Plectorhinchus vittatus: Plectorhinchus vittatus(2)
Plectorhinchus vittatus: Plectorhynchus vittatus
Plectorhinchus vittatus: Plectorinchus vittatus
Plectorhynchus pictus: Plectorhynchus pictus
Plectranthias helenae: Plectranthias helenae(2)
Plectranthias japonicus: Isobuna japonica
Plectranthias japonicus: Paracirrhites japonicus
Plectranthias japonicus: Plectranthias japonicus(2)
Plectranthias japonicus: Sayonara mitsukurii
Plectranthias japonicus: Sayonara satsumae
Plectranthias jothyi: Plectranthias jothyi(2)
Plectranthias kamii: Plectranthias kamii(2)
Plectranthias kelloggi: Anthias japonicus
Plectranthias kelloggi: Anthias kelloggi
Plectranthias kelloggi: Anthias rubromaculatus
Plectranthias kelloggi: Plectranthias kelloggi(3)
Plectranthias kelloggi: Plectranthias rubromaculatus
Plectranthias kelloggi: Pseudanthias azumanus
Plectranthias kelloggi: Pseudanthias kelloggi
Plectranthias kelloggi: Zalanthias kelloggi
Plectranthias longimanus: Plectranthias longimanus(2)
Plectranthias longimanus: Pteranthias longimanus
Plectranthias nanus: Plectranthias nanus(2)
Plectranthias nanus: Pteranthias longimanus
Plectranthias randalli: Plectranthias randalli(2)
Plectranthias sheni: Plectranthias anthioides
Plectranthias sheni: Plectranthias kamii
Plectranthias sheni: Plectranthias sheni(2)
Plectranthias wheeleri: Plectranthias wheeleri(2)
Plectranthias whiteheadi: Anthias megalepis
Plectranthias whiteheadi: Plectranthias chungchowensis
Plectranthias whiteheadi: Plectranthias whiteheadi(2)
Plectranthias winniensis: Plectranthias winniensis(2)
Plectranthias winniensis: Pteranthias winniensis
Plectranthias yamakawai: Plectranthias anthioides
Plectranthias yamakawai: Plectranthias yamakawai(2)
Plectrogenium nanum: Plectrogenium nanum(2)
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: Abudefduf dicki
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: Abudefduf dickii
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: Glyphidodon unifasciatus
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: Glyphisodon dickii
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: Paraglyphidodon dickii
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: Plectoglyphidodon dickii
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: Plectroglyphidodon dickii(2)
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: Abudefduf caeruleomaculatus
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: Abudefduf imparipennis
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: Abudefduf iwasakii
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: Chromis elaphrus
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: Chrysiptera prughi
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: Glyphisodon imparipennis
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: Oliglyphisodon caeruleomaculatus
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis(2)
Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus: Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus(2)
Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus: Plectroglyphidodon nitidus
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: Abudefduf florulentus
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: Abudefduf lacrymatus
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: Glyphidodon florulentus
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: Glyphisodon lacrymatus
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: Glyphisodon nivosus
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: Plectoglyphidodon lacrymatus
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus(2)
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Abudefduf atrapinna
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Abudefduf behnii
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Abudefduf cingulum
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Abudefduf corneyi
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Abudefduf leucozona
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Abudefduf leucozonus
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Abudefduf melanozonatus
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Abudefduf yamashinai
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Chrysiptera yamashinai
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Glyphidodon cingulum
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Glyphisodon leucozona
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Plectroglyphidodon leucozona
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus(3)
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: Plectroglyphitodon leucozona
Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis: Abudefduf albofasciatus
Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis: Abudefduf phoenixensis
Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis: Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis(2)
Plectrophenax nivalis: Plectrophenax nivalis(2)
Plectropomus areolatus: Plectropoma areolatum
Plectropomus areolatus: Plectropoma maculatum
Plectropomus areolatus: Plectropomus areolatum
Plectropomus areolatus: Plectropomus areolatus
Plectropomus areolatus: Plectropomus trancatus
Plectropomus areolatus: Plectropomus truncatus
Plectropomus laevis: Bodianus cyclostomus
Plectropomus laevis: Bodianus melanoleucos
Plectropomus laevis: Bodianus melanoleucus
Plectropomus laevis: Labrus laevis
Plectropomus laevis: Paracanthistius maculatus
Plectropomus laevis: Paracanthistius melanoleucus
Plectropomus laevis: Plectropoma maculatum(4)
Plectropomus laevis: Plectropoma melanoleucum
Plectropomus laevis: Plectropomus laevis(2)
Plectropomus laevis: Plectropomus leopardus
Plectropomus laevis: Plectropomus maculatum
Plectropomus laevis: Plectropomus maculatus
Plectropomus laevis: Plectropomus melanoleucus
Plectropomus leopardus: Acanthistius leopardinus
Plectropomus leopardus: Cephalopholis miniatus
Plectropomus leopardus: Holocentrus leopardus
Plectropomus leopardus: Paracanthistius suji
Plectropomus leopardus: Plectropoma cyanostigma
Plectropomus leopardus: Plectropoma leopardinus
Plectropomus leopardus: Plectropoma maculatum(2)
Plectropomus leopardus: Plectropomus leopardus(3)
Plectropomus leopardus: Plectropomus maculatus
Plectropomus maculatus: Plectropomus maculatus(2)
Plectropomus melanoleucus: Plectropomus melanoleucus(3)
Plectropomus pessuliferus: Plectropomus pessuliferus
Plectrosternus rufus: Plectrosternus rufus
Plectrypops lima: Holotrachys lima
Plectrypops lima: Myripristis lima
Plectrypops lima: Myripristis lina
Plectrypops lima: Plectotrypops lima
Plectrypops lima: Plectripops lima
Plectrypops lima: Plectrypops lima(2)
Plegadis chihi: Plegadis chihi
Plegadis falcinellus: Plegadis falcinellus(3)
Pleistacantha oryx: Pleistacantha oryx
Plerogyra sinuosa: Plerogyra sinuosa(2)
Plesiobatis daviesi: Plesiobatis daviesi(2)
Plesiobatis daviesi: Urolophus marmoratus
Plesiobatis daviesi: Urotrygon davesi
Plesiobatis daviesi: Urotrygon daviesi
Plesiomorpha flaviceps: Plesiomorpha flaviceps
Plesionika albocristata: Plesionika albocristata
Plesionika alcocki: Plesionika alcocki
Plesionika bifurca: Plesionika bifurca
Plesionika bimaculata: Plesionika bimaculata
Plesionika carsini: Plesionika carsini
Plesionika crosnieri: Plesionika crosnieri
Plesionika edwardsii: Plesionika edwardsii
Plesionika ensis: Plesionika ensis
Plesionika erythrocyclus: Plesionika erythrocyclus
Plesionika fimbriata: Plesionika fimbriata
Plesionika grandis: Plesionika grandis
Plesionika hsuehyui: Plesionika hsuehyui
Plesionika indica: Plesionika indica
Plesionika izumiae: Plesionika izumiae
Plesionika kensleyi: Plesionika kensleyi
Plesionika lophotes: Plesionika lophotes
Plesionika narval: Plesionika narval
Plesionika nesisi: Plesionika nesisi
Plesionika ocellus: Plesionika ocellus
Plesionika orientalis: Plesionika orientalis
Plesionika ortmanni: Plesionika ortmanni
Plesionika picta: Plesionika picta
Plesionika protati: Plesionika protati
Plesionika quasigrandis: Plesionika quasigrandis
Plesionika reflexa: Plesionika reflexa
Plesionika rufomaculata: Plesionika rufomaculata
Plesionika scopifera: Plesionika scopifera
Plesionika semilaevis: Plesionika semilaevis
Plesionika simulatrix: Plesionika simulatrix
Plesionika sindoi: Plesionika sindoi
Plesionika spinensis: Plesionika spinensis
Plesionika spinidorsalis: Plesionika spinidorsalis
Plesionika suffusa: Plesionika suffusa
Plesionika taiwanica: Plesionika taiwanica
Plesionika unidens: Plesionika unidens
Plesionika williamsi: Plesionika williamsi
Plesionika yui: Plesionika yui
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: Pharopteryx melas
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: Pharopteryx semeion
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: Plesiops caeruleolineatus
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: Plesiops coeruleolineatus(2)
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: Plesiops corallicola
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: Plesiops melas
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: Plesiops nigricans(2)
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: Plesiops semeion
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: Pseudochromichthys riukianus
Plesiops corallicola: Plesiops corallicola(2)
Plesiops corallicola: Plesiops nigricans
Plesiops nakaharai: Pharopteryx nakaharae
Plesiops nakaharai: Plesiops nakaharae
Plesiops nakaharai: Plesiops nakaharai(2)
Plesiops nakaharai: Plesiops nakaharoe
Plesiops oxycephalus: Plesiops oxycephalus(3)
Plesiops verecundus: Plesiops cephalotaenia
Plesiops verecundus: Plesiops coeruleolineatus
Plesiops verecundus: Plesiops verecundus
Plesiotrochus acutangulus: Plesiotrochus acutangulus
Plesiotrochus exilis: Plesiotrochus exilis
Plestiodon chinensis: Plestiodon chinensis
Plethobasus cicatricosus: Plethobasus cicatricosus
Plethobasus cooperianus: Plethobasus cooperianus
Pletholophus discoidea: Pletholophus discoidea
Pleurobema plenum: Pleurobema plenum
Pleurobranchus forskalii: Pleurobranchus forskalii
Pleuromamma borealis: Pleuromamma borealis
Pleuromamma gracilis: Pleuromamma gracilis
Pleuromamma robusta: Pleuromamma robusta
Pleuronema crassum: Pleuronema crassum
Pleuronichthys cornutus: Platessa cornuta
Pleuronichthys cornutus: Pleuronectes cornutus
Pleuronichthys cornutus: Pleuronichthys cornutus(2)
Pleuronichthys cornutus: Pleuronichthys lighti
Pleuroploca filamentosa: Pleuroploca filamentosa
Pleuroploca trapezium: Pleuroploca trapezium(2)
Pleuroptya balteata: Pleuroptya balteata
Pleuroptya deficiens: Pleuroptya deficiens
Pleuroptya ruralis: Pleuroptya ruralis
Pleurosicya bilobatus: Pleurosicya bilobatus
Pleurosicya elongata: Pleurosicya elongata
Pleurosicya labiata: Pleurosicya labiata
Pleurosicya micheli: Pleurosicya micheli(2)
Pleurosicya micheli: Pleurosycia micheli
Pleurosicya mossambica: Pleurosicya mossambica(2)
Plexiphleps stellifera: Plexiphleps stellifera
Plexippus paykulli: Plexippus paykulli
Plicatula australis: Plicatula australis(2)
Plicatula chinensis: Plicatula chinensis
Plicatula horrida: Plicatula horrida
Plicatula plicata: Plicatula plicata
Plicatula simplex: Plicatula simplex
Plicaxis mirabilis: Plicaxis mirabilis
Plicaxis perakensis: Plicaxis perakensis
Plicofollis nella: Arius leiotetocephalus
Plicofollis nella: Arius nella
Plicofollis nella: Pimelodus nella
Plicofollis nella: Plicofollis nella
Plicofollis nella: Trachysurus leiotetocephalus
Plicofollis polystaphylodon: Arius polystaphilodon
Plicofollis polystaphylodon: Arius polystaphylodon
Plicofollis polystaphylodon: Plicofollis polystaphylodon
Plicofollis polystaphylodon: Tachysurus polystaphylodon
Plocaederus bicolor: Plocaederus bicolor
Plocamopherus ceylonicus: Plocamopherus ceylonicus
Ploceus cucullatus: Ploceus cucullatus(2)
Ploceus manyar: Ploceus manyar
Ploceus philippinus: Ploceus philippinus(48000)
Plodia interpunctella: Plodia interpunctella
Plotosus canius: Plotosus canius(2)
Plotosus lineatus: Arius thalassinus
Plotosus lineatus: Platystacus anguillaris
Plotosus lineatus: Plotoseus ikapor
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus anguillaris
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus arab
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus brevibarbus
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus castaneoides
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus castaneus
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus flavolineatus
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus ikapor
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus limbatus
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus lineatus(3)
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus marginatus
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus thunbergianus
Plotosus lineatus: Plotosus vittatus
Plotosus lineatus: Silurus arab
Plotosus lineatus: Silurus lineatus
Plusiodonta coelonota: Plusiodonta coelonota
Plusiopalpa adrasta: Plusiopalpa adrasta
Plutella xylostella: Plutella xylostella
Pluvialis fulva: Pluvialis fulva(8)
Pluvialis squatarola: Pluvialis squatarola(6)
Pnoepyga pusilla: Pnoepyga pusilla(4)
Pocillopora damicornis: Pocillopora damicornis(2)
Pocillopora eydouxi: Pocillopora eydouxi
Pocillopora meandrina: Pocillopora meandrina
Pocillopora verrucosa: Pocillopora verrucosa(2)
Pocillopora woodjonesi: Pocillopora woodjonesi
Podabacia crustacea: Podabacia crustacea
Podagricomela nigricollis: Podagricomela nigricollis
Podagrion dispar: Podagrion dispar
Podagritus albipes: Podagritus albipes
Podarcis lilfordi: Podarcis lilfordi
Podarcis pityusensis: Podarcis pityusensis
Podiceps auritus: Podiceps auritus(3)
Podiceps cristatus: Podiceps cristatus(2)
Podiceps grisegena: Podiceps grisegena
Podiceps nigricollis: Podiceps nigricollis(3)
Podilymbus podiceps: Podilymbus podiceps
Podocnemis unifilis: Podocnemis unifilis
Pododesmus caelata: Pododesmus caelata
Podontia lutea: Podontia lutea
Poecilia latipinna: Limia matamorensis
Poecilia latipinna: Limia poeciloides
Poecilia latipinna: Mollienesia latipinna
Poecilia latipinna: Mollienisia latipinna
Poecilia latipinna: Poecilia latipinna(6)
Poecilia latipinna: Poecilia lineolata
Poecilia latipinna: Poecilia multilineata
Poecilia reticulata: Acanthophacelus guppii(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Acanthophacelus reticulatus(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Girardinus guppii(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Girardinus reticulatus(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Haridichthys reticulatus(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Heterandria guppyi(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Lebistes poecilioides(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Lebistes poeciloides(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Lebistes reticulatus(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Poecilia reticulata(4)
Poecilia reticulata: Poecilia reticulatus(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Poecilioides reticulatus(2)
Poecilia sphenops: Poecilia sphenops(3)
Poecilia velifera: Mollienesia velifera
Poecilia velifera: Poecilia velifera(2)
Poecilisomella furcata: Poecilisomella furcata
Poecilisomella multipunctata: Poecilisomella multipunctata
Poecilisomella varians: Poecilisomella varians
Poecilocampa populi: Poecilocampa populi
Poeciloconger fasciatus: Poeciloconger fasciatus
Poecilomorpha pretiosa: Poecilomorpha pretiosa
Poecilopsetta natalensis: Poecilopsetta natalensis(2)
Poecilopsetta plinthus: Alaeops plinthus
Poecilopsetta plinthus: Poecilopsetta plinthus(2)
Poecilopsetta praelonga: Boopsetta umbrarum
Poecilopsetta praelonga: Poecilopsetta praelonga(2)
Poephila acuticauda: Poephila acuticauda
Poephila cincta: Poephila cincta(2)
Poephila personata: Poephila personata
Pogona barbata: Pogona barbata
Pogona vitticeps: Pogona vitticeps(2)
Pogonoperca punctata: Grammistes punctatus
Pogonoperca punctata: Pogonoperca ocellata
Pogonoperca punctata: Pogonoperca punctata(2)
Pogonoperca punctata: Pogonoperca punctatus
Pogonoperca punctata: Pogonoperca reticulata
Poicephalus cryptoxanthus: Poicephalus cryptoxanthus
Poicephalus gulielmi: Poicephalus gulielmi
Poicephalus meyeri: Poicephalus meyeri
Poicephalus robustus: Poicephalus robustus
Poicephalus rueppelli: Poicephalus rueppelli
Poicephalus rufiventris: Poicephalus rufiventris
Poicephalus senegalus: Poicephalus senegalus
Polacus longicornis: Polacus longicornis
Polemistus formosus: Polemistus formosus
Polia adustaeoides: Polia adustaeoides
Polia goliath: Polia goliath
Polia mortua: Polia mortua(2)
Polididus armatissimus: Polididus armatissimus
Polinices albumen: Polinices albumen(2)
Polinices aurantius: Polinices aurantius
Polinices bathyraphe: Polinices bathyraphe
Polinices bicolor: Polinices bicolor
Polinices didyma: Polinices didyma(3)
Polinices effusus: Polinices effusus
Polinices flemingianus: Polinices flemingianus
Polinices fortunei: Polinices fortunei
Polinices mammata: Polinices mammata
Polinices mammatus: Polinices mammatus(6)
Polinices mammilla: Polinices mammilla(2)
Polinices melanostoma: Polinices melanostoma
Polinices melanostomoides: Polinices melanostomoides(2)
Polinices melanostomus: Polinices melanostomus(2)
Polinices nux: Polinices nux
Polinices peselephanti: Polinices peselephanti(2)
Polinices plicispira: Polinices plicispira
Polinices powisianus: Polinices powisianus
Polinices reiniana: Polinices reiniana
Polinices sagamiensis: Polinices sagamiensis
Polinices sebae: Polinices sebae(2)
Polinices simiae: Polinices simiae
Polinices tumidus: Polinices tumidus
Polinices vesicalis: Polinices vesicalis
Polistes aurifer: Fuscatus aurifer(2)
Polistes chinensis: Polistes chinensis
Polistes gigas: Polistes gigas
Polistes olivaceous: Polistes olivaceous
Polistes strigosus: Polistes strigosus
Pollanista inconspicua: Pollanista inconspicua
Pollaplonyx eriophorus: Pollaplonyx eriophorus
Pollia fumosus: Pollia fumosus
Pollia mollis: Pollia mollis
Pollia proteus: Pollia proteus
Pollia rubiginosus: Pollia rubiginosus
Pollia undosa: Pollia undosa
Pollia undosus: Pollia undosus
Pollichthys mauli: Pollichthys mauli(2)
Pollichthys mauli: Yarella mauli
Pollichthys mauli: Yarrella blackfordi
Pollinia luteola: Pollinia luteola
Poltys idae: Poltys idae
Polyacanthonotus challengeri: Macdonaldia alta
Polyacanthonotus challengeri: Macdonaldia challengeri
Polyacanthonotus challengeri: Macdonaldia longa
Polyacanthonotus challengeri: Notacanthus challengeri
Polyacanthonotus challengeri: Polyacanthonotus altus
Polyacanthonotus challengeri: Polyacanthonotus challengeri(2)
Polyacanthonotus challengeri: Polyacanthonotus longus
Polybranchia orientalis: Polybranchia orientalis
Polycentrus schomburgki: Polycentrus schomburgki(3)
Polycheira fusca: Polycheira fusca
Polycheles aculeatus: Polycheles aculeatus
Polycheles typhlops: Polycheles typhlops
Polydactylus microstomus: Polydactylus microstoma
Polydactylus microstomus: Polydactylus microstomus(2)
Polydactylus microstomus: Polydactylus plebeius
Polydactylus microstomus: Polydactylus sextarius
Polydactylus microstomus: Polydactylus zophomus
Polydactylus microstomus: Polynemus microstoma
Polydactylus plebeius: Polydactylus microstoma
Polydactylus plebeius: Polydactylus plebeius(2)
Polydactylus plebeius: Polydactylus plebejus
Polydactylus plebeius: Polydactylus plebius
Polydactylus plebeius: Polynemus agonasi
Polydactylus plebeius: Polynemus commersonii
Polydactylus plebeius: Polynemus emoi
Polydactylus plebeius: Polynemus lineatus
Polydactylus plebeius: Polynemus lydiae
Polydactylus plebeius: Polynemus niloticus
Polydactylus plebeius: Polynemus plebeius
Polydactylus plebeius: Polynemus plebejus
Polydactylus plebeius: Polynemus plebius
Polydactylus plebeius: Trichidion plebejum
Polydactylus plebeius: Trichidion plebejus
Polydactylus plebius: Polydactylus plebius
Polydactylus sexfilis: Filimanus xanthonema
Polydactylus sexfilis: Polydactylus kuru
Polydactylus sexfilis: Polydactylus sexfilis(2)
Polydactylus sexfilis: Polynemus kurru
Polydactylus sexfilis: Polynemus kuru
Polydactylus sexfilis: Polynemus sexfilis
Polydactylus sextarius: Filimanus heptadactyla
Polydactylus sextarius: Polydactylus sextarius(3)
Polydactylus sextarius: Polynemus sextarius
Polydactylus sextarius: Trichidion sextarius
Polydesma boarmoides: Polydesma boarmoides
Polydora cornuta: Polydora cornuta
Polydora fusca: Polydora fusca
Polydora villosa: Polydora villosa
Polydrusus pulchellus: Polydrusus pulchellus
Polyedilum ciliatum: Polyedilum ciliatum
Polygonia c-album: Polygonia c-album
Polygonia c-aureum: Polygonia c-aureum
Polygonia canace: Polygonia canace
Polyipnus danae: Polyipnus danae(2)
Polyipnus spinifer: Polyipnus spinifer(2)
Polyipnus spinifer: Polyipnus spinosus
Polyipnus spinifer: Polyipnus tridentifer
Polyipnus spinosus: Polyipnus spinosis
Polyipnus spinosus: Polyipnus spinosus(2)
Polyipnus spinosus: Polypnus spinosus
Polyipnus stereope: Polyipnus spinosus(2)
Polyipnus stereope: Polyipnus stereope(2)
Polyipnus stereope: Polyipnus sterope
Polyipnus tridentifer: Polyipnus tridentifer
Polyipnus tridentifer: Polyipnus trigentifer
Polyipnus triphanos: Polyipnus triphanos(2)
Polyipnus triphanos: Polyipus triphanos
Polyipnus unispinus: Polyipnus unispinus
Polymesoda expansa: Polymesoda expansa(2)
Polymesoda zeylanica: Polymesoda zeylanica
Polymetme elongata: Polymetme elongata(2)
Polymetme elongata: Yarrella blackfordi
Polymixia berndti: Neobrama webbii
Polymixia berndti: Polymixia berndti(2)
Polymixia berndti: Polymixia nobilis
Polymixia japonica: Polymixia japonica(2)
Polymixia japonica: Polymixia japonicus
Polymixia longispina: Polymixia kawadae
Polymixia longispina: Polymixia longispina(2)
Polymorphus formosus: Polymorphus formosus
Polynices albumen: Polynices albumen
Polynices didyma: Polynices didyma
Polynices mammilla: Polynices mammilla
Polynices melancstomoides: Polynices melancstomoides
Polynices melanostomoides: Polynices melanostomoides
Polynices pyriformis: Polynices pyriformis
Polyodon spathula: Polyodon spathula(3)
Polyommatus icarus: Polyommatus icarus
Polyonyx sinensis: Polyonyx sinensis
Polypedates colletti: Polypedates colletti(2)
Polypedates leucomystax: Polypedates leucomystax(27501)
Polypedates leucomystax: Polypedates rugosus
Polypedates leucomystax: Polypedates teraiensis
Polypedates macrotis: Polypedates macrotis(2)
Polypedates maculatus: Rhacophorus maculatus
Polypedates megacephalus: Polypedates megacephalus
Polypedates otilophus: Polypedates otilophus
Polyphylla minor: Polyphylla minor
Polyplax spinulosa: Polyplax spinulosa
Polyplectron bicalcaratum: Polyplectron bicalcaratum
Polyplectron emphanum: Polyplectron emphanum
Polyplectron germaini: Polyplectron germaini
Polyplectron inopinatum: Polyplectron inopinatum(2)
Polyplectron malacense: Polyplectron malacense(3)
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: Polyplectron schleiermacheri(3)
Polyplectropus inaequalis: Polyplectropus inaequalis
Polyprion americanus: Polyprion americanus
Polyprion oxygeneios: Polyprion oxygeneios
Polypterus delhezi: Polypterus delhezi
Polypterus endlicheri: Polypterus endlicheri
Polypterus ornatipinnis: Polypterus ornatipinnis
Polypterus weeksii: Polypterus weeksii
Polyptremis lubricans: Polyptremis lubricans
Polyptychus chinensis: Polyptychus chinensis
Polyrhachis dives: Polyrhachis dives
Polyrhachis illaudata: Polyrhachis illaudata
Polyrhachis lamellidens: Polyrhachis lamellidens
Polyrhachis latona: Polyrhachis latona
Polyrhachis mesota: Polyrhachis mesota
Polyrhachis murina: Polyrhachis murina
Polyrhachis pyrgops: Polyrhachis pyrgops
Polyrhachis rastellata: Polyrhachis rastellata
Polyrhachis tyrannicus: Polyrhachis tyrannicus
Polyrhachis wolfi: Polyrhachis wolfi
Polystenus rugosus: Polystenus rugosus
Polytelis alexandrae: Polytelis alexandrae
Polytelis swainsonii: Polytelis swainsonii
Polythlipta divaricata: Polythlipta divaricata
Polytremis discreta: Polytremis discreta(2)
Polytremis eltola: Polytremis eltola
Polytremis minuta: Polytremis minuta
Polyura athamas: Polyura athamas
Polyura delphis: Polyura delphis
Polyura eudamippus: Polyura eudamippus
Polyura hebe: Polyura hebe
Polyura jalysus: Polyura jalysus
Polyura moori: Polyura moori
Polyura plautus: Polyura plautus
Polyura schreiberi: Polyura schreiberi
Pomacanthus annularis: Chaetodon annularis
Pomacanthus annularis: Pomacanthodes annularis
Pomacanthus annularis: Pomacanthus annularis(6)
Pomacanthus arcuatus: Pomacanthus arcuatus(3)
Pomacanthus chrysurus: Pomacanthus chrysurus(3)
Pomacanthus imperator: Acanthochaetodon imperator
Pomacanthus imperator: Acanthochaetodon nicobariensis
Pomacanthus imperator: Chaetodon imperator
Pomacanthus imperator: Chaetodon nicobariensis
Pomacanthus imperator: Holacanthus imperator
Pomacanthus imperator: Holacanthus nicobariensis
Pomacanthus imperator: Pomacanthodes imperator(2)
Pomacanthus imperator: Pomacanthus imperator(6)
Pomacanthus imperator: Pomacanthus nicobariensis
Pomacanthus maculosus: Pomacanthus maculosus(3)
Pomacanthus paru: Pomacanthus paru(3)
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Holacanthus alternans
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Holacanthus lepidolepis
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Holacanthus reginae
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Holacanthus semicirculatus
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Pomacanthops semicirculatus(2)
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Pomacanthus semicirculatus(2)
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Pomocanthus semicirculatus
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: Arusetta sexstriatus
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: Euxiphipops sexstriatus
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: Holacanthus sexstriatus
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: Pomacanthus sexstriatus(2)
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: Pomacanthus sextriatus
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: Euxiphipops xanthometopon
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: Holacanthus xanthometopon
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: Pomacanthus xanthometopon(3)
Pomacanthus zonipectus: Pomacanthus zonipectus(3)
Pomacea bridgesii: Pomacea bridgesii
Pomacea canaliculata: Pomacea canaliculata(89700)
Pomacea lineata: Pomacea lineata
Pomacea scalaris: Pomacea scalaris(2)
Pomacentrus albimaculus: Pomacentrus albimaculatus
Pomacentrus albimaculus: Pomacentrus albimaculus(2)
Pomacentrus amboinensis: Pomacentrus amboinensis(2)
Pomacentrus amboinensis: Pomacentrus dimidiatus
Pomacentrus bankanensis: Pomacentrus bankanensis(2)
Pomacentrus bankanensis: Pomacentrus delurus
Pomacentrus bankanensis: Pomacentrus dorsalis
Pomacentrus brachialis: Pomacentrus brachialis(2)
Pomacentrus brachialis: Pomacentrus melanopterus
Pomacentrus brachialis: Pseudopomacentrus rainfordi
Pomacentrus chrysurus: Pomacentrus chrysurus(2)
Pomacentrus chrysurus: Pomacentrus flavicauda
Pomacentrus chrysurus: Pomacentrus hogoleuensis
Pomacentrus chrysurus: Pomacentrus luteocaudatus
Pomacentrus chrysurus: Pomacentrus rhodonotatus
Pomacentrus chrysurus: Pomacentrus rhodonotus
Pomacentrus coelestis: Pomacentrus coelestis(2)
Pomacentrus coelestis: Pomacentrus coelistis
Pomacentrus grammorhynchus: Pomacentrus grammorhynchus(2)
Pomacentrus lepidogenys: Pomacentrus lepidogenys(2)
Pomacentrus moluccensis: Pomacentrus molluccensis
Pomacentrus moluccensis: Pomacentrus moluccensis(2)
Pomacentrus moluccensis: Pomacentrus popei
Pomacentrus moluccensis: Pomacentrus sufflavus
Pomacentrus nagasakiensis: Pomacentrus arenarius
Pomacentrus nagasakiensis: Pomacentrus nagasakiensis(2)
Pomacentrus nigromarginatus: Pomacentrus nigromarginatus(2)
Pomacentrus pavo: Chaetodon pavo
Pomacentrus pavo: Holocentrus diacanthus
Pomacentrus pavo: Pomacentrus caudovittatus
Pomacentrus pavo: Pomacentrus furcatus
Pomacentrus pavo: Pomacentrus hainanensis
Pomacentrus pavo: Pomacentrus notatus
Pomacentrus pavo: Pomacentrus pavo(2)
Pomacentrus pavo: Pomacentrus pavoninus
Pomacentrus pavo: Pomacentrus polynema
Pomacentrus pavo: Pomacentrus suvarovensis
Pomacentrus philippinus: Pomacentrus philippinus(2)
Pomacentrus stigma: Pomacentrus stigma(2)
Pomacentrus stigma: Pomacentrus tablasensis
Pomacentrus taeniometopon: Pomacentrus taeniometopon(2)
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus bilineatus
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus catunco
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus elongatus
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus katunko
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus macleayi
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus montrouzieri
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus obscurus
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus punctatolineatus
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus tripunctatus(2)
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pomacentrus vanicolensis
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pristotis fuscus
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Pseudopomacentrus wardi
Pomacentrus vaiuli: Pomacentrus vaiuli(2)
Pomachromis richardsoni: Abudefduf richardsoni
Pomachromis richardsoni: Pomacentrus richardsoni
Pomachromis richardsoni: Pomachromis richardsoni(2)
Pomachromis richardsoni: Pomachromus richardsoni
Pomadasys argenteus: Coius gudgutia
Pomadasys argenteus: Labrus commersonnii
Pomadasys argenteus: Lutjanus hasta
Pomadasys argenteus: Lutjanus microstomus
Pomadasys argenteus: Polotus nitidus
Pomadasys argenteus: Pomadasys argenteus(2)
Pomadasys argenteus: Pomadasys hasta
Pomadasys argenteus: Pristipoma argenteum
Pomadasys argenteus: Pristipoma chrysobalion
Pomadasys argenteus: Pristipoma commersonnii
Pomadasys argenteus: Pristipoma hasta
Pomadasys argenteus: Pristipoma manadense
Pomadasys argenteus: Pristipoma nageb
Pomadasys argenteus: Sciaena argentea
Pomadasys auritus: Pomadasys auritus
Pomadasys hasta: Pomadasys hasta
Pomadasys kaakan: Pomadasys hasta
Pomadasys kaakan: Pomadasys kaakan(3)
Pomadasys kaakan: Pomadasys kakaan
Pomadasys kaakan: Pomadasys nageb
Pomadasys kaakan: Pristipoma kaakan
Pomadasys maculatus: Anthias maculatus
Pomadasys maculatus: Lutjanus maculatus
Pomadasys maculatus: Pomadasys maculata
Pomadasys maculatus: Pomadasys maculatum
Pomadasys maculatus: Pomadasys maculatus(2)
Pomadasys maculatus: Pristipoma caripa
Pomadasys quadrilineatus: Pomadasys quadrilineatus(2)
Pomadasys quadrilineatus: Pomadasys striatum
Pomadasys quadrilineatus: Pomadasys stridens
Pomadasys quadrilineatus: Rhonciscus striatum
Pomatomus saltatrix: Cheilodipterus heptacanthus
Pomatomus saltatrix: Cheilodipterus saltatrix
Pomatomus saltatrix: Chromis epicurorum
Pomatomus saltatrix: Gasterosteus saltatrix
Pomatomus saltatrix: Gonenion serra
Pomatomus saltatrix: Lopharis mediterraneus
Pomatomus saltatrix: Perca lophar
Pomatomus saltatrix: Pomatomix saltatrix
Pomatomus saltatrix: Pomatomus pedica
Pomatomus saltatrix: Pomatomus saltator
Pomatomus saltatrix: Pomatomus saltatrix(2)
Pomatomus saltatrix: Pomatomus skib
Pomatomus saltatrix: Scomer sypterus
Pomatomus saltatrix: Sparactodon nalnal
Pomatomus saltatrix: Sypterus pallasii
Pomatomus saltatrix: Temnodon conidens
Pomatomus saltatrix: Temnodon saltator
Pomatomus saltatrix: Temnodon tubulus
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis
Pomatorhinus hypoleucos: Pomatorhinus hypoleucos(2)
Pomatorhinus montanus: Pomatorhinus montanus(2)
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: Pomatorhinus ruficollis(2)
Pompholys sulcata: Pompholys sulcata
Pompholyx complanata: Pompholyx complanata
Pomponia linearis: Pomponia linearis
Ponera alisana: Ponera alisana
Ponera chiponensis: Ponera chiponensis
Ponera takaminei: Ponera takaminei
Ponera tamon: Ponera tamon
Pongo pygmaeus: Pongo pygmaeus(412000)
Pontella princeps: Pontella princeps
Pontella sinica: Pontella sinica
Pontella tridactyla: Pontella tridactyla
Pontellopsis villosa: Pontellopsis villosa
Pontinus macrocephalus: Pontinus macrocephalus(2)
Pontinus macrocephalus: Sebastes macrocephalus
Pontinus tentacularis: Nemapontinus tentacularis
Pontinus tentacularis: Pontinus tentacularis(2)
Pontinus tentacularis: Sebastes nematophthalmus
Pontinus tentacularis: Sebastichthys nematophthalmus
Pontiosquilla mauiana: Pontiosquilla mauiana
Pontiothauma fusiformis: Pontiothauma fusiformis
Pontocaris pennata: Pontocaris pennata
Pontoscolex corethrurus: Pontoscolex corethrurus
Popeia buniana: Popeia buniana
Popeia fucata: Popeia fucata
Popeia nebularis: Popeia nebularis
Popillia formosana: Popillia formosana
Popillia latimaculata: Popillia latimaculata
Popillia livida: Popillia livida
Popillia mongolica: Popillia mongolica
Popillia mutans: Popillia mutans
Popillia quadriguttata: Popillia quadriguttata
Popillia sauteri: Popillia sauteri
Popillia taiwana: Popillia taiwana
Poppiocapsidea clypeale: Poppiocapsidea clypeale
Porcellanella triloba: Porcellanella triloba
Porites annae: Porites annae
Porites aranetai: Porites aranetai
Porites cylindrica: Porites cylindrica(2)
Porites horizontalata: Porites horizontalata
Porites lobata: Porites lobata(2)
Porites lutea: Porites lutea(3)
Porites negrosensis: Porites negrosensis
Porites nigrescens: Porites nigrescens(2)
Porites rus: Porites rus
Poritia erycinoides: Poritia erycinoides
Poritia hewitsoni: Poritia hewitsoni
Poritia manilia: Poritia manilia
Poritia phama: Poritia phama
Poritia philota: Poritia philota
Poritia pleurata: Poritia pleurata
Poritia promula: Poritia promula
Poritia sumatrae: Poritia sumatrae
Porogadus guentheri: Porogadus guentheri(2)
Porogadus miles: Porogadus miles(2)
Poromitra crassiceps: Melamphaes atlanticus
Poromitra crassiceps: Melamphaes crassiceps
Poromitra crassiceps: Melamphaes cristiceps
Poromitra crassiceps: Melamphaes frontosus
Poromitra crassiceps: Melamphaes nigrofulvus
Poromitra crassiceps: Melamphaes rugosus
Poromitra crassiceps: Plectromus coronatus
Poromitra crassiceps: Plectromus cristiceps
Poromitra crassiceps: Poromitra crassiceps(2)
Poromitra crassiceps: Poromitra cristiceps
Poromitra crassiceps: Poromitrella nigriceps
Poromitra crassiceps: Scopelus crassiceps
Poromitra oscitans: Poromitra oscitans(2)
Poromya carinata: Poromya carinata
Poromya castanea: Poromya castanea
Poromya eximia: Poromya eximia
Poromya flexuosa: Poromya flexuosa
Porphyrio porphyrio: Porphyrio porphyrio(5)
Porrocaecum decipiens: Porrocaecum decipiens
Porrorchis elongatus: Porrorchis elongatus
Portlandia exotica: Portlandia exotica
Portlandia toyamaensis: Portlandia toyamaensis
Portunus granulatus: Portunus granulatus
Portunus pelagicus: Portunus pelagicus(2)
Portunus pubescens: Portunus pubescens
Porzana carolina: Porzana carolina
Porzana cinerea: Porzana cinerea(4)
Porzana cinereus: Porzana cinereus
Porzana fusca: Porzana fusca(5)
Porzana palmeri: Porzana palmeri
Porzana paykullii: Porzana paykullii(3)
Porzana pusilla: Porzana pusilla(5)
Porzana sandwichensis: Porzana sandwichensis
Potamides cingulatus: Potamides cingulatus
Potamides micropterus: Potamides micropterus
Potamilus capax: Potamilus capax
Potamocorbula amurensis: Potamocorbula amurensis
Potamocorbula fasciata: Potamocorbula fasciata
Potanthus confucius: Potanthus confucius
Potanthus diffusus: Potanthus diffusus
Potanthus ganda: Potanthus ganda
Potanthus hetaerus: Potanthus hetaerus
Potanthus juno: Potanthus juno
Potanthus lydia: Potanthus lydia
Potanthus omaha: Potanthus omaha
Potanthus pava: Potanthus pava(2)
Potanthus rectifasciata: Potanthus rectifasciata(2)
Potanthus trachala: Potanthus trachala
Pothyne albolineata: Pothyne albolineata
Pothyne variegata: Pothyne variegata
Potnyctycia taiwana: Potnyctycia taiwana
Praealticus margaritarius: Praealticus bilineatus
Praealticus margaritarius: Praealticus margaritarius(2)
Praealticus margaritarius: Salarias bilineatus
Praealticus striatus: Praealticus striatus(2)
Praealticus tanegasimae: Praealticus tanegasimae(2)
Praealticus tanegasimae: Salarias tanegasimae
Praescutata viperina: Praescutata viperina(2)
Praomys natalensis: Mastomys natalensis
Praomys natalensis: Rattus natalensis
Praon orientale: Praon orientale
Pratapa blanka: Pratapa blanka
Pratapa buto: Pratapa buto
Pratapa cippus: Pratapa cippus
Pratapa cleobis: Pratapa cleobis
Pratapa cleoboides: Pratapa cleoboides
Pratapa ctesia: Pratapa ctesia
Pratapa deudorix: Pratapa deudorix
Pratapa deva: Pratapa deva
Pratapa dominus: Pratapa dominus
Pratapa donatana: Pratapa donatana
Pratapa elioti: Pratapa elioti
Pratapa icetas: Pratapa icetas
Pratapa icetoides: Pratapa icetoides
Pratapa illurgioides: Pratapa illurgioides
Pratapa isaeus: Pratapa isaeus
Pratapa ister: Pratapa ister
Pratapa jalajala: Pratapa jalajala
Pratapa luculentus: Pratapa luculentus
Pratapa maculatus: Pratapa maculatus
Pratapa mantra: Pratapa mantra
Pratapa stigmata: Pratapa stigmata
Pratapa sunia: Pratapa sunia
Pratapa vidura: Pratapa vidura
Pratapa yajna: Pratapa yajna
Precis almana: Precis almana
Precis atlites: Precis atlites
Precis hedonia: Precis hedonia
Precis iphita: Precis iphita
Precis lemonias: Precis lemonias
Precis orithya: Precis orithya
Premnas biaculeatus: Premnas biaculeatus(3)
Presbytis chrysomela: Presbytis chrysomela
Presbytis chrysomelas: Presbytis chrysomelas(2)
Presbytis cristata: Presbytis cristata
Presbytis femoralis: Presbytis femoralis
Presbytis hosei: Presbytis hosei
Presbytis melalophos: Presbytis melalophos
Presbytis natuna: Presbytis natuna
Presbytis natunae: Presbytis natunae(2)
Presbytis potenziani: Presbytis potenziani
Presbytis rubicunda: Presbytis rubicunda
Pretostrea affinis: Pretostrea affinis
Pretostrea imbricata: Pretostrea imbricata
Pretostrea rosacea: Pretostrea rosacea
Priacanthus fitchi: Priacanthus fitchi(2)
Priacanthus hamrur: Anthias macrophthalmus
Priacanthus hamrur: Boops asper
Priacanthus hamrur: Priacanthus dubius
Priacanthus hamrur: Priacanthus fax
Priacanthus hamrur: Priacanthus hamrur(2)
Priacanthus hamrur: Priacanthus hanirur
Priacanthus hamrur: Priacanthus longipinnis
Priacanthus hamrur: Priacanthus schlegelii
Priacanthus hamrur: Priacanthus speculum
Priacanthus hamrur: Sciaena hamrur
Priacanthus macracanthus: Priacanthus benmebari
Priacanthus macracanthus: Priacanthus bleekeri
Priacanthus macracanthus: Priacanthus junonis
Priacanthus macracanthus: Priacanthus macracanthus(2)
Priacanthus macracanthus: Priacanthus marcracanthus
Priacanthus sagittarius: Priacanthus blochii
Priacanthus sagittarius: Priacanthus sagittarius(2)
Priacanthus tayenus: Priacanthus holocentrum
Priacanthus tayenus: Priacanthus schmittii
Priacanthus tayenus: Priacanthus tayanus
Priacanthus tayenus: Priacanthus tayenus(3)
Priacanthus zaiserae: Priacanthus zaiserae(2)
Primolius maracana: Ara maracana
Primovula concinna: Primovula concinna
Primovula piriei: Primovula piriei
Prinia atrogularis: Prinia atrogularis(2)
Prinia criniger: Prinia criniger
Prinia flaviventris: Burnesia flaviventris(2)
Prinia flaviventris: Prinia flaviventris(8)
Prinia hodgsonii: Prinia hodgsonii
Prinia inornata: Prinia inornata(4)
Prinia rufescens: Prinia rufescens
Prinia rufscens: Prinia rufscens
Prinovolva pudica: Prinovolva pudica
Priochirus formosae: Priochirus formosae
Priochirus japonicus: Priochirus japonicus
Priochirus kawamurai: Priochirus kawamurai
Priochirus mushanus: Priochirus mushanus
Priochirus quadrifoveatus: Priochirus quadrifoveatus
Priochirus silvestrii: Priochirus silvestrii
Priochirus tonkinensis: Priochirus tonkinensis
Priodontes maximus: Priodontes maximus
Priolepis boreus: Priolepis boreus(2)
Priolepis boreus: Zonogobius boreus
Priolepis cincta: Cingulogobius boulengeri
Priolepis cincta: Gobiomorphus cinctus
Priolepis cincta: Hetereleotris eugenius
Priolepis cincta: Pleurogobius boulengeri
Priolepis cincta: Priolepis cincta(2)
Priolepis cincta: Priolepis cinctus
Priolepis cincta: Priolepis maraharae
Priolepis cincta: Priolepis naraharae
Priolepis cincta: Quisquilius cinctus
Priolepis cincta: Quisquilius eugenius
Priolepis fallacincta: Priolepis fallacincta
Priolepis inhaca: Gobius inhaca
Priolepis inhaca: Priolepis inhaca(2)
Priolepis inhaca: Quisquilius inhaca
Priolepis kappa: Priolepis kappa
Priolepis latifascima: Priolepis latifascima(2)
Priolepis latifascima: Priolepis semidoliatus
Priolepis semidoliata: Priolepis semidoliata(2)
Priolepis semidoliata: Priolepis semidoliatus
Prionace glauca: Carcharhinus macki
Prionace glauca: Carcharias aethiops
Prionace glauca: Carcharias glaucus
Prionace glauca: Carcharias gracilis
Prionace glauca: Carcharias hirundinaceus
Prionace glauca: Carcharias pugae
Prionace glauca: Carcharinus glaucus
Prionace glauca: Galeus thalassinus
Prionace glauca: Glyphis glaucus
Prionace glauca: Hypoprion isodus
Prionace glauca: Isurus glaucus
Prionace glauca: Prionace glauca(2)
Prionace glauca: Prionace mackiei
Prionace glauca: Squalus adscensionis
Prionace glauca: Squalus caeruleus
Prionace glauca: Squalus glaucus
Prionace glauca: Squalus rondeletii
Prionace glauca: Thalassinus rondeletti
Prionace glauca: Thalassinus rondelettii
Prionace glauca: Thalassorhinus vulpecula
Prionailurus bengalensis: Prionailurus bengalensis(2)
Prionailurus planiceps: Prionailurus planiceps(2)
Prionailurus rubiginosus: Prionailurus rubiginosus
Prionailurus viverrinus: Prionailurus viverrinus
Prioneris philonome: Prioneris philonome
Prioneris thestylis: Prioneris thestylis(2)
Prionocerus bicolor: Prionocerus bicolor
Prionochilus maculatus: Prionochilus maculatus(2)
Prionochilus percussus: Prionochilus percussus(3)
Prionochilus thoracicus: Prionochilus thoracicus(2)
Prionochilus xanthopygius: Prionochilus xanthopygius(2)
Prionocidaris baculosa: Prionocidaris baculosa
Prionocidaris verticillata: Prionocidaris verticillata
Prionodon linsang: Prionodon linsang(3)
Prionodon pardicolor: Prionodon pardicolor
Prionopelta kraepelini: Prionopelta kraepelini
Prionospio depauperata: Prionospio depauperata
Prionospio japonica: Prionospio japonica
Prionovolva brevis: Prionovolva brevis
Prionovolva pudica: Prionovolva pudica
Prionurus biafraensis: Prionurus biafraensis
Prionurus chrysurus: Prionurus chrysurus(3)
Prionurus laticlavius: Prionurus laticlavius
Prionurus maculatus: Prionurus maculatus
Prionurus microlepidotus: Prionurus microlepidotus
Prionurus punctatus: Prionurus punctatus
Prionurus scalprum: Prionurus scalprum(3)
Prionurus scalprum: Prionurus scalprus(3)
Prionyx viduatus: Prionyx viduatus
Priopus castaneus: Priopus castaneus
Pristaulacus rufipes: Pristaulacus rufipes
Pristigenys meyeri: Priacanthus meyeri
Pristigenys meyeri: Pristigenys meyeri(2)
Pristigenys meyeri: Pristigenys multifasciata
Pristigenys niphonia: Myripristis refulgens
Pristigenys niphonia: Priacanthus meyeri
Pristigenys niphonia: Priacanthus niphonius
Pristigenys niphonia: Priacanthus refulgens
Pristigenys niphonia: Pristigenys niphonia(2)
Pristigenys niphonia: Pristigenys niphonius
Pristigenys niphonia: Pseudopriacanthus niphonius
Pristiophorus japonicus: Pristiophorus japonicus(2)
Pristiphora formosana: Pristiphora formosana
Pristiphora sauteri: Pristiphora sauteri
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: Dentex pristipoma
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: Platynius amoenus
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: Pristipomoides amoenus
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus(2)
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: Serranus argyrogrammicus
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: Tropidinius amoenus
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: Tropidinius argyrogrammicus
Pristipomoides auricilla: Arnillo auricilla
Pristipomoides auricilla: Pristipomoides auricilla(2)
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Aphareus roseus
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Aprion kanekonis
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Aprion microdon
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Bowersia violescens
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Chaetopterus microlepis
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Etelis brevirostris
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Pristipomoides filamentosus(2)
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Pristipomoides microlepis
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Serranus filamentosus
Pristipomoides flavipinnis: Pristipomoides flavipinnis(2)
Pristipomoides multidens: Diacope sparus
Pristipomoides multidens: Mesoprion multidens
Pristipomoides multidens: Pristipomoides multidens(2)
Pristipomoides multidens: Pristipomoides typus
Pristipomoides sieboldii: Bowersia ulaula
Pristipomoides sieboldii: Chaetopterus dubius
Pristipomoides sieboldii: Chaetopterus sieboldii
Pristipomoides sieboldii: Pristipomoides microdon
Pristipomoides sieboldii: Pristipomoides seiboldi
Pristipomoides sieboldii: Pristipomoides sieboldi
Pristipomoides sieboldii: Pristipomoides sieboldii(2)
Pristipomoides typus: Pristipomoides typus(3)
Pristipomoides zonatus: Pristipomoides zonatus(2)
Pristipomoides zonatus: Rooseveltia aloha
Pristipomoides zonatus: Rooseveltia brighami
Pristipomoides zonatus: Serranus argyrogrammicus
Pristipomoides zonatus: Serranus brighami
Pristipomoides zonatus: Serranus telfairii
Pristipomoides zonatus: Serranus zonatus
Pristipomoides zonatus: Tropidinius zonatus
Pristolepis fasciata: Catopra fasciata
Pristolepis fasciata: Catopra nandoides
Pristolepis fasciata: Pristolepis fasciatus
Pristomerus chinensis: Pristomerus chinensis
Pristomerus punctatus: Pristomerus punctatus
Pristomerus scutellaris: Pristomerus scutellaris
Pristomyrmex brevispinosus: Pristomyrmex brevispinosus
Pristomyrmex formosae: Pristomyrmex formosae
Pristomyrmex pungens: Pristomyrmex pungens
Pristosia viridis: Pristosia viridis
Pristotis obtusirostris: Chromis virescens
Pristotis obtusirostris: Daya jerdoni(2)
Pristotis obtusirostris: Physiculus jerdoni
Pristotis obtusirostris: Pomacentrus dolii
Pristotis obtusirostris: Pomacentrus jerdoni
Pristotis obtusirostris: Pomacentrus obtusirostris
Pristotis obtusirostris: Pristotis jerdoni
Pristotis obtusirostris: Pristotis jobtusirostris
Pristotis obtusirostris: Pristotis judithae
Pristotis obtusirostris: Pristotis obtusirostris(2)
Proanoplomus cylindricus: Proanoplomus cylindricus
Probarbus jullieni: Probarbus jullieni
Probolomyrmex longinodsu: Probolomyrmex longinodsu
Proboscidocoris malayus: Proboscidocoris malayus
Proboscidocoris varicornis: Proboscidocoris varicornis
Probosciger aterrimus: Probosciger aterrimus
Procambarus alleni: Procambarus alleni
Procambarus clarkii: Procambarus clarkii(223000)
Procambarus clarkii: Scapulicambarus subgns(2)
Procelsterna cerulea: Procelsterna cerulea
Proceratium itoi: Proceratium itoi
Proceratium japonicum: Proceratium japonicum
Prochaetostricha monticola: Prochaetostricha monticola
Prochilodus amazonensis: Prochilodus amazonensis(3)
Prochilodus insignis: Prochilodus insignis(3)
Procladius insularis: Procladius insularis
Procloeon tatualis: Procloeon tatualis
Procolobus pennantii: Procolobus pennantii
Procolobus rufomitratus: Procolobus rufomitratus
Procraerus suturalis: Procraerus suturalis
Procraerus variegatus: Procraerus variegatus
Procyon lotor: Procyon lotor
Prodromus clypeatus: Prodromus clypeatus
Profenusa pygmaea: Profenusa pygmaea
Prognichthys brevipinnis: Cypselurus brevipinnis
Prognichthys brevipinnis: Cypselurus zaca
Prognichthys brevipinnis: Exocoetus brevipinnis
Prognichthys brevipinnis: Exocoetus chloropterus
Prognichthys brevipinnis: Prognichthys brevipinnis(2)
Projectothrips imitans: Projectothrips imitans
Prolygus niger: Prolygus niger
Promachus opacus: Promachus opacus
Promethichthys prometheus: Dicrotus armatus
Promethichthys prometheus: Dicrotus parvipinnis
Promethichthys prometheus: Gempylus prometheus
Promethichthys prometheus: Prometheus atlanticus
Promethichthys prometheus: Promethichthys pacificus
Promethichthys prometheus: Promethichthys prometheus(2)
Promethichthys prometheus: Promethichthys solandri
Promethichthys prometheus: Promethychthis prometheus
Promethichthys prometheus: Promethycthus prometeus
Promethichthys prometheus: Promethycthus prometheus
Promethichthys prometheus: Prometichthys prometeus
Promethichthys prometheus: Prometichthys prometheus
Promethichthys prometheus: Thyrsites ballieui
Promethichthys prometheus: Thyrsites prometheus
Prometopia quadrimaculata: Prometopia quadrimaculata
Propeamussium caducum: Propeamussium caducum
Propeamussium jeffreyssii: Propeamussium jeffreyssii
Propeamussium sibogai: Propeamussium sibogai
Propylea 14-puncata: Propylea 14-puncata
Propylea japonica: Propylea japonica
Propylea luteopustulata: Propylea luteopustulata
Propyrrhura auricollis: Propyrrhura auricollis
Proreus simulans: Proreus simulans
Proscyllium habereri: Proscyllium habereri(2)
Proscyllium habereri: Proscyllium venustum
Proscyllium venustum: Calliscyllium venustum
Proscyllium venustum: Proscyllium venustum(2)
Proscyllium venustum: Triakis venustum
Prosevania pilosa: Prosevania pilosa
Prosevania rufoniger: Prosevania rufoniger
Prosopeas tchehelense: Prosopeas tchehelense(2)
Prosopeas tehehelense: Prosopeas tehehelense
Prosopis mediolucens: Prosopis mediolucens
Prosopodesmus jacobsoni: Prosopodesmus jacobsoni
Prosotas gracilis: Prosotas gracilis
Prosotas nelides: Prosotas nelides
Prosotas nora: Prosotas nora
Prosotas pia: Prosotas pia
Prosthiochaeta formosa: Prosthiochaeta formosa
Prosuberites oleteira: Prosuberites oleteira
Protaetia elegans: Protaetia elegans
Protaetia fusca: Protaetia fusca
Protammodytes brachistos: Protammodytes brachistos
Protapes gallus: Protapes gallus
Proteracanthus sarissophorus: Proteracanthus sarissophorus
Proterato angiostoma: Proterato angiostoma
Proteus vulgaris: Proteus vulgaris
Prothemus minor: Prothemus minor
Prothoe calydonia: Prothoe calydonia
Prothoe francki: Prothoe francki
Protichneumon karenkoensis: Protichneumon karenkoensis
Protichneumon watanabei: Protichneumon watanabei
Protoboarmia amabilis: Protoboarmia amabilis
Protohermes grandis: Protohermes grandis
Protomicroplitis tomentosae: Protomicroplitis tomentosae
Protonebula egregia: Protonebula egregia
Protonibea diacanthus: Corvina catalea
Protonibea diacanthus: Corvina maculata
Protonibea diacanthus: Corvina nigromaculata
Protonibea diacanthus: Corvina platycephala
Protonibea diacanthus: Johnius cataleus
Protonibea diacanthus: Johnius diacanthus
Protonibea diacanthus: Johnius valenciennii
Protonibea diacanthus: Lutjanus diacanthus
Protonibea diacanthus: Nibea diacanthus
Protonibea diacanthus: Protonibea diacantha
Protonibea diacanthus: Protonibea diacanthus(3)
Protonibea diacanthus: Pseudosciaena diacanthus
Protonibea diacanthus: Sciaena antarctica
Protonibea diacanthus: Sciaena diacanthus
Protonibea diacanthus: Sciaena goma
Protoperidinium divergens: Protoperidinium divergens
Protoperidinium leonis: Protoperidinium leonis
Protopulvinaria mangiferae: Protopulvinaria mangiferae
Protopulvinaria pyriformis: Protopulvinaria pyriformis
Prunella collaris: Prunella collaris
Pryeria sinica: Pryeria sinica
Psammobates geometricus: Psammobates geometricus
Psammobius indicus: Psammobius indicus
Psammocora digitata: Psammocora digitata
Psammodynastes pictus: Psammodynastes pictus(2)
Psammodynastes pulverulentus: Psammodynastes pulverulentus(4)
Psammogobius biocellatus: Glossogobius biocellatus
Psammogobius biocellatus: Glossogobius giuris
Psammogobius biocellatus: Gobius biocellatus
Psammogobius biocellatus: Gobius sumatranus
Psammogobius biocellatus: Psammogobius biocellatus
Psammoperca waigiensis: Labrax waigiensis
Psammoperca waigiensis: Psammoperca datnioides
Psammoperca waigiensis: Psammoperca waigensis
Psammoperca waigiensis: Psammoperca waigiensis(3)
Psammophis condanarus: Psammophis condanarus
Psammotaea elongata: Psammotaea elongata
Psammotaea malaccensis: Psammotaea malaccensis
Psammotaea virescens: Psammotaea virescens
Psammotellina ambigua: Psammotellina ambigua
Psarisomus dalhousiae: Psarisomus dalhousiae(3)
Psathyrocaris fragilis: Psathyrocaris fragilis
Psaumis cavipes: Psaumis cavipes
Psechrus curvipalpus: Psechrus curvipalpus
Psechrus sinensis: Psechrus sinensis
Psectrocladius formosae: Psectrocladius formosae
Pselaphogenius kintaroi: Pselaphogenius kintaroi
Psenes cyanophrys: Cubiceps multiradiatus
Psenes cyanophrys: Psenes auratus
Psenes cyanophrys: Psenes chapmani
Psenes cyanophrys: Psenes cyanophrys(2)
Psenes cyanophrys: Psenes fuscus
Psenes cyanophrys: Psenes guamensis
Psenes cyanophrys: Psenes javanicus
Psenes cyanophrys: Psenes kamoharai
Psenes cyanophrys: Psenes leucurus
Psenes cyanophrys: Psenes pacificus
Psenes pellucidus: Caristioides amplipinnis
Psenes pellucidus: Cubiceps ismaelensis
Psenes pellucidus: Cubiceps niger
Psenes pellucidus: Icticus ischanus
Psenes pellucidus: Icticus pellucidus
Psenes pellucidus: Papyrichthys pellucidus
Psenes pellucidus: Psenes edwardsii
Psenes pellucidus: Psenes pellucidus(2)
Psenopsis anomala: Psenopsis anomala(2)
Psenopsis anomala: Trachinotus anomalus
Psenulus carinifrons: Psenulus carinifrons
Psephotus chrysopterygius: Psephotus chrysopterygius
Psephotus dissimilis: Psephotus dissimilis
Psephotus haematonotus: Psephotus haematonotus
Psephotus pulcherrimus: Psephotus pulcherrimus
Psephotus varius: Psephotus varius
Psettina gigantea: Psettina gigantea(2)
Psettina iijimae: Engyprosopon iijimae
Psettina iijimae: Psettina iijimae(2)
Psettina tosana: Psettina tosana(2)
Psettodes erumei: Hippoglossus erumei
Psettodes erumei: Hippoglossus orthorhynchus
Psettodes erumei: Pleuronectes erumei
Psettodes erumei: Psettodes erumei(4)
Psettodes erumei: Psettotes erumei
Pseudaesopia japonica: Pseudaesopia japonica(2)
Pseudaesopia japonica: Zebrias japonicus
Pseudalopex culpaeus: Pseudalopex culpaeus
Pseudalopex griseus: Pseudalopex griseus
Pseudalopex gymnocercus: Pseudalopex gymnocercus
Pseudambassis baculis: Ambassis baculis
Pseudambassis baculis: Chanda baculis
Pseudambassis baculis: Chanda beculis
Pseudambassis baculis: Channa baculis
Pseudambassis baculis: Parambassis baculis
Pseudambassis baculis: Pseudambassis baculis
Pseudamia gelatinosa: Pseudamia amblyuroptera
Pseudamia gelatinosa: Pseudamia amblyuropterus
Pseudamia gelatinosa: Pseudamia gelatinosa(2)
Pseudamia gelatinosa: Pseudamia polystigma
Pseudamia gelatinosa: Pseudemia gelatinosa
Pseudamia hayashii: Pseudamia hayashi
Pseudamia hayashii: Pseudamia hayashii(2)
Pseudamiops gracilicauda: Gymnapogon gracilicauda
Pseudamiops gracilicauda: Pseudamiops gracilicauda(2)
Pseudamiops gracilicauda: Pseudamiops gracillicauda
Pseudamycla rorida: Pseudamycla rorida
Pseudanachis basedowi: Pseudanachis basedowi
Pseudanthias bicolor: Anthias bicolor
Pseudanthias bicolor: Mirolabrichthys bicolor
Pseudanthias bicolor: Pseudanthias bicolor(2)
Pseudanthias cooperi: Anthias cichlops
Pseudanthias cooperi: Anthias cooperi
Pseudanthias cooperi: Anthias taeniatus
Pseudanthias cooperi: Leptanthias kashiwae
Pseudanthias cooperi: Planctanthias preopercularis
Pseudanthias cooperi: Pseudanthias cooperi(2)
Pseudanthias cooperi: Pseudanthias kashiwae
Pseudanthias cooperi: Pseudanthias taeniatus
Pseudanthias dispar: Anthias dispar
Pseudanthias dispar: Mirolabrichthys dispar
Pseudanthias dispar: Pseudanthias dispar(2)
Pseudanthias elongatus: Anthias elongatus
Pseudanthias elongatus: Pseudanthias elongatus(2)
Pseudanthias engelhardi: Anthias engelhardi
Pseudanthias engelhardi: Pseudanthias engelhardi(2)
Pseudanthias fasciatus: Anthias fasciata
Pseudanthias fasciatus: Anthias fasciatus
Pseudanthias fasciatus: Franzia fasciata
Pseudanthias fasciatus: Pseudanthias fasciata
Pseudanthias fasciatus: Pseudanthias fasciatus(2)
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: Anthias hypselosoma
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: Anthias truncatus
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: Pseudanthias hypselosoma(2)
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: Pseudanthias truncatus
Pseudanthias luzonensis: Anthias luzonensis
Pseudanthias luzonensis: Pseudanthias luzonensis(2)
Pseudanthias pascalus: Anthias pascalus
Pseudanthias pascalus: Entonanthias pascalus
Pseudanthias pascalus: Mirolabrichthys pascalus
Pseudanthias pascalus: Mirolabrichthys tuka(2)
Pseudanthias pascalus: Pseudanthias pascalus(2)
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: Anthias pleurotaenia
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: Pseudanthias pleurotaenia(3)
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus: Anthias rubrizonatus
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus: Pseudanthias rubrizonatus(2)
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Anthias huchtii
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Anthias manadensis
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Anthias sqamipinnis
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Anthias squamipinnis
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Anthias squammipinnis
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Franzia squamipinnis
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Pseudanthias squamipinnis(2)
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Pseudanthias squammipinnis
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Serranus squamipinnis
Pseudanthias thompsoni: Anthias thompsoni
Pseudanthias thompsoni: Caesioperca thompsoni
Pseudanthias thompsoni: Pseudanthias thompsoni(2)
Pseudanthias tuka: Anthias tuka
Pseudanthias tuka: Mirolabrichthys tuka(2)
Pseudanthias tuka: Pseudanthias tuka(2)
Pseudanurida billitonensis: Pseudanurida billitonensis
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Apocryptes changua
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Apocryptes dentatus
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Apocryptes lanceolatus
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Aprocryptodon edwardi
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Boleophthalmus smithi
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Boleophthalmus taylori
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Eleotris lanceolata
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Gobius changua
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Gobius elongatus
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Pseudapocryptes elongatus
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Apocryptes changua
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Apocryptes dentatus
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Apocryptes lanceolatus
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Aprocryptodon edwardi
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Boleophthalmus smithi
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Boleophthalmus taylori
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Eleotris lanceolata
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Gobius changua
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Gobius elongatus
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Pseudapocryptes elongatus
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus(2)
Pseudaugaptilus orientalis: Pseudaugaptilus orientalis
Pseudaulacaspis major: Pseudaulacaspis major
Pseudaulacaspis pentagona: Pseudaulacaspis pentagona
Pseudechidna brummeri: Muraena brummeri
Pseudechidna brummeri: Pseudechidna brummeri(2)
Pseudechidna brummeri: Pseudechilna brummeri
Pseudechidna brummeri: Pseudechina brummeri
Pseudechidna brummeri: Pseudoechidna brummeri
Pseudechidna brummeri: Strophidon brummeri
Pseudemydura umbrina: Pseudemydura umbrina
Pseudemys concinna: Pseudemys concinna
Pseudemys floridana: Pseudemys floridana
Pseudemys nelsoni: Pseudemys nelsoni
Pseudeos fuscata: Pseudeos fuscata
Pseuderiopus albiscripta: Pseuderiopus albiscripta
Pseuderistalis bicolor: Pseuderistalis bicolor
Pseudeuphausia latifrons: Pseudeuphausia latifrons
Pseudeurina maculata: Pseudeurina maculata
Pseudeustrotia bipartita: Pseudeustrotia bipartita
Pseudibis davisoni: Pseudibis davisoni
Pseudindalmus longicornis: Pseudindalmus longicornis
Pseudoamolops sauteri: Pseudoamolops sauteri
Pseudobagrus adiposalis: Leiocassis adiposalis
Pseudobagrus adiposalis: Pseudobagrus adiposalis(2)
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: Pseudobagrus brevianalis(2)
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus: Balistes flavimarginatus
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus: Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus(2)
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus: Pseudobalistes flavomarginatus
Pseudobalistes fuscus: Balistes caerulescens
Pseudobalistes fuscus: Balistes fuscus
Pseudobalistes fuscus: Balistes rivulatus
Pseudobalistes fuscus: Pseudobalistes fuscus(5)
Pseudobufo subasper: Pseudobufo subasper
Pseudobuliminus incerta: Pseudobuliminus incerta
Pseudocalamobius pubescens: Pseudocalamobius pubescens
Pseudocalotes brevipes: Calotes brevipes
Pseudocalotes dringi: Pseudocalotes dringi
Pseudocalotes flavigula: Calotes flavigula
Pseudocalotes flavigula: Pseudocalotes flavigula
Pseudocalotes floweri: Calotes floweri
Pseudocalotes kakhienensis: Calotes kakhienensis
Pseudocalotes kingdonwardi: Calotes kingdonwardi
Pseudocalotes larutensis: Pseudocalotes larutensis
Pseudocalotes microlepis: Calotes microlepis
Pseudocalotes poilani: Paracalotes poilani
Pseudocalotes tympanistriga: Calotes tympanistriga
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx adscensionis
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx analis
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx cestus
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx cheilio
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx delicatissimus
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx dentex
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx georgianus
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx luna
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx lutescens
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx natalensis
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx nobilis
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx platessa
Pseudocaranx dentex: Caranx solea
Pseudocaranx dentex: Citula banksii
Pseudocaranx dentex: Longirostrum delicatissimus
Pseudocaranx dentex: Longirostrum platessa
Pseudocaranx dentex: Pseudocaranx dentex(2)
Pseudocaranx dentex: Pseudocaranx wrighti
Pseudocaranx dentex: Scomber dentex
Pseudocaranx dentex: Scomber lutescens
Pseudocaranx dentex: Scomber micans
Pseudocaranx dentex: Scomber platinoides
Pseudocaranx dentex: Trachurus imperialis
Pseudocaranx dentex: Usacaranx archeyi
Pseudocaranx dentex: Usacaranx georgianus
Pseudocaranx dentex: Usacaranx nobilis
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: Carcharias kamoharai
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: Carcharias yangi
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: Odontaspis kamoharai
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: Pseudocarcharias kamoharai(2)
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: Pseudocarcharias pelagicus
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: Pseudocarcharias yangi
Pseudocarcinus gigas: Pseudocarcinus gigas(2)
Pseudocatharylla simplex: Pseudocatharylla simplex
Pseudocepola taeniosoma: Pseudocepola taeniosoma(2)
Pseudocetonurus septifer: Pseudocetonurus septifer(2)
Pseudocetonurus septifer: Pseudoctenurous septifer
Pseudochama retroversa: Pseudochama retroversa
Pseudocheilinus evanidus: Pseudocheilinus evanidus(2)
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia: Cheilinus hexataenia
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia: Cossyphus echis
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia: Pseudocheilinus hexataenia(2)
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia: Pseudocheilinus psittaculus
Pseudocheilinus ocellatus: Pseudocheilinus ocellatus(2)
Pseudocheilinus octotaenia: Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
Pseudocheilinus octotaenia: Pseudocheilinus margaretae
Pseudocheilinus octotaenia: Pseudocheilinus octotaenia(2)
Pseudochelidon sirintarae: Pseudochelidon sirintarae
Pseudochirella dubia: Pseudochirella dubia
Pseudochromis cyanotaenia: Pseudochromis cyanotaenia(2)
Pseudochromis diadema: Pseudochromis diadema(2)
Pseudochromis fuscus: Onar nebulosum
Pseudochromis fuscus: Pseudochromis aureus
Pseudochromis fuscus: Pseudochromis fusca
Pseudochromis fuscus: Pseudochromis fuscus(2)
Pseudochromis fuscus: Pseudochromis wildii
Pseudochromis fuscus: Pseudochromis xanthochir
Pseudochromis luteus: Pseudochromis luteus(2)
Pseudochromis marshallensis: Pseudochromis aurea
Pseudochromis marshallensis: Pseudochromis marchallensis
Pseudochromis marshallensis: Pseudochromis marshallensis(2)
Pseudochromis porphyreus: Pseudochromis porphyreus
Pseudochromis striatus: Pseudochromis striatus(2)
Pseudochromis tapeinosoma: Pseudochromis melanotaenia
Pseudochromis tapeinosoma: Pseudochromis tapeinosoma(2)
Pseudochromis tapeinosoma: Pseudochromis tapienosoma
Pseudococcus anonidum: Pseudococcus anonidum
Pseudococcus bambusicola: Pseudococcus bambusicola
Pseudococcus comstocki: Pseudococcus comstocki
Pseudococcus saccharicola: Pseudococcus saccharicola
Pseudococcus shintenensis: Pseudococcus shintenensis
Pseudocoladenia dan: Pseudocoladenia dan
Pseudocoris aurantiofasciatus: Pseudocoris aurantifasciata
Pseudocoris aurantiofasciatus: Pseudocoris aurantiofasciata
Pseudocoris aurantiofasciatus: Pseudocoris aurantiofasciatus(2)
Pseudocoris bleekeri: Coris bleekeri
Pseudocoris bleekeri: Coris philippina
Pseudocoris bleekeri: Julis albolumbata
Pseudocoris bleekeri: Pseudocoris bleekeri(2)
Pseudocoris bleekeri: Pseudocoris philippina
Pseudocoris heteroptera: Julis heteropterus
Pseudocoris heteroptera: Pseudocoris heteroptera
Pseudocoris heteroptera: Pseudocoris heteropterus
Pseudocoris ocellata: Pseudocoris ocellata(2)
Pseudocoris ocellata: Pseudocoris ocellatus
Pseudocoris yamashiroi: Julis awayae
Pseudocoris yamashiroi: Julis yamashiroi
Pseudocoris yamashiroi: Pseudocoris yamashiroi(2)
Pseudocryptochirus viridis: Pseudocryptochirus viridis
Pseudodaphnella granicostata: Pseudodaphnella granicostata
Pseudodax moluccanus: Odax moluccanus
Pseudodax moluccanus: Pseudodax mollucanus
Pseudodax moluccanus: Pseudodax molluccanus
Pseudodax moluccanus: Pseudodax molucanus
Pseudodax moluccanus: Pseudodax moluccans
Pseudodax moluccanus: Pseudodax moluccanus(2)
Pseudodendrothrips fumosus: Pseudodendrothrips fumosus
Pseudodendrothrips lateralis: Pseudodendrothrips lateralis
Pseudodendrothrips mori: Pseudodendrothrips mori
Pseudodiaptomus forbesi: Pseudodiaptomus forbesi
Pseudodon vondembuschianus: Pseudodon vondembuschianus
Pseudodoras niger: Pseudodoras niger
Pseudodryinus sinensis: Pseudodryinus sinensis
Pseudofentonia diluta: Pseudofentonia diluta
Pseudogobius javanicus: Gobius chilkensis
Pseudogobius javanicus: Gobius javanicus
Pseudogobius javanicus: Mugilogobius piapensis
Pseudogobius javanicus: Pseudogobius javanicus(3)
Pseudogobius javanicus: Stigmatogobius javanicus
Pseudogobius javanicus: Stigmatogobius micrognathus
Pseudogobius javanicus: Vaimosa piapensis
Pseudogobius masago: Gobius ornatus
Pseudogobius masago: Pseudogobius masago(2)
Pseudogramma polyacantha: Gnathypops samoensis
Pseudogramma polyacantha: Pseudochromis polyacanthus
Pseudogramma polyacantha: Pseudogramma polyacantha
Pseudogramma polyacantha: Pseudogramma polyacanthum
Pseudogramma polyacantha: Pseudogramma polyacanthus
Pseudogramma polyacantha: Pseudorhegma diagramma
Pseudogramma polyacantha: Rhegma brederi
Pseudogramma polyacanthum: Pseudogramma polyacanthum
Pseudoinope fusca: Pseudoinope fusca
Pseudojuloides cerasinus: Pseudojulis cerasina
Pseudojuloides cerasinus: Pseudojuloides cerasina
Pseudojuloides cerasinus: Pseudojuloides cerasinus(2)
Pseudolabrus eoethinus: Labrus eoethinus
Pseudolabrus eoethinus: Pseudolabrus eoethinus(2)
Pseudolabrus eoethinus: Pseudolabrus japonicus
Pseudolabrus sieboldi: Pseudolabrus japonicus
Pseudolabrus sieboldi: Pseudolabrus sieboldi(2)
Pseudolathra lineata: Pseudolathra lineata
Pseudolathra unicolor: Pseudolathra unicolor
Pseudoliomera helleri: Pseudoliomera helleri
Pseudoliomera lata: Pseudoliomera lata
Pseudoliomera remota: Pseudoliomera remota
Pseudoliomera speciosa: Pseudoliomera speciosa
Pseudoliotina pulchella: Pseudoliotina pulchella
Pseudolitochira integra: Pseudolitochira integra
Pseudolycaea pachypoda: Pseudolycaea pachypoda
Pseudometaxis nigrescens: Pseudometaxis nigrescens
Pseudominolia musiva: Pseudominolia musiva
Pseudomiza flava: Pseudomiza flava
Pseudomonacanthus macrurus: Pseudomonacanthus macrurus
Pseudomugil furcatus: Pseudomugil furcatus
Pseudomys praeconis: Pseudomys praeconis
Pseudonapomyza spicata: Pseudonapomyza spicata
Pseudonenia penangensis: Pseudonenia penangensis(2)
Pseudoneptunea varicosa: Pseudoneptunea varicosa
Pseudonestor xanthophrys: Pseudonestor xanthophrys
Pseudonezumia cetonuropsis: Lionurus cetonuropsis
Pseudonezumia cetonuropsis: Pseudonezumia cetonuropsis
Pseudopanolis flavimacula: Pseudopanolis flavimacula
Pseudoplecta bijuga: Pseudoplecta bijuga
Pseudoplesiops knighti: Pseudoplesiops knighti
Pseudopolydora corniculata: Pseudopolydora corniculata
Pseudopolydora kempi: Pseudopolydora kempi
Pseudopolydora reticulata: Pseudopolydora reticulata
Pseudopyrochroa acuminata: Pseudopyrochroa acuminata
Pseudopyrochroa depressa: Pseudopyrochroa depressa
Pseudorabdion longiceps: Pseudorabdion longiceps
Pseudorasbora parva: Fundulus virescens
Pseudorasbora parva: Leuciscus parvus
Pseudorasbora parva: Micraspius mianowskii
Pseudorasbora parva: Pseudorasbora altipinna
Pseudorasbora parva: Pseudorasbora depressirostris
Pseudorasbora parva: Pseudorasbora fowleri
Pseudorasbora parva: Pseudorasbora monstrosa
Pseudorasbora parva: Pseudorasbora parva(4)
Pseudorasbora parva: Pseudorasbora parvus
Pseudorca crassidens: Pseudorca crassidens(2)
Pseudorhabdion longiceps: Pseudorhabdion longiceps
Pseudorhaetus concolor: Pseudorhaetus concolor
Pseudorhombus arsius: Pleuronectes arsius
Pseudorhombus arsius: Pseudorhombus andersoni
Pseudorhombus arsius: Pseudorhombus arius
Pseudorhombus arsius: Pseudorhombus arsius(2)
Pseudorhombus arsius: Pseudorhombus oligodon
Pseudorhombus arsius: Pseudorhombus polyspilus
Pseudorhombus arsius: Pseudorhombus russelli
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus: Pseudorhombus cinnamomeus
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus: Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus(2)
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus: Pseudorhombus levisquamis
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus: Rhombus cinnamoneus
Pseudorhombus ctenosquamis: Pseudorhombus ctenosquamis(2)
Pseudorhombus ctenosquamis: Spinirhombus ctenosquamis
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus: Platophrys palad
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus: Pseudorhombus cartwrighti
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus: Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus(2)
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus: Pseudorhombus dupliocellatus
Pseudorhombus elevatus: Pseudorhombus affinis
Pseudorhombus elevatus: Pseudorhombus arsius
Pseudorhombus elevatus: Pseudorhombus elevatus(2)
Pseudorhombus levisquamis: Pseudorhombus levisquamis(2)
Pseudorhombus levisquamis: Spinirhombus levisquamis
Pseudorhombus malayanus: Pseudorhombus malayanus
Pseudorhombus neglectus: Platophrys neglectus
Pseudorhombus neglectus: Pseudorhombus jenynsii
Pseudorhombus neglectus: Pseudorhombus neglectus(2)
Pseudorhombus oligodon: Pseudorhombus arsius
Pseudorhombus oligodon: Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus
Pseudorhombus oligodon: Pseudorhombus oligodon(2)
Pseudorhombus oligodon: Rhombus oligodon
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus: Pseudorhombus ocellifer
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus: Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus(2)
Pseudorhombus quinquocellatus: Pseudorhombus quinquocellatus(2)
Pseudorychodes insignis: Pseudorychodes insignis
Pseudoryx nghetinhensis: Pseudoryx nghetinhensis
Pseudosimnia marginata: Pseudosimnia marginata(2)
Pseudosimnia punctata: Pseudosimnia punctata
Pseudosquilla ciliata: Pseudosquilla ciliata
Pseudostomatella decolarata: Pseudostomatella decolarata
Pseudotermitoxenia nitobei: Pseudotermitoxenia nitobei
Pseudoterpna pruinata: Pseudoterpna pruinata
Pseudotrapelus sinaitus: Agama sinaitus
Pseudotriacanthus strigilifer: Pseudotriacanthus strigilifer(2)
Pseudotriacanthus strigilifer: Triacanthus strigilifer
Pseudotriacanthus strigilifer: Triacanthus striglifer
Pseudotriakis microdon: Pseudotriakis acrages
Pseudotriakis microdon: Pseudotriakis acrales
Pseudotriakis microdon: Pseudotriakis microdon(2)
Pseudotropheus elongatus: Pseudotropheus elongatus
Pseudovertagus aluco: Pseudovertagus aluco
Pseudovertagus luteus: Pseudovertagus luteus
Pseudoxenodon macrops: Pseudoxenodon macrops(2)
Pseudozaena orientalis: Pseudozaena orientalis
Psidopala pennata: Psidopala pennata
Psilaxis radiatus: Psilaxis radiatus
Psilocephala argentea: Psilocephala argentea
Psilocephala frontata: Psilocephala frontata
Psilocephala obscura: Psilocephala obscura
Psilocephala sauteri: Psilocephala sauteri
Psilomastax pyramidalis: Psilomastax pyramidalis
Psilopa rufipes: Psilopa rufipes
Psilopogon pyrolophus: Psilopogon pyrolophus(5)
Psiluderces crinitus: Psiluderces crinitus
Psitacula cyanocephala: Psitacula cyanocephala
Psitacula eupatria: Psitacula eupatria
Psittacula alexandri: Psittacula alexandri(4)
Psittacula cyanocephala: Psittacula cyanocephala(2)
Psittacula derbiana: Psittacula derbiana
Psittacula echo: Psittacula echo
Psittacula eupatria: Psittacula eupatria(2)
Psittacula krameri: Psittacula krameri(4)
Psittacula krmeri: Psittacula krmeri
Psittacula longicauda: Psittacula longicauda(5)
Psittacus erithacus: Psittacus erithacus
Psitteuteles goldiei: Psitteuteles goldiei
Psittinus cyanurus: Psittinus cyanurus(5)
Psittirostra psittacea: Psittirostra psittacea
Psococerastis capitata: Psococerastis capitata
Psolodesmus mandarinus: Psolodesmus mandarinus
Psopheticus insignis: Psopheticus insignis
Psychoda acanthostyla: Psychoda acanthostyla
Psychoda alternata: Psychoda alternata
Psychoda aponesos: Psychoda aponesos
Psychoda harrisi: Psychoda harrisi
Psychoda malleola: Psychoda malleola
Psychoda pellucida: Psychoda pellucida(2)
Psychoda vagabunda: Psychoda vagabunda
Psychrolutes inermis: Cottunculus inermis
Psychrolutes inermis: Psychrolutes inermis(2)
Psychrolutes phrictus: Psychrolutes phrictus(2)
Psyllipsocus batuensis: Psyllipsocus batuensis
Psyllobora 22-punctata: Psyllobora 22-punctata
Psyra conferta: Psyra conferta
Psyra florida: Psyra florida
Ptecticus australis: Ptecticus australis
Ptecticus cingulatus: Ptecticus cingulatus
Pteraclis aesticola: Bentenia aesticola
Pteraclis aesticola: Pteraclis aesticola(2)
Pteraeolidia ianthina: Pteraeolidia ianthina
Pteraeolidia semperi: Pteraeolidia semperi
Pteragogus aurigarius: Crenilabrus spilogaster
Pteragogus aurigarius: Ctenolabrus aurigarius
Pteragogus aurigarius: Ctenolabrus rubellio
Pteragogus aurigarius: Duymaeria japonica
Pteragogus aurigarius: Pteragogus aurigarius(2)
Pteragogus aurigarius: Pteragogus flagellifera
Pteragogus cryptus: Pteragogus cryptus(2)
Pteragogus cryptus: Pteragogus guttatus
Pteragogus cryptus: Pterogogus cryptus
Pteragogus enneacanthus: Crenilabrus enneacanthus
Pteragogus enneacanthus: Duymaeria amboinensis
Pteragogus enneacanthus: Pteragogus amboinensis
Pteragogus enneacanthus: Pteragogus enneacanthus(2)
Pteragogus enneacanthus: Pteragogus enneacantus
Pteragogus enneacanthus: Pteragogus flagellifer
Pteragogus enneacanthus: Pterogogus enneacanthus
Ptereleotris evides: Encaeura evides
Ptereleotris evides: Ptereleotris dispersus
Ptereleotris evides: Ptereleotris evidens
Ptereleotris evides: Ptereleotris evides(2)
Ptereleotris evides: Ptereleotris microlepis
Ptereleotris evides: Ptereleotris tricolor
Ptereleotris evides: Pterelossus evides
Ptereleotris evides: Vireosa sakurai
Ptereleotris hanae: Ptereleotris hanae(2)
Ptereleotris hanae: Ptereleotris hannae
Ptereleotris hanae: Vireosa hanae
Ptereleotris heteroptera: Eleotris heteropterus
Ptereleotris heteroptera: Ptereleotris heteroptera(2)
Ptereleotris heteroptera: Ptereleotris heteropterus
Ptereleotris microlepis: Eleotris elongata
Ptereleotris microlepis: Eleotris microlepis
Ptereleotris microlepis: Gracileotris bockensis
Ptereleotris microlepis: Ptereleotris andamensis
Ptereleotris microlepis: Ptereleotris letholepis
Ptereleotris microlepis: Ptereleotris microlepis(3)
Ptereleotris microlepis: Ptereleotris playfairi
Ptereleotris monoptera: Ptereleotris microlepis
Ptereleotris monoptera: Ptereleotris monoptera(2)
Ptereleotris zebra: Pogonoculius zebra
Ptereleotris zebra: Ptereleotris zebra(2)
Pterella fasciata: Pterella fasciata
Pteria avicular: Pteria avicular
Pteria brevialata: Pteria brevialata
Pteria castanea: Pteria castanea
Pteria conturnix: Pteria conturnix
Pteria dendronephthya: Pteria dendronephthya
Pteria inquinata: Pteria inquinata
Pteria lata: Pteria lata
Pteria loveni: Pteria loveni
Pteria macroptera: Pteria macroptera(2)
Pteria peasei: Pteria peasei
Pteria penguin: Pteria penguin(2)
Pteria tortirostris: Pteria tortirostris
Pteria zebra: Pteria zebra
Pterigonidium pulchellum: Pterigonidium pulchellum
Pterocaesio chrysozona: Caesio chrysozona
Pterocaesio chrysozona: Caesio chrysozonus
Pterocaesio chrysozona: Pristipomoides aurolineatus
Pterocaesio chrysozona: Pterocaesio chrysozona(2)
Pterocaesio digramma: Caesio diagramma
Pterocaesio digramma: Caesio digramma
Pterocaesio digramma: Pterocaesio diagramma
Pterocaesio digramma: Pterocaesio digramma(2)
Pterocaesio marri: Pterocaesio chrysozona
Pterocaesio marri: Pterocaesio diagramma
Pterocaesio marri: Pterocaesio kohleri
Pterocaesio marri: Pterocaesio marri(2)
Pterocaesio pisang: Caesio pisang
Pterocaesio pisang: Pterocaesio pisang(2)
Pterocaesio randalli: Caesio pisang
Pterocaesio randalli: Pterocaesio randalli(2)
Pterocaesio tile: Caesio cylindricus
Pterocaesio tile: Caesio multiradiatus
Pterocaesio tile: Caesio tile
Pterocaesio tile: Caesio tricolor
Pterocaesio tile: Clupeolabrus dubius
Pterocaesio tile: Pterocaesio tile(2)
Pterocles exustus: Pterocles exustus
Pterodroma arminjoniana: Pterodroma arminjoniana
Pterodroma cookii: Pterodroma cookii
Pterodroma externa: Pterodroma externa
Pterodroma hypoleuca: Pterodroma hypoleuca(2)
Pterodroma inexpectata: Pterodroma inexpectata
Pterodroma longirostris: Pterodroma longirostris
Pterodroma neglecta: Pterodroma neglecta
Pterodroma rostrata: Pterodroma rostrata(2)
Pterodroma ultima: Pterodroma ultima
Pterogeina ornata: Pterogeina ornata
Pteroglossus aracari: Pteroglossus aracari
Pteroglossus viridis: Pteroglossus viridis
Pterogonaga chinensis: Pterogonaga chinensis
Pteroidichthys amboinensis: Pteroidichthys amboinensis(2)
Pterois antennata: Pseudomonopterus antennatus
Pterois antennata: Pterois antennata(5)
Pterois antennata: Pteropterus antennata
Pterois antennata: Scorpaena antennata
Pterois lunulata: Pterois lunulata(2)
Pterois radiata: Pterois radiata(2)
Pterois radiata: Pteropterus radiata
Pterois radiata: Pteropterus radiatus
Pterois russelii: Pterois russeli
Pterois russelii: Pterois russelii(2)
Pterois russelii: Pterois russelli
Pterois russelii: Pterois russellii
Pterois russelli: Pterois russelli
Pterois volitans: Gasterosteus volitans
Pterois volitans: Pterois volitans(4)
Pterolophia fasciata: Pterolophia fasciata
Pterolophia obscura: Pterolophia obscura
Pteromyscus pulverulentus: Pteromyscus pulverulentus(2)
Pteronemobius caudatus: Pteronemobius caudatus
Pteronura brasiliensis: Pteronura brasiliensis
Pterophorus candidalis: Pterophorus candidalis
Pterophorus lacteipennis: Pterophorus lacteipennis
Pterophyllum altum: Pterophyllum altum
Pterophyllum eimekei: Pterophyllum eimekei(3)
Pterophyllum hecker: Pterophyllum hecker(3)
Pterophyllum scalare: Pterophyllum scalare
Pteropsaron evolans: Pteropsaron evolans(2)
Pteroptrix chinensis: Pteroptrix chinensis
Pteroptyx tener: Pteroptyx tener(4790)
Pteropurpura adunca: Pteropurpura adunca(2)
Pteropurpura expansa: Pteropurpura expansa
Pteropurpura plorator: Pteropurpura plorator
Pteropurpura stimpsoni: Pteropurpura stimpsoni
Pteropurpura vespertilio: Pteropurpura vespertilio
Pteropus dasymallus: Pteropus dasymallus
Pteropus hypomelanus: Pteropus hyponielanus
Pteropus hyponielanus: Pteropus hyponielanus
Pteropus insularis: Pteropus insularis
Pteropus mariannus: Pteropus mariannus
Pteropus molossinus: Pteropus molossinus
Pteropus phaeocephalus: Pteropus phaeocephalus
Pteropus pilosus: Pteropus pilosus
Pteropus samoensis: Pteropus samoensis
Pteropus tonganus: Pteropus tonganus
Pteropus vampyrus: Pteropus vampyrus
Pterosagitta draco: Pterosagitta draco
Pterosynchiropus splendidus: Pterosynchiropus splendidus(3)
Pterotarsus borealis: Pterotarsus borealis
Pterotolithus maculatus: Pterotolithus maculatus
Pterotosoma castanea: Pterotosoma castanea
Pteruthius flaviscapis: Pteruthius flaviscapis(3)
Pteruthius melanotis: Pteruthius melanotis(3)
Pterycombus petersii: Centropholis petersii
Pterycombus petersii: Centropholoides falcatus
Pterycombus petersii: Pteraclis petersii
Pterycombus petersii: Pterycombus falcatus
Pterycombus petersii: Pterycombus petersii(2)
Pterygia conus: Pterygia conus
Pterygia crenulata: Pterygia crenulata
Pterygia dactylus: Pterygia dactylus(2)
Pterygia fenestrata: Pterygia fenestrata
Pterygia scabricula: Pterygia scabricula
Pterygia undulosa: Pterygia undulosa
Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus: Liposarcus disjunctivus
Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus: Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Ancistrus multiradiatus
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Hypostomus multiradiatus
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Hypostomus pardalis
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Liposarcus jeanesianus
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Liposarcus multiradiatus
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Liposarcus pardalis
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Liposarcus varius
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Plecostomus pardalis
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Pterygoplichthys jeanesianus
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus
Pterygoplichthys pardalis: Hypostomus pardalis
Pterygoplichthys pardalis: Liposarcus jeanesianus
Pterygoplichthys pardalis: Liposarcus pardalis
Pterygoplichthys pardalis: Liposarcus varius
Pterygoplichthys pardalis: Pterygoplichthys pardalis
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: Otohime hemisticta
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: Prionotus alepis
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: Pterygotrigla hemistica
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: Pterygotrigla hemisticata
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: Pterygotrigla hemisticta(2)
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: Pterygotrigla picta
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: Pteryotrigla hemisticta
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: Trigla arabica
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: Trigla hemisticta
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus: Dixiphichthys ferculum
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus: Dixiphistes macrorhynchus
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus: Parapterygotrigla macrorhynchus
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus: Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus(2)
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus: Pterygotrigla picta
Pterygotrigla multiocellata: Parapterygotrigla multiocellata
Pterygotrigla multiocellata: Pterygotrigla multiocellata(2)
Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis: Pterygotrigla picta
Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis: Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis(2)
Pterynotus alatus: Pterynotus alatus(2)
Pterynotus pellucidus: Pterynotus pellucidus
Pthirus pubis: Pthirus pubis
Ptilineurus marmoratus: Ptilineurus marmoratus
Ptilinopus jambu: Ptilinopus jambu(3)
Ptilinopus leclancheri: Ptilinopus leclancheri
Ptilinopus melanospila: Ptilinopus melanospila(2)
Ptilocercus lowii: Ptilocercus lowii
Ptilocichla leucogrammica: Ptilocichla leucogrammica(2)
Ptilodactyla nitidissima: Ptilodactyla nitidissima
Ptilodon capucina: Ptilodon capucina
Ptilona persimilis: Ptilona persimilis
Ptomaphagus amamianus: Ptomaphagus amamianus
Ptomaphagus smetanai: Ptomaphagus smetanai
Ptomaphagus yasutoshii: Ptomaphagus yasutoshii
Ptomascopus morio: Ptomascopus morio
Ptosima chinensis: Ptosima chinensis
Ptyas carinata: Ptyas carinata
Ptyas carinatus: Ptyas carinatus
Ptyas fusca: Ptyas fusca
Ptyas fuscus: Ptyas fuscus
Ptyas korros: Ptyas korros(3)
Ptyas mucosa: Ptyas mucosa
Ptyas mucosus: Ptyas mucosus(3)
Ptychobela suturalis: Ptychobela suturalis
Ptychognathus barbatus: Ptychognathus barbatus
Ptychopatula orcella: Ptychopatula orcella
Ptychopoma wilsoni: Ptychopoma wilsoni
Ptychoramphus aleuticus: Ptychoramphus aleuticus
Ptychozoon kuhi: Ptychozoon kuhi
Ptychozoon lionotum: Ptychozoon lionotum
Ptyodactylus hasselquistii: Ptyodactylus hasselquistii
Ptyonoprogne concolor: Ptyonoprogne concolor
Pudu mephistophiles: Pudu mephistophiles
Pudu pudu: Pudu pudu
Puffinus assimilis: Puffinus assimilis
Puffinus auricularis: Puffinus auricularis
Puffinus bulleri: Puffinus bulleri
Puffinus carneipes: Puffinus carneipes(2)
Puffinus griseus: Puffinus griseus(2)
Puffinus nativitatis: Puffinus nativitatis
Puffinus pacificus: Puffinus pacificus(5)
Puffinus tenuirostris: Puffinus tenuirostris(2)
Pugilina cochlidium: Pugilina cochlidium
Pugilina ternatana: Pugilina ternatana
Pugilina wardiana: Pugilina wardiana(2)
Pulchratis reticulatus: Pulchratis reticulatus
Pulex irritans: Pulex irritans
Pulvinaria psidii: Pulvinaria psidii
Puma concolor: Puma concolor(3)
Punctrella dorcas: Punctrella dorcas
Punctrella nobilis: Punctrella nobilis
Puntius banksi: Systomus banksi
Puntius binotatus: Puntius binotatus
Puntius bulu: Puntioplites bulu(1720)
Puntius bulu: Puntius bulu(4440)
Puntius gonionotus: Puntius gonionotus
Puntius gonionotus: Puntius goniontus
Puntius gonionotus: Puntius javanicus(2)
Puntius johorensis: Puntius johorensis
Puntius lateristriga: Puntius lateristriga
Puntius nigrofasciatus: Puntius nigrofasciatus(3)
Puntius orphoides: Barbodes rubripinnis
Puntius orphoides: Barbodes sarana
Puntius orphoides: Barbus caudimarginatus
Puntius orphoides: Barbus gardonides
Puntius orphoides: Barbus gardonoides
Puntius orphoides: Barbus myitkyinae
Puntius orphoides: Barbus oatesii
Puntius orphoides: Barbus orphoides
Puntius orphoides: Barbus rubripinnis
Puntius orphoides: Barbus sarana
Puntius orphoides: Barbus sarananella
Puntius orphoides: Barbus saranella
Puntius orphoides: Barbus sewelli
Puntius orphoides: Puntius orphoides
Puntius orphoides: Puntius rubripinna
Puntius orphoides: Puntius sarana
Puntius orphoides: Puntius simus
Puntius orphoides: Systomus orphoides
Puntius orphoides: Systomus rubripinna
Puntius partipentazona: Puntius partipentazona
Puntius semifasciolatus: Barbus aureus
Puntius semifasciolatus: Barbus hainani
Puntius semifasciolatus: Barbus semifasciolatus
Puntius semifasciolatus: Capoeta semifasciolata
Puntius semifasciolatus: Puntius semifasciolatus(4)
Puntius snyderi: Puntius snyderi
Puntius tetrazona: Puntius tetrazona(2)
Puntius titteya: Puntius titteya
Pupa coccinea: Pupa coccinea
Pupa nitidula: Pupa nitidula
Pupa solidula: Pupa solidula(2)
Pupa strigosa: Pupa strigosa(2)
Pupa sulcata: Pupa sulcata
Pupinella swinhoei: Pupinella swinhoei
Pupoides coenpictus: Pupoides coenpictus
Purana apicalis: Purana apicalis
Purlisa giganteus: Purlisa giganteus
Purpura bufo: Purpura bufo
Purpura panama: Purpura panama
Purpura persica: Purpura persica
Purpuricenus spectabilis: Purpuricenus spectabilis
Pusia amabilis: Pusia amabilis
Pusia consanguinea: Pusia consanguinea
Pusia lauta: Pusia lauta
Pusia speciosa: Pusia speciosa
Pusia tuberosa: Pusia tuberosa
Pycnarmon marginalis: Pycnarmon marginalis
Pycnomerus sculpturatus: Pycnomerus sculpturatus
Pycnonotus atriceps: Pycnonotus atriceps(4)
Pycnonotus aurigaster: Pycnonotus aurigaster(3)
Pycnonotus blanfordi: Pycnonotus blanfordi(2)
Pycnonotus brunneus: Pycnonotus brunneus(4)
Pycnonotus cafer: Pycnonotus cafer
Pycnonotus cyaniventris: Pycnonotus cyaniventris(3)
Pycnonotus erythropthalmos: Pycnonotus erythropthalmos(3)
Pycnonotus eutilotus: Pycnonotus eutilotus(3)
Pycnonotus finlaysoni: Pycnonotus finlaysoni(3)
Pycnonotus flavescens: Pycnonotus flavescens
Pycnonotus goiavier: Pycnonotus goiavier(36100)
Pycnonotus jocosus: Phcnonotus jocosus(45)
Pycnonotus jocosus: Pycnonotus jocosus(51900)
Pycnonotus melanicterus: Pycnonotus melanicterus(3)
Pycnonotus melanoleucos: Pycnonotus melanoleucos
Pycnonotus melanoleucus: Pycnonotus melanoleucus
Pycnonotus nieuwenhuisii: Pycnonotus nieuwenhuisii
Pycnonotus plumosus: Pycnonotus plumosus(4)
Pycnonotus simplex: Pycnonotus simplex(4)
Pycnonotus sinensis: Pycnonotus sinensis(3)
Pycnonotus squamatus: Pycnonotus squamatus(2)
Pycnonotus taivanus: Pycnonotus taivanus
Pycnonotus zeylanicus: Pycnonotus zeylanicus(5)
Pycnoscelis surinamensis: Pycnoscelis surinamensis
Pycnoscelus striatus: Pycnoscelus striatus
Pygathrix cinere: Pygathrix cinere
Pygathrix cinerea: Pygathrix cinerea(2)
Pygathrix nigripe: Pygathrix nigripe
Pygathrix nigripes: Pygathrix nigripes(2)
Pygolmpis bidentata: Pygolmpis bidentata
Pygophora confusa: Pygophora confusa
Pygophora immaculipennis: Pygophora immaculipennis
Pygophora lepidofera: Pygophora lepidofera
Pygophora longicornis: Pygophora longicornis
Pygophora maculipennis: Pygophora maculipennis
Pygophora nigribasis: Pygophora nigribasis
Pygophora pallens: Pygophora pallens
Pygophora respondens: Pygophora respondens
Pygophora trimaculata: Pygophora trimaculata
Pygopliter diacanthus: Pygopliter diacanthus
Pygoplites diacanthus: Chaetodon diacanthus
Pygoplites diacanthus: Holacanthus diacanthus
Pygoplites diacanthus: Pygoplites diacanthus(4)
Pygopteryx fulva: Pygopteryx fulva
Pylocheles mortensenii: Pylocheles mortensenii
Pyralis centralis: Pyralis centralis
Pyralis farinalis: Pyralis farinalis
Pyramica benten: Pyramica benten
Pyramica elegantula: Pyramica elegantula
Pyramica formosimonticola: Pyramica formosimonticola
Pyramica formosus: Pyramica formosus
Pyramica hexamerus: Pyramica hexamerus
Pyramica hirashimai: Pyramica hirashimai
Pyramica japonica: Pyramica japonica
Pyramica kichijo: Pyramica kichijo
Pyramica leptothrix: Pyramica leptothrix
Pyramica mazu: Pyramica mazu
Pyramica membranifera: Pyramica membranifera
Pyramica mutica: Pyramica mutica
Pyramica sauteri: Pyramica sauteri
Pyramica takasago: Pyramica takasago
Pyramidella auris-catae: Pyramidella auris-catae
Pyramidella dolabrata: Pyramidella dolabrata(2)
Pyramidella sulcata: Pyramidella sulcata(2)
Pyramidella ventricosa: Pyramidella ventricosa
Pyramidelloides miranda: Pyramidelloides miranda(2)
Pyramodon lindas: Pyramodon lindas(2)
Pyramodon ventralis: Pyramodon ventralis(2)
Pyrausta purpuralis: Pyrausta purpuralis
Pyrene atrata: Pyrene atrata(2)
Pyrene flava: Pyrene flava(2)
Pyrene fulgurans: Pyrene fulgurans(2)
Pyrene melitoma: Pyrene melitoma
Pyrene ocellata: Pyrene ocellata(2)
Pyrene pardalina: Pyrene pardalina(2)
Pyrene philippinarum: Pyrene philippinarum
Pyrene punctata: Pyrene punctata(2)
Pyrene scripta: Pyrene scripta
Pyrene splendidula: Pyrene splendidula
Pyrene testudinaria: Pyrene testudinaria(3)
Pyrene versicolor: Pyrene versicolor(2)
Pyrocoelia praetexta: Pyrocoelia praetexta
Pyrocystis fusiformis: Pyrocystis fusiformis
Pyrocystis robusta: Pyrocystis robusta
Pyroderces simplex: Pyroderces simplex
Pyrosomella verticillata: Pyrosomella verticillata
Pyrrhalta maculata: Pyrrhalta maculata
Pyrrhidivalva sordida: Pyrrhidivalva sordida
Pyrrhosoma nymphula: Pyrrhosoma nymphula
Pyrrhula erythaca: Pyrrhula erythaca
Pyrrhula nipalensis: Pyrrhula nipalensis(3)
Pyrrhura cruentata: Pyrrhura cruentata
Pyrrhura egregia: Pyrrhura egregia
Pyrrhura frontalis: Pyrrhura frontalis
Pyrrhura lepida: Pyrrhura lepida
Pyrrhura molinae: Pyrrhura molinae
Pyrrhura picta: Pyrrhura picta
Pyrrhura rhodocephala: Pyrrhura rhodocephala
Pyrrhura rupicola: Pyrrhura rupicola
Pyrunculus pellyi: Pyrunculus pellyi
Pythia castaneus: Pythia castaneus
Pythia nana: Pythia nana
Pythia plicata: Pythia plicata
Pythia scarabaeus: Pythia scarabaeus(2)
Pythia trigona: Pythia trigona
Python brongersmai: Python brongersmai
Python curtus: Aspidoboa curta
Python curtus: Python breitensteini
Python curtus: Python curtus(3)
Python molurus: Python bivittatus
Python molurus: Python molurus(4)
Python regius: Python regius
Python reticulatus: Boa phrygia
Python reticulatus: Boa reticulata
Python reticulatus: Boa rhombeata
Python reticulatus: Coluber javanicus
Python reticulatus: Morelia reticulatus
Python reticulatus: Python reticulatus(7)
Python reticulatus: Python schneideri
Python sebae: Python sebae(2)
Pytilia melba: Pytilia melba
Pyxicephalus adspersus: Pyxicephalus adspersus
Pyxidea mouhotii: Pyxidea mouhotii
Pyxis arachnoides: Pyxis arachnoides
Pyxis planicauda: Pyxis planicauda

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_p.htm, 2015-02-08, Animal name, 動物名, (P, 974KB)}

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_p.htm, 2015-02-08, Animal name, 動物名, (P, 974KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_p.htm)

Paa boulengeri: Ventral-spined frog
Paa hazarensis: Hazara torrent frog
Paa sternosignata: Karez frog
Pachliopta aristolochiae: asteris, Common rose(4)
Pachliopta aristolochiae: Common rose(3)
Pachliopta coon: doubledayi, Common clubtail
Pachliopta neptunus: neptunus, Yellow bodied clubtail
Pachycare flavogriseum: Goldenface
Pachycephala albiventris: Green-backed whistler
Pachycephala aurea: Golden-backed whistler
Pachycephala cinerea: Mangrove whistler(4)
Pachycephala fulvotincta: Fulvous-tinted whistler
Pachycephala griseonota: Drab whistler
Pachycephala grisola: Mangrove whistler(10)
Pachycephala homeyeri: White-vented whistler(2)
Pachycephala hyperythra: Rusty-breasted whistler
Pachycephala hypoxantha: Bornean mountain whistler
Pachycephala hypoxantha: Bornean whistler(2)
Pachycephala hypoxantha: Bornean whistler(2)(2)
Pachycephala lorentzi: Lorentz's whistler
Pachycephala macrorhyncha: Banda sea whistler
Pachycephala melanura: Mangrove golden whistler
Pachycephala mentalis: Black-chinned whistler
Pachycephala meyeri: Vogelkop whistler
Pachycephala modesta: Brown-backed whistler
Pachycephala monacha: White-bellied whistler
Pachycephala nudigula: Bare-throated whistler
Pachycephala orpheus: Fawn-breasted whistler
Pachycephala pectoralis: Golden whistler
Pachycephala phaionota: Island whistler
Pachycephala philippinensis: Yellow-bellied whistler
Pachycephala rufiventris: Rufous whistler(2)
Pachycephala schlegelii: Regent whistler
Pachycephala simplex: Grey whistler
Pachycephala soror: Sclater's whistler
Pachycephala sulfuriventer: Sulphur-bellied whistler
Pachycephalopsis hattamensis: Green-backed robin
Pachycephalopsis poliosoma: White-eyed robin
Pachycoccyx audeberti: Thick-billed cuckoo
Pachyphantes superciliosus: Compact weaver
Pachyptila belcheri: Slender-billed prion
Pachyptila belcheri: Thin-billed prion
Pachyptila desolata: Antarctic prion(2)
Pachyptila turtur: Fairy prion
Pachysphinx modesta: Modest sphinx
Pachysphinx occidentalis: Big poplar sphinx
Pacifastacus leniusculus: Crayfish
Padda oryzivora: Java sparrow(12)
Paduca fasciata: fasciata, Little banded yeoman
Paephila cincta: cincta, Black-throated finch
Pagellus bogaraveo: Red seabream
Pagodroma nivea: Snow petrel
Pagophila eburnea: Ivory gull
Paguma larvata: Marked palm civet
Paguma larvata: Masked palm civet(7)
Palinurus cygnus: Australia lobster
Palmeria dolei: Akohekohe
Pampus argenteus: Silver pomfret(4)
Pampus argenteus: Siver pomfret
Pampus argenteus: White pomfret(2)
Pampus chinensis: Chinese pomfret(3)
Pampus chinensis: Chinese silver pomfret
Pampus sp: White pomfret
Pan paniscus: Bonobo
Pan paniscus: Pygmy chimpanzee
Pan troglodytes: Chimpanzee(3)
Panaque maccus: Ringlet pleco
Panaque nigrolineatus: Royal pleco
Pandinus imperator: Emperor scorpion(2)
Pandion haliacetus: Osprey(2)
Pandion haliaeetus: Osprey
Pandion haliaetus: Fish eagle(2)
Pandion haliaetus: Fish hawk(2)
Pandion haliaetus: Osprey(28)
Pandion haliaetus: Western osprey(2)
Pandita sinope: sinope, Colonel(2)
Pandita sinope: sinope, The colonel(2)
Pangasianodon gigas: Mekong cat fish
Pangasianodon gigas: Mekong catfish
Pangasius gigas: Giant mekong catfish
Pangasius gigas: Mekong catfish
Pangasius larnaudi: Black ear
Pangasius larnaudi: Black ear catfish
Pangasius larnaudi: Spot pangasius
Pangasius larnaudi: Tepo
Pangasius pangasius: River catfish(3)
Pangasius pangasius: Yellow-tail catfish
Pangasius pangasius: Yellowtail catfish
Pangasius sanitwongsei: Giant catfish
Pangasius sanitwongsei: Giant pangasius
Pangasius sanitwongsei: Paroon shark
Pangasius sanitwongsei: Tepa
Pangasius sutchi: Iridescent shark(1490)
Pangasius sutchi: Striped catfish(5860)
Pangasius sutchi: Sutchi catfish(1530)
Pangio kuhlii: Kuhli loach
Pangio kuhlii: Kuhlii loach
Pangio muraeniformis: Spotted coolie
Pangio muraeniformis: Spotted coolie loach(5)
Pangio muraeniformis: Spotted eel-loach or spotted coolie loach
Pangio muraeniformis: Spotted eel-loach(6)
Pangio semicincta: Banded coolie
Pangio semicincta: Banded coolie loach(7)
Pangio semicincta: Banded eel-loach or banded coolie loach
Pangio semicincta: Banded eel-loach(3)
Pangio semicincta: Malayan banded eel-loach
Pangio shelfordi: Spotted loach
Panilurus polyphagus: Spiny lobster
Panonychus citri: Citrus red mite
Panopea abrupta: Elephant clam
Panopea abrupta: Geoduck
Panopea abrupta: Geoduck clam
Panopea abrupta: Pacific geoduck clam
Panopea generosa: Geoduck clam
Panopea priapus: Geoduck
Pantala flavescens: Globe skimmer
Pantala flavescens: Wandering glider(6)
Panthera leo: Asiatic lion
Panthera leo: Lion
Panthera onca: Jaguar(2)
Panthera pardus: Black panther
Panthera pardus: Leopard(3)
Panthera pardus: Spotted leopard
Panthera tigris: Tiger(4)
Pantholops hodgsoni: Chiru(2)
Pantholops hodgsoni: Tibetan antelope
Pantodon buchholzi: African butterfly fish
Pantoporia hordonia: Common lascar
Pantoporia hordonia: hordonia, Common lascar(5)
Pantoporia paraka: paraka, Perak lascar(5)
Panulirus argus: Spiny lobster
Panulirus cygnus: Rock lobster
Panulirus marginatus: Spiny lobster
Panulirus ornatus: Coral lobster
Panulirus ornatus: Ornate rock lobster
Panulirus ornatus: Rock lobster
Panulirus ornatus: Tropical rock lobster
Panulirus penicillatus: Spiny lobster
Panulirus polyhagus: Spiny lobster
Panulirus polyphagus: Mud spiny lobster
Panulirus polyphagus: Spiny lobster(2)
Panulirus stimpsoni: Green lobster
Panulirus versicolor: White-spotted lobster
Panurus biarmicus: Bearded reedling(3)
Panurus biarmicus: Bearded tit
Panyptila cayennensis: Lesser
Panyptila sanctihieronymi: Great
Papasula abbotti: Abbott's booby(2)
Paphia alapapilionis: Butterfly venus clam
Paphia euglypta: Clam
Paphia gallus: Rooster venus clam
Paphia textile: Carpet clam
Paphia textile: Textile venus clam(2)
Paphia undulata: Short-necked clam
Paphia undulata: Undulating venus clam
Paphosia adorabilis: Adorable coquette
Paphosia helenae: Black-crested coquette
Papilio bianor: Chinese peacock
Papilio chikae: Luzon peacock swallowtail
Papilio clytia: clytia, Common mime
Papilio demoleus: Lime butterfly(2)
Papilio demoleus: malayanus, Common lime butterfly
Papilio demoleus: malayanus, Lime butterfly(10)
Papilio demoleus: Swallowtail
Papilio demolion: demolion, Banded swallowtail(6)
Papilio dialis: Southern chinese peacock
Papilio helenus: helenus, Red helen
Papilio helenus: Red helen
Papilio homerus: Homerus swallowtail
Papilio hospiton: Corsican swallowtail
Papilio iswara: iswara, Great helen(4)
Papilio machaon: Common yellow swallowtail
Papilio memnon: agenor, Great mormon(5)
Papilio memnon: Great mormon(2)
Papilio nephelus: sunatus, Black & white helen
Papilio palinurus: palinurus, Banded peacock
Papilio paris: Paris peacock(2)
Papilio paris: paris, Paris peacock
Papilio polytes: Common mormon(2)
Papilio polytes: pasikrates, Common mormon
Papilio polytes: romulus, Common mormon(11)
Papilio prexaspes: prexaspes, Blue helen(4)
Papilio protenor: Spangle
Papilio thaiwanus: Taiwanese mormon
Papilio xuthus: Swallowtail
Papilloculiceps longiceps: Carpet flathead
Papio hamadrayas: Hamadryas baboon
Papio hamadryas: Hamadryas baboon(2)
Papustyla pulcherrima: Emerald green snail
Parablennius laticlavius: Crested blenny
Parabuteo unicinctus: Bay-winged hawk
Parabuteo unicinctus: Harris's hawk
Paracanthurus hepatus: Blue hippo tang(2)
Paracanthurus hepatus: Blue surgeonfish(2)
Paracanthurus hepatus: Blue tang(5)
Paracanthurus hepatus: Hippo tang(2)
Paracanthurus hepatus: Pacific blue tang
Paracanthurus hepatus: Palette surgeonfish(7)
Paracanthurus hepatus: Palette tang
Paracanthurus hepatus: Regal tang
Paracentropogon longispinis: Longspine scorpionfish(5)
Paracentropyge venusta: Purple masked angelfish
Parachaetodon ocellatus: False batfish
Parachaetodon ocellatus: Kite butterflyfish(6)
Paracheilinus carpenteri: Carpenter's wrasse
Paracheilinus carpenteri: Carpenters flasher wrasse
Paracheilinus filamentosus: Filament-fin wrasse
Paracheirodon axelrodi: Cardinal tetra(2)
Paracheirodon innesi: Neon tetra(3)
Paracheirodon simulans: False neon tetra
Paracheirodon simulans: Green neon tetra
Paracheirondon innesi: Tetra
Parachromis dovii: Wolf cichlid
Parachromis managuensis: Jaguar cichlid
Parachromis managuensis: Jaguar guapote(7)
Paracirrhites arcatus: Arc-eye hawkfish
Paracirrhites arcatus: Arc-eyed hawkfish
Paracirrhites arcus: Arc-eyed hawkfish
Paracirrhites forsteri: Blackside hawkfish
Paracirrhites forsteri: Forster's hawkfish
Paracirrhites forsteri: Freckled hawkfish
Paracleistostoma depressum: Red silt crab(2)
Paracoccus marginatus: Papaya mealybug(2)
Paracoelops megalotis: Vietnam leaf-nosed bat
Paracynictis selousi: Selous' mongoose
Paradasynus rostratus: Coreid bug
Paradigalla brevicauda: Short-tailed paradigalla
Paradigalla brevicauda: Short-tailed paridagalla
Paradigalla carunculata: Long-tailed paradigalla
Paradigalla carunculata: Long-tailed paridagalla
Paradisaea apoda: Greater bird-of-paradise
Paradisaea decora: Goldie's bird-of-paradise
Paradisaea guilielmi: Emperor bird-of-paradise
Paradisaea minor: Lesser bird-of-paradise
Paradisaea raggiana: Raggiana bird-of-paradise
Paradisaea rubra: Red bird-of-paradise
Paradisaea rudolphi: Blue bird-of-paradise
Paradoxornis alphonsianus: Ashy-throated parrotbill
Paradoxornis atrosuperciliaris: Lesser rufous-headed parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis brunneus: Brown-winged parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis conspicillatus: Spectacled parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis davidianus: Short-tailed parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis flavirostris: Black-breasted parrotbill(3)
Paradoxornis fulvifrons: Fulvous-fronted parrotbill
Paradoxornis fulvifrons: Fulvous parrotbill
Paradoxornis gularis: Gray-headed parrotbill
Paradoxornis gularis: Grey-headed parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis guttaticollis: Spot-breasted parrotbill(4)
Paradoxornis heudei: Reed parrotbill(4)
Paradoxornis nipalensis: Black-throated parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis paradoxus: Three-toed parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis polivanovi: Northern parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis przewalskii: Przewalski's parrotbill
Paradoxornis przewalskii: Rusty-throated parrotbill
Paradoxornis ruficeps: Greater rufous-headed parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis unicolor: Brown parrotbill(2)
Paradoxornis verreauxi: Golden parrotbill(5)
Paradoxornis webbianus: bulomachus, Vinous-throated parrotbill
Paradoxornis webbianus: Vinous-throated crowtit
Paradoxornis webbianus: Vinous-throated parrotbill(11)
Paradoxornis zappeyi: Grey-hooded parrotbill(2)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Asian palm civet(127000)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Civet coffee(31200)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Common palm civet(8612)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Luwak coffee(13800)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Luwak(25300)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Toddy cat(7140)
Paradoxurus jerdoni: Browm palm civet
Paradoxurus jerdoni: Brown palm civet
Paradoxurus zeylonensis: Golden palm civet(2)
Paradozornis gularis: morrisoniana, Golden's parrotbill
Paraglyphidodon lacrymatus: Jewel damsel
Paraglyphidodon melas: Black damsel
Paraglyphidodon melas: Yellow back white damsel
Paraglyphidodon nigroris: Black-mouth damsel
Paraglyphidodon nigroris: Black and gold chromis
Paraglyphidodon nigroris: Black yellow line damsel
Paraglyphidodon oxydon: Blue-streak devil
Paraglyphidodon sp: Blue line damsel
Paragobiodon xanthosomus: Yellow prickly-headed coral goby
Paragomphus capricornis: Banded hooktail(3)
Paragonimus westermani: Oriental lung fluke
Paragonimus westermanii: Lung fluke
Parahyaena brunnea: Brown hyena
Parakysis longirostris: Singapore little warty catfish(7)
Parakysis verrucosus: Little warty catfish(2)
Paralaxita damajanti: damajanti, Malay red harlequin
Paralaxita orphna: laocoon, Banded harlequin
Paralaxita telesia: lyclene, Malay red harlequin
Paralichthys tropicus: Tropical flounder
Paralithodes camtschaticus: Alaska king crab
Paralithodes camtschaticus: Red king crab
Paraluteres prionurus: Mimic filefish(2)
Parambassis ranga: Indian glass fish
Parambassis siamensis: Indochinese glass-perchlet(2)
Parambassis siamensis: Indochinese glass perchlet(5)
Paramesotriton hongkongensis: Hong kong newt
Paramuriacea clavata: Gorgonian
Paramuricea placomus: Gorgonian fan
Paramythia montium: Crested berrypecker
Paranibea semiluctuosa: Half-mourning croaker(2)
Paranthias colonus: Pacific creolefish
Parantica aglea: Glassy tiger
Parantica agleoides: agleoides, Dark glassy tiger(8)
Parantica aspasia: aspasia, Yellow glassy tiger(4)
Parantica melaneus: Chocolate tiger
Parantica melaneus: sinopion, Chocolate tiger
Parantica sita: Chestnut tiger
Parantica sita: ethologa, Yellow glassy tiger
Parantica swinhoei: Swinhoe's chocolate tiger
Paranyctimene raptor: Unstriped tube-nosed bat
Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: Sharp-rostrum prawn(4)
Parapenaeopsis sculptilis: Rainbow prawn(4)
Parapercis cephalopunctata: Spothead grubfish
Parapercis clathrata: Latticed sandperch
Parapercis colias: Blue cod
Parapercis hexophthalma: Sharp nosed weever
Parapercis hexophthlama: Speckled sandperch
Parapercis schauinslandi: Red-spotted sandperch
Parapercis schauinslandii: Redspotted sandperch
Parapercis schuinslandi: Red grubfish
Parapercis sp: Weever
Parapercis tetracantha: Four-barred weever
Parapercis tetracantha: Reticulated sandperch
Parapercis xanthozona: Yellow barred sand-perch(5)
Paraplagusia bilineata: Doublelined tongue-sole(5)
Paraploactis kagoshimensis: Phantom velvetfish
Paraplotosus albilabris: White-lipped eeltail catfish(5)
Parapriacanthus ransonetti: Golden sweeper
Parapristella aubynei: Glassfish
Parasa lepida: Nettle caterpillar
Parasa lepida: Slug caterpillar
Parasarpa dudu: White commodore
Parascorpaena picta: Painted scorpionfish(5)
Parasilurus asotus: Amur catfish
Parastichopus californicus: Sea cucumber
Parastomateus niger: Black pomfret
Parastromateus niger: Black pomfret(9)
Parastromateus niger: Butterfish
Parathelphusa maculata: Freshwater crab(2)
Parathelphusa maculata: Lowland freshwater crab
Parathelphusa pantherina: Panther crab
Parathelphusa reticulata: Swamp forest crab
Paratheraps bifasciatus: Red head cichlid
Paratheraps synspilus: Red-breasted cichlid(7)
Parathyma sulpitia: Five-dot sergeant
Paratrechina longicornis: Crazy ant
Paratrechina longicornis: Hairy ant
Paratrechina longicornis: Long-horned ant
Paravespula pensylvanica: Western yellowjacket
Paravespula vulgaris: Common yellow-jacket
Pardachirus pavoninus: Peacock sole(5)
Pardaliparus venustulus: Yellow-bellied tit
Pardofelis marmorata: Marbled cat(4)
Pardofelis nebolusa: Clouded leopard
Pardosa lugubris: Wolf spider
Pardosa pseudoannulata: Pond wolf spider
Pardosa wagleri: Wolf spider
Pareas carinatus: Keeled slug snake(2)
Pareas laevis: Smooth slug snake
Pareas macularius: Spotted slug snake
Pareas malaccanus: Malayan slug snake
Pareas margaritophorus: White-spotted slug snake(6)
Pareas vertebralis: Vertebral slug snake
Pareronia anais: Common wanderer
Pareronia valeria: lutescens, Wanderer(3)
Parioglossus palustris: Estuarine dartfish(5)
Parisoma boehmi: Banded parisoma
Parisoma buryi: Yemen parisoma
Parisoma lugens: Brown parisoma
Parma bicolor: Bicoloured parma
Parma bicolor: Yellow belly blue damsel
Parma mccullochi: Mcculloch's scalyfin
Parma occidentalis: Western scalyfin
Parmarion martensi: Yellow-shelled semi-slug
Parmoptila woodhousei: Flower-pecker weaver-finch
Parnara bada: Oriental straight swift
Parnara ganga: Rare swift
Parnara guttata: Common straight swift
Parnara naso: bada, African straight swift
Parnassius apollo: Apollos
Paroaria capitata: Red-crested cardinal
Paroaria capitata: Yellow-billed cardinal(2)
Paroaria coconata: Red-crested cardinal
Paroaria coronata: Red-crested cardinal(6)
Paroaria coronata: Yellow-billed cardinal
Paroedura androyensis: Pygmy panther gecko
Paroedura masobe: Masobe gecko
Paroedura pictus: Malagasy ground gecko
Paroedura pictus: Panther gecko(2)
Parophasma galinieri: Abyssinian catbird
Paroreomyza maculata: Oahu alauahio
Parosphromenus deissneri: Licorice gourami
Parotia carolae: Carola's parotia
Parotia lawesii: Lawes's parotia
Parotia sefilata: Western parotia
Parotia wahnesi: Wahnes's parotia
Parthenos sylvia: lilacinus, Clipper
Parupeneus atrocingulatus: Three-striped goatfish
Parupeneus atrocingulatus: Tree striped goatfish
Parupeneus barbarinus: Dash-dot goatfish
Parupeneus barberinoides: Bicolor goatfish(3)
Parupeneus barberinus: Dash-dot goatfish(2)
Parupeneus bifasciatus: Double bar goatfish
Parupeneus bifasciatus: Doublebar goatfish(3)
Parupeneus ciliatus: Cardinal goatfish
Parupeneus ciliatus: White-lined goatfish
Parupeneus cyclostomas: Yellowsaddle goatfish
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Blue goatfish
Parupeneus cyclostomus: Yellowsaddled goatfish
Parupeneus macronema: Long-barbeled goatfish
Parupeneus multifaciatus: Multi-barred goatfish
Parupeneus multifasciatus: Manybar goatfish(2)
Parupeneus pleurospilus: Spotted goatfish
Parupeneus pleurostigma: Side-spot goatfish
Parupeneus pleurostigma: Sidespot goatfish(2)
Parupeneus porphyreus: Purple goatfish
Parupeneus porphyreus: Whitesaddle goatfish
Parus afer: Grey tit
Parus albiventris: White-breasted tit
Parus amabilis: Palawan tit
Parus ater: Coal tit(4)
Parus ater: ptilosus, Coal tit
Parus bokharensis: Turkestan tit
Parus caeruleus: Blue tit
Parus cinctus: Siberian tit
Parus cinereus: Cinereous tit(2)
Parus cristatus: Crested tit
Parus cyanus: Azure tit
Parus davidi: P貥 david's tit
Parus dichrous: Grey-crested tit
Parus elegans: Elegant tit
Parus flavipectus: Yellow-breasted tit
Parus fringillinus: Red-throated tit
Parus funereus: Dusky tit
Parus holsti: Yellow tit(6)
Parus humilis: Groundpecker
Parus hypermelaenus: Black-bibbed tit
Parus leucomelas: Northern black tit
Parus lugubris: Sombre tit
Parus major: Great tit(25)
Parus melanolophus: Spot-winged tit
Parus minor: Japanese tit(2)
Parus montanus: Willow tit(2)
Parus monticolus: Green-backed tit(7)
Parus monticolus: insperatus, Green-backed tit
Parus nuchalis: White-naped tit(2)
Parus palustris: Marsh tit(5)
Parus rubidiventris: Rufous-vented tit
Parus rufonuchalis: Rufous-naped tit
Parus semilarvatus: White-fronted tit
Parus songarus: Songar tit
Parus spilonotus: Yellow-cheeked tit(7)
Parus superciliosus: White-browed tit
Parus thruppi: Northern grey tit
Parus varius: castaneovintris, Varied tit
Parus varius: Japanese tit
Parus varius: Varied tit(4)
Parus venustulus: Yellow-bellied tit(3)
Parus xanthogenys: Black-lored tit
Parus xanthogenys: Himalayan black-lored tit(2)
Passer ammodendri: Saxaul sparrow(3)
Passer castanopterus: Somali sparrow
Passer diffusus: Southern grey-headed sparrow
Passer domesticus: House sparrow(15)
Passer eminibey: Chestnut sparrow
Passer euchlorus: Arabian golden sparrow
Passer flaveolus: Plain-backed sparrow(6)
Passer griseus: Gray-headed sparrow
Passer griseus: Grey-headed sparrow
Passer hispaniolensis: Spanish sparrow(5)
Passer iagoensis: Iago sparrow
Passer moabiticus: Dead sea sparrow
Passer montanus: Eurasian tree-sparrow(145000)
Passer montanus: Eurasian tree sparrow(145005)
Passer montanus: Sparrow eurasian tree
Passer montanus: Tree sparrow(237000)
Passer pyrrhonotus: Sind sparrow
Passer rufocinctus: Rufous sparrow
Passer rutilans: Russet sparrow(11)
Passer simplex: Desert sparrow
Passerculus sandwichensis: Savannah sparrow(3)
Passerella iliaca: Fox sparrow(2)
Pastor roseus: Rosy starling(6)
Patelloida saccharina: Sweet limpet
Pathysa antiphates: Five-bar swordtail
Pathysa antiphates: itamputi, Five bar swallowtail
Pathysa antiphates: itamputi, Five bar swordtail(5)
Pathysa delessertii: delessertii, Malayan zebra
Pathysa macareus: perakensis, Lesser zebra
Pathysa ramaceus: pendleburyi, Pendlebury's zebra
Patinopecten yessoensis: Deepsea scallop
Patinopecten yessoensis: Scallop(2)
Pavo cristatus: Blue peafowl(3)
Pavo cristatus: Indian peafowl(7)
Pavo muticus: Green peafowl(12)
Pecari tajacu: Collared peccary
Peckoltia vittata: Banded peckoltia
Pectinatella magnifica: American bryozoan
Pedionomus torquatus: Collared hemipode
Pedionomus torquatus: Plains wanderer
Pedostibes hosii: Brown tree toad
Pedostibes hosii: Yellow spotted tree toad
Pegasus volitans: Slender seamoth(5)
Pelagodroma marina: White-faced storm petrel(2)
Pelamis platurus: Flat sea snake
Pelamis platurus: Yellow-bellied sea snake(3)
Pelargopsis amauroptera: Brown-winged kingfisher(3)
Pelargopsis amauropterus: Brown-winged kingfisher(4)
Pelargopsis capensis: Stork-billed kingfisher(24)
Pelargopsis melanorhyncha: Black-billed kingfisher(2)
Pelargopsis melanorhyncha: Great-billed kingfisher
Pelates quadrilineatus: Four-lined terapon
Pelates quadrilineatus: Trumpeter perch(5)
Pelates sexlineatus: Eastern striped grunter
Pelates sexlineatus: Eastern striped trumpeter
Pelates sexlineatus: Six-lined trumpeter
Pelea capreolus: Vaal rhebuck
Pelecanoides urinatrix: Common diving petrel
Pelecanus conspicillatus: Australian pelican(2)
Pelecanus crispus: Dalmatian pelican(10)
Pelecanus novaezealandiae: New zealand pelican
Pelecanus onocrotalus: Great white pelican(13)
Pelecanus philippensis: Spot-billed pelican(13)
Pelecanus rufescens: Pink-backed pelican(2)
Pellona ditchela: Indian pellona(2)
Pellorneum albiventre: Spot-throated babbler(5)
Pellorneum bicolor: Ferruginous babbler
Pellorneum buettikoferi: Sumatran babbler(2)
Pellorneum capistratum: Black-capped babbler(13)
Pellorneum celebense: Sulawesi babbler
Pellorneum cinereiceps: Ashy-headed babbler
Pellorneum fuscocapillus: Brown-capped babbler(3)
Pellorneum malaccensis: Short-tailed babbler
Pellorneum palustre: Marsh babbler(3)
Pellorneum pyrrogenys: Temminck's babbler(2)(2)
Pellorneum pyrrogenys: Temminck's babbler(3)
Pellorneum rostratum: White-chested babbler
Pellorneum ruficeps: Puff-throated babbler(9)
Pellorneum tickelli: Buff-breasted babbler(10)
Pelobates fuscus: Common spadefoot
Pelochelys bibroni: Freshwater turtle(common)
Pelochelys bibroni: Freshwater turtles
Pelochelys cantorii: Asian giant soft shelled turtle
Pelochelys cantorii: Asian giant softshell turtle
Pelochelys cantorii: Cantor's giant softshell turtle
Pelodiscus sinensis: Chinese softshell turtle(4)
Pelomedusa subrufa: African helmeted turtle(2)
Pelophryne brevipes: Dwarf toad
Pelophryne signata: Lowland dwarf toad
Pelophryne signata: Saint andrew's cross toadlet(5)
Pelophylax bergeri: Italian pool frog
Pelophylax esculentus: Common water frog
Pelophylax esculentus: Edible frog
Pelophylax esculentus: Green frog
Pelophylax lessonae: Pool frog
Pelophylax perezi: Perez´s frog
Pelophylax ridibundus: Marsh frog(2)
Pelopidas agna: agna, Little branded swift
Pelopidas agna: Little branded swift
Pelopidas assamensis: Great swift(7)
Pelopidas conjunctus: Conjoined swift
Pelopidas conjunctus: conjunctus, Conjoined swift(6)
Pelopidas mathias: mathias, Small branded swift(5)
Pelopidas mathias: Small branded swift
Pelopidas subochraceus: Large branded swift
Peltocephalus dumeriliana: Hidden-necked turtle
Peltophryne peltocephalus: West indian toad
Peltops blainvillii: Lowland peltops
Peltops montanus: Mountain peltops
Peltorhamphus novaezeelandiae: Common sole
Pelusios castaneus: West african mud turtle
Pelusios sinuatus: East african serrated mud turtle
Pelusios sinuatus: Serrat
Pelusios sinuatus: Smith's terrapin
Pelusios subniger: East african black mud turt
Pelusios subniger: East african side-necked turtle
Pelvicachromis pulcher: Kribensis(3)
Pelvicachromis pulcher: Purple splendid cichlid
Pelvicachromis subocellatus: Ocellated krib
Pemara pugnans: Pugnacious lancer(5)
Pemis apivorus: Honey buzzard
Pemis celebensis: Barred-honey buzzard
Pempheris adspersus: Bigeye
Pempheris multiradiata: Big-scaled bullseye
Pempheris multiradiata: Common bullseye
Pempheris multiradiata: Large-scaled bullseye
Pempheris oualensis: Copper sweeper
Pempheris oualensis: Silver sweeper
Pempheris schomburgkii: Glassy sweeper
Pempheris vanicolensis: Vanikoro sweeper
Penaeus indicus: Banana prawn
Penaeus indicus: White prawns
Penaeus latisulcatus: King prawn(3)
Penaeus merguiensis: Banana prawn(3)
Penaeus merguiensis: Banana shrimp(3)
Penaeus monodom: Giant tiger prawn
Penaeus monodon: Giant tiger prawn(3)
Penaeus monodon: Green tiger prawn
Penaeus monodon: Tiger prawn(4)
Penaeus monodon: Tiger shrimp
Penaeus orientalis: King prawn
Penaeus semisulcatus: Green tiger prawn(3)
Penaeus semisulcatus: Striped prawn
Penaeus vannamei: Pacific white shrimp
Penelope albipennis: White-winged guan
Penelope purpurascens: Crested guan
Penelopides exarhatus: Sulawesi hornbill(2)
Penelopides panini: Tarictic hornbill
Penelopina nigra: Highland guan
Peneoenanthe pulverulenta: Mangrove robin
Peneothello bimaculata: White-rumped robin
Peneothello cryptoleuca: Smoky robin
Peneothello cyanus: Blue-grey robin
Peneothello sigillata: White-winged robin
Pennahia anea: Bigeye croaker
Pennahia macrocephalus: Big-head pennah croaker
Pentapodus bifasciatus: White-ear whiptail
Pentapodus bifasciatus: White-shoulder whiptail
Pentapodus bifasciatus: White-shouldered whiptail(5)
Pentapodus emeryii: D/bl whiptail bream
Pentapodus nemurus: Purple threadfin bream
Pentapodus nemurus: Whiptail threadfin bream
Pentapodus paradiseus: Blue-banded whiptail
Pentapodus paradiseus: Blue-faced whiptail
Pentapodus paradiseus: Paradise threadfin bream
Pentapodus paradiseus: Paradise whiptail
Pentapodus setosus: Butterfly whiptail(5)
Pentapodus trivittatus: Three-striped whiptail
Pentapodus vitta: Threadtin bream
Penthetor lucasi: Dusky fruit bat(6)
Penthetor lucasi: Lucas's short-nosed fruit bat
Penthetor lucasi: Penthetor
Peocilia sphenops: Green molly
Peponocephala electra: Melon-headed whale(2)
Peponocephalia electra: Melon-headed whale
Perameles bougainville: Sestern barred-bandicoot
Perca flavescens: Yellow perch
Perca fluviatilis: Perch
Perdicula argoondah: Rock bush-quail(3)
Perdicula argoondah: Rock bush quail
Perdicula asiatica: Jungle bush-quail(3)
Perdicula asiatica: Jungle bush quail(2)
Perdicula erythrorhyncha: Painted bush-quail(3)
Perdicula erythrorhyncha: Painted bush quail
Perdicula manipurensis: Manipur bush-quail(3)
Perdicula manipurensis: Manipur bush quail
Perdix dauurica: Daurian partridge(6)
Perdix dauuricae: Daurian partridge
Perdix hodgsoniae: Tibetan partridge(7)
Perdix perdix: Gray partridge(2)
Perdix perdix: Grey partridge(7)
Periccrocotus cinnamomeus: Small minivet
Periclimenes imperator: Emperor shrimp
Periclimenes longicarpus: Anemone partner shrimp
Periclimenes tosaensis: Commensal shrimp
Pericnemis stictica: Dryad(4)
Pericrocotus brevirostris: Short-billed minivet(3)
Pericrocotus cantonensis: Brown-rumped minivet(3)
Pericrocotus cantonensis: Swinhoe's minivet(5)
Pericrocotus cantonensis: Swinhoes minivet
Pericrocotus cinnamomeus: Small minivet(6)
Pericrocotus divaricatus: Ashy minivet(22)
Pericrocotus erythropygius: White-bellied minivet
Pericrocotus ethologus: Long-tailed minivet(5)
Pericrocotus flammeus: Scarlet minivet(18)
Pericrocotus igneus: Fiery minivet(10)
Pericrocotus lansbergei: Flores minivet(2)
Pericrocotus miniatus: Sunda minivet
Pericrocotus roseus: Rosy minivet(6)
Pericrocotus solaris: Gray-chinned minivet(8)
Pericrocotus solaris: Grey-chinned minivet(14)
Pericrocotus solaris: Grey-throated minivet
Pericrocotus solaris: Grey-throated winivet
Pericrocotus solaris: Yellow-throated minivet
Pericrocotus speciosus: Scarlet minivet
Periglypta puerpera: Youthful venus clam
Periophthalmodon schlosseri: Giant mudskipper(9)
Periophthalmodon schlosseri: Giant mudskippers
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: Silver-lined mudskipper(6)
Periophthalmus chrysospilos: Gold-spotted mudskipper(6)
Periophthalmus movemradiatus: Dusky-gilled mudskipper
Periophthalmus novemradiatus: Dusky-gilled mudskipper(7)
Periophthalmus variabilis: Dusky-gilled mudskipper
Periophthalmus walailakae: Yellow-spotted mudskipper(6)
Periparus ater: Coal tit(4)
Periparus rubidiventris: Rufous-vented tit(2)
Periparus rufonuchalis: Rufous-naped tit(2)
Periparus venustulus: Yellow-bellied tit(2)
Periplaneta americana: American cockroach
Periplaneta australasiae: Australian cockroach
Periplaneta brunnea: Brown cockroach
Periplaneta fuliginosa: Smoky brown cockroach
Perisoreus infaustus: Siberian jay(3)
Perisoreus internigrans: Sichuan jay(3)
Perna canaliculus: Green lipped mussel
Perna canaliculus: Green mussel
Perna perna: Blue mussel
Perna viridis: Asian brown mussel
Perna viridis: Asian green mussel(3880)
Perna viridis: Green-lipped mussel(9290)
Perna viridis: Green mussel(33301)
Pernis apivorus: Eueasian honey buzzard
Pernis apivorus: European honey-buzzard
Pernis apivorus: European honey buzzard
Pernis apivorus: Honey buzzard
Pernis apivorus: Oriental honey buzzard
Pernis celebensis: Barred honey-buzzard
Pernis celebensis: Barred honey buzzard
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Buzzard crested honey
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Crested honey-buzzard(3)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Crested honey buzzard(3)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Oriental honey-buzzard(9)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Oriental honey buzzard(5)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: torquatus, Oriental honey-buzzard
Pernis ptilorhyncus: Crested honey-buzzard
Pernis ptilorhyncus: Crested honey buzzard
Pernis ptilorhyncus: Oriental honey-buzzard(6)
Pernis ptilorhyncus: Oriental honey buzzard
Perodicticus potto: Potto(2)
Peromysus maniculatus: Deer mice
Peropteryx kappleri: Greater dog-like bat
Peropteryx leucopterus: White-winged dog-like bat
Peropteryx macrotis: Lesser dog-like bat
Pervagor aspricaudus: Yellowtail filefish
Pervagor melanocephalus: Firetail filefish
Pervagor melanocephalus: Redtail filefish
Pervagor spilosoma: Fantail filefish
Petaurillus emiliae: Lesser pygmy flying squirrel
Petaurillus hosei: Hose's pigmy flying squirrel(2)
Petaurillus hosei: Hose's pygmy flying squirrel
Petaurillus kinlochii: Selangor pigmy flying squirrel
Petaurillus kinlochii: Selangor pygmy flying squirrel(2)
Petaurista alborufus: lena, White-faced flying squirrel
Petaurista elegans: Spotted giant flying squirel
Petaurista elegans: Spotted giant flying squirrel(3)
Petaurista petaurista: Red giant flying squirrel(8)
Petinomys genibarbis: Whiskered flying squirrel(4)
Petinomys setosus: Temminck's flying squirrel(4)
Petinomys vordermanni: Vondermann's flying squirrel
Petinomys vordermanni: Vordermann's flying squirrel
Petrelaea dana: dana, Dingy line blue(3)
Petrelaea dana: Dingy line blue
Petricola lapicida: Boring petricola
Petrochelidon ariel: Fairy martin
Petrochelidon fluvicola: Streak-throated swallow
Petrochelidon nigricans: Tree martin
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota: Cliff swallow
Petroica archboldi: Snow mountain robin
Petroica australis: New zealand robin
Petroica bivittata: Cloud-forest robin
Petroica macrocephala: New zealand tomtit
Petrolisthes kranjiensis: Mangrove porcelain crab(2)
Petronia dentata: Bush petronia
Petronia petronia: Rock sparrow(3)
Petronia pyrgita: Yellow-spotted petronia
Petronia xanthocollis: Chestnut-shouldered petronia
Petroscirtes variabilis: Variable fang blenny(5)
Pezoporus wallicus: Ground parrot
Phacochoerus aethiopicus: Desert warthog
Phacochoerus africanus: Warthog
Phaedyma columella: parvimacula, Short-banded sailer
Phaedyma columella: Short-banded sailer
Phaedyma columella: singa, Short-banded sailor(2)
Phaedyma columella: singa, Short banded sailor(5)
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus: Raffles' malkoha(2)
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus: Raffles's malkoha(9)
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris: Chestnut-breasted malkoha(9)
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris: Malkoha chestnut breasted
Phaenicophaeus diardi: Black-bellied malkoha(6)
Phaenicophaeus diardi: Lesser green-billed malkoha
Phaenicophaeus diardii: Black-bellied malkoha
Phaenicophaeus javanicus: Red-billed malkoha(10)
Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii: Sirkeer malkoha(2)
Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalus: Red-faced malkoha(2)
Phaenicophaeus sumatranus: Chestnut-bellied malkoha(12)
Phaenicophaeus sumatranus: Rufous-bellied malkoha
Phaenicophaeus tristis: Green-billed malkoha(11)
Phaenicophaeus tristis: Malkoha green billed
Phaenicophaeus viridirostris: Blue-faced malkoha
Phaethon aethereus: Red-billed tropicbird(7)
Phaethon lepturus: White-tailed tropic bird
Phaethon lepturus: White-tailed tropicbird(13)
Phaethon rubricauda: Red-tailed tropic-bird
Phaethon rubricauda: Red-tailed tropicbird(9)
Phaethornis anthophilus: Pale-bellied hermit
Phaethornis augusti: Sooty-capped hermit
Phaethornis bourcieri: Straight-billed hermit
Phaethornis eurynome: Scale-throated hermit
Phaethornis gounellei: Broad-tipped hermit
Phaethornis griseogularis: Grey-chinned hermit
Phaethornis guy: Green hermit
Phaethornis hispidus: White-bearded hermit
Phaethornis idaliae: Minute hermit
Phaethornis koepckeae: Koepcke's hermit
Phaethornis longuemareus: Little hermit
Phaethornis malaris: Great-billed hermit
Phaethornis maranhaoensis: Maranhao hermit
Phaethornis margarettae: Margaretta' s hermit
Phaethornis nattereri: Cinnamon-throated hermit
Phalacrocorax africanus: Long-tailed cormorant
Phalacrocorax aristotelis: European shag
Phalacrocorax auritus: Double-crested cormorant
Phalacrocorax capillatus: Japanese cormorant(9)
Phalacrocorax carbo: Cormorant
Phalacrocorax carbo: Great cormorant(22)
Phalacrocorax cargo: Great cormorant(2)
Phalacrocorax fuscicollis: Indian cormorant(4)
Phalacrocorax melanoleucos: Little pied cormorant(2)
Phalacrocorax niger: Little cormorant(13)
Phalacrocorax nigrogularis: Socotra cormorant
Phalacrocorax pelagicus: Pelagic cormorant(8)
Phalacrocorax pelagicus: Pelagic shag
Phalacrocorax perspicillatus: Spectacled cormorant
Phalacrocorax pygmeus: Pygmy cormorant
Phalacrocorax sulcirostris: Little black cormorant(6)
Phalacrocorax urile: Red-faced cormorant(3)
Phalacrocorax urile: Red-faced shag(2)
Phalacrocorax varius: Pied cormorant
Phalanger orientalis: Grey cuscus
Phalanta alcippe: alcesta, Small leopard
Phalanta phalantha: Common leopard
Phalanta phalantha: phalantha, Leopard(6)
Phalaropus fulicaria: Grey phalarope(2)
Phalaropus fulicaria: Red phalarope(2)
Phalaropus fulicarius: Grey phalarope(6)
Phalaropus fulicarius: Grey phalarope/red phalarope
Phalaropus fulicarius: Red phalarope(9)
Phalaropus lobatus: Red-necked phalarope(25)
Phalaropus tricolor: Wilson's phalarope(3)
Phalcoboenus albogularis: White-throated
Phalcoboenus albogularis: White-throated caracara
Phalcoboenus australis: Striated caracara(2)
Phalcoboenus carunculatus: Carunculated caracara(2)
Phalcoboenus megalopterus: Mountain caracara(2)
Phaner furcifer: Fork-marked lemur(2)
Phapitreron amethystinus: Amethyst brown dove
Phapitreron cinereiceps: Dark-eared brown dove
Phapitreron leucotis: White-eared brown dove
Pharomachrus mocinno: Qetzal
Pharotis imogene: New guinea big-eared bat
Phascolarctus cinereus: Koala
Phasianus colchicus: Common pheasant(7)
Phasianus colchicus: Ring-necked pheasant(10)
Phasianus versicolor: Green pheasant(3)
Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita: Beneficial nematodes
Phaxas attenuatus: Razor shell
Phedina borbonica: Mascarene martin
Pheidole megacephala: Big-headed ant(2)
Pheidole megacephala: Brown house-ant(2)
Pheidole megacephala: Coastal brown-ant(2)
Pheidole megacephala: Lion ant(2)
Phelsuma grandis: Giant day gecko
Phelsuma klemmeri: Neon day gecko
Phelsuma laticauda: Gold dust day gecko
Phelsuma lineata: Lined day gecko(2)
Phelsuma madagascariensis: Giant day gecko
Phelsuma quadriocellata: Peacock day gecko(2)
Phelsuma standingi: Banded day gecko
Phenacogrammus interruptus: Congo tetra(2)
Phestilla melanobrachia: Aeolid
Phestilla melanobranch: Nudibranch
Philautus parvulus: Dwarf bush frog(3)
Philautus petersi: Peter's bush frog(2)
Philautus romeri: Romer's tree frog
Philautus vermiculatus: Vermiculate bush frog(2)
Philemon brassi: Brass's friarbird
Philemon buceroides: Helmeted friarbird(2)
Philemon citreogularis: Little friarbird
Philemon corniculatus: Noisy friarbird(2)
Philemon fuscicapillus: Dusky friarbird
Philemon inornatus: Timor friarbird
Philemon meyeri: Meyer's friarbird
Philemon moluccensis: Black-faced friarbird
Philemon subcorniculatus: Grey-necked friarbird
Philentoma pyrhoptera: Rufous-winged philentoma(3)
Philentoma pyrhopterum: Rufous-winged philentoma(8)
Philentoma velata: Maroon-breasted philentoma(2)
Philentoma velatum: Maroon-breasted philentoma(8)
Philesturnus carunculatus: Saddleback
Philetairus socius: Sociable weaver
Philetor brachypterus: Brown bat
Philetor brachypterus: New guinea brown bat
Philetor brachypterus: Rohu's bat(2)
Philodice bryantae: Costa rican woodstar
Philodice evelynae: Bahama woodstar
Philodice mitchellii: Purple-throated woodstar
Philomachus pugnax: Ruff(25)
Philothamnus semivariegatus: Spotted bush snake
Phiocara porocephala: Snakehead gudgeon
Phlogiellus inermis: Singapore tarantula
Phlogophilus harterti: Peruvian piedtail
Phlogophilus hemilencurus: Ecuadorean piedtail
Phocoena sinus: Cochito
Phodilus badius: Bay owl(2)
Phodilus badius: Oriental bay-owl(7)
Phodilus badius: Oriental bay owl(4)
Phodilus badius: Owl
Phodilus prigoginei: African bay owl
Phoebastria albatrus: Short-tailed albatross(7)
Phoebastria immutabilis: Laysan albatross(7)
Phoebastria nigripes: Black-footed albatross(7)
Phoebetria fusca: Sooty albatross
Phoebetria palpebrata: Light-mantled albatross
Phoeniconaias minor: Lesser flamingo
Phoenicoparrus andinus: Andean flamingo
Phoenicoparrus jamesi: Jame's flamingo
Phoenicoparrus jamesi: James's flamingo
Phoenicopterus andinus: Andean flamingo
Phoenicopterus chilensis: Chilean flamingo
Phoenicopterus minor: Lesser flamingo(3)
Phoenicopterus roseus: Greater flamingo(3)
Phoenicopterus rosus: Greater flamingo
Phoenicopterus rubber: Greater flamingo
Phoenicopterus ruber: American flamingo
Phoenicopterus ruber: chilensis, Chilean flamingo
Phoenicopterus ruber: Greater flamingo(3)
Phoenicopterus ruber: ruber, Caribbean flamingo
Phoeniculus bollei: White-headed wood-hoopoe
Phoeniculus castaneiceps: Forest wood-hoopoe
Phoeniculus damarensis: Violet wood-hoopoe
Phoeniculus purpureus: Green wood-hoopoe
Phoeniculus somaliensis: Black-billed wood-hoopoe
Phoenicurus alaschanicus: Ala shan redstart(2)
Phoenicurus alaschanicus: Przevalski's redstart(2)
Phoenicurus auroreus: Daurian redstart(16)
Phoenicurus caeruleocephala: Blue-capped redstart(3)
Phoenicurus caeruleocephalus: Blue-capped redstart
Phoenicurus coeruleocephala: Blue-capped redstart
Phoenicurus erythrogaster: White-winged redstart
Phoenicurus erythrogastrus: G?tadt's redstart
Phoenicurus erythrogastrus: Guldenstadt's redstart
Phoenicurus erythrogastrus: White-winged redstart
Phoenicurus erythronota: Rufous-backed redstart
Phoenicurus erythronotus: Eversmann's redstart(2)
Phoenicurus erythronotus: Rufous-backed redstart
Phoenicurus frontalis: Blue-fronted redstart(5)
Phoenicurus fuliginosus: affinis, Plumbeous water-redstart
Phoenicurus hodgsoni: Hodgson's redstart(4)
Phoenicurus moussieri: Moussier's redstart
Phoenicurus ochruros: Black redstart(14)
Phoenicurus phoenicurus: Common redstart(7)
Phoenicurus schisticeps: White-throated redstart(4)
Pholidichthys leucotaenia: Engineer goby
Pholidichthys leucotaenia: Zebra blenny
Pholidomis rushiae: Tit hylia
Phoniscus atrox: Gilded groove-toothed bat(2)
Phoniscus atrox: Groove-toothed bat
Phoniscus jagorii: Frosted groove-toothed bat(2)
Phoniscus jagorii: Peter's trumpet-eared bat
Phonygammus keraudrenii: Trumpet manucode
Phoxinus phoxinus: Common minnow
Phractocephalus hemioliopterus: Pirarara
Phractocephalus hemioliopterus: Redtail catfish
Phractocephalus hemioliopterus: Redtailed catfish
Phragamaticola aedon: Thick-billed warbler(2)
Phrissura aegis: cynis, Forest white
Phrynella pulchra: Malacca frog(2)
Phrynobatrachus acridoides: Eastern puddle frog
Phrynobatrachus dispar: Peters' river frog
Phrynobatrachus mababiensis: Mababe puddle frog
Phrynobatrachus natalensis: Atal puddle frog
Phrynobatrachus rungwensis: Rungwe puddle frog
Phrynocephalus maculatus: Toad-headed agama
Phrynocephalus mystaceus: Western asiatis sand-agama
Phrynocephalus versicolor: Color changeable toad-headed agama
Phrynohyas resinifictrix: Amazonian milk frog
Phrynoidis asper: River toad
Phrynoidis aspera: Asian giant toad
Phrynoidis aspera: River toad(3)
Phrynoidis aspera: Rough toad
Phrynomantis microps: Accra snake-necked frog
Phrynops geoffroanus: Geoffroy's side-necked turtle
Phrynops gibbus: Gibba turtle
Phrynops hilari: Hilaire's side-necked turtles
Phrynops hilarii: Hilaire's side-necked turtle
Phrynops hilarii: Spotted bellied side-neckedtu
Phrynops rufipes: Red-headed side-neckedturtle
Phrynops williamsi: Williams's south american toad-headed turtle
Phrynosoma asio: Long spined horned lizard
Phrynosoma braconnieri: Short-tail horned lizard
Phrynosoma cornutum: Texas horned lizard
Phrynosoma coronatum: Blainville horned lizard
Phrynosoma coronatum: San diego horned lizard
Phrynosoma ditmarsi: Rock horned lizard
Phrynosoma douglasii: Pygmy short-horned lizard
Phrynosoma douglassi: Short-horned lizard
Phrynosoma hernandesi: Greater short-horned lizard
Phrynosoma mcallii: Flat-tailed horned lizard
Phrynosoma modestum: Round-tailed horned lizard
Phrynosoma modestum: Roundtail horned lizard
Phrynosoma orbiculare: Chihuahua desert horned lizard
Phrynosoma platyrhinos: Desert horned lizard(2)
Phrynosoma platyrhinos: Horned toad lizard
Phrynosoma solare: Regal horned lizard
Phrynosoma taurus: Mexican horned lizard
Phycodurus eques: Leafy sea dragon
Phycodurus eques: Leafy seadragon
Phygis solitarius: Collared lory
Phyllastrephus cabanisi: Cabanis' greenbul
Phyllastrephus cerviniventris: Grey-olive greenbul
Phyllastrephus debilis: Tiny greenbul
Phyllastrephus fischeri: Fischer's greenbul
Phyllastrephus flavostriatus: Yellow-streaked greenbul
Phyllastrephus hypochloris: Toro olive greenbul
Phyllastrephus strepitans: Northern brownbul
Phyllastrephus terrestris: Terrestrial brownbul
Phyllergates cucullatus: Mountain tailorbird
Phyllidia varicosa: Sea slug
Phyllobates lugubris: Lovely poison-arrow frog
Phylloderma stenops: Pale-faced bat
Phyllolais pulchella: Buff-bellied warbler
Phyllonycteris aphylla: Jamaican flower bat
Phyllonycteris poeyi: Cuban flower bat
Phyllophorus spiculata: Ball sea cucumber(2)
Phyllops falcatus: Cuban fig-eating bat
Phyllopteryx taeniolatus: Weedy seadragon
Phylloscopus affinis: Tickell's leaf warbler(4)
Phylloscopus armandii: Yellow-streaked warbler(6)
Phylloscopus borealis: Arctic warbler(15)
Phylloscopus borealis: Arctic warbler(5)(2)
Phylloscopus borealoides: Sakhalin leaf-warbler(2)
Phylloscopus borealoides: Sakhalin leaf warbler(5)
Phylloscopus budongoensis: Uganda woodland warbler
Phylloscopus calciatilis: Limestone leaf warbler
Phylloscopus cantator: Yellow-vented leaf warbler
Phylloscopus cantator: Yellow-vented warbler(2)
Phylloscopus cebuensis: Lemon-throated leaf warbler
Phylloscopus chloronotus: Lemon-rumped warbler(3)
Phylloscopus claudiae: Claudia's leaf warbler
Phylloscopus claudiae: La touche's leaf warbler
Phylloscopus collybita: Chiffchaff(2)
Phylloscopus collybita: Common chiffchaff(6)
Phylloscopus collybita: Eurasian chiffchaff
Phylloscopus coronatus: Eastern-faced warbler
Phylloscopus coronatus: Eastern crowned-warbler(4)
Phylloscopus coronatus: Eastern crowned leaf-warbler(6)
Phylloscopus coronatus: Eastern crowned warbler(8)
Phylloscopus davisoni: Davison's leaf warbler(2)
Phylloscopus davisoni: White-tailed willow warbler
Phylloscopus emeiensis: Emei leaf warbler(3)
Phylloscopus forresti: Sichuan leaf warbler
Phylloscopus fuligiventer: Smoky warbler(3)
Phylloscopus fuscatus: Dusky warbler(18)
Phylloscopus fuscatus: Dusky willow warbler
Phylloscopus goodsoni: Goodson's leaf warbler
Phylloscopus goodsoni: Hartert's leaf warbler
Phylloscopus griseolus: Sulphur-bellied warbler(4)
Phylloscopus hainanus: Hainan leaf warbler(3)
Phylloscopus humei: Hume's leaf warbler(4)
Phylloscopus humei: Hume's warbler(2)
Phylloscopus humei: Humes yellow-browed warbler
Phylloscopus ijimae: Ijima's leaf-warbler(2)
Phylloscopus ijimae: Ijima's leaf warbler(4)
Phylloscopus inornatus: Inornate warbler
Phylloscopus inornatus: Inornate warbler or yellow-browed warbler
Phylloscopus inornatus: Inornate warbler(2)
Phylloscopus inornatus: Yellow-browed warbler(20)
Phylloscopus kansuensis: Gansu leaf warbler(3)
Phylloscopus maculipennis: Ashy-throated warbler(3)
Phylloscopus magnirostris: Large-billed leaf-warbler
Phylloscopus magnirostris: Large-billed leaf warbler(3)
Phylloscopus neglectus: Plain leaf warbler
Phylloscopus nitidus: Green leaf warbler
Phylloscopus occipitalis: Western crowned warbler
Phylloscopus ogilviegranti: Kloss's leaf warbler
Phylloscopus ogilviegranti: Ogilvie-grant's leaf warbler
Phylloscopus olivaceus: Philippine leaf warbler
Phylloscopus orientalis: Eastern bonelli's warbler
Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus: Two-barred greenish warbler(2)
Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus: Two-barred warbler(3)
Phylloscopus poliocephalus: Island leaf warbler
Phylloscopus presbytes: Timor leaf warbler
Phylloscopus proregulus: Lemon's-rumped warbler
Phylloscopus proregulus: Lemon-rumped warbler(2)
Phylloscopus proregulus: Pallas's leaf-warbler(2)
Phylloscopus proregulus: Pallas's leaf warbler(5)
Phylloscopus proregulus: Pallass warbler
Phylloscopus pulcher: Buff-barred warbler(3)
Phylloscopus reguloides: Blyth's leaf-warbler(3)
Phylloscopus reguloides: Blyth's leaf warbler(3)
Phylloscopus reguloides: Blyths leaf warbler
Phylloscopus ricketti: Sulphur-breasted leaf warbler(2)
Phylloscopus ricketti: Sulphur-breasted warbler(7)
Phylloscopus ruficapillus: Yellow-throated woodland warbler
Phylloscopus sarasinorum: Sulawesi leaf warbler
Phylloscopus schwarzi: Radde's warbler(12)
Phylloscopus schwarzi: Raddes warbler
Phylloscopus sibilatrix: Wood warbler(5)
Phylloscopus sichuanensis: Chinese leaf warbler
Phylloscopus sindianus: Mountain chiffchaff(3)
Phylloscopus subaffinis: Buff-throated warbler(5)
Phylloscopus subviridis: Brooks's leaf warbler
Phylloscopus tenellipes: Pale-legged leaf-warbler(9)
Phylloscopus tenellipes: Pale-legged leaf warbler(5)
Phylloscopus tenellipes: Pale-legged warbler
Phylloscopus trivirgatus: Mountain leaf- warbler
Phylloscopus trivirgatus: Mountain leaf-warbler(4)
Phylloscopus trivirgatus: Mountain leaf warbler(3)
Phylloscopus trivirgatus: Mountain warbler(4)
Phylloscopus trochiloides: Greenish warbler(12)
Phylloscopus trochiloides: Two-barred greenish warbler
Phylloscopus trochilus: Willow warbler(8)
Phylloscopus tytleri: Tytler's leaf warbler
Phylloscopus umbrovirens: Brown woodland warbler(2)
Phylloscopus xanthoschistos: Grey-hooded warbler(2)
Phylloscopus yunnanensis: Chinese leaf-warbler
Phylloscopus yunnanensis: Chinese leaf warbler(4)
Phyllostomus discolor: Pale spear-nosed bat
Phyllostomus elongatus: Lesser spear-nosed bat
Phyllostomus hastatus: Greater spear-nosed bat
Phyllostomus latifolius: Guianan spear-nosed bat
Phyllurus amnicola: Riverine leaf-tailed gecko
Phyllurus caudiannulatus: Ringed thin-tailed gecko
Phyllurus championae: Champion's leaf-tailed gecko
Phyllurus ossa: Mount ossa leaf-tailed gecko
Phyllurus platurus: Southern leaftailed gecko
Phylum brachiopoda: Lamp shells
Phylum bryozoa: Moss animals
Phylum chaetognatha: Arrow worms
Phylum chordata: Chordates
Phylum echinodermata: Echinoderms
Phylum entoprocta: Goblet worms
Phylum gastrotricha: Gastrotrichs
Phylum gnathostomulida: Jaw worms
Phylum hemichordata: Acorn worms
Phylum nemertea: Ribbon worms
Phylum rotifera: Rotifers
Phylum sipuncula: Peanut worms
Physeter catodon: Sperm whale
Physeter macrocephalus: Sperm whale
Physignathus cocincinus: Chinese water dragons
Physignathus cocincinus: Green water dragon
Physignathus cocincinus: Water dragon
Physignathus lesueuri: Australian water dragon(2)
Physignathus lesueurii: howittii, Gippsland water dragon
Phyton curtus: Short phyton
Phyton molurus: bivittatus, Burmese phyton
Phyton reticulatus: Reticulated phyton(2)
Phytoseiulus persimilis: Predatory mite(2)
Piaractus brachypomum: Red belly pacu
Piaractus brachypomus: Black pacu
Piaractus brachypomus: Cachama
Piaractus brachypomus: Freshwater pompano
Piaractus brachypomus: Pacu(2)
Piaractus brachypomus: Pirapitinga(882)
Piaractus brachypomus: Red bellied pacu(376)
Piaractus brachypomus: Red pomfret
Piaractus brachypomus: Tambaqui(845)
Pica pica: Black-billed magpie(3)
Pica pica: Common magpie(4)
Pica pica: Eurasian magpie(4)
Pica pica: Magpie
Picathartes gymnocephalus: White-necked rockfowl
Picathartes oreas: Grey-necked rockfowl
Picoides obsoletus: Brown-backed woodpecker
Picoides tridactylus: Eurasian three-toed woodpecker(2)
Picoides tridactylus: Three-toed woodpecker(3)
Picoides villosus: Hairy woodpecker
Picumnus innominatus: Speckled piculet(17)
Picus awokera: Japanese green woodpecker
Picus awokera: Japanese woodpecker
Picus canus: Black-naped green woodpecker
Picus canus: Gray-faced woodpecker(5)
Picus canus: Grey-faced or headed woodpecker
Picus canus: Grey-faced woodpecker(4)
Picus canus: Grey-headed woodpecker(6)
Picus canus: tamcolo, Gray-faced woodpecker
Picus chlorolophus: Lesser yellow-naped woodpecker
Picus chlorolophus: Lesser yellownape woodpecker
Picus chlorolophus: Lesser yellownape(10)
Picus erythropygius: Black-headed woodpecker
Picus flavinucha: Greater yellow-naped woodpecker
Picus flavinucha: Greater yellownape
Picus flavinucha: Greater yellownape woodpecker
Picus flavinucha: Greater yellownape(7)
Picus mentalis: Checker-throated woodpecker(9)
Picus mentalis: Chequer-throated woodpecker
Picus miniaceus: Banded red woodpecker
Picus miniaceus: Banded woodpecker(10)
Picus puniceus: Crimson-winged woodpecker(12)
Picus rabieri: Red-collared woodpecker(4)
Picus squamatus: Scaly-bellied woodpecker(3)
Picus viridanus: Streak-breasted woodpecker(6)
Picus viridis: Green woodpecker(2)
Picus vittatus: Laced woodpecker(17)
Picus xanthopygaeus: Streak-throated woodpecker(6)
Pieris canidia: canidia, Cabbage white(5)
Pieris canidia: Indian cabbage white
Pieris rapae: Small cabbage white
Pimelodus pictus: Pictus catfish
Pimelodus pictus: Spotted pimelodus
Pimephales promelas: Fathead minnow
Pimephales promelas: Rosy red minnow
Pinarocorys nigricans: Dusky lark
Pinarornis plumosus: Boulder chat
Pinguinus impennis: Great auk
Pinicola enucleator: Pine grosbeak(3)
Pinicola subhimachala: Crimson-browed finch(2)
Pinicola subhimachala: Pine grosbeak
Pinjalo pinjalo: Pinjalo snapper
Pinna bicolor: Bicolor pen shell
Pinna nobilis: Pen shel
Pinnotheres ostreum: Oyster crab
Pionites leucogaster: White-bellied caique
Pionites melanocephala: Black-headed caique
Pionites melanocephala: Black-headed parrot
Pionopsitta barrabandi: Barraband's parrot
Pionopsitta caica: Caica parrot
Pionopsitta haematotis: Brown-hooded parrot
Pionopsitta pileata: Brazilian pileated parrot
Pionopsitta pulhra: Rose-faced parrot
Pionopsitta pyrilia: Saffron-headed parrot
Pionus chalcopterus: Bronze-winged parrot
Pionus chalcopterus: Bronze-winged pionus parrot
Pionus fuscus: Dusky parrot(2)
Pionus maximiliani: Scaly-headed parrot(2)
Pionus menstruus: Blue-headed parrot(2)
Pionus senilis: White-capped parrot
Pionus senilis: White-capped pionus
Pionus seniloides: White-headed parrot
Pionus sordidus: Red-billed parrot
Pionus tumultuosus: Plum-crowned parrot
Pipile jacutinga: Black-fronted piping guan
Pipile pipile: Trinidad white-headed curassow
Pipistrellus aegyptius: Egyptian pipistrelle
Pipistrellus aero: Mt. gargues pipistrelle
Pipistrellus affinis: Chocolate pipistrelle
Pipistrellus anchietai: Anchieta's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus anthonyi: Anthony's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus arabicus: Arabian pipistrelle
Pipistrellus ariel: Desert pipistrelle
Pipistrellus babu: Himalayan pipistrelle
Pipistrellus bodenheimeri: Bodenheimer's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus cadornae: Cadorna's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus ceylonicus: Kelaart's pipistrelle(2)
Pipistrellus circumdatus: Black-gilded pipistrelle(2)
Pipistrellus circumdatus: Black gilded pipistrelle
Pipistrellus coromandra: Indian pipistrelle
Pipistrellus crassulus: Broad-headed pipistrelle
Pipistrellus cuprosus: Coppery pipistrelle(3)
Pipistrellus dormeri: Dormer's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus eisentrauti: Eisentraut's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus endoi: Endo's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus hesperus: Western pipistrelle
Pipistrellus imbricatus: Brown pipistrelle
Pipistrellus inexspectatus: Aellen's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus javanicus: Java pipistrelle
Pipistrellus javanicus: Javan pipistrelle(7)
Pipistrellus joffrei: Joffre's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus kicheneri: Red-brown pipistrelle
Pipistrellus kuhlii: Kuhl's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus lophurus: Burma pipistrelle
Pipistrellus macrotis: Big-eared pipistrelle
Pipistrellus maderensis: Madeira pipistrelle
Pipistrellus mimus: Indian pygmy pipistrelle
Pipistrellus minahassae: Minahassa pipistrelle
Pipistrellus mordax: Pungent pipistrelle
Pipistrellus musciculus: Mouselike pipistrelle
Pipistrellus nanulus: Tiny pipistrelle
Pipistrellus nanus: Banana pipistrelle
Pipistrellus nathusii: Nathusius's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus paterculus: Mount popa pipistrelle
Pipistrellus peguensis: Pegu pipistrelle
Pipistrellus permixtus: Dar-es-salaam pipistrelle
Pipistrellus petersi: Peters's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus pipistrellus: Common pipistrelle
Pipistrellus pulveratus: Chinese pipistrelle
Pipistrellus rueppelli: Rueppel's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus rusticus: Rusty pipistrelle
Pipistrellus savii: Savi's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus societatus: Social pipistrelle
Pipistrellus societus: Benom pipistrelle(2)
Pipistrellus stenopterus: Malaysian noctule(2)
Pipistrellus stenopterus: Narrow-winged pipistrelle(6)
Pipistrellus sturdeei: Sturdee's pipistrelle
Pipistrellus subflavus: Eastern pipistrelle
Pipistrellus tasmaniensis: Eastern false pipistrelle
Pipistrellus tenuis: Least pipistrelle(3)
Pirata hygrophilus: Wolf spider
Pisodonophis boro: Rice-paddy eel(2)
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Burrowing snake-eel(2)
Pisodonophis crancrivorus: Burrowing snake-eel(3)
Pitangus sulphuratus: Great kiskadee
Pitar alabastrum: Alabaster venus clam
Pitar citrinus: Yellow pitar venus clam
Pithauria stramineipennis: stramineipennis, Light straw ace
Pithecheir parvus: Malayan tree rat
Pithecheir parvus: Monkey-footed rat
Pithecia aequatorialis: Equatorial saki(2)
Pithecia albicans: Humboldt's saki(2)
Pithecia irrorata: Bald-faced saki
Pithecia monachus: Monk saki(2)
Pithecia pithecia: White-faced saki(2)
Pithecophaga jefferyi: Great philippine eagle
Pithecophaga jefferyi: Philippine eagle(2)
Pithecops corvus: corvus, Forest quaker
Pithecops corvus: Forest quaker
Pitohui cristatus: Crested pitohui
Pitohui dichrous: Hooded pitohui
Pitohui ferrugineus: Rusty pitohui
Pitohui incertus: White-bellied pitohui
Pitohui kirhocephalus: Variable pitohui
Pitohui nigrescens: Black pitohui
Pitta angolensis: African pitta
Pitta arcuata: Blue-banded pitta
Pitta arquata: Blue-banded pitta(6)
Pitta baudi: Blue-headed pitta(2)
Pitta baudii: Blue-headed pitta(5)
Pitta brachyura: Blue-winged pitta
Pitta brachyura: Indian pitta(4)
Pitta caerulea: Giant pitta(10)
Pitta cyanea: Blue pitta(3)
Pitta elegans: Elegant pitta
Pitta elliotii: Elliot's pitta
Pitta erythrogaster: Red-bellied pitta
Pitta granatina: Garnet pitta(8)
Pitta guajana: Banded pitta(13)
Pitta gurneyi: Gurney's pitta(2)
Pitta kochi: Koch's pitta
Pitta kochi: Whiskered pitta
Pitta maxima: Ivory-breasted pitta
Pitta megarhyncha: Mangrove pitta(12)
Pitta moluccenis: Blue-winged pitta
Pitta moluccensis: Blue-winged pitta(20)
Pitta moluccensis: Moluccan pitta
Pitta nipalensis: Blue-naped pitta(3)
Pitta nympha: Fairy pitta(16)
Pitta nympha: Japanese blue-winged pitta
Pitta oatesi: Rusty-naped pitta(8)
Pitta phayrei: Eared pitta(2)
Pitta schneideri: Schneider's pitta
Pitta sordida: Hooded pitta(17)
Pitta soror: Blue-rumped pitta(3)
Pitta steerii: Azure-breasted pitta
Pitta ussheri: Black-headed pitta(4)
Pitta venusta: Black-crowned pitta(3)
Pitta venusta: Graceful pitta
Pitta versicolor: Noisy pitta
Pityriasis gymnocephala: Bornean bristlehead(7)
Pityriasis gymnocephala: Bornean bristlehead(common)
Pityriasis gymnocephala: Bristlehead
Pizixos semitorques: Collared finchbill
Placamen chloroticum: Flowery venus clam
Placuna ephippium: Saddle windowpane shell
Placuna placenta: Windowpane shell
Plagiogeneion rubiginosus: Red rubyfish
Plagiogeneion rubiginosus: Rock salmon
Plagiotremus azaleus: Panamic fangblenny
Plagiotremus azaleus: Sabertooth blenny
Plagiotremus ewaensis: Ewa fangblenny(3)
Plagiotremus goslinei: Gosline's fangblenny(2)
Plagiotremus laudandus: Fijian fangblenny
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Bluestriped fangblenny
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: Cleaner mimic
Planococcus citri: Citrus mealybug
Planococeus citri: Citrus mealybug
Plasmodium relictum: Avian malaria(2)
Plastingia latoia: latoia, Yellow-vein lancer
Plastingia naga: Chequered lancer(5)
Plastingia pellonia: Yellow chequered lancer(5)
Plastingia pugnans: pugnans, Pungacious lancer
Platalea alba: African spoonbill(2)
Platalea flavipes: Yellow-billed spoonbill
Platalea leucorodia: Eurasian spoonbill(14)
Platalea leucorodia: European spoonbill
Platalea leucorodia: Spoonbill
Platalea leucorodia: White spoonbill(3)
Platalea minor: Black-faced spoonbill(14)
Platalea regia: Royal spoonbill(2)
Platalina genovensium: Long-snouted bat
Platax batavianus: Batavia spadefish
Platax batavianus: Zebra batfish
Platax orbicularis: Orbiculate batfish
Platax pinnatus: Pinnate spadefish
Platax teira: Batfish
Platax teira: Longfin batfish
Platax teira: Longfin spadefish
Platax teira: Round-faced batfish(6)
Platax teira: Teira batfish
Platybelone argalus: Keeltail needlefish
Platycephalus fuscus: Dusky flathead
Platycephalus indicus: Bartail flathead(6)
Platyceps rhodorhachis: Platyceps rhodorachis
Platycercus adelaidae: Adelaide rosella
Platycercus adelaide: Adelaide rosella
Platycercus adscitus: Pale-headed rosella(3)
Platycercus caledonicus: Green rosella(2)
Platycercus elegans: Crimson rosella(4)
Platycercus eximius: Eastern rosella(4)
Platycercus flaveolus: Yellow rosella(2)
Platycercus icterotis: Western rosella(2)
Platycercus venustus: Northern rosella
Platydemus manokwari: Flatworm(2)
Platydoras costatus: Striped rafael cat
Platydoras costatus: Striped raphael catfish(2)
Platylestes heterostylus: Slender spreadwing(4)
Platylestes heterostylus: Slender sprendwing(2)
Platylophus galericulatus: Crested jay(9)
Platymantis banahao: Banahao forest frog
Platymantis cornuta: Horned forest frog
Platymantis corrugata: Rough-backed forest frog
Platymantis dorsalis: Common forest frog
Platymantis guentheri: Guenther's forest frog
Platymantis hazelae: Hazel's forest frog
Platymantis insulata: Island forest frog
Platymantis isarog: Isarog forest frog
Platymantis lawtoni: Lawton 's forest frog
Platymantis levigata: Smooth-skinned forest frog
Platymantis luzonensis: Luzon forest frog
Platymantis mimula: Diminutive forest frog
Platymantis montana: Mountain forest frog
Platymantis naomiae: Naomi's forest frog
Platymantis negrosensis: Negros forest frog
Platymantis panayensis: Panay forest frog
Platymantis pygmaea: Pygmy forest frog
Platymantis rabori: Rabor's forest frog
Platymantis spelaea: Negros cave frog
Platymantis subterrestris: Mt. data forest frog
Platymeris laevicollis: Red spot assassin bug
Platypoecilus mentalis: Molly
Platyrrhinus aurarius: Eldorado broad-nosed bat
Platyrrhinus brachycephatus: Short-headed broad-nosed bat
Platyrrhinus chocoensis: Choco broad-nosed bat
Platyrrhinus dorsalis: Thomas's broad-nosed bat
Platyrrhinus helleri: Heller's broad-nosed bat
Platyrrhinus infuscus: Buffy broad-nosed bat
Platyrrhinus lineatus: White-lined broad-nosed bat
Platyrrhinus recifinus: Recife broad-nosed bat
Platyrrhinus umbratus: Shadowy broad-nosed bat
Platyrrhinus vittatus: Greater broad-nosed bat
Platysmurus leucopterus: Black magpie(11)
Platysteira cyanea: Common wattle-eye
Platysteira peltata: Black-throated wattle-eye
Platysternon megacephalum: Big-headed turtle
Plecoglossus altivelis: Ayu-fish
Plecoglossus altivelis: Sweet-fish
Plecotus auritus: Brown big-eared bat
Plecotus austriacus: Gray big-eared bat
Plecotus mexicanus: Mexican big-eared bat
Plecotus rafinesquei: Rafinesque's big-eared bat
Plecotus taivanus: Taiwan big-eared bat
Plecotus teneriffae: Canary big-eared bat
Plecotus townsendii: Townsend's big-eared bat
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: Yellow-lined sweetlips
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Clown sweetlips(5)
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Harlequin sweetlips(2)
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: Many-spotted sweetlips
Plectorhinchus diagrammus: Golden banded sweetlips
Plectorhinchus diagrammus: Silver-banded sweetlips
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Golden spotted sweetlip
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Lemon sweetlip
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Yellow spotted sweetlip
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Brown sweetlips or harry hotlips(5)
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Brown sweetlips(3)
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Harry hotlips(2)
Plectorhinchus lineatus: Diagonal-banded sweetlips
Plectorhinchus lineatus: Yellow banded sweetlips(2)
Plectorhinchus lineatus: Yellowbanded sweetlips
Plectorhinchus multivittatum: Many-lined sweetlips
Plectorhinchus orientalis: Sweetlips
Plectorhinchus pictus: Painted sweetlips
Plectorhinchus picus: Oriental sweetlips
Plectorhinchus polytaenia: Ribbon sweetlips
Plectorhincus picus: Dotted sweetlips
Plectorhincus vittatus: Oriental sweetlips
Plectorhynchus pictus: Painted sweetlip
Plectrantias inermis: Red blotchy hi-fin perchlet
Plectroglyhidodon dickii: Narrow-bar damsel
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: Narrow-bar damsel
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: Brighteye damselfish
Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus: Blue-eye damselfish
Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus: Johnston damsel
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: Jewel damsel
Plectroglyphidodon sindonis: Rock damselfish
Plectropectus gambensis: Northern spur-winged goose
Plectrophenax hyperboreus: Mckay's bunting
Plectrophenax nivalis: Snow bunting(8)
Plectropomus areolatus: Squaretail coral trout
Plectropomus areolatus: Squaretail leopard grouper
Plectropomus leavis: Black saddle grouper
Plectropomus leopardus: Blue dotted coral trout
Plectropomus leopardus: Common coral trout
Plectropomus leopardus: Coral trout(2)
Plectropomus leopardus: Leopard coral grouper
Plectropomus leopardus: Leopard coral trout(3)
Plectropomus leopardus: Leopard grouper
Plectropomus maculatus: Bar-cheeked trout
Plectropomus maculatus: Barcheek coral trout
Plectropomus maculatus: Barred wriggler
Plectropomus maculatus: Coastal trout
Plectropomus maculatus: Coral cod
Plectropomus maculatus: Footballer trout
Plectropomus maculatus: Spotted coral grouper
Plectropomus oligacanthus: Striped coral trout
Plectropomus pessuliferus: Roving coral grouper
Plectropterus gambensis: Spur-winged goose(3)
Plegadis chihi: White-faced ibis
Plegadis falcinellus: Glossy ibis(19)
Plerotes anchietae: D'anchieta's fruit bat
Plesiotrygon iwamae: Long-tailed river stingray
Plethobasus cicatricosus: White warty-back pearly mussel
Plethobasus cooperianus: Orange-footed pimpleback mussel
Pleurobema plenum: Rough pigtoe pearly mussel
Plica plica: Harlequin iguana
Plocepasser donaldsoni: Donaldson-smith's sparrow-weaver
Plocepasser donaldsoni: Donaldson smith's sparrow-weaver
Plocepasser mahali: White-browed sparrow-weaver(2)
Plocepasser rufoscapulatus: Chestnut-backed sparrow-weaver
Plocepasser superciliosus: Chestnut-crowned sparrow-weaver(2)
Ploceus albinucha: Maxwell's black weaver(3)
Ploceus alienus: Strange weaver(2)
Ploceus angolensis: Bar-winged weaver(2)
Ploceus aurantius: Orange weaver(4)
Ploceus aureonucha: Golden-naped weaver(2)
Ploceus badius: Cinnamon weaver(2)
Ploceus baglafecht: Baglafecht weaver(3)
Ploceus bannermani: Bannerman's weaver(2)
Ploceus batesi: Bates's weaver(2)
Ploceus benghalensis: Black-breasted weaver(4)
Ploceus bertrandi: Bertram's weaver(2)
Ploceus bicolor: Dark-backed weaver(3)
Ploceus bojeri: Golden palm weaver(3)
Ploceus burnieri: Kilombero weaver(2)
Ploceus capensis: Cape weaver(2)
Ploceus castaneiceps: Taveta golden weaver
Ploceus castaneiceps: Taveta weaver(2)
Ploceus castanops: Northern brown-throated weaver(3)
Ploceus cucullatus: Black-headed
Ploceus cucullatus: Village weaver(4)
Ploceus dichrocephalus: Juba weaver(3)
Ploceus dorsomaculatus: Yellow-capped weaver(2)
Ploceus flavipes: Yellow-legged weaver(2)
Ploceus galbula: R?'s weaver
Ploceus galbula: Rüppell's weaver or rueppell's weaver
Ploceus galbula: Rueppell's weaver(2)
Ploceus golandi: Clarke's weaver(3)
Ploceus grandis: Giant weaver(2)
Ploceus heuglini: Heuglin's masked weaver(4)
Ploceus hypoxanthus: Asian golden weaver(3)
Ploceus insignis: Brown-capped weaver(3)
Ploceus intermedius: Lesser masked weaver(4)
Ploceus jacksoni: Golden-backed weaver(2)
Ploceus jacksoni: Jackson's golden-backed weaver
Ploceus katangae: Katanga masked weaver(2)
Ploceus luteolus: Little masked weaver
Ploceus luteolus: Little weaver(3)
Ploceus manjar: Streaked weaver
Ploceus manyar: Streaked weaver(9)
Ploceus megarhynchus: Finn's weaver(3)
Ploceus melanocephalus: Black-headed weaver(3)
Ploceus melanocephalus: Yellow-backed weaver
Ploceus melanogaster: Black-billed weaver(3)
Ploceus nelicourvi: Nelicourvi weaver(2)
Ploceus nicolli: Usambara weaver(3)
Ploceus nigerrimus: Black weaver
Ploceus nigerrimus: Vieillot's black weaver(3)
Ploceus nigricolli: B1ack-necked weaver
Ploceus nigricollis: Black-necked weaver(3)
Ploceus nigrimentus: Black-chinned weaver(2)
Ploceus ocularis: Spectacled weaver(3)
Ploceus olivaceiceps: Olive-headed weaver(2)
Ploceus pelzelni: Slender-billed weaver(4)
Ploceus philippinus: Baya weaver(27506)
Ploceus preussi: Golden-backed weaver
Ploceus preussi: Preuss's weaver(2)
Ploceus princeps: Príncipe weaver(2)
Ploceus reichardi: Tanzanian masked weaver(2)
Ploceus rubiginosus: Chestnut weaver(3)
Ploceus ruweti: Lufira masked weaver(2)
Ploceus sakalava: Sakalava weaver(2)
Ploceus sanctithomae: Sao tome weaver(2)
Ploceus spekei: Speke's weaver(3)
Ploceus spekeoides: Fox's weaver(2)
Ploceus subaureus: African golden weaver
Ploceus subaureus: Eastern golden weaver(2)
Ploceus subpersonatus: Loango weaver(2)
Ploceus superciliosus: Compact weaver(3)
Ploceus taeniopterus: Northern masked weaver(3)
Ploceus temporalis: Bocage's weaver(2)
Ploceus tricolo: Yellow mantled weaver
Ploceus tricolor: Yellow-mantled weaver(3)
Ploceus velatu: African masked weaver
Ploceus velatus: Southern masked weaver(2)
Ploceus velatus: Vitelline masked weaver
Ploceus vitellinus: Vitelline masked weaver(2)
Ploceus weynsi: Weyns's weaver(2)
Ploceus xanthops: Holub's golden weaver(3)
Ploceus xanthopterus: Southern brown-throated weaver(2)
Plotosus canius: Black-tip catfish
Plotosus canius: Black eel catfish
Plotosus canius: Black eeltail catfish(5)
Plotosus canius: Canine catfish
Plotosus canius: Catfish eel
Plotosus canius: Gray eel-catfish(2)
Plotosus lineatus: Coralcat
Plotosus lineatus: Striped catfish(2)
Plotosus lineatus: Striped eel catfish
Plotosus lineatus: Striped eeltail catfish(5)
Pluvialis apricaria: Eurasian golden plover
Pluvialis apricaria: European golden plover
Pluvialis dominica: American golden-plover
Pluvialis dominica: American golden plover(5)
Pluvialis dominica: Golden plover
Pluvialis dominica: Lesser golden plover
Pluvialis fulva: Asian golden plover(2)
Pluvialis fulva: Asiatic golden plover(2)
Pluvialis fulva: Eastern golden plover(2)
Pluvialis fulva: Pacific golden-plover
Pluvialis fulva: Pacific golden-plover(3)(2)
Pluvialis fulva: Pacific golden-plover(5)
Pluvialis fulva: Pacific golden plover(25)
Pluvialis squatarola: Black-bellied plover(9)
Pluvialis squatarola: Grey plover(19)
Pluvialis squatarola: Grey plover/black-bellied plover
Pluvianus aegyptius: Egyptian-plover
Pluvianus aegyptius: Egyptian plover
Pnoepyga albiventer: Pygmy wren-babbler
Pnoepyga albiventer: Scaly-breasted wren-babbler(4)
Pnoepyga albiventer: Scaly-breasted wren babbler
Pnoepyga formosana: Taiwan wren-babbler
Pnoepyga formosana: Taiwan wren babbler
Pnoepyga immaculata: Nepal wren-babbler(2)
Pnoepyga immaculata: Nepal wren babbler
Pnoepyga pusilla: formosae, Pygmy wren babbler
Pnoepyga pusilla: Pygmy wren-babbler(11)
Pnoepyga pusilla: Pygmy wren babbler(3)
Pocillopora verrucosa: Coral
Podarcis lilfordi: Lilford's wall lizard
Podarcis melisellensis: Dalmatian wall lizard
Podarcis pityusensis: Ibiza wall lizard
Podarcis siculus: Italian wall lizard
Podargus ocellatus: Marbled frogmouth
Podargus papuensis: Papuan frogmouth
Podasineura interrupta: Interrupted threadtail(2)
Podica senegalensis: African finfoot
Podiceps auritus: Horned grebe(9)
Podiceps auritus: Slavonian grebe
Podiceps auritus: Slavonian or horned grebe(2)
Podiceps cristatus: Great crested grebe(14)
Podiceps grisegena: Red-necked grebe(7)
Podiceps nigricollis: Black-necked
Podiceps nigricollis: Black-necked grebe(6)
Podiceps nigricollis: Black-necked or eared grebe(2)
Podiceps nigricollis: Eared grebe(6)
Podilymbus podiceps: Pied-billed grebe
Podisus maculiventris: Spined soldier bug
Podoces biddulphi: Biddulph's ground jay
Podoces biddulphi: White-tailed ground jay
Podoces biddulphi: Xinjiang ground jay(3)
Podoces hendersoni: Henderson's ground jay
Podoces hendersoni: Mongolian ground jay(2)
Podoces panderi: Turkestan ground jay
Podoces pleskei: Pleske's ground jay
Podocnemis unifilis: Yellow-headed side-necked turtle
Podocnemis unifilis: Yellow-headed sideneck
Podocnemis unifilis: Yellow-spotted amazon rive
Podolestes orientalis: Blue-spotted flatwing(5)
Podolestes orientalis: Blue-spotted flatwings
Podolestes orientalis: Flatwings
Poecile cincta: Grey-headed chickadee
Poecile davidi: Pere david's tit(2)
Poecile hypermelaenus: Black-bibbed tit(2)
Poecile montana: Willow tit
Poecile montanus: Willow tit
Poecile palustris: Marsh tit(2)
Poecile superciliosa: White-browed tit
Poecile superciliosus: White-browed tit
Poecile varia: Varied tit
Poecile varius: Varied tit
Poecile weigoldicus: Sichuan tit(2)
Poecilia latipinna: Lesser sailfin molly(7)
Poecilia latipinna: Sailfin molly
Poecilia reticulae: Guppy
Poecilia reticulata: Endler's guppy
Poecilia reticulata: Endler's livebearer
Poecilia reticulata: Fancy guppy
Poecilia reticulata: Guppy(14)
Poecilia reticulata: Million fish
Poecilia reticulata: Rainbow fish
Poecilia sphenops: Black molly
Poecilia sphenops: Common molly(11)
Poecilia sphenops: Green molly(3)
Poecilia sphenops: Molly
Poecilia velifera: 24k molly
Poecilia velifera: Balloon molly
Poecilia velifera: Sail-fin molly(2)
Poecilia velifera: Sailfin molly
Poecilia velifera: Silver lyertail molly
Poeciligale albinucha: White-naped weasel
Poecilodryas albispecularis: Ashy robin
Poecilodryas albonotata: Black-bibbed robin
Poecilodryas brachyura: Black-chinned robin
Poecilodryas hypoleuca: Black-sided robin
Poecilodryas placens: Olive-yellow robin
Poeoptera kenricki: Kenrick's starling(2)
Poeoptera lugubris: Narrow-tailed starling
Poeoptera stuhlmanni: Stuhlmann's starling(2)
Poephila acuticauda: Long-tailed finch
Poephila cincta: Black-throated finch(2)
Poephila personata: Masked finch
Pogona barbata: Eastern beared dragon
Pogona vitticeps: Bearded dragon
Pogona vitticeps: Beared dragon
Pogoniulus atroflavus: Red-rumped tinkerbird
Pogoniulus bilineatus: Yellow-rumped tinkerbird(2)
Pogoniulus chrysoconus: Yellow-fronted tinkerbird(2)
Pogoniulus coryphaeus: Western tinkerbird
Pogoniulus leucomystax: Moustached green tinkerbird
Pogoniulus leucomystax: Moustached tinkerbird
Pogoniulus makawai: White-chested tinkerbird
Pogoniulus pusillus: Red-fronted tinkerbird(2)
Pogoniulus scolopaceus: Speckled tinkerbird(2)
Pogoniulus simplex: Eastern green tinkerbird
Pogoniulus simplex: Green tinkerbird
Pogoniulus subsulphureus: Yellow-throated tinkerbird
Pogonocichla stellata: White-starred robin(2)
Pogonoperca punctata: Clown (leaflip)
Poiana leightoni: Leighton's linsang
Poiana richardsoni: African linsang
Poicephalus cryptoxanthus: Brown-headed parrot(2)
Poicephalus gulielmi: Jardine's fronted parrot
Poicephalus gulielmi: Red-fronted parrot
Poicephalus meyeri: Brown parrot
Poicephalus meyeri: Meyer's parrot
Poicephalus robustus: Cape parrot(2)
Poicephalus rueppelli: Ruppell's parrot
Poicephalus rufiventris: African orange-bellied parrot
Poicephalus rufiventris: Red-bellied parrot
Poicephalus senegalus: Senegal parrot
Polemaetus bellicosus: Martial eagle(3)
Polihierax insignis: Fielden's falconet
Polihierax insignis: White-rumped falcon(2)
Polihierax insignis: White-rumped pygmy falcon
Polihierax semitorquatus: African pygmy falcon(2)
Polihierax semitorquatus: Pygmy falcon(2)
Poliocephalus poliocephalus: Hoary-headed grebe
Poliolimnas cinereus: White-browed rail
Polistes aurifer: Paper wasp(2)
Polistes sagittarius: Banded paper wasp
Polistes sagittarius: Banded polistes
Polyboea vulpina: Brown grass spider
Polyboroides radiatus: Madagascar harrier-hawk
Polyboroides radiatus: Madagascar harrier hawk
Polyboroides typus: African harrier-hawk
Polyboroides typus: African harrier-hawk or gymnogene
Polyboroides typus: African harrier hawk
Polyborus lutosus: Guadelupe caracara
Polyborus plancus: Common caracara
Polyborus plancus: Southern caracara
Polycaulus uranuscopus: Stargazer waspfish(5)
Polydactylus plebeius: Striped threadfin
Polydactylus plebius: Northern threadfin
Polydactylus sexfilis: Six-fingered threadfin
Polydactylus sexfilis: Threadfin
Polydactylus sextarius: Blackspot tasselfish
Polydactylus sextarius: Blackspot threadfin
Polygonia c-aureum: Comma
Polymesoda expansa: Lokan
Polymita picta: Slug
Polymus thresiae: Green-tailed golden-throat
Polyonymus caroli: Bronze-tailed cornet
Polypadates colletti: Collets tree frog
Polypedates colletii: Collett's tree frog
Polypedates colletti: Collett's tree frog
Polypedates eques: Frog polypedates
Polypedates leucomystax: Blue-legged tree frog
Polypedates leucomystax: Common tree frog
Polypedates leucomystax: Four-lined tree frog(103004)
Polypedates leucomystax: Striped tree frog(51900)
Polypedates leucomystax: White-lipped tree frog(6860)
Polypedates longinasus: Sharp-snout saddled tree frog
Polypedates macrotis: Dark-eared tree frog(4)
Polypedates macrotis: Dark eared tree frog
Polypedates maculatus: Common indian tree frog
Polypedates megacephalus: Brown tree frog(2)
Polypedates otilophus: File-eared tree frog(2)
Polyplancta aurescens: Gould's jewelfront
Polyplectron bicalcaratum: Gray peacock-pheasant
Polyplectron bicalcaratum: Grey peacock-pheasant(4)
Polyplectron bicalcaratum: Grey peacock pheasant(3)
Polyplectron bicalcaratum: Hainan grey peacock-pheasant
Polyplectron chalcurum: Bronze-tailed peacock-pheasant(4)
Polyplectron chalcurum: Sumatran peacock-pheasant
Polyplectron emphanum: Palawan peacock-pheasant(2)
Polyplectron emphanum: Palawan peacock pheasant
Polyplectron germaini: Germain's peacock-pheasant(5)
Polyplectron germaini: Germain's peacock pheasant
Polyplectron inopinatum: Mountain peacock-pheasant(8)
Polyplectron inopinatum: Mountain peacock pheasant
Polyplectron katsumatae: Hainan peacock-pheasant
Polyplectron katsumatae: Hainan peacock pheasant(2)
Polyplectron malacense: Malay peacock pheasant
Polyplectron malacense: Malayan peacock-pheasant(6)
Polyplectron malacense: Malayan peacock pheasant
Polyplectron malacense: Malaysian peacock-pheasant(2)
Polyplectron malacense: Malaysian peacock pheasant
Polyplectron napoleonis: Palawan peacock-pheasant(2)
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: Bornean peacock-pheasant(9)
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: Bornean peacock pheasant
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: Malay peacock pheasant
Polypterus endlicheri: Saddled bichir
Polypterus ornatipinnis: Ornate bichir(2)
Polypterus senegalus: Cuvier's bichir
Polysticta stelleri: Steller's eider(4)
Polytelis alexandrae: Alexandra's parrot
Polytelis alexandrae: Princess parrot
Polytelis swainsonii: Superb/barraband parrot
Polytmus guainumbi: White-tailed golden-throat
Polytmus milleri: Tepui golden-throat
Polytremis eltola: corbeti, Yellow-spot swift
Polytremis lubricans: Contiguous swift
Polytremis lubricans: lubricans, Contiguous swift(5)
Polyura athamas: athamas, Common nawab
Polyura athamas: Common nawab
Polyura delphis: concha, Jewel nawab
Polyura eudamippus: Great nawab
Polyura hebe: plautus, Plain nawab(7)
Polyura nepenthes: Shan nawab
Polyura schreiber: tisamenus, Blue nawab(6)
Polyxenus lagurus: Mother-lode of tufted millipedes
Pomacanthus annularis: Blue-ringed
Pomacanthus annularis: Blue-ringed angelfish
Pomacanthus annularis: Blue king angelfish
Pomacanthus annularis: Blue ring angelfish
Pomacanthus annularis: Blue ringed angel
Pomacanthus annularis: Bluering angelfish(8)
Pomacanthus arcuatus: Gray-black angelfish
Pomacanthus arcuatus: Gray angelfish(3)
Pomacanthus arcuatus: Grey angelfish
Pomacanthus asfur: Arabian angel
Pomacanthus asfur: Arabian angelfish(2)
Pomacanthus asfur: Crescent angel
Pomacanthus chrysurus: Ear-spot angel
Pomacanthus chrysurus: Goldtail angelfish(3)
Pomacanthus diacanthus: Regal angel
Pomacanthus diacanthus: Regal angelfish
Pomacanthus imperator: Emperor angel(2)
Pomacanthus imperator: Emperor angelfish(6)
Pomacanthus imperator: Imperator angel
Pomacanthus imperator: Imperial angelfish
Pomacanthus maculosus: Blue moon angelfish
Pomacanthus maculosus: Half moon angel
Pomacanthus maculosus: Map angel
Pomacanthus maculosus: Yellowband angelfish
Pomacanthus maculosus: Yellowbar angelfish
Pomacanthus narvachus: Bluegirdled angelfish
Pomacanthus navarchus: Blue-faced angel
Pomacanthus navarchus: Blue-girdled angel
Pomacanthus navarchus: Blue-girdled angelfish(3)
Pomacanthus navarchus: Bluegirdled angelfish
Pomacanthus paru: French angel
Pomacanthus paru: French angelfish(4)
Pomacanthus rhomboides: Old woman angelfish
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Half-circled angelfish
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Koran angel
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Koran angelfish(8)
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Semi-circle angel
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Semicircle angel
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Semicircle angelfish
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Semicircle angelfish juvenile
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Semicircle angelfish(2)
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Zebra angelfish
Pomacanthus sexfasciatus: Six-banded angelfish
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: Six-banded angelfish
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: Six-barred angelfish(5)
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: Sixbar angelfish(2)
Pomacanthus xanthometapon: Blueface angelfish
Pomacanthus xanthometapon: Yellow-mask angelfish
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: Yellow mask angelfish
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: Yellowface angelfish(2)
Pomacanthus zonipectus: Cortez angelfish(4)
Pomacea bridgesi: Golden apple snail
Pomacea canaliculata: Apple snail(27000)
Pomacea canaliculata: Golden apple snail(14700)
Pomacentrus alleni: Blue star damsel
Pomacentrus alleni: Metalic blue damsel
Pomacentrus amboinensis: Ambon damselfish
Pomacentrus amboinesis: Ambon damsel
Pomacentrus auriventris: Goldbelly damsel
Pomacentrus bankanensis: Speckled damsel(2)
Pomacentrus caeruleus: Yellow-bellied blue damsel
Pomacentrus caeruleus: Yellow-billied blue damsel
Pomacentrus coelestis: Blue and gold damsel
Pomacentrus coelestis: Blue damsel
Pomacentrus coelestis: Metalic blue yellow belly damsel
Pomacentrus mollucanensis: Lemon damselfish
Pomacentrus moluccensis: Lemon damsel
Pomacentrus moluccensis: Molucca damsel
Pomacentrus nigromanus: Goldback damsel
Pomacentrus simsiang: Blueback damsel
Pomacentrus smithi: Smith's damsel
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: Threespot damsel(5)
Pomacentrus vaiuli: Ocellate damselfish
Pomacentrus vaiuli: Princess damsel
Pomachromis richardsoni: Richardson's reef damsel
Pomadasys auritus: Longhead grunt(2)
Pomadasys hasta: Silver grunter
Pomadasys kaakan: Grunter
Pomadasys kaakan: Javelin grunter(6)
Pomadasys maculatum: Saddle grunter(5)
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: Black-necklaced scimitar-babbler
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: Black-necklaced scimitar babbler(2)
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: erythrocnemis, Spot-breasted scimitar babbler
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: Spot-breasted scimitar-babbler(4)
Pomatorhinus erythrogenys: Rusty-cheeked scimitar-babbler
Pomatorhinus erythrogenys: Rusty-cheeked scimitar babbler(5)
Pomatorhinus ferruginosus: Coral-billed scimitar-babbler(2)
Pomatorhinus ferruginosus: Coral-billed scimitar babbler(3)
Pomatorhinus gravivox: Black-streaked scimitar-babbler
Pomatorhinus gravivox: Black-streaked scimitar babbler(2)
Pomatorhinus horsfieldii: Indian scimitar-babbler(2)
Pomatorhinus horsfieldii: Indian scimitar babbler
Pomatorhinus hypoleucos: Large scimitar-babbler(6)
Pomatorhinus hypoleucos: Large scimitar babbler(4)
Pomatorhinus mcclellandi: Spot-breasted scimitar-babbler
Pomatorhinus melanurus: Sri lanka scimitar-babbler(3)
Pomatorhinus montanus: Chestnut-backed scimitar-babbler(8)
Pomatorhinus montanus: Chestnut-backed scimitar babbler(3)
Pomatorhinus musicus: Taiwan scimitar-babbler
Pomatorhinus musicus: Taiwan scimitar babbler(2)
Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps: Red-billed scimitar-babbler(2)
Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps: Red-billed scimitar babbler(3)
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: musicus, Streak-breasted scimitar babbler
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: Rufous-necked scimitar babbler
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: Steak-breasted scimitar babble
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: Streak-breasted scimitar-babbler(6)
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: Streak-breasted scimitar babbler(6)
Pomatorhinus schisticeps: White-browed scimitar-babbler(2)
Pomatorhinus schisticeps: White-browed scimitar babbler(2)
Pomatorhinus superciliaris: Slender-billed scimitar-babbler
Pomatorhinus superciliaris: Slender-billed scimitar babbler
Pomatorhinus swinhoei: Grey-sided scimitar-babbler
Pomatorhinus swinhoei: Grey-sided scimitar babbler(2)
Pomatostomus temporalis: Grey-crowned babbler
Pongo abelii: Sumatran orangutan
Pongo pygmaeus: Bornean orangutan(31601)
Pongo pygmaeus: Borneo orangutan(12300)
Pongo pygmaeus: Orang-utan(80000)
Pongo pygmaeus: Orang utan(80001)
Pongo pygmaeus: Orangutan(229000)
Pope1airia pope1airii: Wire-crested thorntail
Popeia fucata: Siamese peninsula pit viper(2)
Popeia nebularis: Cameron highlands pit viper
Popelairia conversii: Green thorntail
Popelairia langsdorffi: B1ack-bellied thorntail
Popelairia letitiae: Coppery thorntail
Porcellana sayana: Porcelain crab
Poritia philota: philota, Malayan gem(2)
Poritia sumatrae: sumatrae, Sumatran gem(5)
Pornothemis starrei: Mangrove marshal(5)
Porphyrio alleni: Allen's gallinule(2)
Porphyrio madagascariensis: African purple swamphen
Porphyrio martinica: American purple gallinule
Porphyrio porphyrio: African purple swamphen
Porphyrio porphyrio: New zealand swamp hen
Porphyrio porphyrio: Pukeko(3)
Porphyrio porphyrio: Purple gallinule(2)
Porphyrio porphyrio: Purple moorhen
Porphyrio porphyrio: Purple swamphen(26)
Porphyrio porphyrio: Sultana bird
Porphyrio porphyrio: Swamp hen(2)
Portunus pelagicus: Blue crab
Portunus pelagicus: Blue swimmer crab(2)
Portunus pelagicus: Blue swimming crab(3)
Portunus pelagicus: Flower crab(5)
Portunus pelagicus: Flower crabs
Portunus pelagicus: Indo-pacific swamp-crab
Portunus pelagicus: Swimming crab(2)
Portunus sanguinolentus: Three-spotted crab
Porzana bicolor: Black-tailed crake(3)
Porzana bicolor: Rufous-backed crake
Porzana carolina: Sora
Porzana carolina: Sora rail
Porzana cinerea: White-browed crake(22)
Porzana cinerea: White-browed rail(2)
Porzana fusca: Ruddy-breasted crake #
Porzana fusca: Ruddy-breasted crake(21)
Porzana fusca: Ruddy crake(2)
Porzana palmeri: Laysan rail
Porzana parva: Little crake(4)
Porzana paykulli: Chinese banded crake
Porzana paykullii: Band-bellied crake(14)
Porzana porzana: Spotted crake(8)
Porzana pusilla: Baillon's crake(24)
Porzana pusilla: Baillons crake
Porzana sandwichensis: Hawaiian crake
Porzana sandwichensis: Hawiian rail
Porzana tabuensis: Spotless crake(2)
Potamalpheops tigger: Tigger prawn
Potamarcha congener: Common chaser(5)
Potamilus capax: Fat pocketbook pearly mussel
Potamochoerus larvatus: Bush pig
Potamochoerus porcus: Red river hog
Potamon fluviatile: European freshwater crab
Potamotrygon brachyura: Short-tailed river stingray
Potamotrygon castexi: Vermiculate river stingray
Potamotrygon henlei: Bigtooth river stingray
Potamotrygon leopoldi: White-blotched river stingray
Potamotrygon menchacai: Tiger ray
Potamotrygon motoro: Ocellate river stingray
Potamotrygon reticulatus: Reticulated stingray
Potamotrygon schroederi: Rosette river stingray
Potanthus confucius: Chinese dart
Potanthus omaha: omaha, Lesser dart(6)
Potanthus pava: Yellow band dart
Potanthus pseudomaesa: Common dart
Potanthus serina: Large dart(3)
Potanthus trachala: Lesser band dart
Potanthus trachala: tytleri, Detached dart(3)
Potos flavus: Kinkajou
Poyntonia paludicola: Montane marsh frog
Praescutata viperina: Grey sea snake
Praescutata viperina: Olive sea snake
Praomys natalensis: Multimammate mouse
Praosia punctata: Cheryl crab
Pratapa deva: relata, White royal(4)
Pratapa deva: White royal
Pratylenchus brachyurus: Root-lesion nematode
Premnas aculeatus: Spinecheek anemonefish
Premnas biaculeatus: Maroon
Premnas biaculeatus: Maroon clownfish
Premnas biaculeatus: Spine-cheek anemonefish
Premnas biaculeatus: Spine-cheeked anemonefish
Premnas biaculeatus: Spinecheek anemonefish(3)
Premnas biaculeatus: Spinecheek clownfish
Premnas xanthurus: Xanthurus
Presbytis aygula: Sunda leaf monkey(2)
Presbytis cristata: Silver leaf monkey(2)
Presbytis cristata: Silvered leaf monkey(2)
Presbytis femoralis: Banded langur(3)
Presbytis femoralis: Banded leaf monkey(5)
Presbytis femoralis: Banded surili
Presbytis frontata: White-faced surili
Presbytis frontata: White-fronted leaf monkey(2)
Presbytis hosei: Grey leaf monkey(5)
Presbytis hosei: Grey leaf monkey(common)
Presbytis hosei: Hose's langur
Presbytis leucocephalus: White-headed langur(2)
Presbytis melalophos: Banded leaf-monkey
Presbytis melalophos: Banded leaf monkey(2)
Presbytis melalophos: Mitred langur
Presbytis potenziani: Mentawai langur
Presbytis potenziani: Mentawai leaf monkey(2)
Presbytis rubicunda: Maroon leaf monkey(5)
Presbytis rubicunda: Red leaf monkeys
Presbytis rubicunda: Red leaf monkeys(common)
Presbytis siamensis: Black tighed leaf-monkey
Presbytis siamensis: White-thighed surili
Presbytis thomasi: Thomas's leaf monkey(2)
Priacanthus arenatus: Common bigeye
Priacanthus hamrur: Bigeye
Priacanthus hamrur: Crescent-tailed bigeye
Priacanthus meeki: Hawaiian bigeye
Priacanthus tayenus: Purple-spotted bigeye
Prina flaviventris: Prinia yellow bellied
Prinia atrogularis: Black-throated prinia(2)
Prinia atrogularis: Hill prinia(6)
Prinia bairdii: Banded prinia
Prinia buchanani: Rufous-fronted prinia(2)
Prinia burnesii: Rufous-vented prinia
Prinia cinereocapilla: Grey-crowned prinia
Prinia criniger: Striated prinia(2)
Prinia crinigera: striata, Striated prinia
Prinia crinigera: Striated prinia(6)
Prinia familiaris: Bar-winged prinia(2)
Prinia flaviventris: Wren warbler
Prinia flaviventris: Yellow-bellied prinia(32)
Prinia gracilis: Graceful warbler
Prinia hodgsonii: Franklin's prinia
Prinia hodgsonii: Gray-breasted prinia
Prinia hodgsonii: Grey-breasted prinia(7)
Prinia inornata: Plain prinia(20)
Prinia inornata: White-browed wren-warbler
Prinia leucopogon: White-chinned prinia
Prinia polychroa: Brown prinia(4)
Prinia rufescens: Rufescent prinia(8)
Prinia rufscens: Rufescent prinia
Prinia socialis: Ashy prinia(3)
Prinia somalica: Pale prinia
Prinia subflava: formosa, Plain prinia
Prinia subflava: Tawny-flanked prinia(3)
Prinia superciliaris: Hill prinia(2)
Prinia sylvatica: Jungle prinia(2)
Priodontes maximus: Giant armadillo
Prionailurus bengalensis: Bengal leopard cat
Prionailurus bengalensis: Leopard cat(8)
Prionailurus iriomotensis: Iriomote cat
Prionailurus planiceps: Flat-headed cat(4)
Prionailurus rubiginosus: Rusty-spotted cat(2)
Prionailurus viverrinus: Fishing cat(3)
Prioneris philonome: Red-spot sawtooth
Prioneris philonome: themana, The redspot sawtooth
Prioneris thestylis: Spotted sawtooth
Prioniturus discurus: Blue-crowned racked-tailed parrot
Prioniturus discurus: Blue-crowned racquet-tail
Prioniturus flavicans: Red-spotted racket-tailed parrot
Prioniturus flavicans: Yellowish-breasted racquet-tail
Prioniturus luconensis: Green racket-tailed parrot
Prioniturus luconensis: Green racquet-tail
Prioniturus mada: Buru racket-tailed parrot
Prioniturus mada: Buru racquet-tail
Prioniturus montanus: Montane racquet-tail
Prioniturus montanus: Mountain racket-tailed parrot
Prioniturus platenae: Blue-headed racquet-tail
Prioniturus platurus: Golden-mantled racket-tailed parrot
Prioniturus platurus: Golden-mantled racquet-tail
Prioniturus verticalis: Blue-winged racquet-tail
Prionochilus maculatus: Yellow-breasted flowerpecker(8)
Prionochilus maculatus: Yellow-throated flowerpecker
Prionochilus olivaceus: Olive-backed flowerpecker
Prionochilus percussus: Crimson-breasted flowerpecker(11)
Prionochilus percussus: Crimson breasted flowerpecker
Prionochilus plateni: Palawan flowerpecker
Prionochilus thoracicus: Scarlet-breasted flowerpecker(8)
Prionochilus xanthopygius: Borneo flowerpecker
Prionochilus xanthopygius: Yellow-rumped flowerpecker(2)(2)
Prionochilus xanthopygius: Yellow-rumped flowerpecker(3)
Prionochilus xanthopygius: Yellow rumped flowerpecker
Prionochilus xanthopygius: Yellow rumped flowerpecker(common)
Prionodon linsang: Banded linsang(6)
Prionodon pardicolor: Spotted linsang(2)
Prionops plumatus: White-crested helmet-shrike
Prionops poliolophus: Grey-crested helmet-shrik
Prionops retzii: Retz's helmet-shrike
Prionops scopifrons: Chestnut-fronted helmet-shrike
Prionurus biafraensis: Biafra doctorfish(6)
Prionurus chrysurus: Indonesia yellowtail surgeonfish
Prionurus chrysurus: Indonesia yellowtail tang
Prionurus chrysurus: Indonesian sawtail
Prionurus laticlavius: Galapogos sawtail
Prionurus laticlavius: Razor surgeonfish(5)
Prionurus laticlavius: Yellow-tailed surgeonfish
Prionurus maculatus: Yellowspotted sawtail
Prionurus maculatus: Yellowspotted sawtail tang
Prionurus maculatus: Yellowspotted sawtail(5)
Prionurus microlepidotus: Sixplate sawtail
Prionurus microlepidotus: Sixplate sawtail tang
Prionurus microlepidotus: Sixplate sawtail(5)
Prionurus punctatus: Yellow sawtail surgeonfish
Prionurus punctatus: Yellowtail surgeonfish(6)
Prionurus scalprum: Scalpel sawtail
Prionurus scalprum: Scalpel sawtail tang
Prionurus scalprum: Scalpel sawtail(8)
Pristella maxillaris: Pristella tetra
Pristella maxillaris: X-ray fish
Pristella riddlei: Pristella tetra
Pristiapogon kallopterus: Iridescent cardinalfish
Pristipmoides zonatus: Snapper
Pristipomoides auricilla: Yellowtail snapper
Pristipomoides filamentosus: Pink snapper
Pristipomoides flavipinnis: Yelloweye snapper
Pristipomoides multidens: Gold-banded jobfish
Pristipomoides seiboldii: Pink snapper
Pristipomoides typus: Sharp toothed bass(2)
Pristipomoides typus: Sharptooth bass
Pristipomoides typus: Sharptoothed bass
Pristolepis fasciata: Banded leaf fish
Pristolepis fasciata: Malayan leaffish(3)
Pristolepis fasciatus: Malayan leaffish(2)
Pristolepis fasciatus: Nandid perch
Pristurus carteri: Scorpion gecko
Probarbus jullieni: Esok
Probarbus jullieni: Giant river carp
Probarbus jullieni: Isok barb(2)
Probarbus jullieni: Jullien's golden carp
Probarbus jullieni: Malaysian carp
Probarbus jullieni: Probarbus(2)
Probosciger aterrimus: Palm cockatoo(3)
Procambarus alleni: Florida blue crayfish
Procambarus clarkii: Crayfish(96500)
Procambarus clarkii: Red swamp crawfish(90300)
Procambarus clarkii: Red swamp crayfish(30200)
Procambarus paeninsulanis: Blue crawfish
Procambarus paeninsulanis: Blue crayfish
Procambarus paeninsulanis: Electric blue lobster
Procambarus zonangulus: White river crawfish
Procapra gutturosa: Mongolian gazelle
Procapra picticaudata: Tibetan gazelle
Procapra przewalskii: Przewalski's gazelle
Procavia capensis: Rock hyrax
Procellaria aequinoctialis: White-chinned petrel
Procellaria cinerea: Grey petrel
Procellaria parkinsoni: Black petrel
Procellaria westlandica: Westland petrel
Procelsterna cerulea: Blue-gray noddy
Procelsterna cerulea: Blue noddy
Procepasser superciliosus: Sparrow weaver
Procolobus badius: Red colobus(2)
Procolobus pennantii: Eastern red colobus(2)
Procolobus pennantii: Zanzibar red colobus
Procolobus preussi: Preuss' colobus
Procolobus preussi: Preuss' red colobus
Procolobus rufomitratus: Tana river colobus(3)
Procolobus verus: Wan beneden's colobus(2)
Procyon cancrivorus: Crab-eating raccoon
Procyon gloveralleni: Barbados raccoon
Procyon insularis: Tres marias raccoon
Procyon lotor: Raccoon(4)
Procyon lotor: Racoon
Procyon maynardi: Bahama raccoon
Procyon minor: Guadalupe raccoon
Procyon pygmaeus: Cozumel raccoon
Prodasineura collaris: Collared threadtail(7)
Prodasineura collaris: Collared threadtails(2)
Prodasineura humeralis: Orange-striped threadtail(8)
Prodasineura interrupta: Interrupted threadtail(4)
Prodasineura notostigma: Crescent threadtail(7)
Prodotiscus insignis: Cassin's honeybird
Prodotiscus regulus: Wahlberg's honeybird
Prodotiscus zambesiae: Eastern honeybird
Profelis aurata: African golden cat
Promops centralis: Big crested mastiff bat
Promops nasutus: Brown mastiff bat
Propithecus diadema: Diadem sifaka(2)
Propithecus tattersalli: Golden-crowned sifaka(2)
Propithecus verreauxi: Verreaux's sifaka(2)
Propyrrhula subhimachala: Crimson-browed finch
Propyrrhura auricollis: Golden-collared macaw
Prosciurillus abstrusus: Secretive dwarf squirrel
Prosciurillus leucomus: Whitish dwarf squirrel
Prosciurillus murinus: Celebes dwarf squirrel
Prosciurillus rosenbergii: Sanghir squirrel
Prosciurillus weberi: Weber's dwarf squirrel
Prosopeas javanicum: Land snail
Prosopeia personata: Masked shining parrot
Prosotas dubiosa: lumpura, Tailless line blue(7)
Prosotas lutea: sivoka, Banded lineblue
Prosotas nora: superdates, Common line-blue(5)
Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae: Tui
Proteles cristatus: Aardwolf
Proteracanthus sarissophorus: Knightfish
Prothoe franck: uniformis, Blue begum
Protobothrops sieversorum: Three horned-scaled pitviper
Protomelas similis: Gorgeous hap
Protonibea diacanthus: Black jew
Protonibea diacanthus: Blackspotted croaker
Protopterus annectens: African lungfish
Prunella atrogularis: Black-throated accentor(3)
Prunella collaris: Alpine accentor(8)
Prunella collaris: fennelli, Alpine accentor
Prunella fagani: Yemen accentor
Prunella fulvescens: Brown accentor(3)
Prunella himalayana: Altai accentor(3)
Prunella immaculata: Maroon-backed accentor(3)
Prunella koslowi: Kozlov's accentor
Prunella koslowi: Mongolian accentor(2)
Prunella modularis: Dunnock(2)
Prunella montanella: Mountain accentor
Prunella montanella: Siberian accentor(5)
Prunella ocularis: Radde's accentor
Prunella rubeculoides: Robin accentor(3)
Prunella rubida: Japanese accentor(2)
Prunella strophiata: Rufous-breasted accentor(3)
Psalidoprocne albiceps: White-headed saw-wing
Psalidoprocne holomelas: Black saw-wing
Psaltria exilis: Pygmy tit
Psammobates geometricus: Geometric tortoise
Psammodynastes pictus: Painted mock viper(7)
Psammodynastes pulverulentus: Common mock viper(2)
Psammodynastes pulverulentus: Mock viper
Psammoperca waigiensis: Waigeu sea perch(5)
Psammoperca waigiensis: Waigieu seaperch
Psarisomus dalhousiae: Long-tailed broadbill(12)
Psarisomus dalhousie: Long-tailed broadbill
Psedojuloides cerasinus: tail wrasse
Psephotus chrysopterygius: Golden-shouldered parrot
Psephotus haematogaster: Blue-bonnet
Psephotus haematonotus: Red-rumped parakeet
Psephotus haematonotus: Red-rumped parrot
Psephotus pulcherrimus: Paradise parrot
Psephotus varius: Mulga parrot
Psettodes erumei: Indian haalibut
Psettodes erumei: Indian halibut(6)
Pseudacanthicus spinosus: Spiny monster pleco
Pseudagrion australasiae: Look-alike sprite(7)
Pseudagrion microcephalum: Blue sprite(9)
Pseudagrion pruinosum: Grey sprite(8)
Pseudagrion rubriceps: Orange-faced sprite(4)
Pseudalaemon fremantlii: Short-tailed lark
Pseudalopex culpaeus: Colpaeo fox
Pseudalopex culpaeus: Colpeo fox
Pseudalopex fulvipes: Darwin fox
Pseudalopex griseus: Grey zorro
Pseudalopex griseus: South american fox
Pseudalopex gymnocercus: Azara's zorro
Pseudalopex gymnocercus: Pampas fox
Pseudalopex gymnocerus: Pampas fox
Pseudalopex sechurae: Sechura zorro
Pseudalopex vetulus: Hoary fox
Pseudalopex vetulus: Hoary zorro
Pseudamia amblyuroptera: Spotail cardinalfish
Pseudanthias bicolor: Bicolor anthias(2)
Pseudanthias bicolor: Bicolor coral perch
Pseudanthias carberyii: Threadfin goldie
Pseudanthias dispar: Redfin anthias
Pseudanthias fasciatus: Red striped basslet
Pseudanthias hawaiiensis: Hawaiian longfin anthias(2)
Pseudanthias huchti: Threadfin anthias
Pseudanthias hutchi: Red cheeked antenna basslet
Pseudanthias hutomoi: Hutomoi
Pseudanthias lunulatus: Lunate goldie
Pseudanthias luzonensis: Philippine fairy basslet
Pseudanthias luzonensisr: Luzon basslet
Pseudanthias pascalus: Purple queen anthias
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: Purple blotch basslet(2)
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: Square-spot fairy basslet
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: Squareback anthias
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: Squarespot anthias(2)
Pseudanthias pulcherrimus: Resplendent
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus: Deepsea fairy basslet
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Fairy basslet
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Jewel antenna basslet
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Lyretail anthias
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Lyretail coralfish
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Ordinary basslet
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: Scalefin anthias(2)
Pseudanthias thompsoni: Thompson's anthias(3)
Pseudanthias truncatus: Truncate fairy basslet(2)
Pseudanthias tuka: Purple anthias
Pseudanthias tuka: Tuka anthias
Pseudanurida billitonensis: Marine springtail
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: Elongate mudskipper(6)
Pseudemydura umbrina: Snake-necked turtle
Pseudemys concinna: Eastern river cooter
Pseudemys concinna: River cooter
Pseudemys floridana: Peninsula cooter
Pseudemys nelsoni: Florida redbelly turtle
Pseudeos fuscata: Dusky lory(3)
Pseudhirundo griseopyga: Grey-rumped swallow
Pseudibis davisoni: White-shouldered ibis(7)
Pseudibis gigantea: Giant ibis
Pseudibis papillosa: Black ibis
Pseudibis papillosa: Indian black ibis
Pseudibis pappillosa: Black ibis
Pseudleptomastix mexicana: Encyrtid parasitoid
Pseudoalcippe abyssinica: African hill babbler
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus: White trigger
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus: Yellowmargin triggerfish(2)
Pseudobalistes fuscus: Blue-lined
Pseudobalistes fuscus: Blue and gold triggerfish
Pseudobalistes fuscus: Blue line trigger
Pseudoborbo bevani: Bevan's swift
Pseudobufo subasper: False toad
Pseudobufo subasper: Peat swamp toad
Pseudobulweria aterrima: Mascarene petrel
Pseudobulweria rostrata: Tahiti petrel(5)
Pseudocaranx dentex: Jackfish
Pseudocaranx dentex: Silver trevally
Pseudocheilinus evanidus: Disappearing wrasse
Pseudocheilinus evanidus: Scarlet wrasse
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia: Sixstripe wrasse
Pseudocheilinus lineopunctatus: Scarletfin fairy wrasse
Pseudocheilinus octotaenia: Eightstripe wrasse
Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia: Fourstripe wrasse
Pseudochelidon sirintarae: White-eyed river martin(3)
Pseudochromis aureus: Golden dottyback
Pseudochromis aureus: Yellow
Pseudochromis bitaeniatus: Double-striped dottyback-orange
Pseudochromis bitaeniatus: Double-striped dottyback-purple
Pseudochromis diadema: Diadema
Pseudochromis dutoiti: Arabian neon
Pseudochromis dutoiti: Blue striped dottyback
Pseudochromis flavivertex: Flavivertex
Pseudochromis fridmani: Fridmani
Pseudochromis mccullochi: Mccullochi's
Pseudochromis novaehollandiae: Australian
Pseudochromis novaehollandiae: Red & green dottyback
Pseudochromis paccagnelae: Royal dottyback
Pseudochromis paccagnellae: Dottyback
Pseudochromis perspicillatus: Brown dottyback
Pseudochromis polynemus: Red pelvic fin dottyback
Pseudochromis porphyreus: Magenta dottyback
Pseudochromis porphyreus: Purple
Pseudochromis splendens: Splendid
Pseudochromis splendens: Splendid dottyback
Pseudochromis springeri: Springeri
Pseudochromis tapeinosoma: Stallon dottyback
Pseudococcus longispinus: Mealy bugs(2)
Pseudocoladenia dan: dhyana, Fulvous pied flat(5)
Pseudocoris bleekeri: Bleeker's rainbowfish
Pseudodax mollucanus: Purple neon wrasse
Pseudodoras niger: Black doras catfish
Pseudodoras niger: Niger catfish
Pseudodoras niger: Ripsaw catfish
Pseudogobius javanicus: Javanese fatnose goby(6)
Pseudois nayaur: Bharal
Pseudois schaeferi: Dwarf blue sheep
Pseudojuloides cerasinus: Smalltail wrasse
Pseudojuloides erythrops: Red eye wrasse
Pseudokerana fulgur: Orange banded lancer
Pseudolabrus miles: Scarlet wrasse
Pseudolabrus ocellatus: Spotty
Pseudolais micronemus: Shortbarbel pangas(2)
Pseudolambrus bicornis: Horned caltrop crab
Pseudominla castaneceps: Rufous-winged fulvetta(2)
Pseudominla cinerea: Yellow-throated fulvetta(2)
Pseudominla klossi: Black-crowned fulvetta
Pseudominla variegaticeps: Gold-fronted fulvetta(2)
Pseudomonacanthus macrurus: Strap-weed filefish
Pseudomys praeconis: Desert false rat
Pseudomystus leiacanthus: Dwarf bumblebee catfish(7)
Pseudonestor xanthophrys: Maui parrotbill
Pseudonigrita arnaudi: Gray-headed social weaver
Pseudonigrita arnaudi: Grey-capped social weaver
Pseudonigrita cabanisi: Black-capped social weaver(2)
Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum: Tiger shovelnose catfish
Pseudopodoces humilis: Ground tit
Pseudopodoces humilis: Hume's groundpecker
Pseudopus apodus: Legless lizard
Pseudorabdion longiceps: Dwarf reed snake(4)
Pseudorasbora parva: Stone moroko(3)
Pseudorca crassidens: False killer whale(4)
Pseudorhabdion longiceps: Dwarf reed snake(2)
Pseudorhombus arsius: Largetooth flounder(5)
Pseudorhombus malayanus: Malayan flonder
Pseudorhombus sp: Flat fish/flouder
Pseudoryx nghetinhensis: Saola
Pseudoryx nghetinhensis: Vu quang ox
Pseudoscops grammicus: Jamaican owl
Pseudotajuria donatana: donatana, Golden royal(5)
Pseudothemis jorina: Banded skimmer(7)
Pseudotropheus acei: Yellow tail acei
Pseudotropheus aurora: Aurora cichlid
Pseudotropheus crabro: Hornet cichlid
Pseudotropheus demasoni: Demason's cichlid
Pseudotropheus elongatus: Elongate mbuna
Pseudotropheus elongatus: Slender mbuna
Pseudotropheus estherae: Red zebra cichlid
Pseudotropheus kingsizei: King size cichlid
Pseudotropheus lombardoi: Kennyi(2)
Pseudotropheus lombardoi: Kenyi
Pseudotropheus saulosi: Saulos's mbuna
Pseudotropheus socolofi: Powder blue cichlid
Pseudotropheus zebra: Blue zebra
Pseudoxenodon macrops: Big-eyed bamboo snake
Pseudoxenodon macrops: Big-eyed mountain keelback
Psilogramma menephron: Privet hawk moth
Psilopogon pyrolophus: Fire-tufted barbet(13)
Psilopogon pyrolophus: Fire tufted barbet
Psitacula cyanocephala: Grey-headed parakeet
Psitacula eupatria: Alexandrine parakeet
Psittacella brehmii: Brehm's parrot
Psittacella brehmii: Brehm's tiger parrot
Psittacella madaraszi: Madarᳺ's tiger parrot
Psittacella madaraszi: Madarasz's parrot
Psittacella modesta: Modest tiger parrot
Psittacella picta: Painted parrot
Psittacella picta: Painted tiger parrot
Psittacula alexandri: Moustached parakeet(3)
Psittacula alexandri: Red-breasted parakeet(18)
Psittacula bensoni: Mascarene grey parakeet
Psittacula calthorpae: Emerald-collared parakeet
Psittacula calthorpae: Layard's parakeet
Psittacula calthropae: Emerald-collared parakeet
Psittacula calthropae: Layard's parakeet
Psittacula caniceps: Blyth's parakeet
Psittacula caniceps: Nicobar parakeet(2)
Psittacula columboides: Blue-winged parakeet
Psittacula columboides: Malabar parakeet(2)
Psittacula cyanocephala: Blossom-headed parakeet
Psittacula cyanocephala: Blossom-heaed parakeet
Psittacula cyanocephala: Plum-headed parakeet(6)
Psittacula derbiana: Derbyan parakeet(4)
Psittacula derbiana: Lord derby's parakeet(3)
Psittacula echo: Mauritius parakeet(4)
Psittacula eques: Reunion parakeet
Psittacula eupatria: Alexandrian parrot(6600)
Psittacula eupatria: Alexandrine parakeet(29209)
Psittacula eupatria: Alexandrine parrot(5580)
Psittacula exsul: Newton's parakeet
Psittacula finschii: Grey-headed parakeet(5)
Psittacula gns: Afro-asian ringnecked parakeet genus
Psittacula himalayana: Slaty-headed parakeet(4)
Psittacula intermedia: Intertnediate parakeet
Psittacula krameri: Ring-necked parakeet(18400)
Psittacula krameri: Rose-ringed parakeet(77006)
Psittacula krameri: Rose-winged parakeet
Psittacula longicauda: defontainei, Natuna long-tailed parakeet
Psittacula longicauda: Long-tailed parakeet(25)
Psittacula longicauda: longicauda, Long-tailed parakeet
Psittacula longicauda: modesta, Red-collared long-tailed parakeet
Psittacula longicauda: nicobarica, Nicobar long-tailed parakeet
Psittacula longicauda: Parakeet long tailed
Psittacula longicauda: tytleri, Andaman long-tailed parakeet
Psittacula roseata: Blossom-headed parakeet(6)
Psittacula wardi: Seychelles parakeet
Psittaculirostris desmarestii: Desmarest's fig parrot
Psittaculirostris desmarestii: Large fig parrot
Psittaculirostris edwardsii: Edward's fig parrot
Psittaculirostris edwardsii: Edwards's fig parrot
Psittaculirostris salvadori: Salvadori's fig parrot
Psittaculirostris salvadorii: Salvadori's fig parrot
Psittacus erithacus: African grey parrot
Psittacus erithacus: erithacus, African grey parrot
Psittacus erithacus: Grey parrot(2)
Psittacus erithacus: timneh, Timneh african grey parrot
Psitteuteles goldiei: Goldie's lorikeet(2)
Psitteuteles iris: Iris lorikeet
Psittinus cyanurus: Blue-rumped parrot *
Psittinus cyanurus: Blue-rumped parrot(18)
Psittiparus bakeri: Rufous-headed parrotbill(2)
Psittiparus gularis: Gray-headed parrotbill
Psittiparus gularis: Grey-headed parrotbill
Psittiparus margaritae: Black-headed parrotbill
Psittiparus ruficeps: White-breasted parrotbill(2)
Psittirostra psittacea: Ou
Psittrichas fulgidus: Pesquet's parrot(2)
Psittscus erithacus: African grey parrot
Psittscus erithacus: Congo grey parrot
Psittscus erithacus: Red-tailed grey parrot
Psolos fuligo: fuligo, Coon(2)
Psudoorca crassidens: False killer whale
Ptectorhinchus vittatus: Indian ocean oriental sweetlips
Ptenochirus jagori: Greater musky fruit bat
Ptenochirus minor: Lesser musky fruit bat
Ptenothrix atra: Springtail
Pteraeolidia ianthina: Blue dragon
Pteralopex acrodonta: Fijian monkey-faced bat
Pteralopex anceps: Bougainville monkey-faced bat
Pteralopex atrata: Guadalcanal monkey-faced bat
Pteralopex pulchra: Montane monkey-faced bat
Pterapogon kauderni: Banggai cardinal
Pterapogon kauderni: Banggai cardinalfish
Pterapogon kauderni: Kauderni/bangai cardinal
Ptereleotris evides: Spottail gudgeon
Ptereleotris evides: Two tone dartfish
Ptereleotris hanae: Threadfin dartfish
Ptereleotris heteroptera: Spottail dartfish(2)
Ptereleotris heteropterus: Pale gudgeon
Ptereleotris microlepis: Ghost goby
Ptereleotris zebra: Zebra dartfish
Ptereleotris zebra: Zebra goby
Pteria penguin: Penguin wing oyster
Pteridophora alberti: King of saxony bird-of-paradise
Pterocaesio chrysozona: Goldband fusilier(2)
Pterocaesio tile: Bluestreak fusilier
Pterocaesio tile: Fusilier
Pterocaesio trilineata: Three lined fusilier
Pterocaesio trilineata: Threestripe fusilier
Pterocles alchata: Pin-tailed sandgrouse
Pterocles coronatus: Crowned sandgrouse
Pterocles decoratus: Black-faced sandgrouse
Pterocles exustus: Chestnut-bellied sandgrouse(4)
Pterocles gutturalis: Yellow-throated sandgrouse
Pterocles indicus: Painted sandgrouse
Pterocles lichtensteinii: Lichtenstein's sandgrouse(2)
Pterocles orientalis: Black-bellied sandgrouse(4)
Pterocles quadricinctus: Four-banded sandgrouse
Pterocles senegallus: Spotted sandgrouse
Pterocnemia pennata: American ostrich
Pterocnemia pennata: Rhea
Pterodroma alba: Phoenix petrel
Pterodroma arminjoniana: Herald petrel
Pterodroma axillaris: Chatham islands petrel
Pterodroma baraui: Barau's petrel
Pterodroma cervicalis: White-necked petrel
Pterodroma cookii: Cook's petrel(2)
Pterodroma externa: Juan fernandez petrel(3)
Pterodroma hypoleuca: Bonin islands petrel
Pterodroma hypoleuca: Bonin petrel(8)
Pterodroma incerta: Atlantic petrel
Pterodroma inexpectata: Mottled petrel(3)
Pterodroma lessonii: White-headed petrel
Pterodroma leucoptera: Gould's petrel(3)
Pterodroma longirostris: Stejneger's petrel(3)
Pterodroma macroptera: Great-winged petrel
Pterodroma mollis: Soft-plumaged petrel
Pterodroma neglecta: Kermadec petrel(3)
Pterodroma nigripennis: Black-winged petrel
Pterodroma phaeopygia: Dark-rumped petrel
Pterodroma rostrata: Tahiti petrel(5)
Pterodroma solandri: Providence petrel(2)
Pterodroma ultima: Murphy's petrel
Pteroglossus aracari: Aracari toucan
Pteroglossus viridis: Green toucan
Pterois antennata: Antennata
Pterois attenata: Spotfin lionfish
Pterois radiata: Radiata
Pterois russelli: Russell's lionfish
Pterois sphex: Hawaiian turkeyfish
Pterois volitans: Common lionfish
Pterois volitans: Lionfish(2)
Pterois volitans: Red lionfish(2)
Pterois volitans: Volitan
Pteromyscus pulverulentus: Smoky flying squirrel(4)
Pteronetta hartlaubii: Hartlaub's duck
Pteronotus davyi: Davy's naked-backed bat
Pteronotus gymnonotus: Big naked-backed bat
Pteronotus macleayii: Macleay's mustached bat
Pteronotus parnellii: Parnell's mustached bat
Pteronotus personatus: Wagner's mustached bat
Pteronotus quadridens: Sooty mustached bat
Pteronura brasiliensis: Giant otter(5)
Pterophanes cyanopterus: Great saphirewing
Pterophyllum altum: Altum angel
Pterophyllum altum: Silver
Pterophyllum scalare: Angel
Pterophyllum scalare: Angelfish(4)
Pterophyllum scalare: Gold angel
Pterophyllum scalare: Marble angel
Pterophyllum scalare: Silver angel
Pteropteryx valida: Black-tipped firefly
Pteroptyx malaccae: Malacca firefly
Pteroptyx tener: Synchronous firefly(219)
Pteropus admiraltatum: Admiralty flying fox
Pteropus alecto: Black flying fox
Pteropus anetianus: Vanauatu flying fox
Pteropus argentatus: Ambon flying fox
Pteropus brunneus: Dusky flying fox
Pteropus caniceps: North moluccan flying fox
Pteropus chrysoprotus: Moluccan flying fox
Pteropus conspicillatus: Spectacled flying fox
Pteropus dasymalus: Ryukyu flying fox
Pteropus faunulus: Nicobar flying fox
Pteropus fundatus: Banks flying fox
Pteropus giganteus: Indian flying fox
Pteropus gilliardi: Gilliard's flying fox
Pteropus griseus: Gray flying fox
Pteropus howensis: Ontong java flying fox
Pteropus hypomelanus: Island flying fox(4)
Pteropus hypomelanus: Small flying-fox
Pteropus hypomelanus: Small flying fox
Pteropus hypomelanus: Variable flying fox
Pteropus insularis: Truck flying fox
Pteropus insularis: True fruit bat
Pteropus leucopterus: White-winged flying fox
Pteropus livingstonii: Comoro black flying fox
Pteropus lombocensis: Lombok flying fox
Pteropus lylei: Lyle's flying fox(2)
Pteropus macrotis: Big-eared flying fox
Pteropus mahaganus: Sanborn's flying fox
Pteropus mariannus: Fruit bat
Pteropus marianus: Marianas flying fox
Pteropus mearnsi: Mearns's flying fox
Pteropus melanopogon: Black-bearded flying fox
Pteropus melanotus: Black-eared flying fox
Pteropus molossinus: Caroline flying fox
Pteropus molossinus: Ponape fruit bat
Pteropus neohibernicus: Great flying fox
Pteropus niger: Greater mascarene flying fox
Pteropus nitendiensis: Temotu flying fox
Pteropus ocularis: Ceram flying fox
Pteropus ornatus: Ornate flying fox
Pteropus personatus: Masked flying fox
Pteropus phaecocephalus: Mortlock flying fox
Pteropus phaeocephalus: Mortlock fruit bat
Pteropus pilosus: Large palau flying fox
Pteropus pilosus: Large palau fruit bat
Pteropus pohlei: Geelvink bay flying fox
Pteropus poliocephalus: Gray-headed flying fox
Pteropus pselaphon: Bonin flying fox
Pteropus pumilus: Little golden-mantled flying fox
Pteropus rayneri: Solomons flying fox
Pteropus rodricensis: Rodriguez flying fox
Pteropus rufus: Madagascan flying fox
Pteropus samoensis: Samoan flying fox
Pteropus samoensis: Samoan fruit bat
Pteropus sanctacrucis: Santa cruz flying fox
Pteropus scapulatus: Little red flying fox
Pteropus seychellensis: Seychelles flying fox
Pteropus speciosus: Philippine gray flying fox
Pteropus subniger: Dark flying fox
Pteropus temmincki: Temminck's flying fox
Pteropus tokudae: Guam flying fox
Pteropus tonganus: Insular flying fox
Pteropus tonganus: Pacific flying fox
Pteropus tuberculatus: Vanikoro flying fox
Pteropus vampyrus: Large flying fox(4)
Pteropus vampyrus: Large flying fox(common)
Pteropus vampyrus: Malayan flying fox(6)
Pteropus vampyrus: Pteropus
Pteropus vetulus: New caledonia flying fox
Pteropus voeltzkowi: Pemba flying fox
Pteropus woodfordi: Dwarf flying fox
Pterorhinus davidi: Plain laughingthrush(2)
Pterorhinus sannio: White-browed laughingthrush(2)
Pterosynchiropus splendidus: Mandarin fish
Pterotolithus maculatus: Blotched tigertooth croaker
Pterotolithus maculatus: Spotted jewfish
Pterphyllum scalare: Angelfish
Pteruthius aenobarbus: Chestnut-fronted shrike-babbler(2)
Pteruthius aenobarbus: Chestnut-fronted shrike babbler
Pteruthius flaviscapis: Red-winged shrike babbler
Pteruthius flaviscapis: White-browed shrike- babbler
Pteruthius flaviscapis: White-browed shrike-babbler(9)
Pteruthius flaviscapis: White-browed shrike babbler(3)
Pteruthius melanotis: Black-eared shrike-babbler
Pteruthius melanotis: Black-eared shrike-babbler(2)(2)
Pteruthius melanotis: Black-eared shrike-babbler(3)
Pteruthius melanotis: Black-eared shrike babbler(4)
Pteruthius rufiventer: Black-headed shrike-babbler(2)
Pteruthius rufiventer: Black-headed shrike babbler
Pteruthius xanthochlorus: Green shrike-babbler(2)
Pteruthius xanthochlorus: Green shrike babbler
Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus: Marbled-belly armoured catfish(5)
Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus: Vermiculated sailfin catfish
Pterygoplichthys pardalis: Spotted-belly armoured catfish(5)
Ptilinopus arcanus: Negros fruit dove
Ptilinopus aurantiifrons: Orange-fronted fruit dove
Ptilinopus bernsteinii: Scarlet-breasted fruit dove
Ptilinopus cinctus: Banded fruit dove
Ptilinopus coronulatus: Coroneted fruit dove
Ptilinopus dohertyi: Red-naped fruit dove
Ptilinopus fischeri: Red-eared fruit dove
Ptilinopus granulifrons: Carunculated fruit dove
Ptilinopus hyogastrus: Grey-headed fruit dove
Ptilinopus iozonus: Orange-bellied fruit dove
Ptilinopus jambu: Jambu fruit-dove
Ptilinopus jambu: Jambu fruit-dove(2)(2)
Ptilinopus jambu: Jambu fruit-dove(4)
Ptilinopus jambu: Jambu fruit dove(4)
Ptilinopus jambu: Jambu fruit pigeon
Ptilinopus leclancheri: Black-chinned fruit-dove(4)
Ptilinopus leclancheri: Black-chinned fruit dove(4)
Ptilinopus magnificus: Wompoo fruit dove
Ptilinopus marchei: Flame-breasted fruit dove
Ptilinopus melanospila: Black-naped fruit-dove(5)
Ptilinopus melanospila: Black-napped fruit dove
Ptilinopus melanospilus: Black-naped fruit-dove
Ptilinopus melanospilus: Black-naped fruit dove
Ptilinopus merrilli: Cream-bellied fruit dove
Ptilinopus monacha: Blue-capped fruit dove
Ptilinopus nainus: Dwarf fruit dove
Ptilinopus occipitalis: Yellow-breasted fruit dove
Ptilinopus ornatus: Ornate fruit dove
Ptilinopus perlatus: Pink-spotted fruit dove
Ptilinopus porphyreus: Pink-headed fruit-dove
Ptilinopus porphyreus: Pink-headed fruit dove
Ptilinopus pulchellus: Beautiful fruit dove
Ptilinopus regina: Rose-crowned fruit dove
Ptilinopus rivoli: White-bibbed fruit dove
Ptilinopus solomonensis: Yellow-bibbed fruit dove
Ptilinopus subgularis: Maroon-chinned fruit dove
Ptilinopus superbus: Superb fruit dove
Ptilinopus viridis: Claret-breasted fruit dove
Ptilinopus wallacii: Wallace's fruit dove
Ptilocercus lowii: Pen-tailed tree shrew
Ptilocercus lowii: Pen-tailed treeshrew
Ptilocercus lowii: Pentailed treeshrew
Ptilocichla falcata: Falcated wren-babbler(2)
Ptilocichla leucigrammica: Blue-headed pitta
Ptilocichla leucigrammica: Blue-headed pitta(common)
Ptilocichla leucogrammica: Bornean wren-babbler(8)
Ptilocichla leucogrammica: Bornean wren babbler
Ptilocichla mindanensis: Striated wren-babbler(2)
Ptilometra australis: Crinoid
Ptilopachus petrosus: Stone partridge(4)
Ptiloprora erythropleura: Rufous-sided honeyeater
Ptiloprora guisei: Rufous-backed honeyeater
Ptiloprora mayri: Mayr's honeyeater
Ptiloprora meekiana: Olive-streaked honeyeater
Ptiloprora perstriata: Black-backed honeyeater
Ptiloprora plumbea: Leaden honeyeater
Ptiloris magllificus: Magnificent rafflebird
Ptiloris magnificus: Magnificent riflebird
Ptiloris paradiseus: Paradise rufflebrid
Ptiloris victoriae: Queen victoria's rafflebird
Ptilorrhoa caerulescens: Blue jewel-babbler
Ptilorrhoa castanonota: Chestnut-backed jewel-babbler
Ptilorrhoa leucosticta: Spotted jewel-babbler
Ptilostomus afer: Piapiac
Ptyas carinata: Keeled rat snake(3)
Ptyas carinatus: Keeled rat snake
Ptyas fusca: White-bellied rat snake(5)
Ptyas fuscus: White-bellied rat snake
Ptyas korros: Indo-chinese rat snake(2)
Ptyas korros: Indochinese rat snake(4)
Ptyas mucosus: Banded rat snake
Ptyas mucosus: Common rat snake
Ptyas mucosus: Oriental rat snake
Ptychadena anchietae: Anchieta's ridged frog
Ptychadena bunoderma: Rough ridged frog
Ptychadena grandisonae: Grandison's ridged frog
Ptychadena guibei: Guibe's ridged frog
Ptychadena mapacha: Mapacha ridged frog
Ptychadena mascareniensis: Mascarene ridged frog
Ptychadena mossambica: Mozambique ridged frog
Ptychadena newtoni: Newton 's grassland frog
Ptychadena oxyrhynchus: Sharp-nosed ridged frog
Ptychadena porosissima: Grassland ridged frog
Ptychadena schillukorum: Schilluk ridged frog
Ptychadena subpunctata: Spotted ridged frog
Ptychadena taenioscelis: Small ridged frog
Ptychadena upembae: Upemba ridged frog
Ptychadena uzungwensis: Udzungwa ridged frog
Ptychoramphus aleuticus: Cassin's auklet(2)
Ptychozoon horsfieldii: Horsfield's flying gecko(2)
Ptychozoon kuhi: Kuhl's flying gecko
Ptychozoon kuhli: Kuhl's flying gecko(2)
Ptychozoon kuhli: Kuhl's gliding gecko
Ptychozoon kuhlii: Kuhl's gliding lizard
Ptychozoon lionotum: Smooth-backed gliding gecko
Ptyodactylus hasselquistii: Fan foot gecko
Ptyonoprogne concolor: Dusky crag-martin(2)
Ptyonoprogne concolor: Dusky crag martin(3)
Ptyonoprogne fuligula: Rock martin
Ptyonoprogne obsoleta: Pale crag martin
Ptyonoprogne rupestris: Eurasian crag martin(3)
Pucrasia macrolopha: Koklass pheasant(6)
Pucrasia macrolopha: Yellow-necked koklass pheasa
Pudu mephistophiles: Northern pudu
Pudu mephistophiles: Pudu
Pudu pudu: Chilean pudu
Pudu pudu: Southern pudu
Puffinus assimilis: Little shearwater(3)
Puffinus auricularis: Newell's shearwater
Puffinus auricularis: Townsend's shearwater
Puffinus bulleri: Buller's shearwater(3)
Puffinus carneipes: Flesh-footed shearwater(8)
Puffinus carneipes: Fresh-footed shearwater
Puffinus creatopus: Pink-footed shearwater(2)
Puffinus gavia: Fluttering shearwater
Puffinus gravis: Great shearwater
Puffinus griseus: Sooty shearwater(10)
Puffinus leucomelas: White-fronted shearwater
Puffinus lherminieri: Audubon's shearwater(2)
Puffinus nativitatis: Christmas island shearwater
Puffinus nativitatis: Christmas shearwater
Puffinus nativitatis: Kiritimati shearwater
Puffinus pacificus: Wedge-tailed shearwater(19)
Puffinus puffinus: Manx shearwater(2)
Puffinus tenuirostis: Short-tailed shearwater
Puffinus tenuirostris: Short-tailed shearwater(10)
Puffinus yelkouan: Yelkouan shearwater
Pulchrana baramica: Golden-eared rough-sided frog(2)
Pulchrana laterimaculata: Masked rough-sided frog(2)
Pulsatrix kneniswaldiana: White-chinned owl
Pulsatrix melanota: Band-bellied owl
Pulsatrix perspicillata: Spectacled owl
Puma concolor: Costa rican puma
Puma concolor: Cougar
Puma concolor: Eastern puma
Puma concolor: Florida puma
Pundamilia nyererei: Nyerere hap
Puntioplites bulu: Bulu barb
Puntioplites proctozysron: Smith's barb
Puntius altus: Red-tail tinfoil barb
Puntius arulius: Arulius barb(2)
Puntius banksi: Saddle barb (
Puntius banksi: Saddle barb(7)
Puntius binotatus: Common barb or two-spot barb(6)
Puntius binotatus: Common barb(3)
Puntius binotatus: Spotted barb
Puntius binotatus: Two-spot barb
Puntius bulu: Bulu barb(40)
Puntius bulu: Crossbanded barb(8)
Puntius conchonius: Rosy barb
Puntius everetti: Clown barb
Puntius filamentosus: Black-spotted
Puntius gonionotus: Indonesian barb
Puntius gonionotus: Javanese barb
Puntius gonionotus: Javanese carp(3)
Puntius hexazona: Six-banded barb
Puntius johorensis: Six-banded tiger barb(8)
Puntius johorensis: Zebra barbs
Puntius lateristriga: Spanner barb
Puntius lateristriga: Spanner barb or t-barb
Puntius lateristriga: Spanner barb(9)
Puntius lateristriga: T-barb
Puntius narayani: Narayan barb
Puntius nigrofasciatus: Black ruby barb
Puntius oligolepis: Checkerboard barb(2)
Puntius partipentazona: Five-banded tiger barb (
Puntius partipentazona: Five-banded tiger barb(7)
Puntius pentazona: Five-banded barb
Puntius sachsii: Golden barb(2)
Puntius semifasciolatus: Chinese barb(4)
Puntius semifasciolatus: Green barb
Puntius semifasciolatus: Green barb ;
Puntius semifasciolatus: Green barb or chinese barb
Puntius semifasciolatus: Green barb(7)
Puntius tetrazona: Four-banded tiger barb(7)
Puntius tetrazona: Sumatra barb(2)
Puntius tetrazona: Tiger barb(5)
Puntius titteya: Cherry barb(4)
Purpureicephalus spurius: Red-capped parrot
Pycnonotus atriceps: Black-headed bulbul(17)
Pycnonotus aurigaster: aurigaster, Sooty-headed bulbul
Pycnonotus aurigaster: Red-vented bulbul
Pycnonotus aurigaster: Scooty-headed bulbul
Pycnonotus aurigaster: Sooty-headed bulbul(14)
Pycnonotus barbatus: Common bulbul(2)
Pycnonotus barbatus: Garden bulbul
Pycnonotus bimaculatus: Orange-spotted bulbul
Pycnonotus blanfordi: Streak-eared bulbul(6)
Pycnonotus brunneus: Asian red-eyed bulbul
Pycnonotus brunneus: Bulbul red eyed
Pycnonotus brunneus: Red-eyed brown bulbul
Pycnonotus brunneus: Red-eyed bulbul(14)
Pycnonotus cafer: Bulbul cafre
Pycnonotus cafer: Red-vented bulbul(10)
Pycnonotus cyaniventris: Gray-bellied bulbul
Pycnonotus cyaniventris: Grey-bellied bulbul(10)
Pycnonotus erythrophthalmos: Spectacled bulbul
Pycnonotus erythropthalmos: Lesser brown bulbul
Pycnonotus erythropthalmos: Spectacled bulbul(10)
Pycnonotus eutilotus: Puff-backed brown bulbul
Pycnonotus eutilotus: Puff-backed bulbul(9)
Pycnonotus finlaysoni: Bulbul stripe throated
Pycnonotus finlaysoni: Stripe-throated bulbul(11)
Pycnonotus flavescens: Flavescent bulbul(6)
Pycnonotus flaviventris: Black-crested bulbul(2)
Pycnonotus goiavier: Bulbul yellow vented
Pycnonotus goiavier: Yellow-vented bulbul(265002)
Pycnonotus jocosus: Crested bulbul(9410)
Pycnonotus jocosus: Red-whiskered bulbul(37109)
Pycnonotus jocosus: Red whisked bulbul(6)
Pycnonotus leucogenys: Himalayan bulbul(2)
Pycnonotus leucogenys: White-cheeked bulbul
Pycnonotus leucogrammicus: Cream-striped bulbul
Pycnonotus leucops: Pale-faced bulbul
Pycnonotus leucotis: White-eared bulbul
Pycnonotus luteolus: White-browed bulbul(2)
Pycnonotus melanicterus: Black-crested bulbul(15)
Pycnonotus melanicterus: Black crested bulbul
Pycnonotus melanoleucos: Black-and-white bulbul(7)
Pycnonotus melanoleucus: Black-and-white bulbul(2)
Pycnonotus montis: Bernean bulbul
Pycnonotus nieuwenhuisii: Blue-wattled bulbul(5)
Pycnonotus penicillatus: Yellow-eared bulbul(2)
Pycnonotus plumosus: Bulbul olive winged
Pycnonotus plumosus: Olive-winged bulbul(18)
Pycnonotus plumosus: plumosus, Olive-winged bulbul
Pycnonotus priocephalus: Grey-headed bulbul
Pycnonotus simplex: Cream-vented bulbul(16)
Pycnonotus sinensis: Chinese bulbul(3)
Pycnonotus sinensis: formosae, Light-vented bulbul
Pycnonotus sinensis: Light-vented bulbul(11)
Pycnonotus squamatus: Scaly-breasted bulbul(10)
Pycnonotus striatus: Striated bulbul(3)
Pycnonotus taivanus: Styan's bulbul(8)
Pycnonotus tympanistrigus: Spot-necked bulbul
Pycnonotus urostictus: Yellow-wattled bulbul
Pycnonotus xantholaemus: Yellow-throated bulbul
Pycnonotus xanthopygos: White-spectacled bulbul
Pycnonotus xanthorrhous: Brown-breasted bulbul(6)
Pycnonotus zeylanicus: Straw-headed bulbul(17)
Pycnonotus zeylanicus: Yellow-crowned bulbul
Pycnopygius cinereus: Marbled honeyeater
Pycnopygius ixoides: Plain honeyeater
Pycnopygius stictocephalus: Streak-headed honeyeater
Pycononotus atriceps: Black-headed bulbul
Pygathrix avunculus: Tonkin snub-nosed monkey(2)
Pygathrix bieti: Black snub-nose monkey
Pygathrix bieti: Black snub-nosed monkey(2)
Pygathrix brelichi: Grey snub-nosed monkey
Pygathrix brelichi: Guizhou golden monkey
Pygathrix brelichi: Guizhou snub-nosed monkey
Pygathrix nemaeus: Douc langur(3)
Pygathrix roxellana: Golden snub-nosed monkey
Pygathrix roxellanae: Golden monkey(2)
Pygocentrus nattereri: Piranha
Pygocentrus nattereri: Red bellied piranha(2)
Pygocentrus nattereri: Red belly piranha(3)
Pygocentrus nattereri: Red piranha(2)
Pygoderma bilabiatum: Ipanema bat
Pygoplites diacanthus: Keoki and yuko stenders' regal angelfish
Pygoplites diacanthus: Regal angel(2)
Pygoplites diacanthus: Regal angelfish(3)
Pygoplites diacanthus: Royal angelfish
Pygoscelis adeliae: Adelie penguin(2)
Pygoscelis antarctica: Chinstrap penguin
Pygoscelis antarcticus: Chinstrap penguin
Pygoscelis papua: Gentoo penguin
Pygoscelis papua: Gentoo penguin near-threatened
Pyrenestes ostrinus: Black-bellied seed-cracker
Pyrenestes ostrinus: Black-billied seedcracker
Pyrgilauda blanfordi: Blanford's snowfinch(3)
Pyrgilauda davidiana: David's snowfinch
Pyrgilauda davidiana: P貥 david's snowfinch
Pyrgilauda davidiana: Pere david's snowfinch
Pyrgilauda ruficollis: Rufous-necked snowfinch(3)
Pyrgilauda theresae: Afghan snowfinch
Pyroneura latoia: latoia, Yellow vein lancer(5)
Pyrrhocorax graculus: Alpine chough(2)
Pyrrhocorax graculus: Yellow-billed chough(2)
Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax: Red-billed chough(3)
Pyrrhoplectes epauletta: Gold-naped finch(2)
Pyrrhoplectes epauletta: Golden-naped finch
Pyrrhosoma nymphula: Large red damselfly
Pyrrhula aurantiaca: Orange bullfinch
Pyrrhula erythaca: Gray-headed bullfinch(2)
Pyrrhula erythaca: Grey-headed bullfinch(4)
Pyrrhula erythaca: owstoni, Gray-headed bullfinch
Pyrrhula erythrocephala: Red-headed bullfinch(3)
Pyrrhula leucogenis: White-cheeked bullfinch
Pyrrhula nipalensis: Brown bullfinch(11)
Pyrrhula nipalensis: uchidai, Brown bullfinch
Pyrrhula pyrrhula: Eurasian bullfinch(4)
Pyrrhura albipectus: White-necked conure
Pyrrhura calliptera: Brown-breasted conure
Pyrrhura cruentata: Blue-throated conure
Pyrrhura devillei: Blaze-winged conure
Pyrrhura egregia: Fiery-shouldered conure(2)
Pyrrhura frontalis: Maroon-bellied conure(2)
Pyrrhura haematotis: Red-eared conure
Pyrrhura hoffmanni: Hoffman's conure
Pyrrhura hypoxantha: Yellow-sided conure
Pyrrhura lepida: Pearly conure
Pyrrhura leucotis: White-eared conure
Pyrrhura melanura: Maroon-tailed conure
Pyrrhura molinae: Green-cheeked conure(2)
Pyrrhura orcesi: El oro parakeet
Pyrrhura perlata: Pearly conure
Pyrrhura picta: Crimson-bellied/painted conure
Pyrrhura picta: Painted parakeet
Pyrrhura rhodocephala: Rose-crowned conure
Pyrrhura rhodocephala: Rose-headed conure
Pyrrhura rhodogaster: Crimson-bellied conure
Pyrrhura rupicola: Black-caped conure
Pyrrhura rupicola: Black-capped conure
Pyrrhura viridicata: Santa marta conure
Pyrroglaux podarginus: Palau scops owl
Python curtus: Blood python(4)
Python curtus: breitensteini, Black blood python
Python curtus: breitensteini, Borneo short-tailed python
Python curtus: brongersmai, Red blood python
Python curtus: curtus, Short-tailed python
Python curtus: Short-tailed python(2)
Python molurus: bivittatus, Burmese python
Python molurus: Burmese python(3)
Python molurus: Indian rock python
Python molurus: molurus, Indian python
Python molurus: Rock python
Python regius: Ball python(2)
Python reticulatus: jampeanus, Jampea retics
Python reticulatus: jampeanus, Kayaudi dwarf reticulated pythons
Python reticulatus: Reticulated python(8)
Python reticulatus: reticulatus, Retics
Python reticulatus: saputrai, Selayer retics
Python reticulatus: saputrai, Selayer reticulated pythons
Python retuculatus: Reticulated python
Python sebae: African python
Python sebae: African rock python
Pytilia afra: Orange-winged pytilia
Pytilia hypogrammica: Yellow-winged pytilia
Pytilia melba: Green-winged pytilia(2)
Pytilia phoenicoptera: Red-winged pytilia
Pyxicephalus adspersus: African bullfrog
Pyxicephalus adspersus: Bullfrog
Pyxicephalus edulis: Edible bullfrog
Pyxidea mouhotii: Jagged-shelled turtle
Pyxidea mouhotii: Keel-backed terrapin
Pyxis arachnoides: Spider tortoise
Pyxis planicauda: Madagascan flat-shelled tor
Pyxis planicauda: Madagascan flat-tailed tortoise

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{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_p.htm, 2015-02-08, Animal name, 動物名, (P, 974KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_p.htm)

Paa arnoldi: 緬北刺蛙
Paa arnoldi: 缅北刺蛙
Paa arnoldi: 缅北棘蛙(2)
Paa blanfordii: 大吉岭刺蛙
Paa blanfordii: 大吉岭棘蛙(2)
Paa blanfordii: 大吉嶺刺蛙
Paa boulengeri: 刺腹蛙(2)
Paa boulengeri: 棘腹蛙(4)
Paa chayuensis: 察隅棘蛙(2)
Paa conaensis: 錯那刺蛙
Paa conaensis: 错那刺蛙
Paa conaensis: 错那棘蛙(3)
Paa exilispinosa: 小刺蛙(2)
Paa exilispinosa: 小棘蛙(4)
Paa feae: 眼斑刺蛙(2)
Paa feae: 眼斑棘蛙(3)
Paa jiulongensis: 九龍刺蛙
Paa jiulongensis: 九龙刺蛙
Paa jiulongensis: 九龙棘蛙(3)
Paa liebigii: 刺臂蛙(2)
Paa liebigii: 棘臂蛙(2)
Paa liui: 刘氏刺蛙
Paa liui: 刘氏棘蛙(2)
Paa liui: 劉氏刺蛙
Paa maculosa: 花刺蛙(2)
Paa maculosa: 花棘蛙(3)
Paa muta: 无声囊棘蛙
Paa polunini: 尼泊尔刺蛙
Paa polunini: 尼泊尔棘蛙(2)
Paa polunini: 尼泊爾刺蛙
Paa quadranus: 隆肛蛙
Paa robertingeri: 合江刺蛙(2)
Paa robertingeri: 合江棘蛙(2)
Paa shini: 侧刺蛙
Paa shini: 侧棘蛙(2)
Paa shini: 側刺蛙
Paa shini: 棘侧蛙(2)
Paa spinosa: 棘胸蛙(5)
Paa yadongensis: 亚东棘蛙
Paa yunnanensis: 双团刺胸蛙
Paa yunnanensis: 双团棘胸蛙(3)
Paa yunnanensis: 雙團刺胸蛙
Pacambocythere buntoniae: 白烏派克花介
Pacambocythere cytherelloidae: 小花派克花介
Pacambocythere elliptica: 橢圓派克花介
Pacambocythere glabra: 額頭派克花介
Pacambocythere mediopunctata: 半麻孔派克花介
Pacambocythere mucunia: 藜荳派克花介
Pacambocythere scorta: 有德派克花介
Pacambocythere semifacta: 半真派克花介
Pacambocythere similis: 似派克花介
Pacambocythere tzuchianga: 自強派克花介
Pacambocythere u-carinata: 上凸派克花介
Pachliopta aristolochiae: 紅珠鳳蝶
Pachliopta aristolochiae: 紅紋鳳蝶
Pachliopta aristolochiae: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Pachliopta aristolochiae: interposita, 七星蝶
Pachliopta aristolochiae: interposita, 紅珠鳳蝶
Pachliopta aristolochiae: interposita, 紅紋鳳蝶
Pachliopta aristolochiae: interposita, 紅腹鳳蝶
Pachos dentatum: 齒厚水蚤
Pachos punvysyum: 斑點厚水蚤
Pachycare flavogriseum: 金脸啸鹟
Pachycephala albiventris: 绿背啸鹟(2)
Pachycephala aurea: 黄背啸鹟
Pachycephala cinerea: 红树啸鹟
Pachycephala griseonota: 褐啸鹟
Pachycephala grisola: 红树厚头啸鹟
Pachycephala grisola: 红树啸鹟
Pachycephala homeyeri: 白臀啸鹟(3)
Pachycephala hyperythra: 棕胸啸鹟
Pachycephala hypoxantha: 加里啸鹟(2)
Pachycephala lorentzi: 罗氏啸鹟
Pachycephala melanura: 黑尾啸鹟
Pachycephala meyeri: 弗格克啸鹟
Pachycephala modesta: 褐背啸鹟
Pachycephala monacha: 阿鲁啸鹟
Pachycephala nudigula: 裸喉啸鹟
Pachycephala orpheus: 褐胸啸鹟
Pachycephala pectoralis: 金啸鹟
Pachycephala phaionota: 海岛啸鹟
Pachycephala philippinensis: 黄腹厚头啸鹟
Pachycephala philippinensis: 黄腹啸鹟
Pachycephala rufiventris: 棕啸鹟
Pachycephala rufiventris: 白頰褐鶲
Pachycephala schlegelii: 斯氏啸鹟
Pachycephala simplex: 灰啸鹟
Pachycephala soror: 黑领啸鹟
Pachycephala sulfuriventer: 硫黄腹啸鹟
Pachycephalopsis hattamensis: 绿丛鹟
Pachycephalopsis poliosoma: 白眼丛鹟
Pachycerina favana: 爪哇縞蠅
Pachycerina ocellaris: 小眼縞蠅
Pachycerina plumosa: 集集縞蠅
Pachycheles garciaensis: 羽毛厚瓷蟹
Pachycheles pectinicarpus: 櫛腕厚瓷蟹
Pachycheles pisoides: 豌豆厚瓷蟹
Pachycheles sculptus: 雕刻厚瓷蟹
Pachychilon macedonicum: 馬其頓擬鯉
Pachychilon macedonicum: 馬其頓肥唇魚
Pachychilon pictum: 肥唇魚
Pachycoccyx audeberti: 厚嘴杜鵑
Pachycondyla chinensis: 華夏粗針蟻
Pachycondyla darwinii: 達文粗針蟻
Pachycondyla javanus: 爪哇粗針蟻
Pachycondyla luteipes: 黃足粗針蟻
Pachycondyla sauteri: 邵氏粗針蟻
Pachycondyla sharpi: 夏氏粗針蟻
Pachycondyla stigma: 烙印粗針蟻
Pachydactylus tigrinus: 虎斑肥趾虎
Pachygrapsus crassipes: 粗腿厚紋蟹
Pachygrapsus fakaravensis: 厚紋蟹
Pachygrapsus minutus: 小厚紋蟹
Pachygrapsus planifrions: 平額厚紋蟹
Pachygrapsus plicatus: 褶痕厚紋蟹
Pachygrontha austrina: 南梭長蝽
Pachygrontha bipunctata: 二點梭長椿
Pachygrontha bipunctata: 二點梭長蝽
Pachygrontha nigrovittata: 黑盾梭長蝽
Pachygrontha similis: 擬黃紋梭長椿
Pachyhynobius shangchengensis: 商城肥鯢
Pachyhynobius shangchengensis: 商城肥鲵(3)
Pachylaelaps magnus: 巨大厚厲蟎
Pachylaelaps squamosus: 鱗片厚厲蟎
Pachylaelaps tsengyihsiungi: 曾氏厚厲蟎
Pachylophus rufescens: 趨紅稈蠅
Pachyneura fasciata: 紋粗脈蚋
Pachypappa aigeiros: 黑杨粗毛绵蚜
Pachypappa pilosa: 毛埃斯绵蚜
Pachypappa populi: 杨粗毛绵蚜
Pachypappa tortuosae: 龙爪柳粗毛绵蚜
Pachypappa tremulae: 山杨粗毛绵蚜
Pachypappella aliquipila: 少拟粗毛绵蚜
Pachyparnus dicksoni: 迪氏長泥蟲
Pachyparnus gressitti: 葛氏長泥蟲
Pachyparnus indicus: 印度長泥蟲
Pachyparnus kanoi: 河野氏長泥蟲
Pachypasoides albisparsus: 斜紋枯葉蛾
Pachyphantes superciliosus: 褐翅织布鸟
Pachyphylegyas modigliani: 駝長蝽
Pachypidonia rubrida: 紅尾粗角花天牛
Pachyprotasis erratica: 黃紋厚葉蜂
Pachyprotasis formosana: 蓬萊厚葉蜂
Pachyprotasis insularis: 島嶼厚葉蜂
Pachyptila belcheri: 細嘴鋸鸌,
Pachyptila belcheri: 细嘴锯鹱
Pachyptila desolata: 鴿鋸鹱,
Pachyptila desolata: 鸽锯鹱
Pachyptila turtur: 仙鋸鸌,
Pachyptilus eurygnatha: 真顎厚海羽水蚤
Pachyptilus pacificus: 太平厚海羽水蚤
Pachyptilus tenuis: 瘦厚海羽水蚤
Pachyrhynchus sonani: 條紋硬象鼻蟲
Pachyrrhynchus insularis: 白點球背象鼻蟲
Pachyrrhynchus kotoensis: 大圓斑球背象鼻蟲
Pachyrrhynchus sonani: 條紋球背象鼻蟲
Pachyrrhynchus tobafolius: 小圓斑球背象鼻蟲
Pachyrrhynchus yamianus: 斷紋球背象鼻蟲
Pachyserica brevitarsis: 短脛胖絨毛金龜
Pachyserica horishana: 埔里胖絨毛金龜
Pachyserica nantouensis: 南投胖絨毛金龜
Pachyserica nigroguttata: 黑紋胖絨毛金龜
Pachyserica sinuaticeps: 曲胖絨毛金龜
Pachyserica striatipennis: 條斑胖絨毛金龜
Pachyseris gemmae: 短波紋珊瑚
Pachyseris rugosa: 異波紋珊瑚
Pachyseris speciosa: 環波紋珊瑚
Pachystomias microdon: 厚巨口魚
Pachytriton brevipes: 黑斑肥螈(5)
Pachytriton labiatus: 无斑肥螈(4)
Pachytriton labiatus: 無斑肥螈
Pachytriton labiatus: 龙里瘰螈
Pachyuromys duprasi: 肥尾沙鼠
Padda oryzivora: 文鳥
Padda oryzivora: 文鸟
Padda oryzivora: 灰文鸟
Padda oryzivora: 灰芙蓉
Padda oryzivora: 爪哇禾雀(3)
Padda oryzivora: 爪哇稻米雀
Padda oryzivora: 爪哇雀(10)
Padda oryzivora: 禾雀(4)
Padda oryzvora: 爪哇禾雀
Paduca fasciata: 台東黃線蝶
Paduca fasciata: 珀蛺蝶
Paduca fasciata: 琥珀蛺蝶
Paduniella arista: 星芒切翅石蛾
Paduniella taiwana: 台灣切翅石蛾
Pagellus bogaraveo: 板則
Pagodroma nivea: 雪鸌,
Pagophila eburnea: 白鸥
Pagria flavopustulata: 豆猿金花蟲
Pagrosomus major: 真鲷 
Pagrus africanus: 非洲赤鲷
Pagrus major: 加臘
Pagrus major: 嘉臘
Pagrus major: 嘉鱲
Pagrus major: 嘉鱲魚
Pagrus major: 嘉臘
Pagrus major: 正鯛
Pagrus major: 真赤鯛
Pagrus major: 真鯛(2)
Paguma larvata: 台湾花面狸
Paguma larvata: 果子狸(2)
Paguma larvata: 果子狸, Guo zi li(4)
Paguma larvata: 果子貍
Paguma larvata: 白鼻心(2)
Paguma larvata: 白鼻狗
Paguma larvata: 花面棕榈猫
Paguma larvata: 花面狸(4)
Paguma larvata: 菓子貍
Paguma larvata: hainana, 海南果子狸
Paguma larvata: taivana, 果子狸
Paguma larvata: taivana, 果子貍
Paguma larvata: taivana, 白鼻心(3)
Paguma larvata: taiwana, 台灣花面狸
Paguristes acanthomerus: 突腕長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes albimaculatus: 白斑長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes antennarius: 橙紅長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes arostratus: 缺額長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes calvus: 無毛長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes doederleini: 道氏長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes miyakei: 三宅長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes palythophilus: 海葵長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes puniceus: 淡紅長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes seminudus: 光裸長眼寄居蟹
Paguristes versus: 轉動長眼寄居蟹
Pagurixus ruber: 紅色准寄居蟹
Pagurodofleinia doederleini: 道氏寄居蟹
Pagurus angustus: 窄小寄居蟹
Pagurus conformis: 同形寄居蟹
Pagurus confusus: 混同寄居蟹
Pagurus echotensis: 大寄居蟹
Pagurus imafukui: 今福寄居蟹
Pagurus japonicus: 大和寄居蟹
Pagurus japonicus: 日本寄居蟹
Pagurus kulkarnii: 庫氏寄居蟹
Pagurus luticola: 泥棲寄居蟹
Pagurus minutus: 小形寄居蟹
Pagurus nigrivittatus: 黑條寄居蟹
Pagurus nipponensis: 日本寄居蟹
Pagurus ochotensis: 长指寄居蟹
Pagurus pectinatus: 海绵寄居蟹
Pagurus pitagsaleei: 皮氏寄居蟹
Pagurus similis: 相似寄居蟹
Paijenborchella cymbula: 小舟裴占介
Paijenborchella iocosa: 蜘蛛裴占介
Paijenborchella mabeinsis: 馬賓裴占介
Paijenborchella pianfia: 變法裴占介
Paijenborchella scitula: 漂亮裴占介
Paijenborchella shiocumbatzui: 將軍裴占介
Palaemon carinicauda: 脊尾白虾 
Palaemon concinnus: 潔白長臂蝦
Palaeocallidium rufipenne: 姬杉天牛
Palaeocallidium villosulum: 阿里山姬杉天牛
Palaeomicroides anmashanensis: 鞍馬山古小翅蛾
Palaeomicroides aritai: 有田氏古小翅蛾
Palaeomicroides caeruleimaculella: 粉斑古小翅蛾
Palaeomicroides costipunctella: 緣斑古小翅蛾
Palaeomicroides discopurpurella: 紫斑古小翅蛾
Palaeomicroides fasciatella: 帶紋古小翅蛾
Palaeomicroides marginella: 寬緣古小翅蛾
Palaeomicroides obscurella: 淡紋古小翅蛾
Palaeoneda miniata: 粗管瓢虫
Palaeonympha opalina: 古眼蝶
Palaeonympha opalina: 銀蛇目蝶
Palaeopsylla kappa: 合歡古蚤
Palaeopsylla recava: 彎曲古蚤
Palaeopsylla remota: 偏遠古蚤
Palaina pusilla: 小左旋芝麻蝸牛
Palapedia integra: 整潔鏟足蟹
Palausybra chibi: 特微天牛
Palawanomys furvus: 巴拉望軟毛鼠
Palea steindachneri: 山瑞
Palea steindachneri: 山瑞鳖
Palea steindacri: 山瑞鳖
Palembus dermestoides: 九龍擬步行蟲
Pales javana: 印尼寄蠅
Pales townsendi: 唐生寄蠅
Palexorista bisetosa: 二毛寄蠅
Palexorista curvipalpis: 曲鬚寄蠅
Palexorista immersa: 寬鋏寄蠅
Palexorista inconspicuoides: 熱帶寄蠅
Palexorista solennis: 神聖寄蠅
Palinurus cygnus: 澳洲龍蝦
Palinurus cygnus: 西澳龍蝦
Palinurus gilchristi: 吉氏真龍蝦
Palinurus vulgaris: 棘刺龍蝦
Palinurus vulgaris: 棘刺龙虾
Pallidochromis tokolosh: 馬拉維蒼皮麗魚
Palmatogecko rangei: 阔趾虎
Palmatorappia solomonis: 所鲁门掌蛙
Palmeria dolei: 冠旋蜜鸟
Palmicultor palmarum: 椰粉蚧
Palorus depressus: 扁姬擬榖盜
Palorus sinuaticollis: 條胸姬擬榖盜
Palorus subdepressus: 姬擬榖盜
Palpifer hopponis: 埔里長鬚蝠蛾
Palpifer sexnotatus: 六斑長鬚蝠蛾
Palpita hypohomalia: 彎囊絹鬚野螟
Palpita warrenalis: 白臘擬絹野螟蛾
Palpixiphia formosana: 蓬萊長頸樹蜂
Palpomyia abdominalis: 雙溪鬚蠓
Palpomyia aterrima: 黑色鬚蠓
Palpomyia divisa: 分節鬚蠓
Palpomyia indivisa: 全節鬚蠓
Palpomyia murina: 嗜鼠鬚蠓
Palpomyia tainana: 台南鬚蠓
Palpopleura sexmaculata: 六斑曲缘蜻
Palpozenillia palpalis: 寄生蠅(2)
Palta pallidiola: 淡色扁蠊
Paltycrepis violacea: 阿里山瓢擬步行蟲
Palythoa ignota: 火耳砂葵
Palythoa ignota: 群體海葵
Pamacanthus maculosus: 半月神仙
Pamacanthus semicirculatus: 蓝纹神仙
Pamerana scotti: 毛胸直鰓長蝽
Pamerarma rustica: 褐筒胸長椿
Pampsilota sinensis: 中華三節葉蜂
Pampus argenteus: 正鯧
Pampus argenteus: 白鯧
Pampus argenteus: 白鲳, Bai chang(2720)
Pampus argenteus: 銀鯧
Pampus argenteus: 银鲳
Pampus argenteus: 银鲳, Yin chang(6490)
Pampus argenteus: 鲳鱼(2)
Pampus chinensis: 中國鯧(1121)
Pampus chinensis: 乌鲳(2)
Pampus cinereus: 灰鯧
Pampus echinogaster: 燕尾鯧
Pampus echinogaster: 鎌鯧
Pan gns: 黑猩猩屬
Pan paniscus: 倭黑猩猩(3)
Pan paniscus: 巴诺布猿
Pan troglodytes: 黑猩猩(5)
Pana adenopleura: 弹琴蛙
Pana adenopleura: 彈琴蛙
Pana altaica: 阿尔泰林蛙
Pana altaica: 阿爾泰林蛙
Panaque albomaculatus: 白斑巴拉圭鯰
Panaque albomaculatus: 白斑巴拉圭鲶
Panaque nigrolineatus: 皇冠豹
Panaque nigrolineatus: 黑線巴拉圭鯰
Pancala bacca: 阿猴蝸牛
Pancala batanica: 巴丹蝸
Pancala batanica: boteltobagoensis, 蘭嶼蝸牛
Panchala birmana: 俳灰蝶
Pancorius crassipes: 粗腳條斑蠅虎
Pancorius magnus: 大盤蛛
Pancorius taiwanensis: 台灣盤蛛
Pandalus platyceros: 斑點蝦
Pandava laminata: 熱帶崖地蛛
Pandinus imperator: 將軍巨蝎
Pandinus imperator: 非洲帝王蠍(2)
Pandion haliaeetus: 鹗
Pandion haliaetus: 魚鷹(9)
Pandion haliaetus: 鱼鹰(2)
Pandion haliaetus: 鶚(4)
Pandion haliaetus: 鹗(7)
Panelus crenatus: 齒鞘卵蜣螂
Panelus maedai: 前田卵蜣螂
Panesthia angustipennis: 八重山硬蠊
Panesthia angustipennis: 黑褐硬蠊
Pangasianodon gigas: 巨无齿
Pangasianodon gigas: 湄公河大鯰(2)
Pangasianodon gigas: 湄公河大鲶
Pangasius beani: 粗尾芒
Pangasius beani: 粗尾鱼芒
Pangasius hypophthalmus: 低眼鯰
Pangasius hypophthalmus: 泰國鯰
Pangasius micronemus: 短须芒
Pangasius micronemus: 短须鱼芒
Pangasius nasutus: 细尾芒
Pangasius nasutus: 细尾鱼芒
Pangasius sanitwangsei: 长丝芒
Pangasius sanitwangsei: 长丝鱼芒
Pangasius sutchi: 巴丁鱼(789)
Pangasius sutchi: 淡水鲨鱼
Pangasius sutchi: 淡水鲨鱼, Dan4 shui3 sha1 yu2(1010)
Pangasius sutchi: 苏氏圆腹鱼芒
Pangasius sutchi: 苏氏芒鲶
Pangasius sutchi: 虎头鲨(786)
Pangio kuhlii: 庫勒潘鰍
Pangio kuhlii: 蛇魚
Pangshura tecta: 北印度稜背龜
Pangshura tecta: 印度鋸背龜
Panonychus citri: 柑桔葉蟎
Panonychus ulmi: 歐洲紅葉蟎
Panonychus ulmi: 歐洲葉蟎(2)
Panopea abrupta: 象拔蚌(2)
Panopea generosa: 太平洋潛泥蛤
Panopea generosa: 象拔蚌(2)
Panopea priapus: 太平洋潛泥蛤
Panopea priapus: 女神蛤
Panopea priapus: 皇帝蚌
Panopea priapus: 象拔蚌
Panorpa akasakai: 赤坂蠍蛉
Panorpa angustistriata: 窄紋蠍蛉
Panorpa apiconebulosa: 端黑蠍蛉
Panorpa bistriata: 雙紋蠍蛉
Panorpa brevititilana: 短突蠍蛉
Panorpa bunun: 布農蠍蛉
Panorpa concolor: 單色蠍蛉
Panorpa deceptor: 斑蠍蛉
Panorpa esakii: 江崎蠍蛉
Panorpa falsa: 偽蠍蛉
Panorpa hamata: 鉤蠍蛉
Panorpa horiensis: 埔里蠍蛉
Panorpa issikii: 一色蠍蛉
Panorpa japanica: 日本蠍蛉
Panorpa lachlani: 拉式蠍蛉
Panorpa lintienshana: 林田山蠍蛉
Panorpa longiramina: 長側蠍蛉
Panorpa longititilana: 長突蠍蛉
Panorpa nokoensis: 能高蠍蛉
Panorpa ochraceocauda: 淡黃蠍蛉
Panorpa ophthalmica: 細紋蠍蛉
Panorpa pallidmanculata: 淡紋蠍蛉
Panorpa pectinata: 梳狀蠍蛉
Panorpa peterseana: 彼得蠍蛉
Panorpa rantaisanensis: 郡大山蠍蛉
Panorpa shibatai: 柴田蠍蛉
Panorpa sonai: 楚南蠍蛉
Panorpa taiheisanensis: 太平山蠍蛉
Panorpa taiwanensis: 台灣蠍蛉
Panorpa yiei: 易氏蠍蛉
Pantala flavescens: 薄翅蜻蜓(5)
Pantala flavescens: 黃蜻
Pantala flavescens: 黄蜻(2)
Panthera leo: 亞洲獅
Panthera leo: 波斯狮(2)
Panthera leo: 狮
Panthera leo: 狮子(4)
Panthera leo: 獅子
Panthera leo: persica, 亞洲獅(2)
Panthera onca: 美洲獅
Panthera onca: 美洲虎(2)
Panthera onca: 美洲豹(4)
Panthera pardus: 文豹
Panthera pardus: 花豹(4)
Panthera pardus: 豹
Panthera pardus: 豹子
Panthera pardus: 豹(12)
Panthera pardus: 豹, Bao
Panthera pardus: 金錢豹(2)
Panthera pardus: 金钱豹(2)
Panthera pardus: 黑豹
Panthera tigiris: 虎
Panthera tigris: 东北虎
Panthera tigris: 孟加拉虎(2)
Panthera tigris: 老虎
Panthera tigris: 虎(7)
Panthera tigris: 虎, Hu
Panthera tigris: altaica, 东北虎
Panthera tigris: tigris, 孟加拉虎
Panthera tigrisamoyensis: 华南虎
Panthera tigrist: 印支虎
Panthera uncia: 荷叶豹
Panthera uncia: 雪豹(3)
Pantherinus bipunctata: 雙點新林舟蛾
Pantherinus bipunctata: 雙點潘舟蛾
Pantholops hodgsoni: 藏羚(2)
Pantholops hodgsoni: 西藏羚羊
Pantholops hodgsonii: 藏羚(4)
Pantholops hodgsonii: 西藏羚羊
Pantodon buccholzi: 古代蝴蝶魚
Pantodon buccholzi: 齒蝶魚
Pantodon buchholzi: 齒蝶魚
Pantodon buchholzi: 齿蝶鱼
Pantodon huchholtzi: 古代蝴蝶
Pantoporia hordonia: 金蟠蛺蝶
Panulirus argus: 小蜜蜂
Panulirus argus: 眼斑龍蝦
Panulirus argus: 龍蝦
Panulirus cygnus: 天鵝龍蝦(2)
Panulirus cygnus: 水姑娘(2)
Panulirus cygnus: 龍蝦(3)
Panulirus cygnus: 龙虾
Panulirus cygnus: 龍蝦
Panulirus homarus: 沙蝦
Panulirus homarus: 波紋龍蝦
Panulirus homarus: 龍蝦(2)
Panulirus homarus: 龍蝦
Panulirus interruptus: 墨西哥龍蝦
Panulirus interruptus: 斷溝龍蝦
Panulirus interruptus: 龍蝦
Panulirus longipes: 珠仔蝦
Panulirus longipes: 白鬚龍蝦
Panulirus longipes: 紅蝦
Panulirus longipes: 花點Ƙ
Panulirus longipes: 菲律賓龍蝦
Panulirus longipes: 長腳龍蝦
Panulirus longipes: 長足龍蝦
Panulirus ornatus: 大和蝦
Panulirus ornatus: 山蝦
Panulirus ornatus: 彩龍
Panulirus ornatus: 沙蝦
Panulirus ornatus: 花龍蝦
Panulirus ornatus: 錦繡龍蝦(2)
Panulirus ornatus: 龍蝦(2)
Panulirus ornatus: 龍蝦
Panulirus oygnus: 龍蝦
Panulirus peniciliatus: 厚殼蝦
Panulirus peniciliatus: 大頭蝦
Panulirus peniciliatus: 密毛龍蝦
Panulirus peniciliatus: 紋身龍蝦
Panulirus peniciliatus: 龍蝦
Panulirus polyhagus: 黃斑龍蝦
Panulirus polyphagus: 泥龙虾
Panulirus polyphagus: 龙虾, Long2 xia1 (lóngxiā)
Panulirus polyphagus: 龙虾, Longxia
Panulirus stimpsoni: 中国龙虾 
Panulirus stimpsoni: 中國龍蝦
Panulirus stimpsoni: 本地龍蝦
Panulirus stimpsoni: 杉龍蝦
Panulirus versicolor: 珍珠龍蝦
Panulirus versicolor: 白鬚龍蝦
Panulirus versicolor: 紅龍蝦
Panulirus versicolor: 雜色龍蝦
Panulirus versicolor: 青腳蝦
Panulirus versicolor: 龍蝦(2)
Panulirus versicolor: 龍蝦
Panurus biarmicus: 文须雀(4)
Panurus biarmicus: 紋鬚雀
Panyptila cayennensis: 小燕尾雨燕(6)
Panyptila sanctihieronymi: 大燕尾雨燕(6)
Papagomys armandvillei: 弗羅里斯鼠
Papasula abbotti: 粉嘴鰹鳥(2)
Papasula abbotti: 粉嘴鲣鸟(2)
Papasula abbotti: 阿波特鰹鳥(3)
Papasula abbotti: 阿波特鲣鸟
Paphia amabilis: 和蔼巴非蛤
Paphia amabilis: 山瓜仔
Paphia amabilis: 山瓜仔簾蛤(2)
Paphia amabilis: 山瓜仔簾蛤
Paphia amabilis: 山瓜子橫簾蛤
Paphia amabilis: 巴非蛤
Paphia amabilis: 橫簾蛤
Paphia euglypta: 真曲巴非蛤
Paphia euglypta: 粗肋橫簾蛤
Paphia exarata: 文文橫簾蛤
Paphia exarata: 沟纹巴非蛤
Paphia gallus: 公雞橫簾蛤
Paphia gallus: 锯齿巴非蛤
Paphia lirata: 台灣橫簾蛤
Paphia lirata: 纹斑巴非蛤
Paphia papilionacea: 巴非蛤
Paphia schnellian: 大橫簾蛤
Paphia schnelliana: 靓巴非哈
Paphia textile: 織紋橫簾蛤
Paphia undulata: 山瓜仔(2)
Paphia undulata: 巴非蛤
Paphia undulata: 波紋橫簾蛤
Paphia undulata: 波纹巴非蛤
Paphia undulate: 山瓜仔
Paphia undulate: 波紋橫簾蛤
Papilio acheron: 烟花美凤蝶
Papilio aegeus: 果园美凤蝶
Papilio aegeus: 果園鳳蝶
Papilio agestor: 褐斑凤蝶
Papilio albinus: 白裙美凤蝶
Papilio alcmenor: 紅基美鳳蝶
Papilio alcmenor: 红基美凤蝶
Papilio alexanor: 黑带金凤蝶
Papilio alphenor: 阿尔美凤蝶
Papilio ambrax: 手掌美凤蝶
Papilio amynthor: 阿蒙彩美凤蝶
Papilio anactus: 优雅凤蝶
Papilio anchisiades: 拟红纹凤蝶
Papilio andraemon: 蕊凤蝶
Papilio androgeus: 安凤蝶
Papilio andronicus: 安东凤蝶
Papilio antimachus: 长袖凤蝶
Papilio antonio: 安度美凤蝶
Papilio arcturus: 窄斑翠凤蝶
Papilio aristodemus: 阿里斯凤蝶
Papilio aristor: 海地芷凤蝶
Papilio arnoldiana: 阿尔德凤蝶
Papilio ascalaphus: 秀美凤蝶
Papilio astyalus: 南美芷凤蝶
Papilio benguetanus: 本华凤蝶
Papilio bianor: 烏鴉鳳蝶(2)
Papilio bianor: 琉璃帶鳳
Papilio bianor: 琉璃帶鳳蝶
Papilio bianor: 碧凤蝶
Papilio bianor: 碧鳳蝶
Papilio bianor: 翠鳳蝶
Papilio bianor: 翠鳳蝶蘭嶼亞種
Papilio birchallii: 布尔豹凤蝶
Papilio blumei: 蓝尾翠凤蝶
Papilio bootes: 牛郎凤蝶
Papilio bootes: 牛郎鳳蝶
Papilio brevicauda: 短尾蓝凤蝶
Papilio bridgei: 蓝彩美凤蝶
Papilio buddha: 佛陀翠凤蝶
Papilio cacicus: 黄梁豹凤蝶
Papilio caiguanabus: 黑芷凤蝶
Papilio canadensis: 加拿大虎纹凤蝶
Papilio canopus: 白条美凤蝶
Papilio carolinensis: 菲律宾斑凤蝶
Papilio caster: 玉牙鳳蝶
Papilio castor: 無尾白紋鳳蝶
Papilio castor: 玉牙凤蝶
Papilio castor: 玉牙美凤蝶
Papilio castor: 玉牙鳳蝶
Papilio charopus: 绿石德凤蝶
Papilio chiansiades: 臀白芷凤蝶
Papilio chikae: 吕宋翠凤蝶
Papilio chikae: 呂宋鳳蝶(3)
Papilio chitondensis: 柴东德凤蝶
Papilio chrapkowskii: 柴德凤蝶
Papilio chrapkowskoides: 玉石凤蝶
Papilio clytia: 斑凤蝶
Papilio constantinus: 黄斑翠凤蝶
Papilio cresphontes: 美洲大芷凤蝶
Papilio crino: 丝绒翠凤蝶
Papilio cynorta: 赛诺达凤蝶
Papilio cyproeofila: 苏芮德凤蝶
Papilio daedalus: 迷纹翠凤蝶
Papilio dardanus: 非洲白凤蝶
Papilio deiphobus: 苔美凤蝶
Papilio delalandei: 锯带翠凤蝶
Papilio demetrius: 德美凤蝶
Papilio demodocus: 非洲达摩凤蝶
Papilio demoleus: 無尾鳳蝶(3)
Papilio demoleus: 花鳳蝶
Papilio demoleus: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Papilio demoleus: 达摩凤蝶
Papilio demoleus: 达摩翠凤蝶
Papilio demoleus: 達摩鳳蝶
Papilio demoleus: 黃斑鳳蝶
Papilio demolion: 金带美凤蝶
Papilio desmondi: 蓝斑德凤蝶
Papilio dialis: 台灣烏鴉鳳蝶
Papilio dialis: 穹翠凤蝶
Papilio dialis: 穹翠鳳蝶
Papilio diophantus: 双美凤蝶
Papilio doddsi: 短尾翠凤蝶
Papilio dravidarum: 白箭美凤蝶
Papilio echerioides: 白带德凤蝶
Papilio elegans: 豪华凤蝶
Papilio elephenor: 黄绿翠凤蝶
Papilio elwesi: 宽尾凤蝶
Papilio epenetus: 虾壳芷凤蝶
Papilio epiphorbas: 绿斑德凤蝶
Papilio epycides: 小黑斑凤蝶
Papilio erithonioides: 尤里翠凤蝶
Papilio erostratus: 月牙芷凤蝶
Papilio erskinei: 爱美凤蝶
Papilio erythrotaeniata: 红带美凤蝶
Papilio esperanza: 墨西哥豹凤蝶
Papilio euchenor: 佳美凤蝶
Papilio euphranor: 绿斑翠凤蝶
Papilio eurymedon: 淡色虎纹凤蝶
Papilio euterpinus: 红眉豹凤蝶
Papilio fernandus: 费尔南德凤蝶
Papilio filaprae: 费德凤蝶
Papilio forbesi: 福布斯美凤蝶
Papilio fuelleborni: 福乐德凤蝶
Papilio fuscus: 澳洲玉带凤蝶
Papilio gallienus: 鸡冠德凤蝶
Papilio gambrisius: 联姻美凤蝶
Papilio garamas: 加玛豹凤蝶
Papilio garleppi: 加芷凤蝶
Papilio gigon: 巨美凤蝶
Papilio glaucus: 美洲虎纹凤蝶
Papilio godeffroyi: 高台美凤蝶
Papilio grosesmithi: 格罗斯翠凤蝶
Papilio hectorides: 白柱芷凤蝶
Papilio helemus: 白紋鳳蝶
Papilio helenus: 楞鳳蝶
Papilio helenus: 玉斑凤蝶
Papilio helenus: 玉斑美凤蝶
Papilio helenus: 玉斑鳳
Papilio helenus: 玉斑鳳蝶(2)
Papilio helenus: 白紋鳳蝶
Papilio hellanichus: 海黄豹凤蝶
Papilio hermeli: 赫尔翠凤蝶
Papilio hermosanus: 台灣琉璃翠鳳蝶
Papilio hermosanus: 寶鏡鳳蝶
Papilio hermosanus: 琉璃紋鳳蝶
Papilio hesperus: 钩翅翠凤蝶
Papilio himeros: 姬芷凤蝶
Papilio hipponous: 希波玉带凤蝶
Papilio homerus: 大螯豹凤蝶
Papilio homerus: 荷西鳳蝶(2)
Papilio homerus: 荷馬鳳蝶
Papilio homothoas: 红草芷凤蝶
Papilio hoppo: 重帏翠凤蝶
Papilio hopponis: 重幃鳳蝶
Papilio hopponis: 雙環翠鳳蝶
Papilio hopponis: 雙環鳳蝶
Papilio hornimani: 蓝角德凤蝶
Papilio horribilis: 好来翠凤蝶
Papilio hospiton: 科西嘉凤蝶
Papilio hospiton: 科西嘉鳳蝶(3)
Papilio hyppason: 红露芷凤蝶
Papilio hypsicles: 弧美凤蝶
Papilio hystaspes: 鹄美凤蝶
Papilio indra: 短尾金凤蝶
Papilio inopinatus: 依诺美凤蝶
Papilio interjectana: 樱花芷凤蝶
Papilio isidorus: 丰收芷凤蝶
Papilio iswara: 海美凤蝶
Papilio iswaroides: 拟海美凤蝶
Papilio jacksoni: 白夹德凤蝶
Papilio janaka: 织女美凤蝶
Papilio jordani: 乔丹美凤蝶
Papilio karna: 卡尔娜翠凤蝶
Papilio krishna: 克里翠凤蝶
Papilio laglaizei: 大黄斑凤蝶
Papilio lamarchei: 雅美芷凤蝶
Papilio lampsacus: 腊美凤蝶
Papilio leucotaenia: 黄带翠凤蝶
Papilio liomedon: 类美凤蝶
Papilio longimacula: 长斑美凤蝶
Papilio lormieri: 珞翠凤蝶
Papilio lorquinianus: 五斑翠凤蝶
Papilio lowii: 南亚碧凤蝶
Papilio maackii: 深山烏鴉鳳蝶
Papilio maackii: 綠帶翠鳳蝶
Papilio maackii: 绿带翠凤蝶
Papilio machaon: 金凤蝶(2)
Papilio machaon: 金鳳蝶(2)
Papilio machaon: 黃鳳蝶
Papilio machaon: 黄凤蝶
Papilio machaonides: 黄雁芷凤蝶
Papilio macilentus: 美妹凤蝶
Papilio macilentus: 美妹美凤蝶
Papilio mackinnoni: 黄链德凤蝶
Papilio maesseni: 条翠德凤蝶
Papilio mahadeva: 马哈凤蝶
Papilio mangoura: 蔓翠凤蝶
Papilio manlius: 满德凤蝶
Papilio maraho: 台湾宽尾凤蝶
Papilio mayo: 蓝带美凤蝶
Papilio mechowi: 黄条德凤蝶
Papilio mechowianus: 米带凤蝶
Papilio melonius: 美芷凤蝶
Papilio memnon: 大鳳蝶(2)
Papilio memnon: 甄蝶
Papilio memnon: 美凤蝶
Papilio memnon: 美鳳蝶(3)
Papilio memnon: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Papilio memnon: 長崎鳳蝶
Papilio menatius: 芒须豹凤蝶
Papilio menestheus: 好逑凤蝶
Papilio microps: 青翠美德凤蝶
Papilio moerneri: 黑斑凤蝶
Papilio montrouzieri: 梦图翠凤蝶
Papilio morondavana: 马达加斯加翠凤蝶
Papilio multicaudatus: 二尾虎纹凤蝶
Papilio neocastor: 新牙凤蝶
Papilio nephelus: 台灣白紋鳳
Papilio nephelus: 台灣白紋鳳蝶
Papilio nephelus: 大白紋鳳蝶
Papilio nephelus: 宽带凤蝶
Papilio nephelus: 宽带美凤蝶
Papilio nephelus: 寬帶鳳蝶
Papilio neumoegeni: 松巴鸟翠凤蝶
Papilio nireus: 绿霓德凤蝶
Papilio nobilis: 黄翠凤蝶
Papilio noblei: 衲补凤蝶
Papilio noblei: 衲补美凤蝶
Papilio obscuras: 暗带凤蝶
Papilio oenomaus: 欧美凤蝶
Papilio ophidicephalus: 帝王带翠凤蝶
Papilio oribazus: 蓝草德凤蝶
Papilio ornythion: 黄带芷凤蝶
Papilio osmana: 奥斯玛斑凤蝶
Papilio oxynius: 傲雪芷凤蝶
Papilio paeon: 盆芷凤蝶
Papilio palamedes: 黄斑豹凤蝶
Papilio palinurus: 小天使翠凤蝶
Papilio paradoxa: 翠蓝斑凤蝶
Papilio paris: 大琉璃紋鳳蝶(2)
Papilio paris: 巴黎翠凤蝶
Papilio paris: 巴黎翠鳳蝶
Papilio paris: 巴黎鳳蝶
Papilio paris: 琉璃翠鳳蝶
Papilio paris: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Papilio pelaus: 帕劳芷凤蝶
Papilio peleides: 百利芷凤蝶
Papilio pelodurus: 白乐翠凤蝶
Papilio peranthus: 翡翠凤蝶
Papilio pericles: 蓝翠凤蝶
Papilio pharnaces: 红胸芷凤蝶
Papilio phestus: 白扇美凤蝶
Papilio phorbanta: 留尼汪岛德凤蝶
Papilio phorcas: 福翠凤蝶
Papilio pilumnus: 三尾虎纹凤蝶
Papilio pitmani: 拟玉带凤蝶
Papilio plagiatus: 白帘德凤蝶
Papilio polymnestor: 蓝裙美凤蝶
Papilio polytes: 梁祝凤蝶
Papilio polytes: 玉带凤蝶(4)
Papilio polytes: 玉带美凤蝶
Papilio polytes: 玉帶鳳蝶菲律賓亞種
Papilio polytes: 玉帶鳳蝶(4)
Papilio polytes: 白带凤蝶
Papilio polytes: 白帶鳳蝶
Papilio polytes: 縞
Papilio polytes: 縞鳳蝶
Papilio polytes: 缟凤蝶
Papilio polytes: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Papilio polyxenes: 珀凤蝶
Papilio prexaspes: 普瑞凤蝶
Papilio protenor: 無尾黑鳳蝶
Papilio protenor: 蓝凤蝶
Papilio protenor: 蓝美凤蝶
Papilio protenor: 藍鳳蝶
Papilio protenor: 黑鳳蝶(2)
Papilio pulcher: 艳丽凤蝶
Papilio rex: 荣德凤蝶
Papilio rogeri: 孤纹芷凤蝶
Papilio rumanzovia: 基紅鳳蝶
Papilio rumanzovia: 紅斑大鳳蝶
Papilio rumanzovia: 紅斑美鳳蝶
Papilio rumanzovia: 红斑美凤蝶
Papilio rumanzovius: 紅斑美鳳蝶
Papilio rumanzovius: 红斑美凤蝶(3)
Papilio rutulus: 单尾虎纹凤蝶
Papilio saharae: 沙金凤蝶
Papilio sataspes: 沙特美凤蝶
Papilio scamander: 缘斑豹凤蝶
Papilio schmeltzi: 白浪美凤蝶
Papilio slateri: 臀珠斑凤蝶
Papilio sosia: 锁莎德凤蝶
Papilio syfanius: 西番翠凤蝶
Papilio thaieanus: 台湾凤蝶
Papilio thaiwanus: 台湾凤蝶(3)
Papilio thaiwanus: 台灣鳳蝶
Papilio thaiwanus: 渡邊鳳蝶
Papilio thaiwanus: 臺灣鳳蝶
Papilio thersites: 黄宽芷凤蝶
Papilio thoas: 草凤蝶
Papilio thoas: 草芷凤蝶
Papilio thuraui: 绿链德凤蝶
Papilio toboroi: 蓝褐斑凤蝶
Papilio torquatus: 珠铄凤蝶
Papilio troilus: 银月豹凤蝶
Papilio tydeus: 娣美凤蝶
Papilio ufipa: 优德凤蝶
Papilio ulysses: 英雄翠凤蝶
Papilio veiovis: 翠丽斑凤蝶
Papilio warscewiczii: 沃豹凤蝶
Papilio weymeri: 蓝孤美凤蝶
Papilio woodfordi: 白环美凤蝶
Papilio xanthopleura: 缘点豹凤蝶
Papilio xuthus: 柑桔鳳蝶
Papilio xuthus: 柑橘凤蝶(2)
Papilio xuthus: 柑橘鳳蝶
Papilio xuthus: 花椒鳳蝶
Papilio xuthus: 鳳蝶
Papilio zagreus: 豹凤蝶
Papilio zalmoxis: 闪光蓝凤蝶
Papilio zelicaon: 择丽凤蝶
Papilio zenobia: 天顶德凤蝶
Papiliochromis ramirezi: 七彩鳳凰
Papiliochromis ramirezi: 拉氏彩蝶鯛
Papiliochromis ramirezi: 荷蘭鳳凰短鯛(2)
Papiliochromis ramirezi: 袖珍蝴蝶鯛
Papillacarus hirsutus: 密毛筒型蟎
Papillogobius rechei: 雷氏斑點鰕虎
Papillogobius reichei: 乳突鰕虎魚
Papillogobius reichei: 雷氏鯊
Papio anubi: 猎神狒狒
Papio anubis: 東非狒狒(2)
Papio anubis: 狒狒
Papio anubis: 猎神狒狒
Papio anubis: 獵神狒狒
Papio cynocephalu: 草原狒狒
Papio cynocephalus: 草原狒狒
Papio hamadrayas: 阿拉伯狒狒
Papio hamadrya: 阿拉伯狒狒
Papio hamadryas: 埃及狒狒(2)
Papio hamadryas: 阿拉伯狒狒
Papio leucophaeus: 鬼
Papio papi: 几内亚狒狒
Papio papio: 几内亚狒狒
Papio papio: 幾内亞狒狒
Papio sphinx: 山魈
Papio ursinu: 豚尾狒狒
Papio ursinus: 豚尾狒狒(2)
Pappogeomys gymnurus: 囊鼠
Papuacola costalis: 紅巴布亞夜蛾
Papuana philippinica: 菲律賓圓金龜
Papuliscala japonica: 日本粗肋海螄螺
Papustyla pulcherrima: 美麗尖柱螺
Papustyla pulcherrima: 翠綠蝸牛
Papyriscala castanea: 高腰草蓆海螄螺
Papyriscala latifasciata: 寬帶海螄螺
Papyriscala tenuilirata: 草蓆海螄螺
Papyriscala yokoyamai: 橫山海螄螺
Para doxornis: 棕头鸦雀
Parabaliothrips coluckus: 赤楊均毛薊馬
Parabaliothrips grandiceps: 深色均毛薊馬
Parabaliothrips takahashii: 高橋均毛薊馬
Parabathymyrus macrophthalmus: 大眼擬海糯鰻
Parabathymyrus macrophthalmus: 大眼擬海蠕鰻
Parabembras curtus: 短鯒
Parabembras curtus: 短鲬
Parabemisia aceris: 槭類伯粉蝨
Parabemisia lushanensis: 廬山類伯粉蝨
Parabemisia myricae: 楊梅粉蝨
Parablennius gattorugine: 東波(2)
Parablennius sanguinolentus: 血副鳚
Parablennius yatabei: 八部副鳚
Parablennius yatabei: 副鳚
Parablennius yatabei: 副
Parabothus chlorospilus: 扁魚
Parabothus chlorospilus: 皇帝魚
Parabothus chlorospilus: 綠斑亞擬鮃
Parabothus chlorospilus: 綠斑擬鮃
Parabothus coarctatus: 短腹擬鮃
Parabothus kiensis: 少鱗擬鮃
Parabothus taiwanensis: 台灣擬鮃
Parabothus taiwanensis: 扁魚
Parabothus taiwanensis: 皇帝魚
Parabotia banarescui: 武昌副沙鳅
Parabotia bimaculata: 双斑副沙鳅
Parabotia fasciata: 花斑副沙鳅
Parabotia lijiangensis: 漓江副沙鳅
Parabotia maculosa: 点面副沙鳅
Parabotia parva: 小副沙鳅
Parabramis liaohoensis: 辽河鳊
Parabramis pekinensis: 辽河鳊
Parabramis pekinensis: 鯿
Parabramis pekinensis: 鳊(2)
Parabrulleia shibuensis: 天牛繭蜂
Parabrulleia shibuensis: 天牛茧蜂(3)
Parabuteo unicinctus: 栗翅鳶
Parabuteo unicinctus: 栗翅鹰
Parabythocythere chienlichui: 千里駒似海花介
Parabythocythere limata: 干淨似海花介
Parabythocythere longtzui: 浪子似海花介
Parabythocythere mirabilis: 豪華似海花介
Parabythocythere pacifica: 太平洋似海花介
Parabythocythere pingfa: 兵法似海花介
Paracaecilius japanus: 日本副毛嚙蟲
Paracaesio caerulea: 藍色擬烏尾冬
Paracaesio caerulea: 藍色擬烏尾鮗
Paracaesio caerulea: 青若梅鯛
Paracaesio caerulea: 青雞仔
Paracaesio kusakarii: 條紋若梅鯛
Paracaesio kusakarii: 橫帶擬烏尾冬
Paracaesio kusakarii: 橫帶擬烏尾鮗
Paracaesio kusakarii: 雞仔魚
Paracaesio sordida: 梭地擬烏尾鮗
Paracaesio sordida: 沖繩若梅鯛
Paracaesio sordida: 雞仔魚
Paracaesio stonei: 橫帶若梅鯛
Paracaesio stonei: 石氏擬烏尾鮗
Paracaesio stonei: 雞仔魚
Paracaesio xanthura: 黃擬烏尾鮗
Paracaesio xanthura: 黃背若梅鯛
Paracaesio xanthurus: 雙帶烏尾冬
Paracalacarus podocarpi: 羅漢松副麗節蜱
Paracalanidae contractus: 短縮麗哲水蚤
Paracalanidae gracilis: 瘦麗哲水蚤
Paracalanidae monospinus: 單刺麗哲水蚤
Paracalanidae pavo: 孔雀麗哲水蚤
Paracalanidae pavoninus: 錦麗哲水蚤
Paracalanidae plumulosus: 羽麗哲水蚤
Paracalanidae styliremis: 針麗哲水蚤
Paracalanidae tenuis: 狹麗哲水蚤
Paracalanus aculeatus: 針刺擬哲水蚤
Paracalanus gracilis: 瘦擬哲水蚤
Paracalanus indicus: 印度擬哲水蚤
Paracalanus nanus: 矮擬哲水蚤
Paracalanus parvus: 小擬哲水蚤
Paracalanus serrulus: 鋸緣擬哲水蚤
Paracalicha psittacata: 巨齒褐尺蛾
Paracandacia bispinosa: 雙頭擬平頭水蚤
Paracandacia simplex: 簡擬平頭水蚤
Paracandacia truncata: 截擬平頭水蚤
Paracanthobrama guichenoti: 似刺鯿鮈
Paracanthobrama guichenoti: 似刺鳊鮈
Paracanthobrama umbrifer: 花棘似刺鳊鮈
Paracanthurus hepatus: 剝皮羊
Paracanthurus hepatus: 剝皮魚
Paracanthurus hepatus: 剥皮羊
Paracanthurus hepatus: 剥皮鱼
Paracanthurus hepatus: 拟刺尾鲷
Paracanthurus hepatus: 擬刺尾鯛
Paracanthurus hepatus: 擬刺尾鲷
Paracanthurus hepatus: 蓝倒吊鱼
Paracanthurus hepatus: 蓝倒吊(3)
Paracanthurus hepatus: 蓝倒吊, Lan dao diao
Paracanthurus hepatus: 蓝吊(2)
Paracanthurus hepatus: 藍倒吊, Lan dao diao
Paracanthurus hepatus: 藍吊
Paracanthurus hepatus: 黃尾副刺尾魚, Huang wei fu ci wei yu
Paracanthurus hepatus: 黃尾副刺尾鱼
Paracanthurus hepatus: 黄尾副刺尾鱼
Paracanthus hepatus: 藍倒吊
Paracardiococcus actinodaphnis: 姜脆蜡蚧
Paracardiococcus actinodaphnis: 楠隱角介殼蟲
Paracaridina longispina: 长刺拟米虾
Paracechorismeus intermedius: 中間水虻
Paracentrobia andoi: 褐腰赤眼蜂
Paracentropogon longispinis: 長棘擬鱗鮋
Paraceras sauteri: 騷脫氏副蚤
Paracercion calamorum: 葦尾蟌
Paracercion calamorum: 葦笛細蟌
Paracercion calamorum: dyeri, 葦笛細蟌
Paracercion melanotum: 蔚藍細蟌
Paracercion melanotum: 黑背尾蟌
Paracetopsis bleekeri: 白氏副鯨鯰
Paracetopsis bleekeri: 白氏副鲸鲶
Parachaeturichthys polynema: 多鬚擬鰕虎
Parachaeturichthys polynema: 多鬚擬鰕鯊
Parachaeturichthys polynema: 擬矛尾鰕虎魚
Parachanna africana: 非洲副鳢
Parachanna insignis: 真副鳢
Parachauliodes japonicus: 日本魚蛉
Paracheilinus carpenteri: 卡氏副唇魚
Paracheilinus filamentosus: 紅鸚哥快閃龍
Paracheilinus filamentosus: 絲鰭快閃龍
Paracheilinus octotaenia: 八綫彩虹鸚鵡
Paracheilognathus himantegus: 台灣石鮒(2)
Paracheilognathus himantegus: 牛屎鯽仔
Paracheilognathus himantegus: 革条副鱊
Paracheilognathus himantegus: 革條副鱊(3)
Paracheilognathus himantegus: 革條田中鰟鲏
Paracheilognathus imberbis: 彩副鱊
Paracheilognathus meridianus: 广西副鱊
Paracheirodon axelrodi: 紅蓮燈(2)
Paracheirodon axelrodi: 红莲灯
Paracheirodon innesi: 日光灯
Paracheirodon innesi: 日光燈(4)
Paracheirodon innesi: 霓虹燈
Paracheirodon innesi: 霓虹脂鯉(2)
Paracheirodon simulans: 綠蓮燈(2)
Paracheirodon simulans: 類霓虹脂鯉
Parachela cyanea: 藍黑副元寶鯿
Parachela hypophthalmus: 低眼副元寶鯿
Parachela ingerkongi: 英氏副元寶鯿
Parachela maculicauda: 斑尾副元寶鯿
Parachela oxygastroides: 似尖腹副元寶鯿
Parachela pointoni: 波氏副元寶鯿
Parachela siamensis: 暹羅副元寶鯿
Parachela williaminae: 威氏副元寶鯿
Parachironomus formosanus: 大稻埕搖蚊
Parachironomus lacteipennis: 白翅搖蚊
Parachironomus sauteri: 邵氏搖蚊
Parachirus xenicus: 副擬鰨
Parachirus xenicus: 擬鰨
Parachromis dovii: 达氏丽体鱼
Parachromis dovii: 達氏副麗魚
Parachromis gulosus: 尼加拉瓜副麗魚
Parachromis managuensis: 珍珠石斑(3)
Parachromis managuensis: 馬拉麗體魚(2)
Paracirrhites arcatus: 副
Paracirrhites arcatus: 白線格
Paracirrhites forsteri: 副
Paracirrhites forsteri: 海豹格
Paracirrhites forsteri: 福氏副
Paracirrhites forsteri: 雀斑副
Paracirrhites forsteri: 雀斑副
Paracladura cuneata: 錐形冬大蚊
Paracladura flavoides: 趨黃冬大蚊
Paraclathrella gracilenta: 穀粒捲管螺
Paracleistostoma depressum: 扁平擬閉口蟹
Paraclinus grandicomis: 頭角副脂鳚
Paraclius adligatus: 細縛長足虻
Paraclius interductus: 標點長足虻
Paraclius luculentus: 優雅長足虻
Paraclius maculentus: 污斑長足虻
Paraclius nudus: 純靜長足虻
Paraclius pilosellus: 黑角長足虻
Paracobitis acuticephala: 尖头副鳅
Paracobitis anguillioides: 拟鳗副鳅(2)
Paracobitis erhaiensis: 洱海副鳅
Paracobitis oligolepis: 寡鳞副鳅
Paracobitis potanini: 短体副鳅
Paracobitis variegatus: 寡鳞副鳅
Paracobitis variegatus: 红尾副鳅(2)
Paracobitis wujiangensis: 乌江副鳅
Paracoelops megalotis: 大耳无尾蹄蝠
Paracoelops megalotis: 大耳無尾蹄蝠
Paracoelops megalotis: 漏斗耳蝠
Paracrocidura schoutedeni: 斯里兰卡鼩鼱
Paracrossochilus acerus: 尖副繐唇魮
Paracrossochilus vittatus: 飾帶副繐唇魮
Paractaea rufopunctata: 紅斑擬銀杏蟹
Paracyclois milneedwardsii: 艾氏擬圓殼蟹
Paracyclops chiltoni: 邱氏擬劍水蚤
Paracyclops fimbriatus: 毛飾擬劍水蚤
Paracyclops sitiseiensis: 爬行擬劍水蚤
Paracylindromorphus formosanus: 蓬萊細小吉丁蟲
Paracylopina nana: 矮小擬鏢劍水蚤
Paracynictis selousi: 塞氏獴
Paracypria kueiyingae: 盔纓副金星介
Paracypria kungsangae: 空桑副金星介
Paracypria pienchouana: 扁豬副金星介
Paracypria wangtaoa: 王道副金星介
Paracyprichromis brieni: 布氏副愛麗魚
Paracyprichromis nigripinnis: 黑翅副愛麗魚
Paracypris chiyehia: 蕺葉似金星介
Paracypris koufei: 狗吠似金星介
Paracypris lunata: 新月似金星介
Paracypris wenjonji: 文種似金星介
Paracytheridea coryodalia: 紫堇似美花介
Paracytheridea dissecta: 分解似美花介
Paracytheridea echinata: 棘皮似美花介
Paracytheridea neolongicaudata: 新長尾似美花介
Paracytheridea polyspinosa: 多刺似美花介
Paracytheridea sanyui: 三友似美花介
Paracytheridea scorpiona: 蝎子似美花介
Paracytheridea shiaguandonga: 下關東似美花介
Paracytheridea tschoppi: 翹皮似美花介
Paracytheridea wawa: 娃娃似美花介
Paracytherois feiminga: 非命副擬花介
Paracytherois levis: 傑出副擬花介
Paracytheroma baccata: 山丁子擬紅花介
Paracytheropteron nivalis: 白雪似羽花介
Paradasynus spinosus: 刺副黛綠蝽
Paradelma orientalis: 澳东蜥
Paradelphomyia ariana: 台灣索大蚊
Paradelphomyia issikina: 松嶺索大蚊
Paradentipus bifascipennis: 雙紋搖蚊
Paradigalla brevicauda: 短尾肉垂风鸟
Paradigalla carunculata: 长尾肉垂风鸟
Paradiplogrammus corallinus: 珊瑚擬雙線
Paradiplogrammus corallinus: 珊瑚擬雙線
Paradipus ctenodactylus: 梳趾跳鼠
Paradisaea apoda: 大极乐鸟
Paradisaea decora: 戈氏极乐鸟
Paradisaea guilielmi: 线翎极乐鸟
Paradisaea minor: 小极乐鸟
Paradisaea raggiana: 新几内亚极乐鸟
Paradisaea rubra: 红极乐鸟
Paradisaea rudolphi: 蓝极乐鸟
Paradorippe granulata: 顆粒擬關公蟹
Paradoxomis webbianus: 棕头鸦雀
Paradoxornis alphonsianus: 灰喉鴉雀
Paradoxornis atrosuperciliaris: 黑尾鸦雀
Paradoxornis atrosuperciliaris: 黑眉鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis atrosuperciliaris: 黑眉鸦雀(4)
Paradoxornis brunneus: 褐翅緣鴉雀
Paradoxornis brunneus: 褐翅缘鸦雀(4)
Paradoxornis brunneus: 褐翅鴉雀
Paradoxornis brunneus: 褐翅鸦雀
Paradoxornis conspicillatus: 白眶鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis conspicillatus: 白眶鸦雀(7)
Paradoxornis conspicllatus: 白眶鸦雀
Paradoxornis davidianus: 挂墩鸦雀
Paradoxornis davidianus: 短尾鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis davidianus: 短尾鸦雀(5)
Paradoxornis flavirostris: 斑胸鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis flavirostris: 斑胸鸦雀(5)
Paradoxornis fulvifrons: 黃額鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis fulvifrons: 黄额鸦雀(5)
Paradoxornis gularis: 灰头鸦雀(5)
Paradoxornis gularis: 灰頭鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis guttaticollis: 点胸鸦雀(6)
Paradoxornis guttaticollis: 點胸鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis heudei: 震旦鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis heudei: 震旦鸦雀(6)
Paradoxornis nipalensis: 橙額鴉雀
Paradoxornis nipalensis: 黃羽鸚嘴
Paradoxornis nipalensis: 黑喉鴉雀
Paradoxornis nipalensis: 黑喉鸦雀(5)
Paradoxornis paradoxus: 三趾鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis paradoxus: 三趾鸦雀(5)
Paradoxornis pekinensis: 山鹛
Paradoxornis polivanovi: 北鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis przewalskii: 灰冠鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis przewalskii: 灰冠鸦雀(5)
Paradoxornis ruficeps: 紅頭鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis ruficeps: 红头鸦雀(5)
Paradoxornis unicolor: 褐鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis unicolor: 褐鸦雀(5)
Paradoxornis verreauxi: 金色鴉雀
Paradoxornis verreauxi: 金色鸦雀(2)
Paradoxornis verreauxi: 黃羽鴉雀
Paradoxornis verreauxi: 黃羽鸚嘴(5)
Paradoxornis verreauxi: 黃羽鸚嘴
Paradoxornis webbianus: 棕头鸦雀(7)
Paradoxornis webbianus: 棕翅緣鴉雀
Paradoxornis webbianus: 棕翅缘鸦雀(4)
Paradoxornis webbianus: 棕頭鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis webbianus: 粉紅鸚嘴(10)
Paradoxornis zappeyi: 暗色鴉雀(2)
Paradoxornis zappeyi: 暗色鸦雀(5)
Paradoxostoma chiawanga: 假王魚形介
Paradoxostoma hanhuai: 漢化魚形介
Paradoxostoma nasus: 有鼻魚形介
Paradoxostoma ovaliphylla: 羊背魚形介
Paradoxostoma paichihiae: 白雉魚形介
Paradoxostoma pilosum: 多毛魚形介
Paradoxostoma tabulata: 床板魚形介
Paradoxostoma taiwanica: 台灣魚形介
Paradoxostoma versicolor: 水囊魚形介
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: 椰子狸, Ye zi li(1560)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: 椰子猫, Ye zi mao(2190)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: 椰子貍, Ye zi li(1570)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: 椰子貓, Ye zi mao(2190)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: 貓屎咖啡(16000)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: 麝香貓咖啡(7550)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: 麝香貓(2070)
Paradoxurus jerdoni: 杰氏椰子猫(2)
Paradoxurus jerdoni: 褐棕榈狸(2)
Paradoxurus zeylonensis: 金棕榈狸(2)
Paradoxurus zeylonensis: 金椰子猫(2)
Paradozornis gularis: 黃羽鸚嘴
Paradra formosana: 台灣偽鍬形天牛
Paradra formosana: 蓬萊偽鍬形天牛
Paradra lanyuana: 蘭嶼偽鍬形天牛
Paradrillia consimilis: 白顆粒捲管螺
Paradrillia inconstans: 沙土捲管螺
Paradrillia inconstans: 淡瘤捲管螺
Paradrillia patruelis: 顆粒捲管螺
Paradrino laevicula: 光滑寄蠅
Paraentoria sichuanensis: 四川无肛虫脩
Paraentoria sichuanensis: 四川无虹蝓
Paraentoria sichuanensis: 四川無虹蝓
Paraentoria sichyanensis: 四川无肛?
Paraeuchaeta aequatorialis: 赤道擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta barbata: 鬚擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta californica: 加州擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta calva: 禿擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta comosa: 毛擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta confusa: 困擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta eminens: 突擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta flava: 黃擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta gracilicauda: 細尾擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta hansenii: 恆氏擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta investigatoris: 調查擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta malayensis: 馬來擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta rubra: 紅擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta russelli: 蘆氏擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta sarsi: 薩氏擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta simplex: 簡擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta tuberculata: 瘤擬真刺水蚤
Paraeuchaeta vorax: 貪食擬真刺水蚤
Paragaleus acutiventralis: 尖鳍副沙条鲨
Paragaleus tengi: 台灣副沙條鯊
Paragaleus tengi: 沙條
Paragaleus tengi: 邓氏副沙条鲨
Paragaleus tengi: 鄧氏沙條鮫
Paragastrozona japonica: 日本擬腹帶實蠅
Paragavialidium curvispinum: 弯刺佯鳄蚱
Paragavialidium hainanensis: 海南佯鳄蚱
Paragavialidium longzhouensis: 龙州佯鳄蚱
Paragavialidium orthacanum: 直刺佯鳄蚱
Paragavialidium tridentatum: 三齿佯鳄蚱
Paragiopagurus acutus: 銳刺鞭刺寄居蟹
Paragiopagurus diogenes: 寬螯淺寄居蟹
Paragiopagurus hirsutus: 叢毛鞭刺寄居蟹
Paragiopagurus ventilatus: 熱泉淺寄居蟹
Paraglenea fortunei: 苧麻天牛
Paraglenea swinhoei: 施恩峰天牛
Paraglenea swinhoei: 黑紋蒼藍天牛
Paraglenurus littoralis: 彎爪蟻蛉
Paraglenurus lotzi: 姬彎爪蟻蛉
Paraglenurus riparius: 巨彎爪蟻蛉
Paraglyphidodon melas: 黃背摩
Paraglyphidodon nigroris: 彩摩
Paraglyphidodon oxyodon: 蓝线雀(2)
Paragnetina planidora: 平背純石蠅
Paragnetina planidorsa: 平背純石蠅
Paragobiodon lacunicolus: 黑鰭副短鰕虎
Paragobiodon lacunicolus: 黑鰭副葉鰕虎
Paragobiodon lacunicolus: 黑鰭副葉鰕虎魚
Paragobiodon modestus: 典範副短鰕虎
Paragobiodon modestus: 疣副葉鰕虎魚
Paragobiodon xanthosoma: 黃副葉鰕虎魚
Paragobiodon xanthosoma: 黃身副短鰕虎
Paragobius lacunicolus: 黑鰭副葉鰕虎
Paragobius lacunicolus: 黑鰭副葉鰕虎魚
Paragomphus capricornis: 羊角副春蜓
Paragomphus hoffmanni: 贺副春蜓
Paragomphus parddinus: 豹纹副春蜓
Paragomphus wuzhishanensis: 五指山副春蜓
Paragongylopus sinensis: 中华仿圆筒虫脩
Paragongylopus sinensis: 中华仿圆筒?
Paragongylopus sinensis: 中华仿圆简蝓
Paragongylopus sinensis: 中華仿圓簡蝓
Paragus crenulatus: 澳亞蚜蠅
Paragus hokusankoensis: 北山蚜蠅
Paragus tibialis: 脛節蚜蠅
Paragymnopleurus ambiguus: 台灣側裸蜣螂
Paragymnopleurus melanarius: 黑側裸蜣螂
Paragymnopleurus sinuatus: 翹側裸蜣螂
Paragymnopleurus sinuatus: 黑推糞金龜
Paraheminodus murrayi: 默氏副半節魴鮄
Paraheminodus murrayi: 默氏擬角魚
Parahemiurus collichthydis: 梅童魚副半尾吸蟲
Parahermanites avenolithis: 燕麥似海梅介
Parahermanites fantzengi: 范增似海梅介
Parahermanites feria: 酵熱似海梅介
Parahermanites flexuria: 彎曲似海梅介
Parahermanites haishanna: 海山似海梅介
Parahermanites penicillia: 鉛筆似海梅介
Parahermanites piba: 枇杷似海梅介
Parahermanites subtropica: 亞熱帶似海梅介
Parahermanites yenyinga: 宴嬰似海梅介
Paraheterorhabdus compactus: 密擬異肢水蚤
Paraheterorhabdus robustus: 壯擬異肢水蚤
Paraheterorhabdus vipera: 蛇擬異肢水蚤
Parahyaena brunnea: 棕鬣狗
Parahybos chaetoproctus: 毛尾舞虻
Parahybos chiragra: 細腿舞虻
Parahybos horni: 洪氏舞虻
Parahybos incertus: 集集舞虻
Parahybos melas: 黑衣舞虻
Parahybos minutulus: 微小舞虻
Parahybos sauteri: 邵氏舞虻
Parahybos simplicipes: 素腳舞虻
Parahydromys asper: 粗毛水鼠
Parahypotermes manyunensis: 曼允壤白蚁
Parahypotermes ruiliensis: 瑞丽壤白蚁
Parahypotermes sumatrensis: 暗齿壤白蚁
Parahypotermes yingjiangensis: 盈江壤白蚁
Parahypsos piersoni: 皮氏副高鳚
Parahypsos piersoni: 皮氏高鳚
Parainsulaspis glaucae: 青剛副蠣盾介殼蟲
Parainsulaspis laterochitinosa: 側骨副蠣盾介殼蟲
Parajulis poecilepterus: 花鰭副海豬魚
Parajulis poecilepterus: 花鰭海豬魚
Parakaliella depressa: 平黍蝸牛
Parakaliella nahaensis: 那霸黍蝸牛
Parakaliella venusta: 絲黍蝸牛
Parakiefferiella tipuliformis: 昏形搖蚊
Parakrithe chiaohsüani: 喬玄副克里介
Parakrithe feishui: 肥水副克里介
Parakrithe japonica: 東洋副克里介
Parakrithe peihonga: 白虹副克里介
Parakrithe shihyungi: 郤雍副克里介
Parakrithe subjaponica: 亞東洋副克里介
Parakrithella cholelithia: 膽石小副克里介
Parakrithella deplanaria: 扁平小副克里介
Parakrithella fujimolii: 藤森小副克里介
Parakrithella laoma: 老馬小副克里介
Parakrithella oblongata: 長伸小副克里介
Parakrithella posticliva: 後裂小副克里介
Parakrithella pseudodonta: 疏齒小副克里介
Parakrithella shuili: 水利小副克里介
Parakrithella yongjianga: 用將小副克里介
Paralabella curvicauda: 彎尾擬小蠼螋
Paralabella formosana: 臺灣小蠼螋
Paralabidochromis victoriae: 維多利亞副鑷麗魚
Paralabrax albomaculatus: 白斑副鱸
Paralabrax albomaculatus: 白斑副鲈
Paralabrax dewegeri: 美洲鮨
Paralabrax dewegeri: 迪氏副鱸
Paralabrax dewegeri: 迪氏副鲈
Paralaubuca barroni: 巴氏羅碧魚
Paralaubuca barroni: 罗碧鱼(2)
Paralaubuca harmandi: 哈氏羅碧魚
Paralaubuca riveroi: 里氏羅碧魚
Paralaubuca stigmabrachium: 點臂羅碧魚
Paralaudaki himalayana: 喜山岩蜥
Paralaudaki himalayana: 喜山鬣蜥
Paralaudakia caucasia: 高加索岩蜥
Paralaudakia caucasia: 高加索鬣蜥
Paralaudakia microlepis: 小鳞岩蜥
Paralaudakia microlepis: 小鳞鬣蜥
Paralaudakia stoliczkana: 新疆岩蜥
Paralaudakia stoliczkana: 新疆鬣蜥
Paralauxania albiceps: 白足縞蠅
Paralbunea dayriti: 長鞭仿管須蟹
Paralebeda plagifera: 枯葉蛾
Paralecanium expansum: 榕扇蜡蚧
Paralecanium hainanensis: 琼扇蜡蚧
Paralecanium machili: 楠扇蜡蚧
Paralecanium quadratum: 冬扇蜡蚧
Paralecanium quadratum: 方蓋圓扇介殼蟲
Paralepidocephalus yui: 细头鳅(2)
Paraleprodera diophthalma: 雙爪長角天牛
Paraleprodera diophthalma: 雙眼長鬚天牛
Paraleprodera itzingeri: 四星棗紅長角天牛
Paraleprodera itzingeri: 白縞天牛
Paraleptomys rufilatus: 朱脅水鼠
Paraleucogobio notacantus: 似白鮈
Paraleucogobio strigatus: 条纹似白鮈
Paraleucogobio strigatus: 條紋似白鮈
Paraleucophenga invicta: 巨鬚白果蠅
Paraleyrodes bondari: 龐達粉蝨
Paralichthys olivaceus: 扁魚
Paralichthys olivaceus: 比目魚(2)
Paralichthys olivaceus: 牙鮃
Paralichthys olivaceus: 皇帝魚
Paralichthys olivaceus: 皇帝鱼
Paralichthys olivaceus: 褐牙鲆
Paralimna hirticornis: 毛角渚蠅
Paralimna javana: 爪哇渚蠅
Paralimna lineata: 線條渚蠅
Paralimna major: 大型渚蠅
Paralimna quadrifascia: 四帶渚蠅
Paralimna sinensis: 中華渚蠅
Paralinomorpha muchei: 穆氏粗角葉蜂
Paraliparis meridionalis: 南方副狮子鱼
Paralithodes camtschatica: 帝王蟹
Paralithodes camtschaticus: 亞拉斯加皇帝蟹
Paralithodes camtschaticus: 亞拉斯加長腳蟹
Paralleloneurum cilifemoratum: 毛脛長足虻
Paralomis arae: 天壇仿石蟹
Paralomis dofleini: 多突仿石蟹
Paralomis truncatispinosa: 截刺仿石蟹
Paralucia aurifera: 金丽耙灰蝶
Paralucia pyrodiscus: 耙灰蝶
Paralucia spinifera: 巴瑟斯特耙灰蝶
Paraluteres prionurus: 副革單棘魨
Paraluteres prionurus: 小象魚
Paraluteres prionurus: 鋸尾副革魨
Paraluterus prionurus: 日本婆
Paralycaea gracilis: 瘦擬麗戎
Paramaladera aserrata: 蘆山條腳絨毛金龜
Paramaladera kiyoyamai: 清山條腳絨毛金龜
Paramaladera major: 大條腳絨毛金龜
Paramaladera makiharai: 槙原條腳絨毛金龜
Paramaladera masumotoi: 益本條腳絨毛金龜
Paramaladera pishana: 溝胸條腳絨毛金龜
Paramaladera rufofusca: 赤褐條腳絨毛金龜
Paramaladera simillima: 偽條腳絨毛金龜
Paramartyria bimaculella: 雙斑小翅蛾
Paramartyria jinggangana: 井冈小翅蛾(3)
Paramartyria jinggangana: 井岡小翅蛾
Paramartyria maculatella: 圓斑小翅蛾
Paramartyria ovalella: 卵斑小翅蛾
Paramaxates taiwana: 台灣副鋸翅青尺蛾
Parambassis gulliveri: 格氏副雙邊魚
Parambassis gulliveri: 紅翅國王
Parambassis ranga: 印度玻璃魚(2)
Parambassis ranga: 玻璃魚(4)
Parambassis ranga: 蘭副雙邊魚(3)
Parambassis siamensis: 暹羅副雙邊魚
Parambassis siamensis: 暹羅雙邊魚(2)
Paramblynotus formosanus: 臺灣異節光翅癭蜂
Paramblynotus punctulatus: 斑異節光翅癭蜂
Paramedaeus noelensis: 薄緣近權蟹
Parameira pendula: 鐘撮擬阿瑪猛水蚤
Paramenesia kasugensis: 春日黃紋天牛
Paramesotriton caudopunctatus: 富钟累螈
Paramesotriton caudopunctatus: 尾斑瘰螈(5)
Paramesotriton chinensis: 中国瘰螈(2)
Paramesotriton chinesis: 中国瘰螈(3)
Paramesotriton chinesis: 中國瘰螈
Paramesotriton fuzhongensis: 富鐘瘰螈
Paramesotriton fuzhongensis: 富钟瘰螈(3)
Paramesotriton fuzhongensis: 细痣疣螈
Paramesotriton guangxiensis: 广西瘰螈(2)
Paramesotriton guangziensis: 广西瘰螈
Paramesotriton guangziensis: 廣西瘰螈
Paramesotriton guanxiensis: 广西瘰螈
Paramesotriton hongkongensis: 香港瘰螈(4)
Paramesotriton hongkongensis: 香港蠑螈
Paramesotriton longliensis: 织金瘰螈
Paramesotriton verrucosus: 棕黑疠螈
Paramesotriton verrucosus: 棕黑癘螈
Paramesotriton zhijinensis: 尾斑瘰螈
Parameteria philippinarum: 大麥螺
Paramicrodon nigripennis: 黑翅蚜蠅
Paramisgumus debryanus: 泥鰍
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: 土鰍
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: 大鱗副泥鰍
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: 大鳞副泥鳅
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: 大鳞副泥鳅 
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: 紅泥鰍(2)
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: 胡溜
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: 雨溜
Paramisgurnus dabryanus: 魚溜
Paramisgurnus debryanus: 大鱗副泥鰍
Paramisolampidius alishanus: 台灣瓢擬步行蟲
Paramisolampidius formosanus: 衣笠瓢擬步行蟲
Paramisolampidius kinugasai: 白水瓢擬步行蟲
Paramisolampidius shirozui: 天祥瓢擬步行蟲
Paramisolampidius tenghsiensis: 吳鳳瓢擬步行蟲
Paramisolampidius wufengus: 廣角扁擬步行蟲
Paramonacanthus japonicus: 日本副單棘魨
Paramonacanthus pusillus: 布希勒副單棘魨
Paramonacanthus sulcatus: 絨紋線鱗魨
Paramonacanthus sulcatus: 絨鱗副單棘魨
Paramonacanthus sulcatus: 絨鱗單棘魨
Paramphicondrius tetradontus: 四棘蛇尾
Paramphientomum nigriceps: 黑頭擬蛾嚙蟲
Paramphientomum yumyum: 擬蛾嚙蟲
Paramuriacea clavata: 柳珊瑚
Paramuriacea clavata: 海扇
Paramuriacea clavata: 海樹
Paramuricea placomus: 柳珊瑚
Paramycodrosophila pictula: 小斑點副菇果蠅
Paramythia montium: 冠啄果鸟
Paramyxine cheni: 無目鰻
Paramyxine cheni: 陈氏准盲鳗
Paramyxine cheni: 陳氏副盲鰻
Paramyxine cheni: 青眠鰻
Paramyxine cheni: 鰻背
Paramyxine cheni: 龍筋
Paramyxine fernholmi: 無目鰻
Paramyxine fernholmi: 費氏副盲鰻
Paramyxine fernholmi: 青眠鰻
Paramyxine fernholmi: 鰻背
Paramyxine fernholmi: 龍筋
Paramyxine nelsoni: 紐氏副盲鰻
Paramyxine sheni: 沈氏副盲鰻
Paramyxine sheni: 無目鰻
Paramyxine sheni: 青眠鰻
Paramyxine sheni: 鰻背
Paramyxine sheni: 龍筋
Paramyxine taiwanae: 台湾准盲鳗
Paramyxine taiwanae: 台灣副盲鰻
Paramyxine wisneri: 懷氏副盲鰻
Paramyxine wisneri: 懷氏粘盲鰻
Paramyxine wisneri: 無目鰻
Paramyxine wisneri: 青眠鰻
Paramyxine wisneri: 鰻背
Paramyxine wisneri: 龍筋
Paramyxine yangi: 杨氏准盲鳗
Paramyxine yangi: 楊氏副盲鰻
Parananochromis caudifasciatus: 尾紋副南麗魚
Parananochromis gabonicus: 加彭副南麗魚
Parananochromis longirostris: 長吻副南麗魚
Paranaspia coccinea: 緋色花天牛
Paranaspia coccinea: 螢緋花天牛
Paranauphoeta formosana: 台灣紋蠊
Parancistrocerus samariensis: 黃紋姬蜾嬴
Paranemachilus genilepis: 颊鳞异条鳅
Paranemertes katoi: 卡氏奇异纽虫
Paranemertrs peregrina: 拟奇异纽虫
Paraneosybra fulvofasciata: 南山黃條矮天牛
Paranesidea attenuata: 漸異副脊介
Paranesidea bipustulosa: 雙泡副脊介
Paranesidea calalpaoidea: 梓樹副脊介
Paranesidea fracticorallicola: 脆珊瑚副脊介
Paranesidea laomaena: 老馬副脊介
Paranibea semiluctuosa: 黑鰭副黃姑魚(367)
Paranibea semiluctuosa: 黑鰭叫姑魚(230)
Paranibea semiluctuosa: 黑鰭黃姑魚, Hei qi huang gu yu(223)
Parantechinus apicalis: 斑袋鼬
Paranthropus boisei: 傍人鲍氏种(2)
Parantica aglea: 姬小紋青斑蝶(3)
Parantica aglea: 絹斑蝶(2)
Parantica aglea: 绢斑蝶
Parantica luzonensis: 呂宋斑蝶
Parantica luzonensis: 呂宋絹斑蝶
Parantica melaneus: 小青斑蝶
Parantica melaneus: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Parantica melaneus: 黑絹斑蝶
Parantica sita: 大絹斑蝶
Parantica sita: 青斑蝶
Parantica swinhoei: 史氏絹斑蝶
Paranticopsis macareus: 紋鳳蝶
Paranticopsis xenocles: 客紋鳳蝶
Paranyctimene raptor: 副管鼻果蝠(2)
Paranyctimene raptor: 異管鼻果蝠
Parapachycerina cunneifera: 庫尼縞蠅
Parapachycerina hirsutiseta: 多鬃縞蠅
Parapagurus andreu: 艾氏擬寄居蟹
Parapagurus furici: 佛氏擬寄居蟹
Parapagurus latimanus: 寬掌擬寄居蟹
Parapagurus microps: 小擬寄居蟹
Parapagurus richeri: 偉氏擬寄居蟹
Parapales sturmioides: 鱣魚寄蠅
Parapenacopsis cornatus: 角额仿对虾
Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: 哈氏仿对虾 
Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: 虾, Xia
Parapenaeopsis sculptilis: 虾, Xia
Parapenaeus australiensis: 澳洲拟对虾
Parapenaeus fissuroides: 假長縫擬對蝦
Parapenaeus fissurus: 长缝拟对虾
Parapercis aurantiaca: 狗
Parapercis aurantiaca: 赤擬鱸
Parapercis aurantiaca: 赤鮄
Parapercis aurantiaca: 黃擬鱸
Parapercis clathrata: 四斑擬鱸
Parapercis clathrata: 狗
Parapercis cylindrica: 圓擬鱸
Parapercis cylindrica: 狗
Parapercis decemfasciata: 十橫斑擬鱸
Parapercis decemfasciata: 圓擬鱸
Parapercis decemfasciata: 橫斑擬鱸
Parapercis decemfasciata: 狗
Parapercis hexophtalma: 多斑擬鱸
Parapercis kamoharai: 狗
Parapercis kamoharai: 蒲原擬鱸
Parapercis kamoharai: 蒲原氏擬鱸
Parapercis macrophthalma: 大眼擬鱸
Parapercis maculata: 中斑擬鱸
Parapercis maculata: 美擬鱸
Parapercis millepunctata: 海狗甘仔
Parapercis millepunctata: 狗
Parapercis millepunctata: 雪點擬鱸
Parapercis millepunctata: 頭斑擬鱸
Parapercis mimaseana: 狗
Parapercis mimaseana: 米馬擬鱸
Parapercis mimaseana: 褐帶擬鱸
Parapercis multifasciata: 多帶擬鱸
Parapercis multifasciata: 多橫斑擬鱸
Parapercis multiplicata: 多帶擬鱸
Parapercis multiplicata: 狗
Parapercis multiplicata: 織紋擬鱸
Parapercis muronis: 牟婁擬鱸
Parapercis muronis: 狗
Parapercis muronis: 鞍帶擬鱸
Parapercis ommatura: 狗
Parapercis ommatura: 真擬鱸
Parapercis ommatura: 眼斑擬鱸
Parapercis pacifica: 太平洋擬鱸
Parapercis pulchella: 美擬鱸
Parapercis schauinslandii: 玫瑰擬鱸
Parapercis sexfasciata: 六帶擬鱸
Parapercis sexfasciata: 六橫斑擬鱸
Parapercis sexfasciata: 狗
Parapercis shaoi: 卲氏擬鱸
Parapercis snyderi: 史氏擬鱸
Parapercis somaliensis: 狗
Parapercis somaliensis: 索馬利擬鱸
Parapercis somaliensis: 索馬里擬鱸
Parapercis striolata: 斑棘擬鱸
Parapercis tetracantha: 四棘擬鱸
Parapercis tetracantha: 斑紋擬鱸
Parapercis tetracantha: 狗
Parapercis xanthozona: 狗
Parapercis xanthozona: 紅帶擬鱸
Parapercis xanthozona: 黃紋擬鱸
Parapholas quadrizonata: 擬潛穴蛤
Paraphronima crassipes: 厚足擬巧戎
Paraphronima gracilis: 瘦擬巧戎
Paraphytus dentifrons: 粗緣長卵蜣螂
Parapilimurgus masumotoi: 益本直毛花金龜
Paraplagusia bilineata: 長鬚鰨
Paraplagusia bilineata: 长钩须鳎
Paraplagusia bilineata: 须鳎
Paraplagusia bilineata: 鬚鰨
Paraplagusia blochi: 短钩须鳎
Paraplagusia blochii: 布氏鬚鰨
Paraplagusia blochii: 短鬚鰨
Paraplagusia guttata: 固塔鬚鰨
Paraplagusia guttata: 栉鳞须鳎
Paraplagusia guttata: 櫛鱗鬚鰨
Paraplagusia japonica: 日本须鳎
Paraplagusia japonica: 日本鬚鰨
Paraplea formosana: 鄰固椿
Paraplectana sakaguchii: 坂口瓢蛛
Paraplectana tsushimensis: 对马瓢蛛
Paraplesiops sinclairi: 辛氏副鮗
Parapleurodes chinensis: 中华绿肋蝗
Parapleurus alliaceus: 草绿蝗
Paraploactis kagoshimensis: 斑鰭絨棘鮋
Paraploactis kagoshimensis: 虎魚
Paraploactis kagoshimensis: 鹿兒島副絨皮鮋
Parapodisma mikado: 瘤喉蝗
Parapoliybia varia: 变侧异腹胡蜂(2)
Parapolybia indica: 印度側異腹胡蜂
Parapolybia indica: 印度異腹胡蜂
Parapolybia nodosa: 叉胸側異腹胡蜂
Parapolybia nodosa: 叉胸異腹胡蜂
Parapolybia varia: 變側異腹胡蜂(2)
Parapolytretus rugosus: 皺紋粗天牛
Parapolytretus rugosus: 皺翅後白天牛
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: 充金眼鯛
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: 副單鰭魚
Parapriacanthus ransonneti: 大面側仔
Parapristipoma trilineatum: 三線磯鱸
Parapristipoma trilineatum: 三線雞魚
Parapristipoma trilineatum: 雞仔魚
Parapristipoma trilineatum: 黃公仔魚
Parapristipoma trilineatum: 黃雞魚
Parapristipomoides squamimaxillaris: 頜鱗副紫魚
Parapristipomoides squamimaxillaris: 颌鳞副紫鱼
Parapronoe campbelli: 軟擬葉戎
Parapronoe crustulum: 擬葉戎
Parapronoe elongata: 細長擬葉戎
Parapronoe parva: 小擬葉戎
Paraprotomyzon multifasciatus: 似原吸鳅
Parapsalis infernalis: 刀鋏大尾蠼螋
Parapsilorhynchus elongatus: 長身副裸吻魚
Parapsilorhynchus prateri: 普氏副裸吻魚
Parapsilorhynchus tentaculatus: 触角副裸吻魚
Parapterois heterura: 擬蓑鮋
Parapterois heterura: 異尾擬簑鮋
Parapterois heterura: 石狗公
Parapterygotrigla multiocellata: 多点副角鲂鮄
Paraputo albizzicola: 欢白粉蚧
Paraputo porosus: 革白粉蚧
Paraputo sinensis: 中华白粉蚧
Parapyxidognathus deianira: 長方擬方額蟹
Pararasbora moltrechti: 台湾白鱼
Pararasbora moltrechti: 台灣副細鯽(4)
Pararasbora moltrechti: 台灣白魚
Pararasbora moltrechtii: 台灣副細鯽
Pararasbora moltrechtii: 台灣白魚
Pararrhynchium smithii: 斯旁喙蜾嬴
Parasaissetia citricola: 橘副珠蜡蚧
Parasaissetia nigra: 橡副珠蜡蚧
Parasaissetia nigra: 黑副硬介殼蟲
Parasalpinia kojimai: 小島氏黑帶姬天牛
Parasambus sauteri: 曹德氏大灰吉丁蟲
Parasarpa dudu: 丫紋俳蛺蝶
Parasarpa dudu: 紫俳蛺蝶
Parasarpa dudu: 紫單帶蛺蝶
Parascalops brewei: 毛尾鼴
Parascaptor leucura: 白尾鼴
Parascaptor leucurus: 白尾鼹
Parascela cribrata: 粗刻猿金花蟲
Parascolopsis eriomma: 寬帶副眶棘鱸
Parascolopsis eriomma: 紅赤尾冬
Parascolopsis inermis: 橫帶副眶棘鱸
Parascolopsis inermis: 橫帶赤尾冬
Parascolopsis tosensis: 日本副眶棘鱸
Parascolopsis tosensis: 石兵
Parascolopsis tosensis: 雙帶赤尾冬
Parascolopsis tosensis: 雞仔
Parascorpaena maculipinnis: 背斑圓鱗鮋
Parascorpaena mcadamsi: 斑鰭圓鱗鮋
Parascorpaena mcadamsi: 石狗公
Parascorpaena mcadamsi: 鮋魚
Parascorpaena mossambica: 石狗公
Parascorpaena mossambica: 莫三鼻克圓鱗鮋
Parascorpaena mossambica: 莫桑比克圓鱗鮋
Parascorpaena mossambicus: 莫三鼻克圓鱗鮋
Parascorpaena picta: 圓鱗鮋
Paraseissetia nigra: 黑副硬介殼蟲
Paraserica taiwana: 台灣長絨毛金龜
Parasesarma acis: 擬相手蟹
Parasesarma pictum: 斑點擬相手蟹
Parasesarma pictum: 神妙擬相手蟹
Parasesarma plicatum: 褶痕擬相手蟹
Parasesarma tripectinis: 三櫛擬相手蟹
Parasilurus asotus: 念仔魚
Parasilurus asotus: 花鯰
Parasilurus asotus: 鯰(2)
Parasinilabeo assimilis: 异华鲮
Parasinilabeo assimilis: 異華鯪
Parasiobla formosana: 大林粗角葉蜂
Parasitala reinhardti: 圓黍蝸牛
Paraspinibarbus alloiopleurus: 袋唇魚
Parastasia canariculata: 斑翅四齒金龜
Parastasia ferrieri: 台灣四齒金龜
Parastasia oberthuri: 奧陪四齒金龜
Parasteatoda angulithorax: 吊鐘姬蛛
Parasteatoda ferrumequina: 粗腿姬蛛
Parasteatoda japonica: 日本姬蛛
Parasteatoda kompirensis: 三點姬蛛
Parasteatoda lunate: 月形姬蛛
Parasteatoda tepidariorum: 大姬蛛
Parastrangalis chekianga: 浙江細花天牛
Parastrangalis dalihodi: 達氏細花天牛
Parastrangalis denticulata: 齒胸細花天牛
Parastrangalis lateristriata: 側條細小花天牛
Parastrangalis phantoma: 魅影細花天牛
Parastrangalis puliensis: 埔里細小花天牛
Parastrangalis subapicalis: 八仙細小花天牛
Parastrangalis yanoi: 浙江細花天牛
Parastromateus niger: 三角昌
Parastromateus niger: 昌鼠魚
Parastromateus niger: 烏昌
Parastromateus niger: 烏鯧
Parastromateus niger: 烏鰺
Parastromateus niger: 黑鲳
Parastromateus niger: 黑鲳, Hei chang(196)
Paratachardina theae: 茶餅介殼蟲
Paratendipus concoloripes: 同色搖蚊
Paratendipus nigrofasciatus: 黑帶搖蚊
Paratendipus tristictus: 三斑搖蚊
Paratephritis formosensis: 寶島亞斑實蠅
Paratergatis longimanus: 長掌擬愛潔蟹
Paratettix alatus: 翼长背蚱
Paratettix curtipennis: 短翅长背蚱
Paratettix hirsutus: 毛长背蚱
Paratettix uvarovi: 长翅长背蚱
Paratheresia claripalpis: 秘魯蠅(2)
Parathitarodes changi: 張氏蝠蛾
Parathoracaphis setigera: 粗毛蝨蚜
Parathranites orientalis: 東方板梭蟹
Parathyma sulpitia: 殘鍔線蛺蝶
Paratilapia polleni: 副非鯽
Paratilapia toddi: 托氏副非鯽
Paratimomenus flavocapitatus: 黃頭球螋
Paratimomenus flavocapitatus: 黃頭蠼螋
Paratimomenus incognitus: 疑螋
Paratopula ceylonica: 錫蘭細腰家蟻
Parator zonatus: 叶结鱼
Parator zonatus: 葉結魚
Paratrachichthys prosthemius: 准燧鯛
Paratrachichthys prosthemius: 前肛棘臀鲷
Paratrachichthys prosthemius: 前肛臀棘鯛
Paratrachichthys sajademalensis: 南方准燧鯛
Paratrachichthys sajademalensis: 南方臀棘鯛
Paratrachys hederae: 微扁吉丁蟲
Paratrechina amia: 阿美黃山蟻
Paratrechina flavipes: 黃腳黃山蟻
Paratrechina formosae: 蓬萊黃山蟻
Paratrechina kraepelini: 柯氏黃山蟻
Paratrechina longicornis: 小黑蟻
Paratrechina longicornis: 狂蟻
Paratrechina longicornis: 長角黃山蟻
Paratrechina otome: 纖細黃山蟻
Paratrechina sauteri: 卲氏黃山蟻
Paratriacanthodes retrospinis: 倒刺副三刺鲀
Paratriacanthodes retrospinis: 倒棘副三棘魨
Paratrichius diversicolor: 血紅虎斑花金龜
Paratrichius guttatus: 黃點虎斑花金龜
Paratrichius nomurai: 野村虎斑花金龜
Paratrichius taiwanus: 拉拉山虎斑花金龜
Paratrichius vittatus: 黑虎斑花金龜
Paratrirhithrum nitobei: 小黑山紋實蠅
Paratrygon aiereba: 巴西副江魟
Paratyphis maculatus: 斑擬毛戎
Paratyphis parvus: 小擬毛戎
Paratyphis spinosus: 多棘擬毛戎
Parawixia dehaani: 三角鬼蛛
Paraxanthias notatus: 顯赫擬扇蟹
Paraxiphia insularis: 鳳山長頸樹蜂
Parazacco fasciatus: 海南異鱲
Parazacco spilurus: 异鱲(2)
Parazacco spilurus: 異鱲
Parazen pacificus: 准的鯛
Parazen pacificus: 副海鲂
Parazen pacificus: 太平洋准的鯛
Parazen pacificus: 太平洋副海魴
Parazoogenetes orcula: 圓菜種蝸
Pardachirus pavoninus: 眼斑豹鰨
Pardachirus pavoninus: 豹鰨
Pardofelis marmorata: 云猫
Pardofelis marmorata: 石纹猫
Pardofelis marmorata: 紋貓(3)
Pardofelis marmorata: 雲貓
Pardosa astrigera: 黑豹蛛
Pardosa jambaruensis: 詹巴魯豹蛛
Pardosa laura: 溝渠豹蛛
Pardosa procurva: 前凹豹蛛
Pardosa pseudoannulata: 擬環紋豹蛛(2)
Pardosa takahashii: 沙地狼蜘
Pardosa takahashii: 沙地豹蛛
Pareas boulengeri: 平鱗鈍頭蛇
Pareas boulengeri: 平鳞钝头蛇(3)
Pareas carinatus: 棱鱗鈍頭蛇
Pareas carinatus: 棱鳞钝头蛇(3)
Pareas chinensis: 鈍頭蛇
Pareas chinensis: 钝头蛇(4)
Pareas formosensis: 台湾钝头蛇(3)
Pareas formosensis: 台灣鈍頭蛇(3)
Pareas formosensis: 臺灣鈍頭蛇(3)
Pareas hamptoni: 緬甸鈍頭蛇
Pareas hamptoni: 缅甸钝头蛇(3)
Pareas komaii: 阿里山钝头蛇
Pareas komaii: 駒井氏鈍頭蛇
Pareas kuangtungensis: 广东钝头蛇
Pareas macularius: 横斑钝头蛇(3)
Pareas macularius: 橫斑鈍頭蛇
Pareas margaricophorus: 横纹钝头蛇
Pareas margaricophorus: 橫紋鈍頭蛇
Pareas margaritophorus: 横纹钝头蛇(2)
Pareas monticola: 喜山鈍頭蛇
Pareas monticola: 喜山钝头蛇(3)
Pareas stanleyi: 福建鈍頭蛇
Pareas stanleyi: 福建钝头蛇(3)
Pareas yunnanensis: 云南钝头蛇
Paregle cinerella: 灰色花蠅
Parenchelyurus hepburni: 擬鰻尾鳚
Parenchelyurus hepburni: 龜鳚
Parenchelyurus hepburni: 龟鳚
Pareronia valeria: 青粉蝶
Paretroplus damii: 達米副熱鯛
Paretroplus kieneri: 基氏副熱鯛
Paretroplus maculatus: 斑副熱鯛
Paretroplus petiti: 佩氏副熱鯛
Paretroplus polyactis: 多線副熱鯛
Pareucalanus attenuatus: 細擬真哲水蚤
Pareucalanus langae: 朗氏擬真哲水蚤
Pareucalanus sewelli: 斯氏擬真哲水蚤
Pareuchaetes pseudoinsulata: 香澤蘭燈蛾
Pareuchiloglanis anteanalis: 前臀鮡
Pareuchiloglanis feae: 短尾鮡
Pareuchiloglanis gongshanensis: 贡山鮡
Pareuchiloglanis gracilicaudata: 细尾鮡
Pareuchiloglanis kamengensis: 扁头鮡
Pareuchiloglanis longicauda: 长尾鮡
Pareuchiloglanis macrotrema: 大孔鮡
Pareuchiloglanis myzostoma: 兰坪鮡
Pareuchiloglanis sinensis: 中华鮡
Pareutetrapha magnifica: 胸紋淡青天牛
Pareutetrapha magnifica: 胸紋蒼藍天牛
Parexocoetus brachypterus: 白短鰭擬飛魚
Parexocoetus brachypterus: 短鰭擬飛魚
Parexocoetus brachypterus: 短鳍拟飞鱼
Parexocoetus brachypterus: 飛烏
Parexocoetus mento: 長頜擬飛魚
Parexocoetus mento: 长颌拟飞鱼
Parexocoetus mento: 飛烏(2)
Parexocoetus mento: 飞乌(2)
Parexocoetus mento: 黑短鰭擬飛魚
Parhyale plumulosa: 毛近缘玻璃钩虾
Paridea angulicollis: 凹翅擬守瓜
Paridea costata: 脈翅擬守瓜
Paridea sexmaculata: 六紋擬守瓜
Paridea sinensis: 四紋擬守瓜
Paridea testacea: 淡褐擬守瓜
Parilia major: 大等螯蟹
Parioglossus dotui: 尾斑舌塘鱧
Parioglossus formosus: 台灣舌塘鱧
Parioglossus formosus: 美麗舌塘鱧
Parioglossus taeniatus: 帶狀塘鱧
Parioglossus taeniatus: 帶狀舌塘鱧
Pariphiculus mariannae: 海洋擬精干蟹
Parisoma boehmi: 斑林鶯
Parisoma buryi: 也门林莺
Parisoma lugens: 褐林鶯
Parlatoria arengae: 桄榔片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria camelliae: 山茶片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria chinensis: 擬片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria cinerea: 灰片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria crotonis: 變葉木片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria fluggeae: 一葉秋片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria machili: 楠片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria mytilaspiformis: 蠣形片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria pergandei: 糠片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria proteus: 黃片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria virescens: 綠片盾介殼蟲
Parlatoria ziziphi: 黑片盾介殼蟲
Parma alboscapularis: 白肩盾豆娘鱼
Parma bicolor: 双色盾豆娘鱼
Parma bicolor: 澳州雙色摩
Parma kermadecensis: 大洋洲盾豆娘鱼
Parma mccullochi: 藍點線摩
Parma mccullochi: 马氏盾豆娘鱼
Parma microlepis: 小鳞盾豆娘鱼
Parma occidentalis: 西洋盾豆娘鱼
Parma occidentalis: 西石圾
Parma oligolepis: 大鳞盾豆娘鱼
Parma polylepis: 多鳞盾豆娘鱼
Parma unifasciata: 单带盾豆娘鱼
Parma victoriae: 野盾豆娘鱼
Parmarion martensi: 馬氏虌甲蝸牛
Parmarion martensi: 馬氏鱉甲蝸牛(3)
Parmaturus melanobranchus: 黑鰓貓鮫
Parmaturus pilosus: 盾尾鯊
Parmaturus pilosus: 盾尾鲨
Parmixogasteroides varigata: 善變蚜蠅
Parmoptila rubrifrons: 刚果红额蚁雀
Parnara bada: 么紋稻弄蝶
Parnara ganga: 曲紋稻弄蝶
Parnara genga: 曲紋稻弄蝶
Parnara guttata: 一文字弄蝶
Parnara guttata: 單帶弄蝶
Parnara guttata: 直紋稻弄蝶(2)
Parnara guttata: 稻弄蝶
Parnassius acco: 爱珂绢蝶
Parnassius acdestis: 蓝精灵绢蝶
Parnassius actius: 中亚丽绢蝶
Parnassius apollo: 阿波罗绢蝶(3)
Parnassius apollo: 阿波羅絹蝶
Parnassius apollonius: 义和绢蝶
Parnassius ariadne: 阿斯提绢蝶
Parnassius autocrator: 红裙绢蝶
Parnassius boedromius: 贝德罗绢蝶
Parnassius bremeri: 红珠绢蝶(2)
Parnassius cardinal: 首长绢蝶
Parnassius cephalus: 元首绢蝶
Parnassius charltonius: 姹瞳绢蝶
Parnassius clodius: 加州绢蝶
Parnassius delphius: 翠雀绢蝶
Parnassius dongalaicus: 同罗绢蝶
Parnassius epaphus: 依帕绢蝶
Parnassius eversmanni: 艾雯绢蝶
Parnassius glacialis: 冰清绢蝶
Parnassius hardwickii: 联珠绢蝶
Parnassius hide: 西狄绢蝶
Parnassius honrathi: 亨莱绢蝶
Parnassius hunnyngtoni: 赫宁顿绢蝶
Parnassius imperator: 君主绢蝶
Parnassius inopinatus: 意外绢蝶
Parnassius jacquemontii: 夏梦绢蝶
Parnassius labeyriei: 蜡贝绢蝶
Parnassius loxias: 孔雀绢蝶
Parnassius maharaja: 马哈绢蝶
Parnassius maximinus: 大绢蝶
Parnassius mnemosyne: 觅梦绢蝶
Parnassius nomion: 小红珠绢蝶
Parnassius nordmanni: 诺德曼绢蝶
Parnassius orleans: 珍珠绢蝶
Parnassius patricius: 帕特力绢蝶
Parnassius phoebus: 福布绢蝶
Parnassius sacerdos: 萨绢蝶
Parnassius schultei: 师古绢蝶
Parnassius seminiger: 黑绢蝶
Parnassius simo: 西猴绢蝶
Parnassius simonius: 西猛绢蝶
Parnassius smintheus: 田鼠绢蝶
Parnassius staudingeri: 西陲绢蝶
Parnassius stenosemus: 斯汀诺生绢蝶
Parnassius stoliczkanus: 斯托绢蝶
Parnassius stubbendorfii: 白绢蝶
Parnassius szechenyii: 四川绢蝶
Parnassius tenedius: 微点绢蝶
Parnassius tianschanicus: 天山绢蝶
Paroara captata: 黄嘴红蜡嘴雀
Paroara coronata: 冠红蜡嘴雀
Paroaria capitata: 蠟嘴紅
Paroaria capitata: 黃嘴紅蠟嘴鵐
Paroaria capitata: 黃嘴紅蠟嘴(3)
Paroaria capitata: 黄嘴红蜡嘴鹀
Paroaria coronata: 冠紅臘嘴雀
Paroaria coronata: 冠紅臘嘴鵐
Paroaria coronata: 冠紅蠟嘴鵐
Paroaria coronata: 冠紅蠟嘴(3)
Paroaria coronata: 冠蜡嘴鹀(2)
Paroaria coronata: 紅冠蠟嘴紅
Paroaria coronata: 紅冠雀(5)
Paroaria cucullata: 巴西雀
Parocyptamus purpureus: 紫衣蚜蠅
Parocyptamus sonanii: 仁博蚜蠅
Paroedura androyensis: 松果尾守宫
Paroedura masobe: 黑框守宫
Paroedura pictus: 豹
Paroedura pictus: 豹猫守宫
Paroedura pictus: 貓守宮
Paromius gracilis: 短喙細長椿
Paromius gracilis: 短喙細長蝽
Paromola japonica: 日本擬人面蟹
Paromola macrochira: 巨螯擬人面蟹
Paromolopsis boasi: 玻氏仿人面蟹
Paroplapoderus nodicornis: 棕長頸捲葉象鼻蟲
Paroplapoderus pardaloides: 黑點捲葉象鼻蟲(2)
Paroreomyza maculata: 夏威夷管舌鸟
Paros monticolus: 绿背山雀
Paros venustulus: 黄腹山雀
Parosphromenus deissneri: 双线斗鱼(2)
Parotia carolae: 白胁六线风鸟
Parotia lawesii: 劳氏六线风鸟
Parotia sefilata: 阿法六线风鸟
Parotia wahnesi: 瓦氏六线风鸟
Parotis laceritalis: 焦緣綠絹野螟蛾
Parotomys littledalei: 旱台鼠
Parrella lucretiae: 盧氏麥鰕虎魚
Parrhinotermes khasii: 卡西棒鼻白蚁
Parrhinotermes ruiliensis: 瑞丽棒鼻白蚁
Parribacus antarcticus: 南極岩礁扇蝦(2)
Parribacus japonicus: 日本岩礁扇蝦(2)
Parthenope longimanus: 長手菱蟹
Parthenos sylvia: 麗蛺蝶
Parum colligata: 構月天蛾
Parupeneus atrocingulatus: 三帶三蘇
Parupeneus barberinoides: 似條斑副緋鯉
Parupeneus barberinoides: 秋姑
Parupeneus barberinoides: 雙色三蘇
Parupeneus barberinoides: 须哥
Parupeneus barberinoides: 须海绯鲤
Parupeneus barberinoides: 鬚哥
Parupeneus barberinoides: 鬚海緋鯉
Parupeneus barberinus: 單帶海緋鯉
Parupeneus barberinus: 大條
Parupeneus barberinus: 條斑副緋鯉
Parupeneus barberinus: 秋姑
Parupeneus barberinus: 须哥
Parupeneus barberinus: 鬚哥
Parupeneus biaculeatus: 雙棘海緋鯉
Parupeneus bifasciatus: 三帶副緋鯉
Parupeneus bifasciatus: 三帶海緋鯉
Parupeneus chrysopleuron: 秋姑
Parupeneus chrysopleuron: 紅帶海緋鯉
Parupeneus chrysopleuron: 须哥
Parupeneus chrysopleuron: 鬚哥
Parupeneus chrysopleuron: 黃帶副緋鯉
Parupeneus ciliatus: 短鬚副緋鯉
Parupeneus ciliatus: 短鬚海鯡鯉
Parupeneus ciliatus: 秋姑
Parupeneus ciliatus: 须哥
Parupeneus ciliatus: 鬚哥
Parupeneus crassilabris: 二帶副緋鯉
Parupeneus crassilabris: 秋姑
Parupeneus crassilabris: 雙帶海緋鯉
Parupeneus crassilabris: 雙帶海鯡鯉
Parupeneus crassilabris: 须哥
Parupeneus crassilabris: 鬚哥
Parupeneus cyclostomus: 圓口副緋鯉
Parupeneus cyclostomus: 圓口海緋鯉
Parupeneus cyclostomus: 秋姑
Parupeneus cyclostomus: 頭帶副緋鯉
Parupeneus cyclostomus: 须哥
Parupeneus cyclostomus: 鬚哥
Parupeneus heptacanthus: 秋姑
Parupeneus heptacanthus: 紅點副緋鯉
Parupeneus heptacanthus: 紅點副鯡鯉
Parupeneus heptacanthus: 紅點海鯡鯉
Parupeneus heptacanthus: 须哥
Parupeneus heptacanthus: 鬚哥
Parupeneus indicus: 印度副緋鯉
Parupeneus indicus: 印度海緋鯉
Parupeneus indicus: 秋姑
Parupeneus indicus: 须哥
Parupeneus indicus: 鬚哥
Parupeneus jansenii: 秋姑
Parupeneus jansenii: 詹氏副緋鯉
Parupeneus jansenii: 詹氏海緋鯉
Parupeneus jansenii: 鬚哥
Parupeneus multifasciatus: 多帶副緋鯉
Parupeneus multifasciatus: 多帶海鯡鯉
Parupeneus multifasciatus: 海緋鯉
Parupeneus multifasciatus: 秋姑
Parupeneus multifasciatus: 老爺
Parupeneus multifasciatus: 须哥
Parupeneus multifasciatus: 鬚哥
Parupeneus pleurostigma: 秋姑
Parupeneus pleurostigma: 须哥
Parupeneus pleurostigma: 鬚哥
Parupeneus pleurostigma: 黑斑副緋鯉
Parupeneus pleurostigma: 黑斑海緋鯉
Parupeneus porphyreus: 白带副绯鲤
Parupeneus porphyreus: 白帶副緋鯉
Parupeneus porphyreus: 紫三蘇
Parupeneus spilurus: 大型海緋鯉
Parupeneus spilurus: 秋姑
Parupeneus spilurus: 鬚哥
Parupeneus spilurus: 點紋副緋鯉
Parupeneus trifasciatus: 三帶海緋鯉
Paruraecha submarmorata: 阿里山長角天牛
Paruromys dominator: 酋家鼠
Parus afer: 灰山雀
Parus albiventris: 白胸山雀
Parus amabilis: 巴拉望山雀(2)
Parus ater: 煤山雀(18)
Parus bokharensis: 西域山雀(6)
Parus caeruleus: 青山雀
Parus cinctus: 灰头山雀
Parus cinereus: 灰山雀
Parus cinereus: 苍背山雀
Parus cristatus: 凤头山雀
Parus cyanus: 灰蓝山雀(5)
Parus cyanus: 灰藍山雀
Parus davidi: 紅腹山雀
Parus davidi: 红腹山雀(7)
Parus dichrous: 褐冠山雀(6)
Parus elegans: 丽色山雀
Parus elegans: 优雅山雀
Parus flavipectus: 黄胸山雀
Parus fringillinus: 紅喉山雀
Parus funereus: 暗色山雀
Parus holsti: 台湾黄山雀(6)
Parus holsti: 台灣黃山雀
Parus holsti: 臺灣黃山雀
Parus holsti: 黃山雀(11)
Parus humilis: 褐背地山雀
Parus hypermelaenus: 黑胸山雀
Parus leucomelas: 白翅黑山雀
Parus lugubris: 暗山雀
Parus major: 大山雀(16)
Parus major: 白脸山雀(2)
Parus major: 白頰山雀(8)
Parus melanolophus: 维氏黑冠山雀
Parus minor: 日本山雀
Parus minor: 远东山雀
Parus montanus: 褐头山雀(6)
Parus montanus: 褐頭山雀
Parus monticolus: 綠背山雀(6)
Parus monticolus: 绿背山雀(10)
Parus monticolus: 青背山雀(13)
Parus nuchalis: 白枕山雀(2)
Parus palustris: 沼泽山雀(6)
Parus palustris: 沼澤山雀
Parus rubidiventris: 黑冠山雀(6)
Parus rufonuchalis: 棕枕山雀
Parus semilarvatus: 白额山雀(2)
Parus songarus: 歌山雀
Parus spilonotus: 黃頰山雀(4)
Parus spilonotus: 黄颊山雀(7)
Parus superciliosus: 白眉山雀(6)
Parus thruppi: 索馬里山雀
Parus varius: 杂色山雀(6)
Parus varius: 赤腹山雀(12)
Parus varius: 雜色山雀
Parus venustulus: 黃腹山雀(2)
Parus venustulus: 黄腹山雀(8)
Parus xanthogenys: 眼纹黄山雀
Parus xanthogenys: 黑斑黄山雀
Parus xanthogenys: 黑眼先山雀
Parviscala chinglinae: 精靈海螄螺
Parviscala paumotense: 帕墨特海螄螺
Parvocalanus crassirostris: 強額小哲水蚤
Parydra formosana: 蓬萊渚蠅
Parydra inornata: 樸素渚蠅
Pascula benedicta: 小結螺
Pascula ochrostoma: 海綿結螺
Pasilobus bufoninus: 菱角蛛
Pasilobus bufoninus: 蟾蜍菱腹蛛
Passer ammodendri: 黑頂麻雀
Passer ammodendri: 黑顶麻雀(2)
Passer castanopterus: 索馬里麻雀
Passer diffusus: 南非灰頭麻雀
Passer domesticus: 家麻雀(9)
Passer eminibey: 栗麻雀
Passer euchlorus: 阿拉伯金麻雀
Passer flaveolus: 黄腹麻雀
Passer griseus: 灰头麻雀
Passer griseus: 灰頭麻雀
Passer hispaniolensis: 黑胸麻雀(4)
Passer moabiticus: 死海麻雀
Passer montanus: 树麻雀(5701)
Passer montanus: 樹麻雀(2)
Passer montanus: 樹麻雀, Shu4 ma2 que4(42500)
Passer montanus: 麻雀(3)
Passer montanus: 麻雀, Ma que(20400)
Passer pyrrhonotus: 丛林麻雀
Passer rufocinctus: 棕麻雀
Passer rutilans: 山麻雀(20)
Passer rutilans: 黃雀
Passer simplex: 荒漠麻雀
Passerculus sandwichensis: 稀树美洲草鹀
Passerculus sandwichensis: 稀树草鹀(2)
Passerella iliaca: 狐色雀鹀(2)
Passeromyia heterochaeta: 異毛雀蠅
Pastinachus sephen: 褶尾蘿卜魟
Pastor roseus: 粉紅椋鳥(3)
Pastor roseus: 粉红椋鸟(3)
Patanga japonica: 日本黄脊蝗
Patanga succincta: 印度黄脊蝗
Patella flexuosa: 星笠螺
Patella optima: 大星笠螺
Patelloida dorsuosa: 背肋拟帽贝
Patelloida kolarovai: 寇氏拟帽贝
Patelloida lentiginosa: 雀斑青螺
Patelloida pygmaea: 矮拟帽贝
Patelloida pygmaea: 花帽青螺
Patelloida pygmaea: 蕾青螺
Patelloida pygmaea: 高腰花帽青螺
Patelloida saccharina: 鵜足青螺
Patelloida signatoides: 淡紋射線青螺
Patelloida straita: 射線青螺
Patelloida striata: 射線青螺
Pathysa antiphates: 綠鳳蝶
Patia cordillera: 多杯粉蝶
Patia orise: 杯粉蝶
Patinapta taiwaniensis: 臺灣步錨參
Patinopecten yessoensis: 海扇貝
Patinopecten yessoensis: 虾夷扇贝 
Patiriella pseudoexigua: 擬淺盤海星
Patiriella pseudoexigua: 擬淺盤海燕
Pauesia unilachni: 長足大蚜繭蜂
Paulamys naso: 弗洛雷斯長鼻鼠
Pauroaspis scirrosis: 腋竹鍊介殼蟲
Pauxi unicornis: 但盔凤冠雉
Pavo cristatus: 印度孔雀
Pavo cristatus: 杂交孔雀
Pavo cristatus: 蓝孔雀(3)
Pavo cristatus: 藍孔雀(2)
Pavo cristatus: 藍孔雀, Lan kong que
Pavo muticus: 孔雀
Pavo muticus: 綠孔雀(5)
Pavo muticus: 綠孔雀, Lu kong que
Pavo muticus: 绿孔雀(5)
Pavona cactus: 繡球雀屏珊瑚
Pavona clavus: 柱形雀屏珊瑚
Pavona decussata: 板葉雀屏珊瑚
Pavona duerdeni: 厚板雀屏珊瑚
Pavona maldivensis: 馬島雀屏珊瑚
Pavona varians: 變形雀屏珊瑚
Pavona venosa: 脈結雀屏珊瑚
Pcathartes gymnocephalus: 白颈岩鹛
Pcathartes oreas: 灰颈岩鹛
Pealius azaleae: 杜鵑皮粉蝨
Pealius damanacanthi: 伏牛花皮粉蝨
Pealius elatostemae: 樓梯草皮粉蝨
Pealius kankoensis: 乾溝皮粉蝨
Pealius liquidambari: 楓香皮粉蝨
Pealius longispinus: 長刺皮粉蝨
Pealius machili: 豬腳楠皮粉蝨
Pealius mori: 白桑皮粉蝨
Pealius polygoni: 海葡萄皮粉蝨
Pealius psychotriae: 拎璧龍皮粉蝨
Pealius rhododendri: 杜鵑粉蝨
Pealius rubi: 懸鉤子皮粉蝨
Pealius spina: 菩提皮粉蝨
Pearsonothuria graeffei: 格皮氏海參
Peasiella gaidei: 迷你玉黍螺
Peblephaeus decoloratus: 淡色粗天牛
Peblephaeus decoloratus: 麗紋粗天牛
Peblephaeus lutaoensis: 綠島粗天牛
Peblephaeus ziczac: 曲紋粗天牛
Peblephaeus ziczac: 白帶粗天牛
Pecari tajacu: 领西猯
Pecten albicans: 白碟海扇蛤
Pecten albicans: 白蝶海扇蛤
Pecten albicans: 白蝶海扇貝
Pecten asper: 阿蓓海扇蛤
Pecten gardineri: 三稜海扇蛤
Pecten passerina: 火焰海扇蛤
Pecten pyxidatus: 箱形海扇蛤
Pecten sinensis: 中華海扇蛤
Pecten yessoensis: 帆立貝
Pecten yessoensis: 帆立貝
Pectenocypris balaena: 鯨形密耙魚
Pectenocypris korthausae: 密耙魚
Pectinator spekei: 軟毛梳趾鼠
Pectinia lactuca: 蒿苣梳珊瑚
Pectinia paeonia: 牡丹梳珊瑚
Pectiniseta pectinata: 梳齒櫛蠅
Pectinodonta orientalis: 尖頂梳齒笠螺
Pectocera fortunei: 木抽梳角叩甲(2)
Pectocera fortunei: 木棉梳角叩甲(2)
Pedalion mirum: 奇異巨腕輪蟲
Pedetes capensis: 跳兔(3)
Pedicia arisana: 阿里副大蚊
Pedicia formosana: 一色副大蚊
Pedicia orophila: 阿里山屏大蚊
Pedicinus eurygaster: 闊腹猴蝨
Pedicinus obtusus: 鈍猴蝨
Pediobius elasmi: 白蛾派姬小蜂
Pedionomus torquatus: 領鶉
Pedionomus torquatus: 领鹑
Pedipes jouani: 趾螺
Pedostrangalia muneaka: 紅胸黃足花天牛
Pedronia acanthodes: 多刺榄粉蚧
Pedronia tremae: 麻榄粉蚧
Pedum spondyloideum: 海菊海扇蛤
Pegadomyia pruinosa: 寒霜水虻
Pegasus laternarius: 海蛾魚
Pegasus laternarius: 海蛾鱼
Pegasus laternarius: 短海蛾魚
Pegasus volitans: 飛海蛾魚
Pegasus volitans: 飞海蛾鱼
Pegomya angustiventris: 蛇腹花蠅
Pegomya quadrivittata: 四帶花蠅
Pegomya taiwanensis: 台灣花蠅
Peirates arcuatus: 日月盜獵蝽
Peirates lepturoides: 細盜獵蝽
Peithona prionoides: 偽鋸花天牛
Peithona prionoides: 擬鋸花天牛
Pelagia noctiluca: 夜光游水母
Pelagia noctiluca: 紫水母
Pelagia noctiluca: 遠洋水母
Pelagic products: 外海及遠洋漁獲
Pelagodroma marina: 白脸海燕
Pelagodroma marina: 白臉海燕,
Pelamis platurus: 海蛇
Pelamis platurus: 長吻海蛇
Pelamis platurus: 长吻海蛇(3)
Pelamis platurus: 黑背海蛇(2)
Pelaphryne scalptus: 鱗皮厚蹼蟾
Pelaphryne scalptus: 鳞皮厚蹼蟾
Pelargopsis amauroptera: 褐翅翡翠
Pelargopsis capensis: 鹳嘴翠乌
Pelargopsis capensis: 鹳嘴翠鸟(3)
Pelargopsis capensis: 鹳嘴翡翠(5)
Pelargopsis melanorhyncha: 大嘴翡翠
Pelasgus marathonicus: 短臀小赤梢魚
Pelates quadrilineatus: 四帶牙鯻
Pelates quadrilineatus: 四抓仔
Pelates quadrilineatus: 四線列牙鯻(3)
Pelates quadrilineatus: 四線釘公
Pelates quadrilineatus: 四線雞魚(2)
Pelates sexlineatus: 六带牙鯻
Pelates sexlineatus: 六線列牙鯻
Pelates sexlineatus: 六线叉牙鯻
Pelatoneurus bifarius: 甲仙長足虻
Pelatoneurus crassinervis: 粗健長足虻
Pelatoneurus intactus: 完美長足虻
Pelea capreolus: 短角羚(2)
Pelecanoides urinatrix: 鵜燕,
Pelecanus conspicillatus: 澳洲鵜鶘,
Pelecanus conspicillatus: 澳洲鹈鹕
Pelecanus crispus: 冠鵜鶘(3)
Pelecanus crispus: 卷尾鵜鶘
Pelecanus crispus: 卷羽鵜鶘(4)
Pelecanus crispus: 卷羽鹈鹕(5)
Pelecanus crispus: 卷羽鵜鶘
Pelecanus crispus: 天馬丁鵜鶘(3)
Pelecanus novaezealandiae: 紐西蘭鵜鶘,
Pelecanus onocrotalus: 白鵜鶘(5)
Pelecanus onocrotalus: 白鹈鹕(5)
Pelecanus philippensis: 斑嘴鵜鶘(2)
Pelecanus philippensis: 斑嘴鹈鹕(6)
Pelecanus philippensis: 灰鵜鶘(3)
Pelecanus philippensis: 菲律宾鹈鹕
Pelecanus roseus: 鵜鶘
Pelecanus roseus: 鹈鹕
Pelecanus rufescens: 粉紅背鵜鶘
Pelecanus rufescens: 粉红背鹈鹕
Pelecus cultratus: 歐飄魚
Pelecyora excisa: 渾圓文蛤
Peliococcus chersonensis: 品粉蚧
Pellona ditchela: 印度多齒鰳
Pellona ditchela: 庇隆鰳(2)
Pellona ditchela: 庇隆鳓
Pellona ditchela: 齒鰳
Pellona harroweri: 美洲多齒鰳
Pellona harroweri: 美洲多齿鳓
Pellorneum albiventre: 白腹幽鶥
Pellorneum albiventre: 白腹幽鹛(2)
Pellorneum capistratum: 黑冠幽鹛(2)
Pellorneum fuscocapillus: 褐冠幽鹛
Pellorneum palustre: 沼泽幽鹛
Pellorneum pyrrogenys: 泰氏幽鹛(2)
Pellorneum ruficeps: 棕头幽鹛(2)
Pellorneum ruficeps: 棕頭幽鶥
Pellorneum tickelli: 棕胸幽鶥
Pellorneum tickelli: 棕胸幽鹛
Pellorneum tickelli: 棕胸雅鹛
Pellucistoma chushunshui: 朱舜水透明介
Pellucistoma magnolioidea: 木蘭透明介
Pelmatochromis buettikoferi: 比氏突頜麗魚
Pelmatochromis corbali: 科氏突頜麗魚
Pelmatochromis nigrofasciatus: 黑帶突頜麗魚
Pelmatochromis ocellifer: 晴斑突頜麗魚
Pelobates cultripes: 强刃锄足蟾
Pelocharles ryukyuensis: 琉球梭形微泥蟲
Pelochelys bibroni: 鼋(3)
Pelochelys cantorii: 鼋(2)
Pelochelys maculatus: 斑鼋
Pelodiscus axenaria: 砂鱉
Pelodiscus axenaria: 砂鳖(2)
Pelodiscus axwnaria: 砂鳖
Pelodiscus maackii: 东北鳖(3)
Pelodiscus maackii: 東北鱉
Pelodiscus parviformis: 小鱉
Pelodiscus parviformis: 小鳖(3)
Pelodiscus sinensis: 中华鳖(2)
Pelodiscus sinensis: 中國鱉
Pelodiscus sinensis: 元鱼
Pelodiscus sinensis: 团鱼
Pelodiscus sinensis: 圓魚
Pelodiscus sinensis: 團魚
Pelodiscus sinensis: 水鱼
Pelodiscus sinensis: 王八
Pelodiscus sinensis: 甲魚
Pelodiscus sinensis: 甲鱼
Pelodiscus sinensis: 鱉, Bie(3)
Pelodiscus sinensis: 鳖, Bie(3)
Pelomedusa subrufa: 沼澤側頸龜(3)
Pelomedusa subrufa: 盔侧颈龟
Pelomys fallax: 溝齒澤鼠
Pelophryne scalpta: 鱗皮厚蹼蟾
Pelophryne scalpta: 鳞皮厚蹼蟾(3)
Pelophryne scalptus: 鳞皮厚蹼蟾
Pelophylax fukienensis: 金線蛙
Pelophylax hubeiensis: 湖北侧褶蛙
Pelophylax nigrolineata: 黑斜线侧褶蛙
Pelophylax nigromaculata: 黑斑侧褶蛙
Pelophylax plancyi: 金線蛙(2)
Pelophylax plancyi: 金线侧褶蛙
Pelophylax pleuraden: 滇侧褶蛙
Pelophylax ridibunda: 湖侧褶蛙
Pelophylax shuchinae: 胫腺侧褶蛙
Pelopia gracillima: 瘦弱搖蚊
Pelopidas agna: 南亞穀弄蝶
Pelopidas agna: 南亞谷弄蝶
Pelopidas agna: 尖翅褐弄蝶
Pelopidas agna: 尖翅褐弄蝶
Pelopidas assamensis: 印度穀弄蝶
Pelopidas assamensis: 印度谷弄蝶
Pelopidas conjunctus: 古銅穀弄蝶
Pelopidas conjunctus: 古銅谷弄蝶
Pelopidas mathias: 褐弄蝶
Pelopidas mathias: 隱紋穀弄蝶
Pelopidas mathias: 隱紋谷弄蝶
Pelopidas sinensis: 中華穀弄蝶
Pelopidas sinensis: 中華褐弄蝶
Pelopidas sinensis: 台灣褐弄蝶
Pelopidas subochraceus: 近赭穀弄蝶
Pelopidas subochraceus: 近赭谷弄蝶
Pelteobagrus eupogon: 长须黄颡鱼
Pelteobagrus flvidraco: 黄颡鱼
Pelteobagrus fulvidraco: 黄颡鱼(2)
Pelteobagrus intermedius: 中间黄颡鱼
Pelteobagrus nitidus: 光泽黄颡鱼
Pelteobagrus vachelli: 瓦氏黄颡鱼(2)
Peltocephalus dumeriliana: 亞馬遜大頭側頸龜
Peltodytes sinensis: 中華巨基小頭水蟲
Peltoperla formosana: 蓬萊扁石蠅
Peltops blainvillii: 盾钟鹊
Peltops montanus: 山盾钟鹊
Pelusios adansonii: 安氏非洲侧颈龟
Pelusios castaneus: 西非侧颈龟
Pelusios castaneus: 西非側頸龜
Pelusios gabonensis: 非洲森林侧颈龟
Pelusios niger: 非洲黑侧颈龟
Pelusios sinuatus: 稜背側頸盒龜(2)
Pelusios subniger: 東非側頸盒龜(2)
Pelvicachromis humilis: 矮矛耙麗魚
Pelvicachromis pulcher: 矛耙麗魚(2)
Pelvicachromis pulcher: 紅肚鳳凰短鯛(4)
Pelvicachromis pulcher: 红肚凤凰
Pelvicachromis roloffi: 羅氏矛耙麗魚
Pelvicachromis subocellatus: 亞晴斑矛耙麗魚
Pelvicachromis taeniatus: 帶紋矛耙麗魚
Pelvicachromis taeniatus: 条纹蜜鲈
Pelvicachromis taeniatus: 矛耙丽鱼
Pelvicachromis taeniatus: 红颊凤凰
Pempheris compressa: 三角仔
Pempheris compressa: 黑鰭單鰭魚
Pempheris compressa: 黑鰭擬金眼鯛
Pempheris japonica: 日本單鰭魚
Pempheris japonica: 日本擬金眼鯛
Pempheris multiradiata: 多辐单鳍鱼
Pempheris multiradiata: 牛目狮单鳍鱼
Pempheris nyctereutes: 三角仔
Pempheris nyctereutes: 白緣擬金眼鯛
Pempheris nyctereutes: 白邊單鰭魚
Pempheris nyctereutes: 短海蛾魚
Pempheris oualensis: 三角仔
Pempheris oualensis: 烏伊蘭擬金眼鯛
Pempheris oualensis: 胭脂刀
Pempheris oualensis: 黑梢單鰭魚
Pempheris schomburgkii: 玻璃單鰭魚
Pempheris schwenkii: 南方單鰭魚
Pempheris schwenkii: 南方擬金眼鯛
Pempheris vanicolensis: 三角仔
Pempheris vanicolensis: 黑緣單鰭魚
Pempheris vanicolensis: 黑緣擬金眼鯛
Pemphigus betae: 菊綿蚜
Pemphigus borealis: 远东枝瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus bursarius: 囊柄瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus circellatus: 环瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus cylindricus: 筒瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus dorocola: 袋居瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus immunis: 杨枝瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus mangkamensis: 芒康瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus matsumurai: 杨柄叶瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus napaeus: 白杨瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus populinigrae: 杨叶红瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus protospirae: 早螺瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus sinobursarius: 柄脉叶瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus tibetensis: 藏枝瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus tibetpolygoni: 藏蓼瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus turritus: 塔瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus wuduensis: 武度瘿绵蚜
Pemphigus yangcola: 滇枝瘿绵蚜
Penaeus chinensis: 中國對蝦
Penaeus chinensis: 大正蝦母蝦
Penaeus chinensis: 大正蝦(2)
Penaeus chinensis: 對蝦
Penaeus chinensis: 明蝦
Penaeus chinensis: 清蝦
Penaeus chinensis: 黃蝦
Penaeus esculentus: 食用对虾
Penaeus indicus: 印度对虾
Penaeus indicus: 大明虾, Da ming xia(32)
Penaeus indicus: 大虾, Da xia(202)
Penaeus indicus: 明虾, Ming xia(92)
Penaeus japonicus: 斑節蝦(2)
Penaeus japonicus: 日本对虾
Penaeus japonicus: 日本对虾 
Penaeus japonicus: 日本對蝦
Penaeus japonicus: 班節蝦
Penaeus latisulcatus: 大虾, Da xia(2)
Penaeus latisulcatus: 宽沟对虾
Penaeus latisulcatus: 寬溝對蝦
Penaeus longistylus: 红斑对虾
Penaeus longistylus: 長肢對蝦
Penaeus merguiensis: 墨吉对虾
Penaeus merguiensis: 墨吉對蝦
Penaeus merguiensis: 大明虾, Da ming xia
Penaeus merguiensis: 大虾, Da4 xia1
Penaeus merguiensis: 明虾, Ming xia
Penaeus monodom: 南美白蝦
Penaeus monodom: 大虎蝦
Penaeus monodom: 斑節對蝦
Penaeus monodom: 草蝦
Penaeus monodom: 鬼蝦
Penaeus monodon: 斑节对虾 
Penaeus monodon: 斑节对虾(2)
Penaeus monodon: 老虎虾
Penaeus monodon: 老虎虾, Lao hu xia
Penaeus monodon: 老虎虾, Lao3 hu3 xia1
Penaeus monodon: 草對蝦
Penaeus monodon: 草蝦(11)
Penaeus orientalis: 大蝦
Penaeus orientalis: 對蝦
Penaeus orientalis: 明蝦
Penaeus orientalis: 肉蝦
Penaeus orientalis: 青蝦
Penaeus orientalis: 黃蝦
Penaeus penicillatus: 长毛对虾 
Penaeus semiculcatus: 短沟对虾 
Penaeus semisulcatus: 熊對蝦
Penaeus semisulcatus: 短沟对虾(2)
Penaeus semisulcatus: 短溝對蝦
Penaeus semisulcatus: 老虎虾, Lao hu xia
Penaeus semisulcatus: 老虎虾, Lao3 hu3 xia1
Penaeus semisulcatus: 花蝦
Penaeus stylirostris: 南美兰对虾
Penaeus stylirostris: 细角对虾
Penaeus vannamei: 南美白对虾
Penaeus vannamei: 南美白对虾 
Penaeus vannamei: 南美白蝦
Penaeus vannamei: 白對蝦
Penaeus vannamei: 白蝦(2)
Penelope albipennis: 白翅冠雉(3)
Penelope albipennis: 白翼官鳥(3)
Penelope albipennis: 白翼官鸟
Penelope ortoni: 古铜冠雉
Penelope perspicax: 考加冠雉
Penelopides affinis: 棉岛犀鸟
Penelopides exarhatus: 白颊犀鸟
Penelopides gns: 斑嘴犀鳥屬
Penelopides manillae: 吕宋犀鸟
Penelopides mindorensis: 斑嘴犀鸟
Penelopides mindorensis: 民岛犀鸟(2)
Penelopides panini: 棕尾斑嘴犀鸟
Penelopides panini: 棕尾犀鸟
Peneoenanthe pulverulenta: 红树鸲鹟
Peneothello bimaculata: 白腰薮鹟
Peneothello cryptoleuca: 灰薮鹟
Peneothello cyanus: 蓝灰薮鹟
Peneothello sigillata: 白翅薮鹟
Penicillidia dufourii: 杜孚蛛蠅
Penicillidia jenynsii: 姜宜蛛蠅
Penicillium italicum: 意大利青霉菌
Pennahia anea: 大眼彭納石首魚(340)
Pennahia anea: 大眼白姑魚
Pennahia anea: 大眼白姑鱼, Da yan bai gu yu(458)
Pennahia anea: 帕頭
Pennahia anea: 截尾白姑魚(3881)
Pennahia anea: 灰鰭彭納石首魚
Pennahia argentata: 帕頭
Pennahia argentata: 白口
Pennahia argentata: 白姑魚
Pennahia argentata: 白姑鱼
Pennahia argentata: 胖頭
Pennahia argentata: 銀彭納石首魚
Pennahia argentata: 黃順
Pennahia macrocephalus: 大头白姑鱼, Da tou bai gu yu(163)
Pennahia macrocephalus: 大头鼓纳石首鱼
Pennahia macrocephalus: 大頭彭納石首魚(225)
Pennahia macrocephalus: 大頭白姑魚
Pennahia macrocephalus: 帕頭
Pennahia pawak: 帕頭
Pennahia pawak: 斑鰭彭納石首魚
Pennahia pawak: 斑鰭白姑魚
Pennahia pawak: 春子
Penneropenaeus chinensis: 中国对虾 
Pennithera fuliginosa: 黑弦羽帶尺蛾
Penopea generosa: 太平洋潛泥蛤
Penopea generosa: 象拔蚌
Penottus verdicus: 台球背網蝽
Pentaceraster chinensis: 中華疣海星
Pentaceraster westermanni: 棘疣海星
Pentaceros japonicus: 五棘鯛
Pentaceros japonicus: 旗鯛
Pentaceros japonicus: 日本五棘鯛
Pentaconvexus taiwanensis: 臺灣五凸節蜱
Pentacta nipponensis: 日本五角瓜參
Pentalagus furnessi: 琉球兔
Pentaleyrodes cinnamomi: 香桂突毛粉蝨
Pentalonis nigronervosa: 香蕉交脈蚜
Pentaneura circumdata: 繞行搖蚊
Pentaohyllus quadricornis: 霧社廣角擬迴木蟲
Pentaphyllus dilatioes: 菲島扁擬步行蟲
Pentaphyllus ohilipoinensis: 四角扁擬步行蟲
Pentapodus aureofasciatus: 黃帶錐齒鯛
Pentapodus bifasciatus: 双带锥齿鲷
Pentapodus caninus: 犬牙錐齒鯛
Pentapodus caninus: 黃帶錐齒錐
Pentapodus emeryii: 艾氏錐齒鯛
Pentapodus nagasakiensis: 日本紅姑魚
Pentapodus nagasakiensis: 長崎錐齒鯛
Pentapodus nemurus: 香蕉番
Pentapodus paradiseus: 长尾锥齿鲷
Pentapodus vitta: 線鰭番
Pentaporca taiwanensis: 臺灣五脊節蜱
Pentaprion longimanus: 五棘銀鱸
Pentaprion longimanus: 碗米仔
Pentaprion longimanus: 長臂鑽嘴魚
Pentateucha inouei: 井上氏絨毛天蛾
Pentateucha inouei: 絨毛天蛾
Pentatomophaga latifascia: 寬帶寄蠅
Penthema formosanum: 白條斑蔭蝶
Pentherichthys venustus: 美哀鮟鱇
Penthetor lucasi: 哀鳴果蝠
Penthetor lucasi: 短吻果蝠(2)
Penthetria formosana: 蓬萊毛蚋
Penthetria japonica: 日本毛蚋
Penthetria takeuchii: 竹內毛蚋
Penthides flavus: 黑角黃天牛
Penthimia flavinotum: 黃帶扁葉蟬
Penthimia theae: 茶扁葉蟬
Peponocephala electra: 瓜头鲸
Peponocephala electra: 瓜頭海豚
Peponocephala electra: 瓜頭鯨
Peponocephalia electra: 瓜頭鯨
Peraclis reticulata: 長軸螺
Perameles bougainbille: 袋狸
Perameles bougainville: 小斑袋狸(2)
Perameles bougainville: 带袋狸
Perameles bougainville: 条纹袋狸
Perameles bougainville: 條紋袋狸(2)
Perameles bougainville: 紋袋狸
Perca fluviatilis: 河鲈
Perca fulviatilis: 河鲈
Percis matsuii: 松原隆背八角魚
Percnia longitermen: 長緣星尺蛾
Percnia suffusa: 煙胡麻斑星尺蛾
Percnon abbreviatum: 短身盾牌蟹
Percnon planissimum: 石塞
Percnon planissimum: 裸掌盾牌蟹
Percocypris pingi: 花鲈鲤
Percocypris pingi: 金沙鲈鲤
Percocypris pingi: 鱸鯉
Percocypris pingi: 鲈鲤(2)
Percocypris regani: 花鱸鯉
Perdicula argoondah: 岩林鹑
Perdicula asiatica: 丛林鹑
Perdicula asiatica: 叢林鶉
Perdicula erythrorhyncha: 红嘴林鹑
Perdicula manipurensis: 阿萨姆林鹑
Perdix daurica: 斑翅山鹑
Perdix dauurica: 斑翅山鶉
Perdix dauurica: 斑翅山鹑(2)
Perdix dauuricae: 斑翅山鶉
Perdix dauuricae: 斑翅山鹑(4)
Perdix dauuricae: 灰山鹑
Perdix hodgsoniae: 斑翅山鹑
Perdix hodgsoniae: 高原山鶉(2)
Perdix hodgsoniae: 高原山鹑(7)
Perdix perdix: 灰山鶉(3)
Perdix perdix: 灰山鹑(5)
Perdix perdix: 绿孔雀
Perenethis venusta: 華麗四角蛛
Pergalumna intermedia: 粗毛巨袖蟎
Pergalumna magnipora: 鞭毛巨袖蟎
Pergesa actea: 斜綠天蛾
Periaciculitermes menglunensis: 勐仑近针白蚁
Periaeschna flinti: flinti, 祸临佩蜓
Periaeschna magdalena: 柱鋏晏蜓(2)
Periaeschna magdalena: 狭痣佩蜓
Periaeschna mira: 奇异佩蜓
Peribaea orbata: 高山寄蠅
Peribulbitermes dinghuensis: 鼎湖近瓢白蚁
Peribulbitermes jinghongensis: 景洪近瓢白蚁
Peribulbitermes parafulvus: 黄色近瓢白蚁
Pericaecilius singularis: 奇異圍毛嚙蟲
Pericapretermes nitobei: 新渡戶近歪白蟻
Perichaeta communissma: 蚯蚓, Qiu yin
Periclimenes imperator: 帝王蝦
Periclimenes tosaensis: 共生蝦
Pericoma spinicornis: 刺角蛾蚋
Pericosmus cordatus: 心形緣帶海膽
Pericrocotus brevirostris: 短嘴山椒鳥(2)
Pericrocotus brevirostris: 短嘴山椒鸟(6)
Pericrocotus cantonensis: 小灰山椒鳥(5)
Pericrocotus cantonensis: 小灰山椒鸟(7)
Pericrocotus cantonensis: 粉紅山椒鳥
Pericrocotus cinnamomeus: 小山椒鳥
Pericrocotus cinnamomeus: 小山椒鸟
Pericrocotus divaricatus: 灰山椒
Pericrocotus divaricatus: 灰山椒鳥(11)
Pericrocotus divaricatus: 灰山椒鸟(9)
Pericrocotus erythropygius: 白腹山椒鸟
Pericrocotus ethologus: 長尾山椒
Pericrocotus ethologus: 長尾山椒鳥(4)
Pericrocotus ethologus: 长尾山椒鸟(9)
Pericrocotus flammeus: 赤紅山椒鳥(3)
Pericrocotus flammeus: 赤红山椒鸟(8)
Pericrocotus igneus: 火红山椒鸟(3)
Pericrocotus lansbergei: 三色山椒鸟
Pericrocotus miniatus: 巽他山椒鸟
Pericrocotus roseus: 粉紅山椒鳥(2)
Pericrocotus roseus: 粉红山椒鸟(6)
Pericrocotus roseus: 粉红山椒(2)
Pericrocotus solaris: 灰喉山椒
Pericrocotus solaris: 灰喉山椒鳥(7)
Pericrocotus solaris: 灰喉山椒鸟(8)
Pericrocotus solaris: 紅山椒
Pericrocotus solaris: 紅山椒鳥(7)
Pericrocotus speciosus: 赤紅山椒鳥
Peridea graeseri: 赭小內斑舟蛾
Peridinium pusillum: 微小多甲藻
Peridium ramosum: 分枝小袋虫
Peridroma saucia: 疆夜蛾
Periergos kamadena: 縱紆舟蛾
Periglypta chemnitzi: 千妮簾蛤
Periglypta chemnitzii: 曲波皱纹蛤
Periglypta clathrata: 布目皱纹蛤
Periglypta clathrata: 竹籃簾蛤
Periglypta compressa: 扁皱纹蛤
Periglypta puerpera: 圓球簾蛤
Periglypta puerpera: 皱纹蛤
Periglypta reticulata: 山水簾蛤
Periglypta reticulata: 網目簾蛤
Periglypta reticulata: 网皱纹蛤
Perigymnosoma globulum: 球形寄蠅
Perinereis aibuhitensis: 雙齒圍沙蠶
Perinereis aibuhitensjs: 双齿围沙蚕
Perinereis floridana: 佛洲圍沙蠶
Perinereis helleri: 圍沙蠶
Perinereis mictodonta: 混齒圍沙蠶
Perinereis nigropunctata: 黑點圍沙蠶
Perinereis nuntia: 多齒圍沙蠶
Perinereis nuntia: 多齿围沙蚕
Perinereis rhombodonta: 菱齒圍沙蠶
Perinereis shikueii: 錫圭圍沙蠶
Perinereis vancaurica: 扁齒圍沙蠶
Perinereis wilsoni: 威爾森圍沙蠶
Periomyer smithae: 史氏長卷責
Periomyer smithae: 史氏长卷责
Perionyx excavatus: 掘穴環爪蚓
Periophthalmus argentilineatus: 銀身彈塗魚
Periophthalmus cantonensis: 大彈塗魚
Periophthalmus cantonensis: 彈塗魚
Periophthalmus modestus: 彈塗魚(3)
Periparus ater: 煤山雀(5)
Periparus rubidiventris: 黑冠山雀(2)
Periparus rufonuchalis: 棕枕山雀(2)
Periparus venustulus: 黃腹山雀
Periparus venustulus: 黄腹山雀
Periphyllus formosanus: 斑腹圓尾蚜
Periphyllus koelreuteriae: 欒樹圓尾蚜
Periplaneta americana: 美洲家蠊
Periplaneta americana: 美洲蜚蠊
Periplaneta arisanica: 阿里山家蠊
Periplaneta australasiae: 澳洲家蠊
Periplaneta banksi: 班氏家蠊
Periplaneta brunnea: 棕色家蠊
Periplaneta formosanna: 台灣家蠊
Periplaneta fuliginosa: 黑褐家蠊
Periplaneta karnyi: 卡氏家蠊
Periplaneta uenoi: 上野家蠊
Periploma japonicum: 日本湯匙蛤
Peripsocus quercicola: 棟圍嚙蟲
Peripyramis circumtexta: 围包锥虫
Peris rapae: 菜粉蝶
Perisesarma bidens: 雙齒近相手蟹
Perisoreus infaustus: 北噪鴉
Perisoreus infaustus: 北噪鸦(2)
Perisoreus internigrans: 黑头噪鸦(6)
Perisoreus internigrans: 黑頭噪鴉(2)
Perisoreus internigraus: 黑头噪鸦
Perissocytheridea chuangyanga: 穿楊奇花介
Perissocytheridea formosana: 麗島奇花介
Perissocytheridea haha: 哈哈奇花介
Perissocytheridea jannishenga: 戰勝奇花介
Perissocytheridea lohanna: 羅漢奇花介
Perissodus eccentricus: 野奇齒麗魚
Perissodus microlepis: 小鱗奇齒麗魚
Perissus asperatus: 顆翅矮虎天牛
Perissus demonacoides: 水社矮虎天牛
Perissus demonacoides: 水社虎天牛
Perissus fulvopictus: 大林銹虎天牛
Perissus griseus: 蒼藍矮虎天牛
Perissus hooraianus: 北山矮虎天牛
Perissus hooraianus: 蓬萊小虎天牛
Perissus kankauensis: 港口矮虎天牛
Perissus wenroncheni: 文龍氏矮虎天牛
Perissus wenroncheni: 文龍虎天牛
Peristedion liorhynchus: 光吻黃魴鮄
Peristedion nierstrasi: 黑带黄鲂鮄
Peristedion nierstraszi: 角仔魚
Peristedion nierstraszi: 黑帶黃魴
Peristedion nierstraszi: 黑帶黃魴鮄
Peristedion orientale: 东方黄鲂鮄
Peristedion orientale: 東方黃魴
Peristedion orientale: 東方黃魴鮄
Peristedion orientale: 角仔魚
Peristedion weberi: 韋氏黃魴鮄
Peristedion weberi: 韦氏黄鲂鮄
Peristernia australiensis: 澳洲旋螺
Peristernia incarnata: 胭脂旋螺
Peristernia nassatula: 紫口旋螺
Peristernia ustulata: 黑端旋螺
Perlomyer smithae: 史氏长卷虫责
Perlomyer smithae: 史氏长卷(虫责)
Perna canaliculus: 淡菜
Perna canaliculus: 紐西蘭殼菜蛤(2)
Perna canaliculus: 绿唇贻贝
Perna canaliculus: 貽貝(3)
Perna viridis: 殼菜(975)
Perna viridis: 淡菜(2750)
Perna viridis: 翡翠贻贝, Fei3 cui4 yi2 bei4(2560)
Perna viridis: 青口(888)
Pernis apivorus: 蜂鹰
Pernis apivorus: 雕頭鷹(2)
Pernis apivorus: 鵑頭蜂鷹
Pernis apivorus: 鹃头蜂鹰(2)
Pernis celebensis: 南洋蜂鹰
Pernis celebensis: 条纹蜂鹰
Pernis celebensis: 菲律宾蜂鹰
Pernis ptilorhynchus: 凤头蜂鹰(4)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: 東方蜂鷹(4)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: 蜂鹰
Pernis ptilorhynchus: 雕頭鷹
Pernis ptilorhynchus: 鳳頭蜂鷹(3)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: 鵰頭鷹(2)
Pernis ptilorhyncus: 凤头蜂鹰(2)
Pernis ptilorhyncus: 雕頭鷹
Pernis ptilorhyncus: 鳳頭蜂鷹
Pernis ptilorhyncus: 鵰頭鷹
Perochaeta orientalis: 東洋艷細蠅
Perodicticus potto: 树熊猴(2)
Perodicticus potto: 樹熊猴
Perognathus alticola: 白耳小囊鼠
Peromyscopsylla himalaica: 喜馬拉雅森鼠蚤
Peromyscus bullatus: 球鹿鼠
Peronella lesueuri: 雷氏餅海膽
Peronella orbicularis: 餅海膽
Peropteryx kappleri: 大兜翼蝠(2)
Peropteryx kappleri: 大犬形囊翼蝠
Peropteryx leucopterus: 犬形白囊翼蝠
Peropteryx leucopterus: 白兜翼蝠
Peropteryx macrotis: 大耳兜翼蝠
Peropteryx macrotis: 小犬形囊翼蝠
Peroryctes broadbenti: 大袋狸
Perotrochus beyrichi: 倍利翁戎螺
Perotrochus hirasei: 紅翁戎螺
Perotrochus salmiana: 高腰翁戎螺
Perotrochus teramachii: 寺町翁戎螺
Perscheloribates clavatus: 曲捲翼蟎
Pervagor aspricaudus: 粗尾前角魨
Pervagor aspricaudus: 紅尾砲彈
Pervagor janthinosoma: 前角魨
Pervagor janthinosoma: 紅尾前角魨
Pervagor melanocephalus: 紅尾砲彈
Pervagor melanocephalus: 黑頭前角魨
Pesudolasius sauteri: 邵氏偽毛山蟻
Petaliaeschna corneliae: 科氏叶蜓
Petaliaeschna lieftincki: 黎氏叶蜓
Petalifera ramosa: 多枝海兔海蛞蝓
Petalochlamys formosana: 台灣鱉甲蝸牛
Petalochlamys nitidus: 光澤鱉甲蝸牛(2)
Petalochlamys par: 小鱉甲蝸牛
Petalochlamys vesta: 青鱉甲蝸牛
Petalomera granulata: 顆粒板蟹
Petalospyris dictyocubus: 方网叶篮虫
Petaurillus kinlochii: 馬來小飛鼠
Petaurista albiventer: 云南鼯鼠
Petaurista alborufus: 白面鼯鼠(2)
Petaurista alborufus: 紅白鼯鼠
Petaurista alborufus: 红白鼯鼠(4)
Petaurista alborufus: lena, 白面鼯鼠
Petaurista elegans: 小鼯鼠(5)
Petaurista hainana: 海南鼯鼠(6)
Petaurista lena: 白面鼯鼠
Petaurista lena: 飛鼠
Petaurista magnificus: 丽鼯鼠
Petaurista magnificus: 栗褐鼯鼠(4)
Petaurista magnifyicus: 丽鼯鼠
Petaurista marica: 白斑鼯鼠(4)
Petaurista pectoralis: 台湾鼯鼠(3)
Petaurista pectoralis: 臺灣鼯鼠
Petaurista petaurista: 台湾大赤鼯鼠
Petaurista petaurista: 棕鼯鼠(5)
Petaurista petaurista: grandis, 台灣大赤鼯鼠
Petaurista philippensis: 大赤鼯鼠(2)
Petaurista philippensis: 灰背大鼯鼠(4)
Petaurista philippensis: 霜背大鼯鼠
Petaurista philippensis: 飛鼠
Petaurista xanthotis: 灰鼯鼠(5)
Petaurista yunanensis: 云南鼯鼠(4)
Petaurus breviceps: 袋鼯(2)
Petenia splendida: 燦麗魚
Peteromys volans: 飛鼠
Peteromys volans: 飞鼠
Petinomys electilis: 低泡飛鼠
Petinomys electilis: 低泡飞鼠(3)
Petinomys electilis: 低泡鼯鼠
Petinomys electilis: 海南小飛鼠
Petinomys electilis: 海南小飞鼠
Petinomys setosus: 白腹低泡飛鼠
Petitella georgiae: 红鼻剪刀
Petrasma pervernicosa: 油皮芒蛤
Petrochelidon ariel: 彩石燕
Petrochelidon fluvicola: 黄额燕
Petrochelidon nigricans: 树燕
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota: 美洲燕
Petrochromis famula: 野岩麗魚
Petrochromis fasciolatus: 帶紋岩麗魚
Petrochromis macrognathus: 大頜岩麗魚
Petrochromis orthognathus: 直頜岩麗魚
Petrochromis polyodon: 多齒岩麗魚
Petrochromis trewavasae: 夢岩麗魚
Petrochromis trewavasae: 特氏岩麗魚
Petrodromus tetradactylus: 四趾岩象鼩
Petrodromus tetradactylus: 四趾岩跳鼩(2)
Petrogale brachyotis: 短耳岩袋鼠
Petroica archboldi: 岩鸲鹟
Petroica australis: 鴝鶲
Petroica bivittata: 林鸲鹟
Petroica macrocephala: 鵲鴝鶲
Petroleuciscus borysthenicus: 卡林雅羅魚
Petroleuciscus smyrnaeus: 食芹雅羅魚
Petrolisthes asiaticus: 亞洲岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes borradailei: 波氏岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes carinipes: 脊足岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes coccineus: 大紅岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes coccineus: 紅褐岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes decacanthus: 十刺岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes extremus: 遠方岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes hastatus: 矛形岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes haswelli: 哈氏岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes heterochrous: 異色岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes indicus: 印度岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes japonicus: 日本岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes lamarckii: 拉氏岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes militaris: 好鬥岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes miyakei: 三宅岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes moluccensis: 馬魯古岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes obtusifrons: 鈍額岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes pubescens: 軟毛岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes scabriculus: 粗糙岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes tomentosus: 密毛岩瓷蟹
Petrolisthes unilobatus: 單葉岩瓷蟹
Petromus typicus: 岩鼠(2)
Petromus typicus: 非洲岩鼠
Petromyscus collinus: 岩攀鼠
Petronia dentata: 灌丛石雀
Petronia petronia: 石雀(3)
Petronia pyrgita: 黃斑石雀
Petronia xanthocollis: 栗肩石雀
Petropedetes cameronensis: 喀麦隆石蛙
Petropedetes johnstoni: 约翰石蛙
Petropedetes natator: 泅石蛙
Petropedetes newtoni: 牛顿石蛙
Petropedetes palmipes: 蹼石蛙
Petrophassa albipennis: 白翅石鸠
Petrophassa rufipennis: 栗翅石鸠
Petroscirtes breviceps: 短頭跳岩鳚
Petroscirtes mitratus: 跳岩鳚
Petroscirtes mitratus: 高鰭跳岩鳚
Petroscirtes springeri: 史氏跳岩鳚
Petroscirtes variabilis: 變色跳岩鳚
Petrotilapia chrysos: 金黃岩非鯽
Petrotilapia genalutea: 吉納岩非鯽
Petrotilapia nigra: 黑岩非鯽
Petrotilapia tridentiger: 三尖齒岩非鯽
Peuaeus indicus: 印度對蝦
Peuaeus indicus: 黃鬚紅尾蝦
Peuceptyelus coriaceus: 鞘卵沫蟬
Peuceptyelus sigillifer: 污卵沫蟬
Peuceptyelus takaosanus: 滑翅卵沫蟬
Pezohippus biplatus: 双片平器蝗
Pezoporus wallcus: 地栖鹦鹉
Pezoporus wallicus: 地棲鸚鵡(6)
Phacochoerus aethiopicus: 沙漠疣豬
Phacochoerus aethiopicus: 疣猪
Phacochoerus aethiopicus: 疣豬
Phacochoerus africanus: 疣猪
Phacochoerus africanus: 疣豬
Phacochoerus africanus: 非洲疣猪
Phacophorus yaoshanensis: 瑶山树蛙
Phacus acuminatus: 尖尾扁裸藻
Phacus acuminatus: 扁裸屬
Phacus agilis: 扁裸屬
Phacus caudatus: 扁裸屬
Phacus hispidula: 扁裸屬
Phacus inflexus: 扁裸屬
Phacus orbicularis: 扁裸屬
Phacus ovalis: 扁裸屬
Phacus pusillus: 扁裸屬
Phacus undulatus: 扁裸屬
Phaedis mushanus: 台灣廣肩擬迴木蟲
Phaedis taiwanus: 黑頭沙灘擬步行蟲
Phaedon brassicae: 甘藍金花蟲
Phaedusa eumegetha: 高雄煙管蝸牛
Phaedusa hayashii: 林氏煙管蝸牛
Phaedusa hayashii: 知本煙管蝸
Phaedusa hayasii: 知本煙管蝸牛
Phaedusa horikawai: 堀川煙管蝸
Phaedusa horikawai: 石崎煙管蝸
Phaedyma columella: 柱菲蛱蝶
Phaedyma columella: 柱菲蛺蝶
Phaenacantha marcida: 錐突束蝽
Phaenacantha trilineata: 環足突束蝽
Phaenandrogomphus aureus: 金黄显春蜓
Phaenandrogomphus dingavani: 丁格显春蜓
Phaenandrogomphus yunnanensis: 云南显春蜓
Phaenicia cuprina: 赤銅綠蠅
Phaenicia sericata: 絲光銅綠蠅
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus: 棕胸地鹃
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris: 栗胸地鹃
Phaenicophaeus diardi: 绿嘴地鹃
Phaenicophaeus javanicus: 红嘴地鹃
Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii: 短嘴地鵑
Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalus: 红脸地鹃
Phaenicophaeus sumatranus: 棕腹地鹃
Phaenicophaeus tristis: 綠嘴地鵑(3)
Phaenicophaeus tristis: 绿嘴地鹃(7)
Phaenna spinifera: 刺褐水蚤
Phaenocarpa cameroni: 小眼反顎繭蜂
Phaenochilus metasternalis: 细须唇瓢虫
Phaenomonas pinnata: 羽短鰭鰻
Phaenomonas pinnata: 羽短鳍鳗
Phaenomys ferrugineus: 里約稻鼠
Phaeochroops taiwanus: 台灣駝金龜
Phaeochrous emarginatus: 緣邊厚翅金龜
Phaeochrous emarginatus: 緣邊駝金龜
Phaeomitra ambigua: 問題筆螺
Phaeomitra coffea: 咖啡筆螺
Phaeomitra eremitarum: 縱斑筆螺
Phaeomitra fasciolaris: 白斑筆螺
Phaeomitra imperialis: 帝王筆螺
Phaeomitra incompta: 竹筍筆螺
Phaesticus mellerborgi: 梅卵节蚱
Phaethon aethereus: 短尾鸏
Phaethon aethereus: 紅嘴熱帶鳥(2)
Phaethon aethereus: 红嘴鹲(3)
Phaethon leptura: 白尾热带鸟
Phaethon lepturus: 白尾熱帶鳥
Phaethon lepturus: 白尾熱帶鳥,
Phaethon lepturus: 白尾熱帶鳥(4)
Phaethon lepturus: 白尾鸏(4)
Phaethon lepturus: 白尾鹲(7)
Phaethon rubricauda: 紅尾熱帶鳥
Phaethon rubricauda: 紅尾熱帶鳥,
Phaethon rubricauda: 紅尾熱帶鳥(4)
Phaethon rubricauda: 紅尾鸏
Phaethon rubricauda: 红尾热带鸟
Phaethon rubricauda: 红尾鹲(4)
Phalacra kagiensis: 擬凹角鉤蛾
Phalacra strigata: 凹角鉤蛾
Phalacrocera formosae: 台灣平大蚊
Phalacroco rasccarbo: 鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax africanus: 長尾鸕鷀
Phalacrocorax aristotelis: 欧鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax auritus: 角鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax capillatus: 丹氏鸕鶿(2)
Phalacrocorax capillatus: 丹氏鸕鷀(2)
Phalacrocorax capillatus: 斑头鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax capillatus: 暗綠背鸕鶿(2)
Phalacrocorax capillatus: 暗绿背鸬鹚(7)
Phalacrocorax capillatus: 绿背鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax capillatus: 丹氏鸕鷀
Phalacrocorax carbo: 普通鸕鶿(3)
Phalacrocorax carbo: 普通鸕鷀(2)
Phalacrocorax carbo: 普通鸬鹚(11)
Phalacrocorax carbo: 鸕鶿(4)
Phalacrocorax carbo: 鸕鷀
Phalacrocorax carbo: 鸕鷀,
Phalacrocorax carbo: 鸕鷀(2)
Phalacrocorax carbo: 鸬鹚(3)
Phalacrocorax csrbo: 普通鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax featherstoni: 皮岛鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax filamentosus: 丹氏鸕鶿
Phalacrocorax fuscicollis: 印度鸕鷀
Phalacrocorax fuscicollis: 印度鸬鹚(2)
Phalacrocorax harrisi: 弱翅鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax melanoleucos: 小斑鸕鷀,
Phalacrocorax melanoleucos: 小斑鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax neglectus: 岸鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax niger: 黑頸鸕鶿
Phalacrocorax niger: 黑頸鸕鷀
Phalacrocorax niger: 黑颈鸬鹚(5)
Phalacrocorax nigrogularis: 黑喉鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax pelagicus: 海鸕鶿(4)
Phalacrocorax pelagicus: 海鸕鷀(3)
Phalacrocorax pelagicus: 海鸬鹚(7)
Phalacrocorax pygmeus: 侏鸬鹚
Phalacrocorax sulcirostris: 小黑鸕鷀,
Phalacrocorax sulcirostris: 小黑鸬鹚(2)
Phalacrocorax urile: 紅臉鸕鶿(2)
Phalacrocorax urile: 紅面鸕鶿(2)
Phalacrocorax urile: 红脸鸬鹚(7)
Phalacrocorax varius: 斑鸕鷀,
Phalacrosoma amoenum: 溫和長足虻
Phalacrosoma imperfectum: 粗劣長足虻
Phalacrotophora flaviclava: 黃棍蚤蠅
Phalacrotophora puncifrons: 刺額蚤蠅
Phalacrotophora quardrimaculata: 四斑蚤蠅
Phalanger celebensis: 苏岛袋貂(2)
Phalanger intercastellanus: 東方袋貂(3)
Phalanger mimicus: 隱斑袋貂(3)
Phalanger orientalis: 灰袋貂(4)
Phalangipus filiformis: 絲狀長踦蟹
Phalangipus hystrix: 銳刺長踦蟹
Phalangipus longipes: 長足長踦蟹
Phalanta phalantha: 琺蛺蝶
Phalanta phalantha: 紅擬豹斑蝶(2)
Phalaropus fulicaria: 灰瓣足鷸(2)
Phalaropus fulicaria: 灰瓣蹼鷸
Phalaropus fulicarius: 灰瓣足鷸(6)
Phalaropus fulicarius: 灰瓣足鹬
Phalaropus fulicarius: 灰瓣蹼鷸(3)
Phalaropus fulicarius: 灰瓣蹼鹬(8)
Phalaropus lobatus: 田鷸
Phalaropus lobatus: 紅領瓣足鷸(7)
Phalaropus lobatus: 紅頸瓣蹼鷸(5)
Phalaropus lobatus: 紅領瓣足鷸(2)
Phalaropus lobatus: 红领瓣足鹬
Phalaropus lobatus: 红颈瓣蹼鹬(8)
Phalaropus tricolor: 细嘴瓣蹼鹬
Phalaropus tricolor: 赤斑瓣足鷸
Phalaropus tricolor: 赤斑瓣蹼鷸
Phalcoboenus albogularis: 白喉卡拉鹰
Phalcoboenus albogularis: 白喉巨隼
Phalcoboenus australis: 条纹卡拉鹰
Phalcoboenus australis: 红腿巨隼
Phalcoboenus carunculatus: 冠巨隼
Phalcoboenus carunculatus: 肉冠卡拉鹰
Phalcoboenus megalopterus: 山卡拉鹰
Phalcoboenus megalopterus: 山地巨隼
Phalera angustipennis: 窄掌舟蛾
Phaleria atriceps: 台灣短角擬步行蟲
Phalium areola: 棋盤鬘螺
Phalium bandatum: 金帶鬘螺
Phalium bisulcatum: 斑帶鬘螺
Phalium bisulcatum: 日本鬘螺
Phalium bisulcatum: 球斑帶鬘螺
Phalium coronadoi: 飴色鬘螺
Phalium decussatum: 布紋鬘螺
Phalium flammiferum: 條紋鬘螺
Phalium glabratum: 梨形鬘螺
Phalium glaucum: 灰鬘螺
Phalium inornatum: 可愛鬘螺
Phalium kurodai: 黑田鬘螺
Phalium muangmani: 蒙氏鬘螺
Phaner furcifer: 叉斑鼠狐猴(2)
Phanerodon furcatus: 白显齿海鲫
Phanerophthalmus smaragdinus: 翠玉翡翠海蛞蝓
Phania fuscata: 灰色棘蠅
Phania mystica: 秘迪棘蠅
Phania palpata: 德國棘蠅
Phanlomys smithii: 史氏小鼠
Phapitreron amethystina: 大褐果鸠
Phapitreron amethystinus: 大褐果鸠(2)
Phapitreron cinereiceps: 棕耳裸果鸠
Phapitreron cinereiceps: 棕耳褐果鸠(2)
Phapitreron leucotis: 小褐果鸠(3)
Phaps chalcoptera: 普通铜翅鸠
Phaps elagans: 林铜翅鸠
Phaps histrionica: 聚群铜翅鸠
Pharaonella perna: 火腿櫻蛤
Pharnacia jianfenglingensis: 尖峰岭彪虫脩
Pharnacia jianfenglingensis: 尖峰岭彪蝓
Pharnacia jianfenglingensis: 尖峰岭彪?
Pharnacia jianfenglingensis: 尖峰嶺彪蝓
Pharomachrus mocinno: 綠咬鵑(3)
Pharomachrus mocinno: 鳳尾綠咬鵑
Pharomachrus mocnno: 凤尾绿咬鹃
Pharoscymnus brunneosignatus: 戈壁毛艳瓢虫
Pharoscymnus taoi: 台毛艳瓢虫
Pharoscymnus taoi: 台毛豔瓢蟲
Pharotis imogene: 壺耳蝠
Pharyngochromis darlingi: 達氏咽麗魚
Phascogale calura: 红帚尾袋鼩
Phascolarctos cinereus: 树袋熊(3)
Phascolarctos cinereus: 無尾熊
Phascolosoma albolineatum: 白紋革囊星蟲
Phascolosoma arcuatum: 弓形革囊星蟲
Phascolosoma nigrescens: 暗色革囊星蟲
Phascolosoma pacificum: 太平洋革囊星蟲
Phascolosoma scolops: 厥目革囊星蟲
Phascolosorex doriae: 红腹袋鼬
Phasianella modesta: 姬雉螺
Phasianella solida: 雉螺
Phasianella variegata: 雜斑雉螺
Phasianus cochicus: 雉鸡
Phasianus colchicus: 七彩山鸡
Phasianus colchicus: 台灣雉
Phasianus colchicus: 环颈雉(9)
Phasianus colchicus: 環頸雉(11)
Phasianus colchicus: 野鸡
Phasianus colchicus: 雉雞(2)
Phasianus colchicus: 雉鸡(9)
Phasianus colchicus: 高麗雉(3)
Phasianus versicolor: 绿雉
Phasinanus colchicus: 环颈雉
Phasmotaenia lanyuhensis: 蘭嶼筒胸竹節蟲
Phauda arikana: 里港榕蛾
Phauda flammans: 燄色榕蛾
Phauda horishana: 埔里榕蛾
Phauda mimica: 恆春榕蛾
Phauda rubra: 紅翅榕蛾
Phauda similis: 偽榕蛾
Phauda triadum: 黑端榕蛾
Phaxas attenuatus: 文蛤(2)
Phaxas attenuatus: 白光竹蟶蛤
Phaxas attenuatus: 白光豆蟶
Phaxas attenuatus: 竹蟶
Phaxas hanleyi: 韓氏豆蟶
Phaxas scalprum: 刀片豆蟶
Phedina borbonica: 馬島原燕
Pheidole ernesti: 歐尼大頭家蟻
Pheidole fervens: 熱烈大頭家蟻
Pheidole formosensis: 大林大頭家蟻
Pheidole funkikoensis: 奮起湖大頭家蟻
Pheidole megacephala: 大头蚁(2)
Pheidole megacephala: 林蛇(2)
Pheidole megacephala: 熱帶大頭家蟻
Pheidole meihuashanensis: 梅花山大头蚁
Pheidole nodus: 寬結大頭家蟻
Pheidole pieli: 皮氏大頭家蟻
Pheidole rinae: 褐大頭家蟻
Pheidole sauteri: 邵氏大頭家蟻
Pheidole taivensis: 台灣大頭家蟻
Pheidologetion diversus: 全异巨首蚁
Pheidologeton affinis: 相鄰擬大頭家蟻
Pheidologeton diversus: 多樣擬大頭家蟻
Pheidologeton diversus: 小紅蟻
Pheidologeton yanoi: 矢野擬大頭家蟻
Phelotrupes formosanus: 蓬萊糞金龜
Phelotrupes formosanus: 雪隱金龜
Phelotrupes insulana: 島嶼糞金龜
Phelotrupes insulana: 雪隱金龜
Phelsuma grandis: 马达加斯加日行守宫
Phelsuma klemmeri: 彩虹日行守宫
Phelsuma laticauda: 尾疹残趾虎
Phelsuma laticauda: 金粉日行守宫
Phelsuma laticauda: 馬達加斯加金粉守宮(2)
Phelsuma lineata: 腰紋守宮(2)
Phelsuma lineata: 腰纹日行守宫
Phelsuma madagascariensis: 馬達加斯加綠守宮(2)
Phelsuma madagascariensis: 马加残趾虎
Phelsuma madagascariensis: 马达加斯加日行守宫
Phelsuma quadriocellata: 四眼守宮(2)
Phelsuma quadriocellata: 孔雀日行守宫
Phelsuma standingi: 云石日行守宫(2)
Phelsuma standingi: 斯氏残趾虎
Phenacobius catostomus: 美洲擬鱥
Phenacobius crassilabrum: 厚唇美洲擬鱥
Phenacobius mirabilis: 奇美洲擬鱥
Phenacobius teretulus: 光滑美洲擬鱥
Phenacobius uranops: 顎孔美洲擬鱥
Phenacoccus aceris: 绵粉蚧
Phenacoccus arctophilus: 寒地绵粉蚧
Phenacoccus asteri: 菊綿粉介殼蟲
Phenacoccus fici: 榕綿粉介殼蟲
Phenacoccus fraxinus: 蜡绵粉蚧
Phenacoccus parvus: 櫻丹綿粉介殼蟲
Phenacoccus pergandei: 柿绵粉蚧
Phenacoccus prunicola: 梅绵粉蚧
Phenacoccus solani: 石蒜綿粉介殼蟲(2)
Phenacogrammus caudomaculatus: 紅背月球燈(2)
Phenacogrammus interruptus: 剛果霓虹(2)
Phenacogrammus interruptus: 剛果(2)
Phenacogrammus interruptus: 斷線脂鯉
Phenacolepas crenulata: 格子扁帽螺
Phenacolepas galathea: 鱗片扁帽螺
Phenacosaurus heterodermus: 伪蜥
Phenacoscorpius megalops: 偽大眼鮋
Phenacoscorpius megalops: 大眼鮋
Phenacoscorpius megalops: 石狗公
Phenacovolva angasi: 安卡西菱角螺
Phenacovolva brevirostris: 短菱角螺
Phenacovolva gigantea: 大白菱角螺
Phenacovolva hirasei: 平瀨菱角螺
Phenacovolva longirostrata: 獨木舟菱角螺
Phenacovolva longirostrata: 白菱角螺
Phenacovolva philippinarum: 菲律賓菱角螺
Phenacovolva rehderi: 雷達菱角螺
Phenacovolva rosea: 玫瑰菱角螺
Phenacovolva tokioi: 良雄菱角螺
Phenacovolva wakayamaensis: 和歌山菱角螺
Phenscomys intermedius: 石南樹鼠平
Pheosiopsis alishanensis: 阿里山夙舟蛾
Pheosiopsis cinerea: 喜夙舟蛾
Pheosiopsis lusciniola: 路夙舟蛾
Pherallodus indicus: 印度異齒喉盤魚
Pherallodus indicus: 印度細喉盤魚
Pherbellia causta: 燒炙沼蠅
Pheropsophus occipitalis: 短鞘步甲
Phestilla melanobrachia: 翼簑海蛞蝓
Phestilla melanobrachia: 黑鰓背鰓海蛞蝓
Phestilla melanobranch: 海蛞蝓
Phestilla minor: 小型背鰓海蛞蝓
Phibalothrips basis: 腹基缺纓狹薊馬
Phibalothrips peringuey: 二色缺纓狹薊馬
Phidiana anulifera: 多環灰翼海蛞蝓
Phidiana bourailli: 波雷灰翼海蛞蝓
Phidiana indica: 印度灰翼海蛞蝓
Phidiana indica: 印度翼蓑海蛞蝓
Phigys solitarius: 绿领吸蜜鹦鹉
Philagra kuskusuana: 松村氏長額錘型象沫蟬
Philanthaxia sauteri: 曹德氏圓吉丁蟲
Philantomba monticola: 藍遁羚
Philautus albopunctatus: 白斑小树蛙(3)
Philautus albopunctatus: 白斑小樹蛙
Philautus andersoni: 安氏小树蛙(3)
Philautus andersoni: 安氏小樹蛙
Philautus andersoni: 疣小树蛙
Philautus cavirostris: 鋸腿小樹蛙
Philautus cavirostris: 锯腿小树蛙(3)
Philautus gracilipes: 黑眼睑小树蛙(2)
Philautus gracilipes: 黑眼脸小树蛙(2)
Philautus gracilipes: 黑眼臉小樹蛙
Philautus jinxiuensis: 金秀小树蛙(4)
Philautus jinxiuensis: 金秀小樹蛙
Philautus longchuanensis: 陇川小树蛙(3)
Philautus longchuanensis: 隴川小樹蛙
Philautus medogensis: 墨脫小樹蛙
Philautus medogensis: 墨脱小树蛙(3)
Philautus memglaensis: 勐腊小树蛙
Philautus menglaensis: 勐腊小树蛙(3)
Philautus menglaensis: 勐臘小樹蛙
Philautus ocellatus: 眼斑小树蛙(3)
Philautus ocellatus: 眼斑小樹蛙
Philautus odontotarsus: 锯腿小树蛙
Philautus palpebralis: 白頰小樹蛙
Philautus palpebralis: 白颊小树蛙(3)
Philautus rhododiscus: 紅吸盤小樹蛙
Philautus rhododiscus: 红吸盘小树蛙(3)
Philautus romeri: 盧文氏蛙
Philautus romeri: 罗默小树蛙
Philautus romeri: 香港小树蛙(3)
Philautus romeri: 香港小樹蛙
Philbertia bernardi: 棋盤捲管螺
Philbertia bifasciata: 雙帶捲管螺
Philbertia episema: 黃線捲管螺
Philbertia euryacme: 粗粒捲管螺
Philbertia excellens: 縱寬溝捲管螺
Philbertia felina: 花貓捲管螺
Philbertia granicosta: 白虛線捲管螺
Philbertia granicostata: 肉色捲管螺
Philbertia leuckardi: 窗格捲管螺
Philbertia leuckarti: 窗格捲管螺
Philbertia lutea: 淡色捲管螺
Philbertia lutea: 淡黃捲管螺
Philbertia nebulosa: 雪斑捲管螺
Philbertia nexa: 鐵窗捲管螺
Philbertia phaedra: 純白捲管螺
Philbertia philippinensis: 美斑捲管螺
Philbertia psalterium: 豎琴捲管螺
Philbertia pumila: 小格捲管螺
Philbertia pustulosa: 蕃麥捲管螺
Philbertia pyrgoidea: 小麥捲管螺
Philbertia ramsayi: 拉氏捲管螺
Philbertia retellaria: 網格捲管螺
Philbertia subspurca: 污白捲管螺
Philbertia tessellata: 似棋盤捲管螺
Philbertia thorssoni: 陶氏捲管螺
Philbertia tincta: 夢燕捲管螺
Philbertia tincta: 彩珠捲管螺
Philbertia tippetti: 鐵氏捲管螺
Philbertia tokyoensis: 東京捲管螺
Philemon brassi: 布氏吮蜜鸟
Philemon buceroides: 盔吮蜜鸟
Philemon citreogularis: 小吮蜜鸟
Philemon corniculatus: 噪吮蜜鸟
Philemon fuscicapillus: 暗吮蜜鸟
Philemon inornatus: 帝汶吮蜜鸟
Philemon meyeri: 麦氏吮蜜鸟
Philemon moluccensis: 黑脸吮蜜鸟
Philemon subcorniculatus: 灰颈吮蜜鸟
Philentoma pyrhoptera: 棕翅王鵙
Philentoma pyrhopterum: 棕翅王鵙
Philentoma velata: 栗胸王鵙
Philentoma velatum: 栗胸王鵙
Philesturnus carunculatus: 鞍背鸦
Philetor brachypterus: 新几内亚掠蝠
Philetor brachypterus: 狹翼情侶棕蝠
Philine argentata: 棉花薄泡螺
Philine kurodai: 黑田薄泡螺
Philine orca: 海怪酷愛海蛞蝓
Philine otukai: 大塚薄泡螺
Philine vitrea: 面紗薄泡螺
Philinopsis cyanea: 暗藍美麗海蛞蝓
Philinopsis gardineri: 賈第納美麗海蛞蝓
Philinopsis pilsbryi: 皮爾斯利美麗海蛞蝓
Philinopsis reticulata: 網紋美麗海蛞蝓
Philinorbis teramachii: 寺町薄泡螺
Philobatus christophi: 网姬蝽
Philodromus alascensis: 阿拉逍遥蛛
Philodromus aureolus: 金黄逍遥蛛
Philodromus auricomus: 耳斑逍遥蛛
Philodromus cespitum: 草皮逍遥蛛
Philodromus emarginatus: 凹缘逍遥蛛
Philodromus fallax: 虚逍遥蛛
Philodromus histrio: 铲逍遥蛛
Philodromus lanchouensis: 兰州逍遥蛛
Philodromus leucomarginatus: 白缘逍遥蛛
Philodromus mainlingensis: 米林逍遥蛛
Philodromus mongolicus: 蒙古逍遥蛛
Philodromus nanjiangensis: 南疆逍遥蛛
Philodromus renarius: 肾形逍遥蛛
Philodromus rufus: 红棕逍遥蛛
Philodromus spinitarsis: 刺跗逍遥蛛
Philodromus spinitarsis: 樹皮蝦蛛
Philodromus subaureolus: 土黄逍遥蛛
Philodromus triangulatus: 三角逍遥蛛
Philodromus xinjiangensis: 新疆逍遥蛛
Philodromus yiningensis: 伊宁逍遥蛛
Philoganga robusta: infantua, 瑛风大丽蟌
Philoganga robusta: robusta, 粗壮大丽蟌
Philoganga vestusta: 古老大丽蟌
Philomachus pugnax: 流苏鹬(10)
Philomachus pugnax: 流蘇鷸(10)
Philomachus pugnax: 流蘇鷸(2)
Philomycus bilineatus: 双线嗜粘液蛞蝓
Philomycus pictus: 绣花嗜粘液蛞蝓
Philophylla aethiops: 耶西麗翅實蠅
Philophylla angulata: 黑腿麗翅實蠅
Philophylla connexa: 合紋麗翅實蠅
Philophylla farinosa: 霜降麗翅實蠅
Philophylla fossata: 溝紋麗翅實蠅
Philophylla nummi: 那米麗翅實蠅
Philophylla rufescens: 褐麗翅實蠅
Philophylla superflucta: 深溝麗翅實蠅
Philoponella nigromaculata: 黑斑渦蛛
Philoponella prominens: 隆背渦蛛
Philorus taiwanensis: 蓬萊網紋
Philosamia cynthia: 樗蚕
Philosamia cynthia: 樗蠶
Philosamia cynthia: ricini, 蓖麻蚕
Philosamia cynthia: ricini, 蓖麻蠶
Philosina buchi: 黄条黑山蟌
Philostephanus monticola: 菸盲蝽
Philostephanus ovalis: 菸盲蝽
Philostephanus taiwanensis: 菸盲蝽
Philus antennatus: 柑橘窄胸天牛
Philus antennatus: 長角窄胸天牛
Philus pallescens: 大眼天牛
Philus pallescens: 甘蔗窄胸天牛
Philus pallescens: 甲仙窄胸天牛
Philyra heterograna: 雜粒拳蟹
Philyra pisum: 千人捏不死
Philyra pisum: 豆形拳蟹
Philyra platycheir: 長螯拳蟹
Philyra platychira: 長螯拳蟹
Philyra tuberculosa: 疙瘩拳蟹
Phimenes curvatus: 蘭嶼虎蜾嬴
Phimenes flavopictus: 虎蜾嬴
Phintella abnormis: 異常黑條蠅虎
Phintella debilis: 柔弱條斑蠅虎
Phintella linea: 直線黑條蠅虎
Phintella versicolor: 多色金蟬蛛
Phintella versicolor: 眼鏡黑條蠅虎
Phlaeoba infumata: 條紋褐蝗
Phlebotomus kiangsuensis: 江蘇白蛉
Phloeomys cumingi: 雲鼠
Phlyctocythere huangshihguni: 黃石公泡疹介
Phlyctocythere ninghsieni: 佞賢泡疹介
Phlyctocythere shihkui: 郤穀泡疹介
Phlyctocythere yatzui: 雅子泡疹介
Phlyctocythere yüyunae: 玉雲泡疹介
Phoca caspica: 里海海豹
Phoca hispida: 环海豹
Phoca largha: 大齿斑海豹(2)
Phoca largha: 斑海豹(2)
Phoca largha: 海豹
Phoca largha: 港海豹
Phoca largha: 西太平洋斑海豹
Phoca sibirica: 贝加尔海豹
Phoca vitulina: 斑海豹
Phocarctos hookeri: 新西兰海狮
Phocarctos hookeri: 胡氏海獅
Phocoena sinus: 加灣鼠海豚
Phocoena sinus: 太平洋鼠海豚(3)
Phocoena sinus: 海灣鼠海豚
Phodilus badius: 栗鴞
Phodilus badius: 栗鸮(5)
Phodopus roborovskii: 小毛足鼠
Phoebastria albatrus: 短尾信天翁(8)
Phoebastria immutabilis: 黑背信天翁(7)
Phoebastria nigripes: 黑脚信天翁(3)
Phoebastria nigripes: 黑腳信天翁(7)
Phoebetria fusca: 黑信天翁,
Phoebetria palpebrata: 淡額黑信天翁,
Phoebis agarithe: 橙菲粉蝶
Phoebis argante: 杏菲粉蝶
Phoebis avellaneda: 红菲粉蝶
Phoebis bourkei: 博尔菲粉蝶
Phoebis editha: 爱菲粉蝶
Phoebis neocypris: 尖尾菲粉蝶
Phoebis philea: 黄纹菲粉蝶
Phoebis sennae: 黄菲粉蝶
Phoeniconaias minor: 小红鹳
Phoeniconais minor: 小紅鶴
Phoenicopterus chilensis: 智利紅鶴
Phoenicopterus chilensis: 紅鶴
Phoenicopterus minor: 小紅鸛(2)
Phoenicopterus roseus: 大紅鸛
Phoenicopterus roseus: 大红鹳
Phoenicopterus rosus: 大紅鸛
Phoenicopterus rubber: 大紅鸛
Phoenicopterus ruber: 大紅鶴
Phoenicopterus ruber: 大紅鸛(2)
Phoenicopterus ruber: 大红鹳(6)
Phoeniculus bollei: 白頭林戴勝
Phoeniculus castaneiceps: 栗頭林戴勝
Phoeniculus damarensis: 紫林戴勝
Phoeniculus purpureus: 綠林戴勝
Phoeniculus somaliensis: 黑嘴林戴勝
Phoenicurus alaschanicus: 賀蘭山紅尾鴝(2)
Phoenicurus alaschanicus: 贺兰山红尾鸲(6)
Phoenicurus auroreus: 北紅尾鴝(3)
Phoenicurus auroreus: 北红尾鸲(12)
Phoenicurus auroreus: 黃尾鴝(7)
Phoenicurus auroreus: 黄尾鸲
Phoenicurus caeruleocephala: 蓝头红尾鸲(2)
Phoenicurus caeruleocephala: 藍頭紅尾鴝
Phoenicurus erythrogastrus: 紅腹紅尾鴝
Phoenicurus erythrogastrus: 红腹红尾鸲(2)
Phoenicurus erythronotus: 紅背紅尾鴝
Phoenicurus erythronotus: 红背红尾鸲(2)
Phoenicurus frontalis: 蓝额红尾鸲(3)
Phoenicurus frontalis: 藍額紅尾鴝
Phoenicurus fuliginosus: 鉛色水鶇(2)
Phoenicurus hodgsoni: 黑喉紅尾鴝
Phoenicurus hodgsoni: 黑喉红尾鸲(3)
Phoenicurus ochruros: 赭紅尾鴝(8)
Phoenicurus ochruros: 赭红尾鸲(4)
Phoenicurus phoenicurus: 欧亚红尾鸲
Phoenicurus phoenicurus: 歐亞紅尾鴝
Phoenicurus phoenicurus: 紅尾鴝
Phoenicurus phoenicurus: 红尾鸲(2)
Phoenicurus schisticeps: 白喉紅尾鴝
Phoenicurus schisticeps: 白喉红尾鸲(2)
Phola octodecimguttata: 十八斑瘦金花蟲
Pholcomma nigromaculatum: 黑星盔姬蛛
Pholcomma yunnanensis: 云南困蛛
Pholcus crypticolens: 隱居幽靈蛛
Pholcus inermis: 無毛幽靈蛛
Pholcus phalangioides: 室內幽靈蛛
Pholidichthys leucotaenia: 白條錦鰻鳚
Pholidichthys leucotaenia: 鰻鳚
Pholidornis rushiae: 雀织莺
Pholidoteuthis massyae: 麥氏角鱗魷
Phonygammus keraudrenii: 号声极乐鸟
Phorcidella basalis: 港口寄蠅
Phorelliosoma hexachaeta: 六毛弗瑞實蠅
Phoriniophylax femorata: 台南寄蠅
Phormospyris antarctica: 稳固柳篮虫南极亚种
Phormospyris scaphipes: 稳固柳篮虫舟形亚种
Phormospyris stabilis: 稳固柳篮虫稳固亚种
Phorocerosoma postulans: 恆春寄蠅
Phorodon humuli: 指頭蚜
Phorodon humulifoliae: 葎草指頭蚜
Phoroncidia alishanense: 阿里山錐頭姬蛛
Phoroncidia crustula: 瓢突头蛛
Phorticella albicornis: 白線線紋果蠅
Phorticella bakeri: 貝克氏線紋果蠅
Phorticella bistriata: 雙紋線紋果蠅
Phorticella fenestrata: 簾紋線紋果蠅
Phorticella flavipennis: 黃翅線紋果蠅
Phorticus affinis: 傾晦姬椿
Phorticus affinis: 傾晦姬蝽
Phorticus bannanus: 版纳晦姬蝽
Phorticus distanti: 狄氏晦姬蝽
Phorticus formosanus: 寶島晦姬蝽
Phorticus yunnanus: 云晦姬蝽
Phos nodicostatum: 粗糙峨螺
Phos roseatus: 玫瑰峨螺
Phos senticosus: 木賊峨螺
Phos varicosus: 斑節峨螺
Photonectes albipennis: 白鰭袋巨口魚
Photopectoralis bindus: 黃斑鰏
Photoplagios elongatus: 長身鰏
Photoplagios leuciscus: 曳絲鰏
Photoplagios lineolatus: 粗紋鰏
Photoplagios rivulatus: 條鰏
Photostomias guernei: 格氏光巨口魚
Phoxinellus alepidotus: 波斯尼亞小鱥
Phoxinus bigerri: 貝氏莫羅鱥
Phoxinus brachyurus: 短尾鱥(2)
Phoxinus colchicus: 科爾芝克鱥
Phoxinus czekanowskii: 花江鱥
Phoxinus erythrogaster: 美洲鱥
Phoxinus grumi: 吐魯番鱥
Phoxinus grumi: 吐鲁番鱥
Phoxinus issykkulensis: 伊塞克湖鱥
Phoxinus jouyi: 朱氏莫羅鱥
Phoxinus kumganensis: 朝鮮鱥
Phoxinus kumkang: 斑鳍鱥
Phoxinus lagowskii: 洛氏鱥
Phoxinus neogaeus: 細鱗紅腹魚
Phoxinus neogaeus: 細鱗鱥
Phoxinus oxycephalus: 尖头鱥
Phoxinus percnurus: 湖鱥
Phoxinus phoxinus: 真鱥(2)
Phoxinus semotilus: 黑星鱥
Phoxinus tchangi: 张氏鱥
Phoxinus ujmonensis: 西氏鱥
Phoxinus ujmonensis: 阿爾塔鱥
Phoxocampus belcheri: 黑海龍
Phoxocampus belcheri: 黑錐海龍
Phoxocampus diacanthus: 橫帶海龍
Phoxocampus diacanthus: 橫帶錐海龍
Phoxocampus tetrophthalmus: 白斑錐海龍
Phoxocampus tetrophthalmus: 白斑锥海龙
Phoxophrys borneensis: 加里曼丹瘰蜥(2)
Phoxophrys cephalum: 金拿巴鲁瘰蜥(2)
Phoxophrys nigrilabris: 黑唇瘰蜥(2)
Phoxophrys spiniceps: 棘首瘰蜥(2)
Phractocephalus hemiliopterus: 红尾鸭嘴
Phractocephalus hemioliopteru: 紅尾護頭鱨
Phractocephalus hemioliopteru: 紅尾鴨嘴鱨
Phragamaticola aedon: 厚嘴苇莺
Phraortes bicolor: 雙色皮竹節蟲
Phratora similis: 柳藍金花蟲
Phreatichthys andruzzii: 安氏坑魚
Phronima atlantica: 鈍巧戎
Phronima bucephala: 牛頭巧戎
Phronima colletti: 突巧戎
Phronima curvipes: 曲足巧戎
Phronima pacifica: 太平洋巧戎
Phronima sedentaria: 隱巧戎
Phronima solitaria: 單巧戎
Phronimella elongata: 長小巧戎
Phronimopsis spinifera: 針簡巧戎
Phrosina semilunata: 半彎靈戎
Phrurolithus claripes: 輝蛛
Phrurolithus taiwanicus: 台灣輝蛛
Phryganea sinensis: 中华石蛾(3)
Phryganea sinensis: 中華石蛾
Phrynarachne huangshanensis: 黄山瘤蟹蛛
Phrynarachne mammillata: 乳突瘤蟹蛛
Phrynobatrachus accraensis: 尖蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus acridoides: 拟蝗蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus acutirostris: 尖吻蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus alleni: 艾伦蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus alticola: 山栖蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus batesii: 贝茨蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus bequaerti: 贝夸蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus cricogaster: 圆腹蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus dendrobates: 树蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus fraterculus: 助蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus ghanensis: 加纳蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus giorgii: 加纳蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus graueri: 格劳尔蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus guineensis: 几内亚蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus gutturosus: 红喉蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus kinangopensis: 金安蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus krefftii: 克雷蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus liberiensis: 南非小蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus minutus: 东南小蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus perpalmatus: 全掌蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus petropedetoides: 石蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus plicatus: 褶蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus steindachneri: 司蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus tellinii: 特林蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus ukingensis: 尤蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus versicolor: 多彩蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus villiersi: 维利尔斯蟾蛙
Phrynobatrachus werneri: 沃纳蟾蛙
Phrynocaria congener: 紅星盤瓢蟲(2)
Phrynocaria congener: 红星盘瓢虫
Phrynocaria shirozui: 黃星盤瓢蟲
Phrynocephalus albolineatus: 白条沙蜥(4)
Phrynocephalus albolineatus: 白條沙蜥
Phrynocephalus arabicus: 阿拉伯沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus axilaris: 叶城沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus axillaris: 叶城沙蜥(4)
Phrynocephalus axillaris: 葉城沙蜥
Phrynocephalus axillaris: 黑龙江草蜥
Phrynocephalus erythrurus: 紅尾沙蜥
Phrynocephalus erythrurus: 红尾沙蜥(4)
Phrynocephalus euptilopus: 俾路支沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus forsythii: 南疆沙蜥(5)
Phrynocephalus frontalis: 卷尾沙蜥
Phrynocephalus frontalis: 草原沙蜥(6)
Phrynocephalus frontalis: 草的沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus frontalis: 蟾头蜥
Phrynocephalus frontalis: 青海沙蜥
Phrynocephalus grumgrizimailoi: 东疆沙蜥
Phrynocephalus grumgrizimailoi: 变色沙蜥
Phrynocephalus grumgrizimaloi: 奇台沙蜥
Phrynocephalus grumgrzimailoi: 奇台沙蜥(3)
Phrynocephalus grumgrzimailoi: 奇臺沙蜥
Phrynocephalus guentheri: 居岩沙蜥
Phrynocephalus guentheri: 居延沙蜥(3)
Phrynocephalus guttatus: 乌拉尔沙蜥(4)
Phrynocephalus guttatus: 斑点沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus guttatus: 烏拉爾沙蜥
Phrynocephalus helioscopus: 大耳沙蜥
Phrynocephalus helioscopus: 旱地沙蜥(5)
Phrynocephalus helioscopus: 欧亚沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus hongyuanensis: 紅原沙蜥
Phrynocephalus hongyuanensis: 红原沙蜥(3)
Phrynocephalus hongyuanesis: 红原沙蜥
Phrynocephalus immaculatus: 斑点沙蜥
Phrynocephalus immaculatus: 无斑沙蜥(4)
Phrynocephalus immaculatus: 無斑沙蜥
Phrynocephalus indovici: 库车沙蜥
Phrynocephalus indovici: 庫車沙蜥
Phrynocephalus interscapulatis: 布哈拉沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus koslowi: 柯氏沙蜥
Phrynocephalus koslowi: 白梢沙蜥(4)
Phrynocephalus kozlowi: 白梢沙蜥
Phrynocephalus ludovici: 库车沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus ludovici: 鲁氏沙蜥
Phrynocephalus luteoguttatus: 阿富汗沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus maculatus: 斑沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus maculatus: 蟾頭蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus mystaceus: 大耳沙蜥(9)
Phrynocephalus mystaceus: 草原沙蜥
Phrynocephalus nasatus: 宽鼻沙蜥(4)
Phrynocephalus nasatus: 寬鼻沙蜥
Phrynocephalus przewalskii: 荒漠沙蜥(7)
Phrynocephalus reticulatus: 网斑沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus rossikowi: 中亚沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus scutellatus: 伊朗沙蜥(2)
Phrynocephalus theobaldi: 东疆沙蜥
Phrynocephalus theobaldi: 西藏沙蜥(7)
Phrynocephalus valangalii: 青海沙蜥
Phrynocephalus versicolor: 卷尾沙蜥
Phrynocephalus versicolor: 变色沙蜥(8)
Phrynocephalus versicolor: 叶城沙蜥
Phrynocephalus versicolor: 蟾头蜥
Phrynocephalus versicolor: 變色沙蜥
Phrynocephalus vlangalii: 无斑沙蜥
Phrynocephalus vlangalii: 青海沙蜥(6)
Phrynocephalus zetanensis: 泽当沙蜥
Phrynocephalus zetangensis: 泽当沙蜥(3)
Phrynocephalus zetangensis: 澤當沙蜥
Phrynohyas resinifictrix: 牛奶蛙(2)
Phrynomantis microps: 紅椒蛙(2)
Phrynops geoffroanus: 花面龜(2)
Phrynops gibbus: 裙邊龜
Phrynops hilari: 希拉蕊蟾頭龜
Phrynops hilarii: 尖吻龜(2)
Phrynops rufipes: 紅頭側頸龜(2)
Phrynops williamsi: 面具龜(2)
Phrynosoma asio: 巨型角蜥
Phrynosoma braconnieri: 短尾角蜥
Phrynosoma cornuta: 蛤蚧, Ge jie
Phrynosoma cornutum: 德克萨斯角蜥(2)
Phrynosoma cornutum: 角蜥
Phrynosoma coronatum: 布兰维尔角蜥
Phrynosoma coronatum: 海岸角蜥
Phrynosoma coronatum: 角蜥
Phrynosoma coronatum: 角蜥蜴(2)
Phrynosoma ditmarsi: 岩角蜥
Phrynosoma douglasii: 侏儒角蜥
Phrynosoma hernandesi: 大短角蜥
Phrynosoma mcallii: 扁尾角蜥
Phrynosoma modestum: 圆尾角蜥
Phrynosoma modestum: 圓尾角蜥(2)
Phrynosoma orbiculare: 奇瓦瓦角蜥
Phrynosoma platyrhinos: 扁吻角蜥
Phrynosoma platyrhinos: 沙漠角蜥(3)
Phrynosoma solare: 帝王角蜥
Phrynosoma taurus: 墨西哥角蜥
Phryxe vulgaris: 常怯寄蝇
Phthanophaneron harveyi: 眉頰鯛
Phthanophaneron harveyi: 眉颊鲷
Phthirunculus sumatranus: 蘇門小蝨
Phthorimaea heliopa: 烟草麦蛾
Phthorimaea operculella: 烟草潜叶蛾
Phumosia indica: 印度阜蠅
Phycodurus eques: 葉海龍
Phycosoma flavomarginate: 黃緣微姬蛛
Phycosoma mustelinum: 鼬形微姬蛛
Phycosoma nigromaculatum: 黑星盔姬蛛
Phycus kerteszi: 克氏劍虻
Phygasia ornata: 橫紋瘤額葉蚤
Phyladelphus infuscatus: 褐棕稈蠅
Phyllaphoides bambusicola: 毛竹綿粉蚜
Phyllastrephus cabanisi: 卡氏旋木鵯
Phyllastrephus cerviniventris: 灰綠旋木鵯
Phyllastrephus debilis: 姬旋木鵯
Phyllastrephus fischeri: 費氏旋木鵯
Phyllastrephus flavostriatus: 黃紋旋木鵯
Phyllastrephus hypochloris: 托羅綠旋木鵯
Phyllastrephus strepitans: 鋸齒旋木鵯
Phyllastrephus terrestris: 褐旋木鵯
Phyllergates cucullatus: 金头缝叶莺
Phyllidia babai: 馬場葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidia coelestis: 天空葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidia elegans: 華美葉海蛞蝓(2)
Phyllidia exquisita: 優美葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidia nobilis: 華貴葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidia nobilis: 華貴葉海麒麟
Phyllidia ocellata: 媚眼葉海蛞蝓(2)
Phyllidia ocellata: 媚眼葉海麒麟
Phyllidia picta: 彩繪葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidia polkadotsa: 圓點葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidia pustulosa: 突丘葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidia pustulosa: 突丘葉海麒麟
Phyllidia varicosa: 展紋葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidia varicosa: 腫紋葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidia varicosa: 葉海麒麟
Phyllidia willani: 威廉葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiella cooraburrama: 古怪葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiella granulata: 多籽葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiella lizae: 麗姿葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiella pustulosa: 突丘葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiella rudmani: 魯德曼葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiopsis annae: 安娜葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiopsis cardinalis: 紅疣葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiopsis krempfi: 克蘭夫葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiopsis pipeki: 派克葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiopsis shireenae: 席琳葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiopsis sphingis: 獅身人面葉海蛞蝓
Phyllidiopsis xishaensis: 西沙葉海蛞蝓
Phyllobates lugubris: 畫眉箭毒蛙(2)
Phyllobates terribilis: 金色箭毒蛙
Phyllobrotica sauteri: 紹德細螢今花蟲
Phyllobrotica shirozui: 白水細螢金花蟲
Phylloclusia stelecera: 甲仙澳蠅
Phyllocnistis citrella: 柑橘潛蛾
Phyllocoma convoluta: 細彫骨螺
Phyllocoptes calirubi: 加州懸鉤子葉刺節蜱
Phyllocoptes dimidius: 半中線葉刺節蜱
Phyllocoptes limsamus: 冷杉葉刺節蜱
Phyllocoptes mediotransversus: 中橫線葉刺節蜱
Phyllocoptes multilinea: 多線葉刺節蜱
Phyllocoptes teneri: 山桂花葉刺節蜱
Phyllocoptruta oleivora: 柑桔皺葉刺節蜱
Phyllocoptruta paniculata: 七里香皺葉刺節蜱
Phyllocoptruta peregi: 完整皺葉刺節蜱
Phyllocoptruta semialatae: 鹽膚木皺葉刺節蜱
Phylloda foliacea: 枯葉櫻蛤
Phyllodactylus reissii: 厄瓜多尔叶趾虎
Phylloderma stenops: 狭面矛吻蝠
Phylloderma stenops: 狹面矛吻蝠
Phylloderma stenops: 葉皮蝠
Phyllodesmium briareum: 百臂灰翼海蛞蝓
Phyllodesmium colemani: 科立曼灰翼海蛞蝓
Phyllodesmium crypticum: 隱身灰翼海蛞蝓
Phyllodesmium kabiranum: 凱比勒灰翼海蛞蝓
Phyllodesmium longicirrum: 長卷鬚灰翼海蛞蝓
Phyllodesmium macphersonae: 麥福森灰翼海蛞蝓
Phyllodesmium opalescens: 乳白灰翼海蛞蝓
Phyllodesmium poindimiei: 波印底美灰翼海蛞蝓
Phyllodromia flavomarginata: 黃緣扁蠊
Phyllodromia fusca: 暗色舞虻
Phyllodromia lineata: 線紋土蠊
Phyllodromia nigripronota: 黑胸土蠊
Phyllodromia niitakana: 玉山姬蠊
Phyllodromia ogatai: 緒方扁蠊
Phyllolais pulchella: 黃腹鶯
Phyllomedusa sauvagii: 蠟白猴樹蛙
Phyllomyza approximata: 美洲稗稈蠅
Phyllomyza dilatata: 台南稗稈蠅
Phyllomyza epitacta: 知本稗稈蠅
Phyllomyza luteipalpis: 澄鬚稗稈蠅
Phyllomyza nudipalpis: 裸鬚稗稈蠅
Phyllonycteris aphylla: 牙買加花蝠
Phyllonycteris poeyi: 古巴花蝠(2)
Phyllopertha chalcoides: 細腳褐金龜
Phyllopertha suzukii: 鈴木淡褐金龜
Phyllopertha yangi: 寬腳褐金龜
Phyllophorina kotoshoensis: 蘭嶼大葉螽蟴(3)
Phyllops falcatus: 古巴葉顔蝠
Phyllops falcatus: 食花蝠(2)
Phyllopteryx taeniolatus: 草海龍
Phylloscopus affinis: 黃腹柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus affinis: 黄腹柳莺(7)
Phylloscopus armandii: 棕眉柳莺(6)
Phylloscopus armandii: 棕眉柳鶯(3)
Phylloscopus borealis: 极北柳莺(11)
Phylloscopus borealis: 柳鶯
Phylloscopus borealis: 極北柳鶯(7)
Phylloscopus borealis: 極北柳鶯
Phylloscopus borealoides: 库页岛柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus borealoides: 庫頁島柳鶯(3)
Phylloscopus borealoides: 庫頁島柳鶯
Phylloscopus borealoides: 日本淡脚柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus budongoensis: 烏干達柳鶯
Phylloscopus calciatilis: 灰岩柳莺
Phylloscopus cantator: 黃胸柳鶯
Phylloscopus cantator: 黄胸柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus cebuensis: 道氏柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus chloronotus: 淡黃腰柳鶯
Phylloscopus chloronotus: 淡黄腰柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus claudiae: 冠紋柳鶯
Phylloscopus claudiae: 冠纹柳莺
Phylloscopus collybita: 叽咋柳莺(5)
Phylloscopus collybita: 叽喳柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus collybita: 嘰咋柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus collybita: 嘰喳柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus collybita: 棕柳鶯
Phylloscopus coronatus: 冕柳莺(9)
Phylloscopus coronatus: 冕柳鶯(3)
Phylloscopus coronatus: 冠羽柳鶯(3)
Phylloscopus coronatus: 冠羽柳鶯
Phylloscopus davisoni: 云南白斑尾柳莺
Phylloscopus davisoni: 白斑尾柳莺(5)
Phylloscopus davisoni: 白斑尾柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus emeiansis: 峨嵋柳莺(4)
Phylloscopus emeiansis: 峨嵋柳鶯
Phylloscopus emeiensis: 峨嵋柳鶯
Phylloscopus emeiensis: 峨眉柳莺(3)
Phylloscopus forresti: 四川柳莺
Phylloscopus fuligiventer: 烟柳莺(6)
Phylloscopus fuligiventer: 煙柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus fusatus: 褐柳莺
Phylloscopus fusatus: 褐柳鶯
Phylloscopus fuscatus: 褐柳莺(9)
Phylloscopus fuscatus: 褐柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus fuscatus: 褐色柳莺
Phylloscopus fuscatus: 褐色柳鶯(5)
Phylloscopus fuscatus: 褐色柳鶯
Phylloscopus gansunensis: 甘肃柳莺(4)
Phylloscopus gansunensis: 甘肅柳鶯
Phylloscopus goodsoni: 华南冠纹柳莺
Phylloscopus goodsoni: 華南冠紋柳鶯
Phylloscopus griseolus: 灰柳莺(5)
Phylloscopus griseolus: 灰柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus griseolus: 硫腹柳莺
Phylloscopus griseolus: 硫腹柳鶯
Phylloscopus hainanus: 海南柳莺(7)
Phylloscopus hainanus: 海南柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus humei: 休氏黃眉柳鶯
Phylloscopus humei: 淡眉柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus humei: 淡眉柳鶯
Phylloscopus ijimae: 愛知柳鶯
Phylloscopus ijimae: 艾吉柳鶯(3)
Phylloscopus ijimae: 艾氏柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus ijimae: 飯島柳鶯(5)
Phylloscopus ijimae: 饭岛柳莺(3)
Phylloscopus ijimae: 飯島柳鶯
Phylloscopus inornatus: 黃眉柳鶯(8)
Phylloscopus inornatus: 黃眉柳鶯
Phylloscopus inornatus: 黄眉柳莺(10)
Phylloscopus kansuensis: 甘肃柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus kansuensis: 甘肅柳鶯
Phylloscopus maculipennis: 灰喉柳莺(6)
Phylloscopus maculipennis: 灰喉柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus magnirostris: 乌嘴柳莺(6)
Phylloscopus magnirostris: 烏嘴柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus neglectus: 纯色柳莺
Phylloscopus nitidus: 绿柳莺
Phylloscopus occipitalis: 冠羽柳鶯
Phylloscopus occipitalis: 大冕柳莺
Phylloscopus ogilviegranti: 克洛斯柳鶯
Phylloscopus ogilviegranti: 白斑尾柳莺
Phylloscopus olivaceus: 叶绿柳莺
Phylloscopus olivaceus: 菲律宾柳莺
Phylloscopus orientalis: 东柳莺
Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus: 双斑绿柳莺(6)
Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus: 雙斑綠柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus poliocephalus: 海岛柳莺
Phylloscopus presbytes: 帝汶柳莺
Phylloscopus proredulus: 黄腰柳莺
Phylloscopus proregullus: 黃腰柳鶯
Phylloscopus proregulus: 黃腰柳鶯(5)
Phylloscopus proregulus: 黃腰柳鶯
Phylloscopus proregulus: 黄腰柳莺(14)
Phylloscopus pulcher: 橙斑翅柳莺(6)
Phylloscopus pulcher: 橙斑翅柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus reguloides: 冠紋柳鶯(3)
Phylloscopus reguloides: 冠紋柳鶯
Phylloscopus reguloides: 冠纹柳莺(5)
Phylloscopus reguloides: 布萊氏柳鶯
Phylloscopus reguloides: 西南冠纹柳莺(2)
Phylloscopus ricketti: 黑眉柳莺(7)
Phylloscopus ricketti: 黑眉柳鶯(3)
Phylloscopus ricketti: 黑眉柳鶯
Phylloscopus ruficapillus: 黃喉柳鶯
Phylloscopus sarasinorum: 苏拉柳莺
Phylloscopus schwarzi: 巨咀柳鶯
Phylloscopus schwarzi: 巨嘴柳莺(9)
Phylloscopus schwarzi: 巨嘴柳鶯(4)
Phylloscopus schwarzi: 巨嘴柳鶯
Phylloscopus sibilatrix: 林柳莺(7)
Phylloscopus sibilatrix: 林柳鶯(3)
Phylloscopus sichuanensis: ㆕川柳鶯
Phylloscopus sichuanensis: 四川柳莺(4)
Phylloscopus sichuanensis: 四川柳鶯
Phylloscopus sindianus: 东方叽咋柳莺(5)
Phylloscopus sindianus: 东方叽喳柳莺
Phylloscopus sindianus: 東方嘰咋柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus subaffinis: 棕腹柳莺(6)
Phylloscopus subaffinis: 棕腹柳鶯(2)
Phylloscopus subviridis: 布氏柳莺
Phylloscopus tenellipes: 淡脚柳莺(3)
Phylloscopus tenellipes: 淡腳柳鶯(4)
Phylloscopus tenellipes: 淡腳柳鶯
Phylloscopus tenellipes: 灰脚柳莺(4)
Phylloscopus tenellipes: 灰腳柳鶯(3)
Phylloscopus trivirgatus: 山柳莺(3)
Phylloscopus trochiloides: 暗綠柳鶯(4)
Phylloscopus trochiloides: 暗绿柳莺(10)
Phylloscopus trochiloides: 雙斑綠柳鶯
Phylloscopus trochiloides: 雙斑綠柳鶯
Phylloscopus trochilus: 柳柳鶯
Phylloscopus trochilus: 欧柳莺(3)
Phylloscopus trochilus: 歐亞柳鶯
Phylloscopus trochilus: 歐亞柳鶯
Phylloscopus trochilus: 歐柳鶯
Phylloscopus tytleri: 泰氏柳莺
Phylloscopus umbrovirens: 褐林柳莺
Phylloscopus umbrovirens: 褐林柳鶯
Phylloscopus xanthoschistos: 灰头柳莺
Phylloscopus xanthoschistos: 灰頭柳鶯
Phylloscopus yunnanensis: 云南柳莺
Phylloscopus yunnanensis: 四川柳莺
Phylloscopus yunnanensis: 雲南柳鶯
Phyllosphingia dissimilis: 盾天蛾
Phyllosphingia dissimilis: 盾斑天蛾
Phyllostomus discolor: 淡色葉口蝠
Phyllostomus discolor: 苍白矛吻蝠
Phyllostomus elongatus: 細長葉口蝠
Phyllostomus elongatus: 细长矛吻蝠
Phyllostomus hastatus: 矛吻蝠(2)
Phyllostomus hastatus: 葉口蝠
Phyllostomus latifolius: 侧叶矛吻蝠
Phyllostomus latifolius: 偏葉葉口蝠
Phylloteles pictipennis: 斑翅葉突額蠅
Phyllothelys werneri: 魏氏奇葉螳
Phyllothelys werneri: 魏氏奇葉螳螂
Phyllotis gerbillus: 沙葉耳鼠
Phyllotreta striolata: 黃條葉蚤
Phyllotreta striolata: 黃條葉蚤
Phyllurus amnicola: 河岸叶尾守宫
Phyllurus caudiannulatus: 环叶尾守宫
Phyllurus championae: 冠军叶尾守宫
Phyllurus ossa: 骨山叶尾守宫
Phyllurus platurus: 叶尾虎
Phyllurus platurus: 澳洲叶尾守宫(2)
Phymatoceridea formosana: 凹唇葉蜂
Phymatoceropsis fulvocincta: 淡黃葉蜂
Phymatodes mizunumai: 水沼氏姬扁天牛
Phymatodes quadriculatus: 四紋小扁天牛
Phymatosternus babai: 六星廣盾瓢蟲
Phymatosternus lewisii: 艷色廣盾瓢蟲
Phymodius granulosus: 小疣瘤蟹
Phymodius nitidus: 光輝瘤蟹
Phynocephalus maculatus: 泽当沙蜥
Phyrella fragilis: 脆懷玉參
Physa acuta: 囊螺(3)
Physeriococcus cellulosus: 刺绒蚧
Physeter catodon: 抹香鯨(3)
Physeter catodon: 抹香鲸(2)
Physeter macrocephalus: 抹香鯨(2)
Physeter macrocephalus: 抹香鲸
Physiculus chigodarana: 絲背小褐鱈
Physiculus chigodarana: 絲背鬚稚鱈
Physiculus japonicus: 日本小褐鱈
Physiculus japonicus: 日本小褐鳕
Physiculus japonicus: 日本鬚稚鱈
Physiculus japonicus: 蝦夷鬚稚鱈
Physiculus maximowiczi: 蝦夷鬚稚鱈
Physiculus maximowiczi: 馬氏小褐鱈
Physiculus maximowiczi: 马氏小褐鳕
Physiculus nigrescense: 灰小褐鳕
Physiculus nigripinnis: 黑翼小褐鱈
Physiculus nigripinnis: 黑翼鬚稚鱈
Physiculus roseus: 紅鬚小褐鱈
Physiculus roseus: 紅鬚稚鱈
Physignaths cocincinus: 长鬣蜥
Physignathus cocincinus: 中国水龙(2)
Physignathus cocincinus: 水龍(2)
Physignathus cocincinus: 绿水龙
Physignathus cocincinus: 長鬣蜥
Physignathus cocincinus: 长邋蜥
Physignathus cocincinus: 长鬣蜥(6)
Physignathus lesueuri: 澳洲水龍(2)
Physignathus lesueuri: 澳洲水龙
Physignathus lesueurii: 横纹澳洲水龙
Physignathus lesueurii: 横纹长鬣蜥(2)
Physignathus lesueurii: 澳洲水龙
Physocephala limbipennis: 寬翅眼蠅
Physocephala sauteri: 邵氏眼蠅
Physodon mulleri: 墨氏胞齿鲨
Physogyra lichtensteini: 泡紋珊瑚
Physopelta albofasciata: 原斑紅蝽
Physopelta cincticollis: 小背斑紅蝽
Physopelta gutta: 大星蝽象
Physopelta gutta: 突背斑紅椿
Physopelta gutta: 突背斑紅蝽
Physopelta slanbuschii: 顯斑紅蝽
Physophora hydrostatica: 氣囊水母
Physopleurella armata: 黃褐刺花蝽
Physopleurella armata: 黄褐刺花蝽
Physosmaragdina nigrifrons: 黑星筒金花蟲
Phytobia diversata: 分歧潛蠅
Phytobia diversata: 異斑菲潛蠅
Phytobia magna: 大型菲潛蠅
Phytobia magna: 巨大潛蠅
Phytobia nigrita: 趨黑潛蠅
Phytobia nigrita: 黑菲潛蠅
Phytodietus spinipes: 刺足短梳姬蜂
Phytoecia rufiventris: 菊天牛
Phytoecia rufiventris: 菊花天牛
Phytoliriomyza arctica: 北斗植斑潛蠅
Phytoliriomyza arctica: 北方植斑潛蠅
Phytomia errans: 遊蕩蚜蠅
Phytomia zonata: 黃道蚜蠅
Phytomyptera minuta: 小型寄蠅
Phytomyza eupatorii: 澤蘭植潛蠅
Phytomyza formosae: 台灣植潛蠅
Phytomyza helianthi: 向日葵植潛蠅
Phytomyza homogyneae: 夏娃植潛蠅
Phytomyza homogyneae: 山白菊植潛蠅
Phytomyza plantaginis: 車前草植潛蠅
Phytomyza quadriseta: 四棘植潛蠅
Phytomyza quadriseta: 四毛植潛蠅
Phytomyza robustella: 小壯植潛蠅
Phytomyza robustella: 橡樹植潛蠅
Phytomyza takasagoensis: 阿里山植潛蠅
Phytomyza takasagoensis: 高砂植潛蠅
Phytomyza tomentella: 薄粉植潛蠅
Phytomyza tomentella: 被毛植潛蠅
Phytomyza valida: 微疣植潛蠅
Phytomyza valida: 豐盛植潛蠅
Phytomyza vitalbae: 活潑植潛蠅
Phytomyza vitalbae: 鐵線蓮植潛蠅
Phytomyza yasumatsui: 日本植潛蠅
Phytomyza yasumatsui: 銀蓮花植潛蠅
Phytophthora palmivora: 棕榈疫霉菌
Phytoscaphus gossypii: 棉尖象甲
Phytosciara flavipes: 黃足黑翅蕈蚋
Phytoseiulus persimilis: 智利捕植蟎
Phytoseius persimilis: 智利捕植螨(2)
Pia formosana: 六星瓢蟲
Piaractus brachypomus: 淡水白鯧, Dan shui bai chang(31)
Piaractus brachypomus: 淡水白鲳(2)
Piaractus brachypomus: 淡水鯧, Dan shui chang
Piaractus brachypomus: 短盖肥脂鲤(2)
Piaractus brachypomus: 短蓋巨脂鯉, Duan gai ju zhi li(21)
Piatytropius sinensis: 中华刀鲇
Pica pica: 喜鵲(13)
Pica pica: 喜鹊(17)
Picathartes gymnocephalus: 白頸巖
Picathartes gymnocephalus: 禿頭岩眉鳥
Picathartes gymnocephalus: 禿頭岩鶥
Picathartes gymnocephalus: 禿頭岩鶲
Picathartes oreas: 灰頸岩眉鳥
Picathartes oreas: 灰頸岩鶥
Picathartes oreas: 灰頸岩鶲
Picathartes oreas: 灰頸巖
Picoides atratus: 紋胸啄木鳥
Picoides atratus: 纹胸啄木鸟(4)
Picoides canicapillus: 小啄木
Picoides canicapillus: 星头啄木鸟(6)
Picoides canicapillus: 星頭啄木鳥
Picoides cathpharius: 白背啄木鳥
Picoides cathpharius: 白背啄木鸟
Picoides cathpharius: 赤胸啄木鳥
Picoides cathpharius: 赤胸啄木鸟(4)
Picoides darjellensis: 黃頸啄木鳥
Picoides darjellensis: 黄颈啄木鸟(3)
Picoides darjullensis: 黄颈啄木鸟
Picoides hyperythrus: 棕腹啄木鳥
Picoides hyperythrus: 棕腹啄木鸟(5)
Picoides kizuki: 小星头啄木鸟(4)
Picoides kizuki: 小星頭啄木鳥
Picoides leucopterus: 白翅啄木鳥
Picoides leucopterus: 白翅啄木鸟(4)
Picoides leucotos: 白背啄木鸟(3)
Picoides major: 大斑啄木鳥
Picoides major: 大斑啄木鸟(6)
Picoides minor: 小斑啄木鳥
Picoides minor: 小斑啄木鸟(5)
Picoides obsoletus: 褐背啄木鳥
Picoides tri-dactylus: 三趾啄木鸟
Picoides tridactylus: 三趾啄木鳥(2)
Picoides tridactylus: 三趾啄木鸟(7)
Picromerus lewisi: 益蝽
Pictichromis porphyreus: 紫准雀鯛
Picumaus innominatus: 斑姬啄木鸟(2)
Picumnus innominatus: 姬啄木鳥
Picumnus innominatus: 姬啄木鸟
Picumnus innominatus: 斑姬啄木鳥(2)
Picumnus innominatus: 斑姬啄木鸟(7)
Picus awokera: 日本绿啄木鸟(2)
Picus canus: 台湾黑枕绿啄木鸟
Picus canus: 海南黑枕绿啄木鸟
Picus canus: 灰头啄木鸟(4)
Picus canus: 灰头绿啄木鸟(6)
Picus canus: 灰頭啄木鳥
Picus canus: 灰頭綠啄木鳥
Picus canus: 綠啄木(11)
Picus canus: 绿啄木鸟
Picus canus: 黑枕啄木鸟(2)
Picus canus: 黑枕綠啄木鳥
Picus canus: 黑枕绿啄木鸟(2)
Picus canus: 綠啄木(3)
Picus canus: hainanus, 海南黑枕綠啄木鳥
Picus canus: tancolo, 台灣黑枕綠啄木鳥
Picus chiorolophus: 黃冠啄木鳥
Picus chiorolophus: 黄冠啄木鸟
Picus chlorolophus: 黃冠綠啄木鳥
Picus chlorolophus: 黄冠啄木鸟(5)
Picus chlorolophus: 黄冠绿啄木鸟
Picus erythropygius: 黑头绿啄木鸟
Picus flavinucha: 大黃冠啄木鳥
Picus flavinucha: 大黃冠綠啄木鳥
Picus flavinucha: 大黄冠啄木鸟(6)
Picus flavinucha: 大黄冠绿啄木鸟
Picus mentalis: 斑喉绿啄木鸟(2)
Picus miniaceus: 镶红绿啄木鸟(2)
Picus puniceus: 红翅绿啄木鸟(2)
Picus rabieri: 紅頸啄木鳥
Picus rabieri: 紅頸綠啄木鳥
Picus rabieri: 红颈啄木鸟(4)
Picus rabieri: 红颈绿啄木鸟(3)
Picus squamatus: 鱗腹啄木鳥
Picus squamatus: 鱗腹綠啄木鳥
Picus squamatus: 鳞腹啄木鸟(4)
Picus squamatus: 鳞腹绿啄木鸟(2)
Picus viridanus: 斑胸绿啄木鸟
Picus viridis: 绿啄木鸟
Picus vittatus: 花腹啄木鳥
Picus vittatus: 花腹啄木鸟(5)
Picus vittatus: 花腹綠啄木鳥
Picus vittatus: 花腹绿啄木鸟(3)
Picus xanthopygaeus: 鱗喉啄木鳥
Picus xanthopygaeus: 鱗喉綠啄木鳥
Picus xanthopygaeus: 鳞喉啄木鸟(4)
Picus xanthopygaeus: 鳞喉绿啄木鸟(2)
Picus xanthopygaeus: 鳞腹绿啄木鸟
Pidonia aenipennis: 銅翅隱姬花天牛
Pidonia aestivalis: 夏季無紋姬花天牛
Pidonia albomaculata: 白斑隱姬花天牛
Pidonia albomaculata: 白紋青翅姬花天牛
Pidonia amabilis: 妮嬌無紋姬花天牛
Pidonia angustata: 褐帶姬花天牛
Pidonia anmashana: 鞍馬山隱姬花天牛
Pidonia atripennis: 黑翅姬花天牛
Pidonia binigrosignata: 黑斑無紋姬花天牛
Pidonia bivittata: 雙點姬花天牛
Pidonia chiaomui: 喬木氏隱姬花天牛
Pidonia chienhsingi: 建興氏無紋姬花天牛
Pidonia chui: 朱氏隱姬花天牛
Pidonia confusa: 碧綠無紋姬花天牛
Pidonia deodara: 神木姬花天牛
Pidonia flaccidissima: 柔弱姬花天牛
Pidonia formosana: 蓬萊無紋姬花天牛
Pidonia formosissima: 極美姬花天牛
Pidonia fushani: 福山氏隱姬花天牛
Pidonia gloriosa: 雌黑姬花天牛
Pidonia hohuanshana: 合歡山隱姬花天牛
Pidonia longipalpalis: 長鬚姬花天牛
Pidonia luna: 月紋隱姬花天牛
Pidonia major: 巨大姬花天牛
Pidonia meridionalis: 窄胸姬花天牛
Pidonia occipitalis: 背條姬花天牛
Pidonia paradisiacola: 小點姬花天牛
Pidonia pilushana: 畢祿山隱姬花天牛
Pidonia pudica: 突陵無紋姬花天牛
Pidonia sacrosnacta: 神聖無紋姬花天牛
Pidonia subaenea: 小銅翅隱姬花天牛
Pidonia submetallica: 松岡姬花天牛
Pidonia taipingshana: 太平山隱姬花天牛
Pidonia takahashii: 高橋氏隱姬花天牛
Pidonia yushana: 玉山隱姬花天牛
Pidorus atratus: 白帶黑斑蛾
Pidorus atratus: 茶帶螢斑蛾
Pidorus gemina: 銀柴帶螢斑蛾
Pieris canidia: 台灣紋白蝶(2)
Pieris canidia: 東方菜粉蝶
Pieris canidia: 白粉蝶
Pieris canidia: 緣點白粉蝶
Pieris rapae: 白粉蝶
Pieris rapae: 紋白蝶(2)
Pieris rapae: 菜粉蝶
Piezodorus hybneri: 璧蝽
Pigtailed macaque: 豚尾猴
Pila leopordovillensis: 元寶螺
Pilagiostenopterina aenea: 古銅廣口蠅
Pilagiostenopterina formosana: 台灣廣口蠅
Pilagiostenopterina olivacea: 橄欖廣口蠅
Pilagiostenopterina soror: 修女廣口蠅
Pilaris fomosicola: 能高平大蚊
Piliocolobus badiu: 西方红疣猴
Piliocolobus badius: 西方紅疣猴
Piliocolobus badius: 西方红疣猴
Piliocolobus foa: 中非红疣猴
Piliocolobus foai: 中非紅疣猴
Piliocolobus foai: 中非红疣猴
Piliocolobus gordonorum: 红疣猴
Piliocolobus kirkii: 桑吉巴紅疣猴
Piliocolobus pennanti: 东方红疣猴
Piliocolobus pennantii: 东方红疣猴
Piliocolobus pennantii: 東方紅疣猴
Piliocolobus preuss: 普氏红疣猴
Piliocolobus preussi: 普氏紅疣猴
Piliocolobus preussi: 普氏红疣猴
Piliocolobus rufomitratu: 河红疣猴
Piliocolobus rufomitratus: 塔那河紅疣猴(2)
Piliocolobus rufomitratus: 塔那河红疣猴
Piliocolobus rufomitratus: 河红疣猴
Piliocolobus tephroscele: 乌干达红疣猴
Piliocolobus tephrosceles: 乌干达红疣猴
Piliocolobus tephrosceles: 烏干達紅疣猴
Pillaia indica: 印鳗鳅
Pilococcus miscanthi: 毛粉蚧
Pilodius areolatus: 網紋殼蟹
Pilodius granulatus: 顆粒毛殼蟹
Pilodius pilumnoides: 毛足毛殼蟹
Pilodius pugil: 刺毛殼蟹
Pilosabia trigona: 毛蓋螺
Pilosphaera zebra: 線條東洋蝸牛
Pilotermes jiangxiensis: 江西棘白蚁
Pilumnopeus makiana: 牧氏毛粒蟹
Pilumnus acanthosoma: 多刺毛刺蟹
Pilumnus longicornis: 長角毛刺蟹
Pilumnus minutus: 小巧毛刺蟹
Pilumnus murphyi: 莫氏毛刺蟹
Pilumnus purpureus: 紫毛刺蟹
Pilumnus scabrisculus: 粗糙毛刺蟹
Pilumnus vespertilio: 蝙蝠毛刺蟹
Pimelodus albicans: 白油鯰
Pimelodus albicans: 白油鲶
Pimelodus blockii: 布式油鯰
Pimelodus blockii: 幽靈貓
Pimephales notatus: 鈍吻胖頭鱥
Pimephales promelas: 胖頭鱥
Pimephales tenellus: 嬌胖頭鱥
Pimephales vigilax: 凝胖頭鱥
Pinarocorys nigricans: 黑歌百靈
Pinctada chemnitzii: 台灣鶯蛤
Pinctada fucata: 凹珠母蛤
Pinctada fucata: 福克多珍珠蛤
Pinctada fucata: martensii, 合浦母贝
Pinctada fucata: martensii, 马氏珠母贝
Pinctada maculata: 白斑珍珠蛤
Pinctada margaritifera: 珠母贝
Pinctada margaritifera: 黑唇贝
Pinctada margaritifera: 黑蝶珍珠蛤
Pinctada margaritifera: 黑蝶真珠蛤
Pinctada margaritifera: 黑蝶贝
Pinctada maxima: 大珠母贝(4)
Pinctada maxima: 白蝶珍珠蛤
Pinctada maxima: 白蝶贝
Pingasa crenaria: 廣州粉尺蛾
Pinguigemmula thielei: 菲律賓捲管螺(2)
Pinguigemmula thielei: 錫氏捲管螺
Pinicola enucieator: 松雀(2)
Pinicola enucleator: 松雀(6)
Pinicola subhimachala: 松雀
Pinicola subhimachala: 紅眉松雀
Pinicola subhimachala: 红眉松雀
Pinjalo lewisi: 李維氏斜鱗笛鯛
Pinjalo pinjalo: 斜鱗笛鯛
Pinjalo pinjalo: 赤筆仔
Pinna bicolor: 二色裂江珧
Pinna bicolor: 雙色江珧蛤
Pinna incurvata: 细长裂江珧
Pinna muricata: 多棘裂江珧
Pinna muricata: 尖角江珧蛤
Pinnaspis aspidistrae: 蜘蛛抱蛋并盾介殼蟲
Pinnaspis buxi: 柚葉并盾介殼蟲
Pinnaspis frontalis: 額瘤并盾介殼蟲
Pinnaspis hibisci: 木槿并盾介殼蟲
Pinnaspis muntingi: 香蕉並盾介殼蟲
Pinnaspis strachani: 山欖並盾介殼蟲
Pinnaspis theae: 茶並盾介殼蟲
Pinnaspis uniloba: 合葉並盾介殼蟲
Pinnotheres boninensis: 波檸豆蟹
Pinnotheres boninensis: 蚵珠
Pinnotheres boninensis: 蚵蟳
Pinnotheres parvulus: 玲瓏豆蟹
Pinnotheres taichungae: 台中豆蟹
Pinnotheres tsingtaoensis: 青島豆蟹
Pionites melanocephala: 黑頭凱克鸚鵡(2)
Pionopsitta pileata: 紅帽鸚哥(2)
Pionopsitta pileata: 紅帽鸚鵡
Pionopsitta pileata: 紅頭鸚鵡(5)
Pionus chalcopterus: 青銅翅鸚鵡(2)
Pionus fuscus: 達士奇鸚鵡(2)
Pionus maximiliani: 鱗頭鸚鵡(2)
Pionus menstruus: 藍頭鸚鵡(2)
Pionus senilis: 白額
Pionus senilis: 白額/白帽鸚鵡
Piophila casei: 鎧氏酪蠅
Piophila contecta: 潛伏酪蠅
Pipa pipa: 負子蟾
Pipile jacutinga: 黑胸鳴官鳥(3)
Pipile jacutinga: 黑胸鸣官鸟
Pipile jacutinga: 黑額鳴冠雉(2)
Pipile jacutinga: 黑额鸣冠雉
Pipile pipile: 普通鳴冠雉指名亞種
Pipile pipile: 普通鸣冠雉
Pipile pipile: 鳴冠雉
Pipile pipile: 鳴官鳥
Pipile pipile: 鸣官鸟
Pipile pipile: pipile, 鳴官鳥(2)
Pipistrellus abramus: 普通伏翼(2)
Pipistrellus abramus: 東亞家蝠(2)
Pipistrellus aegyptius: 荒漠伏翼
Pipistrellus aero: 东非伏翼
Pipistrellus aero: 空中油蝠
Pipistrellus affinis: 茶褐伏翼
Pipistrellus affinis: 褐色油蝠
Pipistrellus anchietai: 安奇塔油蝠
Pipistrellus anchietai: 安氏伏翼
Pipistrellus anthonyi: 安東尼油蝠
Pipistrellus anthonyi: 缅甸伏翼
Pipistrellus arabicus: 阿拉伯伏翼
Pipistrellus arabicus: 阿曼油蝠
Pipistrellus ariel: 沙漠油蝠
Pipistrellus ariel: 苏丹伏翼
Pipistrellus avani: 爪哇伏翼
Pipistrellus babu: 巴布伏翼
Pipistrellus babu: 巴布油蝠
Pipistrellus bodenheimeri: 以色列伏翼
Pipistrellus bodenheimeri: 勃氏油蝠
Pipistrellus cadornae: 卡多納油蝠
Pipistrellus cadornae: 宽异伏翼
Pipistrellus ceylonicus: 斯里兰卡伏翼
Pipistrellus ceylonicus: 錫蘭油蝠
Pipistrellus circumdatus: 大黑油蝠
Pipistrellus circumdatus: 黑伏翼
Pipistrellus coromandra: 印度伏翼
Pipistrellus coromandra: 印度油蝠
Pipistrellus crassulus: 宽首伏翼
Pipistrellus crassulus: 肥頭油蝠
Pipistrellus cuprosus: 铜色伏翼
Pipistrellus dormeri: 夜油蝠
Pipistrellus dormeri: 道氏伏翼
Pipistrellus eisentrauti: 艾氏伏翼
Pipistrellus eisentrauti: 艾氏油蝠
Pipistrellus endoi: 本州伏翼
Pipistrellus endoi: 遠藤油蝠
Pipistrellus hesperus: 西方伏翼
Pipistrellus hesperus: 西美油蝠
Pipistrellus imbricatus: 有鱗油蝠
Pipistrellus imbricatus: 棕伏翼
Pipistrellus inexspectatus: 喜得伏翼
Pipistrellus javanicus: 爪哇伏翼
Pipistrellus javanicus: 爪哇油蝠
Pipistrellus joffrei: 杰氏伏翼
Pipistrellus kicheneri: 基氏伏翼
Pipistrellus kicheneri: 赤褐油蝠
Pipistrellus kuhlii: 库氏伏翼
Pipistrellus kuhlii: 白邊油蝠
Pipistrellus lophurus: 冠伏翼
Pipistrellus lophurus: 冠尾油蝠
Pipistrellus macrotis: 大耳伏翼
Pipistrellus macrotis: 大耳油蝠
Pipistrellus maderensis: 馬德拉油蝠
Pipistrellus maderensis: 马德拉伏翼
Pipistrellus mimus: 印度小伏翼
Pipistrellus mimus: 印度小油蝠
Pipistrellus minahassae: 米岛伏翼
Pipistrellus minahassae: 蘇島油蝠
Pipistrellus montanus: 山家蝠
Pipistrellus mordax: 灰白油蝠
Pipistrellus mordax: 螫伏翼
Pipistrellus musciculus: 加蓬小伏翼
Pipistrellus musciculus: 蠅狀油蝠
Pipistrellus nanulus: 中非小伏翼
Pipistrellus nanulus: 西非小油蝠
Pipistrellus nanus: 香蕉伏翼
Pipistrellus nanus: 香蕉油蝠
Pipistrellus nathusii: 厚皮油蝠
Pipistrellus nathusii: 纳氏伏翼
Pipistrellus paterculus: 棒茎伏翼
Pipistrellus peguensis: 勃固伏翼
Pipistrellus peguensis: 勃固油蝠
Pipistrellus permixtus: 坦桑尼亚伏翼
Pipistrellus permixtus: 坦桑油蝠
Pipistrellus petersi: 多毛油蝠
Pipistrellus petersi: 彼氏伏翼
Pipistrellus pipistrellus: 伏翼
Pipistrellus pipistrellus: 油蝠
Pipistrellus pulvera: 灰伏翼
Pipistrellus pulveratus: 多塵油蝠
Pipistrellus pulveratus: 灰伏翼
Pipistrellus rueppelli: 儒氏油蝠
Pipistrellus rueppelli: 吕氏伏翼
Pipistrellus rusticus: 鏽色油蝠
Pipistrellus rusticus: 锈色伏翼
Pipistrellus savii: 山油蝠
Pipistrellus savii: 萨氏伏翼
Pipistrellus societatus: 社伏翼
Pipistrellus societatus: 結群油蝠
Pipistrellus stenopterus: 狭翼伏翼
Pipistrellus stenopterus: 狹翼油蝠
Pipistrellus sturdeei: 斯氏伏翼
Pipistrellus subflavus: 东方伏翼
Pipistrellus subflavus: 東美油蝠
Pipistrellus tasmaniensis: 塔斯马尼亚伏翼
Pipistrellus tenuis: 侏伏翼
Pipistrellus tenuis: 瘦油蝠
Pipiza signata: 圖章蚜蠅
Pipunculus adventitia: 恆春頭蠅
Pipunculus bicolor: 雙色頭蠅
Pipunculus coatalis: 肋紋頭蠅
Pipunculus eucalypti: 美翅頭蠅
Pipunculus excellens: 卓傑頭蠅
Pipunculus fraternus: 宗族頭蠅
Pipunculus gigas: 巨大頭蠅
Pipunculus holosericeus: 全絲頭蠅
Pipunculus javanensis: 爪哇頭蠅
Pipunculus lentigue: 巨斑頭蠅
Pipunculus macropygus: 大尾頭蠅
Pipunculus megacephalus: 大頭頭蠅
Pipunculus mutillatus: 殘障頭蠅
Pipunculus nudus: 裸毛頭蠅
Pipunculus orientalis: 東洋頭蠅
Pipunculus palatytarsis: 灰腹頭蠅
Pipunculus platytarsis: 平角頭蠅
Pipunculus pulvillatus: 褥塾頭蠅
Pipunculus roralis: 台南頭蠅
Pipunculus sauteri: 邵氏頭蠅
Pipunculus separatus: 港口頭蠅
Pirata clercki: 克氏水狼蛛
Pirates arcuatus: 日月盜獵椿
Pisanianura breviaxe: 紡錘毛螺
Pisenus formosanus: 蓬萊偽蕈蟲
Pisidia dispar: 異形豆瓷蟹
Pisidia serratifrons: 鋸額豆瓷蟹
Pisidium cinereum: 高山豌豆蜆
Pisidium taiwanense: 天池豌豆蜆
Pisidium taiwanense: 灰豌豆蜆
Pisodonophis boro: 土龍
Pisodonophis boro: 波路荳齒蛇鰻(2)
Pisodonophis boro: 雜食豆齒鰻
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: 食蟹荳齒蛇鰻
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: 食蟹豆齒鰻(2)
Pisodonophis canivorous: 食蟹豆齒鰻
Pisodonophis zophistius: 帆鰭豆齒鰻
Pison punctifrons: 刻點豆短翅泥蜂
Pisoodonophis boro: 雜食豆齒鰻(2)
Pistius undulatus: 波状截腹蛛
Pistocythereis binladengi: 賓氏麗花介
Pistocythereis bradyformis: 似布氏麗花介
Pistocythereis bradyi: 布氏麗花介
Pistocythereis fuchuui: 復楚麗花介
Pistocythereis jenho: 仁和麗花介
Pistocythereis miaoliensis: 苗栗麗花介
Pistocythereis subovata: 亞圓麗花介
Pistocythereis yensongi: 嚴嵩麗花介
Pistosia dactyliferae: 山棕扁鐵甲蟲
Pitangus sulphuratus: 大食蠅霸鶲
Pitar affine: 异侧卵蛤
Pitar citrinus: 夕陽黃文蛤
Pitar japonicum: 日本卵蛤
Pitar japonicum: 日本黃文蛤
Pitar lineolatum: 漆泽卵蛤
Pitar obliquatum: 斜角卵蛤
Pitar pellucidum: 射帶黃文蛤
Pitar striatum: 细纹卵蛤
Pitar striatum: 褐邊黃文蛤
Pitar subpellucidum: 亚明卵蛤
Pitar subpellucidum: 淡帶黃文蛤
Pitar sulfureum: 柱状卵蛤
Pitar yerburyi: 淡色黃文蛤
Pitarina sulfureum: 黃文蛤
Pithecheir melanurus: 猴足鼠
Pithecia aequatorialis: 赤道僧面猴
Pithecia aequatorialis: 赤道狐尾猴
Pithecia albicans: 白僧面猴
Pithecia albicans: 白狐尾猴
Pithecia irrorata: 多毛狐尾猴
Pithecia irrorata: 露水僧面猴
Pithecia irrorata: 露水狐尾猴
Pithecia monachus: 僧面猴
Pithecia monachus: 狐尾猴
Pithecia monachus: 白面僧面猴(2)
Pithecia pithecia: 白头狐尾猴(2)
Pithecia pithecia: 白脸僧面猴
Pithecia pithecia: 白脸狐尾猴
Pithecophaga jefferyi: 菲律宾雕(2)
Pithecophaga jefferyi: 食猿雕(3)
Pithecophaga jefferyi: 食猿鵰(4)
Pithecops corvus: 黑丸灰蝶
Pithecops fulgens: 烏來黑星小灰蝶
Pithecops fulgens: 藍丸灰蝶
Pithemera bicincta: 雙帶近環蚓
Pithemera lanyuensis: 蘭嶼近環蚓
Pitohui cristatus: 冠林鵙鹟
Pitohui dichrous: 黑头林鵙鹟
Pitohui ferrugineus: 锈色林鵙鹟
Pitohui incertus: 斑胸林鵙鹟
Pitohui kirhocephalus: 杂色林鵙鹟
Pitohui nigrescens: 黑林鵙鹟
Pitta angolensis: 非洲八色鶇
Pitta arcuata: 蓝斑八色鸫
Pitta arquata: 蓝斑八色鸫
Pitta baudii: 蓝头八色鸫(2)
Pitta brachyura: 八色鳥(3)
Pitta brachyura: 蓝翅八色鸫(3)
Pitta caerulea: 大蓝八色鸫(2)
Pitta cyancea: 蓝翅八色鸫
Pitta cyanea: 蓝八色鸫(3)
Pitta cyanea: 藍八色鶇
Pitta elegans: 华丽八色鸫
Pitta elliotii: 斑腹八色鸫
Pitta erythrogaster: 红胸八色鸫(2)
Pitta granatina: 榴红八色鸫(2)
Pitta guajana: 蓝尾八色鸫(2)
Pitta guajana: 藍尾八色鳥(3)
Pitta guajana: 藍尾八色鶇
Pitta guajana: 藍尾八色
Pitta gurneyi: 泰国八色鸟
Pitta gurneyi: 泰国八色鸫(2)
Pitta gurneyi: 泰國八色鳥(3)
Pitta gurneyi: 泰國八色鶇
Pitta gurneyi: 泰國八色
Pitta kochi: 吕宋八色鸫(2)
Pitta kochi: 呂宋八色鳥(3)
Pitta kochi: 呂宋八色鶇
Pitta kochi: 呂宋八色
Pitta maxima: 白胸八色鸫
Pitta megarhyncha: 红树八色鸫(3)
Pitta moluccensis: 紫藍翅八色鶇(2)
Pitta moluccensis: 蓝翅八色鸫(2)
Pitta moluccensis: 藍翅八色鶇(3)
Pitta moluccensis: 马来八色鸫(2)
Pitta moluccensis: 藍翅八色鶇
Pitta nipalensis: 蓝枕八色鸫(3)
Pitta nipalensis: 藍枕八色鶇
Pitta nympha: 仙八色鶇(5)
Pitta nympha: 仙八色鸫(4)
Pitta nympha: 八色鳥(8)
Pitta nympha: 八色鶇
Pitta nympha: 日本小八色鳥(2)
Pitta nympha: 藍翅八色鶇
Pitta nympha: 藍翅八色
Pitta oatesi: 栗头八色鸫(3)
Pitta oatesi: 栗頭八色鶇
Pitta phayrei: 双辫八色鸫(2)
Pitta phayrei: 雙辮八色鶇
Pitta schneideri: 施氏八色鸫
Pitta sordida: 綠胸八色鶇
Pitta sordida: 绿胸八色鸫(4)
Pitta soror: 蓝背八色鸫(3)
Pitta soror: 藍背八色鶇
Pitta steerii: 斯蒂氏八色鸫
Pitta steerii: 蓝胸八色鸫
Pitta ussheri: 黑头八色鸫
Pitta venusta: 黑冠八色鸫
Pitta versicolor: 噪八色鸫
Pityriasis gymnocephala: 棘头鵙(2)
Placamen calophylla: 木彫蛋糕簾蛤
Placamen chlorotica: 奶油蛋糕簾蛤
Placamen isabellina: 伊莎貝蛋糕簾蛤
Placamen sidneyense: 希德尼蛋糕簾蛤
Placamen tiara: 小蛋糕簾蛤
Placida cremoniana: 克里蒙柱狀海蛞蝓
Placida dendritica: 樹突柱海蛞蝓
Placida dendritica: 樹突柱狀海蛞蝓
Placidochromis electra: 琥珀柔麗鯛
Placidochromis hennydaviesae: 亨尼柔麗鯛
Placidochromis johnstoni: 約翰柔麗鯛
Placidochromis longimanus: 長鰭柔麗鯛
Placidochromis milomo: 米洛柔麗鯛
Placidochromis milomo: 紫紅六間(2)
Placidochromis stonemani: 斯托柔麗鯛
Placidochromis subocularis: 下眼柔麗鯛
Placobdella okai: 台灣盾蛭
Placobranchus ocellatus: 多葉鰓海牛
Placobranchus ocellatus: 多葉鰓海麒麟
Placobranchus ocellatus: 眼斑多葉鰓
Placocheilus caudofasciatus: 纹尾盆唇鱼(2)
Placocheilus cryptonemus: 缺须盆唇鱼(2)
Placopecta magellanicus: 扇贝 
Placopsidella cynocephala: 狗頭渚蠅
Placopsidella grandis: 魁梧渚蠅
Placuna placenta: 雲母蛤
Plaesius javanus: 爪哇閻魔蟲(2)
Plagiodera septemvittata: 七帶瓢金花蟲
Plagiodera versicolora: 柳瓢金花蟲
Plagiodontia aedium: 斜齒鼠
Plagiolepis alluaudi: 阿祿斜山蟻
Plagiolepis exigua: 短小斜山蟻
Plagiopholis blakewayi: 頸斑蛇
Plagiopholis blakewayi: 颈斑蛇(2)
Plagiopholis nuchalis: 緬甸頸斑蛇
Plagiopholis nuchalis: 缅甸颈斑蛇(2)
Plagiopholis styani: 福建頸斑蛇(3)
Plagiopholis styani: 福建颈斑蛇(3)
Plagiopholis unipostocularis: 云南頸斑蛇
Plagiopholis unipostocularis: 云南颈斑蛇(2)
Plagiophplis blakewayi: 颈斑蛇
Plagiophplis nuchalis: 缅甸颈斑蛇
Plagiophplis styani: 福建颈斑蛇
Plagiophplis unipostocularis: 云南颈斑蛇
Plagiopsetta fasciatus: 纵带斜鲽
Plagiopsetta glossa: 扁魚
Plagiopsetta glossa: 斜頜鰈
Plagiopsetta glossa: 皇帝魚
Plagiopsetta glossa: 舌形斜頜鰈
Plagiopsetta glossa: 褐斜鲽
Plagiostema formosana: 赤楊金花蟲
Plagiostema maculicollis: 山桐子金花蟲
Plagiosterna nigripes: 黑腳緣翅金花蟲
Plagiotremus laudandus: 勞旦橫口鳚
Plagiotremus laudandus: 勞旦氏橫口鳚
Plagiotremus laudandus: 雲雀短帶鳚
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: 橫口鳚
Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos: 粗吻短帶鳚
Plagiotremus tapeinosoma: 窄體短帶鳚
Plagiotremus tapeinosoma: 黑帶橫口鳚
Plagopterus argentissimus: 傷鰭魚
Plagusia dentipes: 齒突斜紋蟹
Plagusia immaculata: 無斑斜紋蟹
Plagusia speciosa: 美麗斜紋蟹
Plagusia squamosa: 白底仔
Plagusia squamosa: 礁扁
Plagusia squamosa: 鱗形斜紋蟹
Plakobranchus ocellatus: 眼斑平鰓海蛞蝓
Plamius quadrinotatus: 四紋圓迴木蟲
Planaeschaa risi: risi, 李氏普蜓
Planaeschna ishigakiana: 石垣晏蜓
Planaeschna ishigakiana: flavostria, 石垣晏蜓
Planaeschna maolansis: 茂兰普蜓
Planaeschna milnei: 米普蜓
Planaeschna orientalis: 东方普蜓
Planaeschna risi: 李斯晏蜓
Planaeschna risi: risi, 李斯晏蜓
Planaeschna suichangensis: 遂吕普蜓
Planaeschna taiwana: 台湾普蜓
Planaeschna taiwana: 陽明晏蜓(2)
Planaxis sulcatus: 芝麻螺
Planchonia arabidis: 芥瑰链蚧
Planchonia tokyonis: 柯瑰链蚧
Planes cyaneus: 藍色漂浮蟹
Planigale maculata: 侏袋鼬
Planocera reticulata: 平角涡虫
Planocera reticulata: 网纹平涡虫
Planococcoides bambusicola: 刺竹牦粉蚧
Planococcoides chiponensis: 台湾牦粉蚧
Planococcoides lingnani: 岭南牦粉蚧
Planococcoides macarangae: 血桐牦粉蚧
Planococcus citri: 柑桔粉介殼蟲
Planococcus citri: 柑桔粉介殼蟲, Gan jie fen jie ke chong
Planococcus citri: 桔臀紋粉介殼蟲
Planococcus citri: 臀纹粉蚧
Planococcus dorsospinosus: 荔枝臀纹粉蚧
Planococcus indisus: 印度臀粉蚧
Planococcus kranuliae: 臀紋粉介殼蟲
Planococcus krauhniae: 臀紋粉介殼蟲
Planococcus kraunhiae: 藤臀纹粉蚧
Planococcus lilacinus: 咖啡臀紋粉介殼蟲
Planococcus lilacius: 紫臀纹粉蚧
Planococcus minor: 太平洋臀紋粉介殼蟲
Planococcus minor: 太平洋臀紋粉蚧
Planococcus minor: 臀紋粉介殼蟲
Planococcus mumensis: 美臀纹粉蚧
Planococcus myrsinephilus: 铁臀纹粉蚧
Planococcus pacificus: 太平洋臀紋粉介殼蟲
Planococcus planococcoides: 榄臀纹粉蚧
Planococcus siakwanensis: 下关臀纹粉蚧
Planococcus sinensis: 中华臀纹粉蚧
Plastosciara corneuta: 象牙黑翅蕈蚋
Plastrum testudinis: 龜板, Gui ban
Platacanthomys lasiurus: 刺山鼠
Platalea alba: 非洲琵鷺
Platalea alba: 非洲琵鹭
Platalea flavipes: 黃嘴琵鷺
Platalea leucordia: 白琵鹭
Platalea leucorodia: 琵鷺(6)
Platalea leucorodia: 白琵鷺(10)
Platalea leucorodia: 白琵鹭(8)
Platalea leucorodia: 白琵鷺
Platalea minor: 匙嘴鹭
Platalea minor: 小琵鹭
Platalea minor: 黑脸琵鹭(8)
Platalea minor: 黑臉琵鷺(2)
Platalea minor: 黑面琵鷺(10)
Platalea minor: 黑面琵鹭
Platalea minor: 黑面琵鷺
Platalea regia: 大琵鷺
Platalea regia: 澳洲琵鹭
Platalina genovensium: 蓖形門齒蝠
Platalina genovensium: 鏟齒蝠
Platalina genovensium: 铲齿蝠
Platambus pictipennis: 厚豆龍蝨
Platanista gangetica: 恒河喙豚
Platanista gangetica: 恒河江豚
Platanista gangetica: 恒河豚
Platanista gns: 恒河豚屬
Platanista indi: 印度河豚
Platax batavianus: 印尼燕魚
Platax boersii: 蝙蝠鱼
Platax orbicularis: 圓燕魚
Platax orbicularis: 圓眼燕魚
Platax orbicularis: 短翅蝙蝠
Platax pinnatus: 圓翅燕魚
Platax pinnatus: 彎翅燕魚
Platax pinnatus: 彎鰭燕魚
Platax pinnatus: 燕魚
Platax pinnatus: 紅蝙蝠
Platax pinnatus: 紅邊蝙蝠
Platax pinnatus: 红边蝙蝠
Platax pinnatus: 金邊蝙蝠
Platax teira: 尖翅燕魚
Platax teira: 尖翅燕鱼, Jian chi yan yu(4000)
Platax teira: 燕魚
Platax teira: 燕
Platax teira: 蝙蝠魚
Platax teira: 長蝙蝠
Platax tiera: 燕鱼
Platax tiera: 长鳍蝙蝠
Platemys platycephala: 紅頭側頸龜(2)
Platensina amplipennis: 大宇廣翅實蠅
Platensina apicalis: 端斑廣翅實蠅
Platensina tetrica: 三斑廣翅實蠅
Plateros alishanus: 高山短溝紅螢
Plateros brevelineatus: 灰條短溝紅螢
Plateros brevenotus: 短胸短溝紅螢
Plateros chinensis: 中華短溝紅螢
Plateros coccinipennis: 赤翅短溝紅螢
Plateros kanoi: 鹿野短溝紅螢
Plateros kleineanus: 克林短溝紅螢
Plateros laeticeps: 毛角短溝紅螢
Plateros leechi: 利曲短溝紅螢
Plateros maculatithorax: 紋胸短溝紅螢
Plateros piceicornis: 淡端短溝紅螢
Plateros picianus: 猩紅短溝紅螢
Plateros planatus: 缺刻短溝紅螢
Plateros psuedochinensis: 偽中華短溝紅螢
Plateros sauteri: 梭德短溝紅螢
Plateros viduus: 黃邊短溝紅螢
Platocoelotes ampulliformis: 花瓶宽隙蛛
Platocoelotes globosus: 球体宽隙蛛
Platolenes pilipes: 四紋圓迴木蟲
Platyallabes tihoni: 蒂氏扁髯鯰
Platyallabes tihoni: 蒂氏扁髯鲶
Platybelone argalus: 宽尾颌针鱼
Platybelone argalus: 寬尾頜針魚
Platybelone argalus: 寬尾鶴鱵
Platybelone argalusplatyura: 水針
Platycephalus fuscus: 宽头鯒(2)
Platycephalus indicus: 印度牛尾
Platycephalus indicus: 印度牛尾魚(2)
Platycephalus indicus: 印度牛尾鱼, Yindu niuwei yu(47600)
Platycephalus indicus: 印度鯒(426)
Platycephalus indicus: 牛尾
Platycephalus indicus: 鯒
Platycercus adelaidae: 阿德雷德玫瑰鸚鵡(2)
Platycercus adscitus: 蒼頭玫瑰鸚鵡(2)
Platycercus caledonicus: 綠色玫瑰鸚鵡(2)
Platycercus elegan: 深紅玫瑰鸚鵡(2)
Platycercus elegan: 紅草玫瑰鸚鵡
Platycercus elegans: 深紅玫瑰鸚鵡(2)
Platycercus elegans: 红玫瑰鹦鹉
Platycercus eximius: 東玫瑰鸚鵡(3)
Platycercus eximius: 澳东玫瑰鹦鹉
Platycercus flaveolus: 黃色玫瑰鸚鵡(2)
Platycercus icterotis: 西玫瑰鸚鵡(2)
Platycherius formosanus: 港口蚜蠅
Platyclarias machadoi: 麥氏扁鬍鯰
Platyclarias machadoi: 麦氏扁胡鲶
Platycnemis foliacea: foliacea, 白扇蟌
Platycnemis phyllopoda: 葉足扇蟌
Platycnemis phyltopoda: 粉扇蟌
Platycorynus sauteri: 紫豔大猿金花蟲
Platycrepis violaceus: 紫艷迴木蟲
Platycrepis yangi: 楊氏艷迴木蟲
Platydema alticornis: 頂角艷擬步行蟲
Platydema aurimaculatum: 金紋艷擬步行蟲
Platydema coeruleum: 翠艷擬步行蟲
Platydema endoi: 遠藤艷擬步行蟲
Platydema flavopictum: 四紋艷擬步行蟲
Platydema fumosum: 雲艷擬步行蟲
Platydema haemorrhoidale: 紅角艷擬步行蟲
Platydema pallidicolle: 繁斑艷擬步行蟲
Platydema parachalceum: 梅峰艷擬步行蟲
Platydema sakishimense: 先島艷擬步行蟲
Platydema sauteri: 曹氏艷擬步行蟲
Platydema subfasciats: 肩斑艷擬步行蟲
Platydema terusane: 天池艷擬步行蟲
Platydema tuchinlonoi: 杜氏艷擬步行蟲
Platydema yangmingense: 陽明艷擬步行蟲
Platydemus manokwari: 扁虫(3)
Platydoras armatulus: 盔平囊鯰
Platydoras armatulus: 盔平囊鲶
Platydoris cruenta: 血斑盤海蛞蝓
Platydoris formosa: 台灣盤海蛞蝓
Platydoris pulchra: 美麗盤海蛞蝓
Platyeriocheir formosa: 台灣扁絨螯蟹
Platyeriocheir formosa: 青毛蟹
Platygavialidium formosanum: 台湾平鳄蚱
Platygnathochromis melanonotus: 黑背扁頜麗魚
Platygyra astreiformis: 星形腦紋珊瑚
Platygyra daedalea: 大腦紋珊瑚
Platygyra lamellina: 片腦紋珊瑚
Platygyra pini: 小腦紋珊瑚
Platygyra sinensis: 中國腦紋珊瑚
Platyias quadricornis: 四角平甲輪蟲
Platylambrus echinatus: 棘刺菱蟹
Platylambrus validus: 強壯菱蟹
Platylomia bivocalis: 高砂長瓣蟬
Platylophus galericulatus: 冠鸦(2)
Platymaia bartschi: 大扁蛛蟹
Platymaia remifera: 多槳扁蛛蟹
Platymantis liui: 刘氏扁手蛙
Platymantis punctata: 斑点扁手蛙
Platymantis reticulatus: 网纹扁手蛙
Platymantis solomonis: 所罗门扁手蛙
Platymantis xizangensis: 西藏扁手蛙
Platymeris laevicollis: 大紅紋獵椿(2)
Platynaspidius maculosus: 四斑廣盾瓢蟲(2)
Platynaspidius quinquepunctatus: 五斑廣盾瓢蟲(2)
Platynaspis angulimaculata: 斧斑广盾瓢虫
Platynaspis bimaculata: 双斑广盾瓢虫
Platynaspis gressitti: 扭叶广盾瓢虫
Platynaspis hainanensis: 海南广盾瓢虫
Platynaspis lewisii: 艳色广盾瓢虫
Platynaspis maculosa: 四斑广盾瓢虫
Platynaspis ocellimaculata: 眼斑广盾瓢虫
Platynaspis octoguttata: 八斑广盾瓢虫
Platynaspis tricolor: 三色广盾瓢虫
Platynectes babai: 馬場氏扁形豆龍蝨
Platypalpus albiseta: 白鬃舞虻
Platypalpus cnadidseta: 閃亮舞虻
Platypalpus coarctiformis: 短髭舞虻
Platypalpus formosanus: 台灣舞虻
Platypalpus lingirostris: 長嘴舞虻
Platypalpus shirozui: 白水舞虻
Platypalpus xanthopus: 黃腿舞虻
Platypeza sauteri: 邵氏扁腳蠅
Platypharodon extremus: 扁咽齒魚
Platypharodon extremus: 扁咽齿鱼(2)
Platyplacopus intermedius: 峨嵋地蜥
Platyplacopus intermedius: 峨眉地蜥(4)
Platyplacopus kuehnei: 古氏草蜥
Platyplacopus kuehnei: 台湾地蜥(4)
Platyplacopus kuehnei: 台灣地蜥(3)
Platyplacopus kuehnei: 臺灣地蜥
Platyplacopus sylvaticus: 崇安地蜥(5)
Platypleura hilpa: 黃蟪蛄
Platypleura kaempferi: 蟪蛄
Platypleura takasagona: 小蟪蛄(2)
Platypodia granulosa: 顆粒扁足蟹
Platypodia semigranosa: 半粒扁足蟹
Platypodia tomentosa: 絨毛扁足蟹
Platypus arallelus: 中对长小蠹
Platypus arisannensis: 阿里山長小蠹
Platypus beaveri: 泰國長小蠹
Platypus cartus: 短体长小蠹
Platypus contaminatus: 污穢長小蠹
Platypus cupulatus: 筒长小蠹
Platypus cupulatutus: 小杯长小蠹
Platypus curtus: 截尾長小蠹
Platypus dasycauda: 木材長小蠹
Platypus excedens: 长小蠹属
Platypus formosanus: 台灣長小蠹
Platypus formosanus: 臺灣長小蠹
Platypus horishensis: 埔里長小蠹
Platypus indicus: 印度長小蠹
Platypus jansoni: 强生长小蠹
Platypus kiushuensis: 殼斗長小蠹
Platypus koryoensis: 東亞長小蠹
Platypus lewisi: 東亞李氏長小蠹
Platypus lunatulus: 彎弓長小蠹
Platypus modestus: 方形長小蠹
Platypus niijimai: 番石榴長小蠹
Platypus obtusipennis: 龍腦香長小蠹
Platypus octodentatus: 八齒長小蠹
Platypus parallelus: 中对长小蠹(225)
Platypus parallelus: 平行长小蠹(32)
Platypus pseudocupulatus: 似筒长小蠹
Platypus querci: 橡樹長小蠹
Platypus quercivorus: 災害長小蠹
Platypus solidus: 锥长小蠹
Platypus taiheizanensis: 太平山長小蠹
Platyrhaphe hirasei: 平瀨小山蝸牛
Platyrhaphe lanyuensis: 蘭嶼小山蝸牛
Platyrhaphe minutus: 絲線小山蝸牛
Platyrhaphe sunggangensis: 松崗白帶小山蝸牛
Platyrhaphe swinhoei: 斯文豪小山蝸牛
Platyrhina limboonkengi: 林氏团扇鳐
Platyrhina limboonkengi: 林氏團扇鰩
Platyrhina limboonkengi: 林氏黃點鯆
Platyrhina sinensis: 中国团扇鳐
Platyrhina sinensis: 中國團扇鰩
Platyrhina sinensis: 中國黃點鯆
Platyrhina sinensis: 魴魚
Platyrrhinus aurarius: 华丽白线蝠
Platyrrhinus brachycephatus: 短首白线蝠
Platyrrhinus chocoensis: 哥伦比亚白线蝠
Platyrrhinus dorsalis: 侧白线蝠
Platyrrhinus helleri: 海勒白线蝠
Platyrrhinus infuscus: 暗白线蝠
Platyrrhinus lineatus: 白線蝠
Platyrrhinus lineatus: 白线蝠
Platyrrhinus recifinus: 巴西白线蝠
Platyrrhinus umbratus: 隐白线蝠
Platyrrhinus vittatus: 大白线蝠
Platysaissetia armata: 刺緣台硬介殼蟲
Platysaurus monotropis: 橙喉扁蜥
Platyscelus armatus: 武裝扁足戎
Platyscelus ovoides: 卵扁足戎
Platyscelus serratulus: 鋸扁足戎
Platysilurus mucosus: 须扁鲶
Platysmacheilus exiguus: 片唇鮈
Platysmacheilus longibarbatus: 長鬚片唇鮈
Platysmacheilus longibarbatus: 长须片唇鮈(2)
Platysmacheilus nudiventris: 裸腹片唇鮈(3)
Platysmurus leucopterus: 白翅鹊(2)
Platysodes formosana: 蓬來黑艷花金龜
Platysteira cyanea: 褐喉飾眼鶲
Platysteira peltata: 黑喉飾眼鶲
Platysternon megacephalum: 大头龟
Platysternon megacephalum: 大頭龜(2)
Platysternon megacephalum: 平胸龜
Platysternon megacephalum: 平胸龟(4)
Platytaeniodus degeni: 德氏扁帶麗魚
Platytropius longianalis: 长臀刀鲇
Platytropius longianlis: 长臀刀鲇
Platytropius sinensis: 中华刀鲇
Platyxiphydria antennata: 離角長頸樹蜂
Platyzosteria nitida: 燦爛布蠊
Plautia stali: 小珀蝽象
Plecia longiforceps: 長鋏毛蚋
Plecodus elaviae: 伊拉織麗魚
Plecodus multidentatus: 多齒織麗魚
Plecodus paradoxus: 奇織麗魚
Plecodus straeleni: 斯氏織麗魚
Plecoglossus altirelis: 香魚(2)
Plecoglossus altivelis: 國姓魚
Plecoglossus altivelis: 年魚
Plecoglossus altivelis: 香魚
Plecoglossus altivelis: 香魚受精卵
Plecoglossus altivelis: 香魚(3)
Plecoglossus altivelis: 
Plecoglossus leopardus: 七星斑
Plecotus auritus: 兔蝠
Plecotus auritus: 大耳蝠
Plecotus austriacus: 灰兔蝠
Plecotus austriacus: 灰大耳蝠
Plecotus mexicanus: 墨西哥兔蝠
Plecotus mexicanus: 墨西哥大耳蝠
Plecotus rafinesquei: 拉氏大耳蝠
Plecotus rafinesquei: 瘤鼻兔蝠
Plecotus taivanus: 台湾大耳蝠
Plecotus taivanus: 台灣長耳蝠
Plecotus taivanus: 臺灣長耳蝠
Plecotus teneriffae: 淡黄大耳蝠
Plecotus townsendii: 唐氏兔蝠
Plecotus townsendii: 汤氏大耳蝠
Plectodon ligulus: 雀舌杓蛤
Plectopylis ishizakii: 台灣螄蝸牛
Plectopylis murata: 褐色圈螺
Plectopyramis dodecomma: 十二眼织锥虫
Plectopyramis polypleura: 多肋织锥虫
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: 白带石鲈
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: 白带胡椒鲷
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: 白帶石鱸
Plectorhinchus albovittatus: 白帶胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: 厚唇石鱸
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: 小丑石鱸
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: 斑胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus chaetodonoides: 燕子花旦
Plectorhinchus chaetodontoides: 斑胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus chrysotaenia: 南洋石鱸
Plectorhinchus chrysotaenia: 黃紋石鱸
Plectorhinchus chrysotaenia: 黃紋胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus cinctus: 加志
Plectorhinchus cinctus: 花尾胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus cinctus: 花尾胡椒鲷 
Plectorhinchus cinctus: 花軟唇
Plectorhinchus cinctus: 黃斑石鯛
Plectorhinchus diagramma: 六线妞妞
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: 花臉(2)
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: 黃斑胡椒鯛(2)
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: 黃點石鱸(2)
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: 隆背胡椒鲷(80)
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: 駝背石鱸
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: 駝背胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: 驼背胡椒鲷(504)
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: 黑石鱸(104)
Plectorhinchus lessonii: 少耙胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus lessonii: 雙帶石鱸
Plectorhinchus lessonii: 雷氏石鱸
Plectorhinchus lineatus: 妞妞
Plectorhinchus lineatus: 條紋石鱸
Plectorhinchus lineatus: 條紋胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus nigrus: 黑石鱸
Plectorhinchus nigrus: 黑胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus orientalis: 打鐵婆
Plectorhinchus orientalis: 東方石鱸
Plectorhinchus orientalis: 東方胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus pictus: 胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus pictus: 花石鱸
Plectorhinchus pictus: 雞仔魚
Plectorhinchus picus: 加志
Plectorhinchus picus: 暗點石鱸
Plectorhinchus picus: 暗點胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus picus: 花石鱸
Plectorhinchus playfairi: 白条胡椒鲷
Plectorhinchus playfairi: 白條胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus schotaf: 灰石鱸
Plectorhinchus schotaf: 肖氏胡椒鯛
Plectorhinchus vittatus: 東方石鱸
Plectorhinchus vittatus: 東方胡椒鯛
Plectorhynchus albovittatus: 白带石鲈
Plectorhynchus albovittatus: 白带胡椒鲷
Plectorhynchus albovittatus: 白帶石鱸
Plectorhynchus albovittatus: 白帶胡椒鯛
Plectotropis calculus: 小石环肋螺
Plectotropis trichotropis: 多毛环肋螺
Plectranthias helenae: 海倫棘花鱸
Plectranthias helenae: 海氏棘花鮨
Plectranthias helenae: 海金魚
Plectranthias helenae: 花鱸
Plectranthias japonicus: 日本棘花鮨
Plectranthias japonicus: 日本棘花鱸
Plectranthias japonicus: 海金魚
Plectranthias japonicus: 花鱸
Plectranthias jothyi: 焦氏棘花鮨
Plectranthias jothyi: 焦氏棘花鱸
Plectranthias kamii: 黃吻棘花鮨
Plectranthias kamii: 黃吻棘花鱸
Plectranthias kelloggi: 凱氏棘花鮨
Plectranthias kelloggi: 凱氏棘花鱸
Plectranthias kelloggi: 海金魚
Plectranthias kelloggi: 花鱸
Plectranthias longimanus: 海金魚
Plectranthias longimanus: 花鱸
Plectranthias longimanus: 銀點棘花鮨
Plectranthias longimanus: 長臂棘花鱸
Plectranthias nanus: 海金魚
Plectranthias nanus: 短棘花鮨
Plectranthias nanus: 短棘花鱸
Plectranthias nanus: 花鱸
Plectranthias randalli: 倫氏棘花鮨
Plectranthias randalli: 海金魚
Plectranthias randalli: 花鱸
Plectranthias randalli: 蘭道氏棘花鱸
Plectranthias randalli: 蘭道氏花鱸
Plectranthias sheni: 沈氏棘花鱸
Plectranthias sheni: 沈氏花鱸
Plectranthias sheni: 海金魚
Plectranthias sheni: 花鱸
Plectranthias wheeleri: 威氏棘花鱸
Plectranthias wheeleri: 海金魚
Plectranthias wheeleri: 花鱸
Plectranthias wheeleri: 雜斑棘花鮨
Plectranthias whiteheadi: 懷特棘花鮨
Plectranthias whiteheadi: 懷特氏棘花鱸
Plectranthias whiteheadi: 海金魚
Plectranthias whiteheadi: 花鱸
Plectranthias winniensis: 紅椒棘花鱸
Plectranthias yamakawai: 山川棘花鮨
Plectranthias yamakawai: 山川氏棘花鱸
Plectranthias yamakawai: 海金魚
Plectranthias yamakawai: 花鱸
Plectrogenium nanum: 平頭鮋
Plectrogenium nanum: 平額鮋
Plectrogenium nanum: 石狗公
Plectroglyhidodon dickii: 士的摩
Plectroglyphidodon dicki: 迪克氏固曲齒
Plectroglyphidodon dicki: 迪克氏固曲齿
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: 迪克氏固曲齒
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: 迪克氏固曲齒鯛
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: 迪克氏固曲齿
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: 迪克氏固曲齿鲷
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: 黑带椒雀鲷
Plectroglyphidodon dickii: 黑帶椒雀鯛
Plectroglyphidodon flaviventris: 黄腹椒雀鲷
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: 明眸固曲齒鯛
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: 明眸固曲齿鲷
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: 羽状椒雀鲷
Plectroglyphidodon imparipennis: 羽狀椒雀鯛
Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus: 尾斑椒雀鯛
Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus: 尾斑椒雀鲷
Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus: 約島固曲齒鯛
Plectroglyphidodon johnstonianus: 约岛固曲齿鲷
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: 寶石魔
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: 珠点固曲齿鲷
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: 珠點固曲齒鯛
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: 瑩點豆娘魚
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: 眼斑椒雀鯛
Plectroglyphidodon lacrymatus: 眼斑椒雀鲷
Plectroglyphidodon leucozona: 白帶固曲齒鯛
Plectroglyphidodon leucozona: 白帶椒雀鯛
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: 白带固曲齿鲷(2)
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: 白带椒雀鲷(2)
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: 白帶固曲齒鯛(2)
Plectroglyphidodon leucozonus: 白帶椒雀鯛(2)
Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis: 凤凰固曲齿鲷
Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis: 凤凰椒雀鲷
Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis: 鳳凰固曲齒鯛
Plectroglyphidodon phoenixensis: 鳳凰椒雀鯛
Plectroglyphidodon randalli: 兰氏椒雀鲷
Plectroglyphidodon sindonis: 夏威夷椒雀鲷
Plectrophenax hyperboreus: 麦氏鹀
Plectrophenax nivalis: 雪鵐(5)
Plectrophenax nivalis: 雪鹀(9)
Plectropomus areolatus: 藍點刺鰓鮨
Plectropomus areolatus: 西星班
Plectropomus laevis: 橫斑刺鰓鮨
Plectropomus laevis: 石斑
Plectropomus laevis: 过鱼
Plectropomus laevis: 過魚
Plectropomus laevis: 鱠
Plectropomus laevis: 黄尾鲈
Plectropomus laevis: 黑鞍鰓棘鱸
Plectropomus leopardus: 七星斑(2)
Plectropomus leopardus: 七星班
Plectropomus leopardus: 石斑
Plectropomus leopardus: 红斑(2)
Plectropomus leopardus: 花斑刺鰓鮨
Plectropomus leopardus: 豹紋鰓棘鱸
Plectropomus leopardus: 過魚
Plectropomus leopardus: 鱠
Plectropomus maculatus: 斑鰓棘鱸(1171)
Plectropomus maculatus: 泰星班
Plectropomus melanoleucus: 黑鳃棘鲈
Plectropomus oligacanthus: 條紋星班
Plectropomus pessuliferus: 蠕線鰓棘鱸(681)
Plectropomus pessuliferus: 蠕线鳃棘鲈
Plectropterus gambensis: 距翅雁(2)
Plectrypops lima: 多鱗松毬
Plectrypops lima: 灘塗琉球鰃
Plectrypops lima: 金鱗甲
Plegadis chihi: 白脸彩鹮
Plegadis falcinellus: 彩睘鳥(2)
Plegadis falcinellus: 彩鹮(9)
Plegadis falcinellus: 彩
Plegadis falcinellus: 彩(2)
Plegalis faicinellus: 彩鹮
Pleistacantha oryx: 羚角密刺蟹
Pleistacantha sanctijohannis: 聖氏密刺蟹
Pleonomus canaliculatus: 沟金针虫
Pleotrichophorus chrysanthemi: 菊釘毛蚜
Plerogyra sinuosa: 卷曲氣泡珊瑚
Plerotes anchietae: 安奇塔果蝠
Plerotes anchietae: 安氏果蝠
Plerotes anchietai: 安氏果蝠
Plesiastrea versipora: 圓滿天星珊瑚
Plesiobatis daviesi: 达氏巨尾魟
Plesiobatis daviesi: 达氏深水尾魟
Plesiobatis daviesi: 達氏深水尾魟
Plesiobatis daviesi: 達氏近魟
Plesioclythia argyrogyna: 銀色扁腳蠅
Plesioclythia schlingeri: 許氏扁腳蠅
Plesiomyzon baotingensis: 保亭近腹吸鳅
Plesionika albocristata: 白冠紅蝦
Plesionika bimaculata: 雙點紅蝦
Plesionika hsuehyui: 學羽紅蝦
Plesionika rufomaculata: 紅點紅蝦
Plesionika scopifera: 標靶紅蝦
Plesionika suffusa: 朦朧紅蝦
Plesiophthalmus formosanus: 鈍光迴木蟲(2)
Plesiophthalmus fujitai: 藤田隆背迴木蟲
Plesiophthalmus kanoi: 鹿野迴木蟲
Plesiophthalmus kondoi: 近藤隆背迴木蟲
Plesiophthalmus mayumiae: 高峰隆背迴木蟲
Plesiophthalmus nanshanchiense: 南山溪隆背迴木蟲
Plesiophthalmus nigroaeneum: 黑隆背迴木蟲
Plesiophthalmus nishikawai: 矮隆背迴木蟲
Plesiophthalmus shigeoi: 墾丁隆背迴木蟲
Plesiophthalmus spectabilis: 台灣黑艷迴木蟲
Plesiophthalmus uenoi: 上野迴木蟲
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: 藍線鮗
Plesiops coeruleolineatus: 黑七夕魚
Plesiops corallicola: 珊瑚七夕魚
Plesiops corallicola: 珊瑚鮗
Plesiops nakaharai: 七夕魚
Plesiops nakaharai: 鮗
Plesiops oxycephalus: 尖頭七夕魚
Plesiops oxycephalus: 尖頭鮗
Plesiops verecundus: 羞七夕魚
Plesiops verecundus: 羞鮗
Plesiothrips perplexus: 淡腹額伸薊馬
Plesiothrips sakagamii: 板上額伸薊馬
Plesiotrochus acutangulus: 千草蟹守螺
Plesiotrochus exilis: 小千草蟹守螺
Plesiotrygon iwamae: 天線魟
Plesiotrygon iwamae: 天线满天星
Plesiotrygon iwamae: 天线魟
Plesiotrygon iwamae: 近江魟
Plestiodon chinensis: 白斑石龍子
Plethobasus cicatricosus: 白疙瘩真珠蚌
Plethobasus cicatricosus: 皺疤豐底蚌
Plethobasus cooperianus: 古柏豐底蚌
Plethobasus cooperianus: 橘足疙瘩真珠蚌
Pletholax gracilis: 棱蛇蜥
Pletholophus discoidea: 青蚌
Plethus spinus: 黑棘豐滿石蛾
Pleurobema plenum: 滿側底蚌
Pleurobema plenum: 粗豬趾真珠蚌
Pleurobranchus albiguttatus: 白斑側鰓海蛞蝓
Pleurobranchus forskalii: 福斯卡側鰓海蛞蝓
Pleurobranchus grandis: 巨大側鰓海蛞蝓
Pleurobranchus peronii: 培倫側鰓海蛞蝓
Pleurogrammus azonus: 远东多线鱼
Pleuromamma abdominalis: 腹突乳點水蚤
Pleuromamma borealis: 北方乳點水蚤
Pleuromamma gracilis: 瘦乳點水蚤
Pleuromamma robusta: 粗乳點水蚤
Pleuromamma xiphias: 劍乳點水蚤
Pleuronichthys cornutus: 扁魚
Pleuronichthys cornutus: 木葉鰈
Pleuronichthys cornutus: 皇帝魚
Pleuronichthys cornutus: 皇帝鱼
Pleuronichthys verticalis: 頭角木葉鰈
Pleuroploca filamentosa: 赤旋螺
Pleuroploca glabra: 光滑赤旋螺
Pleuroploca trapezium: 大赤旋螺
Pleuroploca trapezium: 角赤旋螺
Pleuroploca trapezium: 赤旋螺(2)
Pleuropoma hungerfordiana: 台灣昌蝸牛
Pleurosicya bilobatus: 雙葉腹瓢鰕虎
Pleurosicya bilobatus: 雙葉腹瓢鰕虎魚
Pleurosicya elongata: 長體腹瓢鰕虎
Pleurosicya elongata: 長體腹瓢鰕虎魚
Pleurosicya labiata: 粗唇腹瓢鰕虎
Pleurosicya labiata: 粗唇腹瓢鰕虎魚
Pleurosicya micheli: 米奇腹瓢鰕虎
Pleurosicya micheli: 米奇鰕虎
Pleurosicya micheli: 米氏腹瓢鰕虎魚
Pleurosicya mossambica: 莫三比克腹飄鰕虎
Pleurosicya mossambica: 莫桑比克腹瓢鰕虎ƍ
Pleurotoma pseudo-principlis: 螺
Plexippus paykulli: 褐條斑蠅虎(2)
Plicarcularia bellula: 小蟹螯織紋螺
Plicarcularia glans: 金絲織紋螺
Plicarcularia globosus: 白螯織紋螺
Plicarcularia graniferus: 白瘤織紋螺
Plicarcularia oneratus: 金口織紋螺
Plicarcularia pullus: 蟹螯織紋螺
Plicatula horrida: 擬石牡蠣
Plicatula plicata: 太平洋貓爪蛤
Plicofollis nella: 內爾海鯰
Plicofollis polystaphylodon: 莫桑比克海鯰
Plicomugil labiosus: 褶唇鲻
Pliomelaena assimilis: 細點擬廣翅實蠅
Pliomelaena sauteri: 梭德擬廣翅實蠅
Pliomelaena shirozui: 白水擬廣翅實蠅
Pliomelaena sonani: 楚南擬廣翅實蠅
Plocaederus bicolor: 二色深山天牛
Plocaederus bicolor: 姬皺胸山天牛
Plocamopherus pecoso: 雀斑三蛇海蛞蝓
Plocepasser donaldsoni: 肯雅織雀
Plocepasser mahali: 紋胸織雀
Plocepasser superciliosus: 栗頂織雀
Plocepasser superciliosus: 栗顶雀织鸟
Ploceus albinucha: 白颈黑织布鸟(2)
Ploceus alienus: 奇异织布鸟
Ploceus angolensis: 斑翅织布鸟
Ploceus aurantius: 橙色織布鳥(2)
Ploceus aurantius: 橙色織雀
Ploceus aurantius: 橙色织布鸟(2)
Ploceus aureonucha: 金颈织布鸟
Ploceus badius: 桂红织布鸟
Ploceus baglafecht: 黃腹織雀
Ploceus baglafecht: 黄腹织布鸟
Ploceus bannermani: 黑脸黄腹织布鸟
Ploceus bengalensis: 黑喉织布鸟
Ploceus benghalensis: 黑喉织布鸟
Ploceus benghalensis: 黑喉织雀
Ploceus benghalensis: 黑胸織雀
Ploceus bertrandi: 坦桑织布鸟
Ploceus bicolor: 灰背織雀
Ploceus bicolor: 灰背织布鸟
Ploceus bojeri: 橙头金织布鸟
Ploceus bojeri: 橙頭金織雀
Ploceus burnieri: 凯隆织布鸟
Ploceus capensis: 南非金织布鸟
Ploceus castaneiceps: 栗头金织布鸟
Ploceus castaneiceps: 栗頭金織雀
Ploceus castanops: 北非褐喉織雀
Ploceus castanops: 北非褐喉织布鸟
Ploceus cucullatus: 乡村织布鸟
Ploceus cucullatus: 黑头群栖织布鸟(3)
Ploceus cucullatus: 黑頭棲群織布鳥(2)
Ploceus cucullatus: 黑頭織布鳥
Ploceus cucullatus: 黑頭織雀
Ploceus cucullatus: 黑頭群棲織布鳥(2)
Ploceus dichrocephalus: 朱巴兰织布鸟
Ploceus dichrocephalus: 薩氏織雀
Ploceus dorsomaculatus: 黄顶织布鸟
Ploceus flavipes: 黄腿织布鸟
Ploceus galbula: 丽脸织布鸟
Ploceus galbula: 栗脸织布鸟
Ploceus galbula: 栗脸织雀
Ploceus galbula: 栗臉織雀
Ploceus golandi: 克拉克织布鸟
Ploceus golandi: 克拉氏织布鸟
Ploceus golandi: 克氏織雀
Ploceus grandis: 巨织布鸟
Ploceus heuglini: 綠腰織雀
Ploceus heuglini: 绿腰织布鸟
Ploceus heuglini: 褐顶织布鸟
Ploceus hypoxanthus: 亚洲金织雀
Ploceus hypoxanthus: 金色织布鸟
Ploceus insignis: 褐頂織雀
Ploceus insignis: 褐顶织布鸟
Ploceus intermedius: 黑脸织布鸟
Ploceus intermedius: 黑脸织雀
Ploceus intermedius: 黑臉織雀
Ploceus jacksoni: 苏丹织布鸟
Ploceus jacksoni: 苏丹金背织布鸟
Ploceus jacksoni: 蘇丹金背織雀
Ploceus luteolus: 小織雀
Ploceus luteolus: 小织布鸟(2)
Ploceus manyar: 紋胸織布鳥
Ploceus manyar: 紋胸織雀
Ploceus manyar: 纹胸织布鸟(2)
Ploceus manyar: 纹胸织雀(2)
Ploceus megarhynchus: 巨嘴织布鸟(2)
Ploceus megarhynchus: 巨嘴织雀
Ploceus melanocephalus: 黑头黄背织布鸟(3)
Ploceus melanocephalus: 黑頭黃背織雀
Ploceus melanogaster: 黑腹山織雀
Ploceus nelicourvi: 纳利氏织布鸟
Ploceus nicolii: 桑坦织布鸟
Ploceus nicolli: 坦桑織雀
Ploceus nigerrimus: 大黑織雀
Ploceus nigerrimus: 大黑织布鸟(2)
Ploceus nigricollis: 黑頸織雀
Ploceus nigricollis: 黑颈织布鸟(2)
Ploceus nigrimentus: 黑颏织雀
Ploceus ocularis: 眼斑織雀
Ploceus ocularis: 眼斑织布鸟r
Ploceus olivaceiceps: 橄榄头金织布鸟
Ploceus pelzelni: 細嘴織雀
Ploceus pelzelni: 细嘴织布鸟(2)
Ploceus philippinus: 黃胸織布鳥, Huang2 xiong1 zhi1 bu4 niao3(12200)
Ploceus philippinus: 黃胸織雀
Ploceus philippinus: 黃胸织布鸟, Huang2 xiong1 zhi1 bu4 niao3(12200)
Ploceus philippinus: 黄胸织布鸟(2)
Ploceus preussi: 金背织布鸟(2)
Ploceus princeps: 普林金织布鸟
Ploceus rubiginosus: 栗織雀
Ploceus rubiginosus: 栗织布鸟
Ploceus sakalava: 马岛织布鸟
Ploceus sanctithomae: 圣多美织布鸟
Ploceus spekei: 斯氏織雀
Ploceus spekei: 斯氏织布鸟
Ploceus spekeoides: 乌干达织布鸟
Ploceus subaureus: 东非金织布鸟
Ploceus subaureus: 東非金織雀
Ploceus subpersonatus: 西非金织布鸟(2)
Ploceus superciliosus: 褐翅织布鸟
Ploceus taeniopterus: 北非黑脸织布鸟
Ploceus taeniopterus: 北非黑臉織雀
Ploceus temporalis: 安哥拉织布鸟
Ploceus tricolor: 黃肩織雀
Ploceus tricolor: 黄肩织布鸟(2)
Ploceus velatus: 黑額織雀
Ploceus velatus: 黑额织巢鸟
Ploceus vitellinus: 黄面织布鸟
Ploceus weynsi: 韦西氏织布鸟
Ploceus xanthops: 大金織雀
Ploceus xanthops: 大金织布鸟
Ploceus xanthopterus: 褐喉金织布鸟
Plodia interpunctella: 印度谷螟
Ploesoma hudsoni: 郝氏皺甲輪蟲
Plotheia exacta: 紋皮瘤蛾
Plotina muelleri: 福建彩瓢虫
Plotina versicolor: 多彩瓢虫
Plotosus anguillaris: 鳗鲇
Plotosus brevibarbus: 短须鳗鲇
Plotosus canius: 印度洋鰻鯰(640)
Plotosus canius: 印度洋鳗鲶
Plotosus lineatus: 沙毛
Plotosus lineatus: 海土虱, Hai tu shi(775)
Plotosus lineatus: 線紋鰻鯰(16201)
Plotosus lineatus: 鰻鯰
Plutella xylostella: 小菜蛾
Pluvialis apricaria: 欧亚金鸻
Pluvialis apricaria: 欧金斑鸻
Pluvialis dominica: 美洲金斑鴴(2)
Pluvialis dominica: 美洲金鸻(2)
Pluvialis dominica: 金斑鴴
Pluvialis dominica: 金斑鸻(5)
Pluvialis dominica: 金[斑]鸻
Pluvialis fulva: 太平洋金斑
Pluvialis fulva: 太平洋金斑鴴(3)
Pluvialis fulva: 太平洋金斑鸻
Pluvialis fulva: 太平洋金斑鴴
Pluvialis fulva: 灰斑鸻
Pluvialis fulva: 金斑珩
Pluvialis fulva: 金斑鴴(3)
Pluvialis fulva: 金斑鸻(3)
Pluvialis fulva: 金鴴
Pluvialis fulva: 金鸻(2)
Pluvialis fulva: 金斑鴴
Pluvialis squatarola: 灰斑
Pluvialis squatarola: 灰斑珩
Pluvialis squatarola: 灰斑鴴(6)
Pluvialis squatarola: 灰斑鸻(10)
Pluvialis squatarola: 灰鴴
Pluvialis squatarola: 灰鸻(2)
Pluvianus aegyptius: 埃及燕鴴
Pluvianus aegyptius: 埃及燕鸻
Pnoepyga albiventer: 小鷦眉
Pnoepyga albiventer: 鱗胸鷦鶥(3)
Pnoepyga albiventer: 鱗胸鷦鷯
Pnoepyga albiventer: 鳞胸鹪鹛(3)
Pnoepyga albiventer: 鱗胸鷦鶥
Pnoepyga formosana: 台湾鹪鹛
Pnoepyga formosana: 台灣鱗胸鷦鶥
Pnoepyga immaculata: 尼泊尔鹪鹛(2)
Pnoepyga immaculata: 尼泊爾鷦鶥
Pnoepyga pusilla: 小鱗胸鷦鶥
Pnoepyga pusilla: 小鳞胸鹪鹛(2)
Pnoepyga pusilla: 小鳞鹪鹛
Pnoepyga pusilla: 小鷦
Pnoepyga pusilla: 鱗胸鷦鷯(5)
Pnoepyga pusilla: 鱗胸鷦鷯(2)
Pocillopora damicornis: 細枝鹿角珊瑚
Pocillopora eydouxi: 巨枝鹿角珊瑚
Pocillopora meandrina: 紋形鹿角珊瑚
Pocillopora verrucosa: 疣鹿角珊瑚
Pocillopora woodjonesi: 伍氏鹿角珊瑚
Podabacia crustacea: 殼形足柄珊瑚
Podarcis lilfordi: 利氏壁蜥
Podarcis pityusensis: 依比茲壁蜥
Podarcis tauricus: 壁蜥
Podargus ocellatus: 云斑蟆口鸱
Podargus papuensis: 巴布亚蟆口鸱
Podica senegalensis: 非洲鰭趾鷉
Podiceps auritus: 角
Podiceps auritus: 角䴙䴘(3)
Podiceps auritus: 角鷿惕
Podiceps auritus: 角鷿鷈(2)
Podiceps auritus: 角鷿鷉
Podiceps auritus: 角鸊鷉(7)
Podiceps auritus: 角
Podiceps auritus: 角
Podiceps cristatus: 冠鷿惕
Podiceps cristatus: 冠鷿鷈
Podiceps cristatus: 冠鸊鷉(5)
Podiceps cristatus: 凤头䴙䴘(3)
Podiceps cristatus: 凤头辟虎
Podiceps cristatus: 凤头鸊鷉(3)
Podiceps cristatus: 凤头
Podiceps cristatus: 凤头(2)
Podiceps cristatus: 鳳頭
Podiceps cristatus: 鳳頭鷿鷈
Podiceps cristatus: 鳳頭鷿鷉(2)
Podiceps cristatus: 鳳頭鸊鷉
Podiceps cristatus: 鳳頭鸊鷉(冠鷿鷉),
Podiceps grisegena: 赤頸鷿鷈
Podiceps grisegena: 赤頸鸊鷉(4)
Podiceps grisegena: 赤颈䴙䴘(3)
Podiceps grisegena: 赤颈鸊鷉(3)
Podiceps grisegena: 赤颈 ?
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑頸
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑頸鷿惕
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑頸鷿虒鳥
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑頸鷿鷈(2)
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑頸鷿鷉(2)
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑頸鸊鷉(5)
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑颈䴙䴘(3)
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑颈鸊鷉(3)
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑颈
Podiceps nigricollis: 黑颈(3)
Podiceps ruficollis: 小鸊鷉(2)
Podilymbus gigas: 巨鷿鷈
Podilymbus gigas: 阿提特蘭鷿鷈(3)
Podilymbus podiceps: 斑嘴巨鸊鷉
Podismomorpha gibba: 隆背似秃蝗
Podismopsis altaica: 阿尔泰跃度蝗
Podismopsis amplipennis: 宽翅跃度蝗
Podismopsis ampliradiareas: 宽径域跃度蝗
Podismopsis angustipennis: 狭翅跃度蝗
Podismopsis bisonita: 二声跃度蝗
Podismopsis brachycaudata: 短尾跃度蝗
Podismopsis humengensis: 呼盟跃度蝗
Podismopsis jinbensis: 镜泊跃度蝗
Podismopsis juxtapennis: 亚翅跃度蝗
Podismopsis quadrasonita: 四声跃度蝗
Podismopsis sinucarinata: 曲线跃度蝗
Podismopsis ussuriensis: 乌苏里跃度蝗
Podocarpus costalis: 蘭嶼羅漢松
Podocarpus fasciculus: 叢花百日青
Podocarpus macrophyllus: 大葉羅漢松
Podocarpus macrophyllus: macrophyllus, 大葉羅漢松
Podocarpus macrophyllus: maki, 小葉羅漢松
Podocarpus nakaii: 桃實百日青
Podocatactes hamifer: 鉤足擊蟹
Podoces biddulphi: 新疆地鸦
Podoces biddulphi: 白尾地鴉(2)
Podoces biddulphi: 白尾地鸦(6)
Podoces hendersoni: 黑尾地鴉
Podoces hendersoni: 黑尾地鸦(2)
Podoces panderi: 里海地鸦
Podoces pleskei: 波斯地鸦
Podocinum changchunensis: 長春足角蟎
Podocinum pacificum: 太平洋足角蟎
Podocinum pintungense: 屏東足角蟎
Podocnemis lewyana: 南美巨侧颈龟
Podocnemis unifilis: 黃頭側頸龜(3)
Podocotyle lizae: 梭肢盤吸蟲
Podogymnura truei: 裸足猬
Podontia lutea: 大黃葉蚤
Podontia lutea: 大黃金花蟲
Podoparalecanium machili: 樟南足扇介殼蟲
Podophthalmus nacreus: 珠母長眼蟹
Podophthalmus vigil: 看守長眼蟹
Podothecus sturiodes: 拟鲟足沟鱼
Podoxymys roraimae: 尖趾鼠
Poecilasma kaempferi: 蟹花茗荷
Poecile cincta: 灰頭山雀
Poecile davidi: 紅腹山雀
Poecile davidi: 红腹山雀
Poecile hypermelaenus: 黑喉山雀
Poecile hypermelaenus: 黑胸山雀
Poecile montana: 褐頭山雀
Poecile montanus: 褐头山雀
Poecile palustris: 沼泽山雀
Poecile palustris: 沼澤山雀
Poecile superciliosa: 白眉山雀
Poecile superciliosus: 白眉山雀
Poecile varia: 雜色山雀
Poecile varius: 杂色山雀
Poecile weigoldicus: 四川山雀
Poecile weigoldicus: 川褐头山雀
Poecilia latipinna: 大帆綠茉莉
Poecilia latipinna: 摩麗
Poecilia latipinna: 茉莉胎鱂
Poecilia latipinna: 茉莉花鮰
Poecilia latipinna: 茉莉花鱂(2)
Poecilia latipinna: 鮰
Poecilia reticulata: 凤尾鱼
Poecilia reticulata: 孔雀胎鱂
Poecilia reticulata: 孔雀花鱂(3)
Poecilia reticulata: 孔雀魚(6)
Poecilia reticulata: 孔雀鱼
Poecilia reticulata: 莫斯科藍
Poecilia reticulata: 藍草尾
Poecilia reticulata: 馬賽克
Poecilia reticulata: 黃尾禮服
Poecilia velifera: 帆鰭胎生鮰(2)
Poecilia velifera: 帆鰭胎鱂
Poecilia velifera: 帆鰭花鮰
Poecilia velifera: 帆鰭花鱂(2)
Poecilia velifera: 立帆摩麗
Poecilia verifera: 帆鰭胎生魚將魚
Poeciligale albinucha: 白頸鼬
Poeciligale albinucha: 白颈鼬
Poeciliopsis lutzi: 盧茨氏若花鮰
Poecilisomella amputata: 安部大附蠅
Poecilisomella cryptica: 隱藏大附蠅
Poecilisomella furcata: 分叉大附蠅
Poecilisomella longinervis: 長筋大附蠅
Poecilisomella multipunctata: 多斑大附蠅
Poecilisomella nigrotibia: 黑脛大附蠅
Poecilisomella punctipennis: 刺翅大附蠅
Poecilisomella varians: 易變大附蠅
Poecilobdella granulosa: 顆粒牛蛭
Poeciloconger fasciatus: 條紋美體鰻
Poeciloconger fasciatus: 錐體康吉鰻
Poecilocoris druraei: 桑盾蝽
Poecilocoris sanszesingatus: 山字宽盾蝽(2)
Poecilocoris sanszesingatus: 山字宽质蝽
Poecilocoris sanszesingatus: 山字寬質蝽
Poecilodryas albispecularis: 地丛鹟
Poecilodryas albonotata: 黑喉杂色鹟
Poecilodryas brachyura: 白胸杂色鹟
Poecilodryas hypoleuca: 黑白杂色鹟
Poecilodryas placens: 绿黄杂色鹟
Poecilogonalos fasciata: 寄生蜂
Poecilopsetta natalensis: 南非瓦鰈
Poecilopsetta natalensis: 奈脫瓦鰈
Poecilopsetta natalensis: 扁魚
Poecilopsetta natalensis: 皇帝魚
Poecilopsetta plinthus: 扁魚
Poecilopsetta plinthus: 瓦鰈
Poecilopsetta plinthus: 皇帝魚
Poecilopsetta plinthus: 皇帝鱼
Poecilopsetta plinthus: 雙斑瓦鰈
Poecilopsetta praelonga: 扁魚
Poecilopsetta praelonga: 皇帝魚
Poecilopsetta praelonga: 長吻瓦鰈
Poecilopsetta praelonga: 長體瓦鰈
Poecilothea augustifrons: 安固波異實蠅
Poelagus marjorita: 中非兔
Poeoptera kenricki: 肯氏狹尾椋鳥
Poeoptera stuhlmanni: 斯氏狹尾椋鳥
Poephila acuticauda: 錦靜(2)
Poephila cincta: 黑喉草雀指名亞種
Poephila cincta: 黑嘴錦靜(2)
Poephila cincta: cincta, 黑喉草雀(3)
Poephila personata: 蠟嘴錦靜(2)
Poephla cncta: 黑喉草雀
Poephlia cincta: 巴森雀
Poephlia cincta: 牧师鸟
Poephlia cincta: 黑喉草雀
Pogobrama barbatula: 须华鳊
Pogobrama barbatula: 须鳊
Pogobrama barbatula: 鬚鯿
Pogona barbata: 东部髯蜥
Pogona barbata: 東部鬆獅蜥(2)
Pogona barbata: 须髭蜥
Pogona barbata: 鬃狮蜥
Pogona minor: 小髯蜥(2)
Pogona vitticeps: 中部鬆獅蜥(3)
Pogona vitticeps: 東部鬆獅蜥
Pogona vitticeps: 髯蜥(3)
Pogona vitticeps: 鬃狮蜥(2)
Pogona vitticeps: 鬆獅蜥(2)
Pogonichthys ciscoides: 裂尾魚
Pogonichthys macrolepidotus: 大鱗裂尾魚
Pogoniulus bilineatus: 金腰鐘聲擬鴷
Pogoniulus chrysoconus: 黃額鐘聲擬鴷
Pogoniulus leucomystax: 鬚綠鐘聲擬鴷
Pogoniulus pusillus: 紅額鐘聲擬鴷
Pogoniulus scolopaceus: 點斑鐘聲擬鴷
Pogoniulus simplex: 綠鐘聲擬鴷
Pogonocichla stellata: 白點鴝
Pogonomelomys bruijni: 窪地芒鼠
Pogonomys championi: 錢氏卷尾鼠
Pogonomys marourus: 長尾卷尾鼠
Pogonoperca punctata: 斑駁尖塘鱧
Pogonoperca punctata: 斑鬚鮨
Pogonoperca punctata: 斑點鬚鮨
Pogonosoma funebris: 祖窟食蟲虻
Poguma larvata: 海南花面狸
Poguma larvata: hainana, 海南花面狸
Poiana leightoni: 西非林狸
Poiana richardsoni: 非洲林狸(2)
Poicephalus cryptoxanthus: 棕頭鸚鵡(2)
Poicephalus cryptoxanthus: 褐頭鸚鵡
Poicephalus gulielmi: 賈丁氏鸚鵡(2)
Poicephalus gulielmi: 非洲紅額鸚鵡
Poicephalus meyeri: 褐鸚鵡
Poicephalus meyeri: 麥耶氏鸚鵡(2)
Poicephalus robustus: 海角鸚鵡(2)
Poicephalus rueppelli: 魯佩
Poicephalus rueppelli: 魯佩(爾)氏鸚鵡
Poicephalus rufiventris: 紅腹鸚鵡(3)
Poicephalus senegalus: 塞內加爾鸚鵡(2)
Polemaetus bellicosus: 猛雕
Polemaetus bellicosus: 猛鵰
Polia illoba: 红棕灰夜蛾
Poliaspoides formosana: 竹皤盾介殼蟲
Polididus armatissimus: 棘獵椿
Polididus armatissimus: 棘獵蝽
Polihierax insignis: 白腰侏隼(2)
Polihierax insignis: 缅甸侏隼
Polihierax semitorquatus: 非洲侏隼(3)
Polinices albumen: 扁球玉螺
Polinices aurantius: 黃金玉螺
Polinices bathyraphe: 小籠包玉螺
Polinices bicolor: 雙色玉螺
Polinices didyma: 大玉螺
Polinices didyma: 高玉螺
Polinices effusus: 小白玉螺
Polinices flemingianus: 臍孔白玉螺
Polinices fortunei: 棕色玉螺
Polinices mammata: 褐帶玉螺
Polinices mammatus: 褐帶玉螺
Polinices mammilla: 瓷白玉螺
Polinices mammilla: 白玉螺
Polinices melanostoma: 黑唇玉螺
Polinices melanostomoides: 寬口玉螺
Polinices melanostomoides: 廣口白玉螺
Polinices melanostomus: 黑唇玉螺
Polinices nux: 堅果玉螺
Polinices pallida: 蒼白玉螺
Polinices peselephanti: 包氏玉螺
Polinices peselephanti: 象足玉螺
Polinices plicispira: 皺塔玉螺
Polinices reiniana: 胖玉螺
Polinices sagamiensis: 相模灣玉螺
Polinices sebae: 白鼠玉螺
Polinices simiae: 花帶玉螺
Polinices vesicalis: 薄殼玉螺
Polinices vestitus: 日本玉螺
Poliocephalus poliocephalus: 灰頭鸊鷉,
Poliolimnas cinereus: 灰秧雞
Poliolimnas cinereus: 白眉秧雞
Polistes chinensis: 中華馬蜂
Polistes ebsohinus: 姬馬蜂
Polistes gigas: 棕長腳蜂
Polistes gigas: 棕长脚蜂(2)
Polistes gigas: 棕馬蜂(2)
Polistes jadwigae: 家长脚蜂(2)
Polistes jadwigae: 家馬蜂
Polistes japonicus: 台灣馬蜂
Polistes japonicus: 日本长脚蜂(2)
Polistes japonicus: 日本馬蜂
Polistes jokahamae: 果馬蜂
Polistes jokahamae: 橄欖長腳胡蜂
Polistes mandarinas: 红马蜂
Polistes mandarinas: 葫芦包
Polistes mandarinas: 黄脚蜂
Polistes mandarinas: 黄马蜂
Polistes mandarinus: 黄蜂
Polistes olivaceous: 蜂
Polistes olivaceus: 家馬蜂
Polistes rothneyi: 和馬蜂
Polistes rothneyi: 陆马蜂
Polistes rothneyi: 陸馬蜂
Polistes rothneyi: 马蜂
Polistes rothneyi: 黃长脚蜂
Polistes sagittarius: 黃裙馬蜂
Polistes shirakii: 黃斑馬蜂
Polistes snelleni: 雙斑馬蜂
Polistes stigma: 點馬蜂(2)
Polistes strigosus: 胸稜馬蜂(3)
Polistes takasagonus: 雙斑長腳蜂
Polistes tenebricosus: 烏胸馬蜂
Polistes tenebricosus: 褐长脚蜂(2)
Pollanista inconspicua: 霧斑蛾
Pollaplonyx eriophorus: 軟毛褐金龜
Pollaplonyx opacipennis: 缺光褐金龜
Pollia fumosus: 焦黃峨螺
Pollia mollis: 莫利斯峨螺
Pollia undosus: 粗紋峨螺
Pollichthys mauli: 莫氏軸光魚
Pollinia luteola: 國姓粉蠅
Poltys idae: 枯葉尖鼻蛛
Poltys illepidus: 丑锥头蛛
Poltys nigrinus: 黑尖鼻蛛
Poltys nigrinus: 黑锥头蛛
Polyacanthonotus challengeri: 多棘背棘魚
Polyarthra platyptera: 多肢輪蟲
Polyarthra trigla: 針簇多肢輪蟲
Polyascus plana: 扁平多囊蟹奴
Polyboroides radiatus: 马岛猎鹰
Polyboroides typus: 猎鹰
Polyboroides typus: 非洲鬣鷹
Polyborus plancus: 凤头巨隼
Polybranchia orientalis: 東方美葉海蛞蝓
Polycanthagyna chaoi: 赵氏多棘蜓
Polycanthagyna erythromelas: 朱黛晏蜓(2)
Polycanthagyna erythromelas: 红褐多棘蜓
Polycanthagyna erythromelas: paiwan, 台湾多棘蜓
Polycanthagyna melanictera: 描金晏蜓(2)
Polycanthagyna melanictera: 黑多棘蜓
Polycanthagyna ornithocephala: 喙鋏晏蜓(2)
Polycentropus formosanus: 寶島粗足石蛾
Polycentropus nigrospinus: 黑棘多距石蛾
Polycentropus pilosa: 濃毛多距石蛾
Polycentrus schomburgki: 枯葉虎
Polycentrus schomburgki: 葉鱸
Polycentrus schomburgki: 金點琥珀
Polycheira fusca: 紫輪參
Polycheles aculeatus: 尖甲多螯蝦
Polychrus gutturosus: 四鳞爪蜥
Polycope integumentalia: 厚皮多枝介
Polycope sinensis: 震旦多枝介
Polycopinoidea shangyangi: 商鞅似多枝介
Polydactylus microstoma: 小口馬鱍
Polydactylus microstomus: 午仔
Polydactylus microstomus: 小口馬鮁
Polydactylus plebeius: 五指馬鮁的異名
Polydactylus plebeius: 五指馬鮁(2)
Polydactylus plebeius: 五絲多指馬鮁
Polydactylus plebeius: 五絲馬鮁
Polydactylus plebeius: 五絲馬鮁魚
Polydactylus plebeius: 午仔
Polydactylus plebejus: 五指马鲅
Polydactylus sexfilis: 六絲多指馬鮁
Polydactylus sexfilis: 六絲馬鮁
Polydactylus sextarius: 六指馬鮁
Polydactylus sextarius: 六指马鲅
Polydactylus sextarius: 六絲馬鮁魚
Polydactylus sextarius: 午仔
Polydactylus sextarius: 鱼, Yu
Polydactylus sextarius: 黑斑多指馬鮁
Polydora cornuta: 角才女蟲
Polydora fusca: 褐點才女蟲
Polydora triglanda: 三腺才女蟲
Polydora villosa: 青灣才女蟲
Polyedilum atrinerve: 黑筋搖蚊
Polyedilum bellipes: 花足搖蚊
Polyedilum ciliatum: 纖毛搖蚊
Polyedilum consobrinum: 婉君搖蚊
Polyedilum flaviscapus: 黃軀搖蚊
Polyedilum iricolor: 彩虹搖蚊
Polyedilum leucopterum: 白羽搖蚊
Polyedilum mnuifasciatum: 單帶搖蚊
Polyedilum monostictum: 單斑搖蚊
Polyedilum nudifer: 陰霾搖蚊
Polyedilum octosema: 八斑搖蚊
Polyedilum sauteri: 漠斯搖蚊
Polyedilum tetrasema: 四斑搖蚊
Polygonia c-album: 白鉤蛺蝶
Polygonia c-album: 白鐮紋蛺蝶
Polygonia c-album: 突尾鉤蛺蝶
Polygonia c-aureum: 黃蛺蝶
Polygonia c-aureum: 黃鉤蛺蝶
Polygonia c-aureum: 黃蛺蝶
Polygonia calbum: 白鎌紋蛺蝶
Polygonia caureum: 黃蛺蝶
Polygonia caureum: 黄钩蛱蝶
Polyipnus danae: 達納氏燭光魚
Polyipnus spinifer: 頭棘燭光魚
Polyipnus spinosus: 大棘燭光魚
Polyipnus stereope: 閃電燭光魚
Polyipnus tridentifer: 三齒燭光魚
Polyipnus triphanos: 三燭光魚
Polyipnus unispinus: 單棘燭光魚
Polymesoda coaxans: 紅樹蜆(2)
Polymetme elongata: 長刀光魚
Polymixia berndti: 短须须鳂
Polymixia berndti: 短鬚鬚鰃
Polymixia berndti: 貝氏銀眼鯛
Polymixia berndti: 貝氏鬚銀眼鯛
Polymixia japonica: 日本须鳂
Polymixia japonica: 日本鬚鰃
Polymixia japonica: 銀眼鯛
Polymixia japonica: 须银眼鲷
Polymixia japonica: 鬚銀眼鯛
Polymixia longispina: 長棘銀眼鯛
Polymixia longispina: 長棘鬚鰃
Polymixia longispina: 长棘须鳂
Polynemus multifilis: 千手观音(2)
Polyodon spathula: 匙吻鱘
Polyodon spathula: 匙吻鲟
Polyodon spathula: 匙吻鲟 
Polyodon spathula: 太空梭鱘
Polyodon spathula: 太空鱘
Polyodon spatula: 匙吻鱘
Polyonyx obesulus: 肥胖多指瓷蟹
Polyonyx sinensis: 中華多指瓷蟹
Polypedates braueri: 布氏樹蛙
Polypedates braueri: 白頷樹蛙
Polypedates chenfui: 經甫泛樹蛙
Polypedates chenfui: 经甫泛树蛙(3)
Polypedates chenfui: 金甫树蛙
Polypedates dennysi: 大泛树蛙(4)
Polypedates dennysi: 大泛樹蛙
Polypedates dugritei: 杜氏泛树蛙(3)
Polypedates dugritei: 杜氏泛樹蛙
Polypedates feae: 棕褶泛树蛙(3)
Polypedates feae: 棕褶泛樹蛙
Polypedates hungfuensis: 洪佛泛树蛙(3)
Polypedates hungfuensis: 洪佛泛樹蛙
Polypedates leucomystax: 斑腿泛树蛙(852)
Polypedates leucomystax: 白頷樹蛙, Bai han shu wa(1400)
Polypedates megacephalus: 斑腿樹蛙
Polypedates megacephalus: 斑腿泛树蛙(4)
Polypedates megacephalus: 斑腿泛樹蛙
Polypedates megacephalus: 白頜樹蛙(2)
Polypedates megacephalus: 白頷樹蛙(4)
Polypedates mutus: 无声囊泛树蛙(3)
Polypedates mutus: 無聲囊泛樹蛙
Polypedates nigropunctatus: 黑点泛树蛙(4)
Polypedates nigropunctatus: 黑點泛樹蛙
Polypedates omeimontis: 峨眉泛树蛙(4)
Polypedates omeimontis: 峨眉泛樹蛙
Polypedates pingbianensis: 屏边泛树蛙(3)
Polypedates pingbianensis: 屏邊泛樹蛙
Polypedates puerensis: 普洱泛树蛙(3)
Polypedates puerensis: 普洱泛樹蛙
Polypedates zhaojuensis: 昭覺泛樹蛙
Polypedates zhaojuensis: 昭觉泛树蛙(3)
Polypedilum albicollum: 白頸搖蚊
Polyphagotarsonemus latus: 多食細蟎
Polypheretima elongata: 長形多環蚓
Polyphylla dahnshuensis: 淡水長鬚金龜
Polyphylla dahnshuensis: 淡水雲鰓金龜
Polyphylla formosana: 台灣長鬚金龜
Polyphylla minor: 姬白條金龜
Polyphylla taiwana: 台灣白條金龜
Polyphyllia talpina: 多葉珊瑚
Polyplax asiatica: 亞洲多板蝨
Polyplax reclinata: 彎多板蝨
Polyplax spinulosa: 棘多板蝨
Polyplectana kefersteini: 褶錨參
Polyplectron bicalcaratum: 孔雀雉(6)
Polyplectron bicalcaratum: 海南孔雀雉
Polyplectron bicalcaratum: 灰孔雀雉(6)
Polyplectron bicalcaratum: katsumatae, 海南孔雀雉
Polyplectron chalcurum: 铜尾孔雀雉
Polyplectron emphanum: 巴拉旺孔雀(2)
Polyplectron emphanum: 巴拉望孔雀雉
Polyplectron germaini: 眼斑孔雀雉(5)
Polyplectron inopinatum: 山孔雀雉
Polyplectron katsumatae: 海南孔雀雉(2)
Polyplectron katsumatae: 海南灰孔雀雉
Polyplectron malacense: 凤冠孔雀雉
Polyplectron malacense: 鳳冠孔雀雉(2)
Polyplectron napoleonis: 巴拉旺孔雀
Polyplectron napoleonis: 巴拉望孔雀雉(3)
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: 加里曼丹孔雀雉(3)
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: 婆罗洲孔雀雉
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: 婆羅洲孔雀雉(2)
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: 鳳冠孔雀雉(3)
Polyplectropus inaequalis: 異長粗足石蛾
Polyplectropus inusitatus: 奇特粗足石蛾
Polyplectropus tachiaensis: 大甲粗足石蛾
Polyprion americanus: 美洲多鋸鱸
Polyprion americanus: 美洲多锯鲈
Polypterus bichir: 多鰭魚
Polypterus delhezi: 斑節恐龍
Polypterus delhezi: 斑節恐龍斑節恐龍
Polypterus endlicheri: 多鰭魚
Polypterus endlicheri: 虎斑恐龍王(2)
Polypterus ornatipinnis: 大花恐龍(2)
Polypterus ornatipinnis: 飾翅多鰭魚
Polypterus senegalus: 塞內加爾多鰭魚(2)
Polypterus senegalus: 金九角龍
Polypterus weeksii: 剛果恐龍王(2)
Polyptychus chinensis: 三線天蛾
Polyptychus chinensis: 齒翅三線天蛾
Polypylis hemisphaerula: 台灣類扁蜷
Polyrhachis dives: 双齿多刺蚁(4)
Polyrhachis dives: 雙齒多刺蟻
Polyrhachis dives: 黑棘山蟻
Polyrhachis dives: 黑棘蟻(2)
Polyrhachis illaudata: 麥氏棘山蟻
Polyrhachis lamellidens: 刺棘山蟻
Polyrhachis lamellidens: 刺蟻
Polyrhachis latona: 拉多那棘山蟻
Polyrhachis mesota: 哀愁棘山蟻
Polyrhachis murina: 牆棘山蟻
Polyrhachis pyrgops: 城堡棘山蟻
Polyrhachis rastellata: 長痕棘山蟻
Polyrhachis tyrannicus: 暴棘山蟻
Polyrhachis vicina: 鼎突多刺蚁
Polyrhachis vicina: roger, 鼎突多刺蚁(2)
Polyrhachis vicina: roger, 鼎突多刺蟻
Polyrhachis wolfi: 渥氏棘山蟻
Polysticta stelleri: 小絨鴨(2)
Polysticta stelleri: 小绒鸭(7)
Polytelis alexandrae: 公主鸚鵡(2)
Polytelis swainsonii: 超級鸚鵡(2)
Polytremis lubricans: 黃紋孔弄蝶
Polyura athamas: 窄斑鳳尾蛺蝶(2)
Polyura eudamippus: 大二尾蛺蝶
Polyura eudamippus: 雙尾蝶
Polyura nepenthes: 忘優尾蛺蝶
Polyura nepenthes: 忘憂尾蛺蝶
Pomacanthus annularis: 環紋刺蓋魚(1701)
Pomacanthus annularis: 環紋刺蓋魚, Huan wen ci gai yu
Pomacanthus annularis: 環紋蓋刺魚(10101)
Pomacanthus annularis: 環紋蓋刺魚, Huan wen gai ci yu
Pomacanthus annularis: 白尾藍紋仙
Pomacanthus annularis: 肩環刺蓋魚(50)
Pomacanthus annularis: 蓝环神仙鱼, Lan huan shenxian yu(939)
Pomacanthus annularis: 藍環
Pomacanthus annularis: 藍環幼魚
Pomacanthus annularis: 藍環神仙
Pomacanthus arcuatus: 大西洋神仙(3)
Pomacanthus arcuatus: 弓紋刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus arcuatus: 灰神仙(3)
Pomacanthus asfur: 阿拉伯神仙
Pomacanthus chrysurus: 耳斑仙
Pomacanthus chrysurus: 耳斑神仙
Pomacanthus chrysurus: 黃尾刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus imperator: 主刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus imperator: 主刺蓋魚, Zhu ci gai yu
Pomacanthus imperator: 印度皇后
Pomacanthus imperator: 大花臉(2)
Pomacanthus imperator: 條紋蓋刺魚
Pomacanthus imperator: 皇后神仙
Pomacanthus imperator: 皇后神仙(成魚)
Pomacanthus imperator: 皇后神仙(成鱼)
Pomacanthus imperator: 皇后神仙(4)
Pomacanthus imperator: 皇后(2)
Pomacanthus imperator: 皇帝仙
Pomacanthus imperator: 皇帝神仙小丑鱼
Pomacanthus imperator: 馬爾地夫皇后
Pomacanthus maculosus: 半月神仙
Pomacanthus maculosus: 埃及半月
Pomacanthus maculosus: 斑紋刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus maculosus: 白半月神仙
Pomacanthus maculosus: 紫月仙
Pomacanthus navarchus: 藍帶神仙
Pomacanthus navarchus: 馬鞍刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus paru: 巴西刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus paru: 法国神仙
Pomacanthus paru: 法國神仙
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: 半环刺盖鱼
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: 半環刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: 半環刺蓋魚, Ban huan ci gai yu
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: 疊波蓋刺魚
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: 蓝纹神仙
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: 藍紋
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: 藍紋神仙
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: 迭波盖刺鱼
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: 高蘭仙
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: 六帶刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: 六帶神仙
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: 六帶蓋刺魚
Pomacanthus sexstriatus: 六線神仙
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: 藍面(2)
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: 馬爾地夫超大藍面
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: 黃面神仙
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: 黃顱刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: 黃顱刺蓋魚, Huang lu ci gai yu
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: 黃顱蓋刺魚
Pomacanthus xanthometopon: 黃顱蓋刺魚, Huang lu gai ci yu
Pomacanthus zonipectus: 克茲神仙
Pomacanthus zonipectus: 胸帶刺蓋魚
Pomacanthus zonipectus: 金圈神仙(2)
Pomacea bridgesii: 神秘螺(2)
Pomacea bridgesii: 象牙螺
Pomacea bridgesii: 黃金福壽螺(3)
Pomacea bridgesii: 黃金螺(2)
Pomacea canaliculata: 福壽螺, Fu2 shou4 luo2(11200)
Pomacea canaliculata: 福寿螺
Pomacea canaliculata: 福寿螺, Fu2 shou4 luo2(11000)
Pomacea canaliculata: 蘋果螺(8000)
Pomacea canaliculata: 金苹蜗牛
Pomacea paludosa: 佛羅里達蘋果螺
Pomacea scalaris: 梯形福壽螺(3)
Pomacea scalaris: 梯状福寿螺
Pomacea scalaris: 梯狀福壽螺
Pomacea scalaris: 福壽螺
Pomacea scalaris: 金寶螺
Pomacentrus adelus: 隐雀鲷
Pomacentrus agassizi: 阿氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus albicaudatus: 白尾雀鲷
Pomacentrus albimaculus: 白斑雀鯛
Pomacentrus albimaculus: 白斑雀鲷
Pomacentrus alexanderae: 胸斑雀鲷
Pomacentrus alleni: 艾伦氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus amboinensis: 安汶雀鯛
Pomacentrus amboinensis: 安汶雀鲷
Pomacentrus amboinensis: 安邦雀鯛
Pomacentrus amboinensis: 安邦雀鲷
Pomacentrus amboinesis: 粉點摩
Pomacentrus aquilus: 雕雀鲷
Pomacentrus arabicus: 阿拉伯雀鲷
Pomacentrus armillatus: 环雀鲷
Pomacentrus auriventris: 金腹雀鲷
Pomacentrus australis: 澳大利亚雀鲷
Pomacentrus azuremaculatus: 蓝斑雀鲷
Pomacentrus baenschi: 贝氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus bankanensis: 斑卡雀鯛
Pomacentrus bankanensis: 班卡雀鯛
Pomacentrus bankanensis: 班卡雀鲷
Pomacentrus brachialis: 腋斑雀鯛
Pomacentrus brachialis: 腋斑雀鲷
Pomacentrus brachialis: 臂雀鯛
Pomacentrus brachialis: 臂雀鲷
Pomacentrus burroughi: 伯氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus caeruleus: 淡黑雀鯛
Pomacentrus caeruleus: 淡黑雀鲷
Pomacentrus caeruleus: 菲濟魔
Pomacentrus caeruleus: 黃底魔
Pomacentrus caeruleus: 黃肚藍摩
Pomacentrus chrysurus: 白尾雀鯛
Pomacentrus chrysurus: 白尾雀鲷
Pomacentrus chrysurus: 金尾雀鯛
Pomacentrus chrysurus: 金尾雀鲷
Pomacentrus coelestis: 閃電摩
Pomacentrus coelestis: 霓虹雀鯛
Pomacentrus coelestis: 霓虹雀鲷
Pomacentrus coelestis: 黄肚蓝魔鬼(3)
Pomacentrus colini: 科氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus cuneatus: 楔雀鲷
Pomacentrus emarginatus: 礁外雀鲷
Pomacentrus geminospilus: 双斑雀鲷
Pomacentrus grammorhynchus: 蓝点雀鲷
Pomacentrus grammorhynchus: 藍點雀鯛
Pomacentrus imitator: 仿雀鲷
Pomacentrus indicus: 印度雀鲷
Pomacentrus javanicus: 爪哇雀鲷
Pomacentrus lepidogenys: 頰鱗雀鯛
Pomacentrus lepidogenys: 颊鳞雀鲷
Pomacentrus leptus: 细雀鲷
Pomacentrus limosus: 锉雀鲷
Pomacentrus littoralis: 海滨雀鲷
Pomacentrus melanochir: 黑肢雀鲷
Pomacentrus milleri: 密氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus moluccensis: 摩鹿加雀鯛
Pomacentrus moluccensis: 摩鹿加雀鲷
Pomacentrus moluccensis: 頰鱗雀鯛
Pomacentrus moluccensis: 黃摩
Pomacentrus nagasakiensis: 長崎雀鯛
Pomacentrus nagasakiensis: 长崎雀鲷
Pomacentrus nigromanus: 黑手雀鲷
Pomacentrus nigromarginatus: 黑緣雀鯛
Pomacentrus nigromarginatus: 黑缘雀鲷
Pomacentrus nigromarginatus: 黑鰭緣雀鯛
Pomacentrus nigromarginatus: 黑鳍缘雀鲷
Pomacentrus niomatus: 暗色雀鲷
Pomacentrus opisthostigma: 楔斑雀鲷
Pomacentrus pavo: 孔雀鯛
Pomacentrus pavo: 孔雀鲷
Pomacentrus pavo: 青玉雀鯛
Pomacentrus pavo: 青玉雀鲷
Pomacentrus philippinus: 菲律宾雀鲷
Pomacentrus philippinus: 菲律賓雀鯛
Pomacentrus pikei: 派氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus polyspinus: 多棘雀鲷
Pomacentrus proteus: 原雀鲷
Pomacentrus reidi: 莱氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus saksonoi: 萨克索雀鲷
Pomacentrus similis: 似雀鲷
Pomacentrus simsiang: 新星雀鲷
Pomacentrus smithi: 斯氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus stigma: 斑点雀鲷
Pomacentrus stigma: 斑點雀鯛
Pomacentrus stigma: 泰布拉雀鯛
Pomacentrus stigma: 泰布拉雀鲷
Pomacentrus sulfureus: 奇雀鲷
Pomacentrus taeniometopon: 弓紋雀鯛
Pomacentrus taeniometopon: 弓紋雀鯛 ;厚殼仔
Pomacentrus taeniometopon: 弓纹雀鲷
Pomacentrus trichourus: 野雀鲷
Pomacentrus trilineatus: 三线雀鲷
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: 三斑雀鯛
Pomacentrus tripunctatus: 三斑雀鲷
Pomacentrus vaiuli: 王子雀鯛
Pomacentrus vaiuli: 王子雀鲷
Pomacentrus wardi: 澳氏雀鲷
Pomacentrus xanthosternus: 黄胸雀鲷
Pomachromis exilis: 细波光鳃鱼
Pomachromis fuscidorsalis: 棕背波光鳃鱼
Pomachromis guamensis: 关岛波光鳃鱼
Pomachromis richardsoni: 李氏波光雀鯛
Pomachromis richardsoni: 李氏波光雀鲷
Pomachromis richardsoni: 黑燕摩
Pomachromis richardsoni: 黑边波光鳃鱼
Pomachromis richardsoni: 黑邊波光鰓魚
Pomaculax japonicus: 日本星螺
Pomadasys argenteus: 銀石鱸
Pomadasys argenteus: 銀雞魚
Pomadasys auritus: 金石鱸(140)
Pomadasys auritus: 金石鲈, Jinshi lu(140)
Pomadasys jubelini: 裘氏石鱸
Pomadasys jubelini: 裘氏石鲈
Pomadasys kaakan: 星雞魚(41802)
Pomadasys kaakan: 點石鱸(3071)
Pomadasys kakaan: 星雞魚
Pomadasys maculatum: 斑雞魚
Pomadasys maculatus: 大斑石鱸
Pomadasys maculatus: 斑雞魚(2)
Pomadasys quadrilineatus: 四帶石鱸
Pomadasys quadrilineatus: 四帶雞魚
Pomadasys quadrilineatus: 雞仔魚
Pomatocheles jeffreysii: 傑氏蓋螯寄居蟹
Pomatomus saltatrix: 扁鰺
Pomatomus saltatrix: 鯥
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: 台湾斑胸钩嘴鹛(2)
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: 大彎嘴
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: 大彎嘴畫眉(2)
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: 大彎嘴(6)
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: 斑胸钩嘴鹛
Pomatorhinus erythrocnemis: 黑領鉤嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus erythrogenys: 大彎嘴
Pomatorhinus erythrogenys: 大彎嘴畫眉
Pomatorhinus erythrogenys: 大彎嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus erythrogenys: 銹臉鉤嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus erythrogenys: 锈脸钩嘴鹛(5)
Pomatorhinus ferruginosus: 紅嘴鉤嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus ferruginosus: 红嘴钩嘴鹛(2)
Pomatorhinus gravivox: 斑胸钩嘴鹛
Pomatorhinus gravivox: 黑紋鉤嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus horsfieldii: 霍氏钩嘴鹛
Pomatorhinus hypoleucos: 長嘴鉤嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus hypoleucos: 长嘴钩嘴鹛(2)
Pomatorhinus montanus: 栗背钩嘴鹛(2)
Pomatorhinus musicus: 台湾棕颈钩嘴鹛
Pomatorhinus musicus: 台灣鉤嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus musicus: 小彎嘴
Pomatorhinus musicus: 小彎嘴鹛
Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps: 棕头钩嘴鹛(2)
Pomatorhinus ochraceiceps: 棕頭鉤嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus ruficolis: 棕颈钩嘴鹛
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: 小彎嘴
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: 小彎嘴畫眉(4)
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: 小彎嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: 小彎嘴(6)
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: 棕頸 咀
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: 棕頸鉤嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus ruficollis: 棕颈钩嘴鹛(7)
Pomatorhinus schisticeps: 灰头钩嘴鹛
Pomatorhinus schisticeps: 灰頭鉤嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus superciliaris: 劍嘴鶥
Pomatorhinus swinhoei: 华南斑胸钩嘴鹛
Pomatorhinus swinhoei: 灰腋鉤嘴鶥
Pomatostomus temporalis: 灰冠弯嘴鹛
Pompholys sulcata: 泃痕泡輪蟲
Pompholyx complanata: 扁平泡輪蟲
Pomponia linearis: 台灣騷蟬(2)
Ponera alisana: 阿里山針蟻
Ponera chiponensis: 知本針蟻
Ponera takaminei: 粗造針蟻
Ponera tamon: 南方針蟻
Pongo abelii: 苏门答腊红毛猩猩
Pongo abelii: 蘇門答臘猩猩
Pongo pygmaeus: 人猿
Pongo pygmaeus: 人猿, Ren yuan(11300)
Pongo pygmaeus: 婆罗洲猩猩, Po luo zhou xing xing
Pongo pygmaeus: 婆羅洲猩猩, Po luo zhou xing xing(34900)
Pongo pygmaeus: 猩猩(17501)
Pongo pygmaeus: 紅毛猩猩(2)
Pongo pygmaeus: 红毛猩猩(8031)
Ponopstta pleata: 红帽鹦鹉
Pontella chierchiae: 叉刺角水蚤
Pontella danae: 丹氏角水蚤
Pontella denticauda: 齒尾角水蚤
Pontella fera: 闊節角水蚤
Pontella kieferi: 克福角水蚤
Pontella latifurca: 寬尾角水蚤
Pontella princeps: 前角水蚤
Pontella securifer: 腹斧角水蚤
Pontella sinica: 中華角水蚤
Pontella spinicauda: 刺尾角水蚤
Pontella tridactyla: 三指角水蚤
Pontellina morii: 莫氏角水蚤
Pontellina plumata: 羽小角水蚤
Pontellopsis armata: 武裝簡角水蚤
Pontellopsis inflatodigitata: 擴指簡角水蚤
Pontellopsis krameri: 克氏簡角水蚤
Pontellopsis macronyx: 長指簡角水蚤
Pontellopsis regalis: 皇簡角水蚤
Pontellopsis strenua: 勇簡角水蚤
Pontellopsis tenuicauda: 瘦尾簡角水蚤
Pontellopsis villosa: 粗毛簡角水蚤
Pontellopsis yamadae: 鈍簡角水蚤
Pontia daplidice: 云粉蝶
Pontinus macrocephalus: 巨首觸角鮋
Pontinus tentacularis: 石狗公
Pontinus tentacularis: 觸手冠海鮋
Pontinus tentacularis: 觸手鮋
Pontiothauma fusiformis: 長嘴捲管螺
Pontiothauma yoshidai: 吉田捲管螺
Pontocypris attenuata: 漸尖海星介
Pontocypris chunünae: 處女海星介
Pontocypris jaujiunae: 昭君海星介
Pontocypris subtriangulata: 亞三角海星介
Pontocythere brevicula: 短海花介
Pontocythere carpeta: 絨毛海花介
Pontocythere granata: 石榴海花介
Pontocythere granulata: 顆粒海花介
Pontocythere huihoi: 回紇海花介
Pontocythere japonica: 東洋海花介
Pontocythere kashiwarensis: 柏原海花介
Pontocythere littoralis: 海濱海花介
Pontocythere mera: 純粹海花介
Pontocythere minuta: 小海花介
Pontocythere miurensis: 三浦海花介
Pontocythere subjaponica: 亞東洋海花介
Pontocythere subtriangulata: 亞三角海花介
Pontocythere triangulata: 三角海花介
Pontocythere versicolaria: 多彩海花介
Pontodrilus litoralis: 潮間泮蚓
Pontoeciella abyssicola: 深角劍水蚤
Pontomyia natata: 海洋搖蚊
Pontomyia ocenea: 大洋搖蚊
Pontoporia blainvillei: 拉普拉塔河豚
Pontoscolex corethrurus: 南美鞍帶蚓(2)
Pontoscolex corethrurus: 黃頸蜷蚓
Pontoscolex corethrurusi: 黃頸蜷蚓
Pontoscolex corethrurusi: 黃頸透鈣蚓
Ponyalis dolosa: 長角窄胸紅螢
Ponyalis gestroi: 卡氏窄胸紅螢
Popillia formosana: 台南弧麗金龜
Popillia formosana: 蓬萊豆金龜
Popillia latimaculata: 寬斑弧麗金龜
Popillia latimaculata: 帶紋豆金龜
Popillia livida: 台藍弧麗金龜
Popillia livida: 藍豆金龜(2)
Popillia mongolica: 蒙古豆金龜(2)
Popillia mongolica: 蒙邊弧麗金龜
Popillia mutans: 台灣琉璃豆金龜(2)
Popillia mutans: 棉花弧麗金龜
Popillia quadriguttata: 中华弧丽金龟
Popillia quadriguttata: 中華弧麗金龜
Popillia sauteri: 台褐弧麗金龜
Popillia sauteri: 曹德豆金龜
Popillia taiwana: 台灣弧麗金龜
Popillia taiwana: 台灣豆金龜
Porcellana sayana: 瓷蟹
Porcellanella triloba: 三葉小瓷蟹
Porcula salvanius: 姬豬
Porichthys mimeticus: 類光蟾魚
Porites annae: 疣微孔珊瑚
Porites australiensis: 澳洲微孔珊瑚
Porites cylindrica: 柱微孔珊瑚
Porites horizontalata: 水平微孔珊瑚
Porites lichen: 地衣微孔珊瑚
Porites lobata: 團塊微孔珊瑚
Porites lutea: 澄黄珊瑚
Porites lutea: 鐘形微孔珊瑚
Porites murrayensis: 莫氏微孔珊瑚
Porites negrosensis: 短枝微孔珊瑚
Porites nigrescens: 歧枝微孔珊瑚
Porites okinawensis: 沖繩微孔珊瑚
Porites rus: 聯合微孔珊瑚
Porites solida: 堅實微孔珊瑚
Porites stephensoni: 史提芬微孔珊瑚
Poritia erycinoides: 埃圆灰蝶
Poroderma pantherinum: 蟲紋長鬚貓鯊
Porogadus gracilis: 鞭尾孔鼬鳚
Porogadus guentheri: 貢氏孔鼬魚
Porogadus guentheri: 貢氏孔鼬鳚
Porogadus guntheri: 根舍孔鼬鳚
Porogadus miles: 頭棘孔鼬魚
Porogadus miles: 頭棘孔鼬鳚
Poromitra crassiceps: 厚头犀孔鲷
Poromitra crassiceps: 厚頭犀孔鯛
Poromitra malayanus: 马来犀孔鲷
Poromitra megalops: 大眼犀孔鲷
Poromitra oscitans: 小眼犀孔鯛
Poromitra oscitans: 小眼犀孔鲷
Poromya butoni: 印尼砂蛤
Poromya carinata: 龍骨砂蛤
Poromya castanea: 羊脂砂蛤
Poromya eximia: 渾滾砂蛤
Poromya flexuosa: 砂紙砂蛤
Poromya undosa: 龍骨砂蛤
Poropuntius birtwistlei: 伯氏頭孔無鬚魮
Poropuntius carinatus: 棱四鬚魮
Poropuntius chondrorhynchus: 軟吻魮
Poropuntius chonglingchungi: 常氏四鬚魮
Poropuntius chonglingchungi: 湖四鬚魮
Poropuntius clavatus: 棒形無鬚魮
Poropuntius cogginii: 頜突四鬚魮
Poropuntius daliensis: 洱海四鬚魮
Poropuntius deauratus: 交趾支那頭孔無鬚魮
Poropuntius exiguus: 油四鬚魮
Poropuntius faucis: 泰國頭孔無鬚魮
Poropuntius fuxianhuensis: 撫仙四鬚魮
Poropuntius hampaloides: 似頭孔無鬚魮
Poropuntius huangchuchieni: 雲南四鬚魮
Poropuntius huguenini: 休氏頭孔無鬚魮
Poropuntius ikedai: 大鱗光唇魚
Poropuntius kontumensis: 越南頭孔無鬚魮
Poropuntius krempfi: 河口光唇魚
Poropuntius laoensis: 老撾頭孔無鬚魮
Poropuntius margarianus: 太平四鬚魮
Poropuntius opisthoptera: 後鰭四鬚魮
Poropuntius rhomboides: 魴形四鬚魮
Poropuntius shanensis: 撣邦四鬚魮
Poropuntius shanensis: 緬甸頭孔無鬚魮
Poropuntius smedleyi: 斯氏頭孔無鬚魮
Poropuntius speleops: 穴棲魮
Poropuntius tawarensis: 印尼頭孔無鬚魮
Porospathis holostoma: 全口佛焰虫
Porphyrio alleni: 輝青水雞
Porphyrio alleni: 辉青水鸡
Porphyrio hochstetteri: 南短翅水鸡
Porphyrio mantelli: 短翅水雞
Porphyrio porphyrio: 紫水雞(9)
Porphyrio porphyrio: 紫水雞, Zi shui ji
Porphyrio porphyrio: 紫水鸡(9)
Porphyrio porphyrio: 紫秧鸡
Porrocaecum decipiens: 前盲囊線蟲
Portlandia exotica: 台灣鱉甲彎錦蛤
Portlandia exotica: 鬼頭彎錦蛤
Portlandia exotica: 龜山島彎錦蛤
Portlandia toyamaensis: 富山彎錦蛤
Portunus argentatus: 銀光梭子蟹
Portunus gracilimanus: 纖手梭子蟹
Portunus granulatus: 顆粒梭子蟹
Portunus haanii: 市仔
Portunus haanii: 扁仔
Portunus haanii: 漢氏梭子蟹
Portunus hastatoides: 矛形梭子蟹
Portunus iranjae: 淺礁梭子蟹
Portunus orbitosinus: 圓弧梭子蟹
Portunus pelagicus: 白花蟹
Portunus pelagicus: 紅花蟹
Portunus pelagicus: 花市仔
Portunus pelagicus: 花蟹(2)
Portunus pelagicus: 花蟹, Hua xie
Portunus pelagicus: 花蟹, Hua1 xie4
Portunus pelagicus: 藍花蟹
Portunus pelagicus: 蟹(2)
Portunus pelagicus: 蠘仔
Portunus pelagicus: 遠海梭子蟹(2)
Portunus pubescens: 柔毛梭子蟹
Portunus pulchricristatus: 麗紋梭子蟹
Portunus sanguinolentus: 三點蟹
Portunus sanguinolentus: 紅星梭子蟹(2)
Portunus sanguinolentus: 红星梭子蟹
Portunus trituberculatus: 三疣梭子蟹(2)
Portunus trituberculatus: 三齒梭子蟹
Portunus trituberculatus: 金門市仔
Porzana bicolor: 棕背田雞
Porzana bicolor: 棕背田鸡(5)
Porzana bicolor: 黑尾苦恶鸟
Porzana carolina: 黑脸田鸡(2)
Porzana cinerea: 灰田雞
Porzana cinerea: 白眉田雞(3)
Porzana cinerea: 白眉田鸡(3)
Porzana cinerea: 白眉秧雞(4)
Porzana cinerea: 白眉秧鸡(3)
Porzana cinereus: 白眉秧雞
Porzana exquisita: 花田鸡
Porzana fusca: 紅胸田雞(4)
Porzana fusca: 緋秧雞(8)
Porzana fusca: 红胸田鸡(8)
Porzana fusca: 绯秧鸡
Porzana palmeri: 雷仙島秧雞
Porzana parva: 姬田雞
Porzana parva: 姬田鸡(6)
Porzana paykullii: 斑 田雞
Porzana paykullii: 斑肋田鸡
Porzana paykullii: 斑胁田难
Porzana paykullii: 斑胁田鸡(6)
Porzana paykullii: 斑脅田難
Porzana paykullii: 斑脇田雞(3)
Porzana paykullii: 斑腋田雞
Porzana porzana: 斑胸田雞(6)
Porzana porzana: 斑胸田鸡(8)
Porzana pusilla: 小田雞(5)
Porzana pusilla: 小田鸡(8)
Porzana pusilla: 小秧雞(7)
Porzana pusilla: 小秧鸡
Porzana sandwichensis: 夏威夷秧雞
Porzana tabuensis: 无斑田鸡
Porzana tabuensis: 烟背田鸡
Porzana tabuensis: 無斑秧雞
Potamarcha cbscura: 暗色狭翅蜻
Potamarcha congener: 溪神狭翅蜻
Potamarcha congener: 溪神蜻蜓
Potamarcha puella: 黄面狭翅蜻
Potamilus capax: 大河蚌
Potamilus capax: 肥袖珍真珠蚌
Potamochoerus larvatus: 假面野猪(3)
Potamochoerus larvatus: 假面野豬
Potamochoerus porcus: 红河猪
Potamochoerus porcus: 非洲野猪(3)
Potamochoerus porcus: 非洲野豬(2)
Potamocorbula amurensis: 海蛤(2)
Potamocorbula amurensis: 黑龙江河兰蛤
Potamocorbula fasciata: 光芒抱蛤
Potamogale velox: 獭鼩
Potamotrygon brachyura: 巨型龟甲魟
Potamotrygon castexi: 卡氏江魟
Potamotrygon castexi: 绿豆魟
Potamotrygon castexi: 豹魟
Potamotrygon castexi: 龟甲满天星
Potamotrygon falkneri: 帝王老虎魟
Potamotrygon henlei: 假黑白魟
Potamotrygon henlei: 金点魟
Potamotrygon leopoldi: 黑白魟
Potamotrygon menchacai: 帝王老虎魟
Potamotrygon menchacai: 帝王魟
Potamotrygon menchacai: 江魟
Potamotrygon motoro: 南美江魟
Potamotrygon motoro: 珍珠魟
Potamotrygon orbignyi: 龜甲魟
Potamotrygon reticulata: 迷你魟
Potamotrygon schroederi: 梅花帝王魟
Potamotrygon schroederi: 金帝王魟
Potamotrygon schroederi: 黄金帝王魟
Potanthus confucius: 台灣黃斑弄蝶
Potanthus confucius: 孔子黃室弄蝶
Potanthus confuius: 台灣黃斑弄蝶
Potanthus diffusus: 蓬萊黃斑弄蝶
Potanthus motzui: 墨子黃斑弄蝶
Potanthus motzui: 細帶黃斑弄蝶
Potanthus pava: 寬紋黃室弄蝶
Potanthus pava: 淡色黃斑弄蝶(2)
Potanthus pava: 淡黃斑弄蝶
Potanthus pava: 黃弄蝶
Potanthus pseudomaesa: 木黃室弄蝶
Potanthus trachala: 斷紋黃室弄蝶
Pothyne albolineata: 白條瘦天牛
Pothyne albolineata: 高砂細胴天牛
Pothyne formosana: 台灣沉香瘦天牛
Pothyne formosana: 縱條細胴天牛
Pothyne lanhsuensis: 蘭嶼瘦天牛
Pothyne variegata: 灰紋瘦天牛
Pothyne variegata: 緋細胴天牛
Pothyne virginalis: 墾丁瘦天牛
Potiarca pilula: 球毛蚶
Potorous tridactylis: 袋鼠
Potos flavus: 蜜熊(3)
Praealticus bilineatus: 雙線冠鳚
Praealticus bilineatus: 雙線矮冠鳚
Praealticus margaritarius: 犬牙矮冠鳚
Praealticus margaritarius: 麻卡勒矮冠鳚
Praealticus striatus: 吻紋冠鳚
Praealticus striatus: 吻紋矮冠鳚
Praealticus tanegasimae: 五帶矮冠鳚
Praealticus tanegasimae: 矮冠鳚
Praealticus tanegasimae: 種子島矮冠鳚
Praescutata viperina: 海蝰(4)
Praescutata viperinus: 毒海蛇
Pramoys minor: 小柔毛鼠
Praobeidia gigantearia: 狹翅豹紋尺蛾
Praolia atripennis: 黑翅細角天牛
Praolia atripennis: 黑翅絲鬚天牛
Praolia citrinipes: 藍艷細角天牛
Praomys natalensis: 多乳頭小鼠
Prasinohaema virens: 绿血石龙子
Pratapa deva: 珀灰蝶
Pratylenchus penetrans: 穿刺根腐线虫
Praya dubia: 不定帕腊水母
Praya reticulata: 網管帕腊水母
Prazoogenetes orcula: 圓菜種蝸牛
Precis orithya: 孔雀青蛺蝶
Premnas biaculeatus: 棘頰雀鯛
Premnas biaculeatus: 棘颊雀鲷
Premnas biaculeatus: 火公
Premnas biaculeatus: 紅透小丑
Premnas biaculeatus: 茶公
Premnas biaculeatus: 透紅
Premnas biaculeatus: 透紅小丑
Premnas biaculeatus: 透红小丑(2)
Premnas biaculeatus: 金茶公
Premnas biaculeatus: 金透紅
Premnas epigramma: 金透紅
Presbytis aygula: 灰叶猴
Presbytis aygula: 西爪哇叶猴
Presbytis chrysomelas: 沙捞越叶猴
Presbytis comat: 爪哇叶猴
Presbytis comata: 爪哇叶猴
Presbytis comata: 爪哇葉猴
Presbytis cristata: 银色乌叶猴
Presbytis entellus: 印度叶猴
Presbytis entellus: 長尾猴
Presbytis entellus: 長尾葉猴
Presbytis entellus: 长尾叶猴(2)
Presbytis entellus: 长尾猴
Presbytis femorali: 印尼叶猴
Presbytis femoralis: 印尼叶猴
Presbytis femoralis: 印尼葉猴
Presbytis francoisi: 乌猿
Presbytis francoisi: 烏猿
Presbytis francoisi: 黑叶猴
Presbytis francoisi: 黑葉猴
Presbytis frontat: 白额叶猴
Presbytis frontata: 白額葉猴
Presbytis frontata: 白额叶猴
Presbytis geei: 黄冠叶猴
Presbytis hose: 何氏叶猴
Presbytis hosei: 何氏叶猴
Presbytis hosei: 何氏葉猴
Presbytis leucocephalus: 白头叶猴
Presbytis leucocephalus: 白頭葉猴
Presbytis leucocephalus: 花叶猴
Presbytis leucocephalus: 花葉猴
Presbytis melalopho: 黑脊叶猴
Presbytis melalophos: 黑脊叶猴
Presbytis melalophos: 黑脊葉猴(2)
Presbytis natunae: 纳岛叶猴
Presbytis obscura: 乌叶猴
Presbytis phayrei: 灰叶猴
Presbytis phayrei: 菲氏叶猴
Presbytis pileata: 冠叶猴
Presbytis pileatus: 戴帽叶猴
Presbytis potenzian: 门岛叶猴
Presbytis potenziani: 孟他維島長尾葉猴
Presbytis potenziani: 白頰葉猴(2)
Presbytis potenziani: 白颊叶猴
Presbytis potenziani: 門島葉猴
Presbytis potenziani: 门岛叶猴
Presbytis rubicund: 栗红叶猴
Presbytis rubicunda: 栗紅葉猴
Presbytis rubicunda: 栗红叶猴
Presbytis siamensi: 白腿叶猴
Presbytis siamensis: 白腿叶猴
Presbytis siamensis: 白腿葉猴
Presbytis thomas: 托马斯叶猴
Presbytis thomasi: 托氏叶猴
Presbytis thomasi: 托馬斯葉猴
Presbytis thomasi: 托马斯叶猴
Pretostrea imbricata: 屋瓦硨磲牡蠣
Priacaeidus tayenus: 长尾大眼鲷
Priacanthus fitchi: 深水大眼鯛
Priacanthus hamrur: 寶石大眼鯛
Priacanthus hamrur: 紅目鰱
Priacanthus hamrur: 金目大眼鯛
Priacanthus macracanthus: 嚴公仔
Priacanthus macracanthus: 大眼鯛
Priacanthus macracanthus: 短尾大眼鯛
Priacanthus macracanthus: 短尾大眼鲷 
Priacanthus sagittarius: 斑鰭大眼鯛
Priacanthus sagittarius: 高背大眼鯛
Priacanthus tayenus: 嚴公仔
Priacanthus tayenus: 曳絲大眼鯛
Priacanthus tayenus: 長尾大眼鯛
Priacanthus zaiserae: 黃鰭大眼鯛
Priapichthys puetzi: 皮氏艳花鮰
Priapichthys puetzi: 皮氏艷花鮰
Prietella phreatophila: 盲鮰
Primno abyssalis: 深原戎
Primno brevidens: 短密原戎
Primno latreillei: 拉氏原戎
Primolius couloni: 藍頭金剛鸚鵡(4)
Primolius maracana: 藍翅金剛鸚鵡(2)
Primovula concinna: 小白海兔螺
Primovula piriei: 龍種海兔螺
Prinia atrogularis: 黑喉山鹪莺
Prinia atrogularis: 黑喉鷦鶯
Prinia atrogularis: 黑胸山鹪莺
Prinia bairdii: 橫斑山鷦鶯
Prinia buchanani: 棕額山鷦鶯
Prinia buchanani: 棕额山鹪莺
Prinia burnesii: 长尾山鹪莺
Prinia cinereocapilla: 霍氏山鹪莺
Prinia criniger: 斑紋鷦鶯(5)
Prinia crinigera: 山鷦鶯
Prinia crinigera: 山鹪莺(3)
Prinia crinigera: 斑紋鷦鶯(4)
Prinia familiaris: 斑翅山鹪莺
Prinia flaviventris: 灰头鹪莺(2)
Prinia flaviventris: 灰頭鷦鶯(10)
Prinia flaviventris: 褐頭布袋鸟
Prinia flaviventris: 黃腹鷦鶯
Prinia flaviventris: 黄腹山鹪莺(2)
Prinia flaviventris: 黄腹鹪莺(3)
Prinia gracilis: 优雅山鹪莺
Prinia hodgsonii: 灰胸山鷦鶯
Prinia hodgsonii: 灰胸山鹪莺
Prinia hodgsonii: 灰胸鷦鶯
Prinia hodgsonii: 灰胸鹪莺
Prinia inornata: 純色山鷦鶯
Prinia inornata: 純色鷦鶯
Prinia inornata: 纯色山鹪莺
Prinia inornata: 纯色鹪莺
Prinia inornata: 褐头鹪莺(2)
Prinia inornata: 褐頭鷦鶯(7)
Prinia leucopogon: 白額山鷦鶯
Prinia polychroa: 斑紋鷦鶯
Prinia polychroa: 褐山鹪莺(3)
Prinia polychroa: 褐鷦鶯
Prinia rufescens: 暗冕山鷦鶯
Prinia rufescens: 暗冕山鹪莺
Prinia rufescens: 暗冕鷦鶯
Prinia rufescens: 暗冕鹪莺
Prinia socialis: 灰山鷦鶯
Prinia socialis: 灰山鹪莺
Prinia somalica: 淡山鷦鶯
Prinia subflava: 褐头鹪莺
Prinia subflava: 褐胁山鹪莺
Prinia subflava: 褐脅山鷦鶯
Prinia subflava: 褐頭鷦鶯(4)
Prinia superciliaris: 南亞鷦鶯
Prinia superciliaris: 黑喉山鹪莺
Prinia sylvatica: 丛林山鹪莺
Prinia sylvatica: 叢林山鷦鶯
Prinovolva pudica: 白帶小玉海兔螺
Priodontes gigas: 巨犰狳(2)
Priodontes maximus: 大犰狳(2)
Priodontes maximus: 毛犰狳(3)
Priodonts maximus: 大犰狳
Priolepis boreus: 廣裸鋸鱗鰕虎
Priolepis boreus: 廣裸鋸鱗鰕虎魚
Priolepis cincta: 十二條鋸鱗鰕虎
Priolepis cincta: 十二條鰕虎
Priolepis cincta: 橫帶鋸鱗鰕虎魚
Priolepis inhaca: 裸頰鋸鱗鰕虎
Priolepis inhaca: 裸頰鋸鱗鰕虎魚
Priolepis kappa: 卡氏鋸鱗鰕虎
Priolepis latifascima: 側帶鋸鱗鰕虎魚
Priolepis latifascima: 白條鋸鱗鰕虎
Priolepis latifascima: 白條鰕虎
Priolepis semidoliata: 半紋鋸鱗鰕虎
Priolepis semidoliata: 多紋鋸鱗鰕虎
Priolepis semidoliatus: 多紋鋸鱗鰕虎
Prionace glauca: 大翅沙
Prionace glauca: 大青鯊
Prionace glauca: 大青鲨
Prionace glauca: 水沙
Prionace glauca: 鋸峰齒鮫
Prionailurus bengalensis: 石虎(2)
Prionailurus bengalensis: 豹猫
Prionailurus bengalensis: 豹貓
Prionailurus bengalensis: 豹貓指名亞種
Prionailurus bengalensis: chinensis, 石虎
Prionailurus iriomotensis: 西表猫
Prionailurus planiceps: 扁头猫
Prionailurus planiceps: 扁頭貓(3)
Prionailurus rubiginosus: 花斑貓
Prionailurus rubiginosus: 锈斑猫
Prionailurus rubiginosus: 斑貓
Prionailurus viverrinus: 渔猫
Prioneris hypsipyle: 蘇門答臘鋸粉蝶
Prioneris philonome: 紅肩鋸粉蝶
Prioneris philonome: 荃紅鋸粉蝶
Prioneris thestylis: 斑粉蝶
Prioneris thestylis: 鋸粉蝶
Prionispa houjayi: 厚潔方鐵甲蟲
Prioniturus discurus: 蓝冠扇尾鹦鹉
Prioniturus flavicans: 红斑扇尾鹦鹉
Prioniturus luconensis: 绿扇尾鹦鹉
Prioniturus mada: 布岛扇尾鹦鹉
Prioniturus montanus: 山扇尾鹦鹉
Prioniturus platenae: 巴拉望扇尾鹦鹉(2)
Prioniturus platurus: 金肩扇尾鹦鹉
Prioniturus verticalis: 苏禄扇尾鹦鹉(2)
Prionocerus bicolor: 二色細花螢
Prionochilus maculatus: 黄喉锯齿啄花鸟(2)
Prionochilus olivaceus: 绿背锯嘴啄花鸟
Prionochilus olivaceus: 绿背锯齿啄花鸟
Prionochilus percussus: 红胸锯齿啄花鸟(2)
Prionochilus plateni: 巴拉望啄花鸟
Prionochilus plateni: 巴拉望锯嘴啄花鸟
Prionochilus thoracicus: 赤胸锯齿啄花鸟(2)
Prionochilus xanthopygius: 加里曼丹啄花鸟(2)
Prionocidaris baculosa: 鋸棘頭帕
Prionocidaris verticillata: 輪刺棘頭帕
Prionocrangon brevirostris: 短額鋸褐蝦
Prionocrangon parvispina: 少刺鋸褐蝦
Prionodactylus oshaughnessyi: 厄瓜多尔锯趾蜥
Prionodon linsang: 林狸
Prionodon linsang: 條紋林狸
Prionodon linsang: 條紋靈貓(2)
Prionodon pardicolor: 彪(2)
Prionodon pardicolor: 斑林狸(4)
Prionodon pardicolor: 斑灵狸(2)
Prionodon pardicolor: 斑灵猫
Prionodon pardicolor: 斑点灵猫
Prionodon pardicolor: 斑靈狸
Prionodon pardicolor: 東方蓑貓(2)
Prionodon pardicolor: 虎灵描(2)
Prionodon pardicolor: 虎灵猫
Prionodon pardicolor: 虎靈描
Prionodon pardicolor: 虎靈貓
Prionomys batesi: 道氏攀鼠
Prionopelta kraepelini: 柯氏鋸鈍針蟻
Prionops plumatus: 長冠盔鵙
Prionops poliolophus: 灰冠盔鵙
Prionops retzii: 雷氏盔鵙
Prionops scopifrons: 栗額盔鵙
Prionospio depauperata: 微稚齒蟲
Prionospio japonica: 日本稚齒蟲
Prionotus alatus: 翼鋸魴鮄
Prionotus alatus: 翼锯鲂鮄
Prionotus beanii: 皮氏鋸魴鮄
Prionotus beanii: 皮氏锯鲂鮄
Prionovolva pudica: 白帶小玉海兔螺
Prionurus biafraensis: 比夫拉多板盾尾魚
Prionurus biafraensis: 比夫拉多板盾尾鱼
Prionurus biafraensis: 比夫拉锯尾吊
Prionurus biafraensis: 西非吊
Prionurus chrysurus: 印尼锯尾吊
Prionurus chrysurus: 印尼黄尾倒吊
Prionurus chrysurus: 印度尼西亞吊(2)
Prionurus laticlavius: 侧棒多板盾尾鱼
Prionurus laticlavius: 側棒多板盾尾魚
Prionurus laticlavius: 剃刀黄尾吊
Prionurus laticlavius: 加拉帕哥斯锯尾吊
Prionurus laticlavius: 黄尾倒吊
Prionurus maculatus: 斑多板盾尾鱼
Prionurus maculatus: 黄点锯尾吊
Prionurus microlepidotus: 六盾锯尾吊
Prionurus microlepidotus: 小鳞多板盾尾鱼
Prionurus punctatus: 多刺倒吊
Prionurus punctatus: 斑紋光刺尾魚
Prionurus punctatus: 点纹多板盾尾鱼
Prionurus punctatus: 黄锯尾斑点吊
Prionurus punctatus: 點紋多板盾尾魚
Prionurus scalprum: 三棘多板盾尾魚
Prionurus scalprum: 三棘多板盾尾鱼
Prionurus scalprum: 倒吊
Prionurus scalprum: 凿刀多板盾尾鱼
Prionurus scalprum: 多棘倒吊
Prionurus scalprum: 鋸尾鯛
Prionurus scalprum: 鑿刀多板盾尾魚
Prionurus scalprum: 锯尾鲷
Prionurus scalprum: 黑将军(2)
Prionurus scalprum: 黑將軍
Prionurus scalprum: 黑猪哥(2)
Prionurus scalprum: 黑豬哥
Prionurus scalprum: 黑锯尾吊
Prionurus scalprus: 鋸尾鯛
Prionus nakamurai: 中村鋸天牛
Prionus scabripunctatus: 粗點鋸天牛
Prionyx viduatus: 毛斑鋸泥蜂
Priotyrranus closteroides: 柑橘鋸天牛
Priotyrranus closteroides: 橘鋸天牛
Priotyrranus closteroides: 綠島橘鋸天牛
Prismognathus davidis: 金鬼鍬形蟲
Prismognathus formosanus: 台灣鬼鍬形蟲
Prismognathus piluensis: 碧綠鬼鍬形蟲
Prismosticta fenestrata: 小窗蠶蛾
Pristella maxillaris: 玻璃旗
Pristigenys meyeri: 嚴公仔
Pristigenys meyeri: 橫帶大鱗大眼鯛
Pristigenys meyeri: 紅線鋸大眼鯛
Pristigenys meyeri: 麥氏大鱗大眼鯛
Pristigenys niphonia: 嚴公仔
Pristigenys niphonia: 大鱗大眼鯛
Pristigenys niphonia: 日本鋸大眼鯛
Pristina aequiseta: 等齒吻盲蟲
Pristina longiseta: 長毛吻盲蟲
Pristina synclites: 平叉吻盲蟲
Pristinella jenkinae: 珍琴小吻盲蟲
Pristiophorus japonicus: 劍沙
Pristiophorus japonicus: 日本鋸鮫
Pristiophorus japonicus: 日本鋸鯊
Pristiophorus japonicus: 日本锯鲨
Pristiphora formosana: 蓬萊紅紋葉蜂
Pristiphora sauteri: 邵氏紅紋葉蜂
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: 花笛鯛
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: 藍紋姬鯛
Pristipomoides argyrogrammicus: 藍紋紫魚
Pristipomoides auricilla: 日本紫魚
Pristipomoides auricilla: 肉蒜魚
Pristipomoides auricilla: 黃尾姬鯛
Pristipomoides filamentosus: 絲鰭姬鯛
Pristipomoides filamentosus: 絲鰭紫魚
Pristipomoides filamentosus: 肉蒜魚
Pristipomoides flavipinnis: 肉蒜魚
Pristipomoides flavipinnis: 黃鰭姬鯛
Pristipomoides flavipinnis: 黃鰭紫魚
Pristipomoides multidens: 多牙紫魚
Pristipomoides multidens: 红哥里
Pristipomoides multidens: 肉蒜魚
Pristipomoides multidens: 黃吻姬鯛
Pristipomoides sieboldii: 姬鯛
Pristipomoides sieboldii: 西氏紫魚
Pristipomoides sieboldii: 鎖吾
Pristipomoides typus: 尖齒姬鯛
Pristipomoides typus: 鲈鱼(2)
Pristipomoides zonatus: 斜帶紫魚
Pristipomoides zonatus: 橫帶姬鯛
Pristipomoides zonatus: 橫帶花笛鯛
Pristis cuspidatus: 尖齿锯鳐
Pristis microdon: 小齿锯鳐
Pristolepis fasciatus: 横带锯鳞鲈(2)
Pristolycus kanoi: 鹿野氏赤翅螢
Pristolycus kanoi: 鹿野氏黑脈螢
Pristomerus chinensis: 中華齒腿姬蜂
Pristomerus scutellaris: 光盾齒腿姬蜂
Pristomyrmex brevispinosus: 短刺雙針家蟻
Pristomyrmex formosae: 蓬萊雙針家蟻
Pristomyrmex pungens: 堅硬雙針家蟻
Pristotis cyanostigma: 蓝点锯雀鲷
Pristotis jerdoni: 锯雀鲷
Pristotis obtusirostris: 海湾锯齿雀鲷
Pristotis obtusirostris: 海灣鋸齒雀鯛
Pristotis obtusirostris: 鋸雀鯛
Pristurus carteri: 蝎子守宫(2)
Pristurus carteri: 阿拉伯锯尾虎
Proablepharus tenuis: 白斑小耳蜥
Proanoplomus cylindricus: 圓管介紋實蠅
Proanoplomus formosanus: 寶島介紋實蠅
Proartacris taiwanensis: 臺灣前直峰節蜱屬
Probarbus jullieni: 国宝鲤
Probarbus jullieni: 独目鲤(2)
Probarbus jullieni: 穗须原鲤
Probarbus jullieni: 穗鬚原魮
Probarbus jullieni: 穗鬚原鯉(2)
Probarbus labeamajor: 大唇原魮
Probarbus labeaminor: 小唇原魮
Probolomyrmex longinodsu: 長脊突額針蟻
Proboscger aterrmus: 棕树凤头鹦鹉
Proboscidocoris malayus: 烏來喙盲椿
Proboscidocoris malayus: 烏來喙盲蝽
Probosciger aterrimus: 棕树凤头鹦鹉(2)
Probosciger aterrimus: 棕樹鳳頭鸚鵡
Probosciger aterrimus: 棕櫚美冠鸚鵡(5)
Procambarus alleni: 佛羅里達藍螯蝦
Procambarus alleni: 佛羅里達螯蝦
Procambarus alleni: 佛羅里達龍蝦(2)
Procambarus alleni: 藍螯蝦
Procambarus clarkii: 克氏原蝲蛄(2)
Procambarus clarkii: 克氏原蝲蛄, Ke shi yuan la gu(9930)
Procambarus clarkii: 克氏原螯虾
Procambarus clarkii: 克氏原螯虾, Ke shi yuan ao2 xia(6010)
Procambarus clarkii: 克氏原螯蝦, Ke shi yuan ao2 xia(63600)
Procambarus clarkii: 克氏螯虾(7701)
Procambarus clarkii: 小龍蝦(13500)
Procambarus clarkii: 小龙虾(13500)
Procambarus clarkii: 淡水小龙虾(5030)
Procambarus clarkii: 红螯虾(43800)
Procambarus clarkii: 美國螯蝦(25101)
Procambarus clarkii: 龙虾
Procanace grisescens: 趨灰包蠅
Procanace hendeli: 韓氏包蠅
Procanace taiwanensis: 台灣包蠅
Procapra grtturosa: 黄羊
Procapra gutturosa: 蒙古原羚
Procapra gutturosa: 黃羊
Procapra gutturosa: 黄羊(2)
Procapra picticaudata: 小羚羊
Procapra picticaudata: 藏原羚
Procapra przewalskii: 小羚羊
Procapra przewalskii: 普氏原羚
Procapra przwalskii: 普氏原羚
Procautires socius: 肩條紅螢
Procavia capensis: 蹄兔(2)
Procavia capensis: 非洲蹄兔
Procellaria aequinoctialis: 白頦鳳鸌(白額鸌),
Procellaria cinerea: 灰鸌,
Procellaria parkinsoni: 黑鳳鸌,
Procellaria westlandica: 西地鸌,
Procelsterna cerulea: 蓝灰燕鷗
Procelsterna cerulea: 蓝灰燕鸥
Proceratium itoi: 伊藤盾角針蟻
Proceratium japonicum: 日本盾角針蟻
Prochaetostricha monticola: 山棲前毛赤眼蜂
Prochilodus scrofa: 南美鲱鱼
Prochilodus scrofa: 小口脂鲤
Prochilodus scrofa: 巴西鲷
Prochilodus scrofa: 巴西鲷 
Prociphilus aurus: 金卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus bumiliae: 蜡树卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus cheni: 陈氏卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus dilonicearae: 金银花卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus emeiensis: 峨眉卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus formosanus: 台湾卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus formosanus: 白蜡樹捲葉癭蚜
Prociphilus gambosae: 丁香卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus kuwanai: 梨卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus ligustrifoliae: 女贞卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus pini: 松根卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus piniradius: 松根癭蚜
Prociphilus trinus: 三卷叶绵蚜
Prociphilus xylostei: 忍冬卷叶绵蚜
Procladius insularis: 海島搖蚊
Procladius lacteiclava: 白棍搖蚊
Procladius transiens: 過客搖蚊
Procleomenes robustior: 蓮華粗腿天牛
Prococcus acutissimus: 浪板介殼蟲
Procolobus badius: 红绿疣猴
Procolobus pennantii: 东方绿疣猴
Procolobus pennantii: 桑給巴爾疣猴
Procolobus pennantii: kirkii, 桑吉巴紅疣猴
Procolobus preussi: 普氏绿疣猴
Procolobus rufomitratus: 塔那河紅疣猴
Procolobus rufomitratus: 塔那河红疣猴
Procolobus rufomitratus: 河绿疣猴
Procolobus rufomitratus: 紅疣猴
Procolobus veru: 橄榄绿疣猴
Procolobus verus: 橄榄绿疣猴
Procolobus verus: 橄欖綠疣猴
Procolobus verus: 苍白绿疣猴
Proctoporus stigmatoral: 安第斯蜥
Procyon cancrivorus: 食蟹浣熊
Procyon gloveralleni: 巴岛浣熊
Procyon insularis: 特岛浣熊
Procyon lotor: 北美浣熊
Procyon lotor: 浣熊(4)
Procyon lotor: 狗獾
Procyon maynardi: 梅氏浣熊
Procyon minor: 瓜达卢浣熊
Procyon pygmaeus: 科岛浣熊
Procypris merus: 乌原鲤(2)
Procypris merus: 烏原鯉
Procypris rabaudi: 岩原鯉
Procypris rabaudi: 岩原鲤 
Procypris rabaudi: 岩原鲤(3)
Prodasineura autumnalis: 乌前原蟌
Prodasineura croconota: 朱背前原蟌
Prodasineura croconota: 朱背樸蟌(3)
Prodasineura hanzhongensis: 汉中前原蟌
Prodasineura sita: 黄前原蟌
Prodegeeria chaetopygialis: 鬃尾寄蠅
Prodegeeria javana: 爪哇寄蠅
Prodegeeria tircincta: 三帶寄蠅
Prodenia litura: 斜纹夜蛾
Prodotia iostoma: 粗斑峨螺
Prodotiscus insignis: 尖嘴蜜鴷
Prodotiscus regulus: 沃氏蜜鴷
Prodotiscus zambesiae: 綠背蜜鴷
Proechimys albispinus: 白地棘鼠
Proedromys bedfordi: 溝牙田鼠
Profelis aurata: 非洲金猫
Profelis aurata: 非洲金貓
Profelis temmincki: 乌云豹
Profelis temmincki: 原猫
Profelis temmincki: 原貓
Profelis temmincki: 烏雲豹
Profelis temmincki: 狸豹
Profelis temmincki: 紅椿豹
Profelis temmincki: 红椿豹
Profelis temmincki: 芝麻豹
Profelis temmincki: 金猫
Profelis temmincki: 金貓
Profundinassa babylonica: 佛塔織紋螺
Prognichthys agoo: 燕飞鱼
Prognichthys agoo: 真燕鰩魚
Prognichthys agoo: 真燕鳐
Prognichthys albimaculatus: 白斑真燕鳐
Prognichthys brevipinnis: 短鰭
Prognichthys brevipinnis: 短鰭原飛魚
Prognichthys brevipinnis: 短鰭燕飛魚
Prognichthys brevipinnis: 短鰭真燕鰩
Prognichthys brevipinnis: 飛烏
Prognichthys brevipinnis: 飞乌
Prognichthys rondeleti: 黑鳍真燕鳐
Proiectus taiwanensis: 臺灣尖突節蜱
Projectothrips imitans: 番石榴薊馬
Prolabeo batesi: 貝茨氏原野鯪
Prolabeops melanhypoptera: 黑前眼野鯪
Prolagus sardus: 義大利鼠兔
Prolygus niger: 黑始麗盲椿
Prolygus niger: 黑始麗盲蝽
Promachus anicius: 安尼食蟲虻
Promachus canus: 白髮食蟲虻
Promachus foromosanus: 松村食蟲虻
Promachus fulviventris: 鳳山食蟲虻
Promachus horichanus: 埔里食蟲虻
Promachus indigenus: 大林食蟲虻
Promachus nigrbarbatus: 黑鬚食蟲虻
Promachus opacus: 幽暗食蟲虻
Promachus testaceipes: 磚色食蟲虻
Promecotheca cumingi: 缢胸椰叶甲
Prometheomys schaposchnikowi: 長爪鼠平
Promethichthys prometheus: 帶梭
Promethichthys prometheus: 紡錘蛇鯖
Promethichthys prometheus: 紫金魚
Prometis formosana: 蓬萊長擬步行蟲
Prometis kaoshana: 黑澤長擬步行蟲
Prometis kurosawai: 昆陽長擬步行蟲
Prometis sulcigera: 南洋長擬步行蟲
Prometis taiwana: 台灣長擬步行蟲
Prometis tonkinensis: 東經常擬步行蟲
Prometis valgipes: 巨長擬步行蟲
Prominens taiwanensis: 臺灣五角硬皮板節蜱
Promops centralis: 中美圓齶蝠
Promops centralis: 中部穹腭蝠
Promops nasutus: 大鼻圓齶蝠
Promops nasutus: 大鼻穹腭蝠
Promops nasutus: 大鼻穹齶蝠
Pronoe capito: 頭葉戎
Pronoides brunneus: 棕类岬蛛
Pronolagus rupestris: 紅兔
Propagurus miyakei: 三宅原寄居蟹
Propagurus obtusiforns: 鈍額原寄居蟹
Propeamussium caducum: 光芒海扇蛤
Propeamussium jeffreyssii: 小光芒海扇蛤
Propeamussium sibogai: 大光芒海扇蛤
Prophagorus cataractus: 泰国巨噬胡鲶
Prophagorus nieuhofi: 尼氏巨噬胡鲶
Propithecus diadema: 冕狐猴(2)
Propithecus tatters: 金冠狐猴
Propithecus tattersalli: 金冠狐猴
Propithecus verreauxi: 维氏冕狐猴
Propomacrus davidi: 戴褐臂金龜
Propomacrus davidi: 戴褐臂金龟(3)
Propontocypris cheneni: 陳音始海星介
Propontocypris clara: 紅花始海星介
Propontocypris crocata: 南苗始海星介
Propontocypris symmetrica: 對稱始海星介
Propylaea japonica: 龟纹瓢虫(2)
Propylaes japonica: 龜紋瓢蟲
Propylaes japonica: 龟纹瓢虫(2)
Propylea japonica: 龜紋瓢蟲(2)
Propylea japonica: 龟纹瓢虫
Propylea japonica: 龜紋瓢蟲
Propylea japonoca: 龜紋瓢蟲(2)
Propylea japonoca: 龜蚊瓢蟲
Propylea luteopustulata: 黃寶龜瓢蟲
Propylea luteopustulata: 黄室龟瓢虫
Propylea quatuordecimpunctata: 方斑瓢虫
Propyropterus kanoi: 鹿野裂紅螢
Propyropterus plateroides: 偽短溝紅螢
Propyropterus pygidialis: 彎腹裂紅螢
Propyrrhula subhimachala: 红眉松雀
Propyrrhura auricollis: 金领金刚鹦鹉
Propyrrhura auricollis: 黃領金剛鸚鵡(2)
Propyrrhura couloni: 蓝头金刚鹦鹉
Propyrrhura maracana: 蓝翅金刚鹦鹉
Proreinia eastlakeana: tayalis, 台灣寬口煙管蝸牛
Proreus simulans: 黃翅綿跗螋
Prorhinotermes hainanensis: 海南原鼻白蚁
Prorhinotermes japonicus: 东洋原鼻白蚁
Prorhinotermes japonicus: 台灣原鼻白蟻
Prorhinotermes japonicus: 東洋原鼻白蟻
Prorhinotermes spectabilis: 奇丽原鼻白蚁
Prorhinotermes xishaensis: 西沙原鼻白蚁
Prosciara anfracta: 彎曲黑翅蕈蚋
Prosciara furtiva: 隱密黑翅蕈蚋
Prosciara meracula: 微銳黑翅蕈蚋
Prosciurillus leucomus: 西里伯斯松鼠
Proscyllium habereri: 原鮫
Proscyllium habereri: 哈氏原鯊
Proscyllium habereri: 哈氏台湾鲨
Proscyllium habereri: 狗沙
Proscyllium habereri: 狗鯊
Proscyllium venustum: 雅原鮫
Proscyllium venustum: 雅原鯊
Prosheliomyia formosensis: 台生寄蠅
Prosimnia semperi: 桶形前凹螺
Prosopium cylindraceum: 真柱白鮭
Prosopium cylindraceum: 真柱白鲑
Prosoplus bankii: 邦克氏銹天牛
Prosopocoilus austerus: 圓翅鋸鍬形蟲
Prosopocoilus blanchardi: 雙紅鋸鍬形蟲
Prosopocoilus formosanus: 扁齒鋸鍬形蟲
Prosopocoilus motschulskii: 莫氏鋸鍬形蟲
Prosopodopsis appendiculata: 澳門寄蠅
Prosopodopsis quadrisetosa: 四毛寄蠅
Prosorhynchus facilis: 面狀前實吸蟲
Prosotas dubiosa: 密紋波灰蝶
Prosotas nora: 姬波紋小灰蝶(2)
Prosotas nora: 娜拉波紋小灰蝶
Prosotas nora: 波灰蝶
Prospheniscus miyakei: 原球實蠅
Prostemma fasciatum: 平帶花姬蝽
Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae: 秃兒吸蜜鳥
Prosthiochaeta cyaneiventris: 藍腹廣口蠅
Prosthiochaeta formosa: 寶島廣口蠅
Protaeolidiella atra: 黑翼蓑海蛞蝓
Protaeolidiella juliae: 茱莉亞翼蓑海蛞蝓
Protaetia culta: 蘭嶼銅點花金龜
Protaetia culta: 銅點花金龜
Protaetia elegans: 綠艷白點花金龜
Protaetia elegans: 綠艷花金龜
Protaetia formosana: 紫艷花金龜
Protaetia fusca: 灰白點花金龜
Protaetia fusca: 紡星花金龜
Protaetia inquinata: 藍艷白點花金龜
Protaetia kurosawai: 黑澤白點花金龜
Protaetia nigropurprea: 銅艷白點花金龜
Protaetia orentalis: 東方白點花金龜
Protaetia orientalis: 東方白點花金龜
Protaetia sauteri: 曹德白點花金龜
Protankyra bidentata: 棘刺錨參
Protankyra pseudodigitata: 偽指刺錨參
Protankyra suensoni: 蘇氏刺錨參
Proteles cristatus: 土狼(4)
Proteracanthus sarissophorus: 神棘白鯧(115)
Proteriococcus acutispinus: 星绒粉蚧
Proteus vulgaris: 普通變形桿菌
Proteus vulgaris: 普通變形菌
Prothalotia pulcherrima: 美珠鐘螺
Prothema ochraceosignata: 淡黑紅天牛
Prothema ochraceosignata: 黃點紙翅紅天牛
Prothemus kanoi: 鹿野氏圓胸菊虎
Prothemus watanabei: 渡邊氏圓胸菊虎
Protobothrops jerdonii: 菜花原柔头蛇(2)
Protobothrops jerdonii: 菜花原柔头蝮
Protobothrops jerdonii: 菜花原柔頭蛇
Protobothrops jerdonii: 菜花原矛头蝮
Protobothrops mucrosquamatus: 原柔头腹
Protobothrops mucrosquamatus: 原柔头蛇
Protobothrops mucrosquamatus: 原柔头蝮
Protobothrops mucrosquamatus: 原柔頭蛇
Protobothrops mucrosquamatus: 原矛头蝮
Protobothrops mucrosquamatus: 赤链蛇
Protobothrops mucrosquamatus: 龜殼花(2)
Protobothrops xiangchengensis: 乡城原柔头腹
Protobothrops xiangchengensis: 乡城原矛头蝮(2)
Protobothrops xiangchengensis: 鄉城原矛頭蝮
Protobothrorops jerdonii: 菜花原矛蝮
Protochondrostoma genei: 吉恩氏軟口魚
Protocystis nautiloides: 鹦鹉螺原囊虫
Protocystis xiphodon: 剑齿原囊虫
Protographium leosthenes: 指凤蝶
Protohelius issikii: 台灣禿大蚊
Protohermes costalis: 黃紋魚蛉
Protomelas annectens: 大口原黑麗魚
Protomelas dejunctus: 貪婪原黑麗魚
Protomelas fenestratus: 孔原黑麗魚
Protomelas insignis: 奇原黑麗魚
Protomelas kirkii: 柯氏原黑麗魚
Protomelas labridens: 厚唇原黑麗魚
Protomelas macrodon: 大齒原黑麗魚
Protomelas marginatus: 沃埃原黑麗魚
Protomelas marginatus: 緣邊原黑麗魚
Protomelas pleurotaenia: 側條原黑麗魚
Protomelas similis: 類原黑麗魚
Protomelas spilonotus: 背點原黑麗魚
Protomelas spilopterus: 斑鰭原黑麗魚
Protomelas taeniolatus: 條紋原黑麗魚
Protomelas triaenodon: 三尖叉齒原黑麗魚
Protomelas virgatus: 枝原黑麗魚
Protomyzon pachycheilus: 厚唇原吸鳅
Protomyzon pachychilus: 厚唇原吸鳅
Protomyzon sinensis: 中华原吸鳅
Protonibea diacanthus: 双棘黄姑鱼(2)
Protonibea diacanthus: 雙棘原始黃姑魚
Protonibea diacanthus: 雙棘原黃姑魚
Protonibea diacanthus: 鮸仔魚
Protopterus aethiopicus: 依索比亞非洲肺魚
Protopterus annectens: 原鰭魚
Protopterus dolloi: 非洲肺鱼
Protopteryx fengningensis: 丰宁原羽鸟
Protopulvinaria fukayai: 浙原绵蜡蚧
Protopulvinaria mangiferae: 杧果原绵蜡蚧
Protopulvinaria mangiferae: 檬果原綿介殼蟲
Protopulvinaria pyriformis: 厚緣原綿介殼蟲
Protopulvinaria pyriformis: 梨形原绵蜡蚧
Protosticta taipokauensis: 泰原扁蟌
Protothaca jedoensis: 江户布目蛤(2)
Protoxerus stangeri: 非洲巨松鼠
Prunella atrogularis: 黑喉岩鹨(2)
Prunella atrogularis: 黑喉巖鷚
Prunella collaris: 岩鷚(8)
Prunella collaris: 領巖鷚
Prunella collaris: 领岩鹨(4)
Prunella fagani: 也门岩鹨
Prunella fulvescens: 褐岩鹨(2)
Prunella fulvescens: 褐巖鷚
Prunella himalayana: 高原岩鹨(2)
Prunella himalayana: 高原巖鷚
Prunella immaculata: 栗背岩鹨(2)
Prunella immaculata: 栗背巖鷚
Prunella koslowi: 賀蘭山巖鷚(2)
Prunella koslowi: 贺兰山岩鹨(5)
Prunella modularis: 林岩鷚
Prunella modularis: 林岩鹨
Prunella montanella: 棕眉山岩鷚(3)
Prunella montanella: 棕眉山岩鹨(7)
Prunella montanella: 棕眉山巖鷚(2)
Prunella ocularis: 眼斑岩鹨
Prunella rubeculoides: 鴝巖鷚
Prunella rubeculoides: 鸲岩鹨(2)
Prunella rubida: 红岩鹨(2)
Prunella strophiata: 棕胸岩鹨(2)
Prunella strophiata: 棕胸巖鷚
Prunicythere amydaloidea: 杏仁紅杏介
Prunicythere apiumalia: 洋芹紅杏介
Prunilla koslowi: 贺兰山岩鹨
Prunilla montanella: 棕眉山岩鹨
Pryeria sinica: 中國毛斑蛾
Pryeria sinica: 大葉黃楊斑蛾
Przewalskium albirostris: 白唇鹿
Psacothea hilaris: 黃星天牛
Psacothea hilaris: 黃星長角天牛
Psacothea hiraris: 黃星天牛
Psalidoprocne albiceps: 白頭鋸翅燕
Psalidoprocne holomelas: 黑鋸翅燕
Psaltria exilis: 侏长尾山雀
Psammobates geometricus: 幾何沙龜
Psammobates geometricus: 幾何陸龜
Psammobates geometricus: 星丛龟
Psammobates geometricus: 星叢陸龜
Psammobates geometricus: 星叢龜(2)
Psammobius indicus: 印度沙蜉金龜
Psammobius subopacus: 淡黑沙蜉金龜
Psammocora contigua: 連續沙珊瑚
Psammocora digitata: 指形沙珊瑚
Psammocora profundacella: 深紋沙珊瑚
Psammocora superficialis: 表面沙珊瑚
Psammodromus algirus: 奔蜥
Psammodynastes pulverulentus: 紫沙蛇(5)
Psammodynastes pulverulentus: 茶斑大頭蛇
Psammodynastes pulverulentus: 茶斑蛇(3)
Psammodynastes pulverulentus: 褐山蛇
Psammogobius biocellatus: 雙眼斑砂鰕虎
Psammomys obesus: 肥沙鼠
Psammoperca waigiensis: 紅眼沙鱸
Psammoperca waigiensis: 紅眼鱸
Psammoperca waigiensis: 红眼鲈, Hong yan lu(218)
Psammophilus blanfordanus: 印度荒漠蜥(2)
Psammophilus dorsalis: 荒漠蜥(4)
Psammophis lineolatus: 花条蛇(3)
Psammophis lineolatus: 花條蛇
Psammotaea elongata: 長型紫雲蛤
Psammotaea virescens: 枯葉紫雲蛤
Psarisomus dalhousiae: 長尾闊嘴鳥
Psarisomus dalhousiae: 长尾阔嘴鸟(3)
Psaumis cavipes: 凹足普氏蟹
Psechrus sinensis: 中國褸網蛛
Psechrus sinensis: 中華褸網蛛
Psechrus torvus: 野褛网蛛
Psectrocladius formosae: 北投搖蚊
Psedoperilampus monguonnsis: 蒙古石鲋
Psehotus dissimilis: 黃肩長尾鸚鵡
Psenes cyanophrys: 玻璃玉鯧
Psenes cyanophrys: 琉璃玉鯧
Psenes cyanophrys: 肉鯧
Psenes pellucidus: 花瓣玉鯧
Psenes pellucidus: 花瓣鯧
Psenopsis anomala: 刺鯧
Psenopsis anomala: 土肉
Psenopsis anomala: 肉魚
Psenopsis anomala: 肉鯽仔
Psenulus formosicola: 皺頰脊短柄泥蜂
Psephactus remiger: 台灣小翅鋸天牛
Psephactus remiger: 微翅鋸天牛
Psephotus chrysopterygius: 金肩鸚鵡(8)
Psephotus chrysopterygius: 金肩鹦鹉(2)
Psephotus chrysopterygus: 金肩鹦鹉
Psephotus dissimilis: 異色金肩鸚鵡
Psephotus dissimilis: 黃肩長尾鸚鵡(4)
Psephotus dssmls: 异色金肩鹦鹉
Psephotus haematonotus: 紅腰鸚鵡(2)
Psephotus pulcherrimus: 天堂長尾鸚鵡(5)
Psephotus pulcherrimus: 樂園鸚鵡(3)
Psephotus pulcherrmus: 乐园鹦鹉
Psephotus varius: 瑪加鸚鵡(2)
Psephurus gladius: 剑鱼
Psephurus gladius: 揚子江白鱘
Psephurus gladius: 白鲟(3)
Psettina gigantea: 大鰜鮃
Psettina gigantea: 扁魚
Psettina gigantea: 皇帝魚
Psettina gigantea: 皇帝鱼
Psettina gigantea: 長鰜鮃
Psettina hainanensis: 海南鳒鲆(2)
Psettina iijimae: 扁魚
Psettina iijimae: 皇帝魚
Psettina iijimae: 鰜鮃
Psettina tosana: 土佐鰜鮃
Psettina tosana: 扁魚
Psettina tosana: 皇帝魚
Psettodes arumei: 大比目鱼
Psettodes arumei: 庸鲽
Psettodes arumei: 庸鲽,大比目鱼
Psettodes erumei: 咬龍狗
Psettodes erumei: 大口鰜
Psettodes erumei: 大口鳒(3801)
Psettodes erumei: 左口
Psettodes erumei: 扁魚
Psettodes erumei: 斑鮃, Ban ping(906)
Psettodes erumei: 皇帝魚
Psettodes erumei: 皇帝鱼
Pseudaesopia japonica: 日本擬鰨
Pseudaesopia japonica: 日本條鰨
Pseudagrion decorum: 大斑蟌
Pseudagrion elongatum: 长斑蟌
Pseudagrion microcephalum: 小斑蟌
Pseudagrion microcephalum: 瘦面細蟌(2)
Pseudagrion pilidorsum: 弓背細蟌(2)
Pseudagrion pilidorsum: pilidorsum, 台斑蟌
Pseudagrion pruinosum: 赤斑蟌(5)
Pseudagrion rubriseps: rubriseps, 红斑蟌
Pseudagrion spencei: 褐斑蟌
Pseudalaemon fremantlii: 短尾百靈
Pseudalopex culpaeus: 厄瓜多爾胡狼
Pseudalopex culpaeus: 寇巴俄狐
Pseudalopex culpaeus: 山狐
Pseudalopex fulvipes: 达尔文狐
Pseudalopex fulvipes: 达氏狐
Pseudalopex griseus: 阿札拉狐
Pseudalopex griseus: 阿根廷狐
Pseudalopex griseus: 阿根廷胡狼
Pseudalopex gymnocercus: 巴拉圭狐
Pseudalopex gymnocercus: 巴拉圭胡狼
Pseudalopex gymnocercus: 河狐
Pseudalopex sechurae: 秘鲁狐
Pseudalopex vetulus: 高地狐(2)
Pseudalosterna breva: 小腿紅琉璃花天
Pseudalosterna breva: 藍豔黑腹花天牛
Pseudalosterna fuscopurpurea: 紫翅黑腹花天牛
Pseudalosterna pullata: 小黑花天牛
Pseudalosterna pullata: 淡紅黑腹花天牛
Pseudalosterna submetallica: 埔里黑腹花天牛
Pseudalosterna submetallica: 姬黑花天牛
Pseudambassis baculis: 莖擬雙邊魚
Pseudamia gelatinosa: 大目側仔
Pseudamia gelatinosa: 大面側仔
Pseudamia gelatinosa: 犬牙擬天竺鯛
Pseudamia gelatinosa: 鈍尾擬天竺鯛
Pseudamia hayashii: 圓鱗擬天竺鯛
Pseudamiops gracilicauda: 准天竺鯛
Pseudamiops gracilicauda: 大目側仔
Pseudamiops gracilicauda: 大面側仔
Pseudamphinotus yunnanensis: 云南拟双背蚱
Pseudamycla rorida: 白虛線麥螺
Pseudanaesthetis mizunumai: 望洋平山天牛
Pseudanaesthetis mizunumai: 水沼茶翅天牛
Pseudanaesthetis rufipennis: 紅翅平山天牛
Pseudanaphothrips querci: 櫟齊毛薊馬
Pseudantechinus macdonnellensis: 红耳宽足带鼩
Pseudanthias bicolor: 石斑
Pseudanthias bicolor: 過魚
Pseudanthias bicolor: 雙色擬花鮨
Pseudanthias bicolor: 雙色擬花鱸
Pseudanthias bicolor: 雙色花鱸
Pseudanthias bicolor: 鱠
Pseudanthias cooperi: 庫伯氏擬花鱸
Pseudanthias cooperi: 庫伯氏花鱸
Pseudanthias cooperi: 石斑
Pseudanthias cooperi: 過魚
Pseudanthias cooperi: 鋸鰓擬花鮨
Pseudanthias cooperi: 鱠
Pseudanthias dispar: 刺蓋擬花鮨
Pseudanthias dispar: 刺蓋擬花鱸
Pseudanthias dispar: 石斑
Pseudanthias dispar: 过鱼
Pseudanthias dispar: 過魚
Pseudanthias dispar: 鱠
Pseudanthias elongatus: 石斑
Pseudanthias elongatus: 過魚
Pseudanthias elongatus: 長擬花鮨
Pseudanthias elongatus: 長擬花鱸
Pseudanthias elongatus: 長花鮨
Pseudanthias elongatus: 鱠
Pseudanthias engelhardi: 恩氏擬花鮨
Pseudanthias engelhardi: 恩氏擬花鱸
Pseudanthias fasciata: 條紋擬花鮨
Pseudanthias fasciata: 條紋花鮨
Pseudanthias fasciata: 石斑
Pseudanthias fasciata: 過魚
Pseudanthias fasciata: 鱠
Pseudanthias fasciatus: 條紋擬花鮨
Pseudanthias fasciatus: 條紋擬花鱸
Pseudanthias hutomoi: 櫻花海金魚
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: 截尾花鮨
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: 石斑
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: 过鱼
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: 過魚
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: 高體擬花鮨
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: 高體擬花鱸
Pseudanthias hypselosoma: 鱠
Pseudanthias luzonensis: 側帶花鱸
Pseudanthias luzonensis: 呂宋擬花鮨
Pseudanthias luzonensis: 呂宋擬花鱸
Pseudanthias luzonensis: 呂宋花鮨
Pseudanthias luzonensis: 石斑
Pseudanthias luzonensis: 過魚
Pseudanthias luzonensis: 鱠
Pseudanthias pascalus: 厚唇擬花鱸
Pseudanthias pascalus: 厚唇花鮨
Pseudanthias pascalus: 石斑
Pseudanthias pascalus: 紫紅擬花鮨
Pseudanthias pascalus: 过鱼
Pseudanthias pascalus: 過魚
Pseudanthias pascalus: 鱠
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 側帶擬花鮨
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 側帶擬花鱸
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 側帶花鮨
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 海金魚
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 石斑
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 紫印母海金魚
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 紫印(2)
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 花鱸
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 過魚
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 長花鱸
Pseudanthias pleurotaenia: 鱠
Pseudanthias pulcherrimus: 深海艷紅海金魚
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus: 石斑
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus: 紅帶擬花鮨
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus: 紅帶擬花鱸
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus: 紅帶花鮨
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus: 過魚
Pseudanthias rubrizonatus: 鱠
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 燕尾花鱸
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 石斑
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 石斑魚
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 絲鰭擬花鮨
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 藍眼海金魚
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 过鱼
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 過魚
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 金擬花鱸
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 金花鮨
Pseudanthias squamipinnis: 鱠
Pseudanthias thompsoni: 湯氏擬花鮨
Pseudanthias thompsoni: 湯氏擬花鱸
Pseudanthias truncatus: 藍眼花鱸
Pseudanthias tuka: 異唇花鱸
Pseudanthias tuka: 靜擬花鮨
Pseudanthias tuka: 靜擬花鱸
Pseudanthias tuka: 黃背紫金魚
Pseudaonidia duplax: 網背盾介殼蟲
Pseudapocryptes elongatus: 尖尾鯊
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: 尖尾鯊
Pseudapocryptes lanceolatus: 矛狀擬平牙鰕虎魚
Pseudartabanus formosanus: 台擬樂扁蝽
Pseudaspius leptocephalus: 拟赤梢鱼
Pseudaspius leptocephalus: 擬赤梢魚
Pseudaugaptilus orientalis: 東方偽亮羽水蚤
Pseudaulacaspis major: 大擬白輪盾介殼蟲
Pseudaulacaspis pentagona: 桑擬白輪盾介殼蟲
Pseudecheneis immaculatus: 无斑褶鮡
Pseudecheneis intermedius: 间褶鮡
Pseudecheneis paviei: 平吻褶鮡
Pseudecheneis sulcatus: 黄斑褶鮡
Pseudechidna brummeri: 布氏長鯙
Pseudechidna brummeri: 擬蛇鱔
Pseudechidna brummeri: 薯鰻
Pseudechidna brummeri: 虎鰻
Pseudechidna brummeri: 錢鰻
Pseudemydura umbrina: 澳洲短頸龜(2)
Pseudemydura umbrina: 澳洲短颈龟
Pseudemydura umbrina: 短頸龜
Pseudemys concinna: 甜甜圈龜(2)
Pseudemys concinna: 甜甜龜(4)
Pseudemys floridana: 佛州甜甜圈龜(2)
Pseudemys nelsoni: 紅腹甜甜龜(2)
Pseudeos fuscata: 暗色吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Pseudeos fuscata: 烟色吸蜜鹦鹉
Pseudeos fuscata: 烟色鹦鹉
Pseudepitettix guangxiensis: 广西拟后蚱
Pseudepitettix yunnanensis: 云南拟后蚱
Pseuderistalis bicolor: 雙色蚜蠅
Pseudeurina maculata: 黃斑稈蠅
Pseudexostoma yunnanensis: 拟鱼妟
Pseudexostoma yunnanensis: 短体拟鱼妟
Pseudhirundo griseopyga: 灰腰燕
Pseudibis davisoni: 白肩黑鹮(3)
Pseudibis davisoni: 黑鹮(2)
Pseudibis gigantea: 巨鹮
Pseudibis papillosa: 黑睘鳥
Pseudibis papillosa: 黑鹮(4)
Pseudibis pappillosa: 黑鹮
Pseudindalmus longicornis: 長角偽瓢甲
Pseudiphra apicale: 黑尾棕天牛
Pseudiphra apicale: 黑端飴色天牛
Pseudoalcippe abyssinica: 非洲雅鶥
Pseudoamallothrix emarginata: 切口擬柔毛水蚤
Pseudoamolops multidenticulatus: 多齒赤蛙
Pseudoamolops sauteri: 梭德氏赤蛙(3)
Pseudoanthias carberryi: 馬爾地夫小紅莓
Pseudoanthias dispar: 紫羅蘭
Pseudoasonus kangdingensis: 康定拟无声蝗
Pseudoasonus yushuensis: 玉树拟无声蝗
Pseudobagrus adiposalis: 三角姑
Pseudobagrus adiposalis: 三角鉤
Pseudobagrus adiposalis: 淡水河鮠
Pseudobagrus adiposalis: 脂鮠(4)
Pseudobagrus adiposalis: 長脂擬鱨鮠
Pseudobagrus adiposalis: 长脂拟鲿
Pseudobagrus analis: 长臀拟鲿
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: 三角鉤
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: 台灣擬鱨
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: 台灣鮠
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: 短臀拟鲿
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: 短臀鮠(2)
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: 短臂擬鱨(2)
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: 短臂鮠
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: brevianalis, 短臀鮠
Pseudobagrus brevianalis: taiwanensis, 台灣鮠
Pseudobagrus brevicaudatus: 短尾拟鲿(2)
Pseudobagrus emarginatus: 凹尾拟鲿(2)
Pseudobagrus medianalis: 中臀拟鲿(2)
Pseudobagrus omeihensis: 峨眉拟鲿
Pseudobagrus ondon: 盎堂拟鲿
Pseudobagrus pratti: 细体拟鲿
Pseudobagrus taeniatus: 条纹拟鲿
Pseudobagrus taiwanensis: 台湾拟鲿
Pseudobagrus taiwanensis: 台灣擬鱨
Pseudobagrus tenuis: 圆尾拟鲿
Pseudobagrus trilineatus: 三线拟鲿
Pseudobagrus truncatus: 切尾拟鲿(2)
Pseudobagrus ussuriensis: 乌苏拟鲿(2)
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus: 黃緣擬板機魨
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus: 黃邊副鱗魨
Pseudobalistes fuscus: 啡炮彈
Pseudobalistes fuscus: 黃緣擬板機魨
Pseudobalistes fuscus: 黑副鱗魨
Pseudobalistes fuscus: 黑擬板機魨
Pseudobalistes fuscus: 龍紋砲彈
Pseudobarbus afer: 非洲擬魮
Pseudobarbus asper: 糙擬魮
Pseudobarbus burchelli: 伯切爾氏魮
Pseudobarbus burchelli: 擬魮
Pseudobarbus burgi: 伯氏擬魮
Pseudobarbus phlegethon: 湧擬魮
Pseudobarbus quathlambae: 夸氏擬魮
Pseudobarbus tenuis: 細擬魮
Pseudoboletia indiana: 印度蘑海膽
Pseudoboletia indianus: 印度蘑海膽
Pseudoborbo bevani: 擬秈弄蝶
Pseudobrama simoni: 似鯿
Pseudobrama simoni: 似鳊
Pseudobuliminus certus: 大釘蝸牛(2)
Pseudobuliminus certus: incertus, 圓頂釘蝸牛
Pseudobuliminus incerta: 圓頂釘蝸牛
Pseudobuliminus meiacoshimensis: 圓頂釘蝸牛
Pseudobulweria aterrima: 黑圆尾鹱
Pseudobulweria rostrata: 擬褐燕鸌
Pseudobulweria rostrata: 鈎嘴圓尾鸌,
Pseudobulweria rostrata: 鉤嘴圓尾鸌
Pseudobulweria rostrata: 钩嘴圆尾鹱(3)
Pseudobulweria rostrata: 黑背白腹穴鳥
Pseudocalamobius leptissimus: 阿里山瘦天牛
Pseudocalamobius leptissimus: 高山細胴天牛
Pseudocalamobius niisatoi: 新里氏細角瘦天牛
Pseudocalamobius pubescens: 毛細角瘦天牛
Pseudocalamobius taiwanensis: 台灣細胴天牛
Pseudocalamobius taiwanensis: 台灣細角瘦天牛
Pseudocallidium obscuriaeneum: 房鬚青扁天牛
Pseudocallidium obscuriaeneum: 綠艷長翅天牛
Pseudocalotes brevipes: 短肢树蜥(2)
Pseudocalotes flavigula: 黄喉树蜥(2)
Pseudocalotes floweri: 泰国树蜥(2)
Pseudocalotes kakhienensis: 蚌西树蜥(2)
Pseudocalotes kingdonwardi: 西藏树蜥(2)
Pseudocalotes microlepis: 细鳞树蜥(2)
Pseudocalotes poilani: 老挝蜥(2)
Pseudocalotes tympanistriga: 岛树蜥(2)
Pseudocapritermes jiangchengensis: 江城钩扭白蚁
Pseudocapritermes largus: 大钩扭白蚁
Pseudocapritermes minutus: 小钩扭白蚁
Pseudocapritermes planimentus: 平颏钩扭白蚁
Pseudocapritermes pseudolaetus: 隆额钩扭白蚁
Pseudocapritermes sinensis: 中华钩扭白蚁
Pseudocapritermes sowerbyi: 圆囟钩扭白蚁
Pseudocaranx dentex: 參魚
Pseudocaranx dentex: 瓜仔
Pseudocaranx dentex: 甘仔
Pseudocaranx dentex: 縱帶鰺
Pseudocaranx dentex: 银原鲹
Pseudocaranx dentex: 黃帶擬鰺
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: 蒲原擬錐齒鯊
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: 蒲原氏擬錐齒鮫
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: 蒲原氏擬錐齒鯊
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: 鱷鮫
Pseudocarcharias kamoharai: 黑棘鮫
Pseudocentrophorus isodon: 同齿拟刺鲨
Pseudocepola taeniosoma: 擬赤刀魚
Pseudocepola taeniosoma: 甘鯛
Pseudocetonurus septifer: 擬櫛尾鱈
Pseudochama retroversa: 反轉偏口蛤
Pseudocheilinus evanidus: 姬擬唇魚
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia: 六帶擬唇魚
Pseudocheilinus hexataenia: 六線龍
Pseudocheilinus ocellatus: 五線龍
Pseudocheilinus ocellatus: 眼斑擬唇魚
Pseudocheilinus ocellatus: 神秘女郎
Pseudocheilinus octotaenia: 八帶擬唇魚
Pseudocheilinus octotaenia: 八綫龍
Pseudocheilinus octotaenia: 條紋擬唇魚
Pseudocheirus albertisii: 阿氏伪手袋貂
Pseudocheirus canescens: 低地假掌袋貂
Pseudocheirus dahli: 岩卷尾袋貂
Pseudocheirus peregrinus: 普通环尾袋貂
Pseudocheldon srntarae: 白眼河燕
Pseudochelidon sirintarae: 白眼河燕(6)
Pseudochirella dubia: 茸偽胖水蚤
Pseudochirella scopularis: 岩偽胖水蚤
Pseudochondrostoma polylepis: 細鱗軟口魚
Pseudochondrostoma willkommii: 威氏軟口魚
Pseudochromis aldabraensis: 阿島擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis bitaeniatus: 雙帶擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis cyanotaenia: 藍帶准雀鯛
Pseudochromis cyanotaenia: 藍帶擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis diadema: 士多啤梨
Pseudochromis diadema: 紫背准雀鯛
Pseudochromis diadema: 紫背草莓
Pseudochromis diadema: 馬來亞擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis dixurus: 叉尾擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis dutoiti: 達氏擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis flavivertex: 日出龍
Pseudochromis flavivertex: 黃頂擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis fuscus: 棕擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis fuscus: 褐准雀鯛
Pseudochromis luteus: 灰黃擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis luteus: 紅准雀鯛
Pseudochromis marshallensis: 馬島擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis marshallensis: 馬歇爾准雀鯛
Pseudochromis paccagnella: 双色草莓
Pseudochromis paccagnellae: 雙色草莓
Pseudochromis porphyreus: 紅棕擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis porphyreus: 紫准雀鯛
Pseudochromis porphyreus: 草莓(2)
Pseudochromis springeri: 斯氏擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis springeri: 藍線
Pseudochromis striatus: 條紋准雀鯛
Pseudochromis striatus: 條紋擬雀鯛
Pseudochromis tapeinosoma: 狹身准雀鯛
Pseudochromis tapeinosoma: 紫青擬雀鯛
Pseudocnus echinatus: 棘刺瓜參
Pseudococcus anonidum: 長尾粉介殼蟲
Pseudococcus bambusicola: 台灣竹粉介殼蟲
Pseudococcus calceolariae: 柑栖粉蚧
Pseudococcus chiponensis: 根粉介殼蟲
Pseudococcus chiponensis: 根粉介殼蟲, Gen fen jie ke chong
Pseudococcus citriculus: 橘小粉蚧
Pseudococcus comstocki: 康氏粉介殼蟲
Pseudococcus comstocki: 康氏粉蚧
Pseudococcus longispimus: 粉蚧
Pseudococcus maritimus: 海粉蚧
Pseudococcus saccharicola: 东亚粉蚧
Pseudococcus saccharicola: 甘蔗粉介殼蟲
Pseudococcus shintenensis: 新店粉介殼蟲
Pseudocoladenia dan: 八仙山弄蝶
Pseudocoladenia dan: 黃襟弄蝶
Pseudocollix hyperythra: 假考尺蛾
Pseudocordylus nebulosus: 倭铠鳞蜥
Pseudocoris aurantiofasciatus: 橘紋擬盔魚
Pseudocoris bleekeri: 布氏擬盔魚
Pseudocoris heteroptera: 異鰭擬盔魚
Pseudocoris ocellata: 側斑擬盔魚
Pseudocoris ocellata: 眼斑擬盔魚
Pseudocoris yamashiroi: 山下式擬盔魚
Pseudocoris yamashiroi: 擬盔魚
Pseudocoris yamashiroi: 棕紅擬盔魚
Pseudocoris yamashiroi: 粉红龙
Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor: 埃及口孵鱼
Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor: 雜色褶唇麗魚
Pseudocrenilabrus nicholsi: 尼氏褶唇麗魚
Pseudocrenilabrus philander: 七彩仙子
Pseudocrenilabrus philander: 南方褶唇麗魚
Pseudocrossocheilus tridentis: 三齒華纓魚
Pseudocrossochilus bamaensis: 巴馬擬纓魚
Pseudocrossochilus liuchengensis: 柳城擬纓魚
Pseudocryptochirus viridis: 綠珊穴蟹
Pseudoctomeris sulcata: 擬肋藤壺
Pseudocypraea adamsonii: 阿當嵩海兔螺
Pseudocythere caudata: 有尾假花介
Pseudocythere chanwei: 讖緯假花介
Pseudocythere deviata: 偏斜假花介
Pseudocythere fradli: 甫氏假花介
Pseudocythere heteromorphia: 變異假花介
Pseudocythere sanyungishihi: 三勇士假花介
Pseudodax moluccanus: 摩鹿加擬鸚鯛
Pseudodax moluccanus: 擬鸚鯛
Pseudodax moluccanus: 桔點擬鑿牙魚
Pseudodendrothrips fumosus: 觀音山薊馬
Pseudodendrothrips lateralis: 側偽棍薊馬
Pseudodendrothrips mori: 桑伪棍蓟马
Pseudodendrothrips mori: 桑薊馬
Pseudodera xanthospila: 黃斑雙條背葉蚤
Pseudodiaptomus annandalei: 安氏偽鏢水蚤
Pseudodiaptomus forbesi: 球狀偽鏢水蚤
Pseudodiaptomus incisus: 缺刻偽鏢水蚤
Pseudodiaptomus inopinus: 指狀偽鏢水蚤
Pseudodiaptomus marinus: 海洋偽鏢水蚤
Pseudodiaptomus penicillus: 刷狀偽鏢水蚤
Pseudodiaptomus poplesia: 火腿偽鏢水蚤
Pseudodiaptomus trihamatus: 三鉤偽鏢水蚤
Pseudodioasis detrajens: 南洋炳眼蠅
Pseudodipsas cephenes: 啬藓灰蝶
Pseudodipsas eone: 藓灰蝶
Pseudodoras holdeni: 铁甲武士
Pseudodoras niger: 鐵甲武士(2)
Pseudoeucypris feilaishania: 飛來山假金星介
Pseudofentonia argentifera: 銀擬紛舟蛾
Pseudofentonia diluta: 弱擬紛舟蛾
Pseudofentonia medioalbida: 白中擬紛舟蛾
Pseudofentonia nakamurai: 中村氏擬紛舟蛾
Pseudofentonia nigrofasciata: 黑紋擬紛舟蛾
Pseudofentonia plagiviridis: 綠擬紛舟蛾
Pseudoformicaleo nubecula: 齒爪蟻蛉
Pseudogastromyzon changtingensis: 长汀拟腹吸鳅
Pseudogastromyzon cheni: 圆斑拟腹吸鳅
Pseudogastromyzon fangi: 珠江拟腹吸鳅
Pseudogastromyzon fasciatus: 拟腹吸鳅
Pseudogastromyzon laticeps: 宽头拟腹吸鳅
Pseudogastromyzon lianjiangensis: 练江拟腹吸鳅
Pseudogastromyzon myersi: 提琴鼠
Pseudogastromyzon myersi: 麦氏拟腹吸鳅
Pseudogastromyzon peristictus: 密斑拟腹吸鳅
Pseudogignotettix emeiensis: 峨眉拟扁蚱
Pseudogignotettix guangdongensis: 广东拟扁蚱
Pseudogobio esocinus: 長吻似鮈
Pseudogobio guilienesis: 桂林似鮈
Pseudogobio guilinensis: 桂林似鮈
Pseudogobio vaillanti: 似鮈(2)
Pseudogobius javanicus: 爪哇擬鰕虎魚
Pseudogobius javanicus: 爪哇擬鰕虎(4)
Pseudogobius masago: 小口擬鰕虎魚
Pseudogobius masago: 小擬鰕虎(3)
Pseudogonia rufifrons: 紅顏寄蠅
Pseudogoniopsita siphonelloides: 高雄稈蠅
Pseudogramma polyacanthum: 多棘擬線鱸
Pseudograpsus albus: 白假方蟹
Pseudogyps bengalensis: 拟兀鹫(3)
Pseudohemiculter dispar: 南方拟歺又鱼
Pseudohemiculter dispar: 南方擬鰶
Pseudohemiculter hainanensis: 海南拟
Pseudohemiculter hainanensis: 海南擬鰶
Pseudohemiculter hainanensis: 海南擬
Pseudohemiculter kinghwaensis: 金华拟歺又鱼
Pseudohemiculter kweichowensis: 貴州擬鰶
Pseudohemiodon devincenzii: 迪氏拟半齿甲鲶
Pseudohemiodon devincenzii: 迪氏擬半齒甲鯰
Pseudohemitaxonus taiwanus: 臺灣擬尖葉蜂
Pseudohynobius tsinpaensis: 秦巴拟小鲵
Pseudoinope fusca: 小黑斑蛾
Pseudoinope fusca: 暮斑蛾
Pseudois nayaur: 岩羊(2)
Pseudois schaeferi: 倭岩羊
Pseudois schaeferi: 小岩羊
Pseudois schaeferi: 矮岩羊
Pseudojuloides cerasinus: 擬海豬魚
Pseudojuloides cerasinus: 細尾似虹錦魚
Pseudojuloides severnsi: 似虹錦魚
Pseudokamikiria gressitti: 嘉氏偽叉尾天牛
Pseudolabrus eoethinus: 日本擬隆頭魚
Pseudolabrus eoethinus: 紅頸擬隆頭魚
Pseudolabrus eoethinus: 遠東擬隆頭魚
Pseudolabrus sieboldi: 西氏擬隆頭魚
Pseudolatirus discrepans: 東港旋螺
Pseudolaubuca engraulis: 寡鱗飄魚
Pseudolaubuca engraulis: 寡鳞飘鱼(2)
Pseudolaubuca jouyi: 朱氏飄魚
Pseudolaubuca sinensis: 银飘鱼
Pseudolaubuca sinensis: 飘鱼
Pseudolestes mirabilis: 丽伪丝蟌
Pseudoligosita nephotetticum: 葉蟬寡索赤眼蜂
Pseudolimnophila chikurina: 台灣毬大蚊
Pseudolimnophila descripta: 一色原大蚊
Pseudolimnophila inconcurnis: 竹林塘大蚊
Pseudolimnophila marcia: 巒山塘大蚊
Pseudoliomera helleri: 赫氏假銀杏蟹
Pseudoliomera lata: 寬身假銀杏蟹
Pseudoliomera remota: 遙遠假銀杏蟹
Pseudoliomera speciosa: 美麗假銀杏蟹
Pseudoliotina pulchella: 白菊齒輪螺
Pseudolovenia hirsuta: 擬拉文海膽
Pseudolycaea pachypoda: 後足麗戎
Pseudolynchus canariensis: 家鴿蝨蠅
Pseudolynchus garzettae: 夜鷹蝨蠅
Pseudomaladera nitidifrons: 偽絨毛金龜
Pseudomalletia humilior: 聳肩豌豆蛤
Pseudomalletia taliensis: 大里豌豆蛤
Pseudomaretia alta: 海蟬
Pseudomeira brevifurca: 短尾偽阿瑪猛水蚤
Pseudometis praerupta: 蒼白櫻蛤
Pseudominla castaneceps: 栗头雀鹛
Pseudominla cinerea: 黄喉雀鹛
Pseudominla variegaticeps: 金额雀鹛
Pseudomiza argentilinea: 銀線普尺蛾
Pseudomiza obliquaria: 灰褐普尺蛾
Pseudomonacanthus macrurus: 斑擬單角魨(204)
Pseudomugil furcatus: 霓虹燕子(2)
Pseudomugil signifer: 鲻银汉鱼
Pseudomys fieldi: praeconis, 擬水鼠
Pseudomys praeconis: 擬水鼠
Pseudomys praeconis: 沙克湾伪鼠
Pseudomys praeconis: 鯊灣偽鼠
Pseudonapomyza asiatica: 亞洲擬菁潛蠅
Pseudonapomyza asiatica: 南亞擬菁潛蠅
Pseudonapomyza atrata: 黑擬菁潛蠅
Pseudonapomyza spicata: 銳角擬菁潛蠅
Pseudonautes purpurivittatus: 柴扳回木蟲
Pseudoneaera semipellucida: 三角杓蛤
Pseudonestor xanthophrys: 毛伊島厚喙雀
Pseudonezumia cetonuropsis: 大頭擬奈氏鱈
Pseudonigrita arnaudi: 灰頭群織雀
Pseudonigrita cabanisi: 黑頭群織雀
Pseudopachybrachius guttus: 圓眼長蝽
Pseudopaltystoma fasciatum: 麦克鸭嘴
Pseudopelmatops nigricostalis: 黑腿擬柄眼實蠅
Pseudoperichaeta roseanella: 玫瑰寄蠅
Pseudoperilampus lighti: 彩石鲋
Pseudoperilanpus hainanensis: 海南石鮒
Pseudoperilanpus hainanensis: 海南石鲋
Pseudophoxinus anatolicus: 東方擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus antalyae: 土耳其擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus atropatenus: 黑膜擬鯉
Pseudophoxinus callensis: 卡倫擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus crassus: 厚身擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus egridiri: 埃氏擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus handlirschi: 漢氏刺擬鯉
Pseudophoxinus handlirschi: 漢氏擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus hasani: 哈氏擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus kervillei: 克氏擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus maeandri: 梅氏擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus maeandricus: 小亞細亞刺擬鯉
Pseudophoxinus maeandricus: 纏擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus punicus: 微紅擬鱥
Pseudophoxinus zeregi: 擬鱥
Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum: 條紋鴨嘴鯰
Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum: 虎皮鴨嘴鯰
Pseudoplesiops knighti: 奈氏擬鮗
Pseudopleuronectes americanus: 美洲拟鲽
Pseudopleuronectes americanus: 美洲擬鰈
Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae: 小嘴
Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae: 沙板
Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae: 沙盖
Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae: 钝吻黄盖鲽
Pseudopleuronectes yokohamae: 黄盖
Pseudopodoces humilis: 褐背地山雀
Pseudopodoces humilis: 褐背拟地鸦(2)
Pseudopolydora achaeta: 無毛偽才女蟲
Pseudopolydora corniculata: 角偽才女蟲
Pseudopolydora diopatra: 巢偽才女蟲
Pseudopolydora gigeriosa: 沙囊偽才女蟲
Pseudopolydora kempi: 膜質偽才女蟲
Pseudopolydora paucibranchiata: 短鰓偽才女蟲
Pseudopolydora reticulata: 網紋偽才女蟲
Pseudopolydora vexillosa: 旗面偽才女蟲
Pseudopomacentrus navalis: 珊瑚海近雀鲷
Pseudopomatias eos: 螄豆蝸牛
Pseudopontia paradoxa: 蓝粉蝶
Pseudopotto martini: 假熊猴(2)
Pseudopulvinaria sikkimensis: 锡金绵盘蚧
Pseudopungtungia nigra: 暗色擬扁吻鮈
Pseudopungtungia tenuicorpus: 細擬扁吻鮈
Pseudorasbora elongata: 長麥穗魚
Pseudorasbora elongata: 长麦穗鱼
Pseudorasbora fowleri: 稀有麦穗鱼
Pseudorasbora parva: 尖嘴仔(2)
Pseudorasbora parva: 羅漢魚(4)
Pseudorasbora parva: 車栓仔
Pseudorasbora parva: 麥穗魚(2)
Pseudorasbora parva: 麦穗鱼(2)
Pseudorasbora pumila: 北方麥穗魚
Pseudorasbora pumila: 大麥穗魚
Pseudorca crassidens: 伪虎鲸
Pseudorca crassidens: 偽虎鯨
Pseudoregma albostriate: 白條扁蚜
Pseudoregma alexanderi: 亞力山扁蚜
Pseudoregma bambusicola: 竹莖扁蚜
Pseudoregma koshuensis: 恒春扁蚜
Pseudoregma panicicola: 洲際扁蚜
Pseudorhaetus concolor: 黑偽鹿角鍬形蟲
Pseudorhicnoessa spinipes: 棘足濕蠅
Pseudorhodania marginata: 碎粉蚧
Pseudorhombus arsius: 大牙斑鮃
Pseudorhombus arsius: 大牙斑鲆
Pseudorhombus arsius: 大齒斑鮃(3)
Pseudorhombus arsius: 扁魚
Pseudorhombus arsius: 皇帝魚
Pseudorhombus cinnamomeus: 桂皮斑鲆
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus: 扁魚
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus: 桂皮斑鮃
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus: 檸檬斑鮃
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus: 皇帝魚
Pseudorhombus cinnamoneus: 皇帝鱼
Pseudorhombus ctenosquamis: 栉鳞斑鲆
Pseudorhombus ctenosquamis: 櫛鱗斑鮃
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus: 扁魚
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus: 皇帝魚
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus: 重點斑鮃
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus: 雙瞳斑鮃
Pseudorhombus dupliciocellatus: 鰈魚
Pseudorhombus dupliocellatus: 双瞳斑鲆
Pseudorhombus elevatus: 扁魚
Pseudorhombus elevatus: 皇帝魚
Pseudorhombus elevatus: 皇帝鱼
Pseudorhombus elevatus: 高体斑鲆
Pseudorhombus elevatus: 高體斑鮃
Pseudorhombus javanicus: 爪哇斑鲆
Pseudorhombus levisquamis: 圆鳞斑鲆
Pseudorhombus levisquamis: 圓鱗斑鮃
Pseudorhombus levisquamis: 扁魚
Pseudorhombus levisquamis: 滑鱗斑鮃
Pseudorhombus levisquamis: 皇帝魚
Pseudorhombus malayanus: 马来斑鲆
Pseudorhombus neglectus: 南海斑鮃
Pseudorhombus neglectus: 南海斑鲆
Pseudorhombus neglectus: 扁魚
Pseudorhombus neglectus: 皇帝魚
Pseudorhombus neglectus: 皇帝鱼
Pseudorhombus oligodon: 少牙斑鮃
Pseudorhombus oligodon: 少牙斑鲆
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus: 五眼斑鮃
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus: 五眼斑鲆
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus: 扁魚
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus: 皇帝魚
Pseudorhombus pentophthalmus: 皇帝鱼
Pseudorhombus quinquocellatus: 五点斑鲆
Pseudorhombus quinquocellatus: 五目斑鮃
Pseudorhombus quinquocellatus: 五點斑鮃
Pseudorhombus quinquocellatus: 扁魚
Pseudorhombus quinquocellatus: 皇帝魚
Pseudorhombus triocellatus: 三眼斑鲆
Pseudorhynchus gigas: 大剪蟴
Pseudoryx nghetinhensis: 中南大羚
Pseudoryx nghetinhensis: 武广牛
Pseudoryx nghetinhensis: 武廣牛(3)
Pseudoryzomys simplex: 簡稻鼠
Pseudoscaphirhynchus fedtschenkoi: 锡尔河拟铲鲟
Pseudoscaphirhynchus hermanni: 阿姆河小拟铲鲟
Pseudoscaphirhynchus kaufmanni: 阿姆河大拟铲鲟
Pseudosciaena crocea: 大黄鱼
Pseudosciaena polyactis: 小黄鱼
Pseudoscymnus curvatus: 弧斑方瓢虫
Pseudoscymnus hareja: 哈里方瓢虫
Pseudoscymnus kurohime: 黑方突毛瓢虫
Pseudoscymnus ocellatus: 眼斑方瓢虫
Pseudoscymnus ohtai: 渥氏方瓢虫
Pseudoscymnus orbiculatus: 圓斑方瓢蟲
Pseudoscymnus quinquepunctatus: 五斑方瓢虫
Pseudoscymnus quinqueqrnctata: 五斑方瓢蟲(2)
Pseudoscymnus sylvaticus: 枝斑方瓢虫
Pseudosericania gibiventris: 偽褐絨毛金龜
Pseudosericania makiharai: 艷偽褐毛金龜
Pseudosiderastrea tayamai: 擬絲珊瑚
Pseudosimnia marginata: 環邊海兔螺
Pseudosimnia punctata: 天祿海兔螺
Pseudosimnia sinesis: 中華海兔螺
Pseudosimochromis curvifrons: 擬扁鼻麗魚
Pseudosphromenus dayi: 戴氏拟丝足鲈(2)
Pseudosquilla empusa: 粗糙仿虾蛄
Pseudostromboceros atratus: 黑蕨葉蜂
Pseudostylochus obscurus: 厚涡虫
Pseudotalopia sakuraii: 櫻井鐘螺
Pseudotermitoxenia nitobei: 新戶蚤蠅
Pseudothemis zonata: 玉带蜻
Pseudothemis zonata: 玉帶蜻
Pseudothemis zonata: 黃紉蜻蜓(3)
Pseudotrapelus sinaitus: 玛沙蜥
Pseudotrapelus sinaitus: 西奈鬣蜥(2)
Pseudotriacanthus strigilifer: 尖吻假三刺鲀
Pseudotriacanthus strigilifer: 尖吻假三棘魨
Pseudotriacanthus strigilifer: 粗鱗假三棘魨
Pseudotriakis microdon: 啞巴鮫
Pseudotriakis microdon: 小齒擬皺唇鯊
Pseudotriakis microdon: 拟皱唇鲨(2)
Pseudotriakis microdon: 黑沙
Pseudotriton ruber: 紅土螈
Pseudotropheus ater: 黑擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus barlowi: 巴氏擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus crabro: 蜂擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus cyaneus: 青擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus demasoni: 德氏擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus elongatus: 長體擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus elongatus: 閃電戰神(2)
Pseudotropheus flavus: 灰黃擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus fuscoides: 紡錘擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus fuscus: 棕擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus lanisticola: 雪鲷
Pseudotropheus lombardoi: 蓝雀
Pseudotropheus longior: 長擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus lucerna: 燈擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus macrophthalmus: 大眼擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus microstoma: 小口擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus minutus: 小擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus modestus: 靜擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus novemfasciatus: 九帶擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus purpuratus: 紫擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus saulosi: 索氏擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus socolofi: 沙氏擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus tropheops: 橫紋擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus tropheops: 細擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus tropheops: 羅氏擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus tursiops: 豚眼擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus williamsi: 威廉氏擬麗魚
Pseudotropheus zebra: 斑马雀
Pseudotropheus zebra: 白马王子
Pseudovertagus aluco: 鴞蟹守螺
Pseudovertagus luteus: 鐘形蟹守螺
Pseudovolucella mimica: 明星蚜蠅
Pseudowallacea tsudai: 津田水虻
Pseudoxendon stejnegeri: 史丹吉氏斜鱗蛇
Pseudoxendon stejnegeri: stejnegeri, 史丹吉氏斜鱗蛇
Pseudoxenodon bambusicola: 横纹斜鳞蛇(4)
Pseudoxenodon bambusicola: 橫紋斜鱗蛇
Pseudoxenodon karlschmidti: 崇安斜鱗蛇
Pseudoxenodon karlschmidti: 崇安斜鳞蛇(3)
Pseudoxenodon karlschnidti: 崇安斜鳞蛇
Pseudoxenodon macrops: 斜鱗蛇
Pseudoxenodon macrops: 斜鳞蛇(3)
Pseudoxenodon macropus: 斜鱗蛇
Pseudoxenodon marops: 斜鳞蛇
Pseudoxenodon stejnegeri: 花尾斜鱗蛇
Pseudoxenodon stejnegeri: 花尾斜鳞蛇(3)
Pseudoxenomystax albescens: 皮须康吉鳗
Pseudoxenomystax albescens: 皮鬚康吉鰻
Pseudoxistrella eurymera: 宽跗拟希蚱
Pseudozius caystrus: 礁石假團扇蟹
Pseudozizeeria maha: 酢漿灰蝶
Pseudozumia indosinensis: 黑金剛蜾嬴
Pseuduvarus vitticollis: 偽無縫龍蝨
Pseumenes depressus: 四刺飾蜾嬴
Pseumenes imperatrix: 酋飾蜾嬴
Psilalcis albibasis: 白基土黃擬霜尺蛾
Psilalcis breta: 巒大山擬霜尺蛾
Psilalcis diorthogonia: 屈帶擬霜尺蛾
Psilalcis fui: 傅氏擬霜尺蛾
Psilaxis oxytropis: 金絲車輪螺
Psilaxis radiatus: 輻射車輪螺
Psilephydra cyanoprosopa: 鳳山渚蠅
Psilocephala argentea: 銀色劍虻
Psilocephala frontata: 寬額劍虻
Psilocephala obscura: 幽暗劍虻
Psilocephala sauteri: 邵氏劍虻
Psilocephalus barbatus: 须鲀
Psilogramma increta: 霜降天蛾
Psilogramma menephron: 霜天蛾
Psilomastax pyramidalis: 錐盾凹頂姬蜂
Psilonyx migricoxa: 黑股食蟲虻
Psilopa flavimana: 黃手渚蠅
Psilopa girschneri: 葛氏渚蠅
Psilopa pillinosa: 細粉渚蠅
Psilopa rufipes: 紅足渚蠅
Psilopa singaporensis: 星島渚蠅
Psilopa sorella: 圓山渚蠅
Psilopogon pyrolophus: 火簇拟啄木鸟
Psilopogon pyrolophus: 火簇拟鴷
Psilopogon pyrolophus: 火簇擬啄木鳥(3)
Psilorhynchus homaloptera: 平鳍裸吻鱼
Psittacella brehmii: 布氏鹦鹉
Psittacella madaraszi: 纹背绿鹦鹉
Psittacella modesta: 羞怯鹦鹉
Psittacella picta: 彩鹦鹉
Psittacula alexandri: 大绯胸鹦鹉
Psittacula alexandri: 小绯胸鹦鹉
Psittacula alexandri: 小绯胸鹦鹉, Xiao fei1 xiong ying wu
Psittacula alexandri: 德拜鹦鹉
Psittacula alexandri: 海南鹦鹉
Psittacula alexandri: 緋胸鸚鵡(2)
Psittacula alexandri: 红胸鹦鹉
Psittacula alexandri: 绯胸鹦鹉(8)
Psittacula alexandri: 莺哥(2)
Psittacula alexandri: 达摩鹦鹉
Psittacula alexandri: 鬍子鸚鵡(2)
Psittacula alexandri: 鹦哥(3)
Psittacula calthorpae: 艳绿领鹦鹉
Psittacula caniceps: 布莱氏鹦鹉(2)
Psittacula columboides: 马拉巴鹦鹉
Psittacula cyanocephala: 紫头鹦鹉
Psittacula cyanocephala: 紫紅頭鸚鵡(2)
Psittacula cyanocephala: 紫红头鹦鹉
Psittacula cyanocephala: 紫頭鸚鵡
Psittacula cyanocephala: 花头鹦鹉
Psittacula derbiana: 四川鹦鹉
Psittacula derbiana: 大紫胸鹦鹉(5)
Psittacula derbiana: 大緋胸鸚鵡
Psittacula derbiana: 大绯胸鹦鹉(2)
Psittacula derbiana: 大达摩鹦鹉
Psittacula derbiana: 大達摩鸚鵡(2)
Psittacula derbiana: 德拜鹦鹉
Psittacula echo: 回声鹦鹉
Psittacula echo: 模里西斯環頸鸚鵡(4)
Psittacula echo: 毛里求斯鸚鵡
Psittacula eques: echo, 迴聲鸚鵡
Psittacula eupatria: 亚历山大鹦鹉(2272)
Psittacula eupatria: 亞歷山大鸚鵡(3)
Psittacula eupatria: 翠玉鸚鵡
Psittacula eupatria: 阿历山大鹦鹉(2)
Psittacula finschii: 灰头鹦鹉(4)
Psittacula finschii: 灰頭鸚鵡
Psittacula himalayana: 灰头鹦鹉(2)
Psittacula himalayana: 青头鹦鹉(2)
Psittacula krameri: 月輪(3720)
Psittacula krameri: 玫瑰環頸鸚鵡(1241)
Psittacula krameri: 環頸鸚鵡(8200)
Psittacula krameri: 紅領綠鸚鵡(3)
Psittacula krameri: 紅領綠鸚鵡, Hong ling lv ying wu(68300)
Psittacula krameri: 红领绿鹦鹉(4)
Psittacula krameri: 红领绿鹦鹉, Hong ling lv ying wu(46300)
Psittacula krameri: 红额绿鹦鹉
Psittacula longicauda: 長尾鸚鵡
Psittacula longicauda: 长尾鹦鹉(9)
Psittacula roseata: 花头鹦鹉(5)
Psittacula roseata: 花頭鸚鵡
Psittaculirostris desmarestii: 德氏果鹦鹉
Psittaculirostris edwardsii: 爱氏果鹦鹉
Psittaculirostris salvadorii: 萨氏果鹦鹉
Psittacus erithacus: 提姆那灰鹦鹉
Psittacus erithacus: 灰鸚鵡
Psittacus erithacus: 非洲灰鸚鵡(3)
Psittacus erithacus: 非洲灰鸚鵡, Fei zhou hui ying wu
Psittacus erithacus: 非洲灰鹦鹉(2)
Psittacus erithacus: 非洲灰鹦鹉, Fei zhou hui ying wu
Psittcula echo: 模里西斯環頸鸚鵡
Psitteuteles goldiei: 戈氏吸蜜鹦鹉
Psitteuteles goldiei: 戈氏鹦鹉
Psitteuteles goldiei: 戈迪氏吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Psitteuteles iris: 五彩吸蜜鹦鹉
Psitteuteles iris: 五彩鹦鹉
Psitteuteles versicolor: 杂色吸蜜鹦鹉
Psittinus cyanurus: 蓝腰短尾鹦鹉
Psittinus cyanurus: 蓝腰鹦鹉(2)
Psittinus cyanurus: 藍腰短尾鸚鵡
Psittinus cyanurus: 藍腰鸚鵡(2)
Psittiparus bakeri: 红头鸦雀
Psittiparus gularis: 灰头鸦雀
Psittiparus ruficeps: 白胸鸦雀
Psittirostra psittacea: 鹦嘴雀
Psittrichas fulgidus: 彼斯奎氏鹦鹉
Psittrichas fulgidus: 彼氏鹦鹉
Psittscus erithacus: 刚果灰鹦鹉
Psittscus erithacus: 灰鹦鹉
Psittscus erithacus: 非洲灰鹦鹉
Psocathropos lachlani: 拉氏擬竊嚙蟲
Psococerastis capitata: 頭角嚙蟲
Psococerastis ficivorella: 雀榕角嚙蟲
Psococerastis linearis: 線斑觸嚙
Psococerastis linearis: 线斑触啮(3)
Psococerastis tokyoensis: 東京角嚙蟲
Psolodesmus mandarinus: 中華珈蟌南台亞種
Psolodesmus mandarinus: 中華珈蟌原名亞種
Psolodesmus mandarinus: dorothea, 台褐顶色蟌
Psolodesmus mandarinus: mandarinus, 中華珈蟌
Psolodesmus mandarinus: mandarinus, 褐顶色蟌
Psophus stridulus: 乌饰蝗
Psoquilla marginepunctata: 黑茶蛀蟲
Psoraleococcus costatus: 思茅屑盘蚧
Psoraleococcus lombokanus: 峨眉屑盘蚧
Psoraleococcus verrucosus: 云南屑盘蚧
Psoroptes equi: 馬慅蟎
Psttacula echo: 毛里求斯鹦鹉
Psudoorca crassidens: 偽虎鯨
Psudoorca crassidens: 擬虎鯨
Psychichthys mitsukurii: 冬银鲛
Psychoda acanthostyla: 荊棘蛾蚋
Psychoda alabangensis: 菲島蛾蚋
Psychoda alternata: 星斑蛾蚋
Psychoda duplilamnata: 雙魔蛾蚋
Psychoda erminea: 歐洲蛾蚋
Psychoda formosana: 台灣蛾蚋
Psychoda formosensis: 南台蛾蚋
Psychoda makati: 馬卡蛾蚋
Psychoda musae: 仙女蛾蚋
Psychoda pellucida: 透明蛾蚋
Psychoda platilobata: 平葉蛾蚋
Psychoda pseudobrevicornis: 窄角蛾蚋
Psychoda subquadrilobata: 潮州蛾蚋
Psychomyia anaequalis: 異肢管石蛾
Psychomyia morisitai: 森下管石蛾
Psychomyia taiwanensis: 台灣管石蛾
Psychrolutes inermis: 光滑隐棘杜父鱼
Psychrolutes inermis: 光滑隱棘杜父魚
Psychrolutes phrictus: 變色隱棘杜父魚
Psyllipsocus minutissimus: 微小裸嚙蟲
Psyllipsocus sauteri: 梭氏裸嚙蟲
Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata: 二十二星菌瓢虫(2)
Psyllobora vigintimaculata: 二十星菌瓢蟲
Psyra cuneata: 角斑黃絨尺蛾
Psyra spurcataria: 雙斑黃絨尺蛾
Ptecticus aurifer: 黃金水虻
Ptecticus australis: 南方水虻
Ptecticus cingulatus: 束帶水虻
Ptecticus sauteri: 邵氏水虻
Ptenochirus jagori: 沟齿果蝠
Ptenochirus jagori: 溝齒果蝠
Ptenochirus minor: 小沟齿果蝠
Pteraclis aesticola: 帆鰭魴
Pteraeolidia ianthina: 紫灰翼海蛞蝓
Pteraeolidia ianthina: 紫色變翼海蛞蝓
Pteragogus aurigarius: 長鰭高體盔魚
Pteragogus aurigarius: 長鰭鸚鯛
Pteragogus cryptus: 隱秘長鰭鸚鯛
Pteragogus cryptus: 隱高體盔魚
Pteragogus enneacanthus: 九棘長鰭鸚鯛
Pteragogus enneacanthus: 九棘高體盔魚
Pteralopex acrodonta: 斐濟尖齒狐蝠
Pteralopex acrodonta: 錐齒狐蝠
Pteralopex acrodonta: 锥齿狐蝠
Pteralopex anceps: 双锥齿狐蝠
Pteralopex anceps: 布島尖齒狐蝠
Pteralopex atrata: 尖齒狐蝠
Pteralopex atrata: 黑衣锥齿狐蝠
Pteralopex pulchra: 美丽锥齿狐蝠
Pterapogon kauderni: 泗水玫瑰
Pterapogon kauderni: 珍珠飛燕
Ptereleotris calliura: 美尾鰭塘鱧
Ptereleotris calliura: 美尾鳍塘鳢
Ptereleotris evides: 喷射机
Ptereleotris evides: 瑰麗凹尾塘鱧
Ptereleotris evides: 瑰麗塘鱧
Ptereleotris evides: 黑尾鰭塘鱧
Ptereleotris hanae: 絲尾凹尾塘鱧
Ptereleotris hanae: 絲尾鰭塘鱧
Ptereleotris heteroptera: 尾斑鰭塘鱧
Ptereleotris heteroptera: 青凹尾塘鱧
Ptereleotris heteroptera: 青鰕虎
Ptereleotris microlepis: 細鱗凹尾塘鱧
Ptereleotris microlepis: 細鱗鰕虎
Ptereleotris microlepis: 細鱗鰭塘鱧
Ptereleotris monoptera: 單鰭凹尾塘鱧
Ptereleotris monoptera: 單鰭鰭塘鱧
Ptereleotris zebra: 斑馬凹尾塘鱧
Ptereleotris zebra: 斑馬鰕虎
Ptereleotris zebra: 斑馬鰭塘鱧
Pterella fasciata: 帶紋小翅蠅
Pterengraulis atherinoides: 翼鯷
Pterengraulis atherinoides: 翼鳀
Pteria avicular: 黑鶯蛤
Pteria brevialata: 朱紅鶯蛤
Pteria conturnix: 木紋鶯蛤
Pteria dendronephthya: 迷你鶯蛤
Pteria lata: 寬鶯蛤
Pteria loveni: 大肚鶯蛤
Pteria margaritifera: 珍珠贝
Pteria martensii: 珍珠贝
Pteria martensii: 马氏珍珠贝
Pteria peasei: 皮亞氏鶯蛤
Pteria penguin: 企鵝鶯蛤
Pteria tortirostris: 刀形鶯蛤
Pteria zebra: 斑馬鶯蛤
Pteridophora alberti: 萨克森极乐鸟
Pternoscirta cliginosa: 黄翅踵蝗
Pternoscirta longipennis: 长翅踵蝗
Pternoscirta pulchripes: 红胫踵蝗
Pternoscirta sauteri: 红翅踵蝗
Pterocaesio chrysozona: 烏尾冬仔
Pterocaesio chrysozona: 金帶烏尾鮗
Pterocaesio chrysozona: 金帶蕃薯魚
Pterocaesio chrysozona: 金帶鱗鰭梅鯛
Pterocaesio diagramma: 黃擬烏尾冬
Pterocaesio digramma: 烏尾冬仔
Pterocaesio digramma: 雙帶烏尾鮗
Pterocaesio digramma: 雙帶鱗鰭梅鯛
Pterocaesio marri: 烏尾冬仔
Pterocaesio marri: 馬氏烏尾鮗
Pterocaesio marri: 馬氏鱗鰭梅鯛
Pterocaesio pisang: 斑尾烏尾鮗
Pterocaesio pisang: 斑尾鱗鰭梅鯛
Pterocaesio pisang: 烏尾冬仔
Pterocaesio randalli: 倫氏烏尾鮗
Pterocaesio randalli: 烏尾冬仔
Pterocaesio randalli: 菲律賓鱗鰭梅鯛
Pterocaesio tile: 烏尾冬仔
Pterocaesio tile: 蒂爾烏尾鮗
Pterocaesio tile: 黑帶鱗鰭梅鯛
Pterocallis alnijaponicae: 赤楊斑蚜
Pterocallis pseudoalni: 樺木斑蚜
Pterocanium bicorne: 双角翼篮虫
Pterocanium milium: 稷翼篮虫
Pterocanium orcinum: 鲸翼篮虫
Pterocanium praetextum: 长脚翼篮虫
Pterocanium trilobum: 三叶翼篮虫
Pterochromis congicus: 大鰭麗魚
Pterocles alchata: 白腹沙鸡
Pterocles coronatus: 花头沙鸡
Pterocles decoratus: 黑臉沙雞
Pterocles exustus: 栗腹沙雞(3)
Pterocles exustus: 栗腹沙鸡
Pterocles gutturalis: 黃喉沙雞
Pterocles indicus: 彩沙鸡
Pterocles lichtensteinii: 裏氏沙雞
Pterocles lichtensteinii: 里氏沙鸡
Pterocles orientalis: 沙鸡
Pterocles orientalis: 黑腹沙雞
Pterocles orientalis: 黑腹沙鸡(6)
Pterocles quadricinctus: 四斑沙雞
Pterocles senegallus: 斑沙鸡
Pterocnemia pennata: 美洲小鴕
Pterocnemia pennata: 達爾文鶆奧鳥
Pterocorys campanula: 钟翼盔虫
Pterocorys carinata: 龙首翼盔虫
Pterocorys hertwigii: 赫氏翼盔虫
Pterocorys hirundo: 燕翼盔虫
Pterocorys rhinoceros: 鼻翼盔虫
Pterodroma alba: 白腹圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma arminjoniana: 特立尼达圆尾鹱
Pterodroma axillaris: 紐西蘭圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma baraui: 留尼汪圆尾鹱
Pterodroma cervicalis: 白领圆尾鹱
Pterodroma cookii: 库氏圆尾鹱
Pterodroma cookii: 庫氏圓尾鹱,
Pterodroma externa: 白頸圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma externa: 白颈圆尾鹱
Pterodroma externa: 百颈圆尾鹱
Pterodroma hypoleuca: 点额圆尾鹱(3)
Pterodroma hypoleuca: 白腹穴鳥(5)
Pterodroma hypoleuca: 白額圓尾鸌
Pterodroma hypoleuca: 白额圆尾鹱
Pterodroma hypoleuca: 白额短尾鹱
Pterodroma hypoleuca: 紐西蘭水薙鳥
Pterodroma hypoleuca: 點額圓尾鸌
Pterodroma incerta: 大西洋圆尾鹱
Pterodroma inexpectata: 鱗斑圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma inexpectata: 鳞斑圆尾鹱(2)
Pterodroma lessonii: 白頭圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma leucoptera: 厚嘴圓尾鹱,
Pterodroma leucoptera: 白翅圆尾鹱
Pterodroma leucoptera: 顧氏圓尾鸌
Pterodroma longirostris: 長嘴圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma longirostris: 长嘴圆尾鹱(2)
Pterodroma macroptera: 灰臉圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma mollis: 柔羽圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma neglecta: 克岛圆尾鹱
Pterodroma neglecta: 克马圆尾鹱(2)
Pterodroma neglecta: 黑馬圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma nigripennis: 黑翅圆尾鹱
Pterodroma phaeopygia: 暗腰圆尾鹱
Pterodroma rostrata: 钩嘴圆尾鹱(2)
Pterodroma rostrata: 钩嘴短尾鹱
Pterodroma rostrata: 黑背白腹穴鳥(5)
Pterodroma solandri: 棕头圆尾鹱
Pterodroma solandri: 索拉氏圓尾鸌,
Pterodroma ultima: 墨菲氏圆尾鹱
Pterogeina eurysterna: 美翅廣口蠅
Pterogeina flavopicta: 黃彩廣口蠅
Pterogeina hologaster: 全腹廣口蠅
Pterogeina luctrosa: 憂傷廣口蠅
Pterogeina minuspicta: 微彩廣口蠅
Pterogeina ornata: 文彩廣口蠅
Pterogeina rectivena: 台南廣口蠅
Pteroglossus aracar: 黑颈阿拉卡鴷
Pteroglossus aracari: 黑頸阿卡拉鴷(3)
Pteroglossus aracari: 黑頸阿拉卡鴷
Pteroglossus viridis: 綠阿卡拉鴷(3)
Pteroglossus viridis: 綠阿拉卡鴷
Pteroglossus vrds: 绿阿拉卡鴷
Pteroidichthys amboinensis: 安朋狹簑鮋
Pteroidichthys amboinensis: 安汶狹蓑鮋
Pteroidichthys amboinensis: 石狗公
Pterois antennata: 石狗公
Pterois antennata: 觸角簑鮋
Pterois antennata: 觸角蓑鮋
Pterois lunulata: 狮子鱼
Pterois lunulata: 環紋蓑鮋
Pterois lunulata: 石狗公
Pterois lunulata: 龍鬚簑鮋
Pterois miles: 印度洋蓑鮋
Pterois miles: 斑鰭簑鮋
Pterois miles: 斑鰭蓑鮋
Pterois radiata: 小白獅
Pterois radiata: 白針獅
Pterois radiata: 軸紋簑鮋
Pterois radiata: 輻紋蓑鮋
Pterois radiata: 辐纹蓑鲉
Pterois russelii: 勒氏蓑鮋
Pterois russelii: 羅素氏簑鮋
Pterois russelli: 羅素獅子魚
Pterois volitans: 獅子魚(2)
Pterois volitans: 石狗公
Pterois volitans: 翱翔蓑鮋
Pterois volitans: 长须狮子鱼(2)
Pterois volitans: 魔鬼簑鮋
Pterolichus obtusus: 鈍翅蟎
Pterolophia annulata: 輪紋銹天牛
Pterolophia bigibbera: 雙瘤銹天牛
Pterolophia dorsotuberculare: 粿背銹天牛
Pterolophia fasciata: 台灣無翅銹天牛
Pterolophia fasciata: 昇條銹天牛
Pterolophia formosana: 虹紋銹天牛
Pterolophia gibbosipennis: 瘤翅銹天牛
Pterolophia granulata: 後紋銹天牛
Pterolophia kaleea: 姬後紋銹天牛
Pterolophia kaleea: 華南姬後紋銹天牛
Pterolophia kanoi: 鹿野氏銹天牛
Pterolophia kubokii: 窪木氏銹天牛
Pterolophia latefascia: 橫帶銹天牛
Pterolophia laterialba: 白緣銹天牛
Pterolophia lineatipennis: 條翅銹天牛
Pterolophia matsushitai: 松下氏銹天牛
Pterolophia obscura: 曇紋銹天牛
Pterolophia obscura: 條銹天牛
Pterolophia obscura: 藤花銹天牛
Pterolophia reduplicata: 八仙銹天牛
Pterolophia riantennalis: 大埔林銹天牛
Pterolophia subunicolor: 單色銹天牛
Pterolophia suginoi: 杉野氏銹天牛
Pterolophia variantennalis: 大埔林銹天牛
Pterolophia zebrinus: 白斑銹天牛
Pterolophia zonata: 白尾銹天牛
Pteromalus puparum: 蝶蛹金小蜂
Pteromicra leucodactyla: 白趾沼蠅
Pteromys volans: 飛鼠
Pteromys volans: 飞鼠(2)
Pteromyscus pulverulentus: 煙青飛鼠
Pteronemobius caudatus: 長翅異針蟋
Pteronetta hartlaubii: 蓝翅栖鸭
Pteronotropis euryzonus: 寬帶鰭美洲鱥
Pteronotropis hubbsi: 赫氏鰭美洲鱥
Pteronotropis hypselopterus: 帆鰭鰭美洲鱥
Pteronotropis signipinnis: 顯翼鰭美洲鱥
Pteronotropis welaka: 韋拉加翼鰭美洲鱥
Pteronotus davyi: 戴氏裸背蝠
Pteronotus davyi: 裸背蝠(2)
Pteronotus gymnonotus: 大裸背蝠
Pteronotus macleayii: 瑪氏裸背蝠
Pteronotus macleayii: 马氏髯蝠
Pteronotus parnellii: 帕氏髯蝠
Pteronotus parnellii: 紅斑裸背蝠
Pteronotus personatus: 面具裸背蝠
Pteronotus personatus: 魏氏髯蝠
Pteronotus quadridens: 四齒裸背蝠
Pteronotus quadridens: 灰髯蝠
Pteronura brasiliensis: 大水獭(3)
Pteronura brasiliensis: 大水獺(3)
Pteronura brasiliensis: 巨獭(3)
Pteronura brasiliensis: 巨獺(2)
Pterophyllum altum: 埃及神仙(2)
Pterophyllum altum: 橫紋神仙魚
Pterophyllum leopoldi: 利氏神仙魚
Pterophyllum scalare: 三色神仙
Pterophyllum scalare: 大理石神仙
Pterophyllum scalare: 大神仙魚(2)
Pterophyllum scalare: 斑馬神仙
Pterophyllum scalare: 普通神仙魚
Pterophyllum scalare: 神仙魚(4)
Pterophyllum scalare: 神仙鱼
Pteropilium clausum: 封底小帽虫
Pteropsaron evolans: 帆鰭鱸鯒
Pteropsaron evolans: 帆鰭鱸鰧
Pteroptrix albocincta: 淺三角片四節蚜小蜂
Pteroptrix chinensis: 中華四節蚜小蜂
Pteroptrix smithi: 斯氏四節蚜小蜂
Pteroptyx tener: 折翅萤火虫, Ying huo chong(3)
Pteroptyx tener: 齊爍螢, Qi2 shuo4 ying2(6)
Pteroptyx tener: 齐烁萤, Qi2 shuo4 ying2(4)
Pteropurpura adunca: 四翼芭蕉螺
Pteropurpura adunca: 張翼芭蕉螺
Pteropurpura expansa: 張翼芭蕉螺
Pteropurpura plorator: 三角芭蕉螺
Pteropurpura stimpsoni: 小三翼芭蕉螺
Pteropurpura vespertilio: 蝙蝠芭蕉螺
Pteropus admiraltatum: 巴布亚狐蝠
Pteropus admiraltatum: 海軍狐蝠
Pteropus alecto: 中央狐蝠
Pteropus alecto: 黑妖狐蝠
Pteropus anetianus: 游狐蝠
Pteropus anetianus: 赫島狐蝠
Pteropus anetianus: 遊狐蝠
Pteropus argentatus: 銀色狐蝠
Pteropus argentatus: 银狐蝠
Pteropus brunneus: 棕狐蝠
Pteropus caniceps: 蒼頭狐蝠
Pteropus chrysoprotus: 金尾狐蝠
Pteropus chrysoprotus: 黃臀狐蝠
Pteropus conspicillatus: 眼圈狐蝠
Pteropus conspicillatus: 眼镜狐蝠
Pteropus dasymallus: 台灣大蝙蝠
Pteropus dasymallus: 狐蝠
Pteropus dasymallus: 琉球狐蝠
Pteropus dasymallus: 硫球狐蝠
Pteropus dasymallus: 臺灣狐蝠
Pteropus dasymallus: 飛蝠
Pteropus dasymallus: formosus, 台灣狐蝠(2)
Pteropus dasymallus: formosus, 臺灣狐蝠
Pteropus dasymalus: 琉球狐蝠
Pteropus faunulus: 稷狐蝠
Pteropus fundatus: 班克狐蝠
Pteropus fundatus: 班島狐蝠
Pteropus giganteus: 印度狐蝠
Pteropus giganteus: 大狐蝠
Pteropus giganteus: 狐蝠
Pteropus gilliardi: 吉氏狐蝠
Pteropus gilliardi: 紀氏狐蝠
Pteropus gns: 狐蝠屬
Pteropus griseus: 灰狐蝠
Pteropus howensis: 豪角狐蝠
Pteropus howensis: 郝島狐蝠
Pteropus hypomelanus: 小狐蝠
Pteropus hypomelanus: 黑喉狐蝠
Pteropus insularis: 白胸狐蝠(4)
Pteropus insularis: 魯克狐蝠
Pteropus insularis: 鲁克狐蝠
Pteropus insularis: 鹿島狐蝠
Pteropus leucopterus: 白翼狐蝠
Pteropus livingstonii: 科島狐蝠
Pteropus livingstonii: 科摩罗狐蝠
Pteropus lombocensis: 龍目狐蝠
Pteropus loochoensis: 沖繩狐蝠
Pteropus lylei: 柬泰狐蝠
Pteropus lylei: 泰国狐蝠
Pteropus lylei: 莱丽狐蝠
Pteropus macrotis: 大狐蝠
Pteropus macrotis: 大耳狐蝠
Pteropus mahaganus: 矮狐蝠
Pteropus mahaganus: 麻島狐蝠
Pteropus mariannus: 玛利安娜狐蝠(2)
Pteropus mariannus: 瑪利安娜狐蝠(2)
Pteropus mariannus: 馬里亞那狐蝠
Pteropus marianus: 馬里亞納狐蝠
Pteropus mearnsi: 巴西兰狐蝠
Pteropus mearnsi: 棉島狐蝠
Pteropus melanopogon: 黑髯狐蝠
Pteropus melanopogon: 黑鬚狐蝠
Pteropus melanotus: 黑耳狐蝠
Pteropus molossinus: 东加罗林狐蝠
Pteropus molossinus: 加洛林狐蝠
Pteropus molossinus: 東加羅林狐蝠
Pteropus molossinus: 莫洛西斯狐蝠
Pteropus molossinus: 西太平洋卡洛岛狐蝠
Pteropus molossinus: 西太平洋卡洛島狐蝠(2)
Pteropus neohibernicus: 俾斯麦狐蝠
Pteropus neohibernicus: 光背狐蝠
Pteropus niger: 黑犬狐蝠
Pteropus niger: 黑狐蝠
Pteropus nitendiensis: 克魯斯狐蝠
Pteropus nitendiensis: 所罗门狐蝠
Pteropus ocularis: 大眼狐蝠
Pteropus ocularis: 斯兰狐蝠
Pteropus ornatus: 丽狐蝠
Pteropus ornatus: 花臉狐蝠
Pteropus pelewensis: 帛琉狐蝠
Pteropus personatus: 花面狐蝠
Pteropus personatus: 饰面狐蝠
Pteropus phaecocephalus: 烏頭狐蝠
Pteropus phaecocephalus: 黑首狐蝠
Pteropus phaeocephalus: 金狐蝠(3)
Pteropus phaeocephalus: 黑首狐蝠
Pteropus pilosus: 多毛狐蝠
Pteropus pilosus: 帛琉果蝠
Pteropus pilosus: 絨狐蝠
Pteropus pilosus: 绒狐蝠
Pteropus pilosus: 西太平洋巴洛島狐蝠
Pteropus pilosus: 软毛狐蝠
Pteropus pohlei: 新几内亚狐蝠
Pteropus pohlei: 紀灣狐蝠
Pteropus poliocephalus: 灰头狐蝠(2)
Pteropus poliocephalus: 灰頭狐蝠
Pteropus poliocephalus: 灰首狐蝠
Pteropus pselaphon: 小笠原狐蝠
Pteropus pumilus: 菲律賓倭狐蝠
Pteropus pumilus: 菲狐蝠
Pteropus rayneri: 瑞纳狐蝠
Pteropus rayneri: 雷氏狐蝠
Pteropus rodricensis: 罗得里格斯狐蝠
Pteropus rodricensis: 羅島狐蝠
Pteropus rufus: 赤褐狐蝠
Pteropus rufus: 马达加斯加狐蝠
Pteropus samoensis: 南太平洋沙曼亞島狐蝠(2)
Pteropus samoensis: 萨摩亚狐蝠(2)
Pteropus samoensis: 薩摩亞狐蝠
Pteropus sanctacrucis: 圣克鲁斯狐蝠
Pteropus scapulatus: 小紅狐蝠
Pteropus scapulatus: 岬狐蝠
Pteropus seychellensis: 塞舌尔狐蝠
Pteropus seychellensis: 賽島狐蝠
Pteropus speciosus: 灰白狐蝠
Pteropus speciosus: 灿烂狐蝠
Pteropus subniger: 暗黑狐蝠
Pteropus subniger: 淺黑狐蝠
Pteropus temmincki: 丁氏狐蝠
Pteropus temmincki: 坦氏狐蝠
Pteropus tokudae: 關島狐蝠
Pteropus tonganus: 东加狐蝠
Pteropus tonganus: 東加狐蝠(2)
Pteropus tonganus: 海岛狐蝠
Pteropus tonganus: 海島狐蝠
Pteropus tonganus: 湯加狐蝠
Pteropus tuberculatus: 瓦島狐蝠
Pteropus tuberculatus: 赘狐蝠
Pteropus ualanus: 科斯拉伊狐蝠
Pteropus vampyrus: 馬來亞狐蝠
Pteropus vampyrus: 马来大狐蝠
Pteropus vetulus: 喀島狐蝠
Pteropus vetulus: 新喀里多尼亚狐蝠
Pteropus voeltzkowi: 奔島狐蝠
Pteropus voeltzkowi: 奔巴狐蝠
Pteropus woodfordi: 伍氏狐蝠
Pteropus woodfordi: 侏狐蝠
Pteropus yapensis: 雅浦島狐蝠
Pterorhinus davidi: 山噪鹛
Pterorhinus sannio: 白颊噪鹛
Pterosagitta draco: 龙翼箭虫
Pteroscenium pinnatum: 羽翼幕虫
Pterosynchiropus splendidus: 花斑鼠鱼
Pterothrissus gissu: 長背魚
Pterothrissus gissu: 长背鱼
Pterotolithus maculatus: 斑点牙(52)
Pterotolithus maculatus: 斑点翼牙(107)
Pterrois antennata: 小白獅
Pterrois antennata: 獅子魚
Pterrois antennata: 觸角簑鮋
Pteruthius aenobarbus: 栗額鵙鶥
Pteruthius aenobarbus: 栗额鵙鹛(2)
Pteruthius flaviscapis: 紅翅鵙鶥
Pteruthius flaviscapis: 红翅鵙鹛(3)
Pteruthius melanotis: 栗喉鵙鶥
Pteruthius melanotis: 栗喉鵙鹛(2)
Pteruthius rufiventer: 棕腹鵙鶥
Pteruthius rufiventer: 棕腹鵙鹛(7)
Pteruthius xanthochlorus: 淡綠鵙鶥
Pteruthius xanthochlorus: 淡绿鵙鹛(2)
Pterycombus petersii: 多棘烏魴
Pterycombus petersii: 彼氏高鰭魴
Pterycombus petersii: 深海三角仔
Pterygia conus: 芋形筆螺
Pterygia crenulata: 彈頭筆螺
Pterygia dactylus: 拇指筆螺
Pterygia fenestrata: 窗格筆螺
Pterygia scabricula: 皺紋筆螺
Pterygia scabricula: 砲彈筆螺
Pterygida ornaticapitata: 雅頭翅螋
Pterygioteuthis gemmata: 芽翼魷
Pterygioteuthis giardii: 基氏翼魷
Pterygomia obscurata: 褐異緣蝽
Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus: 野翼甲鯰
Pterygoplichthys etentaculatus: 翼甲鯰
Pterygoplichthys etentaculatus: 翼甲鲶
Pterygoplichthys gibbiceps: 皇冠琵琶
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: 多輻翼甲鯰
Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus: 琵琶鼠魚
Pterygoplichthys pardalis: 豹紋翼甲鯰
Pterygotrigla hemistica: 尖棘角魚
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: 大棘角鲂鮄
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: 尖棘角魚
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: 尖棘角魴鮄
Pterygotrigla hemisticta: 角仔魚
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus: 角仔魚
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus: 長吻擬角魚
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus: 長吻棘角魚
Pterygotrigla macrorhynchus: 長吻角魴鮄
Pterygotrigla multiocellata: 多斑棘角魚
Pterygotrigla multiocellata: 多斑角魴鮄
Pterygotrigla multiocellata: 角仔魚
Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis: 琉球棘角魚
Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis: 琉球角魚
Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis: 琉球角魴鮄
Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis: 琉球角鲂鮄
Pterygotrigla ryukyuensis: 角仔魚
Pterynotus alatus: 芭蕉螺
Pterynotus pellucidus: 輕紗芭蕉螺
Ptetica cristulata: 小驼背蝗
Pthirus pubis: 陰蝨
Ptilineurus marmoratus: 大理窃蠹
Ptilineurus marmoratus: 石紋尨蕈甲
Ptilinopus alligator: 黑斑果鸠
Ptilinopus arcanus: 里普利氏果鸠
Ptilinopus arcanus: 里氏果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus aurantiifrons: 橙额果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus bernsteinii: 红胸果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus chalcurus: 马喀果鸠
Ptilinopus cinctus: 黑背果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus coralensis: 土岛果鸠
Ptilinopus coronulatus: 冕果鸠
Ptilinopus coronulatus: 小紫顶果鸠
Ptilinopus dohertyi: 红枕果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus dupetithouarsii: 白顶果鸠
Ptilinopus eugeniae: 白头果鸠
Ptilinopus fischeri: 费氏果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus granulifrons: 花鼻果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus greyii: 红嘴果鸠
Ptilinopus huttonii: 拉帕果鸠
Ptilinopus hyogastra: 灰头果鸠
Ptilinopus hyogastrus: 灰头果鸠
Ptilinopus insolitus: 瘤鼻果鸠
Ptilinopus insularis: 亨岛果鸠
Ptilinopus inzonus: 橙腹果鸠
Ptilinopus iozonus: 橙腹果鸠
Ptilinopus jambu: 粉头果鸠(3)
Ptilinopus layardi: 黄头果鸠
Ptilinopus leclancheri: 小綠鳩(4)
Ptilinopus leclancheri: 小綠鳩
Ptilinopus leclancheri: 黑頦果鳩(2)
Ptilinopus leclancheri: 黑颏果鸠(8)
Ptilinopus luteovirens: 金色果鸠
Ptilinopus magnificus: 巨果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus marchei: 黑耳果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus marcheri: 黑耳果鸠
Ptilinopus melanospila: 黑项果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus melanospilus: 黑项果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus mercierii: 赤髯果鸠
Ptilinopus merrilli: 梅氏果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus merrilli: 梅里氏果鸠
Ptilinopus monacha: 蓝帽果鸠
Ptilinopus monacha: 蓝顶果鸠
Ptilinopus nainus: 小绿果鸠
Ptilinopus nanus: 小绿果鸠
Ptilinopus occipitalis: 栗耳果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus occipitalis: 黄胸果鸠
Ptilinopus ornatus: 丽色果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus pelewensis: 帕岛果鸠
Ptilinopus perlatus: 粉斑果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus perousii: 多色果鸠
Ptilinopus pophyrea: 粉颈果鸠
Ptilinopus porphyraceus: 紫顶果鸠
Ptilinopus porphyreus: 粉红颈果鸠
Ptilinopus pulchellus: 华丽果鸠
Ptilinopus pulchellus: 深红顶果鸠
Ptilinopus purpuratus: 灰绿果鸠
Ptilinopus rarotongensis: 拉罗果鸠
Ptilinopus regina: 粉顶果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus richardsii: 银帽果鸠
Ptilinopus rivoli: 白胸果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus roseicapillus: 马里果鸠
Ptilinopus solomonensis: 黄胸果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus subgularis: 暗颏果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus superbus: 华丽果鸠
Ptilinopus superbus: 壮丽果鸠(2)
Ptilinopus tannensis: 银肩果鸠
Ptilinopus victor: 橙色果鸠
Ptilinopus viridis: 紫红胸果鸠
Ptilinopus viridis: 紫胸果鸠
Ptilinopus wallacii: 金肩果鸠(2)
Ptilocercinae lowii: 笔尾树鼩
Ptilocercus lowii: 筆尾树鼩
Ptilocercus lowii: 筆尾樹鼩
Ptilocercus lowii: 羽尾树鼩
Ptilocerus kanoi: 羽獵蝽
Ptilocichla falcata: 巴拉望地鹛
Ptilocichla falcata: 菲律宾地鹛
Ptilocichla leucogrammica: 加里曼丹地鹛(2)
Ptilocichla mindanensis: 条纹地鹛(2)
Ptilodon saturata: 絢羽齒舟蛾
Ptilolaemus tickelli: 白喉小盔犀鸟
Ptilolaemus tickelli: 白喉犀鸟
Ptilometra australis: 海百合
Ptilona confinis: 線黑翅實蠅
Ptilona persimilis: 普西黑翅實蠅
Ptilopachus petrosus: 石鶉
Ptiloprora erythropleura: 红胁嗜蜜鸟
Ptiloprora guisei: 红背嗜蜜鸟
Ptiloprora mayri: 麦氏嗜蜜鸟
Ptiloprora meekiana: 绿纹嗜蜜鸟
Ptiloprora perstriata: 黑背嗜蜜鸟
Ptiloprora plumbea: 铅色嗜蜜鸟
Ptiloris magnificus: 丽色掩鼻风鸟
Ptilorrhoa caerulescens: 蓝丽鸫
Ptilorrhoa castanonota: 栗背丽鸫
Ptilorrhoa leucosticta: 斑丽鸫
Ptilostomus afer: 鬚嘴鴉
Ptinus fur: 白斑蛛甲
Ptinus japonicus: 日本蛛甲
Ptinus latro: 窃蛛甲
Ptiolina attennata: 漂浮鷸虻
Ptocasius strupifer: 毛垛兜蠅虎
Ptocasius strupifer: 毛垛兜跳蛛
Ptomaphaginus franki: 法氏毛脛球蕈甲
Ptomaphaginus pingtungensis: 屏東毛脛球蕈甲
Ptomaphaginus sauteri: 蘇氏毛脛球蕈甲
Ptomaphagus amamianus: 奄美條鞘球蕈甲
Ptomaphagus smetanai: 史氏條鞘球蕈甲
Ptosima chinensis: 黃紋吉丁蟲
Ptta guajana: 蓝尾八色鸫
Ptta gurney: 泰国八色鸫
Ptta koch: 吕宋八色鸫
Ptta nympha: 蓝翅八色鸫
Ptyas korros: 灰鼠蛇(6)
Ptyas korros: 細紋南蛇(2)
Ptyas korros: 過樹龍
Ptyas korros: 黃梢蛇
Ptyas mucosus: 南蛇(2)
Ptyas mucosus: 水南蛇
Ptyas mucosus: 滑鼠蛇(7)
Ptyas mucosus: 華錦蛇
Ptyas mucosus: 華鼠蛇
Ptychadena aequiplicata: 波皱蛙
Ptychadena bibroni: 卞氏皱蛙
Ptychadena longirostris: 长吻皱蛙
Ptychadena mascareniensis: 马斯卡皱蛙
Ptychadena mossambica: 莫桑皱蛙
Ptychadena oxyrhynchus: 尖吻皱蛙
Ptychadena porosissima: 三条皱蛙
Ptychadena pumilio: 小矮皱蛙
Ptychadena retropunctata: 旋斑皱蛙
Ptychadena submascareniensis: 下马斯皱蛙
Ptychadena superciliaris: 睫眉皱蛙
Ptychadena tournieri: 图氏皱蛙
Ptychadena trinodis: 三结皱蛙
Ptychidio jordani: 卷口魚
Ptychidio jordani: 卷口鱼(2)
Ptychidio longibarbus: 長鬚卷口魚
Ptychidio longibarbus: 长须卷口鱼
Ptychidio macrops: 大眼卷口魚
Ptychidio macrops: 大眼卷口鱼(2)
Ptychobarbus chungtienensis: 中甸叶须鱼(2)
Ptychobarbus chungtienensis: 中甸葉鬚魚
Ptychobarbus chungtienensis: 中甸重唇魚
Ptychobarbus conirostris: 錐吻葉鬚魚
Ptychobarbus conirostris: 錐吻重唇魚
Ptychobarbus conirostris: 锥吻叶须鱼
Ptychobarbus dipogon: 双须叶须鱼
Ptychobarbus dipogon: 雙鬚葉鬚魚
Ptychobarbus dipogon: 雙鬚重唇魚
Ptychobarbus kaznakovi: 裸腹叶须鱼
Ptychobarbus kaznakovi: 裸腹葉鬚魚
Ptychobarbus kaznakovi: 裸腹重唇魚
Ptychocheilus grandis: 豐滿葉唇魚
Ptychocheilus lucius: 尖頭葉唇魚
Ptychocheilus oregonensis: 俄勒岡葉唇魚
Ptychocheilus umpquae: 昂普夸葉唇魚
Ptychochromis oligacanthus: 褶麗魚
Ptychochromoides betsileanus: 似褶麗魚
Ptychochromoides katria: 馬達加斯加似褶麗魚
Ptychognathus altimanus: 高掌折顎蟹
Ptychognathus barbatus: 絨毛折顎蟹
Ptychognathus hachijyoensis: 八丈折顎蟹
Ptychognathus ishii: 伊師折顎蟹
Ptychognathus takahasii: 高橋折顎蟹
Ptychopoma tortile: 扭转褶口螺
Ptychopoma wilsoni: 扁山蝸牛
Ptychoptera formosensis: 台灣細腰大蚊
Ptychoramphus aleuticus: 卡辛氏海雀
Ptychoramphus aleuticus: 海雀
Ptychozoon kuhi: 飛蹼守宮(2)
Ptychozoon kuhli: 褶虎
Ptychozoon kuhli: 飞蹼守宫
Ptyctolaemus gularis: 喉褶蜥(6)
Ptygonotus brachypterus: 筱翅凹背蝗
Ptygonotus chinghaiensis: 青海凹背蝗
Ptygonotus gansuensis: 甘肃凹背蝗
Ptygonotus gurneyi: 戈氏凹背蝗
Ptygonotus hocashanensis: 河卡山凹背蝗
Ptygonotus sichuanensis: 四川凹背蝗
Ptygonotus tarbinskii: 达氏凹背蝗
Ptygonotus xinglongshanensis: 兴隆凹背蝗
Ptyodactylus hasselquistii: 扇趾守宮(2)
Ptyonoprogne concolor: 純色巖燕
Ptyonoprogne concolor: 纯色岩燕(5)
Ptyonoprogne concotor: 純色巖燕
Ptyonoprogne concotor: 纯色岩燕
Ptyonoprogne fuligula: 非洲岩燕
Ptyonoprogne obsoleta: 灰喉燕
Ptyonoprogne rupestris: 岩燕(6)
Ptyonoprogne rupestris: 巖燕(2)
Pucrasia macrolopha: 勺雞
Pucrasia macrolopha: 勺鸡(9)
Pudu mephistophiles: 北方普度鹿(2)
Pudu mephistophiles: 北普度鹿
Pudu mephistophiles: 厄瓜多爾鼷鹿
Pudu puda: 智利巴鹿
Pudu pudu: 普度鹿(2)
Pudu pudu: 智利巴鹿
Pudu pudu: 智利鼷鹿
Puertoricomys corozalus: 科羅薩爾鼠
Puffinus assimilis: 小鸌,
Puffinus assimilis: 小鹱(2)
Puffinus auricularis: 汤氏鹱
Puffinus auricularis: 紐厄爾剪水鸌
Puffinus bulleri: 灰背鸌,
Puffinus bulleri: 灰背鹱(2)
Puffinus carneipes: 淡足鸌
Puffinus carneipes: 淡足鹱
Puffinus carneipes: 肉足水薙鳥(5)
Puffinus carneipes: 肉足鸌
Puffinus carneipes: 肉足鸌(肉足水薙鳥),
Puffinus carneipes: 肉足鹱(2)
Puffinus carneipes: 肉足鹱)
Puffinus creatopus: 粉脚鹱
Puffinus creatopus: 粉腳鸌,
Puffinus gavia: 大鸌,
Puffinus gravis: 大鹱
Puffinus griseus: 灰剪水鸌(灰水薙鳥),
Puffinus griseus: 灰水薙鳥(5)
Puffinus griseus: 灰鸌(2)
Puffinus griseus: 灰鹱(9)
Puffinus ieucomelas: 白額鹱
Puffinus ieucomelas: 白额鹱
Puffinus leucomelas: 白额鹱(4)
Puffinus lherminieri: 奥氏鹱
Puffinus lherminieri: 奧氏鸌
Puffinus nativitatis: 黑鸌,
Puffinus nativitatis: 黑鹱(2)
Puffinus pacificus: 曳尾鸌(長尾水薙鳥),
Puffinus pacificus: 曳尾鸌(2)
Puffinus pacificus: 曳尾鹱(5)
Puffinus pacificus: 楔尾鸌
Puffinus pacificus: 長尾水薙鳥(5)
Puffinus puffinus: 大西洋鹱
Puffinus puffinus: 普通鸌,
Puffinus tenuirostis: 短尾鹱
Puffinus tenuirostris: 短尾水薙鳥(5)
Puffinus tenuirostris: 短尾鸌(短尾水薙鳥),
Puffinus tenuirostris: 短尾鸌(2)
Puffinus tenuirostris: 短尾鹱(8)
Puffinus yelkouan: 地中海鹱
Pugettia nipponensis: 日本磯蟹
Pugettia quadridens: 四齿矶蟹
Pulchratis reticulatus: 網紋麗蟹
Pulex irritans: 人蚤
Pulvinaria betulae: 桦绵蜡蚧
Pulvinaria costata: 筋囊绵蜡蚧
Pulvinaria durantae: 连翘绵蜡蚧
Pulvinaria durantae: 金露綿介殼蟲
Pulvinaria iceryi: 甘蔗長綿介殼蟲
Pulvinaria neocellulosa: 月桔原綿介殼蟲
Pulvinaria neocellulosa: 角绵蜡蚧
Pulvinaria nerii: 夹竹桃绵蜡蚧
Pulvinaria polygonata: 柑桔大綿介殼蟲
Pulvinaria populeti: 杨绵蜡蚧
Pulvinaria psidii: 黃綠綿介殼蟲
Pulvinaria salicicola: 柳绵蜡蚧
Pulvinaria taiwana: 檬果綿介殼蟲
Pulvinaria vitis: 葡萄绵蜡蚧
Puma concolor: 美洲狮
Puma concolor: 美洲獅
Puma concolor: 美洲獅佛羅里達亞種
Puma concolor: 美洲獅哥斯達黎加亞種
Puma concolor: 美洲獅東部亞種
Puma concolor: coryi, 佛羅里達山豹(2)
Puma concolor: costaricensis, 哥斯大黎加山豹(2)
Puma concolor: couguar, 北美山豹(2)
Puma yagouaroundi: 南美豹貓
Punctacteon fabreanus: 紅斑捻螺
Punctacteon kawamurai: 窗格捻螺
Punctacteon teramachii: 寺町捻螺
Punctrella dorcas: 深海透孔螺
Punctrella nobilis: 圓窗透孔螺
Punctum atomum: 微粟蝸牛
Punctum japonicum: 日本粟蝸牛
Punctum taiwanicum: 台灣粟蝸牛
Pungitius sinensis: 中华多刺鱼
Pungtungia herzi: 扁吻鮈(2)
Pungu maclareni: 馬氏蟄麗魚
Punitioplites waandersi: 爪哇鲃鲤
Punomys lemminus: 秘魯高原鼠
Puntioplites falcifer: 鐮魮鯉
Puntioplites falcifer: 镰魮鲤
Puntioplites proctozysron: 鲃鲤(2)
Puntioplites proctozystron: 魮鯉
Puntioplites proctozystron: 魮鲤
Puntioplites waandersi: 爪哇魮鯉
Puntioplites waandersi: 爪哇鲃鲤
Puntius amarus: 苦味無鬚魮
Puntius amphibius: 兩棲無鬚魮
Puntius anchisporus: 娑羅洲無鬚魮
Puntius arenatus: 砂無鬚魮
Puntius arulius: 長鰭無鬚魮
Puntius asoka: 阿蘇無鬚魮
Puntius aurotaeniatus: 金帶無鬚魮
Puntius bandula: 班頓拉無鬚魮
Puntius bantolanensis: 班通蘭無鬚魮
Puntius baoulan: 寶蘭無鬚魮
Puntius bimaculatus: 雙斑無鬚魮
Puntius binotatus: 双点无须魮(2)
Puntius binotatus: 雙點無鬚魮
Puntius bramoides: 似魴無鬚魮
Puntius brevis: 光刺無鬚魮
Puntius brevis: 短無鬚魮
Puntius bulu: 丁加兰(10)
Puntius bulu: 印尼魮鯉, Yin4 ni2 pi2 li3(34)
Puntius bulu: 印度尼西亚魮鲤(16)
Puntius cataractae: 野無鬚魮
Puntius cauveriensis: 考維里無鬚魮
Puntius chelynoides: 似龜結魚
Puntius chola: 沼澤無鬚魮
Puntius chola: 穗無鬚魮
Puntius clemensi: 克氏無鬚魮
Puntius compressifromis: 窄身無鬚魮
Puntius conchonius: 玟瑰無鬚魮
Puntius crescentus: 大身無鬚魮
Puntius cumingii: 坎氏無鬚魮
Puntius deccanensis: 印度無鬚魮
Puntius denisonii: 丹尼氏無鬚魮
Puntius disa: 多毛無鬚魮
Puntius dorsalis: 長吻無鬚魮
Puntius dorsimaculatus: 背斑無鬚魮
Puntius dunckeri: 鄧氏無鬚魮
Puntius endecanalis: 無管無鬚魮
Puntius everetti: 皇冠无须魮
Puntius everetti: 皇冠無鬚魮(2)
Puntius fasciatus: 安哥拉鯽
Puntius fasciatus: 新海拉無鬚魮
Puntius fasciatus: 條紋無鬚魮(2)
Puntius fasciatus: 赭紅色魮
Puntius filamentosus: 黑點無鬚魮
Puntius flavifuscus: 黃棕無鬚魮
Puntius foerschi: 福氏無鬚魮
Puntius fraseri: 弗雷澤無鬚魮
Puntius gelius: 金色無鬚魮
Puntius gemellus: 孓孓無鬚魮
Puntius gonionetus: 银刺
Puntius guganio: 亞穆納河無鬚魮
Puntius hemictenus: 半梳無鬚魮
Puntius herrei: 赫氏無鬚魮
Puntius hexazona: 六帶無鬚魮
Puntius hexazona: 六间鲫
Puntius javanicus: 爪哇無鬚魮
Puntius jerdoni: 傑氏高鬚魮
Puntius katolo: 卡托無鬚魮
Puntius kuchingensis: 古晉無鬚魮
Puntius lanaoensis: 拉瑙無鬚魮
Puntius lateristriga: 側條無鬚魮
Puntius lateristriga: 邮差鱼(2)
Puntius lateristriga: T-字鱼(2)
Puntius lindog: 林多無鬚魮
Puntius lineatus: 五线鲫(2)
Puntius lineatus: 線紋無鬚魮
Puntius mahecola: 灰點無鬚魮
Puntius mahecola: 馬埃無鬚魮
Puntius manalak: 馬納無鬚魮
Puntius manguaoensis: 曼蓋無鬚魮
Puntius martenstyni: 馬頓氏無鬚魮
Puntius masyai: 馬賽氏無鬚魮
Puntius microps: 小眼無鬚魮
Puntius montanoi: 蒙氏無鬚魮
Puntius mudumalaiensis: 泰米爾無鬚魮
Puntius nangalensis: 納加爾無鬚魮
Puntius narayani: 斑驳鲃
Puntius narayani: 納氏無鬚魮
Puntius narayani: 纳氏无须魮
Puntius nigrofasciatus: 鑽石黑三間
Puntius nigrofasciatus: 黑帶無鬚魞
Puntius nigrofasciatus: 黑條無鬚魮
Puntius oligolepis: 寡鱗無鬚魮
Puntius orphoides: 類小鲃
Puntius orphoides: 類無鬚魮(2)
Puntius parrah: 帕拉無鬚魮
Puntius partipentazona: 雜紋無鬚魮
Puntius paucimaculatus: 疏斑無鬚魮
Puntius pentazona: 五帶無鬚魮
Puntius phutunio: 孟加拉鯉
Puntius phutunio: 小無鬚魮
Puntius pleurotaenia: 側帶無鬚魮
Puntius punjabensis: 巴基斯坦無鬚魮
Puntius puntio: 無鬚魮
Puntius resinus: 四鬚尖顎魚
Puntius rhomboocellatus: 菱斑無鬚魮
Puntius sachsii: 沙氏無鬚魮
Puntius sahyadriensis: 南亞無鬚魮
Puntius sarana: 大鼻無鬚魮
Puntius sarana: 攻鰭無鬚魮
Puntius sarana: 斑點無鬚魮
Puntius sarana: 薩拉無鬚魮
Puntius schanicus: 印支無鬚魮
Puntius sealei: 西爾氏無鬚魮
Puntius semifasciolatus: 五線無鬚魮(2)
Puntius semifasciolatus: 五線無鬚鲃
Puntius semifasciolatus: 半紋魮
Puntius semifasciolatus: 條紋二鬚魚巴
Puntius semifasciolatus: 條紋二鬚魞(4)
Puntius semifasciolatus: 條紋小鲃
Puntius semifasciolatus: 玫瑰鯽(2)
Puntius semifasciolatus: 紅目鮘(2)
Puntius setnai: 塞氏無鬚魮
Puntius shalynius: 沙利無鬚魮
Puntius sharmai: 沙曼氏無鬚魮
Puntius sirang: 希蘭無鬚魮
Puntius snyderi: 史尼氏小鲃
Puntius sophore: 蝶无须魮
Puntius sophore: 蝶無鬚魮(2)
Puntius sophoroides: 似敏魮
Puntius spilopterus: 斑鰭無鬚魮
Puntius srilankensis: 斯里蘭卡無鬚魮
Puntius stoliczkanus: 斯氏無鬚魮
Puntius terio: 單點無鬚魮
Puntius terio: 比哈爾無鬚魮
Puntius tetrazona: 四帶無鬚魮(2)
Puntius tetrazona: 四間(2)
Puntius tetrazona: 四间鲃
Puntius tetrazona: 四间鲫(2)
Puntius tetrazona: 紅四間
Puntius tetrazona: 老虎鱼(2)
Puntius tetrazona: 虎皮魚
Puntius tetrazona: 虎皮魮(2)
Puntius tetrazona: 金四間
Puntius ticto: 真無鬚魮
Puntius titteya: 安哥拉鯽
Puntius titteya: 櫻桃無鬚魮(3)
Puntius titteya: 櫻桃燈(4)
Puntius titteya: 赭紅色魮
Puntius tras: 柬埔寨無鬚魮
Puntius trifasciatus: 三帶無鬚魮
Puntius tumba: 滕巴無鬚魮
Puntius vittatus: 飾圈無鬚魮
Puntius waageni: 瓦氏無鬚魮
Pupa coccinea: 紅硬捻螺
Pupa solidula: 斑點硬捻螺
Pupa strigosa: 虛線硬捻螺
Pupa strigosa: 關源硬捻螺
Pupinella masuhowaruensis: 梅山豆蝸牛
Pupinella swinhoei: 台灣豆蝸牛
Pupiscala pupiformis: 蛹海螄螺
Pupoides coenpictus: 似蛹蝸牛
Purana apicalis: 台灣姬蟬
Purpura panama: 羅螺
Purpura persica: 桃羅螺
Purpuricenus spectabilis: 黑緣紅天牛
Purpuricenus temminckii: 丁美氏紅天牛
Pusia amabilis: 可愛蛹筆螺
Pusia cancellarioides: 白葚蛹筆螺
Pusia cavea: 洞穴蛹筆螺
Pusia consanguinea: 桑葚蛹筆螺
Pusia crocata: 番紅花蛹筆螺
Pusia discolaria: 斑帶蛹筆螺
Pusia lauta: 花球蛹筆螺
Pusia lubens: 浮彫蛹筆螺
Pusia microzonias: 黑少女蛹筆螺
Pusia patriarchalis: 教皇帽筆螺
Pusia speciosa: 百摺裙蛹筆螺
Pusia speciosa: 粗繡蛹筆螺
Pusia tuberosa: 皇冠蛹筆螺
Pusia tuberosa: 結瘤蛹筆螺
Pusia tusa: 玉女蛹筆螺
Pusia unifasciale: 幻彩蛹筆螺
Pusiostoma mendicaria: 斑馬峨螺
Pussella quadrispinosa: 四腳水泡介
Puto asteri: 台湾泡粉蚧
Pycnetron curculionidis: 松扁腹長尾金小蜂
Pycnocraspedum armatum: 盔姬鼬鳚
Pycnocraspedum fulvum: 棕黄厚鼬鳚
Pycnocraspedum microlepis: 细鳞厚鼬鳚
Pycnonotus atriceps: 黑头鹎(6)
Pycnonotus atriceps: 黑頭鵯
Pycnonotus aurigaster: 白喉紅臀鵯(2)
Pycnonotus aurigaster: 白喉紅臂鵯
Pycnonotus aurigaster: 白喉红臀鹎(8)
Pycnonotus aurigaster: 白喉红臂鹎
Pycnonotus barbatus: 園鵯
Pycnonotus barbatus: 非洲羽须鹎
Pycnonotus barbatus: 黑眼鵯
Pycnonotus barbatus: 黑眼鹎
Pycnonotus bimaculatus: 橙斑鹎(2)
Pycnonotus blanfordi: 条耳鹎
Pycnonotus blanfordi: 纹耳鹎
Pycnonotus brunneus: 红眼褐鹎(3)
Pycnonotus cafer: 白头翁(2)
Pycnonotus cafer: 紅臀鵯
Pycnonotus cafer: 黑喉紅臀鵯(4)
Pycnonotus cafer: 黑喉红臀鹎(4)
Pycnonotus capensis: 南非鹎
Pycnonotus cyaniventris: 灰腹鹎(3)
Pycnonotus erythropthalmos: 小褐鹎(3)
Pycnonotus eutilotus: 凤头褐鹎(3)
Pycnonotus finlaysoni: 紋喉鵯(2)
Pycnonotus finlaysoni: 纹喉鹎(3)
Pycnonotus flavescens: 白头鹎
Pycnonotus flavescens: 黃綠鵯
Pycnonotus flavescens: 黄绿鹎(3)
Pycnonotus flaviventris: 黑冠黃鵯
Pycnonotus flaviventris: 黑冠黄鹎
Pycnonotus goiavier: 白眉黃臀鵯, Bai mei huang tun bei(741)
Pycnonotus goiavier: 白眉黄臀鹎, Bai mei huang tun bei(2390)
Pycnonotus goiavier: 黄臀鹎
Pycnonotus goiavier: 黄臀鹎, Huang tun bei(3090)
Pycnonotus hualon: 光脸鹎
Pycnonotus hualon: 台湾鹎
Pycnonotus hualon: 园鹎
Pycnonotus hualon: 圆尾绿鹎
Pycnonotus hualon: 好望角鹎
Pycnonotus hualon: 白头鹎
Pycnonotus hualon: 秃脸鹎
Pycnonotus hualon: 羽冠鹎
Pycnonotus hualon: 菲律宾肉垂鹎
Pycnonotus hualon: 裸面鵯
Pycnonotus hualon: 黑眼鹎
Pycnonotus jocosus: 紅耳鵯(3)
Pycnonotus jocosus: 紅耳鵯, Hong er bei(39500)
Pycnonotus jocosus: 红屁股(60)
Pycnonotus jocosus: 红耳鹎(2)
Pycnonotus jocosus: 红耳鹎, Hong er bei(27500)
Pycnonotus jocosus: 高冠鸟(143)
Pycnonotus jocosus: 高髻冠(1470)
Pycnonotus jocosus: 高髻郎
Pycnonotus jocosus: 高鸡冠(133)
Pycnonotus jocosus: 黑头公(130)
Pycnonotus leucogenys: 白頰鵯
Pycnonotus leucogenys: 白颊鹎(3)
Pycnonotus leucogrammicus: 条纹鹎(2)
Pycnonotus leucops: 灰脸鹎
Pycnonotus leucotis: 白眉鹎
Pycnonotus leucotis: 白耳鵯
Pycnonotus luteolus: 白眉鹎(2)
Pycnonotus melanicterus: 黑冠黄鹎(3)
Pycnonotus melanicterus: 黑白鹎
Pycnonotus melanoleucos: 黑头黄鹎
Pycnonotus melanoleucos: 黑白鹎(2)
Pycnonotus montis: 婆罗鹎
Pycnonotus nieuwenhuisii: 蓝肉垂鹎(3)
Pycnonotus nigricans: 黑额鹎
Pycnonotus penicillatus: 黄耳鹎(2)
Pycnonotus plumosus: 橄榄褐鹎(4)
Pycnonotus priocephalus: 灰头鹎(2)
Pycnonotus simplex: 白眼褐鹎(3)
Pycnonotus sinensis: 白头翁
Pycnonotus sinensis: 白头鵯(2)
Pycnonotus sinensis: 白头鹎(12)
Pycnonotus sinensis: 白頭翁(11)
Pycnonotus sinensis: 白頭鵯(4)
Pycnonotus sinensis: formosae, 白頭翁
Pycnonotus somaliensis: 索马里鹎
Pycnonotus squamatus: 鳞胸鹎(3)
Pycnonotus striatus: 縱紋鵯
Pycnonotus striatus: 纵纹绿鹎(3)
Pycnonotus taivanus: 乌头翁
Pycnonotus taivanus: 台湾鹎(7)
Pycnonotus taivanus: 台灣鵯(2)
Pycnonotus taivanus: 烏頭翁(13)
Pycnonotus taivanus: 臺灣鵯
Pycnonotus tympanistrigus: 橄榄冠鹎
Pycnonotus tympanistrigus: 绿冠鹎
Pycnonotus urostictus: 菲律宾肉垂鹎
Pycnonotus urostictus: 黄肉垂鹎(2)
Pycnonotus xantholaemus: 黄喉鹎(2)
Pycnonotus xanthopygos: 白眶鹎(2)
Pycnonotus xanthorrhous: 黃臀鵯(2)
Pycnonotus xanthorrhous: 黄腹鹎
Pycnonotus xanthorrhous: 黄臀鵯(2)
Pycnonotus xanthorrhous: 黄臀鹎(6)
Pycnonotus xanthorrthous: 黄臀鹎
Pycnonotus zeylanicus: 黃冠鵯(3)
Pycnonotus zeylanicus: 黄冠鹎(3)
Pycnoonyus taivanus: 烏頭翁
Pycnopygius cinereus: 苍额吸蜜鸟
Pycnopygius ixoides: 绿褐吸蜜鸟
Pycnopygius stictocephalus: 纹头吸蜜鸟
Pycnoscelis surinamensis: 穌里南潛蠊
Pyconotus zelancus: 黄冠鹎
Pygalataspis miscanthi: 芒蓖盾介殼蟲
Pygathix brelichi: 黔金丝猴
Pygathrix avunculus: 越南叶猴
Pygathrix bieti: 滇金丝猴
Pygathrix brelichi: 贵州金丝猴
Pygathrix brelichi: 黔金丝猴
Pygathrix cinerea: 灰腿白臀叶猴
Pygathrix gns: 海南葉猴屬
Pygathrix memaeus: 白臀叶猴
Pygathrix nemaeu: 白臀叶猴
Pygathrix nemaeus: 海南叶猴
Pygathrix nemaeus: 白臀叶猴(12)
Pygathrix nemaeus: 白臀葉猴(2)
Pygathrix nemaeus: 黄面叶猴
Pygathrix nigripes: 黑脚白臀叶猴
Pygathrix roxellana: 川金丝猴
Pygathrix roxellanae: 川金丝猴
Pygathrix roxellanae: 金丝仰鼻猴
Pygathrix roxellanae: 金丝猴
Pygeretmus platyurus: 小肥尾跳鼠
Pygmaeorota cingulifera: 環肋扁螺
Pygmaerota modesta: 粗肋齒輪螺
Pygocentrus nattereri: 特氏臀點脂鯉(2)
Pygocentrus nattereri: 红色食人鱼
Pygocentrus nattereri: 食人魚(2)
Pygoderma bilabiatum: 尾翼果蝠(2)
Pygolampis bidentata: 雙刺胸獵蝽
Pygolmpis bidentata: 雙刺胸獵椿
Pygophora confusa: 台南臂蠅
Pygophora immaculipennis: 錫蘭臂蠅
Pygophora lepidofera: 帶鱗臂蠅
Pygophora longicornis: 長角臂蠅
Pygophora maculipennis: 斑翅臂蠅
Pygophora nigribasis: 黑基臂蠅
Pygophora pallens: 淡色臂蠅
Pygophora respondens: 印尼臂蠅
Pygophora trimaculata: 三斑臂蠅
Pygoplites diacanthus: 印度假眼小皇帝
Pygoplites diacanthus: 印度小皇帝
Pygoplites diacanthus: 印度皇帝
Pygoplites diacanthus: 小皇帝
Pygoplites diacanthus: 帝王神仙魚
Pygoplites diacanthus: 帝王魚
Pygoplites diacanthus: 甲尻魚
Pygoplites diacanthus: 皇帝
Pygoplites diacanthus: 皇帝神仙鱼
Pygoplites diacanthus: 皇帝神仙(3)
Pygoplites diacanthus: 錦紋蓋刺魚
Pygoplites diacanthus: 雙棘甲尻魚
Pygoplites dicanthus: 馬爾地夫皇帝
Pygopteryx fulva: 茶褐殿夜蛾
Pygopus nigriceps: 黑头鳞脚蜥
Pygoscelis adeliae: 阿德利企鵝
Pygoscelis adeliae: 阿德利企鵝,
Pygoscelis antarctica: 南極企鵝
Pygoscelis antarctica: 頰帶企鵝
Pygoscelis antarctica: 鬍鬚企鵝
Pygoscelis antarcticus: 南極企鵝,
Pygoscelis papua: 巴布亞企鵝
Pygoscelis papua: 巴布亞企鵝,
Pygoscelis papua: 紳士企鵝
Pygostrangalia kurodai: 黑田華夏花天牛
Pylocheles incisus: 缺刻門螯寄居蟹
Pylocheles macrops: 大
Pylocheles macrops: 大門螯寄居蟹
Pylocheles mortensenii: 莫氏門螯寄居蟹
Pylopaguropsis zebra: 條紋仿門寄居蟹
Pyralioides sinuosus: 金盞窗蛾
Pyramica benten: 辨天角瘤家蟻
Pyramica elegantula: 高雅角瘤家蟻
Pyramica formosimonticola: 台灣高山角瘤家蟻
Pyramica formosus: 台灣角瘤家蟻
Pyramica hexamerus: 六純角瘤家蟻
Pyramica hirashimai: 平嶋角瘤家蟻
Pyramica japonica: 日本角瘤家蟻
Pyramica kichijo: 吉祥角瘤家蟻
Pyramica leptothrix: 長毛角瘤家蟻
Pyramica mazu: 媽祖角瘤家蟻
Pyramica membranifera: 節膜角瘤家蟻
Pyramica mutica: 短角瘤家蟻
Pyramica sauteri: 邵氏角瘤家蟻
Pyramica takasago: 高砂角瘤家蟻
Pyramidella dolabrata: 多彩環塔螺
Pyramidella dolabrata: 彩環塔螺
Pyramidella sulcata: 條紋塔螺
Pyramidelloides miranda: 斜塔麂眼螺
Pyramodon lindas: 線紋錐齒潛魚
Pyramodon ventralis: 纖尾錐齒潛魚
Pyramodon ventralis: 纖尾錐齒隱魚
Pyrene bella: 多形核螺
Pyrene flava: 黃麥螺
Pyrene marmorata: 雜斑麥螺
Pyrene ocellata: 黑麥螺
Pyrene punctata: 紅麥螺
Pyrene splendidula: 瑪瑙麥螺
Pyrene testudinaria: 翻唇麥螺
Pyrene testudinaria: 麥螺
Pyreneola semiplicata: 蜉蝣松虫螺
Pyrenestes ostrinus: 黑腹嗑籽雀
Pyrenestes ostrinus: 黑腹裂籽雀
Pyrestes curticornis: 台灣樟紅天牛
Pyrestes curticornis: 姬黑角焰天牛
Pyrestes longicollis: 細樟紅天牛
Pyrgilauda blanfordi: 棕背雪雀(3)
Pyrgilauda davidiana: 黑喉雪雀(3)
Pyrgilauda ruficollis: 棕頸雪雀
Pyrgilauda ruficollis: 棕颈雪雀(2)
Pyrgilauda theresae: 阿富汗雪雀
Pyrgodera armata: 驼背蝗
Pyrhosoma tinctipennis: 华西红蟌
Pyrocalymma pyrochroides: 阿里山焰艷花天牛
Pyrocoelia analis: 台灣窗螢
Pyrocoelia analis: 大陸窗螢
Pyrocoelia formosana: 紅胸窗螢
Pyrocoelia praetexta: 大窗螢
Pyrocoelia praetexta: 山窗螢
Pyrocoelia prolongata: 突胸窗螢
Pyrocoelia sanguiniventer: 赤腹窗螢
Pyrops candelaria: 龍眼雞
Pyrops watanabei: 渡邊氏東方蠟蟬
Pyrosis ni: 彌新枯葉蛾
Pyrosis wangi: 王氏枯葉蛾
Pyroteuthis margaritifera: 火魷
Pyrrhala erythaca: 灰头灰雀(4)
Pyrrhala erythaca: 灰頭灰雀
Pyrrhalta aenescens: 麗翅毛螢金花蟲
Pyrrhalta meifena: 梅峰毛螢金花蟲
Pyrrhalta takizawai: 瀧澤毛螢金花蟲
Pyrrhia umbra: 烟火焰夜蛾
Pyrrhocorax graculus: 黃嘴山鴉
Pyrrhocorax graculus: 黄嘴山鸦(2)
Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax: 紅嘴山鴉
Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax: 红嘴山鸦(2)
Pyrrhoplectes epauletta: 金枕黑雀(8)
Pyrrhula aurantiaca: 橙色灰雀
Pyrrhula erythaca: 灰头灰雀(3)
Pyrrhula erythaca: 灰頭灰雀(2)
Pyrrhula erythaca: 灰鷽(8)
Pyrrhula erythaca: 红腹灰雀
Pyrrhula erythrocephala: 紅頭灰雀(2)
Pyrrhula erythrocephala: 红头灰雀(6)
Pyrrhula griseiventris: 灰腹灰雀(5)
Pyrrhula leucogenis: 白颊灰雀
Pyrrhula leucogenis: 菲律宾灰雀
Pyrrhula nipalensis: 褐灰雀(9)
Pyrrhula nipalensis: 褐鷽(8)
Pyrrhula pyrrhula: 紅腹灰雀(2)
Pyrrhula pyrrhula: 红腹灰雀(7)
Pyrrhura cruentata: 紅斑長尾鸚鵡(5)
Pyrrhura cruentata: 赭斑鸚哥
Pyrrhura cruentata: 赭斑鹦哥
Pyrrhura egregia: 火肩錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Pyrrhura frontalis: 赤褐腹錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Pyrrhura lepida: 珍珠頭錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Pyrrhura molinae: 綠頰錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Pyrrhura picta: 彩繪錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Pyrrhura rhodocephala: 玫瑰頭錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Pyrrhura rupicola: 黑帽錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Pyrunculus pyriformis: 曲線冰柱螺
Pythia nana: 瘦豹耳螺
Pythia pachyodon: 大豹耳螺
Pythia pantherina: 花豹耳螺
Pythia reeveana: 芮氏耳螺
Pythia scarabaeus: 豹耳螺
Python curtus: 短尾蟒蛇
Python curtus: 血蟒(2)
Python molurus: 亞洲岩蟒
Python molurus: 南蛇
Python molurus: 印度蚺蛇
Python molurus: 緬甸蟒蛇
Python molurus: 緬甸蟒(2)
Python molurus: 蟒蛇指名亞種
Python molurus: 蟒蛇(2)
Python molurus: 蟒(2)
Python molurus: bivittatus, 緬甸蟒(2)
Python molurus: bivittatus, 緬蟒
Python molurus: bivittatus, 黃金蟒
Python molurus: molurus, 印度蚺蛇
Python regius: 球蟒(4)
Python regius: 皇室蟒
Python regius: 皇家蟒
Python reticulatus: 網紋蟒蛇
Python reticulatus: 網紋蟒(2)
Python sebae: 非洲岩蟒(2)
Python sebae: 非洲蟒蛇
Pythonichthys sanguineus: 蟒鰻
Pythonichthys sanguineus: 蟒鳗
Pytilia afra: 橙翅斑腹雀
Pytilia hypogrammica: 黄翅斑腹雀
Pytilia melba: 綠翅斑腹雀(3)
Pytilia phoenicoptera: 红翅斑腹雀
Pyxicephalus adspersus: 非洲牛箱头蛙
Pyxicephalus adspersus: 非洲牛蛙(3)
Pyxicephalus obbianus: 奥伯箱头蛙
Pyxidea moubotii: 鋸緣攝龜
Pyxidea moubotii: 锯缘摄龟
Pyxidea mouhotii: 剧缘摄龟
Pyxidea mouhotii: 平背龜(2)
Pyxidea mouhotii: 锯缘摄龟(4)
Pyxidea mouhotii: 锯缘箱龟
Pyxidea mouhotii: 锯缘龟
Pyxis arachnoides: 蛛網陸龜(5)
Pyxis planicauda: 平背陸龜(3)
Pyxis planicauda: 扁尾珠网龟
Pyxis planicauda: 扁尾陸龜(2)

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_p.htm, 2015-02-08, Animal name, 動物名, (P, 974KB)}

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_p.htm, 2015-02-08, Animal name, 動物名, (P, 974KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_p.htm)

Pachycephala cinerea: Kancilan bakau
Pachycephala cinerea: Murai bakau
Pachycephala cinerea: Sambar siul belukar(2)
Pachycephala grisola: Burung
Pachycephala grisola: Murai bakau(3)
Pachycephala grisola: Sambar siul belukar
Pachycephala hypoxantha: Kancilan kalimantan
Pachycephala pectoralis: Kancilan emas
Pada oryzivora: Glatik
Padda oryzivora: Ciak jawa
Padda oryzivora: Gelatik jawa
Paguma larvata: Musang lamri(3)
Palaemon carcinus: Udang satang
Palaemon carcinus: Udang sotong
Palola viridis: Cacing palolo
Pampus argenteus: Bawal putih(2)
Pampus argenteus: Duai putih
Pampus argenteus: Ikan bawal
Pampus argenteus: Ikan bawal putih(3)
Pampus argenteus: Ikan bawal selatan
Pampus chinensis: Bawal tambak(2)
Pampus chinensis: Duai tambak
Pampus chinensis: Ikan bawal tambak(2)
Pampus sp: Bawal selatan
Pandion haliacetus: Helang tiram
Pandion haliacetus: Helang tiramfalcons
Pandion haliaetus: Burung
Pandion haliaetus: Elang ikan
Pandion haliaetus: Elang tiram(2)
Pandion haliaetus: Helang tiram(4)
Pandion haliaetus: Lang siput(3)
Pandion haliaetus: Lang tiram(3)
Pangasianodon gigas: Ikan plabuk
Pangasius micromenus: Ikan patin juara
Pangasius micronema: Juara
Pangasius micronemus: Patin(2)
Pangasius nasutus: Ikan patin buah
Pangasius pangasius: Ikan patin(2)
Pangasius pangasius: Patin(8)
Pangasius polyuranodon: Ikan juaro(4)
Pangasius suchi: Ikan jambal siam(4)
Pangasius sutchi: Ikan patin(4830)
Pangasius sutchi: Patin lawang(19)
Pangasius sutchi: Patin muncung(55)
Pangasius sutchi: Patin(12800)
Pangio oblonga: Arelot
Pangio semicincta: Ikan pasir
Panilurus polyphagus: Udang karang
Panthera pardus: Harimau akar
Panthera pardus: Harimau bintang(2)
Panthera pardus: Harimau kumbang
Panthera pardus: Macan kumbang(2)
Panthera pardus: Macan tutul
Panthera pardus: melas, Macan tutul jawa
Panthera tigris-sumatranus: Harimau sumatera
Panthera tigris: Harimau belang
Panthera tigris: sumatrae, Harimau sumatera
Panthera tigrissondaica: Harimau jawa
Panthera tigrissumatrae: Harimau sumatera
Panulirus dasypus: Udang karang
Panulirus ornatus: Udang karang
Panulirus polyhagus: Udang karang
Panulirus polyphagus: Udang kara(2)
Panulirus polyphagus: Udang karang(2)
Panulirus versicolor: Udang barong
Panulirus versicolor: Udang karang(2)
Paphia textile: Retak seribu
Papilio polytes: Kupu-kupu mutiara
Paradisaea minor: Cendrawasih kuning kecil
Paradisaea rubra: Cendrawasih merah(2)
Paradisea regiana: Cendrawasih
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Kopi luwak(22600)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Luwak(25300)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Musang luwak(4080)
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus: Musang(10800)
Parambassis apogonoides: Cermin
Parambassis macrolepis: Cermin
Paranibea semiluctuosa: Gelama kelam
Paranibea semiluctuosa: Gelama papan(2)
Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: Udang minyak jalur(2)
Parapenaeopsis hardwickii: Udang minyak(4)
Parapenaeopsis sculptilis: Udang kulit keras(4)
Parastomateus niger: Ikan bawal hitam
Parastromateus niger: Ikan bawal hitam(2)
Pardofelis marmorata: Kucing dahan
Pardofelis nebolusa: Harimau dahan
Pareas carinatus: Ular
Pareas carinatus: Ular siput(2)
Pareas laevis: Ular
Pareas malaccanus: Ular
Pareas margaritophorus: Ular
Pareas vertebralis: Ular
Paroctopus defleini: Gurita raksasa
Parus major: Gelatik batu kelabu(4)
Parus major: Gelatik batu(3)
Parus major: Gelatikbatu kelabu(2)
Parus major: Serai bakau
Passer domesticus: Ciak rumah
Passer flaveolus: Ciak arnab
Passer montanus: Burung ciak rumah
Passer montanus: Burung gereja
Passer montanus: Burung gereja erasia(13700)
Passer montanus: Burung gereja(3100)
Passer montanus: Burunggereja erasia(2650)
Passer montanus: Ciak rumah
Passiflora caerulea: Pasiflora biru
Passiflora edulis: Buah susu
Passiflora edulis: Bunga buah susu
Passiflora vitfolia: Pasiflora merah
Pavo cristatus: Merak india(2)
Pavo muticus: Burung merak
Pavo muticus: Merak hijau(5)
Pediculus capitis: Kutu kepala
Pediculus humanus: Kutu pakaian
Pelamis platurus: Ular
Pelargopsis capensis: Burung
Pelargopsis capensis: Pekaka buaya
Pelargopsis capensis: Pekaka emas(6)
Pelargopsis capensis: Pekaka mas
Pelargopsis capensis: Pekaka paruh pendek(2)
Pelargopsis copensis: Raja udang paruh bangau
Pelargopsis eapensis: Pekaka emas
Pelates sexlineatus: Tebal pipi
Pelecanus onocrotalus: Undan putih
Pelecanus philippensis: Undan paruh titik
Pelecanus roseusroseus: Burung pelikan
Pellorneum capistratum: Pelanduk topi-hitam
Pellorneum capistratum: Pelanduk topi hitam(2)
Pellorneum capistratum: Rimba kopiah hitam
Pellorneum pyrrogenys: Pelanduk bukit
Pellorneum reficeps: Rimba bintik-bintik
Pellorneum tickelli: Rimba ranting
Pelochelys cantorii: Labi-labi raksasa
Pelodiscus sinensis: Chinese soft-shelled turtle
Pelodiscus sinensis: Labi-labi china
Penacus setiferus: Udang windu
Penaeus indicus: Udang puteh
Penaeus latisulcatus: Udang kaki merah(2)
Penaeus latisulcatus: Udang susu(3)
Penaeus merguiensis: Udang puteh
Penaeus merguiensis: Udang putih
Penaeus monodon: Udang harimau(4)
Penaeus semisulcatus: Udang harimau(3)
Penelopides exarhatus: Kangkareng sulawesi
Pennahia anea: Gelama pisang
Pennahia macrocephalus: Gelama cerua
Pentapodus paradiseus: Batu
Pentapodus paradiseus: Ikan bulat
Penthetor lucasi: Cecadu hitam pudar
Peponocephala electra: Lumba-lumba pemangsa kecil
Periccrocotus cinnamomeus: Sepah kecil
Pericrocotus cinnamomenus: Sepah kecil(2)
Pericrocotus cinnamomeus: Sepah kecil(4)
Pericrocotus divaricatus: Burung
Pericrocotus divaricatus: Burung matahari kelabu(3)
Pericrocotus divaricatus: Mas padang
Pericrocotus divaricatus: Matahari kelabu
Pericrocotus divaricatus: Sepah padang
Pericrocotus flameus: Sepah hutan
Pericrocotus flammeus: Burung matahari(4)
Pericrocotus flammeus: Mas belukar
Pericrocotus flammeus: Sepah hutan
Pericrocotus igneus: Mas tulin
Pericrocotus igneus: Sepah tulin
Pericrocotus miniatus: Sepah gunung(3)
Pericrocotus roseus: Mas ros
Pericrocotus solaris: Mas dagu kelabu
Pericrocotus solaris: Sepah dagu-kelabu
Periophthalmodon schlosseri: Ikan belacak
Periophthalmodon schlosseri: Ikan belodok
Periophthalmodon schlosseri: Ikan tembakul
Periplanetal americana: Kecoa
Perna viridis: Kupang(4541)
Perna viridis: Siput sudu
Pernis ptilorhnchusy: Sikep madu asia(2)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Alap-alap madu
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Burung
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Helang lebah(4)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Lang kuik
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Lang lebah
Pernis ptilorhynchus: Sikepmadu asia(2)
Pernis ptilorhynchus: torquatus, Alap-alap madu
Pernis ptilorhyncus: Burung
Pernis ptilorhyncus: Helang lebah
Pernis ptylorhincus: Sikep madu asia
Petaurillus hosei: Tupal terbang kecil(2)
Petaurillus kinlochii: Tupai terbang terkecil
Petaurista elegans: Bajing terbang
Petaurista elegans: Tupai terbang bintang(3)
Petaurista elegants: Bajing terbang
Petaurista petaurista: Tupai terbang merah(3)
Petinomys genibarbis: Tupai terbang berjambang(3)
Petinomys setosus: Tupai terbang dada putih(3)
Petinomys vordermanni: Tupai terbang kecil
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus: Burung cenuk kerak
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus: Cenok kerak
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus: Cenuk kerak
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus: Kadalan selaya
Phaenicophaeus chlorophaeus: Selayak(2)
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris: Cenok birah
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris: Cenuk birah(2)
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris: Chenok(2)
Phaenicophaeus curvirostris: erythrognathus, Kadan birah
Phaenicophaeus diardi: Cenok perut hitam
Phaenicophaeus diardi: Cenuk perut hitam
Phaenicophaeus diardi: Kadalan beruang
Phaenicophaeus javanicus: Cenok api
Phaenicophaeus javanicus: Kadalan kembang
Phaenicophaeus sumatranus: Cenok kecil
Phaenicophaeus sumatranus: Cenuk kecil(3)
Phaenicophaeus sumatranus: Kadalan saweh
Phaenicophaeus tristis: Cenok kera
Phaenicophaeus tristis: Cenuk kera
Phaenicophaeus tristis: Kadalan kera
Phaethon lepturus: Buntutsate putih
Phalacrocorax carbo: Dendang air(2)
Phalacrocorax carbo: Pecukpadi besar
Phalacrocorax carbo: Pependang air(2)
Phalacrocorax cargo: Dendang air(2)
Phalacrocorax niger: Pecuk padi kecil
Phalacrocorax niger: Pecukpadi kecil
Phalacrocorax niger: Pependang kecil(2)
Phalacrocorax sulcirostris: Pecuk padi hitam
Phalacrocorax sulcirostris: Pecukpadi hitam
Phalanger sericeus: Kuskus
Phalaropus lobatus: Kakirumbai kecil
Phalaropus lobatus: Kedidi paruh jarum(4)
Phaxas attenuatus: Siput gajah
Phaxas attenuatus: Siput pahat
Pheretima musica: Cacing sondari
Philautus jacobsoni: Kodok pohon ungaran
Philautus pallidipes: Kodok pohon kaki putih
Philemon bucerocles: Cikukua tanduk
Philentoma pyrhoptera: Philentoma sayap-merah
Philentoma pyrhopterum: Sambar paya
Philentoma velata: Philentoma kerudung
Philentoma velatum: Sambar ungu
Philetor brachypterus: Kelawar telinga pendek(2)
Philomachus pugnax: Kedidi ropol(4)
Phodilus badius: Jampok pantai
Phodilus badius: Jampuk pantai(4)
Phodilus badius: Serak bukit
Phoniscus atrox: Kelawar putih ditelinga(2)
Phoniscus jagorii: Kelawar
Phrynoidis asper: Kodok buduk sungai
Phtirus pubis: Kutu paha
Phylloscopus borealis: Burung
Phylloscopus borealis: Cekup daun artik(5)
Phylloscopus borealis: Cikrak kutub(3)
Phylloscopus coronatus: Cekup dahan
Phylloscopus coronatus: Cekup daun tongkeng kuning(3)
Phylloscopus coronatus: Cikrak mahkota(3)
Phylloscopus fuscatus: Cekup daun bakau(4)
Phylloscopus inornatus: Cekup daun paruh pendek(3)
Phylloscopus inornatus: Cekup rimba
Phylloscopus plumbeitarsus: Cekup daun rimba
Phylloscopus tenellipes: Cekup ranting
Phylloscopus trivirgatus: Cekup daun gunung
Phylloscopus trivirgatus: Cikrak daun(4)
Phyloscocum moratus: Raja udang(2)
Phyon morulus: Ular sanca bodo
Physeter macrocephalus: Ikan paus sperma
Phyton curtus: Ular sawa darah
Phyton molurus: bivittatus, Ular sawa burma
Phyton reticulatus: Ular piton
Phyton reticulatus: Ular sawa
Phyton timorensis: Sanca timor
Piaractus brachypomus: Bawal merah(7)
Piaractus brachypomus: Ikan bawal merah
Piaractus brachypomus: Ikan pacu
Piaractus brachypomus: Pacu
Piaractus brachypomus: Pirapitinga
Picoides moluccensis: Caladi tilik
Picumnus innominatus: Belatok belang(3)
Picumnus innominatus: Belatuk belang(2)
Picumnus innominatus: Tukik belang
Picus canus: Belatok gunung
Picus chlorolophus: Belatok kecil tengkuk kuning
Picus chlorolophus: Belatuk kecil jambul kuning
Picus flavinucha: Belatok besar tengkuk kuning
Picus mentalis: Belatok ranting
Picus mentalis: Belatuk(2)
Picus mentalis: Pelatuk kumis-kelabu
Picus mineaceus: Belatuk merah
Picus miniaceus: Belatok merah
Picus miniaceus: Belatuk merah(3)
Picus miniaceus: Pelatuk merah
Picus puniceus: Belatok mas
Picus puniceus: Belatuk sayap merah
Picus puniceus: Belatuk(2)
Picus puniceus: Pelatuk sayap-merah
Picus viridanus: Belatok rotan
Picus vittatus: Belatok bakau
Picus vittatus: Belatuk hijau(5)
Picus vittatus: Burung
Picus vittatus: Pelatuk hijau
Pila ampullacea: Siput sawah
Pilla ampulaceae: Keong gondang
Pinjalo pinjalo: Jenjalu
Pinjalo pinjalo: Merah suman
Pipistrellus circumdatus: Kelawar hitam kuning(2)
Pipistrellus cuprosus: Kelawar hidung pendek tembaga(2)
Pipistrellus javanicus: Kelawar hidung pendek jawa(2)
Pipistrellus societus: Kelawar benom(2)
Pipistrellus stenopterus: Kelawar malam kecil(2)
Pipistrellus tenuis: Kelawar hidung pendek terkecil(2)
Pisodonophis cancrivorus: Sesirat
Pithecheir parvus: Tikus ibu jari monyet
Pitta arquata: Burung pacat(2)
Pitta arquata: Pacat(2)
Pitta arquata: Paok kalung-biru
Pitta baudi: Pacat kepala merah(2)
Pitta baudii: B. pacat kepala merah(2)
Pitta baudii: Paok kepala-biru
Pitta caerulea: Burung pacat besar(2)
Pitta caerulea: Pacat besar(3)
Pitta caerulea: Paok sintau
Pitta granatina: Burung. pacat besar(2)
Pitta granatina: Pacat kepala merah
Pitta granatina: Paok delima
Pitta guajana: Burung pacat bukit(2)
Pitta guajana: Pacat bukit(4)
Pitta guajana: Paok pancawarna(2)
Pitta megarhyncha: Burung pacat bakau(3)
Pitta megarhyncha: Pacat bakau
Pitta moluccenis: Burung pacat sayap biru
Pitta moluccensis: Burung pacat sayap biru(2)
Pitta moluccensis: Pacat sayap biru(3)
Pitta moluccensis: Paok hujan
Pitta nympha: Burung pacat(2)
Pitta nympha: Pacat(2)
Pitta nympha: Paok bidadari
Pitta oatesi: Pacat gunung
Pitta sordida: Burung pacat hijau(3)
Pitta sordida: Pacat gembala pelandok(2)
Pitta sordida: Pacat gembala pelanduk
Pitta sordida: Paok hijau(2)
Pitta venusta: Paok topi-hitam
Pityriasis gymnocephala: Burung jambul(4)
Pityriasis gymnocephala: Tiongbatu kalimantan
Platax orbicularis: Telinga gajah
Platax teira: Telinga gajah
Platax teira: Tudung periuk
Platybelone argalus: platyura, Todak
Platycephalus fuscus: Baji(2)
Platycephalus indicus: Baji-baji
Platycephalus indicus: Baji ekor jalur
Platycephalus indicus: Ikan bebaji
Platylophus galericulatus: Gagak jerit
Platylophus galericulatus: Tangkar ongklet
Platysmurus leucopterus: Burung kambing
Platysmurus leucopterus: Gagak kambing
Platysmurus leucopterus: Murai hitam(4)
Platysmurus leucopterus: Tangkar kambing
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus: Kaci
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Ikan kaci kakap
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Kakap batu(2)
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Siakap karang
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Tebal bibir
Plectorhinchus gibbosus: Tebal pipi
Plectorhynchus pictus: Kaci
Plectropomus leopardus: Kerapu bara
Plectropomus leopardus: Kerapu macan
Plectropomus leopardus: Kerapu merah
Plectropomus leopardus: Kerapu pisang
Plectropomus leopardus: Kerapu sunu
Plectropomus leopardus: Kerapu sunuh
Plectropomus leopardus: Sunuk
Plectropomus maculatus: Ikan kerapu sunoh pisang
Plectropomus maculatus: Keapu bara
Plectropomus maculatus: Kerapu bara
Plectropomus maculatus: Kerapu lodi
Plectropomus maculatus: Kerapu pisang
Plectropomus maculatus: Kerapu sonoh
Plectropomus maculatus: Kerapu sunuh
Plectropomus maculatus: Senderong
Plectropomus pessuliferus: Ikan kerapu sunoh pisang
Plectropomus pessuliferus: Kerapu bara
Plectropomus pessuliferus: Kerapu pisang
Plectropomus pessuliferus: Kerapu sunuh
Plegadis falcinellus: Ibis hitam
Plegadis falcinellus: Ibis rokoroko(2)
Plegadis falcinellus: Sekendi kilat(3)
Plesispa reichei: Kumbang plesispa
Ploceus manjar: Burung
Ploceus manyar: Burung tempua lorek
Ploceus philippinus: Tempua(5590)
Plotosus canius: Gemang
Plotosus canius: Ikan semilang(2)
Plotosus canius: Kelara
Plotosus canius: Sembilang
Plotosus canius: Sembilang gemang
Plotosus canius: Semibilang
Plotosus canius: Semilang karang(3)
Plotosus lineatus: Gemang
Plotosus lineatus: Kelara
Plotosus lineatus: Sembilang batu
Plotosus lineatus: Sembilang karang
Plotosus lineatus: Usat
Plotusus canius: Ikan sembilang
Pluvialis dominica: Burung keriyut
Pluvialis fulva: Burung
Pluvialis fulva: Cerek kernyut(2)
Pluvialis fulva: Rapang kerinyut(7)
Pluvialis squatarola: Burung
Pluvialis squatarola: Cerek besar
Pluvialis squatarola: Kedidi besar
Pluvialis squatarola: Rapang kelabu(5)
Pnoepyga pusilla: Rimba lompat
Pnoepyga pussila: Berencet kerdil
Podda oryzifora: Gelatik jawa
Podophthalmus vigil: Rajungan angin
Poecilia latipinna: Ikan parit
Poecilia reticulata: Bungkreung
Poecilia reticulata: Guppy
Poecilia reticulata: Ikan parit(2)
Poecilia reticulata: Ikan seribu
Poecilia reticulata: Mata lalat
Poecilia sphenops: Ikan parit
Poliolimnas cinereus: Sintar perut kelabu
Polycanthius hasselti: Ikan selinca(4)
Polydactylus plebeius: Senangin buih(2)
Polydactylus plebius: Mulut tikus
Polydactylus sextarius: Ikan senangin buih tanda
Polymesoda expansa: Lokan
Polypedates colletii: Katak pohon jam pasir
Polypedates leucomystax: Katak-pohon bergaris(21200)
Polypedates leucomystax: Katak pohon bergaris(21200)
Polypedates macrotis: Katak pohon telinga gelap
Polyplectron chalcurum: Kuau-kerdil sumatera
Polyplectron inopinatum: Kuang cermin
Polyplectron malacense: Merak kerdil
Polyplectron malacense: Merak pongsu
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: Kuau-kerdil kalimantan
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: Kuaukerdil kalimantan
Polyplectron schleiermacheri: Merak pongsu(4)
Pomacanthus annularis: Ikan babi
Pomacanthus annularis: Ikan toshiba
Pomacanthus annularis: Taring pelanduk cincin biru
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Bluestone biasa
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Bluestone roti
Pomacanthus semicirculatus: Koran angel
Pomacea canaliculata: Keong emas(1690)
Pomacea canaliculata: Keong mas(6430)
Pomacea canaliculata: Siput murbai(1040)
Pomadasys auritus: Gegerut
Pomadasys auritus: Gerut-gerut emas
Pomadasys auritus: Ikan gerut-gerut
Pomadasys auritus: Tebal pipi(2)
Pomadasys hasta: Ikan gerut-gerut
Pomadasys kaakan: Gegerut
Pomadasys kaakan: Ikan gerut-gerut
Pomatorhinus hypoleucos: Rimba paya
Pomatorhinus montanus: Cica-kopi melayu
Pomatorhinus montanus: Cica kopi melayu
Pomatorhinus montanus: Cicakopi melayu
Pomatorhinus montanus: Rimba hulu
Pongo pygmaeus: Orang utan(80000)
Pongo pygmaeus: Orangutan(229000)
Porphyrio porphyrio: Mandar besar(2)
Porphyrio porphyrio: Pangling(2)
Porphyrio porphyrio: Pangling(2)(2)
Portunus pelagicus: Ketam
Portunus pelagicus: Ketam bunga(2)
Portunus pelagicus: Ketam laut(3)
Portunus pelagicus: Ketam renjong(3)
Portunus pelagicus: Rajungan
Portunus sanguinolentus: Rajungan bintang
Porzana cinerea: Burung
Porzana cinerea: Sintar dahi puteh
Porzana cinerea: Sintar kening putih(3)
Porzana cinerea: Tikusan alis-putih(2)
Porzana fusca: Sintar belacan(4)
Porzana fusca: Sintar kecil
Porzana fusca: Tikusan merah(2)
Porzana paykulli: Sintar berjalur
Porzana paykullii: Sintar berjalur
Porzana paykullii: Tikusan siberia
Porzana pusilla: Sintar kecil(4)
Porzana pusilla: Sintar kenek
Porzana pusilla: Tikusan kerdil(2)
Praescutata viperina: Ular
Presbitis comata: Surili
Presbitis frontata: Lutung dahi putih
Presbitis hosei: Lutung banggat
Presbitis potenziani: Lutung mentawai
Presbitis rubicunda: Lutung maron
Presbitis thomasi: Kedih
Presbitys aygula: Surili
Presbitys frontata: Lutung dahi putih
Presbitys potenziani: Lutung mentawai
Presbitys rubicunda: Lutung merah
Presbitys thomasi: Rungka
Presbytis cristata: Kera hitam
Presbytis cristata: Monyet kelabu(2)
Presbytis hosei: Monyet kikok(2)
Presbytis melalophos: Lotong chenekah
Presbytis rubicunda: Monyet merah(2)
Presbytis siamensis: Lotong chenekah siam
Priacanthus tayenus: Lolong bara
Prinia atrogularis: Perenjak puncak
Prinia familiaris: Perenjak jawa(4)
Prinia familiaris: Prenjak jawa(3)
Prinia flaviventris: Burung
Prinia flaviventris: Perenjak kuning(6)
Prinia flaviventris: Perenjak padi
Prinia flaviventris: Perenjak rawa(2)
Prinia flaviventris: Prenjak rawa
Prinia inornata: blanfordi, Perenjak padi
Prinia inornata: Perenjak padi(2)
Prinia inornata: Prenjak padi(2)
Prinia polychroa: Perenjak coklat(2)
Prinia polychroa: Prenjak coklat(2)
Prinia rufscens: Perenjak sampah
Prionace glauca: Hiu biru besar
Prionailurus bengalensis: Kucing batu
Prionailurus planiceps: Kucing hutan
Prionailurus viverrinus: Kucing ikan
Prionochilus maculatus: Burung sepah putih(2)
Prionochilus maculatus: Pentis raja
Prionochilus maculatus: Sepah puteri raja
Prionochilus percussus: Pentis pelangi(3)
Prionochilus percussus: Sepah puteri pelangi
Prionochilus thoracicus: Pentis kumbang
Prionochilus thoracicus: Sepah puteri
Prionochilus xanthopygius: Burung sepah putih(3)
Prionochilus xanthopygius: Pentis kalimantan
Prionodon linsang: Linsang
Prionodon linsang: Musang congkok(2)
Prionodon linsang: Musang linsang(2)
Pristipomoides multidens: Ibu kerisi
Pristipomoides multidens: Kerisi bali
Pristipomoides typus: Ikan kerisi bali
Pristipomoides typus: Kerisi bali(2)
Pristolepis fasciata: Kepar(3)
Pristolepis fasciata: Patong
Pristolepis fasciata: Patung
Pristolepis fasciatus: Ikan kepor(4)
Pristolepis fasciatus: Ikan patung(5)
Pristolepis fasciatus: Kepar
Pristolepis fasciatus: Kepor
Pristolepis fasciatus: Patong
Pristolepis fasciatus: Patung
Pristolepis grooti: Ikan katung
Pristoplepis grooti: Ikan katung(3)
Probarbus julleinii: Ikan temoleh
Probarbus jullenii: Temoleh
Probarbus jullieni: Ikan temoleh(2)
Probarbus jullieni: Temelian
Probarbus jullieni: Temilian
Probarbus jullieni: Temoleh(8)
Probarbus jullieni: Termilian
Probarbus jullienni: Temoleh(2)
Probosciger aterrimus: Kakatua raja
Probosciger atertimus: Kakak tua raja
Procambarus clarkii: Kelamin(281)
Procambarus clarkii: Lobster hias(183)
Procambarus clarkii: Lobster merah(184)
Procambarus clarkii: Udang hias(204)
Procambarus clarkii: Udang karang(237)
Prochidna bruijni: Landak semut
Proteracanthus sarissophorus: Gendang batu
Proteracanthus sarissophorus: Ikan kuku
Proteracanthus sarissophorus: Perencang
Protonibea diacanthus: Ibu gelama(2)
Protonibea diacanthus: Kakap hitam(2)
Protonibea diacanthus: Kakap raja
Protonibea diacanthus: Kakap tawar
Psaltria exilis: Glatik kecil
Psammodynastes pictus: Ular
Psammodynastes pulverulentus: Ular
Psammoperca waigiensis: Ikan gelam
Psammoperca waigiensis: Kakap laut
Psammoperca waigiensis: Selungsung
Psammoperca waigiensis: Siakap laut
Psarisomus dalhousiae: Madi injap
Psarisomus dalhousiae: Takau injap
Psettodes arumei: Halibut
Psettodes arumei: Sebelah(2)
Psettodes arumei: Togok(2)
Psettodes erumei: Ikan sabelah
Psettodes erumei: Ikan sebelah
Psettodes erumei: Sisa nabi
Psettodes erumei: Togok
Psettodes erumeri: Ikan sebelah(4)
Pseudibis davisoni: Ibis hitam punggung putih
Pseudibis davisoni: Ibis karau
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus: Ayam-ayam
Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus: Jebong
Pseudocienna amovensis: Ikan gulamah(4)
Pseudolais micronemus: Patin(2)
Pseudomonacanthus macrurus: Ikan barat-barat
Pseudomonacanthus macrurus: Kerosok rumpair
Pseudorhabdion longiceps: Ular
Pseudorhombus malayanus: Ikan sabelah
Pseudoxenodon macrops: Ular
Psidium guajava: Jambu batu
Psilopogon pyrolophus: Takor api(2)
Psittacula alexandri: Bayan dada merah(3)
Psittacula alexandri: Betet biasa(2)
Psittacula alexandri: Betet(2)
Psittacula alexandri: Burung
Psittacula alexandri: Burung betet
Psittacula krameri: Bayan lepas(2)
Psittacula krameri: Burung
Psittacula longicauda: Bayan nuri(3)
Psittacula longicauda: Bayan nuri(4)(2)
Psittacula longicauda: Betet ekor-panjang(2)
Psittacula longicauda: Burung
Psittacula longicauda: Burung bayan nuri
Psittinus cyanurus: Bayan puling(3)
Psittinus cyanurus: Nuri tanau
Psittinus cyanurus: Puling(4)
Psittrichas fulgidus: Kasturi raja(2)
Pteria penguin: Siput cabang
Pteromyscus pulverulentus: Tupai terbang kotor(3)
Pterophyllum scalare: Ikan angel
Pteroptyx tener: Kelip-kelip(1430)
Pteroptyx tener: Kunang-kunang(289)
Pteropus edulis: Kalong
Pteropus hypomelanus: Keluang kecil
Pteropus hyponielanus: Keluang pulau
Pteropus hyponielanus: Keluang pulau(common)
Pteropus vampyrus: Keluang bakau
Pteropus vampyrus: Keluang bakau(common)
Pteropus vampyrus: Keluang besar
Pteropus vampyrus: Mamalia
Pterotolithus maculatus: Gelama jarau bintik
Pterotolithus maculatus: Gelama musang
Pteruthius flaviscapis: Ciu besar(2)
Pteruthius flaviscapis: Rimba cekup belalang
Pteruthius melanotis: Rimba cekup telinga hitam
Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus: Ikan bandaraya
Pterygoplichthys disjunctivus: Ikan cuci cermin
Pterygoplichthys pardalis: Sapu-sapu
Ptilinopus jambu: Punai gading
Ptilinopus jambu: Punai jambu(5)
Ptilinopus jambu: Walik jambu(2)
Ptilinopus melanospila: Punai
Ptilinopus melanospila: Punai tengkuk hitam(2)
Ptilinopus melanospila: Walik kembang(3)
Ptilinopus melanospilus: Punai
Ptilinopus melanospilus: Walik kembang
Ptilinopus parphyreus: Walik kepala ungu
Ptilinopus porphyreus: Walik kepala-unggu
Ptilinopus porphyreus: Walik kepala ungu
Ptilocercus lowii: Tupai akar malam
Ptilocichla leucogrammica: Berencet kalimantan
Ptilocichla leucogrammica: Rimba borneo(5)
Ptilocrinus pinnatus: Lilia laut bertangkai
Ptyas korros: Ular
Ptyas korros: Ular tikus(2)
Puffinus pacificus: Olak ekor baji
Pulex iritans: Pinjal
Pumius gonionotus: Lampan jawa
Puntioplites bulu: Tengalan
Puntius altus: Haiwan
Puntius altus: Lampan siam
Puntius binotams: Putih
Puntius binotatus: Beunteur
Puntius binotatus: Ikan puteh
Puntius binotatus: Ikan putih
Puntius binotatus: Ikan tebal sisik
Puntius binotatus: Putih(3)
Puntius binotatus: Tebal sisek
Puntius binotatus: Tebal sisik(3)
Puntius bulu: Ikan subahan
Puntius bulu: Ikan tengalan(1150)
Puntius bulu: Temelan
Puntius bulu: Tengalan(2341)
Puntius bulu: Tenggalan(1920)
Puntius daruphani: Ikan krai
Puntius daruphani: Kerai(2)
Puntius daruphani: Krai
Puntius gonionotus: Ikan lampam jawa(4)
Puntius gonionotus: Lampam
Puntius gonionotus: Lampam jawa(5)
Puntius javanicus: Ikan tawes(4)
Puntius javanicus: Tawes
Puntius johorensis: Ikan pelampong jaring
Puntius lateristiga: Bagoh(2)
Puntius lateristriga: Bagoh(2)
Puntius lateristriga: Baguh
Puntius lateristriga: Ikan bagoh
Puntius microps: Wader goa
Puntius partipentazona: Ikan pelampong jaring
Puntius partipentazona: Pelampong jaring
Puntius pentazona: Pelampong jaring
Puntius semifasciolatus: Ikan tompok tujoh
Puntius swanenfeldii: Lampan sungai
Puntius tetrazona: Ikan baja(2)
Puntius tetrazona: Ikan pelampong jaring
Puntius tetrazona: Ikan pelampung jaring
Puntius tetrazona: Ikan sumatra
Puntius tetrazona: partipentazona, Pelampung jaring
Puntius tetrazona: Pelampung jaring
Purea irritans: Kutu manusia
Pycnonotus atriceps: Cucak kuricang
Pycnonotus atriceps: Merbah siam(6)
Pycnonotus aurigaster: Cucak kutilang(9)
Pycnonotus aurigaster: Kutilang(5)
Pycnonotus bimaculatus: Cucak gunung(2)
Pycnonotus blanfordi: Merbah telinga lurus
Pycnonotus brunneus: Merbah mata-merah
Pycnonotus brunneus: Merbah mata merah(5)
Pycnonotus cafer: Kutilang
Pycnonotus cyaniventris: Cucak kelabu
Pycnonotus cyaniventris: Merbah kelabu
Pycnonotus erythropthalmos: Merbah kacamata
Pycnonotus erythropthalmos: Merbah kecil
Pycnonotus eutilotus: Cucak rumbai-tungging
Pycnonotus eutilotus: Merbah coklat berjambul
Pycnonotus finlaysoni: Merbah luris leher
Pycnonotus flavescens: Merbah gunung
Pycnonotus goiavier: Cerukcuk merbah
Pycnonotus goiavier: Merbah cerukcuk(4430)
Pycnonotus goiavier: Merbah kapur(1200)
Pycnonotus goiavier: Terucuk(1050)
Pycnonotus goiavier: Trucuk(1270)
Pycnonotus jocosus: Burung candik(2)
Pycnonotus jocosus: Merbah jambul(125)
Pycnonotus jocosus: Merbah telinga merah(686)
Pycnonotus melanicterus: Cucak kuning(2)
Pycnonotus melanicterus: Merbah jambul hitam(5)
Pycnonotus melanoleucos: Cucak sakit-tubuh
Pycnonotus melanoleucos: Merbah hitam putih
Pycnonotus nieuwenhuisii: Cucak gelambir-biru
Pycnonotus personatus: Kutilang emas
Pycnonotus plumosus: Burung
Pycnonotus plumosus: Merbah belukar(9)
Pycnonotus simplex: Merbah corok-corok(2)
Pycnonotus simplex: Merbah mata putih(6)
Pycnonotus squamatus: Cucak bersisik
Pycnonotus squamatus: Merbah bersisik
Pycnonotus symplex: Merbah corok-corok(2)
Pycnonotus zeylanicus: Barau-barau(7)
Pycnonotus zeylanicus: Burung
Pycnonotus zeylanicus: Cucak rawa
Pygninotus plumosus: Merbah belukar
Pygnonotus aurigaster: Cucak kutilang
Pygnonoyus goavier: Mermah cerukcuk
Pygoscelis adeliae: Pinguin adelie(2)
Pygoscelis antarctica: Pinguin chinstrap(2)
Pygoscelis papua: Pinguin gentoo(2)
Pyrrhula nipalensis: Cakar coklat
Python curtus: Ular
Python curtus: Ular sawa darah(2)
Python molurus: Sanca bodo
Python reticulatus: Sanca batik
Python reticulatus: Ular
Python reticulatus: Ular piton
Python reticulatus: Ular sanca kembang(2)
Python reticulatus: Ular sawa panjang(2)
Python reticulatus: Ular sawah
Pyton reticulatus: Ular sanca

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