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{2005100501.htm, 2005-10-05, Acronym}

{Article, 文章, 2005100501.htm, 2005-10-05, Acronym}, (nswong, 2005100501.htm)

ACPI: Advance Configuration and Power Interface
ADC: Analog-to-Digital Conversion
ADF: Adapter Description File
AEB: Associated Examining Board
AFC: Automatic Frequency Control
AI: artificial intelligence
ALGOL: Algorithmic Oriented Language, FORTRAN, PL/1
ALU: Arithmetic and Logic Unit
AMMA: Advanced Memory Management Architecture
ANSI: American National Standards Institute
API: Applications Program Interface
APL: A Programming Language, Pascal, BASIC
ARP: Address Resolution Protocol
ASCII: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIC: Application-Specific Integrated Circuits
ATI: American Training International
AUI: Attachment Unit Interface
BASIC: Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BCD: Binary Coded Decimal
BCS: British Computer Society
BIND: Berkeley Internet Name Domain
Bit: Binary Digit
C&T: Chips & Technologies
CAD: Computer-Aided Design
CAE: Computer-Aided Engineering
CAL: Computer-Aided Learning
CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing
CAT: Catalog
CB: Common Base
CC: Common Collector
CCD: Charge-Coupled Devices, capacitor, transistor switch, data line
CCP: Console Command Processor
CCR: Condition Code Register
CDF: Channel Definition Format push
CE: Chip Enable, 0 == data line connect
CE: Common Emitter
CEBus: Consumer Electronic Bus
CEDAR: Computer Enhanced Digital Audio Restoration
CGA: Color Graphics Adapter
CGI: Common Gateway Interface
CLI: Call Level Interface
CMOS: Complementary Metal Oxide Silicon
COBOL: Common Business Oriented Language
CP: Comparator gate, XOR gate
CPM: CP/M Control Program/Micro-computer
CPU: Central Processing Unit
CRC: Cyclical Redundancy Check, cyclic redundancy check
CRT: Cathode Ray Tube
CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
CTI: Computer Telephony Integration
CUA: Common User Access
DAC: Digital-to-Analogue Converter
DAD: Digital Audio Disk
DBA: DataBase Administrator
DBMS: DataBase Management System
DMA: Direct Memory Access
DSTN: Double SuperTwist Nematic
DTA: Disk Transfer Area
DVI: Digital Video Interactive
DY: D/Y, Dividend Yield, dividend / investment * 100
EA: Engineering Assistance
EAROM: Electrically Alterable ROM
ECC: Error Checking and Correction
ECD: Enhanced Color Display
EDP: Electronic Data Processing
EIA: Electronic Industries Association
EISA: Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EMM: Expanded Memory Manager
EMS: Expanded Memory Specification
env: Environment vector
EPLD: Erasable Programmable Logic Devices
EPROM: Erasable Programmable ROM
FAP: Functions And Protocols
FCC: Federal Communications Commission
FDD: Floppy Disk Drive
FORTRAN: Formula Translation/Translator
GCE: General Certificate of Education
GIF: Graphics Interchange Format
GIS: Geographic
GREP: Global Regular Expression Print
GUIs: Graphical User Interfaces
HDC: Hard Disk Controller
HDD: Hard Disk Drive
HHOL: High Humidity Operating Life
HHSL: High Humidity Storage Life
HTML: HyperText Markup Language
HTOL: High Temperature Operating Life
HTSL: High Temperature Storage Life
HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol
IC: Integrated Circuit
ID: identification
IDE: Integrated Development Enviroment
IDPM: Institute of Data Processing Management
Inc: Incoporated
INIT: Initialize
IORQ: In-Out Request
ISBN: International Standard Book Number
ISO: International Standards Organization
JR: Jump Relative
LAN: Local Area Network
LCCI: London Chamber of Commerce & Industry
LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
lcd: lowest common denominator
LED: Light-Emitting diode
LIB: Linbrary Manager, utility, Object-code librarian
LIFO: Last In First Out
Lisp: List Processing
LLF: Low-Level Format
LP: Long Player
LQR: Squeezed library files
Ltd: Limited
lvalue: Left hand value
MASM: Microsoft Macro Assembler
MCBus: Micro Channel Bus
MCGA: Multi-Color Graphics Adapter (PS/2's CGA)
MDA: Monochrome Display Adapter
MFM: Modified Frequency Modulation
MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MMDF: Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility
MOS: Multi-tasking Operating System
MPU: Micro-Processing Unit
MREQ: Memory Request
MSS: Maximum Segment Size
MTBF: Mean Time Between Failures
MTU: Maximum Transmission Unit
NCC: National Computing Centre
NIS: Network Information Service
NNTP: Network News Transport Protocol
NTSC: National Television System Committee
OCR: Optical Character Reading
OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
ONC: Open Network Computing (Sun Microsystems)
OOB: Out-of-Band
OSI: Reference Model of Open Systems Interconnection
PABX: Private Automatic Brance Exchange(voice-mail)
PAL: Phase Alternation Line
PC: Program Counter
PCB: Printed Circuit Board
PCT: Pressure Cooker Test
PER: P/E, Price Earning Ratio, closing price / net profit
PGA: Professional Graphics Adapter 256 color
PHIGS: Progrmmer's Hierarchical Interactive Graphics System
PIC: Programmable Interrupt Controller
PIO: Parallel Input Output
PIT: Programmable Interval Timer
PL1: Programming Language 1, FORTRAN, ALGOL
PPI: Programmable Peripheral Interface
PrtSc: Print Screen
PSP: Program Segment Prefix
QBE: Query By Example
QEMM: Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager
RCP: Remote Copy Protocol
RDA: Remote Database Access
rpm: revolutions per minute
SAE: Singapore Automotive Engineering
SCC: Z8530 Serial Communications Controller (SCC)
SIMD: Single Instruction Multiple Data
SMT: Surface Mount technology
SPS: Standby Power System
SQL: Structured Query Language
SRT: Step Rate Time
SSL: Secure Service Layer
SVOS: Segmented Virtual Object Store
TPA: Transient Program Area
TQC: Total Quality Control
TRON: Trace ON
UAE: Unrecoverable Application Error
UART: Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UCSD: University of California at San Diego
ULSI: Ultra Large-Scale Integration
URL: Uniform Resource Locators
USART: Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USRT: Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter
VAT: Value Added Tax
VCPI: Virtual Control Program Interface
VDU: Visual Display Unit
VGA: Video Graphics Adapter
VLSI: Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuits, over 10,000 component
VMIF: Virtual Memory Integrity Failure
VPN: Virtual Private Network's
VTOC: Volume Table Of Contents (a disk directory)
WORM: Write Once, Read many times
XDR: External Data Representation
XPG: X/Open Protability Guide
XTAL: crystal
XTI: X/Open's Transport Interface

{Article, 文章, 2005100501.htm, 2005-10-05, Acronym}

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