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{animal_name_f.htm, 2018-03-18, Animal name F, 動物名 F}

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_f.htm, 2018-03-18, Animal name F, 動物名 F}, (nswong, animal_name_f.htm)

Fabiania pulla: Fabiania pulla
Falco amurensis: Falco amurensis
Falco araea: Falco araea
Falco columbarius: Falco columbarius(2)
Falco jugger: Falco jugger
Falco newtoni: Falco newtoni
Falco peregrinus: Falco peregrinus(7)
Falco punctatus: Falco punctatus
Falco rusticolus: Falco rusticolus
Falco severus: Falco severus(2)
Falco subbuteo: Falco subbuteo(4)
Falco tinnunculus: Falco tinnunculus(6)
Falcon peregrinus: Falcon peregrinus
Fallosquilla fallax: Fallosquilla fallax
Falseuncaria ruficiliana: Falseuncaria ruficiliana
Falsomesosella unicolor: Falsomesosella unicolor
Fannia gracilis: Fannia gracilis
Fannia leucosticta: Fannia leucosticta(2)
Fannia montana: Fannia montana
Fannia scalaris: Fannia scalaris
Faristenia obliqua: Faristenia obliqua
Farranula carinata: Farranula carinata
Farranula concinna: Farranula concinna
Farranula rostrata: Farranula rostrata
Fassaria nivea: Fassaria nivea
Faughnia formosae: Faughnia formosae
Faunis canens: Faunis canens
Faunis eumeus: Faunis eumeus
Faunis gracilis: Faunis gracilis(2)
Faunis kirata: Faunis kirata(2)
Faunus ater: Faunus ater
Favartia balteasa: Favartia balteasa
Favartia brevicula: Favartia brevicula
Favartia cirrosa: Favartia cirrosa
Favartia dorothyae: Favartia dorothyae
Favartia peasei: Favartia peasei
Favartia sykesi: Favartia sykesi
Favia laxa: Favia laxa
Favia maritima: Favia maritima(2)
Favia pallida: Favia pallida(2)
Favia rotumana: Favia rotumana
Favia rotundata: Favia rotundata
Favia speciosa: Favia speciosa
Favia stelligera: Favia stelligera
Favites abdita: Favites abdita(3)
Favites chinensis: Favites chinensis
Favites complanata: Favites complanata
Favites flexuosa: Favites flexuosa(2)
Favites pentagona: Favites pentagona
Favonigobius gymnauchen: Favonigobius gymnauchen(2)
Favonigobius gymnauchen: Gobius gymnauchen
Favonigobius reichei: Acentrogobius neilli
Favonigobius reichei: Acentrogobius reichei
Favonigobius reichei: Ctenogobius godavariensis
Favonigobius reichei: Favonigobius neilli
Favonigobius reichei: Favonigobius reichei(2)
Favonigobius reichei: Gobius neilli
Favonigobius reichei: Gobius reichei
Favonigobius reichei: Gobius zanzibarensis
Favonigobius reichei: Papillogobius reichei
Favonigobius reichei: Papillonigobius reichei
Favonigobius reichei: Rhinogobius robinsoni
Favorinus mirabilis: Favorinus mirabilis
Fejervarya andamanensis: Euphlyctis limnocharis andamanensis
Fejervarya andamanensis: Rana limnocharis andamanensis
Fejervarya cancrivora: Dicroglossa cancrivorus
Fejervarya cancrivora: Dicroglossus cancrivorus
Fejervarya cancrivora: Euphlyctis cancrivora
Fejervarya cancrivora: Fejervarya cancrivora(9481)
Fejervarya cancrivora: Fejervarya cancrivorus(329)
Fejervarya cancrivora: Fejervarya raja
Fejervarya cancrivora: Limnonectes cancrivorus
Fejervarya cancrivora: Limnonectes raja
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana cancrivora cancrivora
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana cancrivora raja
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana cancrivora(7680)
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana crancivora
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana crancrivora
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana moodiei
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana raja
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana tigerina angustopalmata
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana tigrina angustopalmata
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rana tigrina cancrivora
Fejervarya limnocharis: Dicroglossus limnocharis
Fejervarya limnocharis: Euphlyctis limnocharis
Fejervarya limnocharis: Fejervarya limnocharis(20001)
Fejervarya limnocharis: Fejervarya wasl
Fejervarya limnocharis: Limnonectes limnocharis
Fejervarya limnocharis: Limonectes limnocharis
Fejervarya limnocharis: Rana agricola
Fejervarya limnocharis: Rana limnocharis limnocharis
Fejervarya limnocharis: Rana limnocharis(14100)
Fejervarya limnocharis: Rana lymnocharis
Fejervarya limnocharis: Rana wasl
Fejervarya vittigera: Euphlyctis limnocharis vittigera
Fejervarya vittigera: Rana limnocharis vittigera
Feliniopsis tripunctata: Feliniopsis tripunctata
Felis badia: Felis badia
Felis bengalensis: Felis bengalensis(3)
Felis lynx: Lynx lynx
Felis marmorata: Felis marmorata
Felis nigripes: Felis nigripes
Felis planiceps: Felis planiceps
Feliscus longiceps: Feliscus longiceps
Fennerosquilla heptacanta: Fennerosquilla heptacanta
Fenusa dohrnii: Fenusa dohrnii
Feresa attenuata: Feresa attenuata(2)
Ferosagitta ferox: Ferosagitta ferox
Ferosagitta robusta: Ferosagitta robusta
Ferrisiana virgata: Ferrisiana virgata
Ferrissia javana: Ferrissia javana
Festucalex erythraeus: Festucalex erythraeus(2)
Festucalex erythraeus: Hippichthys amakusensis
Festucalex erythraeus: Ichthyocampus erythraeus
Festucalex erythraeus: Ichthyocampus philippinus
Festucalex erythraeus: Ichthyocampus townsendii
Ficedula albicilla: Ficedula albicilla(2)
Ficedula dumetoria: Ficedula dumetoria(2)
Ficedula hyperythra: Ficedula hyperythra(4)
Ficedula mugimaki: Ficedula mugimaki(5)
Ficedula narcissina: Ficedula narcissina(5)
Ficedula parva: Ficedula parva(3)
Ficedula solitaria: Ficedula solitaria
Ficedula solitaris: Ficedula solitaria
Ficedula solitaris: Ficedula solitaris(2)
Ficedula strophiata: Ficedula strophiata
Ficedula westermanni: Ficedula westermanni(3)
Ficedula zanthopygia: Ficedula zanthopygia(6)
Ficus ficus: Ficus ficus(2)
Ficus filosa: Ficus filosa
Ficus gracilis: Ficus gracilis
Ficus subintermedius: Ficus subintermedius
Ficus variegata: Ficus variegata(2)
Figulus punctatus: Figulus punctatus
Filicaulis aite: Filicaulis aite(2)
Filicaulis alte: Filicaulis alte
Filimanus sealei: Filimanus heptadactyla
Filimanus sealei: Filimanus sealei
Filimanus sealei: Polydactylus multiradiatus
Filimanus sealei: Polydactylus opercularis
Filimanus sealei: Polydactylus sealei
Filiscala martinii: Filiscala martinii
Filistata marginata: Filistata marginata
Filopaludina doliaris: Filopaludina doliaris
Filopaludina javanica: Filopaludina javanica
Filopaludina martensi: Filopaludina martensi
Filopaludina sumatrensis: Peninsularis, Filopaludina sumatrensis peninsularis
Filopaludina sumatrensis: Polygramma, Filopaludina sumatrensis polygramma
Fimbria fimbriata: Fimbria fimbriata
Fimbria soverbii: Fimbria soverbii
Finella pupoides: Finella pupoides
Finella pyrrachme: Finella pyrrachme
Finella vulnerata: Finella vulnerata
Fingulus inflatus: Fingulus inflatus
Fingulus longicornis: Fingulus longicornis
Fiorianteon rugosum: Fiorianteon rugosum
Fiorinia japonica: Fiorinia japonica
Fiorinia minor: Fiorinia minor
Fiorinia theae: Fiorinia theae
Fissilabia decollata: Fissilabia decollata
Fistularia commersonii: Fistularia comerson
Fistularia commersonii: Fistularia commersoni
Fistularia commersonii: Fistularia commersonii(2)
Fistularia commersonii: Fistularia depressa
Fistularia commersonii: Fistularia petimba
Fistularia commersonii: Fistularia tabacaria
Fistularia commersonii: Fistularia tabaccaria
Fistularia petimba: Fistularia immaculata
Fistularia petimba: Fistularia petimba(2)
Fistularia petimba: Fistularia rubra
Fistularia petimba: Fistularia serrata
Fistularia petimba: Fistularia starksi
Fistularia petimba: Fistularia villosa
Fixsenia watarii: Fixsenia watarii
Flabelligobius smithi: Flabelligobius smithi(2)
Flabellina rubrolineata: Flabellina rubrolineata(2)
Flavinarosa obscura: Flavinarosa obscura
Floracarus parviflorae: Floracarus parviflorae
Flos anniella: Flos anniella
Flos areste: Flos areste
Flos diardi: Flos diardi
Flos fulgida: Flos fulgida
Foa brachygramma: Apogon brachygramma
Foa brachygramma: Apogon brachygrammus
Foa brachygramma: Apogonichthys brachygrammus
Foa brachygramma: Apogonichthys zuluensis
Foa brachygramma: Foa brachygramma(2)
Foa brachygramma: Fowleria brachygramma
Foa brachygramma: Fowleria brachygrammus
Fodina contigua: Fodina contigua
Foetorepus masudai: Foetorepus altivelis
Foetorepus masudai: Foetorepus delandi
Foetorepus masudai: Foetorepus masudai(2)
Foetorepus masudai: Foeturepus masudai
Foetorepus masudai: Synchiropus masudai
Foochounus sulcatus: Foochounus sulcatus
Forcipiger flavissimus: Chelmo longirostris
Forcipiger flavissimus: Forcipiger flavissimus(2)
Forcipiger flavissimus: Forcipiger longirostris
Forcipiger flavissimus: Foreipiger flavissimus
Forcipiger longirostris: Chaetodon longirostris
Forcipiger longirostris: Chelmo longirostris
Forcipiger longirostris: Forcipiger cyrano
Forcipiger longirostris: Forcipiger inornatus
Forcipiger longirostris: Forcipiger longirostris(2)
Forcipiger longirostris: Prognathodes longirostris
Forcipomyia formosae: Forcipomyia formosae
Forcipomyia ingrami: Forcipomyia ingrami
Forcipomyia japonica: Forcipomyia japonica
Forcipomyia saxicola: Forcipomyia saxicola
Forda marginata: Forda marginata
Fordonia leucobalia: Fordonia leucobalia(3)
Forestia depressa: Forestia depressa
Forestia scabra: Forestia scabra
Formica japonica: Formica japonica
Formica obsidiana: Formica obsidiana
Formica pices: Formica pices
Formica yessensis: Formica yessensis
Formicosepsis hamata: Formicosepsis hamata
Formio niger: Formio niger
Formofentonia orbifer: Formofentonia orbifer
Formosana formosensis: Formosana formosensis
Formosania lacustre: Crossostoma lacustre
Formosania lacustre: Formosania lacustre
Formosiella brunnea: Formosiella brunnea
Formosina gigas: Formosina gigas
Formosina lucens: Formosina lucens
Formosina ochracea: Formosina ochracea
Formosina tumida: Formosina tumida
Fornax concolor: Fornax concolor
Forpus coelestis: Forpus coelestis
Fossa fossana: Fossa fossana
Fossorochromis rostratus: Fossorochromis rostratus
Fowleria marmorata: Apogon marmoratus
Fowleria marmorata: Apogonichthys marmoratus
Fowleria marmorata: Fowleria marmorata(2)
Fowleria punctulata: Apogon punctulatus
Fowleria punctulata: Fowleria isostigma
Fowleria punctulata: Fowleria punctulata(2)
Fowleria vaiulae: Foa abocellata
Fowleria vaiulae: Foa vaiulae
Fowleria vaiulae: Fowleria abocellata
Fowleria vaiulae: Fowleria vaiulae(2)
Fowleria variegata: Amia variegata
Fowleria variegata: Apogon variegatus
Fowleria variegata: Apogonichthys variegatus
Fowleria variegata: Fowleria variegata(3)
Fragilopalia lotus: Fragilopalia lotus
Fragum carinatum: Fragum carinatum
Fragum fragum: Fragum fragum
Fragum hemicardium: Fragum hemicardium
Fragum mundum: Fragum mundum
Fragum retusum: Fragum retusum
Fragum unedo: Fragum unedo(2)
Francolinus erckelii: Francolinus erckelii
Francolinus francolinus: Francolinus francolinus
Francolinus pintadeanus: Francolinus pintadeanus
Francolinus pondicerianus: Francolinus pondicerianus
Frankliniella occidentalis: Frankliniella occidentalis
Frankliniella schultzei: Frankliniella schultzei
Frankliniella williamsi: Frankliniella williamsi
Franklinothrips vespiformis: Franklinothrips vespiformis
Fratercula cirrhata: Fratercula cirrhata
Fratercula corniculata: Fratercula corniculata
Fregata andrewsi: Fregata andrewsi(6)
Fregata ariel: Fregata ariel(7)
Fregata minor: Fregata minor(6)
Fringilla montifringilla: Fringilla montifringilla(2)
Frisilia chinensis: Frisilia chinensis
Fromundus pygmaeus: Fromundus pygmaeus
Frontonia leucas: Frontonia leucas
Frontopsylla nakagawai: Frontopsylla nakagawai
Fulgoraria chinoi: Fulgoraria chinoi
Fulgoraria exoptanda: Fulgoraria exoptanda
Fulgoraria glabra: Fulgoraria glabra
Fulgoraria hamillei: Fulgoraria hamillei
Fulgoraria humerosa: Fulgoraria humerosa
Fulgoraria minima: Fulgoraria minima
Fulgoraria pratasensis: Fulgoraria pratasensis
Fulgoraria rupestris: Fulgoraria rupestris
Fulica alai: Fulica alai
Fulica americana: Fulica americana
Fulica atra: Fulica atra(5)
Fuligo cinerea: Fuligo cinerea
Fuligo intermedia: Fuligo intermedia
Fuligo septica: Fuligo septica
Fulmarus glacialis: Fulmarus glacialis
Fulmekiola serrata: Fulmekiola serrata
Fulvia aperta: Fulvia aperta
Fulvia asperata: Fulvia asperata
Fulvia australe: Fulvia australe(2)
Fulvia mutica: Fulvia mutica
Fulvia papyracea: Fulvia papyracea(3)
Fulvinus brevicornis: Fulvinus brevicornis
Fulvius anthocoroides: Fulvius anthocoroides
Fulvius dimidiatus: Fulvius dimidiatus
Fulvius sauteri: Fulvius sauteri
Fungia concinna: Fungia concinna
Fungia costulata: Fungia costulata
Fungia fragilis: Fungia fragilis
Fungia fungites: Fungia fungites
Fungia granulosa: Fungia granulosa
Fungia horrida: Fungia horrida
Fungia paumotensis: Fungia paumotensis
Fungia repanda: Fungia repanda
Fungia scutaria: Fungia scutaria
Fungia sinensis: Fungia sinensis
Fungia tenuis: Fungia tenuis
Furcifer lateralis: Furcifer lateralis
Furcifer oustaleti: Furcifer oustaleti
Furcifer pardalis: Furcifer pardalis
Furcifer verrucosus: Furcifer verrucosus
Fusconaia cuneolus: Fusconaia cuneolus
Fusconaia edgariana: Fusconaia edgariana
Fusiaphera azumai: Fusiaphera azumai
Fusiaphera macrospira: Fusiaphera macrospira(2)
Fusiaphera tosaensis: Fusiaphera tosaensis
Fusigobius duospilus: Coryphopterus duospilus
Fusigobius duospilus: Fusigobius duospilus(2)
Fusigobius duospilus: Fusigobius neophytus
Fusigobius humeralis: Fusigobius humeralis
Fusigobius inframaculatus: Coryphopterus inframaculatus
Fusigobius inframaculatus: Fusigobius inframaculatus(2)
Fusigobius longispinus: Coryphopterus longispinus
Fusigobius longispinus: Fusigobius longipinnis
Fusigobius longispinus: Fusigobius longispinus(2)
Fusigobius maximus: Coryphopterus maximus
Fusigobius maximus: Fusigobius maximus
Fusigobius neophytus: Coryphopterus neophytus
Fusigobius neophytus: Eviota woolacottae
Fusigobius neophytus: Fusigobius africanus
Fusigobius neophytus: Fusigobius neophyta
Fusigobius neophytus: Fusigobius neophytus(3)
Fusigobius neophytus: Gobius neophytus
Fusigobius neophytus: Thalassogobius corallinus
Fusigobius signipinnis: Coryphopterus signipinnis
Fusigobius signipinnis: Fusigobius signipinnis(2)
Fusinus colus: Fusinus colus(2)
Fusinus crassiplicatus: Fusinus crassiplicatus
Fusinus forceps: Fusinus forceps(2)
Fusinus hyphalus: Fusinus hyphalus
Fusinus longicaudus: Fusinus longicaudus
Fusinus nicobaricus: Fusinus nicobaricus
Fusinus toreumus: Fusinus toreumus
Fusitriton galea: Fusitriton galea
Fusitriton midwayensis: Fusitriton midwayensis

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_f.htm, 2018-03-18, Animal name F, 動物名 F}

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_f.htm, 2018-03-18, Animal name F, 動物名 F}, (nswong, animal_name_f.htm)

Falcipennis canadensis: Spruce grouse
Falcipennis falcipennis: Siberian grouse(3)
Falco alopex: Fox kestrel(4)
Falco altaicus: Altai kestrel
Falco altaicus: Mountain saker falcon
Falco amurensis: Amur falcon(10)
Falco amurensis: Eastern red-footed falcon(3)
Falco araea: Seychelles kestrel(3)
Falco ardosiacens: Grey kestrel
Falco ardosiaceus: Grey kestrel(2)
Falco berigora: Brown falcon(3)
Falco berigora: Brown hawk
Falco biarmicus: Lanner falcon(5)
Falco cenchroides: Australian kestrel(3)
Falco cenchroides: Australian or nankeen kestrel
Falco cenchroides: Nankeen kestrel
Falco cenchroldes: Austrahan kestrel
Falco cherrug: Sakar falcon
Falco cherrug: Saker falcon(7)
Falco chicquera: Red-headed falcon(2)
Falco chicquera: Red-necked falcon(4)
Falco columbarius: Merlin
Falco columbarius: Merlin falcon
Falco columbarius: Merlin(10)
Falco concolor: Sooty falcon(5)
Falco cuvieri: African hobby(3)
Falco cuvierii: African hobby
Falco deiroleucus: Orang-breasted falcon
Falco deiroleucus: Orange-breasted falcon(2)
Falco dickinsoni: Dickinson's kestrel(4)
Falco eleonora: Eleonora's falcon
Falco eleonorae: Eleonora's falcon(4)
Falco fasciinucha: Taita falco
Falco fasciinucha: Taita falcon(3)
Falco femoralis: Aplomado falcon(3)
Falco hypoleucos: Grey falcon(4)
Falco jugger: Laggar falcon(4)
Falco kreyenborgi: Kleinschmidt's falcon
Falco longipennis: Australian hobby(3)
Falco longipennis: Little falcon
Falco mexicanus: Prairie falcon(3)
Falco moluccensis: Moluccan kestrel
Falco moluccensis: Spotted kestrel(6)
Falco naumanni: Lesser kestrel(10)
Falco newtom: Madagascar kestrel
Falco newtoni: Aldabra kestrel
Falco newtoni: Madagascan kestrel
Falco newtoni: Madagascar kestrel
Falco novaeseelandiae: New zealand falcon(2)
Falco novaeselandiae: New zealand falcon
Falco novaezeelandiae: New zealand falcon
Falco pelegrinoides: Barbary falcon(6)
Falco peregrinus: Falco
Falco peregrinus: Peregrine falcon(28)
Falco punctatus: Mauritius kestrel(3)
Falco rufigularis: Bat falcon(3)
Falco rupicoloides: Greater kestrel(4)
Falco rusticolus: Gyr falcon
Falco rusticolus: Gyrfalcon(6)
Falco severus: Oriental hobby(14)
Falco sparverius: American kestrel(5)
Falco subbuteo: Eurasian hobby(16)
Falco subbuteo: European hobby
Falco subbuteo: Hobby(4)
Falco subbuteo: Northern eurasian hobby
Falco subbuteo: Northern hobby
Falco subniger: Black falcon(4)
Falco tinnunculus: Common kestrei
Falco tinnunculus: Common kestrel(15)
Falco tinnunculus: Common or eurasian kestrel
Falco tinnunculus: Eurasian kestrel(13)
Falco tinnunculus: Kestrel
Falco vespertinus: Red-footed falcon(5)
Falco vespertinus: Western red-footed falcon
Falco zoniventris: Banded kestrel(2)
Falco zoniventris: Madagascar banded kestrel
Falcon peregrinus: Peregrine falcon(2)
Falsistrellus petersi: Peters's pipistrelle
Famegana alsulus: Small grass blue
Family scyllaridae: Slipper lobster
Farfantepenaeus aztecus: Northern brown shrimp
Farfantepenaeus brasiliensis: Red spotted shrimp
Farfantepenaeus brevirostris: Crystal shrimp
Farfantepenaeus californiensis: Yellow leg shrimp
Farfantepenaeus duorarum: Northern pink shrimp
Farfantepenaeus notialis: Southern pink shrimp
Farfantepenaeus paulensis: Sao paulo shrimp
Farfantepenaeus subtilis: Southern brown shrimp
Farlowella acus: Farlowella cat
Farlowella acus: Needle Catfish
Farlowella acus: Whiptail catfish
Faunis canens: Arcesilas, Common faun(8)
Faunis eumeus: Large faun
Faustina faustina: Snail
Favonigobius reichei: Indo-pacific tropical sand goby(2)
Favus granulatus: Leucosiid crab
Fejervarva cancrivora: Mangrove frog
Fejervarya cancrivora: Asian brackish frog(654)
Fejervarya cancrivora: Crab-eating frog(64802)
Fejervarya cancrivora: Crab eating frog(64800)
Fejervarya cancrivora: Mangrove frog(732)
Fejervarya cancrivora: Marsh frog(755)
Fejervarya cancrivora: Rice field frog(1590)
Fejervarya cancrivorus: Field frog
Fejervarya greenii: Sri lanka paddy field frog
Fejervarya limnocharis: Alpine cricket frog
Fejervarya limnocharis: Boie's wart frog(26100)
Fejervarya limnocharis: Cricket frog(8650)
Fejervarya limnocharis: Field frog(4)
Fejervarya limnocharis: Grass frog
Fejervarya limnocharis: Indian rice frog(11700)
Fejervarya limnocharis: Malayan giant frog
Fejervarya limnocharis: Rice field frog(4340)
Fejervarya nicobariensis: Nicobar frog
Fejervarya syhadrensis: Southern cricket frog
Felis badia: Bay cat(4)
Felis bengalensis: Leopard cat(4)
Felis bengalensis: Leopard cat(common)
Felis bieti: Chinese desert cat
Felis catus: Cat(2)
Felis catus: Domestic cat(2)
Felis catus: Feral cat(2)
Felis catus: House cat(2)
Felis chaus: Jungle cat(2)
Felis margarita: Sand cat
Felis marmorata: Marbled cat(4)
Felis nigripes: Black-footed cat(2)
Felis planiceps: Flat-headed cat(2)
Felis planiceps: Flat headed cat(2)
Felis silvestris: Wild cat
Fennecus zerda: African desert fox
Fenneropenaeus chinensis: Chinese shrimp
Fenneropenaeus indicus: Indian banana prawn
Fenneropenaeus indicus: Indian white prawn
Fenneropenaeus penicillatus: Redtail prawn
Fenneropenaeus silasi: South asian prawn
Feresa attenuata: Pygmy killer whale
Ficedula albicilla: Red-throated flycatcher(2)
Ficedula albicilla: Taiga flycatcher(8)
Ficedula albicollis: Collared flycatcher(4)
Ficedula basilanica: Little slaty flycatcher(2)
Ficedula beijingnica: Beijing flycatcher
Ficedula bonthaina: Lompobattang flycatcher(2)
Ficedula buruensis: Cinnamon-chested flycatcher(2)
Ficedula crypta: Cryptic flycatcher
Ficedula crypta: Russet-tailed flycatcher
Ficedula disposita: Furtive flycatcher(2)
Ficedula dumetoria: Flycatcher rufous chested
Ficedula dumetoria: Rufous-chested flycatcher(10)
Ficedula elisae: Chinese flycatcher
Ficedula elisae: Green-backed flycatcher(3)
Ficedula harterti: Sumba flycatcher(2)
Ficedula henrici: Damar flycatcher
Ficedula hodgsonii: Slaty-backed flycatcher(6)
Ficedula hyperythra: Innexa, Snowy-browed flycatcher
Ficedula hyperythra: Snowy-browed flycatcher(16)
Ficedula hypoleuca: European pied flycatcher(3)
Ficedula hypoleuca: Pied flycatcher(2)
Ficedula monileger: White-gorgeted flycatcher
Ficedula monileger: White-gorgetted flycatcher
Ficedula mugimaki: Mugimaki flycatcher(25)
Ficedula mugimaki: Robin flycatcher(2)
Ficedula narcissina: Narcissus flycatcher or green-backed flycatcher
Ficedula narcissina: Narcissus flycatcher(22)
Ficedula nigrorufa: Black-and-orange flycatcher
Ficedula nigrorufa: Black-and-rufous flycatcher
Ficedula parva: Red-breasted /-throated flycatcher
Ficedula parva: Red-breasted flycatcher(13)
Ficedula parva: Red-throated flycatcher
Ficedula platenae: Palawan flycatcher(2)
Ficedula rufigula: Rufous-throated flycatcher(2)
Ficedula sapphira: Sapphire flycatcher(4)
Ficedula semitorquata: Semi-collared flycatcher(2)
Ficedula semitorquata: Semicollared flycatcher
Ficedula solitaris: Rufous-browed flycatcher(8)
Ficedula strophiata: Rufous-gorgeted flycatcher(4)
Ficedula strophiata: Rufous-gorgetted flycatcher(3)
Ficedula subrubra: Kashmir flycatcher(3)
Ficedula superciliaris: Ultramarine flycatcher(4)
Ficedula timorensis: Black-banded flycatcher(2)
Ficedula tricolor: Slaty-blue flycatcher(4)
Ficedula westermanni: Little pied flycatcher(18)
Ficedula zanthopygia: Korean flycatcher(8)
Ficedula zanthopygia: Yellow-rumped flycatcher(18)
Fistularia commersonii: Smooth cornetfish(5)
Fistularis commersonii: Cornetfish
Flagellaria indica: Supplejack
Florisuga mellivora: White-necked jacobin
Flos anniella: Anniella, Darky plushblue(2)
Flos apidanus: Saturatus, Plain plushblue(6)
Flos asoka: Spangled plush blue
Flos diardi: Capeta, Bifid plushblue(3)
Flos fulgida: Singhapura, Shining plushblue(2)
Fluta alba: Freshwater eel
Forcipiger flavissimus: Forcepsfish
Forcipiger flavissimus: Long-nose butterflyfish
Forcipiger flavissimus: Long-nosed butterflyfish
Forcipiger longirostris: Black long nose butterflyfish
Fordonia leocobalia: Crab-eating water snake
Fordonia leucobalia: Crab-eating water snake(4)
Fordonia leucobalia: Whitebelly mangrove snake
Formia niger: Black pomfret
Formio niger: Pomfret
Forpus coelestis: Pacific parrotlet
Forpus colestis: Pacific parrotlet
Forpus conspicillatus: Spectacled parrotlet
Forpus cyanopygius: Mexican parrotlet
Forpus passerinus: Green-rumped parrotlet
Forpus sclateri: Sclater's parrotlet
Forpus xanthops: Yellow-faced parrotlet
Forpus xanthpterygius: Blue-winged parrotlet
Forsterygion flavonigrum: Yellow-black triplefin
Forsterygion malcolmi: Mottled triplefin
Fossa fossana: Fanaloka
Fossa fossana: Malagasy civet
Foudia eminentissima: Comoros fody
Foudia eminentissima: Red-headed fody(2)
Foudia flavicans: Rodrigues fody(2)
Foudia madagascariensis: Red fody(2)
Foudia omissa: Forest fody(2)
Foudia rubra: Mauritius fody(2)
Foudia sechellarum: Seychelles fody(2)
Fragum unedo: Strawberry cockle
Francolinus adspersus: Red-billed francolin(3)
Francolinus afer: Red-necked francolin(2)
Francolinus afer: Red-necked spurfowl(2)
Francolinus africanus: Gray-winged francolin
Francolinus africanus: Grey-winged francolin(2)
Francolinus ahantensis: Ahanta francolin(3)
Francolinus albogularis: White-throated francolin(3)
Francolinus bicalcaratus: Doubble-spurred francolin
Francolinus bicalcaratus: Double-spurred francolin(2)
Francolinus camerunensis: Mount cameroon francolin(3)
Francolinus capensis: Cape francolin(3)
Francolinus castaneicollis: Chestnut-naped francolin(4)
Francolinus clappertoni: Clapperton's francolin(3)
Francolinus coqui: Coqui francolin(4)
Francolinus erckelii: Erckel's francolin(5)
Francolinus finschi: Finsch's francolin(3)
Francolinus francolinus: Black francolin(6)
Francolinus griseostriatus: Gray-striped francolin
Francolinus griseostriatus: Grey-striped francolin(2)
Francolinus gularis: Swamp francolin(4)
Francolinus hartlaubi: Hartlaub's francolin(3)
Francolinus harwoodi: Harwood's francolin(3)
Francolinus hildebrandti: Hildebrandt's francolin(4)
Francolinus icterorhynchus: Heuglin's francolin(3)
Francolinus jacksoni: Jackson's francolin(4)
Francolinus lathami: Forest francolin
Francolinus lathami: Latham's francolin(2)
Francolinus leucoscepus: Yellow-necked francolin(2)
Francolinus leucoscepus: Yellow-necked spurfowl(2)
Francolinus levaillantii: Red-winged francolin(4)
Francolinus levaillantoides: Orange river francolin(3)
Francolinus levalliantoides: Orange river francolin
Francolinus nahani: Nahan's francolin(3)
Francolinus natalensis: Natal francolin(3)
Francolinus nobilis: Handsome francolin(3)
Francolinus ochropectus: Djibouti francolin(4)
Francolinus pictus: Painted francolin(5)
Francolinus pintadeanus: Chinese francolin(9)
Francolinus pintadeanus: Francolin
Francolinus pondicerianus: Gray francolin(4)
Francolinus pondicerianus: Grey francolin(3)
Francolinus psilolaemus: Moorland francolin(4)
Francolinus rufopictus: Gray-breasted spurfowl
Francolinus rufopictus: Grey-breasted francolin(2)
Francolinus rufopictus: Grey-breasted spurowl
Francolinus schlegelii: Schlegel's francolin(3)
Francolinus sephaena: Crested francolin(4)
Francolinus shelleyi: Shelley's francolin(4)
Francolinus squamatus: Scaly francolin(4)
Francolinus streptophorus: Ring-necked francolin(4)
Francolinus swainsonii: Swainson's francolin(3)
Francolinus swierstrai: Swierstra's francolin(4)
Frankliniella occidentalis: Western flower thrip
Fraseria cinerascens: White-browed forest-flycatcher
Fraseria ocreata: African forest-flycatcher
Fratercula arctica: Atlantic puffin
Fratercula arctica: Puffin
Fratercula cirrhata: Tufted puffin(2)
Fratercula corniculata: Horned puffin(2)
Fregata andrewsi: Andrew's frigate bird
Fregata andrewsi: Christimas island frigatebird
Fregata andrewsi: Christmas frigatebird(4)
Fregata andrewsi: Christmas island frigatebird(14)
Fregata andrewsi: Christmas island frigatebrid
Fregata ariel: Lesser frigate bird
Fregata ariel: Lesser frigatebird(24)
Fregata minor: Great frigate bird
Fregata minor: Great frigatebird(20)
Fregetta grallaria: White-bellied storm petrel(2)
Fregetta tropica: Black-bellied storm-petrel
Fregetta tropica: Black-bellied storm petrel(2)
Fregilupus varius: Reunion starling
Freyeria putli: Grass jewel
Fridmani pseudochromis: Orchid dottyback
Fringilla coelebs: Chaffinch(3)
Fringilla coelebs: Common chaffinch
Fringilla coelebs: Eurasian chaffinch
Fringilla montifringilla: Brambling(11)
Fruticicola fruticum: Snail
Fulica alai: Hawaiian coot
Fulica americana: American coot
Fulica atra: Common coot(11)
Fulica atra: Coot(4)
Fulica atra: Eurasian coot common coot
Fulica atra: Eurasian coot(2)
Fulica atra: Eurasian coot(2)(2)
Fulica atra: Eurasian coot(3)
Fulica cristata: Red-knobbed coot
Fulmarus glacialis: Northern fulmar(5)
Fulmarus glacialoides: Antarctic fulmar
Fulvetta cinereiceps: Gray-hooded fulvetta
Fulvetta cinereiceps: Grey-hooded fulvetta
Fulvetta danisi: Indochinese fulvetta
Fulvetta formosana: Taiwan fulvetta(2)
Fulvetta ludlowi: Brown-throated fulvetta
Fulvetta ludlowi: Ludlow's fulvetta
Fulvetta manipurensis: Manipur fulvetta
Fulvetta manipurensis: Streak-throated fulvetta
Fulvetta ruficapilla: Spectacled fulvetta(2)
Fulvetta striaticollis: Chinese fulvetta(2)
Fulvetta vinipectus: White-browed fulvetta(2)
Funambulus layardi: Layard's palm squirrel
Funambulus palmarum: Indian Palm Squirrel(2)
Funambulus pennantii: Northern palm squirrel
Funambulus sublineatus: Dusky palm squirrel
Funambulus tristriatus: Jungle palm squirrel
Fundulopanchax gardneri: Steel-blue Aphyosemion
Fundulopanchax sjostedti: Golden Pheasant
Fundulopanchax sjostedti: Red Aphyosemion
Furcifer lateralis: Carpet chameleon(2)
Furcifer lateralis: Jewelled chameleon
Furcifer oustaleti: Malagasy gaint chemeleon
Furcifer oustaleti: Oustale's chameleon
Furcifer oustaleti: Oustalet's chameleon
Furcifer pardalis: Panther chameleon(2)
Furcifer verrucosus: Madagascar giant spiny chameleon
Furcifer verrucosus: Warty chameleon
Furcifer verrucosus: Warty giant chameleon
Furipterus horrens: Thumbless bat
Fusconaia cuneolus: Fire-rayed pigtoe pearly mussel
Fusconaia edgariana: Shiny pigtoe pearly mussel

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_f.htm, 2018-03-18, Animal name F, 動物名 F}

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_f.htm, 2018-03-18, Animal name F, 動物名 F}, (nswong, animal_name_f.htm)

Facelina rhodopos: 粉紅灰翼海蛞蝓
Faiditus xiphias: 劍額寄居姬蛛
Falcipennis falcipennis: 鐮翅雞
Falcipennis falcipennis: 镰翅鸟
Falcipennis falcipennis: 镰翅鸡(3)
Falco alopex: 大黃眼隼
Falco alopex: 大黄眼隼
Falco alopex: 狐色隼
Falco altaicus: 阿尔泰隼(2)
Falco amurebsis: 阿穆尔隼
Falco amurensis: 紅腳隼(4)
Falco amurensis: 紅足隼
Falco amurensis: 红脚隼(7)
Falco amurensis: 阿穆尔隼(2)
Falco araea: 塞舌尔隼(2)
Falco araea: 塞舌島隼(2)
Falco araea: 塞舌爾隼
Falco araeus: 塞昔爾隼
Falco ardosiaceus: 灰隼(2)
Falco berigora: 褐隼(3)
Falco bespertinus: 红脚隼
Falco biarmicus: 地中海隼(4)
Falco cenchroides: 澳洲隼(4)
Falco cherrug: 猎隼(9)
Falco cherrug: 獵隼(2)
Falco chicquera: 紅頭隼(2)
Falco chicquera: 红头隼(3)
Falco columbarius: 灰背隼(16)
Falco concolor: 烟色隼(2)
Falco concolor: 烟隼
Falco concolor: 煙色隼
Falco cuvieri: 非洲隼(2)
Falco cuvierii: 非洲隼
Falco deiroleucus: 橙胸隼
Falco deiroleucus: 橙腹隼
Falco dickinsoni: 灰头隼(2)
Falco dickinsoni: 灰頭隼
Falco eleonorae: 埃莉氏隼
Falco eleonorae: 艾氏隼(3)
Falco fasciinucha: 东非隼
Falco fasciinucha: 東非隼
Falco fasciinucha: 泰埃隼
Falco femoralis: 黄腹隼(2)
Falco hypoleucos: 澳洲灰隼(3)
Falco jugger: 印度猎隼(3)
Falco jugger: 印度獵隼(4)
Falco longipennis: 姬隼(3)
Falco mexicanus: 草原隼(2)
Falco moluccensis: 斑隼(4)
Falco naumanni: 黃爪隼(3)
Falco naumanni: 黄爪隼(7)
Falco newtoni: 馬島隼(2)
Falco newtoni: 马岛隼(2)
Falco newtoni: +215, 馬島隼
Falco novaeseelandiae: 紐西蘭隼
Falco novaeseelandiae: 鶉隼
Falco novaeseelandiae: 鹑隼
Falco novaezeelandiae: 新西兰隼
Falco pelegrinoides: 拟游隼(5)
Falco pelegrinoides: 擬游隼(2)
Falco pelegrinoides: 擬遊隼(2)
Falco peregrinus: 游隼(16)
Falco peregrinus: 遊隼(9)
Falco peregrinus: 隼(7)
Falco pergrinus: 游隼
Falco punctatus: 模里西斯隼
Falco punctatus: 毛里求斯隼(5)
Falco rufigularis: 蝙蝠隼
Falco rufigularis: 食蝠隼
Falco rupicoloides: 巨隼
Falco rupicoloides: 黃眼隼
Falco rupicoloides: 黄眼隼
Falco rusticolus: 白隼
Falco rusticolus: 矛隼(11)
Falco severus: 猛隼(8)
Falco sparverius: 美洲茶隼
Falco sparverius: 美洲隼(3)
Falco subbateo: 燕隼
Falco subbuteo: 燕隼(20)
Falco subbuteo: 红隼
Falco subniger: 黑隼(3)
Falco tinnunculus: 紅隼(10)
Falco tinnunculus: 紅隼, Hong sun
Falco tinnunculus: 红隼(14)
Falco tinnunculus: Tinnunculus, 红隼
Falco vespertinus: 紅足隼
Falco vespertinus: 红脚隼(4)
Falco vespertinus: 西紅腳隼
Falco vespertinus: 西红脚隼(4)
Falco vespertinus: Amurensis, 红脚隼
Falco zoniventris: 马岛斑隼(2)
Falculifer rostratus: 喙鴿羽蟎
Falsobuntonia changshoui: 長壽假白烏介
Falsobuntonia chiangpinga: 強兵假白烏介
Falsobuntonia chuangchihi: 壯志假白烏介
Falsobuntonia cucurbitacea: 南瓜假白烏介
Falsobuntonia deglabralis: 禿毛假白烏介
Falsobuntonia hanaii: 花井假白烏介
Falsobuntonia hsiungniensis: 兇年假白烏介
Falsobuntonia taiwanica: 台灣假白烏介
Falsogastrallus sauteri: 紹德擬腹標本甲
Falsomesosella subalba: 白姬星斑天牛
Falsomesosella unicolor: 單色偽星斑天牛
Famegana alsulus: 幻灰蝶
Famegana alsulus: 琺灰蝶
Fannia carbonaria: 黑鼻廁蠅
Fannia cocula: 高山廁蠅
Fannia cuspicerea: 斑尾廁蠅
Fannia dupla: 二疊廁蠅
Fannia gracilis: 細瘦測蠅
Fannia leucosticta: 白紋廁蠅
Fannia manicata: 毛踝廁蠅
Fannia minutipalpis: 小鬚廁蠅
Fannia montana: 山棲廁蠅
Fannia prisca: 原始廁蠅
Fannia ringdahlana: 琳達廁蠅
Fannia scalaris: 灰腹廁蠅
Fannia taiwanensis: 台灣廁蠅
Fannia tripla: 三疊廁蠅
Farfantepenaeus aztecus: 褐美对虾
Farfantepenaeus brasiliensis: 巴西美对虾
Farfantepenaeus brevirostris: 短角美对虾
Farfantepenaeus californiensis: 加州美对虾
Farfantepenaeus duorarum: 桃红美对虾
Farfantepenaeus notialis: 美非美对虾
Farfantepenaeus paulensis: 保罗美对虾
Farfantepenaeus subtilis: 小褐美对虾
Farlowella acus: 尖管紋鯰
Farlowella rugosa: 皱纹管吻鲶
Farlowella rugosa: 皺紋管吻鯰
Farrania frigida: 冷鐮水蚤
Farrania orbus: 缺足鐮水蚤
Farranula carinata: 隆脊法氏大眼水蚤
Farranula concinna: 精緻法氏大眼水蚤
Farranula gibbula: 駝背法氏大眼水蚤
Farranula longicaudis: 長尾法氏大眼水蚤
Farranula rostrata: 擬額法氏大眼水蚤
Fasciatus waite: 橫帶沙鱚
Faughnia formosae: 臺灣橙蝦蛄
Faughnia haani: 韓氏橙蝦蛄
Faughnia serenei: 平靜橙蝦蛄
Faunis eumeus: 串珠環蝶(2)
Faunis eumeus: 串珠蝶
Faunis eumeus: 橙色鏈
Faunus ater: 黑蜷
Fautor camptus: 紫頂黃金鐘螺
Favartia balteasa: 小菊花骨螺
Favartia brevicula: 短小骨螺
Favartia dorothyae: 桃花骨螺
Favia favus: 正菊珊瑚
Favia laxa: 疏菊珊瑚
Favia maritima: 海洋菊珊瑚
Favia pallida: 圈紋菊珊瑚
Favia pallida: 圓紋菊珊瑚
Favia rotumana: 羅氏菊珊瑚
Favia rotundata: 圓形角菊珊瑚
Favia speciosa: 環菊珊瑚
Favia stelligera: 小菊珊瑚
Favia veroni: 圓突菊珊瑚
Favites abdita: 隱藏角菊珊瑚(2)
Favites chinensis: 中國角菊珊瑚
Favites complanata: 板葉角菊珊瑚
Favites flexuosa: 柔角菊珊瑚
Favites halicora: 實心角菊珊瑚
Favites pentagona: 五邊角菊珊瑚
Favonigobius biocellatus: 雙斑斑點鰕虎
Favonigobius gymnauchen: 裸項蜂巢鰕虎魚
Favonigobius gymnauchen: 裸頸斑點鰕虎(3)
Favonigobius gymnauchen: 裸頸鯊
Favonigobius lateralis: 白条蜂巢鰕虎鱼
Favonigobius lateralis: 白條蜂巢鰕虎魚
Favonigobius reichei: 乳突鰕虎魚
Favonigobius reichei: 雷氏鯊(2)
Favorinus japonicus: 日本灰翼海蛞蝓
Favorinus mirabilis: 奇妙灰翼海蛞蝓
Favorinus pacificus: 太平洋灰翼海蛞蝓
Favorinus tsuruganus: 敦賀灰翼海蛞蝓
Feils temmincki: 金猫
Fejervarya cancrivora: 海蛙照片及分布
Fejervarya cancrivora: 海蛙(4)
Fejervarya cancrivora: 海蛙, Hai3 wa1(2160)
Fejervarya cancrivora: 海陆蛙(285)
Fejervarya cancrivora: 海陸蛙(285)
Fejervarya cancrivora: 紅樹林蛙
Fejervarya cancrivora: 紅目仔
Fejervarya cancrivora: 食蟹蛙(337)
Fejervarya limnocharis: 泽蛙
Fejervarya limnocharis: 泽蛙, Ze2 wa1(8420)
Fejervarya limnocharis: 泽陆蛙(7920)
Fejervarya limnocharis: 澤蛙(4)
Fejervarya limnocharis: 澤蛙, Ze2 wa1(8420)
Feliniopsis tripunctata: 台灣三星棕夜蛾
Felis bengalensis: 海南豹猫
Felis bengalensis: 石虎
Felis bengalensis: 豹猫(6)
Felis bengalensis: 豹貓(2)
Felis bengalensis: Chinensis, 石虎(2)
Felis bengalensis: Hainana, 海南豹猫
Felis bengalensis: Hainana, 海南豹貓
Felis bieti: 漠猫
Felis bieti: 荒漠猫(2)
Felis caracal: 狞猫
Felis catus: 家猫(3)
Felis catus: 家猫, Jia mao
Felis catus: 家貓(2)
Felis catus: 貓(2)
Felis chaus: 丛林猫(2)
Felis chaus: 叢林貓
Felis concolor: 佛罗里达山狮(2)
Felis concolor: 哥斯达黎加山狮
Felis concolor: 山獅
Felis concolor: 美洲狮(3)
Felis jacobita: 南美山猫
Felis libyca: Domestica, 家猫
Felis lybica: 草原斑猫(2)
Felis lynx: 猞猁狲
Felis lynx: 猞猁猻
Felis lynx: 猞猁(2)
Felis lynx: 馬猞猁
Felis lynx: 马猞猁
Felis manul: 乌伦
Felis manul: 免狲
Felis manul: 兔狲
Felis manul: 兔猻
Felis manul: 烏倫
Felis manul: 玛瑙
Felis manul: 瑪瑙
Felis manul: 羊猞猁
Felis margarita: 沙猫
Felis marmorata: 云猫(4)
Felis marmorata: 云貓
Felis marrmorata: 云猫
Felis nebulosa: 云豹
Felis nigripes: 鬃猫
Felis nigripes: 黑足猫
Felis nigripes: 黑足貓(3)
Felis ocncolor: 美东山狮(2)
Felis pardadina: 西班牙大山猫
Felis pardalis: 美洲豹猫
Felis planiceps: 扁头猫
Felis rubiginose: 锈斑猫
Felis rufa: 墨西哥大山猫
Felis seval: 薮猫(3)
Felis silvestris: 草原斑猫
Felis silvestris: 野猫
Felis sivestris: 家猫(2)
Felis sivestris: 野猫(3)
Felis temmincki: 华南金猫
Felis temmincki: 金猫(2)
Felis temminckii: 金猫
Felis tigrina: 美洲虎猫
Felis viverrina: 渔猫
Felis viverrinus: 渔猫
Felis wiedii: 美洲小豹猫
Felis wiedii: 长尾虎猫(3)
Felis yogouaroundi: 懒猫
Felovia vae: 溝齒梳趾鼠
Fenneropenaeus chinensis: 中国明对虾(3)
Fenneropenaeus indicus: 印度明对虾
Fenneropenaeus penicillatus: 长毛明对虾
Fenneropenaeus silasi: 南亚明对虾
Ferdinandea formosana: 南投蚜蠅
Feresa attenuata: 小虎鯨
Feresa attenuata: 小逆戟鯨
Feresa attenuata: 矮鲸
Feroculus feroculus: 长爪鼩
Ferricythere cocacolaria: 可樂高鐵介
Ferricythere curtialata: 曲尺高鐵介
Ferricythere elliptica: 橢圓高鐵介
Ferricythere oblonga: 長伸高鐵介
Ferricythere shiushyi: 虛實高鐵介
Ferricythere tsanbana: 饡巴高鐵介
Ferrisia virgata: 絲粉介殼蟲
Ferrisia virgata: 腺刺粉蚧
Ferrisiana virgata: 絲粉介殼蟲
Ferrisicoccus angustus: 费粉蚧
Feshyia mushaensis: 霧社飛絮實蠅
Festucalex erythraeus: 紅光尾海龍
Fibularia acuta: 卵豆海膽
Fibularia ovulum: 卵豆海膽
Ficedula albicilla: 紅喉姬鶲
Ficedula albicilla: 紅喉鶲(3)
Ficedula albicilla: 红喉姬鹟(3)
Ficedula albicollis: 白領姬鶲
Ficedula albicollis: 白领姬鹟
Ficedula basilanica: 小灰姬鹟(2)
Ficedula bonthaina: 苏拉姬鹟
Ficedula buruensis: 布鲁姬鹟
Ficedula crypta: 佛氏姬鹟
Ficedula crypta: 佛里氏姬鹟
Ficedula cyanomelana: 白腹姬鶲
Ficedula cyanomelana: 白腹鶲
Ficedula cyanomelana: 鶲
Ficedula disposita: 隐姬鹟(2)
Ficedula dumetoria: 棕胸姬鹟(2)
Ficedula elisae: 綠背姬鶲
Ficedula elisae: 绿背姬鹟
Ficedula harterti: 哈氏姬鹟
Ficedula henrici: 达玛姬鹟
Ficedula hodgsonii: 銹胸藍姬鶲(2)
Ficedula hodgsonii: 銹胸藍姬鶲
Ficedula hodgsonii: 锈胸蓝姬鹟(3)
Ficedula hyperythra: 棕胸蓝姬鹟(5)
Ficedula hyperythra: 棕胸藍姬鶲
Ficedula hyperythra: 黃胸姬鶲(4)
Ficedula hyperythra: 黃胸青鶲(13)
Ficedula hyperythra: 黄胸青鹟
Ficedula hyperythra: Innexa, 棕胸藍姬鶲
Ficedula hyperythra: Innexa, 黃胸姬鶲
Ficedula hyperythra: Innexa, 黃胸青鶲
Ficedula hypoleuca: 斑姬鹟(3)
Ficedula monileger: 白喉姬鹟
Ficedula mugimaki: 斑眉姬鶲
Ficedula mugimaki: 白眉黃鶲(7)
Ficedula mugimaki: 白眉黄鹟
Ficedula mugimaki: 鴝姬鶲(2)
Ficedula mugimaki: 鴝姬鹟
Ficedula mugimaki: 鴝鶲
Ficedula mugimaki: 鶲
Ficedula mugimaki: 鸲姬鶲
Ficedula mugimaki: 鸲姬鹟(9)
Ficedula mugimaki: 鸲鹟(2)
Ficedula narcissina: 鶲
Ficedula narcissina: 黃眉姬鶲(3)
Ficedula narcissina: 黃眉姬鹟
Ficedula narcissina: 黃眉鶲
Ficedula narcissina: 黃眉黃鶲(6)
Ficedula narcissina: 黄眉姬鶲
Ficedula narcissina: 黄眉姬鹟(10)
Ficedula narcissina: 黄眉鹟(2)
Ficedula narcissina: 黄眉黄鹟(2)
Ficedula nigrorufa: 黑棕姬鹟
Ficedula parva: 紅喉姬鶲(2)
Ficedula parva: 紅喉姬鹟
Ficedula parva: 紅喉鶲(3)
Ficedula parva: 紅胸姬鶲
Ficedula parva: 紅胸鶲(2)
Ficedula parva: 红喉姬鶲
Ficedula parva: 红喉姬鹟(7)
Ficedula parva: 红喉鹟(4)
Ficedula parva: 红胸姬鹟
Ficedula parva: 鶲
Ficedula parve: 红喉姬鹟
Ficedula platenae: 巴拉望姬鹟(2)
Ficedula rufigula: 棕喉姬鹟
Ficedula sapphira: 玉头姬鹟(2)
Ficedula sapphira: 玉頭姬鶲
Ficedula semitorquata: 半領姬鶲
Ficedula semitorquata: 半领姬鹟
Ficedula solitaris: 棕眉姬鹟(2)
Ficedula strophiata: 橙胸姬鶲
Ficedula strophiata: 橙胸姬鹟(2)
Ficedula strophiata: 橙胸鶲
Ficedula subrubra: 印巴姬鹟
Ficedula superciliaris: 白眉蓝姬鹟(2)
Ficedula superciliaris: 白眉藍姬鶲
Ficedula timorensis: 帝汶姬鹟
Ficedula tricolor: 灰蓝姬鹟(2)
Ficedula tricolor: 灰蓝鶲
Ficedula tricolor: 灰藍姬鶲
Ficedula westermanni: 小斑姬鶲
Ficedula westermanni: 小斑姬鹟(4)
Ficedula zanthopygia: 白眉姬鶲(3)
Ficedula zanthopygia: 白眉姬鹟(11)
Ficedula zanthopygia: 白眉鶲(6)
Ficedula zanthopygia: 白眉鹟(5)
Ficus ficus: 小枇杷螺
Ficus filosa: 麻布枇杷螺
Ficus gracilis: 大枇杷螺
Ficus subintermedius: 小枇杷螺
Ficus variegata: 花球枇杷螺
Fiebrigilla luteifrons: 橙額稈蠅
Figaro melanobranchus: 黑鳃双锯鲨
Figaro piceus: 棕黑双锯鲨
Figulus binodulus: 矮鍬形蟲
Figulus curvicornis: 滑翅矮鍬形蟲
Figulus fissicollis: 蘭嶼矮鍬形蟲
Figulus punctatus: 刻翅矮鍬形蟲
Filientomon taiwanense: 台灣線毛蚖
Filimanus similis: 真丝指马
Filimanus similis: 真絲指馬
Filinia longiseta: 長三肢輪蟲
Filistata marginata: 管網蛛
Filistata marginata: 縮網蛛
Fimbria fimbriata: 花籃蛤
Fimbria soverbii: 索華花籃蛤
Finmarehinella yenshihi: 嚴師芳摩介
Fiorinia arengae: 桄榔圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia fioriniae: 圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia horii: 臺灣圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia japonica: 杉柏圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia linderae: 香葉樹圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia minor: 小圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia pinicola: 松圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia proboscidaria: 象鼻圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia randiae: 雞爪勒圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia taiwana: 青剛圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia theae: 茶圍盾介殼蟲
Fiorinia turpiniae: 山香圓圍盾介殼蟲
Firmiscala multicostatum: 多肋海螄螺
Firmiscala pasiphaes: 刻紋海螄螺
Fissidentalium formosum: 錦紅象牙貝
Fissidentalium hungerfordi: 扁管象牙貝
Fissidentalium profundorum: 深海象牙貝
Fissidentalium vernedei: 圓象牙貝
Fissidentalium vicdani: 宏凱象牙貝
Fissidentalium yokoyamai: 橫山象牙貝
Fissilabia decollatus: 華美芝麻螺
Fistularia commersonii: 康氏馬鞭魚
Fistularia commersonii: 棘烟管鱼
Fistularia commersonii: 棘馬鞭魚
Fistularia commersonii: 無鱗煙管魚
Fistularia petimba: 馬鞭魚
Fistularia petimba: 鱗煙管魚
Fistularia petimba: 鳞烟管鱼
Fistularia villosa: 毛烟管鱼
Fistulobalanus albicostatus: 白脊管藤壺
Fistulobalanus kondakovi: 泥管藤壺
Fixsenia watarii: 武大洒灰蝶
Fixsenia watarii: 渡氏烏灰蝶
Fixsenia watarii: 紅點烏小灰蝶
Flabelligobius smithi: 史氏角吻鰕虎
Flabellina bicolor: 雙色扇羽海蛞蝓
Flabellina delicata: 精緻扇羽海蛞蝓
Flabellina exoptata: 美艷扇羽海蛞蝓
Flabellina riwo: 里沃扇羽海蛞蝓
Flabellina rubrolineata: 紅紋扇羽海蛞蝓(2)
Flabellina rubropurpurata: 紅紫扇羽海蛞蝓
Flatocerus hainanensis: 海南扁角蚱
Flatocerus nankunshanensis: 南昆山扁角蚱
Flatocerus wuyishanensis: 武夷山扁角蚱
Flatovertex rufotibialis: 红胫平顶蝗
Flavipennis lacunifera: 多孔蚤蠅
Flavopimpla nigromaculata: 黑斑黃瘤姬蜂
Fledgling budgerigar: 长尾小鹦鹉
Floracarus abruptus: 斷脊佛州節蜱
Floracarus biserratae: 長葉腎蕨佛州節蜱
Floracarus hypophae: 黃肉樹佛州節蜱
Floracarus neolitseaus: 新木薑子佛州節蜱
Floracarus parviflorae: 玉葉金花佛州節蜱
Floracarus syzygiae: 赤楠佛州節蜱
Floracarus trirectus: 三線佛州節蜱
Floraphis choui: 周氏倍花蚜
Floraphis meitanensis: 铁倍花蚜
Flos asoka: 鎖鎧花灰蝶
Flower horn: 花罗汉
Fluta alba: 鱔魚
Fluta alba: 黃鱔
Foa brachygramma: 短線小天竺鯛
Foa brachygramma: 短線腭竺魚
Fodiator acutus: 尖颏飞鱼
Foenatopus annulitarsus: 環跗齒足冠蜂
Foenatopus aratifrons: 犁額齒足冠蜂
Foenatopus formosanus: 台灣齒足冠蜂
Foetorepus masudai: 益田氏棘紅
Foetorepus masudai: 益田氏棘紅
Foetorepus masudai: 益田氏連鰭
Foetorepus masudai: 老鼠
Folifer brevifilis: 海南瓣結魚
Folifer brevifilis: 瓣結魚
Foochounus sulcatus: 鋸齒福州擬迴步蟲
Forcipiger flavissimus: 火箭諜
Forcipiger flavissimus: 黃火箭
Forcipiger flavissimus: 黃鑷口魚
Forcipiger flavissimus: 黄火箭小丑鱼
Forcipiger flavissimus: 黄火箭(2)
Forcipiger longirostris: 火箭諜
Forcipiger longirostris: 鑷口魚
Forcipiger longirostris: 長吻鑷口魚
Forcipiger longirostris: 長咀檸檬
Forcipomyia anabaenae: 安娜鋏蠓
Forcipomyia anobaene: 三地鋏蠓
Forcipomyia arcigera: 台北鋏蠓
Forcipomyia atipes: 寬足鋏蠓
Forcipomyia boophila: 好牛鋏蠓
Forcipomyia brachytoma: 短銳鋏蠓
Forcipomyia chrysothrix: 金毛鋏蠓
Forcipomyia collicola: 五峰鋏蠓
Forcipomyia danxianensis: 詹縣鋏蠓
Forcipomyia despecta: 地痞鋏蠓
Forcipomyia emeishana: 峨眉鋏蠓
Forcipomyia formosae: 蓬萊鋏蠓
Forcipomyia formosana: 高雄鋏蠓
Forcipomyia fuliginosa: 黑色鋏蠓
Forcipomyia fuscimana: 灰陷鋏蠓
Forcipomyia gramenxola: 柱草鋏蠓
Forcipomyia homaliae: 扁蘚鋏蠓
Forcipomyia hualuensis: 華緣鋏蠓
Forcipomyia ingrami: 食蚊鋏蠓
Forcipomyia japonica: 日本鋏蠓
Forcipomyia kitasirakawae: 京都鋏蠓
Forcipomyia lagonigera: 野兔鋏蠓
Forcipomyia lanyuensis: 低飛鋏蠓
Forcipomyia megadentis: 蘭嶼鋏蠓
Forcipomyia miricornis: 美角鋏卯
Forcipomyia nanjinensis: 鋸齒鋏蠓
Forcipomyia paucidensis: 南京鋏蠓
Forcipomyia paucidentis: 貧齒鋏蠓
Forcipomyia phototropiq: 趨光鋏蠓
Forcipomyia propoia: 特別鋏蠓
Forcipomyia pungobovis: 叮牛鋏蠓
Forcipomyia sauteri: 邵氏鋏蠓
Forcipomyia saxicola: 住岩鋏蠓
Forcipomyia taipei: 台北鋏蠓
Forcipomyia taiwana: 台灣鋏蠓
Forcipomyia takahashii: 高橋裸蠓
Forcipomyia taoyuanensis: 桃源鋏蠓
Forcipomyia tokunagai: 德永鋏蠓
Forcipomyia virgula: 小枝鋏蠓
Forcipomyia wanjungensis: 萬榮鋏蠓
Forcipomyia wulai: 烏來鋏蠓
Forcipomyia zonaphalla: 帶脛鋏蠓
Forcipula quadrispinosa: 四刺球蠷螋
Forda auralenta: 金黄五节根蚜
Forda formicaria: 蚁五节根蚜
Forda marginata: 大禾根蚜
Forda marginata: 緣五節根蚜
Forda marginata: 缘五节根蚜
Forda multicoma: 毛多五节根蚜
Forda orietalis: 东方五节根蚜
Forestia depressa: 扁平霍氏蟹
Forestia scabra: 粗糙霍氏蟹
Forficula greeni: 綠球螋
Forficula greeni: 綠蠼螋
Forficula harberei: 哈伯蠼螋
Forficula planicollis: 斜蠼螋
Formia niger: 黑鲳(2)
Formica japonica: 日本山蟻
Formica obsidiana: 台灣山蟻
Formica pices: 蓬萊山蟻
Formica yessensis: 葉盛山蟻
Formicococcus cinnamomi: 樟蟻粉介殼蟲
Formicococcus cinnamomi: 蚁粉蚧
Formicococcus comantis: 多毛蚁粉蚧
Formicococcus eriobotryae: 枇杷蚁粉蚧
Formicococcus macarangae: 野桐蟻粉介殼蟲
Formicococcus schimae: 木荷蟻粉介殼蟲
Formicococcus schimae: 柯蚁粉蚧
Formicococcus speciosus: 茅白蚁粉蚧
Formicosepsis hamata: 鈎狀量腳蠅
Formocicada taiwana: 台灣虎翅蟬
Formocryptus bidentatus: 雙齒成溝姬蜂
Formosacris koshunensis: 恒春台蝗
Formosana formosensis: 台灣煙管蝸牛
Formosana formosensis: 白頂台灣煙
Formosana formosensis: 黎氏台灣煙管蝸牛
Formosana formosensis: Albiapex, 白頂台灣煙管蝸牛
Formosana formosensis: Formosensis, 台灣煙管蝸牛
Formosana swinhoei: 斯文豪煙管蝸牛(2)
Formosana taiwanica: 光澤台灣煙管蝸牛
Formosaphis micheliae: 丽绵蚜
Formosaphis micheliae: 玉蘭幹綿蚜
Formosaphis micheliae: 麗綿蚜
Formosatettix arisanensis: 阿里山台蚱
Formosatettix brachynotus: 短背台蚱
Formosatettix brevicornus: 短角台蚱
Formosatettix dabieshanensis: 大别山台蚱
Formosatettix formosanus: 台湾台蚱
Formosatettix gonggashanensis: 贡嘎山台蚱
Formosatettix guangdongensis: 广东台蚱
Formosatettix guangxiensis: 广西台蚱
Formosatettix helanshanensis: 贺兰山台蚱
Formosatettix henanensis: 河南台蚱
Formosatettix karenkoensis: 卡台蚱
Formosatettix longidorsalis: 长背台蚱
Formosatettix lushanensis: 庐山台蚱
Formosatettix platynotus: 宽背台蚱
Formosatettix qinglinensis: 秦岭台蚱
Formosatettix robustus: 壮台蚱
Formosatettix yunnanensis: 云南台蚱
Formosatettixoides hunanensis: 湖南拟台蚱
Formosatettixoides wuyishanensis: 武夷山拟台蚱
Formosatettixoides zhejiangensis: 浙江拟台蚱
Formosempria varipes: 斑足葉蜂
Formosina adolescens: 韶華稈蠅
Formosina gigas: 巨型稈蠅
Formosina lucens: 光耀稈蠅
Formosina ochracea: 淺黃稈蠅
Formosina tumida: 臃腫稈蠅
Formosopyrrhona cinnabarina: 艷紅翅細頸天牛
Formosopyrrhona hozanensis: 鳳山紅翅細頸天牛
Formosopyrrhona hozanensis: 鳳山紅翅花
Formosopyrrhona semilaeticolor: 灰艷紅細頸天牛
Formotosena seebohmi: 台灣爺蟬(3)
Formozygaena shibatai: 柴谷氏蓬萊斑蛾
Forpus coelestis: 太平洋鸚鵡(2)
Forskalia edwardsi: 歪鐘水母
Fossa fossa: 馬島靈貓
Fossa fossa: 马岛缟狸(3)
Fossa fossana: 長島麝貓
Fossa fossana: 馬島麝貓
Fossa fossana: 馬爾加什靈貓
Fossa fossana: 马岛缟狸
Fossaria truncatula: 截形椎實螺
Fossarus multicostatus: 細紋堡螺
Fossarus trochleris: 小堡螺
Fossorochromis rostratus: 吻溝非鯽
Fossorochromis rostratus: 雪花豹(2)
Foveoleberis foveolata: 麻孔坑面介
Foveoleberis jeusheyi: 舉師坑面介
Foveoleberis liuhoui: 留候坑面介
Foveoleberis ymchengi: 鄭氏坑面介
Fowleria marmorata: 大目側仔
Fowleria marmorata: 大面側仔
Fowleria marmorata: 顯乳突天竺鯛
Fowleria punctulata: 大目側仔
Fowleria punctulata: 大面側仔
Fowleria punctulata: 等斑乳突天竺鯛
Fowleria punctulata: 等斑天竺鯛
Fowleria vaiulae: 大面側仔
Fowleria vaiulae: 白點小天竺鯛
Fowleria vaiulae: 維拉乳突天竺鯛
Fowleria variegata: 多斑乳突天竺鯛
Fowleria variegata: 大目側仔
Fowleria variegata: 大面側仔
Fragiliscala tosaensis: 土佐鰭海螄螺
Fragilopalia bitaeniata: 雙帶海螄螺
Fragilopalia lotus: 蓮花海螄螺
Fragilopalia nebulodermata: 薄肋海螄螺
Fragum carinatum: 菊莓鳥尾蛤
Fragum fragum: 白莓鳥尾蛤
Fragum unedo: 草莓鳥尾蛤
Francolimus pintadeanus: 鹧鸪
Francolinus afer: 紅喉鷓鴣
Francolinus camerunensis: 喀麦隆鹧鸪
Francolinus castaneicollis: 栗枕鷓鴣
Francolinus coqui: 栗頂鷓鴣
Francolinus erckelii: 棕顶鹧鸪
Francolinus francolinus: 黑鹧鸪(2)
Francolinus gularis: 沼泽鹧鸪
Francolinus hildebrandti: 希氏鷓鴣
Francolinus jacksoni: 肯雅鷓鴣
Francolinus leucoscepus: 黃頸鷓鴣
Francolinus levaillantii: 紅翅鷓鴣
Francolinus levalliantoides: 橙翅斑鷓鴣
Francolinus nahani: 纳氏鹧鸪
Francolinus ochropectus: 淡腹鹧鸪
Francolinus pictus: 花彩鷓鴣
Francolinus pictus: 花彩鹧鸪
Francolinus pintadeanus: 中华鹧鸪(11)
Francolinus pintadeanus: 中華鷓鴣(2)
Francolinus pintadeanus: 鷓鴣
Francolinus pintadeanus: 鹧鸪(5)
Francolinus pondicerianus: 灰鷓鴣
Francolinus pondicerianus: 灰鹧鸪(2)
Francolinus psilolaemus: 高地鷓鴣
Francolinus rufopictus: 彩鷓鴣
Francolinus sephaena: 鳳頭鷓鴣
Francolinus shelleyi: 謝氏鷓鴣
Francolinus squamatus: 鱗斑鷓鴣
Francolinus streptophorus: 環頸鷓鴣
Frankliniella intonsa: 台灣花薊馬
Frankliniella salicis: 柳花薊馬
Frankliniella schultzei: 梳缺花薊馬
Frankliniella williamsi: 玉米薊馬
Franklinothrips suzukii: 鈴木兇薊馬
Franklinothrips vespiformis: 細腰兇薊馬
Fratercula arctica: 北极海鹦
Fratercula cirrhata: 簇羽海鹦
Fratercula cirrhata: 花魁鸟
Fratercula corniculata: 角海鹦(2)
Freata ariel: 白斑军舰鸟
Freata ariel: 白斑軍艦鳥
Fregata an: 白腹军舰鸟
Fregata andrewsi: 安德魯軍艦鳥(3)
Fregata andrewsi: 安德鲁军舰鸟
Fregata andrewsi: 白瓜军舰鸟
Fregata andrewsi: 白腹军舰鸟(5)
Fregata andrewsi: 白腹軍艦鳥(4)
Fregata ariel: 白斑军舰鸟(10)
Fregata ariel: 白斑軍艦鳥,
Fregata ariel: 白斑軍艦鳥(7)
Fregata minor: 军舰鸟
Fregata minor: 小军舰鸟(12)
Fregata minor: 小軍艦鳥,
Fregata minor: 小軍艦鳥(3)
Fregata minor: 軍艦鳥(5)
Fregata minor: 黑腹军舰鸟(3)
Fregata minor: 黑腹軍艦鳥(2)
Fregetta grallaria: 白腹舰海燕
Fregetta grallaria: 白腹艦燕,
Fregetta tropica: 黑腹舰海燕
Fregetta tropica: 黑腹艦海燕
Fregetta tropica: 黑腹艦燕,
Freyeria putli: 普福來灰蝶
Fringilla coelebs: 苍头燕雀(3)
Fringilla coelebs: 蒼頭燕雀(2)
Fringilla montifringilla: 燕雀(16)
Fringilla montifringilla: 花雀(8)
Friona okinawana: 沖繩弗姬蜂
Froggattiella penicillata: 鬚齒盾介殼蟲
Fromia monilis: 珠鏈單鰓海星
Fromia monilis: 紅寶石海星
Fromia monilis: 馬爾地夫紅寶石海星
Frontopsylla nakagawai: 中川氏額蚤台灣亞種
Fryeria riippelli: 飛機葉海麒麟
Fryeria ruppelii: 飛機葉海蛞蝓
Fugu niphobles: 星点东方鲀
Fugu obscurus: 暗色东方鲀
Fugu ocellatus: 弓斑东方鲀
Fugu xanthopterus: 条纹东方鲀
Fukienogomphus prometheus: 深山闽春蜓
Fukienogomphus prometheus: 火神春蜓
Fukienogomphus promineus: 显著闽春蜓
Fulgora candelaria: 龙眼鸡
Fulgora watanabei: 渡邊氏東方蠟蟬(2)
Fulgora watanabei: 渡邊長吻白蠟蟬
Fulgoraria chinoi: 褐色渦螺
Fulgoraria exoptanda: 木瓜渦螺
Fulgoraria glabra: 光華渦螺
Fulgoraria hamillei: 哈蜜渦螺
Fulgoraria humerosa: 木紋渦螺
Fulgoraria minima: 小渦螺
Fulgoraria pratasensis: 東沙渦螺
Fulgoraria rupestris: 閃電渦螺
Fulica alai: 夏威夷瓣蹼鸡
Fulica americana: 美洲瓣蹼鸡
Fulica atra: 白冠雞(7)
Fulica atra: 白冠鸡(2)
Fulica atra: 白骨頂(3)
Fulica atra: 白骨顶(5)
Fulica atra: 骨頂雞(2)
Fulica atra: 骨顶
Fulica atra: 骨顶鸡,白骨顶
Fulica atra: 骨顶鸡(11)
Fulica atra: Atra, 骨顶鸡
Fulica cristata: 紅瘤白骨頂
Fulmarus glacialis: 暴雪鸌(2)
Fulmarus glacialis: 暴雪鹱(3)
Fulmarus glacialis: 暴风鹱(2)
Fulmarus glacialoides: 銀灰暴風鸌,
Fulmekiola serrata: 蔗腹齒薊馬
Fulta alba: 鱔魚(2)
Fulvetta cinereiceps: 褐头雀鹛
Fulvetta formosana: 灰
Fulvetta formosana: 玉山雀鹛
Fulvetta formosana: 褐頭花翼
Fulvetta ludlowi: 路德雀鹛
Fulvetta manipurensis: 印缅褐头雀鹛
Fulvetta ruficapilla: 棕头雀鹛
Fulvetta striaticollis: 高山雀鹛
Fulvetta vinipectus: 白眉雀鹛
Fulvia aperta: 氣泡鳥尾蛤
Fulvia australe: 南方鳥尾蛤
Fulvia australis: 南方鳥尾蛤
Fulvia mutica: 日本鳥尾蛤
Fulvia mutica: 滑顶薄壳鸟蛤
Fulvia undatopicta: 斑紋鳥尾蛤
Funambulus pennanti: 棕櫚松鼠
Funchalia taaningi: 柔毛刺顎蝦
Fundulus bermudae: 百慕大底鮰
Fundulus confluentus: 眼点底鮰
Fungia concinna: 和諧蕈珊瑚
Fungia costulata: 直肋圓珊瑚
Fungia cyclolites: 環形圓珊瑚
Fungia fragilis: 幣圓珊瑚
Fungia fungites: 真蕈珊瑚(2)
Fungia granulosa: 顆粒蕈珊瑚
Fungia gravis: 沉重蕈珊瑚
Fungia horrida: 刺蝟蕈珊瑚
Fungia moluccensis: 摩鹿加蕈珊瑚
Fungia paumotensis: 笏形蕈珊瑚(2)
Fungia repanda: 盤形蕈珊瑚
Fungia scruposa: 碓形蕈珊瑚
Fungia scutaria: 元寶蕈珊瑚
Fungia sinensis: 中國圓珊瑚
Fungia taiwanensis: 台灣蕈珊瑚
Fungia tenuis: 索氏圓珊瑚
Fungia vaughani: 佛氏圓珊瑚
Funisciurus anerythrus: 西非松鼠
Furcaperia jiangxiensis: 江西叉突襀(2)
Furcaperla jiangxiensis: 江西叉突虫责(2)
Furcaperla jiangxiensis: 江西叉突(虫责)
Furcifer lateralis: 地毯变色龙
Furcifer lateralis: 地毯變色龍(2)
Furcifer oustaleti: 奥力士变色龙(2)
Furcifer oustaleti: 奧力士變色龍(2)
Furcifer oustaleti: 沃斯特里蒂避役
Furcifer pardalis: 七彩变色龙(2)
Furcifer pardalis: 七彩變色龍(2)
Furcifer pardalis: 豹纹避役
Furcifer verrucosus: 巨人疣冠变色龙
Furcifer verrucosus: 巨人疣冠變色龍(2)
Furipterus horrens: 煙蝠(2)
Furipterus horrens: 狂翼蝠(2)
Furmastix infernalis: 幽鳝
Fusciludia ensifera: 劍角白楯實蠅
Fusconaia cuneolus: 楔狀水蚌
Fusconaia cuneolus: 細線豬趾真珠蚌
Fusconaia edgariana: 水蚌
Fusconaia edgariana: 閃爍豬趾真珠蚌
Fusiaphera azumai: 東氏核螺
Fusiaphera azumai: 波部塔形核螺
Fusiaphera macrospira: 高塔核螺
Fusiaphera macrospiratoides: 塔形核螺
Fusiaphera tosaensis: 土佐塔核螺
Fusigobius duospilus: 裸項紡錘鰕虎魚
Fusigobius duospilus: 裸頸植鰕虎
Fusigobius humeralis: 臂斑植鰕虎
Fusigobius inframaculatus: 下斑植鰕虎
Fusigobius longispinus: 長棘植鰕虎
Fusigobius longispinus: 長棘紡錘鰕虎魚
Fusigobius maximus: 大植鰕虎
Fusigobius neophytus: 植鰕虎
Fusigobius neophytus: 短棘紡錘鰕虎魚
Fusigobius signipinnis: 斑鰭植鰕虎
Fusigobius signipinnis: 斑鰭紡錘鰕虎魚
Fusinus colus: 紡軸長旋螺
Fusinus crassiplicatus: 縱肋長旋螺
Fusinus forceps: 圓長旋螺
Fusinus forceps: 長旋螺
Fusinus hyphalus: 網紋旋螺
Fusinus longicaudus: 枋準長旋螺
Fusinus nicobaricus: 花斑長旋螺
Fusinus perplexus: 鐵銹長旋螺
Fusinus toreumus: 白長旋螺
Fusitriton galea: 網目法螺
Fusitriton midwayensis: 中途島法螺
Fusolatirus coreanicus: 高麗旋螺
Fusolatirus kuroseanus: 黑瀨旋螺
Fustiaria nipponica: 裂象牙貝

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_f.htm, 2018-03-18, Animal name F, 動物名 F}

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_f.htm, 2018-03-18, Animal name F, 動物名 F}, (nswong, animal_name_f.htm)

Falco amurensis: Falco lalat
Falco longipenislengipennia: Alap-alap kecil
Falco molluccensis: Alap-alap sapi
Falco mollucensis: Alap-alap sapi
Falco moluccensis: Alap-alap sapi(2)
Falco moluccensis: Alapalap sapi
Falco peregrinus: Alap-alap kawah
Falco peregrinus: Alapalap kawah
Falco peregrinus: Falko belalang
Falco peregrinus: Helang peregrine(3)
Falco severus: Alap-alap macan(4)
Falco severus: Alapalap macan
Falco severus: Falko timor(4)
Falco subbuteo: Alap-alap walet
Falco subbuteo: Falko utara
Falco sylvatica: Alap-alap sapi
Falco tinnunculus: Alapalap erasia
Falco tinnunculus: Falko serani(4)
Falco tinnunculus: Helang kestrel(4)
Falcon peregrinus: Falko belalang(2)
Fasciola hepatica: Cacing hati
Fejervarya cancrivora: Katak sawah(663)
Fejervarya cancrivora: Kodok sawah(595)
Fejervarya limnocharis: Katak tegalan(498)
Fejervarya limnocharis: Kodok tegalan(972)
Felis badia: Kucing merah(3)
Felis bengalensis: Kucing batu(2)
Felis bengalensis: Kucing hitam
Felis bengalensis: Kucing hutan(2)
Felis domesticus: Kucing
Felis marmorata: Kucing dahan(2)
Felis marmorata: Kuwuk
Felis marmorota: Kuwuk
Felis planiceps: Kucing dampak
Felis planiceps: Kucing hutan(2)
Felis temmincki: Kucing emas
Felis tigris: Harimau
Felis viverrina: Kucing bakau
Felis viverrinus: Kucing bakau
Fenneropenaeus indicus: Udang kaki merah
Ficedula dumetoria: Sambar dada oren
Ficedula dumetoria: Sikatan dada-merah
Ficedula hyperythra: Sambar kudung
Ficedula hyperythra: Sikatan bodoh(3)
Ficedula mugimaki: Sambar mugimaki(5)
Ficedula mugimaki: Sikatan mugimaki
Ficedula narcissina: Sambar bunga
Ficedula narcissina: Sambar narcissus(4)
Ficedula narcissina: Sikatan narsis
Ficedula parva: Sambar api bukit
Ficedula solitaria: Sambar rengkong putih
Ficedula westermanni: Sambar gunung
Ficedula westermanni: Sikatan belang(3)
Ficedula zanthopygia: Burung
Ficedula zanthopygia: Sambar belakang kuning(3)
Ficedula zanthopygia: Sambar tongkeng kuning
Ficedula zanthopygia: Sikatan emas
Fordonia leucobalia: Ular
Formia niger: Bawal hitam(2)
Formio niger: Bawal
Fregata andrewsi: Burung
Fregata andrewsi: Cikalang christmas(2)
Fregata andrewsi: Simbang pulau christmas(6)
Fregata ariel: Cikalang kecil
Fregata ariel: Simbang kecil
Fregata ariel: Simbang kecil(2)(2)
Fregata ariel: Simbang kecil.
Fregata minor: Simbang besar
Fregeta andrewsi: Burung gunting
Fregetta ariel: Cikalang kecil
Fulica atra: Pangling hitam(4)

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_f.htm, 2018-03-18, Animal name F, 動物名 F}

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