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{animal_name_b.htm, 2018-03-15, Animal name B, 動物名 B}

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_b.htm, 2018-03-15, Animal name B, 動物名 B}, (nswong, animal_name_b.htm)

Babax lanceolatus: Babax lanceolatus
Babelomurex armatus: Babelomurex armatus
Babelomurex blowi: Babelomurex blowi
Babelomurex cariniferoides: Babelomurex cariniferoides
Babelomurex deburghiae: Babelomurex deburghiae
Babelomurex echinatus: Babelomurex echinatus
Babelomurex fearnleyi: Babelomurex fearnleyi
Babelomurex finchii: Babelomurex finchii
Babelomurex fruticosus: Babelomurex fruticosus
Babelomurex gemmatus: Babelomurex gemmatus
Babelomurex habui: Babelomurex habui
Babelomurex hirasei: Babelomurex hirasei
Babelomurex japonicus: Babelomurex japonicus
Babelomurex kinoshitai: Babelomurex kinoshitai
Babelomurex lischeanus: Babelomurex lischeanus
Babelomurex longispinosus: Babelomurex longispinosus
Babelomurex marumai: Babelomurex marumai
Babelomurex nakayasui: Babelomurex nakayasui
Babelomurex purpuratus: Babelomurex purpuratus
Babelomurex spinosus: Babelomurex spinosus
Babelomurex tosanus: Babelomurex tosanus
Babylonia areolata: Babylonia areolata(2)
Babylonia feicheni: Babylonia feicheni
Babylonia formosae: Babylonia formosae(2)
Babylonia japonica: Babylonia japonica
Babylonia kirana: Babylonia kirana
Babylonia lutosa: Babylonia lutosa(2)
Babylonia perforata: Babylonia perforata
Babylonia spirata: Babylonia spirata
Babyrousa babyrussa: Babyrousa babyrussa(2)
Bacanius niponixua: Bacanius niponixua
Baccha apicalis: Baccha apicalis
Baccha fallax: Baccha fallax
Baccha maculata: Baccha maculata
Bacillus pumilus: Bacillus pumilus
Bactra hostilis: Bactra hostilis
Bactra minima: Bactra minima
Bactra venosana: Bactra venosana
Bactrocera ambiguus: Bactrocera ambiguus
Bactrocera arisanica: Bactrocera arisanica
Bactrocera cilifera: Bactrocera cilifera
Bactrocera costalis: Bactrocera costalis
Bactrocera cucurbitae: Bactrocera cucurbitae
Bactrocera depressa: Bactrocera depressa
Bactrocera diaphora: Bactrocera diaphora
Bactrocera dorsalis: Bactrocera dorsalis
Bactrocera elegantis: Bactrocera elegantis
Bactrocera ferruginea: Bactrocera ferruginea
Bactrocera flava: Bactrocera flava
Bactrocera hsui: Bactrocera hsui
Bactrocera latifrons: Bactrocera latifrons
Bactrocera lipsanus: Bactrocera lipsanus
Bactrocera lunulata: Bactrocera lunulata
Bactrocera mundus: Bactrocera mundus
Bactrocera nigrifacies: Bactrocera nigrifacies
Bactrocera okunii: Bactrocera okunii
Bactrocera paratappana: Bactrocera paratappana
Bactrocera parvufoliacea: Bactrocera parvufoliacea
Bactrocera parvula: Bactrocera parvula
Bactrocera pauleiensis: Bactrocera pauleiensis
Bactrocera pseudoscutellata: Bactrocera pseudoscutellata
Bactrocera scutellata: Bactrocera scutellata
Bactrocera semifemoralis: Bactrocera semifemoralis
Bactrocera synnephes: Bactrocera synnephes
Bactrocera tappanus: Bactrocera tappanus
Bactrocera tau: Bactrocera tau
Bactrocera tenuivittata: Bactrocera tenuivittata
Bactrocera yilanensis: Bactrocera yilanensis
Bactrocera yuiliensis: Bactrocera yuiliensis
Bactronophorus thoracites: Bactronophorus thoracites
Badamia exclaimationis: Badamia exclaimationis(2)
Badamia exclamationis: Badamia exclamationis
Badhamia affinis: Badhamia affinis
Badhamia macrocarpa: Badhamia macrocarpa
Badhamia nitens: Badhamia nitens
Badis badis: Badis badis(3)
Baeocera formosana: Baeocera formosana
Baeocera myrmidon: Baeocera myrmidon
Baeocera nanula: Baeocera nanula
Baeocera sauteri: Baeocera sauteri
Baeocera semiglobosa: Baeocera semiglobosa
Baeochila elongata: Baeochila elongata
Baeochila scitula: Baeochila scitula
Baeoura aliena: Baeoura aliena
Baeoura trichopoda: Baeoura trichopoda
Baetis taiwanensis: Baetis taiwanensis
Bagada poliomera: Bagada poliomera
Bagauda lucifigus: Bagauda lucifigus
Baiaplecta lowi: Baiaplecta lowi
Bailer shell: Bailer shell
Bajacalifornia burragei: Bajacalifornia burragei(2)
Balaena mysticetus: Balaena mysticetus
Balaeniceps rex: Balaeniceps rex
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: Balaenoptera acutorostrata(3)
Balaenoptera borealis: Balaenoptera borealis(3)
Balaenoptera brydei: Balaenoptera brydei
Balaenoptera edeni: Balaenoptera edeni(3)
Balaenoptera musculus: Balaenoptera musculus(3)
Balaenoptera omurai: Balaenoptera omurai
Balaenoptera physalus: Balaenoptera physalus(3)
Balaninus geniculatus: Balaninus geniculatus
Balanoptera borealis: Balanoptera borealis
Balanoptera edent: Balanoptera edent
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: Balantiocheilos melanopterus(3)
Balcha elegans: Balcha elegans
Balcha eximia: Balcha eximia
Balcis grandis: Balcis grandis
Balcis martini: Balcis martini
Balcis persimilis: Balcis persimilis
Balcis solidula: Balcis solidula
Baliga micans: Baliga micans
Balistapus undulatus: Balistapus undulatus(2)
Balistapus undulatus: Balistes aculeatus
Balistapus undulatus: Balistes lineatus
Balistapus undulatus: Balistes minor
Balistapus undulatus: Balistes porcatus
Balistapus undulatus: Balistes undulatus
Balistapus undulatus: Balistopus undulatus
Balistoides conspicillum: Balistes conspicillum
Balistoides conspicillum: Balistoides conspicillium
Balistoides conspicillum: Balistoides conspicillum(5)
Balistoides conspicillum: Balistoides niger
Balistoides viridescens: Balistes nigromarginatus
Balistoides viridescens: Balistes viridescens
Balistoides viridescens: Balistoides viridescens(2)
Balistoides viridescens: Pachynathus nigromarginatus
Balistoides viridescens: Pseudobalistes viridescens
Balladyna parvula: Balladyna parvula
Bambusicola fytchii: Bambusicola fytchii
Bambusicola thoracica: Bambusicola thoracica(2)
Bandicota bengalensis: Bandicota bengalensis
Bandicota indica: Bandicota indica(2)
Banjos banjos: Anoplus banjos
Banjos banjos: Banjos banjos(2)
Banjos banjos: Banjos typus
Bankia bipalmulata: Bankia bipalmulata
Bankia campanellata: Bankia campanellata
Bankia carinata: Bankia carinata(2)
Bankia destructa: Bankia destructa
Bankia fimbriatula: Bankia fimbriatula
Bankia gracilis: Bankia gracilis
Bankia nordi: Bankia nordi
Bankia rochi: Bankia rochi
Barathronus bicolor: Barathronus bicolor
Barathronus maculatus: Barathronus bicolor
Barathronus maculatus: Barathronus maculatus
Barbatia amygdalumtortum: Barbatia amygdalumtortum
Barbatia amygdalumtostum: Barbatia amygdalumtostum
Barbatia bicolorata: Barbatia bicolorata
Barbatia bullata: Barbatia bullata
Barbatia cometa: Barbatia cometa
Barbatia complanata: Barbatia complanata
Barbatia decussata: Barbatia decussata(3)
Barbatia foliata: Barbatia foliata(2)
Barbatia fusca: Barbatia fusca(3)
Barbatia grayana: Barbatia grayana
Barbatia lacerata: Barbatia lacerata(2)
Barbatia maculata: Barbatia maculata
Barbatia obliquata: Barbatia obliquata
Barbatia obtusa: Barbatia obtusa
Barbatia plicata: Barbatia plicata
Barbatia signata: Barbatia signata
Barbatia stearnsii: Barbatia stearnsii
Barbatia tenella: Barbatia tenella
Barbatia virescens: Barbatia virescens
Barbodes fasciatus: Barbodes fasciatus(3)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Barbodes schwanenfeldii(2190)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Barbonymus schwanenfeldii(15900)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Puntius schwanefeldi(3090)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Puntius schwanenfeldi(5260)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Puntius schwanenfeldii(4870)
Barbourisia rufa: Barbourisia rufa(2)
Barbuligobius boehlkei: Barbuligobius boehlkei(2)
Barbus tetrazona: Barbus tetrazona
Barichneumon funkikonis: Barichneumon funkikonis
Barichneumon hozanensis: Barichneumon hozanensis
Barichneumon ludibundus: Barichneumon ludibundus
Barichneumon suisharioensis: Barichneumon suisharioensis
Barichneumon tainanensis: Barichneumon tainanensis
Barichneumon tamahonis: Barichneumon tamahonis
Barnardius zonarius: Barnardius zonarius
Barnea dilatata: Barnea dilatata
Baruna sinensis: Baruna sinensis
Baruna trigranulum: Baruna trigranulum
Basanopsis curvipes: Basanopsis curvipes
Basanus formosanus: Basanus formosanus
Bascanichthys kirkii: Bascanichthys kirkii(2)
Bascanichthys kirkii: Caecula kirki
Bascanichthys kirkii: Ophichthys kirkii
Basilepta cornuta: Basilepta cornuta
Basilepta giganteum: Basilepta giganteum
Basilepta martini: Basilepta martini
Basilepta modesta: Basilepta modesta
Basilepta modestum: Basilepta modestum
Basilepta varians: Basilepta varians
Basiliscus plumifrons: Basiliscus plumifrons
Basiliscus vittatus: Basiliscus vittatus
Basiprionota angusta: Basiprionota angusta
Basitropis persimilis: Basitropis persimilis
Bassarona dunya: Bassarona dunya
Bassarona recta: Bassarona recta
Bassarona teuta: Bassarona teuta
Bassia bassensis: Bassia bassensis
Bassina calophylla: Bassina calophylla
Bassina foliacea: Bassina foliacea
Bassozetus compressus: Bassozetus compressus(2)
Bassozetus compressus: Bathynectes compressus
Bassozetus glutinosus: Bassozetus glutinosus(2)
Bassozetus glutinosus: Bathyonus glutinosus
Bassozetus multispinis: Bassozetus multispinis(2)
Bassozetus robustus: Bassozetus robustus(2)
Bassus albifasciatus: Bassus albifasciatus
Bassus annulus: Bassus annulus
Bassus asper: Bassus asper
Bassus cancellatus: Bassus cancellatus
Bassus cingulipes: Bassus cingulipes
Bassus depressus: Bassus depressus
Bassus ebulus: Bassus ebulus
Bassus festivus: Bassus festivus
Bassus formosanus: Bassus formosanus
Bassus helvenacus: Bassus helvenacus
Bassus laevis: Bassus laevis
Bassus lanyuensis: Bassus lanyuensis
Bassus lienhuachihensis: Bassus lienhuachihensis
Bassus lini: Bassus lini
Bassus parellelus: Bassus parellelus
Bassus rudimentarius: Bassus rudimentarius
Bassus similis: Bassus similis
Bassus stigmaterus: Bassus stigmaterus
Bassus sungkangensis: Bassus sungkangensis
Bassus tayulingensis: Bassus tayulingensis
Bassus transversus: Bassus transversus
Bassus triangulus: Bassus triangulus
Bassus tsuifengensis: Bassus tsuifengensis
Bassus wufengensis: Bassus wufengensis
Batagur baska: Batagur baska
Bathophilus kingi: Bathophilus kingi(2)
Bathophilus nigerrimus: Bathophilus nigerrimus(2)
Bathophilus nigerrimus: Parabathophilus gloriae
Bathroponera rufipes: Bathroponera rufipes
Bathroponera tridentata: Bathroponera tridentata
Bathyarca japonica: Bathyarca japonica
Bathycallionymus formosanus: Bathycallionymus formosanus(2)
Bathycallionymus formosanus: Callionymus formosanus
Bathycallionymus kaianus: Bathycallionymus kaianus(2)
Bathycallionymus kaianus: Callionymus kaianus
Bathycallionymus sokonumeri: Bathycallionymus sokonumeri(2)
Bathycallionymus sokonumeri: Callionymus sokonumeri
Bathyclupea argentea: Bathyclupea argentea(2)
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Ariosoma guttulata
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Bathycongrus gattulatus(2)
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Bathycongrus guttulatus
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Bathycongrus macrocercus
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Bathycongrus roosendaali
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Bathycongrus stimpsoni
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Conger guttulata
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Congermuraena aequorea
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Congrellus guttulatus
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Congrellus roosendaali
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Congromuraena guttulata
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Congromuraena longicauda
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Congromuraena macrocercus
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Leptocephalus aequoreus
Bathycongrus gattulatus: Rhechias guttulatus
Bathycongrus retrotinctus: Bathycongrus randalli
Bathycongrus retrotinctus: Bathycongrus retrotinctus(2)
Bathycongrus retrotinctus: Leptocephalus retrotinctus
Bathycongrus retrotinctus: Rhechias retrotincta
Bathycongrus wallacei: Bathycongrus baranesi
Bathycongrus wallacei: Bathycongrus wallacei(2)
Bathycongrus wallacei: Congrina wallacei
Bathycongrus wallacei: Rhechias wallacei
Bathygadus antrodes: Bathygadus antrodes(2)
Bathygadus antrodes: Melanobranchus antrodes
Bathygadus furvescens: Bathygadus furvescens
Bathygadus furvescens: Bathygadus melanobranchus
Bathygadus garretti: Bathygadus garretti(2)
Bathygadus nipponicus: Bathygadus nipponicus(2)
Bathygadus nipponicus: Regania nipponica
Bathygadus spongiceps: Bathygadus spongiceps(2)
Bathygobius coalitus: Bathygobius coalitus(2)
Bathygobius coalitus: Bathygobius fuscus
Bathygobius coalitus: Bathygobius punctillatus
Bathygobius coalitus: Gobius coalitus
Bathygobius cocosensis: Bathygobius cocosensis(2)
Bathygobius cocosensis: Bathygobius fuscus
Bathygobius cocosensis: Gobius cocosensis
Bathygobius cocosensis: Gobius elmeri
Bathygobius cotticeps: Bathygobius cotticeps(2)
Bathygobius cotticeps: Bathygobius fuscus
Bathygobius cotticeps: Chlamydes laticeps
Bathygobius cotticeps: Chlamydes leytensis
Bathygobius cotticeps: Gobius cotticeps
Bathygobius cyclopterus: Bathygobius cyclopterus(2)
Bathygobius cyclopterus: Bathygobius laoe
Bathygobius cyclopterus: Bathygobius mearnsi
Bathygobius cyclopterus: Bathygobius nox
Bathygobius cyclopterus: Gobius cyclopterus
Bathygobius cyclopterus: Mapo mearnsi
Bathygobius fuscus: Bathygobius fuscus(3)
Bathygobius fuscus: Bathygobius samberanoensis
Bathygobius fuscus: Bathygobius sambiranoensis
Bathygobius fuscus: Bathygobius vergeri
Bathygobius fuscus: Ctenogobius meggitti
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius albopunctatus
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius coalitus
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius elegans
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius fuscus(2)
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius homocyanus
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius nebulopunctatus
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius nigripinnis
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius obscurus
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius punctillatus
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius samberanensis
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius samberanoensis
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius sambiranoensis
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius sandvicensis
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius soporator
Bathygobius fuscus: Gobius vergeri
Bathygobius fuscus: Stenogobius vergeri
Bathygobius hongkongensis: Bathygobius hongkongensis
Bathygobius laddi: Bathygobius laddi(2)
Bathygobius laddi: Rhinogobius laddi
Bathygobius padangensis: Bathygobius padangensis(2)
Bathygobius padangensis: Gobius padangensis
Bathygobius petrophilus: Bathygobius petrophilus(2)
Bathygobius petrophilus: Gobius petrophilus
Bathyliotina armata: Bathyliotina armata
Bathymyrus simus: Bathymyrus simus(2)
Bathyonus caudalis: Bathyonus caudalis(2)
Bathyonus caudalis: Mixonus caudalis
Bathyphylax bombifrons: Bathyphylax bombifrons(2)
Bathypterois atricolor: Bathypterois antennatus
Bathypterois atricolor: Bathypterois atricolor(5)
Bathypterois atricolor: Bathypterois pectoralis
Bathypterois guentheri: Bathypterois guentheri(2)
Bathypterois guentheri: Bathypterois guntheri
Bathyraja bergi: Bathyraja bergi
Bathyraja diplotaenia: Bathyraja diplotaenia
Bathyraja isotrachys: Bathyraja isotrachys(2)
Bathyraja isotrachys: Raja isotrachys
Bathyraja matsubarai: Bathyraja matsubarai(2)
Bathyraja matsubarai: Breviraja matsubarai
Bathyraja trachouros: Bathyraja trachouros(2)
Bathyraja trachouros: Breviraja trachouros
Bathysaurus mollis: Bathysaurus mollis
Bathysaurus mollis: Bathysaurus morris
Bathysaurus mollis: Bathysaurus obtusirostris
Bathysphyraenops simplex: Bathysphyraenops simplex(2)
Bathysphyraenops simplex: Howella simplex
Bathythrix kuwanae: Bathythrix kuwanae
Bathythrix pilosa: Bathythrix pilosa
Bathytoma atractoides: Bathytoma atractoides
Bathytoma luhdorfi: Bathytoma luhdorfi
Bathytroctes microlepis: Bathyroctes danae
Bathytroctes microlepis: Bathytroctes grimaldii
Bathytroctes microlepis: Bathytroctes microlepis(2)
Bathytroctes microlepis: Grimatroctes bullisi
Bathytroctes microlepis: Grimatroctes grimaldi
Bathytroctes microlepis: Grimatroctes grimaldii
Bathytroctes microlepis: Grimatroctes microlepis
Bathytyphlops marionae: Bathypoterois marionae
Bathytyphlops marionae: Bathypterois marionae
Bathytyphlops marionae: Bathytyphlops marionae
Bathytyphlops marionae: Macristiella perlucens
Bathyuroconger vicinus: Bathyuroconger braueri
Bathyuroconger vicinus: Bathyuroconger vicinus(2)
Bathyuroconger vicinus: Uroconger braueri
Bathyuroconger vicinus: Uroconger vicinus
Batillaria bronni: Batillaria bronni
Batillaria cumingi: Batillaria cumingi
Batillaria multiformis: Batillaria multiformis
Batillaria sordida: Batillaria sordida
Batillaria zonalis: Batillaria zonalis(2)
Batocera lineolata: Batocera lineolata
Batocera punctata: Batocera punctata
Batracharta divisa: Batracharta divisa
Batrachomoeus trispinosus: Batrachomoeus trispinosus
Batrachostomus auritus: Batrachostomus auritus(3)
Batrachostomus cornutus: Batrachostomus cornutus
Batrachostomus harterti: Batrachostomus harterti
Batrachostomus hodgsoni: Batrachostomus hodgsoni
Batrachostomus javensis: Batrachostomus javensis(2)
Batrachostomus poliolophus: Batrachostomus poliolophus
Batrachostomus stellatus: Batrachostomus stellatus(2)
Batraxis obesa: Batraxis obesa
Beara tortriciformis: Beara tortriciformis
Bedeva birileffi: Bedeva birileffi
Beguina semiorbiculata: Beguina semiorbiculata
Beleses fulvus: Beleses fulvus
Belionota prasina: Belionota prasina
Beliops batanensis: Beliops batanensis(2)
Belippa horrida: Belippa horrida
Belomys pearsoni: Belomys pearsoni
Belonepterygion fasciolatum: Acanthoclinus fasciolatus
Belonepterygion fasciolatum: Belonepterygion fasciatus
Belonepterygion fasciolatum: Belonepterygion fasciolatum(2)
Belonepterygion fasciolatum: Ernogrammoides fasciatus
Belonoperca chabanaudi: Belonoperca chabanaudi(2)
Belonuchus rufoniger: Belonuchus rufoniger
Belosquilla laevis: Belosquilla laevis
Bembecinus hungaricus: Bembecinus hungaricus
Bembecinus nigriclypeus: Bembecinus nigriclypeus
Bembecinus paiwanus: Bembecinus paiwanus
Bembecinus penpuchiensis: Bembecinus penpuchiensis
Bembecinus posterus: Bembecinus posterus
Bembecinus quadratus: Bembecinus quadratus
Bembidion fusiforme: Bembidion fusiforme
Bembix formosana: Bembix formosana
Bembix niponica: Bembix niponica
Bembix taiwana: Bembix taiwana
Bembras japonica: Bembras japonica(2)
Bembras japonica: Bembras japonicus
Bembrops caudimacula: Bembrops adenensis
Bembrops caudimacula: Bembrops caudimacula(2)
Bembrops curvatura: Bembrops curvatura(2)
Bembrops platyrhynchus: Bembrops filifer
Bembrops platyrhynchus: Bembrops filifera
Bembrops platyrhynchus: Bembrops filodorsalia
Bembrops platyrhynchus: Bembrops indica
Bembrops platyrhynchus: Bembrops platyrhynchus(2)
Bemisia giffardi: Bemisia giffardi
Bemisia tabaci: Bemisia tabaci
Benthindsia acuminata: Benthindsia acuminata
Benthindsia magnifica: Benthindsia magnifica
Benthobatis yangi: Benthobatis moresbyi
Benthobatis yangi: Benthobatis yangi(2)
Benthodesmus tenuis: Benthodesmus benjamini
Benthodesmus tenuis: Benthodesmus tenuis(2)
Benthodesmus tenuis: Lepidopus aomori
Benthodesmus tenuis: Lepidopus tenuis
Benthopanope indica: Benthopanope indica
Benthosema fibulatum: Benthosema fibulata
Benthosema fibulatum: Benthosema fibulatum(2)
Benthosema fibulatum: Benthosema pinchoti
Benthosema fibulatum: Myctophum fibulatum
Benthosema fibulatum: Myctophum hollandi
Benthosema fibulatum: Myctophum renschi
Benthosema pterotum: Benthosema pterotum(2)
Benthosema pterotum: Myctophum gilberti
Benthosema pterotum: Myctophum pterotum
Benthosema pterotum: Myctophum pterotus
Benthosema pterotum: Scopelus pterotum
Benthosema pterotum: Scopelus pterotus
Benthosema suborbitale: Benthosema fibulata
Benthosema suborbitale: Benthosema imitator
Benthosema suborbitale: Benthosema simile
Benthosema suborbitale: Benthosema suborbitale(2)
Benthosema suborbitale: Myctophum fibulatum(2)
Benthosema suborbitale: Myctophum imitator
Benthosema suborbitale: Myctophum pterotum
Benthosema suborbitale: Myctophum simile
Benthosema suborbitale: Myctophum suborbitale
Berbyce indica: Berbyce indica
Berenicornis comatus: Berenicornis comatus
Berosus pulchellus: Berosus pulchellus
Bertsa lankana: Bertsa lankana
Bertula bidentata: Bertula bidentata
Bertula centralis: Bertula centralis
Bertula incisa: Bertula incisa
Bertula terminalis: Bertula terminalis
Berylmys bowersii: Berylmys bowersii
Beryx mollis: Beryx mollis(2)
Beryx splendens: Beryx decadactylus
Beryx splendens: Beryx splendens(2)
Beryx splendens: Bryx splendens
Besaia inconspicua: Besaia inconspicua
Besaia sordida: Besaia sordida
Bessa remota: Bessa remota
Bestiolina sinica: Bestiolina sinica
Betacixius brunneus: Betacixius brunneus
Betacixius fuscus: Betacixius fuscus
Betacixius maculosus: Betacixius maculosus
Betacixius ocellatus: Betacixius ocellatus
Betta pugnax: Betta pugnax
Betta splendens: Betta splendens(4)
Bezzia insularis: Bezzia insularis
Bezzia murina: Bezzia murina
Bezzia semirufa: Bezzia semirufa
Biasticus flavus: Biasticus flavus
Bibasis etelka: Bibasis etelka(2)
Bibasis gomata: Bibasis gomata
Bibasis harisa: Bibasis harisa
Bibasis jaina: Bibasis jaina
Bibasis oedipodea: Bibasis oedipodea
Bibasis owstoni: Bibasis owstoni(2)
Bibasis sena: Bibasis sena
Bibasis tuckeri: Bibasis tuckeri(2)
Bibio ferruginatus: Bibio ferruginatus
Bibio hortulanus: Bibio hortulanus
Bibio lanigerus: Bibio lanigerus
Bibio lepidus: Bibio lepidus
Bibio marci: Bibio marci
Bibio pomacaeus: Bibio pomacaeus
Bibio varipes: Bibio varipes
Bidens pilosa: Bidens pilosa
Bifidobacterium bifidum: Bifidobacterium bifidum
Bilia castanea: Bilia castanea
Bindahara phocides: Bindahara phocides
Bioxys japonica: Bioxys japonica
Biphyllus flexuosus: Biphyllus flexuosus
Biplex perca: Biplex perca
Birgus latro: Birgus latro
Bison bison: Bison bison
Biston marginatus: Biston marginatus
Bithynia pulchella: Bithynia pulchella
Bitia hydroides: Bitia hydroides(2)
Bitias brevis: Bitias brevis
Bitoma parallela: Bitoma parallela
Bittacus maculatus: Bittacus maculatus
Bittium glareosum: Bittium glareosum
Blacus comatus: Blacus comatus
Blasticorhinus enervis: Blasticorhinus enervis
Blasticorhinus rivulosa: Blasticorhinus rivulosa
Blasticotoma smithi: Blasticotoma smithi
Blastobasis nephelophaea: Blastobasis nephelophaea
Blastocerus dichotomus: Blastocerus dichotomus
Blastodacna hellerella: Blastodacna hellerella
Blastophaga pedunculosae: Blastophaga pedunculosae
Blastophagus minor: Blastophagus minor
Blattella bisignata: Blattella bisignata
Blattella germanica: Blattella germanica
Blauneria quadrasi: Blauneria quadrasi
Bledius albomarginatus: Bledius albomarginatus
Bledius bicornis: Bledius bicornis
Bledius formosanus: Bledius formosanus
Bledius fragilis: Bledius fragilis
Bledius gigantulus: Bledius gigantulus
Bledius helferi: Bledius helferi
Bledius kosempoensis: Bledius kosempoensis
Bledius lucidus: Bledius lucidus
Bledius orphanus: Bledius orphanus
Bledius perplexes: Bledius perplexes
Bledius sauteri: Bledius sauteri
Bleekeria mitsukurii: Bleekeria mitsukurii(2)
Bleekeria mitsukurii: Embolichthys mitsukurii
Bleekeria viridianguilla: Bleekeria viridianguilla(2)
Bleekeria viridianguilla: Herklotsina viridianguilla
Blenina chlorophila: Blenina chlorophila
Blenina puloa: Blenina puloa
Blenina quinaria: Blenina quinaria
Blenina senex: Blenina senex
Blenniella bilitonensis: Alticus novemmaculosus
Blenniella bilitonensis: Blenniella bilitonensis(2)
Blenniella bilitonensis: Istiblennius bilitonensis
Blenniella bilitonensis: Salarias bilitonensis
Blenniella bilitonensis: Salarias brevoorti
Blenniella bilitonensis: Salarias deani
Blenniella bilitonensis: Salarias hendriksii
Blenniella bilitonensis: Salarias periophthalmus
Blenniella caudolineata: Blenniella caudolineata(2)
Blenniella caudolineata: Istiblennius cyanostigma
Blenniella caudolineata: Salarias beani
Blenniella caudolineata: Salarias caudolineatus
Blenniella chrysospilos: Alticus evermanni
Blenniella chrysospilos: Blenniella chrysospilos(2)
Blenniella chrysospilos: Istiblennius chrysospilos(2)
Blenniella chrysospilos: Istiblennius coronatus
Blenniella chrysospilos: Istiblennius insulinus
Blenniella chrysospilos: Salarias aureopuncticeps
Blenniella chrysospilos: Salarias belemnites
Blenniella chrysospilos: Salarias bryani
Blenniella chrysospilos: Salarias chrysospilos
Blenniella chrysospilos: Salarias coronatus
Blenniella chrysospilos: Salarias unimaculatus
Blenniella interrupta: Blenniella interrupta(2)
Blenniella interrupta: Istiblennius interruptus
Blenniella interrupta: Salarias interruptus
Blenniella periophthalmus: Alticops periophthalmus
Blenniella periophthalmus: Blenniella periophthalmus(2)
Blenniella periophthalmus: Istiblennius biseriatus
Blenniella periophthalmus: Istiblennius paulus
Blenniella periophthalmus: Istiblennius periophthalmus(2)
Blenniella periophthalmus: Salarias biseriatus
Blenniella periophthalmus: Salarias muscarus
Blenniella periophthalmus: Salarias percophthalmus
Blenniella periophthalmus: Salarias periophthalmus
Blenniella periophthalmus: Salarias schultzei
Blepharita alpestris: Blepharita alpestris
Blomia tropicalis: Blomia tropicalis
Blysmia guttata: Blysmia guttata
Blysmia peregrina: Blysmia peregrina
Blythipicus pyrrhotis: Blythipicus pyrrhotis(3)
Blythipicus rubiginosus: Blythipicus rubiginosus(2)
Boa constrictor: Boa constrictor(3)
Boaris farri: Boaris farri
Boaris oceia: Boaris oceia(2)
Boaris penicillata: Boaris penicillata
Bocula caradrinoides: Bocula caradrinoides
Bodianus anthioides: Bodianus anthioides(5)
Bodianus anthioides: Bodianus anthoides
Bodianus anthioides: Crenilabrus anthioides
Bodianus anthioides: Lepidaplois anthioides
Bodianus axillaris: Bodianus axillaris(2)
Bodianus axillaris: Crossyphus octomaculatus
Bodianus axillaris: Labrus axillaris
Bodianus axillaris: Lepidaplois albomaculatus
Bodianus axillaris: Lepidaplois axillaris
Bodianus bilunulatus: Bodianus bilunulatus(3)
Bodianus bilunulatus: Cossyphus albotaeniatus
Bodianus bilunulatus: Labrus bilunulatus
Bodianus bilunulatus: Lepidaplois hirsutus
Bodianus bimaculatus: Bodianus bimaculatus(2)
Bodianus cylindriatus: Bodianus cylindriatus(2)
Bodianus cylindriatus: Verreo cylindriatus
Bodianus diana: Bodianus diana(2)
Bodianus diana: Labrus diana
Bodianus diana: Lepidaplois aldabrensis
Bodianus diana: Lepidaplois diana
Bodianus izuensis: Bodianus izuensis(2)
Bodianus leucosticticus: Bodianus leucosticticus(2)
Bodianus leucosticticus: Bodianus leucostictus
Bodianus leucosticticus: Bodianus luteopunctatus
Bodianus leucosticticus: Bodianus trilineatus
Bodianus leucosticticus: Labrus leucosticticus
Bodianus leucosticticus: Lepidaplois bourboni
Bodianus loxozonus: Bodianus hirsutus
Bodianus loxozonus: Bodianus loxozonus(3)
Bodianus loxozonus: Bodianus macrourus
Bodianus loxozonus: Lepidaplois loxozonus
Bodianus loxozonus: Lepidaplois trotteri
Bodianus macrourus: Bodianus macrourus(3)
Bodianus masudai: Bodianus masudai(2)
Bodianus mesothorax: Bodianus mesothorax(2)
Bodianus mesothorax: Labrus mesothorax
Bodianus mesothorax: Lepidaplois mesothorax
Bodianus oxycephalus: Bodianus oxycephalus(2)
Bodianus oxycephalus: Cossyphus oxycephalus
Bodianus perditio: Bodianus perditio(2)
Bodianus perditio: Chaeropsodes pictus
Bodianus perditio: Cossyphus nigromaculatus
Bodianus perditio: Labrus perditio
Bodianus perditio: Lepidaplois perditio
Bodianus pulchellus: Bodianus pulchellus(3)
Bodianus rubrisos: Bodianus rubrisos
Bodianus tanyokidus: Bodianus tanyokidus(2)
Bodianus thoracotaeniatus: Bodianus thoracotaeniatus(2)
Boehlkea fredcochui: Boehlkea fredcochui
Bohadschia argus: Bohadschia argus
Boiga cyanea: Boiga cyanea(2)
Boiga cynodon: Boiga cynodon(3)
Boiga dendrophila: Boiga dendrophila(2)
Boiga drapiezii: Boiga drapiezii
Boiga drapiezli: Boiga drapiezli
Boiga irregularis: Boiga irregularis
Boiga jaspidea: Boiga jaspidea(2)
Boiga kraepelini: Boiga kraepelini
Boiga multomaculata: Boiga multomaculata
Boiga nigriceps: Boiga nigriceps(2)
Boiga ocellata: Boiga ocellata
Boiga saengsomi: Boiga saengsomi
Bolbometopon muricatum: Bolbometopon muricatum(2)
Bolbometopon muricatum: Bolbometopon muricatus
Bolbometopon muricatum: Callyodon muricatus
Bolbometopon muricatum: Scarus muricatus
Bolborhynchus lineola: Bolborhynchus lineola
Boleophthalmus boddarti: Boleophthalmus boddarti
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris: Boleophthalmus pectinirostris(2)
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris: Boleophthalmus polyophthalmus
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris: Gobius pectinirostris
Bolinichthys longipes: Bolinichthys longipes(2)
Bolinichthys longipes: Lampanyctus fraserbrunneri
Bolinichthys longipes: Lampanyctus joubini
Bolinichthys longipes: Macrostoma grayi
Bolinichthys longipes: Myctophum longipes
Bolinichthys supralateralis: Bolinichthys supralateralis(2)
Bolinichthys supralateralis: Lampanyctus pyrsobolus
Bolinichthys supralateralis: Lampanyctus superlateralis
Bolinichthys supralateralis: Lampanyctus supralateralis
Bolinichthys supralateralis: Lepidophanes supralateralis
Bolithochara formosae: Bolithochara formosae
Bolithochara hirtus: Bolithochara hirtus
Bolithochara nigrescens: Bolithochara nigrescens
Bolitogyrus rufomaculatus: Bolitogyrus rufomaculatus
Bolitogyrus taiwanensis: Bolitogyrus taiwanensis
Bolivina spathulata: Bolivina spathulata
Bolma girgylla: Bolma girgylla
Bolma guttata: Bolma guttata
Bolma henica: Bolma henica
Bolma modesta: Bolma modesta
Boloria pales: Boloria pales
Bolyeria multocarinata: Bolyeria multocarinata
Bombina orientalis: Bombina orientalis
Bombus angustus: Bombus angustus
Bombus bicoloratus: Bombus bicoloratus
Bombus eximius: Bombus eximius
Bombus flavescens: Bombus flavescens
Bombus formosellus: Bombus formosellus
Bombus hypnorum: Bombus hypnorum
Bombus lapidarius: Bombus lapidarius
Bombus lucorum: Bombus lucorum
Bombus mearnsi: Bombus mearnsi
Bombus monozonus: Bombus monozonus
Bombus pascuorum: Bombus pascuorum
Bombus persoatus: Subterraneobombus persoatus
Bombus pratorum: Bombus pratorum
Bombus sonani: Bombus sonani
Bombus terrestris: Bombus terrestris
Bombus trifasciatus: Bombus trifasciatus
Bombycilla japonica: Bombycilla japonica(3)
Bombyx horsfieldi: Bombyx horsfieldi
Bombyx mandarina: Bombyx mandarina
Bombyx mori: Bombyx mori
Bombyx rotundapex: Bombyx rotundapex
Bomvycilla garrulus: Bomvycilla garrulus
Bonartemis histrio: Bonartemis histrio
Boophis marojezensis: Boophis marojezensis
Bootania maxima: Bootania maxima
Borbo cinnara: Borbo cinnara
Borboresthes fuliginosus: Borboresthes fuliginosus
Bornella anguilla: Bornella anguilla
Bornella digitata: Bornella digitata
Bornella stellifer: Bornella stellifer
Borolinus minutus: Borolinus minutus
Borostomias elucens: Astronesthes elucens
Borostomias elucens: Borostomias braueri
Borostomias elucens: Borostomias elucens(2)
Borostomias elucens: Borostomias elusens
Borostomias elucens: Borostomias macristius
Borostomias elucens: Borostomias schmidti
Borostomias elucens: Elapterostomias philippinus
Borsippa marginata: Borsippa marginata
Borysthenes lacteus: Borysthenes lacteus
Borysthenes maculata: Borysthenes maculata
Bos gaurus: Bos gaurus(2)
Bos javanicus: Bos javanicus
Bos mutus: Bos mutus
Bos sauveli: Bos sauveli
Bos taurus: Bos taurus(Authority)(546000)
Bos taurus: Taurus, Bos taurus taurus(1070000)
Bostrychopsis affinis: Bostrychopsis affinis
Bostrychus sinensis: Bostrichthys sinensis
Bostrychus sinensis: Bostrychus sinensis(2)
Botaurus stellaris: Botaurus stellaris(4)
Bothriomiris lugubris: Bothriomiris lugubris
Bothriomyrmex wroughtoni: Bothriomyrmex wroughtoni
Bothrocalvia albolineata: Bothrocalvia albolineata
Bothrocara brunneum: Bothrocara brunneum(2)
Bothrocara brunneum: Bothrocaropsis rictolata
Bothrocara brunneum: Maynea brunnea
Bothrocara molle: Bothrocara alalongum
Bothrocara molle: Bothrocara molle(2)
Bothrocara molle: Bothrocara mollis
Bothrocara molle: Bothrocara remigera
Bothrocara molle: Bothrocara remigerum
Bothrocara molle: Bothrocaropsis alalonga
Bothus mancus: Bothus mancus(2)
Bothus mancus: Platophrys mancus
Bothus mancus: Pleuronectes barffi
Bothus mancus: Pleuronectes mancus
Bothus myriaster: Bothus bleekeri
Bothus myriaster: Bothus myriaster(2)
Bothus myriaster: Bothus ovalis
Bothus myriaster: Bothus thompsoni
Bothus myriaster: Platophrys thompsoni
Bothus myriaster: Rhombus myriaster
Bothus pantherinus: Bothus pantherhines
Bothus pantherinus: Bothus pantherhinus
Bothus pantherinus: Bothus pantherinus(2)
Bothus pantherinus: Passer marchionessarum
Bothus pantherinus: Platophrys pantherines
Bothus pantherinus: Platophrys pantherinus
Bothus pantherinus: Rhomboidichthys pantherinus
Bothus pantherinus: Rhombus pantherinus
Bothynogria calcarata: Bothynogria calcarata
Botia horae: Botia horae(3)
Botia lecontei: Botia lecontei(2)
Botia macracantha: Botia macracantha(3)
Botia macracanthus: Botia macracanthus
Botia modesta: Botia modesta(3)
Botia pulchripinnis: Botia pulchripinnis(3)
Botis lecontei: Botis lecontei
Botryonopa bicolor: Botryonopa bicolor
Botula cinnamomea: Botula cinnamomea
Botula cinnamomina: Botula cinnamomina
Brabira artemidora: Brabira artemidora
Brachida crassiuscula: Brachida crassiuscula
Brachidontes setiger: Brachidontes setiger
Brachidontes striatulus: Brachidontes striatulus(3)
Brachinus aeneicostis: Brachinus aeneicostis
Brachinus formosanus: Brachinus formosanus
Brachionus calyciflorus: Anuraeiformis, Brachionus calyciflorus anuraeiformis
Brachionus caudatus: Brachionus caudatus
Brachionus falcatus: Brachionus falcatus
Brachionus rubens: Brachionus rubens
Brachirus annularis: Brachirus annularis(2)
Brachirus annularis: Synaptura annularis
Brachirus orientalis: Brachirus orientalis(2)
Brachirus orientalis: Euryglossa orientalis
Brachirus orientalis: Pleuronectes orientalis
Brachirus orientalis: Synaptura filamentosa
Brachirus orientalis: Synaptura orientalis
Brachyaulax oblonga: Brachyaulax oblonga
Brachycaudus heilchrysi: Brachycaudus heilchrysi
Brachycaudus montana: Brachycaudus montana
Brachydanio albolineatus: Brachydanio albolineatus(3)
Brachydanio nigrofasciatus: Brachydanio nigrofasciatus(3)
Brachydanio rerio: Brachydanio rerio(3)
Brachygobius doriae: Brachygobius doriae
Brachygobius kabiliensis: Brachygobius kabiliensis
Brachygobius xanthozona: Brachygobius xanthozona(3)
Brachymeria minuta: Brachymeria minuta
Brachyorrhus albus: Brachyorrhus albus
Brachypelma boehmei: Brachypelma boehmei
Brachypterois serrulata: Brachypterois serrulata(2)
Brachypterois serrulata: Brachypterois serrulatus
Brachypteryx leucophrys: Brachypteryx leucophrys(4)
Brachypteryx montana: Brachypteryx montana(2)
Brachysaura minor: Agama minor
Brachysomophis cirrocheilos: Brachysomophis cirrocheilos(2)
Brachysomophis cirrocheilos: Ophichthys cirrochilus
Brachysomophis cirrocheilos: Ophisurus cirrocheilos
Brachysomophis crocodilinus: Achirophichthys typus
Brachysomophis crocodilinus: Brachysomophis crocodilinus(2)
Brachysomophis crocodilinus: Brachysomophis horridus
Brachysomophis crocodilinus: Brachysomophis sauropsis
Brachysomophis crocodilinus: Ophichthys crocodilinus
Brachysomophis crocodilinus: Ophisurus crocodilinus
Brachysomophis henshawi: Brachysomophis crocodilinus
Brachysomophis henshawi: Brachysomophis henshawi(2)
Brachysomophis longipinnis: Brachysomophis longipinnis(2)
Brachysomophis porphyreus: Brachysomophis porphyreus(2)
Brachysomophis porphyreus: Mystriophis porphyreus
Brachysomophis porphyreus: Ophichthys adspersus
Brachysomophis porphyreus: Ophisurus porphyreus
Brachystomella contorta: Brachystomella contorta
Brachysybra elliptica: Brachysybra elliptica
Brachyteles arachnoides: Brachyteles arachnoides
Brachytoma kawamurai: Brachytoma kawamurai
Brachytoma tuberosa: Brachytoma tuberosa(2)
Brachytrichia quoyi: Brachytrichia quoyi
Bracon hebetor: Bracon hebetor
Bradipadion fischeri: Kinyongia fischeri
Bradybaena bouryi: Bradybaena bouryi
Bradybaena similaris: Bradybaena similaris(4)
Bradyidius similis: Bradyidius similis
Bradypodion fischeri: Bradypodion fischeri
Bradypterus accentor: Bradypterus accentor
Bradypterus luteoventris: Bradypterus luteoventris
Bradypterus seebohmi: Bradypterus seebohmi
Bradypus variegatus: Bradypus variegatus
Bradysia flagellicornis: Bradysia flagellicornis
Bradysia leucocerca: Bradysia leucocerca
Bradysia platytergum: Bradysia platytergum
Brahmina monticola: Brahmina monticola
Brama japonica: Brama japonica(2)
Brama japonica: Brama raii
Brama myersi: Brama myersi(2)
Brama orcini: Brama orcini(2)
Branchiostegus albus: Branchiostegus albus(2)
Branchiostegus albus: Branchiostegus argentatus
Branchiostegus albus: Branchiostegus japonicus
Branchiostegus argentatus: Branchiostegus argentatus(2)
Branchiostegus argentatus: Branchiostegus auratus
Branchiostegus argentatus: Branchiostegus japonicus
Branchiostegus argentatus: Branchiostegus sericus
Branchiostegus argentatus: Branchiostegus tollarai
Branchiostegus argentatus: Branchiostegus tollardi
Branchiostegus argentatus: Coryphaena sinensis
Branchiostegus argentatus: Latilus argentatus
Branchiostegus argentatus: Latilus tollardi
Branchiostegus auratus: Branchiostegus auratus(2)
Branchiostegus auratus: Latilus auratus
Branchiostegus japonicus: Brachiostegus japonicus
Branchiostegus japonicus: Branchiostegus argentatus
Branchiostegus japonicus: Branchiostegus japonicus(2)
Branchiostegus japonicus: Coryphaena branchiostega
Branchiostegus japonicus: Coryphaena japonica
Branchiostegus japonicus: Coryphaenoides houttuynii
Branchiostegus japonicus: Latilus japonicus
Branchiostegus japonicus: Latilus ruber
Branta bernicla: Branta bernicla(2)
Branta canadensis: Branta canadensis(2)
Branta ruficollis: Branta ruficollis
Branta sandvicensis: Branta sandvicensis(2)
Braunsapis mixta: Braunsapis mixta
Braunsapis sauteriella: Braunsapis sauteriella
Braunsia bipunctata: Braunsia bipunctata
Braunsia longicoxa: Braunsia longicoxa
Brechites penis: Brechites penis
Bregmaceros japonicus: Bregmaceros atlanticus
Bregmaceros japonicus: Bregmaceros japonicus(2)
Bregmaceros lanceolatus: Bregmaceros lanceolatus(2)
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: Asthenurus atripinnis
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: Bregmaceros atripinnis
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: Bregmaceros longipes
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: Bregmaceros macclellandi
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: Bregmaceros macclellandii
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: Bregmaceros maclellandi
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: Bregmaceros mcclellandi
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: Bregmaceros mcclellandii(2)
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: Calloptilum mirum
Bregmaceros nectabanus: Bregmaceros nectabanus(2)
Bregmaceros pescadorus: Bregmaceros pescadorus(2)
Bregmaceros rarisquamosus: Bregmaceros rarisquamosus
Brevicoryne brassicae: Brevicoryne brassicae
Briareum excavatum: Briareum excavatum
Britomartis cleboides: Britomartis cleboides
Brixia venusta: Brixia venusta
Brochina glabella: Brochina glabella
Bronchocela celebensis: Calotes celebensis
Bronchocela cristatella: Agama cristatella(368)
Bronchocela cristatella: Bronchocela cristatella(13601)
Bronchocela cristatella: Calotes cristatella(64)
Bronchocela hayeki: Calotes hayeki
Bronchocela jubata: Calotes jubata
Bronchocela smaragdina: Calotes smaragdina
Brontispa longissima: Brontispa longissima
Brookesia perarmata: Brookesia perarmata
Brookesia stumpffi: Brookesia stumpffi
Brosmophyciops pautzkei: Brosmophyciops pautskei
Brosmophyciops pautzkei: Brosmophyciops pautzkei(2)
Brosmophyciops pautzkei: Brosmophysiops pautzkei
Brosmophyciops pautzkei: Dinematichthys iluocaetoides
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula borbonica
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula burbonensis
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula ensiformis
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula ferruginosus
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula formosae
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula japonica
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula jayakari
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula marginalis
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula muelleri
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula multibarbata(2)
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula multicirrata
Brotula multibarbata: Brotula palmietensis
Brotulina fusca: Brotulina fusca(2)
Brotulinella taiwanensis: Brotulinella taiwanensis
Brotulinella taiwanensis: Diplacanthopoma japonicum
Brotulinella taiwanensis: Diplacanthopoma japonicus
Brotulinella taiwanensis: Myxocephalus japonicus
Bruchophagus sensoriae: Bruchophagus sensoriae
Bruchophagus yasumatsui: Bruchophagus yasumatsui
Bryanellocoris orientalis: Bryanellocoris orientalis
Bryaninops loki: Bryaninops loki(2)
Bryaninops natans: Bryaninops natans(2)
Bryaninops yongei: Bryaninops yongei(2)
Bryaninops yongei: Bryaninops youngei
Bryaninops yongei: Cottogobius yongei
Bryaninops yongei: Tenacigobius yongei
Bryaxis auritus: Bryaxis auritus
Brycinus longipinnis: Brycinus longipinnis(3)
Brycinus taeniurus: Brycinus taeniurus(3)
Bryocoris gracilis: Bryocoris gracilis
Bubalus depressicornis: Bubalus depressicornis
Bubalus mindorensis: Bubalus mindorensis
Bubalus quarlesi: Bubalus quarlesi
Bubo bubo: Bubo bubo
Bubo coromandus: Bubo coromandus(2)
Bubo scandiacus: Bubo scandiacus(196000)
Bubo scandiacus: Nyctea scandiaca(129000)
Bubo sumatrana: Bubo sumatrana
Bubo sumatranus: Bubo sumatranus(3)
Bubulcus ibis: Ardeola ibis
Bubulcus ibis: Bubulcus ibis(7)
Buccinulum bednalli: Buccinulum bednalli
Buccinum opisoplectum: Buccinum opisoplectum
Buccinum zelotes: Buccinum zelotes
Bucephala albeola: Bucephala albeola
Bucephala clangula: Bucephala clangula(3)
Bucephala islandica: Bucephala islandica
Buceros bicornis: Buceros bicornis(4)
Buceros rhinoceros: Buceros rhinoceros(5)
Buceros vigil: Buceros vigil(4)
Budorcas taxicolor: Budorcas taxicolor
Buergeria japonica: Buergeria japonica
Buergeria robusta: Buergeria robusta
Bufo asper: Bufo asper(2)
Bufo bankorensis: Bufo bankorensis
Bufo bufo: Bufo bufo
Bufo divergens: Bufo divergens
Bufo juxtasper: Bufo juxtasper
Bufo marinus: Bufo marinus(3)
Bufo melanostictus: Ansonia kamblei
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo bengalensis
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo camortensis
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo carinatus
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo chlorogaster
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo dubia
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo flaviventris
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo gymnauchen
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo isos
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo longecristatus
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo melanostictus
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo melanostictus hazarensis
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo melanostictus melanostictus
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo melanostictus(39000)
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo melanosticus
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo scaber
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo spinipes
Bufo melanostictus: Bufo tienhoensis
Bufo melanostictus: Docidophryne isos
Bufo melanostictus: Docidophryne melanostictus
Bufo melanostictus: Docidophryne spinipes
Bufo melanostictus: Duttaphrynus melanostictus(12700)
Bufo melanostictus: Phrynoidis melanostictus
Bufo melanostictus: Rana dubia
Bufo melanostictus: Rana melanosticta
Bufo periglenes: Bufo periglenes
Bufo quadriporcatus: Bufo quadriporcatus
Bufo retiformis: Bufo retiformis
Bufo superciliaris: Bufo superciliaris
Bufoceratias shaoi: Bufoceratias shaoi(2)
Bufoceratias thele: Bufoceratias thele(2)
Bufoceratias thele: Phrynichthys thele
Bufoceratias thele: Phrynichthys wedli
Bufonaria crumena: Bufonaria crumena
Bufonaria echinata: Bufonaria echinata
Bufonaria elegans: Bufonaria elegans
Bufonaria gnorima: Bufonaria gnorima
Bufonaria margaritula: Bufonaria margaritula
Bufonaria nobilis: Bufonaria nobilis
Bufonaria perelegans: Bufonaria perelegans
Bufonaria rana: Bufonaria rana(2)
Bufonaria subgranosa: Bufonaria subgranosa
Bulimus gracilis: Bulimus gracilis
Bulimus inversus: Bulimus inversus
Bulimus melanoma: Bulimus melanoma
Bulimus mundus: Bulimus mundus
Bulla ampulla: Bulla ampulla(2)
Bulla cruentata: Bulla cruentata
Bulla punctulata: Bulla punctulata
Bulla vernicosa: Bulla vernicosa
Bullina lineata: Bullina lineata
Bullina virgo: Bullina virgo
Bullis stigmata: Bullis stigmata
Buluka orientalis: Buluka orientalis
Bulweria bulwerii: Bulweria bulwerii(5)
Bulweria fallax: Bulweria fallax
Bungarus candidus: Bungarus candidus(2)
Bungarus faciatus: Bungarus faciatus
Bungarus fasciatus: Bungarus fasciatus(2)
Bungarus flaviceps: Bungarus flaviceps(2)
Bupalus piniaria: Bupalus piniaria
Buprestis mirabilis: Buprestis mirabilis
Burhinus magnirostris: Burhinus magnirostris(2)
Burhinus recurvirostris: Burhinus recurvirostris
Burmagomphus vermicularis: Burmagomphus vermicularis
Burmese python: Burmese python
Burramys parvus: Burramys parvus
Bursa bufonia: Bursa bufonia
Bursa cruentata: Bursa cruentata
Bursa granularis: Bursa granularis
Bursa lamarckii: Bursa lamarckii
Bursa rana: Bursa rana(3)
Bursa ranelloides: Bursa ranelloides
Bursa rhodostoma: Bursa rhodostoma
Bursa rosa: Bursa rosa
Bursa tuberosissima: Bursa tuberosissima
Bursaphelenchus xylophilus: Bursaphelenchus xylophilus
Bursatella leachi: Bursatella leachi
Bursatella leachii: Bursatella leachii
Busquilla plantei: Busquilla plantei
Busquilla quadraticauda: Busquilla quadraticauda
Butastur indicus: Butastur indicus(5)
Butastur liventer: Butastur liventer
Buteo buteo: Buteo buteo(5)
Buteo lagopus: Buteo lagopus(2)
Buteo solitarius: Buteo solitarius
Buthus martensii: Buthus martensii(2)
Butis butis: Butis butis
Butis gymnopomus: Butis gymnopomus(2)
Butis gymnopomus: Eleotris gymnopomus
Butis koilomatodon: Butis caperatus
Butis koilomatodon: Butis koilomatodon(2)
Butis koilomatodon: Eleotris caperatus
Butis koilomatodon: Eleotris delagoensis
Butis koilomatodon: Eleotris koilomatodon
Butis koilomatodon: Prionobutis koilomatodaon
Butis koilomatodon: Prionobutis koilomatodon
Butis melanostigma: Buits melanostigma
Butis melanostigma: Butis melanostigma(2)
Butis melanostigma: Eleotris butis
Butis melanostigma: Eleotris melanostigma
Butorides striatus: Butorides striata(2)
Butorides striatus: Butorides striatus(4)
Butorides virescens: Butorides virescens
Buysmania oxymora: Buysmania oxymora
Byturus tomentosus: Byturus tomentosus

{Scientific name, 學名, animal_name_b.htm, 2018-03-15, Animal name B, 動物名 B}

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_b.htm, 2018-03-15, Animal name B, 動物名 B}, (nswong, animal_name_b.htm)

Babax koslowi: Tibetan babax(4)
Babax lanceolatus: Chinese babax(7)
Babax waddelli: Giant babax(4)
Babylonia lutosa: Babylon shell
Babyrousa babyrussa: Babirusa
Babyrousa babyrussa: Borneo wild pig
Babyrousa babyrussa: Borneo wild pig pygmy
Bacopa caroliniana: Giant bacopa
Bactrocera cucurbitae: Melon flies
Bactrocera papayae: Asian papaya fruit fly
Badamia exclamationis: Brown awl(6)
Badis badis: Badis(3)
Badis badis: Blue Perch
Baeopogon indicator: Honeyguide greenbul
Bagrichthys hypselopterus: Camel catfish
Bagrichthys macracanthus: Black lancer catfish(2)
Bailer shell: Melo melo
Balaena mysticetus: Greenland right whale
Balaeniceps rex: Shoebill
Balaeniceps rex: Whale-headed stork
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: Common minke whale
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: Minke whale
Balaenoptera borealis: Sei whale(5)
Balaenoptera edeni: Bryde's whale(6)
Balaenoptera musculus: Blue whale(2)
Balaenoptera omurai: Omura's whale
Balaenoptera physalus: Fin whale(2)
Balanoptera borealis: Sei whale(2)
Balanoptera edent: Bryde's whale(2)
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: Bala shark(2)
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: Hangus
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: Silver Bala Shark
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: Silver shark
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: Tricolor shark
Balantiocheilus melanopterus: Bala shark(4)
Balantiocheilus melanopterus: Silver shark
Balantiocheilus melanopterus: Tri-color shark
Balantiocheilus melanoptrus: Bala shark
Balantiopteryx infusca: Ecuadorian sac-winged bat
Balantiopteryx io: Thomas's sac-winged bat
Balantiopteryx plicata: Gray sac-winged bat
Balearica pavonina: Black crowned crane
Balearica regulorum: Grey-crowned crane
Balearica regulorum: Grey crowned crane
Balearica regulorum: Southern african crowned crane
Balionycteris maculata: Spotted-winged fruit bat(4)
Balistapus undulatus: Orange-lined triggerfish(2)
Balistapus undulatus: Orangstriped triggerfish
Balistapus undulatus: Undulate triggerfish(2)
Balistes polylepis: Finescale triggerfish
Balistoides conspicillum: Clown
Balistoides conspicillum: Clown triggerfish(4)
Balistoides viridescens: Titan triggerfish(3)
Balistoides viridescens: Triggerfish
Balistoides viridescens: Triton triggerfish
Bamardius bamardi: Mallee ringneck parrot
Bamardius zolarius: Port lincoln parrot
Bambusicola fytchii: Mountain bamboo-partridge(5)
Bambusicola fytchii: Mountain bamboo partridge(3)
Bambusicola thoracica: Chinese bamboo-partridge(3)
Bambusicola thoracica: Chinese bamboo partridge(4)
Bambusicola thoracica: Sonorivox, Chinese bamboo partridge
Bambusicola thoracicus: Chinese bamboo-partridge(3)
Bambusicola thoracicus: Chinese bamboo partridge(3)
Bandicota bengalensis: Lesser bandicoot rat
Bandicota indica: Large bandicoot rat
Baoris farri: Farri, Bamboo paintbrush swift(2)
Baoris farri: Paintbrush swift
Baoris oceia: Paintbrush swift(5)
Barbastella barbastellus: Western barbastelle
Barbastella leucomelas: Eastern barbastelle
Barbatia amygdalumtostum: Almond arkshell
Barbodes everetti: Clown Barb
Barbodes fasciatus: Stripped Barb
Barbodes fasciolatus: Barred barb
Barbodes hexagona: Six Banded Barb
Barbodes lateristriga: T' Spanner Barb
Barbodes nigrofasciatus: Black Ruby Barb
Barbodes pentazona: Five Banded Barb
Barbodes schewanenfeldii: Tinfoil Barb
Barbodes tetrazona: Tiger Barb
Barbonymus gonionotus: Java Barb(2)
Barbonymus gonionotus: Silver Barb(2)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Goldfoil Barb(4)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Stripe-tailed tinfoil barb
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Tinfoil barb(5934)
Barbus barbus: Barbel
Barbus conchonius: Cherry barb
Barbus conchonius: Rosy barb(3)
Barbus daruphani: Lemon finned barb(2)
Barbus everetti: Clown barb
Barbus hombi: Smallmouth yellowfish
Barbus kimberleyensis: Largemouth yellowfish
Barbus lateristriga: T-barb
Barbus nigrofasciatus: Black ruby barb
Barbus oligolepis: Checkered barb
Barbus sachsi: Gold barb
Barbus schuberti: Golden barb
Barbus tetrazona: Green tiger barb
Barbus tetrazona: Tiger barb(5)
Barbus titteya: Cherry barb(2)
Barnardius zonarius: Port lincoln porrot
Bartramia longicauda: Upland sandpiper(2)
Baruna trigranulum: Crevice crab(2)
Baryopadus corrugatus: Rough brown weevil
Basiliscus basiliscus: Common basilisk
Basiliscus basiliscus: The common basilisk
Basiliscus plumifrons: Double-crested basilisk
Basiliscus plumifrons: Green basiliscus
Basiliscus plumifrons: Green basilisk
Basiliscus vittatus: Brown basiliscus
Basiliscus vittatus: Brown basilisk
Basiliscus vittatus: Striped basilisk
Basilornis celebensis: Sulawesi myna(3)
Basilornis corythaix: Long-crested myna(3)
Basilornis galeatus: Helmeted myna(3)
Basilornis miranda: Apo myna
Basilornis mirandus: Apo myna(2)
Bassaricyon alleni: Allen's olingo
Bassaricyon beddardi: Beddard's olingo
Bassaricyon gabbii: Bushy-tailed olingo
Bassaricyon lasius: Harris' olingo
Bassaricyon pauli: Chiriqui olingo
Bassariscus astutus: Ring tailed cat
Bassariscus sumichrasti: Central american cacomistle
Bassarona dunya: Dunya, Great marquis
Bassarona recta: Monilis, Red-spot marquis
Bassarona teuta: Goodrichi, Banded marquis
Batagur baska: Batagur
Batagur baska: Mangrove terrapin
Bathmocercus rufus: Black-faced rufous warbler
Bathygobius fuscus: Common frill-fin goby
Bathygobius fuscus: Common frillfin goby(5)
Batillaria zonalis: Zoned horn shell
Batillaria zonalis: Zoned Horned Shell
Batis minor: Black-headed batis
Batis mixta: Forest batis
Batis molitor: Chin spot batis
Batis orientalis: Grey-headed batis
Batis perkeo: Pygmy batis
Batis soror: Pale
Batrachomoeus trispinosus: Three-spined Frogfish(2)
Batrachomoeus trispinosus: Three-spined toadfish(5)
Batrachostomus affinis: Blyth's frogmouth
Batrachostomus auritus: Large frogmouth(10)
Batrachostomus cornutus: Bornean frogmouth
Batrachostomus cornutus: Sunda frogmouth(3)
Batrachostomus cornutus: Sundan frogmouth
Batrachostomus harterti: Dulit frogmouth(5)
Batrachostomus hodgsoni: Hodgson's frogmouth(6)
Batrachostomus javensis: Horsfield's frogmouth
Batrachostomus javensis: Javan frogmouth(6)
Batrachostomus mixtus: Bornean frogmouth
Batrachostomus moniliger: Sri lanka frogmouth
Batrachostomus moniliger: Sri lankan frogmouth
Batrachostomus poliolophus: Short-tailed frogmouth(4)
Batrachostomus septimus: Philippine frogmouth
Batrachostomus stellatus: Gould's frogmouth(8)
Bdeogale crassicauda: Bushy-tailed mongoose
Bdeogale jacksoni: Jackson's mongooose
Bdeogale nigripes: Black-legged mongoose
Beaded lizard: Mexican beaded lizard
Beaufortia kweichowensis: Chinese hillstream loach
Bebrornis rodericanus: Rodriques warbler
Bedotia geayi: Madagascar rainbow fish
Bedotia geayi: Madagascar rainbowfish(2)
Belonepterygion fasciolatum: Banded longfin dottyback
Belontia hasselti: Java combtail(2)
Belontia hasselti: Malay combtail
Bemisia tabaci: Cotton whitefly(2)
Bemisia tabaci: Sweet potato whitefly(2)
Bemisia tabaci: Sweetpotato whitefly(2)
Berenicornis comatus: White-crowned hornbill(4)
Berylmys bowersi: Bower's white-toothed rat
Berylmys bowersii: Bower's rat
Betta coccina: Wine red betta
Betta embellish: Local Fighting Fish
Betta imbellis: Crescent betta
Betta imbellis: Crescent fighting-fish
Betta imbellis: Crescent fighting fish(5)
Betta imbellis: Paddyfield fighting-fish(2)
Betta macrostoma: Brunei beauty
Betta persephone: Persephone
Betta pugnax: Forest betta(8)
Betta pugnax: Forest fighting fish(6)
Betta pugnax: Malayan forest fighting-fish(2)
Betta pugnax: Mouthbrooding Betta
Betta rubra: Toba betta
Betta splendens: Betta
Betta splendens: Fighting Fish
Betta splendens: Siamese fighting fish(10)
Betta unimaculata: One spot mouthbrooder
Bias musicus: Black-and-white flycatcher
Bibasis gomata: Pale awlet
Bibasis harisa: Consobrina, Orange awlet
Bibasis oedipodea: Orange awlet
Bibasis sena: Orange-tailed awl
Bibasis sena: Uniformis, Orange-tail awl(5)
Bidyanus bidyanus: Bidyan perch
Bidyanus bidyanus: Silver perch
Bielzia coerulans: Carpathian blue slug
Bilobella aurantiaca: Springtail
Bindahara phocides: Phocides, The plane(5)
Biomphalaria pfeifferi: Freshwater snail
Bipalium kewense: Hammerhead worm
Bipes biporus: Mexican mole lizard
Bisaltide pratipa: Autumn leaf
Bison bison: American bison
Bison bison: Wood bison
Bison bonasus: European bison
Bitia hydroides: Keel-bellied water snake(2)
Blanus cinereus: Iberian worm lizard
Blastocerus dichotomus: Marsh deer(2)
Bleda syndactyla: Red-tailed bristlebill
Blennodesmus scapularis: Ocellate eel blenny
Blythipicus pyrrhotis: Bay woodpecker(12)
Blythipicus rubiginosus: Maroon woodpecker(9)
Blyxa japonica: Japanese Bamboo Plant
Boa constrictor: Argentina boa constrictor
Boa constrictor: Boa constrictor(2)
Bodianus anthioides: Lyretail hogfish(2)
Bodianus axillaris: Coral hogfish
Bodianus axilllaris: Coral hogfish
Bodianus bilunulatus: Hawaiian hogfish
Bodianus bilunulatus: Saddleback hogfish
Bodianus bimaculatus: Yellow candy hogfish
Bodianus diana: Diana
Bodianus diana: Diana's hogfish
Bodianus diplotaenia: Mexican hogfish
Bodianus izu: Izu hogfish
Bodianus loxozonus: Blackfin hogfish
Bodianus masuday: Masuday hogfish
Bodianus mesothorax: Blackbelt wrasse juvenile
Bodianus mesothorax: Coral
Bodianus mesothorax: Eclipse hogfish(2)
Bodianus opercularis: Candystripe hogfish
Bodianus perdito: Goldsaddle hogfish
Bodianus puchellus: Cuban
Bodianus rufus: Spanish
Bodianus rufus: Spanish hogfish
Bodianus vulpinus: Red pigfish
Boehlkea frecochui: Blue Tetra
Boehlkea fredcochui: Blue tetra(2)
Boehlkea fredcochui: Cochu's Blue Tetra(2)
Boiga cyanea: Green cat snake(2)
Boiga cynodon: Dog-toothed cat snake(7)
Boiga dendrophila: Gold-ringed cat snake(2)
Boiga dendrophila: Mangrove snake(5)
Boiga drapiezii: White-spotted cat snake(4)
Boiga drapiezli: White-spotted cat snake
Boiga forsteni: Forstens cat snake
Boiga irregularis: Brown tree snake(2)
Boiga irregularis: Brown treesnake(2)
Boiga jaspidea: Jasper cat snake(6)
Boiga multomaculata: Spotted cat snake
Boiga nigriceps: Black-headed cat snake
Boiga nigriceps: Dark-headed cat snake
Boiga nigriceps: Red cat snake
Boissonneaua flavescens: Buff-tailed coronet
Boissonneaua jardini: Velvet-purple coronet
Boissonneaua matthewsii: Chestnut-breasted coronet
Bolbitis heudelotii: African fern
Bolbitis heudelotii: Congo fern
Bolbometopon muricatum: Humphead parrotfish
Bolbopsittacus lunulatus: Guaiabero(2)
Bolborhynchus aurifrons: Mountain parakeet
Bolborhynchus aymara: Siera parakeet
Bolborhynchus ferrugineifrons: Rufous-fronted parakeet
Bolborhynchus lineola: Barred parakeet
Bolborhynchus lola: Barred parakeet
Bolborhynchus orbygnensius: Andean parakeet
Boleophthalmus boddarti: Blue-spotted mudskipper(10)
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris: Great blue-spotted mudskipper
Bolina jacintha: Jacintha eggfly
Bolinus brandaris: Purple-dye murex
Bolyeria multocarinata: Round island boa
Bombina bombina: European fire-bellied toad
Bombina orientalis: Oriental firebelly toad
Bombina variegata: Yellow-bellied toad
Bombycilla garrulus: Bohemian waxwing(6)
Bombycilla japonica: Japanese waxwing(12)
Bombyx mori: Which silkmoth
Bomvycilla garrulus: Bohemian waxwing
Bonasa bonasia: Hazel grouse
Bonasa sewerzowi: Chinese grouse
Bonasa umbellus: Ruffed grouse(2)
Boneia bidens: Manado fruit bat
Boophis marojezensis: Marojezy treefrog
Boraras maculatus: Dwarf
Boraras maculatus: Malayan pygmy rasbora(3)
Borbo cinnara(formosan: Swift
Borbo cinnara: Cinnara, Formosan swift(4)
Borbo cinnara: Formosan swift(2)
Bos frontalis: Gaur(2)
Bos gaurus: hubbacki, Gaur
Bos gaurus: Gaur(2)
Bos grunniens: Yak
Bos javanicus: Banteng(4)
Bos javanicus: Tembadau(2)
Bos mutus: Wild yak(2)
Bos primigenius: Taurus, Highland cattle
Bos sauveli: Kouprey(2)
Bos taurus: Aurochs
Bos taurus: Beef
Bos taurus: Bovine
Bos taurus: Brahma cattle
Bos taurus: Cattle(3)
Bos taurus: Cow
Bos taurus: Domestic cattle
Bos taurus: Domestic cow
Bos taurus: Domesticated cattle
Bos taurus: Taurus, Domestic cow(2)
Bos taurus: Wild auroch
Bos taurus: Wild ox
Bos taurus: Zebu cattle
Boselaphus tragocamelus: Nilgai
Bostrychia hagedash: Hadada ibis
Bostrychia olivacea: Olive ibis
Botaurus poiciloptilus: Australasian bittern
Botaurus stellaris: Bittern
Botaurus stellaris: Eurasian bittern(5)
Botaurus stellaris: Great bittern(13)
Botaurus stellaris: Great bittren
Bothriechis schlegelii: Gold eyelash viper
Bothrogonia ferruginea: Leafhopper
Bothrops asper: Central american lancehead
Bothrops atrox: American lancehead
Bothus mancus: Flowery flounder
Bothus mancus: Peacock flounder
Bothus pantherinus: Panther flounder
Botia almorhae: Yoyo loach
Botia dario: Bengal loach
Botia dario: Queen loach(2)
Botia histrionica: Burmese loach
Botia histrionica: Gold zebra loach
Botia hymenophysa: Banded loach
Botia hymenophysa: Gold band botia
Botia hymenophysa: Tiger Loach(2)
Botia kubotai: Angelicus loach
Botia lecontei: Yellow Tail Botia
Botia lohachata: Pakistan loach
Botia lohachata: Pakistani loach
Botia macracantha: Clown Loach
Botia macracanthus: Clown loach(2)
Botia macracanthus: Tiger loach
Botia macracartha: Clown loach(2)
Botia modesta: Orangefin loach
Botia modesta: Red Tail Botia
Botia morleti: Hora's loach
Botia striata: Candy loach
Botia striata: Zebra loach
Bowdleria punctatus: Fernbird
Bowdleria rufescens: Chatham island fernbird
Brachirus orientalis: Oriental sole(5)
Brachycope anomala: Bob-tailed weaver(2)
Brachydanio albolineatus: Pearl Danio
Brachydanio frankie: Leopard danio
Brachydanio rerio: Zebra danio(3)
Brachydanio rerio: Zebrafish
Brachydiplax chalybea: Blue dasher(7)
Brachydiplax farinosa: Black-tailed dasher(3)
Brachygobius doriae: Bumble Bee Catfish
Brachygobius doriae: Bumblebee fish(5)
Brachygobius doriae: Golden-banded goby
Brachygobius kabiliensis: Bumblebee goby
Brachygobius kabiliensis: Kabili bumblebee fish(5)
Brachygobius kabillensis: Bumblebee goby
Brachygobius xanthomelas: Bumbleefish fish
Brachygobius xanthomelas: Spotted bumblebee fish(5)
Brachygonia oculata: Pixie(3)
Brachylophus fasciatus: Fiji banded iguana
Brachylophus vitiensis: Fiji crested iguana
Brachypelma boehmei: Mexican fireleg
Brachyphylla cavernarum: Antillean fruit-eating bat
Brachyphylla nana: Cuban fruit-eating bat
Brachypteryx hyperythra: Rusty-bellied shortwing(3)
Brachypteryx leucophris: Lesser shortwing(2)
Brachypteryx leucophrys: Lesser shortwing(9)
Brachypteryx leucphrys: Lesser shortwing
Brachypteryx major: White-bellied shortwing
Brachypteryx montana: Blue shortwing
Brachypteryx montana: Goodfillowi, White-throated shortwing
Brachypteryx montana: White-browed shortwing(9)
Brachypteryx stellata: Gould's shortwing
Brachyramphus brevirostris: Kittlitz's murrelet
Brachyramphus marmoratus: Marbled murrelet(3)
Brachyramphus perdix: Long-billed murrelet(2)
Brachyteles arachnoides: Woolly spider monkey
Brachyteles arachnoides: Wooly spider monkey(2)
Brachythemis contaminata: Common amberwing(4)
Brachytron pratense: Hairy dragonflyresident
Bradipadion fischeri: Fischer's chameleon
Bradornis infuscatus: Chat flycatcher
Bradornis mariquensis: Mariqua flycatcher
Bradornis microrhynchus: African grey flycatcher(2)
Bradornis pallidus: Pale flycatcher(2)
Bradybaena similaris: Asian Tramp Snail(2)
Bradybaena similaris: Land snail
Bradypodion fischeri: Dwarf fisher's chameleon
Bradypterus accentor: Friendly bush-warbler(2)
Bradypterus accentor: Friendly bush warbler
Bradypterus accentor: Kinabalu scrub warbler
Bradypterus alishanensis: Taiwan bush-warbler(3)
Bradypterus alishanensis: Taiwan bush warbler(3)
Bradypterus baboecala: Little rush warbler
Bradypterus carpalis: White-winged warbler
Bradypterus castaneus: Chestnut-backed bush warbler
Bradypterus caudatus: Long-tailed bush warbler
Bradypterus cinnamomeus: Cinnamon bracken warbler
Bradypterus davidi: Baikal bush warbler(2)
Bradypterus lopezi: Evergreen forest warbler
Bradypterus luteoventris: Brown bush-warbler
Bradypterus luteoventris: Brown bush warbler(5)
Bradypterus major: Long-billed bush warbler(3)
Bradypterus mandelli: Russet bush warbler(4)
Bradypterus montis: Javan bush warbler
Bradypterus seebohmi: Benguet bush warbler(2)
Bradypterus seebohmi: Russet bush-warbler(2)
Bradypterus seebohmi: Russet bush warbler
Bradypterus tacsanowskius: Chinese bush warbler(3)
Bradypterus thoracicus: Spotted bush-warbler
Bradypterus thoracicus: Spotted bush warbler(3)
Bradypterus timorensis: Timor bush warbler
Bradypus variegatus: Bolivian three-toed sloth
Bradypus variegatus: Brown-throated three-toed sloth
Branta bernicla: Brant
Branta bernicla: Brant goose(2)
Branta bernicla: Brant(3)
Branta bernicla: Brent goose(5)
Branta canadansis: Canada goose
Branta canadensis: Aleutian canada goose
Branta canadensis: Canada goose(6)
Branta hutchinsii: Cackling goose(4)
Branta leucopsis: Barnacle goose(4)
Branta ruficollis: Red-breasted goose(7)
Branta sandvicensis: Hawaiian goose(3)
Branta sandvicensis: Nene
Branta sandvicensis: Nene goose
Bregmaceros macclellandi: Macclelland's antenna codlet(5)
Brochis multiradiatus: Hognosed brochis
Brochis splendens: Emerald catfish
Brochis splendens: Green Catfish(2)
Broghammerus reticulatus: Reticulated python(4)
Bronchocela cristatella: Green-crested lizard(6380)
Bronchocela cristatella: Green crested lizard(6382)
Bronchocela jubata: Maned forest lizard
Brontispa longissima: Coconut hispid
Brontispa longissima: Coconut leaf hispine
Brookesia perarmata: Antsingy leaf chameleon
Brookesia perarmata: Spiny dead-leaf chameleon
Brookesia stumpffi: Staechel chamaeleon
Brotogeris chrysopterus: Golden-winged parakeet
Brotogeris cyanoptera: Cobalt-winged parakeet
Brotogeris jugularis: Orange-chinned parakeet
Brotogeris pyrrhopterus: Grey-cheeked parakeet
Brotogeris sanctithomae: Tui parakeet
Brotogeris tirica: Plain parakeet
Brotogeris versicolor: Canary-winged parakeet
Brotulina fusca: Dusky brotulid
Bryaninops dianneae: Fijian sponge goby
Bryaninops tigris: Black coral goby
Bryaninops yongei: Seawhip goby
Brycinus longipinnis: Long-finned characin(2)
Bubalomis albirostris: Buffalo-weaver
Bubalornis albirostris: White-billed buffalo-weaver
Bubalornis albirostris: White-billed buffalo weaver(2)
Bubalornis niger: Red-billed buffalo-weaver
Bubalornis niger: Red-billed buffalo weaver(2)
Bubalus arnee: Water Buffalo
Bubalus bubalis: Buffalo
Bubalus bubalis: Water buffalo(2)
Bubalus carabanesis: Swamp-type Water Buffalo
Bubalus depressicornis: Lowland anoa(2)
Bubalus mindorensis: Tamaraw
Bubalus mindorensis: Tarmarau
Bubalus quarlesi: Mountain anoa(2)
Bubo africanus: Spotted eagle-owl
Bubo ascalaphus: Desert eagle-owl
Bubo blakistoni: Blakiston's eagle-owl
Bubo blakistoni: Blakiston's fish owl(2)
Bubo bubo: Eurasian eagle-owl(7)
Bubo bubo: Eurasian eagle owl(2)
Bubo capensis: Cape eagle-owl
Bubo coromandus: Dusky eagle-owl(8)
Bubo coromandus: Dusky eagle owl(2)
Bubo lacteus: Verreaux's eagle-owl
Bubo nipalensis: Spot-bellied eagle-owl(4)
Bubo philippensis: Philippine eagle-owl
Bubo scandiacus: Snowy owl(109002)
Bubo sumatrana: Barred eagle-owl(2)
Bubo sumatrana: Owl barred eagle
Bubo sumatranus: Barred eagle- owl
Bubo sumatranus: Barred eagle-owl(8)
Bubo sumatranus: Barred eagle owl(3)
Bubo sumatranus: Malay eagle owl
Bubo vosseleri: Usambara eagle-owl
Bubulcus coromandus: Eastern cattle egret(2)
Bubulcus ibis: Cattle egret(32)
Bucanetes githagineus: Trumpeter finch
Bucanetes mongolicus: Mongolian finch(3)
Buccanodon duchaillui: Yellow-spotted barbet(2)
Buccinum undatum: Whelk
Bucephala albeola: Bufflehead(2)
Bucephala clangula: Common glodeneye
Bucephala clangula: Common golden eye
Bucephala clangula: Common goldeneye(10)
Bucephala clangula: Goldeneye(2)
Bucephala islandica: Barrow's goldeneye
Bucephala islandica: Barrow goldeneye
Buceros bicornis: Great hornbill(2)
Buceros bicornis: Great hornbill(2)(2)
Buceros bicornis: Great hornbill(7)
Buceros hydrocorax: Hydrocorax, Luzon rufous hornbill
Buceros hydrocorax: Rufous hornbill
Buceros rhinoceros: Rhinoceros hornbill(18)
Buceros vigil: Helmeted hornbill(3)(2)
Buceros vigil: Helmeted hornbill(4)
Bucorvus abyssinicus: Abyssinian ground hornbill
Bucorvus leadbeateri: Southern ground hornbill
Budefduf sexfasciatus: Scissorstail sergeant
Budorcas taxicolor: Takin(2)
Buettikoferella bivittata: Buff-banded grassbird
Bufo bufo: Common toad
Bufo calamita: Natterjack toad
Bufo kumquat: Peat swamp toad
Bufo marinus: Bufo toad(2)
Bufo marinus: Bullfrog(2)
Bufo marinus: Cane toad
Bufo marinus: Cane toad gian marine
Bufo marinus: Cane toad(4)
Bufo marinus: Giant american toad(2)
Bufo marinus: Giant toad(3)
Bufo marinus: Marine toad(5)
Bufo marinus: Suriname toad
Bufo melanostictus: Asian common toad(29701)
Bufo melanostictus: Asian toad(4790)
Bufo melanostictus: Black-spectacled toad(5090)
Bufo melanostictus: Black-spined toad(63500)
Bufo melanostictus: Common sunda toad(5560)
Bufo parvus: Malayan forest toad
Bufo periglenes: Golden toad
Bufo quadriporcatus: Four-ridged toad
Bufo raddei: Mongolian toad
Bufo raddei: Siberian toad
Bufo retiformis: Sonoran green toad
Bufo superciliaris: Cameroon toad
Bufo viridis: European green toad
Bugeranus carunculatus: Wattled crane
Bulbometopon muricatum: Bumphead parrotfish
Bulweria bulwerii: Bulwer's petrel(16)
Bulweria fallax: Jouanin's petrel(2)
Bungarus candidus: Malayan krait(5)
Bungarus fasciatus: Banded krait(7)
Bungarus flaviceps: Red-headed krait(2)
Bunocephalus coracoideus: Banjo catfish(2)
Bunopithecus hoolock: Hoolock
Buphagus africanus: Yellow-billed oxpecker(2)
Buphagus erythrorhynchus: Red-billed oxpecker(2)
Burara etelka: Great orange awlet(5)
Burara gomata: Lalita, Pale green awlet
Burara harisa: Consobrina, Orange awlet(5)
Burara oedipodea: Branded orange awlet
Burhinus bistriatus: Double-stripped thick-knee
Burhinus capensis: Spotted dikkop
Burhinus capensis: Spotted thick-knee
Burhinus giganteus: Beach stone-curlew
Burhinus giganteus: Beach thick-knee(3)
Burhinus grallarius: Bush stone curlew
Burhinus magnirostris: Beach thick-knee(3)
Burhinus oedicnemus: Eurasian stone-curlew
Burhinus oedicnemus: Eurasian stone curlew
Burhinus oedicnemus: Eurasian thick-knee(2)
Burhinus oedicnemus: Stone curlew(2)
Burhinus recurvirostris: Great thick-knee
Burhinus senegalensis: Senegal thick-knee
Burhinus vermiculatus: Water thick-knee
Burmagomphus divaricatus: Splayed clubtail(3)
Burmagomphus plagiatus: Lesser splayed clubtail(3)
Burramys parvus: Pygmy possum
Bursatella leachii: Ragged sea hares
Busarellus nigricollis: Black-collared hawk(2)
Butastur indicus: Buzzard grey faced
Butastur indicus: Gray-faced buzzard(8)
Butastur indicus: Grey-faced buzzard
Butastur indicus: Grey-faced buzzard-eagle
Butastur indicus: Grey-faced buzzard hawk
Butastur indicus: Grey-faced buzzard(13)
Butastur liventer: Rufous-winged buzzard
Butastur liventer: Rufous-winged buzzard eagle
Butastur liventer: Rufous-winged buzzard(7)
Butastur rufipennis: Grasshopper buzzard eagle
Butastur rufipennis: Grasshopper buzzard(2)
Butastur teesa: White-eyed buzzard
Butastur teesa: White-eyed buzzard eagle
Butastur teesa: White-eyed buzzard(4)
Buteo albicaudatus: White-tailed hawk(2)
Buteo albigula: White-throated hawk
Buteo albonotatus: Zone-tailed hawk(2)
Buteo archeri: Archer's buzzard
Buteo augur: Augur buzzard(2)
Buteo auguralis: African red-tailed buzzard
Buteo auguralis: Red-necked buzzard
Buteo brachypterus: Madagascar buzzard(2)
Buteo brachyurus: Short-tailed hawk(2)
Buteo buteo: Buzzard
Buteo buteo: Common buzzard(15)
Buteo buteo: Eurasian buzzard(9)
Buteo galapagoensis: Galapagos buzzard
Buteo galapagoensis: Galapagos hawk
Buteo hemilasius: Upland buzzard(10)
Buteo jamaicensis: Red-tailed hawk(2)
Buteo japonicus: Eastern buzzard(2)
Buteo lagopus: Rough-legged buzzard(6)
Buteo lagopus: Rough-legged hawk(6)
Buteo leocorrhous: White-rumped hawk
Buteo leucorrhous: White-rumped hawk
Buteo lineatus: Red-shouldered hawk(2)
Buteo magnirostris: Roadside hawk(2)
Buteo nitidus: Grey-lined hawk
Buteo nitidus: Grey hawk
Buteo oreophilus: African mountain hawk
Buteo oreophilus: Mountain buzzard(2)
Buteo plagiatus: Grey hawk
Buteo platypterus: Broad-winged hawk(2)
Buteo poecilochrous: Puna hawk
Buteo poecilochrous: Variable hawk
Buteo polyosoma: Red-backed hawk
Buteo polysoma: Red-backed hawk
Buteo refectus: Himalayan buzzard(2)
Buteo regalis: Ferruginous hawk(2)
Buteo ridgwayi: Ridgway's hawk(2)
Buteo rufinus: Long-legged buzzard(6)
Buteo rufinus: Long-legged hawk(2)
Buteo rufofuscus: Jackal buzzard(2)
Buteo solitarius: Hawaiian hawk(3)
Buteo swainsoni: Swainson's hawk
Buteo swainsonii: Swainson's hawk
Buteo ventralis: Rufous-tailed hawk(2)
Buteogallus aequinoctialis: Rufous crab-hawk
Buteogallus aequinoctialis: Rufous crab hawk
Buteogallus anthracinus: Common black-hawk
Buteogallus anthracinus: Common black hawk
Buteogallus meridionalis: Savanna hawk
Buteogallus subtilis: Mangrove black-hawk
Buteogallus urubitinga: Great black-hawk
Buteogallus urubitinga: Great black hawk
Buthus occitanus: Scorpion
Butis butis: Mangrove flathead gudgeon(2)
Butis gymnopomus: Sleeper Goby
Butis humeralis: Flathead gudgeon(5)
Butorides striata: Striated heron(5)
Butorides striatus: Green-backed heron(5)
Butorides striatus: Heron little
Butorides striatus: Little green heron(3)
Butorides striatus: Little heron(7)
Butorides striatus: Striated heron(21)
Butorides virescens: Green heron
Buvalus arnee: Wild water buffalo
Byasa alcinous: Chinese windmill
Bycanistes brevis: Silvery-cheeked hornbill
Bycanistes bucinator: Trumpeter hornbill
Bycanistes subcylindricus: Black-and-white-casqued hornbill

{English name, 英文名, animal_name_b.htm, 2018-03-15, Animal name B, 動物名 B}

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_b.htm, 2018-03-15, Animal name B, 動物名 B}, (nswong, animal_name_b.htm)

Babakina indopacifica: 印太平洋灰翼海蛞蝓
Babalimnichus taiwanus: 台灣礁岩微泥蟲
Babax koslowi: 棕草鶥
Babax koslowi: 棕草鹛(8)
Babax lanceolatus: 矛紋草
Babax lanceolatus: 矛紋草鶥
Babax lanceolatus: 矛紋草鹛
Babax lanceolatus: 矛纹草鹛(7)
Babax waddelli: 大草鶥
Babax waddelli: 大草鹛(8)
Babelomurex armatus: 武裝花仙螺
Babelomurex blowi: 布羅埃花仙螺
Babelomurex cariniferoides: 龍骨花仙螺
Babelomurex deburghiae: 夢幻花仙螺
Babelomurex echinatus: 刺蝟花仙螺
Babelomurex fearnleyi: 菲氏花仙螺
Babelomurex finchii: 丹氏花仙螺
Babelomurex finchii: 芬氏花仙螺
Babelomurex fruticosus: 灌木花仙螺
Babelomurex gemmatus: 寶石花仙螺
Babelomurex habui: 小玉花仙螺
Babelomurex hirasei: 平瀨花仙螺
Babelomurex japonicus: 日本花仙螺
Babelomurex kawanishii: 川西花仙螺
Babelomurex kinoshitai: 木下花仙螺
Babelomurex lischeanus: 鳳冠花仙螺
Babelomurex longispinosus: 派沙花仙螺
Babelomurex marumai: 白菊花仙螺
Babelomurex nakayasui: 中安花仙螺
Babelomurex purpuratus: 紫堡花仙螺
Babelomurex spinosus: 台灣花仙螺
Babelomurex tosanus: 土佐花仙螺
Babelomurex tuberosus: 管棘花仙螺
Babelomurex yumimarumai: 雙錐棘花仙螺
Babina adenopleura: 腹斑蛙(4)
Babina okinavana: 豎琴蛙(2)
Babulus quarlesi: 西里伯斯野水牛
Babylonia areolata: 南海象牙鳳螺
Babylonia areolata: 東風螺
Babylonia areolata: 波部鳳螺
Babylonia areolata: 活海螺(2)
Babylonia areolata: 皇螺
Babylonia areolata: 花螺
Babylonia areolata: 象牙鳳螺(3)
Babylonia areolata: 風螺
Babylonia areolata: 鳳螺
Babylonia feicheni: 妃珍鳳螺
Babylonia formosae: 台灣鳳螺(2)
Babylonia formosae: 小鳳螺
Babylonia formosae: 波部鳳螺(3)
Babylonia formosae: 皇螺
Babylonia formosae: 臺灣鳳螺
Babylonia formosae: 風螺
Babylonia formosae: Formosae, 台灣鳳螺
Babylonia formosae: Habei, 波部鳳螺(2)
Babylonia japonica: 日本鳳螺
Babylonia kirana: 吉良鳳螺
Babylonia lutosa: 台灣東風螺
Babylonia lutosa: 方斑東風螺
Babylonia lutosa: 東風螺
Babylonia lutosa: 泥東風螺
Babylonia lutosa: 霧花鳳螺
Babylonia perforata: 有齒皇螺
Babylonia perforata: 有齒鳳螺
Babylonia spirata: 深溝鳳螺
Babylonia valentiana: 阿拉伯鳳螺
Babylonia zeylanica: 錫蘭鳳螺
Babyrousa babyrussa: 西里伯斯野豬
Babyrousa babyrussa: 西里伯斯鹿豚
Babyrousa babyrussa: 鹿猪
Babyrousa babyrussa: 鹿豚(3)
Babyrousa babyrussa: 鹿豬
Babyrousa bolabatuensis: 伯拉貝塔鹿豚(3)
Babyrousa celebensis: 北方蘇來威斯鹿豚(3)
Babyrousa togeanensis: 馬倫蓋鹿豚(3)
Baccha apicalis: 頭頂蚜蠅
Baccha fallax: 虛偽蚜蠅
Baccha maculata: 纖維蚜蠅
Baccha sauteri: 邵氏蚜蠅
Bacchisa atritarsis: 台灣琉璃天牛
Bacchisa fortunei: 琉璃天牛
Bacchisa fortunei: 福晉氏琉璃天牛
Bacciger mugilis: 鯔漿果吸蟲
Bachia flavescens: 黄巴克蜥
Bactocera dorsalis: 東方果實蠅
Bactrocera albistrigata: 蒲桃果实蝇
Bactrocera ambiguus: 臉斑寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera arisanica: 阿里山寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera carambolae: 杨桃实蝇
Bactrocera cilifera: 細帶寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera correcta: 番石榴果实蝇
Bactrocera costalis: 廣帶寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera cucurbitae: 瓜實蠅
Bactrocera depressa: 南瓜实蝇
Bactrocera depressa: 寬額寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera diaphora: 黑條寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera dorsalis: 東方果實蠅
Bactrocera dorsalis: 桔小实蝇
Bactrocera elegantis: 麗寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera ferruginea: 銹色實蠅
Bactrocera flava: 黃寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera hsui: 許氏寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera latifrons: 三瓣寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera latifrons: 辣椒果实蝇
Bactrocera lipsanus: 凹額寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera lunulata: 半月寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera mundus: 潔寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera nigrifacies: 黑臉寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera okunii: 無斑寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera papayae: 木瓜实蝇(838)
Bactrocera papayae: 番木瓜实蝇(82)
Bactrocera paratappana: 擬大斑寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera parvufoliacea: 黑寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera parvula: 小黑寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera pauleiensis: 寶來寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera pseudoscutellata: 擬黑楯板寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera scutellata: 黑楯板寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera semifemoralis: 半黑腿寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera synnephes: 巨斑寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera tappanus: 大斑寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera tau: 南瓜寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera tenuivittata: 細痣寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera yilanensis: 宜蘭寡毛實蠅
Bactrocera yuiliensis: 玉里寡毛實蠅
Bactromyia delicatula: 嬌弱寄蠅
Baculentulus hohuanshanensis: 合歡山巴蚖
Baculentulus morikawai: 森川巴蚖
Baculentulus taipeiensis: 台北巴蚖
Baculentulus tosanus: 土佐巴蚖
Badamia exclamationis: 尖翅弄蝶
Badis badis: 侏儒變色魚
Badis badis: 棕鱸(2)
Badis badis: 藍帆變色龍
Badis dario: 无线棕鲈
Baeochila elongata: 高冠網椿
Baeochila elongata: 高冠網蝽
Baeochila scitula: 台高冠網椿
Baeochila scitula: 台高冠網蝽
Baeolidia japonica: 日本翼蓑海蛞蝓
Baeopogon indicator: 白尾鵯
Baeoura aliena: 烏來燥大蚊
Baeoura consocia: 結社燥大蚊
Baeoura laevilobata: 平滑燥大蚊
Baeoura trichopoda: 八仙燥大蚊
Baeoura trichopoda: 毛足燥大蚊
Bagarius bagarius: 河鲨(2)
Bagarius bagarius: 淡水鲨(2)
Bagarius bagarius: 老鹰鸭嘴(2)
Bagarius bagarius: 魾(2)
Bagarius yarrelli: 巨魾
Bagre pinnimaculatus: 翅斑海鱨
Bagre pinnimaculatus: 翅斑海鲿
Bagrichthys macracanthus: 一线骆驼(2)
Bahaba flavolabiata: 黄唇鱼(3)
Bahaba taipingensis: 黄唇鱼
Baiaenoptera physalus: 長鬚鯨
Bailer shell: 花螺仔
Baileychromis centropomoides: 似刺蓋貝利麗魚
Baiomys musculus: 南侏鼠
Bairdoppilata kangwanga: 康王短稜介
Bairdoppilata paraalcyonicola: 王道短稜介
Baizongia ovagalla: 卵角瘿绵蚜
Baizongia pistaciae: 黃蓮木癭蚜
Baizongia sensucopia: 多感角瘿绵蚜
Baizongia yunlongensis: 云龙角瘿绵蚜
Bajacalifornia burragei: 伯氏
Bajacalifornia burragei: 伯氏巴傑加州黑頭魚
Balaena mysticetus: 北极露脊鲸
Balaena mysticetus: 北極露脊鯨(2)
Balaena mysticetus: 北極鯨
Balaeniceps rex: 鯨頭鸛(4)
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: 小温鲸
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: 小须鲸
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: 小鬚鯨(2)
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: 小鲸
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: 小鳁鲸
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: 小鯨
Balaenoptera acutorostrata: 縞鯨
Balaenoptera bonaerensis: 南極小鬚鯨
Balaenoptera borealis: 鯨
Balaenoptera borealis: 鰮鯨(2)
Balaenoptera borealis: 鲸
Balaenoptera borealis: 鳁鲸(2)
Balaenoptera borealis: 鯨
Balaenoptera brydei: 布氏鯨
Balaenoptera edeni: 埃氏鯨
Balaenoptera edeni: 热带鲸
Balaenoptera edeni: 熱帶鯨
Balaenoptera edeni: 鯷鯨(2)
Balaenoptera edeni: 鳀鲸
Balaenoptera musculus: 蓝鲸(3)
Balaenoptera musculus: 藍鯨(3)
Balaenoptera omurai: 大村鯨
Balaenoptera physalus: 長鬚鯨(2)
Balaenoptera physalus: 长须鲸(2)
Balaenoptera physelus: 长须鲸
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: 巴拉鯊
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: 袋唇魚屬
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: 銀鯊
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: 黑鰭袋唇魚(4)
Balantiocheilus hekouensis: 袋唇鱼(2)
Balantiocheilus hekouensis: 袋纯鱼
Balantiocheilus melanopterus: 银鲨(2)
Balantiopteryx infusca: 暗色兜蝠
Balantiopteryx infusca: 暗色囊翼蝠
Balantiopteryx io: 小兜翼蝠(2)
Balantiopteryx io: 河神囊翼蝠
Balantiopteryx plicata: 小囊翼蝠
Balantiopteryx plicata: 襞兜翼蝠
Balanus albicostatus: 脊藤壶
Balanus amphitrite: 纹藤壶
Balanus cirratus: 糊斑藤壶
Balanus cristatus: 高脊藤壶
Balanus dbicostatus: 白脊藤壶
Balanus reticulatus: 网纹藤壶(2)
Balanus trigonus: 三角藤壺
Balanus uliginosu: 泥藤壶
Balanus uliginosus: 泥藤壶
Balataea taiwana: 狹翅透斑蛾
Balataea taiwana: 臺灣細竹斑蛾
Balcis cumingi: 居明白瓷螺
Balcis grandis: 白瓷螺
Balcis luchuana: 琉球瓷螺
Balcis martini: 馬丁瓷螺
Balcis persimilis: 苗條瓷螺
Balearica pavonina: 冠鹤
Balearica pavonina: 黑冕鶴
Balearica regulorum: 灰冕鶴
Baliga asakurae: 白斑蟻蛉
Baliga brunneipennis: 淡白斑蟻蛉
Baliga eurystictus: 尖翅白斑蟻蛉
Balionycteris maculata: 斑翅果蝠(2)
Balionycteris maculata: 黃斑果蝠
Balistapus undulatus: 波紋鱗魨
Balistapus undulatus: 波纹钩鳞鲀
Balistapus undulatus: 翡翠炮彈
Balistapus undulatus: 鉤鱗魨
Balistapus undulatus: 黃帶砲彈
Balistes stellatus: 寬尾鱗魨
Balistes stellatus: 皇后彈
Balistes vetula: 姬鱗魨
Balistes vetula: 嫗鱗魨
Balistes vetula: 藍紋彈
Balistodes conspicilllum: 圓斑擬鱗魨
Balistodes conspicilllum: 小丑砲彈
Balistoides conspicillum: 圓斑擬鱗魨
Balistoides conspicillum: 圓斑鱗魨
Balistoides conspicillum: 小丑炮弹
Balistoides conspicillum: 小丑炮彈
Balistoides conspicillum: 小丑砲彈
Balistoides conspicillum: 皇冠炮彈
Balistoides conspicillum: 花斑擬鱗魨(2)
Balistoides undulatus: 橙紋彈
Balistoides undulatus: 鉤板機魨
Balistoides undulatus: 鉤鱗魨
Balistoides undulatus: 黃帶砲彈
Balistoides viridescens: 剝皮魚
Balistoides viridescens: 斑點砲彈
Balistoides viridescens: 砲彈魚
Balistoides viridescens: 綠擬鱗魨
Balistoides viridescens: 褐擬鱗魨
Balistoides viridescens: 黃褐砲彈
Balitora brucei: 爬鳅
Balitora brucei: 缅甸爬鳅
Balitora elongata: 长体爬鳅
Balitora kwangsiensis: 广西爬鳅
Balitora lancangjiangensis: 澜沧江爬鳅
Balitora longibarbatus: 长须爬鳅
Balitora tchangi: 张氏爬鳅
Ballerus ballerus: 上口歐鯿
Ballerus sapa: 伯氏歐鯿
Ballerus sapa: 白眼歐鯿
Balmes birmana: 滇蜀蝶蛉
Balta notulata: 網翅扁蠊
Bambusaspis abiectus: 菲竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis bambusae: 竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis bambusae: 鞘竹鍊介殼蟲
Bambusaspis bambusicola: 日竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis bambusicola: 莖竹鍊介殼蟲
Bambusaspis caudatum: 巴西竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis coronata: 飄竹鍊介殼蟲
Bambusaspis delicatus: 透体竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis disiunctus: 罗竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis hemisphaerica: 半球竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis largus: 大竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis longa: 長竹鍊介殼蟲
Bambusaspis marginalis: 缘竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis masuii: 墨竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis miliaris: 密竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis miliaris: 扁竹鍊介殼蟲
Bambusaspis notabile: 绿竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis pseudominuscula: 小竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis radiatus: 粤竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis robusta: 麻竹斑链蚧
Bambusaspis subdolus: 陀螺竹斑链蚧
Bambusicola fytchii: 山竹雞(2)
Bambusicola fytchii: 棕胸竹雞(2)
Bambusicola fytchii: 棕胸竹鸡(8)
Bambusicola thoracica: 灰胸竹雞
Bambusicola thoracica: 灰胸竹鸡(13)
Bambusicola thoracica: 竹雞(11)
Bambusicola thoracica: 竹鸡
Bambusicola thoracica: Thoracica, 灰胸竹鸡
Bambusicola thoracicus: 灰胸竹雞
Bambusicola thoracicus: 灰胸竹鸡(3)
Bambusicola thoracicus: 竹雞(5)
Banareia armata: 武裝鎧蟹
Banareia odhneri: 奧氏鎧蟹
Banareia subglobosa: 球形鎧蟹
Bandar fisheri: 費氏巨顎天牛
Bandicota indica: 大板齒鼠
Bandicota indica: 鬼鼠(4)
Bangana almorae: 阿爾莫拉孟加拉鯪
Bangana ariza: 阿里野鯪
Bangana behri: 貝氏孟加拉鯪
Bangana decora: 桂華鯪
Bangana delvdevi: 德氏孟加拉鯪
Bangana dero: 孟加拉鯪
Bangana diplostoma: 辛丹野鯪
Bangana diplostoma: 雙口野鯪
Bangana discognathoides: 盆唇華鯪
Bangana gedrosicus: 巴基斯坦野鯪
Bangana lemassoni: 元江華鯪
Bangana lippus: 寬頭華鯪
Bangana lippus: 脂野鯪
Bangana pierrei: 皮氏孟加拉鯪
Bangana rendahli: 華鯪
Bangana sinkleri: 辛克勒野鯪
Bangana tonkinensis: 格拉非野鯪
Bangana tonkinensis: 河口華鯪
Bangana tungting: 洞庭華鯪
Bangana wui: 伍氏盆唇華鯪
Bangana xanthogenys: 元江桂華鯪
Bangana yunnanensis: 雲南華鯪
Bangana zhui: 朱氏華鯪
Bangifer tarandus: 驯鹿
Banisia owadai: 大和田二星網蛾
Banjos banjos: 壽魚
Banjos banjos: 扁棘鯛
Bankia setacea: 剛毛蛀船蛤
Bannatettix longicornia: 长角版纳蚱
Bannatettix menghaiensis: 勐海版纳蚱
Bannatettix ruiliensis: 瑞丽版纳蚱
Baoris farri: 刺脛弄蝶
Barabattoia amicorum: 和平芭蘿珊瑚
Barathronus bicolor: 雙色盲鼬鳚
Barathronus diaphanus: 盲鼬鳚
Barathronus diaphanus: 透明渊鼬鳚
Barathronus maculatus: 棕斑渊鼬鳚
Barathronus maculatus: 棕斑盲鼬鳚
Barbamaxilla formosa: 台灣鬚鯙
Barbastella barbastellus: 欧洲宽耳蝠
Barbastella barbastellus: 西方寬耳蝠
Barbastella leucomelas: 亚洲宽耳蝠
Barbastella leucomelas: 亞洲寬耳蝠
Barbastella leucomelas: 寬耳蝠
Barbastella leucomelas: 東方寬耳蝠
Barbatia amygdalumtortum: 紅杏鬍魁蛤
Barbatia amygdalumtostum: 紅杏胡魁蛤
Barbatia amygdalumtostum: 红杏胡魁蛤
Barbatia barbata: 欧洲胡魁蛤
Barbatia barbata: 歐洲胡魁蛤
Barbatia bicolorata: 紅鬍魁蛤
Barbatia cancellaria: 麻布胡魁蛤
Barbatia candida: 白胡(2)
Barbatia cometa: 窄鬍魁蛤
Barbatia decussata: 布紋魁蛤
Barbatia foliata: 鬍魁蛤
Barbatia obliquata: 歪斜胡魁蛤
Barbatia reeveana: 芮氏胡魁蛤(2)
Barbatia stearnsii: 獸脂魁蛤
Barbatia velata: 胡魁蛤(2)
Barbatia virescens: 青鬍魁蛤
Barbatula altayensis: 阿勒泰须鳅
Barbatula barbatula: 北方须鳅(2)
Barbatula labiata: 穗唇须鳅(2)
Barbatula microphthalma: 小眼须鳅(2)
Barbichthys laevis: 光髯魮
Barbichthys laevis: 光髯鲃
Barbichthys laevis: 髯鲃屬
Barbodes belinka: 四鬚鲃屬
Barbodes belinka: 貝林克四鬚鲃
Barbodes belinka: 貝林克擬四鬚魮
Barbodes benasi: 软鳍四须鲃(2)
Barbodes bovanicus: 博凡尼無鬚魮
Barbodes caldwelli: 刺鲃
Barbodes carnaticus: 多肉無鬚魮
Barbodes chonglongchungi: 常氏四须鲃
Barbodes coggini: 颌突四须鲃
Barbodes daliensis: 洱海四须鲃(2)
Barbodes daruphani: 大鳞四须鲃(2)
Barbodes elongatus: 長身倒刺魮
Barbodes exigua: 油四须鲃(2)
Barbodes fasciatus: 赭紅色魮
Barbodes fuxianhuensis: 抚仙四须鲃(2)
Barbodes hexagonlepis: 墨脱四须鲃
Barbodes hexagonolepis: 墨脱四须鲃(2)
Barbodes huangchuchieni: 云南四须鲃(3)
Barbodes lacustris: 湖四须鲃
Barbodes laticeps: 宽头四须鲃
Barbodes mahakkamensis: 馬哈卡河魮
Barbodes margarianus: 太平四须鲃(3)
Barbodes opisthoptera: 后鳍四须鲃(3)
Barbodes pachygnathus: 厚颌四须鲃
Barbodes parva: 小四须鲃(2)
Barbodes paucimaculatus: 疏斑四须鲃
Barbodes pierrei: 高体四须鲃(2)
Barbodes pierrei: 高體四鬚魚巴
Barbodes platysoma: 扁體四鬚魮
Barbodes polylepis: 多鱗四鬚魮
Barbodes polylepis: 多鳞四须鲃
Barbodes punctatus: 异斑四须鲃
Barbodes rhomboide: 鲂形四须鲃
Barbodes rhomoboides: 鲂形四须鲅
Barbodes shanensis: 棱四须鲃(2)
Barbodes sinensis: 中华仕刺鲃
Barbodes sophore: 斑尾四须鲃
Barbodes strigatus: 直條四鬚魮
Barbodes strigatus: 直條四鬚鲃
Barbodes sunieri: 薩氏四鬚魮
Barbodes vernayi: 大鳞四须鲃
Barbodes wynaadensis: 保山四须鲃(3)
Barbodes wynaadensis: 滇四鬚魮
Barboides gracilis: 細擬四鬚魮
Barbonymus altus: 泰国蓝邦
Barbonymus altus: 高身四鬚魮
Barbonymus balleroides: 似巴勒四鬚魮
Barbonymus collingwoodii: 科氏四鬚魮
Barbonymus gonionotus: 爪哇鲃
Barbonymus gonionotus: 蓝邦(2)
Barbonymus gonionotus: 銀高體鲃
Barbonymus gonionotus: 高體鲃屬
Barbonymus schwanefeldii: 双线鲫
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: 南邦(36)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: 施氏高體鲃
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: 施氏魮(37)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: 施氏鲃(17)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: 施瓦氏四须魮(14)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: 河蓝邦(2)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: 泰国鲫, Tai4 guo2 ji4(56)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: 泰國鯽, Tai4 guo2 ji4(54)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: 线鲫(30)
Barbopsis devecchii: 德氏小髯魮
Barbourisia rufa: 紅刺鬚仿鯨
Barbourisia rufa: 紅刺鯨口魚
Barbourisia rufa: 红刺鲸鱼
Barbronia weberi: 巴蛭
Barbuligobius boehlkei: 髯毛鰕虎魚
Barbuligobius boehlkei: 鬚鰕虎
Barbus ablabes: 艾布拉魮
Barbus aboinensis: 阿博伊魮
Barbus acuticeps: 尖頭魮
Barbus afrohamiltoni: 阿氏魮
Barbus afrovernayi: 斑尾魮
Barbus albanicus: 阿爾巴尼亞魮
Barbus aliciae: 艾麗西亞魮
Barbus alluaudi: 奧氏魮
Barbus aloyi: 阿洛依氏魮
Barbus altianalis: 拉氏高臀魮
Barbus altianalis: 高臀魮
Barbus altidorsalis: 高背魮
Barbus amanpoae: 慈魮
Barbus amatolicus: 砂魮
Barbus andrewi: 安氏魮
Barbus anema: 鳳魮
Barbus annectens: 寬帶魮
Barbus anniae: 安妮魮
Barbus anoplus: 圓頭魮
Barbus ansorgii: 安索魮
Barbus apleurogramma: 安布氏魮
Barbus apleurogramma: 肋線魮
Barbus arabicus: 阿拉伯魮
Barbus arambourgi: 阿拉姆氏魮
Barbus arcislongae: 弓魮
Barbus argenteus: 玫鰭魮
Barbus aspilus: 盾形魮(2)
Barbus atakorensis: 阿太魮
Barbus atkinsoni: 碎點魮
Barbus atromaculatus: 黑斑魮
Barbus bagbwensis: 巴格文魮
Barbus barbus: 第聶魮
Barbus barbus: 魮
Barbus barnardi: 巴納德魮
Barbus barotseensis: 巴羅士魮
Barbus baudoni: 鮑登氏魮
Barbus bawkuensis: 鮑氏魮
Barbus bifrenatus: 雙繮魮
Barbus bigornei: 比格氏魮
Barbus boboi: 鮑勃氏魮
Barbus bourdariei: 布爾氏魮
Barbus brachygramma: 短帶魮
Barbus brazzai: 布雷澤氏魮
Barbus brazzai: 阿爾瓦雷氏魮
Barbus breviceps: 短首魮
Barbus brevidorsalis: 短背魮
Barbus brevidorsalis: 艷美魮
Barbus brevilateralis: 短側魮
Barbus brevipinnis: 短鰭魮
Barbus brichardi: 布里氏魮
Barbus bynni: Bynni, 拜尼氏魮
Barbus bynni: Bynni, 賓氏魮
Barbus bynni: Occidentalis, 福里奧氏魮
Barbus bynni: Occidentalis, 西方魮
Barbus bynni: Waldroni, 澳爾德氏魮
Barbus cadenati: 卡德氏魮
Barbus callensis: 卡倫魮
Barbus callipterus: 麗鰭魮
Barbus camptacanthus: 彎刺魮
Barbus candens: 坎登魮
Barbus caninus: 小犬魮
Barbus carcharhinoides: 似尖吻魮
Barbus carens: 頭魮
Barbus castrasibutum: 巫魮
Barbus catenarius: 鏈魮
Barbus caudosignatus: 尾飾魮
Barbus cercops: 長尾魮
Barbus chicapaensis: 芝加魮
Barbus chiumbeensis: 休貝魮
Barbus chlorotaenia: 綠紋魮
Barbus choloensis: 銀腹魮
Barbus ciscaucasicus: 捷列克魮
Barbus citrinus: 檸檬魮
Barbus claudinae: 克勞迪娜魮
Barbus clauseni: 克勞森氏魮
Barbus collarti: 科勒氏魮
Barbus condei: 康氏魮
Barbus cyclolepis: 圓鱗魮
Barbus dartevellei: 達特氏魮
Barbus daruphani: 黄鳍虎(2)
Barbus deguidei: 德吉氏魮
Barbus deserti: 德塞氏魮
Barbus dialonensis: 迪亞魮
Barbus diamouanganai: 戴莫氏魮
Barbus ditinensis: 迪蒂魮(2)
Barbus dorsolineatus: 背紋魮
Barbus eburneensis: 埃布尼魮
Barbus elephantis: 象魮
Barbus ensis: 刀形魮
Barbus erubescens: 紅鰭魮
Barbus erythrozonus: 紅帶魮
Barbus ethiopicus: 埃塞魮
Barbus euboicus: 埃博魮
Barbus eurystomus: 闊嘴魮
Barbus eutaenia: 橘鰭魮
Barbus evansi: 埃文斯氏魮
Barbus fasciolatus: 帶紋魮
Barbus fasolt: 傲魮
Barbus foutensis: 富特魮
Barbus fritschii: 弗里奇氏魮
Barbus gananensis: 加納魮
Barbus gestetneri: 格氏魮
Barbus girardi: 吉氏魮
Barbus goktschaicus: 塞萬魮
Barbus greenwoodi: 格林伍德氏魮
Barbus gruveli: 格魯氏魮
Barbus guildi: 吉爾德氏魮
Barbus guineensis: 幾內亞魮
Barbus guirali: 圭氏魮
Barbus gulielmi: 古氏魮
Barbus gurneyi: 格尼氏魮
Barbus haasi: 哈斯氏魮
Barbus haasianus: 鐮鰭魮
Barbus harteti: 哈特氏魮
Barbus holotaenia: 點鱗魮
Barbus hospes: 主魮
Barbus huguenyi: 休格氏魮
Barbus huloti: 赫洛氏魮
Barbus hulstaerti: 赫爾氏魮
Barbus humeralis: 披肩魮
Barbus humilis: 矮魮
Barbus humphri: 漢弗萊氏魮
Barbus inaequalis: 粗皮魮
Barbus innocens: 英諾魮
Barbus iturii: 依托氏魮
Barbus jacksoni: 傑克遜氏魮
Barbus jae: 傑氏魮
Barbus janssensi: 詹森氏魮
Barbus jubbi: 朱布氏魮
Barbus kamolondoensis: 卡莫隆魮
Barbus kerstenii: 紅點魮
Barbus kerstenii: 鮭形魮
Barbus kessleri: 蓋紋魮
Barbus kissiensis: 基西魮
Barbus kubanicus: 庫班魮
Barbus kuiluensis: 庫盧魮
Barbus lacerta: 古拉魮
Barbus lacerta: 敘利亞魮
Barbus lagensis: 拉貢魮
Barbus lamani: 拉曼氏魮
Barbus laticeps: 側頭魮
Barbus lauzannei: 勞氏魮
Barbus leonensis: 萊昂魮
Barbus leptopogon: 細髭魮
Barbus liberiensis: 利比里魮
Barbus lineomaculatus: 側點魮
Barbus longiceps: 長頭魮
Barbus longifilis: 長絲魮
Barbus lorteti: 洛特氏魮
Barbus loveridgii: 洛夫里奇氏魮
Barbus luapulae: 盧佩拉魮
Barbus lufukiensis: 盧富金魮
Barbus luikae: 盧卡魮
Barbus lujae: 盧什魮
Barbus lukindae: 盧金魮
Barbus lukusiensis: 盧庫西魮
Barbus luluae: 盧盧阿魮
Barbus macedonicus: 馬其頓魮
Barbus machadoi: 馬查杜氏魮
Barbus macinensis: 莫欽魮
Barbus macroceps: 大頭魮
Barbus macrolepis: 大鱗魮
Barbus macrops: 大眼魮
Barbus macrops: 弗朗西斯魮
Barbus macrotaenia: 闊帶魮
Barbus magdalenae: 馬克達魮
Barbus manicensis: 黃魮
Barbus mariae: 瑪麗亞魮
Barbus marmoratus: 斑點魮
Barbus martorelli: 馬托氏魮
Barbus matthesi: 馬瑟斯氏魮
Barbus mattozi: 馬氏魮
Barbus mawambi: 馬萬氏魮
Barbus mawambiensis: 馬萬比魮
Barbus mediosquamatus: 中鱗魮
Barbus melanotaenia: 黑帶魮
Barbus meridionalis: 南魮
Barbus microbarbis: 短鬚魮
Barbus microterolepis: 小奇鱗魮
Barbus mimus: 仿魮
Barbus miolepis: 小鱗魮
Barbus mirabilis: 奇魮
Barbus mocoensis: 莫科魮
Barbus mohasicus: 莫哈魮
Barbus motebensis: 穆脫魮
Barbus multilineatus: 多線魮
Barbus musumbi: 馬休氏魮
Barbus myersi: 邁爾斯氏魮
Barbus nanningsi: 南寧氏魮
Barbus nasus: 大鼻魮
Barbus neefi: 尼夫氏魮
Barbus neglectus: 遺魮
Barbus neumayeri: 克斯頓氏魮
Barbus neumayeri: 紐萬氏魮
Barbus nigeriensis: 尼日爾魮
Barbus nigrifilis: 灰線魮
Barbus nigroluteus: 暗黃魮
Barbus niokoloensis: 尼科洛魮
Barbus nyanzae: 奈氏魮
Barbus okae: 奧凱無鬚魮
Barbus oligogrammus: 寡紋魮
Barbus oligolepis: 寡鱗魮
Barbus orphoides: 紅面吉羅(2)
Barbus orphoides: 紅面鯽(2)
Barbus owenae: 歐文魮
Barbus oxyrhynchus: 尖鼻魮
Barbus pagenstecheri: 佩金氏魮
Barbus pallidus: 蒼魮
Barbus paludinosus: 泰坦魮
Barbus paludinosus: 直鰭魮(2)
Barbus paludinosus: 直鳍魮
Barbus paludinosus: 雙線魮
Barbus papilio: 蝶魮(2)
Barbus parablabes: 副魮
Barbus parawaldroni: 帕拉氏魮
Barbus paucisquamatus: 少鱗魮
Barbus pellegrini: 佩氏魮
Barbus peloponnesius: 希魮
Barbus perince: 佩林斯魮
Barbus perince: 唐納森氏魮
Barbus petchkovskyi: 佩奇氏魮
Barbus petenyi: 彼氏魮
Barbus petitjeani: 佩蒂氏魮
Barbus platyrhinus: 扁吻魮
Barbus plebejus: 凡魮
Barbus pleurogramma: 肋斑魮
Barbus pobeguini: 波比氏魮
Barbus poechii: 耀尾魮
Barbus prespensis: 普雷斯泊魮
Barbus prionacanthus: 鋸棘魮
Barbus profundus: 深輻魮
Barbus pumilus: 小矮魮
Barbus punctitaeniatus: 點帶魮
Barbus pygmaeus: 侏魮
Barbus quadripunctatus: 四塊魮
Barbus radiatus: 輻線魮
Barbus radiatus: 金輻魮
Barbus raimbaulti: 雷氏魮
Barbus reinii: 賴因氏魮
Barbus rhinophorus: 銼魮
Barbus rohani: 羅漢魮
Barbus rosae: 羅莎魮
Barbus roussellei: 魯斯氏魮
Barbus rouxi: 魯氏魮
Barbus ruasae: 魯什魮
Barbus rubrostigma: 紅點小鱗魮
Barbus sacratus: 楯魮
Barbus salessei: 塞爾氏魮
Barbus schwanenfeldii: 紅鰭鯽
Barbus schwanenfeldii: 红鳍鲫
Barbus serra: 鋸鰭魮
Barbus sexradiatus: 六輻魮
Barbus somereni: 薩默氏魮
Barbus stanleyi: 斯坦利氏魮
Barbus stappersii: 斯塔普氏魮
Barbus stauchi: 斯托氏魮
Barbus stigmasemion: 瞳斑魮
Barbus stigmatopygus: 古爾馬魮
Barbus stigmatopygus: 斑臀魮
Barbus stigmatopygus: 艾氏魮
Barbus subinensis: 蘇比魮
Barbus sublimus: 伊朗魮
Barbus sublineatus: 下線魮
Barbus subquincunciatus: 美索不達米亞魮
Barbus sylvaticus: 捷泳魮
Barbus syntrechalepis: 糙鱗魮
Barbus taeniopleura: 紋胸魮
Barbus taeniurus: 紋尾魮
Barbus tangandensis: 坦噶魮
Barbus tauricus: 克里木魮
Barbus tegulifer: 瓦魮
Barbus tetraspilus: 四點魮
Barbus tetrastigma: 四斑魮
Barbus thamalakanensis: 塔馬拉魮
Barbus thysi: 賽氏魮
Barbus tiekoroi: 蒂科氏魮
Barbus tomiensis: 托米魮
Barbus tongaensis: 通加魮
Barbus toppini: 托普氏魮
Barbus trachypterus: 粗鰭魮
Barbus traorei: 特拉氏魮
Barbus treurensis: 特羅河魮
Barbus trevelyani: 特里氏魮
Barbus trimaculatus: 三斑魮
Barbus trinotatus: 三標魮
Barbus trispiloides: 擬三斑魮
Barbus trispilomimus: 仿三斑魮
Barbus trispilopleura: 胸三斑魮
Barbus trispilos: 三點魮
Barbus tropidolepis: 彎鱗魮
Barbus unitaeniatus: 無紋魮
Barbus urostigma: 尾斑魮
Barbus urotaenia: 條尾魮
Barbus usambarae: 尤塞魮
Barbus vanderysti: 範德氏魮
Barbus viktorianus: 維克多魮
Barbus viviparus: 弓線魮
Barbus waleckii: 意大利魮
Barbus walkeri: 沃克氏魮
Barbus wellmani: 韋爾曼氏魮
Barbus wurtzi: 巴里氏魮
Barbus wurtzi: 沃慈魮
Barbus wurtzi: 沃氏突吻魚
Barbus yeiensis: 耶依魮
Barbus yongei: 楊氏魮
Barbus zalbiensis: 札爾皮魮
Barbus zanzibaricus: 桑給巴爾魮
Barca bicolor: 双色舟弄蝶
Barilius bakeri: 貝克氏低線鱲
Barilius barila: 滇西低線鱲
Barilius barila: 滇西低线鱲(3)
Barilius barila: 芒氏魚丹
Barilius barna: 巴納低線鱲
Barilius bendilisis: 本迪爾低線鱲
Barilius bernatziki: 伯納特低線鱲
Barilius borneensis: 低線鱲屬
Barilius borneensis: 博爾尼低線鱲
Barilius borneensis: 婆羅洲低線鱲
Barilius canarensis: 印度真馬口波魚
Barilius caudiocellatues: 斑尾低線鱲
Barilius caudiocellatus: 斑尾低线鱲(2)
Barilius dimorphicus: 松河低線鱲
Barilius dogarsinghi: 多氏低線鱲
Barilius evezardi: 伊夫氏低線鱲
Barilius gatensis: 盖茨山低线鱲
Barilius gatensis: 蓋茨山低線鱲
Barilius huahinensis: 泰國低線鱲
Barilius mesopotamicus: 中河低線鱲
Barilius modestus: 靜低線鱲
Barilius ornatus: 飾妝低線鱲
Barilius ponticulus: 糙低線鱲
Barilius pulchellus: 丽色低线鱲(3)
Barilius radiolatus: 輻邊低線鱲
Barilius shacra: 印度低線鱲
Barilius tileo: 蒂萊低線鱲
Barilius vagra: 漫游低線鱲
Barleeia alderi: 西美硃砂螺
Barlius caudiocellatus: 斑尾低线鱲
Barnardius zonarius: 林肯港鸚鵡(2)
Barnea manilensis: 馬尼拉鷗蛤
Bartramia longicauda: 高原鹬(2)
Baryancistrus demantoides: 金黃重鈎鯰
Baryancistrus niveatus: 巴西重鈎鯰
Baryancistrus xanthellus: 黃斑骨甲鯰
Baryancistrus xanthellus: 黃雨重鈎鯰
Baryrhynchus poweri: 黃紋三錐象鼻蟲
Baryrrhynchus cratus: 大宽喙象(4)
Baryrrhynchus cratus: 大寬喙象
Baryspira mammilla: 乳頭彈頭螺
Baryspira rubiginosa: 龍宮彈頭螺
Basanopsis curvipes: 蜘腳擬榖盜
Basanus formosanus: 四星擬步行蟲
Basbora atridorsalis: 黑背波鱼
Bascanichthys kirkii: 盲蛇鰻
Bascanichthys kirkii: 長尾鞭鰻
Bascanichthys scuticaris: 鞭鰻
Bascanichthys scuticaris: 鞭鳗
Basilepta cornuta: 毛胸溝腳猿金花蟲
Basilepta varians: 脈翅溝腳猿金花蟲
Basiliscus basiliscus: 冠蜥
Basiliscus basiliscus: 普通双冠蜥(2)
Basiliscus plumbfrons: 双嵴冠蜥
Basiliscus plumbfrons: 绿双冠蜥
Basiliscus plumifrons: 绿双冠蜥
Basiliscus plumifrons: 雙冠蜥(2)
Basiliscus vittatus: 芒腹冠蜥
Basiliscus vittatus: 褐雙冠蜥(2)
Basilobelba parmata: 腹毛王腳甲蟎
Basilometra boschmai: 蟹形基羽枝
Basilornis celebensis: 苏拉王椋鸟
Basilornis corythaix: 长冠王椋鸟
Basilornis galeatus: 大王椋鸟
Basilornis miranda: 阿波山王椋鸟
Basilornis mirandus: 阿波王掠鸟
Basiprionota angusta: 大黃龜金花蟲
Bassaniana decorata: 美丽巴蟹蛛
Bassaricyon alleni: 秘鲁犬浣熊
Bassaricyon astutus: 蓬尾浣熊
Bassaricyon beddardi: 毛尾犬浣熊
Bassaricyon gabbii: 加氏犬浣熊
Bassaricyon lasius: 毛犬浣熊(2)
Bassaricyon pauli: 巴拿马犬浣熊
Bassariscus astutus: 蓬尾浣熊
Bassariscus sumichrasti: 中美蓬尾浣熊
Bassia bassensis: 巴斯水母
Basslerites kungosuntsoi: 公孫痤巴士烈介
Bassobythites macropterus: 大鳍深鼬鳚
Bassozetus compressus: 扁索深鼬魚
Bassozetus compressus: 扁索深鼬鳚
Bassozetus glutinosus: 黏身索深鼬魚
Bassozetus glutinosus: 黏身索深鼬鳚
Bassozetus multispinis: 多棘索深鼬魚
Bassozetus multispinis: 多棘索深鼬鳚
Bassozetus robustus: 壮体深鼬鳚
Bassozetus robustus: 壯體索深鼬魚
Bassozetus robustus: 壯體索深鼬鳚
Bassus stigmaterus: 西印度小繭蜂(2)
Bastilla vitiensis: 斐濟朽葉夜蛾
Batagur baska: 巴达库尔龟
Batagur baska: 巴達庫爾龜(2)
Batagur baska: 潮龜(2)
Bathmocercus rufus: 黑臉棕鶯
Bathophilus kingi: 四絲深巨口魚
Bathophilus nigerrimus: 絲鬚深巨口魚
Bathophilus schizochirus: 裂鰭深巨口魚
Bathophilus schizochirus: 裂鳍深巨口鱼
Bathothauma lyromma: 深奇魷
Bathrips jasminae: 茉莉貝薊馬
Bathrips melanicornis: 黑角貝薊馬
Bathropyramis bicornuta: 双角梯锥虫
Bathropyramis ramosa: 分枝梯锥虫
Bathropyramis stolida: 袍梯锥虫
Bathyagonus alascanus: 白令淵八角魚
Bathyagonus alascanus: 白令渊八角鱼
Bathyarca ectocomata: 蓑魁蛤
Bathyarca pompholax: 球形魁蛤
Bathybates fasciatus: 條紋淵麗魚
Bathybates ferox: 兇猛淵麗魚
Bathybates graueri: 格氏淵麗魚
Bathybates hornii: 霍氏淵麗魚
Bathybates leo: 獅色淵麗魚
Bathybates minor: 小淵麗魚
Bathybates vittatus: 飾帶淵麗魚
Bathycalanus richardi: 列氏深哲水蚤
Bathycallionymus formosanus: 台灣深水
Bathycallionymus formosanus: 台灣深水
Bathycallionymus kaianus: 基島深水
Bathycallionymus kaianus: 基島深水
Bathycallionymus kaianus: 基島
Bathycallionymus sokonumeri: 紋鰭深水
Bathycallionymus sokonumeri: 紋鰭深水
Bathyclarias atribranchus: 圍鰓深水鬍鯰
Bathyclarias atribranchus: 黑鰓脂鰭鬍鯰
Bathyclarias euryodon: 寬齒深水鬍鯰
Bathyclarias euryodon: 寬齒脂鰭鬍鯰
Bathyclarias filicibarbis: 絲鬚脂鰭鬍鯰
Bathyclarias filicibarbis: 蕨鬚深水鬍鯰
Bathyclarias foveolatus: 坑脂鰭鬍鯰
Bathyclarias foveolatus: 馬拉維深水鬍鯰
Bathyclarias longibarbis: 長鬚深水鬍鯰
Bathyclarias longibarbis: 長鬚脂鰭鬍鯰
Bathyclarias nyasensis: 尼亞脂鰭鬍鯰
Bathyclarias nyasensis: 馬拉威湖深水鬍鯰
Bathyclarias rotundifrons: 圓深水鬍鯰
Bathyclarias rotundifrons: 圓額脂鰭鬍鯰
Bathyclarias worthingtoni: 沃氏深水鬍鯰
Bathyclarias worthingtoni: 沃氏脂鰭鬍鯰
Bathyclupea argentea: 銀深海鯡
Bathyclupea argentea: 銀深海鯡鱸
Bathycongrus gattulatus: 小斑深海康吉鰻
Bathycongrus retrotinctus: 黑邊深海康吉鰻
Bathycongrus retrotinctus: 黑頂康吉鰻
Bathycongrus wallacei: 瓦氏深海康吉鰻
Bathyergus suillus: 南非濱鼠
Bathygadus antrodes: 孔頭底尾鱈
Bathygadus antrodes: 宽头深海鼠鳕
Bathygadus antrodes: 寬頭底尾鱈
Bathygadus furvescens: 暗色底尾鱈
Bathygadus garretti: 加氏底尾鱈
Bathygadus garretti: 加氏深海鼠鳕
Bathygadus garretti: 鬚底尾鱈
Bathygadus nipponicus: 日本底尾鱈
Bathygadus spongiceps: 綿頭底尾鱈
Bathygadus spongiceps: 绵头深海鼠鳕
Bathygobius coalitus: 藍點深鰕虎
Bathygobius cocosensis: 椰子深鰕虎
Bathygobius cocosensis: 椰子深鰕虎魚
Bathygobius cocosensis: 椰子深鰕虎(2)
Bathygobius cocosensis: 椰子黑鰕虎
Bathygobius cotticeps: 闊頭深鰕虎
Bathygobius cotticeps: 闊頭深鰕虎魚
Bathygobius cotticeps: 闊頭黑鰕虎
Bathygobius cyclopterus: 圓鰭深鰕虎魚
Bathygobius cyclopterus: 肩斑深鰕虎
Bathygobius cyclopterus: 肩斑黑鰕虎
Bathygobius fuscus: 深鰕虎魚(2)
Bathygobius fuscus: 深鰕虎鱼
Bathygobius fuscus: 黑深鰕虎
Bathygobius fuscus: 黑鰕虎
Bathygobius hongkongensis: 香港深鰕虎
Bathygobius laddi: 萊氏深鰕虎
Bathygobius laddi: 萊氏深鰕虎魚
Bathygobius padangensis: 巴東深鰕虎
Bathygobius padangensis: 巴東深鰕虎魚
Bathygobius petrophilus: 扁頭深鰕虎
Bathylagus stilbius: 顯尾光舌鮭(2)
Bathyliotina armata: 花冠螺
Bathymyrus simus: 深海糯鰻
Bathymyrus simus: 銼吻淵油鰻
Bathynia manchourica: 沼螺(2)
Bathyonus caudalis: 大尾深水鼬魚
Bathyonus caudalis: 大尾深水鼬鳚
Bathypaguropsis kuroshioensis: 黑潮仿深寄居蟹
Bathyphylax bombifrons: 衛淵魨
Bathyphylax bombifrons: 長棘擬三棘魨
Bathypolypus validus: 強壯深海章魚
Bathypterois atricolor: 小眼深海狗母魚
Bathypterois atricolor: 小眼深海青眼魚
Bathypterois atricolor: 黑蓑蛛鱼
Bathypterois guentheri: 貢氏深海狗母魚
Bathypterois guentheri: 貢氏深海青眼魚
Bathypterois guentheri: 贡氏蓑蛛鱼
Bathyraja albomaculata: 白斑深海鰩
Bathyraja albomaculata: 白斑深海鳐
Bathyraja bergi: 柏格比深海鰩
Bathyraja diplotaenia: 黑肛深海鰩
Bathyraja interrupta: 白令海吻鰩
Bathyraja interrupta: 白令海吻鳐
Bathyraja interrupta: 白令海深海鰩
Bathyraja interrupta: 白令海深海鳐
Bathyraja isotrachys: 勻棘深海鯆魮
Bathyraja isotrachys: 勻棘深海鰩
Bathyraja isotrachys: 匀棘深水鳐
Bathyraja matsubarai: 松原深海鰩
Bathyraja trachouros: 糙體深海鯆魮
Bathyraja trachouros: 糙體深海鰩
Bathysphyraenops simplex: 深海擬野鱸
Bathysquilla crassispinosa: 厚刺深海蝦蛄
Bathysquilla crassispinosa: 粗刺深蝦蛄
Bathytellina abyssicola: 雲珠櫻蛤
Bathytellina citrocarnea: 粉紅深海櫻蛤
Bathyteuthis abyssicola: 深海魷
Bathythrix kuwanae: 負泥蟲溝姬蜂
Bathytoma atractoides: 梭形捲管螺
Bathytoma luhdorfi: 魯道夫捲管螺
Bathytormus foveolatus: 厚蛤
Bathytroctes microlepis: 小鱗淵眼魚
Bathytyphlops marionae: 盲深海青眼魚
Bathyuroconger vicinus: 深海尾鰻
Batillaria bronni: 布隆氏海蜷
Batillaria cumingi: 瘦海蜷
Batillaria multiformis: 多型海蜷
Batillaria sordida: 黑瘤海蜷
Batillaria zonalis: 燒酒海蜷(2)
Batis minor: 黑頭蓬背鶲
Batis mixta: 短尾蓬背鶲
Batis molitor: 點頦蓬背鶲
Batis orientalis: 灰頭蓬背鶲
Batis perkeo: 侏蓬背鶲
Batis soror: 白頦蓬背鶲
Batocera davidis: 大白條天牛
Batocera davidis: 大衛大天牛
Batocera lineolata: 白條天牛
Batocera punctata: 台灣大天牛
Batocera rubus: 無花果天牛
Batocera rubus: 白條無花果天牛
Batocera rufomaculata: 赤斑白条天牛
Batocera ushijimai: 台灣白條天牛
Batocera ushijimai: 牛島氏大天牛
Batomys dentatus: 長頸姬鼠
Batozonellus annulatus: 黃帶珠蜂
Batrachomoeus trispinosus: 三刺拟蟾鱼(232)
Batrachomoeus trispinosus: 三刺擬蟾魚(2240)
Batrachostomus affinis: 爪哇蟆口鸱
Batrachostomus auritus: 大蟆口鸱(2)
Batrachostomus cornutus: 巽他蟆口鸱(2)
Batrachostomus harterti: 栗颊蟆口鸱(2)
Batrachostomus hodgsoni: 黑頂蛙嘴鴟
Batrachostomus hodgsoni: 黑頂蟆口鴟(2)
Batrachostomus hodgsoni: 黑顶蛙嘴鸱(5)
Batrachostomus hodgsoni: 黑顶蟆口鸱(4)
Batrachostomus javensis: 爪哇蛙嘴夜鹰
Batrachostomus javensis: 爪哇蟆口鸱
Batrachostomus mixtus: 婆罗蟆口鸱
Batrachostomus moniliger: 领蟆口鸱
Batrachostomus poliolophus: 苍头蟆口鸱
Batrachostomus septimus: 菲律宾蛙嘴夜鹰
Batrachostomus septimus: 菲律宾蟆口鸱
Batrachostomus stellatus: 鳞腹蟆口鸱(2)
Batrachuperus karlschmidti: 无斑山溪鲵(4)
Batrachuperus karlschmidti: 無斑山溪鯢
Batrachuperus londongensis: 龍洞山溪鯢
Batrachuperus londongensis: 龙洞山溪鲵(2)
Batrachuperus longdongensis: 龙洞山溪鲵(2)
Batrachuperus pinchonii: 山溪鯢
Batrachuperus pinchonii: 山溪鲵(5)
Batrachuperus tibetanus: 北方山溪鯢
Batrachuperus tibetanus: 北方山溪鲵(4)
Batrachuperus tibetanus: 西藏山溪鲵
Batrachuperus yanyuanensis: 盐源山溪鲵
Batrachuperus yanyuanensis: 鹽源山溪鯢
Batrachuperus yenyuanensis: 盐源山溪鲵(3)
Batrachylodes vertebralis: 嵴南蛙
Batracobdella kasmiana: 蚌蛙蛭
Batracobdella paludosa: 綠蛙蛭
Bayadera bidentata: 二齿尾溪蟌
Bayadera brevicauda: 短尾幽蟌
Bayadera brevicauda: Brevicauda, 台湾尾溪蟌
Bayadera brevicauda: Continentalis, 大陆尾溪蟌
Bayadera fasciata: 带尾溪蟌
Bayadera indica: 印尾溪蟌
Bayadera melania: 黑尾溪蟌
Bayadera melanopteryx: 巨齿尾溪蟌
Bdeogale crassicauda: 毛尾臭獴(2)
Bdeogale jacksoni: 杰氏臭獴
Bdeogale nigripes: 黑腿臭獴
Beaded lizard: 墨西哥毒蜥
Beamys hindei: 長尾巨鼠
Beaufortia cyclica: 圆体爬岩鳅
Beaufortia evertfi: 爬岩鳅
Beaufortia huangguoshuensis: 黄果树爬岩鳅
Beaufortia kweichowensis: 貴州爬岩鰍
Beaufortia kweichowensis: 贵州爬岩鳅
Beaufortia kweichwensis: 细尾贵州爬岩鳅(2)
Beaufortia leveretti: 爬岩鳅
Beaufortia liui: 侧沟爬岩鳅
Beaufortia pingi: 条斑爬岩鳅
Beaufortia polylepis: 多鳞爬岩鳅
Beaufortia szechuanensis: 四川爬岩鳅
Beccariola fulgurata: 豔半球偽瓢甲
Bedeva birileffi: 籠目結螺
Bedotia geayi: 马达加斯加彩虹
Beijinga utila: 北京举肢蛾(2)
Beijinga utila: Yang, 北京举肢蛾
Beijinga utilia: Yang, 北京举肢蛾
Beijinga utilia: Yang, 北京舉肢蛾
Belenus dentatus: 黃叉刺網蝽
Beleophthalmus pectinirostris: 大彈塗魚
Beleses formosana: 蓬萊刺葉蜂
Beleses fulvus: 黃褐刺葉蜂
Belesidea multipicta: 多飾同脈葉蜂
Belionota fallaciosa: 鋸翅胸斑吉丁蟲
Belionota prasina: 胸斑吉丁蟲
Beliops batanensis: 針鰭銀寶魚
Beliops batanensis: 針鰭鮗
Bellator egretta: 飄兵魴鮄
Bellator egretta: 飘兵鲂鮄
Bellator gymnostethus: 裸胸兵魴鮄
Bellator gymnostethus: 裸胸兵鲂鮄
Belligobio nummifer: 似䱻
Belligobio nummlfer: 似鮕
Belligobio pengxianensis: 彭縣似䱻
Belodontichthys dinema: 亚洲齿鲶(2)
Belodontichthys dinema: 怖矛齿鲶(2)
Belodontichthys dinema: 龙仆(2)
Belomys pearsoni: 小鼯鼠
Belomys pearsoni: 毛耳飛鼠
Belomys pearsoni: 毛耳飞鼠(4)
Belomys pearsoni: 臺灣小鼯鼠
Belomys pearsonii: 台湾小飞鼠
Belomys pearsonii: 小鼯鼠(3)
Belomys pearsonii: 毛耳飛鼠
Belomys pearsonii: 毛耳飞鼠
Belomys pearsonii: Kaleensis, 台灣小飛鼠
Belonepterygion fasciolatum: 橫帶針翅鮗
Belonepterygion fasciolatum: 橫帶針鰭鮗
Belonoperca chabanaudi: 鱵鱸
Belontia hasselti: 马来梳尾鱼(2)
Belontia signata: 梳尾鱼(4)
Bembras japonica: 日本紅鯒
Bembras japonica: 赤鯒
Bembras japonicus: 红鲬
Bembras laevis: 六棘红鲬
Bembrops caudimacula: 尾斑掛帆鱚
Bembrops caudimacula: 尾斑鯒狀魚
Bembrops curvatura: 曲線掛帆鱚
Bembrops curvatura: 曲線鯒狀魚
Bembrops platyrhynchus: 扁吻掛帆鱚
Bembrops platyrhynchus: 扁吻鯒狀魚
Bemisia formosana: 蓬萊伯粉蝨
Bemisia giffardi: 姬伯粉蝨
Bemisia pongamiae: 水黃皮伯粉蝨
Bemisia porteri: 多孔伯粉蝨
Bemisia tabaci: 烟粉虱(2)
Bemisia tabaci: 煙草粉蝨種群
Bemisia tabaci: 甘薯白粉虱(2)
Bengalia escheri: 環斑孟蠅
Bengalia fuscipennis: 暗翅孟蠅
Bengalia taiwanensis: 台灣孟蠅
Bengalia torosa: 多肉孟蠅
Bengalia varicolor: 變色孟蠅
Benibotarus spinicoxis: 棘紅螢
Benimakia fastigium: 斜肩旋螺
Benthalbella linguidens: 深海珠目鱼
Bentharca anaclima: 深海魁蛤
Bentharca xenophoricola: 寄生魁蛤
Benthia moriutii: 森內眼舞蛾
Benthia yaeyamae: 八重山眼舞蛾
Benthindsia magnifica: 堂皇峨螺
Benthobatis moresbyi: 深海电鳐
Benthobatis moresbyi: 深海電鰩
Benthobatis moresbyi: 深海電鱝
Benthobatis yangi: 楊氏深海電鱝
Benthobatis yangi: 深海電鰩
Benthobatis yangi: 深海電鱝
Benthochromis melanoides: 似黑深麗魚
Benthochromis tricoti: 特氏深麗魚(2)
Benthodesmus tenuis: 叉尾深海帶魚
Benthophilus granulosus: 顆粒瘤鰕虎魚
Benthophilus granulosus: 颗粒瘤鰕虎鱼
Benthosema fibulatum: 帶底燈魚
Benthosema pterotum: 七星底燈魚
Benthosema pterotum: 七星魚
Benthosema pterotum: 長鰭底燈魚
Benthosema suborbitale: 耀眼底燈魚
Benthovoluta barthelowi: 白蔘拳螺
Berberentulus huisunensis: 蕙蓀檗蚖
Berberentulus neipuensis: 內埔檗蚖
Berbyce indica: 橙鈍角珊瑚
Berenicornis comatus: 白冠犀鸟
Berghia chaka: 夏卡翼蓑海蛞蝓
Berotha puncticollis: 刀翅毛蛉
Berthella martensi: 馬丁側鰓海蛞蝓
Berthellina citrina: 黃側鰓海蛞蝓
Beryx decadactylus: 十指金眼鲷
Beryx mollis: 軟體金眼鯛
Beryx mollis: 软金眼鲷
Beryx splendens: 紅金眼綢
Beryx splendens: 紅金眼鯛
Beryx splendens: 红金眼鲷
Bessa remota: 隱蔽寄蠅
Bestiolina amoyensis: 廈門矮隆哲水蚤
Bestiolina sinica: 中華矮隆哲水蚤
Betasyrphus serarius: 狹帶蚜蠅
Betta akarensis: 阿卡抟鱼
Betta akarensis: 阿卡摶魚
Betta albimarginata: 熊猫
Betta albimarginata: 熊貓
Betta albimarginata: 白邊搏魚
Betta anabatoides: 拟抟鱼
Betta anabatoides: 擬摶魚
Betta antoni: 固戰狗
Betta balunga: 加里曼丹搏魚
Betta balunga: 加里曼丹搏鱼
Betta balunga: 贝隆加斗鱼
Betta bellica: 貝利卡
Betta bellica: 贝利卡
Betta bellica: 贝利卡斗鱼
Betta bleekeri: 勃氏抟鱼
Betta bleekeri: 勃氏摶魚
Betta breviobesus: 厚身搏魚
Betta breviobesus: 厚身搏鱼
Betta brownorum: 布朗温
Betta brownorum: 布朗溫
Betta burdigala: 布迪加拉斗鱼
Betta burdigala: 布迪加拉(2)
Betta channoides: 似鱧搏魚
Betta channoides: 火焰熊猫
Betta channoides: 火焰熊猫斗鱼
Betta channoides: 火焰熊貓
Betta chini: 奇尼斗鱼
Betta chini: 欽氏搏魚
Betta chini: 钦氏搏鱼
Betta chloropharunx: 克洛斗鱼
Betta chloropharynx: 綠咽搏魚
Betta chloropharynx: 绿咽搏鱼
Betta climacura: 克里马库拉斗鱼
Betta coccina: 柯奇那(2)
Betta coccina: 科琪娜斗鱼
Betta coccina: 紅身搏魚
Betta dimidiata: 迪米迪亚塔斗鱼
Betta dimidiata: 迪米迪塔亚
Betta dimidiata: 迪米迪塔亞
Betta edithae: 伊迪丝抟鱼
Betta edithae: 伊迪絲摶魚
Betta edithae: 艾迪赛亚斗鱼
Betta enisae: 伊恩氏搏魚
Betta enisae: 安妮莎斗鱼
Betta enisae: 新月(2)
Betta falx: 紅月
Betta falx: 红月
Betta flax: 红月斗鱼
Betta foerschi: 佛斯奇(2)
Betta foreschi: 佛思琦斗鱼
Betta fusca: 福斯卡斗鱼
Betta fusca: 福斯卡(2)
Betta hipposiberos: 西波斯斗鱼
Betta hipposideros: 希婆希多罗
Betta hipposideros: 希婆希多羅
Betta ideii: 伊氏搏魚
Betta imbellis: 和平斗鱼(5)
Betta imbellis: 和平(2)
Betta imbellis: 新月搏魚
Betta kapuas: 凯普尔斯
Betta kapuas: 凱普爾斯
Betta livida: 丽维达斗鱼
Betta livida: 利維達
Betta livida: 利维达
Betta macrostoma: 大口搏魚
Betta macrostoma: 紅戰狗
Betta macrostoma: 红战狗(4)
Betta mahachi: 馬哈采
Betta mahachi: 马哈采
Betta mandor: 多
Betta mandor: 曼多斗鱼
Betta mandor: 曼多(2)
Betta miniopinna: 迷你欧匹那
Betta miniopinna: 迷你欧匹那斗鱼
Betta miniopinna: 迷你歐匹那
Betta ocellata: 翠綠戰狗
Betta ocellata: 翠绿战狗
Betta pallifina: 綠鰭搏魚
Betta pangkalanbuun: 潘卡拉朋(2)
Betta pankalanbun: 潘卡拉朋斗鱼
Betta patoti: 佩氏搏魚
Betta patoti: 巧克力战狗
Betta patoti: 巧克力戰狗
Betta persephone: 仙搏魚
Betta persephone: 帕斯風
Betta persephone: 帕斯风
Betta persephone: 帕斯风斗鱼(3)
Betta pi: 兀斗鱼
Betta pi: 兀鬥魚
Betta picta: 匹克特斗鱼
Betta picta: 爪哇(2)
Betta prima: 霹雳马
Betta prima: 霹雳马斗鱼
Betta prima: 霹靂馬
Betta pugnax: 斗鱼
Betta pugnax: 斗鱼, Dou yu
Betta pugnax: 旁克那斯(2)
Betta pugnax: 旁那克斯斗鱼
Betta pugnax: 槟城斗鱼(4)
Betta pugnax: 马来西亚斗鱼, Ma lai xi ya dou yu
Betta pulchra: 艳抟鱼
Betta pulchra: 艷摶魚
Betta rubra: 魯氏搏魚
Betta rubra: 魯氏摶魚
Betta rubra: 鲁氏抟鱼
Betta rutilans: 卢堤兰斯
Betta rutilans: 卢提兰斯斗鱼
Betta rutilans: 盧堤蘭斯
Betta sanggau: 申固战狗(2)
Betta sanggau: 申固戰狗
Betta schalleri: 沙雷利(2)
Betta schalleri: 莎蕾利斗鱼
Betta simorum: 无中文名
Betta simorum: 賽氏摶魚
Betta simorum: 赛氏抟鱼
Betta simplex: 塘搏魚
Betta simplex: 蓝月
Betta simplex: 藍月
Betta smaragdina: 史馬格汀那
Betta smaragdina: 史马格汀娜斗鱼
Betta smaragdina: 史马格汀那
Betta spilotogena: 史匹罗斗鱼
Betta spilotogena: 史匹罗杰纳
Betta spilotogena: 史匹羅傑納
Betta spledens: 原生斗鱼
Betta splendens: 五彩搏魚(4)
Betta splendens: 暹罗斗鱼(2)
Betta splendens: 暹羅鬥魚(4)
Betta splendens: 泰国斗鱼(6)
Betta splendens: 泰国斗鱼, Tai guo dou yu
Betta splendens: 泰國鬥魚(5)
Betta strohi: 思卓依斗鱼
Betta strohi: 思卓依(2)
Betta taeniata: 塔耶尼亚塔斗鱼
Betta taeniata: 婆罗洲搏鱼
Betta taeniata: 婆羅洲搏魚
Betta tomi: 汤姆氏搏鱼
Betta tomi: 汤米斗鱼
Betta tomi: 湯姆氏搏魚
Betta tussyae: 裘兹雅
Betta tussyae: 裘思雅斗鱼
Betta tussyae: 裘茲雅
Betta uberis: 卡拉朋
Betta unimaculata: 單斑搏魚
Betta unimaculata: 蓝战狗
Betta unimaculata: 藍戰狗
Betta waseri: 瓦色利斗鱼
Betta waseri: 瓦色利(2)
Bettongia lesueuri: 草原袋鼠
Bettongia tropica: 短鼻大袋鼠
Bezzia chrysolopha: 金毛貝蠓
Bezzia insularis: 島嶼貝蠓
Bezzia micronyx: 小刺貝蠓
Bezzia murina: 圓山貝蠓
Bezzia nigriclava: 黑棍貝蠓
Bezzia semirufa: 趨紅貝蠓
Bezzia separata: 高雄貝蠓
Bhima idiota: 白杨枯叶蛾
Bhutanitis lidderdalii: 多尾凤蝶
Bhutanitis lidderdalii: 多尾褐凤蝶
Bhutanitis ludlowi: 不丹尾凤蝶
Bhutanitis ludlowi: 不丹褐凤蝶
Bhutanitis mansfie: 双尾褐凤蝶
Bhutanitis mansfiedi: 双尾褐凤蝶
Bhutanitis mansfieldi: 二尾凤蝶
Bhutanitis mansfieldi: 双尾褐凤蝶(2)
Bhutanitis mansfieldi: 双尾褐风蝶
Bhutanitis nigrilima: 玄裳褐凤蝶
Bhutanitis pulchristata: 丽斑褐凤蝶
Bhutanitis thaidin: 三尾褐凤蝶
Bhutanitis thaidina: 三尾凤蝶
Bhutanitis thaidina: 三尾褐凤蝶
Bhutanitis thaidina: Dongchuanensls, 三尾褐凤蝶
Bhutanitis yulongensis: 玉龙尾凤蝶
Bhutanitis yulongensis: 玉龙褐凤蝶
Bias musicus: 黑白鵙鶲
Biasticus flavus: 黃壯獵椿
Bibasis gomata: 白傘弄蝶
Bibasis miracula: 大伞弄蝶(4)
Bibasis miracula: 大傘弄蝶
Bibasis oedipodea: 黑斑傘弄蝶
Bibasis sena: 蝴蝶, Hu die
Bibimys chacoensis: 緋鼻鼠
Bibio formosanus: 台灣毛蚋
Bibio tenebrosus: 黑毛蚋
Bicellaria spuria: 虛偽舞虻
Bidentatettix yunnanensis: 云南二齿蚱
Bidyanus bidyanus: 金鳟
Bidyanus bidyanus: 銀鋸眶鯻
Bidyanus bidyanus: 銀鱸(3)
Bidyanus bidyanus: 银鲈
Bidyanus bidyanus: 金鳟
Bifidobacterium bifidum: 兩叉雙歧乳
Bifidobacterium bifidum: 比菲德氏菌
Bigelowina phalangium: 排列方額蝦蛄
Bikasha collaris: 紅頸平頭葉蚤屬
Bilia carayoni: 卡氏圆花蝽
Bilia castanea: 栗色圆花蝽
Bilia castanea: 栗色圓花椿
Bilia castanea: 栗色圓花蝽
Bilia esakii: 江崎圆花蝽
Bilia japonica: 日本圆花蝽
Bimaculata bimaculata: 雙紋細領天牛
Bimastos parvus: 小雙胸蚓
Bindahara arfaki: 埃金尾灰蝶
Bindahara meeki: 麦克金尾灰蝶
Bindahara phocides: 金尾灰蝶
Biotodama cupido: 雙耳麗鯛
Biotodama wavrini: 韋氏雙耳麗鯛
Biotoecus dicentrarchus: 哥倫比亞生麗魚
Biotoecus opercularis: 蓋斑短鯛
Biotoecus opercularis: 蓋生麗魚
Bipes biporus: 双肢蜥
Bipes biporus: 鼹蜥(2)
Birgus latro: 八卦蟹(2)
Birgus latro: 椰子蟹(4)
Birmella taiwanensis: 臺灣果葉蜂
Bis leucocephalus: 彩鹳
Bisoceratina biconica: 雙錐雙峰介
Bisoceratina higashisinensis: 東勢雙峰介
Bisoceratina ossiculia: 骨刺雙峰介
Bison bison: 美洲森林野牛
Bison bison: 美洲野牛(2)
Bison bison: Athabascae, 北美森林野牛
Bison bison: Athabascae, 北美野牛
Bison bonasus: 欧洲野牛(2)
Bison bonasus: 歐洲野牛
Biston betularia: 桦尺蛾
Biston perclarus: 黑線黃尺蛾(2)
Biswamoyopterus biswasi: 比氏鼯鼠
Bithynia fuchsiana: 圓沼螺
Bithynia manchourica: 沼螺
Bithynia misella: 台灣圓沼螺
Bittacus chujoi: 中條蚊蠍蛉
Bittacus formosanus: 蓬萊蚊蠍蛉
Bittacus maculatus: 斑紋蚊蠍蛉
Bittacus sonani: 楚南蚊蠍蛉
Bittacus striatus: 條紋蚊蠍蛉
Bittium glareosum: 褐線蟹守螺
Bittium glareosum: 褐線蟹手螺
Bivescula lutiani: 笛鯛二囊吸蟲
Biwia zezera: 琵琶湖鮈
Blaesodactylus boivini: 弯趾虎
Blaesoxipha formosana: 台灣折葉蠅
Blanfordimys afghanus: 阿富汗鼠平
Blanus cinereus: 欧洲蚓蜥
Blaptostethoides esakii: 江崎拟刷花蝽
Blaptostethoides esakii: 江崎擬刷花蝽
Blarina brevicauda: 北短尾鼩鼱
Blarinella quadraticauda: 四川短尾鼩
Blarinella quadraticauda: 黑齿鼩鼱
Blarinella wardi: 滇缅短尾鼩
Blarinomys breviceps: 巴西鼩鼠
Blasicrura interrupta: 豆紋寶螺
Blasticotoma smithi: 史密四節葉蜂
Blastocerus dichotomus: 南美沼鹿
Blastocerus dichotomus: 南美泽鹿
Blastocerus dichotomus: 南美澤鹿(2)
Blastocerus dichotomus: 沼澤鹿(2)
Blastomussa merleti: 小棘菊珊瑚
Blastomussa wellsi: 大棘菊珊瑚
Blattella biligata: 雙帶姬蠊
Blattella bisignata: 雙紋姬蠊
Blattella bisignata: 雙紋蟑螂
Blattella germanica: 德國姬蠊
Blattella germanica: 德國蟑螂
Blattella karnyi: 卡氏姬蠊
Blattella lituricollis: 叉紋姬蠊
Blattella nipponica: 日本姬蠊
Blattella sauteri: 邵氏姬蠊
Bleda syndactyla: 鬚鵯
Bleekeria mitsukurii: 台灣布氏筋魚
Bleekeria mitsukurii: 台灣標鎗魚
Bleekeria mitsukurii: 台灣玉筋魚
Bleekeria mitsukurii: 玉筋魚
Bleekeria viridianguilla: 絲玉筋魚
Bleekeria viridianguilla: 鰻形布氏筋魚
Blenina quinaria: 楓楊癬皮夜蛾
Blenniella bilitonensis: 對斑真動齒鳚
Blenniella bilitonensis: 對斑真蛙鳚
Blenniella caudolineata: 尾紋真動齒鳚
Blenniella caudolineata: 尾紋真蛙鳚
Blenniella chrysospilos: 冠鬚動齒鳚
Blenniella chrysospilos: 紅點真動齒鳚
Blenniella chrysospilos: 紅點真蛙鳚
Blenniella cyanostigma: 紅點蛙鳚
Blenniella cyanostigma: 藍點真動齒鳚
Blenniella interrupta: 斷紋真動齒鳚
Blenniella interrupta: 斷紋真蛙鳚
Blenniella interrupta: 斷紋蛙鳚
Blenniella periophthalmus: 圍眼真動齒鳚
Blenniella periophthalmus: 圍眼真蛙鳚
Blennius ocellaris: 蝶鳚
Blepephaeus succinctor: 曇紋粗天牛
Blepephaeus succinctor: 淡紋粗天牛
Blepharicerinae taiwanica: 台灣網紋
Blepharicerinae uenoi: 上野網紋
Blepharipa zebina: 泰國寄蠅
Blicca bjoerkna: 瑞典歐鯿
Blicca bjoerkna: 粗鱗鯿
Blitopertha jonasi: 舒納姬金龜
Blitopertha polyanor: 台灣微條金龜
Blitopertha senooi: 黑背斑金龜
Blitopertha taitungensis: 台東背斑金龜
Blitopertha takasagoensis: 台灣胸紋金龜
Blitopertha tarowana: 多魯灣金龜
Blythia reticulata: 珠光蛇(6)
Blythipicus pyrrhotis: 黃咀噪啄木鳥
Blythipicus pyrrhotis: 黃嘴栗啄木鳥
Blythipicus pyrrhotis: 黄嘴噪啄木鸟(3)
Blythipicus pyrrhotis: 黄嘴栗啄木鸟(6)
Blythipicus rubiginosus: 小栗啄木鸟(2)
Boa constrictor: 巨蚺(3)
Boa constrictor: 紅尾蚺
Boa constrictor: 紅尾蟒(2)
Boa constrictor: 虹尾蚺
Boa constrictor: Occidentalis, 阿根廷蚺蛇
Bodianus anthioides: 似花普提魚
Bodianus anthioides: 燕尾狐鯛(2)
Bodianus axillaris: 三星鸚鯛
Bodianus axillaris: 腋斑普提魚
Bodianus axillaris: 腋斑狐鯛
Bodianus bilunulatus: 雙帶普提魚
Bodianus bilunulatus: 雙帶狐鯛
Bodianus bimaculatus: 雙斑普提魚
Bodianus bimaculatus: 雙斑狐鯛
Bodianus cylindriatus: 圓身普提魚
Bodianus cylindriatus: 圓身狐鯛
Bodianus diana: 對斑狐鯛
Bodianus diana: 鰭斑普提魚
Bodianus diana: 黄点龙
Bodianus izuensis: 伊津普提魚
Bodianus izuensis: 伊津狐鯛
Bodianus leucosticticus: 黃斑狐鯛
Bodianus leucosticticus: 點帶普提魚
Bodianus leucosticticus: 點帶狐鯛
Bodianus loxozonus: 斜帶普提魚
Bodianus loxozonus: 斜帶狐鯛
Bodianus macrourus: 藍點西班牙
Bodianus macrourus: 黑帶普提魚(2)
Bodianus masudai: 益田普提魚
Bodianus masudai: 益田氏狐鯛
Bodianus mesothorax: 三色龙
Bodianus mesothorax: 中胸普提魚
Bodianus mesothorax: 中胸狐鯛
Bodianus mesothorax: 中胸鸚鯛
Bodianus oxycephalus: 尖頭普提魚
Bodianus oxycephalus: 尖頭狐鯛
Bodianus perditio: 大黃斑普提魚
Bodianus perditio: 紅狐鯛
Bodianus perditio: 黃斑狐鯛
Bodianus pulchellus: 古巴三色龙
Bodianus pulchellus: 古巴猪鱼
Bodianus pulchellus: 古巴豬魚
Bodianus pulchellus: 红西班牙鱼
Bodianus pulchellus: 美普提魚(2)
Bodianus pulchellus: 美普提鱼
Bodianus pulchellus: 美狐鯛
Bodianus scrofa: 赤紅龍
Bodianus tanyokidus: 無紋普提魚
Bodianus tanyokidus: 無紋狐鯛
Bodianus thoracotaeniatus: 絲鰭普提魚
Bodianus thoracotaeniatus: 絲鰭狐鯛
Boehlkea fredcochui: 弗氏貝基脂鯉
Boehlkea fredcochui: 藍剛果燈(2)
Bohadschia argus: 蛇目白尼參
Bohadschia marmorata: 褐斑白尼參
Boiga cyanea: 綠林蛇
Boiga cyanea: 绿林蛇(5)
Boiga guangxiensis: 广西林蛇(5)
Boiga guangxiensis: 廣西林蛇
Boiga irregularis: 棕树蛇(2)
Boiga irregularis: 棕樹蛇(2)
Boiga kraepelini: 大頭蛇(3)
Boiga kraepelini: 紋花林蛇
Boiga kraepelini: 絞花林蛇
Boiga kraepelini: 纹花林蛇
Boiga kraepelini: 绞花林蛇(5)
Boiga kraepelini: 黑眉腹蛇
Boiga multomaculata: 繁花林蛇(7)
Boiga nigriceps: 黑头林蛇
Bolacothrips graminis: 褐尾包薊馬
Bolacothrips striatopennatus: 東方包薊馬
Bolbelasmus coreanus: 朝鮮厚角金龜
Bolbelasmus kurosawai: 黑澤厚角金龜
Bolbelasmus minutus: 小厚角金龜
Bolbelasmus nativus: 黑臀厚角金龜
Bolbocerosoma kiyoyamai: 黑球厚角金龜
Bolbochromus ryukyuensis: 琉球黃斑厚角金龜
Bolbometopon muricatum: 隆頭鸚哥魚
Bolbometopon muricatum: 駝峰大鸚嘴魚
Bolbometopon muricatum: 鸚哥
Bolbomorphus flavofasciatus: 黃帶背隆偽瓢甲
Bolbopsittacus lunulatus: 菲律宾鹦鹉
Bolborhynchus lineola: 橫斑鸚鵡(2)
Bolbotypes davidi: 大衛糞金龜
Bolbotypes davidi: 雪隱金龜
Boleophthalmus chinensis: 大彈塗魚(3)
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris: 大弹涂鱼
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris: 大彈塗魚(3)
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris: 花魚
Boleophthalmus pectinirostris: 花鱼
Boletoxenus formosanus: 鍬型擬步行蟲
Bolinichthys longipes: 長鰭虹燈魚
Bolinichthys supralateralis: 側上虹燈魚
Boliscus tuberculatus: 瘤疣蟹蛛
Bolitaena pygmaea: 單盤蛸
Bolitotrogus formosanus: 台灣裝甲擬步行蟲
Bolivaritettix circocephalus: 圆头波蚱
Bolivaritettix fanjingshanensis: 梵净山波蚱
Bolivaritettix ghumtianus: 古姆波蚱
Bolivaritettix guibeiensis: 桂北波蚱
Bolivaritettix humeralis: 肩波蚱
Bolivaritettix javanicus: 爪哇波蚱
Bolivaritettix lativertex: 宽顶波蚱
Bolivaritettix longzhouensis: 龙州波蚱
Bolivaritettix sculptus: 长翅波蚱
Bolivaritettix sikkinensis: 锡金波蚱
Bolivaritettix yuanbaoshanensis: 元宝山波蚱
Bollmannia stigmatura: 眼点白睛鰕虎鱼
Bolma girgylla: 雷神星螺
Bolma guttata: 沙紙星螺
Bolma henica: 棘星螺
Bolma henica: 榮光星螺
Bolma modesta: 塔星螺
Bolomys lactens: 雷鼠
Boloria pales: 楊氏淺色小豹蛺蝶
Boloria pales: 珀豹蛺蝶
Boloria pales: 龍女寶蛺蝶
Boluochia zhengi: 郑氏波罗赤鸟
Bolyeria multocarinata: 圓島雷蛇
Bolyeria multocarinata: 摩里西斯蚺蛇(2)
Bolyeria multocarinata: 雷蛇
Bombina fortinuptialis: 強婚刺鈴蟾
Bombina fortinuptialis: 强婚刺铃蟾(4)
Bombina maxima: 大蹼鈴蟾
Bombina maxima: 大蹼铃蟾(4)
Bombina microdeladigitora: 微蹼鈴蟾
Bombina microdeladigitora: 微蹼铃蟾(4)
Bombina orientalis: 东方铃蟾(5)
Bombina orientalis: 中华大蟾蜍
Bombina orientalis: 朝鮮鈴蛙(2)
Bombina orientalis: 東方鈴蟾(2)
Bombina orientlis: 東方鈴蟾
Bombus bicoloratus: 雙色熊蜂
Bombus eximius: 精選熊蜂
Bombus flavescens: 黃色熊蜂
Bombus persoatus: 伪猛熊蜂(4)
Bombus persoatus: 偽猛熊蜂
Bombus trifasciatus: 威氏熊蜂
Bombycilla garralus: 黄尾太平鸟
Bombycilla garrulus: 太平鳥(2)
Bombycilla garrulus: 太平鸟(12)
Bombycilla garrulus: 黃連雀(2)
Bombycilla garrulus: 黃連雀
Bombycilla garrulus: Centralasiae, 太平鸟
Bombycilla japonica: 小太平鳥(3)
Bombycilla japonica: 小太平鸟(13)
Bombycilla japonica: 朱连雀
Bombycilla japonica: 朱連雀(5)
Bombycilla japonica: 朱連雀
Bombycilla japonica: 红尾太平鸟
Bombylius watanabei: 渡邊蜂虻
Bombyx horsfieldi: 荷氏家蠶
Bombyx mandarina: 華家蠶
Bombyx mori: 桑蚕
Bombyx mori: 桑蠶
Bombyx mori: 野家蠶
Bombyx rotundapex: 圓端家蠶
Bomvycilla garrulus: 黃連雀(2)
Bonartemis histrio: 明星鏡文蛤
Bonasa bonasia: 花尾榛鸡(2)
Bonasa sewerzowi: 斑尾榛鸡
Bondicota indica: 鬼鼠
Boneia bidens: 寬齶狐蝠(2)
Boneia bidens: 彭山狐蝠
Boninena leptostraca: 塔似煙管蝸牛(2)
Boninena warburgi: 瓦氏似煙管蝸牛(2)
Boophilus microplus: 微小牛蜱
Boophis marojezensis: 馬達加斯加樹蛙(2)
Boraras brigittae: 白氏泰波魚(2)
Boraras maculatus: 斑紋泰波魚(2)
Boraras maculatus: 美丽波鱼
Boraras maculatus: 美麗波魚
Boraras merah: 小泰波魚(2)
Boraras merah: 泰波魚屬
Boraras merah: 紅體波魚
Boraras micros: 三斑泰波魚(2)
Boraras urophthalmoides: 似睛尾波魚
Boraras urophthalmoides: 擬尾眼斑泰波魚
Borbo cinnara: 台灣單帶弄蝶
Borbo cinnara: 秈弄蝶
Borboresthes cruralis: 污毛朽木甲
Borboresthes fuliginosus: 豔黑污毛朽木甲
Borboresthes ruficollis: 赭身污毛朽木甲
Borboresthes rufina: 豔紅污毛朽木甲
Borboropactus hainanus: 海南泥蟹蛛
Borbororhinia bivittata: 雙斑泥蠅
Boreotrophom candelabrum: 蜡台骨螺
Boreotrophon candelabrum: 多翼骨螺
Bornella anguilla: 火焰海麒麟
Bornella anguilla: 鰻游二列鰓海蛞蝓
Bornella japonica: 日本二列鰓海蛞蝓
Bornella stellifer: 星斑二列鰓海蛞蝓
Boromys offella: 奧連特穴鼠
Borostomias elucens: 掠食巨口魚
Borsonia symbiotes: 單齒拳螺
Bos frontalis: 亚洲野牛
Bos frontalis: 大额牛
Bos frontalis: 独龙牛
Bos frontalis: 野牛
Bos gaurus: 印度野牛
Bos gaurus: 野牛(4)
Bos grunniens: 牦牛(2)
Bos grunniens: 野牦牛
Bos indicus: 印度瘤牛
Bos indicus: 瘤牛(2)
Bos indicus: Brahman, 布拉曼(2)
Bos indicus: Hainancius, 海南高峰牛
Bos indicus: Taiwan yellow cattle, 臺灣黃牛(2)
Bos javanicus: 爪哇野牛(2)
Bos mutus: 牦牛
Bos mutus: 犛牛(2)
Bos mutus: 野嫠牛
Bos mutus: 野牦牛(2)
Bos mutus: 野牛
Bos sauveli: 林牛
Bos sauveli: 柬埔寨野牛
Bos sauveli: 考布利牛(3)
Bos sauveli: 高棉牛
Bos taurus: 原牛
Bos taurus: 德宏瘤牛
Bos taurus: 德宏黄牛
Bos taurus: 普通牛(2)
Bos taurus: 牛, Niu(2)
Bos taurus: 瘤牛
Bos taurus: 荷兰黑白花奶牛
Bos taurus: 迪庆黄牛
Bos taurus: 黃牛
Bos taurus: 黄牛(2)
Bos taurus: Charolais, 夏洛利(2)
Bos taurus: Holstein, 荷蘭牛(2)
Bos taurus: Santa gertrudis, 聖達(2)
Bosasella elongata: 長伸波沙介
Bosasella hanaii: 花井波沙介
Bosasella macroloba: 大葉波沙介
Bosasella microreticulata: 細網波沙介
Bosasella parviloba: 小葉波沙介
Bosasella pitalia: 麻豆波沙介
Bosasella polyclada: 多角波沙介
Bosasella wuchanga: 五常波沙介
Boselaphus tragocamelus: 蓝牛羚
Boselaphus tragocamelus: 藍牛
Boson bison: 美洲野牛
Bostrichthys marmoratus: 斑駁尖塘鱧
Bostrichthys sinensis: 中华乌塘鳢
Bostrichthys sinensis: 乌塘鳢
Bostrycapulus grasvispinosus: 刺面舟螺
Bostrycapulus gravispinosus: 刺面舟螺
Bostrychia hagedash: 凤头鹮
Bostrychia hagedash: 噪鹮
Bostrychia olivacea: 橄欖綠鹮
Bostrychia rara: 斑胸鹮
Bostrychopsis parallela: 大竹蠹
Bostrychus sinensis: 中华乌塘鳢
Bostrychus sinensis: 中國塘鱧(2)
Bostrychus sinensis: 中國烏塘鱧(2)
Bostrychus sinensis: 中華烏塘鱧(2)
Bostrychus sinensis: 乌咕噜
Bostrychus sinensis: 烏咕嚕
Botanophila alishana: 阿里花蠅
Botanophila chui: 朱氏花蠅
Botanophila kanmiyai: 神宮花蠅
Botanophila maculipes: 斑腳花蠅
Botanophila nigrigenis: 黑面花蠅
Botaurus poiciloptilus: 褐麻鷺
Botaurus stellaris: 大麻
Botaurus stellaris: 大麻鳱(2)
Botaurus stellaris: 大麻鳽(13)
Botaurus stellaris: 大麻鷺(5)
Botaurus stellaris: 大麻鹭(2)
Botaurus stellaris: 大麻鷺(2)
Bothriocyrtum tractabile: 大螲蟷
Bothriomyrmex wroughtoni: 蓬萊點琉璃蟻
Bothrocalvia albolineata: 細紋裸瓢蟲(2)
Bothrocalvia albolineata: 细纹裸瓢虫
Bothrocalvia lewisi: 宽纹裸瓢虫
Bothrocalvia pupillata: 十眼裸瓢虫
Bothrocara brunneum: 褐長孔錦鳚
Bothrocara molle: 寬頭長孔錦鳚
Bothus mancus: 凹吻鮃
Bothus mancus: 扁魚
Bothus mancus: 皇帝魚
Bothus mancus: 皇帝鱼
Bothus mancus: 蒙鮃
Bothus myriaster: 扁魚
Bothus myriaster: 皇帝魚
Bothus myriaster: 皇帝鱼
Bothus myriaster: 繁星鮃
Bothus pantherinus: 扁魚
Bothus pantherinus: 皇帝魚
Bothus pantherinus: 皇帝鱼
Bothus pantherinus: 豹紋鮃
Bothus pantherinus: 豹鮃
Bothus podas: 非洲宽眼鲆(2)
Bothus podas: 非洲寬眼鮃(2)
Bothynoderes punctiventris: 甜菜象甲
Botia almorhae: 喜山沙鰍
Botia almorhae: 尼泊爾沙鰍
Botia beauforti: 斑鳍沙鳅(2)
Botia berdmorei: 缅甸沙鳅(2)
Botia dario: 达林沙鳅
Botia helodes: 橫帶沙鰍
Botia histrionica: 伊洛瓦底沙鳅(2)
Botia hymenophysa: 横带沙鳅
Botia hymenophysa: 横带沙鳅 tiger loach
Botia kubotai: 斑條沙鰍
Botia lecontei: 黃尾鼠
Botia lecontei: 黃鰭沙鰍(2)
Botia lucasbahi: 南方沙鳅
Botia macracantha: 三间鼠
Botia macracantha: 皇冠沙鰍
Botia macracanthus: 三間鼠(4)
Botia macracanthus: 丑沙鰍
Botia macracanthus: 皇冠沙鰍(2)
Botia macracartha: 三间鼠(2)
Botia macracartha: 小丑泥鳅(2)
Botia macracartha: 皇冠三间鼠(2)
Botia modesta: 橙鰭沙鰍(2)
Botia modesta: 藍鼠(3)
Botia morleti: 荷氏沙鰍
Botia morleti: 莫爾沙鰍(2)
Botia morleti: 鼬泥鰍
Botia nigrolineata: 黑线沙鳅(2)
Botia pulchra: 河鰍
Botia pulchra: 美丽沙鳅(2)
Botia pulchra: 美麗沙鰍
Botia pulchripinnis: 美鰭沙鰍
Botia reevesae: 宽体沙鳅
Botia robusta: 壮体沙鳅(3)
Botia rostrata: 突吻沙鳅(3)
Botia striata: 條紋沙鰍
Botia superciliaris: 中华沙鳅(3)
Botia yunnanensis: 云南沙鳅(2)
Botocudo formosanus: 六斑微長蝽
Botrylloides violaceus: 紫拟菊海鞘
Botryllus schlosseri: 史氏菊海鞘
Botryllus tsingtaoens: 青岛菊海鞘
Botryocyrtis scutum: 葡萄篮虫
Botryopyle setosa: 棘葡萄门虫
Botryostrobus aquilonaris: 阿吉旋葡萄虫
Botula silicula: 短壳肠蛤
Botula silicula: 肉桂香腸蜊(2)
Boulengerochromis knoepffleri: 諾氏小鱗麗魚
Boulengerochromis microlepis: 天使
Boulengerochromis microlepis: 小鱗麗魚
Bowdleria punctatus: 蕨鶯
Bowdleria rufescens: 查塔姆蕨鶯
Boyeria sinensis: 中华博蜓
Brachidontes setiger: 刻缘短齿蛤
Brachidontes setigera: 尖銳殼菜蛤(2)
Brachidontes striatulus: 台灣杜鵑蛤
Brachidontes striatulus: 条纹短齿蛤
Brachidontes striatulus: 臺灣杜鵑蛤
Brachidontes variabilis: 变化短齿蛤
Brachiones przewalskii: 普氏短耳沙鼠
Brachiones przewalskii: 短耳沙鼠
Brachionus angularis: 角突臂尾輪蟲
Brachionus budapestiensis: 蒲達臂尾輪蟲
Brachionus calyciflorus: 萼花臂尾輪蟲(2)
Brachionus caudatus: 臂尾輪蟲
Brachionus falcatus: 鐮狀臂尾輪蟲
Brachionus forficula: 剪形臂尾輪蟲
Brachionus pala: 臂尾輪蟲
Brachionus plicatilis: 臂尾輪蟲
Brachionus quadridentatus: 臂尾輪蟲
Brachionus rubens: 紅臂尾輪蟲
Brachionus urcealaris: 臂尾輪蟲
Brachirus annularis: 雲斑箬鰨
Brachirus orientalis: 寬箬鰨
Brachirus orientalis: 箬鰨
Brachyamblyopus anotus: 高體短鰻鰕虎
Brachyaulax oblonga: 狹盾椿
Brachyaulax oblonga: 狹盾蝽
Brachycaudus heilchrysi: 光管舌尾蚜
Brachycaudus helichrysi: 光管舌尾蚜
Brachycaudus montana: 禾粉蚜
Brachycyrtus nawaii: 強脊草蛉姬蜂
Brachydanio jaintianensis: 印度玫瑰斑馬
Brachydiplax chalybea: 橙斑蜻蜓(2)
Brachydiplax chalybea: Chalybea, 橙斑蜻蜓
Brachydiplax chalybea: Chalybea, 蓝额疏脉蜻
Brachydiplax chalybea: Flavovittata, 橙斑蜻蜓
Brachydiplax chalybea: Flavovittata, 黄疏脉蜻
Brachydiplax cholybea: 蓝额疏脉蜻
Brachydiplax fainose: 短腹疏脉蜻
Brachydiplax yunnanensis: 云南疏脉蜻
Brachygobius aggregatus: 群栖短鰕虎鱼
Brachygobius aggregatus: 群棲短鰕虎魚
Brachygobius doriae: 小蜜蜂(2)
Brachygobius doriae: 金帶蜜蜂(2)
Brachygobius xanthomelas: 小蜜蜂(2)
Brachylagus idahoensis: 侏兔
Brachylophus bulabula: 劳岛斐济鬣蜥
Brachylophus fasciatus: 低冠蜥
Brachylophus fasciatus: 斐济带纹鬣蜥
Brachylophus fasciatus: 斐济鬣蜥(2)
Brachylophus vitiensis: 斐济冠状鬣蜥
Brachylophus vitiensis: 斐济冠鬣蜥
Brachymeria euploeae: 博大腿小蜂
Brachymeria excarinata: 無脊大腿小蜂
Brachymeria femorata: 粉大腿小蜂
Brachymeria femorata: 粉蝶大腿小蜂
Brachymeria lasus: 广大腿小蜂(2)
Brachymeria lasus: 廣大腿小蜂
Brachymeria minuta: 麻蠅大腿小蜂
Brachymeria podagrica: 紅腿大腿小蜂
Brachymeria secundaria: 次生大腿小蜂
Brachymystax lenok: 秦岭细鳞鱼
Brachymystax lenok: 细鳞鱼
Brachymystax lenok: Tsinlingensis, 秦岭细鳞鲑
Brachypelma boehmei: 墨西哥火腳(2)
Brachyphylla cavernarum: 狭叶蝠
Brachyphylla cavernarum: 狹葉蝠
Brachyphylla cavernarum: 聖文森短葉果蝠
Brachyphylla nana: 古巴短葉果蝠
Brachyphylla nana: 小狭叶蝠
Brachyplatys subaeneus: 亞銅平龜蝽
Brachyplatystoma filamentosum: 絲條短平口鯰
Brachyplatystoma flavicans: 魯氏短平口鯰
Brachyplatystoma juruense: 朱魯短平口鯰(2)
Brachyplatystoma tigrinum: 虎紋短平口鯰
Brachyplatystoma vaillanti: 伐氏短平口鯰
Brachypleura novaezeelandiae: 短鲽
Brachypterois serrulata: 鋸稜短棘簑鮋
Brachypteryx hyperythra: 銹腹短翅鶇(2)
Brachypteryx hyperythra: 锈腹短翅鸫(7)
Brachypteryx leucophris: 白喉短翅鸫
Brachypteryx leucophrys: 白喉短翅鶇
Brachypteryx leucophrys: 白喉短翅鸫
Brachypteryx major: 白腹短翅鸫
Brachypteryx montana: 小翼鶇(12)
Brachypteryx montana: 小翼鸫(2)
Brachypteryx montana: 蓝短翅鸫(5)
Brachypteryx montana: 藍短翅鶇
Brachypteryx stellata: 栗背短翅鶇
Brachypteryx stellata: 栗背短翅鸫(6)
Brachyramphus brevirostris: 小嘴斑海雀
Brachyramphus marmoratus: 斑海雀(9)
Brachyramphus perdix: 斑海雀
Brachyramphus perdix: 长嘴斑海雀
Brachyrhaphis punctifer: 螫短脊鮰
Brachysaura minor: 小鬣蜥(2)
Brachyscelus crusculum: 殼短腿戎
Brachyscelus globiceps: 圓短腿戎
Brachyscelus rapax: 貪短腿戎
Brachysiphoniella montana: 禾粉蚜
Brachysomophis cirrocheilos: 大口短體蛇鰻
Brachysomophis cirrocheilos: 大口蛇鰻
Brachysomophis cirrocheilos: 鬚唇短體鰻
Brachysomophis crocodilinus: 鰐形短體鰻
Brachysomophis crocodilinus: 鱷形短體蛇鰻
Brachysomophis crocodilinus: 鱷形短體鰻
Brachysomophis henshawi: 亨氏短體蛇鰻
Brachysomophis henshawi: 亨氏短體鰻
Brachysomophis longipinnis: 硬骨篡
Brachysomophis longipinnis: 長鰭短體蛇鰻
Brachysomophis longipinnis: 鰻
Brachysomophis porphyreus: 硬骨篡
Brachysomophis porphyreus: 紫身短體蛇鰻
Brachysomophis porphyreus: 鰻
Brachysybra elliptica: 長圓矮天牛
Brachytarsomys albicauda: 短足鼠
Brachytarsophrys carinensis: 宽头短腿蟾(5)
Brachytarsophrys carinensis: 寬頭短腿蟾
Brachytarsophrys feae: 緬北短腿蟾
Brachytarsophrys feae: 缅北短腿蟾(4)
Brachytarsophrys feae: 菲氏短腿蟾
Brachytarsophrys feae: 黑眶蟾蜍
Brachytarsophrys platyparietus: 平顶短腿蟾(3)
Brachytarsophrys platyparistus: 平頂短腿蟾
Brachytarsophrys platyparistus: 平顶短腿蟾
Brachyteles arachnoides: 卷毛蜘蛛猴
Brachyteles arachnoides: 捲毛蜘蛛猴(2)
Brachyteles arachnoides: 絨毛蛛猴(2)
Brachyteles arachnoides: 绒毛蛛猴
Brachyteles arachnoides: 绒毛蜘蛛猴
Brachyteles arachnoids: 毵蛛猴
Brachyteles hypoxanthus: 北方絨毛蛛猴
Brachythemis contaminata: 褐斑蜻蜓(2)
Brachythemis contaminata: 黃翅蜻
Brachythemis contaminata: 黄翅蜻
Brachythemis contaminate: 褐斑蜻蜓
Brachythemis contaminate: 黄翅蜻
Brachytoma kawamurai: 河村捲管螺
Brachytoma kawamurai: 河村玉米捲管螺
Brachytoma kurodai: 瑞珠捲管螺
Brachytoma tuberosa: 多瘤捲管螺
Brachytoma tuberosa: 真珠捲管螺
Brachytoma vexillum: 白瘤捲管螺
Brachytrichia quoyi: 海雹菜
Brachytrupes portentosus: 台灣大蟋蟀
Brachytrupes portentosus: 花生大蟋蟀
Brachyuromys betsileoensis: 短尾鼠
Bracon hebetor: 印度紫螟小繭蜂(2)
Bradipadion fischeri: 费瑟变色龙(2)
Bradipadion fischeri: 锉吻避役
Bradleya albatrossia: 變白布氏介
Bradornis microrhynchus: 非洲灰鶲
Bradornis pallidus: 蒼色鶲
Bradvpterus maior: 巨嘴短翅莺
Bradvpterus maior: 巨嘴短翅鶯
Bradybaena brevispira: 短旋巴蜗牛
Bradybaena kiangsinensis: 江西巴蜗牛
Bradybaena ravida: 灰巴蜗牛
Bradybaena similaris: 同型巴蜗牛
Bradybaena similaris: 扁蝸牛(4)
Bradyidius similis: 似小白氏水蚤
Bradymerus clathratus: 小胸擬步行蟲
Bradymerus masumotoi: 益本小胸擬步行蟲
Bradypodion fischeri: 侏儒費瑟變色龍(2)
Bradypodion setaroi: 刹泰路侏儒变色龙
Bradypodion taeniabronchum: 史密夫侏儒变色龙
Bradypterus accentor: 岩短翅莺(2)
Bradypterus alishanensis: 台湾短翅莺(3)
Bradypterus alishanensis: 台灣叢樹鶯(6)
Bradypterus alishanensis: 台灣短翅鶯(5)
Bradypterus alishanensis: 褐色叢樹鶯(2)
Bradypterus baboecala: 蒲草短翅鶯
Bradypterus carpalis: 白翅短翅鶯
Bradypterus castaneus: 栗背短翅莺
Bradypterus caudatus: 长尾短翅莺(2)
Bradypterus cinnamomeus: 桂紅短翅鶯
Bradypterus davidi: 北短翅莺
Bradypterus davidi: 貝加爾短翅鶯
Bradypterus lopezi: 喀麥隆短翅鶯
Bradypterus luteoventris: 棕褐短翅莺(2)
Bradypterus luteoventris: 棕褐短翅鶯(2)
Bradypterus major: 巨嘴短翅莺(6)
Bradypterus major: 巨嘴短翅鶯
Bradypterus mandelli: 高山短翅莺
Bradypterus mandelli: 高山短翅鶯
Bradypterus mandelli: 黄褐短翅莺
Bradypterus montis: 爪哇短翅莺
Bradypterus seebohmi: 褐色丛树莺
Bradypterus seebohmi: 褐色叢樹鶯(3)
Bradypterus seebohmi: 高山短翅莺(3)
Bradypterus seebohmi: 高山短翅鶯
Bradypterus seebohmi: Melanorhyncha, 高山短翅莺
Bradypterus tacsanowskius: 中华短翅莺(2)
Bradypterus tacsanowskius: 中華短翅鶯
Bradypterus thoracicus: 斑胸短翅莺(2)
Bradypterus thoracicus: 斑胸短翅鶯
Bradypterus timorensis: 帝汶短翅莺
Bradypus pygmaeus: 侏三趾樹懶
Bradypus torquatus: 巴西三趾树懒
Bradypus variegatus: 玻利維亞樹獺(2)
Bradypus variegatus: 褐喉樹懶
Bradysia dissinilis: 異態黑翅蕈蚋
Bradysia sauteri: 梭德黑翅蕈蚋
Brahmaea christophi: 黑褐萝纹蛾(4)
Brahmaea christophi: 黑褐蘿紋蛾
Brahmaea wallichii: 枯球籮紋蛾
Brahmina carinoclypea: 隆條赤褐金龜
Brahmina itohi: 長角赤褐金龜
Brahmina latispina: 粗毛紅褐金龜
Brahmina monticola: 深山赤褐金龜
Brahmina nomurai: 雙瘤赤褐金龜
Brahmina pubiventris: 腹毛赤褐金龜
Brahmina shibatai: 柴田赤褐金龜
Brahmina taitungensis: 台東紅褐金龜
Brama japonica: 日本烏魴
Brama japonica: 深海三角仔
Brama myersi: 梅氏烏魴
Brama orcini: 小鱗烏魴
Branchiodrilus hortensis: 印西頭鰓蟲
Branchiostegus albus: 白方頭魚
Branchiostegus albus: 白馬頭魚
Branchiostegus albus: 馬頭
Branchiostegus argentatus: 真方头鱼
Branchiostegus argentatus: 真方頭魚
Branchiostegus argentatus: 銀方頭魚
Branchiostegus argentatus: 銀馬頭魚
Branchiostegus argentatus: 馬頭
Branchiostegus auratus: 斑鰭方頭魚
Branchiostegus auratus: 斑鰭馬頭魚
Branchiostegus auratus: 方頭魚
Branchiostegus auratus: 馬頭
Branchiostegus japonica: 日本馬頭魚
Branchiostegus japonicus: 日本方頭魚
Branchiostegus japonicus: 日本馬頭魚
Branchiostegus japonicus: 馬頭
Branchiostoma belcheri: 白氏文昌魚
Branchiostoma belcheri: 白氏文昌鱼
Branchiostoma belcheri: 白氏鰓口文昌魚
Branchiotoma belcheri: 文昌鱼
Branchiura sowerbyi: 蘇氏尾鰓蚓
Branta bernicla: 黑雁(15)
Branta canadaensis: 加拿大雁
Branta canadaensis: 加拿大黑雁
Branta canadensis: 加拿大雁(3)
Branta canadensis: 加拿大黑雁
Branta canadensis: 小加拿大雁
Branta canadensis: 黑額黑雁
Branta canadensis: 黑额黑雁
Branta canadensis: Leucopareia, 阿留申白頰雁(2)
Branta canadensis: Leucopareia, 阿留申黑頰黑雁
Branta hutchinsii: 加拿大雁(4)
Branta hutchinsii: 苔原雁
Branta leucopsis: 白頰黑雁
Branta leucopsis: 白颊黑雁(2)
Branta ruficollis: 紅胸黑雁(5)
Branta ruficollis: 红胸黑雁(6)
Branta sandvicensis: 夏威夷雁(4)
Branta sandvicensis: 黃頸黑雁
Branta sandvicensis: 黃額黃雁(3)
Branta sandvicensis: 黄颈黑雁
Braunsapis hewitti: 何威布朗蜂
Braunsapis mixta: 緣小蘆蜂
Brchytele archnoides: 毛蜘蛛猴
Bregmaceros arabicus: 阿拉伯犀鳕
Bregmaceros atlanticus: 大西洋犀鳕
Bregmaceros japonicus: 日本犀鱈
Bregmaceros lanceolatus: 尖尾犀鱈
Bregmaceros lanceolatus: 尖鰭犀鱈
Bregmaceros macclellandii: 麦氏犀鳕
Bregmaceros mcclellandii: 麥氏犀鱈
Bregmaceros nectabanus: 澳洲犀鱈
Bregmaceros nectabanus: 银腰犀鳕
Bregmaceros pescadorus: 澎湖犀鱈
Bregmaceros pseudolanceolatus: 拟夹尾犀鳕
Bregmaceros rarisquamosus: 少鱗犀鱈
Bregmaceros rarisquamosus: 少鳞犀鳕
Brenthia formosensis: 蓬萊眼舞蛾
Brenthis daphne: 小豹蛱蝶
Brevennia rehi: 水稻粉紅粉介殼蟲
Brevibora cheeya: 吹沙短波魚
Brevibora cheeya: 短波魚屬
Brevicoryne brassicae: 菜蚜
Breviculala hemileoides: 四點寬翅實蠅
Brevifilis brevifilis: 瓣结鱼
Brevipalpus obovatus: 卵形短須蟎
Brevipalpus phoenicis: 紫紅短須蟎
Breviraja tobitukai: 短鳐
Breynia elegans: 秀麗布萊海膽
Briareum excavatum: 柳珊瑚
Briareum excavatum: 皮珊瑚
Brienomyrus niger: 盧氏矮長頜魚
Brissopsis luzonica: 呂宋沐海壺
Brissus latecarinatus: 脊背壺海膽
Britomartis cleoboides: 布里灰蝶
Britomartis igarashii: 依布里灰蝶
Brittanichtys axelrodi: 安氏細脂鯉
Brittanichtys axelrodi: 巴西布列塔尼魚
Brochina glabella: 蛆管螺
Brochis britskii: 布氏兵鯰
Brochis britskii: 布氏弓背鯰
Brochis multiradiatus: 多幅弓背鯰
Brochis splendens: 閃光弓背鯰
Bronchocela celebensis: 西里伯斯树蜥(2)
Bronchocela cristatella: 綠冠蜥蜴, Lv guan xi yi(1190)
Bronchocela cristatella: 绿冠蜥蜴, Lv guan xi yi(8)
Bronchocela cristatella: 绿色鹮蜥蜴(162)
Bronchocela hayeki: 布拉斯塔吉树蜥(2)
Bronchocela jubata: 爪哇树蜥(2)
Bronchocela smaragdina: 柬埔寨树蜥(2)
Brontispa longissima: 椰心叶甲
Brontispa longissima: 紅胸葉蟲
Brontispa longissima: 紅胸長扁鐵甲蟲
Broodesia perarmata: 残肢变色龙
Brookesia perarmata: 玫瑰枯葉變色龍(3)
Brookesia perarmata: 鱗枯
Brookesia perarmata: 鱗葉變色龍
Brookesia stumpffi: 枯葉侏儒變色龍
Brookesia stumpffi: 葉侏儒變色龍
Brosmophyciops pautzkei: 隱頜似鱈深海鼬魚
Brosmophyciops pautzkei: 隱頜似鱈鳚
Brotomys contractus: 海地可食鼠
Brotula barbata: 须鼬鳚
Brotula multibarbata: 多须须鼬鳚
Brotula multibarbata: 多鬚鬚鼬鳚
Brotula multibarbata: 多鬚鼬魚
Brotula multibarbata: 黑鯰魚
Brotulina fusca: 暗色線深鳚
Brotulina fusca: 棕黄小鼬鳚
Brotulina fusca: 深海鼬魚
Brotulinella taiwanensis: 台灣深海鼬鳚
Brumoides hainanensis: 海南纵条瓢虫
Brumoides lineatus: 宽纹纵条瓢虫
Brumus mongol: 蒙古光瓢虫
Brunettia albonotata: 白痣蛾蚋
Bryanellocoris orientalis: 東方完縫長椿
Bryanellocoris orientalis: 東方完縫長蝽
Bryaninops loki: 寬鰓珊瑚鰕虎
Bryaninops loki: 寬鰓珊瑚鰕虎魚
Bryaninops natans: 漂游珊瑚鰕虎魚
Bryaninops natans: 紅眼珊瑚鰕虎
Bryaninops natans: 紅眼珊瑚鰕虎魚
Bryaninops yongei: 頦突珊瑚鰕虎
Bryaninops yongei: 頦突珊瑚鰕虎魚
Bryaninops yongei: 颏突珊瑚鰕虎鱼
Brycinus longipinnis: 一線魚
Brycinus longipinnis: 蓝眼频克
Brycinus longipinnis: 長鰭鮭脂鯉(2)
Brycon orthotaenia: 直紋石脂鯉
Brycon orthotaenia: 直纹石脂鲤
Bryodema brunnerianum: 短翅痂蝗
Bryodema divum: 庐山痂蝗
Bryodema dolichopterum: 长翅痂蝗
Bryodema gansuensis: 甘肃痂蝗
Bryodema gebleri: 朱腿痂蝗
Bryodema heptapotamicum: 河边痂蝗
Bryodema hyalinala: 透翅痂蝗
Bryodema kozlovi: 科氏痂蝗
Bryodema mongolicum: 蒙古痂蝗
Bryodema nigroptera: 黑翅痂蝗
Bryodema ochropenna: 黄翅痂蝗
Bryodema qilianshanicum: 祁连山痂蝗
Bryodema uvarovi: 尤氏痂蝗
Bryodemella diamesum: 红胫异痂蝗
Bryodemella xizangensis: 西藏异痂蝗
Bryomyia apsectra: 無巢癭蚋
Bubalornis albirostris: 牛文鸟
Bubalornis albirostris: 白嘴牛文鳥
Bubalornis niger: 紅嘴牛文鳥
Bubalus arnee: 水牛
Bubalus bubalis: 亚洲水牛
Bubalus bubalis: 亞洲水牛
Bubalus bubalis: 印度水牛
Bubalus bubalis: 水牛(2)
Bubalus bubalis: Taiwan Water Buffalo, 台灣水牛(2)
Bubalus carabanesis: 水牛
Bubalus depressicomis: 低地矮水牛
Bubalus depressicornis: 低地水牛
Bubalus depressicornis: 短角水牛(2)
Bubalus depressicornis: 矮水牛
Bubalus mindorensis: 明多罗水牛
Bubalus mindorensis: 棉蘭老水牛
Bubalus mindorensis: 民都洛水牛
Bubalus mindorensis: 菲律宾水牛
Bubalus mindorensis: 菲律賓水牛(2)
Bubalus quarlesi: 山地水牛
Bubalus quarlesi: 山地矮水牛
Bubalus quarlesi: 山地矮野水牛
Bubalus quarlesi: 山水牛
Bubalus quarlesi: 西里伯斯野水牛
Bubo africanus: 斑鵰鴞
Bubo ascalaphus: 荒漠雕鸮
Bubo blakistoni: 毛腿渔鸮(2)
Bubo blakistoni: 毛腿漁鴞
Bubo bubo: 大杜鹃
Bubo bubo: 普通雕鸮(2)
Bubo bubo: 猫头鹰
Bubo bubo: 雕鶚
Bubo bubo: 雕鸮(7)
Bubo bubo: 鵰鴞(3)
Bubo bubo: 鵰鸮(2)
Bubo bubo: Kiautschensis, 雕鸮
Bubo capensis: 海角鵰鴞
Bubo coromandus: 乌雕鸮(4)
Bubo coromandus: 乌鵰鸮
Bubo coromandus: 烏雕鴞
Bubo coromandus: 烏鵰鴞
Bubo lacteus: 黃鵰鴞
Bubo nipalensis: 林雕鸮(4)
Bubo nipalensis: 林鵰鴞
Bubo nipalensis: 林鵰鸮
Bubo philippensis: 菲律宾雕鸮(2)
Bubo scandiacus: 雪鴞
Bubo scandiacus: 雪鸮
Bubo sumatranus: 马来雕鸮
Bubo sumatranus: 马来鵰鸮
Bubo vosseleri: 坦桑鵰鴞
Bubuclcus ibis: 牛背鹭
Bubulcus coromandus: 牛背鷺
Bubulcus coromandus: 牛背鹭
Bubulcus ibis: 放牛郎
Bubulcus ibis: 牛背鷺(10)
Bubulcus ibis: 牛背鹭(12)
Bubulcus ibis: 畜鹭
Bubulcus ibis: 黃頭鷺(11)
Bubulcus ibis: 黃頭鷺(2)
Bubulcus ibis: 黄头鹭(2)
Bubulcus ibis: 黄頭鷺
Bubulcus ibis: Coromandus, 牛背鹭
Bubuloceratina bella: 美麗牛角介
Bubuloceratina maikao: 賣國牛角介
Bubuloceratina shengfuhi: 勝負牛角介
Bubuloceratina tzukungi: 子貢牛角介
Bucanetes githagineus: 沙雀
Bucanetes mongolicus: 蒙古沙雀(3)
Buccanodon duchaillui: 黃斑擬鴷
Buccinium yokomaruae: 黄海蛾螺
Buccinulum bednalli: 白蘭地峨螺
Buccinum opisoplectum: 後旋峨螺
Buccinum pemphigum: 水泡蛾螺
Buccinum perryi: 皮氏蛾螺
Buccinum zelotes: 旋塔峨螺
Buccochromis atritaeniatus: 黑條頰麗魚
Buccochromis heterotaenia: 異帶頰麗魚
Buccochromis lepturus: 細尾頰麗魚
Buccochromis nototaenia: 背帶頰麗魚
Buccochromis oculatus: 大眼頰麗魚
Buccochromis rhoadesii: 羅氏頰麗魚
Buccochromis spectabilis: 大頭頰麗魚
Bucculacus phoebus: 台灣雅楠面甲節蜱
Bucephala albeola: 白枕鹊鸭
Bucephala albeola: 紅頭鵲鴨
Bucephala clangula: 鵲鴨(8)
Bucephala clangula: 鹊鸭(13)
Bucephala islandica: 冰洲鹊鸭
Bucephala islandica: 巴氏鹊鸭
Bucephalopsis ablennus: 扁鶴鱵擬牛首吸蟲
Buceros bcorns: 双角犀鸟
Buceros bicornis: 印度犀鳥(3)
Buceros bicornis: 双角犀鸟(7)
Buceros bicornis: 犀鳥
Buceros bicornis: 雙角犀鳥(3)
Buceros hydrocorax: 棕犀鸟(3)
Buceros rhinoceros: 马来犀鸟(2)
Buceros vgl: 盔犀鸟
Buceros vigil: 盔犀鳥
Buceros vigil: 盔犀鸟
Buceros vigil: 鋼盔犀鳥(2)
Bucorvus abyssinicus: 地犀鳥
Bucorvus leadbeateri: 紅臉地犀鳥
Budorcas taxicolor: 扭角羚(3)
Budorcas taxicolor: 羚牛不丹亚种
Budorcas taxicolor: 羚牛四川亚种
Budorcas taxicolor: 羚牛秦岭亚种
Budorcas taxicolor: 羚牛高黎贡亚种
Budorcas taxicolor: 羚牛(2)
Buergeia robustus: 褐樹蛙(2)
Buergeria japonica: 日本樹蛙(7)
Buergeria japonica: 日本溪树蛙(4)
Buergeria japonica: 日本溪樹蛙
Buergeria oxycephala: 海南溪树蛙(4)
Buergeria oxycephala: 海南溪樹蛙
Buergeria oxycephalus: 海南溪树蛙
Buergeria oxycephalus: 海南溪樹蛙
Buergeria robusta: 壮溪树蛙(4)
Buergeria robusta: 壯溪樹蛙
Buergeria robusta: 褐樹蛙(5)
Buergeria robustus: 褐樹蛙
Buettikoferella bivittata: 黄斑草莺
Bufo ailaoanus: 哀牢蟾蜍(5)
Bufo ailaoanus: 蟾蜍
Bufo ailaonus: 哀牢蟾蜍
Bufo andrewsi: 华西蟾蜍(4)
Bufo andrewsi: 華西蟾蜍
Bufo bankorensis: 盘谷蟾蜍(4)
Bufo bankorensis: 盤古蟾蜍(9)
Bufo bankorensis: 盤谷蟾蜍
Bufo bufo: 蟾酥, Chan su
Bufo bufogargarizans: 花背蟾蜍
Bufo burmanus: 缅甸蟾蜍
Bufo cryptotympanicus: 隐耳蟾蜍(4)
Bufo cryptotympanicus: 隱耳蟾蜍
Bufo danatensis: 土库曼蟾蜍
Bufo galeatus: 头盔蟾蜍(4)
Bufo galeatus: 頭盔蟾蜍
Bufo gargarizans: 中华大蟾蜍
Bufo gargarizans: 中华蟾蜍(6)
Bufo gargarizans: 中華蟾蜍
Bufo himalayanus: 喜山蟾蜍(5)
Bufo kabischi: 沙湾蟾蜍(4)
Bufo kabischi: 沙灣蟾蜍
Bufo marinus: 海蟾蜍(6)
Bufo marinus: 美洲巨蟾蜍(2)
Bufo marinus: 蔗蟾
Bufo marinus: 蔗蟾蜍
Bufo melanostictus: 癩蛤蟆(606)
Bufo melanostictus: 黑眶蟾蜍(4)
Bufo melanostictus: 黑眶蟾蜍, Hei1 kuang4 chan2 chu2(177000)
Bufo melanosticus: 黑眶蟾蜍
Bufo minshanicus: 岷山蟾蜍(5)
Bufo nouettei: 新疆蟾蜍(5)
Bufo periglenes: 環眼蟾蜍(2)
Bufo periglenes: 金色蟾蜍
Bufo periglenes: 金蟾蜍
Bufo pewzowi: 六盘齿突蟾
Bufo raddei: 花背蟾蜍(5)
Bufo retiformis: 蘇羅蘭紫蟾蜍
Bufo stejnegeri: 史氏蟾蜍(5)
Bufo superciliaris: 喀麥隆蟾蜍(3)
Bufo superciliaris: 睫眉蟾蜍
Bufo tibetanus: 西藏蟾蜍(5)
Bufo tuberculatus: 圆疣蟾蜍(4)
Bufo tuberculatus: 圓疣蟾蜍
Bufo viridis: 塔里木蟾蜍
Bufo viridis: 綠蟾蜍
Bufo viridis: 绿蟾蜍(4)
Bufo wolongensis: 卧龙蟾蜍(4)
Bufo wolongensis: 臥龍蟾蜍
Bufoceratias shaoi: 邵氏蟾蜍角鮟鱇
Bufoceratias thele: 蟾蜍角鮟鱇
Bufonaria crumena: 朱唇蛙螺
Bufonaria echinata: 長棘蛙螺
Bufonaria elegans: 優美蛙螺
Bufonaria gnorima: 玉珠蛙螺
Bufonaria margaritula: 麗珠蛙螺
Bufonaria nobilis: 高貴蛙螺
Bufonaria perelegans: 棘蛙螺
Bufonaria rana: 赤蛙螺
Bufonaria subgranosa: 細粒蛙螺
Bujurquina apoparuana: 亞馬遜布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina cordemadi: 科氏布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina eurhinus: 真吻布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina hophrys: 祕魯布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina huallagae: 瓦氏布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina labiosa: 唇布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina mariae: 白鰭布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina megalospilus: 大斑布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina moriorum: 大眼布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina oenolaemus: 酒布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina ortegai: 奧氏布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina paraguayensis: 巴拉圭布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina peregrinabunda: 異布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina robusta: 壯體布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina syspilus: 污斑布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina tambopatae: 坦邦布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina vittata: 飾紋布瓊麗魚
Bujurquina zamorensis: 南美布瓊麗魚
Bulaea lichatschovi: 甜菜瓢虫
Bulaea lichatschovi: 甜菜瓢蟲
Bulenides purpureus: 猩紅三格紅螢
Buliminopsis buliminus: 拟锥螺
Bulla ampulla: 台灣棗螺
Bulla cruentata: 印度洋棗螺
Bulla punctulata: 東方捻螺
Bulla vernicosa: 光澤棗狀海蛞蝓
Bulla vernicosa: 棗螺
Bullacta exarata: 泥螺
Bullimus bagobus: 穹鼠
Bullina lineata: 豔捻螺
Bullina nobilis: 燈籠艷捻螺
Bullina virgo: 玉女艷捻螺
Bullis buto: 补灰蝶
Bullis elioti: 艾洛补灰蝶
Bullis stigmata: 点补灰蝶
Bulweria bulwerii: 燕鸌(穴鳥),
Bulweria bulwerii: 燕鹱
Bulweria bulwerii: 穴鳥(6)
Bulweria bulwerii: 穴鸟
Bulweria bulwerii: 純褐鸌
Bulweria bulwerii: 純褐鹱
Bulweria bulwerii: 纯褐鹱(10)
Bulweria bulwerii: 褐燕鸌
Bulweria bulwerii: 褐燕鹱(3)
Bulweria fallax: 厚嘴燕鹱(2)
Bumetopia lanshuana: 蘭嶼淡色燦天牛
Bumetopia lutaoana: 綠島淡色燦天牛
Bumetopia oscitans: 亞洲燦天牛
Bumetopia oscitans: 薄綾天牛
Bumetopia stolata: 蘭嶼縱條天牛
Bumetopia stolata: 蘭嶼超扁條天牛
Bumetopia yagii: 八木氏燦天牛
Bungarus candidus: 马来环蛇
Bungarus fasciatus: 金环蛇(6)
Bungarus multicinctus: 手巾蛇(4)
Bungarus multicinctus: 银环蛇(7)
Bungarus multicinctus: 雨傘節(9)
Bunocephalus coracoideus: 雙色丘頭鯰
Bunolagus monticularis: 灌叢穴兔
Bunomys penitus: 尾丘鼠
Bunopithecus hoolock: 白眉长臂猿(2)
Bunothorax takasagoensis: 蓬萊紅天牛
Bunothorax takasagoensis: 高砂房鬚紅天牛
Buntonia glabellus: 額頭白烏介
Buphagus africanus: 黃嘴牛椋鳥
Buphagus erythrorhynchus: 紅嘴牛椋鳥
Buprestis esakii: 江崎黑銅吉丁蟲
Buprestis mirabilis: 妖艷吉丁蟲(3)
Buprestis sibirica: 西伯利亚吉丁虫
Burara jaina: 橙翅傘弄蝶
Burara jaina: 鸞褐弄蝶
Buregeria oxycephala: 海南溪树蛙
Burhinus capensis: 斑石鴴
Burhinus capensis: 斑石鸻
Burhinus grallarius: 长尾石鸻
Burhinus magnirostris: 大石鸻
Burhinus oedicnemus: 欧石鸻(3)
Burhinus oedicnemus: 歐石鴴
Burhinus oedicnemus: 石鴴(2)
Burhinus oedicnemus: 石鸻(8)
Burhinus recurvirostris: 大石鸻
Burhinus senegalensis: 小石鴴
Burhinus vermiculatus: 水石鴴
Burmagomphus arboreus: 林问缅春蜓
Burmagomphus arvalis: 双纹缅春蜓
Burmagomphus bashanensis: 巴山缅春蜓
Burmagomphus collaris: 领纹缅春蜓
Burmagomphus corniger: 云南缅春蜓
Burmagomphus gratiosus: 欢乐缅春蜓
Burmagomphus intinctus: 溪居缅春蜓
Burmagomphus sowerbyi: 索氏缅春蜓
Burmagomphus vermicularis: 联纹缅春蜓
Burmagomphus vermicularis: 蟲莖春蜓
Burmese python: 緬甸蚺蛇
Burramys parvus: 山袋貂
Burramys parvus: 高山侏袋鼠
Bursa bufonia: 蟾蜍蛙螺
Bursa cruentata: 血跡蛙螺
Bursa granularis: 果粒蛙螺
Bursa lamarckii: 黑口蛙螺
Bursa ranelloides: 小山蛙螺
Bursa ranelloides: 小白蛙螺
Bursa rhodostoma: 褐口蛙螺
Bursa rosa: 紫口蛙螺
Bursa tuberosissima: 突瘤蛙螺
Bursaphelenchus xylophilus: 松材線蟲(3)
Bursatella leachi: 黃斑燕尾海牛
Bursatella leachi: 黃斑燕尾海麒麟
Busarbia formosana: 水社寮蕨葉蜂
Busarbia isshikii: 一色蕨葉蜂
Busarbidea formosana: 竹崎蕨葉蜂
Busarellus nigricollis: 黑领鹰
Busquilla quadraticauda: 方尾牛蝦蛄
Busycon canaliculatum: 溝槽香螺(2)
Busycon canaliculatum: 蛾螺(2)
Busycon carica: 刺香螺
Butastur indicus: 灰脸
Butastur indicus: 灰脸鵟鹰(11)
Butastur indicus: 灰臉鵟鷹(3)
Butastur indicus: 灰面鵟鷹(6)
Butastur indicus: 灰面鵟鹰
Butastur indicus: 灰面鷲(5)
Butastur liventer: 棕翅
Butastur liventer: 棕翅鵟鷹
Butastur liventer: 棕翅鵟鹰(5)
Butastur rufipennis: 蝗鵟鷹
Butastur rufipennis: 蝗鵟鹰
Butastur teesa: 白眼
Butastur teesa: 白眼鵟鷹
Butastur teesa: 白眼鵟鹰(5)
Buteo albicaudatus: 白尾鵟
Buteo albigula: 带尾鵟
Buteo albonotatus: 带尾鵟
Buteo augur: 暗棕鵟
Buteo augur: 非洲鵟
Buteo auguralis: 非洲赤尾鵟
Buteo brachypterus: 短翅鵟
Buteo brachyurus: 短尾鵟
Buteo buteo: 普通
Buteo buteo: 普通鵟(15)
Buteo buteo: 欧亚鵟
Buteo buteo: 鵟(9)
Buteo buteo: Japonicus, 普通鵟
Buteo galapagoensis: 加岛鵟
Buteo hemilasius: 大
Buteo hemilasius: 大鵟(12)
Buteo hemilasius: 高地鵟
Buteo jamaicensis: 紅尾鵟
Buteo jamaicensis: 红尾鵟
Buteo japonicus: 普通鵟
Buteo japonicus: 東北鵟
Buteo lagopus: 毛脚
Buteo lagopus: 毛脚鵟(9)
Buteo lagopus: 毛腳鵟
Buteo lagopus: 毛足鵟(9)
Buteo leucorrhous: 白腰鵟
Buteo lineatus: 赤肩鵟
Buteo magnirostris: 大嘴鵟
Buteo nitidus: 灰鵟
Buteo oreophilus: 山鵟(2)
Buteo plagiatus: 灰鵟
Buteo platypterus: 巨翅鵟
Buteo poecilochrous: 变色鵟
Buteo polyosoma: 红背鵟
Buteo refectus: 喜山鵟(2)
Buteo regalis: 王鵟
Buteo ridgwayi: 岛鵟
Buteo ridgwayi: 里氏鵟
Buteo rufinus: 棕尾
Buteo rufinus: 棕尾鵟(8)
Buteo rufofuscus: 暗棕鵟
Buteo solitarius: 孤鵟(2)
Buteo swainsoni: 斯温氏鵟
Buteo ventralis: 美洲棕尾鵟
Buteogallus aequinoctialis: 棕鸡鵟
Buteogallus anthracinus: 黑鸡鵟
Buteogallus meridionalis: 草原鸡鵟
Buteogallus subtilis: 红林鸡鵟
Buteogallus urubitinga: 大黑鸡鵟
Buthus martensi: 全虫
Buthus martensi: 蝎子
Buthus martensi: 马氏钳蝎
Buthus martensii: 蠍
Buthus martensii: 蠍, Xie
Butis butis: 嵴塘鱧
Butis butis: 嵴塘鳢
Butis butis: 狗甘仔(2)
Butis gymnopomus: 裸首嵴塘鱧
Butis gymnopomus: 裸首瘠塘鱧(2)
Butis koilomatodon: 花錐瘠塘鱧
Butis koilomatodon: 花錐脊塘鱧(2)
Butis koilomatodon: 鋸嵴塘鱧
Butis melanostigma: 黑斑瘠塘鱧(2)
Butis melanostigma: 黑斑脊塘鱧(2)
Butis melanostigma: 黑點嵴塘鱧
Butorides striata: 綠簑鷺
Butorides striata: 綠鷺
Butorides striata: 绿鹭
Butorides striatus: 綠簑鷺(6)
Butorides striatus: 綠鷺, Lv lu(4)
Butorides striatus: 绿蓑鹭(2)
Butorides striatus: 绿鹭(5)
Butorides striatus: 绿鹭, Lv lu(11)
Butorides striatus: 綠簑鷺
Butorides virescens: 綠鷺, Lu lu
Buysmania oxymora: 隆緣姬蜂健壯亞種
Byasa alcinous: 麝鳳蝶
Byasa daemonius: 达摩麝凤蝶
Byasa dasarada: 白斑麝鳳蝶
Byasa impediens: 台灣麝香鳳蝶
Byasa latreillei: 紈褲麝鳳蝶
Byasa stenoptera: 玄麝凤蝶
Byasa varuna: 瓦曙鳳蝶
Byblis japonicus: 日本沙钩虾
Bycanistes brevis: 銀頰噪犀鳥
Bycanistes brevis: 银颊噪犀鸟
Bycanistes bucinator: 噪犀鳥
Bycanistes subcylindricus: 黑白噪犀鳥
Bycticebus pygmaeus: 倭蜂猴
Bycticebus pygmaeus: 小懒猴
Bycticebus pygmaeus: 小懶猴
Bycticebus pygmaeus: 風猴
Bycticebus pygmaeus: 风猴
Byctiscus betulae: 梨卷时象
Byctiscus betular: 苹果卷叶象
Byctiscus congener: 槭卷叶象
Byctiscus princeps: 山杨卷叶象
Byrrhinus formosanus: 蓬萊短角微泥蟲
Byrrhodes tomokunii: 紅尨蕈甲
Byrsax shibatai: 濶肩蟾皮擬步行蟲
Bystodes taiwanensis: 台灣微擬瓢甲
Bythinella chinensis: 中国小豆螺
Bythoceratina cassidoidea: 桂冠深海角介
Bythoceratina delphinia: 飛燕深海角介
Bythoceratina dipleura: 雙羽深海角介
Bythocypris kuaichianga: 快鎗幽金星介
Bythocypris lianchuanghui: 莊會幽金星介
Bythocythere carinata: 有翼深海花介
Bythocythere convexidorsa: 鼓脹深海花介
Bythocythere marginata: 有緣深海花介
Bythocythere megapteroidea: 大羽深海花介

{Chinese name, 中文名, animal_name_b.htm, 2018-03-15, Animal name B, 動物名 B}

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_b.htm, 2018-03-15, Animal name B, 動物名 B}, (nswong, animal_name_b.htm)

Babyrousa babyrussa: Babirusa
Babyroussa babyrussa: Babirusa
Bactocera carambolae: Lalat buah
Bactrocera papayae: Lalat buah
Bagarius bagarius: Ikan kerenak(2)
Bagarius bagarius: Kenerak(2)
Bagarius negricep: Baung pisang(2)
Bagarius negricep: Ikan Baung Pisang
Bagrichthys macracanthus: Ikan baung tikus
Bagroides melapterus: Baung tikus
Balaenoptera musculus: Paus biru
Balaenoptera physalus: Paus bersirip
Balanoptera borealis: Ikan paus sei(2)
Balanoptera edent: Ikan paus bryde(2)
Balantiocheilos melanopterus: Hangus(2)
Balantiocheilus melanopterus: Ekor hangus
Balionycteris maculata: Cecadu sayap berbintik
Bandicota bengalensis: Wirok ekor pendek
Bandicota indica: Wirok hitam
Barbichthys laevis: Batu hulu(2)
Barbichthys leavis: Bentulu
Barbichthys leavis: Petulu
Barbonymus altus: Lampam Siam(3)
Barbonymus gonionotus: Lampam Jawa(2)
Barbonymus gonionotus: Lampan Jawa(2)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Ikan kepiat(4)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Ikan lampam(464)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Kapiek
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Kepia
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Kepiat(469)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Lampam Sungai(4)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Lampam(968)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Lampan Sungai(4)
Barbonymus schwanenfeldii: Tengadak(726)
Barbourula kalimantanensis: Katak kepala-pipih kalimantan
Barbus binotatus: Ikan tebal sisik(2)
Barbus binotatus: Tebal sisik(2)
Barbus daruphani: Ikan krai(2)
Barbus pentazone: Tiger barb tempatan
Barbus tetrazona: Green tiger barb
Barbus tetrazona: Ikan
Barbus tetrazona: Ikan Pelampung Jaring
Barbus tetrazona: Tiger barb
Barilius guttatus: Sikang
Barynotus microlepis: Umut
Batagur baska: Biuku
Batagur baska: Tuntong
Batagur baska: Tuntung sungai
Batrachomoeus trispinosus: Gedempu Duri(2)
Batrachomoeus trispinosus: Ikan Gedempu(2)
Batrachostomus auritus: Paruhkodok besar
Batrachostomus auritus: Segan besar(5)
Batrachostomus cornutus: Paruhkodok tanduk
Batrachostomus harterti: Paruhkodok dulit
Batrachostomus hodgsoni: Segan api
Batrachostomus javensis: Paruhkodok jawa
Batrachostomus javensis: Segan jawa
Batrachostomus poliolophus: Paruhkodok kepala-pucat
Batrachostomus stellatus: Paruhkodok bintang
Batrachostomus stellatus: Segan bintik mas
Belandotichthys dinema: Singarat
Belodontichthys dinema: Gahak
Belontia hasselti: Beloncah
Belontia hasselti: Ikan kapar(2)
Belontia hasselti: Ketoprak
Berenicornis comatus: Engang jambul putih(2)
Berenicornis comatus: Enggang jambul
Berenicornis comatus: Enggang jambul putih
Berylmys bowersii: Tikus bulu kasar
Betta fusca: Ikan cupang
Betta imbellis: Ikan mengkaring
Betta imbellis: Pelaga
Betta pugnax: Ikan pelaga
Betta pugnax: Pelaga
Betta pusca: Ikan cupang
Betta splendens: Ikan laga
Betta splendens: Ikan pelaga siam
Betta splendens: Ikan sepilai
Betta splendens: Sepilai
Bipalium kewense: Cacing pipih
Birgus latro: Ketam kelapa
Bitia hydroides: Ular
Blythipicus pyrrhotis: Belatok bulan
Blythipicus rubiginosus: Belatok punggor
Blythipicus rubiginosus: Belatuk(3)
Blythipicus rubiginosus: Pelatuk pangkas
Boiga cynodon: Reptilia
Boiga cynodon: Ular
Boiga dendrophila: Ular
Boiga dendrophila: Ular cincin emas
Boiga dendrophila: Ular cincin mas(2)
Boiga denrophila: Ular tali wangsa
Boiga drapiezii: Ular
Boiga jaspidea: Ular
Boiga nigriceps: Ular
Bombyx mori: Ulat sutra
Boophilus annulatus: Caplak ternak
Boophilus microplus: Caplak kerbau sapi
Bos gaurus: Hubbacki, Seladang
Bos gaurus: Seladang
Bos javanicus: Tembadau(2)
Bos sondaicus: Banteng(2)
Botaurus stellaris: Pucung danau
Botia macracanta: Ikan ciling-ciling
Brachygobius aggregatus: Menga
Brachypteryx leucophrys: Cing coang coklat
Brachypteryx leucophrys: Cingcoang coklat
Brachypteryx leucophrys: Murai kakap(2)
Brachypteryx montana: Cingcoang biru
Bronchocela cristatella: Cicak hijau(37)
Bronchocela jubata: Bunglon(2)
Bubalus carabanesis: Kerbau
Bubalus depressicornis: Anoa
Bubo coromandus: Hantu busut
Bubo sumatrana: Hantu bubu(3)
Bubo sumatranus: Beluk jampuk
Bubo sumatranus: Beluk jempuk
Bubo sumatranus: Burung hantu bubu
Bubo sumatranus: Burung hantu jalur
Bubo sumatranus: Hantu bubu(3)
Bubo sumatranus: Hantu jalur
Bubulcus ibis: Bangau kendi
Bubulcus ibis: Bangau kerbau(6)
Bubulcus ibis: Bangau putih
Bubulcus ibis: Kuntul kerbau(4)
Buceros bicornis: Enggang papan
Buceros rhinoceros: Enggang
Buceros rhinoceros: Enggang badak(3)
Buceros rhinoceros: Enggang cula
Buceros rhinoceros: Enggang(2)
Buceros vigil: Enggang tebang mentua
Buceros vigil: Terbang mentua(2)
Bucleros hinocheros: Rangkong badak
Bufo asper: Bangkong sungai
Bufo asper: Katak puru sungai
Bufo bufo: Bangkong(3)
Bufo melanostictus: Bangkong kolong(2)
Bufo melanostictus: Kodok buduk
Bufo melanostictus: Kodok puru(593)
Bulweria bulwerii: Petral bullwer
Bungarus candidus: Ular
Bungarus candidus: Ular katam tebu
Bungarus candidus: Ular weling(2)
Bungarus candius: Ular weling
Bungarus fasciatus: Ular
Bungarus fasciatus: Ular katam belang
Bungarus flaviceps: Ular
Bungarus javanicus: Ular welang
Burhinus giganteus: Kedidi malam
Burhinus magnirostris: Kedidi malam
Butastur indicus: Helang kepala kelabu(3)
Butastur indicus: Lang belalang
Butastur indicus: Lang rintik
Butastur liventer: Elang sayap-coklat
Buteo buteo: Helang gempal(3)
Buteo buteo: Lang besar
Buthus afer: Ketunggeng
Buthus martensii: Haiwan
Butis gymnopomus: Ikan Ubi Puntong
Butis gymnopomus: Puntang(3)
Butis gymnopomus: Tungulian
Butorides striatus: Kokoan laut
Butorides striatus: Kokokan laut
Butorides striatus: Pucong keladi(2)
Butorides striatus: Pucung bakau
Butorides striatus: Pucung keladi(6)

{Malay name, 馬來文名, animal_name_b.htm, 2018-03-15, Animal name B, 動物名 B}

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