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{animal_name_c.htm, 2013-08-29, Animal name, 動物名, (C, 973KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_c.htm), Malaysia animal photo, 馬來西亞動物照片

{animal_name_c.htm, 2013-08-29, Animal name, 動物名, (C, 973KB)}

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_c.htm, 2015-02-07, Animal name, 動物名, (C, 973KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_c.htm)

Cabera exanthemata: Cabera exanthemata
Cacatua alba: Cacatua alba(2)
Cacatua ducorpsii: Cacatua ducorpsii
Cacatua galerita: Cacatua galerita(4)
Cacatua goffini: Cacatua goffini(3)
Cacatua goffiniana: Cacatua goffiniana
Cacatua haematuropygia: Cacatua haematuropygia
Cacatua moluccensis: Cacatua moluccensis(3)
Cacatua ophthalmica: Cacatua ophthalmica
Cacatua sanguinea: Cacatua sanguinea(2)
Cacatua sulphurea: Cacatua sulphurea(3)
Cacomantis merulinus: Cacomantis merulinus(4)
Cacomantis sepulcralis: Cacomantis sepulcralis
Cacomantis sonneratii: Cacomantis sonneratii(3)
Cacomantis variolosus: Cacomantis variolosus(2)
Cacopsylla chinensis: Cacopsylla chinensis
Cadella delta: Cadella delta
Cadlinella ornatissima: Cadlinella ornatissima
Cadra cautella: Cadra cautella
Cadra figulilella: Cadra figulilella
Cadrena minor: Cadrena minor
Cadrena pallida: Cadrena pallida
Caducifer truncata: Caducifer truncata
Cadulus singaporensis: Cadulus singaporensis
Caecella chinensis: Caecella chinensis
Caecella formosae: Caecella formosae
Caecella horsfieldi: Caecella horsfieldi(2)
Caecula kuro: Caecula kuro
Caecula kuro: Sphagebranchus kuro
Caecum arcuatum: Caecum arcuatum
Caecum sepimentum: Caecum sepimentum
Caecum vertebrale: Caecum vertebrale
Caedius orientalis: Caedius orientalis
Caelorinchus aconcagua: Caelorinchus aconcagua
Caelorinchus anatirostris: Caelorinchus anatirostris
Caelorinchus asteroides: Caelorinchus asteroides
Caelorinchus brevirostris: Caelorinchus brevirostris
Caelorinchus cingulatus: Caelorinchus cingulatus
Caelorinchus formosanus: Caelorinchus formosanus
Caelorinchus gilberti: Caelorinchus gilberti
Caelorinchus hexafasciatus: Caelorinchus hexafasciatus
Caelorinchus hubbsi: Caelorinchus hubbsi
Caelorinchus japonicus: Caelorinchus japonicus
Caelorinchus kamoharai: Caelorinchus kamoharai
Caelorinchus kishinouyei: Caelorinchus kishinouyei
Caelorinchus leptorhinus: Caelorinchus leptorhinus
Caelorinchus longissimus: Caelorinchus longissimus
Caelorinchus macrorhynchus: Caelorinchus macrorhynchus
Caelorinchus multispinulosus: Caelorinchus multispinulosus
Caelorinchus occa: Caelorinchus occa
Caelorinchus parallelus: Caelorinchus parallelus
Caelorinchus parvifasciatus: Caelorinchus parvifasciatus
Caelorinchus productus: Caelorinchus productus
Caelorinchus sheni: Caelorinchus sheni
Caelorinchus smithi: Caelorinchus smithi
Caelorinchus tokiensis: Caelorinchus tokiensis
Caenis argillosa: Caenis argillosa
Caenis bella: Caenis bella
Caenis cornigera: Caenis cornigera
Caenis corpulenta: Caenis corpulenta
Caenis granifera: Caenis granifera
Caenis montana: Caenis montana
Caenis nitida: Caenis nitida
Caenis yangi: Caenis yangi
Caenocoris marginatus: Caenocoris marginatus
Caenolanguria insularis: Caenolanguria insularis
Caerostris paradoxa: Caerostris paradoxa
Caesio caerulaurea: Caesio azuraureus
Caesio caerulaurea: Caesio caerulaurea(2)
Caesio caerulaurea: Caesio caerulaureus
Caesio caerulaurea: Caesio cearulaurea
Caesio caerulaurea: Caesio coerulaureus
Caesio caerulaurea: Caesio maculatus
Caesio caerulaurea: Caesio nori
Caesio caerulaurea: Smaris mauritianus
Caesio cuning: Caesio cuning(3)
Caesio cuning: Caesio cunning
Caesio cuning: Caesio erythrochilurus
Caesio cuning: Caesio erythrogaster
Caesio cuning: Cichla cuning
Caesio cuning: Sparus cuning
Caesio erythrogaster: Caesio erythrogaster(2)
Caesio lunaris: Caesio lunares
Caesio lunaris: Caesio lunaris(2)
Caesio teres: Caesio pulcherrima
Caesio teres: Caesio pulcherrimus
Caesio teres: Caesio teres(2)
Caesio teres: Caesio xanthonotus
Cafius nauticus: Cafius nauticus
Caiman crocodilus: Caiman crocodilus(5)
Caiman latirostris: Caiman latirostris
Caiman sclerops: Caiman sclerops(3)
Caimanops amphiboluroides: Diporiphora amphiboluroides
Cairina moschata: Cairina moschata(189000)
Cairina moschata: domestica, Cairina moschata domestica(27300)
Cairina moschata: domestica, Cairina moschata domesticus(54800)
Cairina scutulata: Cairina scutulata(3)
Calaenorrhinus asmara: Calaenorrhinus asmara
Calamaria agamensis: Calamaria agamensis
Calamaria albiventer: Calamaria albiventer
Calamaria beccarii: Calamaria beccarii
Calamaria benjaminsi: Calamaria benjaminsi
Calamaria bicolor: Calamaria bicolor
Calamaria borneensis: Calamaria borneensis
Calamaria brachyura: Calamaria brachyura
Calamaria egregia: Calamaria egregia
Calamaria electa: Calamaria electa
Calamaria everetti: Calamaria everetti
Calamaria grabowskyi: Calamaria grabowskyi
Calamaria gracillima: Calamaria gracillima
Calamaria griswoldi: Calamaria griswoldi
Calamaria hosei: Calamaria hosei
Calamaria ingeri: Calamaria ingeri
Calamaria javanica: Calamaria javanica
Calamaria lateralis: Calamaria lateralis
Calamaria lautensis: Calamaria lautensis
Calamaria leucephala: Calamaria leucephala
Calamaria leucogaster: Calamaria leucogaster
Calamaria linnaei: Calamaria linnaei
Calamaria lovii: Calamaria lovii
Calamaria lowi: Calamaria lowi
Calamaria lumbholtzi: Calamaria lumbholtzi
Calamaria lumbricoidae: Calamaria lumbricoidae
Calamaria lumbricoidea: Calamaria lumbricoidea
Calamaria melanota: Calamaria melanota
Calamaria moultoni: Calamaria moultoni
Calamaria pavimentata: Calamaria pavimentata
Calamaria pendleburyi: Calamaria pendleburyi
Calamaria prakkei: Calamaria prakkei
Calamaria raveni: Calamaria raveni
Calamaria rebentischi: Calamaria rebentischi
Calamaria schlegeli: Calamaria schlegeli(2)
Calamaria schmidti: Calamaria schmidti
Calamaria semiannultata: Calamaria semiannultata
Calamaria smithi: Calamaria smithi
Calamaria suluensis: Calamaria suluensis
Calamaria sumatrana: Calamaria sumatrana
Calamaria ventralis: Calamaria ventralis
Calamaria vermiformis: Calamaria vermiformis
Calandrella brachydactyla: Calandrella brachydactyla
Calanopia elliptica: Calanopia elliptica
Calanopia minor: Calanopia minor
Calappa bicornis: Calappa bicornis
Calappa calappa: Calappa calappa
Calappa capellonis: Calappa capellonis
Calappa gallus: Calappa gallus
Calappa hepatica: Calappa hepatica
Calappa japonica: Calappa japonica
Calappa lophos: Calappa lophos
Calappa philargius: Calappa philargius
Calappa pustulosa: Calappa pustulosa
Calappa quadrimaculata: Calappa quadrimaculata
Calastacus laevis: Calastacus laevis
Calaxiopsis serrata: Calaxiopsis serrata
Calcinus elegans: Calcinus elegans
Calcinus minutus: Calcinus minutus
Calcinus pulcher: Calcinus pulcher
Calepitrimerus reticulatus: Calepitrimerus reticulatus
Calicnemia eximia: Calicnemia eximia
Calidris acuminata: Calidris acuminata(6)
Calidris alba: Calidris alba(6)
Calidris alpina: Calidris alpina(6)
Calidris bairdii: Calidris bairdii
Calidris canutus: Calidris canutus(6)
Calidris ferruginea: Calidris ferruginea(6)
Calidris himantopus: Calidris himantopus
Calidris mauri: Calidris mauri(2)
Calidris melanotos: Calidris melanotos(4)
Calidris minuta: Calidris minuta(5)
Calidris minutilla: Calidris minutilla
Calidris pusilla: Calidris pusilla
Calidris pygmeus: Calidris pygmeus
Calidris ruficollis: Calidris ruficollis(6)
Calidris subminuta: Calidris subminuta(6)
Calidris temminckii: Calidris temminckii(5)
Calidris tenuirostris: Calidris tenuirostris(5)
Caligodes laciniatus: Caligodes laciniatus
Caligus bonito: Caligus bonito
Caligus cordyla: Caligus cordyla
Caligus orientalis: Caligus orientalis
Caligus pagrosomi: Caligus pagrosomi
Caligus punctatus: Caligus punctatus
Caligus quadratus: Caligus quadratus
Callanaitis calophylla: Callanaitis calophylla
Callanthias japonicus: Callanthias japonicus(2)
Callechelys marmorata: Callechelys guichenoti
Callechelys marmorata: Callechelys marmorata(2)
Callechelys marmorata: Callechelys marmoratus
Callechelys marmorata: Dalophis marmorata
Callechelys marmorata: Ophichthys marmoratus
Callechelys marmorata: Pisodonophis maculatus
Calleida lepida: Calleida lepida
Callianassa intermedia: Callianassa intermedia
Callicaria superba: Callicaria superba
Callidula attenuata: Callidula attenuata
Callimerus nigromarginatus: Callimerus nigromarginatus
Callimico goeldii: Callimico goeldii
Callionymus altipinnis: Callionymus altipinnis(2)
Callionymus altipinnis: Synchiropus altipinnis
Callionymus belcheri: Callionymus belcheri(2)
Callionymus belcheri: Calliurichthys belcheri
Callionymus beniteguri: Callionymus beniteguri(2)
Callionymus beniteguri: Repomucenus beniteguri
Callionymus curvicornis: Callionymus curvicornis(2)
Callionymus curvicornis: Callionymus richardsoni
Callionymus curvicornis: Callionymus richardsonii
Callionymus curvicornis: Repomucenus curvicornis
Callionymus curvicornis: Repomucenus richardsonii
Callionymus doryssus: Callionymus doryssus(2)
Callionymus doryssus: Calliurichthys doryssus
Callionymus enneactis: Callionymus altidorsalis
Callionymus enneactis: Callionymus altidorslis
Callionymus enneactis: Callionymus distethommatus
Callionymus enneactis: Callionymus enneactis(2)
Callionymus enneactis: Callionymus wilburi
Callionymus enneactis: Paradiplogrammus distethommatus
Callionymus enneactis: Paradiplogrammus enneactis(2)
Callionymus filamentosus: Callionymus filamentosus(2)
Callionymus filamentosus: Callionymus stigmapteron
Callionymus filamentosus: Calliurichthys filamentosus
Callionymus hainanensis: Callionymus hainanensis(2)
Callionymus hindsii: Callionymus hindsi
Callionymus hindsii: Callionymus hindsii(2)
Callionymus hindsii: Calliurichthys hindsii
Callionymus japonicus: Callionymus japonicus(2)
Callionymus japonicus: Calliurichthys japonicus(2)
Callionymus martinae: Callionymus martinae(2)
Callionymus martinae: Calliurichthys martinae
Callionymus meridionalis: Callionymus meridionalis(2)
Callionymus meridionalis: Callionymus valenciennei
Callionymus octostigmatus: Callionymus octostigmatus(2)
Callionymus octostigmatus: Repomucenus octostigmatus
Callionymus planus: Callionymus planus(2)
Callionymus planus: Repomucenus planus
Callionymus pleurostictus: Callionymus pleurostictus(2)
Callionymus pleurostictus: Pseudocalliurichthys pleurostictus
Callionymus scabriceps: Callionymus scabriceps(2)
Callionymus schaapii: Callionymus schaapi
Callionymus schaapii: Callionymus schaapii(2)
Callionymus schaapii: Repomucenus schaapii
Callionymus valenciennei: Callionymus valenciennei(2)
Callionymus valenciennei: Repomucenus valenciennei
Callionymus variegatus: Callionymus variegatus(2)
Callionymus variegatus: Pseudocalliurichthys variegatus
Calliophis bivirgatus: Calliophis bivirgatus
Calliophis gracilis: Calliophis gracilis
Calliophis intestinalis: Calliophis intestinalis
Calliophis macclellandi: Calliophis macclellandi
Calliophis maculiceps: Calliophis maculiceps(2)
Calliostoma aculeatus: Calliostoma aculeatus
Calliostoma cecilleri: Calliostoma cecilleri
Calliostoma consors: Calliostoma consors
Calliostoma formosense: Calliostoma formosense
Calliostoma galea: Calliostoma galea
Calliostoma haliarchus: Calliostoma haliarchus
Calliostoma katoi: Calliostoma katoi
Calliostoma koma: Calliostoma koma
Calliostoma problematicus: Calliostoma problematicus
Calliostoma rubroscalpta: Calliostoma rubroscalpta
Calliostoma scobinatum: Calliostoma scobinatum
Calliostoma shinagawaense: Calliostoma shinagawaense
Calliostoma soyoae: Calliostoma soyoae
Calliostoma tosaensis: Calliostoma tosaensis
Calliostoma tranquebarica: Calliostoma tranquebarica
Calliostoma unicum: Calliostoma unicum
Calliotectum dalli: Calliotectum dalli
Callipepla californica: Callipepla californica(2)
Callipepla gambelii: Callipepla gambelii(2)
Calliphara nobilis: Calliphara nobilis(3)
Calliphora lata: Calliphora lata
Calliphora pattoni: Calliphora pattoni
Callista chinensis: Callista chinensis(2)
Callista erycina: Callista erycina
Callista phasianella: Callista phasianella
Callista pilsbryi: Callista pilsbryi
Calliteara angulata: Calliteara angulata
Callithrix aurita: Callithrix aurita
Callithrix flaviceps: Callithrix flaviceps
Calliurichthys izuensis: Callionymus persicus
Calliurichthys izuensis: Calliurichthys izuensis(2)
Callocardia guttata: Callocardia guttata
Callochiton schilfi: Callochiton schilfi
Callochromis pleurospilus: Callochromis pleurospilus(3)
Callogobius flavobrunneus: Callogobius flavobrunneus(2)
Callogobius flavobrunneus: Mucogobius flavobrunneus
Callogobius hasseltii: Callogobius hasselti
Callogobius hasseltii: Callogobius hasseltii(2)
Callogobius hasseltii: Gobius hasseltii
Callogobius hasseltii: Macgregorella moroana
Callogobius maculippinis: Callogobius irrasus
Callogobius maculippinis: Callogobius maculipinnis
Callogobius maculippinis: Callogobius maculippinis(2)
Callogobius maculippinis: Drombus irrasus
Callogobius maculippinis: Drombus maculipinnis
Callogobius maculippinis: Intonsagobius kuderi
Callogobius maculippinis: Intonsagobius vanclevei
Callogobius nigromarginatus: Callogobius nigromarginatus(2)
Callogobius okinawae: Callogobius okinawae(2)
Callogobius okinawae: Doryptena okinawae
Callogobius okinawae: Macgregorella intonsa
Callogobius sclateri: Callogobius scaleri
Callogobius sclateri: Callogobius sclateri(2)
Callogobius sclateri: Eleotris sclateri
Callogobius sclateri: Metagobius sclateri
Callogobius sheni: Callogobius sheni(2)
Callogobius snelliusi: Callogobius snelliusi(3)
Callogobius tanegasimae: Callogobius tanegasimae(2)
Callogobius tanegasimae: Doryptena tanegasimae
Callophrys rubi: Callophrys rubi
Callopistria aethiops: Callopistria aethiops
Callopistria deflexusa: Callopistria deflexusa
Callopistria delicata: Callopistria delicata
Callopistria duplicans: Callopistria duplicans
Callopistria guttulalis: Callopistria guttulalis
Callopistria japonibia: Callopistria japonibia
Callopistria juventina: Callopistria juventina
Callopistria nigrescens: Callopistria nigrescens
Callopistria placodoides: Callopistria placodoides
Callopistria pulchrilinea: Callopistria pulchrilinea
Callopistria repleta: Callopistria repleta
Calloplesiops altivelis: Barrosia barrosi
Calloplesiops altivelis: Calloplesiops altivelis(5)
Calloplesiops altivelis: Callopresiops altivelis
Calloplesiops altivelis: Plesiops altivelis
Callosciurus baluensis: Callosciurus baluensis
Callosciurus caniceps: Callosciurus caniceps
Callosciurus erythraeus: Callosciurus erythraeus(2)
Callosciurus nigrovittatus: Callosciurus nigrovittatus
Callosciurus notatus: Callosciurus notatus(17200)
Callosciurus prevostii: Callosciurus prevostii
Calloselasma rhodostoma: Calloselasma rhodostoma(2)
Calluella minuta: Calluella minuta(2)
Callula pulchra: Callula pulchra
Callyna contracta: Callyna contracta
Callyna jugaria: Callyna jugaria
Callyna monoleuca: Callyna monoleuca
Callyna semivitta: Callyna semivitta
Calocoris stysi: Calocoris stysi
Calodera coccinea: Calodera coccinea
Caloenas nicobarica: Caloenas nicobarica(4)
Calomycterus variabilis: Calomycterus variabilis
Calonectris leucomelas: Calonectris leucomelas(7)
Caloperdix oculea: Caloperdix oculea(3)
Caloprymnus campestris: Caloprymnus campestris
Caloptilia scaeodesma: Caloptilia scaeodesma
Calorhamphus fuliginosus: Calorhamphus fuliginosus(2)
Calotes versicolor: Calotes versicolor(59201)
Calothrix brevissima: Calothrix brevissima
Calothrix cylindrica: Calothrix cylindrica
Calothrix parietina: Calothrix parietina
Calotomus carolinus: Callyodon brachysoma
Calotomus carolinus: Callyodon carolinus
Calotomus carolinus: Callyodon genistriatus
Calotomus carolinus: Callyodon sandwicensis
Calotomus carolinus: Calotomus carolinus(2)
Calotomus carolinus: Calotomus irradians
Calotomus carolinus: Calotomus sandvicensis
Calotomus carolinus: Calotomus sandwicensis
Calotomus carolinus: Calotomus snyderi
Calotomus carolinus: Calotomus spinidens
Calotomus carolinus: Calotomus xenodon
Calotomus carolinus: Cryptotomus albimarginatus
Calotomus carolinus: Cryptotomus spinidens
Calotomus carolinus: Leptoscarus brachysoma
Calotomus carolinus: Leptoscarus vaigiensis
Calotomus carolinus: Scarichthys rarotongae
Calotomus japonicus: Callyodon japonicus
Calotomus japonicus: Calotomus cyclurus
Calotomus japonicus: Calotomus japonicus(2)
Calotomus japonicus: Leptoscarus japonicus
Calotomus spinidens: Callyodon hypselosoma
Calotomus spinidens: Callyodon moluccensis
Calotomus spinidens: Callyodon spinidens
Calotomus spinidens: Callyodon viridescens
Calotomus spinidens: Callyodon waigiensis
Calotomus spinidens: Calotomus japonicus
Calotomus spinidens: Calotomus spinidence
Calotomus spinidens: Calotomus spinidens(2)
Calotomus spinidens: Cryptotomus spinidens
Calotomus spinidens: Leptoscarus moluccensis
Calotomus spinidens: Leptoscarus vaigiensis
Calotomus spinidens: Scarus spinidens
Calpurnus lacteus: Calpurnus lacteus(2)
Calpurnus verrucosus: Calpurnus verrucosus(2)
Caltoris bromus: Caltoris bromus
Caltoris brunnea: Caltoris brunnea
Caltoris cahira: Caltoris cahira
Caltoris cormasa: Caltoris cormasa(2)
Caltoris malaya: Caltoris malaya(2)
Caltoris philippina: Caltoris philippina
Caltoris plebeia: Caltoris plebeia(2)
Caltoris sirius: Caltoris sirius
Caltoris tulsi: Caltoris tulsi
Calumia godeffroyi: Calumia biocellata
Calumia godeffroyi: Calumia godeffroyi(2)
Calumia godeffroyi: Eleotris godeffroyi
Calumma parsonii: Calumma parsonii
Calvactaea tumida: Calvactaea tumida
Calvia albolineata: Calvia albolineata
Calvia championorum: Calvia championorum
Calvia chinensis: Calvia chinensis
Calvia hauseri: Calvia hauseri
Calvia muiri: Calvia muiri
Calvia quadrivittata: Calvia quadrivittata
Calvia quinqudecimguttata: Calvia quinqudecimguttata(2)
Calvia shirozui: Calvia shirozui
Calycina major: Calycina major
Calycomyza bicolor: Calycomyza bicolor
Calyptomena hosii: Calyptomena hosii
Calyptomena viridis: Calyptomena viridis(3)
Calyptomena whiteheadi: Calyptomena whiteheadi
Calyptopogon albitarsis: Calyptopogon albitarsis
Calyptra fletcheri: Calyptra fletcheri
Calyptra orthograpta: Calyptra orthograpta
Calyptraea extinctorium: Calyptraea extinctorium(2)
Calyptraea morbida: Calyptraea morbida
Calyptraea sakaguchi: Calyptraea sakaguchi
Calyptromyia barbata: Calyptromyia barbata
Camelus bactrianus: Camelus ferus
Campephilus imperialis: Campephilus imperialis
Campichthys nanus: Campichthys nanus(2)
Campiglossa punctata: Campiglossa punctata
Campoletis chlorideae: Campoletis chlorideae
Campontus irritans: Campontus irritans
Campontus variegatus: Campontus variegatus
Campoplex anatolus: Campoplex anatolus
Campoplex chiuae: Campoplex chiuae
Campoplex homonae: Campoplex homonae
Campoplex maximalus: Campoplex maximalus
Campoplex oriens: Campoplex oriens
Campoplex pusillus: Campoplex pusillus
Campoplex pygmaeus: Campoplex pygmaeus
Campoplex sauteri: Campoplex sauteri
Campoplex septentrionalis: Campoplex septentrionalis
Camposcia retusa: Camposcia retusa
Campsomeris annulata: Campsomeris annulata
Campsomeris aureicollis: Campsomeris aureicollis
Campsomeris binghami: Campsomeris binghami
Campsomeris formosensis: Campsomeris formosensis
Campsomeris ilanensis: Campsomeris ilanensis
Campsomeris kanoi: Campsomeris kanoi
Campsomeris limbata: Campsomeris limbata
Campsomeris lindenii: Campsomeris lindenii
Campsomeris marginella: Campsomeris marginella(3)
Campsomeris phalerata: Campsomeris phalerata
Campsomeris prismatica: Campsomeris prismatica(4)
Campsomeris quadrifasciata: Campsomeris quadrifasciata
Campsomeris stoetzneri: Campsomeris stoetzneri
Campsomeris taiwana: Campsomeris taiwana
Campsomeris uchidai: Campsomeris uchidai
Campsosternus auratus: Campsosternus auratus
Campsosternus mirabilis: Campsosternus mirabilis
Camptoloma carum: Camptoloma carum
Campyloacantha imbricata: Campyloacantha imbricata
Campylocera hirsuta: Campylocera hirsuta
Campylomma chinensis: Campylomma chinensis
Campylomma livida: Campylomma livida
Campylomma lividicornis: Campylomma lividicornis
Campylotes maculosa: Campylotes maculosa
Cancellaria asperella: Cancellaria asperella(2)
Cancellaria elegans: Cancellaria elegans
Cancellaria fulva: Cancellaria fulva
Cancellaria gigantea: Cancellaria gigantea
Cancellaria sinensis: Cancellaria sinensis
Cancellaria spengleriana: Cancellaria spengleriana
Cancer japonicus: Cancer japonicus
Cancer nadaensis: Cancer nadaensis
Cancer pagurus: Cancer pagurus
Cancilla abyssicola: Cancilla abyssicola
Cancilla filaris: Cancilla filaris
Cancilla filiaris: Cancilla filiaris
Cancilla gloriola: Cancilla gloriola
Cancilla granatina: Cancilla granatina
Cancilla isabella: Cancilla isabella
Cancilla morchii: Cancilla morchii
Cancilla praestantissima: Cancilla praestantissima
Candacia bipinnata: Candacia bipinnata
Candacia elongata: Candacia elongata
Candidia barbatus: Candidia barbata
Candidia barbatus: Candidia barbatus(2)
Candidia barbatus: Opsariichthys barbatus
Candidia barbatus: Zacco barbata
Candidia barbatus: Zacco barbatus
Candidia pingtungensis: Candidia pingtungensis
Candoia carinata: Candoia carinata
Canis lupus: Canis dingo
Canis lupus: Canis familiaris
Canis lupus: Canis lupus
Cantacander formosus: Cantacander formosus
Cantao ocellatus: Cantao ocellatus
Cantharidus callichrous: Cantharidus callichrous(2)
Cantharis pallida: Cantharis pallida
Cantharis pellucida: Cantharis pellucida
Cantharis rustica: Cantharis rustica
Cantharus cecillei: Cantharus cecillei(2)
Cantharus fumosus: Cantharus fumosus
Cantharus leucotaniatus: Cantharus leucotaniatus
Cantharus melanostoma: Cantharus melanostoma
Cantharus melanostomus: Cantharus melanostomus
Cantharus spiralis: Cantharus spiralis
Cantharus undosus: Cantharus undosus
Cantheconidea concinna: Cantheconidea concinna
Cantheconidea formosa: Cantheconidea formosa
Cantherhines dumerilii: Cantherhines dumerili
Cantherhines dumerilii: Cantherhines dumerilii(2)
Cantherhines fronticinctus: Amanses fronticinctus
Cantherhines fronticinctus: Cantharines fronticinctus
Cantherhines fronticinctus: Cantherhines fronticinctatus
Cantherhines fronticinctus: Cantherhines fronticinctus(2)
Cantherhines fronticinctus: Cantherhines fronticintus
Cantherhines fronticinctus: Cantherines fronticinctus
Cantherhines fronticinctus: Monacanthus fronticinctus
Cantherhines multilineatus: Cantherhines multilineatus(2)
Cantherhines multilineatus: Pseudomonacanthus multilineatus
Cantherhines pardalis: Amanses microlepidotus
Cantherhines pardalis: Cantherhines pardalis(2)
Cantherhines pardalis: Cantherines pardalis
Cantherhines pardalis: Hanomanctus bovinus
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus aspersus
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus brunneus
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus fatensis
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus fuliginosus
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus houttuyni
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus kibikib
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus laevicaudatus
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus melanistius
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus melanuropterus
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus natalensis
Cantherhines pardalis: Monacanthus pardalis
Canthesancus maculatus: Canthesancus maculatus
Canthidermis maculata: Canthidermis maculata(2)
Canthidermis maculata: Canthidermis maculatus
Canthigaster amboinensis: Canthigaster amboinensis(2)
Canthigaster amboinensis: Canthigaster margaritatus
Canthigaster amboinensis: Canthigaster polyophthalmus
Canthigaster amboinensis: Canthigaster solandri
Canthigaster amboinensis: Psilonotus amboinensis
Canthigaster amboinensis: Tetrodon amboinensis
Canthigaster amboinensis: Tetrodon natalensis
Canthigaster amboinensis: Tropidichthys oahuensis
Canthigaster amboinensis: Tropidichthys psegma
Canthigaster axiologus: Canthigaster axiologus
Canthigaster axiologus: Canthigaster cinctus
Canthigaster axiologus: Canthigaster coronata
Canthigaster axiologus: Canthigaster coronatus
Canthigaster axiologus: Tetraodon coronatus
Canthigaster bennetti: Canthigaster benetti
Canthigaster bennetti: Canthigaster bennetti(2)
Canthigaster bennetti: Canthigaster constellatus
Canthigaster bennetti: Cathingaster benneti
Canthigaster bennetti: Tetrodon ocellatus
Canthigaster bennetti: Tropidichthys bennetti
Canthigaster bennetti: Tropidichthys oxylophius
Canthigaster compressa: Canthigaster compressa(2)
Canthigaster compressa: Canthigaster compressus
Canthigaster compressa: Tetraodon striolatus
Canthigaster compressa: Tetrodon compressus
Canthigaster compressa: Tetrodon insignitus
Canthigaster coronata: Canthigaster coronata
Canthigaster epilampra: Canthigaster epilampra(2)
Canthigaster epilampra: Tropidichthys epilamprus
Canthigaster janthinoptera: Canthigaster jactator
Canthigaster janthinoptera: Canthigaster janthinopera
Canthigaster janthinoptera: Canthigaster janthinoptera(2)
Canthigaster janthinoptera: Canthigaster janthinopterus
Canthigaster janthinoptera: Tropidichthys janthinopterus
Canthigaster rivulata: Canthigaster caudofasciatus
Canthigaster rivulata: Canthigaster notospilus
Canthigaster rivulata: Canthigaster rivulata(2)
Canthigaster rivulata: Canthigaster rivulatus
Canthigaster rivulata: Eumycterias bitaeniatus
Canthigaster rivulata: Tetraodon rivulatus
Canthigaster rivulata: Tropidichthys caudofasciatus
Canthigaster solandri: Canthigaster australis
Canthigaster solandri: Canthigaster glaucospilotus
Canthigaster solandri: Canthigaster margaritatus
Canthigaster solandri: Canthigaster papua
Canthigaster solandri: Canthigaster saipanensis
Canthigaster solandri: Canthigaster solandri(2)
Canthigaster solandri: Tetrodon petersii
Canthigaster solandri: Tetrodon solandri
Canthigaster valentini: Canthigaster valentini(2)
Canthigaster valentini: Tetraodon gronovii
Canthigaster valentini: Tetraodon valentini
Canthigaster valentini: Tetrodon taeniatus
Canthocalanus pauper: Canthocalanus pauper
Cantoria violacea: Cantoria violacea(3)
Caperea marginata: Caperea marginata
Capidentalis salicicola: Capidentalis salicicola
Capila phanaeus: Capila phanaeus
Capila pieridoides: Capila pieridoides
Capitophorus montanus: Capitophorus montanus
Capnodes nigerrimasigna: Capnodes nigerrimasigna
Capoeta semifasciolatus: Capoeta semifasciolatus(3)
Capoeta tetrazona: Capoeta tetrazona
Capoeta titteya: Capoeta titteya(3)
Capoeta; tetrazona: Capoeta; tetrazona(2)
Capra falconeri: Capra falconeri
Capra hircus: Capra hircus
Capricornis sumatraensis: Capricornis sumatraensis
Capricornis sumatraensis: Naemorhedus sumatraensis
Caprimulgus affinis: Caprimulgus affinis(5)
Caprimulgus concretus: Caprimulgus concretus(2)
Caprimulgus indicus: Caprimulgus indicus(5)
Caprimulgus macrurus: Caprimulgus macrourus
Caprimulgus macrurus: Caprimulgus macrurus(4)
Caprodon schlegelii: Anthias schlegelii
Caprodon schlegelii: Caprodon affinis
Caprodon schlegelii: Caprodon longimanus
Caprodon schlegelii: Caprodon schlegeli
Caprodon schlegelii: Caprodon schlegelii(2)
Caprolagus hispidus: Caprolagus hispidus
Capua endocypha: Capua endocypha
Carabus granulatus: Carabus granulatus
Caracal caracal: Caracal caracal
Caracanthus maculatus: Caracanthus maculatus(2)
Caracanthus maculatus: Micropus maculatus
Caracanthus unipinna: Caracanthus unipinna(2)
Caracanthus unipinna: Caracanthus unipinnis
Caracanthus unipinna: Caracanthus unipinnus
Caracanthus unipinna: Caracanthus zeylonicus
Caracanthus unipinna: Centropus staurophorus
Caracanthus unipinna: Micropus longipinnis
Caracanthus unipinna: Micropus unipinna
Caragobius urolepis: Brachyamblyopus anotus
Caragobius urolepis: Caragobius urolepis(2)
Carangoides armatus: Carangoides armatus(2)
Carangoides armatus: Caranx armatus
Carangoides armatus: Caranx ciliarius
Carangoides armatus: Caranx schlegeli
Carangoides armatus: Citula armata
Carangoides armatus: Citula armatus
Carangoides bajad: Carangoides auroguttataus
Carangoides bajad: Carangoides auroguttatus
Carangoides bajad: Carangoides bajad(2)
Carangoides bajad: Caranx auroguttatus
Carangoides bajad: Caranx bajad
Carangoides bajad: Scomber ferdau
Carangoides chrysophrys: Carangoides chrysophryoides
Carangoides chrysophrys: Carangoides chrysophrys(2)
Carangoides chrysophrys: Carangoides chrysophyra
Carangoides chrysophrys: Caranx chrysophrys
Carangoides chrysophrys: Caranx typus
Carangoides coeruleopinnatus: Carangoides caeruleopinnatus
Carangoides coeruleopinnatus: Carangoides coeruleopinnatus(2)
Carangoides coeruleopinnatus: Caranx altissimus
Carangoides coeruleopinnatus: Caranx diversa
Carangoides dinema: Carangichthys dinema
Carangoides dinema: Carangoides denima
Carangoides dinema: Carangoides dinema(2)
Carangoides dinema: Caranx deani
Carangoides dinema: Caranx dinema
Carangoides equula: Carangoides acutus
Carangoides equula: Carangoides equula(2)
Carangoides equula: Caranx dasson
Carangoides equula: Caranx equula
Carangoides equula: Kaiwarinus equula
Carangoides ferdau: Carangoides ferdan
Carangoides ferdau: Carangoides ferdau(2)
Carangoides ferdau: Carangoides hemigymnostethus
Carangoides ferdau: Carangoides laticaudis
Carangoides ferdau: Caranx ferdau
Carangoides ferdau: Caranx gilberti
Carangoides ferdau: Caranx hemigymnostethus
Carangoides ferdau: Ferdauia lindemanensis
Carangoides ferdau: Scomber ferdau
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Carangoides emburyi
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Carangoides fulvogutatus
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Carangoides fulvoguttatus(2)
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Caranx emburyi
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Caranx fulvoguttatus
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Ferdauia claeszooni
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Scomber fulvoguttatus
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Turrum emburyi
Carangoides gymnostethus: Carangoides gymnostethoides
Carangoides gymnostethus: Carangoides gymnostethus(2)
Carangoides gymnostethus: Caranx gymnostethoides
Carangoides gymnostethus: Caranx gymnostethus
Carangoides gymnostethus: Ferdauia claeszooni
Carangoides hedlandensis: Atropus atropus
Carangoides hedlandensis: Carangoides hedlandensis(2)
Carangoides hedlandensis: Caranx hedlandensis
Carangoides hedlandensis: Caranx plumbeus
Carangoides hedlandensis: Olistus hedlandensis
Carangoides malabaricus: Carangoides malabaricus(3)
Carangoides malabaricus: Carangoides rectipinnus
Carangoides malabaricus: Carangoides rhomboides
Carangoides malabaricus: Caranx malabaricus
Carangoides malabaricus: Citula malabaricus
Carangoides malabaricus: Scomber malabaricus
Carangoides oblongus: Carangichthys oblongus
Carangoides oblongus: Carangoides oblongus(2)
Carangoides oblongus: Caranx auriga
Carangoides oblongus: Caranx gracilis
Carangoides oblongus: Caranx oblongus
Carangoides oblongus: Caranx tanakai
Carangoides oblongus: Citula gracilis
Carangoides orthogrammus: Carangoides ferdau
Carangoides orthogrammus: Carangoides gymnostethoides
Carangoides orthogrammus: Carangoides jordani
Carangoides orthogrammus: Carangoides nitidus
Carangoides orthogrammus: Carangoides orthogrammus(2)
Carangoides orthogrammus: Caranx jordani
Carangoides orthogrammus: Caranx orthogrammus
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Carangoides fulvoguttatus
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Carangoides plagiotaenia(2)
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Caranx brevicarinatus
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Caranx compressus
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Caranx plagiotaenia
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Caranx vomerinus
Carangoides talamparoides: Carangoides talamparoides(2)
Carangoides talamparoides: Caranx talamparoides
Caranx bucculentus: Caranx bucculentus(2)
Caranx djeddaba: Caranx djeddaba
Caranx ignobilis: Carangus hippoides
Caranx ignobilis: Caranx carangus
Caranx ignobilis: Caranx ekala
Caranx ignobilis: Caranx ignobilis(3)
Caranx ignobilis: Caranx lessonii
Caranx ignobilis: Caranx sansun
Caranx ignobilis: Scomber ignobilis
Caranx lugubris: Caranx ascensionis
Caranx lugubris: Caranx frontalis
Caranx lugubris: Caranx hippos
Caranx lugubris: Caranx ishikawai
Caranx lugubris: Caranx lugubris(2)
Caranx lugubris: Caranx tenebrosus
Caranx lugubris: Scomber ascensionis
Caranx melampygus: Carangus melampygus
Caranx melampygus: Caranx medusicola
Caranx melampygus: Caranx melampyges
Caranx melampygus: Caranx melampygus(2)
Caranx melampygus: Caranx stellatus
Caranx melampygus: Caranx valenciennei
Caranx melampygus: Carynx melampygus
Caranx papuensis: Carangus sansum
Caranx papuensis: Carangus sansun
Caranx papuensis: Caranx celetu
Caranx papuensis: Caranx celetus
Caranx papuensis: Caranx papuensis(2)
Caranx papuensis: Caranx regularis
Caranx papuensis: Caranx sansun
Caranx sexfasciatus: Carangus carangus
Caranx sexfasciatus: Carangus hippos
Caranx sexfasciatus: Carangus rhabdotus
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx belengerii
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx butuanensis
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx carangus
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx elacate
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx flavocoeruleus
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx forsteri
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx fosteri
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx hippos
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx marginatus
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx oshimai
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx paraspistes
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx peronii
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx sexfaciatus(3)
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx sexfasciatus(3)
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx tapeinosoma
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx thompsoni
Caranx sexfasciatus: Caranx xanthopygus
Caranx tille: Caranx cynodon
Caranx tille: Caranx tile
Caranx tille: Caranx tille(2)
Carapus boraborensis: Carapus boraborensis
Carassius auratus: Carassius auratus(3)
Carassius auratus: Carassius carassius
Carassius auratus: Carassius chinensis
Carassius auratus: Carassius encobia
Carassius auratus: Carassius gibelioides
Carassius auratus: Cyprinus auratus
Carassius auratus: Cyprinus langsdorfi
Carassius auratus: Cyprinus maillardi
Carassius auratus: Cyprinus mauritianus
Carassius auratus: Cyprinus thoracatus
Carassius auratus: Leuciscus auratus
Carassius cuvieri: Carassius auratus
Carassius cuvieri: Carassius carassius
Carassius cuvieri: Carassius cuvieri(3)
Carcelia aberrans: Carcelia aberrans
Carcelia caudata: Carcelia caudata
Carcelia frontalis: Carcelia frontalis
Carcelia grossa: Carcelia grossa
Carcelia hirsuta: Carcelia hirsuta
Carcelia secunda: Carcelia secunda
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: Carcharhinus albimarginatus(2)
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: Carcharhinus longimanus
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: Carcharhinus platyrhynchus
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: Carcharias albimarginatus
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: Carcharinus albimarginatus
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: Eulamia albimarginata
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: Eulamia platyrhynchus
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: Triaenodon obesus
Carcharhinus altimus: Carcharhinus albimarginatus
Carcharhinus altimus: Carcharhinus altimus(2)
Carcharhinus altimus: Carcharhinus galapagensis
Carcharhinus altimus: Carcharhinus obscurus
Carcharhinus altimus: Carcharhinus radamae
Carcharhinus altimus: Carcharinus altimus
Carcharhinus altimus: Carcharinus radamae
Carcharhinus altimus: Eulamia altima
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharhinus amblyrhinchos
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos(2)
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharhinus amblyrhynchus
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharhinus melanopterus
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharhinus menisorrah
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharhinus spallanzani
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharhinus wheeleri
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharias amblyrhynchos
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharias nesiotes
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Carcharinus amblyrhynchos
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Eulamia melanoptera
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Galeolamna coongoola
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Galeolamna fowleri
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Galeolamna tufiensis
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Carcharhinus acarenatus
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Carcharhinus ahenea
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Carcharhinus brachyurus(2)
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Carcharhinus improvisus
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Carcharhinus remotoides
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Carcharhinus remotus
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Carcharhinus rochensis
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Carcharias brachyurus
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Carcharias lamiella
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Eulamia ahenea
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Galeolamna ahenea
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Galeolamna eblis
Carcharhinus brachyurus: Galeolamna greyi
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Aprion brevipinna
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Aprionodon brevipinna
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Aprionodon caparti
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Carcharhinus brevipina
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Carcharhinus brevipinna(2)
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Carcharhinus johnsoni
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Carcharhinus limbatus
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Carcharhinus maculipinnis
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Carcharias brevipinna
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Carcharinus brevipinna
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Carcharinus johnsoni
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Galeolamna fowleri
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Isogomphodon maculipinnis
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Longmania calamaria
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Prionidon brevipinna
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Squalus brevipinna
Carcharhinus brevipinna: Uranga nasuta
Carcharhinus brevipinnata: Carcharhinus brevipinnata
Carcharhinus dussumieri: Carcharhinus dussumieri(2)
Carcharhinus dussumieri: Carcharhinus menisorrah
Carcharhinus dussumieri: Carcharhinus sealei
Carcharhinus dussumieri: Carcharhinus tjutjot
Carcharhinus dussumieri: Carcharias dussumieri
Carcharhinus dussumieri: Carcharias javanicus
Carcharhinus dussumieri: Carcharias malabaricus
Carcharhinus dussumieri: Carcharias tjutjot
Carcharhinus falciformis: Aprionodon sitankaiensis
Carcharhinus falciformis: Carcharhinus atrodorsus
Carcharhinus falciformis: Carcharhinus falciformes
Carcharhinus falciformis: Carcharhinus falciformis(2)
Carcharhinus falciformis: Carcharhinus floridanus
Carcharhinus falciformis: Carcharhinus menisorrah
Carcharhinus falciformis: Carcharias falciformis
Carcharhinus falciformis: Carcharias falcipinnis
Carcharhinus falciformis: Carcharias menisorrah
Carcharhinus falciformis: Eulamia malpeloensis
Carcharhinus falciformis: Eulamia menisorrah
Carcharhinus falciformis: Gymnorhinus pharaonis
Carcharhinus falciformis: Prionodon tiburo
Carcharhinus falciformis: Squalus tiburo
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharhinus amboinensis
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharhinus azureus
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharhinus leucas(3)
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharhinus nicaraguensis
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharhinus vanrooyeni
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharhinus zambezensis
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharias azureus
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharias brachyurus
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharias leucas
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharias spenceri
Carcharhinus leucas: Carcharias zambezensis
Carcharhinus leucas: Carharhinus vanrooyeni
Carcharhinus leucas: Eulamia nicaraguensis
Carcharhinus leucas: Galeolamna bogimba
Carcharhinus leucas: Galeolamna greyi
Carcharhinus leucas: Galeolamna mckaili
Carcharhinus leucas: Galeolamna stevensi
Carcharhinus leucas: Prionodon platyodon
Carcharhinus leucas: Squalus obtusus
Carcharhinus leucas: Squalus platyodon
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharhinus amblyrhynchoides
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharhinus brevipinna
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharhinus limbatus(3)
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharhinus natator
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharhinus pleurotaenia
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharhinus tilstoni
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharias abbreviatus
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharias aethalorus
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharias ehrenbergi
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharias limbatus
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharias maculipinna
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharias microps
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharias muelleri
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharias phorcys
Carcharhinus limbatus: Carcharinus limbatus
Carcharhinus limbatus: Galeolamna pleurotaenia
Carcharhinus limbatus: Gymnorhinus abbreviatus
Carcharhinus longimanus: Carcharhinus longimanus(2)
Carcharhinus longimanus: Carcharhinus maou
Carcharhinus longimanus: Carcharias insularum
Carcharhinus longimanus: Carcharias obtusus
Carcharhinus longimanus: Carcharinus longimanus
Carcharhinus longimanus: Pterolamiops budkeri
Carcharhinus longimanus: Pterolamiops longimanus
Carcharhinus longimanus: Pterolamiops magnipinnis
Carcharhinus longimanus: Squalus longimanus
Carcharhinus longimanus: Squalus maou
Carcharhinus macloti: Carcharhinus macloti(2)
Carcharhinus macloti: Carcharias macloti
Carcharhinus macloti: Hypoprion macloti
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Carcharhinus melanopterus(3)
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Carcharhinus melanoptures
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Carcharias commersoni
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Carcharias elegans
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Carcharias marianensis
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Carcharias melanopterus
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Carcharias playfairii
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Carcharinus melanoptera
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Carcharinus melanopterus
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Hypoprion playfairi
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Mapolamia spallanzanii
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Squalus carcharias
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Squalus commersonii
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Squalus ustus
Carcharhinus obscurus: Carcharhinus iranzae
Carcharhinus obscurus: Carcharhinus lamiella
Carcharhinus obscurus: Carcharhinus obscurella
Carcharhinus obscurus: Carcharhinus obscurus(2)
Carcharhinus obscurus: Carcharias macrurus
Carcharhinus obscurus: Carcharinus iranzae
Carcharhinus obscurus: Carcharinus obscurus
Carcharhinus obscurus: Eulamia obscura
Carcharhinus obscurus: Galeolamna eblis
Carcharhinus obscurus: Galeolamna greyi
Carcharhinus obscurus: Galeolamna macrurus
Carcharhinus obscurus: Prionodon obvelatus
Carcharhinus obscurus: Squalus obscurus
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharhinus bleekeri
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharhinus japonicus
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharhinus latistomus
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharhinus milberti
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharhinus platyodon
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharhinus plumbeus(2)
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharias ceruleus
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharias japonicus
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharias latistomus
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharias milberti
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharias obtusirostris
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharias stevensi
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharinus latistomus
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Carcharinus plumbeus
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Eulamia milberti
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Galeolamna dorsalis
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Galeolamna stevensi
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Lamna caudata
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Squalus caecchia
Carcharhinus plumbeus: Squalus plumbeus
Carcharhinus sorrah: Carcharhinus bleekeri
Carcharhinus sorrah: Carcharhinus sorrah(2)
Carcharhinus sorrah: Carcharhinus spallanzani
Carcharhinus sorrah: Carcharias bleekeri
Carcharhinus sorrah: Carcharias sorrah
Carcharhinus sorrah: Carcharias spallanzani
Carcharhinus sorrah: Carcharias taeniatus
Carcharhinus sorrah: Eulamia spallanzani
Carcharhinus sorrah: Galeolamna isobel
Carcharhinus sorrah: Squalus spallanzani
Carcharias taurus: Carcharhinus taurus
Carcharias taurus: Carcharias arenarius
Carcharias taurus: Carcharias griseus
Carcharias taurus: Carcharias owstoni
Carcharias taurus: Carcharias platensis
Carcharias taurus: Carcharias taurus(2)
Carcharias taurus: Carcharias tricuspidatus
Carcharias taurus: Charcharias taurus
Carcharias taurus: Eugomphodus taurus
Carcharias taurus: Lamna ecarinata
Carcharias taurus: Odontaspis americanus
Carcharias taurus: Odontaspis arenarius
Carcharias taurus: Odontaspis cinerea
Carcharias taurus: Odontaspis ferox
Carcharias taurus: Odontaspis platensis
Carcharias taurus: Odontaspis taurus
Carcharias taurus: Squalus americanus
Carcharias taurus: Squalus littoralis
Carcharias taurus: Squalus lixa
Carcharias taurus: Squalus macrodus
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharias atwoodi
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharias lamia
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharias maso
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharias rondeletti
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharias verus
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharias vorax
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharias vulgaris
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharodon albimors
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharodon capensis
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharodon carcharias(3)
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharodon rondeletii
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharodon smithi
Carcharodon carcharias: Carcharodon smithii
Carcharodon carcharias: Squalus carcharias
Carcharodon carcharias: Squalus lamia
Carcharodon carcharias: Squalus vulgaris
Carcinoplax inaequalis: Carcinoplax inaequalis
Carcinoplax nana: Carcinoplax nana
Carcinoplax purpurea: Carcinoplax purpurea
Carcinoplax tomentosa: Carcinoplax tomentosa
Carcinops pumilio: Carcinops pumilio
Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda: Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda
Cardiastethus longiceps: Cardiastethus longiceps
Cardinalis cardinalis: Cardinalis cardinalis
Cardiochiles albopilosus: Cardiochiles albopilosus
Cardiochiles laevifossa: Cardiochiles laevifossa
Cardiochiles szepligetii: Cardiochiles szepligetii
Cardiocondyla noda: Cardiocondyla noda
Cardiocondyla wroughtonii: Cardiocondyla wroughtonii
Cardiolucina eucosmia: Cardiolucina eucosmia
Cardiomya alcocki: Cardiomya alcocki
Cardiomya fortisculpta: Cardiomya fortisculpta
Cardiomya gouldiana: Cardiomya gouldiana
Cardiomya sagamiana: Cardiomya sagamiana
Cardiomya semicostata: Cardiomya semicostata
Cardiomya singaporensis: Cardiomya singaporensis
Cardiomya taiwanica: Cardiomya taiwanica
Cardiomya tosaensis: Cardiomya tosaensis
Cardiophorus carduelis: Cardiophorus carduelis
Cardita crassicosta: Cardita crassicosta
Cardita leana: Cardita leana
Cardita variegata: Cardita variegata(2)
Carditella pulchella: Carditella pulchella
Carditellona pulchella: Carditellona pulchella
Cardium asiaticum: Cardium asiaticum
Cardium coronatum: Cardium coronatum
Cardium flavium: Cardium flavium
Cardium latum: Cardium latum
Cardium sinense: Cardium sinense(2)
Cardium unedo: Cardium unedo
Carduelis ambigua: Carduelis ambigua
Carduelis carduelis: Carduelis carduelis
Carduelis cucullata: Carduelis cucullata
Carduelis flammea: Carduelis flammea(3)
Carduelis sinica: Carduelis sinica(3)
Carduelis spinus: Carduelis spinus(2)
Carduelis yarrellii: Carduelis yarrellii
Carea internifusca: Carea internifusca
Carea trimacula: Carea trimacula
Carea varipes: Carea varipes
Caretta caretta: Caretta caretta(2)
Carettochelys insculpta: Carettochelys insculpta
Caridina formosae: Caridina formosae
Caridina japonica: Caridina japonica
Caridina longirostris: Caridina longirostris
Caridina propinqua: Caridina propinqua
Caridina serrata: Caridina serrata
Carinapex papillosa: Carinapex papillosa
Carinosquilla australiensis: Carinosquilla australiensis
Carinosquilla balicasag: Carinosquilla balicasag
Carinosquilla carinata: Carinosquilla carinata(2)
Carinosquilla carita: Carinosquilla carita
Carinosquilla lirata: Carinosquilla lirata
Carinosquilla mclaughlinae: Carinosquilla mclaughlinae
Carinosquilla multicarinata: Carinosquilla multicarinata
Carinosquilla redacta: Carinosquilla redacta
Carinosquilla spinosa: Carinosquilla spinosa
Carinosquilla thailandensis: Carinosquilla thailandensis
Carithiopsis sykesii: Carithiopsis sykesii
Carmentina taiwanensis: Carmentina taiwanensis
Carnegiella strigata: Carnegiella strigata(4)
Carodista cultrata: Carodista cultrata
Carodista montana: Carodista montana
Carpelimus formosae: Carpelimus formosae
Carpelimus formosanus: Carpelimus formosanus
Carpelimus globicollis: Carpelimus globicollis
Carpelimus vagus: Carpelimus vagus
Carpilius maculatus: Carpilius maculatus
Carpiscula bullata: Carpiscula bullata
Carpococcyx radiatus: Carpococcyx radiatus
Carpococcyx radiceus: Carpococcyx radiceus
Carpodacus erythrinus: Carpodacus erythrinus
Carpodacus mexicanus: Carpodacus mexicanus
Carpodacus vinaceus: Carpodacus vinaceus
Carpoonius elegantulus: Carpoonius elegantulus
Carpophilus chalybaeus: Carpophilus chalybaeus
Carpophilus contingens: Carpophilus contingens
Carpophilus delkeskampi: Carpophilus delkeskampi
Carpophilus funereus: Carpophilus funereus
Carpophilus marginellus: Carpophilus marginellus
Carpophilus mutilatus: Carpophilus mutilatus
Carpophilus obsoletus: Carpophilus obsoletus
Carpophilus pilosellus: Carpophilus pilosellus
Carpophthorella magnifica: Carpophthorella magnifica
Carupa tenuipes: Carupa tenuipes
Carychium pessimum: Carychium pessimum
Casarea dussumieri: Casarea dussumieri
Casella atromarginata: Casella atromarginata
Casinaria ashimae: Casinaria ashimae
Casinaria buddha: Casinaria buddha
Casinaria formosana: Casinaria formosana
Casinaria leo: Casinaria leo
Casinaria minima: Casinaria minima
Casinaria pedunculata: Casinaria pedunculata
Casinaria simillima: Casinaria simillima
Casmaria erinaceus: Casmaria erinaceus
Casmaria ponderosa: Casmaria ponderosa
Casmerodius albus: Casmerodius albus(2)
Cassida obtusata: Cassida obtusata
Cassida rubiginosa: Cassida rubiginosa
Cassida versicolor: Cassida versicolor
Cassidula aurisfelis: Cassidula aurisfelis
Cassidula bensoni: Cassidula bensoni
Cassidula doliolum: Cassidula doliolum
Cassidula multiplicata: Cassidula multiplicata
Cassidula mustelina: Cassidula mustelina(4)
Cassidula nucleus: Cassidula nucleus(2)
Cassidula paludosa: Cassidula paludosa(2)
Cassidula quadrasi: Cassidula quadrasi
Cassidula sowerbyana: Cassidula sowerbyana(2)
Cassidula vespertilionis: Cassidula vespertilionis
Cassidulina aurisfelis: Cassidulina aurisfelis
Cassidulina doliolum: Cassidulina doliolum
Cassidulina mustelina: Cassidulina mustelina
Cassidulina quadrasi: Cassidulina quadrasi
Cassiopeia frondosa: Cassiopeia frondosa(2)
Cassis cornuta: Cassis cornuta
Cassolus gotoi: Cassolus gotoi
Castabiosudes montanus: Castabiosudes montanus
Castalius elna: Castalius elna
Castalius ethion: Castalius ethion
Castalius rosimon: Castalius rosimon
Castalius roxus: Castalius roxus
Cataclysta angulata: Cataclysta angulata
Catapaecilma bubases: Catapaecilma bubases
Catapaecilma elegans: Catapaecilma elegans
Catapaecilma major: Catapaecilma major(2)
Catapaecilma subochrea: Catapaecilma subochrea
Catascopus mirabilis: Catascopus mirabilis
Catharacta maccormicki: Catharacta maccormicki
Catharsius javanus: Catharsius javanus
Catharsius molossus: Catharsius molossus
Cathydrus flavus: Cathydrus flavus
Cathydrus nitidulus: Cathydrus nitidulus
Catla catla: Catla catla
Catocala formosana: Catocala formosana
Catocala kuangtungensis: Catocala kuangtungensis
Catocala nupta: Catocala nupta
Catocala wushensis: Catocala wushensis
Catochrysops panormus: Catochrysops panormus(2)
Catochrysops strabo: Catochrysops strabo
Catopsilia pomona: Catopsilia pomona(2)
Catopsilia pyranthe: Catopsilia pyranthe(2)
Catopsilia scylla: Catopsilia scylla(3)
Catoptria margaritella: Catoptria margaritella
Catoptrophorus semipalmatus: Catoptrophorus semipalmatus
Catoptrus nitidus: Catoptrus nitidus
Catopuma temmincki: Catopuma temmincki
Catopuma temminckii: Catopuma temminckii
Catopyrops ancyra: Catopyrops ancyra(2)
Catoxyethira formosae: Catoxyethira formosae
Catreus wallichii: Catreus wallichii
Caulastrea furcata: Caulastrea furcata
Caulastrea tumida: Caulastrea tumida
Caulophryne pelagica: Caulophryne pelagica(2)
Caulophryne pelagica: Melanocetus pelagicus
Cavariella aegopodii: Cavariella aegopodii
Cavariella araliae: Cavariella araliae
Cavariella japonica: Cavariella japonica
Cavariella saliciola: Cavariella saliciola
Cavolina longirostris: Cavolina longirostris
Cavolina uncinata: Cavolina uncinata
Cavolinia globulosa: Cavolinia globulosa
Cavolinia inflexa: Cavolinia inflexa
Cavolinia longirostris: Cavolinia longirostris(2)
Cavolinia tridentata: Cavolinia tridentata
Cavolinia uncinata: Cavolinia uncinata
Cazira verrucosa: Cazira verrucosa
Cechenena minor: Cechenena minor
Cecropis badia: Cecropis badia(2)
Cecropis daurica: Cecropis daurica(2)
Cecropis striolata: Cecropis striolata
Cedus amabilis: Cedus amabilis
Cedus diversus: Cedus diversus
Celaenorrhinus aurivittata: Celaenorrhinus aurivittata
Celaenorrhinus ficulnea: Celaenorrhinus ficulnea
Celaenorrhinus inaequalis: Celaenorrhinus inaequalis
Celaenorrhinus ladana: Celaenorrhinus ladana(2)
Celaenorrhinus maculosus: Celaenorrhinus maculosus
Celaenorrhinus major: Celaenorrhinus major
Celaenorrhinus putra: Celaenorrhinus putra
Celaenorrhinus pyrrha: Celaenorrhinus pyrrha(2)
Celastrina albocaeruleus: Celastrina albocaeruleus
Celastrina argiolus: Celastrina argiolus
Celastrina aristinus: Celastrina aristinus
Celastrina asaka: Celastrina asaka
Celastrina camenae: Celastrina camenae
Celastrina carna: Celastrina carna
Celastrina ceyx: Celastrina ceyx
Celastrina coalita: Celastrina coalita
Celastrina corythus: Celastrina corythus
Celastrina cossaea: Celastrina cossaea
Celastrina cyma: Celastrina cyma
Celastrina dilectus: Celastrina dilectus
Celastrina lavendularis: Celastrina lavendularis
Celastrina limbala: Celastrina limbala
Celastrina melaena: Celastrina melaena
Celastrina musina: Celastrina musina
Celastrina oreas: Celastrina oreas
Celastrina pellecebra: Celastrina pellecebra
Celastrina placidula: Celastrina placidula
Celastrina puspa: Celastrina puspa
Celastrina quadriplaga: Celastrina quadriplaga
Celastrina singalensis: Celastrina singalensis
Celastrina sugitanii: Celastrina sugitanii
Celatoxia marginata: Celatoxia marginata(2)
Celeus brachyurus: Celeus brachyurus(5)
Cellana eneagona: Cellana eneagona
Cellana grata: Cellana grata(3)
Cellana nigrolineata: Cellana nigrolineata
Cellana profunda: Cellana profunda
Cellana radiata: Cellana radiata(3)
Cellana rediana: Cellana rediana
Cellana stearnsii: Cellana stearnsii
Cellana testudinaria: Cellana testudinaria(2)
Cellana toreuma: Cellana toreuma(2)
Celypha lacunana: Celypha lacunana
Cenocoelius eous: Cenocoelius eous
Cenometra bella: Cenometra bella
Centriscus scutatus: Centriscus scutatus(2)
Centroberyx druzhinini: Centroberyx druzhinini(2)
Centroberyx druzhinini: Centroberyx gerrardi
Centroberyx druzhinini: Trachichthodes druzhinini
Centroberyx rubricaudus: Centroberyx rubricaudus(2)
Centrocorynus scutellaris: Centrocorynus scutellaris
Centrodraco acanthopoma: Centrodraco acanthopoma(2)
Centrodraco acanthopoma: Draconetta acanthopoma
Centromyrmex feae: Centromyrmex feae
Centropages elongatus: Centropages elongatus
Centropages gracilis: Centropages gracilis
Centropages longicornis: Centropages longicornis
Centropages sinensis: Centropages sinensis
Centrophorus acus: Centrophorus acus(2)
Centrophorus acus: Centrophorus drygalskii
Centrophorus acus: Centrophorus steindachneri
Centrophorus lusitanicus: Centrophorus ferrugineus
Centrophorus lusitanicus: Centrophorus lusitanicus(2)
Centrophorus moluccensis: Atractophorus armatus
Centrophorus moluccensis: Centrophorus armatus
Centrophorus moluccensis: Centrophorus moluccensis(2)
Centrophorus moluccensis: Centrophorus scalpratus
Centrophorus niaukang: Centrophorus niaukang(2)
Centrophorus squamosus: Centrophorus foliaceus
Centrophorus squamosus: Centrophorus nilsoni
Centrophorus squamosus: Centrophorus squamosus(2)
Centrophorus squamosus: Centroscymnus fuscus
Centrophorus squamosus: Encheiridiodon hendersoni
Centrophorus squamosus: Lepidorhinus hinbei
Centrophorus squamosus: Lepidorhinus kinbei
Centrophorus squamosus: Lepidorhinus squamosus
Centrophorus squamosus: Lepidorphinus foliaceus
Centrophorus squamosus: Machephilus dumerili
Centrophorus squamosus: Squalus squamosus
Centrophorus uyato: Acanthias nigrescens
Centrophorus uyato: Acanthias uyatus
Centrophorus uyato: Centrophorus armatus
Centrophorus uyato: Centrophorus uyato(2)
Centrophorus uyato: Pesudocentrophorus isodon
Centrophorus uyato: Squalus infernus
Centrophorus uyato: Squalus uyato
Centrophryne spinulosa: Centrophryne spinulosa(2)
Centrophryne spinulosa: Rhynchoceratias leucorhinus
Centrophthalmus sinensis: Centrophthalmus sinensis
Centropus bengalensis: Centropus bengalensis(4)
Centropus rectunguis: Centropus rectunguis(2)
Centropus sinensis: Centropus sinensis(51300)
Centropyge argi: Centropyge argi(3)
Centropyge bicolor: Centropyge bicolor(6)
Centropyge bicolor: Chaetodon bicolor
Centropyge bispinosa: Centropyge bispinosa(2)
Centropyge bispinosa: Centropyge bispinosus
Centropyge bispinosa: Holacanthus bispinosus
Centropyge ferrugata: Centropyge ferrugata(2)
Centropyge ferrugata: Centropyge ferrugatus
Centropyge ferrugatus: Centropyge ferrugatus(3)
Centropyge fisheri: Centropyge caudoxanthorus
Centropyge fisheri: Centropyge fisheri(5)
Centropyge fisheri: Centropyge flavicauda
Centropyge heraldi: Centropyge heraldi(2)
Centropyge heraldi: Centropyge woodheadi
Centropyge heraldi: Pomacanthus heraldi
Centropyge interruptus: Angelichthys interruptus
Centropyge interruptus: Centropyge interruptus(2)
Centropyge interruptus: Holacanthus interruptus
Centropyge loriculus: Centropyge loriculus(3)
Centropyge multicolor: Centropyge multicolor(3)
Centropyge multifasciata: Centropyge multifasciata(2)
Centropyge multifasciata: Centropyge multifasciatus
Centropyge multifasciata: Holacanthus multifasciatus
Centropyge multifasciata: Paracentropyge multifasciata
Centropyge multifasciata: Paracentropyge multifasciatus
Centropyge nox: Centropyge nox(5)
Centropyge nox: Holacanthus nox
Centropyge potteri: Centropyge potteri(3)
Centropyge shepardi: Centropyge shepardi
Centropyge tibicen: Centropyge tibicen(2)
Centropyge tibicen: Holacanthus tibicen
Centropyge venusta: Centropyge venusta(2)
Centropyge venusta: Centropyge venustus
Centropyge venusta: Holacanthus venustus
Centropyge venusta: Paracentropyge venusta
Centropyge venusta: Sumireyakko venustus
Centropyge vrolikii: Centropyge vrolicki
Centropyge vrolikii: Centropyge vroliki
Centropyge vrolikii: Centropyge vrolikii(2)
Centropyge vrolikii: Holacanthus vrolikii
Centrorhynchus amphibium: Centrorhynchus amphibium
Centrorhynchus elongatus: Centrorhynchus elongatus
Centroscyllium kamoharai: Centroscyllium kamoharai(2)
Cepaea hortensis: Cepaea hortensis
Cephalcia chui: Cephalcia chui
Cephaleta brunniventris: Cephaleta brunniventris
Cephalopholis argus: Bodianus guttatus
Cephalopholis argus: Bodianus jacobevertsen
Cephalopholis argus: Cephalopholis argus(2)
Cephalopholis argus: Cephalopholis miniatus
Cephalopholis argus: Cephalopolis argus
Cephalopholis argus: Epinephelus argus
Cephalopholis argus: Serranus guttatus
Cephalopholis argus: Serranus immunerur
Cephalopholis argus: Serranus myriaster
Cephalopholis argus: Serranus thyrsites
Cephalopholis aurantia: Bodianus indelebilis
Cephalopholis aurantia: Cephalopholis analis
Cephalopholis aurantia: Cephalopholis aurantia(2)
Cephalopholis aurantia: Cephalopholis aurantius
Cephalopholis aurantia: Cephalopholis indelibilis
Cephalopholis aurantia: Cephalopholis obtusauris
Cephalopholis aurantia: Cephalopholis obtusaurus
Cephalopholis aurantia: Epinephelus analis
Cephalopholis aurantia: Epinephelus aurantius
Cephalopholis aurantia: Epinephelus miltostigma
Cephalopholis aurantia: Lepidoperca aurantia
Cephalopholis aurantia: Serranus analis
Cephalopholis aurantia: Serranus aurantius
Cephalopholis aurantia: Serranus rufus
Cephalopholis boenak: Bodianus boenak
Cephalopholis boenak: Cephalopholis boenack
Cephalopholis boenak: Cephalopholis boenacki
Cephalopholis boenak: Cephalopholis boenak(2)
Cephalopholis boenak: Cephalopholis pachycentron
Cephalopholis boenak: Epinephelus boenack
Cephalopholis boenak: Epinephelus pachycentrum
Cephalopholis boenak: Serranus boelang
Cephalopholis boenak: Serranus boenak
Cephalopholis boenak: Serranus nigrofasciatus
Cephalopholis boenak: Serranus pachycentron
Cephalopholis boenak: Serranus stigmapomus
Cephalopholis cyanostigma: Cephalopholis cyanostigma
Cephalopholis formosa: Cephalopholis formosa(3)
Cephalopholis formosa: Sciaena formosa
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: Cephalopholis igarashiensis(2)
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: Cephalopholis igarasiensis
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: Cephalopholis swanius
Cephalopholis leopardus: Cephalopholis leoparda
Cephalopholis leopardus: Cephalopholis leopardus(2)
Cephalopholis leopardus: Epinephelus leopardus
Cephalopholis leopardus: Epinephelus urodelops
Cephalopholis leopardus: Labrus leopardus
Cephalopholis leopardus: Serranus homfrayi
Cephalopholis leopardus: Serranus leopardus
Cephalopholis leopardus: Serranus spilurus
Cephalopholis miniata: Cephalopholis boninius
Cephalopholis miniata: Cephalopholis cyanostigma
Cephalopholis miniata: Cephalopholis formosanus
Cephalopholis miniata: Cephalopholis maculatus
Cephalopholis miniata: Cephalopholis miniata(2)
Cephalopholis miniata: Cephalopholis miniatus
Cephalopholis miniata: Cephalopolis miniatus
Cephalopholis miniata: Epinephelus miniatus
Cephalopholis miniata: Perca miniata
Cephalopholis miniata: Pomacentrus burdi
Cephalopholis miniata: Serranus cyanostigmatoides
Cephalopholis miniata: Serranus miniatus
Cephalopholis miniata: Serranus perguttatus
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Cephalopholis coatesi
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Cephalopholis gibbus
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Cephalopholis leopardus
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Cephalopholis miniatus
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Cephalopholis sexmaculata(2)
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Cephalopholis sexmaculatus
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Epinephelus leopardus
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Epinephelus sexmaculatus
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Serranus leopardus
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Serranus sexmaculatus
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: Serranus zanana
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Cephalopholis aurantius
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Cephalopholis cyanostigma
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Cephalopholis formosanus
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Cephalopholis purpureus
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Cephalopholis sonnerati(2)
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Cephalopolis sonnerati
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Cepholopholis sonnerati
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Epinephelus janthinopterus
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Epinephelus multinotatus
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Epinephelus sonnerati
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Epinephelus unicolor
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Serranus sonnerati
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Serranus unicolor
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Serranus zananella
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: Cephalopholis analis
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: Cephalopholis aurantia
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: Cephalopholis aurantius
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: Cephalopholis spiloparae
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: Cephalopholis spiloparaea(2)
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: Cephalopholis spiloparaeus
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: Serranus spiloparaeus
Cephalopholis urodelus: Cephalopholis urodelus(3)
Cephalopholis urodeta: Cephalopholis nigripinna
Cephalopholis urodeta: Cephalopholis nigripinnis
Cephalopholis urodeta: Cephalopholis urodela
Cephalopholis urodeta: Cephalopholis urodelus
Cephalopholis urodeta: Cephalopholis urodeta(2)
Cephalopholis urodeta: Cephalopolis nigripinnis
Cephalopholis urodeta: Epinephelus erythraeus
Cephalopholis urodeta: Epinephelus nigripinnis
Cephalopholis urodeta: Epinephelus playfairi
Cephalopholis urodeta: Epinephelus playfayri
Cephalopholis urodeta: Epinephelus urodelus
Cephalopholis urodeta: Perca urodeta
Cephalopholis urodeta: Serranus erythraeus
Cephalopholis urodeta: Serranus mars
Cephalopholis urodeta: Serranus mauritiae
Cephalopholis urodeta: Serranus nigripinnis
Cephalopholis urodeta: Serranus urodelus
Cephalophus dorsalis: Cephalophus dorsalis
Cephalophus jentinki: Cephalophus jentinki
Cephalophus monticola: Cephalophus monticola
Cephalophus ogilbyi: Cephalophus ogilbyi
Cephalophus silvicultor: Cephalophus silvicultor
Cephalophus zebra: Cephalophus zebra
Cephaloscyllium fasciatum: Cephaloscyllium fasciatum(2)
Cephaloscyllium maculatum: Cephaloscyllium maculatum
Cephaloscyllium pardelotum: Cephaloscyllium pardelotum
Cephaloscyllium umbratile: Cephaloscyllium umbratile(2)
Cephaloserica parva: Cephaloserica parva
Cephrenes chrysozona: Cephrenes chrysozona
Cepola schlegelii: Cepola schlegeli
Cepola schlegelii: Cepola schlegelii(2)
Cepora aspasia: Cepora aspasia(2)
Cepora iudith: Cepora iudith
Cepora nadina: Cepora nadina
Cepora nandina: Cepora nandina
Cepora nerissa: Cepora nerissa(2)
Ceramica pisi: Ceramica pisi
Ceranisus menes: Ceranisus menes
Cerapachys biroi: Cerapachys biroi
Cerapachys longitarsus: Cerapachys longitarsus
Cerapachys reticulatus: Cerapachys reticulatus
Cerapachys sauteri: Cerapachys sauteri
Ceratarcha umbrosa: Ceratarcha umbrosa
Ceratias holboelli: Ceratias holboelli(2)
Ceratias holboelli: Reganula giganteus
Ceratina binghami: Ceratina binghami
Ceratina dentipes: Ceratina dentipes
Ceratina easkii: Ceratina easkii
Ceratina fumipennigera: Ceratina fumipennigera
Ceratina hieroglyphica: Ceratina hieroglyphica
Ceratina kankauensis: Ceratina kankauensis
Ceratina kosemponis: Ceratina kosemponis
Ceratina purpurascens: Ceratina purpurascens
Ceratina sauteri: Ceratina sauteri
Ceratina sexmaculata: Ceratina sexmaculata
Ceratina smaragdula: Ceratina smaragdula
Ceratina unicolor: Ceratina unicolor
Ceratina viridissima: Ceratina viridissima
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa: descendens, Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa descendens
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa: fruticulosa, Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa fruticulosa
Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa: porioides, Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa porioides
Ceratium extensum: Ceratium extensum
Ceratium humile: Ceratium humile
Ceratium incisum: Ceratium incisum
Ceratium karstenii: Ceratium karstenii
Ceratium longissimum: Ceratium longissimum
Ceratium praelongum: Ceratium praelongum
Ceratium pulchellum: Ceratium pulchellum
Ceratium symmetricum: Ceratium symmetricum
Ceratium symmetricum: coarctatum, Ceratium symmetricum coarctatum
Ceratium teres: Ceratium teres
Ceratium vultur: Ceratium vultur
Ceratium vultur: japonicus, Ceratium vultur japonicus
Ceratium vultur: recuvun, Ceratium vultur recuvun
Ceratium vultur: sumatranum, Ceratium vultur sumatranum
Ceratobregma helenae: Ceratobragma helenae
Ceratobregma helenae: Ceratobregma helenae(2)
Ceratophrys cornuta: Ceratophrys cornuta
Ceratophrys cranwelli: Ceratophrys cranwelli(2)
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Centrobranchus warmingii
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Ceratoscopelus townsendi
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Ceratoscopelus warmingi
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Ceratoscopelus warmingii(2)
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Lampanyctus leucosaurus
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Lampanyctus polyphotis
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Lampanyctus townsendi
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Lampanyctus warmingii
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Macrostoma townsendi
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Myctophum warmingii
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: Scopelus warmingii
Ceratosoma cornigerum: Ceratosoma cornigerum
Ceratosoma gracillimum: Ceratosoma gracillimum
Ceratosoma sinuatum: Ceratosoma sinuatum
Ceratosoma trilobatum: Ceratosoma trilobatum
Ceratothoa guttata: Ceratothoa guttata
Ceratuim gracile: Ceratuim gracile
Cerberilla asamusiensis: Cerberilla asamusiensis
Cerberus rhynchops: Cerberus rhynchops(2)
Cerberus rynchops: Cerberus rynchops(3)
Cerceris albofasciata: Cerceris albofasciata
Cerceris changi: Cerceris changi
Cerceris coelicola: Cerceris coelicola
Cerceris formosana: Cerceris formosana
Cerceris hexadonta: Cerceris hexadonta
Cerceris kwangtsehiana: Cerceris kwangtsehiana
Cerceris luzonensis: Cerceris luzonensis
Cerceris nebulosa: Cerceris nebulosa
Cerceris pictiventris: Cerceris pictiventris
Cerceris sinensis: Cerceris sinensis
Cerceris strandi: Cerceris strandi
Cerceris superflua: Cerceris superflua
Cerceris trichobunda: Cerceris trichobunda
Cerceris umbinifera: Cerceris umbinifera
Cerceris unifasciata: Cerceris unifasciata
Cerceris varia: Cerceris varia
Cerceris variaesimilis: Cerceris variaesimilis
Cercidocerus erubescens: Cercidocerus erubescens
Cercion sieboldii: Cercion sieboldii
Cercocebus chrysogaste: Cercocebus chrysogaste
Cercocebus chrysogaster: Cercocebus chrysogaster(2)
Cercocebus galeritus: Cercocebus galeritus
Cercocebus sanje: Cercocebus sanje
Cercocebus sanjei: Cercocebus sanjei(2)
Cerconychia brunnea: Cerconychia brunnea
Cercopithecus diana: Cercopithecus diana
Cercopithecus rolowa: Cercopithecus rolowa
Cercopithecus roloway: Cercopithecus roloway(2)
Cercyon gebieni: Cercyon gebieni
Cercyon ustus: Cercyon ustus
Cerdocyon thous: Cerdocyon thous
Cerebus rynchops: Cerebus rynchops
Ceresium elongatum: Ceresium elongatum
Ceresium flavipes: Ceresium flavipes
Ceresium longicorne: Ceresium longicorne
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: Ceriagrion cerinorubellum(21500)
Ceriagrion fallax: Ceriagrion fallax
Cerianthus membranaceus: Cerianthus membranaceus(2)
Cerithidea alata: Cerithidea alata
Cerithidea cingulata: Cerithidea cingulata(3)
Cerithidea djadjariensis: Cerithidea djadjariensis(2)
Cerithidea microptera: Cerithidea microptera
Cerithidea morchii: Cerithidea morchii
Cerithidea obtusa: Cerithidea obtusa(4960)
Cerithidea ornata: Cerithidea ornata
Cerithidea quadrata: Cerithidea quadrata
Cerithidea rhizophorarum: Cerithidea rhizophorarum(2)
Cerithiopsis sykesii: Cerithiopsis sykesii
Cerithium alveolum: Cerithium alveolum
Cerithium atromarginatum: Cerithium atromarginatum
Cerithium breve: Cerithium breve
Cerithium chemnitzianum: Cerithium chemnitzianum(2)
Cerithium coralium: Cerithium coralium(2)
Cerithium dialeucum: Cerithium dialeucum
Cerithium dorsuosum: Cerithium dorsuosum
Cerithium egenum: Cerithium egenum
Cerithium interstriatum: Cerithium interstriatum
Cerithium irroratum: Cerithium irroratum
Cerithium lemniscatum: Cerithium lemniscatum(2)
Cerithium lifuense: Cerithium lifuense
Cerithium lifuensis: Cerithium lifuensis
Cerithium morus: Cerithium morus
Cerithium nesioticum: Cerithium nesioticum
Cerithium nodulosum: Cerithium nodulosum
Cerithium obesum: Cerithium obesum
Cerithium patulum: Cerithium patulum(3)
Cerithium penthusans: Cerithium penthusans
Cerithium purpurascens: Cerithium purpurascens
Cerithium rostratum: Cerithium rostratum
Cerithium stigmosum: Cerithium stigmosum
Cerithium torresi: Cerithium torresi
Cerithium trailli: Cerithium trailli(2)
Cerithium traillii: Cerithium traillii
Cerithium zebrum: Cerithium zebrum
Cerithium zonatum: Cerithium zonatum(2)
Cerobates bicolor: Cerobates bicolor
Cerococcus ornatus: Cerococcus ornatus
Cerodontha cornigera: Cerodontha cornigera
Cerodontha geniculata: Cerodontha geniculata
Cerodontha hirsuta: Cerodontha hirsuta
Cerodontha hirtipennis: Cerodontha hirtipennis
Cerodontha silvatica: Cerodontha silvatica
Cerogria chinensis: Cerogria chinensis
Ceroplastes floridensis: Ceroplastes floridensis
Ceropsilopa decussata: Ceropsilopa decussata
Cerotmetus brevipes: Cerotmetus brevipes
Certhium columna: Certhium columna
Certhium echinatum: Certhium echinatum
Certhium punctatum: Certhium punctatum
Cerura erminea: Cerura erminea
Cerura vinula: Cerura vinula
Cervimunida princeps: Cervimunida princeps
Cervoglenea lata: Cervoglenea lata
Cervus duvaucelii: Cervus duvaucelii
Cervus elaphus: Cervus elaphus(3)
Cervus eldii: Cervus eldii
Cervus elephus: Cervus elephus
Cervus nippon: Cervus nippon
Cervus unicolor: Cervus unicolor(3)
Ceryle alcyon: Ceryle alcyon
Ceryle lugubris: Ceryle lugubris
Ceryle rudis: Ceryle rudis
Cestrotus apicalis: Cestrotus apicalis
Cethosia biblis: Cethosia biblis
Cethosia hypsea: Cethosia hypsea
Cethosia penthesilea: Cethosia penthesilea
Cetoconcha eximia: Cetoconcha eximia
Cetonurus globiceps: Cetonurus globiceps
Cetonurus globiceps: Cetonurus robustus
Cetonurus globiceps: Macrurus globiceps
Cetonurus robustus: Cetonurus robustus
Cetorhinus maximus: Cetorhinus blainvillei
Cetorhinus maximus: Cetorhinus maccoyi
Cetorhinus maximus: Cetorhinus maximus(4)
Cetorhinus maximus: Cetorhinus normani
Cetorhinus maximus: Cetorhinus rostratus
Cetorhinus maximus: Halsydrus maccoyi
Cetorhinus maximus: Halsydrus maximus
Cetorhinus maximus: Halsydrus pontoppidiani
Cetorhinus maximus: Hannovera aurata
Cetorhinus maximus: Polyprosopus macer
Cetorhinus maximus: Scoliophis atlanticus
Cetorhinus maximus: Selache elephas
Cetorhinus maximus: Selache maxima
Cetorhinus maximus: Selache maximum
Cetorhinus maximus: Selache maximus
Cetorhinus maximus: Selachus pennantii
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalis gunneri
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalis shavianus
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus cetaceus
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus elephas
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus gunnerianus
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus homianus
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus isodus
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus maximus
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus pelegrinus
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus peregrinus
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus rashleighanus
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus rhinoceros
Cetorhinus maximus: Squalus rostratus
Cetorhinus maximus: Tetraoras angiova
Cetorhinus maximus: Tetroras angiova
Cetorhinus maximus: Tetroras maccoyi
Cetoscarus bicolor: Bolbometopon bicolor
Cetoscarus bicolor: Callyodon pulchellus
Cetoscarus bicolor: Cetoscarus bicolor(2)
Cetoscarus bicolor: Cetoscarus pulchellus
Cetoscarus bicolor: Chlorurus bicolor
Cetoscarus bicolor: Chlorurus pulchellus
Cetoscarus bicolor: Pseudoscarus nigripinnis
Cetoscarus bicolor: Scarus bicolor
Cetoscarus bicolor: Scarus pulchellus
Cetostoma regani: Cetomimus regani
Cetostoma regani: Cetostoma regani(2)
Cetostoma regani: Cetostomus regani
Cettia acanthizoides: Cettia acanthizoides(2)
Cettia canturians: Cettia canturians
Cettia diphone: Cettia diphone(2)
Cettia fortipes: Cettia fortipes(2)
Cettia pallidipes: Cettia pallidipes
Cettia vulcania: Cettia vulcania(2)
Ceyx erithacus: Ceyx erithaca
Ceyx erithacus: Ceyx erithacus(3)
Ceyx rufidorsa: Ceyx rufidorsa
Chaceon albus: Chaceon albus
Chaceon granulatus: Chaceon granulatus
Chadisra bipartita: Chadisra bipartita
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: Chaenogaleus macrostoma(2)
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: Hemigaleus balfouri
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: Hemigaleus macrostoma
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: Hemigaleus microstoma
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: Hemipristis elongatus
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: Negogaleus balfouri
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: Negogaleus macrostoma
Chaeropus ecaudatus: Chaeropus ecaudatus
Chaetanaphothrips leeuweni: Chaetanaphothrips leeuweni
Chaetanaphothrips orchidii: Chaetanaphothrips orchidii
Chaetocnema concinna: Chaetocnema concinna
Chaetocnema discreta: Chaetocnema discreta
Chaetocnema granulosa: Chaetocnema granulosa
Chaetococcus bambusae: Chaetococcus bambusae
Chaetodermis penicilligerus: Chaetodermis penicilligera
Chaetodermis penicilligerus: Chaetodermis penicilligerus(6)
Chaetodon adiergastos: Chaetodon adiergastos(2)
Chaetodon adiergastos: Chaetodon fasciatus
Chaetodon argentatus: Anisochaetodon argentatus
Chaetodon argentatus: Chaetodon argentatus(2)
Chaetodon argentatus: Chaetodon falcula
Chaetodon auriga: Anisochaetodon auriga
Chaetodon auriga: Chaetodon auriga(3)
Chaetodon auriga: Chaetodon lunaris
Chaetodon auriga: Chaetodon satifer
Chaetodon auriga: Chaetodon sebanus
Chaetodon auriga: Chaetodon setifer
Chaetodon auriga: Linophora auriga
Chaetodon auriga: Pomacentrus filamentosus
Chaetodon auriga: Pomacentrus setifer
Chaetodon auriga: Sarothrodus auriga
Chaetodon auriga: Tetragonopterus auriga
Chaetodon auriga: Tetragonoptrus auriga
Chaetodon auriga: Tetragonoptrus setifer
Chaetodon auripes: Chaetodon aureus
Chaetodon auripes: Chaetodon auripes(2)
Chaetodon auripes: Chaetodon collare
Chaetodon auripes: Chaetodon collaris
Chaetodon auripes: Chaetodon colloris
Chaetodon auripes: Chaetodon dorsiocellatus
Chaetodon auripes: Chaetodon fallax
Chaetodon auripes: Chaetodon modestus
Chaetodon baronessa: Chaetodon baronessa(2)
Chaetodon baronessa: Chaetodon barronessa
Chaetodon bennetti: Chaetodon benetti
Chaetodon bennetti: Chaetodon bennetti(2)
Chaetodon bennetti: Chaetodon binetti
Chaetodon bennetti: Chaetodon vinctus
Chaetodon burgessi: Chaetodon burgessi(2)
Chaetodon citrinellus: Chaetodon citrinellus(3)
Chaetodon citrinellus: Chaetodon nigripes
Chaetodon ephippium: Chaetodon ephippium(5)
Chaetodon ephippium: Chaetodon garnoti
Chaetodon ephippium: Chaetodon mulsanti
Chaetodon ephippium: Chaetodon principalis
Chaetodon guentheri: Chaetodon g57704;theri
Chaetodon guentheri: Chaetodon garretti
Chaetodon guentheri: Chaetodon guentheri(2)
Chaetodon guentheri: Chaetodon miliaris
Chaetodon guentheri: Chaetodon punctulatus
Chaetodon kleinii: Anisochaetodon kleinii
Chaetodon kleinii: Chaetodon bellulus
Chaetodon kleinii: Chaetodon cingulatus
Chaetodon kleinii: Chaetodon corallicola
Chaetodon kleinii: Chaetodon flavescens
Chaetodon kleinii: Chaetodon kleini
Chaetodon kleinii: Chaetodon kleinii(2)
Chaetodon kleinii: Chaetodon melammystax
Chaetodon kleinii: Chaetodon melastomus
Chaetodon kleinii: Chaetodon virescens
Chaetodon kleinii: Choetodon kleinii
Chaetodon kleinii: Tetragonoptrus kleini
Chaetodon lineolatus: Anisochaetodon lineolatus
Chaetodon lineolatus: Chaetodon lieneolatus
Chaetodon lineolatus: Chaetodon lineolatus(2)
Chaetodon lineolatus: Chaetodon lunatus
Chaetodon lineolatus: Chaetodon tallii
Chaetodon lineolatus: Tetragonoptrus lineolatus
Chaetodon lunula: Chaetodon biocellatus
Chaetodon lunula: Chaetodon fasciatus
Chaetodon lunula: Chaetodon iunula
Chaetodon lunula: Chaetodon luluna
Chaetodon lunula: Chaetodon lunula(2)
Chaetodon lunula: Chaetodon lunulatus
Chaetodon lunula: Pomacentrus lunula
Chaetodon lunula: Tetragonoptrus biocellatus
Chaetodon lunula: Tetragonoptrus fasciatus
Chaetodon lunula: Tetragonoptrus lunula
Chaetodon lunulatus: Chaetodon lunulatus(2)
Chaetodon lunulatus: Chaetodon trifasciatus
Chaetodon melannotus: Chaetodon abhortani
Chaetodon melannotus: Chaetodon dorsalis
Chaetodon melannotus: Chaetodon marginatus
Chaetodon melannotus: Chaetodon melannotus(2)
Chaetodon melannotus: Chaetodon melanotus
Chaetodon melannotus: Chaetodon reinwardti
Chaetodon melannotus: Tetragonoptrus dorsalis
Chaetodon melannotus: Tetragonoptrus melanotus
Chaetodon mesoleucos: Chaetodon mesoleucos
Chaetodon meyeri: Chaetodon meyeri(2)
Chaetodon meyeri: Holacanthus flavoniger
Chaetodon modestus: Chaetodon desmotes
Chaetodon modestus: Chaetodon modestus(2)
Chaetodon modestus: Coradion desmotes
Chaetodon modestus: Coradion modestum
Chaetodon modestus: Coradion modestus
Chaetodon modestus: Paracanthochaetodon modestus
Chaetodon modestus: Roa modestus
Chaetodon nippon: Chaetodon carens
Chaetodon nippon: Chaetodon decipiens
Chaetodon nippon: Chaetodon nippon(2)
Chaetodon octofasciatus: Cahetodon octofasciatus
Chaetodon octofasciatus: Chaetodon octofasciatus(5)
Chaetodon octofasciatus: Chaetodon octolineatus
Chaetodon ornatissimus: Chaetodon lydiae
Chaetodon ornatissimus: Chaetodon ornatissimus(3)
Chaetodon ornatissimus: Chaetodon ornatus
Chaetodon plebeius: Chaetodon cordiformis
Chaetodon plebeius: Chaetodon plebeius(2)
Chaetodon plebeius: Chaetodon plebelus
Chaetodon plebeius: Megaprotodon maculiceps
Chaetodon plebeius: Megaprotodon plebeius
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: Chaetodon punctatofasciatus(2)
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: Chaetodon punctatolineatus
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: Chaetodon punctofasciatus
Chaetodon quadrimaculatus: Chaetodon quadrimaculatus(5)
Chaetodon quadrimaculatus: Chaetodon quadromaculatus
Chaetodon rafflesii: Anisochaetodon rafflessii
Chaetodon rafflesii: Chaetodon dahli
Chaetodon rafflesii: Chaetodon princeps
Chaetodon rafflesii: Chaetodon rafflesi
Chaetodon rafflesii: Chaetodon rafflesii(2)
Chaetodon rafflesii: Chaetodon rafflessi
Chaetodon rafflesii: Chaetodon sebae
Chaetodon rainfordi: Chaetodon rainfordi(3)
Chaetodon reticulatus: Chaetodon reticulatus(5)
Chaetodon reticulatus: Chaetodon superbus
Chaetodon selene: Chaetodon selene(2)
Chaetodon semeion: Chaetodon decoratus
Chaetodon semeion: Chaetodon semeion(2)
Chaetodon speculum: Chaetodon ocellifer
Chaetodon speculum: Chaetodon speculum(2)
Chaetodon speculum: Chaetodon spilopleura
Chaetodon tinkeri: Chaetodon tinkeri(3)
Chaetodon trifascialis: Chaetodon bifascialis
Chaetodon trifascialis: Chaetodon leachii
Chaetodon trifascialis: Chaetodon striangulus
Chaetodon trifascialis: Chaetodon strigangulus
Chaetodon trifascialis: Chaetodon tearlachi
Chaetodon trifascialis: Chaetodon triangularis
Chaetodon trifascialis: Chaetodon trifascialis(2)
Chaetodon trifascialis: Eteira taunayi
Chaetodon trifascialis: Megaprotodon strigangulus
Chaetodon trifascialis: Megaprotodon trifascialis
Chaetodon ulietensis: Chaetodon aurora
Chaetodon ulietensis: Chaetodon falcula
Chaetodon ulietensis: Chaetodon ulientensis
Chaetodon ulietensis: Chaetodon ulietensis(3)
Chaetodon unimaculatus: Anisochaetodon unimaculatus
Chaetodon unimaculatus: Chaetodon inimaculatus
Chaetodon unimaculatus: Chaetodon interruptus
Chaetodon unimaculatus: Chaetodon sphenospilus
Chaetodon unimaculatus: Chaetodon unimaculatus(3)
Chaetodon vagabundus: Anisochaetodon vagabundus
Chaetodon vagabundus: Chaetodon mesogallicus
Chaetodon vagabundus: Chaetodon nesogallicus
Chaetodon vagabundus: Chaetodon pictus
Chaetodon vagabundus: Chaetodon setifer
Chaetodon vagabundus: Chaetodon vagabundus(4)
Chaetodon vagabundus: Tetragonoptrus nesogallicus
Chaetodon vagabundus: Tetragonoptrus vagabundus
Chaetodon wiebeli: Chaetodon bellamaris
Chaetodon wiebeli: Chaetodon collare
Chaetodon wiebeli: Chaetodon frenatus
Chaetodon wiebeli: Chaetodon weibeli
Chaetodon wiebeli: Chaetodon wiebeli(2)
Chaetodon xanthurus: Chaetodon xanthurus(2)
Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus: Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus(2)
Chaetodontoplus chrysocephalus: Chaetodontoplus chrysocephalus(2)
Chaetodontoplus chrysocephalus: Holacanthus chrysocephalus
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi: Chaetodontoplus duboulayi(5)
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi: Holacanthus duboulayi
Chaetodontoplus melanosoma: Chaetodontoplus melanosoma(2)
Chaetodontoplus melanosoma: Holacanthus melanosoma
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: Chaetodon mesoleucus
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: Chaetodontoplus mesoleucos
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus(4)
Chaetodontoplus personifer: Chaetodontoplus personifer(2)
Chaetodontoplus personifer: Holacanthus personifer
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis(3)
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: Holacanthus septentrionalis
Chaetonerius inermis: Chaetonerius inermis
Chaetopterus variopedatus: Chaetopterus variopedatus
Chaetoptila angustipluma: Chaetoptila angustipluma
Chalceus erythrurus: Chalceus erythrurus
Chalcides ocellatus: Chalcides ocellatus
Chalciope mygdon: Chalciope mygdon
Chalcolema cylindrica: Chalcolema cylindrica
Chalcoparia singalensis: Chalcoparia singalensis
Chalcophaps indica: Chalcophaps indica(8)
Chalcophora japonica: Chalcophora japonica
Chalcopsitta atra: Chalcopsitta atra
Chalcopsitta cardinalis: Chalcopsitta cardinalis
Chalcoscelides castaneipars: Chalcoscelides castaneipars
Chalcosia diana: Chalcosia diana
Chalinochromis brichardi: Chalinochromis brichardi(3)
Chalybion bengalense: Chalybion bengalense
Chalybion japonicum: Chalybion japonicum
Chalyboclydon marginata: Chalyboclydon marginata
Chama ambigua: Chama ambigua
Chama brassica: Chama brassica(2)
Chama divaricata: Chama divaricata
Chama dunkeri: Chama dunkeri
Chama fibula: Chama fibula
Chama iostoma: Chama iostoma(2)
Chama japonica: Chama japonica
Chama jukesi: Chama jukesi
Chama jukesii: Chama jukesii
Chama lazarus: Chama lazarus(2)
Chama limbula: Chama limbula
Chama lobata: Chama lobata
Chama multisquamosa: Chama multisquamosa
Chama pacifica: Chama pacifica
Chama reflexa: Chama reflexa
Chama semipurpurata: Chama semipurpurata
Chamaeleo calyptoratus: Chamaeleo calyptoratus
Chamaeleo deremensis: Chamaeleo deremensis
Chamaeleo dilepis: Chamaeleo dilepis
Chamaeleo hoehnelii: Chamaeleo hoehnelii
Chamaeleo jocksoni: Chamaeleo jocksoni
Chamaeleo johnstoni: Chamaeleo johnstoni
Chamaeleo melleri: Chamaeleo melleri
Chamaita hirta: Chamaita hirta
Champsodon guentheri: Champsodon guentheri(2)
Champsodon snyderi: Champsodon snyderi(2)
Chamunda chamunda: Chamunda chamunda(2)
Chanda ranga: Chanda ranga(3)
Chandata taiwana: Chandata taiwana
Channa asiatica: Channa asiatica(2)
Channa asiatica: Channa formosana
Channa asiatica: Channa ocellata
Channa asiatica: Channa sinensis
Channa asiatica: Gymnotus asiaticus
Channa gachua: Channa gachua
Channa lucius: Channa lucius
Channa maculata: Bostrychus maculatus
Channa maculata: Channa maculata(2)
Channa maculata: Channa striata
Channa maculata: Ophiocephalus maculatus
Channa micropeltes: Channa micropeltes(61000)
Channa striata: Channa striata(242000)
Channa striata: Channa striatus(32500)
Channomuraena vittata: Channomuraena bennettii
Channomuraena vittata: Channomuraena cubensis
Channomuraena vittata: Channomuraena vittata(2)
Channomuraena vittata: Channomuraena vittatus
Channomuraena vittata: Gymnomuraena bennettii
Channomuraena vittata: Gymnomuraena vittata
Channomuraena vittata: Ichthyophis vittatus
Channomuraena vittata: Nettastoma vittata
Channomuraena vittata: Uropterygius bennetti
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Chanodichthys erythropterus
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Culter aokii
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Culter brevicauda
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Culter erythropterus
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Culter ilishaeformis
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Culter sieboldii
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Culter tientsinensis
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Culterichthys erythropterus
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Cultrichthys erythropterus
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Erythroculter erythropterus
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Erythroculter ilishaeformis
Chanos chanos: Butirinus argenteus
Chanos chanos: Channo chanos
Chanos chanos: Chanos arabicus
Chanos chanos: Chanos chanos(4)
Chanos chanos: Chanos chloropterus
Chanos chanos: Chanos cyprinella
Chanos chanos: Chanos indicus
Chanos chanos: Chanos lubina
Chanos chanos: Chanos mento
Chanos chanos: Chanos mossambicus
Chanos chanos: Chanos nuchalis
Chanos chanos: Chanos orientalis
Chanos chanos: Chanos salmoneus
Chanos chanos: Chanos salmonoides
Chanos chanos: Cyprinus palah
Chanos chanos: Leuciscus palah
Chanos chanos: Leuciscus salmoneus
Chanos chanos: Lutodeira chanos
Chanos chanos: Lutodeira chloropterus
Chanos chanos: Lutodeira indica
Chanos chanos: Lutodeira salmonea
Chanos chanos: Mugil chanos
Chanos chanos: Mugil salmoneus
Chanos chanos: Mugile chani
Chaperina fusca: Chaperina fusca(2)
Characoma ruficirra: Characoma ruficirra
Charadrius alexandrinus: Charadrius alexandrinus(5)
Charadrius dubius: Charadrius dubius(5)
Charadrius hiaticula: Charadrius hiaticula(6)
Charadrius leschenaulti: Charadrius leschenaultii
Charadrius leschenaultii: Charadrius leschenaultii(5)
Charadrius mongolus: Charadrius mongolus(6)
Charadrius morinellus: Charadrius morinellus
Charadrius peronii: Charadrius peronii(3)
Charadrius placidus: Charadrius placidus(5)
Charadrius semipalmatus: Charadrius semipalmatus
Charadrius veredus: Charadrius veredus(6)
Charadrius vociferus: Charadrius vociferus
Charagochilus angusticollis: Charagochilus angusticollis
Charagochilus longicornis: Charagochilus longicornis
Charagochilus taivanus: Charagochilus taivanus
Charana jalindra: Charana jalindra
Charana mandarina: Charana mandarina
Charaxes bernadus: Charaxes bernadus
Charaxes borneensis: Charaxes borneensis
Charaxes borneesis: Charaxes borneesis
Charaxes distanti: Charaxes distanti
Charaxes durnfordi: Charaxes durnfordi(2)
Charaxes harmodius: Charaxes harmodius(2)
Charaxes marmax: Charaxes marmax
Charaxes polyxena: Charaxes polyxena
Charaxes solon: Charaxes solon(2)
Charichirus chinensis: Charichirus chinensis
Charitojoppa cyanea: Charitojoppa cyanea
Charitojoppa tricolor: Charitojoppa tricolor
Charmion ficulnea: Charmion ficulnea
Charmon taiwanensis: Charmon taiwanensis
Charonia lampas: Charonia lampas(2)
Charonia tritonis: Charonia tritonis
Charops bicolor: Charops bicolor
Charops brachypterum: Charops brachypterum
Charops striata: Charops striata
Charops taiwana: Charops taiwana
Chartographa convexa: Chartographa convexa
Chartographa fabiolaria: Chartographa fabiolaria
Charybdis acuta: Charybdis acuta
Charybdis affinis: Charybdis affinis
Charybdis granulata: Charybdis granulata
Charybdis hellerii: Charybdis hellerii
Charybdis japonica: Charybdis japonica
Charybdis lucifera: Charybdis lucifera
Charybdis orientalis: Charybdis orientalis
Charybdis truncata: Charybdis truncata
Charybdis variegata: Charybdis variegata
Chascanopsetta lugubris: Chascanopsetta blumenalia
Chascanopsetta lugubris: Chascanopsetta galatheae
Chascanopsetta lugubris: Chascanopsetta gilchristi
Chascanopsetta lugubris: Chascanopsetta lugubris(4)
Chascanopsetta lugubris: Chascanopsetta maculata
Chascanopsetta lugubris: Chascanopsetta microstoma
Chascanopsetta lugubris: Chascanopsetta normani
Chascanopsetta lugubris: Chascanopsetta raptator
Chascanopsetta lugubris: Trachypterophrys raptator
Chascanopsetta prognatha: Chascanopsetta normani
Chascanopsetta prognatha: Chascanopsetta prognatha(2)
Chascanopsetta prognatha: Chascanopsetta prognathus
Chasiempis sandwichensis: Chasiempis sandwichensis
Chasmichthys dolichognathus: Chasmichthys dolichognathus(2)
Chasmichthys dolichognathus: Gobius dolichognathus
Chasmina candida: Chasmina candida
Chasmistes cujus: Chasmistes cujus
Chatanayus fuscus: Chatanayus fuscus
Chauliodus macouni: Chauliodus macouni(2)
Chauliodus sloani: Chauliodus atlantis
Chauliodus sloani: Chauliodus dannevigi
Chauliodus sloani: Chauliodus schneideri
Chauliodus sloani: Chauliodus setinosus
Chauliodus sloani: Chauliodus sloanei(4)
Chauliodus sloani: Chauliodus sloani(2)
Chauliodus sloani: Chauliodus sloanii
Chauliodus sloani: Chauliodus slouni
Chauliodus sloani: Esox stomias
Chauliodus sloani: Stomias boa
Chauliodus sloani: Stomias schneideri
Chauliops fallax: Chauliops fallax
Chaunax abei: Chaunax abei(2)
Chaunax fimbriatus: Chaunax fimbriatus(2)
Chaunax penicillatus: Chaunax pencillatus
Chaunax penicillatus: Chaunax penicillatus(2)
Cheilea diaphana: Cheilea diaphana
Cheilea equestris: Cheilea equestris
Cheilea hipponiciformis: Cheilea hipponiciformis
Cheilea layardi: Cheilea layardi
Cheilea scutula: Cheilea scutula
Cheilea stultorum: Cheilea stultorum
Cheilea tectumsinense: Cheilea tectumsinense
Cheilea tectumsinensis: Cheilea tectumsinensis
Cheilea tortilis: Cheilea tortilis
Cheilinus chlorourus: Cheilinus chlororus
Cheilinus chlorourus: Cheilinus chlorouros
Cheilinus chlorourus: Cheilinus chlorourus(2)
Cheilinus chlorourus: Cheilinus chlorurus
Cheilinus chlorourus: Cheilinus trilobatus
Cheilinus chlorourus: Sparus chlorourus
Cheilinus chlorourus: Thalliurus chlororus
Cheilinus chlorourus: Thalliurus chlorurus
Cheilinus fasciatus: Cheilinus fasciatus(2)
Cheilinus fasciatus: Sparus fasciatus
Cheilinus oxycephalus: Cheilinus oxycephalus(2)
Cheilinus trilobatus: Cheilinus abudjubbe
Cheilinus trilobatus: Cheilinus chlorourus
Cheilinus trilobatus: Cheilinus trilobatus(2)
Cheilinus trilobatus: Chelinus trilobatus
Cheilinus undulates: Cheilinus undulatus
Cheilinus undulatus: Cheilinus undulatus(3)
Cheilinus undulatus: Chelinus undulatus
Cheilinus unulatus: Cheilinus unulatus
Cheilio inermis: Cheilio auratus
Cheilio inermis: Cheilio inermis(2)
Cheilio inermis: Cheilio innermis
Cheilio inermis: Cheilio ramosus
Cheilio inermis: Cheilo inermis
Cheilio inermis: Labrus inermis
Cheilocapsidea pura: Cheilocapsidea pura
Cheilocapsidea rufescens: Cheilocapsidea rufescens
Cheilocapsus miyamotoi: Cheilocapsus miyamotoi
Cheilodactylus quadricornis: Cheilodactylus quadricornis(2)
Cheilodactylus quadricornis: Chilodactylus quadricornis
Cheilodactylus quadricornis: Goniistius quadricornis
Cheilodipterus artus: Cheilodipterus artus(3)
Cheilodipterus artus: Cheilodipterus lachneri
Cheilodipterus artus: Cheilodipterus lineatus
Cheilodipterus artus: Cheilodipterus macrodon
Cheilodipterus artus: Cheilodipterus subulatus
Cheilodipterus intermedius: Cheilodipterus intermedius(2)
Cheilodipterus macrodon: Apogon macrodon
Cheilodipterus macrodon: Centropomus macrodon
Cheilodipterus macrodon: Cheilodipterus heptazona
Cheilodipterus macrodon: Cheilodipterus lineatus
Cheilodipterus macrodon: Cheilodipterus macrodon(2)
Cheilodipterus macrodon: Cheilodipterus octovittatus
Cheilodipterus macrodon: Cheliodipterus macrodon
Cheilodipterus macrodon: Paramia octolineata
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: Apogon novemstriatus
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: Cheilodipterus popur
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: Cheilodipterus quinquelineata
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus(2)
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: Cheliodipterus quinquelineatus
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: Paramia quinquelineata
Cheilopogon abei: Cheilopogon abei(2)
Cheilopogon abei: Cypselurus exisiliens
Cheilopogon abei: Cypselurus katoptron
Cheilopogon abei: Exocoetus nigricans
Cheilopogon abei: Exocoetus speculiger
Cheilopogon agoo: Cheilopogon agoo(3)
Cheilopogon agoo: Cypselurus agoo(2)
Cheilopogon agoo: Exocoetus agoo
Cheilopogon arcticeps: Cheilopogon arcticeps(2)
Cheilopogon arcticeps: Cypselurus arcticeps
Cheilopogon arcticeps: Cypsilurus brevis
Cheilopogon arcticeps: Exocoetus arcticeps
Cheilopogon atrisignis: Cheilopogon atrisignis(2)
Cheilopogon atrisignis: Cypselurus atrisignis(2)
Cheilopogon atrisignis: Cypselurus gregoryi
Cheilopogon atrisignis: Cypselurus multimaculatus
Cheilopogon atrisignis: Cypsilurus atrisignis
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Cheilopogon cyanopterus(2)
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Cypselurus bahiensis
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Cypselurus cyanopterus
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Cypselurus hewitti
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Cypselurus lineatus
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Cypselurus monroei
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Cypselurus smithi
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Cypsilurus cyanopterus
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Exocoetus albidactylus
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Exocoetus bahiensis
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Exocoetus cyanopterus
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Exocoetus dussumieri
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Exocoetus parrae
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Exocoetus solitarius
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: Exocoetus vermiculatus
Cheilopogon katoptron: Cheilopogon katoptron(2)
Cheilopogon katoptron: Cypselurus katoptron
Cheilopogon katoptron: Exocoetus katoptron
Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus: Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus
Cheilopogon spilonotopterus: Cheilopogon spilonotopterus(2)
Cheilopogon spilonotopterus: Cypselurus spilonotopterus
Cheilopogon spilonotopterus: Cypsilurus quindecimradiatus
Cheilopogon spilonotopterus: Cypsilurus tahitensis
Cheilopogon spilonotopterus: Exocoetus spilonotopterus
Cheilopogon spilopterus: Cheilopogon spilopterus(2)
Cheilopogon spilopterus: Cypselurus spilopterus
Cheilopogon spilopterus: Cypsilurus bilobatus
Cheilopogon spilopterus: Exocoetus spilopterus
Cheilopogon suttoni: Cheilopogon suttoni(2)
Cheilopogon suttoni: Cypselurus suttoni
Cheilopogon suttoni: Maculocoetus suttoni
Cheilopogon unicolor: Cheilopogon unicolor(2)
Cheilopogon unicolor: Cypselurus unicolor
Cheilopogon unicolor: Exocoetus unicolor
Cheiloprion labiatus: Cheiloprion labiatus(2)
Cheiloprion labiatus: Pomacentrus labiatus
Cheilosia albitarsis: Cheilosia albitarsis
Cheilosia illustrata: Cheilosia illustrata
Cheilosia semifasciata: Cheilosia semifasciata
Cheilosia splendida: Cheilosia splendida
Cheilosia variabilis: Cheilosia variabilis
Cheimerius matsubarai: Cheimerius matsubarai
Cheiracanthium lascivum: Cheiracanthium lascivum
Cheiracus lanceolatus: Cheiracus lanceolatus
Chelidonichthys ischyrus: Chelidonichthys ischyrus(2)
Chelidonichthys kumu: Chelidonichthys kumu(2)
Chelidonichthys kumu: Chelidonichthys spinosus
Chelidonichthys kumu: Trigla kumu
Chelidonichthys kumu: Trigla peronii
Chelidonichthys spinosus: Chelidonichthys kumu
Chelidonichthys spinosus: Chelidonichthys spinosus(2)
Chelidonichthys spinosus: Trigla spinosa
Chelidonium sinense: Chelidonium sinense
Chelidonura pallida: Chelidonura pallida
Chelidoperca hirundinacea: Centropristis hirundinaceus
Chelidoperca hirundinacea: Chelidoperca hirundinacea(2)
Chelidoperca pleurospilus: Centropristis pleurospilus
Chelidoperca pleurospilus: Chelidoperca pleurospilus(2)
Chelisoches brevipennis: Chelisoches brevipennis
Chelisoches morio: Chelisoches morio
Chelmon rostratus: Chaelmo rostratus
Chelmon rostratus: Chaetodon enceladus
Chelmon rostratus: Chaetodon rostratus
Chelmon rostratus: Chelmo rostratus
Chelmon rostratus: Chelmon lol
Chelmon rostratus: Chelmon rostratus(7)
Chelmon rostratus: Chelmon rotratus
Chelodina longicillis: Chelodina longicillis
Chelodina siebenrocki: Chelodina siebenrocki
Chelon haematocheilus: Chelon haematocheilus(2)
Chelon haematocheilus: Liza haematocheila
Chelon haematocheilus: Liza haematocheilus
Chelon haematocheilus: Liza haematochila
Chelon haematocheilus: Liza menada
Chelon haematocheilus: Mugil haematocheilus
Chelon haematocheilus: Mugil soiuy
Chelonia mydas: Caretta cepedii
Chelonia mydas: Caretta esculenta
Chelonia mydas: Caretta mydas
Chelonia mydas: Caretta thumbergii
Chelonia mydas: Caretta thunbergi
Chelonia mydas: Caretta thunbergii
Chelonia mydas: Caretta virgata
Chelonia mydas: Chelone albiventer
Chelonia mydas: Chelone macropus
Chelonia mydas: Chelone maculosa
Chelonia mydas: Chelone marmorata
Chelonia mydas: Chelone midas
Chelonia mydas: Chelone mydas(2)
Chelonia mydas: Chelone virgata
Chelonia mydas: Chelone viridis
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia agassizi
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia agassizii
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia agazisii
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia albiventer
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia bicarinata
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia cepedeana
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia esculenta
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia formosa
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia japonica
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia lachrymata
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia lacrymata
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia lata
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia maculosa
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia marmorata
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia midas
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia mydas agassizi
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia mydas agassizii
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia mydas carinegra
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia mydas carrinegra
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia mydas japonica
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia mydas mydas
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia mydas viridis
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia mydas(4)
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia mydus
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia tenuis
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia virgata
Chelonia mydas: Chelonia viridis
Chelonia mydas: Euchelonia mydas
Chelonia mydas: Euchelys macropus
Chelonia mydas: Megemys mydas
Chelonia mydas: Mydas mydas
Chelonia mydas: Mydas viridis
Chelonia mydas: Mydasea mydas
Chelonia mydas: Testudo cepediana
Chelonia mydas: Testudo chloronotos
Chelonia mydas: Testudo chloronotus
Chelonia mydas: Testudo japonica
Chelonia mydas: Testudo macropus
Chelonia mydas: Testudo marina vulgaris
Chelonia mydas: Testudo mydas
Chelonia mydas: Testudo mydas macropus
Chelonia mydas: Testudo nigrita
Chelonia mydas: Testudo rugosa
Chelonia mydas: Testudo viridis
Chelonia mydas: Testudo viridisquamosa
Chelonia mydas: Thalassiochelys albiventer
Chelonodon patoca: Arothron kappa
Chelonodon patoca: Cheilichthys kappa
Chelonodon patoca: Chelondon patoca
Chelonodon patoca: Chelonodon kappa
Chelonodon patoca: Chelonodon patoca(2)
Chelonodon patoca: Leiodon patoca
Chelonodon patoca: Tetraodon kappa
Chelonodon patoca: Tetraodon patoca
Chelonodon patoca: Tetrodon dissutidens
Chelonodon patoca: Tetrodon patoca
Chelonus gohoi: Chelonus gohoi
Chelonus semihyalinus: Chelonus semihyalinus
Chelophyes contorta: Chelophyes contorta
Chelus fimbriatus: Chelus fimbriatus
Chelydra serpentina: Chelydra serpentina
Chen caerulescens: Chen caerulescens
Chen canagica: Chen canagica
Cheritra freja: Cheritra freja
Chersonesia intermedia: Chersonesia intermedia
Chersonesia nicevillei: Chersonesia nicevillei
Chersonesia peraka: Chersonesia peraka
Chersonesia rahria: Chersonesia rahria
Chersonesia risa: Chersonesia risa(2)
Chetoneura cavernae: Chetoneura cavernae
Chiasmodon niger: Chiasmodon niger(2)
Chiasmodon niger: Chiasmodus niger
Chiasmodon niger: Ponerodon vastator
Chicocerus capucinus: Chicocerus capucinus
Chicoreus aculeatus: Chicoreus aculeatus
Chicoreus adustus: Chicoreus adustus(2)
Chicoreus asianus: Chicoreus asianus
Chicoreus axicornis: Chicoreus axicornis(2)
Chicoreus banksii: Chicoreus banksii
Chicoreus brunneus: Chicoreus brunneus(2)
Chicoreus capucinus: Chicoreus capucinus
Chicoreus cnissodus: Chicoreus cnissodus
Chicoreus cornucervi: Chicoreus cornucervi
Chicoreus elliscrossi: Chicoreus elliscrossi
Chicoreus microphyllus: Chicoreus microphyllus
Chicoreus palmarosae: Chicoreus palmarosae
Chicoreus ramosus: Chicoreus ramosus(2)
Chicoreus rossiteri: Chicoreus rossiteri
Chicoreus saulii: Chicoreus saulii
Chicoreus superbus: Chicoreus superbus(2)
Chicoreus torrefactus: Chicoreus torrefactus(3)
Chilades lajus: Chilades lajus(2)
Chilades pandava: Chilades pandava
Chilasa agestor: Chilasa agestor
Chilasa clytia: Chilasa clytia(2)
Chilasa mahadeva: Chilasa mahadeva
Chilasa paradoxa: Chilasa paradoxa
Chilasa slateri: Chilasa slateri
Chilo suppressalis: Chilo suppressalis
Chilocoris pusillus: Chilocoris pusillus
Chilocrous rubidus: Chilocrous rubidus
Chilodus punctatus: Chilodus punctatus(2)
Chilodus punctaus: Chilodus punctaus
Chilomenes sexmaculata: Chilomenes sexmaculata
Chilomycterus affinis: Chilomycterus affinis
Chilomycterus reticulatus: Cchilomycterus affinis
Chilomycterus reticulatus: Chilomycteris reticulatus
Chilomycterus reticulatus: Chilomycterus affinis
Chilomycterus reticulatus: Chilomycterus reticulatus(2)
Chilomycterus reticulatus: Diodon reticulatus
Chilomycterus reticulatus: Diodon tigrinus
Chilomycterus reticulatus: Euchilomycterus quadradicatus
Chilorhinus platyrhynchus: Brachyconger platyrhynchus
Chilorhinus platyrhynchus: Chilorhinus platyrhynchus(2)
Chiloscyllium griseum: Chiloscyllium griseum(2)
Chiloscyllium griseum: Chiloscyllium grisium
Chiloscyllium griseum: Chiloscyllium hasselti
Chiloscyllium griseum: Chiloscyllium indicum
Chiloscyllium griseum: Chiloscyllium obscurum
Chiloscyllium griseum: Chiloscyllium plagiosum
Chiloscyllium griseum: Chiloscyllium punctatum
Chiloscyllium griseum: Hemiscyllium griseum
Chiloscyllium griseum: Hemiscyllium griseurm
Chiloscyllium griseum: Hemiscyllium griseus
Chiloscyllium griseum: Scyliorhinus unicolor
Chiloscyllium griseum: Scyllium griseum
Chiloscyllium indicum: Chiloscyllium colax
Chiloscyllium indicum: Chiloscyllium indicum(8)
Chiloscyllium indicum: Chiloscyllium phymatodes
Chiloscyllium indicum: Chiloscyllium plagiosum
Chiloscyllium indicum: Chiloscyllium tuberculatus
Chiloscyllium indicum: Chilosycylum indicum
Chiloscyllium indicum: Hemiscyllium colax
Chiloscyllium indicum: Scyliorhinus dentatus
Chiloscyllium indicum: Scyliorhinus lambarda
Chiloscyllium indicum: Scyliorhinus tuberculatus
Chiloscyllium indicum: Scyliorhinus variegatus
Chiloscyllium indicum: Squalus caudatus
Chiloscyllium indicum: Squalus colax
Chiloscyllium indicum: Squalus dentatus
Chiloscyllium indicum: Squalus gronovianus
Chiloscyllium indicum: Squalus indicus
Chiloscyllium indicum: Squalus tuberculatus
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Chilloscyllium margaritiferum
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Chiloscyllium caeruleopunctatum
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Chiloscyllium griseum
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Chiloscyllium hasselti
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Chiloscyllium indicum(5)
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Chiloscyllium plagiosum(4)
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Chiloscyllium punctatum
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Hemiscyllium plagiosum
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Scyllium ornatum
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Scyllium plagiosum(2)
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Chiloscyllium griseum
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Chiloscyllium hasselti
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Chiloscyllium indicum
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Chiloscyllium margaritiferum
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Chiloscyllium plagiosum
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Chiloscyllium punctatum(3)
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Hemiscyllium punctatum
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Hemiscyllium punctaturn
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Scyliorhinus russellianus
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Scyllium punctatum
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Squalus russellianus
Chimaera jordani: Chimaera jordani(2)
Chimaera phantasma: Chimaera phantasma(2)
Chimaera phantasma: Chimaera pseudomonstrosa
Chimaera phantasma: Chimaeridae phantasma
Chimarrogale himalayica: Chimarrogale himalayica
Chimarrogale phaeura: Chimarrogale phaeura
Chinemys kwantungensis: Chinemys kwantungensis
Chinese bustard: Chinese bustard
Chione calophylla: Chione calophylla
Chione layardi: Chione layardi
Chione squamosa: Chione squamosa
Chiridius gracilis: Chiridius gracilis
Chiridota rigida: Chiridota rigida
Chirocentrus dorab: Chirocentris dorab
Chirocentrus dorab: Chirocentrus dorab(3)
Chirocentrus dorab: Chirocentrus hypselosoma
Chirocentrus dorab: Clupea dentex
Chirocentrus dorab: Clupea dorab
Chirocentrus dorab: Esox chirocentrus
Chirocentrus nudus: Chirocentrus dorab
Chirocentrus nudus: Chirocentrus nudus(3)
Chirocentrus nudus: Chirocentrus russellii
Chirochoristes pallidus: Chirochoristes pallidus
Chiromanthes maipoensis: Chiromanthes maipoensis
Chiromantis marginis: Chiromantis marginis
Chironomus anomalus: Chironomus anomalus
Chironomus formosae: Chironomus formosae
Chiropodomys gliroides: Chiropodomys gliroides
Chiropotes albinasus: Chiropotes albinasus
Chiroteuthis imperator: Chiroteuthis imperator
Chirothrips africanus: Chirothrips africanus
Chirothrips manicatus: Chirothrips manicatus
Chirothrips mexicanus: Chirothrips mexicanus
Chiton komaianus: Chiton komaianus
Chitra indica: Chitra indica
Chlaenius rufifemoratus: Chlaenius rufifemoratus
Chlamisus angulisternus: Chlamisus angulisternus
Chlamisus capitatus: Chlamisus capitatus
Chlamisus chujoi: Chlamisus chujoi
Chlamisus diminutus: Chlamisus diminutus(2)
Chlamisus ferreguneus: Chlamisus ferreguneus
Chlamisus flavosignatus: Chlamisus flavosignatus
Chlamisus formosanus: Chlamisus formosanus
Chlamisus geniculatus: Chlamisus geniculatus
Chlamisus ibomune: Chlamisus ibomune
Chlamisus japonicus: Chlamisus japonicus(2)
Chlamisus lewisii: Chlamisus lewisii
Chlamisus monticolus: Chlamisus monticolus
Chlamisus munemizo: Chlamisus munemizo
Chlamisus nanshanchiensis: Chlamisus nanshanchiensis
Chlamisus nigripes: Chlamisus nigripes
Chlamisus prominens: Chlamisus prominens
Chlamisus robustus: Chlamisus robustus
Chlamisus shirozui: Chlamisus shirozui
Chlamisus sungkangensis: Chlamisus sungkangensis
Chlamisus y-costatus: Chlamisus y-costatus
Chlamydochaera jefferyi: Chlamydochaera jefferyi
Chlamydosaurus kingii: Chlamydosaurus kingii
Chlamydoselachus anguineus: Chlamydoselache anguinea
Chlamydoselachus anguineus: Chlamydoselachus anguineum
Chlamydoselachus anguineus: Chlamydoselachus anguineus(2)
Chlamydoselachus anguineus: Didymodus anguineus
Chlamydotis undulata: Chlamydotis undulata
Chlamys albolineata: Chlamys albolineata
Chlamys aurantiaca: Chlamys aurantiaca
Chlamys crestularis: Chlamys crestularis
Chlamys farreri: Chlamys farreri
Chlamys inaequivalvis: Chlamys inaequivalvis
Chlamys irregularis: Chlamys irregularis
Chlamys islandica: Chlamys islandica
Chlamys lentiginosa: Chlamys lentiginosa
Chlamys macassarensis: Chlamys macassarensis
Chlamys madreporara: Chlamys madreporara
Chlamys madreporarum: Chlamys madreporarum(2)
Chlamys mirificus: Chlamys mirificus
Chlamys nobilis: Chlamys nobilis
Chlamys oweni: Chlamys oweni
Chlamys pallium: Chlamys pallium
Chlamys princessae: Chlamys princessae
Chlamys quadrilirata: Chlamys quadrilirata
Chlamys radula: Chlamys radula(5)
Chlamys reevei: Chlamys reevei
Chlamys ruschenbergerii: Chlamys ruschenbergerii
Chlamys schmeltzii: Chlamys schmeltzii
Chlamys senatoria: Chlamys senatoria
Chlamys singaporinus: Chlamys singaporinus
Chlamys squamata: Chlamys squamata
Chlamys squamosa: Chlamys squamosa
Chlamys squamosus: Chlamys squamosus
Chlamys teramachii: Chlamys teramachii
Chlamys tranquebaria: Chlamys tranquebaria
Chlamys tranquebaricus: Chlamys tranquebaricus
Chlamys transquebaricus: Chlamys transquebaricus
Chliaria amabilis: Chliaria amabilis
Chliaria kina: Chliaria kina
Chliaria merguia: Chliaria merguia
Chliaria othona: Chliaria othona
Chliaria tora: Chliaria tora
Chlidonias hybridus: Chlidonias hybridus(7)
Chlidonias leucoptera: Chlidonias leucopterus
Chlidonias leucopterus: Chlidonias leucopterus(6)
Chlidonias niger: Chlidonias niger(2)
Chloebia gouldiae: Chloebia gouldiae
Chloeia flava: Chloeia flava
Chloritis breviseta: Chloritis breviseta
Chloritis delibrata: Chloritis delibrata
Chloritis deliciosa: Chloritis deliciosa
Chloritis gabata: Chloritis gabata
Chloritis penangensis: Chloritis penangensis
Chloritis platytropis: Chloritis platytropis
Chloritis wrayi: Chloritis wrayi
Chlorocebus aethiop: Chlorocebus aethiop
Chlorocebus aethiops: Chlorocebus aethiops(2)
Chlorocebus cynosuro: Chlorocebus cynosuro
Chlorocebus cynosuros: Chlorocebus cynosuros(2)
Chlorocebus djamdjamensi: Chlorocebus djamdjamensi
Chlorocebus djamdjamensis: Chlorocebus djamdjamensis(2)
Chlorocebus pygerythru: Chlorocebus pygerythru
Chlorocebus pygerythrus: Chlorocebus pygerythrus(2)
Chlorocebus tantalu: Chlorocebus tantalu
Chlorocebus tantalus: Chlorocebus tantalus(2)
Chlorocharis emiliae: Chlorocharis emiliae
Chloroclysta siterata: Chloroclysta siterata
Chloroclystis blanda: Chloroclystis blanda
Chlorocysta citrata: Chlorocysta citrata
Chlorocysta truncata: Chlorocysta truncata
Chlorodiella cytherea: Chlorodiella cytherea
Chlorodiella laevissima: Chlorodiella laevissima
Chlorodiella nigra: Chlorodiella nigra
Chlorogomphus splendidus: Chlorogomphus splendidus
Chloromyia formosa: Chloromyia formosa
Chlorophorus annularis: Chlorophorus annularis
Chlorophorus verus: Chlorophorus verus
Chlorophthalmus acutifrons: Chlorophthalmus actifrons
Chlorophthalmus acutifrons: Chlorophthalmus acutifrons(2)
Chlorophthalmus albatrossis: Chlorophthalmus albatrosi
Chlorophthalmus albatrossis: Chlorophthalmus albatrossis(2)
Chlorophthalmus borealis: Chlorophthalmus borealis(2)
Chlorophthalmus nigromarginatus: Chlorophthalmus acutifrons
Chlorophthalmus nigromarginatus: Chlorophthalmus nigromarginatus(2)
Chlorophthalmus nigromarginatus: Chloropthalmus nigromarginatus
Chlorops canaliculata: Chlorops canaliculata
Chlorops frontatus: Chlorops frontatus
Chloropsis aurifrons: Chloropsis aurifrons(3)
Chloropsis cochinchinensis: Chloropsis cochinchinensis(6)
Chloropsis cyanopogon: Chloropsis cyanopogon(4)
Chloropsis hardwickei: Chloropsis hardwickei
Chloropsis hardwickii: Chloropsis hardwickii(4)
Chloropsis sonnerati: Chloropsis sonnerati(5)
Chlorostoma turbinata: Chlorostoma turbinata
Chlorurus bowersi: Callyodon bowersi
Chlorurus bowersi: Chlorurus bowersi(2)
Chlorurus bowersi: Scarus bowersi
Chlorurus frontalis: Chlorurus frontalis(2)
Chlorurus frontalis: Scarus frontalis
Chlorurus japanensis: Callyodon abacurus
Chlorurus japanensis: Callyodon blochi
Chlorurus japanensis: Callyodon japanensis
Chlorurus japanensis: Callyodon pyrrhurus
Chlorurus japanensis: Chlorurus japanensis(2)
Chlorurus japanensis: Chlorurus pyrrhurus
Chlorurus japanensis: Scarus blochii
Chlorurus japanensis: Scarus capistratoides
Chlorurus japanensis: Scarus japanensis
Chlorurus japanensis: Scarus pyrrhurus
Chlorurus japanensis: Scarus viridis
Chlorurus japanensis: Xanothon capistratoides
Chlorurus microrhinos: Callyodon microrhinus
Chlorurus microrhinos: Callyodon ultramarinus
Chlorurus microrhinos: Chlorurus gibbus
Chlorurus microrhinos: Chlorurus microrhinos(2)
Chlorurus microrhinos: Pseudoscarus microrhinos
Chlorurus microrhinos: Scarus gibbus
Chlorurus microrhinos: Scarus microrhinos
Chlorurus oedema: Callyodon oedema
Chlorurus oedema: Chlorurus oedema(2)
Chlorurus oedema: Scarus oedema
Chlorurus sordidus: Callyodon albipunctatus
Chlorurus sordidus: Callyodon bipallidus
Chlorurus sordidus: Callyodon cyanogrammus
Chlorurus sordidus: Callyodon erythrodon
Chlorurus sordidus: Callyodon margaritus
Chlorurus sordidus: Callyodon rostratus
Chlorurus sordidus: Callyodon sordidus
Chlorurus sordidus: Chlorurus sordidus(2)
Chlorurus sordidus: Pseudoscarus goldiei
Chlorurus sordidus: Pseudoscarus margaritus
Chlorurus sordidus: Pseudoscarus platodoni
Chlorurus sordidus: Pseudoscarus vitriolinus
Chlorurus sordidus: Scaridea leucotaeniata
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus celebicus
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus erythrodon
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus gymnognathos
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus margaritus
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus nigricans
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus purpureus
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus sordidus
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus spilurus
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus sumbawensis
Chlorurus sordidus: Scarus variegatus
Chlorurus sordidus: Xanothon bipallidus
Chlorurus sordidus: Xanothon erythrodon
Chlorurus sordidus: Xanothon margaritus
Chlumetia transversa: Chlumetia transversa
Choaspes hemixanthus: Choaspes hemixanthus
Choaspes plateni: Choaspes plateni
Choaspes subcaudata: Choaspes subcaudata
Choaspes xanthopogon: Choaspes xanthopogon
Choerodon anchorago: Chaerodon anchorago
Choerodon anchorago: Choerodon anchorago(2)
Choerodon anchorago: Sparus anchorago
Choerodon azurio: Choerodon azurio(2)
Choerodon azurio: Choerops azurio
Choerodon fasciatus: Choerodon fasciatus(2)
Choerodon fasciatus: Lienardella fasciata
Choerodon fasciatus: Xiphochilus fasciatus
Choerodon gymnogenys: Choerodon gymnogenys(2)
Choerodon gymnogenys: Notolabrus gymnogenys
Choerodon gymnogenys: Peaolopesia gymnogenys
Choerodon gymnogenys: Peaolopesia matthaei
Choerodon gymnogenys: Xiphochilus gymnogenys
Choerodon jordani: Choerodon jordani(2)
Choerodon jordani: Choerops jordani
Choerodon melanostigma: Choerodon melanostigma(2)
Choerodon oligacanthus: Choerodon oligacanthus
Choerodon robustus: Choerodon robustus(2)
Choerodon robustus: Xiphochilus robustus
Choerodon schoenleinii: Chaerodon schoenleini
Choerodon schoenleinii: Chaerops notatus
Choerodon schoenleinii: Choerodon quadrifasciatus
Choerodon schoenleinii: Choerodon rubidus
Choerodon schoenleinii: Choerodon schoenleini
Choerodon schoenleinii: Choerodon schoenleinii(3)
Choerodon schoenleinii: Choerodon shoenleinii
Choerodon schoenleinii: Choerops nyctemblema
Choerodon schoenleinii: Choerops unimaculatus
Choerodon schoenleinii: Cossyphus cyanostolus
Choerodon schoenleinii: Cossyphus ommopterus
Choerodon schoenleinii: Cossyphus schoenleinii
Choerodon schoenleinii: Torresia australis
Choerodon schoenleinii: Torresia lineata
Choerodon zamboangae: Chaerodon zamboangae
Choerodon zamboangae: Choerodon zamboangae(2)
Choerodon zamboangae: Choerops zamboangae
Choeroichthys sculptus: Choeroichthys sculptus(2)
Choeroichthys sculptus: Doryichthys sculptus
Choeroichthys sculptus: Doryrhamphus macgregori
Choeroichthys sculptus: Microphis ocellatus
Chokkirius truncatus: Chokkirius truncatus
Cholorotcus crassicornis: Cholorotcus crassicornis
Chondria formosana: Chondria formosana
Chondria nigropunctata: Chondria nigropunctata
Chondrodactylus angulifer: Chondrodactylus angulifer
Chondrohierax uncinatus: Chondrohierax uncinatus
Chondromorpha xanthotricha: Chondromorpha xanthotricha
Chordeiles minor: Chordeiles minor
Choridactylus multibarbus: Choridactylus multibarbis
Choridactylus multibarbus: Choridactylus multibarbus(2)
Chorisoneura nigra: Chorisoneura nigra
Choroterpides nigella: Choroterpides nigella
Chorthippus parallelus: Chorthippus parallelus
Chremistica ochracea: Chremistica ochracea
Chremylus concinnus: Chremylus concinnus
Chriolepis zebra: Chriolepis zebra(3)
Chrioloba cinerea: Chrioloba cinerea
Chrionema chlorotaenia: Chrionema chlorotaenia(2)
Chrionema chryseres: Chrionema chryseres(2)
Chrionema furunoi: Chrionema furunoi(2)
Chromatomyia aprilina: Chromatomyia aprilina
Chromatomyia lonicerae: Chromatomyia lonicerae
Chromatomyia milii: Chromatomyia milii
Chromatomyia nigra: Chromatomyia nigra
Chromis acares: Chromis acares(2)
Chromis albomaculata: Chromis albomaculata(2)
Chromis albomaculata: Chromis albomaculatus
Chromis alleni: Chromis alleni(2)
Chromis alpha: Chromis alpha
Chromis analis: Chromis analis(2)
Chromis analis: Heliases analis
Chromis analis: Heliases macrochir
Chromis atripectoralis: Chromis atripectoralis(2)
Chromis atripes: Chromis atripes(2)
Chromis chrysura: Chromis chrysura(2)
Chromis chrysura: Chromis chrysurus
Chromis chrysura: Chromis isharai
Chromis cinerascens: Chromis cinerascens(2)
Chromis cinerascens: Chromis insulindicus
Chromis cinerascens: Glyphisodon angulatus
Chromis cinerascens: Glyphisodon javanicus
Chromis cinerascens: Heliases cinerascens
Chromis delta: Chromis delta(2)
Chromis elerae: Chromis elerae
Chromis flavomaculata: Chromis flavomaculata(2)
Chromis flavomaculata: Chromis flavomaculatus
Chromis flavomaculata: Chromis kennensis
Chromis fumea: Chromis caudofasciata
Chromis fumea: Chromis fumea(2)
Chromis fumea: Chromis fumeus
Chromis fumea: Pomacentrus fumeus
Chromis lepidolepis: Chromis lepidolepis(2)
Chromis lepidolepis: Dascyllus caudofasciatus
Chromis lepidolepis: Dascyllus pomacentroides
Chromis lepidolepis: Lepidochromis brunneus
Chromis leucura: Chromis leucura(2)
Chromis leucura: Chromis leucurus
Chromis margaritifer: Chromis bicolor
Chromis margaritifer: Chromis dimidiatus(2)
Chromis margaritifer: Chromis margarifer
Chromis margaritifer: Chromis margaritifer(2)
Chromis margaritifer: Chromis margaritifera
Chromis mirationis: Chromis fraenatus
Chromis mirationis: Chromis mirationis(2)
Chromis notata: Chromis miyakeensis
Chromis notata: Chromis notata(2)
Chromis notata: Chromis notatus(3)
Chromis notata: Chromis villadoldi
Chromis notata: Heliases notatus
Chromis okamurai: Chromis okamurai(2)
Chromis onumai: Chromis onumai
Chromis ovatiformis: Chromis ovatiformes
Chromis ovatiformis: Chromis ovatiformis(2)
Chromis retrofasciata: Chromis retrofasciata(2)
Chromis retrofasciata: Chromis retrofasciatas
Chromis retrofasciata: Chromis retrofasciatus
Chromis ternatensis: Chromis caeruleus
Chromis ternatensis: Chromis coeruleus
Chromis ternatensis: Chromis philippinus
Chromis ternatensis: Chromis ternatense
Chromis ternatensis: Chromis ternatensis(2)
Chromis ternatensis: Heliases caeruleus
Chromis ternatensis: Heliases ternatensis
Chromis vanderbilti: Chromis vanderbilti(2)
Chromis vanderbilti: Pycnochromis vanderbilti
Chromis viridis: Chromis caerulea
Chromis viridis: Chromis viridis(3)
Chromis viridis: Dascyllus cyanurus
Chromis viridis: Glyphisodon bandanensis
Chromis viridis: Heliases frenatus
Chromis viridis: Heliases lepisurus
Chromis viridis: Pomacentrus viridis
Chromis weberi: Chromis simulanis
Chromis weberi: Chromis simulans
Chromis weberi: Chromis weberi(2)
Chromis xanthochira: Chromis reticulatus
Chromis xanthochira: Chromis xanthochir
Chromis xanthochira: Chromis xanthochira(2)
Chromis xanthochira: Heliases xanthochirus
Chromis xanthura: Chromis xanthura(2)
Chromis xanthura: Chromis xanthurus
Chromis xanthura: Heliases xanthurus
Chromobacterium violaceum: Chromobacterium violaceum
Chromodoris alba: Chromodoris alba
Chromodoris coi: Chromodoris coi
Chromodoris elisabethina: Chromodoris elisabethina
Chromodoris elizabethina: Chromodoris elizabethina
Chromodoris fidelis: Chromodoris fidelis(2)
Chromodoris geometrica: Chromodoris geometrica
Chromodoris lineolata: Chromodoris lineolata
Chromodoris maritima: Chromodoris maritima
Chromodoris obsoluta: Chromodoris obsoluta
Chromodoris odhneri: Chromodoris odhneri
Chromodoris orientalis: Chromodoris orientalis
Chromodoris quadricolor: Chromodoris quadricolor
Chromodoris sibogae: Chromodoris sibogae
Chromodoris sinensis: Chromodoris sinensis
Chromodoris striatella: Chromodoris striatella
Chromodoris tinctoria: Chromodoris tinctoria
Chromodoris tumulifera: Chromodoris tumulifera
Chromodoris youngbleuthi: Chromodoris youngbleuthi
Chroococcus cimneticus: Chroococcus cimneticus
Chroococcus cohaerens: Chroococcus cohaerens
Chroococcus dispersus: Chroococcus dispersus
Chroococcus dispersus: minor, Chroococcus dispersus minor
Chroococcus limneticus: Chroococcus limneticus
Chroococcus minor: Chroococcus minor
Chroococcus minutus: Chroococcus minutus
Chroococcus turgidus: Chroococcus turgidus
Chroococus tenax: Chroococus tenax
Chrysaeglia magnifica: Chrysaeglia magnifica
Chrysame ambigua: Chrysame ambigua
Chrysemys picta: Chrysemys picta(2)
Chrysiptera biocellata: Abudefdef biocellata
Chrysiptera biocellata: Abudefdef zonatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Abudefduf biocellatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Abudefduf zonatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Chaetodon brownriggii
Chrysiptera biocellata: Chromis cinctus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Chrysiptera biocellata(2)
Chrysiptera biocellata: Chrysiptera biocellatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Chrysiptera zonatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Glyphidodon cingulatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Glyphidodontops biocellatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Glyphisodon albocinctus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Glyphisodon antjerius(2)
Chrysiptera biocellata: Glyphisodon balinensis
Chrysiptera biocellata: Glyphisodon biocellatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Glyphisodon punctulatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Glyphisodon rossii
Chrysiptera biocellata: Glyphisodon zonatus
Chrysiptera biocellata: Heliastes cinctus
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Abudefduf biocellatus
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Abudefduf miyakoe
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Abudefduf xanthozona
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Abudefduf xanthozonus
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Chaetodon brownriggii
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Chrysiptera albofasciata(3)
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Chrysiptera brownriggi
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Chrysiptera brownriggii(2)
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Chrysiptera caudofasciata
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Chrysiptera leucopoma(2)
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Chrysiptera leucopomus
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Chrysiptera xanthozona
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Glyphidodon amabilis
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Glyphidodon taenioruptus
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Glyphidodontops leucopomus
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Glyphisodon albofasciatus
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Glyphisodon leucopomus
Chrysiptera brownriggii: Glyphisodon xanthozona
Chrysiptera cyanea: Abudefduf assimilis
Chrysiptera cyanea: Abudefduf cyanea
Chrysiptera cyanea: Abudefduf cyaneus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Abudefduf sapphirus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Abudefduf turchesius
Chrysiptera cyanea: Abudefduf uniocellatus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Cbrysiptera cyaneus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Chrysiptera assimilis
Chrysiptera cyanea: Chrysiptera cyanea(2)
Chrysiptera cyanea: Chrysiptera cyaneus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Chrysiptera gaimardi
Chrysiptera cyanea: Chrysiptera punctatoperculare
Chrysiptera cyanea: Chrysiptera uniocellata
Chrysiptera cyanea: Glyphidodon assimilis
Chrysiptera cyanea: Glyphidodontops azureus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Glyphidodontops cyaneus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Glyphidontops cyaneus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Glyphisodon azureus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Glyphisodon cyaneus
Chrysiptera cyanea: Glyphisodon hedleyi
Chrysiptera cyanea: Glyphisodon uniocellatus
Chrysiptera glauca: Abudefduf caesio
Chrysiptera glauca: Abudefduf glaucus
Chrysiptera glauca: Chrysiptera glauca(2)
Chrysiptera glauca: Chrysiptera hollisi
Chrysiptera glauca: Glyphidodon modestus
Chrysiptera glauca: Glyphidodontops glaucus
Chrysiptera glauca: Glyphisodon glaucus
Chrysiptera glauca: Glyphisodon pallidus
Chrysiptera glauca: Glyphisodon phaiosoma
Chrysiptera parasema: Chrysiptera parasema(3)
Chrysiptera rex: Abudefduf rex
Chrysiptera rex: Chrysiptera rex(2)
Chrysiptera rex: Glyphididontops rex
Chrysiptera rex: Glyphidodontops rex
Chrysiptera starcki: Abudefduf starcki
Chrysiptera starcki: Chrysiptera starcki(5)
Chrysiptera starcki: Chrysiptera starki
Chrysiptera starcki: Glyphidodontops starcki
Chrysiptera tricincta: Chrysiptera tricincta(2)
Chrysiptera tricincta: Glyphidodontops tricinctus
Chrysiptera unimaculata: Abudefduf biocellatus
Chrysiptera unimaculata: Chrysiptera unimaculata(2)
Chrysiptera unimaculata: Glyphidodon dispar
Chrysiptera unimaculata: Glyphidodon hemimelas
Chrysiptera unimaculata: Glyphidodon hermani
Chrysiptera unimaculata: Glyphidodontops unimaculatus
Chrysiptera unimaculata: Glyphisodon filholi
Chrysiptera unimaculata: Glyphisodon unimaculatus
Chrysocharis pubens: Chrysocharis pubens
Chrysocharis viridis: Chrysocharis viridis
Chrysochir aureus: Chrysochir aureus(3)
Chrysochir aureus: Johnius birtwistlei
Chrysochir aureus: Nibea acuta
Chrysochir aureus: Otolithus aureus
Chrysochir aureus: Pseudosciaena acuta
Chrysochir aureus: Sciaena incerta
Chrysochir aureus: Sciaena ophiceps
Chrysococcyx basalis: Chrysococcyx basalis(2)
Chrysococcyx maculatus: Chrysococcyx maculatus(2)
Chrysococcyx minutillus: Chrysococcyx minutillus(3)
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus: Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus(4)
Chrysocolaptes lucidus: Chrysocolaptes lucidus(2)
Chrysocoris grandis: Chrysocoris grandis
Chrysocoris iris: Chrysocoris iris
Chrysocraspeda sanguinea: Chrysocraspeda sanguinea
Chrysocyon brachyurus: Chrysocyon brachyurus
Chrysodeixis acuta: Chrysodeixis acuta
Chrysodeixis chalcites: Chrysodeixis chalcites
Chrysodeixis minutus: Chrysodeixis minutus
Chrysodema lewisii: Chrysodema lewisii
Chrysolina staphylea: Chrysolina staphylea
Chrysolophus amherstiae: Chrysolophus amherstiae
Chrysolophus pictus: Chrysolophus pictus
Chrysomela maculicollis: Chrysomela maculicollis
Chrysomma sinense: Chrysomma sinense
Chrysomphalus aonidum: Chrysomphalus aonidum
Chrysomphalus dictyospermi: Chrysomphalus dictyospermi
Chrysomyia megacephala: Chrysomyia megacephala
Chrysomyia pinguis: Chrysomyia pinguis
Chrysopa adonis: Chrysopa adonis
Chrysopelea ornata: Chrysopelea ornata(3)
Chrysopelea paradisi: Chrysopelea paradisi(4)
Chrysopelea pelias: Chrysopelea pelias(3)
Chrysopelea rhodopleuron: Chrysopelea rhodopleuron
Chrysopelea rubescens: Chrysopelea rubescens
Chrysopelea taprobanica: Chrysopelea taprobanica
Chrysoperia carnea: Chrysopa carnea
Chrysophrys auratus: Acanthopagrus sp.
Chrysophrys auratus: Chrysophrys auratus
Chrysopida murina: Chrysopida murina
Chrysopilus cristatus: Chrysopilus cristatus
Chrysopilus luctuosus: Chrysopilus luctuosus
Chrysopilus marmoratus: Chrysopilus marmoratus
Chrysops dispar: Chrysops dispar
Chrysops flavescens: Chrysops flavescens
Chrysops grandis: Chrysops grandis
Chrysops sinensis: Chrysops sinensis
Chrysosoma abruptum: Chrysosoma abruptum
Chrysosoma elongatum: Chrysosoma elongatum
Chrysosoma humile: Chrysosoma humile
Chrysosoma imitans: Chrysosoma imitans
Chrysosoma pauper: Chrysosoma pauper
Chrysostoma paradoxum: Chrysostoma paradoxum(2)
Chrysostoma paradoxus: Chrysostoma paradoxus
Chrysoteuchia culmella: Chrysoteuchia culmella
Chrysotoxum arcuatum: Chrysotoxum arcuatum
Chrysotoxum testaceum: Chrysotoxum testaceum
Chrysso argyrodiformis: Chrysso argyrodiformis
Chrysso caudigera: Chrysso caudigera
Chrysso lativentris: Chrysso lativentris
Chrysso nigra: Chrysso nigra
Chrysso punctifera: Chrysso punctifera
Chrysso spiniventris: Chrysso spiniventris
Chrysso trimaculata: Chrysso trimaculata
Chrysso venusta: Chrysso venusta
Chrysso vesiculosa: Chrysso vesiculosa
Chundana emarginata: Chundana emarginata
Chusaris angulata: Chusaris angulata
Chusaris sordida: Chusaris sordida
Chyliza elegans: Chyliza elegans
Chymomyza obscura: Chymomyza obscura
Chytonix costimacula: Chytonix costimacula
Chytonix variegata: Chytonix variegata
Cicadella viridis: Cicadella viridis
Cichla ocellaris: Cichla ocellaris
Cichlasoma bifasciatum: Cichlasoma bifasciatum
Cichlasoma citrinellum: Cichlasoma citrinellum
Cichlasoma salvini: Cichlasoma salvini
Cichlasoma salvinii: Cichlasoma salvinii(3)
Cichlosoma urophthalmus: Cichlosoma urophthalmus
Cicindela campestris: Cicindela campestris
Cicona stormi: Cicona stormi
Ciconia boyciana: Ciconia boyciana(2)
Ciconia ciconia: Ciconia ciconia
Ciconia episcopus: Ciconia episcopus(2)
Ciconia nigra: Ciconia nigra(3)
Ciconia stormi: Ciconia stormi(2)
Cidariplura gladiata: Cidariplura gladiata
Cilea limbifer: Cilea limbifer
Cilea silphoides: Cilea silphoides
Cinclidium leucurum: Cinclidium leucurum(3)
Cinclus pallasii: Cinclus pallasii
Cincticostella fusca: Cincticostella fusca
Cinctiscala eximium: Cinctiscala eximium
Cinnyris asiaticus: Cinnyris asiaticus
Cinnyris jugularis: Certhia jugularis
Cinnyris jugularis: Cinnyris jugularis(44000)
Cinnyris jugularis: Cyrtostomus ornatus
Cinnyris jugularis: Leptocoma jugularis
Cinnyris jugularis: Nectarina jugularis(3010)
Cinnyris jugularis: Nectarinia jugularis(33600)
Cinnyris talatala: Cinnyris talatala
Cintaroa aptera: Cintaroa aptera
Cipangopaludina chinensis: Cipangopaludina chinensis
Circaetus gallicus: Circaetus gallicus(3)
Circe intermedia: Circe intermedia
Circe scripta: Circe scripta(3)
Circe scripta: tumefacta, Circe scripta tumefacta
Circe sulcata: Circe sulcata
Circe tumefacta: Circe tumefacta
Circobotys elegans: Circobotys elegans
Circobotys elongata: Circobotys elongata
Circobotys pallida: Circobotys pallida
Circomphalus calophylla: Circomphalus calophylla
Circomphalus isabellina: Circomphalus isabellina(2)
Circus aeruginosus: Circus aeruginosus(2)
Circus cyaneus: Circus cyaneus(5)
Circus melanoleucos: Circus melanoleucos(5)
Circus spilonotus: Circus spilonotus(5)
Cirrhigaleus barbifer: Cirrhigaleus barbifer(2)
Cirrhigaleus barbifer: Phaenopogon barbulifer
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: Cheilinoides cyanopleura
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura(2)
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: Cirrhilabrus heterodon
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: Cirrhilabrus lyukyuensis
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: Cirrhilabrus ryukyuensis
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: Cirrhilabrus solorensis
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: Halichoeres cyanopleura
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus: Cirrhilabrus exquisitus(2)
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus: Cirrhilabrus exquistitus
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus: Cirrhilabrus exquistius
Cirrhilabrus lunatus: Cirrhilabrus lunatus(2)
Cirrhilabrus melanomarginatus: Cirrhilabrus melanomarginatus(2)
Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus: Cirrhilabrus rubimarginatus
Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus: Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus(2)
Cirrhilabrus temminckii: Cirrhilabrus temmincki
Cirrhilabrus temminckii: Cirrhilabrus temminckii(2)
Cirrhilabrus temminckii: Cirrhilabrus temminki
Cirrhilabrus temminckii: Cirrhillabrus temminckii
Cirrhimuraena chinensis: Cirrhimuraena chinensis(2)
Cirrhimuraena chinensis: Ophisurus polyodon
Cirrhina molitorella: Leuciscus molitorella
Cirrhinus molitorella: Cirrhina molitorella
Cirrhinus molitorella: Cirrhinus chinensis
Cirrhinus molitorella: Cirrhinus macrosemion
Cirrhinus molitorella: Cirrhinus melanostigma
Cirrhinus molitorella: Cirrhinus molitorella(2)
Cirrhinus molitorella: Cirrhinus mrigala
Cirrhinus molitorella: Cirrhinus prosemion
Cirrhinus molitorella: Cirrhinus spilopleura
Cirrhinus molitorella: Labeo collaris
Cirrhinus molitorella: Labeo garnieri
Cirrhinus molitorella: Labeo jordani
Cirrhinus molitorella: Labeo melanostigma
Cirrhinus molitorella: Labeo pingi
Cirrhinus molitorella: Labeo stigmapleura
Cirrhinus molitorella: Leuciscus chevanella
Cirrhinus molitorella: Leuciscus molitorella
Cirrhinus molitorella: Osteochilus macrosemion
Cirrhinus molitorella: Osteochilus prosemion
Cirrhinus molitorella: Osteochilus simus
Cirrhinus molitorella: Osteochilus spilopleura
Cirrhitichthys aprinus: Cirrhites aprinus
Cirrhitichthys aprinus: Cirrhitichthys aprinus(2)
Cirrhitichthys aprinus: Cirrhitychthys aprinus
Cirrhitichthys aureus: Cirrhites aureus
Cirrhitichthys aureus: Cirrhitichthys aureus(2)
Cirrhitichthys falco: Cirrhitichthys falco(2)
Cirrhitichthys falco: Cirrhitichthys serratus
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: Cirrhites grandimaculatus
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: Cirrhites murrayi
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: Cirrhites oxycephalus
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: Cirrhitichthys aprinus
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: Cirrhitichthys corallicola
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus(2)
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: Cirrhitychthys oxycephalus
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: Cirritichthys oxycephalus
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: Cirrhites maculosus
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: Cirrhites pinnulatus
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: Cirrhitus alternatus
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: Cirrhitus maculatus
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: Cirrhitus pinnulatus(2)
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: Cirrhitus spilotoceps
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: Labrus marmoratus
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: Labrus pinnulatus
Cirrhoscyllium expolitum: Cirrhoscyllium expolitum
Cirrhoscyllium formosanum: Cirrhoscyllium formosanum(2)
Cirrhoscyllium formosanum: Nebrius formosanum
Cirricaecula macdowelli: Cirricaecula macdowelli(2)
Cirrimaxilla formosa: Cirrimaxilla formosa(2)
Cirripectes castaneus: Cirripectes castaneus(2)
Cirripectes castaneus: Cirripectes filamentosus
Cirripectes castaneus: Cirripectes gibbifrons
Cirripectes castaneus: Cirripectes reticulatus
Cirripectes castaneus: Cirripectes variolosus
Cirripectes castaneus: Cirripectus gibbifrons
Cirripectes castaneus: Salarias castaneus
Cirripectes castaneus: Salarias sebae
Cirripectes filamentosus: Cirripectes filamentosus(2)
Cirripectes filamentosus: Cirripectes indrambaryae
Cirripectes filamentosus: Salarias cruentipinnis
Cirripectes filamentosus: Salarias filamentosus
Cirripectes fuscoguttatus: Cirripectes fuscoguttatus(2)
Cirripectes fuscoguttatus: Cirripectus fuscoguttatus
Cirripectes imitator: Cirripectes imitator(2)
Cirripectes perustus: Cirripectes perustus(2)
Cirripectes perustus: Cirripectus perustus
Cirripectes polyzona: Blennius canescens
Cirripectes polyzona: Cirripectes polyzona(2)
Cirripectes polyzona: Cirripectes polyzonus
Cirripectes polyzona: Cirripectes sebae
Cirripectes polyzona: Salarias polyzona
Cirripectes quagga: Cirripectes guagga
Cirripectes quagga: Cirripectes quagga(2)
Cirripectes quagga: Cirripectus lineopunctatus
Cirripectes quagga: Rupiscartes quagga
Cirripectes variolosus: Cirripectes sebae
Cirripectes variolosus: Cirripectes variolosus(2)
Cirripectes variolosus: Cirripectus variolosus
Cirripectes variolosus: Istiblennius variolosus
Cirripectes variolosus: Ophioblennius clarki
Cirripectes variolosus: Ophioblennius vanderbilti
Cirripectes variolosus: Salarias nigripes
Cirripectes variolosus: Salarias variolosus
Cirrochroa emalea: Cirrochroa emalea
Cirrochroa malaya: Cirrochroa malaya
Cirrochroa orissa: Cirrochroa orissa
Cirrochroa satellita: Cirrochroa satellita
Cirrochroa surya: Cirrochroa surya
Cirrochroa tyche: Cirrochroa tyche
Cirsotrema bavayi: Cirsotrema bavayi
Cirsotrema clover: Cirsotrema clover
Cirsotrema cloveri: Cirsotrema cloveri
Cirsotrema edgari: Cirsotrema edgari
Cirsotrema multiperforata: Cirsotrema multiperforata
Cirsotrema plexis: Cirsotrema plexis
Cirsotrema rugosa: Cirsotrema rugosa
Cirsotrema varicosum: Cirsotrema varicosum
Cisaris niger: Cisaris niger
Cissa chinensis: Cissa chinensis(4)
Cissa thalassina: Cissa thalassina(3)
Cissites cephalotes: Cissites cephalotes
Cistelina tricolor: Cistelina tricolor
Cisticla juncidis: Cisticla juncidis
Cisticola exilis: Cisticola exilis(3)
Cisticola juncidis: Cisticla juncidis
Cisticola juncidis: Cisticola juncidis(5)
Cistopus indicus: Cistopus indicus(2)
Citharoides macrolepidotus: Citharoides macrolepidotus
Citripestis sagittiferella: Citripestis sagittiferella
Cixius aculeatus: Cixius aculeatus
Cixius acutus: Cixius acutus
Cixius aduncus: Cixius aduncus
Cixius alpinus: Cixius alpinus
Cixius bicolor: Cixius bicolor
Cixius circinatus: Cixius circinatus
Cixius communis: Cixius communis
Cixius elegantulus: Cixius elegantulus
Cixius elongatus: Cixius elongatus
Cixius flavescens: Cixius flavescens
Cixius maculosus: Cixius maculosus
Cixius nervosus: Cixius nervosus
Cladiscus terminalis: Cladiscus terminalis
Cladius nigricans: Cladius nigricans
Cladococcus scoparius: Cladococcus scoparius
Clamator coromandus: Clamator coromandus(5)
Clanculus bronni: Clanculus bronni(2)
Clanculus clanguloides: Clanculus clanguloides
Clanculus denticulatus: Clanculus denticulatus
Clanculus gemmulifer: Clanculus gemmulifer
Clanculus granosus: Clanculus granosus
Clanculus margaritarius: Clanculus margaritarius(2)
Clanculus unedo: Clanculus unedo(2)
Clangula hyemalis: Clangula hyemalis
Clanoneurum orientale: Clanoneurum orientale
Clarias batrachus: Clarias batrachus(148000)
Clarias batrachus: Silurus batrachus(40500)
Clarias fuscus: Clarias fuscus(15600)
Clasiopella unicincta: Clasiopella unicincta
Claspettomyia orientalis: Claspettomyia orientalis
Claudiconcha japonica: Claudiconcha japonica
Clausilia bidentata: Clausilia bidentata
Clausocalanus brevipes: Clausocalanus brevipes
Clausocalanus laticeps: Clausocalanus laticeps
Clausocalanus lividus: Clausocalanus lividus
Clausocalanus minor: Clausocalanus minor
Clausophyes ovata: Clausophyes ovata
Clavicornalica pusilla: Clavicornalica pusilla
Clavilispinus exiguus: Clavilispinus exiguus
Claviscala kuroharai: Claviscala kuroharai
Claviscala solar: Claviscala solar
Clavularia inflata: Clavularia inflata
Clavularia racemosa: Clavularia racemosa
Clavus bilineata: Clavus bilineata
Clavus candens: Clavus candens
Clavus canicularis: Clavus canicularis
Clavus hexagona: Clavus hexagona
Clavus humilis: Clavus humilis
Clavus pica: Clavus pica
Clavus pusillus: Clavus pusillus
Clavus tessellata: Clavus tessellata
Clavus unizonalis: Clavus unizonalis
Clavus vidualoides: Clavus vidualoides
Clavus viduus: Clavus viduus
Clelia clelia: Clelia clelia
Clementia papyracea: Clementia papyracea(2)
Clemmys guttata: Clemmys guttata
Clemmys insculpta: Clemmys insculpta
Clemmys muhlenbergi: Clemmys muhlenbergi
Cleoporus variabilis: Cleoporus variabilis
Cleora insolita: Cleora insolita
Cleorodes lichenaria: Cleorodes lichenaria
Clepsis consimilana: Clepsis consimilana
Cleptometopus orientalis: Cleptometopus orientalis
Clerus intermedius: Clerus intermedius
Clethrophora distincta: Clethrophora distincta
Cliaradrius peronii: Cliaradrius peronii
Clibanarius humilis: Clibanarius humilis
Clibanarius inaequalis: Clibanarius inaequalis
Clibanarius pacificus: Clibanarius pacificus
Clibanarius virescens: Clibanarius virescens
Clinocentrus caucasicus: Clinocentrus caucasicus
Clinocentrus umbratilis: Clinocentrus umbratilis
Clinotanypus formosae: Clinotanypus formosae
Clio balantium: Clio balantium
Clio cuspidata: Clio cuspidata
Clio pyramidata: Clio pyramidata
Clio pyramidata: lanceolata, Clio pyramidata lanceolata
Clio pyramidata: microcaudata, Clio pyramidata microcaudata
Clistopyga latifrontalis: Clistopyga latifrontalis
Clitea metallica: Clitea metallica
Clitelloxenia formosana: Clitelloxenia formosana
Clithon faba: Clithon faba
Clithon oualaniensis: Clithon oualaniensis
Clivina castanea: Clivina castanea
Clivina depressa: Clivina depressa
Clivipollia pulchra: Clivipollia pulchra
Cloeonyx brevis: Cloeonyx brevis
Clorida albolitura: Clorida albolitura
Clorida bombayensis: Clorida bombayensis
Clorida daviei: Clorida daviei
Clorida decorata: Clorida decorata
Clorida denticauda: Clorida denticauda
Clorida depressa: Clorida depressa
Clorida gaillardi: Clorida gaillardi
Clorida granti: Clorida granti
Clorida japonica: Clorida japonica
Clorida javanica: Clorida javanica
Clorida latreillei: Clorida latreillei
Clorida obtusa: Clorida obtusa
Clorida rotundicauda: Clorida rotundicauda
Clorida seversi: Clorida seversi
Clorida wassenbergi: Clorida wassenbergi
Cloridina albatrossae: Cloridina albatrossae
Cloridina chlorida: Cloridina chlorida
Cloridina inflata: Cloridina inflata
Cloridina malaccensis: Cloridina malaccensis
Cloridina microphthalma: Cloridina microphthalma
Cloridina moluccensis: Cloridina moluccensis
Cloridina pelamidae: Cloridina pelamidae
Cloridina stephensoni: Cloridina stephensoni
Cloridina verrucosa: Cloridina verrucosa
Cloridopsis bengalensis: Cloridopsis bengalensis
Cloridopsis dubia: Cloridopsis dubia
Cloridopsis immaculata: Cloridopsis immaculata
Cloridopsis scorpio: Cloridopsis scorpio
Cloridopsis terrareginensis: Cloridopsis terrareginensis
Clostera anachoreta: Clostera anachoreta
Clostera restituta: Clostera restituta
Closterocerus formosus: Closterocerus formosus
Closterotomus norwegicus: Closterotomus norwegicus
Clubiona asrevida: Clubiona asrevida
Clubiona bonicula: Clubiona bonicula
Clubiona deletrix: Clubiona deletrix
Clubiona insulana: Clubiona insulana
Clubiona japonica: Clubiona japonica
Clubiona japonicola: Clubiona japonicola
Clubiona jucunda: Clubiona jucunda
Clubiona kayashimai: Clubiona kayashimai
Clubiona kuanshanensis: Clubiona kuanshanensis
Clubiona kurosawai: Clubiona kurosawai
Clubiona taiwanica: Clubiona taiwanica
Clubiona tanikawai: Clubiona tanikawai
Clubiona yaginumai: Clubiona yaginumai
Clubiona yangmingensis: Clubiona yangmingensis
Clupanodon thrissa: Chatoessus haihoensis
Clupanodon thrissa: Chatoessus maculatus
Clupanodon thrissa: Chatoessus osbeckii
Clupanodon thrissa: Chatoessus triza
Clupanodon thrissa: Clupanodon haihoensis
Clupanodon thrissa: Clupanodon thrissa(2)
Clupanodon thrissa: Clupea thrissa
Clupanodon thrissa: Clupea triza
Clupeoides papuensis: Clupeoides papuensis
Clypeaster reticulatus: Clypeaster reticulatus
Clypeaster virescens: Clypeaster virescens
Clypeomorus adunca: Clypeomorus adunca
Clypeomorus armatus: Clypeomorus armatus
Clypeomorus batillariaeformis: Clypeomorus batillariaeformis(2)
Clypeomorus bifasciata: bifasciata, Clypeomorus bifasciata bifasciata
Clypeomorus bifasciatus: Clypeomorus bifasciatus(2)
Clypeomorus brevis: Clypeomorus brevis(2)
Clypeomorus chemnitziana: Clypeomorus chemnitziana
Clypeomorus coralia: Clypeomorus coralia
Clypeomorus humilis: Clypeomorus humilis
Clypeomorus irrorata: Clypeomorus irrorata
Clypeomorus monifera: Clypeomorus monifera
Clypeomorus nympha: Clypeomorus nympha
Clypeomorus pellucida: Clypeomorus pellucida
Clypeomorus petrosa: chemnitziana, Clypeomorus petrosa chemnitziana
Clypeomorus petrosa: petrosa, Clypeomorus petrosa petrosa
Clypeomorus petrosus: Clypeomorus petrosus
Clypeomorus purpurascens: Clypeomorus purpurascens(2)
Clypeomorus purpurastoma: Clypeomorus purpurastoma(2)
Clypeomorus subbrevicula: Clypeomorus subbrevicula
Clypeomorus trailli: Clypeomorus trailli(2)
Clypeomorus zonatus: Clypeomorus zonatus
Clytemnestra rostrata: Clytemnestra rostrata
Clytus orientalis: Clytus orientalis
Clytus unicolor: Clytus unicolor
Clytus viridescens: Clytus viridescens
Cnemaspis affinis: Cnemaspis affinis
Cnemaspis argus: Cnemaspis argus
Cnemaspis baueri: Cnemaspis baueri
Cnemaspis flavolineata: Cnemaspis flavolineata
Cnemaspis kendallii: Cnemaspis kendallii
Cnemaspis kumpoli: Cnemaspis kumpoli
Cnemaspis limi: Cnemaspis limi
Cnemidophorus hyperythrus: Aspidoscelis hyperythrus
Cnemidophorus hyperythrus: Cnemidophorus hyperythrus
Cnemidophorus sexlineatus: Aspidoscelis sexlineatus
Cneorane femoralis: Cneorane femoralis
Cobitis sinensis: Cobitis melanoleuca
Cobitis sinensis: Cobitis sinensis(2)
Cobitis sinensis: Cobitis taenia
Cocatua goffini: Cocatua goffini
Coccinella 7-punctata: Coccinella 7-punctata
Coccinella arcauta: Coccinella arcauta
Coccinella axylidis: Coccinella axylidis
Coccinella leonina: Coccinella leonina
Coccinella repanda: Coccinella repanda
Coccinella septempunctata: Coccinella septempunctata(2)
Coccinella transversalis: Coccinella transversalis
Coccobius fulvus: Coccobius fulvus
Coccothraustes coccothraustes: Coccothraustes coccothraustes(3)
Coccotrypes pygnaeus: Coccotrypes pygnaeus
Coccus hesperidum: Coccus hesperidum
Coccus longulus: Coccus longulus
Coccus viridis: Coccus viridis
Coccygidium concolor: Coccygidium concolor
Coccygidium nigra: Coccygidium nigra
Coccygomimus aethiops: Coccygomimus aethiops
Coccyzus americanus: Coccyzus americanus
Cochlespira pagoda: Cochlespira pagoda
Cochlespira pulchella: Cochlespira pulchella
Cociella crocodila: Cociella crocodila(2)
Cociella crocodila: Cociella crocodilla
Cociella crocodila: Cociella crocodilus
Cociella crocodila: Cociella punctata
Cociella crocodila: Cocius crocodilus
Cociella crocodila: Inegocia crocodilus
Cociella crocodila: Platycephalus crocodila
Cociella crocodila: Platycephalus crocodilus
Cociella crocodila: Platycephalus inermis
Cociella crocodila: Platycephalus malabaricus
Cociella crocodila: Platycephalus punctatus
Cociella crocodilus: Cociella crocodilus
Cocotrypes rhizophorae: Cocotrypes rhizophorae
Codakia interrupta: Codakia interrupta
Codakia paytenorum: Codakia paytenorum
Codakia punctata: Codakia punctata
Codakia tigerina: Codakia tigerina
Coecella horsfieldii: Coecella horsfieldii
Coeliccia flavicauda: Coeliccia flavicauda
Coeliodes castaneus: Coeliodes castaneus
Coelioxys decipiens: Coelioxys decipiens
Coelioxys ducalis: Coelioxys ducalis
Coelioxys fenestrata: Coelioxys fenestrata
Coelioxys formosicola: Coelioxys formosicola
Coelioxys fulviceps: Coelioxys fulviceps
Coelioxys kosemponis: Coelioxys kosemponis
Coelioxys rhinosus: Coelioxys rhinosus
Coelioxys sauteri: Coelioxys sauteri
Coelioxys suisharyonis: Coelioxys suisharyonis
Coelioxys taihorinica: Coelioxys taihorinica
Coelioxys taiwanensis: Coelioxys taiwanensis
Coelites epiminthia: Coelites epiminthia
Coelites euptychioides: Coelites euptychioides
Coeloecetes cavernicola: Coeloecetes cavernicola
Coelognathus flavolineatus: Coelognathus flavolineatus
Coelognathus radiatus: Coelognathus radiatus
Coelophora inaequalis: Coelophora inaequalis
Coelophora saucia: Coelophora saucia
Coelophrys brevicaudata: Coelophrys brevicaudata(2)
Coelopleurus maculatus: Coelopleurus maculatus
Coelops frithi: Coelops frithi
Coelorinchus anatirostris: Caelorinchus anatirostris
Coelorinchus anatirostris: Coelorhynchus anagirostris
Coelorinchus anatirostris: Coelorhynchus anatirostris
Coelorinchus anatirostris: Coelorinchus anatirostris
Coelorinchus asteroides: Caelorinchus asteroides
Coelorinchus asteroides: Coelorhynchus asteroides
Coelorinchus asteroides: Coelorinchus asteroides
Coelorinchus brevirostris: Caelorinchus brevirostris
Coelorinchus brevirostris: Coelorinchus brevirostris
Coelorinchus cingulatus: Caelorinchus cingulatus
Coelorinchus cingulatus: Coelorhynchus cingulatus
Coelorinchus cingulatus: Coelorinchus cingulatus
Coelorinchus commutabilis: Caelorinchus commutabilis
Coelorinchus commutabilis: Coelorhynchus commutabilis
Coelorinchus commutabilis: Coelorinchus commutabilis
Coelorinchus cylindricus: Caelorinchus cylindricus
Coelorinchus cylindricus: Coelorinchus cylindricus
Coelorinchus divergens: Caelorinchus divergens
Coelorinchus divergens: Coelorinchus divergens
Coelorinchus formosanus: Caelorinchus abbreviatus
Coelorinchus formosanus: Caelorinchus formosanus
Coelorinchus formosanus: Coelorhynchus abbreviatus
Coelorinchus formosanus: Coelorhynchus formosanus
Coelorinchus formosanus: Coelorhynchus intermedius
Coelorinchus formosanus: Coelorinchus formosanus
Coelorinchus fuscigulus: Coelorinchus fuscigulus
Coelorinchus hubbsi: Caelorinchus hubbsi
Coelorinchus hubbsi: Coelorhynchus hubbsi
Coelorinchus hubbsi: Coelorinchus hubbsi
Coelorinchus japonicus: Caelorinchus japonicus
Coelorinchus japonicus: Coelorhynchus japonicus
Coelorinchus japonicus: Coelorinchus japonicus
Coelorinchus japonicus: Macrourus japonicus
Coelorinchus kamoharai: Caelorinchus kamoharai
Coelorinchus kamoharai: Coelorhynchus kamoharai
Coelorinchus kamoharai: Coelorhynchus parallelus
Coelorinchus kamoharai: Coelorinchus kamoharai
Coelorinchus kishinouyei: Caelorinchus kishinouyei
Coelorinchus kishinouyei: Coelorhynchus kishinouyei
Coelorinchus kishinouyei: Coelorinchus kishinouyei
Coelorinchus leptorhinus: Caelorinchus leptorhinus
Coelorinchus leptorhinus: Coelorinchus leptorhinus
Coelorinchus longissimus: Caelorinchus longissimus
Coelorinchus longissimus: Coelorhynchus longissimus
Coelorinchus longissimus: Coelorinchus longissimus
Coelorinchus macrochir: Abyssicola macrochir
Coelorinchus macrochir: Caelorinchus macrochir
Coelorinchus macrochir: Coelorhynchus macrochir
Coelorinchus macrochir: Coelorinchus macrochir
Coelorinchus macrochir: Macrurus macrochir
Coelorinchus multispinulosus: Caelorinchus multispinulosus
Coelorinchus multispinulosus: Coelorhynchus japonicus
Coelorinchus multispinulosus: Coelorhynchus multispinulosus
Coelorinchus multispinulosus: Coelorhynchus vermicularis
Coelorinchus multispinulosus: Coelorinchus multispinulosus
Coelorinchus parallelus: Caelorinchus parallelus
Coelorinchus parallelus: Coelorhynchus parallelus
Coelorinchus parallelus: Coelorinchus parallelus
Coelorinchus parallelus: Macrurus parallelus
Coelorinchus productus: Caelorhynchus productus
Coelorinchus productus: Caelorinchus productus
Coelorinchus productus: Coelorhynchus productus
Coelorinchus productus: Coelorinchus productus
Coelorinchus sheni: Caelorinchus sheni
Coelorinchus sheni: Coelorinchus sheni
Coelorinchus smithi: Caelorinchus smithi
Coelorinchus smithi: Coelorhynchus smithi
Coelorinchus smithi: Coelorinchus smithi
Coelorinchus spinifer: Caelorinchus spinifer
Coelorinchus spinifer: Coelorhynchus spinifer
Coelorinchus spinifer: Coelorinchus spinifer
Coeloseris mayeri: Coeloseris mayeri
Coelospharium dubium: Coelospharium dubium
Coenagrion puella: Coenagrion puella
Coenobita cavipes: Coenobita cavipes
Coenobita rugosus: Coenobita rugosus
Coenobita violascens: Coenobita violascens
Coenobius flavescens: Coenobius flavescens
Coenonica formosae: Coenonica formosae
Coenonympha pamphilus: Coenonympha pamphilus
Coenosia attenuata: Coenosia attenuata
Coenosia exigua: Coenosia exigua
Coenosia radiata: Coenosia radiata
Coilia grayii: Coilia grayi
Coilia grayii: Coilia grayii
Coilia mystus: Choetomus playfairii
Coilia mystus: Clupea mystus(2)
Coilia mystus: Coilia clupeoides
Coilia mystus: Coilia mystus
Coilia mystus: Colia mystus
Coilia mystus: Mystus clupeoides
Coilia mystus: Mystus ensiformes
Coilia mystus: Osteoglossum prionostoma
Coladenia agni: Coladenia agni
Coladenia dan: Coladenia dan
Coladenia laxmi: Coladenia laxmi
Coladenia palawana: Coladenia palawana(2)
Colaspoides persicariae: Colaspoides persicariae
Colastes involutus: Colastes involutus
Colastes macropterus: Colastes macropterus
Colenisia glabella: Colenisia glabella
Colenisia ovalis: Colenisia ovalis
Colenisia pygmaea: Colenisia pygmaea
Coleocentrus alpinus: Coleocentrus alpinus
Coleophora alticolella: Coleophora alticolella
Coleosoma blandum: Coleosoma blandum
Coleotichus borealis: Coleotichus borealis
Colias erate: Colias erate
Colinus virginianus: Colinus virginianus(2)
Colisa chuna: Colisa chuna(3)
Colisa fasciata: Colisa fasciata(3)
Colisa fasciatus: Colisa fasciatus
Colisa labiosa: Colisa labiosa(3)
Colisa lalia: Colisa lalia(3)
Coliso lalia: Coliso lalia
Collaria arcyrionema: Collaria arcyrionema
Collaria elegans: Collaria elegans
Collaria lurida: Collaria lurida
Collaria rubens: Collaria rubens
Collichthys lucidus: Collichthys fragilis
Collichthys lucidus: Collichthys lucidus(2)
Collichthys lucidus: Sciaena lucida
Collix stellata: Collix stellata
Collocalia brevirostris: Callocalia brevirostris
Collocalia brevirostris: Collocalia brevirostris
Collocalia esculenta: Collocalia esculenta(4)
Collocalia fuciphaga: Callocalia fuciphaga
Collocalia fuciphaga: Collocalia maxima
Collocalia linchi: Collocalia linchi
Collonista glareosa: Collonista glareosa
Collorhabdium williamsoni: Collorhabdium williamsoni
Colobaspis elegans: Colobaspis elegans
Colobus vellerosu: Colobus vellerosu
Colobus vellerosus: Colobus vellerosus(2)
Coloconger japonicus: Coloconger japonicus(2)
Coloconger raniceps: Coloconger raniceps(2)
Colopodacus lanceolatus: Colopodacus lanceolatus
Colossoma brachypomum: Colossoma brachypomum
Colossoma macropomum: Colossoma brachypomus(443)
Colossoma macropomum: Colossoma macropomu
Colossoma macropomum: Colossoma macropomum(51700)
Colossoma macropomum: Myletes macropomus(114)
Colotois pennaria: Colotois pennaria
Colpotrochia nana: Colpotrochia nana
Colpotrochia pilosa: Colpotrochia pilosa
Coluber lateralis: Coluber lateralis
Colubraria antiquata: Colubraria antiquata
Colubraria cumingi: Colubraria cumingi
Colubraria fautomei: Colubraria fautomei
Colubraria muricata: Colubraria muricata
Colubraria nitidula: Colubraria nitidula
Colubraria tortuosa: Colubraria tortuosa
Columba janthina: Columba janthina
Columba livia: Columba livia(425000)
Columba livia: domestica, Columba livia domestica(167000)
Columba livia: domesticus, Columba livia domesticus(260000)
Columba pulchricollis: Columba pulchricollis
Columba vitiensis: Columba vitiensis
Columbarium pagoda: Columbarium pagoda
Columbella duclosiana: Columbella duclosiana(2)
Columbella fulgurans: Columbella fulgurans
Columbella versicolor: Columbella versicolor
Columbia vitiensis: Columbia vitiensis
Colurella obtusa: Colurella obtusa
Colurella uncinata: Colurella uncinata
Colus hayashii: Colus hayashii
Colus tashiensis: Colus tashiensis
Comanthina schlegeli: Comanthina schlegeli
Comatella maculata: Comatella maculata
Comatella nigra: Comatella nigra
Comatella stelligera: Comatella stelligera
Comatricha laxa: Comatricha laxa
Comatricha nigra: Comatricha nigra
Comatricha pulchella: Comatricha pulchella
Comatricha tenerrima: Comatricha tenerrima
Comatula pectinata: Comatula pectinata
Comissia littoralis: Comissia littoralis
Comitas kaderlyi: Comitas kaderlyi
Comitas kirai: Comitas kirai
Commercial fisheries: Commercial fisheries
Compsoctena pinguis: Compsoctena pinguis
Comptopallium radula: Comptopallium radula
Conaea gracilis: Conaea gracilis
Conapion morosum: Conapion morosum
Conchoecetes intermedius: Conchoecetes intermedius
Conchoectes intermedius: Conchoectes intermedius
Condate purpurea: Condate purpurea
Condica albigutta: Condica albigutta
Condica dolorosa: Condica dolorosa
Condica illecta: Condica illecta
Condica serva: Condica serva
Condylactis aurantiaca: Condylactis aurantiaca(2)
Condylactis passiflora: Condylactis passiflora
Coneccaplypsis lucida: Coneccaplypsis lucida
Conepatus humboldtii: Conepatus humboldtii
Coneuplecta olivacea: Coneuplecta olivacea
Conger cinereus: Conger altipinnis
Conger cinereus: Conger cinereus(4)
Conger cinereus: Conger flavipinnatus
Conger cinereus: Conger marginatus
Conger japonicus: Conger japonicus(2)
Conger myriaster: Anguilla myriaster
Conger myriaster: Astroconger myriaster
Conger myriaster: Conger myriaster(2)
Conger wilsoni: Conger wilsoni
Congresox talabon: Conger talabon
Congresox talabon: Conger telabon
Congresox talabon: Congresox talabon(2)
Congresox talabon: Congresox telabon
Congresox talabon: Muraenesox talabon
Congresox talabon: Muraenesox telabon
Congriscus megastomus: Congriscus megastomus(2)
Congriscus megastomus: Congromuraena megastoma
Congrogadus subducens: Congradus subducens
Congrogadus subducens: Congrogadus encryptes
Congrogadus subducens: Congrogadus nebulatus
Congrogadus subducens: Congrogadus reticulatus
Congrogadus subducens: Congrogadus subducens
Congrogadus subducens: Congrogadus subulatus
Congrogadus subducens: Hierichthys encryptes
Congrogadus subducens: Machaerium nebulatum
Congrogadus subducens: Machaerium reticulum
Congrogadus subducens: Machaerium subducens
Congrogadus subducens: Stenophus marmoratus
Congrogadus subducens: Stenophus obscurus
Conicochyta olivacea: Conicochyta olivacea
Conidens laticephalus: Aspasma laticephala
Conidens laticephalus: Conidens laticephalus(2)
Coniglobus albida: Coniglobus albida(2)
Coniglobus pekanensis: Coniglobus pekanensis
Coniocompsa furcata: Coniocompsa furcata
Coniopteryx insularis: Coniopteryx insularis
Coniopteryx pallescens: Coniopteryx pallescens
Conioscinella formosa: Conioscinella formosa
Conioscinella maculata: Conioscinella maculata
Conioscinella pumilio: Conioscinella pumilio
Conioscinella tenuiseta: Conioscinella tenuiseta
Conistra takasago: Conistra takasago
Conistra vacinii: Conistra vacinii
Conocara kreffti: Conocara kreffti(2)
Conogethes punctiferalis: Conogethes punctiferalis
Cononellopsis americana: Cononellopsis americana
Conopomorpha sinensis: Conopomorpha sinensis
Conostigmus villosus: Conostigmus villosus
Conradilla caelata: Conradilla caelata
Conservula indica: Conservula indica
Conspinaria flava: Conspinaria flava
Contarinia tiliarum: Contarinia tiliarum
Conus abbreviatus: Conus abbreviatus
Conus achatinus: Conus achatinus(2)
Conus arenatus: Conus arenatus
Conus armadillo: Conus armadillo
Conus aulicus: Conus aulicus(2)
Conus auricomus: Conus auricomus
Conus australis: Conus australis
Conus balteatus: Conus balteatus
Conus betulinus: Conus betulinus
Conus biliosus: Conus biliosus
Conus bullatus: Conus bullatus
Conus canonicus: Conus canonicus
Conus capitanellus: Conus capitanellus
Conus capitaneus: Conus capitaneus(2)
Conus caracteristicus: Conus caracteristicus(2)
Conus catus: Conus catus
Conus chaldeus: Conus chaldeus
Conus characteristicus: Conus characteristicus
Conus chiangi: Conus chiangi
Conus cinereus: Conus cinereus
Conus circumcisus: Conus circumcisus
Conus coccineus: Conus coccineus
Conus coffeae: Conus coffeae
Conus comatosa: Conus comatosa
Conus consors: Conus consors
Conus coronatus: Conus coronatus(2)
Conus cylindraceus: Conus cylindraceus
Conus distans: Conus distans
Conus dusaveli: Conus dusaveli
Conus ebraeus: Conus ebraeus
Conus eburneus: Conus eburneus(2)
Conus emaciatus: Conus emaciatus
Conus excelsus: Conus excelsus
Conus eximius: Conus eximius
Conus figulinus: Conus figulinus
Conus flavidus: Conus flavidus
Conus floccatus: Conus floccatus
Conus frigidus: Conus frigidus
Conus fulgetrum: Conus fulgetrum
Conus fulmen: Conus fulmen
Conus generalis: Conus generalis(2)
Conus geographus: Conus geographus(2)
Conus glans: Conus glans(2)
Conus glaucus: Conus glaucus
Conus gloriamaris: Conus gloriamaris
Conus gubernator: Conus gubernator
Conus habui: Conus habui
Conus hirasei: Conus hirasei
Conus hyaena: Conus hyaena
Conus ichinoseana: Conus ichinoseana
Conus imperialis: Conus imperialis
Conus inscriptus: Conus inscriptus
Conus ione: Conus ione
Conus kimioi: Conus kimioi
Conus kinoshitai: Conus kinoshitai(3)
Conus kuroharai: Conus kuroharai
Conus lani: Conus lani
Conus legatus: Conus legatus
Conus leopardus: Conus leopardus
Conus lischkeanus: Conus lischkeanus
Conus litoglyphus: Conus litoglyphus
Conus litteratus: Conus litteratus
Conus lividus: Conus lividus
Conus longurionis: Conus longurionis
Conus luridus: Conus luridus
Conus luteus: Conus luteus
Conus lynceus: Conus lynceus
Conus magnificus: Conus magnificus
Conus magus: Conus magus(2)
Conus marmoreus: Conus marmoreus(3)
Conus memiae: Conus memiae
Conus miles: Conus miles
Conus miliaris: Conus miliaris
Conus milneedwardsi: Conus milneedwardsi
Conus mitratus: Conus mitratus
Conus moreleti: Conus moreleti
Conus muriculatus: Conus muriculatus
Conus musicus: Conus musicus(2)
Conus mustelinus: Conus mustelinus(2)
Conus nigropunctatus: Conus nigropunctatus
Conus nussatella: Conus nussatella
Conus obscurus: Conus obscurus
Conus oishii: Conus oishii
Conus orbignyi: Conus orbignyi
Conus pagodus: Conus pagodus
Conus parvulus: Conus parvulus
Conus pennaceus: Conus pennaceus(2)
Conus pergrandis: Conus pergrandis
Conus pertusus: Conus pertusus
Conus planorbis: Conus planorbis(2)
Conus praecellens: Conus praecellens
Conus pseudorbignyi: Conus pseudorbignyi
Conus pulicarius: Conus pulicarius
Conus quercinus: Conus quercinus
Conus radiatus: Conus radiatus
Conus rattus: Conus rattus
Conus recluzianus: Conus recluzianus(2)
Conus retifer: Conus retifer
Conus rolani: Conus rolani
Conus sanguinolentus: Conus sanguinolentus
Conus scabriusculus: Conus scabriusculus
Conus sieboldii: Conus sieboldii
Conus smirna: Conus smirna
Conus sponsalis: Conus sponsalis(2)
Conus stercusmuscarum: Conus stercusmuscarum
Conus striatus: Conus striatus(2)
Conus striolatus: Conus striolatus
Conus stupa: Conus stupa
Conus stupella: Conus stupella
Conus sugimotonis: Conus sugimotonis
Conus sulcatus: Conus sulcatus(2)
Conus suratensis: Conus suratensis
Conus teramachii: Conus teramachii
Conus terebra: Conus terebra
Conus tessulatus: Conus tessulatus(2)
Conus textile: Conus textile(2)
Conus thalassiarchus: Conus thalassiarchus
Conus tisii: Conus tisii
Conus tribblei: Conus tribblei
Conus tuberculosus: Conus tuberculosus
Conus tulipa: Conus tulipa
Conus urashimanus: Conus urashimanus
Conus varius: Conus varius
Conus vexillum: Conus vexillum
Conus virgo: Conus virgo(2)
Conus vitulinus: Conus vitulinus
Conus wakayamaensis: Conus wakayamaensis
Conus zeylandicus: Conus zeylandicus
Cookeolus japonicus: Anthias boops
Cookeolus japonicus: Cookeolus boops
Cookeolus japonicus: Cookeolus japonicus(2)
Cookeolus japonicus: Priacanthus alticlarens
Cookeolus japonicus: Priacanthus boops
Cookeolus japonicus: Priacanthus japonicus
Cookeolus japonicus: Priacanthus macropterus
Cookeolus japonicus: Priacanthus macropus
Cookeolus japonicus: Priacanthus supraarmatus
Cookeolus japonicus: Priacanthus velabundus
Copera ciliata: Copera ciliata
Copidothrips formosus: Copidothrips formosus
Copilia lata: Copilia lata
Copilia mirabilis: Copilia mirabilis
Copilia vitrea: Copilia vitrea
Copris punctatus: Copris punctatus
Copsychus malabaricus: Cittocincla macrura
Copsychus malabaricus: Copsychus malabaricus(98600)
Copsychus malabaricus: Kittacincla macrura
Copsychus saularis: Copsychus saulari(5440)
Copsychus saularis: Copsychus saularis(132000)
Copsychus stricklandi: Copsychus stricklandi
Copsychus stricklandii: Copsychus stricklandii
Coptodera flexuosa: Coptodera flexuosa
Coptodera japonica: Coptodera japonica
Coptodera marginata: Coptodera marginata
Coptodera nobilis: Coptodera nobilis
Coptotermes formosanus: Coptotermes formosanus
Coquillettia crassipes: Coquillettia crassipes
Coquillettia nigrosignata: Coquillettia nigrosignata
Coracias benghalensis: Coracias benghalensis(2)
Coracina fimbriata: Coracina fimbriata(3)
Coracina javensis: Coracina javensis(3)
Coracina larvata: Coracina larvata(2)
Coracina macei: Coracina macei(3)
Coracina melaschistos: Coracina melaschistos(4)
Coracina striata: Coracina striata(2)
Coracopsis nigra: Coracopsis nigra
Coracopsis vasa: Coracopsis vasa
Coradion altivelis: Coradion altivelis(2)
Coradion altivelis: Coradion altivelus
Coradion altivelis: Coradion fulvocinctus
Coradion chrysozonus: Chaetodon chrysozonus
Coradion chrysozonus: Chaetodon guttatus
Coradion chrysozonus: Chaetodon labiatus
Coradion chrysozonus: Coradion chrysozonus(2)
Coralliobia fimbriata: Coralliobia fimbriata
Coralliocaris graminea: Coralliocaris graminea
Coralliophaga coralliophaga: Coralliophaga coralliophaga(2)
Coralliophila bulbiformis: Coralliophila bulbiformis
Coralliophila clathrata: Coralliophila clathrata
Coralliophila coronata: Coralliophila coronata
Coralliophila costularis: Coralliophila costularis
Coralliophila erosa: Coralliophila erosa
Coralliophila inflata: Coralliophila inflata
Coralliophila jeffreysi: Coralliophila jeffreysi
Coralliophila neritoidea: Coralliophila neritoidea
Coralliophila persica: Coralliophila persica
Coralliophila radula: Coralliophila radula
Coralliophila rubrococcinea: Coralliophila rubrococcinea
Coralliophila scuamalosa: Coralliophila scuamalosa
Coralliophila solutistoma: Coralliophila solutistoma
Coralliophila squamoissima: Coralliophila squamoissima
Corbicula fluminea: Corbicula fluminea
Corbicula insularis: Corbicula insularis
Corbula crassa: Corbula crassa
Corbula fortisulcata: Corbula fortisulcata
Corbula monilis: Corbula monilis
Corbula rugifera: Corbula rugifera
Corbula scaphoides: Corbula scaphoides
Corbula solidula: Corbula solidula
Corbula tunicata: Corbula tunicata
Corbula ustulata: Corbula ustulata
Corculum cardissa: Corculum cardissa(2)
Corculum impressum: Corculum impressum
Corculum monstrosum: Corculum monstrosum
Corculum retusum: Corculum retusum
Corcyra brunnea: Corcyra brunnea
Corcyra cephalonica: Corcyra cephalonica
Cordalia permutata: Cordalia permutata
Coremacera marginata: Coremacera marginata
Corennys sanguinea: Corennys sanguinea
Corigetus brunneus: Corigetus brunneus
Corina granulosa: Corina granulosa
Coris aygula: Coris angulata
Coris aygula: Coris angulatus
Coris aygula: Coris aygula(2)
Coris aygula: Coris cyanea
Coris aygula: Coris imbris
Coris aygula: Coris variegata
Coris aygula: Hemicoris cingulum
Coris aygula: Julis cingulum
Coris aygula: Julis coris
Coris aygula: Julis gibbifrons
Coris aygula: Julis ruppelii
Coris aygula: Julis semipunctatus
Coris aygula: Labrus aureomaculatus
Coris aygula: Labrus cingulum
Coris batuensis: Coris batuensis(2)
Coris batuensis: Coris coronata
Coris batuensis: Coris pallida
Coris batuensis: Coris papuensis
Coris batuensis: Coris schroederi
Coris batuensis: Coris variegata
Coris batuensis: Hemicoris batuensis
Coris batuensis: Julis batuensis
Coris batuensis: Julis schroederii
Coris batuensis: Platyglossus punctatus
Coris caudimacula: Coris caudimacula(2)
Coris caudimacula: Coris multicolor
Coris caudimacula: Halichoeres multicolor
Coris caudimacula: Julis caudimacula
Coris dorsomacula: Coris dorsomacula(2)
Coris dorsomacula: Coris dorsomaculata
Coris dorsomacula: Coris dorsumacula
Coris gaimard: Coris gaimard(3)
Coris gaimard: Coris gaimardi
Coris gaimard: Coris greenoughii
Coris gaimard: Coris greenovii
Coris gaimard: Coris pulcherrima
Coris gaimard: Julis gaimard(2)
Coris gaimard: Julis ganymede
Coris gaimard: Julis greenovii
Coris gaimard: Julis leucorhynchos
Coris julis: Coris julis(3)
Coris musume: Coris musume(2)
Coris musume: Coris picta
Coris musume: Julis musume
Corixa punctata: Corixa punctata
Cornuaspis chinensis: Cornuaspis chinensis
Coronaster sakuranus: Coronaster sakuranus
Coronaster volsellatus: Coronaster volsellatus
Corticaria fasciata: Corticaria fasciata
Corticeus cephalotes: Corticeus cephalotes
Corticeus gentilis: Corticeus gentilis
Corucia zebrata: Corucia zebrata(2)
Corvos corone: Corvos corone
Corvus corax: Corvus corax
Corvus corone: Corvus corone
Corvus dauuricus: Corvus dauuricus(2)
Corvus enca: Corvus enca(3)
Corvus frugilegus: Corvus frugilegus(2)
Corvus hawaiiensis: Corvus hawaiiensis
Corvus macrohynchos: Corvus macrorhynchos
Corvus macrorhynchos: Corvus macrorhynchos(5)
Corvus spendens: Corvus spendens
Corvus splendens: Corvus splendens(5)
Corvus torquatus: Corvus torquatus(2)
Corycaeus affinis: Corycaeus affinis
Corycaeus agilis: Corycaeus agilis
Corycaeus dahli: Corycaeus dahli
Corycaeus erythraeus: Corycaeus erythraeus
Corycaeus furcifer: Corycaeus furcifer
Corycaeus japonica: Corycaeus japonica
Corycaeus pacificus: Corycaeus pacificus
Corycaeus pumilus: Corycaeus pumilus
Corycaeus robustus: Corycaeus robustus
Corycaeus speciosus: Corycaeus speciosus
Corydon sumatranus: Corydon sumatranus(2)
Corydoras metae: Corydoras metae(3)
Corymbitodes speciosus: Corymbitodes speciosus
Coryphaena equiselis: Coryphaena aurata
Coryphaena equiselis: Coryphaena azorica
Coryphaena equiselis: Coryphaena equiselis(2)
Coryphaena equiselis: Coryphaena equisetis
Coryphaena equiselis: Coryphaena lessonii
Coryphaena equiselis: Lampugus neapolitanus
Coryphaena equiselis: Lampugus punctulatus
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena argyrurus
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena chrysurus
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena dolfyn
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena dorado
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena fasciolata
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena hipporus
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena hippurus(2)
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena hyppurus
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena immaculata
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena imperialis
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena japonica
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena margravii
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena nortoniana
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena scomberoides
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena suerii
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena virgata
Coryphaena hippurus: Coryphaena vlamingii
Coryphaena hippurus: Lampugus siculus
Coryphaena hippurus: Lepimphis hippuroides
Coryphaena hippurus: Scomber pelagicus
Coryphaenoides asper: Coryphaenoides asper
Coryphaenoides hoskynii: Coryphaenoides hoskynii
Coryphaenoides macrolophus: Coryphaenoides macrolophus
Coryphaenoides marginatus: Coryphaenoides awae
Coryphaenoides marginatus: Coryphaenoides marginatus(2)
Coryphaenoides microps: Coryphaenoides microps(2)
Coryphaenoides microps: Macrourus microps
Coryphaenoides nasutus: Coryphaenoides nasutus(2)
Coryphaenoides nasutus: Macrourus nasutus
Coryphaenoides nasutus: Macrurus nasutus
Coryphaenoides rudis: Coryphaenoides macrocephalus
Coryphaenoides rudis: Coryphaenoides paradoxus
Coryphaenoides rudis: Coryphaenoides rudis
Coryphaenoides rudis: Macrourus paradoxus
Coryphaenoides rudis: Nematonurus macrocephalus
Coryphophylax subcristatus: Gonocephalus subcristatus
Coryphopterus humeralis: Coryphopterus humeralis
Coryphopterus humeralis: Fusigobius humeralis
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: Corithoichthys flavofasciatus
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: Corythoichthys fasciatus
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: Corythoichthys flavofasciatus(2)
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: Corythoichthys sealei
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: Corythoichthys serrulifer
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: Syngnathus conspicillatus
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: Syngnathus fasciatus
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: Syngnathus flavofasciatus
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Corythoichthys fasciatus
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Corythoichthys haematopterus(2)
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Corythoichthys hematopterus
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Corythoichthys intestinalis
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Corythroichthys elerae
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Corythroichthys isigakius
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Ichthyocampus papuensis
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Syngnathus conspicillatus
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Syngnathus crenulatus
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Syngnathus fasciatus
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Syngnathus haematopterus
Corythoichthys schultzi: Corythoichthys schultzi(2)
Corytophanes cristatus: Corytophanes cristatus
Coscoroba coscoroba: Coscoroba coscoroba
Cosmia achatina: Cosmia achatina
Cosmia cara: Cosmia cara
Cosmia restituta: Cosmia restituta
Cosmia unicolor: Cosmia unicolor
Cosmiomorpha similis: Cosmiomorpha similis
Cosmocampus banneri: Cosmocampus banneri(2)
Cosmocampus banneri: Syngnathus banneri
Cosmodela batesi: Cosmodela batesi
Cosmoeca ventricosa: Cosmoeca ventricosa
Cosmopolites sordidus: Cosmopolites sordidus
Costalynia costulata: Costalynia costulata
Costasiella kuroshimae: Costasiella kuroshimae
Costasiella paweli: Costasiella paweli
Costasiella usagi: Costasiella usagi
Cosymbotes platyurus: Cosymbotes platyurus
Cosymbotus craspedotus: Cosymbotus craspedotus
Cosymbotus platyurus: Cosymbotus platyurus(28200)
Cosymbotus platyurus: Hemidactylus platyurus(7850)
Cosymbotus platyurus: Platyurus platyurus(1170)
Cotachena pubescens: Cotachena pubescens
Cotesia erionotae: Cotesia erionotae
Cotesia flavipes: Cotesia flavipes
Cotesia glomerata: Cotesia glomerata
Cotesia vestalis: Cotesia vestalis
Cothornobata cyanea: Cothornobata cyanea
Cotinga maculata: Cotinga maculata
Coturnix chinensis: Coturnix chinensis(5)
Coturnix coturnix: Coturnix coturnix
Coturnix japonica: Coturnix japonica(3)
Couthouyia styliferina: Couthouyia styliferina
Couthouyia styliferinus: Couthouyia styliferinus
Crambus lathoniellus: Crambus lathoniellus
Crambus narcissus: Crambus narcissus
Craniophora fasciata: Craniophora fasciata
Craniophora harmandi: Craniophora harmandi
Craspedothrips minor: Craspedothrips minor
Crassatella radiata: Crassatella radiata(2)
Crassatellites radiata: Crassatellites radiata
Crassatellites radiatus: Crassatellites radiatus
Crassinarke dormitor: Crassinarke dormitor(2)
Crassostrea ariakensis: Crassostrea ariakensis
Crassostrea echinata: Crassostrea echinata
Crassostrea gigas: Crassostrea gigas(4)
Crassostrea iredalei: Crassostrea iredalei(6380)
Crassostrea iridescens: Crassostrea iridescens
Crassostrea lineata: Crassostrea lineata
Cratena lineata: Cratena lineata
Craterium aureum: Craterium aureum
Craterium reticulatum: Craterium reticulatum
Cratna abdominalis: Cratna abdominalis
Crax blumenbachii: Crax blumenbachii
Creatonotos vacillans: Creatonotos vacillans
Crematogaster amia: Crematogaster amia
Crematogaster biroi: Crematogaster biroi
Crematogaster dohrni: Crematogaster dohrni
Crematogaster laborisa: Crematogaster laborisa
Crematogaster pia: Crematogaster pia
Crematogaster popohana: Crematogaster popohana
Crematogaster rogenhoferi: Crematogaster rogenhoferi
Crematogaster schimmeri: Crematogaster schimmeri
Crematogaster subnuda: Crematogaster subnuda
Crematogaster treubi: Crematogaster treubi
Crenatosquilla oculinova: Crenatosquilla oculinova
Crenavolva aureola: Crenavolva aureola
Crenavolva leopardus: Crenavolva leopardus
Crenavolva trailli: Crenavolva trailli
Crenimugil crenilabis: Chelon crenilabis
Crenimugil crenilabis: Crenimugil crenilabis(2)
Crenimugil crenilabis: Crenimugil crenilabris
Crenimugil crenilabis: Crenimugli crenilabris
Crenimugil crenilabis: Liza crenilabis
Crenimugil crenilabis: Mugil cirrhostomus
Crenimugil crenilabis: Mugil crenilabis
Crenimugil crenilabis: Mugil fasciatus
Crenimugil crenilabis: Mugil lauvergnii
Crenimugil crenilabis: Mugil macrocheilus
Crenimugil crenilabis: Mugil neocaledonicus
Crenimugil crenilabis: Mugil neocalidonicus
Crenimugil crenilabis: Mugil rueppellii
Crenimugil crenilabis: Mugil ruppellii
Crenimugil crenilabis: Oedalechilus cirrhostomus
Crenimugil crenilabis: Querimana crenilabis
Crenovolva striatula: Crenovolva striatula
Crenulilimopsis oblonga: Crenulilimopsis oblonga
Creon cleobis: Creon cleobis
Creontieades minutus: Creontieades minutus
Crepidula walshi: Crepidula walshi
Creseis acicula: Creseis acicula
Creseis virgula: Creseis virgula(3)
Cribraria argillacea: Cribraria argillacea
Cribraria aurantiaca: Cribraria aurantiaca
Cribraria confusa: Cribraria confusa
Cribraria macrocarpa: Cribraria macrocarpa
Cribraria microcarpa: microcarpa, Cribraria microcarpa microcarpa
Cribraria splendens: Cribraria splendens
Cribraria tenella: Cribraria tenella
Cribraria violacea: Cribraria violacea
Cribraria vulgaris: vulgaris, Cribraria vulgaris vulgaris
Cribrinopsis crassa: Cribrinopsis crassa(2)
Cricotopus nitens: Cricotopus nitens
Cricotopus sylvestris: Cricotopus sylvestris
Cricotopus tremulus: Cricotopus tremulus
Crioceris orientalis: Crioceris orientalis
Criocoris gracilis: Criocoris gracilis
Cristatogobius albius: Cristatogobius albius
Cristatogobius nonatoae: Cristatogobius nanotoae
Cristatogobius nonatoae: Cristatogobius nonatoae(2)
Cristatogobius nonatoae: Lophogobius nonatoae
Critonia phaeoneura: Critonia phaeoneura
Crocidura attenuata: Crocidura attenuata
Crocidura baluensis: Crocidura baluensis
Crocidura fuliginosa: Crocidura fuliginosa
Crocidura malayana: Crocidura malayana(2)
Crocidura monticola: Crocidura monticola
Crocidura negligens: Crocidura negligens
Crocidura suaveolens: Crocidura suaveolens
Crocidura tadae: Crocidura tadae
Crocodilurus lacertinus: Crocodilurus lacertinus
Crocodylus acutus: Crocodylus acutus
Crocodylus cataphractus: Crocodylus cataphractus
Crocodylus intermedius: Crocodylus intermedius
Crocodylus moreletii: Crocodylus moreletii
Crocodylus niloticus: Crocodylus niloticus
Crocodylus novaeguineae: Crocodylus novaeguineae(2)
Crocodylus palustris: Crocodylus palustris
Crocodylus porosus: Crocodylus porosus(4)
Crocodylus rhombifer: Crocodylus rhombifer
Crocodylus siamensis: Crocodylus siamensis
Crodylus cataphractus: Crodylus cataphractus
Cromileptes altivelis: Chromileptes altivelis
Cromileptes altivelis: Cromileptes altivelis(6)
Cromileptes altivelis: Cromileptis altivales
Cromileptes altivelis: Cromileptis altiveles
Cromileptes altivelis: Cromileptis altivelis
Cromileptes altivelis: Serranus altivelis
Cronia aspera: Cronia aspera
Cronia buccinea: Cronia buccinea
Cronia cariosa: Cronia cariosa
Cronia fenestrata: Cronia fenestrata
Cronia fiscella: Cronia fiscella
Cronia fusca: Cronia fusca
Cronia margariticola: Cronia margariticola(3)
Cronia margoritirola: Cronia margoritirola
Cronia pothuauii: Cronia pothuauii
Croochelis langei: Croochelis langei
Crosslandia daedali: Crosslandia daedali
Crossocerus aeta: Crossocerus aeta
Crossocerus alticola: Crossocerus alticola
Crossocerus bnun: Crossocerus bnun
Crossocerus breviclypeatus: Crossocerus breviclypeatus
Crossocerus congener: Crossocerus congener
Crossocerus denticrus: Crossocerus denticrus
Crossocerus domicola: Crossocerus domicola
Crossocerus flavissimus: Crossocerus flavissimus
Crossocerus flavopictus: Crossocerus flavopictus
Crossocerus fukuiensis: Crossocerus fukuiensis
Crossocerus hakusanus: Crossocerus hakusanus
Crossocerus hirashimai: Crossocerus hirashimai
Crossocerus kamateensis: Crossocerus kamateensis
Crossocerus melanochilos: Crossocerus melanochilos
Crossocerus nitidicorpus: Crossocerus nitidicorpus
Crossocerus pleuracutus: Crossocerus pleuracutus
Crossocerus quinquedentatus: Crossocerus quinquedentatus
Crossocerus rubromaculatus: Crossocerus rubromaculatus
Crossocerus rufiventris: Crossocerus rufiventris
Crossocerus sauteri: Crossocerus sauteri
Crossocerus surusumi: Crossocerus surusumi
Crossocerus taiwanus: Crossocerus taiwanus
Crossocerus takasago: Crossocerus takasago
Crossocerus tanoi: Crossocerus tanoi
Crossocerus tsuifengensis: Crossocerus tsuifengensis
Crossocerus yasumatsui: Crossocerus yasumatsui
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: Crossoptilon crossoptilon
Crossoptilon harmani: Crossoptilon harmani
Crossoptilon mantchuricum: Crossoptilon mantchuricum
Crossorhombus azureus: Crossorhombus azureus(2)
Crossorhombus azureus: Crossorhombus valderostratus
Crossorhombus azureus: Rhomboidichthys azureus
Crossorhombus howensis: Crossorhombus howensis(2)
Crossorhombus howensis: Crossorhombus kobensis
Crossorhombus kanekonis: Crossorhombus kanekonis(2)
Crossorhombus kanekonis: Engyprosopon kanekonis
Crossorhombus kanekonis: Scaeops kanekonis
Crossorhombus kobensis: Crossorhombus kobensis(2)
Crossorhombus kobensis: Crossorhombus valderostratus
Crossorhombus kobensis: Engyprosopon ui
Crossorhombus kobensis: Scaeops kobensis
Crossorhombus kobensis: Scaeops ui
Crossostoma lacustre: Crossostoma lacustre
Crossotarsus simplex: Crossotarsus simplex
Crossotonotus spinipes: Crossotonotus spinipes
Crotaphytus collaris: Crotaphytus collaris
Cruriopsis funebris: Cruriopsis funebris
Cryphia basichlora: Cryphia basichlora
Cryphia granitalis: Cryphia granitalis
Crypsicometa ochracea: Crypsicometa ochracea
Crypsirina temia: Crypsirina temia(2)
Cryptalaus elongatus: Cryptalaus elongatus
Cryptalaus larvatus: Cryptalaus larvatus
Cryptalaus mus: Cryptalaus mus
Cryptarcha maculata: Cryptarcha maculata
Cryptaustenia partridgei: Cryptaustenia partridgei
Cryptelytrops purpureomaculatus: Cryptelytrops purpureomaculatus
Cryptoblabes miserabilis: Cryptoblabes miserabilis
Cryptocentrus albidorsus: Cryptocentrus albidorsus(2)
Cryptocentrus albidorsus: Mars albidorsus
Cryptocentrus cryptocentrus: Cryptocentrus cryptocentrus(2)
Cryptocentrus cryptocentrus: Cryptocentrus fasciatus
Cryptocentrus cryptocentrus: Cryptocentrus lutheri
Cryptocentrus cryptocentrus: Cryptocentrus meleagris
Cryptocentrus cryptocentrus: Cryptocentrus octofasciatus
Cryptocentrus cryptocentrus: Gobius cryptocentrus
Cryptocentrus nigrocellatus: Cryptocentrus nigrocellatus(2)
Cryptocentrus nigrocellatus: Mars nigrocellatus
Cryptocentrus strigilliceps: Cryptocentrus strigilliceps(2)
Cryptocentrus strigilliceps: Mars strigilliceps
Cryptocentrus strigilliceps: Obtortiophagus koumansi
Cryptocentrus yatsui: Cryptocentrus yatsui(2)
Cryptocephalus chinensis: Cryptocephalus chinensis
Cryptocheiridium lucifugum: Cryptocheiridium lucifugum
Cryptococcus fagisuga: Cryptococcus fagisuga
Cryptodromia tumida: Cryptodromia tumida
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: Cryptolaemus montrouzieri(42500)
Cryptolechia mitis: Cryptolechia mitis
Cryptophilus minimus: Cryptophilus minimus
Cryptophlebia ombrodelta: Cryptophlebia ombrodelta
Cryptopleurum pygmaeum: Cryptopleurum pygmaeum
Cryptopone butteli: Cryptopone butteli
Cryptopone tavianae: Cryptopone tavianae
Cryptoprocta ferox: Cryptoprocta ferox
Cryptopsaras couesii: Ceratias carunculatus
Cryptopsaras couesii: Ceratias couesii
Cryptopsaras couesii: Ceratias mitsukurii
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptopsaras atlantidis
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptopsaras carunculatus
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptopsaras couesi
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptopsaras couesii(2)
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptopsaras normani
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptopsaras pennifer
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptopsaras valdiviae
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptosaras couesi
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptosarus couesi
Cryptopsaras couesii: Cryptosparas carunculatus
Cryptosemulus gracilis: Cryptosemulus gracilis
Cryptospira glauca: Cryptospira glauca
Cryptospira strigata: Cryptospira strigata
Cryptospira tricincta: Cryptospira tricincta
Cryptospira ventricosa: Cryptospira ventricosa
Cryptotympana pustulata: Cryptotympana pustulata
Crypturgus pusillus: Crypturgus pusillus
Ctenactis crassa: Ctenactis crassa
Ctenactis echinata: Ctenactis echinata
Ctenicera cuprea: Ctenicera cuprea
Ctenichneumon tappanus: Ctenichneumon tappanus
Cteniopinus elegans: Cteniopinus elegans
Cteniopinus unicolor: Cteniopinus unicolor
Ctenocella maculata: Ctenocella maculata
Ctenocephalides canis: Ctenocephalides canis
Ctenochaetus binotatus: Ctenochaetus binotatus(3)
Ctenochaetus binotatus: Ctenochaetus oculocoeruleus
Ctenochaetus binotatus: Ctenochaetus strigosus
Ctenochaetus cyanocheilus: Ctenochaetus cyanocheilus(3)
Ctenochaetus flavicauda: Ctenochaetus flavicauda(3)
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis: Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis(2)
Ctenochaetus marginatus: Ctenochaetus marginatus
Ctenochaetus striatus: Acanthurus argenteus
Ctenochaetus striatus: Acanthurus ctenodon
Ctenochaetus striatus: Acanthurus flavoguttatus
Ctenochaetus striatus: Acanthurus kettlitzii
Ctenochaetus striatus: Acanthurus striatus
Ctenochaetus striatus: Acronurus argenteus
Ctenochaetus striatus: Ctenochaetus striatus(4)
Ctenochaetus striatus: Ctenochaetus strigosus
Ctenochaetus striatus: Ctenodon ctenodon
Ctenochaetus striatus: Ctenodon cuvierii
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Ctenochaetus strigosus(5)
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: Ctenochaetus tominiensis(2)
Ctenochaetus truncatus: Ctenochaetus truncatus(3)
Ctenodoris aurantiaca: Ctenodoris aurantiaca
Ctenogobiops aurocingulus: Aparrius aurocingulus
Ctenogobiops aurocingulus: Ctenogobiops aurocingulus(2)
Ctenogobiops feroculus: Ctenogobiops feroculus(2)
Ctenogobiops formosa: Ctenogobiops formosa(2)
Ctenogobiops maculosus: Ctenogobiops crocineus
Ctenogobiops maculosus: Ctenogobiops maculosus(2)
Ctenogobiops maculosus: Ctenogobius crocineus
Ctenogobiops maculosus: Rhinogobius crocineus
Ctenogobiops mitodes: Ctenogobiops mitodes
Ctenogobiops pomastictus: Ctenogobiops pomastictus(2)
Ctenogobiops pomastictus: Ctenogobopis pomastictus
Ctenogobiops tangaroai: Ctenogobiops tangaroae
Ctenogobiops tangaroai: Ctenogobiops tangaroai(2)
Ctenoides ales: Ctenoides ales
Ctenoides annulata: Ctenoides annulata
Ctenoides lischkei: Ctenoides lischkei
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Ctenopharyngodon idella(3)
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Ctenopharyngodon idellus(2)
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Ctenopharyngodon laticeps
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Leuciscus idella
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Leuciscus idellus
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Leuciscus tschiliensis
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Pristiodon siemionovii
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Sarcocheilichthys teretiusculus
Ctenopharyngodon idellus: Ctenopharyngodon idella
Ctenophora ctenophorina: Ctenophora ctenophorina
Ctenophora enderleini: Ctenophora enderleini
Ctenophora formosana: Ctenophora formosana
Ctenophora hoppo: Ctenophora hoppo
Ctenophora inaequipectinata: Ctenophora inaequipectinata
Ctenophora laneies: Ctenophora laneies
Ctenophora sauteri: Ctenophora sauteri
Ctenophora scalator: Ctenophora scalator
Ctenophora taprobanes: Ctenophora taprobanes
Ctenophorus adelaidensis: Amphibolurus adelaidensis
Ctenophorus caudicinctus: Amphibolurus caudicinctus
Ctenophorus clayi: Amphibolurus clayi
Ctenophorus cristatus: Amphibolurus cristatus
Ctenophorus decresii: Amphibolurus decresii
Ctenophorus femoralis: Amphibolurus femoralis
Ctenophorus fionni: Amphibolurus fionni
Ctenophorus fordi: Amphibolurus fordi
Ctenophorus isolepis: Amphibolurus isolepis
Ctenophorus macalatus: Amphibolurus macalatus
Ctenophorus ornatus: Amphibolurus ornatus
Ctenophorus pictus: Amphibolurus pictus
Ctenophorus reticulatus: Amphibolurus reticulatus
Ctenophorus rufescens: Amphibolurus rufescens
Ctenophorus scutulatus: Amphibolurus scutulatus
Ctenopleura sinica: Ctenopleura sinica
Ctenosaura similis: Ctenosaura similis
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus: Ctenotrypauchen barnardi
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus: Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus(2)
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus: Taeniodes microcephalus
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus: Trypauchen microcephalus
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus: Trypauchen vagina
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus: Trypauchenichthys typus
Cubiceps squamiceps: Cubiceps squamiceps
Cubiceps whiteleggii: Cubiceps natalensis
Cubiceps whiteleggii: Cubiceps squamiceps
Cubiceps whiteleggii: Mulichthys squamiceps
Cubiceps whiteleggii: Psenes squamiceps
Cucullaea granulosa: Cucullaea granulosa
Cucullaea labiata: Cucullaea labiata(3)
Cuculus canorus: Cuculus canorus(2)
Cuculus fugax: Cuculus fugax(4)
Cuculus fugax: Hierococcyx fugax
Cuculus horsfieldi: Cuculus horsfieldi
Cuculus hyperythrus: Cuculus hyperythrus(2)
Cuculus lepidus: Cuculus lepidus
Cuculus micropterus: Cuculus micropterus(4)
Cuculus nisicolor: Cuculus nisicolor
Cuculus poliocephalus: Cuculus poliocephalus(3)
Cuculus saturatus: Cuculus saturatus(5)
Cuculus sparverioides: Cuculus sparverioides(4)
Cuculus vagans: Cuculus vagans
Cucurbitula cymbium: Cucurbitula cymbium
Culcita novaeguineae: Culcita novaeguineae
Culcua simulans: Culcua simulans
Culex alis: Culex alis
Culex bitaeniorhnchus: Culex bitaeniorhnchus
Culex brevipalpis: Culex brevipalpis
Culex foliatus: Culex foliatus
Culex fuscanus: Culex fuscanus
Culex fuscocephala: Culex fuscocephala
Culex gelidus: Culex gelidus
Culex hainanensis: Culex hainanensis
Culex halifaxii: Culex halifaxii
Culex hayashii: Culex hayashii
Culex hui: Culex hui
Culex infantulus: Culex infantulus
Culex infula: Culex infula
Culex kangi: Culex kangi
Culex kyotoensis: Culex kyotoensis
Culex malayi: Culex malayi
Culex mimeticus: Culex mimeticus
Culex minor: Culex minor
Culex murrelli: Culex murrelli
Culex neomimulus: Culex neomimulus
Culex neovishnui: Culex neovishnui
Culex nigropunctatus: Culex nigropunctatus
Culex okinawae: Culex okinawae
Culex orientalis: Culex orientalis
Culex pallidothorax: Culex pallidothorax
Culex pipiens: Culex pipiens
Culex rubithoracis: Culex rubithoracis
Culex sasai: Culex sasai
Culex sinensis: Culex sinensis
Culex sitiens: Culex sitiens
Culex spiculosus: Culex spiculosus
Culex tritaeniorhynchus: Culex tritaeniorhynchus(2)
Culex tsengi: Culex tsengi
Culex vagans: Culex vagans
Culex vishnui: Culex vishnui
Culex whitmorei: Culex whitmorei
Culicicapa ceylonensis: Culicicapa ceylonensis(5)
Culicoides huffi: Culicoides huffi
Culicoides maculatus: Culicoides maculatus
Culicoides monticola: Culicoides monticola
Culicoides orientalis: Culicoides orientalis
Culicoides peregrinus: Culicoides peregrinus
Culpinia diffusa: Culpinia diffusa
Cultellus attenuatus: Cultellus attenuatus
Cultellus subellipticus: Cultellus subellipticus
Culter alburnus: Culter alburnus(2)
Culter alburnus: Culter brevicauda
Culter alburnus: Culter recurviceps
Culter alburnus: Erythroculter aokii
Culter alburnus: Erythroculter ilishaeformes
Culter erythropterus: Culter erythropterus
Cunaxa setirostris: Cunaxa setirostris
Cuon alpinus: Cuon alpinus(2)
Cuora amboinensis: Cuora amboinensis
Cuora galbinifrons: Cuora galbinifrons
Cuora trifasciata: Cuora trifasciata
Cupha erymanthis: Cupha erymanthis
Cuphosis formosanus: Cuphosis formosanus
Cupido minimus: Cupido minimus
Cupitha purreea: Cupitha purreea(2)
Curetis acuta: Curetis acuta
Curetis brunnea: Curetis brunnea
Curetis bulis: Curetis bulis(2)
Curetis felderi: Curetis felderi
Curetis freda: Curetis freda
Curetis insularis: Curetis insularis
Curetis regula: Curetis regula
Curetis santana: Curetis santana
Curetis saronis: Curetis saronis
Curetis sperthis: Curetis sperthis
Curetis tagalica: Curetis tagalica
Curetis thetis: Curetis thetis
Curinus coeruleus: Curinus coeruleus
Curtos elongata: Curtos elongata
Curtos ruficollis: Curtos ruficollis
Curvella jousseaumei: Curvella jousseaumei
Cuspidaria approximata: Cuspidaria approximata
Cuspidaria chinensis: Cuspidaria chinensis
Cuspidaria chunfui: Cuspidaria chunfui
Cuspidaria convexa: Cuspidaria convexa
Cuspidaria dubia: Cuspidaria dubia
Cuspidaria elegans: Cuspidaria elegans
Cuspidaria elephantina: Cuspidaria elephantina
Cuspidaria hindsiana: Cuspidaria hindsiana
Cuspidaria japonica: Cuspidaria japonica
Cuspidaria kawamurai: Cuspidaria kawamurai
Cuspidaria kyushuensis: Cuspidaria kyushuensis
Cuspidaria macrohynchus: Cuspidaria macrohynchus
Cuspidaria mitis: Cuspidaria mitis
Cuspidaria multicarinata: Cuspidaria multicarinata
Cuspidaria nasuta: Cuspidaria nasuta
Cuspidaria nitida: Cuspidaria nitida
Cuspidaria nobilis: Cuspidaria nobilis
Cuspidaria okezoko: Cuspidaria okezoko
Cuspidaria prolatissima: Cuspidaria prolatissima
Cuspidaria singaporensis: Cuspidaria singaporensis
Cuspidaria steindachneri: Cuspidaria steindachneri
Cuspivolva queenslandica: Cuspivolva queenslandica
Cuthona sibogae: Cuthona sibogae
Cutia nipalensis: Cutia nipalensis(2)
Cutilia soror: Cutilia soror
Cuvierina columnella: Cuvierina columnella
Cyana hamata: Cyana hamata
Cyana propinqua: Cyana propinqua
Cyana sanguinea: Cyana sanguinea
Cyana straminea: Cyana straminea
Cyaniriodes libna: Cyaniriodes libna
Cyanocorax yncas: Cyanocorax yncas
Cyanoliseus patagonus: Cyanoliseus patagonus
Cyanopica cyana: Cyanopica cyana
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: Cyanoptila cyanomelana(5)
Cyanoramphus auriceps: Cyanoramphus auriceps(2)
Cyanoramphus cookii: Cyanoramphus cookii
Cyanoramphus forbesi: Cyanoramphus auriceps forbesi
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae: Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae(2)
Cyathopharynx furcifer: Cyathopharynx furcifer
Cybister brevis: Cybister brevis
Cybister rugosus: Cybister rugosus
Cybister tripunctatus: Cybister tripunctatus
Cybocephalus taiwanensis: Cybocephalus taiwanensis
Cycladicama abbreviata: Cycladicama abbreviata
Cycladicama cumingii: Cycladicama cumingii
Cycladicama oblonga: Cycladicama oblonga
Cyclemys dentata: Cyclemys dentata
Cyclichna bizona: Cyclichna bizona
Cyclichna cylindracea: Cyclichna cylindracea
Cyclichthys orbicularis: Atinga orbicularis
Cyclichthys orbicularis: Chilomycterus orbicularis
Cyclichthys orbicularis: Chilomycterus parcomaculatus
Cyclichthys orbicularis: Cyclichthys orbicularis(2)
Cyclichthys orbicularis: Diodon caeruleus
Cyclichthys orbicularis: Diodon orbicularis
Cyclina sinensis: Cyclina sinensis
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Cyclocheilichthys apogon
Cyclocoeloma tuberculata: Cyclocoeloma tuberculata
Cyclodes omma: Cyclodes omma
Cycloes granulosa: Cycloes granulosa
Cyclograpsus intermedius: Cyclograpsus intermedius
Cyclommatus multidentatus: Cyclommatus multidentatus
Cyclopecten vitreus: Cyclopecten vitreus(2)
Cyclopelta obscura: Cyclopelta obscura
Cyclopelta parva: Cyclopelta parva
Cyclophiops major: Cyclophiops major
Cyclophorus aquilus: Cyclophorus aquilus
Cyclophorus borneensis: Cyclophorus borneensis
Cyclophorus cerdix: aquila, Cyclophorus cerdix aquila
Cyclophorus formosensis: Cyclophorus formosensis(2)
Cyclophorus friesianus: Cyclophorus friesianus
Cyclophorus latus: Cyclophorus latus
Cyclophorus moellendorffi: Cyclophorus moellendorffi
Cyclophorus perdix: aquila, Cyclophorus perdix aquila(4)
Cyclophorus perdix: Cyclophorus perdix(5)
Cyclophorus perdix: tuba, Cyclophorus perdix tuba(4)
Cyclophorus semisulcatus: Cyclophorus semisulcatus(4)
Cyclophorus tuba: Cyclophorus tuba
Cyclophorus turgidus: Cyclophorus turgidus
Cyclopsitta diophthalma: Cyclopsitta diophthalma
Cycloptiloides orientalis: Cycloptiloides orientalis
Cyclosa argentata: Cyclosa argentata
Cyclosa argenteoalba: Cyclosa argenteoalba
Cyclosa confusa: Cyclosa confusa
Cyclosa conica: Cyclosa conica
Cyclosa formosana: Cyclosa formosana
Cyclosa ginnaga: Cyclosa ginnaga
Cyclosa japonica: Cyclosa japonica
Cyclosa koi: Cyclosa koi
Cyclosa laticauda: Cyclosa laticauda
Cyclosa monticola: Cyclosa monticola
Cyclosa mulmeinensis: Cyclosa mulmeinensis
Cyclosa octotuberculata: Cyclosa octotuberculata
Cyclosa omonaga: Cyclosa omonaga
Cyclosa quinqueguttata: Cyclosa quinqueguttata
Cyclosa sedeculata: Cyclosa sedeculata
Cyclosa shinoharai: Cyclosa shinoharai
Cyclosa spinosa: Cyclosa spinosa
Cyclosa tricauda: Cyclosa tricauda
Cyclosa vallata: Cyclosa vallata
Cyclosalpa affinis: Cyclosalpa affinis
Cyclosalpa pinnata: Cyclosalpa pinnata
Cycloscala crenulata: Cycloscala crenulata
Cycloscala hyalina: Cycloscala hyalina(2)
Cyclostoma aquilum: Cyclostoma aquilum
Cyclostoma bomeensis: Cyclostoma bomeensis
Cyclostoma perdix: Cyclostoma perdix
Cyclostoma semisulcatus: Cyclostoma semisulcatus
Cyclostoma tuba: Cyclostoma tuba
Cyclostrema archeri: Cyclostrema archeri
Cyclostrema marchei: Cyclostrema marchei
Cyclostrema ocrinum: Cyclostrema ocrinum
Cyclostrema quinquecarinata: Cyclostrema quinquecarinata
Cyclostrema quinquecarinatum: Cyclostrema quinquecarinatum
Cyclostrema reeveana: Cyclostrema reeveana
Cyclostrema solariellum: Cyclostrema solariellum
Cyclostrema tornata: Cyclostrema tornata
Cyclosunetta concinna: Cyclosunetta concinna
Cyclotellina discus: Cyclotellina discus
Cyclotellina remies: Cyclotellina remies
Cyclothone alba: Cyclothone alba(2)
Cyclothone alba: Cyclothone signata
Cyclothone atraria: Cyclothone atraria(2)
Cyclothone pallida: Cyclothone canina
Cyclothone pallida: Cyclothone microdon
Cyclothone pallida: Cyclothone pallida(2)
Cyclotropis scalaris: Cyclotropis scalaris
Cyclotus rostellatus: Cyclotus rostellatus(4)
Cyclotus taivanus: Cyclotus taivanus
Cydia leucostoma: Cydia leucostoma
Cydia nigricana: Cydia nigricana
Cydia ulicetana: Cydia ulicetana
Cygnus columbianus: Cygnus columbianus(2)
Cygnus cygnus: Cygnus cygnus
Cygnus melanocorypha: Cygnus melanocorypha
Cygnus olor: Cygnus olor
Cylas formicarius: Cylas formicarius
Cylichna bizona: Cylichna bizona
Cylichna cylindracea: Cylichna cylindracea
Cylindera cylindriformis: Cylindera cylindriformis
Cylindera elisae: Cylindera elisae(2)
Cylindera kaleea: Cylindera kaleea(2)
Cylindera pseudocylindriformis: Cylindera pseudocylindriformis
Cylindera psilica: Cylindera psilica
Cylindera sauteri: Cylindera sauteri
Cylindera shirakii: Cylindera shirakii
Cylindromitra sinensis: Cylindromitra sinensis
Cylindromyia orientalis: Cylindromyia orientalis
Cylindrophis ruffus: Cylindrophis ruffus
Cylindrospermum stagnale: Cylindrospermum stagnale
Cylindrotis quadrasi: Cylindrotis quadrasi
Cylindrotis siamensis: Cylindrotis siamensis
Cyllene fuscata: Cyllene fuscata
Cyllene pulchella: Cyllene pulchella
Cyllodes bifascies: Cyllodes bifascies
Cyllodes multimaculatus: Cyllodes multimaculatus
Cyllodes trigrinus: Cyllodes trigrinus
Cymatium aquatile: Cymatium aquatile
Cymatium caudatum: Cymatium caudatum(2)
Cymatium comptum: Cymatium comptum
Cymatium cutaceum: Cymatium cutaceum
Cymatium cynocephalum: Cymatium cynocephalum
Cymatium dunkeri: Cymatium dunkeri
Cymatium encausticum: Cymatium encausticum
Cymatium exaratum: Cymatium exaratum(2)
Cymatium exile: Cymatium exile
Cymatium flaveolum: Cymatium flaveolum
Cymatium gemmatum: Cymatium gemmatum
Cymatium grandimaculatum: Cymatium grandimaculatum
Cymatium gutturnium: Cymatium gutturnium
Cymatium hepaticum: Cymatium hepaticum
Cymatium labiosum: Cymatium labiosum(2)
Cymatium labiosus: Cymatium labiosus
Cymatium lotorium: Cymatium lotorium
Cymatium mundum: Cymatium mundum
Cymatium muricinum: Cymatium muricinum
Cymatium nicobaricum: Cymatium nicobaricum
Cymatium parthenopeum: Cymatium parthenopeum(2)
Cymatium pfeifferianum: Cymatium pfeifferianum(2)
Cymatium pileare: Cymatium pileare
Cymatium pyrum: Cymatium pyrum
Cymatium rubeculum: Cymatium rubeculum
Cymatium sarcostomum: Cymatium sarcostomum
Cymatium sinense: Cymatium sinense
Cymatium springsteeni: Cymatium springsteeni
Cymatium tenuiliratum: Cymatium tenuiliratum
Cymatium testudinarium: Cymatium testudinarium
Cymatium tranquebarica: Cymatium tranquebarica
Cymatium tranquebaricum: Cymatium tranquebaricum
Cymatium transquebaricum: Cymatium transquebaricum
Cymatium vespaceum: Cymatium vespaceum
Cymbacephalus beauforti: Cymbacephalus beauforti(2)
Cymbacephalus beauforti: Platycephalus beauforti
Cymbiola nobilis: Cymbiola nobilis(3)
Cymbiola vespertilio: Cymbiola vespertilio
Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos: Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos(3)
Cymbium melo: Cymbium melo(2)
Cymbovula deflexa: Cymbovula deflexa(2)
Cymbovula segaliana: Cymbovula segaliana
Cymodusa josephi: Cymodusa josephi
Cymolutes torquatus: Cymolutes lecluse
Cymolutes torquatus: Cymolutes torquatus(2)
Cymolutes torquatus: Xyrichthys torquatus
Cynips quercusfolii: Cynips quercusfolii
Cynocephalus variegatus: Cynocephalus variegatus
Cynogale bennettii: Cynogale bennettii(3)
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Areliscus abbreviatus
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Areliscus gracilis
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Areliscus trigrammus
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Cynoglossus abbreviatus(2)
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Cynoglossus purpureomaculatus
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Cynoglossus trigrammus
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Cynoglossus xiphoideus
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Plagusia abbreviata
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Trulla abbreviata
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: Trulla trigrammus
Cynoglossus arel: Cynoglossus arel(3)
Cynoglossus arel: Cynoglossus macrolepidotus
Cynoglossus arel: Cynoglossus macrolepidus
Cynoglossus arel: Cynoglossus oligolepis
Cynoglossus arel: Pleuronectes arel
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Achirus bilineatus
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Arelia bilineata
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Arelia bilineatus
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Arelia diplasios
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Arelia quadrilineata
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Cynoglossus bilineatus(3)
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Cynoglossus lineolatus
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Cynoglossus quadrilineata
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Cynoglossus quadrilineatus
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Cynoglossus quinquelineatus
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Cynoglossus sindensis
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Plagusia quadrilineata
Cynoglossus gracilis: Areliscus gracilis
Cynoglossus gracilis: Areliscus hollandi
Cynoglossus gracilis: Areliscus trigrammus
Cynoglossus gracilis: Cynoglessus gracilis
Cynoglossus gracilis: Cynoglossus gracilis(2)
Cynoglossus gracilis: Cynoglossus microps
Cynoglossus gracilis: Cynoglossus pellegrini
Cynoglossus gracilis: Trulla gracilis
Cynoglossus interruptus: Areliscus interruptus
Cynoglossus interruptus: Cynoglossus interruptus(2)
Cynoglossus itinus: Cynoglossus itinus(2)
Cynoglossus itinus: Cynoglossus punctatus
Cynoglossus itinus: Trulla itina
Cynoglossus joyneri: Areliscus joyneri
Cynoglossus joyneri: Cynoglossus joyneri(2)
Cynoglossus joyneri: Cynoglossus lighti
Cynoglossus kopsii: Arelia kopsii
Cynoglossus kopsii: Cynoglossus brachycephalus
Cynoglossus kopsii: Cynoglossus brevirostris
Cynoglossus kopsii: Cynoglossus interruptus
Cynoglossus kopsii: Cynoglossus kopsi(2)
Cynoglossus kopsii: Cynoglossus kopsii(2)
Cynoglossus kopsii: Cynoglossus praecisus
Cynoglossus kopsii: Cynoglossus versicolor
Cynoglossus kopsii: Plagusia kopsii
Cynoglossus lida: Arelia lida
Cynoglossus lida: Arelia polytaenia
Cynoglossus lida: Cynoglossus intermedius
Cynoglossus lida: Cynoglossus lida(2)
Cynoglossus lida: Cynoglossus os
Cynoglossus lida: Cynoglossus polytaenia
Cynoglossus lida: Plagusia lida
Cynoglossus lida: Plagusia polytaenia
Cynoglossus lingua: Cynoglossus lingua(2)
Cynoglossus macrolepidotus: Cynoglossus macrolepidotus
Cynoglossus nigropinnatus: Cynoglossus nigropinnatus(2)
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Arelia brachyrhynchos
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Arelia javanica
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Cynoglossus brachyrhynchus
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Cynoglossus brevis
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Cynoglossus lida
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Cynoglossus nigrolabeculatus
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Cynoglossus puncticeps(3)
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Cynoglossus punticeps
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Plagusia aurolimbata
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Plagusia brachyrhynchos
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Plagusia javanica
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Plagusia nigrolabeculata
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Plagusia puncticeps
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Plagusia punticeps
Cynoglossus robustus: Cynoglossus robustus(2)
Cynoglossus suyeni: Cynoglossus beauforti
Cynoglossus suyeni: Cynoglossus suyeni(2)
Cynoglossus suyeni: Cynoglossus xiphoideus
Cynolebias bellottii: Cynolebias bellottii(3)
Cynolebias nigripinnis: Cynolebias nigripinnis
Cynomys mexicanus: Cynomys mexicanus
Cynops orientalis: Cynops orientalis
Cynoscion macdonaldi: Cynoscion macdonaldi
Cynotilapia afra: Cynotilapia afra(4)
Cyornis banyumas: Cyornis banyumas(3)
Cyornis caerulata: Cyornis caerulata
Cyornis caerulatus: Cyornis caerulatus
Cyornis concretua: Cyornis concretua
Cyornis concretus: Cyornis concretus
Cyornis hainanus: Cyornis hainanus(2)
Cyornis rubeculoides: Cyornis rubeculoides(4)
Cyornis ruckii: Cyornis ruckii
Cyornis rufigastra: Cyornis rufigastra(4)
Cyornis superbus: Cyornis superbus
Cyornis tickelliae: Cyornis tickelliae(2)
Cyornis turcosa: Cyornis turcosa(2)
Cyornis turcosus: Cyornis turcosus
Cyornis unicolor: Cyornis unicolor(2)
Cyparium formosanum: Cyparium formosanum
Cyparium monticola: Cyparium monticola
Cyphastrea japonica: Cyphastrea japonica
Cyphastrea serailia: Cyphastrea serailia
Cyphomyia orientalis: Cyphomyia orientalis
Cyphonocerus sanguineus: Cyphonocerus sanguineus
Cyphononyx dorsalis: Cyphononyx dorsalis
Cyphotilapia frontosa: Cyphotilapia frontosa(4)
Cypoides chinensis: Cypoides chinensis
Cypraea annulus: Cypraea annulus(2)
Cypraea arabica: Cypraea arabica(3)
Cypraea argus: Cypraea argus(2)
Cypraea artuffeli: Cypraea artuffeli
Cypraea asellus: Cypraea asellus
Cypraea asselus: Cypraea asselus
Cypraea aurantium: Cypraea aurantium
Cypraea beckii: Cypraea beckii
Cypraea bistrinotata: Cypraea bistrinotata(2)
Cypraea boivinii: Cypraea boivinii
Cypraea caputserpentis: Cypraea caputserpentis(3)
Cypraea carneola: Cypraea carneola(2)
Cypraea caurica: Cypraea caurica(2)
Cypraea cernica: Cypraea cernica
Cypraea childreni: Cypraea childreni
Cypraea chinensis: Cypraea chinensis
Cypraea cicercula: Cypraea cicercula(2)
Cypraea clandestina: Cypraea clandestina(2)
Cypraea coloba: Cypraea coloba
Cypraea contaminata: Cypraea contaminata
Cypraea cribraria: Cypraea cribraria(2)
Cypraea cylindrica: Cypraea cylindrica(3)
Cypraea depressa: Cypraea depressa
Cypraea eglantina: Cypraea eglantina(3)
Cypraea erosa: Cypraea erosa(2)
Cypraea errones: Cypraea errones(3)
Cypraea felina: Cypraea felina(2)
Cypraea felina: listeri, Cypraea felina listeri
Cypraea fimbriata: Cypraea fimbriata(2)
Cypraea gangranosa: Cypraea gangranosa
Cypraea globulus: Cypraea globulus
Cypraea gracilis: Cypraea gracilis(2)
Cypraea guttata: Cypraea guttata
Cypraea hammondae: Cypraea hammondae
Cypraea hammondae: raysummersi, Cypraea hammondae raysummersi
Cypraea helvola: Cypraea helvola
Cypraea hirasei: Cypraea hirasei
Cypraea hirundo: Cypraea hirundo(2)
Cypraea histrio: Cypraea histrio
Cypraea hungerfordi: Cypraea hungerfordi
Cypraea interrupta: Cypraea interrupta
Cypraea isabella: Cypraea isabella
Cypraea joycae: Cypraea joycae
Cypraea katsuae: Cypraea katsuae
Cypraea kieneri: Cypraea kieneri(2)
Cypraea kieneri: depriesteri, Cypraea kieneri depriesteri
Cypraea kuroharai: Cypraea kuroharai
Cypraea labrolineata: Cypraea labrolineata
Cypraea lamarckii: Cypraea lamarckii
Cypraea langfordi: Cypraea langfordi
Cypraea limacina: Cypraea limacina
Cypraea lutea: Cypraea lutea(2)
Cypraea lynx: Cypraea lynx(2)
Cypraea maculifera: Cypraea maculifera
Cypraea mappa: Cypraea mappa(2)
Cypraea margarita: Cypraea margarita(2)
Cypraea mariae: Cypraea mariae(2)
Cypraea mauritiana: Cypraea mauritiana
Cypraea microdon: Cypraea microdon
Cypraea midwayensis: Cypraea midwayensis
Cypraea miliaris: Cypraea miliaris(3)
Cypraea minoridens: Cypraea minoridens(2)
Cypraea miyokoae: Cypraea miyokoae
Cypraea moneta: Cypraea moneta(2)
Cypraea musumea: Cypraea musumea
Cypraea nebrites: Cypraea nebrites
Cypraea nivosa: Cypraea nivosa
Cypraea nucleus: Cypraea nucleus(2)
Cypraea omii: Cypraea omii
Cypraea onyx: Cypraea onyx(3)
Cypraea ovum: Cypraea ovum(2)
Cypraea pallida: Cypraea pallida
Cypraea pallidula: Cypraea pallidula
Cypraea poraria: Cypraea poraria
Cypraea porteri: Cypraea porteri
Cypraea pulchella: Cypraea pulchella(2)
Cypraea pulehella: Cypraea pulehella
Cypraea punctata: Cypraea punctata(2)
Cypraea pyriformis: Cypraea pyriformis
Cypraea quadrimaculata: Cypraea quadrimaculata(2)
Cypraea rabaulensis: Cypraea rabaulensis
Cypraea sakurai: Cypraea sakurai
Cypraea saulae: Cypraea saulae
Cypraea scurra: Cypraea scurra
Cypraea staphylaea: Cypraea staphylaea(2)
Cypraea stolida: Cypraea stolida(3)
Cypraea talpa: Cypraea talpa(2)
Cypraea teramachii: Cypraea teramachii
Cypraea teres: Cypraea teres
Cypraea tessellata: Cypraea tessellata
Cypraea testufinaria: Cypraea testufinaria
Cypraea tigris: Cypraea tigris(2)
Cypraea tigris: pardalis, Cypraea tigris pardalis
Cypraea ursellus: Cypraea ursellus(2)
Cypraea ventriculus: Cypraea ventriculus(2)
Cypraea vicdani: Cypraea vicdani
Cypraea vitellus: Cypraea vitellus(2)
Cypraea walkeri: Cypraea walkeri(2)
Cypraea ziczac: Cypraea ziczac(2)
Cypraecassis rufa: Cypraecassis rufa
Cyprichromis leptosoma: Cyprichromis leptosoma
Cyprinocirrhites polyactis: Cirrhitichthys polyactis
Cyprinocirrhites polyactis: Cyprinocirrhites polyactis(2)
Cyprinocirrhites polyactis: Cyprinocirrhites stigma
Cyprinocirrhites polyactis: Cyprinocirrhites ui
Cyprinus carpio: Carpio carpio
Cyprinus carpio: Carpio flavipinna
Cyprinus carpio: Carpio vulgaris
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Carpio flavipinna
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Carpio vulgaris
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus acuminatus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus alepidotus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus angulatus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus atrovirens
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus bithynicus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus carpio(13)
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus chinensis
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus cirrosus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus conirostris
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus coriaceus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus elatus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus festetitsii
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus flamm
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus fossicola
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus haematopterus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus hungaricus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus macrolepidotus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus melanotus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus nigroauratus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus nordmannii
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus nudus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus regina
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus regius
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus rex
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus rexcyprinorum
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus rondeletii
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus sculponeatus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus specularis
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus thermalis
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus tossicole
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus viridescens
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus viridiviolaceus
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Cyprinus vittatus
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus acuminatus
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus angulatus
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus atrovirens
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus bithynicus
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus carpio(7)
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus chinensis
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus conirostris
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus festetitsii
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus flamm
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus fossicola
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus haematopterus
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus melanotus
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus nordmannii
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus sculponeatus
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus thermalis
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus tossicole
Cyprinus carpio: Cyprinus vittatus
Cypselurus angusticeps: Cypselurus angusticeps(2)
Cypselurus antoncichi: Cypselurus antoncichi
Cypselurus naresii: Cypselurus narassi
Cypselurus naresii: Cypselurus naresii(2)
Cypselurus naresii: Exocoetus naresii
Cypselurus oligolepis: Cypselurus oligolepis(2)
Cypselurus oligolepis: Cyselorus oligolepis
Cypselurus oligolepis: Cyselurus oligolepis
Cypselurus oligolepis: Exocoetus apus
Cypselurus oligolepis: Exocoetus brachysoma
Cypselurus oligolepis: Exocoetus neglectus
Cypselurus oligolepis: Exocoetus oligolepis
Cypselurus poecilopterus: Cypselurus poecilopterus(2)
Cypselurus poecilopterus: Cypselurus poeciploterus
Cypselurus poecilopterus: Cypselurus poicilopterus
Cypselurus poecilopterus: Cyselorus poecilopterus
Cypselurus poecilopterus: Exocoetus poecilopterus
Cypselurus starksi: Cypselurus starksi(2)
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Cypsiurus balasiensis(3)
Cyrestis cocles: Cyrestis cocles
Cyrestis maenalis: Cyrestis maenalis
Cyrestis nivea: Cyrestis nivea
Cyrestis themire: Cyrestis themire
Cyrtarachne inaequalis: Cyrtarachne inaequalis
Cyrtocara compressiceps: Cyrtocara compressiceps
Cyrtocara moorii: Cyrtocara moorii
Cyrtodactylus aurensis: Cyrtodactylus aurensis
Cyrtodactylus elok: Cyrtodactylus elok
Cyrtodactylus peguensis: Cyrtodactylus peguensis
Cyrtodactylus semenanjungensis: Cyrtodactylus semenanjungensis
Cyrtodactylus seribuatensis: Cyrtodactylus seribuatensis
Cyrtodactylus serpensinsula: Cyrtodactylus serpensinsula
Cyrtodactylus sworderi: Cyrtodactylus sworderi
Cyrtodactylus tiomanensis: Cyrtodactylus tiomanensis
Cyrtomaia curviceros: Cyrtomaia curviceros
Cyrtomaia horrida: Cyrtomaia horrida
Cyrtomaia murrayi: Cyrtomaia murrayi
Cyrtomorphus duodecimmaculata: Cyrtomorphus duodecimmaculata
Cyrtomorphus liui: Cyrtomorphus liui
Cyrtonops nigra: Cyrtonops nigra
Cyrtophora beccarii: Cyrtophora beccarii
Cyrtophora unicolor: Cyrtophora unicolor
Cyrtorhinus lividipennis: Cyrtorhinus lividipennis
Cystidia stratonice: Cystidia stratonice
Cythara fulvocinata: Cythara fulvocinata
Cyttomimus affinis: Cyttomimus affinis(2)
Cyttopsis rosea: Cyttopsis rosea(2)
Cyttopsis rosea: Cyttopsis roseus
Cyttopsis rosea: Cyttopsis scuutatus
Cyttopsis rosea: Cyttus roseus
Cyttopsis rosea: Paracyttopsis scutatus
Cyttopsis rosea: Zen itea
Cyttopsis rosea: Zen scutatus
Cyttopsis rosea: Zeus roseus

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_c.htm, 2015-02-07, Animal name, 動物名, (C, 973KB)}

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_c.htm, 2015-02-07, Animal name, 動物名, (C, 973KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_c.htm)

Cacajao calvus: White uakari(2)
Cacajao melanocephalus: Black-headed uakari(2)
Cacajao rubicundus: Red uakari
Cacatua alba: White cockatoo(3)
Cacatua ducorps: Ducorp's cockatoo
Cacatua ducorpsii: Ducorp's cockatoo
Cacatua ducorpsii: Ducorps' cockatoo
Cacatua ducorpsii: Solomon islands cockatoo
Cacatua galerita: Sulphur-crested cockatoo(7)
Cacatua galerita: Sulphur crested cockatoo
Cacatua goffini: Goffin's cockatoo(3)
Cacatua goffini: Goffins cockatoo
Cacatua goffini: Tanimbar cockatoo(6)
Cacatua goffini: Tanimbar corella(3)
Cacatua goffiniana: Tanimbar corella
Cacatua haematuropygia: Philippine cockatoo
Cacatua haematuropygia: Red-vented cockatoo
Cacatua heamaturopygia: Red-vented cockatoo
Cacatua leadbeateri: Major mitchell.s cockatoo
Cacatua moluccensis: Salmon-crested cockatoo(4)
Cacatua ophthalmica: Blue-eyed cockatoo(3)
Cacatua palmarum: Palm cockatoo
Cacatua pastinator: Western corella
Cacatua roseicapilla: Galah
Cacatua sanguinea: Little corella cockatoo
Cacatua sanguinea: Little corella(4)
Cacatua sulphurea: Lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo
Cacatua sulphurea: Yellow-crested cockatoo(13)
Cacatua tenuiostris: Slender-billed cockatoo
Cacatua tenuirostris: Slender billed corella
Cacomantis castaneiventris: Chestnut-breasted cuckoo
Cacomantis flabelliformis: Fan-tailed cuckoo
Cacomantis merulinus: Plaintive cuckoo(23)
Cacomantis passerinus: Grey-bellied cuckoo
Cacomantis sepulcralis: Rusty-breasted cuckoo(9)
Cacomantis sepulcralis: Rusty-breaster cuckoo
Cacomantis sonnerati: Banded bay cuckoo(3)
Cacomantis sonneratii: Banded bay cuckoo(15)
Cacomantis variolosus: Brush cuckoo(5)
Cacosternum boettgeri: Boettger's dainty frog
Cacosternum capense: Cape dainty frog
Cacosternum namaquense: Namaqua dainty frog
Cacosternum nanum: Dwarf dainty frog
Cacosternum platys: Flat dainty frog
Caesio caerulaurea: Scissortail fusilier
Caesio cuning: Redbelly yellowtail fusilier(7)
Caesio cuning: Yellowtail fusilier(3)
Caesio erythrogaster: Fusilier(2)
Caesio erythrogaster: Redbelly fusilier
Caesio erythrogaster: Yellowtail fusilier
Caesio pisang: Banana fusilier
Caesio teres: Beautiful fusilier
Caesio teres: Blue and gold fusilier
Caesio teres: Blue and yellow fusilier
Caesioperca lepidoptera: Butterfly perch
Caiman crocodilus: American caiman
Caiman crocodilus: Rio apaporis spectacled caiman
Caiman crocodilus: Spectacled caiman(5)
Caiman latirostris: Broad-nosed caiman
Caiman sclerops: Rough-eyed caiman(3)
Cairina moschata: domestica, Domestic muscovy duck(41)
Cairina moschata: domesticus, Domestic muscovy duck(44)
Cairina moschata: Muscovy duck(79400)
Cairina scutulata: White-winged duck(5)
Cairina scutulata: White-winged wood duck(2)
Calamaria albiventer: Red-bellied reed snake
Calamaria albiventer: White-bellied reed snake
Calamaria ingeri: Tioman reed snake
Calamaria lovii: Low's reed snake
Calamaria lowi: gimletti, Gimlett's reed snake
Calamaria lumbricoidae: Variable reed snake
Calamaria lumbricoidea: Variable reed snake(5)
Calamaria pavimentata: Collared reed snake(2)
Calamaria schlegeli: Pink-headed reed snake(5)
Calamaria schlegeli: schlegeli, Pink-headed reed snake
Calamaria schmidti: Schmidt's reed snake
Calamonastes simplex: Grey wren-warbler
Calamonastes undosus: Pale wren-warbler
Calandrella acutirostris: Hume's short-toed lark(3)
Calandrella brachydactyla: Great short-toed lark
Calandrella brachydactyla: Greater short-toed lark(9)
Calandrella cheleensis: Asian short-toed lark(4)
Calandrella cinerea: Red-capped lark(2)
Calandrella raytal: Indian sand lark
Calandrella raytal: Sand lark
Calandrella rufescens: Lesser short-toed lark(3)
Calandrella somalica: Somali short-toed lark
Calcarius lapponicus: Lapland longspur(6)
Calcotes versicolor: Changeable lizard
Caleta elna: elvira, Elbowed pierrot(7)
Caleta roxus: pothus, Straight pierrot
Caleta roxus: Straight pierrot
Calidris acuminata: Sharp-tailed sandpiper(15)
Calidris acuminata: Sharp-tailed sandpiper(4)(2)
Calidris alba: Sanderling(26)
Calidris alpina: Dunlin(24)
Calidris bairdii: Baird's sandpiper(5)
Calidris canutus: Red knot(25)
Calidris ferruginea: Curlew sandpiper(28)
Calidris fuscicollis: White-rumped sandpiper(4)
Calidris himantopus: Stilt-sandpiper
Calidris himantopus: Stilt sandpiper(5)
Calidris maritima: Purple sandpiper
Calidris mauri: Western sandpiper(10)
Calidris melanotos: Pectoral sandpiper(19)
Calidris minuta: Little stint(22)
Calidris minutilla: Least sandpiper(4)
Calidris ptilocnemis: Rock sandpiper(4)
Calidris pusilla: Semipalmated sandpiper(3)
Calidris pygmeus: Spoon-billed sandpiper
Calidris ruficollis: Red-necked stint(19)
Calidris ruficollis: Rufous- or red-necked stint
Calidris ruficollis: Rufous-necked sandpiper(2)
Calidris ruficollis: Rufous-necked stint(4)
Calidris subminuta: Long-toed stint(25)
Calidris temminckii: Temminck's stint(23)
Calidris temminckii: Temmincks stint
Calidris tenuirostris: Great knot(21)
Caliechthrus leucolophus: White-crowned koel
Callacanthis burtoni: Red-spectacled finch
Callacanthis burtoni: Spectacled finch
Callaeas cinereus: Kokako
Callagur borneensis: Painted terrapin
Callicebus brunneus: Brown titi monkey
Callicebus caligatus: Chestnut-bellied titi monkey
Callicebus cinerascens: Ashy titi monkey
Callicebus cupreus: Red titi monkey
Callicebus donacophilus: Bolivian gray titi monkey
Callicebus dubius: Titi monkey
Callicebus hoffmannsi: Hoffmann's titi monkey
Callicebus modestus: Titi monkey
Callicebus moloch: Dusky titi
Callicebus oenanthe: Andean titi(2)
Callicebus olallae: Beni titi monkey(2)
Callicebus personatus: Masked titi(2)
Callicebus torquatus: Collared titi
Callicebus torquatus: Widow monkey
Callimico goeldii: Goeldi's marmoset(2)
Callimico goeldii: Goeldi's monkey
Callimico goeldii: Goeldis' marmoset
Callionymus schaapi: Schaap's dragonet(5)
Callionymus schaapii: Schaap's dragonet
Calliophis bivirgata: Blue malayan coral snake
Calliophis bivirgatus: Blue malayan coral snake(3)
Calliophis bivirgatus: Malayan blue coral snake
Calliophis gracilis: Spotted coral snake(2)
Calliophis intestinalis: Banded malayan coral snake(5)
Calliophis maculiceps: Small-spotted coral snake(2)
Callipepla californica: California quail(2)
Callipepla californica: Californian quail
Callipepla gambelii: Gambel's quail(2)
Calliphara nobilis: Shield bug
Calliphara nobilis: Stink bug
Calliphlox amethystina: Amethyst woodstar
Callithrix argentata: Silvery marmoset(2)
Callithrix aurita: Common marmoset
Callithrix aurita: White-plumed marmoset(2)
Callithrix flaviceps: Common marmoset
Callithrix flaviceps: Yellow-headed marmoset(2)
Callithrix geoffroyi: Tufted-eared marmoset
Callithrix humeralifer: Santarem marmoset(2)
Callithrix jacchus: Common marmoset(3)
Callithrix kuhlii: Black tufted-ear marmoset(2)
Callithrix penicillata: Black-pencilled marmoset(2)
Callithrix pygmaea: Pygmy marmoset
Callocephalon fimbriatum: Gang-gang cockatoo
Callonetta leucophrys: Ringed teal
Calloplesiops altivelis: Comet
Calloplesiops altivelis: Marine betta
Callosciurus adamsi: Ear-spot squirrel(2)
Callosciurus albescens: Kloss squirrel
Callosciurus baluensis: Kinabalu squirrel(4)
Callosciurus caniceps: Gray-bellied squirrel(2)
Callosciurus caniceps: Grey-bellied squirrel
Callosciurus caniceps: Grey bellied squirrel
Callosciurus erythraeus: Callosciurus
Callosciurus erythraeus: Mountain red-bellied squirrel
Callosciurus erythraeus: Pallas's squirrel
Callosciurus erythraeus: Red-bellied squirrel
Callosciurus finlaysoni: Variable squirrel
Callosciurus finlaysonii: Finlayson's squirrel
Callosciurus finlaysonii: Variable squirrel(5)
Callosciurus inornatus: Inornate squirrel
Callosciurus melanogaster: Mentawai squirrel
Callosciurus nigrovittatus: Black-banded squirrel(2)
Callosciurus nigrovittatus: Black-striped squirrel(2)
Callosciurus notatus: Plantain squirrel(8862)
Callosciurus orestes: Borneo black-banded squirrel(2)
Callosciurus phayrei: Phayre's squirrel
Callosciurus prevostii: Prevost's squirrel(4)
Callosciurus pygerythrus: Irrawaddy squirrel
Callosciurus quinquestriatus: Anderson's squirrel
Calloselasma rhodostoma: Malayan pit viper(3)
Calluella minuta: Minute narrow-mouthed frog
Caloenas nicobarica: Nicobar pigeon(11)
Calonectris diomedea: Cory's shearwater
Calonectris diomedea: North atlantic shearwater
Calonectris leucomelas: Streaked shearwater(18)
Caloperdix oculea: Ferruginous partridge(8)
Caloperdix oculea: Ferruginous wood-partridge(2)
Caloperdix oculea: Ferruginous wood partridge
Caloperdix oculeus: Ferruginous partridge(3)
Caloprymnus campestris: Desert rat-kangaroo
Calopteryx splendens: Banded demoiselleresident
Calopteryx virgo: Beautiful demoiselleresident
Caloptilia scaeodesma: Kacang putih moth
Caloramphus fuliginosus: Brown barbet(3)
Calorhamphus fuliginosus: Brown barbet(9)
Calotes andamanensis: Green crestless forest lizard
Calotes aurantolabium: Orange-lipped forest lizard
Calotes calotes: Common green forest lizard
Calotes calotes: Green forest lizard
Calotes ceylonensis: Painted-lip lizard
Calotes ellioti: Elliot's forest lizard
Calotes emma: Emma gray's forest lizard
Calotes emma: emma, Forest crested lizard
Calotes emma: Forest crested lizard(2)
Calotes grandisquamis: Large-scaled forest lizard
Calotes jerdoni: Jerdon's forest lizard
Calotes kingdonwardi: Kingdonward's bloodsucker
Calotes liocephalus: Crestless lizard
Calotes liocephalus: Spineless forest lizard
Calotes liolepis: Whistling lizard
Calotes maria: Khasi hills forest lizard
Calotes medogensis: Medog bloodsucker
Calotes mystaceus: Blue-crested lizard
Calotes mystaceus: Indo-chinese forest lizard
Calotes mystaceus: White-lipped variable lizard
Calotes nemoricola: Nilgiri forest lizard
Calotes nigrilabris: Black-cheek lizard
Calotes rouxii: Roux's forest lizard
Calotes versicolor: Bloodsucker lizard(8740)
Calotes versicolor: Bloodsucker(17700)
Calotes versicolor: Changeable lizard(8523)
Calotes versicolor: Common garden lizard(26700)
Calotes versicolor: Eastern garden lizard(96200)
Calotes versicolor: Garden fence lizard(23400)
Calotes versicolor: Oriental garden lizard(91400)
Calotomus carolinus: Stareye parrotfish(2)
Caltoris bromus: Colon swift
Caltoris cahira: Dark swift
Caltoris cormasa: Full stop swift(2)
Caltoris philippina: philippina, Philippine swift(2)
Calumma parsonii: King chameleon
Calumma parsonii: Parson's chameleon(2)
Calyptomena hosii: Hose's broadbill(5)
Calyptomena viridis: Green broadbill(10)
Calyptomena viridis: Lesser green broadbill
Calyptomena whiteheadi: Black-throated green broadbill
Calyptomena whiteheadi: Whitehead's broadbill(4)
Calyptorhynchus lathami: Glossy cockatoo
Calyptraea extinctorium: Cup-and-saucer limpet
Calytorhynchus funereus: Yellow-tailed black cockatoo
Camacinia gigantea: Sultan(7)
Camaroptera brachyura: Grey-backed camaroptera
Camaroptera chloronota: Olive-green camaroptera
Camelus bactrianus: Bactrian camel(2)
Camelus bactrianus: Camel
Camelus dromedarius: Dromedary
Camouflage blenny: Fiji
Campephaga flava: Black cuckoo-shrike
Campephaga petiti: Petit's cuckoo-shrike
Campephaga phoenicea: Red-shouldered cuckoo-shrike
Campephaga quiscalina: Purple-throated cuckoo shrike
Campephilus guatemalensis: Pale-billed woodpecker
Campephilus imperialis: Imperial woodpecker
Campethera abingoni: Golden-tailed woodpecker
Campethera bennettii: Bennett's woodpecker
Campethera cailiautii: Green-backed
Campethera caroli: Brown-eared woodpecker
Campethera mombassica: Mombasa woodpecker
Campethera nivosa: Buff-spotted woodpecker
Campethera nubica: Nubian woodpecker
Campethera tullbergi: Fine-banded
Campochaera sloetii: Golden cuckoo-shrike
Campylopterus curvipennis: Wedge-tailed sabrewing
Campylopterus duidae: Buff-breasted sabrewing
Campylopterus ensipennis: White-tailed sabrewing
Campylopterus falcatus: Lazuline sabrewing
Campylopterus hemileucurus: Violet sabrewing
Campylopterus hyperythrus: Rufous-breasted sabrewing
Campylopterus largipennis: Grey-breasted sabrewing
Campylopterus phainopeplus: Santa marta sabrewing
Campylopterus rufus: Rufous sabrewing
Campylopterus villaviscensio: Napo sabrewing
Candidia barbatus: Lake candidus dace
Candoia carinata: Pacific boa
Canis adustus: Side-striped jackal
Canis aureus: Golden jackal
Canis aureus: Jackal
Canis familiaris: Dog
Canis familiaris: Dogs
Canis latrans: Coyote(3)
Canis lupus: dingo, Dingo
Canis lupus: Domestic dog
Canis lupus: European wolf
Canis lupus: familiaris, Tibetan mastiff
Canis lupus: Feral dog
Canis lupus: Gray wolf
Canis lupus: Grey wolf
Canis lupus: hallstromi, New guinea singing dog
Canis lupus: Timber wolf
Canis lupus: Wolf(3)
Canis mesomelas: Black-backed jackal
Canis rufus: Red wolf
Canis simensis: Ethiopian wolf
Cantherhines dumerili: Vagabond filefish
Cantherhines dumerilii: Barred filefish
Cantherhines sandwichiensis: Squaretail filefish
Cantherines macrocerus: Whitespotted filefish
Canthidermis maculatus: Rough triggerfish(2)
Canthigaster amboinensis: Ambon toby
Canthigaster coronata: Crown toby
Canthigaster epilampra: Lantern toby
Canthigaster epilamprus: Blue-spotted sharp nosed puffer
Canthigaster jactator: Hawaiian whitespotted toby
Canthigaster janthinoptera: Honeycomb toby
Canthigaster rivulata: Maze toby
Canthigaster solandri: False-eye toby
Canthigaster valentini: Black-saddled toby(3)
Cantoria violacea: Cantor's water snake(5)
Caperea marginata: Pygmy right whale
Capito auratus: Gilded barbet
Capito aurovirens: Scarlet-crowned barbet
Capito brunneipectus: Brown-chested barbet
Capito dayi: Black-girdled barbet
Capito hypoleucus: White-mantled barbet
Capito maculicoronatus: Spot-crowned barbet
Capito niger: Black-spotted barbet
Capito quinticolor: Five-colored barbet
Capito squamatus: Orange-fronted barbet
Capito wallacei: Scarlet-banded barbet
Capra caucasica: West caucasian tur
Capra cylindricornis: East caucasian tur
Capra falconeri: Markhor
Capra falconeri: Straight-horned markhor
Capra hircus: Goat(3)
Capra hiscus: Goat
Capra ibex: Ibex
Capra nubiana: Nubian ibex
Capra pyrenaica: Spanish ibex
Capra sibirica: Siberian ibex
Capra walie: Ethiopian ibex
Capreolus capreolus: Roe deer
Capreolus pygargus: Siberian roe deer
Capricornis sumatraensis: Serow(2)
Caprimulgus aegyptius: Egyptian nightjar(4)
Caprimulgus affinis: Allied nightiar
Caprimulgus affinis: Allied nightjar
Caprimulgus affinis: Savana nightjar
Caprimulgus affinis: Savanna nightjar(23)
Caprimulgus asiaticus: Indian nightjar
Caprimulgus atripennis: Jerdon's nightjar
Caprimulgus celebensis: Sulawesi nightjar
Caprimulgus centralasicus: Vaurie's nightjar(4)
Caprimulgus clarus: Slender-tailed nightjar
Caprimulgus climacurus: Lang-tailed nightjar
Caprimulgus concretus: Bonaparte's nightjar(8)
Caprimulgus donaldsoni: Donaldson-smith's nightjar
Caprimulgus europaeus: Eurasian nightjar(2)
Caprimulgus europaeus: European nightjar(3)
Caprimulgus fossii: Gabon nightjar
Caprimulgus fraenatus: Dusky nightjar
Caprimulgus indicus: Gray nightjar(6)
Caprimulgus indicus: Grey nightjar(11)
Caprimulgus indicus: Jungle nightjar(4)
Caprimulgus inornatus: Plain nightjar
Caprimulgus jotaka: Grey nightjar(2)
Caprimulgus macrurus: Large-tailed nightjar(26)
Caprimulgus macrurus: Large tailed nightjar
Caprimulgus macrurus: Tok-tok bird(2)
Caprimulgus mahrattensis: Sykes's nightjar(2)
Caprimulgus manillensis: Philippine nightjar
Caprimulgus natalensis: African white-tailed nightjar
Caprimulgus nipalensis: Savanna nightjar
Caprimulgus nubicus: Nubian nightjar(2)
Caprimulgus pectoralis: Fiery-necked nightjar
Caprimulgus poliocephalus: Montane nightjar
Caprimulgus pulchellus: Salvadori's nightjar
Caprimulgus stellatus: Star-spotted nightjar
Caprimulgus tristigma: Freckled nightjar
Caprodon longimanus: Pink maomao
Caprolagus hispidus: Hispid hare
Caprona alida: Spotted angle
Capua endocypha: Leaf binder moth(2)
Caracal caracal: Caracal(2)
Caracanthus typicus: Hawaiian orbicular velvetfish
Caracara lutosus: Guadalupe caracara
Caracara plancus: Southern caracara
Carangoides armatus: Armed trevally
Carangoides armatus: Longfin trevally
Carangoides bajad: Orange-spotted trevally
Carangoides dinema: Goldband trevally
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Yellowspotted trevally
Carangoides gymnostethus: Bludger
Carangoides hedlandensis: Bumpnose kingfish
Carangoides hedlandensis: Bumpnose trevally(2)
Carangoides hedlandensis: Onion kingfish
Carangoides malabaricus: Horse mackerel
Carangoides malabaricus: Malabar trevally
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Barcheek trevally
Carangoides praeustus: Brownback trevally(5)
Carangoides sp: Trevally
Caranx caballus: Green jack
Caranx djeddaba: Yellowtail scad
Caranx ignobilis: Barrier trevally
Caranx ignobilis: Giant trevally(3)
Caranx latus: Big-eye jack
Caranx lugubris: Black jack
Caranx lugubris: Black trevally(2)
Caranx melampygus: Bluefin trevally(4)
Caranx melampygus: Jack
Caranx melampygus: Trevally
Caranx sexfasciatus: Big bull jack
Caranx sexfasciatus: Bigeye trevally(2)
Caranx sexfasciatus: Bigeye trevelly
Caranx sexfasciatus: Dusky jack
Caranx sexfasciatus: Horse mackerel(2)
Caranx sexfasciatus: Trevally
Caranx speciosus: Golden trevally
Carassius auratus: auratus, Edible goldfish
Carassius auratus: auratus, Goldfish(2)
Carassius auratus: Blackmoor goldfish
Carassius auratus: Comet goldfish
Carassius auratus: Common goldfish
Carassius auratus: Crown pearlscale goldfish
Carassius auratus: Crucian carp
Carassius auratus: Fancy goldfish
Carassius auratus: Fantail goldfish
Carassius auratus: gibelio, Gibel carp
Carassius auratus: Gold carp
Carassius auratus: Golden carp
Carassius auratus: Goldfish(8)
Carassius auratus: Lionhead goldfish
Carassius auratus: Red cap orandas goldfish
Carassius auratus: Silver prussian carp
Carassius auratus: Veiltail goldfish
Carassius carassius: Crucian carp
Carassius cuvieri: Japanese crucian carp
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: Silvertip shark(2)
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Gray reef shark
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: Grey reef shark(2)
Carcharhinus brevipinnata: Long-nosed grey
Carcharhinus galapagensis: Galapagos shark
Carcharhinus leucas: Bull shark(3)
Carcharhinus limbatus: Blacktip shark
Carcharhinus limbatus: Blactip shark
Carcharhinus melanopterus: Blacktip reef shark(3)
Carcharias taurus: Grey nurse shark
Carcharodon carcharias: Great white shark
Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda: Mangrove horseshoe crab(3)
Carcinus maenas: European shore crab(2)
Carcinus maenas: Green crab(2)
Cardinalis cardinalis: Northern cardinal
Cardioderma cor: Heart-nosed bat
Cardisoma armatum: Rainbow land crab
Cardisoma guanhumi: Crab
Cardisoma hirtipes: Blue land crab
Carduelis ambigua: Black-headed greenfinch(4)
Carduelis cannabina: Common linnet(2)
Carduelis cannabina: Eurasian linnet
Carduelis carduelis: Eurasian goldfinch
Carduelis carduelis: European goldfinch(4)
Carduelis carduelis: Goldfinch
Carduelis chloris: European greenfinch(4)
Carduelis cucullata: Red siskin
Carduelis flammea: Common redpoll(8)
Carduelis flavirostris: Twite(3)
Carduelis hornemanni: Arctic redpoll
Carduelis hornemanni: Hoary redpoll(3)
Carduelis monguilloti: Vietnamese greenfinch
Carduelis sinica: Chinese greenfinch
Carduelis sinica: Gray-capped greenfinch
Carduelis sinica: Grey-capped greenfinch(3)
Carduelis sinica: Oriental greenfinch(5)
Carduelis spinoides: Yellow-breasted greenfinch(3)
Carduelis spinus: Eurasian siskin(8)
Carduelis spinus: Siskin
Carduelis yarrellii: Finch
Carduelis yarrellii: Yellow-faced siskin
Carduelis yemenensis: Yemen linnet
Caretta caretta: Loggerhead turtle
Carettochelys insculpta: Fly river turtle(2)
Carettochelys insculpta: Pig-nosed turtle
Carettochelys insculpta: Pig-snouted river turtle
Caridina japonica: Takashi amano shrimp
Caridina propinqua: Mangrove hairy-handed prawn(2)
Caridina temasek: Common filter-feeding shrimp(2)
Caridonax fulgidus: Glittering kingfisher
Caridonax fulgidus: White-rumped kingfisher(2)
Carinotetraodon travancoricus: Dwarf pufferfish
Carnegiella strigata: Marbled hatchetfish
Carollia brevicauda: Silky short-tailed bat
Carollia castanea: Chestnut short-tailed bat
Carollia perspicillata: Seba's short-tailed bat
Carollia subrufa: Gray short-tailed bat
Carpococcyx radiatus: Bornean ground-cuckoo(3)
Carpococcyx radiatus: Bornean ground - cuckoo
Carpococcyx radiatus: Ground cuckoo
Carpococcyx radiceus: Bornean ground-cuckoo
Carpococcyx radiceus: Bornean ground cuckoo
Carpococcyx radiceus: Sunda ground-cuckoo(2)
Carpococcyx renauldi: Coral-billed ground cuckoo
Carpococcyx viridis: Sumatran ground cuckoo(2)
Carpodacus davidianus: Chinese beautiful rosefinch(2)
Carpodacus dubius: Chinese white-browed rosefinch(2)
Carpodacus edwardsii: Dark-rumped rosefinch(3)
Carpodacus eos: Pink-rumped rosefinch(2)
Carpodacus eos: Stresemann's rosefinch
Carpodacus erythrinus: Common finch
Carpodacus erythrinus: Common rosefinch(11)
Carpodacus grandis: Blyth's rosefinch
Carpodacus mexicanus: House finch
Carpodacus nipalensis: Dark-breasted rosefinch(3)
Carpodacus pulcherrimus: Beautiful rosefinch
Carpodacus pulcherrimus: Himalayan beautiful rosefinch(2)
Carpodacus puniceus: Red-fronted rosefinch(3)
Carpodacus rhodochlamys: Red-mantled rosefinch(3)
Carpodacus rodochroa: Pink-browed rosefinch(3)
Carpodacus rodopeplus: Spot-winged rosefinch(3)
Carpodacus roseus: Pallas's rosefinch(4)
Carpodacus rubescens: Blanford's rosefinch(3)
Carpodacus rubicilla: Caucasian great rosefinch
Carpodacus rubicilla: Great rosefinch
Carpodacus rubicilloides: Streaked rosefinch(3)
Carpodacus severtzovi: Spotted great rosefinch(2)
Carpodacus synoicus: Pale rosefinch(2)
Carpodacus synoicus: Sinai rosefinch
Carpodacus thura: Himalayan white-browed rosefinch(2)
Carpodacus thura: White-browed rosefinch
Carpodacus trifasciatus: Three-banded rosefinch(3)
Carpodacus verreauxii: Sharpe's rosefinch(2)
Carpodacus vinaceus: formosanus, Vinaceous rosefinch
Carpodacus vinaceus: Vinacceus rosefinch
Carpodacus vinaceus: Vinaceous rosefinch(5)
Carpospiza brachydactyla: Pale rock sparrow
Casarea dussumieri: Keel-scaled boa
Casinycteris argynnis: Short-palated fruit bat
Casmerodius albus: Great egret(10)
Castalius rosimon: Common pierrot(3)
Castalius rosimon: rosimon, Common pierrot(5)
Castor fiber: Beaver
Casuarius bennetti: Dwarf cassowary
Casuarius casuarius: Southern cassowary
Casuarius unappendiculatus: Northern cassowary
Catagonus wagneri: Chaco peccary
Catapaecilma major: emas, Gray tinsel(4)
Cataponera turdoides: Sulawesi thrush
Catharacta maccormicki: South polar skua(4)
Catharacta skua: Great skua
Catharus guttatus: Hermit thrush
Catharus minimus: Gray-cheeked thrush
Catharus ustulatus: Swainson's thrush
Catla catla: Catla(4)
Catla catla: Hamilton
Catlocarpio siamensis: Giant barb
Catlocarpio siamensis: Giant siamese carp
Catochrysops panormus: exiguus, Silver forget-me-not(5)
Catochrysops panormus: Silver forget-me-not
Catochrysops strabo: Forget-me-not
Catochrysops strabo: strabo, Forget-me-not(5)
Catopsilia pomona: Lemon emigrant
Catopsilia pomona: pomona, Lemon emigrant(9)
Catopsilia pyranthe: Mottled emigrant(2)
Catopsilia pyranthe: pryranthe, Mottled emigrant
Catopsilia pyranthe: pyranthe, Mottled emigrant(6)
Catopsilia scylla: cornelia, Orange emigrant(6)
Catopsilia scylla: Orange emigrant
Catoptrophorus semipalmatus: Willet
Catopuma badia: Bay cat
Catopuma badia: Bornean red cat
Catopuma temmincki: Asiatic golden cat
Catopuma temminckii: Asian golden cat(3)
Catopyrops ancyra: Ancyra blue(5)
Catostomus commersoni: White sucker
Catreus wallichi: Cheer pheasant
Catreus wallichii: Cheer pheasant(4)
Cavia porcellus: Guinea pig
Cebuella pygmaea: Pygmy marmoset
Cebus albifrons: Brown pale-fronted capuchin(2)
Cebus apella: Black-capped capuchin(2)
Cebus capucinus: White-throated capuchin(2)
Cebus olivaceus: Weeper capuchin(2)
Cecidochares connexa: Gall fly
Cecropis badia: Rufous-bellied swallow(4)
Cecropis daurica: Red-rumped swallow(11)
Cecropis striolata: Striated swallow(9)
Celaenorrhinus asmara: asmara, White banded flat
Celaenorrhinus aurivittata: cameroni, Dark yellow-banded flat
Celaenorrhinus aurivittatus: cameroni, Dark yellow-banded flat
Celaenorrhinus aurivittatus: Dark yellow-banded flat
Celaenorrhinus leucocera: Common spotted flat(2)
Celaenorrhinus munda: Himalayan spotted flat
Celastrina lavendularis: isabella, Plain hedge blue
Celastrina lavendularis: Plain hedge blue
Celatoxia marginata: splendens, Margined hedge blue
Celeus brachyurus: Rufous woodpecker(23)
Celeus castaneus: Chestnut-colored woodpecker
Cellana radiata: Rayed wheel limpet
Cemtropyge multifasciatus: Banded angel
Centroberyx affinis: Golden snapper
Centrocercus minimus: Gunnison sage-grouse(2)
Centrocercus urophasianus: Greater sage-grouse(2)
Centrogenys vaigiensis: False scorpionfish(5)
Centromochlus perugiae: Honeycomb tatia
Centromycteris maximillani: Shaggy bat
Centropomus unidecimalis: Snook
Centropus andamanensis: Andaman coucal
Centropus bengalensis: Lesser coucal(27)
Centropus bernsteini: Lesser black coucal
Centropus celebensis: Bay coucal
Centropus chalybeus: Biak coucal
Centropus chlororhynchos: Green-billed coucal
Centropus goliath: Goliath coucal
Centropus grillii: Black coucal
Centropus melanops: Black-faced coucal
Centropus menbeki: Greater black coucal
Centropus monachus: Blue-headed coucal
Centropus nigrorufus: Sunda coucal(2)
Centropus phasianinus: Pheasant-coucal
Centropus rectunguis: Short-toed coucal(9)
Centropus senegalensis: Senegal coucal
Centropus sinensis: Common coucal(5360)
Centropus sinensis: Crow pheasant(6620)
Centropus sinensis: Greater coucal(30102)
Centropus spilopterus: Kai coucal
Centropus steerii: Black-hooded coucal
Centropus superciliosus: White-browed coucal(2)
Centropus toulou: Madagascan coucal
Centropus unirufus: Rufous coucal
Centropus viridis: Philippine coucal
Centropyge acanthops: Acanthops angel
Centropyge acanthops: African pygmy angelfish
Centropyge acanthops: Yellow and blue angel
Centropyge argi: Argi pigmy angel
Centropyge argi: Cherubfish
Centropyge aurantia: Golden angel
Centropyge aurantia: Golden angelfish
Centropyge aurantius: Golden angel
Centropyge aurantius: Golden angelfish
Centropyge aurantonotus: Fireball angelfish
Centropyge aurantonotus: Flame back angel
Centropyge bicolor: Bicolor angel
Centropyge bicolor: Bicolor angelfish(2)
Centropyge bicolor: Bicolored angelfish
Centropyge bicolor: Boeseman's rainbowfish
Centropyge bicolor: Two-colored angelfish(2)
Centropyge bicolour: Bicolour angel
Centropyge bispinosa: Coral beauty
Centropyge bispinosa: Coral beauty angelfish
Centropyge bispinosus: Coral beauty angel
Centropyge bispinosus: Coral beauty(2)
Centropyge colini: Blueback pygmy angelfish
Centropyge colini: Cocos-keeling angelfish
Centropyge colini: Colini angel
Centropyge debelius: Blue mauritius angel
Centropyge eibli: Eibl's angelfish
Centropyge eibli: Eibl's or orangelined angelfish
Centropyge eibli: Eibl-eibesfeldt's pygmy angelfish
Centropyge elbli: Orange stripe angel
Centropyge ferrugata: Rusty angel
Centropyge ferrugatus: Rusty angel
Centropyge fisheri: Fisher's angelfish(2)
Centropyge fisheri: Orange angelfish
Centropyge flavicauda: Royal blue pygmy angelfish
Centropyge flavicauda: Whitetail pygmy angelfish
Centropyge flavissima: Lemonpeel angel
Centropyge flavissima: Lemonpeel angelfish
Centropyge flavissimus: Lemon peel angel
Centropyge flavissimus: Lemonpeel angelfish(2)
Centropyge heraldi: Flame angel
Centropyge heraldi: Yellow angel
Centropyge heraldi: Yellow pygmy angelfish
Centropyge hotumatua: Blackear angelfish
Centropyge interrupta: Japanese pygmy angel
Centropyge joculator: Joculator angel(2)
Centropyge lorculus: Flame angel
Centropyge loricula: Flame angel
Centropyge loricula: Flame angelfish
Centropyge loriculus: Flame angelfish
Centropyge multicolor: Multicolor angelfish
Centropyge multicolour: Multicolour angel
Centropyge multifasciata: Barred angelfish
Centropyge multispinis: Black angel
Centropyge multispinis: Bluefin angelfish
Centropyge nahackyi: Nahacky's pygmy angel
Centropyge nox: Midnight angel
Centropyge nox: Midnight angelfish
Centropyge potteri: Potter's angelfish(3)
Centropyge potteri: Potteri angel
Centropyge resplendens: Resplendent pygmy angel
Centropyge resplendens: Resplendent pygmy angelfish
Centropyge shepardi: Shepardi angel
Centropyge tibicen: Melas angelfish
Centropyge tibicen: Tibicin angel
Centropyge tibicin: Keyhole angel
Centropyge tibicine: Keyhole angelfish
Centropyge venusta: Blueback angel
Centropyge venusta: Purple masked angel
Centropyge vroliki: Half black angel(2)
Centropyge vroliki: Pearl-scaled angelfish(2)
Centropyge vrolikii: Halfblack angelfish
Centurio senex: Wrinkle-faced bat
Cepaea hortensis: White-lipped garden snail
Cepaea nemoralis: Land snail
Cephalopachus bancanus: Horsfield's tarsier
Cephalopholis argus: Argus grouper
Cephalopholis argus: Blue-dot grouper
Cephalopholis argus: Peacock grouper(2)
Cephalopholis boenack: Blue-lined grouper
Cephalopholis boenack: Blue line hind
Cephalopholis boenack: Boenacki grouper
Cephalopholis boenak: Chocolate hind
Cephalopholis boenak: Chocolate hind grouper(2)
Cephalopholis boenak: Chocolate indian grouper
Cephalopholis boenak: Indian grouper(3)
Cephalopholis cyanostigma: Bluespotted grouper
Cephalopholis cyanostigma: Bluespotted hind
Cephalopholis formosa: Bluelined grouper
Cephalopholis formosa: Bluelined hind
Cephalopholis formosa: Bluelined rockcod
Cephalopholis formosus: Blue-lined hind(5)
Cephalopholis miniata: Coral grouper(2)
Cephalopholis miniata: Coral rockcod(2)
Cephalopholis miniatus: Blue spotted seabass
Cephalopholis miniatus: Miniatus grouper
Cephalopholis pachycentron: Brown-banded rockcod
Cephalopholis panamensis: Panama graysby
Cephalopholis sennerati: Tomato rockcod
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: Strawberry grouper
Cephalopholis urodelus: Banded-tail coral-cod
Cephalopholis urodelus: V-tailed grouper
Cephalopholis urodeta: Flagtail grouper
Cephalopholis urodeta: Grouper
Cephalophus adersi: Ader's duiker
Cephalophus callipygus: Peters' duiker
Cephalophus dorsalis: Bay duiker(2)
Cephalophus harveyi: Harvey's duiker
Cephalophus jentinki: Jentink's duiker(2)
Cephalophus leucogaster: White-bellied duiker
Cephalophus maxwellii: Maxwell's duiker
Cephalophus monticola: Blue duiker(2)
Cephalophus natalensis: Red duiker
Cephalophus niger: Black duiker
Cephalophus nigrifrons: Black-fronted duiker
Cephalophus ogilbyi: Ogilby's duiker(2)
Cephalophus rubidus: Ruwenzori red duiker
Cephalophus rufilatus: Red-flanked duiker
Cephalophus silvicultor: Yellow-backed duiker(2)
Cephalophus spadix: Abbot's duiker
Cephalophus weynsi: Weyn's duiker
Cephalophus zebra: Banded duiker
Cephalophus zebra: Zebra duiker
Cephalopterus ornatus: Umbrella bird
Cephalopterus penduliger: Long-watted umbrella bird
Cephalopyrus flammiceps: Fire-capped tit(3)
Cephonodes kingii: Bee hawk moth(3)
Cephrenes acalle: niasicus, Plain palm dart(3)
Cephrenes trichopepla: Yellow palm dart(4)
Cepora iudith: malaya, Orange gull
Cepora nadina: andersoni, Lesser gull
Cepora nerissa: Common gull(2)
Cepora nerissa: dapha, Common gull
Cepphus carbo: Spectacled guillemot
Cepphus columba: Pigeon guillemot
Cepphus grylle: Black guillemot
Cerasophila thompsoni: White-headed bulbul
Cerastes cerastes: Desert horned viper
Cerastes vipera: Sahara sand viper
Ceratomia amyntor: Elm sphinx
Ceratomia catalpae: Catalpa sphinx
Ceratomia undulosa: Waved sphinx
Ceratophrys cornuta: Amazonian horned frog
Ceratophrys cranwelli: Chacoan horned frog
Ceratosoma gracillimum: Slug sea slug
Ceratotherium simum: White rhinoceros
Cerberus rhynchops: Dog-faced water snake(2)
Cerberus rynchops: Dog-faced water snake(4)
Cerberus rynchops: Dog-faced watersnake
Cerberus schneiderii: Dog-faced water snake
Cerberusa caeca: Blind cave crab
Cercocebus agilis: Agile mangabey
Cercocebus galeritus: Agile mangabey
Cercocebus galeritus: Tana river mangabey(2)
Cercocebus torquatus: White-collared mangabey(2)
Cercococcyx montanus: Barred long-tailed cuckoo
Cercomela dubia: Sombre chat
Cercomela familiaris: Familiar chat(3)
Cercomela familiaris: Red-tailed
Cercomela fusca: Brown rock chat
Cercomela fusca: Brown rockchat(2)
Cercomela fusca: Indian chat
Cercomela melanura: Blackstart(2)
Cercomela schlegelii: Karoo chat
Cercomela scotocerca: Brown-tailed chat
Cercomela sinuata: Sicklewing chat
Cercomela sordida: Moorland chat
Cercomela tractrac: Tractrac chat
Cercopagis pengoi: Fishhook waterflea(2)
Cercopithecus aethiops: Givet
Cercopithecus aethiops: Green monkey
Cercopithecus aethiops: Vervet
Cercopithecus ascanius: Schmidt's guenon(2)
Cercopithecus campbelli: Campbell's monkey(2)
Cercopithecus cephus: Moustached monkey(2)
Cercopithecus diana: Diana guenon
Cercopithecus diana: Diana monkey(2)
Cercopithecus dryas: Dryas guenon
Cercopithecus dryas: Dryas monkey
Cercopithecus erythrogaster: Red-bellied monkey
Cercopithecus erythrogaster: Red-throated guenon
Cercopithecus erythrotis: Red-eared guenon
Cercopithecus erythrotis: Red-eared monkey
Cercopithecus hamlyni: Owl-faced monkey(2)
Cercopithecus lhoesti: L'hoest's monkey(2)
Cercopithecus mitis: Diademed monkey(2)
Cercopithecus mona: Mona monkey(2)
Cercopithecus neglectus: De brazza's monkey(2)
Cercopithecus nictitans: Greater white-nosed guenon
Cercopithecus nictitans: Greater white-nosed monkey
Cercopithecus petaurista: Lesser white-nosed guenon
Cercopithecus petaurista: Lesser white-nosed monkey
Cercopithecus pogonias: Crowned guenon(2)
Cercopithecus preussi: Preuss's monkey
Cercopithecus sclateri: Vervet guenon(2)
Cercopithecus solatus: Sun-tailed guenon
Cercopithecus wolfi: Wolf's monkey(2)
Cercotrichas barbata: Miombo scrub-robin
Cercotrichas coryphaeus: Karoo scrub-robin
Cercotrichas galactotes: Rufous-tailed scrub-robin
Cercotrichas galactotes: Rufous-tailed scrub robin
Cercotrichas galactotes: Rufous scrub robin
Cercotrichas hartlaubi: Brown-backed scrub-robin
Cercotrichas hartlaubi: Brown-backed scrub robin
Cercotrichas leucophrys: Red-backed scrub-robin
Cercotrichas leucophrys: White-browed scrub robin
Cercotrichas leucosticta: Forest scrub-robin
Cercotrichas minor: African scrub-robin
Cercotrichas paena: Kalahari scrub-robin
Cercotrichas podobe: Black scrub-robin
Cercotrichas podobe: Black scrub robin
Cercotrichas qaudrivirgata: Eastern bearded scrub robin
Cercotrichas quadrivirgata: Bearded scrub-robin
Cercotrichas signata: Brown scrub-robin
Cerdocyon thous: Crab-eating fox
Cerdocyon thous: Fox
Cerebus rynchops: Dog-faced water snake(2)
Cereopsis novaehollandiae: Cape barren goose(2)
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: Bi-colored damsel
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: Bi-coloured damsel(3012)
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: Orange-tailed marsh dart(89401)
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: Ornate coraltail(615)
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: Painted waxtail
Ceriagrion chaoi: Fiery coraltail(5)
Cerithidea cingulata: Cingulate creeper
Cerithidea microptera: Winged creeper
Cerithidea obtusa: Chut-chut(76)
Cerithidea obtusa: Mud creeper(386)
Cerithidea obtusa: Obtuse horn shell(60)
Cerithidea quadrata: Black chut-chut
Cerithidea quadrata: Chut-chuts
Cerithidea quadrata: Quadrate horn shell
Cerithium coralium: Coral horn
Cerithium zonatum: Zoned cerith
Cerorhinca monocerata: Rhinoceros auklet(4)
Ceros nipalensis: Rufous-necked hornbill
Certhia brachydactyla: Short-toed treecreeper
Certhia discolor: Brown-throated treecreeper(3)
Certhia familiaris: Eurasian treecreeper(4)
Certhia himalayana: Bar-tailed treecreeper(3)
Certhia hodgsoni: Hodgson's treecreeper(2)
Certhia manipurensis: Hume's treecreeper(2)
Certhia nipalensis: Rusty-flanked treecreeper(3)
Certhia tianquanensis: Sichuan treecreeper(3)
Cervus albirostris: White-lipped deer
Cervus alfredi: Philippine spotted deer
Cervus duvaucelii: Swamp deer(2)
Cervus elaphus: Bactrian red deer
Cervus elaphus: European red deer(2)
Cervus elaphus: Kashmir deer
Cervus elaphus: Red deer(3)
Cervus eldi: Thamin
Cervus eldii: Brow-antlered deer
Cervus elephus: Red deer
Cervus mariannus: Philippine sambar
Cervus nippon: Sika deer
Cervus schomburgki: Schomburgk's deer
Cervus timorensis: Timor deer
Cervus unicolor: Deer
Cervus unicolor: Deer(common)
Cervus unicolor: Sambar
Cervus unicolor: Sambar deer(4)
Cervus unicolor: Sambar deer(common)
Cervus unicolor: Sambar(2)
Ceryle alcyon: Belted kingfisher
Ceryle lugubris: Crested kingfisher(3)
Ceryle rudis: Lesser pied kingfisher(2)
Ceryle rudis: Pied kingfisher(15)
Cethosia biblis: pemanggilensis, Red lacewing
Cethosia biblis: perakana, Red lacewing
Cethosia biblis: Red lacewing
Cethosia cyane: Leopard lacewing(8)
Cethosia hypsea: hypsina, Malay lacewing(5)
Cethosia penthesilea: methypsea, Plain lacewing(5)
Cetoscarus bicolor: Bicolor parrotfish
Cetoscarus bicolor: Bumphead parrotfish
Cettia acanthizoides: concolor, Yellow-billed bush warbler
Cettia acanthizoides: Yellow-bellied bush-warbler
Cettia acanthizoides: Yellow-bellied bush warbler
Cettia acanthizoides: Yellow-billed bush warbler
Cettia acanthizoides: Yellowish-bellied bush-warbler(3)
Cettia acanthizoides: Yellowish-bellied bush warbler(3)
Cettia brunnescens: Hume's bush warbler(2)
Cettia brunnifrons: Grey-sided bush warbler(3)
Cettia canturians: Manchurian bush-warbler(2)
Cettia canturians: Manchurian bush warbler(2)
Cettia carolinae: Tanimbar bush warbler
Cettia cetti: Cetti's warbler(3)
Cettia diphone: Bush warbler
Cettia diphone: Chinese bush warbler
Cettia diphone: Japanese bush-warbler(3)
Cettia diphone: Japanese bush warbler(7)
Cettia flavolivacea: Aberrant bush warbler(3)
Cettia fortipes: Brown-flanked bush warbler
Cettia fortipes: Brownish-flanked bush-warbler(3)
Cettia fortipes: Brownish-flanked bush warbler(3)
Cettia fortipes: Brownish-flanked: bush-warbler
Cettia fortipes: Mountain bush warbler
Cettia fortipes: robustipes, Brownish-flanked bush warbler
Cettia major: Chestnut-crowned bush warbler(3)
Cettia pallidipes: Pale-footed bush-warbler
Cettia pallidipes: Pale-footed bush warbler(5)
Cettia seebohmi: Luzon bush warbler
Cettia vulcania: Muller's bush warbler
Cettia vulcania: Sunda bush-warbler
Cettia vulcania: Sunda bush-warbler(2)(2)
Cettia vulcania: Sunda bush warbler
Ceuthmochares aereus: Yellowbill
Ceyx argentatus: Silvery kingfisher
Ceyx azureus: Azure kingfisher
Ceyx cyanopectus: Indigo-banded kingfisher
Ceyx erithaca: Black-backed kingfisher(4)
Ceyx erithaca: Oriental dwarf kingfisher(3)
Ceyx erithacus: Black-backed kingfisher(12)
Ceyx erithacus: Oriental dwarf kingfisher
Ceyx erithacus: Three-toed kingfisher
Ceyx fallax: Sulawesi dwarf kingfisher(2)
Ceyx fallax: Sulawesi kingfisher
Ceyx lecontei: African dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx lepidus: Variable dwarf kingfisher(2)
Ceyx lepidus: Variable kingfisher
Ceyx madagascariensis: Madagascar pygmy-kingfisher
Ceyx melanurus: Philippine dwarf-kingfisher
Ceyx melanurus: Philippine dwarf kingfisher(2)
Ceyx pictus: African pygmy-kingfisher
Ceyx pusillus: Little kingfisher
Ceyx rufidorsa: motleyi, Rufous-backed kingfisher
Ceyx rufidorsa: Rufous-backed kingfisher(5)
Ceyx websteri: Bismarck kingfisher
Chaenopsis species: Tube blenny
Chaerephon aloysiisabaudiae: Duke of abruzzi's free-tailed bat
Chaerephon ansorgei: Ansorge's free-tailed bat
Chaerephon bemmeleni: Gland-tailed free-tailed bat
Chaerephon bivittata: Spotted free-tailed bat
Chaerephon chapini: Chapin's free-tailed bat
Chaerephon gallagheri: Gallagher's free-tailed bat
Chaerephon jobensis: Northern mastiff bat
Chaerephon johorensis: Dato meldrum's bat
Chaerephon johorensis: Northern free-tailed bat(2)
Chaerephon major: Lappet-eared free-tailed bat
Chaerephon nigeriae: Nigerian free-tailed bat
Chaerephon plicata: Wrinkle-lipped free-tailed bat(2)
Chaerephon plicata: Wrinkled-lipped bat
Chaerephon plicatus: Wrinkle-lipped free-tailed bat
Chaerephon pumila: Little free-tailed bat
Chaerephon russata: Russet free-tailed bat
Chaeropus ecaudatus: Pig-footed bandicoot
Chaetocercus jourdanii: Rufous-shafted woodstar
Chaetodermis pencilligera: Leafy filefish
Chaetodermis pencilligerus: Tassled filefish
Chaetodermis penicilligerus: Prickly leatherjacket(3)
Chaetodon adiergastos: Bantayan butterflyfish
Chaetodon adiergastos: Panda butterflyfish
Chaetodon argentatus: Asian butterflyfish
Chaetodon aureofasciatus: Golden butterflyfish
Chaetodon auriga: Threadfin butterflyfish(5)
Chaetodon auripes: Golden butterflyfish
Chaetodon auripes: Oriental butterflyfish
Chaetodon austriacus: Blacktail butterflyfish
Chaetodon baronessa: Eastern triangular butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon benneti: Bennett's butterflyfish
Chaetodon bennetti: Eclipse butterflyfish
Chaetodon burgessi: Burgess' butterflyfish
Chaetodon burgessi: Burgess's butterflyfish
Chaetodon capistratus: Foureye butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon citrinellus: Citron butterfishfish
Chaetodon citrinellus: Citron butterflyfish
Chaetodon citrinellus: Speckled butterflyfish
Chaetodon collare: Collare butterflyfish
Chaetodon collare: Red-tailed butterflyfish
Chaetodon collare: Redtail butterflyfish
Chaetodon daedalma: Wrought-iron butterflyfish
Chaetodon daedalma: Wrought iron butterflyfish
Chaetodon decussatus: Black-finned butterflyfish(3)
Chaetodon decussatus: Indian vagabond butterflyfish
Chaetodon ehippium: Indian ocean saddleback
Chaetodon ehippium: Saddleback butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon ephippium: Saddle butterflyfish
Chaetodon ephippium: Saddleback butterflyfish
Chaetodon ephippium: Saddled butterflyfish
Chaetodon falcula: Blackwedged butterflyfish
Chaetodon falcula: Double saddled butterflyfish
Chaetodon falcula: Falcula butterflyfish
Chaetodon falcula: Sickle butterflyfish
Chaetodon flavirostris: Yellow face butterflyfish
Chaetodon fremblii: Bluestripe butterflyfish
Chaetodon guentheri: Guenther's butterflyfish
Chaetodon guttatissimus: Peppered butterflyfish
Chaetodon guttatissinus: Peppered butterflyfish
Chaetodon kleini: Klein's butterflyfish(3)
Chaetodon kleinii: Blacklip butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon kleinii: Sunburst butterflyfish
Chaetodon larvatus: Hooded butterflyfish
Chaetodon lineolatus: Lined butterflyfish(3)
Chaetodon lunula: Raccoon butterflyfish(5)
Chaetodon lunulatus: Oval butterflyfish
Chaetodon lunulatus: Redfin butterflyfish
Chaetodon melannotus: Black-backed butterflyfish
Chaetodon melannotus: Black back butterflyfish(3)
Chaetodon melannotus: Blackback butterflyfish
Chaetodon mertensii: Atoll butterflyfish
Chaetodon mertensii: Yellowback butterflyfish
Chaetodon mesoleucos: White-face butterflyfish
Chaetodon meyeri: Mayer's butterfly(2)
Chaetodon meyeri: Scrawled butterflyfish
Chaetodon miliaris: Millet-seed butterflyfish
Chaetodon miliaris: Milletseed butterflyfish
Chaetodon modestus: Butterflyfish
Chaetodon multicinctus: Multiband butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon nippon: Japanese butterflyfish
Chaetodon ocellicaudus: Spot tail butterflyfish
Chaetodon octofasciatus: Eight-banded butterflyfish(5)
Chaetodon octofasciatus: Eight-striped butterflyfish
Chaetodon octofasciatus: Eightband butterflyfish
Chaetodon ornatissimus: Ornate butterflyfish(4)
Chaetodon plebeius: Blue-blotched butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon plebeius: Blue-spot butterflyfish
Chaetodon plebeius: Blueblotch butterflyfish
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: Spot-band butterflyfish
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: Spot banded butterflyfish
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: Spotband butterflyfish
Chaetodon punctofasciatus: Spot-banded butterflyfish
Chaetodon quadrimaculatus: Fourspot butterflyfish(3)
Chaetodon rafflesi: Latticed butterflyfish
Chaetodon rafflesi: Raffle's butterflyfish
Chaetodon rafflesii: Latticed butterflyfish
Chaetodon reticulatus: Reticulated butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon selene: Moon butterflyfish
Chaetodon selene: Moon butterflyfish l/xl
Chaetodon semeion: Decorated butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon semilarvatus: Bluecheek butterflyfish
Chaetodon semilarvatus: Golden butterflyfish
Chaetodon semilarvatus: Red lined butterflyfish
Chaetodon speculum: Mirror butterflyfish(3)
Chaetodon striatus: Banded butterflyfish
Chaetodon tinkeri: Hawaiian butterflyfish
Chaetodon triangulum: Triangle butterflyfish(3)
Chaetodon trifascialis: Chevron butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon trifasciatus: Melon butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon ulietensis: Pacific double-saddle butterflyfish
Chaetodon ulietensis: Saddled butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon unimaculatus: Teardrop butterflyfish(4)
Chaetodon vagabundus: Vagabond butterflyfish(5)
Chaetodon wiebeli: Pocket butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon xanthocephalus: Yellowhead butterflyfish(2)
Chaetodon xanthurus: Pearlscale butterflyfish
Chaetodon xanthurus: Philippine chevron but
Chaetodon xanthurus: Philippine chevron butterflyfish
Chaetodontoplus caeruleopunctatus: Blue-spotted angel
Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus: Spectacled angelfish
Chaetodontoplus cyanopunctatus: Yellow tail poma angel
Chaetodontoplus dimidiatus: Phantom angel
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi: Duboulay's angelfish
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi: Scribbled angelfish
Chaetodontoplus melanosoma: Black velvet angelfish(3)
Chaetodontoplus melanosoma: Keyhole angel
Chaetodontoplus melanosoma: Yellow tail angel
Chaetodontoplus meredithi: Queensland yellowtail angelfish
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucas: Vermiculated angelfish
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: Grey poma angel
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: Singapore angel
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: Vermiculated angel
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: Vermiculated angelfish(2)
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: Blue-lined anglefish
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: Blue line angel
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: Blue striped angel
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: Blueline angelfish
Chaetoptila angustipluma: Kioea
Chaetorhynchus papuensis: Pygmy drongo
Chaetornis striata: Bristled grass warbler
Chaetostoma milesi: Rubbernose pleco
Chaetura andrei: Ashy-tailed swift
Chaetura brachyura: Short-tailed swift
Chaetura chapmani: Chapman's swift
Chaetura cinereiventris: Grey-rumped swift
Chaetura egregia: Pale-rumped swift
Chaetura martinica: Lesser antillean swift
Chaetura pelagica: Chimney swift
Chaetura spinicauda: Band-rumped swift
Chaetura vauxi: Vaux's swift
Chaimarrornis leucocephalus: White-capped redstart(6)
Chaimarrornis leucocephalus: White-capped water redstart(2)
Chalceus erythrurus: Tucan fish
Chalceus macrolepidotus: Pink-tailed chalceus
Chalceus macrolepidotus: Pink tailed chalceus
Chalcides ocellatus: Ocellated skink
Chalcites lucidus: Bronze-cuckoo
Chalcomitra adelberti: Buff-throated sunbird(2)
Chalcomitra amethystina: Amethyst sunbird(2)
Chalcomitra balfouri: Socotra sunbird(2)
Chalcomitra fuliginosa: Carmelite sunbird(2)
Chalcomitra hunteri: Hunter's sunbird(2)
Chalcomitra rubescens: Green-throated sunbird(2)
Chalcomitra senegalensis: Scarlet-chested
Chalcomitra senegalensis: Scarlet-chested sunbird
Chalcoparia singalensis: Ruby-cheeked
Chalcoparia singalensis: Ruby-cheeked sunbird(8)
Chalcophaps indica: Common emerald dove(2)
Chalcophaps indica: Emerald dove(30)
Chalcophaps indica: Green-winged pigeon(3)
Chalcophaps stephani: Stephan's dove
Chalcopsitta atra: Black lory(3)
Chalcopsitta cardinalis: Cardinal lory(2)
Chalcopsitta duivenbodei: Brown lory
Chalcopsitta duivenbodie: Duyvenbode's lory
Chalcopsitta sintillata: Yellow-streaked lory(2)
Chalcostigma herrani: Rainbow-bearded thornbill
Chalcostigma heteropogon: Bronze-tai1ed thronbill
Chalcostigma olivaceum: Olivaceous thornbill
Chalcostigma stanleyi: Blue-mantled thornbill
Chalcotigma ruficeps: Rufous-capped thornbill
Chalinolobus alboguttatus: Allen's striped bat
Chalinolobus argentatus: Silvered bat
Chalinolobus beatrix: Beatrix's bat
Chalinolobus dwyeri: Large-eared pied bat
Chalinolobus egeria: Bibundi bat
Chalinolobus gleni: Glen's wattled bat
Chalinolobus gouldii: Gould's wattled bat
Chalinolobus kenyacola: Kenyan wattled bat
Chalinolobus morio: Chocolate wattled bat
Chalinolobus nigrogriseus: Hoary wattled bat
Chalinolobus picalus: Little pied bat
Chalinolobus poensis: Abo bat
Chalinolobus superbus: Pied bat
Chalinolobus tuberculatus: Long-tailed wattled bat
Chalinolobus variegatus: Butterfly bat
Chalybeohemis fluviatilis: Green-eyed percher
Chalybeothemis fluviatilis: Green-eyed percher(6)
Chalybura buffonii: White-vented plumeleteer
Chalybura urochrysia: Bronze-tailed plumeleteer
Chamaea fasciata: Wrentit
Chamaeleo calyptoratus: Veiled chameleon(2)
Chamaeleo chamaeleon: Mediterranean chameleon
Chamaeleo deremensis: Giant usambara three-horned chameleon
Chamaeleo deremensis: Three-horned chameleon
Chamaeleo deremensis: Wave chameleon
Chamaeleo dilepis: Flap-neck chameleon
Chamaeleo dilepis: Flap-necked chameleon
Chamaeleo fischeri: Fischer's chameleon
Chamaeleo gracilis: Graceful chameleon
Chamaeleo hoehnelii: Helmeted chameleon
Chamaeleo hoehnelii: Panda chameleon
Chamaeleo jacksoni: Jackson chameleon
Chamaeleo jacksonii: Jackson's chameleon
Chamaeleo jocksoni: Jackson's chameleon
Chamaeleo johnstoni: Smooth three-horned chameleon
Chamaeleo melleri: Giant one-horned chameleon
Chamaeleo melleri: Meller's chameleon(3)
Chamaeleo quadricornis: Four horned chameleon
Chamaeleo senegalensis: Senegal chameleon
Channa amphibeus: Borna snakehead
Channa argus: Argus snakehead fish
Channa argus: Northern snakehead
Channa asiatica: Small snakehead(2)
Channa asiatica: Snakehead
Channa aurantimaculata: Orange spotted snakehead
Channa aurantimaculata: Orange stripped snakehead
Channa barca: Barca snakehead
Channa bleheri: Rainbow snakehead
Channa cyanospilos: Bluespotted snakehead
Channa gachua: Dwarf snakehead(16)
Channa lucius: Forest snakehead(14)
Channa lucius: Snakehead(3)
Channa lucius: Splendid snakehead
Channa maculata: Blotched snakehead(2)
Channa maculata: Snakehead
Channa maculata: Taiwan snakehead
Channa marulioides: Darkfin snakehead
Channa marulioides: Emperor snakehead(3)
Channa marulius: Ara
Channa marulius: Bullseye snakehead
Channa marulius: Gajar
Channa marulius: Gozar
Channa marulius: Great snakehead(3)
Channa marulius: Murrel
Channa melanopterus: Blackfinned snakehead
Channa melasoma: Black snakehead(10)
Channa micropeltes: Giant snakehead(13900)
Channa micropeltes: Malabar snakehead(4060)
Channa micropeltes: Redline snakehead(4810)
Channa micropeltes: Snakehead fish(5530)
Channa nox: Night snakehead
Channa orientalis: Ceylon snakehead
Channa orientalis: Smooth-breasted snakehead
Channa orientalis: Walking snakehead
Channa pleurophthalma: Ocellated snakehead
Channa punctata: Green snakehead
Channa punctata: Spotted snakehead
Channa stewartii: Golden snakehead
Channa striata: Chevron snakehead(4240)
Channa striata: Common snakehead(3261)
Channa striata: Mudfish(1820)
Channa striata: Murrel(6280)
Channa striata: Snake head(24400)
Channa striata: Snakehead murrel(4451)
Channa striata: Snakehead(23600)
Channa striata: Striped snakehead(6321)
Chanodichthys erythropterus: Predatory carp
Chanos chanon: Milkfish
Chanos chanos: Milkfish(7)
Chaperina fusca: Saffron-bellied frog
Chaperina fusca: Saffron bellied frog
Charadrius alexandrinus: Kentish plover(19)
Charadrius alexandrinus: Snowy plover(2)
Charadrius alexandrinus: Snowy plover(2)(2)
Charadrius asiaticus: Caspian plover(5)
Charadrius asiaticus: Eastern dotteral
Charadrius bicinctus: Double-banded plover
Charadrius dealbatus: White-faced plover
Charadrius dubius: Little-ringed plover
Charadrius dubius: Little ringed plover(26)
Charadrius hiaticula: Common ringed plover(20)
Charadrius hiaticula: Ringed plover(3)
Charadrius javanicus: Javan plover
Charadrius leschenaulti: Greater sand-plover
Charadrius leschenaulti: Greater sand plover
Charadrius leschenaulti: Greater sandplover
Charadrius leschenaulti: Large sand plover
Charadrius leschenaultii: Great sand plover(2)
Charadrius leschenaultii: Greater sand-plover(3)
Charadrius leschenaultii: Greater sand plover(12)
Charadrius leschenaultii: Greater sandplover(7)
Charadrius marginatus: White-fronted plover
Charadrius melanops: Black-fronted dotterel
Charadrius mongolus: Lesser
Charadrius mongolus: Lesser sand-plover(3)
Charadrius mongolus: Lesser sand plover(13)
Charadrius mongolus: Lesser sandplover(8)
Charadrius mongolus: Mogolian plover
Charadrius mongolus: Mongolian plover(6)
Charadrius mongolus: Mongolian sand plover
Charadrius mongolus: Sand dotterel
Charadrius morinellus: Eurasian dotterel(5)
Charadrius obscurus: Red-breasted plover
Charadrius pallidus: Chestnut-banded plover
Charadrius pecuarius: Kittlitz's plover
Charadrius pecuarius: Kittlitz's sand plover
Charadrius peroni: Malay sand plover
Charadrius peronii: Malaysian plover(11)
Charadrius peronii: Malaysian plover(2)(2)
Charadrius placidus: Long-billed plover(17)
Charadrius placidus: Long-billed ringed plover
Charadrius ruficapillus: Red-capped plover(2)
Charadrius semipalmatus: Semipalmated plover(2)
Charadrius tricollaris: Three-banded plover
Charadrius veredus: Oriental plover(17)
Charadrius veredus: Oriental plover(3)(2)
Charadrius vociferus: Killdeer(2)
Charaxes bernardus: crepax, Tawny rajah
Charaxes bernardus: Tawny rajah
Charaxes marmax: philosarcus, Yellow rajah
Charaxes marmax: Yellow rajah
Charaxes solon: echo, Black rajah(5)
Charmosyna amabilis: Red-throated lorikeet
Charmosyna diadema: New caledonian lorikeet
Charmosyna josefinae: Josephine's lorikeet
Charmosyna josfinae: Josephine's lory
Charmosyna margarethae: Duchess's lory
Charmosyna meeki: Meek's lorikeet
Charmosyna multistriata: Striated lorikeet(2)
Charmosyna palmarum: Palm lorikeet
Charmosyna papou: Papuan lorikeet
Charmosyna papou: Papuan lory
Charmosyna placentis: Red-flanked lorikeet(2)
Charmosyna pulchella: Fairy lorikeet(2)
Charmosyna rubrigularis: Red-chinned lorikeet(2)
Charmosyna rubronotata: Red-fronted lorikeet
Charmosyna rubronotata: Red-spotted lorikeet
Charmosyna toxopei: Blue-fronted lorikeet(2)
Charmosyna wilhelminae: Pygmy lorikeet
Charmosyna wilhelminae: Wilhelmina's lorikeet
Charybdis feriatus: Coral crab
Charybdis feriatus: Crucifix crab(3)
Charybdis japonica: Asian crab
Charybdis japonica: Asian paddle crab
Charybdis japonica: Blue crab
Charybdis japonica: Paddle crab
Charybdis japonica: Swimming crab
Charybdis natator: Ridged swimming crab
Chasiempis sandwichensis: Elepaio
Chasmistes cujus: Cui-ui
Chauna torquata: Crested screamer
Chauna torquata: Southern screamer
Chaunoproctus ferreorostris: Bonin grosbeak
Cheilinus bimaculatus: Two spot wrasse
Cheilinus chlorourus: Floral wrasse(4)
Cheilinus digrammus: Cheeklined wrasse
Cheilinus fasciatus: Harlequin tuskfish or
Cheilinus fasciatus: Red-banded maori wrasse(5)
Cheilinus fasciatus: Redbreasted wrasse(2)
Cheilinus trilobatus: Triple-tail wrasse
Cheilinus trilobatus: Tripletail wrasse
Cheilinus undulatus: Humphead wrasse(4)
Cheilinus undulatus: Maori wrasse
Cheilinus undulatus: Napoleon wrasse(2)
Cheilinus undulatus: Napoleon wrasses
Cheilio inermis: Cigar wrasse(2)
Cheilodactylus zonatus: Belted morwong
Cheilodipterus isostigmus: Toothy cardinalfish
Cheilodipterus macrodon: Tiger cardinalfish
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: Five-lined cardinalfish(5)
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: Fivelined cardinalfish
Cheilopdipterus artus: Wolf cardinalfish
Cheimarrichthys forsteri: Torrentfish
Cheirogaleus major: Greater dwarf lemur(2)
Cheirogaleus medius: Fat-tailed dwarf lemur(2)
Cheiromeles torquatus: Hairless bat(3)
Cheiromeles torquatus: Naked bulldog bat(4)
Chelictinia riocourii: Scissor-tailed kite(3)
Chelidorhynx hypoxantha: Yellow-bellied fantail(2)
Chelifer cancroides: Book worm
Chelmon marginalis: Margined coralfish
Chelmon rostratus: Beaked butterflyfish
Chelmon rostratus: Copperband butterflyfish(8)
Chelmon rostratus: Long-beaked coralfish
Chelmonops truncatus: Truncate coralfish
Chelodina longicillis: Common snakeneck turtle
Chelodina parkeri: Parker's snake-necked turtle
Chelodina reimanni: Reimann's snake-necked turtle(2)
Chelodina siebenrocki: Siebenrock's side necked turtle
Chelodina siebenrocki: Siebenrock's snake-necked turtles
Chelonia mydas: Black turtle
Chelonia mydas: Green sea turtle
Chelonia mydas: Green sea turtle w/ fp
Chelonia mydas: Green sea turtle(3)
Chelonia mydas: Green turtle(8)
Chelonia mydas: Green turtle(common)
Chelonia mydas: Pacific green turtle
Chelonia mydas: Penyu agar
Chelonodon laticeps: Gold-spotted puffer
Chelonodon patoca: Milk-spotted puffer(5)
Chelus fimbriatus: Matamata
Chelydra serpentina: Common snapping turtle(4)
Chelydra serpentina: osceola, Florida snapping turtles
Chelydra serpentina: Snapping turtle
Chen caerulescens: Snow goose(3)
Chen canagica: Emperor goose
Chenonetta jubata: Australian wood duck(2)
Cherax quadricarinatus: Australian red-claw crayfish
Cherax quadricarinatus: Red-claw crayfish
Cheritra freja: Common imperial(2)
Cheritra freja: frigga, Common imperial(4)
Cheritra freja: friggia, Common imperia
Chersomanes albofasciata: Spike-heeled lark
Chersonesia peraka: peraka, Little maplet(5)
Chersonesia rahria: rahria, Wavy maplet
Chersydus granulatus: File snake
Chetodontoplus mesoleucus: Yellowtail angelfish(5)
Chicoreus capucinus: Ketem
Chilades lajus: Lime blue
Chilades lajus: tavoyanus, Lime blue
Chilades pandava: pandava, Cycad blue(7)
Chilades pandava: Plains cupid
Chilasa agestor: Tawny mime
Chilasa clytia: clytia, Common mime(7)
Chilasa clytia: Common mime
Chilasa paradoxa: aenigma, Great blue mime
Chilocorus nigritus: Lady beetles
Chilocorus stigma: Twice-stabbed lady beetle
Chiloscyllium confusum: Cat shark
Chiloscyllium indicum: Cat shark
Chiloscyllium indicum: Slender bamboo shark(5)
Chiloscyllium indicum: Slender bambooshark
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Whitespotted bambooshark
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Brown-banded bamboo shark
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Brownbanded bambooshark
Chilotilapia rhoadesii: Bream
Chimarrogale hantu: Malayan water shrew
Chimarrogale phaeura: Himalayan water shrew
Chimarrogale phaeura: Sunda water shrew
Chinemys reevesii: Reeves' turtle
Chinese bustard: Otis dybowskii
Chirocentrus dorab: Dorab wolf-herring(2)
Chirocentrus nudus: Whitefin wolf-herring
Chirocentrus nudus: Whitefin wolf herring
Chiroderma dortae: Brazilian big-eyed bat
Chiroderma improvisum: Guadeloupe big-eyed bat
Chiroderma salvimi: Salvin's big-eyed bat
Chiroderma trinitatum: Little big-eyed bat
Chiroderma villosum: Hairy big-eyed bat
Chiromantes eumolpe: Face-banded sesarmine
Chiromantes eumolpe: Face-banded sesarmine crab
Chiromantis marginis: Border frog
Chironax melanocephalus: Black-capped fruit bat(3)
Chiropodomys gliroides: Common pencil-tailed tree mouse
Chiropodomys gliroides: Pencil-tailed tree mouse(2)
Chiropodomys major: Large pencil-tailed tree mouse
Chiropodomys muroides: Gray-bellied pencil-tailed tree mouse
Chiropodomys pusillus: Small pencil-tailed tree mouse
Chiropotes albinasus: White-nosed saki(3)
Chiropotes satanas: Black bearded saki(2)
Chitala blanci: Indochina featherback
Chitala blanci: Royal featherback
Chitala chitala: Featherback
Chitala chitala: Thousand dollar knifefish
Chitala lopis: Giant featherback
Chitala lopis: Indonesian featherback
Chitala ornata: Clown featherback(3)
Chitala ornata: Clown knifefish(5)
Chitala ornata: Spotted featherback
Chitala ornata: The clown knifefish (
Chitra chitra: Labi-labi bintang
Chlamidotis undulata: Houbara bustard
Chlamydera cerviniventris: Fawn-breasted bowerbird
Chlamydera lauterbachi: Yellow-breasted bowerbird
Chlamydochaera jefferyi: Fruit-hunter(4)
Chlamydochaera jefferyi: Fruithunter
Chlamydosaurus kingii: Frilled dragon
Chlamydosaurus kingii: Frilled lizard(2)
Chlamydotis macqueenii: Macqueen's bustard(3)
Chlamydotis undulata: Houbara bustard(3)
Chlamys farreri: Scallop
Chleuasicus atrosuperciliaris: Lesser rufous-headed parrotbill
Chleuasicus atrosuperciliaris: Pale-billed parrotbill
Chlidonias hybrida: Whiskered tern(10)
Chlidonias hybridus: Whiskered tern(18)
Chlidonias hybridus: White-winged tern
Chlidonias leucoptera: White-winged black tern(2)
Chlidonias leucoptera: White-winged tern(2)
Chlidonias leucopterus: Whiskered tern
Chlidonias leucopterus: White-winged black tern(7)
Chlidonias leucopterus: White-winged tern(17)
Chlidonias niger: Black tern(9)
Chlidonias nigra: Black tern
Chloebia gouldiae: Gouldian finch
Chloephaga melanoptera: Andean goose
Chloephaga picta: Magellan goose
Chloris sinica: Oriental greenfinch(2)
Chlorocebus aethiops: Green monkey(2)
Chloroceryle aenea: American pygmy kingfisher(2)
Chloroceryle amazona: Amazon kingfisher(2)
Chloroceryle americana: Green kingfisher(2)
Chloroceryle inda: Green-and-rufous kingfisher(2)
Chlorocharis emiliae: Mountain black-eye(4)
Chlorocharis emiliae: Olive black-eye
Chlorocichla flavicollis: Yellow-throated leaf-love
Chlorocichla flaviventris: Yellow-bellied greenbul
Chlorocichla laetissima: Joyful greenbul
Chloropeta gracilirostris: Papyrus yellow warbler
Chloropeta natalensis: Dark-capped yellow warbler
Chloropeta similis: Mountain yellow warbler
Chloropsis aurifrons: Gold-fronted leafbird
Chloropsis aurifrons: Golden-fronted leafbird(9)
Chloropsis aurifrons: Leafbird golden fronted
Chloropsis cochinchinensis: Blue-winged leafbird(19)
Chloropsis cyanopogon: cyanopogon, Lesser green leafbird
Chloropsis cyanopogon: Lesser green leafbird(13)
Chloropsis flavipennis: Philippine leafbird
Chloropsis hardwickei: Orange-bellied leafbird
Chloropsis hardwickii: Orange-bellied leafbird(15)
Chloropsis kinabaluensis: Bornean leafbird
Chloropsis palawanensis: Yellow-throated leafbird
Chloropsis sonnerati: Greater green leafbird(16)
Chloropsis venusta: Blue-masked leafbird
Chlorostilbon alice: Green-tailed emerald
Chlorostilbon assimilis: Fork-tailed emerald
Chlorostilbon auratus: Cabanis emerald
Chlorostilbon aureoventris: Glittering-bellied emerald
Chlorostilbon canivetii: Fork-tailed emerald
Chlorostilbon gipsoni: Red-billed emerald
Chlorostilbon inexpectatus: Berlepsch's emerald
Chlorostilbon maugaeus: Puerto rican emerald
Chlorostilbon mellisugus: Blue-tailed emerald
Chlorostilbon poortmani: Short-tailed emerald
Chlorostilbon recordii: Cuban emerald
Chlorostilbon russatus: Coppery emerald
Chlorostilbon stenura: Narrow-tailed emerald
Chlorostilbon swainsonii: Hispaniolan emerald
Chlorurus gibbus: Parrotfish
Chlorurus microrhinos: Steephead parrotfish
Chlorurus perspicillatus: Spectacled parrotfish
Chlorurus sordidus: Bullethead parrotfish(2)
Chlorurus sordidus: Parrotfish
Chlropsis cyanopogon: Lesser green leafbird
Choaspes benjaminii: flavens, Indian awl king
Choaspes benjaminii: Indian awl king
Choaspes hemixanthus: furcatus, Orange red skirt
Choaspes hemixanthus: Orange red skirt
Choereniscus godmani: Godman's long-tailed bat
Choereniscus intermedius: Intermediate long-tailed bat
Choereniscus minor: Lesser long-tailed bat
Choereniscus periosus: Greater long-tailed bat
Choerodon anchorago: Anchor tilefish
Choerodon anchorago: Anchor trunkfish
Choerodon anchorago: Anchor tuskfish(6)
Choerodon anchorago: Yellow-cheek tuskfish
Choerodon fasciatus: Harlequin tuskfish
Choerodon oligacanthus: Seagrass tuskfish
Choerodon schoenleinii: Black-spot tuskfish(5)
Choerodon schoenleinii: Black spot tuskfish
Choerodon schoenleinii: Blackspot tuskfish
Choerodon schoenleinii: Blue parrot
Choerodon schoenleinii: Green wrasse
Choeronycteris mexicana: Mexican long-tongued bat
Cholornis paradoxa: Three-toed parrotbill
Cholornis unicolor: Brown parrotbill
Chondrodactylus angulifer: Giant namibian sand gecko
Chondrodactylus angulifer: Namibian sand gecko
Chondrohierax uncinatus: Cuban hook-billed kite
Chondrohierax uncinatus: Hook-billed kite(2)
Chondrostoma nasus: Common nase
Chordeiles minor: Common nighthawk
Chorinemus iysan: Queenfish
Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus: Brown-headed gull(4)
Chroicocephalus genei: Slender-billed gull(2)
Chroicocephalus ridibundus: Black-headed gull(4)
Chroicocephalus saundersi: Saunders's gull(2)
Chromaphis juglandicola: Walnut aphid
Chromis agilis: Agile chromis
Chromis alpha: Yellow speckled chromis
Chromis amboinensis: Ambon chromis
Chromis atripectoralis: Black axil chromis
Chromis bicolor: Bicolor chromis
Chromis cyanea: Blue chromis
Chromis cyaneus: Blue reef chromis
Chromis elerae: Twin-spot chromis
Chromis hanui: Chocolate dip damselfish
Chromis iomelas: Black & white chromis
Chromis iomelas: Pacific half-and-half chromis
Chromis leucura: Whitetail chromis
Chromis limbaughi: Blue and yellow chromis
Chromis opercularis: Lightning chromis
Chromis ovalis: Oval chromis
Chromis retrofasciata: Black-bar chromis
Chromis retrofasciatus: Blackbar chromis
Chromis scotochiloptera: Philippines chromis
Chromis scotti: Purple chromis
Chromis sp: Damselfish
Chromis vanderbilti: Blackfin chomis
Chromis verater: Threespot damselfish
Chromis viridis: Blue-green chromis
Chromis viridis: Blue green chromis
Chromis viridis: Blue green damselfish
Chromis viridis: Blue or green chromis
Chromis viridis: Chromis
Chromis viridis: Green chromis(2)
Chromis xanthura: Pale-tail chromis
Chromobotia macracanthus: Clown loach
Chromobotia macracanthus: Loach(2)
Chromodoris kuiteri: King jack
Chromodoris quadricolor: Pyjama slug
Chrotogale owstoni: Owston's palm civet
Chrotopterus auritus: Big-eared woolly bat
Chrysemys picta: dorsalis, Southern painted turtle
Chrysemys picta: Painted turtle
Chrysemys picta: Southern painted turtle
Chrysiptera bleekeri: Bleeker's demoiselle
Chrysiptera caeruleolineata: Blue line yellow damsel
Chrysiptera cyanae: Blue damsel
Chrysiptera cyanae: Orange-tailed damsel
Chrysiptera cyanea: Blue damsel
Chrysiptera cyanea: Blue devil
Chrysiptera cyanea: Sapphire devil
Chrysiptera galba: Canary
Chrysiptera hemicyanea: Half-blue demoiselle
Chrysiptera hemicyanea: Half blue yellow tail damsel
Chrysiptera hemicyanea: Yellow-tailed damsel
Chrysiptera leucopoma: Blue line yellow belly damsel
Chrysiptera parasema: azure blue yellow tail damsel
Chrysiptera parasema: Azure damsel
Chrysiptera parasema: Goldtail demoiselle
Chrysiptera parasema: Yellow tailed damsel
Chrysiptera rex: King demoiselle
Chrysiptera rollandi: Rolland's demoiselle
Chrysiptera sp: Black tie blue damsel
Chrysiptera starcki: Starcki damsel
Chrysiptera talboti: Talbot's demoiselle(2)
Chrysiptera taupou: Fiji devil damsel
Chrysiptera taupou: South seas devil
Chrysochir aureus: Reeve's croaker
Chrysococcyx basalis: Horsfield's bronze-cuckoo(5)
Chrysococcyx basalis: Horsfield's bronze cuckoo(4)
Chrysococcyx basalis: Little bronze-cuckoo
Chrysococcyx caprius: Dideric cuckoo
Chrysococcyx caprius: Diederik cuckoo
Chrysococcyx crassirostris: Pied bronze cuckoo
Chrysococcyx cupreus: African emerald cuckoo
Chrysococcyx klaas: Klaas's cuckoo
Chrysococcyx klaas: Klass's cuckoo
Chrysococcyx lucidus: Shining bronze cuckoo(2)
Chrysococcyx maculatus: Asian emerald cuckoo(10)
Chrysococcyx meyeri: White-eared bronze cuckoo
Chrysococcyx minutillus: Cuckoo malayan bronze
Chrysococcyx minutillus: Little bronze-cuckoo(9)
Chrysococcyx minutillus: Little bronze cuckoo(5)
Chrysococcyx osculans: Black-eared cuckoo
Chrysococcyx ruficollis: Rufous-throated bronze cuckoo
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus: Violet cuckoo(18)
Chrysocolaptes festivus: White-naped woodpecker
Chrysocolaptes lucidus: Greater flame-backed woodpecker
Chrysocolaptes lucidus: Greater flameback(9)
Chrysocolaptes lucidus: Greater goldenback
Chrysocyon brachyurus: Maned wolf(2)
Chrysolophus amherstiae: Lady amherst's pheasant(8)
Chrysolophus pictus: Golden pheasant(8)
Chrysominla strigula: Bar-throated minla
Chrysominla strigula: Chestnut-tailed minla
Chrysomma altirostre: Jerdon's babbler
Chrysomma sinense: Oriental yellow-eyed babbler
Chrysomma sinense: Yellow-eyed babbler(7)
Chrysopelea ornata: Golden tree snake(5)
Chrysopelea ornata: Ornate flying snake
Chrysopelea paradisi: Paradise gliding snake
Chrysopelea paradisi: Paradise tree snake(8)
Chrysopelea pelias: Twin-banded tree snake
Chrysopelea pelias: Twin-barred gliding snake
Chrysopelea pelias: Twin-barred tree snake(5)
Chrysoperia camea: Common green lacewing
Chrysoperia carnea: Green lacewing
Chrysoperia carnea: Lacewing
Chrysoperia rufilabris: Green lacewing
Chrysoperla carnea: Lacewings
Ciccaba albitarsus: Rufous-banded owl
Ciccaba huhula: Black-banded owl
Ciccaba nigrolineata: Balck and white owl
Ciccaba virgata: Mottled owl
Ciccaba woodfordii: Agrican wood owl
Cichla monoculus: Peacock bass(5)
Cichla ocellaris: Butterfly peacock bass(5)
Cichla ocellaris: Peacock bass
Cichla ocellaris: Peacock cichlid
Cichla orinocensis: Peacock bass(8)
Cichladusa arquata: Collared palm-thrush
Cichladusa arquata: Collared palm thrush
Cichladusa guttata: Spotted morning-thrush
Cichladusa guttata: Spotted morning thrush
Cichladusa ruficauda: Rufous-tailed palm-thrush
Cichlasoma bifasciatum: Red-head cichlid
Cichlasoma bifasciatum: Red-spotted cichlid
Cichlasoma carpentis: Green texas cichlid
Cichlasoma citrinellum: Midas cichlid
Cichlasoma citrinellum: Purple blood parrot
Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum: Rio grande perch
Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum: Texas cichlid
Cichlasoma facetum: Chameleon cichlid
Cichlasoma festae: Guayas cichlid(5)
Cichlasoma festivum: Festivum
Cichlasoma managuense: Jaguar cichlid
Cichlasoma meeki: Firemouth cichlid
Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum: Convict
Cichlasoma octofasciatum: Blue dempsey(2)
Cichlasoma octofasciatum: Jack dempsey(2)
Cichlasoma oscellaris: Peacock bass
Cichlasoma portalegrense: Port acara
Cichlasoma salvini: Salvini
Cichlasoma salvini: Salvini cichlid
Cichlasoma salvini: Yellow belly cichlid
Cichlasoma trimaculatum: Flower horn
Cichlasoma trimaculatum: Three spot cichlid(5)
Cichlasoma urophthalmus: Mayan cichlid(9)
Cicinnurus regius: King bird-of-paradise
Cicona stormi: Storm's stork(2)
Ciconia abdimii: Abdim's stork(2)
Ciconia boyciana: Japanese white stork
Ciconia boyciana: Oriental stork(8)
Ciconia boyciana: Oriental white stork(2)
Ciconia ciconia: European white stork
Ciconia ciconia: White stork(6)
Ciconia episcopus: Woolly-necked stork(7)
Ciconia nigra: Black stork(15)
Ciconia stormi: Storm's stork(14)
Cinara cupressi: Cypress aphid(2)
Cinclidium diana: Sunda robin
Cinclidium frontale: Blue-fronted robin(4)
Cinclidium leucurum: montium, White-tailed robin
Cinclidium leucurum: White-tailed robin(7)
Cinclosoma ajax: Painted quail-thrush
Cinclus cinclus: White-throated dipper(3)
Cinclus pallasii: Brown dipper(9)
Cinnyricinclus femoralis: Abbott's starling(2)
Cinnyricinclus leucogaster: Violet-backed starling(2)
Cinnyricinclus sharpii: Sharpe's starling(2)
Cinnyris afer: Greater double-collared sunbird(2)
Cinnyris asiaticus: Purple sunbird(7)
Cinnyris batesi: Bates' sunbird
Cinnyris batesi: Bates's sunbird
Cinnyris bifasciatus: Purple-banded sunbird(2)
Cinnyris bouvieri: Orange-tufted sunbird(2)
Cinnyris buettikoferi: Apricot-breasted sunbird(3)
Cinnyris chalcomelas: Violet-breasted sunbird(2)
Cinnyris chalybeus: Southern double-collared
Cinnyris chalybeus: Southern double-collared sunbird
Cinnyris chloropygius: Olive-bellied sunbird(2)
Cinnyris coccinigaster: Splendid sunbird
Cinnyris coccinigastrus: Splendid sunbird
Cinnyris comorensis: Anjouan sunbird(2)
Cinnyris congensis: Congo sunbird(2)
Cinnyris coquerellii: Mayotte sunbird(2)
Cinnyris cupreus: Copper sunbird(2)
Cinnyris dussumieri: Seychelles sunbird(2)
Cinnyris erythrocerca: Red-chested sunbird
Cinnyris erythrocercus: Red-chested sunbird
Cinnyris fuscus: Dusky sunbird(2)
Cinnyris habessinicus: Shining sunbird(2)
Cinnyris humbloti: Humblot's sunbird(2)
Cinnyris johannae: Johanna's sunbird(2)
Cinnyris jugularis: Olive-backed sunbird(631004)
Cinnyris jugularis: Yellow-bellied sunbird(59100)
Cinnyris jugularis: Yellow-breasted sunbird(3770)
Cinnyris lotenius: Loten's sunbird(3)
Cinnyris loveridgei: Loveridge's sunbird(2)
Cinnyris ludovicensis: Ludwig's
Cinnyris ludovicensis: Ludwig's double-collared sunbird
Cinnyris manoensis: Miombo double-collared
Cinnyris manoensis: Miombo double-collared sunbird
Cinnyris mariquensis: Marico sunbird
Cinnyris mariquensis: Mariqua sunbird
Cinnyris mediocris: Eastern double-collared
Cinnyris mediocris: Eastern double-collared sunbird
Cinnyris minullus: Tiny sunbird(2)
Cinnyris moreaui: Moreau's sunbird(2)
Cinnyris nectarinioides: Black-bellied sunbird(2)
Cinnyris neergaardi: Neergaard's sunbird(2)
Cinnyris notatus: Long-billed green sunbird
Cinnyris notatus: Malagasy green sunbird
Cinnyris osea: Palestine sunbird(2)
Cinnyris oseus: Palestine sunbird
Cinnyris oustaleti: Oustalet's sunbird(2)
Cinnyris pembae: Pemba sunbird(2)
Cinnyris prigoginei: Prigogine's double-collared sunbird
Cinnyris pulchellus: Beautiful sunbird(2)
Cinnyris regius: Regal sunbird(2)
Cinnyris reichenowi: Northern
Cinnyris reichenowi: Northern double-collared sunbird
Cinnyris rockefelleri: Rockefeller's sunbird(2)
Cinnyris rufipennis: Rufous-winged sunbird(2)
Cinnyris shelleyi: Shelley's sunbird(2)
Cinnyris solaris: Flame-breasted sunbird(3)
Cinnyris sovimanga: Madagascan sunbird
Cinnyris sovimanga: Souimanga sunbird
Cinnyris stuhlmanni: Ruwenzori
Cinnyris stuhlmanni: Ruwenzori double-collared sunbird
Cinnyris superbus: Superb sunbird(2)
Cinnyris talatala: White-bellied sunbird(2)
Cinnyris talatala: White-breasted sunbird
Cinnyris tsavoensis: Tsavo purple-banded
Cinnyris tsavoensis: Tsavo sunbird
Cinnyris ursulae: Ursula's sunbird(2)
Cinnyris venustus: Variable sunbird(2)
Circaetus cinerascens: Banded harrier eagle
Circaetus cinerascens: Banded snake-eagle
Circaetus cinerascens: Banded snake eagle
Circaetus cinereus: Brown harrier eagle
Circaetus cinereus: Brown snake-eagle
Circaetus cinereus: Brown snake eagle
Circaetus fasciolatus: Fasciated snake-eagle
Circaetus fasciolatus: Southern banded harrier eagle
Circaetus fasciolatus: Southern banded snake eagle
Circaetus gallicus: Short-toed eagle(5)
Circaetus gallicus: Short-toed snake-eagle
Circaetus gallicus: Short-toed snake-eagle or short-toed-eagle
Circaetus gallicus: Short-toed snake-eagle(2)
Circaetus gallicus: Short-toed snake eagle(6)
Circaetus pectoralis: Black-breasted snake eagle
Circaetus pectoralis: Black-chested snake-eagle
Circe scripta: Script venus clam(2)
Circe tumefacta: Tumefacta venus clam
Circus aeruginosus: Eastern marsh harrier
Circus aeruginosus: Eurasian marsh-harrier
Circus aeruginosus: Eurasian marsh harrier
Circus aeruginosus: Western marsh-harrier(5)
Circus aeruginosus: Western marsh harrier(7)
Circus aeruginosus: Western or eurasian marsh-harrier(2)
Circus approximans: Swamp harrier(3)
Circus assimilis: Spotted harrier(3)
Circus buffoni: Long-winged harrier(2)
Circus cinereus: Cinereous harrier(2)
Circus cyaneus: Hen harrier(7)
Circus cyaneus: Northern / hen harrier
Circus cyaneus: Northern harrier or hen harrier
Circus cyaneus: Northern harrier(13)
Circus macrourus: Pallid harrier(7)
Circus macrourus: pallid harrier, Near threatened
Circus maillardi: Reunion marsh-harrier
Circus maurus: Black harrier(2)
Circus melanoleucos: Pied harrier(24)
Circus pygargus: Montagu's harrier(8)
Circus ranivorus: African marsh-harrier
Circus ranivorus: African marsh harrier
Circus spilonotus: Eastern marsh-harrier(13)
Circus spilonotus: Eastern marsh harrier(10)
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: Blue-sided fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus: Exquisites wrasse
Cirrhilabrus flavidorsalis: Red banded fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus jordani: Flame wrasse
Cirrhilabrus lubbocki: Lubbock's fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus: Red margin fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis: Social fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabrus solarensis: Black-gill/solar fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabus temmincki: Temmincki fairy wrasse
Cirrhilabus tonozukai: Special fairy wrasse
Cirrhina molitorella: Mud carp(2)
Cirrhina mrigala: Indian carp
Cirrhinus chinensis: Chinese mud carp
Cirrhinus microlepis: Small scale mud carp
Cirrhinus molitorella: Mud carp(5)
Cirrhinus mulitorella: Mud carp
Cirrhinus siamensis: Siamese mud carp
Cirrhitichthys falco: Dwarf hawkfish(2)
Cirrhitichthys falco: Falco hawkfish
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: Pixy hawkfish(2)
Cirrhitops fasciatus: Redbarred hawkfish
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: Stocky hawkfish
Cirrhitus rivulatus: Giant hawkfish
Cirripectes obscurus: Gargantuan blenny
Cirripectes vanderbilti: Scarface blenny(3)
Cirrochroa emalea: emalea, Malay yeoman
Cirrochroa orissa: orissa, Banded yeoman(4)
Cirrochroa orissa: orissa, Branded yeoman
Cirrochroa tyche: Common yeoman(2)
Cirrochroa tyche: rotundata, Common yeoman
Cissa chinensis: Common green magpie(9)
Cissa chinensis: Green magpie(7)
Cissa hypoleuca: Indochinese green magpie(3)
Cissa jefferyi: Bornean green magpie
Cissa thalassina: Short-tailed green magpie(4)
Cissa thalassina: Short-tailed magpie(2)(2)
Cisticoia juncidis: Zitting cisticola
Cisticola aberdare: Aberdare cisticola
Cisticola aberrans: Rock cisticola
Cisticola angusticaudus: Long-tailed
Cisticola aridulus: Desert cisticola
Cisticola ayresii: Wing-snapping cisticola
Cisticola bodessa: Boran cisticola
Cisticola brachypterus: Siffling cisticola
Cisticola brunnescens: Pectoral-patch cisticola
Cisticola cantans: Singing cisticola
Cisticola carruthersi: Carruther's cisticola
Cisticola chiniana: Rattling cisticola
Cisticola chubbi: Chubb's cisticola
Cisticola cinereolus: Ashy cisticola
Cisticola distinctus: Wailing cisticola
Cisticola erythrops: Red-faced cisticola
Cisticola exilis: Bright-capped cisticola
Cisticola exilis: Golden-headed cisticola(13)
Cisticola exilis: volitans, Gold-headed cisticola
Cisticola eximius: Black-backed cisticola
Cisticola galactotes: Winding cisticola
Cisticola hunteri: Hunter's cisticola
Cisticola juncidis: Fan-tailed
Cisticola juncidis: Fan-tailed warbler
Cisticola juncidis: Fantail warbler
Cisticola juncidis: Streaked fantail warbler
Cisticola juncidis: Zitting cisticola(24)
Cisticola lateralis: Whistling cisticola
Cisticola nanus: Tiny cisticola
Cisticola natalensis: Croaking cisticola
Cisticola restrictus: Tana river cisticola
Cisticola robustus: Stout cisticola
Cisticola ruficeps: Red-pate cisticola
Cisticola tinniens: Levaillant's cisticola
Cisticola troglodytes: Foxy cisticola
Cisticola woosnami: Trilling cisticola
Cittura cyanotis: Lilac-cheeked kingfisher(2)
Cittura cyanotis: Lilac kingfisher
Civettictis civetta: African civet
Cizara ardeniae: Cizara hawk moth
Clamator coromandus: Chestnut-winged cuckoo(20)
Clamator coromandus: Red-winged crested cuckoo
Clamator coromandus: Red-winged cuckoo(2)
Clamator glandarius: Great spotted cuckoo(2)
Clamator jacobinus: Jacobin cuckoo(2)
Clamator jacobinus: Pied cuckoo(2)
Clangula hyemalis: Long-tailed duck(5)
Clangula hyemalis: Oldsquaw
Clarias alluaudi: Alluaud's catfish
Clarias anguillaris: Mudfish
Clarias batrachus: Common walking catfish(21909)
Clarias batrachus: Philippine catfish(2)
Clarias batrachus: Walking catfish(28701)
Clarias cavernicola: Cave catfish
Clarias fuscus: Hong kong catfish(2)
Clarias fuscus: Whitespotted clarias(2)
Clarias gariepinus: African catfish
Clarias gariepinus: African sharptooth catfish(2)
Clarias gariepinus: Burchell
Clarias gariepinus: North african catfish(3)
Clarias gariepinus: White-cheeked walking catfish(7)
Clarias lazera: African catfish
Clarias leiacanthus: Forest walking catfish(3)
Clarias liocephalus: Smoothhead catfish
Clarias macrocephalus: Bighead catfish
Clarias macrocephalus: Common walking catfish
Clarias macrocephalus: Gunther
Clarias macrocephalus: Walking catfish
Clarias marcrocephalus: Bighead catfish(2)
Clarias meladerma: Blackskin catfish
Clarias ngamensis: Blunt-toothed african catfish
Clarias nieuhofi: Freshwater catfish(2)
Clarias nieuhofii: Slender walking catfish(10)
Clarias stappersii: Blotched catfish
Clarias teijsmanni: Catfish
Clarias teijsmanni: Forest walking catfish(8)
Clarias theodorae: Snake catfish
Clarias werneri: Werner's catfish
Class ophiuroidea: Brittle star basket star serpent star
Cleidopus gloriamaris: Knight-fish
Cleidopus gloriamaris: Pineconefish
Cleidopus gloriamaris: Pinnapple puffer
Cleithracara maronii: Keyhole cichlid
Clelia clelia: Mussurana
Clemmys guttata: Spotted turtle(2)
Clemmys insculpta: Wood turtle
Clemmys muhlenbergi: Bog turtle
Cleptornis marchei: Golden white-eye
Cliaradrius peronii: Malaysian plover(2)
Cloeonyx brevis: Texas banded gecko
Cloeotis percivali: Percival's trident bat
Clogmia albipunctata: Tiolet moth fly
Clorida decorata: Mantis shrimp
Cloridopsis scorpio: Spotted squillid mantis shrimp
Clupeoides papuensis: Toothed river herring
Clypeomorus batillariaeformis: Necklace horn
Clypeomorus pellucida: Pellucid horn
Clytoceyx rex: Shovel-billed kookaburra(3)
Clytoleama rubricauda: Brazilian ruby
Clytomyias insignis: Orange-crowned wren
Clytospiza monteiri: Brown twinspot
Cnemaspis kendalli: Kendall's rock gecko
Cnemaspis kendallii: Kendall's rock gecko(3)
Cnemaspis limi: Tioman round-eyed gecko
Cnemaspis nigridius: Dark round-eyed gecko
Cnemidophorus hyperythrus: Orange-throated whiptail
Cnemidophorus murinus: ruthveni, Bonaire whiptail lizard
Cnemidophorus senectus: Green rainbow lizard
Cnemidophorus tigris: Western whiptail
Cnemophilus loriae: Loria's cnemophilus
Cnemophilus macgregorii: Crested cnemophilus
Cobitis elongatoides: Spined loach
Cocatua goffini: Goffin's cockatoo
Coccinella septempunctata: Eurasian lady beetle
Coccothraustes coccothraustes: Hawfinch(10)
Coccothraustes migratorius: Yellow-billed grosbeak
Coccothraustes personatus: Japanese grosbeak
Coccotrypes rhizophorae: Rhizophora root borer
Coccycolius iris: Emerald starling
Coccyzus americanus: Yellow billed cuckoo
Cochlodina laminata: Door snail
Cochlodina laminata: Land snail
Cochoa azurea: Javan cochoa(2)
Cochoa beccarii: Sumatran cochoa(2)
Cochoa purpurea: Purple cochoa(4)
Cochoa viridis: Green cochoa(4)
Cociella crocodilus: Crocodile flathead
Cocotrypes rhizophorae: Rhizophora root borer
Coeliccia albicauda: White-tailed sylvan(4)
Coeliccia didyma: Twin-spotted sylvan(4)
Coeliccia octogesima: Telephone sylvan(7)
Coeligena bonapartei: Golden-bellied starfrontlet
Coeligena coeligena: Bronzy inca
Coeligena helianthea: Blue-fronted starfrontlet
Coeligena iris: Rainbow starfrontlet
Coeligena lutetiae: Buff-winged starfrontlet
Coeligena orina: Dusky starfrontleg
Coeligena phalerata: White-tailed starfrontleg
Coeligena prunellei: Black inca
Coeligena torquata: Collared inca
Coeligena violifer: Violet-throated starfrontleg
Coelognathus flavolineatus: Black copper rat snake
Coelognathus flavolineatus: Common malayan racer(2)
Coelognathus flavolineatus: Malayan black tailed racer
Coelognathus flavolineatus: Malayan racer
Coelognathus radiatus: Copperhead racer(3)
Coelognathus radiatus: Radiated rat snake
Coelomactra antiquata: Short necked clam
Coelops frithi: East asian tailless leaf-nosed bat
Coelops frithii: East asian tailles bat(2)
Coelops frithii: Tail-less leaf-nosed bat
Coelops hirsutus: Philippine tailless leaf-nosed bat
Coelops robinsoni: Lesser tailles roundleafbat
Coelops robinsoni: Malayan tailles horseshoe bat(2)
Coelops robinsoni: Malayan tailless leaf-nosed bat(2)
Coenagrion lunulatum: Irish damselfly
Coenagrion puella: Azure damselfly
Coenagrion pulchellum: Variable damselfly
Coenobita cavipes: Land hermit crab(2)
Coenocorypha aucklandica: New zealand snipe
Coequosa triangularis: Doubleheaded hawkmoth
Coladenia dan: dhyana, Fulvous pied flat
Colaptes auratus: Northern flicker
Colchicus phasianus: Ring-necked pheasant
Coleomegilla maculata: Spotted lady beetle
Coleonyx brevis: Texas banded gecko
Coleonyx elegans: nemoralis, Colima banded gecko
Coleonyx fasciatus: Black banded gecko
Coleonyx mitratus: Central american banded geckos
Coleonyx reticulatus: Reticulate banded gecko
Coleonyx switaki: Penninsular banded gecko
Coleura afra: African sheath-tailed bat
Coleura seychellensis: Seychelles sheath-tailed bat
Colibri coruscans: Sparkling violetear
Colibri delphinae: Brown violetear
Colibri serrirostris: White-vented violetear
Colibri thalassinus: Green violetear
Colinus virginianus: Masked bobwhite
Colinus virginianus: Northern bobwhite(2)
Colisa chuna: Honey gourami
Colisa fasciatus: Banded gourami
Colisa lalia: Blue gourami
Colisa lalia: Dwarf gourami
Colisa lalia: Dwarf gouramy
Colisa lalia: Flame gourami
Colisa lalia: Red dwarf gourami
Coliso lalia: Dwarf gourami
Colius leucocephalus: White-headed mousebird
Colius striatus: Speckeled mousebird
Collacalia esculenta: Swiftlet white bellied
Colladonus montanus: Mountain leafhopper
Collocalia brevirostris: Himalayan swiftlet(5)
Collocalia dodgei: Bornean swiftlet
Collocalia esculenta: Glossy or white bellied swiflet swiftlet
Collocalia esculenta: Glossy swiftlet(14)
Collocalia esculenta: marginata, Grey-rumped swiftlet
Collocalia esculenta: White-bellied
Collocalia esculenta: White-bellied swiftlet(4)
Collocalia esculenta: White bellied swiflet
Collocalia fuciphaga: Black swiftlet
Collocalia fuciphaga: Edible-nest swiftlet(6)
Collocalia germani: German's swiftlet(2)
Collocalia linchi: Cave swiflet
Collocalia linchi: Cave swiftlet(7)
Collocalia maxima: Black-nest swiftlet(5)
Collocalia troglodytes: Pygmy swiftlet(3)
Collocalia unicolor: Indian swiftlet
Collorhabdium williamsoni: Williamson's reed snake(2)
Colluricincla harmonica: Grey shrike-thrush
Colluricincla megarhyncha: Little shrike-thrush
Colluricincla sanghirensis: Sangihe shrike-thrush
Colluricincla tenebrosa: Morning bird
Colluricincla umbrina: Sooty shrike-thrush
Colobus angolensis: Angolan black-and-white colobus(2)
Colobus guereza: Eastern black-and-white colobus(2)
Colobus polykomos: Western black-and-white colobus(2)
Colobus satanas: Black colobus(2)
Coloeus dauuricus: Daurian jackdaw(2)
Coloeus monedula: Eurasian jackdaw
Coloeus monedula: Western jackdaw
Colomba livia: Rock pigeon
Colossoma macropomu: Tambaqui
Colossoma macropomum: Black pacu
Colossoma macropomum: Black pacu(517)(2)
Colossoma macropomum: Pacu(17200)
Colossoma macropomum: Red bellied pacu
Colossoma macropomum: Tambaqui pacu
Colossoma macropomum: Tambaqui(29500)
Colostethus talamancae: Talamancan dart frog
Coluber lateralis: Racer
Columba argentina: Silver pigeon
Columba argentina: Silvery pigeon
Columba argentina: Silvery wood-pigeon
Columba arquatrix: African olive pigeon
Columba arquatrix: Olive pigeon
Columba delegorguei: Eastern bronze-naped pigeon
Columba elphinstonii: Nilgiri woodpigeon
Columba eversmanni: Pale-backed pigeon(2)
Columba eversmanni: Yellow-eyed pigeon(2)
Columba guinea: Speckled pigeon(2)
Columba hodgsonii: Speckled wood-pigeon
Columba hodgsonii: Speckled wood pigeon(2)
Columba hodgsonii: Speckled woodpigeon
Columba janthina: Japanese wood-pigeon(4)
Columba janthina: Japanese wood pigeon(4)
Columba janthina: Japanese woodpigeon
Columba jouyi: Ryukyu woodpigeon
Columba leuconota: Snow pigeon(4)
Columba livia: Blue rock pigeon(20100)
Columba livia: Blue rock(45700)
Columba livia: Domestic pigeon(31900)
Columba livia: Feral pigeon(45300)
Columba livia: Pigeon(369000)
Columba livia: Rock dove(124000)
Columba livia: Rock pigeon(166000)
Columba oenas: Stock dove(4)
Columba oenas: Stock pigeon
Columba palumboides: Andaman woodpigeon
Columba palumbus: Common wood-pigeon
Columba palumbus: Common wood pigeon(2)
Columba palumbus: Woodpigeon
Columba pulchricollis: Ashy wood-pigeon(4)
Columba pulchricollis: Ashy wood pigeon(3)
Columba pulchricollis: Ashy woodpigeon
Columba punicea: Pale-capped pigeon(4)
Columba rupestris: Hill pigeon(4)
Columba torringtoniae: Sri lanka woodpigeon
Columba unicincta: Grey wood pigeon
Columba versicolor: Bonin woodpigeon
Columba vitiensis: Metallic pigeon(4)
Columba vitiensis: White-throated pigeon
Columbella duclosiana: Mangrove dove shell(2)
Columbia vitiensis: Metalic wood-pigeon(2)
Columbidae fml: Columbiformes odr
Columbina inca: Inca dove
Comptopallium radula: Flatribbed scallop
Condylactis passiflora: Haitian condylactis
Condylactis passiflora: Haitian reef anemone
Condylactis passiflora: Pink tip anemone
Conepatus chinga: Argentine skunk
Conepatus humboldtii: Patagonian skunk(2)
Conepatus leuconotus: Eastern hog-nosed skunk
Conepatus mesoleucus: Hog-nosed skunk
Conepatus semistriatus: Amazonian hog-nosed skunk
Conger cinereus: Ashen conger eel
Conger wilsoni: Cape conger
Congrogadus subducens: Carpet eel blenny(5)
Connochaetes gnou: Black wildebeest
Connochaetes taurinus: Blue wildebeest
Conolophus subcristatus: Galapagos land iguana(2)
Conopophila albogularis: Rufous-banded honeyeater
Conostoma aemodium: Great parrotbill(2)
Conostoma oemodium: Great parrotbill(2)
Conradilla caelata: Birdwing pearly mussel
Conraua goliath: Goliath frog
Contheyla rotunda: Slug caterpillar(2)
Copadichromis borleyi: Kadango
Copadichromis borleyi: Red finned borleyi
Copera marginipes: Yellow featherlegs(7)
Copera vittata: Variable featherlegs(4)
Copsychus albospecularis: Madagascar magpie-robin
Copsychus cebuensis: Black shama(3)
Copsychus luzoniensis: White-browed shama(2)
Copsychus malabaricus: Common shama
Copsychus malabaricus: Shama white rumped
Copsychus malabaricus: White-rumped shama thrush(61900)
Copsychus malabaricus: White-rumped shama(389003)
Copsychus niger: White-vented shama(2)
Copsychus saularis: Magpie robin(65400)
Copsychus saularis: Oriental magpie-robin(57303)
Copsychus saularis: Oriental magpie robin(57301)
Copsychus saularis: Robin magpie
Copsychus sechellarum: Seychelles magpie-robin
Copsychus stricklandi: White-browed shama
Copsychus stricklandi: White-crowned shama
Copsychus stricklandii: White-crowned shama(3)
Coptotermes formosanus: Formosa termite(2)
Coptotermes formosanus: Formosan subterranean termite(2)
Coquesa triangularis: Banksia hawk moth
Coracias abyssinica: Abyssinian roller
Coracias abyssinicus: Abyssinian roller(2)
Coracias benghalensis: Indian roller(11)
Coracias caudata: Lilac-breasted roller
Coracias caudatus: Lilac-breasted roller(2)
Coracias cyanogaster: Blue-bellied roller(2)
Coracias garrulus: Eurasian roller
Coracias garrulus: European roller(5)
Coracias naevia: Rufous-crowned
Coracias naevius: Rufous-crowned roller(2)
Coracias spatulatus: Racket-tailed roller
Coracias temminckii: Purple-winged or sulawesi roller
Coracias temminckii: Purple-winged roller
Coracina abbotti: Pygmy cuckoo-shrike
Coracina atriceps: Moluccan cuckoo-shrike
Coracina bicolor: Pied cuckoo-shrike
Coracina boyeri: Boyer's cuckoo-shrike
Coracina caeruleogrisea: Stout-billed cuckoo-shrike
Coracina caesia: Grey cuckoo-shrike
Coracina ceramensis: Pale cuckoo-shrike
Coracina coerulescens: Blackish cuckoo-shrike
Coracina dispar: Kai cuckoo-shrike
Coracina dohertyi: Sumba cuckoo-shrike
Coracina fimbriata: Lesser cucko-oshrike
Coracina fimbriata: Lesser cuckoo-shrike(2)(2)
Coracina fimbriata: Lesser cuckoo-shrike(3)
Coracina fimbriata: Lesser cuckoo shrike
Coracina fimbriata: Lesser cuckooshrike(4)
Coracina fortis: Buru cuckoo-shrike
Coracina incerta: Black-shouldered cuckoo-shrike
Coracina javensis: Javan cuckoo-shrike(4)
Coracina javensis: Javan cuckooshrike or malaysian
Coracina javensis: Javan cuckooshrike(4)
Coracina javensis: Malaysian cuckoo shrike
Coracina larvata: Sunda cuckoo-shrike(5)
Coracina larvata: Sunda cuckoo shrike
Coracina larvata: Sunda cuckoshrike
Coracina larvata: Sundan cuckooshrike
Coracina leucopygia: White-rumped cuckoo-shrike
Coracina lineata: Barred cuckoo-shrike
Coracina longicauda: Hooded cuckoo-shrike
Coracina macei: Large cuckoo-shrike(7)
Coracina macei: Large cuckooshrike(5)
Coracina mcgregori: Mcgregor's cuckoo-shrike
Coracina melanoptera: Black-headed cuckoo-shrike
Coracina melanoptera: Black-headed cuckooshrike
Coracina melas: New guinea cuckoo-shrike
Coracina melaschistos: Black-winged cuckoo-shrike(7)
Coracina melaschistos: Black-winged cuckooshrike(3)
Coracina melaschistos: Dark-grey cuckoo shrike
Coracina mindanensis: Black-bibbed cuckoo-shrike
Coracina montana: Black-bellied cuckoo-shrike
Coracina morio: Sulawesi cuckoo-shrike
Coracina novaehollandiae: Black-face cuckoo shrike
Coracina novaehollandiae: Black-faced cuckoo-shrike(3)
Coracina novaehollandiae: Black-faced cucooshrike
Coracina ostenta: White-winged cuckoo-shrike
Coracina papuensis: White-bellied cuckoo-shrike
Coracina parvula: Halmahera cuckoo-shrike
Coracina pectoralis: White-breasted cuckoo-shrike
Coracina personata: Wallacean cuckoo-shrike
Coracina polioptera: Indochinese cuckoo-shrike
Coracina schistacea: Slaty cuckoo-shrike
Coracina schisticeps: Grey-headed cuckoo-shrike
Coracina striata: Bar-bellied cuckoo-shrike(4)
Coracina striata: Bar-bellied cuckoo shrike
Coracina striata: Bar-bellied cuckooshrike(3)
Coracina sula: Sula cuckoo-shrike
Coracina temminckii: Cerulean cuckoo-shrike
Coracina tenuirostris: Cicadabird
Coracopsis nigra: barklyi, Seychelles black parrot
Coracopsis nigra: Black parrot
Coracopsis vasa: Vasa parrot
Coracornis raveni: Maroon-backed whistler
Coradion chrysozonus: Orange-banded coralfish
Coragyps atratus: Black vulture
Coralichlamys madreporarum: Coral scallop
Corallium laauense: Pink coral
Corallium regale: Pink coral
Corallium secundum: Pink coral
Corbicula fluminea: Freshwater clam
Corbula amurensis: Amur river clam(2)
Corbula amurensis: Amur river corbula
Corbula amurensis: Asian bivalve
Corbula amurensis: Asian clam(2)
Corbula amurensis: Brackish-water corbula(2)
Corbula amurensis: Chinese clam
Corbula amurensis: Marine clam(2)
Corculum cardissa: Heart cockle
Cordulegaster boltonii: Golden-ringed dragonflyunconfirmed
Cordulia aenea: Downy emeraldresident
Cordylus cataphractus: Armadillo girdled lizard
Cordylus giganteus: Giant spiny-tailed lizard
Cordylus transvaalensis: Northern crag lizard
Cordylus tropidosternum: Tropical girdled lizard
Coregonus albula: Lake whitefish
Coris aygula: Clown cloris
Coris aygula: Clown coris
Coris ballieui: Lined coris
Coris batuensis: Batu coris
Coris flavovittata: Yellowstriped coris
Coris gaimard: Formosa
Coris gaimard: Formosa african clown wrasse
Coris gaimard: Red coris wrasse
Coris gaimard: Yellowtail coris(2)
Coris julius: Rainbow wrasse
Coris pictoides: False combfish
Coris sandageri: Sandager's wrasse
Coris venusta: Elegant coris
Cormobates placens: Papuan treecreeper
Cormura brevirostris: Chestnut sac-winged bat
Corucia zebrata: Giant skink
Corucia zebrata: Monkey tailed skink
Corucia zebrata: Solomon island skink
Corvinella corvina: Yellow-billed shrike
Corvos corone: Carrion crow
Corvus albicollis: White-necked raven
Corvus albus: Pied crow
Corvus capensis: Cape rook
Corvus corax: Common raven(3)
Corvus corax: Northern raven
Corvus corax: Raven
Corvus cornix: Hooded crow
Corvus corone: Carrion crow(12)
Corvus dauuricus: Daurian jackdaw(8)
Corvus enca: Slender-billed crow(10)
Corvus florensis: Flores crow
Corvus frugilegus: Rook(11)
Corvus frugilegus: Rooks
Corvus fuscicapillus: Brown-headed crow
Corvus hawaiiensis: Hawaiian crow
Corvus levaillantii: Eastern jungle crow
Corvus levaillantii: Jungle crow(2)
Corvus macrohynchos: Large-billed crow
Corvus macrorhynchos: Jungle crow(4)
Corvus macrorhynchos: Large-billed crow(23)
Corvus macrorhynchos: Large-billed crow/jungle crow
Corvus macrorhynchus: Large-billed crow
Corvus mellori: Little raven
Corvus monedula: Daurian jackdaw
Corvus monedula: Eurasian jackdaw(2)
Corvus monedula: Jackdaws
Corvus orru: Torresian crow
Corvus pectoralis: Collared crow(3)
Corvus rhipidurus: Fan-tailed raven(2)
Corvus ruficollis: Brown-necked raven
Corvus spendens: House crow
Corvus splendens: House crow(27)
Corvus splendens: Indian house crow
Corvus splenders: Crow house
Corvus torquatus: Collared crow(8)
Corvus tristis: Grey crow
Corvus typicus: Piping crow
Corvus unicolor: Banggai crow
Corvus validus: Long-billed crow
Corydon sumatranus: Dusky broadbill(10)
Corydoras adolfoi: Adolfos cory
Corydoras aeneus: Bronze catfish
Corydoras aeneus: Bronze cory
Corydoras arcuatus: Skunk cory
Corydoras habrosus: Rio salinas cory
Corydoras julii: Leopard cory
Corydoras melanistius: Black sail cory
Corydoras pygmaeus: Pygmy cory
Corydoras schwartzi: Schwartz's cory
Corydoras sodalis: Sodalis cory
Corydoras sterbai: Sterbas cory
Corydoras trilineatus: Leopard corydoras
Coryphaena hippurus: Common dolphinfish
Coryphaena hippurus: Dolphin fish
Coryphaena hippurus: Dorado
Coryphaena hippurus: Green dolphin
Coryphaena hippurus: Mahi mahi
Coryphopterus glaucofraenum: Bridled goby
Coryphopterus hyalinus: Glass goby
Coryphopterus lipernes: Peppermint goby
Coryphopterus neophytus: Neophyte goby
Coryphopterus urospilus: Redlight goby
Corythaeola cristata: Great blue turaco
Corythaixoides personata: Bare-faced go-away bird
Corytheola cristata: Great-blue turaco
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: Network pipefish
Corythoichthys haematopterus: Reeftop pipefish
Corythoichthys intestinalis: Australian banded pipefish
Corythoichthys ocellatus: Orange-spotted pipefish
Corythoichthys ocellatus: Orange spotted pipefish
Corythornis cristatus: Malachite kingfisher
Corythornis leucogaster: White-bellied kingfisher
Corythornis madagascariensis: Madagascar pygmy kingfisher
Corythornis nais: Principe kingfisher
Corythornis thomensis: Sao tome kingfisher
Corythornis vintsioides: Malagasy kingfisher
Corytophanes cristatus: Helmeted basilisk(2)
Coscinocera hercules: Giant silkworm moth
Coscoroba coscoroba: American swan goose
Coscoroba coscoroba: Coscoroba swan(2)
Coscoroba coscoroba: Coscorobaswan
Cosdinoscera hercules: Hercules moth
Cosmolestes picticeps: Yellow assassin bug
Cosmophasis umbratica: Shiny jumping spider
Cosmopolites sordidus: Banana weevil
Cosmopsarus regius: Golden-breasted starling
Cosmopsarus unicolor: Ashy starling(2)
Cossypha albicapilla: White-crowned robin-chat(2)
Cossypha anomala: Olive-flanked ground robin
Cossypha anomala: Olive-flanked robin-chat(2)
Cossypha archeri: Archer's ground robin
Cossypha archeri: Archer's robin-chat
Cossypha caffra: Cape robin-chat(2)
Cossypha cyanocampter: Blue-shouldered robin-chat(2)
Cossypha dichroa: Chorister robin-chat(3)
Cossypha heinrichi: White-headed robin-chat(2)
Cossypha heuglini: White-browed robin-chat(3)
Cossypha humeralis: White-throated robin-chat(2)
Cossypha isabellae: Mountain robin-chat(2)
Cossypha natalensis: Red-capped robin-chat(2)
Cossypha niveicapilla: Snowy-crowned robin-chat(2)
Cossypha polioptera: Grey-winged robin-chat(2)
Cossypha semirufa: Rüppell's robin-chat
Cossypha semirufa: Rueppell's robin-chat
Cossyphicula roberti: White-bellied robin-chat(2)
Cosymbotes craspedotus: Frilly gecko(3)
Cosymbotes platyurus: Flat-tailed gecko(3)
Cosymbotus platyurus: Flat-tailed gecko(15700)
Cosymbotus platyurus: Flat-tailed house gecko(11300)
Cotesia marginiventris: Parasitic wasps
Cotinga maculata: Banded cotinga
Coturnicops exquisitus: Asian yellow rail
Coturnicops exquisitus: Swinhoe's rail(3)
Coturnix adansonii: African blue quail(2)
Coturnix chinensis: Asian blue quail(2)
Coturnix chinensis: Blue-breasted quail(11)
Coturnix chinensis: Blue-breasted quail(5)(2)
Coturnix chinensis: Blue-crested quail
Coturnix chinensis: King quail(2)
Coturnix chinensis: Painted quail
Coturnix coromandelica: Rain quail(4)
Coturnix coturnix: Common quail(9)
Coturnix coturnix: Quail
Coturnix delegorguei: Harlequin quail(5)
Coturnix japonica: Japanese quail(16)
Coturnix novaezelandiae: New zealand quail(2)
Coturnix pectoralis: Stubble quail(3)
Coturnix ypsilophora: Brown quail(4)
Cracticus cassicus: Hooded butcherbird
Cracticus louisiadensis: Tagula butcherbird
Cracticus mentalis: Black-backed butcherbird
Cracticus quoyi: Black butcherbird
Cracticus torquatus: Grey butcherbird
Craseonycteris thonglongyai: Bumblebee bat
Crassostrea gigas: Oyster(4)
Crassostrea gigas: Pacific oyster
Crassostrea iredalei: Oyster(3650)
Crassostrea iredalei: Tropical oyster(1540)
Crassostrea iridescens: Rock oyster
Crassostrea rivularis: Oyster
Crassostrea virginica: Oyster
Crateroscelis murina: Lowland mouse warbler
Crateroscelis nigrorufa: Bicoloured mouse warbler
Crateroscelis robusta: Mountain mouse warbler
Cratilla lineata: Lined forest-skimmer(3)
Cratilla metallica: Dark-tipped forest-skimmer(5)
Cratilla metallica: Dark-tipped forest skimmer(2)
Crax alberti: Blue-knobbed curassow
Crax blumenbachii: Red-billed curassow
Crax daubentoni: Yellow-knobbed curassow
Crax globulosa: Wattled curassow
Crax pauxi: Northern helmeted curassow
Crax rubra: Great curassow
Creatophora cinerea: Wattled starling(3)
Crenimugil crenilabis: Fringelip mullet
Creon cleobis: Broadtail royal
Creon cleobis: queda, Broadtail royal
Crex crex: Corn crake(3)
Crex crex: Corncrake(2)
Crex egregia: African crake
Crinifer piscator: Wester grey plaintain-eater
Crinifer zonurus: Eastern grey plantain-eater
Criniferoides leucogaster: White-bellied go-away bird
Criniger bres: Grey-cheeked bulbul(2)
Criniger finschii: Finsch's bulbul(2)
Criniger flaveolus: White-throated bulbul
Criniger ochraceus: Ochraceous bulbul(4)
Criniger pallidus: Puff-throated bulbul
Criniger phaeocephalus: Yellow-bellied bulbul(2)
Crocias albonotatus: Spotted crocias(2)
Crocias langbianis: Gray-crowned crocias
Crocias langbianis: Grey-crowned crocias
Crocidura attenuata: Grey shrew
Crocidura baluensis: Kinabalu shrew(2)
Crocidura fuliginosa: Southeast asian shrew
Crocidura fuliginosa: Southeast asian white-toothed shrew(4)
Crocidura malayana: Malayan shrew(2)
Crocidura monticola: Sunda shrew(2)
Crocidura negligens: Grey shrew
Crocodilichthys gracilis: Lizard triplefin
Crocodilurus lacertinus: Dragon lizardlet
Crocodylus acutus: American crocodile(2)
Crocodylus cataphractus: Sharp-nosed crocodile
Crocodylus intermedius: Orinoco crocodile
Crocodylus moreletii: Morelet's crocodile
Crocodylus niloticus: Nile crocodile(2)
Crocodylus novaeguineae: Mindoro crocodile
Crocodylus novaeguineae: New guinea crocodile
Crocodylus palustris: Marsh crocodile
Crocodylus palustris: Mugger crocodile
Crocodylus porosus: Crocodile(common)
Crocodylus porosus: Estuarine crocodile(8)
Crocodylus porosus: Indo-pacific crocodile
Crocodylus porosus: Saltie crocodile
Crocodylus porosus: Saltwater crocodile
Crocodylus rhombifer: Cuban crocodile(2)
Crocodylus siamensis: Siamese crocodile(2)
Crocothemis servilia: Common scarlet(8)
Crocothemis servilia: Ruddy marsh scarlet
Crocothemis servilia: Scarlet skimmer
Crocothemis servilia: Scarlet skimmer dragonfly
Crocuta crocuta: Spotted hyena
Crodylus cataphractus: Armadillo girdled lizard
Cromileptes altivelis: High-finned grouper
Cromileptes altivelis: Humpback grouper
Cromileptes altivelis: Panther grouper(3)
Cromileptes altivelis: Polkadot grouper
Crossarchus alexandri: Congo cusimanse
Crossarchus ansorgei: Ansorge's cusimanse
Crossarchus obscurus: Cusimanse
Crossarchus platycephalus: Flat headed cusimanse
Crossobamon eversmanni: Gecko crossobamon
Crossocheilus siamensis: Siamese algae eater
Crossoptilon auritum: Blue eared-pheasant(3)
Crossoptilon auritum: Blue eared pheasant(4)
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: White- eared-pheasant
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: White-eared pheasant
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: White eared-pheasant(3)
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: White eared pheasant(3)
Crossoptilon harmani: Tibetan eared-pheasant(2)
Crossoptilon harmani: Tibetan eared pheasant(2)
Crossoptilon harmani: White-eared pheasant
Crossoptilon mantchuricum: Brown-eared pheasant
Crossoptilon mantchuricum: Brown eared-pheasant(4)
Crossoptilon mantchuricum: Brown eared pheasant(3)
Crossosalarias macrospilus: Triplespot blenny
Crotalus atrox: Western diamondback rattlesnake
Crotalus cerastes: Sidewinder
Crotaphytus collaris: Collared lizard
Crotaphytus collaris: Collared lizards
Crypsirina cucullata: Hooded treepie
Crypsirina temia: Racket-tailed tree pie
Crypsirina temia: Racket-tailed treepie(6)
Crypsirina temia: Racquet-tailed treepie
Cryptelytrops albolabris: White-lipped pit viper
Cryptelytrops purpureomaculatus: Mangrove pit-viper
Cryptelytrops purpureomaculatus: Mangrove pit viper(2)
Cryptelytrops purpureomaculatus: Shore pit viper(2)
Cryptocentrus aurora: Pinkbar goby
Cryptocentrus cinctus: Banded shrimp goby
Cryptocentrus cinctus: Yellow prawn goby
Cryptocentrus cinctus: Yellow shrimp goby(6)
Cryptocentrus leptocephalus: Pink & blue spotted goby
Cryptoheros sajica: T-bar cichlid
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: Australian lady beetle(38)
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: Mealy bug destroyer
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: Mealybug destroyer(4212)
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: Mealybug ladybird
Cryptomya elliptica: Asian pissing clam
Cryptomya elliptica: Asiatic softshell clam
Cryptophaps poecilorrhoa: Sombre pigeon
Cryptopodia fornicata: Common buckler crab
Cryptoprocta ferox: Fossa(2)
Cryptospiza reichenovi: Red-faced crimson-wing
Cryptospiza salvadorii: Abyssinian crimson wing
Ctenochaetus binotatus: Twospot bristletooth(2)
Ctenochaetus binotatus: Twospot surgeonfish(6)
Ctenochaetus binotatus: Twospot tang(3)
Ctenochaetus cyanocheilus: Blue lip surgeonfish
Ctenochaetus cyanocheilus: Blue lip tang
Ctenochaetus cyanocheilus: Bluelipped bristletooth
Ctenochaetus flavicauda: Whitetail bristletooth
Ctenochaetus flavicauda: Whitetail tang(3)
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis: Black surgeonfish
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis: Chevron tang(8)
Ctenochaetus marginatus: Striped-fin surgeonfish(6)
Ctenochaetus marginatus: Striped-fin tang
Ctenochaetus sp: Bristletooth
Ctenochaetus striatus: Orange-dotted bristletooth
Ctenochaetus striatus: Striated surgeonfish(7)
Ctenochaetus striatus: Striated tang
Ctenochaetus striatus: Striped bristletooth
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Goldring bristletooth
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Goldring surgeonfish(2)
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Kole's tang
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Kole tang(5)
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Kole yellow eye tang(5)
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Spotted surgeonfish(6)
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Yellow eye tang
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Yelloweye bristletooth
Ctenochaetus strigosus: Yelloweye tang
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: Bristletooth tang
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: Bristletooth tomini tang(3)
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: Flame fin tomini tang
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: Tomini's tangs
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: Tomini bristletooth
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: Tomini surgeonfish(6)
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: Tomini tang
Ctenochaetus truncatus: Gold-ring
Ctenochaetus truncatus: Indian gold ring surgeonfish
Ctenochaetus truncatus: Indian gold ring tang
Ctenogobiops tangaroai: Tangaroa goby
Ctenopharyngo idella: Amur
Ctenopharyngo idella: Grass carp
Ctenopharyngo idella: White amur
Ctenopharyngodon idelius: Grass carp
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Grass carp(16)
Ctenopharyngodon idellus: Grass carp(3)
Ctenosaura acanthura: Mexican spiny tailed iguana
Ctenosaura hemilopha: Baja spiny-tailed
Ctenosaura palearis: Paleate spiny tail iguana
Ctenosaura quinquecarinata: The club tail iguana
Ctenosaura similis: Black iguana
Ctenosaura similis: Black spinytail iguana
Ctenosaura similis: Central american spiny tail iguana
Cucuclus fugax: Malaysian hawk-cuckoo
Cuculus bocki: Dark hawk-cuckoo
Cuculus canorus: Common cuckoo(10)
Cuculus canorus: Eurasian
Cuculus clamosus: Black cuckoo
Cuculus crassirostris: Sulawesi cuckoo
Cuculus crassirostris: Sulawesi hawk-cuckoo(2)
Cuculus fugax: Fugitive hawk cuckoo
Cuculus fugax: Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo(9)
Cuculus fugax: Hodgson's hawk cuckoo
Cuculus fugax: Hodgsons hawk cuckoo
Cuculus fugax: Malaysian hawk-cuckoo(4)
Cuculus fugax: Northern hawk cuckoo
Cuculus gularis: African cuckoo
Cuculus horsfieldi: Horsfield's cuckoo(2)
Cuculus horsfieldi: Oriental cuckoo
Cuculus hyperythrus: Northern hawk-cuckoo(9)
Cuculus lepidus: Sunda cuckoo(3)
Cuculus merulinus: Cuckoo plaintive
Cuculus merulinus: Plaintive cuckoo
Cuculus micropterus: Cuckoo indian
Cuculus micropterus: Indian cuckoo(25)
Cuculus nisicolor: Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo(2)
Cuculus optatus: Horsfield's cuckoo
Cuculus optatus: Oriental cuckoo
Cuculus pallidus: Pallid cuckoo(2)
Cuculus pectoralis: Philippine hawk-cuckoo
Cuculus poliocephalus: Asia lesser cuckoo
Cuculus poliocephalus: Lesser cuckoo(2)
Cuculus poliocephalus: Lesser cuckoo(2)(2)
Cuculus poliocephalus: Lesser cuckoo(4)
Cuculus poliocephalus: Little cuckoo
Cuculus poliocephalus: Small cuckoo(3)
Cuculus rochii: Madagascar lesser cuckoo
Cuculus saturatus: Himalayan cuckoo(7)
Cuculus saturatus: Oriental cuckoo(19)
Cuculus solitarius: Red-chested cuckoo
Cuculus sparverioides: Large hawk-cuckoo(16)
Cuculus sparverioides: Large hawk cuckoo(4)
Cuculus vagans: Moustached hawk-cuckoo(7)
Cuculus varius: Common hawk-cuckoo(2)
Culcita novaeguineae: Pincushion starfish
Culex quinquefasciatus: Mosquito
Culicicapa ceylonensis: Gray-headed canary-flycatcher(6)
Culicicapa ceylonensis: Grey-headed canary-flycatcher(9)
Culicicapa ceylonensis: Grey-headed canary flycatcher(5)
Culicicapa ceylonensis: Grey-headed flycatcher
Culicicapa helianthea: Citrine canary-flycatcher(2)
Culter erythropterus: Predatory carp
Cuon alpinus: Dhole(2)
Cuon alpinus: Red dog
Cuon alpinus: Red dog or dhole
Cuora amboinensis: Malayan box terrapin(3)
Cuora amboinensis: Malayan box turtle
Cuora amboinensis: Malaysian box turtle(2)
Cuora amboinensis: Southeast asian box turtle
Cuora flavomarginata: Yellow-margined box turtle
Cuora galbinifrons: Flowerback box turtle
Cuora trifasciata: Chinese three-striped box turtle
Cuora trifasciata: Three-banded box turtle
Cupha erymanthis: lotis, Rustic(5)
Cupha erymanthis: Rustic
Cupiennius getazi: Spider
Cupitha purreea: Waxy dart
Curetis bulis: stigmata, Bright sunbeam
Curetis dentata: Toothed sunbeam
Curetis regula: Regular sunbeam
Curetis santana: malayica, Malayan sunbeam(5)
Curetis saronis: sumatrana, Sumatran sunbeam(7)
Curruca althaea: Hume's whitethroat
Curruca balearica: Balearic warbler
Curruca boehmi: Banded parisoma
Curruca buryi: Yemen warbler
Curruca cantillans: Subalpine warbler
Curruca communis: Common whitethroat
Curruca conspicillata: Spectacled warbler
Curruca crassirostris: Eastern orphean-warbler
Curruca curruca: Lesser whitethroat
Curruca deserti: African desert-warbler
Curruca deserticola: Tristram's warbler
Curruca hortensis: Western orphean-warbler
Curruca layardi: Layard's warbler
Curruca leucomelaena: Arabian warbler
Curruca lugens: Brown parisoma
Curruca lugens: Brown warbler
Curruca melanocephala: Sardinian warbler
Curruca melanothorax: Cyprus warbler
Curruca minula: Desert whitethroat
Curruca moltonii: Moltoni's warbler
Curruca mystacea: Menetries's warbler
Curruca nana: Asian desert-warbler
Curruca nisoria: Barred warbler
Curruca ruppeli: Rueppell's warbler
Curruca sarda: Marmora's warbler
Curruca subcaerulea: Chestnut-vented warbler
Curruca undata: Dartford warbler
Cursorius coromandelicus: Indian courser(2)
Cursorius cursor: Cream-coloured courser(2)
Cursorius somalensis: Somali courser
Cursorius temminckii: Temminck's courser
Cutia legalleni: Vietnamese cutia(2)
Cutia nipalensis: Cutia(7)
Cutia nipalensis: Himalayan cutia(4)
Cyaniriodes libna: andersonii, The emerald
Cyanistes cyanus: Azure tit(2)
Cyanochen cyanoptera: Blue-winged goose
Cyanocitta cristata: Blue jay
Cyanocorax yncas: Green jay
Cyanoderma ambigua: Buff-chested babbler
Cyanoderma chrysaea: Golden babbler
Cyanoderma erythroptera: Chestnut-winged babbler
Cyanoderma melanothorax: Crescent-chested babbler
Cyanoderma pyrrhops: Black-chinned babbler
Cyanoderma ruficeps: Rufous-capped babbler
Cyanoderma rufifrons: Rufous-fronted babbler
Cyanoliseus patagonus: byroni, Greater patagonian conure
Cyanoliseus patagonus: Patagonian conure
Cyanomitra alinae: Blue-headed sunbird(2)
Cyanomitra bannermani: Bannerman's
Cyanomitra bannermani: Bannerman's sunbird
Cyanomitra cyanolaema: Blue-throated brown
Cyanomitra cyanolaema: Blue-throated brown sunbird
Cyanomitra olivacea: Olive sunbird(2)
Cyanomitra oritis: Cameroon sunbird(2)
Cyanomitra veroxii: Grey sunbird
Cyanomitra veroxii: Mouse-coloured sunbird
Cyanomitra verticalis: Green-headed sunbird(2)
Cyanopica cyana: Azure-winged magpie(2)
Cyanopica cyanus: Azure-winged magpie(4)
Cyanoptila cyanomelaena: Blue-and-white flycatcher
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: Blue-and-white flycatcher(21)
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: Blue and white flycatcher(2)
Cyanoramphus auriceps: Forbes' yellow-fronted macaw
Cyanoramphus auriceps: Yellow-fronted parakeet(2)
Cyanoramphus forbesi: Chatham parakeet
Cyanoramphus malherbi: Orange-fronted parakeet
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae: Red-fronted parakeet(3)
Cyanoramphus unicolor: Antipodes green parakeet
Cyanoramphus unicolor: Antipodes parakeet
Cyathopharynx furcifer: Featherfin cichlid
Cyclemys dentata: Asia leaf turtle
Cyclemys dentata: Asian leaf terrapin
Cyclemys dentata: Stream terrapin(2)
Cyclina sinensis: Clam
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Barbel-less chemperas(2)
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Beardless barb
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Chemperas(7)
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Red-eyed barb(2)
Cyclocheilicthys apogon: Chemperas
Cyclodes omma: Nut borer
Cyclodomorphus casuarinae: She-oak skink
Cyclophorus perdix: aquila, Land snail
Cyclopsitta diophthalma: Coxen's doubled-eyed fig parrot
Cyclopsitta diophthalma: Double-eyed fig parrot
Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii: Orange-breasted fig parrot
Cyclotropis carinata: Aquatic snails
Cyclura cornuta: cornuta, Rhinoceros iguana
Cyclura cornuta: Rhinoceros iguana
Cyclura nubila: caymenesis, Lesser cayman
Cyclura nubila: Cuban rock iguana
Cyclura nubila: lewisi, Grand cayman
Cyclura nubila: nubila, Cuban rock iguana
Cyclura ricordi: Ricords iguana
Cygnus atratus: Black swan(3)
Cygnus buccinator: Trumpeter swan(2)
Cygnus columbianus: bewickii, Bewick's swan
Cygnus columbianus: jankowskii, Jankowski's swan
Cygnus columbianus: Tundra swan(10)
Cygnus cygnus: Whooper swan(10)
Cygnus gns: Swan genus
Cygnus melancoryphus: Black-necked swan
Cygnus melanocorypha: Black-necked swan
Cygnus melanocoryphus: Black-necked swan
Cygnus olor: Mute swan(11)
Cylindrophis maculatus: Sri lankan pipe snake
Cylindrophis ruffus: Red-tailed pipe snake(6)
Cylindrophis rufus: Red-tailed pipe snake
Cymbacephalus beauforti: Crocodilefish
Cymbacephalus nematophthalmus: Fringe-eyed flathead(5)
Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos: Black-and-red broadbill(14)
Cymnoglaux lawrencii: Cuban screech owl
Cymolutes lecluse: Hawaiian knifefish
Cynatium pileare: Cowrie
Cyngus sumnerensis: New zealand swan
Cynictis penicillata: Yellow mongoose
Cynocephalus variegatus: Flying colugo
Cynocephalus variegatus: Flying lemur(6)
Cynocephalus variegatus: Malayan colugo(3)
Cynocephalus variegatus: Malayan flying lemur
Cynocephalus variegatus: Sunda flying lemur
Cynocephalus volans: Colugo
Cynogale bennettii: Otter-civet(2)
Cynogale bennettii: Otter civet(4)
Cynoglossus arel: Largescale tonguesole
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Fourlined tonguesole
Cynoglossus lingua: Long tongue sole(2)
Cynoglossus macrolepidotus: Tonguefish
Cynoglossus macrolepidotus: Tonguesole
Cynoglossus puncticeps: Speckled tongue-sole(5)
Cynolebias nigripinnis: Black-finned pearl fish
Cynomys mexicanus: Mexican prairie dog
Cynops orientalis: Chinese fire belly newt
Cynopterus brachyotis: Common fruit bat
Cynopterus brachyotis: Cynopterus
Cynopterus brachyotis: Dog-faced fruit bat
Cynopterus brachyotis: Lesser dog-faced fruit bat(7)
Cynopterus brachyotis: Lesser dog faced fruit bat
Cynopterus brachyotis: Lesser short-nosed fruit bat
Cynopterus brachyotis: Malaysian fruit bat
Cynopterus brachyotis: Short-nosed fruit bat(2)
Cynopterus horsefieldi: Horsfield's fruit bat
Cynopterus horsfieldi: Horsefield's fruit bat
Cynopterus horsfieldi: Horsfield's fruit bat
Cynopterus horsfieldi: Larger dog faced fruit bat
Cynopterus nusatenggara: Nusatenggara short-nosed fruit bat
Cynopterus sphinx: Greater short-nosed fruit bat(3)
Cynopterus sphinx: Short-nosed fruit bat
Cynopterus titthaecheilus: Indonesian short-nosed fruit bat
Cynoscion macdonaldi: Macdonald weakfish
Cynotilapia afra: Afra
Cynotilapia afra: Dogtooth cichlid(2)
Cyornis banyumas: Hill blue-flycatcher(7)
Cyornis banyumas: Hill blue flycatcher
Cyornis banyumas: Hill blue flycatcher(2)(2)
Cyornis banyumas: Hill blue flycatcher(3)
Cyornis caerulata: Sunda blue flycatcher(2)
Cyornis caerulatus: Large-billed blue flycatcher(2)
Cyornis caerulatus: Large-billed flycatcher
Cyornis caerulatus: Long-billed blue-flycatcher(3)
Cyornis concretua: White-tailed flycatcher
Cyornis concretus: White-tailed blue flycatcher
Cyornis concretus: White-tailed flycatcher(9)
Cyornis glaucicomans: Chinese blue flycatcher(3)
Cyornis hainanus: Hainan blue-flycatcher(4)
Cyornis hainanus: Hainan blue flycatcher(5)
Cyornis herioti: Blue-breasted blue flycatcher
Cyornis herioti: Blue-breasted flycatcher
Cyornis hoevelli: Blue-fronted blue flycatcher
Cyornis hoevelli: Blue-fronted flycatcher(2)
Cyornis hyacinthinus: Timor blue-flycatcher
Cyornis hyacinthinus: Timor blue flycatcher
Cyornis lemprieri: Palawan blue-flycatcher
Cyornis magnirostris: Large blue flycatcher
Cyornis omissus: Sulawesi blue-flycatcher
Cyornis pallipes: White-bellied blue-flycatcher
Cyornis pallipes: White-bellied blue flycatcher
Cyornis poliogenys: Pale-chinned blue-flycatcher
Cyornis poliogenys: Pale-chinned blue flycatcher(2)
Cyornis poliogenys: Pale-chinned flycatcher
Cyornis rubeculoides: Blue-throated blue flycatcher(3)
Cyornis rubeculoides: Blue-throated flycatcher(12)
Cyornis ruckii: Rueck's blue-flycatcher
Cyornis ruckii: Rueck's blue flycatcher
Cyornis ruecki: R?blue flycatcher
Cyornis rufigaster: Mangrove blue-flycatcher(2)
Cyornis rufigastra: Mangrove blue-flycatcher(8)
Cyornis rufigastra: Mangrove blue flycatcher(6)
Cyornis rufigastra: Mangrove flycatcher
Cyornis sanfordi: Matinan blue flycatcher
Cyornis sanfordi: Matinan flycatcher(2)
Cyornis superba: Bornean blue flycatcher
Cyornis superba: Bornean blue flycatcher(common)
Cyornis superbus: Bornean blue-flycatcher
Cyornis superbus: Bornean blue-flycatcher(2)(2)
Cyornis superbus: Bornean blue flycatcher
Cyornis superbus: Bornean flycatcher
Cyornis tickelliae: Tickell's blue-flycatcher(7)
Cyornis tickelliae: Tickell's blue flycatcher(3)
Cyornis tickelliae: Tickell's flycatcher
Cyornis turcosa: Malaysian blue flycatcher(3)
Cyornis turcosus: Malaysian blue-flycatcher(8)
Cyornis turcosus: Malaysian blue flycatcher
Cyornis turcosus: Malaysian flycatcher
Cyornis unicolor: Pale blue-flycatcher(7)
Cyornis unicolor: Pale blue flycatcher(2)(2)
Cyornis unicolor: Pale blue flycatcher(3)
Cyphotilapia frontosa: Frontosa
Cyphotilapia frontosa: Frontosa cichlid(2)
Cyphotilapia frontosa: Fronts
Cyphotilapia frontosa: Humphead cichlid
Cypraea arabicus: Arabian cowrie
Cypraea tigris: Tiger cowry
Cyprichromis leptosoma: Black-finned slender cichlid
Cyprinocirrhites polyactus: Soaring hawkfish
Cyprinodon pecosensis: Pecos pupfish
Cyprinus carpio: Carp(4)
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Common carp(2)
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Koi
Cyprinus carpio: Common carp(12)
Cyprinus carpio: Japanese carp
Cyprinus carpio: Japanese colored carp
Cyprinus carpio: Koi(3)
Cyprinus carpio: Mirror carp
Cyprinus carpios: Common carp(6)
Cypseloides cherriei: Spot-fronted swift
Cypseloides cryptus: White-chinned swift
Cypseloides fumigatus: Sooty swift
Cypseloides lemosi: White-chested swift
Cypseloides niger: Black swift
Cypseloides phelpsi: Tepui swift
Cypseloides rothschildi: Rothschild's swift
Cypseloides rutilus: Chestnut-collared
Cypseloides senex: Great dusky swift
Cypseloides storeri: White-fronted swift
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Asian palm-swift(10)
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Asian palm swift(9)
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Asian palmswift(2)
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Swift asian palm
Cypsiurus parvus: African palm-swift
Cypsiurus parvus: African palm swift(3)
Cyrestis maenalis: martini, Straight line mapwing
Cyrestis thyodamas: Common map
Cyrestis thyodamas: Common mapwing
Cyrtocara compressiceps: Malawi eyebiter
Cyrtocara moorii: Blue hap
Cyrtodactylus baluensis: Kinabalu angle-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus brevipalmatus: Web-footed slender-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus consobrinus: Peter's bent-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus consobrinus: Peter's forest gecko(3)
Cyrtodactylus consobrinus: Peter's slender-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus consobrinus: Peters's bow-fingered gecko
Cyrtodactylus darmandvillei: D'armandville's bow-fingered gecko
Cyrtodactylus lateralis: Spiny forest gecko
Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis: Ring-tailed bow-fingered gecko
Cyrtodactylus majulah: Singapore bent-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus pantiensis: Panti bent-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus pulchellus: Banded slender-toed gecko(2)
Cyrtodactylus quadrilineatus: Marbled slender-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus: Malayan marbled bent-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus: Marble slender-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus: Marbled bent-toed gecko
Cyrtodactylus quadrivirgatus: Marbled forest gecko(3)
Cyrtodactylus serpensinsula: Serpent island gecko
Cyrtodactylus yoshii: Yoshi's bow-fingered gecko
Cyrtonyx montezumae: mearnsi, Meam's montezuma quail
Cyrtonyx montezumae: motezumae, Montezuma quail
Cyrtophora beccarii: Beccari's tent spider(3)
Cyrtophora unicolor: Red tent spider
Cyrtopodion fedtschenkoi: Russian bent toed gecko
Cyrtopodion russowii: Harlequin iguana
Cyttarops alecto: Short-eared bat

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_c.htm, 2015-02-07, Animal name, 動物名, (C, 973KB)}

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_c.htm, 2015-02-07, Animal name, 動物名, (C, 973KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_c.htm)

Cabassous chacoensis: 查科裸尾犰狳
Cacajao calvus: 白秃猴
Cacajao calvus: 禿猴
Cacajao calvus: 秃猴
Cacajao gns: 禿猴屬
Cacajao melanocephalus: 黑脸秃猴
Cacajao rubicundus: 赤秃猴(2)
Cacaneura longjingensis: 龙井凯原蟌
Cacatua alba: 大巴(2)
Cacatua alba: 大白凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua alba: 大白鳳頭鸚鵡(4)
Cacatua alba: 巴丹鸚鵡(2)
Cacatua alba: 白凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua alba: 雨傘鳳頭鸚鵡
Cacatua ducorpsii: 杜可波氏巴丹(2)
Cacatua ducorpsii: 杜柯波氏凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua ducorpsii: 杜氏凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua ducorpsii: 索罗门群岛凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua galerita: 中巴丹
Cacatua galerita: 大巴丹
Cacatua galerita: 大葵花凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua galerita: 大葵花鳳頭鸚鵡
Cacatua galerita: 大葵花鹦鹉
Cacatua galerita: 大葵(2)
Cacatua galerita: 葵花凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua galerita: 葵花鳳頭鸚鵡(6)
Cacatua galerita: 葵花鹦鹉(2)
Cacatua goffin: 戈芬氏鳳頭鸚鵡(2)
Cacatua goffini: 小巴(2)
Cacatua goffini: 小白巴丹
Cacatua goffini: 戈氏凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua goffini: 戈芬式鳳頭鸚鵡
Cacatua goffini: 戈芬氏凤头鹦鹉(2)
Cacatua goffini: 戈芬氏鳳頭鸚鵡(8)
Cacatua goffiniana: 弋芬氐鳳頭鸚鵡
Cacatua goffn: 戈芬氏凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua haematuropyga: 红肛凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua haematuropygia: 紅肛鳳頭鸚鵡(6)
Cacatua haematuropygia: 红肛凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua haematuropygia: 菲律宾凤头鹦鹉(3)
Cacatua leadbeateri: 米切氏凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua moluccensis: 橙冠凤头鹦鹉(2)
Cacatua moluccensis: 鮭冠鸚鵡(5)
Cacatua moluccensis: 鮭色鳳頭鸚鵡(5)
Cacatua moluccensis: 鲑色凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua moluccenss: 鲑色凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua ophthalmica: 蓝眼凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua ophthalmica: 藍眼巴丹(2)
Cacatua palmarum: 棕榈凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua palmarum: 椰子金刚
Cacatua pastinator: 西长喙凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua pastinator: 西长嘴凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua sanguinea: 小凤头鹦鹉(2)
Cacatua sanguinea: 鳳頭鸚鵡(2)
Cacatua sulphurea: 小葵花凤头鹦鹉(3)
Cacatua sulphurea: 小葵花鳳頭鸚鵡(6)
Cacatua sulphurea: 小葵花鸚鵡
Cacatua sulphurea: 小葵花鹦鹉(2)
Cacatua sulphurea: 浅黄冠凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua tenuirostris: 尖嘴凤头鹦鹉
Cacatua tenuirostris: 尖嘴巴丹
Cacatua tenuirostris: 长喙凤头鹦鹉
Cacia arisana: 阿里山刷角星斑天牛
Cacia formosana: 蓬萊星斑天牛
Cacia shirupiti: 蘭嶼纓角星斑天牛
Cacia watantakkuni: 鬚角星斑天牛
Cacomantis castaneiventris: 栗胸杜鹃
Cacomantis flabelliformis: 扇尾杜鹃
Cacomantis merulinus: 八声杜鹃(7)
Cacomantis merulinus: 八聲杜鵑(4)
Cacomantis merulinus: querulus, 八聲杜鵑
Cacomantis passerinus: 灰腹杜鹃
Cacomantis sepulcralis: 锈胸杜鹃
Cacomantis sonneratii: 栗斑杜鵑
Cacomantis sonneratii: 栗斑杜鹃(6)
Cacomantis variolosus: 丛杜鹃
Cacomantis variolosus: 灌丛杜鹃
Cacopsylla chinensis: 中國梨木蝨(2)
Cacopsylla chinensis: 中國梨木蝨
Cacosternum boettgeri: 鲍特弱胸蛙
Cacosternum capense: 叉纹弱胸蛙
Cacosternum nanum: 青铜弱胸蛙
Cacosternum platys: 平弱胸蛙
Cactoblastis cactorum: 仙人掌螟蛾
Cadella hoshiyamai: 粉紅小櫻蛤
Cadella semen: 賽門櫻蛤
Cadinella cadinella: 裝飾法官海蛞蝓
Cadinella ornatissima: 裝飾法官海麒麟
Cadlinella ornatissima: 極飾多彩海蛞蝓
Cadlinella subornatissima: 類極飾多彩海蛞蝓
Cadrena citreiformis: 台南稈蠅
Cadrena minor: 小型稈蠅
Cadrena nigricornis: 黑角稈蠅
Cadrena pallida: 二線稈蠅
Cadrena pallida: 灰白稈蠅
Cadrina sagamiensis: 黃疣海麒麟
Caducifer truncata: 截頭峨螺
Cadulus anguidens: 胖象牙貝
Caecella chinensis: 中華尖峰蛤
Caecella formosae: 白枯葉蛤
Caecilius similaris: 相似毛嚙蟲
Caecobarbus geertsii: 瞎眼魮
Caecocypris basimi: 盲鯉
Caecula kuro: 黑浪鰻
Caecum amputatum: 截尾蛆管螺
Caedius formosanus: 蓬萊姬擬步行蟲
Caedius orientalis: 東方姬擬步行蟲
Caelorinchus aconcagua: 槍吻腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus anatirostris: 鴨嘴腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus anatirostris: 鼠腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus anatirostris: 鼠鬚鱈
Caelorinchus asteroides: 擬星腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus brevirostris: 短吻腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus caelorhincus: 真腔吻鱈(2)
Caelorinchus caelorhincus: 真腔吻鳕(2)
Caelorinchus cingulatus: 帶斑腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus cingulatus: 橫帶腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus cingulatus: 橫帶鬚鱈
Caelorinchus formosanus: 台灣腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus formosanus: 台灣鬚鱈
Caelorinchus gilberti: 吉勃士腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus gilberti: 吉勃士鬚鱈
Caelorinchus gilberti: 吉氏腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus hexafasciatus: 六帶腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus hubbsi: 哈卜氏腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus hubbsi: 哈卜氏鬚鱈
Caelorinchus hubbsi: 哈氏腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus japonicus: 日本腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus japonicus: 日本鬚鱈
Caelorinchus kamoharai: 背斑腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus kamoharai: 蒲原氏腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus kamoharai: 蒲原氏鬚鱈
Caelorinchus kishinouyei: 岸上氏腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus kishinouyei: 岸上氏鬚鱈
Caelorinchus kishinouyei: 胸斑腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus leptorhinus: 窄吻腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus longissimus: 長管腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus macrorhynchus: 大吻腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus multispinulosus: 多棘腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus multispinulosus: 多棘鬚鱈
Caelorinchus occa: 劍吻腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus parallelus: 平棘腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus parallelus: 平棘鬚鱈
Caelorinchus parvifasciatus: 細紋腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus productus: 東海腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus sheni: 鞍斑腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus smithi: 斯氏腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus tokiensis: 東京腔吻鱈
Caelorinchus tokiensis: 東京鬚鱈
Caenocoris marginatus: 紅緣新長椿
Caenolestes caniventer: 灰腹鼩负鼠
Caenosclerogibba sinica: 中华新系蜂
Caenosclerogibba sinica: 中华新虫系蜂
Caenosclerogibba sinica: 中华新(虫系)蜂
Caenosclerogibba sinica: 中華新系蜂
Caerostris paradoxa: 奇平额蛛
Caerostris paradoxa: 高頭蛛
Caesio caerulaurea: 烏尾冬仔
Caesio caerulaurea: 烏尾鮗
Caesio caerulaurea: 褐梅鯛
Caesio cuning: 烏尾冬仔
Caesio cuning: 蕃薯鱼(2)
Caesio cuning: 赤腹烏尾鮗
Caesio cuning: 黃尾梅鯛
Caesio cuning: 黃尾烏尾鮗
Caesio cuning: 黃梅鯛
Caesio cuning: 黄尾乌尾鮗(940)
Caesio cuning: 黄尾梅鲷(998)
Caesio erythrogaster: 黃梅鯛(2)
Caesio lunaris: 新月梅鯛
Caesio lunaris: 烏尾冬仔
Caesio lunaris: 花尾烏尾鮗
Caesio teres: 烏尾冬仔
Caesio teres: 烏尾冬仔,黃烏尾鮗
Caesio teres: 美丽梅鲷
Caesio teres: 美麗梅鯛
Caesio teres: 藍黃梅鯛
Caesio teres: 黃藍背烏尾鮗
Caesio teres: 黃鰭蕃薯魚
Caiman crocodiles: 凱門眼鏡鱷
Caiman crocodiles: 眼鏡鱷
Caiman crocodilus: 中美短吻鼉
Caiman crocodilus: 凱門眼鏡鱷
Caiman crocodilus: 眼鏡凱門鱷,短吻鱷(2)
Caiman crocodilus: 眼鏡凱門鱷(2)
Caiman crocodilus: 眼鏡短吻鱷
Caiman crocodilus: 短吻鱷
Caiman crocodilus: apaporiensis, 眼鏡凱門鱷
Caiman latirostris: 南美短吻鼉
Caiman latirostris: 寬吻凱門鱷(2)
Caiman sclerops: 眼鏡鱷
Caimanops amphiboluroides: 内陆双孔蜥(2)
Cairina moschata: 南美鸭
Cairina moschata: 番鴨, Fan1 ya1(1190)
Cairina moschata: 番鸭
Cairina moschata: 番鸭, Fan1 ya1(16200)
Cairina moschata: 疣鼻栖鸭(92)
Cairina moschata: 疣鼻棲鴨(94)
Cairina moschata: 野鸳鸯
Cairina moschata: 麝香鴨(935)
Cairina moschata: 麝香鸭
Cairina moschata: black muscovy, 黑色番鴨
Cairina moschata: white muscovy, 白色番鴨
Cairina scutulata: 白翅栖鸭
Cairina scutulata: 白翅棲鴨(2)
Cairina scutulata: 白翼木鴨(2)
Cairina scutulata: 白翼木鸭
Calacarus carinatus: 龍首麗節蜱
Calamaria pavimenculata: 尖尾两头蛇
Calamaria pavimentata: 尖尾两头蛇(2)
Calamaria pavimentata: 尖尾兩頭蛇
Calamaria pavimentata: 鐵線蛇(2)
Calamaria pfefferi: 費福氏鐵線蛇
Calamaria septentrionalis: 鈍尾兩頭蛇
Calamaria septentrionalis: 钝尾两头蛇(4)
Calamaria yunnanensis: 云南两头蛇(3)
Calamaria yunnanensis: 云南兩頭蛇
Calamonastes simplex: 灰拱翅鶯
Calamonastes undosus: 墨伊拱翅鶯
Calamoncosis sorella: 安平稈蠅
Calamorhynchus pellucidus: 明晰附額戎
Calamus pennatula: 翼芦鲷
Calamus pennatula: 翼蘆鯛
Calamus taurinus: 韌皮蘆鯛
Calamus taurinus: 韧皮芦鲷
Calandrella acutirostris: 細嘴短趾百靈
Calandrella acutirostris: 细嘴短趾百灵(2)
Calandrella brachydactyla: 大短趾百灵(3)
Calandrella brachydactyla: 大短趾百靈(4)
Calandrella brachydactyla: 大短趾百靈
Calandrella brachydactyla: 短趾沙百靈
Calandrella brachydactyla: 短趾百靈
Calandrella cheleensis: 亚洲短趾百灵
Calandrella cheleensis: 亞洲短趾百靈(2)
Calandrella cheleensis: 短趾百灵(2)
Calandrella cinerea: 紅頂短趾百靈
Calandrella cinerea: 红顶短趾百灵
Calandrella raytal: 恒河沙百灵
Calandrella raytal: 恒河沙百靈
Calandrella rufescens: 亞洲短趾百靈
Calandrella rufescens: 亞洲短趾百靈
Calandrella rufescens: 小短趾百灵
Calandrella rufescens: (亚洲)短趾百灵
Calandrella rufesens: 沙百灵
Calandrella somalica: 棕短趾百靈
Calanoides philippiensis: 菲似哲水蚤
Calanopia elliptica: 橢形長足水蚤
Calanopia minor: 小長足水蚤
Calanopia thompsoni: 湯氏長足水蚤
Calanus jashnovi: 耶氏哲水蚤
Calanus sinicus: 中華哲水蚤
Calappa bicornis: 雙角饅頭蟹
Calappa calappa: 包蟳
Calappa calappa: 饅頭蟳
Calappa calappa: 饅頭蟹
Calappa gallus: 公雞饅頭蟹
Calappa hepatica: 沙錐
Calappa hepatica: 肝葉饅頭蟹
Calappa hepatica: 麵包蟹
Calappa japonica: 包蟳
Calappa japonica: 日本饅頭蟹
Calappa japonica: 饅頭蟳
Calappa lophos: 包蟳
Calappa lophos: 卷折饅頭蟹
Calappa lophos: 饅頭蟳
Calappa philargius: 包蟳
Calappa philargius: 眼斑饅頭蟹
Calappa philargius: 逍遙饅頭蟹
Calappa philargius: 饅頭蟳
Calappa pustulosa: 小型饅頭蟹
Calappa quadrimaculata: 四斑饅頭蟹
Calastacus laevis: 平滑秀指蝦
Calathus dolichus: halensis, 赤胸步甲
Calaxiopsis manuingi: 曼氏木阿姑蝦
Calaxiopsis serrata: 鋸齒木阿姑蝦
Calaxius acutirostris: 尖額麗阿姑蝦
Calaxius euophthalmus: 真眼麗阿姑蝦
Calcarius lapponicus: 鐵爪鵐(4)
Calcarius lapponicus: 鐵爪鹀
Calcarius lapponicus: 铁爪鹀(8)
Calcinus elegans: 秀麗硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus gaimardii: 蓋氏硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus guamensis: 關島硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus laevimanus: 光掌硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus latens: 隱伏硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus lineapropodus: 線足硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus minutus: 微小硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus morgani: 摩氏硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus pulcher: 優美硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus seurati: 塞氏硬殼寄居蟹
Calcinus vachoni: 瓦氏硬殼寄居蟹
Calcothloris obtusirostris: 黄毛鼹
Calepitrimerus alnus: 赤陽上三脊節蜱
Calepitrimerus brevilinea: 短線上三脊節蜱
Calepitrimerus litseaus: 黃肉楠上三脊節蜱
Calepitrimerus octophyllaus: 江某上三脊節蜱
Calepitrimerus reticulatus: 網室上三脊節蜱
Calepitrimerus similisvas: 瓶形上三脊節蜱
Calepitrimerus undatus: 千金藤上三脊節蜱
Caleta roxus: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Calicnemia eximia: 朱红丽扇蟌
Calicnemia eximia: 美姿琵蟌
Calicnemia exythromelas: 赭腹丽扇蟌
Calicnemia miniata: 红腹丽扇蟌
Calicnemia sinensis: 中华丽扇蟌
Calidria ptilocnemis: 岩滨鹬(2)
Calidria ptiocnemis: 岩滨鹬
Calidria ptiocnemis: 巖濱鷸
Calidris acuminata: 尖尾滨鹬(10)
Calidris acuminata: 尖尾濱鷸(7)
Calidris acuminata: 尖尾鷸(3)
Calidris alba: ㆔趾鷸
Calidris alba: 三趾滨鹬(5)
Calidris alba: 三趾濱鷸(9)
Calidris alba: 三趾鷸(3)
Calidris alba: 三趾鹬
Calidris alpina: 濱鷸(3)
Calidris alpina: 黑腹滨鹬(10)
Calidris alpina: 黑腹濱鷸(8)
Calidris alpins: 黑腹滨鹬
Calidris bairdii: 白腹滨鹬
Calidris bairdii: 黑腰滨鹬
Calidris bairdii: 黑腰濱鷸(3)
Calidris canutus: 漂鷸(3)
Calidris canutus: 紅腹濱鷸(9)
Calidris canutus: 红腹滨鹬(9)
Calidris ferruginea: 弯嘴滨鹬(10)
Calidris ferruginea: 彎咀濱鷸
Calidris ferruginea: 彎嘴濱鷸(9)
Calidris ferruginea: 滸鷸(3)
Calidris fuscicollis: 白腰滨鹬(2)
Calidris fuscicollis: 白腰濱鷸(2)
Calidris himantopus: 高跷鹬(3)
Calidris himantopus: 高蹺濱鷸(3)
Calidris himantopus: 高蹺鷸(2)
Calidris maritima: 紫滨鹬
Calidris mauri: 小濱鷸
Calidris mauri: 西方滨鹬(7)
Calidris mauri: 西方濱鷸(2)
Calidris mauri: 西滨鹬
Calidris mauri: 西濱鷸(6)
Calidris melanotos: 斑胸滨鹬(8)
Calidris melanotos: 斑胸濱鷸(4)
Calidris melanotos: 美洲尖尾濱鷸(3)
Calidris melanotos: 美洲尖尾鷸(3)
Calidris minuta: 小滨鹬(9)
Calidris minuta: 小濱鷸(9)
Calidris minutilla: 姬滨鹬
Calidris minutilla: 姬濱鷸
Calidris minutilla: 美洲小滨鹬
Calidris minutilla: 美洲小濱鷸
Calidris ptilocnemis: 岩滨鹬(3)
Calidris ptilocnemis: 巖濱鷸
Calidris ptilocnimis: 岩滨鹬
Calidris pusilla: 半蹼滨鹬
Calidris pusilla: 半蹼濱鷸(2)
Calidris ruficollis: 犀鷸
Calidris ruficollis: 禾犀鷸
Calidris ruficollis: 穉鷸(2)
Calidris ruficollis: 紅胸濱鷸(6)
Calidris ruficollis: 紅頸濱鷸(4)
Calidris ruficollis: 红胸滨鹬(2)
Calidris ruficollis: 红颈滨鹬(8)
Calidris subimuta: 长趾滨鹬
Calidris subminuta: 長趾濱鷸(9)
Calidris subminuta: 长趾滨鹬(8)
Calidris subminuta: 雲雀鷸(3)
Calidris temminckii: 丹氏滨鹬
Calidris temminckii: 丹氏濱鷸(3)
Calidris temminckii: 丹氏犀鷸
Calidris temminckii: 丹氏禾犀鷸
Calidris temminckii: 丹氏穉鷸(2)
Calidris temminckii: 乌脚滨鹬
Calidris temminckii: 烏腳濱鷸
Calidris temminckii: 青脚滨鹬(9)
Calidris temminckii: 青腳濱鷸(4)
Calidris temminckii: 丹氏濱鷸(2)
Calidris temminckii: 丹氏穉鷸
Calidris tenuirostris: 大滨鹬(10)
Calidris tenuirostris: 大濱鷸(7)
Calidris tenuirostris: 姥鷸(3)
Calidris tenuirostris: 細咀濱鷸
Calidris tenuirostris: 细嘴滨鹬
Caliechthrus leucolophus: 白顶噪鹃
Caligula japonica: 雙黑目天蠶蛾
Caligula jonasi: 綠目天蠶蛾
Caligula thibeta: 大綠目天蠶蛾
Calilestes pallidistigma: 淡痣卡山蟌
Calinaga buddha: 絹蛺蝶
Calinaga buddha: 首環蝶
Calinaga buddha: 黃頸蛺
Calindoea polygraphalis: 細波網蛾
Calipandalus elachys: 纖小麗額蝦
Caliphaea confuse: 绿闪色蟌
Caliphaea consimilis: 紫闪色蟌
Callacanthis burtoni: 紅眉金翅雀
Callacanthis burtoni: 红眉金翅雀
Callaeas cinereus: 垂耳鸦
Callagur borneoensis: 盐水龟
Callanassa harmandi: 哈氏美人虾
Callanthias japonicus: 日本麗花鮨
Callanthias japonicus: 紅黃帶花鮨
Callechelys marmorata: 雲紋麗鰻
Callianassa intermedia: 中間美人蝦
Calliaster childreni: 玉緣棘角海星
Calliax bulimba: 飢餓姣斧蝦
Callicanthus hexacanthus: 小齿双板盾尾鱼
Callicanthus lituratus: 颊纹双板盾尾鱼
Callicanthus lopezi: 背斑双板盾尾鱼
Callicaria superba: 日本丽瓢虫
Callicaria superba: 日本麗瓢蟲(3)
Callicebus brunneus: 棕伶猴
Callicebus caligatus: 黑伶猴
Callicebus cinerascens: 灰伶猴
Callicebus cupreus: 红伶猴
Callicebus donacophilus: 芦苇伶猴
Callicebus donacophilus: 蘆葦伶猴
Callicebus dubius: 拟伶猴
Callicebus hoffmannsi: 霍氏伶猴
Callicebus modestus: 赤褐伶猴
Callicebus modestus: 静伶猴
Callicebus moloch: 暗黑伶猴
Callicebus moloch: 红伶猴(2)
Callicebus oenanthe: 安第斯伶猴
Callicebus olallae: 玻利维亚伶猴
Callicebus personatus: 假面伶猴
Callicebus personatus: 花面伶猴
Callicebus torquatus: 白领伶猴
Callicera aenea: 古銅蚜蠅
Callichthys callichthys: 美鯰
Callichthys callichthys: 美鲶
Callidula attenuata: 帶錨紋蛾(2)
Callimiao goeldii: 猴狨
Callimico goeldii: 猴狨(3)
Callimico goeldii: 節尾猴(2)
Callimico goeldii: 节尾猴
Callimico goeldii: 跳猴(2)
Callimitra annae: 安娜丽巾虫
Callimitra carolota: 卡罗丽巾虫
Callimitra emmae: 叶片丽巾虫
Calliodentalium crocinum: 黃光象牙貝
Callionymus africanus: 非洲
Callionymus altipinnis: 大鰭
Callionymus altipinnis: 高鰭
Callionymus altipinnis: 高鰭
Callionymus belcheri: 反棘
Callionymus belcheri: 白氏
Callionymus belcheri: 白氏
Callionymus beniteguri: 本式
Callionymus beniteguri: 本氏
Callionymus beniteguri: 本氏
Callionymus beniteguri: 緋
Callionymus beniteguri: 緋
Callionymus beniteguri: 老鼠
Callionymus curvicornis: 彎棘
Callionymus curvicornis: 彎棘
Callionymus doryssus: 槍棘
Callionymus doryssus: 槍棘
Callionymus doryssus: 絲背
Callionymus enneactis: 九棘
Callionymus enneactis: 九棘
Callionymus enneactis: 斑鰭
Callionymus enneactis: 老鼠
Callionymus filamentosus: 單絲
Callionymus filamentosus: 絲鰭
Callionymus filamentosus: 絲鰭
Callionymus hainanensis: 海南
Callionymus hainanensis: 海南
Callionymus hainanensis: 老鼠
Callionymus hindsii: 海氏
Callionymus hindsii: 漢氏
Callionymus hindsii: 漢氏
Callionymus japonicus: 日本
Callionymus japonicus: 日本
Callionymus lyra: 真
Callionymus martinae: 火星
Callionymus martinae: 火星
Callionymus martinae: 黑緣
Callionymus meridionalis: 南方
Callionymus meridionalis: 南方
Callionymus meridionalis: 子午
Callionymus meridionalis: 子午
Callionymus meridionalis: 老鼠
Callionymus octostigmatus: 八斑
Callionymus octostigmatus: 八斑
Callionymus octostigmatus: 斑臀
Callionymus octostigmatus: 老鼠
Callionymus planus: 扁
Callionymus planus: 扁
Callionymus pleurostictus: 白臀
Callionymus pleurostictus: 胡麻
Callionymus pleurostictus: 胡麻
Callionymus scabriceps: 粗首
Callionymus scabriceps: 粗首
Callionymus scabriceps: 糙首
Callionymus schaapii: 沙氏
Callionymus schaapii: 沙氏
Callionymus valenciennei: 瓦氏
Callionymus valenciennei: 瓦氏
Callionymus variegatus: 奇
Callionymus variegatus: 奇美尾
Callionymus variegatus: 奇
Callionymus variegatus: 曳絲
Callionymus variegatus: 曳絲
Callionymus variegatus: 老鼠
Calliophis kelloggi: 福建丽纹蛇(4)
Calliophis kelloggi: 福建麗紋蛇
Calliophis macclellandi: 丽纹蛇(4)
Calliophis macclellandi: 環紋赤蛇
Calliophis macclellandi: 麗紋蛇
Calliophis macclellandii: 丽纹蛇
Calliophis sauteri: 台湾丽纹蛇(3)
Calliophis sauteri: 臺灣麗紋蛇
Calliostoma aculeatus: 細沙鐘螺
Calliostoma consors: 粗腰鐘螺
Calliostoma formosense: 台灣鐘螺
Calliostoma galea: 盔形鐘螺
Calliostoma haliarchus: 陀螺鐘螺
Calliostoma katoi: 加藤鐘螺
Calliostoma koma: 扁陀螺鐘螺
Calliostoma problematicus: 問題鐘螺
Calliostoma rubroscalpta: 虛線鐘螺
Calliostoma shinagawaense: 高塔鐘螺
Calliostoma soyoae: 桃紅鐘螺
Calliostoma tosaensis: 土佐鐘螺
Calliostoma unicum: 丽口螺
Calliostoma unicum: 腰帶鐘螺
Calliotectum dalli: 東港渦螺
Calliotectum tibiaeforme: 寺町渦螺
Calliotectum tibiaeforme: 長笛渦螺
Calliotropis annonaformis: 釋迦白鐘螺
Calliotropis conchologyi: 雙練鐘螺
Calliotropis sakashitai: 坂下鐘螺
Calliotropis scalaris: 階梯白鐘螺
Callipepla californica: 加州鵪鶉(3)
Callipepla californica: 珠頸翎鶉
Callipepla californica: 珠颈翎鹑
Callipepla gambelii: 甘柏氏鵪鶉(2)
Callipepla gambelii: 黑腹翎鹑
Calliphora lata: 寬大麗蠅
Calliphora pattoni: 巴氏麗蠅
Calliphora vomitoria: 反吐麗蠅
Callisaurus draconoides: 斑尾蜥
Callista chinensis: 中国仙女蛤
Callista chinensis: 中華長文蛤
Callista erycina: 女神長文蛤
Callista erycina: 棕带仙女蛤
Callista pilsbryi: 皮氏長文蛤
Callistethus formosanus: 黃金黑腳金龜
Callistethus plagiicollis: 黑腳金龜
Callistochiton savigni: 錫圭石鱉
Callistocythere akabashia: 紅橋花花介
Callistocythere asiatica: 亞洲花花介
Callistocythere besani: 畢三花花介
Callistocythere chihyunga: 智勇花花介
Callistocythere cranekeyensis: 克藍花花介
Callistocythere eugenia: 丁香花花介
Callistocythere hanhsini: 韓信花花介
Callistocythere involutia: 退化花花介
Callistocythere japonica: 東洋花花介
Callistocythere multirugosa: 多皺紋花花介
Callistocythere ovata: 橢圓花花介
Callistocythere reticulata: 網紋花花介
Callistocythere rugosa: 皺紋花花介
Callistocythere shuliana: 水利花花介
Callistocythere sinensis: 震旦花花介
Callistocythere subjaponica: 亞東洋花花介
Callistocythere tateyamaensis: 立山花花介
Callistocythere tientaolis: 天道花花介
Callistocythere tihaoa: 荻蒿花花介
Callistocythere undata: 有紋花花介
Callistocythere undulatificialis: 多紋花花介
Callistocythere uranipponica: 裏日本花花介
Callistocythere yanghui: 陽虎花花介
Callistomyia pavonina: 斑顏端圓斑實蠅
Calliteara lunulata: 結麗毒蛾
Callithaca staminea: 线丽目蛤
Callithrix argentata: 银毛绒(2)
Callithrix argentata: 银狨
Callithrix aurita: 白羽狨(2)
Callithrix aurita: 白耳狨(4)
Callithrix flaviceps: 黃冠狨
Callithrix flaviceps: 黃頭狨(2)
Callithrix flaviceps: 黄头狨(2)
Callithrix geoffroyi: 杰氏狨
Callithrix humeralifer: 亚马孙狨
Callithrix jacchus: 狨
Callithrix jacchus: 白耳狨
Callithrix jacchus: 黄头狨
Callithrix kuhlii: 库氏狨
Callithrix penicillata: 黑羽狨
Callithrix pygmaea: 侏狨
Callitrichia formosana: 台灣裂頭小皿蛛
Calliurichthys izuensis: 伊津美尾
Callocephalon fimbriatum: 红冠灰凤头鹦鹉
Callochromis macrops: 大眼銜麗魚
Callochromis melanostigma: 黑點銜麗魚
Callochromis plaeurosilus: 肋斑銜麗魚
Callochromis pleurospilus: 彩虹天使
Callochromis pleurospilus: 胸斑銜麗魚
Callochromis stappersii: 斯塔普氏銜麗魚
Callogobius flavobrunneus: 黃棕硬皮鰕虎
Callogobius hasseltii: 哈氏硬皮鰕虎
Callogobius hasseltii: 長鰭美鰕虎魚
Callogobius maculippinis: 斑鰭硬皮鰕虎
Callogobius nigromarginatus: 黑鰭緣硬皮蝦虎
Callogobius nigromarginatus: 黑鰭緣美鰕虎魚
Callogobius okinawae: 沖繩硬皮鰕虎
Callogobius okinawae: 沖繩美鰕虎魚
Callogobius sclateri: 稜頭硬皮鰕虎
Callogobius sclateri: 美鰕虎魚
Callogobius sclateri: 美鰕虎鱼
Callogobius sheni: 沈氏硬皮鰕虎
Callogobius snelliusi: 史奈利鯊硬皮鰕虎
Callogobius snelliusi: 史氏硬皮鰕虎
Callogobius snelliusi: 史氏美鰕虎魚
Callogobius tanegasimae: 神島硬皮鰕虎(2)
Callogobius tanegasimae: 神鳥硬皮鰕虎
Callogobius tanegasimae: 種子島美鰕虎魚
Callopistes maculatus: 斑丽鳞蜥
Callopistria clava: 粗鱗散紋夜蛾
Callopistria deflexusa: 彎線散紋夜蛾
Callopistria delicata: 白斑散紋夜蛾
Callopistria duplicans: 弧角散紋夜蛾
Callopistria guttulalis: 珠紋散紋夜蛾
Callopistria japonibia: 東洋散紋夜蛾
Callopistria nigrescens: 黯翅散紋夜蛾
Callopistria nobilior: 小紅暈散紋夜蛾
Callopistria phaeogona: 暗角散紋夜蛾
Callopistria placodoides: 紅棕散紋夜蛾
Callopistria repleta: 紅暈散紋夜蛾
Callopistria thalpophiloides: 後黃散紋夜蛾
Calloplesiops altivelis: 瑰麗七夕魚
Calloplesiops altivelis: 鬥魚
Calloplesiops altivelis: 麗鮗
Callorhinus ursinus: 北海狗
Callorhinus ursinus: 海狗(2)
Callosciurus albescens: 白麗松鼠
Callosciurus caniceps: 金背松鼠(4)
Callosciurus erythraeus: 红腹松鼠
Callosciurus erythraeus: 膨鼠
Callosciurus erythraeus: 蓬鼠
Callosciurus erythraeus: 赤腹松鼠(7)
Callosciurus erythraeus: castaneoventris, 赤腹松鼠
Callosciurus finlaysoni: 白背松鼠(4)
Callosciurus inornatus: 中南松鼠
Callosciurus notatus: 大蕉松鼠
Callosciurus notatus: 大蕉松鼠, Da4 jiao1 song1 shu3(86)
Callosciurus phayrei: 黃足松鼠
Callosciurus phayrei: 黄足松鼠(3)
Callosciurus pygerythrus: 蓝腹松鼠(4)
Callosciurus pygerythrus: 藍腹松鼠
Callosciurus quinquesriatus: 五纹松鼠
Callosciurus quinquestriatus: 五紋松鼠
Callosciurus quinquestriatus: 五纹松鼠(2)
Calloselasma rhodostoma: 马来亚腹蛇
Callosobruchus analis: 鹰嘴豆象
Callosobruchus maculatus: 四纹豆象
Calluella yunnanensis: 云南小狭口蛙(3)
Calluella yunnanensis: 云南小狹口蛙
Calluella yunnanensis: 多疣狭蛙
Calochromus formosanus: 蓬萊麗紅螢
Calochromus shirozui: 紅絨麗紅螢
Calochromus subparallelus: 細身麗紅螢
Calochromus sungkangensis: 鋸角麗紅螢
Calocyclas monumentum: 单美袍虫
Caloenas nicobarica: 尼古巴鴿(2)
Caloenas nicobarica: 尼可巴鴿
Caloenas nicobarica: 尼柯巴鸠(2)
Caloenas nicobarica: 尼科巴鳩
Caloenas nicobarica: 綠蓑鴿(2)
Calommata signata: 地蜘科新紀錄種
Calomys musculinus: 壯暮鼠
Calomyscus bailwardi: 麗倉鼠
Caloneas nicobarica: 蓑鸠
Calonectris diomedea: 猛鸌(科瑞氏水薙),
Calonectris diomedea: 猛鹱
Calonectris leucomelas: 大水薙鳥(5)
Calonectris leucomelas: 白額
Calonectris leucomelas: 白額鸌(2)
Calonectris leucomelas: 白額
Calonectris leucomelas: 白额鹱(4)
Caloperdix oculea: 锈红林鹧鸪
Caloperdix oculeus: 锈红林鹧鸪
Caloprymnus campestris: 沙漠大袋鼠(2)
Caloprymnus campestris: 荒漠袋鼠(2)
Caloprymus campestris: 沙漠貘
Calopsectra formosanus: 麗島搖蚊
Calopsectra uraiensis: 烏來搖蚊
Calopteryx atratum: 黑色蟌
Calopteryx atrocyana: 青色蟌
Calopteryx coomani: 科氏色蟌
Calopteryx grahami: 透顶色蟌
Calopteryx grandaeva: 金腹色蟌
Calopteryx laosica: 老挝色蟌
Calopteryx melli: 宽翅色蟌
Calopteryx oberthuri: 奥氏色蟌
Calopteryx splendena: 华丽色蟌
Calopteryx virgo: 条纹色蟌
Caloramphus fuliginosus: 褐拟鴷
Calorhamphus fuliginosus: 褐拟鴷
Calosoma maderae: 中华广肩步行虫
Calosphenisca quinquemaculata: 五斑低角實蠅
Calosphenisca volucris: 褐腿低角實蠅
Calotes andamanensis: 安达曼树蜥(2)
Calotes brevipes: 短肢树蜥(5)
Calotes brevipes: 短肢樹蜥
Calotes calotes: 普通树蜥
Calotes calotes: 树蜥
Calotes calotes: 树蜥(普通树蜥)(2)
Calotes calotes: 绿树蜥(2)
Calotes ceylonensis: 斯里兰卡树蜥(2)
Calotes ellioti: 乌拉巴树蜥(2)
Calotes emma: 棕背树蜥(7)
Calotes emma: 棕背樹蜥
Calotes emma: 棕角鬣蜥
Calotes grandisquamis: 大鳞树蜥(2)
Calotes jerdoni: 綠背樹蜥
Calotes jerdoni: 绿背树蜥(7)
Calotes jerdonii: 绿背树蜥
Calotes kakhienensis: 蚌西树蜥(5)
Calotes kakhienensis: 蚌西樹蜥
Calotes kingdonwardi: 西藏树蜥(5)
Calotes kingdonwardi: 西藏樹蜥
Calotes liocephalus: 滑头树蜥(2)
Calotes liolepis: 滑鳞树蜥(2)
Calotes maria: 卡西树蜥(2)
Calotes medogensis: 墨脫樹蜥
Calotes medogensis: 墨脱树蜥(7)
Calotes medogensis: 平鳞树蜥
Calotes microlepis: 細鱗樹蜥
Calotes microlepis: 细鳞树蜥(6)
Calotes mystaceus: 白唇树蜥(9)
Calotes mystaceus: 白唇樹蜥
Calotes nemoricola: 草地树蜥(2)
Calotes nigrilabris: 黑唇树蜥(2)
Calotes rouxii: 印度树蜥(2)
Calotes versicolor: 变色树蜥, Bian se shu xi(34400)
Calotes versicolor: 變色樹蜥, Bian se shu xi(32000)
Calotes versicolor: 鸡冠蛇(1130)
Calotomus carolinus: 卡羅鸚鯉
Calotomus carolinus: 星眼絢鸚嘴魚
Calotomus carolinus: 鸚哥
Calotomus japonicus: 日本絢鸚嘴魚
Calotomus japonicus: 日本鸚鯉
Calotomus spinidens: 凹尾絢鸚嘴魚
Calotomus spinidens: 台灣鸚鯉
Calotomus spinidens: 鸚哥
Calpurnus lacteus: 乳白海兔螺
Calpurnus lacteus: 牙白海兔螺
Calpurnus verrucosus: 玉兔螺
Caltoris bromus: 無斑珂弄蝶(2)
Caltoris cahira: 放踵珂弄蝶(2)
Calumia godeffroyi: 巧塘鱧
Calumma parsonii: 国王变色龙(2)
Calumma parsonii: 國王變色龍(2)
Calumma parsonii: 海岛避役
Calvactaea tumida: 肥胖禿頭蟹
Calvia albida: 草黄裸瓢虫
Calvia championorum: 三紋裸瓢蟲
Calvia championorum: 三纹裸瓢虫
Calvia championorum: 灰帶黃裸瓢蟲(2)
Calvia chinensis: 华裸瓢虫
Calvia chinensis: 華裸瓢蟲
Calvia chinensis: 華鹿裸瓢蟲
Calvia hauseri: 枝斑裸瓢虫
Calvia hauseri: 枝斑裸瓢蟲
Calvia muiri: 十四星裸瓢蟲
Calvia muiri: 四斑裸瓢虫(2)
Calvia muiri: 四斑裸瓢蟲(4)
Calvia quadrivittata: 四條裸瓢蟲(2)
Calvia quatuordecimguttata: 十四星裸瓢虫(2)
Calvia quinquedecimguttata: 十五星裸瓢虫
Calvia shirozui: 台灣裸瓢蟲(3)
Calvia sicardi: 链纹裸瓢虫
Calycomyza artemisiae: 苦艾萼潛蠅
Calycomyza artemisiae: 蒿萼潛蠅
Calycomyza bicolor: 雙色萼潛蠅
Calycopis bactra: 棒纹俏灰蝶
Calycopis buphonia: 步俏灰蝶
Calycopis calor: 丽俏灰蝶
Calycopis calus: 美俏灰蝶
Calycopis caulonia: 考俏灰蝶
Calycopis cecrops: 俏灰蝶
Calycopis centoripa: 剌俏灰蝶
Calycopis cerata: 俏丽灰蝶
Calycopis cinniana: 欣俏灰蝶
Calycopis clarina: 克莱俏灰蝶
Calycopis cyanus: 青蓝俏灰蝶
Calycopis demonassa: 戴俏灰蝶
Calycopis isobeon: 伊索俏灰蝶
Calycopis janeirica: 珍尼俏灰蝶
Calycopis orcillula: 奥俏丽灰蝶
Calycopis pisis: 碗豆俏丽灰蝶
Calycopis talama: 塔来俏灰蝶
Calycopis vesulus: 雅素俏灰蝶
Calycopis xeneta: 辛娜俏灰蝶
Calyptomena hosii: 丽绿阔嘴鸟(2)
Calyptomena viridis: 绿阔嘴鸟(2)
Calyptomena whiteheadi: 黑喉绿阔嘴鸟(2)
Calyptopogon albitarsis: 白蚹鞘蠓
Calyptorhynchus banksii: 红尾黑凤头鹦鹉
Calyptorhynchus baudinii: 长喙黑凤头鹦鹉
Calyptorhynchus funereus: 黄尾黑凤头鹦鹉
Calyptorhynchus lathami: 辉凤头鹦鹉
Calyptorhynchus latirostris: 短喙黑凤头鹦鹉
Calyptotrypus hibinonis: 梨蟋
Calyptraea extinctorium: 笠舟螺
Calyptraea morbida: 花笠舟螺
Calyptraea sakaguchi: 栗色舟螺
Calyptromyia barbata: 短髭寄蠅
Calythea limnophorina: 集集花蠅
Camaena batanica: 班卡拉左旋蝸牛
Camaena batanica: 蘭嶼蝸牛
Camaena friesiana: 菱蝸牛
Camaena succincta: 圓菱蝸牛
Camaena succincta: 小菱蝸牛
Camaena succincta: 紅菱蝸牛
Camaricus formosus: 美丽顶蟹蛛
Camaroptera brachyura: 綠背拱翅鶯
Camaroptera chloronota: 綠拱翅鶯
Cambaroides dauricus: 东北蝲蛄
Camelus bactrianus: 双峰驼
Camelus bactrianus: 野生双峰驼
Camelus bactrianus: 野驼
Camelus bactrianus: 野骆驼
Camelus bactrianus: 雙峰駝
Camelus bactrianus: 駱駝
Camelus bactrianus: 骆驼
Camelus dromedarius: 单峰驼
Camelus ferus: 双峰驼(2)
Camelus ferus: 野骆驼(2)
Camitia rotellina: 漩渦鐘螺
Campanularia johnstoni: 约氏钟螅
Campephaga flava: 黑鵑鵙
Campephaga petiti: 紅腹鵑鵙
Campephaga phoenicea: 紅肩鵑鵙
Campephaga quiscalina: 紫喉鵑鵙
Campephilus imperialis: 帝啄木鳥
Campephilus imperialis: 帝啄木(4)
Campephilus principalis: 象牙喙啄木鸟
Campephlus mperals: 帝啄木鸟
Campethera abingoni: 金尾啄木鳥
Campethera bennettii: 班氏啄木鳥
Campethera cailiautii: 綠背啄木鳥
Campethera caroli: 褐耳啄木鳥
Campethera mombassica: 蒙巴薩啄木鳥
Campethera nivosa: 棕斑啄木鳥
Campethera nubica: 東非啄木鳥
Campethera tullbergi: 喀麥隆啄木鳥
Campichthys nanus: 小曲海龍
Campiglossa absinthii: 亞伯森長唇實蠅
Campiglossa hirayamae: 平山長唇實蠅
Campiglossa punctata: 三斑長唇實蠅
Campochaera sloetii: 橙鹃鵙
Campoletis chlorideae: 棉鈴蟲齒唇姬蜂
Camponotus gigas: 巨山蟻
Camponotus japonicus: 大黑木工蚁
Campontus albosparsus: 白疏巨山蟻
Campontus friedae: 大黑巨山蟻
Campontus friedae: 大黑蟻
Campontus irritans: 高雄巨山蟻
Campontus lighti: 賴氏巨山蟻
Campontus monju: 厚毛巨山蟻
Campontus punctatissimus: 絲巨山蟻
Campontus tokioensis: 東京巨山蟻
Campontus treubi: 丁氏巨山蟻
Campontus variegatus: 甜蜜巨山蟻
Campoplex homonae: 茶卷蛾高縫姬蜂
Camposcia retusa: 蜘蛛蟹
Camposcia retusa: 鈍額曲毛蟹
Campososternus guizhouensis: 黔丽叩甲
Campososternus guizhouensis: 黔麗叩甲
Camposoternus auratus: 丽叩甲
Camposoternus auratus: 麗叩甲
Campostoma anomalum: 曲口魚
Campostoma oligolepis: 稀鱗曲口魚
Campostoma ornatum: 文飾曲口魚
Campostoma pauciradii: 波氏曲口魚
Campsicnemus glaucus: 碧綠長足虻
Campsicnemus halidaya: 哈氏長足虻
Campsicnemus intermittens: 排灣長足虻
Campsicnemus lucidus: 輝煌長足虻
Campsicnemus obscuratus: 幽暗長足虻
Campsiomorpha formosana: 大擬步行蟲
Campsomeris annulata: 姬黃帶土蜂
Campsomeris annulata: 白毛長腹土蜂
Campsomeris formosensis: 台灣長腹土蜂
Campsomeris marginella: 夏威夷土蜂(2)
Campsomeris marginella: 小黑長腹土蜂
Campsomeris phalerata: 炫長腹土蜂
Campsomeris prismatica: 金毛長腹土蜂
Campsomeris stoetzneri: 綠條斑長腹土蜂
Campsosternus auratus: 丽叩甲(2)
Campsosternus auratus: 大青叩頭蟲(2)
Campsosternus bimaculatu: 二斑丽叩甲(3)
Campsosternus bimaculatu: 二斑麗叩甲
Campsosternus fruhstorferi: 綠腹麗叩甲
Campsosternus fruhstorferi: 绿腹丽叩甲(3)
Campsosternus gemma: 彩虹叩頭蟲(2)
Campsosternus gemma: 朱肩丽叩甲(3)
Campsosternus gemma: 朱肩麗叩甲
Campsosternus guishuni: 台灣大青叩頭蟲
Campsosternus guizhouensis: 黔丽叩甲(2)
Campsosternus mirabilis: 大綠叩頭蟲
Campsosternus watanabei: 渡邊氏大青叩頭蟲
Campsosternus watanabei: 虹彩叩頭蟲
Camptocladius despectus: 浮塵搖蚊
Camptocladius formosanus: 頂雙溪搖蚊
Campylocera hirsuta: 粗魯出頭蠅
Campylomormyrus cassaicus: 盔弯颌象鼻鱼
Campylomormyrus cassaicus: 盔彎頜象鼻魚
Campylomormyrus tamandua: 蠕錐頜象鼻魚
Campylomormyrus tamandua: 蠕锥颌象鼻鱼
Campyloneurus cingulicauda: 瓣尾彎脈繭蜂
Campylopterus phainopeplus: 圣马刀翅蜂鸟(2)
Campylotes altissimus: 細紋旭錦斑蛾
Campylotes maculosa: 胭脂紅斑蛾
Campylotes maculosa: 臺灣旭錦斑蛾
Canaea ryukyuensis: 琉球雲紋網蛾
Canariomys tamarani: 島鼠
Cancellaria asperella: 布紋核螺
Cancellaria asperella: 金剛核螺
Cancellaria fulva: 粗布核螺
Cancellaria gigantea: 巨核螺
Cancellaria habei: 波部核螺
Cancellaria oblonga: 橄欖核螺
Cancellaria sinensis: 中華核螺
Cancellaria spengleriana: 衣裳核螺
Cancer japonicus: 日本黃道蟹
Cancer magister: 蟹(2)
Cancer magister: 首長黃道蟹
Cancer magister: 黃金蟹
Cancer nadaensis: 日灘黃道蟹
Cancer pagurus: 黃道蟹
Cancilla abyssicola: 深淵筆螺
Cancilla filaris: 巧彫筆螺
Cancilla gloriola: 輕紗筆螺
Cancilla isabella: 白筆螺
Cancilla morchii: 大白筆螺
Cancilla praestantissima: 黑彈簧筆螺
Candacia armata: 瘦平頭水蚤
Candacia bipinnata: 雙翼平頭水蚤
Candacia bradyi: 伯氏平頭水蚤
Candacia catula: 幼平頭水蚤
Candacia columbiae: 哥佗平頭水蚤
Candacia curta: 短平頭水蚤
Candacia discaudata: 異尾平頭水蚤
Candacia elongata: 瘦長平頭水蚤
Candacia ethiopica: 黑斑平頭水蚤
Candacia guggenheimi: 耳突平頭水蚤
Candacia longimana: 長突平頭水蚤
Candacia pachydactyla: 厚指平頭水蚤
Candacia tenuimana: 瘦平頭水蚤
Candacia varicans: 腹突平頭水蚤
Candidia barbata: 台灣馬口魚
Candidia barbata: 须鱲
Candidia barbatus: 一枝花
Candidia barbatus: 台灣馬口魚(2)
Candidia barbatus: 台灣鬚鱲(2)
Candidia barbatus: 山鰱仔
Candidia barbatus: 憨仔魚
Candidia barbatus: 臺灣馬口魚
Candidia barbatus: 须鱲
Candidia barbatus: 鬚鱲
Candidia bartata: 台灣馬口魚
Candidia pingtungensis: 屏東縱紋鱲
Candidiopotamon rathbunae: 拉氏明溪蟹
Candocypria vicicia: 蠶豆金玻璃介
Candocypria violalis: 紫堇金玻璃介
Candoia carinata: 太平洋樹蚺(2)
Candona chusanhai: 三害玻璃介
Candona lupinia: 扇豆玻璃介
Candona parasinuosa: 似彎曲玻璃介
Candona shitsyi: 絺疵玻璃介
Cania heppneri: 灰雙線刺蛾
Canis adustus: 侧纹胡狼
Canis aureus: 亚洲胡狼
Canis familiaris: 家犬
Canis familiaris: 澳洲野犬(2)
Canis familiaris: 犬
Canis familiaris: 狗
Canis familiaris: 狗, Gou
Canis familiaris: affenpincher, 艾芬篤賓犬
Canis familiaris: affenpinscher, 獅毛犬
Canis familiaris: afghan hound, 阿富汗獵犬(2)
Canis familiaris: airedale terrier, 萬能梗(2)
Canis familiaris: akbash, 土耳其阿卡巴士犬
Canis familiaris: akita, 秋田犬(2)
Canis familiaris: alaskan malamute, 亞拉斯加瑪莉密犬
Canis familiaris: alaskan malamute, 阿拉斯加雪撬犬
Canis familiaris: american bulldog, 美國鬥牛犬
Canis familiaris: american cocker spaniel, 美國可卡犬
Canis familiaris: american eskimo dog, 美國愛斯基摩犬
Canis familiaris: american foxhound, 美國獵狐犬
Canis familiaris: american water spaniel, 美國水獵犬(2)
Canis familiaris: anatolian shepherd dog, 安那托利亞牧羊犬
Canis familiaris: australian cattle dog, 澳洲牧牛犬(2)
Canis familiaris: australian shepherd, 澳洲牧羊犬(2)
Canis familiaris: australian silky terrier, 澳洲絲毛梗
Canis familiaris: australian terrier, 澳大利亞梗
Canis familiaris: australian terrier, 澳洲梗
Canis familiaris: basenji, 巴辛吉犬
Canis familiaris: basenjis, 貝吉生犬
Canis familiaris: basset hound, 巴吉度獵犬
Canis familiaris: basset hound, 巴薩亨
Canis familiaris: beagle, 米格魯(2)
Canis familiaris: bearded collie, 長鬚牧羊犬
Canis familiaris: beauceron, 法蘭西野狼犬
Canis familiaris: bedlington terrier, 貝林登
Canis familiaris: bedlington terrier, 貝林登梗
Canis familiaris: belgian malinois, 比利時瑪利諾犬
Canis familiaris: belgian malinois, 比利時瑪連萊犬
Canis familiaris: belgian sheepdog, 比利時牧羊犬(2)
Canis familiaris: belgian tervuren, 比利時坦比連犬
Canis familiaris: belgian tervuren, 比利時特伏丹犬
Canis familiaris: bernese mountain dog, 伯恩山犬(2)
Canis familiaris: bichon frise, 捲毛比雄犬
Canis familiaris: bichon frise, 比熊犬
Canis familiaris: black and tan coonhound, 黑褐獵浣熊犬(2)
Canis familiaris: black russian terrier, 俄羅斯黑爹利
Canis familiaris: bloodhoun, 血獵犬
Canis familiaris: bloodhound, 尋血獵犬
Canis familiaris: border collie, 邊境牧羊犬(2)
Canis familiaris: border terrier, 邊境梗
Canis familiaris: borzoi, 波索犬
Canis familiaris: borzois, 波索爾犬
Canis familiaris: boston terrier, 波士頓梗(2)
Canis familiaris: bouvier des flandres, 法蘭德斯牧羊犬
Canis familiaris: bouvier des flandres, 波蘭德斯布比野犬
Canis familiaris: boxer, 拳師犬
Canis familiaris: boxer, 拳獅犬
Canis familiaris: briard, 伯瑞犬(2)
Canis familiaris: brittany, 不列塔尼犬
Canis familiaris: brittany, 不列塔尼獵犬
Canis familiaris: brussels griffon, 布魯塞爾格林芬犬
Canis familiaris: brussels griffon, 比利時粗毛犬
Canis familiaris: bull terrier, 牛頭梗
Canis familiaris: bull terrier, 迷你牛頭犬
Canis familiaris: bulldog, 鬥牛犬
Canis familiaris: bullmastiff, 布馬士提夫
Canis familiaris: bullmastuffs, 鬥牛馬士提夫
Canis familiaris: cairn terrier, 凯安梗
Canis familiaris: cairn terrier, 凱恩梗
Canis familiaris: canaan dog, 迦南犬
Canis familiaris: cardigan welsh corgi, 喀地干威爾斯哥基犬
Canis familiaris: cargigan welsh corgi, 威爾斯柯基犬
Canis familiaris: cavalier king charles spaniel, 查理士王小獵犬
Canis familiaris: cavalier king charles spaniel, 查理斯王騎士犬
Canis familiaris: chesapeake bay retriever, 乞沙比克獵犬(2)
Canis familiaris: chihuahua, 吉娃娃(2)
Canis familiaris: chinese chongqing dog, 中國重慶犬
Canis familiaris: chinese crested dog, 中國冠毛犬
Canis familiaris: chinese crested, 中國冠毛犬
Canis familiaris: chinese foo dog, 中國福犬
Canis familiaris: chinese hound, 中國細犬
Canis familiaris: chinese shar-pei, 中國沙皮犬
Canis familiaris: chinese shar-pei, 傳統中國沙皮犬
Canis familiaris: chinese shar-pei, 沙皮狗
Canis familiaris: chow chow, 鬆獅犬(2)
Canis familiaris: clumber spaniel, 克倫伯犬
Canis familiaris: clumber spaniel, 克蘭勃小獵犬
Canis familiaris: cocker spaniel, 曲卡犬
Canis familiaris: collie, 牧羊犬
Canis familiaris: curly-coated retriever, 捲毛尋回犬
Canis familiaris: dachshund, 臘腸犬(2)
Canis familiaris: dalmatian, 大麥町
Canis familiaris: dalmatian, 斑點犬
Canis familiaris: dandie dinmont, 短腳狄文梗犬
Canis familiaris: deerdog, 小鹿犬
Canis familiaris: doberman pinscher, 都柏文犬
Canis familiaris: dobermann, 杜賓犬
Canis familiaris: english pointer, 英國指標犬
Canis familiaris: english setter, 英國塞特犬
Canis familiaris: english springer spaniel, 英國激飛獵犬(2)
Canis familiaris: english toy spaniels, 英國玩賞曲卡
Canis familiaris: field spaniel, 田野獵犬
Canis familiaris: finnish spitz, 芬蘭獵犬
Canis familiaris: flat-coated retriever, 平毛尋回犬(2)
Canis familiaris: formosan mountain dog, 台灣犬
Canis familiaris: fox terrier smooth, 平毛獵狐梗
Canis familiaris: fox terrier wire, 剛毛獵狐梗
Canis familiaris: foxhound american, 美國獵狐犬
Canis familiaris: foxhound english, 英國獵狐犬
Canis familiaris: french bulldog, 法國鬥牛犬(2)
Canis familiaris: german shepderd, 德國牧羊犬
Canis familiaris: german shepherd dog, 德國牧羊犬
Canis familiaris: german shorthaired pointer, 德國短毛指示犬
Canis familiaris: german wirehaired pointer, 德國鋼毛指示犬
Canis familiaris: giant schnauzer, 巨型雪那瑞
Canis familiaris: golden retriever, 黃金獵犬(2)
Canis familiaris: great dane, 大丹犬(2)
Canis familiaris: great pyrenees, 大白熊犬
Canis familiaris: great pyrenees, 庇里牛斯山犬
Canis familiaris: greyhound, 格雷伊獵犬(2)
Canis familiaris: ibizan hound, 伊比莎獵犬
Canis familiaris: irish setter, 愛爾蘭塞特犬
Canis familiaris: irish setter, 愛爾蘭雪達
Canis familiaris: irish terrier, 愛爾蘭梗犬
Canis familiaris: irish water spaniel, 愛爾蘭水獵
Canis familiaris: irish wolfhound, 愛爾蘭獵狼犬
Canis familiaris: italian greyhound, 義大利格雷伊獵犬
Canis familiaris: japaneae chin, 日本犬
Canis familiaris: japanese chin, 日本狆
Canis familiaris: keeshond, 荷蘭毛獅犬(2)
Canis familiaris: kerry blue terrier, 凱利藍爹利
Canis familiaris: kerry blue terrier, 凱利藍犬
Canis familiaris: kunming dog, 昆明犬
Canis familiaris: kuvasz, 哥威斯犬
Canis familiaris: labrador retriever, 拉布拉多犬
Canis familiaris: labrador retriever, 拉布拉多獵犬
Canis familiaris: lakeland terrier, 湖畔梗
Canis familiaris: lhasa apso, 拉薩犬(2)
Canis familiaris: malinois, 瑪利諾犬
Canis familiaris: maltese, 瑪爾濟斯犬
Canis familiaris: maltese, 馬爾濟斯
Canis familiaris: manchester terrier, 曼徹斯特梗
Canis familiaris: mastiff, 馬士提夫犬
Canis familiaris: miniature pinscher, 迷你篤賓犬
Canis familiaris: miniature schnauzer, 雪納瑞
Canis familiaris: miniature schnazuer, 迷你雪那瑞
Canis familiaris: neapolitan mastiff, 那不勒斯獒犬
Canis familiaris: newfoundland, 紐芬犬
Canis familiaris: newfoundland, 紐芬蘭犬
Canis familiaris: norfolk terrier, 諾福克梗
Canis familiaris: norwegian elkhound, 挪威獵麋犬
Canis familiaris: norwich terrier, 諾威奇梗
Canis familiaris: old english sheepdog, 古代英國牧羊犬
Canis familiaris: old english sheepdog, 英國古代牧羊犬
Canis familiaris: otterhound, 奧達獵犬
Canis familiaris: papilion, 蝴蝶犬
Canis familiaris: papillon, 蝴蝶犬
Canis familiaris: pekingese, 北京犬
Canis familiaris: pekingese, 北京狗
Canis familiaris: pembroke welsh corgi, 威爾斯柯基犬
Canis familiaris: pharaoh hound, 法老王獵犬
Canis familiaris: pointer, 指示犬
Canis familiaris: pomeranian, 博美犬
Canis familiaris: pomeranian, 松鼠犬
Canis familiaris: poodle, 貴賓犬(2)
Canis familiaris: pug, 巴哥犬
Canis familiaris: pug, 巴高犬
Canis familiaris: puli, 波利犬
Canis familiaris: rhoderian ridgebacks, 羅德西亞背脊犬
Canis familiaris: rottweiler, 洛威拿犬
Canis familiaris: rottweiler, 羅威那
Canis familiaris: russian wolfhound, 俄國獵狼犬
Canis familiaris: saint bernard, 聖伯納犬
Canis familiaris: sakhalin husky, 樺太犬
Canis familiaris: saluki, 東非獵犬
Canis familiaris: saluki, 薩路基獵犬
Canis familiaris: samoyed, 薩摩耶犬
Canis familiaris: samoyed, 西摩犬
Canis familiaris: schipperke, 史奇派克犬
Canis familiaris: scottish deerhound, 蘇格蘭獵鹿犬
Canis familiaris: scottish terrier, 蘇格蘭梗
Canis familiaris: scottish terrier, 蘇格蘭犬
Canis familiaris: sealyham terrier, 西里漢
Canis familiaris: sealyham terrier, 西里漢梗
Canis familiaris: shetland sheepdog, 喜樂蒂牧羊犬(2)
Canis familiaris: shiba inu, 柴犬
Canis familiaris: shih tzu, 西施犬
Canis familiaris: shin tzu, 西施
Canis familiaris: siberian husky, 哈士奇
Canis familiaris: siberian husky, 西伯利亞雪橇
Canis familiaris: skye terrier, 斯開島梗
Canis familiaris: smooth fox terrier, 短毛獵狐爹利
Canis familiaris: soft-coated wheaten terrier, 愛琳軟毛梗
Canis familiaris: st.bernard, 聖班納犬
Canis familiaris: st.hubert hound, 血垠犬
Canis familiaris: staffordshire bull terrier, 斯塔福郡牛頭梗
Canis familiaris: tibetan mastiff, 獒犬
Canis familiaris: tibetan mastiff, 番狗
Canis familiaris: tibetan mastiff, 藏獒(2)
Canis familiaris: tibetan mastiff, 西藏獒
Canis familiaris: tibetan mastiff, 西藏獒犬, xi1 zang4 ao2 quan3
Canis familiaris: tibetan mastiff, 龙狗
Canis familiaris: tibetan spaniel, 西藏獵犬(2)
Canis familiaris: tibetan terrier, 西藏梗犬
Canis familiaris: tibetan terrier, 西藏爹利
Canis familiaris: vizsla vizsla, 維茲拉犬
Canis familiaris: weimaraner, 威瑪犬
Canis familiaris: weimaraner, 威瑪獵犬
Canis familiaris: weish corgi, 威爾斯柯基犬
Canis familiaris: welsh springer spaniel, 威爾斯激飛獵犬
Canis familiaris: welsh terrier, 威爾斯梗
Canis familiaris: west highland white terrier, 西高地白犬
Canis familiaris: western highland white terrier, 西高地白梗
Canis familiaris: whippet, 惠比特犬
Canis familiaris: wire fox terrier, 剛毛獵狐
Canis familiaris: wirehaired pointing griffon, 鋼毛指示格里芬犬
Canis familiaris: xiasi, 下司犬
Canis familiaris: yorkshire terrier, 約克夏
Canis familiaris: yorkshire terrier, 約克夏犬
Canis iupus: 狼(2)
Canis latrans: 草原狼
Canis latrans: 郊狼
Canis lupus: 新几内亚歌唱犬
Canis lupus: 歐洲狼
Canis lupus: 澳洲野犬
Canis lupus: 狼(11)
Canis lupus: familiaris, 家犬
Canis lupus: familiaris, 藏獒
Canis mesomelas: 黑背胡狼
Canis mmesomelas: 銀背豺
Canis rufus: 红狼(2)
Canis simensis: 埃塞俄比亚狼
Cannococcus cannicola: 细粉蚧
Cannococcus guandunesis: 粤细粉蚧
Cannococcus ostiolata: 裂细粉蚧
Cannomys badius: 小竹鼠(5)
Cansumys canus: 甘肅倉鼠
Cantao ocellatus: 角盾椿
Cantao ocellatus: 角盾蝽
Cantao ocellatus: 黃盾背椿象
Cantao ocellatus: 黃盾背蝽象
Cantellius pallidus: 蒼離板藤壺
Cantharidus callichrous: 玫瑰鐘螺
Cantharidus callichrous: 紅玫瑰鐘螺
Cantharospyris platybursa: 平六脚篮虫
Cantharus cecillei: 塞西雷峨螺
Cantharus cecillei: 甲虫螺
Cantharus leucotaniatus: 焦斑峨螺
Cantharus melanostoma: 焦泥峨螺
Cantheconidea concinna: 厉蝽
Cantheconidea concinna: 厲椿
Cantherhines dumerili: 白點沙
Cantherhines dumerilii: 杜氏刺鼻單棘魨
Cantherhines dumerilii: 棘尾前孔魨
Cantherhines fronticinctus: 斑刺鼻單棘魨
Cantherhines fronticinctus: 縱帶前孔魨
Cantherhines multilineatus: 多線刺鼻單棘魨
Cantherhines multilineatus: 多線前孔魨
Cantherhines pardalis: 剝皮魚
Cantherhines pardalis: 細斑刺鼻單棘魨
Cantherhines pardalis: 細斑前孔魨
Canthidermis maculata: 疣鱗魨
Canthidermis maculatus: 粗皮炮彈
Canthigaster amboinensis: 安邦尖鼻魨
Canthigaster amboinensis: 點斑扁背魨
Canthigaster bennetti: 笨氏尖鼻魨
Canthigaster bennetti: 點線扁背魨
Canthigaster compressa: 扁背尖鼻魨
Canthigaster compressa: 細紋扁背魨
Canthigaster coronata: 花冠扁背魨
Canthigaster coronata: 角尖鼻魨
Canthigaster coronata: 鞍斑扁背魨
Canthigaster coronata: 鞍斑扁背鲀
Canthigaster epilampra: 亮麗尖鼻魨
Canthigaster epilampra: 亮麗扁背魨
Canthigaster jactator: 夏威夷白點魨
Canthigaster janthinoptera: 圓斑扁背魨
Canthigaster janthinoptera: 白斑尖鼻魨
Canthigaster janthinoptera: 白斑尖鼻鲀
Canthigaster rivulata: 水紋尖鼻魨
Canthigaster rivulata: 水紋扁背魨
Canthigaster solandri: 索氏尖鼻魨
Canthigaster solandri: 細斑扁背魨
Canthigaster solandri: 藍點日本婆
Canthigaster valentini: 橫帶扁背魨
Canthigaster valentini: 瓦氏尖鼻魨
Canthigaster valentini: 華倫天奴河魨
Canthocalanus pauper: 微刺哲水蚤
Cantonius terryi: 廣東吉丁蟲
Canucha miranda: 羅紋鉤蛾
Capella nemoricola: 林沙锥
Capella solitaria: 孤沙锥
Capella stenura: 扇尾沙锥
Capella stenura: 针尾沙锥(3)
Caperea marginata: 侏露脊鯨
Caperea marginata: 小露脊鯨(3)
Caperea marginata: 小露脊鲸(2)
Caphyra rotundifrons: 圓額尖指蟹
Capila nigrilima: 黑裳大弄蝶
Capila pauripunetata: 微点大弄蝶
Capillaster multiradiatus: 多輻毛細星
Capitella capitata: 小头虫
Capitophorus elaeagni: 胡鬚子釘毛蚜
Capitophorus formosartemisiae: 艾草釘毛蚜
Capitophorus hippophaes: 胡蓼釘毛蚜
Capitophorus montanus: 薊釘毛蚜
Capitophorus takahashi: 小菊釘蚜蟲
Capitulum mitella: 龜足茗荷
Capodacus puniceus: 紅胸朱雀
Capodacus puniceus: 红胸朱雀
Capoeta antalyensis: 安塔利二鬚魮
Capoeta buhsei: 布斯氏二鬚魮
Capoeta capoeta: capoeta, 中亞突吻魚
Capoeta capoeta: capoeta, 真二鬚魮
Capoeta capoeta: gracilis, 細突吻魚
Capoeta capoeta: sevangi, 湖突吻魚
Capoeta damascina: 鹿斑二鬚魮
Capoeta fusca: 棕二鬚魮
Capoeta semifasciolata: 条纹二须鲃(2)
Capoeta sieboldii: 西氏突吻魚
Capoeta tinca: 土耳其突吻魮
Capoetobrama kuschakewitschi: kuschakewitschi, 長刺鯿
Capoetobrama kuschakewitschi: orientalis, 東方長刺鯿
Capra caucasica: 西高加索山羊
Capra cylindricornis: 东高加索山羊
Capra falconeri: 捻角山羊
Capra falconeri: 苏利曼螺角山羊
Capra falconeri: 螺角山羊(5)
Capra falconeri: 阿富汗螺角山羊
Capra hircus: 大耳山羊
Capra hircus: 家山羊
Capra hircus: 山羊(5)
Capra hircus: 山羊, Shan yang(2)
Capra hircus: alpine, 阿爾拜因
Capra hircus: boer, 波爾
Capra hircus: nubian, 努比亞
Capra hircus: saanen, 撒能
Capra hircus: taiwan black goat, 臺灣黑山羊
Capra hircus: toggenburg, 吐根堡
Capra ibex: 北山羊
Capra ibex: 羟羊
Capra nubiana: 努比亚北山羊
Capra pyrenaica: 西班牙北山羊
Capra sibirica: 北山羊
Capra sibirica: 西伯利亚北山羊
Capra walie: 西敏北山羊
Caprella acan: thograster, 多棘麦秆虫
Caprella scaura: 刺麦秆虫
Capreolus capreolus: 狍(4)
Capreolus pygargus: 狍子(2)
Capreolus pygargus: 西伯利亚狍
Caprichromis liemi: 利氏羊麗魚
Caprichromis orthognathus: 直頜羊麗魚
Capricomis sumatraensis: 马来长鬃山羊
Capriconis crispus: 台湾鬣羚
Capriconis crispus: swinhoei, 台灣鬣羚
Capricornis crispus: 台湾鬣羚
Capricornis crispus: swinhoei, 長鬃山羊
Capricornis milneedwardsii: 中華鬣羚
Capricornis rubidus: 紅鬣羚
Capricornis sumatraensis: 山驴子
Capricornis sumatraensis: 明鬃羊(2)
Capricornis sumatraensis: 苏门羚
Capricornis sumatraensis: 蘇門達臘鬣羚
Capricornis sumatraensis: 鬣羚
Capricornis swinhoei: 台灣野山羊(2)
Capricornis swinhoei: 臺灣野山羊
Capricornis swinhoei: 臺灣長鬃山羊
Capricornis thar: 喜馬拉雅鬣羚
Caprimulgidae affinis: 林夜鹰
Caprimulgus aegyptius: 埃及夜鷹(2)
Caprimulgus aegyptius: 埃及夜鹰(7)
Caprimulgus affinis: 南亞夜鷹
Caprimulgus affinis: 台灣夜鷹(5)
Caprimulgus affinis: 林夜鷹(4)
Caprimulgus affinis: 林夜鹰(9)
Caprimulgus affinis: 臺灣夜鷹(3)
Caprimulgus asiaticus: 印度夜鹰
Caprimulgus atripennis: 印度长尾夜鹰
Caprimulgus celebensis: 苏拉夜鹰
Caprimulgus centralasicus: 中亚夜鹰(7)
Caprimulgus centralasicus: 中亞夜鷹(2)
Caprimulgus clarus: 細尾夜鷹
Caprimulgus climacurus: 非洲長尾夜鷹
Caprimulgus concretus: 白喉夜鹰(2)
Caprimulgus donaldsoni: 德氏夜鷹
Caprimulgus europaeus: 欧亚夜鹰
Caprimulgus europaeus: 欧夜鹰(6)
Caprimulgus europaeus: 歐亞夜鷹
Caprimulgus europaeus: 歐夜鷹(2)
Caprimulgus fossii: 方尾夜鷹
Caprimulgus fraenatus: 烏夜鷹
Caprimulgus indicus: 普通夜鷹(9)
Caprimulgus indicus: 普通夜鹰(10)
Caprimulgus indicus: latham, 普通夜鹰(2)
Caprimulgus inornatus: 純色夜鷹
Caprimulgus jotaka: 普通夜鷹
Caprimulgus jotaka: 普通夜鹰
Caprimulgus macrurus: 夜鷹, Ye ying
Caprimulgus macrurus: 長尾夜鷹
Caprimulgus macrurus: 長尾夜鷹, Chang wei ye ying(2)
Caprimulgus macrurus: 长尾夜鹰, Chang wei ye ying(9)
Caprimulgus mahrattensis: 塞氏夜鷹
Caprimulgus mahrattensis: 塞氏夜鹰
Caprimulgus manillensis: 菲律宾夜鹰(2)
Caprimulgus natalensis: 非洲白尾夜鷹
Caprimulgus nipalensis: 臺灣夜鷹
Caprimulgus nubicus: 努比亚夜鹰
Caprimulgus nubicus: 努比亞夜鷹
Caprimulgus pectoralis: 非洲夜鷹
Caprimulgus poliocephalus: 灰頭夜鷹
Caprimulgus pulchellus: 萨氏夜鹰
Caprimulgus stellatus: 星斑夜鷹
Caprimulgus tristigma: 雀斑夜鷹
Caprodon schlegelii: 異臂花鮨
Caprodon schlegelii: 石斑
Caprodon schlegelii: 許氏菱牙鮨
Caprodon schlegelii: 過魚
Caprodon schlegelii: 鱠
Caprolagus hispidus: 阿萨密兔
Caprolagus hispidus: 阿薩密兔(4)
Capromys pilorides: 古巴硬毛鼠
Capromys pilorides: 长尾牛鼠(2)
Caprona alida: 白彩弄蝶
Capulus badius: 號角偏蓋螺
Capulus batius: 號角偏蓋螺
Capulus dilatatus: 海扇偏蓋螺
Capulus japonicus: 皺杯貝
Capulus kawamurai: 河村偏蓋螺
Caquetaia kraussii: 克氏卡奎麗魚
Caquetaia myersi: 迈尔氏卡奎丽鱼
Caquetaia myersi: 邁爾氏卡奎麗魚
Caquetaia spectabilis: 巴西卡奎麗魚
Carabodes peniculatus: 矮雕蟎
Carabus blaptoides: hanae, 台灣食蝸步行蟲(2)
Carabus davidi: 硕步甲(2)
Carabus lafossei: 拉步甲(2)
Carabus nankotaizanus: 台灣擬食蝸步行蟲(2)
Carabus nankotaizanus: 臺灣擬食蝸步行蟲
Caracal caracal: 波斯野貓
Caracal caracal: 狞猫
Caracal caracal: 獰貓(2)
Caracanthidae maculatus: 斑点棘颊鲉
Caracanthus maculatus: 斑點棘頰鮋
Caracanthus maculatus: 斑點頭棘鮋
Caracanthus maculatus: 斑點頰棘鮋
Caracanthus maculatus: 虎魚
Caracanthus unipinna: 光體頭棘鮋
Caracanthus unipinna: 單鰭棘頰鮋
Caracanthus unipinna: 單鰭頰棘鮋
Caracanthus unipinna: 虎魚
Caracara plancus: 凤头卡拉鹰
Caragobius urolepis: 無鱗鰻鰕虎
Caragobius urolepis: 頭鰕虎魚
Carangoides armatus: 甘仔魚
Carangoides armatus: 甲若鰺
Carangoides armatus: 甲若鰺, Jia ruo shen(17900)
Carangoides armatus: 甲鰺(2)
Carangoides armatus: 鎧鰺
Carangoides armatus: 镜鲳, Jing chang(26)
Carangoides bajad: 橘點若鰺
Carangoides bajad: 橙點若鰺
Carangoides chrysophrys: 冬花鰺
Carangoides chrysophrys: 清水魽仔
Carangoides chrysophrys: 長吻若鰺
Carangoides coeruleopinnatus: 青羽若鰺
Carangoides dinema: 曳絲平鰺
Carangoides dinema: 甘仔魚
Carangoides dinema: 背點若鰺
Carangoides dinema: 雙線若鰺
Carangoides equula: 平鰺
Carangoides equula: 甘仔魚
Carangoides equula: 高體若鰺
Carangoides ferdau: 印度平鰺
Carangoides ferdau: 平線若鰺
Carangoides ferdau: 甘仔魚
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: 星點若鰺
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: 星點若鰺, Xing dian ruo shen(10300)
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: 甘仔魚
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: 花点水鲳, Hua dian shui chang
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: 黃點若鰺
Carangoides gymnostethus: 甘仔魚
Carangoides gymnostethus: 裸胸若鰺
Carangoides gymnostethus: 裸胸若鰺, Luo xiong ruo shen(5530)
Carangoides gymnostethus: 裸胸若鲹
Carangoides gymnostethus: 镜鲳, Jing chang
Carangoides hedlandensis: 少耙若鰺
Carangoides hedlandensis: 海兰德铠鲹
Carangoides hedlandensis: 海蘭德若鰺
Carangoides hedlandensis: 海蘭德鎧鰺
Carangoides hedlandensis: 甘仔魚
Carangoides hedlandensis: 甘仔鱼
Carangoides hedlandensis: 鱼, Yu
Carangoides malabaricus: 瓜仔鰺
Carangoides malabaricus: 甘仔魚
Carangoides malabaricus: 馬拉巴若鰺
Carangoides malabaricus: 鱼, Yu
Carangoides oblongus: 卵圓若鰺
Carangoides oblongus: 甘仔魚
Carangoides oblongus: 長圓若鰺
Carangoides oblongus: 長鰭鰺
Carangoides orthogrammus: 瓜仔
Carangoides orthogrammus: 甘仔
Carangoides orthogrammus: 甘仔魚
Carangoides orthogrammus: 直線平鰺
Carangoides orthogrammus: 直線若鰺
Carangoides orthogrammus: 直线平鲹
Carangoides orthogrammus: 直线若鲹
Carangoides plagiotaenia: 斜条鲹, Xie tiao shen(29)
Carangoides plagiotaenia: 橫帶若鰺
Carangoides plagiotaenia: 镜鲳, Jing chang(26)
Carangoides talamparoides: 甘仔魚
Carangoides talamparoides: 白舌若鰺
Caranx bucculentus: 大口鰺
Caranx bucculentus: 瓜仔
Caranx bucculentus: 甘仔
Caranx bucculentus: 甘仔魚
Caranx bucculentus: 藍點鰺
Caranx djeddaba: 达叶鲹
Caranx ignobilis: 浪人鰺(2)
Caranx ignobilis: 牛公鰺(2)
Caranx ignobilis: 牛港瓜仔(2)
Caranx ignobilis: 牛港鰺(2)
Caranx ignobilis: 狗魚(2)
Caranx ignobilis: 珍鰺
Caranx lugubris: 甘仔
Caranx lugubris: 甘仔魚
Caranx lugubris: 甘仔鱼
Caranx lugubris: 闊步鰺
Caranx lugubris: 阔步鲹
Caranx lugubris: 黑尻鰺
Caranx lugubris: 黑鰺
Caranx lugubris: 黑鲹
Caranx malabanirus: 马拉巴裸胸鲹
Caranx melampygus: 甘仔
Caranx melampygus: 甘仔魚
Caranx melampygus: 蓝鳍金骨, Lan qi jin gu
Caranx melampygus: 藍鰭鰺
Caranx melampygus: 鰺魚
Caranx melampygus: 黑尻鰺
Caranx papuensis: 巴布亞鰺
Caranx papuensis: 瓜仔
Caranx papuensis: 甘仔
Caranx papuensis: 甘仔魚
Caranx sexfasciatus: 六带鲹(2)
Caranx sexfasciatus: 六帶魚參
Caranx sexfasciatus: 六帶鰺
Caranx sexfasciatus: 甘仔
Caranx sexfasciatus: 甘仔魚
Caranx sexfasciatus: 白魚
Caranx sexfasciatus: 紅目瓜仔
Caranx sexfasciatus: 鱼, Yu
Caranx speciosus: 鲹鱼(2)
Caranx tille: 泰利鰺
Caranx tille: 泰勒鰺
Caranx tille: 甘仔魚
Caranx trachurus: 真鰺
Caranx trachurus: 真鲹
Carapus bermudensis: 百慕大潛魚
Carapus bermudensis: 百慕大潜鱼
Carapus boraborensis: 博拉潛魚
Carapus boraborensis: 黃巨身隱魚
Carapus homei: 霍姆潜鱼
Carapus kagoshimanus: 后肛潜鱼
Carapus lumbricoides: 细扁潜鱼
Carapus parvipinnis: 小鳍潜鱼
Carasobarbus apoensis: 沙特阿拉伯魮
Carasobarbus canis: 類犬魮
Carasobarbus chantrei: 錢特氏魮
Carasobarbus exulatus: 逐魮
Carasobarbus luteus: 黃體魮
Carassioides acuminatus: 鬚鯽
Carassioides cantonensis: 须鲫
Carassius aumtus: 鲫鱼 
Carassius auratus: 土鯽
Carassius auratus: 方正银鲫
Carassius auratus: 獅頭
Carassius auratus: 琉金
Carassius auratus: 白鲫(2)
Carassius auratus: 紅帽
Carassius auratus: 紅獅頭
Carassius auratus: 蘭壽
Carassius auratus: 蘭氏鯽
Carassius auratus: 金魚(3)
Carassius auratus: 金魚, Jin yu
Carassius auratus: 金鱼(3)
Carassius auratus: 银鲫
Carassius auratus: 高背鲫鱼
Carassius auratus: 鯽
Carassius auratus: 鯽仔
Carassius auratus: 鯽魚(2)
Carassius auratus: 鯽(3)
Carassius auratus: 鲫鱼
Carassius auratus: 鲫(3)
Carassius auratus: 黑蘭壽
Carassius auratus: auratus, 金魚
Carassius auratus: auratus, 鯽(2)
Carassius auratus: burgeri, 布氏鯽
Carassius auratus: grandoculis, 大眼鯽
Carassius auratus: grandoculis, 長背鯽
Carassius auratus: langsdorfii, 蘭氏鯽
Carassius carassius: 黑鯽
Carassius carassius: 黑鲫
Carassius cuvieri: 屈氏鯽
Carassius cuvieri: 日本白鯽(2)
Carassius cuvieri: 日本鯽仔
Carassius cuvieri: 日本鯽(5)
Carassius cuvieri: 高身鯽(4)
Carassius cuvieri: 鯽仔
Carassius gibelio: 銀鯽
Carcelia aberrans: 迷途寄蠅
Carcelia caudata: 尾帶寄蠅
Carcelia evolans: 善飞狭颊寄蝇
Carcelia excisa: 隔离狭颊寄蝇
Carcelia frontalis: 前額寄蠅
Carcelia grossa: 無花果寄蠅
Carcelia hirsuta: 披毛寄蠅
Carcelia secunda: 第二寄蠅
Carcharhins melanopterus: 伯爵鯊(2)
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: 大沙
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: 白边真鲨
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: 白邊真鯊
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: 白邊鰭白眼鮫
Carcharhinus albimarginatus: 銀鰭鮫鯊
Carcharhinus altimus: 大沙
Carcharhinus altimus: 大鼻白眼鮫
Carcharhinus altimus: 大鼻真鲨
Carcharhinus altimus: 高翅真鯊
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: 大沙
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: 韋氏真鯊
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: 韦氏真鲨
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: 黑印白眼鮫
Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos: 黑尾真鯊
Carcharhinus atrodorsus: 黑背真鲨
Carcharhinus brachyurus: 大沙
Carcharhinus brachyurus: 短尾白眼鮫
Carcharhinus brachyurus: 短尾真鯊
Carcharhinus brachyurus: 短尾真鲨
Carcharhinus brachyurus: 远鳍真鲨
Carcharhinus brevipinna: 大沙
Carcharhinus brevipinna: 短鰭真鯊
Carcharhinus brevipinna: 蔷薇真鲨
Carcharhinus brevipinna: 薔薇白眼鮫
Carcharhinus dussumieri: 杜氏白眼鮫
Carcharhinus dussumieri: 杜氏真鯊
Carcharhinus dussumieri: 杜氏真鲨
Carcharhinus dussumieri: 沙條
Carcharhinus falciformis: 大沙
Carcharhinus falciformis: 平滑白眼鮫
Carcharhinus falciformis: 平滑真鲨
Carcharhinus falciformis: 鐮狀真鯊
Carcharhinus galapagensis: 直翅真鯊
Carcharhinus galapagensis: 直翅真鲨
Carcharhinus gangeticus: 恒河真鲨
Carcharhinus glaucus: 蓝点马鲛
Carcharhinus glaucus: 马加
Carcharhinus glaucus: 马鲛
Carcharhinus glaucus: 鲅鱼
Carcharhinus latistomus: 阔口真鲨
Carcharhinus leucas: 低鰭真鯊
Carcharhinus leucas: 公牛白眼鮫(2)
Carcharhinus leucas: 公牛真鲨
Carcharhinus leucas: 大沙
Carcharhinus limbatus: 黑斑沙
Carcharhinus limbatus: 黑梢真鯊
Carcharhinus limbatus: 黑班沙
Carcharhinus limbatus: 黑边真鲨
Carcharhinus limbatus: 黑邊鰭白眼鮫
Carcharhinus limbatus: 黑邊鰭真鯊
Carcharhinus longimanus: 大沙
Carcharhinus longimanus: 污斑白眼鮫
Carcharhinus longimanus: 長鰭真鯊
Carcharhinus longimanus: 长鳍真鲨
Carcharhinus macloti: 大沙
Carcharhinus macloti: 枪头真鲨
Carcharhinus macloti: 槍頭白眼鮫
Carcharhinus macloti: 槍頭鮫
Carcharhinus macloti: 麥氏真鯊
Carcharhinus macrops: 大眼真鲨
Carcharhinus melanopterus: 乌翅真鲨
Carcharhinus melanopterus: 伯爵鯊
Carcharhinus melanopterus: 大沙
Carcharhinus melanopterus: 污翅白眼鮫
Carcharhinus melanopterus: 烏翅白眼鮫
Carcharhinus melanopterus: 烏翅真鯊
Carcharhinus menisorrah: 黑印真鲨
Carcharhinus microphthalmus: 小眼真鲨
Carcharhinus obscunella: 暗体真鲨
Carcharhinus obscurus: 大沙
Carcharhinus obscurus: 灰真鯊
Carcharhinus obscurus: 灰色白眼鮫
Carcharhinus obscurus: 灰色真鲨
Carcharhinus pleurotaenia: 侧条真鲨
Carcharhinus plumbeus: 大沙
Carcharhinus plumbeus: 真鼠鯊
Carcharhinus plumbeus: 真鼠鲨
Carcharhinus plumbeus: 迈氏真鲨
Carcharhinus plumbeus: 鉛灰真鯊
Carcharhinus plumbeus: 高鰭白眼鮫
Carcharhinus plumbeus: 高鳍真鲨
Carcharhinus remotoides: 远鳍真鲨
Carcharhinus signatus: 美洲基齒鯊
Carcharhinus signatus: 美洲基齿鲨
Carcharhinus sorrah: 沙拉白眼鮫
Carcharhinus sorrah: 沙拉真鯊
Carcharhinus sorrah: 沙拉真鲨
Carcharhinus sorrah: 沙條
Carcharias arenarias: 沙锥齿鲨
Carcharias owstoni: 欧氏锥齿鲨
Carcharias taurus: 大沙
Carcharias taurus: 戟齒砂鮫
Carcharias taurus: 錐齒鯊
Carcharodon carcharias: 噬人鯊
Carcharodon carcharias: 噬人鲨
Carcharodon carcharias: 大白鯊
Carcharodon carcharias: 食人鮫
Carcharodon carcharias: 食人鲛
Carcinophora kawakamii: 鞘肥螋
Carcinoplax longimana: 紅蟹
Carcinoplax longimana: 長手隆背蟹
Carcinoplax longimana: 長臂猿蟹
Carcinoplax purpurea: 紫隆背蟹
Carcinoplax suruguensis: 駿河隆背蟹
Carcinoplax tomentosa: 絨毛隆背蟹
Carcinus maenas: 青蟹(2)
Carcluelis sinica: 金翅雀
Cardiastethus exiguus: 小鐮花蝽
Cardiastethus exiguus: 小镰花蝽
Cardiastethus laeviusculus: 光鐮花蝽
Cardiastethus laeviusculus: 光镰花蝽
Cardiastethus longiceps: 長頭鐮花椿
Cardiastethus longiceps: 長頭鐮花蝽
Cardiastethus longiceps: 长头镰花蝽
Cardinalis cardinalis: 主紅雀
Cardiochiles albopilosus: 白毛折脈繭蜂
Cardiochiles laevifossa: 滑溝折脈繭蜂
Cardiococcus formosanus: 梨板蠟介殼蟲
Cardiocondyla noda: 瘤結瘤突家蟻
Cardiocondyla wroughtonii: 駱氏瘤突家蟻
Cardiocranius paradoxus: 五趾心顱跳鼠
Cardioderma cor: 心鼻蝠
Cardioderma cor: 非洲假吸血蝠(2)
Cardiomya alcocki: 強肋杓蛤
Cardiomya alcocki: 萌芽杓蛤
Cardiomya fortisculpta: 強肋杓蛤
Cardiomya gouldiana: 密彫杓蛤
Cardiomya sagamiana: 相模灣杓蛤
Cardiomya semicostata: 萌芽杓蛤
Cardiomya taiwanica: 台灣杓蛤
Cardiomya tosaensis: 土佐杓蛤
Cardiomya tosaensis: 相模灣杓蛤
Cardiopharynx schoutedeni: 斯氏心咽魚
Cardisoma carnifex: 兇狠圓軸蟹
Cardita crassicosta: 粗肋算盤蛤
Cardita leana: 灰算盤蛤
Cardita variegata: 算盤蛤
Carduelis ambigua: 黑头金翅雀(2)
Carduelis ambigua: 黑頭金翅雀
Carduelis cannabina: 赤胸
Carduelis cannabina: 赤胸朱頂雀(2)
Carduelis cannabina: 赤胸朱顶雀(5)
Carduelis carduelis: 紅額金翅雀(2)
Carduelis carduelis: 红额金翅雀(3)
Carduelis chloris: 欧金翅雀(2)
Carduelis chloris: 歐金翅雀(2)
Carduelis cucullata: 金雀(4)
Carduelis cucullata: 黑头红金翅雀
Carduelis cucullata: 黑頭紅金翅
Carduelis cucullata: 黑頭紅金翅雀
Carduelis flammea: 普通朱頂雀(3)
Carduelis flammea: 白腰朱頂雀(3)
Carduelis flammea: 白腰朱顶雀(7)
Carduelis flavirostris: 黃嘴朱頂雀(2)
Carduelis flavirostris: 黄嘴
Carduelis flavirostris: 黄嘴朱顶雀(5)
Carduelis hornemanni: 极北朱顶雀(6)
Carduelis hornemanni: 極北朱頂雀
Carduelis monguilloti: 越南金翅雀
Carduelis sinica: 金翅雀(16)
Carduelis sinica: 金翅(3)
Carduelis spinoides: 高山金翅雀(3)
Carduelis spinus: 黃雀(6)
Carduelis spinus: 黄雀(9)
Carduelis sppinus: 黄雀
Carduelis yarrellii: 黃臉金翅雀
Carduelis yarrellii: 黃臉金翅(3)
Carduelis yemenensis: 也门朱顶雀
Carduels cucullata: 黑头红金翅雀
Carduels yarrell: 黄脸金翅雀
Cardurlis hornemanni: 极北朱顶雀
Cardurlis hornemanni: 極北朱頂雀
Carengiella strigata: 斑紋斧魚
Carengiella strigata: 陰陽燕子
Carengiella strigata: 飛脂鯉
Caretta caretta: 灵龟
Caretta caretta: 紅海龜
Caretta caretta: 蠵龜
Caretta caretta: 蠵龟(3)
Caretta caretta: 赤蠵龜(4)
Caretta caretta: 赤蠵龟
Carettochelys insculpta: 豬鼻龜(4)
Carettochelys insculpta: 飛河龜
Caridina ablespia: 瞽米虾
Caridina cantonensis: 廣東米蝦
Caridina cantonensis: 斑馬蝦
Caridina dianchiensis: 滇池米虾
Caridina gregoriana: 葛氏米虾
Caridina hunanensis: 湖南米虾
Caridina semiblepsia: 半瞽米虾
Caridina serrata: 鋸齒米蝦
Caridina solearipes: 脚形肢米虾
Caridina yui: 喻氏米虾
Caridonax fulgidus: 白腰翡翠
Carinacris vittatus: 条纹隆背蝗
Carinapex papillosa: 蝴蝶捲管螺
Carinosquilla multicarinata: 多脊脊蝦蛄
Carinotetraodon lorteti: 红眼娃娃(2)
Carnegiella myersi: 迈氏飞脂鲤
Carnegiella strigata: 燕子
Carnegiella strigata: 銀燕子(2)
Carnegiella strigata: 飛脂鯉(2)
Carnegiella strigata: 飞脂鲤(2)
Carollia brevicauda: 短尾葉口蝠
Carollia brevicauda: 短尾葉鼻蝠
Carollia castanea: 栗色短尾葉口蝠
Carollia castanea: 艾氏短尾叶鼻蝠
Carollia perspicillata: 壯觀短尾葉口蝠
Carollia perspicillata: 昭短尾叶鼻蝠
Carollia subrufa: 淺紅短尾葉口蝠
Carollia subrufa: 粉红短尾叶鼻蝠
Carpilius convexus: 隆背瓢蟹
Carpilius maculatus: 紅斑瓢蟹
Carpocanium blastogenicum: 幼芽果篮虫
Carpocanium calycodes: 花萼果篮虫
Carpocanium cylindricum: 圆筒果篮虫
Carpocanium diadema: 冠海胆果篮虫
Carpocanium enneaphyllum: 刺九叶果篮虫
Carpocanium ensigerum: 剑果篮虫
Carpocanium gemmula: 芽球果篮虫
Carpocanium pachydermicum: 厚壁果篮虫
Carpocanium palmipes: 宽足果篮虫
Carpocanopsis obovata: 卵果蓬虫
Carpococcyx radiatus: 地鹃
Carpococcyx radiceus: 地鹃
Carpococcyx renauldi: 瑞氏红嘴地鹃
Carpococcyx viridis: 苏门答腊地鹃(2)
Carpodacus davidianus: 红眉朱雀
Carpodacus davidianus: 華北紅眉朱雀
Carpodacus dubius: 白眉朱雀
Carpodacus dubius: 華北白眉朱雀
Carpodacus edwardsii: 棕朱雀(6)
Carpodacus eos: 曙紅朱雀(2)
Carpodacus eos: 曙红朱雀(6)
Carpodacus erythrinus: 普通朱雀(17)
Carpodacus erythrinus: 朱雀(3)
Carpodacus mexicanus: 美洲家朱雀
Carpodacus nipalensis: 暗胸朱雀(8)
Carpodacus pulcherrimus: 喜山红眉朱雀
Carpodacus pulcherrimus: 紅眉朱雀(2)
Carpodacus pulcherrimus: 红眉朱雀(5)
Carpodacus puniceus: 紅胸朱雀
Carpodacus puniceus: 红胸朱雀(5)
Carpodacus rhodochlamys: 紅腰朱雀(2)
Carpodacus rhodochlamys: 红腰朱雀(6)
Carpodacus rhodochrous: 玫紅眉朱雀
Carpodacus rhodochrous: 玫红眉朱雀(4)
Carpodacus rhodopeplus: 点翅朱雀(4)
Carpodacus rhodopeplus: 點翅朱雀
Carpodacus roborowskii: 藏朱雀
Carpodacus roborowskii: 藏雀
Carpodacus rodochroa: 玫紅眉朱雀
Carpodacus rodochroa: 玫红眉朱雀
Carpodacus rodochroa: 粉眉朱雀
Carpodacus rodopeplus: 喜山点翅朱雀
Carpodacus rodopeplus: 点翅朱雀
Carpodacus rodopeplus: 點翅朱雀
Carpodacus roseus: 北朱雀(10)
Carpodacus rubescens: 赤朱雀(8)
Carpodacus rubicilla: 大朱雀(7)
Carpodacus rubicilloides: 拟大朱雀(5)
Carpodacus rubicilloides: 擬大朱雀
Carpodacus severtzovi: 大朱雀
Carpodacus severtzovi: 斑大朱雀
Carpodacus synoicus: 沙色朱雀(8)
Carpodacus thura: 喜山白眉朱雀
Carpodacus thura: 白眉朱雀(7)
Carpodacus trifasciatus: 斑翅朱雀(8)
Carpodacus verreauxii: 夏普朱雀
Carpodacus verreauxii: 点翅朱雀
Carpodacus vinaceus: 朱雀
Carpodacus vinaceus: 棕朱雀(2)
Carpodacus vinaceus: 酒紅朱雀(9)
Carpodacus vinaceus: 酒红朱雀(8)
Carpodocus rubicilodies: 拟大朱雀
Carpodocus rubicilodies: 擬大朱雀
Carpomys phaeurus: 灰呂宋鼠
Carpophilus delkeskampi: 细胫露尾甲
Carpophthoarcidia matsumotoi: 松本緣紋實蠅
Carpophthorella magnifica: 黑寬緣紋實蠅
Carposina niponensis: 桃小食心虫
Carpospiza brachydactyla: 淡色石雀
Carrhotus xanthogramma: 橙黃蠅虎
Carterodon sulcidens: 強齒棘鼠
Carventus taiwanensis: 台灣霜扁蝽
Carychium hachijoensis: 八丈島罌粟蝸牛
Carychium noduliferum: 條紋罌粟蝸牛
Carychium pessimum: 罌粟蝸牛
Casarea dussumieri: 中美洲蚺蛇(2)
Casarea dussumieri: 圓島地蚺
Casarea dussumieri: 岛螣
Casarea dussumieri: 島蛇
Casella atromarginata: 黑邊波緣海麒麟
Casella casella: 黑邊波緣海蛞蝓
Casinaria pedunculata: 具柄凹眼姬蜂指名亞種
Casinaria simillima: 稻縱卷葉螟凹眼姬蜂
Casinycteris argynnis: 短齶果蝠(2)
Casmaria erinaceus: 小鬘螺
Casmaria ponderosa: 斑點小鬘螺
Casmerodius albus: 大白鷺(4)
Casmerodius albus: 大白鹭(4)
Caspiosoma caspium: 裡海鰕虎魚
Cassena sasajii: 黑額盔螢金花蟲
Cassida circumdata: 甘藷龜金花蟲
Cassida circumdata: 甘藷龜金花蟲
Cassida concha: 金翅龜金花蟲
Cassida crucifera: 金斑龜金花蟲
Cassida insulana: 島嶼龜金花蟲
Cassida japana: 日本龜金花蟲
Cassida obtusata: 小褐龜金花蟲
Cassida piperata: 茶斑龜金花蟲
Cassida quadriramosa: 四紋龜金花蟲
Cassida ruralis: 原野龜金花蟲
Cassida sauteri: 紹德龜金花蟲
Cassida vespertina: 小窗龜金花蟲
Cassidula nucleus: 鼬耳螺
Cassidula paludosa: 小鼬耳螺
Cassiopeia frondosa: 倒立水母
Cassiopeia frondosa: 車輪水母
Cassis cornuta: 冠螺(2)
Cassis cornuta: 唐冠螺
Cassis cornutus: 唐冠螺
Cassitettix longiptera: 长翅胄蚱
Cassolus gotoi: 後藤瓢蜣螂
Castalius rosimon: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Castalius rosimon: 豹灰蝶
Castanidium elegans: 秀栗壳虫
Castanidium moseleyi: 墨塞利栗壳虫
Castanidium variabile: 变异栗壳虫
Castanoleberis hsuehchan: 血戰板栗介
Castanoleberis ovata: 橢圓板栗介
Casteroleberia pailunga: 白龍卡斯特介
Castor canadensis: 美洲河狸(2)
Castor fiber: 欧亚河狸(2)
Castor fiber: 河狸(3)
Casuarius bennetti: 侏鹤鸵
Casuarius casuarius: 双垂鹤鸵
Casuarius unappendiculatus: 单垂鹤鸵
Cataetyx chthamalorhynchus: 近地低蛇鳚
Cataetyx platyrhynchus: 扁吻底鼬鳚
Catagonus wagneri: 加哥猪
Catagonus wagneri: 猯豬(3)
Catagonus wagneri: 草原猯猪
Catagonus wagneri: 草原西猯
Catagonus wagneri: 豬
Catana clauseni: 海南铲角瓢虫
Catanella formosana: 台艳瓢虫
Catantops pinguis: 红褐斑腿蝗
Catapaecilma major: 三尾灰蝶
Catapaecilma major: 銀帶三尾小灰蝶
Catapagurus misakiensis: 三崎低寄居蟹
Catapariprosopa curvicauda: 曲尾寄蠅
Catapariprosopa rubiginans: 鏽色寄蠅
Cataphrodisium rubripenne: 茜翅紅天牛
Cataphrodisium rubripenne: 雙紋梨天牛
Catapicephala dasyophthalma: 茅埔扁頭蠅
Catapicephala ruficornis: 紅角扁頭蠅
Catapiestus subrufescens: 朽葉扁擬步行蟲
Cataponera turdoides: 卡塔鸫
Catarhinus mori: 小葉桑下鼻節蜱
Catarhinus palmifolies: 颱風草下鼻節蜱
Cathaica fasciola: 条华蜗牛
Catharacta maccormicki: 南極賊鷗(4)
Catharacta maccormicki: 麦氏贼鸥
Catharacta skua: 大賊鷗
Catharacta skua: 褐贼鸥
Catharsius javanus: 爪哇糞球金龜
Catharsius javanus: 爪哇蜣螂
Catharsius molossus: 台灣糞球金龜
Catharsius molossus: 神農蜣螂
Cathartus advena: 米扁虫
Catharus guttatus: 隐夜鸫
Catharus minimus: 灰颊夜鸫
Catharus ustulatus: 斯氏夜鸫
Cathayornis caudatus: 有尾华夏鸟
Cathayornis yandica: 燕都华夏鸟
Cathydrus flavus: 黃色方胸龍蝨
Cathydrus nitidulus: 光澤方胸龍蝨
Catla catla: 卡特拉
Catla catla: 卡特拉魮
Catlocarpio siamensis: 巨暹罗鲤
Catlocarpio siamensis: 暹羅印度鯉
Catocha latipes: 歐洲癭蚋
Catochrysops panormus: 淡青長尾波紋小灰蝶
Catochrysops panormus: 藍咖灰蝶
Catochrysops panormus: 藍珈灰蝶
Catochrysops panormus: 青珈波灰蝶
Catochrysops strabo: 咖灰蝶
Catops continentalis: 脊球蕈甲
Catops klapperichi: 克氏脊球蕈甲
Catops miensis: 蓬萊脊球蕈甲
Catops taiwanensis: 臺灣脊球蕈甲
Catopsilia florella: 非洲迁粉蝶
Catopsilia gorgophone: 槁黄迁粉蝶
Catopsilia mabillei: 美贝迁粉蝶
Catopsilia pomona: 果神蝶
Catopsilia pomona: 淡黃蝶(3)
Catopsilia pomona: 無紋淡黃
Catopsilia pomona: 無紋淡黃蝶
Catopsilia pomona: 迁粉蝶
Catopsilia pomona: 遷粉蝶
Catopsilia pomona: 銀紋淡黃蝶
Catopsilia pyranthe: 梨花迁粉蝶
Catopsilia pyranthe: 梨花遷粉蝶
Catopsilia pyranthe: 水青粉蝶
Catopsilia pyranthe: 江南粉蝶
Catopsilia pyranthe: 波紋粉蝶
Catopsilia pyranthe: 細波遷粉蝶
Catopsilia scylla: 大黃裙粉蝶
Catopsilia scylla: 鎘黃遷粉
Catopsilia scylla: 鎘黃遷粉蝶
Catopsilia scylla: 镉黄迁粉蝶
Catopsilia scylla: 黃裙脈粉蝶(2)
Catopsilia scylla: 黃裙遷粉蝶
Catopsilia thauruma: 黄基迁粉蝶
Catoptrophorus semipalmatus: 半蹼白翅鷸
Catoptrus nitidus: 光輝鏡蟹
Catopuma badia: 婆罗洲金猫
Catopuma temmincki: 譚氏金貓
Catopuma temmincki: 金貓
Catopuma temminckii: 亚洲金猫
Catopuma temminckii: 譚氏金貓
Catopuma temminckii: 金猫
Catopuma temminckii: 金貓
Catopyrops ancyra: 曲波灰蝶(2)
Catoria olivescens: 粗點紋灰尺蛾
Catostomus commersoni: 白亚口鱼
Catostomus commersoni: 白亞口魚
Catostomus commersoni;catostomus: 白亚口鱼
Catostomus commersoni;catostomus: 白亞口魚
Catostomus commersonii: 白亚口鱼
Catostomus commersonii: 白亞口魚
Catostomus commersonnii: 白亚口鱼
Catostomus commersonnii: 白亞口魚
Catostomus insignis: 顯亞口魚
Catoxyethira formosae: 寶島短節石蛾
Catreus wallichii: 彩雉(3)
Catreus wallichii: 瓦氏雉雞(3)
Caudites costatella: 多肋凸尾介
Caudites engamei: 英美凸尾介
Caudites granulosa: 顆粒凸尾介
Caudites highi: 高尚凸尾介
Caudites pailisheyi: 百里奚凸尾介
Caudites unicostata: 單肋凸尾介
Caudites yamatoi: 耶馬台凸尾介
Caulastrea curvata: 彎曲幹星珊瑚
Caulastrea furcata: 叉枝幹星珊瑚
Caulastrea tumida: 短枝幹星珊瑚
Caulococcus cynodontis: 狗牙根丝粉蚧
Caulococcus ejinensis: 额济丝粉蚧
Caulococcus herbaceus: 草丝粉蚧
Caulococcus phenacoccoides: 蓟丝粉蚧
Caulococcus poriferus: 远东丝粉蚧
Caulophryne pelagica: 大洋長鰭角鮟鱇
Caulophryne pelagica: 莖角鮟鱇
Cautires bulenoides: 粗脈奇胸紅螢
Cautires certus: 臺灣奇胸紅螢
Cautires chui: 朱氏奇胸紅螢
Cautires diversicollis: 黑胸奇胸紅螢
Cautires fainanensis: 長枝奇胸紅螢
Cautires hsui: 許氏奇胸紅螢
Cautires ilanensis: 宜蘭奇胸紅螢
Cautires jengi: 橙紅奇胸紅螢
Cautires katoi: 加藤奇胸紅螢
Cautires klapperichi: 暗紅奇胸紅螢
Cautires leei: 李氏奇胸紅螢
Cautires tengjiensis: 藤枝奇胸紅螢
Cautor levukense: 一線錐折螺
Cautor maculosa: 茶色飛白錐折螺
Cavariella aegopodii: 腫管雙尾蚜
Cavariella araliae: 忽木雙尾蚜
Cavariella japonica: 短毛雙尾蚜
Cavariella saliciola: 柳雙尾蚜
Cavelerius saccharivorus: 甘蔗長蝽
Cavia aperea: 白臀豚鼠(2)
Cavia porcelia: 豚鼠
Cavia porcella: 荷兰猪(2)
Cavia porcella: 荷兰鼠
Cavia porcella: 豚鼠(3)
Cavia porcellus: 天竺鼠
Cavia porcellus: 豚鼠
Cavolina gibbosa: 水珠駝蝶螺
Cavolina globulosa: 圓駝蝶螺
Cavolina inflexa: 潛水艇駝蝶螺
Cavolina longirostris: 雪珠駝蝶螺
Cavolina tridentata: 三齒駝蝶螺
Cavolina uncinata: 露珠駝蝶螺
Cavolinia globulosa: 球龜螺
Cavolinia inflexa: 寬彎龜螺
Cavolinia longirostris: 長吻龜螺
Cavolinia tridentata: 龜螺
Cavolinia uncinata: 鉤龜螺
Cazira bhoutanica: 不丹瘤蝽
Cazira breddini: 背线瘤蝽
Cazira inerma: 无刺瘤蝽
Cazira verrucosa: 疣椿
Cazira verrucosa: 疣蝽
Cazira verrucosa: 雙峰疣蝽象
Cebuella pygmaea: 侏狨
Cebuella pygmaea: 倭绒
Cebus albifrons: 白额卷尾猴
Cebus apella: 卷尾猴
Cebus apella: 黑帽卷尾猴
Cebus capucinus: 卷尾猴
Cebus capucinus: 卷尾猴白头悬猴
Cebus capucinus: 白喉卷尾猴
Cebus capucinus: 白头悬猴
Cebus olivaceus: 黑带卷尾猴
Cebus paella: 黑帽卷尾猴
Cechenena lineosa: 條背天蛾
Cechenena lineosa: 棕綠背線天蛾
Cechenena minor: 平背天蛾
Cechenena minor: 背線天蛾
Cechenena subangustata: 泛綠背線天蛾
Cechenena subangustata: 綠條背天蛾
Cechorismeus flavicornis: 黃角水虻
Cecidochares connexa: 香澤蘭癭實蠅
Cecidophyes thailandica: 泰國生癭節蜱
Cecidophyopsis championus: 菊花木擬生節蜱
Cecropis daurica: 金腰燕(7)
Cecropis daurica: 金腰燕
Cecropis striolata: 斑腰燕(4)
Cecropis striolata: 赤腰燕(4)
Cecryphalium sestrodiscus: 筛盘网盖虫
Ceipoda fascicornis: 褐角舞虻
Ceipoda fusciseta: 褐毛舞虻
Celaenomys silaceus: 呂宋鼩鼠
Celaenorrhinus aurivittatus: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Celaenorrhinus leucocera: 白觸星弄蝶
Celaenorrhinus maculosus: 大型小黃紋弄蝶
Celaenorrhinus maculosus: 大流星弄蝶
Celaenorrhinus maculosus: 大黃紋弄&#
Celaenorrhinus maculosus: 斑星弄蝶
Celaenorrhinus major: 文田小黃紋弄蝶
Celaenorrhinus major: 文田黃紋弄蝶
Celaenorrhinus major: 流星弄蝶
Celaenorrhinus major: 黃射紋星弄Ś
Celaenorrhinus munda: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Celaenorrhinus pulomaya: 尖翅小
Celaenorrhinus pulomaya: 尖翅星弄蝶
Celastrina alavendularis: 薰衣琉璃灰蝶
Celastrina argiolus: 琉灰蝶
Celastrina argiolus: 琉璃小灰蝶
Celastrina argiolus: 琉璃灰蝶
Celastrina lavendularis: 埔里琉
Celastrina lavendularis: 埔里琉璃小灰蝶
Celastrina lavendularis: 細邊琉灰蝶
Celastrina lavendularis: 薰衣琉璃灰蝶
Celastrina oreas: 大紫琉灰蝶
Celastrina oreas: 阿里山琉璃小灰蝶
Celastrina sugitanii: 杉谷琉灰蝶
Celastrina sugitanii: 杉谷琉璃小灰蝶
Celatoxia marginata: 白紋琉灰蝶
Celatoxia marginata: 白紋琉璃小灰蝶
Celena festivaria: 綠紋尺蛾
Celes akitanus: 大赤翅蝗
Celes skalozubovi: 小赤翅蝗
Celeus brachyurus: 栗啄木鳥(4)
Celeus brachyurus: 栗啄木鸟(8)
Cellana eneagona: 多邊形笠螺
Cellana grata: 斗笠螺
Cellana mazatlandica: 小笠原笠螺
Cellana nigrolineata: 松葉笠螺
Cellana radiata: 東方蓋笠螺
Cellana radiata: 車輪笠螺
Cellana rediana: 虎斑笠螺
Cellana stearnsii: 編蓋笠螺
Cellana testudinaria: 龜甲笠螺
Cellana toreuma: 花笠螺
Celomactra antiquata: 海蚌
Celomactra antiquata: 西施舌
Celtia distomata: 瓜仁鉿金介
Celtia japonica: 東洋鉿金介
Celtia pseudoertlii: 似得里鉿金介
Cenocoelius eous: 遠離高腹繭蜂
Cenometra bella: 華麗散羽枝
Centopyge heraldi: 黄新娘
Centraugaptilus rattrayi: 鼠刺亮羽水蚤
Centriscus scutatus: 玻甲魚
Centriscus scutatus: 玻甲鱼
Centriscus scutatus: 蝦魚
Centroberyx druzhinini: 掘氏擬棘鯛
Centroberyx druzhinini: 掘氏棘金眼鯛
Centroberyx rubricaudus: 三角仔
Centroberyx rubricaudus: 紅尾棘金眼鯛
Centroberyx rubricaudus: 红尾拟棘鲷
Centroberyx rubricaudus: 金眼擬棘鯛
Centrobotrys thermophila: 中央葡萄虫
Centrocercus minimus: 艾草榛鸡
Centroclisis negligens: 毛腿蟻蛉
Centrodraco acanthopoma: 短鰭粗棘蜥
Centrodraco acanthopoma: 青蛙
Centromycteris maximillani: 松毛鞘尾蝠
Centromyrmex feae: 菲氏盲針蟻
Centronycteris maximiliani: 粗毛蝠
Centropages abdominalis: 腹針胸刺水蚤
Centropages brevifurcus: 短尾胸刺水蚤
Centropages calaninus: 哲胸刺水蚤
Centropages dorsispinatus: 背針胸刺水蚤
Centropages elongatus: 瘦長胸刺水蚤
Centropages furcatus: 叉胸刺水蚤
Centropages gracilis: 細胸刺水蚤
Centropages longicornis: 長角胸刺水蚤
Centropages mcmurrichi: 墨氏胸刺水蚤
Centropages orsini: 奧氏胸刺水蚤
Centropages sinensis: 中華胸刺水蚤
Centropages tenuiremis: 瘦尾胸刺水蚤
Centrophorus acus: 尖鰭刺鯊
Centrophorus acus: 尖鳍刺鲨
Centrophorus acus: 黑尖鰭鮫
Centrophorus follaceus: 方鳍刺鲨
Centrophorus granulosus: 颗粒刺鲨
Centrophorus harrissoni: 须镞棘刺鲨
Centrophorus lusitanicus: 低鰭刺鯊
Centrophorus lusitanicus: 尖鰭鮫
Centrophorus lusitanicus: 黑尖鳍刺鲨
Centrophorus moluccensis: 小鰭刺鯊
Centrophorus moluccensis: 皱皮刺鲨
Centrophorus moluccensis: 皱皮尖鳍鲛
Centrophorus moluccensis: 皺皮尖鰭鮫
Centrophorus niaukang: 台灣刺鯊
Centrophorus niaukang: 貓公鮫
Centrophorus niaukang: 貓公鯊
Centrophorus niaukang: 邓氏刺鲨
Centrophorus robustus: 粗体刺鲨
Centrophorus squamosus: 叶鳞刺鲨
Centrophorus squamosus: 葉鱗刺鯊
Centrophorus squamosus: 葉鱗尖鰭鮫
Centrophorus tasselatus: 锯齿刺鲨
Centrophorus ugato: 箭头刺鲨
Centrophorus uyato: 同齒刺鯊
Centrophorus uyato: 箭頭尖鰭鮫
Centrophryne spinulosa: 中角鮟鱇
Centrophryne spinulosa: 刺鮟鱇
Centropus andamanensis: 安达曼鸦鹃
Centropus andamanensis: 褐鸦鹃
Centropus anselli: 加蓬鸦鹃
Centropus ateralbus: 新不列颠鸦鹃
Centropus bengalensis: 小鴉鵑(3)
Centropus bengalensis: 小鸦鹃(6)
Centropus bengalensis: 番鵑(7)
Centropus bengalensis: lignator, 小鴉鵑
Centropus bengalensis: lignator, 番鵑
Centropus bengalinsis: 番鵑
Centropus bernsteini: 小黑鸦鹃
Centropus bernsteinii: 新几内亚鸦鹃
Centropus celebensis: 苏拉鸦鹃(2)
Centropus chalybeus: 比岛鸦鹃
Centropus chalybeus: 比阿克鸦鹃
Centropus chlororhynchos: 绿嘴鸦鹃
Centropus chlororhynchus: 锡兰鸦鹃
Centropus cupreicaudus: 铜尾鸦鹃
Centropus goliath: 巨鸦鹃
Centropus grillii: 黑胸鴉鵑
Centropus leucogaster: 黑喉鸦鹃
Centropus melanops: 黑脸鸦鹃(3)
Centropus menbeki: 大鸦鹃(2)
Centropus milo: 黄头鸦鹃
Centropus monachus: 蓝头鸦鹃
Centropus monachus: 藍頭鴉鵑
Centropus nigrorufus: 爪哇鸦鹃
Centropus nigrorufus: 苏丹鸦鹃
Centropus phasianinus: 雉形鸦鹃
Centropus phasianinus: 雉鸦鹃
Centropus rectunguis: 短趾鸦鹃(3)
Centropus senegalensis: 塞內加爾鴉鵑
Centropus senegalensis: 塞内加尔鸦鹃
Centropus sinensis: 大毛雞(1050)
Centropus sinensis: 大毛鸡(1050)
Centropus sinensis: 毛雞, Mao ji(1510)
Centropus sinensis: 毛鸡(1510)
Centropus sinensis: 褐翅鴉鵑(2)
Centropus sinensis: 褐翅鴉鵑, He4 chi4 ya1 juan1(1940)
Centropus sinensis: 褐翅鸦鹃(2)
Centropus sinensis: 褐翅鸦鹃, He4 chi4 ya1 juan1(1940)
Centropus spilopterus: 摩鹿加鸦鹃(2)
Centropus steerii: 斯氏鸦鹃(2)
Centropus steerii: 菲律宾鸦鹃
Centropus sterei: 菲律宾鸦鹃
Centropus superciliosus: 白眉鴉鵑
Centropus superciliosus: 白眉鸦鹃(2)
Centropus toulou: 小鸦鹃(2)
Centropus toulou: 馬島小鸦鹃
Centropus toulou: 马岛小鸦鹃
Centropus unirufus: 棕鸦鹃(3)
Centropus violaceus: 紫鸦鹃
Centropus viridis: 绿鸦鹃(3)
Centropyge acanthops: 火背仙
Centropyge acanthops: 蓝闪电
Centropyge acanthops: 黄背蓝肚神仙(2)
Centropyge argi: 夢幻藍神仙
Centropyge argi: 阿氏刺尻魚
Centropyge aurantia: 麒麟神仙
Centropyge bicolor: 二色刺尻魚
Centropyge bicolor: 石美人神仙鱼
Centropyge bicolor: 石美人(2)
Centropyge bicolor: 雙色神仙
Centropyge bicolor: 黃鸝神仙
Centropyge bispinosa: 珊瑚美人
Centropyge bispinosa: 琉璃神仙魚
Centropyge bispinosa: 藍閃電
Centropyge bispinosa: 雙棘刺尻魚
Centropyge bispinosus: 珊瑚美人
Centropyge eibli: 老虎新娘
Centropyge ferrugata: 鏽紅刺尻魚
Centropyge ferrugata: 鐵紅刺尻魚
Centropyge ferrugata: 點斑新娘
Centropyge ferrugatus: 紅新娘
Centropyge ferrugatus: 红闪电
Centropyge ferrugatus: 红闪电神仙(2)
Centropyge ferrugatus: 鏽紅刺尻魚
Centropyge fisheri: 小藍蓋刺
Centropyge fisheri: 條尾刺尻魚
Centropyge fisheri: 費氏刺尻魚
Centropyge flavicauda: 白尾新娘
Centropyge flavicauda: 迷你仙
Centropyge flavicauda: 黃尾刺尻魚
Centropyge flavissimus: 蓝眼黄新娘
Centropyge heraldi: 海氏刺尻魚
Centropyge heraldi: 黃新娘
Centropyge heraldi: 黄新娘(2)
Centropyge interruptus: 斷線刺尻魚
Centropyge interruptus: 藍新娘
Centropyge joculator: 可可仙
Centropyge joculator: 喬卡刺尻魚
Centropyge loriculus: 火焰仙
Centropyge loriculus: 火焰神仙(2)
Centropyge loriculus: 紅刺尻魚
Centropyge multicolor: 夢幻神仙
Centropyge multicolor: 胄刺尻魚
Centropyge multifasciata: 多帶刺尻魚
Centropyge multifasciata: 多帶副鋸刺蓋魚
Centropyge multifasciata: 多帶神仙
Centropyge multifasciatus: 八線新娘
Centropyge nox: 黑刺尻魚
Centropyge nox: 黑幽靈
Centropyge nox: 黑新娘
Centropyge nox: 黑神仙
Centropyge potteri: 波氏刺尻魚
Centropyge potteri: 麒麟神仙
Centropyge shepardi: 施巴德刺尻魚
Centropyge shepardi: 施氏刺尻魚
Centropyge shepardi: 橘紅新娘
Centropyge tibicen: 白斑刺尻魚
Centropyge tibicen: 白斑刺尻鱼
Centropyge tibicen: 白點仙
Centropyge tibicen: 白點新娘
Centropyge venusta: 仙女刺尻魚
Centropyge venustus: 仙女
Centropyge venustus: 仙女刺蓋魚
Centropyge vrolikii: 珠點刺尻魚
Centropyge vrolikii: 福氏刺尻魚
Centropyge vrolikii: 黑尾新娘
Centroscyllium fabricii: 法氏霞鲨
Centroscyllium kamoharai: 無鱗霞鯊
Centroscyllium kamoharai: 蒲原氏刺狗鮫
Centroscyllium kamoharai: 蒲氏霞鲨
Centroscyllium nigrum: 黑氏霞鲨
Centroscymnus macrops: 大眼荆鲨
Centroscymnus owstoni: 欧氏荆鲨
Centurio senex: 格翼蝠
Centurio senex: 襞面蝠(2)
Cephalaeschna acutifrons: 宽痣头蜓
Cephalaeschna chaoi: 赵氏头蜓
Cephalaeschna klotsi: 柯氏头蜓
Cephalaeschna needhami: 尼氏头蜓
Cephalaeschna obuerse: 黄额头蜓
Cephalaeschna risi: 微刺晏蜓
Cephalaeschna shaowuensis: 邵武头蜓
Cephalaeschna yisi: 李氏头蜓
Cephalaescnna risi: 微刺晏蜓
Cephalallus oberthuri: 奧氏凹胸天牛
Cephalallus oberthuri: 對馬凹胸天牛
Cephalispa mira: 妙樂頭蠅
Cephalispa scutellata: 馬來頭蠅
Cephalobyrrhus latus: 岩壁微泥蟲
Cephalochrysa stenogaster: 窄腹水虻
Cephalodella gibba: 凸背巨頭輪蟲
Cephalodromia pictioennis: 彩羽舞虻
Cephalopholis argus: 斑點九刺鮨
Cephalopholis argus: 斑點九棘鱸
Cephalopholis argus: 石斑
Cephalopholis argus: 藍點星班
Cephalopholis argus: 过鱼
Cephalopholis argus: 過魚
Cephalopholis argus: 鱠
Cephalopholis aurantia: 橙點九棘鱸
Cephalopholis aurantia: 石斑
Cephalopholis aurantia: 紅點九刺鮨
Cephalopholis aurantia: 翱翔九棘鱸
Cephalopholis aurantia: 翱翔九棘鲈
Cephalopholis aurantia: 过鱼
Cephalopholis aurantia: 過魚
Cephalopholis aurantia: 鱠
Cephalopholis aurantius: 翱翔九棘鱸
Cephalopholis aurantius: 翱翔九棘鲈
Cephalopholis aurantius: 过鱼
Cephalopholis boenack: 卜氏九棘鲈
Cephalopholis boenack: 多线纤齿鲈
Cephalopholis boenack: 橫紋九刺鮨
Cephalopholis boenack: 琉球纤齿鲈
Cephalopholis boenack: 藍線班
Cephalopholis boenak: 橫紋九刺鮨
Cephalopholis boenak: 橫紋九棘鱸
Cephalopholis boenak: 石斑
Cephalopholis boenak: 过鱼
Cephalopholis boenak: 過魚
Cephalopholis boenak: 鱠
Cephalopholis cyanostigma: 黃背青九棘鱸(3990)
Cephalopholis formosa: 台灣九刺鮨
Cephalopholis formosa: 台灣九棘鱸
Cephalopholis formosa: 石斑
Cephalopholis formosa: 臺灣九刺鮨(4050)
Cephalopholis formosa: 藍線九棘鱸(71)
Cephalopholis formosa: 过鱼
Cephalopholis formosa: 過魚
Cephalopholis formosa: 鱠
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: 七帶九棘鱸
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: 七帶格仔
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: 七帶鱠
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: 五十九刺鮨
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: 石斑
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: 过鱼
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: 過魚
Cephalopholis igarashiensis: 鱠
Cephalopholis leopardus: 九棘鱸
Cephalopholis leopardus: 石斑
Cephalopholis leopardus: 豹紋九棘鮨
Cephalopholis leopardus: 豹紋九棘鱸
Cephalopholis leopardus: 过鱼
Cephalopholis leopardus: 過魚
Cephalopholis leopardus: 鱠
Cephalopholis miniata: 朱砂班
Cephalopholis miniata: 珊瑚鮨
Cephalopholis miniata: 石斑
Cephalopholis miniata: 紅格仔
Cephalopholis miniata: 紅鱠
Cephalopholis miniata: 过鱼
Cephalopholis miniata: 過魚
Cephalopholis miniata: 青星九刺鮨
Cephalopholis miniata: 青星九棘鱸
Cephalopholis miniata: 青星九棘鲈
Cephalopholis miniata: 鱠
Cephalopholis miniatus: 红九棘鲈(2)
Cephalopholis miniatus: 过鱼
Cephalopholis pachycentron: 烏絲班
Cephalopholis sennerati: 番茄班
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: 六斑九刺鮨
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: 六斑九棘鱸
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: 石斑
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: 过鱼
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: 過魚
Cephalopholis sexmaculata: 鱠
Cephalopholis sonnerati: 宋氏九刺鮨
Cephalopholis sonnerati: 石斑
Cephalopholis sonnerati: 紅九棘鱸
Cephalopholis sonnerati: 过鱼
Cephalopholis sonnerati: 過魚
Cephalopholis sonnerati: 鱠
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: 暗金九刺鮨
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: 石斑
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: 过鱼
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: 過魚
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: 鱠
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: 黑緣九刺鮨
Cephalopholis spiloparaea: 黑邊九棘鱸
Cephalopholis urodelus: 尾紋九棘鱸
Cephalopholis urodelus: 花尾星班
Cephalopholis urodelus: 霓鱠
Cephalopholis urodelus: 鱠仔魚
Cephalopholis urodeta: 尾紋九刺鮨
Cephalopholis urodeta: 尾紋九棘鱸
Cephalopholis urodeta: 石斑
Cephalopholis urodeta: 石斑魚
Cephalopholis urodeta: 过鱼
Cephalopholis urodeta: 過魚
Cephalopholis urodeta: 鱠
Cephalophpolis miniata: 青星九刺鮨
Cephalophpolis miniata: 青星九刺
Cephalophus adersi: 桑岛霓羚
Cephalophus brookei: 布魯克盾羚
Cephalophus callipygus: 青臀霓羚
Cephalophus dorsalis: 海灣遁羚(2)
Cephalophus dorsalis: 騮毛小羚羊
Cephalophus dorsalis: 黑背霓羚
Cephalophus harveyi: 哈氏霓羚
Cephalophus jentinki: 珍氏遁羚(2)
Cephalophus jentinki: 詹氏小羚羊
Cephalophus jentinki: 长头霓羚
Cephalophus leucogaster: 白腹霓羚
Cephalophus maxwellii: 麦氏霓羚
Cephalophus monticola: 蓝霓羚
Cephalophus monticola: 藍小羚羊(2)
Cephalophus monticola: 藍遁羚
Cephalophus natalensis: 红霓羚
Cephalophus niger: 黑霓羚
Cephalophus nigrifrons: 黑脸霓羚
Cephalophus ogilbyi: 奧吉碧遁羚(2)
Cephalophus ogilbyi: 奧氏小羚羊
Cephalophus ogilbyi: 鄂氏霓羚
Cephalophus rubidus: 深红霓羚
Cephalophus rufilatus: 红腰霓羚
Cephalophus silvicultor: 黃背小羚羊
Cephalophus silvicultor: 黃背遁羚(2)
Cephalophus silvicultor: 黄背霓羚
Cephalophus spadix: 坦桑霓羚
Cephalophus weynsi: 韦氏霓羚
Cephalophus zebra: 斑紋遁羚(2)
Cephalophus zebra: 斑纹霓羚
Cephalophus zebra: 斑背小羚羊
Cephalopus jentinki: 珍氏遁羚
Cephalopyrus flammiceps: 火冠雀(3)
Cephalorhynchus commersonii: 黑白海豚
Cephaloscyllium fasciatum: 網紋絨毛鮫
Cephaloscyllium fasciatum: 網紋絨毛鯊
Cephaloscyllium fasciatum: 网纹绒毛鲨
Cephaloscyllium isabellum: 头绒毛鲨
Cephaloscyllium isabellum: 真阴影绒毛鲨
Cephaloscyllium isabellum: 真陰影絨毛鯊
Cephaloscyllium isabellum: 頭鮫
Cephaloscyllium umbratile: 沙條
Cephaloscyllium umbratile: 阴影绒毛鲨
Cephaloscyllium umbratile: 陰影絨毛鯊
Cephaloscyllium umbratile: 頭鮫
Cephonodes hylas: 咖啡透翅天蛾
Cephonodes hylas: 大透翅天蛾
Cepola schlegelii: 史氏赤刀魚
Cepola schlegelii: 紅簾魚
Cepora aspasia: 黃群遷粉蝶(2)
Cepora aspasia: 黃裙圓粉蝶
Cepora aspasia: 黃裙粉蝶
Cepora aspasia: 黃裙脈粉蝶
Cepora aspasia: 黃裳粉蝶
Cepora nandina: 淡紫粉蝶
Cepora nandina: 淡褐脈粉蝶
Cepora nandina: 青圓粉蝶
Cepora nerissa: 棕脈粉蝶
Cepora nerissa: 黑脈園粉蝶
Cepora nerissa: 黑脈圓粉蝶
Cepora nerissa: 黑脈粉蝶
Cepphus carbo: 白眶海鸽
Cepphus columba: 海鸽
Cepphus grylle: 白翅斑海鸽
Cerace xanthocosma: 大麗捲葉蛾
Ceraclea merga: 雙叉角突石蛾
Ceracris hoffmanni: 贺氏竹蝗
Ceracris pui: 蒲氏竹蝗
Ceracris versicolor: 红股竹蝗
Ceracrisoides kunmingensis: 昆明拟竹蝗
Ceracrisoides shannanensis: 云南拟竹蝗
Ceracrisoides virides: 绿拟竹蝗
Ceracupes arrowi: 甲仙三叉黑艷蟲
Ceracupes chingkini: 清金三叉黑艷蟲
Ceracupes yui: 余氏三叉黑艷蟲
Cerais rara: 罕見稈蠅
Cerapachys biroi: 畢氏粗角蟻
Cerapachys longitarsus: 長跗粗角蟻
Cerapachys reticulatus: 網粗角蟻
Cerapachys sauteri: 卲氏粗角蟻
Cerasophila thompsoni: 白头短脚鹎
Cerataphis bambusifoliae: 竹莖蚜蟲
Cerataphis formosana: 蓬萊蝨蚜
Cerataphis lataniae: 椰子蝨蚜
Cerataulina subapicalis: 祖窟縞蠅
Ceratias holboelli: 长杆角鮟鱇
Ceratias holboelli: 霍氏角鮟鱇
Ceratina dentipes: 齒脛蘆蜂觀高亞種
Ceratina esakii: 江崎蘆蜂
Ceratina hieroglyphica: 擬黃蘆蜂
Ceratina iwatai: 岩田蘆蜂
Ceratina japonica: 日本花蘆蜂高地亞種
Ceratina kosemponis: 甲仙革蘆蜂
Ceratina kosemponis: 花革蘆蜂
Ceratina pulchripes: 黃足花蘆蜂
Ceratina satoi: 佐藤蘆蜂
Ceratina sauteri: 紹德蘆蜂
Ceratina smaragdula: 綠蘆蜂
Ceratina unicolor: 單色蘆蜂
Ceratobatrachus guentheri: 顾氏角蝰
Ceratobregma helenae: 額角三鰭鳚
Ceratocombus taivanus: 櫛蝽
Ceratocryptus bituberculatus: 雙瘤角溝姬蜂
Ceratocymba dentata: 齒角舟水母
Ceratocymba leuckarti: 四角舟水母
Ceratocymba sagittata: 矢形角舟水母
Ceratodus tiguidensis: 角齒肺魚
Ceratoglyphina bambusae: 竹毛蝨蚜
Ceratonereis erythraeensis: 紅角沙蠶
Ceratophora aspera: 粗糙角吻蜥(2)
Ceratophora stoddartii: 角吻蜥(2)
Ceratophora tennentii: 山地角吻蜥(2)
Ceratophrys calcarata: 哥倫比亞角蛙
Ceratophrys calcarata: 蘇利南角蛙
Ceratophrys calcarata: 霸王角蛙
Ceratophrys cornuta: 亞馬遜角蛙(2)
Ceratophrys cornuta: 蘇利南角蛙
Ceratophrys cranwelli: 南美角蛙(2)
Ceratophrys cranwelli: 綠角蛙(2)
Ceratophrys cranwelli: 角蛙
Ceratophrys cranwelli: 鐘角蛙
Ceratophrys cranwelli: 黃金角蛙
Ceratoscopelus warmingii: 瓦氏角燈魚
Ceratosoma cornigerum: 角質海麒麟
Ceratosoma gracillimum: 海蛞蝓
Ceratosoma gracillimum: 細長多彩海蛞蝓
Ceratosoma magnificum: 華麗角質多彩海蛞蝓
Ceratosoma miamirana: 邁阿密多彩海蛞蝓
Ceratosoma moloch: 棘蜥多彩海蛞蝓
Ceratosoma sinuatum: 曲折多彩海蛞蝓
Ceratosoma tenue: 纖瘦多彩海蛞蝓
Ceratosoma trilobatum: 三葉多彩海蛞蝓
Ceratospyris allemersii: 亚美丝角篮虫
Ceratostoma inornata: 内饰角口螺
Ceratostoma tofifluum: 润泽角口螺
Ceratotherium simum: 白犀
Ceratotherium simum: 白犀牛
Ceratotherium simum: 白犀(2)
Ceratotherium simum: simum, 白犀牛
Ceratovacuna langigera: 甘蔗綿蚜
Ceratovacuna oplismeni: 藎草綿蚜
Ceratovacuna silvestrii: 薛氏綿蚜
Ceratozetes japonicus: 日本扭翼蟎
Cerberilla affinis: 近緣翼蓑海蛞蝓
Cerberilla ambonensis: 安汶翼蓑海蛞蝓
Cerberilla annulata: 環紋翼蓑海蛞蝓
Cerberilla incola: 定居翼蓑海蛞蝓
Cerberus rynchops: 波加丹蛇
Cercartetus concinnus: 西部鼠袋貂(2)
Cercartetus nanus: 矮袋貂
Cerceris hexadonta: 六齒節腹泥蜂
Cerceris kwangtsehiana: 斜突節腹泥蜂
Cerceris nebulosa: 烟翅節腹泥蜂
Cerceris pictiventris: 花腹節腹泥蜂台灣亞種
Cerceris sinensis: 中華節腹泥蜂
Cerceris variaesimilis: 褐角節腹泥蜂
Cercion barbatum: 显突尾蟌
Cercion calamorum: calamorum, 黑脊尾蟌
Cercion calamorum: dyeri, 葦笛細蟌(2)
Cercion calamorum: dyeri, 蓝纹尾蟌
Cercion hieroglyphicum: 海洛尾蟌
Cercion plagiosum: 七纹尾蟌
Cercion sexlineatum: 六纹尾蟌
Cercion sieboldi: 台湾尾蟌
Cercion sieboldii: 錢博細蟌
Cercocebus agili: 敏白眉猴
Cercocebus agilis: 扎伊尔白眉猴
Cercocebus agilis: 敏白眉猴
Cercocebus albigena: 白颊白眉猴
Cercocebus aterrimus: 黑毛白眉猴
Cercocebus aty: 白顶白眉猴
Cercocebus atys: 白頂白眉猴
Cercocebus atys: 白顶白眉猴
Cercocebus galeritu: 冠毛白眉猴
Cercocebus galeritus: 冠毛白眉猴
Cercocebus galeritus: 塔那河長尾猴
Cercocebus galeritus: 敏白眉猴
Cercocebus galeritus: galeritus, 塔那河長尾猴
Cercocebus torquatu: 白领白眉猴
Cercocebus torquatus: 白領白眉猴(2)
Cercocebus torquatus: 白领白眉猴
Cercocebus torquatus: 白颈白眉猴
Cercocelous diana: 黛安娜须猴
Cercocelous galeritus: 褐白眉猴
Cercococcyx montanus: 長尾鵑
Cercomela familiaris: 紅尾岩(即鳥)
Cercomela familiaris: 红尾岩(即鸟)
Cercomela fusca: 褐岩(即鸟)
Cercomela melanura: 黑尾岩(即鸟)
Cerconychia brunnea: 褐刺石蠅
Cerconychia livida: 藍刺石蠅
Cercopagis pengo: 多刺水甲
Cercopagis pengoi: 多刺水甲(2)
Cercopithecus aethiops: 綠猴
Cercopithecus aethiops: 绿猴(2)
Cercopithecus aethiops: 草原猴
Cercopithecus aethiops: 非洲绿猴
Cercopithecus albogulari: 白喉长尾猴
Cercopithecus albogularis: 白喉長尾猴
Cercopithecus albogularis: 白喉长尾猴
Cercopithecus ascaniu: 红尾长尾猴
Cercopithecus ascanius: 紅尾長尾猴
Cercopithecus ascanius: 红尾长尾猴
Cercopithecus ascanius: 肯尼亚长尾猴
Cercopithecus campbell: 坎氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus campbelli: 坎氏長尾猴
Cercopithecus campbelli: 坎氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus cephu: 髭长尾猴
Cercopithecus cephus: 髭長尾猴
Cercopithecus cephus: 髭长尾猴
Cercopithecus dent: 丹氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus denti: 丹氏長尾猴
Cercopithecus denti: 丹氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus dian: 黛安娜长尾猴
Cercopithecus diana: 戴安娜长尾猴
Cercopithecus diana: 戴安娜须猴
Cercopithecus diana: 黛安娜長尾猴
Cercopithecus diana: 黛安娜长尾猴
Cercopithecus diana: 黛安娜鬚猴(2)
Cercopithecus doggett: 银长尾猴
Cercopithecus doggetti: 銀長尾猴
Cercopithecus doggetti: 银长尾猴
Cercopithecus drya: 德赖斯长尾猴
Cercopithecus dryas: 德賴斯長尾猴
Cercopithecus dryas: 德赖斯长尾猴
Cercopithecus erythrogaste: 赤腹长尾猴
Cercopithecus erythrogaster: 红腹长尾猴
Cercopithecus erythrogaster: 赤腹長尾猴
Cercopithecus erythrogaster: 赤腹长尾猴
Cercopithecus erythroti: 红耳长尾猴
Cercopithecus erythrotis: 紅耳長尾猴
Cercopithecus erythrotis: 红耳长尾猴
Cercopithecus hamlyn: 枭面长尾猴
Cercopithecus hamlyni: 枭面长尾猴
Cercopithecus hamlyni: 梟面長尾猴
Cercopithecus hamlyni: 鸮面长尾猴
Cercopithecus kandt: 金长尾猴
Cercopithecus kandti: 金長尾猴
Cercopithecus kandti: 金长尾猴
Cercopithecus lhoest: 尔氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus lhoesti: 尔氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus lhoesti: 爾氏長尾猴
Cercopithecus lowe: 洛氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus lowei: 洛氏長尾猴
Cercopithecus lowei: 洛氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus miti: 青长尾猴
Cercopithecus mitis: 青猴
Cercopithecus mitis: 青長尾猴(2)
Cercopithecus mitis: 青长尾猴
Cercopithecus mon: 白额长尾猴
Cercopithecus mona: 加纳长尾猴
Cercopithecus mona: 白額長尾猴
Cercopithecus mona: 白领长尾猴
Cercopithecus mona: 白额长尾猴
Cercopithecus neglectu: 白臀长尾猴
Cercopithecus neglectus: 德氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus neglectus: 白臀長尾猴
Cercopithecus neglectus: 白臀长尾猴(2)
Cercopithecus neglectus: 白须长尾猴
Cercopithecus neglectus: 赤额长尾猴
Cercopithecus nictitan: 大白鼻长尾猴
Cercopithecus nictitans: 大白鼻長尾猴
Cercopithecus nictitans: 大白鼻长尾猴
Cercopithecus nictitans: 白鼻长尾猴
Cercopithecus petaurist: 小白鼻长尾猴
Cercopithecus petaurista: 小白鼻長尾猴
Cercopithecus petaurista: 小白鼻长尾猴
Cercopithecus pogonia: 冠毛长尾猴
Cercopithecus pogonias: 冠毛長尾猴
Cercopithecus pogonias: 冠毛长尾猴
Cercopithecus pogonias: 冠长尾猴
Cercopithecus preuss: 高山长尾猴
Cercopithecus preussi: 高山長尾猴
Cercopithecus preussi: 高山长尾猴
Cercopithecus roloway: 羅洛威鬚猴
Cercopithecus sclater: 斯氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus sclateri: 斯氏長尾猴
Cercopithecus sclateri: 斯氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus sclateri: 长尾猴
Cercopithecus solatu: 阳光长尾猴
Cercopithecus solatus: 阳光长尾猴
Cercopithecus solatus: 陽光長尾猴
Cercopithecus wolf: 邬氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus wolfi: 沃氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus wolfi: 邬氏长尾猴
Cercopithecus wolfi: 鄔氏長尾猴
Cercosaura ocellata: 眼斑梭蜥
Cercotrichas galactotes: 棕薮鸲(2)
Cercotrichas hartlaubi: 褐背藪鴝
Cercotrichas leucophrys: 白眉藪鴝
Cercotrichas podobe: 黑薮鸲
Cercotrichas qaudrivirgata: 東鬚藪鴝
Cerdistus laetus: 綺麗食蟲虻
Cerdocyon thous: 食蟹狐(4)
Cerdocyon thous: 食蟹胡狼
Cereopsis novaehollandiae: 蠟嘴雁
Cereopsius shamankarriyali: 呂宋粗天牛
Cereopsius shamankarriyali: 蘭嶼粗天牛
Ceresium elongatum: 瘦軀姬天牛
Ceresium flavipes: 黃腳姬天牛
Ceresium longicorne: 長角姬天牛
Ceresium longicorne: 長鬚姬天牛
Ceresium sinicum: 中華姬天牛
Ceresium sinicum: 鐵色姬天牛
Ceresium subuniforme: 北投姬天牛
Ceresium subuniforme: 甲仙姬天牛
Ceriagrion aeruginosum: 蓝绿黄蟌
Ceriagrion auranticum: 紅腹細蟌
Ceriagrion auranticum: ryukyuanum, 紅腹細蟌
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: 彩虹細蟌(2)
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: 彩虹細蟌, Cai3 hong2 xi4 cong1(69)
Ceriagrion coromandelianum: 圆尾黄偬
Ceriagrion coromandelianum: 圆尾黄蟌
Ceriagrion erubescens: 截尾黄蟌
Ceriagrion fallax: 昧影細蟌
Ceriagrion fallax: 眛影細蟌
Ceriagrion fallax: 长尾黄蟌
Ceriagrion fallax: cerinomelas, 塞利黄蟌
Ceriagrion fallax: fallax, 眛影細蟌
Ceriagrion fallax: fallax, 长尾黄蟌
Ceriagrion lactericium: 紅腹細蟌
Ceriagrion latericium: ryukyuanum, 紅腹細蟌(2)
Ceriagrion latericium: ryukyuanum, 红腹黄蟌
Ceriagrion melanurum: 短尾黄蟌
Ceriagrion melanurum: 黃腹細蟌
Ceriagrion nipponicum: 日本黄蟌
Ceriagrion nipponicum: 朱紅細蟌
Ceriagrion olivaceum: 钩尾黄蟌
Ceriagrion rubiae: 褐尾黄偬
Ceriagrion rubiae: 褐尾黄蟌
Ceriagrion sirtertse: 中华黄蟌
Ceriana formosensis: 仁愛蚜蠅
Cerianthus membranaceus: 千手海葵
Cerianthus membranaceus: 薄膜蠟花海葵
Cerithidea cingulata: 栓海蜷
Cerithidea cingulata: cingulata, 栓海蜷
Cerithidea djadjariensis: 鐵尖海蜷
Cerithidea djadjariensis: 铁尖海蜷
Cerithidea microptera: 小翼拟蟹守螺
Cerithidea morchii: 莫氏海蜷
Cerithidea obtusa: 吸螺(2)
Cerithidea obtusa: 钝拟蟹守螺, Dun4 ni3 xie4 shou3 luo2(10)
Cerithidea ornata: 斑海蜷(2)
Cerithidea rhizophorarum: 網目海蜷
Cerithidea rhizophorarum: 莫氏海蜷
Cerithidea sinensis: 中华拟蟹守螺
Cerithium alveolum: 芝麻蟹守螺
Cerithium atromarginatum: 黑緣蟹守螺
Cerithium citrinum: 黃蟹守螺
Cerithium columna: 塔蟹守螺
Cerithium echinatus: 棘蟹守螺
Cerithium interstriatum: 田隴蟹守螺
Cerithium kobelti: 蟋蟀蟹守螺
Cerithium lifuensis: 太平洋蟹守螺
Cerithium lissum: 土黃蟹守螺
Cerithium munitum: 玉帶蟹守螺
Cerithium nesioticum: 淡斑蟹守螺
Cerithium nodulosum: 寶塔蟹守螺
Cerithium trailli: 珠環蟹守螺
Cerithium zebrum: 斑馬蟹守螺
Cerithium zonatum: 項鍊蟹手螺
Cerocebus torquatus: 白颈白睑猴(2)
Cerococcus bryoides: 苔壶蚧
Cerococcus echinatus: 刺蜡壶蚧
Cerococcus ficoides: 榕壶蚧
Cerococcus indigoferae: 木兰壶蚧
Cerococcus ornatus: 九節木壺介殼蟲
Cerococcus ornatus: 南亚壶蚧
Cerodontha cornigera: 苔禾角角潛蠅
Cerodontha geniculata: 多節角潛蠅
Cerodontha geniculata: 黃膝額角潛蠅
Cerodontha hirsuta: 毛眼角潛蠅
Cerodontha hirsuta: 粗魯角潛蠅
Cerodontha hirtipennis: 毛翅角潛蠅
Cerodontha hirtipennis: 毛陽禾角潛蠅
Ceronychia brunnea: 褐刺石蠅
Ceronychia livida: 藍刺石蠅
Ceropectus messi: 凹头叩甲(3)
Ceropectus messi: 凹頭叩甲
Cerophysa chujoi: 彎角熙螢金花蟲
Cerophysa nigripennis: 直角熙螢金花蟲
Cerophysa taiwana: 台灣熙螢金花蟲
Ceroplastes centroroseus: 红帽蜡蚧
Ceroplastes ceriferus: 角蜡蚧
Ceroplastes floridensis: 白蠟介殼蟲
Ceroplastes floridensis: 龟蜡蚧
Ceroplastes japonicus: 日本蜡蚧
Ceroplastes pseudoceriferus: 伪角蜡蚧
Ceroplastes pseudoceriferus: 角蠟介殼蟲
Ceroplastes rubens: 紅蠟介殼蟲
Ceroplastes rubens: 红蜡蚧
Ceroplastodes cajani: 豆箭蜡蚧
Ceroplastodes chiton: 榕箭蜡蚧
Ceropria formosana: 台灣隆背擬步行蟲
Ceropria induta: 長虹艷擬步行蟲
Ceropria schenklingi: 綠隆背擬步行蟲
Ceropsilopa cupreventris: 十字渚蠅
Ceropsilopa decussata: 齒腿渚蠅
Ceroputo clematidis: 铁线莲雪粉蚧
Cerorhinca monocerata: 角嘴海雀(8)
Cerorhinca monocerata: pteroclididae, 角嘴海雀
Ceros nipalensis: 棕颈犀鸟
Certhia brachydactyla: 短趾旋木雀
Certhia discolor: 褐喉旋木雀(3)
Certhia familiaris: 旋木雀(4)
Certhia himalayana: 高山旋木雀(3)
Certhia hodgsoni: 霍奇森旋木雀
Certhia hodgsoni: 霍氏旋木雀
Certhia manipurensis: 休姆旋木雀
Certhia manipurensis: 休氏旋木雀
Certhia nipalensis: 红腹旋木雀
Certhia nipalensis: 銹紅腹旋木雀
Certhia nipalensis: 锈红腹旋木雀
Certhia tianquanensis: 四川旋木雀(3)
Certhium citrinum: 黃蟹守螺
Certhium columna: 塔蟹守螺
Certhium coralium: 珊瑚蟹守螺
Certhium echinatum: 棘蟹守螺
Certhium kobelti: 蟋蟀蟹守螺
Certhium lissum: 土黃蟹守螺
Certhium munitum: 玉帶蟹守螺
Certhium nodulosum: 寶塔蟹守螺
Certhium punctatum: 芝麻蟹守螺
Cerus nippon: 梅花鹿
Cerus unicolor: 水鹿
Cervaphis quercus: 櫟刺蚜
Cervarita sonani: 楚南鹿角實蠅
Cervimunida princeps: 首頸刺鎧蝦
Cervoglenea lata: 粗星天牛
Cervus albirostris: 白唇鹿(2)
Cervus alfredi: 菲律宾斑鹿
Cervus axis: 花鹿
Cervus dama: 占鹿
Cervus dama: 黇鹿
Cervus duvauceli: 印度沼鹿
Cervus duvaucelii: 沼鹿(2)
Cervus duvaucelii: 澤鹿
Cervus elaphus: 克什米尔红鹿
Cervus elaphus: 克什米爾馬鹿
Cervus elaphus: 紅鹿(2)
Cervus elaphus: 赤鹿(2)
Cervus elaphus: 馬鹿中亞亞種
Cervus elaphus: 马鹿(4)
Cervus elaphus: bactrianus, 中亞紅鹿(2)
Cervus elaphus: hanglu, 喀什米爾馬鹿(2)
Cervus eldi: 坡鹿(2)
Cervus eldi: 暹逻沼鹿
Cervus eldi: 泽鹿
Cervus eldi: 海南坡鹿
Cervus eldi: hainanus, 海南坡鹿
Cervus eldii: 坡鹿(2)
Cervus elephus: 紅鹿
Cervus mariannus: 菲律宾水鹿
Cervus nippon: 台湾梅花鹿
Cervus nippon: 台灣梅花鹿
Cervus nippon: 梅花鹿(6)
Cervus nippon: taiouanus formosan sika deer, 臺灣梅花鹿
Cervus nippon: taiouanus, 台灣梅花鹿
Cervus nippon: taiouanus, 梅花鹿
Cervus porcinus: 卡拉密亚猪鹿
Cervus porcinus: 猪鹿
Cervus porcinus: 豚鹿(2)
Cervus porcinus: 马威安猪鹿
Cervus poricnus: 脉鹿
Cervus schomburgki: 宿氏鹿
Cervus timorensis: 鬣鹿
Cervus unicolor: 台湾水鹿
Cervus unicolor: 四目鹿
Cervus unicolor: 水鹿
Cervus unicolor: 海南水鹿
Cervus unicolor: hainana, 海南水鹿
Cervus unicolor: swinhoei, 台灣水鹿(2)
Cervus unicolor: swinhoei, 水鹿
Cervus unicolor: taiouanus formosan sambar deer, 臺灣水鹿
Ceryle alcyon: 帶魚狗
Ceryle lugubris: 冠魚狗
Ceryle lugubris: 冠鱼狗(5)
Ceryle rudis: 斑翡翠(3)
Ceryle rudis: 斑魚狗(4)
Ceryle rudis: 斑鱼狗(6)
Cestopagurus puniceus: 微紅染色寄居蟹
Cestrotus apicalis: 端翅縞蠅
Cestrotus flavoscutellatus: 黃楯縞蠅
Cethosia biblis: 紅鋸蛺蝶(2)
Cethosia cyane: 白帶鋸蛺蝶
Cethosia cyane: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Cetoconcha eximia: 渾滾砂蛤
Cetoconcha eximia: 長渾滾砂蛤
Cetonurus globiceps: 球首鯨尾鱈
Cetonurus robustus: 寬吻鯨尾鱈
Cetorhinus maximus: 姥鯊
Cetorhinus maximus: 姥鲨
Cetorhinus maximus: 象沙
Cetorhinus maximus: 象鮫
Cetoscarus bicolor: 白鸚哥
Cetoscarus bicolor: 白鹦哥
Cetoscarus bicolor: 青衣
Cetoscarus bicolor: 青鯨鸚嘴魚
Cetoscarus bicolor: 青鸚哥魚
Cetoscarus bicolor: 鸚哥
Cetostoma regani: 仿鯨
Cetostoma regani: 擬鯨口魚
Cetropyge ferrugatus: 红闪电
Cetta canturians: 远东树莺
Cettia acanthizoides: 深山鶯(8)
Cettia acanthizoides: 黃腹山樹鶯
Cettia acanthizoides: 黃腹樹鶯(2)
Cettia acanthizoides: 黄腹树莺(3)
Cettia brunnescens: 休姆樹鶯
Cettia brunnescens: 休氏树莺
Cettia brunnifrons: 棕頂樹鶯
Cettia brunnifrons: 棕顶树莺(2)
Cettia canturians: 短翅樹鶯(2)
Cettia canturians: 远东树莺
Cettia canturians: 遠東樹鶯
Cettia carolinae: 台岛树莺
Cettia cetti: 宽尾树莺(2)
Cettia cetti: 寬尾樹鶯
Cettia diphone: 日本树莺(4)
Cettia diphone: 日本樹鶯
Cettia diphone: 树莺
Cettia diphone: 短翅树莺(3)
Cettia diphone: 短翅樹鶯(5)
Cettia flavolivacea: 异色树莺(2)
Cettia flavolivacea: 異色樹鶯
Cettia foripes: 山树莺(2)
Cettia fortipes: 台灣小鶯
Cettia fortipes: 小鶯(8)
Cettia fortipes: 山樹鶯
Cettia fortipes: 強腳樹鶯(2)
Cettia fortipes: 强脚树莺(4)
Cettia major: 大树莺(2)
Cettia major: 大樹鶯
Cettia pallidipes: 淡脚树莺(2)
Cettia pallidipes: 淡腳樹鶯(2)
Cettia seebohmi: 菲律宾树莺(2)
Cettia squameiceps: 短尾鶯
Cettia squameiceps: 磷头树莺
Cettia squameiceps: 银耳相思鸟
Cettia squameiceps: 鱗頭樹鶯
Cettia squameiceps: 鳞头树莺(3)
Cettia vulcania: 马氏树莺(3)
Ceuthmochares aereus: 黃嘴鵑
Ceyx erithaca: 三趾翠鳥(3)
Ceyx erithaca: 三趾翠鸟(4)
Ceyx erithacus: 三趾翠鸟(3)
Ceyx fallax: 小三趾翠鸟
Ceyx lepidus: 矮三趾翠鸟(2)
Ceyx melanurus: 菲律宾三趾翠鸟(2)
Chaedodiadema granulatm: 粒毛冠海膽
Chaenocephalus aceratus: 頭帶冰魚
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: 大口沙條鮫
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: 尖齒鯊
Chaenogaleus macrostoma: 沙條
Chaenomugil proboscideus: 裂鯔
Chaenomugil proboscideus: 裂鲻
Chaerephon aloysiisabaudiae: 加納犬吻蝠
Chaerephon aloysiisabaudiae: 加纳犬吻蝠
Chaerephon ansorgei: 安氏犬吻蝠
Chaerephon bemmeleni: 腺尾犬吻蝠
Chaerephon bivittata: 斑犬吻蝠
Chaerephon chapini: 查平犬吻蝠
Chaerephon gallagheri: 扎伊尔犬吻蝠
Chaerephon jobensis: 北方犬吻蝠
Chaerephon johorensis: 苏门答腊犬吻蝠
Chaerephon major: 垂耳犬吻蝠
Chaerephon nigeriae: 尼日利亚犬吻蝠
Chaerephon plicata: 皱唇犬吻蝠
Chaerephon plicata: 皱唇蝠
Chaerephon pumila: 小犬吻蝠
Chaerephon russata: 赤犬吻蝠
Chaeropus ecaudatus: 猪脚袋狸
Chaeropus ecaudatus: 豕足袋狸(2)
Chaeropus ecaudatus: 豚足袋狸(2)
Chaeropus ecaudatus: 豬趾袋狸(2)
Chaetanaphothrips leeuweni: 中斑圍孔薊馬
Chaetanaphothrips machili: 楠圍孔薊馬
Chaetanaphothrips orchidii: 香蕉鏽薊馬
Chaetanaphothrips querci: 外單毛圍孔薊馬
Chaetanaphothrips theiperdus: 茶淡薊馬
Chaetobranchopsis australe: 巴拉圭擬鬃鰓魚
Chaetobranchopsis orbicularis: 圓頭擬鬃鰓魚
Chaetobranchus flavescens: 巴西鬃鰓魚
Chaetobranchus semifasciatus: 半花鬃鰓魚
Chaetocanace biseta: 雙手包蠅
Chaetococcus bambusae: 扁粉蚧
Chaetococcus bambusae: 籜竹粉介殼蟲
Chaetococcus zonata: 带扁粉蚧
Chaetocosmia taiwanica: 臺灣多毛蠼螋
Chaetodermis pencilligerus: 龍鬚炮彈魚
Chaetodermis penicilligerus: 剝皮魚
Chaetodermis penicilligerus: 多刺皮夾克(169)
Chaetodermis penicilligerus: 棘皮單棘魨(15601)
Chaetodermis penicilligerus: 毛毛魚(157)
Chaetodipus arenarius: 剛毛囊鼠
Chaetodon adiergastos: 烏頂蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon adiergastos: 熊貓蝶
Chaetodon adiergastos: 項斑蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon adiergastos: 项斑蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon adiergastos: 黑面蝶
Chaetodon argentatus: 蛇皮蝶
Chaetodon argentatus: 銀身蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon argentatus: 银身蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon argentatus: 黑鏡蝶
Chaetodon argentatus: 黑镜蝶
Chaetodon aureofasciatus: 金带蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon aureofasciatus: 金面蝶
Chaetodon auriga: 丝蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon auriga: 人字蝶
Chaetodon auriga: 扬旛蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon auriga: 揚旛蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon auriga: 白刺蝶
Chaetodon auriga: 絲蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon auripes: 假荷包
Chaetodon auripes: 叉紋蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon auripes: 叉纹蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon auripes: 條紋蝶
Chaetodon auripes: 耳带蝶
Chaetodon auripes: 耳帶蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon auripes: 金色蝶
Chaetodon auripes: 黑頭蝶
Chaetodon baronessa: 三角紋蝶
Chaetodon baronessa: 天王蝶
Chaetodon baronessa: 天皇蝶
Chaetodon baronessa: 曲紋蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon baronessa: 曲纹蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon bennetti: 太阳蝶
Chaetodon bennetti: 本氏蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon bennetti: 本氏蝶
Chaetodon bennetti: 本氏蝶魚
Chaetodon bennetti: 法國蝶
Chaetodon bennetti: 雙絲蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon burgessi: 柏氏蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon burgessi: 波斯蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon burgessi: 波斯蝶
Chaetodon burgessi: 皇帝蝶
Chaetodon capistratus: 四斑蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon capistratus: 四眼蝶
Chaetodon citrinellus: 密點蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon citrinellus: 胡麻斑蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon citrinellus: 胡麻蝶
Chaetodon citrinellus: 芝麻蝶
Chaetodon collare: 紅尾珍珠蝶
Chaetodon collare: 紅尾硃砂蝶
Chaetodon collare: 红尾珠蝶
Chaetodon collare: 領蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon collare: 领蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon daedalma: 繡蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon daedalma: 黑蝶
Chaetodon declivis: 斜蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon declivis: 金丁
Chaetodon declivis: 金丁卡氏碟
Chaetodon decussatus: 橫纹蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon decussatus: 黑尾人字
Chaetodon decussatus: 黑尾人字蝶
Chaetodon decussatus: 黑尾假人字蝶
Chaetodon decussatus: 黑斑人字蝶
Chaetodon ehippium: 月光蝶(2)
Chaetodon ephippium: 日光鰈魚
Chaetodon ephippium: 月光蝶
Chaetodon ephippium: 月光鰈
Chaetodon ephippium: 鞍斑蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon ephippium: 鞍斑蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon ephippium: 鞭蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon ephippium: 鞭蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon ephippium: 黑腰蝶
Chaetodon falcula: 印度三間
Chaetodon falcula: 印度三間蝶
Chaetodon falcula: 纹带蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon falcula: 金三间
Chaetodon falcula: 金三间蝶
Chaetodon falcula: 金双印
Chaetodon falcula: 金双印蝶
Chaetodon falcula: 金雙印蝶
Chaetodon flavirostris: 澳洲蝶
Chaetodon flavocoronatus: 皇冠丁
Chaetodon flavocoronatus: 皇冠丁卡氏鰈
Chaetodon flavocoronatus: 黃冠蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon fremblii: 藍線蝶
Chaetodon guentheri: 梨子蝶
Chaetodon guentheri: 芝麻蝶
Chaetodon guentheri: 貢氏蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon guttatissimus: 胡椒蝶
Chaetodon kleini: 茶葉蝶
Chaetodon kleinii: 克氏蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon kleinii: 凤梨蝶
Chaetodon kleinii: 珠蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon kleinii: 珠蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon kleinii: 珠蝶
Chaetodon kleinii: 蓝头蝶
Chaetodon kleinii: 藍頭蝶
Chaetodon kleinii: 金麻包
Chaetodon kleinii: 鳳梨蝶
Chaetodon kleinii: 麻包蝶
Chaetodon larvatus: 怪蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon larvatus: 红海天皇蝶
Chaetodon larvatus: 红海贵族
Chaetodon lineolatus: 直紋蝶
Chaetodon lineolatus: 紋身蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon lineolatus: 細紋蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon lineolatus: 黑影蝶
Chaetodon lunula: 印度月眉蝶
Chaetodon lunula: 新月蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon lunula: 新月蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon lunula: 月斑蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon lunula: 月眉蝶
Chaetodon lunula: 月鯛
Chaetodon lunula: 月鲷
Chaetodon lunula: 白眉
Chaetodon lunulatus: 冬瓜蝶
Chaetodon lunulatus: 弓月蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon madagascariensis: 馬達加斯加蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon melannotus: 太陽蝶(2)
Chaetodon melannotus: 斜紋蝶(2)
Chaetodon melannotus: 斜纹蝶
Chaetodon melannotus: 曙光蝶
Chaetodon melannotus: 曙色蝶(2)
Chaetodon melannotus: 黑斜蝶
Chaetodon melannotus: 黑背点碟
Chaetodon melannotus: 黑背蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon melannotus: 黑背蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon melannotus: 黑背蝶(2)
Chaetodon melapterus: 紅海亞拉伯蝶
Chaetodon mertensii: 橙尾蝶
Chaetodon mertensii: 默氏蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon mertensii: 默氏蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon mesoleucos: 中白蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon mesoleucos: 中白蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon mesoleucos: 白面蝶
Chaetodon meyeri: 麥氏蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon meyeri: 麦氏蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon meyeri: 黑斜紋蝶
Chaetodon meyeri: 黑斜纹蝶
Chaetodon meyeri: 黑风车
Chaetodon miliaris: 黑尾芝麻蝶
Chaetodon mitratus: 僧帽蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon mitratus: 印地安蝶
Chaetodon mitratus: 深水碟
Chaetodon mitratus: 西非蝶王
Chaetodon modestus: 尖嘴蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon modestus: 尖嘴蝶
Chaetodon modestus: 樸蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon nippon: 日本蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon nippon: 日本蝶
Chaetodon nippon: 暗带蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon nippon: 暗帶蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon nippon: 暗帶蝶
Chaetodon octofasciatus: 八带蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon octofasciatus: 八帶蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon octofasciatus: 八帶蝶魚
Chaetodon octofasciatus: 八線蝶
Chaetodon octofasciatus: 八線鰈
Chaetodon octofasciatus: 八线蝶
Chaetodon octofasciatus: 八间蝶
Chaetodon ornatissimus: 斜紋蝶
Chaetodon ornatissimus: 華麗蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon paucifasciatus: 稀帶蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon paucifasciatus: 紅尾箭
Chaetodon paucifasciatus: 紅海紅尾蝶
Chaetodon plebeius: 云蝶
Chaetodon plebeius: 四棘蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon plebeius: 四棘蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon plebeius: 蓝印蝶
Chaetodon plebeius: 蓝斑蝶
Chaetodon plebeius: 蓝腰蝶
Chaetodon plebeius: 藍印蝶
Chaetodon plebeius: 藍斑蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon plebeius: 藍腰蝶
Chaetodon plebeius: 雲蝶
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: 斑帶蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: 斑帶蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: 繁紋蝶
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: 繁纹蝶
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: 虎皮蝶(3)
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: 虎紋蝶
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: 虎纹蝶
Chaetodon punctatofasciatus: 點斑橫帶蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon quadrimaculatus: 四点蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon quadrimaculatus: 四点蝶
Chaetodon quadrimaculatus: 四點蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon quadrimaculatus: 四點蝶
Chaetodon quadrimaculatus: 夏威夷淚眼蝶魚
Chaetodon rafflesii: 格紋蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon rafflesii: 格纹蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon rafflesii: 網蝶
Chaetodon rafflesii: 网蝶
Chaetodon rafflesii: 雷氏蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon rainfordi: 林氏蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon rainfordi: 金線蝶魚
Chaetodon reticulatus: 珍珠蝶(2)
Chaetodon reticulatus: 網紋蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon reticulatus: 網紋蝶
Chaetodon reticulatus: 红尾珍珠蝶
Chaetodon reticulatus: 蝶魚
Chaetodon sedentarius: 珊瑚魚
Chaetodon sedentarius: 礁蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon selene: 彎月蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon selene: 彎月蝶
Chaetodon semeion: 神蹟蝶
Chaetodon semeion: 細點蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon semeion: 細點蝶
Chaetodon semeion: 金點蝶
Chaetodon semeion: 點綴蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon semilarvatus: 埃及黃金蝶
Chaetodon semilarvatus: 紅海金蝶
Chaetodon semilarvatus: 紅海黃金蝶
Chaetodon semilarvatus: 红海黄金蝶(3)
Chaetodon semilarvatus: 金蝶
Chaetodon semilarvatus: 黃色蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon semilarvatus: 黃色蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon semilarvatus: 黄金蝶
Chaetodon speculum: 一点蝶(2)
Chaetodon speculum: 泪珠蝶
Chaetodon speculum: 豆鼓蝶
Chaetodon speculum: 鏡斑蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon speculum: 鏡斑蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon speculum: 黃一點
Chaetodon speculum: 黃鏡斑
Chaetodon speculum: 黃鏡斑蝶
Chaetodon speculum: 黄一点
Chaetodon speculum: 黄镜斑蝶
Chaetodon striatus: 五线蝶
Chaetodon striatus: 条带蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon tinkeri: 丁卡氏碟
Chaetodon tinkeri: 丁卡氏蝶
Chaetodon tinkeri: 丁氏蝴蝶魚(2)
Chaetodon tinkeri: 丁氏蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon tinkeri: 坦克蝶(2)
Chaetodon tinkeri: 帝王蝶
Chaetodon tinkeri: 帝王蝶魚
Chaetodon tinkeri: 黑丁(2)
Chaetodon triangulum: 三角蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon triangulum: 印度三角蝶
Chaetodon trifascialis: 三紋蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon trifascialis: 三纹蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon trifascialis: 川紋蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon trifascialis: 排骨蝶
Chaetodon trifascialis: 箭蝶
Chaetodon trifascialis: 羽紋蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon trifascialis: 羽纹蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon trifasciatus: 三带蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon trifasciatus: 印度冬瓜蝶
Chaetodon trifascistus: 冬瓜蝶
Chaetodon ulientensis: 鞍斑蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon ulientensis: 鞍斑蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon ulientensis: 鞍斑蝶
Chaetodon ulietensis: 太平洋三間蝶
Chaetodon ulietensis: 烏利蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon ulietensis: 雙印蝶
Chaetodon ulietensis: 鞍斑蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon ulietensis: 鞍斑蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon ulietensis: 鞍斑蝶
Chaetodon unimaculatus: 一点清
Chaetodon unimaculatus: 一点蝶
Chaetodon unimaculatus: 一點清
Chaetodon unimaculatus: 一點蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon unimaculatus: 一點蝶
Chaetodon unimaculatus: 单斑蝴蝶鱼(2)
Chaetodon unimaculatus: 單斑蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon unimaculatus: 日蚀蝶
Chaetodon vagabundus: 假人字
Chaetodon vagabundus: 假人字蝶(2)
Chaetodon vagabundus: 斜紋蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon vagabundus: 斜纹蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon vagabundus: 银蝶
Chaetodon vagabundus: 飄浮蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon vagabundus: 飘浮蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon wiebeli: 魏氏蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon wiebeli: 魏氏蝶
Chaetodon wiebeli: 麗蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon wiebeli: 黃荷包
Chaetodon xanthocephalus: 印度月光
Chaetodon xanthocephalus: 印度月光蝶
Chaetodon xanthocephalus: 金月光
Chaetodon xanthocephalus: 金月光蝶
Chaetodon xanthocephalus: 黃头蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon xanthocephelus: 印度月光蝶
Chaetodon xanthurus: 橙尾網蝶
Chaetodon xanthurus: 紅尾蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon xanthurus: 红尾蝶(3)
Chaetodon xanthurus: 黃網蝶
Chaetodon xanthurus: 黃蝴蝶魚
Chaetodon xanthurus: 黃蝴蝶鱼
Chaetodon xanthurus: 黄网蝶
Chaetodontoplus caeruleopunctatus: 黄尾黑金蝶
Chaetodontoplus cephalareticulatus: 網紋頭荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus chrysocephalus: 黃面神仙
Chaetodontoplus chrysocephalus: 黃頭荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus: 眼鏡仙
Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus: 眼镜仙
Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus: 點荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi: 杜寶荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi: 澳洲仙
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi: 眼帶神仙
Chaetodontoplus duboulayi: 眼帶荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus melanosoma: 黑宝马
Chaetodontoplus melanosoma: 黑身神仙
Chaetodontoplus melanosoma: 黑身荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: 中白荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: 天皇仙
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: 黃尾仙
Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus: 黃尾荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus personifer: 澳洲花面神仙
Chaetodontoplus personifer: 罩面荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus personifer: 黑面神仙
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: 藍帶神仙
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: 藍帶荷包魚
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: 藍線仙
Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis: 金蝴蝶(2)
Chaetogaster diaphanus: 透清毛腹蟲
Chaetogaster diastrophus: 盤纏毛腹蟲
Chaetogeoica folidentata: 梳齿毛根蚜
Chaetogeoica ulmidrupa: 榆钱毛根蚜
Chaetogeoica utricutata: 小瘿毛根蚜
Chaetolauxania sternopleuralis: 甲仙縞蠅
Chaetomys subspinosus: 細針豪豬
Chaetonerius inermis: 孤獨長腳蠅
Chaetophractus nationi: 多毛犰狳(2)
Chaetophractus vellerosus: 長毛犰狳
Chaetophractus villosus: 披毛犰狳(2)
Chaetoprocta odata: 柴灰蝶
Chaetopsylla hohuana: 合歡鬃蚤
Chaetopterus variopedatus: 多樣疣足鱗蟲
Chaetoptila angustipluma: 鬢吸蜜鳥
Chaetorhynchus papuensis: 须嘴卷尾
Chaetornis striata: 多须草莺
Chaetospania bispinosa: 雙棘小蠼螋
Chaetospania thoracica: 明胸小蠼螋
Chaetostomella nigripunctata: 黑斑長頰毛實蠅
Chaetoxorista eutachinoides: 真性寄蠅
Chaetura andrei: 灰尾雨燕(6)
Chaetura brachyura: 短尾雨燕(6)
Chaetura caudacuta: 針尾雨燕
Chaetura chapmani: 查氏雨燕(6)
Chaetura cinereiventris: 淡腰雨燕(6)
Chaetura egregia: 苍腰雨燕(5)
Chaetura egregia: 蒼腰雨燕
Chaetura martinica: 安岛雨燕(5)
Chaetura martinica: 安島雨燕
Chaetura pelagica: 烟囱雨燕(5)
Chaetura pelagica: 煙囪雨燕
Chaetura spinicauda: 斑腰雨燕(6)
Chaetura vauxi: 沃氏雨燕(6)
Chaeturichthys chaeturichthys: 矛尾鰕虎魚
Chagunius baileyi: 貝利氏沙昆鯉
Chagunius chagunio: 沙昆鯉
Chagunius nicholsi: 尼氏沙昆鯉
Chaimarrornis leucocepha: 白頂溪鴝
Chaimarrornis leucocephalus: 白頂溪鴝(4)
Chaimarrornis leucocephalus: 白顶溪鸲(6)
Chaitoregma aderuensis: 包籜箭竹蚜
Chaitoregma tattakana: 立鷹扁蚜
Chalarodon madgascariensis: 柔齿蜥
Chalarus spurius: 私生頭蠅
Chalceus erythrurus: 紅尾金平克
Chalceus erythrurus: 金平克(2)
Chalcides chalcides: 铜蜥
Chalcides ocellatus: 眼斑石龍子(2)
Chalcides ocellatus: 眼斑铜蜥
Chalcites maculatus: 翠金鵑
Chalcites maculatus: 翠金鹃(4)
Chalcites xanthorhynchus: 紫金鵑
Chalcites xanthorhynchus: 紫金鹃(4)
Chalcolema cylindrica: 長筒猿金花蟲
Chalcomitra adelberti: 黄喉花蜜鸟
Chalcomitra amethystina: 艾米花蜜鸟
Chalcomitra balfouri: 索科花蜜鸟
Chalcomitra fuliginosa: 乌色花蜜鸟
Chalcomitra hunteri: 亨氏花蜜鸟
Chalcomitra rubescens: 绿喉花蜜鸟
Chalcomitra senegalensis: 赤胸花蜜鸟
Chalcoparia singalensis: 紫頰太陽鳥
Chalcoparia singalensis: 紫颊太阳鸟(3)
Chalcoparia singalensis: 紫颊直嘴太阳鸟
Chalcophaps indica: 綠翅金鳩(2)
Chalcophaps indica: 綠背金鳩(2)
Chalcophaps indica: 绿翅金鸠(12)
Chalcophaps indica: 翠翼鳩(9)
Chalcophaps indica: indica, 翠翼鳩(2)
Chalcophaps stephani: 褐背金鸠(2)
Chalcophora japonica: 松吉丁蟲(2)
Chalcophora yunnana: 雲南松吉丁蟲
Chalcopsitta atra: 黑吸蜜鹦鹉
Chalcopsitta atra: 黑色吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Chalcopsitta atra: 黑鹦鹉
Chalcopsitta cardinalis: 卡迪娜吸蜜鸚鵡(2)
Chalcopsitta cardinalis: 暗红吸蜜鹦鹉
Chalcopsitta duivenbodei: 黄额褐吸蜜鹦鹉
Chalcopsitta duivenbodei: 黄额褐鹦鹉
Chalcopsitta sintillata: 黄纹绿吸蜜鹦鹉
Chalcopsitta sintillata: 黄纹绿鹦鹉
Chalcosia diana: 光輝螢斑蛾
Chalcosia diana: 綠脈白斑蛾
Chalcosia formosana: 白帶烏斑蛾
Chalcosia formosana: 蓬萊螢斑蛾
Chalcosia thaivana: 白帶白斑蛾
Chalcosia thaivana: 臺灣螢斑蛾
Chalcosia thaivana: 蘭嶼螢斑蛾
Chalepotaxis spadix: 白底小鱉甲蝸牛
Chalepotaxis spadix: 黑線小鱉甲蝸牛
Chalinochromis brichardi: 勃氏勒紋麗鯛
Chalinochromis brichardi: 黃帆紫鳳凰
Chalinochromis popelini: 波氏勒紋麗鯛
Chalinolobus alboguttatus: 白斑蝶蝠
Chalinolobus argentatus: 銀蝶蝠
Chalinolobus argentatus: 银蝶蝠
Chalinolobus beatrix: 加蓬蝶蝠
Chalinolobus dwyeri: 大染色葉唇蝠
Chalinolobus dwyeri: 大耳蝶蝠
Chalinolobus egeria: 喀麦隆蝶蝠
Chalinolobus gleni: 星蝶蝠
Chalinolobus gouldii: 垂缨蝶蝠
Chalinolobus gouldii: 谷氏葉唇蝠
Chalinolobus kenyacola: 肯尼亚蝶蝠
Chalinolobus morio: 褐蝶蝠
Chalinolobus morio: 赭色葉唇蝠
Chalinolobus nigrogriseus: 暗灰蝶蝠
Chalinolobus nigrogriseus: 烏灰葉唇蝠
Chalinolobus picalus: 小染色葉唇蝠
Chalinolobus picalus: 小蝶蝠
Chalinolobus poensis: 波蝶蝠
Chalinolobus superbus: 傲蝶蝠
Chalinolobus tuberculatus: 結節葉唇蝠
Chalinolobus tuberculatus: 隆蝶蝠
Chalinolobus variegatus: 彩蝶蝠
Challengeron dioden: 双齿筛壳虫
Challengeron willemoesii: 威氏筛壳虫
Chama ambigua: 大偏口蛤
Chama brassica: 寶石偏口蛤
Chama dunkeri: 丹氏偏口蛤
Chama iostoma: 紫緣偏口蛤
Chama japonica: 日本偏口蛤
Chama lazarus: 菊花偏口蛤
Chama pacifica: 太平洋偏口蛤
Chamaeleo calyptoratus: 高冠变色龙
Chamaeleo calyptoratus: 高冠變色龍(4)
Chamaeleo calyptratus: 盔甲避役
Chamaeleo calyptratus: 高冠变色龙
Chamaeleo calyptratus: 高冠變色龍
Chamaeleo chamaeleon: 普通避役
Chamaeleo chamaeleon: 避役
Chamaeleo deremensis: 三角变色龙
Chamaeleo deremensis: 噴點三角變色龍(2)
Chamaeleo dilepis: 喷点变色龙
Chamaeleo dilepis: 扇耳變色龍(2)
Chamaeleo hoehnelii: 頭盔變色龍(2)
Chamaeleo jacksonii: 杰克森变色龙
Chamaeleo jocksoni: 傑克森變色龍(2)
Chamaeleo johnstoni: 三角變色龍(2)
Chamaeleo melleri: 米勒变色龙
Chamaeleo melleri: 米勒變色龍(2)
Chamaeleo namaquensis: 纳曼卡避役
Chamaeleo quadricornis: 四角变色龙
Chamaeleolis barbatus: 伪避役
Chamaesaura aenea: 南非草蜥
Chamaesipho scutelliformis: 盾形矮藤壶
Chamalycaeus hungerfordianus: 范福扁帶管蝸牛
Chamalycaeus varius: 台灣扁帶管蝸牛
Champsocephalus gunnari: 裘氏鰐頭冰魚
Champsocephalus gunnari: 裘氏鳄头冰鱼
Champsochromis caeruleus: 淡黑鱷麗魚
Champsochromis spilorhynchus: 斑唇鱷麗魚
Champsodon guentheri: 貢氏鰐齒魚
Champsodon guentheri: 貢氏鱷齒魚
Champsodon guentheri: 貢氏鱷齒鱚
Champsodon snyderi: 史氏鰐齒魚
Champsodon snyderi: 史氏鱷齒鱚
Champsodon snyderi: 短鰐齒魚
Champsodon snyderi: 短鱷齒魚
Chanda baculis: 七彩玻璃
Changchengornis hengdaoziensis: 横道长城鸟
Channa argus: 乌鳢 
Channa argus: 乌鳢(2)
Channa asiatca: 月鳢
Channa asiatica: 七星鱧(3)
Channa asiatica: 七星鱼
Channa asiatica: 月鱧
Channa asiatica: 月鳢(3)
Channa astiatica: 七星鱧
Channa barca: 巴卡鳢
Channa bleheri: 布氏鳢
Channa diplogramma: 红鳢
Channa gachua: 南鳢(2)
Channa gachua: 宽额鳢(2)
Channa gachua: 寬額鱧(3)
Channa lucius: 尖头斑(4)
Channa lucius: 带鳢
Channa lucius: 斑鳢(2)
Channa maculata: 斑鱧(2)
Channa maculata: 斑鳢(2)
Channa maculata: 花鱧
Channa maculata: 鱧魚(3)
Channa marulioides: 梅花斑(2)
Channa marulius: ara, 巨鳢
Channa marulius: marulius, 眼鳢
Channa micropeltes: 多曼(2810)
Channa micropeltes: 小盾鱧, Xiao3 dun4 li3(65000)
Channa micropeltes: 小盾鳢, Xiao3 dun4 li3(65000)
Channa micropeltes: 魚虎, Yu hu(3800)
Channa orientalis: 东方鳢
Channa ornatipinnis: 饰鳍鳢
Channa panaw: 帕瑙鳢
Channa pleurophthalmus: 侧眼鳢
Channa pulchra: 美鳢(2)
Channa punctata: 纹鳢
Channa punctata: 翠鱧
Channa punctata: 翠鳢
Channa siamensis: 长身鳢
Channa stewartii: 斯氏鳢
Channa striata: 泰國鱧, Tai guo li(1330)
Channa striata: 生鱼, Sheng yu(469)
Channa striata: 線鱧, Xian4 li3(1020)
Channa striata: 线鳢, Xian li
Channa striata: 线鳢, Xian4 li3(1450)
Channallabes apus: 鱔胡鯰
Channallabes apus: 鳝胡鲶
Channomuraena vittata: 薯鰻
Channomuraena vittata: 虎鰻
Channomuraena vittata: 錢鰻
Chanodichthys erythropterus: 曲腰
Chanodichthys erythropterus: 紅鰭鮊
Chanopagurus atopos: 奇異陳氏寄居蟹
Chanos chanos: 安平魚
Chanos chanos: 海草魚
Chanos chanos: 虱目仔
Chanos chanos: 虱目魚(4)
Chanos chanos: 虱麻魚
Chanos chanos: 遮目魚
Chanos chanos: 遮目鱼(2)
Chanos chanos: 麻蝨目
Chaoyangia beishanensis: 北山朝阳鸟
Charadriius alexandrinus: 环颈鸻
Charadrius alexandrinus: 东方环颈鸻
Charadrius alexandrinus: 東方環頸珩
Charadrius alexandrinus: 東方環頸鴴(6)
Charadrius alexandrinus: 环颈鸻(10)
Charadrius alexandrinus: 環頸
Charadrius alexandrinus: 環頸鴴(3)
Charadrius alexandrinus: 環頸鸻
Charadrius alexandrinus: 金眶鸻
Charadrius alexandrinux: 环颈鸻
Charadrius asiaticus: 紅胸鴴(3)
Charadrius asiaticus: 紅胸鸻
Charadrius asiaticus: 红胸鸻(7)
Charadrius bicinctus: 栗斑鴴
Charadrius dealbatus: 白脸鸻
Charadrius dubius: 小环颈鸻
Charadrius dubius: 小環頸珩
Charadrius dubius: 小環頸鴴(6)
Charadrius dubius: 金眶
Charadrius dubius: 金眶鴴(5)
Charadrius dubius: 金眶鸻(11)
Charadrius dubius: 金眶鹃
Charadrius hiaticula: 剑鴴(2)
Charadrius hiaticula: 剑鸻(10)
Charadrius hiaticula: 劍
Charadrius hiaticula: 劍鴴(2)
Charadrius hiaticula: 劍鸻
Charadrius hiaticula: 北環頸鴴
Charadrius hiaticula: 环颈鸻
Charadrius hiaticula: 環頸珩
Charadrius hiaticula: 環頸鴴(6)
Charadrius hiaticula: 行鸟
Charadrius ieschenaultii: 鐵嘴沙鸻
Charadrius ieschenaultii: 铁嘴沙鸻
Charadrius javanicus: 爪哇鸻
Charadrius leschenaultii: 鐵咀沙
Charadrius leschenaultii: 鐵嘴沙鴴(4)
Charadrius leschenaultii: 鐵嘴珩
Charadrius leschenaultii: 鐵嘴鴴(5)
Charadrius leschenaultii: 铁嘴沙鴴(2)
Charadrius leschenaultii: 铁嘴沙鸻(9)
Charadrius marginatus: 白額沙鴴
Charadrius melanops: 黑額鴴
Charadrius mongolus: 蒙古沙
Charadrius mongolus: 蒙古沙鴴(4)
Charadrius mongolus: 蒙古沙鸻(11)
Charadrius mongolus: 蒙古珩
Charadrius mongolus: 蒙古鴴(5)
Charadrius morinellus: 小嘴鴴(2)
Charadrius morinellus: 小嘴鸻(8)
Charadrius obscurus: 栗胸鴴
Charadrius pallidus: 栗斑鴴
Charadrius pecuarius: 基氏沙鴴
Charadrius pecuarius: 基氏沙鸻
Charadrius peronii: 馬來鴴
Charadrius peronii: 马来鸻(6)
Charadrius placidus: 劍桁
Charadrius placidus: 劍珩
Charadrius placidus: 劍鴴(5)
Charadrius placidus: 長咀
Charadrius placidus: 長嘴劍鴴
Charadrius placidus: 長嘴劍鸻
Charadrius placidus: 長嘴鴴
Charadrius placidus: 长嘴剑鸻(9)
Charadrius placidus: 长嘴鸻
Charadrius ruficapillus: 紅帽鴴
Charadrius ruficapillus: 红顶鸻
Charadrius semipalmatus: 半蹼鸻(2)
Charadrius tricollaris: 三色鴴
Charadrius veredus: 东方红胸鸻
Charadrius veredus: 东方鸻(9)
Charadrius veredus: 東方紅胸鴴(4)
Charadrius veredus: 東方鴴
Charadrius veredus: 東方鸻
Charadrius veredus: 紅胸
Charadrius veredus: 紅胸桁
Charadrius veredus: 紅胸珩
Charadrius veredus: 紅胸鴴(2)
Charadrius vociferus: 双领鸻(2)
Charagochilus angusticollis: 狹領聞唇盲椿
Charagochilus angusticollis: 狹領聞唇盲蝽
Charagochilus longicornis: 長角紋唇盲椿
Charagochilus longicornis: 長角紋唇盲蝽
Charagochilus taivanus: 台灣紋唇盲椿
Charagochilus taivanus: 台灣紋唇盲蝽
Charana cepheis: 瑟凤灰蝶
Charana mandarinus: 凤灰蝶
Charaxes bernardus: 白帶螯蛺蝶
Charaxes marmax: 螯蛺蝶(2)
Charitovalgus banzai: 巨細扁花金龜
Charitovalgus formosana: 灰紋細扁花金龜
Charmosyna amabilis: 红喉吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna diadema: 新喀吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna josefinae: 约氏吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna josefinae: 约氏鹦鹉
Charmosyna margarethae: 贵妃吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna meeki: 米氏吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna multistriata: 纵纹吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna multistriata: 纵纹鹦鹉
Charmosyna palmarum: 棕榈吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna papou: 巴布亚吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna papou: 巴布亚鹦鹉
Charmosyna placentis: 蓝脸吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna placentis: 蓝脸鹦鹉
Charmosyna pulchella: 仙吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna pulchella: 仙鹦鹉
Charmosyna rubrigularis: 红颏吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna rubrigularis: 红颏鹦鹉
Charmosyna rubronotata: 红斑吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna rubronotata: 红斑鹦鹉
Charmosyna toxopei: 蓝额吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna toxopei: 蓝额鹦鹉
Charmosyna wilhelminae: 威氏吸蜜鹦鹉
Charmosyna wilhelminae: 威氏鹦鹉
Charonia lampas: 白法螺
Charonia tritonis: 大法螺
Charonia tritonis: 法螺
Charops bicolor: 螟蛉懸繭姬蜂
Charops brachypterum: 短翅懸繭姬蜂
Charops striata: 刻條懸繭姬蜂
Charops taiwana: 台灣懸繭姬蜂
Charybdis acuta: 石蟳
Charybdis acuta: 銳齒蟳
Charybdis acutifrons: 尖額蟳
Charybdis acutifrons: 石蟳
Charybdis affinis: 近親蟳
Charybdis amboinensis: 安汶蟳
Charybdis amboinensis: 石蟳
Charybdis anisodon: 異齒蟳
Charybdis annulata: 環紋蟳
Charybdis annulata: 石蟳仔
Charybdis bimaculata: 雙斑蟳
Charybdis feriatus: 十字蟹, Shi2 zi4 xie4
Charybdis feriatus: 十字蟹, Shizi xie
Charybdis feriatus: 紅蟹
Charybdis feriatus: 鏽斑蟳(2)
Charybdis feriatus: 锈斑蟳
Charybdis granulata: 澎湖石蟳
Charybdis granulata: 顆粒蟳
Charybdis hellerii: 赫氏蟳
Charybdis hongkongensis: 香港蟳
Charybdis japoncia: 日本蟳
Charybdis japonica: 日本蟳
Charybdis japonica: 石蟳仔
Charybdis lucifera: 晶瑩蟳
Charybdis lucifera: 石蟳仔
Charybdis miles: 武士蟳
Charybdis miles: 石蟳仔
Charybdis natator: 善泳蟳
Charybdis natator: 石螃蟹, Shi1 pang2 xie4
Charybdis natator: 石蟳
Charybdis natator: 石蟹, Shi1 xie4
Charybdis obtusifrons: 鈍額蟳
Charybdis orientalis: 東方蟳
Charybdis orientalis: 石蟳
Charybdis sagamiensis: 相模蟳
Charybdis sagamiensis: 石蟳仔光掌蟳
Charybdis truncata: 直額蟳
Charybdis variegata: 變態蟳
Chascanopsetta lugubris: 大口長頜鮃
Chascanopsetta lugubris: 扁魚
Chascanopsetta lugubris: 皇帝魚(2)
Chascanopsetta lugubris: 皇帝鱼(2)
Chascanopsetta lugubris: 黑大口鮃
Chascanopsetta prognatha: 前長頜鮃
Chasiempis sandwichensis: 蚋鹟
Chasmagnathus convexus: 濱蟹
Chasmagnathus convexus: 隆背張口蟹
Chasmichthys dolichognathus: 長頜鰕虎
Chasmistes cujus: 內華達州呵吸鯉
Chasmistes cujus: 貴玉屈魚(2)
Chasmistes cujus: 贵玉屈鱼
Chaudhuria caudata: 鳗鳅
Chauliodus danae: 达纳蝰鱼
Chauliodus macouni: 馬康氏蝰魚
Chauliodus sloanei: 蝰魚(2)
Chauliodus sloanei: 蝰鱼(2)
Chauliodus sloani: 蝰魚
Chauliodus sloani: 蝰鱼
Chauliodus sloani: 魚
Chauliops fallax: 豆突眼長椿
Chauliops fallax: 豆突眼長蝽
Chaunax abei: 阿部單棘躄魚
Chaunax fimbriatus: 单棘躄鱼
Chaunax fimbriatus: 單棘躄魚
Chaunax penicillatus: 雲紋單棘躄魚
Cheatoermis penciligerus: 龙须炮弹
Cheatopleurophora asiatica: 亞洲蚤蠅
Checupa curvivena: 窄翅綠夜蛾
Cheilea diaphana: 透明舟螺
Cheilea equestris: 風鈴晃蓋螺
Cheilea hipponiciformis: 斜紋晃蓋螺
Cheilea layardi: 風鈴舟螺
Cheilea stultorum: 皺紋晃蓋螺
Cheilea tectumsinensis: 重疊晃蓋螺
Cheilinus chlorourus: 綠尾唇魚
Cheilinus chlorourus: 荔枝
Cheilinus fasciatus: 橫帶唇魚
Cheilinus fasciatus: 紅頸衣
Cheilinus fasciatus: 黃帶唇魚
Cheilinus lunulatus: 雀尾唇魚
Cheilinus lunulatus: 雀尾龍
Cheilinus oxycephalus: 尖頭唇魚
Cheilinus trilobatus: 三葉唇魚
Cheilinus trilobatus: 假蘇眉
Cheilinus undulates: 蘇眉
Cheilinus undulatus: 拿破崙
Cheilinus undulatus: 拿破崙隆頭魚
Cheilinus undulatus: 拿破崙魚
Cheilinus undulatus: 曲紋唇魚
Cheilinus undulatus: 波紋唇魚
Cheilinus undulatus: 波纹唇鱼
Cheilinus undulatus: 苏眉
Cheilinus undulatus: 苏眉鱼
Cheilinus undulatus: 蘇眉魚
Cheilinus undulatus: 蘇眉(2)
Cheilinus undulatus: 隆頭魚
Cheilio inermis: 管唇魚
Cheilmenes sexmachlata: 六斑月瓢蟲
Cheilochromis euchilus: 真唇丽鱼
Cheilochromis euchilus: 真唇麗魚
Cheilodactylus quadricornis: 三康
Cheilodactylus quadricornis: 咬破布
Cheilodactylus quadricornis: 四角唇指
Cheilodactylus quadricornis: 背帶鷹
Cheilodactylus quadricornis: 萬年瘦
Cheilodactylus quadricornis: 金花
Cheilodactylus zonatus: 斬三刀
Cheilodipterus artus: 圓鰓蓋巨齒天竺鯛
Cheilodipterus artus: 大目側仔
Cheilodipterus artus: 大面側仔
Cheilodipterus artus: 縱帶巨牙天竺鯛
Cheilodipterus artus: 縱帶巨齒天竺鯛
Cheilodipterus intermedius: 中間巨齒天鯛
Cheilodipterus macrodon: 大目側仔
Cheilodipterus macrodon: 大面側仔
Cheilodipterus macrodon: 巨牙天竺鯛
Cheilodipterus macrodon: 巨齒天竺鯛
Cheilodipterus macrodon: 黑横带鲷
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: 五帶巨牙天竺鯛
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: 五線巨齒天竺鯛
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: 六線巨齒天竺鯛
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: 大目側仔
Cheilodipterus quinquelineatus: 大面側仔
Cheilomenes sexmaculata: 六條瓢蟲(4)
Cheilopogon abei: 阿氏飛魚
Cheilopogon abei: 阿氏鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon agoo: 阿戈飛魚
Cheilopogon agoo: 飛烏
Cheilopogon agoo: 鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon arcticeps: 弓頭唇鬚飛魚
Cheilopogon arcticeps: 弓頭飛魚
Cheilopogon arcticeps: 飛烏
Cheilopogon arcticeps: 飞乌
Cheilopogon atrisignis: 印度洋鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon atrisignis: 紅斑鰭飛魚
Cheilopogon atrisignis: 飛烏
Cheilopogon atrisignis: 飞乌
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: 青翼鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: 飛烏
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: 飞乌
Cheilopogon cyanopterus: 黑鰭飛魚
Cheilopogon exsiliens: 须唇飞鱼
Cheilopogon katoptron: 飛烏
Cheilopogon katoptron: 黃斑鰭飛魚
Cheilopogon katoptron: 黃鰭鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus: 羽鬚鰭飛魚
Cheilopogon pinnatibarbatus: 翼髭鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon spilonotopterus: 紫斑鰭飛魚
Cheilopogon spilonotopterus: 飛烏
Cheilopogon spilonotopterus: 點背鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon spilopterus: 飛烏
Cheilopogon spilopterus: 飞乌
Cheilopogon spilopterus: 點斑鰭飛魚
Cheilopogon spilopterus: 點鰭鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon suttoni: 蘇氏飛魚
Cheilopogon suttoni: 蘇氏鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon suttoni: 飛烏
Cheilopogon suttoni: 飞乌
Cheilopogon unicolor: 白鰭飛魚
Cheilopogon unicolor: 白鰭鬚唇飛魚
Cheilopogon unicolor: 飛烏
Cheilopogon unicolor: 飞乌
Cheiloprion labiatus: 厚唇雀鯛
Cheiloprion labiatus: 厚唇雀鲷
Cheiloprion labiatus: 鋸唇魚
Cheiloprion labiatus: 锯唇鱼
Cheilosia aterrima: 黝黑蚜蠅
Cheilosia formosana: 利吉蚜蠅
Cheilosia leptorrhyncha: 窄吻蚜蠅
Cheilosia makiana: 高能蚜蠅
Cheilosia niitakana: 新高蚜蠅
Cheilosia ochreipila: 秀姑蚜蠅
Cheilosia rakurakuensis: 卓溪蚜蠅
Cheilosia splendida: 華麗蚜蠅
Cheilosia yoshinoi: 吉野蚜蠅
Cheimerius matsubarai: 松原冬鯛
Cheimerius matsubarai: 松原氏冬鯛
Cheiracanthium eutittha: 長腿紅螯蛛
Cheiracanthium falcatum: 鐮形紅螯蛛
Cheiracanthium insulanum: 島嶼紅螯蛛
Cheiracanthium lascivum: 活潑紅螯蛛
Cheiracanthium taiwanicum: 台灣紅螯蛛
Cheiracus lanceolatus: 福州杉掌節蜱
Cheirogaleus major: 大鼠狐猴(2)
Cheirogaleus major: 鼠狐猴(2)
Cheirogaleus medius: 粗尾侏儒狐猴
Cheirogaleus medius: 肥尾鼠狐猴
Cheiromeles torquatus: 裸蝠(2)
Cheiromeles torquatus: 黑裸體蝠
Cheiroplatea mitoi: 水戶寬螯寄居蟹
Cheirotonus formosanus: 台灣長臂金龜
Cheirotonus formosanus: 長臂金龜
Cheirotonus macleayi: formosanus, 台灣長臂金龜(2)
Chela cachius: 元寶鯿
Chela laubuca: 翼元宝鳊
Chela laubuca: 翼元寶鯿
Chelaethiops bibie: 比氏埃塞魚
Chelaethiops bibie: 短臀埃塞魚
Chelaethiops congicus: 康吉埃塞魚
Chelaethiops elongatus: 長體埃塞魚
Chelaethiops minutus: 小埃塞魚
Chelaethiops rukwaensis: 魯夸湖埃塞魚
Chelemys megalonyx: 裂爪鼠
Chelictinia riocourii: 剪尾鳶
Chelictinia riocourii: 剪尾鸢(2)
Chelidonichthys ischyrus: 大頭綠鰭魚
Chelidonichthys ischyrus: 大頭黑角魚
Chelidonichthys kumu: 綠鰭魚
Chelidonichthys kumu: 绿鳍鱼
Chelidonichthys kumu: 角仔魚
Chelidonichthys kumu: 黑角魚
Chelidonichthys spinosus: 小银绿鳍鱼
Chelidonichthys spinosus: 棘角魚
Chelidonichthys spinosus: 棘黑角魚
Chelidonium sinense: 中華大藍天牛
Chelidonura amoena: 悅目美麗海蛞蝓
Chelidonura hirundinina: 燕尾美麗海蛞蝓
Chelidonura inornata: 無飾美麗海蛞蝓
Chelidonura livida: 藍黑美麗海蛞蝓
Chelidonura pallida: 蒼白美麗海蛞蝓
Chelidonura punctata: 細點美麗海蛞蝓
Chelidonura sandrana: 珊卓美麗海蛞蝓
Chelidonura tsurugensis: 敦賀美麗海蛞蝓
Chelidonura varians: 善變美麗海蛞蝓
Chelidoperca hirundinacea: 小花鱸
Chelidoperca hirundinacea: 燕赤鮨
Chelidoperca hirundinacea: 石斑
Chelidoperca hirundinacea: 过鱼
Chelidoperca hirundinacea: 過魚
Chelidoperca hirundinacea: 鱠
Chelidoperca pleurospilus: 石斑
Chelidoperca pleurospilus: 赤鮨
Chelidoperca pleurospilus: 过鱼
Chelidoperca pleurospilus: 過魚
Chelidoperca pleurospilus: 鱠
Chelidoperca pleurospilus: 黑點小花鱸
Chelidorhynx hypoxantha: 黃腹扇尾鶲
Chelidorhynx hypoxantha: 黄腹扇尾鹟
Chelmon marginalis: 二间火箭蝶
Chelmon marginalis: 緣鑽嘴鱼
Chelmon muelleri: 西澳黑畢畢
Chelmon rostratus: 三间毕毕
Chelmon rostratus: 三间火箭蝶
Chelmon rostratus: 三间火箭(2)
Chelmon rostratus: 毕毕
Chelmon rostratus: 澳洲珍珠蝶
Chelmon rostratus: 短火箭(493)
Chelmon rostratus: 鑽嘴魚
Chelmon rostratus: 钻嘴鱼(8640)
Chelmon rostratus: 铁嘴鱼
Chelmon rostratus: 長吻鉆嘴魚
Chelmon rostratus: 長吻鑽嘴魚
Chelmon rostratus: 長咀畢畢
Chelmon rostratus: 长吻钻嘴鱼, Zhang wen zuan zui yu(1550)
Chelmonops truncatus: 东泰麻
Chelmonops truncatus: 四间火箭
Chelmonops truncatus: 截尾镊蝶鱼
Chelodina longicillis: 澳洲長頸龜(2)
Chelodina longicollis: 巨蛇頸龜
Chelodina mccordi: 罗地岛蛇颈龟
Chelodina parkeri: 紋面長頸龜
Chelodina reimanni: 鱗背長頸龜(2)
Chelodina siebenrocki: 扁頭長頸龜(3)
Chelon affinis: 前鱗魚梭
Chelon dussumieri: 粗鱗魚梭
Chelon haematocheilus: 梭魚
Chelon haematocheilus: 鮻
Chelon labrosus: 龜鯔
Chelon labrosus: 龟鲻
Chelon macrolepis: 大鱗魚梭
Chelon subviridis: 白
Chelondon patoca: 凹鼻魨
Chelonia mydas: 海龜
Chelonia mydas: 海龟
Chelonia mydas: 綠海龜
Chelonia mydas: 綠蠵龜(4)
Chelonia mydas: 绿海龟(3)
Chelonia mydas: 绿蠵龟
Chelonibia patula: 薄壳龟藤壶
Chelonibia patula: 薄殼龜藤壺
Chelonibia testudinaria: 厚壳龟藤壶
Chelonibia testudinaria: 龜藤壺
Chelonodon laticeps: 金點河魨
Chelonodon patoca: 凹鼻魨(2)
Chelonodon patoca: 沖繩河魨
Chelonoidis nigra: 加拉巴哥象龜
Chelonoidis nigra: 黑象龜
Chelonus semihyalinus: 呂宋小繭蜂(2)
Chelophyes appendiculata: 爪室水母
Chelophyes contorta: 扭歪爪室水母
Chelosania brunnea: 大耳蜥(2)
Chelus fimbriatus: 楓葉龜(2)
Chelydra serpentina: 平板鱷龜
Chelydra serpentina: 平背鱷龜
Chelydra serpentina: 擬鱷龜(2)
Chelydra serpentina: osceola, 佛州鱷龜
Chelydra serpentine: 平板鱷龜
Chelydra serpentine: 平背鱷龜
Chelydra serpentine: 擬鱷龜
Chelydra serpentine: 鱷魚龜
Chelysoma dofleini: 道氏龟甲海鞘
Chen caerulescens: 雪雁(3)
Chen canagica: 帝雁
Chenacidiella purpureiseta: 紫毛陳氏實蠅
Chenonetta jubata: 鬃林鴨
Cherax quadricarinatus: 四脊光壳南鳌虾
Cherax quadricarinatus: 四脊滑螯蝦
Cherax quadricarinatus: 澳洲淡水龙虾(2)
Cherax quadricarinatus: 红螯螯虾(4)
Cheritra freja: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Chersomanes albofasciata: 釘踝百靈
Chetia flaviventris: 黃腹穴麗魚
Chetia mola: 磨齒穴麗魚
Chetia welwitschi: 韋氏穴麗魚
Cheumatopsyche chihonana: 氣合小紋石蛾
Cheumatopsyche clavalis: 棍棒小紋石蛾
Cheumatopsyche sagitta: 拱形小紋石蛾
Cheumatopsyche taipeiana: 台北小紋石蛾
Cheumatopsyche tokunagai: 德永合脈石蛾
Cheumatopsyche wuchidai: 內田小紋石蛾
Chiasmodon niger: 叉齒鱚
Chiasmodon niger: 艾齒魚
Chiasmodon niger: 黑叉齒龍鰧
Chibchanomys trichotis: 奇布查水鼠
Chicoreus aculeatus: 紅千手螺
Chicoreus asianus: 亞洲千手螺
Chicoreus asianus: 亞洲棘螺
Chicoreus asianus: 活海螺(2)
Chicoreus axicornis: 小千手螺
Chicoreus brunneus: 黑千手螺
Chicoreus cnissodus: 白千手螺
Chicoreus cornucervi: 鹿角千手螺
Chicoreus elliscrossi: 愛麗絲千手螺
Chicoreus microphyllus: 多彩千手螺
Chicoreus palmarosae: 玫瑰千手螺
Chicoreus ramosus: 大千手螺
Chicoreus rossiteri: 紫紅千手螺
Chicoreus rossiteri: 薔薇千手螺
Chicoreus saulii: 秀美千手螺
Chicoreus superbus: 問題骨螺
Chicoreus superbus: 疑問骨螺
Chicoreus superbus: 華麗千手螺
Chicoreus torrefactus: 千手螺
Chilades lajus: 紫灰蝶
Chilades pandava: 曲紋紫灰蝶
Chilades pandava: 曲纹紫灰蝶
Chilades pandava: 東陞蘇鐵小灰蝶
Chilades pandava: 灰背蘇鐵小灰蝶
Chilades pandava: 蘇鐵小灰蝶(2)
Chilasa agestor: 褐斑鳳蝶(2)
Chilasa clytia: 大斑鳳蝶
Chilasa clytia: 擬斑鳳蝶
Chilasa clytia: 斑鳳蝶
Chilasa clytia: 斑鳳蝶異常型
Chilasa clytia: 異常型斑鳳蝶
Chilasa clytia: 黃邊鳳蝶
Chilasa paradoxa: 翠藍斑鳳蝶(2)
Chilasa slateri: 臀珠斑鳳蝶
Childonias leucoptera: 白翅浮鸥(2)
Chileorus rubidus: 黑缘红瓢虫
Chilochromis duponti: 杜氏大唇麗魚
Chilocoristes funestus: 褐象龜葉蚤
Chilocorus alishanus: 阿里山唇瓢蟲
Chilocorus bijugus: 二双斑唇瓢虫
Chilocorus bipustulatus: 双斑唇瓢虫
Chilocorus chalybeatus: 闪蓝红点唇瓢虫
Chilocorus chinensis: 中华唇瓢虫
Chilocorus circumdatus: 细缘唇瓢虫
Chilocorus geminus: 孪斑唇瓢虫
Chilocorus hauseri: 闪蓝唇瓢虫
Chilocorus hupehanus: 湖北红点唇瓢虫
Chilocorus kuwanae: 红点唇瓢虫
Chilocorus melas: 黑背唇瓢虫
Chilocorus rubidus: 黑缘红瓢虫(2)
Chilocorus rufisarsis: 宽缘唇瓢虫
Chilocorus shirozui: 臺灣唇瓢蟲(3)
Chilodus punctatus: 斑點突吻脂鯉
Chilomenes quadriplagiata: 四斑月瓢虫
Chilomenes sexmaculata: 六斑月唇瓢虫
Chilomenes sexmaculata: 六條瓢蟲
Chilomycterus affinis: 瘤短刺魨
Chilomycterus affinis: 瘤短刺鲀
Chilomycterus echinatus: 刺额短刺鲀
Chilomycterus orbicularis: 眶短刺鲀
Chilomycterus reticulatus: 刺規
Chilomycterus reticulatus: 斑鰭短刺魨
Chilomycterus reticulatus: 氣瓜仔
Chilomycterus reticulatus: 網紋短刺魨
Chilomys instans: 哥倫比亞林鼠
Chilorhinus platyrhynchus: 扁吻唇鼻鰻
Chilorhinus platyrhynchus: 扁吻擬鯙
Chiloscyllium colax: 长鳍斑竹鲨
Chiloscyllium griseum: 灰斑狗鮫
Chiloscyllium griseum: 灰斑竹鯊
Chiloscyllium griseum: 灰斑竹鲨
Chiloscyllium indicum: 印度斑竹鯊
Chiloscyllium indicum: 印度斑竹鲨(6001)
Chiloscyllium indicum: 印度狗鮫
Chiloscyllium indicum: 印度狗鯊(13000)
Chiloscyllium indicum: 沙條
Chiloscyllium indicum: 狗沙
Chiloscyllium indicum: 狗鲨, Gou sha(1270)
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: 斑竹狗鮫(27501)
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: 条纹斑竹鲨(15601)
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: 條紋斑竹鯊
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: 條紋狗鯊(12100)
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: 條紋竹斑鯊
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: 沙條
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: 狗沙
Chiloscyllium punctatum: 沙條
Chiloscyllium punctatum: 点纹斑竹鲨(9331)
Chiloscyllium punctatum: 狗沙
Chiloscyllium punctatum: 狗鮫
Chiloscyllium punctatum: 狗鲨(1311)
Chiloscyllium punctatum: 猫鲨(743)
Chiloscyllium punctatum: 褐帶竹鯊
Chiloscyllium punctatum: 點紋斑竹鯊
Chilosoyllium plagiosum: 班竹狗鮫
Chilotilapia rhoadesii: 厚唇非鯽
Chimaera jordani: 乔氏银鲛
Chimaera jordani: 喬丹氏銀鮫
Chimaera phantasma: 銀鮫
Chimaera phantasma: 黑線銀鮫
Chimaera phantasma: 黑线银鲛
Chimaera phantasma: 黑翅沙
Chimaera phantasma: 鼠魚
Chimarra concolor: 同色缺叉石蛾
Chimarra formosana: 寶島缺叉石蛾
Chimarra lichiuensis: 壢坵缺叉石蛾
Chimarra triangulata: 三角缺叉石蛾
Chimarra wushikangensis: 烏石坑缺叉石蛾
Chimarrogale himalayica: 水鼩(5)
Chimarrogale sumatrana: 苏门水鼩
Chimera phantasma: 銀鮫
Chimmarogale himalayica: 喜马拉雅水鼩
Chimmarogale styani: 白腹水麝鼩
Chimmarrogale himalayica: 喜马垃雅水麝鼩
Chinattus taiwanensis: 台灣華蛛
Chinchilla brevicaudata: 短尾绒鼠(3)
Chinchilla gns: 栗鼠屬
Chinchilla laniger: 毛丝鼠
Chinchilla laniger: 絨鼠
Chinchilla laniger: 绒鼠
Chinchilla lanigera: 南美洲栗鼠
Chinchilla lanigera: 絨毛絲鼠
Chinchilla lanigera: 龍貓, Long mao
Chinchilla lanigera: 龙猫
Chinchillachinchilla laniger: 絨鼠
Chinchillula sahamae: 灰鼠
Chinemys kwantungensis: 中國石龜(2)
Chinemys megalocephala: 大头乌龟(3)
Chinemys megalocephala: 大頭烏龜
Chinemys nigricans: 黑頸水龜
Chinemys nigricans: 黑颈乌龟
Chinemys nigricans: 黑颈水龟(3)
Chinemys reeresii: 乌龟
Chinemys reevesii: 乌龟(4)
Chinemys reevesii: 烏龜(2)
Chinemys reevesii: 金龜(5)
Chinese bustard: 野雁
Chinese bustard: 鴇
Chinochthamalus scutelliformis: 盾形扁盤藤壺
Chion semigranosus: 半紋斧蛤
Chionaspis cinnamomicola: 樟雪盾介殼蟲
Chionaspis sozanica: 槭雪盾介殼蟲
Chione squamosa: 歪簾蛤
Chionoecetes opilio: 雪蟹
Chionomys nivalis: 山白鼠平
Chiopotes albinasus: 白鼻狐尾猴
Chioreus ramosus: 大千手螺
Chiridiella macrodactyla: 粗指小柚水蚤
Chiridiella pacifica: 太平小柚水蚤
Chiridius gracilis: 瘦柚水蚤
Chiridius poppei: 波氏柚水蚤
Chiridota rigida: 硬指參
Chirixalus doriae: 背条跳树蛙(3)
Chirixalus doriae: 背條跳樹蛙
Chirixalus eiffingeri: 琉球跳树蛙(3)
Chirixalus eiffingeri: 琉球跳樹蛙
Chirixalus eiffingeri: 艾氏樹蛙
Chirixalus idiootocus: 陆卵跳树蛙
Chirixalus idiootocus: 陸卵跳樹蛙
Chirixalus idiootocus: 面天樹蛙(4)
Chirixalus idiootocus: 面天跳树蛙(3)
Chirixalus idiootocus: 面天跳樹蛙
Chirixalus vittatus: 侧条树蛙
Chirixalus vittatus: 侧条跳树蛙(3)
Chirixalus vittatus: 側條跳樹蛙
Chirocentrus dorab: 宝刀鱼
Chirocentrus dorab: 寶刀魚
Chirocentrus dorab: 布刀
Chirocentrus dorab: 西刀(2)
Chirocentrus dorab: 鲱(2)
Chirocentrus nudus: 布刀
Chirocentrus nudus: 西刀
Chirocentrus nudus: 西刀鱼(2)
Chirocentrus nudus: 西刀鱼, Xi dao(66)
Chirocentrus nudus: 長頜寶刀魚
Chirocentrus nudus: 長頷寶刀魚
Chirocentrus nudus: 长颌宝刀鱼
Chiroderma dortae: 多麗手皮蝠
Chiroderma dortae: 道氏大眼蝠
Chiroderma improvisum: 安袋手皮蝠
Chiroderma improvisum: 瓜德罗普大眼蝠
Chiroderma salvimi: 沙氏大眼蝠
Chiroderma salvimi: 白紋手皮蝠
Chiroderma trinitatum: 特島手皮蝠
Chiroderma trinitatum: 特立尼达大眼蝠
Chiroderma villosum: 多毛大眼蝠(2)
Chiroderma villosum: 多毛手皮蝠
Chiromantes dehaani: 漢氏無齒螳臂蟹
Chiromantes dehaani: 漢氏螳臂蟹
Chiromantes haematochir: 紅螯螳臂蟹
Chiromantes haematochir: 紅螯蟹
Chiromanthes maipoensis: 米埔雙手蟹
Chiromyscus chiropus: 中南樹鼠
Chirona amaryllis: 高峰星藤壶
Chirona tenuis: 薄壳星藤壶
Chironax melanocephalus: 黑冠果蝠(2)
Chironomus anomalus: 異形搖蚊
Chironomus bihamatus: 雙鈎搖蚊
Chironomus circumdatus: 鹽埕搖蚊
Chironomus crassiforceps: 粗鋏搖蚊
Chironomus crucifer: 殺手搖蚊
Chironomus dystenus: 衰弱搖蚊
Chironomus formosae: 美麗搖蚊
Chironomus fulviventris: 黃腹搖蚊
Chironomus longilobus: 長葉搖蚊
Chironomus prasinellus: 翠綠搖蚊
Chironomus sauterianus: 邵德搖蚊
Chironomus striatipennis: 線翅搖蚊
Chironomus validus: 雄偉搖蚊
Chiropodomys gliroides: 笔尾树鼠
Chiropodomys major: 大筆尾鼠
Chiropotes albinasus: 白鼻丛尾猴
Chiropotes albinasus: 白鼻从尾猴
Chiropotes albinasus: 白鼻僧面猴
Chiropotes albinasus: 白鼻叢尾猴
Chiropotes albinasus: 白鼻狐尾猴(2)
Chiropotes satanas: 黑丛尾猴(2)
Chiropotes satanas: 黑从尾猴
Chiropotes satanas: 黑须僧面猴
Chirostoma aculeatum: 皮刺卡頦銀漢魚
Chirostoma aculeatum: 皮刺卡颏银汉鱼
Chirostylus rostratus: 顯額劣柱蝦
Chiroteuthis imperator: 元帥手烏賊
Chiroteuthis imperator: 元帥手魷魚
Chirothrips africanus: 非洲梯胸薊馬
Chirothrips manicatus: 芒薊馬
Chirothrips mexicanus: 扁紋薊馬
Chirundina streetsi: 斯氏手水蚤
Chiruromys forbesi: 大卷尾鼠
Chitala chitala: 斑鹿弓背魚
Chitala chitala: 鎧甲弓背魚
Chitala chitala: 飛刀
Chitala lopis: 河刀鱼(2)
Chitala lopis: 淡水西刀(2)
Chitala ornata: 七星飛刀(2)
Chitala ornata: 飾妝鎧甲弓背魚(2)
Chiton komaianus: 美石鱉
Chitoria ulupi: 武鎧蛺蝶
Chitoria ulupi: 蓬萊小紫蛺蝶
Chitra chitra: 纹背鳖
Chitra indica: 印度紋背鱉(2)
Chitra indica: 印度鱉
Chitra indica: 小头鳖
Chitra indica: 突頭鱉
Chitra indica: 鱉(2)
Chlaenius pallipes: 毛青步甲
Chlamydera cerviniventris: 浅黄胸大亭鸟
Chlamydera lauterbachi: 黄胸大亭鸟
Chlamydochaera jefferyi: 食果鸫(2)
Chlamydosaurus kingii: 伞蜥(2)
Chlamydosaurus kingii: 傘蜥(4)
Chlamydosaurus kingii: 斗篷蜥(3)
Chlamydosaurus kingii: 澳洲伞蜥
Chlamydosaurus kingii: 澳洲斗篷蜥
Chlamydosaurus kingii: 褶傘蜥
Chlamydoselachus anguineus: 擬鰻鮫
Chlamydoselachus anguineus: 棘沙
Chlamydoselachus anguineus: 皱鳃鲨
Chlamydoselachus anguineus: 皺鰓鯊
Chlamydotis macqueenii: 亞洲波斑鴇
Chlamydotis macqueenii: 波斑鴇
Chlamydotis macqueenii: 波斑鸨(2)
Chlamydotis undulata: 波斑鴇(5)
Chlamydotis undulata: 波斑鸨(2)
Chlamyphorus retusus: 呆犰狳
Chlamys albolineata: 白紋海扇蛤
Chlamys aurantiaca: 繡花海扇蛤
Chlamys bernardi: 伯納蒂海扇蛤
Chlamys farreri: 栉孔扇贝
Chlamys farreri: 法爾海扇蛤
Chlamys farreri: 节孔扇贝 
Chlamys hastata: 魚叉海扇蛤
Chlamys inaequivalvis: 不等海扇蛤
Chlamys irregularis: 多彩海扇蛤
Chlamys islandica: 鳥羽錦扇蛤
Chlamys larvata: 疏鱗海扇蛤
Chlamys lentiginosa: 黑麗海扇蛤
Chlamys macassarensis: 瑪卡莎海扇蛤
Chlamys mirificus: 豔美海扇蛤
Chlamys nobilis: 华贵节孔扇 
Chlamys nobilis: 高貴海扇蛤
Chlamys pallium: 油畫海扇蛤
Chlamys princessae: 公主海扇蛤
Chlamys quadrilirata: 肋中肋海扇蛤
Chlamys radula: 粗肋海扇蛤
Chlamys reevei: 雪裡紅海扇蛤
Chlamys ruschenbergerii: 印度洋海扇蛤
Chlamys schmeltzii: 迷你海扇蛤
Chlamys senatoria: 參議員海扇蛤
Chlamys squamata: 台灣海扇蛤
Chlamys squamosa: 疏鱗海扇蛤
Chlamys vesiculosa: 方肋海扇蛤
Chleuasicus atrosuperciliaris: 黑眉鸦雀
Chlidonias hybrida: 須浮鷗
Chlidonias hybrida: 须浮鸥(7)
Chlidonias hybrida: 鬚浮鷗
Chlidonias hybrida: 黑腹浮鷗
Chlidonias hybrida: 黑腹燕鷗(4)
Chlidonias hybridus: 須浮鷗
Chlidonias hybridus: 须浮鸥(3)
Chlidonias hybridus: 鬚浮鷗(2)
Chlidonias hybridus: 黑腹燕鷗(4)
Chlidonias hybridus: 黑腹燕鸥
Chlidonias leucoptera: 白翅浮鷗
Chlidonias leucoptera: 白翅浮鸥(5)
Chlidonias leucoptera: 白翅黑燕鷗
Chlidonias leucopterus: 白翅浮鷗(4)
Chlidonias leucopterus: 白翅浮鸥(4)
Chlidonias leucopterus: 白翅黑浮鷗
Chlidonias leucopterus: 白翅黑燕鷗(7)
Chlidonias leucopterus: 白翅黑燕鸥
Chlidonias niger: 黑浮鷗(7)
Chlidonias niger: 黑浮鸥(7)
Chlidonias nigra: 黑浮燕鷗
Chloebia gouldiae: 七彩文鳥(2)
Chloebia gouldiae: 七彩文鸟
Chloebia gouldiae: 五彩文鸟
Chloebia gouldiae: 五彩芙蓉
Chloebia gouldiae: 胡锦雀
Chloebia gouldiae: 胡锦鸟
Chloeia flava: 黃斑海毛蟲
Chlopsis dentatus: 裸胸草鰻
Chlopsis dentatus: 裸胸草鳗
Chloridolum accensum: 長角藍天牛
Chloridolum addictum: 蘭嶼大綠天牛
Chloridolum lameeri: 紅緣細藍天牛
Chloridolum lonyuanum: 蘭嶼綠天牛
Chloridolum ohbayashii: 大林氏大綠天牛
Chloridolum paralleloelongatum: 望洋細綠天牛
Chloridolum perlaetum: 台灣大藍天牛
Chloridolum shibatai: 柴田氏大綠天牛
Chloridolum taiwanum: 台灣大綠天牛
Chlorion lobatum: 叶齿金绿泥蜂(3)
Chlorion lobatum: 葉齒金綠泥蜂
Chloris sinica: 金翅雀(2)
Chloris sinica: 金翅雀
Chlorissa arcana: 翠仿銹腰青尺蛾
Chlorocebus aethiops: 綠猴
Chlorocebus aethiops: 绿猴
Chlorocebus sabaceu: 绿猴
Chlorocebus sabaceus: 綠猴
Chlorocebus sabaceus: 绿猴
Chlorocharis emiliae: 绿绣眼鸟(2)
Chlorocichla flavicollis: 黃喉綠鶇鵯
Chlorocichla flaviventris: 黃腹綠鶇鵯
Chlorocichla laetissima: 嬌綠鶇鵯
Chlorocryptus coreanus: 朝鮮綠姬蜂
Chlorodiella crispipleopa: 卷肢綠蟹
Chlorodiella cytherea: 金星綠蟹
Chlorodiella laevissima: 光滑綠蟹
Chlorodiella nigra: 黑點綠蟹
Chlorogomphus brevistigma: 短痣勾蜓
Chlorogomphus risi: 褐異勾蜓
Chlorogomphus splendidus: 闊翼勾蜓
Chlorogomphus suzukii: 斑翼勾蜓
Chloropaalia usignata: U 纹裂唇蜓
Chloropeta gracilirostris: 細嘴捕蠅鶯
Chloropeta natalensis: 黃捕蠅鶯
Chloropeta similis: 山捕蠅鶯
Chlorophorus annularis: 竹虎天牛
Chlorophorus anticemaculatus: 菊紋虎天牛
Chlorophorus chiuae: 邱氏虎天牛
Chlorophorus chiuae: 邱綠虎天牛
Chlorophorus graphus: 圖紋虎天牛
Chlorophorus kanekoi: 金子氏黃虎天牛
Chlorophorus kanekoi: 金子虎天牛
Chlorophorus miwai: 三輪氏黃虎天牛
Chlorophorus miwai: 三輪虎天牛
Chlorophorus mushanus: 霧社虎天牛
Chlorophorus parvus: 小綠虎天牛
Chlorophorus probsti: 蒲氏虎天牛
Chlorophorus quinquefasciatus: 玉條虎天牛
Chlorophorus semikano: 擬鹿野綠虎天牛
Chlorophorus signaticollis: 曲紋虎天牛
Chlorophorus signaticollis: 淡黑虎天牛(2)
Chlorophorus taihorensis: 大埔林曲紋虎天牛
Chlorophorus taiwanus: 角紋綠虎天牛
Chlorophorus verus: 真綠虎天牛
Chlorophorus viridulus: 姬綠虎天牛
Chlorophorus yayeyamensis: 八重山虎天牛
Chlorophorus zelus: 老埤綠虎天牛
Chlorophthalmus acutifrons: 尖吻青眼魚
Chlorophthalmus acutifrons: 尖額青眼魚
Chlorophthalmus acutifrons: 隆背青眼魚
Chlorophthalmus acutifrons: 隆背青眼鱼
Chlorophthalmus agassizi: 北青眼魚
Chlorophthalmus agassizi: 尖吻青眼魚
Chlorophthalmus agassizi: 短吻青眼鱼
Chlorophthalmus albatrossis: 大眼青眼魚
Chlorophthalmus albatrossis: 大眼青眼鱼
Chlorophthalmus bicornis: 双角青眼鱼
Chlorophthalmus borealis: 北青眼魚
Chlorophthalmus borealis: 尖吻青眼魚
Chlorophthalmus japonicus: 日本青眼鱼
Chlorophthalmus nigromarginatus: 黑緣青眼魚
Chlorophthalmus nigromarginatus: 黑缘青眼鱼
Chlorophthalmus oblongus: 长青眼鱼
Chlorops alishonenisis: 阿里稈蠅
Chlorops canaliculata: 呂宋稈蠅
Chlorops frontatus: 闊額稈蠅
Chlorops grisescens: 灰頭稈蠅
Chlorops lenis: 矮小稈蠅
Chlorops nigricornoides: 台北稈蠅
Chlorops rubricollis: 甲仙稈蠅
Chlorops stigmatella: 雲南稈蠅
Chloropsina flavovaria: 趨黃稈蠅
Chloropsis aurifrons: 金額葉鵯(2)
Chloropsis aurifrons: 金额叶鹎(6)
Chloropsis aurifrons: 黃頂葉鵯(2)
Chloropsis cochinchinensis: 蓝却叶鹎(2)
Chloropsis cochinchinensis: 蓝翅叶鹎(5)
Chloropsis cochinchinensis: 藍卻葉鵯
Chloropsis cochinchinensis: 藍翅葉鵯(4)
Chloropsis cyanopogon: 小彩綠(2)
Chloropsis cyanopogon: 小绿叶鹎(2)
Chloropsis flavipennis: 黄翅叶鹎(2)
Chloropsis hardwickei: 橙腹葉鵯(2)
Chloropsis hardwickii: 橙腹叶鹎(6)
Chloropsis hardwickii: 橙腹葉鵯(3)
Chloropsis kinabaluensis: 婆罗叶鹎
Chloropsis palawanensis: 巴拉望叶鹎
Chloropsis palawanensis: 黄喉叶鹎
Chloropsis sonnerati: 大彩綠(2)
Chloropsis sonnerati: 大绿叶鹎(2)
Chloropsis venusta: 蓝脸叶鹎
Chloropulvinaria aurantii: 橘绿绵蜡蚧
Chloropulvinaria floccifera: 绿绵蜡蚧
Chloropulvinaria okitsuensis: 橙绿绵蜡蚧
Chloropulvinaria polygonata: 卵绿绵蜡蚧
Chloropulvinaria psidii: 垫囊绿绵蜡蚧
Chloropulvinaria taiwana: 台湾绿绵蜡蚧
Chlorostoma argyrostoma: 黑鐘螺
Chlorostoma rusticum: 锈凹螺
Chlorostoma turbinata: 頭巾黑鐘螺
Chlorostoma xanthostigma: 素面黑鐘螺
Chlorotalpa sclateri: 斯氏绿鼹
Chlorurus bleekeri: 白氏綠鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus bleekeri: 白氏绿鹦嘴鱼
Chlorurus bleekeri: 白氏鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus bleekeri: 白氏鹦嘴鱼
Chlorurus bowersi: 鮑氏綠鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus bowersi: 鮑氏鸚哥魚
Chlorurus bowersi: 鸚哥
Chlorurus frontalis: 凹尾綠鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus frontalis: 凹尾鸚哥魚
Chlorurus genazonatus: 頦紋綠鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus genazonatus: 颏纹绿鹦嘴鱼
Chlorurus japanensis: 日本綠鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus japanensis: 日本鸚哥魚
Chlorurus japanensis: 紅尾鸚哥魚
Chlorurus japanensis: 鸚哥
Chlorurus microrhinos: 小鼻綠鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus microrhinos: 小鼻鸚哥魚
Chlorurus microrhinos: 小鼻鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus microrhinos: 鸚哥
Chlorurus oedema: 疣鸚哥魚
Chlorurus oedema: 瘤綠鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus oedema: 鸚哥
Chlorurus sordidus: 污色綠鸚嘴魚
Chlorurus sordidus: 白斑鸚哥魚
Chlorurus sordidus: 白斑鹦哥鱼
Chlorurus sordidus: 鸚哥
Chnaurococcus mongolicus: 蒙根瘤粉蚧
Chnolardium californiense: 加州扁鸟蛤
Choaspes benjaminii: 綠弄蝶
Choaspes hemixanthus: 半黃綠弄蝶
Choaspes xanthopogon: 擬綠弄蝶
Choaspes xanthopogon: 褐翅綠弄蝶
Choaspes xanthopogon: 黃毛綠弄蝶
Chodsigoa sodalis: 細尾長尾鼩
Choereniscus godmani: 戈氏長尾長舌蝠
Choereniscus intermedius: 中長尾長舌蝠
Choereniscus minor: 小長尾長舌蝠
Choereniscus periosus: 海外長尾長舌蝠
Choerodon anchorago: 楔斑猪齿鱼
Choerodon anchorago: 楔斑豬齒魚
Choerodon anchorago: 鞍斑猪齿鱼(2)
Choerodon anchorago: 鞍斑豬齒魚
Choerodon azurio: 藍豬齒魚
Choerodon fasciata: 红横带龙(2)
Choerodon fasciatus: 七帶豬齒魚
Choerodon fasciatus: 小丑長牙魚
Choerodon fasciatus: 番王
Choerodon fasciatus: 蕃王
Choerodon gymnogenys: 日本裸頰豬齒魚
Choerodon gymnogenys: 紫紋豬齒魚
Choerodon gymnogenys: 裸頰豬齒魚
Choerodon jordani: 喬氏豬齒魚
Choerodon melanostigma: 大斑豬齒魚
Choerodon melanostigma: 黑斑豬齒魚
Choerodon oligacanthus: 少棘猪齿鱼(497)
Choerodon robustus: 劍唇豬齒魚
Choerodon robustus: 粗豬齒魚
Choerodon schoenleinii: 舒氏猪齿鱼
Choerodon schoenleinii: 舒氏豬齒魚
Choerodon schoenleinii: 邵氏猪齿鱼(5500)
Choerodon schoenleinii: 邵氏豬齒魚
Choerodon schoenleinii: 青衣, Qingyi(1220)
Choerodon schoenleinii: 黑斑豬齒魚
Choerodon zamboangae: 扎邦豬齒魚
Choeroichthys sculptus: 彫紋海龍
Choeroichthys sculptus: 豬海龍
Choeroniscus minor: 小長吻蝠
Choeronycteris mexicana: 墨西哥長吻蝠
Choeronycteris mexicana: 墨西哥长吻蝠
Choeronycteris mexicana: 豬吻長舌蝠
Choloepus didactylus: 二趾樹懶
Chondracris rosea: 台灣大蝗(2)
Chondria formosana: 蓬萊角細偽瓢甲
Chondria nigropunctata: 黑點角細偽瓢甲
Chondrodactylus angulifer: 粒趾虎
Chondrodactylus angulifer: 纳米比亚守宫(2)
Chondrodactylus angulifer: 趾套守宮(2)
Chondrohierax uncinatus: 鉤嘴鳶古巴亞種
Chondrohierax uncinatus: 钩嘴鸢
Chondrohierax uncinatus: wilsonii, 鉤嘴鳶(3)
Chondrohierax wilsonii: 古巴钩嘴鸢
Chondrohierax wilsonii: 钩嘴鸢
Chondrostoma beysehirense: 土耳其軟口魚
Chondrostoma colchicum: 外高加索軟口魚
Chondrostoma cyri: 庫拉河軟口魚
Chondrostoma fahirae: 費伊鱥
Chondrostoma holmwoodii: 霍氏軟口魚
Chondrostoma knerii: 克氏軟口魚
Chondrostoma kubanicum: 庫班軟口魚
Chondrostoma nasus: 軟口魚
Chondrostoma orientale: 東方軟口魚
Chondrostoma oxyrhynchum: 尖吻軟口魚
Chondrostoma phoxinus: 多鱗軟口魚
Chondrostoma prespense: 普雷斯帕湖軟口魚
Chondrostoma regium: 皇軟口魚
Chondrostoma scodrense: 斯庫台軟口魚
Chondrostoma vardarense: 南斯拉夫軟口魚
Chondrostoma variabile: 伏爾加軟口魚
Chondrostoma variabilis: 雜色軟口魚
Choniognathus reini: 雷氏合顎蟹
Chordeiles minor: 美洲夜鷹
Choreutis achyrodes: 褐桑舞蛾
Choreutis amethystodes: 土紋桑舞蛾
Choreutis basalis: 基紋桑舞蛾
Choreutis diplogramma: 雙紋桑舞蛾
Choreutis fulminea: 暗色桑舞蛾
Choreutis hyligenes: 雲紋桑舞蛾
Choreutis ophiosema: 霧紋桑舞蛾
Choreutis orthogona: 直紋桑舞蛾
Choreutis semicincta: 半帶桑舞蛾
Choreutis sexfasciella: 六帶桑舞蛾
Choreutis xanthogramma: 黃翅桑舞蛾
Choreutis yakushimensis: 屋久桑舞蛾
Choridactylus multibarbus: 三絲鮋
Choridactylus multibarbus: 多鬚多指鮋
Choridactylus multibarbus: 獅子魚
Choridactylus multibarbus: 石頭魚
Chorinemus hainanensis: 海南鰆鲹(2)
Chorioptes bovis: 牛痒蟎
Chorisoneura formosana: 台灣革蠊
Chorisoneura nigra: 黑色革蠊
Chorizopes bengalensis: 孟加拉壮头蛛
Chorizopes dicavus: 双室壮头蛛
Chorizopes goosus: 飞雁壮头蛛
Chorizopes khanjanes: 干贾壮头蛛
Chorizopes nipponicus: 日本壮头蛛
Chorizopes shimenensis: 石门壮头蛛
Chorizopes trimamillatus: 三疣壮头蛛
Chorizopes tumens: 宽腹壮头蛛
Chorizopes wulingensis: 武陵壮头蛛
Chorizopes zepherus: 黑壮头蛛
Chorthippus aethalinus: 黑翅雏蝗
Chorthippus albomarginatus: 白边雏蝗
Chorthippus albonemus: 白纹雏蝗
Chorthippus amplilineatus: 宽带雏蝗
Chorthippus amplintersitus: 宽隔雏蝗
Chorthippus anomopterus: 异翅雏蝗
Chorthippus apricarius: 中宽雏蝗
Chorthippus aroliumulus: 小垫雏蝗
Chorthippus ateridorsus: 黑背雏蝗
Chorthippus bellus: 黑俏雏蝗
Chorthippus biguttulus: 异色雏蝗
Chorthippus bilineatus: 双条雏蝗
Chorthippus brevicornis: 短角雏蝗
Chorthippus brevipterus: 短翅雏蝗
Chorthippus changbaishanensis: 长白山雏蝗
Chorthippus changtunensis: 昌都雏蝗
Chorthippus charpini: 姜氏雏蝗
Chorthippus chayuensis: 察隅雏蝗
Chorthippus chinensis: 中华雏蝗
Chorthippus conicaudatus: 锥尾雏蝗
Chorthippus dahinganlingensis: 大兴安岭雏蝗
Chorthippus deqinensis: 德钦雏蝗
Chorthippus dichrous: 翠饰雏蝗
Chorthippus dubius: 狭翅雏蝗
Chorthippus fallax: 小翅雏蝗
Chorthippus flavabdomensis: 黄腹雏蝗
Chorthippus flavitibias: 黄胫雏蝗
Chorthippus flexivenus: 曲脉雏蝗
Chorthippus foveatus: 狭窝雏蝗
Chorthippus fuscipennis: 鹤立雏蝗
Chorthippus genheensis: 根河雏蝗
Chorthippus grahami: 葛氏雏蝗
Chorthippus hammarstroemi: 北方雏蝗
Chorthippus heilongjiangensis: 黑龙江雏蝗
Chorthippus hemipterus: 半翅雏蝗
Chorthippus horqinensis: 科尔沁雏蝗
Chorthippus hsiai: 夏氏雏蝗
Chorthippus huchengensis: 呼城雏蝗
Chorthippus hunanensis: 湖南雏蝗
Chorthippus intermedius: 东方雏蝗
Chorthippus latifoveatus: 宽窝雏蝗
Chorthippus latipennis: 侧翅雏蝗
Chorthippus liaoningensis: 辽宁雏蝗
Chorthippus longdongensis: 陇东雏蝗
Chorthippus longicornis: 长角雏蝗
Chorthippus longisonus: 长声雏蝗
Chorthippus louguanensis: 楼观雏蝗
Chorthippus maerkangensis: 马尔康雏蝗
Chorthippus markamensis: 芒康雏蝗
Chorthippus minutus: 小黑雏蝗
Chorthippus mollis: 小雏蝗
Chorthippus multipegus: 多齿雏蝗
Chorthippus nemus: 林草雏蝗
Chorthippus nigricanivenus: 黑脉雏蝗
Chorthippus ningwuensis: 宁武雏蝗
Chorthippus occidentalis: 华西雏蝗
Chorthippus planidentis: 平齿雏蝗
Chorthippus qinghaiensis: 青海雏蝗
Chorthippus qingzangensis: 青藏雏蝗
Chorthippus rubensabdomenis: 红腹雏蝗
Chorthippus rufifemurus: 红股雏蝗
Chorthippus rufipennis: 红翅雏蝗
Chorthippus rufitibis: 红胫雏蝗
Chorthippus rufucornus: 红角雏蝗
Chorthippus separatanus: 裂肛雏蝗
Chorthippus shantungensis: 山东雏蝗
Chorthippus shenmuensis: 神木雏蝗
Chorthippus squamopennis: 鳞翅雏蝗
Chorthippus tibetanus: 西藏雏蝗
Chorthippus unicubitus: 并脉雏蝗
Chorthippus xiangchengensis: 乡城雏蝗
Chorthippus yanmenguanensis: 雁门关雏蝗
Chorthippus yanyuanensis: 盐源雏蝗
Chorthippus yuanshanensis: 玉案山雏蝗
Chorthippus zhengi: 郑氏雏蝗
Chortoglyphus arcuatus: 背嗜草蟎
Choucentrus sinensis: 周氏角蝉(3)
Choucentrus sinensis: 周氏角蟬
Chouioia cunea: 白蛾周氏啮小蜂(2)
Chremistica ochracea: 薄翅蟬
Chriolepis zebra: 條紋雙鱗塘鱧
Chriolepis zebra: 鰕虎
Chrionema chlorotaenia: 綠低線魚
Chrionema chlorotaenia: 綠尾低線魚
Chrionema chryseres: 黃低線魚
Chrionema chryseres: 黃斑低線魚
Chrionema furunoi: 少鱗低線魚
Chrionota townesi: 湯氏損背姬蜂
Chroeomys jelskii: 傑氏色鼠
Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus: 棕头鸥(2)
Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus: 棕頭鷗(3)
Chroicocephalus genei: 細嘴鷗
Chroicocephalus genei: 细嘴鸥
Chroicocephalus ridibundus: 紅嘴鷗(3)
Chroicocephalus ridibundus: 红嘴鸥(2)
Chroicocephalus saundersi: 黑嘴鷗
Chroicocephalus saundersi: 黑嘴鸥
Chromatomyia horticola: 菜園彩潛蠅
Chromatomyia horticola: 豌豆彩潛蠅
Chromatomyia nigra: 黑彩潛蠅
Chromatomyia nigra: 黑色彩潛蠅
Chromatomyia perangusta: 毛眼彩潛蠅
Chromatomyia perangusta: 狹窄彩潛蠅
Chromidotilapia batesii: 貝氏結耙非鯽
Chromidotilapia bosumtwensis: 博蘇結耙非鯽
Chromidotilapia finleyi: 芬利氏結耙非鯽
Chromidotilapia guentheri: 洛氏結耙非鯽
Chromidotilapia guentheri: 貢氏結耙非鯽
Chromidotilapia kingsleyae: 金斯利結耙非鯽
Chromidotilapia linkei: 林氏結耙非鯽
Chromidotilapia schoutedeni: 斯氏結耙非鯽
Chromileptes altivelis: 駝背鱸
Chromis abyssicola: 底栖光鳃鱼
Chromis acares: 侏儒光鰓雀鯛
Chromis acares: 侏儒光鰓魚
Chromis acares: 侏儒光鳃雀鲷
Chromis acares: 侏儒光鳃鱼
Chromis agilis: 捷光鳃鱼
Chromis albomaculata: 白斑光鰓雀鯛
Chromis albomaculata: 白斑光鰓魚
Chromis albomaculata: 白斑光鳃雀鲷
Chromis albomaculata: 白斑光鳃鱼
Chromis albomaculatus: 白斑光鰓雀鯛
Chromis albomaculatus: 白斑光鰓魚
Chromis alleni: 亚伦氏光鳃雀鲷
Chromis alleni: 亞倫氏光鰓雀鯛
Chromis alleni: 艾伦光鳃鱼
Chromis alleni: 艾倫光鰓魚
Chromis alpha: 白光鰓雀鯛
Chromis alpha: 白光鰓魚
Chromis alpha: 白光鳃雀鲷
Chromis alpha: 白光鳃鱼
Chromis alta: 高身光鳃鱼
Chromis amboinensis: 安汶光鳃鱼
Chromis analis: 長臀光鰓魚
Chromis analis: 长臀光鳃鱼
Chromis analis: 黃光鰓雀鯛
Chromis analis: 黄光鳃雀鲷
Chromis atrilobata: 岩礁光鳃鱼
Chromis atripectoralis: 綠光鰓魚
Chromis atripectoralis: 绿光鳃鱼
Chromis atripectoralis: 黑腋光鰓雀鯛
Chromis atripectoralis: 黑腋光鳃雀鲷
Chromis atripes: 腋斑光鰓魚
Chromis atripes: 腋斑光鳃鱼
Chromis atripes: 黑鰭光鰓雀鯛
Chromis atripes: 黑鳍光鳃雀鲷
Chromis axillaris: 腋光鳃鱼
Chromis bami: 巴氏光鳃鱼
Chromis cadenati: 卡氏光鳃鱼
Chromis caudalis: 大尾光鳃鱼
Chromis chromis: 光鳃鱼
Chromis chrysura: 短身光鰓雀鯛
Chromis chrysura: 短身光鳃雀鲷
Chromis chrysura: 長棘光鰓魚
Chromis chrysura: 长棘光鳃鱼
Chromis chrysurus: 短身光鰓雀鯛
Chromis chrysurus: 長棘光鰓魚
Chromis cinerascens: 灰光鰓雀鯛
Chromis cinerascens: 灰光鰓魚
Chromis cinerascens: 灰光鳃雀鲷
Chromis cinerascens: 灰光鳃鱼
Chromis crusma: 黑光鳃鱼
Chromis cyanea: 青光鳃鱼
Chromis dasygenys: 多毛光鳃鱼
Chromis delta: 三角光鰓雀鯛
Chromis delta: 三角光鰓魚
Chromis delta: 三角光鳃雀鲷
Chromis delta: 三角光鳃鱼
Chromis dimidiata: 双色光鳃鱼
Chromis elerae: 台湾光鳃鱼
Chromis elerae: 台灣光鰓雀鯛
Chromis elerae: 藍石圾
Chromis enchrysura: 矛尾光鳃鱼
Chromis flavaxilla: 黄腋光鳃鱼
Chromis flavicauda: 橘尾光鳃鱼
Chromis flavicauda: 百慕大沼光鰓魚
Chromis flavicauda: 百慕大沼光鳃鱼
Chromis flavipectoralis: 棕腋光鳃鱼
Chromis flavomaculata: 黃斑光鰓雀鯛
Chromis flavomaculata: 黃斑光鰓魚
Chromis flavomaculata: 黄斑光鳃雀鲷
Chromis flavomaculata: 黄斑光鳃鱼
Chromis flavomaculatus: 黃斑光鰓雀鯛
Chromis flavomaculatus: 黃斑光鰓魚
Chromis flavomaculatus: 黄斑光鳃雀鲷
Chromis flavomaculatus: 黄斑光鳃鱼
Chromis fumea: 烟色光鳃鱼
Chromis fumea: 煙色光鰓魚
Chromis fumea: 燕尾光鰓雀鯛
Chromis fumea: 燕尾光鳃雀鲷
Chromis fumeus: 煙色光鰓魚
Chromis fumeus: 燕尾光鰓雀鯛
Chromis hanui: 夏威夷光鳃鱼
Chromis hypsilepis: 高鳞光鳃鱼
Chromis insolatus: 阳光鳃鱼
Chromis intercrusma: 棕色光鳃鱼
Chromis iomelas: 半光鳃鱼
Chromis jubauna: 巴西光鳃鱼
Chromis klunzingeri: 克氏光鳃鱼
Chromis lepidolepis: 細鱗光鰓雀鯛
Chromis lepidolepis: 細鱗光鰓魚
Chromis lepidolepis: 细鳞光鳃雀鲷
Chromis lepidolepis: 细鳞光鳃鱼
Chromis leucura: 亮光鰓雀鯛
Chromis leucura: 亮光鰓魚
Chromis leucura: 亮光鳃雀鲷
Chromis leucura: 亮光鳃鱼
Chromis limbata: 缘光鳃鱼
Chromis limbaughi: 林氏光鳃鱼
Chromis lineata: 线纹光鳃鱼
Chromis lubbocki: 卢氏光鳃鱼
Chromis margaritifer: 两色光鳃雀鲷
Chromis margaritifer: 兩色光鰓雀鯛
Chromis margaritifer: 双斑光鳃鱼
Chromis margaritifer: 雙斑光鰓魚
Chromis megalopsis: 大光鳃鱼
Chromis meridiana: 梅里光鳃鱼
Chromis mirationis: 东海光鳃鱼
Chromis mirationis: 奇光鰓魚
Chromis mirationis: 東海光鰓魚
Chromis mirationis: 横带光鳃雀鲷
Chromis mirationis: 橫帶光鰓雀鯛
Chromis multilineata: 多线光鳃鱼
Chromis nigroanalis: 黑臀光鳃鱼
Chromis nigrura: 黑尾光缌鱼
Chromis nitida: 闪烁光鳃鱼
Chromis notata: 尾斑光鰓魚
Chromis notata: 尾斑光鳃鱼
Chromis notata: 斑鰭光鰓雀鯛
Chromis notata: 斑鳍光鳃雀鲷
Chromis notatus: 三宅光鳃鱼
Chromis okamurai: 冈村氏光鳃雀鲷
Chromis okamurai: 冈村氏光鳃鱼
Chromis okamurai: 岡村氏光鰓雀鯛
Chromis okamurai: 岡村氏光鰓魚
Chromis onumai: 大沼氏光鰓雀鯛
Chromis opercularis: 盖光鳃鱼
Chromis ovalis: 卵圆光鳃鱼
Chromis ovatiformis: 卵形光鰓雀鯛
Chromis ovatiformis: 卵形光鰓魚
Chromis ovatiformis: 卵形光鳃雀鲷
Chromis ovatiformis: 卵形光鳃鱼
Chromis pamae: 南太平洋光鳃鱼
Chromis pelloura: 佩洛光鳃鱼
Chromis pembae: 彭伯光鳃鱼
Chromis punctipinnis: 斑鳍光鳃鱼
Chromis randalli: 蓝氏光鳃鱼
Chromis retrofasciata: 黑带光鳃雀鲷
Chromis retrofasciata: 黑带光鳃鱼
Chromis retrofasciata: 黑帶光鰓雀鯛
Chromis retrofasciata: 黑帶光鰓魚
Chromis retrofasciatus: 黑帶光鰓雀鯛
Chromis retrofasciatus: 黑帶光鰓魚
Chromis sanctaehelenae: 桑克塔光鳃鱼
Chromis scotochilopterus: 暗唇光鳃鱼
Chromis scotti: 紫光鳃鱼
Chromis smithii: 施氏光鳃鱼
Chromis struhsakeri: 斯氏光鳃鱼
Chromis ternatensis: 三叶光鳃雀鲷
Chromis ternatensis: 三葉光鰓雀鯛
Chromis ternatensis: 条尾光鳃鱼
Chromis ternatensis: 條尾光鰓魚
Chromis trialpha: 灵光鳃鱼
Chromis vanderbilti: 凡氏光鰓雀鯛
Chromis vanderbilti: 凡氏光鰓魚
Chromis vanderbilti: 凡氏光鳃雀鲷
Chromis vanderbilti: 凡氏光鳃鱼
Chromis verater: 三点光鳃鱼
Chromis viridis: 水銀燈(2)
Chromis viridis: 蓝绿光鳃雀鲷
Chromis viridis: 蓝绿光鳃鱼
Chromis viridis: 藍綠光鰓雀鯛
Chromis viridis: 藍綠光鰓魚
Chromis viridis: 青摩
Chromis weberi: 韋氏光鰓魚
Chromis weberi: 韦氏光鳃鱼
Chromis weberi: 魏氏光鰓雀鯛
Chromis weberi: 魏氏光鳃雀鲷
Chromis westaustralis: 西澳光鳃鱼
Chromis woodsi: 伍氏光鳃鱼
Chromis xanthochira: 黃光鰓魚
Chromis xanthochira: 黃腋光鰓雀鯛
Chromis xanthochira: 黄光鳃鱼
Chromis xanthochira: 黄腋光鳃雀鲷
Chromis xanthopterygia: 黄翅光鳃鱼
Chromis xanthura: 黃尾光鰓雀鯛
Chromis xanthura: 黃尾光鰓魚
Chromis xanthura: 黄尾光鳃雀鲷
Chromis xanthura: 黄尾光鳃鱼
Chromis xutha: 黄褐光鳃鱼
Chromobotia macracanthus: 皇冠沙鰍
Chromobotia macracanthus: 皇冠沙鳅
Chromodoris alba: 白色多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris albonares: 白嗅角多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris albopunctata: 白點多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris annae: 安娜多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris aspersa: 粗糙多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris aureopurpurea: 金紫多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris coi: 寇多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris colemani: 科立曼多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris collingwoodi: 柯林伍德多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris decora: 美飾多彩海蛞蝓(2)
Chromodoris dianae: 黛安多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris elisabethina: 伊莉莎白多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris elizabethina: 伊莉莎白多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris elizabethina: 伊莉莎白多彩海麒麟
Chromodoris fidelis: 信實多彩海蛞蝓(2)
Chromodoris fidelis: 信實多彩海麒麟
Chromodoris geminus: 孿生多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris geometrica: 地母多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris geometrica: 地母多彩海麒麟
Chromodoris geometrica: 幾何多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris geometrica: 量尺多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris hintuanensis: 小站多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris kuiteri: 皇帝鰺
Chromodoris kuniei: 庫尼多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris lochi: 洛奇多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris magnifica: 華麗多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris maritima: 海洋高澤海麒麟
Chromodoris michaeli: 米迦勒多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris obsoluta: 殘舊多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris odhneri: 紫斑多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris odhneri: 紫斑多彩海麒麟
Chromodoris orientalis: 東方多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris orientalis: 海蛞蝓
Chromodoris rubrocornuta: 紅角多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris rufomaculata: 紅點多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris rufomaculata: 黃點多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris sibogae: 乳酪多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris sibogae: 乳酪多彩海麒麟
Chromodoris sinensis: 中國多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris strigata: 條紋多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris tinctoria: 染斑多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris tinctoria: 殘舊多彩海麒麟
Chromodoris tumulifera: 小丘多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris verrieri: 維利多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris willani: 威廉多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris youngbleuthi: 橘色多彩海蛞蝓
Chromodoris youngbleuthi: 橘色多彩海麒麟
Chromolaena odorata: 香澤蘭
Chroococus tenax: 色球藻屬
Chrosiothes sudabides: 四棘克罗蛛
Chrosomus cumberlandensis: 黑帶鱥
Chrosomus eos: 曙鱥
Chrosomus erythrogaster: 紅腹魚
Chrosomus erythrogaster: 美洲鱥
Chrosomus oreas: 紅腹鱥
Chrosomus tennesseensis: 田納西鱥
Chrotogale owstoni: 印支缟狸
Chrotogale owstoni: 横斑灵猫
Chrotogale owstoni: 縞靈貓(2)
Chrotogale owstoni: 缟灵猫(3)
Chrotogale owstoni: 长颌带狸
Chrotomys whiteheadi: 呂宋紋鼠
Chrotopterus auritus: 染色翼蝠
Chrotopterus auritus: 絨假吸血蝠
Chrotopterus auritus: 绒假吸血蝠
Chrysaeglia magnifica: 閃光苔蛾
Chrysalidocarpus lutescens: 黃椰子
Chrysartona stipata: 綠頸小斑蛾
Chrysemys picta: 南方彩繪龜(2)
Chrysemys picta: 錦龜(2)
Chrysemys picta: dorsalis, 南部錦龜
Chrysemys scripta: 巴西龜
Chrysiptera biocellata: 二点刻齿雀鲷
Chrysiptera biocellata: 二點刻齒雀鯛
Chrysiptera biocellata: 双斑金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera biocellata: 雙斑金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera bleekeri: 布氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera brownriggii: 勃氏金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera brownriggii: 勃氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera brownriggii: 双白带刻齿雀鲷
Chrysiptera brownriggii: 白带金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera brownriggii: 白帶金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera brownriggii: 雙白帶刻齒雀鯛
Chrysiptera caeruleolineata: 暗带金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera cyanea: 单斑豆娘鱼
Chrysiptera cyanea: 吻帶豆娘鱼
Chrysiptera cyanea: 圆尾金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera cyanea: 圓尾金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera cyanea: 蓝刻齿雀鲷
Chrysiptera cyanea: 蓝魔鬼
Chrysiptera cyanea: 蓝魔鬼小丑鱼
Chrysiptera cyanea: 藍刻齒雀鯛
Chrysiptera cyanea: 藍摩
Chrysiptera cyanea: 鳃斑金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera cyaned: 蓝魔鬼(2)
Chrysiptera flavipinnis: 黄金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera galba: 盖尔金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera glauca: 灰刻齒雀鯛
Chrysiptera glauca: 灰刻齿雀鲷
Chrysiptera glauca: 青金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera glauca: 青金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera hemicyanea: 半蓝金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera hemicyanea: 黃尾藍摩
Chrysiptera kuiteri: 奎氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera niger: 暗灰金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera notialis: 南方金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera oxycephala: 尖头金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera parasema: 副金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera parasema: 副金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera parasema: 黃尾藍魔鬼
Chrysiptera parasema: 黄尾蓝魔鬼(3)
Chrysiptera parasema: 黄尾雀
Chrysiptera parasema: 黄尾雀鲷
Chrysiptera paucifasciata: 少带金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera personata: 面罩金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera pricei: 帕氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera rapanui: 雷氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera rex: 橙黃金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera rex: 橙黄金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera rex: 雷克斯刻齒雀鯛
Chrysiptera rex: 雷克斯刻齿雀鲷
Chrysiptera rollandi: 罗氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera sheila: 希拉金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera sinclairi: 辛氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera springeri: 斯氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera starcki: 史氏刻齒雀鯛
Chrysiptera starcki: 史氏刻齿雀鲷
Chrysiptera starcki: 史氏金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera starcki: 史氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera starcki: 史氏雀鯛
Chrysiptera starcki: 斯達克雀鯛
Chrysiptera starcki: 深海魔
Chrysiptera starcki: 黃背雀
Chrysiptera starcki: 黄背蓝天使
Chrysiptera talboti: 塔氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera taupou: 美國黃底魔
Chrysiptera taupou: 陶波金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera traceyi: 特氏金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera traceyi: 黃頭雀
Chrysiptera tricincta: 三带金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera tricincta: 三帶金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera tricincta: 三斑刻齒雀鯛
Chrysiptera tricincta: 三斑刻齿雀鲷
Chrysiptera tricincta: 三斑金鰭鯛
Chrysiptera unimaculata: 无斑刻齿雀鲷
Chrysiptera unimaculata: 无斑金翅雀鲷
Chrysiptera unimaculata: 無斑刻齒雀鯛
Chrysiptera unimaculata: 無斑金翅雀鯛
Chrysiptera xanthonota: 黄斑金翅雀鲷
Chrysoblephus laticeps: 白条丽眼鲷
Chrysoblephus laticeps: 白條麗眼鯛
Chrysobothris infranitens: 高砂六星吉丁蟲
Chrysobothris kotoensis: 蘭嶼六星吉丁蟲
Chrysobothris sauteri: 琉璃六星吉丁蟲
Chrysobothris shiwakii: 素木六星吉丁蟲
Chrysocerca formosana: 台灣草蛉
Chrysochir aureus: 尖頭黃鰭牙
Chrysochir aureus: 黃金鰭
Chrysochir aureus: 黃金鰭(2010)
Chrysochir ocellatus: 紅鼓
Chrysochloris asiatica: 金毛鼹
Chrysochroa fulgidissima: 彩虹吉丁蟲
Chrysochroa tonkinensis: 北部湾金吉丁(3)
Chrysochroa tonkinensis: 北部灣金吉丁
Chrysochroa vittata: 红绿金吉丁
Chrysochroa vittata: fabricius, 紅綠金吉丁
Chrysochroa vittata: fabricius, 红绿金吉丁(2)
Chrysococcyx basalis: 霍氏金鹃(2)
Chrysococcyx caprius: 白眉金鵑
Chrysococcyx caprius: 白眉金鹃
Chrysococcyx cupreus: 黃腹金鵑
Chrysococcyx klaas: 白腹金鵑
Chrysococcyx klaas: 白腹金鹃
Chrysococcyx lucidus: 金鵑
Chrysococcyx lucidus: 金鹃
Chrysococcyx maculatus: 翠金鵑
Chrysococcyx maculatus: 翠金鹃(4)
Chrysococcyx meyeri: 铜翅金鹃
Chrysococcyx minutillus: 棕胸金鹃(4)
Chrysococcyx osculans: 黑耳金鹃
Chrysococcyx ruficollis: 红喉金鹃
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus: 紫金鵑
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus: 紫金鹃(6)
Chrysocolaptes festivus: 黑腰啄木鸟
Chrysocolaptes lucidus: 大金背啄木
Chrysocolaptes lucidus: 大金背啄木鳥(2)
Chrysocolaptes lucidus: 大金背啄木鸟(7)
Chrysocoris grandis: 麗盾椿
Chrysocyon brachyurus: 鬃狼(5)
Chrysodema berliozi: 藍彩吉丁蟲
Chrysodema dalmanni: 粉彩吉丁蟲
Chrysodema lewisii: 路易士吉丁蟲
Chrysodema yasumatsui: 蘭嶼粉彩吉丁蟲
Chrysolina aurichalcea: 艾草銅金花蟲
Chrysolina quadrigemina: 双金叶甲
Chrysolophus amberstiae: 白腹锦鸡
Chrysolophus amherstiae: 白腹錦雞
Chrysolophus amherstiae: 白腹锦鸡(4)
Chrysolophus amherstiae: 銀雞(2)
Chrysolophus pictus: 紅腹錦雞
Chrysolophus pictus: 红腹锦鸡(6)
Chrysolophus pictus: 金雞(2)
Chrysomela vigintipunctata: 柳二十斑金花蟲
Chrysominla strigula: 斑喉希鹛
Chrysomma sinense: 金眼鶥雀(2)
Chrysomma sinense: 金眼鹛雀(3)
Chrysomphalus aonidum: 褐圓盾介殼蟲
Chrysomphalus dictyospermi: 橙褐圓盾介殼蟲
Chrysomyia bezziana: 蚶症金蠅
Chrysomyia megacephala: 大頭金蠅
Chrysomyia megacephala: 大頭麗蠅
Chrysomyia pinguis: 肥驅金蠅
Chrysomyia rufifacies: 紅顏金蠅
Chrysomyia villeneuve: 威氏金蠅
Chrysopa formosa: 丽草蛉
Chrysopa intima: 多斑草蛉
Chrysopa kulingensis: 牯岭草蛉
Chrysopa pallens: 間黑草蛉
Chrysopa septempunctata: 大草蛉
Chrysopa sinica: 中华草蛉
Chrysopelea ornata: 金花蛇(5)
Chrysoperla furcifera: 頭條草蛉
Chrysophrys auratus: 金鯛
Chrysopilus ditissimis: 台南鷸虻
Chrysopilus fenrstratus: 窗點鷸虻
Chrysopilus ferruginosus: 半月大鷸虻
Chrysopilus griseipennis: 灰翅鷸虻
Chrysopilus luctuosus: 悲傷鷸虻
Chrysopilus marmoratus: 花雕鷸虻
Chrysopilus nigripalpis: 黑鬚鷸虻
Chrysopilus poecilopterus: 雅式鷸虻
Chrysopilus sauteri: 邵氏鷸虻
Chrysopophthorus petiolus: 柄室優繭蜂
Chrysops dispar: 異斑虻
Chrysops flavescens: 金黃斑虻
Chrysops grandis: 魁梧斑虻
Chrysops mlokosiewiczi: 摩氏斑虻
Chrysops nigripes: 黑族斑虻
Chrysops sinensis: 中華斑虻
Chrysosoma abruptum: 分離長足虻
Chrysosoma apicatum: 帶帽長足虻
Chrysosoma cupido: 渴望長足虻
Chrysosoma elongatum: 伸展長足虻
Chrysosoma falcatum: 鎌刀長足虻
Chrysosoma figuratum: 象徵長足虻
Chrysosoma floccosum: 多毛長足虻
Chrysosoma humile: 微小長足虻
Chrysosoma ignobile: 卑微長足虻
Chrysosoma imitans: 安平長足虻
Chrysosoma interrogatum: 港口長足虻
Chrysosoma leucopogon: 白鬚長足虻
Chrysosoma pallidicorne: 淡角長足虻
Chrysosoma patellifer: 關島長足虻
Chrysosoma pauper: 貧弱長足虻
Chrysosoma piriforme: 梨形長足虻
Chrysosoma platypum: 平足長足虻
Chrysosoma prolongatum: 延長長足虻
Chrysosoma rubicundum: 祖密長足虻
Chrysosoma sauteri: 邵氏長足虻
Chrysospalax trevelyani: 巨金鼹
Chrysostoma paradoxum: 金口鐘螺
Chrysotoxum formosanum: 金弦蚜蠅
Chrysotoxum testaceum: 碎磚蚜蠅
Chrysotus adsiduus: 勤勉長足虻
Chrysotus albisignatus: 白烙長足虻
Chrysotus degener: 頹唐長足虻
Chrysotus discretus: 明辨長足虻
Chrysotus excretus: 呂宋長足虻
Chrysotus gratiosus: 尊貴長足虻
Chrysotus incumbens: 專一長足虻
Chrysotus javanensis: 爪哇長足虻
Chrysotus lividiventris: 籃腹長足虻
Chrysotus mobilis: 銳敏長足虻
Chrysozephyrus disparatus: 裂斑金灰蝶
Chrysozephyrus esakii: 江
Chrysozephyrus esakii: 碧翠灰蝶
Chrysozephyrus esakii: 鐵椆金灰蝶
Chrysozephyrus scintillans: 闪光金灰蝶
Chrysso argyrodiformis: 小高金姬蛛
Chrysso caudigera: 携尾丽蛛
Chrysso caudigera: 長尾金姬蛛
Chrysso cyclocera: 圆尾丽蛛
Chrysso foliata: 斑點金姬蛛
Chrysso jianglensis: 将乐丽蛛
Chrysso lativentris: 扁腹丽蛛
Chrysso lativentris: 闊腹金姬蛛
Chrysso lingchuanensis: 灵川丽蛛
Chrysso nigra: 黑丽蛛
Chrysso nigra: 黑色金姬蛛
Chrysso oxycera: 尖尾丽蛛
Chrysso pulcherrima: 漂亮蜘蛛
Chrysso punctifera: 斑點金姬蛛
Chrysso rapulum: 多色丽蛛
Chrysso scintillans: 華麗金姬蛛
Chrysso spiniventris: 刺腹丽蛛
Chrysso spiniventris: 棘腹金姬蛛
Chrysso subrapulum: 拟多色丽蛛
Chrysso trimaculata: 三斑丽蛛
Chrysso trimaculata: 三斑金姬蛛
Chrysso trispinula: 三棘丽蛛
Chrysso venusta: 華麗金姬蛛
Chrysso venusta: 风雅丽蛛
Chrysso vesiculosa: 四泡丽蛛
Chrysso vesiculosa: 四疣金姬蛛
Chrysso vitra: 玻璃丽蛛
Chrysso wangi: 王氏丽蛛
Chrysso wenxianensis: 文县丽蛛
Chthamalus challengenri: 東方小藤壺
Chthamalus challengeri: 东方小藤壶
Chthamalus malayensis: 馬來小藤壺
Chthamalus moro: 直背小藤壺
Chuanchia labiosa: 骨唇黄河鱼
Chuanchia labiosa: 黃河魚
Chucallis bambusicola: 竹瘤斑蚜
Chukocythere chihua: 奇貨諸葛介
Chukocythere fengtaoi: 馮道諸葛介
Chukocythere hsiangfui: 相父諸葛介
Chukocythere jisher: 雞舌諸葛介
Chukocythere lianhaoi: 梁灝諸葛介
Chukocythere matatzui: 馬韃子諸葛介
Chukocythere phytolobosa: 草坪諸葛介
Chukocythere picrasmia: 苦楝諸葛介
Chukocythere wuchun: 無種諸葛介
Chyliza elegans: 優雅折翅蠅
Chyliza fumipennis: 灰翅折翅蠅
Chyliza limpidipennis: 透翅折翅蠅
Chyliza selectoedes: 精選折翅蠅
Chymomyza formosana: 台灣吸汁果蠅
Chymomyza obscura: 昏黑吸汁果蠅
Chymomyza procnemis: 白斑吸汁果蠅
Chyromya hedia: 安平液蠅
Cibdela janthina: 紫三節葉蜂
Cibotogaster fumipennis: 灰翅水虻
Cicadella ferruginea: 黑尾葉蟬
Cichla intermedia: 間麗魚
Cichla monoculus: 單麗魚
Cichla ocellaris: 皇冠三間(2)
Cichla ocellaris: 皇冠三间
Cichla ocellaris: 眼点丽鱼
Cichla ocellaris: 眼點麗魚
Cichla orinocensis: 阿根廷麗魚
Cichla temensis: 金目麗魚
Cichladusa arquata: 晨鶇
Cichladusa guttata: 斑晨鶇
Cichlasoma affine: 安芬麗體魚
Cichlasoma alfari: 阿氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma altifrons: 高額麗體魚
Cichlasoma amazonarum: 亞馬遜麗體魚
Cichlasoma araguaiense: 阿拉瓜亞河麗體魚
Cichlasoma argentea: 銀麗體魚
Cichlasoma atromaculatum: 黑紋麗體魚
Cichlasoma aureum: 黃麗體魚
Cichlasoma bartoni: 巴氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma beani: 比氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma bifasciatum: 紫紅火口(2)
Cichlasoma bifasciatum: 雙帶麗體魚
Cichlasoma bimaculatum: 雙斑麗體魚
Cichlasoma bocourti: 鮑氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma boliviense: 玻里維麗體魚
Cichlasoma breidohri: 勃氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma bulleri: 布氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma callolepis: 美鱗麗體魚
Cichlasoma calobrense: 卡洛布倫麗體魚
Cichlasoma citrinellum: 紅魔鬼(2)
Cichlasoma citrinellum: 红魔鬼
Cichlasoma coeruleus: 淡黑麗體魚
Cichlasoma coryphaenoides: 褐麗體魚
Cichlasoma cuanoguttatum: 金钱豹
Cichlasoma cutteri: 卡氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum: 藍斑麗體魚
Cichlasoma cyanostigma: 藍點麗體魚
Cichlasoma dimerus: 玉麗體魚
Cichlasoma diquis: 哥斯大黎加麗體魚
Cichlasoma ellioti: 伊氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma facetum: 美麗體魚
Cichlasoma fenestratum: 墨西哥麗體魚
Cichlasoma festae: 青麗體魚
Cichlasoma friedrichsthalii: 弗氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma gibbiceps: 駝頭麗體魚
Cichlasoma godmani: 戈氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma grammodes: 線紋麗體魚
Cichlasoma guija: 吉佳麗體魚
Cichlasoma guttulatum: 斑麗體魚
Cichlasoma haitiensis: 海地麗體魚
Cichlasoma hartwegi: 哈氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma helleri: 赫利氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma heterospilum: 異斑麗體魚
Cichlasoma hogaboomorum: 宏都拉斯麗體魚
Cichlasoma intermedium: 中間麗體魚
Cichlasoma istlanum: 磯麗體魚
Cichlasoma labridens: 厚唇麗體魚
Cichlasoma lentiginosum: 雀斑麗體魚
Cichlasoma loisellei: 路氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma longimanus: 長翅麗體魚
Cichlasoma lyonsi: 藍氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma macracanthum: 大棘麗體魚
Cichlasoma maculicauda: 點麗體魚
Cichlasoma managuense: 淡水石斑鱼
Cichlasoma margaritiferum: 珠麗體魚
Cichlasoma meeki: 米氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma melanurum: 黑身麗體魚
Cichlasoma microlepis: 小鱗麗體魚
Cichlasoma microphthalmus: 小眼麗體魚
Cichlasoma minckleyi: 明氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma motaguense: 蒙太麗體魚
Cichlasoma nebuliferum: 雲紋麗體魚
Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum: 九间菠萝
Cichlasoma nourissati: 諾氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma octofasciatum: 十帶麗體魚
Cichlasoma orientale: 東方麗體魚
Cichlasoma orinocense: 哥倫比亞麗體魚
Cichlasoma ornatum: 飾妝麗體魚
Cichlasoma panamense: 巴拿馬麗體魚
Cichlasoma pantostictum: 全斑麗體魚
Cichlasoma paranaense: 巴拉那河麗體魚
Cichlasoma pasionis: 瓜地馬拉麗體魚
Cichlasoma pearsei: 皮爾斯氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma psittacus: 豹皮麗體魚
Cichlasoma pusillum: 弱身麗體魚
Cichlasoma ramsdeni: 倫氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma regani: 雷根氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma rhytisma: 斑痣麗體魚
Cichlasoma robertsoni: 勞氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma sajica: 薩傑卡麗體魚
Cichlasoma salvini: 七彩波羅(4)
Cichlasoma salvini: 索氏麗體魚(2)
Cichlasoma sanctifranciscense: 弗朗西斯科麗體魚
Cichlasoma severum: 金菠萝
Cichlasoma severum: 黑菠萝
Cichlasoma sieboldii: 喜氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma socolofi: 蘇氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma spilurum: 小斑麗體魚
Cichlasoma spinosissimus: 棘刺麗體魚
Cichlasoma steindachneri: 斯氏麗體魚
Cichlasoma synspilum: 紅頭麗體魚
Cichlasoma synspilum: 紫红火口
Cichlasoma taenia: 紋帶麗體魚
Cichlasoma tembe: 阿根廷麗體魚
Cichlasoma tetracanthus: 古巴麗體魚
Cichlasoma trimaculatum: 三斑麗體魚
Cichlasoma trimaculatum: 花罗汉
Cichlasoma tuba: 管麗體魚
Cichlasoma tuyrense: 圖拉麗體魚
Cichlasoma umbriferum: 暗紋麗體魚
Cichlasoma urophthalmus: 全尾斑麗體魚
Cichlasoma urophthalmus: 尾斑麗體魚(2)
Cichlasoma urophthalmus: 火口
Cichlasoma vombergae: 聖多明各麗體魚
Cichlasoma zaliosum: 札里麗體魚
Cichlasoma zonatum: 帶紋麗體魚
Cicindela aurulenta: 八星虎甲蟲
Cicindela chinensis: 中国虎甲
Cicindela hybrida: 多型虎甲红翅亚种
Cicindela hybrida: 多型虎甲铜翅亚种
Cicindela inspecularis: 微小虎甲蟲
Cicindela psilica: 小八星虎甲蟲
Cicindela psllica: 小八星虎甲蟲
Cicinnurus regius: 王极乐鸟
Cicohio ciconia: 白鹳
Ciconia abdimii: 白腹鸛
Ciconia abdimii: 白腹鹳
Ciconia boyciana: 东方白鹳(11)
Ciconia boyciana: 亞洲白鸛(2)
Ciconia boyciana: 日本白鸛(2)
Ciconia boyciana: 日本白鹳
Ciconia boyciana: 東方白鸛(6)
Ciconia ciconia: 东方白鹤
Ciconia ciconia: 白鸛(6)
Ciconia ciconia: 白鹳(5)
Ciconia episcopus: 白頸鸛(2)
Ciconia episcopus: 白颈鹳(2)
Ciconia nigna: 黑鸛
Ciconia nigra: 黑鸛(13)
Ciconia nigra: 黑鹳(10)
Ciconia stormi: 黄脸鹳(2)
Cihiloscyllium plagiasum: 条纹斑竹鲨 
Ciliopagurus babai: 馬場纖毛寄居蟹
Ciliopagurus krempfi: 克氏纖毛寄居蟹
Cinachyrella australiensis: 澳洲球形海綿
Cinara cupressi: 大果柏大蚁(2)
Cinara formosana: 臺灣松蚜
Cinara idahoensis: 側柏綠蚜
Cinara juniperi: 圓柏蚜
Cinara orienralis: 東方松蚜
Cinara pinea: 歐亞松蚜
Cinara pinidensiflorae: 東亞松蚜
Cinara taiwana: 鐵杉蚜
Cinara tujafilina: 柏大蚜
Cinclidium frontale: 蓝额地鸲
Cinclidium frontale: 蓝额长脚地鸲(5)
Cinclidium frontale: 藍額地鴝
Cinclidium frontale: 藍額長腳地鴝
Cinclidium leucura: 白尾鴝(5)
Cinclidium leucurum: 白尾蓝地鸲
Cinclidium leucurum: 白尾鴝(9)
Cinclopyramis giganthea: 大格锥虫
Cinclosoma ajax: 彩鹑鸫
Cinclus cinclus: 河乌(2)
Cinclus cinclus: 河烏
Cinclus pallasii: 河烏(8)
Cinclus pallasii: 褐河乌(7)
Cinclus pallasii: 褐河烏
Cinctiscala eximium: 寶塔海螄螺
Cinnyricinclus femoralis: 艾氏紫椋鳥
Cinnyricinclus leucogaster: 白腹紫椋鳥
Cinnyricinclus sharpii: 黃腹紫椋鳥
Cinnyris afer: 大双领花蜜鸟
Cinnyris asiaticus: 紫色花蜜鳥
Cinnyris asiaticus: 紫色花蜜鸟
Cinnyris asiaticus: 紫花蜜鳥
Cinnyris asiaticus: 紫花蜜鸟
Cinnyris batesi: 巴氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris bifasciatus: 紫斑花蜜鸟
Cinnyris bouvieri: 南非橙簇花蜜鸟
Cinnyris buettikoferi: 松岛花蜜鸟(2)
Cinnyris chalcomelas: 蓝紫胸花蜜鸟
Cinnyris chalybeus: 小双领花蜜鸟
Cinnyris chloropygius: 绿腹花蜜鸟
Cinnyris coccinigastrus: 华丽花蜜鸟
Cinnyris comorensis: 昂岛花蜜鸟
Cinnyris congensis: 黑腹花蜜鸟
Cinnyris coquerellii: 马约岛花蜜鸟
Cinnyris cupreus: 铜色花蜜鸟
Cinnyris dussumieri: 塞舌尔花蜜鸟
Cinnyris erythrocercus: 红胸花蜜鸟
Cinnyris fuscus: 暗色花蜜鸟
Cinnyris habessinicus: 辉花蜜鸟
Cinnyris humbloti: 亨姆氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris johannae: 猩红簇花蜜鸟
Cinnyris jugularis: 黃腹花蜜鳥
Cinnyris jugularis: 黃腹花蜜鳥, Huang fu hua mi niao(49300)
Cinnyris jugularis: 黄腹花蜜鸟, Huang fu hua mi niao(40500)
Cinnyris lotenius: 罗氏花蜜鸟(2)
Cinnyris loveridgei: 拉氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris ludovicensis: 山林双领花蜜鸟
Cinnyris manoensis: 双领花蜜鸟
Cinnyris mariquensis: 马里基花蜜鸟
Cinnyris mediocris: 东非双领花蜜鸟
Cinnyris minullus: 姬花蜜鸟
Cinnyris moreaui: 摩氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris nectarinioides: 小黑腹花蜜鸟
Cinnyris neergaardi: 尼氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris notatus: 迷人花蜜鸟
Cinnyris osea: 北非橙簇花蜜鸟
Cinnyris osea: 巴勒斯坦花蜜鸟
Cinnyris oustaleti: 安哥拉花蜜鸟
Cinnyris pembae: 奔岛花蜜鸟
Cinnyris pulchellus: 丽色花蜜鸟
Cinnyris regius: 帝王花蜜鸟
Cinnyris reichenowi: 北双领花蜜鸟
Cinnyris rockefelleri: 洛氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris rufipennis: 褐翅花蜜鸟
Cinnyris shelleyi: 雪氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris solaris: 帝汶花蜜鸟(2)
Cinnyris sovimanga: 斯韦花蜜鸟
Cinnyris stuhlmanni: 施氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris superbus: 雅美花蜜鸟
Cinnyris talatala: 白胸太陽鳥(2)
Cinnyris talatala: 白腹花蜜鸟
Cinnyris tsavoensis: 察武氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris ursulae: 乌氏花蜜鸟
Cinnyris venustus: 杂色花蜜鸟
Ciona intestinalis: 玻璃海鞘
Cipangopaludina cathayensis: 中华圆田螺
Cipangopaludina chinensis: 圓田螺
Cipangopaludina miyagii: 稜田螺
Circaetus cinerascens: 小斑短趾雕
Circaetus cinerascens: 小斑短趾鵰
Circaetus cinereus: 灰短趾雕
Circaetus cinereus: 褐短趾鵰
Circaetus fasciolatus: 斑短趾雕
Circaetus fasciolatus: 斑短趾鵰
Circaetus gallicus: 短趾蛇鵰
Circaetus gallicus: 短趾雕(6)
Circaetus gallicus: 短趾鵰(3)
Circaetus pectoralis: 黑胸短趾雕
Circaetus pectoralis: 黑胸短趾鵰
Circe corrugata: 粗纹美女蛤
Circe scripta: 唱片簾蛤
Circe scripta: 美女蛤
Circe sulcata: 畦美女蛤
Circoporus oxyacanthus: 锐棘环孔虫
Circus aeruginosus: 澤鵟(2)
Circus aeruginosus: 白头鹞(7)
Circus aeruginosus: 白頭鷂(3)
Circus approximans: 沼泽鹞
Circus approximans: 沼澤鷂
Circus assimilis: 斑点鹞
Circus assimilis: 斑鹞
Circus buffoni: 长翅鹞
Circus cinereus: 灰鹞
Circus cyaneus: 灰澤鵟(7)
Circus cyaneus: 灰鷂
Circus cyaneus: 白尾鷂(2)
Circus cyaneus: 白尾鹞(7)
Circus macrourus: 草原鷂(3)
Circus macrourus: 草原鹞(5)
Circus maurus: 黑鹞
Circus melanoleucos: 花泽鵟
Circus melanoleucos: 花澤鵟(7)
Circus melanoleucos: 鵲鷂(3)
Circus melanoleucos: 鹊鹞(7)
Circus pygargus: 乌灰鹞(5)
Circus pygargus: 烏灰鷂(3)
Circus ranivorus: 非洲澤鷂
Circus spilonotus: 東方澤鵟
Circus spilonotus: 東方澤鷂(3)
Circus spilonotus: 泽鵟
Circus spilonotus: 澤鵟(4)
Circus spilonotus: 白腹鷂
Circus spilonotus: 白腹鹞(8)
Circus spilonotus: 白頭鷂
Cirella melanichthys: 瓜子鱲
Cirratulus chrgsoderma: 金毛丝鳃虫
Cirrhigaleus barbifer: 長鬚卷盔鯊
Cirrhigaleus barbifer: 長鬚棘鮫
Cirrhilabrus condei: 康狄鸚鵡
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: 紫头鸚鵡
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: 藍側絲隆頭魚
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: 藍身絲鰭鯛
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: 藍身絲鰭鸚鯛
Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura: 藍頭仙子龍
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus: 尾斑絲隆頭魚
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus: 豔麗絲鰭鯛
Cirrhilabrus exquisitus: 豔麗絲鰭鸚鯛
Cirrhilabrus filamentosus: 鞭鰭快閃龍
Cirrhilabrus lineatus: 藍綫鸚鵡
Cirrhilabrus lunatus: 新月絲隆頭魚
Cirrhilabrus lunatus: 新月絲鰭鸚鯛
Cirrhilabrus melanomarginatus: 黑緣絲隆頭魚
Cirrhilabrus melanomarginatus: 黑緣絲鰭鯛
Cirrhilabrus melanomarginatus: 黑緣絲鰭鸚鯛
Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus: 紅緣絲隆頭魚
Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus: 紅緣絲鰭鯛
Cirrhilabrus rubrimarginatus: 紅緣絲鰭鸚鯛
Cirrhilabrus rubrisquamis: 馬爾地夫玫瑰龍
Cirrhilabrus temminckii: 丁氏絲鰭鯛
Cirrhilabrus temminckii: 丁氏絲鰭鸚鯛
Cirrhilabrus temminckii: 淡帶絲隆頭魚
Cirrhilabrus tonozukai: 吐絲彩鸚鵡
Cirrhimuraena chinensis: 中國鬚蛇鰻
Cirrhimuraena chinensis: 中華鬚鰻
Cirrhina molitorella: 鯁仔
Cirrhina molitorella: 鯁魚(4)
Cirrhina molitorella: 鯪魚(2)
Cirrhina molitorella: 鲮鱼 
Cirrhina mrigal: 印鲮 
Cirrhinus caudimaculatus: 尾斑單吻魚
Cirrhinus caudimaculatus: 尾斑穗唇魮
Cirrhinus cirrhosus: 卷鬚鯪
Cirrhinus fulungee: 富露鯪
Cirrhinus jullieni: 裘氏鯪
Cirrhinus lineatus: 条纹鲮
Cirrhinus lineatus: 條紋鯪
Cirrhinus macrops: 大眼鯪
Cirrhinus microlepis: 小鱗鯪
Cirrhinus molitorella: 土鯪
Cirrhinus molitorella: 青鱗魚
Cirrhinus molitorella: 鯁魚(3)
Cirrhinus molitorella: 鯪公
Cirrhinus molitorella: 鯪魚
Cirrhinus molitorella: 鯪(2)
Cirrhinus molitorella: 鲮
Cirrhinus molitorella: 鲮鱼
Cirrhinus mrigala: 印度鯪
Cirrhinus mrigala: 麦瑞加拉鲮
Cirrhinus prosemion: 泰國鯪
Cirrhinus reba: 里巴鯪
Cirrhitichthys aprinus: 斑金
Cirrhitichthys aprinus: 斑金
Cirrhitichthys aprinus: 短嘴格
Cirrhitichthys aureus: 深水格
Cirrhitichthys aureus: 金
Cirrhitichthys calliurus: 美尾金
Cirrhitichthys falco: 真丝金
Cirrhitichthys falco: 真絲金
Cirrhitichthys falco: 短嘴格
Cirrhitichthys falco: 鷹金
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: 尖頭金
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: 尖頭金
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: 尖鰭金
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: 尖鰭金
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: 斑點格
Cirrhitichthys oxycephalus: 長嘴格
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: 短嘴格
Cirrhitus pinnulatus: 
Cirrhochrista brizoalis: 圓斑黃緣野螟
Cirrhoscyllium expolitum: 喉鬚鮫
Cirrhoscyllium expolitum: 橙黃鯊
Cirrhoscyllium expolitum: 橙黄鲨
Cirrhoscyllium formosanum: 台灣喉鬚鮫
Cirrhoscyllium formosanum: 台灣橙黃鯊
Cirrhoscyllium formosanum: 沙條
Cirricaecula macdowelli: 麥克氏無鰭蛇鰻
Cirricaecula macdowelli: 麥氏無鰭蛇鰻
Cirrimaxilla formosa: 台灣頜鬚鱔
Cirrimaxilla formosa: 台灣鬍鯙
Cirrimaxilla formosa: 薯鰻
Cirrimaxilla formosa: 虎鰻
Cirrimaxilla formosa: 錢鰻
Cirripectes castaneus: 火紅頸鬚鳚
Cirripectes castaneus: 頰紋穗肩鳚
Cirripectes castaneus: 頰紋頸鬚鳚
Cirripectes castaneus: 颊纹穗肩鳚
Cirripectes filamentosus: 絲背穗肩鳚
Cirripectes filamentosus: 絲鰭頸鬚鳚
Cirripectes fuscoguttatus: 微斑穗肩鳚
Cirripectes fuscoguttatus: 微斑頸鬚鳚
Cirripectes imitator: 模頸鬚鳚
Cirripectes imitator: 橫穗肩鳚
Cirripectes perustus: 袋穗肩鳚
Cirripectes perustus: 袋頸鬚鳚
Cirripectes polyzona: 多斑穗肩鳚
Cirripectes polyzona: 多斑頸鬚鳚
Cirripectes quagga: 斑穗肩鳚
Cirripectes quagga: 斑頸鬚鳚
Cirripectes variolosus: 暗褐穗肩鳚
Cirripectes variolosus: 暗褐頸鬚鳚
Cirrocharoa tyche: 幸運轆蛺蝶
Cirrochroa tyche: 幸運轆蛺蝶
Cirrochroa tyche: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Cirrospilus phyllocnistis: 白腹嚙小蜂
Cirsotrema edgari: 牙彫海螄螺
Cirsotrema plexis: 網肋海螄螺
Cirsotrema rugosa: 銼頭海螄螺
Cirsotrema varicosum: 紗布海螄螺
Cisaberoptus celtis: 朴樹木畸羽節蜱
Cisaberoptus kenyae: 肯亞木畸羽節蜱
Cissa caerulea: 台湾蓝鹊
Cissa caerulea: 台灣藍鵲
Cissa chinensis: 蓝绿鹊(5)
Cissa chinensis: 藍綠鵲(3)
Cissa erythrorhyncla: 红嘴蓝鹊
Cissa hypoleuca: 印支綠鵲
Cissa hypoleuca: 印支绿鹊
Cissa hypoleuca: 黄胸绿鹊
Cissa thalassina: 短尾绿鹊(4)
Cissites cephalotes: 大紅芫青
Cistelina crassicornis: 粗角緣腹朽木甲
Cistelina melanopyga: 黑緣腹朽木甲
Cistelina tricolor: 三角緣腹朽木甲
Cistelomorpha bina: 二色擬緣腹朽木甲
Cistelomorpha nigripilis: 黑擬緣腹朽木甲
Cisticoia juncidis: 棕扇尾鶯
Cisticola aberdare: 阿貝扇尾鶯
Cisticola aberrans: 懶扇尾鶯
Cisticola angusticaudus: 塔伯扇尾鶯
Cisticola aridulus: 漠扇尾鶯
Cisticola ayresii: 艾氏扇尾鶯
Cisticola bodessa: 鮑倫扇尾鶯
Cisticola brachypterus: 短翅扇尾鶯
Cisticola brunnescens: 淡頂扇尾鶯
Cisticola cantans: 歌扇尾鶯
Cisticola carruthersi: 卡氏扇尾鶯
Cisticola chiniana: 巧扇尾鶯
Cisticola chubbi: 查氏扇尾鶯
Cisticola cinereolus: 淡灰扇尾鶯
Cisticola distinctus: 嘯聲扇尾鶯
Cisticola erythrops: 紅臉扇尾鶯
Cisticola exilis: 白頭錦鴝(6)
Cisticola exilis: 金头扇尾莺(5)
Cisticola exilis: 金頭扇尾鶯
Cisticola exilis: 黃頭扇尾鶯(3)
Cisticola eximius: 黑背扇尾鶯
Cisticola galactotes: 號聲扇尾鶯
Cisticola hunteri: 亨氏扇尾篤
Cisticola juncidis: 棕扇尾莺(8)
Cisticola juncidis: 棕扇尾鶯(6)
Cisticola juncidis: 錦鴝(5)
Cisticola lateralis: 哨聲扇尾鶯
Cisticola nanus: 小扇尾鶯
Cisticola natalensis: 蛙聲扇尾鶯
Cisticola restrictus: 泰納扇尾鶯
Cisticola robustus: 強健扇尾鶯
Cisticola ruficeps: 紅頭扇尾鶯
Cisticola tinniens: 鈴聲扇尾鶯
Cisticola troglodytes: 狐色扇尾鶯
Cisticola woosnami: 顫聲扇尾鶯
Cistina columbiae: 哥倫比亞盒星
Cistoclemmys flavomarginata: 食蛇龜
Cistoclemmys flavomarginata: 黃緣盒龜
Cistoclemmys flavomarginata: 黄缘盒龟(4)
Cistoclemmys galbinifron: 黃額盒龜
Cistoclemmys galbinifron: 黄额盒龟
Cistoclemmys galbinifrons: 黄额盒龟(2)
Cistopus indicus: 小孔蛸
Cistopus taiwanicus: 台灣小孔蛸
Citharichthys stigmaeus: 眼点副棘鲆
Citharoides macrolepidotus: 大鳞拟棘鲆
Citharoides macrolepidotus: 擬棘鮃
Cittura cyanotis: 苏拉蓝耳翠鸟
Citula armatus: 甲鲹
Civettictis civetta: 非洲灵猫
Civettictis civetta: 非洲靈貓
Clada babai: 馬場櫛角尨蕈甲
Clada fomosana: 蓬萊櫛角尨蕈甲
Clada vittula: 帶紋櫛角尨蕈甲
Cladiucha manglietiae: 海南木莲枝角叶蜂(3)
Cladiucha manglietiae: 海南木蓮枝角葉蜂
Cladius nigricans: 黑長角葉蜂
Cladura taiwania: 台灣枝大蚊
Clamator coromandus: 冠郭公(7)
Clamator coromandus: 栗翅鳳鵑(2)
Clamator coromandus: 紅翅鳳頭鵑(5)
Clamator coromandus: 红翅凤头鹃(9)
Clamator glandarius: 大斑凤头鹃
Clamator glandarius: 大斑鳳頭鵑
Clamator jacobinus: 斑翅凤头鹃(8)
Clamator jacobinus: 斑翅鳳頭鵑(2)
Clamator jacobinus: pica, 斑翅鳳頭鵑
Clamoris formosana: 錘尾擬迴木蟲
Clanculus bronni: 布朗鐘螺
Clanculus clanguloides: 彩珠鐘螺
Clanculus denticulatus: 鐵珠鐘螺
Clanculus gemmulifer: 紅蛭螺
Clanculus margaritarius: 小草莓鐘螺
Clanculus puniceus: 草莓鐘螺
Clanculus septenarius: 黃珠鐘螺
Clangula hyemalis: 長尾鴨(4)
Clangula hyemalis: 长尾鸭(8)
Clanis bilineata: 豆天蛾(2)
Clanoneurum orientale: 東洋渚蠅
Claravis godefrida: 紫翅斑地鸠
Claravis mondetoura: 紫胸斑地鸠
Claravis pretiosa: 蓝斑地鸠
Clariallabes attemsi: 阿氏耀鯰
Clariallabes attemsi: 阿氏耀鲶
Clariallabes brevibarbis: 短须耀鲶
Clariallabes brevibarbis: 短鬚耀鯰
Clariallabes centralis: 刺耀鯰
Clariallabes centralis: 刺耀鲶
Clariallabes dumerili: 邓氏耀鲶
Clariallabes heterocephalus: 异头耀鲶
Clariallabes heterocephalus: 異頭耀鯰
Clariallabes laticeps: 侧头耀鲶
Clariallabes laticeps: 側頭耀鯰
Clariallabes longicauda: 長尾耀鯰
Clariallabes longicauda: 长尾耀鲶
Clariallabes manyangae: 万年耀鲶
Clariallabes manyangae: 萬年耀鯰
Clariallabes melas: 耀鯰
Clariallabes melas: 耀鲶
Clariallabes petricola: 岩栖耀鲶
Clariallabes petricola: 岩棲耀鯰
Clariallabes pietschmanni: 皮氏耀鯰
Clariallabes pietschmanni: 皮氏耀鲶
Clariallabes platyprosopos: 扁脸耀鲶
Clariallabes platyprosopos: 扁臉耀鯰
Clariallabes simeonsi: 西氏耀鯰
Clariallabes simeonsi: 西氏耀鲶
Clariallabes uelensis: 于伦耀鲶
Clariallabes uelensis: 于倫耀鯰
Clariallabes variabilis: 杂色耀鲶
Clariallabes variabilis: 雜色耀鯰
Clarias abbreviatus: 短胡鲶
Clarias abbreviatus: 短鬍鯰
Clarias agboyiensis: 阿博胡鲶
Clarias agboyiensis: 阿博鬍鯰
Clarias albopunctatus: 白斑胡鲶
Clarias albopunctatus: 白斑鬍鯰
Clarias alluaudi: 奥氏胡鲶
Clarias alluaudi: 奧氏鬍鯰
Clarias angolensis: 安戈尔胡鲶
Clarias angolensis: 安戈爾鬍鯰
Clarias anguillaris: 鰻鬍鯰
Clarias anguillaris: 鳗胡鲶
Clarias batrachus: 塘虱, Tang2 shi1(1510)
Clarias batrachus: 泰國塘虱魚
Clarias batrachus: 泰國塘蝨魚
Clarias batrachus: 胡子鲶(1430)
Clarias batrachus: 胡鲶, Hu2 nian2(1340)
Clarias batrachus: 蟾胡子鲇
Clarias batrachus: 蟾胡鲶
Clarias batrachus: 蟾胡鲶, Chan2 hu2 nian2(1810)
Clarias batrachus: 蟾鬍鯰
Clarias batrachus: 蟾鬍鯰, Chan2 hu2 nian2(8930)
Clarias brachysoma: 短身胡鲶
Clarias brachysoma: 短身鬍鯰
Clarias buettikoferi: 比氏胡鲶
Clarias buettikoferi: 比氏鬍鯰
Clarias buthupogon: 大须胡鲶
Clarias buthupogon: 大鬚鬍鯰
Clarias camerunensis: 喀麥隆鬍鯰
Clarias camerunensis: 喀麦隆胡鲶
Clarias cavernicola: 穴胡鲶
Clarias cavernicola: 穴鬍鯰
Clarias dayi: 戴氏胡鲶
Clarias dayi: 戴氏鬍鯰
Clarias dhonti: 德氏胡鲶
Clarias dhonti: 德氏鬍鯰
Clarias dumerilii: 达氏胡鲶
Clarias dumerilii: 達氏鬍鯰
Clarias dussumieri: 杜氏胡鲶
Clarias dussumieri: 杜氏鬍鯰
Clarias ebriensis: 伊布里胡鲶
Clarias ebriensis: 伊布里鬍鯰
Clarias engelseni: 恩氏胡鲶
Clarias engelseni: 恩氏鬍鯰
Clarias fuscus: 土殺
Clarias fuscus: 土蝨
Clarias fuscus: 塘虱(3632)
Clarias fuscus: 塘蝨魚(34600)
Clarias fuscus: 塘蝨(3630)
Clarias fuscus: 胡子鲇(2)
Clarias fuscus: 胡子鲶(3182)
Clarias fuscus: 胡鲶
Clarias fuscus: 鬍子鯰(3492)
Clarias gabonensis: 加彭鬍鯰
Clarias gabonensis: 加蓬胡鲶
Clarias gariepinus: 尖齒鬍鯰
Clarias gariepinus: 尖齿胡鲶
Clarias gariepinus: 非洲胡子鲶鱼
Clarias hasselquistii: 赫氏胡鲶
Clarias hexacicinus: 短尾胡鲶
Clarias hilli: 希氏胡鲶
Clarias hilli: 希氏鬍鯰
Clarias jaensis: 哈恩胡鲶
Clarias jaensis: 哈恩鬍鯰
Clarias laeviceps: dialonensis, 迪亚光首胡鲶
Clarias laeviceps: dialonensis, 迪亞光首鬍鯰
Clarias laeviceps: laeviceps, 光首胡鲶
Clarias laeviceps: laeviceps, 光首鬍鯰
Clarias lamottei: 拉氏胡鲶
Clarias lamottei: 拉氏鬍鯰
Clarias lazera: 革胡子鲇
Clarias leiacanthus: 光棘胡鲶
Clarias leiacanthus: 光棘鬍鯰
Clarias liocephalus: 裸头胡鲶
Clarias liocephalus: 裸頭鬍鯰
Clarias longibarbis: 长须胡鲶
Clarias longior: 長鬍鯰
Clarias longior: 长胡鲶
Clarias maclareni: 麥氏鬍鯰
Clarias maclareni: 麦氏胡鲶
Clarias macracanthus: 大棘胡鲶
Clarias macrocephalus: 土虱
Clarias macrocephalus: 塘杀
Clarias macrocephalus: 塘虱鱼
Clarias macrocephalus: 斑点胡子鲇
Clarias macrocephalus: 斑点胡鲶
Clarias macrocephalus: 斑點鬍鯰
Clarias macrocephalus: 泥鳅
Clarias macromystax: 大唇胡鲶
Clarias macromystax: 大唇鬍鯰
Clarias meladerma: 黑皮胡鲶
Clarias meladerma: 黑皮鬍鯰
Clarias nebulosus: 云纹胡鲶
Clarias nebulosus: 雲紋鬍鯰
Clarias ngamensis: 鈍齒鬍鯰
Clarias ngamensis: 钝齿胡鲶
Clarias nieuhofi: 山塘虱(2)
Clarias nieuhofii: 塘虱, Tang shi
Clarias nieuhofii: 连鳍胡鲶
Clarias nieuhofii: 连鳍胡鲶, Lian qi hu nian
Clarias nigromarmoratus: 黑斑胡鲶
Clarias nigromarmoratus: 黑斑鬍鯰
Clarias pachynema: 厚丝胡鲶
Clarias pachynema: 厚絲鬍鯰
Clarias platycephalus: 平头胡鲶
Clarias platycephalus: 平頭鬍鯰
Clarias punctatus: 斑纹胡鲶
Clarias salae: 萨拉胡鲶
Clarias salae: 薩拉鬍鯰
Clarias stappersii: 斑胡鲶
Clarias stappersii: 斑鬍鯰
Clarias submarginatus: 緣鬍鯰
Clarias submarginatus: 缘胡鲶
Clarias teijsmanni: 泰氏胡鲶(3)
Clarias teijsmanni: 泰氏鬍鯰
Clarias teysmanni: brachysoma, 短体胡鲶
Clarias teysmanni: teysmanni, 特氏胡鲶
Clarias theodorae: 蛇胡鲶
Clarias theodorae: 蛇鬍鯰
Clarias werneri: 沃氏胡鲶
Clarias werneri: 沃氏鬍鯰
Clasiopella unicincta: 鈎狀渚蠅
Claspettomyia orientalis: 東洋癭蚋
Class ophiuroidea: 蛇尾海星
Clathrocanium diadema: 冠网萝虫
Clathrocorys murrayi: 墨氏格盔虫
Clathrocorys teuscheri: 陶氏格盔虫
Clathrocyclas alcmenae: 裙窗袍虫
Clathrocyclas c.coscinodiscus: 筛窗袍虫
Clathrocyclas danaes: 车窗袍虫
Clathrocycloma parcum: 贫瘤窗袍虫
Claucidium cuculoides: 斑头鸺鹠(2)
Claudiconcha japonica: 日本石咸蛤
Clausinella calophylla: 美叶雪蛤
Clausinella isabellina: 伊萨伯雪蛤
Clausinella tiara: 头巾雪蛤
Clausocalanus arcuicornis: 弓角基齒哲水蚤
Clausocalanus brevipes: 短足基齒水蚤
Clausocalanus farrani: 法氏基齒哲水蚤
Clausocalanus furcatus: 長尾基齒哲水蚤
Clausocalanus ingens: 大基齒水蚤
Clausocalanus jobei: 喬氏基齒水蚤
Clausocalanus laticeps: 寬頭基齒哲水蚤
Clausocalanus lividus: 活基齒水蚤
Clausocalanus mastigophorus: 擬鞭基齒哲水蚤
Clausocalanus minor: 小基齒哲水蚤
Clausocalanus parapergens: 尖基齒哲水蚤
Clausocalanus paululus: 厚基齒哲水蚤
Clausocalanus pergens: 短尾基齒哲水蚤
Clausophyes ovata: 卵形雙體水母
Clavipalpula aurariae: 金棒鬚夜蛾
Claviscala kuroharai: 黑原海螄螺
Claviscala solar: 太陽海螄螺
Clavularia inflata: 羽珊瑚
Clavus bilineata: 雙線捲管螺
Clavus candens: 琥珀捲管螺
Clavus canicularis: 唇角捲管螺
Clavus canicularis: 肩角捲管螺
Clavus unizonalis: 雙淇林捲管螺
Clavus unizonalis: 霜淇淋捲管螺
Clavus viduus: 鰥夫捲管螺
Cleantiella isopus: 拟棒鞭水虱
Cleidopus gloriamaris: 金松果
Cleithracara maronii: 馬氏棒麗魚
Clelea formosana: 蓬萊藍紋斑蛾
Clelea formosana: 藍紋小斑蛾
Clelea formosana: 藍紋斑蛾
Clelia clelia: 擬蚺蛇
Clematostigma hyalinum: 透明歧痣嚙蟲
Clematostigma subcostale: 亞肋歧痣嚙蟲
Clementia nonscripta: 無彩花簾蛤
Clementia papyracea: 和平蛤
Clementia vatheleti: 薄壳和平蛤
Clemmys guttata: 星點龜(3)
Clemmys insculpta: 木雕水龜
Clemmys muhlenbergi: 牟氏水龜
Clemmys muhlenbergi: 牟氏龜
Cleomenes auricollis: 霧社粗腿細天牛
Cleomenes longipennis: 黑條粗腿細天牛
Cleomis marginicollis: 爪哇擬步行蟲
Cleonaria taiwana: 瑞穗黃天牛
Cleora alienaria: 汙褐尖翅尺蛾
Cleora fraterna: 黑腰尺蛾
Cleora fraterna: 黑腰鋸尺蛾
Cleora injectaria: 粗線黑腰尺蛾
Cleora leucophaea: 黃頂黑腰尺蛾
Cleptometopus orientalis: 棗紅長角天牛
Cleptometopus orientalis: 紅褐長鬚天牛
Clerotilia formosana: 蓬萊直守瓜
Clethrionomys centralis: 新疆鼠平
Clethrionomys rufocanus: 棕背
Clethrionomys rutilus: 红背
Cletocamptus deitersi: 沿岸角猛水蚤
Cletoeythereis major: 優良劈裂介
Cletoeythereis taiwanica: 台灣劈裂介
Cletoeythereis yehchuan: 夜犬劈裂介
Cletus bipunctatus: 菲棘緣蝽
Cletus punctiger: 稻棘緣蝽
Cletus rusticus: 寬棘緣椿象
Cletus rusticus: 寬棘緣蝽象
Cletus trigonus: 肩棘緣蝽
Cletus trigonus: 長肩棘緣蝽
Clibanarius arethusa: 疏毛細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius englaucus: 藍指細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius eurysternus: 寬胸細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius humilis: 矮小細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius inaequalis: 不等細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius infraspinatus: 下棘細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius longitarsus: 長指細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius merguiensis: 墨吉細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius pacificus: 太平洋細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius ransoni: 瑞氏細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius snelliusi: 白刺細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius striolatus: 條紋細螯寄居蟹
Clibanarius virescens: 綠色細螯寄居蟹
Clidomys parvus: 小鍵鼠
Clinocardium californiense: 白令海鳥尾蛤
Clinopogon sauteri: 高雄食蟲虻
Clinostomus elongatus: 斜口鱥魚
Clinostomus funduloides: 玫瑰斜口鱥魚
Clinotanypus formosae: 高雄搖蚊
Clinotanypus immaculatus: 斑點搖蚊
Clinotanypus lampronotus: 藍波搖蚊
Clinotettix ussuriensis: 乌苏里克蚱
Clinteria aeneofusca: 灰斑擬黑花金龜
Clinterocera davidis: 大衛細花金龜
Clinterocera davidis: 黑斑跗花金龜
Clinus rotundifrons: 裸眶胎鳚
Clio balantium: 袋長角螺
Clio cuspidata: 翼菱蝶螺
Clio pyramidata: 小尾長角螺(2)
Clio pyramidata: 尖菱蝶螺
Clio pyramidata: 矛頭長角螺(2)
Clio pyramidata: 菱蝶螺
Clistocoeloma sinense: 中華泥毛蟹
Clitelloxenia formosana: 土蟻蚤蠅
Clitenella fulminans: 紅紋麗螢金花蟲
Clithon chlorostoma: 金口石蜑螺
Clithon corona: 小皇冠蜑螺(2)
Clithon corona: 巧克力角螺
Clithon faba: 豆石蜑螺
Clithon oualaniensis: 小石蜑螺
Clithon retropictus: 石蜑螺
Clithon souverbiana: 種子蜑螺
Clithon sowerbianus: 沙氏石蜑螺
Clithrocytheridea chiabana: 筷子幽蘭介
Clithrocytheridea chiaotanga: 椒湯幽蘭介
Clithrocytheridea japonica: 東洋幽蘭介
Clithrocytheridea kueidowia: 詭道幽蘭介
Clithrocytheridea leibana: 列巴幽蘭介
Clitostethus brachylobus: 短叶陡胸瓢虫
Clivipollia fragaria: 似筆峨螺
Clivipollia pulchra: 可愛峨螺
Cloeonyx brevis: 德州帶紋守宮(2)
Cloeosiphon aspergillus: 散形領管星蟲
Cloeotis percivali: 短耳三葉鼻蝠
Cloeotis percivali: 非洲三叉蝠(2)
Clogmia albipunctatus: 白斑蛾蚋
Clorida albolitura: 白斑綠蝦蛄
Clorida bombayensis: 孟買綠蝦蛄
Clorida denticauda: 齒尾綠蝦蛄
Clorida japonica: 日本綠蝦蛄
Clorida rotundicauda: 圓尾綠蝦蛄
Cloridina verrucosa: 疣尾小綠蝦蛄
Cloridopsis scorpio: 蝎形擬綠蝦蛄
Cloridopsis scorpio: 蝎拟绿虾蛄
Cloumba janthina: 黑林鸽(3)
Clovia bipunctata: 二點鏟頭沫蟬
Clovia conifera: 錐形禾草鏟頭沫蟬
Clovia lineatocollis: 黑縱線鏟頭沫蟬
Clovia multilineata: 密線鏟頭沫蟬
Clovia puncta: 一點鏟頭沫蟬
Clovia quadrangularis: 方斑鏟頭沫蟬
Clssa chinensis: 蓝绿鹊
Clssa chinensis: 藍綠鵲
Clssa thalassina: 短尾綠鵲
Clssa thalassina: 短尾绿鹊
Clubiona asrevida: 雪山袋蛛
Clubiona bonicula: 高山袋蛛
Clubiona deletrix: 斑袋蛛
Clubiona insulana: 島嶼袋蛛
Clubiona japonica: 日本袋蛛
Clubiona japonicola: 捲葉袋蛛
Clubiona jucunda: 羽斑袋蛛
Clubiona kayashimai: 萱嶋氏袋蛛
Clubiona kuanshanensis: 關山袋蛛
Clubiona kurosawai: 黑澤氏袋蛛
Clubiona taiwanica: 台灣袋蛛
Clubiona tanikawai: 瀧川氏袋蛛
Clubiona yaginumai: 八木沼袋蛛
Clubiona yangmingensis: 陽明山袋蛛
Clunio takahashii: 淡水搖蚊
Clupandon punctatus: 斑鰶
Clupandon thrissa: 花鰶
Clupanodo kelee: 花点鲥
Clupanodon thrissa: 多斑鰶
Clupanodon thrissa: 海鯽仔
Clupanodon thrissa: 盾齒鰶
Clupanodon thrissa: 盾齿鰶
Clupanodon thrissa: 花鰶(2)
Clupanodon thrissa: 銀耀鱗
Clupanodon thrissa: 銀鱗水滑
Clupea harengus: 鲱
Clyomys laticeps: 喜棘鼠
Clypeaster reticulatus: 網盾海膽
Clypeaster virescens: 綠盾海膽
Clypeobarbus bellcrossi: 貝爾氏魮
Clypeobarbus congicus: 康吉魮
Clypeobarbus hypsolepis: 高鱗魮
Clypeobarbus pleuropholis: 腹鱗魮
Clypeobarbus pseudognathodon: 擬頜齒魮
Clypeobarbus schoutedeni: 斯考特氏魮
Clypeomorus armatus: 武裝蟹守螺
Clypeomorus batillariaeformis: 海蜷蟹守螺
Clypeomorus bifasciatus: 白葚蟹守螺
Clypeomorus brevis: 白斑蟹守螺
Clypeomorus chemnitziana: 桑葚蟹守螺
Clypeomorus coralia: 珊瑚蟹守螺
Clypeomorus humilis: 黑項鍊蟹守螺
Clypeomorus monifera: 項鍊蟹守螺
Clypeomorus nympha: 蛹形蟹守螺
Clypeomorus petrosus: 石蟹守螺
Clypeomorus purpurastoma: 紫口蟹守螺
Clypeomorus subbrevicula: 中廣蟹守螺
Clypeomorus trailli: 珠環蟹守螺
Clytemnestra rostrata: 有額盔頭猛水蚤
Clytemnestra scutellata: 小盤盔頭猛水蚤
Clytocera taiwanensis: 台灣綠虎天牛
Clytoceyx rex: 铲嘴翠鸟
Clytomyias insignis: 棕鹩莺
Clytosemia bicincta: 雙點長條天牛
Clytospiza monteiri: 褐雙點雀
Clytus fukienensis: 福建黑虎天牛
Clytus orientalis: 埔里虎天牛
Clytus unicolor: 無紋虎天牛
Clytus unicolor: 紅肩黑虎天牛
Clytus viridescens: 綠黃虎天牛
Cnaphalocrocis medinalis: 瘤野螟
Cnemaspis indica: 印度东虎
Cnemidophorus hyperythrus: 橙喉健肢蜥
Cnemidophorus hyperythrus: 橙喉鞭尾蜥
Cnemidophorus lemniscatus: 条纹鞭尾蜥
Cnemidophorus murinus: 博内尔岛鞭尾蜥
Cnemidophorus sexlineatus: 六线鞭尾蜥
Cnemidophorus tigris: 西部鞭尾蜥
Cnemophilus loriae: 鸦嘴极乐鸟
Cnemophilus macgregorii: 镰冠极乐乌
Cneocnemis laminipes: 紅胸姬擬步行蟲
Cneorane violaceipennis: 紫琉璃螢金花蟲
Cnipsus colorantis: 污色无翅刺虫脩
Cnipsus colorantis: 污色无翅刺蝓
Cnipsus colorantis: 污色无翅刺?
Cnipsus colorantis: 污色無翅刺蝓
Cnizocoris shirakii: 台灣螳瘤蝽
Coastal products: 近海漁獲
Cobitis arenae: 沙花鳅
Cobitis granoci: 北方花鳅
Cobitis laterimaculata: 斑条花鳅
Cobitis lutheri: 黑龙江花鳅
Cobitis macrostigma: 大斑花鳅
Cobitis sinensis: 中华花鳅
Cobitis sinensis: 中華花鰍(3)
Cobitis sinensis: 土鰍
Cobitis sinensis: 沙溜
Cobitis sinensis: 沙鰍
Cobitis sinensis: 胡溜
Cobitis sinensis: 花鰍(2)
Cobunus filicornis: 線角圓丘姬蜂
Coccidohystrix insolitus: 丽瘤粉蚧
Coccidula rufa: 红背粗眼瓢虫
Coccinella ainu: 华日瓢虫
Coccinella longifasciata: 纵条瓢虫
Coccinella luteopicta: 褐绣花瓢虫
Coccinella magnifica: 小七瓢虫
Coccinella magnopunctata: 大斑瓢虫
Coccinella repanda: 波紋瓢蟲(2)
Coccinella septempunctata: 七星瓢虫(9)
Coccinella septempunctata: 七星瓢虫, Qi xing piao chong
Coccinella septempunctata: 七星瓢蟲(7)
Coccinella transversalis: 波紋瓢蟲(2)
Coccinella transversalis: 狭臀瓢虫
Coccinella transversalis: 狹臀瓢蟲
Coccinella transversoguttata: 横斑瓢虫
Coccinella trifasciata: 横带瓢虫
Coccinella undecimpunctata: 十一星瓢虫(2)
Coccinula elegantula: 华美瓢虫
Coccinula quatuordecimpustulata: 双七瓢虫
Coccinula sinensis: 中国双七瓢虫
Coccobius fulvus: 褐黃異角蚜小蜂
Coccodiplosis formosana: 台灣癭蚋
Coccoglypta pinchoiana: 薄壳粒雕螺
Coccophagoides kuwanae: 桑名類食蚧蚜小蜂
Coccophagus ceroplastae: 斑翅食蚧蚜小蜂
Coccophagus hawaiiensis: 夏威夷食蚧蚜小蜂
Coccophagus lycimnia: 賴食蚧蚜小蜂
Coccophagus tibialis: 綠蚧食蚧蚜小蜂
Coccopigya punctoradiata: 放射小帽螺
Coccothraustes coccothraustes: 紅頰臘嘴雀(2)
Coccothraustes coccothraustes: 臘嘴雀(5)
Coccothraustes coccothraustes: 錫嘴雀(3)
Coccothraustes coccothraustes: 锡嘴雀(11)
Coccothraustes coccothraustes: 臘嘴雀
Coccothraustes migratorius: 小桑鳲
Coccothraustes personatus: 桑鳲
Coccotropsis gymnoderma: 裸皮拟可可鲉
Coccotropsis gymnoderma: 裸皮擬可可鮋
Cocculina japonica: 小帽螺
Coccura convexa: 蒿粒粉蚧
Coccura suwakoensis: 黑龙江粉蚧
Coccus acuminatus: 尖软蜡蚧
Coccus acutissimus: 锐软蜡蚧
Coccus discrepans: 偏软蜡蚧
Coccus discrepans: 柑桔介殼蟲
Coccus elongatus: 长软蜡蚧
Coccus formicarii: 蟻台硬介殼蟲
Coccus hesperidum: 扁堅介殼蟲
Coccus hesperidum: 褐软蜡蚧
Coccus longulus: 長堅介殼蟲
Coccus pseudomagnoliarum: 橘软蜡蚧
Coccus viridis: 咖啡绿软蜡蚧
Coccus viridis: 黃綠介殼蟲
Coccygomimus aethiops: 滿點黑瘤姬蜂
Coccygomimus carinifrons: 脊額黑瘤姬蜂
Coccygomimus flavipalpis: 黃須黑瘤姬蜂
Coccygomimus laothoe: 天蛾黑瘤姬蜂
Coccygomimus nipponicus: 日本黑瘤姬蜂
Coccygonimus disparis: 舞毒蛾黑瘤姬蜂
Coccygonimus parnarae: 稻苞虫黑瘤姬蜂
Coccymys ruemmleri: 魯氏穀鼠
Coccyzus americanus: 黃嘴美洲鵑
Cochlespira kuroharae: 黑原捲管螺
Cochlespira kuroharai: 黑原捲管螺
Cochlespira pagoda: 蘭花捲管螺
Cochlespira pulchella: 旋塔捲管螺
Cochoa azurea: 马来宽嘴鸫
Cochoa beccarii: 苏门答腊宽嘴鸫
Cochoa purpurea: 紫宽嘴鸫(5)
Cochoa purpurea: 紫宽嘴鸲
Cochoa purpurea: 紫寬嘴鶇(2)
Cochoa viridis: 綠寬嘴鶇(2)
Cochoa viridis: 绿宽嘴鸫(5)
Cochoa viridis: 绿宽嘴鸲
Cociella crocodila: 正顎鯒
Cociella crocodila: 正鱷鯒
Cociella crocodila: 牛尾
Cociella crocodila: 鰐鯒
Cociella crocodilus: 正颚鲬, Zheng e yong(1120)
Cociella crocodilus: 牛尾, Niuwei(384)
Cociella crocodilus: 鱷形牛尾魚(70)
Cockerelliella bladhiae: 樹杞粉蝨
Coclebotys coclesalis: 竹織葉野螟
Codakia paytenorum: 紅唇滿月蛤
Codakia punctata: 胭脂滿月蛤
Codakia tigerina: 滿月蛤
Coecella chinensis: 中華尖峰蛤
Coecella formosae: 白枯葉蛤
Coeliccia chromothorax: 黄脊长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia cyanomelas: 青黑琵蟌(2)
Coeliccia cyanomelas: 青黑长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia didyma: 四斑长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia flavicauda: 黃尾琵蟌
Coeliccia flavicauda: flavcauda, 黄尾长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia loogali: 蓝斑长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia oorang: 卵纹长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia poungyi: 蓝脊长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia pyriformis: 梨纹长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia ryukyuensis: 青纹长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia scutellum: hainanensis, 海南长腹扇蟌
Coeliccia sexmaculatus: 六斑长腹扇蟌
Coeligena prunellei: 黑星额蜂鸟(2)
Coelioxys brevis: 箭尖腹蜂
Coelioxys ducalis: 短板尖腹蜂
Coelioxys fenestrata: 長板尖腹蜂
Coelioxys fulviceps: 黃頭尖腹蜂
Coelioxys kosemponis: 甲仙尖腹蜂
Coelioxys rhinosus: 鼻尖腹蜂
Coelioxys sauteri: 紹德尖腹蜂
Coelioxys suisharyonis: 水社寮尖腹蜂
Coelioxys taiwanensis: 台灣尖腹蜂
Coelodendrum coelodendrum: 空枝虫
Coelodera penicillata: 北埔陷紋金龜
Coelodiplosis magaipennis: 巨翅癭蚋
Coelomactra antiqu: 中带蛤科西施舌
Coelomactra antiquata: 河蛤蜊
Coelomactra antiquata: 海蚌
Coelomactra antiquata: 西施舌
Coelomactra antiquata: 西施蚌
Coelomactra antiquata: 西施馬珂蛤
Coelomactra antiquata: 貴妃蚌
Coelophora bowringii: 八斑盤瓢蟲
Coelophora chinensis: 六星瓢蟲
Coelophora circumvelata: 周緣盤瓢蟲
Coelophora inaequalis: 九星瓢蟲(2)
Coelophora inaequalis: 變斑盤瓢蟲
Coelophora itoi: 四斑黃瓢蟲
Coelophora saucia: 東京赤星瓢蟲(2)
Coelophora tanoi: 台盘耳瓢虫
Coelophrys brevicaudata: 短尾腔蝠魚
Coelopleurus maculatus: 斑腔海膽
Coelops frithi: 无尾蹄蝠
Coelops frithi: 無尾空面蹄蝠
Coelops frithi: 無尾葉鼻蝠(3)
Coelops frithi: 無尾蹄蝠
Coelops frithi: 臺灣無尾葉鼻蝠
Coelops frithi: formosanus, 臺灣尾葉鼻蝠
Coelops frithii: 台灣無尾葉鼻蝠
Coelops hirsutus: 多毛空面蹄蝠
Coelops hirsutus: 蓬毛无尾蹄蝠
Coelops robinsoni: 馬來空面蹄蝠
Coelops robinsoni: 马来无尾蹄蝠
Coelorhynchus anatirostris: 鸭嘴腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus argetatus: 银色腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus argus: 眼斑腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus asteroides: 星鳞腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus brevirostris: 短吻腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus carinifer: 嵴刺腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus cingulatus: 横带腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus commutabilis: 变异腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus divergens: 辐刺腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus formosanus: 台湾腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus japonicus: 日本腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus jordani: 焦丹腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus kamoharai: 蒲原腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus kishinouyei: 岸上腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus longissimus: 长管腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus macrochir: 长臂腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus macrolepis: 大鳞腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus macrorhynchus: 长鼻腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus maculatus: 肩斑腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus multispinulosus: 多刺腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus parallelus: 平刺腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus productus: 尖鼻腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus smithi: 史氏腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus sparsilepis: 稀鳞腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus thompsoni: 汤普森腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus tokiensis: 东京腔吻鳕
Coelorhynchus velifer: 帆背腔吻鳕
Coelorinchus anatirostris: 鼠腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus asteroides: 擬星腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus brevirostris: 短吻腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus cingulatus: 橫帶腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus coelorhincus: 真腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus coelorhincus: 真腔吻鳕
Coelorinchus commutabilis: 變異腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus cylindricus: 圓身腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus divergens: 廣佈腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus formosanus: 台灣腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus hubbsi: 哈卜氏腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus japonicus: 日本腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus kamoharai: 蒲原氏腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus kishinouyei: 岸上氏腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus leptorhinus: 窄吻腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus longissimus: 長管腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus macrochir: 長臂腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus multispinulosus: 多棘腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus parallelus: 平棘腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus productus: 東海腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus sheni: 鞍斑腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus smithi: 斯氏腔吻鱈
Coelorinchus spinifer: 大棘腔吻鱈
Coeloseris mayeri: 正腔紋珊瑚
Coenagrion chusanicum: 朱桑蟌
Coenagrion convalescens: 黄腹蟌
Coenagrion dorothea: 多萝蟌
Coenagrion impar: 奇特蟌
Coenagrion kagiensi: 台湾蟌
Coenagrion trilineatum: 三线蟌
Coendon prehensilis: 卷尾树豪猪(2)
Coendou bicolor: 雙色卷尾豪豬
Coenobita rugosus: 灰白陸寄居蟹
Coenobita violascens: 藍紫陸寄居蟹
Coenocorypha aucklandica: 奧克蘭鷸
Coenosia attenuata: 埃及穢蠅
Coenosia cingulata: 集集穢蠅
Coenosia exigua: 短小穢蠅
Coenosia radiata: 祖窟穢蠅
Coenosia trigonalis: 三節穢蠅
Coilia brachygnathus: 短颌鲚
Coilia ectenes: 刀鲚
Coilia ectenes: 鲚
Coilia grayii: 七丝鲚
Coilia grayii: 七絲鱭
Coilia mystus: 凤鲚
Coilia mystus: 鳳鱭
Colaspoides taiwanaus: 台灣卵猿金花蟲
Colasposoma auripenne: 甘藷猿金花蟲
Colastomion formosana: 台灣胖須繭蜂
Colecoccus scotophilus: 英粉蚧
Coleodactylus meridionalis: 鞘趾虎
Coleonyx brevis: 德州带纹守宫
Coleonyx elegans: 柯丽马带纹守宫
Coleonyx fasciatus: 黑带纹守宫
Coleonyx mitratus: 中美洲带纹守宫
Coleonyx reticulatus: 网斑带纹守宫
Coleonyx switaki: 赤足带纹守宫
Coleonyx variegatus: 带纹守宫
Coleonyx variegatus: 横纹鞘爪虎
Coleopalorus foveicollis: 印度姬擬榖盜
Coleosoma blandum: 滑鞘腹蛛
Coleosoma blandum: 鞘腹姬蛛
Coleosoma floridanum: 佛罗鞘腹蛛
Coleosoma octomaculatum: 八斑鞘腹蛛
Coleotrypes latilimbata: 闊緣鞘實蠅
Coleura afra: 南鞘尾蝠(2)
Coleura afra: 東非鞘尾蝠
Coleura seychellensis: 塞舌爾鞘尾蝠
Colias adelaidae: 夏河豆粉蝶
Colias aegidii: 甘肃豆粉蝶
Colias alexandra: 艳黄豆粉蝶
Colias alfacariensis: 阿尔豆粉蝶
Colias alpherakii: 阿氏豆粉蝶
Colias aquilonaris: 阿奎豆粉蝶
Colias arida: 红黑豆粉蝶
Colias aurorina: 曙光豆粉蝶
Colias behrii: 黑缘绿豆粉蝶
Colias berylla: 玉色豆粉蝶
Colias caucasica: 黑缘橙豆粉蝶
Colias chippewa: 纯朴豆粉蝶
Colias chlorocoma: 宽缘豆粉蝶
Colias christina: 茶豆粉蝶
Colias christophi: 查里豆粉蝶
Colias chrysotheme: 镏金豆粉蝶
Colias cocandica: 小豆粉蝶
Colias croceus: 红点豆粉蝶
Colias dimera: 地膜豆粉蝶
Colias diva: 女神豆粉蝶
Colias dubia: 黄边红豆粉蝶
Colias electo: 琥珀豆粉蝶
Colias eogene: 曙红豆粉蝶
Colias erate: 斑緣點粉蝶
Colias erate: 斑缘豆粉蝶
Colias erate: 紋黃蝶
Colias erate: 黃紋
Colias erate: 黃紋粉蝶
Colias erate: formosana, 黃紋粉蝶
Colias erschoffi: 沃豆粉蝶
Colias eurytheme: 纹黄豆粉蝶
Colias euxanthe: 优黄豆粉蝶
Colias felderi: 菲儿豆粉蝶
Colias fieldii: 橙黄豆粉蝶
Colias flaveola: 泛黄豆粉蝶
Colias gigantea: 巨大豆粉蝶
Colias grumi: 格鲁豆粉蝶
Colias harfordii: 哈福德豆粉蝶
Colias hecla: 赫克豆粉蝶
Colias heos: 黎明豆粉蝶
Colias hyale: 豆粉蝶
Colias hyperborea: 北冷豆粉蝶
Colias interior: 粉红缘豆粉蝶
Colias lada: 黑斑豆粉蝶
Colias ladakensis: 金豆粉蝶
Colias lesbia: 篱笆豆粉蝶
Colias marcopolo: 马可波罗豆粉蝶
Colias meadii: 麦氏豆粉蝶
Colias montium: 山豆粉蝶
Colias myrmidone: 蚁豆粉蝶
Colias nastes: 长斑豆粉蝶
Colias nilagiriensis: 印度豆粉蝶
Colias occidentalis: 宽边靓豆粉蝶
Colias palaeno: 黑缘豆粉蝶
Colias pelidne: 蓝莓豆粉蝶
Colias phicomone: 菲云豆粉蝶
Colias philodice: 菲罗豆粉蝶
Colias poliographus: 灰豆粉蝶
Colias ponteni: 庞坦豆粉蝶
Colias regia: 黄花豆粉蝶
Colias romanovi: 罗豆粉蝶
Colias sagartia: 沙坎豆粉蝶
Colias sareptensis: 潇洒豆粉蝶
Colias scudderii: 草地豆粉蝶
Colias shahfuladi: 沙豆粉蝶
Colias sieversi: 西梵豆粉蝶
Colias sifanica: 西番豆粉蝶
Colias staudingeri: 斯氏豆粉蝶
Colias stoliczkana: 斯托豆粉蝶
Colias thisoa: 任萨豆粉蝶
Colias thrasibulus: 西藏豆粉蝶
Colias tyche: 兴安豆粉蝶
Colias viluiensis: 北黎豆粉蝶
Colias wiskotti: 维斯豆粉蝶
Coligo duvaucelii: 杜氏枪乌贼
Colinus virginianus: 山齒鶉里氏亞種
Colinus virginianus: 山齒鶉(3)
Colinus virginianus: 美洲蒙面雉
Colinus virginianus: ridgwayi, 山齒鶉
Colinus virginianus: ridgwayi, 美洲蒙面雉(3)
Colisa chuna: 蜜鲈(2)
Colisa fasciata: 条纹蜜鲈
Colisa fasciata: 條紋絲腹鱸
Colisa fasciatus: 印度麗麗、彩兔、大絲
Colisa fasciatus: 印度麗麗(4)
Colisa fasciatus: 大絲足鱸(3)
Colisa fasciatus: 彩兔(3)
Colisa fasciatus: 條紋密鱸(2)
Colisa labiosus: 厚唇麗麗
Colisa labiosus: 大紅麗麗
Colisa labiosus: 橘裳麗麗
Colisa labiosus: 毛足鱸
Colisa lalia: 侏蜜鲈(2)
Coliso lalia: 一片藍麗麗
Coliso lalia: 電光麗麗(2)
Coliso lalia: 麗麗(2)
Colistium nudipinnis: 裸翼彩菱鰈
Colistium nudipinnis: 裸翼彩菱鲽
Colius leucocephalus: 白頭鼠鳥
Colius striatus: 斑鼠鳥
Colletes taiwanensis: 台灣分舌蜂
Colletotrichum capsici: 辣椒炭疽病菌
Collichthys lucidus: 棘頭梅童魚
Collichthys lucidus: 黃皮
Collisella heroldi: 花邊青螺
Collocalia brevirostris: 短咀金絲燕
Collocalia brevirostris: 短嘴金丝燕(2)
Collocalia dodgei: 婆罗金丝燕
Collocalia esculenta: 白腹金丝燕(7)
Collocalia esculenta: 白腹金絲燕
Collocalia esculenta: 金丝燕
Collocalia linchi: 穴金丝燕(6)
Collocalia linchi: 穴金絲燕
Collocalia troglodytes: 侏金丝燕(7)
Collocalia troglodytes: 侏金絲燕
Collonista glareosa: 礫石蠑螺
Collotheca pelagica: 敞水膠鞘輪蟲
Colluricincla harmonica: 灰鵙鹟
Colluricincla megarhyncha: 棕鵙鹟
Colluricincla sanghirensis: 苏拉鵙鹟
Colluricincla tenebrosa: 晨鵙鹟
Colluricincla umbrina: 乌鵙鹟
Colobaspis rubi: 苺廣肩金花蟲
Colobocentrotus mertensi: 陣笠海膽
Colobometra perspinosa: 餘刺短羽枝
Colobus angolensi: 安哥拉疣猴
Colobus angolensis: 安哥拉疣猴
Colobus guerez: 东黑白疣猴
Colobus guereza: 东非黑白疣猴(2)
Colobus guereza: 东黑白疣猴
Colobus guereza: 東黑白疣猴
Colobus pennantii: 尚比亚红疣猴
Colobus polykomo: 黑白疣猴
Colobus polykomos: 西非黑白疣猴
Colobus polykomos: 黑白疣猴
Colobus rufomitratus: 塔拿河红疣猴
Colobus satana: 黑疣猴
Colobus satanas: 黑疣猴(2)
Colobus vellerosus: 花斑疣猴
Coloconger japonicus: 日本倭糯鰻
Coloconger japonicus: 日本短尾康吉鰻
Coloconger raniceps: 蛙頭倭糯鰻
Coloconger raniceps: 蛙頭短尾康吉鰻
Coloeus dauuricus: 达乌里寒鸦
Coloeus dauuricus: 達烏里寒鴉
Coloeus monedula: 寒鴉
Coloeus monedula: 寒鸦
Cololabis saira: 秋刀魚
Cololabis saira: 秋刀鱼
Colomys goslingi: 居鼠
Colopha compressa: 扁四节绵蚜
Colopha graminis: 禾根綿蚜
Colophina arctica: 北扣绵蚜
Colophina clematis: 毛莨癭蚜
Colophina clematis: 鐵線蓮扣綿蚜
Colophina clematis: 铁线莲扣绵蚜
Colophina monstrifica: 怪扣棉蚜
Colophina monstrifica: 怪扣綿蚜
Colophina monstrifica: 鐵線蓮癭蚜
Colopodacus bengalensis: 孟加拉同足節蜱
Colopodacus insulanaus: 山肉桂同足節蜱
Colopodacus lanceolatus: 批針葉同足節蜱
Colopodacus millettiae: 小葉木路藤同足節蜱
Colopodacus obovataus: 圓葉野木瓜同足節蜱
Colopodacus palaquius: 大葉山欖同足節蜱
Colopodacus pisoniae: 皮孫木同足節蜱
Colopodacus toddalius: 飛龍掌血同足節蜱
Coloradoa rufomaculata: 蒿蚜
Colossoma barchypomum: 白鲳 
Colossoma brachypomum: 淡水白鲳
Colossoma brachypomum: 淡水銀
Colossoma brachypomum: 短盖巨脂鲤
Colossoma brachypomus: 短盖巨脂鲤
Colossoma macropomum: 大盖巨脂鲤, Da gai ju zhi li
Colossoma macropomum: 大蓋巨脂鯉
Colossoma macropomum: 大蓋巨脂鯉, Da gai ju zhi li(45)
Colossoma macropomum: 銀板
Colossoma macropomum: 銀板, Yin ban(10)
Colossoma macropomum: 食人魚, Shi ren yu
Colpodaspis thompsoni: 湯普生透明海蛞蝓
Colpotrochia pilosa: 毛圓胸姬蜂指名亞種
Colube spinalis: 黄脊游蛇
Coluber lateralis: 游蛇屬黑蛇
Coluber lateralis: 鞭蛇屬青蛇
Coluber ravergieri: 花脊游蛇(2)
Coluber ravergieri: 花脊遊蛇
Coluber raverqieri: 花脊游蛇(2)
Coluber spinalis: 黃脊游蛇
Coluber spinalis: 黄脊游蛇(2)
Coluber spinalis: 黄脊遊蛇
Colubraria cumingi: 邱氏草人螺
Colubraria fautomei: 布紋螺
Colubraria muricata: 花斑布紋螺
Colubraria nitidula: 光澤布紋螺
Colubraria tortuosa: 扭彎布紋螺
Columba albinucha: 白枕鸽
Columba albitorques: 白领鸽
Columba araucana: 智利鸽
Columba argentina: 银鸽(3)
Columba arquatrix: 黃眼鴿
Columba arquatrix: 黄眼鸽(2)
Columba bollii: 波氏鸽
Columba caribaea: 环尾鸽
Columba cayennensis: 淡腹鸽
Columba corensis: 裸眶鸽
Columba delegorguei: 德氏鴿
Columba delegorguei: 德氏鸽
Columba elphinstonii: 灰头林鸽(2)
Columba eversmanni: 中亚鸽(8)
Columba eversmanni: 中亞鴿(2)
Columba fasciata: 斑尾鸽
Columba flavirostris: 红嘴鸽
Columba goodsoni: 乌鸽
Columba guinea: 斑鴿
Columba guinea: 斑鸽
Columba guinea: 点斑鸽
Columba hodgsonii: 斑林鸽(2)
Columba hodgsonii: 斑点鸽
Columba hodgsonii: 点斑林鸽(5)
Columba hodgsonii: 點斑林鴿(2)
Columba inornata: 平原鸽
Columba iriditorques: 铜颈鸽(2)
Columba janthina: 果鸽
Columba janthina: 烏鳩(2)
Columba janthina: 黑林鴿(5)
Columba janthina: 黑林鸽(6)
Columba janthina: 黑林鴿
Columba janthina: janthina, 烏鳩
Columba janthina: janthina, 黑林鴿
Columba junoniae: 桂冠鸽
Columba larvata: 非洲鸽
Columba leucocephala: 白顶鸽
Columba leucomela: 白头鸽
Columba leuconota: 雪鴿(2)
Columba leuconota: 雪鸽(8)
Columba livia: 原鴿, Yuan ge(8630)
Columba livia: 原鸽(2)
Columba livia: 原鸽, Yuan ge(8630)
Columba livia: 家鴿, Jia ge(6060)
Columba livia: 家鸽, Jia ge(6050)
Columba livia: 岩鴿
Columba livia: 岩鴿, Yan ge(4390)
Columba livia: 岩鸽, Yan ge(4400)
Columba livia: 野鴿(5241)
Columba livia: 野鸽(5240)
Columba livia: 鴿子(4230)
Columba livia: 鸽子, Ge1 zi3(11300)
Columba maculosa: 斑翅鸽
Columba malherbii: 圣多美鸽
Columba nigrirostris: 短嘴鸽
Columba oenas: 欧鸽(9)
Columba oenas: 歐鴿(2)
Columba oenops: 秘鲁鸽
Columba oliviae: 索马里鸽
Columba pallidiceps: 黄腿鸽
Columba palumboides: 安达曼林鸽(2)
Columba palumbus: 斑尾林鴿
Columba palumbus: 斑尾林鸽(7)
Columba picazuro: 红头鸽
Columba plumbea: 铅灰鸽
Columba pollenii: 科摩罗林鸽
Columba pulchricollis: 灰林鴿(7)
Columba pulchricollis: 灰林鸽(8)
Columba pulchricollis: 灰林鴿(3)
Columba pulichricollis: 灰林鴿
Columba pulichricollis: 灰林鸽
Columba punicea: 紫林鴿(2)
Columba punicea: 紫林鸠
Columba punicea: 紫林鸽(9)
Columba rupestris: 岩鸽(8)
Columba rupestris: 巖鴿(2)
Columba simplex: 柠檬鸽
Columba sjostedti: 喀麦隆鸽
Columba speciosa: 鳞斑鸽
Columba squamosa: 鳞枕鸽
Columba subvinacea: 赤鸽
Columba thomensis: 橄榄鸽
Columba torringtoni: 紫头林鸽
Columba torringtoniae: 紫头林鸽
Columba trocaz: 长趾鸽
Columba unicincta: 鳞斑灰鸽(2)
Columba vitiensis: 白喉林鸽(4)
Columbarium pagoda: 棘尾紡軸螺
Columbarium pagoda: 紡軸螺
Columbarium pagoda: 齒輪紡軸螺
Columbina buckleyi: 厄瓜多尔地鸠
Columbina cruziana: 斑嘴地鸠
Columbina cyanopis: 蓝眼地鸠
Columbina minuta: 纯胸地鸠
Columbina passerina: 普通地鸠
Columbina picui: 白翅地鸠
Columbina talpacoti: 红地鸠
Colurella adriatica: 愛德里亞狹甲輪蟲
Colurella obtusa: 鈍角狹甲輪蟲
Colurella uncinata: 鉤狀狹甲輪蟲
Colus aurorae: 中途島峨螺
Colus hayashii: 林氏峨螺
Colus tashiensis: 大溪峨螺
Comanthina schlegeli: 許氏大羽花
Comanthus bennetti: 本氏海齒花
Comanthus japonicus: 日本海齒花
Comanthus parvicirrus: 小卷海齒花
Comaster distinctus: 雙棘櫛羽星
Comaster multifidus: 多環櫛羽星
Comatella maculata: 斑櫛羽球
Comatella nigra: 黑櫛羽球
Comatella stelligera: 星櫛羽球
Comatula pectinata: 櫛毛頭星
Comatula solaris: 太陽頭星
Comibaena argentataria: 白角斑綠尺蛾
Comissia littoralis: 沿岸叢星
Comitas kaderlyi: 欄杆捲管螺
Comitas kirai: 吉良捲管螺
Comperiella bifasciata: 雙帶巨角跳小蜂
Compsodrillia mammillata: 乳帶玉米捲管螺
Compsodrillia nakamurai: 中村捲管螺
Compsoptesis phoenix: 鳳凰寄蠅
Compsoptesis rufula: 趨紅寄蠅
Compsorhipis bryodemoides: 小胫刺蝗
Compsorhipis davidiana: 大胫刺蝗
Comusis testacea: 沖繩褐天牛
Conaspidia yiei: 易氏葉蜂
Conchidium conchidium: 双壳虫
Conchoceras caudatum: 尾角贝虫
Conchoderma auritum: 耳条茗荷
Conchoderma hunteri: 细板条茗荷
Conchoderma virgatum: 条茗荷
Conchoecetes intermedius: 中型平殼蟹
Conchoectes intermedius: 中型平殼蟹
Concholepas concholepas: 似鮑羅螺
Conchopus taivanensis: 台灣長足虻
Condeellum ishiianum: 石井康蚖
Conderis shirozui: 紋紅螢
Condylactis aurantiaca: 金海葵
Condylactis aurantiaca: 金色瘤葵海葵
Condylactis gigantea: 美國海葵
Condylactis passiflora: 美國海葵(2)
Condylostylus fenestratus: 窗點長足虻
Condylostylus luteicoxa: 黃股長足虻
Condylostylus ornateripennis: 彩羽長足虻
Condylostylus paraterminalis: 達邦長足虻
Condylostylus striatipennis: 雕線長足虻
Condylostylus tenebrosus: 幽冥長足虻
Condylostylus theodori: 提氏長足虻
Condylura cristata: 星鼻鼴
Condylurus cristata: 星鼻鼹
Coneccaplypsis lucida: 晶瑩食蟲虻
Conepatus chinga: 智利獾臭鼬
Conepatus humboldtii: 巴塔戈尼亚獾臭鼬
Conepatus humboldtii: 巴塔戈尼亞獾臭鼬
Conepatus humboldtii: 阿根廷臭鼬(2)
Conepatus leuconotus: 白背獾臭鼬
Conepatus mesoleucus: 獾臭鼬(2)
Conepatus semistriatus: 墨西哥獾臭鼬
Confuciusornis chuonzhous: 川州孔子鸟
Confuciusornis dui: 杜氏孔子鸟
Confuciusornis sanctus: 圣贤孔子鸟
Confuciusornis suniae: 孙氏孔子鸟
Conger cinereus: 灰康吉鰻
Conger cinereus: 灰糯鰻
Conger japonicus: 日康吉鰻
Conger japonicus: 日本糯鰻
Conger myriaster: 星康吉鰻
Conger myriaster: 繁星糯鰻
Conger wilsoni: 威氏裸胸鯙
Congosorex polli: 波尔鼠鼩鼱
Congresox talabon: 原鶴海鰻
Congresox talabon: 真鶴海鰻
Congresox talabon: 真鹤海鳗
Congriscus megastomus: 大口康吉鰻
Congrogadus subducens: 鰻鯛
Conidens laticephalus: 宽头喉盘鱼
Conidens laticephalus: 黑紋錐齒喉盤ྉ
Conidens laticephalus: 黑紋錐齒喉盤魚
Conidens laticephalus: 黑紋頭錐齒喉盤魚
Coniglobus albida: 奇異高腰蝸牛
Coniglobus albida: 白高腰蝸牛
Coniglobus albidus: 多變高腰蝸牛(2)
Coniglobus arisanus: 丹氏蝸牛
Coniglobus arisanus: 太魯閣蝸牛
Coniglobus arisanus: 阿里山蝸牛
Coniglobus arisanus: 高橋氏蝸牛
Coniglobus bairdi: 淡水蝸牛
Coniglobus contrarius: 左旋蝸牛
Coniglobus formosensis: 台灣蝸牛
Coniglobus kasyotonis: 綠島高腰蝸牛
Coniglobus melleus: 薄菱蝸牛(2)
Coniglobus nux: 排灣栗蝸牛
Coniglobus nux: 栗蝸牛
Coniglobus nux: 阿美栗蝸牛
Coniglobus pekanensis: 左旋栗蝸牛
Coniglobus pekanensis: 紅左旋栗蝸牛
Coniglobus sphaeroconus: 橡實蝸牛
Coniglobus tadai: 多田氏蝸牛
Conilurus penicillatus: 狐尾澳洲林鼠
Conioscinella formosa: 蓬萊稈蠅
Conioscinella griseicollis: 灰胸稈蠅
Conioscinella griseostriata: 灰線稈蠅
Conioscinella intrita: 集集稈蠅
Conioscinella maculata: 斑點稈蠅
Conioscinella nigrohalterata: 黑棍稈蠅
Conioscinella opacifrons: 斑額稈蠅
Conioscinella pallidinervis: 淡色稈蠅
Conioscinella poecilogaster: 雅腹稈蠅
Conioscinella pumilio: 矮人稈蠅
Conioscinella sauteri: 邵氏稈蠅
Conioscinella semimaculata: 半斑稈蠅
Conioscinella similans: 北投稈蠅
Conioscinella subnitens: 排彎稈蠅
Conioscinella tenuiseta: 窄鬃稈蠅
Connochaetes gnou: 白尾牛羚
Connochaetes taurinus: 黑斑牛羚
Conocara kreffti: 克氏錐首魚
Conocephalus gigantius: 大草螽
Conocephalus gladiatus: 長瓣草螽
Conocephalus japonicus: 短翅細蟴
Conocephalus maculates: 褐背細斯
Conocephalus maculatus: 褐背細蟴
Conocephalus melas: 黑翅細蟴
Conocephalus melas: 黑背細蟴
Conocerithium atromarginatum: 黑緣蟹守螺
Conochiloides dossuarius: 叉角擬聚花輪蟲
Conolophus subcristatus: 加拉帕戈斯陆鬣蜥(2)
Conolophus subcristatus: 科隆陆蜥
Conolophus subcristatus: 陆鬣蜥
Conomorium cunea: 白蛾索棒金小蜂
Conopomorpha litchiella: 荔枝細蛾
Conopomorpha sinensis: 中華細蛾
Conopophila albogularis: 棕斑蚊蜜鸟
Conosia irrorata: 露毛康大蚊
Conostoma aemodium: 紅嘴鴉雀
Conostoma aemodium: 红嘴鸦雀(7)
Conostoma oemodium: 紅嘴鴉雀
Conostoma oemodium: 红嘴鸦雀
Conotalopia musiva: 灰斑鐘螺
Conradilla caelata: 雕刻射蚌
Conradilla caelata: 鳥翼真珠蚌(2)
Conraua goliath: 哥利亚蛙
Conraua goliath: 巨蛙
Conraua goliath: 葛利亚蛙
Conraua goliath: 非洲巨蛙
Contopus virens: 绿霸鹟
Conuropsis carolinensis: 卡罗来纳长尾鹦鹉
Conus abbreviatus: 麻斑芋螺
Conus achatinus: 花瑪瑙芋螺
Conus arenatus: 紋身芋螺
Conus armadillo: 犰狳芋螺
Conus aulicus: 宮廷芋螺
Conus auricomus: 金箔芋螺
Conus auricomus: 金髮芋螺
Conus australis: 長芋螺
Conus balteatus: 瘤肩芋螺
Conus betulinus: 別緻芋螺
Conus biliosus: 麻點芋螺
Conus bullatus: 紅棗芋螺
Conus canonicus: 虎斑芋螺
Conus capitanellus: 瑪瑙芋螺
Conus capitaneus: 船長芋螺
Conus caracteristicus: 唐草芋螺
Conus catus: 貓芋螺
Conus chaldeus: 小斑芋螺
Conus chiangi: 姜氏芋螺
Conus cinereus: 灰色芋螺
Conus circumcisus: 陽剛芋螺
Conus coccineus: 花帶芋螺
Conus coffeae: 咖啡芋螺
Conus coffeae: 鉛色芋螺
Conus comatosa: 夢中芋螺
Conus coronatus: 花冠芋螺
Conus cylindraceus: 槍彈芋螺
Conus distans: 長距芋螺
Conus dusaveli: 貴妃芋螺
Conus ebraeus: 斑芋螺
Conus eburneus: 黑星芋螺
Conus eburneus: 黑牙芋螺
Conus emaciatus: 少女芋螺
Conus excelsus: 雪花芋螺
Conus eximius: 特殊芋螺
Conus figulinus: 黑線芋螺
Conus flavidus: 紫霞芋螺
Conus floccatus: 金棗芋螺
Conus frigidus: 雲霞芋螺
Conus fulgetrum: 草蓆芋螺
Conus fulmen: 玳瑁芋螺
Conus generalis: 將軍芋螺
Conus geographus: 殺手芋螺
Conus glans: 龜頭芋螺
Conus glaucus: 海綠芋螺
Conus gloriamaris: 海之榮光芋螺
Conus habui: 土生芋螺
Conus hirasei: 平瀨芋螺
Conus ichinoseana: 龍王芋螺
Conus imperialis: 帝王芋螺
Conus inscriptus: 長頸鹿芋螺
Conus ione: 紫蘿蘭芋螺
Conus kimioi: 龍柱芋螺
Conus kinoshitai: 木下芋螺
Conus kinoshitai: 黃帝芋螺
Conus kuroharai: 黑原芋螺
Conus lani: 藍氏芋螺
Conus legatus: 繽紛芋螺
Conus legatus: 花錦芋螺
Conus leopardus: 密碼芋螺
Conus lischkeanus: 李氏芋螺
Conus litoglyphus: 玉帶芋螺
Conus litteratus: 字碼芋螺
Conus lividus: 晚霞芋螺
Conus lividus: 晚霞蠑螺
Conus longurionis: 柳斑芋螺
Conus luridus: 淺黃芋螺
Conus luteus: 黏土芋螺
Conus lynceus: 花簾芋螺
Conus magnificus: 美華芋螺
Conus magus: 僧袍芋螺
Conus marmoreus: 大理石芋螺
Conus marmoreus: 寡婦芋螺
Conus memiae: 美美芋螺
Conus memiae: 美迷芋螺
Conus miles: 柳絲芋螺
Conus miliaris: 千點芋螺
Conus miliaris: 百萬芋螺
Conus milneedwardsi: 印度洋榮光芋螺
Conus mitratus: 子彈芋螺
Conus moreleti: 莫氏芋螺
Conus muriculatus: 紫端芋螺
Conus musicus: 樂譜芋螺
Conus mustelinus: 鼬鼠芋螺
Conus nigropunctatus: 黑雲芋螺
Conus nussatella: 飛彈芋螺
Conus obscurus: 朦朧芋螺
Conus oishii: 花瓶芋螺
Conus orbignyi: 歐氏芋螺
Conus pagodus: 寶塔芋螺
Conus pagodus: 陀螺芋螺
Conus parvulus: 桔梗芋螺
Conus parvulus: 白腰芋螺
Conus pennaceus: 主教芋螺
Conus pennaceus: 金翎芋螺
Conus pergrandis: 大頭芋螺
Conus pertusus: 豔紅芋螺
Conus planorbis: 焦黃芋螺
Conus praecellens: 深閨芋螺
Conus praecellens: 紡錘芋螺
Conus pseudorbignyi: 假歐氏芋螺
Conus pulicarius: 芝麻芋螺
Conus quercinus: 蠟黃芋螺
Conus radiatus: 光環芋螺
Conus rattus: 鼠芋螺
Conus recluzianus: 橘紅芋螺
Conus recluzianus: 雷克芋螺
Conus retifer: 面紗芋螺
Conus rolani: 羅蘭芋螺
Conus sanguinolentus: 血跡芋螺
Conus scabriusculus: 鉛色芋螺
Conus sieboldii: 西寶芋螺
Conus smirna: 斜肩芋螺
Conus sponsalis: 白花環芋螺
Conus sponsalis: 花環芋螺
Conus stercusmuscarum: 飛蠅芋螺
Conus striatus: 細線芋螺
Conus stupa: 大佛塔芋螺
Conus stupella: 小佛塔芋螺
Conus sugimotonis: 杉本芋螺
Conus sulcatus: 木乃伊芋螺
Conus suratensis: 沙漏芋螺
Conus teramachii: 寺町芋螺
Conus terebra: 竹筍芋螺
Conus tessulatus: 紅磚芋螺
Conus textile: 織錦芋螺
Conus thalassiarchus: 刺繡芋螺
Conus tisii: 大中華芋螺
Conus tribblei: 愛貓芋螺
Conus tuberculosus: 小結芋螺
Conus tulipa: 鬱金香芋螺
Conus urashimanus: 浦島芋螺
Conus varius: 雲朵芋螺
Conus vexillum: 旗幟芋螺
Conus virgo: 玉女芋螺
Conus vitulinus: 小牛芋螺
Conus wakayamaensis: 和歌山芋螺
Conwentzia sinica: 中华啮粉蛉
Cookeolus boops: 紅目大眼鯛
Cookeolus japonicus: 日本大眼鯛
Cookeolus japonicus: 日本牛目鯛
Cookeolus japonicus: 紅目大眼鯛
Cookeolus japonicus: 紅目鰱
Coomaniella abeillei: 綠粗翅姬吉丁蟲
Coomaniella taiwanensis: 台灣粗翅姬吉丁蟲
Copadichromis azureus: 阿祖槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis boadzulu: 博德槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis boadzulu: 埃及艳后
Copadichromis borleyi: 博氏槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis chrysonotus: 金槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis conophoros: 馬拉維槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis cyaneus: 深藍槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis cyclicos: 圓頭槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis eucinostomus: 美口槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis flavimanus: 黃槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis inornatus: 未飾槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis jacksoni: 傑氏槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis likomae: 利岡槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis mbenjii: 本氏槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis mloto: 洛氏槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis nkatae: 凱氏槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis pleurostigma: 側點槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis pleurostigmoides: 似側點槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis prostoma: 原口槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis quadrimaculatus: 四斑槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis thinos: 砂棲槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis trimaculatus: 三斑槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis verduyni: 維氏槳鰭麗魚
Copadichromis virginalis: 維京槳鰭麗魚
Copelatus andamanicus: 日本扁龍蝨
Copelatus japonicus: 安達曼扁龍蝨
Copelatus sociennus: 友朋扁龍蝨
Copelatus tenebrosis: 暗色扁龍蝨
Copella gallinago: 金鹬
Copera annulata: 白狭扇蟌
Copera ciliata: 環紋琵蟌(4)
Copera margin: 黄狭扇蟌
Copera marginipes: 脛蹼琵蟌(2)
Copera marginipes: 黃狹扇蟌(3)
Copera rubrip: 红狭扇蟌
Copera vittata: 褐狭扇蟌
Cophotis ceylanica: 卷尾蜥
Cophotis ceylanica: 斯里兰卡卷尾蜥(2)
Copidothrips formosus: 臺灣劍毛薊馬
Copilia lata: 大槳水蚤
Copilia longistylis: 長槳水蚤
Copilia mediterranea: 地中海槳水蚤
Copilia mirabilis: 奇槳水蚤
Copilia quadrata: 方槳水蚤
Copilia recta: 直槳水蚤
Copilia vitrea: 晶槳水蚤
Copium japonicum: 粗角網蝽
Copris punctatus: 三戟蜣螂
Coproica hirtula: 多毛大附蠅
Coproica vagans: 漂白大附蠅
Copsychus cebuensis: 黑鹊鸲(2)
Copsychus luzoniensis: 白眉鹊鸲(2)
Copsychus malabaricus: 白腰鵲鴝(3)
Copsychus malabaricus: 白腰鵲鴝, Bai yao que qu(52900)
Copsychus malabaricus: 白腰鹊鸲, Bai yao que qu(77300)
Copsychus malabaricus: 長尾四喜(2)
Copsychus malabaricus: mallopercnus, 白腰鹊鸲马来亚种
Copsychus malabaricus: mallopercnus, 马来白腰鹊鸲
Copsychus niger: 巴拉望鹊鸲
Copsychus niger: 白臀鹊鸲
Copsychus saularis: 鵲鴝(3)
Copsychus saularis: 鵲鴝, Que qu2(6340)
Copsychus saularis: 鹊鸲
Copsychus saularis: 鹊鸲, Que qu2(27900)
Copsychus stricklandi: 白冠白腰鵲鴝(2)
Copsychus stricklandii: 白顶鹊鸲
Coptocephala bifasciata: 黑斑紅筒金花蟲
Coptostomabarbus bellcrossi: 皮氏裂口鬚魮
Coptostomabarbus wittei: 裂口鬚魮
Coptotermes bannaensis: 版纳乳白蚁
Coptotermes changtaiensis: 长泰乳白蚁
Coptotermes chaoxianensis: 巢县乳白蚁
Coptotermes cochlearus: 匙颏乳白蚁
Coptotermes curvignathus: 大家白蚁
Coptotermes cyclocoryphus: 圆头乳白蚁
Coptotermes dimorphus: 二型乳白蚁
Coptotermes formosanus: 台湾乳白蚁
Coptotermes formosanus: 台灣乳白蟻
Coptotermes formosanus: 家白蚁(2)
Coptotermes formosanus: 家白蟻
Coptotermes formosanusshiraki: 台湾乳白蚁
Coptotermes gestroi: 格斯特乳白蚁
Coptotermes gestroi: 格斯特家白蟻
Coptotermes grandis: 大头乳白蚁
Coptotermes guangdongensis: 广东乳白蚁
Coptotermes guizhouensis: 贵州乳白蚁
Coptotermes gulangyuensis: 鼓浪屿乳白蚁
Coptotermes hainanensis: 海南乳白蚁
Coptotermes havilandi: 爪泰乳白蚁
Coptotermes hekouensis: 河口乳白蚁
Coptotermes longignathus: 长颚乳白蚁
Coptotermes longistriatus: 长带乳白蚁
Coptotermes melanoistriatus: 黑带乳白蚁
Coptotermes monosetosus: 单毛乳白蚁
Coptotermes obliquus: 斜孔乳白蚁
Coptotermes ochraceus: 赭黄乳白蚁
Coptotermes shanghaiensis: 上海乳白蚁
Coptotermes suzhouensis: 苏州乳白蚁
Coptotermes varicapitatus: 异头乳白蚁
Coptotermes yaxianensis: 崖县乳白蚁
Coptotettix fossulatus: 沟柯蚱
Coptotettix gongshanensis: 贡山柯蚱
Coptotettix indicus: 印度柯蚱
Coptotettix parvulus: 小柯蚱
Copytus posterosulcus: 後溝蜘蛛介
Coquillettia crassipes: 袋蓮苛蚊
Coquillettia nigrosignata: 黑斑苛蚊
Coquimba chitzui: 七子殼灰介
Coquimba equa: 均等殼灰介
Coquimba guangdongensis: 廣東殼灰介
Coquimba ishizakii: 石崎殼灰介
Coquimba lianpui: 廉頗殼灰介
Coquimba poga: 高蹺殼灰介
Coquimba postinodosa: 尾瘤殼灰介
Coquimba tinctura: 酩酊殼灰介
Coracias abyssinica: 藍頭佛法僧
Coracias abyssinicus: 蓝头佛法僧
Coracias benghalensis: 棕胸佛法僧(9)
Coracias caudata: 紫胸佛法僧
Coracias caudatus: 紫胸佛法僧
Coracias garrulus: 蓝胸佛法僧(7)
Coracias garrulus: 藍胸佛法僧(3)
Coracias naevia: 棕頂佛法僧
Coracias naevius: 棕顶佛法僧
Coracias temminckii: 紫翅佛法僧
Coracina abbotti: 姬鹃鵙
Coracina atriceps: 摩鹿加鹃鵙
Coracina bicolor: 双色鹃鵙
Coracina boyeri: 白眼先鹃鵙
Coracina caeruleogrisea: 厚嘴鹃鵙
Coracina caesia: 非洲灰鵑鵙
Coracina ceramensis: 灰白鹃鵙
Coracina coerulescens: 菲律宾黑鹃鵙(2)
Coracina dispar: 凯岛鹃鵙
Coracina dohertyi: 多氏鹃鵙
Coracina fimbriata: 缨鹃鵙(2)
Coracina fortis: 布鲁鹃鵙
Coracina incerta: 黑肩鹃鵙
Coracina javensis: 爪哇鹃鵙
Coracina larvata: 巽他鹃鵙(2)
Coracina leucopygia: 白腰鹃鵙
Coracina lineata: 黄眼鹃鵙
Coracina longicauda: 黑冠鹃鵙
Coracina macei: 大鵑鵙
Coracina macei: 大鹃鵙(3)
Coracina macei: 花翅山椒
Coracina macei: 花翅山椒鳥(9)
Coracina mcgregori: 兴尾鹃鵙
Coracina mcgregori: 尖尾鹃鵙
Coracina melanoptera: 黑头鹃鵙
Coracina melas: 新几内亚鹃鵙
Coracina melaschist: 暗灰鹃贝鸟
Coracina melaschistos: 暗灰鵑鵙(3)
Coracina melaschistos: 暗灰鹃鵙(9)
Coracina melaschistos: 黑翅山椒
Coracina melaschistos: 黑翅山椒鳥(5)
Coracina mindanensis: 黑胸鹃鵙(2)
Coracina montana: 高山鹃鵙
Coracina morio: 苏拉鹃鵙
Coracina novaehollandiae: 大鵑鵙
Coracina novaehollandiae: 大鹃鵙(4)
Coracina novaehollandiae: 花翅山椒鳥(4)
Coracina novaehollandiae: 黑脸鹃鵙
Coracina novaehollandiae: 黑面杜鵑
Coracina novaehollandiae: rexpineti, 花翅山椒鳥
Coracina ostenta: 白翅鹃
Coracina ostenta: 白翅鹃鵙
Coracina papuensis: 白腹鹃鵙
Coracina parvula: 哈岛鹃鵙
Coracina pectoralis: 白胸鵑鵙
Coracina personata: 帝汶鹃鵙
Coracina polioptera: 灰鹃鵙
Coracina schistacea: 青灰鹃鵙
Coracina schisticeps: 灰头鹃鵙
Coracina striata: 斑纹鹃鵙
Coracina striata: 斑腹鹃鵙(2)
Coracina sula: 苏岛鹃鵙
Coracina temminckii: 苏拉蓝鹃鵙
Coracina tenuirostris: 长嘴鹃鵙
Coracopsis nigra: 非洲黑鸚鵡(2)
Coracopsis vasa: 大馬島鸚鵡(2)
Coracornis raveni: 栗背啸鹟
Coradion altivelis: 大斑馬
Coradion altivelis: 褐帶少女魚
Coradion chrysozonus: 大斑馬
Coradion chrysozonus: 少女魚
Coradion chrysozonus: 金斑少女魚
Coragyps atratus: 黑兀鷹
Coralliobia fimbriata: 縐裙珊瑚螺
Coralliophila bulbiformis: 粗皮珊瑚螺
Coralliophila clathrata: 格子珊瑚螺
Coralliophila clathrata: 窗格珊瑚螺
Coralliophila coronata: 皇冠珊瑚螺
Coralliophila costularis: 紡錘珊瑚螺
Coralliophila erosa: 大肚珊瑚螺
Coralliophila inflata: 阿奇笨珊瑚螺
Coralliophila jeffreysi: 傑氏花仙螺
Coralliophila neritoidea: 紫口珊瑚螺
Coralliophila persica: 竹筍花仙螺
Coralliophila radula: 梨形珊瑚螺
Coralliophila solutistoma: 寬口珊瑚螺
Coralliophila squamoissima: 花籃珊瑚螺
Corbicula fluminea: 台灣蜆
Corbicula fluminea: 拉仔
Corbicula fluminea: 河蚬 
Corbicula fluminea: 河蜆(2)
Corbicula fluminea: 臺灣蜆
Corbicula fluminea: 蛤蜊
Corbicula fluminea: 蜆介
Corbicula fluminea: 蜆子
Corbicula fluminea: 蜆(2)
Corbicula fluminea: 蜊仔
Corbicula insularis: 島蜆(2)
Corbicula leana: 環紋蜆(2)
Corbicula spp: 蜆
Corbula crassa: 褐心抱蛤
Corbula fortisulcata: 台灣抱蛤
Corculum cardissa: 雞心蛤
Cordagalma cordiformis: 心鐘水母
Cordelia comes: 珂灰蝶
Cordelia kitawakii: 北协珂灰蝶
Cordelia minerva: 密妮珂灰蝶
Cordulegaster brevistigma: brevistigma, 短痣大蜓
Cordulegaster inensis: 晋大蜓
Cordulegaster lunifera: 月纹大蜓
Cordulegaster lunifera: pekinensis, 北京大蜓
Cordulegaster orientalis: 东方大蜓
Cordylancistrus daguae: 达氏毛鲶
Cordylosomides tuberifer: 多瘤稈蠅
Cordylus cataphractus: 犰狳环尾蜥
Cordylus cataphractus: 犰狳蜥(2)
Cordylus cordylus: 环尾蜥
Cordylus giganteus: 巨环尾蜥(2)
Cordylus transvaalensis: 赤腹环尾蜥
Cordylus tropidosternum: 东非环尾蜥
Coregonus lavaretus: 楚德白鲑
Coregonus lavaretus: 真白鮭(2)
Coregonus lavaretus: 真白鲑(2)
Coregonus maxillaris: 頜白鮭
Coregonus maxillaris: 颌白鲑
Coregonus nasus: 奇尔白鲑
Coregonus peled: 高白鲑
Coreius guichenoti: 圆口铜鱼(2)
Coreius guichenoti: 圓口銅魚
Coreius heterodon: 銅魚
Coreius heterodon: 铜鱼
Coreius septentrionalis: 北方銅魚
Coreius septentrionalis: 北方铜鱼(2)
Corennys sanguinea: 緋色毛氈花天牛
Corennys sanguinea: 緋艷細頸天牛
Corennys taiwana: 台灣豔細頸天牛
Coreoleuciscus splendidus: 高麗雅羅魚
Coreoperca whiteheadi: 中国少鳞鳜
Coreosiniperca roulei: 长体鳜
Coriarachne melancholica: 黑革蟹蛛
Coridius chinensis: 九香蟲
Corina granulosa: 顆粒心水蚤
Coris aygula: 紅喉盔魚
Coris aygula: 雙印龍
Coris aygula: 鰓斑盔魚
Coris batuensis: 巴都盔魚
Coris caudimacula: 尾斑盔魚
Coris dorsomacula: 背斑盔魚
Coris frerei: 台灣盔魚
Coris frerei: 台灣龍
Coris frerei: 深水紅龍
Coris frerei: 深水龍
Coris frerei: 費氏盔魚
Coris gaimard: 盖马氏盔鱼
Coris gaimard: 紅龍
Coris gaimard: 红龙小丑鱼
Coris gaimard: 红龙(2)
Coris gaimard: 蓋馬氏盔魚
Coris gaimard: 露珠盔魚
Coris julis: 隆頭魚
Coris julis: 雜斑盔魚
Coris musume: 黑帶盔魚
Cormobates placens: 短嘴旋木雀
Cormura brevirostris: 球尾囊翼蝠
Cormura brevirostris: 袋翼蝠(2)
Cornuaspis chinensis: 蘭紫蠣盾介殼蟲
Cornucoquimba chidai: 箕袋角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba digitiformis: 指形角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba equiseta: 木賊角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba famuia: 伐謀角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba feijann: 非戰角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba fuchieni: 符堅角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba gibba: 疙瘩角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba kianofei: 姜妃角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba lashiar: 拉線角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba leizhouensis: 雷州角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba miifeyi: 米芾角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba naturalis: 自然角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba nodosa: 顆粒角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba shyüshuhi: 徐庶角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba subgibba: 亞疙瘩角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba subquadrilateria: 長方角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba transversalis: 長臥角殼灰介
Cornucoquimba tzouchii: 騶忌角殼灰介
Cornutella clava: 棒小角虫
Cornutella profunda: 深小角虫
Cornutrypeta taiwanensis: 台灣巨額毛實蠅
Coroebus aesopus: 弓背細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus bunun: 布農細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus chrysogaster: 黃紋綠細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus coelestiofulgens: 藍艷細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus elegantissimus: 服部氏細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus elongaticollis: 刺翅細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus formosanus: 蓬萊細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus hastanus: 綠翅細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus insulicola: 島嶼細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus kiyoshii: 永谷氏細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus komiyai: 小宮氏細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus kurosawai: 黑澤細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus lienhwachiensis: 蓮華池細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus linnei: 林奈氏細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus sauteri: 曹德氏細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus sonani: 楚南氏細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus taiwanus: 台灣細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus tazoei: 田添氏細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus torigaii: 大琉璃細長吉丁蟲
Coroebus viridimicans: 台灣綠細長吉丁蟲
Coronaster sakuranus: 櫻花冠海盤車
Coronaster volsellatus: 座冠海盤車
Corticeus analis: 菲島艷擬榖盜
Corticeus cephalotes: 微艷擬榖盜
Corticeus fi]um: 細艷擬榖盜
Corticeus gentilis: 水社艷擬榖盜
Corticeus zoltani: 蘇氏艷擬榖盜
Corucia zebrata: 所罗门蜥
Corucia zebrata: 所羅門石龍子(2)
Corucia zebrata: 所羅門蜥
Corucia zebrata: 猴尾石龙子(2)
Corvinella corvina: 黃嘴鵲鵙
Corvus albicollis: 非洲渡鴉
Corvus albus: 非洲白頸鴉
Corvus capensis: 海角鴉
Corvus corax: 大烏鴉
Corvus corax: 渡鴉(3)
Corvus corax: 渡鸦(7)
Corvus cornix: 西小嘴乌鸦
Corvus corone: 小咀烏鴉
Corvus corone: 小嘴乌鸦(5)
Corvus corone: 小嘴烏鴉(4)
Corvus corone: 小嘴鴉(2)
Corvus corone: 食腐鴉
Corvus dauurica: 达乌里寒鸦(4)
Corvus dauurica: 達烏里寒鴉
Corvus dauuricus: 寒鴉(2)
Corvus dauuricus: 東方寒鴉(3)
Corvus dauuricus: 达乌里寒鸦(3)
Corvus dauuricus: 達烏理寒鴉
Corvus enca: 稚鸦
Corvus enca: 细嘴乌鸦(2)
Corvus florensis: 佛罗乌鸦
Corvus frugilegs: 秃鼻乌鸦
Corvus frugilegus: 白頸鴉
Corvus frugilegus: 禿鼻烏鴉(3)
Corvus frugilegus: 禿鼻鴉
Corvus frugilegus: 禿鼻鴉,
Corvus frugilegus: 禿鼻鴉(5)
Corvus frugilegus: 秃鼻乌鸦(14)
Corvus fuscicapillus: 棕头乌鸦
Corvus hawaiiensis: 夏威夷鸦
Corvus levaillantii: 丛林鸦
Corvus levaillantii: 叢林鴉
Corvus macrorhynchos: 大咀烏鴉
Corvus macrorhynchos: 大嘴乌鸦(7)
Corvus macrorhynchos: 大嘴烏鴉(3)
Corvus macrorhynchos: 巨嘴鴉(7)
Corvus macrorhynchos: 烏鴉
Corvus macrorhynchus: 大嘴乌鸦(4)
Corvus macroyncos: 大嘴乌鸦
Corvus monedula: 大嘴乌鸦
Corvus monedula: 寒鴉(2)
Corvus monedula: 寒鸦(6)
Corvus orru: 澳洲鸦
Corvus pectoralis: 玉頸鴉
Corvus pectoralis: 白颈鸦
Corvus rhipidurus: 扇尾渡鴉
Corvus rhipidurus: 扇尾渡鸦
Corvus ruficollis: 褐颈渡鸦
Corvus spendens: 家烏鴉
Corvus splendens: 家烏鴉(3)
Corvus splendens: 家鴉(6)
Corvus splendens: 家鸦(4)
Corvus torquatus: 玉頸鴉(5)
Corvus torquatus: 白頸鴉(2)
Corvus torquatus: 白颈鸦(7)
Corvus tristis: 灰乌鸦
Corvus typicus: 苏拉乌鸦
Corvus validus: 长嘴乌鸦
Corycaeus affinis: 近緣大眼水蚤
Corycaeus agilis: 活潑大眼水蚤
Corycaeus andrewsi: 亮大眼水蚤
Corycaeus asiaticus: 東亞大眼水蚤
Corycaeus catus: 靈巧大眼水蚤
Corycaeus clausi: 克氏大眼水蚤
Corycaeus crassiusculus: 微胖大眼水蚤
Corycaeus dahli: 平大眼水蚤
Corycaeus erythraeus: 紅大眼水蚤
Corycaeus flaccus: 柔大眼水蚤
Corycaeus furcifer: 叉大眼水蚤
Corycaeus giesbrechti: 短大眼水蚤
Corycaeus japonica: 日本大眼水蚤
Corycaeus latus: 側大眼水蚤
Corycaeus lautus: 伶俐大眼水蚤
Corycaeus limbatus: 菱形大眼水蚤
Corycaeus longistylis: 長刺大眼水蚤
Corycaeus lubbocki: 小突大眼水蚤
Corycaeus pacificus: 太平大眼水蚤
Corycaeus pumilus: 小型大眼水蚤
Corycaeus robustus: 粗大眼水蚤
Corycaeus speciosus: 美麗大眼水蚤
Corycaeus subtilis: 細大眼水蚤
Corycaeus typicus: 典型大眼水蚤
Corycaeus vitreus: 綠大眼水蚤
Corydon sumatranus: 暗阔嘴鸟(2)
Corydoras aeneus: 咖啡鼠
Corydoras armatus: 盔兵鯰
Corydoras armatus: 盔兵鲶
Corydoras metae: 印記兵鯰
Corydoras metae: 弓箭鼠
Corydoras rabauti: 迈氏兵鲶
Corydoras sterbai: 金珍珠鼠
Corydoras trilineatus: 三线豹鼠
Corymbas nipponica: 草莓葉蜂
Coryphaena equiselis: 棘鬼頭刀
Coryphaena equiselis: 棘鯕鰍
Coryphaena hippurus: 萬魚
Coryphaena hippurus: 飛烏虎
Coryphaena hippurus: 飞乌虎
Coryphaena hippurus: 鬼头刀
Coryphaena hippurus: 鬼頭刀
Coryphaena hippurus: 鯕鰍(2)
Coryphaena hippurus: 鱰魚
Coryphaenoides asper: 粗體突吻鱈
Coryphaenoides hoskynii: 霍氏突吻鱈
Coryphaenoides macrolophus: 大脊突吻鱈
Coryphaenoides marginatus: 暗邊突吻鱈
Coryphaenoides marginatus: 黑緣突吻鱈
Coryphaenoides marginatus: 黑边鯕鳅鳕
Coryphaenoides microps: 大眼突吻鱈
Coryphaenoides nasutus: 錐鼻突吻鱈
Coryphaenoides nasutus: 锥鼻鯕鳅鳕
Coryphaenoides rudis: 野突吻鱈
Coryphoblennius galerita: 盔鳚
Coryphoblennius galerita: 頂鳚
Coryphoblennius galerita: 顶鳚
Coryphomys buhleri: 盔鼠
Coryphophylax subcristatus: 短髭头角蜥(2)
Coryphopterus humeralis: 臂斑鰕虎
Coryphosmila dolobrata: 臺灣盔嚙蟲
Corythaeola cristata: 蓝蕉鹃
Corythaeola cristata: 藍蕉鵑
Corythaixoides personata: 裸臉灰蕉鵑
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: 黃帶冠海龍
Corythoichthys flavofasciatus: 黃帶海龍
Corythoichthys haematopterus: 紅鰭冠海龍
Corythoichthys haematopterus: 紅鰭海龍
Corythoichthys schultzi: 史氏冠海龍
Corythoichthys schultzi: 史氏海龍
Corytophanes cristatus: 海帆蜥(3)
Coscinaraea columna: 柱形篩孔珊瑚
Coscinasterias acutispina: 尖棘篩海盤車
Coscinida asiatica: 亚洲格蛛
Coscoroba coscoroba: 扁嘴鵝(4)
Cosella castanopiae: 川上氏櫧合位節蜱
Cosella championi: 菊花木合位節蜱
Cosella ditransversus: 雙橫線合位節蜱
Cosella fleschneri: 彿氏合位節蜱
Cosella formosana: 蓬萊合位節蜱
Cosella hancei: 三斗石櫟合位節蜱
Cosella longana: 龍眼合位節蜱
Cosella pteridiae: 瓦氏鳳尾蕨合位節蜱
Cosella rubi: 高梁泡合位節蜱
Cosella szygia: 赤楠合位節蜱
Cosella tripinnatiae: 大花赤楠合位節蜱
Cosella viburniae: 呂宋莢蒾合位節蜱
Cosella zeylaniae: 大葉饅頭果合位節蜱
Cosmiomorpha horni: 細毛褐騷金龜
Cosmiomorpha sauteri: 曹德褐騷金龜
Cosmiomorpha similis: 毛鱗花金龜
Cosmiomorpha similis: 褐艷騷金龜
Cosmiomorpha taiwanomontanus: 台灣高山褐騷金龜
Cosmiomorpha taiwanomontanus: 褐艷騷金龜
Cosmocalanus darwinii: 達氏宇哲水蚤
Cosmocampus banneri: 斑氏環宇海
Cosmocampus banneri: 斑氏環宇海龍
Cosmocampus banneri: 班氏環宇海龍
Cosmochilus cardinalis: 紅鰭方口魮
Cosmochilus cardinalis: 红鳍方口鲃(2)
Cosmochilus falcifer: 鐮狀方口魮
Cosmochilus harmandi: 哈氏方口魮
Cosmochilus nanlaensis: 南腊方口鲃
Cosmochilus nanlaensis: 南臘方口魮
Cosmococcus albizziae: 合欢雕盘蚧
Cosmococcus erythrinae: 雕盘蚧
Cosmococcus euphobiae: 戟雕盘蚧
Cosmonotus grayi: 葛氏六角蟹
Cosmopsarus unicolor: 灰麗椋鳥
Cosmoscarta uchidae: 紅紋沫蟬
Cosmotriche discitincta: 銀肩枯葉蛾
Cossypha anomala: 綠脅歌(即鳥)
Costa fansui: 范睢肋骨介
Costa kuanyiwui: 管夷吾肋骨介
Costa shungyanga: 商羊肋骨介
Costa sinensis: 震旦肋骨介
Costalynia costulata: 波筋丁子螺
Costarectus akoensus: 屏東直脊節蜱
Costasiella usagi: 跳兔柱狀海蛞蝓
Costellaria obeliscus: 情網蛹筆螺
Costellaria polygona: 多稜蛹筆螺
Costellaria sculptile: 密彫蛹筆螺
Costellipitar chordatum: 条纹卵蛤
Costellipitar manillae: 马尼拉条纹卵蛤
Cosymbotus platyurus: 扁尾守宮(139)
Cosymbotus platyurus: 蝎虎, Xie1 hu(714)
Cosymbotus platyurus: 隐耳漠虎(360)
Cotesia erionotae: 香蕉梇蝶絨繭蜂(2)
Cotesia vestalis: 小繭蜂(2)
Cothornobata cyanea: 蔚藍微腳蠅
Cotinga maculata: 带斑伞鸟(2)
Cotinga maculata: 帶斑傘鳥(4)
Cotnga maculata: 带斑伞鸟
Cotrunix chinensis: 蓝胸鹑
Cotrunix coturnix: 鹌鹑
Cottoperca gobio: 鞍斑杜父鱸鰧
Cottoperca gobio: 鞍斑杜父鲈鰧
Coturnicops exquisitus: 花田雞
Coturnicops exquisitus: 花田鸡(4)
Coturnicops noveboracensis: 花田鸡(2)
Coturnicops noveboracensis: 花田鸣
Coturnix chinensis: 小鵪鶉(5)
Coturnix chinensis: 小鹌鹑
Coturnix chinensis: 桂花雀
Coturnix chinensis: 蓝胸鹑(9)
Coturnix chinensis: 藍胸鶉(5)
Coturnix coromandelica: 黑胸鹌鹑
Coturnix coturnisc: 鹌鹑
Coturnix coturnix: 小棕鵪鶉(2)
Coturnix coturnix: 西鵪鶉
Coturnix coturnix: 西鹌鹑(2)
Coturnix coturnix: 鵪鶉(3)
Coturnix coturnix: 鹌鹑(9)
Coturnix delegorguei: 花脸鹌鹑
Coturnix delegorguei: 花臉鵪鶉
Coturnix japonica: 日本鵪鶉(2)
Coturnix japonica: 日本鹌鹑(3)
Coturnix japonica: 鵪鶉(5)
Coturnix japonica: 鹌鹑(5)
Coturnix novaezelandiae: 紐西蘭鵪鶉
Coturnix novaezelandiae: 紐西蘭鶉
Coturnix ypsilophora: 褐鹌鹑
Couesius plumbeus: 鉛魚
Cracticus cassicus: 黑头钟鹊
Cracticus louisiadensis: 白腰钟鹊
Cracticus mentalis: 黑背钟鹊
Cracticus quoyi: 黑钟鹊
Cralerida cristata: 凤头百灵
Cranaphis arundinariae: 青籬竹斑蚜
Cranaphis formosana: 高山竹斑蚜
Cranchia scabra: 小頭魷
Cranocephalus scleroticus: 雕盔頭戎
Cranoglanis bouderius: 海南长臀鮠
Cranoglanis bouderius: 长臀鮠(2)
Cranopsis pelex: 高透孔螺
Cranopygia okunii: 盔尾螋
Cranopygia sauteri: 紹德氏盔尾螋
Craseonycteris thonglongyai: 凹臉蝠(2)
Craseonycteris thonglongyai: 混合蝠(2)
Craspedometopon frontale: 闊額水虻
Craspedothrips minor: 微毛角薊馬
Craspidaster fisheri: 費氏櫛肋海星
Craspidaster hesperus: 鑲邊海星
Crassinarke dormitor: 坚皮单鳍电鳐
Crassinarke dormitor: 堅皮單鰭電鰩
Crassinarke dormitor: 睡電鱝
Crassostrea angulata: 葡萄牙牡蛎
Crassostrea ariakensis: 近江牡蛎
Crassostrea echinata: 棘牡蠣
Crassostrea gigas: 大牡蠣
Crassostrea gigas: 太平洋牡蛎
Crassostrea gigas: 巨牡蠣
Crassostrea gigas: 海蠣子
Crassostrea gigas: 牡蠣(3)
Crassostrea gigas: 礪勾
Crassostrea gigas: 礪房
Crassostrea gigas: 蚵
Crassostrea gigas: 蚵仔
Crassostrea gigas: 蠔
Crassostrea gigas: 蠣子
Crassostrea gigas: 蠣黃
Crassostrea gigas: 長牡蠣(2)
Crassostrea gigas: 长牡蛎
Crassostrea hongkongensis: 香港巨牡蛎
Crassostrea iredalei: 易氏牡蛎(2)
Crassostrea iredalei: 艾氏牡蛎(2)
Crassostrea iredalei: 艾氏牡蠣(2)
Crassostrea iredalei: 黄唇巨牡蛎, Huang2 chun2 ju4 mu3 li4(2)
Crassostrea iridescens: 牡蠣
Crassostrea nippona: 明巨牡蛎
Crassostrea sikamea: 熊本牡蛎
Crassostrea talienwhanensis: 大连湾牡蛎
Crassostrea virginica: 美洲牡蛎
Cratena affinis: 近緣灰翼海蛞蝓
Cratena lineata: 條紋灰翼海蛞蝓
Cratena simba: 辛巴灰翼海蛞蝓
Crateromys schadenbergi: 狐尾雲鼠
Crateroscelis murina: 低地鼠莺
Crateroscelis nigrorufa: 中山鼠莺
Crateroscelis robusta: 山鼠莺
Crathiorada fasciata: 台帶克拉姬蜂
Cratilla lineata: 線紋蜻蜓
Cratilla lineata: assidua, 线纹壮蜻
Cratilla lineata: lineata, 线纹蜻蜓
Cratolabus formosanus: 台灣強柄姬蜂
Crax alberti: 蓝嘴凤冠雉
Crax blumenbachii: 紅嘴官鳥(3)
Crax blumenbachii: 紅嘴鳳冠雉(2)
Crax blumenbachii: 红嘴凤冠雉
Crax blumenbachii: 红嘴官鸟
Crax rubra: 大凤冠雉
Creatonotos gangis: 黑條灰燈蛾
Creatonotos transiens: 八點灰燈蛾
Creatophora cinerea: 肉垂椋鳥
Creatophora cinerea: 肉垂椋鸟
Crematogaster amia: 阿美舉尾家蟻
Crematogaster biroi: 畢氏舉尾家蟻
Crematogaster dohrni: 建築舉尾家蟻
Crematogaster laboriosa: 勤勉舉尾蟻(2)
Crematogaster laborisa: 勤勉舉尾家蟻
Crematogaster pia: 台灣舉尾家蟻
Crematogaster popohana: 甲仙舉尾家蟻
Crematogaster rogenhoferi: 懸巢舉尾家蟻
Crematogaster schimmeri: 席氏舉尾家蟻
Crematogaster subnuda: 暗褐舉尾家蟻
Crematogaster treubi: 丁氏舉尾家蟻
Crencichla lepidota: 孔雀龙
Crenicara filamentosa: 棋盘鲷
Crenicara latruncularium: 賊弦尾魚
Crenicara punctulata: 點尾魚
Crenicichla acutirostris: 尖吻矛麗魚
Crenicichla adspersa: 魅矛麗魚
Crenicichla albopunctata: 白點矛麗魚
Crenicichla alta: 阿爾泰矛麗魚
Crenicichla anthurus: 花尾矛麗魚
Crenicichla britskii: 布里斯克矛麗魚
Crenicichla cametana: 矮矛麗魚
Crenicichla cardiostigma: 心點矛麗魚
Crenicichla celidochilus: 點唇矛麗魚
Crenicichla centrarchus: 刺點矛麗魚
Crenicichla cincta: 腰帶矛麗魚
Crenicichla cinderella: 辛德里拉矛麗魚
Crenicichla clancularia: 密矛麗魚
Crenicichla compressiceps: 狹頭矛麗魚
Crenicichla coppenamensis: 蘇里南矛麗魚
Crenicichla cyanonotus: 祕魯矛麗魚
Crenicichla cyclostoma: 圓口矛麗魚
Crenicichla dorsocellata: 背點矛麗魚
Crenicichla frenata: 繮矛麗魚
Crenicichla funebris: 巴西矛麗魚
Crenicichla gaucho: 河川矛麗魚
Crenicichla geayi: 吉氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla gephyrogramma: 橋紋矛麗魚
Crenicichla guentheri: 岡瑟氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla haroldoi: 哈羅德氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla heckeli: 赫克爾氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla hemera: 瀑布矛麗魚
Crenicichla hummelincki: 赫氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla igara: 伊加拉矛麗魚
Crenicichla iguassuensis: 伊瓜蘇矛麗魚
Crenicichla inpa: 亞馬遜矛麗魚
Crenicichla isbrueckeri: 伊氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla jaguarensis: 賈瓜拉矛麗魚
Crenicichla jegui: 傑氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla johanna: 約翰娜矛麗魚
Crenicichla jupiaensis: 侏派矛麗魚
Crenicichla jurubi: 朱氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla labrina: 厚唇矛麗魚
Crenicichla lacustris: 湖棲矛麗魚
Crenicichla lenticulata: 雀斑矛麗魚
Crenicichla lepidota: 紅矛麗魚
Crenicichla lucius: 黎明矛麗魚
Crenicichla lugubris: 郁矛麗魚
Crenicichla macrophthalma: 大眼矛麗魚
Crenicichla marmorata: 石紋矛麗魚
Crenicichla menezesi: 米氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla minuano: 苦矛麗魚
Crenicichla missioneira: 貪食矛麗魚
Crenicichla monogramma: 單紋矛麗魚
Crenicichla mucuryna: 黏矛麗魚
Crenicichla multispinosa: 多刺矛麗魚
Crenicichla nickeriensis: 尼克里河矛麗魚
Crenicichla niederleinii: 尼德爾氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla nijsseni: 尼氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla notophthalmus: 背班矛麗魚
Crenicichla pellegrini: 佩氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla percna: 黑點矛麗魚
Crenicichla phaiospilus: 黑斑矛麗魚
Crenicichla prenda: 垂矛麗魚
Crenicichla proselytus: 狡矛麗魚
Crenicichla proteus: 變色矛麗魚
Crenicichla punctata: 點斑矛麗魚
Crenicichla pydanielae: 派氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla regani: 雷根氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla reticulata: 網紋矛麗魚
Crenicichla rosemariae: 羅氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla santosi: 桑托斯氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla saxatilis: 矛麗魚
Crenicichla scottii: 司各脫氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla sedentaria: 南美矛麗魚
Crenicichla semicincta: 玻利維亞矛麗魚
Crenicichla semifasciatus: 半帶矛麗魚
Crenicichla sipaliwini: 賽氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla stocki: 斯托克氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla strigata: 條紋矛麗魚
Crenicichla sveni: 斯文氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla tendybaguassu: 羞矛麗魚
Crenicichla ternetzi: 塔氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla tigrina: 虎紋矛麗魚
Crenicichla urosema: 尾痕矛麗魚
Crenicichla virgatula: 多枝矛麗魚
Crenicichla vittata: 維氏矛麗魚
Crenicichla wallacii: 華萊士氏矛麗魚
Crenimugil crenilabis: 粒唇鯔
Crenimugil crenilabis: 粒唇鲻
Crenovolva striatula: 細紋海兔螺
Crenulilimopsis oblonga: 卵形笠蚶
Creon cleobis: 克灰蝶
Creon cleobis: 寬尾灰蝶
Crepidula onyx: 拖鞋舟螺
Crescoccus candidus: 白生盘蚧
Creseis acicula: 尖筆帽螺
Creseis acicula: 蜻蜓角駝蝶螺
Creseis virgula: 企鵝角駝蝶螺
Creseis virgula: 棒筆帽螺
Creseis virgula: 芽筆帽螺
Creseis virgula: 錐筆帽螺
Crex crex: 長腳秧雞(2)
Crex crex: 长脚秧鸡(6)
Crex egregia: 非洲秧雞
Cribinopsis crassa: 厚觸手海葵
Cribinopsis crassa: 紫點海葵
Cricetomys gambianus: 非洲巨鼠
Cricetukus griseus: 中国仓鼠
Cricetulus alticola: 高山倉鼠
Cricetulus barabensis: 中國倉鼠
Cricetulus triton: 大倉鼠
Cricetus cricetus: 仓鼠
Cricetus cricetus: 原倉鼠
Cricetus cricetus: 金丝熊
Cricotopus carbonarius: 炭窟搖蚊
Cricotopus carnosus: 豐美搖蚊
Cricotopus formosanus: 台北搖蚊
Cricotopus nitens: 肥盾搖蚊
Cricotopus polyannulatus: 多環搖蚊
Cricotopus taiwanus: 寶島搖蚊
Crinifer piscator: 灰蕉鹃
Crinifer zonurus: 東非灰蕉鵑
Criniferoides leucogaster: 白腹灰蕉鵑
Criniger bres: 灰颊冠鹎
Criniger bres: 白喉橄榄冠鹎
Criniger finschii: 芬氏冠鹎
Criniger flaveolus: 黄腹冠鹎
Criniger ochraceus: 白喉褐冠鹎
Criniger pallidus: 海南白喉冠鸭
Criniger pallidus: 白喉冠鹎
Criniger pallidus: pallidus, 海南白喉冠鴨
Criniger phaeocephalus: 灰头冠鹎
Crioceris orientalis: 東方窄頸金花蟲
Criorhina formosana: 巒大蚜蠅
Criorhina rubripes: 朱腳蚜蠅
Criorhina setosa: 多毛蚜蠅
Criorhina shirakii: 素木蚜蠅
Criorhina trifasciatua: 三帶蚜蠅
Criotettix bispinosus: 刺羊角蚱
Criotettix brachynotux: 短背羊角蚱
Criotettix curvispinus: 钩刺羊角蚱
Criotettix japonicus: 日本羊角蚱
Crisicoccus juniperus: 杜松白粉蚧
Crisicoccus moricola: 桑松白粉蚧
Crisicoccus pini: 松白粉蚧
Cristaria discoidea: 青蚌、稜蚌
Cristaria plicata: 褶纹冠蚌
Cristatogobius albius: 白色項冠鰕虎
Cristatogobius nanotae: 那氏脊鯊
Cristatogobius nonatoae: 淺色項冠鰕虎魚
Cristatogobius nonatoae: 淺色項冠鰕虎(2)
Cristatogobius nonatoae: 那氏脊鯊
Crocethia alba: 三趾鷸
Crocethia alba: 三趾鹬(4)
Crocias albonotatus: 斑南洋鹛
Crocias langbianis: 灰冠南洋鹛
Crocidura attenuata: 灰麝鼩(2)
Crocidura attenuata: 臺灣灰鼩鼱(2)
Crocidura horsfieldi: 臺灣長尾麝
Crocidura mariquensis: 赞比亚麝鼩
Crocidura rapax: 华南中麝鼩
Crocidura rapax: 台灣長尾麝鼩
Crocidura rapax: 綠島長尾麝鼩
Crocidura rapax: 蘭嶼長尾麝鼩
Crocidura rapax: 長尾麝鼩
Crocidura russula: hosletti, 臺灣白足鼩鼱
Crocidura shantungensis: 荷氏小麝鼩
Crocidura suaveolens: 小麝鼩
Crocidura suaveolens: 臺灣小麝鼩
Crocidura tadae: 小麝鼩
Crocidura tadae: 臺灣長尾麝鼩
Crocidura tadae: 長尾麝鼩
Crocidura tanakae: 台灣灰麝鼩
Crocodilurus amazonicus: 鳄尾蜥
Crocodilurus lacertinus: 鱷尾蜥
Crocodilus porosus: 湾鳄
Crocodylus acutus: 窄吻鱷
Crocodylus acutus: 美洲鱷(3)
Crocodylus cataphractus: 尖吻鱷
Crocodylus cataphractus: 非洲細吻鱷(2)
Crocodylus intermedius: 中介鱷
Crocodylus intermedius: 奥利诺科鳄
Crocodylus intermedius: 奧利諾科鱷(2)
Crocodylus mindorensis: 菲律宾鳄
Crocodylus mindorensis: 菲律賓鱷
Crocodylus moreletii: 佩滕鱷
Crocodylus moreletii: 瓜地馬拉鱷(4)
Crocodylus niloticus: 尼罗鳄
Crocodylus niloticus: 尼羅鱷(5)
Crocodylus novaeguineae: 伊里安鱷
Crocodylus novaeguineae: 新幾內亞鱷
Crocodylus novaeguineae: 菲律賓鱷
Crocodylus palustris: 恒河鱷
Crocodylus palustris: 沼澤鱷(2)
Crocodylus porosus: 河口鱷(3)
Crocodylus porosus: 湾鳄
Crocodylus porosus: 湾鳄 
Crocodylus porosus: 灣鱷
Crocodylus rhombifer: 古巴鱷(4)
Crocodylus rhombifer: 古巴鳄
Crocodylus rhombifer: 菱斑鱷
Crocodylus siamensis: 暹罗鳄(2)
Crocodylus siamensis: 暹羅鱷(5)
Crocodylus siamensis: 西藏裸趾虎
Crocothemis servilia: 猩紅蜻蜓(7)
Crocothemis servilia: servilia, 猩紅蜻蜓
Crocothemis servilia: servilia, 红蜻
Crocuta crocuta: 斑鬣狗(5)
Crodylus cataphractus: 犰狳蜥(2)
Cromileptes altivelis: 扁鮨
Cromileptes altivelis: 石斑
Cromileptes altivelis: 老鼠斑(4)
Cromileptes altivelis: 老鼠班
Cromileptes altivelis: 过鱼
Cromileptes altivelis: 過魚
Cromileptes altivelis: 駝背鱸
Cromileptes altivelis: 鰵魚
Cromileptes altivelis: 鱠
Cromileptes altivelis: 老鼠斑
Cronia aspera: 散瘤結螺
Cronia aspera: 焦結螺
Cronia buccinea: 杏仁結螺
Cronia cariosa: 窗結螺
Cronia fenestrata: 窗結螺
Cronia fiscella: 編織結螺
Cronia fusca: 褐結螺
Cronia margariticola: 稜結螺
Cronia pothuauii: 格子結螺
Croochelis langei: 白玉飛狐(2)
Crossarchus alexandri: 亞氏長毛獴
Crossarchus alexandri: 刚果长毛獴
Crossarchus ansorgei: 安氏长毛獴
Crossarchus obscurus: 暗长毛獴
Crossarchus platycephalus: 扁头长毛獴
Crosslandia viridis: 青綠席拉海蛞蝓
Crossocheilus bamaensis: 巴马繐唇鲃
Crossocheilus burmanicas: 緬甸穗唇魮
Crossocheilus cobitis: 鰍形穗唇魮
Crossocheilus diplochilus: 雙唇魮
Crossocheilus gnathopogon: 頜髮穗唇魮
Crossocheilus klatti: 克氏穗唇魮
Crossocheilus langei: 蘭氏穗唇魮
Crossocheilus latius: 印度穗唇魮
Crossocheilus latius: 彩花繐唇鲃(2)
Crossocheilus nigriloba: 黑葉穗唇魮
Crossocheilus oblongus: 穗唇魮
Crossocheilus periyarensis: 貝里耶穗唇魮
Crossocheilus reticulatus: 網紋穗唇魮
Crossocheilus reticulatus: 网纹繐唇鲃(2)
Crossocheilus tchangi: 张氏繐唇鲃
Crossomys moncktoni: 無耳水鼠
Crossoptilon auritum: 蓝马鸡(4)
Crossoptilon auritum: 藍馬雞
Crossoptilon aurtun: 蓝马鸡(2)
Crossoptilon corssoptilon: 藏马鸡
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: 白耳雉
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: 白馬雞
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: 白马鸡(5)
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: 藏馬雞(3)
Crossoptilon crossoptilon: 藏马鸡(6)
Crossoptilon harmani: 哈曼氏馬雞
Crossoptilon harmani: 白耳雉
Crossoptilon harmani: 藏馬雞(白耳雉)
Crossoptilon harmani: 藏馬雞(2)
Crossoptilon harmani: 藏马鸡(4)
Crossoptilon mantchuricum: 紅耳雉(3)
Crossoptilon mantchuricum: 褐馬雞(5)
Crossoptilon mantchuricum: 褐马鸡(7)
Crossorhombus azureus: 扁魚
Crossorhombus azureus: 皇帝魚
Crossorhombus azureus: 皇帝鱼
Crossorhombus azureus: 雙帶纓鮃
Crossorhombus azureus: 青纓鮃
Crossorhombus howensis: 霍文纓鮃
Crossorhombus kanekonis: 多牙纓鮃
Crossorhombus kanekonis: 雙帶纓鮃
Crossorhombus kobensis: 扁魚
Crossorhombus kobensis: 皇帝魚
Crossorhombus kobensis: 長臂纓鮃
Crossorhombus kobensis: 高本纓鮃
Crossostoma davidi: 缨口鳅
Crossostoma fascicauda: 花尾缨口鳅
Crossostoma lacustre: 台湾缨口鳅
Crossostoma lacustre: 台灣纓口鰍(3)
Crossostoma lacustre: 石貼仔(2)
Crossostoma lacustre: 花貼仔
Crossostoma lacustre: 鹿仔魚
Crossostoma paucisquama: 少鳞缨口鳅
Crossostoma stigmata: 斑纹缨口鳅
Crossostoma tinkhami: 广东缨口鳅
Crossotarsus cliens: 伴随异胫长小蠹
Crossotarsus emancipatus: 迅行截尾長小蠹
Crossotarsus externedentatus: 外齒截尾長小蠹
Crossotarsus flavomaculatus: 黃斑截尾長小蠹
Crossotarsus formosanus: 臺灣截尾長小蠹
Crossotarsus niponicus: 臺日截尾長小蠹
Crossotarsus piceus: 黑截尾長小蠹
Crossotarsus rengetensis: 樟截尾長小蠹
Crossotarsus simplex: 亞東截尾長小蠹
Crossotarsus wallacei: 華萊士截尾長小蠹(164)
Crossotonotus spinipes: 刺足刺緣蟹
Crotaphytus collaris: 环颈蜥(2)
Crotaphytus collaris: 環頸蜥(2)
Crotaphytus collaris: 项圈蜥
Crunomys melanius: 井鼠
Crustulina guttata: 星斑距跗蛛
Crustulina sticta: 斑点距跗蛛
Cryphaeus formosanus: 蓬萊剌擬步行蟲
Cryphaeus inomatai: 豬淏剌擬步行蟲
Cryphaeus taiwanus: 台灣剌擬步行蟲
Crypsirina cucullata: 黑头树鹊
Crypsirina temia: 盘尾树鹊(3)
Crypsirina temia: 盤尾樹鵲
Cryptalaus larvatus: 眼紋斑叩甲
Cryptalaus larvatus: 眼纹斑叩甲(3)
Cryptalaus sordidus: 豹紋斑叩甲
Cryptalaus sordidus: 豹纹斑叩甲(3)
Cryptocentrus albidorsus: 白背帶猴鯊
Cryptocentrus albidorsus: 白背帶絲鰕虎魚
Cryptocentrus cinctus: 金色虾虎
Cryptocentrus cinctus: 金色蝦虎魚
Cryptocentrus cryptocentrus: 正猴鯊
Cryptocentrus cryptocentrus: 絲鰕虎魚
Cryptocentrus filifer: 絲鰭猴鯊
Cryptocentrus filifer: 長絲絲鰕虎魚
Cryptocentrus leucostictus: 白斑丝鰕虎鱼
Cryptocentrus leucostictus: 白斑絲鰕虎魚
Cryptocentrus nigrocellatus: 眼斑猴鯊
Cryptocentrus nigrocellatus: 眼斑絲鰕虎魚
Cryptocentrus strigilliceps: 紋斑猴鯊
Cryptocentrus strigilliceps: 紋斑絲鰕虎魚
Cryptocentrus yatsui: 亞氏猴鯊(2)
Cryptocentrus yatsui: 台灣絲鰕虎魚
Cryptocentrus yatsui: 谷津氏猴鯊(2)
Cryptocephalus formosanus: 黑帶筒金花蟲
Cryptocephalus kanoi: 縱條長筒金花蟲
Cryptocephalus perelegans: 十六班筒金花蟲
Cryptocephalus swinhoei: 斯文豪筒金花蟲
Cryptocephalus taiwanus: 台灣筒金花蟲
Cryptocephalus trifasciatus: 三帶筒今花蟲
Cryptochironomus nudiforceps: 裸尾搖蚊
Cryptochironomus viridiclava: 綠棍搖蚊
Cryptochloris wintoni: 温氏金鼹
Cryptodromia tuberculata: 瘤狀隱綿蟹
Cryptodromia tumida: 肥胖隱綿蟹
Cryptoeperla formosana: 蓬萊端刺石蠅
Cryptoeperla klapaleki: 克氏端刺石蠅
Cryptoeperla uchidai: 內田氏端刺石蠅
Cryptogonus angusticarinatus: 窄背隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus bimaculatus: 二点隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus brachylobius: 短叶隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus complexus: 复合隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus fractemaculatus: 曲斑隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus guangdongiensis: 广东隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus hainanensis: 海南隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus himalayensis: 喜马拉雅隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus horishanus: 台湾隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus horishanus: 台灣隱勢瓢蟲
Cryptogonus inguilatus: 舌端隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus kurosawai: 黑澤隱勢瓢蟲(2)
Cryptogonus kurosawai: asaji, 黑澤隱勢瓢蟲
Cryptogonus lijiangiensis: 丽江隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus octoguttatus: 八斑隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus ohta: 渥氏隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus ohtai: 太田小黑瓢蟲
Cryptogonus ohtai: 太田隱勢瓢蟲(2)
Cryptogonus orbiculus: 变斑隐势瓢虫(2)
Cryptogonus orbiculus: 變斑隱勢瓢蟲(2)
Cryptogonus orbiculus: 雙紋小黑瓢蟲
Cryptogonus postmedialis: 臀斑隐势瓢虫(2)
Cryptogonus robustus: 粗囊隱勢瓢蟲
Cryptogonus robustus: 钩端隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus schraiki: 七斑隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus trifurcatus: 叉端隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus trioblitus: 射鹄隐势瓢虫
Cryptogonus wuzhishanus: 五指山隐势瓢虫
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: 孟氏隐唇瓢虫(2)
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: 孟氏隐唇瓢虫, Meng4 shi4 yin3 chun2 piao2 chong2(78)
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: 孟氏隱唇瓢蟲
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: 孟氏隱唇瓢蟲, Meng4 shi4 yin3 chun2 piao2 chong2(57)
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri: 蒙氏瓢蟲(38)
Cryptomyaus taoi: 陶氏釘毛蚜
Cryptomys hottentotus: 隱鼠
Cryptonema producta: 突畸心蛤
Cryptoperla formosana: 蓬萊端刺石蠅
Cryptophaps poecilorrhoa: 苏拉乌鸠(2)
Cryptophilus integer: 褐蕈甲
Cryptophyllobates azureiventris: 天藍箭毒蛙
Cryptopimpla taiwanensis: 台灣隱姬蜂
Cryptopodia fornicata: 圓拱隱足蟹
Cryptopone butteli: 布氏隱針蟻
Cryptopone tavianae: 台灣隱針蟻
Cryptoprocta ferox: 窩靈貓
Cryptoprocta ferox: 長島長尾狸貓
Cryptoprocta ferox: 长岛长尾狸猫
Cryptoprocta ferox: 隐肛狸(3)
Cryptoprocta ferox: 馬島獴
Cryptoprocta ferox: 馬島長尾狸貓
Cryptops japonicus: 日本盲蜈蚣
Cryptops nigropictus: 黑花盲蜈蚣
Cryptopsaras couesii: 密刺角鮟鱇
Cryptosiphum gallarum: 艾草短管蚜
Cryptospiza reichenovi: 紅臉朱翅雀
Cryptospiza salvadorii: 綠背朱翅雀
Cryptostemma digitum: 鞭蝽
Cryptosula pallasiana: 阔口隐槽苔虫
Cryptotermes angustinotus: 狭背堆砂白蚁
Cryptotermes declivis: 铲头堆砂白蚁
Cryptotermes domesticus: 大黑白蟻
Cryptotermes domesticus: 截头堆砂白蚁
Cryptotermes domesticus: 截頭堆砂白蟻
Cryptotermes dudleyi: 长颚堆砂白蚁
Cryptotermes hainanensis: 海南堆砂白蚁
Cryptotermes havilandi: 叶额堆砂白蚁
Cryptotermes luodianis: 罗甸堆砂白蚁
Cryptotermes pingyangensis: 平阳堆砂白蚁
Cryptotis montivaga: 高山小麝鼩
Cryptotympana atrata: 紅脈熊蟬
Cryptotympana facialis: 熊蟬
Cryptotympana holsti: 台灣熊蟬(2)
Cryptotympana kotoshoensis: 蘭嶼熊蟬
Cryptotympana pustulata: 蟬
Cryptotympana takasagona: 高砂熊蟬
Crytostola limbata: 四帶曲實蠅
Csiurotamias davidianus: 岩松鼠
Csiurotamias davidianus: 巖松鼠
Ctenacis fehlmanni: 鞍斑前鯊
Ctenacis fehlmanni: 鞍斑前鲨
Ctenactis crassa: 厚實梳蕈珊瑚
Ctenactis echinata: 棘狀梳蕈珊瑚
Cteniopinus elegans: 長身鋸角朽木甲
Cteniopinus taiwanus: 台灣鋸角朽木甲
Cteniopinus unicolor: 單色鋸角朽木甲
Ctenocalanus vanus: 空櫛哲水蚤
Ctenocardia victor: 緋斑鳥尾蛤
Ctenocella maculata: 絲鞭珊瑚
Ctenocella umbraculum: 網傘疣珊瑚
Ctenocephalides canis: 狗蚤
Ctenocephalides felis: 貓蚤
Ctenochaetus binotatus: 双斑栉齿刺尾鱼
Ctenochaetus binotatus: 双斑栉齿刺尾鲷
Ctenochaetus binotatus: 双点吊(3)
Ctenochaetus binotatus: 正吊(2)
Ctenochaetus binotatus: 西瓜吊
Ctenochaetus binotatus: 雙斑櫛齒刺尾魚
Ctenochaetus binotatus: 雙斑櫛齒刺尾鯛
Ctenochaetus cyanocheilus: 蓝嘴吊
Ctenochaetus flavicauda: 白尾吊(3)
Ctenochaetus flavicauda: 西瓜吊
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis: 夏威夷倒吊
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis: 夏威夷吊(3)
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis: 夏威夷栉齿刺尾鱼
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis: 夏威夷櫛齒刺尾魚
Ctenochaetus hawaiiensis: 火焰吊
Ctenochaetus marginatus: 缘吊
Ctenochaetus marginatus: 缘栉齿刺尾鱼
Ctenochaetus striatus: 印度洋金眼倒吊
Ctenochaetus striatus: 栉齿刺尾鱼
Ctenochaetus striatus: 橙線吊
Ctenochaetus striatus: 橙线吊
Ctenochaetus striatus: 櫛齒刺尾魚
Ctenochaetus striatus: 正吊
Ctenochaetus striatus: 涟剥(2)
Ctenochaetus striatus: 涟纹吊
Ctenochaetus striatus: 涟纹栉齿刺尾鲷
Ctenochaetus striatus: 漣剝
Ctenochaetus striatus: 漣紋櫛齒刺尾鯛
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 印度洋金眼倒吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 夏威宜金眼倒吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 扁体栉齿刺尾鱼
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 扁體櫛齒刺尾魚
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 条纹吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 橙眼倒吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 橙眼吊(3)
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 橙线吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 漣紋櫛齒刺尾鯛
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 藍眼倒吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 金眼倒吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 金眼吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 馬爾地夫金眼倒吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 黃倒吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 黃眼倒吊
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 黄眼吊(2)
Ctenochaetus strigosus: 黄眼圈倒吊
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: 印尼栉齿刺尾鱼
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: 印尼櫛齒刺尾魚
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: 火箭倒吊
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: 火箭吊(3)
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: 紅翅倒吊
Ctenochaetus tominiensis: 黃翅倒吊
Ctenochaetus truncatus: 印度金圈吊
Ctenodactylus gundi: 梳趾鼠
Ctenodactylus gundi: 梳齒鼠
Ctenogobiops aurocingulus: 斜帶櫛眼鰕虎魚
Ctenogobiops aurocingulus: 黃斑櫛鰕虎
Ctenogobiops crocineus: 褐斑櫛眼鰕虎魚
Ctenogobiops crocineus: 西昔爾櫛鰕虎
Ctenogobiops feroculus: 絲棘櫛鰕虎
Ctenogobiops formosa: 台灣櫛鰕虎
Ctenogobiops maculosus: 斑櫛眼鰕虎魚
Ctenogobiops maculosus: 斑櫛鰕虎
Ctenogobiops mitodes: 絲鰭櫛鰕虎
Ctenogobiops pomastictus: 點斑櫛鰕虎
Ctenogobiops pomastictus: 點斑櫛虎
Ctenogobiops tangaroai: 東加櫛鰕虎
Ctenogobiops tangaroai: 長棘櫛眼鰕虎魚
Ctenogobiops tangaroai: 長棘櫛鰕虎
Ctenogobius brunneus: 褐栉鰕虎鱼
Ctenogobius cliffordpopei: 波氏鰕虎鱼
Ctenogobius girrinus: 子陵栉鰕虎鱼
Ctenogobius hainanensis: 海南栉虎鱼
Ctenogobius hainanensis: 海南櫛虎魚
Ctenomys boliviensis: 巴西梳鼠(2)
Ctenomys torquatus: 項圈櫛鼠
Ctenopharyngodon idella: 草魚(3)
Ctenopharyngodon idella: 草鱼(2)
Ctenopharyngodon idella: 鯇
Ctenopharyngodon idella: 鲩(2)
Ctenopharyngodon idellus: 白鲩
Ctenopharyngodon idellus: 草魚(4)
Ctenopharyngodon idellus: 草鱼(2)
Ctenopharyngodon idellus: 鯇(2)
Ctenopharyngodon idellus: 鲩
Ctenopharynx intermedius: 中間櫛咽麗魚
Ctenopharynx nitidus: 耀櫛咽麗魚
Ctenopharynx pictus: 色櫛咽麗魚
Ctenophora ctenophorina: 乾溝櫛大蚊
Ctenophora enderleini: 安氏櫛大蚊
Ctenophora formosana: 台灣櫛大蚊
Ctenophora hoppo: 北埔櫛大蚊
Ctenophora inaequipectinata: 關嶺結大蚊
Ctenophora laneies: 絨毛櫛大蚊
Ctenophora sauteri: 邵氏櫛大蚊
Ctenophora scalator: 台東櫛大蚊
Ctenophora taprobanes: 錫蘭櫛大蚊
Ctenophorocera pavida: 蓝黑栉寄蝇
Ctenophorus adelaidensis: 阿德来髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus caudicinctus: 尾环髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus clayi: 利尔蒙斯髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus cristatus: 嵴髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus decresii: 袋鼠岛髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus femoralis: 股髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus fionni: 南澳髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus fordi: 库尔加迪髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus isolepis: 等鳞髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus macalatus: 点斑髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus ornatus: 饰纹髭蜥
Ctenophorus pictus: 图画髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus reticulatus: 网斑髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus reticulatus: 蒙眼蜥
Ctenophorus rufescens: 棕髭蜥(2)
Ctenophorus scutulatus: 菱斑髭蜥(2)
Ctenophthalmus formosanus: 蓬萊櫛眼蚤
Ctenophthalmus lui: 呂氏櫛眼蚤
Ctenophthalmus reductus: 退化櫛眼蚤
Ctenophthalmus taiwanus: 台灣櫛眼蚤台灣亞種
Ctenoplectra cornuta: 角櫛距蜂
Ctenoplectra davidi: 無角櫛距蜂
Ctenoplectra kelloggi: 藍櫛距蜂
Ctenopleura sinica: 中華櫛肋海星
Ctenopoma acutirostre: 小點非洲攀鱸
Ctenopoma acutirostre: 梅花(2)
Ctenopoma acutirostre: 豹斑栉盖鲈
Ctenopoma muriei: muriei, 穆氏非洲攀鲈(2)
Ctenopoma muriei: ocellifer, 小眼穆氏非洲攀鲈
Ctenopoma nebulosum: 云纹非洲攀鲈
Ctenopoma nigropannosum: 双点非洲攀鲈
Ctenopoma ocellatum: 眼点非洲攀鲈
Ctenopoma oxyrhynchum: 尖吻非洲攀鲈
Ctenopoma pellegrinii: 佩氏非洲攀鲈
Ctenopoma petherici: 彼氏非洲攀鲈
Ctenopoma riggenbachi: 里氏非洲攀鲈
Ctenopoma togoensis: 多哥非洲攀鲈
Ctenopteryx sicula: 櫛鰭烏賊
Ctenopteryx sicula: 櫛鰭魷
Ctenosaura acanthura: 墨西哥刺尾鬣蜥
Ctenosaura hemilopha: 拜加刺尾鬣蜥
Ctenosaura palearis: 危地马拉刺尾鬣蜥
Ctenosaura quinquecarinata: 狼牙棒刺尾鬣蜥
Ctenosaura similis: 中美洲刺尾鬣蜥(2)
Ctenosaura similis: 刺尾鬣蜥(2)
Ctenosaura similis: 黑栉尾蜥
Ctenothrips kwanzanensis: 關山梳薊馬
Ctenothrips transeolineae: 橫紋梳薊馬
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus: 小頭櫛孔鰕虎魚
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus: 小頭櫛赤鯊(2)
Ctenotrypauchen microcephalus: 櫛赤鯊(2)
Ctenotus leae: 荒野栉耳蜥
Cubiceps pauciradiatus: 龙首方头鲳
Cubiceps squamiceps: 鱗首方頭鯧
Cubiceps squamiceps: 麟首方頭鯧
Cubiceps whiteleggii: 威氏方頭鯧
Cubipilis aphidiformis: 蚜肘狹嚙蟲
Cucujus haematodes: 紅翅扁甲
Cucujus mniszechi: 藍翅扁甲
Cucujus nigripennis: 黑翅扁甲
Cucullaea labiata: 圓魁蛤
Cuculus canorus: 大杜鵑(6)
Cuculus canorus: 大杜鹃(12)
Cuculus canorus: 布穀(3)
Cuculus canours: 大杜鹃
Cuculus clamosus: 黑杜鵑
Cuculus crassirostris: 苏拉鹰鹃
Cuculus fugax: 棕腹杜鵑(2)
Cuculus fugax: 棕腹杜鹃(4)
Cuculus fugax: 棕腹鹰鹃(2)
Cuculus fugax: 棕鵑杜鵑
Cuculus fugax: 棕鹃杜鹃(2)
Cuculus gularis: 非洲杜鵑
Cuculus horsfieldi: 霍氏杜鹃
Cuculus hyperythrus: 北方杜鵑
Cuculus hyperythrus: 北鹰鹃(2)
Cuculus hyperythrus: 棕腹杜鹃
Cuculus hyperythrus: 北方杜鵑
Cuculus lepidus: 婆罗小杜鹃
Cuculus merulinus: 八声杜鹃(4)
Cuculus merulinus: 八聲杜鵑(3)
Cuculus miccropterus: 四声杜鹃
Cuculus micropterus: ㆕聲杜鵑
Cuculus micropterus: 四声杜鹃(16)
Cuculus micropterus: 四聲杜鵑(6)
Cuculus optatus: 北方中杜鹃
Cuculus optatus: 北杜鵑
Cuculus pallidus: 淡色杜鹃
Cuculus pallidus: 蒼色杜鵑
Cuculus pectoralis: 菲律宾鹰鹃(2)
Cuculus poliocephalus: 小杜鵑(11)
Cuculus poliocephalus: 小杜鹃(10)
Cuculus rochii: 馬島杜鵑
Cuculus saturatus: ㆗杜鵑
Cuculus saturatus: 中杜鵑(7)
Cuculus saturatus: 中杜鹃(11)
Cuculus saturatus: 筒鳥(6)
Cuculus solitarius: 赤胸杜鵑
Cuculus sonneratii: 栗斑杜鵑
Cuculus sonneratii: 栗斑杜鹃(4)
Cuculus sparverioides: 大鹰鹃
Cuculus sparverioides: 鷹鵑(10)
Cuculus sparverioides: 鹰鹃(10)
Cuculus vagans: 小鹰鹃
Cuculus varius: 南亚鹰鹃
Cucurbitermes sinensis: 中华葫白蚁
Cucurbitermes yingdeensis: 英德葫白蚁
Cueta sauteri: 土阱蟻蛉
Culcita novaeguineae: 麵包海星
Culcua simulans: 酷似水虻
Culex alis: 海岸家蚊
Culex bitaeniorhnchus: 二斑家蚊
Culex brevipalpis: 短鬚家蚊
Culex foliatus: 葉尾家蚊
Culex fuscanus: 黃尾家蚊
Culex fuscocephala: 白頭家蚊
Culex gelidus: 白背家蚊
Culex hainanensis: 南海家蚊
Culex halifaxii: 海氏家蚊
Culex hayashii: 林氏家蚊
Culex hui: 胡氏家蚊
Culex infantulus: 小型家蚊
Culex infula: 帶斑家蚊
Culex kangi: 康氏家蚊
Culex kyotoensis: 京都家蚊
Culex malayi: 馬來家蚊
Culex mimeticus: 斑翅家蚊
Culex minor: 雙腳家蚊
Culex murrelli: 莫氏家蚊
Culex neomimulus: 花翅家蚊
Culex neovishnui: 白吻家蚊
Culex nigropunctatus: 黑點家蚊
Culex okinawae: 沖繩家蚊
Culex orientalis: 東方家蚊
Culex pallidothorax: 灰胸家蚊
Culex pipiens: 熱帶家蚊
Culex rubithoracis: 紅胸家蚊
Culex sasai: 佐佐家蚊
Culex sinensis: 中華家蚊
Culex sitiens: 鹹水家蚊
Culex spiculosus: 多刺家蚊
Culex tritaeniorhynchus: 三斑家蚊
Culex tsengi: 曾氏家蚊
Culex vagans: 白脛家蚊
Culex vishnui: 環蚊家蚊
Culex whitmorei: 威勢家蚊
Culicicapa ceylonensis: 方尾鶲(6)
Culicicapa ceylonensis: 方尾鹟(4)
Culicicapa helianthea: 柠黄仙鹟
Culicicapa helianthea: 柠黄方尾鹟
Culicoides maculatus: 黃斑庫蠓
Culicoides monticola: 高山庫蠓
Culicoides orientalis: 東方庫蠓
Cultellum scalprum: 尖刀蛏 
Culter alburnus: 巴力
Culter alburnus: 曲腰
Culter alburnus: 總統魚
Culter alburnus: 翘嘴仔
Culter alburnus: 翘嘴红鲌
Culter alburnus: 翘嘴鲌(2)
Culter alburnus: 翹嘴仔
Culter alburnus: 翹嘴紅鮊(2)
Culter alburnus: 翹嘴鮊(4)
Culter dabryi: 达氏鲌
Culter erythropterus: 曲腰
Culter erythropterus: 白魚
Culter erythropterus: 紅鰭鮊(2)
Culter erythropterus: 總統魚
Culter erythropterus: 红鳍鲌
Culter erythropterus: 翘嘴
Culter erythropterus: 翘嘴巴
Culter erythropterus: 翘嘴红鲌
Culter erythropterus: 翹嘴
Culter erythropterus: 翹嘴巴
Culter erythropterus: 翹嘴紅鮊
Culter flavipinnis: 越南鮊
Culter mongolicus: 蒙古鲌
Culter oxycephaloides: 拟尖头鲌
Culter oxycephaloides: 擬尖頭鮊
Culter oxycephalus: 尖头鲌
Culter recurviceps: 海南鮊
Culterichthys erythropterus: 紅鰭鮊
Cultrichthys compressocorpus: 扁体原鲌
Cultrichthys compressocorpus: 扁體原鮊
Cultrichthys erythropterus: 紅鰭魚白
Cultrichthys erythropterus: 红鳍原鲌
Cultroribula lata: 圓卵腹蟎
Cumanotus beaumonti: 珊瑚蓑海牛
Cuneopsis rupescens: 微红楔蚌
Cuniculus paca: 斑豚鼠(2)
Cunningtonia longiventralis: 長腹庫寧登麗魚
Cuon alpinus: 亚洲豺犬
Cuon alpinus: 亚洲野犬
Cuon alpinus: 亞洲豺犬(2)
Cuon alpinus: 紅犬
Cuon alpinus: 紅狼
Cuon alpinus: 红狼
Cuon alpinus: 豺
Cuon alpinus: 豺狗(2)
Cuon alpinus: 豺(4)
Cuora amboinensis: 馬來箱龜(2)
Cuora amboinensis: 馬來閉殼龜(2)
Cuora amboinensis: 马来闭壳龟
Cuora aurocapitata: 潘氏闭壳龟
Cuora aurocapitata: 金头闭壳龟(4)
Cuora aurocapitata: 金頭閉殼龜
Cuora chriskarannarum: 大峰闭壳龟
Cuora flavomarginata: 食蛇龜(3)
Cuora flavomarginata: 黃緣閉殼龜
Cuora flavomarginata: 黄缘闭壳龟(2)
Cuora flavomarginatus: 黄缘盒龟
Cuora galbainifrons: 盒龟
Cuora galbinifrons: 花背箱龜(2)
Cuora galbinifrons: 黄额盒龟
Cuora galbinifrons: 黄额闭壳龟(2)
Cuora hainanensis: 海南閉殼龜
Cuora hainanensis: 海南闭壳龟
Cuora mccordi: 白色闭壳龟
Cuora mccordi: 百色閉殼龜
Cuora mccordi: 百色闭壳龟(4)
Cuora pani: 周氏闭壳龟
Cuora pani: 潘氏閉殼龜
Cuora pani: 潘氏闭壳龟(4)
Cuora serrata: 琼崖闭壳龟(3)
Cuora serrata: 瓊崖閉殼龜
Cuora trifasciata: 三線盒龜(2)
Cuora trifasciata: 三线闭壳龟(3)
Cuora trifasciata: 金头闭壳龟
Cuora yunnanensis: 云南闭壳龟(2)
Cuora zhoui: 周氏閉殼龜
Cuora zhoui: 周氏闭壳龟(4)
Cuora zhoui: 鳄鱼
Cuou alpinus: 豺
Cupa gongi: 龚氏杯蟹蛛
Cupacarus hebes: 巒大杉盆節蜱
Cupha erymanthis: 台灣黃斑蛺蝶
Cupha erymanthis: 黃襟蛺蝶
Cuphocera varia: 雜色寄蠅
Curetis acuta: 尖翅銀灰蝶
Curetis acuta: 尖翅银灰蝶
Curetis acuta: 銀斑小灰蝶
Curetis acuta: 銀灰蝶
Curetis acuta: 銀背小灰蝶
Curetis barsine: 百新银灰蝶
Curetis brunnea: 台灣銀斑小灰蝶
Curetis brunnea: 台灣銀灰蝶
Curetis brunnea: 褐翅銀灰蝶
Curetis brunnea: 褐翅银灰蝶
Curetis bulis: 银灰蝶
Curetis dentata: 尖翅銀灰蝶
Curetis felderi: 费尔德银灰蝶
Curetis freda: 富银灰蝶
Curetis insularis: 岛银灰蝶(2)
Curetis regula: 帝王银灰蝶
Curetis santana: 圣银灰蝶
Curetis saronis: 圆翅银灰蝶
Curetis siva: 斯瓦银灰蝶
Curetis sperthis: 希珀银灰蝶
Curetis tagalica: 塔银灰蝶
Curetis tonkina: 藤银灰蝶
Curimatella meyeri: 迈氏小无齿脂鲤
Curinus coeruleus: 瓢蟲(2)
Cursorius coromandelicus: 印度走鴴
Cursorius coromandelicus: 印度走鸻
Cursorius cursor: 乳色走鴴
Cursorius cursor: 乳色走鸻
Cursorius somalensis: 索馬里走鴴
Cursorius temminckii: 黑腹走鴴
Curtos costipennis: 黃脈翅螢
Curtos elongata: 長翅脈翅螢
Curtos elongatus: 長翅脈翅螢
Curtos fulvocapitalis: 褐頭脈翅螢
Curtos fulvocapitalis: 黃頭脈翅螢
Curtos impolita: 姬脈翅螢
Curtos mundula: 黃肩脈翅螢
Curtos obscuricolor: 暗褐脈翅螢
Curtos ruficollis: 紅胸脈翅螢
Curtos sauteri: 梭德氏脈翅螢
Curuzza ronkayorum: 黃枯舟蛾
Curvemysella paula: 弓形寄生蛤
Cuspidaria chinensis: 中華杓蛤
Cuspidaria chunfui: 春福杓蛤
Cuspidaria convexa: 圓球杓蛤
Cuspidaria elephantina: 大象杓蛤
Cuspidaria hindsiana: 蒜瓣杓蛤
Cuspidaria japonica: 日本杓蛤
Cuspidaria kawamurai: 大杓蛤
Cuspidaria kyushuensis: 九州杓蛤
Cuspidaria multicarinata: 寶島杓蛤
Cuspidaria nasuta: 大鼻杓蛤
Cuspidaria nobilis: 高貴杓蛤
Cuspidaria okezoko: 桶底杓蛤
Cuspidaria prolatissima: 神燈杓蛤
Cuspidaria steindachneri: 平瀨杓蛤
Cuspidaria steindachneri: 正杓蛤
Cuspidaria steindachneri: 長吻杓蛤
Cuspirostrisornis houi: 侯氏尖嘴鸟
Cuthona divae: 玫瑰蓑海牛
Cuthona laguna: 橙脸蓑海牛
Cuthona sibogae: 西寶背鰓海蛞蝓
Cuthona virens: 绿蓑海牛
Cutia nipalensis: 斑胁姬鸡
Cutia nipalensis: 斑胁姬鹛(2)
Cutia nipalensis: 斑腋姬鶥
Cutilia soror: 相似庫蠊
Cuvierina columnella: 筒柱駝蝶海蛞蝓
Cuvierina columnella: 筒蝶螺
Cuvierina columnella: 龜首蝶螺
Cyana formosana: 台雪苔蛾
Cyana hamata: 二斑叉紋苔蛾
Cyana hamata: 優雪苔蛾
Cyanicaudata annulicornea: 环角蓝尾蝗
Cyanistes cyanus: 灰蓝山雀
Cyanistes cyanus: 灰藍山雀
Cyanocitta cristata: 冠藍鴉
Cyanolimnas cerverai: 沼泽秧鸡
Cyanoliseus patagonus: 巴塔哥尼亞錐尾鸚鵡(2)
Cyanomitra alinae: 蓝头花蜜鸟
Cyanomitra bannermani: 斑氏花蜜鸟
Cyanomitra cyanolaema: 蓝喉花蜜鸟
Cyanomitra olivacea: 绿花蜜鸟
Cyanomitra oritis: 喀麦隆花蜜鸟
Cyanomitra veroxii: 灰褐花蜜鸟
Cyanomitra verticalis: 绿头花蜜鸟
Cyanopica cyana: 灰喜鵲(5)
Cyanopica cyana: 灰喜鹊(7)
Cyanopica cyanus: 灰喜鵲(2)
Cyanopica cyanus: 灰喜鹊(2)
Cyanopsitta spixii: 小蓝金刚鹦鹉(3)
Cyanopsitta spixii: 小藍金剛鸚鵡(2)
Cyanopsitta spixii: 蓝金刚鹦鹉
Cyanopsitta spixii: 藍金剛鸚鵡(5)
Cyanopstta spx: 小蓝金刚鹦鹉
Cyanoptila cyanomelaena: 白腹琉璃
Cyanoptila cyanomelaena: 白腹藍鶲
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: 姬鹟
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: 白腹姬鶲
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: 白腹姬鹟(3)
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: 白腹琉璃(5)
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: 白腹蓝姬鹟(2)
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: 白腹鶲(2)
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: 白腹鹟
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: 白腹琉璃
Cyanoramphus aurceps: forbes, 黄额鹦鹉
Cyanoramphus auriceps: 佛氏黃額長尾鸚鵡
Cyanoramphus auriceps: 黃額鸚鵡(3)
Cyanoramphus auriceps: forbesi, 佛氏黃額長尾鸚鵡(2)
Cyanoramphus cook: 诺福克红额鹦鹉
Cyanoramphus cookii: 紅額長尾鸚鵡(3)
Cyanoramphus cookii: 諾福克紅額鸚鵡(3)
Cyanoramphus forbesi: 佛氏黃額長尾鸚鵡(2)
Cyanoramphus forbesi: 佛氏黄额长尾鹦鹉
Cyanoramphus forbesi: 查岛鹦鹉
Cyanoramphus forbesi: 查島鸚鵡
Cyanoramphus forbesi: 黃額鸚鵡(2)
Cyanoramphus novaezelandae: 红额鹦鹉
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae: 紅額長尾鸚鵡(5)
Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae: 紅額鸚鵡(5)
Cyanoramphus saisseti: 紅額鸚鵡(2)
Cyanoramphus unicolor: 純綠鸚鵡
Cyathochromis obliquidens: 斜齒杯口麗魚
Cyathopharynx furcifer: 叉杯咽麗魚(2)
Cyathopharynx furcifer: 蓝波
Cyathopharynx furcifer: 藍波(3)
Cyathopoma iota: 高塔微山蝸牛
Cyathopoma micron: 微山蝸
Cyathopoma ogaitoi: 大垣內微山蝸牛
Cyathopoma taiwanica: 台灣螺線微山蝸牛
Cybister brevis: 短腹大龍蝨
Cybister japonicus: 日本大龍蝨
Cybister limbatus: 毛足大龍蝨
Cybister rugosus: 橙斑大龍蝨
Cybister sugillatus: 紅邊大龍蝨
Cybister tripunctatus: 點刻三線大龍蝨
Cybister ventralis: 大龍蝨
Cycladicama oblonga: 方形蹄蛤
Cyclax suborbicularis: 似球圓蛛蟹
Cyclemys dentata: 亞洲葉龜(2)
Cyclemys dentata: 版纳摄龟
Cyclemys dentata: 齒緣龜
Cyclemys dentata: 齿缘摄龟
Cyclemys dentata: 齿缘龟(3)
Cyclichthys orbicularis: 刺規
Cyclichthys orbicularis: 圓點短刺魨
Cyclichthys orbicularis: 氣瓜仔
Cyclichthys orbicularis: 短棘圓刺魨
Cyclina sinensis: 環文蛤
Cyclina sinensis: 青蛤
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: 天竺圆唇鱼(2)
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: 天竺圓唇魚
Cyclocheilichthys armatus: 圓唇魚
Cyclocheilichthys enoplus: 盔圓唇魚
Cyclocheilichthys furcatus: 泰國圓唇魚
Cyclocheilichthys heteronema: 異絲圓唇魚
Cyclocheilichthys janthochir: 詹氏圓唇魚
Cyclocheilichthys lagleri: 拉氏圓唇魚
Cyclocheilichthys repasson: 斜口圓唇魚
Cyclocheilichthys sinensis: 中華圓唇魚
Cyclocheilichthys sinensis: 圆唇鱼
Cyclocoeloma tuberculata: 瘤狀圓腔蟹
Cycloes granulosa: 顆粒圓蟹
Cyclograpsus integer: 整潔圓方蟹
Cyclograpsus intermedius: 中型圓方蟹
Cyclommatus albersi: 艷細紅鍬形蟲
Cyclommatus mniszechi: 雞冠細紅鍬形蟲
Cyclommatus multidentatus: 細紅鍬形蟲
Cyclopecten randolphi: 蘭道夫海扇蛤
Cyclopecten vitreus: 白玉海扇蛤
Cyclopelta obscura: 大皺椿
Cyclopelta obscura: 大皺蝽
Cyclopelta parva: 小皺椿
Cyclopelta parva: 小皺蝽
Cyclopes didactylus: 二趾食蚁兽(2)
Cyclopes didactylus: 侏食蟻獸
Cyclopharynx fwae: 圓咽麗魚
Cyclopharynx schwetzi: 施氏圓咽麗魚
Cyclophiops doriae: 純綠翠青蛇
Cyclophiops doriae: 纯绿翠青蛇(3)
Cyclophiops major: 清竹絲
Cyclophiops major: 翠青蛇(5)
Cyclophiops major: 青蛇(3)
Cyclophiops multicinctus: 横纹翠青蛇(2)
Cyclophiops multicinctus: 橫紋翠青蛇
Cyclophiops multicintus: 横纹翠青蛇
Cyclophorus formosaensis: 臺灣大山蝸
Cyclophorus formosensis: 台灣大山蝸牛
Cyclophorus friesianus: 皺大山蝸牛
Cyclophorus latus: 寬口大山蝸牛
Cyclophorus martensianus: 褐带环口螺
Cyclophorus mediastinus: 居中环口螺
Cyclophorus moellendorffi: 南台灣大山蝸牛
Cyclophorus turgidus: 膨脹大山蝸牛
Cyclopina heterospina: 雜刺鏢劍水蚤
Cycloppia restata: 寬頭粒蟎
Cyclopsitta diophthalma: 双眼无花果鹦鹉
Cyclopsitta diophthalma: 寇氏鸚鵡
Cyclopsitta diophthalma: 红脸果鹦鹉
Cyclopsitta diophthalma: 雙眼無花果鸚鵡考氏亞種
Cyclopsitta diophthalma: coxeni, 寇氏鸚鵡(4)
Cyclopsitta diophthalma: coxeni, 雙眼無花果鸚鵡(2)
Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii: 橙胸无花果鹦鹉
Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii: 橙胸果鹦鹉
Cyclopstta dophthalma: 双眼无花果鹦鹉
Cyclosa argentata: 銀塵蛛
Cyclosa argentata: 银斑艾蛛
Cyclosa argenteoalba: 假銀塵蛛
Cyclosa argenteoalba: 银背艾蛛
Cyclosa atrata: 黑尾艾蛛
Cyclosa bianchoria: 双锚艾蛛
Cyclosa bicauda: 双尾艾蛛
Cyclosa confusa: 浊斑艾蛛
Cyclosa confusa: 熱帶塵蛛
Cyclosa conica: 突尾塵蛛
Cyclosa conica: 突尾艾蛛
Cyclosa cucurbitoria: 葫芦艾蛛
Cyclosa cylindrata: 柱艾蛛
Cyclosa damingensis: 大明艾蛛
Cyclosa dives: 美丽艾蛛
Cyclosa formosana: 台湾艾蛛
Cyclosa formosana: 蓬萊塵蛛
Cyclosa ginnaga: 長銀塵蛛
Cyclosa ginnaga: 长腹艾蛛
Cyclosa gulinensis: 牯岭艾蛛
Cyclosa informis: 畸形艾蛛
Cyclosa japonica: 日本塵蛛
Cyclosa japonica: 日本艾蛛
Cyclosa koi: 戈氏艾蛛
Cyclosa koi: 科氏塵蛛
Cyclosa laticauda: 侧斑艾蛛
Cyclosa laticauda: 寬尾塵蛛
Cyclosa minora: 小艾蛛
Cyclosa monticola: 山地艾蛛
Cyclosa monticola: 山塵蛛
Cyclosa mulmeinensis: 二角塵蛛
Cyclosa mulmeinensis: 角腹艾蛛
Cyclosa nigra: 黑腹艾蛛
Cyclosa norihisai: 德久艾蛛
Cyclosa octotuberculata: 八疣塵蛛
Cyclosa octotuberculata: 八瘤艾蛛
Cyclosa oculata: 六突艾蛛
Cyclosa omonaga: 長臉塵蛛
Cyclosa omonaga: 长脸艾蛛
Cyclosa onoi: 小野艾蛛
Cyclosa pentatuberculata: 五突艾蛛
Cyclosa quinqueguttata: 五斑艾蛛
Cyclosa quinqueguttata: 五點塵蛛
Cyclosa sedeculata: 四突塵蛛
Cyclosa sedeculata: 四突艾蛛
Cyclosa senticauda: 裂尾艾蛛
Cyclosa shinoharai: 條原氏塵蛛
Cyclosa shinohariai: 筱尾艾蛛
Cyclosa spinosa: 棘尾塵蛛
Cyclosa spinosa: 棘尾艾蛛
Cyclosa tricauda: 三尾塵蛛
Cyclosa vallata: 圆腹艾蛛
Cyclosa vallata: 圓腹塵蛛
Cyclosa zhangmuensis: 樟木艾蛛
Cycloscala crenulata: 蕾絲海螄螺
Cycloscala hyalina: 玻璃海螄螺
Cyclosunetta comtenpta: 台灣碟文蛤
Cyclosunetta concinna: 巧环楔形蛤
Cyclosunetta concinna: 花紋碟文蛤
Cyclosunetta menstrualis: 汛潮环楔形蛤
Cyclosunetta menstrualis: 紫碟文蛤
Cyclotellina discus: 盤櫻蛤
Cyclothone alba: 白圓罩魚
Cyclothone atraria: 黑圓罩魚
Cyclothone pallida: 蒼圓罩魚
Cyclothone pseudopallida: 近苍圆罩鱼
Cyclothone pseudopallida: 近蒼圓罩魚
Cyclotoma formosana: 蓬萊黑星偽瓢甲
Cyclotoma indiana: 印度黑星偽瓢甲
Cyclotus adamsi: 高塔台灣山蝸牛
Cyclotus taivanus: 台灣山蝸牛
Cyclotus taivanus: 姬台灣山蝸牛
Cyclotus taivanus: 闊唇台灣山蝸牛
Cyclotus taivanus: 高塔台灣山蝸牛
Cyclura collei: 牙买加鬣蜥
Cyclura cornuta: 犀牛鬣蜥(2)
Cyclura cornuta: 犀蜥
Cyclura lewisi: 大开曼岛鬣蜥
Cyclura lewisi: 蓝岩鬣蜥
Cyclura nubila: 古巴鬣蜥
Cyclura nubila: 开曼鬣蜥
Cyclura nubila: 蓝岩鬣
Cydnocoris russatus: 豔紅獵蝽
Cyerce elegans: 華美美葉海蛞蝓
Cyerce kikutarobabai: 馬場菊太郎美葉海蛞蝓
Cyerce nigricans: 黑美葉海蛞蝓
Cygnus atratus: 黑天鵝
Cygnus atratus: 黑天鹅(2)
Cygnus atratus: australian black swan, 澳洲黑天鵝
Cygnus buccinator: 黑嘴天鹅
Cygnus columbianus: 小天鵝(4)
Cygnus columbianus: 小天鹅(6)
Cygnus columbianus: 鵠(3)
Cygnus cygnus: 大天鵝(2)
Cygnus cygnus: 大天鹅(8)
Cygnus cygnus: 黃嘴天鵝(5)
Cygnus melancoryphus: 黑頸天鵝
Cygnus melanocorypha: 黑頸天鵝(3)
Cygnus olor: 疣鼻天鵝(4)
Cygnus olor: 疣鼻天鹅(7)
Cygnus olor: 疣鼻天鹅, You bi tian e
Cygnus olor: 瘤鵠(4)
Cygnus olor: white swan, 啞天鵝
Cylas formicarius: 甘藷蟻象
Cylichnella kawamurai: 河村冰柱螺
Cylindilla formosana: 台灣筒銹天牛
Cylindilla formosana: 蓬萊稜頸天牛
Cylindriscala sibogae: 西寶海螄螺
Cylindromitra sinensis: 中華筆螺
Cylindromyia evibrissata: 屏東寄蠅
Cylindromyia fuscipennis: 棕翅寄蠅
Cylindromyia luciflua: 假先寄蠅
Cylindromyia orientalis: 東洋寄蠅
Cylindromyia umbripennis: 蔭翅寄蠅
Cylindrophis ruffus: 紅尾簡蛇
Cylindrophis ruffus: 红尾筒蛇(2)
Cylindrophis ruffus: 红尾简蛇
Cylindrophis ruffus: 红尾管蛇
Cylindrothecum angustifrons: 小額筒鞘蠅
Cylindrotoma taiwania: 台灣錐大蚊
Cyllene fuscata: 污白織紋螺
Cyllene rubrolineata: 卵形織紋螺
Cymatium aquatile: 矮毛法螺
Cymatium caudatum: 深溝象法螺
Cymatium comptum: 多彩法螺
Cymatium cynocephalum: 狗頭象法螺
Cymatium dunkeri: 丹氏象法螺
Cymatium encausticum: 鳥頭象法螺
Cymatium exaratum: 紀伊法螺
Cymatium exile: 秀美象法螺
Cymatium flaveolum: 金帶美法螺
Cymatium gemmatum: 寶石法螺
Cymatium grandimaculatum: 黑斑象鼻法螺
Cymatium gutturnium: 玉女象法螺
Cymatium hepaticum: 金色美法螺
Cymatium labiosum: 厚唇法螺
Cymatium lotorium: 象鼻法螺
Cymatium mundum: 小白法螺
Cymatium muricinum: 紅口法螺
Cymatium nicobaricum: 金口法螺
Cymatium parthenopeum: 黑齒法螺
Cymatium pfeifferianum: 菲氏瘦法螺
Cymatium pileare: 毛法螺
Cymatium pyrum: 大象法螺
Cymatium rubeculum: 豔紅美法螺
Cymatium sarcostomum: 肉唇象法螺
Cymatium sinense: 中華象法螺
Cymatium springsteeni: 玉口象法螺
Cymatium tenuiliratum: 瘦毛法螺
Cymatium testudinarium: 褐唇象法螺
Cymatium thersites: 印度洋法螺
Cymatium vespaceum: 灰法螺
Cymatium vespaceum: 蜜蜂法螺
Cymatoceps nasutus: 眶鱗鯛
Cymatoceps nasutus: 眶鳞鲷
Cymatosyrinx impolita: 歪斜捲管螺
Cymbacephalus beauforti: 博氏孔牛尾魚
Cymbacephalus beauforti: 博氏孔鯒
Cymbacephalus beauforti: 牛尾
Cymbiola nobilis: 舞袖渦螺
Cymbiola vespertilio: 蝙蝠渦螺
Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos: 黑红阔嘴鸟(2)
Cymo andreossyi: 白指波紋蟹
Cymo melanodactylus: 黑指波紋蟹
Cymo quadrilobatus: 四葉波紋蟹
Cymodoce japonica: 日本尾突水虱
Cymolutes torquatus: 環狀鈍頭魚
Cymolutes torquatus: 鈍頭魚
Cymonomus andamanicus: 安達曼絲足蟹
Cynarina lacrymalis: 圓冠珊瑚
Cynatium pileare: 雜螺
Cyngus sumnerensis: 紐西蘭天鵝
Cynictis penicillata: 筆尾獴
Cynictis penicillata: 黄獴
Cynocephalus variegatus: 斑鼯猴
Cynocephalus variegatus: 斑鼯猴, Ban wu hou
Cynocephalus variegatus: 馬來亞鼯猴, Ma lai ya wu2 hou
Cynocephalus variegatus: 马来亚鼯猴
Cynocephalus variegatus: 马来亚鼯猴, Ma lai ya wu2 hou(2)
Cynocephalus volans: 菲律宾鼯猴
Cynogale bennettii: 獭灵猫
Cynogale bennettii: 獭狸猫
Cynogale bennettii: 獭狸(2)
Cynogale bennettii: 獺狸貓(2)
Cynogale bennettii: 獺靈貓(2)
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: 扁魚
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: 牛舌
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: 皇帝鱼
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: 短吻三线舌鳎
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: 短吻舌鰨
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: 短舌鰨
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: 龍舌
Cynoglossus abbreviatus: 龙舌
Cynoglossus arel: 印度舌鰨
Cynoglossus arel: 印度舌鳎
Cynoglossus arel: 大鱗舌鰨(3)
Cynoglossus arel: 扁魚
Cynoglossus arel: 牛舌
Cynoglossus arel: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus arel: 皇帝鱼
Cynoglossus arel: 舌鰨, She ta(2810)
Cynoglossus arel: 龍舌
Cynoglossus arel: 龙舌
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 双线舌鳎
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 双线舌鳎 
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 扁魚
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 牛舌
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 狗舌
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 皇帝鱼
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 舌鰨, She ta(2160)
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 雙線舌鰨
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 龍舌
Cynoglossus bilineatus: 龙舌
Cynoglossus gracilis: 扁魚
Cynoglossus gracilis: 牛舌
Cynoglossus gracilis: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus gracilis: 窄体舌鳎
Cynoglossus gracilis: 窄體舌鰨
Cynoglossus gracilis: 舌鰨
Cynoglossus gracilis: 龍舌
Cynoglossus interruptus: 扁魚
Cynoglossus interruptus: 断线舌鳎
Cynoglossus interruptus: 斷線舌鰨
Cynoglossus interruptus: 牛舌
Cynoglossus interruptus: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus interruptus: 龍舌
Cynoglossus itinus: 东亚单孔舌鳎
Cynoglossus itinus: 單孔舌鰨
Cynoglossus itinus: 扁魚
Cynoglossus itinus: 牛舌
Cynoglossus itinus: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus itinus: 龍舌
Cynoglossus joyneri: 扁魚
Cynoglossus joyneri: 焦氏舌鰨
Cynoglossus joyneri: 焦氏舌鳎 
Cynoglossus joyneri: 牛舌
Cynoglossus joyneri: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus joyneri: 短吻红舌鳎
Cynoglossus joyneri: 龍舌
Cynoglossus kopsii: 格氏舌鰨
Cynoglossus kopsii: 考普斯舌鳎
Cynoglossus lida: 利達舌鰨
Cynoglossus lida: 南洋舌鰨
Cynoglossus lida: 南洋舌鳎
Cynoglossus lida: 扁魚
Cynoglossus lida: 牛舌
Cynoglossus lida: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus lida: 龍舌
Cynoglossus lighti: 长吻红舌鳎
Cynoglossus lineolatus: 线纹舌鳎
Cynoglossus lingua: 舌鰨, She ta(494)
Cynoglossus lingua: 长体舌鳎, Zhang ti she ta(700)
Cynoglossus macrolepidotus: 大鳞舌鳎(227)
Cynoglossus macrolepidotus: 舌鰨, She ta(367)
Cynoglossus melampetalus: 黑尾舌鳎
Cynoglossus microlepis: 小鳞舌鳎
Cynoglossus monopus: 高眼舌鳎
Cynoglossus nigropinnatus: 黑鰭舌鰨
Cynoglossus nigropinnatus: 黑鳍舌鳎
Cynoglossus oligolepis: 少鳞舌鳎
Cynoglossus puncticeps: 扁魚
Cynoglossus puncticeps: 斑头舌鳎
Cynoglossus puncticeps: 斑头舌鳎 
Cynoglossus puncticeps: 斑頭舌鰨(3)
Cynoglossus puncticeps: 牛舌
Cynoglossus puncticeps: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus puncticeps: 皇帝鱼
Cynoglossus puncticeps: 龍舌
Cynoglossus puncticeps: 龙舌
Cynoglossus purpureomaculatus: 紫斑舌鳎
Cynoglossus robustus: 宽体舌鳎
Cynoglossus robustus: 寬體舌鰨
Cynoglossus robustus: 扁魚
Cynoglossus robustus: 牛舌
Cynoglossus robustus: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus robustus: 皇帝鱼
Cynoglossus robustus: 粗體舌鰨
Cynoglossus robustus: 龍舌
Cynoglossus robustus: 龙舌
Cynoglossus roulei: 黑鳃舌鳎
Cynoglossus semilaevis: 半滑舌鳎
Cynoglossus sibogae: 西宝舌鳎
Cynoglossus sinicus: 中华舌鳎
Cynoglossus suyeni: 扁魚
Cynoglossus suyeni: 書顏舌鰨
Cynoglossus suyeni: 牛舌
Cynoglossus suyeni: 皇帝魚
Cynoglossus suyeni: 皇帝鱼
Cynoglossus suyeni: 龍舌
Cynoglossus suyeni: 龙舌
Cynoglossus trigrammus: 褐斑三线舌鳎
Cynolebias albipunctatus: 白斑珠鮰
Cynolebias nigripinnis: 黑珍珠鱂(2)
Cynomys mexicanus: 墨西哥草原松鼠(3)
Cynomys mexicanus: 墨西哥草原犬鼠(2)
Cynomys parvidens: 猶他草原犬鼠
Cynops chenggongensis: 呈貢蠑螈
Cynops chenggongensis: 呈贡蝾螈(3)
Cynops cyanurus: 蓝尾蝾螈(4)
Cynops cyanurus: 藍尾蠑螈
Cynops cyanurus: 蝾螈
Cynops orientalis: 东方蝾螈(4)
Cynops orientalis: 中國火龍(4)
Cynops orientalis: 巴西火龍
Cynops orientalis: 東方蠑螈(4)
Cynops orphicus: 汕头蝾螈
Cynops orphicus: 潮汕蝾螈(3)
Cynops orphicus: 潮汕蠑螈
Cynops wolterstorffi: 滇池蝾螈(3)
Cynops wolterstorffi: 滇池蠑螈
Cynopterus brachyotis: 小耳短鼻果蝠, Xiao er duan bi guo fu
Cynopterus brachyotis: 短耳犬蝠(2)
Cynopterus brachyotis: 短鼻果蝠
Cynopterus horsefieldi: 栓齒短鼻果蝠
Cynopterus horsefieldi: 馬來犬蝠
Cynopterus nusatenggara: 印尼犬蝠
Cynopterus sphinx: 印度犬果蝠
Cynopterus sphinx: 大短鼻果蝠
Cynopterus sphinx: 犬蝠(3)
Cynopterus titthaecheilus: 爪哇犬蝠
Cynoscion macdonaldi: 加州犬形黃花魚
Cynoscion macdonaldi: 馬氏犬牙
Cynoscion othonopterus: 直鰭犬牙石首魚
Cynoscion othonopterus: 直鳍犬牙石首鱼
Cynotilapia afra: 犬齒非鯽
Cynotilapia afra: 閃電王子(2)
Cynotilapia axelrodi: 阿氏犬齒非鯽
Cyornis banyumas: 山蓝仙鹟(3)
Cyornis banyumas: 山藍仙鶲
Cyornis caerulatus: 大嘴仙鹟(2)
Cyornis concretus: 白尾蓝仙鹟(3)
Cyornis concretus: 白尾藍仙鶲
Cyornis glaucicomans: 中华仙鹟
Cyornis glaucicomans: 中華仙鶲
Cyornis hainanus: 海南蓝仙鹟(2)
Cyornis hainanus: 海南藍仙鶲
Cyornis hainanus: 海南藍鶲
Cyornis herioti: 蓝胸仙鹟(2)
Cyornis hoevelli: 蓝额仙鹟
Cyornis hyacinthinus: 蓝背仙鹟
Cyornis lemprieri: 巴拉望仙鹟
Cyornis magnirostris: 大藍仙鶲
Cyornis pallipes: 白腹仙鹟
Cyornis poliogenys: 淡颊仙鹟
Cyornis poliogenys: 灰頰仙鶲
Cyornis poliogenys: 灰颊仙鹟
Cyornis rubeculoides: 蓝喉仙鶲
Cyornis rubeculoides: 蓝喉仙鹟(2)
Cyornis rubeculoides: 藍喉仙鶲
Cyornis rubeculoides: 藍喉藍鶲
Cyornis rubeculoides: 藍喉鶲
Cyornis ruckii: 魯克氏仙鶲(4)
Cyornis ruckii: 鲁克氏仙鹟
Cyornis ruckii: 鲁氏仙鹟
Cyornis ruecki: 鲁氏仙鹟
Cyornis rufigastra: 红树仙鹟(3)
Cyornis sanfordi: 山氏仙鹟
Cyornis superbus: 加里曼丹仙鹟(2)
Cyornis tickelliae: 梯氏仙鶲
Cyornis tickelliae: 梯氏仙鹟
Cyornis turcosus: 马来仙鹟(2)
Cyornis unicolor: 純藍仙鶲
Cyornis unicolor: 純藍鶲
Cyornis unicolor: 纯蓝仙鹟(3)
Cyorns rusk: 鲁克氏仙鹟
Cypa pallens: 單齒天蛾
Cyphalonotus elongatus: 长垂驼蛛
Cyphastrea chalcidicum: 碓突細菊珊瑚
Cyphastrea japonica: 日本細菊珊瑚
Cyphastrea microphthalma: 小葉細菊珊瑚
Cyphastrea serailia: 砂細菊珊瑚
Cyphochilus crataceus: 台北白金龜
Cyphochilus crataceus: 白金龜(2)
Cyphochilus insulanus: 大白金龜
Cyphochilus unidentatus: 褐白金龜
Cyphomyia orientalis: 東方水虻
Cyphonocerus hwadongensis: 花東雙櫛角螢
Cyphonocerus jenniferae: 高山雙櫛角螢
Cyphonocerus sanguineus: 赤翅雙櫛角螢
Cyphonocerus taiwanus: 台灣雙櫛角螢
Cyphotettix dinghuensis: 鼎湖弯背蚱
Cyphotilapia frontosa: 尚比亞型藍六間
Cyphotilapia frontosa: 浦隆地型藍六間
Cyphotilapia frontosa: 皇冠六間(3)
Cyphotilapia frontosa: 皇冠六间
Cyphotilapia frontosa: 蒲隆地藍六間
Cyphotilapia frontosa: 薩伊藍六間
Cyphotilapia frontosa: 駝背非鯽(2)
Cyphotilapia frontosa: 黃冠六間
Cypoides chinensis: 楓天蛾
Cypoides chinensis: 楓小天蛾
Cypraea annulus: 金環寶螺
Cypraea arabica: 阿拉伯寶螺
Cypraea arabicus: 阿拉伯珠螺
Cypraea argus: 百眼寶螺
Cypraea artuffeli: 阿土寶螺
Cypraea asellus: 浮標寶螺
Cypraea aurantium: 黃金寶螺
Cypraea beckii: 貝氏寶螺
Cypraea bistrinotata: 花珠寶螺
Cypraea boivinii: 玻芬寶螺
Cypraea caputserpentis: 雪山寶螺
Cypraea carneola: 紫口寶螺
Cypraea caurica: 清齒寶螺
Cypraea cernica: 淡黃寶螺
Cypraea childreni: 金蛹寶螺
Cypraea chinensis: 中華寶螺
Cypraea cicercula: 繡珠寶螺
Cypraea cicercula: 黃珠寶螺
Cypraea clandestina: 銀絲寶螺
Cypraea contaminata: 污點寶螺
Cypraea contaminata: 黑潮寶螺
Cypraea controversa: 雨點寶螺
Cypraea cribraria: 花鹿寶螺
Cypraea cylindrica: 寬口寶螺
Cypraea depressa: 扁緣寶螺
Cypraea eglantina: 花枕寶螺
Cypraea erosa: 腰斑寶螺
Cypraea errones: 愛龍寶螺
Cypraea felina: 花貓寶螺
Cypraea fimbriata: 紫端寶螺
Cypraea globulus: 金珠寶螺
Cypraea gracilis: 小眼寶螺
Cypraea guttata: 金星寶螺
Cypraea hammondae: 哈蒙寶螺
Cypraea helvola: 紅花寶螺
Cypraea hirasei: 平瀨寶螺
Cypraea hirundo: 大熊寶螺
Cypraea hungerfordi: 玉女寶螺
Cypraea isabella: 雨絲寶螺
Cypraea joycae: 柔姬寶螺
Cypraea katsuae: 勝枝寶螺
Cypraea kieneri: 瘦熊寶螺
Cypraea kuroharai: 黑原寶螺
Cypraea labrolineata: 梨皮寶螺
Cypraea langfordi: 蘭福寶螺
Cypraea limacina: 雞皮寶螺
Cypraea listeri: 白貓寶螺
Cypraea lutea: 雙線寶螺
Cypraea lynx: 山貓寶螺
Cypraea maculifera: 胎記寶螺
Cypraea maculifera: 鐵斑寶螺
Cypraea mappa: 地圖寶螺
Cypraea margarita: 珍珠寶螺
Cypraea mariae: 瑪麗亞寶螺
Cypraea mauritiana: 龜甲寶螺
Cypraea microdon: 微齒寶螺
Cypraea microdon: 細齒寶螺
Cypraea midwayensis: 中途島寶螺
Cypraea miliaris: 初雪寶螺
Cypraea minoridens: 細齒寶螺
Cypraea miyokoae: 錦花寶螺
Cypraea moneta: 黃寶螺
Cypraea musumea: 姑娘寶螺
Cypraea nucleus: 疙瘩寶螺
Cypraea omii: 朦朧寶螺
Cypraea onyx: 瑪瑙寶螺
Cypraea ovum: 歐文寶螺
Cypraea pallidula: 緞帶寶螺
Cypraea pellucens: 琥珀寶螺
Cypraea poraria: 紫花寶螺
Cypraea porteri: 波塔寶螺
Cypraea pulchella: 黑齒寶螺
Cypraea punctata: 芝麻寶螺
Cypraea quadrimaculata: 四眼寶螺
Cypraea sakurai: 櫻井寶螺
Cypraea saulae: 美娘寶螺
Cypraea scurra: 網目寶螺
Cypraea staphylaea: 鯊皮寶螺
Cypraea stolida: 塊斑寶螺
Cypraea stolida: 塊班寶螺
Cypraea talpa: 酒桶寶螺
Cypraea teramachii: 寺町寶螺
Cypraea teres: 黑痣寶螺
Cypraea tessellata: 棋盤寶螺
Cypraea testufinaria: 叢雲寶螺
Cypraea tigris: 虎斑宝贝(3)
Cypraea tigris: 黑星寶螺
Cypraea ursellus: 肥熊寶螺
Cypraea ventriculus: 金棗寶螺
Cypraea vicdani: 宏凱寶螺
Cypraea vitellus: 白星寶螺
Cypraea walkeri: 瓦氏寶螺
Cypraea ziczac: 箭頭寶螺
Cypraecassis rufa: 萬寶螺
Cyprichromis leptosoma: 細體愛麗魚(2)
Cyprichromis leptosoma: 蓝剑鲨
Cyprichromis leptosoma: 藍劍沙(2)
Cyprichromis leptosoma: 黃尾藍劍鯊(3)
Cyprichromis microlepidotus: 小鱗愛麗魚
Cyprichromis nigripinnis: 蓝翼蓝珍珠
Cyprichromis pavo: 孔雀愛麗魚
Cyprideis yehi: 葉氏荊花介
Cypridopsis elephantiasis: 象皮鎧金星介
Cypridopsis sinensis: 震旦鎧金星介
Cypridopsis vidua: 唯多鎧金星介
Cyprinella alvarezdelvillari: 阿氏真小鯉
Cyprinella bocagrande: 博卡真小鯉
Cyprinella caerulea: 淡黑真小鯉
Cyprinella callisema: 美體真小鯉
Cyprinella callistia: 美身真小鯉
Cyprinella camura: 彎身真小鯉
Cyprinella chloristia: 黃綠真小鯉
Cyprinella formosa: 美丽真小鲤
Cyprinella formosa: 美麗真小鯉(2)
Cyprinella galactura: 乳色真小鯉
Cyprinella garmani: 加曼氏真小鯉
Cyprinella gibbsi: 吉氏真小鯉
Cyprinella labrosa: 貪食真小鯉
Cyprinella leedsi: 利氏真小鯉
Cyprinella lutrensis: 盧倫真小鯉(2)
Cyprinella nivea: 尼文真小鯉
Cyprinella panarcys: 帕納真小鯉
Cyprinella proserpina: 冥真小鯉
Cyprinella pyrrhomelas: 火黑真小鯉
Cyprinella rutila: 紅真小鯉
Cyprinella spiloptera: 斑鰭真小鯉
Cyprinella trichroistia: 三色真小鯉
Cyprinella venusta: 迷人真小鯉
Cyprinella venusta: 迷人真小鲤
Cyprinella whipplii: 惠氏真小鯉
Cyprinella xaenura: 大眼真小鯉
Cyprinella xanthicara: 黃頭真小鯉
Cyprinella zanema: 絲真小鯉
Cyprinion acinaces: acinaces, 也門似真小鯉
Cyprinion acinaces: hijazi, 希賈茲似真小鯉
Cyprinion kais: 伊拉克似真小鯉
Cyprinion macrostomus: 大口似真小鯉
Cyprinion mhalensis: 沙特似真小鯉
Cyprinion microphthalmum: 小眼似真小鯉
Cyprinion milesi: 邁氏似真小鯉
Cyprinion tenuiradius: 細線似真小鯉
Cyprinion watsoni: 華生似真小鯉
Cyprinocirrhites polyactis: 多棘鯉
Cyprinocirrhites polyactis: 紅燕子
Cyprinocirrhites polyactis: 長鰭鯉
Cyprinocirrhites polyactis: 長鰭鯉
Cyprinodon tularosa: 白沙鮰
Cyprinotus naichan: 內戰圓金星介
Cyprinotus scholiosus: 學士圓金星介
Cyprinus acutidorsalis: 尖鰭鯉
Cyprinus acutidorsalis: 尖鳍鲤
Cyprinus auratus: 鯽
Cyprinus barbatus: 洱海鯉
Cyprinus barbatus: 洱海鲤
Cyprinus carpio: 兴国鲤
Cyprinus carpio: 华南鲤
Cyprinus carpio: 德国镜鲤(2)
Cyprinus carpio: 杞麓鲤
Cyprinus carpio: 西鯉(2)
Cyprinus carpio: 錦鯉(3)
Cyprinus carpio: 錦鯉, Jin li
Cyprinus carpio: 锦鲤, Jin li
Cyprinus carpio: 鮘仔(2)
Cyprinus carpio: 鯉
Cyprinus carpio: 鯉魚(14)
Cyprinus carpio: 鯉魚, Li yu
Cyprinus carpio: 鯉(3)
Cyprinus carpio: 鯉, Li
Cyprinus carpio: 鲤
Cyprinus carpio: 鲤鱼 
Cyprinus carpio: 鲤鱼(2)
Cyprinus carpio: 鲤鱼, Li yu
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, 西鯉
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, 鯉
Cyprinus carpio: haematopterus, 鯉
Cyprinus carpio: viridiviolaceus, 锦鲤
Cyprinus centralus: 中心鯉
Cyprinus chilia: 杞麓鯉
Cyprinus crassilabris: 厚唇鲤
Cyprinus daliensis: 大理鯉
Cyprinus daliensis: 大理鲤
Cyprinus fuxianensis: 撫仙小鯉
Cyprinus ilishaectomus: 翘嘴鲤
Cyprinus ilishaestomus: 翘嘴鲤
Cyprinus ilishaestomus: 翹嘴鯉
Cyprinus intha: 因萊湖鯉
Cyprinus longipectoralis: 春鯉
Cyprinus longipectoralis: 春鲤(2)
Cyprinus longzhouensis: 龙州鲤
Cyprinus megalophthalmus: 大眼鯉
Cyprinus megalophthalmus: 大眼鲤(2)
Cyprinus micristius: 中鲤
Cyprinus micristius: 小鯉
Cyprinus micristius: 小鲤(2)
Cyprinus micristius: 抚仙小鲤
Cyprinus multitaeniata: 三角鯉
Cyprinus multitaeniata: 三角鲤
Cyprinus pellegrini: 大头鲤(3)
Cyprinus pellegrini: 大頭鯉
Cyprinus qionghaiensis: 邛海鯉
Cyprinus qionghaiensis: 邛海鲤
Cyprinus rubofuscus: 華南鯉
Cyprinus rubofuscus: 青鯉
Cyprinus yilongensis: 异龙中鲤(2)
Cyprinus yilongensis: 异龙鲤
Cyprinus yilongensis: 異龍鯉
Cyprinus yunnanensis: 云南鲤(2)
Cyprinus yunnanensis: 雲南鯉
Cypseloides cherriei: 斑額黑雨燕
Cypseloides cherriei: 斑额黑雨燕(5)
Cypseloides cryptus: 白頦黑雨燕
Cypseloides cryptus: 白颏黑雨燕(5)
Cypseloides fumigatus: 乌黑雨燕(5)
Cypseloides fumigatus: 烏黑雨燕
Cypseloides lemosi: 白胸黑雨燕(6)
Cypseloides niger: 黑雨燕(6)
Cypseloides phelpsi: 費氏黑雨燕
Cypseloides phelpsi: 费氏黑雨燕(5)
Cypseloides rothschildi: 罗氏黑雨燕(5)
Cypseloides rothschildi: 羅氏黑雨燕
Cypseloides rutilus: 栗領黑雨燕
Cypseloides rutilus: 栗领黑雨燕(5)
Cypseloides senex: 大黑雨燕(6)
Cypseloides storeri: 白額黑雨燕
Cypseloides storeri: 白额黑雨燕(5)
Cypselurus agoo: 真燕鳐
Cypselurus agoo: 阿戈飛魚
Cypselurus angusticeps: 細頭燕鰩魚
Cypselurus angusticeps: 細頭飛魚
Cypselurus angusticeps: 细头燕鳐
Cypselurus angusticeps: 飛烏
Cypselurus angusticeps: 飞乌
Cypselurus antoncichi: 安東燕鰩魚
Cypselurus antoncichi: 安氏飛魚
Cypselurus arcticeps: 弓头燕鳐
Cypselurus arcticeps: 弓頭燕鰩魚
Cypselurus atrisignis: 半斑燕鳐
Cypselurus atrisignis: 飛烏
Cypselurus atrisignis: 飞乌
Cypselurus bahiensis: 背斑燕鳐
Cypselurus brevipinnis: 短鳍燕鳐
Cypselurus brevis: 小燕鳐
Cypselurus callopterus: 美鰭燕鰩魚
Cypselurus callopterus: 美鳍燕鳐鱼
Cypselurus cyanopterus: 横斑燕鳐
Cypselurus katoptron: 黄斑燕鳐
Cypselurus naresi: 垂须燕鳐
Cypselurus naresii: 垂鬚飛魚
Cypselurus naresii: 納氏燕鰩魚
Cypselurus naresii: 飛烏
Cypselurus naresii: 飞乌
Cypselurus oligolepis: 寡鱗飛魚
Cypselurus oligolepis: 少鱗燕鰩魚
Cypselurus oligolepis: 少鳞燕鳐
Cypselurus oligolepis: 飛烏
Cypselurus opisthopus: 后鳍燕鳐
Cypselurus oxycephalus: 尖头燕鳐
Cypselurus oxycephalus: 尖頭燕鰩魚
Cypselurus poecilopterus: 小烏
Cypselurus poecilopterus: 斑鰭飛魚
Cypselurus poecilopterus: 花鰭燕鰩魚
Cypselurus poecilopterus: 花鳍燕鳐
Cypselurus poecilopterus: 飛烏
Cypselurus simus: 单峰燕鳐
Cypselurus speculiger: 尖鳍燕鳐
Cypselurus spilonotopterus: 紫鳍燕鳐
Cypselurus spilopterus: 斑鳍燕鳐
Cypselurus starksi: 三峰燕鳐
Cypselurus starksi: 斯氏燕鰩魚
Cypselurus starksi: 斯氏飛魚
Cypselurus suttoni: 斑条燕鳐
Cypselurus unicolor: 单色燕鳐
Cypsiurus balasiensis: 棕雨燕(13)
Cypsiurus parvus: 棕雨燕(7)
Cypsiurus parvus: 非洲棕雨燕(9)
Cyrenobatissa subsulcata: 大蜆(2)
Cyrenodonax formosana: 花蜆(2)
Cyrestis thyodamas: 石牆蝶
Cyrestis thyodamas: 網絲蛺蝶
Cyrestis thyodamas: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Cyrpsis gebieni: 蓋氏球擬步行蟲
Cyrtarachne bufo: 蟾蜍曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne bufo: 鳥糞蛛(2)
Cyrtarachne fangchenensis: 防城曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne gilvus: 黄斑曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne hubeiensis: 湖北曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne inaequalis: 大鳥糞蛛
Cyrtarachne inaequalis: 对称曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne inaequalis: 對稱曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne induta: 赤斑曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne menghaiensis: 勐海曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne nagasakiensis: 長崎鳥糞蛛
Cyrtarachne nagasakiensis: 长崎曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne szetschuanensis: 四川曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne yunoharuensis: 汤原曲腹蛛
Cyrtarachne yunoharuensis: 紅鳥糞蛛
Cyrtocara compressiceps: 馬面(2)
Cyrtocara linni: 林氏隆背麗鯛
Cyrtocara moorii: 藍摩利(3)
Cyrtocara moorii: 藍茉莉
Cyrtocara moorii: 藍隆背麗鯛(2)
Cyrtoclytus formosanus: 台灣黃條虎天牛
Cyrtoclytus kusamai: 深山黃條虎天牛
Cyrtodactylus consobrinus: 橫紋曉爪守宮
Cyrtodactylus elongatus: 長裸趾虎
Cyrtodactylus elongatus: 长弯脚虎
Cyrtodactylus elongatus: 长裸趾虎(3)
Cyrtodactylus khasiensis: 卡西弯脚虎
Cyrtodactylus khasiensis: 卡西裸趾虎(2)
Cyrtodactylus khasiensis: 灰裸趾虎
Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis: 新幾內亞弓趾虎
Cyrtodactylus louisiadensis: 环尾弓趾虎
Cyrtodactylus medogensis: 卡西裸趾虎
Cyrtodactylus medogensis: 墨脫裸趾虎
Cyrtodactylus medogensis: 墨脱弯脚虎
Cyrtodactylus medogensis: 墨脱裸趾虎(3)
Cyrtodactylus pulchellus: 槟城弓趾虎
Cyrtodactylus russowi: 灰弯脚虎
Cyrtodactylus russowii: 灰裸趾虎(4)
Cyrtodactylus russowii: 长裸趾虎
Cyrtodactylus serpensinsula: 蛇島弓趾虎
Cyrtodactylus stolizkai: 宽斑弯脚虎
Cyrtodactylus tibetanus: 云南半叶趾虎
Cyrtodactylus tibetanus: 西藏弯脚虎
Cyrtodactylus tibetanus: 西藏裸趾虎(4)
Cyrtodactylus yarkandensis: 莎車裸趾虎
Cyrtodactylus yarkandensis: 莎车裸趾虎(3)
Cyrtomaia curviceros: 彎角刺蛛蟹
Cyrtomaia horrida: 粗糙刺蛛蟹
Cyrtomaia murrayi: 莫氏刺蛛蟹
Cyrtonops asahinai: 太古天牛
Cyrtonops asahinai: 朝氏圓頸天牛
Cyrtonops nigra: 黑圓頸天牛
Cyrtonops punctipennis: 斑翅圓頸天牛
Cyrtopeltis tenius: 烟盲蝽
Cyrtopera laguncula: 小壶篮袋虫
Cyrtophora cicatrosa: 后带云斑蛛
Cyrtophora citricola: 桔云斑蛛
Cyrtophora cylindroides: 类筒云斑蛛
Cyrtophora exanthematica: 花云斑蛛
Cyrtophora guangxiensis: 广西云斑蛛
Cyrtophora hainanensis: 海南云斑蛛
Cyrtophora lacunaris: 刻纹云斑蛛
Cyrtophora moluccensis: 麋鹿加云斑蛛
Cyrtophora unicolor: 全色云斑蛛
Cyrtophora unicolor: 單色雲斑蛛
Cyrtophora unicolor: 闊腹泉字斑
Cyrtoplastus smetanai: 史氏隱頭球蕈甲
Cyrtopodion elongatus: 新疆弓趾虎
Cyrtopodion elongatus: 长弯脚虎(2)
Cyrtopodion medogensis: 墨脱弯脚虎
Cyrtopodion tibetanus: 西藏弯脚虎
Cyrtorhinus lividipennis: 黑肩綠盔盲椿
Cyrtorhinus lividipennis: 黑肩綠盔盲蝽
Cyselosoma gephyrae: 黃腳蠅
Cysteochila chiniana: 高負板網蝽
Cystophora cristata: 冠海豹
Cytaea levii: 列偉胞蛛
Cytharopsis barbiton: 葉脈捲管螺
Cytharopsis butonensis: 凸稜捲管螺
Cytharopsis cancellata: 紗布捲管螺
Cytharopsis radulina: 紅紋捲管螺
Cythere cephaloidea: 頭形浪花介
Cythere lutea: 外日本浪花介
Cythere lutea: 裏日本浪花介
Cythere yüniangae: 玉娘浪花介
Cytherella beibuwanensis: 北部灣小浪花介
Cytherella caepae: 蔥頭小浪花介
Cytherella japonica: 東洋小浪花介
Cytherella leizhouensis: 雷州小浪花介
Cytherella posterotuberculata: 有節小浪花介
Cytherella pumpkinae: 南瓜小浪花介
Cytherella shengmu: 神木小浪花介
Cytherella speciosa: 特種小浪花介
Cytherella yangchieni: 楊堅小浪花介
Cytherella yaoshou: 么壽小浪花介
Cytherelloidea abei: 阿伯小花介
Cytherelloidea ambigua: 曖昧小花介
Cytherelloidea chilini: 騏驎小花介
Cytherelloidea cingulata: 紐扣小花介
Cytherelloidea cocokia: 可可小花介
Cytherelloidea delphinina: 飛燕小花介
Cytherelloidea feilunga: 飛龍小花介
Cytherelloidea hanaii: 花井小花介
Cytherelloidea kianofeipunae: 姜妃小花介
Cytherelloidea leroyi: 李老小花介
Cytherelloidea nagaensis: 長井小花介
Cytherelloidea senkakuensis: 釣魚台小浪花介
Cytherelloidea sulcata: 有溝小花介
Cytherois mutsuensis: 陸奧擬花介
Cytherois tosaensis: 土佐擬花介
Cytherois wangchieni: 王翦擬花介
Cytheroma eximius: 卓越紅花介
Cytheroma shoangwenlini: 林爽文紅花介
Cytheroma yüeri: 愈兒紅花介
Cytheromorpha chiaoshenga: 嬌生花形介
Cytheromorpha nanwanica: 南灣花形介
Cytheropteron abnormis: 變異羽花介
Cytheropteron chiafui: 假父羽花介
Cytheropteron elongatum: 長伸羽花介
Cytheropteron hanfei: 韓飛羽花介
Cytheropteron huangtien: 皇天羽花介
Cytheropteron kuochui: 國舅羽花介
Cytheropteron microlatum: 小網羽花介
Cytheropteron miurense: 三浦羽花介
Cytheropteron peiminga: 碑銘羽花介
Cytheropteron rectocostum: 條紋羽花介
Cytheropteron rhombea: 菱角羽花介
Cytheropteron sawanense: 澤野羽花介
Cytheropteron similis: 并羽花介
Cytheropteron tonsillolithia: 扁桃石羽花介
Cytheropteron tumulosum: 騷亂羽花介
Cytheropteron violaeherbia: 蝴蝶草羽花介
Cytheropteron wangchieni: 王翦似羽花介
Cytherura chanilua: 湛廬尾花介
Cytherura chaoshengi: 趙勝尾花介
Cytherura kianomikadoi: 皇帝尾花介
Cytherura miurensis: 三浦尾花介
Cytherura shiehkuani: 師曠尾花介
Cytherura taiwanica: 台灣尾花介
Cytocara venusta: 维纳斯
Cytodactylus khasiensis: 卡西裸趾虎(2)
Cyttarops alecto: 蜂眼蝠(2)
Cyttarops alecto: 麻面蝠
Cyttomimus affinis: 青甲眼的鯛
Cyttomimus affinis: 青菱海魴
Cyttomimus affinis: 青菱海鲂
Cyttopsis rosea: 玫瑰的鯛
Cyttopsis rosea: 紅腹棘海魴
Cyttopsis rosea: 腹棘海魴
Cyttopsis rosens: 似海鲂
Czernyola biseta: 雙毛澳蠅

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_c.htm, 2015-02-07, Animal name, 動物名, (C, 973KB)}

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_c.htm, 2015-02-07, Animal name, 動物名, (C, 973KB)}, (nswong, animal_name_c.htm)

Cacatua galerita: Kakak tua besar jambul kuning
Cacatua galerita: Kakatua putih besar jambul kuning
Cacatua goffini: Burung
Cacatua goffini: Kakatua gofin
Cacatua goffini: Kakatua tanimbar(2)
Cacatua moluccensis: Kakatua seram
Cacatua sulphurea: Kakak tua kecil jambul kuning
Cacatua sulphurea: Kakatua jambul kuning(2)
Cacatua sulphurea: Kakatua kecil jambul kuning
Cacomantis merulinus: Burung
Cacomantis merulinus: Burung mati anak(5)
Cacomantis merulinus: Sewah mati anak(2)
Cacomantis merulinus: Wiwik kelabu(7)
Cacomantis merulinus: Wiwik lurik(2)
Cacomantis sepulchralis: Wiwik uncuing
Cacomantis sepulcralis: Burung
Cacomantis sepulcralis: Sewah dada oren(3)
Cacomantis sepulcralis: Sewah gila
Cacomantis sepulcralis: Wiwik uncuing
Cacomantis sonnerati: Burung
Cacomantis sonnerati: Burung takuweh(2)
Cacomantis sonneratii: Burung takuweh(2)
Cacomantis sonneratii: Sewah takuweh
Cacomantis sonneratii: Wiwik kelabu
Cacomantis sonneratii: Wiwik lurik(3)
Cacomantis variolosus: Wiwik rimba
Caesio cuning: Bagan(2)
Caesio cuning: Delah pinang
Caesio cuning: Delah(2)
Caesio cuning: Ekor kuning
Caesio cuning: Ikan delah
Caesio cuning: Merah china
Caesio cuning: Pisang
Caesio cuning: Pisang-pisang
Caesio cuning: Sulit
Caesio erythrogaster: Delah(2)
Caesio erythrogaster: Ikan delah
Caesio erythrogaster: Pinang-pinang
Cairina moschata: Itik serati(1510)
Cairina moschata: Itik surati(895)
Cairina scutulata: Itik liar
Cairina scutulata: Mentok rimba
Cairina scutulata: Serati hutan
Calamaria albiventer: Ular
Calamaria lowi: gimletti, Ular
Calamaria lumbricoidea: Ular
Calamaria pavimentata: Ular
Calamaria schlegeli: schlegeli, Ular
Calidris acuminata: Kedidi ekor tajam
Calidris acuminata: Kedidi tekor tajam(3)
Calidris alba: Kedidi kapak(3)
Calidris alba: Kedidi kepak jalur puteh
Calidris alba: Kedidi putih
Calidris alpina: Kedidi dunlin(4)
Calidris canutus: Kedidi dian kecil(4)
Calidris canutus: Kedidi merah
Calidris ferruginea: Burung
Calidris ferruginea: Kedidi golgol
Calidris ferruginea: Kedidi pasir kendi(5)
Calidris melanotos: Kedidi pektoral
Calidris minuta: Kedidi kerdil
Calidris pygmeus: Kedidi paruh sudu
Calidris ruficollis: Burung
Calidris ruficollis: Kedidi leher-merah
Calidris ruficollis: Kedidi luris leher(4)
Calidris subminuta: Kedidi jari-panjang
Calidris subminuta: Kedidi jari panjang(4)
Calidris temminckii: Kedidi temminck(5)
Calidris tenuirostris: Kedidi besar
Calidris tenuirostris: Kedidi dian besar(4)
Callagur borneensis: Tuntung semangka
Calliophis gracilis: Ular
Calliophis maculiceps: Ular
Callocalia brevirostris: Burung
Callocalia fuciphaga: Burung
Callosciurus baluensis: Tupai kinabalu(2)
Callosciurus caniceps: Tupai perut kelabu
Callosciurus caniceps: Tupai perut teratak
Callosciurus erythraeus: Tupai bukit
Callosciurus nigrevitatus: Bajing hutan
Callosciurus nigrovittatus: Tupai tompok
Callosciurus notatus: Bajing kelapa(1250)
Callosciurus prevostii: Tupai gading
Calloselasma rhodostoma: Ular kapak bodoh
Calloselasma rhodostoma: Ular tanah(2)
Caloenas nicobarica: Burung mas
Caloenas nicobarica: Junai emas
Caloenas nicobarica: Junai mas
Caloenas nicobarica: Merpati nikobar
Caloenas nicobarica: Punai emas(4)
Caloenas nicobarica: Punai mas
Calonectris leucomelas: Olak berjalur
Caloperdix oculea: Puyuh tarun-tarun
Caloperdix oculea: Sang serok rimba
Caloperdix oculea: Sang seruk rimba(3)
Caloperdix oculeus: Puyuh tarun-tarun
Caloperdix oculeus: Sang seruk rimba
Caloramphus fuliginosus: Burung takur
Caloramphus fuliginosus: Takur ampis
Calores versicolor: Bunglon
Calorhamphus fuliginosus: Burung takur
Calorhamphus fuliginosus: Takor dahan(2)
Calotermes tectonal: Rayap
Calotes versicolor: Cicak(249)
Calotus jubatus: Bunglon
Calyptomena hosii: Madihijau perut-biru
Calyptomena viridis: Madihijau kecil
Calyptomena viridis: Takau selawit
Calyptomena whiteheadi: Madihijau whitehead
Cambarus virilis: Udang air tawar
Camellia sinensis: Teh cina
Canagium odoratum: Bunga kenanga
Canopormopha sinensis: Ulat pengorek buah
Cantoria violacea: Ular
Capricornis sumatraensis: Kambing gurun
Capricornis sumatrensis: Kambing sumatera(2)
Caprimulgus affinis: Cabak kota(3)
Caprimulgus affinis: Tukang savana(6)
Caprimulgus concretus: Cabak kolong
Caprimulgus concretus: Tukang bonarparte(4)
Caprimulgus indicus: Cabak kelabu
Caprimulgus indicus: Tukang hutan
Caprimulgus indicus: Tukang kelabu(5)
Caprimulgus macrurus: Burung malas(6)
Caprimulgus macrurus: Burung segan(2)
Caprimulgus macrurus: Cabak maling
Caprimulgus macrurus: Tukan kubur
Caprimulgus macrurus: Tukang kayu(2)
Caprimulgus macrurus: Tukang kubur(3)
Caprimulgus macrurus: Tukang malas(3)
Caprimulgus macrurus: Tukang(4)
Carangoides armatus: Cermin
Carangoides armatus: Cupak
Carangoides armatus: Demudok putih
Carangoides armatus: Ikan cermin
Carangoides armatus: Rambai
Carangoides armatus: Sagai(4)
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Cermin
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Cupak
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Demudok bintik kuning
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Ikan sagai
Carangoides fulvoguttatus: Jemuduk batik
Carangoides gymnostethus: Cupak
Carangoides gymnostethus: Demudok nyior-nyior
Carangoides gymnostethus: Ewe karm
Carangoides gymnostethus: Ikan cermin
Carangoides gymnostethus: Jemuduk
Carangoides hedlandensis: Demudok lekuk
Carangoides hedlandensis: Ikan demudok putih
Carangoides malabaricus: Cermin
Carangoides malabaricus: Demudok
Carangoides malabaricus: Ikan rambai
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Cermin
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Cupak
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Demudok pipi calit
Carangoides plagiotaenia: Ikan sagai
Caranx djeddaba: Ikan pelata
Caranx ignobilis: Among-among(2)
Caranx ignobilis: Gerepoh(2)
Caranx ignobilis: Ikan puteh
Caranx leptolepis: Ikan selar kuning
Caranx leptolepis: Selar kuning(3)
Caranx lugubris: Ikan puteh bongkok
Caranx mate: Ikan selar biasa
Caranx mate: Ikan serai
Caranx mate: Selar biasa(3)
Caranx melampygus: Belukok sirip biru
Caranx melampygus: Demudok
Caranx melampygus: Ikan
Caranx melampygus: Kerepoh
Caranx rotteri: Ikan serai(3)
Caranx sexfasciatus: Belukok putih
Caranx sexfasciatus: Cupak(3)
Caranx sexfasciatus: Ikan cupak
Caranx sexfasciatus: Ikan putih
Caranx sexfasciatus: Kepoh(2)
Caranx sexfasciatus: Kerepoh(4)
Caranx sexfasciatus: Nyuk-nyuk
Caranx speciosus: Gerung-gerung(2)
Carassius auratus: auratus, Ikan mas(3)
Carassius auratus: Ikan emas
Carassius auratus: Ikan koki(3)
Carassius auratus: Ikan mas(5)
Carassius auratus: Koki
Carassius auratus: Maskoki
Carcharhinus brevipinnata: Ikan hiu
Carcharhinus leucas: Ikan hiu(2)
Carcharhinus leucas: Yu(2)
Carcharhinus limbatus: Ikan hiu
Carcharias menissorah: Ikan hiu
Carcharodon cacharias: Hiu putih besar
Carcharodon carcharias: Hiu putih(2)
Carcharodon carcharias: Yu jerung putih
Cardisoma carnifex: Kepongok
Caretta caretta: Penyu bromo
Caretta caretta: Penyu tempayan(3)
Carettochelys insculpta: Kura-kura irian
Carina scutulata: Mentok rimba
Carinosquilla carinata: Udang mantis
Carpococcyx radiatus: Sewah tanah
Carpococcyx radiceus: Sewah tanah(3)
Carpococcyx radiceus: Tokhtor kalimantan
Carpococcyx viridis: Tokhtor sumatra
Casmerodius albus: Bangau besar(3)
Cassis cornuta: Kepala kambing
Casuarius bennetti: Kasuari kecil
Casuarius casuarius: Kasuari(2)
Casuarius unappenddiculatus: Kasuari leher kuning
Catla catla: Belaga(2)
Catla catla: Katla
Catopuma temminckii: Kucing tulap
Cecropis daurica: Layang-layang api(2)
Cecropis daurica: Layanglayang gua
Cecropis striolata: Layanglayang loreng
Celeus brachyurus: Belatok biji nangka
Celeus brachyurus: Belatok kecil(2)
Celeus brachyurus: Belatuk biji nangka(5)
Celeus brachyurus: Burung
Celeus brachyurus: Pelatuk kijang
Centropus bengalensis: Bubut alang-alang(2)
Centropus bengalensis: Bubut kecil(6)
Centropus bengalensis: Burung
Centropus bengalensis: But-but
Centropus bengalensis: Butbut kecil
Centropus nigrirufus: Bubut jawa
Centropus nigrorufus: Bubut jawa
Centropus rectunguis: Bubut hutan
Centropus rectunguis: Bubut jari pendek(2)
Centropus rectunguis: But-but jari pendek.(2)
Centropus sinensis: Bubut besar(2860)
Cephalopholis boenack: Kerapu
Cephalopholis cyanostigma: Kerapu bintik biru
Cephalopholis cyanostigma: Kerapu karang
Cephalopholis formosa: Ikan kerapu garis biru
Cephalopholis miniatus: Kerapu merah(2)
Cephalopholis sonnerati: Kerapu bara
Cerberus rhynchops: Ular
Cerberus rynchops: Ular air
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: Patung-patung(6)
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: Pepatung(9)
Ceriagrion cerinorubellum: Sibu-sibu(2)
Cerithidea obtusa: Belitong(37)
Cerithidea obtusa: Belitung(90)
Cerithidea obtusa: Siput sedut(633)
Cervus kuhli: Rusa bawean
Cervus timorensis: Rusa
Cervus timorensis: Rusa sunda sambar
Cervus timorensis: Rusa timor(2)
Cervus unicolor: Rusa(2)
Cervus unicolor: Rusa(common)
Cestrum noctumum: Bunga santalia
Cethosia myrina: Kupu bidadari
Cettia vulcania: Ceret gunung(2)
Ceyx azuera: Raja udang biru
Ceyx erithaca: Pekaka api
Ceyx erithaca: Udang api
Ceyx erithacus: Burung
Ceyx erithacus: Pekaka api(4)
Ceyx erithacus: Pekaka rimba
Ceyx rofidorsus: Raja udang punggung merah
Ceyx rufidorsa: Pekaka
Chaerephon johorensis: Kelasar johor
Chaerephon plicata: Kelasar rumah
Chaetodermis penicilligerus: Barat-barat duri
Chaetodermis penicilligerus: Ikan bagang
Chalchopash indica: Delimukan
Chalcoparia singalensis: Burungmadu belukar
Chalcophaps indica: Burung
Chalcophaps indica: Delimukan zambrut
Chalcophaps indica: Delimukan zamrud(4)
Chalcophaps indica: Punai tanah(9)
Chana lucius: Bujuk
Chana marulioides: Lalui
Chana micropeltes: Toman
Chana striatus: Haman
Channa gachua: Haruan todak
Channa gachua: Ikan bakak(3)
Channa gachua: Ikan bogo(4)
Channa lucius: Bujuk(11)
Channa lucius: Ikan bujok(2)
Channa lucius: Ikan bujuk(8)
Channa lucius: Ikan gabus cina
Channa lucius: Ubi
Channa marulioides: Elai
Channa marulioides: Jaloi
Channa marulioides: Toman bunga(6)
Channa marulius: Toman bunga
Channa marulloides: Jaloi
Channa marulloides: Jelai
Channa marulloides: Kerandang
Channa marulloides: Kuang
Channa marulloides: Toman bunga(3)
Channa melanostoma: Ikan toman
Channa melasoma: Haruan palas(3)
Channa micropeltes: Ikan toman(2893)
Channa micropeltes: Toman(13100)
Channa striata: Aruan(3650)
Channa striata: Bogo(2420)
Channa striata: Gabus(23000)
Channa striata: Haruan(10200)
Channa striata: Ikan gabus(18500)
Channa striata: Ikan haruan(4871)
Channa striata: Ruan(1740)
Channa striata: Toman paya
Channa striata: Toman(14600)
Chanos chanon: Ikan susu
Chanos chanos: Bandeng(2)
Chanos chanos: Ikan bandeng(2)
Charadrius alexandrinus: Cerek tilil
Charadrius alexandrinus: Kedidi pantai
Charadrius alexandrinus: Rapang pantai(4)
Charadrius asiaticus: Kedidi caspian
Charadrius dubius: Burung
Charadrius dubius: Cerek kalung-kecil
Charadrius dubius: Kedidi biji nangka
Charadrius dubius: Rapang biji nangka(3)
Charadrius dubius: Rapang gelang kecil(4)
Charadrius hiaticula: Rapang gelang
Charadrius hiaticula: Rapang gelang besar(3)
Charadrius leschenaulti: Burung
Charadrius leschenaulti: Burung kepala rapang besar
Charadrius leschenaultii: Cerekpasir besar
Charadrius leschenaultii: Rapang besar(4)
Charadrius mongolus: Burung
Charadrius mongolus: Burung kepala rapang kecil
Charadrius mongolus: Cerekpasir mongolia
Charadrius mongolus: Rapang mongolia
Charadrius mongolus: Rapang mongolia(2)(2)
Charadrius peroni: Burung kepala rapang
Charadrius peronii: Cerek melayu
Charadrius peronii: Rapang pasir(4)
Charadrius placidus: Rapang paruh panjang(3)
Charadrius veredus: Cerek asia
Charadrius veredus: Rapang timor(3)
Charadrius veredus: Rapang timur
Charonia tritonis: Triton terompet
Charybdis feriatus: Ketam karang(3)
Charybdis feriatus: Ketam kristian(2)
Charybdis feriatus: Rajungan karang
Charybdis natator: Ketam batik
Charybdis natator: Rajungan batik
Cheiromeles torquatus: Batin kelasar
Chela anomalura: Lalang
Chela oxygastroides: Lalang
Chelifer canccroides: Kalajengking buku
Chelmon rostratus: Bagang
Chelmon rostratus: Keper sumpit
Chelmon rostratus: Pipit
Chelodina mccordi: Kura-kura rote
Chelodina novaeguineae: Kura-kura papua(2)
Chelodina novaeguineae: Kura irian leher panjang
Chelonia mydas: Green turtle
Chelonia mydas: Penyu
Chelonia mydas: Penyu hijau(6)
Chelydra serpentia: Kura-kura air tawar
Chersydus granulatus: Ular
Chiloscyllium indicum: Ikan yu bodoh
Chiloscyllium indicum: Yu-cicak tembaga
Chiloscyllium indicum: Yu bodoh(3)
Chiloscyllium indicum: Yu punai
Chiloscyllium indicum: Yu tokeh
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Yu-cicak bintik putih
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Yu bodoh
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Yu punai
Chiloscyllium plagiosum: Yu tokeh
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Yu-cicak insang putih
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Yu bodoh
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Yu punai
Chiloscyllium punctatum: Yu tokeh
Chimarrogale phaeura: Cencurut air
Chirocentrus dorab: Bilis
Chirocentrus dorab: Ikan parang-parang(2)
Chirocentrus dorab: Parang-parang(2)
Chirocentrus hypselosema: Ikan parang-parang
Chirocentrus nudus: Ikan rarang
Chirocentrus nudus: Parang-parang
Chirocentrus nudus: Parang(2)
Chironax melanocephalus: Cecadu kepala hitam
Chironex fleckeri: Sengat laut
Chiropodomys gliroides: Tikus buluh
Chirrinus caudimaculatus: Selimang batu
Chitala chitala: Belida bintang
Chitala chitala: Belida(3)
Chitala lopis: Belida(2)
Chitala lopis: Ikan belida(3)
Chitala lopis: Ikan lopis
Chitra chitra: Striped giant soft-shelled turtle
Chitra indica: Labi-labi besar
Chlamydochaera jefferyi: Tawau dada-hitam
Chlamydosaurus kingii: Soa payung
Chlidonias hybrida: Camar hitam sayap putih
Chlidonias hybrida: Daralaut kumis
Chlidonias hybridus: Camar batu berumbai
Chlidonias hybridus: Camar hitam sayap putih(2)
Chlidonias leucoptera: Burung
Chlidonias leucopterus: Camar bermisai(3)
Chlidonias leucopterus: Camar kepak putih
Chlidonias leucopterus: Daralaut sayap-putih
Chlorocharis emiliae: Opior mata-hitam
Chloropsis cochinchinensis: Burung daun sayap biru(3)
Chloropsis cochinchinensis: Cicadaun sayap-biru
Chloropsis cochinchinensis: Daun sayap biru(2)
Chloropsis cochinchinensisnigricollis: Cica-daun sayap-biru
Chloropsis cochinchinensisnigricollis: Cica daun sayap biru
Chloropsis cyanopogon: Burung daun kecil(3)
Chloropsis cyanopogon: Cicadaun kecil
Chloropsis cyanopogon: Daun kecil(2)
Chloropsis hardwickii: Daun paruh oren
Chloropsis soneratii: Cica daun besar(2)
Chloropsis sonnerati: Burung daun besar(4)
Chloropsis sonnerati: Cicadaun besar
Chloropsis sonnerati: Daun besar
Chlropsis cyanopogon: Burung daun kecil
Choerodon anchorago: Bayan
Choerodon anchorago: Gigi anjing
Choerodon oligacanthus: Bayan
Choerodon oligacanthus: Ikan ketarap tanda
Choerodon schoenleinii: Bayan(2)
Choerodon schoenleinii: Bechok
Choerodon schoenleinii: Dava-dava
Choerodon schoenleinii: Ketarap
Choerodon schoenleinii: Ketarap bintik hitam
Choerodon schoenleinii: Tobak
Chondropython viridis: Sanca hijau
Chorinemus iysan: Ikan talang
Chorisquilla hystrix: Udang mantis
Chrisochorosa fulminans: Samber lilen
Chromileptes altivelis: Ikan kerapu bebek
Chromobotia macracanthus: Lali-lali(2)
Chrysaora quinquecirrha: Ubur-ubur
Chrysochir aureus: Gelama china
Chrysochir aureus: Gelama kuning dada
Chrysochir aureus: Gelama lumpur
Chrysococcyx basalis: Burung
Chrysococcyx basalis: Kedasi australia(2)
Chrysococcyx basalis: Sewah horsfield(4)
Chrysococcyx maculatus: Sewah tanah
Chrysococcyx minutillus: Burung
Chrysococcyx minutillus: Kedasi laut
Chrysococcyx minutillus: Sewah daun(6)
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus: Kedasi unggu
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus: Kedasi ungu
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus: Sewah rembah(3)
Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus: Sewah ungu(4)
Chrysocolaptes lucidus: Belatok pinang tua
Chrysocolaptes lucidus: Pelatuk tunggir-emas
Chrysopelea ornata: Ular
Chrysopelea ornata: Ular pohon emas
Chrysopelea paradisi: Reptilia
Chrysopelea paradisi: Ular
Chrysopelea paradisi: Ular terbang(2)
Chrysopelea pelias: Ular
Cicinnurus regius: Cendrawasih raja
Cicona stormi: Botak storm(2)
Ciconia episcopus: Bangau hitam(2)
Ciconia episcopus: Bangau sandang-lawe
Ciconia episcopus: Bangau sendanglawe
Ciconia episcopus: Botak leher putih
Ciconia episcopus: Sandang lawo
Ciconia stormi: Bangau storm(2)
Ciconia stormi: Botak leher hitam
Ciconia stormi: Burung botak (bangau)
Ciconia stormi: Burung botak(2)
Cimex ectularius: Kutu busuk
Cimex rotundatus: Kutu busuk
Cinnyris jugularis: Burung madu sriganti(43200)
Cinnyris jugularis: Burungmadu sriganti(4620)
Cinnyris jugularis: Kelicap bukit(1600)
Circaetus gallicus: Helang ular(4)
Circus cyaneus: Helang sawah kelabu(3)
Circus cyaneus: Lang sayap hitam
Circus melanoleucos: Elang-rawa tangling
Circus melanoleucos: Elangrawa tangling
Circus melanoleucos: Helang sawah hitam-putih(3)
Circus melanoleucos: Lang tangling
Circus spilonotus: Elangrawa timur
Circus spilonotus: Helang sawah beasr(3)
Circus spilonotus: Lang berjambul
Cirrhina molitorella: Kap lumpur(3)
Cirrhina mrigala: Kap mrigal
Cirrhinus chinensis: Kap lumpur(2)
Cirrhinus cirrhosus: Mrigal(2)
Cirrhinus molitorella: Kap lumpur
Cissa chinensis: Ekek layongan
Cissa chinensis: Gagak gunung
Cissa thalassina: Ekek geling
Cissa thalassina: Murai hijau(5)
Cisticla juncidis: Cekup layang
Cisticola exilis: Cici merah
Cisticola juncidis: Burung
Cisticola juncidis: Burung main angin(3)
Cisticola juncidis: Cici padi
Clamator coromandus: Bubutpacar jambul
Clamator coromandus: Sewah berjambul(5)
Clamator coromandus: Sewah kepak merah berjambul
Clarias batrachus: Ikan keli(2)
Clarias batrachus: Ikan lele
Clarias batrachus: Ikan lele local(3)
Clarias batrachus: Ikan lele lokal(2)
Clarias batrachus: Kali
Clarias batrachus: Keli
Clarias batrachus: Keli kayu(661)
Clarias batrachus: Keli(3)
Clarias batrachus: Lele
Clarias batrachus: Lele lokal
Clarias batrachus: Semilang
Clarias batrachus: Similiang
Clarias fuscus: Keli(2)
Clarias gariepinus: Ikan lele dumbo(5)
Clarias gariepinus: Keli
Clarias gariepinus: Keli afrika(4)
Clarias gariepinus: Keli eksotika
Clarias leiacanthus: Limbat akar
Clarias macrocephalus: Freshwater catfish
Clarias macrocephalus: Ikan keli kayu
Clarias macrocephalus: Keli bunga(3)
Clarias maladerma: Limbat pendek
Clarias marcrocephalus: Keli bunga(2)
Clarias nieuhofi: Keli limbat(2)
Clarias nieuhofi: Limbat(2)
Clarias nieuhofii: Ikan keli
Clarias nieuhofii: Keli limbat
Clarias nieuwhofi: Limbat manik
Clarias teijsmanni: Ikan keli hutan(2)
Clarias teijsmanni: Limbat(2)
Cliaradrius peronii: Rapang pasir(2)
Clupea fimbriata: Ikan tamban
Clupeoides papuensis: Ikan puri
Cochoa azurea: Ciung mungkal
Cochoa azurea: Ciung mungkal jawa
Cociella crocodilus: Baji-baji
Cociella crocodilus: Baji buaya
Cociella crocodilus: Ikan bebaji
Cocomantis sonneratii: Wiwik lurik
Cocomantis variolopus: Derkuku/dederuk
Codakia figeria: Kerang
Codiaeum variegatum: Puding
Coelops frithii: Kelawar ladam tidak berekor(2)
Coelops robinsoni: Kelawar ladam tidak berekor malaya(2)
Coffee liberica: Kopi liberia
Colisa lalia: Haiwan
Collacalia esculenta: Layang layang licin
Collacolia linchi: Walet linchi(2)
Collocalia esculenta: Layang-layang perut putih(6)
Collocalia esculenta: Walet sapi(4)
Collocalia fuchipaga: Walet
Collocalia fuciphaga: Burung
Collocalia fuciphaga: Layang-layang gua(2)
Collocalia fuciphaga: Walet sarang putih(2)
Collocalia linchi: Walet linchi(2)
Collocalia linchi: Walet linci(2)
Collocalia maxima: Layang-layang sarang hitam(2)
Collocalia volcanorum: Walet gunung(2)
Collorhabdium williamsoni: Ular
Colluricincla megarhyncha: Burung sohabe coklat
Colocalia linchi: Walet linchi
Colomba livia: Burung
Colossoma macropamum: Ikan bawal tawar(4)
Colossoma macropomum: Bawal merah
Colossoma macropomum: Ikan bawal air tawar(86)
Colossoma macropomum: Ikan bawal(102)
Colossoma macropomum: Ikan pacu(5)
Colossoma macropomum: Pacu
Columba argentina: Merpatihutan perak
Columba livia: Merpati batu(78)
Columba livia: Merpati domestik(80)
Columba livia: Merpati karang(1230)
Columba livia: Merpati(6940)
Columba vitiensis: Merpati kayu(2)
Columba vitiensis: Merpatihutan metalik
Columbia lifia: Merpati
Columbia vitiensis: Merpati kayu(2)
Congea tomentosa: Kongea putih
Conopophila albogularis: Beruang madu dada coklat
Copsychus chinensis: Jalak koci
Copsychus malabaricus: Kucica hutan(2880)
Copsychus malabaricus: Murai batu(64802)
Copsychus malabaricus: Murai rimba
Copsychus saularis: Kucica kampung(1570)
Copsychus saularis: Murai kampung(2221)
Copsychus stricklandi: Murai
Copsycus malabaricus: Kucica hutan
Coracias benghalensis: Tiong gajah
Coracina fimbriata: Burung kelabu sayap hitam(4)
Coracina fimbriata: Kepudangsungu kecil
Coracina fimbriata: Sewah kecil
Coracina javensis: Kepudang sungu jawa
Coracina larvata: Kepudang sungu gunung
Coracina larvata: Kepudangsungu gunung(2)
Coracina macei: Sewah besar
Coracina melaschistos: Sewah sayap hitam
Coracina striata: Kepudangsungu sumatera
Coracina striata: Sewah rimba
Corvos corone: Gagak bangkai
Corvus enca: Burung gagak hitam(3)
Corvus enca: Gagak
Corvus enca: Gagak hutan(4)
Corvus enca: Gagak paruh lampai
Corvus macrohynchos: Burung
Corvus macrorhinchos: Gagak kampung
Corvus macrorhynchos: Gagak kampong
Corvus macrorhynchos: Gagak kampung
Corvus macrorhynchos: Gagak paruh besar(5)
Corvus splendens: Burung
Corvus splendens: Gagak rumah(5)
Corydon sumatranus: Madi kelam
Corydon sumatranus: Takau rimba hujan
Coryphaena hippurus: Belitong(2)
Coryphaena hippurus: Golok(3)
Coryphaena hippurus: Ikan lumba
Coryphaena hippurus: Lemadang
Coryphaena hippurus: Parang
Coryphaena hippurus: Sarung golok
Cosymbotus platyurus: Cecak tembok(517)
Cosymbotus platyurus: Cicak
Coturnix chinensis: Pikau(2)
Coturnix chinensis: Pikau(3)(2)
Coturnix chinensis: Puyuh batu(2)
Crassostrea gigas: Tiram
Crassostrea iredalei: Tiram(81)
Crassostrea iridescens: Tiram
Criniger bres: Empuloh janggut
Criniger finschii: Empuloh leher-kuning
Criniger ochraceus: Empuloh ragum
Criniger phaeocephalus: Empuloh irang
Crocias albonotatus: Burung matahari
Crocias albonotatus: Cica matahari
Crocidura baluensis: Cencurut kinabalu(2)
Crocidura fuliginosa: Cencurut hutan
Crocidura malayana: Cencurut
Crocidura negligens: Cencurut kelabu
Crocodylus novaeguineae: Buaya air tawar irian(3)
Crocodylus nyloticus: Buaya sungai nil
Crocodylus porosus: Buaya muara(3)
Crocodylus porosus: Buaya(2)
Crocodylus porrosus: Buaya asia
Crocodylus siamensis: Buaya air tawar
Crocodylus siamensis: Buaya siam(3)
Cromileptes altivelis: Kerapu tikus(3)
Cromileptes altivelis: Sonoh(2)
Crossocheilus oblongus: Selimang siam
Crypsirina temia: Gagak anting-anting
Crypsirina temia: Tangkar centrong
Cryptomya elliptica: Siput lala
Cryptopterus bicirchis: Ikan selais(4)
Ctenodephalus cannis: Kutu anjing
Ctenopharyngodon idelius: Ikan kap rumput(2)
Ctenopharyngodon idelius: Ikan tongsan
Ctenopharyngodon idelius: Kap makan rumput(2)
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Ikan kap rumput
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Kap rumput(6)
Ctenopharyngodon idella: Koan
Ctenopharyngodon idellus: Kap rumput
Ctenopharyngodon ldollus: Kap rumput
Cuculus fugax: Kangkok melayu
Cuculus fugax: Sewah hodgson(4)
Cuculus hyperythrus: Kangkok utara
Cuculus merulinus: Sewah mati anak
Cuculus micropterus: Burung
Cuculus micropterus: Kangkok india(2)
Cuculus micropterus: Sewah india(6)
Cuculus saturatus: Kangkok ranting(3)
Cuculus saturatus: Sewah dada putih
Cuculus saturatus: Sewah gunung(4)
Cuculus sparverioides: Kangkok besar(2)
Cuculus sparverioides: Sewah tekukur besar(4)
Cuculus vagans: Kangkok kumis
Culicicapa ceylonensis: Sambar pacat
Culicicapa ceylonensis: Sikatan kepala-abu
Cuon alpinus: Ajag
Cuon alpinus: Serigala
Cuora amboinensis: Kura-kura katup
Cutia nipalensis: Rimba kutia
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: Sambar biru-putih(4)
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: Sambar biru putih
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: Sikatan biru-putih
Cyanoptila cyanomelana: Sikatan biru putih(2)
Cyclemys dentata: Kura-kura bergerigi
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Cemperas(3)
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Ikan chemperas(2)
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Ikan sipaku(4)
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Ikan temperas
Cyclocheilichthys apogon: Temperas(8)
Cyclocheilichthys repasson: Temperas
Cyclochelichthys apogon: Ikan temperas
Cycloschilichthys apogon: Sibahan
Cylindrophis ruffus: Ular kepala-dua(2)
Cylindrophis rufus: Ular
Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos: Sempurhujan sungai
Cymbirhynchus macrorhynchos: Takau rakit
Cynocephalus variegatus: Kubung(5)
Cynocephalus variegatus: Lemur terbang
Cynogale bennetti: Musang air
Cynogale bennettii: Musang memerang(3)
Cynoglossus arel: Ikan lidah
Cynoglossus arel: Lidah sisik besar
Cynoglossus bilineatus: Ikan lidah pasir
Cynoglossus lingua: Ikan lidah
Cynoglossus lingua: Ikan lidah pajang
Cynoglossus lingua: Ikan lidah pasir
Cynoglossus lingua: Ikan lidah(3)
Cynoglossus macrolepidotus: Ikan lidah
Cynoglossus microlepis: Ikan sebelah
Cynopithecus niger: Monyet hitam sulawesi
Cynopterus brachyotis: Cecadu pisang
Cynopterus brachyotis: Mamalia
Cynopterus horsfieldi: Cecadu pisang besar
Cynopterus sphinx: Cecadu siam
Cynopterus sphinx: Codot
Cyornis banyumas: Sambar bukit
Cyornis banyumas: Sikatan cacing
Cyornis caerulata: Sambar biru sunda(2)
Cyornis caerulatus: Sambar biru sunda(2)
Cyornis caerulatus: Sikatan sunda
Cyornis concretua: Sambar ekor putih
Cyornis concretus: Sikatan besar
Cyornis rubeculoides: Sambar biru berhijrah(3)
Cyornis rubeculoides: Sambar rengkong biru
Cyornis rufigastra: Sambar biru bakau(5)
Cyornis rufigastra: Sikatan bakau
Cyornis superbus: Sikatan kalimantan
Cyornis tickelliae: Sambar kelicap ranting
Cyornis tickelliae: Sikatan ranting
Cyornis turcosa: Sambar biru malaysia(3)
Cyornis turcosus: Sambar biru sunda(3)
Cyornis turcosus: Sikatan melayu
Cyornis unicolor: Sikatan biru-muda
Cyornis unicolor: Sikatan biru muda
Cyprinus caprio: Ikan mas tombro
Cyprinus caprio: Ikan mas(2)
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Lee koh
Cyprinus carpio: carpio, Leekoh(2)
Cyprinus carpio: Ikan kap
Cyprinus carpio: Ikan lee koh(3)
Cyprinus carpio: Ikan mas(6)
Cyprinus carpio: Kap cermin
Cyprinus carpio: Koi
Cyprinus carpio: Lee koh(5)
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Burung
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Layang-layang asia
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Layang-layang palma(4)
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Layang layang lontar
Cypsiurus balasiensis: Waletpalem asia

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