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05102801.htm Zhuyin Fuhao, Hanyu Pinyin, Chinese character table

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Zhuyin Fuhao(注音符號), Hanyu Pinyin(汉语拼音), Chinese character(中文字母)

ㄅ, b, 玻
ㄆ, p, 坡
ㄇ, m, 摸
ㄈ, f, 佛
ㄉ, d, 得
ㄊ, t, 特
ㄋ, n, 訥
ㄌ, l, 勒
ㄍ, g, 哥
ㄎ, k, 科
ㄏ, h, 喝
ㄐ, j, 基
ㄑ, q, 欺
ㄒ, x, 希
ㄓ, zhi, 知
ㄔ, chi, 蚩
ㄕ, shi, 詩
ㄖ, ri, 日
ㄗ, zi, 資
ㄘ, ci, 雌
ㄙ, si, 思
ㄧ, yi, 衣
ㄨ, wu, 烏
ㄩ, yu, 迂
ㄚ, a, 啊
ㄛ, o, 哦
ㄜ, e, 鵝
ㄧㄝ, ie, 耶
ㄞ, ai, 哀
ㄟ, ei, 欸
ㄠ, ao, 熬
ㄡ, ou, 歐
ㄢ, an, 安
ㄣ, en, 恩
ㄤ, ang, 昂
ㄥ, heng, 亨
ㄦ, er, 兒

My Chinese are far more better than my English, but I don't know Chinese input with keyboard due to my job never called for this.

At 2005-10-26, I facing problem to communicate with gamers, and think it's time for me to pick up Chinese input with Pinyin now.

I know IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet) for English, so thinking create a comparision of Pinyin to IPA will help.

At 2005-10-27, I compile "05102701.htm Pinyin to International Phonetic Alphabet for English", can't proceed due to unsure about Pinyin.

I learn Zhuyin Fuhao at school before, so decide to build a comparision of Zhuyin Fuhao and Pinyin.

At 2005-10-28, I realize my Zhuyin Fuhao are rusty, so Chinese character come in.

After installed Mincrosoft Pinyin IME 3.0 that come with Windows XP, I start doing Chinese input from keyboard.

I realize even I know Pinyin, whill never can input more than 10 Chinese character per minute.

I give up! :-(

I hope the effort I already put in can help someone else. ;-)

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