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{animal_name_g.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name G, 動物名 G}

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_g.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name G, 動物名 G}, (nswong, animal_name_g.htm)

Gabala argentata: Gabala argentata
Gabrius ancoripenis: Gabrius ancoripenis
Gabrius calix: Gabrius calix
Gabrius contumax: Gabrius contumax
Gabrius eminens: Gabrius eminens
Gabrius praesignis: Gabrius praesignis
Gabrius septempunctatus: Gabrius septempunctatus
Gabrius subdolus: Gabrius subdolus
Gabrius submolestus: Gabrius submolestus
Gabrius taiwanensis: Gabrius taiwanensis
Gabrius trapezipennis: Gabrius trapezipennis
Gabrius trossuloides: Gabrius trossuloides
Gabrius viduus: Gabrius viduus
Gabronthus maritimus: Gabronthus maritimus
Gabronthus pygmaeus: Gabronthus pygmaeus
Gadella jordani: Gadella inbarbatus
Gadella jordani: Gadella jordani(2)
Gadella jordani: Physiculus inbarbatus
Gadella jordani: Physiculus jordani
Gadila singaporensis: Gadila singaporensis
Gadomus colletti: Bathygadus colletti
Gadomus colletti: Gadomus colletti(2)
Gadomus magnifilis: Gadomus magnifilis
Gadomus multifilis: Bathygadus multifilis
Gadomus multifilis: Gadomus multifilis
Gaetanus minor: Gaetanus minor
Gaetanus pileatus: Gaetanus pileatus
Gaetanus pungens: Gaetanus pungens
Gafrarium dispar: Gafrarium dispar(2)
Gafrarium divaricatum: Gafrarium divaricatum(2)
Gafrarium equivacum: Gafrarium equivacum
Gafrarium pectinatum: Gafrarium pectinatum(2)
Gafrarium tumidum: Gafrarium tumidum(2)
Gaillardiellus orientalis: Gaillardiellus orientalis
Galathea aegyptiaca: Galathea aegyptiaca
Galathea inflata: Galathea inflata
Galathea pubescens: Galathea pubescens
Galaxea astreata: Galaxea astreata
Galaxea fascicularis: Galaxea fascicularis(3)
Galeocerdo cuvier: Carcharias fasciatus
Galeocerdo cuvier: Carcharias hemprichii
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeocerda cuvier
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeocerdo arcticus
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeocerdo cuvier(2)
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeocerdo cuvieri
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeocerdo fasciatus
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeocerdo obtusus
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeocerdo rayneri
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeocerdo tigrinus
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeus cepedianus
Galeocerdo cuvier: Galeus maculatus
Galeocerdo cuvier: Squalus arcticus
Galeocerdo cuvier: Squalus cuvier
Galeodea echinophorella: Galeodea echinophorella(2)
Galeodea leucodoma: Galeodea leucodoma
Galeolaria australis: Galeolaria australis
Galeomma formosa: Galeomma formosa
Galeomma formosum: Galeomma formosum
Galeomma layardi: Galeomma layardi
Galeomma paucistriata: Galeomma paucistriata
Galerida cristata: Galerida cristata
Galerita orientalis: Galerita orientalis
Galerucella tenella: Galerucella tenella
Galeus eastmani: Galeus eastmani(2)
Galeus eastmani: Pristiurus eastmani
Galeus sauteri: Galeus sauteri(2)
Galeus sauteri: Pristiurus sauteri
Galleria mellonella: Galleria mellonella
Gallerucida lutea: Gallerucida lutea
Gallerucida singularis: Gallerucida singularis
Gallicolumba luzonica: Gallicolumba luzonica
Gallicrex cinerea: Gallicrex cinerea(6)
Gallinago gallinago: Gallinago gallinago(6)
Gallinago hardwickii: Gallinago hardwickii
Gallinago megala: Gallinago megala(5)
Gallinago nemoricola: Gallinago nemoricola(3)
Gallinago stenura: Gallinago stenura(6)
Gallinula chloropus: Gallinula chloropus(7)
Gallinula tenebrosa: Gallinula tenebrosa
Gallirallus australis: Gallirallus australis
Gallirallus striatus: Gallirallus striatus(5)
Gallirallus sylvestris: Gallirallus sylvestris
Gallotia simonyi: Gallotia simonyi
Gallus gallus: Domesticus, Gallus domesticus(410000)
Gallus gallus: Domesticus, Gallus gallus domestica(322000)
Gallus gallus: Domesticus, Gallus gallus domesticus(307000)
Gallus gallus: Gallus gallus(680000)
Gallus sonneratii: Gallus sonneratii
Gambelia wislizenii: Gambelia wislizenii
Gambierdiscus yasumotoi: Gambierdiscus yasumotoi
Gambusia affinis: Fundulus inurus(2)
Gambusia affinis: Gambusia affinis(6)
Gambusia affinis: Gambusia gracilis(2)
Gambusia affinis: Gambusia humilis(2)
Gambusia affinis: Gambusia patruelis(2)
Gambusia affinis: Haplochilus melanops(2)
Gambusia affinis: Heterandria affinis(2)
Gambusia affinis: Heterandria patruelis(2)
Gambusia affinis: Zygonectes brachypterus(2)
Gambusia affinis: Zygonectes gracilis(2)
Gambusia affinis: Zygonectes inurus(2)
Gambusia affinis: Zygonectes patruelis(2)
Gampsocera lanceolata: Gampsocera lanceolata
Gampsorhynchus rufulus: Gampsorhynchus rufulus(3)
Gandaca harina: Gandaca harina
Ganesella perakensis: Ganesella perakensis
Gangara lebadea: Gangara lebadea(2)
Gangara sanguinocculus: Gangara sanguinocculus(2)
Gangara thyrsis: Gangara thyrsis
Ganonema formosae: Ganonema formosae
Gardineroseris planulata: Gardineroseris planulata
Gargariscus prionocephalus: Gargariscus prionocephalus(2)
Gargariscus prionocephalus: Gargariscus semidentatus
Gargariscus prionocephalus: Gargariscus undulatus
Gargariscus prionocephalus: Heminodus japonicus
Gargariscus prionocephalus: Peristedion undulatum
Gargariscus prionocephalus: Peristethidion prionocephalum
Gari ambigua: Gari ambigua
Gari anomala: Gari anomala
Gari corrugata: Gari corrugata
Gari elongata: Gari elongata(2)
Gari elongatus: Gari elongatus
Gari maculosa: Gari maculosa(2)
Gari pallida: Gari pallida
Gari sibogai: Gari sibogai
Gari togata: Gari togata
Gari truncata: Gari truncata
Garrulas albogularis: Garrulas albogularis
Garrulax albogularis: Garrulax albogularis
Garrulax caerulatus: Garrulax caerulatus
Garrulax canorus: Garrulax canorus(6)
Garrulax chinensis: Garrulax chinensis(2)
Garrulax cineraceus: Garrulax cineraceus
Garrulax erythrocephalus: Garrulax erythrocephalus(3)
Garrulax formosus: Garrulax formosus(2)
Garrulax leucolophus: Garrulax leucolophus(3)
Garrulax lugubris: Garrulax lugubris(3)
Garrulax milnei: Garrulax milnei
Garrulax mitratus: Garrulax mitratus(4)
Garrulax monileger: Garrulax monileger
Garrulax morrisonianus: Garrulax morrisonianus
Garrulax palliatus: Garrulax palliatus(2)
Garrulax pectoralis: Garrulax pectoralis(3)
Garrulax perspicillatus: Garrulax perspicillatus
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: Garrulax poecilorhynchus(2)
Garrulax sannio: Garrulax sannio
Garrulus glandarius: Garrulus glandarius(2)
Garthambrus stellata: Garthambrus stellata
Gasteracantha cancriformis: Gasteracantha cancriformis
Gasteracantha fornicata: Gasteracantha fornicata
Gasteracantha kuhlii: Gasteracantha kuhlii
Gasteracantha sauteri: Gasteracantha sauteri
Gasteropelecus levis: Gasteropelecus levis(3)
Gasterosteus aculeatus: Gasterosteus aculeatus(3)
Gastraspis longicauda: Gastraspis longicauda
Gastraspis typica: Gastraspis typica
Gastrocentrum nitidum: Gastrocentrum nitidum
Gastrocentrum unicolor: Gastrocentrum unicolor
Gastrochaena cuneiformis: Gastrochaena cuneiformis(2)
Gastrochaena indistincta: Gastrochaena indistincta
Gastrocopta ooi: Gastrocopta ooi
Gastrocopta palmira: Gastrocopta palmira
Gastromaladera nitida: Gastromaladera nitida
Gastrophrynoides immaculatus: Gastrophrynoides immaculatus
Gastrophysa viridula: Gastrophysa viridula
Gastroserica bicolor: Gastroserica bicolor
Gastrothrips fuscatus: Gastrothrips fuscatus
Gaurax aequalis: Gaurax aequalis
Gavia arctica: Gavia arctica
Gavia pacifica: Gavia pacifica(2)
Gavia stellata: Gavia stellata
Gavialiceps taeniola: Gavialiceps taeniola(2)
Gavialiceps taeniola: Nettastoma taeniola
Gavialiceps taeniola: Saurenchelys taeniola
Gavialiceps taiwanensis: Chlopsis taiwanensis
Gavialiceps taiwanensis: Gavialiceps taeniola
Gavialiceps taiwanensis: Gavialiceps taiwanensis(2)
Gavialis gangeticus: Gavialis gangeticus
Gazella dama: Gazella dama
Gazza achlamys: Gazza achlamys(2)
Gazza achlamys: Gazza shettyi
Gazza minuta: Equula dispar
Gazza minuta: Equula minuta
Gazza minuta: Gazza argentaria
Gazza minuta: Gazza dispar
Gazza minuta: Gazza equulaeformis
Gazza minuta: Gazza minuta(2)
Gazza minuta: Gazza tapeinosoma
Gazza minuta: Scomber minutus
Gazza minuta: Zeus argentarius
Ge geta: Ge geta(2)
Gecinulus grantia: Gecinulus grantia
Gecinulus viridis: Gecinulus viridis(2)
Gecko marmorata: Gecko marmorata
Geckonia chazaliae: Geckonia chazaliae
Geckonia chazaliae: Tarentola chazaliae
Gehyra butleri: Gehyra butleri
Gehyra mutilata: Gehyra mutilata(12500)
Gehyra mutilata: Gehyra mutilatus(192)
Gehyra mutilata: Peropus mutilatus(4950)
Gekko gecko: Gekko gecko(2)
Gekko monarchus: Gekko monarchus(2)
Gelasma ambigua: Gelasma ambigua
Gelasma microdonta: Gelasma microdonta
Gelastocera exusta: Gelastocera exusta
Gelochelidon nilotica: Gelochelidon nilotica(2)
Geloina ceylonica: Geloina ceylonica(3)
Geloina coaxans: Geloina coaxans
Geloina expansa: Geloina expansa(2)
Gelonaetha hirta: Gelonaetha hirta
Gemmula congener: Gemmula congener(2)
Gemmula cosmoi: Gemmula cosmoi
Gemmula deshayesi: Gemmula deshayesi
Gemmula deshayesii: Gemmula deshayesii
Gemmula kieneri: Gemmula kieneri
Gemmula microscelida: Gemmula microscelida
Gemmula monilifera: Gemmula monilifera
Gemmula pseudogranosa: Gemmula pseudogranosa
Gemmula speciosa: Gemmula speciosa
Gemmula stupa: Gemmula stupa
Gemmula timorensis: Gemmula timorensis
Gemmula unedo: Gemmula unedo
Gempylus serpens: Acinacea notha
Gempylus serpens: Gempylus coluber
Gempylus serpens: Gempylus notha
Gempylus serpens: Gempylus ophidianus
Gempylus serpens: Gempylus serpens(2)
Gempylus serpens: Lemnisoma thyrsitoides
Genicanthus lamarck: Genicanthus lamarck(5)
Genicanthus lamarck: Genicanthus lamarcki
Genicanthus lamarck: Holacanthus lamarck
Genicanthus melanospilos: Genicanthus macclesfieldiensis
Genicanthus melanospilos: Genicanthus melanospilos(2)
Genicanthus melanospilos: Genicanthus melanospilus
Genicanthus melanospilos: Holacanthus melanospilos
Genicanthus semifasciatus: Genicanthus semifasciatus(2)
Genicanthus semifasciatus: Holacanthus semifasciatus
Genicanthus watanabei: Genicanthus watanabei(2)
Genicanthus watanabei: Holacanthus watanabei
Geniotrigona thoracica: Geniotrigona thoracica(Preferred)(1780)
Geniotrigona thoracica: Trigona thoracica(1040)
Geochelon platynota: Geochelon platynota
Geochelone carbonaria: Geochelone carbonaria
Geochelone chilensis: Geochelone chilensis
Geochelone denticulata: Geochelone denticulata
Geochelone elegans: Geochelone elegans
Geochelone gigantea: Geochelone gigantea
Geochelone nigra: Geochelone nigra
Geochelone pardalis: Geochelone pardalis
Geochelone radiata: Geochelone radiata(2)
Geochelone sulcata: Geochelone sulcata
Geochelone yniphora: Geochelone yniphora
Geoclemys hamiltonii: Geoclemys hamiltonii(2)
Geocoris flaviceps: Geocoris flaviceps
Geocoris ochropterus: Geocoris ochropterus
Geocoris varius: Geocoris varius
Geodromicus formosanus: Geodromicus formosanus
Geodromicus ohkurai: Geodromicus ohkurai(2)
Geoemyda spengleri: Geoemyda spengleri
Geometra hypoleuca: Geometra hypoleuca
Geometra papillonaria: Geometra papillonaria
Geomyda apinosa: Geomyda apinosa
Geopelia cuneata: Geopelia cuneata
Geopelia striata: Geopelia striata(84200)
Geophagus brasiliensis: Acara gymnopoma
Geophagus brasiliensis: Acara minuta
Geophagus brasiliensis: Chromis brasiliensis
Geophagus brasiliensis: Chromys unimaculata
Geophagus brasiliensis: Geophagus brasiliensis
Geophagus brasiliensis: Geophagus olfersi
Geophagus brasiliensis: Geophagus tuberosus
Geophagus surinamensis: Geophagus surinamensis
Geopsittacus occidentalis: Geopsittacus occidentalis
Geothelphusa bicolor: Geothelphusa bicolor
Geothelphusa cinerea: Geothelphusa cinerea
Geothelphusa ferruginea: Geothelphusa ferruginea
Geothelphusa gracilipes: Geothelphusa gracilipes
Geothelphusa hirsuta: Geothelphusa hirsuta
Geothelphusa monticola: Geothelphusa monticola
Geotomus pygmaeus: Geotomus pygmaeus
Geotrochus lychnia: Geotrochus lychnia
Geotrupes stercorosus: Geotrupes stercorosus
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Gephyroberys darwinii
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Gephyroberyx darwini
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Gephyroberyx darwinii(2)
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Gephyroberyx japonicus
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Gephyroberyx orbicularis
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Gephyroberyx robustus
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Hoplostethus atlanticus
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Trachichthys darwini
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Trachichthys darwinii
Gephyroberyx darwinii: Trachichthys japonicus
Gephyroberyx japonicus: Gephyroberyx japonicus(2)
Gephyroberyx japonicus: Trachichthys japonicus
Gerarda prevostiana: Gerarda prevostiana(3)
Gerbathodes paupera: Gerbathodes paupera
Gergithus affinis: Gergithus affinis
Gergithus pendulus: Gergithus pendulus
Gergithus robustus: Gergithus robustus
Gergithus unicolor: Gergithus unicolor
Gergithus variabilis: Gergithus variabilis
Gerocyptera petiolata: Gerocyptera petiolata
Geronticus calvus: Geronticus calvus
Geronticus eremita: Geronticus eremita
Gerres decacanthus: Diapterus decacanthus
Gerres decacanthus: Gerreomorpha decacantha
Gerres decacanthus: Gerres decacanthus
Gerres decacanthus: Gerres lucidus
Gerres erythrourus: Diapterus abbreviatus
Gerres erythrourus: Gerres abbreviatuis
Gerres erythrourus: Gerres abbreviatus
Gerres erythrourus: Gerres abreviatus
Gerres erythrourus: Gerres cheverti
Gerres erythrourus: Gerres erythrourus(2)
Gerres erythrourus: Gerres profundus
Gerres erythrourus: Gerres singaporensis
Gerres erythrourus: Sparus erythrourus
Gerres erythrourus: Xystaema abbreviatus
Gerres filamentosus: Gerres filamentosus(2)
Gerres filamentosus: Gerres macracanthus
Gerres filamentosus: Gerres philippinus
Gerres filamentosus: Gerres punctata
Gerres filamentosus: Gerres punctatus
Gerres filamentosus: Pertica filamentosa
Gerres filamentosus: Sparus edentulus
Gerres japonicus: Gerreomorpha japonica
Gerres japonicus: Gerres japonicus(2)
Gerres limbatus: Catochaenum limbatum
Gerres limbatus: Gerres kapas
Gerres limbatus: Gerres limbatus(2)
Gerres limbatus: Gerres lucidus
Gerres limbatus: Xystaema limbatum
Gerres longirostris: Diapterus poieti
Gerres longirostris: Gerres acinaces
Gerres longirostris: Gerres darnleyense
Gerres longirostris: Gerres darnleyensis
Gerres longirostris: Gerres lineolatus
Gerres longirostris: Gerres longicaudus
Gerres longirostris: Gerres longirostris(2)
Gerres longirostris: Gerres oyena
Gerres longirostris: Gerres poeti
Gerres longirostris: Gerres poieti
Gerres longirostris: Gerres poietie
Gerres longirostris: Gerres rueppellii
Gerres longirostris: Labrus longirostris
Gerres longirostris: Sparus britannus
Gerres longirostris: Xystaema darnleyense
Gerres longirostris: Xystaema poieti
Gerres macracanthus: Diapterus macracanthus
Gerres macracanthus: Gerres filamentosus
Gerres macracanthus: Gerres macracanthus(2)
Gerres macracanthus: Xystaema macracantha
Gerres macracanthus: Xystaema macracanthum
Gerres oblongus: Gerres gigas
Gerres oblongus: Gerres macrosoma
Gerres oblongus: Gerres oblongus(2)
Gerres oyena: Diapterus oyena
Gerres oyena: Gerreomorpha rostrata
Gerres oyena: Gerres argyreus
Gerres oyena: Gerres australis
Gerres oyena: Gerres carinatus
Gerres oyena: Gerres oyena(3)
Gerres oyena: Gerres oynea
Gerres oyena: Gerres socotranus
Gerres oyena: Gerres splendens
Gerres oyena: Labrus oyena
Gerres oyena: Smaris oyena
Gerres oyena: Xystaema oyena
Gerres shima: Gerres shima
Gerris lacustris: Gerris lacustris
Gerygone sulphurea: Gerygone sulphurea(3)
Gibber minor: Gibber minor
Gibosia lucida: Gibosia lucida
Gigantactis elsmani: Gigantactis elsmani(2)
Gigantactis vanhoeffeni: Gigantactis exodon
Gigantactis vanhoeffeni: Gigantactis perlatus
Gigantactis vanhoeffeni: Gigantactis vanhoeffeni(2)
Giganthias immaculatus: Giganthias immaculatus(2)
Gigantothrips crawfordi: Gigantothrips crawfordi
Gigantothrips venapennis: Gigantothrips venapennis
Gigantura indica: Bathyleptus gracilis
Gigantura indica: Bathyleptus indicus
Gigantura indica: Bathyleptus lisae
Gigantura indica: Gigantura chuni
Gigantura indica: Gigantura gracilis
Gigantura indica: Gigantura indica
Gigantura indica: Rosaura indica
Gigantura indica: Rosaura lisae
Gigantura indica: Rosaura rotunda
Ginshachia elongata: Ginshachia elongata
Girasia peguensis: Girasia peguensis
Girella leonina: Crenidens leoninus
Girella leonina: Girella leonina(2)
Girella leonina: Girella melanichthys
Girella mezina: Girella mezina(2)
Girella punctata: Crenidens melanichthys
Girella punctata: Girella melanichthys
Girella punctata: Girella punctata(2)
Glabriscala glabratum: Glabriscala glabratum
Glabropilumnus laevis: Glabropilumnus laevis
Glabropilumnus seminudus: Glabropilumnus seminudus
Glanycus tricolor: Glanycus tricolor
Glaphyra concolor: Glaphyra concolor
Glaphyra subglabra: Glaphyra subglabra
Glaphyra viridescens: Glaphyra viridescens
Glaphyra yui: Glaphyra yui
Glareola lactea: Glareola lactea(2)
Glareola maldivarum: Glareola maldivarum(5)
Glaucidium brodiei: Glaucidium brodiei(5)
Glaucidium cuculoides: Glaucidium cuculoides
Glauconome cerea: Glauconome cerea
Glauconome chinensis: Glauconome chinensis(2)
Glauconome corrugata: Glauconome corrugata(2)
Glauconome rugosa: Glauconome rugosa
Glauconome virens: Glauconome virens(2)
Glaucosoma buergeri: Glaucosoma buergeri(2)
Glaucosoma buergeri: Glaucosoma fauvelii
Glaucosoma buergeri: Glaucosoma hebraicum
Glaucosoma buergeri: Glaucosoma taeniatus
Glaucosphaera cyanea: Glaucosphaera cyanea
Glaucostegus granulatus: Glaucostegus granulatus(2)
Glaucostegus granulatus: Rhinobatos granulatus
Glaucostegus granulatus: Rhinobatus acutus
Glaucostegus granulatus: Rhinobatus granulatus
Globicephala macrorhynchus: Globicephala macrorhynchus(3)
Globovula margarita: Globovula margarita
Glossanodon semifasciatus: Argentina semifasciata
Glossanodon semifasciatus: Glossanodon semifasciata
Glossanodon semifasciatus: Glossanodon semifasciatus(2)
Glossocardia obesa: Glossocardia obesa
Glossodoris atromarginata: Glossodoris atromarginata
Glossodoris cincta: Glossodoris cincta
Glossodoris fidelis: Glossodoris fidelis
Glossodoris lineolata: Glossodoris lineolata
Glossodoris marginata: Glossodoris marginata
Glossodoris misakinosibogae: Glossodoris misakinosibogae
Glossodoris pallescens: Glossodoris pallescens
Glossodoris pallida: Glossodoris pallida
Glossodoris placida: Glossodoris placida
Glossodoris quadricolor: Glossodoris quadricolor
Glossodoris rufomarginata: Glossodoris rufomarginata
Glossodoris sibogae: Glossodoris sibogae
Glossodoris virgata: Glossodoris virgata
Glossogobius aureus: Glossogobius aureus(2)
Glossogobius bicirrhosus: Glossogobius bicirrhosus(2)
Glossogobius bicirrhosus: Gobius bicirrhosus
Glossogobius bicirrhosus: Illana bicirrhosa
Glossogobius biocellatus: Glossogobius biocellatus(2)
Glossogobius brunnoides: Glossogobius asaro
Glossogobius brunnoides: Glossogobius brunnoides(2)
Glossogobius brunnoides: Gobius brunnoides
Glossogobius celebius: Glossogobius celebensis
Glossogobius celebius: Glossogobius celebius(2)
Glossogobius celebius: Gobius celebius
Glossogobius circumspectus: Glossogobius circumspectus(2)
Glossogobius circumspectus: Gobius circumspectus
Glossogobius giuris: Awaous gutum
Glossogobius giuris: Euctenogobius striatus
Glossogobius giuris: Glossigobius giuris
Glossogobius giuris: Glossogobius giuris(2)
Glossogobius giuris: Glossogobius giurus
Glossogobius giuris: Glossogobius guirus
Glossogobius giuris: Glossogobius tenuiformis
Glossogobius giuris: Gobius giuris
Glossogobius giuris: Gobius giurus
Glossogobius giuris: Gobius grandidieri
Glossogobius giuris: Gobius gutum
Glossogobius giuris: Gobius platycephalus
Glossogobius giuris: Gobius spectabilis
Glossogobius giuris: Gobius striatus
Glossogobius obscuripinnis: Glossogobius giurus
Glossogobius obscuripinnis: Glossogobius obscuripinnis(2)
Glossogobius obscuripinnis: Gobius obscuripinnis
Glossogobius olivaceus: Glossogobius olivaceus(2)
Glossogobius olivaceus: Gobius olivaceus
Glossolepis incisus: Glossolepis incisus
Gluconobacter oxydans: Gluconobacter oxydans
Glycydonta marica: Glycydonta marica
Glycymeris albolineata: Glycymeris albolineata
Glycymeris aspera: Glycymeris aspera
Glycymeris imperialis: Glycymeris imperialis
Glycymeris reevei: Glycymeris reevei
Glycymeris rotunda: Glycymeris rotunda
Glycymeris spurca: Glycymeris spurca
Glycyphana gracilis: Glycyphana gracilis
Glycyphana horsfieldi: Glycyphana horsfieldi
Glyphipteris affinis: Glyphipteris affinis
Glyphipteris grandis: Glyphipteris grandis
Glyphipteris maculata: Glyphipteris maculata
Glyphipteris marinae: Glyphipteris marinae
Glyphipteris miniata: Glyphipteris miniata
Glyphipteris tenuis: Glyphipteris tenuis
Glyphipterix simpliciella: Glyphipterix simpliciella
Glyphipterix thrasonella: Glyphipterix thrasonella
Glyphipterix virgata: Glyphipterix virgata
Glyphis gangeticus: Carcharhinus gangeticus
Glyphis gangeticus: Carcharias gangeticus
Glyphis gangeticus: Carcharias murrayi
Glyphis gangeticus: Eulamia gangetica
Glyphis gangeticus: Glyphis gangeticus(2)
Glyphis gangeticus: Platypodon gangeticus
Glyphiulus granulatus: Glyphiulus granulatus
Glyphonyx ami: Glyphonyx ami
Glyphonyx apayao: Glyphonyx apayao
Glyphonyx arisanus: Glyphonyx arisanus
Glyphonyx atayal: Glyphonyx atayal
Glyphonyx brunneipennis: Glyphonyx brunneipennis
Glyphonyx castaneus: Glyphonyx castaneus
Glyphonyx chipenensis: Glyphonyx chipenensis
Glyphonyx exilis: Glyphonyx exilis
Glyphonyx flavicollis: Glyphonyx flavicollis
Glyphonyx formosanus: Glyphonyx formosanus
Glyphonyx fuscicollis: Glyphonyx fuscicollis
Glyphonyx grossus: Glyphonyx grossus
Glyphonyx housaii: Glyphonyx housaii
Glyphonyx kankaui: Glyphonyx kankaui
Glyphonyx kintaroui: Glyphonyx kintaroui
Glyphonyx liukuiensis: Glyphonyx liukuiensis
Glyphonyx longicornis: Glyphonyx longicornis
Glyphonyx longipennis: Glyphonyx longipennis
Glyphonyx longulus: Glyphonyx longulus
Glyphonyx marginalis: Glyphonyx marginalis
Glyphonyx muneaka: Glyphonyx muneaka
Glyphonyx nitidicollis: Glyphonyx nitidicollis
Glyphonyx oiwakensis: Glyphonyx oiwakensis
Glyphonyx paiwan: Glyphonyx paiwan
Glyphonyx parallelaris: Glyphonyx parallelaris
Glyphonyx rubiginosus: Glyphonyx rubiginosus
Glyphonyx rubricollis: Glyphonyx rubricollis
Glyphonyx rufithorax: Glyphonyx rufithorax
Glyphonyx sauteri: Glyphonyx sauteri
Glyphonyx shirozuanus: Glyphonyx shirozuanus
Glyphonyx taiwan: Glyphonyx taiwan
Glyphonyx taiwanus: Glyphonyx taiwanus
Glyphonyx takasago: Glyphonyx takasago
Glyphonyx vunun: Glyphonyx vunun
Glypta aquila: Glypta aquila
Glypta orientalis: Glypta orientalis
Glypta taiheizana: Glypta taiheizana
Glyptapanteles minor: Glyptapanteles minor
Glyptobasis brunnea: Glyptobasis brunnea
Glyptophidium argenteum: Glyptophidium argenteum
Glyptophidium lucidum: Glyptophidium lucidum(2)
Glyptotendipus formosae: Glyptotendipus formosae
Glyptotermes fuscus: Glyptotermes fuscus
Gnamptogenys taivaensis: Gnamptogenys taivaensis
Gnathanodon speciosus: Caranx cives
Gnathanodon speciosus: Caranx edentulus
Gnathanodon speciosus: Caranx panamensis
Gnathanodon speciosus: Caranx speciosus
Gnathanodon speciosus: Gnathanodon speciosus(3)
Gnathanodon speciosus: Gnathodon speciosus
Gnathanodon speciosus: Gnathonodon speciosus
Gnathanodon speciosus: Scomber speciosus
Gnathocerus cornutus: Gnathocerus cornutus
Gnathodentex aureolineatus: Dentex lycogenis
Gnathodentex aureolineatus: Gnathodentex aureolineatus(2)
Gnathodentex aureolineatus: Gnathodentex aurilineatus
Gnathodentex aureolineatus: Gnathodentex aurolineatus
Gnathodentex aureolineatus: Gnathodentex ocumaculatus
Gnathodentex aureolineatus: Sparus aureolineatus
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Acentrogobius cauerensis
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gnatholepis anjerensis(2)
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gnatholepis corlettei
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gnatholepis deltoides
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gnatholepis knighti
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gnatholepis knightii
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gnatholeps cauerensis
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gobius anjerensis
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gobius capistratus
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gobius deltoides
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Gobius ophthalmotaenia
Gnatholepis cauerensis: Acentrogobius cauerensis
Gnatholepis cauerensis: Fusigobius scapulostigma
Gnatholepis cauerensis: Gnatholepis cauerensis(3)
Gnatholepis cauerensis: Gnatholepis inconsequens
Gnatholepis cauerensis: Gnatholepis scapulostigma
Gnatholepis cauerensis: Gobius cauerensis
Gnatholepis davaoensis: Gnatholepis davaoensis
Gnatholepis davaoensis: Gnatholepis gemmeus
Gnathonemus macrolepidotus: Gnathonemus macrolepidotus(3)
Gnathonemus petersii: Gnathonemus petersii(3)
Gnathophausia elegans: Gnathophausia elegans
Gnathophausia gracilis: Gnathophausia gracilis
Gnathophausia ingens: Gnathophausia ingens
Gnathophis nystromi: Gnathophis nystromi
Gnathophis xenica: Arisoma nystromi
Gnathophis xenica: Gnathophis xenica(2)
Gnathophyllum americanum: Gnathophyllum americanum
Gnophomyia dejecta: Gnophomyia dejecta
Gnophomyia latifolia: Gnophomyia latifolia
Gnophomyia orientalis: Gnophomyia orientalis
Gnophomyia pruinosa: Gnophomyia pruinosa
Gnophomyia similis: Gnophomyia similis
Gnophomyia sinuosa: Gnophomyia sinuosa
Gnophos delitescens: Gnophos delitescens
Gnypeta inducta: Gnypeta inducta
Gobiobotia cheni: Gobiobotia cheni(2)
Gobiobotia intermedia: Gobiobotia intermedia(2)
Gobiodon citrinus: Gobiodon citrinus(2)
Gobiodon citrinus: Gobiodon hypselopterus
Gobiodon citrinus: Gobius citrinus
Gobiodon fulvus: Gobiodon fulvus(2)
Gobiodon multilineatus: Gobiodon multilineatus(2)
Gobiodon oculolineatus: Gobiodon oculolineatus(2)
Gobiodon okinawae: Gobiodon okinawae(2)
Gobiodon quinquestrigatus: Gobiodon quinquestrigatus(2)
Gobiodon quinquestrigatus: Gobius quinquestrigatus
Gobiodon rivulatus: Gobiodon rivulatus
Gobiodon unicolor: Ellerya unicolor
Gobiodon unicolor: Gobiodon unicolor(2)
Gobiopsis arenaria: Gobiopsis arenaria(2)
Gobiopsis arenaria: Gobiopsis arenarius
Gobiopsis arenaria: Hetereleotris arenarius
Gobiopterus birtwistlei: Gobiopterus birtwistlei
Goera minuta: Goera minuta
Goera tenuis: Goera tenuis
Gomphidia confluens: Gomphidia confluens
Gomphosus varius: Gomphosus caeruleus
Gomphosus varius: Gomphosus tricolor
Gomphosus varius: Gomphosus varius(2)
Gonatopus asiaticus: Gonatopus asiaticus
Gonatopus flavifemur: Gonatopus flavifemur
Gonatopus hospes: Gonatopus hospes
Gonatopus lini: Gonatopus lini
Gonatopus lucens: Gonatopus lucens
Gonatopus nudus: Gonatopus nudus
Gonatopus schenklingi: Gonatopus schenklingi
Gonatopus yasumatsui: Gonatopus yasumatsui
Gonaxis quadrilateralis: Gonaxis quadrilateralis
Gongylosoma baliodeira: Gongylosoma baliodeira
Gongylosoma longicauda: Gongylosoma longicauda
Gongylosoma mukutense: Gongylosoma mukutense
Goniada maculata: Goniada maculata
Goniastrea aspera: Goniastrea aspera
Goniastrea edwardsi: Goniastrea edwardsi
Goniastrea pectinata: Goniastrea pectinata(2)
Goniistius zebra: Cheilodactylus zebra
Goniistius zebra: Chilodactylus zebra
Goniistius zebra: Goniistius zebra(2)
Goniistius zonatus: Cheilodactylus zonatus
Goniistius zonatus: Goniistius zonatus(2)
Goniodoridella savignyi: Goniodoridella savignyi
Goniopora columna: Goniopora columna(2)
Goniopora lobata: Goniopora lobata(2)
Goniopora minor: Goniopora minor
Goniorhynchus butyrosus: Goniorhynchus butyrosus
Goniozus indicus: Goniozus indicus
Goniurosaurus luii: Goniurosaurus luii
Gonocephalum coriaceum: Gonocephalum coriaceum
Gonocephalum tuberculatum: Gonocephalum tuberculatum
Gonocephalus robinsoni: Gonocephalus robinsoni
Gonodactylaceus randalli: Gonodactylaceus randalli
Gonodactylinus viridis: Gonodactylinus viridis
Gonodactylus chiragra: Gonodactylus chiragra
Gonodactylus smithii: Gonodactylus smithii
Gonodontis pallida: Gonodontis pallida
Gonolabis formosae: Gonolabis formosae
Gonolabis marginalis: Gonolabis marginalis
Gonorynchus abbreviatus: Gonorynchus abbreviatus(2)
Gonostoma atlanticum: Gonostoma atlanticum(2)
Gonostoma atlanticum: Gonostoma denudatum(2)
Gonostoma elongatum: Cyclothone elongata
Gonostoma elongatum: Cyclothone rhodadenia
Gonostoma elongatum: Gonostoma elongatum(2)
Gonostoma elongatum: Gonostoma polyphos
Gonostoma elongatum: Gonostoma rhodadenia
Gonostoma elongatum: Neostoma elongatum
Gonostoma elongatum: Sigmops elongatum
Gonostoma elongatum: Sigmops stigmaticus
Gonyophis margaritatus: Gonyophis margaritatus(2)
Gonyosoma oxycephalum: Gonyosoma oxycephalum(2)
Gonyosoma prasinum: Gonyosoma prasinum
Gopherus flavomarginatus: Gopherus flavomarginatus
Gorgasia japonica: Gorgasia japonica(2)
Gorgasia taiwanensis: Gorgasia taiwanensis(2)
Gorilla gorilla: Gorilla gorilla
Gorsachius goisagi: Gorsachius goisagi(2)
Gorsachius melanolophus: Gorsachius melanolophus(6)
Gortyna flavago: Gortyna flavago
Gortyna fortis: Gortyna fortis
Gotra marginata: Gotra marginata
Goya rosella: Goya rosella
Gracila albomarginata: Aethaloperca albomarginata
Gracila albomarginata: Cephalopholis albomarginatus
Gracila albomarginata: Epinephelus albomarginatus
Gracila albomarginata: Gracila albomarginata(2)
Gracila albomarginata: Gracilia albomarginata
Gracilaria corticata: Gracilaria corticata
Gracula religiosa: Gracula religiosa(121000)
Gracupica nigricollis: Gracupica nigricollis
Graellsia isabellae: Actias isabellae
Graminicola bengalensis: Graminicola bengalensis
Grammatobothus krempfi: Grammatobothus krempfi(2)
Grammatomya pulcherrima: Grammatomya pulcherrima
Grammatorcynus bilineatus: Grammatorcynus bilineatus(2)
Grammicolepis brachiusculus: Daramattus americanus
Grammicolepis brachiusculus: Daramattus armatus
Grammicolepis brachiusculus: Daramattus barnardi
Grammicolepis brachiusculus: Grammicolepis brachiusculus(2)
Grammicolepis brachiusculus: Grammocolepis brachiosculus
Grammicolepis brachiusculus: Vesposus egregius
Grammicolepis brachiusculus: Xenolepidichthys americanus
Grammistes sexlineatus: Grammistes orientalis
Grammistes sexlineatus: Grammistes sexlineatus(5)
Grammistes sexlineatus: Perca sexlineata
Grammistes sexlineatus: Scianea vittata
Grammodes geometrica: Grammodes geometrica
Grammographus arcuata: Grammographus arcuata
Grammoplites scaber: Cottus scaber
Grammoplites scaber: Grammoplites scaber(2)
Grammoplites scaber: Platycephalus scaber
Grammoplites scaber: Thysanophrys scaber
Grammostola rosea: Grammostola rosea
Grampus griseus: Grampus griseus(3)
Granata sulcifera: Granata sulcifera
Granosolarium mirabilis: Granosolarium mirabilis
Granulifusus hayashii: Granulifusus hayashii
Granulifusus kiranus: Granulifusus kiranus
Granulifusus niponicus: Granulifusus niponicus(2)
Granulilittorina exigua: Granulilittorina exigua
Graphidessa variegata: Graphidessa variegata
Graphium agamemnon: Graphium agamemnon(2)
Graphium agetes: Graphium agetes
Graphium antiphates: Graphium antiphates
Graphium aristeus: Graphium aristeus
Graphium arycles: Graphium arycles
Graphium bathycles: Graphium bathycles
Graphium chironides: Graphium chironides
Graphium delessertii: Graphium delessertii
Graphium doson: Graphium doson(2)
Graphium empedovana: Graphium empedovana
Graphium evemon: Graphium evemon
Graphium macareus: Graphium macareus
Graphium megarus: Graphium megarus
Graphium payeni: Graphium payeni
Graphium ramaceus: Graphium ramaceus
Graphium sarpedon: Graphium sarpedon
Grapholita jungiella: Grapholita jungiella
Grapholita molesta: Grapholita molesta
Graphomya maculata: Graphomya maculata
Grapsus albolineatus: Grapsus albolineatus
Graptemys geographica: Graptemys geographica
Graptemys kohnii: Graptemys kohnii
Graptemys nigrinoda: Graptemys nigrinoda
Graptemys pseudogeographica: Graptemys pseudogeographica
Graptemys pulchra: Graptemys pulchra
Graptemys versa: Graptemys versa
Graptomyza cynocephala: Graptomyza cynocephala
Graptomyza obtusa: Graptomyza obtusa
Greenaspis elongata: Greenaspis elongata
Greenidea nigra: Greenidea nigra
Gregariella splendida: Gregariella splendida
Grouvellinus montanus: Grouvellinus montanus
Grouvellinus pilosus: Grouvellinus pilosus
Grus americana: Grus americana
Grus antigone: Grus antigone(2)
Grus canadensis: Grus canadensis(3)
Grus grus: Grus grus(2)
Grus japonensis: Grus japonensis(2)
Grus leucogeranus: Grus leucogeranus
Grus monacha: Grus monacha(2)
Grus nigricollis: Grus nigricollis
Grus vipio: Grus vipio(2)
Gryllotalpa africana: Gryllotalpa africana
Gryllotalpa fulvipes: Gryllotalpa fulvipes
Guarouba guarouba: Aratinga guarouba
Guarouba guarouba: Guarouba guarouba
Gubernatrix cristata: Gubernatrix cristata
Guildfordia triumphans: Guildfordia triumphans(2)
Guildfordia yoka: Guildfordia yoka
Gulella bicolor: Gulella bicolor(3)
Gulella bieolor: Gulella bieolor
Gulella hieolor: Gulella hieolor
Gulo gulo: Mustela gula
Gunnellichthys curiosus: Gunnelichthys curiosus
Gunnellichthys curiosus: Gunnelichtys curiosus
Gunnellichthys curiosus: Gunnellichthys curiosus(2)
Guppya papuana: Guppya papuana
Gygis alba: Gygis alba
Gyliotrachela hungerfordiana: Gyliotrachela hungerfordiana
Gymnapogon annona: Australaphia annona
Gymnapogon annona: Gymnapogon annona(2)
Gymnapogon japonicus: Gymnapogon japonicus(2)
Gymnapogon japonicus: Gymnopogon japonicus
Gymnapogon philippinus: Gymnapogon philippinus(2)
Gymnapogon philippinus: Henicichthys philippinus
Gymnapogon urospilotus: Gymnapogon urospilotus(2)
Gymnapogon urospilotus: Gymnopogon urospilotus
Gymnobela fulvocincta: Gymnobela fulvocincta
Gymnocheta viridis: Gymnocheta viridis
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: Gymnocorymbus ternetzi(4)
Gymnocranius elongatus: Gymnocranius elongatus(2)
Gymnocranius euanus: Gymnocranius euanus(2)
Gymnocranius euanus: Gymnocranius japonicus
Gymnocranius euanus: Monotaxis affinis
Gymnocranius euanus: Sphaerodon euanus
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Cantharus grandoculis
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Dentex lethrinoides
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Dentex rivulatus
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Dentex robinsoni
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Gymnocranius grandocculis
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Gymnocranius grandoculis(2)
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Gymnocranius grandoculus
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Gymnocranius griseus
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Gymnocranius lethrinoides
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Gymnocranius rivulatus
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Gymnocranius rüppellii
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Gymnocranius robinsoni
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Paradentex marshalli
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Pentapus curtus
Gymnocranius grandoculis: Pentapus dux
Gymnocranius griseus: Dentex griseus
Gymnocranius griseus: Gymnocranius grandoculis
Gymnocranius griseus: Gymnocranius griserus
Gymnocranius griseus: Gymnocranius griseus(3)
Gymnocranius griseus: Gymnocranius orbis
Gymnocranius griseus: Lobotes microprion
Gymnocranius microdon: Dentex microdon
Gymnocranius microdon: Gymnocranium microdon
Gymnocranius microdon: Gymnocranius microdon
Gymnodinium catenatum: Gymnodinium catenatum
Gymnodinium impudicum: Gymnodinium impudicum
Gymnodoris alba: Gymnodoris alba(2)
Gymnodoris ceylonica: Gymnodoris ceylonica
Gymnodoris citina: Gymnodoris citina
Gymnodoris citrina: Gymnodoris citrina
Gymnodoris inornata: Gymnodoris inornata
Gymnodoris rubropapulosa: Gymnodoris rubropapulosa
Gymnogeophagus balzanii: Gymnogeophagus balzanii
Gymnogyps californianus: Gymnogyps californianus
Gymnomuraena zebra: Echidna zebra
Gymnomuraena zebra: Gymnomuraena fasciata
Gymnomuraena zebra: Gymnomuraena zebra(2)
Gymnomuraena zebra: Gymnothorax zebra
Gymnomuraena zebra: Muraena molendinaris
Gymnomuraena zebra: Muraena zebra
Gymnomuraena zebra: Muraenophis colubrina
Gymnomuraena zebra: Poecilophis zebra
Gymnosarda unicolor: Gymnosarda nuda
Gymnosarda unicolor: Gymnosarda unicolor(2)
Gymnosarda unicolor: Pelamys nuda
Gymnosarda unicolor: Scomber vau
Gymnosarda unicolor: Thynnus unicolor
Gymnoscelis rufifasciata: Gymnoscelis rufifasciata
Gymnosoma indicum: Gymnosoma indicum
Gymnothorax albimarginatus: Gymnothorax albimarginatus(2)
Gymnothorax albimarginatus: Muraena albimarginata
Gymnothorax berndti: Gymnothorax berndti(2)
Gymnothorax buroensis: Gymnothorax buroensis(2)
Gymnothorax buroensis: Gymnothorax meleagris
Gymnothorax buroensis: Lycodontis buroensis
Gymnothorax buroensis: Muraena buroensis
Gymnothorax chilospilus: Gymnothorax chilospilus(2)
Gymnothorax chilospilus: Lycodontis chilospilos
Gymnothorax chilospilus: Lycodontis chilospilus
Gymnothorax chlamydatus: Gymnothorax chlamydatus(2)
Gymnothorax dorsalis: Gymnothorax dorsalis
Gymnothorax eurostus: Gymnothorax eurostus(2)
Gymnothorax eurostus: Gymnothorax laysanus
Gymnothorax eurostus: Lycodontis eurostus
Gymnothorax eurostus: Lycodontis laysanus
Gymnothorax eurostus: Lycodontis meleagris
Gymnothorax eurostus: Muraena laysana
Gymnothorax eurostus: Thyrsoidea eurosta
Gymnothorax favagineus: Enchelycore favagineus
Gymnothorax favagineus: Gymnothorax favagiensis
Gymnothorax favagineus: Gymnothorax favagineus(3)
Gymnothorax favagineus: Gymnothorax melanospilus
Gymnothorax favagineus: Gymnothorax permistus
Gymnothorax favagineus: Gymnothorax pescadoris
Gymnothorax favagineus: Gymnothorax tesselatus
Gymnothorax favagineus: Gymnothorax tessellata
Gymnothorax favagineus: Gymnothorax tessellatus
Gymnothorax favagineus: Lycodontis favagineus
Gymnothorax favagineus: Lycodontis permistus
Gymnothorax favagineus: Lycodontis tessellata
Gymnothorax favagineus: Muraena tessellata
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: Gymnothorax fimbriata
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: Gymnothorax fimbriatus(2)
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: Lycodontis undulatus
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: Muraena bullata
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: Muraena fimbriata
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: Muraena reevesii
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: Thyrsoidea bullata
Gymnothorax flavimarginatus: Gymnothorax flavimarginata
Gymnothorax flavimarginatus: Gymnothorax flavimarginatus(2)
Gymnothorax formosus: Gymnothorax formosus(2)
Gymnothorax hepaticus: Gymnothorax albimarginatus
Gymnothorax hepaticus: Gymnothorax hepaticus(2)
Gymnothorax hepaticus: Gymnothorax monochrous
Gymnothorax hepaticus: Lycodontis hepaticus
Gymnothorax hepaticus: Lycodontus monochrous
Gymnothorax hepaticus: Muraena cinerascens
Gymnothorax hepaticus: Muraena hepatica
Gymnothorax herrei: Gymnothorax brunneus
Gymnothorax herrei: Gymnothorax herrei(2)
Gymnothorax javanicus: Gymnothorax javanicus(2)
Gymnothorax javanicus: Lycodontis flavomarginatus
Gymnothorax javanicus: Lycodontis javanicus
Gymnothorax javanicus: Muraena javanica
Gymnothorax kidako: Gymnothorax kidako(2)
Gymnothorax kidako: Muraena kidako
Gymnothorax margaritophorus: Gymnothorax margaritophorus(2)
Gymnothorax margaritophorus: Lycodontis margaritophorus
Gymnothorax melatremus: Gymnothorax melatremus(2)
Gymnothorax melatremus: Lycodontis melatremus
Gymnothorax meleagris: Gymnothorax meleagris(2)
Gymnothorax meleagris: Lycodontis meleagris
Gymnothorax meleagris: Muraena chlorostigma
Gymnothorax meleagris: Muraena meleagris
Gymnothorax meleagris: Thyrsoidea chlorostigma
Gymnothorax minor: Gymnothorax minor(2)
Gymnothorax minor: Gymnothorax reticularis
Gymnothorax minor: Muraena minor
Gymnothorax monostigma: Gymnothorax monostigma
Gymnothorax monostigma: Gymnothorax monostigmus
Gymnothorax monostigma: Lycodontis monostigmus
Gymnothorax monostigma: Muraena monostigma
Gymnothorax monostigmus: Gymnothorax monostigmus
Gymnothorax neglectus: Gymnothorax neglectus(2)
Gymnothorax niphostigmus: Gymnothorax niphostigmus(2)
Gymnothorax nudivomer: Gymnothorax insignis
Gymnothorax nudivomer: Gymnothorax nudivomer(2)
Gymnothorax nudivomer: Gymnothorax xanthostomus
Gymnothorax nudivomer: Lycodontis nudivomer
Gymnothorax nudivomer: Muraena nudivomer
Gymnothorax pictus: Gymnothorax picta
Gymnothorax pictus: Gymnothorax pictus(2)
Gymnothorax pictus: Microndonophis polyophthalmus
Gymnothorax pictus: Muraena picta
Gymnothorax pictus: Siderea picta
Gymnothorax pictus: Sideria picta
Gymnothorax pindae: Gymnothorax moluccensis
Gymnothorax pindae: Gymnothorax pindae(2)
Gymnothorax polyuranodon: Gymnothorax polyuranodon(2)
Gymnothorax polyuranodon: Lycodontis polyuranodon
Gymnothorax polyuranodon: Muraena polyuranodon
Gymnothorax prionodon: Gymnothorax leucostigma
Gymnothorax prionodon: Gymnothorax leucostigmus
Gymnothorax prionodon: Gymnothorax prionodon(2)
Gymnothorax prionodon: Gymnothorax wooliensis
Gymnothorax prionodon: Lycodontis wooliensis
Gymnothorax prolatus: Gymnothorax prolatus(2)
Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus: Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus(2)
Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus: Lycodontis pseudothyrsoidea
Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus: Muraena pseudothyrsoidea
Gymnothorax reevesii: Gymnothorax reevesii(2)
Gymnothorax reevesii: Muraena reevesii
Gymnothorax reticularis: Gymnothorax reticularis(2)
Gymnothorax richardsonii: Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoidea
Gymnothorax richardsonii: Gymnothorax richardsoni
Gymnothorax richardsonii: Gymnothorax richardsonii(2)
Gymnothorax richardsonii: Lycodontis richardsoni
Gymnothorax richardsonii: Muraena pseudothyrsoidea
Gymnothorax richardsonii: Muraena richardsonii
Gymnothorax rueppelliae: Gymnothorax rueppelliae
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Dalophis rueppelliae
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Echidna zebra
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax nubile
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax petelli
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax punctatofasciatus
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax rüeppelliae
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax ruepelliae
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax rueppelliae
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax rueppellii
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax ruppeli
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax ruppelli
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax ruppelliae
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Gymnothorax signifer
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Lycodontis petelli
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Lycodontis rueppelli
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Lycodontis rueppelliae
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Muraena nubila
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Muraena petelli
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Muraena punctatofasciata
Gymnothorax rueppellii: Muraena ruppelli
Gymnothorax shaoi: Gymnothorax shaoi(2)
Gymnothorax taiwanensis: Gymnothorax taiwanensis
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: Gymnothorax thyrsoidea
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: Gymnothorax thyrsoides
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: Gymnothorax thyrsoideus(2)
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: Muraena prosopeion
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: Muraena thrysoidea
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: Siderea prosopeion
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: Siderea thrysoidea
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: Siderea thyrsoidea
Gymnothorax undulatus: Echidna fascigula
Gymnothorax undulatus: Gymnothorax undulatus(2)
Gymnothorax undulatus: Lycodontis undulata
Gymnothorax undulatus: Lycodontis undulatus
Gymnothorax undulatus: Muraena cancellata
Gymnothorax undulatus: Muraenophis undulata
Gymnothorax undulatus: Poecilophis fascigula
Gymnothorax wilsoni: Gymnothorax wilsoni
Gymnothorax ypsilon: Gymnothorax punctatofasciatus
Gymnothorax ypsilon: Gymnothorax richardsoni
Gymnothorax ypsilon: Gymnothorax ypsilon(2)
Gymnothorax zonipectis: Gymnothorax zonipectis(2)
Gymnothorax zonipectis: Gymnothorax zonipectus
Gymnothorax zonipectis: Lycodontis zonipectis
Gymnura bimaculata: Gymnura bimaculata(2)
Gymnura bimaculata: Pteroplatea bimaculata
Gymnura bimaculata: Pteroplatea jordani
Gymnura japonica: Gymnura japonica(2)
Gymnura japonica: Pteroplatea japonica
Gymnura poecdura: Gymnura poecdura
Gynacantha hyalina: Gynacantha hyalina
Gynacantha japonica: Gynacantha japonica
Gynaikothrips ficorum: Gynaikothrips ficorum
Gyps bengalensis: Gyps bengalensis(2)
Gyps himalayensis: Gyps himalayensis(3)
Gyps indicus: Gyps indicus(2)
Gyraulus bakeri: Gyraulus bakeri
Gyraulus convexiusculus: Gyraulus convexiusculus
Gyrineum bituberculare: Gyrineum bituberculare(2)
Gyrineum cuspidatum: Gyrineum cuspidatum
Gyrineum gyrinum: Gyrineum gyrinum(2)
Gyrineum lacunatum: Gyrineum lacunatum(2)
Gyrineum natator: Gyrineum natator(2)
Gyrineum perca: Gyrineum perca
Gyrineum pulchrum: Gyrineum pulchrum
Gyrineum roseum: Gyrineum roseum
Gyrinocheilos aymonieri: Gyrinocheilos aymonieri(3)
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: Gyrinocheilops kaznakoi
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: Gyrinocheilus aymonieri(2)
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: Gyrinocheilus kaznakoi
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: Gyrinocheilus kaznakovi
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: Gyrinocheilus monchadskii
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: Gyrinocheilus pennocki
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: Psilorhynchus aymonieri
Gyrinus substriatus: Gyrinus substriatus
Gyrohypnus maximus: Gyrohypnus maximus
Gyroidina orbicularis: Gyroidina orbicularis
Gyroscala lamellosa: Gyroscala lamellosa

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_g.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name G, 動物名 G}

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_g.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name G, 動物名 G}, (nswong, animal_name_g.htm)

Gadus morhua: Atlantic cod
Gadus morhua: Cod(2)
Gafrarium dispar: Discrepant venus clam
Gafrarium divaricatum: Forked venus clam(2)
Gafrarium pectinatum: Comb venus clam
Gafrarium tumidum: Tumid venus clam(2)
Galago alleni: Allen's bushbaby(2)
Galago gallarum: Somali galago(2)
Galago moholi: Thick-tailed galago(2)
Galago senegalensis: Lesser bushbaby(2)
Galagoides demidoff: Demidoffs dwarf galago(2)
Galagoides zanzibaricus: Zanzibar bushbaby(2)
Galaxias argenteus: Giant kokopu
Galaxias brevipinnis: Koaro
Galaxias maculatus: Inanga
Galaxias postvectis: Shortjaw kokopu
Galeodes graecus: Solifuge
Galeopterus variegatus: Colugo
Galeopterus variegatus: Malayan colugo(2)
Galerella flavescens: Black slender mongoose
Galerella pulverulenta: Cape gray mongoose
Galerella sanguinea: Slender mongoose
Galerella swalius: Namaqua slender mongoose
Galerida cristata: Crested lark(6)
Galerida deva: Sykes's crested lark
Galerida deva: Sykes's lark
Galerida malabarica: Malabar lark
Galerida thecklae: Thekla lark
Galictis cuja: Little grison
Galictis vittata: South american grison
Galidia elegans: Malagasy ring-tailed mongoose
Galidictis fasciata: Malagasy broad-striped mongoose
Galidictis grandidieri: Malagasy giant-striped mongoose
Galleria mellonela: Wax-moth
Galliallus striatus: Slaty-breasted rail
Gallicolumba beccarii: Bronze ground dove
Gallicolumba crinigera: Mindanao bleeding-heart
Gallicolumba hoedtii: Wetar ground dove
Gallicolumba jobiensis: White-bibbed ground dove
Gallicolumba keayi: Negros bleeding-heart
Gallicolumba luzonica: Bleeding-heart dove
Gallicolumba luzonica: Luzon bleeding-heart
Gallicolumba luzonica: Luzon bleeding-heart pigeon
Gallicolumba menagei: Sulu bleeding-heart
Gallicolumba platenae: Mindoro bleeding-heart
Gallicolumba rufigula: Cinnamon ground dove
Gallicolumba tristigmata: Sulawesi ground dove
Gallicrex cinerea: Watercock(24)
Gallina ciega: Stem borer
Gallinago gallinago: Common snipe(24)
Gallinago gallinago: Fantail snipe
Gallinago hardwickii: Latham's snipe(9)
Gallinago media: Great snipe(2)
Gallinago megala: Swinhoe's snipe(21)
Gallinago megala: Swinhoes snipe
Gallinago nemoricola: Wood snipe(7)
Gallinago nigripennis: African snipe
Gallinago solitaria: Solitary snipe(3)
Gallinago stenura: Pin-tailed snipe(4)
Gallinago stenura: Pintail snipe(21)
Gallinula angulata: Lesser moorhen
Gallinula chlorophus: Moorhen
Gallinula chloropus: Common gallinule
Gallinula chloropus: Common moorhen(31)
Gallinula chloropus: Florida gallinule
Gallinula chloropus: Moorhen(3)
Gallinula tenebrosa: Dusky moorhen(6)
Gallirallus australis: Hectori, Weka rail
Gallirallus australis: New zealand wood rail
Gallirallus australis: Weka
Gallirallus okinawae: Okinawa rail
Gallirallus philippensis: Buff-banded rail(2)
Gallirallus sharpei: Sharpe's rail
Gallirallus striatus: Banded rail
Gallirallus striatus: Slaty-breasted banded rail
Gallirallus striatus: Slaty-breasted rail(21)
Gallirallus striatus: Slaty-legged crake
Gallirallus sylvestris: Lord howe wood rail
Gallirallus torquatus: Barred rail
Galloperdix bicalcarata: Ceylon spurfowl(3)
Galloperdix bicalcarata: Sri lanka spurfowl
Galloperdix lunulata: Painted spurfowl(4)
Galloperdix spadicea: Red spurfowl(4)
Gallotia atlantica: Atlantic lizard
Gallotia simonyi: Hierro giant lizard
Gallus gallus: Bantam(351000)
Gallus gallus: Chicken(400001)
Gallus gallus: Domestic chicken(36000)
Gallus gallus: Domestic fowl(51100)
Gallus gallus: Domesticus, Domestic fowl(28400)
Gallus gallus: Jungle Fowl
Gallus gallus: Red jungle fowl(41503)
Gallus gallus: Red junglefowl(85301)
Gallus lafayetii: Ceylon junglefowl(2)
Gallus lafayetii: Lon junglefowl
Gallus lafayetii: Sri lanka junglefowl(2)
Gallus lafayettii: Ceylon junglefowl
Gallus sonneratii: Gray junglefowl
Gallus sonneratii: Grey jungle fowl
Gallus sonneratii: Grey junglefowl(4)
Gallus varius: Green junglefowl(5)
Gambelia wislizenii: Long-nosed leopard lizard
Gambelia wislizenii: Longnose leopard lizard
Gambusia affinis: Eastern mosquitofish
Gambusia affinis: Live-bearing tooth-carp
Gambusia affinis: Mosquito fish(2)
Gambusia affinis: Mosquitofish(7)
Gambusia affinis: Western mosquitofish(2)
Gambusia holbrookii: Mosquito fish(6)
Gampsonyx swainsonii: Pearl kite(2)
Gampsorhynchus rufulus: White-hooded babbler(11)
Gampsorhynchus torquatus: Collared babbler(2)
Gandaca harina: Distanti, Tree yellow(6)
Gangara lebadea: Lebadea, Banded redeye(5)
Gangara sanguinocculus: Small redeye
Gangara thyrsis: Coconut skipper
Gangara thyrsis: Thyrsis, Giant redeye(6)
Gari elongata: Sunset shell(2)
Garra cambodgiensis: False siamese algae eater
Garra flavatra: Panda Garra
Garra pingi: Pingi, Pingi log sucker
Garritornis isidorei: Isidore's rufous babbler
Garrulas albogularis: White-throated laughing thrush
Garrulax affinis: Black-faced laughing-thrush
Garrulax affinis: Black-faced laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax albogularis: Ruficeps, White-throated laughing-thrush
Garrulax albogularis: White-throated
Garrulax albogularis: White-throated laughing-thrush
Garrulax albogularis: White-throated laughingthrush(8)
Garrulax austeni: Brown-capped laughing-thrush
Garrulax austeni: Brown-capped laughingthrush
Garrulax berthemyi: Buffy laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax bicolor: Sumatran laughingthrush
Garrulax bieti: White-speckled laughing-thrush
Garrulax bieti: White-speckled laughingthrush
Garrulax cachinnans: Nilgiri laughing-thrush
Garrulax cachinnans: Nilgiri laughingthrush
Garrulax cachinnans: Rufous-breasted laughingthrush
Garrulax caerulatus: Gray-sided laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax caerulatus: Grey-sided laughing-thrush
Garrulax caerulatus: Grey-sided laughingthrush
Garrulax canorus: Chinese hwamei(2)
Garrulax canorus: Hwamei(18)
Garrulax canorus: Melodious laughing-thrush
Garrulax castanotis: Rufous-cheeked laughingthrush
Garrulax chinensis: Black-throated laughing-thrush(3)
Garrulax chinensis: Black-throated laughingthrush(4)
Garrulax chrysopterus: Assam laughingthrush
Garrulax cineraceus: Moustached laughing-thrush
Garrulax cineraceus: Moustached laughing thrush
Garrulax cineraceus: Moustached laughingthrush
Garrulax cinereifrons: Ashy-headed laughing-thrush
Garrulax cinereifrons: Ashy-headed laughingthrush(3)
Garrulax courtoisi: Blue-crowned laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax davidi: Plain laughing-thrush
Garrulax davidi: Plain laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax delesserti: Rufous-vented laughing-thrush
Garrulax delesserti: Wynaad laughingthrush
Garrulax elliotii: Elliot's laughing-thrush
Garrulax elliotii: Elliot's laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax erythrocephalus: Chestnut-crowned laughing-thrush
Garrulax erythrocephalus: Chestnut-crowned laughing thrush(2)
Garrulax erythrocephalus: Chestnut-crowned laughingthrush(10)
Garrulax ferrarius: Cambodian laughingthrush
Garrulax formosus: Red-winged laughing-thrush
Garrulax formosus: Red-winged laughing thrush
Garrulax formosus: Red-winged laughingthrush(3)
Garrulax galbanus: Yellow-throated laughing-thrush
Garrulax galbanus: Yellow-throated laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax gularis: Rufous-vented laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax henrici: Brown-cheeked laughing-thrush
Garrulax henrici: Brown-cheeked laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax imbricatus: Bhutan laughingthrush
Garrulax jerdoni: Grey-breasted laughing-thrush
Garrulax jerdoni: Grey-breasted laughingthrush
Garrulax konkakinhensis: Chestnut-eared laughing-thrush
Garrulax konkakinhensis: Chestnut-eared laughingthrush
Garrulax koslowi: Tibetan babax
Garrulax lanceolatus: Chinese babax
Garrulax leucolophus: White-crested laughi-ngthrush
Garrulax leucolophus: White-crested laughing-thrush
Garrulax leucolophus: White-crested laughingthrush(11)
Garrulax lineatus: Streaked laughing-thrush
Garrulax lineatus: Streaked laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax lugubris: Black laughing-thrush
Garrulax lugubris: Black laughingthrush(9)
Garrulax lunulatus: Barred laughing-thrush
Garrulax lunulatus: Barred laughingthrush
Garrulax maesi: Grey laughing-thrush
Garrulax maesi: Grey laughingthrush(3)
Garrulax maximus: Giant laughing-thrush
Garrulax maximus: Giant laughingthrush
Garrulax melanostigma: Silver-eared laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax merulinus: Spot-breasted laughing-thrush
Garrulax merulinus: Spot-breasted laughingthrush
Garrulax milleti: Black-hooded laughing-thrush
Garrulax milleti: Black-hooded laughingthrush
Garrulax milnei: Red-tailed laughing-thrush
Garrulax milnei: Red-tailed laughing thrush
Garrulax milnei: Red-tailed laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax mitratus: Chestnut-capped laughing-thrush
Garrulax mitratus: Chestnut-capped laughing thrush
Garrulax mitratus: Chestnut-capped laughingthrush(13)
Garrulax monileger: Lesser necklaced laughing-thrush
Garrulax monileger: Lesser necklaced laughingthrush(6)
Garrulax morrisonianus: White-whiskered
Garrulax morrisonianus: White-whiskered barwing
Garrulax morrisonianus: White-whiskered laughing-thrush
Garrulax morrisonianus: White-whiskered laughingthrush(5)
Garrulax ngoclinhensis: Golden-winged laughingthrush
Garrulax nuchalis: Chestnut-backed laughing-thrush
Garrulax nuchalis: Chestnut-backed laughingthrush
Garrulax ocellatus: Spotted laughing-thrush
Garrulax ocellatus: Spotted laughingthrush
Garrulax palliatus: Grey-and-brown laughingthrush
Garrulax palliatus: Sunda laughing-thrush
Garrulax palliatus: Sunda laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax palliatus: Sunda laughingthrush(2)(2)
Garrulax pectoralis: Greater necklaced laughing-thrush(4)
Garrulax pectoralis: Greater necklaced laughingthrush(7)
Garrulax peninsulae: Malayan laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax perspicillatus: Black-faced laughing-thrush
Garrulax perspicillatus: Masked laughing-thrush(2)
Garrulax perspicillatus: Masked laughingthrush(6)
Garrulax perspicillatus: Spectacled laughingthrush
Garrulax perspicillatus: White-crested laughing thrush
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: Poecilorhynchus, Rusty laughing thrush
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: Rufous laughing thrush
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: Rusty laughing-thrush
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: Rusty laughingthrush(5)
Garrulax ruficeps: Rufous-crowned laughingthrush(3)
Garrulax ruficollis: Rufous-necked laughing-thrush
Garrulax ruficollis: Rufous-necked laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax rufifrons: Rufous-fronted laughing-thrush
Garrulax rufifrons: Rufous-fronted laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax rufogularis: Rufous-chinned laughing-thrush
Garrulax rufogularis: Rufous-chinned laughingthrush
Garrulax sannio: White-browed laughing-thrush(3)
Garrulax sannio: White-browed laughingthrush(4)
Garrulax squamatus: Blue-winged laughing-thrush
Garrulax squamatus: Blue-winged laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax strepitans: White-necked laughing-thrush
Garrulax strepitans: White-necked laughingthrush(3)
Garrulax striatus: Striated laughing-thrush
Garrulax striatus: Striated laughingthrush
Garrulax subunicolor: Scaly laughing-thrush
Garrulax subunicolor: Scaly laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax sukatschewi: Snowy-cheeked laughing-thrush
Garrulax sukatschewi: Snowy-cheeked laughingthrush
Garrulax taewanus: Taiwan hwamei(4)
Garrulax treacheri: Chestnut-hooded laughingthrush
Garrulax variegatus: Variegated laughing-thrush
Garrulax variegatus: Variegated laughingthrush(2)
Garrulax vassali: White-cheeked laughing-thrush
Garrulax vassali: White-cheeked laughingthrush
Garrulax virgatus: Striped laughing-thrush
Garrulax virgatus: Striped laughingthrush
Garrulax waddelli: Giant babax
Garrulax woodi: Mount victoria babax
Garrulax yersini: Collared laughing-thrush
Garrulax yersini: Collared laughingthrush
Garrulus glandarius: Eurasian jay(11)
Garrulus glandarius: Taivanus, Eurasian jay
Garrulus lanceolatus: Black-headed jay
Garrulus lidthi: Lidth's jay(2)
Gasteracantha cancriformis: Crab spider
Gasteropelecus sternica: Hatchet fish
Gasteropelecus sternicla: Common hatchetfish
Gasterosteus aculeatus: Three-spined stickleback
Gastrocyathus gracilis: Slender clingfish
Gastrophrynoides immaculatus: Tung's narrow-mouthed frog
Gastroscyphus hectoris: Hector's clingfish
Gavia adamsii: White-billed diver
Gavia adamsii: White-billed diver/yellow-billed loon
Gavia adamsii: Yellow-billed loon(6)
Gavia arctica: Arctic loon(4)
Gavia arctica: Black-throated diver(3)
Gavia arctica: Black-throated loon(2)
Gavia immer: Common loon(2)
Gavia immer: Great northern diver
Gavia immer: Great northern loon
Gavia pacifica: Pacific loon
Gavia pacifica: Pacific loon or diver(2)
Gavia pacifica: Pacific loon(5)
Gavia stellata: Red-throated diver or loon(2)
Gavia stellata: Red-throated diver(2)
Gavia stellata: Red-throated loon(5)
Gavialis gangeticus: Gavial
Gavialis gangeticus: Gharial
Gaza minuta: Toothpony(5)
Gazella arabica: Arabian gazelle
Gazella bennettii: Indian gazelle
Gazella bilkis: Bilkis gazelle
Gazella cuvieri: Cuvier's gazelle
Gazella dama: Addra gazelle(2)
Gazella dorcas: Dorcas gazelle
Gazella gazella: Mountain gazelle
Gazella granti: Grant's gazelle(2)
Gazella leptoceros: Slender horned gazelle
Gazella rufifrons: Red-fronted gazelle
Gazella rufina: Red gazelle
Gazella saudiya: Saudi gazelle
Gazella soemmerringii: Soemmerring's gazelle
Gazella spekei: Speke's gazelle
Gazella subgutturosa: Goitred gazelle
Gazella subgutturosa: Persian Gazelle
Gazella thomsonii: Thomson's gazelle(2)
Gecarcinus quadratus: Halloween crab
Gecarcoidea natalis: Red crab
Gecinulus grantia: Bamboo woodpecker
Gecinulus grantia: Pale-headed woodpecker(5)
Gecinulus viridis: Bamboo woodpecker(6)
Geckonia chazaliae: Helmeted gecko
Gehyra mutilata: Four-clawed gecko(18903)
Gehyra mutilata: Stump-toed gecko(52500)
Gehyra mutilata: Tender-skinned house gecko(6700)
Gekko gecko: Tokay gecko(6)
Gekko gecko: Tokay(2)
Gekko monarchus: Spotted house gecko(8)
Gekko smithi: Forest gecko
Gekko smithi: Large forest gecko
Gekko smithii: Large forest gecko(4)
Gekko vittatus: White line gecko
Gelochelidon nilotica: Gull-billed tern(13)
Genetta abyssinica: Abyssinian genet
Genetta angolensis: Angolan genet
Genetta cristata: Crested genet
Genetta genetta: Small-spotted genet
Genetta johnstoni: Johnston's genet
Genetta maculata: Panther genet
Genetta servalina: Servaline genet
Genetta thierryi: False genet
Genetta tigrina: Large-spotted genet
Genetta victoriae: Giant forest genet
Genicanthus bellus: Ornate angel
Genicanthus caudovittatus: Zebra lyretail angelfish
Genicanthus lamarck: Blackstriped angelfish(2)
Genicanthus lamarck: Freckletail lyretail angelfish
Genicanthus lamarck: Lamark angel
Genicanthus larmark: Larmark angel
Genicanthus melanospilos: Zebra swallowtail angelfish
Genicanthus melanospilus: Blackspot angelfish
Genicanthus melanospilus: Blackspot lyretail angelfish
Genicanthus melanospilus: Zebra lyretail angelfish
Genicanthus personatus: Masked angelfish
Genicanthus watanabei: Blackedged lyretail angelfish
Geniotrigona thoracica: Stingless bee(804)
Genyagnus monopterygius: Spotted stargazer or kourepoua
Geochelon platynota: Burmese star tortoise
Geochelone carbonaria: Red-foot tortoise
Geochelone chilensis: Argentine tortoise
Geochelone chilensis: Chaco tortoise
Geochelone chilensis: Southern wood tortoise&n
Geochelone denticulata: Brazilian giant tortoise
Geochelone denticulata: Forest tor
Geochelone denticulata: Yellow-footed tortoise
Geochelone elegans: Indian star tortoise(4)
Geochelone gigantea: Aldabra tortoise
Geochelone gigantea: Aldabran giant tortoise
Geochelone nigra: Galapagos giant tortoise
Geochelone pardalis: Leopard tortoise(2)
Geochelone radiata: Radiated tortoise(2)
Geochelone sulcata: African spurred tortoise
Geochelone yniphora: Madagascar tortoise
Geoclemys hamiltonii: Black pond turtle(2)
Geoclemys hamiltonii: Spotted pond turtle
Geoemyda spengleri: Black-breasted leaf turtle
Geoffroyus geoffroyi: Red-cheeked parrot(2)
Geoffroyus heteroclitus: Singing parrot(2)
Geoffroyus simplex: Blue-collared parrot(2)
Geomalia heinrichi: Geomalia
Geopelia cuneata: Diamond dove
Geopelia humeralis: Bar-shouldered dove
Geopelia maugei: Barred dove
Geopelia placida: Peaceful dove
Geopelia striata: Peaceful dove(9970)
Geopelia striata: Zebra dove(35400)
Geophagus altifrons: Eartheater cichlid(6)
Geophagus altifrons: Eartheater(2)
Geophagus brasiliensis: Brasiliensis
Geophagus brasiliensis: Pearl Cichlid
Geophagus brasiliensis: Pearl Eartheater
Geophagus jurupari: Horse Face Cichlid
Geophagus steindachneri: Redhump eartheater(2)
Geophagus steindachneri: Redhump Geophagus
Geophagus surinamensis: Red-Striped Earth Eater
Geophagus surinamensis: Red eartheater
Geophagus surinamensis: Redstriped eartheater
Geophaps lophotes: Crested pigeon
Geopsittacus occidentalis: Night parrot
Geosesarma bicolor: Bicolor vampire crab
Geosesarma nemesis: Little land crab
Geosesarma notophorum: Terrestrial crab
Geosesarma peraccae: Peracca's land crab
Geothelphusa albogilva: Terrestrial crab
Geothelphusa dehaani: Japanese freshwater crab
Geotrochus lychnia: Snail
Geranoaetus melanoleucus: Black-chested buzzard-eagle
Geranoaetus melanoleucus: Grey buzzard eagle
Geranospiza caerulescens: Crane hawk(2)
Gerarda prevostiana: Gerard's water snake(2)
Gerarda prevostiana: Yellow-lipped water snake(3)
Gerardia prevostiana: Gerard's water snake
Geronticus calvus: Bald ibis
Geronticus calvus: Southern bald ibis
Geronticus eremita: Hermit ibis
Geronticus eremita: Northern bald ibis
Gerosis limax: Dirae, Black and white flat(3)
Gerosis phisara: Phisara, White-banded flat(3)
Gerosis phisara: White-banded flat
Gerres abbreviatus: Deepbody mojarra(4)
Gerres abbreviatus: Deepbody silver-biddy(2)
Gerres decacanthus: Small chinese silver-biddy
Gerres erythrourus: Deep-bodied mojarra(3)
Gerres erythrourus: Silver biddy(3)
Gerres filamentosus: Majorras
Gerres filamentosus: Silver biddies
Gerres oyena: Slender mojarra(4)
Gerres oyena: Slender mojarra: silver-biddy
Gerres oyena: Slender silver-biddy(2)
Gerres oyena: Whipfin silver biddy
Gerrhosaurus flavigularis: Yellow-throated plated lizard
Gerrhosaurus major: Rough-scaled plated lizard
Gerrhosaurus major: Sudan plated lizard
Gerygone albofrontata: Chatham island gerygone
Gerygone chloronota: Green-backed gerygone
Gerygone chrysogaster: Yellow-bellied gerygone
Gerygone cinerea: Grey gerygone
Gerygone dorsalis: Rufous-sided gerygone
Gerygone fusca: White-tailed gerygone
Gerygone igata: Grey warbler
Gerygone inornata: Plain gerygone
Gerygone levigaster: Mangrove gerygone
Gerygone magnirostris: Large-billed gerygone
Gerygone olivacea: White-throated gerygone
Gerygone palpebrosa: Fairy gerygone
Gerygone ruficollis: Treefern gerygone
Gerygone sulphurea: Flyeater
Gerygone sulphurea: Golden-bellied fairy-warbler
Gerygone sulphurea: Golden-bellied flyeater
Gerygone sulphurea: Golden-bellied gerygone(13)
Gerygone sulphurea: Yellow-breasted flyeater
Gerygone sulphurea: Yellow-breasted gerygone warbler
Gerygone sulphurea: Yellow-breasted warbler
Gerygone sulphurea: Yellow-breasted wren-warbler
Giraffa camelopardalis: Giraffa, Giraffe
Giraffa camelopardalis: Giraffe
Giraffa camelopardalis: Reticulata, Reticulated giraffe
Giraffa camelopardalis: Rothschildi, Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi
Giraffa camelopardalis: Tippelskirchi, Masai giraffe
Girardinus metallicus: Metallic livebearer
Glareola lactea: Little pratincole
Glareola lactea: Small pratincole(8)
Glareola maldivarum: Oriental pratincole(26)
Glareola nordmanni: Black-winged pratincole(3)
Glareola nuchalis: Rock pratincole
Glareola ocularis: Madagascar pratincole
Glareola pratincola: Collared pratincole(6)
Glaucidium albertinum: Albertine owlet
Glaucidium brasilianum: Ferruginous pygmy owl
Glaucidium brodiei: Collared owlet(20)
Glaucidium brodiei: Collared pygmy owl
Glaucidium brodiei: Pardalotum, Collared owlet
Glaucidium capense: African barred owlet
Glaucidium capense: Barred owlet
Glaucidium castanonotum: Chestnut-backed owlet(2)
Glaucidium castanopterum: Javan owlet
Glaucidium cuculoides: Asian barred owlet(7)
Glaucidium cuculoides: Cuckoo owlet
Glaucidium gnoma: American pygmy owl
Glaucidium jardinii: Andean pygmy owl
Glaucidium minutissimum: Least pygmy owl
Glaucidium passerinum: Eurasian pygmy-owl
Glaucidium passerinum: Eurasian pygmy owl(3)
Glaucidium passerinum: Eurasian pygmy owlet
Glaucidium perlatum: Pearl-spotted owlet(2)
Glaucidium radiatum: Jungle owl
Glaucidium radiatum: Jungle owlet
Glaucidium siju: Cuban pygmy owl
Glaucidium sjostedti: Chestnut-backed owl
Glaucidium tephronotum: Red-chested owlet(2)
Glaucis aenea: Bronzy hermit
Glaucis hirsuta: Rufous-breasted hermit
Glauconome virens: Green glauconomya mussel
Glauconome virens: Seagreen mussel
Glauconome virens: Siput biji nangka
Glaucostegus granulatus: Granulated guitarfish(2)
Glis glis: Edible Dormouse
Glischropus javanus: Javan thick-thumbed bat
Glischropus tylopus: Common thick-thumbed bat(2)
Glischropus tylopus: Thick thumbed pipistrelle(2)
Globicephala macrorhynchus: Pilot whale short-finned
Globicephala macrorhynchus: Short-finned pilot whale(3)
Globicephala macrorynchus: Short-finned pilot whale
Globicephala melas: Long-finned pilot whale
Glossogobius aureus: Golden flat-head goby
Glossogobius aureus: Golden flathead goby(6)
Glossogobius aureus: Golden goby
Glossogobius aureus: Golden tank goby(3)
Glossogobius celebius: Celebes goby
Glossogobius giuris: River flathead goby(6)
Glossogobius giuris: Tank Goby
Glossolepis incisus: New guinea rainbowfish
Glossolepis incisus: Red Rainbow
Glossolepis incisus: Red rainbowfish(2)
Glossolepis incisus: Salmon-red Rainbowfish
Glossophaga commissarisi: Commissaris's long-tongued bat
Glossophaga leachii: Gray long-tongued bat
Glossophaga longirostris: Miller's long-tongued bat
Glossophaga morenoi: Western long-tongued bat
Glossophaga soricina: Pallas's long-tongued bat
Glossopsitta porphyrocephalus: Purple-crowned lorikeet
Glossopsitta pusilla: Little lorikeet
Glossopsitta quicinna: Musk lorikeet
Glyphodes bivitralis: Leafroller moth
Glyphotes simus: Sculptor squirrel(2)
Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps: Leopard pleco
Glyptoperichthys gibbiceps: Leopard sailfin pleco
Glyptothorax fuscus: Indochinese wrinkle-bellied catfish(7)
Glyptothorax major: Wrinkle-bellied catfish(2)
Gnathandon speciosus: Golden trevally
Gnathanodon speciocus: Golden trevally
Gnathanodon speciosus: Golden Jack(2)
Gnathanodon speciosus: Golden trevally(9)
Gnathodentex aureolineatus: Striped large-eye bream
Gnatholepis anjerensis: Eyebar goby
Gnatholepis cauerensis: Sand goby
Gnathonemus petersii: Peters' fish
Gobio gobio: Gudgeon
Gobiodon citrinus: Lemon coral goby
Gobiodon histrio: Broad-barred acropora goby(5)
Gobiodon okinawae: Yellow coral goby
Gobiodon quinquestrigatus: Bicolor coral goby
Gobiodon rivulatus: Rippled coral goby
Gobiodon sp: Black coral goby
Gobiodon sp: Black saddle goby -
Gobiodon sp: Panda coral goby
Gobiomorphus huttoni: Red-finned bully
Gobiopetrus birtwistlei: Glass goby
Gobiopterus birtwistlei: Glass goby
Gobiopterus brachypterus: Glass goby(6)
Gobiosoma chiquita: Sonora goby
Gobiosoma illecebrosum: Barsnout goby
Gobiosoma oceanops: Neon goby
Gobius niger: Black goby
Gomphosus caeruleus: Blue bird wrasse(2)
Gomphosus varius: Bird wrasse(4)
Gomphus vulgatissimus: Club-tailed dragonfly19th century
Gonatodes albogularis: Yellow headed gecko
Gongylosoma baliodeira: Orange-bellied ringneck(3)
Gongylosoma balodeirum: Orange-bellied snake
Gongylosoma longicauda: Striped ground snake
Gongylosoma mukutense: Seribuat island ground snake
Goniurosaurus araneus: Vietnamese leopard gecko
Goniurosaurus hainanensis: Hainan leopard gecko
Goniurosaurus luii: Chinese cave gecko
Goniurosaurus luii: Chinese leopard gecko
Gonocephalus bellii: Bell's anglehead lizard
Gonocephalus borneensis: Borneo anglehead lizard
Gonocephalus chamaeleontinus: Chameleon anglehead lizard(3)
Gonocephalus doriae: Doria's anglehead lizard
Gonocephalus doriae: Doria's angleheaded lizard
Gonocephalus grandis: Crested tree dragon
Gonocephalus grandis: Giant forest dragon
Gonocephalus grandis: Great anglehead lizard(2)
Gonocephalus sumatranus: Sumatran anglehead lizard
Gonodactylellus viridis: Mantis shrimp
Gonodactylus chiragra: Smasher mantis shrimp
Gonodactylus platysoma: Mantis shrimp
Gonorhynchus gonorhynchus: Sand eel
Gonyophis margaritatus: Rainbow tree snake
Gonyophis margaritatus: Royal tree snake
Gonyosoma oxycephalum: Red-tailed racer(6)
Gonyosoma oxycephalum: Red-tailed rat snake
Gopherus flavomarginatus: Bolson tortoise
Gorgasi hawaiiensis: Hawaiian garden eel
Gorgasia maculata: Spot garden eel
Gorgasia preclara: Philipine garden eel
Gorgasia preclara: Yellow-banded garden eel
Gorilla gorilla: Beringei, Mountain gorilla
Gorilla gorilla: Gorilla(3)
Gorilla gorilla: Gorilla, Gorilla
Gorilla gorilla: Graueri, Eastern lowland gorilla
Gorilla gorilla: Western Gorilla
Gorsachius goisagi: Japanese night-heron(5)
Gorsachius goisagi: Japanese night heron(7)
Gorsachius leuconotus: White-backed night heron
Gorsachius magnificus: White-eared night-heron
Gorsachius magnificus: White-eared night heron(3)
Gorsachius melanolophus: Malay night-heron
Gorsachius melanolophus: Malayan night-heron(9)
Gorsachius melanolophus: Malayan night heron(10)
Gorsachius melanolophus: Malaysian night-heron
Gorsachius melanolophus: Malaysian night heron(3)
Gorsachius melanolophus: Tiger bittern
Goura cristata: Common crowned pigeon
Goura cristata: Western crowned pigeon
Goura scheepmakeri: Scheepmaker's crowned pigeon
Goura scheepmakeri: Southern crowned pigeon
Goura victoria: Victoria crowned pigeon
Goura victoria: Victoria, Victoria crowned pigeon
Gracula enganensis: Enggano hill myna
Gracula enganensis: Enggano myna
Gracula indica: Southern hill myna(2)
Gracula ptilogenys: Sri lanka hill myna
Gracula ptilogenys: Sri lanka myna(4)
Gracula religiosa: Common hill myna(250003)
Gracula religiosa: Hill myna(46201)
Gracula robusta: Nias hill myna
Gracula robusta: Nias myna
Gracupica contra: Asian pied starling
Gracupica contra: Pied myna
Gracupica nigricollis: Black-collared starling(7)
Graellsia isabellae: Spanish moon moth
Grafisia torquata: White-collared starling
Grallina bruijni: Torrent-lark
Grallina cyanoleuca: Magpie-lark(2)
Grallina cyanoleuca: Peewee (magpie lark)
Graminicola bengalensis: Indian grassbird
Graminicola bengalensis: Large grass warbler(3)
Graminicola bengalensis: Rufous-rumped grassbird(4)
Graminicola striatus: Chinese grassbird
Gramma loreto: Basslet
Gramma loreto: Royal gramma basslet
Gramma loreto: Royal gramma(2)
Gramma loreto: Royal grammas
Gramma melacara: Black-capped basslet
Grammatoptila striata: Striated laughingthrush(3)
Grammostola rosea: Chile rose
Grammostola rosea: Chilean rose hair
Grampus griseus: Grey dolphin(2)
Grampus griseus: Risso's dolphin(5)
Grandala coelicolor: Grandala(4)
Graphium agamemnon: Agamemnon, Tailed green jay
Graphium agamemnon: Agamemnon, Tailed jay(5)
Graphium agamemnon: Tailed jay
Graphium antiphates: Fivebar swordtail
Graphium aristeus: Chain swordtail
Graphium aristeus: Hermocrates, Stripe swordtail
Graphium arycles: Arycles, Green jay
Graphium bathycles: Bathycloides, Veined jay
Graphium chironides: Malayanum, Striped jay
Graphium cloanthus: Glassy bluebottle
Graphium doson: Common jay(3)
Graphium doson: Evemonides, Common jay(4)
Graphium eurypylus: Mecisteus, Great jay
Graphium evemon: Eventus, Blue jay(6)
Graphium sarpedon: Common bluebottle(4)
Graphium sarpedon: Luctatius, Common blue bottle
Graphium sarpedon: Luctatius, Common bluebottle(9)
Grapsus grapsus: Rock crab
Graptemys geographica: Map turtle
Graptemys kohnii: Mississippi map turtle
Graptemys nigrinoda: Black-knobbed sawback
Graptemys pseudogeographica: False map turtle
Graptemys pulchra: Alabama map turtle(2)
Graptemys versa: Texas map turtle
Graydidasculus brachyurus: Short-tailed parrot
Grus americana: Whooping crane
Grus antigone: Sarus crane(10)
Grus canadensis: Cuban sandhill crane
Grus canadensis: Mississippi sandhill crane
Grus canadensis: Pratensis, Florida sandhill crane
Grus canadensis: Sandhill crane(5)
Grus grus: Common crane(12)
Grus grus: Eurasian crane
Grus japonensis: Red-crowned crane(10)
Grus leucogeranus: Siberian crane(6)
Grus monacha: Hooded crane(8)
Grus monaha: Hooded crane
Grus nigricollis: Black-necked crane(5)
Grus rubicunda: Brolga(2)
Grus vipio: White-naped crane(9)
Guarouba guarouba: Golden conure
Gubernatrix cristata: Yellow cardinal(2)
Gulo gulo: Wolverine(2)
Gunnelichthys curiosus: Yellow-striped worm eel
Gunnellichthys curiosus: Curious wormfish
Guttera pucherani: Crested guineafowl
Gygis alba: White tern(6)
Gymnobucco bonapartei: Gray-throated barbet
Gymnobucco bonapartei: Grey-throated barbet
Gymnobucco calvus: Naked-faced barbet
Gymnobucco peli: Bristle-nosed barbet
Gymnobucco sladeni: Sladen's barbet
Gymnocephalus cernuus: Ruffe
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: Black tetra(4)
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: Black Widow
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: White skirt tetra
Gymnocranius frenatus: Yellowsnout Large-eye Bream
Gymnocranius griseus: Grey large-eye bream
Gymnocranius griseus: Naked-headed sea bream(2)
Gymnocrex plumbeiventris: Bare-eyed rail
Gymnocrex rosenbergii: Bald-faced rail
Gymnocrex talaudensis: Talaud rail
Gymnogeophagus balzanii: Paraguay eartheater
Gymnogyps californianus: California condor
Gymnomuraena zebra: Zebra
Gymnomuraena zebra: Zebra moray(3)
Gymnophaps albertisii: Papuan mountain pigeon
Gymnophaps mada: Long-tailed mountain pigeon
Gymnorhina tibicen: Australian magpie(3)
Gymnoris dentata: Bush petronia
Gymnoris xanthocollis: Yellow-throated sparrow
Gymnosarda unicolor: Dogtooth tuna(4)
Gymnothorax chlamydatus: Moray eel
Gymnothorax dovii: Finespotted moray
Gymnothorax eurostus: Abbott's moray
Gymnothorax eurostus: Stout moray
Gymnothorax favagineus: Honeycomb moray
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: Fimbriated moray
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: Yellow-tailed
Gymnothorax flavimarginatus: Yellomargin moray
Gymnothorax flavimarginatus: Yellowmargin moray
Gymnothorax flavimarginatus: Yellowmargin moray eel
Gymnothorax funebris: Green moray
Gymnothorax javanicus: Giant moray eel
Gymnothorax javanicus: Giant moray(2)
Gymnothorax melatremus: Dwarf moray
Gymnothorax meleagris: Comet
Gymnothorax meleagris: Whitemouth moray
Gymnothorax meleagris: Whitemouthed moray eel
Gymnothorax miliaris: Brazilian gold
Gymnothorax miliaris: Fire coral eel
Gymnothorax moringa: Spotted moray
Gymnothorax nubilus: Grey moray
Gymnothorax nudivomer: Yellow-mouth eel
Gymnothorax pictus: Peppered moray(2)
Gymnothorax prasinus: Yellow moray
Gymnothorax reevesii: Brown-spotted moray(5)
Gymnothorax rueppelliae: Banded moray
Gymnothorax sp: Green moray eel
Gymnothorax sp: Green wolf eel
Gymnothorax sp: Moray eel
Gymnothorax tesselata: Tessellata
Gymnothorax tile: Estuarine moray(6)
Gymnothorax undulatus: Undulated moray
Gymnothorax undulatus: Undulated moray eel
Gymnura micrura: Butterfly ray
Gymnura poecdura: Butterfly ray
Gynacantha basiguttata: Spoon-tailed duskhawker(3)
Gynacantha bayadera: Small duskhawker(3)
Gynacantha dohrni: Spear-tail duskhawker(6)
Gynacantha subinterrupta: Dingy duskhawker(5)
Gypaetus barbatus: Bearded vulture(4)
Gypaetus barbatus: Lammergeier(4)
Gypohierax angolensis: Palm-nut vulture(3)
Gypopsitta vulturina: Vulturine parrot
Gyps africanus: African white-backed vulture(2)
Gyps africanus: White-backed vulture
Gyps bengalensis: Indian white-backed vulture(2)
Gyps bengalensis: White-backed vulture(2)
Gyps bengalensis: White-rumped vulture(9)
Gyps coprotheres: Cape griffon
Gyps coprotheres: Cape griffon vulture
Gyps fulvus: Eurasian griffon vulture
Gyps fulvus: Eurasian griffon(2)
Gyps fulvus: Griffon vulture(2)
Gyps himalayensis: Himalayan griffon vulture
Gyps himalayensis: Himalayan griffon(10)
Gyps himalayensis: Himalayan vulture(3)
Gyps indicus: Indian vulture(4)
Gyps indicus: Long-billed vulture(2)
Gyps rueppellii: R?'s griffon
Gyps rueppellii: Rueppell's griffon
Gyps rueppellii: Rueppell's griffon vulture(2)
Gyps tenuirostris: Slender-billed vulture(2)
Gypsophila brevicaudata: Streaked wren-babbler
Gypsophila crassa: Mountain wren-babbler
Gypsophila crispifrons: Limestone wren-babbler
Gypsophila crispifrons: Limestone wren babbler
Gyrinocheilos aymonieri: Chinese Algae Eater
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: Chinese algae eater

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_g.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name G, 動物名 G}

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_g.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name G, 動物名 G}, (nswong, animal_name_g.htm)

Gadella inbarbatum: 无须短稚鳕
Gadella jordani: 喬氏短稚鱈
Gadella jordani: 無鬚稚鱈
Gadella jordani: 焦氏短稚鳕
Gadila opportunus: 大肚象牙貝
Gadila virginalis: 純潔大肚象牙貝
Gadinia kurodai: 黑田擬松螺
Gadirtha pulchra: 美木皮瘤蛾
Gadomus colletti: 柯氏鼠鱈
Gadomus colletti: 柯氏鼠鳕
Gadomus colletti: 鞭鼠鱈
Gadomus introniger: 黑口鼠鳕
Gadomus magnifilis: 大絲鼠鱈
Gadomus multifilis: 多丝鼠鳕
Gadomus multifilis: 多絲鼠鱈
Gadus macrocephalus: 大头鳕(2)
Gadus morhua: 大西洋鳕
Gaetanus brevicornis: 短角槍水蚤
Gaetanus milnes: 長角槍水蚤
Gaetanus minor: 小槍水蚤
Gaetanus pileatus: 帽形槍水蚤
Gaetanus pungens: 刺盾槍水蚤
Gaetice depressus: 平背蜞(2)
Gafrarium dispar: 枝條縱簾蛤
Gafrarium dispar: 颗粒加夫蛤
Gafrarium divaricatum: 歧紋簾蛤
Gafrarium divaricatum: 歧脊加夫蛤
Gafrarium equivacum: 山形縱簾蛤
Gafrarium pectinatum: 加夫蛤
Gafrarium pectinatum: 斜肋縱簾蛤
Gafrarium tumidum: 凸加夫蛤
Gafrarium tumidum: 厚殼縱簾蛤
Gagata cenia: 黑鮡
Gagitodes omnifasciaria: 棘刺鉛尺蛾
Gaidropsarus pacificus: 太平洋三须岩鳕
Gaillardiellus orientalis: 東方蓋氏蟹
Gaillardiellus superciliaris: 高瞼蓋氏蟹
Galago alleni: 阿氏婴猴
Galago crassicaudatus: 粗尾丛猴
Galago demidovii: 倭丛猴
Galago gallarum: 索马里婴猴
Galago inustus: 扎伊尔婴猴
Galago moholi: 蓬尾婴猴
Galago senegalensis: 婴猴(2)
Galagoides demidoff: 倭丛猴
Galagoides zanzibaricus: 桑给巴尔倭丛猴
Galathea pubscens: 柔毛鎧甲蝦
Galaxea astreata: 星形棘杯珊瑚(2)
Galaxea fascicularis: 叢生棘杯珊瑚(2)
Galea flavidens: 黃齒豚鼠
Galeatus affinis: 葉背脊網蝽
Galeatus spinifrons: 葉背脊網蝽
Galemys pyenaicus: 西欧水鼹
Galemys pyrenaicus: 比利牛斯鼬鼴
Galene bispinosa: 雙刺靜蟹
Galenomys garleppi: 寂鼠
Galeocerdo cuvier: 虎沙
Galeocerdo cuvier: 鼬鮫
Galeocerdo cuvier: 鼬鯊
Galeocerdo cuvier: 鼬鲨
Galeodea echinophorella: 粗皮鬘螺
Galeodea echinophorella: 鈴間鬘螺
Galeodea leucodoma: 玉珠鼓螺
Galeoocorys echinophorella: 粗皮鬘螺
Galeoocorys echinophorella: 鈴間鬘螺
Galeoocorys leucodoma: 玉珠鼓螺
Galeopterus variegatus: 马来亚猫猴
Galeorhinus galeus: 翅鯊
Galeorhinus galeus: 翅鲨
Galeorhinus hyugaensis: 黑鳍翅鲨
Galeorhinus japonicus: 日本翅鲨
Galerella flavescens: 貂獴(2)
Galerella pulverulenta: 蓬灰貂獴
Galerella sanguinea: 草地貂獴
Galerella swalius: 纳米比亚獴
Galerida cristata: 凤头百灵(5)
Galerida cristata: 鳳頭百靈(3)
Galerida deva: 塞氏凤头百灵
Galerida deva: 塞氏鳳頭百靈
Galerida malabarica: 马拉巴凤头百灵
Galerida thecklae: 短嘴鳳頭百靈
Galerisa cristata: 凤头百灵(2)
Galeruca altissima: 超高萤叶甲(4)
Galeruca altissima: 超高螢葉甲
Galerucella grisescens: 蓼絨螢金花蟲
Galerucella nippinensis: 菱角絨螢金花蟲
Galeus eastmani: 伊氏鋸尾鯊
Galeus eastmani: 伊氏锯尾鲨
Galeus eastmani: 依氏蜥鮫
Galeus eastmani: 沙條
Galeus eastmani: 沙魚
Galeus nipponensis: 日本锯尾鲨
Galeus sauteri: 梭氏蜥鮫
Galeus sauteri: 水頸仔
Galeus sauteri: 沙條
Galeus sauteri: 沙氏锯尾鲨
Galeus sauteri: 沙魚
Galeus sauteri: 黑鰭鋸尾鯊
Galictis cuja: 小巢鼬(2)
Galictis vittata: 南美巢鼬
Galidia elegans: 环尾獴
Galidia elegans: 環尾獴
Galidia elegans: 纹背獴(3)
Galidictis fasciata: 宽尾獴
Galidictis fasciata: 寬尾獴
Galidictis grandidieri: 大宽尾獴
Gallerucida bifasciata: 二纹柱萤叶甲
Gallerucida bifasciata: 雙帶廣螢金花蟲
Gallerucida lutea: 黃廣螢金花蟲
Gallerucida sauteri: 紹德廣螢金花蟲
Gallerucida singularis: 六星廣螢金花蟲
Gallicolumba beccarii: 灰喉鸡鸠(2)
Gallicolumba canifrons: 灰额鸡鸠
Gallicolumba criniger: 巴氏鸡鸠
Gallicolumba crinigera: 巴氏鸡鸠(3)
Gallicolumba erythroptera: 白领鸡鸠
Gallicolumba hoedtii: 韦岛鸡鸠(2)
Gallicolumba jobiensis: 白胸鸡鸠(2)
Gallicolumba keayi: 尼格鸡鸠(3)
Gallicolumba kubaryi: 特岛鸡鸠
Gallicolumba luzonica: 吕宋鸡鸠(4)
Gallicolumba luzonica: 呂宋雞鳩(4)
Gallicolumba menagei: 塔维鸡鸠(3)
Gallicolumba platenae: 民岛鸡鸠(3)
Gallicolumba rubescens: 灰头鸡鸠
Gallicolumba rufigula: 红喉鸡鸠(2)
Gallicolumba salamonis: 厚嘴鸡鸠
Gallicolumba sanctacrucis: 圣岛鸡鸠
Gallicolumba stairi: 睦鸡鸠
Gallicolumba tristigmata: 黄胸鸡鸠(2)
Gallicolumba xanthonura: 白喉鸡鸠
Gallicrex cinerea: 董雞(11)
Gallicrex cinerea: 董鸡(15)
Gallicrex cinerea: Cinerea, 董鸡
Gallicrex conerea: 董鸡
Gallinago gallinago: 扇尾沙錐(6)
Gallinago gallinago: 扇尾沙锥(14)
Gallinago gallinago: 田鷸(6)
Gallinago gallinago: 田鹬(2)
Gallinago hardwickii: 大地鷸(9)
Gallinago hardwickii: 大地鹬(2)
Gallinago hardwickii: 大田鷸(4)
Gallinago hardwickii: 澳南沙錐(2)
Gallinago hardwickii: 澳南沙锥(10)
Gallinago media: 斑腹沙錐
Gallinago media: 斑腹沙锥
Gallinago megala: 中地鷸(6)
Gallinago megala: 中地鹬(2)
Gallinago megala: 中田鷸
Gallinago megala: 大沙錐(4)
Gallinago megala: 大沙锥(11)
Gallinago nemoricola: 林沙錐(2)
Gallinago nemoricola: 林沙锥(8)
Gallinago nigripennis: 非洲沙錐
Gallinago solitaria: 孤沙錐(3)
Gallinago solitaria: 孤沙锥(8)
Gallinago stenura: 針尾沙錐(5)
Gallinago stenura: 針尾田鷸
Gallinago stenura: 針尾鷸(6)
Gallinago stenura: 针尾沙锥(13)
Gallinago stenura: 针尾鹬(2)
Gallinago sterura: 针尾沙锥
Gallinula angulata: 小黑水雞
Gallinula chioropus: 黑水雞
Gallinula chioropus: 黑水鸡
Gallinula chloropus: 紅冠水雞(12)
Gallinula chloropus: 紅冠水雞, Hong guang shui ji
Gallinula chloropus: 红冠水鸡(2)
Gallinula chloropus: 黑水雞(5)
Gallinula chloropus: 黑水鸡(12)
Gallinula chloropus: Indica, 黑水鸡
Gallinula pacifica: 萨摩亚水鸡
Gallinula silvestris: 圣岛骨顶
Gallinula tenebrosa: 暗色水鸡(2)
Gallinula tenebrosa: 烏水雞
Gallirallus australis: 新西蘭秧雞南島亞種
Gallirallus australis: 紐西蘭秧雞
Gallirallus calayanensis: 卡拉杨秧鸡
Gallirallus lafresnayanus: 新喀里多尼亚秧鸡
Gallirallus okinawae: 冲绳秧鸡
Gallirallus okinawae: 山原水鸡
Gallirallus philippensis: 红眼斑秧鸡(2)
Gallirallus philippensis: 黄领秧鸡
Gallirallus striatus: 灰胸秧雞(6)
Gallirallus striatus: 灰胸秧鸡(5)
Gallirallus striatus: 灰胸紋秧雞
Gallirallus striatus: 蓝胸秧鸡(7)
Gallirallus striatus: 藍胸秧雞(2)
Gallirallus striatus: Taiwanus, 灰胸秧雞
Gallirallus striatus: Taiwanus, 灰胸紋秧雞
Gallirallus striatus: Taiwanus, 藍胸秧雞
Gallirallus sylvestris: 森秧雞(2)
Gallirallus sylvestris: 罗德哈威秧鸡
Gallirallus sylvestris: 羅德哈威秧雞(3)
Gallirallus sylvestris: 豪岛秧鸡
Gallirallus torquatus: 横斑秧鸡(2)
Galloisiana sinensis: 中华恐蠊
Galloisiana sinensis: 中华蛩蠊
Galloisiana sinensls: 中华蜜螃
Galloperdix bicalcarata: 斯里兰卡鸡鹑
Galloperdix lunulata: 彩鸡鹑
Galloperdix spadicea: 赤鸡鹑
Gallosciurus erythraeus: 赤腹松鼠
Gallotia simonyi: 加那利島蜥蜴(2)
Gallotia simonyi: 西氏加納利群島蜥
Gallotia simonyi: 辛氏蜥(5)
Gallus domestica: 鸡
Gallus domestics: Chin-Men Native Chicken, 金門土雞(2)
Gallus domestics: Hualien native chicken, 花蓮土雞(2)
Gallus domestics: Ju-chi native chicken, 竹崎土雞(2)
Gallus domestics: Leghorn, 來亨雞(2)
Gallus domestics: Scaleless chicken, 無鱗雞(2)
Gallus domestics: Silkie bantam, 絲羽烏骨雞(2)
Gallus domestics: Theen-yee native chicken, 信義土雞(2)
Gallus gallus: 原雞(2)
Gallus gallus: 原鸡(5)
Gallus gallus: 家雞(83800)
Gallus gallus: 家鸡(83800)
Gallus gallus: 山鸡(10200)
Gallus gallus: 紅原雞(2)
Gallus gallus: 红原鸡(2)
Gallus gallus: 红原鸡, Hong2 yuan2 ji1(58700)
Gallus gallus: Bankiva, 印尼原鸡
Gallus gallus: Bankiva, 爪哇原雞
Gallus gallus: Domestica, 家雞
Gallus gallus: Domestica, 雞
Gallus gallus: Domestica, 鸡
Gallus gallus: Domesticus, 家雞(4880)
Gallus gallus: Domesticus, 家鸡(4882)
Gallus gallus: Gallus, 原鸡
Gallus gallus: Jabouillei, 海南原雞
Gallus gallus: Jabouillei, 海南原鸡
Gallus gallus: Jabouillei, 滇南紅原雞
Gallus gallus: Jabouillei, 滇南红原鸡
Gallus gallus: Murghi, 印度原雞
Gallus gallus: Murghi, 印度原鸡
Gallus gallus: Spadiceus, 滇南原雞
Gallus gallus: Spadiceus, 滇南原鸡
Gallus lafayetii: 蓝喉原鸡
Gallus lafayetii: 藍喉原雞
Gallus lafayetii: 黑尾原雞(2)
Gallus lafayetii: 黑尾原鸡(2)
Gallus lafayettii: 蓝喉原鸡
Gallus sonneratii: 灰原雞(6)
Gallus sonneratii: 灰原鸡(3)
Gallus varius: 綠原雞(2)
Gallus varius: 绿原鸡(2)
Gallus variusde: 绿原鸡
Galotes emma: 棕背树蜥
Galumna granalata: 粒巨袖蟎
Gamasomorpha cataphracta: 蟎蛛
Gambelia wislizenii: 紋蜥
Gambelia wislizenii: 豹
Gambusia affi: 大肚魚
Gambusia affinis: 大肚仔(2)
Gambusia affinis: 大肚魚(13)
Gambusia affinis: 大肚鱼(2)
Gambusia affinis: 胎鱂
Gambusia affinis: 食蚊魚(6)
Gambusia affinis: 食蚊鱼(5)
Gambusia affiniss: 大肚魚
Gametis forticula: 台灣小綠花金龜
Gametis forticula: 小綠花金龜
Gametis forticula: 綠島小綠花金龜
Gametis forticula: 蘭嶼小綠花金龜
Gametis incongrua: 白緣姬花金龜
Gammaphytoptus litseaus: 木薑子加植節蜱
Gammaphytoptus zuihoensus: 香楠加植節蜱
Gammaropisis sexdentada: 六齿拟钩虾
Gammaropsis japonica: 日本拟钩虾
Gammaropsis liuruiyni: 刘氏拟钩虾
Gammaropsis nitida: 短小拟钩虾
Gammaropsis utinomii: 内海拟钩虾
Gamposcleis buergeri: 聒聒儿
Gampsocera albopilosa: 白毛稈蠅
Gampsocera binotata: 品頭稈蠅
Gampsocera curvinervis: 曲筋稈蠅
Gampsocera divisa: 分離稈蠅
Gampsocera lanceolata: 小鎗桿蠅
Gampsocera latipennis: 寬翅稈蠅
Gampsocera maculipennis: 斑翅稈蠅
Gampsocera mutata: 流浪稈蠅
Gampsocleis sedakovii: 暗褐蝈螽
Gampsocoris gibberosus: 台灣駝蹺蝽
Gampsonyx swainsonii: 珠鸢
Gampsorhynchus rufulus: 白头
Gampsorhynchus rufulus: 白头鵙鹛(2)
Gampsorhynchus rufulus: 白頭貝眉(2)
Gampsorhynchus rufulus: 白頭鵙鶥
Gampsorhynchus torquatus: 领鵙鹛
Gangetia tigertii: 老虎跎螺
Ganonema formosae: 寶島寬枝石蛾
Gapella gallinago: 扇尾沙锥
Garaeus apicata: 後紋鈎角尺蛾
Gardena melinarthrum: 黃環蚊獵蝽
Gardineroseris planulata: 加德紋珊瑚
Gargariscus prionocephalus: 波面黃魴
Gargariscus prionocephalus: 波面黃魴鮄
Gargariscus prionocephalus: 角仔魚
Gargariscus prionocephalus: 輪頭魴鮄
Gargariscus prionocephalus: 轮头鲂鮄
Gari maculosa: 斑紋紫雲蛤
Gari pallida: 射線斜紋紫雲蛤
Gari truncata: 截形紫雲蛤
Garmanella pulchra: 美丽乔氏鮰
Garmanella pulchra: 美麗喬氏鮰
Garovaglia plicata: 繩蘚
Garovaglia plicata: 背刺繩蘚
Garovaglia plicata: 臺灣繩蘚
Garra allostoma: 異口墨頭魚
Garra alticorpora: 高体墨头鱼
Garra annandalei: 安氏墨頭魚
Garra barreimiae: Barreimiae, 巴氏墨頭魚
Garra bicornuta: 雙角墨頭魚
Garra borneensis: 博尼墨頭魚
Garra borneensis: 墨頭魚屬
Garra borneensis: 婆羅洲墨頭魚
Garra cambodgiensis: 坎寶墨頭魚
Garra caudofasciatus: 紋尾盆唇魚
Garra ceylonensis: 斯里蘭卡墨頭魚
Garra congoensis: 剛果墨頭魚
Garra cryptonemus: 缺鬚盆唇魚
Garra dembeensis: 登比墨頭魚
Garra dunsirei: 鄧氏墨頭魚
Garra ethelwynnae: 埃氏墨頭魚
Garra fasciacauda: 條尾墨頭魚
Garra fisheri: 費氏墨頭魚
Garra flavatra: 橫帶墨頭魚
Garra fuliginosa: 泰國墨頭魚
Garra ghorensis: 約旦墨頭魚
Garra gotyla: Gotyla, 戈泰墨頭魚
Garra gracilis: 細墨頭魚
Garra gravelyi: 沟额墨头鱼
Garra gravelyi: 溝額墨頭魚
Garra hainanensis: 海南墨頭魚
Garra hughi: 休氏墨頭魚
Garra ignestii: 伊氏墨頭魚
Garra imberba: 無鬚墨頭魚
Garra imberbis: 無髯墨頭魚
Garra kalakadensis: 克拉肯德墨頭魚
Garra kempi: 西藏墨头鱼(3)
Garra kempi: 西藏墨頭魚
Garra laichowensis: 越南墨頭魚
Garra lamta: 墨頭魚
Garra lancrenonensis: 蘭克墨頭魚
Garra lissorhynchus: 裸吻墨頭魚
Garra litanensis: 利頓河墨頭魚
Garra longipinnis: 長鰭墨頭魚
Garra makiensis: 密金墨頭魚
Garra manipurensis: 曼尼普河墨頭魚
Garra mcclellandi: 麥氏墨頭魚
Garra mirofrontis: 奇額墨頭魚
Garra mirofrontis: 奇额墨头鱼
Garra mullya: 馬耶墨頭魚
Garra naganensis: 那加墨頭魚
Garra nasuta: 長鬚墨頭魚
Garra notata: 顯赫墨頭魚
Garra orientalis: 东方墨头鱼(2)
Garra orientalis: 東方墨頭魚
Garra ornata: 飾妝墨頭魚
Garra persica: 伊朗墨頭魚
Garra phillipsi: 菲氏墨頭魚
Garra pingi: 墨头鱼(4)
Garra pingi: 宜良墨头鱼
Garra qiaojiensis: 桥街墨头鱼(3)
Garra qiaojiensis: 橋街墨頭魚
Garra quadrimaculata: 四斑墨頭魚
Garra quadrimaculata: 蒂巴墨頭魚
Garra rossica: 露西卡墨頭魚
Garra rufa: 淡紅墨頭魚(2)
Garra rupecula: 印度墨頭魚
Garra taeniata: 条纹墨头鱼(3)
Garra trewavasai: 特氏墨頭魚
Garra wanae: 旺氏墨頭魚
Garra waterloti: 瓦氏墨頭魚
Garra yiliangensis: 宜良墨頭魚
Garrao orientalis: 东方墨头鱼(2)
Garritornis isidorei: 弯嘴鹛
Garrulax affinis: 黑頂噪鶥
Garrulax affinis: 黑頂噪鹛
Garrulax affinis: 黑顶噪鹛(6)
Garrulax albogularis: 白喉噪眉(7)
Garrulax albogularis: 白喉噪鶥(2)
Garrulax albogularis: 白喉噪鹛(10)
Garrulax albogularis: 白喉笑鶇(10)
Garrulax albogularis: 白喉笑鸫
Garrulax austeni: 褐顶噪鹛
Garrulax berthemyi: 黃噪鶥
Garrulax bieti: 白点噪鹛(7)
Garrulax bieti: 白点鹛(2)
Garrulax bieti: 白點噪鶥
Garrulax bieti: 白點噪鹛
Garrulax cachinnans: 灰颈噪鹛
Garrulax caerulatus: 棕噪眉
Garrulax caerulatus: 灰肋噪鶥
Garrulax caerulatus: 灰肋噪鹛
Garrulax caerulatus: 灰胁噪鹛(5)
Garrulax caerulatus: 灰脅噪鹛
Garrulax caerulatus: 灰腋噪鶥
Garrulax canorus: 台灣畫眉
Garrulax canorus: 大陸畫眉(6)
Garrulax canorus: 大陸畫眉(2)
Garrulax canorus: 画眉(16)
Garrulax canorus: 画鹛
Garrulax canorus: 畫眉
Garrulax canorus: 畫眉台灣亞種
Garrulax canorus: 畫眉指名亞種
Garrulax canorus: 畫眉(12)
Garrulax chinensis: 黑喉噪
Garrulax chinensis: 黑喉噪眉(2)
Garrulax chinensis: 黑喉噪鶥
Garrulax chinensis: 黑喉噪鹛(8)
Garrulax cineraceus: 灰翅噪鶥(3)
Garrulax cineraceus: 灰翅噪鹛(7)
Garrulax cinereifrons: 灰头噪鹛
Garrulax courtoisi: 藍冠噪鶥
Garrulax davidi: 山噪鶥
Garrulax davidi: 山噪鹛(9)
Garrulax delesserti: 灰胸噪鹛
Garrulax ellioti: 橙翅噪鶥(2)
Garrulax ellioti: 橙翅噪鹛
Garrulax elliotii: 橙翅噪鶥
Garrulax elliotii: 橙翅噪鹛(7)
Garrulax erythrocephalus: 紅頭噪鶥
Garrulax erythrocephalus: 紅頭噪鹛
Garrulax erythrocephalus: 红头噪鹛(6)
Garrulax formosus: 丽色噪鹛(6)
Garrulax formosus: 红翅噪鹛(2)
Garrulax formosus: 麗色噪眉(2)
Garrulax formosus: 麗色噪鶥
Garrulax formosus: 麗色噪鹛
Garrulax galbanus: 黃喉噪鶥
Garrulax galbanus: 黃喉噪鹛
Garrulax galbanus: 黄喉噪鹛(6)
Garrulax gularis: 栗臀噪鶥
Garrulax henrici: 灰腹噪鶥
Garrulax henrici: 灰腹噪鹛(7)
Garrulax jerdoni: 白胸噪鹛
Garrulax leucolophus: 白冠噪眉(3)
Garrulax leucolophus: 白冠噪鶥
Garrulax leucolophus: 白冠噪鹛(9)
Garrulax lineatus: 細紋噪鶥
Garrulax lineatus: 細紋噪鹛
Garrulax lineatus: 细纹噪鹛(6)
Garrulax lugubris: 黑噪鹛
Garrulax lunulatus: 斑背噪鶥
Garrulax lunulatus: 斑背噪鹛(7)
Garrulax maesi: 褐胸噪鶥
Garrulax maesi: 褐胸噪鹛(9)
Garrulax maximus: 大噪鶥
Garrulax maximus: 大噪鹛(7)
Garrulax melanostigma: 銀耳噪鶥
Garrulax merulinus: 斑胸噪鶥
Garrulax merulinus: 斑胸噪鹛(7)
Garrulax milleti: 黑冠噪鹛
Garrulax milnei: 红尾噪鹛(2)
Garrulax milnei: 赤尾噪鶥
Garrulax milnei: 赤尾噪鹛(7)
Garrulax mitratus: 栗头噪噪鹛
Garrulax mitratus: 栗頂噪眉(2)
Garrulax monileger: 小黑領噪眉(2)
Garrulax monileger: 小黑領噪鶥
Garrulax monileger: 小黑領噪鹛
Garrulax monileger: 小黑领噪鹛(9)
Garrulax monileger: Melli, 小黑领噪鹛
Garrulax morrisonianus: 台灣噪眉(4)
Garrulax morrisonianus: 台灣噪鶥(2)
Garrulax morrisonianus: 玉山噪鹛(9)
Garrulax morrisonianus: 金翼白眉(6)
Garrulax morrisonianus: 金翼白眉(2)
Garrulax nuchalis: 栗背噪鹛
Garrulax ocellatus: 眼紋噪鶥
Garrulax ocellatus: 眼紋噪鹛
Garrulax ocellatus: 眼纹噪鹛(6)
Garrulax palliatus: 灰褐噪鹛(2)
Garrulax pectoralis: 黑領噪
Garrulax pectoralis: 黑領噪眉(2)
Garrulax pectoralis: 黑領噪鶥(2)
Garrulax pectoralis: 黑領噪鹛
Garrulax pectoralis: 黑领噪鹛(10)
Garrulax pectoralis: Picticollis, 黑领噪鹛
Garrulax perspicillatus: 黑脸噪鹛(12)
Garrulax perspicillatus: 黑臉噪
Garrulax perspicillatus: 黑臉噪鶥
Garrulax perspicillatus: 黑臉噪鹛
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: 台湾棕噪鹛
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: 棕噪眉(5)
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: 棕噪鶥(2)
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: 棕噪鹛(9)
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: 竹鳥(12)
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: 竹鸟
Garrulax poecilorhynchus: Berthemyi, 棕噪鹛
Garrulax ruficeps: 台灣白喉噪眉
Garrulax ruficeps: 棕冠噪鶥
Garrulax ruficeps: 白喉笑鶇
Garrulax ruficollis: 栗頸噪鶥
Garrulax ruficollis: 栗頸噪鹛
Garrulax ruficollis: 栗颈噪鹛(6)
Garrulax rufifrons: 红额噪鹛
Garrulax rufogularis: 棕頦噪鶥
Garrulax rufogularis: 棕颏噪鹛
Garrulax sannio: 白頰噪
Garrulax sannio: 白頰噪眉(2)
Garrulax sannio: 白頰噪鶥
Garrulax sannio: 白頰噪鹛
Garrulax sannio: 白颊噪鶥(2)
Garrulax sannio: 白颊噪鹛(7)
Garrulax sannio: Sannio, 白颊噪鹛
Garrulax squamatus: 蓝翅噪鹛(6)
Garrulax squamatus: 藍翅噪鶥
Garrulax squamatus: 藍翅噪鹛
Garrulax squamatus: 鳞斑噪鹛(2)
Garrulax strepitans: 白頸噪鶥
Garrulax strepitans: 白頸噪鹛
Garrulax strepitans: 白颈噪鹛(7)
Garrulax striatus: 条纹噪鹛(6)
Garrulax striatus: 條紋噪鶥
Garrulax striatus: 條紋噪鹛
Garrulax subunicolor: 純色噪鶥
Garrulax subunicolor: 純色噪鹛
Garrulax subunicolor: 纯色噪鹛(6)
Garrulax sukatschewi: 黑額山噪鶥
Garrulax sukatschewi: 黑額山噪鹛
Garrulax sukatschewi: 黑额山噪鹛(6)
Garrulax taewanus: 台湾画眉
Garrulax taewanus: 台灣畫眉(8)
Garrulax taewanus: 臺灣畫眉(2)
Garrulax varegatus: 杂色噪鹛
Garrulax varegatus: 雜色噪鹛
Garrulax variegatus: 杂色噪鹛(5)
Garrulax variegatus: 雜色噪鶥
Garrulax vassali: 白脸噪鹛
Garrulax virgatus: 纹耳噪鹛
Garrulax yersini: 纹枕噪鹛
Garrulus glandarius: 松鴉(11)
Garrulus glandarius: 松鸦(13)
Garrulus glandarius: 橿鳥(4)
Garrulus glandarius: Sinensis, 松鸦
Garrulus glanderius: 松鴉
Garrulus lanceolatus: 黑头松鸦
Garrulus lidthi: 琉球松鸦(2)
Garthambrus allisoni: 愛氏葛菱蟹
Garthambrus pteromerus: 羽足葛菱蟹
Gasteracantha arcuata: 弓棘腹蛛
Gasteracantha cancriformis: 乳頭棘蛛
Gasteracantha diadesmia: 菱棘腹蛛
Gasteracantha fornicata: 尖棘蛛
Gasteracantha hasselti: 哈氏棘腹蛛
Gasteracantha kuhli: 古氏棘蛛
Gasteracantha kuhli: 库氏棘腹蛛
Gasteracantha kuhlii: 古氏棘蛛(2)
Gasteracantha mammosa: 乳突棘腹蛛
Gasteracantha sauteri: 梭德氏棘蛛
Gasteracantha sauteri: 索氏棘腹蛛
Gasteropelecus levis: 玻璃燕子
Gasteropelecus levis: 銀胸斧魚(2)
Gasteropelecus levis: 飛斧
Gasterosteus aculeatus: 三刺魚
Gasterosteus aculeatus: 三刺鱼
Gasterosteus aculeatus: 三棘刺魚(2)
Gasterpelecus maculatus: 點胸斧魚
Gastrallus tuberculatus: 瘤突巨腹標本甲
Gastrimargus africanus: 非洲车蝗
Gastrimargus marmoratus: 云斑车蝗
Gastrimargus nubilus: 黑股车蝗
Gastrimargus parvulus: 黄股车蝗
Gastrochaena cuneiformis: 開腹蛤
Gastrochaena cymbium: 蠶蛹開腹蛤
Gastrocopta lyonsiana: 里昂砂蝸
Gastrocopta ooi: 砂蝸牛(2)
Gastrogomphus abdomindis: 长腹春蜓
Gastrolina depressa: 核桃扁叶甲黑胸亚种
Gastromaladera koyamai: 小山大艷絨毛金龜
Gastromaladera nitida: 尖胸大艷絨毛金龜
Gastromaladera taitungensis: 台東大艷絨毛金龜
Gastropteron bicornutum: 雙角腹翼海蛞蝓
Gastroptychia gabata: 左旋扁芝麻蝸牛(2)
Gastroserica bicolor: 黑條針絨毛金龜
Gastroserica marginalis: 褐針絨毛金龜
Gastrozona fasciventris: 腹帶實蠅
Gatzara petrophila: 麗紋蟻蛉屬
Gaurax aequalis: 埔里稈蠅
Gaurax atrifrons: 黑額稈蠅
Gaurax nevrvosus: 靈活稈蠅
Gaurax oculatus: 慧眼稈蠅
Gaurax piceus: 幽黑稈蠅
Gauromaia formosana: 柴艷寬頭擬迴木蟲
Gavia adamsii: 白嘴潛鳥(3)
Gavia adamsii: 白嘴潜鸟(3)
Gavia adamsii: 黄嘴潜鸟(3)
Gavia arctica: 黑喉潛鳥(7)
Gavia arctica: 黑喉潜鸟(9)
Gavia immer: 普通潛鳥
Gavia immer: 普通潜鸟(2)
Gavia pacifica: 太平洋潛鳥(2)
Gavia pacifica: 太平洋潜鸟(3)
Gavia stellata: 紅喉潛鳥(7)
Gavia stellata: 红喉潜鸟(10)
Gavialiceps taeniola: 絲尾海鰻
Gavialiceps taeniola: 鱷頭鰻
Gavialiceps taiwanensis: 台灣絲尾海鰻
Gavialiceps taiwanensis: 台灣鰐頭鰻
Gavialiceps taiwanensis: 台灣鱷頭鰻
Gavialiceps taiwanensis: 台灣鴨嘴鰻
Gavialis gangeticu: 食鱼鳄(2)
Gavialis gangeticus: 恆河鱷(2)
Gavialis gangeticus: 恒河鳄
Gavialis gangeticus: 食魚鱷(2)
Gaza sericata: 絲絹鐘螺
Gazalina purificata: 白雪舟蛾
Gazella arabica: 阿拉伯瞪羚
Gazella bennettii: 印度瞪羚
Gazella bilkis: 也门瞪羚
Gazella cuvieri: 卡氏瞪羚
Gazella cuvieri: 奎氏瞪羚(3)
Gazella cuvieri: 汤姆森瞪羚
Gazella dama: 摩洛哥羚
Gazella dama: 红瞪羚
Gazella dama: 达马瞪羚
Gazella dama: 鹿羚(2)
Gazella dorcas: 多卡瞪羚
Gazella gazella: 山瞪羚(2)
Gazella granti: 葛氏瞪羚
Gazella leptoceros: 細角瞪羚(3)
Gazella leptoceros: 细角瞪羚(2)
Gazella rufifrons: 红额瞪羚
Gazella rufina: 红瞪羚
Gazella saudiya: 沙特瞪羚
Gazella soemmerringii: 苏丹瞪羚
Gazella spekei: 斯氏瞪羚
Gazella subgutturosa: 长尾黄羊
Gazella subgutturosa: 鹅喉羚
Gazella subyutturosa: 鹅喉羚
Gazella thomsonii: 汤姆森瞪羚
Gazelletta hexanema: 羚角虫
Gazza achlamys: 寬身牙鰏
Gazza achlamys: 裸牙鰏
Gazza achlamys: 金錢仔
Gazza minuta: 小牙鰏
Gazza minuta: 花令仔
Gazza minuta: 金錢仔
Gea spinipes: 刺佳蛛
Gecarcoidea lalandii: 紫地蟹
Gecinulu viridis: 竹啄木鸟
Gecinulus grantia: 竹啄木鳥(2)
Gecinulus grantia: 竹啄木鸟(8)
Gecinulus grantia: 苍头柱啄木鸟
Gecinulus grantia: 苍头竹啄木鸟(2)
Gecinulus viridis: 南竹啄木鳥
Gecko gecko: 蛤蚧
Geckonia chazaliae: 墙虎
Geckonia chazaliae: 头盔守宫
Geckonia chazaliae: 頭盔守宮(2)
Gehyra mutilata: 截趾虎(2)
Gehyra mutilata: 截趾虎, Jie2 zhi hu(26000)
Gehyra mutilata: 裂足虎(3500)
Gehyra variegata: 琉球裂足蝎虎
Geisha distinctissima: 青蛾蜡蝉
Geisha distinctissima: 青蛾蠟蟬(2)
Geisha mariginellus: 小青蛾蠟蟬
Gekko auriverrucosis: 耳疣壁虎
Gekko auriverrucosus: 耳疣壁虎(5)
Gekko chinensis: 中国壁虎(6)
Gekko chinensis: 中國壁虎
Gekko gecko: 中国大守宫
Gekko gecko: 大壁虎(6)
Gekko gecko: 大守宫
Gekko gecko: 大守宮(3)
Gekko gecko: 蛤蚧(2)
Gekko gekko: 大壁虎
Gekko hokouensis: 守宮(2)
Gekko hokouensis: 鉛山壁虎(5)
Gekko hokouensis: 铅山壁虎(5)
Gekko japonicus: 多疣壁虎(9)
Gekko kikuchii: 兰屿壁虎(5)
Gekko kikuchii: 菊池氏壁虎(5)
Gekko kikuchii: 菊池氏蚧蛤(2)
Gekko kikuchii: 菊池氏蛤蚧
Gekko kikuchii: 蓝屿壁虎
Gekko kikuchii: 蘭嶼壁虎
Gekko kikuchii: 蘭嶼守宮(4)
Gekko scabridus: 粗疣壁虎
Gekko similignum: 海南壁虎(6)
Gekko subpalmatus: 蹼趾壁虎(6)
Gekko swinhonis: 无蹼壁虎(6)
Gekko swinhonis: 無蹼壁虎
Gekko taibaiensis: 太白壁虎(6)
Gekko vittatus: 白线守宫
Gekko vittatus: 黑脊壁虎
Gekko vittatus: Y字守宫
Gelochelidon nilotica: 欧嘴噪鸥
Gelochelidon nilotica: 歐嘴噪鷗
Gelochelidon nilotica: 鷗嘴噪鷗(2)
Gelochelidon nilotica: 鷗嘴燕鷗(4)
Gelochelidon nilotica: 鸥嘴噪鸥(10)
Gelochelidon nilotica: 鸥嘴燕鸥
Geloina coaxans: 拉仔
Geloina coaxans: 紅樹蜆
Geloina coaxans: 蜆
Geloina coaxans: 蜊仔
Geloina coaxans: 黄蚬
Geloina expansa: 歪紅樹蜆(2)
Gelonaetha hirta: 橡樹姬天牛
Gelonaetha hirta: 焦茶粗姬天牛
Gemmula congener: 信天翁捲管螺
Gemmula congener: 珠環捲管螺
Gemmula congener: 金絲捲管螺
Gemmula deshayesi: 低斜捲管螺
Gemmula kieneri: 狄氏捲管螺
Gemmula lancea: 矛形捲管螺
Gemmula microscelida: 木乃伊捲管螺
Gemmula monilifera: 白珠捲管螺
Gemmula pseudogranosa: 花捲捲管螺
Gemmula speciosa: 金鍊捲管螺
Gemmula stupa: 佛塔捲管螺
Gemmula timorensis: 印尼捲管螺
Gemmula unedo: 楊梅捲管螺
Gempylus serpens: 刀梭
Gempylus serpens: 蛇鯖
Gempylus serpens: 黑刃魣
Genetta abyssinica: 埃塞俄比亚獛
Genetta angolensis: 安哥拉獛
Genetta cristata: 冠獛
Genetta genetta: 小斑獛
Genetta gentta: 小斑
Genetta johnstoni: 约氏獛
Genetta maculata: 斑獛
Genetta servalina: 薮猫獛
Genetta thierryi: 伪獛
Genetta tigrina: 大斑獛
Genetta victoriae: 大林獛
Genette genette: 香猫
Genghis chuanchicus: 黄河成吉思鱼
Genicanthus bellus: 勝利女神
Genicanthus bellus: 美丽月蝶鱼
Genicanthus bellus: 美麗月蝶魚
Genicanthus bellus: 胜利女神
Genicanthus caudovittatus: 红海虎皮王
Genicanthus lamarck: 拉馬克神仙
Genicanthus lamarck: 月蝶魚
Genicanthus lamarck: 蓝宝王
Genicanthus lamarck: 虎皮新娘
Genicanthus lamarck: 頰刺魚(2)
Genicanthus lamarck: 颊刺鱼
Genicanthus melanospilos: 黑斑月蝶魚
Genicanthus melanospilos: 黑斑神仙
Genicanthus melanospilos: 黑紋頰刺魚
Genicanthus melanospilus: 虎皮新娘
Genicanthus semifasciatus: 半紋月蝶魚
Genicanthus semifasciatus: 半紋神仙
Genicanthus semifasciatus: 半紋背頰刺魚
Genicanthus watanabei: 渡邊月蝶魚
Genicanthus watanabei: 渡邊氏神仙
Genicanthus watanabei: 渡邊頰刺魚
Genicanthus watanabei: 蓝宝新娘
Genidens barbus: 须多齿海鲶
Geniotrigona thoracica: 棕胸无刺蜂, Zong1 xiong1 wu2 ci4 feng1(10)
Genus ampithoe: 藻钩虾
Genyochromis mento: 頰麗鯛
Genyochromis mento: 颊丽鲷
Genypterus blacodes: 羽鼬鳚
Geocapromys thoracatus: 胸甲硬毛鼠
Geochelon carbonaria: 紅腿象龜
Geochelon carbonaria: 紅足龜
Geochelon platynota: 緬甸星龜(2)
Geochelone carbonaria: 紅腿象龜(3)
Geochelone chilensis: 阿根廷象龜(2)
Geochelone denticulata: 黃腿象龜(2)
Geochelone elegans: 印度星龜(4)
Geochelone elegans: 星龜
Geochelone gigantea: 亞達伯拉象龜(2)
Geochelone nigra: 象龜(2)
Geochelone nigra: 黑陸龜
Geochelone pardalis: 豹
Geochelone pardalis: 龜
Geochelone platynota: 缅甸星龟
Geochelone radiata: 射紋龜
Geochelone radiata: 星龜
Geochelone radiata: 輻射龜(2)
Geochelone radiata: 輻紋陸龜
Geochelone sulcata: 非洲盾臂龜(2)
Geochelone yniphora: 安哥洛卡象龜
Geochelone yniphora: 安哥洛卡象龟
Geochelone yniphora: 馬達加斯加陸龜
Geoclemys hamiltonii: 哈米頓氏龜(4)
Geoclemys hamiltonii: 斑點池龜
Geoclemys hamiltonii: 黑池龜
Geococcus citrinus: 橘荒粉蚧
Geococcus coffeae: 咖啡荒粉蚧
Geocoris flaviceps: 斑翅大眼長椿
Geocoris flaviceps: 斑翅大眼長蝽
Geocoris ochropterus: 南亞大眼長椿
Geocoris ochropterus: 南亞大眼長蝽
Geocoris spdummy: 大眼蝉长蝽
Geocoris varius: 寬大眼長椿
Geocoris varius: 寬大眼長蝽
Geoemyda spengleri: 地龟(4)
Geoemyda spengleri: 缅甸陆龟
Geoemyda spengleri: 黑腹葉龜(2)
Geoffroyus geoffroyi: 红脸鹦鹉
Geoffroyus heteroclitus: 歌鹦鹉
Geoffroyus simplex: 蓝领鹦鹉
Geogale aurita: 穴居稻田猬(2)
Geograpsus crinipes: 毛足陸方蟹
Geograpsus grayi: 葛氏陸方蟹
Geograpsus stormi: 斯氏陸方蟹
Geoica lucifuga: 蔗根蚜
Geoica lucifuga: 點詠根綿蚜
Geoica setulosa: 钝毛根蚜
Geomalia heinrichi: 苏拉山鸫
Geomys bursarius: 平原囊鼠
Geomys busarius: 赤色衣囊鼠(2)
Geopelia cuneata: 宝石姬地鸠
Geopelia cuneata: 珍珠斑鳩(2)
Geopelia humeralis: 斑肩姬地鳩
Geopelia humeralis: 斑肩姬地鸠
Geopelia humeralis: 斑肩姬地鸿
Geopelia maugei: 帝汶姬地鳩
Geopelia maugei: 帝汶姬地鸠(2)
Geopelia placida: 戈氏姬地鳩
Geopelia placida: 戈氏姬地鸠(2)
Geopelia striata: 和平鳩, He ping jiu(18)
Geopelia striata: 和平鸠, He ping jiu(17)
Geopelia striata: 斑姬地鳩(46)
Geopelia striata: 斑姬地鸠(45)
Geopelia striata: 斑馬鳩, Ban1 ma3 jiu1(60)
Geopelia striata: 斑马鸠, Ban1 ma3 jiu1(53)
Geophagus argyrostictus: 銀點珠母麗魚
Geophagus balzani: 和尚
Geophagus balzanii: 巴氏珠母麗魚
Geophagus brasiliensis: 巴西珠母麗魚(2)
Geophagus brasiliensis: 西德寶石(2)
Geophagus camopiensis: 卡默珠母麗魚
Geophagus crassilabris: 厚唇珠母麗魚
Geophagus grammepareius: 頰紋珠母麗魚
Geophagus harreri: 哈氏珠母麗魚
Geophagus hondae: 隆項珠母麗魚
Geophagus jurupari: 蓝宝石
Geophagus pellegrini: 高山珠母麗魚
Geophagus proximus: 野珠母麗魚
Geophagus steindachneri: 斯氏珠母麗魚(2)
Geophagus surinamensis: 珍珠关刀
Geophagus surinamensis: 紅珍珠關刀(4)
Geophagus surinamensis: 蓝宝石
Geophagus surinamensis: 蘇里南珠母麗魚(3)
Geophagus taeniopareius: 委內瑞拉珠母麗魚
Geophagus taeniopareius: 眼帶珠母麗魚
Geophagus thayeri: 黃臀珠母麗魚
Geophaps lophotes: 冠鴿
Geophaps plumifera: 冠翎岩鸠(2)
Geophaps scripta: 矮岩鸠
Geophaps smithii: 裸眼岩鳩
Geophaps smithii: 裸眼岩鸠
Geopherus flavomarginatus: 墨西哥哥法象龜
Geophorus sulfureus: 土虫昌蝸牛
Geopsittacus occidentalis: 夜鸚鵡(3)
Geopsittacus occidentalis: 澳洲夜行鸚鵡(5)
Geopsttacus occdentals: 夜鹦鹉
Georissa hukudai: 福田芝麻虫昌蝸牛
Georissa japonica: 芝麻虫昌蝸牛
Georychus capensis: 岬鼠
Geosesarma hednon: 紅指陸相手蟹
Geothelphusa albogilva: 黃灰澤蟹(2)
Geothelphusa ancylophallus: 厚圓澤蟹
Geothelphusa bicolor: 雙色澤蟹
Geothelphusa caesia: 藍灰澤蟹
Geothelphusa candidiensis: 日月潭澤蟹
Geothelphusa chiui: 邱氏澤蟹
Geothelphusa cinerea: 灰甲澤蟹
Geothelphusa dolichopodes: 扁足澤蟹
Geothelphusa eucrinodonta: 顯齒澤蟹
Geothelphusa eurysoma: 寬甲澤蟹
Geothelphusa ferruginea: 銹色澤蟹
Geothelphusa gracilipes: 細足澤蟹
Geothelphusa hirsuta: 多毛澤蟹
Geothelphusa ilan: 宜蘭澤蟹
Geothelphusa lanyu: 蘭嶼澤蟹
Geothelphusa lutao: 綠島澤蟹
Geothelphusa miyazakii: 宮崎氏澤蟹(2)
Geothelphusa miyazakii: 紅腳仙
Geothelphusa monticola: 高山澤蟹
Geothelphusa nanao: 南澳澤蟹
Geothelphusa nanhsi: 楠西澤蟹
Geothelphusa neipu: 內埔澤蟹
Geothelphusa olea: 屎蟹
Geothelphusa olea: 黃綠澤蟹(3)
Geothelphusa pingtung: 屏東澤蟹
Geothelphusa takuan: 達觀澤蟹
Geothelphusa tali: 大里澤蟹
Geothelphusa taroko: 太魯閣澤蟹
Geothelphusa tawu: 大武澤蟹
Geothelphusa tsayae: 蔡氏澤蟹
Geothelphusa wangi: 王氏澤蟹
Geothelphusa wutai: 霧臺澤蟹
Geothelphusa yangmingshan: 陽明山澤蟹
Geotomus pygmaeus: 侏地土椿
Geotrupes substriatellus: 黑雪隱金龜
Geotrygon albifacies: 白脸鹑鸠
Geotrygon caniceps: 灰头鹑鸠
Geotrygon carrikery: 卡氏鹑鸠
Geotrygon chririquensis: 棕胸鹑鸠
Geotrygon chrysia: 绿顶鹑鸠
Geotrygon costaricensis: 黄额鹑鸠
Geotrygon frenata: 白喉鹑鸠
Geotrygon goldmani: 黄顶鹑鸠
Geotrygon lawrencii: 紫背鹑鸠
Geotrygon linearis: 线纹鹑鸠
Geotrygon montana: 红鹑鸠
Geotrygon mystacea: 绿颈鹑鸠
Geotrygon saphirina: 青蓝鹑鸠
Geotrygon veraguensis: 绿背鹑鸠
Geotrygon versicolor: 凤头鹑鸠
Geotrygon violacea: 紫鹑鸠
Geoxus valdivianus: 地鳴鼠
Gephyroberyx darwinii: 橋燧鯛
Gephyroberyx darwinii: 达氏桥棘鲷
Gephyroberyx darwinii: 達氏橋棘鯛
Gephyroberyx darwinii: 達氏橋燧鯛
Gephyroberyx japonicus: 日本桥棘鲷
Gephyroberyx japonicus: 日本橋棘鯛
Gephyroberyx japonicus: 日本橋燧鯛
Gephyrochromis lawsi: 勞氏橋麗魚
Gephyrochromis moorii: 穆氏橋麗魚
Geranoaetus melanoleucus: 鵟雕
Geranospiza caerulescens: 鹤鹰
Gerbillurus vallinus: 帚尾沙鼠
Gerbillus simoni: 短尾小沙鼠
Gerocyptera petiolata: 具炳寄蠅
Geronticus calvus: 禿環鳥
Geronticus calvus: 禿鹮(2)
Geronticus calvus: 禿
Geronticus eremita: 朱鷺(2)
Geronticus eremita: 朱鹭
Geronticus eremita: 隐鹮
Geronticus eremita: 隱鹮
Geronticus eremita: 隱
Gerosis phisara: 匪夷捷弄蝶
Gerosis phisara: 匪荑捷弄蝶
Gerres abbreviatus: 短鑽嘴魚
Gerres decacanthus: 十棘鑽嘴魚
Gerres erythrourus: 短鑽嘴魚(2)
Gerres erythrourus: 短钻嘴鱼(928)
Gerres erythrourus: 碗米仔
Gerres erythrourus: 紅尾銀鱸
Gerres erythrourus: 红尾银鲈(982)
Gerres erythrourus: 胶把
Gerres filamentosus: 曳絲鑽嘴魚(3)
Gerres filamentosus: 碗米仔
Gerres filamentosus: 長棘銀鱸
Gerres fllamentosus: 长棘银鲈
Gerres gerres: 龙首银鲈
Gerres japonicus: 日本銀鑪
Gerres japonicus: 日本鑽嘴魚
Gerres japonicus: 碗米仔
Gerres limbatus: 碗米仔
Gerres limbatus: 緣邊銀鱸
Gerres limbatus: 緣邊鑽嘴魚
Gerres longirostris: 达尔里银鲈
Gerres longirostris: 長吻銀鱸(2)
Gerres longirostris: 長吻鑽嘴魚
Gerres longirostris: 长吻银鲈
Gerres macracanthus: 大棘銀鱸
Gerres macracanthus: 大棘鑽嘴魚(2)
Gerres macracanthus: 碗米仔
Gerres oblongus: 碗米仔
Gerres oblongus: 長圓銀鱸(2)
Gerres oblongus: 長身鑽嘴魚
Gerres oblongus: 長體銀鱸
Gerres oblongus: 长体银鲈
Gerres oblongus: 长圆银鲈
Gerres oyena: 奥奈银鲈
Gerres oyena: 奧奈銀鱸(2)
Gerres oyena: 奧奈鑽嘴魚(3)
Gerres oyena: 碗米仔
Gerres shima: 縱紋鑽嘴魚
Gerrhonotus liocephalus: 棕色侧褶蜥
Gerrhosaurus flavigularis: 黄喉板蜥(2)
Gerrhosaurus major: 苏丹遁甲蜥
Gerris cui: 黽蝽
Gerygone albofrontata: 查塔島吵刺鶯
Gerygone chloronota: 灰头噪刺莺
Gerygone chrysogaster: 黄腹噪刺莺
Gerygone cinerea: 新几内亚噪刺莺
Gerygone dorsalis: 红胁噪刺莺
Gerygone fusca: 西噪刺莺
Gerygone igata: 灰吵刺鶯
Gerygone inornata: 纯色噪刺莺
Gerygone levigaster: 棕胸噪刺莺
Gerygone magnirostris: 沼泽噪刺莺
Gerygone olivacea: 白喉噪刺莺
Gerygone palpebrosa: 黑头噪刺莺
Gerygone ruficollis: 褐胸噪刺莺
Gerygone sulphurea: 黄胸吵刺莺
Gerygone sulphurea: 黄胸噪刺莺(2)
Geryon fenneri: 蟹(2)
Geryon fenneri: 費氏厚方蟹(2)
Geryon fenneri: 黃金蟹
Gesonula punctifrons: 擬稻蝗
Gibbaranea abscissus: 平肩吉园蛛
Gibbaranea bituberculata: 双瘤吉园蛛
Gibbaranea nanguosa: 南国吉园蛛
Gibbium psyllioides: 裸蛛甲
Gibbonsia evides: 美形吉氏胎鳚
Gibbotettix emeiensis: 峨眉驼背蚱
Gibbotettix hongheensis: 红河驼背蚱
Gibbotettix leishanensis: 雷山驼背蚱
Gibbula stoliczkana: 電光鐘螺
Gibbula taiwanensis: 寶島鐘螺
Gibosia lucida: 淡色石蠅
Gigaleurodes cinnamomi: 樟粉蝨
Gigaleurodes lithocarpi: 三斗柯粉蝨
Gigaleurodes minahassai: 巨粉蝨
Gigantactis elsmani: 艾氏巨棘角鮟鱇
Gigantactis elsmani: 艾氏長角&
Gigantactis vanhoeffeni: 梵氏巨棘角鮟鱇
Gigantactis vanhoeffeni: 梵氏長角鮟鱇
Giganthias immaculatus: 巨棘花鱸
Giganthias immaculatus: 桃紅大花鮨
Giganthias immaculatus: 石斑
Giganthias immaculatus: 過魚
Giganthias immaculatus: 鱠
Gila alvordensis: 阿沃爾骨尾魚
Gila atraria: 猶他骨尾魚
Gila bicolor: 莫哈骨尾魚
Gila bicolor: 雙色骨尾魚
Gila boraxobius: 博蘭骨尾魚
Gila brevicauda: 短尾骨尾魚
Gila coerulea: 藍骨尾魚
Gila conspersa: 小斑骨尾魚
Gila crassicauda: 厚尾骨尾魚
Gila cypha: 隆背骨尾魚
Gila ditaenia: 索諾骨尾魚
Gila elegans: 美丽骨尾鱼
Gila elegans: 美麗骨尾魚(2)
Gila eremica: 砂棲骨尾魚
Gila intermedia: 中間骨尾魚
Gila modesta: 靜骨尾魚
Gila nigrescens: 暗骨尾魚
Gila orcuttii: 奧氏骨尾魚
Gila pandora: 潘多骨尾魚
Gila pulchra: 美骨尾魚
Gila purpurea: 紫骨尾魚
Gila robusta: 粗壯骨尾魚
Giliata tchangi: 张氏五须岩鳕
Ginebis argenteonitens: 平瀨玉珠銀鐘螺
Ginebis argenteonitens: 玉珠銀鐘螺
Ginebis convexiuscula: 素面銀鐘螺
Ginebis convexiusculus: 素面玉珠銀鐘螺
Ginebis crumpii: 麗珠鐘螺
Ginglymostoma ferrugineum: 锈色锈口鲨
Ginkgocythere puchiheyi: 不知銀杏介
Ginshachia elongata: 錦舟蛾
Giraffa camelopardalis: 長頸鹿(3)
Giraffa camelopardalis: 长颈鹿(3)
Giraffospyris angulata: 鹿篮虫
Girardinichthys multiradiatus: 辐纹莱马鮰
Girardinichthys viviparus: 胎生吉鱂
Girardinus falcatus: 鐮形吉拉德食蚊魚
Girardinus metallicus: 吉拉德食蚊魚
Girella leonina: 小鱗黑魢
Girella leonina: 黑毛
Girella leonina: 黑瓜子鱲
Girella mezina: 綠帶魢
Girella mezina: 黃帶瓜子鱲
Girella mezina: 黑毛
Girella punctata: 斑魢
Girella punctata: 瓜子鱲
Girella punctata: 黑毛
Glabriscala glabratum: 淡斑海螄螺
Glabriscala hayashii: 林氏海螄螺
Glabriscala stigmatica: 褐斑海螄螺
Glabropilumnus laevis: 平滑光毛蟹
Glancidium cuculoides: 横纹小鸮
Glans hirasei: 平瀨算盤蛤
Glans sagamiensis: 相模灣算盤蛤
Glanycus insolitus: 紅蟬窗蛾
Glanycus tricolor: 黑蟬窗蛾
Glaphyra concolor: 單色長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra cupreoviridis: 青銅長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra jiuyuchtana: 日月潭長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra kurosawai: 黑澤長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra lishanensis: 梨山長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra luikueiensis: 六龜長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra plavilstchikovi: 布拉氏長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra rufosternalis: 紅腹長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra satoi: 佐藤長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra semitaiwanus: 擬台灣長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra subglabra: 疏毛纖角短翅天牛
Glaphyra subglabra: 疏毛長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra subplanus: 平胸長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra sungkangensis: 松崗長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra taiwanus: 台灣長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra uenoi: 上野氏長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra viridescens: 線長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra yui: 余氏纖角短翅天牛
Glaphyra yui: 余氏長角短翅天牛
Glaphyra yui: 余清金長鬚小翅天牛
Glareola lactea: 灰燕鴴(2)
Glareola lactea: 灰燕鸻(6)
Glareola maldivarum: 普通燕
Glareola maldivarum: 普通燕鴴(2)
Glareola maldivarum: 普通燕鸻(11)
Glareola maldivarum: 燕
Glareola maldivarum: 燕珩
Glareola maldivarum: 燕鴴(11)
Glareola maldivarum: 燕鸻(2)
Glareola maldivarum: Stercorariidae, 普通燕鸻
Glareola nordmanni: 黑翅燕鴴
Glareola nordmanni: 黑翅燕鸻(2)
Glareola nuchalis: 烏燕鴴
Glareola ocularis: 馬島燕鴴
Glareola pratincola: 領燕鴴(2)
Glareola pratincola: 領燕鸻
Glareola pratincola: 领燕鸻(8)
Glaridoglanis andersonii: 凿齿鮡
Glaucias beryllus: 黑點青蝽
Glaucidium brodiei: 領鵂鶹(7)
Glaucidium brodiei: 领子鸺鹠
Glaucidium brodiei: 领鸺鶹
Glaucidium brodiei: 领鸺鹠(6)
Glaucidium brodiei: 鵂鶹(14)
Glaucidium brodiei: 鸺鹠
Glaucidium brodiei: Brodiei, 领鸺鹠
Glaucidium capense: 斑鵂鶹
Glaucidium castanonotum: 栗背鸺鹠
Glaucidium castanopterum: 栗翅鸺鹠
Glaucidium cuculoides: 斑头鸺鶹
Glaucidium cuculoides: 斑头鸺鹠(5)
Glaucidium cuculoides: 斑头鸺鹪
Glaucidium cuculoides: 斑頭鵂鶹(2)
Glaucidium cuculoides: Whiteleyi, 斑头鸺鹠
Glaucidium passerinum: 花头鸺鹠(4)
Glaucidium passerinum: 花頭鵂鶹
Glaucidium perlatum: 珠斑鵂鶹
Glaucidium radiatum: 丛林鸺鹠
Glaucidium tephronotum: 紅胸鵂鶹
Glaucis dohrnii: 鉤喙蜂鳥
Glaucis dohrnii: 钩喙蜂鸟
Glaucis dohrnii: 钩嘴铜色蜂鸟
Glaucomys volans: 美洲飛鼠
Glauconome chinensis: 中華曇蛤
Glaucosoma buergeri: 灰葉鯛
Glaucosoma buergeri: 葉鯛
Glaucosoma hebraicum: 大目仔
Glaucosoma hebraicum: 青葉鯛
Glaucostegus granulatus: 琵琶鲼
Glaucostegus granulatus: 琵琶鲼, Pi pa fen(638)
Glaucostegus granulatus: 顆粒琵琶鱝
Glenea acutoides: 環紋黃條天牛
Glenea acutoides: 環鬚黃條天牛
Glenea albosignata: 白斑星天牛
Glenea anulicornia: 新島氏黃條天牛
Glenea anulicornia: 環鬚段段條天牛
Glenea centroguttata: 一色氏黃紋天牛
Glenea centroguttata: 一色黃紋天牛
Glenea chlorospila: 琉球藍星天牛
Glenea chrysomaculata: 琉璃閃星天牛
Glenea chrysomaculata: 藍艷燦星天牛
Glenea chujoi: 桑黃紋天牛
Glenea fainanensis: 曇斑條天牛
Glenea formosana: 蓬萊白條天牛
Glenea formosana: 黃條尖天牛
Glenea iwasakii: 岩崎氏金條天牛
Glenea lacteomaculata: 白紋星天牛
Glenea lineata: 曹太氏黃紋天牛
Glenea lineata: 白條尖天牛
Glenea luteicollis: 黃胸欠紋天牛
Glenea luteicollis: 黃胸無紋天牛
Glenea mitonoana: 水珠黃紋天牛
Glenea miwai: 三輪氏錨紋天牛
Glenea mounieri: 莫尼氏天牛
Glenea nanshanchiana: 南山白條天牛
Glenea pseudoscalaris: 三輪氏錨紋天牛
Glenea relicta: 白星天牛
Glenea relicta: 褐肩白星天牛
Glenea subabbreviata: 姬白條天牛
Glenea subabbreviata: 武界黃條天牛
Glenea tonkinea: 海南白星天牛
Glenea tonkinea: 黑地白星天牛
Glenea versuta: 蘭嶼白條天牛
Glenida cyanipennis: 華麗豔琉璃天牛
Glenida cyanipennis: 藍翅妮天牛
Glenuroides japonicus: 白云蚁蛉
Glirulus japonicus: 日本睡鼠
Glischropus javanus: 爪哇厚指油蝠
Glischropus javanus: 爪哇盘蝠
Glischropus tylopus: 厚指油蝠
Glischropus tylopus: 粗指盘蝠
Glischropus tylopus: 粗指盤蝠
Globicephala macrorhynchus: 圓頭鯨
Globicephala macrorhynchus: 大吻巨头鲸
Globicephala macrorhynchus: 太平洋領航鯨
Globicephala macrorhynchus: 短肢領航鯨
Globicephala macrorhynchus: 領航鯨
Globicephala melaena: 巨頭鯨
Globicephala melas: 圓頭鯨
Globicephala melas: 大西洋領航鯨
Globicephala melas: 長肢領航鯨
Globicephala scammoni: 黑海豚
Globiscala bullatum: 泡泡海螄螺
Globitermes brachycerastes: 短角球白蚁
Globitermes menglaensis: 勐腊球白蚁
Globitermes mengpengensis: 勐棒球白蚁
Globitermes minor: 小球白蚁
Globitermes sulphureus: 黄球白蚁
Globorotalia truncatulinoides: 截锥圆幅虫
Globovula margarita: 環邊海兔螺
Globovula margarita: 真珠海兔螺
Glossanodon semifasciatus: 半帶水珍魚
Glossanodon semifasciatus: 半帶舌珍魚
Glossilus yubimus: 圓柏匙突節蜱
Glossobalanus polybranc: 多鳃孔舌形虫
Glossobalanus polybranchioporus: 多鳃孔舌形虫(2)
Glossocephalus milneedwardsi: 舌頭戎
Glossodoris atromarginata: 黑邊多彩海蛞蝓
Glossodoris averni: 埃孚多彩海蛞蝓
Glossodoris cincta: 腰帶多彩海蛞蝓
Glossodoris hikuerensis: 希吉努多彩海蛞蝓
Glossodoris paladentatus: 鏟齒多彩海蛞蝓
Glossodoris pallida: 蒼白多彩海蛞蝓
Glossodoris pullata: 暗衣多彩海蛞蝓
Glossodoris rufomarginata: 紅邊多彩海蛞蝓
Glossodoris symmetrica: 對稱多彩海蛞蝓(2)
Glossodoris tomsmithi: 湯史密斯多彩海蛞蝓
Glossogobius aureus: 金叉叉舌鰕虎
Glossogobius aureus: 金叉舌鰕虎(4)
Glossogobius aureus: 金黃舌鰕虎魚
Glossogobius aureus: 金黄舌鰕虎鱼
Glossogobius bicirrhosus: 雙鬚叉舌鯊
Glossogobius bicirrhosus: 雙鬚叉舌鰕虎(3)
Glossogobius bicirrhosus: 雙鬚舌鰕虎
Glossogobius biocellatus: 双斑斑鰕莺虎
Glossogobius biocellatus: 双斑舌鰕虎鱼
Glossogobius biocellatus: 雙斑叉舌鯊
Glossogobius biocellatus: 雙斑叉舌鰕虎(2)
Glossogobius biocellatus: 雙斑斑鰕鸎虎
Glossogobius biocellatus: 雙斑舌鰕虎魚(2)
Glossogobius biocellatus: 雙眼斑砂鰕虎
Glossogobius brunnoides: 擬背斑叉舌鯊
Glossogobius brunnoides: 擬背斑叉舌鰕虎
Glossogobius brunnoides: 擬背斑舌鰕虎魚
Glossogobius celebius: 多孔叉舌鰕虎
Glossogobius celebius: 盘鳍舌鰕虎鱼
Glossogobius celebius: 盤鰭叉舌鰕虎(2)
Glossogobius celebius: 盤鰭舌鰕虎魚
Glossogobius circrmspectus: 橫列寸舌鰕虎
Glossogobius circumspectus: 橫列叉舌鯊
Glossogobius circumspectus: 橫列叉舌鰕虎(2)
Glossogobius circumspectus: 鈍吻舌鰕虎魚
Glossogobius giuris: 叉舌鰕虎(4)
Glossogobius giuris: 正叉舌鰕虎(5)
Glossogobius giuris: 舌鰕虎魚(2)
Glossogobius giuris: 舌鰕虎鱼(2)
Glossogobius giuris: 虎鱼
Glossogobius obscuripinnis: 暗鰭舌鰕虎魚
Glossogobius obscuripinnis: 無斑叉舌鯊
Glossogobius obscuripinnis: 無斑叉舌鰕虎
Glossogobius olivaceus: 斑紋舌鰕虎魚(2)
Glossogobius olivaceus: 斑纹舌鰕虎鱼(2)
Glossogobius olivaceus: 点带叉舌鰕虎
Glossogobius olivaceus: 點帶叉舌鯊
Glossogobius olivaceus: 點帶叉舌鰕虎(3)
Glossogobius olivaceus: 點帶叉鰕虎
Glossogobiuss giuris: 舌鰕虎鱼
Glossolepis incisus: 伊里安島舌鱗銀漢魚
Glossolepis incisus: 新几内亚彩虹
Glossolepis incisus: 紅蘋果美人(2)
Glossolepis incisus: 红苹果美人
Glossolepis incisus: 舌鳞银汉鱼
Glossophaga commissarisi: 加勒比长舌叶鼻蝠
Glossophaga commissarisi: 康氏長舌葉口蝠
Glossophaga leachii: 李氏長舌葉口蝠
Glossophaga leachii: 李氏长舌叶鼻蝠
Glossophaga longirostris: 長吻長舌葉口蝠
Glossophaga longirostris: 長吻長舌葉鼻蝠
Glossophaga longirostris: 长吻长舌叶鼻蝠
Glossophaga morenoi: 莫氏长舌叶鼻蝠
Glossophaga soricina: 鼩形長舌葉口蝠
Glossophaga soricina: 鼩形长舌蝠
Glossopsitta concinna: 红耳绿吸蜜鹦鹉
Glossopsitta porphyrocephala: 紫冠吸蜜鹦鹉
Glossopsitta pusilla: 姬吸蜜鹦鹉
Glossosoma taiwanensis: 台灣舌石娥
Gloydius brevicaudus: 短尾腹
Gloydius brevicaudus: 短尾蝮(6)
Gloydius intermedius: 中介腹
Gloydius intermedius: 中介腹蛇
Gloydius intermedius: 中介腹(3)
Gloydius intermedius: 中介蝮(2)
Gloydius liupanensis: 六盘山腹
Gloydius liupanensis: 六盘山蝮(4)
Gloydius liupanensis: 六盤山蝮
Gloydius monticola: 雪山腹蛇
Gloydius qinlingensis: 秦岭腹
Gloydius qinlingensis: 秦岭蝮(4)
Gloydius qinlingensis: 秦嶺蝮
Gloydius saxatilis: 岩栖腹
Gloydius saxatilis: 岩栖蝮(4)
Gloydius saxatilis: 巖棲蝮
Gloydius sheaoensis: 蛇岛蝮(2)
Gloydius sheaoensis: 蛇島蝮
Gloydius shedaoensis: 吉林白眉腹蛇
Gloydius shedaoensis: 蛇岛腹
Gloydius shedaoensis: 蛇岛蝮(2)
Gloydius strauchi: 高原腹
Gloydius strauchi: 高原蝮(5)
Gloydius ussuriensis: 乌苏里腹
Gloydius ussuriensis: 乌苏里蝮(4)
Gloydius ussuriensis: 烏蘇里蝮
Gloydiys brevicadus: 短尾蝮
Glycosia luctifera: 絨毛大黑花金龜
Glycosia luctifera: 群斑短胸花金龜
Glycydonta marica: 鹿斑簾蛤
Glycymeris albolineata: 白線蚶蜊
Glycymeris aspera: 花蚶蜊
Glycymeris imperialis: 帝王蚶蜊
Glycymeris imperialis: 花斑褐蚶蜊
Glycymeris reevei: 褐蚶蜊
Glycymeris rotunda: 圓蚶蜊
Glycyphana fulvistemma: 橫斑黑花金龜
Glycyphana fulvistemma: 黃斑短突花金龜
Glycyphana gracilis: 細微黑花金龜
Glycyphana horsfieldi: 紅緣短突花金龜
Glycyphana horsfieldi: 金斑黑花金龜
Glycyphana hybrida: 偽橫斑黑花金龜
Glyphinaphis bambusae: 竹毛扁蚜
Glyphis galeata: 偏孔透孔螺
Glyphis gangeticus: 印度露齒鯊
Glyphis gangeticus: 大沙
Glyphis gangeticus: 恆河白眼鮫
Glyphisodon moucharra: 门齿雀鲷
Glyphostoma lyuhrurngae: 綠蓉捲管螺
Glyphotes simus: 赤腹雕松鼠
Glyprociolaris crenularis: 海刺猬
Glyptemys muhlenbergii: 牟氏水龜
Glyptemys muhlenbergii: 牟氏龜
Glyptobasis brunnea: 褐端長角蛉
Glyptobasis brunnea: 褐頂蝶角蛉
Glyptocephalus cynoglossus: 美首鰈
Glyptocephalus cynoglossus: 美首鲽
Glyptocephalus zachirus: 美洲美首鰈
Glyptocephalus zachirus: 美洲美首鲽
Glyptophidium argenteum: 銀色曲鼬鳚
Glyptophidium lucidum: 光曲鼬魚
Glyptophidium lucidum: 光曲鼬鳚
Glyptophidium oceanicum: 大洋嵴鼬鳚
Glyptotendipus brevilobus: 窄葉搖蚊
Glyptotendipus formosae: 圓山搖蚊
Glyptotermes angustithorax: 狭胸树白蚁
Glyptotermes baliochilus: 花唇树白蚁
Glyptotermes bimaculifrons: 双斑树白蚁
Glyptotermes brachythorax: 短胸树白蚁
Glyptotermes chinpingensis: 金平树白蚁
Glyptotermes curticeps: 短头树白蚁
Glyptotermes daiyunensis: 戴云树白蚁
Glyptotermes daweishanensis: 大围山树白蚁
Glyptotermes emei: 峨嵋树白蚁
Glyptotermes euryceps: 宽头树树白蚁
Glyptotermes euryceps: 宽头树白蚁
Glyptotermes ficus: 榕树白蚁
Glyptotermes fujianensis: 福建树白蚁
Glyptotermes fuscus: 茄苳白蟻(2)
Glyptotermes fuscus: 黑树白蚁
Glyptotermes fuscus: 黑樹白蟻
Glyptotermes guizhouensis: 贵州树白蚁
Glyptotermes hejiangensis: 合江树白蚁
Glyptotermes hesperus: 川西树白蚁
Glyptotermes jinyunensis: 缙云树白蚁
Glyptotermes latithorax: 宽胸树白蚁
Glyptotermes liangshanensis: 凉山树白蚁
Glyptotermes limulingensis: 黎母岭树白蚁
Glyptotermes limulingensis: 黎母领树白蚁
Glyptotermes longnanensis: 陇南树白蚁
Glyptotermes maculifrons: 麻额树白蚁
Glyptotermes magnioculus: 大眼树白蚁
Glyptotermes mandibulicinus: 翘颚树白蚁
Glyptotermes nadaensis: 那大树白蚁
Glyptotermes orthognathus: 直颚树白蚁
Glyptotermes parvus: 小树白蚁
Glyptotermes satsumensis: 薩摩白蟻
Glyptotermes satsumensis: 赤树白蚁
Glyptotermes satsumensis: 赤樹白蟻
Glyptotermes shaanxiensis: 陕西树白蚁
Glyptotermes simaoensis: 思茅树白蚁
Glyptotermes succineus: 琥珀树白蚁
Glyptotermes tsaii: 蔡氏树白蚁
Glyptotermes xiamenensis: 厦门树白蚁
Glyptotermes yingdeensis: 英德树白蚁
Glyptotermes yui: 尤氏树白蚁
Glyptotermes zhaoi: 赵氏树白蚁
Glyptothorax cavia: 穴形纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax deqinensis: 德钦纹胸鮡
Glyptothorax dorsalis: 亮背纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax fukiensis: 福建纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax fukiensis: 红河纹胸鮡
Glyptothorax hainanensis: 海南纹胸鮡
Glyptothorax interspinalum: 间棘纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax lampris: 丽纹胸鮡
Glyptothorax lampris: 美丽纹胸鮡
Glyptothorax laosensis: 老挝纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax longicauda: 长尾纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax longjiangensis: 龙江纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax macromaculatus: 大斑纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax minimaculatus: 细斑纹胸鮡
Glyptothorax pallozonum: 白線紋胸鮡
Glyptothorax pallozonum: 白线纹胸鮡
Glyptothorax quadriocellatus: 四斑纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax sinensis: 中华纹胸鮡
Glyptothorax trilineatus: 三线纹胸鮡(2)
Glyptothorax zainaensis: 扎那纹胸鮡
Glyptothorax zainaensis: 札那纹胸鮡
Glyptus courierei: 辜氏雕尾蝦
Gnamptogenys taivaensis: 台灣彎顎針蟻
Gnaphaloryx taiwanicus: 台灣銹鍬形蟲
Gnathanodon speciosus: 无齿鲹
Gnathanodon speciosus: 無齒鰺
Gnathanodon speciosus: 虎斑瓜
Gnathanodon speciosus: 黃鸝無齒鰺
Gnathanodon speciosus: 黃鸝鰺
Gnathanodon speciosus: 黄合鲳
Gnathanodon speciosus: 黄合鲳, Huang he chang
Gnathanodon speciosus: 黄鹂无齿鲹
Gnathocerus cornutus: 濶角榖盜
Gnathocerus maxillosus: 細擬榖盜
Gnathocharax steindachneri: 斯氏頜脂鯉
Gnathochromis permaxillaris: 全顎頜麗魚(2)
Gnathochromis pfefferi: 法氏頜麗魚
Gnathodentex aureolineatus: 金帶鯛
Gnathodentex aureolineatus: 金帶齒頜鯛
Gnatholea biseburata: 雙爪家天牛
Gnatholea biseburata: 雙眼家天牛
Gnatholepis anjerensis: 臀斑頜鱗鰕虎
Gnatholepis anjerensis: 臀斑頜鱗鰕虎魚
Gnatholepis anjerensis: 頜鱗鰕虎
Gnatholepis anjerensis: 頜鱗鰕虎魚
Gnatholepis anjerensis: 颌鳞鰕虎
Gnatholepis anjerensis: 颌鳞鰕虎鱼
Gnatholepis cauerensis: 肩斑頜鱗鰕虎魚
Gnatholepis cauerensis: 肩班頜鱗鰕虎
Gnatholepis davaoensis: 達澳頜鱗鰕虎
Gnathonemus elephas: 象鼻鱼
Gnathonemus elephas: 鹳嘴长颌鱼
Gnathonemus petersi: 长颌鱼
Gnathonemus petersi: 鹳嘴骨舌鱼
Gnathonemus petersii: 彼德氏長吻魚
Gnathonemus petersii: 彼氏象鼻鱼
Gnathonemus petersii: 彼氏錐頜象鼻魚(2)
Gnathonemus petersii: 象鼻魚
Gnathonemus tamandua: 小象鼻鱼
Gnathophis nystromi: 穴頜吻鰻
Gnathophis xenica: 外來頜吻鰻
Gnathopogon argentatus: 银色颌须鮈
Gnathopogon caerulescens: 暗色頜鬚鮈
Gnathopogon elongatus: 短尾長頜鬚鮈
Gnathopogon elongatus: 長頜鬚鮈
Gnathopogon herzensteini: 嘉陵頜鬚鮈
Gnathopogon herzensteini: 嘉陵颌须鮈
Gnathopogon imberbis: 短须颌须鮈(2)
Gnathopogon imberbis: 短鬚頜鬚鮈
Gnathopogon mantschuricus: 东北颌须鮈
Gnathopogon nicholsi: 隐须颌须鮈
Gnathopogon nicholsi: 隱鬚頜鬚鮈
Gnathopogon polytaenia: 多紋頜鬚鮈
Gnathopogon polytaenia: 多纹颌须鮈
Gnathopogon sihuensis: 西湖颌须鮈
Gnathopogon strigatus: 東北頜鬚鮈
Gnathopogon taeniellus: 細紋頜鬚鮈
Gnathopogon taeniellus: 细纹颌须鮈(2)
Gnathopogon tsinanensis: 济南颌须鮈
Gnathopogon tsinanensis: 濟南頜鬚鮈
Gnathothlibus erotus: 後黃白眉天蛾
Gnesis formosanus: 蓬萊巨頭擬迴木蟲
Gnesis helopioides: 墾丁巨頭擬迴木蟲
Gnesis liukueiensis: 六龜巨頭擬迴木蟲
Gnophomyia brevicellula: 葉狀祖大蚊
Gnophomyia clitelata: 細刺棉大蚊
Gnophomyia curticellula: 蘭嶼象大蚊
Gnophomyia dejecta: 廣葉祖大蚊
Gnophomyia foliacea: 蓬萊長大紋
Gnophomyia gressitti: 新竹艾大蚊
Gnophomyia hyalipennis: 素木長大紋
Gnophomyia latifolia: 能高長大紋
Gnophomyia metatarsata: 松崗象大蚊
Gnophomyia nansei: 木瘤長大紋
Gnophomyia nebulosa: 肯式艾大蚊
Gnophomyia neonebulosa: 水神艾大蚊
Gnophomyia ocnfluenta: 關嶺棉大蚊
Gnophomyia orientalis: 南亞祖大蚊
Gnophomyia ornatipennis: 優雅象大蚊
Gnophomyia praedita: 劍客棉大蚊
Gnophomyia pruinosa: 台灣瘸大蚊
Gnophomyia ptilostenoides: 羅傑棉大蚊
Gnophomyia sauteri: 珍奇棉大蚊
Gnophomyia scutellumalbum: 白點棉大蚊
Gnophomyia sekiana: 台北長大紋
Gnophomyia shirakii: 遲緩象大蚊
Gnophomyia similis: 石山祖大蚊
Gnophomyia sinuosa: 八仙棉大蚊
Gnorismomyia flavicornis: 高雄水虻
Gobiesox nudus: 裸阿科斯喉盘鱼
Gobiesox nudus: 裸阿科斯喉盤魚
Gobiesox papillifer: 须喉盘鱼(2)
Gobiesox pinniger: 翼喉盘鱼
Gobiesox pinniger: 翼喉盤魚
Gobio acutipinnatus: 尖鰭鮈
Gobio acutipnnatus: 尖鳍鮈
Gobio carpathicus: 喀爾巴阡鮈
Gobio coriparoides: 似銅鮈
Gobio coriparoides: 似铜鮈
Gobio cynocephalus: 犬首鮈(2)
Gobio gobio: 大头鮈
Gobio gobio: 尖鳍鮈
Gobio gobio: 棒花鮈
Gobio gobio: 犬首鮈
Gobio gobio: 鞍斑杜父鱸鰧(2)
Gobio gobio: 鞍斑杜父鲈鰧(2)
Gobio gobio: 鮈(2)
Gobio hettitorum: 赫蒂鮈
Gobio huanghensis: 黃河鮈
Gobio huanghensis: 黄河鮈(2)
Gobio lingyuanensis: 凌源鮈(3)
Gobio macrocephalus: 大头鮈
Gobio meriodionalis: 南方鮈
Gobio rivuloides: 擬棒花鮈
Gobio rivuloides: 棒花鮈
Gobio soldatovi: 高体鮈
Gobio soldatovi: 高體鮈
Gobio tenuicorpus: 细体鮈(2)
Gobiobotia abbreviata: 短身鰍鮀
Gobiobotia abbreviata: 短身鳅鮀(2)
Gobiobotia boulengeri: 异鳔鳅鮀
Gobiobotia brevibarba: 短鬚鰍鮀
Gobiobotia brevirostris: 短吻鰍鮀
Gobiobotia brevirostris: 短吻鳅鮀
Gobiobotia cheni: 八鬚鯉
Gobiobotia cheni: 台灣鰍鮀(3)
Gobiobotia cheni: 陈氏鳅鮀
Gobiobotia cheni: 陳氏鰍鮀(8)
Gobiobotia filifer: 宜昌鳅鮀
Gobiobotia filifer: 線鰍鮀
Gobiobotia guilinensis: 桂林鳅鮀(2)
Gobiobotia guilingensis: 桂林鰍鮀
Gobiobotia homalopteroidea: 平鰭鰍鮀
Gobiobotia homalopteroidea: 平鳍鳅鮀(2)
Gobiobotia intermedia: 中間鰍鮀(3)
Gobiobotia intermedia: 中间鳅鮀
Gobiobotia intermedia: 八鬚鯉
Gobiobotia intermedia: Intermedia, 中間鰍鮀
Gobiobotia jiangxiensis: 江西鰍鮀
Gobiobotia kolleri: 中間鰍鮀
Gobiobotia kolleri: 海南鰍鮀
Gobiobotia kolleri: 海南鳅鮀
Gobiobotia longibarba: 元江长须鳅鮀(2)
Gobiobotia longibarba: 南方长须鳅鮀(2)
Gobiobotia longibarba: 長鬚鰍鮀
Gobiobotia longibarba: 长须鳅鮀
Gobiobotia macrocephala: 大頭鰍鮀
Gobiobotia meridionalis: 南方長鬚鰍鮀
Gobiobotia meridionalis: 南方鳅鮀
Gobiobotia naktongensis: 朝鮮鰍鮀
Gobiobotia nudicorpa: 裸体鳅鮀(2)
Gobiobotia pappenheimi: 鰍鮀
Gobiobotia pappenheimi: 鳅鮀
Gobiobotia paucirastella: 少耙鰍鮀
Gobiobotia paucirastella: 少耙鳅鮀
Gobiobotia tchang: 异螺鳅鮀
Gobiobotia tungi: 裸胸鰍鮀
Gobiobotia tungi: 裸胸鳅鮀
Gobiobotia yichangensis: 宜昌鳅鮀
Gobiobotia yuanjiangensis: 沅江鰍鮀
Gobiocichla ethelwynnae: 哀思鮈麗魚
Gobiocichla wonderi: 伍氏鮈麗魚
Gobiocypris rarus: 稀有鮈鯽
Gobiocypris rarus: 稀有鮈鲫(3)
Gobiodon citrinus: 橙色短鰕虎
Gobiodon citrinus: 橙色葉鰕虎魚
Gobiodon fulvus: 棕褐葉鰕虎魚
Gobiodon fulvus: 黃褐短鰕虎
Gobiodon multilineatus: 多線短鰕虎
Gobiodon multilineatus: 多線葉鰕虎
Gobiodon multilineatus: 多線葉鰕虎魚
Gobiodon oculolineatus: 眼帶葉鰕虎魚
Gobiodon oculolineatus: 眼線短鰕虎
Gobiodon okinawae: 黃體業鰕虎
Gobiodon okinawae: 黃體短鰕虎
Gobiodon okinawae: 黃體葉鰕虎魚
Gobiodon quinquestrigatus: 五帶短鰕虎
Gobiodon quinquestrigatus: 五線葉鰕虎魚
Gobiodon rivulatus: 五帶短鰕虎
Gobiodon rivulatus: 溝短鰕虎
Gobiodon rivulatus: 溝葉鰕虎魚
Gobiodon unicolor: 灰短鰕虎
Gobiodon unicolor: 灰葉鰕虎魚
Gobiopsis arenaria: 砂髯鰕虎魚
Gobiopsis arenaria: 砂鰕虎
Gobiopterus macrolepis: 大鱗鰭鰕虎魚
Gobiopterus macrolepis: 大鳞鳍鰕虎鱼
Gobrya syrphoides: 假仙細蠅
Goera minuta: 巧體瘤石蛾
Goera prominens: 顯現瘤石蛾
Goera tenuis: 細緻瘤石蛾
Goerodes doligung: 圓突長節石蛾
Goerodes ebenacanthus: 普遍長節石蛾
Goerodes quadrispinus: 四棘長節石蛾
Goerodes taichungensis: 台中長節石蛾
Goerodes tanmounensis: 天母長節石蛾
Goerodes weirjinensis: 唯金長節石蛾
Golfingia margaritacea: 珠光戈芬星蟲
Golunda ellioti: 印度灌鼠
Gomesius hesione: 羽突蚊獵蝽
Gomphidia confluens: 联纹小叶春蜓
Gomphidia confluens: 聯紋春蜓(2)
Gomphidia interruptistria: 间纹小叶春蜓
Gomphidia kelloggi: 克氏小叶春蜓
Gomphidia kruegeri: 并纹小叶春蜓
Gomphidia kruegeri: 異紋春蜓
Gomphina aequilatera: 等边浅蛤
Gomphina aequilatera: 花蛤
Gomphina melanaegis: 等腰橫簾蛤
Gomphina undulosa: 皺文蛤
Gomphina veneriformis: 等边浅蛤
Gomphosus caeruleus: 綠長咀龍
Gomphosus caeruleus: 馬爾地夫鳥嘴龍
Gomphosus varius: 尖嘴青龙
Gomphosus varius: 染色尖嘴魚
Gomphosus varius: 長咀龍
Gomphosus varius: 雜色尖嘴魚
Gonatopsis octopedatus: 八腕擬手鈎魷
Gonaxis quadrilateralis: 嘉納蝸牛(2)
Gonepteryx amintha: 橙翅鼠李粉蝶
Gonepteryx amintha: Formosana, 紅點粉蝶
Gonepteryx aspasia: 锐角翅粉蝶
Gonepteryx rhamai: 角翅粉蝶
Gonepteryx taiwana: 台灣鉤粉蝶
Gonepteryx taiwana: 小紅點粉蝶
Gonerda bretaudiaui: 紫曲紋燈蛾
Gonerda bretaudiaui: 紫曲纹灯蛾(4)
Gonerilia buddha: 菩萨工灰蝶
Gonerilia okamurai: 网村工灰蝶
Gonerilia pesthis: 佩工灰蝶
Gonerilia seraphim: 天使工灰蝶
Gonerilia thespis: 银线工灰蝶
Goniada maculata: 色斑角吻沙蠶
Goniastrea aspera: 粗糙角星珊瑚
Goniastrea australensis: 翼形角星珊瑚
Goniastrea australiensis: 澳洲角星珊瑚
Goniastrea edwardsi: 艾氏角星珊瑚
Goniastrea pectinata: 翼形角星珊瑚(2)
Goniastrea retiformis: 網狀角星珊瑚
Goniistius zebra: 三康
Goniistius zebra: 咬破布
Goniistius zebra: 斑紋唇指
Goniistius zebra: 斑馬鷹
Goniistius zebra: 萬年瘦
Goniistius zebra: 金花
Goniistius zonatus: 三康
Goniistius zonatus: 咬破布
Goniistius zonatus: 帶唇指
Goniistius zonatus: 花尾鷹
Goniistius zonatus: 花尾鷹
Goniistius zonatus: 萬年瘦
Goniistius zonatus: 金花
Gonimyrtea soyoae: 薄片滿月蛤
Goniocidaris biserialis: 雙列角頭帕
Goniodiscaster granuliferus: 粒角盤海星
Goniodoridella savignyi: 薩維尼隅海蛞蝓
Goniodoris felis: 貓隅海蛞蝓
Goniodoris joubini: 喬賓隅海蛞蝓
Goniophyto formosensis: 台灣戈蠅
Goniopora columna: 柱形管孔珊瑚
Goniopora djiboutiensis: 大管孔珊瑚
Goniopora lobata: 團塊管孔珊瑚(2)
Goniopora minor: 小管孔珊瑚
Goniopora somaliensis: 梭馬管孔珊瑚
Goniopora stutchburyi: 平滑管孔珊瑚
Goniozus indicus: 印度蟻蜂(2)
Goniozus japonicus: 日本棱角腫腿蜂
Goniurosaurus araneus: 越南豹纹守宫
Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis: 霸王岭睑虎
Goniurosaurus hainanensis: 海南守宫(2)
Goniurosaurus hainanensis: 海南睑虎(2)
Goniurosaurus hainanensis: 睑虎(5)
Goniurosaurus hainanensis: 瞼虎
Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi: 睑虎(2)
Goniurosaurus lichtenfelderi: 越南洞穴守宫?
Goniurosaurus luii: 中國紋守宮
Goniurosaurus luii: 中國豹
Goniurosaurus luii: 凭祥守宫(2)
Goniurosaurus luii: 凭祥睑虎(6)
Goniurosaurus luii: 憑祥瞼虎
Gonocephalum adpressiforme: 扁潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum andrewesi: 安氏扁潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum buirmanicum: 緬甸潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum coenoqum: 角肩潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum coriaceum: 姬潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum dentipes: 剌角潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum depressum: 黑扁潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum formosanum: 蓬萊潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum kanoi: 鹿野潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum moluccanum: 麻六甲潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum outreyi: 歐氏潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum pseudopubens: 大潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum reticulatum: 蒙古拟地甲
Gonocephalum sauteri: 曹氏潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum subspinasum: 尖角土潜
Gonocephalum subspinogum: 短剌潛砂蟲
Gonocephalum tuberculatum: 小瘤潛砂蟲
Gonocephalus belli: 孟加拉头角蜥(3)
Gonocephalus belli: 贝尔冠蜥
Gonocephalus chamaeleontinus: 变色冠蜥
Gonocephalus chamaeleontinus: 变色龙冠蜥(2)
Gonocephalus chamaeleontinus: 头角蜥(3)
Gonocephalus doriae: 多利亚森林龙
Gonocephalus doriae: 黑点头角蜥(2)
Gonocephalus grandis: 火冠蜥(3)
Gonocephalus grandis: 黄点头角蜥(2)
Gonocephalus liogaster: 平腹头角蜥(2)
Gonocephalus robinsonii: 马来头角蜥(2)
Gonocephalus sophiae: 细头角蜥(2)
Gonodactylellus erdmanni: 爾氏小指蝦蛄
Gonodactylus childi: 齊氏指蝦蛄
Gonodactylus chiragra: 大指蝦蛄
Gonodactylus platysoma: 寬體指蝦蛄
Gonodactylus smithii: 史氏指蝦蛄
Gonolabis cavaleriei: 卡肥螋
Gonolabis formosae: 臺灣肥螋
Gonolabis marginalis: 緣瘤螋
Gonorhynchus abbreviatus: 鼠鱚
Gonorynchus abbreviatus: 老鼠梭
Gonorynchus abbreviatus: 鼠鱚
Gonostoma atlanticum: 西鑽光魚
Gonostoma elongatum: 長身櫛口魚
Gonostoma elongatum: 長鑽光魚
Gopherus flavomarginatus: 墨西哥哥法象龜
Gopherus flavomarginatus: 墨西哥地鼠陸龜
Gopherus flavomarginatus: 黃緣沙龜(2)
Gorgasia japonica: 日本園鰻
Gorgasia preclara: 黃間花園鰻
Gorgasia taiwanensis: 台灣園鰻
Gorgasia taiwanensis: 台灣圓鰻
Gorgonariana sodalis: 伴侶柳珊蟹
Gorilla beringei: 山地大猩猩(2)
Gorilla gorilla: 东部低地大猩猩
Gorilla gorilla: 大猩猩(8)
Gorilla gorilla: 山地大猩猩
Gorilla gorilla: 黑猩猩
Gorpis annulatus: 环斑花姬蝽
Gorpis brevilineatus: 山高姬蝽
Gorpis denticollis: 齿山高姬蝽
Gorpis elegens: 雅高姬蝽
Gorpis humeralis: 角肩高姬蝽
Gorpis japonicus: 日本高姬蝽
Gorpis liniolipes: 纹足高姬蝽
Gorpis longispinis: 长刺花姬蝽
Gorpis zhangmuensis: 樟木山高姬蝽
Gorsachius goisagi: 栗夜鳽
Gorsachius goisagi: 栗头虎斑鳽
Gorsachius goisagi: 栗头鳽(2)
Gorsachius goisagi: 栗开鳽
Gorsachius goisagi: 栗開鳽
Gorsachius goisagi: 栗頭虎斑
Gorsachius goisagi: 栗鳽(8)
Gorsachius goisagi: 麻鷺(7)
Gorsachius goisagi: 麻鹭(2)
Gorsachius goisagi: 麻鷺
Gorsachius leuconotus: 白背夜鷺
Gorsachius magnificus: 海南夜鳽
Gorsachius magnificus: 海南虎斑鳽(2)
Gorsachius magnificus: 海南鳽
Gorsachius magnificus: 海南鳽(5)
Gorsachius magnificus: 海南麻鷺
Gorsachius magnificus: 虎斑夜鳽
Gorsachius melanlophus: 黑冠麻鷺
Gorsachius melanolophus: 黑冠夜鳽
Gorsachius melanolophus: 黑冠虎斑鳽
Gorsachius melanolophus: 黑冠鳽
Gorsachius melanolophus: 黑冠鳽(12)
Gorsachius melanolophus: 黑冠麻鷺(8)
Gorsachius melanolophus: 黑冠麻鹭(3)
Gorsachius melanolophus: 黑冠麻鷺
Gorsachius melanolophus: 黒冠麻鷺
Gorsakius goisagi: 麻鷺
Gorsakius melanolophus: 黑冠麻鷺(2)
Goryphus basilaris: 橫帶駝姬蜂
Goslinia platynema: 扁線戈絲油鯰
Gossypariella siamensis: 棉绒蚧
Gotra marginata: 緣斑脊額姬蜂
Gotra octocincta: 花胸姬蜂
Gouiecythere asamushiensis: 淺蟲勾氏介
Gouiecythere hanchingi: 漢卿勾氏介
Gouiecythere inversa: 顛倒勾氏介
Gouiecythere lianshuae: 藍秀勾氏介
Gouiecythere nilüia: 逆旅勾氏介
Gouiecythere obesa: 肥胖勾氏介
Goura cristata: 蓝凤冠鸠(3)
Goura scheepmakeri: 紫胸凤冠鸠
Goura scheepmakeri: 紫胸风冠鸠(2)
Goura victoria: 维多凤冠鸠(2)
Gracila albomarginata: 白邊纖齒鱸
Gracila albomarginata: 石斑
Gracila albomarginata: 纖齒鱸
Gracila albomarginata: 过鱼
Gracila albomarginata: 過魚
Gracila albomarginata: 鱠
Gracila albomarginata: 黑皮過魚
Gracilentulus lanyuensis: 蘭嶼格蚖
Graciliscala rimbogai: 星形海螄螺
Gracula ptilogenys: 斯里兰卡鹩哥
Gracula relgosa: 鹩哥
Gracula religiosa: 九官鳥(2)
Gracula religiosa: 九官鳥, Jiu3 guan1 niao3(4540)
Gracula religiosa: 九官鸟, Jiu3 guan1 niao3(7670)
Gracula religiosa: 海南鹩哥(5480)
Gracula religiosa: 秦吉了(8230)
Gracula religiosa: 鷯哥(2)
Gracula religiosa: 鷯哥, Liao2 ge1(6210)
Gracula religiosa: 鹩哥(3)
Gracula religiosa: 鹩哥, Liao2 ge1(6210)
Gracupica contra: 斑椋鳥
Gracupica contra: 斑椋鸟
Gracupica nigricollis: 烏領椋鳥(4)
Gracupica nigricollis: 黑領椋鳥(2)
Gracupica nigricollis: 黑领椋鸟(3)
Gracupica nigricollis: 黑領椋鳥
Graellsia isabellae: 西班牙月蛾
Grallina bruijni: 山鹊鹩
Grallina cyanoleuca: 鵲鷚
Grallina cyanoleuca: 鹊鹩
Graminicola bengalensis: 大草莺(3)
Graminicola bengalensis: 大草鶯(2)
Grammatobothus krempfi: 克氏雙線鮃
Grammatobothus krempfi: 扁魚
Grammatobothus krempfi: 皇帝魚
Grammatobothus krempfi: 皇帝鱼
Grammatoptila striata: 条纹噪鹛
Grammatorcynus bilineatus: 大眼雙線鯖
Grammatotria lemairii: 萊曼氏三線麗魚
Grammicolepis brachiusculus: 斑線菱鯛
Grammicolepis brachiusculus: 斑菱的鯛
Grammicomyia sauteri: 邵氏微腳蠅
Grammistes sexlineatus: 六帶線紋魚
Grammistes sexlineatus: 六線線紋魚
Grammistes sexlineatus: 六線黑鱸(2)
Grammistes sexlineatus: 包公
Grammographus arcuata: 蓬萊刺鬚虎天牛
Grammographus arcuata: 蓬萊鋸角虎天牛
Grammographus granulicollis: 顆領黃虎天牛
Grammographus kanoi: 黃胸綠虎天牛
Grammographus submaculatus: 灰斑黃虎天牛
Grammographus taiwanensis: 台灣刺鬚虎天牛
Grammographus taiwanensis: 台灣黃虎天牛
Grammomys gigas: 巨線鼠
Grammoplites scaber: 棘線鯒
Grammoplites scaber: 橫帶棘線牛尾魚
Grammoplites scaber: 橫帶牛尾魚
Grammoplites scaber: 牛尾
Grammoptera matsudai: 松田條翅花天牛
Grammostola rosea: 智利紅玫瑰(2)
Grampus griseus: 灰海豚(2)
Grampus griseus: 瑞氏海豚
Grandala coelicolor: 蓝大翅鸲(3)
Grandala coelicolor: 藍大翅鴝
Granosolarium gemmiferum: 深海小輪螺
Granosolarium mirabilis: 鋸緣小輪螺
Granulifusus hayashii: 林氏長旋螺
Granulifusus kiranus: 吉良長旋螺
Granulifusus niponicus: 日本長旋螺
Granulilittorina exigua: 細粒玉黍螺
Granulilittorina millegrana: 台灣玉黍螺
Graomys griseoflavus: 灰黃灘鼠
Graphicomassa hanleyi: 夢幻麥螺
Graphidessa obliquefasciata: 斜紋銹天牛
Graphidessa variegata: 梨山銹天牛
Graphium adamastor: 铜青凤蝶
Graphium agamedes: 蜥青凤蝶
Graphium agamemnon: 統帥青鳳蝶
Graphium agamemnon: 綠斑鳳蝶
Graphium agamemnon: 统帅青凤蝶
Graphium agamemnon: 翠斑青鳳蝶
Graphium agetes: 斜纹绿凤蝶
Graphium albescens: 白翅绿凤蝶
Graphium alebion: 金斑剑凤蝶
Graphium almansor: 黄裙青凤蝶
Graphium androcles: 长尾绿凤蝶
Graphium angolanus: 安哥拉青凤蝶
Graphium antheus: 安泰青凤蝶
Graphium antiphates: 綠鳳蝶
Graphium antiphates: 绿凤蝶
Graphium aristeus: 芒绿凤蝶
Graphium aristeus: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Graphium arycles: 玉兰青凤蝶
Graphium auriger: 蓝斑青凤蝶
Graphium aurivilliusi: 奥氏青凤蝶
Graphium bathycles: 深深青凤蝶
Graphium batjanensis: 巴特青凤蝶
Graphium biokoensis: 碧青凤蝶
Graphium browni: 细斑青凤蝶
Graphium chiron: 碎斑青凤蝶
Graphium cloanthus: 宽带青凤蝶
Graphium cloanthus: 寬帶青鳳蝶
Graphium colonna: 可罗青凤蝶
Graphium cyrnus: 黄斑青凤蝶
Graphium decolor: 剑尾绿凤蝶
Graphium delesserti: 带纹凤蝶
Graphium deucalion: 黛纹凤蝶
Graphium dorcus: 细长尾绿凤蝶
Graphium doson: 小青鳳蝶
Graphium doson: 木兰青凤蝶
Graphium doson: 木蘭青鳳蝶
Graphium doson: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Graphium doson: 青帶鳳蝶
Graphium doson: 青斑鳳蝶
Graphium doson: 黃蘭蝶
Graphium empedovana: 黄纹青凤蝶
Graphium encelades: 银纹凤蝶
Graphium endochus: 蓝白青凤蝶
Graphium epaminondas: 安达曼绿凤蝶
Graphium euphrates: 优绿凤蝶
Graphium euphratoides: 拟优绿凤蝶
Graphium eurous: 升天剑凤蝶
Graphium eurypylus: 银钩青凤蝶
Graphium evemon: 南亚青凤蝶
Graphium evombar: 爱娃青凤蝶
Graphium fulleri: 富勒青凤蝶
Graphium gelon: 绿带青凤蝶
Graphium gudenusi: 古丹青凤蝶
Graphium hachei: 黄云青凤蝶
Graphium hicetaon: 中斑青凤蝶
Graphium idaeoides: 白斑纹凤蝶
Graphium illyris: 黄带青凤蝶
Graphium incertus: 圆翅剑凤蝶
Graphium junodi: 朱青凤蝶
Graphium kigoma: 吉青凤蝶
Graphium kirbyi: 白条青凤蝶
Graphium latreillianus: 纹青青凤蝶
Graphium leechi: 黎氏青凤蝶
Graphium leonidas: 豹纹青凤蝶
Graphium levassori: 莱青凤蝶
Graphium liponesco: 布莱青凤蝶
Graphium macareus: 纹凤蝶
Graphium macfarlanei: 淡绿青凤蝶
Graphium macleayanum: 燕尾青凤蝶
Graphium mandarinus: 华夏剑凤蝶
Graphium meeki: 麦克青凤蝶
Graphium megaera: 纹绿凤蝶
Graphium megarus: 细纹凤蝶
Graphium mendana: 曼达青凤蝶
Graphium meyeri: 条纹青凤蝶
Graphium milon: 蓝带青凤蝶
Graphium monticolum: 山地青凤蝶
Graphium morania: 墨蓝青凤蝶
Graphium nomius: 红绶绿凤蝶
Graphium olbrechtsi: 奥尔青凤蝶
Graphium phidias: 尾纹凤蝶
Graphium philonoe: 飞天青凤蝶
Graphium poggianus: 珀青凤蝶
Graphium policenes: 非洲青凤蝶
Graphium policenoides: 黑青凤蝶
Graphium polistratus: 灰条青凤蝶
Graphium porthaon: 波纹青凤蝶
Graphium procles: 普鲁青凤蝶
Graphium ramaceus: 罗纹凤蝶
Graphium rhesus: 丽长尾绿凤蝶
Graphium ridleyanus: 红裙青凤蝶
Graphium sandawanum: 阿波青凤蝶
Graphium sarpedon: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Graphium sarpedon: 青凤蝶
Graphium sarpedon: 青帶鳳蝶(3)
Graphium sarpedon: 青鳳蝶
Graphium schaffgotschi: 斯卡青凤蝶
Graphium schubotzi: 剑斑青凤蝶
Graphium sichuanica: 四川剑凤蝶
Graphium simoni: 剑纹青凤蝶
Graphium stratiotes: 司特绿凤蝶
Graphium stratocles: 斯纹凤蝶
Graphium stresemanni: 绿玫瑰青凤蝶
Graphium taboranus: 花白青凤蝶
Graphium tamerlanus: 乌克兰剑凤蝶
Graphium thule: 曲纹凤蝶
Graphium timur: 铁木剑凤蝶
Graphium tynderaeus: 寿青凤蝶
Graphium ucalegon: 黄斑青凤蝶
Graphium ucalegonides: 带斑青凤蝶
Graphium wallacei: 华莱士青凤蝶
Graphium weiskei: 玫瑰青凤蝶
Graphium xenocles: 客纹凤蝶
Graphiurus murinus: 非洲睡鼠
Graphiurus ocularis: 大笔尾睡鼠(2)
Grapholitha molesta: 梨小食心虫
Graphomya maculata: 斑點紋蠅
Graphomya rufitibia: 緋脛紋蠅
Graphosoma rubrolineata: 赤条蝽
Grapsus albolineatus: 岩蟹
Grapsus albolineatus: 白紋方蟹
Grapsus albolineatus: 臭腥仔
Grapsus grapsus: 方蟹
Grapsus longitarsis: 長足方蟹
Grapsus longitarsis: 長趾方蟹
Grapsus tenuicrustatus: 毛會
Grapsus tenuicrustatus: 細紋方蟹
Grapsus tenuicrustatus: 臭青仔
Grapsus tenuicrustatus: 跳岩蟹
Graptacme acicula: 姬象牙貝
Graptacme buccinulum: 條紋姬象牙貝
Graptemys geographica: 地圖龜(2)
Graptemys kohnii: 密西西比地圖龜(4)
Graptemys nigrinoda: 黑瘤地圖龜(2)
Graptemys pseudogeographica: 擬地圖龜(2)
Graptemys pulchra: 阿拉巴馬地圖龜(3)
Graptemys versa: 德州地圖龜(2)
Graptomyza arisana: 吳鳳蚜蠅
Graptomyza cynocephala: 貝齒蚜蠅
Graptomyza dolichocera: 甲仙蚜蠅
Graptomyza fascipennis: 紋翅蚜蠅
Graptomyza formosana: 大林蚜蠅
Graptomyza gibbusa: 拱背蚜蠅
Graptomyza nitobei: 新渡戶蚜蠅
Graptomyza obtusa: 愚鈍蚜蠅
Greenaspis elongata: 黃竹葛盾介殼蟲
Greenidea brideliae: 饅頭果毛管蚜
Greenidea decaspermi: 掃帚樹毛管蚜
Greenidea ficicola: 榕毛管蚜
Greenidea formosana: 番石榴毛管蚜
Greenidea kuwanai: 粗短毛管蚜
Greenidea mangiferae: 檬果毛管蚜
Greenidea mushana: 長管毛管蚜
Greenidea myricae: 楊梅毛管蚜
Greenidea nigra: 粗基毛管蚜
Greenidea quercifoliae: 細管毛管蚜
Greenidea shimae: 木荷毛管蚜
Greenidea viticola: 葡萄毛管蚜
Greeniella lahoarei: 番櫻桃葛圓盾
Greenwoodochromis bellcrossi: 貝爾格氏麗魚(2)
Greenwoodochromis christyi: 克里格氏麗魚
Gregariella coralliophaga: 珊瑚绒贻贝
Gregariella coralliophaga: 珊瑚蜊(2)
Gregariella splendida: 丽肋绒贻贝
Gregariella splendida: 麗肋絨貽貝
Gregopimpla himalayensis: 喜马拉雅聚瘤姬蜂
Grimalditeuthis bonplandi: 葛氏雙鰭魷
Grouvellinus babai: 馬場氏卵身長角泥蟲
Grouvellinus hygropetricus: 岩壁卵身長角泥蟲
Grouvellinus montanus: 山地卵身長角泥蟲
Grouvellinus pilosus: 毛背卵身長角泥蟲
Grum nigricollis: 黑颈鹤
Grus americana: 美洲鶴(4)
Grus americana: 美洲鹤(2)
Grus antigone: 赤頸鶴(2)
Grus antigone: 赤颈鹤(8)
Grus canadensis: 沙丘鶴佛羅里達亞種
Grus canadensis: 沙丘鶴古巴亞種
Grus canadensis: 沙丘鶴(2)
Grus canadensis: 沙丘鹤(6)
Grus canadensis: Nesiotes, 古巴沙丘鶴(3)
Grus canadensis: Pulla, 密西西比沙丘鶴(3)
Grus grus: 灰鶴(8)
Grus grus: 灰鹤(10)
Grus grus: 灰鶴
Grus japanensis: 丹頂鶴
Grus japonensis: 丹頂鶴(8)
Grus japonensis: 丹顶鹤(10)
Grus japonensis: 丹頂鶴
Grus leucogeranus: 白枕鹤
Grus leucogeranus: 白鶴(5)
Grus leucogeranus: 白鹤(8)
Grus monacha: 丹顶鹤
Grus monacha: 白头鹤(7)
Grus monacha: 白頭鶴(8)
Grus monacha: 白頭鶴
Grus monaha: 白头鹤
Grus nigricollis: 黑頸鶴(5)
Grus nigricollis: 黑颈鹤(5)
Grus rubicunda: 澳洲鶴
Grus rubicunda: 澳洲鹤
Grus vipio: 白枕鶴(8)
Grus vipio: 白枕鸿
Grus vipio: 白枕鹤(7)
Grus vipio: 白枕鶴
Grus virgo: 蓑羽鹤
Gryllodes sigillatus: 家蟋蟀
Gryllotalpa africana: 非洲螻蛄
Gryllotalpa dentista: 台中螻蛄
Gryllotalpa formosana: 台湾蝼蛄
Gryllotalpa formosana: 台灣螻蛄
Gryllotalpa fossor: 螻蛄
Gryllotalpa orientalis: 东方蝼蛄(2)
Gryllotalpa unispina: 华北蝼蛄
Gryllus bimaculatus: 双斑蟋(2)
Gryllus bimaculatus: 黃斑黑蟋蟀
Gryllus tesaceus: 油葫芦
Gryllus testaceus: 南方油葫芦
Guarouba guarouba: 金色錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Guarouba guarouba: 金色長尾鸚鵡(2)
Guarouba guarouba: 金色鸚哥(2)
Gubernatrix cristata: 黑冠黃雀
Gubernatrix cristata: 黑冠黃雀(3)
Gubernatrix cristata: 黑冠黄雀
Gubernatrix cristata: 黑冠黄雀鹀
Gubernatrx crstata: 黑冠黄雀鹀
Guildfordia triumphans: 星螺
Guildfordia yoka: 長棘星螺
Gulaphallus eximius: 真精器魚
Gulaphallus eximius: 真精器鱼
Gulo gulo: 月熊(2)
Gulo gulo: 狼灌(2)
Gulo gulo: 狼獾(2)
Gulo gulo: 貂熊(6)
Gulo gulo: 飛熊
Gulo gulo: 飞熊(2)
Gunnellichthys curiosus: 眼帶鳚鰕虎
Gunnellichthys curiosus: 眼帶鳚鰕虎魚
Guppya coneyi: 可尼琥珀蝸牛
Gurales kamakurana: 菱形捲管螺
Guttera pucherani: 冠珠雞
Gygis alba: 白燕鸥(3)
Gygis alba: 白玄鷗(4)
Gygis alba: 白玄鸥(8)
Gyliauchen oligoglandulosus: 寡腺中盤吸蟲
Gymnachirus nudus: 裸無臂鰨
Gymnallabes alvarezi: 阿氏裸胡鲶(4)
Gymnallabes alvarezi: 阿氏裸鬍鯰
Gymnallabes nops: 盲裸胡鲶(4)
Gymnallabes nops: 盲裸鬍鯰(3)
Gymnallabes typus: 裸胡鲶(4)
Gymnallabes typus: 裸鬍鯰(3)
Gymnammodytes cicerelus: 裸筋魚
Gymnammodytes cicerelus: 裸筋鱼
Gymnapogon annona: 大目側仔
Gymnapogon annona: 大面側仔
Gymnapogon annona: 無斑裸天竺鯛
Gymnapogon japonicus: 大目側仔
Gymnapogon japonicus: 大面側仔
Gymnapogon japonicus: 日本裸天竺鯛
Gymnapogon philippinus: 大目側仔
Gymnapogon philippinus: 大面側仔
Gymnapogon philippinus: 菲律賓裸天竺鯛
Gymnapogon urospilotus: 大目側仔
Gymnapogon urospilotus: 大面側仔
Gymnapogon urospilotus: 尾斑裸天竺鯛
Gymnarchus niloticus: 反天刀
Gymnarchus niloticus: 尼罗河魔鬼
Gymnarchus niloticus: 尼羅河魔鬼
Gymnarchus niloticus: 裸臀魚
Gymnarchus niloticus: 裸臀鱼
Gymnarchus nilotucus: 尼罗河魔鬼
Gymnobelideus leadbeateri: 利氏袋鼯
Gymnobucco bonapartei: 灰喉擬鴷
Gymnochanda filamentosa: 長絲裸玻璃魚
Gymnochanda flamea: 維拉裸玻璃魚
Gymnocharacinus bergii: 裸脂鯉
Gymnocharacinus bergii: 裸脂鲤
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: 裸頂脂鯉(2)
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: 黑寨
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: 黑裙(2)
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: 黑鱼
Gymnocorymbus ternetzi: 黑鱼君
Gymnocranius elongatus: 長裸頂鯛
Gymnocranius elongatus: 長身白鱲
Gymnocranius euanus: 日本白鱲
Gymnocranius euanus: 真白鱲
Gymnocranius euanus: 真裸頂鯛
Gymnocranius euanus: 真裸顶鲷
Gymnocranius euanus: 龍尖
Gymnocranius euanus: 龙尖
Gymnocranius grandoculis: 藍線白鱲
Gymnocranius grandoculis: 藍線裸頂鯛
Gymnocranius griseus: 灰裸頂鯛
Gymnocranius griseus: 白鱲
Gymnocranius griseus: 龍尖
Gymnocranius griseus: 龙尖
Gymnocranius microdon: 藍點白鱲
Gymnocrex plumbeiventris: 裸眼秧鸡
Gymnocrex rosenbergii: 裸脸秧鸡
Gymnocrex talaudensis: 塔劳秧鸡
Gymnocypris chilianensis: 祁连裸鲤
Gymnocypris chilianensis: 祁連裸鯉
Gymnocypris chui: 兰格湖裸鲤
Gymnocypris chui: 蘭格湖裸鯉
Gymnocypris dobula: 軟刺裸鯉
Gymnocypris dobula: 软刺裸鲤
Gymnocypris eckloni: 花斑裸鯉
Gymnocypris eckloni: 花斑裸鲤(2)
Gymnocypris firmispinatus: 硬刺裸鯉
Gymnocypris firmispinatus: 硬刺裸鲤
Gymnocypris namensis: 納木錯裸鯉
Gymnocypris potanini: 松潘裸鯉
Gymnocypris potanini: 松潘裸鲤(3)
Gymnocypris przewalskii: 甘河子裸鯉
Gymnocypris przewalskii: 青海湖裸鯉
Gymnocypris przewalskii: 青海湖裸鲤(2)
Gymnocypris scleracanthus: 拉孜裸鯉
Gymnocypris scoliostomus: 斜口裸鯉
Gymnocypris scolistomus: 斜口裸鲤
Gymnocypris waddelli: 高原裸鲤
Gymnocypris waddellii: 高原裸鯉
Gymnodanio strigatus: 条纹裸
Gymnodiptychus dybowskii: 新疆裸重唇魚
Gymnodiptychus dybowskii: 新疆裸重唇鱼(2)
Gymnodiptychus integrigymnatus: 全裸裸重唇魚
Gymnodiptychus integrigymnatus: 全裸裸重唇鱼(2)
Gymnodiptychus intergrigymnatus: 全裸裸重唇鱼
Gymnodiptychus pachycheilus: 厚唇裸重唇鱼(2)
Gymnodiptychus pachycheilus: Pachycheilus, 厚唇裸重唇魚
Gymnodoris alba: 白色多彩海麒麟
Gymnodoris alba: 白裸海蛞蝓
Gymnodoris bicolor: 雙色裸海蛞蝓
Gymnodoris ceylonica: 錫蘭裸海蛞蝓
Gymnodoris citrina: 黃裸海蛞蝓
Gymnodoris impudica: 花斑裸海蛞蝓
Gymnodoris okinawae: 沖繩裸海蛞蝓
Gymnodoris okinawae: 琉球裸海蛞蝓
Gymnodoris subflava: 類金黃裸海蛞蝓
Gymnogeophagus australis: 澳洲裸光蓋麗魚
Gymnogeophagus balzanii: 和尚(2)
Gymnogeophagus balzanii: 鮑氏裸光蓋麗魚
Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys: 裸光蓋麗魚
Gymnogeophagus lacustris: 湖生裸光蓋麗魚
Gymnogeophagus meridionalis: 南方裸光蓋麗魚
Gymnogeophagus rhabdotus: 桿狀裸光蓋麗魚
Gymnogeophagus setequedas: 巴拉圭裸光蓋麗魚
Gymnogyps californianus: 加利福尼亞兀鷲
Gymnogyps californianus: 加州神鷲
Gymnogyps californianus: 加州神鹫
Gymnogyps californianus: 加州禿鷹(2)
Gymnogyps californianus: 加州秃鹰
Gymnomuraena zebra: 斑馬裸胸鯙
Gymnomuraena zebra: 斑馬裸鯙
Gymnomuraena zebra: 條紋裸海鱔
Gymnomuraena zebra: 薯鰻
Gymnomuraena zebra: 虎鰻
Gymnomuraena zebra: 錢鰻
Gymnonerius fuscus: 棕色長腳蠅
Gymnopatagus magnus: 大裸心海膽
Gymnophaps albertisii: 裸眶山鸠(2)
Gymnophaps mada: 长尾山鸠(2)
Gymnophaps solomonensis: 所岛山鸠
Gymnophthalmus speciosus: 中美裸眼蜥
Gymnorhina tibicen: 黑背鐘鵲,
Gymnorhina tibicen: 黑背钟鹊
Gymnoris dentata: 小石雀
Gymnoris xanthocollis: 栗肩石雀
Gymnosarda unicolor: 大西齒
Gymnosarda unicolor: 犬齒鮪
Gymnosarda unicolor: 疏齒
Gymnosarda unicolor: 裸狐鰹
Gymnosarda unicolor: 裸狐鲣
Gymnosarda unicolor: 裸鰆
Gymnosarda unicolor: 長翼
Gymnosoma brevicornis: 短角寄蠅
Gymnosoma indicum: 印度寄蠅
Gymnosoma philippinensis: 菲島寄蠅
Gymnothorax albimarginatus: 白緣裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax albimarginatus: 白緣裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax albimarginatus: 白邊裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax albimarginatus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax albimarginatus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax albimarginatus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax aonipectis: 裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax berndti: 班氏裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax berndti: 班第氏裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax berndti: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax berndti: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax berndti: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax bimarginatus: 裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax buroensis: 伯恩斯裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax buroensis: 伯恩斯裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax buroensis: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax buroensis: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax chilospilus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax chilospilus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax chilospilus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax chilospilus: 雲紋裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax chilospilus: 雲紋裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax chlamydatus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax chlamydatus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax chlamydatus: 褐環裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax chlamydatus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax chlamydatus: 黑環裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax dorsalis: 長背裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax emmae: 艾瑪裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax eurostus: 壯體裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax eurostus: 花鰻
Gymnothorax eurostus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax eurostus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax eurostus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax eurostus: 黴身裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax favagineus: 大斑裸胸鯙(2)
Gymnothorax favagineus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax favagineus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax favagineus: 豆點裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax favagineus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax favagineus: 黑斑裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: 細斑裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: 花鰭裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax fimbriatus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax flavimarginatus: 黃邊裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax flavimarginatus: 黃邊鰭裸胸鯙(2)
Gymnothorax formosus: 美麗裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax formosus: 美麗裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax gracilicauda: 細尾裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax hepaticus: 白邊裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax hepaticus: 紫裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax hepaticus: 肝色裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax hepaticus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax hepaticus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax hepaticus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax herrei: 海氏裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax herrei: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax herrei: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax herrei: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax isingteena: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax isingteena: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax isingteena: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax isingteena: 黑點裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax javanicus: 爪哇裸胸鯙(2)
Gymnothorax javanicus: 爪哇裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax javanicus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax javanicus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax javanicus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax kidako: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax kidako: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax kidako: 蠕紋裸胸鯙(2)
Gymnothorax kidako: 蠕紋裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax kidako: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax leucostigma: 白斑裸胸醇(2)
Gymnothorax leucostigma: 鋸齒裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax margaritophorus: 斑頸裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax margaritophorus: 珠紋裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax margaritophorus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax margaritophorus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax margaritophorus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax melatremus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax melatremus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax melatremus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax melatremus: 黃身裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax melatremus: 黑孔裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax meleagris: 斑點裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax meleagris: 斑點裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax meleagris: 白口斑裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax meleagris: 白口裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax meleagris: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax meleagris: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax meleagris: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax meleagris: 黃黑斑裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax mieroszewskii: 邁氏裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax miliaris: 稷裸胸鳝
Gymnothorax minor: 小裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax minor: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax minor: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax minor: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax monostigma: 眼斑裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax monostigma: 眼斑裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax monostigma: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax monostigma: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax monostigma: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax monostigmus: 眼斑裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax monostigmus: 眼斑裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax mordax: 螫裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax mordax: 螫裸胸鳝
Gymnothorax neglectus: 細花斑裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax neglectus: 花斑裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax neglectus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax neglectus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax neglectus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax niphostigmus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax niphostigmus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax niphostigmus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax niphostigmus: 雪花斑裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax niphostigmus: 雲花斑裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax nudivomer: 星斑裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax nudivomer: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax nudivomer: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax nudivomer: 裸鋤裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax nudivomer: 裸锄裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax nudivomer: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax ocellatus: 眼点裸胸鳝
Gymnothorax pescadoris: 澎湖裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax petelli: 鞍斑裸胸鳝
Gymnothorax phasmatodes: 無斑裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax pictus: 細點裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax pictus: 細點雙犁海鱔
Gymnothorax pindae: 平氏裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax pindae: 平達裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax pindae: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax pindae: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax pindae: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax polyuranodon: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax polyuranodon: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax polyuranodon: 豹紋裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax polyuranodon: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax prionodon: 鋸齒裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax prionodon: 鋸齒裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax prolatus: 長身裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax prolatus: 長身裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus: 淡網紋裸胸鯙(2)
Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus: 淡網紋裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax pseudothyrsoideus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax punctatofasciatus: 密條紋裸胸鯙(2)
Gymnothorax reevesii: 勻斑裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax reevesii: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax reevesii: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax reevesii: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax reevesii: 雷褔氏裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax reticularis: 疏條紋裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax reticularis: 網紋裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax reticularis: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax reticularis: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax reticularis: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax richardsonii: 李氏裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax richardsonii: 異紋裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax richardsonii: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax richardsonii: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax richardsonii: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax rueppelliae: 寬帶裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax rueppelliae: 寬帶裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax rueppellii: 寬帶裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax rueppellii: 鞍斑裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax rueppellii: 鞍斑裸胸鳝
Gymnothorax shaoi: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax shaoi: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax shaoi: 邵氏裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax shaoi: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax taiwanensis: 台灣裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax thyrsoides: 密花裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: 密點裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax thyrsoideus: 澳洲雙犁海鱔
Gymnothorax undulates: 疏斑裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax undulatus: 波紋裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax undulatus: 疏斑裸胸鯙(2)
Gymnothorax undulatus: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax undulatus: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax undulatus: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax wilsoni: 威氏裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax ypsilon: 丫環裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax ypsilon: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax ypsilon: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax ypsilon: 褐首裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax ypsilon: 錢鰻
Gymnothorax zonipectis: 帶尾裸胸鯙
Gymnothorax zonipectis: 帶尾裸胸鱔
Gymnothorax zonipectis: 薯鰻
Gymnothorax zonipectis: 虎鰻
Gymnothorax zonipectis: 錢鰻
Gymnura bimaculata: 双斑燕魟
Gymnura bimaculata: 戴星鳶魟
Gymnura bimaculata: 雙斑燕魟
Gymnura japonica: 日本燕魟(2)
Gymnura japonica: 日本鳶魟
Gymnura japonicas: 日本燕魟
Gymnura poecilura: 花尾燕魟
Gymnuromys roberti: 裸鼠
Gymodia ascendens: 斑點裸蠅
Gymodia distincta: 分斑裸蠅
Gymodia flexa: 曲斑裸蠅
Gymodia subtilis: 細斑裸蠅
Gymodia tonituri: 花斑裸蠅
Gynacantha basiguttata: 綠眼晏蜓(3)
Gynacantha bayadera: 工纹长尾蜓
Gynacantha bayadera: 浡鋏晏蜓(2)
Gynacantha hyalina: 長鋏晏蜓(2)
Gynacantha hyaline: T 斑长尾蜓
Gynacantha incisura: 基凹长尾蜓
Gynacantha japonica: 倭鋏晏蜓(2)
Gynacantha japonica: 日本长尾蜓
Gynacantha nigripes: 西藏长尾蜓
Gynacantha rosenbergi: 罗氏长尾蜓
Gynacantha ryukyuensis: 琉球晏蜓(2)
Gynacantha sahatrix: 萨尔长尾蜓
Gynacantha saltatrix: 舞鋏晏蜓(2)
Gynacantha subinterrupta: 细腰长尾蜓
Gynacanthaeschna sikkima: 锡金吉蜓
Gynautocera rubriscutellata: 無尾鳳斑蛾
Gynautocera rubriscutellata: 紅腹長翅螢斑蛾
Gypaetus barbatus: 胡兀鷲
Gypaetus barbatus: 胡兀鹫(7)
Gypaetus barbatus: 鬍兀鷲
Gypis alba: 白燕鷗
Gypohierax angolensis: 棕榈鹫
Gypohierax angolensis: 棕櫚鷲
Gyps africanus: 非洲白背兀鷲
Gyps africanus: 非洲白背兀鹫
Gyps bengalensis: 东方白背秃鹰
Gyps bengalensis: 白背兀鷲(2)
Gyps bengalensis: 白背兀鹫(7)
Gyps coprotheres: 南非兀鹫
Gyps fulvus: 兀鷲
Gyps fulvus: 兀鹫(3)
Gyps fulvus: 西域兀赞
Gyps fulvus: 西域兀鹫
Gyps himalayensis: 高山兀鷲
Gyps himalayensis: 高山兀鹫(6)
Gyps indicus: 印度兀鶩
Gyps indicus: 印度兀鹜
Gyps indicus: 印度兀鹫
Gyps indicus: 印度秃鹰
Gyps indicus: 长嘴兀鹫
Gyps rueppellii: 黑白兀鷲
Gyps rueppellii: 黑白兀鹫
Gyps rueppellii: 黑白兀鹭
Gyps tenuirostris: 細嘴兀鷲
Gyps tenuirostris: 细嘴兀鹫(2)
Gypsophila crispifrons: 灰岩鹪鹛
Gyraulus spirillus: 圓口扁蜷
Gyrineum bituberculare: 白瘤翼法螺
Gyrineum cuspidatum: 白瘤翼法螺
Gyrineum gyrinum: 斑馬翼法螺
Gyrineum lacunatum: 紫端翼法螺
Gyrineum natator: 美珠翼法螺
Gyrineum perca: 翼法螺
Gyrineum pulchrum: 小翼法螺
Gyrineum roseum: 玫瑰翼法螺
Gyrinocheilos aymonieri: 湄公雙孔魚
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: 双孔鱼
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: 湄公雙孔魚
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: 湄公食藻鰍
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: 青苔鼠
Gyrinocheilus aymonieri: 青苔鼠;黃金青苔鼠
Gyrinus convexiusculus: 隆條豉甲
Gyroneuron testaceator: 褐黃圓脈繭蜂
Gyroscala lamellosa: 小海螄螺

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_g.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name G, 動物名 G}

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_g.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name G, 動物名 G}, (nswong, animal_name_g.htm)

Gadus morhua: Cod
Gafrarium tumidum: Gurap(2)
Galeocerdo rayneri: Cucut macan
Galliallus striatus: Burung
Gallicrex cinerea: Ayam-ayam(5)
Gallicrex cinerea: Mandar bontod(2)
Gallinago gallinago: Berkek ekor kapas(4)
Gallinago megala: Berkek tirok
Gallinago megala: Berkek tiruk(3)
Gallinago megala: Berkik rawa
Gallinago nemoricola: Berkek kayu
Gallinago stenura: Berkek bebintik
Gallinago stenura: Berkek berbintik(3)
Gallinago stenura: Berkik ekor-lidi
Gallinago stenura: Berkik ekorlidi
Gallinula chlorophus: Tiang air
Gallinula chloropus: Mandar batu(2)
Gallinula chloropus: Tiong air(5)
Gallinula tenebrosa: Mandar kelam
Gallirallus striatus: Burung
Gallirallus striatus: Mandar-padi sintar
Gallirallus striatus: Mandarpadi sintar
Gallirallus striatus: Sintar(4)
Gallus gallus: Ayam hutan
Gallus gallus: Ayam hutan merah(88)
Gallus gallus: Ayam hutan(24800)
Gallus gallus: Ayam kampung(11600)
Gallus gallus: Ayam peliharaan(8980)
Gallus gallus: Domesticus, Ayam kampung(6690)
Gallus gallus: Domesticus, Ayam peliharaan(4880)
Gallus varius: Ayam bekisar
Gallus varius: Ayam hutan hijau(4)
Gampsorhynchus rufulus: Rimba kepala putih
Garcinia atroviridis: Asam gelugor
Gardenia jasminoides: Bunga cina
Garra borneensis: Batduan(2)
Garrulax canorus: Burung
Garrulax canorus: Rimba cina
Garrulax erythrocephalus: Rimba mahkota merah
Garrulax leucolophus: Rimba jambul putih(2)
Garrulax lugubris: Poksai hitam
Garrulax lugubris: Rimba hitam
Garrulax mitratus: Poksai genting
Garrulax mitratus: Rimba genting
Garrulax mitratus: Rimba mata putih
Garrulax palliatus: Poksai mantel
Garrulax rufifrons: Burung kuda
Garrulax rufifrons: Poksai kuda(2)
Gecho gecho: Tokek
Gecinulus viridis: Belatok buluh
Gecko geko: Cicak
Gehyra mutilata: Cecak gula(484)
Gehyra mutilata: Cicak(933)
Gekko gecko: Cicak
Gekko monarchus: Cicak
Gekko monarchus: Reptilia
Gelastocaris paronae: Udang
Gelochelidon nilotica: Camar tiram
Geniotrigona thoracica: Kelulut thoracica(49)
Geopelia striata: Burung perkutut(5830)
Geopelia striata: Perkutut(24700)
Gerardia prevostiana: Ular
Gerbera jamesonii: Bunga daisy afrika
Gerres erythrourus: Ikan kapas
Gerres erythrourus: Ikan Kapas-kapas(2)
Gerres erythrourus: Kapas laut(2)
Gerres erythrourus: Kapas Sungai
Gerres erythrourus: Kekapas
Gerres filamentosus: Kapas laut(2)
Gerres filamentosus: Kekapas(2)
Gerres oyena: Kerong-kerong
Gerygone sulphurea: Burung
Gerygone sulphurea: Cekup perepat
Gerygone sulphurea: Kelicap perepat(4)
Gerygone sulphurea: Remetuk laut(3)
Glareola lactea: Kedidi padang kecil(3)
Glareola maldivarum: Burung
Glareola maldivarum: Kedidi padang(3)
Glareola maldivarum: Lelayang padang
Glareola maldivarum: Terik asia
Glareola pratincola: Kedidi padang
Glaucidium brodiei: Beluk-watu gunung
Glaucidium brodiei: Belukwatu gunung
Glaucidium brodiei: Hantu kecil(5)
Glauconome virens: Siput biji nangka
Glauconome virens: Siput cangkul
Glaucosoma buergeri: Cenculung
Glaucostegus granulatus: Ikan yu kemejan(2)
Gleopelia striata: Burung perkutut
Glischropus tylopus: Kelawar tapak tangan putih(2)
Globicephala macrorhynchus: Ikan paus pendek sirip(2)
Glossogobius aureus: Belukor(3)
Glossogobius giuris: Bekulor(2)
Glossogobius giuris: Belodok Ubi
Glossogobius giuris: Belukor
Glossogobius giuris: Belungko(2)
Glyptothorax platypogon: Kehkel
Gnathanodon speciosus: Daeng belang
Gnathanodon speciosus: Gerong-gerong(4)
Gnathanodon speciosus: Gerong belang(4)
Gnathanodon speciosus: Ikan gomblang(2)
Gnathanodon speciosus: Ikan puteh
Gnathanodon speciosus: Kalakitok(3)
Gnathanodon speciosus: Kerong(2)
Gnathanodon speciosus: Kwee macan
Gonodactyllelus annularis: Udang mantis
Gonodactylus viridis: Udang mantis
Gonychephalus dilophus: Bunglon sisir
Gonyophis margaritatus: Ular
Gonyosoma oxycephalum: Ular
Gopelia striata: Perkutut
Gorsachius melanolophus: Pucong rimau(2)
Gorsachius melanolophus: Pucung harimau(3)
Gorsachius melanolophus: Pucung rimau
Gracula religiosa: Mertensi, Beo flores
Gracula religiosa: Robusta, Beo nias(2)
Gracula religiosa: Robusta, Tiong emas nias
Gracula religiosa: Tiong emas(3600)
Gracula religiosa: Tiong mas(549)
Gracula religiosa: Venerata, Beo sumbawa
Grampus griseus: Dolfin kelabu(2)
Grucula religiosa: Beo
Grus antigone: Keria timur
Gryllus bimaculatus: Jangkrik
Gymnocranius frenatus: Kapas-kapas Laut
Gymnocranius frenatus: Mempasir Mutiara
Gymnocranius griseus: Bara
Gymnocranius griseus: Kapas-kapas(2)
Gymnodactylus deccanensis: Cecak
Gymnosarda unicolor: Aya Budak(2)
Gymnosarda unicolor: Tuna gigi anjing
Gymnothorax javanicus: Belut laut raksasa
Gymnothorax tile: Ikan sesirat
Gymnura poecdura: Ikan pari tembikar
Gyps bengalensis: Hereng tongkeng puteh
Gyps himalayensis: Hereng himalaya(4)
Gyps indicus: Hereng paruh panjang

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_g.htm, 2018-03-21, Animal name G, 動物名 G}

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