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{animal_name_d.htm, 2018-03-16, Animal name D, 動物名 D}

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_d.htm, 2018-03-16, Animal name D, 動物名 D}, (nswong, animal_name_d.htm)

Daboia russellii: Daboia russellii
Dacalana burmana: Dacalana burmana
Dacalana cremera: Dacalana cremera
Dacalana sinhara: Dacalana sinhara
Dacalana vidura: Dacalana vidura
Dacnusa sibirica: Dacnusa sibirica
Dactylispa chujoi: Dactylispa chujoi
Dactylispa excisa: Dactylispa excisa
Dactylispa higoniae: Dactylispa higoniae
Dactylispa insulicolor: Dactylispa insulicolor
Dactylispa kumatai: Dactylispa kumatai
Dactylispa latipennis: Dactylispa latipennis
Dactylispa miyamotoi: Dactylispa miyamotoi
Dactylispa sauteri: Dactylispa sauteri
Dactylispa xanthopus: Dactylispa xanthopus
Dactyloptena gilberti: Dactyloptena gilberti(2)
Dactyloptena gilberti: Dactyloptena jordani
Dactyloptena orientalis: Cephalacanthus spinarella
Dactyloptena orientalis: Corystion orientale
Dactyloptena orientalis: Corystion orientalis
Dactyloptena orientalis: Corystion volitans
Dactyloptena orientalis: Dactyloptena orientalis(2)
Dactyloptena orientalis: Dactylopterus cheirophthalmus
Dactyloptena orientalis: Dactylopterus japonicus
Dactyloptena orientalis: Dactylopterus orientalis
Dactyloptena orientalis: Ebisinus procne
Dactyloptena peterseni: Dactyloptena peterseni(2)
Dactyloptena peterseni: Dactyloptena petersoni
Dactyloptena peterseni: Dactylopterus peterseni
Dactyloptena peterseni: Daicocus peterseni
Dactyloptena peterseni: Diacocus peterseni
Dactylopus dactylopus: Callionymus dactylopus
Dactylopus dactylopus: Dactylopus dactylopus(2)
Dactylosternum abdominale: Dactylosternum abdominale
Dacus apicalis: Dacus apicalis
Daddala lucilla: Daddala lucilla
Daector gerringi: Daector gerringi
Dagbertus kirkaldyi: Dagbertus kirkaldyi
Dahira rubiginosa: Dahira rubiginosa
Daimio sinica: Daimio sinica
Dairoides kusei: Dairoides kusei
Dalatias licha: Dalatias lica
Dalatias licha: Dalatias licha(2)
Dalatias licha: Dalatias phillippsi
Dalatias licha: Dalatias sparophagus
Dalatias licha: Dalatias tachiensis
Dalatias licha: Pseudoscymnus boshuensis
Dalatias licha: Scymnorhinus brevipinnis
Dalatias licha: Scymnorhinus licha
Dalatias licha: Scymnorhinus phillippsi
Dalatias licha: Scymnus aquitanensis
Dalatias licha: Scymnus vulgaris
Dalatias licha: Squalus americanus
Dalatias licha: Squalus licha
Dalatias licha: Squalus nicaeensis
Dalatias licha: Squalus scymnus
Daldorfia horrida: Daldorfia horrida
Dalpada cinctipes: Dalpada cinctipes
Dalpada smaragdina: Dalpada smaragdina
Damalina nitida: Damalina nitida
Damaliscus pygargus: Damaliscus pygargus
Damarchus cavernicolus: Damarchus cavernicolus
Damayantiella minima: Damayantiella minima
Danala lilacina: Danala lilacina
Danaus affinis: Danaus affinis
Danaus aglea: Danaus aglea
Danaus agleoides: Danaus agleoides
Danaus aspasia: Danaus aspasia
Danaus chrysippus: Danaus chrysippus(4)
Danaus gautama: Danaus gautama
Danaus genutia: Danaus genutia(4)
Danaus hamata: Danaus hamata
Danaus juventa: Danaus juventa
Danaus limniaceae: Danaus limniaceae
Danaus luzonensis: Danaus luzonensis
Danaus melaneus: Danaus melaneus
Danaus melanippus: Danaus melanippus
Danaus melinappus: Danaus melinappus
Danaus plexippus: Danaus plexippus
Danaus similis: Danaus similis
Danaus sita: Danaus sita
Danaus vulgaris: Danaus vulgaris
Danielssenia typica: Danielssenia typica
Danio albolineatus: Danio albolineatus
Danio malabaricus: Danio malabaricus(3)
Danio rerio: Danio rerio
Daphnella angulata: Daphnella angulata
Daphnella aureola: Daphnella aureola
Daphnella flammea: Daphnella flammea
Daphnella itonis: Daphnella itonis
Daphnella mitrellaeformis: Daphnella mitrellaeformis
Daphnella mitrellaformis: Daphnella mitrellaformis
Daphnella nobilis: Daphnella nobilis
Daphnella olyra: Daphnella olyra
Daphnella ornata: Daphnella ornata
Daphnella sandwichensis: Daphnella sandwichensis
Daphnella semivaricosa: Daphnella semivaricosa
Daphnella varicosa: Daphnella varicosa
Daphnella wui: Daphnella wui
Daphnis nerii: Daphnis nerii
Dardanus impressus: Dardanus impressus
Dardanus pedunculatus: Dardanus pedunculatus
Darna trima: Darna trima
Darpa pteria: Darpa pteria
Darpa striata: Darpa striata
Dascyllus aruanus: Abudefduf caroli
Dascyllus aruanus: Chaetodon arcuanus
Dascyllus aruanus: Chaetodon aruanus
Dascyllus aruanus: Dascyllus arnanus
Dascyllus aruanus: Dascyllus aruanus(6)
Dascyllus aruanus: Dascyllus blochii
Dascyllus aruanus: Pomacentrus devisi
Dascyllus aruanus: Pomacentrus emamo
Dascyllus aruanus: Pomacentrus trifasciatus
Dascyllus aruanus: Tetradrachmum arcuatum
Dascyllus aruanus: Tetradrachmum aruanum
Dascyllus melanurus: Dascyllus melanurus(5)
Dascyllus melanurus: Pomacentrus onyx
Dascyllus reticulatus: Dascyllus reticulata
Dascyllus reticulatus: Dascyllus reticulatus(5)
Dascyllus reticulatus: Dascyllus xanthosoma
Dascyllus reticulatus: Heliases reticulatus
Dascyllus reticulatus: Heliastes reticulatus
Dascyllus reticulatus: Pomacentrus unifasciatus
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Dascyllus axillaris
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Dascyllus niger
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Dascyllus trimaculatum
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Dascyllus trimaculatus(3)
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Dascyllus unicolor
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Pomacentrus nuchalis
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Pomacentrus trimaculatus
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Sparus nigricans
Daseochaeta autumnalis: Daseochaeta autumnalis
Dasia smaragdina: Lamprolepis smaragdina
Dasineura ulmariae: Dasineura ulmariae
Dasiops orientalis: Dasiops orientalis
Dasyatis acutirostra: Dasyatis acutirostra(2)
Dasyatis akajei: Dasyatis akajei(2)
Dasyatis akajei: Trygon akajei
Dasyatis bennetti: Dasyatis benetti
Dasyatis bennetti: Dasyatis benneti
Dasyatis bennetti: Dasyatis bennetti(2)
Dasyatis bennetti: Trygon bennettii
Dasyatis kuhlii: Dasyatis kuhlii(4)
Dasyatis laevigata: Dasyatis laevigata(2)
Dasyatis laevigata: Dasyatis laevigatus
Dasyatis lata: Dasyatis lata
Dasyatis lata: Dasyatis latus
Dasyatis lata: Dasyatis sciera
Dasyatis lata: Trygon lata
Dasyatis latus: Dasyatis latus
Dasyatis navarrae: Dasyatis navarrae(2)
Dasyatis navarrae: Trygon navarrae
Dasyatis ushiei: Dasyatis ushiei(2)
Dasyatis ushiei: Dasyatis ushieri
Dasyatis ushiei: Dasybatis ushiei
Dasyatis zugei: Amphotistius zugei
Dasyatis zugei: Dasyatis cheni
Dasyatis zugei: Dasyatis zugei(3)
Dasyatis zugei: Trygon crozieri
Dasyatis zugei: Trygon zugei
Dasychira suisharyonis: Dasychira suisharyonis
Dasylepida fissa: Dasylepida fissa
Dasyornis broadbenti: Dasyornis broadbenti
Dasyornis longirostris: Dasyornis longirostris
Dasyproctus agilis: Dasyproctus agilis
Dasyproctus buddha: Dasyproctus buddha
Dasyproctus jungi: Dasyproctus jungi
Dasyrhicnoessa fulva: Dasyrhicnoessa fulva
Dasyvalgus similis: Dasyvalgus similis
Data clava: Data clava
Data thalpophiloides: Data thalpophiloides
Datnioides microlepis: Datnioides microlepis
Daubentonia madagascariensis: Daubentonia madagascariensis
Daulocoris tomentosa: Daulocoris tomentosa
Davila plana: Davila plana
Davila planum: Davila planum
Deania calcea: Acanthidium aciculatum
Deania calcea: Acanthidium calceus
Deania calcea: Acanthidium rostratum
Deania calcea: Centrophorus crepidalbus
Deania calcea: Centrophorus kaikourae
Deania calcea: Deania aciculata
Deania calcea: Deania calcea(2)
Deania calcea: Deania calceus
Deania calcea: Deania eglantina
Decapterus kurroides: Decapterus kurroides(3)
Decapterus macarellus: Caranx jacobeus
Decapterus macarellus: Caranx macarellus
Decapterus macarellus: Caranx muroadsi
Decapterus macarellus: Caranx pinnulatus
Decapterus macarellus: Caranx sanctae-helenae
Decapterus macarellus: Decapterus canonoides
Decapterus macarellus: Decapterus macarallus
Decapterus macarellus: Decapterus macarellus(2)
Decapterus macarellus: Decapterus macrosoma
Decapterus macarellus: Decapterus pinnulatus
Decapterus macarellus: Decapterus rhonchus
Decapterus macarellus: Decapterus russelli
Decapterus macrosoma: Decapterus afuerae
Decapterus macrosoma: Decapterus lajang
Decapterus macrosoma: Decapterus macrosoma(2)
Decapterus macrosoma: Decapterus macrosorna
Decapterus maruadsi: Caranx maruadsi
Decapterus maruadsi: Caranx scombrinus
Decapterus maruadsi: Decapterus maraudsi
Decapterus maruadsi: Decapterus maruadsi(2)
Decapterus maruadsi: Decapterus scombrinus
Decapterus ruselli: Decapterus ruselli
Decapterus russelli: Caranx ecclipsifer
Decapterus russelli: Caranx kiliche
Decapterus russelli: Caranx russelli
Decapterus russelli: Decapterus dayi
Decapterus russelli: Decapterus kiliche
Decapterus russelli: Decapterus punctatus
Decapterus russelli: Decapterus ruselli
Decapterus russelli: Decapterus russelli(2)
Decapterus russelli: Decapterus russellii
Decapterus russelli: Decapterus tabl
Decapterus tabl: Caranx muroadsi
Decapterus tabl: Caranx sanctae-helenae
Decapterus tabl: Decapterus rhonchus
Decapterus tabl: Decapterus tabl(2)
Decatopecten amiculum: Decatopecten amiculum
Decatopecten striatus: Decatopecten striatus
Decatopecten velutinus: Decatopecten velutinus
Decodon pacificus: Bodianus pacificus
Decodon pacificus: Decodon pacificus(2)
Decodon pacificus: Verreo pacificus
Decomia cephalotes: Decomia cephalotes
Decomioides schneirlai: Decomioides schneirlai
Degmaptera mirabilis: Degmaptera mirabilis
Deilephila elpenor: Deilephila elpenor(2)
Deilephila porcellus: Deilephila porcellus
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Agkistrodon acutus
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Ancistrodon acutus
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Deinagkistrodon acutus
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Halys acutus
Delia platura: Delia platura
Delias acalis: Delias acalis
Delias aglaja: Delias aglaja
Delias agostina: Delias agostina
Delias baracasa: Delias baracasa
Delias belladonna: Delias belladonna
Delias descombesi: Delias descombesi
Delias geogina: Delias geogina
Delias georgina: Delias georgina
Delias hyparete: Delias hyparete(2)
Delias lativitta: Delias lativitta
Delias ninus: Delias ninus
Delias pasithoe: Delias pasithoe(2)
Delias singhapura: Delias singhapura
Delias wilemani: Delias wilemani
Delichon dasypus: Delichon dasypus(5)
Delonovolva formosa: Delonovolva formosa
Delopia orientalis: Delopia orientalis
Delphinus delphis: Delphinus delphis(2)
Demania intermedia: Demania intermedia
Demania japonica: Demania japonica
Demania mortenseni: Demania mortenseni
Demania rotundata: Demania rotundata
Demania scaberrima: Demania scaberrima
Demimaea fascicularis: Demimaea fascicularis
Demimaea minuta: Demimaea minuta
Demotina elegans: Demotina elegans
Demotina montana: Demotina montana
Dendostrea folium: Dendostrea folium
Dendostrea sandvichensis: Dendostrea sandvichensis
Dendostrea turbinata: Dendostrea turbinata
Dendragama boulengeri: Calotes boulengeri
Dendrelaphis caudolineatus: Dendrelaphis caudolineatus(2)
Dendrelaphis cyanochloris: Dendrelaphis cyanochloris(2)
Dendrelaphis formosus: Dendrelaphis formosus(2)
Dendrelaphis haasi: Dendrelaphis haasi
Dendrelaphis kopsteini: Dendrelaphis kopsteini
Dendrelaphis pictus: Dendrelaphis pictus(2)
Dendrelaphis striatus: Dendrelaphis striatus(2)
Dendrilla rosea: Dendrilla rosea(2)
Dendrobates auratus: Dendrobates auratus(2)
Dendrobates azureus: Dendrobates azureus
Dendrobates pumilio: Dendrobates pumilio
Dendrobates reticulatus: Dendrobates reticulatus
Dendrobates tinctorius: Dendrobates tinctorius
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus: Dendrobates ventrimaculatus
Dendrochirus bellus: Brachirus bellus
Dendrochirus bellus: Dendrochirus bellus(2)
Dendrochirus biocellatus: Dendrochirus biocellatus(2)
Dendrochirus biocellatus: Nemapterois biocellata
Dendrochirus biocellatus: Nemapterois biocellatus
Dendrochirus brachypterus: Dendrochirus brachypterus(2)
Dendrochirus brachypterus: Pterois brachyptera
Dendrochirus zebra: Dendrochirus zebra(5)
Dendrochirus zebra: Pseudomonopterus zebra
Dendrochirus zebra: Pterois zebra
Dendrocitta cinarascens: Dendrocitta cinarascens
Dendrocitta cinerascens: Dendrocitta cinerascens
Dendrocitta formos: Dendrocitta formos
Dendrocitta formosae: Dendrocitta formosae
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Dendrocopos canicapillus(3)
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Picoides canicapillus
Dendrocopos hyperythrus: Dendrocopos hyperythrus
Dendrocopos leucotos: Dendrocopos leucotos
Dendrocopos moluccensis: Dendrocopos moluccensis(3)
Dendrocopos moluccensis: Dendrocopus moluccensis
Dendrocygna arborea: Dendrocygna arborea
Dendrocygna arcuata: Dendrocygna arcuata(2)
Dendrocygna bicolor: Dendrocygna bicolor
Dendrocygna javanica: Dendrocygna javanica(4)
Dendrodoris albobrunnea: Dendrodoris albobrunnea
Dendrodoris denisoni: Dendrodoris denisoni
Dendrodoris elongata: Dendrodoris elongata
Dendrodoris erubescens: Dendrodoris erubescens
Dendrodoris fumata: Dendrodoris fumata
Dendrodoris gemmacea: Dendrodoris gemmacea
Dendrodoris kranjiensis: Dendrodoris kranjiensis
Dendrodoris rubra: Dendrodoris rubra
Dendrodoris singaporensis: Dendrodoris singaporensis
Dendrodoris tuberculosa: Dendrodoris tuberculosa(2)
Dendrolagus bennettianus: Dendrolagus bennettianus
Dendrolagus inustus: Dendrolagus inustus
Dendrolagus lumholtzi: Dendrolagus lumholtzi
Dendrolagus ursinus: Dendrolagus ursinus
Dendrolimus punctatus: Dendrolimus punctatus
Dendronanthus indicus: Dendronanthus indicus(6)
Dendronephthya gigantea: Dendronephthya gigantea
Dendropoma maximum: Dendropoma maximum
Dendrothrips guttatus: Dendrothrips guttatus
Dendrothrips maltimaculatus: Dendrothrips maltimaculatus
Dendrothrips minowai: Dendrothrips minowai
Dentalium aprinum: Dentalium aprinum(2)
Dentalium bisexangulatum: Dentalium bisexangulatum
Dentalium elephantium: Dentalium elephantium
Dentalium hexagonum: Dentalium hexagonum
Dentalium javanicum: Dentalium javanicum
Dentalium octangulatum: Dentalium octangulatum(2)
Dentalium paucicontortum: Dentalium paucicontortum
Dentalium pseudoshexagonum: Dentalium pseudoshexagonum
Dentalium robustum: Dentalium robustum
Dentarene sarcina: Dentarene sarcina
Dentex abei: Dentex abei
Dentex tumifrons: Chrysophrys tumifrons
Dentex tumifrons: Dentex tumifrons(2)
Dentex tumifrons: Taius tumifrons
Dentiovula dorsuosa: Dentiovula dorsuosa(2)
Dentiovula tadashigei: Dentiovula tadashigei
Depressaria pastinacella: Depressaria pastinacella
Deraeocoris apicalis: Deraeocoris apicalis
Deraeocoris apicatus: Deraeocoris apicatus
Deraeocoris parviceps: Deraeocoris parviceps
Deraeocoris plebejus: Deraeocoris plebejus
Deraeocoris sauteri: Deraeocoris sauteri
Deraeocoris scutellaris: Deraeocoris scutellaris
Deraeocoris sordidus: Deraeocoris sordidus
Deramas anyx: Deramas anyx
Deramas livens: Deramas livens
Derambila saponaria: Derambila saponaria
Dercas verhuelli: Dercas verhuelli
Dercetis tricolor: Dercetis tricolor
Derispia furcifer: Derispia furcifer
Dermatemys mawii: Dermatemys mawii
Dermatobranchus albus: Dermatobranchus albus
Dermatobranchus ornatus: Dermatobranchus ornatus
Dermestes maculatus: Dermestes maculatus
Dermestes peruvianus: Dermestes peruvianus
Dermochelys coriacea: Chelone coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Chelonia coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Chelyra coriacca
Dermochelys coriacea: Chelyra coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Coriudo coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Dendrochelys coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermatochaelis coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermatochelys angusta
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermatochelys atlantica
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermatochelys coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermatochelys porcata
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelis atlantica
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelydis tuberculata
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelys atlantica
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelys coriacea coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelys coriacea schlegeli
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelys coriacea schlegelii
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelys coriacea schlegelli
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelys coriacea(4)
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelys coricea
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelys schlegeli
Dermochelys coriacea: Dermochelys schlegelii
Dermochelys coriacea: Scytina coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Seytina coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Sphargis angusta
Dermochelys coriacea: Sphargis coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Sphargis coriacea schlegelii
Dermochelys coriacea: Sphargis mercurialis
Dermochelys coriacea: Sphargis schlegelii
Dermochelys coriacea: Sphargis tuberculata
Dermochelys coriacea: Testudo arcuata
Dermochelys coriacea: Testudo coriacea
Dermochelys coriacea: Testudo coriacea marina
Dermochelys coriacea: Testudo coriaceous
Dermochelys coriacea: Testudo lutaria
Dermochelys coriacea: Testudo lyra
Dermochelys coriacea: Testudo marina
Dermochelys coriacea: Testudo tuberculata
Dermogenys pusilla: Dermogenys pusilla
Dermogenys pusillus: Dermogenys pusillus
Deroca hidda: Deroca hidda
Deroceras varians: Deroceras varians
Deropygus histrio: Deropygus histrio
Deropygus niger: Deropygus niger
Derosphaerus nitidus: Derosphaerus nitidus
Desera geniculata: Desera geniculata
Desisa variabilis: Desisa variabilis
Desmodema polystictum: Desmodema polystictum(2)
Desmodema polystictum: Trachipterus misakiensis
Desmodema polystictum: Trachipterus polystictum
Desmodema polystictum: Trachipterus polystictus
Desmodema polystictum: Trachipterus woodi
Desmodema polystictum: Trachypterus jacksoniensis
Desmopterus papilio: Desmopterus papilio
Detracia alba: Detracia alba
Dettopsomyia formosa: Dettopsomyia formosa
Deudorix elioti: Deudorix elioti
Deudorix epijarbas: Deudorix epijarbas(2)
Deudorix hypagyria: Deudorix hypagyria
Deudorix staudingeri: Deudorix staudingeri
Deudorix sumatrensis: Deudorix sumatrensis
Dexialia ovalis: Dexialia ovalis
Dexiomiops brevipes: Dexiomiops brevipes
Dexiomiops crassipes: Dexiomiops crassipes
Dexiomiops flavipes: Dexiomiops flavipes
Dexiomiops rufipes: Dexiomiops rufipes
Dexiosoma caninum: Dexiosoma caninum
Dhanus doveri: Dhanus doveri
Dhanus sumatranus: Dhanus sumatranus
Diacamma rugosum: Diacamma rugosum
Diachasmimorpha longicaudata: Diachasmimorpha longicaudata
Diachea subsessilis: Diachea subsessilis
Diachrysia chrisitis: Diachrysia chrisitis
Diachus auratus: Diachus auratus
Diacria guadridentata: Costata, Diacria guadridentata costata
Diacria quadridentata: Diacria quadridentata
Diacria trispinosa: Diacria trispinosa
Diacrotricha fasciola: Diacrotricha fasciola
Diadegma akoensis: Diadegma akoensis
Diadegma fenestralis: Diadegma fenestralis
Diadegma semiclausum: Diadegma semiclausum(2)
Diadegma trichoptilus: Diadegma trichoptilus
Diadema setosum: Diadema setosum
Diademichthys lineatus: Diademichthys lineatus
Diagramma melanacra: Diagramma melanacra
Diagramma pictum: Diagramma pictum(3)
Diagramma pictum: Perca picta
Diagramma pictum: Plectorhynchus pictus
Diagramma pictum: Plectorrhinchus pictum
Diagramma pictum: Spilotichthys pictus
Dialeges undulatus: Dialeges undulatus
Dialeurodes citri: Dialeurodes citri
Dialeurodes cornus: Dialeurodes cornus
Dialeurodes daphniphylli: Dialeurodes daphniphylli
Dialeurodes dubia: Dialeurodes dubia
Dialeurodes ficicola: Dialeurodes ficicola
Dialeurodes kirkaldyi: Dialeurodes kirkaldyi
Dianella kaszabi: Dianella kaszabi
Dianema longibarbis: Dianema longibarbis(3)
Dianous acuminifer: Dianous acuminifer
Dianous angulifer: Dianous angulifer
Dianous arachnipes: Dianous arachnipes
Dianous ater: Dianous ater
Dianous atrocyaneus: Dianous atrocyaneus
Dianous bilunatus: Dianous bilunatus
Dianous cupreogutta: Dianous cupreogutta
Dianous cupreostigma: Dianous cupreostigma
Dianous cyaneocupreus: Dianous cyaneocupreus
Dianous electrigutta: Dianous electrigutta
Dianous lieni: Dianous lieni
Dianous luteoguttatus: Dianous luteoguttatus
Dianous mendax: Dianous mendax
Dianous shibataianus: Dianous shibataianus
Dianous sucinigutta: Dianous sucinigutta
Dianous sucininotatus: Dianous sucininotatus
Dianous taiwanensis: Dianous taiwanensis
Diaphanes formosus: Diaphanes formosus
Diaphanes niveus: Diaphanes niveus
Diaphania indica: Diaphania indica
Diaphanoeca undulata: Diaphanoeca undulata
Diaphorus lividus: Diaphorus lividus
Diaphorus minor: Diaphorus minor
Diaphorus simulans: Diaphorus simulans
Diaphus aliciae: Diaphus aliciae(2)
Diaphus aliciae: Diaphus layi
Diaphus brachycephalus: Diaphus brachycephalus(2)
Diaphus brachycephalus: Diaphus theta
Diaphus chrysorhynchus: Diaphus astridae
Diaphus chrysorhynchus: Diaphus chrysorhynchus(2)
Diaphus chrysorhynchus: Diaphus sagamiensis
Diaphus coeruleus: Diaphus caeruleus
Diaphus coeruleus: Diaphus coeruleus(2)
Diaphus coeruleus: Myctophum caeruleum
Diaphus coeruleus: Scopelus coeruleus
Diaphus coeruleus: Scopelus engraulis
Diaphus diademophilus: Diaphus diademophilus
Diaphus fragilis: Diaphus fragilis(2)
Diaphus fulgens: Diaphus fulgens(2)
Diaphus fulgens: Diaphus nanus
Diaphus fulgens: Myctophum fulgens
Diaphus garmani: Diaphus ashmeadi
Diaphus garmani: Diaphus garmani(2)
Diaphus garmani: Diaphus latus
Diaphus knappi: Diaphus elucens
Diaphus knappi: Diaphus knappi(2)
Diaphus lucidus: Aethoprora lucida
Diaphus lucidus: Diaphus altifrons
Diaphus lucidus: Diaphus fulgens
Diaphus lucidus: Diaphus lucida
Diaphus lucidus: Diaphus lucidus(2)
Diaphus lucidus: Diaphus monodi
Diaphus lucidus: Diaphus reidi
Diaphus luetkeni: Diaphus l57710;keni
Diaphus luetkeni: Diaphus leutkeni
Diaphus luetkeni: Diaphus luetkeni(2)
Diaphus luetkeni: Diaphus lutkani
Diaphus luetkeni: Diaphus lutkeni(2)
Diaphus luetkeni: Myctophum luetkeni
Diaphus mollis: Diaphus fulgens
Diaphus mollis: Diaphus mellis
Diaphus mollis: Diaphus molli
Diaphus mollis: Diaphus mollis(2)
Diaphus mollis: Diaphus rafinesquei
Diaphus mollis: Diaphus rafinesquii
Diaphus mollis: Myctophum fulgens
Diaphus parri: Diaphus kendalli
Diaphus parri: Diaphus parri(2)
Diaphus parri: Diaphus rassi
Diaphus regani: Diaphus regani(2)
Diaphus sagamiensis: Diaphus sagamiensis
Diaphus schmidti: Diaphus crameri
Diaphus schmidti: Diaphus schmidti(2)
Diaphus signatus: Diaphus signatus(2)
Diaphus splendidus: Diaphus scapulofulgens
Diaphus splendidus: Diaphus splendidum
Diaphus splendidus: Diaphus splendidus(2)
Diaphus splendidus: Diaphus steadi
Diaphus splendidus: Diaphus vitiazi
Diaphus splendidus: Myctophum splendidum
Diaphus suborbitalis: Diaphus glandulifer
Diaphus suborbitalis: Diaphus streetsi
Diaphus suborbitalis: Diaphus suborbitalis(2)
Diaphus taaningi: Diaphus taaningi
Diaphus watasei: Diaphus elucens
Diaphus watasei: Diaphus watasei(2)
Diaptomus formosus: Diaptomus formosus
Diapus aculeatus: Diapus aculeatus
Diapus truncatus: Diapus truncatus
Diarsia arenosoides: Diarsia arenosoides
Diarsia canescens: Diarsia canescens
Diarsia carnipennis: Diarsia carnipennis
Diarsia cia: Diarsia cia
Diarsia formosana: Diarsia formosana
Diarsia formosensis: Diarsia formosensis
Diarsia macrodactyla: Diarsia macrodactyla
Diarsia nigrafasciata: Diarsia nigrafasciata
Diarsia nigrosigna: Diarsia nigrosigna
Diarsia sinuosa: Diarsia sinuosa
Diarsia subtincta: Diarsia subtincta
Diarsia unica: Diarsia unica
Diaspis boisduvalii: Diaspis boisduvalii
Diaspis bromeliae: Diaspis bromeliae
Diaspis echinocacti: Diaspis echinocacti
Diatraeophaga striatalis: Diatraeophaga striatalis
Dibelonetes formosae: Dibelonetes formosae
Dibelonetes palaeotropicus: Dibelonetes palaeotropicus
Diboma costata: Diboma costata
Dibranchus japonicus: Dibranchus japonicus
Dicaeum agile: Dicaeum agile(3)
Dicaeum chrysorrheum: Dicaeum chrysorrheum(4)
Dicaeum concolor: Dicaeum concolor(4)
Dicaeum cruentatum: Dicaeum cruentatum(4)
Dicaeum everetti: Dicaeum everetti(3)
Dicaeum ignipectus: Dicaeum ignipectus(5)
Dicaeum monticolum: Dicaeum monticolum(2)
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Dicaeum trigonostigma(4)
Dicaeum trochileum: Dicaeum trochileum
Dicamptus reticulatus: Dicamptus reticulatus
Dicephalarcha dependens: Dicephalarcha dependens
Diceratias bispinosus: Ceratias bispinosus
Diceratias bispinosus: Diceratias bispinosus(2)
Diceratias bispinosus: Diceratias glomerosus
Diceratias bispinosus: Paroneirodes glomerosus
Dicerorhinus sumatrenesis: Dicerorhinus sumatrenesis
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis: Dicerorhinus sumatrensis
Dichaetomyia alterna: Dichaetomyia alterna
Dichaetomyia apicalis: Dichaetomyia apicalis
Dichaetomyia femorata: Dichaetomyia femorata
Dichaetothrips indicus: Dichaetothrips indicus
Dichogaster bolavi: Dichogaster bolavi
Dichomeris acuminata: Dichomeris acuminata
Dichomeris albula: Dichomeris albula
Dichomeris angulata: Dichomeris angulata
Dichomeris davisi: Dichomeris davisi
Dichomeris elegans: Dichomeris elegans
Dichomeris fusca: Dichomeris fusca
Dichothrix spiralis: Dichothrix spiralis
Dichromothrips corbetti: Dichromothrips corbetti
Dichromothrips smithi: Dichromothrips smithi
Dicraeus flavipes: Dicraeus flavipes
Dicraeus orientalis: Dicraeus orientalis
Dicranoncus femoralis: Dicranoncus femoralis
Dicranoptycha geniculata: Dicranoptycha geniculata
Dicranosepsis bicolor: Dicranosepsis bicolor
Dicrolene quinquarius: Dicrolene quinquarius(2)
Dicrolene quinquarius: Pteroidonus quinquarius
Dicrolene tristis: Dicrolene tristis(2)
Dicrossus filamentosus: Dicrossus filamentosus
Dicrossus maculatus: Dicrossus maculatus
Dicrurus aeneus: Dicrurus aeneus(5)
Dicrurus annectans: Dicrurus annectans(3)
Dicrurus hottentottus: Dicrurus hottentottus(3)
Dicrurus leucophaeus: Dicrurus leucophaeus(5)
Dicrurus macrocercus: Dicrurus macrocercus(5)
Dicrurus paradiseus: Dicrurus paradiseus(3)
Dicrurus paradiseus: Dircurus paradiseus
Dicrurus remifer: Dicrurus remifer(3)
Dictyestra dissecta: Dictyestra dissecta
Dictyna felis: Dictyna felis
Dictyonotus purpurascens: Dictyonotus purpurascens
Dictyoptera formosana: Dictyoptera formosana
Dictyoptera gorhami: Dictyoptera gorhami
Dictyosoma burgeri: Dictyosoma burgeri(2)
Dictyosquilla foveolata: Dictyosquilla foveolata
Dictyosquilla tuberculata: Dictyosquilla tuberculata
Dicyathifer manni: Dicyathifer manni
Dicyphus orientalis: Dicyphus orientalis
Didea fasciata: Didea fasciata
Dideoides coquilletti: Dideoides coquilletti
Diderma effusum: Effusum, Diderma effusum effusum
Diderma effusum: Pachytrichum, Diderma effusum pachytrichum
Diderma rugosum: Diderma rugosum
Diderma testaceum: Diderma testaceum
Didymium flexuosum: Didymium flexuosum
Didymium minus: Didymium minus
Dierna duplicata: Dierna duplicata
Diestrammena gravely: Diestrammena gravely
Dieuches formosus: Dieuches formosus
Difflugia acuminata: Difflugia acuminata
Difflugia oblonga: Difflugia oblonga
Difflugia urceolata: Difflugia urceolata
Digoniostoma pulchella: Digoniostoma pulchella
Dilar pallidus: Dilar pallidus
Diloma piperina: Diloma piperina
Diloma suavis: Diloma suavis
Dilophodes elegans: Dilophodes elegans
Diluvarca ferruginea: Diluvarca ferruginea
Diminovula alabaster: Diminovula alabaster
Dindyumus brevis: Dindyumus brevis
Dindyumus rubiginosus: Dindyumus rubiginosus
Dinematichthys dasyrhynchus: Dinematichthys dasyrhynchus(2)
Dinematichthys iluocoeteoides: Dinematichthys illuocoeteoides
Dinematichthys iluocoeteoides: Dinematichthys ilucoeteoides
Dinematichthys iluocoeteoides: Dinematichthys iluocoeteoides
Dinematichthys minyoma: Dinematichthys minyoma(2)
Dinematichthys minyoma: Dinematichthys minyomma
Dinematichthys riukiuensis: Brotulina fusca
Dinematichthys riukiuensis: Dinematichthys riukiuensis
Dineutus australis: Dineutus australis
Dineutus orientalis: Dineutus orientalis
Dinoderus minutus: Dinoderus minutus
Dinophysis caudata: Dinophysis caudata
Dinophysis hastata: Dinophysis hastata
Dinopium javanense: Dinopium javanense(3)
Dinopium javanense: Dinopium javenense
Dinopium rafflesii: Dinopium rafflesii(2)
Dinumma deponens: Dinumma deponens
Dinumma placens: Dinumma placens
Diochus antennatus: Diochus antennatus
Diochus conicollis: Diochus conicollis
Diodon eydouxii: Diodon bertolettii
Diodon eydouxii: Diodon eydiuxii
Diodon eydouxii: Diodon eydouxii(2)
Diodon eydouxii: Diodon melanopsis
Diodon eydouxii: Diodon spinosissimus
Diodon holocanthus: Atopomycterus bocagei
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon holacanthus
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon holocanthus(2)
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon hystrix(2)
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon liturosus
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon maculifer
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon multimaculatus
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon novemaculatus
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon novemmaculatus
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon paraholocanthus
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon pilosus
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon quadrimaculatus
Diodon holocanthus: Diodon sexmaculatus
Diodon holocanthus: Paradiodon quadrimaculatus
Diodon holocanthus: Trichodiodon pilosus
Diodon hystrix: Diodon armillatus
Diodon hystrix: Diodon brachiatus
Diodon hystrix: Diodon histrix
Diodon hystrix: Diodon hystrax
Diodon hystrix: Diodon hystrix(3)
Diodon hystrix: Diodon nudifrons
Diodon hystrix: Diodon punctatus
Diodon hystrix: Diodon spinosissimus
Diodon hystrix: Diodon totara
Diodon hystrix: Paradiodon hystrix
Diodon liturosus: Diodon bleekeri
Diodon liturosus: Diodon holocanthus
Diodon liturosus: Diodon literosus
Diodon liturosus: Diodon lituratus
Diodon liturosus: Diodon liturosus(2)
Diodon liturosus: Diodon maculatus
Diodora excelsa: Diodora excelsa
Diodora mus: Diodora mus
Diodora octagona: Diodora octagona
Diodora quadriradiata: Diodora quadriradiata
Diodora reevei: Diodora reevei
Diodora semilunata: Diodora semilunata
Diodora sieboldi: Diodora sieboldi
Diodora singaporensis: Diodora singaporensis(2)
Diodora suprapunicea: Diodora suprapunicea
Diogenes edwardsii: Diogenes edwardsii
Diogenes penicillatus: Diogenes penicillatus
Diogenichthys atlanticus: Diogenichthye atlanticus
Diogenichthys atlanticus: Diogenichthys atlanticum
Diogenichthys atlanticus: Diogenichthys atlanticus(2)
Diogenichthys atlanticus: Diogenichthys laternatus
Diogenichthys atlanticus: Diogenichthys scofieldi
Diogenichthys atlanticus: Myctophum laternatum(2)
Diogenichthys panurgus: Diogenichthys panurgus(2)
Diomea discoinsigna: Diomea discoinsigna
Diomea insulana: Diomea insulana
Diomea jankowskii: Diomea jankowskii
Diomea stellata: Diomea stellata
Diomedea albatrus: Diomedea albatrus(2)
Diomedea nigripes: Diomedea nigripes
Diopsittaca guarouba: Diopsittaca guarouba
Dioryche clara: Dioryche clara
Dioryche sericea: Dioryche sericea
Diospilus curtus: Diospilus curtus
Diospilus nantouensis: Diospilus nantouensis
Diospilus niger: Diospilus niger
Diospilus taiwanensis: Diospilus taiwanensis
Diostracus undulatus: Diostracus undulatus
Diphtherocome pulchra: Diphtherocome pulchra
Diphyes dispar: Diphyes dispar
Diplacanthopoma japonicus: Diplacanthopoma japonicus
Diplazon orientalis: Diplazon orientalis
Dipleurina lacustrata: Dipleurina lacustrata
Diploastrea heliopora: Diploastrea heliopora
Diplodonta cumingii: Diplodonta cumingii
Diplogrammus xenicus: Calymmichthys xenicus
Diplogrammus xenicus: Diplogrammus xenicus(2)
Diplolepis spinosissimae: Diplolepis spinosissimae
Diplomaragna australis: Diplomaragna australis
Diplomaragna gracilipes: Diplomaragna gracilipes
Diplommatina adversa: Diplommatina adversa
Diplommatina canaliculata: Diplommatina canaliculata
Diplommatina nevilli: Diplommatina nevilli(3)
Diplonerva peregrina: Diplonerva peregrina
Diploneura peregrina: Diploneura peregrina
Diplophos orientalis: Diplophos orientalis(2)
Diplophos orientalis: Diplophos taenia
Diplophos pacificus: Diplophos pacificus
Diplophos taenia: Diplophos pacificus
Diplophos taenia: Diplophos proximus
Diplophos taenia: Diplophos taenia(3)
Diploprion bifasciatum: Diploprion bifasciatum(3)
Diploprion bifasciatum: Diploprion bifasciatus
Diploprion bifasciatus: Diploprion bifasciatus(3)
Diploptera nigrescens: Diploptera nigrescens
Diplotheca costata: Diplotheca costata
Dipoena flavomarginate: Dipoena flavomarginate
Dipoena japonica: Dipoena japonica
Dipoena mustelina: Dipoena mustelina
Dipoena mutilata: Dipoena mutilata
Dipogon fenchihuensis: Dipogon fenchihuensis
Dipogon immaculatus: Dipogon immaculatus
Dipogon pempuchianus: Dipogon pempuchianus
Dipogon taiwanus: Dipogon taiwanus
Dipriodonta minima: Dipriodonta minima
Dipsacaster pretiosus: Dipsacaster pretiosus
Dipsosaurus dorsalis: Dipsosaurus dorsalis
Dipterygina indica: Dipterygina indica
Dipterygonotus balteatus: Dipterogonotus leucogramicus
Dipterygonotus balteatus: Dipterygonatus balteatus
Dipterygonotus balteatus: Dipterygonotus balteata
Dipterygonotus balteatus: Dipterygonotus balteatus(2)
Dipterygonotus balteatus: Dipterygonotus gruveli
Dipterygonotus balteatus: Dipterygonotus leucogrammicus
Dipterygonotus balteatus: Dipterygonotus leucogrammieus
Dipterygonotus balteatus: Smaris balteatus
Diptilomiopus cuminis: Diptilomiopus cuminis
Diptilomiopus leptophyllus: Diptilomiopus leptophyllus
Dipturus kwangtungensis: Dipturus kwangtungensis(2)
Dipturus kwangtungensis: Raja fusca
Dipturus kwangtungensis: Raja kenojei
Dipturus kwangtungensis: Raja kwangtungensis
Dipturus kwangtungensis: Raja kwantungensis
Dipturus lanceorostratus: Dipturus lanceorostratus
Dipturus lanceorostratus: Raja lanceorostrata
Dipturus macrocauda: Dipturus macrocauda(2)
Dipturus macrocauda: Dipturus macrocaudus
Dipturus macrocauda: Raja macrocauda
Dipturus tengu: Dipturus tengu(2)
Dipturus tengu: Raja tengu
Dircurus paradiseus: Dircurus paradiseus
Dircurus remifer: Dircurus remifer
Diretmichthys parini: Diretmichthys parini
Diretmichthys parini: Diretmoides parini
Diretmichthys parini: Diretmus argenteus
Diretmichthys parini: Diretmus pauciradiatus
Diretmoides pauciradiatus: Diretmoides pauciradiatus(2)
Diretmoides pauciradiatus: Diretmus argenteus
Diretmoides pauciradiatus: Diretmus pauciradiatus
Diretmoides veriginae: Diretmoides veriginae(2)
Diretmoides veriginae: Diretmus argenteus
Diretmus argenteus: Diretmus argenteus(2)
Diretmus argenteus: Diretmus aureus
Diretmus argenteus: Discus aureus
Diretmus argenteus: Gyrinomene nummeralis
Discartemon collingei: Discartemon collingei
Discartemon plussensis: Discartemon plussensis
Discartemon roebeleni: Discartemon roebeleni
Discartemon sykesi: Discartemon sykesi
Discaspis robusta: Discaspis robusta
Dischidesia cinerea: Dischidesia cinerea
Dischistodus fasciatus: Dascyllus fasciatus
Dischistodus fasciatus: Dischistodus fasciatus(2)
Dischistodus fasciatus: Pomacentrus darwiniensis
Dischistodus fasciatus: Pomacentrus fasciatus
Dischistodus melanotus: Dischistodus melanotus(2)
Dischistodus melanotus: Dischistodus notophthalmus
Dischistodus melanotus: Dischistodus notopthalmus
Dischistodus melanotus: Pomacentrus melanotus
Dischistodus melanotus: Pomacentrus notophthalmus
Dischistodus melanotus: Pomacentrus suluensis
Dischistodus prosopotaenia: Dischistodus cartieri
Dischistodus prosopotaenia: Dischistodus prosopotaenia(2)
Dischistodus prosopotaenia: Pomacentrus interorbitalis
Dischistodus prosopotaenia: Pomacentrus prosopotaenia
Dischorragia nesimachus: Dischorragia nesimachus
Disciphus peregrinus: Disciphus peregrinus
Discoconulus radiata: Discoconulus radiata
Discodoris boholiensis: Discodoris boholiensis
Discodoris concinna: Discodoris concinna
Discodoris fragilis: Discodoris fragilis(2)
Discodoris lilacina: Discodoris lilacina
Discophora necho: Discophora necho(2)
Discophora sondaica: Discophora sondaica(4)
Discophora timora: Discophora timora(2)
Discophorellus major: Discophorellus major
Discoplax hirtipes: Discoplax hirtipes
Discotectonica acutissima: Discotectonica acutissima
Discotectonica nipponicus: Discotectonica nipponicus
Discothyrea sauteri: Discothyrea sauteri
Discotrema crinophila: Discotrema crinophila(2)
Discotrema crinophila: Discotrema echinophila
Disella umbelliferae: Disella umbelliferae
Disteira nigrocincta: Disteira nigrocincta
Disteira walli: Disteira walli
Distichodus lusosso: Distichodus lusosso(3)
Distichodus sexfasciatus: Distichodus sexfasciatus(3)
Distichopora violacea: Distichopora violacea
Distigma proteus: Distigma proteus
Distoechodon tumirostris: Distoechodon tumirostris(2)
Distoechodon tumirostris: Distoechodon turmirostris
Distoechodon tumirostris: Xenocypris compressus
Distoechodon tumirostris: Xenocypris tumirostris(2)
Distoleon littoralis: Distoleon littoralis
Distorsio anus: Distorsio anus(2)
Distorsio decipiens: Distorsio decipiens
Distorsio muehlhaeusseri: Distorsio muehlhaeusseri
Distorsio perdistorta: Distorsio perdistorta
Distorsio reticularis: Distorsio reticularis(2)
Distorsio reticulata: Distorsio reticulata
Distosquilla miles: Distosquilla miles
Ditropopsis koperbergi: Ditropopsis koperbergi
Doclea japonica: Doclea japonica
Dodona deodata: Dodona deodata
Dodona egeon: Dodona egeon
Dodona eugenes: Dodona eugenes(2)
Doederleinia berycoides: Anthias berycoides
Doederleinia berycoides: Doderleinia berycoides
Doederleinia berycoides: Doederleinia berycoides(2)
Dohrniphora cornuta: Dohrniphora cornuta
Dolabella auricula: Dolabella auricula
Dolabella auricularia: Dolabella auricularia(2)
Dolabrifera dolabrifera: Dolabrifera dolabrifera
Doleschallia bisaltide: Doleschallia bisaltide
Dolichoctis striata: Dolichoctis striata
Dolichoderus bituberculatus: Dolichoderus bituberculatus
Dolicholatirus lancea: Dolicholatirus lancea
Dolichomiris linealis: Dolichomiris linealis
Dolichomiris linearis: Dolichomiris linearis
Dolichomitus melanomerus: Dolichomitus melanomerus
Dolichoris nervosae: Dolichoris nervosae
Dolichothrips flavipes: Dolichothrips flavipes
Dolichovespula norwegica: Dolichovespula norwegica
Dolichovespula sylvestris: Dolichovespula sylvestris
Dolichurus abbreviatus: Dolichurus abbreviatus
Dolichurus alorus: Dolichurus alorus
Dolichurus amamiensis: Dolichurus amamiensis
Dolichurus apiciornatus: Dolichurus apiciornatus
Dolichurus dromedarius: Dolichurus dromedarius
Dolichurus formosanus: Dolichurus formosanus
Dolichurus leioceps: Dolichurus leioceps
Dolichurus maculicollis: Dolichurus maculicollis
Dolichurus ombrodes: Dolichurus ombrodes
Dolichurus pempuchiensis: Dolichurus pempuchiensis
Dolichurus shirozui: Dolichurus shirozui
Doliema ferruginea: Doliema ferruginea
Doliema nitidula: Doliema nitidula
Doliolum denticulatum: Doliolum denticulatum
Doliops similis: Doliops similis
Doloessa viridis: Doloessa viridis
Dolomedes horishanus: Dolomedes horishanus
Dolomedes mizhoanus: Dolomedes mizhoanus
Dolomedes raptor: Dolomedes raptor
Dolomedes saganus: Dolomedes saganus
Dolophilodes japonica: Dolophilodes japonica
Dolophrades punctatus: Dolophrades punctatus
Dolopichthys pullatus: Dolopichthys allector
Dolopichthys pullatus: Dolopichthys longicornis
Dolopichthys pullatus: Dolopichthys pullatus(2)
Dolycoris indicus: Dolycoris indicus
Domecia glabra: Domecia glabra
Domecia hispida: Domecia hispida
Domiporta sigillata: Domiporta sigillata
Donax cuneatus: Donax cuneatus
Donax faba: Donax faba
Donda siitanae: Donda siitanae
Doosia japonica: Doosia japonica
Dophla evelina: Dophla evelina
Doratoptera virescens: Doratoptera virescens
Doriopsis granulosa: Doriopsis granulosa
Dorippe sinica: Dorippe sinica
Dorisca nana: Dorisca nana
Doryichthys boaja: Doryichthys boaja(2)
Doryichthys boaja: Doryichthys spinosus
Doryichthys boaja: Microphis boaja
Doryichthys boaja: Syngnathus boaja
Doryichthys boaja: Syngnathus jullieni
Doryichthys boaja: Syngnathus zonatus
Dorylas gracilis: Dorylas gracilis
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus: Acanthognathus caulleryi
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus: Doryramphus dactyliophorus
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus: Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus(2)
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus: Dunckerocampus dactyliophorus(2)
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus: Syngnathus dactyliophorus
Doryrhamphus excisus: Doryrhamphus excisus(2)
Doryrhamphus janssi: Dentirostrum janssi
Doryrhamphus janssi: Doryramphus janssi
Doryrhamphus janssi: Doryrhamphus janssi(2)
Doryrhamphus japonicus: Doryrhamphus japonicus(2)
Doryrhamphus japonicus: Doryrhamphus melanopleura
Doryscus varians: Doryscus varians
Dorysthenes elegans: Dorysthenes elegans
Dorysthenes hydropictus: Dorysthenes hydropictus
Dorysthenes paradoxus: Dorysthenes paradoxus
Dosinella angulosa: Dosinella angulosa
Dosinella orbiculata: Dosinella orbiculata
Dosinia cretacea: Dosinia cretacea
Dosinia exasperata: Dosinia exasperata
Dosinia juvenilis: Dosinia juvenilis
Dosinia laminata: Dosinia laminata
Dosinia trigona: Dosinia trigona
Dosinisca glauca: Dosinisca glauca
Dosinorbis canaliculata: Dosinorbis canaliculata
Dosinorbis japonica: Dosinorbis japonica
Dostia cornucopia: Dostia cornucopia
Dostia violacea: Dostia violacea(3)
Dotilla myctiroides: Dotilla myctiroides
Dracaena guianensis: Dracaena guianensis
Draco sumatranus: Draco volans
Draco volans: Draco volans
Drapetis femorata: Drapetis femorata
Drapetis formosae: Drapetis formosae
Drapetis lanuginosa: Drapetis lanuginosa
Drapetis marginalis: Drapetis marginalis
Drapetis melanura: Drapetis melanura
Drapetis scutellaris: Drapetis scutellaris
Dreisbachia punctata: Dreisbachia punctata
Dremomys pernyi: Dremomys pernyi
Dremomys rufigenis: Dremomys rufigenis
Drepane longimana: Chaetodon longimanus
Drepane longimana: Drepane longimana(3)
Drepane longimana: Drepane longimanus
Drepane longimana: Drepane punctata
Drepane punctata: Chaetodon falcatus
Drepane punctata: Chaetodon punctatus
Drepane punctata: Cryptosmilia luna
Drepane punctata: Drepana longimana
Drepane punctata: Drepane longimana
Drepane punctata: Drepane punctata(4)
Drepane punctata: Drepane punctatus
Drepane punctata: Drepanichthys punctatus
Drepane punctata: Ephippus falcatus
Drepane punctata: Harpochirus longimanus
Drepane punctata: Harpochirus punctatus
Drepanephora reticulata: Drepanephora reticulata
Drepanis funerea: Drepanis funerea
Drepanis pacifica: Drepanis pacifica
Drepanocerus arrowi: Drepanocerus arrowi
Drepanoctonus auritus: Drepanoctonus auritus
Drilosilis rufithorax: Drilosilis rufithorax
Drina cowani: Drina cowani
Drina donina: Drina donina
Drina maneia: Drina maneia
Dromaeolus marginatus: Dromaeolus marginatus
Dromas ardeola: Dromas ardeola(2)
Drombus ocyurus: Drombus ocyurus
Drombus ocyurus: Rhinogobius ocyurus
Dromia wilsoni: Dromia wilsoni
Dromus dromas: Dromus dromas
Drosicha contrachens: Drosicha contrachens
Drosicha dalbergiae: Drosicha dalbergiae
Drosicha maskelli: Drosicha maskelli
Drosophila acutissima: Drosophila acutissima
Drosophila ananassae: Drosophila ananassae
Drosophila asper: Drosophila asper
Drosophila bella: Drosophila bella
Drosophila elegans: Drosophila elegans
Drosophila hydei: Drosophila hydei
Drosophila lineolata: Drosophila lineolata
Drosophila melanogaster: Drosophila melanogaster(2)
Drosophila multistriata: Drosophila multistriata
Drupa ambusta: Drupa ambusta
Drupa andrewsi: Drupa andrewsi
Drupa clathrata: Drupa clathrata
Drupa contracta: Drupa contracta(2)
Drupa fiscella: Drupa fiscella
Drupa grossularia: Drupa grossularia
Drupa margariticola: Drupa margariticola
Drupa morum: Drupa morum
Drupa musiva: Drupa musiva(2)
Drupa ricina: Drupa ricina(2)
Drupa rubusidaea: Drupa rubusidaea
Drupadia cinesoides: Drupadia cinesoides
Drupadia estella: Drupadia estella
Drupadia freja: Drupadia freja
Drupadia johorensis: Drupadia johorensis
Drupadia ravindra: Drupadia ravindra
Drupadia theda: Drupadia theda
Drupella concatenata: Drupella concatenata(2)
Drupella cornus: Drupella cornus
Drupella eburnea: Drupella eburnea
Drupella fragum: Drupella fragum
Drupella minuta: Drupella minuta
Dryinus indicus: Dryinus indicus
Dryinus parvulus: Dryinus parvulus
Dryobotodes caerulescens: Dryobotodes caerulescens
Dryobotodes formosanus: Dryobotodes formosanus
Dryocalamus davisonii: Dryocalamus davisonii
Dryocalamus subannulatus: Dryocalamus subannulatus
Dryocalamus subnnulatus: Dryocalamus subnnulatus
Dryocalamus tristigatus: Dryocalamus tristigatus
Dryocopus javensis: Dryocopus javensis(5)
Dryomyza formosa: Dryomyza formosa
Dryophiops rubescens: Dryophiops rubescens(3)
Dryophis fasciolatus: Dryophis fasciolatus
Dryophis prasinus: Dryophis prasinus
Drypta lineola: Drypta lineola
Dryxiphia albiantennata: Dryxiphia albiantennata
Dryxiphia punctissima: Dryxiphia punctissima
Dryxo fasciata: Dryxo fasciata
Ducula aenea: Ducula aenea(4)
Ducula badia: Ducula badia(3)
Ducula bicolor: Ducula bicolor(3)
Ducula mindorensis: Ducula mindorensis
Ducula pickeringi: Ducula pickeringi
Ducula pickeringii: Ducula pickeringii
Dugong dugon: Dugong dugon(4)
Duolandrevus coriaceus: Duolandrevus coriaceus
Dupetor flavicollis: Dupetor flavicollis(3)
Duplachionaspis divergens: Duplachionaspis divergens
Duplicaria albozonata: Duplicaria albozonata
Duplicaria badia: Duplicaria badia
Duplicaria baileyi: Duplicaria baileyi
Duplicaria duplicata: Duplicaria duplicata(2)
Duplicaria dussumieri: Duplicaria dussumieri
Duplicaria evoluta: Duplicaria evoluta
Duplicaria fictilis: Duplicaria fictilis
Duplicaria raphanula: Duplicaria raphanula
Duplicaria spectabilis: Duplicaria spectabilis
Dura alba: Dura alba
Dussumieria acuta: Clupea flosmaris
Dussumieria acuta: Dussumiera acuta
Dussumieria acuta: Dussumieria acuta(3)
Dussumieria acuta: Elops javanicus
Dussumieria acuta: Etrumeus albulina
Dussumieria elopsoides: Dussumieria acuta
Dussumieria elopsoides: Dussumieria elopoides
Dussumieria elopsoides: Dussumieria elopsides
Dussumieria elopsoides: Dussumieria elopsoides(2)
Dussumieria elopsoides: Dussumieria elopsoids
Dussumieria elopsoides: Dussumieria hasselti
Dussumieria elopsoides: Dussumieria hasseltii
Dussumieria elopsoides: Dussumieria productissima
Dussumieria hasselti: Dussumieria hasselti
Duttaphrynus melanostictus: Duttaphrynus melanostictus
Dyakia hugonis: Dyakia hugonis
Dyakia janus: Dyakia janus(4)
Dyakia kintana: Dyakia kintana
Dyakia sannio: Dyakia sannio
Dyakia striata: Dyakia striata
Dymicoccus brevipes: Dymicoccus brevipes
Dynomene hispida: Dynomene hispida
Dypterygia subfusca: Dypterygia subfusca
Dysaethria cretacea: Dysaethria cretacea
Dysalotus alcocki: Dysalotus alcocki(2)
Dyschirius rufimanus: Dyschirius rufimanus
Dyscophus antongilii: Dyscophus antongilii
Dyscophus guineti: Dyscophus guineti
Dysdera crocota: Dysdera crocota
Dysdercus cingulatus: Dysdercus cingulatus
Dysdercus decussatus: Dysdercus decussatus(2)
Dysgonia absentimacula: Dysgonia absentimacula
Dysgonia acuta: Dysgonia acuta
Dysgonia amygdalis: Dysgonia amygdalis
Dysgonia arctotaenia: Dysgonia arctotaenia
Dysgonia arcuata: Dysgonia arcuata
Dysgonia dulcis: Dysgonia dulcis
Dysgonia fulvotaenia: Dysgonia fulvotaenia
Dysgonia illibata: Dysgonia illibata
Dysgonia joviana: Dysgonia joviana
Dysgonia maturata: Dysgonia maturata
Dysgonia palumba: Dysgonia palumba
Dysgonia praetermissa: Dysgonia praetermissa
Dysgonia rigidistria: Dysgonia rigidistria
Dysgonia simillima: Dysgonia simillima
Dysgonia stuposa: Dysgonia stuposa
Dysmicoccus boninsis: Dysmicoccus boninsis
Dysomma anguillare: Dysomma anguillare(2)
Dysomma anguillare: Dysomma anguillaris
Dysomma anguillare: Dysomma zanzibarensis
Dysomma dolichosomatum: Dysomma dolichosomatum(2)
Dysomma goslinei: Dysomma goslinei(2)
Dysomma longirostrum: Dysomma longirostrum(2)
Dysomma melanurum: Dysomma melanurum(2)
Dysomma opisthoproctus: Dysomma opisthoproctus(2)
Dysomma polycatodon: Dysomma polycatodon(2)
Dysommina rugosa: Dysommina rugosa(2)
Dysticus marginalis: Dysticus marginalis

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_d.htm, 2018-03-16, Animal name D, 動物名 D}

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_d.htm, 2018-03-16, Animal name D, 動物名 D}, (nswong, animal_name_d.htm)

Daboia russelii: Russell's viper
Dacelo gaudichaud: Rufous-bellied kookaburra(3)
Dacelo leachii: Blue-winged kookaburra(3)
Dacelo novaeguineae: Laughing kookaburra(4)
Dacelo tyro: Spangled kookaburra(3)
Dactyloptena orientalis: Flying gurnard
Dactyloptena orientalis: Helmet gurnard
Dactyloptena orientalis: Oriental flying gurnard
Dactylopterus volitans: Flying gurnard
Dactylopus dactylopus: Oriental flying gurnard
Dama dama: European fallow deer
Dama mesopotamica: Persian fallow deer
Damaliscus hunteri: Hunter's hartebeest
Damaliscus lunatus: Topi
Damaliscus lunatus: Tsessebi
Damaliscus pygargus: Bontebok
Damaliscus pygargus: Bontebok antelope
Danaus affinis: Malayanus, Malay tiger
Danaus agleoides: Agleoides, Dark glassy tiger
Danaus aspasia: Aspasia, Yellow glassy tiger
Danaus chrysippus: Alcippoides, Plain tiger
Danaus chrysippus: Chrysippus, Plain tiger(10)
Danaus chrysippus: Plain tiger(3)
Danaus genutia: Common tiger(2)
Danaus genutia: Genutia, Common tiger(7)
Danaus genutia: Genutia, Spotted-belly armoured sucking catfish(2)
Danaus genutia: Intermedia, Common tiger
Danaus melaneus: Sinopion, Chocolate tiger
Danaus melanippus: Hegesippus, Black veined tiger(6)
Danaus vulgaris: Macrina, Blue glassy tiger
Danio albolineatus: Pearl danio(4)
Danio choprai: Glowlight Danio
Danio erythromicron: Emerald Dwarf Rasbora
Danio frankei: Leopard danio
Danio kyathit: Orange-Finned Danio
Danio malabaricus: Giant danio(3)
Danio nigrofasciatus: Spotted danio
Danio renio: Zebrafish
Danio rerio: Frankei, Leopard danio
Danio rerio: Zebra danio(4)
Danio tinwini: Gold Ring Danio
Daphnis nerii: Oleander hawk moth(2)
Daphnusa ocellaris: Ocellate hawk moth(2)
Daphoenositta chrysoptera: Varied sittella
Daphoenositta miranda: Black sittella
Daphoenositta papuensis: Papuan sittella
Daption capense: Cape petrel(2)
Daptrius americanus: Red-throated caracara(3)
Daptrius ater: Black caracara(2)
Daptrius ater: Ye11ow-throated caracara
Dascyllus albisella: Hawaiian damsel
Dascyllus albisella: Hawaiian dascyllus
Dascyllus albisella: Snowflake
Dascyllus aruanus: Humbug damsel
Dascyllus aruanus: Three-striped damsel
Dascyllus aruanus: Three stripe damsel
Dascyllus aruanus: White-tailed damselfish(2)
Dascyllus carneus: Two-bar damsel
Dascyllus melanurus: Blacktail humbug(2)
Dascyllus melanurus: Four-striped damsel
Dascyllus reticulatus: Reticulated damsel
Dascyllus reticulatus: Reticulated damselfish(2)
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Domino damsel
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Three-spot dascyllus
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Three spot damsel
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Three spot damselfish
Dascyllus trimaculatus: Threespot damselfish
Dasia grisea: Brown tree skink(4)
Dasia olivacea: Olive tree skink(6)
Dasyatis acutirostra: Stingray
Dasyatis akajei: Japanese stingray
Dasyatis brevicaudata: Bull ray
Dasyatis gerrardi: Tri/banded tail
Dasyatis kuhlii: Blue-spotted stingray(5)
Dasyatis latus: Broad stingray
Dasyatis pasinaca: Stingray
Dasyatis zugei: Pale-edged Stingray
Dasyatis zugei: Sting ray
Dasycrotapha plateni: Mindanao pygmy-babbler
Dasycrotapha pygmaea: Visayan pygmy-babbler
Dasycrotapha speciosa: Flame-templed babbler(2)
Dasylophus superciliosus: Rough-crested malkoha
Dasyornis broadbenti: Western rufous bristlebird
Dasyornis longirostris: Bristle-bird
Dasyprocta punctata: Central American Agouti
Datnioides campbelli: New guinea tiger
Datnioides microlepis: Finescale tigerfish
Datnioides microlepis: Siamese tigerfish
Datnioides microlepis: Tiger fish
Datnioides pulcher: Indonesian tiger
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: American tiger
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: Datnioides polota
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: Many-barred tiger fish
Datnioides undecimradiatus: Northern thailand tiger(2)
Daubentonia madagascariensis: Aye-aye(3)
Dawkinsia arulius: Arulius barb
Dawkinsia filamentosus: Black Spot Barb
Dawkinsia filamentosus: Filament Barb
Decaeum trochileum: Scarlet-headed flowerpecker
Decapterus macarellus: Mackerel scad(2)
Decapterus maruadis: Round scad
Decapterus maruadsi: Yellowtail Round Scad
Decapterus ruselli: Round scad
Decatopecten radula: Flatribbed scallop
Deilephila elpenor: Elephant hawk-moth
Deilephila elpenor: Elephant hawk moth(2)
Deilephila porcellus: Small elephant hawk-moth
Deilephila porcellus: Small elephant hawk moth
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Chinese copperhead
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Chinese moccasin
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Five-pacer
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Hundred-pace pitviper
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Hundred-pace snake
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Hundred pacer
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Long-nosed pit viper
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Sharp-nosed pit viper
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Sharp-nosed viper
Deinagkistrodon acutus: Snorkel viper
Deirochelys reticularia: Chicken turtle
Deleornis axillaris: Grey-headed sunbird
Deleornis fraseri: Fraser's sunbird(2)
Delias acalis: Red-breast jezebel
Delias belladonna: Hill jezebel
Delias hyparete: Metarete, Painted jezebel(10)
Delias hyparete: Painted jezebel(2)
Delias ninus: Ninus, Malayan jezebel
Delias pasithoe: Parthenope, Red-base jezebel
Delias pasithoe: Parthenope, Red base jezebel(4)
Delias pasithoe: Red-base jezebel
Delichon dasypus: Asian house-martin(5)
Delichon dasypus: Asian house martin(10)
Delichon dasypus: Asian house martinl
Delichon dasypus: Asian martin
Delichon dasypus: Asian martin(2)(2)
Delichon dasypus: Asian or asian house-martin
Delichon nipalense: Nepal house martin(3)
Delichon urbica: Asian housemartin
Delichon urbica: Commn house martin
Delichon urbica: House martin(2)
Delichon urbicum: Common house martin
Delichon urbicum: Northern house martin(2)
Delphastus catalinae: Lady beetle
Delphastus pusillus: Whitefly predatory beetle
Delphinapterus leucas: Beluga
Dendostrea folium: Leaf oyster
Dendragapus canadensis: Spruce grouse
Dendragapus falcipennis: Siberian grouse
Dendragapus falcipennis: Sickle-winged grouse
Dendragapus fuliginosus: Sooty grouse(2)
Dendragapus obscurus: Dusky grouse(2)
Dendrelaphis caudolineatus: Striped bronzeback(7)
Dendrelaphis cyanochloris: Blue bronzeback(4)
Dendrelaphis cyanochloris: Wall's bronzeback
Dendrelaphis formosus: Elegant bronzeback(6)
Dendrelaphis haasi: Haas' bronzeback(2)
Dendrelaphis haasi: Haas's bronzeback
Dendrelaphis kopsteini: Kopstein's bronzeback(2)
Dendrelaphis kopsteini: Red-necked bronzeback(4)
Dendrelaphis nigroserratus: Sawtooth-necked bronzeback
Dendrelaphis pictus: Painted bronzeback(8)
Dendrelaphis schokari: Bronzeback tree snake
Dendrelaphis striatus: Cohn's bronzeback(3)
Dendrobates auratus: Black and green dart frog
Dendrobates auratus: Gold arrow-poison frog
Dendrobates azureus: Blue poison frog
Dendrobates pumilio: Strawberry poison dart frog
Dendrobates pumilio: Strawberry poison frog
Dendrobates reticulatus: Red-backed poison frog
Dendrobates tinctorius: Dyeing poison-arrow frog
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus: Amazonian poison frog
Dendrochirus barberi: Hawaiian lionfish
Dendrochirus brachypterus: Dwarf lionfish
Dendrochirus zebra: Zebra lionfish
Dendrocitta bayleyi: Andaman treepie
Dendrocitta cinarascens: Bornean treepie
Dendrocitta cinerascens: Bornean treepie(7)
Dendrocitta formosae: Formosae, Himalayan tree pie
Dendrocitta formosae: Gray treepie(4)
Dendrocitta formosae: Grey treepie(8)
Dendrocitta frontalis: Collared treepie(3)
Dendrocitta leucogastra: White-bellied treepie
Dendrocitta occipitalis: Sumatran treepie(2)
Dendrocitta vagabunda: Rufous treepie(4)
Dendrocopos assimilis: Sind woodpecker
Dendrocopos atratus: Stripe-breasted woodpecker(4)
Dendrocopos auriceps: Brown-fronted woodpecker
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Gray-capped woodpecker(4)
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Gray-headed pygmy woodpecker
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Grey-capped pygmy woodpecker(4)
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Grey-capped woodpecker(7)
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Kaleensis, Gray-capped pygmy woodpecker
Dendrocopos cathpharius: Crimson-breasted woodpecker(4)
Dendrocopos darjellensis: Darjeeling woodpecker(4)
Dendrocopos dorae: Arabian woodpecker
Dendrocopos himalayensis: Himalayan woodpecker
Dendrocopos hyperythrus: Rufous-bellied woodpecker(5)
Dendrocopos kizuki: Japanese pygmy woodpecker(4)
Dendrocopos kizuki: Pygmy woodpecker
Dendrocopos leucopterus: White-winged woodpecker(4)
Dendrocopos leucotos: Insularis, White-backed woodpecker
Dendrocopos leucotos: White-backed woodpecker(9)
Dendrocopos macei: Fulvous-breasted woodpecker(4)
Dendrocopos maculatus: Philippine pygmy woodpecker
Dendrocopos mahrattensis: Yellow-crowned woodpecker(2)
Dendrocopos major: Great spotted woodpecker(7)
Dendrocopos medius: Middle spotted woodpecker(2)
Dendrocopos minor: Lesser spotted woodpecker(6)
Dendrocopos moluccensis: Brown-capped woodpecker(6)
Dendrocopos moluccensis: Sunda pygmy woodpecker(5)
Dendrocopos moluccensis: Sunda woodpecker(5)
Dendrocopos syriacus: Syrian woodpecker(2)
Dendrocopos temminckii: Sulawesi pygmy woodpecker
Dendrocops moluccensis: Sunda pygmy woodpecker
Dendrocopus moluccensis: Sunda woodpecker
Dendrocygna arborea: Cuban whistling duck(2)
Dendrocygna arborea: West indian whistling duck
Dendrocygna arcuata: Wandering whistling-duck(7)
Dendrocygna arcuata: Wandering whistling duck(4)
Dendrocygna autumnalis: Black-bellied whistling duck
Dendrocygna autumnalis: Red-billed whistling duck
Dendrocygna bicolor: Fulvous whistling-duck
Dendrocygna bicolor: Fulvous whistling duck(3)
Dendrocygna eytoni: Plumed whistling duck(3)
Dendrocygna guttata: Spotted whistling duck
Dendrocygna javanica: Lesser tree duck
Dendrocygna javanica: Lesser whistling-duck(16)
Dendrocygna javanica: Lesser whistling duck(11)
Dendrocygna javanica: Whistling teal
Dendrocygna viduata: White-faced whistling duck(3)
Dendrogale melanura: Bornean smooth-tailed tree shrew
Dendrogale melanura: Bornean smooth-tailed treeshrew
Dendrogale murina: Northern smooth-tailed treeshrew
Dendrohyrax arboreus: Southern tree hyrax
Dendrohyrax dorsalis: Western tree hyrax
Dendrohyrax validus: Eastern tree hyrax
Dendroica coronata: Yellow-rumped warbler(2)
Dendroica petechia: Yellow warbler
Dendrolagus bennettianus: Bennett's tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus lumholtzi: Lumholtz's tree kangaroo
Dendrolagus ursinus: Tree kangaroo
Dendron-anthus indicus: Forest wagtail
Dendronanthus indicus: Forest wagtail(21)
Dendronanthus indicus: Wagtail forest
Dendrophysa russelii: Goatee Croaker
Dendrophysa russelli: Goatee croaker(5)
Dendropicos fuscescens: Cardinal woodpecker
Dendropicos goertae: Grey woodpecker
Dendropicos griseocephalus: Olive woodpecker
Dendropicos namaquus: Bearded woodpecker
Dendropicos poecilolaemus: Speckle-breasted
Dendropicos xantholophus: Yellow-crested woodpecker
Dendrosygna javanica: Lesser whistling duck
Dercas verhuelli: Tailed sulphur
Dermatemys mawii: Central american river turtle
Dermochelys coriacea: Leatherback sea turtle
Dermochelys coriacea: Leatherback turtle(2)
Dermochelys coriacea: Leathery turtle
Dermochelys coriacea: Lute turtle
Dermochelys coriacea: Penyu belimbing
Dermogenys collettei: Malayan pygmy halfbeak(4)
Dermogenys collettei: Pygmy halfbeak(2)
Dermogenys collettei: Sunda pygmy halfbeak(2)
Dermogenys pusilla: Half beak
Dermogenys pusilla: Malayan halfbeak
Dermogenys pusilla: Pygmy halfbeak(5)
Dermogenys pusilla: Wrestling halfbeak
Dermogenys pusillus: Malayan Halfbeak
Dermogenys pusillus: Pygmy halfbeak(7)
Deroceras reticulatum: Gray field slug
Deroceras reticulatum: Slug
Derocereas reticulatum: Grey field slug
Deroptyus accipitrinus: Hawk-headed parrot
Desmodus rotundus: Vampire bat
Deudorix elioti: Eliot's cornelian(2)
Deudorix epijarbas: Cinnabarus, Cornelian(5)
Deudorix epijarbas: Cornelian
Devadatta argyoides: Malayan grisette(7)
Devario regina: Queen danio
Diaddemichtys lineatus: Urchin clingfish
Diadema setosum: Black longspine urchin
Diadema setosum: Long-spined sea urchin
Diaemus youngi: White-winged vampire bat
Diagrama pictum: Painted sweetlips(5)
Diagramma pictum: Australian slatey
Diagramma pictum: Painted sweetlip
Diagramma pictum: Painted Sweetlips(3)
Diagramma pictum: Painted thick-lipped grunt
Dicaeum agile: Thick-billed flowe-rpecker
Dicaeum agile: Thick-billed flowerpecker(11)
Dicaeum annae: Golden-rumped flowerpecker
Dicaeum anthonyi: Flame-crowned flowerpecker
Dicaeum aureolimbatum: Yellow-sided flowerpecker
Dicaeum australe: Red-keeled flowerpecker
Dicaeum bicolor: Bicoloured flowerpecker
Dicaeum celebicum: Grey-sided flowerpecker(2)
Dicaeum chrysorrheum: Yellow-vented flowe-rpecker
Dicaeum chrysorrheum: Yellow-vented flowerpecker(15)
Dicaeum concolor: Plain-backed flowerpecker
Dicaeum concolor: Plain flowerpecker(14)
Dicaeum concolor: Uchidai, Plain flowerpecker
Dicaeum cruentatum: Dicaeum cruentatum
Dicaeum cruentatum: Flowerpecker scarlet backed
Dicaeum cruentatum: Scarlet-backed flowerpecker(22)
Dicaeum erythrorhynchos: Pale-billed flowerpecker(2)
Dicaeum erythrothorax: Flame-breasted flowerpecker
Dicaeum everetti: Brown-backed flowerpecker(9)
Dicaeum everetti: Brown-packed flowerpecker
Dicaeum geelvinkianum: Red-capped flowerpecker
Dicaeum haematostictum: Black-belted flowerpecker
Dicaeum hirundinaceum: Mistletoebird
Dicaeum hypoleucum: Buzzing flowerpecker
Dicaeum igniferum: Black-fronted flowerpecker(2)
Dicaeum ignipectum: Fire-breasted flowerpecker(2)
Dicaeum ignipectum: Green-breasted flowerpecker
Dicaeum ignipectus: Buff-bellied flowerpecker
Dicaeum ignipectus: Fire-breasted flowerpecker(15)
Dicaeum ignipectus: Formosum, Green-breasted flowerpecker
Dicaeum maugei: Red-chested flowerpecker
Dicaeum melanoxanthum: Yellow-bellied flowerpecker(3)
Dicaeum minullum: Plain flowerpecker(2)
Dicaeum monticolum: Black-sided flowerpecker(7)
Dicaeum nehrkorni: Crimson-crowned flowerpecker
Dicaeum nigrilore: Olive-capped flowerpecker
Dicaeum pectorale: Olive-crowned flowerpecker
Dicaeum proprium: Whiskered flowerpecker
Dicaeum pygmaeum: Pygmy flowerpecker
Dicaeum quadricolor: Cebu flowerpecker
Dicaeum retrocinctum: Scarlet-collared flowerpecker
Dicaeum sanguinolentum: Blood-breasted flowerpecker
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Flowerpecker orange bellied
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Orang-bellied flowerpecker
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Orange-bellied flowe-rpecker
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Orange-bellied flowerpecker(16)
Dicaeum trochileum: Scarlet-headed flowerpecker(6)
Dicaeum vincens: Legge's flowerpecker
Dicaeum vincens: White-throated flowerpecker
Dicaeum vulneratum: Ashy flowerpecker
Dicentrarchus labrax: Mediterranean sea-bass
Dicentrarchus labrax: Sea bass
Dicerorhinus sumatrenesis: Sumatra rhinoceros(2)
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis: Sumatran rhineceros
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis: Sumatran rhinoceros(4)
Diceros bicornis: Black rhinoceros
Dichorragia nesimachus: Constable
Dichorragia nesimachus: Deiokes, The constable
Diclidurus albus: Northern ghost bat
Diclidurus ingens: Greater ghost bat
Diclidurus isabellus: Isabelle's ghost bat
Diclidurus scutatus: Lesser ghost bat
Dicrossus filamentosa: Checkerboard cichlid
Dicrossus filamentosus: Chessboard cichlid(2)
Dicrossus filamentosus: Lyretailed checkerboard cichlid
Dicrossus maculatus: Spadetailed checkerboard cichlid
Dicrurus adsimilis: Common drongo
Dicrurus aeneus: Braunianus, Bronzed drongo
Dicrurus aeneus: Bronzed drongo(19)
Dicrurus andamanensis: Andaman drongo
Dicrurus annectans: Crow-biled drongo
Dicrurus annectans: Crow-billed drongo(2)
Dicrurus annectans: Crow-billed drongo(4)(2)
Dicrurus annectans: Crow-billed drongo(5)
Dicrurus balicassius: Balicassiao
Dicrurus bracteatus: Spangled drongo(3)
Dicrurus caerulescens: White-bellied drongo(2)
Dicrurus densus: Wallacean drongo
Dicrurus hottentottus: Hair-crested drongo(15)
Dicrurus leucophaeus: Ashy drongo(20)
Dicrurus leucophaeus: Ferruginous flycatcher
Dicrurus leucophaeus: Stigmatops, Ashy drongo
Dicrurus ludwigii: Square-tailed drongo
Dicrurus macrocercus: Black-drongo
Dicrurus macrocercus: Black drongo(23)
Dicrurus macrocercus: Harterti, Black drongo
Dicrurus modestus: Velvet-mantled drongo
Dicrurus montanus: Sulawesi drongo
Dicrurus paradiseus: Drongo greater racket tailed
Dicrurus paradiseus: Greater racket-tailed drongo(20)
Dicrurus paradiseus: Greater racquet-tail drongo
Dicrurus remifer: Lesser racket-tailed drongo(12)
Dictyosquilla foveolata: Mantis shrimp
Dicyrtoma fusca: Springtail
Didelphis virginiana: Opossum
Dinematichthys iluocoeteoides: Yellow cusk-eel(5)
Dinemellia dinemelli: White-headed buffalo-weaver
Dinemellia dinemelli: White-headed buffalo weaver(2)
Dinopium benghalense: Black-rumped flameback
Dinopium benghalense: Black-rumped woodpecker
Dinopium benghalense: Lesser golden-backed flameback
Dinopium javanense: Common flame-backed woodpecker
Dinopium javanense: Common flameback(12)
Dinopium javanense: Common goldenback(4)
Dinopium javanense: Golden-backed flameback
Dinopium javanese: Goldenback common
Dinopium rafflesii: Olive-backed woodpecker(8)
Dinopium shorii: Himalayan flame-backed woodpecker
Dinopium shorii: Himalayan goldenback
Diodon holocanthus: Balloonfish
Diodon holocanthus: Spiny balloonfish
Diodon hystrix: Common porcupinefish
Diodon hystrix: Porcupinefish
Diodon liturosus: Black-blotched porcupinefish
Diodon liturosus: Masked porcupinefish(5)
Diodon liturosus: Shortspine porcupinefish(2)
Diodora singaporensis: Singapore keyhole limpet
Diomedea albatrus: Short-tailed albatross(3)
Diomedea bulleri: Buller's mollymawk
Diomedea cauta: Shy albatross
Diomedea cauta: White-capped mollymawk
Diomedea chlororhynchos: Yellow-nosed mollymawk
Diomedea chrysostoma: Grey-headed mollymawk
Diomedea epomophora: Royal albatross
Diomedea exulans: Wandering albatross(2)
Diomedea immutabilis: Laysan albatross
Diomedea melanophris: Black-browed albatross
Diomedea melanophrys: Black-browed mollymawk
Diomedea nigripes: Black-footed albatross(3)
Diopsittaca guarouba: Golden conure
Dioptrornis fischeri: White-eyed slaty flycatcher
Diphylla ecaudata: Hairy-legged vampire bat
Diphyllodes magnificus: Magnificent bird-of-paradise
Diphyllodes respublica: Wilson's bird-of-paradise
Diplacodes nebulosa: Black-tipped percher(7)
Diplacodes trivalis: Blue percher(3)
Diplacodes trivalis: Chalky percher(3)
Diplacodes trivalis: Ground skimmer(3)
Diplacodes trivialis: Blue percher(3)
Diplogale hosei: Hose's civet
Diplogale hosei: Hose's palm civet
Diplogrammus goramensis: Goram dragonet
Diploprion bifasciatum: Barred Soapfish(2)
Diploprion bifasciatum: Doublebanded soapfish
Diploprion bifasciatum: Yellow soapfish(5)
Diploprion bifasciatus: Two banded grouper
Diploria strigosa: Detail of coral
Diproctacanthus xanthurus: Yellow-tailed cleaner
Dipsochelys gigantea: Aldabra giant tortoise
Dipsosaurus dorsalis: Common desert iguana
Dipsosaurus dorsalis: Desert iguana
Dircurus remifer: Lesser racket-tailed drongo
Diricha eliza: Mexican sheartail
Dischistodus chrysopoecilus: Pale-spot damsel(5)
Dischistodus chrysopoecilus: Pale spot damsel
Dischistodus fasciatus: Banded damsel(2)
Dischistodus fasciatus: Yellow-banded damsel(5)
Dischistodus melanotus: Blackvent damsel
Dischistodus perspicillatus: White damsel
Dischistodus prosopotaenia: Honey-head damsel(5)
Dischistodus pseudochrysopoecilus: Monarch damsel(2)
Discolampa ethion: Thalimar, Banded blue pierrot
Discophora sondaica: Common duffer
Discophora sondaica: Despoliata, Common duffer(5)
Discophora timora: Perakensis, Great duffer(2)
Discoplax celeste: Christmas island blue crab
Discoplax hirtipes: Hairy-footed land crab
Discosura longicauda: Racket-tailed coquette
Discotrema crinophila: Crinoid clingfish
Discotrema crinophila: Featherstar clingfish
Discus rotundatus: Rounded snail
Dissostichus eleginoides: Chilean seabass(2)
Distichodus sexfasciatus: Six-banded Distichodus
Distoechodon tumirostris: Round-snout nase
Dobsonia beaufordi: Beaufort's naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia chapmani: Negros naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia emersa: Biak naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia exoleta: Sulawesi naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia inermis: Solomons naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia minor: Lesser naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia moluccensis: Moluccan naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia pannieyensis: Panniet naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia peroni: Western naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia praedatrix: New britain naked-backed fruit bat
Dobsonia viridis: Greenish naked-backed fruit bat
Dodona egeon: Confluens, Orange punch
Dodona egeon: Orange punch
Dogania subplana: Forest softshell turtle
Dogania subplana: Labi-labi melayu
Dogania subplana: Malayan Forest Softshell Turtle(2)
Dogania subplana: Malayan soft-shell turtle
Dogonia subplana: Malayan forest softshell turtle
Doleschallia bisaltide: ?bisaltide, Autumn leaf
Doleschallia bisaltide: Autumn leaf(5)
Doleschallia bisaltide: Bisaltide, Autumn leaf
Dolichotis patagonum: Patagonian Mara
Dolichovespula arenaria: Yellowjacket
Dologale dybowskii: Pousargues' mongoose
Donax cuneatus: Bean clam
Donax cuneatus: Cuneate donax clam
Donax cuneatus: Wedge clam
Dophla evelina: Compta, Red-spot duke latin
Dorcatragus megalotis: Beira antelope
Doricha enicura: Slender sheartail
Dorychthys martensii: Pipe Fish
Doryfera iudovicae: Green-fronted lancebill
Doryfera johannae: Blue-fronted lancebill
Doryichthys boaja: Long-snouted pipefish
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus: Banded pipefish
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus: Ringed pipefish
Doryrhamphus excisus: Excisus bluestripe pipefish
Doryrhamphus exisus: Bluestriped pipefish
Doryrhamphus janssi: Janss' pipefish
Doryrhamphus multiannulatus: Many banded pipefish
Dostia violacea: Violet nerite
Dostia violecea: Violet nerite
Dotilla myctiroides: Soldier crab(3)
Dracaena guianensis: Caiman lizard(3)
Dracaena guianensis: Guyana caiman lizard
Draco abbreviatus: Orange-bearded gliding lizard
Draco blanfordii: Blanford's gliding lizard
Draco formosus: Formosa gliding lizard
Draco haematopogon: Red-barbed gliding lizard
Draco maculatus: Spotted flying dragon
Draco maculatus: Spotted gliding lizard
Draco melanopogon: Black-bearded flying dragon
Draco melanopogon: Black-bearded flying lizard(3)
Draco melanopogon: Black-bearded gliding lizard
Draco quinquefasciatus: Five-banded flying dragon
Draco quinquefasciatus: Five-banded flying lizard(2)
Draco quinquefasciatus: Five-banded gliding lizard
Draco spilonotus: Sulawesi lined gliding lizard
Draco sumatranus: Common flying dragon(2)
Draco sumatranus: Common flying lizard(2)
Draco sumatranus: Common gliding lizard
Draco sumatranus: Common malayan flying dragon
Draco sumatranus: Sumatran flying dragon
Draco sumatranus: Sumatran flying lizard
Draco volans: Common flying dragon
Dreissena polymorpha: Zebra mussel
Dremomys everetti: Bornean mountain ground squirrel(2)
Dremomys gularis: Red-throated squirrel
Dremomys lokriah: Orange-bellied himalayan squirrel
Dremomys pernyi: Perny's long-nosed squirrel
Dremomys pyrrhomerus: Red-hipped squirrel
Dremomys rufigenis: Asian red-cheeked squirrel(2)
Dremomys rufigenis: Red-cheeked ground squirrel
Drepane longimana: Concertina fish(2)
Drepane punctata: Spotted sicklefish(11)
Drepanis funerea: Black mamo
Drepanis pacifica: Hawaii mamo
Drepanomis albertis: Black-billed sicklebill
Drepanorhynchus reichenowi: Golden-winged sunbird
Drepanornis albertisi: Black-billed sicklebill
Drepanornis bruijnii: Pale-billed sicklebill
Drepanornis bruijnii: White-billed sicklebill
Drepanosticta quadrata: Singapore shadow damsel(4)
Drepanosticta quadrata: Singapore shadowdamsel(3)
Dreptes thomensis: Giant sunbird(2)
Dromas ardeola: Crab-plover
Dromas ardeola: Crab plover(7)
Drombus triangularis: Brown shore goby(5)
Dromus dromas: Dromedary pearly mussel
Drupadia ravindra: Moorei, Common posy(7)
Drupadia rufotaenia: Rufotaenia, Pygmy posy(5)
Drupadia theda: Thesmia, Dark posy(5)
Drymodes superciliaris: Northern scrub robin
Dryocalamus subannulatus: Malayan bridle snake(4)
Dryocalamus subnnulatus: Malayan bridle snake
Dryocopus hodgei: Andaman woodpecker
Dryocopus javensis: Tristram's woodpecker
Dryocopus javensis: White-bellied black woodpecker
Dryocopus javensis: White-bellied woodpecker(17)
Dryocopus javensis: White bellied woodpecker
Dryocopus lineatus: Lineated woodpecker
Dryocopus martius: Black woodpecker(6)
Dryomys nitedula: Forest Dormouse
Dryonastes berthemyi: Buffy laughingthrush
Dryonastes berthemyi: Rufous laughingthrush
Dryonastes caerulatus: Grey-sided laughingthrush(2)
Dryonastes chinensis: Black-throated laughingthrush(2)
Dryonastes courtoisi: Blue-crowned laughingthrush(2)
Dryonastes delesserti: Wynaad laughingthrush
Dryonastes galbanus: Yellow-throated laughingthrush(2)
Dryonastes gularis: Rufous-vented laughingthrush(2)
Dryonastes nuchalis: Chestnut-backed laughingthrush
Dryonastes poecilorhynchus: Rusty laughingthrush(2)
Dryonastes ruficollis: Rufous-necked laughingthrush(2)
Dryonastes vassali: White-cheeked laughingthrush
Dryophiops rubescens: Keel-bellied whip snake(4)
Dryophiops rubescens: Red whip snake
Dryophiops rubescens: Speckle-bellied whip snake
Dryoscopus angolensis: Pink-footed puffback
Dryoscopus cubla: Black-backed puffback
Dryoscopus gambensis: Northern puffback
Dryoscopus pringlii: Pringle's puffback
Dryotriorchis spectabilis: Congo serpent-eagle
Duberria lutrix: Slug eater snake
Ducula aenea: Green imperial-pigeon(9)
Ducula aenea: Green imperial pigeon(2)(2)
Ducula aenea: Green imperial pigeon(6)
Ducula aenea: Imperial pigeon
Ducula badia: Imperial pigeon
Ducula badia: Mountain imperial-pigeon(7)
Ducula badia: Mountain imperial pigeon(7)
Ducula basilica: Cinnamon-bellied imperial pigeon
Ducula bicolor: Pied imperial-pigeon
Ducula bicolor: Pied imperial-pigeon(2)(2)
Ducula bicolor: Pied imperial-pigeon(3)
Ducula bicolor: Pied imperial pigeon(4)
Ducula carola: Spotted imperial pigeon
Ducula chalconota: Shining imperial pigeon
Ducula cineracea: Timor imperial pigeon
Ducula concinna: Blue-tailed imperial pigeon
Ducula forsteni: White-bellied imperial pigeon
Ducula lacernulata: Dark-backed imperial pigeon
Ducula mindorensis: Mindoro imperial pigeon(2)
Ducula mullerii: Collared imperial pigeon
Ducula myristicivora: Spice imperial pigeon
Ducula pacifica: Pacific imperial pigeon
Ducula perspicillata: White-eyed imperial pigeon
Ducula pickeringi: Grey imperial pigeon(2)
Ducula pickeringii: Gray imperial-pigeon(2)
Ducula pickeringii: Grey imperial-pigeon
Ducula pickeringii: Grey imperial pigeon(2)
Ducula pinon: Pinon's imperial pigeon
Ducula pistrinaria: Island imperial pigeon
Ducula poliocephala: Pink-bellied imperial pigeon
Ducula radiata: Grey-headed imperial pigeon
Ducula rosacea: Pink-headed imperial pigeon
Ducula rufigaster: Purple-tailed imperial pigeon
Ducula zoeae: Banded or zoe's imperial pigeon
Dugong dugon: Dugong(9)
Dugong dugong: Dugong(2)
Dumetia hyperythra: Rufous-bellied babbler
Dumetia hyperythra: Tawny-bellied babbler(3)
Dunckerocampus baldwini: Redstripe pipefish
Dundubia vaginata: Jade-green cicada
Dupetor flavicollis: Black bittern(2)
Dusicyon australis: Falkland island wolf
Dusicyon thous: Crab-eating fox
Dussumieria acuta: Rainbow herring(2)
Dussumieria acuta: Rainbow sardine(2)
Dussumieria acuta: Rainbow sardines
Dussumieria hasselti: Round herring
Duttaphryns melanostictus: Asian toad
Duttaphrynus melanostictus: Asian toad(4)
Duttaphrynus melanostictus: Black-spined toad
Duttaphrynus melanostictus: Four-ridged toad
Dyacopterus brooksi: Brooks's dyak fruit bat
Dyacopterus spadiceus: Dayak fruit bat(2)
Dyacopterus spadiceus: Dyak fruit bat
Dyakia striata: Glowing land snail
Dyaphorophyia castanea: Chestnut wattle-eye
Dyaphorophyia concreta: Yellow-bellied wattle-eye
Dyaphorophyia jamesoni: Jameson's wattle-eye
Dynastes gideon: Unicorn beetle
Dyscophus guineti: Sambava tomato frog
Dysdercus cingulatus: Red cotton bug
Dysdercus decussatus: Cotton stainer bug(6)
Dysdercus simon: Thespesia Firebug
Dysphaea dimidiata: Black velvetwing(7)

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_d.htm, 2018-03-16, Animal name D, 動物名 D}

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_d.htm, 2018-03-16, Animal name D, 動物名 D}, (nswong, animal_name_d.htm)

Daboia russelii: 鎖蛇(2)
Dacelo gaudichaud: 棕腹笑翠鸟
Dacelo leachii: 蓝翅笑翠鸟
Dacelo novaeguineae: 笑翠鳥
Dacelo tyro: 披肩笑翠鸟
Daclera levana: 頭扁蛛蝽
Dacnomys millardi: 巨齒鼠
Dacnusa sibirica: 反顎繭蜂(2)
Dacryopilumnus rathbunae: 芮氏淚毛刺蟹
Dactylispa chiayiana: 嘉義鐵甲蟲
Dactylispa chujoi: 中條鐵甲蟲
Dactylispa excisa: 凹緣鐵甲蟲
Dactylispa higoniae: 褐斑鐵甲蟲
Dactylispa insulicola: 島嶼鐵甲蟲
Dactylispa latipennis: 波緣鐵甲蟲
Dactylispa sauteri: 紹德鐵甲蟲
Dactylispa taiwana: 台灣鐵甲蟲
Dactylomys dactylinus: 長指鼠
Dactylopsila trivirgata: 纹袋貂
Dactyloptena gilberti: 吉氏豹魴鮄
Dactyloptena gilberti: 吉氏豹鲂鮄
Dactyloptena orientalis: 东方豹鲂鮄
Dactyloptena orientalis: 東方豹魴鮄
Dactyloptena orientalis: 東方魴鮄
Dactyloptena orientalis: 紅飛魚
Dactyloptena orientalis: 飛角魚
Dactyloptena peterseni: 單棘魴鮄
Dactyloptena peterseni: 皮氏豹魴鮄
Dactylopus dactylopus: 指腳
Dactylopus dactylopus: 指鰭
Dactylopus dactylopus: 指鰭
Dactylopus dactylopus: 老鼠
Dacus apicalis: 端長角實蠅
Dacus dorsdlis: 東方果實蠅
Dacus esakii: 江崎長角實蠅
Dacus formosanus: 台灣長角實蠅
Dacytlothyrea spinipes: 棘足稈蠅
Daector gerringi: 傑氏兇蟾魚
Daector gerringi: 南美淡水瞻星魚
Daector gerringi: 石頭魚(2)
Dahira rubiginosa: 赭色天蛾
Dahira taiwana: 臺灣斜帶天蛾
Daicocus peterseni: 单棘豹鲂鮄
Daira perlata: 廣闊疣扇蟹
Dairoides kusei: 久世仿疣扇蟹
Dalatias licha: 鎧鯊
Dalatias licha: 铠鲨
Dalatias licha: 黑鮫
Daldorfia horrida: 粗糙蝕菱蟹
Dalpada cinctipes: 中華岱椿
Dalpada cinctipes: 中華岱蝽
Dalpada smaragdina: 綠岱椿
Dalpada smaragdina: 綠岱蝽
Dama dama: 扁角鹿
Dama dama: 白黇鹿
Dama dama: 黇鹿
Dama dama: Mesopotamica, 波斯鹿
Dama mesopotamica: 波斯鹿
Dama mesopotamica: 波斯黇鹿
Damalina nitida: 明亮食蟲虻
Damaliscus hunteri: 亨氏牛羚
Damaliscus lunatus: 南非大羚羊(2)
Damaliscus lunatus: 转角牛羚
Damaliscus pygargus: 白纹牛羚
Damaliscus pygargus: 白腿大羚羊
Damaliscus pygargus: Dorcas, 白臀白面狷羚
Damaliscus pygargus: Pygargus, 白臀白面狷羚
Danaus chrysippus: 樺斑蝶
Danaus chrysippus: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Danaus chrysippus: 金斑蝶(2)
Danaus chrysippus: 阿檀蝶
Danaus genuita: 虎斑蝶
Danaus genutia: 擬阿檀蝶
Danaus genutia: 樺斑蝶
Danaus genutia: 虎斑蝶
Danaus genutia: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Danaus genutia: 黑脈樺斑蝶(2)
Danaus melanippus: 白虎斑蝶
Danaus melanippus: 細紋青斑蝶
Danaus melanippus: 黑脈白斑蝶
Danaus melanippus: 黑虎斑蝶
Danaus plexippus: 君主斑蝶
Danaus plexippus: 大樺斑蝶
Danaus plexippus: 帝王斑蝶
Danaus plexippus: 帝王蝶
Danielssenia typica: 標準戴氏猛水蚤
Danio aequipinnatus: 波条鱼丹
Danio albolineatus: 珍珠
Danio albolineatus: 閃電斑馬魚
Danio albolineatus: 閃電(2)
Danio albolineatus: 電光斑馬(2)
Danio apogon: 缺须鱼丹
Danio choprae: 喬氏斑馬魚
Danio chrysotaeniatus: 金线鱼丹
Danio erythromicron: 微紅小波魚
Danio interrupta: 半线鱼丹
Danio kakhienensis: 红蚌鱼丹
Danio kerri: 克氏斑馬魚
Danio kyathit: 藍
Danio malabaricus: 大斑馬魚
Danio malabaricus: 馬拉巴(2)
Danio margaritatus: 瑪格麗特
Danio myersi: 麦氏鱼丹
Danio nigrofasciatus: 斑馬
Danio nigrofasciatus: 黑帶斑馬魚
Danio nigrofasciatus: 黑帶(2)
Danio rerio: 印度斑馬魚
Danio rerio: 斑馬(3)
Danio rerio: 條紋斑馬
Danio rerio: 豹
Danio rerio: 金斑馬
Danio roseus: 玫瑰
Danio tinwini: 廷氏
Danothrips sakimurai: 崎村淡薊馬
Danothrips trifasciatus: 三帶淡薊馬
Danothrips vicinus: 頭紋淡薊馬
Daphnella angulata: 稜肩捲管螺
Daphnella aureola: 黃金捲管螺
Daphnella flammea: 火焰捲管螺
Daphnella mitrellaeformis: 雲彩捲管螺
Daphnella mitrellaformis: 雲彩捲管螺
Daphnella nobilis: 福態捲管螺
Daphnella olyra: 歐琴捲管螺
Daphnella ornata: 花斑捲管螺
Daphnella pilsbryi: 皮氏捲管螺
Daphnella sandwichensis: 美艷捲管螺
Daphnella sandwichensis: 花艷捲管螺
Daphnella semivaricosa: 半肋捲管螺
Daphnella varicosa: 虛線捲管螺
Daphnella wui: 巫氏捲管螺
Daphnella wui: 巫氏桂冠螺
Daphnia magna: 水蚤
Daphnis hypothous: 白腰天蛾
Daphnis hypothous: 茜草白腰天蛾
Daphnis nerii: 夾竹桃天蛾
Daphoenositta chrysoptera: 杂色澳䴓
Daphoenositta miranda: 黑澳䴓
Daption capense: 海角鸌,
Daption capense: 花斑鹱
Daptrius americanus: 红喉卡拉鹰
Daptrius americanus: 红喉巨隼
Daptrius ater: 黑卡拉鹰
Daptrius ater: 黑巨隼
Dardanus arrosor: 鱗片真寄居蟹
Dardanus aspersus: 粗盾真寄居蟹
Dardanus crassimanus: 厚腕真寄居蟹
Dardanus deformis: 畸形真寄居蟹
Dardanus gemmatus: 珠粒真寄居蟹
Dardanus guttatus: 線斑真寄居蟹
Dardanus hessii: 刺足真寄居蟹
Dardanus impressus: 印紋真寄居蟹
Dardanus lagopodes: 毛足真寄居蟹
Dardanus megistos: 斑點真寄居蟹
Dardanus pedunculatus: 柄真寄居蟹
Dardanus setifer: 環毛真寄居蟹
Dario dario: 印度達里奧鱸
Darjilingia varia: 異色吉嶺葉蜂
Darthula xizangensis: 西藏管尾犁胸蝉(4)
Darthula xizangensis: 西藏管尾犁胸蟬
Darwinula kanchianga: 干將達爾文介
Darwinula yüchanga: 魚腸達爾文介
Dascillus taiwanus: 台灣長翅花甲
Dascyllus albisella: 白宅泥魚
Dascyllus albisella: 白宅泥鱼
Dascyllus albisella: 黑白將軍
Dascyllus aruanus: 三带圆雀鲷
Dascyllus aruanus: 三帶圓雀鯛(2)
Dascyllus aruanus: 三間白
Dascyllus aruanus: 三間雀(2)
Dascyllus aruanus: 宅泥魚
Dascyllus aruanus: 宅泥鱼
Dascyllus auripinnis: 金將軍
Dascyllus carneus: 肉色宅泥鱼
Dascyllus flavicaudus: 黄尾宅泥鱼
Dascyllus marginatus: 灰边宅泥鱼
Dascyllus marginatus: 灰邊宅泥魚
Dascyllus marginatus: 紅海將軍
Dascyllus melanurus: 四間摩
Dascyllus melanurus: 四間雀
Dascyllus melanurus: 黑尾圆雀鲷
Dascyllus melanurus: 黑尾圓雀鯛(2)
Dascyllus melanurus: 黑尾宅泥魚
Dascyllus melanurus: 黑尾宅泥鱼
Dascyllus reticulates: 三間雀
Dascyllus reticulates: 網紋宅泥魚
Dascyllus reticulatus: 夢羅麗沙
Dascyllus reticulatus: 網紋圓雀鯛(2)
Dascyllus reticulatus: 網紋宅泥魚
Dascyllus reticulatus: 网纹圆雀鲷
Dascyllus reticulatus: 网纹宅泥鱼
Dascyllus strasburgi: 斯氏宅泥鱼
Dascyllus trimaculatus: 三斑圆雀鲷
Dascyllus trimaculatus: 三斑圓雀鯛
Dascyllus trimaculatus: 三斑宅泥魚
Dascyllus trimaculatus: 三斑宅泥鱼
Dascyllus trimaculatus: 三點白(2)
Dascyllus trimaculayus: 三点白小丑鱼
Dascyllus trimaculayus: 三点白(2)
Daseochaeta autumnalis: 秋翠夜蛾
Dasia smaragdina: 浅绿丛林蜥
Dasia smaragdium: 翠蜥
Dasiops orientalis: 東洋黑艷蠅
Dastarcus longulus: 花绒坚甲
Dasyatis acutirostra: 尖吻土魟
Dasyatis acutirostra: 尖吻魟
Dasyatis acutirostra: 尖尾魟
Dasyatis acutirostra: 鲂仔
Dasyatis akajei: 牛尾魴
Dasyatis akajei: 紅魴
Dasyatis akajei: 赤 魟
Dasyatis akajei: 赤土魟
Dasyatis akajei: 赤魟(3)
Dasyatis americana: 美洲魟
Dasyatis annotatus: 褐魟
Dasyatis atratus: 黑魟(2)
Dasyatis bennetti: 白玉鯆
Dasyatis bennetti: 白肉鯆
Dasyatis bennetti: 笨氏土魟
Dasyatis bennetti: 黃土魟
Dasyatis bennetti: 黃魟
Dasyatis bennetti: 黄魟
Dasyatis brevicaudata: 公牛魟
Dasyatis brevicaudatus: 短尾魟
Dasyatis brevis: 鞭尾魟
Dasyatis brucco: 深魟
Dasyatis centroura: 粗尾魟
Dasyatis chrysonota: 金魟
Dasyatis dipterura: 菱魟
Dasyatis fluviorum: 溪魟
Dasyatis garouaensis: 加魯阿魟
Dasyatis geijskesi: 吉氏魟
Dasyatis gerrardi: 齊氏魟
Dasyatis gerrardi: 齐氏魟
Dasyatis giganteus: 巨魟
Dasyatis guileri: 吉勒氏魟
Dasyatis guttata: 長吻魟
Dasyatis imbricatus: 瓦魟
Dasyatis izuensis: 伊豆魟
Dasyatis jenkinsii: 詹氏魟
Dasyatis kuhlii: 古氏土魟(2)
Dasyatis kuhlii: 古氏魟(2)
Dasyatis kuhlii: 魟仔
Dasyatis kuhlii: 魴仔
Dasyatis laevigata: 光土魟
Dasyatis laevigata: 光魟
Dasyatis laevigatus: 光魟(2)
Dasyatis lata: 鬼魟
Dasyatis latus: 鬼土魟
Dasyatis latus: 鬼魟
Dasyatis leylandi: 萊氏魟
Dasyatis longus: 長魟
Dasyatis margarita: 珠粒魟
Dasyatis margaritella: 珍魟
Dasyatis marmorata: 花背魟
Dasyatis matsubarai: 土魟
Dasyatis matsubarai: 松原魟
Dasyatis melanospilos: 黑斑魟
Dasyatis microphthalmus: 小眼土魟
Dasyatis microphthalmus: 小眼魟(2)
Dasyatis microps: 細眼魟
Dasyatis navarrae: 奈氏魟(2)
Dasyatis navarrae: 黑土魟
Dasyatis pastinaca: 光魟
Dasyatis pastinaca: 藍紋魟
Dasyatis rudis: 糙魟
Dasyatis sayi: 薩氏魟
Dasyatis sinensis: 中国魟
Dasyatis sinensis: 中國魟
Dasyatis thetidis: 棘尾魟
Dasyatis tortonesei: 托氏魟
Dasyatis uarnak: 花点魟
Dasyatis uarnak: 花點魟
Dasyatis ukpam: 尤克魟
Dasyatis ushiei: 尤氏魟
Dasyatis ushiei: 牛土魟
Dasyatis ushiei: 牛魟
Dasyatis violacea: 紫魟
Dasyatis zugei: 尖嘴土魟
Dasyatis zugei: 尖嘴魟(2)
Dasyatis zugei: 魟鱼
Dasycercus byrnei: 毛尾袋小鼠(2)
Dasycercus byrnei: 脊尾袋鼠
Dasychira abietis: 冷杉毒蛾
Dasychira axutha: 松毒蛾
Dasychira fascelina: 霜茸毒蛾
Dasychira pudibunda: 茸毒蛾
Dasyhelea curtiradialis: 閃亮毛蠓
Dasyhelea formosana: 蓬萊毛蠓
Dasyhelea fulvicauda: 曙尾毛蠓
Dasyhelea parvifulva: 趨黃毛蠓
Dasyhelea parvinigra: 微黑毛蠓
Dasyhelea sauteri: 邵氏毛蠓
Dasyhelea taiwana: 台灣毛蠓
Dasylepida fissa: 黃腹黑金龜
Dasylophus superciliosus: 蓬冠地鹃
Dasyloricaria filamentosa: 長絲髯甲鯰(2)
Dasyloricaria filamentosa: 鞭尾甲鯰
Dasyloricaria filamentosa: 鞭尾甲鲶
Dasyloricaria filamentosa: 黑斑馬直昇機
Dasymallomyia signata: 標誌毛大蚊
Dasyornis broadbenti: 棕鬚鶯西澳亞種
Dasyornis broadbenti: Litoralis, 棕色刺鳥(3)
Dasyornis longirostris: 長嘴鬚鶯
Dasyornis longirostris: 長尾刺鳥(3)
Dasyorns broadbent: 棕须莺
Dasyorns longrostrs: 长嘴须莺
Dasyprocta aguti: 橙色毛臀刺鼠(2)
Dasyprocta fuliginosa: 灰刺豚鼠
Dasypsyllus gallinulae: 小雞毛蚤
Dasypus hybridus: 雜色犰狳
Dasyrhicnoessa fulva: 金紅濕蠅
Dasysyrphus bilineatus: 雙線蚜蠅
Dasyurus hallucatus: 澳洲袋鼬
Dasyurus viverrinus: 东袋鼬(2)
Dasyvalgus formosanus: 凹駝彎腿金龜
Dasyvalgus formosanus: 鱗毛扁花金龜
Dasyvalgus inouei: 井上刺扁花金龜
Dasyvalgus makiharai: 槙原刺扁花金龜
Dasyvalgus shimomurai: 小黑刺扁花金龜
Dasyvalgus similis: 偽刺扁花金龜
Dasyvalgus wadai: 和田刺扁花金龜
Datames guangxiensis: 广西瘤虫脩(2)
Datames guangxiensis: 广西瘤蝓
Datames guangxiensis: 广西瘤?
Datames guangxiensis: 廣西瘤蝓
Datnioides campbelli: 新几内亚虎鱼
Datnioides campbelli: 新机内亚虎
Datnioides campbelli: 新機內亞虎
Datnioides microlepis: 三间虎
Datnioides microlepis: 南托斯鱼
Datnioides microlepis: 印尼虎(2)
Datnioides microlepis: 河老虎
Datnioides microlepis: 泰国虎
Datnioides microlepis: 泰国虎鱼(2)
Datnioides microlepis: 泰國虎(2)
Datnioides microlepis: 粗纹虎鱼
Datnioides microlepis: 细鳞拟松鲷
Datnioides pulcher: 印尼虎鱼
Datnioides pulcher: 泰国虎
Datnioides pulcher: 泰國虎
Datnioides pulcher: 粗間虎
Datnioides pulcher: 粗间虎
Datnioides pulcher: 美擬松鯛
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: 六間虎
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: 六间虎
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: 六间虎鱼
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: 四带拟松鲷(2)
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: 孟加拉银虎鱼
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: 斑馬泰國虎
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: 銀老虎
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: 银老虎
Datnioides quadrifasciatus: 银虎鱼
Datnioides undecimradiatus: 伪泰国虎
Datnioides undecimradiatus: 北部泰国虎
Datnioides undecimradiatus: 北部泰国虎鱼
Datnioides undecimradiatus: 幼間虎
Datnioides undecimradiatus: 幼间虎
Datnioides undecimradiatus: 泰北泰国虎
Datnioides undecimradiatus: 泰北泰國虎
Datnioides undecimradiatus: 细纹虎
Datnioides undecimradiatus: 细纹虎鱼
Daubentonia madagascariensis: 指猴(7)
Daulocoris feanus: 東洋毛扁蝽
Daulocoris formosanus: 台灣毛扁蝽
Daulocoris tomentosa: 茸毛扁椿
Daviclius qinlingensis: 秦岭戴春蜓
Davidius bicornutus: 双角戴春蜓
Davidius chaoi: 赵氏戴春蜓
Davidius davidi: 戴氏戴春蜓
Davidius lunatus: 新月戴春蜓
Davidius squarrosus: 方钩戴春蜓
Davidius triangulus: 三角戴春蜓
Davidius trox: 黑尾戴春蜓
Davidius truncas: 平截戴春蜓
Davidius yuanbaensis: 元坝戴春蜓
Davidius zallorensis: 扎洛戴春蜓
Davidius zhoui: 周氏戴春蜓
Davmius fruhstorferi: 弗氏戴春蜓
Daya jordani: 乔氏台雅鱼
Deania calcea: 喙吻田氏鯊
Deania calcea: 地風鬼
Deania calcea: 田氏鲨
Deania calcea: 篦吻棘鮫
Decachaetophora aeneipes: 銅足艷細蠅
Decadopecten plica: 芬香海扇蛤
Decadopecten superbus: 錦花海扇蛤
Decapterus kurroides: 巴攏
Decapterus kurroides: 無斑圓鰺
Decapterus kurroides: 紅尾圓鰺
Decapterus kurroides: 紅扁鰺
Decapterus kurroides: 紅瓜魚
Decapterus lajang: 頜圓鰺
Decapterus lajang: 颌圆鲹
Decapterus macarellus: 拉洋圓鰺
Decapterus macarellus: 紅赤尾
Decapterus macarellus: 細鱗圓鰺
Decapterus macarellus: 頜圓鰺
Decapterus macarellus: 颌圆鲹
Decapterus macrosoma: 四破
Decapterus macrosoma: 長身圓鰺
Decapterus macrosoma: 長體圓鰺
Decapterus macrosoma: 長鰺
Decapterus macrosoma: 长体圆鲹(2)
Decapterus maruadis: 蓝圆鲹(2)
Decapterus maruadsi: 四破
Decapterus maruadsi: 巴攏
Decapterus maruadsi: 廣仔
Decapterus maruadsi: 甘廣
Decapterus maruadsi: 硬尾
Decapterus maruadsi: 紅背圓鰺
Decapterus maruadsi: 蓝圆鲹
Decapterus maruadsi: 藍圓鰺
Decapterus maruadsi: 马氏圆鲹
Decapterus russelli: 硬尾
Decapterus russelli: 紅瓜鰺
Decapterus russelli: 紅赤尾
Decapterus russelli: 紅鰭圓鰺
Decapterus russelli: 红鳍圆鲹
Decapterus russelli: 羅氏圓鰺
Decapterus tabl: 泰勃圓鰺
Decapterus tabl: 硬尾
Decapterus tabl: 鋸緣圓鰺
Decapturus macarellus: 頜圓鰺
Decapturus macarellus: 颌圆鲹
Decatopecten amiculum: 琉球海扇蛤
Decodon pacificus: 太平洋裸齒隆頭魚
Decophylla smaraydian: 紅螞蟻
Decticus verrucivorus: 螽蟖
Degmaptera mirabilis: 石櫟天蛾
Deielia phaon: 异色多纹蜻(2)
Deielia phaon: 短痣蜻蜓
Deilephila elpenor: 紅天蛾
Deilpuila askoldensis: 小白眉天蛾
Deinagkistrodon acutus: 五步蛇
Deinagkistrodon acutus: 尖吻腹
Deinagkistrodon acutus: 尖吻腹蛇
Deinagkistrodon acutus: 尖吻蝮(6)
Deinagkistrodon acutus: 百步蛇(6)
Deinagkistrodon acutuss: 尖吻蝮蛇(2)
Deinagkistrodon pralys: 哈里百步蛇
Deinococcus ficus: 菩堤奇異球菌
Deinococcus thermus: 異常球菌
Deirochelys reticularia: 雞龜
Dekeyseria brachyura: 短尾德凱鯰
Dekeyseria pulchra: 美麗德凱鯰
Delanymys brooksi: 德拉尼鼠
Deleornis fraseri: 红领太阳鸟
Delia platura: 歐洲花蠅
Delias acalis: 紅腋斑粉蝶
Delias belladonna: 艷婦斑粉蝶
Delias berinda: 韋氏麻斑粉
Delias berinda: 黃裙豔粉蝶
Delias hyparete: 优越斑粉蝶
Delias hyparete: 優越斑粉蝶(3)
Delias hyparete: 白豔蝶
Delias hyparete: 紅紋粉蝶
Delias hyparete: 黑脈粉蝶
Delias lativitta: 側條斑粉蝶
Delias lativitta: 條斑豔粉蝶
Delias lativitta: 胡麻斑粉蝶
Delias lativitta: 麻斑粉蝶
Delias lativitta: Formosana, 麻斑粉蝶
Delias pasithoe: 基紅粉蝶
Delias pasithoe: 報喜斑粉蝶(2)
Delias pasithoe: 紅肩粉蝶
Delias pasithoe: 藤粉蝶
Delias pasithoe: 豔粉蝶
Delias wilemani: 韋氏胡麻斑粉蝶
Delias wilemani: 韋氏麻斑粉蝶
Delias wilemani: 黃裙豔粉蝶
Delichom urbica: 毛脚燕
Delichom urbica: 白腹毛脚燕
Delichon dasypus: 東方毛腳燕(5)
Delichon dasypus: 毛脚燕(2)
Delichon dasypus: 毛腳燕(8)
Delichon dasypus: 烟腹毛脚燕(11)
Delichon dasypus: 煙腹毛腳燕(3)
Delichon dasypus: Nigrimentalis, 毛脚燕
Delichon nipalense: 黑喉毛脚燕(2)
Delichon nipalense: 黑喉毛腳燕
Delichon nipalensis: 黑喉毛脚燕(5)
Delichon nipalensis: 黑喉毛腳燕
Delichon urbica: 毛脚燕(6)
Delichon urbica: 毛腳燕(3)
Delichon urbica: 白腹毛脚燕(5)
Delichon urbicum: 毛脚燕
Delichon urbicum: 毛腳燕
Delichon urbicum: 白腹毛脚燕
Delius nudus: 裸桂水蚤
Delma fraseri: 鳝蜥
Delomys sublineatus: 下袍鼠
Delonovolva formosa: 菖蒲海兔
Delphastus catalinae: 小黑瓢虫
Delphinapterus leucas: 白鯨(2)
Delphinapterus leucas: 白鲸
Delphinus delphis: 海豚
Delphinus delphis: 真海豚
Delphinus tropicalis: 热带真海豚
Delta esuriens: 姬黃錐華麗蜾嬴
Delta pyriforme: 黃錐華麗蜾嬴
Deltonotsu hainanensis: 海南盔蚱
Demania cultripes: 鋒足鱗斑蟹
Demania intermedia: 中型鱗斑蟹
Demania japonica: 日本鱗斑蟹
Demania reynaudi: 雷氏鱗斑蟹
Demania reynaudi: 雷諾鱗斑蟹
Demania rotundata: 圓形鱗斑蟹
Demania toxica: 毒鱗斑蟹
Demodex bolliculorum: 毛囊蠕形蟎
Demodex bovis: 牛蠕形蟎
Demodex brevis: 皮脂蠕形蟎
Demodex canis: 犬蠕形蟎
Demodex caprae: 山羊蠕形蟎
Demodex cati: 貓蠕形蟎
Demodex equi: 馬蠕形蟎
Demodex folliculorum: 毛囊蠕形蟎
Demodex ovis: 綿羊蠕形蟎
Demodex phylloides: 蠕形蟎
Demonax angulifascia: 蘭嶼刺角虎天牛
Demonax bidenticornis: 雙刺刺角虎天牛
Demonax formosomontanus: 日月潭刺角虎天牛
Demonax izumii: 泉氏刺角虎天牛
Demonax kezukai: 老埤刺角虎天牛
Demonax masaoi: 林氏刺角虎天牛
Demonax nishiyamai: 西山氏刺角虎天牛
Demonax okunii: 大國氏刺角虎天牛
Demonax okunii: 小刺鬚虎天牛
Demonax substitutus: 武界刺角虎天牛
Demonax sulinensis: 四稜刺角虎天牛
Demonax unidenticornis: 單刺刺角虎天牛
Dendostrea crenulifera: 波浪牡蠣
Dendragama boulengeri: 苏门答腊树蜥(2)
Dendragapus falcipennis: 镰翅鸡(2)
Dendrelaphis gorei: 喜山过树蛇(5)
Dendrelaphis gorei: 喜山過樹蛇
Dendrelaphis pictus: 过树蛇(5)
Dendrelaphis pictus: 過樹蛇
Dendrelaphis subocularis: 八莫过树蛇(5)
Dendrelaphis subocularis: 八莫過樹蛇
Dendrilla rosea: 達爾文海綿
Dendrobates auratus: 綠箭毒蛙(3)
Dendrobates auratus: 綠色箭毒蛙(2)
Dendrobates auratus: 迷彩箭毒蛙(2)
Dendrobates azureus: 鈷藍箭毒蛙(2)
Dendrobates lehmanni: 红带箭毒蛙
Dendrobates pumilio: 草莓箭毒蛙(2)
Dendrobates reticulatus: 紅背箭毒蛙(2)
Dendrobates tinctorius: 染色箭毒蛙(4)
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus: 亞馬遜箭毒蛙(2)
Dendrochirus bellus: 獅子魚
Dendrochirus bellus: 美麗短鰭蓑鮋
Dendrochirus bellus: 赤斑多臂簑鮋
Dendrochirus biocellatus: 獅子魚
Dendrochirus biocellatus: 長鼻獅
Dendrochirus biocellatus: 雙斑短鰭蓑鮋
Dendrochirus biocellatus: 雙眼斑多臂簑鮋
Dendrochirus brachypterus: 短鰭多臂蓑鮋
Dendrochirus brachypterus: 短鰭蓑鮋
Dendrochirus zebra: 斑馬短鰭簑鮋
Dendrochirus zebra: 斑馬紋多臂簑鮋
Dendrochirus zebra: 獅子魚
Dendrochirus zebra: 短獅
Dendrochirus zebra: 花斑短鰭簑鮋
Dendrochirus zebra: 花斑短鰭蓑鮋
Dendrocitta bayleyi: 安达曼树鹊
Dendrocitta cinerascens: 加里曼丹树鹊(2)
Dendrocitta formos: 樹鵲
Dendrocitta formosae: 樹鵲(16)
Dendrocitta formosae: 灰树鹊(8)
Dendrocitta formosae: 灰樹鵲(3)
Dendrocitta formosae: Formosae, 樹鵲
Dendrocitta formosae: Formosae, 灰樹鵲
Dendrocitta formosae: Sinica, 灰树鹊
Dendrocitta frontalis: 黑額樹鵲
Dendrocitta frontalis: 黑额树鹊(2)
Dendrocitta leucogastra: 白腹树鹊
Dendrocitta occipitalis: 马来树鹊
Dendrocitta vagabunda: 棕腹树鹊(2)
Dendrocitta vagabunda: 棕腹樹鵲(2)
Dendrocitta vagabunda: 灰树鹊
Dendrocopo canicapillus: Nagamichii, 星头啄木鸟
Dendrocopo major: Mandarinus, 大斑啄木鸟
Dendrocopos assimilis: 信德啄木鸟
Dendrocopos atratus: 紋胸啄木鳥
Dendrocopos atratus: 纹胸啄木鸟(3)
Dendrocopos auriceps: 褐额啄木鸟
Dendrocopos canicapillus: 小啄木鳥
Dendrocopos canicapillus: 小啄木(17)
Dendrocopos canicapillus: 星头啄木鸟(6)
Dendrocopos canicapillus: 星頭啄木鳥
Dendrocopos cathpharius: 赤胸啄木鳥
Dendrocopos cathpharius: 赤胸啄木鸟(4)
Dendrocopos darjellensis: 黃頸啄木鳥
Dendrocopos darjellensis: 黄腹啄木鸟
Dendrocopos darjellensis: 黄颈啄木鸟(2)
Dendrocopos dorae: 阿拉伯啄木鸟
Dendrocopos himalayensis: 喜马拉雅啄木鸟
Dendrocopos hyperythrus: 棕腹啄木鳥(2)
Dendrocopos hyperythrus: 棕腹啄木鸟(3)
Dendrocopos kizuki: 小星头啄木鸟(4)
Dendrocopos kizuki: 小星頭啄木鳥
Dendrocopos leucopterus: 白翅啄木鳥
Dendrocopos leucopterus: 白翅啄木鸟(3)
Dendrocopos leucotos: 大赤啄木鳥
Dendrocopos leucotos: 大赤啄木(17)
Dendrocopos leucotos: 白背啄木鳥
Dendrocopos leucotos: 白背啄木鸟(5)
Dendrocopos macei: 纹腹啄木鸟(2)
Dendrocopos macei: 茶胸斑啄木鳥
Dendrocopos macei: 茶胸斑啄木鸟(2)
Dendrocopos maculatus: 菲律宾侏啄木
Dendrocopos maculatus: 菲律宾啄木鸟
Dendrocopos mahrattensis: 黃冠啄木鳥
Dendrocopos mahrattensis: 黄冠啄木鸟
Dendrocopos major: 大斑啄木鳥
Dendrocopos major: 大斑啄木鸟(6)
Dendrocopos medius: 中斑啄木鸟
Dendrocopos minor: 小斑啄木鳥
Dendrocopos minor: 小斑啄木鸟(4)
Dendrocopos moluccensis: 巽他啄木鸟(2)
Dendrocopos syriacus: 叙利亚啄木鸟
Dendrocopos temminckii: 坦氏啄木鸟
Dendroctonus micans: 云杉大小蠧
Dendrocygna arborea: 黑嘴樹鴨(4)
Dendrocygna arcuata: 斑胸树鸭(2)
Dendrocygna arcuata: 胸斑树鸭
Dendrocygna bicolor: 茶色树鸭
Dendrocygna bicolor: 茶色樹鴨
Dendrocygna bicolor: 草黃樹鴨
Dendrocygna bicolor: 草黄树鸭
Dendrocygna eytoni: 尖羽树鸭
Dendrocygna eytoni: 尖羽樹鴨
Dendrocygna guttata: 细斑树鸭(2)
Dendrocygna javanica: 树鸭(3)
Dendrocygna javanica: 栗树鸭(11)
Dendrocygna javanica: 栗樹鴨(4)
Dendrocygna javanica: 樹鴨(6)
Dendrocygna viduata: 白脸树鸭
Dendrocygna viduata: 白臉樹鴨
Dendrodoris carbunculosa: 黑斑枝鰓海蛞蝓
Dendrodoris denisoni: 丹尼森枝鰓海蛞蝓
Dendrodoris denisoni: 眼點枝鰓海麒麟
Dendrodoris nigra: 黑枝鰓海蛞蝓
Dendrodoris tuberculosa: 結節樹紋海牛
Dendrodoris tuberculosa: 結節樹紋海麒麟
Dendroeitta formosae: 樹鵲
Dendrogale melanura: 婆罗洲光尾树鼩
Dendrogale melanura: 婆罗洲细尾树鼩(2)
Dendrogale murina: 北光尾树鼩
Dendrogale murina: 北细尾树鼩(2)
Dendrogale murina: 細尾樹鼩
Dendrogapus falcipennis: 镰翅鸡
Dendrohyrax arboreus: 南非树蹄兔
Dendrohyrax arboreus: 树蹄兔
Dendrohyrax arboreus: 樹蹄兔
Dendrohyrax dorsalis: 冈比亚树蹄兔
Dendrohyrax validus: 坦桑尼亚树蹄兔
Dendroica coronata: 林鶯
Dendroica coronata: 黄腰林莺
Dendroica petechia: 黄林莺
Dendrolagus bennettianus: 暗色樹袋鼠
Dendrolagus inustus: 灰树袋鼠
Dendrolagus inustus: 灰樹袋鼠(3)
Dendrolagus lumholtzi: 拉姆氏樹袋鼠
Dendrolagus ursinus: 擬熊樹袋鼠
Dendrolagus ursinus: 熊型树袋鼠
Dendrolagus ursinus: 黑樹袋鼠(2)
Dendroleon esbenpeterseni: 少紋蟻蛉
Dendroleon pantherius: 褐纹树蚁蛉
Dendroleon similis: 中华树蚁蛉
Dendrolimus superans: 落叶松毛虫
Dendrolopos major: 大斑啄木鸟
Dendromus mesomelas: 中黑攀鼠
Dendronanthus indicus: 山鶺鴒(8)
Dendronanthus indicus: 山鹡鸰(17)
Dendronanthus indicus: 林鶺鴒
Dendronephthya gigantea: 巨大棘穗軟珊瑚
Dendronephthya klunzingeri: 孔氏棘穗軟珊瑚
Dendronereis pinnaticirris: 羽鬚鰓沙蠶
Dendrophysa russelii: 白姑魚
Dendrophysa russelli: 勒氏枝鳔石首鱼
Dendropicos fuscescens: 暗紅啄木鳥
Dendropicos goertae: 灰啄木鳥
Dendropicos griseocephalus: 非洲灰啄木鳥
Dendropicos namaquus: 鬚啄木鳥
Dendropicos poecilolaemus: 斑胸啄木鳥
Dendropicos xantholophus: 金冠啄木鳥
Dendropoma maximum: 有蓋蛇螺
Dendroprionomys rousseloti: 樹攀鼠
Dendrothripoides innoxius: 旋花微刺薊馬
Dendrothrips guttatus: 斑棍薊馬
Dendrothrips maltimaculatus: 斑翅棍薊馬
Dendrothrips minowai: 茶棍薊馬
Dentalium aprinum: 青象牙貝
Dentalium elephantium: 綠象牙貝
Dentalium javanicum: 大稜象牙貝
Dentalium octangulatum: 稜象牙貝
Dentarene sarcina: 鍊珠花冠螺
Dentex abei: 阿部赤鯮
Dentex tumifrons: 赤章
Dentex tumifrons: 赤鯮
Dentex tumifrons: 黃牙鯛
Denticetopsis seducta: 亞馬遜大牙鯨鯰
Dentimargo makiyamai: 菱形榖米螺
Dentimargo teramachii: 寺町穀米螺
Dentiovula dorsuosa: 細溝海兔
Dentiovula tadashigei: 忠重海兔螺
Deomys ferrugineus: 剛果攀鼠
Dephomys defua: 西非鼠
Depressiscala umbilicata: 臍海螄螺
Deraeocoris punctulatus: 黑食蚜盲蝽
Dercas enara: 暗纹方粉蝶
Dercas gobrias: 戈比方粉蝶
Dercas lycorias: 黑角方粉蝶
Dercas nina: 橙翅方粉蝶
Dercas verhuelli: 檀方粉蝶(2)
Dercetina azumai: 東氏豔擬守瓜
Dercetina flavocincta: 橫紋艷金花蟲
Dercetina flavocincta: 橫紋豔擬守瓜
Dercetina shirozui: 白水綠豔擬守瓜
Dere kirai: 吉良氏螢天牛
Dere kirai: 吉良螢天牛
Derepteryx hardwickii: 哈奇缘蝽
Derispia formosana: 蓬萊球擬步行蟲
Derispia furcifer: 蘭嶼匿頸擬步行蟲
Derispia klapperichi: 克氏球擬步行蟲
Derispia knodoi: 近藤球擬步行蟲
Derispia nanshanchiensis: 南山溪球擬步行蟲
Derispia sauteri: 曹氏球擬步行蟲
Derispia zoltani: 蘇丹球擬步行蟲
Derjuginella rufofasciata: 金線塔螺
Dermacentor auratus: 金澤革蜱
Dermacentor taiwanesis: 臺灣革蜱
Dermaleipa funo: 肖毛翅夜蛾
Dermaphis takahashi: 緣眼蝨蚜
Dermatemys mawii: 泥龜
Dermatemys mawii: 泥龟(2)
Dermatobranchus fortunata: 幸運片鰓海蛞蝓
Dermatobranchus gonatophora: 種子片鰓海蛞蝓
Dermatobranchus ornatus: 裝飾片鰓海蛞蝓
Dermatobranchus primus: 第一片鰓海蛞蝓
Dermatobranchus rodmani: 羅德曼片鰓海蛞蝓
Dermatobranchus striatus: 條紋片鰓海蛞蝓
Dermatomyzon nigripes: 黑皮管水蚤
Dermatophaogoides farinae: 粉尘螨
Dermatoxenus caesicollis: 淡褐象鼻蟲
Dermochely coriacea: 棱皮龟
Dermochelys coriacea: 棱皮龜
Dermochelys coriacea: 棱皮龟(3)
Dermochelys coriacea: 稜皮龜(2)
Dermochelys coriacea: 革龜(4)
Dermochelys coriacea: 革龟
Dermogenys pusilla: 紅尾火箭(2)
Dermogenys pusillus: 皮頦鱵
Dero digitata: 指鰓尾盤蟲
Dero dorsalis: 背尾盤蟲
Deroca hidda: 紗鉤蛾
Deroceras agreste: 野蛞蝓
Deroceras laeve: 光滑蛞蝓
Deroceras laeve: 光滑野蛞蝓(2)
Deroceras leave: 野蛞蝓
Deroceras reticulatum: 網紋野蛞蝓(4)
Deroceras varians: 野蛞蝓
Derosphaeru exularis: 藍艷擬步行蟲
Derosphaerus nitidus: 妮銹艷擬步行蟲
Derosphaerus rotundicollis: 球頸銹艷擬步行蟲
Desisa kuraruana: 霜斑銹天牛
Desisa takasagona: 蓬萊白條銹天牛
Desisa takasagona: 高砂白帶銹天牛
Desisa variabilis: 斑紋銹天牛
Desisa variabilis: 斑銹天牛
Desmana moschata: 俄羅斯麝鼴
Desmodema polystictum: 多斑带粗鳍鱼
Desmodema polystictum: 多斑帶粗鰭魚
Desmodema polystictum: 多斑扇尾魚
Desmodilliscus auricularis: 短耳沙鼠
Desmodilliscus braueri: 兜沙鼠
Desmodus rotundus: 吸血蝠(3)
Desmodus rotundus: 吸血蝠, Xi xue fu
Desmometopa microps: 小型稗稈蠅
Desmometopa singaporensis: 星島稗稈蠅
Desmometopa tristicula: 暗色稗稈蠅
Desmomys harringtoni: 束鼠
Desmopterus papilio: 蝴蝶螺
Dettopsomyia formosa: 綺麗斑果蠅
Dettopsomyia nigrovittata: 黑絨斑果蠅
Deudorix epijarbas: 夏灰蝶
Deudorix epijarbas: 恒春小灰蝶
Deudorix epijarbas: 玳灰蝶
Deudorix rapaloides: 淡黑小灰蝶
Deudorix rapaloides: 淡黑玳灰蝶
Deuterodon stigmaturus: 眼点副齿脂鲤
Deuterogonia chionoxantha: 黃櫟癭蛾
Deutoleon lineatus: 条斑次蚁蛉(3)
Devadatta argyoides: Argyoides, 银德丽蟌
Devadatta ducatrix: 杜德丽蟌
Devario acuticephala: 尖頭斑馬魚
Devario aequipinnatus: 波條魚丹
Devario aequipinnatus: 線紋魚丹
Devario annandalei: 安娜魚丹
Devario apogon: 缺鬚魚丹
Devario assamensis: 阿薩姆魚丹
Devario auropurpureus: 紫金非鯉
Devario browni: 德瓦魚丹
Devario chrysotaeniatus: 金線魚丹
Devario fraseri: 弗雷澤氏魚丹
Devario interruptus: 半線魚丹
Devario kakhienensis: 紅蚌魚丹
Devario laoensis: 老撾魚丹
Devario laoensis: 麥氏魚丹
Devario maetaengensis: 泰國魚丹
Devario malabaricus: 細線魚丹
Devario manipurensis: 印度魚丹
Devario naganensis: 那加魚丹
Devario neilgherriensis: 尼爾魚丹
Devario pathirana: 斯里蘭卡魚丹
Devario pathirana: 櫻花斑馬
Devario regina: 皇魚丹
Devario regina: 皇
Devario regina: 翡翠斑马(2)
Devario sondhii: 泉水斑馬魚
Devario spinosus: 棘魚丹
Dexia formosana: 台灣寄蠅
Dexia fulvifera: 金黃寄蠅
Dexialia ovalis: 卵姬擬瓢甲
Dexiomiops brevipes: 短腳寄蠅
Dexiomiops crassipes: 粗腳寄蠅
Dexiomiops flavipes: 黃腳寄蠅
Dexiomiops rufipes: 紅足寄蠅
Dexippus taiwanensis: 台灣右蛛
Diacamma rugosum: 皺紋雙稜針蟻
Diacanthurus ophthalmicus: 寬眼雙刺寄居蟹
Diacria guadridentata: 肋厚唇螺(2)
Diacria quadridentata: 四齒厚唇螺
Diacria trispinosa: 三尖駝蝶螺
Diadegma akoensis: 台灣彎尾姬蜂
Diadegma fenestralis: 姬蜂(2)
Diadegma semiclausum: 彎尾姬蜂(2)
Diadema savignyi: 沙氏冠海膽
Diadema savignyi: 藍環冠海膽
Diadema setosum: 刺冠海膽(2)
Diadema setosum: 棘冠海膽
Diadema setosum: 海刺
Diadema setosum: 海膽(2)
Diadema setosum: 魔鬼海膽
Diademichthys lineatus: 喉盘鱼
Diademichthys lineatus: 線紋環盤魚
Diademichthys lineatus: 頭冠喉盤魚
Diadromus collaris: 頸雙緣姬蜂
Diaea subdola: 日本花蛛
Diaea subdola: 陷狩蛛
Diaea xinjiangensis: 新疆狩蛛
Diaemus youngi: 白翼吸血蝠(2)
Diaeretiella rapae: 菜少脈蚜繭蜂
Diaeretiella rapae: 菜蚜茧蜂
Diagramma griseum: 白条胡椒鲷
Diagramma griseum: 白條胡椒鯛
Diagramma pictum: 少棘石鱸(26501)
Diagramma pictum: 少棘胡椒鯛
Diagramma pictum: 少棘胡椒鲷(11801)
Diagramma pictum: 胡椒鲷(1370)
Diagramma pictum: 花石鲈
Diagramma pictum: 马头卢
Diala albugo: 麻天螺
Diala nyussana: 台灣天螺
Diala planalba: 光天螺
Diala polymorpha: 綠島天螺
Dialeges undulatus: 黃紅姬山天牛
Dialeurodes citri: 柑桔裸粉蝨
Dialeurodes cornus: 水木裸粉蝨
Dialeurodes daphniphylli: 虎皮楠裸粉蝨
Dialeurodes dubia: 惑裸粉蝨
Dialeurodes ficicola: 細葉榕裸粉蝨
Dialeurodes kirkaldyi: 中條裸粉蝨
Dialeuropora brideliae: 土密孔粉蝨
Dialeuropora decempuncta: 斑點孔粉蝨
Dialeuropora hassenzanensis: 佳保臺孔粉蝨
Dialeuropora murrayae: 月桔孔粉蝨
Dialeuropora viburni: 莢鰏巨孔粉蝨
Dialysis cispacifica: 府城鷸虻
Dianema longibarbis: 貓砲眼鯰
Dianema longibarbis: 長鬚雙線美鯰(2)
Dianema longibarbis: 黑色噴點
Dianous verticosus: 旋束毛隐翅虫
Diapaens cheni: 灰翅短角窗螢
Diaperis lewisi: 路氏黃斑擬步行蟲
Diaphanes citrinus: 橙螢
Diaphanes flavilateralis: 黃緣短角窗螢
Diaphanes formosus: 蓬萊短角窗螢
Diaphanes lampyroides: 鋸角雪螢
Diaphanes niveus: 雪螢
Diaphanes nubilus: 神木螢
Diaphania perspectalis: 黄杨绢野螟
Diaphanosoma excisum: 镰角秀体溞
Diaphanosoma excisum: 镰角秀体蚤
Diaphorodoris mitsuii: 三井瓣海蛞蝓
Diaphorus aptatus: 相稱長足虻
Diaphorus condignus: 相宜長足虻
Diaphorus impiger: 積極長足虻
Diaphorus intactus: 無玷長足虻
Diaphorus lividus: 黃腰長足虻
Diaphorus mandarinus: 中國長足虻
Diaphorus minor: 小型長足虻
Diaphorus ochripes: 黃足長足虻
Diaphorus protervus: 狂暴長足虻
Diaphorus satellus: 侍衛長足虻
Diaphorus sequens: 侍從長足虻
Diaphorus simulans: 偽裝長足虻
Diaphorus wonosobensis: 南洋長足虻
Diaphus aliciae: 長距眶燈魚
Diaphus aliciae: 長鰭眶燈魚
Diaphus brachycephalus: 短頭眶燈魚
Diaphus chrysorhynchus: 相模眶燈魚
Diaphus chrysorhynchus: 金鼻眶燈魚
Diaphus coeruleus: 藍光眶燈魚
Diaphus coeruleus: 藍式眼眶魚
Diaphus diademophilus: 冠冕眶燈魚
Diaphus fragilis: 符氏眶燈魚
Diaphus fulgens: 燦爛眶燈魚
Diaphus garmani: 亮胸眶燈魚
Diaphus knappi: 克氏眶燈魚
Diaphus knappi: 奈氏眼眶魚
Diaphus lucidus: 耀眼眶燈魚
Diaphus luetkeni: 呂氏眶燈魚
Diaphus mollis: 短距眶燈魚
Diaphus parri: 巴氏眶燈魚
Diaphus regani: 翹光眶燈魚
Diaphus sagamiensis: 相模眶燈魚
Diaphus schmidti: 史氏眶燈魚
Diaphus schmidti: 施氏眶燈魚
Diaphus schmidti: 藍氏眼眶魚
Diaphus signatus: 叉尾眶燈魚
Diaphus signatus: 後光眶燈魚
Diaphus splendidus: 亮眶燈魚
Diaphus splendidus: 光亮眶燈魚
Diaphus suborbitalis: 光腺眶燈魚
Diaphus suborbitalis: 眶下眶燈魚
Diaphus suborbitalis: 眶下頭光魚
Diaphus taaningi: 譚氏眶燈魚
Diaphus taaningi: 黃光眶燈魚
Diaphus watasei: 渡瀨眶燈魚
Diaphus watasei: 渡瀨頭光魚
Diaphus watasei: 瓦氏眶燈魚
Diapterus auratus: 连鳍银鲈
Diapus aculeatus: 棘刺長小蠹
Diapus quinquespinatus: 針刺長小蠹
Diapus truncatus: 截尾刺長小蠹
Diaspis boisduvalii: 椰子盾介殼蟲
Diaspis bromeliae: 鳳梨盾介殼蟲
Diaspis echinocacti: 仙人掌盾介殼蟲
Diastephanus flavidentatus: 黃齒過冠蜂
Diastephanus ruficollis: 紅頸過冠蜂
Diatora lissonota: 光背刺姬蜂
Diatora prodeniae: 斜紋夜蛾刺姬蜂
Diatraeophaga striatalis: 條螟寄生蠅(2)
Dibamus bogadeki: 香港双足蜥(5)
Dibamus bogadeki: 香港雙足蜥
Dibamus bourreti: 白尾双足蜥(7)
Dibamus bourreti: 白尾雙足蜥
Dibamus montanus: 高山双足蜥
Dibaphus edentula: 齒斑筆螺
Diboma costata: 琉球銹天牛
Dibranchus erinaceus: 蝟長鰭蝠魚
Dibranchus japonicus: 日本二鰓棘茄魚
Dibranchus japonicus: 日本長鰭蝠魚
Dicaeum aeruginosum: 仙啄花鸟
Dicaeum agile: 厚嘴啄花鳥
Dicaeum agile: 厚嘴啄花鸟(4)
Dicaeum annae: 金腰啄花鸟
Dicaeum anthonyi: 黄冠啄花鸟
Dicaeum anthonyi: 黄顶啄花鸟
Dicaeum aureolimbatum: 黄胁啄花鸟
Dicaeum australe: 红纹啄花鸟
Dicaeum australe: 菲律宾啄花鸟
Dicaeum bicolor: 两色啄花鸟
Dicaeum bicolor: 双色啄花鸟
Dicaeum celebicum: 灰胁啄花鸟
Dicaeum chrysorrheum: 黃肛啄花鳥
Dicaeum chrysorrheum: 黄肛啄花鸟(4)
Dicaeum chrysorrheum: 黄臀啄花鸟(3)
Dicaeum concolor: 台湾纯色啄花鸟
Dicaeum concolor: 海南纯色啄花鸟
Dicaeum concolor: 純色啄花鳥
Dicaeum concolor: 綠啄花鳥(6)
Dicaeum concolor: 綠啄花(6)
Dicaeum concolor: 纯色啄花鸟(6)
Dicaeum concolor: 绿啄花
Dicaeum concolor: 綠啄花
Dicaeum concolor: 綠啄花鳥(2)
Dicaeum concolor: Minullum, 海南純色啄花鳥
Dicaeum concolor: Uchidai, 台灣純色啄花鳥
Dicaeum cruentatum: 朱背啄花鳥(4)
Dicaeum cruentatum: 朱背啄花鸟(4)
Dicaeum cruentatum: 红胸啄花鸟
Dicaeum erythrorhynchos: 淡嘴啄花鸟
Dicaeum erythrothorax: 淡红啄花鸟
Dicaeum everetti: 褐背啄花鸟(2)
Dicaeum geelvinkianum: 红顶啄花鸟
Dicaeum haematostictum: 红纵纹啄花鸟
Dicaeum haematostictum: 红纵纹琢花鸟
Dicaeum hirundinaceum: 澳洲啄花鸟
Dicaeum hypoleucum: 白腹啄花鸟(2)
Dicaeum igniferum: 黑额啄花鸟
Dicaeum ignipectum: 紅胸啄花
Dicaeum ignipectum: 紅胸啄花鳥
Dicaeum ignipectum: 紅胸啄花(2)
Dicaeum ignipectum: 红胸啄花鸟
Dicaeum ignipectus: 紅胸啄花鳥(8)
Dicaeum ignipectus: 紅胸啄花(4)
Dicaeum ignipectus: 红胸啄花鸟(6)
Dicaeum maugei: 蓝颊啄花鸟
Dicaeum melanoxanthum: 黃腹啄花鳥
Dicaeum melanoxanthum: 黄腹啄花鸟(2)
Dicaeum minullum: 純色啄花鳥
Dicaeum minullum: 纯色啄花鸟
Dicaeum monticolum: 黑胁啄花鸟(2)
Dicaeum nehrkorni: 红冠啄花鸟
Dicaeum nigrilore: 绿顶啄花鸟(2)
Dicaeum pectorale: 绿冠啄花鸟
Dicaeum proprium: 灰胸啄花鸟(2)
Dicaeum pygmaeum: 小啄花鸟(2)
Dicaeum quadricolor: 四色啄花鸟(2)
Dicaeum retrocinctum: 民都啄花鸟
Dicaeum retrocinctum: 红领啄花鸟
Dicaeum sanguinolentum: 爪哇啄花鸟
Dicaeum trigonostigma: 橙腹啄花鸟(4)
Dicaeum trochileum: 红头啄花鸟(2)
Dicaeum vincens: 白喉啄花鸟
Dicaeum vulneratum: 灰啄花鸟
Dicaeun cruentatum: 朱背啄花鸟
Dicalina quadrimaculata: 四紋姬擬步行蟲
Dicamptus isshikii: 寬室嵌翅姬蜂
Dicamptus nigropictus: 黑斑嵌翅姬蜂
Dicelosternus corallinus: 紅艷天牛
Diceratias bispinosus: 細瓣雙角鮟鱇
Dicerca aino: 二尾吉丁虫
Dicerca kurosawai: 台灣雙尾吉丁蟲
Dicerca unokichii: 宇之吉氏雙尾吉丁蟲
Dicerorhimus sumatraensis: 双角犀
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis: 苏门犀(2)
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis: 蘇門答臘犀牛
Diceros bicornis: 黑犀牛
Diceros bicornis: 黑犀(3)
Dichaetomyia alterna: 異重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia antennata: 達邦重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia apicalis: 端重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia bibax: 屏東重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia femorata: 鳳山重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia flavipalpis: 黃鬚重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia luteiventris: 黃腹重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia pallicornis: 恆春重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia pallitarsis: 爪哇重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia pectinipes: 櫛足重毫蠅
Dichaetomyia quadrata: 方形重毫蠅
Dichelomorpha delauneyi: 圓型長腳金龜
Dichogaster affinis: 乳突重胃蚓
Dichogaster bolaui: 包氏重胃蚓
Dichopelmus flechtmanni: 冷水麻裂柄節蜱
Dichorragia nesimachus: 流星蛺蝶(2)
Dichorragia nesimachus: 電蛺蝶
Dichrometra doederleini: 杜氏双列羽枝
Dichromothrips corbetti: 蘭花薊馬
Dichromothrips smithi: 司密蘭花薊馬
Dicladispa armigera: 稻鐵甲蟲
Diclidurus albus: 南美白折尾蝠
Diclidurus albus: 白灵蝠
Diclidurus albus: 白靈蝠
Diclidurus ingens: 山灵蝠
Diclidurus ingens: 強大白折尾蝠
Diclidurus isabellus: 亚马孙灵蝠
Diclidurus scutatus: 盾灵蝠
Diclidurus scutatus: 盾盤白折尾蝠
Dicolopodacus pterpterus: 蕨雙同足節蜱
Dicraeus flavipes: 黃足稈蠅
Dicraeus glabrina: 無毛稈蠅
Dicraeus orientalis: 亞東稈蠅
Dicranocephalus bourgoini: 台灣角金龜
Dicranocephalus bourgoini: 台灣鹿角金龜
Dicranocephalus shimomurai: 下村角金龜
Dicranocephalus uenoi: 上野角金龜
Dicranocephalus uenoi: 加藤角金龜
Dicranocephalus wallichi: 黄粉鹿花金龟
Dicranocephalus yui: 余氏角金龜
Dicranocephalus yui: 陳氏角金龜
Dicranodromia doederleini: 杜氏雙齒綿蟹
Dicranopselaphus nantai: 台灣網紋扁泥蟲
Dicranoptycha formosensis: 台灣叉大蚊
Dicranoptycha geniculata: 膝狀叉大蚊
Dicranoptycha issikina: 一色叉大蚊
Dicranoptycha nigrotibialis: 黑脛叉大蚊
Dicranosepsis bicolor: 雙色艷細蠅
Dicranota atripes: 能高笛大蚊
Dicranota brunettii: 愛力量大蚊
Dicranota delectata: 招募笛大蚊
Dicranota fumicostata: 灰肋笛大蚊
Dicranota gibbera: 駝背笛大蚊
Dicranota plana: 八仙亮大蚊
Dicrodon guttulatum: 叉齿蜥
Dicrolene multifilis: 多丝指鼬鳚
Dicrolene quinquarius: 五指指鼬鳚
Dicrolene quinquarius: 五指絲指鼬魚
Dicrolene quinquarius: 五指絲指鼬鳚
Dicrolene tristis: 丝鳍指鼬鳚
Dicrolene tristis: 短絲指鼬魚
Dicrolene tristis: 短絲指鼬鳚
Dicrossus filamentosus: 皇冠棋盤短鯛(2)
Dicrossus filamentosus: 長絲雙纓麗魚(2)
Dicrossus latruncularium: 噴點雙纓麗魚
Dicrossus maculata: 斑點雙纓麗魚
Dicrossus maculatus: 斑點雙纓麗魚
Dicrossus maculatus: 皇冠棋盤短鯛(2)
Dicrossus warzeli: 沃氏雙纓麗魚
Dicrostonyx groenlandicus: 環頸旅鼠
Dicrotendipus formosanus: 府城搖蚊
Dicrotendipus forntalis: 闊額搖蚊
Dicrurus adsimilis: 又尾卷尾
Dicrurus aeneus: 古銅色卷尾(2)
Dicrurus aeneus: 古铜色卷尾(10)
Dicrurus aeneus: 小卷尾(14)
Dicrurus aeneus: Braunianus, 小卷尾
Dicrurus andamanensis: 安达曼卷尾
Dicrurus annectans: 古铜色卷尾(2)
Dicrurus annectans: 鴉嘴卷尾
Dicrurus annectans: 鸦嘴卷尾(5)
Dicrurus annectens: 鴉嘴卷尾
Dicrurus annectens: 鸦嘴卷尾(5)
Dicrurus balicassius: 白肋卷尾
Dicrurus balicassius: 白胁卷尾
Dicrurus bracteatus: 蓝点辉卷尾
Dicrurus caerulescens: 白腹卷尾
Dicrurus hottentottus: 发冠卷尾(13)
Dicrurus hottentottus: 發冠卷尾
Dicrurus hottentottus: 髮冠卷尾(5)
Dicrurus leucophaeus: 灰卷尾(24)
Dicrurus leucophaeus: Leucogensis, 灰卷尾
Dicrurus ludwigii: 方尾卷尾
Dicrurus macrocercus: 大卷尾(14)
Dicrurus macrocercus: 大捲尾
Dicrurus macrocercus: 小卷尾
Dicrurus macrocercus: 黑卷尾(22)
Dicrurus macrocercus: Cathoecus, 黑卷尾
Dicrurus macrocercus: Harterti, 大卷尾(2)
Dicrurus macrocercus: Harterti, 烏秋
Dicrurus macrocercus: Harterti, 黑卷尾
Dicrurus modestus: 絨背卷尾
Dicrurus montanus: 苏拉卷尾
Dicrurus paradiseus: 大拍卷尾(81)
Dicrurus paradiseus: 大盘尾(3)
Dicrurus paradiseus: 大盘尾, Da pan wei(2810)
Dicrurus paradiseus: 大盤尾(2)
Dicrurus paradiseus: 大盤尾, Da pan wei
Dicrurus paradiseus: 带箭鸟(239)
Dicrurus paradiseus: 长尾姑(151)
Dicrurus remifer: 小盘尾(8)
Dicrurus remifer: 小盤尾(2)
Dicruvasates chitoeniae: 秋海棠叉斜背節蜱
Dictis striatipes: 黑條山城蛛
Dictyla evidens: 明無孔網蝽
Dictyla rasilis: 華無孔網蝽
Dictyla sauteri: 破無孔網蝽
Dictyla seorsa: 怪無孔網蝽
Dictyla uichancoi: 台無孔網蝽
Dictyna arundinacea: 芦苇卷叶蛛
Dictyna felis: 葉蛛
Dictyna felis: 黑斑卷叶蛛
Dictyocephalus papillosus: 乳格头虫
Dictyoceras campanulatum: 钟网角虫
Dictyoceras formica: 蚁网角虫
Dictyoceras prismaticum: 棱网角虫
Dictyoceras virchowii: 锥网角虫
Dictyocodon palladius: 慧网铃虫
Dictyocodon phasmatos: 怪网铃虫
Dictyomitra eurythorax: 宽胸网帽虫
Dictyonotus purpurascens: 紫窄痣姬蜂
Dictyophimus arabicus: 阿拉伯网杯虫
Dictyophimus brandtii: 布氏网杯虫
Dictyophimus clevei: 可氏网杯虫
Dictyophimus gracilipes: 细网杯虫
Dictyophimus platycephalus: 宽头网杯虫
Dictyophimus procerus: 高网杯虫
Dictyophimus tetracanthus: 四棘网杯虫
Dictyoploca japonica: 银杏大蚕蛾
Dictyopoloca japonica: 栗蚕
Dictyopoloca japonica: 栗蠶
Dictyoptera formosana: 紅楯脈紅螢
Dictyoptera gorhami: 褐楯脈紅螢
Dictyosoma burgeri: 黑體網鳚
Dictyosquilla foveolata: 窝纹网虾蛄
Dicuspiditermes garthwaitei: 龙头突扭白蚁
Dicyphococcus bigibbus: 滇双角蜡蚧
Dicyphococcus ficicola: 榕双角蜡蚧
Didea fasciata: 條斑蚜蠅
Didelphis virginiana: 北美负鼠
Dideoides coquilletti: 苛氏蚜蠅
Dideoides latus: 寬闊蚜蠅
Dideopsis aegrota: 病夫蚜蠅
Didesmococcus koreanus: 朝鲜球坚蜡蚧
Didimarca tenebricum: 大土豆魁蛤
Didontoglossa koyasensis: 褐皮粗米螺
Didunculus strigirostris: 齿鸠
Dienagkistrodon acutus: 尖吻蝮
Dieuches formosus: 長足長椿
Dihammatus atricolor: 黑身姬紅螢
Dihammatus parvus: 姬紅螢
Dillwynella vitrea: 白帶玉輪螺
Diloma piperina: 胡椒鐘螺
Diloma suavis: 綠彩鐘螺
Dilophotis atricollis: 黑胸細紅螢
Dilophotis libnetoides: 暗褐細紅螢
Diluvarca ferruginea: 銹色毛蚶
Dimelaphis obtusifalcata: 钝镰离倍蚜
Dimidiochromis compressiceps: 扁頭恐怖麗魚(2)
Dimidiochromis dimidiatus: 半恐怖麗魚
Dimidiochromis kiwinge: 基維恐怖麗魚
Dimidiochromis strigatus: 細條恐怖麗魚
Dimmokia parnarae: 稻苞虫兔唇姬小蜂
Dimophyes arctica: 北極單板水母
Dimorphognathus africanus: 非洲二形颌蛙
Dimorphopterus gibbus: 異膜狹長蝽
Dinaromys bogdanovi: 雪鼠平
Dinarthrum taiwanense: 臺灣多毛石蛾
Dindica kishidai: 焦峰尺蛾
Dindica kishidai: L紋峰尺蛾
Dindica polyphaenaria: 寬帶峰尺蛾
Dindica purpurata: 紫峰尺蛾
Dindica wilemani: 白頂峰尺蛾
Dindyumus brevis: 短光紅椿
Dindyumus brevis: 短光紅蝽
Dindyumus rubiginosus: 泛光紅椿
Dindyumus rubiginosus: 泛光紅蝽
Dinematichthys dasyrhynchus: 毛吻双趾鼬鳚
Dinematichthys dasyrhynchus: 粗吻雙線鼬
Dinematichthys dasyrhynchus: 粗吻雙線鼬鳚
Dinematichthys dasyrhynchus: 粗吻雙鬚
Dinematichthys dasyrhynchus: 粗吻雙鬚深海鼬魚
Dinematichthys iluocoeteoides: 双趾鼬鳚
Dinematichthys iluocoeteoides: 雙線鼬鳚
Dinematichthys minyoma: 細眼雙線鼬鳚
Dinematichthys minyoma: 細眼雙鬚深海鼬魚
Dinematichthys minyomma: 小眼双趾鼬鳚
Dinematichthys minyomma: 細眼雙線鼬鳚
Dinematichthys minyomma: 細眼雙鬚鼬
Dinematichthys riukiuensis: 琉球雙線鼬鳚
Dinemellia dinemelli: 白頭牛文鳥
Dineutus australis: 南方圓豉甲
Dineutus mellyi: 梅氏圓豉甲
Dineutus orientalis: 東方圓豉甲
Diniatys dentifer: 小葡萄螺
Diniella intaminatus: 垂頭赤喉長蝽
Dinobdella ferox: 鼻蛭
Dinocampus coccinellae: 瓢蟲繭蜂
Dinoderus japonicus: 日本竹長蠹
Dinoderus minutus: 對竹長蠹
Dinodon flavozonatum: 黃蓮蛇
Dinodon flavozonatum: 黄莲蛇(2)
Dinodon flavozonatum: 黄链蛇(5)
Dinodon rosozonatum: 粉鏈蛇(2)
Dinodon rosozonatum: 粉链蛇(6)
Dinodon rufczonatum: 赤链蛇
Dinodon rufozonatum: 四川诺尔盖沙蜥
Dinodon rufozonatum: 紅斑蛇(3)
Dinodon rufozonatum: 赤练蛇
Dinodon rufozonatum: 赤鏈蛇
Dinodon rufozonatum: 赤链蛇(8)
Dinodon septentrionale: 白梅花
Dinodon septentrionale: 白鏈蛇
Dinodon septentrionale: 白链蛇(5)
Dinodon septentrionalis: 白链蛇
Dinomys branickii: 花背豚鼠(2)
Dinomys branickii: 長尾豚鼠
Dinopium benghalense: 小金背啄木鳥
Dinopium benghalense: 小金背啄木鸟
Dinopium javanense: 金背三趾啄木
Dinopium javanense: 金背三趾啄木鳥(2)
Dinopium javanense: 金背三趾啄木鸟(9)
Dinopium rafflesii: 绿背三趾啄木鸟(2)
Dinopium shorii: 喜山三趾啄木鸟
Dinopium shorii: 喜山金背三趾啄木鳥
Dinotopterus atribranchus: 黑鰓脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus atribranchus: 黑鳃脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus cunningtoni: 脂鰭鬍鯰(3)
Dinotopterus cunningtoni: 脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus euryodon: 宽齿脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus euryodon: 寬齒脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus filicibarbis: 丝须脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus filicibarbis: 絲鬚脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus foveolatus: 坑脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus foveolatus: 坑脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus gigas: 巨脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus gigas: 巨脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus ilesi: 艾氏脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus ilesi: 艾氏脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus jacksoni: 傑氏脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus jacksoni: 杰氏脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus longibarbis: 長鬚脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus longibarbis: 长须脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus loweae: 洛氏脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus loweae: 洛氏脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus nyasensis: 尼亚脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus nyasensis: 尼亞脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus rotundifrons: 圆额脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinotopterus rotundifrons: 圓額脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus worthingtoni: 沃氏脂鰭鬍鯰
Dinotopterus worthingtoni: 沃氏脂鳍胡鲶(4)
Dinurus longissimus: 似長雙尾吸蟲
Diodon bleekeri: 布氏刺鲀
Diodon eydouxii: 刺規
Diodon eydouxii: 愛氏二齒魨
Diodon eydouxii: 氣瓜仔
Diodon eydouxii: 艾氏刺魨
Diodon hdacanthus: 刺狗头
Diodon holacanthus: 六斑刺鲀
Diodon holacanthus: 六斑刺龜
Diodon holacanthus: 刺河豚
Diodon holocanthus: 二齒魨
Diodon holocanthus: 六斑二齒魨
Diodon holocanthus: 六斑刺魨
Diodon holocanthus: 刺規
Diodon holocanthus: 刺鲀
Diodon holocanthus: 氣瓜仔
Diodon hystrix: 刺規
Diodon hystrix: 密斑二齒魨
Diodon hystrix: 密斑刺魨
Diodon hystrix: 密斑刺鲀
Diodon hystrix: 氣瓜仔
Diodon liturosus: 刺規
Diodon liturosus: 柴二齒魨
Diodon liturosus: 柴氏刺魨
Diodon liturosus: 氣瓜仔
Diodon liturosus: 短刺河魨
Diodon liturosus: 紋二齒魨
Diodon novemaculatus: 九斑刺鲀
Diodora mus: 黑斑透孔螺
Diodora octagona: 蛛網透孔螺
Diodora quadriradiata: 布紋透孔螺
Diodora semilunata: 半月透孔螺
Diodora semilunata: 鑰穴天蓋貝
Diodora sieboldi: 西寶透孔螺
Diodora singaporensis: 新加坡透孔螺
Diodora suprapunicea: 草花透孔螺
Diodora ticaonica: 鑰孔透孔螺
Diogenes avarus: 長螯活額寄居蟹
Diogenes edwardsii: 艾氏活額寄居蟹
Diogenes edwardsii: 艾氏活额寄居蟹
Diogenes jubatus: 鬃螯活額寄居蟹
Diogenes penicillatus: 毛掌活額寄居蟹
Diogenes rectimanus: 直螯活額寄居蟹
Diogenes spinifrons: 棘刺活額寄居蟹
Diogenes tumidus: 膨螯活額寄居蟹
Diogenichthys atlanticus: 西明燈魚
Diogenichthys panurgus: 印明燈魚
Dioides pictipennis: 彩羽縞蠅
Diomedea al: 短尾信天翁
Diomedea albatrus: 短尾信天翁(7)
Diomedea amsterdamensis: 飘泊信天翁
Diomedea bulleri: 布勒氏信天翁,
Diomedea cauta: 白頂信天翁
Diomedea cauta: 白額信天翁,
Diomedea chlororhynchos: 黃鼻信天翁,
Diomedea chrysostoma: 灰頭信天翁,
Diomedea epomophora: 皇家信天翁,
Diomedea exulans: 漂泊信天翁
Diomedea exulans: 漂泊信天翁,
Diomedea immutabilis: 黑背信天翁,
Diomedea melanophris: 黑眉信天翁
Diomedea melanophrys: 黑眉信天翁,
Diomedea nigripes: 黑脚信天翁(7)
Diomedea nigripes: 黑腳信天翁,
Diomedea nigripes: 黑腳信天翁(4)
Diomus brunsuturalis: 褐缝基瓢虫
Diomys crumpi: 長嘴鼠
Dionda diaboli: 德維爾斯圓吻鱥
Dionda episcopa: 圓吻鱥
Dionda melanops: 黑眼圓吻鱥
Diopatra sugokai: 杉岡氏巢沙蠶
Diopsis chinica: 中国突眼蝇(4)
Diopsis chinica: 中國突眼蠅
Diopsittaca guarouba: 金色錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Diopsittaca nobilis: 红肩金刚鹦鹉
Dioryctria abietella: 红松梢果螟
Dioryctria splendidella: 松梢螟
Dioryx swinhoei: 斯文豪帶管蝸牛(3)
Diostracus kimotoi: 木本長足虻
Diostracus saigusai: 賽氏長足虻
Diostracus undulatus: 波紋長足虻
Dioxyna sororcula: 長鞘寬頭實蠅
Dipelicus deiphobus: 羅氏角圓金龜
Diphtherocome pulchra: 雅美翠夜蛾
Diphyes bojani: 擬雙生水母
Diphyes chamissonis: 雙生水母
Diphyes dispar: 異雙生水母
Diphylla caudata: 毛腿吸血蝠
Diphylla ecaudata: 小吸血蝠
Diphylla ecaudata: 毛腿吸血蝠
Diphyllodes magnificus: 丽色极乐鸟
Diphyllodes respublica: 威氏极乐鸟
Diphyrrhynchus iriomotensis: 酉表卵擬步行蟲
Diphyrrhynchus oharensis: 蘭嶼卵擬步行蟲
Diphyrrhynchus shibatai: 柴田卵擬步行蟲
Diphytoptus nephriodeus: 腎蕨双植羽節蜱
Diplacanthopoma brunnea: 棕褐双棘鼬鳚
Diplacanthopoma japonicus: 日本雙棘&#
Diplacanthopoma japonicus: 日本雙棘深海鼬魚
Diplacodes nebulosa: 斑蓝小蜻
Diplacodes trivalis: 侏儒蜻蜓(3)
Diplacodes trivialis: 侏儒蜻蜓(4)
Diplacodes trivialis: 纹蓝小蜻
Diplatys flavicollis: 草黃尾螋
Diplatys reconditus: 隱居尾螋
Diplatys shirakii: 素木尾螋
Diplazon laetatorius: 花脛蚜蠅姬蜂
Diplazon orientalis: 東方蚜蠅姬蜂
Diplectrona albofasciata: 白條腺紋石蛾
Diplectrona cuculata: 彎曲腺紋石娥
Diplectrona ilanensis: 宜蘭腺紋石娥
Diplectrum eumelum: 真蜜沙鮨
Diplectrum formosum: 美丽沙鮨
Diplectrum formosum: 美麗沙鮨
Diplectrum radiale: 辐状沙鮨
Diploastrea heliopora: 同雙星珊瑚
Diploastrea heliopora: 雙星珊瑚
Diplochasma alboapicata: 白帽縞蠅
Diplochasma monochaeta: 單鬃縞蠅
Diplochasma sauteri: 邵氏縞蠅
Diplocheilichthys pleurotaenia: 側帶紋唇魚
Diplocyclas bicorona: 两冠双带虫
Diplodactylus stenodactylus: 脊纹澳虎
Diplodus vulgaris: 項帶重牙鯛
Diplodus vulgaris: 项带重牙鲷
Diplogale hosei: 霍氏縞靈貓
Diplogale hosei: 霍氏缟狸
Diploglossus fasciatus: 横纹肢蛇蜥
Diplogrammus xenicus: 暗帶雙線
Diplogrammus xenicus: 暗帶雙線
Diplogrammus xenicus: 老鼠
Diplogrammus xenicus: 雙線
Diplogrammus xenicus: 雙線
Diplomesodon pulchellum: 斑麝鼩
Diplommatina camura: 鹿村芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina chaoi: 趙氏紅芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina dandanensis: 暖暖芝麻蝸
Diplommatina hayasakai: 早坂
Diplommatina hayasakai: 芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina huangi: 黃氏芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina hungerfordiana: 高砂芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina inferocuspis: 下齒芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina inferocusps: 下齒芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina karenkoensis: 花蓮芝麻蝸
Diplommatina maedai: 前田芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina maedai: 暖暖芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina occulodentata: 奧牙芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina ookuboi: 大久保芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina pilanensis: 卑南芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina pilula: 碧綠芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina prava: 斜芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina pseudotayalis: 似高山芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina tadai: 多田芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina taiwanica: 台灣芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina taiwanica: 花蓮芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina taiwanica: 高山台灣芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina tatakaensis: 松崗芝麻蝸
Diplommatina tattakaensis: 松崗紅芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina tayalis: 高山芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina torokkuensis: 合歡芝麻蝸牛
Diplommatina tungwangorum: 董王芝麻蝸牛
Diplomys labilis: 棘鼠
Diplomystus dentatus: 雙稜鯡
Diplonerva bifasciata: 雙帶蚤蠅
Diplonerva fasciiventris: 帶腹蚤蠅
Diplonerva peregrina: 遊蕩蚤蠅
Diplonychus annulatus: 負蝽
Diplonychus rusticus: 褐負蝽
Diplophos orientalis: 東方雙光魚
Diplophos pacificus: 太平洋雙光魚
Diplophos taenia: 帶紋雙光魚
Diplophos taenia: 細雙光魚
Diplophos taenia: 細雙鉆光魚
Diploprion bifasciatum: 肥皂鱼
Diploprion bifasciatum: 雙帶鱸
Diploprion bifasciatum: 雙帶黃鱸
Diploprion bifasciatum: 黃雙帶鱸(2)
Diploprion bifasciatus: 火燒腰
Diploprion bifasciatus: 皇帝魚
Diploprion bifasciatus: 雙帶黃鱸
Diploprion bifasciatus: 雙帶黑鱸
Diplopsocus phagococcus: 食蚧双突围啮(4)
Diplopsocus phagococcus: 食蚧雙突圍嚙
Diploptera nigrescens: 暗色甲蠊
Diplotaxodon argenteus: 銀雙弓齒麗魚
Diplotaxodon ecclesi: 埃氏雙弓齒麗魚
Diplotaxodon greenwoodi: 格氏雙弓齒麗魚
Diplotaxodon limnothrissa: 沼澤雙弓齒麗魚
Diplothrix legatus: 琉球鼠
Dipoena amamiensis: 大岛圆腹蛛
Dipoena castrata: 晕斑圆腹蛛
Dipoena flavomarginata: 黄缘圆腹蛛
Dipoena flavomarginate: 黃緣微姬蛛
Dipoena gui: 顾氏圆腹蛛
Dipoena hainanensis: 海南圆腹蛛
Dipoena hana: 花圆腹蛛
Dipoena hui: 胡氏圆腹蛛
Dipoena immaculata: 无斑圆腹蛛
Dipoena japonica: 日本微姬蛛
Dipoena labialis: 唇圆腹蛛
Dipoena martinae: 玛丁圆腹蛛
Dipoena mustelina: 黄褐圆腹蛛
Dipoena mustelina: 鼬形微姬蛛
Dipoena mutilata: 小紅微姬蛛
Dipoena nigromaculata: 黑斑圆腹蛛
Dipoena pelorosa: 畸形圆腹蛛
Dipoena redunca: 后弯圆腹蛛
Dipoena ripa: 溪岸圆腹蛛
Dipoena sinica: 中华圆腹蛛
Dipoena stellaris: 星斑圆腹蛛
Dipoena sticta: 斑点圆腹蛛
Dipoena submustelina: 拟黄圆腹蛛
Dipoena turriceps: 塔圆腹蛛
Dipoena wangi: 王氏圆腹蛛
Dipoena yutian: 于田圆腹蛛
Dipoenura aplustra: 翘尾后丘蛛
Dipoenura cyclosoides: 旋转后丘蛛
Dipolydora armata: 甲冑海稚蟲
Diporiphora albilabris: 双孔蜥
Diporiphora australis: 南方双孔蜥(2)
Diporiphora australis: 双孔蜥
Diporiphora bennettii: 西北双孔蜥(2)
Diporiphora bilineata: 双线双孔蜥(2)
Diporiphora regonae: 山泉双孔蜥(2)
Diporiphora winneckei: 澳中双孔蜥(2)
Dipriodonta minima: 小四點白鉤蛾
Diproctacanthus xanthurus: 黃尾醫生魚
Dipsacaster pretiosus: 美麗雙沙海星
Dipsosaurus dorsalis: 沙漠鬣蜥(3)
Dipsosaurus dorsalis: 沙鬣蜥
Diptacus kusanous: 大葉楠双羽節蜱
Diptacus tristylaus: 水冬瓜双羽節蜱
Dipterygonotus balteatus: 烏尾冬仔
Dipterygonotus balteatus: 雙鰭梅鯛
Diptilomiopus aralioidus: 昆蘭双羽節蜱
Diptilomiopus championi: 菊花木鼻節蜱
Diptilomiopus commuiae: 香葉樹羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus cumingis: 對葉榕羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus cuminis: 凹葉柃木羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus elliptus: 蘭嶼樹杞羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus emarginatus: 凹葉柃木羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus formosanus: 蓬萊羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus hexogonus: 六角羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus leptophyllus: 薄葉柃木羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus mori: 森氏櫟羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus octogonus: 八角羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus perfectus: 完整羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus septimus: 七室羽爪節蜱
Diptilomiopus stephanus: 千金藤双羽節蜱
Dipturus kwangtungensis: 廣東老板鯆
Dipturus kwangtungensis: 廣東鰩
Dipturus lanceorostratus: 尖嘴老板鯆
Dipturus macrocauda: 大尾老板鯆
Dipturus macrocauda: 大尾鰩
Dipturus tengu: 天狗老板鯆
Dipturus tengu: 長鼻鰩
Diptychus chungtiensis: 中甸重唇鱼
Diptychus kaznakovi: 裸腹重唇鱼
Diptychus maculatus: 斑重唇魚
Diptychus maculatus: 斑重唇鱼(2)
Diptychus sewerzowi: 西氏重唇魚
Dipus sagitta: 三趾跳鼠
Diretmoides pauciradiatus: 短鰭擬銀眼鯛
Diretmoides veriginae: 維里擬銀眼鯛
Diretmus argenteus: 銀眼鯛
Diretmus argenteus: 银色洞鳍鲷
Diretmus argenteus: 黑銀眼鯛
Disasterina odontacantha: 齒棘皮海燕
Disceus aiereba: 圓盤副江魟
Discherodontus ashmeadi: 阿氏盘齿魮(2)
Discherodontus ashmeadi: 阿氏盤齒魮
Discherodontus halei: 盤齒鲃屬
Discherodontus halei: 黑氏盤齒魮
Discherodontus halei: 黑氏盤齒鲃
Discherodontus parvus: 小四鬚魮
Discherodontus schroederi: 施氏盤齒魮
Dischides belcheri: 叉象牙貝
Dischistodus chrysopoecilus: 白点盘雀鲷
Dischistodus darwiniensis: 达尔文盘雀鲷
Dischistodus fasciatus: 多間摩
Dischistodus fasciatus: 条纹盘雀鲷
Dischistodus fasciatus: 條紋盤雀鯛
Dischistodus melanotus: 黑斑盘雀鲷
Dischistodus melanotus: 黑斑盤雀鯛
Dischistodus perspicillatus: 显盘雀鲷
Dischistodus perspicillatus: 顯盤雀鯛
Dischistodus prosopotaenia: 黑背盘雀鲷
Dischistodus prosopotaenia: 黑背盤雀鯛
Dischistodus pseudochrysopoecilus: 暗褐盘雀鲷
Disciphus peregrinus: 遊蕩稈蠅
Discocerina mera: 腿股渚蠅
Discocheilus multilepis: 多鱗盤唇魚
Discocheilus wui: 伍氏盤唇魚
Discoconulus lamprobasis: 宜蘭小鱉甲蝸牛
Discoconulus lissobasis: 寶斗山小鱉甲蝸牛
Discoconulus radiata: 細紋小鱉甲蝸牛
Discoconulus radiatus: 細紋小鱉甲蝸牛
Discoconulus sinapidium: 姬鱉甲蝸牛
Discoconulus sinapidius: 姬鱉甲蝸牛
Discodeles bufoniformis: 蟾样显盘蛙
Discodeles guppyi: 格氏显盘蛙
Discodeles malukuna: 马卢科显盘蛙
Discodeles opisthodon: 后齿显盘蛙
Discodoris boholiensis: 薄荷盤海蛞蝓
Discodoris fragilis: 割裂圓盤海蛞蝓
Discognathus lamta: 盘颌鱼
Discogobio bismargaritus: 双珠盘鮈
Discogobio bismargaritus: 雙珠盤鮈
Discogobio brachyphysallidos: 短体盘鮈
Discogobio brachyphysallidos: 短鰾盤鮈
Discogobio elongatus: 長體盤鮈
Discogobio elongatus: 长体盘鮈
Discogobio laticeps: 宽头盘鮈
Discogobio laticeps: 寬頭盤鮈
Discogobio longibarbatus: 長鬚盤鮈
Discogobio longibarbatus: 长须盘鮈(2)
Discogobio macrophysallidos: 多鱗盤鮈
Discogobio macrophysallidos: 長鰾盤鮈
Discogobio macrophysallidos: 长鳔盘鮈(2)
Discogobio multilineatus: 多線盤鮈
Discogobio tetrabarbatus: 四须盘鮈(4)
Discogobio tetrabarbatus: 四鬚盤鮈
Discogobio yunnanensis: 云南盘鮈(2)
Discogobio yunnanensis: 雲南盤鮈
Discolabeo wui: 伍氏盘鲮
Discomyza maculipennis: 斑翅渚蠅
Discophora sondaica: 方環蝶(2)
Discophora sondaica: 鳳眼方環蝶
Discoplax hirtipes: 乾馬
Discoplax hirtipes: 毛足圓盤蟹
Discoplax rotundum: 圓形圓盤蟹
Discopyge tschudii: 盘臀电鳐
Discopyge tschudii: 盤臀電鰩
Discors aurantiacum: 金黃鳥尾蛤
Discors lyratum: 斜紋鳥尾蛤
Discors mulitpunctatum: 花斑鳥尾蛤
Discotectonica acutissima: 扁車輪螺
Discotectonica nipponicus: 鑲珠車輪螺
Discoteuthis discus: 盤鰭魷
Discothyrea sauteri: 邵氏盤針蟻
Discotrema crinophila: 盘孔喉盘鱼
Discotrema crinophila: 盤孔喉盤魚
Discotrema crinophila: 黃喉盤魚
Disella aceriae: 樟葉槭分位節蜱
Disella octcella: 八室分位節蜱
Disella umbelliferae: 皮孫木分位節蜱
Disseta palumboi: 帕氏雙刺水蚤
Dissoplaga flava: 黃帶普尺蛾
Dissostichus eleginoides: 雪花鲈鱼(2)
Distenia formosana: 蓬萊細天牛
Distenia formosana: 高砂細天牛
Distichodus lusosso: 長吻複齒脂鯉(2)
Distichodus lusosso: 長鼻小丑魚
Distichodus sexfaciatus: 皇冠九间
Distichodus sexfasciatus: 六帶複齒脂鯉(2)
Distichodus sexfasciatus: 六間小丑
Distichopora violacea: 紫側孔珊瑚
Distoechodon hupeinensis: 湖北圆吻鲴
Distoechodon tumirostris: 圆吻鲴(3)
Distoechodon tumirostris: 圓吻鮰(2)
Distoechodon tumirostris: 圓吻鯝(4)
Distoechodon tumirostris: 憨魚
Distoechodon tumirostris: 更魚
Distoechodon tumirostris: 甘仔魚
Distoechodon tumirostris: 鯃魚
Distoechurus pennatus: 羽尾袋貂
Distolasterias nipon: 日本長腕海盤車
Distoleon formosanus: 毛粗腿蟻蛉
Distoleon formosanus: 稀斑蟻蛉
Distoleon littoralis: 粗腿蟻蛉
Distorsio anus: 扭法螺
Distorsio muehlhaeusseri: 美好色扭法螺
Distorsio perdistorta: 白扭法螺
Distorsio reticularis: 毛扭法螺
Ditrichophora albitarsis: 白蚹渚蠅
Ditrichophora pernigra: 火腿渚蠅
Diurella dixon-nutalli: 田奈同尾輪蟲
Diurocoris nakabayashii: 原尾瘤蝽
Dnopherula brevicornis: 短角暗蝗
Dnopherula sinensis: 中华暗蝗
Dnopherula svenhedini: 无斑暗蝗
Dnopherula taeniatus: 条纹暗蝗
Dobsonia beaufordi: 布氏裸背果蝠
Dobsonia beaufordi: 懷古裸背果蝠
Dobsonia chapmani: 查氏裸背果蝠
Dobsonia emersa: 新幾內亞裸背果蝠
Dobsonia exoleta: 蘇島裸背果蝠
Dobsonia exoleta: 西里伯斯裸背果蝠
Dobsonia inermis: 所羅門裸背果蝠
Dobsonia minor: 小裸背果蝠
Dobsonia moluccensis: 大裸背果蝠(2)
Dobsonia pannieyensis: 潘島裸背果蝠
Dobsonia pannieyensis: 盤尼裸背果蝠
Dobsonia peroni: 小巽他裸背果蝠
Dobsonia peroni: 脊翼裸背果蝠
Dobsonia praedatrix: 新不列顛裸背果蝠
Dobsonia praedatrix: 新島裸背果蝠
Dobsonia viridis: 綠裸背果蝠
Docimodus evelynae: 伊夫林矛非鯽
Docimodus johnstoni: 約氏矛非鯽
Dociostaurus brachypterus: 短翅戟纹蝗
Dociostaurus brevicollis: 狭条戟纹蝗
Dociostaurus tartarus: 蓝胫戟纹蝗
Doclea canalifera: 溝痕絨球蟹
Doclea japonica: 日本絨球蟹
Dodona durga: 无尾蚬蝶中华亚种
Dodona egeon: 大斑尾蜆蝶
Dodona eugenes: 台灣&
Dodona eugenes: 小灰蛺蝶
Dodona eugenes: 銀紋尾蜆蝶
Dodona eugenes: 銀紋尾蜆蝶中南台灣亞種
Dodona eugenes: 銀紋尾蜆蝶(中/南台灣亞
Doederleinia berycoides: 紅臭魚
Doederleinia berycoides: 紅鱸
Doederleinia berycoides: 赤鮭
Doederleinia berycoides: 赤鯥
Doederleinia berycoides: 赤鯥魚
Dogania subplana: 马来鳖
Dohrniphora cornuta: 長角蚤蠅
Dolabella auricularia: 耳狀截尾海兔
Dolabella auricularia: 耳狀海兔海蛞蝓
Dolabella auricularia: 龍骨海鹿
Dolabrifera dolabrifera: 斧殼海兔
Dolabrifera dolabrifera: 斧殼海鹿
Dolabrifera dolabrifera: 短斧海兔海蛞蝓
Dolbina inexacta: 白星天蛾
Dolbina tancrei: 星绒天蛾
Dolerocypria conica: 錐形得羅介
Dolerocypria leizhouensis: 雷州得羅介
Dolerocypria taalensis: 大連得羅介
Dolerocypria tpbawei: 拓拔魏得羅介
Dolerocypria tsanyanga: 羵羊得羅介
Dolichallabes microphthalmus: 小眼細鬍鯰(3)
Dolichallabes microphthalmus: 小眼细胡鲶(4)
Dolicheremaeus elongatus: 槍細瓢蟎
Dolicheulota formosensis: 台灣長蝸牛
Dolicheulota swinhoei: 斯文豪長蝸牛(2)
Dolichoderus bituberculatus: 雙疣琉璃蟻
Dolicholatirus lancea: 長矛旋螺
Dolichopeza basisylata: 混沌亮大蚊
Dolichopeza circe: 黑蔥亮大蚊渺小亮大蚊
Dolichopeza gracillis: 長青亮大蚊
Dolichopeza issikiella: 白菊亮大蚊
Dolichopeza lugubrivestis: 蘭嶼亮大蚊
Dolichopeza profundemarginata: 君王亮大蚊
Dolichopeza rantaizana: 橫協亮大蚊
Dolichopeza sauteri: 幽暗亮大蚊
Dolichopeza shirakiella: 黑脊亮大蚊
Dolichopeza subalbittibia: 饕珍亮大蚊
Dolichopeza taiwania: 灰色亮大蚊
Dolichopeza taiwanicola: 渺小亮大蚊
Dolichopeza trichopyga: 晶瑩亮大蚊
Dolichopeza tuberculifera: 長斑亮大蚊
Dolichopodomintho dolichopiformis: 長形寄蠅
Dolichopus angustinervis: 江蘇長足虻
Dolichotetranychus floridanus: 佛州偽葉蟎
Dolichotis patagona: 兔豚鼠(2)
Dolichotis patagona: 长耳豚鼠(2)
Dolichotis patagonum: 阿根廷長耳豚鼠
Dolichurus pempuchiensis: 台灣黑長背泥蜂
Doliema ferruginea: 銹身姬擬步行蟲
Doliema nitidula: 剌胸姬擬步行蟲
Doliops imilis: 偽硬象天牛
Doliops similis: 偽硬象天牛
Doliops similis: 擬硬象天牛
Dologale dybowskii: 戴氏獴
Dologale dybowskii: 草原獴
Dolomedes horishanus: 黑背跑蛛
Dolomedes mizhoanus: 褐腹狡蛛(2)
Dolomedes mizhoanus: 褐腹跑蛛
Dolomedes raptor: 溪狡蛛
Dolomedes raptor: 溪跑蛛
Dolomedes saganus: 赤條狡蛛(2)
Dolomedes saganus: 赤條跑蛛
Dolophilodes borussa: 金黃角室石蛾
Dolophilodes cheni: 陳氏角室石蛾
Dolophilodes clavata: 棒狀角室石蛾
Dolophilodes japonica: 日本角室石蛾
Dolophilodes obrussa: 金黃角室石蛾
Dolophrades punctatus: 偽疤粗角天牛
Dolopichthys pullatus: 黑狡鮟鱇
Dolycoris baccarum: 斑须蝽(2)
Dolycoris formosanus: 斑鬚蝽
Dolycoris indicus: 雲南斑鬚椿
Domecia glabra: 光潔圓頂蟹
Domecia hispida: 刺圓頂蟹
Domene scabripennis: 粗翅寬腳隱翅蟲
Domiporta sigillata: 細粒筆螺
Donaceus nigronotatus: 黑背渚蠅
Donacia frontalis: 短腳水金花蟲
Donacia lusow: 細腳水金花蟲
Donax deltoides: 三角斧蛤
Doosia japonica: 道士蛛
Doras laevigatulus: 翼陶乐鲶
Doras laevigatulus: 翼陶樂鯰
Doratocythere cinexia: 灰華多爾介
Dorcadothrips xanthus: 黃羚薊馬
Dorcatragus megalotis: 大耳羚
Dorcatragus megalotis: 贝拉羚
Dorcopsis muelleri: 林袋鼠
Dorcopsulus vanheurni: 小林袋鼠
Dorcus formosanus: 台灣大鍬形蟲(3)
Dorcus gracilicornis: 細角大鍬形蟲
Dorcus mellianus: 秀丽扁锹甲
Dorcus miwai: 三輪大鍬形蟲
Dorcus reichei: 條背大鍬形蟲
Dorcus schenkingi: 長角大鍬形蟲
Dorcus schenklingi: 長角大鍬形蟲(2)
Dorcus titanus: 巨锯锹甲
Dorcus titanus: 扁鍬形蟲
Doriopsis pecten: 梳鰓海牛海蛞蝓
Dorippe quadridens: 四齒關公蟹
Dorippe sinica: 中華關公蟹
Dormus dromas: 單峰駱駝真珠蚌
Dorosoma cepedianum: 美洲真鰶
Doryichthys boaja: 寶珈槍吻海龍
Doryichthys boaja: 寶珈海龍(2)
Dorylaea flavicincta: 黃邊紋家蠊
Dorylas gracilis: 細長頭蠅
Dorylomorpha lini: 林氏頭蠅
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus: 帶紋矛吻海龍
Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus: 黑環海龍
Doryrhamphus excisus: 藍帶矛吻海龍
Doryrhamphus excisus: 黑腹海龍
Doryrhamphus janssi: 強氏海龍
Doryrhamphus janssi: 強氏矛吻海龍
Doryrhamphus japonicus: 日本海龍
Doryrhamphus japonicus: 日本矛吻海龍
Dorysthenes elegans: 獅山姬鋸天牛
Dorysthenes hydropictus: 甘蔗姬鋸天牛
Dorysthenes hydropictus: 甘蔗鋸天牛
Dorysthenes igai: 伊賀姬鋸天牛
Dorysthenes paradoxus: 大牙土天牛
Dorysthenes pici: 畢氏姬鋸天牛
Doryteuthis singhalensis: 辛加长枪乌贼
Dosinella angulosa: 薄殼鏡文蛤
Dosinella orbiculata: 圓鏡文蛤
Dosinia altior: 高镜蛤
Dosinia amphidesmoides: 拟双带镜蛤
Dosinia aspera: 刺镜蛤
Dosinia biscocta: 饼干镜蛤
Dosinia caerulea: 丝纹镜蛤
Dosinia corrugata: 薄片镜蛤
Dosinia cumingii: 突角镜蛤
Dosinia derupta: 凸镜蛤
Dosinia exasperata: 奋镜蛤
Dosinia fibula: 铗镜蛤
Dosinia histrio: 帆镜蛤
Dosinia isocardia: 同心镜蛤
Dosinia japonica: 日本镜蛤
Dosinia orbiculata: 圆镜蛤
Dosinia troscheli: 射带镜蛤
Dosinorbis bilunulata: 滿月鏡文蛤
Dosinorbis canaliculata: 布紋鏡文蛤
Dosinorbis cumingii: 突角鏡文蛤
Dosinorbis japonica: 日本鏡文蛤
Dosinorbis troscheli: 牙白鏡文蛤
Doto racemosa: 葡萄串豆豆海蛞蝓
Dotomella teramachii: 寺町捲管螺
Dougaloplus echinatus: 道格拉蛇尾
Dracaena guianensis: 南美鳄蜥(2)
Dracaena guianensis: 秘鲁鳄蜥(2)
Dracaena guianensis: 閃光蜥
Dracaena guianensis: 闪光蜥
Draco blanfordi: 裸耳飞蜥(3)
Draco blanfordii: 裸耳飛蜥
Draco blanfordii: 裸耳飞蜥(6)
Draco dussumieri: 南印飞蜥(2)
Draco dussumieri: 杜氏飞蜥
Draco fimbriatus: 绿飞蜥
Draco fimbriatus: 马来飞蜥(2)
Draco formosus: 美丽飞蜥(2)
Draco haematopogon: 红翅飞蜥(2)
Draco lineatus: 线纹飞蜥(2)
Draco maculatus: 斑飛蜥
Draco maculatus: 斑飞蜥(9)
Draco maximus: 大飞蜥(2)
Draco melanopogon: 黑翅飞蜥(2)
Draco quinquefasciatus: 五线飞蜥(2)
Draco spilopterus: 斑翅飞蜥(2)
Draco taeniopterus: 五带飞蜥(2)
Draco volans: 普通飞蜥(2)
Draco volans: 飞蜥
Draco volans: 飞蜥蜴
Draco volans: 飞蜥(普通飞蜥)(2)
Drapetis aenescens: 非洲舞虻
Drapetis brevicula: 短尾舞虻
Drapetis calcarifera: 具刺舞虻
Drapetis femorata: 粗腿舞虻
Drapetis formosae: 蓬萊舞虻
Drapetis kerteszi: 克氏舞虻
Drapetis lanuginosa: 大武舞虻
Drapetis longicalcaris: 長距舞虻
Drapetis marginalis: 邊界舞虻
Drapetis melanura: 墨色舞虻
Drapetis nigrispina: 黑刺舞虻
Drapetis piceitgorax: 彩胸舞虻
Drapetis pubicornis: 裸角舞虻
Drapetis scutellaris: 小楯舞虻
Drapetis xanthocephala: 黃頭舞虻
Drapetodes mitaria: 細紋黃鉤蛾
Drawida japonica: 日本杜拉蚓
Drcrurus hottentottus: 发冠卷尾(2)
Dreissena bugensis: 白氏斑紋殼菜蛤
Dreissena polymorpha: 多形饰贝(2)
Dreissena polymorpha: 斑馬殼菜蛤
Dremomys everetti: 山林長吻松鼠
Dremomys gularis: 橙喉長吻松鼠
Dremomys gularis: 橙喉长吻松鼠(4)
Dremomys lokriah: 喜马拉雅橙腹长吻松鼠
Dremomys lokriah: 橙腹長吻松鼠
Dremomys lokriah: 橙腹长吻松鼠(5)
Dremomys lokriah: 西藏长吻松鼠
Dremomys pernyi: 泊氏長吻松鼠
Dremomys pernyi: 泊氏长吻松鼠(4)
Dremomys pernyi: 荷氏松鼠
Dremomys pernyi: 長吻松鼠(2)
Dremomys pernyi: 长吻松鼠
Dremomys pyrrhomerus: 紅腿長吻松鼠
Dremomys pyrrhomerus: 红腿长吻松鼠(4)
Dremomys pyrrhomerus: Riudonensis, 红腿长吻松鼠
Dremomys rufigenis: 紅頰長吻松鼠
Dremomys rufigenis: 红颊长吻松鼠(4)
Drepanacra plaga: 鐮翅褐蛉
Drepane africana: 非洲鸡笼鲳
Drepane longimana: 条纹帘鲷(494)
Drepane longimana: 条纹鸡笼鲳(1550)
Drepane longimana: 條紋簾鯛(13601)
Drepane longimana: 條紋雞籠鯧
Drepane longimana: 白曹喜
Drepane punctata: 斑点鸡笼鲳(31202)
Drepane punctata: 斑點簾鯛(22001)
Drepane punctata: 斑點雞籠鯧
Drepane punctata: 曹喜
Drepane punctata: 条鳍鱼
Drepane punctata: 簾鯛
Drepane punctata: 銅盤仔
Drepanephora piliseta: 毛鬃縞蠅
Drepanephora reticulata: 網狀縞蠅
Drepanepteryx phalaenoides: 雙鉤大褐蛉
Drepanis funerea: 黑監督吸蜜鳥
Drepanis pacifica: 夏威夷監督吸蜜鳥
Drepanocerus arrowi: 阿魯鬼蜣螂
Drepanococcus chiton: 刺玻介殼蟲
Drepanoctonus auritus: 耳突折背姬蜂
Drepanoptila holosericea: 散羽鸠
Drepanornis albertisi: 黑嘴镰嘴风鸟
Drepanornis bruijnii: 淡嘴镰嘴风鸟
Drepanosticta brownelli: 包氏镰扁蟌
Dreptes thomensis: 巨花蜜鸟
Drilaster atricollis: 高山弩螢
Drilaster flavicollis: 黃胸弩螢
Drilaster flavipennis: 黃鞘弩螢
Drilaster kimotoi: 黑弩螢
Drilaster olivieri: 奧氏弩螢
Drilaster parvus: 姬弩螢
Drilaster purpureicollis: 紅弩螢
Drilaster rollei: 小紅弩螢
Drilaster rollei: 洛氏弩螢
Drilaster takahashi: 高橋氏弩螢
Drina cowani: 科瓦津灰蝶
Drina discophora: 迪津灰蝶
Drina donina: 津灰蝶
Drina maneia: 马乃津灰蝶
Drina mariae: 马利津灰蝶
Drina mavortia: 玛津灰蝶
Drina ninoda: 倪津灰蝶
Drino argenticeps: 銀足寄蠅
Drino facialis: 白顏寄蠅
Drino inconspicua: 平庸赘寄蝇
Dromaius novachollandeae: 鸸鹋
Dromaius novaehollandiae: 澳洲鸵鸟
Dromaius novaehollandiae: 鴯鶓(2)
Dromaius novaehollandiae: 鴯鶓, Er miao
Dromaius novaehollandiae: 鸸鹋
Dromas ardeola: 蟹鴴
Dromas ardeola: 蟹鸻
Dromia dormia: 真綿蟹
Dromia wilsoni: 威氏綿蟹
Dromus dromas: 單峰駱駝真珠蚌
Dromus dromas: 走蚌
Drosicha contrachens: 草履介殼蟲
Drosicha contrahens: 草履介殼蟲
Drosicha dalbergiae: 黃檀草履介殼蟲
Drosicha maskelli: 麥氏草履介殼蟲
Drosophila acutissima: 扁鼻果蠅
Drosophila albomicans: 紅果蠅
Drosophila ananassae: 嗜鳳梨果蠅
Drosophila angor: 圓尾果蠅
Drosophila annulipes: 竹節果蠅
Drosophila antillaria: 反里果蠅
Drosophila asahinai: 朝比奈氏果蠅
Drosophila asper: 漂水果蠅
Drosophila aurantifrons: 金頭果蠅
Drosophila auraria: 嗜橘果蠅
Drosophila austroheptica: 南方水果果蠅
Drosophila bella: 美麗果蠅
Drosophila bipectinata: 雙櫛果蠅
Drosophila bocki: 包克氏果蠅
Drosophila busckii: 巴氏果蠅
Drosophila chaolipinga: 交力坪果蠅
Drosophila compressiceps: 扁頭果蠅
Drosophila curvicapillata: 彎毛果蠅
Drosophila daruma: 不倒翁果蠅
Drosophila elegans: 牽牛花果蠅
Drosophila eugracilis: 細真果蠅
Drosophila ficusphila: 嗜榕果蠅
Drosophila formosana: 台灣大果蠅
Drosophila hoozani: 鳳凰山果蠅
Drosophila hydei: 海德氏果蠅
Drosophila hypocausta: 雄黑果蠅
Drosophila immigrans: 大果蠅
Drosophila jumbilina: 印度果蠅
Drosophila kikkawai: 吉川氏果蠅
Drosophila lacertosa: 蜥黑果蠅
Drosophila lineolata: 小條紋果蠅
Drosophila lineosa: 白紋果蠅
Drosophila lini: 林氏果蠅
Drosophila lividinervis: 藍脈果蠅
Drosophila longifrons: 長額果蠅
Drosophila lucipennis: 透明翅果蠅
Drosophila malekotliana: 馬勒哥果蠅
Drosophila melanogaster: 果蝇
Drosophila melanogaster: 黃果蠅
Drosophila multistriata: 複縱紋果蠅
Drosophila neohypocausta: 新雄黑果蠅
Drosophila nepalensis: 尼泊爾果蠅
Drosophila nigrodigita: 黑趾果蠅
Drosophila nigrovesca: 黑小板果蠅
Drosophila obscurata: 小灰果蠅
Drosophila parabipectinata: 副雙櫛果蠅
Drosophila paravibrissina: 副鬚果蠅
Drosophila penicula: 毛刷果蠅
Drosophila porrecta: 長身果蠅
Drosophila prostipennis: 黑端翅果蠅
Drosophila pulchrella: 艷麗果蠅
Drosophila quadraria: 四橘果蠅
Drosophila quadrilineata: 四線果蠅
Drosophila quinquestriata: 五條紋果蠅
Drosophila repleta: 黑斑點果蠅
Drosophila rubrrima: 暗褐大果蠅
Drosophila signata: 紋整大果蠅
Drosophila silvata: 銀黃果蠅
Drosophila singulata: 分瓣果蠅
Drosophila sinobscura: 中華灰果蠅
Drosophila subantillaria: 四反里果蠅
Drosophila sui: 蘇氏果蠅
Drosophila suzukii: 鈴木氏果蠅
Drosophila taipinsanensis: 太平山果蠅
Drosophila takahashii: 高橋氏果蠅
Drosophila tonpua: 東埔大果蠅
Drosophila toyohii: 豐日氏長果蠅
Drosophila trapezifrons: 頭紋果蠅
Drosophila trilutea: 三暗黃果蠅
Drosophila tristipennis: 三戟果蠅
Drosophila unipectinata: 單櫛果蠅
Drosophila xanthogaster: 黃腹大果蠅
Drosophillela alocasiae: 姑婆芋果蠅
Drosophillela xenalocasiae: 擬姑婆芋果蠅
Drupa clathrata: 寬口岩螺
Drupa grossularia: 金口岩螺
Drupa morum: 紫口岩螺
Drupa ricina: 白齒岩螺
Drupa ricina: 黃齒岩螺
Drupa rubusidaea: 玫瑰岩螺
Drupella concatenata: 鏈結螺
Drupella cornus: 白結螺
Drupella eburnea: 牙白結螺
Drupella fragum: 小白結螺
Drupella minuta: 雀斑結螺
Drupeus hygropetricus: 濕岩長花蚤
Dryanastes poecilorhynchus: 棕噪眉
Dryanastes poecilorhynchus: 竹鳥
Drymococcus rhizophilus: 根林粉蚧
Drymodes superciliaris: 纹眉薮鸲
Dryocoetes autographus: 针叶树毛小蠧
Dryocoetes baicalicus: 落叶松毛小蠧
Dryocoetes hectographus: 云杉百刻毛小蠧
Dryocoetes rugicollis: 云杉大毛小蠧
Dryocopus hodgei: 安岛啄木鸟
Dryocopus javensis: 白腹黑啄木
Dryocopus javensis: 白腹黑啄木鳥
Dryocopus javensis: 白腹黑啄木鳥理查亞種
Dryocopus javensis: 白腹黑啄木鸟(7)
Dryocopus javensis: Richardsi, 白腹黑啄木(3)
Dryocopus javenss: 白腹黑啄木鸟
Dryocopus martius: 黑啄木鳥(2)
Dryocopus martius: 黑啄木鸟(10)
Dryomys nitedula: 林睡鼠
Dryomys sichuanensis: 四川林睡鼠
Dryomyza formosa: 台灣鱉甲蠅
Dryonastes berthemyi: 棕噪鹛
Dryonastes caerulatus: 灰胁噪鹛
Dryonastes chinensis: 黑喉噪鹛
Dryonastes courtoisi: 靛冠噪鹛
Dryonastes galbanus: 黄喉噪鹛
Dryonastes gularis: 棕臀噪鹛
Dryonastes poecilorhynchus: 台湾棕噪鹛
Dryonastes ruficollis: 栗颈噪鹛
Dryoscopus angolensis: 紅腿蓬背鵙
Dryoscopus cubla: 黑背蓬背鵙
Dryoscopus gambensis: 蓬背鵙
Dryoscopus pringlii: 普氏篷背鵙
Dryotriorchis spectabilis: 刚果蛇雕
Dryxiphia albiantennata: 白角長頸樹蜂
Dryxiphia punctissima: 密點長頸樹蜂
Dryxo fasciata: 條紋渚蠅
Ducetia japonica: 褐背露斯
Ducetia japonica: 褐背露蟴
Ducula aenea: 綠皇鳩
Ducula aenea: 绿南鸠
Ducula aenea: 绿皇鸠(7)
Ducula aurorae: 波利皇鸠
Ducula badia: 山皇鳩
Ducula badia: 山皇鸠(4)
Ducula badia: 灰头南鸠
Ducula badia: 皇鸠(3)
Ducula bakeri: 贝氏皇鸠
Ducula basilica: 棕腹皇鸠(2)
Ducula bicolor: 斑皇鸠(4)
Ducula brenchleyi: 栗腹皇鸠
Ducula carola: 点斑皇鸠(3)
Ducula chalconota: 红胸皇鸠(2)
Ducula cineracea: 帝汶皇鸠(2)
Ducula concinna: 蓝尾皇鸠(2)
Ducula finschii: 芬氏皇鸠
Ducula forsteni: 斑尾皇鸠(2)
Ducula galeata: 马克萨斯皇鸠(2)
Ducula goliath: 巨皇鸠
Ducula lacernulata: 黑背皇鸠(2)
Ducula latrans: 皮氏皇鸠
Ducula luctuosa: 苏拉皇鸠
Ducula melanochroa: 黑皇鸠
Ducula mindorensis: 岷多羅帝鴿(2)
Ducula mindorensis: 紅喉皇鳩(2)
Ducula mindorensis: 红喉皇鸠(2)
Ducula mullerii: 黑领皇鸠(2)
Ducula myristicivora: 黑疣皇鸠(2)
Ducula oceanica: 密克皇鸠
Ducula pacifica: 太平洋皇鸠(2)
Ducula perspicillata: 白眼皇鸠(2)
Ducula pickeringii: 吼皇鸠
Ducula pickeringii: 马来灰皇鸠
Ducula pickeringii: 马来皇鸠(2)
Ducula pinon: 裸眶皇鸠(2)
Ducula pistrinaria: 灰皇鸠(2)
Ducula poliocephala: 粉红腹皇鸠
Ducula poliocephala: 红腹皇鸠(2)
Ducula radiata: 灰头皇鸠(2)
Ducula rosacea: 粉头皇鸠(2)
Ducula rubricera: 红疣皇鸠
Ducula rufigaster: 紫尾皇鸠(2)
Ducula spliorrhoea: 澳洲皇鸠
Ducula whartoni: 圣诞岛皇鸠
Ducula zoeae: 横斑皇鸠(2)
Dudusa nobillis: 著蕊尾舟蛾
Dudusa sphingiformis: 黑蕊舟蛾
Dudusa synopla: 斜帶黃舟蛾
Dudusa synopla: 黃蕊尾舟蛾
Dufouriellus ater: 黑沟胸花蝽
Dugong dugon: 儒艮(3)
Dugong dugon: 印度太平洋儒艮(2)
Dugong dugong: 人魚
Dugong dugong: 人鱼
Dugong dugong: 儒艮(2)
Dugong dugong: 美人鱼
Duliophyle agitata: 台灣黃臂尺蛾
Dumetia hyperythra: 棕腹鶥
Dumetia hyperythra: 棕腹鹛
Dunkerocampus dactyliophorus: 斑节海龙
Dupetor flavicollis: 黃頸黑鷺(2)
Dupetor flavicollis: 黄颈黑鹭(2)
Dupetor flavicollis: 黑
Dupetor flavicollis: 黑苇鳽
Dupetor flavicollis: 黑葦鳽
Dupetor flavicollis: 黑開
Dupetor flavicollis: 黑鳽(4)
Duplachionaspis divergens: 竹禾盾介殼蟲
Duplicaria albozonata: 白帶櫛筍螺
Duplicaria badia: 顯眼櫛筍螺
Duplicaria baileyi: 拜萊氏櫛筍螺
Duplicaria duplicata: 雙層筍螺
Duplicaria dussumieri: 櫛筍螺
Duplicaria evoluta: 盤龍筍螺
Duplicaria fictilis: 褐底筍螺
Duplicaria raphanula: 紅磚筍螺
Duplicaria spectabilis: 盤龍筍螺
Dura alba: 扇毒蛾
Durvilledoris pusilla: 微小多彩海蛞蝓
Dusicyon australis: 福岛胡狼
Dusicyon australis: 福島胡狼
Dussumieria acuta: 尖吻圆腹鲱
Dussumieria acuta: 尖吻圓腹鯡
Dussumieria acuta: 尖尾圓腹鯡
Dussumieria acuta: 沙丁鱼(2)
Dussumieria acuta: 臭肉鰮
Dussumieria acuta: 鰮仔
Dussumieria acuta: 鱼, Yu
Dussumieria elopsoides: 圆腹鲱
Dussumieria elopsoides: 臭肉鰮
Dussumieria elopsoides: 銀圓腹鰮
Dussumieria elopsoides: 鰮仔
Dussumieria elopsoides: 黃帶圓腹鯡
Dussumieria hassletii: 圆腹鲱
Duttaphrynus melanostictus: 黑眶蟾蜍
Duttaphrynus melanosticus: 黑眶蟾蜍
Dyacopterus spadiceus: 栗色達族果蝠
Dyacopterus spadiceus: 棕櫚果蝠(2)
Dyaphorophyia castanea: 栗色飾眼鶲
Dyaphorophyia concreta: 紅栗腹飾眼鶲
Dyaphorophyia jamesoni: 傑氏飾眼鶲
Dymasius hirayamai: 黃斑姬山天牛
Dymasius hirayamai: 黃斑姬深山天牛
Dymasius kisanus: 旗山姬山天牛
Dymicoccus brevipes: 鳳梨嫡粉介殼蟲
Dynomene hispida: 硬毛貝綿蟹
Dysalotus alcocki: 線棘細齒鰧
Dysalotus alcocki: 線棘細齒鱚
Dysanema irvinei: 珠峰霄蝗
Dysanema malloryi: 缺线霄蝗
Dysaphis plantaginea: 車前草蚜
Dyscophus antongilii: 安東吉利紅蛙(2)
Dyscophus antongilii: 安東暴蛙
Dyscophus antongilii: 安通吉爾灣姬蛙
Dyscophus antongilii: 蕃茄蛙
Dyscophus guineti: 蕃茄蛙(2)
Dysdera crocata: 野豬蛛
Dysdera crocota: 野豬蛛
Dysdercus cingulatus: 离斑棉红蝽
Dysdercus cingulatus: 赤星椿象
Dysdercus cingulatus: 赤星蝽象
Dysdercus cingulatus: 離斑棉紅椿
Dysdercus cingulatus: 離斑棉紅蝽
Dysdercus decussatus: 叉帶棉紅蝽
Dysdercus poecilus: 姬赤星蝽象
Dysichthys coracoideus: 南美斑鳩鯰
Dysichthys coracoideus: 南美蝌鯰
Dysmicoccus boninsis: 灰白粉蚧
Dysmicoccus boninsis: 甘蔗嫡粉介殼蟲
Dysmicoccus boninsis: 蔗洁粉蚧
Dysmicoccus brevipes: 洁粉蚧
Dysmicoccus brevipes: 鳳梨嫡粉介殼蟲
Dysmicoccus dengwuensis: 秀洁粉蚧
Dysmicoccus innermongolicus: 内蒙洁粉蚧
Dysmicoccus multivorus: 苜洁粉蚧
Dysmicoccus shintensis: 台湾洁粉蚧
Dysomma anguillare: 前肛鰻
Dysomma anguillare: 前肛鳗
Dysomma bucephalus: 牛首前肛鰻
Dysomma dolichosomatum: 異齒前肛鰻
Dysomma dolichosomatum: 長身前肛鰻
Dysomma dolicosomatum: 前肛鰻屬
Dysomma goslinei: 高氏前肛鰻
Dysomma longirostrum: 長吻前肛鰻
Dysomma melanurum: 黑尾前肛鰻
Dysomma melanurum: 黑尾前肛鳗
Dysomma opisthoproctus: 後臀前肛鰻
Dysomma opisthoproctus: 後臀盲糯鰻
Dysomma polycatodon: 多齒前肛鰻
Dysommina rugosa: 多皺短身前肛鰻
Dysphaea basitincta: 基色戴溪蟌
Dysphaea gloriosa: 光轮戴溪蟌
Dysphania militaris: 蛾, E
Dystomorphus esakii: 江崎氏寬頭天牛

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_d.htm, 2018-03-16, Animal name D, 動物名 D}

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_d.htm, 2018-03-16, Animal name D, 動物名 D}, (nswong, animal_name_d.htm)

Dahlia pinnata: Bunga dalia
Dalbulus maidis: Serangga peloncat
Dangila fasciata: Popeh merah
Dangila ocellata: Ikan pasir
Dasyatis pasinaca: Pari
Dasyatis uarnak: Ikan pari
Dasyatis zugei: Ikan Pari Ketuka
Dasyatis zugei: Ikan pari nyiru
Dasyatis zugei: Tuka
Datnioides microlepis: Ringau
Datnoides microlepis: Kapar
Datura metel: Kecubung
Decaeum trochileum: Cabai jawa
Decapterus maruadis: Sadin(2)
Decapterus maruadis: Selayang(2)
Decapterus maruadsi: Ikan Selayang
Decapterus punctatus: Ikan kembung
Decapterus ruselli: Ikan selayang
Decapterus russeli: Ikan layang
Decatopecten radula: Kerang
Delichon dasypus: Layang-layang belakang putih(3)
Delichon dasypus: Layanglayang rumah
Delichon dasypus: Martin asia
Delphinus capensis: Ikan lumba
Dendrelaphis caudolineatus: Ular
Dendrelaphis formosus: Ular
Dendrelaphis pictus: Ular
Dendrelaphis pictus: Ular tali(2)
Dendrelaphis striatus: Ular
Dendrocitta cinerascens: Tangkaruli kalimantan
Dendrocitta occipitalis: Tangkaruli sumatera
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Belatok belacan
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Belatuk(3)
Dendrocopos canicapillus: Caladi belacan
Dendrocopos macei: Caladi ulam
Dendrocopos moluccensis: Belatok belacan kecil
Dendrocopos moluccensis: Belatuk kecil kepala coklat(2)
Dendrocopos moluccensis: Burung belatuk belacan
Dendrocopos moluccensis: Caladi tilik
Dendrocopus macei: Caladi ulam(2)
Dendrocopus macel: Caladi ulam
Dendrocopus moluccensis: Belatuk kecil kepala coklat(2)
Dendrocopus moluccensis: Burung
Dendrocygna arcuata: Belibis
Dendrocygna arcuata: Belibis kembang
Dendrocygna arcuata: Belibis(3)
Dendrocygna javanica: Belibis
Dendrocygna javanica: Belibis kembang(5)
Dendrocygna javanica: Belibis polos
Dendrocygna javanica: Itik belibis(2)
Dendrogalus inustus: Kanguru pohon
Dendronanthus indicus: Burung
Dendronanthus indicus: Kedidi hutan(4)
Dendronanthus indicus: Pipit rimba
Dendrophysa russelii: Gelama Janggut Tanda
Dendrosygna javanica: Belibis batu
Dermochelis coreaceae: Penyu kulit
Dermochelys coriacea: Leatherback turtle
Dermochelys coriacea: Penyu belimbing(3)
Dermogenys collettei: Ikan Julong
Dermogenys collettei: Jolong-jolong
Dermogenys pusilla: Julung-julung
Dermogenys pusillus: Ikan julong
Devario regina: Ikan seluang pipih
Devario regina: Seluang nipis(3)
Devario regina: Seluang pipih(2)
Diadema saxatile: Bulu babi duri panjang
Diadema setosum: Bulubabi
Diadema setosum: Landak laut
Diagramma pictum: Ikan kaci(3)
Diagramma pictum: Kaci Mandi Abu(2)
Diagramma pictum: Kaci(2)
Diagramma pictum: Lepih
Diagramma pictum: Mandi abu(2)
Diagramma pictum: Tebal bibir
Dicaecum maugei: Cabe lombok
Dicaecum trochileum: Cabe jawa
Dicaeum agile: Cabai gesit
Dicaeum agile: Cabe gesit
Dicaeum agile: Sepah puteri kayangan(4)
Dicaeum celebicum: Cabai panggul-kelabu
Dicaeum chrysorrheum: Cabai rimba
Dicaeum chrysorrheum: Sepah puteri rimba(4)
Dicaeum concolor: Cabai polos(4)
Dicaeum concolor: Sepah puteri bongsu
Dicaeum cruentatum: Burung
Dicaeum cruentatum: Cabai merah
Dicaeum cruentatum: Sepah puteri merah(6)
Dicaeum everetti: Cabai tunggir-coklat
Dicaeum everetti: Sepah puteri gunung(5)
Dicaeum ignipectus: Sepah puteri sulong
Dicaeum monticolum: Cabai panggul-hitam
Dicaeum sanguinolentum: Cabai gunung(2)
Dicaeum sanguinoletum: Cabe gunung
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Cabai bunga-api
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Cabai bunga api
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Cabe bunga api
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Sepah puteri bukit
Dicaeum trigonostigma: Sepah puteri dada oren(5)
Dicaeum trochileum: Burung cabe
Dicaeum trochileum: Cabai jawa(6)
Dicaeum trochileum: Jabe jawa
Dicerorhinus sumatrenesis: Badak sumatra(2)
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis: Badak kerbau
Dicerorhinus sumatrensis: Badak sumatera(2)
Dicrucus macrocercus: Srigunting hitam
Dicrurus aeneus: Cecawi keladi
Dicrurus aeneus: Checawi(2)
Dicrurus aeneus: Srigunting keladi
Dicrurus anectans: Srigunting gagak(2)
Dicrurus annectans: Burung
Dicrurus annectans: Cecawi paruh tebal(3)
Dicrurus annectans: Cecawi sawai
Dicrurus annectans: Srigunting gagak
Dicrurus hottentottus: Srigunting jambul-rambut
Dicrurus leucophaeus: Cecawi kelabu(3)
Dicrurus leucophaeus: Cecawi rantau
Dicrurus leucophaeus: Srigunting kelabu(3)
Dicrurus macrocercus: Burung
Dicrurus macrocercus: Cecawi hitam(5)
Dicrurus macrocercus: Cecawi rajawali(3)
Dicrurus macrocercus: Srigunting hitam(3)
Dicrurus paradiceus: Srigunting batu
Dicrurus paradiseus: Cecawi anting-anting(4)
Dicrurus paradiseus: Cecawi hamba kera(2)
Dicrurus paradiseus: Srigunting batu
Dinobdilla ferox: Lintah india
Dinopium javanense: Belatok pinang muda
Dinopium javanense: Belatuk pinang kecil(3)
Dinopium javanense: Burung
Dinopium javanense: Pelatuk besi
Dinopium javanensis: Pelatuk besi
Dinopium javanese: Belatuk pinang muda
Dinopium javenense: Belatuk pinang kecil(2)
Dinopium rafflesii: Belatok rimba
Dinopium rafflesii: Belatuk(2)
Dinopium rafflesii: Pelatuk raffles
Diploprion bifasciatum: Kerapu Sebekah
Diploprion bifasciatum: Sebekah Laut
Dircurus paradiseus: Cecawi anting-anting
Dircurus remifer: Cecawi hamba kera
Dlarias batrachus: Ikan lele(2)
Dogania subplana: Forest soft-shelled turtle
Donax cuneatus: Siput
Doryichthys boaja: Undok-undok(2)
Doryteuthis bleekeri: Cumi cumi
Draco volans: Reptilia
Dremomys rufigenis: Tupai pipi merah
Drepane longimana: Baharu-baharu(2)
Drepane longimana: Bebaru(2)
Drepane longimana: Daun-baru Belang(2)
Drepane longimana: Ikan daun baharu(2)
Drepane punctata: Baharu-baharu(2)
Drepane punctata: Bebaru(2)
Drepane punctata: Daun-baru Bintik(2)
Drepane punctata: Daun baru(2)
Drepane punctata: Ikan baharu baharu
Drepane punctata: Ikan daun baharu(4)
Drepane punctata: Ikan daun baru
Drepane punctata: Kipas-kipas
Drepane punctata: Sabit
Dromas ardeola: Kedidi ketam
Dromas ardeola: Rapang ketam
Dropsophila melanogaster: Lalat buah
Dryocalamus subannulatus: Ular
Dryocopus javensis: Belatok gajah(3)
Dryocopus javensis: Belatuk hitam-putih(5)
Dryocopus javensis: Pelatuk ayam
Dryophiops rubescens: Ular
Dryophis prasinus: Ular pucuk pohon
Drytes apicalis: Kumbang pohon kelapa
Dsteochilus kalabau: Kelabau
Ducula aenea: Pergam besar(2)
Ducula aenea: Pergam hijau(2)
Ducula aenea: Punai pergam(3)
Ducula badia: Pergam gunung(3)
Ducula bicolor: Pergam laut(2)
Ducula bicolor: Pergam rawa
Ducula bicolor: Rawa(4)
Ducula pickeringi: Merpati raja kelabu(2)
Ducula pickeringii: Merpati raja kelabu(2)
Ducula pickeringii: Pergam kelabu
Ducula whartoni: Pergam raja
Dugong dugon: Duyung(3)
Dugong dugon: Mamalia
Dundabia manifera: Tonggeret
Dupetor flavicollis: Bambangan hitam(2)
Dupetor flavicollis: Pucung hitam(2)
Duranta repens: Kerak nasi(2)
Duranta repens: Sundal malam(2)
Duranta repens: Terang bulan
Dussumieria acuta: Ikan tamban buluh pelangi(2)
Dussumieria acuta: Tamban buluh(2)
Dussumieria acuta: Tamban panjang(2)
Dyacopterus spadiceus: Cecadu dayak

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_d.htm, 2018-03-16, Animal name D, 動物名 D}

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