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{animal_name_h.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name H, 動物名 H}

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_h.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name H, 動物名 H}, (nswong, animal_name_h.htm)

Habroloma eximium: Habroloma eximium
Habromorula ambrosia: Habromorula ambrosia
Habromorula spinosa: Habromorula spinosa
Habrophlebia gilliesi: Habrophlebia gilliesi
Habrophlebia tenella: Habrophlebia tenella
Habropoda bucconis: Habropoda bucconis
Habropoda radoszkowski: Habropoda radoszkowski
Habropoda tainanicola: Habropoda tainanicola
Habrosyne pyritoides: Habrosyne pyritoides
Hadennia mysalis: Hadennia mysalis
Hadennia nakatanii: Hadennia nakatanii
Hadjina chinensis: Hadjina chinensis
Hadogenes troglodytes: Hadogenes troglodytes
Haematobia irritans: Haematobia irritans
Haematobosca sanguinolenta: Haematobosca sanguinolenta
Haematopinus asini: Haematopinus asini
Haematopinus eurysternus: Haematopinus eurysternus
Haematopinus quadripertusus: Haematopinus quadripertusus
Haematopinus suis: Haematopinus suis
Haematopus ostralegus: Haematopus ostralegus(2)
Haematortyx sanguiniceps: Haematortyx sanguiniceps(2)
Halaelurus buergeri: Halaelurus buergeri(2)
Halaelurus buergeri: Halaelurus burgeri
Halaelurus buergeri: Scyllium buergeri
Halcyon amauroptera: Halcyon amauroptera
Halcyon capensis: Halcyon capensis
Halcyon coromanda: Halcyon coromanda(4)
Halcyon pileata: Halcyon pileata(5)
Halcyon smyrnensis: Halcyon smyrnensis(Authority)(65600)
Haliaeetus albicilla: Haliaeetus albicilla(2)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Haliaeetus leucogaster: Haliaeetus leucogaster(6)
Haliaeetus pelagicus: Haliaeetus pelagicus
Haliastur indus: Haliastur indus(6)
Halicampus grayi: Corythoichthys flavofasciatus
Halicampus grayi: Halicampus conspicillatus
Halicampus grayi: Halicampus grayi(2)
Halicampus grayi: Halicampus koilomatodon
Halicampus grayi: Halicampus koilomotodon
Halicampus grayi: Syngnathus koilomatodon
Halicampus grayi: Syngnathus trachypoma
Halicampus grayi: Trachyrhamphus caba
Halicampus macrorhynchus: Halicampus macrorhynchus(2)
Halicampus macrorhynchus: Phanerotokeus gohari
Halicampus mataafae: Corythoichthys mataafae
Halicampus mataafae: Corythroichthys mataafae
Halicampus mataafae: Halicampus grayi
Halicampus mataafae: Halicampus mataafae(2)
Halicampus mataafae: Micrognathus mataafae
Halicampus mataafae: Micrognnathus brevirostris
Halicampus spinirostris: Halicampus spinirostris(2)
Halicampus spinirostris: Micrognathus spinirostris
Halichoeres argus: Halichoeres argus(2)
Halichoeres argus: Halichoeres fijiensis
Halichoeres argus: Halichoeres guttatus
Halichoeres argus: Halichoeres leparensis
Halichoeres argus: Julis leparensis
Halichoeres argus: Julis polyophthalmus
Halichoeres argus: Labrus argus
Halichoeres argus: Labrus guttatus
Halichoeres biocellatus: Halichoeres biocellatus(2)
Halichoeres biocellatus: Halichoeres melanurus
Halichoeres bleekeri: Halichoeres bleekeri(2)
Halichoeres bleekeri: Halichoeres tenuispinis
Halichoeres bleekeri: Halichoeres tremebundus
Halichoeres bleekeri: Platyglossus bleekeri
Halichoeres chrysus: Halichoeres chrysus(5)
Halichoeres chrysus: Halichoeres sp.
Halichoeres chrysus: Thalassoma lutescens
Halichoeres hartzfeldii: Halichoeres hardzfeldi
Halichoeres hartzfeldii: Halichoeres hartzfeldi
Halichoeres hartzfeldii: Halichoeres hartzfeldii(2)
Halichoeres hartzfeldii: Halichoeres pelicieri
Halichoeres hartzfeldii: Julis hartzfeldii
Halichoeres hortulanus: Halichoeres centiquadrus
Halichoeres hortulanus: Halichoeres centriquadrus
Halichoeres hortulanus: Halichoeres hortulans
Halichoeres hortulanus: Halichoeres hortulanus(3)
Halichoeres hortulanus: Labrus centiquadrus
Halichoeres hortulanus: Labrus hortulanus
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Halichoeres daedalma
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Halichoeres margariaceus
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Halichoeres margaritaceous
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Halichoeres margaritaceus(2)
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Halichoeres nafae
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Halichoeres nebulosus
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Julis harloffii
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Julis margaritaceus
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Julis poecila
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Platyglossus equinus
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Platyglossus opercularis
Halichoeres marginatus: Halichoeres marginatus(2)
Halichoeres marginatus: Halichoeres notopsis
Halichoeres marginatus: Halichoeres virescens
Halichoeres marginatus: Julis notopsis
Halichoeres melanochir: Halichoeres melanochir(2)
Halichoeres melanochir: Halichoeres prosopeion
Halichoeres melanurus: Halichoeres chrysotaenia
Halichoeres melanurus: Halichoeres hoeveni
Halichoeres melanurus: Halichoeres hoevenii
Halichoeres melanurus: Halichoeres kallochroma
Halichoeres melanurus: Halichoeres melanurus(2)
Halichoeres melanurus: Julis chrysotaenia
Halichoeres melanurus: Julis melanurus
Halichoeres melanurus: Platyglossus melanurus
Halichoeres miniatus: Halichoeres annulatus
Halichoeres miniatus: Halichoeres miniatus(2)
Halichoeres miniatus: Julis miniatus
Halichoeres miniatus: Pseudojulis murrayensis
Halichoeres nebulosus: Halichoeres kawarin
Halichoeres nebulosus: Halichoeres margaritaceus
Halichoeres nebulosus: Halichoeres nebulosa
Halichoeres nebulosus: Halichoeres nebulosus(2)
Halichoeres nebulosus: Halichoeres reichei
Halichoeres nebulosus: Julis nebulosus
Halichoeres nebulosus: Julis pseudominiatus
Halichoeres nebulosus: Julis reichei
Halichoeres nebulosus: Pseudojulis maculifer
Halichoeres nigrescens: Halichoeres dianthus
Halichoeres nigrescens: Halichoeres dussumieri
Halichoeres nigrescens: Halichoeres kneri
Halichoeres nigrescens: Halichoeres leucostigma
Halichoeres nigrescens: Halichoeres nigrescens(2)
Halichoeres nigrescens: Halichoeres nigriscens
Halichoeres nigrescens: Julis dussumieri
Halichoeres nigrescens: Julis exornatus
Halichoeres nigrescens: Julis javanicus
Halichoeres nigrescens: Labrus baccatus
Halichoeres nigrescens: Labrus mola
Halichoeres nigrescens: Labrus nigrescens
Halichoeres nigrescens: Platyglossus amabilis
Halichoeres nigrescens: Platyglossus dayi
Halichoeres nigrescens: Platyglossus dubius
Halichoeres nigrescens: Platyglossus immaculatus
Halichoeres nigrescens: Platyglossus maculatus
Halichoeres nigrescens: Platyglossus ransonneti
Halichoeres nigrescens: Platyglossus roseus
Halichoeres orientalis: Halichoeres orientalis(2)
Halichoeres orientalis: Halichoeres ornatissimus
Halichoeres ornatissimus: Halichoeres ornatissimus(2)
Halichoeres ornatissimus: Julis ornatissimus
Halichoeres pelicieri: Halichoeres pelicieri(2)
Halichoeres prosopeion: Halichoeres melanochir
Halichoeres prosopeion: Halichoeres prosopein
Halichoeres prosopeion: Halichoeres prosopeion(2)
Halichoeres prosopeion: Halichoeris prosopeion
Halichoeres prosopeion: Julis prosopeion
Halichoeres scapularis: Halichoeres scalpularis
Halichoeres scapularis: Halichoeres scapularis(2)
Halichoeres scapularis: Julis scapularis
Halichoeres tenuispinnis: Artisia festiva
Halichoeres tenuispinnis: Halichoeres tenuispinis
Halichoeres tenuispinnis: Halichoeres tenuispinnis(2)
Halichoeres tenuispinnis: Platyglossus tenuispinis
Halichoeres timorensis: Halichoeres kawarin
Halichoeres timorensis: Halichoeres nigrescens
Halichoeres timorensis: Halichoeres timorensis(2)
Halichoeres timorensis: Halichoeris kawarin
Halichoeres timorensis: Julis kawarin
Halichoeres timorensis: Julis timorensis
Halichoeres trimaculatus: Halichoeres trimaculatus(2)
Halichoeres trimaculatus: Julis trimaculata
Halichoeres zeylonicus: Halichoeres bimaculatus
Halichoeres zeylonicus: Halichoeres zeylanicus
Halichoeres zeylonicus: Halichoeres zeylonicus(2)
Halichoeres zeylonicus: Julis zeylonicus
Halichoeres zeylonicus: Leptojulis cyanopleura
Halichondria madaepora: Halichondria madaepora(2)
Halicmetus niger: Halicmetus niger
Halicmetus reticulatus: Halicmetus reticulatus(2)
Halicmetus ruber: Halicmetes ruber
Halicmetus ruber: Halicmetus ruber(2)
Halictus anterufus: Halictus anterufus
Halictus atroglaucus: Halictus atroglaucus
Halictus blepharophorus: Halictus blepharophorus
Halictus carinatifrons: Halictus carinatifrons
Halictus epicinctus: Halictus epicinctus
Halictus formosae: Halictus formosae
Halictus formosicola: Halictus formosicola
Halictus fuscidactylus: Halictus fuscidactylus
Halictus heymonsi: Halictus heymonsi
Halictus horishensis: Halictus horishensis
Halictus kankaucharis: Halictus kankaucharis
Halictus laevidermis: Halictus laevidermis
Halictus leiosoma: Halictus leiosoma
Halictus leucopogon: Halictus leucopogon
Halictus luteitarsellus: Halictus luteitarsellus
Halictus melanomitratus: Halictus melanomitratus
Halictus micado: Halictus micado
Halictus mitratolus: Halictus mitratolus
Halictus multistictus: Halictus multistictus
Halictus nomiformis: Halictus nomiformis
Halictus notopsilus: Halictus notopsilus
Halictus occidens: Halictus occidens
Halictus pallilomus: Halictus pallilomus
Halictus perangulatus: Halictus perangulatus
Halictus pityocola: Halictus pityocola
Halictus recognitus: Halictus recognitus
Halictus rubicundus: Halictus rubicundus
Halictus scaphonotus: Halictus scaphonotus
Halictus sidereus: Halictus sidereus
Halictus signicostatuloides: Halictus signicostatuloides
Halictus statialis: Halictus statialis
Halictus suisharyonensis: Halictus suisharyonensis
Halictus suisharyonis: Halictus suisharyonis
Halictus taihorinis: Halictus taihorinis
Halictus trichiosulus: Halictus trichiosulus
Halictus trichopsis: Halictus trichopsis
Halicyclops sinensis: Halicyclops sinensis
Halieutaea brevicauda: Halieutaea brevicauda
Halieutaea coccinea: Halieutaea coccinea
Halieutaea fitzsimonsi: Halieutaea fitzsimonsi(2)
Halieutaea fitzsimonsi: Halieutaea fitzsmonsi
Halieutaea fitzsimonsi: Halieutaea liogaster
Halieutaea fitzsimonsi: Halieutichthys fitzsimonsi
Halieutaea fumosa: Halieutaea fumosa(2)
Halieutaea indica: Halieutaea indica(2)
Halieutaea nigra: Halieutaea nigra
Halieutaea stellata: Astrocanthus stellatus
Halieutaea stellata: Halieutaea maoria
Halieutaea stellata: Halieutaea stallata
Halieutaea stellata: Halieutaea stellata(3)
Halieutaea stellata: Halieutaea stellifera
Halieutaea stellata: Lophius faujas
Halieutaea stellata: Lophius muricatus
Halieutaea stellata: Lophius stellatus
Halieutopsis bathyoreos: Halieutopsis bathyoreos(2)
Halieutopsis ingerorum: Halieutopsis ingerorum
Halieutopsis ingerorum: Halieutopsis vermicularis
Halieutopsis margaretae: Halieutopsis margaretae
Halieutopsis micropa: Coelophrys micropus
Halieutopsis micropa: Dibranchus micropus
Halieutopsis micropa: Halieutopsis micropa(2)
Halieutopsis micropa: Halieutopsis micropus
Halieutopsis nudiventer: Halieutopsis nudiventer
Halieutopsis simula: Dibranchus infranudus
Halieutopsis simula: Dibranchus simulus
Halieutopsis simula: Halieutopsis simula
Halieutopsis vermicularis: Halieutopsis vermicularis
Haliichthys taeniophorus: Haliichthys taeniophora
Haliichthys taeniophorus: Haliichthys taeniophorus(2)
Halimochirurgus alcocki: Halimochirurgus alcocki(2)
Halimochirurgus alcocki: Halimochirurgus macraulos
Halimochirurgus alcocki: Halimochirurgus triacanthus
Halimochirurgus centriscoides: Halimochirurgus centriscoides(2)
Haliotis asinina: Haliotis asinina(2)
Haliotis clathrata: Haliotis clathrata
Haliotis discus: Haliotis discus
Haliotis diversicolor: Haliotis asinina
Haliotis diversicolor: Haliotis discus hannai
Haliotis diversicolor: Haliotis diversicolor
Haliotis diversicolor: Haliotis ovina
Haliotis dohrniana: Haliotis dohrniana(2)
Haliotis jacnensis: Haliotis jacnensis
Haliotis laevigata: Haliotis laevigata
Haliotis ovina: Haliotis ovina(2)
Haliotis planata: Haliotis planata(2)
Haliotis pustulata: Haliotis pustulata
Haliotis ruber: Clathrata, Haliotis ruber clathrata(2)
Haliotis rubra: Haliotis rubra
Haliotis varia: Haliotis varia(2)
Haliphoebus solaris: Haliphoebus solaris
Haliplus kotoshonis: Haliplus kotoshonis
Haliplus regimbarti: Haliplus regimbarti
Haliplus sharpi: Haliplus sharpi
Halistemma rubrum: Halistemma rubrum
Halistemma striata: Halistemma striata
Hallodapus albofasciatus: Hallodapus albofasciatus
Hallodapus brunneus: Hallodapus brunneus
Hallodapus fenestratus: Hallodapus fenestratus
Hallodapus persimilis: Hallodapus persimilis
Haloa flavescens: Haloa flavescens
Haloa japonica: Haloa japonica
Haloa vitrea: Haloa vitrea
Halocaridina rubra: Halocaridina rubra
Haloptilus fertilis: Haloptilus fertilis
Haloptilus longicornis: Haloptilus longicornis
Haloptilus mucronatus: Haloptilus mucronatus
Haloptilus ornatus: Haloptilus ornatus
Halosauropsis macrochir: Aldrovandia macrochir
Halosauropsis macrochir: Halosauropsis macrochir(2)
Halosauropsis macrochir: Halosaurus goodei
Halosauropsis macrochir: Halosaurus macrochir
Halosauropsis macrochir: Halosaurus niger
Halpe arcuata: Halpe arcuata(2)
Halpe auriferus: Halpe auriferus
Halpe flava: Halpe flava(2)
Halpe hieron: Halpe hieron(2)
Halpe homolea: Halpe homolea
Halpe insignis: Halpe insignis(2)
Halpe kusala: Halpe kusala(2)
Halpe pelethronix: Halpe pelethronix
Halpe porus: Halpe porus(2)
Halpe sikkima: Halpe sikkima(2)
Halpe veluvana: Halpe veluvana
Halpe wantona: Halpe wantona(2)
Halpe zema: Halpe zema
Halpe zola: Halpe zola
Halticus insularis: Halticus insularis
Halticus minutus: Halticus minutus
Halticus tibialis: Halticus tibialis
Halyzia sedecimguttata: Halyzia sedecimguttata
Haminea galba: Haminea galba
Haminea tenera: Haminea tenera(2)
Haminoea galba: Haminoea galba
Haminoea tenera: Haminoea tenera
Hamodes propitia: Hamodes propitia
Hampala macrolepidota: Hampala macrolepidota(Authority)(13100)
Hampshire breeder: Hampshire breeder
Hapalocarcinus marsupialis: Hapalocarcinus marsupialis
Hapalochlaena maculora: Hapalochlaena maculora
Hapalochlaena maculosa: Hapalochlaena maculosa(2)
Hapalochlaena nierstrazi: Hapalochlaena nierstrazi
Hapalogenys analis: Hapalogenys analis
Hapalogenys analis: Hapalogenys mucronatus
Hapalogenys analis: Hepalogenys mucronatus
Hapalogenys analis: Pristipoma mucronata
Hapalogenys kishinouyei: Hapalogenys kishinouyei(2)
Hapalogenys kishinouyei: Hepalogenys kishinouyei
Hapalogenys mucronatus: Hapalogenys mucronatus(2)
Hapalogenys nigripinnis: Hapalogenys nigripinnis
Hapalogenys nigripinnis: Hapalogenys nitens
Hapalogenys nigripinnis: Hepalogenys nitens
Hapalogenys nitens: Hapalogenys nitens
Hapalomys longicaudatus: Hapalomys longicaudatus
Hapalosiphon hibernicus: Hapalosiphon hibernicus
Hapalosiphon luteolus: Hapalosiphon luteolus
Haplochromis desfontainesi: Haplochromis desfontainesi(3)
Haplogonatopus apicalis: Haplogonatopus apicalis
Haplosomoides costata: Haplosomoides costata
Haplothirps aculeatus: Haplothirps aculeatus
Haplothrips chinensis: Haplothrips chinensis
Haplothrips gowdeyi: Haplothrips gowdeyi
Harmonia arcuata: Harmonia arcuata
Harmonia axyridis: Harmonia axyridis
Harmonia dimidiata: Harmonia dimidiata
Harmonia octomaculata: Harmonia octomaculata
Harmonia sedecimnotata: Harmonia sedecimnotata
Harmonia yedoensis: Harmonia yedoensis
Harmophorus ciliatus: Harmophorus ciliatus
Harmophorus pectinatus: Harmophorus pectinatus
Harmophorus scopula: Harmophorus scopula
Haroldius hwangi: Haroldius hwangi
Haroldius perroti: Haroldius perroti
Harpa amouretta: Harpa amouretta
Harpa articularis: Harpa articularis
Harpa davidis: Harpa davidis
Harpa gracilis: Harpa gracilis
Harpa harpa: Harpa harpa
Harpa major: Harpa major(2)
Harpactes diardii: Harpactes diardii(3)
Harpactes duvaucelii: Harpactes duvaucelii(2)
Harpactes erythrocephalus: Harpactes erythrocephalus(2)
Harpactes kasumba: Harpactes kasumba(2)
Harpactes oreskios: Harpactes oreskios(2)
Harpactes orrhophaeus: Harpactes orrhophaeus(2)
Harpactes whiteheadi: Harpactes whiteheadi
Harpadon microchir: Harpadon microchir(2)
Harpadon microchir: Harpodon microchir
Harpadon nehereus: Harpadon nehereus(2)
Harpadon nehereus: Harpodon nehereus
Harpadon nehereus: Osmerus nehereus
Harpalus indicus: Harpalus indicus
Harpedona fulvigenis: Harpedona fulvigenis
Harpia harpyja: Harpia harpyja
Harpiocephalus harpia: Harpiocephalus harpia
Harpiosquilla annandalei: Harpiosquilla annandalei
Harpiosquilla harpax: Harpiosquilla harpax(1770)
Harpiosquilla harpax: Harpiosquilla malagasiensis
Harpiosquilla harpax: Squilla harpax(508)
Harpiosquilla indica: Harpiosquilla indica(2)
Harpiosquilla japonica: Harpiosquilla intermedia
Harpiosquilla japonica: Harpiosquilla japonica(2)
Harpiosquilla melanoura: Harpiosquilla melanoura
Harpiosquilla raphidea: Harpiosquilla raphidea(4680)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: Squilla raphidea(471)
Harpiosquilla sinensis: Harpiosquilla sinensis(2)
Harpiosquilla stephensoni: Harpiosquilla stephensoni
Harrovia albolineata: Harrovia albolineata
Hartigiola annulipes: Hartigiola annulipes
Hasemania nana: Hasemania nana
Hasora badra: Hasora badra
Hasora chromus: Hasora chromus
Hasora khoda: Hasora khoda
Hasora leucospila: Hasora leucospila
Hasora lizetta: Hasora lizetta
Hasora mixta: Hasora mixta
Hasora mus: Hasora mus
Hasora myra: Hasora myra
Hasora quadripunctata: Hasora quadripunctata
Hasora salanga: Hasora salanga(2)
Hasora schoenherri: Hasora schoenherri
Hasora taminatus: Hasora taminatus
Hasora vitta: Hasora vitta
Hasora zoma: Hasora zoma(2)
Hastula albula: Hastula albula
Hastula anomala: Hastula anomala(2)
Hastula bacillus: Hastula bacillus
Hastula caerulescens: Hastula caerulescens
Hastula hectica: Hastula hectica
Hastula martheroniana: Hastula martheroniana
Hastula rufopunctata: Hastula rufopunctata
Hastula strigilata: Hastula strigilata(2)
Haustellum gallinago: Haustellum gallinago
Haustellum haustellum: Haustellum haustellum
Haustellum hirasei: Haustellum hirasei
Haustellum kiiensis: Haustellum kiiensis
Haustellum senkakuensis: Haustellum senkakuensis
Hawaiia minuscula: Hawaiia minuscula(2)
Hazeus otakii: Hazeus otakii(2)
Hebomoia glaucippe: Hebomoia glaucippe(2)
Hebra horrida: Hebra horrida
Hebra subspinosa: Hebra subspinosa
Hecamede persimilis: Hecamede persimilis
Hedya nubiferana: Hedya nubiferana
Hedycryptus orientalis: Hedycryptus orientalis
Hedydipna collaris: Hedydipna collaris
Heikea arachnoides: Heikea arachnoides
Helarctos malayanus: Helarctos malayanus(96100)
Helcogramma chica: Enneapterygius hudsoni
Helcogramma chica: Enneapterygius pusillus
Helcogramma chica: Helcogramma chica
Helcogramma fuscipectoris: Enneapterygius fuscipectoris
Helcogramma fuscipectoris: Helcogramma fuscipectoris(2)
Helcogramma fuscipectoris: Helcogramma obtusirostre
Helcogramma fuscopinna: Helcogramma fuscopinna
Helcogramma habena: Helcogramma habena(2)
Helcogramma inclinata: Enneapterygius inclinatus
Helcogramma inclinata: Helcogramma hudsoni
Helcogramma inclinata: Helcogramma inclinata(2)
Helcogramma inclinata: Helcogramma inclinatum
Helcogramma inclinata: Tripterygion inclinatum
Helcogramma obtusirostre: Enneapterygius obtusirostre
Helcogramma obtusirostre: Enneapterygius obtusirostris
Helcogramma obtusirostre: Helcogramma obtusirostre(2)
Helcogramma obtusirostre: Helcogramma obtusirostris
Helcogramma obtusirostre: Tripterygium obtusirostre
Helcogramma striata: Helcogramma striata(2)
Helcogramma striata: Helcogramma striatum
Helcyra superba: Helcyra superba
Heliacus areola: Heliacus areola
Heliacus caelatus: Heliacus caelatus(2)
Heliacus costatus: Heliacus costatus(2)
Heliacus enoshimensis: Heliacus enoshimensis
Heliacus fenestratus: Heliacus fenestratus
Heliacus implexus: Heliacus implexus
Heliacus infundibuliformis: Heliacus infundibuliformis
Heliacus stramineus: Heliacus stramineus(2)
Heliacus variegatus: Heliacus variegatus
Helicarion gunongensis: Helicarion gunongensis
Helicarion perfragilis: Helicarion perfragilis(3)
Helicarion permolle: Helicarion permolle
Helicolenus hilgendorfii: Helicolenus hilgendorfi
Helicolenus hilgendorfii: Helicolenus hilgendorfii(2)
Helicolenus hilgendorfii: Sebastes hilgendorfii
Helicolenus percoides: Helicolenus percoides
Helina lateralis: Helina lateralis
Helina nemorum: Helina nemorum
Helina nervosa: Helina nervosa
Helina punctata: Helina punctata
Heliococcus bambusae: Heliococcus bambusae
Heliocypha perforata: Heliocypha perforata
Heliofungia actiniformis: Heliofungia actiniformis
Heliogomphus retroflexus: Heliogomphus retroflexus
Heliographa insignis: Heliographa insignis
Helionothrips communis: Helionothrips communis
Helionothrips errans: Helionothrips errans
Heliopais personata: Heliopais personata(3)
Heliophorus epicles: Heliophorus epicles
Heliophorus ila: Heliophorus ila
Heliopora coerulea: Heliopora coerulea
Heliosia alba: Heliosia alba
Heliothis armigera: Heliothis armigera
Heliothis assulta: Heliothis assulta
Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis: Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis
Helius attenuatus: Helius attenuatus
Helius barbatus: Helius barbatus
Helius cavernicolus: Helius cavernicolus
Helius rufithorax: Helius rufithorax
Helius unicolor: Helius unicolor
Helix antelata: Helix antelata
Helix ardua: Helix ardua
Helixarion perfragilis: Helixarion perfragilis
Helopeltis cinchonae: Helopeltis cinchonae
Helopeltis fasciaticollis: Helopeltis fasciaticollis
Helophilus pendulus: Helophilus pendulus
Helostoma rudolphi: Helostoma rudolphi(3)
Helostoma temmincki: Helostoma temmincki(3)
Helostoma temminckii: Helostoma temminckii
Hemaris affinis: Hemaris affinis
Hemaris tityus: Hemaris tityus
Hemibarbus labeo: Acanthogobio oxyrhynchus
Hemibarbus labeo: Barbus labeo
Hemibarbus labeo: Barbus schlegelii
Hemibarbus labeo: Cyprinus labeo
Hemibarbus labeo: Gobio barbus
Hemibarbus labeo: Gobiobarbus labeo
Hemibarbus labeo: Hemibarbus barbus
Hemibarbus labeo: Hemibarbus labeo(2)
Hemibarbus labeo: Hemibarbus longianalis
Hemibarbus labeo: Pseudogobio chaoi
Hemiberlesia lataniae: Hemiberlesia lataniae
Hemiberlesia rapax: Hemiberlesia rapax
Hemicardia retusum: Hemicardia retusum
Hemichroa crocea: Hemichroa crocea
Hemichromis bimaculatus: Hemichromis bimaculatus
Hemichromis bimaculatus: Hemichromis cerasogaster
Hemichromis bimaculatus: Hemichromis cristatus
Hemichromis bimaculatus: Hemichromis guttatus
Hemichromis bimaculatus: Hemichromis paynei
Hemichromis bimaculatus: Hemichromis stellifer
Hemichromis cristatus: Hemichromis cristatus
Hemichromis lifalili: Hemichromis lifalili
Hemicircus concretus: Hemicircus concretus(2)
Hemiculter leucisculus: Chanodichthys leucisculus
Hemiculter leucisculus: Culter leucisculus
Hemiculter leucisculus: Cultriculus akoensis
Hemiculter leucisculus: Hemiculter eigenmanni
Hemiculter leucisculus: Hemiculter kneri
Hemiculter leucisculus: Hemiculter leucisclus
Hemiculter leucisculus: Hemiculter leucisculus(3)
Hemiculter leucisculus: Hemiculter schrencki(2)
Hemiculter leucisculus: Hemiculterella eigenmanni
Hemiculter leucisculus: Kendallia goldsboroughi
Hemiculter leucisculus: Parapelecus eigenmanni
Hemiculter leucisculus: Squaliobarbus annamiticus
Hemidactylus bowringii: Hemidactylus bowringii
Hemidactylus brookii: Hemidactylus brookii
Hemidactylus frenatus: Hemidactylus frenatus(60500)
Hemidactylus garnotii: Hemidactylus garnotii
Hemidactylus stejnegeri: Hemidactylus stejnegeri
Hemifusus cariniferus: Hemifusus cariniferus
Hemifusus elongatus: Hemifusus elongatus
Hemifusus ternatana: Hemifusus ternatana
Hemifusus ternatanus: Hemifusus ternatanus
Hemifusus tuba: Hemifusus tuba
Hemigaleus microstoma: Chaenogaleus macrostoma
Hemigaleus microstoma: Hemigaleus machlani
Hemigaleus microstoma: Hemigaleus microstoma(2)
Hemigaleus microstoma: Hemipristis elongatus
Hemigaleus microstoma: Negogaleus brachygnathus
Hemigaleus microstoma: Negogaleus microstoma
Hemigalus derbyanus: Hemigalus derbyanus(3)
Hemigalus hosei: Hemigalus hosei
Hemiglaea radiata: Hemiglaea radiata
Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon: Abudefduf melanopselion
Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon: Glyphisodon batjanensis
Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon: Glyphisodon plagiometopon
Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon: Hemiglyphidodon plagiometapon
Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon: Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon(2)
Hemignathus lucidus: Hemignathus lucidus
Hemignathus munroi: Hemignathus munroi
Hemignathus obscurus: Hemignathus obscurus
Hemignathus parvus: Hemignathus parvus
Hemignathus virens: Hemignathus virens
Hemigobius hoevenii: Gobius hoevenii
Hemigobius hoevenii: Hemigobius crassa
Hemigobius hoevenii: Hemigobius hoevenii(3)
Hemigobius hoevenii: Microgobius hoevenii
Hemigobius hoevenii: Mugilogobius latifrons
Hemigobius hoevenii: Mugilogobius obliquifasciata
Hemigobius hoevenii: Mugilogobius obliquifasciatus
Hemigobius hoevenii: Pseudogobius hoevenii
Hemigobius hoevenii: Stigmatogobius hoevenii
Hemigobius hoevenii: Vaimosa crassa
Hemigobius hoevenii: Vaisoma hoevenii
Hemigobius melanurus: Hemigobius melanurus
Hemigrammus bleheri: Hemigrammus bleheri
Hemigrammus caudovittatus: Hemigrammus caudovittatus
Hemigrammus erythrozonus: Hemigrammus erythrozonus
Hemigrammus gracilis: Hemigrammus gracilis(3)
Hemigrammus ocellifer: Hemigrammus ocellifer(4)
Hemigrammus pulcher: Hemigrammus pulcher(3)
Hemigrammus rhodostomus: Hemigrammus rhodostomus(3)
Hemigrammus rodwayi: Hemigrammus rodwayi
Hemigrammus ulreyi: Hemigrammus ulreyi
Hemigrapsus penicillatus: Hemigrapsus penicillatus
Hemigrapsus sanguineus: Hemigrapsus sanguineus
Hemigymnus fasciatus: Halichoeres fasciatus
Hemigymnus fasciatus: Hemigymnus fasciatus(2)
Hemigymnus fasciatus: Hemigymuns fasciatus
Hemigymnus fasciatus: Labrus fasciatus
Hemigymnus melapterus: Halichoeres melapterus
Hemigymnus melapterus: Hamigymnus melapterus
Hemigymnus melapterus: Hemigymnus melapterus(3)
Hemigymnus melapterus: Hemigymnus melapturus
Hemigymnus melapterus: Labrus melapterus
Hemilienardia granicostata: Hemilienardia granicostata
Hemimyzon formosanum: Hemimyzon formosanum(2)
Hemimyzon formosanum: Hemimyzon formosanus
Hemimyzon formosanum: Homaloptera formosana
Hemimyzon sheni: Hemimyzon sheni
Hemimyzon taitungensis: Hemimyzon taitungensis(2)
Hemiodopsis gracilis: Hemiodopsis gracilis(3)
Hemiodopsis semitaeniatus: Hemiodopsis semitaeniatus(3)
Hemiops flava: Hemiops flava
Hemipepsis sinensis: Hemipepsis sinensis
Hemiphaedusa exilis: Hemiphaedusa exilis
Hemiphaedusa odontochila: Hemiphaedusa odontochila
Hemiphaedusa similaris: Hemiphaedusa similaris
Hemiphyllodactylus harterti: Hemiphyllodactylus harterti
Hemiphyllodactylus typus: Hemiphyllodactylus typus(2)
Hemiplecta cymatium: Hemiplecta cymatium(6)
Hemiplecta densa: Hemiplecta densa
Hemiplecta floweri: Hemiplecta floweri
Hemiplecta humphreysiana: Hemiplecta humphreysiana(5)
Hemiplecta malaouyi: Hemiplecta malaouyi
Hemiplecta pluto: Hemiplecta pluto
Hemiplecta striata: Hemiplecta striata(2)
Hemipristis elongatus: Carcharias ellioti
Hemipristis elongatus: Chaenogaleus macrostoma
Hemipristis elongatus: Dirrhizodon elongatus
Hemipristis elongatus: Hemigaleus microstoma
Hemipristis elongatus: Hemipristis elongata
Hemipristis elongatus: Hemipristis elongatus(2)
Hemipristis elongatus: Hemipristis pingali
Hemipristis elongatus: Heterogaleus ghardaqensis
Hemipristis elongatus: Negogaleus macrostoma
Hemipristis elongatus: Paragaleus acutiventralis
Hemiprocne comata: Hemiprocne comata(3)
Hemiprocne longipennis: Hemiprocne longipennis(4)
Hemipsocus roseus: Hemipsocus roseus
Hemipus hirundinaceus: Hemipus hirundinaceus(3)
Hemipus picatus: Hemipus picatus(3)
Hemipyxis flavipes: Hemipyxis flavipes
Hemipyxis lineata: Hemipyxis lineata
Hemipyxis persimilis: Hemipyxis persimilis
Hemiramphus far: Esox far
Hemiramphus far: Esox gladius
Hemiramphus far: Esox marginatus
Hemiramphus far: Hemiramphus commersonii
Hemiramphus far: Hemiramphus far(2)
Hemiramphus far: Hemiramphus mocquardianus
Hemiramphus far: Hemirhamphus commersonii
Hemiramphus far: Hemirhamphus far
Hemiramphus far: Hemirhamphus marginatus
Hemiramphus far: Hemirhamphus obesus
Hemiramphus lutkei: Hemiramphus fasciatus
Hemiramphus lutkei: Hemiramphus japonicus
Hemiramphus lutkei: Hemiramphus lutkei(2)
Hemiramphus lutkei: Hemiramphus marginatus
Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus: Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus
Hemirhampus xanthopterus: Hemirhampus xanthopterus
Hemisphaerius formosus: Hemisphaerius formosus
Hemistola simplex: Hemistola simplex
Hemitapes hiantinus: Hemitapes hiantinus
Hemitapes japonica: Hemitapes japonica
Hemitapes marmorata: Hemitapes marmorata
Hemitaurichthys ploylepis: Hemitaurichthys ploylepis(3)
Hemitaurichthys polylepis: Chaetodon polylepis
Hemitaurichthys polylepis: Hemitaurichthys polylepis(2)
Hemitaxonus alboorolis: Hemitaxonus alboorolis
Hemitaxonus formosanus: Hemitaxonus formosanus
Hemitaxonus nigroorolis: Hemitaxonus nigroorolis
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus: Hemitheconyx caudicinctus
Hemitriakis complicofasciata: Hemitriakis complicofasciata
Hemitriakis japanica: Galeorhinus japonicus
Hemitriakis japanica: Galeus japanicus
Hemitriakis japanica: Hemitriakis japanica(2)
Hemitriakis japanica: Hemitriakis japonica
Hemitrichia velutina: Hemitrichia velutina
Hemixos flavala: Hemixos flavala(4)
Hemphyllodactylus typus: Hemphyllodactylus typus
Hendecasis pulchella: Hendecasis pulchella
Heniochus acuminatus: Chaetodon acuminatus
Heniochus acuminatus: Chaetodon bifasciatus
Heniochus acuminatus: Chaetodon macrolepidotus
Heniochus acuminatus: Chaetodon mycteryzans
Heniochus acuminatus: Heniochus acuminatus(2)
Heniochus acuminatus: Heniochus macrolepidotus
Heniochus acuminatus: Taurichthys macrolepidotus
Heniochus chrysostomus: Chaetodon teatae
Heniochus chrysostomus: Heniochus chrysostomas
Heniochus chrysostomus: Heniochus chrysostomus(2)
Heniochus chrysostomus: Heniochus drepanoides
Heniochus chrysostomus: Heniochus melanistion
Heniochus chrysostomus: Heniochus permutatus
Heniochus diphreutes: Heniochus acuminatus
Heniochus diphreutes: Heniochus diphreustes
Heniochus diphreutes: Heniochus diphreutes
Heniochus monoceros: Heniochus monoceras
Heniochus monoceros: Heniochus monoceros(2)
Heniochus monoceros: Heniochus permutatus
Heniochus monoceros: Taurichthys monoceros
Heniochus singularius: Heniochus singularis
Heniochus singularius: Heniochus singularius(2)
Heniochus varius: Heniochus varius(2)
Heniochus varius: Taurichthys bleekeri
Heniochus varius: Taurichthys varius
Heniochus varius: Taurichthys viridis
Henosepilachna cucurbitae: Epilachna cucurbitae
Henosepilachna implicata: Epilachna implicata(115)
Henosepilachna implicata: Henosepilachna implicata(258)
Henosepilachna indica: Henosepilachna indica
Henosepilachna sparsa: Orientalis, Epilachna sparsa orientalis
Henosepilachna sparsa: Orientalis, Epilachna vigintioctopunctata
Henosepilachna sparsa: Orientalis, Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata
Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata: Henosepilachna vigintioctomaculata
Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata: Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata
Heosemys grandis: Heosemys grandis
Heosemys spinosa: Heosemys spinosa(2)
Hepatica indentalis: Hepatica indentalis
Hepatica irrorata: Hepatica irrorata
Hepialiscus monticola: Hepialiscus monticola
Hepialus hecta: Hepialus hecta
Hepialus humuli: Hepialus humuli
Heptranchias perlo: Heptranchias angio
Heptranchias perlo: Heptranchias cinereus
Heptranchias perlo: Heptranchias dakini
Heptranchias perlo: Heptranchias deani
Heptranchias perlo: Heptranchias perlo(2)
Heptranchias perlo: Heptrancus angio
Heptranchias perlo: Notidanus cinereus(3)
Heptranchias perlo: Squalus cinereus
Heptranchias perlo: Squalus perlo
Heratemis filosa: Heratemis filosa
Heratemis laticeps: Heratemis laticeps
Hercostomus notatus: Hercostomus notatus
Hercostomus ovatus: Hercostomus ovatus
Heriades sauteri: Heriades sauteri
Herichthys carpintis: Herichthys carpintis
Heriichthys carpintis: Heriichthys carpintis
Herklotsichthys punctatus: Clupea punctata
Herklotsichthys punctatus: Harengula arabica
Herklotsichthys punctatus: Herclotsichthys punctatus
Herklotsichthys punctatus: Herkloteichthys punctatus
Herklotsichthys punctatus: Herklotsichthys punctata
Herklotsichthys punctatus: Herklotsichthys punctatus(2)
Herklotsichthys punctatus: Spratella erythraea
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Alausa schrammi
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Alausa schrammii
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea dubia
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea fasciata
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea harengula
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea mauritiana
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea mizun
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea moluccensis
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea profundis
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea quadrimaculata
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea ranelayi
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea rechingeri
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea schrammi
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea stereolepis
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupea torresiensis
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Clupeonia fasciata
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Harengula bipunctata
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Harengula kunzei
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Harengula moluccensis
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Harengula ovalis
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Harengula punctata
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Harengula schrammi
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Harengula stereolepis
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Herklotsichthys punctatus
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus(3)
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Meletta obtusirostris
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Meletta venenosa
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: Sardinella lineolata
Herminia grisealis: Herminia grisealis
Herminia terminalis: Herminia terminalis
Hermonassa formontana: Hermonassa formontana
Hermonassa hemicyclia: Hermonassa hemicyclia
Hermonassa inconstans: Hermonassa inconstans
Herochroma cristata: Herochroma cristata
Herona marathus: Herona marathus
Herona sumatrana: Herona sumatrana
Herophydrus rufus: Herophydrus rufus
Heros severus: Heros severus
Herpailurus yagouaroundi: Herpailurus yagouaroundi
Herpestes brachyurus: Herpestes brachyurus(2)
Herpestes edwardsii: Herpestes edwardsii
Herpestes javanicus: Herpestes auropunctatus
Herpestes javanicus: Herpestes javanicus
Herpestes semitorquatus: Herpestes semitorquatus
Herpestes urva: Herpestes urva(2)
Herpetogramma fuscescens: Herpetogramma fuscescens
Herpetogramma licarsisale: Herpetogramma licarsisale
Herpetogramma magnum: Herpetogramma magnum
Herpetogramma rude: Herpetogramma rude
Herpolitha limax: Herpolitha limax
Hespera montana: Hespera montana
Hesperus babai: Hesperus babai
Hesperus taiwanensis: Hesperus taiwanensis
Hesperus venustus: Hesperus venustus
Hestina japonica: Hestina japonica
Hestina mimetica: Hestina mimetica
Hestina nama: Hestina nama
Heteractis magnifica: Heteractis magnifica(4)
Hetereleotris poecila: Hetereleotris poecila(2)
Hetereleotris poecila: Riukiuia poecila
Heterobostrychus aequalis: Heterobostrychus aequalis
Heterocardia gibbosula: Heterocardia gibbosula
Heterocarpus amacula: Heterocarpus amacula
Heterocarpus dorsalis: Heterocarpus dorsalis
Heterocarpus ensifer: Heterocarpus ensifer
Heterocarpus gibbosus: Heterocarpus gibbosus
Heterocarpus hayashi: Heterocarpus hayashi
Heterocarpus laevigatus: Heterocarpus laevigatus
Heterocarpus parvispina: Heterocarpus parvispina
Heterocarpus sibogae: Heterocarpus sibogae
Heterocarpus tricarinatus: Heterocarpus tricarinatus
Heterocarpus woodmasoni: Heterocarpus woodmasoni
Heterocentrotus mammillatus: Heterocentrotus mammillatus
Heteroconger hassi: Heteroconger hassi(2)
Heteroconger hassi: Leptocephalus maculatus
Heteroconger hassi: Taenioconger haasi
Heteroconger hassi: Taenioconger hassi
Heteroconger hassi: Xarifania hassi
Heteroderes albicans: Heteroderes albicans
Heteroderes changi: Heteroderes changi
Heteroderes intermedius: Heteroderes intermedius
Heterodon nasicus: Heterodon nasicus
Heterodon platyrhinos: Heterodon platyrhinos
Heterodontus japonicus: Cestracion japonicus
Heterodontus japonicus: Heterodontus japonicus(2)
Heterodontus zebra: Centracion philippi
Heterodontus zebra: Centracion zebra
Heterodontus zebra: Cestracion amboinensis
Heterodontus zebra: Cestracion philippi
Heterodontus zebra: Cestracion philippii
Heterodontus zebra: Cestracion phillippi
Heterodontus zebra: Heterodontus phillipi
Heterodontus zebra: Heterodontus zebra(2)
Heterokrohnia sinica: Heterokrohnia sinica
Heterolocha coccinea: Heterolocha coccinea
Heterolocha lilacina: Heterolocha lilacina
Heterolocha marginata: Heterolocha marginata
Heterolocha sabulosa: Heterolocha sabulosa
Heteromycteris matsubarai: Heteromycteris matsubarai(2)
Heteropantilius flavescens: Heteropantilius flavescens
Heterophasia auricularis: Heterophasia auricularis
Heterophasia gracillis: Heterophasia gracillis
Heterophasia picaoides: Heterophasia picaoides(3)
Heterophotus ophistoma: Heterophotus ophiostoma
Heterophotus ophistoma: Heterophotus ophistoma(2)
Heteropoda robusta: Heteropoda robusta
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Anthias boops
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Cookeolus boops
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Heteropriacanthus cruentatus(2)
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Labrus cruentatus
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus alticlarens
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus argenteus
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus bleekeri
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus bonariensis
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus boops
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus carolinus
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus cepedianus
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus cruentatus
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus fulgens
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Priacanthus japonicus
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Serranus rufus
Heterorhabdus pacificus: Heterorhabdus pacificus
Heterosceles brevipes: Heterosceles brevipes(3)
Heterosceles incanus: Heterosceles incanus
Heteroscelus brevipes: Heteroscelus brevipes(2)
Heterospilus austriacus: Heterospilus austriacus
Heterospilus hemitestaceus: Heterospilus hemitestaceus
Heterospilus separatus: Heterospilus separatus
Heterostylites longicornis: Heterostylites longicornis
Heterothops oculatus: Heterothops oculatus
Heterothops tzaw: Heterothops tzaw
Heteroxenia elisabethae: Heteroxenia elisabethae
Hexabranchus sanguineus: Hexabranchus sanguineus(3)
Hexadactylia trilobata: Hexadactylia trilobata
Hexagonia cyclops: Hexagonia cyclops
Hexagonia elongata: Hexagonia elongata
Hexanchus griseus: Hexanchus corinum
Hexanchus griseus: Hexanchus corinus
Hexanchus griseus: Hexanchus griseus(3)
Hexanchus griseus: Monopterinus griseus
Hexanchus griseus: Notidanus griseus
Hexanchus griseus: Notidanus monge
Hexanchus griseus: Notidanus vulgaris
Hexanchus griseus: Squalus griseus
Hexanchus griseus: Squalus vacca
Hexanchus nakamurai: Hexanchus griseus(2)
Hexanchus nakamurai: Hexanchus nakamurai(2)
Hexanchus nakamurai: Hexanchus vitulus
Hexanchus nakamurai: Notidanus griseus
Hexaoma unicolor: Hexaoma unicolor
Hexaprotodon liberiensis: Hexaprotodon liberiensis
Hexatrygon bickelli: Hexatrygon bickelli
Hexatrygon bickelli: Hexatrygon brevirostra
Hexatrygon brevirostra: Hexatrygon brevirostra
Hexatrygon taiwanensis: Hexatrygon taiwanensis
Hexatrygon yangi: Hexatrygon yangi
Hiatavolva brunneiterma: Hiatavolva brunneiterma
Hiatavolva depressa: Hiatavolva depressa
Hiatella orientalis: Hiatella orientalis
Hicksonella princeps: Hicksonella princeps
Hidari bhawani: Hidari bhawani(2)
Hidari irava: Hidari irava
Hieraaetus fasciatus: Hieraaetus fasciatus
Hieraaetus kienerii: Hieraaetus kienerii
Hieraaetus pennatus: Hieraaetus pennatus
Hierococcyx fugax: Hierococcyx fugax
Hierococcyx nisicolor: Hierococcyx nisicolor
Hierococcyx sparverioides: Hierococcyx sparverioides
Hierococcyx vagans: Hierococcyx vagans
Hikonasukuna monticola: Hikonasukuna monticola
Hilsa kelee: Alausa brachysoma
Hilsa kelee: Alausa kanagurta
Hilsa kelee: Alosa brevis
Hilsa kelee: Alosa malayana
Hilsa kelee: Clupea durbanensis
Hilsa kelee: Clupea kanagurta
Hilsa kelee: Clupea kelee
Hilsa kelee: Clupea platygaster
Hilsa kelee: Clupea sinensis
Hilsa kelee: Clupeonia blochii
Hilsa kelee: Harengula zeylanica
Hilsa kelee: Hilsa kanagurta
Hilsa kelee: Hilsa kanakurta
Hilsa kelee: Hilsa keele
Hilsa kelee: Hilsa keelee
Hilsa kelee: Hilsa kelee(2)
Hilsa kelee: Macrura brevis
Hilsa kelee: Macrura kelee
Hilsa kelee: Tenualosa kelee
Hilsa macrura: Hilsa macrura
Himantolophus groenlandicus: Corynolophus globosus
Himantolophus groenlandicus: Himantolophus groenlandicus(2)
Himantolophus groenlandicus: Himantolophus ranoides
Himantolophus groenlandicus: Himantolophus reinhardti
Himantolophus melanolophus: Himantolophus melanolophus(2)
Himantopus himantopus: Himantopus himantopus(6)
Himantopus leucocephalus: Himantopus leucocephalus
Himantura gerrardi: Dasyatis gerrardi
Himantura gerrardi: Dasyatis jenkinsii
Himantura gerrardi: Himantura gerrardi(3)
Himantura gerrardi: Himantura gerrardii
Himantura gerrardi: Trygon gerrardi
Himantura gerrardi: Trygon liocephalus
Himantura microphthalma: Dasyatis microphthalmus
Himantura microphthalma: Himantura microphthalma(2)
Himantura uarnak: Dasyatis favus
Himantura uarnak: Dasyatis gerrardi
Himantura uarnak: Dasyatis jenkinsii
Himantura uarnak: Dasyatis uarnak
Himantura uarnak: Dasybatus uarnak
Himantura uarnak: Himantura gerrardi
Himantura uarnak: Himantura punctata
Himantura uarnak: Himantura toshi
Himantura uarnak: Himantura uarnak(2)
Himantura uarnak: Raja sephen
Himantura uarnak: Trygon gerrardi
Himantura uarnak: Trygon punctata
Himantura uarnak: Trygon uarnak
Himatione sanguinea: Himatione sanguinea
Hime damasi: Aulopus damasi
Hime damasi: Hime damasi
Hime formosanus: Aulopus formosanus
Hime formosanus: Aulopus japonicus
Hime formosanus: Hime formosanus
Hime japonicus: Aulopus japonicus
Hime japonicus: Hime japonica
Hime japonicus: Hime japonicus
Hindsia nivea: Hindsia nivea
Hinemoa indica: Hinemoa indica
Hintonia candens: Hintonia candens(2)
Hippa ovalis: Hippa ovalis
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Doryichthys spaniaspis
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Hippichthys cyanospilos
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Hippichthys cyanospilus(2)
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Parasyngnathus wardi
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Syngnathus cyanospilos
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Syngnathus cyanospilus
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Syngnathus kuhlii
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Syngnathus mossambicus
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Syngnathus wardi
Hippichthys heptagonus: Bombonia djarong
Hippichthys heptagonus: Bombonia luzonica
Hippichthys heptagonus: Bombonia uxorius
Hippichthys heptagonus: Corythroichthys matterni
Hippichthys heptagonus: Corythroichthys pullus
Hippichthys heptagonus: Hippichthys heptagoneus
Hippichthys heptagonus: Hippichthys heptagonus(2)
Hippichthys heptagonus: Hippichthys luzonica
Hippichthys heptagonus: Oxleyana parviceps
Hippichthys heptagonus: Syngnathus djarong(2)
Hippichthys heptagonus: Syngnathus helfrichii
Hippichthys heptagonus: Syngnathus matterni
Hippichthys heptagonus: Syngnathus parviceps
Hippichthys heptagonus: Syngnathus spicifer(2)
Hippichthys penicillus: Corythroichthys quinquarius
Hippichthys penicillus: Hippichthys gazella
Hippichthys penicillus: Hippichthys penicillus
Hippichthys penicillus: Hippicthys penicillus
Hippichthys penicillus: Parasyngnathus argyrostictus
Hippichthys penicillus: Syngnathus altirostris
Hippichthys penicillus: Syngnathus argyrostictus
Hippichthys penicillus: Syngnathus biserialis
Hippichthys penicillus: Syngnathus penicillus
Hippichthys spicifer: Bombonia spicifer
Hippichthys spicifer: Corythroichthys spicifer
Hippichthys spicifer: Hippichthys spicifer(2)
Hippichthys spicifer: Micrognathus suvensis
Hippichthys spicifer: Microphis tenuis
Hippichthys spicifer: Syngnathus gastrotaenia
Hippichthys spicifer: Syngnathus gracilis
Hippichthys spicifer: Syngnathus hunnii
Hippichthys spicifer: Syngnathus perlatus
Hippichthys spicifer: Syngnathus spicifer(2)
Hippichthys spicifer: Syngnathus tapeinosoma
Hippocampus bargibanti: Hippocampus bargibanti
Hippocampus colemani: Hippocampus colemani
Hippocampus coronatus: Hippocampus coronatus(3)
Hippocampus histrix: Hippocamphus hystrix
Hippocampus histrix: Hippocampus guttulatus
Hippocampus histrix: Hippocampus histrix(2)
Hippocampus histrix: Hippocampus hystrix
Hippocampus histrix: Hippocampus ramulosus
Hippocampus kelloggi: Hippocampus histrix
Hippocampus kelloggi: Hippocampus japonicus
Hippocampus kelloggi: Hippocampus kelloggi
Hippocampus kelloggi: Hippocampus kuda(2)
Hippocampus kelloggi: Hippocampus suezensis
Hippocampus kelloggi: Hippocampus trimaculatus
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocamphus kuda
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus aterrimus
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus chinensis
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus hilonis
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus horai
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus kuda(6)
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus melanospilos
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus moluccensis
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus novaehebudorum
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus polytaenia
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus raji
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus rhynchomacer
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus taeniops
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus taeniopterus
Hippocampus kuda: Hippocampus tristis
Hippocampus sindonis: Hippocampus coronatus
Hippocampus sindonis: Hippocampus mohnikei
Hippocampus sindonis: Hippocampus sindonis(2)
Hippocampus spinosissimus: Hippocampus aimei
Hippocampus spinosissimus: Hippocampus arnei
Hippocampus spinosissimus: Hippocampus histrix
Hippocampus spinosissimus: Hippocampus spinosissimus(2)
Hippocampus trimaculatus: Hippocampus dahli
Hippocampus trimaculatus: Hippocampus kampylotrachelos
Hippocampus trimaculatus: Hippocampus manadensis
Hippocampus trimaculatus: Hippocampus mannulus
Hippocampus trimaculatus: Hippocampus planifrons
Hippocampus trimaculatus: Hippocampus takakurae
Hippocampus trimaculatus: Hippocampus trimaculatus(2)
Hippolais caligata: Hippolais caligata
Hippolyte ventricosa: Hippolyte ventricosa
Hippopodius spinosa: Hippopodius spinosa
Hippopotamus amphibius: Hippopotamus amphibius
Hippopus hippopus: Hippopus hippopus(2)
Hipposcarus longiceps: Hipposcarus longiceps(2)
Hipposcarus longiceps: Scarus longiceps
Hipposideros bicolor: Hipposideros bicolor
Hipposideros dyacorum: Hipposideros dyacorum
Hipposideros galiterus: Hipposideros galiterus
Hipposideros orbiculus: Hipposideros orbiculus
Hipposideros pomona: Hipposideros pomona
Hipposideros pratti: Hipposideros pratti
Hipposideros terasensis: Hipposideros terasensis
Hippotragus niger: Hippotragus niger
Hirmoneurinae orientalis: Hirmoneurinae orientalis
Hirtigaleruca aptera: Hirtigaleruca aptera
Hirtoscala pyramidale: Hirtoscala pyramidale
Hirudo medicinalis: Hirudo medicinalis
Hirundapus caudacutus: Hirundapus caudacutus(5)
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: Hirundapus cochinchinensis(4)
Hirundapus giganteus: Hirundapus giganteus(4)
Hirundichthys oxycephalus: Cypselurus oxycephalus
Hirundichthys oxycephalus: Exocoetus oxycephalus
Hirundichthys oxycephalus: Hirundichthys affinis
Hirundichthys oxycephalus: Hirundichthys oxycephalus(2)
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Cypselurus polyethmus
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Cypsilurus rondeletii
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Danichthys cribrosus
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Danichthys rondeleti
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Danichthys rondelettii
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exocoetus brachycephalus
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exocoetus cribrosa
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exocoetus dowii
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exocoetus lamellifer
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exocoetus rondeletii
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exocoetus rubescens
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exocoetus rufipinnis
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exocoetus vinciguerrae
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exocoetus volador
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exonautes fulvipes
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exonautes gilberti
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Exonautes nonsuchae
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Hirundichthys rondeleti
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Hirundichthys rondeletii(2)
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Prognichthys rondeleti
Hirundichthys rondeletii: Prognichthys rondeletii
Hirundichthys speculiger: Cypselurus hyperistius
Hirundichthys speculiger: Cypselurus speculiger
Hirundichthys speculiger: Exocoetus hyperistius
Hirundichthys speculiger: Exocoetus nigripennis
Hirundichthys speculiger: Exocoetus nigripinnis
Hirundichthys speculiger: Exocoetus polleni
Hirundichthys speculiger: Exocoetus speculiger
Hirundichthys speculiger: Exocoetus volitans
Hirundichthys speculiger: Exonautes nonsuchae
Hirundichthys speculiger: Hirundichthys speculiger(3)
Hirundo concolor: Hirundo concolor(2)
Hirundo daurica: Hirundo daurica(3)
Hirundo rustica: Hirundo rustica(7)
Hirundo striolata: Hirundo striolata(2)
Hirundo tahitica: Hirundo tahitica(63200)
Hister congener: Hister congener
Hister javanicus: Hister javanicus
Hister thibetanus: Hister thibetanus
Histiobranchus bathybius: Histiobranchus bathybius(2)
Histiobranchus bathybius: Histiobranchus infernalis
Histiobranchus bathybius: Synaphobranchus australis
Histiobranchus bathybius: Synaphobranchus bathybius
Histiobranchus bathybius: Synaphobranchus infernalis
Histioneis depressa: Histioneis depressa
Histioneis pulchra: Histioneis pulchra
Histiophryne cryptacanthus: Antennarius cryptacanthus
Histiophryne cryptacanthus: Histiophryne cryptacantha
Histiophryne cryptacanthus: Histiophryne cryptacanthus(2)
Histiopterus typus: Histiopterus spinifer
Histiopterus typus: Histiopterus tyfus
Histiopterus typus: Histiopterus typus(2)
Histioteuthis pacifica: Histioteuthis pacifica
Histrio histrio: Antenarius mesogallicus
Histrio histrio: Antennarius barbatulus
Histrio histrio: Antennarius biocellatus
Histrio histrio: Antennarius gibbus
Histrio histrio: Antennarius hispidus
Histrio histrio: Antennarius histrio
Histrio histrio: Antennarius inops
Histrio histrio: Antennarius laevigatus
Histrio histrio: Antennarius lioderma
Histrio histrio: Antennarius nesogallicus
Histrio histrio: Antennarius nitidus
Histrio histrio: Antennarius raninus
Histrio histrio: Cheironectes laevigatus
Histrio histrio: Cheironectes pictus
Histrio histrio: Cheironectes raninus
Histrio histrio: Chironectes arcticus
Histrio histrio: Chironectes barbatulatus
Histrio histrio: Chironectes barbatulus
Histrio histrio: Chironectes gibbus
Histrio histrio: Chironectes histrio
Histrio histrio: Chironectes laevigatus
Histrio histrio: Chironectes nesogallicus
Histrio histrio: Chironectes pictus
Histrio histrio: Chironectes sontagii
Histrio histrio: Chironectes tumidus
Histrio histrio: Chironectes variegatus
Histrio histrio: Histiophryne bigibba
Histrio histrio: Historio gibbus
Histrio histrio: Histrio histrio(2)
Histrio histrio: Histrio jagua
Histrio histrio: Histrio pictus
Histrio histrio: Histrio raninus
Histrio histrio: Lophius calico
Histrio histrio: Lophius cocinsinensis
Histrio histrio: Lophius geographicus
Histrio histrio: Lophius gibba
Histrio histrio: Lophius gibbus
Histrio histrio: Lophius histrio(2)
Histrio histrio: Lophius laevigatus
Histrio histrio: Lophius laevis
Histrio histrio: Lophius pelagicus
Histrio histrio: Lophius raninus
Histrio histrio: Peterophryne gibbo
Histrio histrio: Pterophryne gibba
Histrio histrio: Pterophryne historio
Histrio histrio: Pterophryne histrio
Histrio histrio: Pterophryne laevigata
Histrio histrio: Pterophryne laevigatus
Histrio histrio: Pterophryne picta
Histrio histrio: Pterophryne ranina
Histrio histrio: Pterophryne tumida
Histrio histrio: Pterophryne variegatus
Histrio histrio: Pterophrynoides gibbus
Histrio histrio: Pterophrynoides histrio
Histrionicus histrionicus: Histrionicus histrionicus
Hockeria pulchella: Hockeria pulchella
Hofmannophila pseudospretella: Hofmannophila pseudospretella(2)
Holacanthus ciliaris: Holacanthus ciliaris(3)
Holacanthus clarionensis: Holacanthus clarionensis(3)
Holacanthus isabelita: Holacanthus isabelita(3)
Holacanthus passer: Holacanthus passer(3)
Holacanthus tricolor: Holacanthus tricolor(3)
Holanthias borbonius: Holanthias borbonius
Holanthias chrysostictus: Holanthias chrysostictus
Holanthias rhodopeplus: Holanthias rhodopeplus
Holanthias unimaculatus: Holanthias unimaculatus
Holcomycteronus aequatoris: Bassogigas aequatoris
Holcomycteronus aequatoris: Holcomycteronus aequatoris(2)
Holocompsa debilis: Holocompsa debilis
Hologymnosus annulatus: Hemigumnosus semidiscus
Hologymnosus annulatus: Hologymnos annulatus
Hologymnosus annulatus: Hologymnosus annulatus(2)
Hologymnosus annulatus: Hologymnosus semidiscus
Hologymnosus annulatus: Labrus annulatus
Hologymnosus annulatus: Labrus semidiscus
Hologymnosus doliatus: Hologymnos doliatus
Hologymnosus doliatus: Hologymnosus doliatus(2)
Hologymnosus doliatus: Hologymnosus semidiscus
Hologymnosus doliatus: Labrus doliatus
Hologymnosus rhodonotus: Hologymnosus rhodonotus(2)
Hologymnosus rhodonotus: Hologymnosus semidiscus
Hololeius ceylanicus: Hololeius ceylanicus
Hololepta amurensis: Hololepta amurensis
Hololepta depressa: Hololepta depressa
Hololepta elongata: Hololepta elongata
Hololepta higoniae: Hololepta higoniae
Hololepta indica: Hololepta indica
Holoson densus: Holoson densus
Holoson formosae: Holoson formosae
Holostrophus orientalis: Holostrophus orientalis
Holothuria arenicola: Holothuria arenicola
Holothuria atra: Holothuria atra(2)
Holothuria cinerascens: Holothuria cinerascens
Holothuria edulis: Holothuria edulis(2)
Holothuria fuscogilva: Holothuria fuscogilva(2)
Holothuria fuscopunctata: Holothuria fuscopunctata(2)
Holothuria monacaria: Holothuria monacaria
Holothuria nobilis: Holothuria nobilis(3)
Holothuria pardalis: Holothuria pardalis
Holothuria scabra: Holothuria scabra(2)
Holothuria sinica: Holothuria sinica
Holotrichia excavata: Holotrichia excavata
Holotrichia lata: Holotrichia lata
Holotrichia truncata: Holotrichia truncata
Homacalyptus rufus: Homacalyptus rufus
Homadaula anisocentra: Homadaula anisocentra
Homaeotarsus ceylanensis: Homaeotarsus ceylanensis
Homaeotarsus japonicus: Homaeotarsus japonicus
Homaeotarsus marginatus: Homaeotarsus marginatus
Homalocantha anatomica: Homalocantha anatomica
Homalocantha zamboi: Homalocantha zamboi
Homalopoma laevigatum: Homalopoma laevigatum
Homalopsis buccata: Homalopsis buccata(2)
Homalota fraterna: Homalota fraterna
Homalota granigera: Homalota granigera
Homalota opaca: Homalota opaca
Homarus americanus: Homarus americanus
Homocerus reticulatus: Homocerus reticulatus
Homola orientalis: Homola orientalis
Homolobus sinensis: Homolobus sinensis
Homolobus undulatus: Homolobus undulatus
Homona coffearia: Homona coffearia
Homoneura beckeri: Homoneura beckeri
Homoneura breviseta: Homoneura breviseta
Homoneura formosae: Homoneura formosae
Homoneura grandis: Homoneura grandis
Homoneura latifrons: Homoneura latifrons
Homoneura pallidula: Homoneura pallidula
Homoneura picta: Homoneura picta
Homoneura simplicissima: Homoneura simplicissima
Homostolus acer: Homostolus acer(2)
Homostolus acer: Homostolus japonicus
Hoplammophila aemulans: Hoplammophila aemulans
Hoplapoderus hystrix: Hoplapoderus hystrix
Hoplia monticola: Hoplia monticola
Hoplia pulchra: Hoplia pulchra
Hoplichthys fasciatus: Hoplichthys fasciatus(2)
Hoplichthys gilberti: Hoplichthys gilberti(2)
Hoplichthys langsdorfii: Hoplichthys langsdorfii(2)
Hoplichthys langsdorfii: Oplichthys langsdorfii
Hoplichthys regani: Hoplichthys regani(2)
Hoplobatrachus chinensis: Hoplobatrachus chinensis(2)
Hoplobatrachus tigerinus: Hoplobatrachus tigerinus
Hoplobrotula armata: Brotula armata
Hoplobrotula armata: Hoplobrotula armata(2)
Hoplocampa formosana: Hoplocampa formosana
Hoplocephalus bungaroides: Hoplocephalus bungaroides
Hoplocercus spinosus: Hoplocercus spinosus
Hoplodoris nodulosa: Hoplodoris nodulosa
Hoplodrina implacata: Hoplodrina implacata
Hoplolatilus cuniculus: Hoplolatilus cuniculus(2)
Hoplolatilus fronticinctus: Hoplolatilus fronticinctus(2)
Hoplolatilus fronticinctus: Latilus fronticinctus
Hoplolatilus marcosi: Hoplolatilus marcosi(2)
Hoplolatilus purpureus: Hoplolatilus purpureus(5)
Hoplolatilus starcki: Hoplolatilus starcki(2)
Hoplomaladera monticola: Hoplomaladera monticola
Hoplopleura affinis: Hoplopleura affinis
Hoplopleura pacifica: Hoplopleura pacifica
Hoplosebastes armatus: Hoplosebastes armatus(2)
Hoplosebastes armatus: Hoplosebastes pristigenys
Hoplostethus crassispinus: Hoplostethus crassispinus(2)
Hoplostethus japonicus: Hoplostethus japonicus(2)
Hoplostethus mediterraneus: Hoplostethus mediterraneus(2)
Hoplostethus melanopus: Hoplostethus atlanticus
Hoplostethus melanopus: Hoplostethus mediterraneus
Hoplostethus melanopus: Hoplostethus melanopus(2)
Hoplostethus melanopus: Hoplostethus natalensis
Hoplostethus melanopus: Leiogaster melanopus
Horaga albimacula: Horaga albimacula
Horaga amethystus: Horaga amethystus
Horaga araotina: Horaga araotina
Horaga onyx: Horaga onyx
Horaga syrinx: Horaga syrinx
Horaia nigra: Horaia nigra
Horaiclavus splendidus: Horaiclavus splendidus
Horatocera similis: Horatocera similis
Hormius longiventris: Hormius longiventris
Hormius moniliatus: Hormius moniliatus
Hormius pallidus: Hormius pallidus
Hormius solocipes: Hormius solocipes
Hormomya mutabilis: Hormomya mutabilis
Howardia biclavis: Howardia biclavis
Howella zina: Howella zina(2)
Hreskiornis aethiopica: Hreskiornis aethiopica
Huechys sanguinea: Huechys sanguinea
Hulodes caranea: Hulodes caranea
Humerana miopus: Humerana miopus
Humesosquilla decimdentata: Humesosquilla decimdentata
Huttonella bicolor: Huttonella bicolor(2)
Huttonella bieolor: Huttonella bieolor
Hyaena brunnea: Hyaena brunnea
Hyalocylis striata: Hyalocylis striata
Hyalopeplus lineifer: Hyalopeplus lineifer
Hyalopterus pruni: Hyalopterus pruni
Hyarotis adratus: Hyarotis adratus
Hyarotis iadera: Hyarotis iadera(2)
Hyarotis microstictum: Hyarotis microstictum
Hybochelus cancellatus: Hybochelus cancellatus(2)
Hybochelus sulcifera: Hybochelus sulcifera
Hybos bispinipes: Hybos bispinipes
Hybos geniculatus: Hybos geniculatus
Hybos major: Hybos major
Hybovalgus major: Hybovalgus major
Hybridolinus diabolicus: Hybridolinus diabolicus
Hydaticus pacificus: Hydaticus pacificus
Hydatina albocinata: Hydatina albocinata
Hydatina albocincta: Hydatina albocincta(2)
Hydatina amplustre: Hydatina amplustre
Hydatina physis: Hydatina physis
Hydatina velum: Hydatina velum
Hydatina zonata: Hydatina zonata(2)
Hydatocapnia gemina: Hydatocapnia gemina
Hydnophora exesa: Hydnophora exesa
Hydnophora microconos: Hydnophora microconos
Hydnophora rigida: Hydnophora rigida
Hydrablabes periops: Hydrablabes periops
Hydrablabes praefrontalis: Hydrablabes praefrontalis
Hydraecia micacea: Hydraecia micacea
Hydraena bilobata: Hydraena bilobata
Hydraena orchid: Hydraena orchid
Hydraena undulata: Hydraena undulata
Hydrellia incerta: Hydrellia incerta
Hydriomena furcata: Hydriomena furcata
Hydrochous gigas: Hydrochous gigas(3)
Hydrocynus goliath: Hydrocynus goliath
Hydroglyphus inconstans: Hydroglyphus inconstans
Hydroides crucigera: Hydroides crucigera
Hydroides dirampha: Hydroides dirampha
Hydroides elegans: Hydroides elegans
Hydroides sanctaecrucis: Hydroides sanctaecrucis
Hydrolagus mitsukurii: Chimaera mitsukurii
Hydrolagus mitsukurii: Hydrolagus mitsukurii(2)
Hydromedusa tectifera: Hydromedusa tectifera
Hydrometra albolineata: Hydrometra albolineata
Hydrometra procera: Hydrometra procera
Hydrophasianus chirurgus: Hydrophasianus chirurgus(5)
Hydrophilus acuminatus: Hydrophilus acuminatus
Hydrophis brookei: Hydrophis brookei
Hydrophis brooki: Hydrophis brooki(2)
Hydrophis caerulescens: Hydrophis caerulescens(3)
Hydrophis cyanocinctus: Hydrophis cyanocinctus(2)
Hydrophis cynaocinctus: Hydrophis cynaocinctus
Hydrophis fasciatus: Hydrophis fasciatus(3)
Hydrophis gracilis: Hydrophis gracilis
Hydrophis klossi: Hydrophis klossi(2)
Hydrophis lapemoides: Hydrophis lapemoides
Hydrophis melanocephalus: Hydrophis melanocephalus
Hydrophis melanosoma: Hydrophis melanosoma(3)
Hydrophis ornatus: Hydrophis ornatus(2)
Hydrophis spiralis: Hydrophis spiralis(3)
Hydrophis torquatus: Hydrophis torquatus(3)
Hydrophoria aberrans: Hydrophoria aberrans
Hydropsyche orbiculata: Hydropsyche orbiculata
Hydrosaurus pustulatus: Hydrosaurus pustulatus
Hydrotaea affinis: Hydrotaea affinis
Hydrothassa marginella: Hydrothassa marginella
Hydrovatus acuminatus: Hydrovatus acuminatus
Hygia opaca: Hygia opaca
Hygophum proximum: Hygophum proximum(2)
Hygophum proximum: Hygophum reinhardti
Hygophum reinhardtii: Hygophum reinhardti
Hygophum reinhardtii: Hygophum reinhardtii(2)
Hygophum reinhardtii: Lampanyctus reinhardtii
Hygophum reinhardtii: Myctophum benoiti
Hygophum reinhardtii: Myctophum braueri
Hygophum reinhardtii: Myctophum reinhardti
Hygophum reinhardtii: Myctophum reinhardtii
Hygophum reinhardtii: Scopelus reinhardtii
Hygrotus chinensis: Hygrotus chinensis
Hyla chinensis: Hyla chinensis
Hylarana banjarana: Hylarana banjarana
Hylarana baramica: Hylarana baramica
Hylarana erythraea: Hylarana erythraea
Hylarana glandulosa: Hylarana glandulosa
Hylarana labialis: Hylarana labialis
Hylarana laterimaculata: Hylarana laterimaculata
Hylarana luctuosa: Hylarana luctuosa
Hylarana macrodactyla: Hylarana macrodactyla
Hylarana nicobariensis: Hylarana nicobariensis
Hylarana nigrovittata: Hylarana nigrovittata
Hylarana picturata: Hylarana picturata
Hylarana siberu: Hylarana siberu
Hyles livornica: Hyles livornica
Hylesinus tristis: Hylesinus tristis
Hylimya femoralis: Hylimya femoralis
Hyllus diardi: Hyllus diardi
Hylobates agilis: Hylobates agilis
Hylobates lar: Hylobates lar
Hylobates muelleri: Hylobates muelleri
Hylobates syndactylus: Hylobates syndactylus
Hylobius abietis: Hylobius abietis
Hylomys suillus: Hylomys suillus
Hylopeles lepidus: Hylopeles lepidus
Hylopetes lepidus: Hylopetes lepidus
Hylopetes spadiceus: Hylopetes spadiceus
Hylophilodes esakii: Hylophilodes esakii
Hylophilodes rara: Hylophilodes rara
Hylophilodes tsukusensis: Hylophilodes tsukusensis
Hylophilus formosanus: Hylophilus formosanus
Hylophilus laticeps: Hylophilus laticeps
Hylophilus sauteri: Hylophilus sauteri
Hymenia perspectalis: Hymenia perspectalis
Hymenocephalus gracilis: Hymenocephalus gracilis(2)
Hymenocephalus gracilis: Hymenogadus gracilis
Hymenocephalus kuronumai: Hymenocephalus kuronumai(2)
Hymenocephalus kuronumai: Hymenogadus kuronumai
Hymenocephalus lethonemus: Hymenocephalus lethonemus(2)
Hymenocephalus lethonemus: Hymenocephalus lethonenmus
Hymenocephalus longiceps: Hymenocephalus longiceps(2)
Hymenocephalus longipes: Hymenocephalus longipes
Hymenocephalus striatissimus: Hymenocephalus striatissimus
Hymenocera picta: Hymenocera picta
Hymenopenaeus aequalis: Hymenopenaeus aequalis
Hymenopenaeus halli: Hymenopenaeus halli
Hymenoptychis sordida: Hymenoptychis sordida
Hyndophora exesa: Hyndophora exesa
Hynobius arisanensis: Hynobius arisanensis
Hynobius formosanus: Hynobius formosanus
Hynobius sonani: Hynobius sonani
Hyotissa hyotis: Hyotissa hyotis(2)
Hypatima ovata: Hypatima ovata
Hypena amica: Hypena amica
Hypena crassalis: Hypena crassalis
Hypena furva: Hypena furva
Hypena iconicalis: Hypena iconicalis
Hypena indicatalis: Hypena indicatalis
Hypena lignealis: Hypena lignealis
Hypena occata: Hypena occata
Hypena parva: Hypena parva
Hypena perspicua: Hypena perspicua
Hypena proboscidalis: Hypena proboscidalis
Hypena sagitta: Hypena sagitta
Hypena satsumalis: Hypena satsumalis
Hypena sinuosa: Hypena sinuosa
Hypena strigatus: Hypena strigatus
Hypena trigonalis: Hypena trigonalis
Hypenagonia angulata: Hypenagonia angulata
Hypenagonia minor: Hypenagonia minor
Hypenodes humidalis: Hypenodes humidalis
Hyperanalyta apicalis: Hyperanalyta apicalis
Hyperaxis nigrescens: Hyperaxis nigrescens
Hyperioides longipes: Hyperioides longipes
Hyperlophoides compactilis: Hyperlophoides compactilis
Hyperoglyphe japonica: Centrolophus japonicus
Hyperoglyphe japonica: Hyperoglyphe japonica(2)
Hypersypnoides formosensis: Hypersypnoides formosensis
Hypersypnoides moltrechti: Hypersypnoides moltrechti
Hypersypnoides punctosa: Hypersypnoides punctosa
Hypersypnoides quadrinotata: Hypersypnoides quadrinotata
Hypersypnoides submarginata: Hypersypnoides submarginata
Hypersypnoides umbrosa: Hypersypnoides umbrosa
Hyperythra lutea: Hyperythra lutea
Hyphessobrycon amandae: Hyphessobrycon amandae
Hyphessobrycon anisitsi: Hyphessobrycon anisitsi
Hyphessobrycon bentosi: Hyphessobrycon bentosi
Hyphessobrycon callistus: Hyphessobrycon callistus
Hyphessobrycon ecuadoriensis: Hyphessobrycon ecuadoriensis
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma: Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma
Hyphessobrycon flammeus: Hyphessobrycon flammeus(4)
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi: Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi(3)
Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus: Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus(3)
Hyphessobrycon innesi: Hyphessobrycon innesi(3)
Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis: Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis(4)
Hyphessobrycon rosaceus: Hyphessobrycon rosaceus
Hyphessobrycon rubrostigma: Hyphessobrycon rubrostigma(3)
Hyphessobrycon scholzei: Hyphessobrycon scholzei(4)
Hyphessobrycon vilmae: Hyphessobrycon vilmae
Hyphydrus orientalis: Hyphydrus orientalis
Hyphydrus pulchellus: Hyphydrus pulchellus
Hypnogyra formosae: Hypnogyra formosae
Hypoatherina tsurugae: Atherina tsurugae
Hypoatherina tsurugae: Hypoatherina tsurugae(2)
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Allanetta bleekeri
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Allanetta valenciennei
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Atherina bleekeri
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Atherina valenciennei
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Atherina valenciennesi
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Haplocheilus argyrotaenia
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Hypoatherina bleekeri
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Hypoatherina valenciennei(2)
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Hypoatherina woodwardi
Hypoatherina valenciennei: Pranesus valenciennei
Hypoatherina woodwardi: Allanetta woodwardi
Hypoatherina woodwardi: Atherina woodwardi
Hypoatherina woodwardi: Hypoatherina woodwardi(2)
Hypocaccus varians: Hypocaccus varians
Hypocala deflorata: Hypocala deflorata
Hypocala rostrata: Hypocala rostrata
Hypocala subsatura: Hypocala subsatura
Hypocala violacea: Hypocala violacea
Hypocera flavipennis: Hypocera flavipennis
Hypochrosis insularis: Hypochrosis insularis
Hypochrosis rufescens: Hypochrosis rufescens
Hypochrysops coelisparsus: Hypochrysops coelisparsus
Hypodoryctes sibiricus: Hypodoryctes sibiricus
Hypogaleus hyugaensis: Eugaleus hyugaensis
Hypogaleus hyugaensis: Galeorhinus hyugaensis
Hypogaleus hyugaensis: Galeorhinus zanzibarensis
Hypogaleus hyugaensis: Hypogaleus hyugaensis(2)
Hypogaleus hyugaensis: Hypogaleus zanzibarensis
Hypogramma hypogrammcium: Hypogramma hypogrammcium
Hypogramma hypogrammicum: Hypogramma hypogrammicum(2)
Hypolamprus reticulatus: Hypolamprus reticulatus
Hypolimnas anomala: Hypolimnas anomala
Hypolimnas antilope: Hypolimnas antilope
Hypolimnas bolina: Hypolimnas bolina(3)
Hypolimnas misippus: Hypolimnas misippus(2)
Hypolycaena erylus: Hypolycaena erylus
Hypolycaena thecloides: Hypolycaena thecloides
Hypomeces squamosus: Hypomeces squamosus
Hypomecis melanosticta: Hypomecis melanosticta
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Abramocephalus microlepis(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Cephalus mantschuricus(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Hypophthalmichthys dabry(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Hypophthalmichthys dybowskii(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Hypophthalmichthys molitrix(4)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Hypothalmichthys molitrix(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Hypothamicthys molitrix(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Leuciscus hypophthalmus(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Leuciscus molitrix(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Onychodon mantschuricus(2)
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis: Hypophthalmichthys nobilis
Hypoponera beppin: Hypoponera beppin
Hypoponera biroi: Hypoponera biroi
Hypoponera bondroiti: Hypoponera bondroiti
Hypoponera gleadowi: Hypoponera gleadowi
Hypoponera nippona: Hypoponera nippona
Hypoponera opaciceps: Hypoponera opaciceps
Hypoponera sauteri: Hypoponera sauteri
Hypoponera truncata: Hypoponera truncata
Hypoponera zwaluwenburgi: Hypoponera zwaluwenburgi
Hypopyra ossigera: Hypopyra ossigera
Hypopyra pudens: Hypopyra pudens
Hyporhamphus dussumieri: Hemiramphus dussumieri
Hyporhamphus dussumieri: Hemiramphus laticeps
Hyporhamphus dussumieri: Hemiramphus reynaldi
Hyporhamphus dussumieri: Hyporhamphus dussumieri(2)
Hyporhamphus dussumieri: Hyporhamphus laticeps
Hyporhamphus dussumieri: Hyporhamphus samoensis
Hyporhamphus gernaerti: Hemiramphus gernaerti
Hyporhamphus gernaerti: Hemiramphus intermedius
Hyporhamphus gernaerti: Hemirhamphus peitaihoensis
Hyporhamphus gernaerti: Hyporhamphus gernaerti(2)
Hyporhamphus intermedius: Hemiramphus kurumeus
Hyporhamphus intermedius: Hemirhamphus intermedius
Hyporhamphus intermedius: Hemirhamphus kurumeus
Hyporhamphus intermedius: Hyporhamphus intermedius(2)
Hyporhamphus intermedius: Hyporhamphus kurumeus
Hyporhamphus intermedius: Hyporhamphus occipitalis
Hyporhamphus intermedius: Hyporhamphus sinensis
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hemiramphus gaimardi
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hemiramphus gorakhpurensis
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hemiramphus limbatus
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hemiramphus melanurus
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hemiramphus sinensis
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hemiramphus tridentifer
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hemirhamphus limbatus
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hemirhamphus sinensis
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hyporhamphus limbatus(2)
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hyporhamphus sinensis
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Hyporhamphus unifasciatus
Hyporhamphus quoyi: Hyporhamphus quoyi
Hyporhamphus taiwanensis: Hyporhamphus occipitalis
Hyporhamphus taiwanensis: Hyporhamphus taiwanensis(2)
Hyporhamphus yuri: Hyporhamphus yuri(2)
Hyposidra talaca: Hyposidra talaca
Hyposipalus gigas: Hyposipalus gigas
Hyposoter formosanus: Hyposoter formosanus
Hyposoter posticae: Hyposoter posticae
Hyposoter taihorinensis: Hyposoter taihorinensis
Hypostomus plecostomus: Hypostomus plecostomus(Preferred)(9)
Hypothalassia acerba: Hypothalassia acerba(2)
Hypothenemus javanus: Hypothenemus javanus
Hypothenemus taihokuensis: Hypothenemus taihokuensis
Hypothymis azurea: Hypothymis azurea(5)
Hypselecara temporalis: Hypselecara temporalis
Hypseleotris bipartita: Hypseleotris bipartita(2)
Hypseleotris compressa: Hypseleotris compressa(3)
Hypseleotris cyprinoides: Asterropteryx cyprinoides
Hypseleotris cyprinoides: Eleotris cyprinoides
Hypseleotris cyprinoides: Hypseleotris cyprinoides(2)
Hypselodoris bullockii: Hypselodoris bullockii
Hypselodoris emma: Hypselodoris emma
Hypselodoris festiva: Hypselodoris festiva
Hypselodoris festive: Hypselodoris festive
Hypselodoris infucata: Hypselodoris infucata
Hypselodoris kanga: Hypselodoris kanga
Hypselodoris placida: Hypselodoris placida
Hypselothyrea guttata: Hypselothyrea guttata
Hypsibarbus pierrei: Barbodes pierrei
Hypsibarbus pierrei: Barbus pierrei
Hypsibarbus pierrei: Hypsibarbus pierrei(3)
Hypsibarbus pierrei: Puntius pierrei
Hypsicalotes kinabaluensis: Calotes kinabaluensis
Hypsicera affinis: Hypsicera affinis
Hypsicera carnosa: Hypsicera carnosa
Hypsicera erythropus: Hypsicera erythropus
Hypsicera femoralis: Hypsicera femoralis
Hypsicera formosana: Hypsicera formosana
Hypsicera globosa: Hypsicera globosa
Hypsicera lita: Hypsicera lita
Hypsicera obliqua: Hypsicera obliqua
Hypsicera oharai: Hypsicera oharai
Hypsicera seta: Hypsicera seta
Hypsicera taiwana: Hypsicera taiwana
Hypsicera townesus: Hypsicera townesus
Hypsicerca cavicola: Hypsicerca cavicola
Hypsicerca fullawayi: Hypsicerca fullawayi
Hypsilurus auritus: Gonocephalus auritus
Hypsilurus boydii: Gonocephalus boydii(2)
Hypsilurus dilophus: Gonocephalus dilophus
Hypsilurus geelvinkianus: Gonocephalus geelvinkianus
Hypsilurus nigrigularis: Gonocephalus nigrigularis
Hypsilurus spinipes: Gonocephalus spinipes
Hypsipetes castanonotus: Hypsipetes castanonotus
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: Hypsipetes leucocephalus(4)
Hypsipetes mcclellandii: Hypsipetes mcclellandii(2)
Hypsomadius insignis: Hypsomadius insignis
Hypsosinga pygmaea: Hypsosinga pygmaea
Hypsosinga sanguinea: Hypsosinga sanguinea
Hyptiotes affinis: Hyptiotes affinis
Hysteroneura setariae: Hysteroneura setariae
Hysteroscene hyalina: Hysteroscene hyalina
Hysterothylacium aduncum: Hysterothylacium aduncum
Hystrix brachyura: Hystrix brachyura(2)
Hystrix brachyura: Hystrix brachyuran
Hystrix hodgsoni: Hystrix hodgsoni

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_h.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name H, 動物名 H}

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_h.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name H, 動物名 H}, (nswong, animal_name_h.htm)

Habroptila wallacii: Invisible rail
Hadogenes troglodytes: Flat rock scorpions
Haematopus bachmani: American black oystercatcher
Haematopus fuliginosus: Sooty oystercatcher
Haematopus longirostris: Australian pied oystercatcher
Haematopus ostralegus: Common oystercatcher
Haematopus ostralegus: Eurasian oystercatcher(11)
Haematopus ostralegus: Osculans, Eurasian oystercatcher
Haematortyx sanguiniceps: Crimson-headed partridge(9)
Haematortyx sanguiniceps: Crimson-headed wood partridge
Haematospiza sipahi: Scarlet finch(3)
Haemulon flavolineatum: French grunt
Haeromys margarettae: Ranee mouse
Haeromys pusillus: Lesser ranee mouse
Hagedashia hagedash: Hagedash
Halcyon albiventris: Brown-hooded kingfisher(3)
Halcyon amauroptera: Brown-winged kingfisher
Halcyon badia: Chocolate-backed kingfisher(2)
Halcyon capensis: Stork-billed kingfisher(4)
Halcyon chelicuti: Striped kingfisher(3)
Halcyon chloris: Kingfisher collared
Halcyon coromanda: Ruddy kingfisher(27)
Halcyon cyanoventris: Javan kingfisher(4)
Halcyon leucocephala: Gray-headed kingfisher
Halcyon leucocephala: Grey-headed kingfisher(3)
Halcyon malimbica: Blue-breasted kingfisher(2)
Halcyon pileata: Black-capped kingfisher(30)
Halcyon senegalensis: Cyanoleuca, Angola kingfisher
Halcyon senegalensis: Woodland kingfisher(3)
Halcyon senegaloides: Mangrove kingfisher(3)
Halcyon smyrnensis: White-breasted Kingfisher(10700)
Halcyon smyrnensis: White-throated kingfisher(40000)
Haliaeetus albicilla: White-tailed eagle(7)
Haliaeetus albicilla: White-tailed sea eagle(4)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: Bald eagle(4)
Haliaeetus leucogaster: White-bellied fish- / sea-eagle
Haliaeetus leucogaster: White-bellied fish-eagle(5)
Haliaeetus leucogaster: White-bellied fish eagle(4)
Haliaeetus leucogaster: White-bellied sea-eagle(11)
Haliaeetus leucogaster: White-bellied sea eagle(13)
Haliaeetus leucoryphus: Pallas's fish-eagle
Haliaeetus leucoryphus: Pallas's fish eagle(3)
Haliaeetus leucoryphus: Pallas's sea-eagle
Haliaeetus leucoryphus: Pallas sea eagle
Haliaeetus pelagicus: Black sea eagle
Haliaeetus pelagicus: Steller's sea-eagle(3)
Haliaeetus pelagicus: Steller's sea eagle(4)
Haliaeetus sanfordi: Sanford's fish-eagle
Haliaeetus sanfordi: Sanfords sea eagle
Haliaeetus vocifer: African fish-eagle
Haliaeetus vocifer: African fish eagle
Haliaeetus vocifer: African sea eagle
Haliaeetus vociferoides: Madagascar fish-eagle
Haliaeetus vociferoides: Madagascar sea eagel
Haliastur indus: Brahminy kite(31)
Haliastur indus: Kite brahminy
Haliastur sphenurus: Whistling kite(3)
Halicampus nitidus: Glittering pipefish
Halicampus nitidus: Zebra or glittering pipefish(4)
Halichoeres bicolor: Brown stripe wrasse(5)
Halichoeres biocellatus: Twospot wrasse
Halichoeres bivittatus: Slippery Dick
Halichoeres brownfieldi: Brownfield's wrasse
Halichoeres chloropterus: Green wrasse
Halichoeres chrysus: Canary wrasse
Halichoeres chrysus: Golden rainbowfish
Halichoeres dussumieri: Diamond tuskfish(5)
Halichoeres garnoti: Yellowhead wrasse(2)
Halichoeres hartzfeldii: Hartzfeld's wrasse
Halichoeres hortulanus: checkerboard wrasse
Halichoeres hortulanus: Checkerboard wrasse(2)
Halichoeres magaritaceus: Astrolabe wrasse
Halichoeres margaritaceus: Astrolabe wrasse
Halichoeres melanurus: Orange-tipped rainbowfish
Halichoeres nebulosus: Pictures wrasse
Halichoeres nigrescens: Bubblefin Wrasse
Halichoeres nigrescens: Diamond Wrasse
Halichoeres ornatissimus: Ornate wrasse
Halichoeres prosopeion: Purpleheaded wrasse
Halichoeres prosopeion: Twotone wrasse
Halichoeres purpurescens: Silty wrasse(6)
Halichoeres rubricephalus: Red face wrasse
Halichoeres scapularis: Zigzag wrasse
Halichoeres tamasi: Tamasi wrasse
Halichoeres trimaculatus: Three-spot wrasse
Halichoeres trispilus: Four-spot wrasse
Halieutichthys aculeatus: Pancake batfish
Haliotis asinina: Abalone
Haliotis asinina: Donkey's ear abalone
Haliotis discus: Abalone
Haliotis discus: Hannai, Abalone
Haliotis diversicolor: Abalone(2)
Haliotis gigantea: Abalone
Haliotis iris: Abalone
Haliotis laevigata: Abalone
Haliotis roei: Abalone
Haliotis rubra: Abalone
Halobaena caerulea: Blue petrel
Halpe ormenes: Vilasina, Dark banded ace(3)
Halpe paupera: Beggar ace
Halpe porus: Dark brown ace
Halpe porus: Moore's ace
Halpe zemaormenes: Banded ace
Halycon pileata: Black-capped kingfisher
Halycon smyrnensis: White-throated kingfisher
Haminoea tenera: Glassy Bubble Shells
Hamirostra melanosternon: Black-breasted buzzard
Hamirostra melanosternon: Black-breasted buzzard kite
Hampala macrolepidota: Carp
Hampala macrolepidota: Grooved isthmus barbel(2)
Hampala macrolepidota: Hampala barb(1472)
Hampala macrolepidota: Jungle perch(756)
Hampala macrolepidota: Red Barb
Hapalemur aureus: Golden bamboo lemur(2)
Hapalemur griseus: Grey gentle lemur(2)
Hapalemur simus: Broad-nosed gentle lemur(2)
Hapalochlaena maculosus: Blue-ringed octopus
Hapalogenys analis: Belted Barbeled Grunter
Hapalogenys analis: Broadbanded Velvetchin
Hapalogenys mucronatus: Belted barbeled grunter
Hapalogenys mucronatus: Belted beard grunt
Hapalomys longicaudatus: Marmoset rat(2)
Hapalopsittaca amazonina: Rusty-faced parrot
Hapalopsittaca melanotis: Black-winged parrot
Haplochromis ahli: Electric Blue Haplochrom
Haplochromis annectens: Chunky Hap
Haplochromis borleyi: Borleyi Hap
Haplochromis brownie: Browns' Mouthbrooder
Haplochromis chrysonotus: Yellow-nape Haplochrom
Haplochromis compressiceps: Malawi Eye Biter
Haplochromis electra: Deep Water Hap
Haplochromis livingstoni: Hap livingston
Haplochromis livingstoni: Livingston Cichlid
Haplochromis moorii: Blue Lumphead
Haplochromis nubilus: Blue Victoria Mouthbrooder
Haplochromis polystigma: Polystigma Cichlid
Haplochromis taeniolatus: Spindle Haplochromis
Haplochromis venustus: Venustus Haplochromis
Haplocylix littoreus: Giant clingfish
Haplonycteris fisheri: Philippine pygmy fruit bat
Haplophaedia aureliae: Greenish puffleg
Haplophaedia lugens: Hoary puffleg
Harmonia axyridis: Multicolored asian lady beetle(2)
Harpactes ardens: Philippine trogon
Harpactes diardii: Diard's trogon(10)
Harpactes duvaucelii: Scarlet-rumped trogon(11)
Harpactes duvaucelii: Scarlet rumped trogon
Harpactes erythrocephalus: Red-headed trogon(11)
Harpactes fasciatus: Malabar trogon(2)
Harpactes kasumba: Red-naped trogon(11)
Harpactes oreskios: Orange-breasted trogon(12)
Harpactes orrhophaeus: Cinnamon-rumped trogon(7)
Harpactes orrophaeus: Cinnamon-rumped trogon
Harpactes reinwardtii: Red-billed trogon
Harpactes wardi: Ward's trogon(4)
Harpactes whiteheadi: Whitehead's trogon(5)
Harpagornis moorei: New zealand eagle
Harpagus bidentatus: Double-toothed kite(2)
Harpagus diodon: Rufous-thighed kite
Harpagus diodon: Rufous-tighed kite
Harpia harpyja: Harpy eagle
Harpia harpyja: South american harpy eagle
Harpiocephalus harpia: Hairy-winged bat
Harpiocephalus mordax: Greater hairy-winged bat
Harpiocephalus mordax: Hairy-winged bat(2)
Harpiosquilla harpax: Mantis shrimp(1010)
Harpiosquilla harpax: Robber harpiosquillid mantis shrimp(55)
Harpiosquilla harpax: Silver mantis shrimp(52)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: Giant harpiosquillid mantis shrimp(72)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: Mantis shrimp(1300)
Harpodon nenereus: Bombay duck
Harpyaliaetus coronatus: Crowned solitary eagle
Harpyaliaetus solitarius: Black solitary eagle
Harpyhaliaetus coronatus: Crowned eagle
Harpyhaliaetus solitarius: Solitary eagle
Harpyionycteris celebensis: Sulawesi harpy fruit bat
Harpyionycteris whiteheadi: Harpy fruit bat
Harpyopsis novaeginae: New guinea harpy eagle
Harpyopsis novaeguineae: New guinea eagle
Harpyopsis novaeguineae: New guinea harpy eagle
Harpyopsis novaeguineae: Papuan harpy eagle
Harrovia albolineata: Crinoid crab
Hasemania nana: Silver-tipped tetra(2)
Hasora anura: Slate awl
Hasora badra: Badra, Common awl(7)
Hasora badra: Common awl
Hasora badrabadra: Common awl
Hasora chromus: Banded awl
Hasora chromus: Chromus, Common banded awl(4)
Hasora leucospila: Leucospila, Violet awl
Hasora schoenherr: Chuza, Yellow banded awl(5)
Hasora schoenherr: Yellow-banded awl
Hasora schoenherri: Chuza, Yellow banded awl
Hasora taminatus: Malayana, White banded awl(5)
Hasora taminatus: White-banded awl
Hasora vitta: Plain banded awl
Hasora vitta: Vitta, Plain banded awl(6)
He1iodoxa jacu1a: Green-crowned brilliant
Hebomoia glaucippe: Aturia, Great orange tip(5)
Hebomoia glaucippe: Great orange tip
Hebomoia glaucippe: Greate orange tip
Hedydipna collaris: Collared sunbird(3)
Hedydipna metallica: Nile valley sunbird(2)
Hedydipna pallidigaster: Amani sunbird(2)
Hedydipna platura: Pygmy sunbird(2)
Heinrichia calligyna: Great shortwing
Helarctos malayanus: Honey bear(15900)
Helarctos malayanus: Malay bear(1300)
Helarctos malayanus: Malay sun-bear(478)
Helarctos malayanus: Malayan sun-bear(11200)
Helarctos malayanus: Malayan sun bear(11200)
Helarctos malayanus: Sun bear(33602)
Heleia crassirostris: Thick-billed heleia
Heleia crassirostris: Thick-billed white-eye
Heleia dohertyi: Crested white-eye
Heleia goodfellowi: Black-masked white-eye
Heleia goodfellowi: Mindanao white-eye
Heleia javanica: Mees's white-eye
Heleia muelleri: Spot-breasted heleia
Heleia muelleri: Spot-breasted white-eye
Heleia pinaiae: Gray-hooded white-eye
Heleia ruficollis: Madanga
Heleia ruficollis: Rufous-throated white-eye
Heleia squamiceps: Streak-headed white-eye
Heleia squamifrons: Pygmy white-eye
Heleia stalkeri: Rufescent darkeye
Heleia superciliaris: Cream-browed white-eye
Heleia wallacei: Yellow-ringed white-eye
Heliaeschna crassa: Nighthawker(3)
Heliaeschna uninervulata: Lesser nighthawker(3)
Heliangelus :mIcraster: little sunangel
Heliangelus amethysticollis: Amethyst-throated sunangel
Heliangelus exortis: Tourmaline sunangel
Heliangelus luminosus: Glistering sunangel
Heliangelus mavors: Orange-throated sunangel
Heliangelus rothschildi: Rothschild's sunangel
Heliangelus speciosus: Green-throated sunangel
Heliangelus spencei: Merida sunangel
Heliangelus squamigularis: 01ive-throated sunangel
Heliangelus strophianus: Gorgeted sunangel
Heliangelus viola: Purple-throated sunangel
Heliatin cornuta: Horned sungem
Helicarion perfragilis: Fragile Arion Helix(2)
Helicolenus percoides: Jock stewart or sea perch
Heliodoxa branickii: Rufous-webbed brilliant
Heliodoxa gularis: Pink-throated brilliant
Heliodoxa imperatrix: Empress brilliant
Heliodoxa leadbeateri: Vio1et-fronted brilliant
Heliodoxa rubinoides: Fawn-breasted brilliant
Heliodoxa schreibersii: Black-throated brilliant
Heliodoxa xanthogonys: Velvet-crowned brilliant
Heliogomphus kelantanensis: Malayan grappletail(3)
Heliolais erythroptera: Red-winged prinia
Heliomas.ter constantii: Plain-capped s.tarthroat
Heliomaster furcife: Blue-tufted starthroat
Heliomaster longirpstris: Long-billed starthroat
Heliomaster squamosus: Stripe-breasted starthroat
Heliopais personata: Heliopais personata
Heliopais personata: Masked finfoot(11)
Heliopais personatus: Masked finfoot
Heliophorus epicles: Purple sapphire
Heliophorus epicles: Tweediei, Purple sapphire
Heliophorus ila: Malaya, Restricted purple sapphire
Heliothryx aurita: Black-eared fairy
Heliothryx barroti: Purple-crowned fairy
Helix aspersa: Garden snail
Helix aspersa: Land snail
Helix pomatia: Land snail
Helix pomatia: Roman snail
Heloderma suspectum: Gila monster(2)
Helogale hirtula: Somali dwarf mongoose
Helogale parvula: Dwarf mongoose
Helostoma temmicki: Kissing Gourami
Helostoma temmincki: Kissing gourami(4)
Helostoma temmincki: Pink kisser
Helostoma temminckii: Kissing gourami(3)
Helostoma temminckii: Pink kissing gourami
Helostoma temminckki: Kissing gourami(2)
Helostoma temminkii: Kissing Gourami(2)
Helotes sexlineatus: Six-lined Trumpeter
Helotes sexlineatus: Sixlined Terapon
Hemaris diffinis: Snowberry clearwing(2)
Hemaris thysbe: Hummingbird clearwing
Hemaris thysbe: Hummingbird clearwing hawk moth
Hemaris thysbe: Hummingbird moth
Hemianax ephippiger: Vagrant emperor vagrant
Hemibagrus nemurus: Asian redtail catfish(3)
Hemibagrus wyckii: River catfish(2)
Hemibarbus labeo: Barbel steed(2)
Hemichromis bimaculatus: Jewel cichlid(2)
Hemichromis elongatus: Banded jewel cichlid
Hemichromis elongatus: Five Star General
Hemichromis guttatus: Jewel cichlid
Hemichromis lifalili: Blood-Red Jewel Cichlid
Hemichromis lifalili: Lifalili cichlid
Hemicircus canente: Heart-spotted woodpecker(2)
Hemicircus concretus: Gray-and-buff woodpecker(2)
Hemicircus concretus: Grey-and-buff woodpecker(7)
Hemicordulia tenera: Emerald(3)
Hemiculter leucisculus: Sharpbelly
Hemidactylus brookii: Brooke's house gecko(2)
Hemidactylus craspedotus: Frilly gecko
Hemidactylus frenatus: Asian house gecko(4530)
Hemidactylus frenatus: Common house gecko(71902)
Hemidactylus frenatus: Pacific gecko(3940)
Hemidactylus frenatus: Pacific house gecko(46600)
Hemidactylus frenatus: Spiny-tailed gecko(986)
Hemidactylus frenatus: Spiny-tailed house gecko(20801)
Hemidactylus garnotii: Indo-pacific gecko(2)
Hemidactylus leschenaultii: Bark gecko
Hemidactylus platycephalus: Tree gecko
Hemidactylus platyurus: Flat-tailed house gecko
Hemidactylus turcicus: Mediterranean gecko
Hemifusus fernatanus: Giant conch
Hemigalus derbyanus: Banded civet
Hemigalus derbyanus: Banded palm civet(7)
Hemigalus derbyanus: Banded palm civet(common)
Hemigalus hosei: Hose's civet(2)
Hemignathus lucidus: Nukupuu
Hemignathus munroi: Akiapolaau
Hemignathus obscurus: Lesser akialoa
Hemignathus parvus: Anianiau
Hemignathus virens: Hawaii amakihi
Hemigobius hoevenii: Common mullet goby(7)
Hemigobius melanurus: Blue-eyed goby
Hemigobius melanurus: Blue-eyed mullet goby
Hemigrammus bleheri: Red-nose
Hemigrammus bleheri: Rummy-nose tetra
Hemigrammus caudovittatus: Buenos aires tetra(3)
Hemigrammus erythrozonus: Glow light tetra
Hemigrammus erythrozonus: Glowlight tetra(3)
Hemigrammus nanus: Silver Tip Tetra
Hemigrammus ocellifer: Head-and-tail light
Hemigrammus ocellifer: Head and Tail Light Tetra
Hemigrammus pulcher: Pretty Tetra
Hemigrammus rhodostomus: Rummy-nose tetra
Hemigrammus rhodostomus: Rummy Nose Tetra
Hemigrammus rodwayi: Gold tetra(3)
Hemigrammus rodwayi: Golden tetra
Hemigrammus ulreyi: Ulrey's tetra
Hemigymnus fasciatus: Barred thicklip(3)
Hemigymnus melapterus: Blackeye thicklip(3)
Hemigymnus melapterus: Half-and-half thicklip
Hemiodopsis gracilis: Slender hemiodus
Hemiodopsis immaculatus: Silver hemiodopsis
Hemiodopsis microlepis: Red tailed hemiodopsis
Hemiodus gracilis: Slender hemiodus
Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae: New zealand pigeon
Hemiphyllodactylus typus: Dwarf gecko(3)
Hemiphyllodactylus typus: Lowland dwarf gecko(2)
Hemiplecta humphreysiana: Humphrey's Land Snail(2)
Hemiprocne comata: Whiskered treeswift(16)
Hemiprocne coronata: Crested treeswift(5)
Hemiprocne longipennis: Crested treeswift
Hemiprocne longipennis: Gray-rumped treeswift(4)
Hemiprocne longipennis: Grey-rumped treeswift(11)
Hemiprocne mystacea: Moustached treeswift
Hemipus hirundinaceus: Black-winged flycatcher-shrike or black-winged hemipus
Hemipus hirundinaceus: Black-winged flycatcher-shrike(8)
Hemipus hirundinaceus: Black-winged flycatcher shrike(3)
Hemipus picatus: Bar-winged flycatcher-shrike(12)
Hemipus picatus: Bar-winged flycatcher shrike(2)
Hemipus picatus: Bar-winged hemipus
Hemiramphus archipelagicus: Jumping halfbeak
Hemiramphus far: Black-barred halfbeak(5)
Hemiramphus far: Blackbarred halfbeak
Hemiramphus far: Garfish
Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus: Forest halfbeak(9)
Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus: Malayan forest halfbeak(5)
Hemirhampus xanthopterus: Red-tipped half beak
Hemirhynchus paradoxus: Three-toed parrotbill
Hemirhynchus unicolor: Brown parrotbill
Hemiscyllium ocellatum: Epaulette shark
Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii: Pink tongued skink
Hemisquilla californiensis: Mantis shrimp
Hemitaurichthys polylepis: Pyramid butterflyfish(2)
Hemitaurichthys polylepis: Shy butterflyfish(2)
Hemitaurichthys thompsoni: Thompson's butterflyfish
Hemitaurichthys zoster: Brown-and-white butterflyfish
Hemitaurichthys zoster: Brown and white butterflyfish
Hemitaurichthys zoster: Zoster butterfly
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus: African fat-tailed gecko
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus: Fat-tailed gecko
Hemitragus hylocrius: Nilgiri tahr
Hemitragus jayakari: Arabian tahr
Hemitragus jemlahicus: Himalayan tahr
Hemixos castanonotus: Chestnut bulbul(4)
Hemixos flavala: Ashy bulbul(15)
Hemixos flavalus: Ashy bulbul
Hemphyllodactylus typus: Dwarf gecko
Henicopemis infuscata: Black-honey buzzard
Henicopemis longicauda: Long-tailed honey buzzard
Henicopernis infuscatus: Black honey-buzzard
Henicopernis longicauda: Long-tailed buzzard
Henicopernis longicauda: Long-tailed honey-buzzard
Henicophaps albifrons: New guinea bronzewing
Henicorhynchus siamensis: Siamese Mud Carp
Heniochus acuminatus: Banner fish
Heniochus acuminatus: Bannerfish
Heniochus chrysostomus: Pennant bannerfish
Heniochus chrysostomus: Threeband pennant coralfish(2)
Heniochus diphreutes: Pennantfish
Heniochus diphreutes: Schooling bannerfish
Heniochus monoceros: Masked bannerfish(2)
Heniochus nigrirostris: Barberfish
Heniochus singularis: Philippine pennant coralfish
Heniochus singularis: Singular bannerfish
Heniochus singularius: Philippine pennant coralfish
Heniochus singularius: Singular bannerfish
Heniochus varius: Humphead bannerfish(3)
Heosemys grandis: Asian giant terrapin(2)
Heosemys grandis: Giant asian pond turtle(2)
Heosemys grandis: Giant leaf terrapin(2)
Heosemys grandis: Orange-headed temple terrapin
Heosemys spinosa: Spiny hill terrapin
Heosemys spinosa: Spiny terrapin(3)
Heosemys spinosa: Spiny turtle(3)
Herichthys carpinte: Pearlscale cichlid
Herichthys cyanoguttatum: Texas cichlid
Herichthys cyanoguttatus: Rio Grande Cichlid
Herichthys cyanoguttatus: Texas cichlid
Herona marathus: Angustata, Yellow pasha
Heros appendiculatus: Turquoise severum
Heros severus: Banded cichlid
Heros severus: Green severum
Heros severus: Severum
Heros severus: Severum: gold severum
Herotilapia multispinosa: Rainbow cichlid
Herpailurus yagouaroundi: Jaguarundi
Herpailurus yaguarondi: Jaguarundi
Herpestes brachyurus: Short-tailed mongoose(5)
Herpestes edwardsii: Indian gray mongoose
Herpestes edwardsii: Indian grey mongoose
Herpestes fuscus: Indian brown mongoose
Herpestes ichneumon: Egyptian mongoose
Herpestes javanicus: Golden-spotted mongoose
Herpestes javanicus: Javan mongoose(2)
Herpestes javanicus: Small asian mongoose
Herpestes javanicus: Small indian mongoose(2)
Herpestes naso: Long-nosed mongoose
Herpestes palustris: Bengal mongoose
Herpestes semitorquatus: Collared mongoose(4)
Herpestes smithii: Ruddy mongoose
Herpestes urva: Crab-eating mongoose(3)
Herpestes vitticollis: Stripe-necked mongoose
Herpetogramma licarsisalis: Sod webworm
Herpetotheres cachinnans: Laughing falcon(3)
Hesperoptenus blanfordi: Blanford's bat(4)
Hesperoptenus blanfordi: Lesser false serotine
Hesperoptenus doriae: Doria's false serotine(2)
Hesperoptenus doriae: False serotine bat(2)
Hesperoptenus gaskelli: Gaskell's false serotine
Hesperoptenus tickelli: Tickell's bat
Hesperoptenus tomesi: Large false serotine(4)
Hestina assimilis: Red ring skirt
Heteractis magnifica: Magnificent anemone(2)
Heteractis magnifica: Ritteri sea anemone
Heteractis magnifica: Sea anemone(3)
Heteractus magnifica: Magnificent sea anemone
Heteralocha acutirostris: Huia
Heterandria formosa: Dwarf livebearer
Heterandria formosa: Least Killifish
Heterodon nasicus: Western hognose snake
Heterodon platyrhinos: Eastern hognose snake
Heteroglaux blewitti: Forest owlet
Heterohyrax antineae: Ahaggar hyrax
Heterohyrax brucei: Bush Hyrax
Heterohyrax brucei: Yellow-spotted hyrax
Heterometrus longimanus: Asian forest scorpion
Heterometrus spinifer: Malaysian black scorpion
Heterophasia annectans: Rufous-backed sibia
Heterophasia annectens: Rufous-backed sibia(2)
Heterophasia auricularis: White-eared sibia(10)
Heterophasia capistrata: Rufous sibia(4)
Heterophasia desgodinsi: Black-headed sibia(3)
Heterophasia gracilis: Gray sibia
Heterophasia gracilis: Grey sibia(3)
Heterophasia gracillis: Grey sibia
Heterophasia melanoleuca: Black-headed sibia
Heterophasia melanoleuca: Dark-backed sibia(2)
Heterophasia picaoides: Long-tailed sibia(14)
Heterophasia pulchella: Beautiful sibia(4)
Heteropoda venatoria: Domestic huntsman spider(2)
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: Glasseye(2)
Heterorhabditis megidis: Insect parasitic nematodes
Heterosceles brevipes: Gray-tailed tattler(5)
Heterosceles incanus: Wandering tattler
Heteroscelus brevipes: Gray-tailed tattler
Heteroscelus brevipes: Grey-tailed tattler(8)
Heteroscelus incanus: Wandering tattler
Heterospiza meridionalis: Savanna hawk
Heterotis niloticus: African arowana
Heterotis niloticus: Black arowana
Heterotis niloticus: Heterotis
Heteroxenicus stellatus: Gould's shortwing(2)
Hexanchus griseus: Grey shark
Hexanematichthys seemanni: Colombian shark
Hexaprotodon liberiensis: Pygmy hipoppotomas
Hexaprotodon liberiensis: Pygmy hippopotamus(2)
Hidari irava: Coconut skipper(6)
Hieraaetus ayresii: Ayres's hawk-eagle(2)
Hieraaetus dubius: Ayre's eagle
Hieraaetus fasciatus: African hawk eagle
Hieraaetus fasciatus: Bonelli's eagle(5)
Hieraaetus fasciatus: Bonellis eagle
Hieraaetus kienerii: Rufous-bellied eagle(9)
Hieraaetus kienerii: Rufous-bellied hawk-eagle
Hieraaetus kienerii: Rufous-bellied hawk eagle
Hieraaetus morphnoides: Little eagle(3)
Hieraaetus pennatus: Booted eagle(12)
Hieraaetus spilogaster: African hawk-eagle(2)
Hieremys annandalii: Yellow-headed temple turtle
Hierococcyx bocki: Dark hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx fugax: Malaysian hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx hyperythrus: Northern hawk-cuckoo
Hierococcyx hyperythrus: Rufous hawk-cuckoo(2)
Hierococcyx nisicolor: Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo(3)
Hierococcyx nisicolor: Hodgson's hawk cuckoo(2)
Hierococcyx sparverioides: Large hawk-cuckoo(3)
Hierococcyx sparverioides: Large hawk cuckoo
Hierococcyx vagans: Moustached hawk cuckoo(2)
Hierococcyx varius: Common hawk-cuckoo(2)
Hierococcyx varius: Common hawk cuckoo
Hildebrandtia ornata: Ornate frog
Hilsa kelee: Kelee shad
Hilsa macrura: Longtail shad
Himantopus himantopus: Black-winged stilt(27)
Himantopus leucocephalus: White-headed stilt(4)
Himantura gerrardi: Sharpnose stingray(2)
Himantura gerrardi: Whitespotted whipray(2)
Himantura granulata: Mangrove whipray
Himantura uarnak: Banded whiptail ray
Himantura uarnak: Honeycomb stingray
Himantura uarnak: Leopard ray
Himantura uarnak: Leopard stingray
Himantura uarnak: Marbled ray
Himantura uarnak: Reticulate whipray
Himantura undulata: Honeycomb Stingray
Himantura undulata: Leopard Whipray
Himantura walga: Mangrove whip ray(5)
Himatione sanguinea: Apapane
Hipoppotomas amphibius: Hipoppotomas
Hippichthys cyanospilus: Blue-speckled pipefish(5)
Hippichthys heptagonus: Belly pipefish(2)
Hippichthys penicillus: Beady pipefish
Hippocamelus antisensis: Peruvian guemal
Hippocamelus bisulcus: Chilean guemal
Hippocampus abdominalis: Bigbelly seahorse
Hippocampus bargibanti: Pygmy seahorse(3)
Hippocampus capensis: Cape seahorse
Hippocampus colemani: Coleman's pygmy seahorse
Hippocampus comes: Tigertail Seahorse
Hippocampus denise: Denise's pygmy seahorse
Hippocampus kuda: Oceanic seahorse
Hippocampus kuda: Spotted seahorse(5)
Hippocampus kuda: Yellow seahorse
Hippocampus pontohi: Pontoh's pygmy seahorse
Hippocampus reidi: Longsnout seahorse
Hippocampus zosterae: Pigmy seahorse
Hippocamus kuda: Oceanic/yellow
Hippocamus sp: Common
Hippocamus sp: Red
Hippocamus sp: Red hair
Hippodamia convergens: Convergent lady beetle(2)
Hippodamia convergens: Lady beetle
Hippodamia convergens: The convergent lady beetle
Hippoglossus hippoglossus: Halibut
Hippolais caligata: Booted warbler(3)
Hippolais icterina: Icterine warbler(2)
Hippolais languida: Upcher's warbler(2)
Hippolais olivetorum: Olive-tree warbler(2)
Hippolais pallida: Olivaceous warbler
Hippopotamus amphibius: Common hippopotamus
Hippopotamus amphibius: Hippopotamus
Hipposcarus longiceps: Pacific longnose parrotfish
Hipposideros abae: Aba roundleaf bat
Hipposideros armiger: Great roundleaf bat(3)
Hipposideros armiger: Great roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros ater: Dusky roundleaf bat(2)
Hipposideros beatus: Benito roundleaf bat
Hipposideros bicolor: Bicolor roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros bicolor: Bicolored roundleaf bat(5)
Hipposideros breviceps: Short-headed roundleaf bat
Hipposideros caffer: Sundevall's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros calcaratus: Spurred roundleaf bat
Hipposideros camerunensis: Greater roundleaf bat
Hipposideros cervinus: Common roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros cervinus: Fawn roundleaf bat(3)
Hipposideros cineraceus: Ashy roundleaf bat(2)
Hipposideros cineraceus: Least roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros commersoni: Commerson's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros coronatus: Large mindanao roundleaf bat
Hipposideros corynophyllus: Telefomin roundleaf bat
Hipposideros coxi: Cox's roundleaf bat(4)
Hipposideros crumeniferus: Timor roundleaf bat
Hipposideros curtus: Short-tailed roundleaf bat
Hipposideros cyclops: Cyclops roundleaf bat
Hipposideros diadema: Diadem roundleaf bat(3)
Hipposideros diadema: Great roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros dinops: Fierce roundleaf bat
Hipposideros doriae: Borneo roundleaf bat(2)
Hipposideros dyacorum: Dayak roundleaf bat(6)
Hipposideros fuliginosus: Sooty roundleaf bat
Hipposideros fulvus: Fulvus roundleaf bat
Hipposideros galeritus: Cantor's roundleaf bat(2)
Hipposideros galeritus: Cantor's roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros halophyllus: Thailand roundleaf bat
Hipposideros inexpectatus: Crested roundleaf bat
Hipposideros jonesi: Jones's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros lamottei: Lamotte's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros lankadiva: Indian roundleaf bat
Hipposideros larvatus: Intermediat roundleaf bat
Hipposideros larvatus: Intermediate roundleaf bat(2)
Hipposideros larvatus: Large roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros lekaguli: Large asian roundleaf bat(2)
Hipposideros lekaguli: Lekagul's roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros lylei: Shield-faced bat(2)
Hipposideros lylei: Shield-faced roundleaf bat(3)
Hipposideros macrobullatus: Big-eared roundleaf bat
Hipposideros maggietaylarae: Maggie taylor's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros marisae: Aellen's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros megalotis: Ethiopian large-eared roundleaf bat
Hipposideros muscinus: Fly river roundleaf bat
Hipposideros nequam: Malayan roundleaf bat
Hipposideros nequam: Malayan roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros nequarii: Malayan roundleaf bat
Hipposideros obscura: Philippine forest roundleaf bat
Hipposideros papua: Biak roundleaf bat
Hipposideros pomona: Pomona roundleaf bat(2)
Hipposideros pratti: Pratt's roundleaf bat(2)
Hipposideros pygmaeus: Philippine pygmy roundleaf bat
Hipposideros ridleyi: Ridley's leaf-nosed bat
Hipposideros ridleyi: Ridley's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros ridleyi: Singapore roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros ruber: Noack's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros sabanus: Lawas roundleaf horseshoe bat(2)
Hipposideros sabanus: Least roundleaf bat(2)
Hipposideros schistaceus: Split roundleaf bat
Hipposideros semoni: Semon's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros speoris: Schneider's roundleaf bat
Hipposideros stenotis: Narrow-eared roundleaf bat
Hipposideros turpis: Lesser roundleaf bat
Hipposideros wallastoni: Wollaston's roundleaf bat
Hippotion celerio: Grapevine hawk moth
Hippotion celerio: Vine hawk moth(2)
Hippotragus equinus: Roan antelope(2)
Hippotragus niger: Giant sable antelope
Hippotragus niger: Sabla Antilope
Hippotragus niger: Sable antelope
Hirudo medicinalis: Medicinal leech
Hirundapus caudacuta: White-throated needletail
Hirundapus caudacutus: White-throated
Hirundapus caudacutus: White-throated needletail(20)
Hirundapus caudacutus: White-throated spinetail(2)
Hirundapus celebensis: Purple needletail
Hirundapus celebensis: Purple spinetail
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: Silver-backed
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: Silver-backed needletail(15)
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: Silver-backed needletail(2)(2)
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: White-vented needletail
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: White-vented spinetail swift
Hirundapus giganteus: Brown-backed
Hirundapus giganteus: Brown-backed needletail(16)
Hirundapus giganteus: Brown-backed spinetail
Hirundichthys sp: Striped wing flying fish
Hirundo abyssinica: Lesser striped swallow
Hirundo aethiopica: Ethiopian swallow
Hirundo albigularis: White-throated swallow
Hirundo angolensis: Angola swallow
Hirundo ariel: Fairy martin
Hirundo atrocaerulea: Blue swallow
Hirundo badia: Rufous-bellied swallow
Hirundo concolor: Dusky crag-martin(3)
Hirundo concolor: Dusky crag martin
Hirundo concolor: Dusky crag swallow
Hirundo daurica: Red-rumped swallow(12)
Hirundo domicola: Hill swallow
Hirundo fuligula: Rock martin
Hirundo neoxena: Welcome swallow
Hirundo nigricans: Tree martin
Hirundo rustica: Barn swallow(36)
Hirundo rustica: Common swallow
Hirundo rustica: Eastern swallow
Hirundo rustica: House swallow
Hirundo rustica: Swallow barn
Hirundo semirufa: Rufous-chested swallow
Hirundo senegalensis: Mosque swallow
Hirundo smithii: Wire-tailed swallow(5)
Hirundo striolata: Greater striated swallow
Hirundo striolata: Striated swallow(7)
Hirundo tahitica: Hill swallow
Hirundo tahitica: Pacific swallow(42710)
Hirundo tahitica: Swallow pacific
Histiotus alienus: Strange big-eared brown bat
Histiotus macrotus: Big-eared brown bat
Histiotus montanus: Small big-eared brown bat
Histiotus velatus: Tropical big-eared brown bat
Histrio histrio: Frogfish
Histrionicus histrionicus: Harlequin duck(5)
Histurgops ruficauda: Rufous-tailed weaver(2)
Hodgsonius phaenicuroides: White-bellied redstart(3)
Hodgsonius phoenicuroides: White-bellied redstart
Holacanthus arcuatus: Bandit angelfish
Holacanthus arculatus: Black & white bandit angelfish
Holacanthus ciliaris: Queen angel
Holacanthus ciliaris: Queen angelfish(2)
Holacanthus clarionesis: Clarion angelfish
Holacanthus isabelita: Blue angelfish
Holacanthus passer: King angelfish(4)
Holacanthus passer: Passer angel
Holacanthus tricolor: Rock beauty angel
Holacanthus tricolor: Rock beauty angelfish
Holacanthus venustus: Half moon angel
Holanthias borbonius: Borbonius
Holanthias fuscipinnis: Yellow anthias
Holocentrus rufus: Long-spine squirrelfish
Holodactylus africanus: African clawed gecko
Hologymnosus annulatus: Finescale wrasse
Hologymnosus annulatus: Ring wrasse juvenile phase
Hologymnosus doliatus: Pastel ring wrasse initial phase
Hologymnosus doliatus: Ringed wrasse
Hologynmosus doliatus: Longface wrasse
Holothuria pervicax: Brown sea cucumber
Holothuria scabra: Sandfish Sea Cucumber(2)
Holothuria scabra: Sandfish(2)
Holothuria vagabunda: Sea cucumber
Homalopsis buccata: Puff-faced water snake(6)
Homaloptera orthogoniata: Loach(2)
Homaloptera orthogoniata: Malayan Orchid Loach
Homarus americanus: Boston lobster
Homarus americanus: Crayfish
Homo sapiens: Man
Hoplatilus starcki: Bluehead tilefish
Hoplias malabaricus: Wolf fish
Hoplobatrachus chinensis: Taiwanese bullfrog
Hoplobatrachus chinensis: Taiwanese edible frog
Hoplobatrachus rugulosus: Chinese edible frog
Hoplobatrachus rugulosus: East asian bullfrog
Hoplobatrachus rugulosus: Taiwanese frog
Hoplocephalus bungaroides: Broad-headed snake
Hoplocercus spinosus: Prickle-tailed lizard
Hoplolatilus clupatyi: Flashing tile goby
Hoplolatilus cuniculus: Dusky tilefish
Hoplolatilus fronticinctus: Pastel tilefish
Hoplolatilus luteus: Golden tail goby
Hoplolatilus marcosi: Redstripe tilefish
Hoplolatilus purpureus: Purple tilefish
Hoplolatilus starcki: Starck's tilefish
Hoplophrys oatesii: Soft coral crab dendronephthya crab
Hoplosternum litoralle: Singing catfish
Horaga albimacula: Albistigmata, Brown onyx
Horaga albimacula: Brown onyx
Horaga onyx: Common onyx
Horaga onyx: Sardonyx, Common onyx
Horaga syrinx: Maenala, Ambon onyx(5)
Horizorhinus dohrni: Dohrn's flycatcher
Houbaropsis bengalensis: Bengal florican
Humblotia flavirostris: Grand comoro flycatcher(2)
Humerana miopus: Diagonal-lined frog
Humerana miopus: Three-striped frog(2)
Huso dauricus: Kaluga
Huso huso: Beluga(2)
Huso huso: European sturgeon
Hyaena brunnea: Brown hyena(2)
Hyarotis adrastus: Praba, Tree flitter(5)
Hyarotis adrastus: Tree flitter
Hydatina albocincta: White-banded Paper Bubble Snail
Hydrictis maculicollis: Spotted-necked otter
Hydrobasileus croceus: Water monarch(4)
Hydrobates pelagicus: European storm petrel
Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris: Capybara
Hydrochous gigas: Waterfall swift(10)
Hydrochous gigas: Waterfall swiftlet
Hydrochous gigas: Waterfall swifts(2)
Hydrocoloeus minutus: Little gull(4)
Hydrocynus goliath: Giant tigerfish
Hydromedusa tectifera: Argentine snake-necked turtle
Hydromedusa tectifera: South american snake-necked turtle(2)
Hydrophasianus chirurgus: Pheasant-tailed jacana(25)
Hydrophis brookei: Brook's sea snake
Hydrophis caerulescens: Blue-grey sea snake
Hydrophis cyanocinctus: Blue-banded sea-snake
Hydrophis cyanocinctus: Blue-banded sea snake(2)
Hydrophis cyanocintus: Banded sea snake
Hydrophis cynaocinctus: Blue-banded sea snake
Hydrophis fasciatus: Banded sea snake
Hydrophis fasciatus: Striped sea snake(2)
Hydrophis fasciatus: Western banded sea-snake
Hydrophis gracilis: Narrow-headed sea snake
Hydrophis klossi: Kloss' sea snake(2)
Hydrophis klossi: Kloss's sea snake
Hydrophis melanosoma: Lesser dusky sea snake
Hydrophis ornatus: Ornate sea snake(2)
Hydrophis spiralis: Narrow-banded sea snake
Hydrophis torquatus: Garland sea snake
Hydrophylax raniceps: Copper-cheeked frog(2)
Hydropotes inermis: Chinese water deer
Hydroprogne caspia: Caspian tern(7)
Hydrosaurus amboinensis: Gaint sailfin dragon
Hydrosaurus pustulatus: Philippine sailfin lizard(2)
Hydrosaurus weberi: Indo sailfin dragon
Hydrosaurus weberi: Weber's sailfin lizard
Hyemoschus aquaticus: Water chevrotain
Hyla arborea: Common tree frog
Hyla cineria: Green tree frog
Hyla ebraccata: Hourglass tree frog
Hyla japonica: Japanese tree frog
Hyla savignyi: Anatolian tree-frog
Hylarana banjarana: Banjaran frog
Hylarana baramica: Baram frog
Hylarana baramica: Brown marsh frog(2)
Hylarana baramica: Golden-eared rough-sided frog(3)
Hylarana chalconota: White-lipped frog
Hylarana erythraea: Common greenback(2)
Hylarana erythraea: Gunther's frog
Hylarana glandulosa: Rough-sided frog(3)
Hylarana glandulosa: Rough sided frog
Hylarana glandulosa: Water dog
Hylarana guentheri: Günther's frog
Hylarana guentheri: Gunther's frog
Hylarana guentheri: Masked rough-sided frog
Hylarana labialis: Copper-cheeked frog
Hylarana labialis: White-lipped frog
Hylarana laterimaculata: Copper-cheeked frog
Hylarana laterimaculata: Lesser swamp frog
Hylarana laterimaculata: Masked rough-sided frog(3)
Hylarana luctuosa: Mahogany frog
Hylarana macrodactyla: Stripe-backed frog
Hylarana nicobariensis: Cricket frog(4)
Hylarana nicobariensis: Nicobar frog
Hylarana nigrovittata: Black-striped frog(3)
Hylarana picturata: Spotted stream frog(4)
Hylarana raniceps: Copper-cheeked frog(3)
Hylarana siberu: Siberut island frog(2)
Hylarana signata: Striped stream frog
Hyles euphorbiae: Spurge hawk moth
Hyles euphorbiae: Spurge hawkmoth
Hyles galli: Bedstraw hawk-moth
Hyles gallii: Bedstraw hawkmoth
Hyles lineata: Whitelined sphinx
Hylia prasina: Green hylia
Hyliota australis: Southern hyliota
Hyliota flavigaster: Yellow-bellied hyliota
Hyllus diardi: Heavy jumper
Hyllus diardii: Heavy jumper
Hylobates agilis: Agile gibbon(4)
Hylobates concolor: Concolor gibbon(2)
Hylobates gabriellae: Red-cheeked gibbon
Hylobates hoolock: Hoolock
Hylobates hoolock: White-browed gibbon
Hylobates klossii: Kloss's gibbon(2)
Hylobates lar: Lar gibbon(2)
Hylobates lar: White-handed gibbon(2)
Hylobates lar: White-headed gibbon(2)
Hylobates lar: White-hended gibbon
Hylobates leucogenys: White-cheeked gibbon
Hylobates moloch: Silvery gibbon(2)
Hylobates muelleri: Bornean gibbon(2)
Hylobates muelleri: Gibbon(2)
Hylobates muelleri: Gibbons(2)
Hylobates muelleri: Gray gibbon(2)
Hylobates pileatus: Pileated gibbon(2)
Hylobates synaactylus: Siamang
Hylobates syndactylus: Siamang
Hylochoerus meinertzhageni: Giant forest hog
Hylocitrea bonensis: Olive-flanked whistler
Hyloicus pinastri: Pine hawk-moth
Hylomys suillus: Lesser gymnure
Hylomys suillus: Short-tailed gymnure
Hylonycteris underwoodi: Underwood's long-tongued bat
Hylopeles lepidus: Grey-cheeked flying squirrel(2)
Hylopetes lepidus: Gray-cheeked flying squirrel
Hylopetes lepidus: Grey-cheeked flying squirrel
Hylopetes spadiceus: Red-cheeked flying squirrel(7)
Hymenocera picta: Harlequin shrimp
Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos: Blue duck
Hymenoptychis sordida: Pneumatophore moth(2)
Hymenopus coronatus: Malaysian orchid mantis
Hyosciurus heinrichi: Montane long-nosed squirrel
Hyosciurus ileile: Lowland long-nosed squirrel
Hyotissa hyotis: Giant honeycomb oyster
Hypancistrus zebra: Zebra pleco(2)
Hypargos niveoguttatus: Peter's twinspot
Hyphenssobrycon flammeus: Flame Tetra
Hyphenssobrycon herbert: Black neon
Hyphenssobrycon pulchripinus: Lemon tetra
Hyphenssobrycon rosaceus: Rosy Tetra
Hyphenssobrycon rubrostiga: Bleeding Heart Tetra
Hyphenssobrycon scholzei: Black Line Tetra
Hyphenssobrycon serape: Serpae Tetra
Hyphessobrycon amandae: Ember tetra(2)
Hyphessobrycon bentosi: Bentos tetra
Hyphessobrycon bentosi: Rosy tetra
Hyphessobrycon bifasciatus: Yellow tetra(2)
Hyphessobrycon callistus: Neon serpae tetra
Hyphessobrycon ecuadoriensis: Colmbia tetra
Hyphessobrycon eques: Serpae tetra
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma: Bleeding-heart tetra
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma: Bleeding heart tetra(2)
Hyphessobrycon flammeus: Flame tetra(3)
Hyphessobrycon flammeus: Red tetra
Hyphessobrycon flammeus: Von rio tetra
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi: Black neon tetra(2)
Hyphessobrycon megalopterus: Black phantom tetra
Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis: Lemon tetra(4)
Hyphessobrycon rosaceus: Rosy tetra
Hyphessobrycon scholzei: Blackline tetra
Hyphessobrycon serpae: Serpae tetra
Hyphessobrycon socolofi: Lesser bleeding heart tetra
Hyphessobrycon sweglesi: Red phantom tetra
Hypnale hypnale: Hump-nosed viper
Hypnale nepa: Sri lanka hump-nosed viper
Hypnale walli: Walls hump-nosed pit viper
Hypoaspis miles: Soil mite
Hypocolius ampelinus: Grey hypocolius
Hypocolius ampelinus: Hypocolius
Hypocryptadius cinnamomeus: Cinnamon ibon
Hypogramma hypogrammcium: Purple-naped sunbird
Hypogramma hypogrammicum: Purple-naped sunbird(13)
Hypolimnas anomala: Anomala, Malayan eggfly(5)
Hypolimnas anomala: Malayan egg-fly
Hypolimnas bolina: Bolina, Great eggfly(5)
Hypolimnas bolina: Common eggfly(2)
Hypolimnas bolina: Great egg-fly(2)
Hypolimnas misippus: Danaid egg-fly
Hypolimnas misippus: Misippus, Danaid eggfly(5)
Hypolycaena erylus: Common tit
Hypolycaena erylus: Teatus, Common tit(6)
Hypolycaena thecloides: Thecloides, Brown tit(2)
Hypolycaena thecloides: Thecloides, Common tit
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Silver carp(10)
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis: Bighead carp(8)
Hypophthalmichthys noblis: Bighead carp
Hypopicus hyperythrus: Rufous-bellied woodpecker(2)
Hypoplectrodes huntii: Banded perch
Hypoplectrodes nigrorubrum: Black-banded seaperch
Hypoplectrus gemma: Blue hamlet
Hypoplectrus guttavarius: Shy hamlet
Hypoplectrus unicolor: Butter hamlet
Hypoplectrus unicolor: Hamlet
Hyporamphus limbatus: Congaturi halfbeak(5)
Hyporamphus quoyi: Quoy's halfbeak(5)
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Congaturi halfbeak(2)
Hyporhamphus quoyi: Quoy's Garfish
Hyporhamphus quoyi: Quoy's Halfbeak
Hyporthodus mystacinus: Bigeyed grouper
Hyporthodus mystacinus: Black grouper
Hyporthodus mystacinus: Convict grouper
Hyporthodus mystacinus: Misty grouper
Hypostomus plecostomus: Algae Sucker Catfish
Hypostomus plecostomus: Algae suckermouth catfish
Hypostomus plecostomus: Common pleco
Hypostomus plecostomus: Corroncho
Hypostomus plecostomus: Janitor fish
Hypostomus plecostomus: Plecostomus
Hypostomus plecostomus: Sea hasar
Hypostomus plecostomus: Spotted pleco
Hypostomus plecostomus: Suckermouth catfish(2)
Hypostomus plecostomus: Sucking catfish
Hypostomus punctatus: Spotted hypostomus
Hypothymis azurea: Black-naped blue monarch
Hypothymis azurea: Black-naped monarch(24)
Hypothymis azurea: Oberholseri, Black-naped monarch
Hypothymis coelestis: Celestial monarch
Hypothymis helenae: Short-crested monarch
Hypselecara temporalis: Emerald cichlid(2)
Hypsibarbus pierrei: Tumeric barb
Hypsibarbus wetmorei: Golden belly barb
Hypsignathus monstrosus: Hammer-headed fruit bat
Hypsilurus boydii: Boyd's forest dragon
Hypsilurus geelvinkianus: New guinea forest dragon
Hypsilurus nigrigularis: New guinea water dragon
Hypsipetes amaurotis: Brown-eared bulbul
Hypsipetes amaurotis: Naganichii, Brown-eared bulbul
Hypsipetes castanonotus: Chestnut bulbul
Hypsipetes charlotte: Buff-vented Bulbul
Hypsipetes flavala: Ashy bulbul
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: Asian black bulbul
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: Black bulbul(2)
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: Black bulbul(3)(2)
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: Black bulbul(5)
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: Black bulbul
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: Nigerrimus, Black bulbul
Hypsipetes mcclellandii: Mountain bulbul(6)
Hypsirhynchus parvifrons: Hispaniolan black racer
Hypsoblennius gentilis: Bay blenny
Hypsophrys nicaraguensis: Nicaragua cichlid
Hypsugo imbricatus: Brown pipistrelle
Hypsugo kitcheneri: Red-brown pipistrelle
Hypsugo macrotis: Big-eared pipistrelle
Hypsypops rubicunda: Garibaldi
Hystrix brachyura: Common porcupine(3)
Hystrix brachyura: Common porcupine(common)(3)
Hystrix brachyura: Large porcupine
Hystrix brachyura: Malayan porcupine(5)
Hystrix brachyura: Malaysian porcupine(3)
Hystrix crassispinis: Thick-spined porcupine
Hystrix hodgsoni: Chinese porcupine
Hystrix indica: Indian Crested Porcupine

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_h.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name H, 動物名 H}

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_h.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name H, 動物名 H}, (nswong, animal_name_h.htm)

Habrodais grunus: 哈博灰蝶
Habroloma eximium: 黃緣矮扁吉丁蟲
Habroloma griseonigrum: 灰色矮扁吉丁蟲
Habroloma nixillum: 青銅矮扁吉丁蟲
Habromorula ambrosia: 桃紅口棘結螺
Habromorula spinosa: 棘結螺
Habromys simulatus: 基考鹿鼠
Habropoda bucconis: 頰回條蜂
Habropoda christineae: 克莉斯汀回條蜂
Habropoda radoszkowski: 黃斑回條蜂
Habropoda sinensis: 中華回條蜂台灣亞種
Habropoda tainanicola: 台灣回條蜂
Habroptila wallacii: 华氏秧鸡
Hades hecamede: 褐雅蚬蝶
Hades noctula: 雅蚬蝶
Hadogenes troglodytes: 南非扁石蠍(2)
Hadrogaster forosanus: 美麗小頭虻
Hadromys humei: 阿薩姆碩鼠
Haemadipsa japonica: 日本山蛭琉球變種
Haemaphysalis asiatica: 亞洲血蜱
Haemaphysalis bandicota: 板齒鼠血蜱
Haemaphysalis birmaniae: 緬甸血蜱
Haemaphysalis canestrinii: 坎氏血蜱
Haemaphysalis cornigera: 具角血蜱
Haemaphysalis doenitzi: 鈍刺血蜱
Haemaphysalis flava: 褐黃血蜱
Haemaphysalis formosensis: 蓬萊血蜱
Haemaphysalis hystricis: 豪豬血蜱
Haemaphysalis kitaokai: 北崗血蜱
Haemaphysalis longicornis: 長角血蜱
Haemaphysalis mageshimaensis: 日島血蜱
Haemaphysalis ornithophila: 嗜鳥血蜱
Haemaphysalis yeni: 越原血蜱
Haematobia irritans: 東方臂蠅
Haematobosca sanguinolenta: 膝血螫蠅
Haematopinus asini: 馬蝨
Haematopinus eurysternus: 大短鼻牛蝨
Haematopinus quadripertusus: 四孔血蝨
Haematopinus suis: 豬蝨
Haematopinus tuberculatus: 瘤突血蝨
Haematopota antennata: 觸角麻虻
Haematopota formosana: 台灣麻虻
Haematopus bachmani: 北美蛎鹬
Haematopus fuliginosus: 澳洲黑蛎鹬
Haematopus longirostris: 澳洲斑蛎鹬
Haematopus ostralegus: 蛎鸻(2)
Haematopus ostralegus: 蛎鹬(10)
Haematopus ostralegus: 蠣珩
Haematopus ostralegus: 蠣鴴(5)
Haematopus ostralegus: 蠣鷸(4)
Haematopus ostralegus: Osculans, 蛎鹬
Haematortyx sanguiniceps: 红头林鹧鸪(2)
Haematospiza sipahi: 血雀(9)
Haemulon album: 白仿石鱸
Haemulon album: 白仿石鲈
Haemulon striatum: 真仿石鱸
Haemulon striatum: 真仿石鲈
Haeromys pusillus: 小樹鼠
Hainania serrata: 海南
Hainania serrata: 海南餐鱼
Hainania serrata: 海南鰶
Hainania serrata: 海南
Halaelurus buergeri: 梅花鯊
Halaelurus buergeri: 沙條
Halaelurus buergeri: 豹鮫
Halaelurus burgeri: 梅花鲨
Halaelurus immaculatus: 无斑梅花鲨
Halaelurus natalensis: 虎紋梅花鯊
Halcyon albiventris: 褐頭翡翠
Halcyon capensis: 鹳嘴翠鸟
Halcyon capensis: 鹳嘴翡翠
Halcyon chelicuti: 斑翡翠
Halcyon coromanda: 赤翡翠(17)
Halcyon cyanoventris: 爪哇翡翠
Halcyon leucocephala: 灰头翡翠
Halcyon leucocephala: 灰頭翡翠
Halcyon pileata: 蓝翡翠(18)
Halcyon pileata: 藍翡翠(2)
Halcyon pileata: 黑头翡翠
Halcyon pileata: 黑頭翡翠(7)
Halcyon senegalensis: 林地翡翠
Halcyon senegaloides: 紅林翡翠
Halcyon smyrnensis: 白胸翡翠(2)
Halcyon smyrnensis: 白胸翡翠, Bai2 xiong1 fei3 cui4(10500)
Halcyon smyrnensis: 苍翡翠
Halcyon smyrnensis: 藍翡翠(3640)
Halcyon smyrnensis: Perpulchra, 白胸翡翠
Halgerda albocristata: 白冠盤海蛞蝓
Halgerda batangas: 巴塔雁盤海蛞蝓(2)
Halgerda carlsoni: 卡爾森盤海蛞蝓(2)
Halgerda diaphana: 透明盤海蛞蝓
Halgerda elegans: 華美盤海蛞蝓
Halgerda graphica: 瘤背海麒麟
Halgerda onna: 恩納盤海蛞蝓
Halgerda tessellata: 鑲嵌盤海蛞蝓
Halgerda willeyi: 威利盤海蛞蝓
Haliaeetus albcilla: 白尾海雕(2)
Haliaeetus albicilla: 白尾海雕(6)
Haliaeetus albicilla: 白尾海鵰(9)
Haliaeetus albicilla: 白尾鷲(2)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: 玉帶海鵰(2)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: 白头海雕(4362)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: 白头鹰(5430)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: 白頭海鵰(68901)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: 白頭鷹(5430)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: 禿頭雕(535)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: 禿頭鷹(1740)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: 秃鹰(2120)
Haliaeetus leucocephalus: 美洲雕(1320)
Haliaeetus leucogaster: 白腹海雕(9)
Haliaeetus leucogaster: 白腹海鵰(7)
Haliaeetus leucoryphus: 玉带海雕(7)
Haliaeetus leucoryphus: 玉带海鵰(2)
Haliaeetus leucoryphus: 玉帶海鵰
Haliaeetus pelagicus: 虎头海雕(6)
Haliaeetus pelagicus: 虎头海鵰(3)
Haliaeetus pelagicus: 虎頭海雕
Haliaeetus pelagicus: 虎頭海鵰(2)
Haliaeetus sanfordi: 所罗门海雕
Haliaeetus vocifer: 吼海雕
Haliaeetus vocifer: 非洲海鵰
Haliaeetus vociferoides: 马岛海雕(2)
Haliastur indus: 栗莺
Haliastur indus: 栗鳶(5)
Haliastur indus: 栗鳶, Li yuan
Haliastur indus: 栗鶯
Haliastur indus: 栗鸢指名亚种
Haliastur indus: 栗鸢(6)
Haliastur indus: 栗鳶
Haliastur sphenurus: 啸栗鸢
Haliastur sphenurus: 啸鸢
Halicampus grayi: 海蝎魚
Halicampus grayi: 葛氏海蠋魚
Halicampus grayi: 葛氏海龍
Halicampus macrorhynchus: 大吻海蠋魚
Halicampus macrorhynchus: 巨吻海龍
Halicampus mataafae: 褐海蠋魚
Halicampus mataafae: 馬塔法海龍
Halicampus spinirostris: 短吻海蠋海龍
Halicampus spinirostris: 短吻海蠋魚
Halicampus spinirostris: 短吻海龍
Halicardia philippinensis: 馬蹄圈心蛤
Halichoeres argus: 大眼海豬魚
Halichoeres argus: 珠光海豬魚
Halichoeres biocellatus: 雙斑海豬魚
Halichoeres biocellatus: 雙睛斑海豬魚
Halichoeres bleekeri: 布氏海豬魚
Halichoeres bleekeri: 白氏海豬魚
Halichoeres chrysus: 金色儒艮鯛
Halichoeres chrysus: 金色海豬魚
Halichoeres chrysus: 黃尾海豬魚
Halichoeres chrysus: 黃身海豬魚(2)
Halichoeres chrysus: 黃龍
Halichoeres garnoti: 黄首海猪鱼
Halichoeres hartzfeldii: 哈氏海豬魚
Halichoeres hartzfeldii: 縱帶海豬魚
Halichoeres hortulanus: 圃海海豬魚
Halichoeres hortulanus: 雲斑尖塘鱧
Halichoeres hortulanus: 雲斑海豬魚
Halichoeres iridis: 烈焰龍
Halichoeres iridis: 虹彩海豬魚
Halichoeres iridis: 香港東菲火焰龍
Halichoeres leucoxanthus: 金絲雀龍
Halichoeres magaritaceus: 青花龍
Halichoeres margaritaceus: 斑點海豬魚
Halichoeres margaritaceus: 虹彩海豬魚
Halichoeres marginatus: 綠鰭海豬魚
Halichoeres marginatus: 緣鰭海豬魚
Halichoeres marginatus: 馬爾地夫孔雀龍
Halichoeres melanochir: 胸斑海豬魚
Halichoeres melanochir: 黑腕海豬魚
Halichoeres melanurus: 黃斑海豬魚
Halichoeres melanurus: 黑尾海豬魚
Halichoeres melasmapomus: 盖斑海猪鱼
Halichoeres miniatus: 小海豬魚
Halichoeres miniatus: 臀點海豬魚
Halichoeres nebulosus: 星雲海豬魚
Halichoeres nebulosus: 雲紋海豬魚
Halichoeres nigrescens: 鹦哥
Halichoeres nigrescens: 黑带海猪鱼
Halichoeres nigrescens: 黑帶海豬魚
Halichoeres orientalis: 東方海豬魚
Halichoeres ornatissimus: 飾妝海豬魚
Halichoeres pelicieri: 派氏海豬魚
Halichoeres prosopeion: 雲紋海豬魚
Halichoeres prosopeion: 黑額海豬魚
Halichoeres radiatus: 辐纹海猪鱼
Halichoeres scapularis: 側帶海豬魚
Halichoeres scapularis: 頸帶海豬魚
Halichoeres scapularis: 颈带海猪鱼
Halichoeres tenuispinnis: 細棘海豬魚
Halichoeres timorensis: 台茂海豬魚
Halichoeres timorensis: 帝汶海豬魚
Halichoeres trimaculatus: 三斑海豬魚
Halichoeres zeylonicus: 塞隆海豬魚
Halichoeres zeylonicus: 金線海豬魚
Halichoerus grypus: 灰海豹
Halichondria madaepora: 藍色軟海綿(2)
Halichondria madaepora: 軟海綿
Halicmetus reticulatus: 牙棘茄鱼
Halicmetus reticulatus: 網紋棘茄魚
Halicmetus reticulatus: 網紋牙棘茄魚
Halicmetus ruber: 紅牙棘茄魚
Halictus aeraria: 赤銅隧蜂
Halictus horishensis: 埔里隧蜂
Halicyclops sinensis: 中華鹹水劍水蚤
Halieutaea brevicauda: 短尾棘茄魚
Halieutaea coccinea: 猩紅棘茄魚
Halieutaea fitzsimonsi: 費式棘茄魚
Halieutaea fitzsimonsi: 費氏棘茄魚
Halieutaea fitzsmonsi: 费氏棘茄鱼
Halieutaea fumosa: 烟纹棘茄鱼
Halieutaea fumosa: 煙紋棘茄魚
Halieutaea fumosa: 雲紋棘茄魚
Halieutaea indica: 突額棘茄魚
Halieutaea indica: 突额棘茄鱼
Halieutaea nigra: 黑棘茄魚
Halieutaea sinica: 中华棘茄鱼
Halieutaea stellata: 棘茄魚
Halieutaea stellata: 棘茄鱼
Halieutopsis bathyoreos: 深海擬棘茄魚
Halieutopsis ingerorum: 英格擬棘茄魚
Halieutopsis margaretae: 馬格瑞擬棘茄魚
Halieutopsis micropa: 扁頭擬棘茄魚
Halieutopsis simula: 準擬棘茄魚
Halieutopsis vermicularis: 蟲紋擬棘茄魚
Haliichthys taeniophorus: 帶狀多環海龍
Haliichthys taeniophorus: 帶狀海龍
Halimede fragifer: 脆弱暴蟹
Halimochirurgus alcocki: 管吻魨
Halimochirurgus alcocki: 管吻鲀
Halimochirurgus centriscoides: 長管吻魨
Halimochirurgus centriscoides: 長管吻魨 ;三刺魨
Haliotis asinina: 驢耳鮑螺
Haliotis asinine: 驢耳鮑螺
Haliotis discus: 皱纹盘鲍
Haliotis discus: 盤鮑螺
Haliotis discus: 鮑螺
Haliotis discus: 鮑魚(3)
Haliotis discus: Hannai, 鲍鱼
Haliotis diversicolor: 九孔
Haliotis diversicolor: 九孔螺(2)
Haliotis diversicolor: 九孔鮑
Haliotis diversicolor: 九孔(3)
Haliotis diversicolor: 明目魚
Haliotis diversicolor: 雜色鮑(2)
Haliotis diversicolor: 鮮鮑
Haliotis diversicolor: 鰒魚
Haliotis dohrniana: 南洋鮑螺
Haliotis jacnensis: 侏儒鮑螺
Haliotis midae: 南非鲍
Haliotis ovina: 圓鮑螺
Haliotis planata: 扁鮑螺
Haliotis rufescens: 紅鮑
Haliotis varia: 瘤鮑螺
Haliotis venusta: 優美鮑螺
Haliphron atlanticus: 異夫蛸
Haliplanella luciae: 条纹海葵
Haliplus kotoshonis: 蘭嶼小頭水蟲
Haliplus regimbarti: 瑞氏小頭水蟲
Haliplus sharpi: 夏普氏小頭水蟲
Halistemma rubrum: 海冠水母
Halme basifusca: 惠蓀肖眉天牛
Halme basifusca: 青頸蟻形天牛
Halme eburneocincta: 黑肩蟻形天牛
Halme eburneocincta: 黑角肖眉天牛
Halme masakoae: 蓮華肖眉天牛
Haloa binotata: 肉色葡萄螺
Haloa flavescens: 綠葡萄螺
Haloa japonica: 日本長葡萄海蛞蝓
Haloa japonica: 葡萄螺
Haloa nigropunctata: 綠長葡萄螺
Haloa yamaguchii: 山口長葡萄螺
Halobaena caerulea: 藍鸌,
Halocaridina rubra: 夏威夷紅蝦
Halomitra pileus: 鐘形珊瑚
Halonabis sareptanus: 源海姬蝽
Halonabis sinicus: 华海姬蝽
Halonympha leiomyoides: 光亮杓蛤
Haloptilus acutifrons: 銳額海羽水蚤
Haloptilus austini: 奧氏海羽水蚤
Haloptilus fertilis: 瘤海羽水蚤
Haloptilus longicornis: 長角海羽水蚤
Haloptilus mucronatus: 尖額海羽水蚤
Haloptilus ornatus: 圓額海羽水蚤
Haloptilus oxycephalus: 尖頭海羽水蚤
Haloptilus paralongicirrus: 擬長鬚海羽水蚤
Haloptilus spiniceps: 刺額海羽水蚤
Haloptilus tenuis: 瘦海羽水蚤
Halosauropsis affinis: 异鳞海蜥鱼
Halosauropsis macrochir: 短吻擬海蜥魚
Halosaurus sinensis: 中华海蜥鱼
Halovelia septentrionalis: 樵寬肩蝽
Halpe paupera: 珀酣弄蝶
Halpe porus: 雙子酣弄蝶
Halticoptera circulus: 圓形贅須金小蜂
Halticorcus miwai: 三輪氏小瓢葉蚤
Halticorcus ornatipennis: 麗翅小瓢葉蚤
Halticus minutus: 微小跳盲椿
Halticus minutus: 微小跳盲蝽
Halticus tibialis: 黑腿跳盲椿
Halyzia sanscrita: 梵文菌瓢虫
Halyzia sanscrita: 梵文菌瓢蟲
Halyzia sanscrita: 白斑褐瓢蟲(2)
Halyzia sedecimguttata: 十六斑黄菌瓢虫
Halyzia shirozui: 台灣菌瓢蟲
Halyzia straminea: 草黄菌瓢虫
Haminoea ovalis: 卵形長葡萄海蛞蝓
Hamirostra melanosternon: 黑胸钩嘴鸢
Hampala ampalong: 裂峽魮
Hampala ampalong: 裂峽鲃
Hampala ampalong: 裂峽鲃屬
Hampala bimaculata: 雙斑裂峽魮
Hampala dispar: 異裂峽魮
Hampala lopezi: 洛氏裂峽魮
Hampala macrolepidota: 南方鲃(27)
Hampala macrolepidota: 大鱗裂峽魮(28)
Hampala macrolepidota: 大鳞裂峡魮(26)
Hampala macrolepidota: 巴红(23)
Hampala macrolepidota: 水馬騮, Shui3 ma3 liu2(25)
Hampala macrolepidota: 水马溜鱼
Hampala macrolepidota: 水马骝(26)
Hampala macrolepidota: 裂峡鲃(2)
Hampala macrolepidota: 裂峡鲃, Lie4 xia2 ba4(38)
Hampala macrolepidota: 鱗裂峽魮(25)
Hampala sabana: 薩瓦納裂峽鲃
Hampala salweenensis: 薩爾溫裂峽魮
Hampshire breeder: 漢普夏豬
Hampshire breeder: 銀帶種豬
Hanaiborchella formosana: 麗島花井介
Hanaiborchella juglandia: 胡桃花井介
Hanaiborchella miurensis: 三浦花井介
Hanaiborchella paica: 派克花井介
Hanaiborchella payehia: 霸業花井介
Hanaiborchella triangularis: 三角花井介
Hanaiborchella yongsuensis: 雲水花井介
Hansacypris hwetienyi: 渾天瀚海介
Hap;ochromis ompressiceps: 马面
Hapalemur aureus: 金竹狐猴
Hapalemur aureus: 金竹驯狐猴
Hapalemur griseus: 灰馴狐猴
Hapalemur griseus: 灰驯狐猴(2)
Hapalemur simus: 阔鼻驯狐猴(2)
Hapalocarcinus marsupialis: 袋腹珊隱蟹
Hapalochlaena maculosa: 藍環章魚
Hapalochlaena maculosa: 豹斑章魚
Hapalochlaena maculosus: 斑點章魚
Hapalochlaena maculosus: 藍紋章魚
Hapalochlaena maculosus: 豹斑章魚
Hapalogenys analis: 臀斑髭鯛
Hapalogenys kishinouyei: 岸上氏髭鯛
Hapalogenys kishinouyei: 打鐵婆
Hapalogenys kishinouyei: 縱帶髭鯛
Hapalogenys mucronatus: 打鐵婆
Hapalogenys mucronatus: 横带髭鲷(29901)
Hapalogenys mucronatus: 橫帶髭鯛
Hapalogenys mucronatus: 石飛魚
Hapalogenys mucronatus: 銅盆魚
Hapalogenys nigripinnis: 黑鰭髭鯛
Hapalogenys nitens: 斜带髭鲷
Hapalogenys nitens: 斜帶髭鯛
Hapalogenys nitens: 銅盆魚
Hapalogenys nitens: 髭鯛
Hapalomys delacouri: 海南狨鼠
Hapalomys longicaudatus: 狨鼠
Hapalomys longicaudatus: 绒鼠
Hapalosiphon hibernicus: 眠狀軟管藻
Hapalosiphon luteolus: 淺黃軟管藻
Haplacarus pairathi: 排羅氏筒型蟎
Haplegis diadema: 王冠稈蠅
Haploblepharus pictus: 白斑宽瓣鲨
Haploblepharus pictus: 白斑寬瓣鯊
Haplochromis acidens: 銳緣樸麗魚
Haplochromis acuticeps: 尖頭樸麗魚
Haplochromis adolphifrederici: 阿氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis aelocephalus: 怪頭樸麗魚
Haplochromis aeneocolor: 銅色樸麗魚
Haplochromis ahli: 阿里
Haplochromis albertianus: 艾伯特樸麗魚
Haplochromis altigenis: 高頰樸麗魚
Haplochromis angustifrons: 窄額樸麗魚
Haplochromis annectidens: 大鱗樸麗魚
Haplochromis apogonoides: 似竺樸麗魚
Haplochromis arcanus: 隱樸麗魚
Haplochromis argenteus: 銀色樸麗魚
Haplochromis artaxerxes: 阿爾泰樸麗魚
Haplochromis astatodon: 動齒樸麗魚
Haplochromis avium: 沙樸麗魚
Haplochromis bakongo: 剛果樸麗魚
Haplochromis barbarae: 奇異樸麗魚
Haplochromis bareli: 巴氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis bartoni: 巴托氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis bayoni: 貝氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis beadlei: 比氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis benthicola: 深樸麗魚
Haplochromis bloyeti: 布氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis boops: 牛目樸麗魚
Haplochromis brevis: 短樸麗魚
Haplochromis brownae: 七彩樸麗魚
Haplochromis bullatus: 大泡樸麗魚
Haplochromis burtoni: 伯氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis callipterus: 美鰭樸麗魚
Haplochromis cassius: 盔樸麗魚
Haplochromis cavifrons: 穴樸麗魚
Haplochromis chilotes: 大唇樸麗魚
Haplochromis chlorochrous: 綠樸麗魚
Haplochromis chromogynos: 柔樸麗魚
Haplochromis chrysogynaion: 金光樸麗魚
Haplochromis cinctus: 腰帶樸麗魚
Haplochromis cinereus: 灰色樸麗魚
Haplochromis cnester: 銼樸麗魚
Haplochromis crassilabris: 厚唇樸麗魚
Haplochromis crebridens: 密齒樸麗魚
Haplochromis crocopeplus: 紅花樸麗魚
Haplochromis cronus: 克魯樸麗魚
Haplochromis cryptodon: 隱齒樸麗魚
Haplochromis cryptogramma: 隱條樸麗魚
Haplochromis decticostoma: 寬口樸麗魚
Haplochromis demeusii: 德氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis dentex: 大牙樸麗魚
Haplochromis desfontainii: 慈鯛
Haplochromis desfontainii: 戴氏樸麗魚(2)
Haplochromis dichrourus: 迪希樸麗魚(2)
Haplochromis diplotaenia: 雙帶樸麗魚
Haplochromis dolichorhynchus: 長吻樸麗魚
Haplochromis dolorosus: 疼樸麗魚
Haplochromis eduardianus: 愛德華湖樸麗魚
Haplochromis eduardii: 埃都氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis elegans: 華美樸麗魚
Haplochromis empodisma: 礙口樸麗魚
Haplochromis engystoma: 窄口樸麗魚
Haplochromis erythrocephalus: 紅首樸麗魚
Haplochromis erythromaculatus: 紅斑樸麗魚
Haplochromis estor: 埃斯托樸麗魚
Haplochromis euchilus: 紫红六间
Haplochromis eutaenia: 美帶樸麗魚
Haplochromis fasciatus: 條紋樸麗魚
Haplochromis flaviijosephi: 弗拉氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis flavipinnis: 黃翅樸麗魚
Haplochromis fuscotaeniatus: 红马面
Haplochromis fuscus: 棕樸麗魚
Haplochromis fusiformis: 紡錘樸麗魚
Haplochromis gigliolii: 吉格利氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis gilberti: 吉爾氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis gowersii: 高氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis gracilior: 細身樸麗魚
Haplochromis granti: 格蘭德樸麗魚
Haplochromis graueri: 格勞爾樸麗魚
Haplochromis guiarti: 吉阿氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis harpakteridion: 樸麗魚
Haplochromis heusinkveldi: 休氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis hiatus: 裂隙樸麗魚
Haplochromis horei: 霍氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis howesi: 豪斯氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis humilior: 倭樸麗魚
Haplochromis humilis: 矮樸麗魚
Haplochromis insidiae: 英西樸麗魚
Haplochromis iris: 虹彩樸麗魚
Haplochromis ishmaeli: 伊什氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis jallae: 賈氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis kamiranzovu: 卡米樸麗魚
Haplochromis kujunjui: 庫瓊氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis labiatus: 有唇樸麗魚
Haplochromis labriformis: 唇形樸麗魚
Haplochromis lacrimosus: 多淚樸麗魚
Haplochromis laparogramma: 腹紋樸麗魚
Haplochromis latifasciatus: 側帶樸麗魚
Haplochromis limax: 黏樸麗魚
Haplochromis lividus: 藍樸麗魚
Haplochromis loati: 洛氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis longirostris: 長鼻樸麗魚
Haplochromis lucullae: 盧卡樸麗魚
Haplochromis luluae: 盧勒樸麗魚
Haplochromis macconneli: 馬氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis macrognathus: 大頜樸麗魚
Haplochromis macrops: 大目樸麗魚
Haplochromis macropsoides: 似大眼樸麗魚
Haplochromis maculipinna: 斑翅樸麗魚
Haplochromis mahagiensis: 馬哈吉樸麗魚
Haplochromis maisomei: 梅索氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis malacophagus: 軟咽樸麗魚
Haplochromis mandibularis: 大顎樸麗魚
Haplochromis martini: 馬丁樸麗魚
Haplochromis maxillaris: 寬頜樸麗魚
Haplochromis megalops: 大眼樸麗魚
Haplochromis melanopterus: 黑鰭樸麗魚
Haplochromis melanopus: 黑肢樸麗魚
Haplochromis melichrous: 蜜色樸麗魚
Haplochromis mentatus: 短頦樸麗魚
Haplochromis mento: 長頦樸麗魚
Haplochromis michaeli: 米氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis microchrysomelas: 小金色樸麗魚
Haplochromis microdon: 細齒樸麗魚
Haplochromis mioto: 麥歐樸麗魚
Haplochromis moeruensis: 墨魯樸麗魚
Haplochromis multicolor: 多色樸麗魚
Haplochromis multiocellatus: 多睛樸麗魚
Haplochromis murakoze: 穆雷樸麗魚
Haplochromis mylergates: 研磨樸麗魚
Haplochromis mylodon: 臼牙樸麗魚
Haplochromis nanoserranus: 矮鮨樸麗魚
Haplochromis nigrescens: 黑身樸麗魚
Haplochromis nigricans: 黑灰樸麗魚
Haplochromis nigripinnis: 黑翼樸麗魚
Haplochromis nigroides: 似黑樸麗魚
Haplochromis niloticus: 尼羅樸麗魚
Haplochromis nubilus: 雲紋樸麗魚
Haplochromis nuchisquamulatus: 項鱗樸麗魚
Haplochromis nyanzae: 奈恩樸麗魚
Haplochromis nyererei: 奈里樸麗魚
Haplochromis obesus: 淺灰樸麗魚
Haplochromis obliquidens: 七彩天使
Haplochromis obliquidens: 斜紋樸麗魚(2)
Haplochromis obtusidens: 鈍牙樸麗魚
Haplochromis occultidens: 多耙樸麗魚
Haplochromis oligacanthus: 寡刺樸麗魚
Haplochromis olivaceus: 欖色樸麗魚
Haplochromis oregosoma: 伸口樸麗魚
Haplochromis orthostoma: 直口樸麗魚
Haplochromis pachycephalus: 厚首樸麗魚
Haplochromis pallidus: 蒼白樸麗魚
Haplochromis paludinosus: 沼地樸麗魚
Haplochromis pappenheimi: 佩氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis paraguiarti: 帕拉氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis paraplagiostoma: 副斜口樸麗魚
Haplochromis paropius: 遮目樸麗魚
Haplochromis parorthostoma: 副直口樸麗魚
Haplochromis parvidens: 微齒樸麗魚
Haplochromis paucidens: 寡齒樸麗魚
Haplochromis pectoralis: 大胸樸麗魚
Haplochromis pellegrini: 佩利氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis percoides: 似鱸樸麗魚
Haplochromis perrieri: 佩林氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis petronius: 巖樸麗魚
Haplochromis pharyngalis: 大咽樸麗魚
Haplochromis phayrngomylus: 咽磨樸麗魚
Haplochromis phenochilus: 火唇樸麗魚
Haplochromis phytophagus: 食草樸麗魚
Haplochromis piceatus: 純黑樸麗魚
Haplochromis pitmani: 皮特曼樸麗魚
Haplochromis placodus: 扁盤樸麗魚
Haplochromis plagiodon: 緣牙樸麗魚
Haplochromis plagiostoma: 橫嘴樸麗魚
Haplochromis pleurospilus: 阿里红
Haplochromis plutonius: 陰曹樸麗魚
Haplochromis polli: 波立氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis prodromus: 先行樸麗魚
Haplochromis prognathus: 前頜樸麗魚
Haplochromis pseudopellegrini: 擬佩氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis ptistes: 簸樸麗魚
Haplochromis pyrrhocephalus: 微紅樸麗魚
Haplochromis pyrrhopteryx: 火鰭樸麗魚
Haplochromis riponianus: 裂紋樸麗魚
Haplochromis rubescens: 胭脂樸麗魚
Haplochromis rudolfianus: 糙身樸麗魚
Haplochromis sauvagei: 薩氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis saxicola: 石樸麗魚
Haplochromis scheffersi: 謝氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis schubotzi: 舒氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis schubotziellus: 小舒氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis schwetzi: 施韋茨樸麗魚
Haplochromis serranus: 鮨形樸麗魚
Haplochromis serridens: 鋸蓋樸麗魚
Haplochromis simpsoni: 辛普森樸麗魚
Haplochromis spekii: 斯皮克樸麗魚
Haplochromis squamipinnis: 鱗鰭樸麗魚
Haplochromis squamulatus: 鱗側樸麗魚
Haplochromis stappersii: 斯塔樸麗魚
Haplochromis stigmatogenys: 點頰樸麗魚
Haplochromis sulphureus: 溪樸麗魚
Haplochromis swynnertoni: 斯溫氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis tanaos: 高身樸麗魚
Haplochromis taurinus: 韌皮樸麗魚
Haplochromis taurinus: 韧皮朴丽鱼
Haplochromis teegelaari: 蒂格氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis teunisrasi: 托尼氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis theliodon: 嫩齒樸麗魚
Haplochromis thereuterion: 苦樸麗魚
Haplochromis thuragnathus: 橫頜樸麗魚
Haplochromis tridens: 三齒樸麗魚
Haplochromis turkanae: 特克樸麗魚
Haplochromis tweddlei: 特威氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis tyrianthinus: 紫樸麗魚
Haplochromis vanderhorsti: 範氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis velifer: 緣膜樸麗魚
Haplochromis venator: 獵者樸麗魚
Haplochromis vicarius: 維卡樸麗魚
Haplochromis victorianus: 維多利亞樸麗魚
Haplochromis vittatus: 飾帶樸麗魚
Haplochromis welcommei: 威爾氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis wingatii: 溫氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis worthingtoni: 沃氏樸麗魚
Haplochromis xenognathus: 異頜樸麗魚
Haplochromis xenostoma: 異口樸麗魚
Haplocytheridea agilis: 清爽單花介
Haplonycteris fisclteri: 簡果蝠
Haplonycteris fisheri: 孤獨果蝠
Haplonycteris fisheri: 簡果蝠
Haplotaxodon microlepis: 小鱗單列齒麗魚(2)
Haptosquilla glyptocercus: 雕尾定蝦蛄
Haritalodes derogatus: 棉捲葉蛾
Harlequin rasbora: 三角灯
Harminius dahuricus: 兴安叩头虫
Harmochirus branchiatus: 鰓蛤蟆蛛
Harmonia axyridis: 异色瓢虫(4)
Harmonia axyridis: 異色瓢蟲(2)
Harmonia dimidiata: 小十三星瓢蟲
Harmonia dimidiata: 小十三星瓢蟲蛹
Harmonia dimidiata: 小十三星瓢蟲(3)
Harmonia dimidiata: 紅肩瓢蟲
Harmonia dimidiate: 红肩瓢虫
Harmonia eucharis: 奇斑瓢虫
Harmonia octomaculata: 八斑和瓢虫
Harmonia octomaculata: 八斑和瓢蟲
Harmonia octomaculata: 八條瓢蟲(2)
Harmonia quadripunctata: 四斑和瓢虫
Harmonia sedecimnotata: 星點褐瓢蟲(3)
Harmonia sedecimnotata: 纖麗瓢蟲
Harmonia sedecimnotata: 纤丽瓢虫
Harmonia yedoensis: 隐斑瓢虫
Harmonia yedoensis: 隱斑瓢蟲(2)
Harmonica sedecimnotata: 星點褐瓢蟲
Harmothoe imbricata: 覆瓦哈鳞虫
Haroldius hwangi: 黃氏小瓢蜣螂
Haroldius perroti: 佩羅小瓢蜣螂
Harpa amouretta: 小楊桃螺
Harpa articularis: 斑節楊桃螺
Harpa davidis: 大衛楊桃螺
Harpa gracilis: 姬楊桃螺
Harpa harpa: 艷美楊桃螺
Harpa major: 大楊桃螺
Harpactes ardens: 粉胸咬鹃(2)
Harpactes diardii: 紫顶咬鹃(2)
Harpactes duvaucelii: 红腰咬鹃(2)
Harpactes erythrocephalus: 紅頭咬鵑(2)
Harpactes erythrocephalus: 红头咬鹃(10)
Harpactes erythrocephalus: Yamakanensis, 红头咬鹃
Harpactes fasciatus: 黑头咬鹃
Harpactes kasumba: 红枕咬鹃(2)
Harpactes oreskios: 橙胸咬鵑
Harpactes oreskios: 橙胸咬鹃(6)
Harpactes orrhophaeus: 橙腰咬鹃
Harpactes orrophaeus: 橙腰咬鹃
Harpactes reinwardtii: 蓝尾咬鹃
Harpactes wardi: 紅腹咬鵑(2)
Harpactes wardi: 红腹咬鹃(9)
Harpactes whiteheadi: 灰胸咬鹃(2)
Harpacticus uniremis: 大尾猛水蚤
Harpactor fuscipes: 红彩真猎蝽
Harpadon microchir: 小鰭鐮齒魚
Harpadon microchir: 小鳍龙头鱼
Harpadon microchir: 狗母
Harpadon microchir: 短臂龍頭魚
Harpadon nehereus: 印度鐮齒魚
Harpadon nehereus: 狗母
Harpadon nehereus: 龍頭魚
Harpadon nehereus: 龙头鱼(2)
Harpagophalla phoenicopterus: 鳳喙肉蠅
Harpagophalla reciproca: 南山肉蠅
Harpagornis moorei: 哈斯特鷹
Harpagus bidentatus: 双齿鹰
Harpagus diodon: 棕腿齿鹰
Harpesaurus beccarii: 双镰蜥(2)
Harpia harpyja: 角雕
Harpia harpyja: 角鵰(4)
Harpiocephalus harpia: 毛翼大管鼻蝠(2)
Harpiocephalus harpia: 毛翼管鼻蝠(2)
Harpiocephalus harpia: 鵰形蝠
Harpiola grisea: 金芒管鼻蝠
Harpiola isodon: 金芒管鼻蝠
Harpiosquilla annandalei: 点斑缺角虾蛄
Harpiosquilla annandalei: 眼斑猛虾蛄(2)
Harpiosquilla annandalei: 眼斑猛蝦蛄(2)
Harpiosquilla harpax: 虾姑
Harpiosquilla harpax: 虾姑, Xia gu
Harpiosquilla harpax: 豎琴猛蝦姑(2)
Harpiosquilla harpax: 豎琴猛蝦蛄(766)
Harpiosquilla indica: 印度猛虾蛄
Harpiosquilla indica: 印度猛蝦蛄(3)
Harpiosquilla japonica: 日本猛虾蛄(2)
Harpiosquilla japonica: 日本猛蝦蛄(4)
Harpiosquilla japonica: 日本齿指虾蛄
Harpiosquilla japonica: 日本齿虾蛄
Harpiosquilla melanoura: 黑尾猛虾蛄
Harpiosquilla melanoura: 黑尾猛蝦蛄(2)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: 棘突猛虾姑, Ji2 tu1 meng3 xia1 gu1(8)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: 棘突猛虾蛄, Ji2 tu1 meng3 xia1 gu1(8)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: 棘突猛蝦蛄, Ji2 tu1 meng3 xia1 gu1
Harpiosquilla raphidea: 虾蛄(47)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: 蝦蛄(6)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: 螳螂虾(5)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: 螳螂蝦(5)
Harpiosquilla sinensis: 中华猛虾蛄
Harpiosquilla sinensis: 中華猛蝦蛄(2)
Harpyhaliaetus coronatus: 冕雕
Harpyhaliaetus solitarius: 孤冕雕
Harpyia longipennis: 鹿枝背舟蛾
Harpyionycteris celebensis: 蘇島鵰形果蝠
Harpyionycteris celebensis: 西里伯斯多尖齿果蝠
Harpyionycteris whiteheadi: 怀氏多尖齿果蝠
Harpyionycteris whiteheadi: 懷氏鵰形果蝠
Harpyopsis novaeguineae: 新几内亚角雕(2)
Harriotta opisthoptera: 后鳍尖吻银鲛
Harrovia albolineata: 白紋短角蟹
Hasarius adansoni: 安德遜蠅虎
Hasemania nana: 迷你燈
Hasemania nana: 黃日光燈(2)
Hasemania nana: 黃燈旗
Hasora anura: 無尾絨弄蝶
Hasora anura: 無趾弄蝶
Hasora badra: 三斑趾弄蝶
Hasora chromus: 雙斑趾弄蝶
Hasora schoenherr: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Hasora taminatus: 圓翅絨弄蝶
Hasora taminatus: 銀針趾弄
Hasora taminatus: 銀針趾弄蝶
Hasora vitta: 緯帶趾弄蝶
Hastina subfalcaria: 黑歷尺蛾
Hastula albula: 浮標筍螺
Hastula albula: 淡白筍螺
Hastula albula: 磨筍螺
Hastula anomala: 多變筍螺
Hastula caerulescens: 白帶灰筍螺
Hastula caerulescens: 螺底筍螺
Hastula hectica: 黑白筍螺
Hastula martheroniana: 馬色龍筍螺
Hastula rufopunctata: 赤斑筍螺
Hastula strigilata: 花筍螺
Hastula strigilata: 黃花筍螺
Haustellum gallinago: 母雞骨螺
Haustellum haustellum: 鷸頭骨螺
Haustellum hirasei: 平瀨骨螺
Haustellum kiiensis: 紀伊骨螺
Haustellum senkakuensis: 釣魚台骨螺
Havilanditermes communis: 普通岐颚白蚁
Havilanditermes communis: 普通歧颚白蚁
Havilanditermes orthonasus: 直鼻岐颚白蚁
Havilanditermes orthonasus: 直鼻歧颚白蚁
Hawaiarca uwaensis: 鷹羽魁蛤
Hawaiarca yamamotoi: 山本魁蛤
Hawaiia minuscula: 小琥珀蝸牛(3)
Hayashi hayashi: 藍翅圓眠花天牛
Hayashi hayashi: 青翅偽葉蟲花天牛
Hayhurstia atriplicis: 藜蚜
Hazeus otakii: 大瀧氏粗棘鰕虎
Hebardina sonana: 楚南黑蠊
Hebardina taiwanica: 台灣黑蠊
Hebarditettix triangularis: 三角赫蚱
Hebecnema fumosa: 煙毛膝蠅
Hebetacris amplinota: 宽背拙蝗
Hebomoia glaucippe: 橙端粉蝶
Hebomoia glaucippe: 端紅粉蝶
Hebomoia glaucippe: 端紅蝶(2)
Hebomoia glaucippe: 紅衽蝶
Hebomoia glaucippe: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Hebomoia glaucippe: 鶴頂粉蝶
Hebomoia glaucippe: 鹤顶粉蝶
Hebra horrida: 刺莓織紋螺
Hebrus hasegawai: 膜蝽
Hecamede persimilis: 酷似渚蠅
Hecamedoides canolimbatus: 馬來渚蠅
Hecamedoides infantiuns: 嬰兒渚蠅
Hecuba scortum: 皮革斧蛤
Hecuba scrotum: 皮革斧蛤
Hedotettix cristitergus: 冠庭蚱
Hedotettix gracillis: 细庭蚱
Hedycryptus rufopetiolatus: 紅柄甜溝姬蜂
Hedydipna collaris: 环颈直嘴太阳鸟
Hedydipna collaris: 環頸直嘴太陽鳥(2)
Hedydipna metallica: 尼罗直嘴太阳鸟
Hedydipna pallidigaster: 阿曼尼直嘴太阳鸟
Hedydipna platura: 小直嘴太阳鸟
Heemisalanx prognathus: 银鱼
Hehnia corticicola: 橫疣蛛
Heikea arachnoides: 蛛形平家蟹
Heikea japonicum: 日本平家蟹
Heimyscus fumosus: 非洲煙鼠
Heinrichia calligyna: 大短翅鸫
Heizmznnia catesi: 凱氏黑蚊
Heizmznnia chengi: 鄭氏黑蚊
Heizmznnia lii: 李氏黑蚊
Heizmznnia macdonaldi: 麥氏黑蚊
Heizmznnia reidi: 黎氏黑蚊
Heizmznnia taiwanensis: 台灣黑蚊
Helarclos meleganus: 马来熊
Helarctas malayanus: 马来熊
Helarctos malayanus: 太阳熊(6191)
Helarctos malayanus: 太陽熊(6190)
Helarctos malayanus: 狗熊(5051)
Helarctos malayanus: 馬來熊(2)
Helarctos malayanus: 馬來熊, Ma lai xiong(11200)
Helarctos malayanus: 马来熊(3)
Helarctos malayanus: 马来熊, Ma lai xiong(11200)
Helcogramma chica: 小冠彎線鳚
Helcogramma fuscipectoris: 四紋彎線鳚
Helcogramma fuscopinna: 黑鰭彎線鳚
Helcogramma habena: 哈氏彎線鳚
Helcogramma habena: 線頭彎線鳚
Helcogramma inclinata: 三角彎線鳚
Helcogramma obtusirostre: 鈍吻彎線鳚
Helcogramma striata: 縱帶彎線鳚
Helcogramma striata: 金帶彎線鳚
Helcyra plesseni: 台灣白蛺蝶
Helcyra plesseni: 普氏白蛺蝶
Helcyra superba: 傲白蛺蝶
Helcyra superba: 白蛺蝶
Heleia crassirostris: 大嘴绣眼鸟
Heleia muelleri: 帝汶大嘴绣眼鸟
Heliacus areola: 高腰車輪螺
Heliacus enoshimensis: 火焰小輪螺
Heliacus implexus: 栗色繩目車輪螺
Heliacus infundibuliformis: 扁小輪螺
Heliacus stramineus: 草黃車輪螺
Heliacus variegatus: 繩紋車輪螺
Heliangelus regalis: 皇领蜂鸟(2)
Helice formosensis: 台灣厚蟹(2)
Helice formosensis: 臺灣厚蟹
Helice formosensis: 青蚶(2)
Helicoberpa armigera: 玉米穗夜蛾
Helicolenus hilgendorfii: 無鰾鮋
Helicolenus percoides: 似鱸無鰾鮋
Helicorthomorpha holstii: 霍氏繞馬陸
Helicostyla okadai: 蘭嶼光澤蝸牛
Helina appendiculata: 普通陽蠅
Helina duplicata: 成雙陽蠅
Helina lateralis: 赭紅陽蠅
Helina nemorum: 林地陽蠅
Helina nervosa: 騷狀陽蠅
Helina punctata: 斑點陽蠅
Heliococcus bambusae: 刺竹阳腺刺粉蚧
Heliococcus bambusae: 突眼星粉介殼蟲
Heliococcus lingnaniae: 单竹阳腺刺粉蚧
Heliococcus pamirensis: 藜根阳腺刺粉蚧
Heliococcus szethuanensis: 四川阳腺刺粉蚧
Heliococcus takae: 竹叶阳腺刺粉蚧
Heliococcus zizyphi: 枣阳腺刺粉蚧
Heliocypha biforata: Delimbata, 目斑犀蟌
Heliocypha fenestrate: 黄脊斑犀蟌
Heliocypha huai: 华氏斑犀蟌
Heliocypha maolanensis: 茂兰斑犀蟌
Heliocypha perforata: 棋紋鼓蟌
Heliocypha perforata: Perforate, 三斑犀蟌
Heliocypha perforate: Limbata, 多斑犀蟌
Heliodiaptomus kikuchii: 鳥啄明鏢水蚤
Heliofungia actiniformis: 輻形太陽蕈珊瑚(2)
Heliogomphus retroflexus: 尖板曦箭蜒
Heliogomphus retroflexus: 尖板曦箭蜓
Heliogomphus retroflexus: 尖板蚁箭蜓
Heliogomphus retroflexus: 扭尾曦春蜓
Heliogomphus retroflexus: 曲尾春蜓
Heliogomphus scorpoi: 独角曦春蜓
Heliographa insignis: 獨特閃蠅
Heliographa tonsa: 爪哇閃蠅
Heliolais erythroptera: 紅翅山鷦鶯
Helionothrips aino: 黑體網紋薊馬
Helionothrips annosus: 高橋網紋薊馬
Helionothrips cephalicus: 長頭網紋薊馬
Helionothrips communis: 普通網紋薊馬
Helionothrips errans: 黃頂網紋薊馬
Helionothrips linderae: 釣樟網紋薊馬
Helionothrips mube: 石月網紋薊馬
Helionothrips unitatus: 褐頭網紋薊馬
Heliopais personatus: 亚洲鳍趾䴘
Heliophobius argenteocinereus: 霜鼠
Heliophorus epicles: 斜斑彩灰蝶
Heliophorus ila: 紅邊黃小灰蝶(2)
Heliophorus phoenicoparyphus: 斜斑彩灰蝶
Heliopora coerulea: 藍珊瑚
Heliosciurus gambianus: 太陽松鼠
Heliothis armigera: 棉铃虫
Heliothis assulta: 烟草夜蛾
Heliothis assulta: 苜蓿夜蛾
Heliothis viriplaca: 苜蓿夜蛾
Heliothrips haemorrhoidalis: 變葉木薊馬
Helius attenuatus: 素木裸大蚊
Helius barbatus: 宜蘭祖大蚊
Helius chikuriensis: 爪哇祖大蚊
Helius inelegans: 明翅裸大蚊
Helius liliputanus: 寒霜祖大蚊
Helius minusculus: 六龜祖大蚊
Helius nigriceps: 黑色祖大蚊
Helius perelegans: 華麗裸大蚊
Helius rufithorax: 八仙祖大蚊
Helius subfasciatus: 關嶺祖大蚊
Helius tenuistylus: 邵氏祖大蚊
Helius unicolor: 海彎祖大蚊
Helobdella european: 歐洲澤蛭
Helobdella melananus: 黑臀澤蛭
Helobdella octatestisaca: 八睪澤蛭
Heloderma horridum: 墨西哥毒蜥(3)
Heloderma horridum: 毒蜥
Heloderma horridum: 珠毒蜥
Heloderma suspectum: 希拉毒蜥(2)
Heloderma suspectum: 钝尾毒蜥
Helogale hirtula: 矮獴
Helogale hirtula: 索马里侏獴
Helogale parvula: 侏獴
Helopeltis cinchonae: 角盲椿
Helopeltis cinchonae: 角盲蝽
Helostoma temmincki: 接吻鱼(3)
Helostoma temminckii: 吻鱸(2)
Helostoma temminckii: 吻鲈(4)
Helostoma temminckii: 接吻魚(2)
Helostoma temminckii: 接吻鱼
Helostoma temminckii: 綠接吻魚
Helostoma temminckii: 鄧氏丁口魚
Helostoma temminkii: 吻鲈
Helota thoracica: 胸突大吸木甲
Helotholus histricosa: 笠虫
Helotrephes formosanus: 蚤蝽
Hemaris affinis: 褐緣透翅天蛾
Hemaris affinis: 黑邊天蛾
Hemaris fuciformis: 透翅天蛾
Hemathlophorus formosanus: 安平粗角葉蜂
Hemerodromia xiphias: 小劍舞虻
Hemianax ephippiger: 艾赫蜓
Hemiancistrus pankimpuju: 潘基半鉤鯰
Hemiancistrus subviridis: 淺綠半鉤鯰
Hemibagrus nemurus: 白须公
Hemibagrus nemurus: 白须公, Bai xu gong
Hemibagrus nemurus: Albino, 黄金猫
Hemibarbus brevipennus: 短鰭䱻
Hemibarbus labeo: 唇䱻
Hemibarbus labeo: 唇鲴
Hemibarbus labeo: 唇
Hemibarbus labeo: 日本䱻
Hemibarbus labeo: 真口魚
Hemibarbus labeo: 竹竿頭(2)
Hemibarbus labeo: 竹篙頭
Hemibarbus labeo: 魚密
Hemibarbus longirostris: 長吻䱻
Hemibarbus longirostris: 长吻鲴
Hemibarbus macracanthus: 大刺䱻
Hemibarbus macracanthus: 大刺鲴
Hemibarbus maculatus: 花䱻
Hemibarbus maculatus: 花鱼骨
Hemibarbus maculatus: 花鲴
Hemibarbus marculatus: 夹竹
Hemibarbus marculatus: 季朗鱼
Hemibarbus marculatus: 杨花鱼
Hemibarbus marculatus: 花鱼骨
Hemibarbus marculatus: 麻花鱼
Hemibarbus medius: 間䱻
Hemibarbus mylodon: 朝鮮䱻
Hemibarbus qianjiangensis: 錢江䱻
Hemibarbus umbrifer: 花棘䱻
Hemibates stenosoma: 窄身半攀麗魚
Hemibelideus lemuroides: 粗卷尾袋貂
Hemiberlesia lataniae: 椰子櫛圓盾介殼蟲
Hemiberlesia pitysophila: 松櫛圓盾介殼蟲
Hemiberlesia rapax: 棕櫛圓盾介殼蟲
Hemibugnarus macclellandi: 環紋赤蛇(2)
Hemibugnarus sauteri: 帶紋赤蛇
Hemibungarus macclellandi: 環紋赤蛇
Hemibungarus sauteri: Hatori, 羽島氏帶紋赤蛇
Hemibungarus sauteri: Sauteri, 帶紋赤蛇
Hemicaranx leucurus: 白尾半鰺
Hemicaranx leucurus: 白尾半鲹
Hemicculter leuciclus: 餐
Hemicentetes semispinosus: 纹猬
Hemicentrotus pulcherlimus: 马粪海胆
Hemicera kurosawai: 黑澤匏胸擬迴木蟲
Hemicera nakamurai: 中村匏胸擬迴木蟲
Hemicera tsuyukii: 露木擬迴木蟲
Hemichromis angolensis: 安哥伴麗魚
Hemichromis bimaculatus: 紅寶石
Hemichromis bimaculatus: 雙斑伴麗魚(4)
Hemichromis cerasogaster: 櫻紅伴麗魚
Hemichromis cristatus: 冠伴麗魚
Hemichromis cristatus: 紅寶石(2)
Hemichromis fasciatus: 條紋伴麗魚
Hemichromis frempongi: 弗氏伴麗魚
Hemichromis guttatus: 红宝石
Hemichromis letourneuxi: 萊氏伴麗魚
Hemichromis lifalili: 玫瑰伴麗魚(2)
Hemichromis lifalili: 紅寶石
Hemichromis lifalili: 紅鑽石(2)
Hemichromis paynei: 佩恩氏伴麗魚
Hemichromis stellifer: 星点伴丽鱼
Hemichromis stellifer: 星點伴麗魚(2)
Hemichromis stellifer: 蓝宝石
Hemichromis stellifer: 藍寶石
Hemicircus canente: 黑冠啄木鸟(2)
Hemicircus concretus: 灰黄啄木鸟(2)
Hemicordulia mindana: 岷峨弓蜓
Hemicordulia mindana: Nipponica, 岷峨半伪蜻
Hemiculter bleekeri: 油餐
Hemiculter bleekeri: 油鰶
Hemiculter bleekeri: 短吻華魚
Hemiculter krempfi: 克氏鰶
Hemiculter leucisculus: 奇力仆
Hemiculter leucisculus: 奇力仔
Hemiculter leucisculus: 奇力魚
Hemiculter leucisculus: 條鰶
Hemiculter leucisculus: 歺又鱼
Hemiculter leucisculus: 海鰱仔(2)
Hemiculter leucisculus: 烏尾冬
Hemiculter leucisculus: 白條
Hemiculter leucisculus: 白橋
Hemiculter leucisculus: 白鱎(2)
Hemiculter leucisculus: 苦槽仔(2)
Hemiculter leucisculus: 蓝刀
Hemiculter leucisculus: 藍刀
Hemiculter leucisculus: 
Hemiculter leucisculus: 條
Hemiculter leusculus: 白鱎
Hemiculter lucidus: 烏蘇里鰶
Hemiculter macrolepis: 大鱗細鯿
Hemiculter macrolepis: 大鱗鱎
Hemiculter tchangi: 張氏鰶
Hemiculterella macrolepis: 大鱗半鰶
Hemiculterella macrolepis: 大鳞半歺又鱼
Hemiculterella sauvagei: 四川半餐
Hemiculterella sauvagei: 四川半鰶
Hemiculterella wui: 伍氏半鰶
Hemicyclops dilatatus: 寬身半水蚤
Hemicythere variornata: 牛痘半花介
Hemicytheria estrualina: 青春愛神介
Hemicytheria hotsuni: 合縱愛神介
Hemicytheridea chiantaoa: 鉛刀玄花介
Hemicytheridea reticulata: 網紋玄花介
Hemicytherura apta: 適合半羽花介
Hemicytherura biannularis: 雙環半羽花介
Hemicytherura cocois: 椰子半羽花介
Hemicytherura cuneata: 楔葉半羽花介
Hemicytherura eretaoi: 二陶半羽花介
Hemicytherura houhsengi: 候生半羽花介
Hemicytherura kajiyamai: 尾山半羽花介
Hemidactylus bowringii: 原尾蜥虎(6)
Hemidactylus bowringii: 無疣蜥虎
Hemidactylus bowringii: 無疣蝎虎(3)
Hemidactylus bowringii: 縱斑蜥虎
Hemidactylus bowringii: 蝘蜓
Hemidactylus bowringii: 鹽蛇
Hemidactylus brooki: 密疣蜥虎
Hemidactylus brookii: 密疣蜥虎(6)
Hemidactylus frenatus: 横斑蜥虎(679)
Hemidactylus frenatus: 橫斑蜥虎(1660)
Hemidactylus frenatus: 疣尾蜥虎(2)
Hemidactylus frenatus: 疣尾蜥虎, You wei xi hu(20300)
Hemidactylus frenatus: 蜥虎(2330)
Hemidactylus frenatus: 蝎虎(5772)
Hemidactylus garnotii: 鋸尾蜥虎
Hemidactylus garnotii: 鋸尾蝎虎(2)
Hemidactylus garnotii: 锯尾蜥虎(5)
Hemidactylus stejneger: 台湾蜥虎(5)
Hemidactylus stejneger: 臺灣蜥虎
Hemidactylus stejnegeri: 台湾蜥虎
Hemidactylus stejnegeri: 史丹吉氏蜥虎
Hemidactylus stejnegeri: 史丹吉氏蝎虎(3)
Hemidactylus stejnegeri: 史氏蝎虎
Hemidactylus stejnegeri: 紅葉守宮
Hemidacylus garnotii: 锯尾蜥虎
Hemidulterella wui: 伍氏半餐
Hemiechinus auritus: 大耳
Hemiechinus auritus: 大耳猬(6)
Hemiechinus auritus: 长耳猬(2)
Hemiechinus dauuricus: 达乌尔猬(4)
Hemiechinus dauuricus: 達烏爾猬
Hemiechinus davuricus: 达乌里
Hemiechinus hughi: 侯氏猬(5)
Hemiechinus hughi: 林猬
Hemifusus cochidium: 印度洋黑香螺
Hemifusus colosseus: 長香螺
Hemifusus crassicaudus: 角香螺
Hemifusus fernatanus: 角螺
Hemifusus fernatanus: 長辛螺
Hemifusus fernatanus: 響螺
Hemifusus fernatanus: 黃沙螺
Hemifusus kawamurai: 河村香螺
Hemifusus ternatanus: 赤香螺
Hemifusus tuba: 天狗刺螺
Hemifusus tuba: 管角螺
Hemifusus tuba: 響螺
Hemifusus tuba: 香螺(3)
Hemigaleus microstoma: 小口沙條鮫
Hemigaleus microstoma: 沙條
Hemigaleus microstoma: 犁鰭半沙條鯊
Hemigalus derbyanus: 橫帶狸貓(2)
Hemigalus derbyanus: 縞椰子貓(2)
Hemigalus derbyanus: 缟狸
Hemigaster taiwana: 台甲腹姬蜂
Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon: 密鰓雀鯛
Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon: 密鰓魚
Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon: 密鳃雀鲷
Hemiglyphidodon plagiometopon: 密鳃鱼
Hemignathus lucidus: 短嘴导颚雀
Hemignathus munroi: 导颚雀
Hemignathus obscurus: 长嘴导颚雀
Hemignathus parvus: 小夏威夷绿雀
Hemignathus virens: 夏威夷绿雀
Hemigobius hoevenii: 斜紋半鰕虎魚
Hemigobius hoevenii: 霍氏間鰕虎(3)
Hemigrammocapoeta elegans: 美麗半墨頭魚
Hemigrammocapoeta kemali: 凱氏半線二鬚魮
Hemigrammocapoeta nana: 矮半線二鬚魮
Hemigrammocypris rasborella: 錦波魚
Hemigrammus bleheri: 紅鼻剪刀(2)
Hemigrammus caudovittatus: 金十字(2)
Hemigrammus erythrozonus: 紅燈管(2)
Hemigrammus gracilis: 企鵝
Hemigrammus gracilis: 燈魚
Hemigrammus gracilis: 細半線脂鯉(2)
Hemigrammus ocellifer: 摩托車手魚
Hemigrammus ocellifer: 眼点半线脂鲤(2)
Hemigrammus ocellifer: 眼點半線脂鯉(2)
Hemigrammus ocellifer: 頭尾燈(2)
Hemigrammus ocellifer: 頭燈燈魚
Hemigrammus pulcher: 美麗燈魚
Hemigrammus pulcher: 麗半線脂鯉(2)
Hemigrammus rhodostomus: 紅吻半線脂鯉(2)
Hemigrammus rhodostomus: 紅鼻剪刀
Hemigrammus rhodostomus: 紅鼻燈魚
Hemigrammus rodwayi: 羅德威金色脂鯉
Hemigrammus rodwayi: 黃金燈(2)
Hemigrammus ulreyi: 公主燈(2)
Hemigrapsus penicillatus: 濱蟹
Hemigrapsus penicillatus: 絨毛近方蟹
Hemigrapsus penuillatus: 绒毛近方蟹
Hemigrapsus sanguineus: 濱蟹
Hemigrapsus sanguineus: 肉球近方蟹(2)
Hemigymnus fasciatus: 條紋厚唇魚
Hemigymnus fasciatus: 橫帶厚唇魚
Hemigymnus melapterus: 垂口鸚鯛(558)
Hemigymnus melapterus: 鹦哥
Hemigymnus melapterus: 黑白龙(650)
Hemigymnus melapterus: 黑鰭厚唇魚
Hemigymnus melapterus: 黑鳍半裸鱼(449)
Hemigymnus melapterus: 黑鳍厚唇鱼
Hemigymnus melapterus: 黑鳍厚唇鱼, Hei qi hou chun yu(605)
Hemigymnus melapterus: 黑鳍粗唇鱼(55)
Hemikrithe orientalis: 東方半克里介
Hemilea hylina: 透明半黑翅實蠅
Hemilea praestans: 普瑞半黑翅實蠅
Hemiliostraca metcalfei: 褐紋瓷螺
Hemimyzon abbreviata: 短身间吸鳅(2)
Hemimyzon elongata: 长体间吸鳅
Hemimyzon formosanum: 台湾间吸鳅
Hemimyzon formosanum: 台湾间爬岩鳅
Hemimyzon formosanum: 台灣間吸鰍
Hemimyzon formosanum: 台灣間爬岩鰍(5)
Hemimyzon formosanus: 台灣石爬子
Hemimyzon formosanus: 台灣間吸鰍
Hemimyzon formosanus: 台灣間爬岩鰍(3)
Hemimyzon formosanus: 石貼仔
Hemimyzon macroptera: 大鳍间吸鳅
Hemimyzon megalopseos: 大眼间吸鳅
Hemimyzon nujiangensis: 怒江间吸鳅
Hemimyzon pengi: 彭氏间吸鳅
Hemimyzon pumilicorpora: 矮身间吸鳅
Hemimyzon sinensis: 中华间吸鳅
Hemimyzon taitungensis: 台东间吸鳅
Hemimyzon taitungensis: 台東間吸鰍
Hemimyzon taitungensis: 台東間爬岩鰍(5)
Hemimyzon taitungensis: 石貼仔(2)
Hemimyzon tchangi: 张氏间吸鳅
Hemimyzon yaotanensis: 窑滩间吸鳅
Hemimzon sinensis(sauvage: 中华间吸鳅
Heminoemacheilus zhengbaoshani: 郑氏间条鳅
Heminothrus longisetosus: 長毛鬼甲蟎
Hemiodontichthys acipenserinus: 鱘形半齒甲鯰
Hemiodus gracilis: 紅尾大企鵝
Hemiodus gracilis: 細半齒脂鯉(2)
Hemiodus semitaeniatus: 企鵝
Hemiodus semitaeniatus: 半帶半齒脂鯉
Hemiodus semitaeniatus: 半線細半齒脂鯉
Hemiodus semitaeniatus: 半齒脂鯉
Hemipenthes jezensis: 日本蜂虻
Hemiphaedusa amphileuca: 兩端白煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa antuensis: 安通煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa antuensis: Chichiensis, 磯崎煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa arikangensis: 甲仙煙管蝸
Hemiphaedusa arikangensis: 甲仙煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa bagsana: 木柵煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa baibaraensis: 惠蓀煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa buduiensis: 霧台煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa exilis: 淡水煙管蝸牛(3)
Hemiphaedusa gochishanensis: 五指山煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa ilanensis: 宜蘭煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa kanaganensis: 和仁煙管蝸
Hemiphaedusa kuanmini: 寬敏煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa lini: 林朝棨煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa litouensis: 利稻煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa minutus: 俏皮煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa montuosa: 山地煙管蝸
Hemiphaedusa montuosa: 山地煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa myersi: 麥氏煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa nigricans: 黑煙管蝸
Hemiphaedusa odontochila: 台灣紡
Hemiphaedusa odontochila: 台灣紡錘煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa odontochila: 棍子煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa odontochila: Clava, 棍子煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa ooi: 王氏煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa pseudosheridani: 似謝氏煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa similaris: 白口煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa similaris: 紫色白口煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa taibuensis: 泰武煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa tantaensis: 丹大煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaedusa wenderi: 文德煙管蝸牛
Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae: 新西兰鸠
Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae: 紐西蘭鳩
Hemiphyllodactylus chapaensis: 沙坝半叶趾虎(5)
Hemiphyllodactylus chapaensis: 沙壩半葉趾虎
Hemiphyllodactylus typus: 半叶趾虎
Hemiphyllodactylus typus: 半葉趾蝎虎(2)
Hemiphyllodactylus typus: 爪哇半葉趾虎
Hemiphyllodactylus typus: Typus, 半葉趾蝎虎
Hemiphyllodactylus yunnanensis: 云南半叶趾虎(5)
Hemiphyllodactylus yunnanensis: 云南半葉趾虎
Hemiphyllodactylus yunnanensis: 吐鲁番沙虎
Hemipristis elongatus: 尖鰭副沙條鮫
Hemiprocne comata: 小凤头雨燕
Hemiprocne comata: 小须凤头雨燕(2)
Hemiprocne coronata: 凤头树燕
Hemiprocne coronata: 凤头雨燕
Hemiprocne coronata: 鳳頭樹燕(2)
Hemiprocne longipen: 凤头雨燕
Hemiprocne longipennis: 凤头树燕(2)
Hemiprocne longipennis: 凤头雨燕(3)
Hemiprocne longipennis: 灰腰雨燕(2)
Hemiprocne longipennis: 风头雨燕
Hemiprocne mystacea: 须凤头雨燕
Hemipsilia coavestis: 半明苔蛾
Hemipsocus chloroticus: 臺灣半嚙蟲
Hemipsocus roseus: 紅半嚙蟲
Hemipus hirundinaceus: 黑翅鹟鵙(2)
Hemipus picatus: 褐翅鹊贝鸟(2)
Hemipus picatus: 褐背鶲鵙
Hemipus picatus: 褐背鹟鵙(8)
Hemipyrellia ligurriens: 瘦葉帶綠蠅
Hemipyxis balyi: 白緣溝腳葉蚤
Hemipyxis changi: 小藍黑溝腳葉蚤
Hemipyxis flaviabdominalis: 藍黑溝腳葉蚤
Hemipyxis formosana: 蓬萊溝腳葉蚤
Hemipyxis quadrimaculata: 四斑溝腳葉蚤
Hemipyxis quadripustulata: 四紋溝腳葉蚤(2)
Hemipyxis yasumatsui: 黑緣溝腳葉蚤
Hemipyxis yuae: 素芳溝腳葉蚤
Hemiramphus archipelagicus: 印度洋鱵
Hemiramphus archipelagicus: 短鳍无斑鱵
Hemiramphus bermudensis: 百慕大鱵
Hemiramphus far: 斑鱵(2)
Hemiramphus far: 水針
Hemiramphus lutkei: 南洋鱵
Hemiramphus lutkei: 水針
Hemiramphus lutkei: 無斑鱵
Hemiramphus lutkei: 长臂无斑鱵
Hemirhabdus grimaldi: 葛氏半肢水蚤
Hemirhamphus kurumeus: 鰔
Hemirhynchus paradoxus: 三趾鸦雀
Hemirhynchus unicolor: 褐鸦雀
Hemisalanx prognathus: 銀魚
Hemiscolocenus iaculum: 魚叉半針空節蜱
Hemiscyllium ocellatum: 肩章鯊魚
Hemiscyllium trispeculare: 項斑長尾鬚鯊
Hemiscyllium trispeculare: 项斑长尾须鲨
Hemisilurus heterorhynchus: 半鲇(2)
Hemisphaeriodon gerrardii: 桃舌蜥
Hemistola simplex: 綠無繮青尺蛾
Hemitaeniochromis urotaenia: 尾紋半帶麗魚
Hemitaurichthys polylepis: 多鱗霞蝶魚(2)
Hemitaurichthys polylepis: 銀斑蝶魚
Hemitaurichthys polylepis: 鑽石蝶
Hemitaurichthys polylepis: 霞蝶小丑鱼
Hemitaurichthys polylepis: 霞蝶(3)
Hemitaurichthys zoster: 印度霞蝶
Hemitaurichthys zoster: 霞蝶鱼
Hemitaurichthys zoster: 黑帶鑽石蝶
Hemitaurichthys zoster: 黑铁蝶
Hemitaxonus alboorolis: 白尖葉蜂
Hemitaxonus formosanus: 巒大尖葉蜂
Hemitaxonus nigroorolis: 黑尖葉蜂
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus: 半爪虎
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus: 双头守宫
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus: 肥尾守宫(2)
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus: 肥尾守宮(2)
Hemitilapia oxyrhyncha: 尖吻半非鯽
Hemitragus hylocrius: 塔尔羊
Hemitragus jayakari: 阿拉伯塔尔羊
Hemitragus jemlahicus: 喜馬拉雅塔爾羊
Hemitragus jemlahicus: 喜马拉雅塔尔羊
Hemitragus jemlahicus: 塔尔羊
Hemitremia flammeus: 半孔魚
Hemitriakis complicofasciata: 雜紋灰鮫
Hemitriakis japanica: 日本半皺唇鯊
Hemitriakis japanica: 日本灰鮫
Hemitriakis japanica: 日本翅沙
Hemitriakis japanica: 沙條
Hemitriakis japanica: 胎沙
Hemityphis tenuimanus: 細手半毛戎
Hemixos castanonotus: 栗背短脚鹎(2)
Hemixos castanonotus: 栗背短腳鵯
Hemixos flavala: 灰短脚鹎(2)
Hemixos flavala: 灰短腳鵯(3)
Hemixos flavalus: 灰短脚鹎
Hemlbagrus macropterus: 大鳍鮠
Hendelia freyi: 福瑞澳蠅
Henicopernis infuscatus: 黑长尾鹰
Henicopernis longicauda: 长尾鵟(2)
Henicophaps albifrons: 白顶地鸽
Henicophaps albifrons: 白顶孤鸠
Henicophaps foersteri: 栗顶孤鸠
Henicorhynchus lineatus: 单吻鱼(2)
Henicorhynchus siamensis: 暹羅單吻魚
Heniochus acumainatus: 黑白关刀(2)
Heniochus acuminatus: 白吻雙帶立旗鯛
Heniochus acuminatus: 白關刀
Heniochus acuminatus: 關刀
Heniochus acuminatus: 馬夫魚
Heniochus chrysostomus: 三帶立旗鯛
Heniochus chrysostomus: 南洋關刀
Heniochus chrysostomus: 羽毛關刀
Heniochus chrysostomus: 金口馬夫魚
Heniochus diphreutes: 白關刀
Heniochus intermedius: 红海关刀(2)
Heniochus monoceros: 單角馬夫魚
Heniochus monoceros: 烏面立旗鯛
Heniochus monoceros: 黑面關刀
Heniochus singulanius: 魔鬼关刀
Heniochus singularius: 單棘立旗鯛
Heniochus singularius: 四带马夫鱼
Heniochus singularius: 四帶馬夫魚
Heniochus singularius: 花关刀
Heniochus singularius: 花關刀
Heniochus singularius: 菲律賓關刀
Heniochus singularius: 鬼面刀
Heniochus singularius: 魔鬼关刀
Heniochus varius: 白帶馬夫魚
Heniochus varius: 黑身立旗鯛
Heniochus varius: 黑關刀
Henose pilachna: 瓜裂臀瓢虫
Henose vigintioctomaculata: 马铃薯瓢虫
Henose vigintioctopunctata: 茄二十八星瓢虫
Henosepilachna boisduvali: 波氏裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna boisduvali: 波氏裂臀瓢蟲
Henosepilachna boisduvali: 波裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna boisduvali: 蘭嶼茄十二星瓢蟲(2)
Henosepilachna dodecastigma: 十二斑裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna freudei: 弗雷德裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna indica: 刀叶裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna intriogibbera: 内隆裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna kaszabi: 十斑裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna libera: 奇斑裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna ocellata: 眼斑裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna processa: 齒葉裂臀瓢蟲
Henosepilachna processa: 齿叶裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna pusillanima: 茄十二星瓢蟲(4)
Henosepilachna pusillanima: 鋸葉裂臀瓢蟲
Henosepilachna pusillanima: 锯叶裂臀瓢虫(2)
Henosepilachna septima: 瓜裂臀瓢虫(2)
Henosepilachna subfasciata: 半帶裂臀瓢蟲
Henosepilachna tamdaoensis: 多摩裂臀瓢虫(2)
Henosepilachna tonkinensis: 北部湾裂臀瓢虫(2)
Henosepilachna umbonata: 齿突裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna verriculata: 毛突裂臀瓢虫
Henosepilachna vigintiocto: 茄二十八星瓢虫
Henosepilachna vigintioctomaculata: 馬鈴薯瓢蟲
Henosepilachna vigintioctomaculata: 马铃薯星瓢虫
Henosepilachna vigintioctomaculata: 马铃薯瓢虫(3)
Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata: 二十八星瓢虫
Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata: 茄二十八星瓢虫(3)
Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata: 茄二十八星瓢蟲(3)
Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata: 茄二十八星(2)
Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata: 酸浆瓢虫
Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata: 马铃薯瓢虫
Henrina pectinifera: 鸡爪海星
Henschiella saigusai: 粗喙奇蝽
Heoclisis japonica: 追击大蚁蛉
Heosemys depressa: 亚洲山龟
Heosemys grandis: 巨型山龜(2)
Heosemys leytensis: 巴拉望龟
Heosemys spinosa: 太阳龟
Heosemys spinosa: 太陽龜(2)
Heosemys spinosa: 龜
Hephaestus fuliginosus: 厚唇弱棘鯻
Hephaestus fuliginosus: 淡水黑鲷
Hepialiscus monticola: 高山蝠蛾
Hepialiscus robinsoni: 羅氏蝠蛾
Hepialiscus taiwanus: 臺灣蝠蛾
Hepialus albipictus: 白纹蝠蛾
Hepialus armoricanus: 蟲草蝙蝠蛾
Hepialus baimaensis: 白马蝠蛾
Hepialus deqiensis: 德钦蝠蛾
Hepialus jinshaensis: 金沙蝠蛾
Hepialus prateensis: 草地蝠蛾
Hepialus renzhiensis: 人支蝠蛾
Hepialus yeriensis: 叶日蝠蛾
Hepialus zhongzhiensis: 中支蝠蛾
Hepsetus odoe: 钻石火箭
Heptranchias dakini: 达氏七鳃鲨
Heptranchias perlo: 尖吻七鰓鯊
Heptranchias perlo: 尖吻七鳃鲨
Heptranchias perlo: 尖頭七鰓鮫
Heptranchias perlo: 油沙
Heptranchias perlo: 达氏七鳃鲨
Heratemis filosa: 雙刺反顎繭蜂
Heratemis laticeps: 乳突反顎繭蜂
Hercostomus aerosus: 銅色長足虻
Hercostomus albidipes: 白足長足虻
Hercostomus blandulus: 芬芳長足虻
Hercostomus congruens: 協和長足虻
Hercostomus gregalis: 群眾長足虻
Hercostomus inclusus: 禁錮長足虻
Hercostomus incrassatus: 壯碩長足虻
Hercostomus luciduventris: 亮腹長足虻
Hercostomus lunlatus: 紫胸長足虻
Hercostomus notatus: 標識長足虻
Hercostomus ovatus: 喝彩長足虻
Hercostomus porrectus: 平直長足虻
Hercostomus promotus: 印度長足虻
Hercostomus regularis: 標準長足虻
Hercostomus rollei: 洛氏長足虻
Hercostomus sequens: 侍從長足虻
Hercostomus sodalis: 伙伴長足虻
Herennia multipuncta: 裂腹蛛
Herennia multipuncta: 裂腹鬼蜘
Herennia ornatissima: 裂腹蛛
Heresiarches heinrichi: 台斜疤姬蜂
Heriades sauteri: 紹德孔蜂
Heriades sauteri: 黑孔蜂
Heriaeus mellotteei: 梅氏毛蟹蛛
Herichthys carpintis: 匠麗體魚
Herichthys cyanoguttatus: 德克薩斯麗魚
Herichthys pearsei: 皮尔斯氏丽体鱼
Herichthys pearsei: 皮爾斯氏麗體魚
Herichthys tamasopoensis: 北美德克薩斯麗魚
Herimba atkinsoni: 白線斑網蛾
Herklotsichthys dispilonotus: 鞍斑似青鱗魚
Herklotsichthys dispilonotus: 鞍斑似青鳞鱼
Herklotsichthys punctatus: 斑點似青鱗魚
Herklotsichthys punctatus: 斑點青鱗
Herklotsichthys punctatus: 青鱗仔
Herklotsichthys punctatus: 鰮仔
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: 四斑沙丁鱼
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: 四點青鱗
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: 藍帶似青鱗魚
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: 青鱗仔
Herklotsichthys quadrimaculatus: 鰮仔
Hermanites cinnamonia: 桂皮海梅介
Hermanites cupunata: 獎卷海梅介
Hermanites dongchoua: 東周海梅介
Hermanites florida: 花園海梅介
Hermanites jenyihi: 仁義海梅介
Hermanites laochuani: 老泉海梅介
Hermanites penshih: 萍實海梅介
Hermanites tosaensis: 土佐海梅介
Hermanites yangmingi: 揚名海梅介
Hermannia kanoi: 加納隆背蟎
Hermanniella punctulata: 星斑矮隆背蟎
Hermya formosana: 蓬萊寄蠅
Heroina isonycterina: 娜麗魚
Herophydrus rufus: 擬球龍蝨
Heros appendiculatus: 大口英麗魚
Heros efasciatus: 金帶英麗魚(2)
Heros festae: 菲氏英麗魚
Heros severus: 英麗魚(3)
Heros severus: 金波羅(3)
Heros severus: 金菠蘿(2)
Heros severus: 黑波羅
Heros spurius: 偽英麗魚
Herotilapia multispinosa: 多棘壯非鯽
Herpailurus yagouaroundi: 南美豹貓
Herpailurus yagouaroundi: 細腰貓
Herpailurus yaguarondi: 细腰猫
Herpestes auropunctatus: 红颊獴
Herpestes auropunctatus: Rubrifrons, 红颊獴
Herpestes brachyurus: 短尾獴
Herpestes edwardsii: 灰獴(2)
Herpestes fuscus: 褐獴
Herpestes ichneumon: 埃及獴
Herpestes ichneumon: 獴姬
Herpestes javanicus: 印度小猫鼬(2)
Herpestes javanicus: 爪哇獴
Herpestes javanicus: 紅頰獴
Herpestes javanicus: 红颊獴(4)
Herpestes javanicus: 金斑獴
Herpestes naso: 长鼻獴
Herpestes palustris: 水獴
Herpestes semitorquatus: 领獴
Herpestes smithii: 赤獴
Herpestes urva: 棕簑貓(4)
Herpestes urva: 食蟹獴(11)
Herpestes urva: 食蟹貓
Herpestes vitticollis: 纹颈獴
Herpetotheres cachinnans: 笑隼(2)
Herpolitha limax: 蛞蝓匐石珊瑚(2)
Hersilia asiatica: 亞洲長疣蛛
Hersilia asiatica: 亞洲長紡器蛛
Hersilia savignyi: 薩氏長疣蛛
Herviella affinis: 近緣小赫夫灰翼海蛞蝓
Herzensteinia microcephalus: 小頭高原魚
Hesperoleucus symmetricus: 昏白魚
Hesperoptenus blanfordi: 布氏夕陽蝠
Hesperoptenus blanfordi: 梓蝠(2)
Hesperoptenus doriae: 多麗夕陽蝠
Hesperoptenus doriae: 马来梓蝠
Hesperoptenus gaskelli: 加氏梓蝠
Hesperoptenus tickelli: 南亚梓蝠
Hesperoptenus tickelli: 逖氏夕陽蝠
Hesperoptenus tomesi: 佟氏夕陽蝠
Hesperoptenus tomesi: 托氏梓蝠
Hestina assimilis: 紅星斑蛺蝶
Hestina assimilis: 黑脈蛺蝶
Hestina japonica: 小脈蛺蝶
Hestina nama: 蒺藜紋蛺蝶
Hestina persimilis: 拟斑脉蛱蝶
Heteractis magnifica: 公主海葵
Heteractis magnifica: 巨大異幅海葵
Heteractis magnifica: 巨大異輻海葵
Heteractis magnifica: 華麗海葵
Heteractis malu: 夏威夷海葵
Heteractis malu: 夏威夷異幅海葵
Heteractis malu: 夏威夷異輻海葵
Heteractis malu: 奶嘴
Heteractis malu: 綠奶嘴
Heteralocha acutirostris: 兼嘴垂耳鴉
Heteralocha acutirostris: 黄嘴垂耳鸦
Heterandria formosa: 美丽异小鮰
Heterandria formosa: 美麗異小鮰
Hetereleotris poecila: 琉球鯊
Hetereleotris poecila: 雜色異塘鱧
Heteribalia subtilis: 紅盾枝跗光翅癭蜂
Heterobelba stellifera: 臺灣異腳甲蟎
Heterobostrychus aequalis: 双钩异翅长蠹
Heterobostrychus aequalis: 雙鉤異翅長蠹
Heterobranchus bidorsalis: 双背鳍异鳃鲶(4)
Heterobranchus bidorsalis: 雙背鰭異鰓鯰(3)
Heterobranchus boulengeri: 博氏异鳃鲶(4)
Heterobranchus boulengeri: 博氏異鰓鯰(3)
Heterobranchus isopterus: 等鰭異鰓鯰(3)
Heterobranchus isopterus: 等鳍异鳃鲶(4)
Heterobranchus longifilis: 長絲異鰓鯰(3)
Heterobranchus longifilis: 长丝异鳃鲶(4)
Heterocentrotus mammillatus: 石筆海膽
Heterocephalus glaber: 裸滨鼠(2)
Heterocephalus glaber: 裸鼢鼠
Heterocerus grouvellei: 古氏四節泥蟲
Heterocerus sauteri: 梭德氏四節泥蟲
Heterochromis multidens: 多齒異非鯽
Heterococcus abludens: 峰粉蚧
Heteroconchella chyijenga: 奇正異形介
Heteroconchella euplectella: 大錘異形介
Heteroconchella gaohuanga: 膏肓異形介
Heteroconchella quadraquercita: 四四異形介
Heteroconger digueti: 迪氏异康吉鳗
Heteroconger digueti: 迪氏異康吉鰻
Heteroconger hassi: 哈氏異康吉鰻
Heterodactylus imbricatus: 复瓦异趾蜥
Heterodon nasicus: 西部豬鼻蛇(2)
Heterodon platyrhinos: 東部豬鼻蛇(2)
Heterodontus galeatus: 眶嵴虎鯊
Heterodontus galeatus: 眶嵴虎鲨
Heterodontus japonicus: 宽纹虎鲨
Heterodontus japonicus: 寬紋虎鯊
Heterodontus japonicus: 日本異齒鮫
Heterodontus japonicus: 虎沙
Heterodontus japonicus: 角鯊
Heterodontus zebra: 斑紋異齒鮫
Heterodontus zebra: 狭纹虎鲨
Heterodontus zebra: 狹紋虎鯊
Heterodontus zebra: 虎沙
Heterodontus zebra: 角鯊
Heteroglaux blewitti: 林斑小鴞
Heteroglaux blewitti: 林斑小鸮
Heteroglenea glechoma: 長白條天牛
Heterohyrax antineae: 撒哈拉岩蹄兔
Heterohyrax brucei: 小齒蹄兔
Heterohyrax brucei: 黄斑蹄兔(2)
Heteromeringia nitobei: 新渡戶澳蠅
Heteromycteris matsubarai: 松原氏嘴鰨
Heteromycteris matsubarai: 松原釣嘴鰨
Heteromycteris matsubarai: 松原嘴鰨
Heteromys desmarestianus: 林棘鼠
Heteronotia spelea: 沙生异虎
Heteropelma amictum: 松毛蟲異足姬蜂
Heteropelma fulvitarse: 黃跗異足姬蜂
Heterophasia annectans: 栗背奇鹛
Heterophasia annectens: 栗背奇鶥
Heterophasia auricularis: 白耳奇鶥(5)
Heterophasia auricularis: 白耳奇鹛(9)
Heterophasia auricularis: 白耳画眉
Heterophasia auricularis: 白耳畫眉(12)
Heterophasia capistrata: 黑頂奇鶥
Heterophasia capistrata: 黑顶奇鹛
Heterophasia desgodinsi: 黑頭奇鶥
Heterophasia gracilis: 灰奇鶥
Heterophasia gracilis: 灰奇鹛(7)
Heterophasia gracillis: 灰奇眉(2)
Heterophasia melanoleuca: 黑头奇鹛
Heterophasia picaoides: 長尾奇鶥
Heterophasia picaoides: 长尾奇鹛(2)
Heterophasia pulchella: 丽色奇鹛
Heterophasia pulchella: 麗色奇鶥
Heterophilus punctulatus: 細點音天牛
Heterophilus punctulatus: 细点音天牛(3)
Heterophleps variegata: 豐異翅尺蛾
Heterophotus ophistoma: 蛇口異星杉魚
Heteropilumnus ciliatus: 披髮異毛蟹
Heteropoda forcipata: 鉗高腳蛛
Heteropoda venatoria: 白額巨蟹蛛
Heteropoda venatoria: 白額高腳蛛
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: 灰鰭異大眼鯛
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: 紅目鰱
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: 血斑大眼鯛
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: 血斑大眼鲷
Heteropriacanthus cruentatus: 血斑異大眼鯛
Heteropsomys insulans: 島穴鼠
Heteropternis micronus: 小异距蝗
Heteropternis motuoensis: 墨脱异距蝗
Heteropternis respondens: 方异距蝗(2)
Heteropternis robusta: 大异距蝗
Heteropternis rufipes: 赤胫异距蝗
Heterorhabdus abyssalis: 深異肢水蚤
Heterorhabdus clausii: 克氏異肢水蚤
Heterorhabdus pacificus: 太平異肢水蚤
Heterorhabdus papilliger: 乳狀異肢水蚤
Heterorhabdus spinifrons: 刺額異肢水蚤
Heterorhabdus spinosus: 刺異肢水蚤
Heterosceles brevipes: 灰尾
Heterosceles brevipes: 黃足鷸
Heterosceles incanus: 美洲黃足鷸
Heteroscelus brevipes: 灰尾漂鷸
Heteroscelus brevipes: 灰尾漂鹬(6)
Heteroscelus brevipes: 灰尾鷸
Heteroscelus brevipes: 灰尾鹬(2)
Heteroscelus brevipes: 黃足鷸
Heteroscelus brevipes: 黄足鹬(2)
Heteroscelus incanus: 漂鷸
Heteroscelus incanus: 漂鹬(7)
Heteroscelus incanus: 灰鹬
Heteroscelus incanus: 美洲黃足鷸
Heterostylites longicornis: 長角異柱水蚤
Heterostylites longioperculis: 長蓋異柱水蚤
Heterotarsus carinula: 條紋小頭擬步行蟲
Heterotarsus crenuliger: 纖條小頭擬步行蟲
Heterotarsus urbani: 台灣小頭擬步行蟲
Heteroteuthis hawaiiensis: 夏威夷耳烏賊
Heterotis niloticus: 尼罗异耳骨舌鱼
Heterotis niloticus: 尼羅異耳骨舌魚
Heterotis niloticus: 异耳骨舌鱼
Heterotis niloticus: 異耳魚
Heterotis niloticus: 非洲骨舌鱼
Heterotis niloticus: 非洲黑龍
Heterotis niloticus: 非洲黑龙(3)
Heterotis niloticus: 非洲龍魚
Heterotis niloticus: 非洲龙鱼
Heterotis niloticus: 黑帶
Heterotis niloticus: 黑龍
Heteroxenia elisabethae: 異傘軟珊瑚
Heteroxenicus stellatus: 栗背短翅鶇
Heteroxenicus stellatus: 栗背短翅鸫
Heterozaptyx diacoptyx: 紡錘細煙管蝸牛
Heterozaptyx ilanensis: 宜蘭煙管蝸牛
Heterozaptyx santiaoensis: 三貂嶺細煙管蝸牛
Heterozaptyx takahashii: 高橋氏細煙管蝸牛
Heterozaptyx uraniscoptyx: 天女細煙管蝸牛
Heterphilus punctulatus: 细点音天牛
Hexabranchus sanguineus: 血紅六鰓海蛞蝓(2)
Hexabranchus sanguineus: 血紅六鰓海麒麟(2)
Hexabranchus sanguineus: 西班牙舞姬
Hexacentrus fuscipes: 球翅螽蟴
Hexafrenum leucodera: 吉本氏異齒舟蛾
Hexagrammos lagocephalus: 长线六线鱼
Hexagrammos octogrammus: 叉线六线鱼
Hexagrammos otakii: 大泷六线鱼
Hexagrammos stelleri: 白斑六線魚
Hexagrammos stelleri: 白斑六线鱼
Hexanchus griseus: 六鰓沙
Hexanchus griseus: 灰六鰓鮫
Hexanchus griseus: 灰六鰓鯊
Hexanchus griseus: 灰六鳃鲨
Hexanchus nakamurai: 大眼六鰓鮫
Hexanchus nakamurai: 長吻六鰓鯊
Hexanchus vitulus: 大眼六鳃鲨
Hexaoma lygropis: 鞍狀祖大蚊
Hexaoma morosa: 融合祖大蚊
Hexaoma nigrina: 向背祖大蚊
Hexaoma rubriceps: 窄翅祖大蚊
Hexaoma shirakii: 窄室黑大蚊
Hexaoma unicolor: 萎靡黑大蚊
Hexaoma verticalis: 東方黑大蚊
Hexaprotodon liberiensis: 侏儒河馬(2)
Hexaprotodon liberiensis: 倭河馬(2)
Hexaprotodon liberiensis: 倭河马
Hexaptilona palpata: 銼吻六斑實蠅
Hexarthrius aduncus: 亚登克斯叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius bowringi: 保玲氏叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius buqueti: 黑叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius davisoni: 大卫森氏叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius forsteri: 弗斯特利叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius howdeni: 豪登叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius mandibularis: 巨颚叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius melchioritis: 酒红叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius mniszechi: 明宁瑞奇叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius nigritus: 泰国黑叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius parryi: 橘背叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius rhinoceros: 犀牛叉角锹形虫
Hexarthrius vitalisi: 泰国叉角锹形虫
Hexataenius esakii: 江崎細金龜
Hexatrygon bickelli: 六鳃魟
Hexatrygon bickelli: 比氏六鰓魟
Hexatrygon brevirostra: 短吻六鰓魟
Hexatrygon brevirostra: 短吻六鳃魟
Hexatrygon longirostrum: 长吻六鳃魟
Hexatrygon taiwanensis: 台湾六鳃魟
Hexatrygon taiwanensis: 台灣六鰓魟
Hexatrygon yangi: 杨氏六鳃魟
Hexatrygon yangi: 楊氏六鰓魟
Hexechamaesipho pilsbryi: 皮氏六板小藤壺
Hiatavolva brunneiterma: 褐端菱角螺
Hiatella arctica: 北方钻岩蛤
Hiatula diphos: 紫雲蛤
Hicksonella princeps: 根葉希氏珊瑚
Hieraaetus ayresii: 艾氏隼雕
Hieraaetus ayresii: 艾氏隼鵰
Hieraaetus fasciata: 白腹隼雕
Hieraaetus fasciatus: 白腹山鵰
Hieraaetus fasciatus: 白腹隼雕(5)
Hieraaetus fasciatus: 白腹隼鵰
Hieraaetus fasiatus: 白腹隼雕
Hieraaetus kienerii: 棕腹隼雕(5)
Hieraaetus kienerii: 棕腹隼鵰
Hieraaetus morphnoides: 小隼雕(2)
Hieraaetus pennata: 靴隼雕
Hieraaetus pennatus: 靴隼雕(5)
Hieraaetus pennatus: 靴隼鵰(3)
Hieraaetus spilogaster: 非洲隼雕
Hieraaetus spilogaster: 非洲隼鵰
Hierococcyx bocki: 婆罗鹰鹃
Hierococcyx fugax: 棕腹杜鹃
Hierococcyx fugax: 棕腹鹰鹃(2)
Hierococcyx hyperythrus: 北鹰鹃(2)
Hierococcyx hyperythrus: 棕腹鷹鵑
Hierococcyx nisicolor: 棕腹杜鹃
Hierococcyx nisicolor: 霍氏鷹鵑
Hierococcyx nisicolor: 霍氏鹰鹃
Hierococcyx sparverioides: 鷹鵑
Hierococcyx sparverioides: 鹰鹃(2)
Hierococcyx vagans: 小鹰鹃
Hierococcyx varius: 南亚鹰鹃
Hierococcyx varius: 南亞鷹鵑
Hierococcyx varius: 普通鷹鵑
Hierococcyx varius: 普通鹰鹃(2)
Hierodula bipapilla: 雙突斧螳
Hierodula formosana: 台灣斧膛
Hierodula patellifera: 寬腹斧螳
Hierodula patellifera: 寬腹螳螂
Hierodula patellifera: 广斧螳
Hierodula patellifera: 廣斧螳
Hierodula patellifera: 闊腹螳螂
Hierodula saussurei: 蘇氏斧螳
Hieroglyphus annulicornis: 斑角蔗蝗
Higena trichosticha: 絲舟蛾
Hilara melanichira: 黑手舞虻
Hilara orientails: 東方舞虻
Hilara unicauda: 單尾舞虻
Hilethera turanica: 小短腿蝗
Hilon megastoma: 小雉螺
Hilsa ilisha: 云鲥
Hilsa kelee: 中國鰣
Hilsa kelee: 点鲥
Hilsa kelee: 花點鰣
Hilsa kelee: 鲥鱼
Hilsa reevesii: 鲥
Hilyotrogus formosanus: 台灣樺金龜
Himacerus apterus: 泛希姬蝽
Himacerus assamensis: 阿萨姆希姬蝽
Himacerus fuscopnnis: 栗色希姬蝽
Himacerus kunmingus: 昆明希姬蝽
Himacerus mussooriensis: 穆索里希姬蝽
Himacerus nodipes: 瘤足希姬蝽
Himacerus pulchellus: 美希姬蝽
Himacerus pulchrus: 丽希姬蝽
Himacerus vicinus: 邻希姬蝽
Himalopsyche baibarana: 馬場喜馬石蛾
Himalopsyche lua: 露亞喜馬石蛾
Himantolophus albinares: 白斑鞭冠鮟鱇
Himantolophus groenlandicus: 多指鞭冠鮟鱇
Himantolophus groenlandicus: 疏刺角鮟鱇
Himantolophus groenlandicus: 疏刺鮟鱇
Himantolophus melanolophus: 黑冠疏刺角鮟鱇
Himantopus himantopus: 又叫黑翅長腳鷸
Himantopus himantopus: 長腳鷸(2)
Himantopus himantopus: 高跷鸻(2)
Himantopus himantopus: 高蹺珩
Himantopus himantopus: 高蹺鴴(7)
Himantopus himantopus: 黑翅長腳鷸(6)
Himantopus himantopus: 黑翅长脚鹬(12)
Himantopus leucocephalus: 澳洲长脚鹬
Himantopus leucocephalus: 白頭長腳鷸
Himantura alcocki: 阿氏窄尾魟
Himantura bleekeri: 布氏窄尾魟
Himantura chaophraya: 查菲窄尾魟
Himantura draco: 疣突窄尾魟
Himantura fai: 費氏窄尾魟
Himantura fava: 蜂巢窄尾魟
Himantura fluviatilis: 河棲窄尾魟
Himantura gerrardi: 傑氏窄尾魟
Himantura gerrardi: 杰氏窄尾魟
Himantura gerrardi: 魔鬼鱼, Mo gui yu
Himantura gerrardi: 魟鱼
Himantura gerrardi: 魟鱼, Hong yu(90)
Himantura gerrardi: 齊氏土魟
Himantura gerrardi: 齊氏窄尾魟
Himantura gerrardi: 齊氏魟
Himantura gerrardi: 齐氏土魟
Himantura gerrardi: 齐氏土魟, Qi shi tu hong(473)
Himantura granulata: 細點窄尾魟
Himantura granulata: 细点窄尾魟
Himantura imbricata: 覆瓦窄尾魟
Himantura jenkinsii: 詹氏窄尾魟
Himantura krempfi: 克氏窄尾魟
Himantura marginata: 緣邊窄尾魟
Himantura microphthalma: 小眼魟
Himantura oxyrhynchus: 尖吻窄尾魟
Himantura pacifica: 太平洋窄尾魟
Himantura schmardae: 施氏窄尾魟
Himantura signifer: 大窄尾魟
Himantura toshi: 斑點窄尾魟
Himantura uarnak: 大鰩魚
Himantura uarnak: 花点魟
Himantura uarnak: 花點窄尾魟
Himantura uarnak: 蝠魟
Himantura uarnak: 豹紋土魟
Himantura uarnak: 豹紋窄尾魟
Himantura uarnak: 豹紋魟
Himantura uarnak: 豹纹土魟
Himantura uarnak: 豹鯆
Himantura uarnak: 黃線窄尾魟
Himantura uarnak: 黄线窄尾魟
Himantura undulata: 波緣窄尾魟
Himantura undulata: 波缘窄尾魟
Himantura undulata: 魟鱼
Himantura walga: 沃爾窄尾魟
Himatione sanguinea: 白臀蜜鳥
Himerometra magnipinna: 巨翅美羽枝
Hinemoa indica: 白玉塔螺
Hinisaurus crocodilurus: 蜥鳄
Hintonia candens: 犬牙亨燈魚
Hiodon alosoides: 金月眼鱼
Hiodon selenops: 南月眼鱼
Hiodon tergisus: 月眼鱼
Hiodon tergisus: 革鱗異齒魚
Hiodon tergisus: 革鳞异齿鱼
Hipoppotomas amphibius: 河马
Hippa adactyla: 側指蟬蟹
Hippa admirabilis: 神奇蟬蟹
Hippa marmorata: 大理石蟬蟹
Hippa ovalis: 橢圓蟬蟹
Hippa truncatifrons: 截額蟬蟹
Hippasa agelenoides: 草地馬蛛
Hippasa holmerae: 猴馬蛛
Hippasa holmerae: 長疣狼蛛
Hippasa holmerae: 長疣馬蛛
Hippeutis carntori: 廣東平扁蜷
Hippeutis umblicalis: 平扁蜷
Hippichthys cyanospilus: 藍點多環海龍
Hippichthys cyanospilus: 藍點海龍
Hippichthys heptagonus: 七角海龍(2)
Hippichthys heptagonus: 前鰭多環海龍
Hippichthys penicillus: 筆狀海龍
Hippichthys spicifer: 帶紋多環海龍
Hippichthys spicifer: 橫帶海龍
Hippocamelus antisensis: 秘鲁马驼鹿
Hippocamelus bisulcus: 智利馬駝鹿
Hippocamelus bisulcus: 智利马驼鹿
Hippocamelus bisulcus: 智利驼鹿
Hippocampus abdominalis: 膨腹海马
Hippocampus bargibanti: 巴氏海馬
Hippocampus bargibanti: 豆丁海馬
Hippocampus capensis: 南非海馬
Hippocampus capensis: 肯斯那海马
Hippocampus colemani: 克里蒙氏海龍
Hippocampus colemani: 柯曼豆丁海馬
Hippocampus coronatus: 冠海馬
Hippocampus coronatus: 冠海马
Hippocampus coronatus: 紅海馬
Hippocampus erectus: 直立海馬
Hippocampus erectus: 直立海马
Hippocampus histrix: 刺海馬
Hippocampus histrix: 刺海马
Hippocampus japoni: 日本海马
Hippocampus japonicus: 小海馬
Hippocampus kelloggi: 克氏海馬
Hippocampus kelloggi: 克氏海马鱼(2)
Hippocampus kelloggi: 可氏海马鱼
Hippocampus kelloggi: 線紋海馬
Hippocampus kuda: 大海馬
Hippocampus kuda: 庫達海馬
Hippocampus kuda: 管海馬
Hippocampus kuda: 管海马
Hippocampus kuda: 黃海馬
Hippocampus kuda: 黑海馬
Hippocampus kude: 海马
Hippocampus sindonis: 花海馬
Hippocampus spinosissimus: 棘海馬
Hippocampus trimaculatus: 三斑海馬
Hippocampus trimaculatus: 斑海马
Hippocampus zosterae: 豆丁海馬
Hippodamia arctica: 北方异瓢虫
Hippodamia tredecimpunctata: 十三星瓢虫
Hippodamia variegate: 多异瓢虫
Hippodamia weisei: 维氏异瓢虫
Hippoglossoides platessoides: 美洲拟庸鲽(2)
Hippoglossoides platessoides: 美洲擬庸鰈(2)
Hippolais caligata: 靴籬鶯(2)
Hippolais icterina: 綠籬鶯
Hippolais icterina: 绿篱莺
Hippolais languida: 淡色篱莺
Hippolais languida: 淡色籬鶯
Hippolais olivetorum: 橄榄篱莺
Hippolais olivetorum: 橄欖籬鶯
Hippolais pallida: 草綠籬鶯
Hipponix acuta: 頂蓋螺
Hipponix conica: 頂蓋螺
Hipponix foliacea: 環蓋螺
Hippopodius hippopus: 馬蹄水母
Hippopotamus amphibius: 河馬(6)
Hippopotamus amphibius: 河马
Hippopotamyrus discorhynchus: 盘吻河马长颌鱼
Hippopotamyrus discorhynchus: 盤吻河馬長頜魚
Hippopus hippopus: 菱硨磲蛤(2)
Hipposcarus longiceps: 長吻鸚哥魚
Hipposcarus longiceps: 長頭馬鸚嘴魚
Hipposcarus longiceps: 鸚哥
Hipposideros abae: 宽袍蹄蝠
Hipposideros abae: 阿巴蹄蝠
Hipposideros armiger: 大蹄蝠(2)
Hipposideros armiger: 大马蹄蝠
Hipposideros armiger: 岸田久吉
Hipposideros ater: 黑蹄蝠
Hipposideros beatus: 侏蹄蝠
Hipposideros beatus: 西非小蹄蝠
Hipposideros bicolor: 双色蹄蝠(2)
Hipposideros breviceps: 短頭蹄蝠
Hipposideros breviceps: 短颅蹄蝠
Hipposideros caffer: 南非蹄蝠
Hipposideros caffer: 非洲蹄蝠(2)
Hipposideros calcaratus: 距蹄蝠
Hipposideros calcaratus: 靴刺蹄蝠
Hipposideros camerunensis: 喀麦隆蹄蝠
Hipposideros camerunensis: 大圓面蹄蝠
Hipposideros cervinus: 澳洲蹄蝠
Hipposideros cervinus: 黃褐蹄蝠
Hipposideros cineraceus: 小蹄蝠
Hipposideros cineraceus: 灰蹄蝠
Hipposideros commersoni: 康氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros coronatus: 戴帽蹄蝠
Hipposideros coronatus: 有冠蹄蝠
Hipposideros corynophyllus: 新几内亚蹄蝠
Hipposideros coxi: 柯氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros coxi: 考氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros crumeniferus: 帝汶蹄蝠
Hipposideros curtus: 短尾蹄蝠
Hipposideros cyclops: 圓面蹄蝠
Hipposideros cyclops: 大眼蹄蝠
Hipposideros diadema: 冕蹄蝠
Hipposideros diadema: 帽盔蹄蝠
Hipposideros dinops: 恐面蹄蝠
Hipposideros dinops: 猛蹄蝠
Hipposideros doriae: 囊蹄蝠
Hipposideros dyacorum: 達雅蹄蝠
Hipposideros frithi: 无尾蹄蝠
Hipposideros fuliginosus: 乌灰蹄蝠
Hipposideros fuliginosus: 煤黑蹄蝠
Hipposideros fulvus: 大耳蹄蝠
Hipposideros fulvus: 茶黃蹄蝠
Hipposideros galeritus: 短耳蹄蝠
Hipposideros galeritus: 黄褐蹄蝠
Hipposideros halophyllus: 华富里蹄蝠
Hipposideros inexpectatus: 毛冠蹄蝠
Hipposideros inexpectatus: 蘇北蹄蝠
Hipposideros jonesi: 西非蹄蝠
Hipposideros jonesi: 鍾思蹄蝠
Hipposideros lamottei: 拉氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros lankadiva: 印度蹄蝠
Hipposideros lankadiva: 蘭卡蹄蝠
Hipposideros larvatus: 中蹄蝠(2)
Hipposideros larvatus: 花面蹄蝠
Hipposideros larvatus: Poutensis, 保亭蹄蝠
Hipposideros lekaguli: 列氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros lekaguli: 泰国蹄蝠
Hipposideros lylei: 盾面蹄蝠
Hipposideros lylei: 鞘面蹄蝠
Hipposideros macrobullatus: 大泡蹄蝠
Hipposideros maggietaylarae: 史氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros maggietaylarae: 瑪吉蹄蝠
Hipposideros marisae: 几内亚蹄蝠
Hipposideros marisae: 瑪麗薩蹄蝠
Hipposideros megalotis: 串耳蹄蝠
Hipposideros megalotis: 大耳蹄蝠
Hipposideros muscinus: 伏河蹄蝠
Hipposideros muscinus: 长耳蹄蝠
Hipposideros nequarii: 楔缝蹄蝠
Hipposideros nequarii: 馬來蹄蝠
Hipposideros obscura: 暗色蹄蝠
Hipposideros obscura: 陰暗蹄蝠
Hipposideros papua: 巴布亞蹄蝠
Hipposideros pomona: 小蹄蝠
Hipposideros pomona: 果树蹄蝠
Hipposideros pratti: 普氏蹄蝠(2)
Hipposideros pygmaeus: 吕宋蹄蝠
Hipposideros pygmaeus: 微型蹄蝠
Hipposideros ridleyi: 里氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros ridleyi: 雷氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros ruber: 赤色蹄蝠
Hipposideros ruber: 赤道蹄蝠
Hipposideros sabanus: 沙巴蹄蝠
Hipposideros schistaceus: 裂蹄蝠
Hipposideros semoni: 大疣鼻蹄蝠
Hipposideros semoni: 扁吻蹄蝠
Hipposideros speoris: 施氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros speoris: 穴蹄蝠
Hipposideros stenotis: 狭耳蹄蝠
Hipposideros stenotis: 狹耳蹄蝠
Hipposideros terasensis: 台灣神樂蝙蝠
Hipposideros terasensis: 台灣葉鼻蝠
Hipposideros terasensis: 臺灣葉鼻蝠(2)
Hipposideros turpis: 丑蹄蝠
Hipposideros wallastoni: 沃氏蹄蝠
Hipposideros wallastoni: 烏氏蹄蝠
Hippotion celerio: 銀條斜線天蛾
Hippotion rosetta: 後紅斜線天蛾(2)
Hippotion rosetta: 茜草紅後斜線天蛾
Hippotion velox: 斜線天蛾
Hippotion velox: 黑翅斜線天蛾
Hippotragus equinus: 馬羚(3)
Hippotragus equinus: 马羚
Hippotragus niger: 安哥拉大貂羚
Hippotragus niger: 黑马羚
Hippotragus niger: Variani, 馬羚(2)
Hirmoneurinae orientalis: 東洋擬長吻虻
Hiromurex fililaregis: 綺麗花仙螺
Hiromurex kawamurai: 河村花仙螺
Hiromurex teramachii: 寺町花仙螺
Hiromurex winckworthi: 溫氏花仙螺
Hiroshia iyoensis: 伊豫弘虻
Hiroshia kotoshoensis: 蘭嶼弘虻
Hirsutodynomene spinosa: 多刺毛貝綿蟹
Hirsutoeythere cathayensis: 契丹絨毛介
Hirsutoeythere hanaii: 花井絨毛介
Hirtodrosophila astoides: 星紋果蠅
Hirtodrosophila audientis: 綺麗果蠅
Hirtodrosophila dintata: 齒紋果蠅
Hirtodrosophila fascipennis: 齒紋果蠅
Hirtodrosophila hirtonigra: 單鬚果蠅
Hirtodrosophila latifrontata: 寬鼻果蠅
Hirtodrosophila longecrinita: 長鼻果蠅
Hirtodrosophila paradinticeps: 側齒果蠅
Hirtodrosophila paralatifrontata: 副寬鼻果蠅
Hirtodrosophila trapezina: 劍紋果蠅
Hirtodrosophila trivittata: 三絲果蠅
Hirtoscala philippinarum: 雲斑海螄螺
Hirudinaria manillensis: 菲牛蛭
Hirudo medicinalis: 歐洲醫蛭
Hirudo nipponia: 日本醫蛭
Hirundapus caudacuta: 針尾雨燕(4)
Hirundapus caudacutus: 白喉針尾雨燕(10)
Hirundapus caudacutus: 白喉针尾雨燕(16)
Hirundapus caudacutus: 针尾雨燕
Hirundapus caudacutus: Caudacutus, 白喉针尾雨燕
Hirundapus celebensis: 紫針尾雨燕
Hirundapus celebensis: 紫针尾雨燕(7)
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: 灰喉針尾雨燕(11)
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: 灰喉针尾雨燕(7)
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: 白背針尾雨燕
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: 白背针尾雨燕(7)
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: 針尾雨燕
Hirundapus cochinchinensls: 灰喉针尾雨燕
Hirundapus giganteus: 褐喉针尾雨燕
Hirundapus giganteus: 褐背針尾雨燕
Hirundapus giganteus: 褐背针尾雨燕(6)
Hirundichthys albimaculatus: 白斑文鰩魚
Hirundichthys albimaculatus: 白斑文鳐鱼
Hirundichthys oxycephalus: 尖頭文鰩魚
Hirundichthys oxycephalus: 尖頭細身飛魚
Hirundichthys oxycephalus: 飛烏
Hirundichthys oxycephalus: 飞乌
Hirundichthys rondeletii: 隆氏巨飛魚
Hirundichthys rondeletii: 飛烏
Hirundichthys rondeletii: 飞乌
Hirundichthys rondeletii: 黑翼文鰩魚
Hirundichthys speculiger: 文鰩魚
Hirundichthys speculiger: 細身飛魚
Hirundichthys speculiger: 飛烏
Hirundichthys speculiger: 飞乌
Hirundo abyssinica: 小紋燕
Hirundo aethiopica: 紅額燕
Hirundo albigularis: 白喉燕
Hirundo angolensis: 安哥拉燕
Hirundo ariel: 彩石燕
Hirundo atrocaerulea: 藍燕
Hirundo concolor: 純色岩燕
Hirundo daurica: 赤腰燕
Hirundo daurica: 金腰燕(15)
Hirundo daurica: Japonica, 金腰燕
Hirundo fuligula: 非洲岩燕
Hirundo neoxena: 迎燕
Hirundo nigricans: 樹燕
Hirundo rustica: 家燕(44)
Hirundo rustica: 戴胜家燕
Hirundo semirufa: 褐胸燕
Hirundo senegalensis: 塞內加爾燕
Hirundo smithii: 線尾燕(3)
Hirundo smithii: 线尾燕(2)
Hirundo striolata: 斑腰燕(7)
Hirundo striolata: 赤腰燕(5)
Hirundo striolata: 金腰燕(2)
Hirundo tahitica: 洋斑燕(7)
Hirundo tahitica: 洋斑燕, Yang ban yan(13200)
Hirundo tahitica: 洋燕(9)
Hirundo tahitica: 洋燕, Yang yan(5670)
Hisonotus leucofrenatus: 黃韁背甲鯰
Hispellinus callicanthus: 黑鐵甲蟲(2)
Histia flabellicornis: 重陽木螢斑蛾
Histia flabellicornis: 鳳斑蛾
Histiobranchus bathybius: 旗鰓鰻
Histiophryne cryptacanthus: 隐棘躄鱼
Histiophryne cryptacanthus: 隱刺薄躄魚
Histiophryne cryptacanthus: 隱棘躄魚
Histiophryne histiophrynetest: 隐棘躄鱼
Histiopterus typus: 五棘鯛
Histiopterus typus: 帆鰭魚
Histiopterus typus: 旗鯛
Histioteuthis hoylei: 霍氏帆魷
Histioteuthis meleagroteuthis: 珠雞帆魷
Histioteuthis miranda: 奇妙帆魷
Histioteuthis pacifica: 太平洋帆烏賊
Histioteuthis pacifica: 太平洋帆魷魚
Histiotus alienus: 奇异帆耳蝠
Histiotus alienus: 異邦薄耳蝠
Histiotus macrotus: 大耳薄耳蝠
Histiotus macrotus: 帆耳蝠(2)
Histiotus montanus: 山薄耳蝠
Histiotus montanus: 高山帆耳蝠
Histiotus velatus: 巴西帆耳蝠
Histiotus velatus: 褐薄耳蝠
Histophryne bougainvillei: 白玩具虎
Histrio histrio: 斑紋光躄魚
Histrio histrio: 裸躄魚
Histrio histrio: 裸躄鱼
Histrio histrio: 躄魚
Histrionicus histrionicus: 丑鴨(2)
Histrionicus histrionicus: 丑鸭(9)
Histrionicus histrionicus: 醜鴨
Histurgops ruficauda: 棕尾織雀
Hlolepta amurensis: 扁阎甲
Hodgsonius phaenicuroides: 白腹短翅鸲
Hodgsonius phaenicuroides: 白腹紅尾鴝
Hodgsonius phoenicuroides: 白腹短翅鸲
Hodgsonius phoenicuroides: 短翅鸲
Hodomys alleni: 艾氏林鼠
Hodotermopsis sjoestedi: 山林原白蟻
Hodotermopsis sjostedti: 山林原白蚁
Hokcocerus vicarious: 柳干木蠧蛾
Holacanthus africanus: 西非仙
Holacanthus africanus: 非洲刺蝶魚
Holacanthus africanus: 非洲刺蝶鱼
Holacanthus arcuatus: 弓形阿波魚
Holacanthus arcuatus: 蒙面賊
Holacanthus bermudensis: 百慕大刺蝶魚
Holacanthus bermudensis: 蓝仙
Holacanthus bermudensis: 蓝神仙
Holacanthus ciliaris: 太后
Holacanthus ciliaris: 女王
Holacanthus ciliaris: 女王神仙(5)
Holacanthus ciliaris: 百慕大刺蝶魚
Holacanthus ciliaris: 百慕大刺蝶鱼
Holacanthus ciliaris: 蓝嘴新娘
Holacanthus ciliaris: 額斑刺蝶魚(2)
Holacanthus ciliaris: 额斑刺蝶鱼
Holacanthus clarionensis: 塞拉里昂刺蝶魚(2)
Holacanthus clarionensis: 橙仙
Holacanthus clarionensis: 神仙
Holacanthus isabelita: 伊薩刺蝶魚(2)
Holacanthus isabelita: 神仙
Holacanthus passer: 一幢仙
Holacanthus passer: 国王神仙
Holacanthus passer: 國王
Holacanthus passer: 雀點刺蝶魚(2)
Holacanthus townsendi: 湯臣
Holacanthus tricolor: 三色刺蝶魚(2)
Holacanthus tricolor: 石美人
Holanthias borbonius: 石斑
Holanthias borbonius: 粗斑花鱸
Holanthias borbonius: 花斑金花鮨
Holanthias borbonius: 花斑金花鱸
Holanthias borbonius: 過魚
Holanthias borbonius: 鱠
Holanthias chrysostictus: 石斑
Holanthias chrysostictus: 過魚
Holanthias chrysostictus: 金帶粗斑花鱸
Holanthias chrysostictus: 金帶金花鮨
Holanthias chrysostictus: 金帶金花鱸
Holanthias chrysostictus: 鱠
Holanthias rhodopeplus: 玫瑰金花鮨
Holanthias rhodopeplus: 紅衣金花鱸
Holanthias unimaculatus: 單斑金花鮨
Holanthias unimaculatus: 單斑金花鱸
Holaspis guentheri: 缨尾蜥
Holbrookia maculata: 小隐耳鬣蜥
Holcomycteronus aequatoris: 深海鈍吻鼬魚
Holcomycteronus aequatoris: 深海鈍吻鼬鳚
Holochilus magnus: 大澤鼠
Holocompsa debilis: 矮小地蠊
Holodactylus africanus: 全趾虎
Holodactylus africanus: 白眉守宫(2)
Hologymnosus annulatus: 環帶細鱗盔魚
Hologymnosus annulatus: 環紋全裸鸚鯛
Hologymnosus doliatus: 清尾全裸鸚鯛
Hologymnosus doliatus: 狹帶細鱗盔魚
Hologymnosus rhodonotus: 玫瑰全裸鸚鯛
Hologymnosus rhodonotus: 玫瑰細鱗盔魚
Holopheromerus armatipes: 堅足食蟲虻
Holopheromerus hirtiventris: 毛腹食蟲虻
Holorusia clavipes: 雷同黑大蚊
Holorusia rex: 霧社沼大蚊
Holorusia simillis: 八仙沼大蚊
Holothuria arenicola: 蚓參
Holothuria atra: 黑海參(2)
Holothuria cinerascens: 黑刺星海參
Holothuria difficilis: 棘手乳參
Holothuria edulis: 紅腹海參
Holothuria fuscocinerea: 棕環參
Holothuria fuscogilva: 白海參
Holothuria fuscopunctata: 棕點海參
Holothuria fuscopunctata: 象鼻海參
Holothuria hilla: 黃疣海參
Holothuria impatiens: 醜海參
Holothuria leucospilota: 蕩皮參
Holothuria moebii: 米氏怪參
Holothuria monacaria: 黃海參
Holothuria monacaria: 黃肉參
Holothuria nobilis: 短黑海參
Holothuria nobilis: 黑乳參
Holothuria pardalis: 豹斑海參
Holothuria pervicax: 啡海參
Holothuria pervicax: 虎紋參
Holothuria rigida: 僵硬海參
Holothuria scabra: 糙海參
Holothuria sinica: 中華海參
Holothuria vagabunda: 黑海參
Holotrichia diomphalia: 东北大黑鳃金龟
Holotrichia excavata: 焦褐黑金龜
Holotrichia guandaoshana: 縱皺黑金龜
Holotrichia herwangshana: 長毛黑金龜
Holotrichia horishana: 南風龜
Holotrichia horishana: 埔里黑金龜
Holotrichia hualiensis: 花蓮黑金龜
Holotrichia lata: 台灣巨黑金龜
Holotrichia lata: 寬褐齒爪鰓金龜
Holotrichia liukueiensis: 六龜黑金龜
Holotrichia mizusawai: 水澤黑金龜
Holotrichia oblita: 东北大黑鳃
Holotrichia oblita: 华北大黑鳃金龟
Holotrichia omeia: 腹毛黑金龜
Holotrichia parallela: 暗黑鳃金龟(2)
Holotrichia plumbea: 台灣黑金龜
Holotrichia plumbea: 鉛灰齒爪鰓金龜
Holotrichia pubifemorata: 毛腿黑金龜
Holotrichia sauteri: 曹德黑金龜
Holotrichia sauteri: 綠島黑金龜
Holotrichia sauturi: 大棕色金龟
Holotrichia shibatai: 柴田黑金龜
Holotrichia shizumui: 紅色黑金龜
Holotrichia taiwana: 台灣大褐黑金龜
Holotrichia titanis: 大茶色金龟
Holotrichia titanis: 棕色鳃金龟
Holotrichia yui: 木生黑金龜
Holstein friesian: 荷蘭牛
Holstein friesian: 霍斯坦牛
Holstein friesian: 黑白花牛
Homalocantha anatomica: 銀杏螺
Homalocantha zamboi: 然氏銀杏螺
Homalogonia obtuse: 全蝽
Homalopoma amussitatum: 平厣蝾螺
Homalopoma eoa: 曙光蠑螺
Homalopoma laevigatum: 光滑蠑螺
Homalopoma tosaensis: 土佐山椒蠑螺
Homaloptera yunnanensis: 云南平鳅
Homalosipha gaudens: 紅足褐家蠊
Homalotylus flaminus: 瓢虫隐尾跳小蜂
Homarus americanus: 波士頓龍蝦
Homarus americanus: 美國巨螫蝦
Homarus americanus: 美國巨螯蝦
Homarus americanus: 美洲螯龍蝦
Homarus americanus: 美洲螯龙虾(2)
Homarus capensis: 好望角螯龙虾(2)
Homarus gammarus: 欧洲螯龙虾(2)
Homarus gammarus: 欧洲龙虾
Homo erectus: 直立人(2)
Homo ergester: 匠人(2)
Homo habilis: 能人(2)
Homo rudolfensis: 卢多尔夫人(2)
Homo sapiens: 人属
Homo sapiens: 人(2)
Homo sapiens: 智人(2)
Homo sapiens: 现代人(2)
Homo sapiens: 現代人, Xian dai ren
Homoeocerus marginiventris: 小點同緣蝽
Homoeocerus pallididulus: 嘉義同緣蝽
Homoeocerus shokaensis: 彰化同緣蝽
Homoeocerus unipunctatus: 一點同緣蝽象
Homoeogenus laurae: 台大扁泥蟲
Homoeotricha arisanica: 阿里山葉吻實蠅
Homohelea atriclava: 台灣同蠓
Homoiodoris japonica: 日本石磺海牛
Homola mieensis: 三重人面蟹
Homola mieensis: 密氏人面蟹
Homola orientalis: 東方人面蟹
Homolobus undulatus: 波脊滑繭蜂
Homolochunia gadaletae: 加氏昆人面蟹
Homolodromia kai: 凱島人面綿蟹
Homologenus malayensis: 馬來似人面蟹
Homolomannia occlusa: 封口曼人面蟹
Homolomannia sibogae: 西氏曼人面蟹
Homoneura acrostichalis: 可可縞蠅
Homoneura beckeri: 貝氏縞蠅
Homoneura bistriata: 二條縞蠅
Homoneura brevicornis: 短角縞蠅
Homoneura breviseta: 短毛縞蠅
Homoneura caloptera: 恆春縞蠅
Homoneura crassicauda: 粗尾縞蠅
Homoneura discoglauca: 東印縞蠅
Homoneura discoidalis: 高雄縞蠅
Homoneura diversa: 分歧縞蠅
Homoneura fasciventris: 調委縞蠅
Homoneura flavomarginata: 黃緣縞蠅
Homoneura forcipata: 鋏尾縞蠅
Homoneura formosae: 美麗縞蠅
Homoneura fumipennis: 灰翅縞蠅
Homoneura grandis: 高大縞蠅
Homoneura heterosticta: 雜斑縞蠅
Homoneura honesta: 佳美縞蠅
Homoneura latifrons: 裸顏縞蠅
Homoneura nigronotata: 黑斑縞蠅
Homoneura notostigma: 無痣縞蠅
Homoneura occipitalis: 後頭縞蠅
Homoneura ornatifrons: 花臉縞蠅
Homoneura pallidula: 淡色縞蠅
Homoneura paroeca: 巴洛縞蠅
Homoneura picta: 文彩縞蠅
Homoneura quinquenotata: 五斑縞蠅
Homoneura quinquevttata: 五帶縞蠅
Homoneura sauteri: 邵德縞蠅
Homoneura simplicissima: 斑駁縞蠅
Homoneura subvittata: 亞帶縞蠅
Homoneura trypetoptera: 洞翅縞蠅
Homoneura unguiculata: 指甲縞蠅
Homoneura variinervis: 異筋縞蠅
Homostolus acer: 長趾鼬魚
Homostolus acer: 長趾鼬鳚
Homostolus japonicus: 日本长趾鼬鳚
Homotrixa brevifacies: 短頭寄蠅
Hongshuia banmo: 板么红水鱼
Hongshuia microstomatus: 小口華纓魚
Hongshuia paoli: 袍里红水鱼
Hoolock hoolock: 白眉長臂猿
Hoolock hoolock: 白眉长臂猿
Hoplammophila aemulans: 角戎泥蜂
Hoplia choui: 周氏長腳金龜
Hoplia inornata: 紅艷長腳金龜
Hoplia latesutulata: 長毛長腳金龜
Hoplia lishana: 梨山長腳金龜
Hoplia monticola: 山地長腳金龜
Hoplia nengkaoshana: 粗毛長腳金龜
Hoplia nengkaoshana: 阿里山長腳金龜
Hoplia pulchra: 赤腳長腳金龜
Hoplia shibatai: 南投綠長腳金龜
Hoplia shibatai: 桃園綠長腳金龜
Hoplia shibatai: 玉山綠長腳金龜
Hoplia shibatai: 綠長腳金龜
Hoplia shimomurai: 下村長腳金龜
Hoplia shirozui: 白水長腳金龜
Hoplia simillima: 黑胸長腳金龜
Hoplia taipeiensis: 台北長腳金龜
Hoplia taiwana: 台灣長腳金龜
Hoplia ushijimai: 缺紋長腳金龜
Hopliancistrus tricornis: 三角棘身鉤鯰
Hopliancistrus tricornis: 黃斑環甲鯰
Hoplias malabaricus: 狼鱼
Hoplichthys fasciatus: 橫帶針鯒
Hoplichthys fasciatus: 黃帶棘鯒
Hoplichthys gilberti: 吉氏棘鯒
Hoplichthys gilberti: 吉氏棘鲬
Hoplichthys gilberti: 吉氏針鯒
Hoplichthys langsdorfi: 蓝氏棘鲬
Hoplichthys langsdorfii: 藍氏棘鯒
Hoplichthys langsdorfii: 郎氏針鯒
Hoplichthys regani: 長指棘鯒
Hoplichthys regani: 雷根氏針鯒
Hoplichthys regani: 雷氏棘鯒
Hoplichthys regani: 雷氏棘鲬
Hoplitocoris lewisi: 瘤背奇蝽
Hoplobatrachus chinensis: 虎皮蛙
Hoplobatrachus rugulosa: 虎皮蛙(2)
Hoplobatrachus rugulosus: 虎皮蛙(3)
Hoplobatrachus rugulosus: 虎纹蛙(2)
Hoplobatrachus tigrina: 虎纹蛙
Hoplobrotula armata: 棘鼬魚
Hoplobrotula armata: 棘鼬鳚
Hoplocampa formosana: 大武長角葉蜂
Hoplocephalus bungaroides: 寬盔頭蛇(3)
Hoplocephalus bungaroides: 盔頭蛇
Hoplocerambyx spinicornis: 刺角沟额天牛
Hoplocercus spinosus: 棘尾蜥
Hoplocercus spinosus: 荊尾蜥(2)
Hoplolatilus cuniculus: 似弱棘魚
Hoplolatilus fronticinctus: 叉尾似弱棘魚
Hoplolatilus marcosi: 紅線鴛鴦
Hoplolatilus marcosi: 馬氏似弱棘魚
Hoplolatilus purpureus: 紫似弱棘魚(2)
Hoplolatilus purpureus: 紫鴛鴦
Hoplolatilus starcki: 斯氏似弱棘魚
Hoplolatilus starcki: 斯氏弱棘魚
Hoplolatilus starcki: 藍面鴛鴦
Hoplomaladera monticola: 紅橫溝絨毛金龜
Hoplomaladera shibatai: 柴田橫溝絨毛金龜
Hoplomys gymnurus: 盔棘鼠
Hoplophrys oatesii: 軟珊瑚蟹
Hoplopleura affinis: 相關甲脅蝨
Hoplopleura akanezumi: 紅姬甲脅蝨
Hoplopleura cricetuli: 倉鼠甲脅蝨
Hoplopleura oenomydis: 溝鼠蝨
Hoplopleura pacifica: 太平洋甲脅蝨
Hoplosaenidea chujoi: 彎角長螢金花蟲
Hoplosebastes armatus: 棘鮋
Hoplosebastes armatus: 石狗公
Hoplostethus crassispinus: 燧鯛
Hoplostethus crassispinus: 重胸棘鯛
Hoplostethus japonicus: 日本燧鯛
Hoplostethus japonicus: 日本胸棘鯛
Hoplostethus mediterraneus: 紅胸棘鯛
Hoplostethus mediterraneus: 紅胸燧鯛
Hoplostethus mediterraneus: 红棘胸鲷
Hoplostethus melanopus: 黑首燧鯛
Hoplostethus melanopus: 黑首胸棘鯛
Hoplostethus mento: 须胸棘鲷
Hoplotilapia retrodens: 彎銳棘非鯽
Horadandia atukorali: 綠霍氏魚
Horaga albimacla: 白斑灰蝶
Horaga albimacula: 白斑灰蝶(2)
Horaga amethystus: 阿美斑灰蝶
Horaga araotina: 阿斑灰蝶
Horaga chalcedonyx: 铜斑灰蝶
Horaga lefebvrei: 莱斑灰蝶
Horaga onyx: 斑灰蝶
Horaga rarasana: 拉拉山鑽灰蝶
Horaga rarasana: 斜条斑灰蝶
Horaga rarasana: 斜條斑灰蝶
Horaga selina: 西冷斑灰蝶
Horaga syrinx: 锡斑灰蝶
Horaglanis abdulkalami: 艾杜氏盲鬍鯰
Horaglanis alikunhii: 阿氏盲鬍鯰
Horaglanis krishnai: 克氏盲鬍鯰
Horaglanis krishnai: 印度盲胡鲶(4)
Horaglanis krishnai: 印度盲鬍鯰(2)
Horaiclavus splendidus: 光澤捲管螺
Horaiclavus splendidus: 白花捲管螺
Horaiclavus stenocyma: 狹波捲管螺
Horalabiosa joshuai: 霍氏唇魮
Horalabiosa palaniensis: 印度霍氏唇魮
Hormius moniliatus: 念珠索翅繭蜂
Hormomya mutabilis: 似雲雀殼菜蛤(2)
Hormomya mutabilis: 曲线索贻贝
Hormomya sinensis: 中华索贻贝
Horniolus hisamatsui: 香港角毛瓢虫
Hornophyes andamanensis: 亞丹曼尼斯生角節蜱
Horridipamera nietneri: 紫黑刺脛長蝽
Hospitalitermes damenglongensis: 大勐龙须白蚁
Hospitalitermes jinghongensis: 景洪须白蚁
Hospitalitermes luzonensis: 吕宋须白蚁
Hospitalitermes majusculus: 大须白蚁
Hotea curculionoides: 鼻盾蝽
Houbaropsis bengalensis: 南亚鸨
Houbaropsis bengalensis: 孟加拉鴇
Houbaropsis bengalensis: 孟加拉鸨
Howardia biclavis: 雙錘盾介殼蟲
Howeina shülui: 屬鏤何威介
Howella zina: 腭齒尖棘鯛
Hreskiornis aethiopica: 埃及聖鹮(2)
Hsiaolina chingchingella: 清靜小林介
Hsiaolina chüntzui: 君子小林介
Hsiaolina rhomboidalis: 菱形小林介
Hsiaolina weitzai: 微哉小林介
Hsiaolina wuchii: 吳起小林介
Hsuia cheni: 川小链蚧
Hsuia vitrea: 小链蚧
Hucho bleekeri: 四川哲罗鲑
Hucho bleekeri: 川陕哲罗鲑(2)
Hucho perryi: 远东哲罗鱼
Hucho taimen: 哲罗鲑
Huechys sanguinea: 黑翅蟬(2)
Huenia heraldica: 紋章藻片蟹
Huigobio chenhsienensis: 胡鮈(2)
Huigobio chinssuensis: 清徐胡鮈
Humococcus orientalis: 东方壤粉蚧
Hupodonta lignea: 木靄舟蛾
Huso dauricus: 达氏鳇
Huso dauricus: 鰉
Huso dauricus: 鳇(2)
Huso huso: 欧洲鳇
Hyadina sauteri: 邵氏渚蠅
Hyaena brunnea: 棕鬣狗(3)
Hyaena brunnea: 褐鬣狗(2)
Hyaena hyaena: 缟鬣狗(3)
Hyaena hyaena: 鬣狗
Hyale grandicornis: 大角玻璃钩虾
Hyalina balthica: 饰世透明虫
Hyalinobatrachium pellucidum: 透明蛙
Hyalocylis striata: 牛角蝶螺
Hyalopterus pruni: 桃粉蚜
Hyalorisia tosaensis: 黃偏蓋螺
Hyalorrhipis clausi: 沙蝗
Hyarotis adrastus: 希弄蝶
Hyastenus diacanthus: 雙角互敬蟹
Hybochelus cancellatus: 網紋鐘螺
Hybochelus cancellatus: 花琴鐘螺
Hybochelus leucogranulatus: 珍珠鐘螺
Hyboella guangxiensis: 广西蟾蚱
Hyboella obesa: 壮蟾蚱
Hyboella tibetana: 西藏蟾蚱
Hyboella yunnana: 云南蟾蚱
Hybognathus amarus: 溝渠突領魚
Hybognathus argyritis: 西方突頜魚
Hybognathus hankinsoni: 銅色突頜魚
Hybognathus hayi: 海氏突頜魚
Hybognathus nuchalis: 密西西比突頜魚
Hybognathus placitus: 素色突頜魚
Hybognathus regius: 東部突頜魚
Hybomitra taranadina: 鹿瘤虻
Hybomitra tropica: 好動瘤虻
Hybomys univittatus: 單環駝鼠
Hybopsis amnis: 羊鮈鱥
Hybos bisetosus: 雙鬃舞虻
Hybos bispinipes: 雙刺舞虻
Hybos interruptus: 四社舞虻
Hybos major: 粗腿舞虻
Hybos plumicornis: 羽角舞虻
Hybos setosa: 多毛舞虻
Hybos tibialis: 嘉義舞虻
Hybosciara formosana: 台灣黑翅蕈蚋
Hybovalgus kamiyai: 神谷扁花金龜
Hybovalgus major: 寡毛扁花金龜
Hybovalgus matsudai: 松田扁花金龜
Hybovalgus obsoletsquamosus: 褐扁花金龜
Hybovalgus takasagoensis: 褐斑扁花金龜
Hybovalgus thoracicus: 凹駝彎腿金龜
Hybovalgus thoracicus: 鱗毛扁花金龜
Hybris subjacens: 黄脊蝶角蛉
Hydaticus bowringii: 鮑氏麗龍蝨
Hydaticus luczonicus: 呂宋麗龍蝨
Hydaticus pacificus: 太平洋麗龍蝨
Hydaticus rhantoides: 姬麗龍蝨
Hydaticus satoi: 佐藤氏麗龍蝨
Hydaticus vittatus: 黃紋麗龍蝨
Hydatina albocincta: 三帶泡螺
Hydatina amplustre: 寬大泡狀海蛞蝓
Hydatina amplustre: 玫瑰泡螺
Hydatina physis: 密紋泡螺
Hydatina zonata: 經度泡螺
Hydatomanicus brevilineatus: 短紋瘤突石蛾
Hydatomanicus verrucosus: 纖細瘤突石蛾
Hydatothrips ekasi: 田菁板背薊馬
Hydatothrips liquidambara: 楓樹板背薊馬
Hydnophora exesa: 大碓珊瑚(2)
Hydnophora grandis: 大碓珊瑚
Hydnophora microconos: 小碓珊瑚(2)
Hydnophora rigida: 細枝碓珊瑚
Hydraena bilobata: 溪頭細牙蟲
Hydraena compressipilis: 伏毛細牙蟲
Hydraena curtipalpis: 卵身細牙蟲
Hydraena inopilata: 長身細牙蟲
Hydraena isolinae: 南台細牙蟲
Hydraena jengi: 鄭氏細牙蟲
Hydraena leei: 李氏細牙蟲
Hydraena orchid: 蘭嶼細牙蟲
Hydraena plurifurcata: 多叉細牙蟲
Hydraena porcula: 微刻細牙蟲
Hydraena sauteri: 梭德氏細牙蟲
Hydraena undulata: 粗點細牙蟲
Hydraena wangi: 汪氏細牙蟲
Hydrelia bicolorata: 朱紋希波尺蛾
Hydrellia incerta: 猶豫渚蠅
Hydrellia luteopes: 黃足渚蠅
Hydriscapha takahashii: 高橋氏出尾水蟲
Hydrobasileas croceus: 臀斑楔翅蜻
Hydrobasileus croceus: 硃紅蜻蜓(2)
Hydrobasileus croceus: 臀斑契翅蜻
Hydrobates pelagicus: 暴风海燕
Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris: 巴拿馬水豚
Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris: 水豚
Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris: 水豚(2)
Hydrochoerus isthimus: 巴拿马水豚(2)
Hydrochous gigas: 瀑布雨燕(7)
Hydrocoloeus minutus: 小鷗(3)
Hydrocoloeus minutus: 小鸥(2)
Hydrocynus goliath: 猛魚(2)
Hydrocynus goliath: 黃金猛魚
Hydroglyphus amamiensis: 奄美多節龍蝨
Hydroglyphus flammulatus: 紅腹多節龍蝨
Hydroglyphus inconstans: 小多節龍蝨
Hydroides crucigera: 交雜盤管蟲
Hydroides dirampha: 雙鉤盤管蟲
Hydroides elegans: 華美盤管蟲
Hydroides ezoensis: 内刺盘管虫
Hydrolagus colliei: 科氏兔銀鮫
Hydrolagus colliei: 鬼鯊
Hydrolagus mitsukurii: 冬銀鮫
Hydrolagus mitsukurii: 箕作氏兔銀鮫
Hydrolagus tsengi: 曾氏兔銀鮫
Hydrolagus tsengi: 曾氏兔银鲛
Hydrolycus armatus: 巨水狼牙魚
Hydrolycus scomberoides: 似鯖水狼牙魚
Hydrolycus tatauaia: 塔圖阿水狼牙魚
Hydromanicus wulaina: 烏來離脈石蛾
Hydromedusa tectifera: 釘頸龜(2)
Hydromedusa tectifera: 阿根廷蛇頸龜(2)
Hydrometra albolineata: 尺椿
Hydrometra albolineata: 尺蝽
Hydromys chrysogaster: 東方水鼠
Hydromys chrysogaster: 澳洲水鼠(3)
Hydrophasianus chirugus: 水雉
Hydrophasianus chirurgus: 水雉(27)
Hydrophasianus chirurgus: 雉尾水雉(2)
Hydrophasianus chirurgus: Rostratulidae, 水雉
Hydrophilus acuminatus: 大水龟
Hydrophis caerulescens: 青灰海蛇(6)
Hydrophis cyanocinctus: 青环海蛇(7)
Hydrophis cyanocinctus: 青環海蛇(3)
Hydrophis fasciatus: 环纹海蛇(5)
Hydrophis fasciatus: 環紋海蛇
Hydrophis godeffroyi: 戈德福氏海蛇
Hydrophis gracilis: 小头海蛇(5)
Hydrophis gracilis: 小頭海蛇
Hydrophis melanocephallus: 黑头海蛇
Hydrophis melanocephalus: 黑头海蛇(4)
Hydrophis melanocephalus: 黑頭海蛇(4)
Hydrophis ornatus: 淡灰海蛇(6)
Hydrophis ornatus: 麗斑海蛇
Hydrophis spiralis: 環帶海蛇
Hydrophoria aberrans: 花蓮花蠅
Hydrophorus grisellus: 灰色長足虻
Hydrophorus praecox: 汎球長足虻
Hydropotes inermis: 河麂(2)
Hydropotes inermis: 獐(3)
Hydroprogne caspia: 紅嘴巨鷗(2)
Hydroprogne caspia: 红嘴巨鸥(9)
Hydroprogne caspia: 裏海燕鷗(2)
Hydroprogne caspia: 裡海燕鷗
Hydropsalis climacocerca: 梯尾水夜鹰
Hydropsalis torquata: 剪尾水夜鹰
Hydropsyche breviculata: 短莖紋石蛾
Hydropsyche formosana: 寶島紋石蛾
Hydropsyche kagiana: 嘉義紋石蛾
Hydropsyche orbiculata: 圓球紋石蛾
Hydropsyche spinata: 棘刺紋石蛾
Hydroptila cheni: 陳氏姬石蛾
Hydroptila heangi: 黃氏姬石蛾
Hydroptila spicipennis: 針莖姬石蛾
Hydroptila taichungensis: 台中姬石蛾
Hydrosaurus amboinensis: 印尼斑帆蜥
Hydrosaurus amboinensis: 巨人斑帆蜥(2)
Hydrosaurus amboinensis: 海蜥(3)
Hydrosaurus pustulatus: 斑帆蜥(2)
Hydrosaurus pustulatus: 菲律宾斑帆蜥(2)
Hydrosaurus pustulatus: 菲律宾海蜥(3)
Hydrosaurus weberi: 印尼斑帆蜥
Hydrosaurus weberi: 印尼海蜥(2)
Hydrotaea affinis: 親齒污蠅
Hydrotaea jacobsoni: 雅氏齒股蠅
Hydrotaea occulata: 隱齒股蠅
Hydrotaea spinefemora: 刺腿齒股蠅
Hydrotaea taiwanensis: 台灣齒股蠅
Hydrovatus acuminatus: 尖尾圓龍蝨
Hydrovatus bonvouloinri: 邦氏圓龍蝨
Hydrovatus seminarinus: 暗褐圓龍蝨
Hydrovatus subtilis: 小圓龍蝨
Hydrurga leptonyx: 豹形海豹
Hydrurga leptonyx: 豹海豹(2)
Hyemoschus aquaticus: 水鼷鹿(3)
Hygia opaca: 暗黑喙椿
Hygophum proximum: 近壮灯鱼
Hygophum proximum: 近壯燈魚
Hygophum reinhardtii: 萊式壯燈魚
Hygropoda higenaga: 長觸肢跑蛛
Hyla annectans: 华西树蟾(2)
Hyla annectans: 华西雨蛙
Hyla annectans: Annectans, 华西树蟾(3)
Hyla annectans: Annectans, 華西樹蟾
Hyla annenctans: 华西雨蛙
Hyla arborea: 无斑树蟾
Hyla arborea: 无斑雨蛙
Hyla chinensis: 中国树蟾(5)
Hyla chinensis: 中国雨蛙
Hyla chinensis: 中國樹蟾(8)
Hyla cinerea: 美國樹蟾
Hyla gongshanensi: 贡山树蟾(3)
Hyla gongshanensis: 貢山樹蟾
Hyla gongshanensis: 贡山树蟾
Hyla gongshanensis: 贡山雨蛙
Hyla immaculata: 无斑雨蛙
Hyla japonica: 东北雨蛙(2)
Hyla japonica: 日本树蟾(4)
Hyla japonica: 日本樹蟾
Hyla sanchiangensis: 三港树蟾(5)
Hyla sanchiangensis: 三港樹蟾
Hyla sanchiangensis: 三港雨蛙
Hyla simplex: 华南树蟾(4)
Hyla simplex: 华南雨蛙
Hyla simplex: 華南樹蟾
Hyla tsinlingensis: 秦岭树蟾(4)
Hyla tsinlingensis: 秦岭雨蛙
Hyla tsinlingensis: 秦嶺樹蟾
Hyla zhaopingensis: 昭平树蟾(4)
Hyla zhaopingensis: 昭平樹蟾
Hyla zhaopingensis: 昭平雨蛙
Hylaran guentheri: 貢德氏赤蛙
Hylarana adenopleura: 弹琴蛙
Hylarana guentheri: 沼水蛙
Hylarana guentheri: 沼蛙
Hylarana guentheri: 貢德氏赤蛙(2)
Hylarana latouchii: 拉都希氏赤蛙(3)
Hylarana nigrotympanica: 黑耳蛙
Hylarana spinulosa: 细刺蛙
Hylarana taipehensis: 台北赤蛙(3)
Hylastes parallelus: 黑根小蠧鱼鳞
Hylastes plumbeus: 红松根小蠧
Hyles livornica: 八字白眉天蛾
Hylesinus fraxini: 水曲柳花小蠧
Hylesinus laticollis: 水曲柳小蠧
Hylia prasina: 綠鶯
Hylimya femoralis: 達邦花蠅
Hyliota australis: 南叢鶯
Hyliota flavigaster: 黃腹叢鶯
Hyllisia taihokensis: 台灣細條細胴天牛
Hyllisia taihokensis: 黃條瘦天牛
Hylobales leucogenys: 白颊长臂猿
Hylobates agilis: 白手长臂猿
Hylobates concolor: 海南黑长臂猿
Hylobates concolor: 黑冠長臂猿
Hylobates concolor: 黑冠长臂猿
Hylobates concolor: 黑長臂猿
Hylobates concolor: 黑长臂猿(10)
Hylobates concolor: Gibbon, 黑长臂猿
Hylobates concolor: Hainanus, 海南黑長臂猿
Hylobates concolor: Leucogeny, 白颊长臂猿
Hylobates gabriellae: 红颊长臂猿(2)
Hylobates hoo: 白眉长臂猿
Hylobates hoolock: 呼猿
Hylobates hoolock: 白眉長臂猿
Hylobates hoolock: 白眉长臂猿(11)
Hylobates hoolock: 通臂猿
Hylobates klossii: 克氏长臂猿
Hylobates lar: 白手長臂猿
Hylobates lar: 白掌猿(2)
Hylobates lar: 白掌長臂猿
Hylobates lar: 白掌长臂猿(16)
Hylobates leucogenys: 白頰長臂猿
Hylobates leucogenys: 白颊长臂猿
Hylobates leucogenys: 黑猴
Hylobates leuconedys: 白颊长臂猿
Hylobates moloch: 银白长臂猿
Hylobates moloch: 银长臂猿
Hylobates muelleri: 灰长臂猿(2)
Hylobates murelleri: 婆罗洲灰猿(2)
Hylobates pileatus: 戴帽长臂猿
Hylobates synaactylus: 马来亚长臂猿
Hylobates syndactylus: 合趾猿(2)
Hylobates syndactylus: 大長臂猿
Hylobius abietis: 松大象
Hylochoerus meinertzhageni: 大林猪(2)
Hylochoerus meinertzhageni: 大林豬
Hylochoerus meinertzhageni: 巨林豬
Hylocitrea bonensis: 林啸鹟
Hyloicus caligineneus: 松黑天蛾
Hylomys hainanensis: 海南新毛猬
Hylomys hainanensis: 海南毛猬
Hylomys suillus: 小毛猬
Hylomys suilus: 毛
Hylomyscus denniae: 丹尼柔毛鼠
Hylonycteris underwoodi: 林棲長舌蝠
Hylonycteris underwoodi: 長吻長舌蝠
Hylonycteris underwoodi: 长吻长舌蝠
Hylopetes alboniger: 黑白飛鼠
Hylopetes alboniger: 黑白飞鼠(4)
Hylopetes alboniger: Chianfengensis, 尖峰黑白飞鼠
Hylopetes lepidus: 赤颊林飞鼠(2)
Hylopetes phayrei: 海南小飞鼠
Hylopetes sipora: 蘇門答臘飛鼠
Hylophilodes tsukusensis: 太平粉翠夜蛾
Hymenalia rufipennis: 赤翅麗鞘朽木甲
Hymenocephalus gracilis: 細長膜首鱈
Hymenocephalus kuronumai: 庫氏膜首鱈
Hymenocephalus lethonemus: 刺吻膜头鳕
Hymenocephalus lethonemus: 刺吻膜首鱈
Hymenocephalus longibarbis: 长须膜头鳕
Hymenocephalus longiceps: 長頭膜首鱈
Hymenocephalus longiceps: 长头膜头鳕
Hymenocephalus longipes: 長頭膜首鱈
Hymenocephalus longipes: 長鬚條鱈
Hymenocephalus nascens: 新膜头鳕
Hymenocephalus striatissimus: 紋喉膜首鱈
Hymenocephalus striatissimus: 纹喉膜头鳕
Hymenocephalus torvus: 盯视膜头鳕
Hymenocera picta: 小丑蝦
Hymenocera picta: 小釉子
Hymenocera picta: 油彩蠟膜蝦(2)
Hymenogadus gracilis: 细身膜鳕
Hymenogadus kuronumai: 膨趾膜鳕
Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos: 山藍鴨
Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos: 山鸭
Hymenopus coronatus: 兰花螳螂
Hymenopus coronatus: 蘭花螳螂
Hynobius amjiensis: 中国小鲵
Hynobius amjiensis: 安吉小鯢
Hynobius amjiensis: 安吉小鲵(4)
Hynobius arisanensis: 阿里山山椒魚(5)
Hynobius arisannsis: 台湾小鲵
Hynobius chinensis: 中国小鲵(5)
Hynobius chinensis: 中國小鯢
Hynobius formosanus: 台湾小鲵(4)
Hynobius formosanus: 台灣小鯢
Hynobius formosanus: 台灣山椒魚(2)
Hynobius formosanus: 臺灣小鯢
Hynobius formosanus: 臺灣山椒魚(4)
Hynobius fuca: 觀霧山椒魚(4)
Hynobius glacialis: 南湖山椒魚(4)
Hynobius leechii: 东北小鲵(4)
Hynobius leechii: 東北小鯢
Hynobius mantchuricus: 满州小鲵
Hynobius mantchuricus: 满洲小鲵(3)
Hynobius mantchuricus: 滿州小鯢
Hynobius maoershanensis: 拟小鲵
Hynobius sonani: 楚南小鲵
Hynobius sonani: 楚南氏小鯢
Hynobius sonani: 楚南氏小鲵
Hynobius sonani: 楚南氏山椒魚(6)
Hynobius sonani: 能高山小鯢
Hynobius sonani: 能高山小鲵(4)
Hyomys goliath: 粗尾鼠
Hyosciurus heinrichi: 長鼻松鼠
Hyotissa hyotis: 硨磲牡蠣
Hypancistrus debilittera: 軟體下鉤鯰
Hypancistrus furunculus: 委內瑞拉下鉤鯰
Hypargos niveoguttatus: 朱胸斑雀
Hyperacrius wynnei: 長腿鼠平
Hyperaeschrella nigribasis: 雙線亥齒舟蛾
Hyperaspis amurensis: 黑背显盾瓢虫
Hyperaspis amurernsis: 黑背显盾瓢虫
Hyperaspis asiatica: 亚洲显盾瓢虫(2)
Hyperaspis gyotokui: 六斑显盾瓢虫(2)
Hyperaspis leechi: 四斑显盾瓢虫(2)
Hyperaspis sinensis: 中华显盾瓢虫(2)
Hyperietta luzoni: 呂氏小戎
Hyperietta stebbingi: 斯特丙小戎
Hyperietta stephenseni: 斯氏小戎
Hyperietta vosseleri: 沃氏小戎
Hyperioides longipes: 長足擬蠻戎
Hyperioides sibaginis: 羽刺擬蠻戎
Hyperionyx macrodactyla: 大指爪戎
Hypernephia everesti: 珠峰盲蝗
Hyperoche martinezi: 馬氏鉗戎
Hyperoche mediterranea: 地中海鉗戎
Hyperoche medusarum: 水母鉗戎
Hyperoglyphe japonica: 日本櫛鯧
Hyperoglyphe perciformis: 美洲栉鲳
Hyperoglyphe perciformis: 美洲櫛鯧
Hyperomyzus carduellinus: 等管尾蚜
Hyperoodon planifrons: 南巨齒鯨
Hyphalus taekoae: 海灘微泥蟲
Hyphantria cunea: 美国白蛾(2)
Hyphessobrycon amandae: 噴火燈(3)
Hyphessobrycon amandae: 愛魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon amapaensis: 紅帶魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon anisitsi: 恩氏魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon anisitsi: 紅十字燈(3)
Hyphessobrycon axelrodi: 卡力索燈魚
Hyphessobrycon axelrodi: 阿氏魮脂鯉(2)
Hyphessobrycon bentosi: 本氏魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon bentosi: 玫瑰旗(3)
Hyphessobrycon callistus: 大帆紅旗
Hyphessobrycon callistus: 紅旗;大帆紅旗
Hyphessobrycon callistus: 紅旗(2)
Hyphessobrycon callistus: 艷魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon ecuadoriensis: 危瓜多爾魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon ecuadoriensis: 紅尾夢幻旗(4)
Hyphessobrycon eques: 紅旗
Hyphessobrycon eques: 馬魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma: 紅印(4)
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma: 高鰭魮脂鯉(2)
Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma: 高鰭鲃脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon flammeus: 火焰燈
Hyphessobrycon flammeus: 火焰燈魚
Hyphessobrycon flammeus: 火焰燈(2)
Hyphessobrycon flammeus: 火焰魮脂鯉(2)
Hyphessobrycon flammeus: 火焰鲃脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi: 何氏魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi: 黑異紋鲃脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi: 黑白日光燈
Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi: 黑霓虹燈魚
Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus: 旗燈魚
Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus: 異紋魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus: 異紋鲃脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon heterorhabdus: 白金三線燈
Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis: 檸檬燈(4)
Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis: 麗鰭魮脂鯉(2)
Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis: 麗鰭鲃脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon pyrrhonotus: 微紅魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon rosaceus: 玫瑰燈魚
Hyphessobrycon rosaceus: 玫瑰燈(2)
Hyphessobrycon rosaceus: 玫瑰魮脂鯉(2)
Hyphessobrycon scholzei: 蘇氏魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon scholzei: 黃鰭魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon scholzei: 黃鰭鲃脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon scholzei: 黑線燈(3)
Hyphessobrycon takasei: 塔氏魮脂鯉
Hyphessobrycon vilmae: 黑燈(3)
Hyphydrus japonicus: 日本球龍蝨
Hyphydrus lyratus: 條紋球龍蝨
Hyphydrus orientalis: 東方球龍蝨
Hyphydrus pulchellus: 麗球龍蝨
Hypleurochilus bermudensis: 百慕大侧唇鳚
Hypleurochilus bermudensis: 百慕大側唇鳚
Hypleurochilus fissicornis: 裂角侧唇鳚
Hypleurochilus fissicornis: 裂角側唇鳚
Hypoatherina temminckii: 下银汉鱼
Hypoatherina tsurugae: 下銀漢魚
Hypoatherina tsurugae: 後肛下銀漢魚
Hypoatherina valencienei: 凡氏銀漢魚
Hypoatherina valenciennei: 凡氏下銀漢魚(2)
Hypoatherina woodwardi: 伍氏下銀漢魚
Hypoatherina woodwardi: 吳氏下銀漢魚
Hypocacia shimomurai: 下村氏偽鬚角天牛
Hypocera flavipennis: 黃翅蚤蠅
Hypocharassus ferinosus: 白粉長足虻
Hypochrysops alyattes: 阿莲链灰蝶
Hypochrysops antiphon: 安提链灰蝶
Hypochrysops coruscans: 克隆链灰蝶
Hypochrysops felderi: 菲链灰蝶
Hypochrysops hypates: 夹链灰蝶
Hypochrysops makrikii: 马克链灰蝶
Hypochrysops mioswara: 米奥链灰蝶
Hypochrysops ribbei: 丽贝链灰蝶
Hypochrysops scintillans: 新链灰蝶
Hypochrysops taeniata: 带链灰蝶
Hypochrysops thesaurus: 金带链灰蝶
Hypocolius ampelinus: 灰连雀
Hypocolius ampelinus: 灰連雀
Hypocryptadius cinnamomeus: 桂红绣眼鸟
Hypocryptadius cinnamomeus: 肉桂绣眼鸟
Hypogaleus hyugaensis: 下盔鯊
Hypogaleus hyugaensis: 翅沙
Hypogaleus hyugaensis: 黑緣灰鮫
Hypogeomys antimena: 馬島倉鼠
Hypogramma hypogrammicum: 蓝枕花蜜鸟(4)
Hypogramma hypogrammicum: 藍枕花蜜鳥
Hypogymnogobius xanthozona: 小蜜蜂
Hypogymnogobius xanthozona: 黃帶下裸蝦虎魚
Hypogymnogobius xanthozona: 黃帶下裸鰕虎魚
Hypolamprus emblicalis: 寬紋窗蛾
Hypolamprus kamadenalis: 褐窗蛾
Hypolamprus ypsilon: 細紋窗蛾
Hypolimnas anomala: 八重山紫蛺蝶
Hypolimnas anomala: 畸紋紫斑蛺蝶
Hypolimnas anomala: 端紫幻蛺蝶
Hypolimnas anomala: 端紫蛺蝶
Hypolimnas bolina: 幻紫斑蛺蝶
Hypolimnas bolina: 幻紫蝶
Hypolimnas bolina: 幻蛺蝶
Hypolimnas bolina: 幻蛺蝶大陸亞種
Hypolimnas bolina: 琉球紫蛺蝶(3)
Hypolimnas bolina: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Hypolimnas bolina: 琉球紫蛺蝶
Hypolimnas misippus: 擬阿檀斑蛺
Hypolimnas misippus: 擬阿檀斑蛺蝶
Hypolimnas misippus: 金斑蛺蝶
Hypolimnas misippus: 雌擬幻蛺蝶
Hypolimnas misippus: 雌紅紫蛺蝶(2)
Hypolycaena erylus: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Hypomecis cineracea: 齒紋灰褐尺蛾
Hypomlimnas anomala: 畸紋紫斑蛺蝶
Hypomlimnas bolina: 幻紫斑蛺蝶
Hypomlimnas misippus: 金斑蛺蝶
Hypophthalmichehys molitrix: 鲢鱼
Hypophthalmichthy smolitrix: 鲢鱼
Hypophthalmichthys harmandi: 大鱗鰱
Hypophthalmichthys harmandi: 大鳞鲢
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: 白鰱(8)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: 竹葉魚
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: 竹葉鰱(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: 鰱
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: 鰱魚(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: 鰱(4)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: 鲢(4)
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis: 花鰱
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis: 鱅
Hypopicus hyperythrus: 棕腹啄木鸟
Hypoplectrodes nigrorubrum: 黑間班
Hypoplectrus puella: 美丽低纹鮨
Hypoplectrus puella: 美麗低紋鮨
Hypoplectrus unicolor: 金炮班
Hypoponera beppin: 美姬針蟻
Hypoponera biroi: 畢氏姬針蟻
Hypoponera bondroiti: 鮑氏姬針蟻
Hypoponera gleadowi: 格氏姬針蟻
Hypoponera nippona: 日本姬針蟻
Hypoponera opaciceps: 暗首姬針蟻
Hypoponera sauteri: 邵氏姬針蟻
Hypoponera truncata: 截狀姬針蟻
Hypoponera zwaluwenburgi: 刺瓦姬針蟻
Hypopothalmichthys molitrix: 白鰱
Hypoprion atripinnis: 黑鳍基齿鲨
Hypoprion macloti: 长吻基齿鲨
Hypoptopoma guentheri: 下口蜻鯰
Hyporhamphus dussumieri: 杜氏下鱵魚
Hyporhamphus dussumieri: 杜氏下鱵(2)
Hyporhamphus dussumieri: 水針
Hyporhamphus gernaeri: 简氏下鱵
Hyporhamphus gernaerti: 水針
Hyporhamphus gernaerti: 簡氏下鱵
Hyporhamphus gernaerti: 簡氏下鱵魚
Hyporhamphus gernaerti: 簡牙下鱵魚
Hyporhamphus gernaerti: 缘下鱵
Hyporhamphus intermedius: 間下鱵
Hyporhamphus intermedius: 間下鱵魚
Hyporhamphus intermedius: 间下鱵
Hyporhamphus intermedius: 间下鱵鱼
Hyporhamphus limbatus: 緣下鱵魚
Hyporhamphus limbatus: 緣下鱵(2)
Hyporhamphus limbatus: 缘下鱵
Hyporhamphus paucirastris: 少耙下鱵
Hyporhamphus picarti: 非洲下鱵魚
Hyporhamphus picarti: 非洲下鱵鱼
Hyporhamphus quoyi: 水针
Hyporhamphus quoyi: 瓜氏下鱵焦
Hyporhamphus quoyi: 瓜氏下鱵(2)
Hyporhamphus quoyi: 黑尾鱵
Hyporhamphus sojori: 沙氏下鱵
Hyporhamphus taiwanensis: 台湾下鱵
Hyporhamphus taiwanensis: 台灣下鱵魚
Hyporhamphus taiwanensis: 台灣下鱵(2)
Hyporhamphus taiwanensis: 臺下鱵
Hyporhamphus yuri: 尤氏下鱵
Hyporhamphus yuri: 尤氏下鱵魚
Hyporthodus mystacinus: 厚唇石斑魚
Hypostomus auroguttatus: 金點下鉤鯰
Hypostomus plecostomus: 下口鯰(3)
Hypostomus plecostomus: 下口鲇
Hypostomus plecostomus: 下口鲶
Hypostomus plecostomus: 吸口鯰
Hypostomus plecostomus: 吸口鲶
Hypostomus plecostomus: 多輻脂身鯰
Hypostomus plecostomus: 琵琶鼠魚(2)
Hypostomus plecostomus: 琵琶鼠(2)
Hypostomus plecostomus: 皇冠琵琶
Hypotermes bawanensis: 坝湾地白蚁
Hypotermes meiziensis: 梅子地白蚁
Hypotermes mengdingensis: 孟定地白蚁
Hypotermes wandingensis: 畹町地白蚁
Hypotermes wangdingensis: 畹町地白蚁
Hypotermes wayaoensis: 瓦窑地白蚁
Hypothalassia acerba: 澳洲帝王蟹
Hypothalassia armata: 刺深海蟹
Hypothalassia armata: 武裝深海蟹
Hypothenemus hampei: 咖啡果小蠹
Hypothymis azurea: 黑枕王鶲(6)
Hypothymis azurea: 黑枕王鹟(5)
Hypothymis azurea: 黑枕蓝鹟
Hypothymis azurea: 黑枕藍翁
Hypothymis azurea: 黑枕藍鶲(9)
Hypothymis azurea: 黑枕藍鶲(4)
Hypothymis coelestis: 仙王鹟
Hypothymis coelestis: 仙蓝王鹟
Hypothymis helenae: 短冠王鹟
Hypothymis helenae: 矮冠蓝王鹟
Hypselecara coryphaenoides: 似鯕高地麗魚
Hypselecara temporalis: 獅王高地麗
Hypselecara temporalis: 獅王高地麗魚
Hypselecara temporalis: 獅王(2)
Hypseleotris bipartita: 短塘鱧(2)
Hypseleotris bipartita: 短黃黝魚
Hypseleotris compressa: 帝國魚
Hypseleotris compressa: 扁頭黃黝魚(2)
Hypseleotris compressa: 澳洲火鰕虎魚
Hypseleotris cyprinoides: 擬鯉短塘鱧(3)
Hypseleotris cyprinoides: 擬鯉黃黝魚
Hypseleotris swinhonis: 黄鱼幼鱼
Hypseleotris swinhonis: 黄鳓
Hypselobarbus curmuca: 黏高鬚魮
Hypselobarbus dobsoni: 多氏高鬚魮
Hypselobarbus dubius: 似高鬚魮
Hypselobarbus kurali: 庫氏高鬚魮
Hypselobarbus lithopidos: 岩高鬚魮
Hypselobarbus micropogon: 小高鬚魮
Hypselobarbus mussullah: 馬休結魚
Hypselobarbus mussullah: 馬休高鬚鲃
Hypselobarbus periyarensis: 印度高鬚魮
Hypselobarbus pulchellus: 美麗四鬚魮
Hypselobarbus thomassi: 湯氏高鬚魮
Hypselodoris bullocki: 公牛多彩海麒麟
Hypselodoris bullockii: 布拉克多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris emma: 伊瑪多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris festiva: 喜慶多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris festiva: 節慶高澤海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris festive: 海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris festive: 節慶高澤海麒麟
Hypselodoris iacula: 網紋多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris kaname: 要人多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris krakatoa: 克雷克吐爾多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris maculosa: 斑紋多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris nigrostriata: 黑條紋多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris purpureomaculosa: 紫斑多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris sagamiensis: 海洋高澤海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris sagamiensis: 相模多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris shimodaensis: 下田多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris tryoni: 格紋雙叉海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris whitei: 懷特多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselodoris zephyra: 西風多彩海蛞蝓
Hypselothyrea breviscutellata: 短楯細翅果蠅
Hypselothyrea guttata: 浪斑細翅果蠅
Hypselotriron wolterstorffi: 滇螈
Hypselotriton wolterstorffi: 滇螈
Hypsibarbus annamensis: 越南高鬚魚
Hypsibarbus lagleri: 拉氏高鬚魚
Hypsibarbus myitkyinae: 邁氏高鬚魚
Hypsibarbus pierrei: 粗鱗武昌魚
Hypsibarbus pierrei: 高體四鬚魚巴
Hypsibarbus pierrei: 高體四鬚魮(3)
Hypsibarbus pierrei: 高體高鬚魚(5)
Hypsibarbus pierrei: 高鬚魚屬
Hypsibarbus pierreiintroduced: 高體高鬚魚
Hypsibarbus salweenensis: 薩爾溫江高鬚魚
Hypsibarbus suvatii: 蘇氏高鬚魚
Hypsibarbus vernayi: 大鱗四鬚魮
Hypsibarbus wetmorei: 达氏无须魮
Hypsibarbus wetmorei: 達氏無鬚魮
Hypsibarbus wetmorei: 韋氏高鬚魚
Hypsicalotes kinabaluensis: 金拿巴鲁树蜥(2)
Hypsicera erythropus: 紅足等距姬蜂
Hypsicera lita: 光爪等距姬蜂
Hypsignathus monstrosus: 垂头果蝠
Hypsignathus monstrosus: 錘頭果蝠(2)
Hypsilurus auritus: 金色头角蜥(2)
Hypsilurus boydii: 博伊徳森林龙(2)
Hypsilurus boydii: 尖头林蜥
Hypsilurus boydii: 红棉头角蜥(3)
Hypsilurus dilophus: 棕鬣头角蜥(2)
Hypsilurus geelvinkianus: 地头角蜥(2)
Hypsilurus geelvinkianus: 新几内亚森林龙
Hypsilurus nigrigularis: 新几内亚水龙
Hypsilurus nigrigularis: 黑喉头角蜥(2)
Hypsilurus spinipes: 刺头角蜥(2)
Hypsiperes madagascariensis: 海南黑鸭
Hypsiperes madagascariensis: Perniger, 海南黑鴨
Hypsipetes amaurotis: 栗耳短脚鹎(3)
Hypsipetes amaurotis: 棕耳鵯(2)
Hypsipetes castanonotus: 栗背短腳鵯
Hypsipetes flavala: 栗背短脚鹎(3)
Hypsipetes flavala: Canipennis, 栗背短脚鹎
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: 紅嘴黑鵯(13)
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: 紅嘴黒鵯
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: 红嘴黑鹎
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: 黑短脚鹎(4)
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: 黑短腳鵯(2)
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: Nigerrimus, 紅嘴黑鵯(2)
Hypsipetes leucocephalus: Nigerrimus, 黑短腳鵯
Hypsipetes leulocephalus: 黑短脚鹎
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: 台湾黑鹎
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: 紅嘴黑鵯(3)
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: 鹎
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: 黑短脚鹎(8)
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: 黑短腳鵯
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: 黑鹎
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: 黑(短脚)鹎(2)
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: Leucocephalus, 黑鹎
Hypsipetes madagascariensis: Nigerrimus, 台灣黑鵯
Hypsipetes mcclelandii: 绿翅短脚鹎
Hypsipetes mcclellandii: 绿翅短脚鹎(3)
Hypsipetes mcclellandii: Holtii, 绿翅短脚鹎
Hypsipetes propinquns: 灰眼短脚鹎(2)
Hypsiprymnodon moschatus: 麝袋鼠(3)
Hypsophrys nicaraguensis: 尼加拉瓜湖高鰭麗魚
Hypsosinga alboria: 华南高亮腹蛛
Hypsosinga heri: 黑氏高亮腹蛛
Hypsosinga pygmaea: 四星紅蛛
Hypsosinga pygmaea: 四点高亮腹蛛
Hypsosinga sanguinea: 红高亮腹蛛
Hypsosinga sanguinea: 血色紅蛛
Hypsugo pulveratus: 灰伏翼
Hypsypops rubicunda: 加州寶石
Hypsypops rubicunda: 紅雀
Hypsypops rubicunda: 美国红雀(2)
Hypsypops rubicunda: 高歡雀鯛
Hypsypops rubicundus: 高欢雀鲷
Hyptiotes affinis: 扇網蛛
Hyptiotes affinis: 親三角蛛
Hyptiotes affinis: 近亲三角网蛛
Hyriopsis cumingii: 三角帆蚌(2)
Hysteroneura setariae: 無肘詠蚜
Hysteroscene extravagans: 環紋碩斑蛾
Hysteroscene hyalina: 透翅碩斑蛾
Hysterothylacium aduncum: 有鉤宮脂線蟲
Hystrichopsylla weida: 偉大多毛蚤偉大亞種
Hystrix africaeaustralis: 南非豪猪(3)
Hystrix brachyura: 馬來豪豬, Ma lai hao zhu
Hystrix brachyura: 马来豪猪
Hystrix brachyura: 马来豪猪, Ma lai hao zhu
Hystrix brachyuran: 马来豪猪
Hystrix cristata: 非洲冕豪猪
Hystrix hodgsoni: 箭豬
Hystrix hodgsoni: 豪猪(6)
Hystrix hodgsoni: 豪豬
Hystrix hodgsoni: Papae, 豪猪
Hystrix indica: 冠豪豬
Hystrix yunnanensis: 云南豪猪(4)
Hystrix yunnanensis: 云南豪豬

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_h.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name H, 動物名 H}

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_h.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name H, 動物名 H}, (nswong, animal_name_h.htm)

Haemadipsa zeylanisa: Pacet
Haematopus ostralegus: Kedidi tiram
Haematortyx sanguiniceps: Puyuh kepala-merah
Haematortyx sanguiniceps: Siul kepala merah(4)
Haemophysalis wellingtoni: Caplak unggas
Halchyon chloris: Raja udang kalung putih
Halchyon coromanda: Raja udang merah
Halchyon cyanoventris: Raja udang biru jawa
Halchyon fulgida: Raja udang
Halchyon macleayil: Raja udang hitam
Halchyon pileata: Raja udang kuduk hitam
Halchyon smirnensis: Raja udang leher putih
Halcyon amauroptera: Pekaka dendang
Halcyon capensis: Burung
Halcyon capensis: Pekak emas
Halcyon capensis: Pekaka paruh besar
Halcyon chloris: Pekaka bakau
Halcyon coromanda: Burung
Halcyon coromanda: Cekakak merah
Halcyon coromanda: Pekaka belacan
Halcyon coromanda: Pekaka ungu(4)
Halcyon cyanoventris: Cekakak jawa(6)
Halcyon pileata: Burung
Halcyon pileata: Cekakak cina(2)
Halcyon pileata: Pekaka kepala hitam(5)
Halcyon pileata: Pekaka kopiah hitam
Halcyon smyrnensis: Pekaka belukar(83)
Halcyon smyrnensis: Pekaka dada putih(50)
Haleaeaetus leucogaster: Elang laut perut putih
Haliaeetus leucogaster: Burung
Haliaeetus leucogaster: Elang-laut perut-putih
Haliaeetus leucogaster: Elang laut perut putih
Haliaeetus leucogaster: Elanglaut perut-putih
Haliaeetus leucogaster: Helang laut
Haliaeetus leucogaster: Helang siput(4)
Haliaeetus leucogaster: Lang laut(2)
Haliaeetus leucogaster: Lang siput(2)
Haliastur indus: Burung
Haliastur indus: Elang bondol(4)
Haliastur indus: Helang ekor cabang(4)
Haliastur indus: Helang merah(3)
Haliastur indus: Lang merah(2)
Haliastus indus: Burung elang
Halichoeres nigrescens: Ikan Batu
Halichoeres nigrescens: Ikan Bayan
Halichoeres nigrescens: Nuri Belodok
Halichoeres purpurescens: Ikan karang
Halicore dugong: Duyung
Haliotis asinina: Siput mentiah
Haliotis iris: Siput mentiah
Hallastur indus: Elang bondol wulung
Halycon cyanoventris: Cekakak jawa
Halycon pileata: Burung
Halycon smyrnensis: Burung
Hampala macrolepidota: Badong
Hampala macrolepidota: Barau(1330)
Hampala macrolepidota: Hampal(2540)
Hampala macrolepidota: Ikan Barau(2)
Hampala macrolepidota: Ikan Sebarau
Hampala macrolepidota: Sebarau(2326)
Hapalogenys analis: Ikan Kaci Belang
Hapalogenys analis: Tebal Bibir
Hapalogenys mucronatus: Ikan kaci belang
Hapalogenys mucronatus: Tebal bibir
Hapalomys longicaudatus: Tikus monyet
Haptosquilla glyptocercus: Udang mantis
Haptosquilla pulchella: Udang mantis
Harpactes diardii: Burung papau(3)
Harpactes diardii: Kesumba bukit
Harpactes diardii: Luntur diard
Harpactes duvaucelii: Kesumba puteri(4)
Harpactes duvaucelii: Luntur putri
Harpactes erythrocephalus: Kesumba gunung
Harpactes kasumba: Kesumba batang
Harpactes kasumba: Luntur kasumba
Harpactes oreskios: Burung gembala rimba(2)
Harpactes oreskios: Kesumba harimau
Harpactes oreskios: Luntur harimau
Harpactes orrhophaeus: Kesumba pelanduk
Harpactes orrhophaeus: Luntur tunggir-coklat
Harpactes whiteheadi: Luntur kalimantan
Harpiliopsis beaupresii: Udang
Harpiocephalus mordax: Kelawar hidung emas besar(2)
Harpiosquilla harpax: Udang lipan(8)
Harpiosquilla harpax: Udang mantis(7)
Harpiosquilla harpax: Udang mentadak
Harpiosquilla harpax: Udang ronggeng(47)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: Udang lipan(11900)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: Udang mantis(12200)
Harpiosquilla raphidea: Udang ronggeng(6400)
Harpodon nenereus: Layar(2)
Harpodon nenereus: Lumi-lumi(2)
Helarctos malayanus: Beruang madu(18101)
Helarctos malayanus: Beruang matahari
Helicophagus typus: Ikan Patin
Heliopais personata: Pedendang topeng
Heliopais personata: Pedendang(4)
Heliopais personatus: Pedendang
Helix pomatia: Siput air tawar
Helostoma temincki: Ikan tambakan
Helostoma temmincki: Ikan tambakan(4)
Helostoma temmincki: Ikan temakang(2)
Helostoma temmincki: Temakang
Helostoma temminckii: Ikan Tambakan
Helostoma temminckii: Tambakan
Helostoma temminckii: Temakang(3)
Helostoma temminckki: Ikan temakang
Helostoma temminckki: Temakang
Helostoma temminkii: Biawan
Helostoma temminkii: Ikan Samarinda
Helostoma temminkii: Ikan Temakang
Helostoma temminkii: Tambakang
Helostoma temminkii: Tebakang
Helostoma temminkii: Temakang(6)
Helostoma temminkii: Tembakang
Helotes sexlineatus: Kerong Enam Jalur
Hemibagrus bleekeri: Baung Sungai(3)
Hemibagrus nemurus: Baung
Hemibagrus nemurus: Baung sungai
Hemibagrus nemurus: Baung(9)
Hemibagrus nemurus: Ikan baung(3)
Hemibagrus nemurus: Senggal
Hemibagrus nemurus: Sobong(2)
Hemibagrus wyckii: Baung
Hemibagrus wyckii: Tengku lolah(2)
Hemibagrus wyckioides: Mekong Baung
Hemicircus concretus: Belatok punggoh
Hemicircus concretus: Belatuk(2)
Hemicircus concretus: Caladi tikotok
Hemidactylus frenatus: Cecak kayu(731)
Hemidactylus frenatus: Cicak(3150)
Hemigalus derbyanus: Musang belang(3)
Hemigalus hosei: Musang hitam pudar(2)
Hemigymnus melapterus: Bayan
Hemigymnus melapterus: Bibir-tebal badan gelap(2)
Hemigymnus melapterus: Ikan Bayan
Hemigymnus melapterus: Ikan ketarap tanda(2)
Hemiprocne comata: Layang-layang berjambul kecil(5)
Hemiprocne comata: Layang-layang jambul kecil
Hemiprocne comata: Tepekong rangkang
Hemiprocne longipennis: Burung
Hemiprocne longipennis: Layang-layang berjambul kelabu(4)
Hemiprocne longipennis: Layang-layang jambul kelabu
Hemiprocne longipennis: Tepekong jambul(2)
Hemipus hirundinaceus: Jingjing batu
Hemipus hirundinaceus: Rembah batu
Hemipus picatus: Jingjing bukit
Hemipus picatus: Rembah bukit
Hemipus picatus: Rembah sayap putih
Hemiramphus brasiliensis: Ikan julung-julung
Hemiramphus far: Jenjulong
Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus: Ikan julong(3)
Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus: Jolong-jolong
Hemirhampus xanthopterus: Jolong-jolong
Hemisilurus heterorynchus: Silung budak
Hemisquilla ensigera: Udang ketak
Hemixos flavala: Brinji kelabu
Hemixos flavala: Merbah abu
Hemixos flavala: Merbah kelabu(3)
Heosemys grandis: Kura-kura besar
Heosemys spinosa: Kura-kura berduri
Heosemys spinosa: Kura-kura duri
Herpestes brachyurus: Bambun ekor pendek(3)
Herpestes edwardsii: Bambun kelabu
Herpestes javanicus: Bambun jawa
Herpestes semitorquatus: Bambun ekor panjang(2)
Herpestes urva: Bambun makan ketam
Hesperoptenus blanfordi: Kelawar petang palsu kecil(2)
Hesperoptenus doriae: Kelawar petang palsu sederhana(2)
Hesperoptenus tomesi: Kelawar petang palsu(2)
Hetereometrus cyneus: Ketunggeng
Heterocarpoides levicarina: Udang
Heterophasia picaoides: Rimba ekor panjang
Heterophasia picaoides: Sibia ekor panjang
Heteropoda venatoria: Laba-laba pemburu
Heterosceles brevipes: Kedidi ekor kelabu
Heteroscelus brevipes: Kedidi ekor kelabu(2)
Heteroscelus brevipes: Trinil ekor-kelabu
Hidari irava: Rama-rama haidari
Hieraaetus kienerii: Elang-perut-karat
Hieraaetus kienerii: Elang perut-karat
Hieraaetus kienerii: Helang perut merah(2)
Hieraaetus kienerii: Lang bendang
Hieraaetus pennatus: Helang junam(3)
Hieraetus kienarri: Elang kecil
Hieremys annandalii: Kura-kura tokong
Hierococcyx fugax: Sewah hantu
Hierococcyx sparverioides: Sewah tekukur besar
Hierococcyx vagans: Sewah tekukur kecil
Hilsa kelee: Empirit
Hilsa kelee: Ikan tiram
Hilsa kelee: Tamban tiram
Hilsa kelee: Terubok
Hilsa macrura: Terubok
Himantopus himantopus: Kedidi kaki panjang(3)
Himantopus himantopus: Stilt kepak hitam
Himantopus himantopus: Trulek lidi
Himantura gerrardi: Ikan pari bintik putih(2)
Himantura granulata: Pari bintik
Himantura signifer: Pari(2)
Himantura uarnak: Pari batik
Himantura uarnak: Pari beting
Himantura uarnak: Pari bunga
Himantura uarnak: Pari kelawar
Himantura uarnak: Pari rimau
Himantura uarnak: Pari tanjung
Himantura undulata: Ikan Pari Rimau
Himantura undulata: Pari Batik
Himantura undulata: Pari Bunga
Hinecopernis longicauda: Elang
Hippoglossus hippoglossus: Ikan Togok
Hippolysmata enriostris: Udang
Hippolysmata vittata: Udang
Hippolyte ventricosa: Udang
Hippopus hippopus: Kima tapak kuda
Hippopus porcellanus: Kima cina
Hipposideros armiger: Kelawar ladam bulat terbesar(2)
Hipposideros bicolor: Kelawar ladam bulat biasa(2)
Hipposideros cervinus: Kelawar ladam bulat gua(2)
Hipposideros cineraceus: Kelawar ladam terkecil(2)
Hipposideros coxi: Kelawar
Hipposideros diadema: Kelawar bahu puteh(2)
Hipposideros dyacorum: Kelawar
Hipposideros dyacorum: Kelawar ladam-bulat dayak(2)
Hipposideros galeritus: Kelawar ladam bulat pinang(2)
Hipposideros larvatus: Kelawar ladam bulat besar(2)
Hipposideros lekaguli: Kelawar lekagul(2)
Hipposideros lylei: Kelawar muncung perisai(2)
Hipposideros nequam: Kelawar ladam bulat malaya(2)
Hipposideros ridleyi: Kelawar ladam bulat singapura(2)
Hipposideros sabanus: Kelawar ladam bulat lawas(2)
Hirudinaria javanica: Lintah jawa
Hirudo medicinalis: Lintah
Hirundapus caudacutus: Kapinis jarum asia
Hirundapus caudacutus: Layang-layang leher putih
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: Layang-layang rengkong
Hirundapus cochinchinensis: Layang-layang rengkong putih(4)
Hirundapus giganteus: Kapinisjarum gedang
Hirundapus giganteus: Layang-layang besar(7)
Hirundichthys oxycephalus: Ikan terbang
Hirundo daurica: Layang-layang api
Hirundo daurica: Sualo gua
Hirundo rustica: Burung
Hirundo rustica: Guturalis, Sriti
Hirundo rustica: Layang-layang api(2)
Hirundo rustica: Layang-layang hijrah(4)
Hirundo rustica: Layang layang hijrah
Hirundo rustica: Layanglayang asia
Hirundo rustica: Sualo api
Hirundo striolata: Layanglayang loreng
Hirundo tahitica: Layang-layang batu(7640)
Hirundo tahitica: Layang-layang pasifik(20401)
Hirundo tahitica: Layang layang pasifik(20401)
Holothuria athra: Teripang hitam
Holothuria atra: Timun laut hitam
Holothuria scabra: Teripang pasir
Holothuria scabra: Teripang putih
Homalopsis buccata: Ular
Homalopsis buccata: Ular kadut belang(2)
Homaloptera gymnogaster: Selusur maninjau
Homaloptera orthogoniata: Susuh batu(2)
Homarus americanus: Udang Karang
Hula masonii: Kongkang jeram
Hydrasaurus amboinensis: Biawak pohon
Hydrochous gigas: Layang-layang hantu(5)
Hydrochous gigas: Walet raksasa
Hydrophasianus chirurgus: Burung-sepatu teratai
Hydrophasianus chirurgus: Burung teratai ekor panjang(3)
Hydrophasianus chirurgus: Burungsepatu teratai
Hydrophasianus chirurgus: Teratai ekor panjang
Hydrophis brookie: Ular
Hydrophis caerulescens: Ular
Hydrophis cyanocintus: Ular
Hydrophis fasciatus: Atriceps, Ular
Hydrophis fasciatus: Fasciatus, Ular
Hydrophis klossi: Ular
Hydrophis melanosoma: Ular
Hydrophis ornatus: Ular
Hydrophis spiralis: Ular
Hydrophis torquatus: Aagardii, Ular
Hydrophis torquatus: Ular
Hylarana baramica: Kongkang baram
Hylarana chalconota: Kongkang kolam
Hylarana nicobariensis: Kongkang jangkrik
Hylobates agilis: Gibon bertangan hitam
Hylobates agilis: Ungka tangan hitam
Hylobates agilis: Wak wak
Hylobates albibarbis: Kalaweit
Hylobates klossii: Siamang kerdil
Hylobates lar: Ungka tangan putih
Hylobates lar: Ungko lengan putih
Hylobates moloch: Owa jawa
Hylobates muelleri: Kelawat(2)
Hylobates muelleri: Ungko kalimantan
Hylobates syndactilus: Siamang
Hylobates syndactylus: Siamang
Hylomys suillus: Tikus babi
Hylopeles lepidus: Tupai terbang pipi kelabu(2)
Hylopetes lepidus: Tupai terbang pipi kelabu
Hylopetes spadiceus: Tupai terbang pipi merah
Hypogramma hypogrammcium: Kelicap rimba
Hypogramma hypogrammicum: Burungmadu rimba
Hypogramma hypogrammicum: Kelicap rimba(2)
Hypophthalmichthys molitrix: Kap perak(7)
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis: Ikan kap kepala besar
Hypophthalmichthys nobilis: Kap Kepala Besar(3)
Hyporhamphus limbatus: Jolong-jolong(2)
Hyporhamphus quoyi: Jolong-jolong
Hyporhamphus quoyi: Jolong Kuala
Hyporthodus mystacinus: Kerapu
Hypostomus plecostomus: Bandaraya(3)
Hypostomus plecostomus: Ikan Bandar Raya
Hypostomus plecostomus: Ikan sapu-sapu
Hypothymis azurea: Burung
Hypothymis azurea: Kehicap ranting(6)
Hypothymis azurea: Kelicap ranting(3)
Hypothymis azurea: Sambar uban hitam
Hypsibarbus pierrei: Kerai kunyit
Hypsipetes mcclellandii: Bebarau bukit
Hypsipetes mcclellandii: Merbah lorek gunung
Hystrix brachyura: Landak raya(2)
Hystrix brachyura: Landak raya(common)
Hystrix brachyura: Landak(3)
Hystrix javanica: Landak

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_h.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name H, 動物名 H}

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